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?MW fSCTTF-'IKs ggf T1IK < < ? FACTION?
MAXIMi ? ? MFMli::- .'K THF IIOAl'.I?
or artoa
CXM Bl '
(BT TKLKORArn To Til? TPITirt-1
AtnATTT. April .- ornor signed thi? New
Yer&CaBBlBB BS t"1 BhSS Murphy, with
some of tho loas?^ Custom-house jMihticians, cam?*
np tj. u mit. to ntajsthe passage
pi ; to araend the Charter
wjl ?? rrnw. Resilles rectifying
clerical are1. SO, tho ".rtrplenieut -will con?
tain tbe Ml '? B?Oi ? ''harfer:
j?lr?i .? Making h> CommiaateaMWef Public Works
amcmbcr oi the BeOfd 'f .\:>i>ortionnient, so that
-he 00B '? Controller.
rreauleni i \i.lernen, l'irsiilent ef
I ...-loner ol i'ulihe
$tn>nd: A . i Counsel to tiio
?greet Op imniiiatlim.
/Slid. littnic two ni-ruing and two evc-iint?
I footing
;d rrispev; lo all city ad\ ? ? aa Ihr City
fbajral the elsase whkh regeehi all
a-perial enu< tm -nrs exempting propertf of benev?
olent as-x>i
Xhereisal<i'i a ? * I IH of the
Charter, w ; -d bill,
. ? ,- adiog ? oa
.. ? cr as it now
stands rap .::.eniiatory of the
Chan?" to assessment., in
vision on the
subject. 1 tool till publio
?aj? \ ? and an imme
. il:.ift of the
r/iiarv g had nothing distinctly in
-new .X ? ousting pow- ?
getpo?-- - hi **??
ibe Ci.l rutted out of
-oiL, la iu.
.. .
Tbe ,
h it if there
?ball i|' f carrying it
. . .
? ? d the
charte- lay. i;
?m?, as it
vas almost n ?? soon as tl
marv bill ? 'M)tb hon*es of tbe Legis
Litoit-i . B uow mucli
r will send lus
nomina Wishing toas?
irvft this information, a r? pattsc of Tub Tr.m
cadi.l an basa ?ay. Ho seenii-d
'?umor, anil w 11 ii o n?rr.
the ease ?. the prc-sure upon
him Bat ? '"-ar up
?oder r ' ? ?...-. He was asEcd if he
iend lo lu.? .
He PBf : illy mude up his mind.
By the terms of tin .-...? gtveo M days from
not to be Lurried, as he would thei.
ro make mistakes. The preneDt Commissioners
???d office, u m ?ri-r? appointed, so that
r>'?ts would not suffer from delay.
?was ?.u .ipixiiutuii-ni
acame satis
Ce J that the a 1 out by the
n w Charter he a mt them.
?a aies aahaal I Bay aoaiinatlani wonld bt? sent in to
the Board o? -lay. He de
cunec. r lie w.iuld do so or not,
and reitera ? wanted time to
consul. ' Only
tn thi- ?>
said il. a to choose.
There net ?said?a to w..-re wil?Dg to
serrer.- r ... . ...y *\,r aji
....?; rumeutaht y of
?. u of appointments.
At preseat : ' aiuR definite.
Iiann?: the artarnaoai there were a larire nui:
caller'- ?at - >i hers were ex-Gov. Mor?
gan, John J -u.Thur.ow
ex Re. I,and ? i.umber of the members
Ban ana -? ?;-.? *i..-, >r n- the t uiowtag i
. B. F. Ma
Fire ' ? u. Aicxandi r .s?aitr, Uamiiton
?is*. B ?- Bobart B. Nooiiey, James
.?E\ Mavor Westervelt, Bich?
ar, il g
Tai n. Andrews.
? D. D. T. Morahai!, J ..hu U.
Mat . -.-.; been sent !n, bnt these are
arcon? ?.. ;> irtaut. The name of John A. Ken
Do-')?-' -. m with the Police
ComtEu-.-. : ?.s not desire
.; ?-. .... : Bal ? are the
'urged Morris, a warm personal friend, and
by leadla* Bsgalilnaaa of the Vllth Asaemb.y ?>
Itujf'-:. . .ll4t ten of the present Commis?
sioners i o thi ? artaMBtB wii. >e nominated by
?*?c Ban. .'.raue, there is a stroujf
likelihood al Democrats and Eepub
Uoans wM alike receive consideration. It la not be
UeTed, howev i, :uat Tammany Hall will be repre?
sente..:. ..../.ation. as such, has
Dot ark? [?m the disir.liutlou of patron?
B*re. btlievlni: i; wfll be stronjeer uex: Fall by holding
aioof ht soy ease, there vrSB be much ditappointment
on the part lidatei and their friends when the
nouiuiation? as there are a doten or
mur? for each office. There Is the usual
talk of oouibiinatii.il?. baviug been formed In the Board
?ire itbe noi 'i men,
-? witlnu
...nn the
. H '-ou.m.--. ? - ? ; ? . . ... ; ,v_ :,,
?e - ... -..- .::. r:i'M . .-.-d the
1 ', ' *??? .iitiiLcn. Mu . ' Tue term - :
it .?
' be r? nominated
ui. ha aha pr ? - - ... .???? i nurtar,
? Tance
? i.ciii
re were
? .uriua;
?f E?
eaae l? different.
I me euiuioy?s i
h. win vi Ui bS MU 'ii aaou iaituT the aiipul:. .liicUU ale
At auMMttinKof the Xllth Aasemblr Birtriet Bepub
It w?# i
oui lu a (.'lUiUi.te.onelai.!;! UT ?ou.c kindred
Jersey has i/wneil |
usti?n sanvaatna the recent.. ' aa?
imsngmsam oj Ihs tour-uiu-iuu, al
. ..ni n-la.., M .
ti ?) Trtinxript nsoerta that
irresaaBBa Shellabarif? r u deriving undue
.- charges tint ha
i it in the atoeh ol a n...
BBsi Balg of rnnninp for
asS Amu* la Misaisaipii.
BBBI BavtS ???? ?orina i... i,...,. Lv. ...... , ,.? ,
pe.-ple nt Urce, -?n 1 th.?MC irlin wish to prnrttcn It
?sfnlly would be ?un to accp dark about their
eel pu-pose.
paCBa] di?.-iateli from Frankfort, Ky., last
nicht.-n? : Tue Democrats will bald I ?late ('.inven?
tion, to-morrow, to Bombants a candidate for Htats
Treasurer. Da-legate? are arm-In* slowlv, and tint little
aasatnataagj is nianiici?ii"i. it h probable thai Jame?. W.
presentlacumb ...miua.ed withou:
H-re is IhB latest Presidential ticket for
187?. The Detroit Free J'rett ofl''rs It: "Wrnt a flue
Bah world I and Butler! lit ill Mo
,. am BUI noi
throw awav thai chance Bl eoral -
. \ loidli ?: ion at twe ouch ' vilelv tl
as bV bnylsr eoiiax and Baa*aaa?a F. Bailar."
The r/ttea Qmwnm aAUeasasg :hi-i aggBSwhat
diiuct giic.-u?u ha B Baler el Ban Tarh: ?? We
??.. ta li.-ar from the H'ui. |
the subject of the hoes pay prendar. Smco
| iitliinen who
BBBI ' written tnelr ?ames in the purple te.-tanient of
ans tor bai preserved an anhappy
. t bis purpoi :
? ' Ighl fnun the pc pis I"
BsJfBuauaLaUlS Hor.itia C. Btinhnrd of mi
noi?. win BBBjaanal Baa "-??lury bill in all i:s forms, ha?
written a lacaae aatpaaiaang in? action with lasjaasl to his
bai k pay. He say r? that a man w!.o eun
Ipag thi the taat
taca - toa Bj St, ^u-n i ?
as ii the rana with himself. Be
? ? ided ? bal i
e lin? tho back
bnrwias he ?
lUaB of ex-Sen.r.or Harlan'.-, denial tii.it
. BB\gsj tram aa Fnahai Ba
?..-, The Oim
I BTgb that the ra By pud li.ir
1 I . nr.-Dioadi
except baldar Lb tbe raa I ihn
?ni; h?
iformed us thai when be attend
ot tin- proprietors of the ma.' al St. L-.uu bi
. . : .
: 'ior ami < 'mim-i! of New-Hampshire
' 1'iiunt the vote cant for i
. a.- no i
.i already reported m the 1st and Hid |
. The ret?:: Hid to I
F Plan by
-.. At the request of the Governor and ?
persons were heard on the fasntMO <'f correi tin* the
?or? in '.Ivor of the Hon. ii. -
am', u B. pkuii.'U, tin- correction ol which would give
.:. : '. ' votea
Ijoarned without eoasina to <
tad u
Judu.ui Conn. _______________
Ws ""
Orr-tra or nt-t (*htb? SiaxAt. nrr'rr.Tt.
storm center in >- moved
? ? : .
ads, blgb 'mt
. p
m i Middle SI
north-westerly wind .ud Canada.
P o
? ? ? -
!<> so-Uh*a*t< r<v und ?i
'<iy)i but diinintthinj prttture
For Ncw-Euttlaud and Ca elear
rtnaj to north-easterly v
illd theiici
and south-cuo'ci 1/ wind-?, Un cult;..l?' und
it her.
Ft I ' d the Gulf State?, cloudy weather.
any weatbi :
. .luth,
1 Iluvi-n, Detroit, Tole-.
rally mls-in? west of the Mis?
sissippi Blver. __^^_____^^_^^
The ?jcrie-i of piano-?orte recit?is with which
?aa takin* BBS fan-well of
it Bt OtWay liai! on the afternoon
of Monday. Mar 12, and SBBSS on the evening of Tbur?
EBeg are to be seven in number, and will
Ite, we venture, Ba Bay, the most remarka'
forroaneea Of the kind ever (-iven In America. Mr.
:i ' ?tala i :
rl ma: km _-.
as pos.?. I era. ill
n? from del. pared Bis
'rom Euiauucl I -, and
'. trill be devoted to the interpreta?
tion of six of i, ?
and M? ndehnajBa make up the tl
eutlrf^v to 9'humann, and the fifth to Chopin.
? ?lxth with '
: W'-r tiiau MB ptsaea : *m; I
T!ie recent ggasoBB er between Jay Gould
Marnn recall.? another of the saun kind :
b one "f t'.? - .'?-? Bl -
since Mr. E L. Fancher. now Judge of the ahajgl m
.it. In
Br. F mener made a point
of law fo- the Osear! to rulo upon, which, if der
the manie: he hoped tor and expected, wi
Bntnraiag ap(aa Itwonldt . .
:id not
. .. '
up, Mr. Marrm. wt: i.adi? a
: ?arose to addicss the J ;ry, when hfl saw the
Judm shake his head. Not un I irritan ding what it
nn ant. ue ' : the J id*."- r :
.tien which Mi Fancher this I
rations a- thi- Court had ruled
He therenpe
rdut for Mr. Fan?
al . . ?
thou,']. ?- ridiculous
Lis ar?TUiueu. lio tlieu a bul of
ai.d when t'ie mir r
'?ame gp before Jadga Barnard, both lawyers
met in s corner of tbe eonrt-room. Mi
uai of r. ..
him wi,' - I' metier
- it. reiteran
? , bundle of ,
who aaw
served, however, by ahs Jadtre. who waa tryiiix a cause.
At 11:30 o'tloik laKt Bight, a diyinii-fiiiirhine
lh naiBBl'a sugar-house. .. , . ! T?a. i.i ,-htth-al.,
axpliidaS with greet Bjeee, Injarnv aStaaaa
.. (jeorge Bice of I '. had
one of his legs n.arlv severed, and was
bruised badly m?on the body. Luke Haley of
i. was m
.. and olla :
u painiuli\ Injun >l In :
IL.ii >
..i iJ iff) waa ?c-lit
Jht) bUilallial did DO) lake tin
The I BO stm j frunie dwelling of ("athenne
BfibaBVr u ?Beaharand Kihh.-ibiiu ???
'f a keroneue lauii?. The onuirmi, A.lain
. a lluuor dealer, was Intoxicated, and. it in
? n i luiy. Lo??, si.ioo, in
surediu tu?, iu?, ?, ,??,,..;,? ba |tm
TK:.i..,UAriii(: BOTI
.?h s I defeated the
u IU.
? ? ... iBiii|?i?a?ahiB
.?, il
....Hie H m.John \. I died
??sax. lltwuslaci... .., ,-uu_-fcM.
Tho Hon. Jim? s l?rooks died at his resi
?Icii. " in Wn-liintrtoi), O. <'., hi.it nl*:li'. . - ck. in
tlie nrt'srnrc nr his rsmilr. Hi rvcoenirad their iround
loin to the vary Bat moment. Bfl liad Ionic lieen !t. f,.( bio
aveatBa, trass, ?* as Mean U BesjasaHi .?ni. tue. ;
rniiouud sorrow lu sll . ? ? BSSBasssaUgrataal
?Ir. B: '(.1rs, n-*io"f r*r*?i?r Is lnro*?M arttj lTtt<-o*t as s
He man, an editor and poUliolaa, wa? Imrri bl
: it, Boesashes B\aBBs Btfl fattier was s
B und prim .|i .1 OWaoi Bl SB] .
. niag in.- kepi him obaoetconstantly
a was ? it i. ,m of ?
n ..'h. r, s ss from hi r Bsawgy ?>"'' sxeeneace of ?
ter w.i M " ?' n -l.i.lisiiil??,|iit\. Wash-Jaiiii *
was yet i1 au i. tas vassal ?hl? I tu- falher ? orna
n le-,il'I. iiy T tu -, , slsaitl
: dl tue
? L Tlie
arfclew, sen ? I .
orphan children. OXClted lit r-.-lf ?M'ti
to maintain lier farinlr. Jon?* was
m. ni to tiie piililic iKlii.ni. ?BSES bn
. . i romarhahei iior-t :.>r kasve aislan
?? si n ? itood rar sha
.a tue
uii.i lie was?i. whi
. 1 oi Ne? Envi, nid ram. The It OBS la
V* llll.ll
?. Be
'.. m pelHlefl
trine* from Thr PtrMmtta isfaoraasr, and throwhag in a
ht sa .' i ?ti ...f. Th?
tti?;i nhsarywas kept in ihe atom in which panant
ad Uhu n fan
w.iic raaBfl ling,
in ins yeum? .lerk. lie gar* '"U1 oppoitus
a his own art .nut md eaeouas .
save Ui* iiiunev. BaaWtai lOBM ?at
?diuation. lie kindly p:
BB arfa ,) the nff-r. ;
Bas?e irraiu't mints to enter tin- tratl BaSath,
Me Be had saved mua.
i ? ?
t to hard atady, Be
. the porpeea or
BehooL i to LesnaSeo
seheol for the Winter at a sal?
ary of $10 a niniith and Ins board. The
as .-pi.nc lo- :.-iiii.l BtaaSStf r? I BSaftagE -o enter
rhlel Bsopported bisesell By :.-? ihtae<
(rr.nlii.it.-I. Bo thea returned ta Pat
. ami soon
?m with lehn
? led great Interest Is
who, no don) ? Uto as run '
. n from the
Mr. Brooks soon alter brenn to
anonymous letters for The P^rti.nd Ad
a daliy V
John Edwards. -vero so popahu
an oITl: *amal.
This work Mr. Lrooks eaoUtasaad !
.1 tic was in
per, and had
taken r,
"r'orni IBM BT to Ins
|0 The Jain
.. life.
At th. Ifth otiiy 20 ' - Mr Tlrooka
? ? known to
s was
rrliter, thai
? i
? sad tali of spi otion. were
- B intry and In E
I. Mr. Brooks tn\v
BBS -"'I'll, n STS do
actipttvo of Sont iicrn lire This was In the days
Of boujJi_. CajroUaa'l nuilJl'-auon, ??-iust win. a
re were h ?. The
writer : -r.und*
Bl Oh - i aattOSB ?lom
Washington ami til? Sontli niui'id lu?a to foriu tho
I .rope on foot and send
' ? , W.tti
? ?
Ein-'land and made liim*?'if familiar with Its |
VltB BEEM : is*] I le next
. i slept In the thatched
the stahl of I stlend,
ami atm.n^ the jtr
-,-v. 1|.
ST. Erook* an
WllflSal. tlslj. BBd portions of Qet
Baton, and were copied and
Wai a Mr, Brooks n
to Am?rica, Bfl I some wotdts in
.:k1 her? BB B
I Btaoks should
supply .
teat to sari with a ynint* man of so mie n pi
BSTSfSd to uoiiniiate hitu ffl .1 he would return
to tlii'Ui. 11? i i. aud
*t F O. J. Smith,
v, ry *ide. ami
! ? BBdldatfl who*? narao was T
: ;t was
only hv Dam withdrawn!?? That Smith WES aBBMBi by a
hare tuaioriiy. Mr. Drucks soon alt<-r .-.'turned to h:?
anuiiii.a-i.?? m rptisBlaBen v-'ik, ,u;.itu.'
.; iM.ii.tin.'Ut .".iet him M
? ? supply th?
-<v. aaaaajfpffofl hatloi t.. im -t ':. nema,
aud it was hy th?- El ? ?.nvation
that he ? Isa tu m fmrn
ml ..
reponer, e .
. : kepi in- loaraal
on li sea to re cog?
..r or two .
rprtm. (>r..n i
? f .Mr.
OM popular wilU lUe iiieii.iu.ui? a
*? polltl
Mr Brooks
...| stooiied ii Harrison.
r il..,
r:-..n, md s few frlea Is admit . lo in.*
room don as
Man Randolph, a wldoa
.iiu in i. . ? a i.v.
-, o n) tin- w
- mi,use" in ( ..litre-* fr .m '
m t.m. md
? ' ana
.i of ;
DO BPlrltS ??:
pi paw i with tii.
ii" i me roe i with
.. ?Iln eilll..Il.ll
lift . ?
?li '.he l.j,>rr?t. ami took hie jrolUajrCX hlol?. I iBl
boon if the XXXlId ConsTtSM Mr.
he . -lit ni n
queniiy weoi
the Hoi) i
? ?: bi
Pre noli
n of a men:Nor of tho
XXXVliltb ? .in.-:
? -
Hi .h ...
..111- Illlle
- was mianiiDuiial) uouu
m I . w?>* a
. , i ocul.'.ll!.
v.i , .la n., un.. ..: lbs XI.I*i,
XI.11 l. um: Ml.Ill :
jiiilj in
I. illy Mipi . \ tin
.. i, . ..mi i i .
iso ho ti?.fed .fipun and wrote an lntercsun? Mr!aa af
lettai? thereou. ? " "'
Mr. John R. TbshBJ] -on, for many year?
IM tor of The Sou farm l.iiernry Memmrjer. und more
r?penti.v aanasnSad *?th Bht aaaanhayJhal aa Bala eeky
?iir.i yaseeeaay st na ..vio<k ?t the aganVaaea .?f Mr.
I Bag leenlersaa m tin? eJty. Ho bad bang been Miffi-r
Inn from a coiiMitutwnal pulmonary malady, and hail
takou a Jon, a/aag m .i?, u.,r,y
thaiBlB health Btlghl - the ? han?;,.. l;.,t
'lie | :, , |,,,|,| ?
l.oon. If? BM BTBOi BBSBBI I.r . and ? auk rap, .
i If Bl In? death.
beeapnaa ?>a* hen at Richmond. Vj., on Bte BM
?a was eradicated ,- .. |(j ?,
da beat for Uterntora i :
m 1*17, the chair of Kiit.irof The SnuUiem I M>
rerp JTssssaaw, which he eeoi i
BM hnafhaj literary ? | i - ata, Ba
rk in this rapacity with nnrssliiBal Jeer
- .n destroy? t In
* ?' " ? ?! ?III!
1,1 bis rii< , ,,. Si.r-li In
differences to
in ide tnaui i i -i laintaui - ? ind as many ;i u
n l.l. ?lie. lie W.irl
? t the ??' rid.
spirit, in i
Mr. B ii
gS?4 SBffSTS "i
: . ..riiDi.r v.
The receiver of the Ailanlie Runk ye-tter
pleteda ' aeaataraaad the aaaaaaM
u to a Tutu
I BBg In by ..
ora account, ami some gtegnhu iBastratlons
wera lanor ba
' the hank arm
Bise Catana w.-n- af am h a al
r..iiilor, but
i i amad the
aa him?
Tlic ?? iccount show? -hat over giii.iw) have
t, all of arhb b paared.
SBtj L. H. . one of
Taititor's brohi r??and. as far as known, Ids ODly
Ml ; and J. II. i ' ? ?
of Mr. >'.!'??. who is said to receive only u small salary
1 by some peOBena as a>.v us $8 a week), had
ad ? ? U Ulule
to Mr. Bites and Mr. i three
'his was M
the ?eciintli s denn.?.ted liv Mr.
and Mr. Conuver arc unions those said to have
been -"
? bunk ?now thit the 'o-ircrn was ln
? auiiuiut ot i*'.i?o. tapai
. but Mr. B
:e,i before :.
the .n-' '?? t of bla al tun egalaM :.?- I it wa?
? i, $.a> and tsju only. Ehll ? xirai.r'hn i.-y .
OU lo UHZZ.i ? .. at .aillllt
.mt? until tho e.o-c of the 'un, na: t. TV
m y - i be made mt.) las
lnc and credit of a.\ Tail md the
ina for the account of the young de
Further inquiry into the accounts revealed that within
;i aeon of t.. tara ha
itr.i\Mi i the aaaaanl al
. rti of mo sal
:or, but finally the
raed that the avardrawa aeeaaas was that
rs. s u. Bayaae .. k af tins houso for
ud on Friday, and the bank
failed on S-: u.l.iy. Ihtro was only t
to the en-dit of tho firm. Considering the pood
ef this leant ,
mod for many uui.-s the laBOOBl . BOd SVea
the BM U-po-itors do not innl I
Bah Mr. Bayaae
and St. lucions
?inc. 1.1 a-a.ii.it ti.. | .? ' tare M the n.tcini anata meeting
of the depositors, wi.ich was promptly rebnkad
I. ?; di p..utor?, now pre?
vail, and tho commit;'e BpSMBhSSd at I'd. havia's
cur-restion, und >y Mr. W. J. A.
aa in tho geed : i
blera. Of course, I
m aud the overdrawn ai
-s who
: :.ir:ui 1 of : a re made
Mpe lie taken against I -oker?. But
aottdOg anal Ion, it being
shown very ?
thu loans, could demand ihn retain of the
? public, the
: . . . .
tetad. ' '??
a ?. ? : BTT.
IBteB Eic:
and appe . tea i asi -i
)ns nt Mes.-rs. Ga;
with -house Association In U
? ?
in ba. . n :? BM re?
sult of the failure M ? PrJBC
to tins it was the belief aluni!?- stock
thai when I i cheeks eerl :
? that As-oc
their n the baakaaaaaan
. ?
which '. md depot ted m ether
?or., who were o: .- the loss. It is to
-.!;.,? tin? .uipurtiitit matter that BM BBSgB Bl
to couler ?? r.r?K-house.
Tin: Danal i ItT.
F L. Tal! ?
sJaal CtowMy, was atvagM bade
raatei BBS. Mr. dherwood, asked for an
adjournment of one ajaok that ho might deteimme what
AaaMtnntl ? Di triet .V.t.irney Purdy sal.,
that thont
thai :f tbe ; ' landed it. he l to an
examination "? ' BM? he ha<l
BO olo'ctiou to the proiHised adjournment, whua ejsg
.? I,
If the ? ? ' S.arKO Tain'
would Be .mm' !.' ?. and
^'ed to have bees I ?'"
ii.it. d if him with not BBS tlian five nor luotv than ten
?ears' .iiipr:-oiiiii.-iil. and a due of Ho.OOO.
TUB i . UA.Sa ALL HI.?ItT.
T.ll ..LlllatleU :i.
aha n mil "f wldeh
was anno'iii rKP'.iM:, ha? Bib I'ed the
e i'.-? "unir, or anad m.anaattBa paos* airirre
paM tl.iuo.uxi; call loans, tTuu.ooo; amount M
got, I1.T0O.?UO.
Tli,. i I M th.-ir low
: .n thnt the capital VU
. express tlieircui
gdenee ta theaaaaer la which the affairs of the bauk
areas coudu? teu.
baix ..r a bsmi ronvi raoot utt
a ?, 4 Wattae Baanaa bask pk
lardai ????" Bari age Basta,
Th.-u hole of the ?,mper- ? 1, the
BUng the artesa renn.- leniiy
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M Kam- loi i?,'".*). Fi ont .iwl .
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S... :* Mutl i to L?.wrgu a. Walsh for
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riTT-MH IH.II, i'elltl., A[)lll :Ji). ?AllOUt .1 "
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a n ?? Inch wa? de?troy??ii soins weeks -Jure,
as chai Bat, ?y i'.iiliu? acttuil -udor BM dirr.tioli uf BM
Baaanay. Bat i??)..rers were
aula lUilroad Cauipany.
-m strong, who BM geco
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Il t.. the luain Bai ul tBl
au.ilt Ul" Il |
. . . ?
?I?M?V ??BWS.
'iKTVB. l KsTKsr-A t\ ai hn?BBBBPB ? rift*
? m,m.-~?- Bssa B> J i>. r..- .' MJ? - !-(J' ?*?
pftrmr.vn.vT as ItVstX
; .,.-? -/ r - M "? ? BW B>, ?
H?r?, .mi (Va.?* M v. ,<? ?t H.awff, P?**? "??-??
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.. ?*' L. Vstt, M
The frieiuls of temp?rance will bold n n
ssroasfl la tac poirleca of I is
? ,<. ai., te dis. ise " th
w or
. m a paper
:?> Dt. Kliahs Barris
The Nat onal la-List; :.il Ub?OB vill hold \
puhiio lu.i't.iiK' iu Behalt al teo of me
s.K.yn l'.inr
-H V of
. ?' a.., JOtU
North aud Booth."
i'he ?uiiiiM ?s.in'r??'?'i)?u)ii of the Five Points
?i,ni-..- -if Industry BBSfe :
tutiou - :o Btassal about
lTj ehlldrea belonging tn the school, su! a
iking ,'lal.pv
u read
the neu -
I ? - K i
. Kinif him and the Miiiaa-ur* foi the
When se la
cut?an . o ?in Ir sapper room. :
barm n?naher el the -.?v-ciaton.
A hir^e iiudiiMie?' ir.uh? r?-?l in the .Veulcmy
Of MllMC. ?list evei ,'..'li >i ? in-(quarto
i .m. saaal -' anima
rae oncalns prajres b ??? the it- v
i?t?r of rest, rasa
n, Peaa. rin- PreeHi to af Bas
Dr J ? . Pi rabino . llphe
. !i.i|.i. r, m.,?le -n ? - larter
? if the I'ln ?Jatiitna Del
traohanaee thai iiiue had brought, m mu
.1. 11 v. : : lyotl.i. Lambda
,t tabur] ' ruv? raitj i r>un. a
, ,. min 11 .it- Uiuroi*. was road i>v ta? H?m ?
1 no Pill
i ..111111,., .. ... tu*l
baa ? ^uaplers. _
int raptiaa
. .lu?, la ?mi .aatuueait. <i Nu
laaal U ? nu.? ?a*
Jie aipluaiua o I i-u.ciul Ba*SaS**a
.l.siiii.i M ajotoy md Jolis Uillsase, eolared
SBl -.. ifiVri.U, Vownr l*U?
a la a i??cart<?w ?u?a
u?u. kui ''..??f.
?oo G ?art,
ar at W?. li* lute-.
?. . . ?si cm.
A n.-.y tune-! .. . w-York,
II.iv? B
1 li en have canned
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twoea Ba
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BJaBSBe, Barf the 8S>
tail.* nere uoi i a.,., public.
In the ?iiit of t a??t. Mr.
? .
. . .
day Bfl
'. iu which i
la.- i.n ...
tm, ,i . .
looks i
Poor li m m j lim ? .1 m an ui,e\
I III .,.
their bornea, o>ic ?? land a tu? lauutowoi nun. stop a
. heel 11>i_- Ml
.? . sod
tOlie.'l . lg,"
Alfred Winks, who p?en*
rl^y. on Tlini-.iiUv. at In
BBWOklj n, BE ? . toi 'h' ?ja.-t :
'. vi Ihafl . .(>'. li
manhood. H tnpioy ol tin.. Sna
r, an.i by
:. jourualr.
I fJand Army of the Kepuhlic met List
farther pr
\\ Il bava tu?; supervision of tbe exen
pointed. An Invitation bae b?en extended to Gov. Dix,
BSl?lnS him
or the piirpnas of
The tata of City Judge Geogfaj rhoflavpann
... . /uuids
The petition of John *'?. Leeda I ?
. main sewr retV
? -
low go to
Room No. U in the BoBtb Brooklyn -
mes Beak HUdlee, I I la
pud hf t!,, . u.?tor. Mr. Weoltoa, a i
i orth ?>?
if the
all air.
San lord M. Murray, the ^:ih <* lh.ctor, who
u..led Olla au ax, while
?!icc of Dr. ' ::rown,
his li ?
lini: p?a "i. ian Uaa uui uiloruied
OoraaMS Wuilenill that u
lege c?
; es last L?E)
of the i ol?. fe was h : i d, the
halls and chapel betas hnag w
.mi. au ..o.m .-m waa m.?it i.)
ijr'.iiks, arter wh . li lb? ?
?>u in the dining i -..on of tli?
Wall Oman?l Minor's o. ?niiiruiion 'n reg
tin- i, SU I ?i.? IdS W .1 UO ruaUllli-U ?i l...
Xowu lian lui.* oveaiaa?
r.r Ott.?F. Et .v nd.ill. Ti?
nt the ''rit. i. Sea
munip.iw, was .li ? .v BL P. Baldwin, the
a wan md_
il ",r- Johnston, au employ? .?r lue
tt or a
i ? ..n- u
Bawaai ? Cbsaadler, aaod IS, hasbeea Brfa*
.- for violai
sting of
. lmloh>
I .'.erk
examination d au waa toiu'd vo
v JOO.
v of Mayor 11 ? tara? i iu
* . .
Pass m ? \: a ?! ? - hool Hau T
i :.. tales BaaVsai tue iuo *m.
I aiKiis iliirin
DfMo.i: ?Cnioii ;'hap. i was . *d*v nnrht.
. mon waa y re at bed i.j tu.- 11. ??
TUE STATE or Ut A h lt.
r>"VR*T.'i MARKBll
Bfatasseiee I ? ... .?'-? a
ah i\-sasBSJss Sr aBhai tavt.it?
rsiTLF M.aRKRr
"? ? .r%
? . ?? m,,l.^l mitiir He? im.1 m> ?*>
?'?k '.??? I.r. rat? krt.i . r I
???? ?inr- ' ?
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i ? ? j
m . m ,,
' ? '? ?? lu m ?. ???-? ..??'.. a.l ..MM?
? *.
' . M
i'. '
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.,?.,. Haas asaw-u ?-? ' IB i. ? ..
um ' Ml
B r, F Bl*-? ? h-?
-?? M, .?4
? IM-,
. . .1
. ......
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J l?-l K PU . m
?Sr. lia,. . .
M - -? ??* .
r ? ,
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aa>i ili.-. . ,
I .r lavar
i?tt*i>. . *
- ...
s . ?
I ??
*..? U
?r M..- . 11.-. u. ana Uuu_ M a*uw k. a>
Vrtrs ses fa*. ' .'
-?a .??na* u.tj avu- ?r ' -.aa*, a>
Titk mita, ?ad paj*. U USI
... ....
.. nu*?.
- <n.?ea
.. a?
. ? .-ai.
I avaawaa >.i u?tassai
I *cm.
? L Ba?
raa partial!j ?auieu m a.? LU.?_.,-> a sis? ...aw?
Ma?i.al.- ? ?? MSSSBSS a ancna ?rtft?
tae.rn?w an.: m. M
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? m
Stile? aa U ici... ? - .U.?? ? Se*>
Uli lg .: I . -'? ruiranaS
? ?-Vor? li .tuv* iroin p. ... -S
?'? K-f.s?: v -a
A l.iiitr-1
t pasa B>
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True in.) Faltas rSeiaaax :.a' Bn-vw-uSj)
Para ,,....- ~ !.. i" va LkiT"h? l-.xrtt. .
ul Uii,>. < ?rtafa, liai., lu 11.
? a?
- . ?%?
io*- lu lu? u. M
AU ' ? m ia/} ., m ..'. e ;, i irai ?' ?? ?"> rheT
?'.?A: Br :*?[*.?? ?rifaat
? ast
. i u-aaV
tb? mariai fi.HB aar lai ni
ram tuna Nr?
?sari '.S ;*?'? ' ? ' ?s
-.:.-. I ?a?
Bsari s? B
BUBUB TiitaSaj awr-.s?, ?ftS ?-*. J'u? O. DuUir.?. l ti? ?US raaar
- ?i \l.r?f>
. ah
-.1 ib.? la?.tal,
' ?.
atsy. Spnl ? Mr? M*rr B ll-raa,
I -i.
. ! statr.
HOatNKR-Tu-? >
' '"??fas?
r^iir -la? i, a-. ?Mtaaaesaaa, OB ? ??*
Twaatt I
. .?? a.
.-..i llri!,.?l)i
KIKHMaS?I? B-oul'-r r?*H
. ?r aaaw
- uun-b ouf??r i'.mrt .. ??>
KNAPP-U M ,'-?*:.ia. A ni X. KVatsab. ?i?, ti alfraa gu*>p. aaO
: al M
. ? ? i . . t ?*-.
... aUI r,Uurai raaiiarifailaa aa>
ntni tu auras'
nouTiMkit-ai ?? B ? ? asi > - a. >f '.rpboiS ahjag
?1 atiiia.r. -..raacr!. ot i . 1.1 ... -aaaa
aas ? amula.
-:a..-. ?.pnl ?9. Sn. ' - .i. a> 3 Plast?
. ?.aa.
Tho hu
? .*\-a>
.' iauailu .?J
\ BM -i : .i ?
...... "??a
. .. a?, i. ai 1A
I . .. .^aa
Non?* ?f tat lauarial Mf-iiaaa btrraail?
IIIIIJK.. ?.najiaa
?r..' .' T-mn.
???I lUlll#
Thr mawi-M v? i T"?-U ?I tas '?an.? ??* r*?l?-?tfaaT .?-ii?4 t?
? u. ,i ta*
t hapcl ul lU liruaU??' laSactwcM. ea?. o? riiiaV-laaxu. ?. aaaV J
| UD-Apti K ? 1 W .! -oni-^am- ..a
. Mail????- Lw?aa? lAraurS. oiM ?f ?har?a* WHfonl..: I m?
. m Tbsr-aaj. astil U. irJ, .'Jaras Wias*. ^ (a.
BU l .a?-.
?=..<? icaa^-Ab?*. Il UaV' m _j._
i? ??arad?? a - u ?*? p. av '"'^
laas raault;. A^^, ?, ib Uk J ,_ , w -
VaaystaJ ai-sa. Baut? livayh. TaiinaU .ta.
. > ia?. .1 M.;
? i,?? a*.
5?ccuit Stoutr-A
I ih.-rnl Rrpnlilicnn I. rar ral I' .,_?,?.,.. _,|i ,??< _
Aaaaa ???>?? L a. ??.,...
I'll* .llltl. .- N..U. . '"" ?
? B
I)?.) .. ,
o '
' ''o1 Hl " '?% ..,,.-.

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