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?hiurx organt, uke tbt jr_?t diuretie. Hblmboldi B.cfl.. II ii w?r
rtBt-d. B-_i-eo.wertiie_-U_iTATi.N_. Tb. geonlne mt. be knowii
ti) tbe priTtie proprittar? lUinp of IL T. UelmlHi^l ob etch osii-e.
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A Ki>e _ ?
Wben tbt" ey**m bcgintto will onJi-r tbe *S*el* of tbe lr:t '' f-stel
Unn.-'ilii oUiont UaI lt ou?ht to bt re?i.fore?l?ndiuiUiiied bT-bole
? imt lUmoltuon. To rewitt 1? tke edtltereted liqnort of eommeree ln aaeb
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?_. btte ? iting. After the frit effut bt* puted ?w?j, tbtt
I iu Tbfl reeetion i? Wrr.tilt. Tbe protlntion of bod. end
?iim] wliicli ?,_??? U ?rre eomplete tbta 'mt.m. But tbe opention of
? me_>e__ tonie like HoflTflrraai StO?ach Bitti^, in whieh ertrteU
o* th. rtreet reme-iAi b'rlfl BBd toott ue bleade. flilhtbd,,
Ifl-itt r* rj-. 1-...t_-?i__i i. ?? .Nu ncpleatirt re
. ' ? >i ??. It lt ? pernutK-Bt. t perp. tutl Inri-irtiit, tnd
Ihere li ?o p!ii_fl of debillty, _o_-(re-ti,.-), Iii. .liecm, BenoaiLtu or
-? b It wtt. aet ?pe?-i'r core.
Ui i> Pens.
? *?r>rt! li) n>?-rr?r-i- piiin. tve .Brettlori tbtt *'"
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. -...aa aww-etaee the Mataun ijntlltiet o! trmuett in -cuk eiti vlura
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, Attor B.._-?. Tt!na lt
. _i?td ln oar eitj In Uielr B-tiia.'te
We, tb* tn'..rr">?Ti wbn irtnw fm* ? ' _ ?_ ? rritm tflfl
DAnT'Ii; 11 scnhers, tlOiter annnm.
Skmi Unmy'luiiiiAF. Mail Suhscribcrs, TZ ceran.
\^i__i ..! Su.-scril).?. f2p?iaiiiium
Advcrtiiing Ii a t en.
Paii.y . ".r-_.ir. 4f,r, 50c, 75c, and fl per line.
f i mi v- I .':uu"..K, 25 and 50 conta per liue.
Yi 1 t-KLV Tiui-IM-, $2, $o, and $5 per line,
Ai cnnling to pohitioii iu the paper.
lenns, ca_.b iu advance.
Addreaa. The Tr.rcrxr!. New-York.
AdTertis-mcntR rTC?-ivcd at lp-l-own offlcee. 5411_r
.dut.. till b i>. m_, M rejrular ratea.
Ptrtont I'aving Setr-York for the S/tring and Summer
eon have 'int. VAiLX Teii.LNE inatled to them for 11 per
month, or 11 JO, tnduding potttgr,. For fl, cxclutite of
. itlage, thote teho are trapeling abroad can hme
any of Ute edilioit* ofTllE TRIBVhR matlfd to their bank
t't far thr follmring periottt: Dailg.ont tnotiUi; ?tmi
)Y t e'.ly, tlt nt: month s; tYttkly, txx monlhl* ***** _
?,rt,rm nf the rront nf th' tttW Tribunt
' "i/e maj be ftund m llie fvtt
,,. SpntOtOt. 'Ihe Irtttune fotmttng
rtoor, and iienltitd al Uu ttcond door
%m ^cdk JJdla Zxxbmu*
AY, JUNE 16, 1873.
M. GfluJard lias Iif en made Minlster of tbe Intcrlor ln
Emn. ~z , A Ft .ii-ral ConBtitutlon ls Uib-laidbe
tote tbe i-i._i.i-ii Ctltto,
Tht <;.\.... 'ft ?1U wn.1 two veflfltl* 1d scarcli of the
J'uifli-i. - - Tl?- Weii.iiii Iu'llanfl txprenfl wUlliig
li,u |. -^==1 Oue bundrod
fci)<l?l. _ WM l-i'.l-, I'tun., ?re
on flfltiik.. Mflflfli lli. Yalr iiolli-ire <t.-w l.aa adopUd
-> couiiiitnci
iiient U in pniK-rc-fl.
? uuiii ao-, MBBOmMi lf a b__TTOM_ and anothor ln n
r tlUid day'o i-.icliiK at Jerome l\i!k
??? v?i> exciting. i_> 'ibe rau ol taxation lu liro _
1} 0 bfl? lucr. yt-oA muterlaily. ***** Ould, 117, 116|, UCi.
1 u.riiMmietfl., W, 74?. 60?, (57?, 76?, ?55?.
The Navy Doiiurtiutut Hlill Khroudi tbe
Polaris matter iu mystt ry. Il anuounw _? tlmt
a two-ho Iition of an anomalouh
characfcT li to be eent in Henn li of tbe sur
virors, and it xjondescendii at bi*; to nny tli;it
Ibe aeparation of tho Tjaoa an.l Blfltfaftoa
I.artie* vu acxidental. JJnt f.?r NMOOI wbicb
lo mortul can ___ yet gUCWy it wbat
it bas ltar^til (if tbe iuatter for iu< own
The Govcrnor has Bigm-.l tbe ..upply, De*
fu ieney, nnd BlgfllBUmtal l barf. r I.iIIm. Tbi
latter will recomile Bome eoaflictiaf pi
ions of tf;. Miirt.i; t!..? fnrmcr two will in
oble Controller Grocn to piy a kr^e iiimilx r
of bom-xt cliiiiiii* hk-- <ity, in 0
tion to whieh m.-H-ly techuieal ..i.,
ittBm. Mj. -.. _ i' i blauic ior dday
la tka ntllwaiBl af tkeee hOh wlm-h a,)<ml,,
ii.uc baaa vtoited aa >ii^ LeKiaiature.
Th-eo lincs af n telegraphic disnatch mako
an Imparlawl aa_aa_a?at_tti to-day. it u
atated taal tka Cklaaa* OoaaeaaMjil will aiae
tk? tka in.rod.ioti.ni af railroads and tob
graptu an.l Ika apaataf ef aaal aad boa
minea. Thia, wa biobbbbb, to tka yaah mttcr
aaaa af bbbbi araa aaaiakaa aane*Tpoadent.
*-n.-li a r.i.IKal ?b n.irture of tka CUaBM Goi
eramaat from it-. aneiettl peHcy woaM be
enuiralaBt ta a graai rerolatkm. lt is too
?.?,.., |o v\]yv, anm af tke ptaaanl yoang
Kaiperor, wbe bai oonsontedto iDow hiaeom
mooed nUtfeeti to gaae oa liis lacred pcooa.
Tho Tribuno I.cotnre Kxtra to be iMoed
aeact Thnreday wttl ba an eight-page ibeet,
illuitcated witb M\ty engraringa. We hare
from t imi* lo time. nietitioned the exlraonliiiary
cirrulation attainod bj tfail olass of THBUOT
piibli.-iitions. As tbe new Kxtra wffl BOntaiB
tke ooanalata oooiae af tke Maeeam Laotarea
of rr.?f. Agawitj embodyiag Ihe pVotaat and
lenta of that djattngniekad edential
againit tho Darw-dan thcory, wo aattdpatc
f.u it fully as extonsive a aale Bl tkal roach.d
l.v BOI edition of Prof. TyndaH's I.i-clurea. A
limitod nuiiilur af advcrti-Hiiioi'.ts wttl bl pub
1 iu this Kxtra, without di_.pl.iv, Bl |l l"i
liue. _
M. Goulard, tho Miuistor of tho Intoiior
under M. Thiera, wbe left tbe MiaUtty to
?bow Jalea Simon the way out. hai bad ihorl
(\p.-i..mo of privato life, and has now re
aamed bii old plaee ia tba mere eoagi oial
( al.intit of Mandial MacMahon. A vaca.i. >
wan mado for hun by tho resignation of M
I.ou.o, who has made hims.lf tke leapegoal
of tke wratekad blandei of tke preei etaenlai
of laat week. Tkii ikawi thal a little
of deeeaey atill remaina ia tke Cabtoet, aad
i.s on the whole a hopafal aiga. M. Goalard ti
no inii.iovcnioiit apoa ML BeaM la poJ
aympathiea, b*ot ba li not likely to eommil
Imbccilitlea aa matkedfhe briel eaieer ol
hia predeeeeaor.
Tho Spanish Mini*-try and Cortos BM aboal
te bo-rin aerioaalj tlio work of organixiBg Ihe
Fedaral Bepublic, It li laid that Behor Cai
tdar, rtlievcd from th.- labors of tke Popart
uiciit of Btate, is about to pr.-.nt to tke
Cortea, in his capaoity of Peputy, a jilan f( t
tke d-visinn of Spain and li.-r eoloniea mt..
thiitccn .-.tates. A Commission wil! be forme.l
to draw up a Federal Constitution, of wliioh
tho diitiagaiahed oratax wUI probablykePrei
It ia to consist of tweire membera of
? ortei and thirteeo reprcsetitatives ef the
proposed States. The ncws froni Spain
(..?, . bk proepeet of quiet- ti
and Ika Go-? i ? ml af Beftoi PI y M
may yet bare aa opportoaity to try tlio great
t-xpermiont of I ition, thoagh it
bo confesscd under not very tavorublo cireuin
With all thoir tractablonoss nnd snpposo.l
ohildlike and bland behavior, the Chioeee
havo wills of their own. A company of
wmkrien nt the outlory works ia BaBTer FaUa,
Peun.. who have given great anguinh of iniii.l
to tke Caui-a-sian inhabitants of the r.
have actually mutinied because they aro
deuiod tho eomforts of opium-sniokinp
and the rocroation of gauibling. The
Cnlnaiaaa iioe.s not, ut a rale,
smoko opium to cxeoss, but he likes it mix.-.l
wiih hi.-, tobarco; and tlns soraetmie-. le.nl
to an intomperate nse of the drtii;. lt ?
be ? little curiuiis if theeeobjeetiooable babita
of the Chfaaaaa nhonld eond thom away frr.ni
PoniiHvlvaiiia after tho iiioveiiient arn'ist
tham ahall have failed. For tke aggriavad
Cliinat.'ion declnro that they will go l.ack to
thoir native land if th.ir etnoking and gaiu
bling are interfered with.
Accounts from Japan are not very eiid.ur
a_:ing. The new order of things has I,
fi vukmfth in ils progrest* tbat an enonuous delit
haa auddtuly been eraatad, and no adeqoate
provision has been mado for its dispositiou.
The foudal pystom productd great rev
enuea to the government and nobility;
its abolition rcvolutionized tho whole sys
tem of flnance; and in tlie ch.tos
which followed, vast expenditures wero
mearrad by tlie Government. Perhapa tke ad*
vance made in tho introilu.-tion of Weatern
civili2ation has been too severo a tax oo tke
ro-ioun.es of the Empire. It is corta.n tbat tke
Japanorte have not shown themie1~ei maatera
of the science of finance; and tho naalt is n
debt ol moie than $100.fXX),000, whieh tb
not know what to do with. lt ll quite poanble
tliat some partof this great lndobtedtH-ss is the
work of dishoncst public servants. At any rate
it is intimated that the failuro of tlio Fmatieo
MiniBters to kecp the budget within reasuii
able limits has ao incenaod the Imponal bead
of the (Jovcrnment that thoy may bo invitc]
:iimit hari-kiri. ln Japan, to ioritc I
public oflicial to rip himself up is morely of
fering him a more gonteel way of g-ttiug out
of the world than we give to a inurdercr
when we hang him.
Many reporta from tho Sonth have boen
printed in Thk Thiudne, giving x-iows of the
material and political condition of tho prople
which itro somewhat dtjiressing. Our rec4-nt
South Carolina corr4>?pondcnco, for inttaWtPj
bhowed that the eolored peoplo, i>rematuroly
and ncreasonably forcod into conspiciK.us
placcs in politics, had not proved altogathai
equal to the endden emorgoney. Wliy should
we expoct that thoy wouldT Tho xicious and
dishonost conduct complained of on the part
of the nowly enfranehi.ted coloml men of
South Carolina Ia, poM_(b|yj tho aataral ont
coino ui tha import'oot state of preparajion in
whieh tluir new obligutions BBrpriaed
them. They aro fdiaip and cul.ll.-;
but tlxir cducation la inoraL* and BBB*
ful panaita is almost nothing. After all,
t!,.. trut ilul picturii of atbiirs in Sotith Caro?
lina, pcaaaated by Ti.imxi: aonafpoBdaaeei
nothiag ineiiniMe. Rather, it sug
.inly that which a wkolc OBM ft'id f;rii
cioUS fculightoinu.'iit may turn into in -t:i;in< nts
ol pOWBB for bet.olieencc and n al wii'tli. Jn
Kouisiana, on the other hand, tvc liave cou
cliirtivc .'viil.'tieo that tbo eolored
tlnifty, lBteOigaati well-baha~ed, ud t)>i. iK
MUdO-l thal they Bkafl have an thjtt] (li.-mce
with white im n ot eqaal attalanaeata. Thoy
uot much voi.e in th.- eoadaet af pablio
afliiirn; Ihey liave DOl ev.-n thi WM Oppm
tunities f"t making their own way in the
wolld ns their bp-tliten ill syino of tlie Ot?Ul
fi.Miiir .siave Btatea. feaj wiih |
advaatagea, tke| ban ai tairad prop rty
in tha Btate which daad al
, . and of tlns, ten thaa one-third
U Hitiiati-.l la Hew-Orieana, ahoariag ? d
liiliioii ol wcalth Whi- li i4 i iid.., !
i wbi i. ibew ia i < ok i Ion
. i- than hall a uillbuii.
have ahOma* k-'.-d thiifl_ii.-.._ and iptitude in
aeqnlrlng knowtedge of Un HBttl art" _nd
in all l.i.iii.li.'H of i-iliiiatioii. It i- <b_ c.ti
ciiir.'iit t'stiiiiony ?.f all \vh.? bav.- vi -;t.-d the
Old D.Miiiiiion with a vi.-w to .'\iii.ii.M' Into
tin- eondit-on of tin .-.>]. red people, tbat tbey
manifeel ? dcftooM aad dcfll ?'? t,,(! "wkm"
ui.'.l...iii.iil cralts Vttftoh BTB ut 0?CI ?-.]>?-lui
illl.l bV .
Y. ;. Iltbistlii'.
i i.. tweea the two n t i whieh li eta
I..11..1 Dg in many lastanoea, end ?
i iu any ? Blitical
ii.,,,1,' .1 bave mada thia now apparenl ln
I But our report*
.l?,w that, even there, t!,
l,,.v, i ti?> raoea igainal i
B ,,,,1,,,1'y (.. briug t.. paae a ?'o.
tion. Common lafetj den
- v-'",: '
?i ,:,:-,?? ol understand
I , ttand ibonlder to ihoulder w.
white nen ia Iheeonduct ol aflaire, wa are
? n.lii.
tcaching. iooa among
i.li..,,,! fortheeducnt.onoft_a
eolored people of tha South ia thi _ bo ?'
al Hampton, Virginia, the Commeaei
- 0f wbich w, re beld U
,,, can tv.. hundred men aad wo
, red fron bond ",l1
broughl np to tht ">-' of hum
liain. i owe Ui
. .,, printiag, egrioul
::,,! th. i leehanic arta, and all tho bl :her
branebei of an eoademic education foi which
tii-'v manifi il aptitod., I i people, pal
in tbeir patieat efl :i^ ' '
.' . I ' |
onie the readj to
,1 , ui of I'Oiiii.'-. K.ln
, 1. .'.V I" '
- the
upon < ry b u, they will
i aud wboleaonie elei
nf i . ' Thal I
of the Bonth reeognixe tliia ia
aent wbi< h like I lat at
Hampton i >nia baa giree tb i
Hampton Scbool one-thirdof the CellegeLnnd
icrip itoj find at th. ?
not a fi
warmly b ifriendi '1 the i ntt n
to it- :?? :it v.iim- in determining the proeper
i ira of tb.' Bonth. We mnal nol axpeet
och of a raca wbich bas juat
fr?ni ? id; cv. ii tb il ?-? ii sh bai U ..!?
ind ii onr
own ;
ti.m.. ..i . dl ire and learning, il n
, .ii'iit; with tha ): ro reaching out
?_ ai be i-i iritii hii o i i altiea,
'. 'I',." wori oi enlighteamenl
was aoblj 1) nn. We need not, it leems,
ly a w.ir of .
of ni ? B publi . i
people are bungxy to 1 irn, nol only h
work, bul bn \ to i dnb foi .1 bey
will .
men and a .men l ib ,r iri an ing then from
tlii ir ..-.vu !..'?<?. The i-ilnriti'.iiiil iii ititntiona
.,i tbe Be i!1i and fJputh-Weet ara d
thin .- .,..,; and Ibeb pati iotic found
..nl in
tbeir abnn ! mt ? For ln tl - bro id
eniightenmenl of tbe eolori .1 p 'i1'': '???
of tbe Bouthj nayf mon ?
the hope of tbe Republic._
tinrf. lng the blgbeel i ite oi
? within ont knowled re.
F.?r the p ifl y< ar tl.'' rato hai beea H
i, ..i,. .i dollan of aai ? i ralne ei
property. The Board of Eatimate i* now ea
?_-..'("i w ?..-.? B i..'? Cor tl..) t
and it will eomewbat aatoniab property-own*
Brooklyn to leatn thal the new nte will
bf. ai.. on each hundred dollan worth
ol wfa ki i'i'- o vn. The perni - ? ? ten ot
m under wbicb Bnx klyn i_ ml-.1,
nlv the parenl of tbia oppreaaiTe in?
on. It will probably n .t add
? tbe oomfoii of thoae who hare to
? i knew that tha ni w Ch i auea
? would -
md tbal it add Uy to
iiiiiiR.-iion. Aml
as tbi ? i alluded to (which we .
del ..l .;- ibere) ai_ l on. 1 _? n
nenta ol the preaenl Charter, aad will I
I.. I..- .-,. ?.'-.. . D 'i
tlu- rate oi 11 ntion will probably bo i
ratber thaa uadef tl..' ran eamed.
Naturally, t,i\-|i iy. i- do ii'.t oontemplafc
. !y M all
rapidly deelining ia ralne. The tad that tlus
Board <>t J' ti bu Increaae ef
tazation Im dereloped a itrong oppoiition to
the Charter whleb li iti ?? >\-. lii.-i's handa.
Tbo fnrthet kaowledge thal it eeatiaoea.
|f Indeed it doei nnt ; t!..
Irreepondble Conniuioni, tbus itrongthea?
ing tbe Ring whieh in cv.ry
i ? ti of tbe I -. anent, addi to the
fon-o t.f the othi
brej and thhi week will probably seo organ*
i/i'd deaonatretkm in oppoaition to ir. Ererj
lii.iiii.iii Intereet of the edty eondemm tbr
Charter; only thi J- igto whieh it gfyea a aew
lcii?o of iiuliti.'itl power approrei ;vinl a
'ib' j. - . .
Ono Hundred hare miraa i the name and infln
(aee ef lhat body I >,-. ]t
will ba t'1"- i inll of tho independent mi-inburu
(if tli.) Co] ,HI ll.'.Vr b
intiiir.'i ut to t!n .-'.ii'.-1', if they do ti"*
tha Oovernor to onderatand that the
ba&di U "... |y .,:,,,. tionable
bc.-auHf it Inere ?? , Tbe
m.litl men of thii Committee, U
Committee ef Hfty and
are ow>o?ed i i
oughl lo make tbi ni e iL frt
ion late, ?___^____________
I UVOBa tt
At t. the Kbedive cf i ,-,. ? in a
.in tbe purpo . for tvL i b be
.'I tu
I.r. A telegran whicb a , | ,, .
.. .ally i-.iiiM'.w.l tii.- iu.poilant bul
1 ' !" "? that n iiiuinn nl tin
. '..I in of Tml.'. ; ; uy,,
te ti.. Khrdire indeyadi nt .
and diplematic ri bta, Ali'. ., >, tbi
? ?
ii.. iodi-pondcnce at \
- with the
' only tl,.,
'?'- ...iblcilUw
trationof the progrcssivo inlluetice whieh may
be .-xciri-.-.l OBB country by a priDOl desirous
? Uw.', W* a biirdoiiHoine yoke. Wo havo
aiready explaiaed hoar tho detfre to taaraaae
tba imiti'iuil w.-aiih <?f Jvvpt hai tod the
Khi.liv. to iinil.iiako Ihe taakof eoiistructiiig
a Ime ol railroad which will make tlie eoin
mo-icatiea Ikroagfa lha Uaagth ?.!' hk eaamtty
completo. A atill moia aotawortky iaatanee
bad prvrioeatj beea ajirea ia the ardor with
which be eaaaed the worl lo ba nroaeetttod
uu ihe Baee CaoaL After Un y *n af
:.,!,. tu whieh tMi aadertaking
Iud beea lanjeetqd, aml when there
... ?,,.,| tu le | limt-B-Nl. |.i,.b,ibility of its
U, tln el.iimii al th.- Khediro waa pat
duiial.le. It WI Bl aO be, undi i tood
tbal ln- wai irgad ?>" hy Ua naeaai to open
DPgotiatioai with foreigl nations, whieh w. re
in.-.iii i-.t, iii with th.-, bigber aorereignty
cliiiin. .1 by Um sulta-i. It waa the irritation
pinluc ,i al Conataatinople al thal time, and
,i?- .i.i..- of the Baltae to exereiae hia ao
thority to an axtent moal hamiHatiag <<? -ha
. whleh furms ihe atriking eoatraat witb
the Iarge powera whieh have aow been aon
L lii.!. rto the Kkedin haiaxerdaad aa
aathority in tha domoatk ralatioai >.f hiapeo
i,lc almoat eqaal to ttal af the must abaolate
- .-ii-. ir wa me to looitrni the Brmaa
wbieh hai Jaat baaa iaaaad ai aoafhrriag tho
onlimited right to eoaelode treatiei with tor
ata, tln- intci.'i.ii r of the raa
, r.iin will be almeal entirely
oonflned to the paymaat <>f the atipalatod an*
nii.ii tribate. Uadi i Uw -<? ein om I moi i, to a
. of m i, ,?? and energi tk dia*
poai. Mthe _bedire,it .-.ill be only aahort
,,,, before tbia last ovidenco of vaaaalage
will l?- ieinuVeil.
\ , I,./ ii,al af noaienae hai been written
aboat the glorioni Angto-Saxoa pririlege af
i ii ti l.y .iniy, and we do not piopoia to
add aaythlng to the proportioni "f it- tradi
liunal rapatatioa. Exeellaai ai it Xt, like all
hnmaa In tttatioai it bai iti ahan af homan
inflnnity. The tkeocj ii thal twelra mon i'?
i I,..v. when they aro of eaeordaat minda,
; ii ? -ni-' i'.ih; the faet ii that they
.,!,. \, iy often abaardly so. They are |i
oi the eridenee aad, toa nol rary walldi
lt, tb y are judges of tho law ; but it doea
i,,,t, follow timt they ii.uy not. _mde? eontrol
ing inflneneea of prejadiei or of inteHaataal
on jndge weaklj aml arroaeoody.
Por tho pnrpoeei of this n we
pat eaaei "t djaagrewnant <>'it <?t' tln
,|i,.'--ii.ii. Bnt aran when jnrora ara teehai
..:: ,,r one mind, it is eaay t<> iee that
tbey may h _ ^t this atate of amiable
? by differaat patha, aml that i ?m<
,,f tin i, patha iaa] bare been erookedly Dlogi
,-.]. .*- ,!i, when nu iiiijiruper inflaeaeei hare
I, it must stand. It may
.-?tr.iry to law aml tu jnstiee aml fu tln
,- of eridenee, bnt mdeM its defeeti in
each oi ? ata, it i* b
nnd wi^er tu 1. i t'. M-i-.lictreiiiain iiiiili-tiirbcd.
Bai althoogfa thiamaj l.e oarda-beratoopiiiiou,
nc bare not arrired at it throagfa any
i uf the infallil.ility of juryinen.
Wt think as v,i <iu beeaan it ii better in
civil ae ; HU thal UtigatiOB ihoald bo (inietod,
and that Ini rimin il p-oMOatiOM we should eoti
,-,,!, to the proaeeatad all tha righta whieh n
: s wo claim and aaannie.
, a Sort of veidict whkh i ?
tu tho laat deprco. It is whal
we niiiy <?-? U tha aolio?iil vordict. It bobmi of
.(... pn -,' ? ? v of Jnrori (.. fr irel oal af tbi
i, aad to attribnta <<> biata afforded by
rhi- bi '? Ike Wl i-.lit of puriitive ovi
flonce, in tln- baadaof tba potter aie
. turu of inind in lho bandi of
a elovor aml in Inaating adrbeate, wh ?
- to Imbae tbeir minfli with hiuts and
I anJ lhallow aud
?hadowj theoriee, until the plain facts as
I l.y the teatimony are forgotten, and
KninTtiiine. which is BOl and OOOld BOt bo ovi
II ].. nnitted to (\eite doabta, aml ulli
tnately t.. laad to eegaittal or d_aag-ee
K.rJ tho porpoaea of Dlastratioa we
refer t<> the caso af I'r. Weat, in Debtwaia,
which WB havei aiready disotissed. Ho was
imlieted fur tho murder of a eolored man.
The jury fuiind Wlll "not guilty" OB the
groand that Im aetod la ntf-delenae. Noth*
onld bo stupider or moia gratnitooi ftaa
i-!i a e.itiebision, for upon tho trial not
i s.-iiitiil t of eridenee was prodaeed in sup
i.urt of iu Tho real d. baae orged by
i niiisrl for West wai his insanity,
prodaeed partly by the lahalatioa of ehloro
Bnd of nitrotis oxido gas, to whieh it
; liuied thiit the priaoner wai iddieted.
I';,, only lopport of thi theory upon which
the jury deeided was tho atteriy |ooae and un
trastwmthy stat. IBltl flof Wost, made to tho
ofiiccrs at tho timo of his nmst, and whieh
the baadi of tha htrom throngh tho
teetimoo] .>t theae otlicors. Por avcrdi.t they
did not .irt'.nl tlio sli^htest basc, nor were
they nlied u|)on by th?4 pri^.ner's attorneys;
and yet this lnto?IgBOt, (luiek-witlcd, and
lentioni Delawara jury brought in
I rerdict of "-Sot Guilty" ou the grouud of
-' lf .IrfellSOl
It in cloarly dosirablo that somo mothod
may ba deriaed of keeping jurors within the
li.iiitnl.irii a pf common s.-nse nnd Bound
dednetion, Tor their vordicts they aro not
roapoi i'pt morally; but whon thoy
ga their teaaooi, tkoaa vt-rdicts aro ISairly
open to eritioiim. If they are altogothor uu
laed by cvidonco, they aro no more
worthy of reapeef than a guoss, good or bad.
l.v. n a \iiii'm,y conjeeture is intinitely below
the (li^nily of u cutielusion lm thoiiieally
aiiivi-d.it. Tho riea of tke Jary Qratom, wim-h
ln tho aplnion of soino able jurists quite
ciunteibalaiices all its BdlBntagnB. ifl that it
opaai a aride Beld f.?r gmaiwoih, notiena,
? id tho Indalgeooa of antimely lympatniea,
a.l ]> ita j uin i.d laraatigatiooi quitu outside
tke pale of nientifle acruracy.
.\ eorn ipuiidint, who admlta that ho is ono
of the Iarge number of lot-owm.rs aaaeaiad to
r lho widetiingof tho Kingsbridgeroad,
i eomplaining that tho CSoaualiaioaan of
thit iiiip'.it.iiit work havo mado tho aroa of
aaieesiiient too wido. This is a compluiut
wiiicii i i,i il ln tbe eaaa of araxy atreet open
t..,iieheuin[il.iintsoinbarra-Mand delay tlio
Commiaaiooari moia tkaa aay athat objeetiona
i againil anch ImprovementA. The aroa
iu ihi; |iar;i.iilui' iiiipr.iveiiieiit will pruhably
in- redaeed ; wi nadentand such to ba the in
-m ol thi ( uiiimi -siuiu'is, We hope tliey
will [aoooeed ll satisfying all the lot OWBOll
aloag i'u ii ruiiic, imt wo h.>|..' iioit, al tbe
i:iii.-, i!n> will p.-iinit no fnrther delay
ui eonelnding a work whieh oaght to hare
. imi -iu il a year
The referee la thia eaae will be ealtod apoa
ni thia work to-day, so as t.?
i thr reporl ..i the Dommiiaioneri ta g?>
??I'lu.e Lne ,*Mipituic Court for coutiiuiatiuu.
and tbu.. ha__-.ii tho actual work of wiib aiag
tb.' road. Tbo bill of tbo OOOta ia * iid to be
\iirgc Tb.-y uro ci.rtuulv larger thaa they
would bave beea had tlio trigiaal ( oiiiiiii-,
nion beea 'homot eaeugh to ko ahaad with
tln-ir work and lini.h it in I t'ato.i
ai.ii- iim.'. They .K'voi.-.l their Hbm to
-p.'nii it mi-- iu lot-1 ilong the route, aad
by tb.-ir delayi neoeaaitated two rarreye, the
eoeta of which ban been Tery heavy. Wa
weal of lha hnpeeaaiee m tii--i thal th. ehargee
i'..r tl..! inrreyi w ra too Ini
?'x.i_iiii..iti..n ol tb.- work aad iti difBcultie.
r.-iivinc.-rt n-i ilnt t!..v ip- no' dlaproporti
to tin' uauai legal ehargee. The ? w ?
miaaiooeri ar<- nea la nhon the people bave
rinifiil.il.-.', aad thelr ehargee, like thal ?>i tha
Sniv.yor, ougfat to be paid aad the moth
t]u-t.1 witboul further delay,
Thia la tha la>t maalaiag wori. of thii
inangarnted by the EUag. When it ihall bare
beea tettied the oen eyiten of itreel opea
Lngi may be fanly nld to !>'? in aetire opera
ti.m, iiiul lu iiiifortli like work Will
iiu, .-.I lnui,- . .oiiouii.'ally tlian iu tlu
Por '..luit reform ne bare had in thia i
credil li larg ly due te Controller G
tn iiu espe aree <>i the corraption of the sy.s
iii Thk Tkii'.i'.nk. Wo aie BOW only
anxioui to clooo ap tbo old booki without
ii.-lay aud open t!if oen on ?_
In K iu-ai there la ? lettleneot i alled
Imowa .as Dodge City. There bi ? fort there
aad \ eonnandani Colonel; aad ''"'''
alao young ?? ?? Hteie nith whoee i'i1 ?
,,.?!,!i tha Colont! ii of too
nature rigorpualy to Interfere. In other pirt*
<>f tbe for Weal yontfa are naually oontent to
buni wild i. aati or p _ lldy fndiana; but in
Dodge Clty, i' leema, they bare a paaafoa for
bnnting n< on d< fi ??
tbey ?'ir. thi grenter ii tbe guato of theeport.
F..r del tils of th. ? - bb
aro indebted to Tht ' - ''"'?
which Lil- na that William Taylor of D
ciiy aforeaai I naa _ <j.eiet? well-beb
keepiag man ef eolor, who wpperted
bimaelf by rteady, honeat, foithfnl work
? r. A party of young Dodgere, fall
Inapiring whiaky of that regioa, but fom
U ii v.i n for a little practical f.m, I
Taylor*! nuloi aad oart uaattended,
1,1 ;. l then for an ezenreion
about the town. When Taylor mildly
remonatreted they sbot ono of I.i-* n
Continuing hla onreasot onetrance,
tbey ahot bim. Bix of them drew thei
v..l\. i- aad op. aed npon him with i i
lide. He draggi '1 bima lf to i
medieal aaaiatanee ; bni tbo jolly boj -.
i.n, found him, aml,
mauger the p-1 of the ap rthecary,
! him once more, bleeding ai
into the -tiv.'t. We beg pardon of tbe n
for going on, bnt then tlio l-i.'iit, \ i
... uncommonly glorioua. \\A\t ?? doaen baBj
were Bred iato Taylort alm >-! Inai aailrfc body.
AUhiateeth were Ueked eai He died at la t,
and to crown tbo j.-t tbo 11 J hu
ti robbed thi ir butt o? money and watch,
an.l left bim dead fo the itreet there nndei
tu -. to be diacoTered by tbo earlj i
of tbe n.-xt norrdng.
it doea aot appear that aay l
military or civil, thought of i
the pi-i'i.-iit, gnae <>f theae rough ?
rbe facl ta thal ia ehanning J'
there la no law. Tb ire are no th. riflli and no
ablea. There is a Federal Deputy-Mar
ihal who fUnki that, in aa orgaaiaed county,
Dg without a warranl. fl
ni;m'i?trate, wbilo sn. b it function
c.-tlu r unknown. Thinga are ut a dead-lock?
thi re oannot 1 i .fully bu -
a __fum-heed eoiirt-maitial. Conaequently
in- a d wn well-dereloped mm
waQdag nambleeted ahoot Do loiag
n tbe] pleaae, aadpleeaiag to play the hoari
I'ui.il .bul generally. Coi Dodae ara only
look on and w<-. p iir.nly ti ar-. The th
m.u-'i il <! nuefa ai .iur.- to take out
his bitou <>f offlee. The Utbb of mul.
iMHTQia ue at the nerey of twe-legged white
hard-drinkera. Dear, ddightful D
If tii. in- .lono in Ita aon ige, what
u homicidal e it!
Tho rotnuntii- .U-votion of Shaim, who neriflced
hlmaelf f-.r Aaah, has baaa hnitatad iu r- al life bj ?
y.'Uiii- iriil iu J.i.uiliiu. To _avo bflf l_-.rii.ii.il. thfl
eetool cuiprit, ehe weat Iato Ooarteadewore that
siio bad ..ii.'u the diai.i.iu.l pm of Ihe ?batraa
ti.i'i of whieh h_ . iid bfl called
trae hrre i>y the nntlaicntallel; but ah ! how much
moro mhlfl an.l lu-autiful an.l unt?. liiah was tho OOQ
doetof Ihe youuR Phfladalphia lady who m
aew bonnet the ..th.-r day that the man nh.- .
mtghtpurehaaea h.iii tieto t! That, now,iaa trigh
minded deretka of whieh fon, rery few women aro
capablo. _
Whoflver bas gone throaA tho mlao. '
of atartintra new nefBpapei knowi that the
tion <>f a name is baU tbe betttet ead
aaaapenltBg ef Un prelimiaary ? . Wo
harejaaaeeraanaowwbleh pU.afloj.u_. i
of a q^rightly lutlo gaarto Jeainal in I daily
duniK tho Maino Qenetal Hoepital i'air In
Portland. ThamaQahefli laehrietenadTht Tnie,
and an exccUont nanio it is; fnr a y_".I, 11. kcioot,
w.-lbninniic .1 lienipapni iw worth mor>' than ,11 thfl
win.) uml Pnartan i.ark in tho world, npeciaily ia
caBt'8 of bypoehondna.
An Italian newpap.^r at >an Kraniusco ptiblishrs
a l.t 11 r fr.-iu OM C- .uo Mnrono, iu whieh it is
'tal..! thnt Mr. Fi.r.linaiid D? Lu.a. tho (
(inioral ot Itaiy la tUaeonutry, ii bla (oc
tho tralllc iu Italian ehUdlOB, long BbkM npoeed in
mr olumnfl. Aa the l.'tt.T is aoeanpanlod by a
dealanttoa fron tha edltor thal hedoee aoteredil
ull that Mr. Iloteno says, aud an iutiuiation thal
auch HtatMiienta aro infiiitioii... tho fbCM of tbe
doolaratii'tia Igehnt Mr. l>o I.u.-a will not do bnu
much injury iu honest nu-uV i
Ifrro ia a boy wbo ia pronorioua io BBBBB P'irp. _??.
; ddeeta fem (Brenhan Coaaty),aad being
ti ii yean old only, ae dow aet ahino aa a ealceJating
b.iy or iiH a iiiu.-iii'iil Imy ; Imt at tliia tendflTage hfl
prmiilly cnti'ta tho rauks of agrit-ult ui i.t-f*, an.l, thil
yoar, is iiiiltivutiuK four WBnoot OOltoo and MM
ii.ro of iiiill.'t. Wn fiilly aurort with Ibe ..'l.'inn
word*?f The HouHton it'.ijtiifh, whieh, withoni feai
of cotitriKli.tioii, ImiI.II. nyai "'lliirt boy will. ii"
diiiil.t, iiiukp ? man nbOWUI rcikit inilit on bui
family." _
Of a.lofaultrr whohM run awav with a Bm h t uf
noney,be_ongiagto am ol thi Beetoo baaha i
i.niK?r of tl.at n L'l.'u mn i " Ulan hn
ia..\.'?l in qulk fOOd ?? i.-!>." Tlus i.-v .a botl
qualifleation. W.wnprehend whal nt, li
mppoaod to be. ead what bedj bal nhal li **QBile
oi.ii ...-i?tvT'' lfl ahaaM aa ma think of egeek*
; gnitc Kr"ud agpoi .pati' |ood i.iitt.i.
Mr. Muaea Wools-n. one of th.- tiaehWI bt tbl
r.i.i'ii.-i iiu.- b Schi-.nl in Bofltoa, bn baen e___aui?d
aml put apol I'l.iliiiti.'i' Im .rn. II. I'.il'il.
. ?.,.! haow aaaally whal pa
apoa |...ii _,!i,i!ii!i.-n!i,i. bm w.'.l.. iviu.u tbal anewho
cruell. in iiin.u . i boTi n WToobaa ii - dd to baw
.I,,1,.',-. t.o coiisntuitd ua ptknl luv.oaii.'ii alm
AT THK I A-T st:.-. V
On f-t.it n rday cvcning the draaaatil yr-nt
' il Booth. 1
fr< u i ti .ui igt uaai
III. 'ln - . -mri. ti.u li. ,-|, ?,, ful y v I|t!,-li in ?>,,?-.?,., .|,?n?
tliat only a l
oomptot*. Thit wlll ta rnrnlibrd li
i idi ntaof tba* ?i^.
timi ot paaaliat ' I i fl i
llltVi! li. .'II . ' ?
? Wallaafe w.i* ti. |
? uth af baa-et ii
i.f Bl pti-rnt). ' . .'H'tinirt Stllhnu ? ||
Mr. ii .1 Mr
Bhlal i. aat, appMrli
ln r nud n
Poaaa" waa
of ?' K^rry " nn i
on iBa l
to D. ttt ii i
"A V i i
? i i . ' ]
1 Jar./iir*
-i.pii Wi.. oek. a. '?-..! '??? ? ??
ili'l imt ,-|.-t ; Rli'l
r.i'iiii ni m Mrt, I ? ? -. tr.
.1 Lii Broaaban'a i'i iy. aa tBa *????? of
I i
lii-len T..-D.i>li! rtsthi|B?
.ho Iriruli-qiisry of 'I ? I
tlirn?*, and wan wltlidra-.v
lian Riiicfl ixwri, ataawhara,
i. Froin tho M tn th'r 2-th of I> l Whu Br.
- Wi u'l'in k aotad i. , tr?..n ep.
y, ir.u.i <, oa tiie lattaa .tate,
tliat )i6 . v.-r __aia apoa ti." tmt*. T.
' IBIa flno act'.r mul B ..???
an tnrident utill fi"h In tBa p. ? -
oteanrad oa tha Mtl af "
". . .
aaaaaaa la tfcaaharaateaef JWalhar-t m. i
: iii." waa |
? 4 w.to ifii.ti of D
Lbout ffothli ...
... tit r.itii,.' ,
. . ,
Mr. PI I
! M Julrt Oljrumzrr. M \ I- D '.
i. rurii(-_ to this Btaga, BBd ? . '
liftili.nit aod !...riuiiii.'iit -
, . ?? j.
r-.-rrv." Ifl
? ? , ? ? ? .
1 lur r. ? .
'. ia
. no eHiti.-.l. " -
' |
Ina ted wltb I
.!,. '?Aa roo I.'.k
ibm mi t.n Tiii af J aaaa i
Bi ? taw, I ' ?
wiBi Mi. I u Waeaa. - ia '? -. ?'- m
Faalkmt. tius.it;.
. . r-.,th,-tn watmnti m Baat nBnu
I ! .
ma. it wiii t?> -
:-_it Boath'i
proetu 'Thn hlta a
ocamranao?a_'. B
? ii It'i Etrr*
iD'l Jutut, M:. !:? ? ?! ai.d
.1 tbat tl..- nui'.'- f i.f E
fu tbi.- ha - - il of
.:.ii;.u.l ii.....' >. r.i h
for th
4 .
. ... " BOBMQ aii'l ,l'il:i-l "
tha Wlater. Taio," - .i
lit." i. . . tu auy eaaa
oaahl to bara raa Itb_ H
I - .-; ? I
.. r. Hut vlott. 1 l:i uuiirok'u i'';
. tba itixil .tion, tht :
-? i -
Bfahla inind of a weorl
. oofarwarddorofa hlaaaalfaatn
| :n whleh lie ha - it
W( ti l -
ti. ttaa laaalta, lt Wlll pru. ib ?
i to reti't't that ba baa aaeoaadea iu
Uio-t : U.t:_itor IU A
'..- Of tho i:t
tu'ilt:: . ? .
for tha "tit an<l pli
no other Bi ' r Ii.i- ...n -.l.-.l ; ti .
to the etii.ly of __hakae| ?
.? ILviighUu,
tht r-taire and aetblBfl t
both aa
. prlneipta ai I
? .mU ri-si"'ctf.l, throu.-ni" . I
iDtell -
.?? in tho in..-. lf L
tlu ... ? '
' I
nt ata imi.ii.utai ?? I
: tha r-ui'jrit aa thli
. to ba oan*r?i
it pali ' - ?
? for lii-. art tk
Dootb'a Thoatfir. irHI. ftw a |
auil eut.-t..I upon ua duu.-. Ba i. i l
rvn to t.ii<" i -
bamotoaa vit-w of b BB. Hlai
? |
I..tt!(*tn*i>, aad lood-amor. ItUool _. a
timt ha ?*:.! "i.iy aat" al
Wi ir-Yoit witu th |
t.r lh.it ha I..'.*' 04H
Igla retlros ultli V |
tot tba aat
.. l n*... 'i i
ii .i .-?-,? i
. - rnoaaaltlua aud paalaaat tb -
, iUlmU- to l
Bwoaldha uniu-t to timrt lluiai
tha odJca ba baa I
\ . wltb Mr. I J;
,;,.?,,? it,,- ?i.:, ai a laaaa Ua_ -.
imiiuva haaa baaa ook-m-J "
aawaUM lha A
? t.....iti.ip..
,,..r t.T Baaaara tai >?? ?? _
liii.iM.i:.' >..riw. ^
\n offldal laraatoo of tha wotyoa, -!?
?,i.i..i,-h "? iba laaa l ?
il,,,,- Ii do authoritj tot ti.e i
Bi i.o
' HaaiUtoa - *
II.- 44 III l.ll'.'Ml III II
ofthabaol i.i.'i .-."' - "?? - "' '?
laiu lo tki. gainUi vtUl bototy BBjaaaja

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