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THF. COLORADO I,lsr,irifsmOKl,
,,, ?-.iifRtrii TO TI.? laflBBBB?!
' vi i Tl.. \7l nat? Comn.il ?MB on
IVrrit?*Bfl baa. for the laal tKrtv. WM ? ?
Su.iilori.iion I!,.' nomination of ex-fl?8Y. Mci ?k o
l?, , ,r"xx-o.u(?fe;.lr--l-l'-,ik"?1
E_? ,1, i. Biaaa wkaa Mrfac* was !>_"_?*
,,,(,?., T.,r,t.?.x. MiCiHiks fnVn.laaay
, ,.,,.-, ,?f B .P.iulal.nKr)..,
"'? i.?? -.;x fi.rll'.r lli.'t the
.*?" _ t ti, ia?! that ?Ck-afaa
las ".'?? r,'".. M"- al'^.rri,:...??.. M..,..e,
?JJ uid his friead. .eaarad the iw
;-,.?.......)..?.?? l..,i...i:^.t.?i? tlf Plisn r.??..ii
ui(..i.?.?:. '.mi., ti, bet-t part ???
Stead?as? ....uercuitixatioii wasiUaaa aad ka?
s?Dobod? bats fat Ino wetapaealataca
.,.,, , ..,..??!...? htm **********
m PAS ??-.?? i.? leaniin? ti? alleged
I '??->" *'.?. the I?aa Ani?
ta ".. h l.onc-t ho.n.sU ???"?'
,, .. . | ".,...'. [roa gattiBi patoate^whict
sen its-ad to : persoM and f-nnd In th?
I ': ( '"?'i','h '.rk
M, . ". baa ti?.- i-.-in-K'""'
t( ?j * s__d4 s tang i?i "
? ?raid th. Regtatoraad h?
m*m o', tin l'.i?:.?' Land <'?.<. ????? *****
ti i.t :i.?s to a flwal ?tort ?.' Iks bad ta
t eatij abtaiaad ia iwi
.?.,?, Da-id ,M."-i'. ". '".." v"h" 1"1'1 " "
?. Qtsd l'\C'? 1 I" f to he Tcn
,".,. ; armed 1?? all ti?'-? ?-Bega
t" ,.-. ,, I_J ? IT* sIChi ' . ? ??: :-* '- ? '" MiiCoek,
,,,.., . tr?en- i:.!-'. -? sad ?niara
Will. .??..Ii'.'i .'i. ?.ir..! ?t...s.H.'.i' i.st HcCoolu ti,? tttit*
, . ., "i whisk bat slraadp I*"' tAtjotA in ins
T...i ?-. m /,'.- tD-oacr Ki y '..'."' "??'"?'? ?
M. tin..I:;'!I???.t UM rerritarj mu tit Waakiaftaa la
i? -.
A < I UOUfl ?RAILWAl ( AM,
| ? l I 1 M? SI I ?ii I ' I ' ' I
nut a nsw ra i
,.. ure i KUI M
?,va- . l-l?. ?-Baaaa iak-aatiaa ImtAt
l, , , . w li^'ht m r. kil.nii to the n pealed
atteint- t" ?<i.iiv ..if ii?? Una al railroad batwsaa
Iiai.M..?'. Va . iii.i'. (,ici msi?,io. N. C, vrhuli f-how
thal ii? - . ?. it. t? ii,.,(,.riti a? t,x itios have l'1'.-ti
n?ci ',rN efl t?1.? X..I tn ibia M a aad B-Mzp-etad Bald.
Al ti,? i ;, if ii <. nur. Ha rond, lint) knoWB a.? the
r.?slm?m Bailn ad, aaa asisad ty tim United ?Staten
ssViala M tim ('?"?.ru of iii?- Csaft-duaey. li
W.!!? ,'tt ill' li' i 'Ii li? I."'I <?f the
I?,??.m,.nt1. inn] DaavUk Ooaipaay, whick kad at
IN"- tec? X..1 a lean of fl .'"?o.''" I It.-iu tbt Coat ?;? I
a!e I. o Vi uni.? lit, ot x\lm li fMft.lWI t? ,.s ,n bonds find
the ti mainder in i nrreaey. i ha Richmond and Dan?
ville i, -x. .id a moi! l'une to ?.??? me UM H pav?
aient il lins loan. Finding, however, ihat tiny
re?.Id not Bell the ('unfed? rate IMUIIIH. the Com??.u y
lo? k? dt-Biii up in a lin I.nu.mI baal ami iaaacd iii? ii
awabaaaB to haildtke i iiiinnallin lilli ni raadto
l.rt? rsl? ni. xxlncli "?.is siil>se(ji;enflv of st|,|i
pi cat iii:]???r*.Tii r to the military op. r.itioiiK of
tin? Rakaia Aa aatai BBMOI aaa made with the
t'.'iif?-ti. ,..!?? atifli'iritits for the let.iru ol the bond?
Slid till- l?'"'<''au?". Ol th?' ?MrtfjBMBB, hut it was
urtu -i.i? i d t".'. i d. m? ?rtgage, bawarar, was aaa
i??? i- Is Daeen.tar, Maa, the Mad waa restored
?tr-llit (,'"iii,-ill-,' li) i.uiff i,l r iiy of the
'liciicnix. adtaa* tne qiii?:ionof MBIBBIBwaaiahif
ba?; i?i?n i'ii!\ iBTastlgstod, the Caaapaaj sajiaaiaf
te I'-.x Jr.??J.i>a*u lor not) ti'ai liu?i be?'ii j.ut BfOB the
bn? in lK' -.
The old aaariaagt veo? diaaaaaaad i*. Waaat-Bj?aB
BBMag aoaaa ?Cealedefata japerh raptured in j;.?_h
1 n ' ?. ti - .:... tBOt B nul xx un bro n pi it la
(? ' I '..te the road,Bhl-hwaa nkBaoaaarttywitii"
4lr.-i.vn b] ?tiiii of llie A?:,.nii-y <" neraL Anctlier
til,-it mi BtadS-J llr ' kin?, to ?m ("'?
i? . i' of the road, pet I, ,, x-, ihhiiiR t?. b?ackinail it,
and the ? a* had ;? MBBBd !.. arini* iu the TI-?-IHOT)'
Ihiaiui.ii,;. if_aa SoT,(V:or Tlai,!',? Id .l.tiilid that
the ?oveninient had aa r.irlit to the poad. Tliere
aporiG.n Ilutl-r, xxlio l.a-1 appeared on counsel in
th.- erne. L.'??! it tr';.ii?.ferr?sl t?. th? ?dV? .. of the'Attor
X.?y'?.'iicr ;!, Wheie BnothM examination WHO lui?],
winch result? ti in tin xx itlidrawal of Ibe euit 'jj the
Lu hinoiid court.
The next move wa? to carry the ca?^, fm (Jsagn ?-?.
Bartj m ttie pr. ?-ur-.it BBaaiaa Mr. ',f,-,w,.|? -,f ?pirginia
paBaaaaalatiaa paaaad dir.^.-.?,-,.. (?t.n> .Bmilar^'OaM?
asittaceoii tin-Jir-UCnr? lo iiHiuii? into the title of
the Ufclud Katoa <-" Ita T'iedm?.nt Railroad. A suh
e(?i'_iiiiti(? had v.y aaatlai ia aha-raja, and aigaaasarta
_.'ixo been lie,-'d un [".?h s|r!??i. Whea the (._?. lir?t
BBBM up in the Connntl'.e ohji.iii.n was made to
Huilera haviuf* ai,jrtli'-*k" to do with de.-iding it, on
the proond that he v.-u, the BttoCaaj for the partie6
?iH-k?rf? podw-s-ioB of the road under the Govern
aient duli. He ma(._anim(n..-lv dwHBfd. it ?B flald,
to ?it as a judfe'o ?, the ?.?- .
?HF. AI^-VP.AMA SI.NAMUxlAl. J 1 I ? 1 JON
TUE aUt-t-MSTSXCEfi OP HIE rirrnov-DFiK <TR
Uiomiia aaaaiaa oBaaBapaaaaBras TSB TSHO-SB I
W-JBBBBI ?v. Kel.. ?-J.-The eontestod elecDon
sai,? of iykai apaiti't Sj??neer was a?nin before the
.aPa-etiat? OaaaaaiMea on Privileges and Elections to?
?tay, and i? likely to T?^ ^."? Vf.Ty deliesto l^al
a?-?ssti(>ns. Ti ?., ircomHtanoaa under xxhich the con?
tent arises aie familiar to mott nexxsjiaper readert
Wheii the iftnrnsof the election for mern bera of the
1? wer Baaaa al the Alabama Legislatur? were can
??.eased, it was found that of those about who?- elec- ,
tion there waa no qnestion, 47 wi re Derriocrat? and
.tt Uepubiicanij. ?aaUaaikaBJ?, there were nix mem
__Tlr?TxBart>onr CouDtJ' ?*.>. Beats were con
r"" ? Til,:t***no doubt that the KepnUirana re
rr.'a? o! the rotea cast in
Barbour County, but s prohat. ,"dge there
by an iit'unrtion, W_e" nv OTi, u"??J? T?
-aoutained a majority of boo tor the Hepu,licola and
tha canvaa? of the remainder of the ?roi? !.. aa?
Demo? rats Jj? Ut U. STjJ^J
?site waa, therefore that the Democrats he. __
??irtificates, and had a pniaa faeie right to asssT
while there ia no doubt that the majority of ?i?
people voted for the Republicans. When the Le-n?,
tature carne together the Republicans refused to
moet with the Democrats, but went away snd met
in the Unkawi ?"?tates Conit-hoase. Neither party
kad a quorum, xvithout a?_iiijttiiig the membera from
Barbour County. The Democratic State House L*
gielature admitted the Democratic aaaBB8BBBBL
who held legal certificates, and w ho, no donbt, had
a legal right to seats until after s contest, and the
Republican Co-Jt-houae body admitted the It? pu bli
?san oo testan te, who were probably ele? ted bnt had
ao legal evidence of it Both bodies went on and
?iranaacta-d bunine** until, by the advice of the Pre?s
.Bent and th? Attorney-?fieneral, they were fu?M-.l.
Dm? item oftahat business in each bodyiwa* Ihe elioice
?Wa United Statoa Senator. The Slate If ?mee IHM?I
?hoae Mr. .'Syki^ snd the Court-bouo l.ttdy BBM?ed
WT H-ytsoetr. After the f no ion of the tuto ?MH?C* the
Bepublicans from Barbour County were allowed to
eoatoatforthela. at* audobtained them A newelec
"?n ,0'?Senator was|then prrijx*???], but sm it nae
.-.Pparent that KpeaMr would not be then the
.-.Mice otlthe RepobliMna, hie frieiadn Uefeaton it
Bow. IU onaattoa ia Who la mtitioA i*, tin ^1 ? I
[in- I'IKIV windi stott! ?Sykca ?hai ?.? ajuafaaio.
members, hehl curl ii cato of atoll??! win li BO tin ?r
fur? w? te n pillar and eorrc( t ; and I..M1 Um < ntiro
FrTl't.ttir m? t m OOM iii'iiy ti??- ria ?Damants.Erna
Huibour County would, tv par 11.nu? I tan MMJ%
baie ni-i n NlM .'.ml UM Lcpi-lritiiie, thus (irpan
IBBd would Iltur ? lut?.! BjhM, Alto e t in- majority ti
tho whole did adual-V vote fur linn. The mhsc
qtn Pt tr.tiH.it mu of nix id (li M nu itrli't- WM?d Oti
afl? * t t!.(- \alii!it\ ?.f Uni Btottal H bMbOM n
I* at? ?Hy dot ni* (1. If ti.? se 4?"Mt..?ti-? i?-* <?.rii<f
."\\kes lia." a It ?.-al light IB the wat. though lie wau
not ( lu>s?n by a ma.outy ol the Lsgii latQM ? li Bli ?
b\ the i'?-(.|?le.
But the Supremo Court of Alabama has rendered
a dei it-ion windi adds a new rumpln at ion t?> the
<a?-c. 'Hie Legislature had to t-h < t a Stat-?' Pristo,
and the ortice is a valuable one. Eiuh of thort.nl
bodies chow ft man to this office, and after the fusion
each claimed the right to retain it. A ?nil was
brought by ODO of t h? m iii the .State Coulls to u
covir the office, and tho ca?o via? appiahd to the
BajMBM Court of the Mat?, whidiKccntlv ?Nadctod
itn (>i>.i>ii>ti m t.iMir of i Im H..m t bon ii l'_ Oki I
I'lilnii an o? Cunt house body. J lie Kio.i'.'l *.l I lie
decision ?H that UM HU-IIIIKTS of IkB Legislature who
mt: (,-.ially found to be entitled to the seatu iin?
members of the Legielature fmm the time of their
* i* . .mi. arid that, therefore, their net um t_f> member?
?if the Court-house L?-gislafuro WM valid. Thi? de?
cision, ii will Wtt Mm. su^fainfl the legality of the
Court-IIO:M'budy. and. if it is binding on tin? Sen?
ate, w ill Hi-cure '<. Mi. tie. r hi? ?-e.it. The arguim Ita
in tin <:>??< "ii ti??' ml?- "f S.k'H hOitt OOOBpIod two
ii lyn, -. ' ti tin i .i-i w 11 ( oin J i tit at flu in >.t in-. MUK
of I til - ('?illiDiUti-C. _
ivi'iai.i*\r uiAMirH H:"hi?riif.' rn i ... ' i.n n P
sDMcnsnunoi n rai A_m.of IIATIONB OOH
\\ .. in\..,. \. l'rlt -.-v. - Thi Nliat' C?,iiiiiiiitce on
Appropriations will proposa -?\?i?il aupastant
changes-9 Ol'' Pool I'll. *. ii(liiiitii?-trril KUI. I I.' -*?
v? r.- n.t'tii.ilt (1 in part bj S' n.ttor llonrill of Munn?
in the debata winch took plane on Jan. 'Jo, pending
the foiiMtlci-.it ion of the I'net Hunte lull. In that
d?bat? Mi. Morrill alluded t<i tin lai t tii.it th.? Post
??Mto-Gcnen] eatiaiatothat thaaanriafael the
Iicpanmerit ? ill be some ?fg^OOQjOOQ, and that tln-re
will be a deticicncj-of ?fV.ono.uut and over. m.il in?
over !$W.OOOjOOIb Roi BdoUarirf this amooal goes
through tht 'JYensurv ot the 1'iiitnl M.t?i.(. i--sub?
it rt to it? J?'-?lit oreontroL Tins Departmeal tlu-rc
foie i- indet'i'iident of the Tieasury. If the Dep.'i rt
BBoat is to be kopi witbin it?- i? isonabk boaada, BO
that it will nut break it-? li dow n, i lu- ?k.mi ol logir
lation niiii-t lu? ant ab ???
1 : ( '(.iiiiiiitt??' will propOOS an ?imendtneiit to the
law so as to provide that, ?fur J me 3d. JK1, eon
w \uiut- m the mails of sarnpl?-? of ii enhainlisc,
paehaaaa of ?iothm?, Beoda cuttings, bulbs, root?,
now, ?samples of nu t.d?, or?-s, and mun r.tlogical
?postans and bound bOOkl i-h.ill MMS, Bud a'l the
lawn authorizing ?n. h ?SOBTOyaaoe Ebal! I*' n pealed.
'1 bonosoB (oryropooiBf snob repe-,i is that the mail?
are laaibCMd with, among; otli<-r thin,,-, he?IHM-?
with live bosa in them, lad willi lion |, and ?h?l
tered bv ?ftaa, booti and Aot F, ?gn ii'- , lind ?if li. r
toOUgruooa arti? les, whidi aro Bant tlueiidi
the mmli nni'er the provision 11 at tT6tf
thiaft 'x?|it ?Maa ?laa^noaa IKI.HII?. eaa be
sent thi'otiirh ibe inaiN, it ?BOtWOigUag o\(r f'Hi^
pound.-?. J in .(? ar'.idcs tul up the postal nail ?can
Bad m?- c.nied hy our present Hvst*>m like tlio ht
tei-s, which muet tro as rapidly as posible upou tlu
ti.i'nt- to ?Mai their tamodiata distribution? tim. j
Ihe o?thot Ut&at s!! tin. iMflff?ai?dation * hi? h tba
Postmast? r-(jif neral can ?fal nixm the inib?..! car byn
tem are not Biifficient for lha adequate, lapid and
Fati-f.n tory distiibution of the niatu-i w indi on?iit
to pass throii|*h the mail, alone. UM ?railroad com?
panies a:e n*.w paidby Weiabl ter tin'i \'i* f amount
ti? y i .irry, and it is thtfOfloM contended that If i!ie
mails hhall be relii ved from Ihoaailjlagol nu r* baa?
dtab then will ba a eaMidanMo lariat; to t lu ? i_i?
Tbooflod ti Uto ^PPrapriatiooOtflhkittoWill be
la nii'kc the l'..s; "ni, .? I?i-ra'.ininit a Iu, (],,im (rgamm,
mittintrii!t.!!?L"ii..CMri;,)?y Som,-, if not a majority
of the Comsutte?, an? ii? U%HX oi aHHt^ni tho
^? ? i ?- f a 1 car ?j.-. si?Lti, lad of r?p?ai.ii>r the danse pin
?i niit*?.- for the five delivery of letierw ; the latter on
lue ?rro'ind tbat lar??'suni? aro ?renr t'?.r the iiem?fit
of the ny-ldi iii?-MI a ii w ? itiei?. while the people Ml
larrr ave taved to pay fo-it It is eatiautod tl.it
BMhohaa?geawooldaaarij com tin uaountspeci?
tied M d'-ii' i? acto _
nDUM oo-fTRAcra
IVPtlKllATM t nMUUD OOXOBSM Al ?.> mi' i I
ii v. Avi> >>"iitE op uni ?oomaacn si.sri"
jiT-Y, m-ann ?RUM sooo-tma-^aw. G.M.
Doaaa ona OP THE naV-Bai DUMAM (OX
H*aaa i amnsn ooaaaarwMatoi m tatavaa.]
V'A>-in\e"ON, Vel) U-V-About it month ago the
Hourn. p__??ed I resolution a?kinn the I'n-sidi nt to
iuiiii-.il ?i Btatoaaal of the extent and nature of the
contracta, purdj_?*e<?, aud expenditures for the In?
dian service made Hin?e July 1, W3, settiiiR forth
which, if any, were made or entered into without
?aadaaaaOO with the Hoard of Indian Commissioner?'
appointed by the President, and the extent and
description of contrait? and vom -hers objreted toby
saidCommisaiouers,and stafiiu to what i xf-^nt pay?
ments have hem made thereon awainst their re?
monstrance. This information has been iorwanled
by the President to C-oaaraaa, with a long letti r
from the Secretary of the Interior, arguing that it
wau by no lneaus necessary that the accounts and
vouchers hhould be examined by the Indinn Com?
missioners or the ExocutiveCouiinittivP of the Hoard.
The Secretary naya it will lie gratify inn to him if
Congress will make the action of the Ex-r-ntivc
Committee final, and relieve his Department of such
responsibility. If this is not done he aiks that the
Indian Commi??-ioners may be requind to hold their
sesnions in the Indian Hureau, whir? all the facts
are at hand.f?%From an examination of these
accounts it appears tliat for half tho
?fatal year ending June '?0 next the Indian
Bureau has, in the classes ol expenditmes dssrrihed,
exhausled 94,CX>,?(r? of the approjniation for the
current hscal year.
IbeTe are manv interesting item? in the account
furnished. Tb? Hon. (??ranville M. Dodge, who wa?*
a general in the l.nion Army, a member of Congress
subsequently from Iowa, and largely inteiested,
while in Congress and since, in the Cniori l'ai die
Railroad, of whisb he was at one time Engineer,
occupies the most prominent po?iti<>n in ?onnectioii
with the expenditures. Gen. Dodges latest achieve?
ment, to which the attention of the public has lieen
attracted, was his famous trip into Texas, through
't, aud out of it, with a Deputy 8ergeaut-at-Arms at
tu- li?-i?;- ?.),,, had a stibpona to bring him before
Wilson's Cr?dit Mobilier Committ?..?, togivotosti
mony regarding the mysterious distribution of sn
immense sum of money that had fallen into bis
hands as special counsel fees. Dodge now turns np
a* one of the hearimt Iuduu contractors on tbe
The first hea-r? contract awur.lcl to this gentle?
man. Ml ont,ug Ui the rcfHirt. was made bv OOOS
?niwiioner Smith himsHf. on the first dsy of the
fiscal year -namely, Ju|y ,, ib7a--,UJll WHH i(>r ?^f
| cattle for the Yaiiklon, Btoto .Sioux. and ( 'hi-vi-iini
, Kivei agcn,.,>, NMBBtoftS the sun, "f #r,5,41B.
[ ? "M. IX..I? too dale), "o,,, tIiri "^ W/li,stoDc
| toMOhOFt r-M?, Ml BBSjBJMOl l.v I"i,all TimmliiMtUti :
OM.Dudge (M ?Oto, MM for H. ? ClOBd huOAOOy.
9MAW0, lud MPBBBBi . ?. ti. lu dire, lal, , ,p;,y fii.t tia.
ou wini li ? ?.nu... i . ?mut i,. ,"*,;, , \ , (,. ,. ,,, flllll
tctnifliid ?I..?IUII l>? puiln.* n( M ii) ii i-.i.ufU'. I M
IM? 111 inll C, .o. i,,j ...i, ,.,., ,.._. , | , |j
if I..' Ml I, 113 1?.i||.i l.i ii 04 lil t.i . III. ?, ?lut
.?i,ti, Air- ney, Jim,. 7 *fr,\ |i|.i7S ; f,. M. Dodge. July 10.
IBU Iwer etiitl?. fur Buiitee ami K. .1 ('loin! gfSaS-BB, Ma>
atol June, is?:., |BMM| ti. M. DsBfB^ Jm, ia, iH-l3? n.?ur
mid 1, ? ' JSHaarad in May and June, 1878, li.iqaj ; i, M
I'.tlK?, St l't. II. lrT73. " beef." tn.Ofll; (J. Jg. ll.xlk'e.
Is i?t. 11? IBIB, " for BkMBVlMttl O. M. Iio,|.-e, Hept. 22.
tint, "hesf catii. ,"|li'.72?; (i. M. Dodge, ?'pt. lift. IB) i.
for lit,ni. I4.7S4 , I?. M. I)o?la.e, B-fi 30, 1S7J. " for t)<?"f
? attic," |J.JOS; i'.. M. ll.idge. Oct. 3, ls71, II ,ur, tilfA); O.
M Hodge, (let '7, MB, " beef cattle," 117,096.
The loUawiag el..cm? ut ia gixeu under "n
Hu?|K>nB|on recommended hy the Itnird. Aecount?
allo.veil in f n i : by Hie Assistant Attornc) -General
?..ititi'?- Be. u t..iv of the Interior), Oat? 11. MB, ?I.M.
Dodge, o.r. ao, 1873, "for heef callie," ?t_UBM | G. M.
Dodge, Iel, ,,it e furii'slieil June|;?, 187:1, ?$4,-?4-3-pain?
r.marks aa at.ove , <;. M. DaigS, flour, Nov. 7, lsTi,
ii COU ; O. M. Dodge, Nov. 11.1?,"3. 11,910 ; (J. M. DBS-Mi
" I? I I . lit ti? ," .Nov. U, '7J, |J,I.V.;(, M. Dodge, " bc?f
callie," Nov. U, '11, HS.cy? ; ?. M. DsitgB. flour. Nov. 17,
'7.1, ll.oir, ; ii. M Dodge, eoi'ii, l>ec 1,'7.1, |7..>?>1 (not ap
proxeil. SB! pal I); 41. M. Dodge, Dee. 11. 1873, " ti? ?f
c.itd, " |?.i,7ni tunt approved hy Indian llo.ird, hut paid. ;
(.. M. DO.1L'?-, Ooiir. Due. 17, 1B7I, I',740; (i. M. Dod?..-,
I)ec. ?I, IK7J, transporting flour, |4,43a (not approved hy
Baaai, hut pani) ; ii. M. Dodge, J..n. 7, 1S74. " 1 ecf,"
tlV.ACC, (no! appiovc!, hut paid) ;(?. M. Dodge, Jan. 17,
flour, l?aa, O. H BsigB. Jan. M, 1S74, " ln?or," I10.-5?S.
In approving "milord, ring payment ot the account?,
f??r $i7,(tyr. im<l BARB, to Gen. Dodge, Mr.W.H.
smith, tho Assistant Attorney (.en.Tal ami al-?
"Acting Se? retary," after Hie account had been cx
auiined and suspended. nn"d the toll?n mg words
umler date of i), t. 11. I?"!:
In this crtllcal llnain nxl period, when hii?lne?a men
certainly need fli.tr iDoney. I ?lo not think it right to re
fin*' pax in? nt of v. nat iit>|>e.ir? to I?- an linne?! dSSBSa I,
- ?in?!v Baaaaaa a wrong Baa pr?ii .ti?iy t>? aa ?lone at *?,n.?!
other agency.
Among the other hlterestiaf B688BBB1 is '?ne of
A Ba W ?lder, apparently another favored eontiactor,
xvho furnished tot c??ws and 2-4 yoke of oxen for tin?
?iiiinti I.ixir Bad other Indians, at an expense ?.f
?ras.'-?iio. 'i hi? xvas sent to the Tr. amiry I).?jiartment
for r. cold without being snbiniit?.! to the Indian
OaaaaaiaatoaetB, au.l was ardstad paid bp ?Secretary
Dal-BB, Oto item furreti ___naalah-rtotafar9?t->ltl.
I . Mt \ . .it'll i\ Co., unili t tb?. h?.?<1 .if " |,?li,ice,,, '
wera paid $S0,1_>, Ono it?-m fur butcher kout-is
forfli.l.ti. Her? is ?i copy of one account:
Ati???n I)nri,?Ji,ijiK) bottles ".aultary ^peuflc," ttpttt?
July l8, I8M,
".""nap for Indian i--?ivi?*??"* is down for ffl.l.?4.
AmOBf the udx>ilising account* are Hie follow i Bg ;
!.. T Kii',,1. for a?lx< rlising in The Cincinnati Omette,
sale of Omaha Imliau lands, 9.,-t.o ; School 4 lilakclcy,
for ii?l\eiti-ing m The Philadelphia Beening Ular, ?ale of
Oaaaaa taaiaa fa.it tit ; r T Ifstla. ad iai llalag la
The Ikaknt,. Citg Mai!, aale of Omaha Iadlan lands, |4'3;
I.. II. (olhx, ailxr-rtlslug In The Ciiitttgo ti'eeklg Pott, mm
of Omaha landa, |?.M'; U.C. Ilowen, advertising in The
toitymtitnt, mitt <?f Oaaaka laais. |B.tlt] E. N. ."mitti,
sdlBlUalag In The Weet Point lie/iubtican, sale of Omaha
lande. |490; Pt. A. D. Hal. onibp, adxeitl?ing In The
Omaha Iii ?milln mi, ?tilo nt Omahii lan.ls, 15.78 ; Mi Bad
Mrs. Betli n Mi.lil.-y, a?lx? rli-lna in fit' Platte Valley
Independent, Bale of OSBBBS la,ni-, I-? 4 ; W'm. 1' Davis,
.nix? rtislng in The Cuifiutiat, Tones and Chromc't, sale
of Inn-la ni Nt iira?-a, Kal , It.eli ?V Kyan, advertising
In The Ihilru.pu Tines, Bale of lund?. In Nebraska, fill|
?"omly .. Hinith, adv? r'l.?ine In The Ohio Stale Jovmal,
hain of (nu ii, i Isads, lue ; Wm. K i>ixl?, _dvar___aa in
The Cincinnati limen and Chroyiule, tri .7, ; S. II. Kautl
in.ni, ??Iv. ttMag in Tit* Washington Fretting Etar, bCCl,
Tlie total amount of money paid to Gen. Dodge for
a little more than six months' supplies ia about
fil ?..M11 There are other names in the a? counts
that are scarcely less prominent thau his.
AI '.i"i ir.txii.M ??i na uni IBB Tin. BOBBBAT.
WASniBOToN. Feh. 27?. V>"i
VA (TV year foT ft long time the Democrats hate
iii'il io K? I tmt lltiiis.? to adjoDin over the _\!<1 ?>f
r.-briiarv*, but tin? li? ?.ml'li? ans have alxvayn taken
the irroiin.l that the best w.w to honor Wiiehio^tnTl's
birthday wau to attend to the public business, and
have refused to permit an adjournment. This yeer
the Bd came on -Bad-Ji hut the D?mocrate, to per
.T?etn.iU' their vl?- Custom ot trx bag to apj.i ir moro
j ??i v i inllc tii.in their opin.n.nts, moved nu Saturday
tb.it Monday be observed as a holiday and that
lhere be no s.*ssion then. To tho genoral Mirpri??
the niotinii pievaile.l, rec? ivini* B niiijonly by the
?lid of ihe aataa of K'-Mil.li.ans who took their
revenffo for lx-iiiK oblitje.l t?. atlc-nd a business se?
si?,n BB Sitiinlay, and xvho thought besides that
there xxoiilil I.?- aotkiag lost bv dispensing for once
xxi'h the mis? ellan.'oii? business that coin?s in on
.Mi.iidays utid<*r a (.lidpension of the rules. About
liveluneBasmanybills.il.? placed on the private
? alf miar ol the lions?' every xve, k us are work?- off.
During the niorninghotir on Fridays the Committee
u port iiK.isures of i Lit? character and as by far tho
laigerpart of tin in contain appropriations they
mainly go to th?- ? al. nd.ir under the rule in
Commit:?*e of the Whole. There is no previous
ajaaatiaSi aud an entire afternoou is of uti
used up in pacing half a dozen insignificant
bills. A large part of Friday and the whole
of Saturday were spent upon this kind of trivial
sp.-, ni legiBtatioD, While days are thus wastcl
?ti hating these petty mdixi.lnal claims the pub?
lic business is of course neglected. Inder the pees
Bal nil? s and ord.-rsof the House txvo days of the
xv.-ek an- d? voted to private bill? aud only three to
measures of a public character. Not counting Mon
d.iv. I.e.-anse that day is as good as wasted, bcing
usually spent in the introduction of bills and in
voting upon hu ucombe resolutions. There o-.ight to
he a Constitution?^ amendment restraining C??n
i-iiss from cousideiing any privute claim. The
Court of ClamiH was eatablished foi such ?;ut?-t, but
the trouble ia many claimants do not want justic??
but favor, and hope to get fiom Congress what no
court woulil allow them.
The House Committee on the Judiciary, to whom
was referred the petition of E. ?. Goalet and others
asking Congress for "an acknowledgement of
Almighty Cod and the Christian religion" In th.?
Constitution of the Tinted States, having oon^d u ?1
the matter referred to them have reported: That
u {KUI examinai ion even of the meager debates bv
the fathers ?>f the Republic in the convention which
framed the Constitution, they lind that the subject
of this memorial was most fully and ?"-arefuily con?
sidered, and then in that Convention decided,
after grave deliberation, to which the subject
wa~ entitled, that, as this country, the foundation
of whose government they were then laying,
wa? to be the home of the oppressed of all natious
..f the euri h, whether Chn-tiau or Fagan, and in
full realization of the dan Bera which the union be
t :<? ?-cn ( inn ?-h and State had impoe?ii upon so many
nations of the Old Woild, with great unanimity
that it was inexpedient to put anything into the
Constitution or i..rm of government which might
be. eoobtiued to be a reference U> any religious creed
or doctrine ; and they further lind that this decision
was accepted by our Christian fathers with such great
unanimity that in the amendments which were after?
ward proposed in order to make the Constitution
moie acceptable to the nation, none baa ever beeu
prapaasd to il?* States by which tina wise determin?
ation of th?. father* li te been attempted to be
changed. Wberetore. your Committee rrixnt that it
ia inexpedient to legislate upon the ?ubiect of the
above memorial, ami ask that they be diateliargetl
ft.nu tin- lurtlier consideration thereof, and that thu
report, togeiliet with the petition be ?aid up??ii tim
A pmanneut New-llarapahire Kepubli. au. who ia
an influential Aduiinistralion office-holder lu tina
cit), ha* jual returned from that HUt?, where he
sp? nt several days among the politicians in varioiu
notion*. He says "pollina run very hi.h there,"
and unusual ex? iteiuent and iutereirt prevjil. He
bein xi s the vote will be a very large one, and
thal all elementa will be fully repnvn nted. He
BBja M? Cut? bins, the Ifepubliean ? andidate for
(.?xenitir, will liad in the race, and he haa
ti?, ?iii.il.l flint on the day of th? ? I--.-I i??n.
.. I.'ili.ighl lion, looilay next, he ?ill have
?. iii >al. t x.U. Ik. lu ^t.ti. Ibu.ka it a mall? i
of .ran- doiil t wlmhir lu will have a majority
on r the two cuni,lint,? u. the tu Id. iii"v*.ltm? r. the
I? tup? raine raad-datO, will have treat i-trength,
oving t?i thi foi voi iviMing m that State just now
on the Mhtota of teinjieranco and tobacco. The
g? ntl? man nyi the reports ax to the uio.cni(tit
there gi?.? lude ?,|,.a "f liM htretigth, and
it Baaaaa to be on the iaeroaaa The Demo?
crats, under the leadership of Wc-ion aie making
a vigoeoM ?lebt and do rot fail to make
MSOl all the advantages tatt th? dpailopi* Pftj
li ive iii t, i ii tinin (luring the pam fetST In Congres??.
Dawrra apeeeb ia Iwing largely ?noed, and theeaav
r?ni n grows in w.nuitli itally. With time full
ticket-, in the field, the n Qtleman ?referred to I ttn
that there will be m, ?choice ?before kbopeopMb bal
ih.it the election will go into the Legislature. He
has luth? doubt ?thal in -in li an evuii the Itcpiib
lioiis will elict "MeClltehiliH, M It Will r. qilll*. ?I
majority ol 5,000 to change tha Bepablicaa ruin
I'l. '.i'iii of the As-cinhly.
IHK i ASI. or n MM ox noa
Jadfa Kidi.inl Bootod has nut yet been able to
olit.r.ii a copy of the (baigi s pict*ired against lum
bj tint Hon. Alexander White, member of Congres
from M.iii.tiii!? KM rrawm ni-tr.i,< .1 in ttiai Hie
oiigimil is in the hands of the printer. Ile is there?
fore obliged to go into the examination before the
Baan <'ninmitteo of the Judiciary without knowing
exactly the offenses with which he is charged. Som*:
eight or nine witnesses have already been examined
Lu lung the qui sti.m of domicile in Alabama. The
otlu-r di;ugi? is that hu used the public money ille?
gal, in refunding to ex-Auditor Krynolds $K?i of
the lino of $1,000 which Judge I.ustccd obliged bim
to pay for conti nipt of court. Mr. Keynolds's receipt
for tho sum returned is on filo in the Middle Dis?
trict of Alabama. There ia no pretense that the
Judge kept any of the money for Ins own nso. Tho
examination of witnesses has bOM dirci t?-?l solely to
tie-He points. Several of the witnes es called have
testified to Judge Jiii-ttecd's residence, in Alabama,
not only (luting tlio terms, but during the vica?
rious, and that his absence wa? only during
the Summer months. The Judiro has no intention
of resigning, He id anxious to resume bis official
duties, but i-* prevented from doing so bv the bend?
ing investigation, his presence ni tin- Cotnmitiee
ii.oin being required. Ia lb?* and lsc.i tbe Commit
to "ii the Judiciary wem engaged during four
months faking testimony lioth in Washington and
Alabama M Ihoebargea, which embraced Mapecifi
eationa le.nmgoa the offsnafa, both political and
private. The Committee itpoitod unanimously
against all the charges.
C,< orge Lnwieni:*- of Ohio, Cli.iinuaii of the lTonio
Committee on War Claims, bas bien at work for
several weeks on a report to bo presented to the
IIounc on the subject of the claims, thought tobo
about 20,000 in number, now before the Committee.
It will bo the fullest and most complete pr?senta?
tion of precedent and history bearing upon the sub?
ject that has ever boon made, and will also show an
exhaustivo examination of .ill laws relating to
claims. The points to ho considered by him aro as
follows :
firif- w'fi.tlicr tlir Oovcrnment Is liable bv the rules
Ol mt? mallen >l lav. fur prop* MJT deiUO/Od or da in n ei ti
In I nile l.v the Government military fore?, 01 wan?
tonly destroy? 1 by tii?-- troops.
m Second: Is the O.ivi ruinent Ilabio for damages done
by the enemy J
Tltnl: IH ?me O ove m ment li-ihle for the temporary
Injuries to or destruction of projiertv. real or per??, n ii,
i-?ri ..'! Of net.lal or utct??.tr> wil.Ury opina; lou? lu
linn- of wsrt
Tuurtli: lo the Oovcrnmcnt liable when It seizes und
destroys property to prevent it-? taUlas into the Maida
Of tie- enemy IB a lovai Slate or el?" win re t
Tilth : Vo'tiBtt.i r the Unvernin nt i-* liable foi any In
lnrv sustained bv military iiiwity in rcMilou* States,
ii? ii to loyal (Ititi 11?.
The lopaffl will he r. ady to submit to th?- Commit?
tee in about a fortnight.
l'or matiy years great trouble and many complica
tiona httPt arisen out of our inad?quat?} and de
fective laws aud regulation? 6u the subject ti expa
t nat ion an*l tho election ti nationality by iudi
viiiauifl. During the l-'rauco-Pnissian war many
cases arose which gave great ainiov.ince to tho sev?
eral (ioveniments, ?ome of them having been tho
canse of prolonged diplomatic con. spondciice. The
iVsidcnt in his last nn's-age [called the attention
of Conprc??i to f!;?? f.-lj. cf. ami laked thal it matk
out and deline when and how expatriation eui bo
accomplished; to regulate hy law the condition of
Aineiiiaiiwoiii.il marrying foreigners; to lix tho
status of children horn in a foreign country of
American parents residiui moi.- m 1. ia permaaontljt
abroad, and ?to make nil' - bl determining sm-li
other kindred pointa ai Bias Beean beet to Congress.
In \ n-w of the fact?, ?uni :itt*-r lull con-uiltatioii w itli
tin-President and State D?partaient, Judge Hoar,
ex-Aitornci li? m ral, decided to prepare a bill for
?the ?parp?se of 1 01 m ung the ni gie? 1 or mistakes of
tin- pa-i f??r th? Consideration of lb. loreign Allans
Committee. Tbe rough draft of this bill has been
submitted to the Committee, bat baa not yet brea
BgTOOd to. The bill is long ami covers some ver?, m
tr?cate jHiint?.
Hie Point Lookout Railroad bill caine i.p on Sat
unlay as unfinished busiin-s in the Honse, and was
disposed of for the present by rateaQM to tho C0111
mtttce of the Whole. It was stroug.y suspected that
there wa-? something more in the bill than the mere
permission to ?i Uval railroad to eut?-r and travel se
the City of Washington, lad that " the cat under
'h'- im al" was a scheme of the Baltimore anti Ohio
Mailmad to obtain a very eligible location for a new
station in the imm?diate vicinity of the Treasury
and the pi. ?cipal hotels. If it had been a question
between tue interests of the public and those of a
railru-d company, the public would no doubt have
got the worst of it ; hut fortunately there is a rival
road controlled by the Pennsylvania Central
that always antagonizes the plans of the Haiti
more and Ohio. The Pennsylvania members, who
of course are not controlled by Tom Scott, were
exceedingly active in protecting the interests of the
Government from the detriment they were likely to
suffer if the new road was allowed, as proposed, to
traverse the public parks and reservations along the
river front, and to cross the Eastern Branch near
the Navy-Yard. They were no doubt right."The
road oaght not to lie built without greater restric?
tions being put upon it than the bill contains, ami
perhaps should not in any case be permitted to oc?
cupy the public streets and grounds, as contem?
plated. It i>. however, a fact worth remembering
that many of the members ?rhoOpposed the BBBBaafo
?helped obtain for Mr. Scott's Baltimore and ?Potomac
Rood.tWOJTOMB ago, a graut winch has enabled it
tor nu tin '? ni> ground available for a hue public
park within the city limits.
According to the statement of the engrossing
clerks of the House, the costly comma which put
foreign fruit? on the tree list, and _n_vde the Treasury
lose about $-.IKKI.(?M of levenue, was put in by
mistake hy a Senate clerk, and was not insorted in
the enrolled act iu the State Department. The
manuscript amendment offered in the Senate, from
which the Senate eugrossing clerk copied, reads:
On page-, line-, after the word-. Insert "fruir
plr-inl?. tr??pi? .,'? sud scuu-trnplral, for Hie purp ** of
propagation ana cultivation.'
The word '?fruit" is interlined above the word
" plants ;'' no comma appears after it, nor is thi io
any hyphen. When the Senate engrossing clerk
came to eopv the amendment he supposed fruit to
be a separate word instead of a qualification of
"plants.' stn! punctuated the sentence so that it
resd : "Fruit, plants, tropical and semi-tropical, foi
the purpose of propagation and nilli.ation."
The Hou*-Committee on Judiciary hsve made a
report in which they say that, as nil other propertv
ami rieht* "f pro|?erty of person* engaged in the
late I.rbrlliou hare by general sds of amnesty and
laws of lha Paitad fltaaa been exempted from con?
fiscation, tbeie can be no n-.i-mi tor now retuininir
011 the ststute book such acts and parts of acts as
weie very properly enacted to prevent aid aud com
fort I? the riu-tniy of UM- l.'nited 8tat.es du rim.
the war, which, by tLuir impediment* to the
creditors of the Tinted States iu receiving
their just (liles amount. to the coulis
Maa 1 ?.ina Pac?.
PSOnm oc IM CAi'si:.
vi?,oRui'?? PBBBABanM BOB IBBI < HI'SAOE AT ro?
ll M Urn-TUB. SP.UIW. / I _f___B B lEf.lV- DR. I.KW18
ON TiiK nijt-BOB? imvB. IB I Catas.
ter BBa-BBBAP? TO mir mim BB I
COLUMBO* Feb. H.-l'ioLibly 1 ,'-!'*> 1-i'fi? -.
attended the t* irif?i i..??*? n.nl.ng IsSt night al the
Methodist ?Ininti. Th? ?i.i'.t nt tim asseintily wa-,
highly f.ivoiahlo to n psoaoeutlSa of the eau ? A
romialtt? e of l?t<llen xxiii vis't ?.-miloo to -morrow to
view the prat IK.ti working Of tin; < n.siide tin re. Th??
weather for tli" patt few ?I.iys nas Basa rainy, and ex
ce??llt.glv unfaviiratile for ?tr? <t work, but there appears
to be no fallin*; off In mt? teat at any i?.nnf. At shei'ov a
surrender Is r?'port?-d to-day. the dealer allowing the
lilil?es to eniptv Ins li??ii?.i? mt?, the gmt'r. Al ?li.tu???
ville the last saloon was 88988884 to--l.iv. and that
place ia now upon the rccv.?I Bl ful?? ?imUr the ? ontr >;
of the Ten,iterance party.
There is uo ah., te me nt of seul nt ftp: iiignVld. A chil?
di, n?' U mp. rame mc Ung wa? the great event tithtt
thlsafti-rnnon. Oa Toesdap aaal the ladioa will 1te88
a ?!. t.v'liment at the ?loo. .t oma** winn fto-Bh-_a
will b? use?! freely to ?tonvey the Utiles to dlff-rent
poluta lu the eily, and th- linoa ot the besi? .er?
will he drawn aa tightly as possible. Another
ina?"* Hireling xxiii he held on 'lues,lay, and Thur-iiuy
the entire day will he giv, n ni? to player. To-lay the
saloons w? re not opened. At booth Chat lesion two
more surrendered to-day, am! four more remain. At
OBskactea tka ladlas kata aasplaaad their orgaii,iiti',n
ami xxiii liegln the oiitanl.icampaign at once. AtllilUboro
tka ladies aro still prevented from doing anythiug hy
the Injun,-lion, hut an 188a88a Judge 888 he found t<)
!rx the case a new motion to <in-?o ve the iujunctloa wi'l
he made, aud the case __U t?e picsaed to a prompt
A thousand people met last night at Odlsboro to hear
D10 lacwl?, who maile a ah?,it spec?'!). Ile auld be ha?l
l" in ini-rr presented regarding the injunction, aQd ha
favored obedience to the law. Ile spoke of the couiraat
lu'?? en the I. ii H and th? in, nor d.-alera, and
said Ihe latter had a?.lil Usjass to he draak
on tlnir premises and violated the law
Mt) tin,,"-?lally with Impunity ; hit when 100 women,
with their pray? r? an?! stn-i I not-Hhip, bail barely vio?
lated a technicality of the law, these men bad the
etTiontery to shout " nand'? olTl" llillaboro pro lu. ae i a
strong ?I. h gatton to the Columbus meeting.
< ONIl.Wl.'D bl?.? 1 SS 1M OHIO-A rEMPKn.VNCE SKR
CINCINNATI, Feb. 22.-Nowhere, have, the
women been more auecesaful In their war on whisky
thati In tho manufacturing town of Mount Vernon,
xx here unusual difficulties stood in the way. One week
ago to-night the work waa begun there and now all the
principal alooos have surrendered, othera have raised
the flag of truce, aud the sale of liquor has n? arly
ceased. Notwithstanding the ian. yesterday ino ladies
were on the sirects, and after securing several iunetd
ers they were o.corted to their headquartera by s brass
band and an excited crowd of men. The Dayton worn -n
arc completing their organization and expect to moto
on Tuesday or Wedneaday uext with seo in the ranks.
Ia the First Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati t#
d-iy the Itev. Oenrge I!. lleeoher, the pastor, preached
from the t-axt "IIslp those womeu." II?, spoke of the
?.tomen's temp?rance movement aa ..ne of the great to
dal rrvolu'lons of the .?ge, demanding the' prayers and
sympathy of the people of (tod. The time might not
arrive for the women of Cincinnati to begin the march
and the street and saloon prayer meetings, but he urged
all Christiana to help the caase bx reviving total ubatl
tii'tice principles, diaoountenauctug social drinking, and
tho uso of spirituous or malt liquors a? medicine, and
refusing to give e.mplo>menl to perilous ?d.ktod to
A viooKors 6__-BAMB PBOtOBaB t\ rirr.<?BrRt",.T
Pn_M 'K?;ii, 1"? b. -"-.-The fi> ni pora neo wo?
men of this ? ity hax-e perfected an organization under
the presidency of Miss Clara I. Kuson, an artist, and
on Tuesday will begm vlslimg the BBflBSaa and holding
prayer-meeting-, on the plan winch nss met with en, li
8BB888B In Ohio. Notices were read lu moat of the
churches this evening, In? itmg all ladies r-o participate
lu the movement. It is BBBfe ipated that a
very atrong effort will be made to (eijipr,?--?!
the traille, hut aa the Sjldl interest la vary
large and corro-pomllnglv powetful, many of
the fneii.ls of entperatirc arc not vrrv sanguine of a
fa\?jr,ihle io ?nit. Mr Far ley, deferitcil lieinoerufie
cstitiidiitc for Mayor of ?ilagaaj <itv, will contest the
late election on the groninl that H stmlcnta in the Theo?
logical Se tullian- wen? BDsVSd illegally t<) vote, not
having resided In tin- H.ate a > ear, and on oth?r minor
grounds. The M ivor ? U M M B i?-mi>?-r,iii.-c man. and the
liquor Bellera, between f. ? of the new ti mperancc
movement and of|a hosiile .idmitnsir.idon ontbe p"rt
ot fhc he* Mayor, wlli aid Mr l'an? y ni Hie '?ont? -t.
1 EM Pi. lix M , r. OOBOBBB-,
WASHINGTON, Feb. 22.-Tho Congressional
Tctuporauce Society, formed Feu. ii, 1MB li?.?'-? t.xo huge
inii.li,' meetings to-day. Tiny were presided ovir, ia
Hie sassaSB of Vic? -I'd Bdsat W-lSSa, l?X the Hon. John
OassaaM PBaaapiaa-ala aad senator .Morriu ?f Ma.ne.
Ur. Chickc ring reported, as a result of a oauvas? in Con?
gress, 1 hat about one fourth of the members Sta.id on
the society's abstinence platform. A?ldi??s<ies wer*?
u,., .1, hy ?? veril Senators and lii-pre-.. niatlvo?. JsBfB
titrons of the Bapnmi- 4 ?nut. and ?Ih? i?.
A bllF.llll K C1. KI) TO API KAK ici; PAltBBI M BB-BB
I lljl (IKS.
POTUI.ANP, Me., Feb. *%. QBP. I.?ititr!ey lias
cited the Sheriff of Knox County to ni?p?-ar t?ef.?re him
ou Wedneaday, and ehow eau??- why be should not !>?.
impeached for not obeying the law III regard to seirlng
liquors. Charges against ?um were uia'Ie by a (?ood
Templar?' lodge. _
The temperance umveiuent which is sweep?
ing With auch power oxer BSTSra) of the Western Atufes,
and which witina the past two weeks ha* developed
considerable strength In the Immeilli.le vicinity of N w
Yoik. is now arousing the friend?, of tim c.iuse through?
out lins city and Brooklyn to take some progressive
measures toward the overthrow of the lii|.ior traffic.
The deep religious Interest, the beginning of the I. uren
aeason, the general (jillet in BMlBSSB ? ire es, und the
unusual degree of deatitution, a), contribute to make
ll.|iior-selllng iinpopulir and druukenueas shame.'..
There could indeed hardly be a more fax orabie time for
a widespread enlim -ia?m in nehaif of temperance. Her??,
aa elaewhere, womeu are making plans and uudertakiug
the work.
The most notable atep taken thus far Is the deciatoo of
the Trtiateea of Trinity Church, the largeat religious
corporation In thla conntry, to i.-a*?- neue of their build
luga to i.'iii??! .!?? i!> i? Few have siipi>oaed tnat tb?
number of Trinity's liquor saloona reached 40. at ia now
said to be the case. Many of Hie leases will expire oa
May 1, and none of them will h?. renewed. Other leaaes,
It ia thought, may be given un If those who hold them :
l.u!, at all ?venta. Trinity Church will not be known
hereafter aa tho landlord of a large liquor-dealing inter
eat. Among the 188888 which will expire on May 1 are
those of the saloon at the corner of Canal aud Iludsoa
sts., of the "Study" on HudBon st., and of the "Adri?
atic " at Huitiou and Barrow sis. This action on the
part of the Trinity trustoes hs? beeu hastened. It la aald
bv the urgent antre-iy of the womeu of the pariah, al?
thourh for a long time aome of the trustees have fell
their po-i!i',u to be indefrnalble, and have sought to
bring about the happy tetuit thal baa at Uti been
reached. .
Tue women's movement in this city baa had Ita origin
in the union toinperanc? and prarar meotioga at lu
iTi-m.'- Church of the Mirang?.T, held under the diree
tiou of Mr M? Mullen, one of the mom mut. of Uood
T? tupiar?*. Tueae meetlnga have been In progrraa for
about a yaar. Htiuiuiated bx the present excitement, it
has been determined to axu-ad the lofluence of this
n,?sling, to eetabltsn aimllar one?*. In varioue parts of the
etty, nul to puah forward a campa.gu again-l iaieinper
eiico la this city a? far at practicable. Toe weetiag yea
t-erday afternoon waa d.vvi?ad lo the ?letelopuient of a
pla u ol ?edon Mr. MoMallno ?laileil thal he oouhl uot
advlee the women to adopt the MIOUMKI. ?U IM? bv the.r
Weale.ru ?latera, aii.ee be believed the? would yield t ci y
?i?lT?,riiui ttr .ita? here ti.au wa?e Unao nu-Bsil ia Iba
small eitles of the Went ITe had a piso,
howerer, which he recommended to th? ladle?, ard
which will he put Into Immediate operatien.
Kach lady interested Is to circu?ste a pledge, tafeln? a
reitam section of the city, working sy.tematieatiy,
presenting the ple?lge for the signature of evi iy minn
and ?oman. It is not I tie de-dgn to visit Ibe ?atoms
la Urge ntimber? and attempt, by ?lnglug aad prayer,
to o.enoine the proprietors, hut simply to prieeot lh<?
pi*.*Ige, urg?) them with ev? ry argument possible to
?ign It, and p'rnmt*o them the asalsunc? of the temp? t*
.luce people to establish them tn ?onie fepnUlile tH-et
BOBBi Further than tilla, the plan provides lot holding
pniill . temperance pnyer nicctlntrs in convenieni yuna -
mea, to bo conducted bv the lidie?. Effort? sr* mat, xm
be, made to obtain tt.e nsrne? of all landlords who li I
tin ir IIII'I.lings to liquor dealers, and as f?mt ne naru* ?_,
thi? ladle? will vi?n them and try to Induce Uiem xt?
roiiiovo thiir tenants. Tin? feature win b? ?
very important part of the work, and will la
tborou(.hly tri* .1. Mr. M. Mil!? n sfited that UM ?of Ui?
largi'-t beer icanl-ns m the city, which Is so ne*r a OBri?
ti'in '-li ireh as often to disturb the Sunday servi??*?, and
tho proprietor of which is reputed to be a mort obdurate
li*|uor-s< Her, is owned by an elder lo a cHv ?-bur. t__
Tlier? atora mary many similar Cas?, he ?"ltd. ?n?l h? lv
l-.ev.-d that in snell Instances It would be, au eaav mitt, r
to convince the landlords of the wrong they wen ,ye.,i,g
to society.
Mrs. Van Muen, who ha? for many year? I.cet? dei."g
missionary labor in the oitv, is to take the lead am*i.g
the ladies, and during the next few dayl will |? rf*> t a
plan of operation*.
rt?-verai ladlee present recited mutantes lo their ew?
experience among the Intemperate, and plcdgit. tVem
selve? to do all in their po?vrr In the present erin? Mr.
McMullen announced that Dr.'Dte Lewis would Uetur?
in Cooper Institute .Saturday evening if the tun,dun
coutd be ?wured for that time. There wa? a large ?...
tendance at this mecttog aud great unauliullv marked
the jil ,, i .1 nui..
Ciiiiperative niea*urcs ?re appearing In other ? mire hen
and t< rapcrnnre ortrai.)/ ittonslo tin- * ity. A ?temperases
connell ha? been nrganir.ed in Harlem. Next Tlinrmiav
cveiiiuK trmperauci) nins? meetings will be held lo Um
Forav-tti-it. M. K. Church, In Bethlehem Cliai* i. No. Uo
Hlxih-ave., aod at other place?. Iir. R K Hulton of
Rome, N. Y., the O rand Worthy Chief T.mplai ol Ihn
htate, ha? been visiting the various (io.nl Templar??
lotices in this city, and r* ports ? general feelmi; aumin.:
tti? ladies in favor of I m in ed ia tu action again?! tin ?al?
of liqrior. The liiOi.-i who uri'en:i-'..l in tin?, eitii.e a?v
that they expect notliiug but courtesy from the liqti.r
flaalsrs, since tbey lotend to do aud say notion?, wluila
will elicit any other treatn.int.
The t'ait Hide Temperance Allisnc? held It? opening
BSCetlO? ye?terday afternoon la ihe be vent, i nth-?i.
M. r h.?.!i-i Kplsropsl Church. The Rev. W. II Boole,
the pastor of the church, presided, ?nd opened the meet?
ing by statins iU objeel?. It was their Intention, he
said, to continue thu meetings earnestly and prayei.
fully, and to let matter? take their course. If Ih? out*
growth of the meeting was a d* sire anning the I..du? ni
follow the ?tepe of their ?.inter? in tho Weet, they wnn.il
gladly foster their wishes and throw open the ?loora ?*t
tho church for their sen los. Lir. R, E. Hutton, tytutid
Templar of the Grand I"o*lire of Good Templars of New
York ftate, made the first formal address, lie e.-n.i that
thu ram truif.u waa the gnat engine of demoialiaatsiu
tliat is destroying the power for good of the cbuiub. Tit.
remarked that this was a nation of drutikaidx At *
nation it could not he punished, for nation? have no
hereaflcr ; they cannot exist after men ceaae to live, but
Individuals Cou'd and would Is- pun.shed, and eo vindi?
cate th? tight and majesty of the sat ion. Dr.
britton said that the OLIO n. ?v- ne -it ronlo not
fail, ttlthumrh the men who had desert? ii their
business tbrongh its Influence eUoold r,-*uiii.?
wtiien the excitement Is ovt r ; for tie wboio
country had hen awakened to the Importance of I**?
liquor tratttt. for bad, aud Us eff. its wonM never b?
eradicated. When lie pOBSSd through the KrteU of
New-York and saw men ?uni women reeling upen Iii?
sidewalk, and witnessed debaneherv on eveiy aide, it
seemed at tu st that au attempt to usliatc the women of
Ohio would be hopeless, hut he felt certain ii.ni ii.? .1
was sufficient Christian strength und lut! inc. i* ( / usli
out the evil even here. A short H Idi-c? wa? then ?1 id,.
I'>- * ?. Judge IVan Cutt, after which the u,e? LIM?.- cen?
en.I'd. The Alliance Will meet asr.iin i.e?i i-uuiiav
?f'enioon. An effort IM making to SMOUrSfli ?lu < Mi?
nan ladies of New-York to declare war agonist v-hnk).,
aud to jin bauds witii U10 ? ru-a-n-r-* o? tie Wi -1,
TUP, ShAHCU FOB A MiEI'lhl li.
oc.LY W0D3QMD BY Mil < 11. Bl
Several niontha aK<>. "Dutch" Hannen, alian
Ilcr.-iiiaii Lleiiemlorf, ont of the nio-t i.titoinow nu ai?
liers of the Tenth-ave. gang, escaped from thi ?tau?
Prison at Trenton, N. J, where he v.*? MffOBBl a lons
term of lui prison nu m for a robiit-r. comm U* d at
U?lou Hilhurar HOkOkSO, N. J. It wai? known U...I fe?
had visiti^fhU old liauriis in thin city, hoi? nnleud
ent Mateeii aud Cup!. living, knowing lb?
dc-pcrate character of the iiiao, thought ii
likely that he migUt be the one who kill, d Kiohola? A.
^hnieli\, th?' Hudson River Railroad wai.htuau ol lb?
frdsht depot, on Wcdn? sd.iy night laut. Impimi? led
Hiern to li.'li.ve that he was to be found 111 th? leneiaeul
No. 630 West 1 tv uty-uuiili-.-t., betw.en i.i't? atut
r.lt-venth-iive?. Capt. Mi Liwain on the uii_*.i sonaai
11,_; tu? murder visited the h.-Uoe, statioi.*-?: Wa uieu iu
front and la rear, and then entered iii? 1 ..?. . a.<?oia
panied tiy two or three of his nio>t trn-lwortli?
men. Lieueodoif had heard them 09ktt, ?od
spttuglng out of bed. he sair.id thi? h*veh
\aid He wai SVPU by the ofVn?r>, at.? whe?
they advanced he fired upon thf-in. They to
turn* I the ure, and endeavored to s* lzo tam, ont In the
ion fusion ot the moment he managed toi-??.,.* Ile
fled to a ?aloon riot far awav. r. mum d there until th*
..flic, rs hail departed, and then, with a bravado worthy
,,' I'.i man, re'uruetl to Ins apartment in the Uoutnenl.
( IT.?. Irvmu learned that he was I1K1 ly to visit hi?
?lie in their apartment, and resolved to make an.ii her
? dort to capture him. Detectives Lahcy. K< lu v. Wool?
H v. Willitinisoti, Van lietrchten, and Mulleu were d*
isiledto make the arr.-st. Thoy left the l'oii? ? c.-ntr?!
urti?'.' at i s. m. yesterday. Leaving their cairia?gs
some distonce away, the detectives at a a.
ui. vi?ited the hou*e where Lieuendor wa?
sul.po^ell to be. T??o of the detective? wet?
ported iu fiout and two In the rear l>et?o
tive?-_ahey andReiUev voluntcied the penloo? fa?k of
endeavoring to capture the fujntive in his apitrtmeail.
The front door was forced hy the detectives, wbo
aroused the inmates ol the house. The room of Nieueo
dorf wa* on the second tlisir front On r. achiug it and
etiterinif, the detectives found only Mt?. Nienendorf.
H!i? said that ber husband had not been there that nishl.
help ung that this was a ruse to aid lum in ????pius,
tri* octet tile? hurried to (lie floor above. Thi v heMd
loud talk, which, upon their approach, ?auk into win?
per?. Tuey demanded ii?liiiiit.?n?-?-. annouin io? that
mer were (.HI? ers of the law, but no atientton wa? WU-I
to t'tietn. The ii* mun.1 WHS again repeated, and Sndlnc
th,.t the door wa? not uulocked the officers atti mpied to
force if. The door wa? partly forced open, and It was
1 le u observed that a man wa? holding it at*.net th?*
1 fflcer?. lietei-tive Riillev put his baud inside U> pueli
Ii.m a-ide, and received a severe blow on the na? l< of lb?
haud w.th a Hre-?hovel. Detective Lahey iimtantly
tired throush the door. The detectives then tori, o open
the door. Tliey found the occupaut, Mulla* ! M* Naonara,
an lush :'linn.-i-, ami hi? wife in a ?tat?
of ki- a' alarm, ?uppusitut the Intruder? to bo
tatBYOS, The lunn wa? lound to be badly wonudcsl, IB?
pi?t?i hull tired bv l.ahey havini; entered the ai-*loraeo.
li?- wa? removed to the We?t Tlnrtv-si?vi uti. ?t. tolle?
ftatioo, and thence to Bellevue Hospital lu au auibu
lain'?- Meanwhile the holme bad Meo t?oroiurhl.v
??arched, but no trace of th? man ?ought lor could
be found, and It Is believed that ia?
statement of his wife tbat he had not beni
there that night wa? true. The attendant ?unri-oa? al
Bellevue Hospital deemed McNamara'? ease crit.eal, and
? orouer Woltmao attended aud took Ina aate-iuorleia
statement, which 1? a? follow?:
.. Aiiout S or Stj o'clock tbts mernlo? I wa? io bed af
mr house, No. 630 Weet Twenty-'untfe-et., and a worn??
named Mary Murphy awoke m? by ?ete?iDius. I sol np.
The door had been broken In. 1 rushed out with . flre
shorel In my hand. There were Ihre? men outaide. TO?
door had been torced open by tbem. I trt?d to pre ve ?t
tu-in from coming in. At thal Um? I did not know wbo
th*?y were. Tt??y did not tell me they wer? polie?
offlcer?. I trtod to keep th? door ?hut Ta?y had krvkan
a pane!. Just then I w?? ?hot I saw a pl?tol la U?
Iran?'- of a man in citizen'? clothe?. I heard the report
of the pistol, but did not know I wa? ?hot Three or
four men the? entered and searched my room. I tb?a
saw one man hoi.lui? a lamp ; he wa? dre??#ed a? a polic?
officer. I II??1 nothing on but an undershirt. Tb? aw
1.1..1 m.? to ?et ou my clothes and cow? to ? doaitor. I
wa? then taken to Bellevue Hospital. I do no1 know
who ?bot me? I would uot ksow him if I saw him. 1 aas
. laborer."
Dr. LeKoy J. Brooks, House Surgeon, testified that
M* Samara wa? admitted to the hospital suffering Irota
a pistol ?hot of th? abdomen, half an Inch above th? _m<
bin. u* on the median line ; antlelpaUd that iMriKaMl?
would M duv.i?p?d and th? wound vouid M BfOfO
Hctective Lsihey ?nrrendered himself and was !..
truotrd bv the Coroner to the custody of ('apt. Irvlo?.
i api. MiElwam aud roe polite of the Tuenuetortm
1 imt ou Saturday DIKIH arreeted Willlaas Ha?fe?U?
Michael Foran, Peter M? D? .mott. Hoary Heffoer, Pot?
tle? Cod). and Johu McC.irmlek, and loekad them up su
.lupicioa of kuowlug something of ia? ?hootiug mt IB?
WASIIINQTON, Feb. 21.-Prof. Henry n.cited
thi? morning tb? ?nuouocement by telegraph frota lae
Academy of Hcieu, ?s. Vienna, of th? discovery of a
cuiei lu right ??eeu?iou _c- t_ , dSSiiaellDB PlasM* tv g
lui u L monea ssaiaeost Mr\ '

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