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b.vlar ?vow-l ;.'??>?' ', , ?^". LU O ; V.ce preoh
Ite l^slrteut. lb 'i' .' ; . ,,' .inotvn; Recording
Zil, I'.?"?' T*) C.'' CmrfnVmi.lUip ^fnl.iTl
lanahmtvtaeewBi ? ^^ moon end
P^rierard? l '-? . *V* r' Tn hn,t,"-s was
?...*"- ? ." '" "",:;.,,tor? of acivi.v
nmmooiaaB* ipyaai '^^^ .^"d,,,..... w.,..,e
thcl'nt'tti.ui^t'b:,'^^'' mtm ""n??
m mn rtoomByj '"**f -^ntowita aoia
BaaaaBiJ ? J??35i m re Bl rt Tim ret
Ort.ce wa? el.-ori ?>" entrnnoc
went.-. StntST t^n?
P r w,r tr? tea.-, m the hm Is rt bBBO .. ?
?52? - S r?ir1"
. ci-.r imtatea Btaeam m me
(li, , vi? N
ins i y
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., ... u.i,"" f.incie.1 ina! tin'
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",.-,. ,",ii,d ... tb. atreeta
^.,....1 ,...:., - U rio.low.thth.ir bisii.e
",th. . ? di??tracun?." ?" ""''''^
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-Year-Da] li la apee* uti
. ."(-."Ute m
.:, i, mp, tai.,? agltOtWO
the i,;...' nant down.
., i. . , ,-..i i ?? m. Prom
high BOOB lo 1 i " *****
..ii ( hill? h I?) J..:
ii . ? . - rita ''?? '
? -. ,,, t M ;r.? ? ? .
Belle." a "Lau t<??-e of
Bu|im r i. . ' 7. Air?, fron
. , B '?.-., th, ( , a,nieii ".
o. . Hil Is." IO. "The S.I
, , . -I tai t i.ur, h Bells Hing."
..,,, Ring! lui
id i i .. . ?. ?
'I; trail mill barnine! to the
,. .? a: :.?.: \ Of til. I' -Klient
. ... la ?i,? afta nna. <?i toe
V. t? I
? .? am Del j.
M- r i es K. "Crowiey. g*Ti -i H . Copt. John
Q t- < pi I ' hard Baum, ij-ed 82; (apt.
72. Chapl tin J laeph T. II .ii. H. D., W
?, ,r . a ,'.. I?? grove. :-, ?-?imu, l
Olniat. . ' , 78; W.
j - ? \\"i. li. I
:n turk, 78;
I. NI Von N .
. B2; ? (ward hu ?li,
7- 1. I I.eulJlld
bai. ' . i Warner.
m datoltod to hrtat tha Bag at
, 11ort m ?entrai i'? t k. Proa th. rib
i.. r. mt y> Merry, Brevet?
? . W. H Ki:.. . Oapta. J. M.
n i . ?us K. A. v, torren, If.
i- . n i;.> mon l ti
Ar H. Rayner, and otbi r?. ' ?.
? B. '?an-. Altai
II,- ; i, n aoUateda ??? n Bo]
til tilt?
.th 1. ? v.1 \V. (,leaton
? UHR theOrdei ?., ino ( iMlonetl,
- be ' rvli ,?- of the
? ?r gov
: . -rrag.-ie. He
??. Mil, l t ...? I
v.?,,.. ii ti nord .uni
th? r. t, the I urta ?f the ?toy.
AH. r .--..? .. Bnd metal
r, the \ii?r, n?, who in nuabero and
. ' :
a, ?.Mi 1.
Bat . ; . : ... '.?.11- appropriately eelebreted
!>> lb . Bl th. n club-house,
am! ?I 'i ltiN-r. Tue Aiinnciii dag wa-raised at
?do> t - : ? - it? :i,< ?i. al .inri-e, noon,
. Al I "'? locb I.??.. Johnson wit'i the Union
Han.' ? mel Bond, pla* i lo ii<?-it t,f th. ola
lid :?' rd I ,;?.-. nt ?' ill. Irew lo the
diuii.? the i ?-.. The Boulevard Qoar
|S| ' I'm!. A ,1
. v.ltll.h?.
IlOfes I c " Tin- !>.??
we ?. . I tor u ;..?'? Jerome Bo k am i? n
a-dr? a uu !'. In.i
re?t reeilod "BboriOou'a Bide, mod
ad'tres-i ? were made bj .1. I! Fellow-,
i; ? ;.'. oad Copi Wiley, TI.? room
;.. >ik Ih'
li? .di v i- . ?too. v. : : 1. " M'n-..
ITU?-l-*l" ni . ii. r >iii(l ti,'?'!.-- of i.?i\-i? i?f. Tn. . uti I
I.i.,,:,, id al. lllilllil
Uiiii' al i,,!.. ?m .?;
ti??-1. . D lu th. in, pit -
psr . tb club, and tbe ?evening waa
?jwiit i .??,...., r . . \?i . na Ibe oompoi ?
*" ??? ? .,,.??. J.
<.? B. W.E ?.,, E ,-. ? ?. ?? Iii i iroe, Jam? -
T. Kio., i?. ,I . ,,...,,.( apt,
.M, li- ii ..,,',, ..; ' |.. i I'. .1 ,, |; ,.| . .1 W l?" i l?, li. a.
i - - .i.,.->."I,,.. ?.
MI.Iel J. ',,.
i?. aaooUava
The IT?.?'--.?.r, .i-i,.i,.id bp Ita Ordei al Dotted
An,. ;. ' . . . , , ,;,, n-,. limul
n,'1-' Vi" kiyoCH wnflred from
F ri ',.'. , BtiOB lu..l I? 00
Biset n; ti.- <, i-1..,.,. Coin, ,;. Bepreon iilveeofthe
tah; bai ??? from Boa JmWtBj,
Baw-Terh, aai xtom in Brookl] B Oooaelta p..rti, ipnt.d
,L 'u< - ms pa??.ed th! ( it. B 'I
.?>-<... I by Bayor Banter, AMermn Bopn
ana totgBBm.u Bayor Powell.aad anamherof ethn
ta- . - i inoioo. ?i to . tir-t ami meng
?.riri . Order. The ti; t divtaloa eoaatatedof
tbY ti' g|_.
1 ? f ? ? n; Pel
_'u'r;"-' ' . . : ? No. Hop < ,.oneil Junior,
*? ?. I , < o'.iit n. No. 19; Purl Ureeoe
1'. r
N ? U ; M. !..iii,,i , ? , linn,. Ko. 36;
5____ ,.er Hill Can,- , \,, n .
nea r, i, ?. (Mai ? .Uli,, ii. No. mjg. ?,..,,,,,,,, . .,,.,. ,),mll,r
,' . " mon < ??ni.? . N . ,i uton I
1 ' oneil Bo -r . M in,; Vernon Junior,
.e i? Frtendahlp ?Uonocn, No 9; Ridgewood ?Council.
{??'? i. . Aliiu.ti, lunn. II, No. AA , liol? ? miiicil. No 7,
V1*'^ No. ?31; I i..", i, j rienda Council, No. M;
a.r>li"r ia,,,.,,. ,N,, *m brookl-,, .'oui.iii. No. GO
?et* JorM'>_Ii,dusirv?ouii, , .No |0; Eureka I numil,
j, ?., f/ *..*'"'?'. '?.nii'i!. Nu. W; Mar Council, No i. ,
aoonuani-tK-kiaonucil No. 7?; Pavoola Cooucil. No. 67
J , ' '. N' - . iSo.-ri.tv < oun? II, '.
i ne *e? oi.d dlvMOoo w _- eon.pom ?I of Kai_e ( uoncil.
N ' t",",',-'^ V Vi' .?*?.*'."'? *". ?, l-'!'-.n A.lou.
S__i AT?"I,> *.?'?".*? '?? Wodoi al, N, m; Lu, ;ie,
l-'-r.; ?;"'"? *"'r" *.*.' 'i"-^?"""? Irom Vletorv,
tomLV ' V'"",U:,i' A<T' li"" l "'"*'" . '?>?'? titi ? np.,,1,1
?-^iiuic-.- aamb. rtogotaai i aa awe.
uia-'d'oij,.., m twodlvtaton v. h. h h i,l formed
"? ?tallai partions of the dry united aud u,ai, l"d
JJ'?" Jillon-st. After It had Ivetn leertVO- by the
-^ie,^J^?^'^li;r,'''-i'''''->''-t i? POM Greene, when
? ????IIBlilBm-gtta (??urie.lh w, r? ? di.-iulased.
p?.^ .T,,lc ,,AY "twwwiaa
aVOttTKIatl MoNlmi- V?, I no -ii- , ?
?o the van,,,,? department, ri ? -"J,'"">"-'' "f ?"?*
battery ot noo-i u *ha ?* mtoB from the water
Bo?iTON Feh. 2.3.-The ? .
tata Mrthtl.v is taS?T22 ?f "***
holiday. The b__ha, Z ?5 " **? *** ? "t-?'
Oloaed. and iuaiuooa ia lar.eu J*?glmtaan or?
CHAltLEaST?JN, R. C Feh if_ Vi- i
?btatap waa nmrvod he^ a. a J^^ttOjl*!
military pnagmj, nluln Worn Hr.-d. ?aini.T^ 5
olly waa ouepuided. Tu!. ?no_-__ an ,?r ?n *'"a,'r
.onne?nen. ?onoaattan aun tmu.
PBiLAUEiePinA. F,b. 2o_Tl.( talabrattaB of
wariiingtoi.'. ?rthaay togn ben, *",, . J,** ?_;
.oaarim. Th?, ft,nk, .-,, buklu. ??T aPH u * *
liiere I? ?ou, ?, ?l?ao.i-. _? a . ar" olov d
?o?--aaae?arp?S-_f - l**?^??ne_i mS-g
J?. im.?!,, Peb. HU-wiit PBaMMaa and
!______2_________" *erv tl?,o,J io ,j^ ? h-?? of
-?ne from Manri^t*?! ?__??,?' tl , , "L J "toraburg, oad
?^-taooi?SSLi,^^ ****** ->y
non . Ulrtlidiv was gheorved to dav hy a analta If
"'?"?'?i Hi. ? ,.?" "'', _Mllll"if", ?ml in som?? lu
-.ti^ri^p^^i'^,'^^^* S?
J?iap?1;': Klb- ^Na-wriUtotaad?Bft_g A-.*.
i??.!,,,?,,; ' '; u",? P"b'?e ont,., ?re rieaatland
JO?..-Tnu ??^,a'^-i^^' 'I'"'? rM" OBd'Mrt
*^- -*0 aata^____aA_l??! "" *"""c "D"|,r,v-*1*
-M? rt?l?.l(?,|,_UlU ^,jj ,,, ij-,^ lU_. -?V<;__^
fOMiH.ASlO!.KR t'HAlU.lLKS M.._HOl)S.
T'dc i xftiiuuiitioti ol Polite CiiiiiiniHgiont r
(Uiver fhitriick, on the application of John Kelly sud
(?I hi re, in i .fei i i,?.? to Bin net* coiieerniig the lute elec?
tion, which wita begun on Tuesday, a week ago. wss re
?um..! j-ewuird.iy before Judge HouOhm- In the Hiipretne
Court. The application, it will be reineiiibiwed. was
granted under the at?tete of the ch-irter n-ijiiirlnit each
eh.-trti r officer. on the demand of Ive citizen?, to appear
and be examitiedas to any special acts. Mr. ("barlil k
multi Mii)or Hall. Ins counsel, were prei-eut und Mr.
K. ih . hi? counsel, Mr. Jsekmin and Mr Wingate, caine
a little later. The examination of Mr ('ballick waa
U tun ut IVIO a. ni., by Mr Wingate.
Mr Charlu k stuted that the resolution ?al the Hoard
"t i'i In c CoiniuisHioiien- appointing the C'?.inunttce on
l.i.ctioiiH wai under date of Aug. 1.1, UM. The next two
nu clings at which l>usines? vrns done relating to elec
tioiis were fit pt. b and Kept. 9, at the latter of which the
Ci'ininitti e had no report to ui.ik.? A eunamumeation
wa? read, however, from Alex. Frayne, askng for Hie
appointment of certain pernuna aa BBBBBOOBBB and poll
rlei-Ss, and thin WHS referred to the ('..ininittee. Ou the
.iMi el tti.tt month tliTe mere presented an ofler lo
i? a-e ceriaiii places tor election purposes, and au Appli?
cation io appoint I aspee ton. The places of etectk
wen? designated Oct. a, and on the Stn no report was
Blade, hut Thoa. Uah igh nut removed fruin the .Seventh
Waul aa inspector. Among the resolutions of that day
Mr. Charlie! noticed, when asked to stste them, one
removing Jstaea K Conner ou a report of the Commit
tetii, Jntm K. Clement wau removed from th?- XVIIIMi
liiHtrict Oi t. IO. On thal day alao changes wen- uiatle
in .ti tain polling p. ?u . M limul Maguire ai.l anolli. i
Inspector terre removed for neglect m the X VI I li li Dis?
trict. ( api (iardiner reiiorteu Hu-lltliug up of psilling
places, mid inure removal?, for iieglect were made. The
in ti inn imif waa Oct 20, ami the Committee reported
Turtons per suns selected far the oflltu of nn-ptHlor for
th" various etoettoa dtotneta.
Mr ( liiirlick was asked if the book before bim, which,
I., the wat, be stated he did not think it wav fair to call
a complete UM of Hie IUH|M i tors of the city, would show
that Hiiv uiHiH-ctor* were iitipniiitcd bl ihe Hosnl
prior to Oktober al. Ile mi Im.ii.il, after Ixiug clo-clv
nil. ?tltined, thai whenever there was a record of a remo
Val -m api'oiutiiieut was implicit. Mi. Wingate Ii?re rc
mindi ii xlr Charlick that l.e had ?aid, at the previous
? xamii'iitt MI. that lie gave 1 mun.aliv Hall nmo-leui lot Of
tua Inspectora ia the v tilth District, aod ashod hiato
five tha names, and alia the names of those appointed
n the Wlllt.i ami XXI-t, of Tammany men.
Mr. Charlick replied that he had theItais there. Xben
\\.,n .1 h-t iel all the f,tv presented lu' ?.iuiiii.inv li ill.
Itwaarevlaed by Mr. Bnaktaaa. Mr. Oata rapaearatod
?aUi-jtijij Hall. The WltOOM did pot ?gnaw linii Mr
ni 1111.1111111 n ?uvseiiied Apollo H ill. lu reply to farther
uiMsiiona la- ?.n.i in- advMad Mr. Palo to oeeaalt with
Mi HI iiikin.in mid prot-nt a good li-t that be could ?gil
and Bland by; ho nid not know thal Tammany ii ill bud
to conced? to Mr. Brlnhaaan hall tin- inspectors.
II cn i v ( SID boreel ami Mi Ke. st r for the Hld In-tr1< t
were beth T.iiiuuany men. He prcsuiin-.l from the dook
thai Mi. Ka.iMi waa reaaoved afterward. He g tv a
gool Bael M edi ice shoel bovina u horaaonloea aioetton,
aadran iiiidv ?aid something to Mr. Qaleaboel bet
Ina harmony m tin- viiiih District. Mr. ii.iidn.-r made
.ill Un- Kt-ptitilii-aii noinliiiilK ns, and Ml. l'ha? lick did
liol know Ulai J.mu J. O'Iii len had um tiling tudu With it.
Mr. Chai lick tiieu inn rapidly throaah th. bsl of sun
suintions snd removals. expreaMag bia ?gaasooaa thal
lei LUM n, vv l.o was ?.nimm mt (1 lol- Killian, WM a hal lot
hex -st u iii r und au Apollo li.til lunn, allhough he s.ti.l if
lu- bad ne. n MU Apollo Hall mun li w ul.l line been no
Ol )ei lion. Mr. I'll,II li k stat? .1 few tilings p minn I] ni
siiMvei io qut-Htiolte, but m reference to tn<- nppoint
meats and removals, took tha nu m ii of in? setloa from
the bago hooks tief.n- mi., i'ii- instance, hen i hil
reply m rcfercuce to tia- XX Ut l).6tr.( t : " I adv ksed Ml.
vi,.OP- and Judge iii Quads i" oensnll logather, thinking
I WOUld get S better list; it MM-IUS they didn't agree;
?then ..r. "7 ei.cttou Olatrleta m thal dtatrtat; I an
pointed38imp otors from the original Tammaaj n.tii
list. snd. I thiuk. some others rseommaaded by strom
i.tiuir.aii.v moa] lu Mimi- Uls.lui- Taiiiuian.l Ha.l ii..ti
both inspectors, in some one, in ?onie HOIK'; on tin?
whole,tha D?mocratie As-socmtion's list waa Baparlor
lu i uiiiacti r lo ih.it of Tammany Hall."
Mt. ( ii ulii kjstated positively that he did not ?ippuiirr
am Inapeeton for Mr. Qeaei, bel fat tha Deaaocratic
psrly, am; lie lend a list ol Hu .-. appointe I foi tin li. m
kee ti.i'ion. He was not rare that it waa a fa
quant tiling fee .lames O'Brien, Cornelius Flynn, and
.?ii. '...:u i io in- in in.- talina Jn-i balor? Un- (-ici lion, bul
admitted thal almost even paoablneut politician wsi
' era at soma time or athen uni some froqneutlr. ii
bad no iii i viiti ollie. Mi ( iiariick was ijNtfetl ?ome
i . - .o . ninan Mr. i.eiit-t guitiug ?have.t in hi? atBee,
outdeulodanj kuowledge oi n. and added, aareastu
alii : " I uni abai ed there aonettmea myselt, but i don'r
keep a narot-i's ?hop, ami 1 .lon'l think tins inquir? pt i
in . nt to m - ui.it a i 1 pin? in ii d m i i n-pt clore for ?my
one mau : l aphototsd Dem?crata according to the tan :
I have no nundi BM-BJ men 1 appointed wire favntal.li?
to Mr. (.? i et ; [helfen Ml Mt (?i nie wu? frieinllv to
bim : If y on ash me te geeaa I wlu ?-?iv I eoaaa ha voted
i.u Mi u n?-!."
ii x i Vi U District wa.? next considered, from which
James J. Walsh wa- rein red Bad Mi Murphy np
pointed. The Commission?] explained: "When I ap?
pointed Mnrphj I inquired abonl bia chain ter: i
thought there waa eaoagh la the papara to reaove Mr.
i, and I bet It waa oran import.tin to have a lau
. i i ? u tiein tim! lie abonld hive an oflce for ?t du) r I
tin ?I to gi t a goad act ol lii-pci Im.-, how tar 1 MH
11 etlcal I no n't kin. a "
liie tu>t lime a meeting of the Hoard wa? held on
election dar waa at t> o'tio.i? in tba nutalajfc end thoa
Mesan Bmith, Qardaer, und Ohortleh wen- present.
He was i.o.-ltivo in.? meeting wa? in id. ile
Iboughl no out- waa apiiniuieil whore linne was Hut
?nOmitted to M leos! taree Of the Commissioners. He
...marked If I?, um not n-oollccl Mppointiuu a in in ny
Hu nulli.' ot (Quil?n on the morning ot election While Mr.
K nt was present, and mahlng oat his papara aadssnd?
iug him oat to ni? wort without consulting with tha
other Commissioners. Mr. Charlieh thought not The
i|uesiiou wa? pcrslatcetlj appealed, and Mr. charing
sid h< io ?gi t have done ??? it Mr. Kelly was pavant,
mb in .'on.?i uni n.i.i i n ne '.. ild no1 remem?
ber asking Mr. K.-iiv ir --ihai man [Quinn] did imt taoh
uki au bonna maa.1 In neerdie s rceotattoa of tha
Bosrd approving of the rsmov ii of Inspectors, Mr. ( inn
ii. K ie.nl tioni the Uiiuute.-? Ol the Hoard (?or. 1". VU I).
showing that Mi Durree moved thi tabling of tbereso
.u on ?mi u w i? ?ost.i '.un m i??i? nu-r.s Bussell and Daryaa
voting for it, mid (liai .i? k ami Uardner agalaal it.
(? Did rou consnll with Gea Duryea In regard to
w bal apptdntmeats you were going to maka OB election
dal i A. I cant aajr that I did. I kuow i did uot ask
linn any queatlqns.
Xg\ Dido'I Mr. At M( rt give I mi a p.ipt r which ?ni a re
quest ti lin m? men removed thsl UM sIBdavlia oa a bli ta
i belr removals wore aatd to be based would ha shown
i Ililli. A. Ml. Al ?ort guv i lue a pSPSl stating hiniM If
...:.-.. foi the mon removed, sod uut-Uiia .> di
initritl fe '.li. nil; lav ne ..ii which the removals wire
maile. it on iiiei tin demand a? impel Uii'iit, and it
fosedtoaben lum anv papara
im ( OU1IIUS.-.IOUI i was then asked if be did nat seed
lomeoiM io janie- j. Killian to ask kim to resign. Mr.
i isrlick replied that be did not. He waa qnltefleabed
and quietly indignant when asked if in wasapartj la
anv n,.--ag. s'-iii t.. Killian, tali ng bim if he dni no1
realas ha would be ai reatad, ?a ( ammisstoner, when
Mr. W ii?gate ?ii ra. in ti lo lil- ijllf i-'loli Billin 1 lil rig ah..lit a
"nefarious tra replied vwth aevera dignity,
" y.? f,iu ,1-HUII.I that, Mr. I don't kearn at any nrrt.ee
Mty for denyingaauha thing."
Mi. ( hull, k nu- questioned concerning the great dis
t ne . ol the railing- in the eh ellon pin ?, and repili d
thai he did not kn m that Un. ?railla*kepi r ?,, watchers
loo far away from the polta,or pat them on no better
fool rig than me aoeeral ?i? < latur?. He did not put in,
m th.-dispatch to the nolioe eoptalna .ii.t keepiUH
wait l BBS OUtSlde til nill.ligs, the li Iel , .'lie |o th, nile
In Un Malina? m I u I, lie did uot know ol uu.i suth rulo
until the present moment.
Judi'c Donohue having au engagement at half-past i,
UU adjournment until KhBBBday afternoon at 4 Waa taken.
CM lltffllB Tan Ptt.
BrrBBBI i "' m - * luviini- iriHRFTT J.
gM -j, ", .,. lis. ci 711.76, 107. HU .'07. ?04 _.
j?, i . ,o '.', bf, 'm 81, 70 78 71 90 -7 u l.i.
r ISA IMI 178. 178 181 18a. 188 101, 100,90S, ino,
_ . 276 277 278,380^81 t ?II __7_i.
tem isa 'i mm-1 ss Bat MT J.
%..P*mJt ?_i l-.'ii.ritil.
,? 0/ I.au ont lort.
.. ni el li, ?ft.
ll'K la ?t I
S59 r??i ?i ?i ?fi w.u.
13, iii uni. i. ??l. Bruu_u^ ?t ?I
2 ' i; tin ifi S mit
^.l It.f.riL'?. rec i, he., t?'
htr. .lil
U Orr Ift iiilmor? inii ?nu.
1,7. .I'a.rW-r Ml I SI 'fi?
la- M .' ?Ue i^t Bl l.gli.at?.
1 ._? S.-.J.r. *tt P '"t 4. .'.'..
l'.J W.I??.D?t?l Ifl BfrtS|
I ? >? ..' I . ' '. ti al.
. .tr . I . Uutiut. A. u>U i
II AM?- ..I ?sr Pel
.- r!. t M-i-u? A A. ?.
10.^ ( ?lia. ?'li ' I ?ft I'i '
i..f el ti
Tr??.lin-ll ?*.'. II rTn II ..I
(IK. lit -1'iIT li
x . ? . ?'? ?,i bail
.(?u?l'i?l Ml III e rt a .
lis.'. OiIitelii..rl rt al tjlt.
....Kui ??!?_. agi. Oootlwin
ft al.
l8! .OBOihatmSgl Aitken ?_.I
103 Mithcr ift. Matbfr. fi't.
109 *t'??r? ami inn ij[t Tlie
Major tic M ai.
1 "i .VC.I?!! IMPS Igt C\,mi
..[...t" sgl I ' ' jr.. lud
agi. K:r:..?t> iml
904. I'u?'ia'iir? and .
I i ?,-L? 'I .1
gSHSMI S|l li.ii|? H a!
rl a
1" rt TiM'.ligt filielbt.ur. ?-In. ; !
_ .i.s ( LUT italian ?KV Hi? VI?,
"t ?f.-l ?.
1094. Rr ?ii ?it. W'arnfr 'I aj
-M.J Jikusii agt |.iri,..i:
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Rail."ad Co.
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Mail? for Ullina dirtr-l b? itt-untbipl r???-?i,t ' Ot tlnu it '.' p. n. A
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A Mail bo llali'at. N. ?.. 1, tloiM ii tb? >?? Y..rl i'ual O-r?- UBI
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Bar. Ba-tatle (Its-) Rails P-n ron B3 Uya, wHI fr I
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Rew-1 on.
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'1<>-.lay being a lmli.l.iv BO I'.iblic -.ii. - .ii.
reported el Ita Enhaaa. golearaoan
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Mr Baynor reporta aale ??f Iwo tata ?sa tine hundred
in?! foin sixth t- and loo lots ??i Oo< bundt-d-and
lorrv-'e.i -nt h it., betWO. :i lenth BV. Bad ?.r.iml ? ob .
v ai.I, for ?. - *? per tat.
w-itn Real G.H0IC mr Bale.
4 BARGAIN.-Three new f??ui-i?i..iT, high
Ja Ptatp, ' t .'? ' I ' I' . ' I I I ^'?- I ?'- ?' ?! ']? .', Ult'Of nvul all
slit, f Be-liiatA Aybly m pst _.
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AV1.UV DES?IA-.LE lat'T.... I iitv-.i^l.ih
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tara? ki i - ronan IM DWFLLIRU?. I . ... -
tent' Lauaal iiwai l ?na Kiel ib-.n , L?II i.ii,- gbtk-M, ..
WM BBIiKT.Ia ti_
CCORNERpropiTty on Sj>rini"-siTT.?r >?;ili-\V?T?
A ,fin-.l, iri.l'Tt.i- prkn rit\ t?r, .?-. a!?., i |taaaill o ,. ?ntl ?t nur
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??b '? [_JAM h. s PKI? I N" JOH Hui
1,A)\I SALE-Beal -1111111, modani H-SUMTV
II..I-h ,?i. 1, is.?,.;. i-Ti-i, .11 ai.ininn,! m 1 rraaraalaae. oilb
, i, , ,.. 1, , -?: j iMK.-, Plica ?. .. .111 . , ,1.
pOH SALB-On Murray Hill, n tande?me
A ia IknaMari kital iiaat UOUnK; all mnnurwialt. bul aori
dun v Ai)|,ii aii tb? cnuii???, 1 ; u T. uaa ROI bm.ar . :
la- I .? .?Hilt?_
Illili SAIaK.-..l?,.j(aHi for ? tbree-etorjr brown
l.oie hub-It'.,,! Illil -It ?: Ita iinin.iTrin. nu. aaa klasl mm
Ita- (.?ulla oral ?ntiaur? to.a/L.'a Part .1 ?A B1 I. V I N - | H KlJ3.,
i.aiBtirr iHairrt hart, ?. trnll,-?l., N. H???r. f, Piar-it., 'A p. m.
I^OR SALE-North-i'iiHt <(?TIK r Avenue A an.I
.);.?-hm dt??l ?_, ! twftii.'tb-I MM M ' ir uta t..ar-Ut.tt, l.iib
iieiiji 1 r-iwii-ito. ? li.lt f- l.s. ,-?r.in?l trmini-l. duull? Koort ill IIB
r, ??.) rilli, ?t'lul.lr Inril,-,?, |W| r.iuii. ?ilk from liirlcm Ixl!.
lre|.nr,. in tioilalnt-? or of JUhKi'll Ml'KKAY, owner ?oc-iiULlrni .B?J
. . in Ul ?I. li : llftl li?-. _
\*\ ii; >ALL-Several iletiirablc DWELLING.**,
JA w?!l lant.-l ,n ti, Mt M inl !'lb Wtrili taasSS li. yo.A ,,rl?r
rtplft? wttli ttrrt cntroi'ur? in?! iii|.r,,T?rirrnl; paint finn tlO Ml'?
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Itra a?, 1 j.? ni, 1. ?ntl JA.-K.S I'Klt Y. Sn ino lluHi,n?l._
i;?n: SAI.I;.
I1 llth-.i Mar It!, IT? 1110.0001 2>.ttorr BRICK BOOII. ta
,.,ltl|,l,lr ,.1,1.1. ?Lil B .?. AliLh. oia ti?- ??-?I l-l . ililli., M?.iaaii.
KO. ?t.. I,?, li ?n?1 IM-irr?. BTADLK, 'AtloTJ brick, ll_7l|
IU lli.ii. lintasM Pr,<? 116,000
Applj lo la. J. ( ABPHVTBR.
_?IO Tlint-.se, Bt.it Boam
I OT8 for HALE or to LKASK-Fni rol'N
I -, ggain .MANOAITuKir.? (KI.Ml. Ala WOHKe. la
l..r?' Mixll Ot iota Will, 1,1.. I .-U atin ('OBI au,lll,lc for IB '? f"Bb
d?n?*? er f?i-t?,ni*?t tlio. b..?li of Ula au UM? for '??'l:n-f? prlcrt
low a.,J Krui? ?er, ?-ty. A. 0. M ill I I-f?.. LIM. 17" V, nan ,1
A HAI.K f.ui ?ttra I.M-ilr,! I r i I.,..:, lyb grouad. ,_?la?K,?a Ar
?alartee'i botal on ? taltai at?., laut (rouit. 11. Il A lui A4 11?, ia-).
?rooklnn Real -?tatt for ?alr. _
?".OR SALE-I/IT on H<Ht<?r-Bt., suitnMe for
a badilla, tralnaa? laattntBL
KII.AM' A WlliriM. I B??kB,i? li
1\S IR SALE-LOIS on Ramaeo nml MonUsrue
.1. Mai. -lb .?' .na. 1 .1?- ii ail Pana, ?a ?111? '.1 L f OgU
lil < lill ti Brooll??._
1 - -ui-a N-a 5 in,I I, Ailinur I? .<. | fT..i,?iir Bait Kirn. aa>ia
.).? llaunllaj? l??r. Appll la, B II St ii I KM K1.I .?i I'.'li I?, li. aa. ?L
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Ha*a?rn-sl . 4H. M. i?d A3 BfOMa it. .ItUl lad 'Jti? ?AitbuglanA.
ITll.nd ll?7 Wlllougbb; it. (.iiKIn.*4 U KlUI' .'7 I liri li arovl
I.a. _ _
IVOR SALE, 17H Mapey-ove., Brooklyn, E. \T,
A l?,o alor? ira,,,? lltii-h waU-i ?_, 1 marni? wai t*.,? ia ?H irniiiil
i, ,1?-, Ir I glOta AaW mo MoiP I ?I, ?.< ?i- h-irt II,,.?, ?nu
. "..it;. IBILI?I? toual a??.'.? ,,n ^ia.aai .?.., lariw.,.aj lia-.iUri and
With? a?.w ?lir in r.t,1. Uu iaini,ta . fr. m r-,"nl, grtootb-M ftf
Prit* ti .as? la rai - ?. ' I *?. YA h.S- a I ?no. !.___?- liaal
... i , .??. Heat a. ai ?ti ? i ?. ? i p. s _
*~\ iUU I ta W.0W ***** ????? ihreo-itory
ll,UUU !,,,,, l"K,.a, ?if? l?l?af.,?fiairLl? IO t,, if. MMM.
Siiul? n,.||i,i,"i?i|i t. I I)-'. .?J. e.' U ..? VI iii 11 ?Mt nala,
Nt-o-Jtrsrn ?cul fcatatt for Sale.
k SMALL FARM ut Hobotna, BofM
I\ l'??fitr, N. J.. FOU kAU?i ?ISe 1M?I~. f.,..ait.l"f Vi ?siroi,
(anna r?.? Applr to W A. sn I K Wi i ||> I ?,.'/1 Hroa.lwar
A IIOMC ?HfHE COUNTRY.-Ceintral N. .1.
-i \ I?__M1 I a Dm Y an? I Ok l.a.c ..??? lut?, au<l .au>i _; lb? ?era tot
BAI.B ?I ?II polntao? theil?, of th. Outrai H K. ol N J Applr i?
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A BARGAIN.-I cuti M-ll a oomplete Baburbaa
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far till 000 worth . ?H.OOO. 40 minuti? fruin Nutt York til two mall
?ot fi SBsSS_i fn>" th? tum. Al.?? DM KI.LtnO. ia to? aa_n? nriirh
borbo.xl.af 1:1 ruotae, attV2.000, aortii Slti.OOO. Tbia il ? rara
tbat.i r ?ai ja?; M r?prra?iit..|. A.;<1r.??a
_JOHN J lilli.OC Ardnlr-sa Samrt. N. J._
PSH O?LE-A modera [talian COTTA?B. 10
1 rotm?, urti depot Ontr?! R. R. of Ne(r.li w7; 70 ??Mit,, fron
Maa 1 otk . ?nil b? K.W o* ra?( t.-riu?. 24 ir. na ?i nur. Appii to
_li B BAUBKR, 32 W?lk?f-?t
ORANGE, "NT.!.-(?r?itt variety property for
.al?. Pi?**rt far??ili,?l aui andrina??! to >?i.t- IUU ?.Ulacaaa.
OOt* baan (mai 1 \u .1 p n, I. II (?Killi i '.'.-J S.u.,. ,., Liban? ..
O BANGE. N. J.l?<ii(-7?IiTt7) REAL ESTATE
I?.? aa* or r-nl HAMILTON k WALI.IH. 80 ?PlSS-St, B Y.,
or ISgSShl pn? ..al |i?p?l, (?rani-._
Fort? n, o.i-r. 'i-.rr tio.t of Cl,aiab?-r. at. liWIiLLIM... .nd lil II.I?
Ltd MTRl KOK KALK rn (IKI.AT VAItlKTY .li! ..n Al COMMd
l>ATIN(i IEKM*. Ilotwa liaiil lo ord, r. Apr r n?
HrnrrO li. II 41 W ortl, it. r P. W. Iniiiii?.. .17 l'??t ron . Kolan
A. V\?lk?r. ?Ob Ilma.!?.?, de..r*? Mi-Kittl.in. 4'a (imHll : Joba
UTI? l'a'. Hroa-m; . Ii. II. Iran I.I- (iri??i .1 , I I. Ile? U,
A*-*i, A Broad .(. Uo...ri I I r.li Vin We,I.? Kiitl.arf.nl Park. H 1
'IP tit r ('omiiai DU roiiia. fortt uiniaWM fr?m Lilicrt. >t. , nu warum
trama lill mMnliM ; n,?r tlirae I,? ? t? taWmttmOt eoVme boan ii ?I
?Mr? !?r|" lol, lanlan Lan, li., ?.r. rliailr, anil tra I i naniiai.tl
mthtti Urrala, aell ?inined ?rid kasltfcf . nr.!,rlr ?... ,-t?, Effet Um
no ?anaagieal?, Kura?? rar.il ?.?ru- n ina i|(.li ?titra! 1-liufe.tb
Depot ?djaant, ur ?.I maa dimer, Pull i IT.?- lim No l-l I.
bril, K. J _
i At.RM-l .-A.|ir.?i THKdlMiKK AlKtS. H. n.ii.nw.i. N. J.
?Sounirtj Stat (Ssmte tot oak
VOU SAEE-Statcn Islam!-HOTEL
A VILLA bl I KM Ml irre? loulli.i i-. rhiun? loudon, harm
VILLA M i'KH. Ml irr.? .oulli.i i, rhoir? 1-ou.t.on, harm? ,ntrn
BO? o. nu ml land ii,?.. H. H H< IIIHI'KKI IN 170 Wi lim it
ITOH SAEE-A plc:iH:int ?.ountry RESf??KNn.
a( l':lla-i-l I. Maa? . with 30 MM 'it wrlllil at .I ifroo?! orrhanll,
ia a rapin; i ?jt.r.n.ru ?'.?-1 vi 111- Mun. Addetm II'? I . i 1 t. t. P. O.
FOR SALE m EXrffANGK forl.nioklyi.fK.
1 I) .ini?r....-l pro|?rt? a KARU ?>7 Ki irr.-.. 4(1 ml.?. Cr..in . :.-. ?.n
Long l.i.uil AilJrraaJ I'., 1' d ll.'i N. II. ilun-i ? I'.....! l-l.
I.'OR SALE ead TO KENT - Pirat-daeo
I l'Ail.I* rni.ntrr _,.'? rilUl? ptomttt ki- altH- 10 unlet of
N.w'ii.rk III KHINMiN O WILSON N? 37 uni? ?.itur..
1 - t HA KM oi Baa gem tnniiwtgoiownOO\ 14 milo tia an
f.lt Va oo tlir S??l.uarii Unir, a! tSdrSM
_JoilN 1 ' ' .. .- i 'a.ni. Tike Count?, l'a.
Voll 8ALE.-Firat-claao (?KAIN ur DAIRY
1 F.MtM ..?nu.mi 300 ?rrcs, ID Dotel..' hw I n hssi
Arm lora. I or p.rtirul.r. aup'T to ( II A-- W WABO. 77 . ir-. .
N.ni.-.-k .11 Ki,.', I Pllllllill.il'. l:i;n. ..r.,..Culi, llot.l.r.-a
H ?
I.WI.M fur BALE - Cootaia?DR about MO
1 a. r i nrtr tO?teni tot rloet .ni rovrnirnta n?-w an?l r ? H I !:? II
|e?e!i mil ?pi.li-on'i?nii nu ii-.i-i 4 arre? in atrawln-rrn ? 40 fernhill
? ... ii ? .... .,',,,., ;,,?.;...,. . . i . in . . r ? ;? A
i C I.l.oYI' Nrwiown WotettAttCmonttj *44_
I IHK McSl'.liMFHl Htlll
at l61 irrra in W.-'.-ri.a.irr l ..iii.it ..nt ra.ir (mm Or Sr. I
.'..pat, M ISS W lut timm BISS. l.?ii?e?ii BsrS?SS< H.rl ai. I ('bala
?< ru. N.i.r ut i en ,-? . a.. I II ULA W v . . ,
VOR SAEK-I .my aerea ol g.I LAND,
t with all .rr..,?ar? I..III.IIIIV'? fruii. kr ylo,.., ,uv .itu.iril ( mo
? .? In?.u K. 11 oil) ?ib IHI'.II l. re? "f a [mV:r r .... J1..1 .lo:..- I .
.?.r . IT. I l.l.l.a. l'.r-I,.-- I! al aa, I ,. |?. I" , . f I ? ||, | ? ?,. ? 1' ||T
1 ouiin a-?.'t i.aii u.. pla.. | .?? W 1I.-.DN .-?l'IKi I. K iporl S. J.
VOR SALE <?R EXcMANi.i-: foi improved
1 ?ait ..t Uro..kim CK.il'.HiV His* tem, tue 70SSS
1 ' rmnt fi 1 : ?: ?rtifiiuil plant tit mmttg ? ' ni I n -, : ??aie. >, , .,
1 ?:.. ? ? 1 ?>. I|M I . . d ? ' I n 'i t'' e ?ir? r i...c: Il
aint li.ti.iar ?ni Batist 1', li .m? trnm Ihr .
i'a " ' i nu ut
. .- -.1 ila?, nil., n. ll.tJIKii M<'I((i \g.
N?. 2 f u? ... SewToffc.
ABYLAND FARMS-*d per acre upward.
foe? Item. Il I ? HAMBKKH I', li i ..t.i.v ?1 I
T i.i-ai Mnirna. 1VL A Hr ?> I li II, HLD!. ..I' U DtLi-aari-.
.{Ji 11 r\F aiyaiatag A i BUvsft'i Qactm IHl ..nir $-.'?.
? 1 armrr . rhoi?i- i M M ! Ml nar (or il pill?, ni o( dollar, ?r- l?mu|
tanuudm al liar rti (ur.voti rao p roi t br lit ouuti if mo lurt-al
i.,,? i T.u-i.tni. IS lol ?.?v bdtsr than tlatinji hani.? tlitrr an- a'
w.ri aat.', t.niik. ari- out. li'wral tliic?unt to ttim.- W1H> \,?J caab Joan
with narrar (.. InSlllaSM nanni i- this peuf -'.? I' II ?i.irr, l.i'l
li.rnlai. .1 ; rail a in ai. I m with mr n?nt ; liai.-a ?riown ?7? r ,
riaa-rl".? II ?V HirCllrn'h lit* I '.. . II.tuan, 430
Iii rdna. t.e?r Irnrtlrih a'
Real (Estate to <??han?r.
I?ARM ni 108 aereo in Weatcheeter Coantj ?to
KX' HAM.i for Ilio.ill-.il I'ltdl'KIK V ?rie. fliiooo. ii.lnlt
-.1 k1 LAM. k Will I IM. .". ii,.. nan-?l._
1 RSI E '.n Al'ltKv n.-ar I I I ? ? r I .mitt.
I ...... at ii ? BOMNBU.I lui VA-,, 27ih ?t
tion^rs ano ?arms t?ante?.
PERSONS deairing to RENT theil IIOCSES
1 ir, In-ntrJ to inlrr tli?ni on oor I...V? rn bim nu!'? leal -.
.? pr..riirr.l. Lill 1 k III ilUAKI' i '_!"_ Ilr.u.iw t?.
1 MSIIl.l. UOUSKS TO BBBT ?ill lu.J ili.lr.lil, in, .nu b?
I*-a vi lu' iii a. r el., n ?I war .-Bl.- -S'.i .h-irir, <e. Irai ?.?ri -r t. r.?ry L?t. int. .ra
Ht'TCHINHOS A WlLfdH s ," I ii .?.-,.?," ,n?.
rP0 THOSE looking for placea to purchoae
1 or r.-nt in (in Otf *f Toa?*TI f'.r t.,i- "o ? low ,r,mm ?til, io..r
.; i . t.. 1 II(iM.l> II Cdl-Ll.l.S Y.in.i r . .. I., r o|., u-.-. . . ?
W ANTED ti? RENT (iinmcdititc poaacaaiou
M . . m ,.r '.. . i ,i ??,. t. ,1 a M vi I. il.il'-''
i.aatlT lirrnialinl, III .???? ?iii,ne nrar .hi? Ut) S.a J??r>. t ...- i
. .t [n '? rri.i 01 III.AKI. i.i . :-? n a .|
IM i-alma <a! m terni, arl.ieti luu-t ti, m?,iarala. INM li . II I.
r.aili.a. minn? dttr,._
U'ANTI.I>- Hv u ?small fitiuil.v, n mediutn
. . -' el UM ??!'?' in -h, la,i|hl.el|. ol
.v,b ?ail lo ?lean. iaia a..i li?.
... ?nil |.aitirnlar. II. V\
. r I.nr.. I
Can proyertn io tt't.
'I'd LEASE-TIK? !i;inilMiinc STORE, 4196th
1 .,,. II", t-rl gmt ilat. ula?., (nuit, tan ?:u lot*? r ii.io.! I.walloo
? .i .1. ,. M :_.. . .. au A. ah .:. '.? Bteiw_
/?[""CHANCE.- I'd LEASE, furtiii-licit, it ootqr
?\ UOPB8 l?.iali!, for a itnall family tant nn.leraf t.. a rraponm.
i > |a.ii. liol-.??ii ?I BOO. AppljiatlioT llllLlL, (ourtb door uat
.?Atti tram 2 lu 8 p m _
1 J I I'l'K'! LOFT.-? of iii? mar hie front ti? lim?. ?So. lilt t U-joriti
,? ,i,. . .rn liffel rrnl? , in?-?? ?..m il.i re
_ JAMB l'ld' K No -?.Ml l|p._on,(.
OFFICES for RENT-In ihn large and wal)
li.i.inl liuililiiif Sa*. 707 M4 780 llt~?.IW-,i kuli, .ml corker
r '. ?' ?1. Irniuiir OL Ih? t?rerii!?ei ILiom 2n.
?TEAM POWER to LET-Room 60x80 feet,
ti ann nil.l in ?iiattir,. ?i ry .?,..r,l... fi.r I , .1 m ., k, ra. i't*_<a
?io - mel Ipfeiil? BlSiaij^ -fl^tl, ?9 Bgfra. ,
?TE?M POWER.-To LET, five-story
i^ HI IM INO kui BAOamRT aOsIl or ia rart.aith ?,r a.tliout
?i,.?i ?. r.. i. llloail I BO ? tal L'Ttn at.
SJ I (IRES.- TO RENT ur LEASE, OB the weat
k3 ? . ?oiith of Psssla, on vert f?,?.r?l M tenu? taTer-J (jue
?Illili.i?. auillt Ol tLtni ?r? eotiucotnl auii ol |r,al t_at-a--il> .
.1 IMHS I'iil K -no iln-lKin-at.
lie. lldl'SK. three ttor?, .'?j frei deep ; |?er(,ci ortler. Jtiat
laiteS la yaanp mnttiaa taapl? Applj ?s si-ian 188 Woat. t.'.iL .t.
1 -A i-..m:iio.ll..ni f.aur-?.ir. hi|h havm.ul I? W 1?:|.|.1NU BO088 |
?. II arr i. |, 1 ar I l,<aU-.l tor tw-.il.-i MMSSI So 880 Kui Blast
way. Apjilioati?.!. I.I ?ot. I.? K II J ?Tnaasi OOm K.-nt rriioral.l,
TO RENT-Thii.l-iui-., in tim ndgfaborh?ood
of Koli? Bill? .(.. a Bl II.iilN.i _'U f? M fr.aur .lajr ?a : La-wax-at,
ai ii Ihr?, I ??.r? .'",r, ?ai.-r i-ioa-t. on earh flu ir , n-rlt. $1 ,CilHJ. Ap
pl?, io I_ J. ( Alll'K.N I Kit '.li Thiiil-???.. Ilihl, limit-_
rPO LET-E(ir thd Sunimer iiionllis, at a
X BaaataStlSal ?n i-lairantlt fnn..l,l I.H..I.I? l_i*_j,ot BoDBB
A .,rita oi.'. ?ii ratti.? ant rraiiir, Lnair?! .to, r.?.r 1....11,, .o.i rrcaption
r 1. Br?t floor. AJ..," ii. M.. Uni ."._. I'i.:,._., I ,, ;u?i. oih. .
b1 X* V. "1 Hid It._^_^
T^O LEASE-I lu- liiiililiii^'s on nnrtli-wcat
1 carlin of II r.a. ur ?ml Maali ita . lal,' on opo d bl Mt M it.
Hrearter k (o: andr, or Mtmmt\ th,i ir, ?hool bltl'2'2 trrt at?
Hoon. ???1 if ret|Dlr?il 1'ium (marr ran ti? (urnnh.tl. Tn?r ar? kept
o'? u lor eu_Bii.?tion ?lol ?II piru.ulir? uf term, air,D l?v u1?lr"-i?i|
_A^JCUR-IHKKUT, 44 H?T_titli ara.
?TR?NT or LEASE, ?ill flic LOFTS of th?
tamul .11 ttmry lUit, No. -iii li"kinai. it. ,it??..!ii./ tbroaih
Inflict ki ao?l f.a.iiln.l ". .-r-i.?-? .'.?.,?. h'i "Ki'. II ?Mi U K> I . a. 1
( hi.f.AH 00 Baafc-MS ?1 . SB (. rt .!?,p. hirrkul tiMitioii for Ural
r i-a ira!, r. .| 1 1,1 a ?it,nair, arrnnimiNlatiou?, an'l fin, li|?,l ?ulla
f,w liuniir,?! fart Iroti. nea Koft d?t-, NI??I1T .ie?ni p.?w.r . ,n h, had
if dca ISS. J A IKS Pilli I. J.HI ll_.la..Q II
1 ,?. rl
1 aiiUt
?rooklsn ?roperto ?o Cet.
A VERI PLEASANT old-fashioned full
ailll, lldl'SK ou til, lixhll (Willo? IL) Ul KK.NT. Brown
?im.? H..ni, A4,l|hi.L. for ?ala Konii-t,?i HOOM un the Iii.I to
r,bt, 1 Olio t>. Ill HOC ?era? of r-rit cH-n ni.) lu-iir Im.l in Ki..n? 1
Ieii?rtlr braltbr. Alio, food irml.ar Uat to hirfeaufe for Urooklm
J1 um _5: 1* K'UKB. 3? Pnmm\
r\\) LET-?TORE Na 49 Njaaoaa-at; tbiaa
1 H.u. IUB ul I~UM Hi. I'i?aapp_e-at. OOKboN L KOIIH, .7
.lariat Brootlan. _
rro LET or for SALE-The four-Htory Btone
1 fri.nl HW Bl.I I Mi No. IT'1 ' a.ium?i!? lliiLla, na*/ I'.rrn-uoat it
i^rniii pull?.! (.liar,! ?o?! fri?-o?d thruifhoal, in perfect ?nier,
last, k2 200. Alp. o? yin* art
<f oniurn Proptrin to Cet.
TM3 LET, for a boarding or military HT hool,
. i'.n-r ?Iori III IMilVi .'ii nrmi it Park Ki 1|,, . J Hark
,'i.ia I K. li . kuti |ra.iiuJ ?ml ?caltli.r, real fgff loa. Applr at 10U
. .-? . tk 0 1.
<r>ir.di\ bicamera
rilB Bdl'lHAMI-li.y AND RHfMkB
Tk? it????- t, i-1-.irR, coil. VV Will ,,r.J *>li ,?ll on <ATI'K
I'll I ?I? BB al '. u w. fio?, lira.i.a Pun. lout 1 ti-rt ?U. Uuouiro.
i.a i?, .* oar* li,
BM-MMH? Bull* ??ni 1. Ilrrk-rtt,?. M BATDRDAT. Marri, 7
IIIINII niaaiii OK , ra lu a mun 1? itmimri
rtratcal t ._?l.'O
BaMBi '?til..... 7J
Bl. rr?|e. . Ill
I?. iu(bl?i faaaaar ...... .. . 1 1 ulviliM 1. ... Aiauu.
i ?i ' .1 .."V
I . -a.
Qnroptan -l?rertiecments. ,pt-.m
-'-?---?--- -.'.- j li ? Or ia-Z/^A^V' '.aV-'/v.'V - .V-?" ' * ." "'"'" >"'->''***?'-?,^.?'''v'V''->*V".*' ?**?**** .
^riaTs'nr'WA'RlilES A.N? CLWKS. BENSON. J. W.. Old ?ond.ata.liadi^^
r|Ml? SHll'FlaNG of til? WORLD, uiinilis-r
I a, ' 'ona M i ( .-.- ?. r..._t ??awl?, 1870 roai|,ir?.I will 1.7'ai. ?.
TilP. I Ulm NE A IMANA?. Mew taaiy. I',.?a,i-,|?
II.? H,,., .. IIAIOIII ii,l (1ifa:>?il NtaesiB U,? Woria
\V ?,r-i. i?i i, -,-1B-! .- *r.--B ?l- lult.noii? iur?l r ah
1573 19? BOTTl.KH BOL!? IN OBB MONTH lAOOei-T lWl%
liol* BBiar-?atgSOtal la I- kulin nt K.tilt,
Heil t? ??."rar, lirnta-iu m I Oh??. In Bettle?, al "VI I?, tal ga
TruS M-n Willow i'tOti. Pitt?-. H wir? of lautlt-K,.
Manuinitii.tih. GOODALL, -A?CHQUSE ?_. CO..
I . - ? Nor??t??
Goodalls Quinine Wine.
_ ita MONT AOKBBAHIaR TONIC ,?t la?ro-e*aA. tot
ka, ttliot ot la,alca<Hien, ?.. ' tr?, I????i.t? ita L,,?? ?f Appauu ri m ia
--_?_-.?-_.__. g^ j.ornl. Aria*? HM
j? rel.el
?a ??!.'?
Ba?swtas-t-(l tnr ,u ?tala? ar Ita_ .
^^ J. U. V, .at?-,r*t, L. ttalt. ?a?., P. I . I. f. A. 0. -,
?J*K7V * 4 ..'- *V?W r" Oratara Willara aa? ?Tiantttia >? Ina
?i..i_. al-a -la?*. IK wir* of isi'UUeaa. Prepara?! k?
kalli?, ti at um uOOD,,Ua. HA? BllolaB k Cm..
I,?ia Bea-laa?.
tufton ouiimerg
AC\ lataaUlB ?all fias V e, .11 j?, ,?" Rlret. f-.tef H?T it ?tar?
V Kf?.-? Ka HA! ??.?I HA PI KOA!
Pl.KEglr? 1... I?,I tt I.""t ral?, la, ?nt fi"m (,IA??.0W I.lVhK
Ililli I .< ?NOON Ilk KUY. LOMON. 1H.I.PAH I'. PAKlM IIAMbl'k
(-?a.paa, . ?Ok?- 7 Iloel.nr .???,. N,-w-Y?rk.
HPNI i.KSuN BROTHiaa A.tnlt._
I 1 M 1 ti? HA iK? MAU. .?;K?MM::I?
I .? tlrta.il 1 .r,.? L'.,Il ItM-Ua. p
?..''III I.Kit l?|t Thom?.
?ii mai nt, TI K1<I>_i. Keb. A4 tram kagie Lu,? Pier, feel if rirtl at.
U, bOrtl).
PI.YMi.l-I II IO.MUN ? llhll.tot ltd AMI? IIAMHI'hO
(tb ? Irai i?io,L triii. pi,;.. *,"ni talata, BIB, *.>?:. ?fa-rs?*?
la PI tu -iii?, ita l?tala, 130, rnrri-ri??, itavnig? to *'lirrb??rg ita
IliBilairg I KI guli Vr> u.,,| '?rtela for Himhiirr. gig rarreBry.
roi trt.ghl *pp ? to UM II. hli?K k I.... ?77 kmttk ?A,Uia_at.
Pa? paaMta atpij io KNAITII NACIIOI. A KI IINR,
_litni-rtl Atenta, 11.1 Brotawt?.
roi? HAVANA:
,.. ?1 ra 1-.,, ,1. ?,,.,, K,,., ,i .1 " _
CUT (?P NKW TOKk ?ilivti? direct. . . l-?hn_- IN
1 I Ki ?PA I RA (Kami BOd M-in-o).Ytbrmary II
( Il Y OP MRhlt.A (Mara?an. NUMB) . Pahnia- '.'?
(ILA (llBTina directi.P.braarr A*
cm OP HAVANA iBavaao-mil. Murk r?
>?r .ixl ..1 mala;? al 1 I la?
r ?.I.KXINMIB;_k POBH U um???..
?, .??tiri tata of U?ir brtt ?.?.a fi,li |?i?,-? iron ?x rrm PMBtOBBB
Y? OH Tim No 40 fi. h k.hUl TI 1 -L'A..
ia Nil own
NFVAI.A. CtO?. P,B?TTH.P?b. -i4 li 1'i.OOT.
111.4110 (art Ma..KI. .Mirri? It), al 10 00 na.
MAMIAT'I Aft (ipi. IBU ?.Mtrrb 17 Bl g 00 p. ?
MMHI.Mil A COM. UKI noa.Mart-?? 14 li i" ' ? i ?tv
aigooang < ?n. tomwkat.tim aai,aigtagg ?.
Ctbln bims? fr-" BOO
Nt??r?r? lallt?* (?'-..* No. M Breidwt?). $7)0. tmrwnj?.
Iii ti?,,bl or eabit pattati-r. acjl'tt
aiUalAUg a QUIOB .1" olvsui st
1 I NKW rOU TO UKI? IO!, i Kir ?-I.IKF. i
lal.Bg goodt imi L-?. "t?r, for Ia. lal ' .ir-tnf Ntwpon, ?ikinrcttrr
and ti! pot? in It.- .'.. 1 '.l,inn?-l
Tu. l'a?uirr? al Ibu Liu? Will lal iron Pi?r 1H. Kilt Hirer ti tal
8tBAT WBITRBB. Stamper. -All'RI.AV P*h. "ii
t i BBVt .4 1 la .,...?"...?AUUoA?, Mirrb 7
AKKAi.oN W, ?m.To lollow
i ?...n i motm.gjl
li !. mu-lita-. 4.")
??. . . ?-a-. ;ill carree?-?
rirtl*? wiibisg t* ?foi rb. r lr.-..il? ?Mn ?dui pit paul Ort I
tamk Uran? fal _ I ead npwarda.
tot <!? ?run loaf-Mrai,),!? lo E B MO-OA.N b l-OM?.
Ha, 7?. ?.?. yat ,V???t_
I . . .. r?. ??I followrtl bl Ihcia fur
a. "ra, rea . sfC.|S lil*?-. Alt-ioo.h th?
gell .'?."? 100 ni!.-. l?tt?r w.itt.er ). ?i.-t ei-b.
a I ila,. ,- liai '. .a,..f: m a?, 1. ? I .?gi tod Citlaig I?-?, iu.1 tbr
, ?' ..,,-?
Kara! ?.ail Sl?i.n?r? ar- apr ,"t,t?l lo ?ail .. M NMI
Pt i ujl I -PS jTOWft AMI l.lVbllPOOIa.
(TTY OP UK? SHPLaH.?Al I * li I ? * * Pel?, tit, at 2 y n.
I n't OP M-'N I Ilk.I..-AlliiliA? MIMI 7. ?. S t. lu.
CITY OF ii \T.. IM? i..-K .... lATPaDAl M " h 14 ?t ?I D. ?T..
CITY OF i:I. II.Mo.',.?. MTI'llliAY. Marr.. L'l.iiSi. ta.
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I li as.
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A.Ni'KS .APRIL 1??
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of trer? a^^t.
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12 tarli Hi . H ? .",-. ?? n ?.'. i
A. API Li O Cap!. K. VJM ?i?, ?.?iiriir. r?',rn?rr .1? gig p. m. :
iit?Nii? cUAl.scL?, cn. A. ?.. Out mtmtm, Balta, ;i
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c?)lo.*<. t'tpt-, Sitnr:?? Mai l8, at I a. ok,
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DI lo lorttion.
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macaro, willioal breaking bulk.
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KI KI ti IIATCIl. H. 1. H' II.A1
V.OB -Prend?'.! ind Mtoifng Uicrtor. -,ip?-no(?nd?iit
CAKK.I.N? nib
I N IT 111 Si A 1 lair, MAU..
BRW ANu Ki:LIa-i*<>VVKI("U 8-IHAynillPA.
Si' -T.I r.-a, Sea I "t "u All f..?IM .In. u latrirpool ?a TH K4
Olli. ?I ...?.' -'I ii? a' .?. ? ,
l hi. ITC K Alt'KOA Y Pel, 2S. .1:00 p. m.
AUK.Al'IC. HAU KI)*? ?Ililli, at- Bj a. nt.
BALTIC BAIT KOA! Mur, 14 at '?.'00 yu BL
OTBABIC. IATUBPAT, ?I?r k -1 -?Mata
Kbl'l g_IC ?ATI'KDAV. Malta M M g|gg p .*.
S rea? ina Walu kia. Uoti Paiui ia Perrr. Jersa? ?Jil
Putngrr irroniBo.Hl oat ?fur til cluan?) nunn!*?!. ,-uiabiaUtg
Stlu? ni, ital? r " nu .in., log r??oia tal 'at.-r.Kiai i* ond'h r? o?
Uvu ??nt i'la? ?olino 'I fell. Burgeon? .Jil ti? wtr l.tt-a ?. -run,*??
la ... Har,?
KA ! il-Hi,?.t. ???'. <?> >. It?' ?u I??!?*, in i ' Btatnge.
13... rui.-r,.'. I nu?? wubi_i va tool tot fnaa'.t ir ia lae Old Cuiuilrjr
cat law uouia it*?,?.?' i r>'t?tiJ rvr.a. i>w 071*1. eurr-wr?
i'tiaeitiri Koala?, la ot Ima u. peru ot A-?rea. Paru. Hunhotg
Hvrai?, awrdea. lill Av.. iii?. Cu?n?, ke.
UyatU ?ron Jil a. wir..
I*r lUllarrl|..|, af I IBI ?Bl othtr I nfarmit OB. tpp.? II IDt . ?IBptni't
" .N .* .? a 1.II..1-. 1 . .. J ' '?..I ,- la?
StramDoata ano Railroa?s.
Tkt HW tad ?item Slewaen B?OMII ULAN!, Tica-i.t T.art
di.tiBl K?n,n,?.i and .? ?KK A?, ? ?? ?. t i T ?l.?..d?.i ?A ?.?." ?di., lad
P-niiri fra? Pier AS Aotlk a-rar (?ol of Ji?-n. ?BMf ittcepi Bat
tar), ai i ?.-. unrlBgiB Boitoa ibtad e. ?,1 .,i_,, . u,,
l i?i?u (?r ?el?, al ?I inaaiuai Kinrola. Ulm. ?ad Siawww-_. le
aaiaat .! Ik? oO?wi of V, ?Kuli i glana ?"? ??i ?I -'.J BroaSwa?
L. W. K11 k.NS p. B. UABi in. I Pita-leak
?... Pits. Art
bar mil i? a.
OB ?ad illa? I>*?. 1 1B7J, "a,^ . a ,,", w^.^ jjigk?i ?k, Bra?!
Ire al follow? iSisJift tietplwl):
P -i Palebogae Bad ?avaria?.ill? .1.1, .na li i.:S0 um lid 4 p. t.
Tot Itttp tal lnt?rwt!iti? .til; a, ,i j "li a in ?u. 4 iwl 5 p m
Kar Biui ni ID! mwaiwid-tia ?IBU ?t ti a?.?, a, ia. ata 1.0,1, 5,
ltd ?7! i, ia.
K?,r M.inrk mi liiteraedltlr lUUon at J . ') I. m ata 1 KO. b. t.
ti,I 7 p. m.
f i lUiiiwUiJ, KotktetT ita i.lrriued.lle ?Utln_.lt OJO a m
Un. i ., .u i ' i u
Stau?? ttu.? let?? Btlbwteb for I.I p it 0 t ?
?.?? V. lai-UA-N. ?Bi,<{i.iaataBk
Quamnoaio ano fiauroaoa.
BRIDGEPORT, and all points on Roaaataaf?
aad Naaiaiaak Hn i .,!? V?r? 81- Staaa?, I.AIHA la liarsa
t.n??-_ No a.|bt , it from Na? ??.rk aad ma oaj tooel tr-m* U Au?
pott ?'.?tiri BKin.iKPOKr al t"for,._
VJ ALLBHToWN I.I.Mi TO THB WB1IT. -Paiatntt mi Ymyki
nation in Naa Tar* '.,-.?' lAhrrtt at (<,?..ri,,-'? n? a ti.
Koalk lira?,", le K. at Haiaptaa J?ae?i?-n w.l? Irelawar? U.II?HM
aad Wa?t.-rn Kii,,l al Phi'lip?h?ri wuk l-rhich lad K?a(?.fc?a??
l_.iai_R_._i .'.i. ?lui Lan,eli ?Tallai Bailroad L)ir.,i km la Hai-r.?l.arg
litubanr*. ??! ik? Waai; ?ma m < ettnl P.?anira?., ?a? N?a 1-r?
(oinn,?n,i?l !>-,. 1. llT.', -Itrttt htm t..r| aa foBMM
d.i.. ?. n -N?w? TaaiB Pat Saatna ,.,th ,i,??i? Buk CLnrtma*.
Maura Cham, Tami^aa ,1Vilkaakarra. .kraal?,, ki?
eta m- A ay I'ra i. for l-iatnSeltl.
7 a a. -WtrTrtin f?.r PUaiaat?? Raatoa B,l,i4>ra Ma>?k(l..?k.
Wik"?i?iT? PiMa'o? n.r,.... i .,. Mt. . ... Han,'.i? luaa
MMSSk, To?_jid, Wia.rl??, k?. <__.,,_, a: Ja.ri.ua ?i-k |)?l .
Lark, ?ad Weat. Kailr..?.!
? a m ?BmWl Ki maa d*>|.r (eieept <l.ia.l..a, fat Ka.to? AH?.
town, liimtbitn. ?vi IO? Urta?, Ca?n,<_, al fmmart.?Ir mt Pleaaat?
toa. n Kallon .r Muck t'baak. li m pi ?A uroo.rr? Seiai.ua.
kr. ?itn ?unrowb ear, to Dia?.11?. VI ill aaaport. A*.
10 -Da ni - -lay Trail fer >??i.rn "
li 49 p. a-Rimai?, for ?bannon Kaato?, Bath Air,to ?a.
Maocki'liank Ultimo? til? Haalaton U,,..,aha,rt ?Cr ra ?ki a Heal
ia? C?l?mi.ia ?.aaeaato' Kphraia PoUaait!, Himai.art At.
I 30 ? a. Vi,, I tun lot Kialoa AlWalaa?. tai Haltrmar?
3: JO p. a-Wn Trai? for Pla.a . ?I
4 p a -Wa? Train for ha?-?? A.laa.oa?. aad Maork ' l-uai i ?a
' ?na at JaartiM with Dvl. Leak, ?ad Vital. R K.
??KO ? a. -War Trail for boinmlie ?ad Y.,a.?(''>?
6 a- a. -Wa, Train tor Noan nil*
6 I.'. . a -Wa, Trahi fur P.aialald.
I.|ilp.? hnmiii Kii-aaa?. di a ki K.ito? %. tuarn, ?lima
kau. Rcalitf, Hir.ib?r| Pittihtr.ii CaatttU) kr.
C p m.-W?, Tr?.n for ??an,ii *,
li I'I p. a -Por l'a .'-I
7 10? a -' RaijT?iit>-Por Pauto?
9r li p. a.-War Trata f?r Unmr ? I.,.
11 4S p. a -Kor Y a.ni.11
tm OtUktaO? m kit ti ?.20 ?.40 7 7:88:8 8 4") B ? A
10 JO ll.lb v ?-,.. J2? 1840 1. 2 2 io 3 4 A0 ,*?
4 4:IS 1.(0 t 45 S 5:18 leSO I 4.', (,. A 20. S:40 7 IS,
7 40 A it, 4 IA. l?i. it. 114. p. a.
n V. aa'iRK'l gtat ami Ra?.
II Y Hu ..'v (.?aaerai Paareagrr A.-ct.
-Li MuNT ?' Tnia ut _e?_Vel J.nn.r, U l.Tt P .mt (. ..aa
keri at. Depot I Vnt 2ii ?t .?. na'* 'tU.m )
8.00 ,. a -Cincinnati ?a. Chira?? Har Bipraaa. Dr??va? Ra*a
BlSSB-S t?i fin?a .. aad ilrapiur t'uarln-, to diana,.i .o
lu I j ? ?a -Riprrai Man far Buffi.? ?al Nii|tr? Pi.ia. tmramg
(.??-. lo R?falo.
7 p. m. (_>a.lT).-P?r-i' Ptr-i-.i to -he W.-i * -p ? i ( .?rhe?
tkroaih .o Uafalo N.?p-a Pilla Onct??A!t 0" "?' ?al ri.i,?|<.
?iiLa.ut ahini?
Tiai?? it?.* hr
Port Jar. , i in) 8 00 MO IO aa-r 10 48 ?- a. IK). IS KO ?m4
'7 p.a.
Iliditito?? ino yg, ?o 0:00 MO 30 ?I Hld i a S Hi.
4 30 'Ol' . ol *7 p a. Il, H ?KI a. .r. , io?! t.' 0 p a tra ?a
r,?arr; a th "UwYork aad ".??,. Mi I'.? 1 Ral road
?. moat ?ad K nfiiou "( .HI *. m. aa.i a- I'i p. u
Co?b?n "li ?I. *U0 I- Ml 8 '"> I" .10 ??d [0;45 ? a ?.W,
It 46, 4r.?H. di- IO and 7 00 p n
Htubcrgu. '8 d') '. mu 10:46 t. a. .1 ,M aad 1..?O p. a.
Wira ,k. 1 'K) 10:45 a. m. an I I ill p. tn
Bqdam 'ti e Xi 1 it, rio . io .!(! and lu ti a ?a 4'. I ?
IS no '7. .ni -l I rila a.
l_i__r??io4. Hon.las A n.daie ar.i Kaiaaer i II). S 49. R.
Hi io i It? .0 IO li ?? a , a l!> 4 (i. I" HU TI.J 'ii .K1 a. a.
P.ia ?on ._. A Ik 7 H ?b .10 Id ?10:80 Ultu li Vi
? m. l'iaooa. M li di'. 4 46 4 t I.'. I I IS ? -H -te -7.
8 li 10 JO and ? i : .0 1 rr... an- li aS.-urii? a.iii? .i'i,?.
N??ark ?0, 7 .?-'-o \n4k tau II ill t m. i.\0 4 45 t,
ana 'G 30 p. a in] 12 ???iori, i, f-v? ? ait
RuHta-farl Pirk and PiMix. 6 io A 18 30 10 . K1-?ii 1
looa ?1:40 4 o !". r\. -li ?0 8 li 10 !'i an I 1 ! .10 p. a.
II billi IIKIII? l.tuiWi? i,8 la, a.* H V, ?. ra. i .1 4. \
ii li. n ?all 1 Hanrda, a rxu ault.
Snalciod 5 i. ?V ai,d 8;30 a m. 1 M) 8:11 t li, 4:1.* b W,
6 30 aad *' 4J o n ur 1'.' fitar.1?. liffctl ?alf.
Cr??aakill. 8.8.18 ?nd y. -II _. a., i KI J 1J. II"-. .'-'IO CallO.
la<i '7 48 P ? lill? "i?tu"Ur i. f it? on |
SaataWH '. ?( . M48 IO KU 1:90 1:18 I l8, 4 4o I ul.
6 80 17 4* p. ? , ?ol I'i BsSSfSM n.i'ii on.?
Parana! lad?"Ui 1 J au 'j .10 . n? 1 J'l i IV 4 I I A)
KM 'a lil? n. .. . 1.'ka-nrdav n.ibU oui,
Bpnar V"l" an-l Wi' IsslStBOl m tri Jp ??
Ro-ra -Traisi ei, n. I .labirl.t ?n ???a or ftal hann lui,
Twaolr thirl at l8 a. i-H'i tttOm thtt khrt? -m inn? la?. t|
( l.a-nliar?-?t it |?irt-r ii?'?r. bal T?f0l> laitiat 30 ninui,. ,?r..,r.
Boat? le?" Tt?,Dtr ;l?m it al 10 ?O a?d II I" _" ?-. .? ?r
?in Irani .a.l-l I a. ?-?.rail. ?I ..?* batir, Tu jan ,a?ll_i
adaiikl invni Mart rim I kilaben-it nnlr
1 rta?, tot tim ,tt aal r aparmrnt? in Ur.ari?? Room ??o- Sl,*| aa#
' alick? c.a p? ?abuinad .-- orOrr. lor in? ra??i?< a??i tra??!,? al
Illili? ai' h, '?It ii Ik, iomj.1??? oBa-o.-JI'. bit) ?0-IS57
B-.i.i? c?r U"., lionlrrd ni t?r?ti ?tth II. and ibr.i.t? i
Tomtit. Br-Hn'rn ,. th to i.ao.r'l Wwli ?J m Ayr,.-, .it;..
.liatl,. (S?? ian ?^ J
_Nd. N. ABBOTT. _i,*-r.. Pi?i,ai,r A?,if.
VEW-HAVES, H?RTrORD. See. - Kim?.
I?S |1 Jo i?iaiiil'iii P,*-?lp(oi Baa Hit? ?iii 1. awl ii
p. a . Liailr 1*. "'. ,i?'?-it, li eoiiur?ti.i/ a .b Ik? r? ira,d
i. 1:00 n ? l-oil'i.; 9. B ful o P.r? P'it,
C.kmfir. I? Ud^r B *4 2.?. N PBOVtDBN
I).,, ?hn io HO Ti? ti .i T., PBOVIIlBBl W ._'
PP, tht at Bump roi,,, lo-iu, ?. ;'r..r 'tit' aim lloaton IU I'' ,.
arti I'i n BWsrSMlwB H. . for ? I .moo. ?n: N I., (.?.lui !.?...
1 ALI RIVER l-lv?f .
lor BU810M ?a NFWl'ilRT rind PALL BIVEB,
DAII.1 .SI NI.VI - I'M Pill '" 61 IF 9
FROM ?naa to vona urn .odi OB MIKKAV?.
USSUKBn ?TitaaKiti
a 11., ('.lia ram li_'. , tua I ,k?t
A p ?B-tcoa 8nii.
A* KlVkH Rtll H?til- t'irr .Sid _ I , j I nrotj?.? ima, ?al
?a? Braal ? . ml I-., i
M ." .. r. a it _-.'_,i, Nurtliirn flat -l, '.?ali irawini-mo.a ian
tbr"of li UI Itorpae,,? r IsJ k1 t nana
10] 10 ? .? Su? -? .. . ii.'i n l tp -. ? ali m?.LI :?oa .ra I? (__._.
?t,r K?f,.o, a.
lu * ? .. o S.,a.:.?.rn ?i t 'V ..-rrn kti.rrit.
.'. 40 p m . A. a?( im lia ki ? ? -
(Ula m t|,?l '. ti...?? ? ? . I >'.? i'.l |0
Al A mt?.
6:00 p ra Bipr>M I'. . . '? dttpOgaWB ' >. V^.tar^,? ant
Cl .1.1 .? ,?!?
8:110 p. a. Pi"'. Si-r'K II? - ; .- .-. ' rH?. . ?|,r.
Baa.. ?ni RllfMa li,., i..lU/U'i ?< ma L. a Mi ?, 4a
ha Iro. ia
. ! I_?l n ? K'pr?aa - , ' ,- . ? tlt.iir.
Wai '? ^?.. .a ,*l i. n ?? ? M i. ? ? ?.
. n Kvsr.Rim
?? nt ii 1 ,,_a.i_>r A . .1
. oma. Olmo? MOX0A1 M ? . 1-7.1
i.KAVK new voKK PI Kit ?? ..nura ?maa. '?.n ?i K.,
pa? .L '.r tiian. t.. -1.1.1? II io?. .. mt?. i| auk ira.u. foi _-i
,-,?:"n? ?u thi? an -?II'I .- '
S l.ll . .-!?.>, I'H '..- i.i Ima* llriurl, Um- lia*?, Y*" Koa
-^.'.j I .m. U i t. . \ . - r, u|
~*?M? il^Ji.iti? en i_,_l.n_ al tv hu :i_ . . ,r ii'lrri? Kilr ?I
""rr,'!_.K " " ,mL? Uraat?. It-.l P...I Pul VI , ? t. Iv.ua
4.00?*.-r-, -^. ....
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