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voi.. x xxiv.i\<\ io,r>c>o.
iUNC.t-.t) A SOIT Ilk UM It ? CUtDirAllLE eTKKC'li
Wasuim.iov, leb. .1?A weet ago this moraine;
Qraw Butler tailed up his motion to reconsider the
?oto 1>> wini li the fin? UigLu hill wiin recom?
mitted to the ?I in! : ri.u.v Committee, and to?
day be jrot a Tot? on that motion under
the opera; um of new rule. Hie procecd
infra, until tho hill was f.uil.V in tho
House were devon! of intcri??;.. Then (?en. Butler
allowed a gt(vit number of amendments to bo redid,
after wini ii ho took the floor and made a short
speech in favor of the bill. It was one at his impas?
sioned eflorts. frequently iuU-rruptod by ques?
tion* from the Democrats, and urging the
old argumente for tho pasnago of the bill
just as ho closed a remarkable scene occurred
Utwivn lum and Mr. Mt Lean of Texas, who seemed
to be in a m i.v extiu-.l condition aud miMiudorstcKid
a remark wl.it li (?en. Butler had made. Mr.
Ki black liad asked Qen. Butler if he
thought juxiplo ol Southern fctatos wero
capable of stll-governiHent provided some
i.i lu.s aaaeiiiooa were true. (Jen. Butler replied that
if murder? rs and hoiec-thiccs, night-riders, and
in? ii in uiiifi.rai ?<?.ild not be r?j?-traiiied hy the peo?
ple, tlie Untied Statee ought to interfere. McLean,
who,owing to i! e coiih.??ion. did not hear Gcu. But
!...-? i,.iai,ii.ali.ms, asked if lie ine.iut to say that
the people ?1 thi i Booth are m uniereis au" horso
t li lev te.
"No! N?.'" ? m ?I ti. ti. Butler.
?? Besaaes," Batter] Mr. MeLeaa in alow tone as he
took h.s Mut, " You are tlie only murderer I know
of on this door; yi u murdered a mau in Hew
Orleai ."
i his reniai k C ii. Butler did not bear, but when
soiuo oin reported it to lum he sprang out of Ins Baal
ead cud thal the ti.m had passed when such ruf
lianlj. i. oli.-ii ai.tl ui.gt iilleiuaiily lauguago would
Uii.?< an] one. He ?afterward declared that so far
ii. ?u taking aa\f < : Baa at reftreuceto his hanging
a m.m in New-Orleaoaj he gloried in it, and only
wished thal be h.?d hanged a great many more. Mr.
MeCleaa aftenrards withdrew his objectionable
language, hal it waa t ?mo time before the excitc
tiii i.i on iii? floor Bohatded. After this tho diMCus
ai?" "ti t:\il Bighta biU began in earnest
;.i..l t ..; linn ?I, with exoeption-ef B recess for dinner,
i.uni about lu oTcloik Hi.? evening. Tho iir.st speech
etasaaadahy Lynch, one of the colored men from
ippi, and would have done credit to any mem?
ber on the floor. The voting on ameudi.i?uts will
hegui at 1 o/lotk to-morrow.
MNAiK. 'um.i .mut wini Liruiis favoring
ITS i:\iiKK All'iN.
[Haiti ILL RH.l I.AK lail'.l.rsi'OM.IST OF TUE TRIDC\B.]
\S A?iiiN(.i(?N, Feb. 3.?The rreeid? nt has sent to
I he Senat?: the redprooitj treaty with the Hawaiian
Islands whieh wa? Bigned m this city on the 3oth of
List month. The following is the full text of the
convention :
1 he Un led State? of America and His Mitlesty the Klmr
al tue Hawaiian 1*. ui.il.-, ???nally mumal?-?! by Um tie
ire to BtrengtBen and perp< tute the fneo'lly relations
wiiiii luise aeretofora existed batweea them, ami to
? uiiKi.iitluii- ti ?ir ?. ?nu a. i ii ni i tatet course, have [?-solved
?iii.i?i into e c?nv<iiiiLiii for eoiiiuii nial reciprocity.
J>'nr fill? pui| tise i ia r,.-.-'. i;t of lue Utnted Stat is lins
conferred full powers an Hamilton Ki?n, a a retary of
Mit?-, aud His M,,i,?i\ tin. K eu' of ihu Huwaliau
.n ni? .... ii. i.ii. like powers on the Hon.
M i- ia I? Allen, Cblcf-Jttstlee of tho Supreme
Court, Cn am aller f.f tu?? Kititrdoro, member ol
in?- l'ut) lam?. ii ?.f Hiuti, His m. |. Mj?? iiuvoy Extra
... i ;. i Plenipotentiary to the United
- of Ann in-i, ?nil tlie Hod. Henry A. 1*. Carter,
m. nu.i-r of lue Pi vv Council of Is ate, His MaWti's
Sp? dal C ililli.i-si.m-r to the Uuueii Hates of America.
Audtliet ?I,'( ?i i'.''- i.ii.tii S. ^lu r baring eXCbSDxed
tli? ir tun powers, will ii arc round to be lu duo form,
have agreed to thu foUowloa articles :
F.-r and in consHpr.-itiiiii ot tin-riurhfu? and privileees
?-r..nuil bj iii.? .'.i.j ?tv, ti.e KiuK of tin. Hawaiian
l-i.unis In ttaa ti? xt succeeding armies or tbeconren
nun. uni as mi equivalent therefor, tins United Hi.ttes
, I Amen,.? lu a. l>. agree i ?' ..um, i ml the in in las uained
tu (m ' :. ? ,.,ili ...? ki ne lu ?ii?; t-t gTOWtb,
i- .ii'.-ii. e o? i.lor? of tbe Hawaiian Islands Into ali
ti.? porta ( l t,"- I'm ile i Si iles, lire ?it duty.
Stktdul? Arma r o:, oaator-oll : iruiis, nuts, vegeta
il ?,i.uni .?ml undrted, preserved ami iinpreserved;
.?ml ?kins, uiuiiess, ii ; nie; pulu; randal, lion.
or other ornamental t\o0?!s, si eds, plants, rinnba, or
Ire? .-i mus? otado, brown, ami ?ia other um, lim ?1 suiiar,
ueanlug binii> n.i grades ol ?ojtar beretoforeeom
nulli Imported froin tbe Hawaiian Islands and known
lu li.e mai k< I* ?if Si?.i ii iii Uro and Portland a* " H.iiul
v, cl, I-. liai apa o! HUfc-ar-cauc, lunado, and
aioluai.es , tallow.
?rWaad In eonslderatimi -t tbe rieht* and privilege?
Bl? nitetl lu til" \ i it ?I Slates of Aim i lea iu UM tiro
Mrdius urtlii? of line coin? utioii, end us an equivalent
ti.? i lor, Um M .j siy lbl Kmi; of 'he Hawaiian Islands
lan in Baree? te admit a I in? am? les named in the te*.
lowing ?< i,?iM i . io. - tin? being 'he growth, mauufac
ti.n , o? i iiKi.il? ol ti United Hi.itcb o? Am? rica, tuto
sil tbe ports ol t bi Hawaiian Islands tree of duty ;
Srkedulf? Aglii ultiual Implemeate; an.mais; beef,
la? on, (.1,1 k, nilli, .ild all fit -li, su.oked or pt oat-It ed
meat?' boots and sboea; cram. Hoar, meal, and brau;
lirend and h-?s?.rt (I- of all kinds; bricks, limo, and
ressent] butter, eheaeo, ?atd, uilow, bullion, coal,
?" ' ?-, ; nat .ii ?'?.ii-, inch?.ling tar, pitch, rusin, tur
I'i iliu?., raw and reettfled; copper and <-?.imposition
kbeaUnua, nafla and oolta ; ?witton and uiunufaciures of
ii'iun. Li i i.i i ? ii und min,e.iclied. and whi-liii i or Dot
(?.(.rc.i, stained, painted, or printed; ?-kits, ?su buU
-, and all otber ticitiuies liv.iiat in the
\tater, and too prolurts thcieof; fruits, ante
sud reffetablea, areeo, di ed, or nndrted, preserved
or nnpreeerved ; bard -at? -, links, fun, aklns, ead pells,
uni in. t?, nalia, t.plk?-s,
aud bolla, tarka, brada or sirius; i??-; iron and steel,
and iiiuiiiifitii mes theieot ; :? unc?; lumber aud tituber
if ali ?ii.ils, lunn.I. .V no1, tawed, ?tud uiaiiii.'at lined in
wbole or ia part; doora, aasbes, and blind?; maelilneVj
of all kinds. i-iiiTiiu s end parts thereof; oats and hay ;
paper, stationery and booka, and all manufacture.? of
paper, or ? f p ??-r and wood; petroleum, and all oils
tor lobrleatiae or illumination- porpriaes: plant*,
stirnbs. tri? s, and seeda; nee; suttar, r? Hiu-d or uDre
ii ?al ; h ii mi); fcii'ok-, atarea, and eeatdioars; wool
and inai.uiu? t?n?-s of wo??i, otber th m reedj mads
?k tim and carta lor lae pwpoeoa of agnenl
tare er of dray aire ; Wood and maoitfactorea of wood,
tiiof ?ood .nid until, ex, | t furniture, ?-lUi.-r utihol
stered ?.i ? iirveil. sud (?eYriai-ts ; texulc manufactures,
inatle ol a ?milli natlou of wo ii, eotton. ?-ilk. or lim ii. or
if a:,\ two or moro of them, oTUer than rcady-mado
? lutl. .
Tbeerltlenei thal articles pinposed to be admitted
Into thi ports f lb< L' li ?i State*Of America, or tbe
(Kilt* of til? Hawaiian Ulai.ds. lue of dutv, uudei the
rticles ?.I tli s ciiiiveiiiiou, are tim
Siowtii. lu?.. Droduee Ol the Unit. .1 ?"tates of
America or ol tv Hawaiian Islands, reapectlTelr, akall
be eatabilabcd under ?u ti rolas ami i? ?rui.tiions ami
eanoitlon? for ti ? protection ol ti.? reTeuue aa the two
ii m M.uiuii- u .o Horn titiio to Ume reapeotiral/pre
Noeiport duty or ?iiiti?;.- rlia i lie lmpo?ed in the
Ilawaii.iu Inlaiiil? or in llu United Malen 11,1011 any of
ti.1 artltks pi poa d ki tu- ailmiited uno ihi-portsof
th?- United Stale* or thi p 1 s of Ua?S Hawaiian Islands,
free of dut>, uu?er the Uisi uud second aititilts ol this
ttillVt 'llllOla.
Tlie priM.it '"tv.'i': .. ?ball lake eff'et as soon as it
?hall hate been approTed and proclaimed hy His
Matjeetj in. K ?in 01 the Haw,allan Islunil?, and shall
ha. e ( ?( 11 lal. hid aad dun- proclaim? d nu iii? part of
r< 11 in? Ut of the 1 .l'eu Males, hiiU tin la*s re
fju 11 ?ji tocmi? it late operation i-tniii have boen ps?rid
if ila tuiiri'sc Of HW l.'iiiled Males Ol Ainelicas hiie?
a -. ut li.i.i. ? beeii ?mu ead tbe ratifications of the
?1.nveiitK.il baTlna heei eBatbaaeeS, aa piotided in
Ariii-lc VI . tin- t ?'tiMiiiiou ?hail remull? iii lona- fur
tereii peate from Um ?mi?- at wkkefe it mej come tate
t-e<i11t1t.11 ; au'i luiiiir until tin expirationot twelre
titouilis ali. 1 all bl r or Ute in*rfi eootraeilnc parties shall
?ive ooti'-e lo fne ntl.cr ef it* wish to terminate tin
tame, em h of tlie klgti ? uiiiiu? uiin parties bein? ut
liwertjrtoi notice lo tbe otber at tbe eud of Um
a.ud term el aereo >cuir, or at on] time ihtrealter.
Ainu 11 vi.
laepteteateoareotion snail tie du'y rntifiei and tim
*aiiki?.?lloiis ?iilia/i?;. ?1 bl WaH.iu?'"'U CltB willi,11
*?-?'.,? ?ii munta* irom th?: dato iiiuoi, or earner 11
la leitit whereof the re?peetive plenipotentiaries of
li?t; li lilli ?oiitla? Uuv liarn ??patte Signed lh<- pICM-nt
t o vint, ou, aud Uate i.tlUed theieto their rtepettive
Hone in duplicate at Washington the JO'.h'day of
iemtaiy, jo (iii yeal of oui Lord. 1M6.
!**??l j Hamiiiun Fish
Be?l 1 Ki.isiiA li. Al 11 v
"eai.j ?itMt? a. i' nsiss: ?>?
The President also s*-ut to tut- ?Senate with the
treaty letters from lir. Young, Chief of the Hureau
ht btatiauca. and btueterr Bristow, ?Mntaining
ptntirtio* of the trade h? tween the United State.
and the Hawaiian Ialanils. The latter favors the
I__fls__oa of the troaty.
inr rUBSBkl- TO TUf! TfllUCK-.]
Washington, Feb. 3.?The needs of the Treasury
for more money aro pressod upon the Ways and
Meaos Committee by tho Socretary of the TrVasory
With increasing tong. C.ireful inquiry leads to tho
discovery that the $30,000,000 of additional revenue
v> hu h C.Migrons is now asked to raise is not needed
to pay tho current expenses of the (Jovernmint,
but to keep up the sinking fund.* The law
requires that the revenues shall- be applied first
to tho payment ttf tho interest on the public debt,
and second to the purchaso and cancellation of one
per cent a year of this debt. There soems to be a
liifTerence of opinion as to the meaning of this law,
both in the Committee and among- Um. members of
Congress. Some of them hold that tho debt that
must be paid under the section creating the sinking
fund, is bonded interest bearing debt? This Is tho
opinion held by the Secretary of the Treaenry, and
if it is correct the deficit in that fund is
now between $31,000,000 and $32,000,000; but ii tho
other interpretation _ tho correct one, namely, that
tho debt referred to is non-interest bearing debt, as
well as that ri presented by bonds, then the debt ha?
lacen i educed since the passage al tbo act creating
Iho sinking lind $150,0on,000 moro than that law
require?. If the Secretary of the Treasury were not
required to pay any money into the sinking fund
during tho rnrrcnt year, the surplus revenue would
be about $9,000,000.
The Committee are now coiiRidorinK whether they
will take np the Bubject of tjie tanil for the purpose
of raising the money required. When this is de?
cided on "the part of the Coinniittee and the Secre?
tary of the Treasury, tho Committee will then de?
termine what they will do. 'lhere aro very grave
doubts that any tax or tarill bill will be coiisidcied
at all. A year's stock of whisky is already
on hand, and about the same quantity of tea and
coffee, and the ditliculty of taxing articles now on
the free-list is too well known by the Committee to
meet with any encouragement, especially since thero
arc only four weeks left oft he session. Some of the
members say they will not rots to add a dollar to
the taxes or to mcreabO the tarifis.
There are already many persons in Washington nt
work in anti? nu! ion of a change in tarilla. Boms
of these favor addition.J ratas on articles in curtain
Into??*??, and some of them aro in Lim ol towoi
rates, or prefer to have tilie:in as tiny are. .Mi.
TifiatiT of is(\\-York dsstrod to be beard by the
Comuuttoo to-day iu favor of redticlnn I he tarill' on
diamonds frorn ten per ci'nt to live. 11(5 sais he
thinks that rato will bring moro revenue, because
there will bo less object for smuggling, und
this will protect honest importera and j
dealers against those who pay no duty on
gems. Other persons aro here to urge an tacTOSBe
on articles used in the manufacture of linseed oil ;
others to protect Bologna r-au-uges from further
duty. Sec. It is thought that tho Committee may
be able to decide to-morrow whether they will con?
sider the subject of increasing the tarill and taxes.
This evening the members of the Commit?M met
at the residence of Secretary Bristow, who is unable
togo to the TraasoTJ or tho Capitol, lbs ne.ici.il
subject was discussed, but no conclusion w;?-.
reached. The Secretary, as heretofore, not do no n c
oniriie.'idatifins, and it is evident he does no1 intend
to take any of thO SBSP__sibility. If the (Journal t? e
decide to take up the tariff question, Mr. Sheldon
will probably submit hi? proposition In regard to
sugar. Under present laws there are six classifica?
tions of sugar on which duties are paid of frein 13 to
21 cents per pound. Tho total Dombet of pound-.
imported daring the year was lr511,458,(_Sl and the
duties amounted to $3(i,49.';,4;0. Most of the Migar
was of the grades not above 13 of tho Dutch standard
in color, the number of pounds bein? l.'..'17,O.MOO0.
The great miss of the sugar imported is refined h.ie,
and Mr. Sheldon is in favor of putting all grades not
above 12 Dutch Standard at ?.'J cents per pound) all
from 12 to 10 at 3 con tu ; 10 to BO at 31 (-cuts, and
above'JO at 4j cents, Tins, lie says, is an Inei?MC on
an average of less than J Mut per pound and will
increaeo tho revenue $7,000,000 yearly.
W. Mil.son BOB-KTS IS FAVOH Of THI ahoi-iion
ITOOM AN OCCISI?N?.! ,OQ_??H* IbTD?BTOI th iiuni'M-.J
Washington, Feb. 2?W. Milnoi Roberts, the
well-known civil engineer, ha.s addressed a letter to
Capt. Ends on the subject of the late report -of the
combined Hoard of Army and Civil ?r.giucers in
favor of the jetty s.vstim for Opening the mouths
of t-0Mississippi, explaining that, while ho con?
curred in the report recommcndiiiir the South Pass,
on the ground that the opening of it first would be
eionomical, his judgment clearly is that the South
West Past, is the better oue to ailojit. lit adds :
Mv )iKlt!iti<nt wa?, ami i?, tliat after the Jetties ?bonld
lio eel?lalisbed and deep water aWO?red at Mia St/Bib
Weat Paaa, a verv iinn-ii aiualli-r emu Hun t?ti.too per
annum would maintain tlie tirivitrntiou In ?ill future
time ; ann laut 1 waa liy nu nu mi? un i :>i.it it Wutilil
i iii ii ire lesa attention anil luanna:, ui< i? t to manna.u nu?
worn? al the South Paaa th :n it would al ti.?- Boatb Weil
I'.?*?. Un?-reason for lilli-la, tbnf there \x no in realty
for any work ut Um upi>< r ? m1 ?.i tlie Bo-ttvWeal Pass,
while there is at the South Pace. Aumliir la, tint ila.
(treuter width reader? it )t-s* Hoble to wiiotia obstrae
tinn from a mud lump, or a wreck, Ae., In lu- ubannel.
1 lip position ami i Miction of tit*- mouth of the Soatb
Weal i'a-..A with reference to |the prevail) Dfl ?Aluda. Inun
tin i, 11;; < a-r ami. art. ?round to tbc Bontb-eaal nod
South, are preferable t?> tliO position mid dlrOOtlOD of Hie
Paaa It will make alietleiai.il trntt I a!ipctian
i. : tu tn, (iuir. Knmi Uta lon-KoiuK u is obi U oatbat if
you or any reaponelble party eonld eve a propel .-um
Mute, for in at i ti t -> 1111 ?i k the full depth for .t p< nod of
> i ara, m reaaonabla annual eoat, I would not bealtata to
rt-oouiuK n.l tin (iivei mu nt to chut mto OOntraCl lor
improving the Huutli West Pana in pttferOBOS to mt
Hou tu i'.iaa.
Tho Hou. William Windora, Cbairraso of th?
Se loft Senate Committee on 'I iaiis;...r!atioii, lia? ro
iiivnl noommunie;B_OIn signed by tlie MaM.isof
Um Btatc Oranges for the Btstos^of Missonri, Iowa,
Wisconsin, llinnosots. Nebroo, i, Kau.-..?.-.. Ohio.
Pennsvlvaiiia, Illinois. Michigan and Kentucky, and
l lu ('hallinan Sod >i ( I el.ii y of the Exi I illili <\ mi?
nuit.c of the National (?range, warmly urgiug BOOM
BOOB??TOS at this seesmn for the ltnpioit nieiil of the
Bioiiths of tho Mississippi. They mj :
It is Hie tiiavi ihuI deairo of UM pioic oftboM --I
aippi Valley mat Hil* work be exacatad a* rapldl] ae
poaaible, tbo report of tbe Sp?cial Boord of BoiclDeera
iii 'a\ or of ali i'la II tiver lijou.li I', pi efel el:- e I I a i ..li.ii
m in bartnoBt willi tM>- vu w- aod wi-h'-. ol ?lie p opie.
If James H. Kiel* and his an-ociaie will pndertal tbe
?ort at inen own cost and i inn until tbe prop r eltannel
?ball be ?.?? i urt-il. es pp.pu-- il al Iii - la t >. ,., i or t m
areaa, Um unoet-Koed bare no ?etdtatluo lui
tu?t In ibeir opinion the puiiiic aentiroeni will uoquei
tit.luiii.v approveaaeb aetlo. byCaODBTatia. Toi , ?pla
dealre aa open river mouth, of ample oapaeltr. bat at
Ibe leaal poaaible coat aid n-iinf poaaible n.kt'itiie
'Ite.iailiV io llilid willi the ?pOOdlMI pu,?li I" exe. (I
t ni i i tim w?rB?wiaieii eoodltioua Beeta to be met hy
th?- propoi il t" do tue work und only r.-i I ne- im> in iii
in tut- event of aooosao
t^U-O-BlB HU- int. l:?.ai. R-V-BJDI DI i-ai.1 -ii.M ?
DfOKNIOOS in.VU is BT VSilKJi lill .,.i\ii:.
MK.Ni PATS hot i I nu M im: 1:1 iii ?i mu
(in.- r. AKHiii '?> io nu in su i mrs ti <?i
roaruMirv io __ro__ ran _su__
I hy ru.i.i.im 11 10 nu. lEiMlB?tl
Wamiim. ion, l'cb. :?.- 1 bo flotlllitorj o? the Tn-as
urv, bv the advice of the (Jon?ni*?*?- XtA IntomsI
Kevetiui, has de? id(?d to tiiuihti r all of the Siijh rvi
aora ol Internal Keveline, iheir clerks anil the spe? ial
agente., to m w field?.
Mr. Powell of Indiana Will go to Han Krnm IV M ? Mr.
MeUonalrt of Ht. lelil?* will ko Io PalladelpOl? | Mr.
lliiiink of /.ina ?a? ill ko to Chlcatro ; Mr. Hi-wall ol l?o?
lou Mu? so to (-'In?liinatl; Mr. Tutiou of Philadelphia
will bo tobt- Lo?-i Mr. Mudo of Mino,* ?lil ajo lo Na*
York ; Mr. TVrrr of North Carolina will ro to Iowa; Mr.
Hawley of New York will go to Boston ; Mr. Hunt of
Kentucsy ?a ill remain at his it. -cm post snd Mr. Foulk
of han Ki ant-seo will no to Klelim ixl. The eli .Hat? s in
tbe Saids of tbe special aiceuts bare not yet boen an?
It has been snagcstod thal the revolution about to
bo made will afford the Internal Kcvenuo Hureati an
opportunity to reduce tho expenses of tho Super?
visors. Before Hawley was appointed in Kow-York.
tho office of the Supervisor for that district was
nominally wliero it really wa?, in Cedar-st. in New
York City. When Mr. Hawley succeeded to tho
ofticc, he chfirge?l to the Government in li.s fintt
regular hills his traveling expensoei between his
homo in Buffalo anti New-York, and his hotel hills
in tho latter city. Tho proper accounting ofllcer of
the Treasury Department objected to allowing this,
on the ground that the Government ought not to ho
ox peet ed to pay for the subsistence of civil oflicers
when they were on duty at their regular oflicos. If
they fonnd it convenient to keep their families else?
where, they ought themselves to pay any traveling
expenses which mijiht ariso from it. In other
words, there was no precedent for paying for the
subsistence or traveling expenses of a civil oflicer
who received a fjood salary, unless he wa? traveling
away from his office and on public business.
To obviate this objection, before the next account
was rendered, tho ofiico of tho Now-York Supervisor
was nominally transferred t?i B?llalo, althonuh the
business was transacted la New-York City as batea.
There could then he no exenso for refusing to pay
Mr. Hawley's traveling expenses between B?llalo
and .New-York and his hotel bills in Now-York.
YYhon it lu came known that tho Government was
paying for Mr. Hawley's suhhistence in addition to
his salary, the other Supervisors, one after another,
preferred their claims-and similar allowances who
iuade to tin in, so that, in fact, the salaries of all the
Supervisors were increased without any warrant of
law. Now that saeh BopefrlsOf is to ho sent to a
new field, tlien- seems to ho no reason why each
should not be required to resido In tho city where
hil tillite ia, aad la this way make a considcrahle
taring to tho Government.
MEW literal) . ?. >vi;u.\Mi;.vr HOT rfjHDJtD YET.
WsUUJsixoToa, Wedneeda/, Res. I, nf&.
A petition ?.?t now circulating m Washington ask>
ing Congres? to paos tho Morrill hill providing for a
new government for tho District of Coluinliia,
amended so as to provide for the election of a Dele?
gate m Congress hy tho people, i ho question
whether Congre*??? should ret up any new government
in thle Dietriet daring the preaent aeaaien ia a very
Serious ono. It is certain tliat no permanent Mstcm
of government should be introduced hero until all
the aoooanta of the late l?.n^' have been balas ??'.
and settled, eo that when iii?) new aduiiniHtratiou
cotntri m Ciiigi'iss and iho people may know Joel
how matters stand. Foi instance, tho Board of
Audit ha?, been onleied to report te ?Congrei s daring
tho pteaeot ?teeaioo ea tho c?jn?iitijn of District
flnanrsre ia tli? ir a?rerai branebea, Thia ri-imrt
ought to ho cartluily consul red bj ?Coocn sa Ixl? re
any neil >u is ink-n, end there will Ik- bo time to
aire it that careful examination which it needs I"
fore the 4th of March. On tbe other hand, if the
pr. sent (.0111:111 sion is allowed te remain io power
for another yi tr.and a tax is ordered in. Coo^neea,
with sucb other legislation as may ho neceaaary to
kelp tin- machiner] ?i the Government going, by
next December it will beeaay to sec jn^t bow tiic
District atanda, what lin- debt Is, und what its
in.d; are; while in tbe ineautinii iho bllaiui ?a in
tereata of the people will not salter.
Judge Kelley will early next week Lutrodnoa in
the linn.!' a now Finance bill. Ile and othera In
Congreas attribute the re? ml adran a in the pro
nu,nu on gold to the pa ?age of tho .Se,un.. Cuten
Finance lull, and they ln-iieve tlutt tim rato will pu
?lill higherunleea aenaathiug is ?lone to prevent it,
and that B d( (line will take plane m | ? 01 n ajponding
ratio in the Ctsartoma it eipta. The object of Judge
Kelli \ nhill le to Increase the revenues of theGov
erini.i ii* and prevent the adraaoe of premiiunB ob
gold? It will provide, among other things, that so
much of the act referred to sa reduces the raine of
gi ? ulm' ks from $382,1 0,OWfiO0 shall be
repealed : also for the repeal of those portiona ol
jibe act that provide f>r the resumption of specie
payments (in 1879, and the aubatitution ii small
si?ver coin for currency, rbeee ,'?r tia. main I ? i
turoa ct the proposition, though It ia und?sntii?od
then will be some important detalla,
The Secretary of the Navy was again before the
lion .- Appropriation Committee to-day on the suh
i ject of thenavy-yarda. The Commlitee decided to
i give the bulk of their appropriations for Davy-yarda
: to three of them, namely, to Penoacola, League
Island, find Mare Palend. To tbeae v. ill ho gi. en
ahoiit SOoO/KK) or $7eO.<n I, ural to all the others a!.?mt
f400,?joo. The Committee al o Beeided to diecon
tintii- tho old Philadelphia V.nd. Irru?-i" erring the
materials and machinery to New-York and Llague
Island. 1 li?- real estate ia to be ?lu i?l?-'i into lota and
appraised, andaold from time to time win n advanta?
geous terms are offered, tbe proceeds to be devoted
to erecting new buildings and Improring the Vaiti
at League Jbl.ind. _
WasIII.m..,?.. We in. K?.? . Feh. 3, 1875.
nie lill l?tt lU.ctl t.y Senator L lmuu?ls lo-day,
! utii? miatory of tin- act cri-aune ibo Court of Al.in.una
Claims O i urn Is in-, ers, prut itlcs ?it ?ii e strm sion of til (J
lime al.owed for tiling dann?, so as to allow uny aud all
? lum s inn l-?,il i:- mill r laid act Ml llTMdy Bled (SB
C"|it tlie cliiiius for ratTM of ol'ic'-rs anil seamen), to bo
filed willi the cletkof sail cimrt witina sixty days from
ni.?I itfi r tin- date of this lull's rtiattun nt. It l8 also
proposed that claims for wages and share? of vessels'
earning- may In- tiled at auy tune d irlng a year from
t 'ic mian- ?I iii . Claim? flit ?1 in lici.t.f of alis-iit panics
shall tie ri'tisidei?'?! legally Bled, toe Same M if all pin
lies in nilen ?t ill lilly oin- Vi ?s. I lia I j../neil 1:1 tile tiling.
Tee bill aleo prorltles tor appeals lethe United Slates
bupreste, ?Coon larany ease where the-min involv. .i
ezeeedi - thousand d.'.iirs; ext? mia the
time of Um Couiiuissi.iiicrs u months from Jnlt
Vi, i-f? ; sad uutiiori/? ? tin; J'r, -nient of tlie
United rttaic*. in his discretion, to extend a year fin
ti ?r ? an i Snail) direct? itn? Beere ta ry of the Tri saury,
?? i UM warranta of the < .ni ml-? nu ?is, lo iijy tlie
i .m stats pei eent of the amount of every judgment
wni h pronom ead, thi oth? r ii ill to i m tin In the treas?
ury niitii me tin.?i ?tapes! ti n ol Um basinees of tin na m
court. ?
The l'resi.l. nt baa iraiinmiU? ?1 tB Oosgresa a eommii
?ii, ati ni fiom the seeretary el Var rolattre to lae Isetv
bag ?f Bortala sapplli ? tu Hu- - If? 11 ti sr psopta of K iis.is
mai Niiiruri.il. in eoBeesuonoe of tue ttrueth and i bo
tiaaahoppnf pla?ai, isa ?lu-triiuiiion by tin- Qaartar
in.is'ei's Dtp tit .-ii- b1 of ?o B blankets, greai ? sis,
?.H? iMaata, trawaei .am. ,? . red booux . i ? bumm
i.? mi a?t ni charity, nod the object ol i-ommumcattog
in? s.-ft.-ts io Longicss is that tut distribution iiiiiy be
legalist i
Bpeekei it...im? baa not yoi n?i. ?l the raoaa? lea iu the
Coll,Ililli' I- Oil lillie- Clfl-i ?1 I \ t li, II -lill.lieHis \i t.r
day of .M-- MB. I v ?n?l Rand? 11 The I ni.iiiii' t?. stood
three Republicans and liu-se two Iii-uiiK-ratH. Other
Duataorala ptiraialj aai they wet?d naget tin prcaani
ei i-i li iii -ti. ii i ? s n I ii e to he I'i..I mi Ute I oin li. nie?- l?i
i ace ol ali i - oa tntl Rai ill, as stn i aeci pi ie< ?
luliflii be loiisirinu m?o a i. Se? i.u i apoo these ??nin
ii.? n
'iii. Bena!? Committee on PrlrUegl au 1 Elections to
day had uti.ler cuinlikraliuii ti.e BUI recently nitro.
..iK.illit M. Eiimiii I? lo recul ?t?- Hi-' co,nil.mr ..f ah?
electoral vole foi Prealdealaad ?Vlae-Prostdeat, hy loo
viilliig a si? ? lal SWOrn ce muni I- t of id li BottwOa of Coll?
ei' --, who- ??. ' i-iii.i ?ni couti ?te i i' mis shell stand m
Oa?e ufadla green Di between then, ihe Coiuiu.t-ac
?une to i?-1 .o' um'ii on Mo ?ni| <i
Hie i,tl,, i ii i< p.irt of tin' (I U.mV ni the House ypster
d.i) Bbows Hi ?t au iii.ni', Minmai injustice aras ?lone tlie
.-! , al. I ni 'lllH illllll SL'r illHpaollcs. Mr. BlalM ?Uti
not trill Mr. Cox that he WBB ?-peiikiiig li?r draiii.'tiii-et
tact, bUt lint t?i.Ile li- miglit .?liiiniinc? II- I. -i?,i ,,t,,iii
I. ..in iii ? ( ' nun ill .- ?ni it le? sl thal p. i in .liar jinn tuie
tor drsmiiti? ?ti ct it was nut tie ii li oin. r.
In tin- < 'mu t al c.nnrii: ?Mini'-1? of AI a"'ima ClalaM the
folluiviiir ?aira? ?ver'- considere?! tu-!at :
Nu 11 ? Kui..aum (I.arl (..(.arr) aft ti.? laura Blair? ? aiatrr's
lilla ler perseasl ?I trdr.tr?...4 Ir iii? SWaaeleaa, waa Mattaaal
Bal r ??.??!
. ?', JiiliuC a'lrn (rat ?ar?-nf thr (if; ?-a wa, iB'.i?iltr?J na
l'.r i ?irt.r. .nu ?ti ur.1 lu Kraal W Parin fur ? >m|ilsits.t ?al lb.
Una Ji'lni V J t rr??w?ll Mr tbr Uoilril Mai*..
^Tlu II? n ? t ? u u ill. | mi lie .1 oin lal v Li ?ljy iiatTCid
to rrporl i.?voi.?lily tien. Huiler'? Pontal lili -yrapn hil|.
11 ?r MmfmMr hf*wt aj ? *mJgr>n.JmM trua-iUm), m tl/tk ?*?e*.J |
Al-liANT, Feb. 8.?The defeat of tho Tompkins
Bquare bill, which was lost in tho Senate to-day hy a
party vote, gavo rise to rumor? that a cancua of Re?
publican Senators had been held, at which the agree?
ment waa made that no legislation ctTecting changea
in the departments of tho Now-York City Govern?
ment would be permitted to pass tho Senate. Theso
rumors were found to be untroe, and the explana?
tions of the Republican Senators gavo the defeat of
the bill a less partisan cast than it had at first worn.
Their opposition was bat-cd on the fact that a clause
postponing the improvement of Tompkins-square
until another parado ground had been provided,
was omitted, and their action was largely due to tho
repr?sentations of Col. Frederick A. Conkling and
Gen. Shaler. It waa for this very rca_oa that Gow
Dix vetoed the same hill li_t year.
Hut, this matter beint? put aside, tho rumors in
n ti renco to the proluhlo action of Republican Sen?
ators have more truth in theui than rumors usually
have. There has been no caucus, and apparently
no formal understanding among the majority in tho
Senate; but it is evident that tho general dispo?
sition ia to permit no changes whatever to be mado
in tho City Government that will affect Repub?
lican oflicc-lioldus. It is not impossible that an
arrangement may bo arrived at, aud this Mayor
Wickham is variously r? ?presented as both desiring
and rejecting, lu caso changes aro permitted to bo
made, however, it is well understood that the
Republicans bj ni insist not only upon knowing what
places aro to bo m ven to Republicans, liut what Re?
publicans uro to lill them.
The Csotigan bill will doubt!.'ss comejup in the
Assembly to-uiorrow, and will allot d the fust test of
Rt publican sentiment on this question. If tho Re?
publicans bliould persist in a policy of obstruc?
tion, it is not likely that tiIS Democrat, will
abato tin ir efforts. They ?sill throw upon
the Senate tin? lc.-ponsibiinv of r<j.ttiii?? the
IBSBJBfSS which they sot ia motion.
A Viuni.ors lil'liAli. IN TllK ASSEMBLY?TH_ BMX
HI II A Hill ON CONMTH'riO.NAI. (IliClN'HS ?I'K<i<i
Jti.:.s B-POBTKD IN 1 UK SINAI i:?Ali?.fMKNT
Al.hanV, Fob. 8.?The -Midland E?SUptioO bill
was defeated today in the Assembly alter tho most
viuon.us debato ol the sest>ion. The discussion waa
still between tho.so who lu hi tliat the preservation
of the plifhted faith of I ho Stato was tho ouly ?picB
tion which the LearJB??toro wa? bound to consider,
and those ?bo found tho current of their
avmpothiea ein c1.ed by tho barriers of the
Coostitntion, '1. e debate turned on ex-I.iout.
(?ov. Alvotd's motton to recominit tho bill to
UM Committee on General, Local and Special
Lows, with ti?ree! iona to report as to itsronslitn
tioiialitv. lir. BosssH (Hep.) of Wayne- favored the
m..I inn la COOBO, he said, he could not appiove of the
BttitndeO? those who resented iudignantly an in
terierence with the constitutional rightsof asiatcr
State, and then ridiculed the fears of thosowhoop
poocdthe measure on tbo ground of its un?onstitu
tionalitv. Mr. Alvord n pealed the objection to tho
bdl which he had formerly urged. A railroad cor
poration ib o private oorporotioni tins set proposes
to Riant t'.io creiUt or money of the BtatOtO a private
corporation, lie referred to tho point raised by Mr.
Hammond, that this bill would violate the provision
of the Consiiru.ioii which forbids granting bv tho
I,e;,-isiatuio of so j exeloaiTO Privilegs or immunity
toUVf corporation as being much more conclusive.
Ile should roto ssjaiasl tho bill with the greatest
i.-.m lame, but he could not cons, ienlioiisly do
other? ise.
Don. Hooted (Rep.) of Weotchester insisted that
there were no con ititol iona! qnestiona before the
Boose, Thisi ss merely o hill repealing an act of
lost Winter. If the Legialatore eoold no1 pssssooh
a bill, it eoold not pass anv this Winter. Turn was
a qui r-tion nilectinn tho plighted faith of tboBtotO?
The qinstioa whether tho bill granta exclusive
privileges was no1 Im lore them at all. In a matt? r
of conseilmott, the opinion of the Committee on Gen?
eral, Local, and Special Laws was a matter of in?
diff?rence to him, and ho tbomfom oppoasd tbo
niniion. Thomas C. Campbell (Dons.) of New
York artrnrd that tho exemption from taxation was
not givinc the money or credit of tho Stato to tho
corpor.it:.m and that it waa not granting an exclu?
sive privilege inasmuch as any other railroad might
ne. ive it In the same Way.
Mr. Hammond (Dom.) of Ontario explained his
construe:um of the bill, and Mr. Wacliner (Dom.) of
New-Yoik uri;, d additional reasons for holding the
act tin constitutional. Messrs. Daly (Dem.) of New?
Voik and Dal is ?Dein.) of Washington snoke in favor
of tin- lull, and Mr. Farrar (Bop.) of Colombia made
u rigorosa speech aim ii st it. Mr. Bcbieffelin (Deni.)
of Wcstcboster Opposed it as setting a dangerous
pi., 'lent in granting to coi pointions a privilege
which would be n fused to individuals. Ile did not
believe in aoj* ?_rthercon. eoaiona to i_iboods, which
were willing to accommodate Legislatures, but not
overanxiona to ocoommodot<i tho people. Tho voto
riood60 Teas to00Naya, and the bill was declared
Mr. Davis moved to reconsider and lav the motion
to RM (Uisiiler on the table, so that the bill will prob?
ably be called up again speedily when, its SdvoCOtOS
s;iy, it will lee? iVS the l?"i votes necessary to it.-i pa.s
Bage. Hut pin re the Vote is so evenly divided, pre?
dict mns as to tin-fate of the lull .ne worthless.
Ia tho S?nate, the same lull earns sp in tbo Com?
mit tee of the Whole, and Mr. Madden urged its pas
'.-iving that miles? reliof w:ls allouai the road
Would OS abandoned, to the great injury of the
people along the lina, lir.Wood said that menu*
nent lawyer of the State was of the opinion that the
ad v. lach it was piopoacd to repeal Wits UlicolistltU
tional nnisinueh as it impaired the force of u
osntract? He dOSired to volo for the bill under
ennsideralion, if possible, OS lie was aw,ne that
there wari gr>_t need of relief, Mr. Maddon thoo
said that for the 001 pose of gi\ ing time for further
coiiMderatiou ,i:i,l that the qoeation of the COnstJttV
tianullify o? tbo oet of la^t Winter might bo deter?
in i in-d be Would move IO progress '.he lull Tin- was
( nii.i!. Ex-Jndge Qeorgo F.Conistoch made aa
argument befoi 111.1.> mateJndiciar] Committee tins
afternoon upholding tbe. oastittitio.ality of the bill.
i.F.iiAi. BOt-DATS-H i:f i i rv To (in: i*t:rv , BtUtOBS
OK M.I TIINi^f AU-si shay I- m ?. 1 M-l(i.\s-0?il.I?
m i ? roBEian msoisxci (umimmk
[no i m ms BBoi i_n oonassroBtHurr os tul rntnora |
Albany, Feb. '.?.?'i he Assembly keeps pe_gia(
BW_) willi pi iiseuortfiy |k-m-vii:iiiit, Besides?IS
Midland bill, a number wore diapneed of to dsj in
a mon fit* utily way. Mr- D ivis-:, bil] ia ni..Mon to
1 ? >11.nhill, i waa psssedi d. ii rnatinc Jan. i, Feb.
_3,Maj JO. l'e. -.',, gooeral eloctiondays?anddaya
oi thankagiving, tasting and ptayar, as holidays,
and pun nilli.' that whou one of thine hal?lays hills
on Bando] . pu tiii-.oi v BOt< a I hooks, etc, due SO the
followniK Momias become payable on the Sutiiiiuty
plOOOdlag, A bill wa? n.is-ial making Boino unim?
portant onMadmontS to the charter of the city of
Hoc lie.? ter, and the House wrestled nucccssfully w ith
the problem of a swing bridfO over ?M_?OS?OS
Val??J Canal in that city. A number of < ?iiiut.i;i> .
rejKirts wen- rec ned, and the n.unes of cominitteo
cleikh and mertseugt-rs were anuouueed.
On motion of Mr. Motiowaa (_>?.w.) o? New-York,
who opposes the hills in sa)ntion to children and In?
corporating the ?Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children, both hills were made a special
order for Tuesday next Mr. McGowan, is of the
opinion that the first of these bills is entirely too
sweeping, nnd puta it in the power of ft corporation
to take children away from their parents and guar?
dians simply on complaint of tbe child.
Mr. Lincoln (Rep.) ef Ontario introduced a bill
that would probably moot witb the ap; mbation of
those who rido on railways, if not of those who own
them. As it will in all probability never emerge
from tho committee-room ita provisions may as well
bo given here. Those relate principally to maximum
charges for sleeping-car liertbs, which are named as
follows : $1 50 for any lower berth, ft for any
upper berth within the State ; f3 5? for a aection,
and $5 for a family state-room j ii for a lower
berth, and 50c. for an upper, for a distanco not ex?
ceeding 100 miles ; $1 for a seat in any palace car,
and 50c. fora distance not exceeding 160 miles.
Mr. Bradley (Deni.) of Kings offered a bill for?
bidding public processions on Sunday, except for
funeral or religious purposes, before noon, providing
that m no case shall any music, fireworks, or dis?
charge of cannon bo allowed within a block of a
placo of worimi p.
Mr. Dans (Den.) of Washington introduced a bill
providing that in sales of gold hereafter the amount
bought and sold should be actually transferred.
Tho hil) providing penalties for peculation, tho
companion to tho O'Conof Civil bill, waa reported
favorably and without amendment by Mr. YYacbner
from tho Judiciary Committee.
lu the Senate, Senator Fox introduced a bill pro?
viding for tho election of a Marshal in each Assem?
bly District of New-York City, to Borve six years as
City Marshal. Each Marshal is to file bonds to the
amount of $tO.Ooo, and vacancies are to bo fillod by
appointment of the Mayor.
Tho O'Conor bill providing civil remedies for mal?
versation and fraud by public officers was reported
favorably by Senator Robertson from the Judiciary
Committee, with an amendment modifying the or?
der of arrest so as to arree witb tho attachment and
warrant, making the whole one perfect pieco of
legal machinery.
In Committee of the Whole was considered tho
bill amending the act in relation to tho deposit ro- ?
quired to bo made and tho taxes, fines, fees, and
other charges payahlo by insurance companies of
sister States. Senator Wood thought tho bill
clothed the Superintendent with too much power,
and that in the hand.-) of a corrupt official it would
I ecomo the instrument of favoritism and corrup?
tion. Under tho bill tho Superintendent could re?
mit just such foes as he might choose to remit. Ile,
the speaker, would have na apprehensions as long
ss the preseas Snperint-endeot was in oilico, for ho
had entire conlideiico in his integrity, but it was the
duty of the Senate lo legislate so as to guard against
evils that might arise with another sort of manoa
Superintendent. A corrupt official could remit loes
for a consideration or in the interest of certain com?
panies which ho might favor for any reason what?
ever. Senator Tobey explained that i{ was de?
signed to have the rcmisr-iou operate alike upon all
the companies.
On motion of Senator Ray the hill tun "pro?
gressed. ' _
Ai HANr, Wednesday, Feb. ?, 1S78.
At the meeting of the Commutes on General Local
and Special U?n, Mr. Iless'B resolution la n 1 ttlon to
tupid trim-it was called up. In accordam-o vi un. a mo?
tion, a Huu-Coinmltteo was appointed oon-ietuir of Mr.
Kciinaday a? chairman, T. C. Campbell as secretary, and
Mik re. toward and McGowan, to visit New-York and
kim? ii lie?i in? to all parson* lcturestod in tho siihjoct of
rapid transit. The Sub ''? innntfe?- have notified to tho
Common Council of Now-York th.-ir iuti ,iti,?Q-if giving J
such a hear.nu on ?Saturday next, at no 'ii, in tho Com?
mon Coiun-il oh initier.
Tlie list of Cunal appointments will ?.now su! st.u,tlally
the reappoititiuciit of the old o ill a ra t,> their old posts.
The appointment? of collectors BBtl WelghBtasteCBhBTB
Baea agreed upon, tut iboea of sepertnteadenta havo
been paatpoaed aatllths 2,id hut., to allow nraettga.
in.ii to bo mad?.- of ebarges mado against ana o. iheui by
Mr. Davis
Tho liquor Interests of Now-York and Brooklyn had a
hosrlag to-day before Ita Assess?.!? Oranulttee on In?
ternal AfTnrs larefeesaea toSeoator?Taeeba'saad Mr.
Staiif's BxekM Bille. T.iere will boan tfr.c mado to
com lune lim ttanls of butti partios In a siuglo bill.
on imr.? wondbbtuX kscapc ok num v-timke
OSAOI (ti y. Kin., Feb. 3.?Th,'i place, settled as
it i.s latgely hy coal minen?, was thrown Into a Mato
of frightful excitement ?m-r after noon to-daj hy the
tweaking oat of a fire lu tho abaft "f Iba Oeage
Mining Company. Thirty men and tbr iboya wero
at work ia the mute st tbe time, and aa tbe flamea
?shot out of tim shaft hieb -into the air, mothers,
wireaand children ruahed to tho acenee andren- !
tiered tin- scene harrowing to a beartrendlog tlegree, '
With little or no water the ?dtuation was bombie
until a T. and P. eogine bappened, nosi oppor
tandy, to arrive with a toil tank. Thie and ?a?rera]
barrels ol'halt water were emptied Into the biasing
abaft. While the tire was at ita bight the bead of
a man appeared in the nea of rhuaee, be hat iug ootne
out of a very furnace. Anxious ha : la wine
stretched out, and aa tlie man was drawn
to the surface he fainted, Tbia waa two
hours after the (ire began, und soon r?." t ? - ?- a man
named Marks bra vi ly w??I down the abaft i > I
those wiio ri-tiiiiiiied beneath the ground. These
Boon appealed, nuning np one aft rthe other. Boms
with ?iillicietit atrengtb to bold on t<? the ron? t, and
others aaeotaaeioua. By 4j o'clock ererj tuan waa
saved, ead the towa waa wild with rejoi i g. The
escupe of the men v,ih wonderfiil, ninl ilefwla of
eooliiesa and courtge were done woi hy of the
pModestdayai old-time ehiralry. ? rl in noue
dared to hope gili i bmo ase doing * 111 night,
there being no question ss to (be recover] of any.'
iKMlMi'MY OP JAY loi-Kt: g OO/B CHIRP ri RK i \ I
PBNI B ni ?i . ?II ?( Mit. ?.Il 'M ii. .-..-. -
AM? ( I lilli M All ?C1- IU it ?Ml ?Mi., ii. A . .,- I ..
AMIN'AIIOM I'Ji- ll'i'Sl I?.
W'Asinst.Ki.N', I'd?. 8.?'The Ways and Means
coiiiiiiitt? c re-i?in? I tin P ii- Kail tub* M j
lion at li o'cio. k Oils nrming. Mr. Wm. M lenney,
now of Connut;. I > v... t. rilli. (I thal la Hu w;?-l.ic of lui.
he was dil? f ( lirlt ?ir ir i.? ntl man Igtf of the Waa
ton beakteg iiini. ? nf Jaj < i. i. ik Co.; had ne parsooal
seejuatateaae witta Jena (;. BebBsauker j recognised as
papara thal ha i passeutl reagS Ifes baale, ta ?cheeks for
iso.onu,aaeh?arawa hythe Braeklyn Truel CBwipany,
May jo, un, ?m Iba Marti '? n .ti m 11; ia,. ..f s ... york,
to lite orilcr of Mi S? iu.ti. .k? r and ,t -.. ? - .. ilt?\o
ecrtiiicat?? ?if <!. : ?Ht laaaed hjrfJaj l s I ? ; gi
t bufltaker.Junel iiMtJaa B,iSTS,firr|
ii-suei lively. The cb ka wert probably cjahad on tba
aagbatiiy atttae initials of Beary IX ?Cook ? tai fim
? er'iti ate of deposit tras .lou'li ss r? i I hy the
i- Danes ol ... corni ? ? rtlSc ita los i
pat meut al ?n dm ?wita ti, however, bad
eut re? 0 ? tlOB I tiij of ftp ?
aid of Jay C.Mitle di ('?..'? book? rou .1 lint ? ?
Iliell inunction, i lie C.untie., tier ne ilill-ial i
him until to morrow, w lieu the books v. iii le agate |
I riiiitflit t?. tin- t ?.inmitten room, ga other v. \' ? --? -
brimin? atteiitlaiu-e Itaa < '?minute?? then atatearaed the m
vi'rtiirafion ami went into ??*? rnt .?ensuui on tin ir regular
biisiucrs. Mr. Dawes Intimated that Mr. I m ry'??
further evldeuc? might hetttk??n hy a siili-comu uti ?,,
nod that Mr. Irwin'? crose-examluation bfj Mr t lark
Hell ?ii.iii.i probably uot be commence,| BOloN uext
Munday, as the Committee were uud.-r tin n? , -i!y of
Kit tiiif ?tuile ?tieiitiou lo tax aud tariif matters lu the
! mc au ?nae.
L0ND05, Wednearlav. Fob 3, 1S78.
At a meeting of the Liberal party to-day, tho Mai
qms of Hartington was elected leader.
The meeting waa held this evening and was at?
tended by 137 gentlemen. Among thone preaen?
wore Measrs. II. C. Chil lera, Cowpor-Tci.iple, Lewi?
L. Dilwyn, W. H. Gladstone, QporgS J. G ?weh? n.
Henry James, ItobertLowe, A. J. Mund? Ila, and Dr.
Lyon Playfair.
Mr. John Bright waa chosen to preside, and, on
tafcing the chair, said although a parliamentary
leader wau ne^csaary still each member had a right
to reserve such individual lib, i ty aa honorable men
A resolution reirretfing Mr. Gladstone's retirement
was adopted, afu-r an eloquent eulogy by Mr.
Mr. Villiers nominated the Marquis of Hartington
for the leadership of the party.
Mr. Morley, who wau originally in favor of Mr.
Forster, si?<:<mini the nomination, and ple?ln??l th?
Marquis his support and that of Ins friends.
The Marquis of Hartington wa? then unanimously
Mr. Uriglif, in a closing speech, congi atiilat<d the
meeting on its choice._
The Iiight Hon. Spencer Comptoo CavendLs.i,
M.inpus of Hartington, ? uo BBOeeettl -Mr. (?(allalone aa
the leader of I lie ISritlsh I.::.eral?, la tin- elder son of Ita
DuBo of Devonshire, l?o whs bein Jaly 23, 1813; wua
educated at Trinity Colleen, COaibritlge, wliere h? wai
graduated P.. A. Id 18.>4. I?I Mai.,' la mt? n-d public HIS
lu March, 1K.7, when lie wita ebel- ?! io _M Litt?ral lnt<?t
e?t, as one of tlie m.-n.liera of Hie BOOM of Commoaa fur
North Lan ra* li ire. In March, 1-6.1. I-ord I'tlmerston
betliB Frlniier, lie was appointed :i LanI of the Admi?
ralty, aud lu April of the same je ir, l'u li r Secretary for
War. On Ike rcc?iunfruct.on of Lot l Raja*?? li'? aocotnl
administrai :ou la February, 1SC?. tho Marquis of II.?r
tlngtou bei aine ?Secretary for Wiir, anil ra-lirt?l
witta bl? eolleapuea, In J ?y of that year
the Earl of Derby *urcr>?(1tDK ?? Pi? OB- r. ile was itiraiu
a candidate in N'ortii Lan ra ?li ire at tin- masffsl ele? tionn
of 18C8, but owiiitf to the rivalry of tl.c BOOBS of Hianloy,
bo was defeated by 385 votes. He wa* subai-qu-nt y
elected to represent the bornntrti of Radnor, and feSSSSM
Postmaster lienor.il lu Mr. QlodstSBO. minim ry. L__8
iio was appolnteil Secretary for Ireland, and held taut
poaltion until Mr. (Jlad.aU.ne r?'>iirni-'l. Ile ia uuniarrn-d,
and it la genet-liff understood tina lu- Might bavo benn
tbe Iiu.-li.'iuri of the Princeaa Louise, but ho ?titi unwill?
ing to Impair bia political proxpects by Hi.tt alliance.
Ile baa dl-pla, rd moderate ability m official rapavitba
and a fur rt.jrreo of aptitude tot porliaraontaftv bu-1
neas. Him vtewa are understood io m eoti ai v itivc, anti
he bas ?uetaitud tbe k-adlii?- Liberal mea-.ma ratant _?
an act of pony diaeipliue than Irom c.i ik <
MINLRTK1UAL ?__???_____!'I ffEOCBl MM IN CAS?
oi' a v_c_nc_ i\ ran nnatDBNCY sspissoss
iiiii?ij ui:ahin? OK TllK 00X8111 1 Iii .NAI. Illl.l.
J'ai.is, Veines I y. i-vd. 3, is?.
In the Assembly to-d iv the conciliation of tho
Vetit.ivon hill ans continued.
ClsnSS 3, milking mini-tors I--I'oiisiblo for their
general policy, but holding the Preaideoi reuponaiblo
onlv in e:we of high treason, was POTO?_
Tho clause declaring Versailles lbs seat of tin.
Executive Power was passed.
Hie clause providing that in tlie evonr of a va?
cancy in the Pi??doney by dootta or otherwise, the
Chambers shall meet imtnediaidv and the Council
of _____ara shall exercise the Executive power a.i
interom, wa? passtHl.
The amendnurat reported by M. Ihif.nire yester?
day, from tho Committee of Thirty, m.iUing prorfa
ion for revi .ions of tho Constitution hy bm.ii Ciiain
bers b_H?sbled in Conor?**?, was sdopto?? after the
insertion of a proviso that the Connie s shall decido
concerning a revision of the Constitution byan ab?
solute majority; and that dating tho term ef l'r?i*?i
dent MacM.ihoii such revision cm be .-?itcr-d upon
only at bia BQggeotioa.
M. l'aris, a Monarchist and Bomber of tho Com?
mittee ot Thii ty. st i'?-il tii.it the power of tovlsloa
granted the Assembly extend??I to tho form of
The con.'-iilerii'ion of the bill in del iii having beet,
completed million was made that the KOOSB Brooosd
to voto the third reading.
The motion was carried by a vote of _H yeas to
181 nays, ami to mcrrow wns appointed ior taking a
final vote on piisMua- the bill to its third reodiag,
Tho bill providing for tbo or/rn/.ition ot the
Senate will come before the Aasembly for its second
ro.-uling on the IHh inst.
THE _______ WAR.
III! I'lU'i; TO IilS.dNIIM'K TBO Wiri.
MAi'itin. Wedoeeday tva. s.m?.
An oilieial dispateh baa bean received at tho War
of?ee aitiiiiuticing thal Geo? Mori?loeohsaaoaoond
The MisiaSeroi War is also in receipt of intelli?
gence thal ?in eogagassant took pla.- fsott~_aj'al
< ii ei 7a between tbo National troopsaod the Carlista,
in whicb tin- latter were del?ted. Ibe Wet!OB al
ti, ops ore advancing victoriou-.lv.
li is raported that the Pope has wi itten a letter to
Don Carlos, in v.hich ho ex; ton* I iynt| alby for tiio
Carlia!oaoae, bal advises H?to?to?kmCsrlostoro
(iinsid'T ;.i.- _otornun__on to continue the war, a?
Ino dignity "t ibe Caiholic Cbnrch iii Spain has
boen \ moi catad, sod the n?ih!s at tho t_e*_y recog.
rii/e.i by King AJfwSQ?
CORoBI :.-' INO! ..--i-.-?-i IK.? I ?i.- lill. PH?IKBOnOg
IHK li;.nu ?.
Batbi MT, N. B?, Feb. 8.?At an int|iiPHt on
lb?- body oi M Ula?S. ?me of law t.ra, UM lory re?
lton.-al CbOloUuwng VOrdiattl "f ail '. ? t-eil linne
lo Us deiiii by a pistol bollol ii i?. ..? : ...i, ln.bg
boom peraoa noknoa b."
T..I- j .r". in i?.<?. a-e of G.fTii.1. t'n ?... i . broagbl
in it veidiel of nillf.il miirib r, in pli alni; all ilio
I ... 1.1 ? .- : a i ? I I. ,, . ? : I. :.n. ? of fio
aboiitln? ol milord. Mulila ax, v.to? waa klUaS, la iu
clii'ii ii i i tin nu m..
? -ni troup? at C-ir.'H'i'ti.- I? I iviiiif a itikxI
i ti .-t. h.'i no fur .'ni- attempt? at lea wtatieaa ii ?ve Sosa
ii...:e. r i..- .i i??Minera Save bavo .-..uiaiiii???! fot
in.il. T... . x .'..iii.niiiii i? still going oo.
\--.i ii on TiiK saniau c'?-.sii..
??mooTov, Jam.iica, Pob. I.?DiatabMggi
are report. .1 in A.pinwall in i-oiikc(,,i.ik-() of the 1m
prlaoams liol I>i Putott, a It?lab ai.iij.ct. A ira? of
war lim ?? -ti niucred from this port to Aapiuwall io
Boppurt Hit liinisii t'ouaul. wtio liai b.: a .ia?tnlt?-U.
ro____- KOTE&
Havana. l'?'b. 3.?A WeU>k_owl .M?xiian
nu nilli.- baa .Lin ..iidiit from tin-; .iv al .Mexico, loav
Ingll Milli I ~? tbo amount of MM)..?..t. .-ever.U failure*
uf .m.-n finn- tri expected.
Havan \, Feb. 8.?Tho Vic if, Cuba say?
i . i o. ?<:-ti'-iitl lOvora Mm nie me of a number ?if
eapUiii.-i? to ?rOTtOa for und tak^ eli t-;e of the aub
? lil of tt.e artiy. A? u truarantaH of
UllUblll r . . I., IOS piliili. ..- in ?ilppller,
-? ?;>.* ti. i.. tport .. i . 11 io lie ?.-i
? ? ' ' neilin iihiii is io i i perunitea to tabs
I'.aallil ab?! ?t, , m,, of ?ajii, .tlUWH.
CiiicAiio. r.b. 3.?In tho TYlsronssn D__m
to-.iay a mu a latro?asas lu mlo-aa io r.uit-oa. _ao
Ogasisat, ... .. I ll?bll?bBS au ?utlrcly new ayattim tit
railway ?iiiifml. Ii provide* for oaoertaiatng ibe OToaa
n..-1-ipts of .ii ii,- ratiroaOa brBtafa ti ,t,-;ia._a_Su.
?l?o, lor aaceruiniu? the aeliul value?! all tim raliro?Tu '
III lUOMii.e. Hiiii IfMrliWllu-euUiPrtiil.a to 10 per COB?
net piitiis ou muh v.ilaiHiioii.,, ?i ii.aut oilit-rroBlili).
Iioua. ?-leapt Klviufi iii? Railroaitl Commit?ou? ra ihm
Vooer to aravatal aiAii-m "

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