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V0L XXXV.N? 10,695. --.*?"' *
? -^ -.?r-- ** T M
al^' -"?
i.iams? thk captain of ti1e amhurst ckrw
piok?cornell sowing stucnuidly?bow
doin'a? ctiancf.**?? wkslkyan hake for thf
?Ol'I.TU lUU.-llli: TIMK lllii CHEWS ilAII'
|r<aOM A ll-l'.riAL OORRERrnaiiKNT OF YIIF TTat"a*tr*?ir.l
SaRATiKriA, Jul*? U).?Only three inore ?lay? lie fore
tlir race. All ?sirns al kui! tlie lake ?bow thnt the
?rracial hour ii drawing near. The flam ure nearly
ail in jxwtion, eoitx a few remainin-r to l*e ?mt np on
Itie finish line? All the ercwx are at thrir ejiinrter?,
?riiilnufalx at werk, ami it tie matters which .it other
time? xx ..mill nat I?.- bearii of assume great import?
en-e atul ni min iia-Uxc iliHciission.
The mont hi?jhutaut point affecting the mee is the
reimt ?lum lie in tilt* Yale crew. Mr. Hall, substi?
tute, takes tbe plaee of Mr. Chanilk-r. So. 2. Mr.
Hall rowed ia last yetar'a rare under precisely similar
circumstance*, and aid extremely wolL lint Mr.
Chandler baa be<*n a man who was expected to bo
one of the very liemt, ?uni the Tala Freshmen
crew, of which he waa captain, wat? virtually siiori
lieed to senil him to this crew. He ha? been mt? ?i?lily
in training and practice with thom through the bc?i
aon, doing extremely well, and it is not only a hanl
thing for bim that it should lie nece-seary to change
him at each a late hour, hat it alua gave the crexv
much lefts chance of victory than they would have
had with Mr. Chandler in hu place In good form.
Some fault has Wen found with his rowing, on the
ground that he did not Rxving in with the crew, but
a mont skillful eye wa? rc<*uired to detect his faults.
The reason of his removal is a temporary digestivo
trouble, which may or may not arise from overtrain?
ing. A mci ni mt of the last Columbia crew last night
aaid he thought the Yale crew w;;s a tritio over?
trained, hut this is a remark ali.iosr ahrajl hrard at
this time. Yale is not beaten yet hy a good di ai |
ehe ia only I-***? tbe favorite B\9fit the chango.
harvard Axr> ffitii awt.
As Yal? 's ?bancos decline, Harvard's g?np. Kan*/
aeconntsof time made over the course by Barrard
are .loaling about. All those staU'iiieafs, how? v< r,
must betakeu with agi.iinof ???tit. St.II Hurraidis
ecrtainly doing bottt r and l,< tier ox. ry day, ami bo
**iiis lo be viewed with timk traditional ?Ir? ..ii which
eh?- baa ??lwa.vs inspired just beton a race.
"?Villinma is iKixx anea on the Ink*', having nrriv??d
otly a day or two sgo, and hil peifnimaice eor
latnly ?b-t tvcs notice. Notwithstanding the tough
w?'athol"Urda murnini?, the crow was out ?ilxivetlie
limli*?*. win-re the watet is sniiiothcr. CiiiiHor wa-?*
nut in .1 (MU? car coaching tlicm, ami areUM t?. li.ivo
bMteoaed o?>ii:itlcnee. The faults which wert ob
wrvcil non aft? th-ir arrival at the lake aro raj>
idly?lis :?.>'.'iniii'. a?j'l their rowing isiioxva.s finished I
as that of ?my cr?xv lliat xx ill pull on the day of the I
mee, vxith pevhapa the exception of Tala. Tluir I
i ?iti li is pei fis t, ami their r?*e.ivery all that could be
desirve!. Haiker is in the beat airain as boxv, but
has not (Rita i?rf(< t< ti himself in his position; and
(?ilhort pulls just a little out of the boat. J? xxctt
is improving ?very ?lav, and is regarded by many as
the best looking oarsman on the lake. This em le
fast iMs-oiiiiiiir a Caronia* and already has ni:incii,iis
bachors. Mr. Cornell of last year's Columbia crow ?
atatcd that the pulling of i'.ie Williams men tlii?
.\i ar xx;i?s the line-t lie had over scon, lloxx effective
tin titon, M natty w etyli~bf rowing '?$ xvill bo, deter
mund ?ra Hie dix" ni tai? ra??-. Beth Yale and W11
hains aro trun led vcty nrich !?v ;ii,?r.!iiti?es, which
they faeoti.iisly call night BWallowa,
Amber?*4 furnishea a aaoaatton In the ahapeofa
auk man. ?u, 1 that 'nan is the captain, Mr. .lolins m.
.??ince earning io Baratoga be baa bean vomiting
?luring and nf * ? r his pull-, ral. ly going oat without
being sii k. J hie lui* eoi.tti.ui d, and within the pa I
two or three day a he baa been coughing. This lays
low Amheret'a chancea of brilliant performance,]
fear, which rs the more to be i?gn tted ;??? tbejr have
bien daing well. Tin re have 11 en many indi, ?dual
?lefecls, home palling xx iib theil aims turi nun h ni. !
bending tlieuis? Ives over th?ir MM,bat the ours ??li
caught the xx .itoi al once, xxiii? h ia one great ti i ig,
ami the mon ?wong together, which is another. Am*
hi ixt, hiixxexi'i ?.i,i hardly fail to rank low in the
liuc mik-?? Sir. Johnaoa nix i;d- num. iii:.*., ly.
riillN'-'l, BOWl, 'TV. AMI (i.ii IlilA.
Cornell is ?lt.irii* splond] Hy, and all t'..' men ?tre in
good < "tiditi m '1 li'-ir .FieHlimen, too, littra, t micii
admiration iff their ?'?m-ful and effeetivi rowing,
Bowdoin'l n ? ii are in ipi? iidnl ?tnditioii and li.i* c
good ooorage. Thej" ?I.? m?i boa I a? r m t tin maclvca
???awn fur any particular place, bal intend to xxiii the
nae if UM y ? ta, and they think tliey run.
Columbia I ?a'.x ibis mt.riiiiiL'roxving in mod. ratily
rough orator, and rowing welL Nik 5 ia a little be?
hind in getting out his hands, ami Na 2 waa op? D
Vo the same criticism. The catch was sharp, all
wen- together, and the boat mored with lif>'. The j
crew ?in- i:i ex.. ell.nt form, and will not f.-.il to give
a ajood armant of thumatlTf Many of last yen*'
m im an- borre?Moana. Cornell, Ktco, and Qi?awolri?
und Mr. l?apallo is coming.
Minxxti is in gi mil courage and oxpocls todo xvill ; j
is like'y iii fut t?? surpiiso people. The \\t sloyaii |
inen have bein r'-">ort?'d ovortraiii<*?l, but wi re caper?
ing about OB their wharf this morning in A manner
i.u im u sit kly. '1 hey an? generally eoarttdered m
candidates for the fourth place at hast. Union is |
pulling a'n.nt as xmH ?is Dartmouth In the opinion
of maux persona, thoiitrh the crew is vaatly Inferior, i
li?iiiiltuti lias bera in baa barge ui.til to-day, and it
is baldly ?s.saiiiii tint aba eau eecape the n ar gaud ,
v? r\ tai in her tit et attempt in a shell.
Ailivia.oii "f <>',?iiii,m has prevailed ailinn? the
u. r*s im to the propriety of accepting the proffered j
? ape fmii ?I?.mes il. lila -hu of the (j rand Union, and :
ii Anally onlmlnatod m the determination to decline j
in?- priaea. The following letter and reaolutioo were !
neat t?i Mr. Il.eshn last ev? ning:
HA'.'.rooA, July O. 1S75.
j. It. Baaaun,twq., (?rand Vmion htaUt, sa-n -, ?.
in xi. ? m vic m inl leicviitli a eopyof areanlntlon
? ..,? i bi tin-1 .i|>t.itns of tin- erewi parttelpaUng In tbe
Intercollegtate Regatta of 1(175, with ti.e azceptkia of
Columbia, ne tnumr of victor) la tin grealeal j? >.?-li>l ?
reward tu the ? te.ru oi i lie oaramea of ?m? eollegi i, and
tiny cannot eoaatateotli aeeepl raine Me priaea. 'ruo
Haiatuga Koatag Aastnii.tnm baa ?ilie-atly pioxntcU lo
etta U iiM-inl l-l ni the xxinullil* cuni tt iiniuiniii efaac
f .., ,it..i tim mii?t be ibe limit. Thanking yon tor jroar
generwui ipili! of eaeoangmaent UKSoUegeoaraiDanihlp,
ead learetilag dim/ky munt we are cawpaUedte docllne
tin yittt, in Im iiiiir of tin eolleMe, we beg lo aubmll tv
j inn f.i\ .-ritlili-ooiiFMleratloli tUe fullowlug uctloc ou tile
part at tim onemm a :
mi. uaoLi tkiv.
hAliATis.A. .Iillv f), ls7.-,.
Wkenwa, Mt J H Hr??lin, proprtet?? of Uie -Urand
Union li- ?'!, ?t i*iir.?tiii;a Sprtnga, lins been m (dad m tu
n't.. ?-i M.iiu prune ti be ghrea to the winning erena In
tin- fOM "j In!? r? aillegiat?- Kt-KUtUi; uni x? Inl.at the c?il
lit'is t? i'i???"? nto'l by'.ho crews appn-eiate Hie Internal
Mr. BftrMln ibowi In tlir-'proiuotioi? of the naefolaeaaol
till1 Alajaai, ?i,t?<lil, III ? ' ? J I ? ? 1 ?1?*1 ?t * 1 ? ? l ! ?if till' tOtt tll.lt Ililli? ?if
u suitable ?hi.nict? i luxe Inen Hin aii'x proTldedb] the
Ana?? li.ti'.U. anil thal m.) ??r./ s flinn ?iii mil-nie s.nin-??,
????,'. ?iiii of M. valuable .? nature im t!i<?iv ogtrvd, would
i. 'ni tn itie, t um.ivnr tbiy tbe une m'< raeta ni the rwi ?,
v i.i 'i art ti"' i.i?.ii!"ti'in tif amateur eoataata,and of
!.. i-ting, lo mon-, intiiiiat?' snciiil r? luHom, the rarloOl
i.., i?.i>c? s ni i be Ann r.? .in collef* ? ; be ?t
i.is irrd. Thnl we, til ? Amerk an Ka? ing <ajwatatiaa of
I, legea, do .lei U:.' Mr Ureslin"?? ..ffir.
Lttolred, "That i xnt. ?.I ti'..ii - be pi?.ff?r?-d Mr. nro?,lln
f. : ib< '?n! ii.'i-iitioi ? be baa displayed
lim. Ni oll, Princeton, *- H. JoHNaToa, Auihorst,
li i*. i; .i ?in-. Harvard, tlua. OiinaaT, wllllama,
rwi J. in -Ainu in. Brown, li l' K?iiiis-iiv, Uartuoutb,
P. Twi ki.), 1 ulou. K. H. Hall, Bowdoln,
?, B ht ii.i.K. iiuiiiiiioa, W. H. Dowan, Waaler?a,
i< j Coon, Val?-, J N. Oaiaoa, Oatnali
( 'illumina, it xull benetfeed, is the only crew not
ij'iit ng in tin r?s'lutio i. The fast boat which ia to
ca.ry tli- judgi s bu at 11 ved at last, and a larg? pri?
vat.- si. .ii. ni balongbag to Mr. Italie ia now being
laiuucbt-d, and the hammer that m knockitig away
the prop?, and stays which prevent ita sliding into
the luke is now stiiituiK my <*ars. Thor?, m. mt leant
te ? ..i- bUstuiers ou Ui?. lake aud all the ariaugeuifiita
are snob that t_r0 regatta can hardly fail to go off
The f-i__*_w ing rules al?**ut signals have been pub?
lish. _ ;
On*_ _Kt*nr before the appolnto?l time for the race s esn
m.n on Snake if ill will im find as a atonal to get rt-adr,
and ?ret to st.-rtlUf. Hue.
Fltw-en M_a___aa l-?-f?*re n|.i?.int?.l time, cannon to get
in jmsUion lu ???__.?* of i-usl^iui-inciit, same rule will
Ottlnit to iHtaaihle conflict In signal*, no ?liront irlll be
attt-n for l'i exim?an r:.ce other tliiiti to p-fln position.
To ann..inn i a postponement, two discharges In rapid
Among the _B___?_____g items of inf??rmati(?n talkc<l
of here is the fact that at the Alumni meeting of
Williams College last M.????-!, Cyrus Wa Field offered
to give the College f 10,000, to 1.0 devoted to the
improvement of lxiating facilities. It is pro| tosed to
dam Hie att ful Moosie or une of the small stream? in
the iK-igliliorhond. and thus by the purchase of land
in the vicinity secure back water of nearly two
mile??. This is said to Ik* ti??- largest Kum ever given
by one man to the tBMBB of boating.
Catohini_ time is nott* the favorite occupation of
the lake. Mirny ? ?miliiting anil unfounded *t_t?
?n? nts are flying uliout as to the time ma?lo by
various cnitn. The follow nu;, though uot vouclie<l
for, may be r?'lie?l on ah ai?j?roxiiiuit?*Iy corn?* t :
Harvard h;u. lu cn over the conr.-e in 17 minutes and
IS seconds. Cornell h._. iiimle time not inferior to
i Iii-, and nome parti?- claim to have seen her juill
three miles in 10 minutes .-nul -?O sei '.ti.Is. Thin is
hardly to lie credit???!. Cohmibia has not tacen ob?
served t-> ?lo it umler 17 minutes an?l _10 seconds.
Yale made it some ?lays igt in time which Yale
men lgU_m au l8 miiiuUs and 4.- icconils, but
which other 0__M_f_T__l put at 17 minutes -15 seconil?..
This, however, tv_w in tlicir Makio boat, winch
lx-iiiK t?H> heavy, too short in the outrigger??, ami tie?
ft tine in ?teeriiig p?-..r, affords no fair t?.**t. Yale
c in do better than either of these figures would in
?lic.-ite. The boat hi? Inen i?j( ct?-(l by Yale and tim
( rew will row in a new one ui?iUc by Kata .__ CoUuis
of New-Uuvcu.
A atartling collision took place la-4 evcriiiig be*
twteo the ('??ruell lr.-.-liiiu-ii ami the WillhmH Uni*
tersity boats, and both were dight!J daattftd. It
i ladt a gnat sensation nt the time, but will not pi-r
baaa__tea_rtgr the exee-lent ebaaat of Williams,
though it trill I riotisly irii.r.- if. 'I lu- Cornell Fresh?
men ttill not he so much uln'iul. The two
boats met at full ???.<<-., an oar ?of (\>nicll utriking
tht bowsman of Willum? in the back ami knocking
him from Iii- teat, milking .1 large hole in the
Williams boat. The only damage to tho Cornell
shell was that a part of the ? Ottb-Bf wat torn away.
If tho repairs now going forward in the Williams
boat aro not tatt-f"? lory they will perhapsrowia
Yale's ?li?, arded Blanks tri It. _ii. Harker, the
t?ow, is not mat?-nully ?mured, ns wits at iirst feared.
William., cn m.'.nat i'f tht CoDi-ion and other rea
_0*o_. has not been over th?- OMUM umler ciritun
stancts uial-ing it possible ??) get her time.
THE Omi C-_*W_. TIMK.
Wesleyan certainly has not minie any snch time as
either of the first four abov* -named boats in publie,
though fr-?m their confu?? nee in a victory ov? r Har?
vard it It b.-liiivcd that they matt have done batter m
T?rivate. Some of tho Wesleyan men am tlinnvl.t t<>
be a little overtrained. Bowdoin is not known to
have polled iinib r l8 tiiitint- _ 11 ki-chiiiN, and dt.es
nut intpire ??minion? e by ?nt narked impn-vomcit.
I'll",* ?-lii'i and Il.irtinotith are not known to h.?re
t.. .le any very rapid t i ii i ? ?. I'.rown Ins aot basa
.mr t'.o course on time, but the
ten aro ?Truly doing better, and nre in
-lil? iili'l condition. Tiny are uni? rtaia about their
si eet* ?m an, aad treat likely to entae to grief among the
lings an any ?rew. 1 vi inn tllch accidento they will
make _r*.*.?l tim". Union, in t barge with a coxswain,
hat made the three nail- i" 19 minntet 20 tecondt.
I.nst nii/lit I'liinii propoteda apart to the Brown
Freshmea* and aft* ra half mik race Brawn was
three lengtht thead. The Union men hare not
polled in th? ii shell mach moro than Hamilton, iukI
it it believed thal the two coUegetwiUditpntoiot
:?i? i..?, two placet, ac .dents omitted.
ni caita gem,
It is generally ezpocted, ltowever, that one crew
wiU be tnaggedon the flags ti leant. In fa?-t, one
gentleman wantali to bet, yeal rday, thai no4 over
three boats wonld ; i through tht net ?tilbout f?iul
in_r | flag on the v. ;y. In this ?a.*?'', Union and Ham?
ilton mar come w< U np if jiidn iotisly ate, red.
Th?' referee*! _teaa.tr, just built by tpedal eton.
trae. t<? k??p np with the ra* <*. was Innnr__r4 to-day,
und went over the eouite milking the thro*- Biles in
17 minutes 1(1 se?*iin!s, in v? ry tough water, and
uniliT som*' ditadrantaget, .v!i" 11 expet tod to do it in
16 miautet, which w?lantwei every parp?te for tht
Turent y men are putting the finishing lonches to
tin grandstand. It ia a qnurterol a mile long and
nil] ?i.it 10,00(1 peiaout.
Ilil.AM RT AVl? 1I.I-ISI-? IT? ( til! -TIIK KVI
PCKCI ?.ivis iii-kim; TM liii^T IURKR DAY*?
OVKit $500,000 Of n i.i ?.ti. 00VPOM t_U> TO
BATH un H i'i-nivi BJ i>.
Til?? ti ?al of the cate <?f the Btat<_ of South
Carolina tgtkatl i lu i et Kllea Q. Parker,fat tlic
recovery of iii.uiey fnii.liil. i.tly taken ir.iin Hie Rute
tit ataiy, trat i?."?.'iiii on tu? 8t_i last, ?it CoiamMa, in the
?'mu? of ( ?'ininoii VU ma. in eptmlng tim ??*re f?.r tli.?
m ??-, Att.MH-j <_i'iiei-.?i Mi-itou K?lil that the earn It ex*
tt. in. ly ? i.ti?|.lie.iteil, iukI oat flint he hints? If dal nu?
chally couiprelietiil in all li? bearlagt, tltbOBgh ht had
mifi* it a sui.joct of Btadyaad tovtatlgatiaa for mtmy
iinuliiH. After a few otlier gem ral mmttht, tlie
Atloriie.vtieiienil went Into mi ex] laiiatlnii of the niiture
of the tai hui?. l?..inln iHniirtl 1-- :?.:** and ?ilt?-i tliettar.
Coming down te Um ?that of the is-ueof theeaaretatan
htadt, aathteiaad for tht parp?te tf atrtagth-alng the
?iciiid <<f the Mote hy aUonriag tha pa_?aa_atef Intseest
la New-York ti well at m CUmahla, the Attttney-Qea
evil ?-.ti.i :
in erdest to fceOMeta and regnlate the Saaaettl .?fairn
of til?- State, a II : i :. n lal board tis? urifaii /?-d Mtoslstlnn ?if
Got R. K Hi-nit. Attorne. <*???*?-tal 1? li. Cliatab-rlaln.
and. t. -I n.i-i.?.i HUi a (..Parker, aad the Hnauclal
???i nt in Nitt-Yuiii waa H. li. Kiiiintoti. The work ol
i .mt. ruimi Meni mi. ? ? ? without aaj authority of
law, k? iitiemca, tin.? Intimi i??ok ii icio their banda t. nae
th?-?.-?onvt i?titni im mi? to Btrsag-hen tha credit of the
State, .-nid Instead of ?-?infilling tin in?. ?,. ? lu tin
(.jM-i itluii of ???invt-rt'Uin tl'ey bad u lar^*.
?iiiii'iiiii of tlioM' eeavstatoa i?>u?l? atrnek ?ir i.y
tl.e A m? lit ,m Banking A-U-i? inttoti lu Ne ? Y. 11?, und
tliretv tliini on tin- tnarlii-t tit lh? ?xta-nt uf 95,000,000.
winie ti?.- ytaecmat ____*-_____? t?iwt it??tiii_ on lenin
luattiy aii.i property, these oonTera-on bonds, rou will
ascertain, were nuiuuerad In red ink, * * * suuaec
Iii. re S/i i>- I. .ixl *> 1 IMS? ImiikIh. III..1 it they ii? nt nu ninn
lu-nu,' then in redaathe} patthaai out, don't t??n Baa
tin- im n. la aoald ?-<'"ii be tamherad a?iay up m tat tin.ii
?Hid.? 1 lu! ' ""lil ??? aie the lu.li.111..id. I h lu _t< tt -Yt-lk ,
the. would knott- tliai ? tin n were mon- bondi? Im-iiii;
..?-.if.l I Im ii whs l;t-a fnl. Ami Ho lu tlii?- way, OS tt r ex
|n<; tai Vi..w. Un? -lili lal.iiit, l.ciiii; it????.'lal -d w HI. tin
linaiii lal Steal ia New Yoik, i'?.uiiiitne?yl iiuiiibe.rlii^ Hie
bonds m blas. I wOlaiiprozlBau t?i> nearly tin- tiuth
ttiiin 11?ii yea that .?liof tiiow- eoaf_rtton bonds ?_ttleh
<ir<-niiliilieri'd lu led ait-tioui-Mt 1m.ii__?, and Hhiim lunn
li'-l- d III I? In?- ?in- li ?mil ?lint. * ? ?
in. .ni? ?i m ?m s 1-irK'' amount of thct-e bond? tthlrh
liail not iMxii inn out lu-* inn.' (lui-, and tin- ?ii,'? Mt, a? faut
a* the toapont hfitaair due, clipped them off tad pat
them ?w,i\, and ft t ini.?l the gooa ami raiieeltd coiiikius
?."iii to Parker: niakiui?- in all 1019.000eoapeaa paid by
Kiiii|.ton and tamed ?<t?-r t?> Parker at iw?. Beaaiata t?
i .isi.iii.? w.it? ii m?- 0-oasJust in re, gnntlamea, for i has.
?tot t?i the j?.in' ?Abele 1 -I., sliott' ).>u w liy tve kate su???l
Sir. Parker, Mr. Kimi.ton. when he ??eiii lu t?? Mr. Parker
Hie i ..i?".ii? win. li In- li? Id. ??nt 111 tin./-, ?a Inih bad
linn mill ti: ed anil tlmn- ttbtch be bad cut oft.
Mr. Parker look thom both, both the tall?! and
Hit- invalid, and IM-Ii.te SoIuk "Ut ?if ?.fin? ? aii-.-li*?l tho
w Imli nf lil. ni. liut win Ii he mtiK'lxl till-in Jit? unt.-d
tin-in up, and we i-ipeet to sbow rou that he ronfuse
ti. in sud lint i tull? In hii.iiiitoii.lltli.il as to r. iider It
?ti i?. ?all? I?- to oflinaty ?v,u,iir?)ii iislon to separat?* tin
sin* from the other What did be do It fort Sew we ex?
pert to ?bow you tliai In those bundi-? of coupons io the
i r. asm y left then? by Mr. Parker, ran?ele.1 by bim at
that time, only *l,157,(>(Xt sr? koo?! There ouitht t<? be
In the Tiea_.iny *1.1_>?,<SX? of ?rood teapaBMLand almut
??as i.m ni of bad Coupons, niakliin in all about j 1 ... .n mm
Ilut lb? n are eU>-U,(K>0 of batt ?xiupous and olj f700,UUU
of ?rood eonponi. In other word*, *W.""-d,i-X)0 of theae
?rood ronpon?, paid bv Kimi.ton ?" Nfw-York, and Parker
here In < '?lumbla, are none. They are not to be fourni,
mu? lu their place la a large bundle of Invalid cou pona.
Now we feel oonfldent that we can amure ron, hy an
(iTerwhotmrng preponderance of teettmony. that Parker
ma iii m l.i te.l thr-ae tmndi and took out tilla ?4511,(100 of
good coupoui anil put them Into bli pocket.
Tlie Attorney (Jen-ral then went on to ?how how Par
ker hod ronsolldatod theae eonpona at a entiaeciuent date,
and claimed that he could prove that he had the bondi,
or a portion of th?*m, In bli ptsaieaalon at that time. Af?
ter the rloie of the opening addreea, the teatimony of
Iliriiui II. Kliiij.ten and othem, taken by eommlMion, wau
?ubiuitted. Mr. Kiinpton, the moat Imjiortant of the wlt
iir-meo, t-eatlfled : " Al financial igent I ?Ud not pay auy
i iiu|rnni or bond? which had not, at the time of auch pay?
ment, been lnancd by the 8t?tc." He further ?aid he had
not pani lui? t ?st uiHin Isiinla which had nil at the time
been tgrpothaaatMar eeM hy the sfat.*. The amount of
the balance, Including paid and unpaid coupon?, returned
to tis- Mate ne thought waa between f400,<JOO aud
On the aeeond i,v of the triiri Tmaiurer Cardozo teitl
flod that after tie l"?-gati the funding pna-eaa. lie had the
eoupom eouuUil. ami found that tli?,y were over *,VX),(KK)
In excese of what they nhouM be. Th? re wa? in way. he
?aid, todiitingiilih the paid from tin-unpaid coupon?.
Mr. J. I? Little, txookkoeper in tire Treaaury office during
P'irkei'h lerm. testitlitl that he tuul. al the lm-taui-e of
Parker, canceled a lnrio amount of ctiupoiifi which bad
tuen turned .?vi r bv Kiinpinn: and that at al?iut thl? tim?
l'ai ker had given h'lm two pito ki. gc?, aniininting to nearly
*?.r.O0,?)OO. wuiiii ha (Parkin tamk out of hi? private wife
ami told him to cane? 1 ami mark them " p.-iid." The lin
portanec of thl? point, it I? ?aid, I? that Ike amount of
coupon? In tln?e two paekMH Uilo-n from I'arker'? pri?
vat? sill.a. which were put in mimili? and tiled away "
the tioHsurv vault, anil which a.*?* predueed In evtdenee,
oom ?pom!? exnctlv witl.? UM lntcreit aecoiint on the
ledger marked "paid." The Htatc clalmi Hint tne?c
?aOMOa were the unpaid cnupiui? ?ent bat k by klinpt? n
tu I'arkct. .iml whii'li lie liiixcl np with other?, had c.it.
Oeled and ordered lo be entered us " paid." fxicketliig tin
money, ?uiiotinlliig to nearly f5<)0,()00. On the third ?lay
laaiiii. tin wittie?? who eliiaepted to nt>n<imi, t?-?t'ii?*<i
that Parker told him that gASOyOOQ lu ctiupon? of HUite
honda had tuen given hltn. of which hi? ?har?' wa?
Sair.ti.iKHi. Thii wai v? li. ti the final nt lemont wa? ma e
,-y tin- ,-aiat? with kimpton. l-aalit al?o ?won- tli.it Puru, r
tu-linl hiin to I.?ive these caniiiou? fniitl'il by au agent of
Parker. The coupon? nelougcl to Hu* Mate.
T?) III*. KKhTiiKKI. TO WEALTH IlIKOLlill A PAl't'lt
CLU.'iKM. Y.
|K,* MUNnUM TO Tilt Minni* 1
CiaFaVEiaANi', Ohio. Jii'v 11.??J ikI?tc William
i>. Kelley ?ii Peoaarlranla ?i? i tared a long ?po??cii ou iba
lin.nu ea ?-f V.ii'ii'iat'iwii, Ohio, Saturday uight. He caine
uiion Um iiixiti?:i.iii of ni ither \n>lit.cal party, hat to ad
dri M a eatarte ?if boa manufacturer?, who arc in d?stren.-?,
nu.l lilli'.ii,.' (,ra way ?mt of tin ir troublai. The leader?
of thi? little m?, which includes men of h?ith political
parte*, aro r-tn? ..holder? of ti e Vaiiey Hulling Mill, a
burge rall mill built louie yoare ago, which
eollapeed darlu tbedoHwlotarot 1878 I- "I !:<???? Iren
Dieu .ne Inclined t?' fieror Inflation, la i ??n o ihej want, an
tiicx ? ii, aiiaitll. I whirl t-> ciiahle tl.eiu to ??.li ti i-lr nilli
m..i .-i ape, out i ? tun wat, before aimtbor ftnand ii rra?ii
eoiaea. Jad**e Kellej laablah tarin" Republican, but la
thM apeeeh hi rep.ita no one bat hie ?eil. Beepuke
an imiir Hi.ua iLi.f hi fu.c - laira' uiiilieiice ??t the '.'inni
He Mid tli.it ho w.it not there In the Intercut of any
organ ?>r party. Thal Ihn amerton of fluaaro waa ant nnr !
of national but of wini.I wide Imperten*?. He wniil.l not
detain tho imltnaoa v*. itii tbe Iheonea of Boom, Riaarde,
ami flin r xvniera. Tiny eoiild get them tri an the o gan
of tue bullion-!?, win. adhered ko theory aud bcaored ex
(Min mo ?uni Um teeta of eurreat binon*, ?mr hintory
ami the bietoiy <>f th" wnrhl ettber oootradlet or ?*?>r
niritn ?!?? hi? theory. II? would call attention
to lune epoeba, rxteiultag over the la-i 3?)
yaam, ead with.u tbe memory of the majority
of tin???' iiic??'nt. 'Hie lli?t ili-eaile preceding the It.ine of
greenbaeka waa one of tree trade and hard namer. The
pioiectivo T?u ni <>f 1842 bad been repealed lu is ki. The
inn mil ? ni reTenue theneatabllabed had beeororUMf
re'iiiio.i by tim Tariff <?f 18.-|7. Durtna tbte period tbe
Uoveramcat rt ?. -1 -. ? ? ? 1 und paid nothing but ap?ele,
and tbe people ilo]u?i9d UiepiaeWea with tbe ?ddiiiiat
Uaelr cnii-i: j ,. .- baaed on geVL Thi? epoch weald
I -cn fore teat tbe ?eaultof ii' 'l'.ttlc ami hanl ti.i.in-v.
Win. it p.'oriut ihre of a i.., i. rcanlt for the peuple t it waa
a Unie e. i . . :' ' ? im. inni ti o inil.Ile revenue did not
?-.(....'. tlu-1 illili ?., nillture. And nadar theadmlnie
tiaiiini of Iii. In ii... laue narty wa linni-nd a debt of
.<*..' i.iM.O.lKit?, ..a'! tilt- i lilli ? ? ?" lit was ?mik ?<i low that
win u N?-. iii ?i. a (bb wen Inl tbe Karkatt of the warla
i to bon .. .-. ??.' tXi.OOO '.. a b ii we now eau jcreeabaeka.
I x u., Tr, ? ?. i ?? n ii , at on? per eeutper monta, beean?
? ubi lin bul ball i ?' - r, i- It vi? clearly not a prou-tenu?
pi inni ..tr ia? Oiiveiuni? ii. au?! bow waalt for the people I
; li. u??- of iron pe? i a i.ta ia ? ml to he tbe lx ?t te?t of
?theelMi itl .o' I poop] , aud la nile ?hat the people of
I tbe .ii.tin.. o Vail? j i.i' ?' i-i i and what do ataniUea
I it n-1; *..i. iii iii ii i :i * ih:,; t,. t iron prudue
! tiec n I-. ''. i ! "i In l??'.i i: wa? 7.'.a4.17H
i lilli;: in 1 ?'??? 7.1.ri;'.) I'm.-; fu Inli'J. 7h7,V.O'? ton?.
?im .ii? .m .. ri..-- m in- Iratand tait two yean to
in., 1.1,". ii* In the I'nlted .*-*.it<?. Wag?-? tie
li- a. ' Li l ? ? ' [ ' l- I I I . ? I I t i?'.',!'!!? li If K I ' 1. T ) ' I ' . i|llf| |ll
i .: i .1 ? im- .'i. t.. i.!.. can no) \ ia baaedoaipetle
xi.??..-.) 'ni'-, tin ?;, lure of tia? Oblo Truel Company '
m..i i'i? .1 m., b nica, foi loa ed by tlit> reel o'l I
r.c ' m in rPtrUuna w)tl i ?> weak. Vol ?miy
were wai lo ? uni en.?iloynuii? i ?t-co, but it beean?
itiipoM.,'i , bl i work -.i i i.'..' lauta fled fruin tbe
country i. ui.tiJrwta i?l thoo anne. The farm? ami
workaoopa uf ti-. ... .?.t i i n ii laderawrtgafle. ead tbe
I? n, 1. Idle, except Un i r.n ni. i the printer of lil? ad
i?: i ? menta, - "*"*.
Judge Ki "?lev tn- i. < Hi i' i.ii. ii on to the next dirnle.
TI.l8 mia. I ??.um ,i I ,/a I ...i Hi ?.. . .?hill uf If. of Ilil?
li!' ft fertile M i ; a '\ i tv. li i a aie rich lu mineral th -
xi ? i .?.ni nt. lu In nu. ' ii *"i ii. i.eil eivil war uf history,
eertalaly not ? promiaiaa iBllaefc tar proeperltr,
In nllain I.ni.?ni .. l?up ?I!!?, and tbe dux
i ?.i.,, it d? t< linn.".!. In tin- language of the ?Jay,
in laaoa aa iirodee mahle eurrroey, lo lu*
known al greenback* ii." laen? <.f 960,000,000 wa?
i . n rtible ato Government boole at tbe option of bola?
nd if I!'.' lj a-t' HI lU l Ctllllilllil'll OUr 1 lilli 'III Mi..,,i
lie Min Milne a? tliO lrie.ieelliabie UlaiU? V if
ir.iivi-, which ha? never beau at *j
pel i-nt tin n.?it. It waa the repudiation
uf our own paper money, that n..'?l?* lae gold premium
H'i.1 ni.i'lc xi ir c.t ti ia lo finn tune? U UMll M II
m ra '.e'llil haxe ?lmie. vxmu greenbatka ware
Itai-ietl :lr? farinaol ti.?* oountn aere nearly all ondei
mu; :.'.i?'i I'be working people bad i>< ? n robb? ii ..i tin li
b,.ni"-a i.v fon i ?l ?dleaaaa and law ntce of
na. Wim tin i.iiniu' of greenbaeka mil I
ti, i,,.i of t.'n Oovernnicnt there waa wiii.
foi iiliily that ''.iilil Von, OUT own c?,imlrv
i oniii.i not fill our workal io, ami aa aniMrabded lid, if '
j i m ?.i.iii.m at t m. A? List a? i. ?x carne there waa em
blovmUlt lil all a! k1 .nil,) Iii. r. .i-ai ii Wtgm. (
ii.!? development of the iruti trade was in '
remarkable cimtrail with the prerloufl dncadc, '
xv ...-li Mm. iii la. :, 687.6C3 Lia?; in l*t7*2,*S74^5*l
looa, l wn uti \a ia ?.ii ?a h. Banka hal no1
; pap .lui.!-c ..ni. Parma aud arorkabape wera tree from
m a gi.. The i.'ieiiiii el lire ii,m mu.i i.t waa Bmplj
iuiiIi m. and it waa a eonatanl complaint ihattbeMe
u j... nil ' rr?*aanry would keep oin hundred mtlliona
Of i-i'i 'I !>:"?' hilo in the xaiilt?. The Julge theil p?o- .
ieei;i.i to examla what be called the traglo taree ox re-1
?lllllptltlll III I laHaI.lt ta,lil. Ill' .. H k 4 *? 1 1 III' ?III li ' 1. .,11 |C 11 If .
I tin y wiii- .ii! employed. Ti., y anawered "Ho." |
? llave you inffered a redaettoa efiraaael "Yea."
Kr .?it em ihi; 1 t< '.iie-ii.ilf, ami mau*, of xou nie Idle, '
and tuM i? ??a- i iiiiiititiii ni the working einen yraiir ?
I ally. Ma lilnery atanda iii: ind water-power nina i?>
! xv.inti, a m ti ni? r ?t ..u m ?! t.r.it ?< ami La,,.H,,ii. l*org?a,
I finn ?????. rolltiig-milla, minea, ami athel prupert) .
i itcatined befon anwUiai year to pa?? Into tbe Hberlfa
i i m im'., t tb, ,i u ? ni i re i the rame of the deonea m,
I ?uni ."inni it m tin lap..i contraction <.f the eam-uey.
I Ar the i lui uf tin lui (be <?.ixcli.it. tit conlil na 1 iia.it
be so area) aMu-obcaer ofeupptlee; bul the return of i
I tWOmtllluniOf the army toeixil . mpfalj mi li* wini!?! noou j
i ha xi .c.iii.i uci i .?'li i.i.mcli uf bullinina, ?ni the true
I policy of Um Government waa t?. RMtata ex ??ting I
' ? . ? , keep ita volume of the eurreney unaltered, ami j
pax tbe int.ii', on the national debt In taa iaaw auamr
II (unk fioin ii c t.ixp.i.M r. But under a eraaj detuahmil
i ml i, liai tin ri na-e of Ulla pulley, an 1 it nive" to pap all '
pap. r ?ih.ik'.ii ..na ?n g. hi, ami u, rede?a auld bark bj an
I i-?ui'o* m ? IhiihI?. The i*r?'.iit i? tim' the bank? of the
c. nui bold mow greenback* ami narre <l?'|ioKit-M thaa
ci ? i botan, ?t L? 1 ,.ni mil..-, f u: ino i a ?uni fart'iiie? ate (?Ile ;
ami ili.it nan, h.irtt laboriu linn are living lu want I
than ever Uton in the Uatted Slate?. Fact? poltil to
th. -n doppelte, niel people ?ay that motley 1? plenty ami ,
??all m,) m l?, iiinj thoea ahangnm with me, aaaa eulottea, ]
i atl.l lUliliiat? tlli.t we lie .?lpt1.le of Hie Iiltmt ?ttli.t iolie i
i erliucH lint eli..ia? lulu d thi Kniich lex i-lut ion mu ne
I amy aek why oar contraction baa aflbrted Enpland, Qei
ninny, an.I Autllla. and MU Unit their r lUdltifla I? a- Inni
, a? Dili?. True, alni from the Mae COOM, I.le wor?hip Ol
| the g.ltl dollar. TlMMM couiittu-? haxe euutraettd ILvit
i cum m y lu ?!? uiurali/liig illur
Judge Kelley then ?poke Ih regard lo amlgnnta and
I Continental and Confederate amuey, and abowed that ii
I lia i m. tin??,-, wiiiu greaobaaka ware baaed ou tin* credit
of tin um?! proapi rmi? gaTernmenl in tin- wartd, and ?i?*
: he' I by the moat eiit?-r|iri?iiig ami !nt?-lli?;etit people on
tin glolie, who nie. In rael, tin- < ,,i? eminent, anil tin ,
? (loxLi'iiini ut will wi that It ia not n pullar? d. Itiaaaid
the c? untry I? fixed Tr re?iitnpii..n. The law inn?t ho
repealed, be aatd, god ha tbau arare ble theory at length '
of ln?iiiiiggrt? nliaifg? ?ml h.iwug (lu m eoOTefted at nur
option to 3li.ri bomb?, which woiipl bring goltl ?nt?.
the Traaeurr, with ahm rin Beeratare ?xouid buy i^nii
It would linn?; ab..tit a rei'iiupdoii of i]? ?le pal Ulenia.
il. u.;.I Hu in inmialla what he might di? it, if lim.?
II iilnm. ii a-tin ,i .wv. laiibor Woiilil l.iki capital by the
i tliiu.it. and the acvuei of the In m h ltvvuluUou be ii
lill ipeeeh waa llitened to attentively, and waa if
peaUslly applauded Many wnrklnjnntn were In the
I aunt leuce. Ue talWod to the men at the Valle) Mill lu the I
Alrant, ?V. Y., July 11.?The etury that
Y iikiii?. the e ? piena robber, jtnah, ii in a arwrr at the
i lim ni ITtaoti, i? ili-crcdit?! hero. It la lielievetl that he
bum U-i'ii in-ill ?) < .ui^la,
??Ai'Tt'TtF or a nRiOADian-flBnaaAL by thk alfon
Ma nan?. Saturday, July 10, 187?.
Among the prisoners taken by the Alfonsists at
Cantavi? ja is a Carlitt brigadier-general and 170
other ollie? r?.
The ( ?uliht General, Dorregaray, is actively pur?
sued by the Alf ?insista. It is belie ved ho will at?
tempt to uki- refuge on French territory.
An official dispatch to the Oovernmeiit glvee the
following details o_ militar.-operations :
The fliilitiii, on W.-dneaday near N.-.tila-t?, In the prov?
ince of Al.uia, l-mti-t five boura. The ?___rlitt_i were under
IVrtila and lion Carlos. Tiny n tim V red ? lfrhtcen battsl
lon? ??f Infantry, twelve gun?, und 4.70 oavalry. Their
I?*.! was 140 killitd. many tv.mu.lui, .?ni a unmoor taken
iiri-Mun-ra. The Alfonslnt (??lierai Contreras twice bril?
liant^' ehtHtd the Navarre*?? with a Iwdr of entity
lan. ern. ?otvn,if death In t li.Hr rank?? and c.rostlng a psnte.
The raiiro.kl between Vittoria awl Mu ?mila han been
reston'?!, and that between Valencia and Vlnaroz will
shortly lie reo ?ten eil
Cou. Jovellnr I* at M?irella. Provine? of Castell?n de la
Heller's ?lit Mon Is endeavoring to overtake DorrcR-a
rny. It lins orders to linnii-diately attaek If It come? ui?
with Inui v
AU the foi.li? of the Uiver Oallego, In Arag?n, are
I! ila rill ?I.
The CarliHts have retreated in disorder toward
A Mt MON. (?eil.?, (juesaila, Ixitaa, and Tell.? are pur?
suing them. (Jen. <Vn?*-*in?-_. a victory at San Clare?
prevente?! the Carli-tts from luvading auntauder and
ITY OK M/iIHill".
M a;.mi?, July li, 1?7.*>.
Tlie municipality of Mivlriil hat. telegraphed con?
gratulations to Ota. Contraint ninl voted rewards to
the lancen? under his command for the their heroic
?ontlii*t at Nanclares.
Official drap?t? hen ann*.un? ?? that the Caili-ts have
attacked (lueUria and J run and bato repulse?! at
both plate?.
LoNiMiN, Saturday, July 1??, I*?75.
The Time? Madrid dispat? h say? emnts of great
i_np?irtaiic?_ aie lookotl for.
1.IKIEI x, Hatunlay, July 1*?, 1?*7.*>.
The HikmI at thin platt ha? subsided, and workmen
are nirt . mmmpmA hy clearing away the ?I? In is ?-a used
thereby. Tht damage by the overflow tggtegattt
$80(?,(K?0. _
Paris, July 11.1S75.
A eery passionate ?b-bate is tsneatad in the
...????milly when the Committee'.* report re. ??ir.inend
ing the annulliiient of M. IlurgoiiiKi. tleetttn in
Ni?'-vre eomes up. M. Kouber intends to speak. Ile
will in-ii?! on th*- lctfitiiii?cy of tlie hop<-8 tntertaintd
hy the l.oiiaparti.sta of the ___.on_.ioB of tl.e empire
and predict their ultimate realization.
Lonivun. Huturday. July 10, 187...
Tlie Time* Imvini? published boh?o ?tari.tiii.>?
on the tSdrttt lu futur of the K?-v. Henry Ward He? eher
drawn mp by the Coii^ro^iitioiial n.ini ?I? r?. ttic llev. I?r.
Mi Muni. ? li.iii lilli, on?: of the mirin ia, has written i? let?
ter in reply. He t iudicutos the action of himself and his
friend?. In ?igniiiK the n.ldrcsii h?? never meant to c-m
iiilt any I <i lion of tin: Xoin-onfoi minta to his view?. Ho
then ]>r<>ee<-<li? to declare that it l-l nut a mu.mi inui i|.!>
to a-*n that, because a mau may bo blamable lu
Ill-liter thlntm, he Is not to be approached with an
cx|.ic?_iion of s> n|.:ii lit- by In..-?- who uro ui ipttfc?
a'ily lfl.ul t?i l.< luve he hiu? .?lion n Innis, it iini? . nt of
tholicavifi ehi?rj_?'tvilh colni'let?' succ? an. Tl.e Her
couch-lien as follow??: " 1 never sii|.;....?<<i that in > .?ng
the itoei'lii? nt 1 UM tXpttatttg any o|.iniou i Mr.
Keeeti. is sut iii-.'x ati'l dom?,.', in ___( ,.?!. I ..-the
Chn-tiuti Btntlmeal of Bngltnd will __aaa__aaaa_y lament
and cotul? in at'iue t inui;? Willah Mr. I,, it..r ;u Miotvl
tigan lu ti.?-ionise of the trial ha ??. ? Usiued bluttsif
with* ut ?*i,nt. Now I la-lii-v" lu- li.'.? i oven I himself.
and wiii stand ni haast and us.-i.ilui-s.? ma iona rip."
T:ir. annan ot an owrie?? ??. tub national
A KM Y HY TIIK tTATB Ai'innuirii ??m ...i.i ?
II?.\S OT PBACB ( '??MMI-iSltiNKKS- ! ni: MAU IN
PATON ov Mt. svsr.7. ron PttlKIDI Bl.
PANAMA, July __.?On the loth ?>t May l_i>?t
StAot Ai[in at I'arru (one of the ?-ii.li.lates foi ihc l'r? ?:
deuc.t ?>f tin? Union) left l'nt'o'a ti? tthS posses.? lol? of
tin* ru:-i :* iay of tin- i*?t.?i?_' *i Santander.and ?v,__ re?
ceived willi much coull.ility. As BOOB M he had lim*,
I'r,-_idciit Pant found It Imperstlr. t?, turn lils atteti
tiou to tho bof-tilc atitu ;<? adopted Bp the States
of M.iK'i.ii. n? tad r.mama against the erden of tin Oat -
iriiineiit of the lui., u. Tin-autlim-itics of the State of
I'uiiuina I*. _n_ del? rinin? d to can} the rote of the Stata
for I?r. Niifie/, ?ause.l ?it ii. Cainarjo (.?n lils ?ii rival In Ti?
to take eharpB ??f tht National foncs lu theAtlant-C
Staten). It U: arrest? .1 ?m tht protease that his bIssbbi
wu? taatt tht N.ii nm.ti torees a_.nii.it the preseat State
auiiioiUi. s aad carrf the State Um Balor Parra, theenadl.
tiutiifarttad by lYtaltl- ti Tort i Thtatf tetmeal last hy
wat of Barina ojalUt la a pi ratt i*tt*r tf tht t9tht_
Jiiu-, tli.it lin-(.'"teiliiiieiii. had caus? d all the st? atm-rs
on tin-M:i|_ Lilma Uiver to bo detained at Botdatt
tan. ti??..?-t?. th.'l'o ?ti eoattftad every one Mt they
inu?t lie mt?ml* ?1 foi I'aii.nua. (?*n. tania:fa Was ?till
hold lu luis?n, and tht ?'* of tht i-'t-ite had not
pat been legally de-lau ?1. A force of 1,000
rata tadec dea, Delgado ana Bttt-oaed on the Nts
dalona betete the atna ot the rebellion ot the Faaamn
a.Hi.mim ? ni? In .1 rre-nlent Ptttt. Every body ei
peeted that theos traapt would sota nudte their sppsar
?iiiii at ?tptawtlti und tromtag the raflmad,Uhemtt
Gen.Oo_aarga Foitunau-ly, P__t___at Pen **. wisin.i to
try ??nu iii.til?n. iioidluK the truoffa in readtatmon the
M.?_*'..il> na, he tppotatcd a iK-aee etiiiinii.?si?<ii,
OOnaltth-f of Measrs. Nicolas Esi|ueiri, Bottt?
titty of M'.ir und Marin?', and Knst<.r?(lo
Balgar) w-Prtstdtat ?>f OolocBhta tad Pi-Stdont
Of the Hl?.le of Cuinlin.-iiuarii?. '1 lu se |_? ntl.-nieii
a: pud at Aaptnwall on tli?-'_st!i of .lum. and li '1 tu
Intel 11, ?? an tos .'(??th tt nh nieintx-rs of the .-tate Get ern
ni.nt. (?ii l?t.? su?? -es?.ive niirlitti the 1'? a? ?i _-_____
sunn is vere boh u.nlxl at tn-ir hotel, thoii_!i tin
reasUt of Hoir iuis?ien still eoBttaaed in doui.t. Ia
tht? iiii'.tiitiin.- tin- ail?ii??s ?if President Peres
on th?? sulij.tt ?a.. piilil:?hed Bud .li?till.ule.|
uinoui; the is-ople. Iii? steamer Vigilant?), a ifiin
l?,,t ,,f the ? ol'.iiil'i-.ii (ioveriiiuiiit. ii-.\i?it? :ii
A?iiiuw:ill the orders of the Peace C-nuntsatonera. Tin
la?! n |s?rts I'V tin- Vitfilsill? were iliat Bghtlag Mas going
ou al Kio Hu', ha w ti? u sin- left tli_t |?..i? ? . _____? 1'e.i. >
Commissioners had act, ap t?> Hie tat of July, ootae to t
?. tt , -m >n| tilth the State flot erniin-.it. The vote ot the
Mut? of PaaaaaafarnaaManttf tha l'uion \???m st tu?
Ut of July ollicially -U-ciaicd a? iu fatui of ill. Nuiiei.
Bt.Ki.is, SaiunUty, July 10. 1??7.'?.
The eleetoril 8tiui;>,'le in b-giBlriflf in Ha
v.i.i.1. There is au e?iittiifi tontttt hetWOCB the I'l tra
luontiiii'-" ami ?ftlllltll-Btt Mm li iinpoitanoe I? BtUthtd
lo the r? suit. Tile Sorddeuttrhe Allgemeine Zeitung de
nounces the vtoleuce of the a?-dn?Mies of the I'ltratuou
tinies ,?ud warns iln-ni that a vi.tt.ry ou their _tdc will lit
like the victories of Kiu_r Hyrrhim.
an uranronoM i<? bk bstabubkbi) ai coxstanti
Mil'ii: ??HKitlNU BOjCdl AOTABTAOBS io'ill___;
Al i'AKI.-.
I_?iJ(l?<?M. Paturday. July 10, l?75.
The Timesn i.pe<?al jHtfitf*. front Paris ?ays
that ti." Memorial Di?tlomalu?ut sniioun<es that the
Turklsb ?tu.lent? in 1'arls have been ordered home, and
that with the money hitherto devoted to the education
of these young tueu Turkey will establish an Institution
at c 'ii_umiuoi.il' uff-niiu e.|ti_tl advantages lo Utos?) of
A MAB. Ml KUM, Tt? l___>T____ AOAINST __LB I ' Uft
ron lllh Kill VMS.
? Itanium, July li, 1?7...
The mdiral rluhs of the mctxuixilis liavc lu lil
????i ?unie?, and .!>?.,. i?d to call a ninas meeting lu Tra
falcar for Wednesday nest to protest against the grant
for the cxpensee of tlie Prince of Wales*s visit to Indis.
__o*dok, Saturday. July 10,187.V
A nrnnber of Italian workmen in balinat?i
having is-'t? maltreated bj aome of the ?*< Isvnnlc popula?
tion, the Italian Government aent a t-eraonatranee to the
Austrian (?thin?*t, which replied that the quarrel wau not
of a national character, hut originated from a reduction
of wages.
Paris, Satur-lay, July 10,187!..
Tlie International Exhibition of Objects of
Marine mid Fluvial Industries opened here to-day. The ?
exhibition Is In a very In? omplote state. A concert and
hnaajaat tt ero the principal featur. ? of the opening cere?
Moscow, Hatunlay, July 10. 1931,
The King of Sweden arrived in this city yts
Panam*.. July 2.?The principal n?-W8 fruin
?"hill relates to tit?? terrible north wlud which appeared
on the 'irait of May tatt st Valpari???, and hy which many
lives wore lost aud veiwels wr?*?-ke<l. N??thing could With j
st.uni the awful s.-n that whs set up hy the violonoe of the
wind. Boat* were wen? kn?>ek?*?l nbottt and upset like
cockleshells. The Chilian tnsn of-war Vuldtrrle, uni not
i.-. t up ?team in time anil broke from moorilim? and drove
.1 >-.. ii iijn.il th. iiii-i ?.T-v, ni Thalal i.ai.tl Ksrueralda,causing
to both venae!? gr? at damage lu their foreparts. Th*?
Earn? raids, threatening to npm-t, her chain* were let
go, and after .li in lui: about the harbor and damaging
several other vessels *he wa* fin illy ron ashore to pre?
vent her from sinking. The frlga.??? O. Higgin* an.1
("..vado.iga, which slipped their anchors and put to ?ca
when tbo ?torn? began, hail r?'turiK_d to the port.
The Ott__t__a was at one time In very great danger;
?he had ?carecly left her anchonn-o when the Ksmerulda
drifted down over the very pla? o where she hi i been.
The Nicaragua balk Nueva llalla wa* lo?ton ti. lie.teh
of ll'iuiit?'l.ii.i|'i?'ii. north of Punta Tabla. No weet lost
The Weit (oatt Mail say? tho life-boat of the l>.i< UV
Ht? am Navigation (.'ompau. ' i st anna IJnicna d;?t great
?en n-.-m ?at m.-iii.-, r*.?" bci.t was milmed ci.? Mp
hy nix men, wita an ofieer in charge. The vcl int.er?
were 10 In monitor, and thep w ero oeoaslotially rtHtved,
though two oi throe of Hi? ni veta lu the boat lo. ?Ix I
hour?. Tho Hint ii if? in tin-1 ...' waa mado by Mr. Colo, [
finn Mr. Frarkl.'i iii.'il' foar tHpa, und afterw .r-1 Mr. .
?ole mad?? two tliltS atora, Tlie 1? .. of life :a? I*?*? ti
much gratttt thin m ?.iiy piet le et o .aston, ou ?vtiiiti
raven north? ni nd* tiare pi- v ,il?-?l. And tip large
sacrifice is otvim: I.? tile v?:ml of Iii sating Bpptl-tUS
and to the abeence of tliess txertlout ou tin part of
oilier?, of t.lilin a n lil?; exaniplo WM ?ufonl. il 'y tin
bravo tuen of tin Lin., na. Ihe Wttt Oeaet ?tail Ot the
_:;?tii ln-t. arnyo: "Pr-in ?iii v-o hat? been
able to teilte, fr" n Ile BBOBl UnSBtWOlthjr source? w. foti
justin.??! lu stat.t.g that at toast -IO boy? I.?. Ing
to tin: iniiiiii,. :ii|, tnii: ?.'.-'Util. ?I, between 'io .mu HO
?alloi h, ami from 12 to l8 boatmen, cx< lusive of the
eight persons who wi ut dowa in Um ui Isrtanate Errarte*"
No. otv.it c.imitate of the luf-ul piopii'iy lias li.t nor
ern ne made.
? The ?lain K?' ?o the ni'wat* lins be-n graf fr'm ihe
Baten htuti???t to tas Itxeltaiigs- l-'r?.iu tha Ham to
Bella v?ala a langs uortleaof Uranna will bate ta be re?
newed, ..m1 fr-nu tae l?ellavista Station totb i \< ? nita
It la proposed to All In witt ttonst la-fore relay.mi tua
rall?, willoh ii. ?otoo lila* ?-.. t?* re ca-?b-I bv lue foi- B of
Ute water 75 feet from their original position. Tnenew
i- Bakwatet ?toed remarkabljr well, boring scarcely taf?
leretl at ^!l : bul th*'VW bti'iikwater bJ.'t foi the pro?
tections, toe granad for iho now beadad ittttttl tha
?lilli bt -clioli ha. Kunititb ii BhOUt four bil.
Gaspf., QueiKtc, July 10.?C'ui?t_tiii Oder of
the bark Coliiuibu.-, which arrived In re to-day, report*?
lia s I114 pa?H<Hl the wreck of a vessel lu loagttadt :>?> wi ',
l.iutu.ii. f.'- inn th. the tia* apparent!, an AmerteaB
xi hi kui. r, and had the letter? I.. I". I. on her ?tern, the
remainder of the name btttg ?lelaccd. Sha Wat water
loggcd, and her nia?t? ttero font.
London, July Ila??Tha -teams fkjthiA,
which ?allod from Viren* ..1 yesterday foi- New York,
I caine in contact wi li a whait off lttS__0*S I'l-nil, and
lost a blade of h>r proa li 1. Sht ' -eta?u. >. at i?_.- ? ne
town, awaiting ttUt-t lion, U*.0_]*-o).
London, July ll.~Me.i_i'.. Iloudj anti Ssnkey
held their closing BBtStlag '?<?-'! ty. Tht a'i-i.i-.u-f.? ita?
eiiormous. Many persona wera 01 theil tay to Camber?.
well a-t early tt tv.- o'cloek Ibtsn rnt.1 i. _ inda
Wen unable to obti.iii adtnlnslou io 1 1? 1 n I iii ?? 1*. i* * s.
Los Dot., July 10.?In tlie ?li ijmtcb quoting
from The London Standard, toi " COL Qlldi tale? vi' has
has tttarad me fbei the men only tt'i bj I . tninnt
eat trill?, read, ?* Coi Olldei loeve baa aaaoti ? no? t...?*
the iii.ii obey him lu the ur.li.itt'-l ti tile."
Panama, July 2.?l>r. Francise*-? do I'.uilu
Oonttlei Vigil, a nian of great cullin 0, has tim died al
Uan Bt ant tdacated for the pritt-hoodi bul hi'
doubted th?? tafnraaejrof the Poix* tarer the to-ert-fga
rights of the Republic, and was coii?equei,tl;. ex? ornum
nteated. Ho h.-ul terred his country in Utngrass, and
parti? iilarly by tho man cxrelhtit work? bancwdu ? ?1
IK- ttun In -kia?cat In l?M, tnd ?gala in l?*.?^. At in?
death he waa nbrarl uto the -tatlonal Biblioteca rta*
news of Ma death ?a ?-'I^k-iiI re?fi*et aaBoagall ela ?. -
aatre the priest* The Arcnidahon ralnaad u? ailotrbtB
rumalastu enter a cburub 01 v Mritdlaaconteciattd
lemebry. Still hi? .nuera, wai the grandest ever wit?
ness, d tn LIbm, Tin i" "?'I' t<".k the matter in tla-i ot. l?
Banda _________________________
Dl_-_l-P-_-_-f___- raOM H'NSAl Ot.A.
Wt?iiiN*;ri>N, July 11.?Co_n_B_*J_-- C.eo. II.
Cooper, in command of the Peoateolt Viivy-Viinl, 1? i? -
gtapht tO th<- Navy Di partat lit that there me no lit w
la.-ii* of jeilow fever at the Quarantine fh?-r>. The 111:10
patienta from the Oermaa tart fon Holika an- *?> u
i.i.i-iiiit. No iii.itiiH have oeearred e?-ii< ihi last dis- '
p.iii n. There aiu no tatet at the Vavy-Yatd.
Kkv Wi-r, Fla., July ll.-Tli. _I_alth .
(?iti.ir taaonntet Hutt ?l?-atii? from jrtUta fever.tad
t ?o unit eases ?1 the disenso bete, tinte lad n injit.
WAUA t_. Ol' A bilir I.A'?KN Willi A VSl TOBM '
WASmmiOVi July 11.?The Unito?! State?:
OtatBl at SatB-H reix.rta to l..o ht i'e I>- ??arltin 111 BBdl r '
ti.iii->.f Jane 80, Sht ratal last of the Am .? laathtoaei
A'.marett.? of Calais. Maine (Mciill), tjatttt.. at (?0,1th !
littniul .Shoal?, Hal.ama?. 11 tb .'.1 of June. s?..
wa? <>n a tojfags fi-.in Sew-Tsrh to >'? t Orletat,
ladea with a ftatttl tatrgt <>f tBBrahandlse, a ]
piirt of the eai'fro and ?Lip's MM*! It tvrre
s-tTisl, ami. t_gBt___r tvith the cm-w. were taken It Vi ?- in
by the wrecker?. An.g lh< 1 at|?.i ??at? ?1 Is a quantity
?it marble tomltstonet, 7ii."> lu number, whli-h wera Is o,g
stit;.|K-*l to N'.-w oi'lesns to be placed over the sravei bl
K.lii-.il f-Vo.'-r?, who f II dantUI tia late war. Iii"?.
were tit?? u io >> .?Ha-.i iii fair condition, ind will probably
i? reab-ppad Is k to Mew-York. The craw, a bien arrived
ti N.i -.?an ..li tb -?Iii of Juue, were tt. take patBBgB lor 1
.Nl'.t V' ill tU II. ' l,il. ?li 1' al.i-i.l?? t:,--.
A nun? ox KORTHJUUI kkbcbasts hy
RaLKIOB, N. ('..July 11.?It i? Ih.I?cvi.1 flint
there an Impostora lu the Northern marketa bajftog
co.t.U in the uaiiiu of n-hjioURiblc North i.tiohii 1 ra , ?
chant?. It is thought that th* detlee use?! ft ________ tht
?mudie 1? to represent the pinchase? to Ive for a
" braaehttoK," thata*/o_l__g ihlpattat to tht itgaltt
a?|.lies of the mcrehant? whom- iiauu-s are nttd. It will
be well for Northern mcichaut? t?> kea-p a ?harp lookout.
Fact? have 1? en ascertained poiutliiK clearly to the
?tipiioRition that ililli.-? hate Im-, n ti.iui: the name? of
buslties? nu n .tf thl? ?ity .uni Oxford, alni im? m _? goods
both iii New-York and Tnnton, N. J.
St. Lou?, July 11.?The funeral of (ion.
Flank 1'. Ulah took place thl. afternoon from the First
('oii_ireiriitioti.il f Tiurcli. comer of Tenth and 1-ocust-Nt?.
The _aCT_ett were is-rforiucd by th? Hev. T. M I, ?t,
paator of the church, assiste?! by I?r James II. Iirooks of
Ihr Walnut Street Presbyterian Church. The building
wai. filled to overflowing by all classe? of fit.len?. 1'roiu
iut-nt among tbo??'present were Oen. Bhi noan and the
iiit-iiilM-rfl of lil? staff, Montgomery ltlulr, Mtyor J. II.
Hutton, and ??vcral ex-Ma?'ors, BeattSt Ilogy, ex-tjetiator
K (?rat? Urottm, the City ______ and city ?til?, rn In a ?
I.ihIj , tiu-iiil?-i_ i'f Hie 1st Mltttari Kefltuetit, nf win? li '
Otu. Ill.nr wa.? tin Hi ?t c. .Ion? ?;; m coUNiderable iiiiiiiIm r
of ex-t'oii federate ?oldle?s, etc. The remain? ttare eon*
t? ??'?I tu Un-r.i'ii? font.tiiii inutury under tttttl of the
lot Missouri Hcgi-uciH.
Bli falo, N. Y? July 11.-The Kev. Geo. F.
ftleginuud. fonuerly of New-York City, and well known aa
tbo translator of the Protestant Episcopal Prayer book
111torla-11.l1 al de mian, vi as this morning ordaiu?.! to the
iirlrstbood by the Rt. Rev Hlshop ( oxc of W??teni New I
York. _-__al?t-il by tbe Rev. Messrs. ilvbail, North, ami '
llyde of Ibis city.
U'Ttooa, hutanlar, July 10,1*76.
The member-? of Hie American Kille Te?im re?, h?*?!
iilaigiiw tina inornin*f. Irnrin?* the day thev vieilel
the prin? ?pal places of inteivaf, anil minie tripa
through Loi h laoinond and th?* other lnkce. Th?y
arrived in E-diabargb to-ni|rlit. Mr. liolie-imi, the
I'nittsl Stat?? Consul, met tin ni on tln-ir arrival at
K?liiiluir(?'li and pla??ti hitnielf at their ?I.?-j? -a!. Th?
American*) xx .11 remain in <*> -ti j m1 until W? ?Ideada/
next. The Baobab nllcmeu aurtdl for Wimbledon
to-night h? fore the armai of :h?* Amoru una.
LliIMI! BOII, July 11, 1H78.
The pent lemon c1 the American Team ami their
fin 'tul- iitt?-, ?l"?l divine (v-rvico t>.-?Ly at Ktralyu
A di.ip.itr!; has lavn iwnt to Col. Tortor of the 2M
Ileginient thanking him for the offer of at ear?irt on
the arrival of the Aim-m ant in New-York.
Tin-im u.. 11?-ni the Team guxi a foriu.il farewell
to-night to Coi Mit? boll, their luana- who -.ni? Una
woafe for Xow-Vork ou the ?t?*Hinor City ?.f Kich
ni.uiil. Co), ??llilersloexe mol Jlapu l'ullni. thank eil
him on helinlf of their companion! for hin ellii lent
seniee ?luring tim International Match. Obi l't.r
ter'adirrpateh ami other rommuniiaUona ti.iuh.ig
the return of ti*.?? Team to New-York were n-ferred tu
Coi Mitchell, who will m.i'a.0 arl airiitigerneiita ?>u
hid arrival.
particular! of Tun narr ambmcah
ODMFAliWr?a ?>a nu MMM Willi i m-a ?r
< lil KI'Mfi 'H.
Jiibl-i- J-n.e 30) eorrerporutenfe nt The I'matta T,met
The " liiatorie plaina ol clontarf." aa ov? rv
patriot lovi a to i eil tuarn, an in- ? ?teit wita i au Man >t
??n th?- ?i on- of Mather lotataattnaal Notou* uf a ran.? r
?lltterent elniracter from that luv. hieh Unan I'oru ?ni
bia teHin won Immortal fame. Tar bald or thara nu a
at the ranire? of Hollymount lint i n.teil In n tru.n.pli fur
the " proud invader?." Col. (.ilitrtli am ami i. - ,*:.,,i ?
baud have i.. ..len the picked ebaatpt? ni of Ireland
upon t?o-Ir o?il ?oil, and are prcpnrliur to aarry
otf the apolla of the tint and ?t.lcf .ne, uni? r II...
have atill to engngr, hu'.iexer, in a ??rica ?f
minor inala, wliieii xxiii he hardly fought hy Iba r
opponent! la the ho;*? of winnini eoaat >.f the kaoota
xi liicli have xi r to lie awarded. The re.nl' w M I 'I BOOS*
pect??-d from iho proof? of pea ter itfiqrtlm ia?, blglior di*
eipline, and cloaer ai'i'lication which Um AmeiVaa vlelt
ora have given ever mea their entrai. Ihej have oat
b eu ae captivated by ti.o eutertaliuneuta prepared for
them aa to forget ti?; main nurpoae of tin ir x.?ir..|.,i
xvl'ilc the Ii .ah leam were otl.crii He in i nyilil ttn-x ?ti itt
to be ?eon pnicticiiig at the tal Kelt Mitti a di'.', mu
worthy of imitation The higher leering which tiny
ti.?nie ?in Friday exolteat annie lui.atrixini/. ?? to tim
ohaaeea of tiuir itnraia tbmjjh the u-iu?- Raaga
? lian? Hk'o Cup waa won by nu Iii?!i rilli ,n laura.
ney ann there wer?? not niaowd by the eouotrr
?core of the Irtah rix OU Satur lay. They" xierr f.ivui.il
xa Bterday by the iineipe? ted return of Hue w? other, and
their opponenta, ?ho, it la arid? ihoot better la I ?i?l
weather?perhape beeauae thai are mon neeuetoe*pd t?i
it?were deprived of nu aaraataau which, jadctaa hoot
the iiinioat uieeaaaat rain of tlie prei waa tan ? ???.. *, On y
li ni ta iiHiiii to liHik furn ard to with couti, i. ia. if ti.?
ri port lie i urn I t it Bl ht Irai c In en xer;. dlabeai tenllit.' lo
tliein 'o we tin- huh hreafe forth yeeteraaf mmnang trama
the tnii-ia ?th.ch liavi aaveloped him foi auuic lune .?? ?!
thine auipii loualy upon th?' itraaei 11.
The American victory. It m-rx Be obeeired, though the
iriaii ehampiona rue dtaappotnted ?it it. har m.i pniriuei ?t
any very deep Impreealoa on the j.?iii. ula .. i ??? r? i. u
in-"mi it'.uiit that the cbeera which wei riven when the
ri ?nil waa known atnl the niajnilty?or gio?* " |miII." ?,?,
1 In electoral parlance. It waa ealled-^ante from the ..< ? ia
I of the multitude tout througed tin* North BulL li le
a probat !?*. inila ?d, that if they "were allowed acbolct thai
I a .mid rather glee the x Ictorj to the riritoi ? i baa to ti i ir
I nifii ?tmi.tryi! .eli. 'Jhili aj i.iu.illii una u.nic geUOTBlly
i exhibited on tne able of the itara aud -tnpi ai....n al lia
l';nnu ja? i?, ?uni the flag of Ireland .1 ? ? ?*... ..?
1 man) <>; the niaeeeo would derin lunn-? [aternattonal
colite?!. Tile X tailor? lian? ?linv u tin l: ?.oM.r in ?ni mi l'
i tr?ale at ?kui. and If they enter the Uata al '>? u.k ?
the ''?'--t m..ri..min m the wider flcld.nip I 'ii w iii
have to look to their tanrda,aa they v. ill bav? a.di*
j nar} anuoiMUU to moat. At 'in-pint ita oar rata) iii? y
I Mocad U meru than at Cwodmoor, ??iii?- t..t liu?U leam
a neat day failed to tbow any Improvement. But the a?
periority ahown yesterday waa men deebled, ?rod. lo*
i deed, iplondld, the aeore reaching tW7outol a poiaibla
; IjOBO. Tne eoiapetlton xn . , ? th oulytwo ii ti.*i?
? exeeptlona on each side, ta- ii ai ti' i win
\ went ?niiii-i ti.?- Atlautf" In s |it?*mber bmt Hr,
Ooletaan ?*? i? raliatitatel foi >Vr. li phuru ?.ti %
' Hie Aineile ni ?ni?. ;ui?l ali - - .' ti I .. I?. . n.i ?< r
Mr. JohnUlgby (the wiRiu o."?. ? ; ni l: ii??.? ? ?,.? ii i
I Cup larrt rreek) for fnpf. Wai Kel lu toe mah Team.
' Neit he i aide trained intich advautUKO I? tuectuii na. ?mi
i eouipar?n**thedgureiwith iiii?' .r...?t I'tar.u willlie
i leen that the Iruii hare not ad vam ed, whfi? th? tamrl
I ana gained upon the whole 33 poluta. The ibnoUng al
I the ?lulen m raagm waa very aneaual. i i da the
j Irieh added ill to their aeon of la 4, and acre? e point
iilieud ni tlt.ii oppoii? uta ; wbcroaa al ? f.-< ..'m - r tbt-y
?i-, u beaten hy wne purnta, lu their aeora at thi l,raaj
.vai-iN ntiiia-'c tln'ciiudiUoiiti'.?iv levert ?I. At < .* .aiiniM.r
un- Aim ne.iii- laarbnl ttiO and the iri.-? ?ii.'; hotel
l),,ii) ni.Hint >? -u n?a] Ihc Aun 11, ana ?? ..'? l :.'?:: ..i d the
l:;-i!'.!i') it 000 yarda the hitter heal their appeaeteta
laatyearb) twon?rka, but ycitardai tbej ?.:, ooriari
llUlll thi?, I- li.I H ?J.l -a ..,Ipi .a 'li !.. 1)1! theil .-ti il.n a.I.
.?ri < .mi u?-' nuise- tua gmt us or \ utioi ?indi?
VII?; Al.-) ? lill. ol'!.Ni lilt eli' Vt'iN LI ?III.
| cuLiMxx.
huli'in i.Jui-, ..ii, rri. ,i- -lulen.:' - t Tie T.- '?I- n ) flu gema.
The shooting waa continued t<?-<lav ii tim
North i>.'..: range. Th? eompetltioni were ehh-fli i?-r
iiii-comci-.' pi tee. Tbetargen worooa al "*'lmW?I??a in
li?,74. lol. ??irlerrlc ve alni Ml*. Vi .0 ol the X i I
Ameriean team took part la tin ilwotin ?, bo wei not aa
?ucecaaful aa Individ?ala aa the te.-tm wen ymopetdmy,
Theie wen )?? routuetltora ia the irai coiap
xiiiieh waa for ?SO, divided luto ?Ml prUca t'i.< range
wii.a-jiK) yarda, leven ibote, with any i le. Mi J -,
lae tajo)? Itlft prize With It ht life lit ill, ?A .
Ulgby, K. Joim-ii, K. n. u.? um i. .? -i ?.
\aru-"u emu in.ulo 'A'A; ti.o otbt-ra mi.!?' M
each; mx?ii nuule Al each; Itro m ?'?? -o ?a?r
?m,inn. i..:??:? .:.. At tim too yarde rang lhere wen ..'
competitor*. Tlie eondlttooa wen ilmilar u. Umw i
i*ai j ant?. Dr. Uamiltoa ??aireii ?tti, u - i ?.-fir ? priae.
Jame? W.I.-i,li. II. \V. Y.iie and J. K Milli i i I .wh ii.tola
.??j; CotQllderaleeve,J. M.'.iii'i.i, J. ?.. PaHaeh?Juba
Rigby and l. 9. baaha mode St The romaialnn eiix.ii
Inizc takera made ecorea ranging from 30 to ... ai lita
,u?i?> j ?u I * range, tor winch n? ?oeliaocoua valuable
I wera i:ixrn, tua et* of ritlarai .1
) nilli, the tomliiii'iia wera the ??mm. liana
?i ic ii? t um i K-t itm a. Mr. ti. r. ?i g tooh Ural ...'? i
illver ?run, value i?0 guineas wit I . ?* i.(.. ir.llaai
Lion made 32, John i;?^*ti? SI, HeKeoua 80. The mua
other pilli luker? mr?, More? ? . Iii from ... to '?I
l c1, oiiiiei'rit eve wa? Un- lo weat ou : pi:.'. r ?
i.i it eompetlttou WM for th *' i ? * ?, ".<?. .:..-1? r
iiiitliltl.atii Siiiiti'i?, ni'..! l/ioi ..in..- tot amy ."nu nib'.
The cup wae won by Mr. ?Cuk*uiau, who r'in. tu ?bt-m
lugton rifle, and amde 47 yolni* nutol .?p.
1.1.? .titi. Aim ii. a,, I, ain Ha '.' I nr.i'.i aw.iy tie
Bpeucoi ?Cupwith a (nod iron*, ii ? ?elad pnae, tha
?liver mc.Lil of the National 1;II A- ot i.iii.ai, t I i
ni .ml) wa? wtiu by Mr. J. Wilona with a ?eor? of ?II the
.-nid .* or Iii ?leal iti.it li i|,,->! apetlftona for
the day. The range waa 500.1 11 la, levee ii.?.i?i aarbj
it wa? "wini liy Mr. J. V, Vmtim ? '?'.:: i u i at o: tO Um
day wee eora, hat there waa no 1 .a Then w?ara utily
an.mt 'UKI ?pi -i tutor?. The ?Ir,,.. * f. r the x1? n m n
Cup opena to-morrow. Ou the retttUi depend? tiu- ni.o
Inie M'lictioii of at lea?t foiirot i'r lii-T, Kight to ahoot
a; is iiiiiui ihn mi, .1 cn ;,,i ;,,,? !.. .. Challenge -Im .'I.
1 lie tilth ami alxtb mell wil. ala n - .i.iln.iieil, ir tin y
have i? 1 u pretlooaly memhereal 1 n Iriah i.iKht; if in.t,
tien the ?1 nt ?our will iTciiuiiiii-i-a' 'or moi?- plan,', aial
tue ?ix thun 1 booen will n.-eoUiUiatil <j,<ii Im UM . ni.tii,
1,,...;... aud :.i.i.. place?.
-i'.-i'mn&ion ?>n Aoooum ?.?f ?f numil Ti?'.->f
Lawrence, Maiw., July 11.?The Atlantic
fitton Mill?, which were ninulue at their full UUBAUtky,
i/ixiiig employui.-nt to 1.V?5?) o|?-ri?tlvot, xvi-re iIum-iI ?ti
?oeayeabifloy for riaMwaeba. laaaaapaaataNiaaa] te
? protraetedoat if tin- pnvcit ?io?-i?- of meaalhetand
gi??|i le oat - am iuarkin-,1. the eajatoltvea WHI kt*
?t*)?J,>J?lHi, or mou-, lu w??eti by the tuafrrilirii
Sai.m'in Fails, N. ?? Jot) li.-Ila Btl?
lilou Valla MaiiUl-Ktiii inn Coliipai.J iliM'.l then mill N>>.
- i., n.... lor two mouth?.
AHKI>TS ON AC'Ol'NI" Of lili. l...\ii |*OIKl
TKAl.N KOIllil.ia.
St. Loit."?, July 11.?Two inure men lune
li-ceii arre?u?l for moir gUggunad n.iii a a ;.,,!. miMh tim
laotu* Point iriuti robbery. All the BeOOta ot ti.?
upollt uud M. laoUlii and the Olia, age M .-i-.. l.l . i.. .
roini? have tuen iimtiueled to lepoittLc IffeaTal roi
?URpicioil? ihar.ict.r?. or thi??e who cannot ?r. ??? h ^?t<
iiecoiuit of thiuiaelxca, at tlicr nation?, 1.1 imili.it.,?
Detoetlrvdiaro m nciptof Mocraaa tu?t raituua ur
Mil- han beca tabea lato ctutody oa auepkloo, bat tto
lunn - auil li? ..?iiit-i are ?lltiLitd.
?11.M/.1 I- HY THE MA???)N?? oF OKKMAJtV
Boston, July 11.?The Prim Hal tJr.niil
Ui.i-.-e of Calami Ma.M,u? of tin? ?u. ha? Merited 1 it? ^.
iiolitiiHtlnuof ita r?i?it.'iiitioii t.y the 1.1....I IsAmt m

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