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$m%!tk ^a????S t&tt?nme. __
V01 XXXV.IVo* 10,697.
The University eos-teati at Baratoga begun
yestettlay ttiili the Mtiglc-M-till nwo, for which
ihiT?' had ln.n M-vi'ii entries, Five men with?
drew, leaving tin' i? pr?-'eiifativ?-s of Yak and
Harvard to ?-??ntest t .<? race. Owing to a tiii?
nndiT-tatxlinp. the Yal?? boat did not aj>i?car,
and Um Il.uv.ird boat wa? rowed ov?*r the
(r?tir?.* alone. The race will be repeated to?
day. The Freshman race wau content??1 hy
II.) (rews ot Harvard, O? nell, Ilitiwn, and
Princeton. The Coned crew won the race hy
a surprising Bpiirt at the linish. Browa lost
tlie vii tory hy "catching a crab." Harvard
wau to ??nid. _
rt vnAtV BACKS AM at.haci KM IO ? oI.i.kiif. mfn,
tT-a-VKIS--tOttd m? )i:i;i.--i V* ii.tt i. Momt FKK
Hi i nth) iiv ?ii Dum THAN IN '74.
Iht THIa.ktlll ?Hu. A ?tit? ? eiHUI ?l?)M?l ST Ol' THE
e*>At AroiiA, .Tulv K1.?Just ai one star di-Tereth
ftoin ??until? r slur in glory, ho the Freshman raes is
of inferior magnitude to the larger contest to-fOOT
T))tt : l.iit Ms inferiority is in kind ruth? r than in
degree. To the ??'li? (-'?? world, ?it h ?me avis now rons
ti.ugh Barataga County, it in full at Interest.
Winn the athletic honor of th?ir collegs le?on?
r? nu el, tin- appel cletssssaa and tbe grndnatewill
siie-ut tin ms? It? ? hoiiiM- ta?_a_o__ragc li? ?innen, as
?rigoraaslj M n ti??- class spirit -a? a say!h, and
tin t ?aid Id ?inn? n tbessselves again* The phs
lana ?>f sight sects ttill eanss to saorrow, an?! the
elasti? iiy of iin ? orpocatc limits nf Baratoga ?till !???
toned to lbs nttenauat ; bol to-day the town behmgs
lo the ?-.?id-ni-. On?? sweep ?>f the eye is ?wool
t lilli.lull ?>f tilla?.
ii? fashion ol ribbons has risen to a rag to-day,
gad the whale popalstiosi h.is flowered on! Into all
tin possible ned imp ssibk eoloisol the rainbow.
There a-v families divided against tbetuselves on
solos Unos, wl) i. ihe fiiilnr stands bj Um -?ii?? blue,
and the sea rebels ia favor of Colambla, going hin?
om- bett?r on lilli?' ami white,while the danghtei
? linga t'? lies sweetheart's colors, and ent? ra li Ham*
lag pion st loi Hu? v..nl. One < srriage thal drov? to
Hi? Iahe?,tilled with a merry tarong,was curionsly
und even!? divided m this way, Yale and Columbia
disputing the majority. The com basan was the bal
anos of power, and In carried the day by the blue
nuiinsBl tn his whip, iii?' three delegations which
hi< sifonsjeol an Vale, Columbia, and Harvard, and
it nu li has the pluia Hy ttiuild !??? hard to say. Hi?'
lill.lill) li? (li ? ,0 li lltelllllt ll|l lilt?) li 11 lill It'll,?. 1'It III ? t oil
baa n strong baching, while the other colleges are
nade kaowa ii> bright patches of color here and
lathe peasesoJ dlscassioa and pr?diction as to
lln results of the conical ?, a..in. gat? ?1 Young Am?r?
ica ?vu?'? in!?' the business ?ef flirtation tt ith a s. si? m
?ml an ? m i?-';, that ttoulil ?l?> credit to moir im?
portant and intricate transactions. All the girl*
?a ill agree thai it would be well if they ???Hi? red to so
Innocent a pursuit Bal the splendors ui Mr. Mor?
rissey _> magnificent drawing-room allure min those
accustomed to seeing Ins parl?n, ami his
I?? I? 11 Institute is sni?i to be crowded
nigbtl. with siu?l?ni?. Last year, there were so
many objections raised t<? Saratoga, because Mr.
Moni?*-? y was a mi mbee ot the baslness <ommunity,
ainl l)ii.iii-'' <>f Ins peculiar method of making a
living, that the students generell, avoided bi man?
sion, tt hi? h, in tho nu.ii <iif-111. t-, i.? supposed to pre
in nt sa lab v. i if seeiui gold, varied with psecions
llene - ?,,? big a- e lus. and to li.it?- Milite nanean ? <>:i
iii'iion with the bottomless pit. This yeal the fear
di-, eil .1 m ? m? to hat) hit them, fully one-half ot
li.?- players being reported to is- college men. Large
m ?ries are told <'i the good hu k which some ol Um m
lia -e t ll.l">? el.
Hut there ara ssaaynsen hereof a sb-adiersort.
Willi all tin- miniature- ?mil weah fa? ??-. that iii?-?t
1 u in s erowd of students, ?uni with all the marlu
ti dissipation and frivolitj lehnt one can read there,
Hie hosts of college men wbo sre fillingeveiy hotel
ind covering ever, sidewalk in Saratoga to-dajf are,
lilli,?- aiaia, s heart, and manly looking set of fel?
lows. of which M country and no college need be
si ll.l.s.
lui arealink oi ?ni? i laiiitiiii nu -' -v i it t ni-i
? ?i\ ?it It A'.? i - A 1.1-l'l l i ai i k snow ?>, V VII
?'lt- ?IN lill ?.HAND SIAM?- ll\ i: ?ii lill SI \ I N
I ?ill! s um 'iin BACI WITHDRAW.. . til '
I Ali liri III Al'l'l Al: -I 111* l'dl'l I.tit MV-III li ,t
li.i-?mu. WELLS BOWS "til: THK ?COI RBI tI"M'.
Im ii tv,lain nioM a staff e ?anasronnn..! ot rus
TlllliL'M.. |
Sai.Al-if.?, .Inly 18a?The ?vents of tit?- lir?l ?lu
eomprised, as college contests s? often do, n failure
??a! a surprise. The Bingle scull lute ?aine
lo Banght, Harvard gained Um cup without
any ???ni? st. while ni tho ]>ti!l for lln
lu-lillian ti.u', iii?- Cornell crew tt<m a ia?? in
?. cb ti ej ??? ' nu ?l to I" beaten bom the ?tari until
lae very eve of the finish. The weather lia?! been
si i;iiiw< ?I. like everything ?!-?-. i?> peri etion. 'J In
sim |io tied >!o\tn ?ml?, a genial beat, and aereas the
sky there drifted non ami then great wisps of
W?hlte, while aiwand the horizon was spread a haze
that softened every ??iithn?- In Um prospect. The
run lln.! a low ?lark lins in the west se. tm >l to
lu., i?. \,.i? dow ni coming, and the ti- n t ?i<uiu of
li.ni .uni i.nu tli.it fell Intel ?lot no. r< aeh us until nil
tin- oai*s were at na., ""?I crews sad
ni" ? i.itors were safely boused in the town.
The water at ti.?* time art for the
?sees o.iH oh smooth nu a sea of glass.
Mi Kennedy and Mr. Wells, who were lo pull the
Ungk scull race together, without outside compet?
lion, wen paddling about tmnf .rt ?lily in th?*ir
sheila. Mr. Kenuedy waa ia a white shirt ?and blue
soloes; Mr. Wells was In crimson cap and trunks,
axpostag the skia of his breast nod back, which
Batare baa tanned for hiss to a brilliant maroon.
There Is sosas of the good old regatta muddle, fuss,
ami lae'tiii r about til?- wharves :u.?l graad stand, but
far less than erei before, and lbs press boat vt...?
?tl<?\. n to the start 'n good season, with ? food praa
p?'?-t that tia- i.i? S ttoul?! sl:.it Within thrc. -?jil u t. iv
of an hour ?ii tin- appointed tun?-, a thing rare]j
knotti, in Co] eg< i? ?taits .un:?il?.
THK < ina Vt I'M e.N iii; (,':tM) Sl.f I?.
The enonaons grund st uni m the dktanro, a?
\n \t) ?I fieeiu tin jar.,?.. boat, in? f?? nted a mod? ratelj
black appi trance, and is Um steamers passe?!, the
rreettd of students, bumbing a!?>ut something
mi?!?- a highly (espectable show. Under lin?
tot) f.?t of the .stand, wbkh is covered
Ve.'L awning, the ?n.tt?! WM dense, arid
the- jsesnieiii ju?t outside of it, ot.-r which
the ?riiiievui of liai tard, th? garnet of In ion, the
SOS pink <'f Hamilton, and the blue of Yale, ttate d,
ojiui ai?.ut a?* fiall. This was jin hihi;? because they
ai? nearest Um center of attraeUon, lather than be
sans? iii?- Html? nts rtr< ?o unmerons, Down toward
ti?- ) io!, th?- adherents of the difieren! ? ollegea gi on
'? vtei ami fe\?,r ami when WS ??une t?> \\ illianm on
Um ?-ml, the litfht shines throiia,'h tin herne., of the
siiei,?! ti?-4-ly, and the in? n hsik like a Hinall part] of
?-ii. ? limbing over a tre!l__. Hu UiousauU iiersx.ua
occupy seats on the grand stand, which i? doing
pretty weB for Um IVeebmen ia? e.
YAI.K AND llAKV Al:l? I 1 1 1 l?) t i'MI ?*i Tills RACB
Al?) -K.
lint one sinplo Scalier, Mr. Wells of Harvard, is
down at the start. 'Ihe Madge, the fast Referee's
I bout, cuts down with a traamer solong as herself
! streaking out behind, carrying My Lords of the Re?
gatta Committee, who survey the scene in glory
from her comfortable seats. Harvard ami Yaleex
! j. . (?ti to light tin? l'u-1 race out together in the old
I s'yle. Ont of seven entries all withdrew ??.< ? - i?t Mr.
Kennedy and Mr. Wells. Mr. Kennedy i?- No, B in
' Mr. Cook's boat, and Yale wasingreal fcarleatlM
' might tite or hurt himself, If Mr. Wells should smash
himself or anybody else Harvard will bear np with
comparative equanimity, sehe is u?? pari of the
pia < [ous University Crew. Mr. c. 8. Frani i??>i Troy,
win? ivan expected to carry th, Cornell colon in Ibis
i.n ? , did H"I euler his n.une.
Considerable bustle was seen shout the sturt. A
six-oar came pnUing up, which turned out to he a
crew of the old Columbia men?Mr. Cornell, Mr.
Timpson, Mr. (Griswold, Mr. George Riven, ami ?nu- or
two others. A Ungle senil -tas seen spproaehing
from Hie star! in Hart ard's line. An tint started f
No, only pulling arenad preliminarily. Somebody
; in the press boat nails tbe six-oar. "Is it a walk
overt' "Yes," Mr. Cornell saya. "Who for?"
"Harvard P Mr. Wells comes np palting lazily, and
ss he passes the veteran six give bim three cheers
mid the too familiar tiger, " C-O-L-U-M" and su
forth, ft id the press boat steamed down towarri the
start ..-rain. Those on hoar?! wondering why Mr.
Kennedy did not appear, viewed the rapidly rising
wind with profound apprehension. When Mr. Wells
??aine in sight of Hu- grand siand, paddling leisurely
down Um course, tbe absenes of his competitor
i < ana d man*, eonj? ? nins, w ben be tta? near enough
! for his colors to be distinguished, the I lar var. I crowd
broke forth ttiili their peculiar " Uah ! rafa ! rafa !"
wlm h Munni? to (ti?* uninitiated so much like the
bark of a ?dog, and this was repeated, when, having
? loosed the line, Mr. Well?, after pa] lliit his respects
?it !' ejudges' stand, palled ov< i to where his friends
The circumstances of this failure appear to have
been these: When the referee's boat arrived half
an bom ni so after the appointed time, Mi. Wells was
near tbe start in a working-boa! with bis shell in
readiness. No one else waa to be seen. The referee
saul to Mi. \y, li.-, thal there m ne I be s miaunderetund
Ing, because he had seen Mr. Kennedy on his woj as
far down as Um Ambers! House, Mr. Maxwell of
Val?- assured the referee li al Mr. Kennedy intended
to row. hut thai lu- thought, and that all tin- gentle?
men at the Yale quarters supposed, that Um single
scull race was to com? after the Fre.-'un? n race.
Several gentleini ti and in e ? > 111 ? iii? on tin- referee's
boat said that they hvl supposed the same thing,
and the referee explained the cirenmstances to Mr.
W? Ila, hut added thai the onh.ni o? the Cbainaan ??!
tin- Begatte Committee were to hate the boats
?t.u ted al once. Mr. Meeker, the Um? Ki eper, ask? ?1
w hethi i the race might nut be postponed by consent
of Mr. Wells. Thi refere? saked Mr. Wells whether
be would now row over the conree inthenbsenc? oi
Mi. Kennedy. Mr. Wells said "Yes." Mr.Guuster
then started Mi. V. e 11-, and be palled over tin- conree
in fcolitary glory, lu.a- not taki a,
Fit 1> 11 MAN RA! !..
A START OH 11 m I ami WIT IIOll A? ?I|?I M ? i m
It Vt F I'M Ol HU __?!8T EVK-C llil?"l i,ll ?li ?'N'
BU iRIi r i?ivi')ss NAKItOW i.-i ait. lum
FOI I.l Vii TUB Uti.? BROW*, leesis THK II tu
HY ?ti'lllMi A (I! Vi: Il.tltV AHU's livtl li?
ll I. ROWING.- ( ?ii; .i.l.l.'.s TUtKlFIC -VI.V.IM,
.-l'l ItV
ihy t_.ik.hai u mon a stavs ooaaaaroansnT 01
IBS T1:1 lit M.j
BABATOOA.Jolyl3.-01d Snake Hill looked cool
snd breezy enough, bul j. on could fry an eggontbi
shiugli i et ('?un? 11 boat-house, *1 ! ?? wind was rising,'
and soimlioilt iii 'ti-, hi ti bj san i white cap or two,
bat he waa rather pooh-poohed down. At !?"?> min
uti? of 12, which meant h ilf-past 11, the fii*?t can
non shot "waa heard from the bill, Half anboui be?
fore the Freshman ra??' ihis m? int. Two of the
steamers were pulling alioota one bothered hy a tai]
of the always raefBeienl signal-boats, which are s
standing nuisance of the Regatta, e. i waiUngtu l>
pul in their places at iii'- last momeut, snd no1 gi t
ting there until after a rae! fuss. The Referee*! boat
?ta.-? shooting about in an excited manner. Harvard
waa oat l'u-i and in the Line. Princeton was seeond.
'i In n came r.r?.\? a, ami Cornell, n h?)s? men bad bet a
rushing about on Um sln-i?- m front of their boat
j house, was last. After _.'."> minutes tram the
gan li)?' tin??- crews vt?ie already in line, when
I Corn? II ?'ailie Op anil took her ?ila??' at the
far end. Ilmttn vtas in \t to Ii? r. Princeton
had iii? next lane, ami Harvard Um next.
At two tumut? ? before noon, Mr. (?m,?t? i had the
four boats on s line, and put the question, M Are yon
n.iily.'' "Thengo"followed almostinstanUy,and
I they wen oil handaosnely, All the oars took the
j water together, und the four boats jumped at? ?13 like
??ni?. Princeton .????k the lead almost immediately,
ami ki i>t ii ttlnle the baal iiii.te?l iii tin din? lion in
win, h she vtus iir-t poiated. Hut in th?- secondejear?
ter o? H lillie, the st??TlIl)_; Oil the N? W-JeTM-y b?iat
vta? so i)a?l that Princeton lost net lead and Harvard
took th? van. Brown coming next, sad Cornel] very
B?gbtlyiathe rear. Thiap i-t -.? ??1 thtmi that vi ay
betwi u tin- half-iii)!e mid the mile. Hartard wau
half R h Ugth ahead of BtoWB, with half a do.i n feet
beiweea Ootaall. Brown, and Prlaostim, und tin
Mime ?lisian? 0 lietwceri 1'lim eton and Cornell.
Hini.IMi IKeW.N 111 it.
, Hy the tune a it? ki of rating Ix-ala bits i??*. ?-??I the
first mil?*, Iii?* ( rnwi have ?bairn what i.s in tluiii,
and the nee takea on ? daflnita thmpe, The boola
l.tin? h or atrina ?wit? or ii"* crowd splits in taro In
lim nu.I.Ile, m taken mum ihapc which glwem ii.I?
si i nr. ifflii- is ul.li' ti. keep Ins lint vi s st, :n|y iiuitiu'll
H.r.uli/. it, a clear idea of tli?- character th? ram ia
t.. amaitm., it w;is t'viiii-tit at the milo line that this
waa an aluioai nnpreeedentedly even rave f?.r four
lu.uts; that there waa n<? one superior i<? all the
rithera, and thal no exeat .va* t?> drop vi ty far t<> the
nar, :i.ii.le;i?s except eil. Accidenta .'.i.l no1 wera
Improbable, f..r Princeton yaw-id bark and
forth, from sill?* t.. m ?<? <'t ber lau?', three
ili-tiii< t tiim-s. ami drew m p rilonely near
tlic tbigt thal ihe referee waved them
off more than once, and Hie ? aptain t? peat? ?Hy < ailed
for bia oamnen to aid in ?leering, with " I 'nil har I
port," or " I*nll hard ??larboard." Harvard start? i! a
little ne'rvona, perbapa, aa the eaptain al Ihe tii-i
quarter called t.. tlii-m to "I'ull ?-toady, hove."
They at ttlcd down then, lu>\\?'v? r, lo a ate uly, deter?
mined, m ie'itilie-l. ?'kiln; til?', v\ Indi ina.ii everybody
rapporte Ihey were rare ol tin race. Bul it waa
plainly io 1?' a deb mined rrtrugglr, hist une netting
i tim advantagr? and then another. At tins mile, the
j ix.ats \m re actually almora aa nearly on a line aa bo
I fore they tren atari??!, ami ?ii they iwepl l>y the
I Judge*-/ st,-inn?r, tin1 Brady, nt the unie and a qnar
I n i. .i i.lniiil) lim from the how of the enter t?. the
! bow of the inner host would almoal bare toncbed
th?- noaea of I be i wo intervening nuea,
run m Mili; or si i ? ? ? k i-^.
The lu at- all mut O? with th.- stroke, a Iii. h the)
polled j.ntty -t> a? lily through the race. Ihe
Bpnrting wa m the nntnra ?if an extra effort, rather
iii.m a .?.un k' i -ti.tkc, Lbuui??? the itroke was quit k
ened in one or two eaaea. brown pulled 'Al atrokea
to the minute; Cornell, ?13; llarv.ml, 34? Prince?
ton, -it-. Cornell ?lui not vary ti.ah the race
until the wet) end. I bej are said t.. h..ve had defl
nil t- orrdere to row their regnhur atroke to within 300
Mini*- of tin lini-li, iimi ii,?ii to li t oui all there was
A 11 illili ?<* r- I lil?, ?. li. HOW N rut: MI'iiVli MILK.
Aft? r the mik the racing waa tremendoua. Har?
rard took th. I. ad itint Brown made an caira effort.
Cornell ami l'i nu . tun wire doing all tin v could,
and tli?* iiitwattis MtMHTiWed lor half a tiiih*. llar
v.nil holding a lui?' ah?ml. At tin* mile ?nul a quar?
ter Brown narrowly eacaped ? buoy, which gave
Harvard the palm for ateerlng, an hIi?* kept a peri t
line all ti?' way np the middle ?>f bet lane. Blown ?li?l
not sutler, hut daabed on ami took th?- lead lu'.'ir tim
two-mile point, h small green pani lure threw dan
get t.? Cornell and Princeton, hut tiny pained safely
mi i ?n h -ni, m ni i,ut delay, At tbe two-mile point
Brown waa leading. 'Ilu- pace Ibronghoul bad been
very even, the conat?hl emnlation crowding everj
crew t<> ita iiiniost iiinits. lum. inn waa about
hull'a hu.*th behind Harrard ami CorneB a few
li?t in rear?>f Princeton.
ina.w K '.- M|s| ni:i! NI AND liri I'ltihv i I?.Ill HO
li . n\ i:i? i ii-.| ma,i \n.
Harrard waa very eluae upon Brown, m much io
thal bom lb? refer? n'a boat in the n at the Harvarda
were anppoaed to be ahead ; hut Brown ha.I a lead,
and waa incrraaingit, when No. '? took it Into Ins
i bead to catch a crab, which nearly np- i the boat)
: aa tbe captain naya. Ilu put his ?>ar down deep in
the water, and i ouM no1 gel i' onl t<> s;i\,- bim. The
Hu.wn hont atopped, ami the aapeet of the nee
changed in a ?-?< .ml. Harvard abo! ahead, with
eleni water between her atora and Princeton'! bow,
ami Brown droppeil two oi three lengtha
to tin? mar, a full length behind Cornell. Iii?'
In nils nf tin- 111,,li li linn nu sinai' is.ink. hut
th?- Brown Captain called i" his crew, "Bight
along, boya; il.iu't nt?-ii. Hit lu r righi up ;''
ami the boya bit ber right apace ?rdingly. They pul
?m a aplentlid apart, ami quickly hit Cornell pound?
ing along in the rear. In tim ?outs ..(?t half-mile
iin, regained bull their bail ground ami roll.mil
Princeton, ilmaIng up m b i ii.I tiny h ni a lead "i
Ihree-qnartera of a length, whii h iii y s,mu lucre ia? ?1
toa leadof ? icir water. Cornell meautime bad
ateadily drawn ni', ami left Princeton in the l.i-t
]'!.i< . .
Til!' HilVtl Sill Ii II.
Aa the lni..ts pu-., ,i tbe abra rvatory on Ram dill**
Point, l.ss thin h,iii a unie from the Stiiab, Harrard
1?*<I, Brown was leeond, Cornell third, and Princeton
but, with little over a ho.it*? length betwcin any
t wo of i lu in. As t!n ) approached ? I"**?' t<> the grand
atand. notwithatanding tim almoal electrifying
j " Bah, ruh, rah " <>f Harvard*! gathered hundreda, it
j was evident that tin* itrengthof tim ('rim-cm wan
fading, ami winn Cornell glided ti*? t<> timm,
tim Harvard Mewed to I?? Bebed with a
seit nf deapair, No. '_' had already wilted,
ami the eren Meroed to need all tlmir
little remaining power t?. maintain tbe n< ? ond peel
titra,of which Brown waa working har?! t.. deprive
th? in. I'm.i. tmi pulled ;i pim ky ni?-h ii race at Huh
point, hut -i. nuil to lack the freak apringy action
that eharactericed ConwIL Aa the erewa carne np
to the grand atand, where Mr. Ni? ?.11 made ii.. foal
Itrugglfl which Won tin* liinlniu-ii ra??-?.f hii-t year,
Harvard waa leading rdightly, Cunnii waa towing
n ?h liberate st,r,k,. of 32 to tbeminuto. Next beyond
them tho Brown "frew, lapping lagan, were moving
aU idilyat 30atrokea, whila Princrtan brought np
the rear, ami were ipparently in ?titi;, ?tltiea.
tuliNFii. .,or is in Tin: iik.m.
An Ilu i n wn ii'.ttlmil tin* appar row of t?a?-.'** ?'Pl-o
rito the Grand Si uni, Cornell anddanly qniekened
ami began to *mmm up troaa the rear, Thiaeffort
wa? ?lui? kly taken np hy Harvard, and than bj
tarara, hut tho Coman men aridaotli ha 1 Um anira
liff, un hi a MTV few ftrok. m tin y h ?-1 r. n lud and
patu-t*?! Harvanl. It-rfnre tin* uland wa? r?*a?h??l ? har
watt-r ?'?mili baaoan betwaantba lu.uts The Brewon
win-lut?-in th? ir amaut, and .t w^ a matter of
Mea l-nia Yute.
- mr
intrigue*, of nu: imperialists.
THK Kllelleiv e>| VI. liollaiol.?; A \ KI I.I K11- Mt*?,
?Itlttllos BY VI. lto( III l( THAT 111 niltr.vi C1)
Till: It? iN MAI I l-l I Oil-Ill | | I* OS Al TI Al..
\ 11 tin re, Taesday, Julj 13,1875.
The Assembly io-il.it declared tbe election o! M.
Borgoiag in tin Depnrtment <-i NU rw nail and void
by a vote ol ?KIOyeas t?> 310 lia.? ?.
The Aasembl) was crowded on ila- Hour and in the
grileries, After tin- rote had been declared, M.
Duval, a Donanartist, sddressedan interpellation to
theCoteiiiin? nt a? to the lim' ol conduct he in?
tend??! to pursue toward the imperialists,
M. Buffet, Pnt-identof lln' Council, replied that
the Government regarded ii as it-, duty t?? insure' re
spect foi ami obedience lo lln- Constitution. It
would tnl? rate no factious intrigues bom any quar?
ter, nor ?teeni,| u taha the initiative in illegal i>. rae
cutious, but would refer all unlawful acts to the
'lln declaration produced groat excitement in tin?
Cham tier,
M. Rouber introduced a proposition authorizing a
nea ? hi til m in the Ni?vre, ttotwithataitding tin law
forbidding snpplemeutary eh i innis foi the pre* at
Asm inl'l.v. In the coarse ol' Ids rerarvrks In- made au
allusion to tin- ( ? ?i ti in tt t <*e - fur Appeal i<> tin- Peo
|i!i-, which be aekaowlsdged he direeted,
This bold avowal of the existence of such .1 com?
iiiiiDi, which M. Rouber had previously denied on
his honor, was 1.ived with surprise, and caused
great es? itcinent.
'lln-?I? hate wasadiourued until to-morrow.
Tin; re? i;m im ndai ions.
lloltF Allot I Till' OBRAT D.tvivi.l IO I'lliil'lltl Y?
li M a 1 K vin 1 DISFLA1 ol CI1ABIT1 I ?? BEHALF
OK INK sill LUI Its HY II "TI 1 I lila U (, i a 'I i
[moa nu m 'i 1 ?it <?'inn? ?ihm u m m nu ratatina.]
Paris, .lune 30.?The floods that broke mil last
week in the s nilli of Prance are the foretnool topic
??I eoaversation. A few ?hits before, the weather
being nnnsanlly cold, what would have been ram in
the lott lands fell a? smut 011 the Upper slopes of the
Pyrenees, When the wind changed to tin west, the
swift melting of the snon helped to swell tbe waters
?>f tin ii,mi in,, tin- Adoor, ami theil affluents with
astonishing rapidity. At Toulouse the Ant serious
alarm was fell early on the morning of the 23d, a
week sgn to-el ly. Twenty-four hours later ihe 1??p
nloiis Quarter uf st. Cyprlen, on tin? h-ft
hank of th?- (?aronui-, was ander water,
huinlieiis ?if it? inhabitants were drowned
or crashed ia the ruins of their falling __onsee,aad
nearly 2tu,000 persons becsme booseleas. Toulouse,
beeaaseof its accnmnlstion of people ami buildings
?ad wealth, was a sort of capital <>f disaster; hu!
the waste and ruin are widespread throughout the 1
valley. ?Hovera] villages ara mentioned where, >'t'
??'(Hi an?! .'{?Mi h? -a?? ?, bo buildings remnia standing but :
th)-1 burch ami a bouse or two, Solidly < oustructed
st?one l?i nil.*? ? have iieen swept a ?tay like driftwood;
iii.nl? hate he? n gullied into impassabilit)'; cattle
ami garnered harvests, and mott hil- crops, t ine.t srtts
and tbe arable ??'ii itself, hate been swept oil or |
otertt helmed ? nil sterile ?ami at.d gravel.
The h?s? of life is pn .it? r, I think, than in the
Ki.otu' ami Loire iI??hI? of 1856. 'I lo- whole extent
ol 1: ,1 tei tal destruction is no1 yel .1? ertained. Esti?
mates (as tit only approximate, hut that ?lo in I
teeta to h)- extravagant rate [| at from s-'.o.iiuu.imiii
to?|)79,0?K),00O. That li is ? no1 mou?, ami canoe
only partially made up to the mora molt -uflerew,
is uuqueationabh?. '1 hat something can be eh un- for
tin m hy the more fortunate- is certain, and little
questioned. II? re is tin- brighl ?id? !?? th'? ?sad story.
Never?no1 when Uie call was uiaile for the benelit
of the victima of n like ealamit. in I83t?? not tt Inn
11 u.i? made im " our soldiers ' in tin-1 lim?.in cam?
paign, and not when it was made for the peasants
aubouaed or those from Alsace aid Lorraine win?
were exiled bj th?- late war?have I known in
Prance any movement for charity's sale si sjiuiia
ne.iiis, general, ami largelj gi neroits as the one now
sweeping over the while country, with something
of the rapidity an?! Blighl <>f tin- flood that jiriiviik. ?
it. All ? la??? ? and specialties of Institutions and
in.lit idual? rush into it. No soon r luid m ?sol the
?alamilv reached Versailles th.ni the President of
the 1;. pi.hh'' (accompanied by tin- Minister of Um
Ii.t?i?.. ?i.1.i.tl fur Toulouse, making i'u-t thaw
two preparations for bia travel?a pocketfal of his
ott 11 it.?met for nulli? d?ate u?e, and a?iv it ?? to Mad?
am? Ma? Mahon t" put herself at 11??- head of a cen?
tral subscription committee. It is saul tbattlu
Presid? m drew ou hi? privais baakerafor more
money the third day after his arrival m tin- wasted
vaih >. No on? ?im ? ?-ay <?r explain BOW or when Hi?'
kiml-h? an? ?1 man gave his tough 6H-year-old sob
.liei-hislv enough m ? .Uni boars fee taking food ami
sleep, VYeknow that tin- Counuiltee overahicb
his wife pr?sid?e sen! ??n -r ;?i.ii??t? ih,- day after its
oiy.un/aliui, alni ha? ad linn h m ?_ in liaud Bttbss>
?lllelltl.V ?olh ?I'll.
?-e \i lal of th? Paris sewspapen bare ?-??a i.> ?1 eon
ti il.iitieiii I?).? s and subset iptiou-lists at their offices,
/.< ramps, after three days, received neariy?f-9,0U0i
Ia Rappel ree? ived over?98,0001 lbs sahlished li?ts
of other Journals sboa soase larger, soreeaniallei r?
?eipts. Many of lim 40 daily Paris journal.? do not
receive at thsir nwa bareena, bat all soin it, and
mist of theni give. Thus, the DonaparUal l.'unLi
mud* ltsfl00(i_l In,, p. irate rrUK?) to th. boxol
\\B political i-oiili'-ie Le t.autoi*. it isa jelly thal
tot? paper editors who are poliU-ians by trads ami
aassbat coald m1 le. Um national ssovsraeal ?..'
hum in ''?'Tit.. rrn fit??? and el? ar of their shallow
|i.?rlis.?u pt'ituihatioii?i. I.n lit'^uHiqae lrtiii\uct,
tin- ablest urgaa al sdvaaeed sb-Oere repoblieaa
l?, in, baviag oj?. ned a su-t*cri;>liou, uinsiahly
wi?ki lis th.? moral value of its pecuniary charity
by reproaching tho Bonapartieta. not very aptly, f??r
lack of ir. imrosity. Le I'tty*, hy itn ehief c.litor.
Pani (da Caaaagnac), catobea at tim opportunity for
making a cbaracteriatically brilliant, icnrrilow re?
tort, Tho provocation waa fooliahly impolitic ; tim
rrfntatiou was foully impolitic; Loth childiah
writ, is im iii ptiuiahment. Happily, their wretched
litilc ?inaiicl his mit largely excited the rank and
file ..I' l'nm h folly, whether Imperialiata cr Be* ub
li. ana.
Toaay that managen of theatem, dramatie ?mt hm s
?nul acton, are i?.vin?; their nighta (m much mora
productive thin the profita of tim ?lays of other folka,
commercial folks, for example, n bom no one < ipeete
to give the profita of their (real daya), ia meVely to
My that thi'si- people ?ne :is usual tim most generoua
ol mu nu ul. in i (.m inn iii ti.s. But on ihi-?'\i i ptioii.il
occuaion, be if placed to their credit, bank
en ami banking institutions, railway cocpora
tions, ami mercantile houses, an* not la liind
acton, tin ?iii ii boueea, ami nun uf letton,
In a lelf-aacrificiug devotion well ahead <.f theae are
tlie otheen ami common aoldien of the army, tim
j.in ats ami i-i-t. is ?>f charity, who all did, with
?.pi.illy devon! thorougbneaa ami unaelnahneaa, the
work offered them by Ibediaaater at rottlonae. 'lim
call now for aneh biter help an france ian give ia
echoed trout prefecture to biabopric, ?uni anawered
from all the pulpits ami manicipalitiea of the Re?
Leaving nut nf conablerntion tim other and per>
bapa better fenturei of this eaaentially nntioual
French moveuieut, this eminent feature <>f qron
taneity and nnivenality ia mneh to lu* considered?
I am tha more arged reapad fully to r.ipi.rst, atten?
tion i?? this characterintic lui .nisi' of rnj reading
this morning extracta from an ?nth le in The Loudon
Haiti/ .Sues in which it is aaanmed that, in face of
iliis Ininienea diaaater, tim (frenchcaunot diaplay any
capacity of self-help? That Eughtnd ihoubl aeek an
outlet in Buffering France for some rich portion ol
her ever ready overflowing charitiee, waa i<> bo ox*
pected. That Alaace ami Lorraine itbot?d vend < bar*
?table moneya t?? those who need in Pram ?? is a fat t
anticip?t? .1 bj all. 'lim Ain:l..-Aiu( in an colony bera
in 1'.ms i? also doing numetbing, thougb ma much,
auder the impiil.se given by Lord Lions ami Mr.
Waahburne. ^^_^__________ w* "? "?
nuoLQTlOM ?nu i ? 11> hy uti: inuiisii v.ut.v hnmtf
t'MiHiN?? ii \i.ii \?.i: CUP riiivMii. io mi
M "JV-YUltl HU , E v*--"'1 tvilt'N i ?ii 1 n:-l COX*
I'lllliiiN lu l.Vlvl" I'l.M'l* Al a IMIll -UKIN.
I.dMM.a., Til? a,| IV, Jl'ly 13, 1S7.-,,
The Connell of the Britiah National Bidag\ntoci
util.n, at its meeting to-day, adopted a reatdiiti<?ii
that the New-York Katta Aaiociation be invited to
accept a challenge cup to be competed Coe in 1870
at Wiinhli ?hm l.y tim Am. iic.iii-; th. winner to hold
the cup until tim next meeting of tha New-York Aa?
iociation, when Im is to band it over to tim Council
ofth.it Aaaociation in order thal it maj be competed
ii.r tin n ami annually thereafter at a range ol' 1,000
yarda, on condition! to be determined by the New
York Aaaociation.
Mr. Henry Pomona, adjutant of the Britiah Team,
t?l?graphe aa followe froui Wimbledon: "1 regret to
r*ay that the < tatnell will not allow the la-t proooai ?1
iiiiiiih lor >.itnr<l.i> between the Americana and the
repreaeiitatireaof the three Britisheightaof ls7l
ami 1870 to be alidt. We intend to oller tim Auk ri?
cana n cup, which tiny may take back with them
ami shoot I'm at home."
non ro annuroi-uBu ami rai uumk?mmjii i vi
?niMi; i.,.it, lui s'l.iy, .July l:f, ls-T."?.
Um membera <>?' the American Team and tluir
frienda \ i-tit ti Abbotaford and Melraae to-day.
William .Vila.:;, a leadiug citizen "i Edinburgh,
gave timm a banquet to-night, in the i muree of w hit h
he in.nie a ?peech wann in . tllogy of .lum u a.
Col. iiil.l, raleeve i. iponded in fitting f.-rtiiH.
Tim nu minis of tim Team leave for London to
ria I rr.i.N m nu. TEAM in M'w -YOUL
Tha follov/ing K?iitl?iucii bava bean ap
i'".!iii ii ;i i "iiiini'ii.- uf tin- Nat!, n ii l. ii.iiinii to
m i m lia ,i committee nf the Aim i,, an Bille ti.ii? in m.iku
arraagenieuti for the reception la tim AaerteanTeaiat
?.n ai. v. st,,in-, Q i. if. T. McMahoa, Gea Kilbourae
KiinT. I). \V. .1 ml,!. m r Bl mtmi, una Copt *f, (.'. i nmey.
i tu i iiiiiinitti e will nui t mi li ida).
[I've ulher lure-,n Xl m .?? Plflk TUgtA.
OsCAIfA, N*<-li., July 13?Tu reply to an in?
quiry of'len. George Crook, commanding, u? the War
Department, aa to what ihooM be done alta miana al
mid) ni tin" iti.uk iinis country, and lhere hereafter
found therein, tha following lUepateh baa Ju*i been ra
it-Hid nunn, u ?it'u. Marama and Gan. gherti m i
Ki ft: nil?.' tn VOW <llHiiu.li It ni lim ??il lut., tilt? I'nul?
li lit li Hits Illili l lill IrVSie Hie l,|.ll . ? UKI I--.,ii !.. i ?n
tiuue to keep penpla fruin going lu Um Black mils, ut
il-.iM .Ililli Hil- t?rnOit ?if III?' lils,ruf tin I UtUUliru-liill tn
?n .a willi tim iiiuniiio i? known.
I in,-. M. Vim BUT, A. A. li.
nu: annual Mii.iiMi OP tim: amkukan
l*IIII.l)l.?u,!?'M, !-<?< II I V
PllHYIDKV K, K. I., July 13.?Thfl Alll?li?;lll
Phllalagiral Boetetf feagan Hu leaaloatt. Rogai'a High
N lu io I, ut Niwimrt, Hurt ii'teninnu. An utllit ss nf wrl
i nun) -aim ?u?iIi* by tim linn, -.ililli. I I'uwill uf N?W[K)rt,
In Mliati tim 11.Ul J. 11.ii.uni '.ni 1: m.a,nil, tin- 1'ii'siili ul,
risisinii.il. Papara wera re I bj Prof. Batten au.l i'rof.
M.ll.leln.iU. lil til, i '. i lilli?.', .liter U V e\.ill,.n? ii ni lu,in
tin faliinv uf Hit mOO, Iii e. ii lit ii -?UiblUJ ic-iil lill) .mimai
THK AOUT Al RED ClAllTt ?IIIITY Ol' ??H??*-*
TIIK Nl'tlllin Of IM'I.M. HVSIKMAll? Al.l.V
KXA-.nnuTKD?a Rim SOW UAVB Of tvNiirr
000M -sYs-rrwAitf mtt us in thy. iovy <?>n
tiiaAs-invviioi.iximk I'??hk, 1NH ni??? ii?n it,
POtlU St ?ill! AN!? COPf-CB, A.NI1 li? I II I S ll'MA? ???
TKA? t sob nutran mon ? in mooni t> kkd
To the P?l "'ultu t of the I'ititi ii State*?Sib:
In the two interviews I have hud Vi 11 h you on
Indian a Hair?, I ivas impress? ?1 with your
earnest desire t<? ?lo j list i??1 to tin linliass, ami
wit Ii your brand und philanthropie views on
Ih?? whole Indian question. This MBah. ht my
excuse* un a private cUixen, f??r censing ??Kain
to yon, t?i lay before y<ui a stat? in? nt of
orrong! o<?iiimifte?l on tit?* Sioux Indians,
mainly under my own ol;.-?rvati??ii, dttliog a
recent visit lo their country. My \i?it !<? this
legion was whollv in the Interests of M?CM_b
with no intention or wish t<? investigate Indian
attain?. The fiainU I obaervcd WOW brought
1 to my initi?e by Red Cloud, who refits?.! to
allow my party to enter the " Had Loada*
until I had lumms?-?! to stilutni In- ??utiplaints
to you, in pe??n.
Since my mt? ivievv with you upon this f?uli
j?'?t, I have been iafoiuied bj Um Co_bm__
stoner of indian Aflhin of the appointment <>f
a committee tu Investigate affaira at th?' lo ?I
Cloud Agency, mid Invited to lay a __aton_.nl
ot the fads before theui. This I am ?piite
r?-ady lode? whenever the committee request
it. I mu??! decline, however, to give my siati
| ment to the interior Department ahn?, foftho
following reasons -.
fbrett I have no confidence vth.iti ver in iha
sincerity of the Secretary of th<- liit?-ii<r ?u th?
| Commission? t ?d' Indian A Ila i v-, winn tiny
[ publicly annonnce tluir nish urn! (leieiminition
j to COITI-**. ihe present abuses in Indi.in man
' ageoient, because I have nason to know th.it
they have Ion); been aware of _______ alni????,
and hat?' made no sincere elloit to reform
Seront!: In all my Intcreonrac ttilh th?-??*?
two officiais, Huir iil'j?-et has manifestly 1mcn
to lind out, not so inueh what tin frauds a? tu
; ally Were, as the extent of my inf<?rniati?>a
i concerning them, s?? m i<> prevent, by eveiy
; lucius in their power, all ?nihli? ?ty ?u exposure
of Ulenia
'1 hinl i The evidence now in my pos ?a se? ion
reflects unfavorably on 1m?t ii ?Secretar. Delano
anil C?immi?-?ioner Smith. 5
For these reasons, 1 have thought lust to htp
luton- yoi!, to vt ?imn, in ?iccordaiiee willi my
| prooibte to lied? Cloud, I made my tit -st not**
niitiii? atioti, lite ?u'eoinpanyint,' statement in
detail, in full ?confidence that th?- evideneo pr??
sent??! will meet with the eonsideratioo its im
poctanco demands. In tin- stat? ment \v li it-is
accompanies this letter 1 have given the ic
sulis of my investigation loto th?' attain? of Red
Cloml Agency, ti"' itfgeol und mos. iin|)?'i!aiit
in the Weat. These results clearly indi? aie
both mismanagement and fraud, ? peeially ia
ihe following particulars!
Firstx The Agent, J. J. Saville, is wholly
unfitted for his position? and guilty of i_itK-a
?'i.nuls upon th?* IndiansJn his chart?'?'.
Stroud: The number ol* Indi in? at this /.goUCf
ha.s been -ystemat-cally overstated, f??r pur
posea which eau only result in fraud.
Thirdt The las! ???ne? ??f inanity gooda, whick
I witnessed, was a Bnspicious transact ion, and,
in part at least, fraudulent.
I-mull? : Tin* beef ??ailie given to the In?
dian*? have been very inferior, owing t<? wys
tematk frauds practiced by the agent ami heal
Fifth : The pork issued to the Indians dur?
um* my wit was not Mutable for human f???L
Birth : The floor wa? v? ry infermr, and the
evidence of fraud in this arti? I?? is eoneln
tieri nth : The tngni and cofl'?-?- Issued vvero
not good? although better than the other sup?
Eighthi The tob?ceo observed mu ratten.
and of Little Or no MB to the Indians.
Ninth i In consequence of fraud am! m?-m?m
agenient. the Indiana wuTcred greaUy ?luring
the past Winter for want of food ami clothing.
Truth: The contract for freight lunn Chey?
enne t<? Red Cloud Agency was fraudaient, as
the trae distance is 149 miles, while the non-*
tractor vtus paid tur 213 mile..
1 would especially call your attention t<? ihe
??tillen??- of fraud in beef ?utile, as presented
in th?- accompanying statement. This subject
I investigated with mach care, as beef is th?
principal article of food of the Binni Indiana.
and the frauds I observed have ?'.iiis?'?| gteal
sufl'eiing ?u.ion-- (.Km, as w?ll ?iH great poo
uiary loss t<? tin Government. Tin- statement
I have preparad is supported In all its raonntlal
parts by the testimony ?if officers ol' the army,
wba wer?- with me on my expedition, or al the
Red Cloud Agency. Among these officers ?ne
several personally known to you, ami all run
gentlemen of high character, should any part)
<?f my Statement be seriously questioned, I
trust you will allow these g-OtleUMn to lie
beard. II th?' oomnuuiding officers of all i>?)sts
near [odian agencies, or other equally _____t*>
worthy and disiaterested observers there, ??nil?!
likewise testify, I think it would be found Uno.
I have but faintly indicated the corruption
pervading Indian ?ill.tirs.
I have, purposely conf?n?.! myself in this
stat?m? nt to a single agency, ami mainly t?i
the urn- of my \i-it, without r?f?rence to
much other testimony, which has eocee !?? mt
incidentall) in the prosecntioo of my inquirim.
showing hand? of equal magnitude at other
pointa. This corruption^ which hi a. tutIbo.
source of ?discontent ami hostility among th??
Indians them?? Ive?, is, in my judgment, ?i mu?
mal n suit of the present I?hh??* ami in? ?|'<iii?i
ble Hta?l?-in of burnishing the Indians tv it h
(.'omi? and Supplies, a st st?tu that t? lids ?li -
reetiy to invite fraud. Id?? not ln-li.-v?- that
anything but a radical chnng? in this raapoel
will prevent th?- eonttnaed ?1? _non___nti__i of
UM Indian sei vii?-. Yent aloin- have tin will
lind ti n ?I? troy that ? .?lultimitioli of
bad men, known a? the Indian i.in>_, who aro
debasing tin? servies and thwwrtinf the efforts
I of all who endeavor to bring to a full c.nsum

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