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VOL. Y Y vv \?- 10.7116.
m:\vyork, saturday, july 24, is:.>.-tuipu_ sheet.
?naman win J<ms m.i m my ?iir am?
0-HTNT1 iiii'K WAlsil BXTOCI TO ir ia?
nilli. ,'?inn i'iii'"iviM MPIOCa?TS t?? m'
DlilVKNOIT- MR. MOBBISSI '.Y's l'l .AN-i-Wlllf Bl
THINK!? 00 Mli. KRU.Y'S ? ?ii ?B8B?BOW 111?
I NU?.
I hy Tin'.mi n to im ians n
BgBATOOA BfBOK ??>, Wj -A- W?d n Bl 'hi R lu TO
from New-York Cit_r that Tam_nam. Hall lu?? to
aolv?-?l t.. i _ ungani ir six of ita diatricta, with a Tien
to tli? expulsion of John Morriss? , rhotnat __.I_ed
wttbrJam? - Hui"-. Edward J. f-haadk y.Jn I - ?'"'li?
ter, and Count] ( l? rk Wal-it fron it-? General Com
initt?-?. Mr. Morriasajf und Mr. Walali are hew.
Hin t conversations with t; ?? former r? \' al thai Mi
Mun??y. and doabdeat the ?uluru who are to !"?
azpeOed, I?" k apon that At Hon .i- the i otnmittal of
Inri Iori by the Tammanj party in New-York City.
T?? on?* at nil familial with tli?* method?
l,> ?iii.ii I'.iniiiitiiN flail has hitherto sue?
Seeded, tliiM ?lui,-ile ln;i,iiiig off ?if mm
of tti<* I aides, working men, \m'1i lin strongest
diotriet delegation belonging io the party, apiiean
soaiageaaa i?i ila- verge of an larity. Mr. Kell], u-?
m?ll m Mayat Wickham, Gen, Bmith, and Gem.
Pester seam to haws hera imbued with the notion
tli.ii la luiaii.v Hull t .m I,, iu i -aitli.mt th elaaa of
IK'lttlCIUtl. WhO haVS lurfolol?- lie.Ill li til' \ .liions
______!__. __g_______ti__-_. T!i< I'' Wai BO? li B thing 'Hin'
as mukmg lain iiaii.\ Hall nu boneel organization,
Im* thie attempt to iel aim if Into respectability in
the jiuU-uit ut ?il Molli-- ? 'i ?.V 1". luii-t compass it-?
d.-f? at
Tin- ?li-im i-? to in- reorganized are thoeeof Mr.
Welsh, the lid; Mr. Hive-, t!.. ill??; Mi Si ?ti.1l. ij .
tlu iVtli: Mr. Morrissey, tin- Mtli: Mr. Led with,
fhe XVthi .'?'ni Mr. Coulter, the XVilth. Ttwac
districts hare a total representation <>f 160,1ns
Seseral Committee numbering MO delegates; that
it., DMi one-foarth of the whole. Al Awl
(clam?! it is natural lo anppose that when
a roorgaaisatkm ia ordered, n is no1 int. ml. d
to ex].? l all the di legal? - from the Gem ral < ommit
t. rod donbtleso very fen others than the leaden
will retire. Hut tin-.- leaden claim that foi three
] -..* pn t th. \ have had absolut? control <'i their
?li-iti? delegates. Th? rix districts mentioned have
i.i n shoal the only ?met In which there h_y been
?. np'. ??? anity. Whil? Mr. Kelly'sowniHstrid was
divid? 1 and on several oceadons he conld not carry
iiuiH than half bit delegation with him, th? tuen
Bow.Bl '*' be ? m - lit 'I ta. iii? j have ?" en author
bad to eaat the aoltd votes of theil ?1 legations as
iin.v pleased. Hie mt. r? ?:- ?? they wish drawn, ol
?son?, ia thai they are very powerful In their die
liut*.. nuil, in tlie e\< nt ni disaster to Tammany,
mu? successfully seire the General Committee,
which the] are non nuable to control igainel the
Ki Hy i'!'? Wit Minn i ombioation,
J. dm Morriaarj in conversation on tb? subject this
im ?? nliig, admitted th if I * expulsion waa a foregone
COU' ill-It''!. Ill 0OUld '" 'li'!' 1'VI "I'll tin* Vii I't
sxpals-On nor carr] tbep ?mary election which will
lu- ni.it i?.I to choose .i new delegation. Heabottl?!
I'ul.i tab itspa to siaks .i i mt tot futnr? ?ction,
" i m.' 'lu- -.ixl " i ,<r\ i tu'! put nu outofth? party,
ami 1 ?Ion I noan to act wH i inj other organization,
Aif?'i riiuiti.iii.', lit-li -u t.iui'lit u li ?ui bj ?I?? .ti
titi- V ni, tv. -.nil i-ine ii.it'. Into the Co junitte?
Bad the real ?ill l??- r 111 ?. t lato obscurity."
I r? m. tobei thinking, when be said this in a quid
stia.n, tint it would have been mont chara t< ristii
af tbe man ii b? bad said iii.it ho and bia friends
would " turn n?i trump*," and the others I" " ?mt in
? lii.in 11>." Bat 111 iiiltl no1 but observo thrwnghoul
a long <<m .ci-.'ition mi tief sul?j? el the abai m ?* "t all
Blaugia Mi. M. ' iiinii. ?rol ..ui lu i.
Huit be apparently had no personally vindk-tiv?
fe? ling sgainal K< ll\ andWirkha n, * bo have for? i ii
lu- . x (?i ? i ieiii from tin t "uiiiiiit'''.
M1 du. i't know vi hat the charges are against in?
h?- Bald, "I roppoae thej ?ill be publiahed to?
rn re.-. Whatever they aie, they are falae.eicepl
th 't 1 ? nl'i --ii K II. - m I-. A iiiiin kim?- win lin i
he ia guilty or not. I have done nothing ? v. i" t"
tt\ t,. in l|i m> friends; if that's tbs reason, they
run in.ike tlu most of ii. I have a-. '! .uni inn nit?
sd with no other organization. 1 mean to set with
im ??Hin ? li? ti I ipi ? sp ! ? I, bul I th iii tight t?' g t
i i I .i-i'l put the r __tit on?w at t.''
" Flo, lim- ?i mt Inn* the D?mocratie State tick?*t,"
sontinued M i. Morrissey, "oi help tbe local Repub
li. an ticket. \ii i li" Democratic organizations will
rot? tin State ticket In so uediatrieta Republican hal
let 'ii.ii lu run oui of .?ntl -Tainui. n,y box? -. bul Re
poldicau candidates wont be Indorsed bj the Deni
m i.?'s. l';i_.t. sport? nee shows that].in'tg?111
serais to voU in a boil j fora Kepublii au. I should have
tboughl f ou Grecley boys wuuk) have known that.
The < it. ' t ? ill lu t<> Binngih nth? opi-oeitmn Dom?
a?rala Then will be three tickets in New-York tlii
Fall. Noj one ni thom won't ii?- in tbe Republican
Interest, ami ii won't incidental!] help the Repub*
In in ticket, Tammany can be beaten outright bj
the opposition Democrats nil].I the aid if um
Republicana. Th? Otteudorfer ticketlart yearob
taiued 25,000 votes, no1 one of them Republican,
a ni all ni them sl ill opposed lo Tainmanj'. 'Jin dis
satisfit? tion bas in? " aasd, aud ;< gn i' strength *.? ill
be added to this vota. The working ineu in Ta
will li? found woriciu? to defeal it tliia Fall. Yea,
tin? dist? nsiouin New-York will help tim Demo . di?
Stat? ticket. It will bring out the full v??te,
will be casi solid forthe Democratic ticket. John
Kelly'a ooaree ia a mystery to me. leaa'l seeanj
pupuse in it. li's the Jirel thing in the world thal
sv? i puzzled me in this way. In ra ?-! matter? I i in
pal ilii- u : ni tli it togethei and conclude ahj
li.i?'Itine a thing; but Ii mt evenga taapurpus?
m lins. Kell] iras all fight until suoo?*ss made bim
wild, He lia- tinii.il on evorj man in rammanj
Mall who li?l)M?i m.,|m him ?imt b< i- ind
Inputting him in tin trout. You can't ronapolit
leal organization without working mea in it, ami
ti.?-*?- lui!-? be taken care of ;' pou want to keep
tin m m ii. a !? .litt' ian enano more ignore his or?
ganis?t! ?n and part] than ? niau can snub Iii- cn ?1
ii"i. Th.?!'.- ?tut K'li> uni Wickham are ?lorn:,
?lui Hu i? ?ill be ,i fm?'. 1"?h i-u.'ii, you -? e if tin it
wn.r mr SVB-OOMMITTKE <?*, its hum wil.1
I'Hor.Allt Y ?I. ? ??MM? l> -M?.KUI.?I.Y .Vi. 11 \ V I ~
T?! It?'. MU i(V t,i I'll? li; ti \?M ? Yli I !.l.I, -
aLoaajtaa siiandlby's lkaobbshif in au
l?I-rKI< l IN l-l If ft. - -IKI'M.ill <i| Hil. moi
K1 -I Y PABIY IS raMMAXV IUI.I. ? mi; ? i.s
TB81 K?n I ?.ii'.'.i'M'i i> MANY MOUTHS AGO.
The tub-Committee ?in Discipline ?if the
T..um ?.ni ii.iiiiii.it? ou Organiza) os will toeetatTam
Vuany Hall titi 1 ."! lUliji Io di CUSS ...-.1 |ii? ? i Iii n
i*.! i ..lit ...''ti.it!. ii t?, Um Committee on OrgaulzaUou,
Whleh baa Sees ? lied lo meet la the afternoon al I
o'? m? i?. Tin ?alertly of t!? Conuntttei on lu?
e-i'ime, it is tii.d. t-, ...ii, f;,x,,r reorganising three
Of tit?' Alh.-Uil.iiy Pttlrtet ileleei,t!?us tn Ih?
T.?mifi;?n.v il.,ii (tetiemi OaauaHtee. These
Suld to __ til?* Hld, Sith, und XVlli 'Hi.
adasBUaa trott ?ii? ni-i Disiriei ,- m .lid bj
j.?ii.?> ?spas? Um ?l? t, ,n i t aHtilatt foi Begtetet last
Jail. _nd u atreagMead at imon Umtrmmty. ThelVth
Ditu-ici lalsflsttaa in i?.i IgrAMarstaa R. _f.n_aad.er
It Is ex??M tin^'ly iuoiial.1?- Hint in u?. rtatgaalaattoa
SSwgoaa?. Har as wf ha dtaypad tmyp t?yg n_^,r ?.._.
and m mny ?-..?* Um CBSBsUttea will im- rssrgsn
ixtd io ?ii.1i m ?my ma to h.\? Hu not
>oriiy of Hie iaIafsttSB sall Harilataj wea. la
tli?: ivth DMrtat STlrgaHiw than ??.ii be aev
?mi i nsagsa it la j? asahla Mun the aaatial of tin di i?x-u
tlon nuty bo Uk? u froui Aliltittiii. Mundi.-,) sad given
V? .Dapasy whci-nr fksa ?____% akhsagh i__a_i_s*tgaa
tti\t ty dt-l.-rililiu ?1 ?I.?of Hie it MgBllaa *Jui It IK ?-?ill
BK1? red nul cet lauU}y Ih dlMVlX't It 1>? Hut? tiiilUu, foi
merlyn controlling spirit 1n the tr???l.i? ti*ii?ni?. but who
for ihe p;i*t two ?u tares yean bus kali a pssMsi in tin*
( '.mimili r'? oftlre.
Tbm a III bti iilbn steam sisa in the xiihHii.tr lot
tien- ti di piiit.?hlv l?e an extsastn reori/.iiii/iit'on. To
?wl ut ?teni it Mill *??? I ? ptwbaWj m>t y?t bees tuft) ?!'?
t.riiiiind. loka Morrlrasey, wh?i lu sae ?>f Um dal
CKutioii and a in?tni"r of the Committee on
(?rcvil Mt Ion, nil h? m I'll not the notnliiul brad of
iii? ?i.. ?gatton bss r. .iii?* <?<mtmiied it, und tin? tasjorrr*
?>f th? d. legsl - ii"' ' n- B OB whom Ile can nl> 1? <I?> bli
bidding Morrissey sin met i?e fsnaall] sapsllsd fr??m
liilnlimlil Hall. It i? liol even eerl.iin th ii h< Will lu
dropped fiotn tin- dil?-?.'utum, hIi1ioih.*1i lhere sre sassy
wbotsTor tin-. What I? mu? h mere Hbelj i" huyan ?i la
t'i it lu ?beuld i" placed ??ti the m w deb * dkm, atad with
itim i? ii i? i?i iii? iwtataera, bal In meha miaority thal
they ?-.innot hop? to control the a<Sh? ni tbe ,ii?ti-i?-i. or
diet t< .ui ni tim aosalsstloaa made t?. Pal.??i? Hall
this Fail, in Ihe XVtii nstrht. then i- ?
i--?>od dt-Sl ?I ili-?.,1i?!.:i tioll e ?pit - ?ed -it He
m.nun i- ni i*, lu ti s? '?it-ir Ucdwlth and Assemblyman
?Costigan bar? naaagi i tin aflatas of thadldtrlet The
. ?hull.-? i-.ii. ml. iii.ii ih. ?-. ban ran the district delegation
as s clos? ? irporation, and that no one lu- i>? < n all"v?-?l
todoorasj anything wlthont tii-i obtalalBg the eoaseal
of tin-?? leaders, n u swerted also that Morrlsery lau
too min h influ. : :.' I- Mull till- di !l I'.lTioTI, Ililli till? pl?f?ll
i?li Is deemed a tun? ti mon hrlnoaa of ease than tbed-wt
??m charged. The VHth Dtatrkt srtll probablj tie taken
in uadhythi Committee on Organ) at km. Home time
ago .? i.i:i"Tl'v <?; i m- del? >."iti?-n ?I. i mi ?I ox Poll? < .lu-.ti? ?
Ji'tu? ? 1. ( oui ter and Irnini? Bli ?wing from tis lr poaltion
?;? -i ut.iilM ?of the district on I be Commit lee on
Organization, und ?ulwtituted Frederick Bmytlte nn?l
John ti. Miiu.ii. Ihia. e ,?,- will protubh b? ettl?d.
s?. fur na tbe Hld. Xl?h ?inlNYtli btatriet? arc
i i ??ne. .Ii?-1 thet a, en,? t.? Le little leus.lltod.iiil.ttli.il
i the reeonimcudation? of the OoniuuUee on Dleciplmc
' will tu ? .?"i?: im? ? t" it. Tid- Commltl ?? i?.n?- - ??i
Win. -V. Boyd, Chairman. Hherltl Conner, Aldermen
! I'uii.i.i ?nul l.i-aii'in, jii 1 d.'un . J.Power. Itiaknowu
ih it four ?d the ' < miultb ? have -i^n d Ihi n port lu
fa*rorofreurminir..il n Sbetifl Cornier hu lu-enontof
i t..-t n, i-ii ?-in ti, nt th.etlngto-day. Whether be will
, -.?jil ile- report or not I? ?m open qu?*atlf?n, ti u iii*
i-m \??i ii?, ii hi-v.r.1. Aldertpau i.-vtn ha? no1 j t
1 Kinnell ih? report.ll I? pi..!?-??.??..I. ......i?-.- ol hi? Mend
i ?hu? f"i ?lim?? Haye? mid Countj Clerk Walsh, (???in
Mrong frh ud? ? f don -?? ?
Thi-n I? not mncb ?loutit that the Coinmlftee on Orsanl'
tatton wIM Indorse tb? report of tin f 'ommlttee on Disci?
pline. John Kell} I? ( ii.iiiui.iii <>i in. ( ?mi int?-1 cn Dr?
il ?i?;, at lou, ii"l i i? i> liuportant st? ?? tsk? n ti? u fsr, li i
nnderstood,baa been bj lu? u?li.? ?>i nan'don, It i
I believed thal th? conti : *- ith Morris*?', would
; h..t h.".e been pressed ??? ?fronglj in hi?
I oppiinent? bad tboj mu ileeme?l them ?? lie* ?troun
enough to " lay bliu out " thi phnu wuich oneuf tiieiu
| um ii. The ??hi? ? ti??' - i" Morriss.-.! ire thal in ??uni In
| M IllCe? IH' li I' ?li? H? .'1 lil'? i a? ?I 'I I li u.iii..n-, m i..'?'i i*. ii
; ?.i .1..n.? - ii . - ? I..I-: \i uni i in ni?.-..-. .1.
i?| Ml I- 'I p ?? li? n ? 111 ?.?? ? - ??'??' lidnlil
clHcd severely the ?etl?n of Mr. Kelly and Mayor Wb*k
. ha.ith? ni .in -i- ol tin .? i?i-'iuti.i. ut ??I ? .?-ii. I'm ti i uni
! ;,, i.ih'i o:., declared si? bil pi ?i?l? u? ?. ii
; sitoken ?1? ?ance <?i Mr. K l.\ ind ii
1 ni un- i i?i i eonn ? Is ? n leavorin^ t<?
sh..|H I, li- .ii?.Ii I;- I Winter. ?I. ii., ?I v. i?. II
1.? .i i - ? n ?1 ,..-., ? ? :-? r. .j, - ; lu ? < ???u uni ?? on 1* -
lipl'in. n-i lou ...... ?1.1 i it bave a 1 i?l ;i... to n..h
the \?.ii t.i ii ? -"i ' Hi ?'"u. Tnal tuen ?a 111 lie a
strong ei.i.ii-; i.,' i ,.- ,i. ni-, a Mr. Murri ?? i?i the
( umuiltti un U - miz ilion I? no1 doubt I. li
liei? I. li?'.- -. -, t r. iii ?i i . ". ii t.it u u m --1* ?1. i I -'
? . o tu on??. Solon? i.s when the Tulum inj.ral
Committee waa mad? up in tin? early part "f ti??- yt-ai lue
p.?a.-]i..li, i ?., i emu?.i ?lill ?Mr. .'Im i ??-?.? ?>??? l.ilf u
ihi?? coii-ldeniti ii, .i':.l Mini- ii??u wen ?'.? I ,.*.?''?
? in? i.i-i year were known t. lavoruhle i??
*-l..ii.?M> in de1i*gutlons ni ?. le?'i "?lr kihi bad
.in?: thej 'i-ii ijulel di-opp ?! .ii?.I i? ?- im n "in,
-?in. t|. V ki ''? !' ?i' "f Ihi? fact prnh.iiilt ili.hlitil.il
-??..n-?i\. it h known now thal the uumlnstiou <?;
li,,,? ? w.i? extern? t ?-; leful i" many ol lu? K? iii
Imi ?-i ti" I nu ? ni'- !?? in?? ??*. rod tu? ie i- n ?i?.m t?
j i?. n? i?' tint Mr. Kell- hi uo uieau? lavurrd ii; bul ?i
| W11? ?li i nu d ?oh I - .le In in.!-.? le i . nil I. -I ill I hal li.!'. . ?.
' ii li.ip .i ., !' ... .1 li; ?. i 111? ?I .' . : li! !.'. ? I .? lilil?
1 ii-?i not invi ni ailj oui I ?n ??i tue lii-nerul
? .?i utui i lee. .mi i h? a, i mi in> n and their ?nmsirlera wen
?nu? ;.- in- hil.led workers lu tu? orn .mu., nun. A ?'??ii
, ' : ? ?? . .;l ,?? l ,: . . .1 I ,'!?!? . Ililli] liol bUl lie
I ?rou? to tue I?? ii and Htuif? l? uiocnituttl.t- Tu?
r?-? ?I II l?ll? ! I? li! I Uli I Ol ill' I ? ?III'II II le? Mil I? ?el ,111 n ? ?lill Ih?
.' I ion ?li Ihe ? o.ulliltli ?' "li ' >i .. inn' IfloU li.- I it iCill he
li . ked lor ?? ith UIIII li int? n I by ihe polilii I. lull mil?
lo Ibis eit.t hull.uxuoui i ?. M.-?!-'. There ort nmnj
nerMon? in tli? r.itiiiiiuny orfpuilsutlon wau have bent.?
for? ivfn nu ii linio deelai ...i elthei Mr. K ?ii
Mol !?--i J . ? i ,i m lo d? ? I .le tin in
?.? Iii?.
1 "iiiiti ??ii i? (worth?. -? ir-i'i.i?! evening It wa? learned
that th? ?mli ?li?trie! del?'guthins iinuii Ihe ? i.niiilttee
on I?:-? im.i,i mil i.? ??lu?.nu I tillie *? mi.* nu.'? d .ii?- itii
iii.i. Mili, ?uni \ Itn. li roigh it i? pninulilc tli ii
? i? ??-i - ? will tie mad ntbelVth and XVIIth. Rir.irf
i., . n. ??i n .??i?- to Indu? c Mr. Ki ii. i.?
i.i ?t the i. .u.?m./:ii..m of tin- Ititi District
shall i-' mu:.-', i lu i?iiiiil Illili. ?. w.it. r Pur
Mr. Kelly refused t<? m?h? nts) ?i? d.-.--. imi -..'?:
:!i-iii-.l ii ?;.1 men w? re pia? edon the
i .?iiiin; i. ?. 'i m rviiMiii? Im i u-- n ??i. nuil ?i ? u ni ii..
in tri I ? i ninnie.-i-.il! I? ? explained t. ? the Committee
Hil (II -.i. ' .! ??II I', .11.I?'I Ii 1.1 U I'.l'i.'.l . ii l.ll II I? ? ?fi I I. al
?li.?? I In ? i- '.nu! ni" ?':?? -uti ? -limul i tee nu i-i-. pline will
I?- .n 111 u, ti bj .? nu i?- n .ii- i ,ti. i n. action ol tbe ? ?in>
uii ( ??i; .ni/,tuui will '..?' submitted io tbe Tam
many '"< bend ?Committ? ? ,it .? meeung ????'ii to '??? ? ill? J.
RKSOl l'l'li'S?. P4SS1 !? HV I?! M??< RATS ni- 1 MS I l-l \
1 W11 l?- -til. r DISTRII :.
There was n meeting of Democrats of f 1m
\IMi ?Vssemhly Plstrlcl last evening In the Oerrannln
tom nit-'.'. Rooms. John A. Beal, VIce-President of tbe
Milli?! !rt? ' l'.iii.i:nt!i-i . m -riii d the ehtir. ?nul \\ . ?
Wolf -i'-i-i as .Nu.!..!'. W. barrow <?:i? ed tis folbiw
itiK* pi'i.iiiiii?! imi i? .ni.i i ?n , and it" ?'. iver.' adopt? ?I :
ii/iri,./v. i mi. :,h?.- of thi li tin? Committee of Tam
man: Hall, In ami fur tbe X li ii .-.--? utily Iil?tii t,
..! ! ?',:?.? ?? ? ,'. ', ?111.. !i..|,!e|- . ?ji|??.nine.- of John
Morrissey, ? i- b< Id In ihi? ti >li on Hutunbi) ev< n'?.!.'. t..
Indm ? ... j,,.. [???a ,, i,,-, uuiiiIhii
ol the ?ii-iii-i .nul r. pcctabl? nu-mliereof theComiulttai
were not given notice, ii; roller?of mid m< ? tin ? ?
knowing that if a mH.|?irlty of tb? IH?trli*t Couimilu*e ha I
lieen present they would lui ? d nouni ?I und defeated
tin .?nil.-I,? li , i, .1..p|. .| : ui-d
Whereat It ma.? lu? tni?; that John Morrl ?? ? otu
fr??iu I uunian.t Hull than ol pati uni ? for the
\ H u \- -? 'i'' . n -,i ?i. \ ? i entire!,! Igiioiiuit In the di?
llll Lil !. ni tile j.'-I ? I? lia i.f ||i I? -I, i?.| !?_, nt,
: .uni ?/? i'.-i- i?eni. ? i i.i! - In the ii'.h.ii'i i?f elect lou di*
i !::? I-. In -.-Hi Hi- lain? !??! ?I ? -I i ii.ill i. ill t-i n h li of !?: .
..in ?,?.i-m n adnei nts In t? ? el.-etion dUirlet-,
Iii ?i'-? ?,'.'. -i n.; tue claim? of competent, ?? ?: n? -i.
il!??l .1? tlVI? !!? Ill .'!"l
Wherrol, lonn Morrissey and bl? friends placed lu
ist romipt mid di liouest men, for whleh ne
turn tin . .. " ii Ion i-i I ? t-1 . ii m o? i...
1 luili- .-t I?. ? ?.? rat! mus ? ? ??i ? ud dlstri? t.
a, v-ii-ii. rbit the i? ?????iii.on? ..? ?p.. i it ?atid meeting
???i Jill? 17did not uni ii . no1 i ??, n ?? th? " ill <?i .? luajoi
iii of th? ? dd M nu I ? oiniulll i ol ..I t. . Deiuo
VOt? '? ?'1 III? Ml'l \-a. Ullllj ?'lill. 1.
I.,.-,,,i red, Thal, la lb? opinion of ihm Committee and ??f
til? I?? '1 el I li.- Hi lia ,, ???:, I, p..I'O.llI gailtllllT.-?,
WbO I'l' U I'P? i ??ll'l ?II. Ill?' I- ? -- pit .Hal- ,|| Hil I.II. -,,|
Hi? land and 111? preeepl? ol lu ilpili ., ;u.I !li leudi-li
.if our t-i-if ??? a- i ,?,,,.?; ,- ; it \. ...I tli. ? ,.,,..,,,...?
?-' . i? I? : ' . in Hil? ?I?-!. , ' l al.t l d] t.? i. ?ii |||
di ii. ?i ?li/.it:-.ii mil din u Iel in liu li.Inn , a? it li.i.- ni 'hi
Ketolved II,??i ??? ?i. m-n?l the titii.-n?. ?it i.f .ii.hn Moi
risset (imi men ol lil? el?.I ? lui ;'?-t i ti mu th? een
it.ii m .h.i-*.nient ni the i.?mill Committee id I luuiuin
M?r in 'i ?i.-t! u t. ?i!!?i ? u -i ii? ?? n ? Min-. ? ?h-1 .?n mia
Commlttei ??i I? .?rat?ol chara? er, intelligence,ami
m?, miti. I..mi'.. I. ?lum.,:. .... u; .ii.,,|- ,antlth.il m ui
.It it- to tin- , ,i 1 ?li fl- -1_.- liliiiii.H,. Hull ,.,ii , ni. li, I
? -,..,linn, and aui'p??: t.
? ?11MAN \Mlill? '.N INDI 1*1 S HI.M A--o.|\
A meeting of the German American lnl?
P? ?ni? i ' ' ii/? n-' Ah-oi i .lum waa hil ni Beethoven
i Hull liri evening lu the sheeaes of tin ii? id ut,
M.?nt/ I,::in.e., tbe l u-t \ ?. ? Itvsideal pri rtdi l. j i ere
?i - ?i full atti '. li'ue, about 120delegate? Mugpms*
eui ih--??.:! n-inii adopted railing <>n tbe ?Pfii. i
na fo present to tb? central nijtniijilluu lu
,'.?,l '.. lu II ?ia' Of Intel ' . . ii . i
:? I ? Im I I I -?? I :.?! till ? I? -I ?? ?li el I.ni . 1 '
? !? iii.ii '1 i of tue iH-llliMi'.liie til kel :.l I.
??e i ?uni, .uni who i-i,i.u,?i ?eiv? , ...i.; i;.. ...?,,
my li ? ? ' .. '.-.
HOT AN ASTI i I -l'?.M M"l>i: DEUS0A11.
In t )i , I ,1 , : ? i ni I It e Ti, l, u ,? , .
Bib: Myaname having been published during
' HI. In 1 HI 1 I.I 1:1 ?.' lu ,i .1 1 i.r ii '
,j'. t.n.'i. !.. al ?Committee oft e" Anti-Custom
Party," i uu obliged to ask yon lo Mate fur metbat I
know notblng of tbal organisation, sad hue autlmriz? ?I
? , one tonsemj name lucoum-ctkinwithnnj p.?i?ti. ii
movement Youmwl b great reapcet,
York, Jn ? ?.''., I*??*?. knuBKi r i ?:? n
A \ .li.K OF 1.100 MILES is Af MAID iim i.??
ll?i-r??N, July 23.?Hugh Donahue, the pe
?1? ntl lim, eiilipl? lui the v. nu.li |*?,I I? ,t ut WSllttag l.lUtl
nillir u? l.lis? i?,um. ilne lioitis, oin- mile eji h limir. ut
Myatt? Park but algbt. Ko wsa la good eoadttlon at tbe
AKKI - I ?ii ?. l'l-il?r?lV-i ' I I UK
iisf isN a ii, .Inly 2.i.- -Charles Donalutm, o
i.uuni. ty i in ii?, nui lag ni Wiiii.ni. (.lim,) a t.?,
raa ktwugbl beton ? asgtatrat? jrsstsriai. .Ti-?i|.-?i alta
e?il? ullug OOJOtJO in ??Undi Huii'i? duiiln; u y. ;ir ni IH
Bl n! -n i?H?t.
lliNdHAiintis, N. Y., July '?'A.?A great trial
ol tuoHluij in.?, hine? mm lo lil triv yetti tioy by In
Agricultural Rortety. A gold medal *,i? swarded la 11.
Eureka Ten mae li loee competed.
Ni'iiiri-M i -ii i;\ ?.?i mus ?a Munnin Of
UNO! M?,lKK1 In 100,000 lull HIM PB1 IU< li I?.
OlL City, IVim., July 'SA.?Tin* promim nt
Daaasctatsaf Horth-W? it? m i'1 Basylvaala sn makins ..
M-r.\ Btroag enhti to hsveOBt. Aa_ssC Hopes <>f matoo
< iiu-ii. iiiiiiiiii.-iti ii f..i tin- QovarasrsMp at ti''- Me I tas
reatioa next September, ?tacaaana sf Isadias Dea_e
rnit?, r? lire-'illili,- 1 i.miiluK. ('linton, Mi Ki mi. t I? ur?
ti? id. i iv, mu? ?iiin. i-.n ? iniiiiu- 'nid .-?i Bedford Sprtaga,
Mi. Bogee ?rat fi'tin l t?> have t'ie Uriunt Bamber of
bellota. I? i- iiini. i-tiit.it Unit he Is tia f_i...iu. wltBtba
Bedford Ceuatj delegate,. Ih.f ABegheaj Oouat)
?w111 -n pi obeMj rapport him. luth? luiiiNt regions,
when h< '? seU known and mini? reapeeted for kia
. ti ii.i-.tit .1.. will gain the satire vote of the dete
| eu,- it i- ?? . ???: hie that. If minmi' d.
I lu- ?di earrj ile State by from MMM0 '<? 100,000
I niajoritv. Democrats, K. jnili'i- ins, Pi dttMHoalata, and
?inui.pen nmIi vole for him. Oo1 Boyee I?:? wealthy
iiitniii r m m nid ajtrtesttartet, mid lia* represented the
pattj in fu -lui' l,e- -lunn " -..nil finn*. Ile i*'-'ti
enllyadmitted to t"- koaeal tadtaeorrnptihle taevetj
par ti? nlui. ^^^^
.ii mum t LISTON OF LOUI81 INA 1:1 MONS.
lit- ?tiMMS- ill' PBCBMBBB 1'? **N? ii"' HATS
KM l'N-1-A I 1 1 ii It <?F VIXMCATIOK ?I'M
DOT. k1 I lu.'.
Ni.w (lui.i \n-, Jalj 23*?St.tt?' Amlit.ii Clin
ton has sent in bli restgnalloa to Oov. Kell __. lo taki
1 neil Ute i".. i-:-'. n- aayat
I tu apon thal date f.>r ile- reason lhal an earlier
. 1 .linn would tua.)* 1 you, -u. I? r tri 70 nt Ibe
r?mst?mtion, 1.drruuew ? le? tlou to Hil Iii ia?*.?ney;
inui HU* ? outil Involi i n inn 'Sjitii.t i i i'.' State,
W lill li 1 ki it A \. ill lit -ile l-l ;,l nul.
He states that he hat longdeaired to ia nu, bol baa
Waited until Iii- chat tet-M i unid 1? Mini k at' ii, which I -
he? n dow b1 leiigtb bj the n part "f tia exp? i '- and lb?
?Uti. nee adduced III Hie H ' 'lit trials, though lu- M.i- lift
I permitted i" teatlfyal Hi.tr?ala, aad waa) ' '- m
. lu-lax.u known mil.? tn turn-. H I? main BBdevriopeU.
? ile Btsigai '- ona n ?son mi n lirias an In ibilllj la h n
m..ni? ?? ?ii1! Hu- Stat? Treasurer. Uov.KeUogg in u
??? pttagtha l' -ii.'i:iiun --'\ * :
Tboagb, -n il ?; ?-. ii.ti_-?? i f 1.1.\ ..iti. 1..I t' u-., I "i l. ie.l
1 (lie ni,. in.-i'i ji i" i?- made loto -?"!' ??? ? ?mt", tiwi
I Ii,. 1 iv. i.Ititi I- Ol ?>' -'..t I . |.i"-' ? nu lee
I ? u.t rue- I ti I. rti d .i.' fii i you, I have Dover for OB? nul
j I e |,| Il ?|, ? I ,1 |,|||.|,e..,l n,, n ?., |--...,.,|l. ..i!-, of ?Im
i,,.n i in the titi in it .' . -i ? ' ? ni urti e. Heron i i ?
. > ;., . I - ,11,1 , ' . ".le'." UK I li !" II 'H'. "I III'
i li i !.'i - ia ? .1 ?.' Hil??! J "a, -.ml toni! 1 Mt. at I. ground
(lov. K?Hogg turtk i ?thal ila ijBenl ?inversa
u- n witb tin t \|.e. i -, tu,.- o? alean was the I "?-. i. ni nf
i ne I .iii. n, t \. I. lil. , ltt.il tl.t I. .lo l .i m \ ?iii In. . d. nil.
i ..I.l'l'in d I.mi ill '"'. n? mil. ...lie min. ile VlMlll i'
'u ni li..* -.'
ll.l al Hi W, .
I'. lill-.-,-. ll.l I ,
li VtittlM. ION.
ANAJil>.H"V I'? lill'. IJIOIAN iUMI'-. l-i.tiMl
Vii-iii\i.ni\ I'rid.-i',.Tnly'?ii i-la.
When l'i"'. Mi !i preferred Iii-? charges
.. i m ill;, It \. .? - il'i.l i -I"" I li... ' : li .1 .i i i.-.l ?tit- ila )}
... i. ni Kurili? ami the manan meut ?u alfs 1rs at tbi
li i|.*il V." . - ?"' i' H'le.I,, cr fnii ie.|ii ?led
? n i i- k to appoliil i t m a.i -?' n io Inv? tin
. ??..-. \\ ',. n I'riii. Marsh r. due. I in-1 n.?: ? n io wtil
big, II was Bseertidaed that they tmptleatod Orounl
iKinerHmith and ? mialnc i 'li? ?_ ii mu? ttmiusi iii - .?? n
lar) "i Ihe Interior, Beeretarj lh tui>> Inuuedliit? Ijr
hi t.'im. n.i .1 i. i in i'" .iiini the propriety ol a|ipoint
im: ?ii.ie mon Oitnmlsalon . -, m be c1? ried " | .
President, to uki ihe < "niuii ?? ? I b} ti... Do.
I .;?> I m. n' ..n ! i; -n. l-l, 'lin- i.en.-i was made Iron?
I ut?l-l 1 II- iiT t ' ' lill . . Ii.lt li e l-e l'l ? - I I . ' i. -
ft un-i"--ia!-.- did no1 Wish it to be m ?lee -i.t ih.it im
li,1.1 v i i-it ti toi I i.vt ii? tun.inn tn ,i\. -, i_-.it?. i min.??
.? un I I. em-1 ? In i .n i,ii.-, in ; wi*n t ? t.-.iV-t i i
-. '- 'i. l ' i d.i in .r
.1 Ile Mull. Wll II ? l!. . , gu Ol
', ''ii' i .iiltlniiiii.il ? ..iiini -i-i..ie. ..
lill: ? iKinriNAiM. ni ? iritis' Mil "i \ni; ci lil n
Ai'l'Miu y-!!i u i.il l'i? 11 ?'j' ml -? ni lo the Presi?
dent uisoptiil.u ui tii< ii..io. .ni* I .i..r,n Bill???: li UI cou?
ti: t I .:t i io I.M . I. 1- I. ,1'U-I .1 tillll lie .li ! i.il I 111 It tin
li -lilli io.t i.f I't ! ".Hi , I *7 I , r. j.e 11, n Iii. law lilli e'iri,
i lie I'.-'i-in l-l'-r ?! 'I 111 to II ljll-1 :?lr. l!i.;|. ;'
claim, covers tbe whole rasa sod everything lhal a ?
?linn- und? r the Urti a< I p"?-i io ?stu the repeat I be ipi -
lion ?ti inn 1.11.1 ? i- -? 11 i > i ui nui? u. it-, ii mi tin rt I? | ? ?
tin i-ion ?u opinion ia ?-i ii im- io ?t tatong i.. v. ?
i ..n.'i. -.- )? i-, da law authorizing Um Postmaal r-tjeiieral
lo.uijii-t ??lu* i : i.;n. t ml r Hu* act, Mi Creswell pro
?" eiti ti. T.?e i ?-? ? .1. mi IWl "I M .- Bl i n .
.Ill-1 |lll ?' li -I nil I'f l'i. eiieu. WUK In _llll. roell 'li
I? i", -n n i-l- ? a lill lu 1 ? il n ? ii, i. iii ii 'li I i. ? liolW?
?'. . lolloWl it n? ? ?? i -.-ii- "i a ji'-ii. !? -.. .i i.'U I -,?? i
l'l,' tile IO. HU I .' '. I ..Ile . I I I \\ ?V li I .1 r III I . |l. li
In / le- ? n el n Ml -i . ?l-l le Ine ,' V, i rd I ii.?I li.1.1 I*. . '! .ill .ntl
lu.?!?-. I e .m' .r.n i i.. n i . i, so report -it-, ililli'..
In.ii ii does - 'I ?' ill ? '...'I. 'H'... e ,i.ll.,_ I.im;.. r?
. \|>i. -.. I . i; i-i . ?. i li ?It - Ol ' ila,
Bl -i i S -i.i.N' <m Till; KANAWilA IMPBOVEJIKNT,
Prepuratiuns tm- the eiinslruction of i!u It*?-!,
for the iiii|'i"\. n-. m of tua Kaunwua Kivrr, Just betui
< it.ii'i''-i-ii, Wea) Vi., im a r lae directa? m < -.1.1 ra
bill el tai Corps ol \? -n Bnglotx-ra, bav? been t? m ,.??? -.:?
t llj map? n ! d. Hi ?m : el ul ? ougi i - |.i- ? u m l - ? l, ii
l? lue. i.'U t'.il no] '.'ii ??? v ?nail in- e\|?. ?ni. d li |.
.. j Mteoi '. ? i iel" ? i bj im r.ni? ?I *-..!? -. for i.u
?..,?.-!?- .,i i... tit..- !.. ,-. n ??nt, puiiila work ??'
sill I, nulli lin M i u !? n n,union of I ne Aimlini ?., li. , I
?ni I he mut In favor of toe ra dityoftn Hile, m?r aii.il
I ..?? l/e'.-l-. .iii le ?>! le -I ii ? ill A .1- .1 I Ile I 'I I el -I? lll.t
'? -It.?! Hil llle.ll',1 |ll|ll'll|M. lill..e,.| HOI
?'.Iuti..I li in Hin I i.I - le el le I.i || . ..? I
.li . li IbOi, ' \. . - \ ' . I ,. .
i'. s \\ M. !?i< K i i OH i ni. Kit) ' i; \M?r.
The Oovernmenl lum parehased al Xew*Or
, leans tn?- ?te.nu. , 1 ..!..-,. i . i lau) tli
...ii.i water, i ..i "U..U constructed. -? will be
, properlj ?uni.it and maun ii, nut - -ni io th? Bio?
I i"i .i.u i nu i : i river, !?? pn-venl M. m .ni.- -ii.?- inlo
I." ,i-?.ml i iii:iiiii ; i II e .i.ie. 'lue l'l nu., lui ne. t| or
'?iel. ti 1.1 M,.I.le. I III Mill.111.Iel H I' k'U i-lll
I Unlit li li..Hi i -. .i l-l I . ....?l?ell" ?II I I io I .k.
I'll'Uie l.ell'i Ile III W \. -1 1. I' I- -.lill o I "I I ?.,
i.-1 m r* oi ?un. i n t n ni ter will i' (? iiated und ni
I u Olli I't ... I v.,In i,.o |*| t ,u i ni (?, _.il.,.|. -., i -i
e'll \.l .III lil ,..' ll.l 11-.
\ \U')\.'.l t m iu\ t ONI L'NTION,
I I li
li 1 I'
I "li
lill M li:-.lii!l\
iii. i r- ni HuV .I.;.....-, I'lii .mu? si \
TinNil. MU 1.1 l..i rrJCAS l'l? MC li \ll l.'ivli
i avon H-- rwo m *? m ttii - ?.i ? m i"\.
(ilf , Mel.'I ill, WHIN M I.i Iii K M'l.'IM.-, \v.
V_k,JiUjr?l li. V.u.i.n ?! ? ..' ? m ???! . Mum w.i- . led
lo Ott!? f I 1<.el nut.in mi.. ? in ii u.i- a lull ni
It l..lillie Of ill -.?>'?-. \llll;.'. I'll. I> 'e- ll( '-'HI -, - ?? : li?
llie?, m. ?'iiiiiii,.- wbou wera man, ladies, j .1. Conrea
ii" i |.i. ' ???? led lo tu< - '-id nul' i- oi lue tlajr, uaiuel.?,
lui in .-ti- ii -I -i'i. ? '-. I iei halrmsn ?d Ibe >i - Vori
.. ? ? ..u n. u m.n..I Jotiu l'i. ;.? .r v. n '? I? f.- nu
I'l-entil.diii \..t?te.iiil wil.I ?? ? , ? iii-- Voice.
in- it i.u wasrceeit?Iwith ?y;!.u-' i;., i airman
?U tli? Ni?-?. f). 1. . 'i- ni ? -it,oil i.un .. ii ???
.t-ii of Kew-York foi Vie? fn-abli-nt. A. k\ Herring ol
? .. i ' i..i ? i ?. \. >.e-*. n ?if N> w-Yoik wen
also ;.? '. Nillo ti takes v'i II irrison v^.i
tleeted i>\ an orerwbe ? o , It/. > .1 Followed
?i ? m i-i- *i : -, ?. i, .? i.. ? ... Alter ballottas for tut i
??nari i- of an hoar lae foUowtag gentlemen ?-. n
- acted: !.. C B1 a.f ? vi -, m, W L liena".?
l Ililli. "11. - ? , li III | II ill "I .?lot.ill .J. l\ I. lill,o,i e-J
--.'..!.!? lil, W, .. ?,-..-.! li Ul O' .M. llljlol-, .1. 1 ...... .. -II,
> i -u Ile, ??ml W. ? li ? n"! i- m > I."i?.
Aekli .W.e I 'l'l Dit il l.'-llm- V W ______ hy *'l'i e Ii'
iiin..! laira ?. > -? ere |H*esi hu
.Mr. w inn. ?k ?u Mew-1 ors un v. I r ' i. ? ?committal ol
ti.ne I .t, I- "I. I bj tli l'l . ul 1 ? ii ,n.ie emu ii.e
||U -la' M '. UM H." 'Ul U l l'l lilli? 'li l, L l II..,. i li. I,. -tll.il
wita aureed io, Mid at h'i_ele*a ol S* ? i-?>, .ii. Whti
ie.. k oi .s? a ^ ora, aad >lr. lluckuej ol cnarieaion, wera
a, |nni.. i ?i- -'i i oumul lee,
Mr. i.-tnu ni New ?ni'.m. iiuixt ti tii.it the < oatt atkin
r- 'linio, .ni lo ? .iii__.it .?-. nu ? UM e. nu i'i. M. li t U lue |< n. m
..HI Jo L' li.' I' -. '.I ..'i i in.: . I i |.Uii. ? ..I lue Je.. j?.-i
lion iii'ui bj I "' I "''n.? a. .-?..ii. lue motion
agree?! is wftmail ?n?< asaara.
..ii Pin? km} t) i^a? anna*. :. awvvd thal I ws sradi ? be
< -, .iii,.-I,? 1. lu .ulil.il. u lo ii.oM ..u,i, t. ,, i, h,, i.i-i I HU
Ti i '.' u, i" ' ' koowa as MMMdliaa Pair" ?.ml - t-uir."
li I ni I lui I lu. ? olll... I.?.- eil ? |,i _m Iii .it it i li in .New Yolk lu?
it |ll< ?I- it to 1-11? III' lie -.um .?.ni lorw i.il nu in lo ?tl.ifl
.Mi. .Ini.iiMiii of .-.ii..mi.iii riioMd Iii if i,U Hie < ..II ?a
I \. D ?)?-?? - n i'n M ul- u M lue' "in?au . n should io.ul
tor lia- oitii-i.tl ase of 11.ti itf-u i ? ?oi im n vi ci. .ii ?inn
nulli, to Is? ownpUad hy Hw eouuaitte? appatatod Hum
Un .S .linn -i I.-? i.l-ll; . fl'l III ii ?i I! I'. " l' , t
!.. i ??! ?'.'l.n li ? . i. i el..'I Uto ??"? ??' ui iii. Coll.
mutee apo? th? pinn ponasd t.v the S".w (?tleuii? CnWon
Exchange to *-t me som ? t Information sod malu sp si
"til. ml liojintat. nu t?t fur h;i and i->7.*i. it (?in? farora
?iih.i r .i-u.d. it ?%,i, r.'-.''.?l t., mi..pt tin ?ameplan
.i.,""'- x'"!onni ? ??tt.in i.ii hangi reporta lu future.
rlui n-iNirl of tin- Committee ii|n?ii the d.'liiii'l-iii ?>f
miae snd fraudul ntlr packed entton and mixed cotton
waa i? ?? iie.t. FTtise ?mi rraudulciitl] packed oottou
w denned to he imcb boles as way contain any foreign
?uli?t .nu?, w.ii.r (m, i;.,i h.in ?. nr bale? rootalnin? d im?
aged cotton in Uw ihti rlor Milln?-.' indication of inch
?i i .??,?? upon th. ellenor or tin- bale; aUo.
?n? h ImIi? ?is ero pial. ,1, or i-oiiiimimiI of
K?Kld Cotton lipt?li f ?ni ?x1* liol nuil dei-i.h-ilii illili im
???tion in th.- mt, ii,,r, in a manner not to bo detecte.!
witboul nnenlo* the bah??. Thi. d? it<nit.?ti v.,,*, muni
mou?ly adopted, uni mude othrhil. It waa Moreover
renolv? ?i til. ,? ih? -n . liuu ii.oi- i-f ?neb cotton, tobe valid,
mmd 'n id? -.? Ithln i ne hundred day? aftei it- arrivai,
?ad he pmwnted Io tli- ?filerai the potat ?f
inipmeni within thirty djy? thereafter. Th?- ?am?
< oiuniittc* r?|M?rt.d tho fullnwiag di tlmtiou of
mixed | ??. K-,i i-ntimi-.. ti be --,. *, i.-.i, ? m
contain m ire than one ?marti r ??r cotton, the lo*?? r un ii
lit 1- in- -., -itu.ii.H m ii- !..?!, ii. ,t ?-.. ,1. ?h.., ?f . ,.:
fraudulent packing appeal i u difference, ho ?ever, In
?in illili - mu -1 equal al le??l o,u halt Hu rrml.. lu the
bale? -.-;,! n? low mlildllns and above, ?ml one full gi ide
of luili- -...hi na below low lnuhllilic. 'lniiv.ua ud.ipted
?iii?l made otu? lal.
i dei ? v u. i., ,-i.-uiiii. icwfon, at wfalcb lbs rabjM t of
locating ;, Kallona] Cotton Kii-baiun uiw- brought foi*
ward, ih?- (.--.,.. atlon wa? ... favoi of Augtuto, Us.
HU. WISSlNd i i \ II. REt units.
TeSTKHDAT'S lu MO li i tXFIBMKO -ll???l?S ash
I'll: li- It'MUM? TO M.M-H'.'-i km. |iu
M s'-. i ??Mini j?. \.,,i io |ir |?i?i si. i i. v
H.'Vf. -I'Mai II (?I p i,l.??SII??l I ??. AloSi. UM
?ASM Is DAMOKS Ol A Drt.it lill MIS I Fit.
An-wv, N. Y?, July 23.?The rumors of yea
i -.?Iii.? in reference to ? ?dMappsarsaw ot Importaat nasal
i i--, ord. un ???nihill. ?I, i- iti;,i ?i.e.?nut im,,*k? and papen
n ling to Hi?--- ...uni.!? which ara the ?object of la
? vestigstloeby th? Special! nil Coaimls?lon ire miming
, fl. "in the ollie- .?rill? l?iu?',,ii |'-i_i!,,., .?. li-.t|',, ,-,,??
1 ' ?- i? le.i? I ; ? I. ail n th. him? of II. I?. I', ni-..n,
and bl for ti? Improvement uf tbe Rullard Bead sa tb?
j CbamplalaC ud. Another ??' lbs three Manda In Hi?'
nuil. ..f Mr. Beiden, .m.I i~ for ti.BAtmetlonol ?
' bridge over tb? Mohawk at ("oboe?. John B. Yate?, IX vi
?Moa Engtaeei ??i Ibi Baal ra Dh-lslon, ss?l t?ed hy COL
Jahn L l?.. Igi ??f iii- ..m. ?-. ha ? been working diligently
' for -uni' tin, p.,-1 tot ti" ii.' US "'"l'? .tint llnu f:??
itiihout ?u?, ? . a f.um.ii .,,, nt un- in;-?t. tollu Caual
Coiuiiii.n ii -l? ni -i bj Mr. Yates tn.it tli?-?* I.K
iiinl p.?iN ra, 'tim n iiiei had .?-.?> ?i la bare pi?? lu- -<i from
? bia office, ? ?ulai n ?t Ih- foun 1.
Tbe -.'.Hill la not yet ended, sad will i??- pro?.lal
ii ? in- Htm m the i? iL it nt ijr ?.t
plalneil ti it the Baal i.uni book? runtaln ii.lual
. minute?, i?k-?i!i -, .lui.-' ??i - A<.. '..Iiii-Ii i.niiii.i tv. baaea
nfi\w .?. ? ::ii ? infract?. TIm-Ii Importance t?> the in
? li it Ion .n.?t. out of f 'n- fuer, ??i.? .ii leaal of the
? mi--o. i???.I.? wa? ?ni" Ihi - ? i .? ? r mil Bur
"V'lnl In i th? l.! ? cannot
t?? found, ii ?'.'.ii :. .?. to n.? . iln the
wort Im hided In ibi ? on rai I Ttali ? ?inn -t liedoi. "".ni
I af th?., i-,?;i:. .,* --.n ,i n im ? i! .r, u, i the withdrawal
??* ? .- aater. Mi. "< ib i ami ?''i bl? rmidoyS? were ex
? i i?, tur, tin- ii i, lin:-, im tbl? Diorning, tuncbluj
j tli- lr knowledge of tb? ni Ina record*, TI? uirrt.il
trader oath tbatl ??..??? utln .. pus at ?>" tb i whei?
ulioill ? of .??ii of tim I ?'If .til I p I ne: ? ii, , n? ?i,i ei.
A til.Mi UORRLRl l\ MUM'.
nu SAPM <?F -j?ii. v.isiii'i-i* SATIO.XA1 IMVK
Hl.iiW.S ??ITA' W11.1 MIK ? 1,1 M ! ..?SI.- A BOUS
ASH sK!|.' I I I, ??li BATI ?s.
Wcsthkop, .Me , .lui*. 2'A.? Tlie bank ?raults
' .-nid -..ne. ??f the Sil? ?Ii li H.?'lk.lf IA III! Ill np, ?Uni I Ile
*-??-j!::.--? Hank In ti....mi-t.-ri of ? buddins near tbe
Winthrop linn?.-, vere broken bito 1 ila morning by burg
? lu*, j. 'li:?- i-.ihi..-i ? \vi- :i it.ti,I operation, snd I? ?up
I e- -I In h. *.e Ih-n Hu-um k ni .Sin York proh'a-hiii ,l?,
! ??i,., esme ben yeetcrdaj bj Um railroad. It *a;i?.
ed,?lui ty -i I,.?-' (bree peinons, n occurred sboui
,i .?'. i??? k In t!;?- morning. Tbe isfea were blown
'. i ? uliro ?tlj iii -. tb? "i' ? ? - i>f the
ii.i-".. i??:'.?.' mi lido t*. find in? Indication? of the mw of
powder, There wi c thr? ? ?lou* -i ? ii uti- of rxploalve
material tired, and .ii three esphwlon? were h?*a ii
: per? in . The robber? let i v urn i.n minute? ol
i 'i.-i;t-t i ? i?'?, ion, ?\hi. ii ii i- ?,, .i v,-,, a? to blow ?sut all
? the Wintlow? m the fronl pill "f the bank, aal ?.??-?
i .1. a , u, linn lu - di*. I ?? i ?obi ??? r<- i? f? In Hie
j i?.ti... Tin- t ?? m. ni- of th? niuin -?i.?- ???!?? .??u
, 1, ami ?i.i ?-? i- !? 'i i?, bin I, Ih ii It I? ti
: the !?moiint it ?i!'?-?i i?i Iherotdi '?? -nil not bave h.? n
. Iirse. T'.t capitali-tiick ??f tbe :?.nik i? fl00,(100. ? .
t: ? ,.uni ..r thi ib-tMi-.lt? in lu? '.-?.,!!--- Hank wa?
i -ii,.,,n .-ii,i-i.???in Tb? ?af ? nt i.niii in-iiiitio ,, i?, r<
i i ;|1. d ot' i-iei? eulin eoiiU-Ut?. rim?landiugol the lu.uk,
?lu? direct or? ?ay, will not l? r- ? ??. ?I. Ktcry effort I?
. 'i, ni. to .i. 'i -t ihf i"''1 \ d -" :? '?-? |it*l i
ivi 11 .1 - it - thal I? "r ?ii ii . i.i'. .1-. n am -!? I Oil ?lupleloil
i l.e.ll li.-lh. !. \? Mi. ?I -: i.n ? f:"l.? 1. ?? . . i lilli? 1.
ii j. ! ?. ' tful if th . . uld h?ve ."i aim .:. '?lu i ne
' i!? i l'.!' had,
'i :;i: i i?--- ..>.'??<>- \ ? i i ??- i?> i ni B0BB1
AiHiisTA, Ile., July 23.?Unniiuilfu] of ':!*'
. i,-nii of the Bowdo nh imBanb robtn ?v. whiffa baa given
1 ihb ?-liiie 11. k1 repat ithin with burgl tra, r. parti ??f [wa
1 c ..nnnii. r ?Id? ?t ? bank in \\ inthrop tbl? morntna. The
N ii ? n,11 I link mid Sa? i'?;;' Bank occupied th? lame room.
1 nu talesMea ?u both I ."ii.? aen kept In i Monte ?afe
I .lith i -nil?:" i lou lock. This ?afe ws? sol In iv?hih,
; lui v..? ImIi.i. i tin e i?ider'? ? ?? ut? r. At the end ol the
? r -i. .? nunllcr Tlltou McParland ante wItbcom?
bination bick, lu ?u? '; s -? i-;i the book aadps|?eri
of Hu I'.il.U. When til. ? \l-li- -!.?!'??,- il-.'d l-l I?: illili.- o|?"l
Ihe -I' ?.?fa? III Pt' ll'.'l I. til" I al?IU r, ?'hi III t ! ' ? ? 1 I 1 I ' | , 1 ? - ,
;.., i -t- M. taber gentlemen ru*-h ?I to the bank. the\
Ila - - if. .ml i III ?I . .?I ?, "t ? t". i le -. nlli'le.: Ill f|.. .'.
ni,-ii-? til ovei li 'Lim of thelwiikj und iii-i.- aroiina,
i . ? i ,-.l .if t.n- inn d n -, . ni 1-?- two l'on har?, ii
?,?ik - ?iIli-. u i ?mi ?mili ??ti jii?ini, i? ?I ?? ???!,:? *,-??- ?'?
iMiiutiil ? .Ullin? r. ?i ?'m?? I?, ? ...'.ni'.in ina?', and .? ilarb
? n.
I? i? tie?ueiit til--1.-t.il '?i-? mil lie 1? .a than -?????,i??u?,
? aliieli Hill Impair tbnenillt of mdlberiiutltuMon.
in, roolK-ri ?.'- u h.u'it di.t t ? iiuu'ie I i.i three
,a. i-. i..f ?-.iii.in i m,.- hem In Hu?eir?yetti ?: ? .
y \,,;, |,.|nd lu- ;i third, ?.ill li. '. met in .1
i f.rttrth, ; ..I .h u'- ?' dilowu Hit? rnllniud truck. I lu ?
j wen .i?;.m "? n ??' li ??'? ' ?? K. In lunn, andsltei tin ??
i |ih.-i'i!i i.n..- nu n an??i rtii? lo Un ..' d?**?ertpllon w ilk? ?I
? nwii) aiiul.ii ?i ?< ? ? ?- ??i iii? tu ?u?1' i ?li?
! M. ih '-ti-' ( --nu li ??!? 'I ?
ni i:-ns?. ?n* \s illili: i/o nM'ii !\ i. nilli.t:
\l| s KI
PortJi um-. N- ^.. -luis 23.?Kunine No. 328,
rnnulng oath? [Mawsie l???i-i. n ??f lue Erie KaU way,
while eastward twnud thi? evening, eiploded m ii N ?
n.i 11 Rill Bridal - 'I ii?- < min.? :..!< II '. ? -ii .''-lull, th?' Lie
in.!?!. Mi Si \..i-'?ii, ??ui ?i ti..-!i.?n. n.ru.- nnkaowu,
vere mi tie ."i in iii.n-?i, ?ii I were Hil killed. Tu?
i, ? rl .-.? ? hen dal ii -' is ' di .u ? -.
as min rvii:r iii.;. ii?.?s i v vivv. min
l??v, ? CiTTi low?i -'?I.? 22.?Laal nighl al 9
, ,,', i... t .n of th.- i.kii- tank? exploded ?u Chas A
' h,.,i-' p i-u'i nilli. Hu accident eamdngth? Imm?diat? ??>.
. ).;, ?i.it.? i.iier tmik?. The mat. lal in preporatton
- iQihi .*?m.i-, ih? engin ?? ad more than ball of
mi. rlj di ?i roy ed. ?Jlvs --f the i? n la ti.?
; mill i?'i- ??iii'd (hiii.i. ?!?? Bremaai Ullmore,thefore
i,i .u Smaller and Tierney, laborer?, and Hermau Bee-k
: tel, a workman In i H si mill war ay, wbo bad stepped
j into the paper-mill a momcut before the siploama. *f.??'
'- bodi?'*of Cblhs, Braklol, aiidGUmoro wen blown aero?
: the ?trt-et sud over the b - -. I itaaee ??r -*";'' f?
l h,- m. in - of iii-i:? | ? ?' - ? ?Hers n either buried in
In - m- i-i. ?i.n u.to tbe riser. They hats not bees
recovered. l*.n ?'-'li ; ?? ????r'li j.'"-"?'?'hi.
AM? MI!. Mod BATO.
Bseati ?;\. Julj 23.?George Wflkes gwve
hull 1? li) b t??r?' -tu! ?*' '! ?? ?- i" '?" Ubel omit brought
?K-dint him h>- M. 1*. M ?r.itli. A? n}i\tiioidamage?an
claimed, n.- balli ? died at thal ?mount CoL BaabC
M.ini.i?. ..iel'??--I'i?l.? ri'.uil'n of N c-'-Vork l-t iule Vi.
Wilke-?'? boadsmes. la ?the rrlmlasl sctlon sgslssl Mr.
M,?ii,,*ii foi b1- :?*?' ill ?>? Mr. wuk.--, tl.i- uf!? lUnoii,
police Ju-tici hcotl h-.?'. Mr. .M???i an toboU tis fo*ep the
ih te. n'.'ii'.'i-i ?a ?i,.?-? i -i on- year. Tbl? \???-1?) iln :??l
'l,i ni linn, i toi n?.t?. ?--? iii??-ui n. Ball ???? itv.-' m
s ,,i, ?n 1 t, ? h??mi **.!? -.yini by ri.e.Umui uli.lJ.'.V.
('..ttli.'i "f Saratoga.
Un iiMcsi., Vu., July '--Y?'?iiTit- hiin<li??l
bsgslk n.i? ??f u.ia a-.'.it island fbsses, p.?.t ?.t tin esrgs
of ti?.? l.ntlidi iMirk 'Liri-oti, Isadlag bSN f.?r L1ver|???.l
hji lil?bmaailmailbaiita ?j? aatosd thin sftsrawsaaa
?hi unUtstwIssp-i-ibialaws It Is shairgBd thatthsi?
i...... waaabssS lo ha ? Kjmrtad wiih??ut tim h_meota***s
n, ,?,.1 Tbe i..!..?.? mtaod Is valsml .?t iM??,??o??. The
..,'? .,', mi vol.itiouof the b?a la ?1 mi i...uii?I, tu u
ptiuiui?, :.- bov-Hdt?. ihi ui??t^u?t oih?w? timwxanuxi,
mu. i*nM-?iit. places a sn-..s?, p boiboi a?iaissi
nu* tBA_tI-0-t_SB__1 nr in? SBIPPUHI BOX OB
nil-: ? a ni K Of titi' it..i -I ni- < ??? 'ABB ?i.v*iii
viii I? PB mi nu? ti i.? nu: canadian <<?l'Y
liKiilT nu t. PA8SBD.
LoBDO-i Friday, JUtf l8, liTS
.\ pToteet placed by Mr. Plimsoll on lbs tablea!
the House of Commons las! Bight is iuiiili.l_?-?l. lu
it Mr. Plhnaoll atys:
l iu.it? -t m th.. tullin ?f God against Ihedelsyof the
Sblpplnshill. Aliiiou__.li iii" bill ii-if la an atroclout
-??.nu, iinre la cnnujrh humanity and knowledge in the
Uottse tu chang? it Into j gpod tn? asare.
He denounce? the preeeal laiv? Bgainat hreaehof
contract, which leave -.-lilors who have atthnow?
? Ingiy agreed to sail la anecaworthy i-iiii?? tiwalter
native of the j iii or death, sod eonfinu? - :
, I charge the -lovernment with wlttlmtlj ?ni aawlt*
? tinah pial ?m; Into the hands ol Hu marti.?mnrderera
insltle end outside the House, to net-ure the coatlaaaace
| of the pit ?ell! Il.llf.l. roll? -..rflelll.
I (desire io niiiiie.-i. ihe villains who sit ia thia House,
i li? tc|.|.-. n..itlvi * t.f iii. nu.r. mine rnii- bul tint e, ..ter
I villain* outside. I demand Hut Hie lilli lie ero... led
j with. Patitas In tut-i. l lui apon the benda ol tue Primi? r
1 Bud lu* culi-aullo* ll'e Unod of ?ill uno perish lu x1
Winter from preventliilu causes, and denounce against
hlni ?uni them lite iw,1 th of toni.
lin* Central Presa r?|Hut of ?In -cent* in tis*
House over the Shipping tall mya ii was remarked
in Mu lobbies that ti. vi- much method la Mr.
1 liinaoll'a madness. The oatbaral waa apparently
prearranged. Mr. PUmaoU caine to the Hoasowitb
In* valise, uml waa prepared to g ? lo prison. He lia*
been In the I ? t?r:.r> of theCoaamoaa i?i-?lav- searching
for precedents, He persists in lu* refusal to with?
draw his remarks. A tremendoua scene Is expected
? ben the anbje? t comet sp ag tin m \t Thursday,
The Uoasa ><) Commons baa passed the Canada
Copyright bill. The Channel Tunnel biU, whkh
has altead) panard tbe House of Commons, paaaed
it* second reading in tin Hooae "t Lands to-daj
witboul opposition.
_?. ?
PRE8B1 II.KIAN < <?| Ni H,.
lilt ? iiv-li ii no* ul TUB Ullis? n HAM I ' ii
l I?. - 'mu ti- OP IBB I M lOB,
Los?os, I inl ii. Juli 23, 1875.
I lu- Coustitit'.inu adopted by the Presbyterian I
< onm U ha- been made publie. The name riven the
new Cnion i.* "Allianro nf Reformed Cburchea !
I'hi..ui.'li.mt ibe World." All ? bur In aro Included j
v. uich hold to the Pi ?bj tt p in ?: '? ra I ? ? '
The preamble of tia CofiaUtution recites the objects J
of the Alliance, which are to demonstrate onitj of
liclici' among Pu.h-laai-, orgaulzc ruisaioo work, ?
promote ? ?lu? al ?mi I anti -"< i.il ii tortn-, ami oppose
"iii U lill ?uni li ligioUS iii'ol. inn e.
??' iNI?H tFEAIRg.
Ill I U i-'l - l"Ill.AI|ll\ IMIIUiltlll IB III' t .IN-' I
M ?l.inn. lil.*.?, July iXl, IST"..
Hu* C'lii-iiiiiii'iii.il ConiuiittM yesterday
tdopt? -1, t>y ?i vote of ?j agalaal 8, an aril? le of the vr
ji.. ...| Constitution astabttshtai roll pout tob ration.
tilt. UBI Ol' 'ii ..MIN IXilll I I'll'i ?II -II? ? mi:
tainas ro bb s/__i_l min si >n i?.
in aus, Friday, July 23 v-ir,.
The Us. ??? <ii i;um exhibitors al the l'iiilu
ii.l;.iii:i Centennial ni tilbitlou lit - b en oltb-tallj close?!.
'Mi- anmbcr ol iboau who lnt?*ad f?? exhibit In the Arl
|K-partn_.-n1 i- -mi The large nmnuftwtoriet ?m the
Killin- niid ni \\. itphalta and i*.tinui .'.ill be represent?
ed specially. Au Imperial Coinmisslouer ha* liven sp
ii.-iut,-.i to obtain ultue ?pace foi thou? ni. ti pai ti
:.i tho i ? blbltlon bblbllug.
I'll TWO l.nMi '-. Ml I I II IM'> K1 I I 1-FII OB Mill..
l.'.MM'V. i't id ?i. .luh 23,187.1.
Al? ximliT ?uni William i'?iili<*. who were eom
t, uni l to Ni ...ii In default of $10,000 ball, ou a charge
of obtainingmon?-j under f itse pretenrea, nave te?-ui ?'
iii-' mi i . o ;, liomlt and b? n n I? sse?t.
i'i i.i ti-i. m IV'. aii-i: . i i ..."i i."' D i'i
BASQI i i.
i . in, I'u li;.. Jnlj S3, 1875.
The Home Hule Members ol Parliauteot have
-.n .n loin-.i i heir iiutiiiioii of attending a ii..me L?ale
haB-|art In l>unin? sa Um Itk of -tagua., bieaaae Mr.
Ni v. .h l??iie'n Oonvenl MU, to wltleh theyateoppos? i.
i rnected to COOM up In tbollouteol Commons al thal
tune. _
THE lloiiDS IN .?.V.L.'.Ml.
in,.ii fii'.r-wn mil* imviia i i:ii.
I.iimnin, l ruin, .lull 23, I-;..
The waters of the river Nene -.a Peterborough
ure fi-oin I i'o-'ife-t above I., ? or.lin ii\ level, ami t hu
luiiei.t ha* Incieasod la ?elooity to KI and ito toilet _n
hour. Laatalghl the rise was so Hidden that badraom*
In bnildtnica along the river were __JO-led, and sleeptag
Uunatea barely avc?l tbclr lives. Paar thousand serra of
graziugland aw Bneded between Kdrlth and Denbnrgb, |
uml .:.n.atti lie.i";'it. I of p Tbe stater is |
ti. und four ti-et deep on 1,000 aerea of laad m*ar '
Whittlcsev. Nt-ii'h *l'* d baa bess teen la that aeet ion I
11 iii ? countrj for BO yean.
l.iM.'N l'rtit.i.'. , .Inly Jil, 1*7.1.
Mi. Ramttel Remington a;.ive ii bauqtv-t i??
the American T- int tu n_i!t. M.ijnr Leeeb ami other
membera of the li 'i Ti nu aere amona the gilesta.
.^.oiii-i ., e tu ??!(? by, and Hi'- heartiesteomoatnlt-"
?.lexehanged t?- ? ?- cn, the Unerleana ami Irishmen
on tlidi ;t -i" ' : .'M.:,-ne. .--. 11. li- n,...mt and Wimble*
lion. _
Vu no \ Pi iii.. .lui 2 '?? 1875.
The strike ol the weavers al Rruoa has
??n .t.. i. a e mu prout '-?? having been edeiued bet ween the
lll'lkl 1 - and til? lr elllji-n' er?.
WITH Till! BPA.1ISII lu? ? d'?-IHK ABBBSt <?l
lill. I'.VMtlll- BAI It ?S iSD Z.iltlill I.A? \ Al.Mi?
lln Bl li.UMlNH? m -l?I*!*...;?, ?nu t l.tiniN
I IV ?.?un.
I irnos Is. "" v-i"s m '?mi" -?-"M'i.M >i nu nui.i sr. |
II was*, .lui;. 17.?>"i'iul engagements are
. reporte?! otu lull) iroio UlSV-renl ports oi tin Island. Os ?
! tbe 1st last. Forts U-Jobabo aad Veqalta were eaptomd
I bj . .' lu U-'.-.".!-. bul -""I lit? iv. ,i d _-i..iu:-ll I.ne, - .!!- ,
i ir.eii .uni it raptured th? m, wllh ?? v? at? ? priaoneni the I
lasuntenta bad math*. Oa the '?3d u!t. a partj <u aevru
ii.ii Insnrgentawere dispersed near the vtltagoof l'u
entes, und two of their nnmber were killed, idriess j
(rom Hauet! Bptritos say that ou tra- ni bmA. SOO ?muir- i
gents eneountercd the :-..mi-ii iraerrtl las at the Bas \n
t .tun lunn. An? ra two-hours' combat the insurgeais,
?-bo wars couuiiaiidi I bj Aatoalo ?h-1 Moral, r?- ?
treated to Um Saato Tomas lunn. Sghtlag uit I
the way, aadcbarslas Iwbt au the Spanish traeps with ,
their machetea. The Cuban lo^- ?a* lo killed i the ,
BpaalahBre. iiiti.i.ii newsbat ii?.? boen icealrad hen
iii u BOO in-iir-eiit.- w. ra uti..? ai ,'. in ta? ii lain n. kmeat
st Las Taj sa de Harroip-t, near Juraro, The Inaargeaia,
; shs were uader eomaiaBd .f aforetos Bodrigueg, arris
i ilisperaed aftet two boura* Bghttsg, I ?ring BalaelArataa,
j one of tin-.r ?.-ad. 1*. BBMBg tin- (teni. Ob the Oth ?Mt
i the PpSSl k folie., lui 1 u -k11 lill-U Iii lill-??til,1 Mitti Hie
I rebel chtelt Cecilio Oonaales aad Etsdngaoa. arasas thay
i touted, killing90, ?nil.? i..-. aa theil o?u suloot two
? tiiiictl aad lo woaadsd. ssiradahrs slea took iii,ne ,,t
tin .nrui ilres aad al Mraatea, the Bpaalarda ksa_g rls>
: ion."in in i-otti i .i.-. -_.
lbs latest adrlesi frots Paarte Priaetpa at it?- that a
' coiivey T.;.-flri'tl mi In tlie ('min iiiiiiiiitniti*, und one
foiiiier ama killed andes-wal si re wsaaasd. Ob iuc Tih
iiit?t., tin- Balado, ??' ni* ilul'iiiln, WAH ?I l.it-lit d bj'the lu
?nil.', m?, ?lu? wars ispalsed hy tb?> gsntssai sa IBs
SBth ult , the l.iii'lem. neiir the BBSM ?own, ?as itbto uti
nu. i.asfflfly Btaatkd. ??u Hie Jil m_.i., the fur?*? of
l'un,me.i? had a ''n.i m.rh with Hie ll)*tir^t-iitn nu tue
BnatO lio-.? fat'in, uc.ir OtaSJB ?lo Uni._. A li.iu.l of lu
mi.."it., e.Hum iaded By lUino?, atlaekedoa the lrt
aaaC las riliagssl i ?t?iiV?i, uud killed lune.- VaBiaaet ?,
whom t?.?-} foui d f -.v lin I ??"re In ipKKTnrnriyiOTn?,
luit fourni none. On the isaue in) sj..liii-Ii gnrj-ullmm
had aa encounter with the mulatto I? ?ihn PmmM and
bia followers ni.i killed two of thi'tii. (?ti the 7th 'nit.,
f?.ree? of the ti,ii I;.: mi of ( in delia? i-lieom.t.-r'-d "?(Mo SO
i.'.'ii^'eht. on tin- Machado timen, in liu-ti.ttiii t ,i lanpi?,
.mi kill, ?i four.
Frmn tin- ,ii?uti ??'II iln Wattle l.-,i- Hint l!ie ret?.-li
are b?eomlngmon audacioustrrwry day,ami tti??t raals
ou vtllsgea sa weB m ?u calatea are eommoa. I li. i?---?-nt
?.. <i: ?iii?., li,?, m-Mtli In, n.r d tin ni The execattoa
of th? M n in? ifudenta, tiki ti prtanm .? '?n tin hm. Kiss
l.i?e-?!i'., ?ndtn? ern I treatment ? *. ?..-r?. 11...1 oy ?eve
i-.i t. -,?, table -, intug linn .if ? ,,i .ni..jj-,. ? lu? were ar
li-!??! on ?u !'!? -loll "f ?< tun.' lu .i.'.ert with Oka
?tint? tit-?, and broun'??" limul ? unv?l to lf.iv..ii;i, where
the- were led th.%n the tiret ta like ? um mon ?t1iiiIii?K
baa arouaed s ?pirti of venga. amona tin ??iImh?, and
n ti.i- te I tis n m ii Impla? .i'd- (bau ??? ? r.
Y. i. ni??- ii.i.ii! i u i?? thrown i i- I ? ?"1'iioiioiA
h.r the ?irn ?i of Barbon and Zorrilla, t??? willI kasws
bunker?, ? h.? ? t n- ?, ?. ?i i.i t nu.- In gola. Vi1 ? ?-?-I ?. hu?
I'?! _ I?. illili I'. -n ' Ml -, '. ,- Ul. i *vifh tin,
irolil ?peculator?, ami t." uti?' i?m-, i . .I?...? ?f.iting
tral lil?-. I I,_-.... ii r,,|!.| In ?IK ?lill ..lil |, lllilM,, 11.
"???'?'ii- ' - ? ., , li-may I? B u Is
till..lui li elrel.?. |-i. ...... , fei, M? ... |..,l i- ,i| ?M? dollA
to iii.- |K-r?..i ?* ntidei irriw but ft I? .?|?|?>?, d i ii it ? li, v
lliil Im-|. f.im, .) a, ;,,, .IIM, m th, f.,i.,, , .ml M..it...
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lue Diario de lo Barina to-day ,'.<'< '- the SSSfSS of
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ih- inthorities i lUlln to !??* ii.? m g?? ua laard
Alien?, m ?hip?, hut B? in ? li? in e o',-ii M.mlil Kii-tli)
mimes- notes.
Qi kiu.<\ July 23.- I In* uniiiml put ni?* of ti.?
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'?-; ti r<?i H? ?I m St. John's, ('m- i???? I ruaght tour Yar
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Tin- \< ??- 11- ? tot ?phi- wreck.
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Abbotsford* v.iii-ii went ?i.rs oa ihe essai ?*f Wuhm
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brrakiag up. Ti:? pu ??? n.? - i":i In nui'.? ? wsn
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lightered. T ?? \? ?-I *\i'~ ?u ? K ?. ol s l.iv. i ?MM-i p'lot
ut iii. niiie ?d the accident, ?sad the ? tptals aud <?th?-r
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exe, ana ant sa Am? m-.m ddp. She i? ned i?y tlis
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?ailed ander Bri tbtheolore. The -Vmulraa Ila? easadsssi
?n ?our Bne Phih ?t? Ipbbi ??"ii? \? -- '? the i*? san] I? anna,
the Ohio, he Indiana, ami ti nilnot? aadtostrewctMa
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u,. i, bom it?? M'"?'i '?"?I I'ln'.i !? Iph1 ?. tin ?
and .i ?i-t?r ?hip, the KoaUworth, '??i?- Issasdk The
?t.liuu-l ( ,1.1 ol I.Ililli i? K, oin? el th' "'?I? 1" ' ' ?;?- At Ih?
Inman Uno, ha? beten aceaied to tohi th? plasasl tbo
,,,?[ ,,?-, i, und nmii ?.id from ?this t?- 11 w ?-t Wedai uuAy,
.lu vii'?it?i?.id was a brig-rigged lion ?? i "i -.mi
loua i y, '?? ' 'l "? ' ' ' ' ' "' l"""1, ? "?*",i.?" ''' l?tW
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..nth i . ?liat?. comdatUig < hi- ty ,o eora, i ?" I. bsi ?"'.
aud 1 ?. i, wsa i!.?u?il in tbl? ?? . Kenan, WrtirhtA
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l?,l-f.?;i?. liligi the ?!? imi** lii'lh?. .?i.'l bSd ?li'ldiil HI
i:i...r of tie' AhhotM'T?!. Hil? t??ill-i-?li i'.kiih?! ???ill?
ilmi i-i, ,n ?i of * ?im -. ii i,t h.ttiui | t?. ?t?i atti n?*
?ti une?''? luSa. ________________________
!-!!'. l'HW? IB l'<iM> HI AD
A Loudon t< 1? i.'iii:n uiiiKiii'i?? ? fin ?leith ut
-;i l i.,,!, i- Util I II. Bil, t??rui?rl.i l.i?nt- uiiii -'.o\' i- -r of
Upper Canada. H<- wa? t?"iii '? at tioehemier, aMmOeaui,
.:. i .'i.-, .ni i?.np. in in- ? nu ted th? H Itkbsrray. Ai"*r
bciving wlthUu li"?'1 I'luimer? .! V -i-i loo. m4 i'i"l?r
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winn- lu? .'..i? s istwleeabotamki Um, hi "??ii?
.u ?i i oint? .ni - -...??.. i, i- ; ?.' .nd ?i? 1-'..'>
, gold ... I ' 'h' Km ?!?? Is I'i??.?.
;,?? i nie '".,??" i bill ? ?u thal ? satrj. md draw op
|? ll.ll .'I.? ??! Ma ? U 1 I ' I ? I' ill?' tH!?' ?'f " K<> 11 g 11
M t, ? of n .1.my A? i?,? - tie PMSSSaS."
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HI, .i,... 1!. i, -i?,.. I? lilli \!i u:i|...plll:ir
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It). ?lu' ;. ?? novel rewiij ; ?? ?' li? ?? i Ived IS
, .'. r, th? 'e' ?? ? ui ibu I - Nova sou ia.
'..-. 'uni' IM ? ?:, ,ll.d l'|>, ? : ? . ? ' . I eil .!'? ?I
? | ion? : i'i 1 -?*?? . - ? * Fl ?i I? inihir
writer, but waa i??? n- to ? aga ral? his awu.i
, . ,, i-i-, ! , -. "i i;!.i, e? i? .?ii - til Ullin I "! Ni'v
?..n." hu'.ii- .?-I lu !-::i ; a "Uti I . . ' m 1 ? 11 ;
??'HW ! in?, I Hil,'' III l-l,',"?'???? - ?li.I I'-'l.? ??." uni
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I ?_...? .?I lu ;;? .i Ml? ka," "' 1''
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11?.,-.- ililli.,- Hi'', i, ' ?. 1 ?.??. ile le. el ?.d .? I . li.um of
Hk.im It .-. i.i.- inilU ti.? hi :l-.i ''.? ?li.?i .? it ?I ild l-l hi?
li.'! I. t ?el I I- ? ? _
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'1 lu- ll.iit. li? uti ."-lo numil, *a!ui ilnd \??u*l
<i i.i ,.? ? uralag, npn - au ?i SU ubi u ? ???:? I - la Om t t -
i:,ii..? ot i-??-' sud i -?>.', t ?.ins ?l?o au active pari ia
nu- i?oiUi? ? ??f tbe Si?!??, it- ra n old Bara sta*v
in n.o. i.it, imi -.?. i? - ?.??i.?' aa?o ??? i ?i-, i:-.,. it? ii
eit l.thipl-l ii, V ? n ?l ,. Lil lllelt.il.t-i.nl. ?i.-e trolll i? - ?
to .-??:. Mr. Sherwood was a few yean mm a di ? ? t??t ?>|
tnel-.ii i< dlroad.
i ??'i l.i., l.ii. Lu.li.Al J.I > SWIMMKR, itltli?, i-i i'KY
iii \,"
I'iiii.auki Pin *?, July 2'A.?Tin?m.i-? t'uyle,
WhO l-lli--??'! Ill- : I- I?-" I '"t ?? r, !.'.!,,,,
?lill J. li Joiltl-t'll, It ?t'lhiy, '?'.la I . I Ino
ni/ht ?ila?! *-. n .? ?-i? - : 'u? I'M | . ' mid ' At 1
o', ?o. k ha weat to loep Ucaw?k i fi Iwdsadsolsl
daiiiii r. Sir. t"ii. Mya ii'' in- ?? i dragged t?y the
in .linly whi? h I? tosh a few awamata hetmn be gasa ?sa
tlh line. Ile V. t.iiil,?' cpl- I'tln'.i . .?'id M.l- l?oi?1l|Vi li?
i ?uni ni. li (?im eeter Coald i>- have goassaBOsOm
in? ? !"IIK' r li?' ???'a. 'I h?!?? tv..it the i.,- ? , .,- Mi Jnhli?. u
v...? m m.I.- mid ? half behind Ultu. A tim Inter would
have iiuaiiint. i?d i?trougebbtld?.d,bew*mM huv?
I?? ? n ? iiiuji? mil lo yi\f np. Mr. ( ??? h- ?i uerf in.-t l:i i*
? ?illina .imi hihi,, i. ii .mu. i _ t. ? i ?,- (lie Kifciixhiuuu
agam d .n.i ti ? , ? itli? r tor n ul um e of ?1 .?, etgai or
h iiiih?. ?-lr .l.iiiii?. ??! idiult? th.il ? .?_. h-1? the 'H-ti.-r
??Aiuimii, jui ' ?: jhi. ??f bcatias mm.
Oura OF TRI M.WMiliK VAilir i M|)
A sfiedal BMc?Bg uf Viv Now-Yorft Yacht
dab waa held at Ve? ?.? Brsadway \.?'<; l.i> :iit.-rii..?.n
for tin-piupom* of eoiup'i-titi,* Mir.iiiteini ut? fm tin? Au
Kii>t cn.is. i.i'ir.1- K KlaoOaat, ObaMM?sM of Hut
< hit?. piSSMed. Amol?; thom (.t ?eut m. re Vu ?' l.niini??
?l.r. \S 1 (iiriu-r. S. J.Col^-iiteoi th? l.Per, |<oIh-ii Outro
of tim Viu.1i ?, K \V. .1 Hiiri-tof Mu- Aetiii-.r P. Blagil, u
ot tim UhrisUaa. sad J. J. AlezanoVrol ihsVhda?. n.?
K-lHirt?of se Hegatta sad Uoaaoi ?mmitias? wsn reud
ami ado-pled, ultu vtileu iii. um -.lion ut 4ssSS_Sf on Um
?ian oi las Aaaasieraiss wastattta sp au. i ?ouu?do.
eamhta it \?u.?... ? ? i- a iii?t tu? ? a. um .i...i NSrAravaH
?I liiiul'tii? nu IBs sill i lie?.ii ot Wi.diicMl.iy, Aug, 4.
M?.m linn Juh '2A. - Tin* M"???ih. W.jiji', mr???t.d
on < aila? al tl..i.i,l.u i ni li. IA. t .?lim ? I ?. ?I >?? V.-Oa.
Lav? !>?.?? roll .? ? .irrititu.

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