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or m. siM.)N-vi<T?iit im." ii an aaaTO?
gaimaai tm u_raa>o dbatw?a iwo-nmrs?
niiNKMAN-niK smooaara ?aw*?sbbj ob
anuaois raiana ?tv aiatsri r.
nrnon a tMABlJkB COB BBSS na OS Bl S? ?Bl TntBfVB I
Fahi?, JaaM l?.-Was ?ha C?sala ?sE?swsat, ?bo
has just ?lied, a trsa-Maasr. -r ?imply a nkeptiel
Did he bebevs sajtWag. at Uni ha doab! svary
th.ngt At al! cv.m* ?m bassett -i forth?
wori.i wtth a pangari la ?toa ?ona from tb< l ?in of
Mb pariah. Bs*d ? del.Betoendmimpeni
The US I ''V' '
pni?_. .??'i, ii.. ? bombarded l'an*. The
Cmtli , ,i no** in* I hi BtianemL The tree
think,, rs an ampenied the bod] tu the Mad? kins, hat
would lint ? iitei Hie ?luircli.
M. ?I?* l;eiuu-.u had wall chosen bia thnetodie.
It whs me n?..-! weather ia lb? world. Thi
mimi was m rea?. Tim fanerai, Iberelore, waa ve
??liri!! ?...la.;.-. It wa* like B BpHUg I" "?
yatee. The Madeleine waadee
asalad sa 1-great laatival Waa it aot ia fart
the lete o? the inimorl tlitj ??? s phibiaoph?
Tln.rs. wit!. Paul ?I?- BamuBat, walked ?nt
t aarse which bore bia pobtieal sad literal*) aa
p?tete, i |b1 sreal '? foi* the ?un. M.
Tliiet? ?.i* nach mot ?!. Tim.**- a o dido?.
him imagined I - mourning?
Beor ia '--,.? '???'?? r>" ' ' ?"' old. like
lu? m ,. ...i. But he was onlj weeping over
t ?. pari'i.'ti. without thinking of lim.-li. He
t h. .l.i.?, thal he baa no1 yel hnislie?! bis
allott?-! ?a-lt. while M. R?mnanl bad Uni* ?
Thom i- ??? M. Thiers a turee of lite win. ii ?.nil as
sui-es hiss pw?table years. " I hare no time to die,"
aai'! lu- t<> M. Mieguet, another eotemporary; "do
like ?ne. hagia twa <? three banks ? you will aee that
deatli will gi?, um nine to entap?ete them."
Att'T _? ma*?- m m::?i<' tiny conveyed M. de ]>,
niu.-i.; to I'" p is, a hare the guillotin? ?1 "i IT ?
bunill, among ?there Amir- Chlnier. There M.
Juba Si-ion wepl an oration about tbepolitj
tue? mt that statemnan, who onlypaaeed by power,
?me auder the titeen Kim. and again ander tim
r,?? -: r. . If. Kimon v.-(.'il I have done bet
t?'i to road '?" m- beautiful words "i \ i? tor f iui_r-? on
tin- mun,ut.liny of the Boni. " It ia n misfortune ?ti
esr time t Dg m this life. In giv
lagtoamafoi liissoleenda tb? lifeol earth,
you sggravateall hiamiseriee hj the dual negation.
Ami that which waa only it that is to tay,
tin law of God, i* changed toileepatr, the law ol
helL 1 h<* dot] al all "f ne, legixlatora, bishops,
panta, is to li. Ip nu*"' all '. . beaven, t"
? IW1ml tu?- I J.?-t 11- BS) .
? ? lufl? red un?
it!. .. .Des n i- a restitution. G?si ap?
pear, at I If would no1 be won li a bile
to ' v - I we ???? lodi? ? itirely. Thal which alle
fistee labor and aanetitiea toil ia to have before na
th?--. et ter world through th< darl
tln? life. I bi t" me more real than tim
r which we devour ami which *< ??ill life.
It ii i Ir .s the -
taint.*, of my 1
tit ni "t m
Is mu thal the fricar of fanerai orations hum
whatever orator, ?ver whatever tomb. Thet'uth
fllics reproach Victor Hugo a
bia two aona. The faith in flu* immortality ol th?*
? am! i* not theCath??lic faith alone. The i lu irahle
ka-lorian "f Notre Dame dePariadoea no1 love the
Church, and believes li ? tile ont of it,
? al! reads it ni to Borne, why ahould no! .iii
ssadalesdt? heaven, If the traveler is right
M. '! '. -V. .1 I. mus?t,
*? l arlll b? * ? do anylbing * ii lumt vou;" and he ha*
kept his word. Twice 1m ' power, and
he baa ealled M. di ! t to hinside. And
ti-'? - -1 M. ?le Eh ::.-i al a polit ? ?
light. A prominent man ha* said thal M. de ]:,'
? mu:?: l.iiv:* renounced opon bil death-bed
that amiable and pla ful ih pti?-i m which waa hu.
pr-ilc. beeaose he foreaaw thal th<- Baili? als would
_s- at the lu ad of the procession, um! thal
which thronged at'i"H the Madeleine wnnld come
nui' li lev t.?i tumor the ?I pad than to n ad in
lores oi M. Thiers bow the anci'
would bear th?- death ?t hi* Euryahu
tin n a a .i gT' al deal of cm ral, luit
tlni?. waa a.'?.t a sentiment "f pul? ic mourning.
Bucli a.? he a - M.de man of wit,
af talent, a man of elnqui - I char
arter of the ltrth eentnry ; not sharing the radiance
of th?* treal historie Airona, but rather the dnai
lom * "f ih'**?- oelebritiea who rai i
?etlona and tln-ir works. M. de Bl um at wa* sol
on?-of those whe aspire to power aud to lu
aa a a through a valgas vanity. He believe?
there was aomethbig good to do a ty, and
sucli ti.i- _r- n? : as done and ?-? !. It would be well
if th?* svaaaesof politiea and literature were fuller
? ' -ii. It uni ha hjhi that I am n??t d
eeteil ia apeakiag ot >i. de R?muant, A )?ug time
Igu he asked the king to give me the ero? for my
"History of the Eight? i
him till I a ii ?. ?. ans him. I lnuuii him the moa!
saurtonua of gentlemen, al---., i moi
ot?i? r?. than m In.! m ii'. He recalled to me that
day a channing aayingof M. de Salvaody, to v?!m:'.i
a su.tor waa as -? ? aot refaw me the
graaSj beeaaas evsrj am has it." M Tes," cried M. de
Balvandy ** every bedy baa it. and eva
asking me fur it."
There i* another place vacant at the Aea
The Duke de Broglieaaid, "There ia one vot
Jalea Simon, hut one ehair i ." You know
that at the Academy the rotes are all political, Ufo
pnnliciiii and Monarchist A' tin Lae! eleel
J,i .? .?-um-i: iiinl M. Dumas had the aama sambar ?if
ruf.?, butta w.ie postponed for six months. Tara
Bea?iaa_ieians asmtlly ?i.e eseh year, after the Ii?.
pii'iliean aeademh ian. the nest m ly be i Eh yalist to
rei^taidish ?In- tie I.?-tween Iba twoeaadidntes.
To diatiuguiah M. Dumas from Alexaudrc :
Al*. p;>pie tay, "Dantas the aavant." Dumaa His,
ti.- ????.- ? Dumaa the igni
V . . n ?a tin mure ignorant "f the tw ?1 1^ ,r he a he
?adervtaadi the bataan heart aud places it an the
at a ue f
At th?- vin- hoar when they were chanting the
Mueran far M. do Bdaauaat, they w.r,
ti??- MsduVsiaa tbs Ti ince de Uidi.'lic, nephew of the
stateasssa, f-> Mdll?.8ay aieee >f tai terni
Fil?ame. Mdlle. S.iy, who has t-.veir.v ith;.
Aowry, had a tanej t" Bbe ?ill he a
prinreaa, bul perhaps sin does no1 understand Unit
_be io only an Italian princesa.
caine to the i mond ad ihm iu
vit?-?l to the marriage ?if ? i gue, They wit?
Besaad bath eeremoaiea ?* Um it leaving the church,
thin, hilliag twa binta sub one ktt.iie; psrnatusJ
mit.th' st* of '.f.- atui death I
While the Emprea sa waa dying of gi
the death nf lier iiit(ierial s;h.ii*.-. tanti
was interesting itself with the m - ? of iiii
tnn-lin. Who ia Tin-taa-lin I II- - . ...niau, of
saursa, und wbts . ?? i no1
dei*t nited hun ? an i-w-ry < him u .:. n - n.".' -
otut-r f-hinaman, A ph?osopai basaaid, "Ail women
are alike," whi I . of English wmaaa. Ii.
Bight have asid, all (.lum m .. ... :. , M,
Spirit T.n-tuti-hii bettered himseli psedra
Ile iUiti n ii. ?t n -.1 |S Ifn to ja.; hOTBIlBB ile ni.irr.eti
in Fraiii ?? :.*? lu had ?'i.iri u-?l in < [tina; aS-fllpIepoetic
dinUacin n. foi our (.hi.__u_i_ui .s _*? a poet. Loak at
these pretty v? ?
"Tile ?lea-l, 1,1,, :h? Bl I ..- riutiHwotn.m. ft
eolio - - la the twilight when the Bin
Is Slnf lue.
"Tue dew ia i\e Hie iiuhI^k't of 'he filil??woman. It
cant? mi-i aatuee .
- 1 mi- devr i. li i..- n,.- m...'. . i h.nu woman. It
OOlv aliliuw b> ?lav to uuuiiit lo Uni , n."
I iii-luii-l n ??inif t?? t tance wit..out *.ill ka?
why. I'crhaps ?t wa.* lo i^et away from his ( uina
woiiian. Il_ had the K?>"d lu?-I? to f.,li one (]a> l,Kf
au sassUts uuder the eyes ni TbdopUta Qaatii r, abo
made m pet .?? lum a.? others ?l?i of m panul or a p :k
soek, a monkey or a p?e?die. Theo, botl at that
time two (.aujihieie who ?lid not know French, and
?o, of rourso, be ba.1 them taught t'him-B?-. The
trat puhiiaiios Bataam o??w bul C1 Lbsbs Btsviea, ih?:
se?y?Dd oontnnts herself with paiaMaf Cklassi Btxn
ssraena. Tua tuu-lui could nut uui-ote MsmsU i? r
the lack ?if his Chinawoman. He tho-mlit that if ,
night not b.* imp asdlde to I'hinnfva French ti- .man.
Ba he as-mined th" beads of matnmot-.v a aecoud '
tinte, without troubling himself about the mortuarj
reeonl of hil first wit-, who had as tdss of dying of
111? il?"_'ll'C1.
Hut the se?-oud a fe did not heensaea Ibwatod
to Chim.se poetry, I cauaa [ta-taa iii I ?t her
avery Buaday. This .\.* probably t<? mail- the
ca.l-nce of his pastry. Bhe lodged a con plaint
; apainut her huaban 1 thal he h id saet?a r ? it. I !,i
j tins f?til.- pretext, Tia-tun-Iin waa Bnrat? I and
' dragged before tbe jadg bj two grmbtruMa. "Oh, ?
au :u-t tribunal,* !.?* cr? '! ti whom j nu
ahonld condemn, hut mj two wives, fon will -ay.
Why h.iat thoa two wiveef but the Emperor uf
, TnUeg-Chi, who died at nineteen, ami who ?
pei it, ba?l ??? i ?? 111 y two wi ? *. more or leas
: n !. while I baveonlj one in Kran eau?! on?-m
? of little ? "infert. foi vvliile my
latest ?' ' ' carot
?lj ti t.I! ..? ?? - yet fjiven no citi ?< n-aon i"
the Republii i From e."
The tribunal laughed at larmed. Tin-tuu
lin wa* M*t at liberty, ami i rielly charged*! the
? - ? ? [le ilrnpp? ii
ii, ,, inn f:\ again, uinl li-re ?si Bong wl ' .a-has
jn-, -?nt me ;
TBK ?.i ? l>v\'< V.
? ')n nr uif. T ? : "I a son foi the hive? i it
- if gol ni"!'i-i.m.I nu Pur the smiw descended
it ni til butter!
Bul mi ?em.-- so* h i "? ? -. Hie g
!.. re?. ? when Hu - ? com? - And
will gather my sonst ..i loom to
\ . I ? ..-. ni. ihn. toward beaven, iel
mi fiuig tu the -.ei? ?- p. And vonna
' niai - on i bulbin? ?? ??? iml dance upon
,. mi.?.''
I'ui-t lin-'i'i i* uei .< elebrated maa, all
foi having married two wives, Th? I? which
m1 him yesterday ng him for Chinese
nonga, Hi.? , r> trail ia t" be pnhliahed, sud oollecton
I lei* Illlt" ?
You know what a mania f?irthecolli I
of HU L- .. ' d. 1 he
writing and the fa- ": ' ?? : er are the chara ?? .
of tin-man Show me ihy bandwritins, and I will
t? h th?" who th "ii ni". Thi pen gi eau thousand
ognomien, One Deeds no1 be very wise tod -
euler -ii it the - ' t??:- if tin- bi itf ?ii d of the mind.
My com?n d'Agueva-au said: "Give metwolii
your enemy sud I can catch him." On?
trivi me two 'i-n lol in and I a ; ? '?? -v the
* !u i liu?liaiul. l?a tram the t. -ii. bnl from the
script Autogi iph -.:ii - tro more an I mora f a
: aid prove ti: if t!u' autograph huntera are gi
keener. Here are rome of the prices of th?
; 'llie i . ii-.- ISO fr-tiie* ; Boel
liou, '-"'<> fr : ti,. Mar
I quise de Pompadour, IGA fr.; the I 1,200
fr.: Voltaire, 1"1 t..: Waal
? 115fr.; l.'.ii'Ui".'_-"?'' fr.;Lavater 153 fr.: Ia itisXIV .
...: Luther, 320 fr.; Franklin, 100 f:.. '..
200 ii.: I..i ' B 1" fr.: < :;,..:! -ii. 'J.m :
' Lu. ;. - 203 fr.; Vergniaud. 3?1 fr.; Spinoza,
' ? ',>'.' ii'. I: i?..;*- M i"!.ti, I
: ..?? p
rise *t.l! higher, because theletten ?f tb? >i
no1 increase. Ju the lottere of thi living there ia
".-'. Kevertl ess ti." ?c \* ho es1
let;, i frmn \ ? Hu .- b ?' ?' I - i tA? ?'?
work, bal whal mistakes an made ii regard toont
? ?
. l-l, I lil: ask -1 f ?
?,. hut thom
There ire many people win' srebettei
theirfanltti than by theil les. Saint* ?
' M. lie I.elllll-.lt 1 "Heonl] II?''lied ?'H'- f-ll.i'
io make bim tai . -." whili yesterday V
tiirardjn aaid to us at dinner, ut hi- house; "linn
only km'..ii by i
-:. iii..! be
it lie had < o.iii' t" power, v.
m my opit ibl tbia valiant t
. -Ail.? remained in tie acabbanL ["be only
thing c tu. '. ha ? prcventeed Emile de C
- being a great itakaaua. ..? ti,.:: he baa no1 beena
itatea A - i i '! cssate.
HIT una? II?Bl '??':?? r ? [ ,- : --. mii.1-. -NEU COU
BBS?A V. RI?D..\U.
inn a srictiL i.'iiiii ? !? Me ? i of rut ntiBrvn. I
Newpobt, July 20.?Newport Im* one n I
i Onest beaebee on iii? N?w-__ugiand eoaai, I
.. i po] n u Summer n ? rt -. II
e patron w*l so extei ma would n. - .
, . . .. ? m th? ...
Ing-bouaea nambei .?Im-iu ;???. in *h.- rear then
few wh ? thoae In front, and which
. arc um . l Al ?- ? oats ?nu- ! '
.iiitl tue use of a batblns-house 19 eeuta is uhUtion. a
; mounted polieemas pair?la the beach. TV wlsa leave
their watehes at th? -.-1.. t ..i* . ? ? and the
un?!- i t i,.el ..?, -,__t.it.n io report i
? :-..|M'iTy Ko
??? tune securred this -?-. ? ,? Iba in;" h la one
? ben i." danger n< - I ?- .. ta
i very Btrrog Nu peraon bai u-ei. irownsdheru for many
, vi am. t ontnu-j topi rp1a no mie
la employed ia k, ep h lookout foi t. -?? a_fet] ol tb?
I era, an I In fi" taon ?; I bl tin a ?;. ij dally b?
? t h ?:: the soi f, .r l thej .ni n tv. mindi
though they were la th- it bonn?. Tin
proprii tor ol nu- bal - I rusby.
? i ii .'.i Ileso .: S Y Y ('., .-.
I here a few days aga from Cape Moy, baa bees amlereo
mi: some riii- ? a gea port i
J row wuii a large party fe -i?> i-leof Bhoala Pl.t I?
owned by A B Etateb, but I n ?' this ??_i?"n h
Ila leb al N' w-York, win
the Uwlgea ' aitop . on
a pigeon ntl ..? iinp"'' mee wil
i . ? '? he private grounds of lb?
? ragaaaett Gua Club. Th- - Mr Ornndeof
?!.n 0 Di-cki ? Vorfc. one ?f
.in- cottajn i* in 'i- 11.
a *.<_e, .iinl tin nun beroi et t al
will bring alarga stunber al riaiton trom Kes
i'.dolphin, and li dtlmors.
? a George ? Bootwell of Maasaebuaetta i? la
lows sa the .guest of U W.Tucka if Boston, on B?
tv?-. Charles A aderara of Rew-Yorb _u_sarrivedat.be
? af Mrs a aid un '?' II of Wew-Yu I. on Greeu
oogb . toe, and 1 ina Power al Kew-Yorkat
ide nile? of Prank Squires,ob Tuckerman ive. James
Gordos i. nnett'a aoraaa, earriaaes, asrvsata nn.I lisa
1 rage arrived thi? Ihm ... ..nd be i? < i
peet ti si the Caab-BS \..... in a i'..\ ot twowitbbis
h.i'-e ree? n I
' the Oeeao Hun - an EL it .roe ? i: - i. i *
i? ii.n-it Burn m. J j Va I. 1 0.1
i I. & Kima, i. ii Smith, L I Deas
a. >!m-i,i k. j a. Grera t. :
a. I.. MUler, T I.. Bnead. Dr. I_ Libn
Jj L. Petera. Among others ari A. M. Dobmeyer, Cindn
t.. Gennaro 1 i i ? :: _,T. Orii
, mi ?ii.;t ."i. .-mi aud wile. li. oklyn; VI eounl Wool? *??
A ??'. l-:"ii'.ii li, N.M-? i leim. ; 11
- J , l - M (
: i-.ntt ; .r. w v i..-. ?- v. i; .. i" .... i. h. p
:?.- ;:... th. F ?. Ii < ? : j . i t ?. - ?. un, D ? ?
- w
tlsrdins, Loula K - ,? ... ... g f
Browne, ?' B i.. rtoa and wits Q i! < .he - ..
i tleniil* and ?.fe. ?'' M I ? Id. ?? C B
Bar lett and tsmfii*. II. C Stickney. B I Ersldn?* Lnu
J. I "
? 1 .;-..,
The ti
? and ri'iit? di:.
,,, pup, -i . .- J. I !?
Sr* "i..- k .
i. ivit?. with lu? '.i- a . aise lie r, ? . ?
; li""- Tblset . .. i ; ,,t -?..?. h i,, ;:,i i.,,,.
!? I: i ultu, uf r,.,-!.., *.i .. ? rai . :
' of Sri Vol k. ?? in. f - .. |..,,i . i.. j-1 -
rented the R, df?ird ' ..;
"H t ? Ii.i?)i l.1 '?: ??. ? K " ' I
Toik have rented ewe of if I Uviasatoa's bow cottagea
nu Hie ( Ulta, ?ni mc pnmpeet, la
'fini prevtlUnx warm w?atber, !? I bal a?rerai not
i t.i^-'-s ?til lie ranted hera tin?? ??*.?.
In in .Miiurt IMi/liw is a; Mi-^. i,
1 li mlei ?t ?'"I Mm.', ti,, j;.-, ju mp? n, ,,,,.. ?, p
' nf I., ?ion, th. Bob ?.'.iieti H*.!,!-?, ?nd I? ri,tiiiricii
i of Hunton, ne ten I. V Ixit.en nf Ne? \ ,g i? at
tue niff Ostia? Betel, with the Ho? R i> Bubbard ol
Hartford, J Usmaxsad TrambnII ol f'onnortlmt t* tue
? meai of PreL w. ii. Bagan of ils, .a,a u>.i?ifr, ou
i,, -n. ? ave.
I Ti..- first r.ii.liion-i?iti- weddtoa nt ?ti?* s-n??iri oriTirred
, leal TbUiadn] e\rniu?_. Tue linde nme Stia Ida F -M-.r
j re.i. wtdna al the late Edward Horrell "f PI
and iho t.ritte.-i.Min, Mr Julia O. .l-icn-mi. s Iswysr "f
j I li Uti. i, um i ne . ?li ne ?j ma- yo, lu, u? U a. tim 1er
, d.iic. nf -,.u, i?-. Pawel, s brmtitm ufb, brid?. Tbev _ u,
| (. ,-' i >,ti -eH__uu, ,? fir urn h '. vi. ia In l?.ln-i?. t
Conn' ?U- itte'liofei ramil of Um? Pr*>n?_a l_?(auuu boa
i rentad lbs \..se _olk_ge an the baU-^oaU.
JOHN ?\\ri/S_VA<'ATI<>N.
of thi: ?tu sao mi niifiii iiii?i or Tai
(M*-! ni unir rwo
C1 Pli M Ii I- "N I ? 1 A I ti ?V--I ? UTI CK I. II '
MAM?.I M i.? i M Ullftl ??I? i ?' 'I
Irin ?m in ni t i? ms u i ii i ? ?? ? it or ma th
Los?. Hu * -?, ii. ,f?ilr 1 t.-Tli ? i f !u- ti-h hawk:
II ? -i -?n the -1 ?!?.
I ?1 np ;?"?? - * e u .*' mplus lunn!- -
"loin .1? i-f? in.ni he ii.iil. r-t.uni?.
..,..- . - .?. ... ?, ,;;. bim ? ? iwla,
. ...i on bim uij si?e luili (alla
For m. .?: ; ' - Rafa balls I
II. i h.'i ?i r.i.n.t ... i. I'm Ind mi a lii'.'l? ai.'l ilrv
? m l> yon mu? -??? lum. ti? tin- ? ars whirl .*? <m weet the
?vi,d ?an?!? at till* I
an ?hoar. II- -?? ; - ;?? be a male sud sbmoder,
TI it m??*' "t in-. h*. t'i" way,is -? wonderful?r? ition.
It wsa limit hy day's work, r-t by eoaitrnet, oui
Ion i ;" fore tb? *' * than
?l i- in?.? all ih..
? ? it '!? ?'.:, ".???! before an blah. Tis ?i rait
li hi? nut. Neither lis* it man j
a.ni i',;,' j 00 -? ?? ;? I ?ii of i'r? ?\ t
d< u--. II?? 1.? :i?l it t1'!? fiimili ia never tempted to
sr<> ap?ookin| mund from one apartment t<? ?another,
na for a soft spot whereon hanuvi It- hiabi id.
Neil hi :". ill ??!' S ?"? ? lit. i ?'?.'ii tua I
? ed tal lui?- Ini'i -"!" it??ii-'\ with i p Moa : tb?
readi? l ti .? In hand ?- n sharp atick, and with
tliai al ?'?l i?. . i;, i ! i" n -\ ? ?_'. Anntliir
! lav '-. li?..i?e !? t! .-it th
no ?t ni n? ?> mi up; on a ?rmilar pinn of nrehitecl re
I tutend to conatrnct my cottaat*. I' ?hall ill he
. M-ti'-iile iii.il hill d ??r ? n fl,"
roof ; . - - ? ,,-.,'? In ;.. n? i d? i u. li ? .i.t? r. r u tin-. I
ii linll ii ali. ! ? HU el ? : ?? i ? ' . it 111
; tin' aide, wide *. aid ?li ra 1" sm Hi ?- du
In ai bum it.
Tin- ti-li-liairk i- in?! ?l?l e:ig]v. Ham I
v.,'. i lo ida b m ? : -? b1? ? ; ti I, .m ,. oi in hi
eales them - ??? ips ?? tardine, them ? - ?
I ui i.i*, bird i- piona; a atern ronanvatar is
be ?>t the pnii'ie m *t*:il?. Ijint Sunday s frivolons Uah
v ? pi i ?in tim besch md I'i '
went oat and ?topped bim. Tis fun t?> watch hini
al thal ? rl of ? ork- stoppins p.
?4? ? ? n t ?.'?in to ailinn.- the ti-h lh'f li. I n in
' ? ' . ! . ' ' '
. for Hound be a lb
a berring?ia In- h.ir?l ol I ?
i b? n down be dropa m
I me son nufactnrer*,
edi.it? i ?. ; ? ' - Urabi
- a iv.11 through tlu* blue ether?bow
sith .-.lu ? " - till 1
bu own nest labniHi? rs**bed. I'"?-- ihe lu
.- I? ick-di i ' g: ti- han .
of the sir. .?? ? ?1 li th?'
! i if yon hi sid the
i int?' p ibi ti.?''?.? nt m* iiii?'?
that !, ? tanjil .1 in .. 11?um be
k li ?ii? ?'n ????';??? Istioil,
cry ol ,. u. ? ? ? d ? I.ihi ; there u.
?. | ???i Ui' ? a uni
lum. Tin idea tlmt a hawk can'1 -I ??'
up n ?; * .- 'na.!
Ii I l'-il i ?Ii?? ti? , , ' t 1
'? I" :?t fl? It. T.: I? ' ? ' ii1 li! li .1
} . ildl ng oi Hawk! - .il.i.iwil
Hi lil.? eal'i . - a that bawki g ?..? -ti 1 > 1 !-e -i?
| I'll on i in -i I -.it . m lu ?; . I
Ij ait? ia ?.. ? '...?:? d with catarrh !
Why did iiii i- n??t have ?tbe regatta hi n -t I!, in?
nre I'- u m - n ??! U udor to the Bran? ti . i
' 1 al - : ?' -i ' 'Tis tin? Pi ?'-f I.?!!??."-? pi
. |
all th? '.??ili'ir nar t"-ii wini to ?1
? " thai ih?". made ??*. .
ni?--' Waa the apple oi ?I.-?'ii a. i tfa appli I
ii nnd? r ?
E nnmhi r* of other
pleasant ;?'.,. ? s ...Lina
? ? ouifoi ' ? -? lanes of I
I lill ?IV i Ki n I..U?:, w li- re lie ? il?l tllj M4 gfOWS,
?i j 'iiiiL- I idv am: ?
I r the pnrpoa of I s*. .'.l' .1
.. hut met? I. for the walk, i he
Us ik '.'?..! re iln wildcat time ? io lie liad i.? ., 1. i -
'?a ik. I fancy. Wh n 1 hasard tbi h pothi ?
n' r. ?1.r think lint I belong to the I .
At th? Branch ii ia b? !d thsl In walk is bn
di. e a'"'iit ?li? inc. Ii di? |k ?> I t- ra
?n do i? to call shad ?uni '? ii bl
motley foo ban?all lbs rest -
?After pawdn? ovw jrooi pocket-book, un
bookit : wat? h Hinl eh tin, ami gi
bond and mortgage on \??nr pt? ?? rty st lletnchin,
N. I.. I ?? r? * ?t it ii plain Bailing; you ?san ?yu
withont fnrther i-r or hinderanee t?> Eaton ville,
. port, Kanumn N? ich -a hieb is m ? k- t?> t'ol !.? r
plum??Tinton Falls* or Deal. Or. yon oaa ii."?i a
dei nearer to the Weat End?-wbetber or nut ii is a
?qtiure deal, l ean l '?-li >??u. Thirst yon foi the
tu:? i '. Tin i . .'?. I",- .. ? ard '. no
eba n-'? hi? apota, but 1 bange
banda, ii v?ui :->-nipr the lay-? nt oi ? more
It" ron I????-, L"? fur aympatb] *
siLim* man with wboni you would hat tliviib-d the
ano ?I t?i mu. Bal I ?
the first h i of t man'a hams ????
iii', bun.an mi'. ? ?
Oh, :? rolden comb for golden ti ilr,
.?imi i. i tah
And ul ??? ?I ntl *.ie,
soute? "im i,, i.? tea
nit ting on the ab ira, snd
?i .!*? lunn tb? e tide, the ?< .?
.!- ,t im a Uki fluff? ?it " ?' ' '" ach.
Im ?..' im. -i'.i. lu.- ah?.
?hiuing pebbles. Weird wriuklea "ti tin* beach
a '? i ? . ? - ?
elimbing te r? _< ii bigbei than bis ii Uow, bad a| ? nt
Ile:?' yon iaw iii,- ?splinter 'I end of a *ip?r
pmtrudii y -i?-?it ??t -i m.ot. i?< ti..?!?, thal bad ?I m? ? ?I
? ? , ?.it. noa I;, mc prone and all
bat buried in the sand. Thara lay a piece of oaken
bulwark, ? fragment to which a mi liar sm*.'? i
?u ?y ha'- e ? '.m L. torn fr?"n aotoc at ont abip'a
l?llt H felV t'eel i.i'.t il un tit %\? **C til'' gXVuDt ' '
sue? k l?-,in.'(l bla< '. in tin . -,
sud down in tbe black water Uki g untiy bather*,
^ el -! ? snd ?"??n,: <?t bei - Ip o sr
r ? , -, ' ' ? a .? . a " 'i li. PJ ' ' ? - ^ h"'!
? n?-- k and Iiii? ted .i?l w11 h tb.
?riml with which fond b?i|s , .er i ? .-?
- ? kuen not tli.it even
rehi| id a nk .?i ??en, thal down, down,
wa, ita white ?aila were nnl
wlj the mermaideni wi b
k i c ?'"?i* of h?T tren ?un .? ! She read m?t the omens
. i?;,?l I fTaiight -botti r. p? ?h.i;?.?. thal -'-?'
i no1 ; tat ab -.;.*-.. u? .?-r
reinem ? t rh.it i* baa L> < ? long, l?ii-^ overdue, till
.?ilu r tor li? i. Ar.- then no
minan bopeef?f ?i the ni
reata ia ti? re sa insurance!
Ii? it? r hy tar, though, thal ? , ? d ii ?h Ihr
trat at - ? . ? down ahmg-iideof the wharf when
iia.i- ??r hi? be ;? ??.?'* I. reached, ? I gaunt
ami atained tim ?bera m your sight, s \>
?membranes ?>f the -i- ad.
A plague apon this poetry ? it will be the death of
me ?.? t ' But ?. it ahall one du ? Bau
lum ami th?- starsand : ? - tig m rhythm to*
i gelber ! "Bl barp-abeU, quick, that 11.* a ,
strike it," 1 shooted. Alas, bat a ImB-boyaad no1
' a mil?? - not ???.? u i sea mea ?responded.
" For practice kanaka tlo-?.n higber thuin'
That is what lis. i Mr. bbunnaa last
, aveaiag.
The ?>?mcr?at;'?!i was on PbuUIM,a ?uhject with
win? h lum popularly aiip|Hi-e?. to !??? i.i mil. ir ?<?
there w*? no nii'iri?piiety aiicr all lu ?tarrring it nu
in my pi emu?,-. Mr Bbetmaa ii o " l?-.ir;" h ?? ?
aaprsspsel ??f ahsctaciagel basiaesa fat tha l_u_s>
?i.ai.? latani on llie o?, itrarv it lu In? opinion that
thing? ?iii go from hu?! to * ni,?, that -<? ?tarni >ii
the IhtashoM of bur-1 tituiM, that immiii the ?Jasff will
awing wide upen and that kLeu we ?hall me-that
whir h wn ?hall ore.
Mr. Sage, on the o?tbuT hand, eonaidua isa gnt ma;
iliu-inc-s ?h jin ?. un a* only temporary, blSUght
about mainlj bj over-product! alt i nnectiou with
aleaasoed demand, bo aafartn st? state of tbinga
in wbieh oui , .I.I.. i. -.,, neena "?ami*
? if a stats ot thtnoa which will
rl.-'it ii*. If tint miUv. mid wifhnot any great
sim. k ,r pgjjj,, . H.^e 11
iiu-ii ue red? '.- ' iluilsr rirwi
aa renarde the tncxpedb-ncy of indatien, bul
j mr :?? loth? -- outlook of the miment. Nu.
? Kborm ?? '- ? i seems to lie that sp? .ie pa? bum ?
? ? | |, that the
! public, tired '?: ctureiicy, will not bimi transactions
agu itioa, a refusal t??
? h, ares. lau aaibj the p iblic, hi -
I* ?If i ? basis. If ii
| man t" to _. ipitalial f" l?o :?
l'"l'':' ? ! for nui? Ii
; mon than half j* mm h aa lie would have demanded
' twoyi na? ' ' ? t if he did. The
bnarcsttioni ni both borros i ii : lender have
and rgai .? ? ' ; . _ lues. Th? -ti' u
.. ?..- unt
of th. band of i
?ble it i.-? p ? . :,- ii,.
_ _ -'..iii', i.u ii
: . i ?, be rene tied
laneomdy. Al present sold ami silver are de
| monetized in Prance, Italy, and Anntrie as well as
in the I :.ii..i K .i,,-, beim a i onus?
not mon? y. In ,..,.-_. , ?i.., :.. i,,. |
from these ? . ? to th ???
there ia a nae font The instant these eoun
'"' - ri -Lu., -, ? ? ,.; lent*, bach to tit?
lion m
' l-l.l ti.,g ?t<? Pilli ii
th.* tinie look ' ? lurn t.i -,
bliikrrs and "auk. ?.
I' ia rerj pt - ... tha I have gol Mr. Kb? rmau'a
i,!< '-'ti a !.-?! I xcd with luv own, for to toll the
I truth i? do? * ; ,./.!.. ni,, dreadfull) si tit
i'-i when nu- ?un : .-,| other people*
pardon for the tuten-pn
li"ii; ? . - . ......
talk, how? . i I ma hura tra : .- ? It. I
ta d b i we ver; ha tonka fur no Iel np in the ,
business depression, holding rather to the vies
, in comparison with wI reutn
i '-A': look bark and ? insidei thus .. i tolerable -
tun.'* lina-, d.
Mr. Sii [h, bul the
ttly fail ii. im',. Ili.it
and that ?- ? pie are no
? -
i,.'- ten years
that .ill thi ?
' rink
both hai.'1- iiu., hi. 1, .:-:. '..? basmove?!
wo) et i . i" ? t-i .. busi?
ness m m t \l? ,,i'
ubti i. - ['?I lie willing in
1" to ..:??. too?the
? ' I have 1.- ard t r aoui
\? -I i ? tb know h i|
.? ? ,.ii
?- m du
inch ml tin future .' i
I ? _-. ding rule "i
my lift-, ?iii'1, ni ' ten? .--.,.
lint bow let me uri r mt own "ar La Jost m i ?-. Ii
- -ii has beci .
"ti which ' ? . . Iiu* liquid i? net?
ting pretty low in some reservoirs, in fuct, and let
bul i.'..?.o ,,-r j..-; boa ? ? ii - and them '
i: mai imp .. ia it '-li tract? r
| air. 'I" ii.u-u.it.- what I mean: Hen-at Long?
i- : . ...... .:_? _.-.. :.? ...-; -
I.u-. ?.. ..ii., i- .i i - i.. nt oi tin- place?no \* .-? inter
e-f.-.? in the pnipcrty?urged a ? -, u ?? :,i ?bom
I am i, to buy ir a.* an investment to
00?at wbieh pi '-? it waa offered. Tin* Bum
m. i ti , " ti m bj flu- nu rtgage?? ?
re for
a. | have a; ;?;?' " heil my friend aev
, times m ui"e h.m in take the pntpertj "ti' their
it ? ' t [. , ..?? ...-. . mort- .
gage. Bat lie 1 ??'- nut a ? it. exactlj .
I .! nur life iii-iirai!<-e company 1"- compelled them- '
-. i :,i.ii pr p rty?.iathe chances sr
? .. .? ?. a with if-aiiii w hal
won li] ti liri ml* '. i not fin hall oj what
ii' [.. ? a-e ii .ii. Now,
here I? h'lf ' I ? ' . li \"U ?h>ulit
that tb and other
ia :. ? .? ' - d ? ?: ? ime ?'??<
roperty, a; pr
- :? Ii?. )u-_ "ti gO ?
? ami ma.' ? a . -\iul ?heu
.?o .?? back,.. - . ?."[,!.?
- muni boo r heads that they'd
? n m.un".. ami Bah for it. i
what would be 1 ' '- ? n- would I
pnu'i-rt' g., tot A
?a fane) for hu.....' ipi? " fancy property, at
- what aeeuied
ii with, i.. it theil bank-booka
" I* liol LUI'.' I .." ? ' ni On
. ilders, aub i "" ' A beads
? m one shoulder, I do not know what then ?
? ,, . .or a etatisti ian, f? nd
? I
know 1- dge. But si \. ry few 1".' '?
I ? er stayed a ben the
'.ne kiteben,
the tan - - - sin
... uf tim ??!?: .
int'tn. ?ii fact, 'mr th.- m 'in" -ii "i-M-1. It moat be
1 th :t I a, ??.: , '? ? loud of
ii iwling throng
boxen, ami itretching out his Labs in the ahady ra
refrig rator. 'i be gi ntlemanl ,
? . a bo li.? Uki
? In hand. Tor roue daya 1 b I noticed him atn
[i j: mj fa? ,-r, Al bul be ma ??
- ? '
hy ti.-- hand. "AU be desire ol
h. .it- *!. lill* :
sentiment of abai waa routing, but followed on ia
. In five minutes I waa ia ti .-n.-h bouse, li
the ?-cull, ry, m roven 1 was m il
m eight I wa? iu?bot why enumerate further!
rytbing before we bad ?
.. bar-room. Likewiae I waa
I with the ii.imir." I aec?mnU, a system by
w bi< h b cb? on ?-.. rj.?
b bead chambermaid?no ryal m for cheeking
I a chambermaid ass et an*. Tin-, a
f beef i "i! ? ' ' '
he chart sit te the si toward
ci-.L, tin* eook charge? it to the pantry-man,
ti,,. ,, in somebody elm, ami
m bira ard and paya for tr.
I j.... i of inform ition about the
? tttm of things >naum< ?
ne .:. aft? r life; it ma ?
: ?i mi- a wiser and a a
man. ? 21,000
1 t?sitbi?;?-l_8 -iii?! one bottle of anchovj
in ? ?*'?? I*. \ bar of? - r much !
?? I .!_'
_ . -. ty with snot bel - n c?*??ta a i
lu ad. Alld ?tilt li - - "ii 1 all ?:'? .ocii.iiril.i-. li
it coming iu. J
,,.i ii, omi is li ? : ? sith
- :? ? -, .\!r. . "C ei the
pelion? o? m_Jobx Pact.
Till. < li.? AGO MAJUU .
; To the Vdilur of To* TrikwOO,
Sir : Wbj ti'? )<>u se ofteB omit Chicago in
; your da -. Um? - hen ree !? II i? the \
IDMt Iml. i!,? un tin: ""IH .'lit. F.ir HUl.t.ltluU. o' tll.U
, et I am ???nu .-?! i ? . ently m n ? r to other
ann mug P-.i- ra. ***** *"??>??
, wkninl} it, i tv
[Il.r-e <|ti?ii it.nu '. am never ___ft.t__L though _____
laicti.** ?d tin* hoir at whirb tiny aro resaivsd
asaaatia-BBesaagds as te slaes th.-m sa s iiaWsal
' pa?.- fiuui the Ililli, of tim maak. t mpSSSS, Late telf
i eiai'hi?' dispatahas?eftaa mad" late solely hy Um
I dilatory ISnrlBS At U?e teleip-apb ami Asmniaf???!
p T... .;. i,;,.,.. of efforts at a ayst?*niutic ar
\atm% Dual st' bbbpb J -l-l ,
COPYRir.B1 IBO -'. .1-un.iir BSSBD li'?is' iv.'i
< LO Ki IB Ol ' '"?M ?S ia? lill ? Bl I
or UTI RABY HKii'iitiY ami IHK pi:is?.H':'. Ol
oivcanrcai -oitu.vboi hil ? ?n ntu__n _.._?.
I !_. ri'-N ill i.M.I.AMI.
Tr, Ihr Fit ii or of The PriSaaS.
PlB! TheGreeka sad Roman* and ftaxoua had no
. _ ress, and no ..leeters taking money at the ?
It i? idle in search anl
dit \ al England, .
in.\ right to m j I ?? hin 1 bins ben ?nd ever 1 el
she ! . ' hex. /.,
law, old aa ita roots i.e. ha- at rverj period
eexpau I its ' ..-:..
am ii as permita it to aj plj old prim iple? to m*w con
t'-iiT'ii-i -" : to bloodbounda, potatoes, itras paper,
the printing ? , ( giltst J
-' ..aj oth< : re? ? . '- ri* bl , g oui
ol .ai print ip es? I common ?an : ami lb? -
? Id pria? ipi?.- lal : b >I?I of the |
th? a'-. .'./, iiiui ko 1 they ouUL
rut- i.?i\ 1 i\i\t. I'uiM :ii 1 ??.
The! iciple] allude tola this?produc?
tive ai 1 unaalaried labor, if it elasb with no prop?
erty, creates a pmoerty. reexpnndtbbt a lttii??if
\. uorking a ith bil 01.? or eommon matei 1 ila, pro?
duces a ii' a thiug he cn at? a mid acq
f he dues this for an eq.nivah.nl paid bj
!.. and a .t.. I'.'- ; tat? 11 ii-, ..1 op? n matei ii
? 11 - !. ?. I- - -
ainjilt?. [| the nu- ' ? -.-.i.
?? itali?. I-1 ighl Bah 1 ona ? lo hand nu
.!e ppiperl m prod ar, when if
? "?iii ti" tue. .-th m lit!??, createa pmpei
? iiiumi -i ??. t if B j 1A a nm agi ed, ?
tb? pn ' ' iht I H'-i.
Tin -e?.I "hi jin?!' 1 [ile 1- tin? Lan abh?rt ilives
litun*,in forfeitnreoi property. 1 rom time imme-I
monal tin- I. ? ol' England baa guarded pn
against mu lu- - uni surprises, by defining th?
on which it will permit divestitnre. They are two:
- .??!?" .1 ni ?? l?. h- tun : that ia tosa] "clear
and long neglect," each to be proved be?
lure _ jury,
li tin t'n-f principle, -.i*.: thal pmdnctive labor
ishiug with (.!?,' i. -. createa pr party.a writ? r
v.. m?stet a? qu r?.a 1 be mh 11 ^;?t t?? p ii I
ra ... ?1 lawyer? oui ni Bedlam so
. un?
ity the second the Proprietor acquires nothing at
fill: be merely ret__ina forever that a -I.* righi to
print, w ' h le baa acquired I
mili ?-. '..itl't d, be? taell br "clem
or ? loi ... prove,1 In for a jury.
. ? r consent."
To l'-i ' eon "Uf of print a
I '??? iiiui" t-r bing negl ct?// a ?,inj
??' decid? -; .. lould niait.- th? 1 ...
f an?] reprint on? s owu creation ia to
??xi i' 1. the e right, and exercise ia the np
; ' it ,? .m v. iv conree tbs com
mun lau tua prescribed from tims immemoriaito
- ??? ri^iii 1. '?eine?! auder prin
. pie No. 1.
1 m? 1 1 1 - 1 1 r m tur ruis riM. PBBSM.
Bo much for fin g vernfng priuciplea Kowfor
I e'l'.'l -li I, HI III ptlilll "I 1 1. 1 .
lin tiret . .: printing ' ?? ?lis
origiuaJ ei.i.ii't "itn.ii-,. rhia is known to
.frange, but the reason is simple :
tim woikl waa io arreare 1 if hungere?! for its gn-at
old maaterph'ces, famous, bul 1 to few. The
Bible, tho Prayer-books, the classics, sod tranela
nd 1 in illation h? tore ?I"';
novelties. The writer? i! ,1 profited by the em ?
pi ?m were aebolais who eonld ?sollate Greek and
!...ten MS.S.,or ar .ill ..it tin- proofs.
The medieval publishers were mbstantial print, ra,
wboenuld pat scholar for this work. Ihm'
lettie though arbitrary restrictions! i
? who had paid the compositora to mt I
ups Grech or Roman te.tr from _nsnuscript, ami |
also paid a acholar to correct the proofs, thought it j
hard that a mere mechanical pr ni- r ibeuld
ait. 1 iiu 11 in \t ti iy, nul iinnt on their print at half
th? expense; 1 they naed to pel lion the v:...c for
the ??ile right f?i print thal parrieul ir text fur a rear
or two, and 1 dnol .?- aasignees of so
?1 1? tin' only road a modern atatute
? ?-. iuit on much hroa.hr eqnity, rbeyurged
that a !.?'ii one tuan baa sou q another ought not to
reap th ?-. Ki that time Enrope waa full
.it little Kiln.-!. Di '?? - Princes, Pmleetas, ?ml neig
-.eiii-*'. im! these potentates : 10k a larger ?hare iti
?e'Ui than nowadays. They often granted
Ibeae short exclusive rights f<i auch printers, but
erith dis? . riie term is aometimea ?vs (reara,
but often no1 more than two. l*he printers wera to
be encouraged to print noble IiimiU-?, hut aarient
igmnstnot 'u<-, bound bun long m modero
chaina, fliese i>"or prinees 11 v*?<l in a rude age.
\ u the hotbed of civ.li/.aiimi hint not yoi Beared
thal choice exotic, the canting thief, who steals, as
e love of the public, ami then turua
, and tell? the publie bia atolen gooda,!
? M.t'iii. In other words, fasti* ? 1
m thone daya often misled i?v ignorance, hut t ia
nur "stonehill I, high (ravel bUud," with Equi- '
i .d popular Cant.
r?ii-e -1. 1 -t ? ?? I ties, foundedoa Equity
and cou fined to -?? - book, mast not be cou
found?*] with the literaiy paten 1 cuni privilegio, or !
nu' k tull??-? m a whole -s?riai ,,i books, which wara,
al 1 later ep ?? .. . . rary objection ?
ble, ead alwayt nicer*? it, aa ia proved by
their collisiona in open court. (Stationers'Company '
.a.m. and 1. .81 realer, et? ..
\\ in-ti tim Bibil "I ' a eli --..;... t>er<" ill '
print, ! . ni'_,' 'iirhi n gul their furn ; and those _.lnirt
live rights ili?.i|?;ie.in-l. for mibody in thal
da; teems to have doubted dut the copyright ef a
living author, or of bia payaiaster, was aa evei sat?
ing prop 1 do ipecial interference of
authority. Accordingly, you never Bad a pateni
cum privilegio granted f.> any living author, or the
? % , ,. [la nui venal law of property
prol cb di.? 11
11? 1 \'-i. r 1 rant
Nu Prea? ii or Dut? b j .. -? bat intellee- ;
tu -I p . bia nal ion d
though afterward regnlated aa, and that
? - wini j
. priori thal common kaw could sol recngnira
apnipertj bo subtle. However,alitlh faciiaworth ;
-, ture. Ni let n? ex- '
amias fa I teen I j and candidly. In England the
. liatory of the propertj baa to be read, subject ?
? ? -
it] !.. - ? t:l old I
um timm, and that discreetly. From I ?
foncyof print ngtilltbi yeal ItflO.aii Englishman
could neitherpriut bia own boult houeatly.B
lout a In mae from th?'
? nie w 1- the
?? h 1 - .1 . , muai -d' eda and worda
a .?-in the millionth of a itrau jaaoiaUy.
ii .:. 1 - ...if. r
ira lev tot to ita vieaa 1 1 are aa 1
aide ??? my other ancient <
1 he or _? ?i word
Hid be Star Ch unber
..-ni m very esr! y tim? >. This pi
bare fact, tin ?'?? I of oki la iui ited
mit a_* Bsdtor the Tudor sovereigns, it ?v??
an ant ? ice it bad sven then lived king
1 t.i i.u?. the technical name "aopy," w
literary asiaopn^'m. aranud be the Inert, were in
a.ul erith *?i//?-.i
"Poic?lo 1* and "stage-right," whoseasbaenc. fin
ni.print? ?1 'Irana?', hj OOBUaoB la?', at til.s t..
not doubted bj aaj Aag_o-A_xs_i lawyer, b_?l im
nairn at a.l. dilBi f, nor roaadaboatt
?ni? BTiTioaaaa' our iky.
Tim Btatioaera1 Ossagaay wataissl chat-erwl in
l'.'itf. In u,)? they satst sepyrigbts uu?l?r the
n inn's ??? their pr-'t>iietor'? ; ami the entries ????nfintie
111 an BabtakSSI st'ii?*?? until 1^7.'?. in l."?3"_, tlmre are
j entries mit h flus pm vin??, that the Crown liceuae to
print should Is* v.ml, if it be found fluit the copy
naht belougeil to another person. Tins shaws bow
Eng?shiuen, when not oorrtipte?t by petttftgs?-r>?.
graviWUe towania la* and tiie sanctity of prnpony
The Stationers' Company waa chartered hy the
Crowi, anil invent.d with some uncoiistitntbmal
. ypf in a very trvr yuan fhey make rho
Royal ficen?* Iwiw Is a !"??<? <!?? * ?!?'?' at pn.prietor
?liu?. that ??mid lu LI*""*" have no foundation but in
In Kilo the sf.-.r ChambsgwasahsHaassi, snd for
e while orery bolly i nted srfcal bs lik?"!, tiic-c
hpin, m ti.pini -? ??!? irmtn sgaiaal eba
r.iiiiiiiiirtii. Benight Ihs t ?.., bs*aaaa <?f Parliament
task ii l??of out 'ti' th" i????''. ??t King?, sod bapeaa an
ordmat ???? forbidding au) ' ork li I?*' p!!'it<?l with
t"i: i f.-iii-, ii In-.'??. : ?mil theo, sa pirate*, ?elieved
??*' !:?- l.i ?. . ' i i !., i'ii'i fl,< ? rat .?n? or?
dinance furbj | ,'fluiiif t!.- eon?.'if of tbs
owner ol m pain tit forfeitara ?>f ths
l?o ?- ti) tim owner of the rnpyrig it Tim? ths
1 mwealth, in protecting ?? t, mitt a
step beyond the monarchical ,?.'? .? imeuti 'hut prr*
??,-.-! amia of, lirut'o-r
i. lfllt,Milton pnbli?bed bia f.i nos et*
'? f ?? i-. ed p ling ...'. d thal ixii
tion <?: ti ? I o?dii ?<?? whi? h minmi. ?I
?? 11.-. 1,1 ' it ?. ?a : i. the -? ?'? ed >?ry eol
., wh'i'li er..!.-.'eil .'..mm.?n law
Thal -gs> ; t? r [nat liberty ??i?l
nut inlviu it.- Isa kiss I II?- iwm'iI tin mi' words,
" the jtt?t retaining of wieb maa his ???.??ral ' cup y '
icopj i . , (sod it i he gain
?aid. "
i ??t", UGH ? in in? :?'*:?.- ; riii'ii i . n.
Ann?? IMS. Art irtaml 1 l Charles Ii. pi ??i.iut.-d
witboot ruiiaoiit of tim .?????? r, upon
im ;i i.i'u-1'.: ? -. h.iif t., the King MU It
: in u, ii ?*. i in? .; i ne followed the wording oi ths
Uepuid i . - ?? a -Hy Mj ti -it m
m A? : ??i i "owner"menus ths "i?.mI
owner," not the ela ??nant b1 .?.?? m* even
sling ? .um
wsa tried, thal i ubi I.itti-led Property Ate-.
? uly, "-rre.it. i ' h? hi ahal ??ir i ?? ? ?t--r?
-i i'i: a ?cieatili? u tbeb miiddin bradai ai
?eeiiditiits have I???' J ailtasl
ali.?'! ii to I??' bat-?called "a Patent j* b
patent. -, i.e., he bad from the Ci ina u-'h?
las I i?'r?:a.il tiuti, you ;""?" uimiille
? tis, fatOS a?"I .Ma imlay, WHS "'I eunmpolo to
too k .-." i : * . its, t ?iter reprint.?! Jadget nAUtg
n-porta, i; nag atsed ?treater sader II ami It
Charba II.. ; ? k*g:tl ???? i bip hy pur
? u ? ??i i ? .. - ? ; . ? | t'i 'in t rokeva es
?ii!i??r. !.'? i? . ? wa? at commun tari
fur the stn. i. : ' .in.... pr -?.in!? ?I to
it only protested lbs saistlag
???.,? bj ?p ?"..ii r-uieil-?. -:i-.ii-i u.io
? ? ' . ut%j)
??I. Iln.? brought th? ?in?- M"'i ??f law li.f.?re
th?? inllt ?iirf ?a i I'liiiioii Plea* i ras | - tor
tin? plaii ibu -.?.??ra
removable st tin - ? ? ? ? n, ami mute m.
? lined tu ?u tch ? poi it f ? liim tb - nun.
I ?p.x-.il fo i. (1 I,'??; ? i ., l.i'T
I?? ?ii ?liiihlt . . ..ii hal? ?wept Lil<ii out of
-1 th ? ?? ni
' ? . ' ' ? :i I.n! ?.lill
a? ...... I . .?
?..?u?. a ih? ni bung over piracy, ., ? being na?
moved in 10011, tim prat. ? went ?to roth with saeh
. .t the pinpri. u : ? >ry
?I Parliament ?orpcud ?non.
fur ?ii Mein.- benita m4
apathetic l'iir-?: o ? p titiona ?iirvivea
therein ti e pel tlonem, though it *.*_?? tlu-ir ina -?
to exaggerate n ? the* lud no
r-iiieiiy at law, do, ?m tim eo&trsi . admit
th? re i? a nu- .n ??-hi.u law. J'ut
tay it i- in sa Mia
caas egainst a piial ? till giri m huts
? ?t ; .liol boa ?-.ni s
, ... i.i ? ? ?! j.l n- ,-r the
eonntryl Ueaides lbs defein I - slways a
pauper,etc.,st? ' ted from '.?? inaruals at* Iks
ttouae, 4 Bui - |
a UNK is uti iit?i'??itY of cor lal
In lTir.? lbs la gislature t< nk pitj on anthon aud
honest publisher?, and p toed an act, the wis f
which and their ooses-poraaeans interprets lloa ?ia
u?-?'??-.ir.ly t!ie last ifre.?r link lui orj nteasxyp*
acton that creature of the comsaon b i ?
timaanelingo?statut.?. Tbepi-ei uno
l.? tint law hut hl-l'il.? ' I? re?ales III,*? re.I.-ti!
snd ileclares ?the earn ? snd tu??tiv.->- ??i the i*i..?. tamal
to follow. Instead <?t ?30am ?"'?- I put [?takes
"Whereas, printer?, i?.m.h*. i,.-i?., and ntl? 1
. ? . ' ;e ,,1- 1 ? -,
?lint pilhl -' . - - it th?
eounentotttoeautttora.01 proyruHort, ti? 1 ? li ??-it .. 1
im ??r tin -
.. ii.?
lut un . ni- 11 ? i.n t it, ?te." Htn Ann?-, ' sp. Itf, * ?'. 1.
In ti'?* budy *?1 lbs a? t this |?r?-***?n*. ?i, the .?LI word
"copy" tor "copyright/1 1? seed ?i\ times ka pro
eisely the aams asaos is it ba?i beal u-?"i f ?r -i?t'*s,
alni. *,, tme brum inventing en n a n? s 1 a? b etina ?*o
as dreamers fancy, the ? t, in tiiai
reaped almo, Inn -??- a united u <?f Ihs ramula
Ueeusing lets, A? khs nonarehiesJ licensing ?< H
snd the Republican ordin mees t.?nii<l mrum and
u, i,,, niora mt " vu y -i.'' m this act tii.il.? pnprittmn mt
"napp;* sod, j.? theKepablman ?sodMinmi ??
?sets protected the ? u-tniir osnum or pet -?- ? i???? of
"cup," by conti-, al um of tim piratnai bosks, ?*i
this set protects the existing prepclsfsri ?it "tapp*
bj ?'.?i'li?. ?moil ni the piratical bookal ead, to sup
maa with au sys ia bis mind, ti.i? il?v
liberate ii *u n <?f preceding ? thal
hail r?-? i?." i/.. il "copyright" al eommoo Mw,mma\
protected it bj praalties, ? a r? i??giiiti?ui el
the propertyIrat a neognithra "t '?>?? r-- ? ?-.? ?.'i-u.a
a - . . i'l?.
that many af Um Parliament maa, ?? Di
17i?*.?, h.i?i tbeiiaH 1 pmaud the l.?eii?ing
u i?. Even i.? um sp tarant novelty, the ?uria iln.g
c??ase, wssahanglini ittempt to arrive ia saothisl
way at ths Uaaporurj feators, whiah ??*? ??? il a - h-ir
itioof th? liccasiag acts? The hill, wahaoar,
wen! into ?1 Opel Ij Apfm
lii.r hy i?i?',.alt? ?. la committee ii ?'ii?'' u.ifi a eil <?.d
members, aud thiess arith a servile double luntatmn
? t t..?- . - ?? Pi.na'. itn-i 1
fur a lana, Mzcd ?sa imitation term t?> the ladlailsa
s bul .-.? unidtillfully thal b s gram slip
aorda they shortened ?Um dave at
red ?mrkmting property Itaell Bab^eei t.? a
. I ii??-. ? ih fa sfterworda proved too absema
a.ni feeble to combat th? clause, I Ixs4
a ?terni lil yean; -al a
o?,.,L ?to bs printed 11 rears i bat 14 more sbovbl
- nu.
? 1. ? -
Buch * r of this day, when tim ?ppiieatina
term " M< ? ? mi.
I ami i',- coweb ? ? . t
?. But von n.'.-t i.i. 1 . ,t
m 1701) the ???/uni ' M " bad never ' e^u ai?
' - .and
?mi n?t ?1 ass sU com ? ,
Bsnaoof it? inviolahibty, lu < . . tnkid,thal
neither the laymen n??r t . ? _sae*l
--? - . . ; . . . I
. ? _' . .1 e^Iit,
-ti i*? : ? - aaoetity ia ? I r'im
?t bovel to a p ?i ?1 ? . ? iienI
? :
a U ipoliaOon, without ? .1 puhlis
teh'ir, Englishman wera alow to suspect thi - Mt
?, ? ? . I .1 iietit nat mt V, agt*
'.??t Nf??-.r : ?11 1 ?? the eur?
slaasss a?Brs interpretad to ipply ta
ths in?* peoaitiea, m>* ti, ?? Uiiag ?m? lav h ?'??
M the an?i. ut pin;?, try. ?athots ?? i.t.iiu.'-l. af'.er
this slstato, sa assiga tis 1 {fats ?nsasr?****, m4
publish? laen thoa fisrot r, Jual so thap d14
hefoce tbastatute ? sad tar 40y< - ,. le.wt. wini?
the SOtOS-pOMBOOas exiMiioLnui ni iln- ?f^t.-f.-aaa
?till wann, i-iinny j.i?U???, als kal tv?; ti?! d'h
w.T?/n-r- .? bo'k homme*, liuil u,t---e,t h* mat. omi Wtlh
Utirurrn trio hail fratitrd it, and I.?ti m an? tf kuiwiug
the nilli?! of I i''iiiuiM,f 11-,-it ?\e eau tieier bav^
irntit4*?l relief hy Injunctiini lo ?ey, ral plajutirts, mia
by the laiMe of time had no liga) ilaun ia stir benetll
dum tin-?utute, but oul> from the pi^. ?yient .*osu>
m?m la-v rigSt.
lu ITtlii?..MiUur agt. Tuylor-the JudirMi of th?
I King'? Retiuli, by a uuimrilj of thre?* to oue, ile. i?l?4
tbtit \>" ?i ' '- Ht-i'nte liAtl not curtailwt ihm
tght, i? '. ; \e ila umm1s1% inn iaesas-_#

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