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BQM OV THE 0?MM!??-ii?N.
[moa a si-EctAi. r*aa?sTt*sa--tnta*a*a*a*l <?r tut?, truh-np 1
Wa??||ivit)v, ??H*i>t, s.?The ('o-.nmi<?ton for the j
?ti.?-*!ic.;;?..ii of tin? Indian iranda at lvVtl Cloud
,Ajj*-a****t*BI i-hurged in l'i*of. Mar-h, will ii.t-t-t lure lo
Attf to rompu te iii? .1 lal.? ra. Aithontilt the Commis?
sion has Bju i.t **M tim?* ?u tire Wert, yet it U hero
that the r?al I ?liai Blag is Ubfl font? 1. Ia tin* West
tin?* at*. tasStM arasa g, t a shire ??f Um piuntaea?, bit
it i? nilly thal partii.r- of it win,h drops from the
alatt-Jhsa tri ihn Um in lana etty. Tata Rta**) who gal
til*? most rarely if ever ko to the iig? iii sat* I ;e
i ttniihof til? transutio.is arc ki ?>t lui?*, im.l it ?j
h?*r?-> tlci. tli'* inn't imtsirt: nt work of the I.?minis-?!
lion mast .?e ?loti?*. Th.* iiivistii!.itir'ti nit'ieW. ?t I
w. s m?t sa tnor.iii<*li as it ou-^lu ti h.tv.? been.
AU thf uniiiiKTH of tin? C-HBuauaaaon v.: artiua- ?
aaauai to ti.?* cm;.fort*? anl raxuttt*?* ??* If?* -anda
"riut?"!! anl tniuli'j" t'xp r.tiKi* on the prairie* ditl ,
not tt-istl tti protiiittj a th?ioii?!i ?v .i.atioii.
-'t-tii:if out frith ? wnhhed i-oinmiR-.try, deficient
,*.ii!ip asja?l-tagstj and a i*??nr outfit ait???.*--th?*r, it w it
oot snr|'ii.-iii^ that all shouhl desire to r tim to
rirtUaation. While tata iiive?tn/atio.i, however, wa??
not .iii tl-oT??n*.'h M ttiiild h'ive been d ?util, >??' it
bis. lo-, d the broa?l ha?i? upon ithiih Pn?f. Marsk'a
taaTarSjei re?t.
l>r..I. J. Suvi'.le. the Tnlian Ai*?M,t at Bei Cloud.
is iiia.iitt ?tly in o:ii|>i leaf f-?r the position which he
lilis. Even if he is a mun of in;? grity, ho is in :ii
.?it ut, ..ml ui i'.ilf to .id* liniatei the a.'".?its of tVe
tsreurjf w.rh the j**dg'*tcu1 and .???tem required for
ihi.t ir*p.?rt.*iiit 00 it:vi. Ol wattk, va?i'.lan.ip, ex
dtuble t ?ni"?.'ii'iii'iit, ?' **:i if his remit ?ti? i ?wr.
?bare eaespit loa lu- srould a >f be able to admJuist? r
iii?- aila.r? ?if the aceuc] ko ? s t ?gi-rt aatttfarli-rti lo
Tn;.i!ti.il oli.irvirs. Uti annv o ;. .s ,i;:'<e In
dating thai lae ia Ibeompettcnt, aad thal the <i aeu
?tma *a*an**ag the Indians are du" to his lae . ol iitttg
in nt at.d admin! t?.tivo ability. Outaida of the
Boat tat *ir? ?*???? t ?:iii?lt>. ?is of the BJ :uy, the ce'-ei.il
tpvimn of .? :? :?-??( ! ni?-i rv. -.- v. ??.s thal the Bl *a>
xr ol' Indiani I Bedt loud had been lan? ly ovr
I ' -?'..I. The t: i'.ai.r ill1 en -varied in t'eir
?j-t tu lea?af thet-etal number of btdiana a*?**ainped
it any atta flint in the vii itii'.v o? R?'?l < It'll 1. S ? : e
ii-t the tifiri t as ;? v r<u ii.'?, ?o. while others made
sli.it iii Y iii?f-il rd an e\tr.iv.i...:it ?-?tiiiiato of
to.tic", I,:'. -,',. -.? latterfigureawere ffenerallj eon
????!???; m? l.?r/'*. T , port of A-ynt Ra ville- that
ilier? v.? re 15,11 / indians drawing n-mis in the
Utt-crp-irtof 187-f waare-*:'i'?ri as absurd. Win i I
ihi Cttmniseion waa at R< 1 Cloud, there u re nut I
100 lodges risible from the agency. ?'?iij '.v.;s ?*x
ti.iiii?* l t?y iii ? st ?' ti-it that the Indians had
-sored on in ord? r m And --raxing for their potu- a?
The .i-irniily en Is ?r.-r.? iu-Li i rledfj 1 t-> l*.ave
?i ?n distributed to the Indiana utudrivi ??'i-i'>w
i?".iii, h'.s ait'r t;.i y laiiiiil Lav? been del?Twx-d. |
Hi \:-. ,i? tplai .?1 t"..it t n- ui-ls vv".c Bot r *- I
-??i.??I until latta, and that li?" v :?,',. ? i - - -? - ? ? ? i ?! -1 o I
fui l.h-lei-.iy. He I'ii.'i'.Ud t',.-it Ci?! lila:, k. 14 were
in? ill ami nillir for tm* u n ot the warri? ? <>t the
-i- s Nation. Hlankets :e",:tij' 1 by branding a *re
I, ?! ? ti ir.i'ii ila- In li., 's ,;i?i rtliuvii ;?) the Omiiis
?ion. li..it t;.'' jx'ik, i? >i,r, ?. i * ir, and tobfl eo
i*? it .1 t i the !.iiiiam; at the tin, of Prof, alni It's
?risit Vere bad l'anuot? be Hil? : '.eil. I uki l!n*
Iniluns sud r d from hunger a; I lack ol eloth
n-K, a. ?'i i I by Prof. M.iih, is the nnaui?
rioi?.s atatement of ail the anny afticera
tt Ci:-;? Bobinaen, Ii? l ('< id, Ci :? >...r
?lT!i, and Bpottkd Tail, v.'e> wore i-. it
st ih*" ;.ni in lea i iel ?? ? ;? r. 'i hat tit morals vi the
Indians at the ate?] C1? ??1 >g ? j lia I bei n ?? rrnpted
w i-, liuKi ti,*?.. Til? Indian Agi Di ; ...Tilt d tli.ii t.? re
tvtat no atore j .?? til itlon at the pn ?nit tune t'?rut
t'ii .?? hi ni I i"ii for t:fi< ? n years. If" r??:il I not con?
f ml ii mu ? i>,ily a tuned/. In a*a>t? ?t this a ii
l.ov, he ai know-It tli ii that 10 enijd yi^s <?f the
Btat-ee* ?rere living viih balf-1 ???? 1 or full Indian
wi?ii'eii. Turee iii n d est i-.?> from thi <;.?vi-r. du ut,
and the sroi ra dreu the rai',n.? upon which the
n .*n ?n!. .?'i I
Thal ti ? C? i.:1 "' out? i frota Bed C1 -;i?l I > Che -
mi.? made with D. J. MiMj?nn.tbe eontn tor foi
in?..?i?.. i iti d, waa onei ins, and baMd upon an er
rotisoua st*ttctH-nt <?f the distance, w.'.- ?1 intm
?ti.tti?i. Iriotmnn reeelTtd payra ni nts ? distance
sstitna ? ?1 at ui-" mil? s. ?-!.:!?.* t?oi pe? ?fle stat ment
of tin* l'iiittii Btatea surs ? , ?hu ui ? asi r rd the
rfiite. waa t'i;.t th.- nctnal ?distance wasonlj 145-ts
li: r? lu: l I ;" . i nu io ii'etl t i.i.nl. At C1.. Vi ire
lire Ci.v?Til?n -i.t rents the atorehonae of I. W.
l reni-h, the member of t!i?* King wlm "iuape 'ed''
B'.d pa?-?-?l a brge quantity of the bad i! mr, ?i ni
lays bim ?ni i nn. a*":,.y tout, I - th n ont mile
ni?-i:iiit leCaiffpCarlin, where al tin* nu itarj v.a.e
1? ?i at an* ituatcd, and trh??re I be* are rutnmo
ilit-'.is ,?? v i tentai bnlllinga adapted foi the
lb r: v? ? i lu ii.n g " il ?.
'i'le- ailrged frauda in beef c;-tle. are t.< ber.iade
the silij*? t ?if ?a sp ? i.:l ?nvcsHg-ifi m in \Vaahingtoii.
I uni thai i? finn ?.nl'-.l it trill perhaps be iudeluiate
te ??:-i ii-.? the n? t ? r. 'I Im! .ni. ... atti?) were de
li v. n ?I, i-ii?:v-t', and i ?ii'tl .t the Red Cl?oud
Agenrj burl Wini r, in ?AL** t violation of the terms
al th ?ti.:'*at ;, is ?i f-i t which rrot. Mardi'a ttrte*
? at c1? orly ? ? ? i *. ntd hi? tiat---!.? tit i* ?mtuI i rat
ad bj the t -'imoiiy of tt-e n ..v offl?;craatlkd
i ?..1..1. Inaddi ni. in i.ii , i!it !.-?'. ir?. ici'itvlii'li
the mvestigati a hua brottght out in .ii? particulai ,
i? vi iv i. ?n ii i al 1?. A?x tirtllng to Dr. Sa vine's o'vn
i ".ifony. he ra. in the babitof giving on certain .
i! ?vi? vniit!i'i> for ?cattle which wereiioi km -ive. i ?.ii j
those Soya, 1>fl quretitn ?f frontis in the beef
? .ii ? tina.-IkI f.i.ni ,t v.c'l le dtocusaed le-re.
?he 1.? al ? lotta of the Conunlt Ion .'.iii probably be
dir jtrtcd to this mai .. The i el that the contract '
a t.- -: ?: l.sg?tn anti again f. m one p**ronn to
anotl a*, and thal no matter who g t it J. \V. Iansler I
ni i aatel-r Bllod i", abo ta adirert tlohitionol t'u? |
r of tin 1 parimc .i which pr scribes that t!.i I
r linnt sha ? '. "i ii exeepi witta tbeeonsent i
of lin Depart-*!? it in writing. I ' i ; c- -t.t contract !
b 'n the ?tuna .?I r? '1. .^'a-. i r.-j, i ? title dealer, hit ?
!.. lier, who ia ? attie] >? !??i, Alla it. Mayh arrj. in '
hie?teetttaaotif,atated t':.ii he Bpru-ed m**gra sand |
water," v,/.;'.?t i ? filled Iii- cattle fidl of gra-rs I
ai'1 '.van. je I before weighing. Jndge Carey of
t.'i'. \. 'i?.?-.. ? attie '" ..'? i, tral I ? d thal lo ti" i i.?
?li'ui c r.tr.'.rt. h?mt?ti7 woubl 1 .?.'. r,?" iiiin i-r any
4>tl?'-r n..n*. jtihi i it ol i'''i\ r tt?!iii,'l thal m
?.*;|''. li? .- ? ' aya mi lerat? o I that
infcxioi t tilt ? ere ;. ? d i.i bllinaj au Intliau con
Ira a.
a it the i.i'Tii'. r a the .".?:ii?.ii*.-'"!i have made
no fo-tii.il <-\, r. -:?* i, ?'f their oi'iii' -. Iii ?
l'<?v,-t\,r, snake Aswee**itii hut i*u*efuUy?-rmu?dei< I
r?. .??; : Uti vi i the pi sent ? ?i i"'f letting lu*
'ii ?a cet r?ela, '?.''.???of LheCominis i n*;s regard
ti?-1 -ut i ilnidi.f awa**da aaapretuin lundia
!??. ii ?t bidding. Her- 'O t?t Insiting biihi f?u food
ailn I?.?, I-. *-;. ? mi. to t.? l?-et an riftriir art;e; ? I:,
t:n"-4* it la tia ?l?i?!ii?t. 'Ki- i? Vui eiKMigL, but
.' ? i ; . '.- ' I noa ntd|-.- th ?t when a
f, -?itl ?li I? IO ?> S ' '?:.'.? I 'HU I I 'I'.! |S illlilVVl 'I I'I
?i : u. an b?fi rk*r ?:'i?ha, m in the ?? ne??f the Som
K?'! p .-V Til? C immltsi-on w." r.unetad i Jiut the
? ?> i.i-r ' . ri ?>i (..' i.t't- t ii S t? ?'? 11. ;.:u* !.,??? it I,? eilltd
upon to check Um Indian agenta; thal the anpplk-s
le In-;? < f Lj ii ! ' ..-. i d t'a t the i BU! ? i
se? i'lt ? i? B>tn r '?? i 'ythi'U. The tVuumiaslon
v.i.l psmbttblji /?-t .?in i.t*:. i Uutt i.-i-ii ni of Isauti ?
bref on Use h?')', the eattk iK-r?gi rip Inughtered,
iLetteef tMfisled, autd t.i ? haden thrown in .?r-? rata,
fj-J u \*rut |-_i j thu- :s- i.i ?1 ?m "te n'o?r] . t?i-r .t UJ
lu cm waata hi??1 esa r.|?i??-rf.inity fot trajtd.
:?.t/i!l.'-ii. :.? .?'!*? has ?.?? i? ? -i ?i? i?t?.t.?i.it
i*-1?. ii able tant hJatsssaoral n'.ll ta r ftat*****-mtleiL
SmviII?- ade ?tu that the in*? .???is of the Berrie* srill
11 i.? ne?!!? d hy kia Kti.i ..i -ut ii "in !. a r,r aeiil po?
siti ii. The Con m !'?M'Hi?i8 a ill i""?? ".ir.end thal ??
i? :ii ?.f ? - d i',t4-.i i !. ,r. g and ability ho salee*
lo fill the . -?ti ??!, and i hat tit*- sahttrber-ti ?
iror,, f. ' <i'-"' i?k U i? l" .?:.?: | ; Bl I.
K*' eetunea non? f< \ t!i? laaaaesVate veotltnt of a
schord and '-hurch ediilee will li* mu ??, ?oil it will
lx? :irr ?1 li -t tal ?!>et .1 t? O'" i i> ???./'it t ? i?e Be
b'ttd. Vi? "ivj'taa rae " eninlo;,?*?l at Utuafeue]
?ajraar laajsJTl attwtttin. .?ni reui?inniind,??i"?i? Will 1
made that crvry f h,fe idhh 'Tho taV?>s Ml In-!' I
woman anti lives with her is his wife sh-tll be com?
pelled to ?uppitrt her.
The C(. ninia iiiiicis wert loath to express anoplu
inn on the subjoct of :'u* innocotioi? or guilt of any of
flic ?v<ciisej persons. A coiirtiilcnilile niimhcr of wit?
nesses y,*t rcii'.iin to be examined. Am nit them aro
Columbus Delano. Secretory of the Interior, Indian
Commissioner Smith, Ti ol'. M?'.r?h,-William "Wel-di,
.' imucl WsJkar, and J. W. Baalnr, the beef con?
tractor. Arnon?-the other witnesses who should ho
called is II. E. Walters, th? Indian t-iid.?r at Red
Cloud, with whom HaviHc wns supposed to have Ikm-ii
la pirtnorship. Others who ought to BSSaOadaM
l)r. J. Irwin of the Shoshonc nil Il.ini'ock Aifciien ? ;
John or (?tsirge Stoicr, who is RUSfed to pa ????tai IBS
evidenci? of the collusion of A*"i?tit Saville with thn
trader Walters; mid l'r. Iii ovo?, foiuu-rly the
physician at l???d Cloud in the earlier daysof Savillc's
ein' r, who'?lid to ?1 prominent rcsid.-nt of Cheyenne
eliTtly after the attempt on Saville'? life, which
rcnlt-ed m the ?lenth of yonne Appleton (Seville's
li.i.;'i'.T-iu-l:iv\i, that Appl ton lind told him ihaf all
Im had him k< pt there for wal f ? flinn false pap :?s.
Tlic ('(.niiiissi'iii ?till lins a vast niiiniuit of woik to
j> rforiii, and the papata ami uitneasea jet to I*? ex?
amined will in? very iiiipn-laiit.
3:30 A. TI. -
il ssi.D.
Luanna, Thursday, Brpt t\ l?7a.
A special dispatch troin Vic m.i to Is* Daitg
Acir? dates that Barret 1'ash.i presides over
Ina ?iiectinirs of the foreign an?sala at
Mostsr. ll.t.ttrto Um discussions have
i .it. ti la the retorna of tax-itim, unequal and
appn Mira taxes being considered tin? chief eanae of
the rebellion, 'l lu? Turkish Got? ran?n I permits the
i ubUcutioa of none I ut officia] diipatenea in regard
t?J the prcicedillL-'s.
[afar ?isa?" Cuntan .- in mb Wirti Voge.i
Ebte, Si']?t.s..?Ihr rag-n ??.m vim n nave just bera
licatcn hy oin? majority m lire Committee 80
Kisiiiiiti'is. 1:iv Ohio platform ii adopted,
lnt wiih nu bn partant ni'iiitiiati'tn in
tT?o first resolution, I hkh UM r.ig-inniiey
fun alles say ftirtasfiilatra Iba wbola t'.iinL..
Too elanaa in faroc of fas volu.uo of
currency heitig BUKM etiual to kbfl wants
of traill ie stricken out, and, in pla to of it, I
?ici lar,it ion i? ins-it. d in favor of the piin. ?pic that
pul I and i-ilv.r, or redaeuuLle paper, are the only
Mund currency. A pbrsseorifoeillgeitbi reun? rae* i m
or intlatio?i of Um present curniu y ii ?il.-.o added. The
rent of th-' Ohio fin.nu lal plitf Tin is adi-ptod entire,
Including tlio i solution f>r the extension ni na?
tional lunik?. Tim inAntlunista are iilfiaM and
thresten n Og] t ia the Chu? sutton,
[I or J roceeiti'u- tf tb? Contention tai firttftn .)
Canton, Ohio, Sept 8.?Oin?, of iliti Inures,
l'-.-i .mesi-f tan sanpalgB rata?end here la-night ta
hear Oov. Woodford of lxew-YorB. .'lis Y?gnaga
town Inti'd-fniitiey ?l'rei li baa nilr.ictisl grout
a'tei i (ion lu bias, un I lu? audk ne i i in reaae ,vt ly ni. 'it.
There wen 7,000 people in the aqsare, aaany of them
having brea brought lu ?i?:'ei;tl trains h*uta the iron
lif-ions. Tli-re WBI Bjreal etr.nilsi.i-tn. Ile apohS for
1 ard money. The Mark Cor.nty Ooanaittsa arc siren
ailiiji (lils .itLlri ss ?i- a camp o/ii ieSBSN lit.
sDDREU "1" JAW s ?'. Bl YUS BEFOBB TUB so-. I MY
At the eon?naatiou of Um i . -im of Um
Kew-Yora itocletyol Prsetieal Bagim ering, beld in Boeaa
Ni. 34 of the Cooper Union list ?renla -,.la oeeC Bsj'lls
. . .le trim A?? lead a paper ratitledMThe CtJllaalluB
? ..-te PnMtueta." Tbs subject waa fartber dlsenssed
by J.ihn B?". Mitton. William E. ParUldga,and others
Mr. Bat toa said the juc allan of w??-te in murafae?
ture was often a qsestioa of i ay. Tbe QW-rp vt ?.a, *? Jim*
m.ii?i de \ uti p.iy j.t.ir engineer I" The les? there
sas paid, lae greata was the sasl . Tin Ainsrenee be
tireen what an engins will do la the bands ota skillful,
h. eompared anth T.-int it will de in the basils of an im
sli'lli.;! ti; ;!:ieer, wai /.".rent r than the diBBB nee in llieir
sa^ea would be. Mr. PavrtrtdgsgnTe sick? ?no .sln?r in
itaacea aitliia his personal sbeeiistioa in vitiih men
badnupluyedstaaatpawer at a great vtnitc, aad had
refused to make any ehaages tor lbs better, mu after
?m i lutetakes had hera pointed ml la thean. Tue ful?
ls bo six :r.o t of lue paper of Mr. Di.J li?:
Tills r i ;..,?( i. of gn nter Impert? are in eaaas a guar? m
of a eentnry henee the wssMI pregieaa toward irrcater
c it-spin -... :-i i absuilaneaol jsedaetloa will nrshahly
consist In a closer stteatloatswhat arc ssw eonaasmred
ii. trines, 1 ni which in tl.cir aggrcBatc ure of vast In.?ni
lance aa affecting the ainomi! and cost of osraisuufae
t i. i pro-lncts, flttherto aiaeb el our industrial pro?
K.' ?V- ????s been iii.? reaull of eheapentng the eoel of i??v.er.
The un?'-: d, .;;..'?."ot bnposaihle betwatswsnUhSBn*
limited power v\,o out i oat of fad. The dehnaSn of per?
petual mu? m po**c?i i . atrm .rdluary rttalltj, altbonsb
I.: c the Proteus of C.e toola, it shangea its torn
wbenaUR al tacked. At tills time i? livis In the Idea
w!,mil iius shea ?i der bold spna the popular mind, that
searsoutlw m, ... amecbunlealrcvoiutnii, .tndtii.it
'? a ...in,' .-le. liicity. magnetism, u.r ciiiniirossed hy
? ? '....? i-v, o Is motton, ('iiitl va;."!-, end ?t may im thal
i: : im..i ie m., ?ten .ara a? psyi hie risree, a III perfora
?i.a u..lin ?.i t.... ii?.' vi.iii ii function? of steam sa a
nnitoi. Tbese glorious predictions of the rsrawriotsitt?
are nf rsurse never r. Hjod and never v. in be.
Tiiuse w?.o iinvo -drm latsUas at Btteattoa to
mattera eena cted with the sclenoa al saeebanleal
( .li'iii. f i.:? . II vv, e .,. ? : ?j,, ?,; ia Of I certain class, tit?
not need to he tsld thai tula <ti".iin oi elMapnawsrlssa
sa near a rea t/itiu? lu Um best st4*sDit>ng1ne new tunes
us i is likely to he for aaanj pears M esasai sad that
lhere is tittie at Botbtsg io ?? looar ure t..*- belief that the
I'll, proiumed r vein! ion w-,11 like pluen until oin en-tl
snppli s ;?: 11 \!i i lated Ka are very ?...ir the maximum
oteeonontj asivg.irdsthe eoat al power, Ifaeaahaild
bollera that winersporste tea posada of v/at( r for c.irj
pound of ii.al burned under i. at, ?m1 wara it is at
(?-?.pt. ?l to ti uintiMi'o still farther, it la found that the
ititeresi i] in tae Increased cost of Hie Im'.ler amounts tai
i.lore i o ?.e va,ne vi Ce cual tared, it isiiin.iit.ui if
i ?i? llDlM i i.illi I ij.io.elm : t Is ?ni- -I l.rs.iuitl tile CollirS
t ...ii it ?..?.ii, or i.ii C .rio>.i cal ir u-t lioiiiiltj be id v.ii vc
8 i .i.ii.i.. ? u.'liii,- it.i- uni yt-t, .11 lula e.til lil r i , res-en eil I le
a .n , a to .'. i..i a iu ii i-.i.ii i .i., e em iii - it ? and wits
turn, a.i l In clothing with tell and nils i non-eondoeting
r. -t. ?,,.,-. Ill It I- It Hill lol I'ldlil.lilli' C\|>.-|illll*lllS.
: irtbeut iii..ii..in j we m,!, i ?....i, in Muooaay In
llitie tblnr.a foi Cw> cbriipcnlug of tim eos! of Biannfuc
?niel prudbiita Amona lae sttalnahle eomionks not
I!..,. I'll '.. c: i ' i. I lo lilli.- ?I t ?(1,1114? !l|l|l. Hull. i||, the ?AVIII?
of fuel Is tae most pr inunei t, uni - I. oueof llmmom
seriuiis i'iitwi.1!. Kh io orr i.,iiis: i n ?,i .,*]? nty. Waste of
..... ii's aiaiulj from bad tiling, in an e-tjjisrlineul
?? tu : . nilli!, n, i.. I? a Itii the aaiue amouul of
fuel, tt.e iicr lusti in i li ? ii^-.n ? .Hj, ?00 revolilllops, u, ?
t ?? pool it 2 -.".'ti re vol ni iona AB tr reara asm the beal
(?.ri... iir. n ?n ureat Bri nu,and sao was always m
H-iin ?t Ht co..Uttve in.ii", wa. alai I.I y.aisof hl'o.
1 his l?cy cullin um .m en m,, liiiic-' r .v Hi a gin a niiiuunt
. i.f fin I t,ian I iv- Olli ?' * u.'ne r :;i t'.ec nii.fiv. a,,,! li,o
fact I? ? v.'.'-li.e. i,,fcli \t lui'if ?if|, i cc,...lui ?lillie
..?io." |..t..?, ?s tim uisii m cc uki,e . ,/ skUled Ifshor.
.'.?. .' , i ? .u i lu i if to Pinpin) ni,-1. 1.1-' 1 ?I,,,, f,, .mil,,,.,
?..lill ?kiln I ..-i.- n- i lie prirher eurool tools Is always
..lU.. I. .1 V...c LU III.,".I..lui te. .lulu . In Small ?lS!..le
i ' un. l'h im- s... i..m r... ,t. - lueati m ion, ah ?. nil ?
u to.?! belongs towhuerer h <(ii?--ii. tu Lave It. Cunee.
?.?fitiy no one I? n pouaiiiii ior.lt. Tnere is gieat
??-.? .? u iii'.i "i ..fu/ ?ii n -'. .i...?-.??.n. in our n mufsi
it.-up tims and material are wicii: . t.,ip' ut pro?,*:.
rj-ti.u - stem suoai i beria with lue im i Lug of the
r. op. li vu t ii, lu ,,,; e.iis. I , tu f ,.hc i ,.r ol t.,e si.inU
ecuBoiuies, tue gn ? on s v. .: takecs s nf tiiomsulTcs
cni-T, h, Penn.) Sc.,t. B.?Tbe now ?-ti-niii
?hlpCltJ ni ?-' B I . '. ' : ? ii, t.ie ".i-f of tlie three vi Stell
rott-li'ly launched for the I'acitlc St.nl t-teamrhlp l'uni
:?? .y wnf li t'is (?Cell completed, will ?tait on her tilul
trip Winn.ru?v ne.mia;-. The sltaiiisnip will np BSBM
iii.iitu'.-o out to bos, and thoa proceed to Kaw-York,
Shara ?ha v. iii arrive nu Kit at d.ty Bftenui .n.
?UtlfUAL EIX .'.J 1.1 Of Till; I.?l>IANAroLlS,
DL00M13I iTO* ash WEEtl RD UAfLROAl).
I.\':iiiNAi';Lit?. liol., Ht pt. 8.?At the annual
leetlug of fas Blsekho.dcffl St (Le lnriisna??i?li?, HbbbB
tritton M"d vv.-stern lia? rond i omunajmf, ball ln-re la 4iy,
the foi'?wing Doun! al Direct.>rs wa? unaniiLiii.'r
?'eM>teA J C. W. Pr/ifiti of OlsjaajBI ; C. It. Orlirff?, W. li.
?r.iltli, ?BUS. Turner of Kew-Yorl ? II. Conning of
HIiHuiiliipinn, 111.; ti? '? : ? Ker of Coi In etoo, Ind.; J.
li iel <.f Montlrrllo, IP*. .'. T. Thomas of Phlliidelpbls;
B. K. Hmltli and F I<" iHlns ??f (Vilnttilint, Ohio ; W. T*
Mit'tMinitk it -laii'tli l.l. ill.: i?. T. Taawspta-a of Pekin,
III.; ami J. I'. Hlmrl of Danvl"*, 111. The Hoard sub
?in? lilly reil'f ?I M??si>i? li. tv *?nitth, President; 0 ?K.
<in?ii-?, Vise-It) n t ut ; ?ml A. P. I. wit, i-ecietnrr uinl
Trtasuicr. ?Orel ti,?Mt? sh.ii.--s were voted.
iOUR liol KS.
r.RAPiuc sajoOCCT of Tau h?.ht mt Pitor. oari>
Aoaaj? ihr KNTiiii PaaTJT km*..vu t niit?t.
Cinri?-.4?, Sept. H.?Hie Inter-Ocean to-d:iy
cpnt.ilns a Issag arcasWl ?' til?* m-ent ??tit lula? eu the
tia-iii n rnvev |i n ?*?, ?uni lha Indians. The sreoiint ron
Maa an ?.(?1,'ijl it |???i-i l>> PM. U.U.hur, fruiu ?birli th?
MVawtug extra?is are taken I
l-l Fi atti Hiv i n Minim; 0IMF, Antr. 2*.?, I?76.
l hare lae butt?t t<? leperl thai mi ?sTeiwaataar, ?ag. t,
I iuit Mr. Oaaaett, sa I had lio-ied, ??u in?- (tunm-tui
River, near it? Jiiueiioii willi ib<- ?irand. Os lau lo bin
water In* bad (skill til? ii??i>:i-?ll.llli> <?f eli mirin? the
??Inn ?iivvli'iiwlv?|.|i-irnie?lli> BSOf |.nttl!ii:the?ti|'l>l.v ?tamp
at ti.?* lum linn ni lin? t,milli alni ??ii'ini? n Him,-, uuil
li ni jii.s.ii ii ii westward alta his own (nun i.itiie Holm. ?
Uivr. 1 Ii.llnvviit ??,?1 overtook II? SB In one ?lay .Minni
is mili? (,r til" Dukin ? ?us pt lal h ling on Use res? r* a
iiini. Mi Usnaetl nni?iit? ntl it ear? lor u BUppb ? amp. I
hn.l, huttrvi*r. Im-h lull?n.?*?i hy ?Oura? bet ?**>be Indians
m mc Mena La Hal Mountains, ?leen Iii- m Utah, shuni
Hi mili*? witt ?if tin* ????.i.?-:?.!?? Une. wera i.'.'-ly to steal
stink if llu-y ?rot n ei?^ ebsaCQ. Ile ?..id that
a I'.-irly ?if seven aimed linn WOUld ho tuf?)
in the r.'irlnn, lint 11 ??>- must -?-?11 !i their :>nl
tu.-iii ?ini-fiiii?-, stni if ?me maa sraa eanghl oat al ne?
lu? 111I/-I1 tu.1 Ik laaft ?ifti-r Iii? two parties were 1>. ?-.. ?t.
I ut .-nuil-'-tu.ik c< neial charge ot Use whola ana all te
?m;m? 1 -ii.iVt.v for all inoveiuetiis. Tin -<r!. ntiili* ?ii.trti now
i imalakal el seven rasa .lam?-? T. Oottoter, Ueai v" Gan
m it A. ?. I'i-.iI?', lioi'i-n .??! un?, W. n. Atkinson, Cuth?
bert lina. Krank l^sarsi-u, the smpleyea' mt ?it ia?-n.
.-?nip Mattera, Ularenes Kel er, Jarquo <'h*ni?i??t. Benje
tain N.ii.iiiiiirlon, U?arles .tu ?'ceary, mu? JiM^t* Porter,
ii.iiti'i.i lu ali. ?Seven were ante I with rites, aud tin
ivni.meier with revolver?. Um tin; tue eurah,
m?n wi.li rill.? nula in fimi! su 1 tour, arad in
eautp .1 guard rt*g**larlj rollet <*?l ??i Hal ?I bourt ...:.' r 1
the aaliusls, all eieopl the eiiobs Isklng m< lr hut. I?ur
tug tin? tli?t few il:?ys ne hash In'U.m Bl 11 its? - '?,
t h? m ?Til ire were ctmtinuullr ac-tutmg. Wlan at li .-..i
mm n, n in tie* ?ii-.itii nui ut th" ran?,'-' I > elimh tia bigh
e-tt pi ik. vi bleb ? a ?t.il Inn of the I'l-nn.iry ? : ,iiii<-?ii..t.i?D,
wi' 11 ni..ii fn?'h Biens, lind I l</nU li,' lr;?.n far nu 1 ? 11 -. 11 ?_-?t
Un m'ii,?!-? ti, 1 litti,- sheltatrad basin, dtreeUjr under u.?*
peak ?11.ii ii,."?'J41 ti'i-r in altitude, rae is?su;,?(i wasad
nii,;.iii) kIiii.,It'll fur rune .il,n u( nr ?i? n Um?, ?in ins
1 ".th vu m?t fume Indians wita si?n?iil ?rerj frtendijr
anil 1 lamil-1 Hi.iii.nnt mee willi BOO. ??nr pal I v. 1 m-v
were v? i.v .?t,ii?u? fur as to earn]* al mi.uni buh**
?lu s i?y, hat I found il.it cehuer nun not
animals i?.aid ?Irlek the nasty tliMl. Taej then died t<>
ti-.i?l<* fur tt'iiiti'i-o anil i?i\v,li ?-. lint .1-1 w.? Iin.l ni-ilii'-r !??
sitare wa shook han 1? and bid tuarn ulm*, aud started
nvi-r ti;?- bill.
titi ft'.iini-i liml the raw ?mini passed tti ? l?r.?iv limn the i
linn.ms began filing trout behind it, K sei sud *??Isidi >
rame vi r.v neal betas kill? J, bulista sfrisuM laegrutind
<'iom: t?? tie m. iii 1,1a-1.1 tai' advance, 1 nut.' ?. t .. ? 1 ?, 1.1
lia n. ii, ;,:" li.i> ? in ./t ii lu i?' ., 1111 .v. ?i lu eh.iii.'? the
Indians, bo i I tbi-nghl it t?iiclviMii,. itiualtderin*' thal
im.? Brere (ii-i'i? iii'ii iij ami in..i, un ?i o, 1 swift a.n-1-, and
we ou tired intik-s. lit,.r. fur? u doled tbe train lorwarJ I
?ni 11 Uni. lu gel irit ??f rai/'ol lu i lull. Ti-'.?,' Na lei 1
.?nil Miin ii.v Wltb nie, 1 1/.in.i, ?-?i (iivv.iril
lue hill on tun I'lKht an* in ?ell, '" ft, uli Jh. v. la ailie
ir. .11 eii.-t -..i?? ?o leach taore ep.su granad. Tue ted
?killt vviTr itliit.fl.t, iiii Ihe "|i,h s ; ? mUtut a, hut V? I.>>*.?
: .?-i.1 .1' .,- ii.1 I lit li, tai* |,nilli ?n,til tin turn vv.i? ? i.t of
?iii?t. Taking the advu-eef sar meei e*tperlene??d.ij>en,
K-r r in,,?i ii .11 .1 ?- u ( -'*. ash phi It, II? lar Bs puSaible !i??IU
tee bilka '1 ne pnattwai was.wet? r, ripi?sed te Ita al
?m vari?, I rum a ravine Unit, arould shelter in?* 1 ?n-'ny,
.? ni 1 kihi .i n !,*?? ,'?isi j arda ?Ji?'. 11 H? 1 lunui Is u?rtuitti
i,in: ni A'l.iiii?. Mi l'n ?11 \, .uni inytll, Ililli j ali!? lunn
ramp, au?l se placed as to coiamand these pta-itkias and
in..i??i ino rest ?ii iii?? iii?*ii, wee stein unpacking aad
.lill!, ling a ?al ??.lar li.. I lir.Ml'- ni l.i' ?ip,lai.iiil ? mi ?'?-,
sage. I'ne Ita'.i.n,? wiTe Inn. In "i". ?1 lu .it- t at v.*iy l.nij;
1..,,, c,.I tv.* were biddi inn the Bilga iu-n?.n nul iniij.ni
iif't.1 1.,m B.tvsutagu. Tin***took ptadtltifj uuahlU,
1 I..H t?.nrn 1.11..I 1.1 nuil-h;i!i. ?"1 I. TI ?!i. ?? ni Hu ?? ?m,?.
.vi ?lia-i. I iiniai ii a new picket laie et tdama, K?*:-ey,
.uni luj self. ??iO va. ii? lunn the bar? brade, witb urd? ralo
Keep l?iei? liar luuiutta, wli??m w? ezpe?-ted would itou
crawl tarow-rh tbe sss-a bttssa ead attack us ??j the li/tit
.?i uie Jual , -.n uni munn. 1 .?? y 1 itne m autlHpated,
and fur live hours we iinigat tuetii to their own r.i-?ii..'i,
(iii'j'iii. ini.in.'ii tue sagt brasti and firing al ihefieshuf
?i?'.1 i.'.'n?. Tut-il ahuta nail noefiW-t up u as, and oulf
?ii, 01 um - 'tut 111 il? w..? wtiiiii.lrii. \.e wnte b?gtoulna W
Bauer much iront want of wal r anu i????-!. \t niHluijcut
Um 1 1 i!.iu? du-w nil, .nut wi- wi-n- 1 eli, ii??! from dut* ??y
Mail? r.- Mel T ";irv, .mil Nnrilniii un.
ine situation la-i .une ?-ritiiiU. The ladtans wot*Jd
doubtIcmbetti'nliweed at atgi 1. >?a?l li'?? ?? *m?- w??-?? el
1-nilli?-.; tiley* wuiiiil firs at. n? frota every kn??:i tn the
inn,ill. li "vu leliiainril vu? wuiiiil i?ril?,ii.f tun ?r. Ho**
t-v-i r, a hit'iik was made foi Ihepiattian 1 looh Hannett.
Ailauih, an 1 M.ul.ia wini me m Bklnawdi in advance of
1.1. .Lim t.? m' rtgUI ??il h it, win,e >.i 1?, Kelsey, and
N I. ii I li 111 till 411,1. til ti. Ill ill III?! I,',li'. I, li'I ki ?'J'III ? l li III
i.iuii iirii.|.y:ii'.-ti.?* mil? nwr whuu are beti passrtd is -
.?M- the li-un was eut ol shut? In to - ur? hi w?- ?tait''I
?it ila w ii. u.ul lae li.itll' ?i?. .?I .lame i|ii"i.ly in
?stiurt, v.i'l jill? Iiuiii l?a liiui.in ("ttlril lu n n?? kj
p i.u.i?!?* ahora na Down ther cauto fron tiitHr bidluti
,..ii s un 11.?w tl.yiii*.-)ioiii?'.4. iiu) Iniiiii'iliaiely ?icriiiui-il
t "? I'liiiiuT!ces, wninu Mimi, of vxu.iii liit-y ?tu?i|hit?'?l wi:
would para ?va wtae-atceeasfal ni driviug iitt-u trots
everj os*t? fur lae tlii?t ii??i.:-, hut srnm ear bnnarj and
I ill-Ty ..nil? .4 lllli'i 'y lillie ??lit neil lela Bad lu Im- ipili nil
from a w ila. Merer, I min? Moth ra and 1 would attempt
nu acb : m* h'ii-? vviii.-h tue Indians were also aunlaa fur.
ih?*y v nulli Bain the snatsait tir.-i. sad tuen our letreal
1:1.1 .ii.i open spaoe would be Mtcmlod wltb sreutdaa
kit. ii?-re 1,1 ? ??-?r gthttd saiiM i?? ourasalalence,ami I
.?lill? ut!'I Kt i .i-y . .?I -.11 iii*?jilri 1,1 il?., .ta ? 11 a-ii i.ismiv Bl 1?. I
in ?. '?? .-t a.i wa i'iiii'l du,tee bun i? s??pldruppin?;
in- 1 Hu* cain. Aft'-r firs bom? of fruitless m .ir? li 1 1 nu
??ni sun, t.n m iitfd iiy 1 .iti-i-1, it wi?. iii,,-. miin ti m flgbl
tbe aaj Uttcauip m> t.i.<ui_'i the eafiisa. in ladtani
|iui:iei .1 nut are mi 11-, Inn lu ir 1 1 ?? 1 .1 <"? ?inn v. .? i?nr
.-.iv.limn. Three mm te wera blued, hail the wau found
te.na? behlttd lue t.1.1 *? Tits nth?-r iii? iii leraul lue ptuij
lier?* n i:ii!viti-eil 11?, ind alv t cutting the packs fnmi t'l?
milli? >\c f.iiri-.i mi:-?a ttloag throuab tua ambush,tue
imii,iii-i n* niiur tu m,ihe ?ni uja-ii sttaek. In imir dart
miui Um tin.?? we scaled the taug 1 hroiigbl lue
..my in itere ????m mut will, havtag rntden ?uti
m let fruin tac seetai of h.itt!??. tiut mt fill houn
n..?n the BBurnhtgef the Iftut we ?s-?*!?? in tu>- -.ni .io
?'*?. 'ir.o tvnt waa taeeaaaai from ? o"< 1?'* 00 the
afternoon el t. ia l Bl h un. il lite altenweu ??f ihe li?a,
exeep?ng three boars ut ni ht. Ot fill annuals we
bruUgUI ulT"*?; tlir.e of them aro wuiind.-il, hat uni
ha ily. Nula niau Itas wuuii.it'.1 an.I nulli turn Bieh.
TitS weis I? lint iniii'h intt-rl?-!'. il w nu, Im li.i? western
linn of tau tii',i.K;i*.i|iiiy ?if iiu*, ?Inn .-i p us rountry was
.iiiHiiii oompht?ut ?ii. lio.ta'spart* *anueia Mm ?-mu
it.lj Vi' ilul, Mll?l Ml. (? Ililli I! 11.1? ITi'lll* lilli W11,1 Ililli III
couiph le tin- rt'.uii.n h r ut um etast-ira work, walea is in
a i-.ifi* e??untry. A jiH'ty liai Keri?' ?<? luiiirf ."ii--'?.
II.,lilian and Dall:?? tuan Hu* iKiliirr.-i. 1 r.innot
ii.Hiiiw too niiiTi jii.i??e ii|hiii Knlx-rl .tilniii?, Hiii-|mnl
Madera, * tan ure Ki-i-i-y, Uaaa ttoi rsry, atnlCHiUiherl
Mill? mr the taggtvsstve euetgy tk??y showed ia the fight?
in tin Iii?! t wu 1 was i-uli?.?nilly llMat*4-ted lor ririiu-nf
.uliin?. My sTatltude au i pratss eil? ?-ijii.il Enrtua irllter
m,m 1 r? ut lae psuly, wan > ave p irit? 1 ti h ,iiv In thom
terrible boors ween the Butsti ol all depetided nu <*??u
ti-it? I ariu'ii uiiii'-i-une h ? ni. Vee- rospoctfallj yours,
J ?.. X 1. ti, 11 ..i.tt, Uotigraph? r. t'. H. <i. a- < 1 Harvey.
Te 9, v. ll.?y?i n. in tmaigs I B. ?. a- a.hu. roy.
Tllll KI Vi .S I Ot'N'I V JAIL OVI.R? K'UVIilJ?.
'lin* Kings ('?milly Jnil, known m flu* Ititi
mimi fill I li Jail, in liliiii! l>n 11 attain BO nvcnrowi!. ?t
fiat the Iw-alth o? lae |?t|tt'iii r? 1? - , ma-ly ????<lmi?->*r?'d.
The in iiu li.iililin :,ut ftveatuari ??(' lie? jail, whleii ii au
??lil f .-jiH'ii'-il ?iriiiTiii?-, 1? ?*tv-u|il. t li? His bi-i-pert, 'leiit
?n?, nul waiiii.-a.??. The lit.lill wiuit it im ina' uni (lui
-??.ni n wins; foi tamala i?ii-??tt?-???, though the latter is now
about ana-half tin? ?i willi nu-n ?nul bel ? w hu are atralttag
mil f .r viiriui..' efiansesi la Utaustthwbsg there are
fi 1 lu lutir lo live inen in e:u li cell, m lilli t ,?? n ila .11,
m niani,|;ut? til?n. ii?ii?ii4 ami v-ry Poorly ventilated.
T.101*? ii? of lae lower Herts tawnorth alua are altnoat
1 n uri; unilfci'K'ionnil, an.I .?r? alwajrs damp and Ulled
With foul ?kiuiit uri-tille Irum iii??i ?? .1 Sfwerajre. The
jail wa? elaared of prlsetten hy lioantjr .lu Igo Moora bo
for? in? v.M-iitiiin, hill thean lily .Instit in ?I tlieTeaie,
wiih in? te ut ti..' ??<? inly luwiiH, wun tUied It again.
Tbe iiiiv-tiiy f.iru ni tv Jail baa 1?. a urr-?d repoetedbr
lirfnre the Beard <>f ?ui?ervisiirs, and tuerr t? fusal t<? net,
on t.e ground of BeetMttiy? wfitaaat Un tatue Ume ssv
?...I t-?in 1, ,.\c atmwrles nave been hutir. has caused
?.i,,, li ,r.:i lim, Tbe jail BUS I?? ? 11 || , ? ut. -I a .inn!
sanee uiany Umea hy ?litTeri nt ersiwl lotira, *iiil it is
tUOUKbt jiiiihanli? Ililli taet.ruii'l .lui.'? vvn.i-ii will rut lin
j. 11. It 1 en Mun inv vmII talie ?li.illnr at tiuu. ?
Tilt? fiU4*iid:i!H?i a? Iii? I'latt.ii'iil ?t lie fe-livnl,
at Bchfiti n Part*, al Daten Hin, n.J., Ti-diifiat.waa
irr? star than that of Um two SBTt-t-adlttg days. Ovr
4il,'Min prtrsSSM enter? ?I?sortie of tint oQI.'ers ??-ttiinit'ed
Uie uuinher at ,ri(t,OHT. 'I'ho ainu-teiucnts ?uiia'nlril of
Inn?!" rarliiKi tiir>at ?ho?,ling for pil/.e.t, j?nl? tiltrnt?!titi
an di iniln:. In the 1 .?-illa? a wetl?!ii!|r was ?-iTelii.it.il
In Ila- laiw Qornua ?tj'l?', In w bat WMtaUtod n ??lliuihi;?,".
a miali 1 farm bouse, ras bride, Caterina liirihsn inn,
wasdnssed nttbe aatiee eestume,s l?iw-oeck rd, ibort*
sleeveal, Maeh vi Irotjsfikol. sad btobb (treas, nu berbead
she wore a small vilvet nap, embesUsivrd trtlh ?/??lil im-e.
rh?- uriile-iin.i.lB wire dreeaed In ?in.ii ir r*-ustura? ?. Tua
1 1 groom end his attendants were dn? mad In loni seats
?ii i?.iv 1 i.i.ira, r. U, hine, ami green. ThS iii?iit-(?r wore
:. i.'.i..era'i?'ei>rviiuiu't drsaa. i'la? part?ssatehtalIn
I'M?, .?-.-iiuii thron,,')! t lie eioiiTuI? In Di? Doothns. TlM
a aeeaotaj v?at asaraataM 1 in the laiw O-wtna-n iiahiei
San Kit in? im?i, Bfipt. 8.? Tam l.it.st ro
liiius?li..w 1 hat tin* |?t>vgh?hUttt-a stan-la as f..llo*i: lo
tl,..MiiH|.*- III D.tiiiKiats, B IiiilejH-inli nt DiiiniM raia, H
lnile| 1 nth n??, siiil 7 lle'uihlle.tii?. lu tin? A?l milly- (io
Ii inoriHl?, 1 heit |u nlti 1 l?,riioer;it. 7 liid?')?r*niients
un . 11 i<-luii.lli ans. lu 1 noa County th?; ITemiicrstl anti
li iii j?. 1. tu -iii-? mo a le?.
?jUbwr of a rKrjLCBMM ion ?oouin^nrnrnfa
Wati.hvim.k, M?*., Sept. 8.?Cot K?nt of
tbe I ulled But?* ? ?osttd Sei vice has srrett-il the Kev. \V.
W. Hsndail, .?s.. , 1 a? a revival masseur, on sasasshm <tf
i hihi' riirtiiK-, mie dellar N.iiiuii?l bank bil s tv live?
anil paaaed if.?-in.
T11K AM.I1 :NT (Utl)F.R OF fK?OI> FLl.I.OWg B?N
l?tTFAi.o, N. Y., ?Sept. fi.?Tlio d?l?i-nt4.? to
th? Nalii'ii 11 Grand I/..I?,! of the Aneli-nl 4l,?l,, ?f i,, , *
Filloas of Uie 'nlted Htates were Uan?'tnai?*d *y the
Oood Fellows of BufiUo last ?vening
THEnMOMEUrt, yesierdat, at uudnucb. in
B S Bl, 87'. s-?,?. 73'. Sp. tu. ?Ctr Mldn'-rht, CO'.
Highest iiiu-ng the ..sr. ?V, la?wr?t, l'i'J'.
A rsrage, 71*'. Bania ..' 1874, "'i'?'?
St. Kiiholo* bTsss? J. IL Devereux, President of
tits Atlantic stid Or. ?t Western Hallway < ornrsny, BadUM
\err Itaiv. J. nicker ol Ilt|?bur?h ...Clanumon llairl Ailolfo
ihaiiiz. Chilian Miu.al. r st Ws/lilngton, suit NI.oin?ile Voigt.
Kiisaisii ('liargf. d'Aff.ilt a st Wsshlngton ntth ?.tvntut
Jil tri i?riif. Bpeoeer i. Bsird, C. H. Ceanaimsniy ea FsaV
erie?! I). T. Corbin. C. H Dl?frlrt Alinrney for t-oiiih
I'lUnliii?. SLiI ex ('um return ?ti Milo ?ia?! lit'li of AnbBm. BJ. 1.
ill., ??ir!, lintel Couiit ?1? Bl lu li "f I'srls, Ila, t'in
Elfenill. Minn fury of the Tulillah I.esall? n st \v ??h?'ig?on.
sin! Itoslau-I lls/iirtltif Kin?!.- l-li ?'I U -'' l.i.rtlll.'
Null.. .- It .(Ci (?nor of Cm Hrttliii Lirs'lun ut \, ?a, . ir!.
Tin? ??miter? of tho Iwirh.ir 1-l-?ii to sliovr a 1 gbl
|.' Beg bareeeasee ssSwdHlarsed al sight.
1'ol't c ('otiiinisiiiiiiier Smitli tried iboat 50 patrat?
rum yestir.l ?> fur minor liri .u BBS ni ?lis<-ij,l!ne.
Kast Braadwap street i an can* the new sign,
"iv.t otu. r und City Hall.'?
A mc? tina of the dirsetora of Hie Now-Yoik and
lama; irianii I'.niiee CMaaaanp ana hsMisslsrdap. Thstbs?
1er f'.o reee;itlu!i ol |ilan? was ITtiasii li ta Oct. 1.
The fon ?Liii mail seal in the l*u??;.i anl Arparas
letdareeaa ?teiof MJJ7S latiera uni Iftbasaef iirw?p?(p?r?,
?f sit t ii Um f'iriii a rteanur Berried stashstan
t'oiiijiliiinf is Bade of the crowds of idh m who
ii.ni'c? in itu? uit.-iior imif. rates af Ki? nom l'oat o*lli ?-, la Iba
ami. t ance uf thus.? ? I , |rn l?telo nu I, i.li.t -a.
The Controller i.ivts i? ?ti?o that the hool.s for
laxes on parasaal paeserlf arid iisnw .mrk win ia np. ?mt for
V.H u, e-,t i?| tin* nilli ? of IBS RsSt Iver of Taies on Mou.it? Bett,
fiept I i.
Kgitus Kii'ihel, age IO reara, of No. lil Kssfx-ef.,
Jini Herrn ni Kuli'-?.' r of l'.e ?ame addi-r ??, ipicrr. l?'l vc-o i
it n inuriiiiir. ?-ii Rtrhesdsi itabbel Kabhri in u>.? ?nie. m
n.t lass a ?ever* la|*<. Kel? nat r v...- ai n?ii?i.
J. T. Pertsr4% <'<>., private detective?, seised 'ast
eveiilug ?.ooo siaiigiilid iki-nis uf line ipialily trata Kaium I
Millard, cigar ,'.. ile al No. 871 Ilrsulwav, niel Uiriud tie lil
o.i I t.? Oki Patt .1 state? Beerst : ti .ii. ?! ire. I.
.lohn If' illy, ad? ?It ya--?, of No. t(??> Ra) tnofnl-sf.,
BiesBtTB, ?litte patethtg the?) e i ?t nat N't?, in, (forth Brei r,
sesicii'itv Hfi? r ii.ui, was Crown to fut dark y Iba hri-a?s!rig
in ibu sea ?i i .??ni rees.i m1 errrra iBleraal InjBnt ?.
Harriet MnnraatSO prara sf Bgs, residing ni No,
Il Hanta*) ?'>., nh?? baagtsg Tlrib-t rn *fcrrr"f bn* atea*
bur, fell la the grana! a"d Hsleretrd beti Brass si ta. ?beal
?iel-, teaktefl hu l.iii l'i>; ???ure iiijiir.es statut IBS bead ami
lut e.
Al an ?inpirst yes!? nln.v on the luuly of Philip
I i tv, s lu? tlieil on ?.ng. ?J8 from iiOiiii? receive?! li?, fill tig
?lot, ii st.ir?. the Jar? rcjiTird u v n't ; of an ?Ireful death,
nit ieiis,]'i.i ii?, latrsliord fur um kesgiag lae baauaen lu
?reed am r.
Deteetire ??'liritn of Um Control (Met arreated
Urary Bayes sf Maali ley eL, PbllaealphftBj sa ihe law ?y
vi ?-.?. -nltiv. i|...n the ? har-? of linv lil? e?ii .??//?! 1? laii/e ?uni
?i n .i..", Fret* lils eui|<loji r, l_ I?, l.unl.t'.o ol No. I,'.Iii
(lu tieif u., I'BllsIl Ipida
At n Tinting of the pock ('oititii'.s.'ioricrs yrst.r
ilay ?.n ..punnu from tile CBBM I to thd Corporation SSS ri ad,
Illturina.? tl,e , u pinn?--?! t';at the rc-ailullou adopt?.', by the
I.>i,i mu I'liinii'l, f..rlml.iliiif ftie i'la.'m: ci s elua.101.4 '..ard
ut 1 ? iglit) uxtli st. ?ml i ..im inver, v,a? m valid.
The hni-M-s belonging ta the turious railway linee
pfitie c.f> Biete inaaaeaaldegree hue frew danoise al any
L'.Ml In I'?vefliis bSTBeS went pfMI'-t? d to some ci!. Bl ttlili
11 ii.ini.na'.' 11 tat Uni tuet-, i... cai.stil hv th? cold vi.ullu r. No
ii. . r*ah? tauudef ihn nu? isei o-purtsdlepreraU sniong
le?,?? ni'iT'ti. u n ut. uf 1,1. .country. -
Peupla in Watt-rley-pl.'ii 1? und oilier would-be
quit t ?i.? ? i? fiiii ?o at 1 gass tar cm, pi ?.ni in ma bom m bj
bj Hi? r-irfuen tt?io tule s way I it;-at Btghl UM) BBbee Set out
i',,? I,.- . tirltstui, ,. tis v ina '< I lirr tun a-.|iiai|.s gel
Iii ..i.ii linn wura liv IO p. ni , or .'- Iii?. ?*ro? 1 .s u.ii.y
aieibod of ???Uleling Uti r. 1.1-e l.-t iletl- .1.
'I iic s. I,iinin r Mary K. Unifias, lr.im l'ara, is now
l..i.eit! Qaai I ISS Wal!? on the vir.a?* to til.? >"it th?
rapta b. Jeaa ? Khitdeeb, itu ul'1<-, v. ii. flraai. ti- 1 vardj
II luiiii t'ssiLer, aad ?neu... -..,it, a pessaag r, ,1 lol j li"*
fever. Other pi r .?s mi fin* vc?.! vtr.- met, bal i.a"tr re
rover ' I.?- ? .1 tin? Ix-cn tli iif.'t? I,and ?111 ?'.invest
tiei lue! h iii>.
? sewer, ts isuiimiiI with tho sewers el nunkeri
1 .nat. Is 1m li g laid in Faitea ave., near Lust Bew-l oik.
The lioiist-fiol?.! fnruitUN of tin? hit? Mrs. F. II.
? nu- ay nf flie RomLlvn i !ir?t - WJU? sold hy pal,Ile SBCUSa
yrsurUy, ?a.l af k.'u.I |H ice?.
Tin BMUnbera ol tin* 'S.U\ lit i-iuicnl, N. <!., met last
r ?ii!. ?.?I i;i?.?iiii 1^ 1 .rmi.uti c tur..rulta battSBSB u> at
ii-mt thai ' n.* 1,11 .'i ??? ' .:.o on -i* riuuv!.itphta.
Ili-ury tlitlingt m, tli*.- young ansbrella maker, who
BWeri BBS Bbat lilli'self finr tbsMM ?fid Ml IiIj III.-out. 1? re
1 ? .11 lag ii ?.m his ti 1.111?. is, t?it nia s.Mii. lia of coniaiopfli'ii.
John l'*r.'y, ti l.-ivvyct, aga 72. was released from
Um ?t.i.c. n i km f Jail sa io? own isvtsrgnuasee?rralaidar,te
????nit lbs m linn of tiie orami Jury oa ehargaaef barratry ?.k1
'1 he report thal a dteaaaa reeetnblblg paralysis was
alii ? !i Ile-tinrse.nf I-; i?l NctvYiTk. has nu fnumlation, ?ml
al! t!i< inriisuf flie st iel lailPisil.s Slid li?, ry slabs? lu tllill
St i 'u.u ?re in ?4 ,,'ixut I u .M,.?u s? BS iul.
John MclJehcy. who was afWOlfd on Tuesilay f'?r
? ..iiiiiiil?.!i n .1 ftlunii,? a<-,ult on J. ?m Dil!:", a Maw Vant
I-.' ? - n .n. ? ,s c.uii'iiln.st ftv t'nniiolssi in-r Winslow yeater*
? ? ly lol ? ??mini mun in .lel-nilt of $'.',&(?0 I'Sil.
A x\ oin? o who was found on the street so drunk
Mai stn* r.?u! 1 not trTl li. r nama was lucki><1 np in s r. II st t?ie
Hith I'lii-if PI[Atlee house ?t M p. m. yesisnlay. FUtCBS
M-J ni?, s lat? r ??in .tas '. jiliitl ?IlseliH.lil.-, baOglBg fruin the ilnui
uf tim ci li I?) a Maw] arnaud le r nee?. Min. was ream luttcd.
Twenty of the ? r-'ditors of Henry ('. Poetar, a
i ml.' ;, t liiiuor ???alcr Bl Hick? ?nd (Tanherry ?!??.. jipivid
e'sln.? ?ggriy.-itl'ig ??Vi.rt.'O hefur? It- -^iter Winnini?, y t-r
(!u\. ant cfti iisl lliuiual W. Mdio.tau al.ti I iii; l li j .it
? -,.;ISe?.
The Board of City Works decid' d yesterday to ad
\.-iii?i- tar p o ????als for iii.sigmg Oewanaa thnsl to a depth
afalgbl f it ii.-n iduf t-n feet, ns ?nine of trie dock crlii?.
?fin ti .trci.iilv ?un n toatdBBBL would baeeiiang'-red i?j dei ?>er
Lilli,! Bg.
Bjrlraana Wortaaaa of No. n;)*? l?ghth-st. was
bSBClad ?!?? ? n 'Hil rtiht.t d of lil? watch a al cli.i.u, ?uitli f 100,
a- a ?loin mini f, at KUIith st. sad Svcnt'i ave., alnut 1(1 y.
in on .viuiii.. , i y ' m lit .??, wau ssespsd after ti.riateidug
(??kill i.iui.iii ?..?.ii-uneastsy.
KotM'it Harrison, ?Lto :!.r?, a ciMipT, of No4 370
Nuith Thlnl ?t., w?s sevr.,|y wounded on ti? baSd ?mt
BSsaxhSWa willi hu el?? in the hand? of John llirdii.t N. a
Ynrk, ?bib ? ? rj I ? ? I* "ini. I1ng.it Iheloot of loll ?L ?ihoat li
j. m ji.leina... R ? i, t? ,,i : ail iietui ti. r.ii.a-witt, liai; s ni
? II ilay, fli <1 io Ncv Vork, wt.itlea ?n olticr wa? ?enf to arre?t
W illtam Wagra r, a Luker, was srristud vc-jteidav
?nil ?irl.l fur e ? .min im ?, mi a Sherge "f ali g Wing hi? wife
w.'u i.-?. ?liu knit.-.
Six juroiM of the panal called in the Cir
l'ii'ii '?.i?'I iiilel tn?p|Har j-rstunlty, alni Jialgu KaSSB flnisl
Qeorge JidTrica, age 13 paare, reeidfaigal Mo, 310
hirst ?L, ?a? il.t'igeiiuidv iujurisl yttiteiday hy tivirlnghi?
I,a. ii "..io a nail in s BUM * ?
Harp M? cm y was Bsutsneed hjjadge DariByea?
Icl.li.V le :l.i?c in..lilli. liu|'i!S"iiineiil In Li? County WsBB*
lni.i?, i m h,>.|| ian.. Iiealiiig runl ill iic-itinv her bus'iaiid.
l'ii'kp.tcltt ts, th(H').'ht to come fruin New-York,
ruler Ih. h'usi eil? while ti,ey aru gu.n-. u.-in Hu?? 1- .,i|.,;.t
t'u? Inrlli si plane, ami Jump ?IT Just is 11 N'u-u ? ti iter,?,ni1.
J..in, 1-nitfi ruf New Sork lu-l ? wat' li tilu.-tl ?I fMO, on 'I'm. (?
it?? Btghl, ?'J Hil? |cs'nilli,'.
The reeaat ?election hy the dury C*ssjBB)iasts-jQera
i.f Baissa i snaty, a. j., of asMty pnrasseal aepaMb m jsjU
ll.ians kst.raiul J nu.Is, lui.? Iieen Hu-su'vli ? t nf ? iiuuni-iit in
thal enui'ly. iii'* lu.ir ? t? Attorney ?shl yi-ajerday tust the
M'in i sa bal nu SgalBeas-e*, as a* pmeeeiuogB wi re |M*uilnig
.?r.ii'.i.i! io lie I ..au n acaiiisi iitlit i,,l?. (i.in r |h-i?i.ii?, win n
ap: i.ti! (n tar iiilorni ilnui uri this ?uti erf, ?.?M t It* re liad Ins n
Beats iinin.m ni li. . ?edlags again?!Ihn linarii ol FUuumbl
.|r-.sl el Iteplltillea!!?, f r lliatti'llllmi to Ol' ii il'ltl.? lu lint
n.ite ti ;t?s II.? rn!i s ,.f pi...,, i-ty tor unpaiil lass* niul Mai**
Since Baturdaj last t!ie Hoard of llxauuuiiig fiir
iitim? i,4t, ? v.millie t ,.i?u pBsastsaea
.Mr. Merritt ?>f Ko, 1,1,?ft J5roa<l-!4L hud a ralnable
lim-?^ sfi?|t n from his In? ?tsbl? on 1'ue??lsy.
(?n Tu?* da] B*n Bing wbtbl workmen wcr.t t? !>rinir
down on t.l I wall In New J,*ise? lliiilrnv! ave,, it lappaSlSVI r,
Illili \Vll.,aiu Joniisuu ?J? svilniuly u-jni.-.l.
There will lie a baal race on the I'assaic Uiver this
c.'t inn.!, 'ii iii? it, It ?anl ?ifkuig li.... tr. bStBTBBB M. ?sis?. ???.
(?I'll ?lui Joliiimiii sod Wn.rll.ill alni Ki lenhuline.
Henry W, RaBOB of ilont'lair is reported to he
tiniiknipt, witt ?vi.isiti llalnlitii.t, and inu.f?0fl???i t?. ?ioom-e
V. llt?eTc?. and Snow. Hu;.pei A Co., who r?jct ntl/ f?.l.d, havo
gaos law baal raptey.
Tin; Street Coinniismoner whs yesterday served
willi au injntit t, m to rt?.fra'n Mm fruin further prSBSI uti -g
the work of npsning Mt. Charlea ?'. 1hr?'igh the cr l.-ttttmi nt
of sha Retrait anl Bew-Tsal it?nn>s<i. Tbe UiUBMlBiBiara
tiiniat'li on Sept. ?IO The ?f re?i lu? IssSB ptu Uslh up. ned tor
lueryt iraaaag to o of aaasasaMiiteda tbeetfj nennet be
( llei !?<! foiu moiH'iiy ownrra uulll Me ?lii.-t nu.? thruuVi
li.,-ii,.'.?ni n ?i ..r Hie r ul' -.ni '1 ho iari...ivl ne..,...!,y will
1 rubahly en ti ? hridgu ?I flie loc.illtj.
I?oiiokf.n. Mayoi I'iinhII hue vetoed the rcsolu
11. ?!? ef the Oom mun ('ulindi sppni tiling s commlftoe to ? n? nie
slswrcrwlto will i ???n ! i. l a ?all n<atii?l lersi y ?My for 8MM),
O 0 lUiiia.-ia. on si ???.Hit of the Hat lu rtnad ?ewer. Ihe
n.iii i.. I of II,.- tel.? )? ih?it I hit elly Uu? su slooi u.y who itcclius
S ?alai/ In stUnd U? Ita I. t.l i,i.t,i. .*.
Brass IfnituKix.-At-i Isle hour'.n Tti?sd?y nlirtit, rhnrtr?
I'.u i of 1 lunn plsee. I ulura 111, waa found lu a vatiuil lui al
tin- MU ut JUlplli'? Hail o'l I Uni.m at r , m?f ???iii?. Ha.?I
?..I I. .1 hu* !i. ?u? I'url. ami Hld lint know how lie got la? ?li?
lut, i lie won als uu lu? lit-sd spiMMr lu list ?? beeu intt.. i?-.l hy
s ni ti re ?I.ni.
Rivovsk 9f r o Tone* S rolntrrst mn mi dr"*-nr?1 In
Ne...,, L Bag, ?S Msploal ,on i arvlay ?-?? Hing, w hile dredging
foi u. tsars
N< um lisr- ?N --The iraldinreof John Rlmtsunton B* r? rn
lu? ?> u w*s ?? it?-Uli Iii hurg'ar? on I'ueatisy ulghl sod tub -1
uf BISO wul l h uf Jaw et! y ami WssriUg ?pparul.
Hi< ?rs??i a.?* W.CsniplM-llof I a rrson grti sn ti.? w rung
train yi.l r l?y, ?ud In sn stsmnt loiuuipoS al lim junction,
whll' Ih? tral'i -al lu inuUon, frli ?ni hrok? lil? leg.
.J ?vin *. Iii the ?7ii?*ens County Court of rT??-iou?
th? ?-.It ter* war?. II?- tiaifSd iMi ?triBlag tar the ter?. Th*
f Irsiid Jury win rs-m?tn la BB8BSB1 '"?Ut this i*r?'*nlBg. Among
th? prisme-r. ye?tenl*y rou . i. U ii i id acrti n< rd wa? Augusto?
Cook, color, d, who hs? but Ju?t ?erred out ?term of three
jisr? in the Htate Prison. Ho wa? KBBtgBflJ on ? abaros el
a?, .'illlng. shout thr.-a , ?sr? .ince, Willlsm Mlrlnirsr. ?sirii.ger
st Hie time w.i? mc of th" Ln-p. r?,i the jail, sol the lirtsimer.
Willi ?evcr.il oi'i-m, iitteniptcd lo toe*/? hy knock.ii.- flie
kseper ilOWfl M h )"i>'-nrd lue d'air of the cell to f('?l lu. in
Judge Arnistiuii?/ ?vutcired Cook to three j ears' Imprisonment
St haul lal.nr at Ming Ming.
8*0 H?MiiriR Kradrrlrk F. PIMil"*. s r< tired NewYork
nirichaut, with hi? tfrife. WT? rtittn? nn the Nonti Havan uni I
in ?r Oil? i-t ????? mi Mun lay. ? luu tho hora? tun,c1 ??ddi-ni..
iipiriiuiglae iSrriaaa snd ibrowlit?; laith out. Mr. l?B?iili?e
?truck li.? head tni. ?tly upon the flO'*n(1. sud wa? p! I I ft up
ui?eiisii,|c. He wa? ,-ui vet .-it toa nelshboring ho i.e. ami
mnlh al sid won -um. ?.!??? I. lint 1,1s injurie? wi re. n. ? fn'?'
ehar?i ?? r. und lu-d.e.l ici Hie folio?.! ig ne,omi?, having i ?eu
sil the time unco: reteea After Id? deni li a tractor? of the
collar ?ailie was iII?'OTt 'ed. He wa? shunt H j esr? old.
II li inn's I'dtsi.?i lu* larly of Hie ?MSBSl woman fonnd
ear the Uovenuaeul wt*:k?at taja plaee Beet. 3 b ibees ulm
tiled by a Mr. Bulkwald, lit,ni? ?t No. 'Hi mi*,?? ?t umok
It n. K. P., ?? that ni hi? wife, who left home Mcpt. I, tftOUX 10 j
?. m. It I? mi.h-rstix^l ilmt 1,crr had hi.-n ,lonies:le t ouhb .,
whichMtsbabrr mahnst taaaeetUBBS hi r mind, lue body
wa? ?? inn,,- I l,y (hie tlon of eurum r Manger.
Ia,Mi ISI..IM? CUT. UsSSP 1'uiks, ?i furem? i enip'nyi ?! kg I
lbs Istrrvraa nt< oapenr, ?.is bastasw th ? aborelby ess
ti bia lai.iri rs uaioul Palra k I inn yeaunlay.
R"( ?lAiv.iy. -WIM only ana or two sssBBBSBa, etatp hu'ii '
on t.H. i,,..,, : i ia kept go BpCB Var dating 'tie seae'D without,
| lu. mini,' a Iii, ns*'.
ITATBSl island.
Ni w-IhuGiiTiiN.- Annniherof skeletons were ex
baasst I ni sei k la grading H}?'t ?t. making betnsan :*8 snd
L'lUitll I he iiutl.es w Id? h were foiltu! (?nth? ?hole with
out mi .?a iirr, ?,d v* ii eh were tl.ieight to ?linw that ?.mir otic
i.i.i i? cn draw.t beloaged la ? hoy sba ashs ksMrhsja
n ,.-- ' I he ni In flu darknesa.
Tnnram m B. ihevi-oivof M. FaaTsMsatorlslCbareb
ha? cboson Hu- Ker. Or. M*-? mr., it ?? reefer, Hie place hat ii g
bernai de vacua i,y ?he rcvisutiilea uftaeRer. r w Pan?
m o.
routai notch.
.T.i'iics McNi al. i''r 22. fell ererboard at 'A a. n.,
Rnnrtsy i??f. His ix*iy sas dlseereral tstbswaterstPlM
No. is, \. i,-., j. i. ni ,j- rancwlngr.
An inqueal was held rrsterday Morning i?v c-iro
in -i-Ciiiki I, o'i fin trxlv t?f Klir,i.V|n !. win wa.- rail oeer hy
a (iia?ui ?; ..r .>u Ang.'.'ii. TbOjnrj leiitlrod a v.rtlut d
m . e'tn.al ?eath.
TIk? body of an unknown m.m was f, n'.d in Un
rit. r ?it the'fnnt (g - piliu ?L yc?t. i-'.iiy mialling. It Is BUp*
poeed that ra* maa eommitted ?uleide, as bia hat ain'oia?
wi r.- nu.' .1 mi tin- pier, ?111.1 iie wa. a. t n a ?b4 it lim* prev .u..?.
llamlk.i.li ita ?. in found, nu.: .si J. u., Boa 10 sud 12.
oiii'ooft sroMTs.
pools os bai si at psoapHcrr park.
Po?.Im were sold last ereuing at Johnson's
Toni I'.onins and at tlit T.'rf Kxdiangc, on th? running
races at Prospect Park PBIf OrSSSda M dey On the first
raes, a nile I m1 1er a puna of 12(10, each baise Is carry
loo pu,,.els ,i upward, the p?sala nets as follows:
jtiiu-.rou's Turf Bcebaasa.
Osawtesa.tit? IHM?
??.Mil. '?0 Ob
t III!, li, I
Wvititain, I 10 ,0
?'sntiirr. I. "" lu ?*"
VaBsersOJ J
IBs ?i i mid raes le s I'i-iiMo dash for ?li am*?, for a
put se uf ?s.ino. i'he po-?l? were tout a? trjllof ?:
j.?:.;.?-,n o Turf exchange.
con-.tr??. - i* in
I'irv.r.8H> 1???
Vied rti.it . '??1 70
liiiri.'u'i . 10 7a
lathe ilnui rai e, for ihn e-vear-nld?, for a purse of
atOO, Cu"! MnUer auld fur ..-.'."?J Ve.i nu-1 fur flj, Jack
Irigg for#10,aad Warfare and the Peate ruit, a? the
ti'iil. 'm BO, It waa aiiuoiincnri, later, that Paper Maker
wjnM Bl t -tait.
The second compel it ion of mcmlx-rs of the
Amateur It.fio Club for place? In IBS team flrhtefe le IS
eenipete with tie ? hnadiaa Tc?liii on sept. 25. took plan*
at Crtidiitnor jt-sti rttny. The wild, which was blowing
nnsteadlly, InCertared aeaaewhal wit ti the shouting. Klf
leensnota ware fred from each raaas, and the rani.es
Beat ware MO, BOO? aad 1 ..DOO yards. The following a. o
li.i? scoret :
xcmt$. rasas? rues y?fi?. maali
If. H. Jewell.n 0? 07 175
A. J. Reel .68 48 88 1"4
A. V. ?ni c! i.Jr. f.. PH 81 17'J
V f?. .?rwrii . Bl 69 47 1' -1
I. llvde .M 60 47 1 ti
R. HathbeSS. 59 47 88 M4
A. Audi i ?nu . t',7 44 33 lil
d.W. .-lath .CO 37 BJ ISI
K. II. M.Mlln,n. '.i 60 31 1 "7
UearasCreash, .o') 4'. ?j lib
. ? ??
About 1,000 per-sons wcro on thu Union
Uroonda n? Urouklyu ysalardsp iilterntuiu to vvitiusr (lu
(? ??til ami last g i:m? sf the eli.i.niiii,n?iiip ?erie? Le! vvi cn
the *In'i!.iJfi of ibis city an I the champion Red !-t(M'idii ;s
of Ritstou. The Boston Club was the favorite with the
betiiug men, and pouls wore sold al $100 to tiki in Its
f.ivor. TI?? playing of bath chilis vt.i? very cood np to
t,io sixth tuning, wmii it?-- Hastens, throagn an errar at
I fal Dhan and aorue gund battles, made three mu?, oiht of
wini ii waa (-urn-d. lu the s-veii;ii InnlBS the Mutual?
liiinle four runs, three of which were earned, lu t li in
?aalBg the Boetona made Cnsr run?, earning duns The
fidtowtag I? the teore i?j Insiani
aub?. t?t M 31 ifi ?Hi Ottl 7th 1th tfh Ti'iil.
Mutual_ 10 0 0 0 0 4 0 n-6
linal.ui. (I (I I I) Ii 3 4 0 0-M
DBDiCATtoa of ma nkw masobbo templb at
iLBAJtr? v i.o\?; paooaaaioai and ntpaaaonra
Alb ivy, Sept. 8.?The uow Maeonk Templo
la this viijwas ilcdicitcd tc-day with very Impressive
creiiiunli's. The building I? st the miner uf Stale and
Jajaes stn.. Bad M baan a a? the Altino Caving? Dank
ILiildiug, the two upper floor? being alone occupied asa
Mamulle Temple. Three lodges, the L'plani, Puritan,
and Olohe, from New-York lily, and eotiitnanderti ? from
Uttsn, Troy, lludaon, t!? liem-iCady, and all the central
? itlc? took part In the pa nutt. Arnon.* the dlsti mini stn d
Marun-, in the llirung vtck* ?Ii.and ?aalet Elwood Thorne,
Iteimty tJrand Master Janies W. Unsted, Rols-it 'H.
Pruyn, and otlicr?. The procession, comprising l,.'?0ti
men in Hue. fu.ii ? .iel tin.u.ih the priuclnal street?, which
were a? uowded as on the mcoriun of any great f?atlral.
At Hu te min it'.m of the iiarade th. meuitM r? assombli .1
lil the new T-tuple, win re Hie dtdicatloa ??creiiiullle?
tous place, i he programme Hu lud. d the Mueouic i... nu.
ami piny, r, au .ul.lr. -a by (ininti ,\1 ?. ter Thorne, the an*
i-uvering ?ind illniiiltialluii of tin? laMU"', the uraseutntlnn
Of the veswii? of torn, viim?, and oil. and the forimii dedi?
cation Of the Temple, Tue oration Bf Brothel Robert I?.
I'ruyn loilowi d, ?ml willi a benediction the assembly dis?
puted. ^________^^____
iiraniiiftiTi of thu Psataoxaa At to ntuowaiiir
wini MoBnaaaaa um.?lim?.
Philadlli'iiia, S? pt. 8. ? In the trial of
w. -i .tiii.to-j.it fur tho abaasttaa of Chariay Ro??, the
principal willie?? was Wiu. V. M. Kein, editor of I he
Publie J ? Iyer. If.) t'stilled to ??'?di;,' WegfiTVllt, SOuO
Itffet Hu? rl,noting of MOShSt ll'id DeSgfaBM. Wc'crvrlt
t?iid that lie had been to PtnTndelBSBa to find out if in
gnriea had bil n madr for Moshei* Bl his bnum-, Hnd if uot,
Im was tu pultlmh a " jm rsmial," ?h Misara : " HspOleeBV?
Have been lhere asd ?hey ara all welt.'' if inquirir? had
b on made, the ptllBIBIBl WBB to t -tvl I " HaputsuU II.ive
Been theos, mid ih.-y are nut well" WeBtervell ?t..i?d
ti at be had not Mbtiahed ?iny iK?!?'ini?i? o? elthi r kind.
Woetervelt ai?o dei died the ? Ireuiustsn.ut me trip te
Rundout with Masher sad Dwuglaaa, ?hi.h bato alreasly
b?. u pui'ii?lii.d. He ?No aiiinnit ii bariug been nita
Masher arid JJouglaa* on uthei- seeastsna?
That part of the New-K?:vpt and Fanniaf
dals i: ulm.id, whu h i? ciiiiipi, ted fi.iui ia)u^ BraaehM
OoBftn Beaeb, wae fei stslly opened by a ban.nut .it the
l.ttier pim u on ?faeodsy. A larne uuniN-r of riillniutl
men ami other? w.-re present. The BOW reid la, til
leulily, an exteuslon of ti.8 New-York aad I?>i.t{ Hii?iih
r. illn.ad, snd IretBS now run from Oesaa Reach, ibtmicli
<>c. ?m (i.oveanil sahury Parh le Ling lirase!. and theare
tu s.u York. Train? v?c-it througa iitiu tins etty on
Taesdar, and next ?reek li Isextieetcd t i have the road
coiiiplett-.t ?ind in mint'u*r iiitici to Busau. Til? aril
brU?g" Oeess Boaeh sad tbe otiiei n lorfs betweei Kqitan
and Lobs: ihain.ii into dilu? railroad eumuiuult itios
willi Trenton. ______^__^_____
: AD-i.T.f: . ?? j i , j
lia ?tut ion of scalp?Hi'iisni'siCoi cain, run ?.
lo.i.-lan.l li.Ui. 1 OStlgblfBlSllbSI tul. f. r< iilvK?rni l.a.v Kimi
ALL grociis w11 GBISWOLLV? 8TA?CI1
a?\ 11N1-.IL _^_
ALKI.TIIKl'I'TA is a purt* ?nu! ilc?i-iotis prcp
aisl.uii cf Ch .."late. s. ,1.| ii\ nil ;-i s* r?, Miinple? fr< e.
t\ -hllverrltn. Addr- a? P . Ho? IV l, I iiluiue Ollie?.
UN. SgCIKH, l>7 Fulton-st,-\Vutelie?,
? Jr*.lr?. inaiiii,.'?, Hta-rlllig Hilrer ?til BOSSIS*
lune! v. *r-. All of tbe bssiquaiilj ?ml al ?aiallr?! piv-:i?.
?'lal n.-r?, ?:,.. ., ??..I . ??; ?. J. i. I o .IM.'?-.-, Mi.'i.,!.,,
Hirer,',0 M uri ?r ?L._
L^TltlCTl'ItK, Impotence, and Dises?-? of Tho
? i Unsrsatt? oigsti? i*.i.'ia.i. snd ???..? alf tsrr<L 1.1 > lit
A. BAMiBLB M. U. ltd I .?i.i.tui. ci. oft.-s noun b is j.
O miel IIKllilllKI'l. ?ml DKLlCIOTB Altin LS of
Kool) mad? fi ira Wlit.Al' -.?.I hy ?li orveeis A-idr-???
K U. MM1 I li .s Co, hns.Uitn, N. V.. tor ?'11,-ulais.
Li lil AHT. ahuwuig Hie p.<;i i of the bSTBO. with dix asea,
etc., w 11 d!lia-tin-1? f ir the u?r uf reined? s Mrnt , ivl.i.iI ou
rsceipluf II. HM1TH.1 lloMtKl'AlHIC I'll Ai.il.i?v.
_ 107 Fourth ave.
Or. V. BOLMOVaara WaW Our* H?t?l?'.i?hm?nl
tf.uii.il,>' Dr.C. C M?.dcfel li.krr) 4nJ W?*l Twvutt'lU'?t ?k
ort.'? hour? 8 W i J s. n ? m ?, p, tu.
Hare uow la li,- r
Dead*,-made mid ?I'uNtoia Drmtrlmenta
Now and Sersonabie Goods for Fall Wear.
Sarsapar? Mimi
r?m THF. crnr. nv si ;. r R*Su*tIO "ifi '.-?F?.
BF II" -f \ I l.O IN THF
I,anas ar U'orn n li, ?**.?>?> a.- I? ? ?????, K'rah rr V-rrt?,
C?lir.l **TIN<i Til* rd".li'*- AN? VI TI ATI It? Til?
1. C1
I'tiro-ii- R-.* ima.'ti'i Ki rilMiA i.lan?1.ilir*-?wi>ltlri?, Itartilnf
Pty ?Imijcb, ?'a-i?"i.< Ai1?? ?'?:.?. Ty hl'lUo ? ?iinumln^
I; ?.ttiiiirut ile t inn:* 'iT'ti- | ait, Water Hm-h. 11?. IMBSn .t,
Whiti'i-welllu/a, li'iki'V, k r?. skin ami li li? D ??? a-? \ Mar?
i-iiii?i lu.i'.vi*. I> als <"<<ni'.aii.ts. tmiil, I'!'.:-.? 'licif-ta,
f-alt Ktltl tu. It.oui '..ti., fui,, un II..n Kimi' .-. blad-vtaar, IJt/tW
lasapiBiaia -?<?? fmvi ?i ttitt w/riM*.
I -ii IN IT.'. V?(?KI.|i.
its?- .?>(> < i n r BO ri'f.:;
Will. CtTaU. M'?I.I1 ' "MI'l..*.I\"'?>l AND PRriVFNT
Till?! KVMl'l.U AttAINHT SlllUKN AT I A? K.-t i?F EI'l.
I?l>Ull'*4 AM? ? ?M'Ai I'l'-t I ? i *-? l-l A - I-. -t THAN ONU
IMNIilii-.II IXlI.I.A t? tVI'K.VHi.l! tilt tiIil..R, MKOw
li INKS III Mt.ll.l VI. A I". :. ami-;.
TilK MnMl.M" RAKWAY'H 1.1 .V 111 I'.I-I.M'" fU A P.
PI.II-.I? KX Tia UN M.I.V-'.lt I'Ahl.N INTKRNAl.l.Y IO
coituiMu to uiBKcri?>Ka pain, yy.'in whatia i.a
iii ill t'St?*s abets psts ut aiavemfort It ei'.rn:*ir.it, nf If
K*i/.?*?t with infl'ieii'i. lil)?'t.i'-i; i l??we Thrr.-it Mni'i?, Had
?on?! t, lliisi'ienrss. HI mi.? ?'??n., liillaiiiiiiitei!. i,( Iks io writ?
Moma?']-, ?Ullin I i-i '?? "' i ?? ??. at ?US cuni'. l?iiltuy, F?t?*jf
ami Air.i-, or writ.i Ni-. i. "Kit, Itt-a'srli , Ti? liilm. ii, Tastit?
s in*, f-.'j-tt Te. or wit!, j. lillias**. Pam bl ti.e l'a. k or K *i.u i
tiain.sr rrtXk Dkurt-e < i.i.h'i Merin ?. or l>- 11 t- r.- or wita
Hi nit, ?-valus, or nrin-ui. i,r ?lili blr?ii?, Cr.ii va. ra ^.iiauii.
Un- a, ,. I. atn.il of !'..*. I.V. .". Y < It i V!iY 11 ill ? V? ill i>?ra
jou ol ?I.t wortt Ol Ile??? SSniplSlalS ni a 'e'? ..oula.
im. wurt TiE(iiL\?iAi m\
ptrf-rtlr f?atele??, BtSMetl* t-tStatLlar Bks tars ti aft ?Ha.
oirtirt?ii tbeBtiiuiaci!,Mirer, bevela, '...?-..? ? -uiiraiia
ahaasae.bsBdscbe,eo**aU? M?>o. an?Uri-.???? .... *'k*a,dja
uasala. MU nu annas, lil Inn ?.-??r. in. ?-nu. ?i!" i ef t*te toVMU
tua. tji?i all ?I? i-iu-i ? ? j if the laisiasl i ? ara. ??u-raiiiaa
tot-Tei t aptititi?! i urs.
Priia 'ii t eula i?? 'job. y old. tr t)' nrirltti.
UK. RADW&Y at ( <?.. Si ItVaKKKN ST., V. Y.
Osaheaaatitf Maes' tail r. rTeata Rsai iflaaawasreehaB
0|m niiijra, ?satas t?ii
a.itl ?Itonlin-r at ? ?lii't.- r "t t:?iti.
Wood Shutters
Tu Nar.u'i? 1.1' ?'.- ol ?./ -? I. Ball ?n''' far 8 ? ? I ? Pi i.ste
lit nu ?. Mttfc-aa, tad ?-' li "T PBrUtlee? ' ' ?. ? stiotUrsSBj
t.' 11 ; Df tad i* ru'-? BO I .-?? ' I ?. ' .1. ? i? ???i-'li'it. atnt
nu ii"". ?? I mil ?'f i'ii.-r. 'II v see huid ti: i . i?-.ir?:,i1
anil .?re Iii?: UK- I '. Ml ? it I.Ai i *?T Ml i 1*1 KB? IM IHU
v.ni'.i.ii. Arcfitt'il to the new Trikeas Rall ?nar. Delsvsrs
a-il ll.ii^'ni ..;i...?l Bnl?lliltt? M.in'-a'taii hi il-nni?, 1,1 Sj
i.il.ra:> llml.u?-. liars trees f< r year* la ?ti ; .??? lu ertsrf
n?-.n.?n:il cit) fli.liijrln. it ! . ??, e, ad BIS i . .??'-t 1 \,y Ut
le* i'ifrsri limit*? nt f.' ?-? 1 ?I.
uniteaiiil l-s? tor?, -I-. vi ? -n Twenty^titb ?t, (few York,
lAMKH ?J U'll r-ilN. Mau:if. r,
?ii.i *t, i-oiitiuii. ru,?, Vus m, ..?.ii i, sa i ??;? :. Bj ??? , -o.
litGkell Vance & Co.,
KA? ? ; .vi 11 ni n? o??
Gas Fixtures,
Fine Clocks and Bronzes,
nigVti Priraium itti'l Vitlil iwa-t't-il by Am. I ? -t t-.ta
l.xi iii.(lou, is74.
Crj?,(^l, (?il?, Cioiize- and Deeor.tifd
lu ?iitalon Varttty, nt l.?>?V PHlfi:-?. ?-?u??-..?: li?, fit
loi till !'.( I'll*-, IIAI.I-?, BOTHA
1A?'1.1.I.I.V(>*4, *c
?Vo? 597 Kroadivvay, l\eia7-?orba
Centaiii'i r a (eisplsts Hal of .ni t'a tut-ti? in the Pitftta]
Mates tit I't-r?.lene?, an.! t?ie inmii nB.'f ?a ??t-?. batnaa a
pu|,'iil, ? . i-niti r t; a ? ,'i.(hi?Iu?-?i?i ?dh i?j ti i la ?I ? ??ntii?, lo.
g, t!i?/l i.llli ?' I L ?I ?? . f !',.- neti?p?,'i r . !,.i\ Iii ti.? l?lL??t
le. al ? ir. ..latien n.ii at V eiiao-?? BBtattt Aloa aiai.il itua
Ol lietAn!. i[i it uli!i li I.- trmiul ein It?I In aittt i il'-t r? as ali t
rrc-ire-t val le lu pro- i ;. -, t,i ? rit-ea c .iric 1. Also, l!ii.**a
iiayert ia t'n in te?! Hatea a?, i caasyta p; ?Uaa uni ."? um)
tolilsaei li Itsi-r. Al i, TI Hie iti'l.^'i.iii. Airii?'I' I'.tl, : ? 1--II
ti.'i Lint afecbani? i?, M?*sn*al, *tfm?in ?-, Itmnnl-, YAi.-.v. aal
? "inni-rci.il, i ii- ni t? i?, lt?iii 1 -tai?-, I s-?r, ?f-fi tt??,-. "itnn?. ti,
I Bablon, ami nile i si?, ? '..ii ?la? Join n.ilit. v r. ???" .,? >te list?.
tociTi.er vi uti a iin.i !.- .; liai ?f o.er eOO tl.-f waa BUfSff
|ini.i*?l in tin? i? i ititi ? tea. Al?, au raaaj np >ii ailv?rtli*tn?;;
in:iii) i.iliii mil lil- ??, i,' it. I"? ti.lol ??I,- :. n na ni van
en-? n wv BJ? i?, ei.ii i'v, iv"'lins wkk li B bei t .'. r !:i .?'. .w?
:;.li ????? i. i !...??*.'? itl... .V . "
uko. p. r.'VVKt i.tro,
41 I'aik ttm, New "ink.
ii i:
Al*.??. Ullei
O :l<4> .uni I rue I
?Bisa ti
I Al .t'A r*. K?, MOKmK .1 I ii , 4 4 Wim.I ?t? i .11.li. i,ylL
? \IllIIAM\-, Mi'.l?i: * . ti,.?li aii.l JJ.!'ii -ta , ! ?.i-v?l
I AlKT .tit? A d', ltd.' t ?0l Vi.,:i,-? j ??, -I. ICO.
>?A11UIAN 'li'Ml |i''i'Vhiv, s., || ?, . lax?, lal
Per tele bj i,-,?.?.?!^ iiBt\ivan>. e.<? i -.
a>?^^ P RfV.iNGTorj A SONS,
tr-ptaV*- ?" ? **?-* Jtelutm ?? ?: a
IltllliaiT. ' 'Ir '''^J>?^
lu? '- j., Y?<.? ^-^
,*1.fl":_ - -4" "o/"a7;..
f?l^-t?- .1 lil J' |1 I?', ?? " , .. - li .
ai? k ?las?, r-.?L.i?i, v i -tiiie't, ^-J'<-- -,. "'A/?- ?^
a? ?' BkUa li ' .? . ? I !?*?./ ';^,-?
IflBCliUkltiflc? ii! Arii'i', ?lirts, It Y. N '* aV"A
it. i Mea -ii ? .i ?-?.i kraal* ?r. ***???/
usnlan <*UI?as Qyi'i Elt's. Qaata **lett>-1 ?l ^*??
rri,-ij.'..ii.i.?. ???.??. In ??!'.?-? tr-vt.
^?i?.n ? i? iii?ii?,.?x*? ????....,-. ??in? m- ...i ii?t?a?t
ti ??-?...
hy mi. nr ?iprrt-?.
i>?n'??- . . 1 .a -?i , i at
S5 ?auan Si, K. ?.
ti/- I tn? ,.ar t ttsa-**kj?*?*sji, .4J

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