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V0LXXXV.W?* 10,700.
ggrggg Kt,000 BAIL-Mit. i ? ?hi?*- uti \i nuns?
AN AKC.IMINT II'ON* 1.1 (.AL Pl'lNTS ?___?_ D DT
T11K l'lll-ii\luV t OH N-l I..
[in ti i ? turn TO ruc fUMWI 1
Ii? pgAmtty, N. Y., Si?j?t. 21. EBi-f-_y after Ott open?
ing <?f the Criminel Term of the Sup. nor Cooli t liis
Horning. t'X-t '?illili (.'oilllllisMOIKM- A len. li.il'klel Wtt
MialgMi for conipiracy la IluiT.ilo, in N??vi tnber,
1874, a?kiet Dip sams nulii t -1 ?. ? ,t brca_fh. actinal
l.onl, Du\ i-, it'i'l ? tli.ts OB Tu? ?day. Mr. I'.:irkl?>
pliM.l.-.l "not (rtiiiiy." His i-<iiiti-?-l, F. Fish, in
?luiriMl if tlie ?panons indicted would ?be tri??1 scp
?_rit?-ly at Jointly. Diatriat-Attonajr Lockwood ro
piied that lie thoiu-ht they WOOld ho tried jointly,
but it waa ?i ti? atioa whi< h Um ro was no n? es-iiy
for rui-itii; until the case came on for trial? Mr.
Berkley's bail was lud at $".,0110, ami
riiarl.-s A. Donaldson of Fnltonville, N.
Y., wai a<?"i|it?-<l as his bondsman fur thai
amount, teat-tying (hat ho owned ral
m?ate in Fnltonville, in hi? owu name, worth l>o
Ixte* n 5-lu,000 and ?r?t?,0lX>, aud that ho owed no
(?i-o. D. Ixtrd, who wa9 .penally indicted for
btil.ery and was arraipned on Tuesday la.?<t, ami who
failed to appeal in court y?-Merday moaning, did not
arrive to-day until afternoon. At the opening
Of the af ternoou session of tho court ho v. as jut- cut,
accompanied hy his counsel, W. F. CotrBwill of
Bocbestar, and T.. C. Bpn_gne of tin- linn vi Spragne,
ii ?i1..un ?.V Bacon., this city, the latter of whom
han bren retained bino tho arrest. The taso
rame np on the Special pica m ule un?
it r tin? Btat-ito o? limitations hy the
defendant? Mi. CoRHWcll having anni.tinnd
that the] w?en mttlyto noosed with the argument,
the District Attorney said thal aa?waahe had been
Blue tot \aniiii? the cu.?-.', he I.?kI not ioinitl anything
wiiith was not embraced in the plea of "not guilty."
Hi?- question ol time was one which could onlj he
properly ?-??Urtaim-d upon the trial of tlio case, and
before tin-jury, instead of on a d?-niu rer before iho
court ; and he eoold therefore lee no reaaoo why he
Blioitld t.le a formal demurrer. The People were
n t?i\ lu try the case, and he _aw no occaaion for
de hil*.
Judge Cli ton thtraghl as Mr. Toni bad entered a
plea m " n ii i.-.ii'ty." accom] ai ?ed hy ? - pecio! pit a
i ander the atatuto of limitations, that the Dis
tu, i Aiiornei should now either file a demurrer ?M
ii re to strike oui the special rita, whereupon mo?
tton waa m conlingly made
Mr. Ci?k well thongbl ihe motion was equivalent
t.? ? ?demurrer. If the plea was frot?! it should .-Mt he
e;-i- kout, and ha was anxious io discuss the Quea
ttoo, whkh i??- ?regarded as of vital inter*
eui t?> tin- BC need. 'Ilia off.-n-o, he nid, i
a'l ged to have ?been committed in February,
ls7l. and oonsiated in r,-cci\ing a bribe to influence
thiic. uctoi the department, as a member of the
Legislature oi tbot year, in procuring the pa I
an ii t in Apr 1. 1-.71, for the relief of John Hand,
To t1 i the Department lins inte posed Um three
feats, statute ?of limitetiona. lletheu proceed? d to
?rite the statute of limitations, as contained in the
Ki", i ni BtatUtl and lawsof l?S60?tnd IsT.i. lii>
jx.iiit was thal tin- a.t of l?-?_-U, htiiv7 the o.io in
loree when it is alleged tho ?offense was
commit??-?!, is neceasarily the net whicb
regulates the time within whicb tho hidietment
nu.-?t bo found, ami th" att of In?? doe? not npi'ly
to mt? h offense. Ile then ptoeeeded to cite uuui'-r
SWS antboritiea in supportof his position, starting
with the a ttcn ?.t of the ?general proposition i?y
Jndge 1'?m??, m the ia.-e o? Sanford against Harrett,
2:th New-York, he commented on the case
of ?Dash Bgainsl Yanklt ? i ??, that it is a
piiiiiijile oi universa] Jurisprudence that all
laws ar?-? prospective and root retroactive
or in ether words, thal tiny r.ie t" 1?. eonstrned
aa furnishing s nile foi futur? cases only, unless they
aontain language unequivocally and oertainlj em?
bracing pasi transa lions. After many other rita*
ti.?: t, ri ? ?le to three eases in Um Court
of Chan? ? i... and one In the present Supreme Court
of ti?? m ?t of New-York j also, te ti?- cue of the
j.. again i Van Valkenburg, decided by Judge
Takott last November. 'Ibe claim waa then made
thai, ii tin- ii ii t .i tros constru? ti m of the fatuto,
ami n d??'? In fa r apply te past transactions, Um
law is lh. u (A p?et fut to and Void, for the n MOB that
?It pots the defendant in a dill'rent position with
retenue? to the offense with whieh bs is ebarged
than th?? law in existeoos at the time of the commis?
sion oi Um ??n we.
?Ia reply to the above, the position taken by the
r?istriet- \t* ?ii'i-.v waa, that the act of 1873, by
wbii h the time, during whicb -in Indictment i??r an
sffense other than murder could be brought, waa
utended from tabres to ii-.u years, took op all
sflensssjnat ia they existed at the time the a? t
became a laWi li" the three years had expired sines
tin ' ?.uni?., -.ion <?f the offense, then the crimino] had
b<-*Mi formten i?v Un? ?State, if the thies years bad
D?>i expired,the mt of l*?7:l took effect, and an
iiiiii? im? nt ? ?iiiiii he brought within tho time
ti?? ?.n m?i '?' ?'?? five y? iirs. Th" St:.to had not
and r.mid not make any contract w.th criminals
omi the erbnina] eould acquire no vested right, until
iha atatato of limitations had ex< opted bim from
punishment By Um act of I860, the Mate simply
saul, aft.-r three y? ar , if no1 indi? ti d, the offense it.
lorglvan; Iht until such Urns a* tho sffense Is foe.
given, he is liable to Indictment. The repealing ad
lakes the plan of the act repealed, in all se-petts,
aaless rights have become fixed and vested pri?irto
the rt pealing at !, '"?r are le - TVOd or e>.,', pted hy it.
Neither plaintiff's n??r de?sn?lant's counsel \y?_?
ready to f.n?,;-h the Court with luiiis bcfoio to?
Jodge ?Clinton said he sappoaed it waa ths d?sirs
if both parties to ths ??uit to dispose of theos ia
inickly aapossible If the briefs could be handed
bim to aietrow, be should ho ?ihl? to form a dei ided
?pinion upon the ijufhtiun at '-SM1o by next Tuesday
afternoon, at whicb time ho would render his de
ei-i'in. The court waa then adjourned until Monday
ffi??r-.in>r. when, it is confidently expected, the per?
sons implit at? ?I In the canal firiuiU upon the C'iinal
lli-partnu at will ho arrai_:iiod. The extra work in
the District-Attorney's office, on account of the
numerous ii.di? tinent? against persons implicated in
?Hie canal fraj ?Is, ha? occasioned some delay, as it
was not considered advisable to employ outuide a.
HBtau.e for suth work.
Washin-jtov, Sept. 24.?(iin. Jow-ph Mor?
ris of Burke County, Ga., ac?-ti-cil of havinp been the
???.?lia / of itae i,, .-i ot a ol Mltl'lie ???.?airpm, and of harlUK
taistik'-V-d ilieui to iimurrectlon, was oaptuted last Fri?
lay in Atlanta. Ile wu found In the office of I'nlted
?MbIM .District-Attorney Farrow, and ?lien an attempt
waa made by the police to _rr_. t him, he stepped into m
Blue loom fiti'l locked the d?xir. Bum? hour? lai?-r tine
Biierlff oilintKHl Into the room t li rou cb the tnt:i__n, mud
eeuuxt d hU ;in.-i.n? r Ile ?*-.??? lodged Io Jail.
8an Fkancisco, Sept. 24.?Th?: following are
de i_t?'.?t C.illforuia Board .jui't.iitnu.. Uplilt. IS%|
Ileiiean. lS'e; (iould A Curry, 17: Bent A Belcher,
gp\, Chonar Firtoal, g'A-a; Crown Folui.J2,4i Yellow
Jacket, bht?n- a! ?-li? ? '? iUKtil'lufetl. 17; limb lier, I-?'?.?;
?Oointi-iJ.daie^l \ irgiuiA. 211, Hierra Nevad?, lo'*; t ali
?oraia, bb*. ? Ovcriaaif it ; J u. _kc 'in.
Adbiax, Mich., Sept. 74.?The mwnt rams in
otto Mata mvrm mmmmn tin maula uren to a pej-f-Mllaa
that even the mont san-nilnc did tint anticipate. Bl?ty
?lay brlnir? targa loads of unexcelled fruit Into this
market I>u?'.nK the first two weeks of the
aBBSBB. 6>-t barrels were shipped to Other
market?, mid the supply ?Ml continues to
be large. The prisent trade 1? In the Kail fruit, no Win
ter varied'm bating been galhonsl ??!. Kr..m the ap
pearaaeea of tha orchard?, a mora H*-tl?e market In Fall
?tiple? is pretil- ted. i lu- rultnt pri?e i? now 99 a barral,
?hilo S. 25 and B_ .'?(?me talked of fur ?Aim-r apple?.
I'll?) apple? Illili' bet li ?lll(l|K'll lllllll.--l.4ti le ui?.n Iii Ipi
? i n und none ure being stored. The Brada i? also active
u oilier parta of the eoaatrjr.
MIL BEACH DEI ums THE nt AIRM \\'"-'II'\
fnr ti 11 "(Ktrn to Tirr TitmriR.I
Autant, Na V.. Sept. 34.?The nsw Democratic,
Slate Cimmitteo nu t in Parlor Ko.07 ?*f tli** I1 la
fan House this afternoon, und oig.Tiiiz.il k?n li A
iiii.Tiiitnity and hannon? which have besa nnsqaaled
in Deniocratic coiiii* ii?- for yearn All tho meiabciS
nero present exe? ?it I'raiicis Nolan. Janies S. Vu a
ton, DarinsOgdeo, and William li. Henderson, li.
K. ( i o?? li y uj*i?(-.ifi-tl for tlio latter. Kv-Licut.-(!ov.
Beach ICSno v? .1 IBB only mi SSioo for any (lisoiii'-l hy
very iiirjt?iH'.ly, ainl to S large hotly of the Couiiiiit
t.einen sonn n hat ukxik ? t.-illy, withdraiviin? all
pr? tensions lo Hie position of Chairman. Tins liieu
ti'iaiit-l?oviTTior has lu-en r-lightlycripple?] in tho
recent canal sU-Tni-hea, and it iva.? ??? nerally
thoupht that he would not ni.ike BS ? "fleet ive ?i Isadcr
tn tho occasioo r. i in .1. <)a this _t_connt.it is
believed that he woald havs been imnmaxily
dealt with if he had elton ?i to stand for the pines
a Kain. He, however, ehoas tin? viser ?-ourse, and
Daniel Ifsgone, jr., i?ho rcj.r. sentsths moat unbend?
ina hickory in the ?anal reform plank, aras anani?
iniiU*?ly tit 1I1-4I Chair.1 mi. 1!. K. Apirar Mas con
tititii'd a?* S; i r* t:iry. A Bambi t ol' candidates on the
Slate li. k. t v ere pre-enl at UM meeting. The seiti
iiient v.a-i nry lie.trl.v that there is nu donbt of a
victory for the Democratic ticket. The majority
WSS plnosd even higher than thai of las! year. l?ur
ingtlio evening tliu uit-uihei. attcu'led a iectption
at Hoy. lildetl's,
nn. hi?CB'1 mccuxATiOB?an exk?tuvk com
MTTTEB ait :\r: 1 IBVlTXn io OOV. li: I" "?'.-'.
Alba! v. \. V.. Sept. iii.?On the aast mblingof the
D?mocraties at? I omniittec here to-day, th< (Ion.
A. C. Beach stated that the first business v. ?mid be
to cie.-t s el?, li?tan, and ??? id :
1". n.iir nu- hi this .inn- lure to sar ti?it my pr?vate
affaira demand so mncb ol m? time and aMentlon thal it
ertll be Impossible for m -'. .. cent a r bit ti?m as C
man of the State Commit ee. 1 it rear, ss yon trill
n, oil? - r. 1 n lu Tit:''y t ? ?I. .he i ."u in t: ibtp, and unfor?
tunate,)'1 i.iM. I it Impossible to give ii th.nl per mai
attention involved in ithorouch and surce??ful conduct
nilli" cain in-. I shall also 1-, nu *a to in* ii t.Mt
attention this fall, and so, thanking yon, gen
of the C ramil . f* past h"'?:? snd ronflitoncrs,
I raspeetfuUy but positively d'iii e a *-" ort ion to the
1- Ion of (b.t'iTiiin. li?:.-. upou yon all, however, the
ii..-- -;-. for active, vigilant work -. : 'ball ol ti-- 1
1 m nt.?e ticket pal m i -ni ?1. an. n at Syr? u*-c. it is the
ticket of 'iiuia. . an in. uki as auch sha ?l I ire I 1
? support of Democrat? and alloth ? oppo ?Ho corrup?
tion lu anj i'l.iiu. The great und Important uti-r.ni
wl iib litio Iki 11 inau-iiratr d not only
reoive mr arana and earnest py moat :..??,
but iun?t _BTS lint cn?pt ration of PYOTT bon.-t
citizen, m order not only to secure the purlfl? a rant hu? ne
pu -, : \ allon of our Government, 8tati and F< dorai The
friends ol .?lrolnistratli nurity everywhere tbrou houl
th. Htatoahould milk- eutnuslastlcaiiy to the support ol
the movement. Wbilo, a? 1 have said, 1 ?""annul ki ve the
time to rt,.- eanvasi whl. 1. as Chairman, l should fcH
was demand d of me? I shall do ?ill In my power ia the
ranks to eleel ?o -...oil a ticket on bo exceUctai a platform.
EdwardCocpar moved that the Oommittec pr**
caed to elect ?1 ehaiiman, which was carried, and
Daniel Ilag-on-a, jr., wa? ananimoasij elected. On
motion of Mr. Fairchilit. E. K. Apsjar was appoint al
ptrman1 ml Be retary. Onaaotion of J. I'. Pearsall,
JMivard Cooj** r ivas appointed l'r.",?iir.r.
A letter wss received from CoL Pelton convoying
an invitation from Got. Tildi n to the ('oi.iriiittee to
? i .t him ut his mansion tni.-? evening, ?? in? b invita?
tii.? trasa .'i*t ? L
Mr. Fairchild moved ti at the Chair siipoinl an
Exe nive Committee o? -irte to take clu__a of the
approaching canvass. This ?vas ci'ned. snd the
(hut'appoint ithai (lowing: Allen ('. Beach, Jo?
seph Warren. Shinny I. Fairchild. Win. W. Gordon,
J. 11. Peataall, Waa. A. Fowl r. John Kelly, < 'Li.les
H.Ik-edict, Win. Pnrccll. On motion of Mr. Ap?
ear, the Chairaran <>f the State Committt ?
added aad made Chairman of tho _*__ecntive Com
ir ii te.-, cn mo i 'tief Mr. Apgar, I). 6. Lamont >>f
I 1 ndt County was mads clerk o? tia ..uu C'um
Mr. Fairchild moved that Albany b?l made thr?
hi'.'i'.'iiitnersot the Exe ativeCixamittee. Carried.
On motion of Mt. Apg .r, each member of the State
l 1 itt re ??as n in -lui tn rtaanme the reaponai
l* i : j of the iiiiir.". ? m.-nt ot the canvass in fa
tint, and run kt* prompt reports whenever called
apon by the Committee to do so? Adjo_.i-.ii da
thk (niiMniKi* unit Knit ATHonouon stpponi
i.i.tiir UBQIS1 111 rp:.
AlT'.anv, N. V., Sept. 24*?Tha D?mocratie State
finirai CommittSS have- iaaaed the follo??ing ad
diess *.
Dl-BOCntTK" BFri riTriNSTlTl.rilMMITTITF. ROilM?, I
Ai.l!\M,.N. V., Sept. _?!. IS7_" j
To the Citizentof Arir-1'orA* : Tlio l>cni(icratic-I/llKral
BepubUeaa star? ( cntr.il Coaamlttae invite you to a pat?
riotic and cot.-? u.al ?lutj. Tbe fiindaii ei.tal j*n:i. i
pi. ? of our tn * .i.'-r.ion n.-c.l nut bo iel.- -I
They are ea*SOdlad In the C m it ?tut ion of our
c.iiiiTTioTiivealtb, und In tb.it of tbe Federal r m
and eland iincb-illen "(I by our oppOBC?? a? tbe creed .>:
tbe true Amen? un. At tbe i.ic?-nt timo wo ritik your
attention to tbe tneTsuri-s, not only proposed, but in
?u t lal iiroirr. s?. Btaadtns on a platform of s oarreney
to be made nn '..''.oil a? gold, a'e point to iliniinisbin^ debt
and reduced taxation. StaadlBI flrrnlv t?y an Kxcntlve
arba has raaolntelj exposed aad la aysttanstk-lly panlsl -
Ine fraud and <*or.*uptlon, wo n?k for bim and Hie
orcaiii/.ition he repreeents praetteal aid. thai then may
l-e no fti'i* bark w11 I'd in Hie work uf rcferin. To tin? e:nl
it is of the first raportaaes thal same tad aptlghlsaes
?bau bo elected to the linglilataro. and that all assail
daSM fur mimn-inal and couily oHI-i-rs ?bal! be above
fc't^?ll^i>>n of i*errt(inal or offlcial crime. It Is not OBSBgh
tbat our etccll? nt state ticket be aaecaasfBL The cleans?
ing should pervade the. ??bule system of the body politic.
By tbe terms of tho call wbieb assembled this
Stale Convention, in conformity with the action of that
('(?nuntind, and speaklag la a reiirci-eut iii??- capacity
for tbe at?set- who el. cted (?ov. Tilden, ?ino rci'uf?irced
by many tb'iuiati'ls win* now lnd.-r-e his act?, we ,ip[?e.il
to the friends of u pars and ecounriiicai Govana? ul to
( ooparate lu this great political refiarraatlon For tbe
Committee. D. M.KJo.stJr., Chair?an.
K. K. Ai?.Ait, Beeretary.
nhBO-trnonn on inn ron: oiiFAT WA7KR Rorrrs
Cincinnati, Sept. 24.?In tlio National Ag?
ricultural Oingre*?, to-.L?y Mr. Bururell of Virginia, from
tbcCiiuiuiitte?! on Triiiisiiortatinn, reported rtvtiliition?
Cf_iniia.Mil.il? the completion of the four great water
rout?? eaasssendsd hy the Halted Mates kennte Commit?
tee, c?jie?Ti?lly Baa?aaa?_Bg Hie central rout?. After
aome ?liMeUfitltiii the rcMiliitli.ii? w? r?t u(l<*i*te,|.
Dr. J- M. (?letioi.k. RogSBl of tbe Illinois Inltitfrlal
C'jivei It?, deliver? d au able iddreas m Ihe re? ob?
sta, le* to ?Vii? lit.irai ?"ducalIon. l'rwf. Townshend of
the Ohio A|*TUTi'tiiial Coll?ge followed in a btuA addrtal,
st-ei.adiiiK lue iK*?i!ion of Ur. tiretfoiy.
The address of 1'rof. Abbott of tbe HMMgsn A?rU-ul
turiil follege waa j..?.?*?id l Itbool ic.?ling.
Vi. P. Burnell Balled up the resolution offered by Min
ye*te:ila.v on the ta"?a:i"ii i f Ich-? o. After au eitcridi-d
di*-eti*.?t..n bv Men-re Kllllbrew BBd Wortbin?rt?iii of Ten
in ?sre.'I.iwiihbiTtd. Millik?-ri, mu? luis of ?Jblo, uu.l liuu
can of lllii.M?. the? were iulupt? .1.
After brief aai.li .-j??? sud the pass:ige uf Hie usual oin
pMnieni.iiy resolutions, the Ci>iign?i ?4lJournoil io mriait
in I'lTla.b lj-iiii next j ear, ibe date to be fixed uy the
l.lei Hil?!* ( lill, lill! la I .
? letter was read f. um Mayor Johnston Inviting tbi
Cotitn-e. ra to meet ?aga?I at citielnnnfi. an?] e\pre?Ptnp
r.-i-ii t ut lil? bemg ?ii: :?i ?I?- tuite present A aomiiMU
-.liai y wa? VStSd Hi?' Kt< rclury for the foi tin ouiin?' yeal
i irrv-ForR A^orn-rios* nnrniuFn os* tuf rou
? THF. C_U_K-___ <)K hie TTIB rifffTTtttAr ah
MbWBUBOB, N. Y., T-ept. 21.?Tlie second day
Of the Yo.ihk MeuV ?'In l-li.tn Aiasnolatlon Matta l'on? ?ti?
ti.in 1i<?t_:in with a pray? r Her?ice led t?y Hie Kev. Gcoriro
A. Ball of Wa-aliimcton. 1). OL Aiikuik th????e participai inc
?ero .Tolm <'. Plena ??? Ursoll] n, win? 117 fOBIS aro e??ta'>
ii-ii? ii ni Landoa the Ui_t v?.un^ Men'e Christlaa ?Assaat?
In the l.n-ln.M swettag the foll?nInc offl?-er? were
?added to th ? erianliattoB : Fourth Vtee-Pmstdeat, (J. ii.
Mi-ta.y of Wat, rtffWfl ; Bet r. -I.irle-, II. A?'.? Hull ItroWUe
of Rochester ami Juni?'!? UcOonangh? of Hew-Y-ort.
?landtag Oeas-Btttsee won npi>ointe?l ou i: .ii: ? ??- Cr? -
dcnlials. Af-oi IbUSOS, utiil K'?"'iliitioim.
Tin report of tin- i-tute Km uti ve Committee wti* read,
_howta| iliat there are now M ASSSdsHsnS sa the roll in
lins Sate, two le?s than last year; there have been
?liopped from the list, AHiany, Aurora, limoklyn, K. 1>.
iiii..?.-., newtown. Norwich, PeekakQl, Turrviown, and
W?et)daportj and lhere lia??' been added,BnAuo, Friendly
Inn, <;l?-n c..v?-, M.it.? ?ran, FlahklU Landing, NurliiporL
l.??? beater, Rocnest? i c? mian, an?l Ti??,-.? <'?ture. In arm
cr.il citii-N the ?i-a?.nution,? have ix-.-n v? ry MieoeesfBi.
The ? ?.?ililli. ? r?-eoiii'iieinleil the np|itiititiiient ?if A
State S.i -n l.iry, lo ?devote ins tniiluul,-,! etr.nts tollu?
v?m w of organizing and strengthens : ?aasoctattons. Tes
expense Of SUCh an ?officer Would It?? *:l,?XM) \. iii v. The
recommi'tiilaiiou of the ?Committee ?rae dlaeoi ? ii at eotne
li-nirili, un?! t ??uti ?ii.itii'Ue :?? t?i?! aiiioiiiil ol ?pl,;iUO were.
Uiade for the ?.Iii?-, t.
iii, ir i ii.-! reported thal th? total rcrcW??_for the
fear were 91,181 IB, and 1 ie expenditures 11,157 l*?
Tbe afternoon prayer m-rxleo was led bj ?eo.W. Cobb
of Cleveland, Ohio, Ibe following question? were Otea
iliicuwaed : " The ?-advantage to a community of nu open
i i :?,? ni Christian rcaorl fur young men," and "Hob
eii.iil we use iin? Bible in Erang? llalli: ?roi !? arnon? young
m? n." 1). c. Wetmore of New-York, ii. H. Lloyd of ein
?uni,iii, the Rev. O. a. Hill of WaahinatoB, and i_?eo. li.
i? ria ??f V? inio'it m ide th? principal addresses.
Th.? ?v.-iiiiii.' scanlon ?as attended by a very large anot?
en? ??. The ?.???mci- ei.iii.ist.?ii of ? inl.ie readlna ??-??.?-?? i - ? -
conducted bl tbe Rev. Mr. Cameron, rutd a thanksgiving
m? ? im?; with brief ?-?ai? iin-nln of new innl encouraging
tee-area In Uts work of tas A ?soda-Ion during tbe jear<
Ulf HUTON, com?., rus n> WOHK ano ADJOITBHS
?J. 11. lll.VM II INVIIKD lo SI-MR -Taxi VF.AK
ChI?A?0O, B< F?t. Iii!.?In the North-W? -derri
Assoeiatiofl of |}nd<_rwr_tera to-day, mimerons report?
were read. Mr. Walker vin sppoiated o?! Rate tothe
Convention of Chief Eafiaeers. to beb? id in ?v-Y.uk
neil yeer. R. J. "-nulli n ad tbe reportd tbaOeounlttee,
who at i? ml? ?i the left Nat i nal OonvcntioB at Detroit li
\?us seeeptod and ord irod ?, Intod.
Tlie m-i.lonty of 1h.? ti[.o;is presented were snhtnl'tcil
wiibout reading? as many of ?the ni? inhere ewe desfsene
of leavinc e.nly for theil- hume?. Theos reporte WOW
chu Hy m.nie up uf Statistics ol iutiiraiite in the North
Westora States.
Ifr.Blood-sett offered a rrsolstlon, wbleb waa passed
BBaateoaaly,reqneettog Mr. J.B.Beaneit th,? tetesaa
underwriter, to deliver aa addreae at the nut ?sonnai
ino! m- on whatever subject bo might select Areeolu
i ..n m. itii i- ih? t.? ii? nil Agents ??tul officer? of Lbeeotn
i i.. i ? i'?i.i? ii'iii'.i m moersof thli A^",n i tlootoal
lend ihi next ti. iii,ir vas t??rri.d. Mr. Fox otici.d
the foiioii in_ t solution :
'ih.it this Association appoint aeonn Ittee to prepare
a memorial t<? thi l.? ?gUl ?turen o' the ?rarious KUilea,
urjuic tin ? nat l,ut in ul tu? li bBiidillf law? uc the public
good demands.
I'mlei the ruh s this resolut ion was rt f< md to a com
BL ixmi- wsa died se the place of nexl mectl-ic
The President waa n , -i? iin ? ast the ballot of the
Association for the ???iii.i- nonduated yeeterd :, with
tbe exception of Mr. iii?,? ii ?n. whose o ino *.?? wiih
lil .?'M? ?>!! al? ll'alUt ' i? l-lU.lK.ll Olljl Cti.lll.
Ailjouri.t ti tim Ate.
A YMiFVT pi!<iTTc-r .ir,Ais>?'r TIRLDIira nv tBR
WKAVBRB- raOBABU l.t li n.V To W??I!K OX
MOKUAT, Ni \ 1 h. m M--.
F.\11. I'im.i:, Mae?., Stpt. 24.?A full vuct
it.fr of wiiiii-m Mas h? k1 Inn: lo-nighl lo take mtnm
upon the ri'ii'ii.-j of agreement which the Bttlewaen
hare adept ?d .?* a be ia i?.r their returning to worit,
making the eignlng <?f them s rendition preeedcnl
thereto. Bpeeehee were made severel)? denonnclag
iiii-m tiun of iii?; nu..ni'.K im? r,?. Bestdntiona were
P -til ?Velaiing the ?reavei- ?renld n? i?-r aij-'ti.
They resolved to presen! themselves ,it their mepeetive
nuil?, on .?loiiiiay, ian im: io u" to work if the usue of
ml'.uni' waa brent I upon them. Pha mule wUiopeaon
M iday.aiKiit i? ii?lii\??l, ntitBllbKtjndIng ibe a t
of ii me im-', ila! .- li -i? number will bign, ibty
bel.'g lu a destitute roaditton.
SlltAISO, Alini.S'S ey CO.
ITATRMRSn of runt, aitai?s->|600,000 only roi:
Baltimore, Sept. 24.?It in ?stated tlutf tim
ei.tiiioit ef Stirling, Ab ns a c<>. have genarallj ii?tn ?l
the agreement m eoBneetioo -.?ith the aneignmrnl o?
Enocb Pratl aod Robert T. iiuiiii? la as trust?es. An es
in! t of tin- ? birsol the (inn ?redases the? Bwsted rains
of the assets $000,000. As Calvert Ooapaagr ara to be
paid >r?'?,ii.it) .1 full t.rii .ilion ??f their etshn f??r
11,042/100. Tbestatsmebl made tu tho creilitorhisa?
Total Babmtle? ... .S4.7P2.ooo
I,-, taiintiiil by l0?!"l -??till 'It ?if lltlt? I? tit Onlvi rt
? ??ii.l'.iiiv. . . 1,300,000
I., M aiiiuiiul to tlitt ?iiiiii o' Th? itltiii'AI,r,.iiH, iio
,11?.?;. iM.Ono
Net Uni litu ?. ?l!,46.-,OUO
Dednct amount of llabllitit n. the Calverl Ragai
UeBaiaf Oomyaaj. i.ot'-'.ooo
Ami the haliilitie?! are.*'.?.41t1,000
Of IIiIh iii'-ii mu nee iii i??l_. l,7?i.?,nt)0
L n? '.util. 7H.0IJU
fetal aaaeta aa pot aUtemeni .?t.il'.'.OOO
; .mu ??t not?-?? ??i Calvert -Coaaany. inrimk-ii
in Mab?itiSS __ l?Uur-.U. l,:ioo,ouo
n?vlfit-i ]i.?liiltt|." ^eeiinil uml liy-jKittu-i^?lion nf mi r
chaUalt-u and paper. 1,70.1,000
n.ilanre aT>]?l?table to nn?e.-iin-?l mtiilltle?? $1,407,000
Dedarl a-oooni tamponi lo bo paid lo truatore oi
tiie cei?rert Oes?ssay in full for _i,04-J,uuo. ?180,000
lli'-i-ne of. . 1057,000
i fly p- i i? nt of ;iu? ni.?? ' ?.i? ?l '??!..: ($711.000). 307,?HHJ
Il.ilanre to rover lowtes and n?-cr valuation .... *)KH?,000
If anything ia axxed. out of Un_ ^t.oo.onij it la lo ge lo
the 1,1-ii? ml trctiilor?.
A report was .urn nt on Wall-st. y(stenlay
that K? itiiifc-li.un ? OaSBpheQ, lar?fe BZatrtSTB, of Ixtnilon
hail lulled. J. Base A Co. of No. 17 botitb William M ,
formerly the New-York repr?sentatives of the hotiae, Mihi
that no iiiiMn? -?? flrina m tin- United Hutea would nuffer.
The enitiarrtwied hotm? ejported petroleum, rosin and
naval atorea to the tluci Imllea, Himln, and l'i titrai
America. They gave 1 iib credit?, ami uro now mooting
vith p?ior return?. Two of the linn ero out colh-ctlii?;
.it the ?ires? ut time, one in hpain and the other in
Central America. The a_i_et.>< mu? liahililies areuukuuwn.
The Hon. Albert W. Markley, well known
throughout the country from bia connection witta the
Camden and Amboy Kailroad and other ? nt.-i prta?-?., baa
t" ? n al??eni from bia bom? la ?LiAinden, N. J., alxioa 8
o'clock Thursday morning It waa at tit?t luppoeed be
bad vlaite<l Port Monta on buaiiieM, but it baa ?mee been
_*certa1r?ed that he did not ?to there. Very niu.-h anxt
. t> ia felt at Ina atraiiiri? ni.-, m e, m it la hellt-', ?d thal
nome r*ccident bas befallen bim.
St. Lons, Mo., S<pt. 21.?R. K. Turner.
who baa kSMSBS uotorloua a* m forger of de? da, wm
taken from l?ulucy, III., ye?terday, to California, Mo.,
on a reijui-ition 1MB*i??v. Matdin. II?? m rimi?.-. ?I with
forging _* ?le<-l to a pi'ee of land worth ggOJOOO, two
wi?i?a uko- Btarttlag eevslopasetswill bt> m*dc ai hu
trial, ??*hi h will u>-in in ?I Monday.
TAKEN F-t'iM Till; WKI.K. DF.tD.
Pprinofiei.d, Ma-??., Sept. 24.?The dead
body of Ia _t?-r Sykca waa? tuken iroiu I1?? well to-day In
West ?Springfield. He wa? i ntouilxtd ut II o't lork We.luea
iluy afternoon. Ile oiirvived at 'h a-i 'li boura, bul coulii
not he reacbod in tea ??m to ?ave bin life.
?BOOTON. Sept. 2I.-A. C. Thiaki wafl fatallv
wounilad at Konail to-day by iii. aoritlaatal ?li?clnu_. ?f bia
-?noons his siiuasBon inn p__ns_n_nri*s ans?
ll-IY Tu 1I1VK 111? HOI ;>L IN OnOgB Bti OHK
oonoanas mkkts.
[hy TKircnirn to mr IBlBUBn.]
WalSWnrorOB, S? pt. 24.?The qnSStJon under ron
sideratton by the President and bis ('?il.iuet, toinli
irif? the Interior Dapa_ta_snt, ia no longer whether
Screlary D* lunn ?hall resign, hut who shall be his
suecevkor. A? long ago as last April Mr. Delano was j
given to understand that his l-Si_r___tiotl was '
S Hit- d, nn.l the (?lange would have been made then
lia?! it not been for ?onie deine in lixing npnn a sne? ,
t.- -or. The riciib nt ??a*, ?tiotigly in. lined to ap
point the Into Henry T? Blow, (?ens. BadMOch and ;
Postor d? ?'.led ihe iir.niioti.iii of Gen. Coi?? n, ami
the ssnsn_nant picnnrintion of lung tatereets, i
and they Heeiired a p?i?!t*oncinou. until ?ilt??r j
tho Lexington Centennial. 'J hen, 'lint lui?-'
1'nb puiiiished nhsto??ally thass facts, anti I
the announcement wa? folloived up with 1
SJ^h ugly exposure? of the joh*, in which iiiemhers
of Mr. 1 It* la?o'? family were Interested, act rompanlad
with evidence of tho Secretary's knowledge, if not
a|i|>rovi>.l and partidpatioB, that the President
thought himself forced to fall back on his ii all?
known principle, not to r? move an .?tlner, or permit
bim to re-ir.ii while tinder tire The ? annonade was
kept ip nil ."-'iiiniiier ln'ig. 1'i.if. Mar-ai'? SOOUSatiO?.
following other evidence. Th? targets were so con?
spicuous that tin- ?-bot did wonderful sxecntioB. At
9Still later period in tin? Surii'iier, tho PreaidOBt,
irvUing impatient, eon v. y edie Mr. Delano his *[. ire
that lu-should retire at OMS? The Been tary then
went to Long Iiiauch, and nprt sent<d his case to
(?.n. (?rant in such a light, that the matter ???is
again p?*?-t i.?ni???i tim ii the Bed Cloud Commiawion
ihoald repot i.
Tho _*_c_dent's nrixi* tv to get sid of Ifr. Delano,
who, until a* few months ?it-">, was Htppooed to he
one of his favorite ministers, needs explanation. Ii
is believed that Gea. Or.mt ha, he onto tired of tlio
constant critici-Tns of ilio Independent pn*?.s npoo
his ?idministialion, and that about the tiaseCon*
press adjourne?! last Marco ho ?let<!iii_in.?l to iel his
house in order by gelling Into hte cabinet, in tho
placad those mool open to attack, men ??ho would
eomniand tbe ?reapeet of tho whole country, and
thus spike ;!?.? "um not only of (lu? prest bul slsoof
tho Opposition in tho next Hob .* of Bepre rota?
tives? To accomplish Ibis the most obvious tb
do ???is te) pet rid if Mr. Delano, and ?lie rea ?ou.? which
existed then exist now with much greater force as
the lime for tho .nesting ol' Congn h draws near.
Ii has then fon- been considered advisable, In view
of all the ein unistanct s. and eon-id. ring tin* tem?
pered the co in. try, that Mr. Delano should retire
as early as possible, The Pisnidant has selected,
??rh tile aid ?*f -ti*-ti sdvlsi ??-i- 9X0 left him, the 1 ,:
Of Oeiol.tr .ii the lime w hen the S**. retar] .-ii ?iii SOT?
retiiler the robes of the oHire, winch has . innir to bim
willi M much Suspicion for the jm?! ?i?e years? It :.-?
quita weil known that iiie I'd (loud Indian Con>
iiii-..-it?u-1's, even ?f they admit the exi?tenca of any
_rregnlarities, will hold Mi. 1)> Lui'? guiltless of any
participa-lion, inter, it,01 knowledge i:i ol' (I* any
traadi commit led in tho Indian service, The i- -porl
of the ('?mimi--?(?ncr?! ???Hielt bemads until after
tin- .itirof October, anti in the meantime the ?*. ___?
tary may retire tvith perhaps nu tit t propriety, than
at a su!.?e.punt period. Jual now the newapapem
sie comparatively quiet, no doubt waiting for the
In pott?, i' the Comrtiasionera, to ??* ?if tiny have
treated th.- [ndian Irsnanrtinns and Mr. Delano's ie
lation with iii.-m with entire Cairn?rea.
In view of these facts, it becomes nee ssarytlint
the President shoold select at once a am .?? i -or. It
ia aadcrstood that he baa rmbmittod the following
n.it'ies. aiiion_',othtTs, t..r the eonalderation ol' the
members of his Cabinet, namely : _x_eustor Jnhn
s. ?.it and Wt.? ne M."\ eagh o'" Pennsylvania-, Judge
Taft of obi*', ex-8enator Pratt ?.f Indians snd Ja
Iin li Jonca of IUinois. A meeting ol three mem?
bers of the Cabinet--Mcasrs. Fish, Bristow and
Jewell?waa held today to conf ron the subject al
aliiiiit noon ni the State Department. The reaultof
the minference ia not known, but the ehanees are
that one of the gentlt men fruin Pennsylvania, prob?
ablj Mr. ."?* ni i, ?? ill he tin.sen Cor the portfolio soon
to he lell!li|-,ll-hi(l hy Mr. i?i*!.iliii. li Mr, Ski,;
?hotlld n"r ai'" pt, ona of tin* oilier? namul will !
?probably he appointed.
Till*. in-II.HT (.(?VF.IiNMr.N'T.
ii... : si>. og ni*, m pam uns i mami.kvk.nt? i
Laen ok row i:k ol' TBS io? run! Uta--Bl roii'i
[rpn?i *s in * -stout connanoxoBBT or tuf. remrnrc.1
\V \sni\?;ro\, BepC 24*?Considerable interest
i? ln.ti.n.-ti-i boro bri the-aeaaaresrceeatly adopted 1 ?j
i he District i oauaMsloaers io...,in>,' to a thorough re?
vision of and refurni in Um existing method., of eoadni t
iii^? iin local goverau?set aad i,* ??,* as tia? aeeoonts ot tim
hann?. Au taapress?ti pre?.nis ..tiiui aasaralljr t'.at the
same looocaoai aad i?ai;! <>f *iateta ??lu. h ehairactei ?ed
tho operattoes of Um Board ol Pabtk Works existed m
the Other dcpai llliaall of the Distri? t (???ke.-niietit. <'i:i
/ens are waiting with sunni anxiety UM SppearsBOS of
the fOctheoasiag rei.ort to CeagN?I of tin* Board of ,
An.hi, winch, it is expeeted, win eallghten them oa tbo i
past -BaaageoMat and the pn-.t-nt ti.iiilitiuu uf Hu-Dis?
trict tlimi'ces.
On inquiry cnnccinlii- the kfaefectS allege- to exist In I
the pr.-em system, I am told t'..!t the i*ti?, ?i s of the
District ci.viiTi.in nr In respect to its laaaees are loo '
mu? U di?T.Iel lind dil-ted lo secure proper edie!?-ney and I
napnaailillllj In the administration of them. ItUtra*, j
that the Iiistili't lins a Controller, hut Ma titi?- run?eys a
very Imperfect Idea of his fuii'itons and duties. The
in. -nt in? .'mt..Tit of tint ottttc is a very worthy nnd
capable man, lint ?ii? time bein,; largely occupii ?l by the
m .'.Tia - l.ie'tt nf ..ne of the .itk banka, of trhlchbels
presld cat, he te probably the i??.t man to ask tor or de?
sire any addttiea to lils present official duties, tutead
of being ttn> rccoirni/eii head of the Baaneial affaira,
a? hi? official de-iiniatinn baptice, he in tsct controls
nothing and nobody beyond IBS four or live clerk! in his
own (.'fire, ile is without authority te Inaperl these
to'in:? ?*f th.* other Msitet off-Mala. or to preserlb? the
form? for keeping or ??rendering their seconnta. Under
the presen) qratem it la understood that no asmante ara
kept tik the ?ontroller with the i Olle? loi? of Hex. ? and
A??, ?u ' nt?, and no retaraaare orada to lum bv either of
tin,.' ??it'll lalsot their dallr collect ?on? bajroBd iiiinir in in?
ofii.e the Treitiiirci'? receipt? for tli? meneys nala over.
For anything the (__trolier baa to ahow, the Collet tors
mav r?tala .. pettioa of their ealleotlona for loni? or short
pel Kid?, f?ir u r? lu their lui vat ?j billillie*?, a? wa* reported
tn ha? e i?-. n ?lune not bag aga hy a tanner ('(.Hector ia
the etty of iirooklyn. a? OtnraiBss will won ha railed
upon to eetab??i a _ro*rera_teal fur the D?trlet, it i* <>?>
viously a Mailes of gre u t importun? e to liave the jito
vitiou? itlatiuif to Its fltianrcs can fu'Iv considered and
M.*. ??.?I out i-efur? ?illili, .-n un ta avalo the beata which
too often un?!.e. icruce tilt: leioslullun iLiating to It.
Waisnwo-rOK. rrldsy, Sept. 24,197S.
The Prehident has m.ido the following ap
poiutiu? ntl : < Tim !??? Harlin?; of Maines.-.ta, n,-ent for
the In*:..-ni? uf the Berthold Agency, U?kota Territory;
Alexander (J. Irvine of Illinois, Bg?nt for the Indians of
the Na .?jo Ageucj in New-Mexico; .lol.n V. Wildman,
Oattsetal of luterual Kevenne, for the district foituetl hy
Miiiei?i. the 1 i'lli ami 1.?e\e,iili ilitti ,i'.a of Indians, to
be kno?. a us thu Ki?--.? ti'.ti distri? t of that .?tate.
Hil;! I*;*.' MA Hart.
The bUnn inn ?-liaiiifes hiivo been? made in
the tue-of Hiu dip-iiture ?rom NewYoik of fcUjunier?
wit li fi.i ?Ir a mail? : Tbe st* um- r Kin?, instead uf Hie
Ht(?ainer Atlas, a ill leave tin the WhthSt for Ki!iK?ton
and New ilrans'la; and the Atlas will leave on the -Jth
iQsl. With tUe III..11* for lill*? ti mu;,
The hail of Uttin&ti, tin- coiifcdi'i.iUi of Brown
and HalMChi tU? Tr? i?ury robtier?, wa? reduc.iA from
?fto,(M>o ?(.vJ.".,0?joto.|a.?. Ju.lae MeArihui ?aid that if
( Jil nnii: 1.1,*?. ? nuikt.le to _1k? that antoutit of ball, he
ar.ll te? ure fur lum an early trial.
Ithaca,. N. Y., Kept. 24.?D. J. Tompkins
el Treatoa, B. Y., paduaM of the Clara et 1X7&. baa
besnapp ?Intederator to represen! cornell University in
the Da-it tatcreoU<egtate < ontest?
a Rt'sn oa roan raocaam nanoaa-knott a
Cincinnati, Sept. 24.?Th? attandaaca at
the Exposition to .1 ty was nearly forty thoiiaand. the at
tra? lion being .1 ?rantl flora! display, three, thousand
S'i'jaro fret wire ne opted with beaiilifnl doslgBS in
Boral work ami < ni Howers. The liri ?glan I premt'im ?>f
HOO forth? best i:?n?-:ildi)>p'ay wa? awarded to Thomas
KiH'tt i pon ot tirs etty, their Boral wirk beleg emblems
ol .i., i ?i tura) In len ni?. Among the llaniay were B
fountain nearly eight feel hi_;i', an l- llghl chaudeller, a
Urge U li..uni a globe. For the i.r.si di.i'lay of Ihe
greatest number of vsrlotlee of cut flowers, iii?' (i i?t
preiiiiimi ??f >i'xi - ?i? awarded ?to Tames Vi?k <?f Bootu g.
t?r, N. V . whoau diNj.liiy coi? red ucaily ouc third of tbu
satire ?paco. _ ?
Yi-.ileriliy iva?i til? tloaiftg day ol the Fair of
Ike Rsw-Jsrssy ?Mats igihiaHiiial Bee?ss/at Waverly,
N. J. Abott ^.?TOO people wt;-e pr.sent. Al _:H0 p. in.
th. risltors a--? tnl'l? ?1 in tho horticultural tent, wh?n
Amos Clark, Jr., inti.i lui ed tho ll-.u. li. M. BobSSOn,
'i ? t iry of the Nay, who d' li?? red an addr.os, of
which toe following ni a Miliuna ry :
?um i ? mia or IBI SOCIBTl am? PbUOW CiTtzrisnr
Ni n ii u-i r : Oar boantifnl and growing Htate bia fair
Intlex und Illustration of ih-t ?rowin of oui national Ufe.
i Nowhere ia better shown the effect ?of liberal Institutions
upon the -pim ann de.nlopment of national character;
? nowhere li niora clearly Illustrated bow Industry pro
i duoea wealth, and how Inl lilgtroce follows In the treln of
; ?i iterprise, and ??? tin b y of our community retains
j ti;e an? at ral Id as to a degree onlj po Ibletoane? en
1 ttally agricultura people. I'he Influence of the Society
I uhii-ii. .i iiiiiiiiiniin.; unit (fro wing stronger ai reara roll
1 on, acting and reacting fcomuii?t upon the e? utitueiit of
j the Htate, hue llb-erallsed and elevated Ibe lose of that
?entimenl in? ir. Tbebnowledg- and information aecit
mulated in these ? xbibittous a* appUe i aud transmitted
through these ?? bliahed chano , m tea an influence,
healthy and oriranlzed Sow steadily in Increasing voiouio
?,, u, n -.. tit ,?i tin? Htate
I have -a*?! thal association ten?U to Ubi raliM and el?v
v i-?? tin to!!,- ??: .??? u ty it !., i?i leed a truth J tal ni? ?l by
? the observation of every thoughtful, and the experience
! .?r ??very m i iv man. that the plane ol aseoctatoo effort Is
. . in n? s,', It, mt re dis nie i --?I an I liberal In ni
j tone than that which la exhibited In the ?.nalltj or indi?
vidual endeavor and sooomplishmsnt, A crowd always
eeems to present an aggregate of sentimenl higher sad
: moregenenma. If net mon iniciltscnt, ih.m belongs i?>
I tbe average individuals viiio compose It The piiuury
j ot.ja <?! ?ii mun'* lue s em ?a to he t? completo hie Blast? r?,
overall the elementa of that entrene In which Qod but
! piaeeii him. It acetas aa If we wen placed hen prim i
ily ta? m luce iii. i at" 'i and it? el? in? nts, ai Imate and In?
animate, to the control of sentient purpoa .acting under
i,i- No ? urn moat powerful physical or
? 11 ii ; - ?.ti arnon ::?:??, i ia i ne, the
study ol which c?nica within tbe icope of your <!??
sign. I refer ti? the effect ol climate iii>on the ?people.
Tni character ol .??. ;1 and i.i?-.d eommunitlea Is
molded h> tht ima influences trader which tbei exist
iii triumphs of agriculture are the trinmpha of everj
ki lenco. Lit '. g aud A rnnia in only Ino t??-rvanta of
agriculture and i te Eeaoben of her principlsa. Toe
i ian 1st, ti. list, the ilatorlan, and the poet?yee
lit' poet, v. ii,, (?ii .11 deny his yu:, r ! Be Bol ?li.-ln
If you m el with obstacles, nor cast down by difficulties.
i ? ?- -'.??? ,.,,?!.:i"i, to wait- these ara the
conditions of everj large sue? es. Taha* heart in the s -
bill j "I your go ?t ?-.mii; to enrich tho ?storehouse of
Lui .m knowledge?, to Increase the emu oi
human I rbls ia a criti Ion of good, and to do
t. dieu? lo. Kopo crean debase, no di umstaucea
ii.i ?-.!? b ii ; no ."?? '?ti dim the lu ? sr of ii"? dory, lis
realm can ot be belli within myentioi . litre, ii
i, ih? broad demain ??r human feeling; ita throne ia
erected within that groat metrop ?li,, < i>?u nunan hca.t.
Atibe close of the address, Presldsat ?Clark read the
list of premiums awarded. Por-taillons, the lir.-t pre?
mium, f 10, wae swarded to B. if- J ?i? ip-_- ? tRahway; 'or
i ? ws two years old and under three, the first premium
e .? in ,?l il to A. B. Darling of Baa ey'e -totion* tor
.v raised bj owner, the lint pi mima waa taken
by J. li. Kilburn of Ni v, ark ; ?ibe tir-.t premium (or maree
Baaawardedto V.B.Darling of Bamaey'a ?ii don,and
the ort iii; in lor mu!. -, to J. Van Katlerof < ?It'.-: Beek,
? el .. a during the al moon was bo! very
sueca , ?r after ascending about 60 feet, ProC. Flsber
??a a trap? so bar, it casas ?? ia n to ia- p sand, telle
, ig upon Hi- - de Then ni te tour reece d iring the day.
I'be first waa for a pune of $300. I ;? hoi - thal had
not beat? n '.':_??. iii? beats \. ? re trott? I, three of v. tu, h
and the i ice wen i??"i t>> Willam l innert Ooroner
' k . . '.- ? j -. .. i i m i.., t,,,? nu!,?, being ii ii i- ino
? next race wa forapune of tl'io, o\'-n u> alL it ?was
-.vu.i ni- j. [?striding'? J, m ii???, ? i ?trotted three
.?i; i-ht beats, i?"- nuil- being -:?!- '-j -.;:???. ?n?1 Ui.ci.
i hi n i ?a m ;; mil? dash I ?i -: ??? i, itwe. n tb? i?l.? ?? v iuei?.
; -?I md I ? haj ian el . or, i lil h was won by the
i-' - "7. 11.. ? u ? lgg*S Doll
..?I.ii i.-'i? 'If ?1.1 I, I??, 11 I'll ?? Of .-I Uti. 1/JU UlOU
,i iii ?cai < ?and i i ? .? ? u ?- - ii ' .'. ? . i.
Barook, lie., ?Sept. 24.?The Committee of
Investigation oa the oondltloa of iii?- Baropean and
North tmerican Ballway held ameettngheray
They propose to i II a meeting ol the creditors fn I i
ti,,i. in t.,?. ] lie Con .H.iit ?i i? I cunnii nt that limy can
present ?u? h s pi-n at ihe enditare will accept?
I.tti i-vii.i.r., Ky., Sept? -1? 'I'll?' estimated
taxaccruiagto Pennnaaee ?frasethal Stote'ssi cesmaet
of tits LotUsrUle and Great ?Sontbom Rallntad will bo
Baltimore, Md., s ??t. iii.?.Mi*. Hogan ob?
tained a verdict oi - .?"?i ?.i-i ii o i '...'?? i ad and
Pennsylvania Bailraed Oosspaay ou Wsdneeday for
tl;?iii:ii,-.?H tor lb?' kill Bg of tho huih.m?! o.' plBlntlffby tho
explosion of _? toeoatotive.
ii:i:?.,i?t kau:- TO CHICAGO.
CniCAGOi Bi pt? 21.?At a meeting of the
gem ..ii tri ighl sg ui? of tbe Kastern line? in ?this etty to
?i.i\, it was resolved to sdbere pestti?rely to ra?ca on a
basis of 80 esnts sa fourth sisas psvlOOpoaads, from
Chicago to New-Yorh. and eqnivaleat rnt?-?t to ?stber
poluta. It Is also uutlct ? nsidenUon to make a tariff tn
ii!.''til., t on tim 1st of October, ai Cellows: l-'o-inh
class, 35 ??( .tis; -ufa, lit? iiiiiih; box ni .1 I, io ct-ioa ;
bulk meats, 1") ? .1 -: .??!-. 3 ? ? tuts i? rlOOpoumU,
a_td70e<;nts ]?ar barral on Hour from caiosgo toNew?
\..i... .vi1.1 in. regul f dill ranon to all otuer ?ioiuii?.
iiHi?- will also be a relative ?ad ia??' ?from It. Louis and
other souaharu pel its, taking eil? ? t on 1 _.. baui?, day.
Ill F NATIOSAL cl.s TiiSS I ti.
WlLKESBABBK, i'liin., Sept, 2 t.?.V nu?, tin??
of i>ro?ii:i;-iit genileaaea of Lnseras Comtywaa in ii
hero today, u, ?ria.? t an organisation for the eoOoetlon of
tb?? iiuntii of tin? ?ntiiity for 1 ho C nt.'imial Exhibition.
i:i-iio\. v.'-iii 1 addressed Uma_ee_lBg.sai larfe ?ub
bciiptioua to the stottk WOTS mud?.-.
a untara n paris n aid of the ezbdo?
PlIII.ADF.IJHIA, Pt pt. lil.?A ?'able ?ii-patoli
to the liirct tor-iit-ni?t:il of the Int. 1 national Imbibition
aaaaaneee that sa Important ntccting of ??iti/.cu? jt runs
this morning w10 muti? lilly jirmioto ih .-.??? .1 ?t ibu
Centennial. _________________
Washington, Sept. 21.?The net of March 2,
1*07, exrmptcd weiss bt-cr fr. m taxation, becntiae it
contained b-ss than il'-a i?cr cent of alcoliol. It was
tia-Kcd wltb roait or other mi. ill bci-rs. This
claasiflcation cnntlnm>d until ttAmmtf. lulo,
?hen, the exemiitlon biing omittiyl In tbe
ItcviM-d Statute??, welaa l*cr wa? cln?i??-d m fer
iii? iit?-?l.laiiuor. in aa,-or.lance with th ? darlltoii.
j.roceediu?a wcrc l?ri).i_ht iiijaiust the i.ianuf.ii-'.ircia in
i'hlladelpbia. lix-? ouitrc-oatiiaii Mya-r? appa ar?r?l before
Oouimlselonsr l'ratt to-da>, arguing thai wr*ss ho??r
w.vb not a bneented Ihteor, ilmllar to ?ale and lanar bc?-r,
aii'l that to Ux it Wi .iii lu- ? t.nu-arj- te the int?"tit of the
law and ilonrlra Ibu amsafmilm root all ti.? h |!"tir.
The ? oiuiui.i_ioii.-i hehle Hie nan und' r i??iiM,leraiiou.
Ha .?.iiiiii ? t_mt theleevlag?set si the ?.xoiniiuoa ciuu^e
?am aa ut iii.-m..
St. LoUUh Bipfc 24.?The ciiwi of Ailler &
Co. of ht Joat-ph, Ma.., who are , har^od ?Aitli etu|>tyliig
certain barr?la of whisky w?fhont ciui? t ?::ig tlte
staitii??, ?canto up ye-.ter,iay in tlie Ut?tl???l BtaOe
DlHtrlct i <?urt at Jefferson city, (?tate a num?
ber of wttu.iv? were cr uri-i g, The tSSStSSSOf
ibewed tiukt ai.oui 11 o ti.iuiin i hat ivi?a of epirtta ri?
eslvsd fiom Baeaaaa A.Boa's disiiilery wera emidiMat
Ailier ?V i o.i. m i'tirilu.>;l.oiiae,nnilsiiijp barrels, retumint
lo the dlstUW} wltliili?? htamjia mt .ni? ."led, wen? re
lUsdwIU Ninnis and agata M-d_r__h the old stamps
.Hum ih. in. Mi.i- deinttidiug tbe Oovcmuient out of aboat
sight Uiiraaa.id doilara.
ran rninsi /ii:ki> at th*-* man on 7JRRR Mrs?
two IOWBS lu ni. ai i a? :. i:i> nr? ?t-i.ttsB
MIM.It.K.s Mill TO 111. 1'tlt wai:.
Hntrsniim. ?-t; lay-, ????pt. 21 i?*-'-..
News received from Mavonic sonre? ?. ann?.um a
that the force*? under the piicat. Zarko han* bOSH in
creased to 7,OHO. These have been 'li? ided into IsM
corps, and are ?hunt to attcTi.pt the i.ip;nre o|
Bjenitza and Jr?0?ten, which tiny intend te fsrrtlfy
and hold.
t/,nrtr)U, Fildnv, Pc pt. *?4.1VT??.
A special dispatch fi"ni \ ?etna i" Tut /'?;?'? Af*ri
r* potts that two iiicriil.ers of t'.e Sen i:"ii Mini?try
voted iga?art the _*iil.* -.1 to Pliai.- Milan, ami weis
in favor of war. _
6F.VK1.AT F 111. NT It ANDSI'.WMH I'.lsit< it"-* Arr?>I?Tr\\
B?tbk. FrM.?>, Se* *. -'I, 1H7.V
TTie r?.pe held a e.ui-i l??ty >?-!? iday, at
which several ft arah ami Spaa?h 1* 1.- arose eg*
pointed. Usaalgass Mas um* appela ted ?Ushsf <*i at,
Chiiatophtr, Cuba.
IBB COVl-'RVMI ST AII'-IT TO A*?-?? r*. TUI ft*r/.\
m s. to ririCTgn rimisTi otmi nnnnnn Ar
Mtt.atr?, Filds?-, ?- >.r. '.'!. I?7S.
Tho Ministerin] newspnpets utnounen th.il
the (lovernineut ?? 111 soon rt ply to the nala of tin? f'.i?ial
Nunrlo, lliey ?.iy thal no soaceasi 'i B?I I?' MSS-I
teadlag to prejiidk?? lb.?lad. i? d ?? '??'.?
la dc.tlinif witn Un _i__.*ji-*?, and teiyi-ci.tl.y tha in hop ol
?eudo ?tgeL
MoUfiKnor F.upt 'lit Iseipeet, J here to if pla?* f ardna?
Tiuieoni, llio Papal .*? .in. io. Ihc laiier h .i.e. fat RoBM
LOBDO?, friday, Bogt, "j: lHT'.
The Times this mom!ti? publlsUei a -I'r* .?I h ?*?
praui from Ii;.pT*.'?r??s de I.in In,n, granea, eoutalnliig
Hie foli'j" inir : Tu.-ii) ?he hBBdl I Cb I Urta ara
blocked by lo.oDO Alfonslsta at Vi-iln ri'f ?a 1.1 prot.a
lily tie forc.it to et???s the frontier sr l'.?ut ?iu Kui. T_J
tariiaIs at tt?v?rale have be ti .nt mod.
THE BU?-??A_f MIMTU'V ! \\vs\
Ititi CO-KA. k8 Dls-AILSIIJ I>?ill II I N III NDiri
lf.*siK*s. F11 d .... -' pt. 24, 1X7.V
The Timri, ?n \',* ? *.?sting edition to-day, lm
a special telegraa fron 1 ? flin ? stan.the foi?*wfe_gl
Fifteen biui'lrr-d Ural Coat?eka han ?> ? 'Mito
the penal ?? ? ??
the new military law?. Many morea) 1 go, pi
thora ia** meet arltb naca oppoettii . ... i j. toi?
-? -
THE l/i.m-ii nop n:oi\
LOXOOS, lil lay, ??; 1. 24, ll*7r>.
K? cent rains lui? o bien mi? .Ulunging to
tu. BagUsh hop . roo.
IS at?""*"?.i, t.i im m::::u:y .'? 1 iff it' *'?>
h*i voiHisr,*, nownt/nn?oostnuBt-rinns nnnsi
muh: tn ntxu.
G _LYB_TOV, Scpr. 21.?Ilia, Ilcrmlnn and
family, reported ->?t .it V.latco, an- safe. l?r. At."lander
and family, reported lost near "LyarBberg, were ai*o
raved. Shay loot erarythlag, except traal I rrj baal .._,
A di'natch ironi .tutinte ?he Teme naya thal thee?Msfc
tntloas far then Iel of tlio sa_?ron sa tha asset ?.til
r. al.. i-'..'?<?.>.
The Ailj.it.i'if -1 .neral tele.r*?'.lu fo the "-'ecretary of
War asking ..' i-o-. > ?i.u* nt -ii'!,.. ? in the It reara eves?
flow, can be csteriiteil to Te lis. Tl.o .-? eretnry ?if Wai
replies the! the?Texaa ?li?>ti;<t Intrailated .1" ? nut i.*
within the seops of liic coe II II J lu- In ii ed la UM lute
authorlzliiir ?i-! hy :_o V,'_j Depart? Bt,aad as ?'-?n ex?
ton! no asatataaea.
A spnclnl iIIijiiii ii from ."i*? Antonio dated yetteedap,
?ais tlmi ii..' -?'--i.u win-li btrated tha i*o_M ?lui r.o
dam-tee I!,* r* . ead very little raia ML The ? nul Mew *?
perfect gale, Ihe ?tineas of san antonio toapasHs
meetingto?tVappointed a eommitt ?of -;". te solicit
Ktii.-erlpi'i'ns for tha rele-f of th*? itrl ?ten pet?,.?f
lu.li.iii'ilii aad t.t a.r places. The f*':ii:n;:ne 11 !?i?i? of
Um u:"?' promlneal citf_eaa aad clei ? ?, >:: ! raaal rasalti
an espertad. The military teletcraph li ? *->..-t* .u pic ted
benyestenlay, aadMWorkiirgCt-iiiiii'.t CTarl
rnsnniH-iiiivs F<?R TSXAM l'Klli.F
J. If. Hr.e.ver of No. I", s ath-at. ??? knoe li dgea UM
following e?*'.ni.'nions tor Indianola .?thI othes
to?vu.s in T. .?.i.?, ?? hi. h li-- : ?' ? ? ? ?feiilaj hy
F. S. .I-.iTr.v If CO .. .. ??,100 ' Ch.i'l.? DtTtghl .? Ps . lOO
Ciiciir.-in.v-1.- tura too D. I'.M an ? in . 1<<>
K-i.er?. f.-et .'. I.I...T .">(> M a. '.Ti l..-"!.i"i!l . ... 100
Winert? .? Co. I"?? ' -
.Inn. -r ?". li . 25 Tota'. BB9A
F..I-1I.T. Xl't'ln!!'. .??'<*. .'-I' i'--".!.!!''', :.?:(,w
Chas. M. Fry..... 50 edged and remitted. Ill
dash . '.'"' i -
Chas._.Bly?_eui)ur_-. 251 Onad total.t>i,ti.u
LIMIT" ofiiam\i:i:s in nu: OTKRIOR OP-RXAi .
The t'??ll??'.\in_- telo^rniii lins been weeivnd ?it
th? office of Um -oaetoa and Texas Central BaUttay, el
No. :,1 Wal!--!-:
lim -r*>v, Sept. 28.?No In'ury l?y ?tortn to the Hc.n?f<*n
anil l.*\;t? I '?rr.-il K tihv.ik. or ile* lii-iM if ii o lli,!.?li-u
Im** i .N.ni-.-ii' li n i laiiina'it. al -1. ?lib utile and are
bow carrying all fre?anla until other lima ara raaadrsa.
Na mi-.i: ? r.? ei pa above Na .-?>! -,..' I bul a ?niall pee?
i.iitv ?>f it in utiiii?.Se?l i.?/itt.u t*..low and an Inalla
line. Vitauier une. A? OaOSBBBSfB?
lo s or ran n; '.m >n RocsR it KAnnttAU, mh.it.?
Vkltlt I'- ! ii ! I? l -,
IfutsttAi r? Mil li., BepC lil.?A tire broke oui
In the o.li.*" ol' i.'it' He. inlou Mouse ahout '.:.:?? :i ni. t?r?
day, ant?Bg off all out-:?le eoiniiiir-iicat i n*. it Itunu-d
very rikpldly, ami wirh a very ?it-nsi* -moke. Tl.e hotel
waa entirely d- itroyed,and the toUawlag peraooa ?ure
lost in th,r --mis: f?st-do O. Avery, Jeweler ; Aatetaa
Ort?er,elgarraaheri Bliss King, dlnln ?reola giri, and
Martha Vo.-.d. :i. OOOst Si-kCitl peraoBs wen hurt by
jiitiij-.?-?fioiji tin -?'ii l..?vs. Dr. ?VU?am OUnnT baal 1.1?
anille lir.ik.-n, ui.d araa ? tit on UM li ad. Mrs. A?cry tv:a?
btiuii'-l shoal Um 'iiikM-r Untre. i."> betellatt-ter*XfMh
Beaks, had i???ih !e?.-s i rokea. sa i Mr. and ?ti?. ?'. U. <'ot?
well au I. l.i II w. .i light*, bui ned ab.the h? .in. ni. k,
ami breast Sererai a.:... i---? arerythiag id tbtor
fcWiioi.l.v MILLI DI ?MOVED AT Wl UM
FALL-.. N. Y.
At 1 s. m. yentoffdnjr Bnunntt ??? Smuli's
wooli n mill on Hie Little Fnll.s-r*iaiii cut. ti. ti-- iron? the
explosion of n k.*ro*i? n.* lamp, and w">? ict.il'.y t'i-?ir?ijes1,
involving a lo?? of ? .St ?,?>?J0 on t hu bolldlag and 9gR?R9R
an tto ateeh aa_ aaaehtnsry, ThehnhHagwea u shsea?
?torybuilding, in? i*> SO fut, the urti storyefartek
and UM Others frame, ami was nure ?1 bl inna aJMSSOC-.
There was no in?uiaiice on the baitdinc Kf.i.ett ?
.?"-nilli ti.nl nu hMeraaee palhiy af tlfl.uou. tii?iniiuted
ainouK ?eiei.il i ou.parilc.-i. Til-'nul! bas beela sunni?g
night and day for rarae Hine ?sitU 78 harid?.
Indianai'oi.ii, Ind., Sept. 2i.?The setiaios
of th? t.r.ind Lodiro of the ludepeudenl ?uderof tWd
Fellows t?xlay wa? largely taken tap ?uti ruiiOiie work.
The Oraud I*?ii_i|!i??.v. ei>t??. un lnviiatuu to hold theil
next sea?.on lu l'hiliulelpbla. B?*i*re*ciitatlk ?? -Tyler and
Htile? were aaltnitt d to ?eats in the ?irai.d Logga
It was decided : hat after a ?i, oid-n ttc U-lt?- bad he?
come defunct for live ?. an that fends ?iiir.r,?, red bj it
sl< ?li p.isa na?? ila- tn ?tsury ni the Gritad Lodge?
Tlie Oiuml Sire srul S??? re tary wen? etupo*en?d to tatra
suet, action ii r.-.,.ut! to in--?.riKii'i'-tiiiu of if,?, (ira.id
l/odice of Uu? l'nui d r-t?it??s, us t-tey may deoin iie<-?*am_ry.
A ? iitrfiT waa Krantetl for a Untad Lodge lu Dakota Ttir?
rim.-y, pro? ?len n? expense shail he nu ?ii red by the
Supr?me body until teu subortlinatat IihIkv? are ln?utut.?l.
A eouimittee wa? iippototed to aa-oerutu toe condition
Of the Hil., k.tll -li-iarrec.
An ettn? ?. ??lou wa? held last night, at which Deputy
Orund Hin? Fark of the tUadwiuh Heads, ?Idrtistiu ara
Uland l.od__. _^___^^_^_^_____
Memphis, Teun., 8ept. 24.?There is no epW
demie here, aa har been eUegett lbs eily wea neves

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