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Vo1 X.XXV.N* 10,701.
MR. DSLAKO- l?T.si(,nation ACCEPTED.
_K ?tfeMn to the rtnuc n tp.f. ginai Of a
lllilll ??* IHK I'?K.-ll.l NT? IHK riilJ5ll'l..Ni'
1 ? MIR OB Al I I riANk I .
\\ ??iiiNi.TiiN, Spt. '?.'ti.?Tl.e lette, of tlie linn.
Oa-tamane Delano taaltiiiiin the ofllea al Batwlan ? '
tlie Itit?i:or. iviiti the? 1 *i >?i?U? ii I's letter of ?coopt?
an?.", .ne pteoeoted heio??ith. It may lal ?' ?t?--?l that
on the '-?'-?.I lagL, til. ?l.i t c* of the Ti. I A- ni's letter.
Mi.l>rl.Ttio. in eon paaj ??ii'i ? friitiii, callad on
Tiesu'ctit Giant ?it Elisabeth, N.J.?to ur^i? the
Ptc<hl-Ml*a accepta a ra of bia ttei gnatiota. It i??
pruiuiilf, fr.nii pn aenl Indi? tal. ma, that the appoint?
uici.t of ?i tv.ie. .-s-* i ?ill l*c niT.i. frou Penniijfl?
vn?i.i, a.?<l tbi' lu*, name i? .11 Li? ri.n.ii?i. i",l to?
luol r nr, Ml. 1 't -l.i ?m' t li l'.t r is :ii fill .,?- :
WjtaBTNQTOB, J *11> 5, 1 17!
Mr Pai -hunt: t hare tur? honor to transmittrltb
tin? ti..t.-ia? t-i?tt:.iii?.?i itf tin- iifii'i? if BeoretatT of the
Interior. Yen bave been aware for "-."io tima al nj
I .rn -i .'.. ??; r to retir? from public life, and yoe t ft
a ni?". ? tam! ?lie :i ?-.lia,' i.e.'i Ti .1 nit'i my ?irivnte luisi
III?? and a!.>i...-t.. uiTtlctt? - ?? v. ii ..-Ti bara produced mid
tatenslfled tbla dei ?>. i i -( Pall, in Koremher, I re
(|iia ?t. 't >,?,! tt? -te.. i .i mi "-estimation, Yon (i-k* al in*>
not 'm Insist ufkon i?. aud expresse?! a ?!? iii H. ; I should
re ..am in vmir ? ibluet until the end of your \>!i it a
tmn. sr w lona ?i? i ?<i"iii-i ii pgret abb to do m>. At ? ? nr
raquea! and solicitation I declined then i" Insist u|*on
jet-i-?.-.-i ?.'ion r ut t .?? rt . aaaming you. how?
e-,. i-, thal i m.isi ri-ii ii ilni-i:a.-(le-i-iiil.? I'.ut of the en?
eulin.* Rpring. When that peri, i at iu-.l. and during tbe
m-mu? of April and May, you advised bp Bffatnnotto
?i, ?iii;, li li-'.k i e ii'.- t-a it \\ |tb li'? Own iual .'incut.
Tli-- reaeona for ii.I? ? oncluaion need no1 be -?.it' '1 h< re.
Fuir?- van tri re ?? ."< .1 he ? our !? lion rltliens to perform
Hie ii'iitiiH ?*f Chief Miictatratc, yon ban ii.?' dme,
without Hie suiit itatlou ol im - It ?n ti *? ids, so far sa l
know and bellere, to take ? *????? ol two hnporl at and
reaponrdble public trusts -t!i Internal Revenue Bu ? in
ni.ti tin In -ii*.- Department I waa Unmmlssloni'r .r
Int.-ti.-.'. Ker? -nu from March, li G9, to N_, mber, i 170,
i. ;?-. a a' .:*?!>. ?. ,r and ( ..-i i months. The "result? of
p.? sdministration you know, and they ?ire noi. l tri.?",
in neil unknown to mj feltow-eitlscus. The difficulties
?if till? position i-i.-I tbe ?l:? i?_.?-.><??-, care, aud labor r.
! of Lu- in din. ',.in i..: it? dntiea ? on
ni?', iii'il .?t.i'itl. ai'. 1 of these I trust tl.o pub?
lie Ita. H" it l ii nat ?I'lli -i latliill. I ii?
linn, l the t'.iitii 4 <-f the iiit. i ?i-i Department
in Ni ? i mi i-, i 370, and hare d1aehar_red tin ra to the ' ?? -
?M.v ablllt) for -i period ol fonrj ?? ii? ami i lirhl months.
The! have been lantirions, difficult, and delicate. They
h i\e .i., i . i ?ii. supervision ol tin- ??ena m1 l?-..,.l
?'ii .-?-. the Indian Bun an, Hu Pension and Patent om, * s,
??te Kuti .m <?' BdueatloB, and a mass of miscellaneous
business unknown t" ans except those eonneeta>d with
the publia Mi\i.<*. tin- business of the Land OfHee is
?*i.? i\t-n ive :.:al i.i\ .ah?-- tin- a.'.;ii li ailOU . .lal ?.ttle
1 b1 u ?' growing a ii.*: railroad irr-?:.!?,
in.-: .. v and profusely made a tem reara i nea, and
Mexican and Bnauish Kraut? mad? before we nct-ulred
California and Bew-Mexlco, aud also thom growing i?u1
of our mineral Lawa and large mlutng latereal? u? - i.?
ji.it). i,?r <*f ti tisc tint aro ' i -,nier i iii- le ".h s* ad am!
pre-emption systems. These chu?* the bead of the De?
ni -ni m a ? ??i mu. 'im .>r tu?i.? .1 i i*, and i
ti i i.?. which i-nu .?? ni rally Muli rstood.
T m ii..'.ia 11,ur ?ii. a-. ;?t..i know, i? full of Intricate,
ii* i. ?:?, .-.lui raxatlousquestions, notxlngout of numer?
i - in iiiiii Tit .ita a. uii i ti ?? ??i iperfi .??y -it tit. I relation?
extsjlna bet ween ii ?? Oovernni. ni and the hu linn races.
The execution of this serrlei i? alreadj irria'.? eubar
i ? I ...? tin n'..(?til.! ?? if til-l.-i iiit-.'?-? ulii re lum li i-f
It has to bo performetl, thus prorentlnp eontact and per
sonal supervision over tb* persona employed, a? well as
l>> ttifus'-.t of aalaries l.-. .c enough to command talent,
t ed rai ?-?t.? i mai to the duties aud rcsponsl
i-r tie? of tbc p? .liions. Many of the ImuortAnt .lntles ol
ir,i .-t ni of the Deportment n?a oonneoted ???tli the mate?
rial lll'l [M . UI'l.ii . .' ' .' Ill ? I a I'? .li !!.>!.?. Tia--a ; M 1. ?ti
aro?aftenlarge In amount The ^retiiry.ln deciding,
i.i'si to ;???-:.. ii? ii-.* i Hu claim of um of the parties,
and thereby no1 unfrmiuentlj tlnds hin??alf assailed by
i... adare] event tia and lal-, h.la of the defeats?!
? : imunts. I leal coull lint thai a thorough and Imp iii lal
examination, it. ti.?? presi ii condition ol the public
eerrit*". connected with each ?uni nil of the bun iina at
t?. bed to the interior l>- ?> utm- m. will .bow to all. un?
did an li -! mi iiii-'l m? ii ?i.it i: bai m rer been In :. m n
prosperous *r better condition than it i. >w i* ;
at*.I I feel ?ure ritt iiio in-^t scrntli ug u
Malt ' . ? Lil inatain the opli i n hi re ???
c i. ii -i thal ' ? i alao lead i?> the convlotlon
thai great luipi. ?.'s have been made undoi yow
policy in the servi?.mycted with the Indian i?
i e to these ni ' y. to remind ? ii of the ex
liBiist?.'? labe wl .- tu mt-iii ti-s (i'i!in(?* the
last six year? ai '1 ffourmontha i'oo damandi d of mo, and
t?i ??hilt? you m part i.i it oin ol my .-?t req ii i ? n ?t and
re?*up?lut..m- l?nT?:ic uii tia-.- yaun of t. :l
I t'..w had yi ir sui'iiajrt. your ajrrapat?y-, ami,
as I t...;. ?c. .?our entire c- nfldease. ii.nl
be-v. atherwiae, l abouh) bara tong atne.
ii i-i? l. As I in?-- laid, y m political fai
. i-it.-.j. and, thi refore, have lu en hlehlj appre. lui? d.
Toa han .i!--,..?? Uahtened my burdens bj cheerful,
prompt and cordi li ion winn om official reis
i .. i evercd, I shall alwaya ermtlnne to cherish foi
?rou ?lu- lii-.ui ,r regard, founded, na it is. upon my in
bu.iii!.. .1.' niiiii i..-, in yciir nnselflsh patiiotlem. In the
mi'iii. yandi Idlty of your judgment, and Intbe lilgli
Bena, oil ?ttoewhk-bhas al? - ??edyou ? id
from which, '.im y opinion, nothing en:i tempt you iu
t?-i * ? r tod
Ilia to be, ?ti! a ?rri ?it e.iKtT.iy. your friend
and t'!" i- -a ?en int, C Dai am?.
'Jh. following.! thePicaident'i roply!
i on . in. \n. h. n.J., a pt. vi, 117?.
lu ii: Put: Your h't. i id tbeMhol July, tendering
yi ur resignation ?*f the offloi ol r- -retaryol the lu?
te lor, was duly re elvod, an?l li.? been held by mi until
tuts Umawithout action, liecuna? of iii.- ?*..:.tin;it ii porse
i-utit ti whl lil I II vtd and believe wai '.*? .n. .... .-: .
heaped on yon, tbtoiigh tlie public prc?a I only now
take action b eau tba i mc la rapidly oppr.
lAlit-u the Been tari ef the lu', riot n i?? ha? o tocomuii nea
hit i i?--: - pre] ir.it*..-.? to rend? iit-.?l?is aanualrepoi ttoao
o. mp ii*.? iiio i ?.i-*- itlve M< - - ige to Connrreaa I then -
fore u* i-pt jour resignation, u> (?ke c-flc-i-i on
ti.? lsr .lay ?*f October, -leaving a little mon than
t??o u-.-ici.s f!"in ii.?; Induction of your aucccseur
ui!.i tbe :i-?( mbllng ol <? igresa. In accepting your
r* ? (Ion I am no1 unmli Ifulof the fac? thal about
iii? tim.* i*i the meeting ol Ctengreaa one year ago yon
? .: d to mi thal j on li l' il*<- ?? Ity of retiring from
the Cabinet, and asked me whether] -\- ltd prel
i.itiii.. ?<? i.? to have youi succoasor confirm *i i>
t.-?.-'nj: during Hu* ! i -? - m, or whether 1 would
nrefci ?i In \ n ition. M? aaawai ??.?> that i wonldpro?
f?ra t !.. di* It .it'.!. Thal waa mi feeling ui the
lime, and I now believe that yon ban fllled ? ?? i? public
: -ii*, !? I to you with ability and Integrltr, i i
i-. ?? i, ; -? that the future will plata you i i ni In tin
Ultim..?: i, "tun publie, a-iM'iit ?? i will (* ntlnue to
a Dnjr.1 Ita confldon e as rou bav? dont through so nraay
?," -*t public and ofHolal Ufo. M.t.: r ntluuod f i-.-.-i
nu.i ii.* t.i.ihip, i tullas riba iu.ks.-if ven i iii*, .?.??r
?j? di M ??".:??:. I". S IiVam.
IT li,.u C. Hi lilli?., S?*..;. ',(.:? c* the I: tciiui.
1?> Mol' IN? li-ll.ii tlOBB,
inr m K'.nArH ro thi: t> ?err-ar.?
tTASBIBO I N. s-, pt, ?."f,.- Ex-OOT. I 1? t* her (':? . r
m?m of ilie Rad Cloud Inreatigating Conun?aaion,
b: ?. n-1? ^viiiiT Waah ....?? !:.-! week, aanoi ?? ? !
t'j.Tt bo liail iiiuijl.;.al a i?-?.*iit. wbiili ivill !jc nb?
Ililli* ii t.* t.'i full ('?>:iii.ii!'?v OB Oct. It"?' i??-al s!ir
iiiituus, t_?t (?ni" ? ing ??jc i.lta thal tlie natura of
tin? di? un. ?-' ?m? ?,* - ti iii tennim I on, ?nid tLi.i lu*
had written in a( tordanca nilli iLc riewa of the
( ' lasioB. Tint i? an err?neo?! idea, Tba
Cr_Bmis-ion Mtlioriied Mr. ITeteber uu-l Mr.
Pan)kner to -niiie out tli ir vie?\*.-,
not lui" ti: "it s iii 11."' B1H s. I, it tit st fur i!. li ( "' ' iii* , li?
tio-i, modification peri bbb, and f? ia_jt for tin ii ep
jii..\,.l. Um ri?'ioi, tliei'-f.ir*. iii.it there ?s to i?o
hut ona repoil ia pten?at?ra. If aithet the report of
Ait. I let? ! ? i "r <*f Mr. IihiIt?h-? meeta the t>ppro*i ?I
of aU iiiO Calulu.is?ion, it nul lie ng.ied l*y all. If
ti.?- riewa of ?ill can bo better exyeeowe? byeonlda?
lafi ]. ( tiona boni ?.-1 ?? reporta, that com e will be
a<lopt/'<l. If il??* C'iiiuiii?hs?iiii .r.ui :.* agra , there *-. ill
hi t?? * "r rn. ?? : ; "?ils.
Air. riet?it-r i? i.;>i*ii ti t.? I?im*. laid ju-.t before
bo li ft Washington tim1 Prof, MarA hy lu* f-nlinc
la _ail?tantiate the ebargee made againai Be i
j no and I'.truiiis?i.?iier Bndth, baa expoaed lnin
i" 'f to nnoi" loi.? Ubi 1 -..its, ??? i.i< !. are to b?? -?rongbt
iii/^ius-t iiiiii l.y Boalar, the 1j?-i eootra?t-.r, bj B ? ie
t.;i\ Di lau ?, and ( oiiiii!??ioiur SuiilJi. 'Jin- idea
tli.it ?io to t'.in i? of ti.. Indian Ring will ever ?..1
?ataiil] ?ring tin ir. tee into ativ couti of jnetiea ia
iiiosi i r. iif-lM'u.",. Hi ti nth is tli.it t ho Hing Laie
ir ?i n Tu?!. Ilarab the moat __B_taW_poj_adi far a libel
?..it. it tli? ii .sluml' ra WON _fa_thj tbc notice of any
o:.t. I'm frere en i?s, aov, the oegaa |?if the Ring?
not of the A?!" '.ir.iMtr.itteen, in this case, if
i*, b?li ??* ! has bil n lilled with the ??ost
nihill ions uni !iiii(?iiti(li'(l attaehl upon Prof. Marsh'.*?
pn? .a? eke act* r. All of bmb? of tbeaa ria?den have
originated in the Interior Depart?M lit, and h.i.e
hi cti if i* lied by l i^li ?jflii ?al?) tbtr?; to torn.-iiijiid
eni?, who lafiaaai t? pabHeh Iheai hrafeta thoy w? re
tulatvd iii thiafitVa '1 lie f"*?;t i? tbaMhe irri|rnlar
Itiee at the Red Cloud Agci.cy, which have been so
thoroughly expi._?5d, are not exceplionahlti. Kqnal
or greater frauda are believed to ? _u?t in oonncotion
With many other agencies, and it is probably to
?vert public attention from tlwee or to frighten
other* trap followinir in Pi.tf. Manh'a footetopa, nn?l
?xpoiiug Ott ifing in other directions, flint Air.
n.',< lier tim nu ns t lint Hie RiafwiH?M for libel,
and that, the Bing itself is libeling liiin daily.
TWO A?,'..VII- f? ?li All. lill IIOUX IN TIIK
?ronKi> statis.
iFiioit Tin ni. ti \n roRRr?;-ostii:vT ot tiii? thihim'1
Wasbihgtok, ?Sept 20.??Sanad Walker re?
turns. t.Hl.iy, in a 1? -Ui 1 i?.int. ii Iii Ile gumtop IA) it'll,
to a ?AlMOMfaa of the Indian beal qui Han, ai I, lu tue
follow log jiui utrt- ijilis, multi a tOKti tr-iiimr potBtl :
It will he vail to n?M m.iiic inore testimony lo tli.it
which your reader? have airead) had before then, in
the yean 1878 74 I bare Mated that the v.vi Ckmd Bax?
Wli ;-ii-iic liuli.-in Uli eli trt?\r (in li-r? i eii'ts for 10 171.?
916 poonda of beef, wldea wai tin- year's tupplj eoo
tr.ci, l far, m i,i.a in ? ?..x m,niii?. l-'nnii in?-. IP,
1873, the date wben the last lot wai raeelTed al both
agencie?, until Mureh 15, 1874, the a am- Indiana onlj
coiisuuictl 2.'A2>,()-? i j..uii.i.- ?I beef, thal bein* Um
nt left of the 25 per eeol Increase aflei deducting
171,016 noonda which waa recelred \-.-itii tin- 10.000.00U
pounds allowed for the year up to De?. 15.1873. loo
It will be aero that fi ,>'iu Jnly 1, 1^7.:. until Ure 15,
1873. tins? t ?.?<? .-?k'l-i.i i? s cousiuinii beef al the rate of
about 1.830.000 itoundi per mouth, while from Ttet if
1873, until Maren 15,1874, tbcj onljr eonaumi ?1 770,02 ?
noualla per mooth. Now iii?; months of July. Ausnat
i-? l?i.?ii?i?i i-, October, and ?oretnber are. with un ?Sioux
the beat bunting montha, and large part) tare often ab
i nt fmtn the agency ou hunting expeditions, while iii?
wilder Indian! do not come in at all. Therefore iii?
is,,;,* daring i ii??? tnontha should ho amallei than
during tin? inonilis ol Deeeuiber, Jatuuiry, Februarj
Hereh, and April, which ure the teven Winter months,
and the India ian all a! sgenelea without other menai
of aupport than the ratiom Issued bj the Government
Instead of tliU tin- coodltlou o( again is revened,
iiiul the mu.iiii :--iii la icol) during the montha
that the Indian? can get bo ?game and ina largest Poa
Mill? number ti at tlte ageney. In ?itl??r iron?a, (arlen
t?iHu half tin? m.i?''..?ii i ..nu: d to have boen issued was
??.?iii...' to feed tin Indi nt, iii; it la urged In defenw
of ?his it y tin- Indian Ring ti,.?! iii?? agi nt was conipt lied
i.? o- or i '...f ?tiiiounts m m were ni casar) becauaebt
waa afraid of the turbulenl Indiana, The anawerlatbal
the - irae rei-nn nlmtii l apply in December, January, .vu-.
l, ?i.i.o., si In tin- prevloua montha All the Indiana,
bad and good, were al the agenolt i Iii v.mi. i, \? hilo onlj
h i? irtlon of t lulu \? i-i?- nlwart there during the Sun,.i
and Fall. Yoi all the Indian? did mit eonanmo half ai
mu. li i??-i f per in ?nth in Wiuter, whi n ilic\ li id no i-uii.?
aa a email portion ?u them were mid tu hare done ii
Bummer, when garni wa? plenty.
During this nun \ ??nt ?Saville, al Ti?-?1 ' l ?ud Ageney
elnlmedto have leaned to a? man] as 17,000Indiana,
while Ap nt Howard, at Whetstone, claimed over 15,000
nt bia agency; ami tbi indian Bureau permitted them to
account for beef tu 1- <-iu--? t.? thal number, while atntln-r
to Congreaa in ? lettei dut?-?I March 16, 1874, tu it i 5.000
I waa the oumbei at both eg? i dea. In ih,? l? ttai re ? i n ?
to, ? 'i mu? ii- ila ii. i 8 in i I ii ."?ui i I'n.t t'u- iiniti h i 'of t; ilinin
?sattra it? ?1 fir nt both .i rent lea e ?it 10,000, )>ni that rob
ni i u ?ii i? ? 11 ?ani?n? had Increaat i the number t?? 15,000,
iind be aaketl for i delicien? ? appropi iatlun <?f r .hij...ik>
to feed the Indiana from March 15, 1-71, until.lum-ud.
1--71. Ile got a!?O?,000. The general appropriation for
I the lubslntence of nil the Blonxthal yeai ?nul The neal
i bad been #1,100,000 eueb fear, in a subsequent letter.
, (l.mil Dec. I, 1871. tin Acting Comnikalonei
Btoted thal al thal time there were only i: ?Doo
i Indian) b1 these agrncl a. He waa then Malu*.
i for an appropriation of#102,000 to ft?-?l 0,000 Nouben
s, nx for six montha. Iii roi ?1CO,000. In l-7.> the
] CommiMioner of Indian fclfidrs npnrted the whole nun
I ber of r*i,>u\ to be about 31,934. At ti?- tun-n? prepared
that report the agenta at Red Cloud and Whetau?m ?'en
charging the 0 ivcrni k at (or laaiie? to more than 32.0O0
Indiana, ?or rather more than the whole number on th?
< Moux rcaer vat Ion that rear, although tboan agencies had
| only 11,320Hii U allotted to them then. In 1874 the
whole number of Hioux at agenviei waa reported by the
? ( ommiaftlonei ii in ii g30 B< 7. with7,000roi mil' Indi ni?,
' thua increasing the number ol the Blonx about 12,000.
i In the formor year tbi whole uumbei ol Indiana In tim
United State? wa? reported na 29.~),0*4. in tbelattei
year the whole uumbei ?mi? ?275,003. Bo ih-?: ?i. l. ibi
I ?'i!? number of Indiana In the United Htateadeen ?
I 20,000, the Blonx wert reported to have increaaed 1
Yet In the face of auch ra la It I alalra??d that no fn I
exlai; but that If there are frauda, the Interior Dei
! ment of) -1-ii.i bare not Di in implicated in tbem. One 1 -
j lamadeelear byC'onareatdonal record?; thal Becretnry
I I >' '. ii" am! Oommli i' Di r -mith inte I all tin ir ofllt i. 1 In
1 tlii'Mu i- to obtain mili i louai appropriai lona from Congn ?a
N m ?'. i n th? ) not the til' m y an l u ive the contracta to
I Um i.'ii parti.?". ibi j performed nil thatouuldboex
l j. ? i , i. h.."ii. exe -,'i ti? ? iippr ? ?.?' ? ' the b I] v. i m
It is ni ?\. ?i Hi ni i li \ approved nilla f??r the aub n.
the l: d (lol A urn! wit latona Bion ? ?? Ide i wool I feed all
j ih- "-iii'x ih n i? i .::? ! i., bein? In the United ht-iles,
I and their own Ictteii und rei?orti provothatthi i
liy a ? " i;' ? ! :? i tbi h .. i li urge <.i . i nipli? i!.\
! with frauda ia sustained beyond que lion.
Bills commission,
XUl 1IM1-1Y I'WuVIlY 01 AN A-'IU HI?YOI St
II 1 \'-AKl'AH>-01 -IIIS-llilH"-! RAI I 11" HIS MIA TO
lil. i:t-i-i?:--mi i.i ?m. Ol nu. BLACK him.
l.vr IA-CT1I ?iii i,.
[iir Ti?L).,i?fpii to tub ratatnnt.1
Rr.n Cloud Agency. Neb., s? ??t. _i, via Fom
?Laramir, s?]?*. 25.?Thii baa been ?m important
day with the Black Hills Commission, The occur*
leine of an out'.'' ;ik waa only pnventi ?1 by tbo
ooolneaa ??i tlic (ii".ii.i!!.i ( lii.-t \oung-man-afraid-of
hia-bone. Alma! l o'clccli Bed ?Cloud with the
' ? illa bands came tothi coom ?1 ?gi rands. Spotted
i Tail ?'itiil Iii? banda, tbe Uncapapaa, Miunecoujona,
and oilier Itivi-r Indians, s?'"n followi ?i. N\ bile wait?
ing foi the asnal prellminai ii ? to Im tattled, ?the I'n
capapai sent in word that they wonld attend the
? omi ii, bot wonld not dismount, giving tu a i > ni
thal ???lin' of the diacouteuted Ogalallas and Cliey
ennea propoaed to open fin on C.u- CommkaioD, and
I,?'.1 U[. til i ,'.? ii. The I'm ;i|iii]i is. lu i iii lieu? ??
fully inclined, wanted t?? be ont of harm'i way?
Boon after it was discovered that almnt 200 of the
worst Indians, wellarmedandmonnl don their b -a
horn -. Iiiul cross? ?I White Earth Rivi r in rear of tbe
cavelry, and had ?lipped bj tin ii right i!;tn!<, until
nearly tl.t- whole lineol tbi cavalry was well ?cov
, end bj the Indians'ride?, one oi t\io Indiau witb
\\ inch? ti i rifles to ?:;i li man.
^iiiii!i--.M:i;?-.\fii.?ii-i?i-i:i.-H? isis diai 'ivcicd the
ritnatkm at a glan?e, and qniotly ordereil his own
soldier toeleai thennderp-owthof allItuliana 1??
! hiud the troops ?uni Hie Commission. V'r litratonant
j ut on?-?-iiiiim-iI, nuil (i\<r two lii.ii.li'il Indians bj
actual count were made to march i? tbe front? It
was a very ?liinnl Juncture, and toYouug-Man
Ai aid-of-his-Horses is tht credit dne of bavinf prc
vented the possible slaughter of some ot tbe Com?
missioners. Aftei the Indians bad been removed,
tl;o band of Yonng-Man-Afraid-of-bis-Horsei waa
joined to tbi right flank of the cavalry here, which
vu extended in the ?shape of a V, with Hie chiefs
niau next to iii?- river. Young-Man-Afraid-oMiis
Hones gare orders to kill myg Indians chu-iii aim?
ing at the Commission, or doing anything 1<> bring
on a ?contest with other tribes, Big-Littlc-Mau and
his c vn% ii (mt the Korth, who were all picaent, eaeb
I well in??nutc?l. and naked save s robe, were also con?
stantly covered bj the rifles of friendly Indiana
.'.I'll a nain had qnietod down, the leading ?sbiefii
of tlic S:')iix, liciid' ?I i?\ Kill Cloud ritiil Spotted
j Tflil. ? ?mm int?? the (?-mi r of the ? In le made l?y th ?
indiana ?Jw consultation, The < iii? fs differed mi the
; matter of tearing ti.?; Blaeh Hills ?country to tbe
(.'?.v. .?iinii'iit. The lirul?-? nul Oj.ii.lum wanted mon
tima. White BuB of the ?Sana Am made a speech,
?nfproaehbtf thu Iu'linnH al the eoom ii wiiL foolish?
Dees, andinfonninf tbem that aB the Uiver Indiana
i would f?o boma on ?h.hui-hiy. The council thon
: broke ?'i?, leane ??f tbe Indiana manifeating iii?- a uni
: df fetding, eapeciaBy tL?.s. ?lio wen ?driven ?mt of
'Hie Commiarion will b-nM do ?council with the
i Indiana to monow, but will imft tbesaon Batniday,
I Tho iiii.-jnit.? td-ninlit aro agaiaat making any
treaty. Hie Indi.mi an ?livid, ii ?by the {eakmayof
foi til?n?, riinl v.ill n it ;i?(?i?i Um lean plan. They
will prolralily ofl'cr to s?ll, at any sum from
9-10,000,000 to$70,000,000, \vl?i? h the Commis-imi
will imt pay? The general opinion in and out ol the
Commission la, Hint BO bl .'it v will be made.
I have jiibt li?d an Inlei vi?-iv willi one of the ?s ?1
(lirre of Young-Man-Afiaid-oMIis-llorsis. He Hays
the Indians who were benton rnindiief to-day aro
mosily young mm from tho i'ln-u um , Arraimhoc,
and Ogiil.tlia nations. 'I'luy ?rii?i not want Hie ? 'm f?
to consider any plan f?>r diafodog-ol the Milln, and
harl said in theil couik ii that they would do some?
thing to inako them deoSt. Y<)'!"L'-Man-.\fraid-of
IIl? ll.'tH?-t, rejilied that he would kill ov( ry man who
diiml to tire at u white man or the Indians, and he
did think that they would not come, to tim ground
this morning. Tka okief now gu?rante-?* perfect
eafety to all. Every one of hie eolilicn bits been put
in fighting trim, nml Sittinir Hull, one of Iii? head
tuen, is in rhargo of the council camp. No
danger! is apprehended now. An further proof of the
intemled massacre, half-hwdl mid interpreters
iMie warned liy Indian iclalii en and ?ncinlr-t t.? ki M
out of tlio eoitnei! tent and to leave the g'liiimt.
Most of Iheni did ho. Big-I.iflh-M.m al??<> threat
??ned to ihool (luv. ti am chief who should i?pe,ik in
fi'.Mir of ?lisiiosii.g of the Illack llilN, and he so told
spoitcd Tail, who dut mit ?ipeak.
oomplcts rum v.v. <?k rai ?jokscij io irnoi
i-, \< i.-i?ir roan DBrnmo ooMcsastoM
l.M.l i l.M'l N? T. IHMAMHII) IlV TIIK K1.Hol.! S,
Oonnranu nu. *-??i?ir?iay. h, i?i. 20, i-ib.
The English, French, ami Buaalm COttM?O arrivetl
fn?iii Tnbigns on Wednesday. The] have informed
theirnapeotive Emba ladon that ?theycompletely
failed in their ndaaioa. They wen nuable eren ta
see the principal insurgent leaden Nothing baa
?been heard during the laat tow daya fkom the ?Con*
j mil a ,'f Germany, Italy, and Austria, and it ia pre
?tune?! they are unable t?. leave Tnbigne.
Londow, Baturday( Bept 2~<, inn.
77? 7'..// Ifafl On.'iii thia ? vi niiiir luis a apecial tel
egram iron Berlin >\ i.i? li eontaina the following :
Tbe Sublime Port? has ti. .-lined t>) maka my aeneas
r ??m?, 'nuil the losnrgents li u ?? tendered a eomplete hiiI>
mlnslon. Tbe latter, however, mfu* io ?suspend hostili
ties until the Greal ?Powen ?guarani?
i ititi'?. Th.- i?r?>'
?f ti
?ventusl ronces
? Consular delegation ure ?t
n Kt??nil-still.'and the ??onsuls bareaakeothen respeeUvs
(?(.?cium? in?, for further lustra tiona
A number of fugitive llerzegoviniana in Austria
haveaddi'-s-i.damanifeato to tha mediatiug *'<?u
1 Kuls, ennmenting tit ii grievances, njeetingtbe me?
dial ion ot th? Powers, .-nid demanding eomplete lib
' oration of 11? nt go* Ina -irorn ( tttomaa nile.
nu: chum 1 in i.i m : ? um; cn THS N'.'Mi'i's rin
( ! I.?li Hil. M'.V. SI \? I?) A Ulli.HAI IHK BOM
HAiiK.ii.M ok iii y 1 mua aii\m>?>m:i).
BOMB, ?iinnlii?, Repi 16,1878.
i'm.iiiinl Simeon! bas telegraphed to the Pope
that the Spanish OovernmenI Is taking time te oontMer
the quest lim of his circular to tbe in innis,,,ml It will do
Ita almost lo arrive at an nndcrstaudiag?
I...M11.V, Soturdaj. Sept 25, 1*1?.
A i\'i "i ii dispati h t.? Tke Daffy Newt horn Madrid mya
the Pop? '? i? ' .di . .' ti " Papal N'ntn lo, ?Cardinal Simeon),
snd tbe Implied disavowal of ins eeta, have occasioned
? .; idenbli turpri ?-. Monslgnor Bappella lu mon lib?
eral tliuu L?H predei ssor.
IfADBtD, Pnt>ir?liiv,'Pe|.t. 2", l-l*
The Osriistabara abandone?! the bombardment of the
tu-Ati of (lu. la-, ' ..en Iii.' DI) I] m 1 ? a-t.
A maa named Bprungly, 1 aatlvc of ?Switseriaad, baa
been ?I? llvered to the I al tod States, which had demanded
iris extradition. Bprungly m'A embark at Cadia Km Kew
M main, .??opt. 'H': 1875.
Tlic Alfonsist nrii-.y in Nunn le elootag around tbe
CarHat poeittons. ?DouCarioa and Hen. Deemgany an
still at Estella.
ii-n 1...m., h. ' defeated the Caruata on tteVatataaeda
line,?rutttngoff their?commuotcatloni with tbe valle) af
Caranta. _
11IIC li ' I I'MMiis?, It? <i|'l-.i" 1. mr KI.1.1 I"l:\I
I \ B Ii- . ICnOXI I Mill?.
1' titi-, H ti uni.ty, Bept. 85, 1878
The Deputies of tha I.i ft have >reaelT<ed to
return to Parla at the taglnning of Oetober, t?> pnpon
fur nu m ort ??!' tin Mmmg a taloa ot the AaaemMy, ami
particularly tor Ibe debateontbe Btoetoral law, which
iiuiis'iti -A ill lie first iii-? ii ? ? I.
The Opinion Xttieutle, the orgaa ?af several Bcnubll
ean Deputies, says the deetatoa of tbe Cabtael t?> advo
1.?i?? ???iim.' ii. .ni'..iiiiis-i nu .ii? i,.11 produced aatnng
sensation among tbe Deputise of Iba i?eft Ceatar. a
rii;?iiii?? I?? 1 a-., 1 iii, Dnfaun and tba Left Center Is dow
t a 1 Km.. N.i 1 (iori \? iii nu .ik iii? union of iba f.i. tiona .?f
tll.'l.'l. _
spaxiau 1 no ira si \ 1 ro ?cuba.
Bjurraam a, ?Saturday, ?Sept. 80, l*7.r>.
Tliirlecii liiiii'ln 1! infantry embark-Cll tot Cuba
I?. :...? (?.,.? thousand moe ?Ml, sad ??11 ti?" 2d of
Oil .lu r.
inn I'-'in; v;s .iciivii-Till iiiACK or r.u:
1: RncpTED.
|ii!0'.i am?. >-i'?s m. ( ?>iii.:-i-"?M?r-i ki iBTaiatmu.]
Havana, ?Sept. l8.?-Officia] reports i-li??w the
rebels n,?' rery setlve, ?and .-?r.? eontlnnatlv attaebtng
iiil:i'-i - snd f?iv. "i. Th- j ti'? loi cr ??? 'illili? Ibemselve? i<>
iii? defensive, but keep the Spanish troops ?on tbe alert
li Is rumored thai tt?? Government at Madrid baa ?ap?
pointed Rubl Rodrigue!, Intendente, and thal he * ill
probably arrive ben toon, Ile U 1 noted i-'i? intsh poet,
Tbelong-expeet Sbnrricane has pa led, nml Bavaaa
li.-?.-1? ? Ivrd 111 aerioui? Injury from It, Gnat fean an re
cn'? 1 ii'itieil on flonday <?n seeounl of tbe ntpld (nil of
the barometer, and man? preeautb.iisrj measures were
Ink? 11. ile inen ni-a. :?i 1? it??/ ml ii ought into the Tri? ir
in-?, it rained ?hard all Ant Monday, ami ?tbe arlad
was rery hl?rh nil iii--i.t, bul Hie f,u-,?> ?if tbe
Morai was felt ??m-i'i.- of ila?. \? cording i?>? bserrn
ii,.us i nd dedoel?"n.? m ide ni Ibe S ivsl Ohai nralory, the
course of Ihe hnrrieane %?.:?? from Jamaica, along t'?
coast ni >.'iii'.i.ii de ? nba, through ?Satins bi (?rand?',and
otho? l" ? ' ?, to I! vi.: 11. nu l ibe .? uti roi the Inn . 1. mi
was n . iii..?-: 1 1 il.i.i, .:. ?i ! ?.'? 1 ?? ?? '.. Tue? ?I ly nu
(in sceonnt of the hnrrienne eonimunleatiion t ? * -1 - -..1
Jamaica,PortoKico ?and Culmhaab on laterrupted foi
taft Cllll 'Lit s.
On Tlnit-.'iri.v the Mexican Mcamsbips-of-war In i??'it
celebrated tbi snnlveraary ol then ladependenee 1.. Ur?
in ? lute?, which wen answered out of eourtes) bj the
?"I'iiiii- ii fort?*.
AIiilVAi. OF lim ?!1A> roi.I Ai ASI'IVUAIX?MOW
Ai.NI"^ AM) AMMIMIl'iN Dl.l.UM.I) -AN AMI.Itl
i.w 1\ ( OMMA3 I?.
Asi-ivwAi.i,, Scjit. 17.?The Cuban steamer
Uruguay, late Ibe 0? tari 1. b. srlng the Bag of llragday,
arrived at thU i-mt ?m Ibe afternoon of Ibe litt in-f?
Sha c.'iiiii ff'tu >-nii Amil? >. \?!i? te sin? liiiii lici-ii fur uiin?.
mil !iini?r him,ni Hint wen seal fi??in ben on tbe brig
Nil.? between two :? ? 1 ? I ?three monthsago; also for coal
ti-,. 1 -'n' ? \ 1. ? ted to tlic!. hal ? hlch bail no1 y?-i smred.
Sbepaased the seh onerbrarina th? coal somewbenbe?
tween Aspluwall uinl St. ?Vndrea Aftoi takins ona
lim nilly ?if 1 ...ii nu I inn' , lona, utic ulled from hero mi
ning ?'? 11k Hull lout., ?probably foi Cuba, The
l'l-ii'i-tny i- ('??iiiiii-iii'i? .1 1.y ( ,i]?- Hnmmers, sn Amsrli id.
Ti.u-Vi nreniosllj Cubant. MTblleben ?-i!?. lootsoven
01 her urew bj di -? I ion.
:;??!; WAU VEsSKU io in.? mm in nu: ?ihm m
COAST- i i.? i-l'l.? N i?l a I i.'., ki 1 I. s?. 1 11 i ?ii n 1.
I.'.Mii.s, Bajpt. iO, 1875.
The Obttrtm says ii believ-es that Um British
(i.iM'riiii.i nt luit mu strengthening ?ia it*. t lu Chinese
wal ?ra, bat so far then Is m nasos to appeebeud that
?mr ?lilli -uiin -, ?.i'Ii ? . las ? iii teg .ne nttlomcat i?>
olli? r Uiiin pat ill" 1. ? ?i-ni' a.
!.<?-< OF lili: KORE*] QUEEN.
AIllllV Al. (?1 lill. Mill' A! IliiV.-l:-lilli f-.tlP AUAV
I.MN??D- run Ol Jin CltKU mm hin DAYS DI
?UMtnoa, -Saturday, tmmt 'jr., 1878
The Mi'i'iiiici slumlord to-iinv baa 1 Bpedal
tel? l?r.atu lunn I.?.' i i ?aoMatUiag the IsUoWtog :
Tbe Meward ?.f tbe Smortna i?.?rk favnol Qm m,<Capi,
I.? n n , v. lu, li h nt lad ? n a 1 th v..>i.?l anil ipai - and bound
mm Port ?Ludlow foi if 11 re. baa arrtN? ?J .it the Mai..1!
Sailors'Home f??r the Deatltuto, al Dover. Ile ?reporta
linn ine I??'? -: '..':? ? -u liiitnii red I'll tbe Bio de 1.1 nala,
ami thal tin? captain a is killi ?l by Hie rolling ? I Um
?pan A boat containing tbe flrst mab and etx nata pot
of! fiinii tim v i? ck, liiti another with tbe second mate
and fire men followed. The hitter was sooa 1.?.-lit ?if
by Hu- ?steward, v?lu> was in iii? t?r-t mate's boat. 1 m nie
fourth dar one ?if Iba men died from expooare. fin Hie
lillie!? ? uili ?1 t\ 1!"-f A' i? a .1.' I bj ? N ? lan bark
m,?I 1.?Kin aboard. The st? ard, with the others, who
ure inititi. wen landed nt Rams?: ita yestei lay. The
latttji ??ill ntuin ?home tma that port.
Tin: DMVMKjm IN 8OH0?I l'l 1 ! a 11 I.-?M.Miiiit
LAW I'lKii ' ?1MII?.
Sin FBAMCnOOb Sept. 1."?.?A dis|?;iteh from
Hir. I ?n _- ? 6a)a the 1 ? ? 1 ti ?ni in Hillier.? ina rndtd Al
'?li by an cn(<iN{cii??iit n? ur Aita hOOWOl " Iba 'in?? 1 erneut
troop? and the revolutionist*, in wbnh the lutter WttO
tliif.-jted, loKinit atioiil ?'?0 in killis!, wounded, and prlmn
eis. Al?.ut MX) ? ? m- . ni,;??.-'ii on both nulm. MaiUat
law ii*- been proclaim'?! uiitfl affair? an fab ted.
THK nnrns or oin-mu: m :?? BUCAJM t?t tiii. ro
i-itk al mm? -rog?n i ny ra, aaow, a. jay
VtillHI?, AND rilV?Al:l?S M'rilKltr-iiN'-A (.HAND
Toll' ill Kill I fBOCIBMOf
in*..? nu: itt .1 lau roiiK-si'ovntvT of the Titinivr 1
I'illl. M?Ki.iiii ?.. S pt. _i?.?The I,', piil.licniis of tliis
lit.?? iipeinii tin? eampaiga leal night bj ? brilliant
ati.i spirited meeting in Horticultural Mall, pn cadi ?1
by tort li I ig lit ptiKeaaioill of tbe ('aiueron, Huitvanft,
and athel polit icil ( hlhf, white and black, followed
i.y a ii.-.' dieplay el -rawitehe m BioadSet. The
Ifnion Lent/ne tint* Bnfldiag waa illnminated, and
the nainee of lini-iiunft, Rawle, and Biddle wert?
?lispln? .-i in gae-Jet lettete oa the *_*s?ade. (?-n,
Hairy lingham, the randklfttf fur Clerk ol Quarter
Beaniona, whoa, the Clab Cotomittee Toted Friday
night not to " in.lui?.:" beeanaa of hie n?torltw? eon?
mi (?on ????ii the corrupt "Pilgrim Ring," waa not
honored in iliis wa| ; but on the banners and tr.ins
paieneiee born?' by the elnba Ins name wee if any?
thing b little mote prominent than thal of Gov.
Ti"? au* ling waa ? aotable er( at, not on m tonnt
of tbe large attem?mee, the in?? i-.-inii-., <?r iii?* tir?'
??orkn, fct theee < an be bad t<> order at any timo in
a city where 7,000 oAee-holden are at the ordei - of
i ? lew party leaden, bot beeanae it brought from
i their o iii. tuet,t !\?o olil litiu" Republican leaden?
i the Hon. Galnaba A? Grow, Speaker of the National
linn?.- of Jit i-i? t. iitaliTee lunn IMil to 1803, and I
the lion. R.Joj Monis, who represented one of tin? I
OoBgreeaionB] diatricte of thie eitybefon the war,
.nid ??a? Abraham LincobVe Minister to Tukey.
Both of theee gentlemen ??ere prominently i.l. ni ?lied
With the earlier omi glori?os history of tin- Repub
licanparty; both han itoodaloof from it eince it ?
fell into tlie hnn.'.s of unprincipled oflice-holdcn and |
plunderers, gn? loth BOW return to its rapport from j
the aame motive?a belief that ita raoeeea in renn-!
sylvania ti.i? I'.ill is eeeential to cheek the Demo?
cratic movement fur an ii.llat? .1, (lish.ui.it rag
t :. ?. ; > i ? \- em i'i'fiey. Tin* s|iiii!ies uiaile by tliem and
that of the lion. Edward _fcPh< ?sou, who followed,
were all em].h .!'.< .??-i l.iritiona egainat the inflation
doctrine. Made here in Philadelphia, when the cry
of " mon gneuba Ita" carne originally from Repub?
lican- :i!*il is'till |M''.s::t".l in hy many leading mern?
Lei's of that pariy, theee powerfol a-ddreeaee ???li
givefonemid(lii.>ti*nto the Republican canraea I
tbiDughont ii"" sin!??. Th<? party, m an organiza
Hob, will, ii i? e,T?y lo for* ?iv. he ? fowded bj the ac
t io'i ol' the Dem.tant Erie oil' it- ahnlfling Lan?
caatei ?urnnej plank on the linn ground of hard
Mi.?, crows 8PEEI II.
run ?t*i i rut ?, Si pt. SO.?The following lathe ad
dnaaof the lion. Galimba A. Grow al ii"- Republi? ,
ran mase meeting last night :
ot'it iNsnrrTKiN?; AOAIB on n.;?t.
PCUaOW (?ll/I.V-: Ace. ni nu- grateful arl.roivleflir;
niei.i-- foi tin- * au,ii,.ht y of tliis greeting. Wlthdraa a foi
liar* ficni all parii.'ipation iu polities, wholly absorbed
In industrial parentie, I eawu before fun at this lime on
the iii\i',.:i'*n of ?..ur c.ralttee, only from a sense el
-??..y neti m every good iiH/.vn otne te hu country.
willi rtawa anekangi I on all .ne I rmsof Katienalad
j ministrut.'.n. 1 shan call kasir attention only to a brief
; ooBkstderal "ii of ila li".,nu iii.in. airi.ui? forced Into the
! pvt.? la ne? of t.? , y, lea ig aJl dlsciusion of Mate
i*-.i ipi ii-?: ?:i?i-..i of *? itiiildat? - loth se who arc
io follow ma. ????ii the Irre?reaalble conflict between
friiii*?:.. and slarery, wbiel for ;,;??!.?! hall acentu?
shook the v. public with Ita rarthijiiak. thro? .euil din
t''i. . ni mi. Ipatlon ol a ran, l in.?..-JP that
it.? whole poonta, without partisan rancor,
?,..-.il nun their uiiili? nlisi attention to tbe
eueoura *.-?:' of the Industria) Interest?, the
? : ? |i tni of the nanni naonirea and the promotion
i.r the labor of the eonntry. We hail then Just !?.- ?:
?-.: . i.?.fully tia* third of the three great stages Incident
ii, ::: I a > I. tai it. In all na', in lill ? ?? . B people have
ttr-; in ei: ve out a iiTtieinil .-?i'len'*-. Thal <?ii r fathers
dit) in the Revolution. Next, they have to prove nan?
ni lilly tu maint tin tin lr position ?.t the fir? lile .-f nattons
by repelling all external sn'.-ri". ?<?r>?. That waa done fra
the vindication of tho Invlolahllltj of..merl .*i cltl? *i
st In, when In 1812 ?te hunted the linn of thi * in ni mt?
tresa of the scaa from oui' bIhuv?. Next, tiiey innsl prove
their abillti to pn.teei ti raia? '?<?? ntrninsl tbein-clr?**,
bysuppr. ?inn ?li loni**?f le vi? ?. The grassy mo tid
of li-It a million hero martyr? will itnntl forever a monn
menl to thal s Movement, la each of these trials the
grout ii'ijui-ii.- ol t!i. nation waa the iteiiii.it oa_ i.ini
nerve >.f ?t. * i.
The Institutions of free elective governmcnl an again
on trial, the capacity of man f r elf-government Is noa
lu puss na ?everest ?.-.t. In this Issue, forced upon tbc
? .a nu . bj til Democratic pari ) of Ohio and Pen usyI
??m. i,l? !?* I*- it.-n-i-i-ii- ? whether the mxiple har. lion
it', iinil -. ir ne i ii-nit-li Ii. ii i ?eh at ia fur tli ful ii all n a liena!
ti i _? 'i Um i bj self hn] ed limden? of taxation. In til.?
triai it only requtrea forasocc. fui Issus the common
honest* thal belong? to nncorrupted human nature.
AN AlIi'Ml 1*. I'l I IM: I'll': I !.'?..M;? ,|i; I IN \N( I.?.,.
ti ?!t.:M.
Tin-1?. ?mi. i a tie party of Pennsylvania, in almost exi :
Imitation of their political brethnnof Ohio, declara in
?Uielr platform of political faith:
"That the irontn.a *f the money currency and rlr
culntlnK niedlnro, heretofore made by tlie Republican
partj ? anid i h. further contraction proposed bj It with a
? i. ?.?? tu im lui-.ni resumption ot ?in-! le paymeuta, baa
ni-.-ii. brought disait?:! to thi business ol the eonntry
i.ini tnreatt n ? -.-ii*, ni bnntrruptcy. We di mnnd thal tiii
potlt-j in- ..'.-.nil. a t. and that the volume of money he
:.i... '? , .M kepi. -. : i. n i to tin? ?unis ni trade, leaving the
n ? i ,i.t?,. -, .*: it-. .: ?t-iiiii-i.- i-* i- u- iiij.i.al ti* be brought
.??ii mi bj |*romt>'ii. the It ttastrii ? t.r Ui*- people, and m t
b> destroying llmm, ?????, and tit it all the Na?
il .iii, bank circulation '?o promptlj and pciinam-ntly
r? tin .1. a!..I full legal ti uders lie issue 1 lu Uti li ? !.. ??.
?? That the pilbil. Interest demand? that ii*- ??(.wir.
i meat should <?? a ie t" ?ii cntrdil IU au u money, ami ?In.ni I
untke it? legal temlci-s rei-clvablc for all public ?!'?? ?, ? ?.
n-,'? vii re n ''.t for the obligations of coatracta re
a i ? : : ? a ? ji.? ?. ment In coln."
'i in- ?,inn' clasiol men who made than dcelarn'lon?.
win a ii:.- li _ ti i.ini. ra >? i.- Drat Issued .len.un., ed them
as unconstitutional,and predicted thatthi time would
eiime when it would take a hu ?hi I pf .t.-i niia !?c to buy
n bushel of potatiN -.ami ?ei to-ttaj tbey *eem desirous
i.f havingen-mghissued '?. make their pi diction good.
One year a a?,lue? nve iti min li ii Btut. . tli. i .1 ' ir. 1 .-.
'..\ ,'r ?i " .i t* idyettort to bring the Ooverument note?
tu par ?nilli gold, ami to sacara n leturn r-*
?inri* payments at the earliest possllde period
II it resumption c.'ii'l lie effected with aafcty."
In National Conventional Baltltaore thej tleclai-e?l that
??i ?."..t. ia im n t*i s;k < ii? payments waa demanded
?ilia-..; bj the blithe?) .leratlon ol commercial mo
raliti a n. I la n- * i :..??- nun- nt." Thej si mo?) tobo very
llllielt, OH tills .ptl ?.:. "I, iliif llie School l?-.?.-Il* r. who !!l
! iii, - tamlnatlon. when be waa asked tr the wort?) .. .
. i.min! m lin!, h,ti.| i.e would teach round or flat .Omi h*
Hie j. lit III? I'., f i li al. HO lee? WO?ld t* .'I- ?I ' I- -...1*1 III
t'.it" in - i?n?lder lions <>f nommerelal moi ility an I bom it
Kovernmeni Insta?they believe ??null liest serve Hu
ends of p.tif.k. Mi_:.ty . liuii.i - li.ite in-.u wrought in
Um a >.,',? lu thi ii riewa if Gomnicrvia] moralitj ami
bon? i -i-,\ ei i-*... ni :
Thej seem lo be like the Indian who profesaed ctiris
i , and ? I.? n di ' ? ?? '! in ?:?? 1. 1.1-, in,' I i i.e li ? ...... ii j*
., ki i iii?., n I,( did u'l l? n*?? n bou ?ty waa the beat policy,
halt!.t'-* lill! tie*, el'?'illili I hulk 01 it.
THAT TUBBS lit? mrs' COKTBA1 OOB IT'-I?:!>.
'Mi.-Iii.-I a? ii nilli.i n, Ib.. t Hi- ?!.- lia? bet a a o iBtiaetion
of Hie cuit ii: y. la BOt Iru. in fa.t?for Iii. r. li -, - beca i."
. i.ti ' "...n. What do we mean by enrrency 1 iristiif
which Is ubi j te make the exchange? of comm, titles and
property, i? maybe paper, it may he coin; ei both,
T-, ! ? '?.- har?m . urr.-i. y, :::: 1 au pat?, r, :;T?.'..'i.i(i.i. (I
<*. '.. kite ilen; to roundnumbei , 190,000-000 of frae
tamal turn :?? j ; of bank ? -wnlatlon, 1349 -000,000 ; nuk?
ing tbe i? l:*ile < Irealatlag iw Hum tod ly.^777,000 r> 0.
There were ft7iiO.000.OOii In I ?*73, ?.'??t.oiii.iiihi hi i?-i?v,
??:: l*_ is H? t?i. i in j ?.i.it. We iiak ? ,t greater volume of dr?
ill to -I i? i?.-in ?t any pn-i ling ot rlod In t.-..- bli
tory of the country, iii.l more than double thttofauy
period pre viona to 1800. Bo thal ii.- present .1 ia toi
the t>ii-Ma ??- of i'.- ronntrj cannot be thercauli of a con?
traction nt currency; and If "gonera] bankrupt > .
tim .in in *l," .t * i in* i nut ii..ia this callie.
wii ki i !,**:>it i n nu: panic.
wir.t iinil ii-!? pre.ine.d the ii ?i. ?-mu fa bo Inewl
l-'ii-t 'he ?'.i thal ArMtnyedproductivelndu-itryand
ea'ie.i, tree? evi r?- tuan, '.t of btetlm s?, m. n r.. tbe fsi Id t*.
tlplnil'1 '.li?'itali.'.in! i-f Hie i:i-|i-ll.lie. Ilia Wai unie:' .1
ptieea by maklag a gp dec deauwd, wbleb atlmnlatcd
pri* I I'Tn-n 1 ?.at, .?f iisiTf, stiiiiiil.i'. la large ?ni liiioti in
tile prii'lu.-l:'.. imlil -?I i !? ? over ..:?? ? pn-viiiiis peilnil. TI.o
?'lilian.. men' i if prii m ?waa ?lill fin liier lui-i-> a? .1 i.y ti.n
Issue ni large aawuats of im ?le. mabie papei. l :.. ie '?**
ii.'i'L ?tiiii..la?.-.I all tbe prodnctire Innuatrlea, bul ? ii. a
: m \, ai i mil 'lini'l the men from tlie Brid went li tek a? pre
(?ni i re.titea? IndaatrlesatlUi -mlanedtbetrpioduottou,aiid
ihn? thej Oiled the marketa of ibe count? with a large
?un.in- <!f prodneta, and, tbe demand not icing equal to
? the ?iippi?. the prodnet. went on until the atoek waa
laolarve !?? ?.?? earned I.y tin* iiutiuifaetiiii ;? ni>.*1 ptu
.t.iiNjr?. Mence . .?nie Uni Ilr?l ?... .: failuie, t hit ,if the
Bpragues,wbleb ta*_tredtbi businesseonfldeneeof ttn
eoimti ? ? iib Btorabeaaea a?ed from call tr in ir irrat with
I'lotliit '? f.-r ?iinil tlien- iras no nuit'iet. Wli?-n pro
i'i.i lu-iii largri thai the doma ad, priese of Monal ty
I li'r-t'.i ?, aii*l ?lien jarte?a full (hero munt be cither a
curt illili? nt -if proditt lion, or the manufncti:rer hlmSStf
must .it'iuii to large leeeea la i oaUaalag.
HOW 0\ I lt-1'I?ODI'( ri?)V UFAiriKD ON* ALT, FORM? OP
ill -l.M?t.
DepresMon In biisinens raine from over production,
?tiiini! iteg first by the war ami tlicu by Inflation <?( inn
(Uiitiny. Tinte wa* too tmicii of eicrytlil'i.'. IFhM
oonililciico is unbound!?I a lerptaa of product! rta be
cuni ?l for awhile, but winn c?'.(Meneo Igoueeabakaa
? r. alf:-* ?an restricted, .-uni then ooma atrtngeney In the
market and depression In business. Th?. raiirna ', i f. al
tbeeffeet l*i-*?t winn production Is diminished,because
?there are len product?? io traneport from tbe ?points of
production to the m.ii ia of tra?lo. Then ??rv 1. ?.-. men to
llanillo tbe gooda ia all tiu-ir ?tnaatt, and then in fewer
mea employed to convey Ibam to tbe eonsnawr. winn
eooflt?mee la ibakea men bogia economizing,
and v. l.t-n that begtea. a general panie, ss
it i-, railed, ipreads um nie (and. Then ure 40,000,000
?>f tu mil?? lu the United ?States, ?half msles, t ? a sad boysa
and ii iif fernstes, women and guda. Supposing that ? '??-ti
woman and girl has one dreee less tins je.tr than hist
year, calline ti?" avi-naK?? for euch gre a toa rarda, then
ure jiio.tMMi.oi)?) ?yards tom waatod this ft irtbsnlast
if ? icii iinin andboy haa ooo coal less this yeal than lu
huai last car, n? then an 20,000,000 <f ?sea wid
Boju, it wc ?? til the io?t of e i?-;i coat ra an'aver
au'tj i*10 cudi, then (ben an? ??$200,000,000 le?.*
m the demand f??r maanfactun ?l products of thal descrip?
tion, so In every other class of cotnmodltlea used bj a
I" opie, the ilci'i uni i- ?limul -I.. ?I lmm< ttm ly when ????? ry
Is dy !'? .-?UK ;?. ?jeonomise. The railroads, n ?t boina i ib
piled wltb the i rutile the* bad beton on accounl ot ti.i?
kind of I'uliK tinn, have lesa earntura. and cons? iiicntly j
i? ?profil in thin- tina-iiiima. Amt thin t? true of even I
kimi of hnslans Too manufacturer of woolen Roods
making I?.--* cloih b.iys baa wool, and the producer of
wool Is thus deprived of a market fur his product. Tbe
manufacturer of iron makes le*?, ko the producer
?.( cul must ciiriiiii ii?:? production, and i-" on
tbnugb all the avenues and channels of labor sndbuai- i
ii.-?. Tbe railroads fall to pay the Interesl upon their
bonds, where tbey an built In sparsely !-? t ?i? ?t pats <>f
tiiecoiitilfV, I.? .him tim.,? di Unis fiel the Stringency
most The demand for manufacturing products falling
off lean; t - irplui ?>f thone pr ?ducts on the banda of the
producer. Then follow fallan ? ?>f busim m bouses unable
tin .n t-, their lane itocl i, Tal, is the cause ??f ttaguation
m ?the production ia almost every Industry. Con?
fidence and credit me shaken "by the failures.
nulli moneyed men ?refuse to kata except on th' im n
undoubted ?security, and no mon. y seeks an investment
in any channel of produettve Industry, for everything
tin?-i ?'?..? . ? Land It m ki no ncwentorpnsi I
conte ot fu uncertainty of our eurnncy till It le brought
to a ipet i?- ii ?ni'?. Hit:? ?j the large iiinouiit ?( nile capital.
WHY MOXI v iv -cAi?? g i\ ( in? i i Micv.
Wo bava nu Irredeemable paper etnalatfoa twieeaa j
gteal a? it e.? r WM l??>fni I in tin- hlotoiy Of the ? ?niiitij-, j
ami greatly in ezeeas of the preooat wanta of trade, ?
win r? i^ ltt in tic ?banka, of course. When tbe bank
mu??') a 8100 MU, bowden It get out Into circulation I
By nome mau who aroint to buy commo litios, ?i? tina to |
go ititu nome Lu rimes, t?> devi Ion rent urce . Some man
Hinke ? ? loan <>f th?" i> ?nk and gttea in- note, p ?-. able st
i? futuro day. Wltb that ?t-lt??) lull hu l?; ?? |1(I0
worth of clothing. The mau that c? l?t the
clothing buys 8*00 worth of i???ni- i-ith ti o
bill miel ved for it. 'I'm' maa that ?ol?l the bat is
trays 8100 with of Karn willi li. Tho maa
liiat ?bought the bats own tbe ?bank |100,
und cailles tli.it ?suie 8100 bill back to tbe
b.ll.'K 11:1 Jll'.s hi-? ti? !t. Tin? bank lia-" til -lil,???I
tin? debt from i be maa who bought th.- t> mt ti. tbe man
Who tit nt bought the cl??1l it?i'. TbUS three men own.-?I
ir'iun? worth of property that hat bet a exehanai A ' tw? en
tbem by the use of a?.iiu;ii? 8100 note, and the nott is
back In the beak ?again?and itaya there until nome one
ii ilres tonse ii Ina slmilat way. if the man that baa
the -. -1 - -1 : ? :. i -. * t ? a boots or th? I lUcaanot -ii, l ?? n i.?
baa to " carry them," n? it ia cull?.I. or if he flin!?? no 1'Ur
, i .?-> i liefore his paper matutes al the bank, then he
??i ila, beeauss be cannot ?my bli di M t?> the
icnk f??r the money be borrowed. Heime, to-day
tbe industrtsl Intercale of (he country, bavin? j ?i t. ? i np
torraoas amount of tr- ?? >?l^. swelling purcl laers
tln?l themselves willi these goods <?u their bauds,
nnnble to meei their engi rements. Tbe nionej ij not
tain u from tin- banks tor tim t? t???ii Iii it n?> one deMres
to Invest m these commodities, The banka, if they fol?
l?n their legit?mate bmdni ?.do no1 go luto the streets
iiiul n,urts of trade to inn property. Theyfunish ex
?h,un.-? ?a for doing thnt i?y others, and for the risk in
tu n ?bing ? '.?!..n.ci. tin v charge luton it They deal in
Interest-bearing paper, and ii it from tbe ?nteres) on
i.? . v. iiii-h the? funib h f ?r others t?> m ike .-ti ?, m es,
that tbey derive the? profita. Bo when curren ;? Is not
i ? I for bu*tuei?i! it remains with those who Issue ii
And that is tbi ii*, to toy. Ho ahile there li pleut j of
Cipcr monej then is no call i .ii by bo linens I it? n ita?
? nee it Is M H?-? ill ?ii? nl.i'i'.-t.
ill' -I :\ l?'l M-iNilV 1 lill nl;M-?.
How Is mono) um ii iii tin lei- icas tranaactioae of life j
Ben ?ii?- two pie m of paper. Oae la itampedMOne
dollar," the other i-? stamp?ed "Oue hundred doUan;"
yoi til? tv ?> i?:? ? h o' papei ?an of the mom itoe, the tame
?general appearaaee, and Intrinsically an of Identl ii ?
tlic same value?no more,no leas, Ia the transactions
uf business, which ia bul an exchange of ?roiiertj
or ??(?uiin .?liti? m. paper ??r coln !-? n ed to facilitate
the exchange, and Is called a circulating medium.
Without a emulating medium trade and commerce could
not be carried on, ???.'?? p* b.? th? exchange of tbe cola?
ra lill? -. 'n m- Ive*. .?"> Hi it a m.,ii v. ho manufactures
bats, If that Is the ouly commodity he has, ami in? a.uin
s horse. If thom a -?-, no ? Ireulatlng medium, the only tray
bo could get a boree would be t? make hats enough t?.
buy one, and then Bods man who had "in-' that iu '??! !
I.? li. uni who was wiiiui - io tii!?e bats tot the horse.
Th. n h? a? ml?; A< Ai ' r the hat a ami t.?k ? the bone. Hut
the 'lilli, til:;.- of finding a man that would \.v.-.' romany
Ita ?? .ii ei u . tu- tin- p it ?-li i-> rot Hie bats could onlj ?; *
I?.?--, i f tin lit !?? .?-nun? one Who ililli Miine cn iiiiit.ilily 111'
i,ii,.lit want, equal In value to on?- or some t \? n nuuil ? r
of tbem. tor the ?in.le lint could not he divided u> ?
roul l only b? u\a haugt ?I foi n ? ommodlty of e inal \.iiu?.
COIN AM) I'll'l li ( '?MUK 1 i.
'ih? dlAi ilty,la tmt aunoBi impe ilblllty,of carrying
nntradi In that way. Induced tbe adoption of aome mo?
di -.n .i exchange thal should in? ncsgaiaed bj ml of na,
as of rome certain value, at which Itabould be received
i? i borsei snd ii ita. or lu?exch inge f??r any otherspe< :??.??
n* pi .?"ii?. Ilenro ? unes circulating medium, called
currency. It may be paper, or it may bi i oin. I it If it
Is paper, as the paper bas no Inti Insto \??im?, or ? ?e ?!',>?: m
i, . , m .:,. it 1-t onlywortb.il tbe proud? it bean i
?.' iiiul what it would sell tor to bo manufactured Into
r > me other form of paper, So a paper eurreocj Iii-,!.o
value except ita promise. Ko when you ncelve apupar
dollar In payment of a ?lebt due you, that debt ia not
?. i. Vn'u nave i.n'y changed debtors. I ?atead or ti.o
Individual of whom you ri Iredltowlneyou, II ii? bow
the ?n.t'a. ? of i'??- p. i er a ho ?? rea 'he de ?t. and tiui ?-? u
tinuea ia? be iii- i'ssi till tbe person who bohls ?lie
i?.i ?n i |it'.?tiii ?es, .-?? al? m us Uiiiotii't iu ?sola or ?toms kind
??i ? ??I property.
win i?? n paj itia'itt in coin any mon 'he payment of a
debt tliau a payraenl inpapei l 14c eoln represents 1 -
,, "i; ,1 i ,'.... ;.? , .it.? .ii.'l ii 1 -pi -? '. ? f it il- pu?..i.I'?
ll?in- ?rsl ii. i ik -i?.' ino on fe m t1 e Nw? li ?>f the ? artb
and all the lubsequont labor nee? m iry to c invi it it into
(?nu, nini the world consents and agrees what iiint amount
of I., mi i-i\M?r'.l audit oonldnot be procuredn! i .? .
n ?; ri ?n i ii-.. .. m1 t imp I u? in the < iln. Bo tin - -i
th? civllixod world it ha? that real intrinsic value, for iln
rea on that it is impon dide tor it to be i rudu? ed for i le*s
ram. And besides, ii baa theframe value, or aearlyao,
hu- n-e in the i n. bantcnl i? '?? thai it lias for coln.
i... ci it of paper, thal Is, lu iiitrlruli value is compara?
tively nothlnj?. ti rosts no mon lo make a W.tlOO bill
than .ii?'? one. rho printing pnaa changn tbe amount
>.f the promise si upli bj ehanging t'i num ral? thal
mark it. The coln dollar needs no Indorser. Ths |mp??r
?,?.t ii wort hi ??sa Itbool .t. The coin dollar runathr iugh
tbe commercial worid bj Its own inberent itrength, and
i? irs upon Its face its nal value, Tbe paper dollar has
n | itreiatth enough lo stand aloue, andbcara upon Its
tu?, miii a promise whleh. If its fnlilllmcnt lu to be lud ii
iilt, i ?i.-';. n?'.|, lu st worthies? is the ra^s of wl chit
Is nimio, lui 'ti ? n. t'li.? paper ? ihlinbed ss a rlrcu?
!.:?.lunn i.-, tin-i'.h-i . u -. that ever paralyzed tbe
? n? i-'.".- o', a nation, or palsl ?t tbe .-u'i!) ??f Industry.
A coln doit-i i npresents a certain wi ,.-?.i of metal, and
iii ?i tame wi ??-.it of m. i.il y?m <?:?.?: ? tcbanire In the cont?
ra? n '.ii worl I, .my", 'n re, for nu equal n ?, lil ol ii ? ? : mo
n. ml to tbi coln of any < tuntry, ami it li not ault)?
to ruin ., ?it.??n. It amy be worth a little moro In
uni t nini? n n in another, by re sou of cost ??f t as
i?"ii.'i!'.!i, but ih? diiv.-r. m Is trifling, and it Is r illy
worth ii? Miine, welch! for v.iniit, th. world over,
Iii i. i .? i,.i-1? . n uni :,? in iii? i !.. .' .i ii nation? ?,{ iho
world tho ? n rene] t?. npres ml real values.
m i: vi ni t.ii mum v RKPSESI s TB,
Tbeourrency wo use represents a prom ?? la the ah toe
of n national in.iik noto,a i omisa rcHt?t-,'- apon the ai?sets
of tim bank, na i upon the Cn ? ?l w. ?t? i ima li ?I ???-.-'t.'?!
to h? nu; ii? it ?I, -million. How with a Government
-. n?.i?t Itrepneenta bo peoperty. it w i lien
ii?? ..it uni.uni', it ii? not a mortgage upon mythlna, for
you? nnot ?li tu?) man's farm, rai-nsxn oi bom on
:i r. i , .? ?n )i y ii tia ?a ntl ti"? ? of Iln- United tatt li
... y upon Rood falta by the ; v ? mdtbatlsluat
what i? on U lal t?? day,
mihi ? i'i i?n i< i?> ni: cr. i N' nu', rit'ii: Hovmr T
Ohio litn! IVm-ilv ui'ii cull the A'u. t . ..ii |. >;i ?? to tie
??.n- iii-..lion of tbla ii""!i", nml nu? ballot-boa I? to Ila.
thaebaraetor of endtttobe gina t-? tbiapapern] i
wataltoa Papei t? pnaeatattoa not bai i apon ?sola fm
Itandempttoa haa 'hut disadvantage with all prop!?
mvera waul << contld me tolls upon a commuuity
liaefli an ? wl li.? ? du i urreucj. foi ? ??..i -
culatbiK medium fix it m rulots sud lutrrchang able tbe
?su..I over. I ni ir-.inirv notes ??ii be ?urea i ,i
i ii.- ratitnatloo <-( money circles i.? everj ? ?
ti?-ii ii? ?i m thin ec'iiiiiy ni \?.iii<h currency
I-,t i i ie. The Democratic party of Pennsylvania pro
?i i .- ri. , ,m -'i?- i, itt? ?.?iii.- . ?- . ii.- | n
it in? legal touder lrcasur> notos, i'.i ;i??il t.. (hi
? ?.?' m ... i;, i.?l-r it i,000,000 m ?i?- to lol up
ti i- L'ireuiation that thenaUoi ?I banks non bat >,t akn.g
$l2l.tioo.t-AHi of ti? i-ur) nob 11?> bo i ism .!, and no1 one
,? meted bj ? ? utu ?I.?II ?r, uni a ii la pr?i
lo till ;1 ? 'Ii, i- n;. m . b 727,000,000 of coln, to be held
to redeem tbem, Without thal what . .. i-? lhere
that they wouldn't depreciate aa all large i sues of Irre?
deemable paper bavi t\r ?1 me riiiiu Hie .i ?"!.?.?'i?? .f
i...ni? \ vi. to tin? Continental amney el our (athen
It it ??. i-.,? for us to disregard the wisdom ol the ages and
i., experii oof all tune t if it won i >i"i i illci I .
change our bank curronoj Into masur] non , could It
i?c done Willi.).li a biea.h i'f ii'Mil Ult.i on Hie p.irt of the
it., ih? b1 of Jane 90,1884, tbe Gonram ntpl lg?ad
Ita tait h to then words i "Heetlon'i. Nor shall tbe t? ii
amount <?f United HUtes notos 1 - - -i? .1 and tobe I i
ei cr ?"te. ed $4?0,j000,0U0.M \.t m rtolatloa ?if ti..it
pi. Age it i.? pet poood to almeo! ?oabh ihat aiuount.
After arguing the quest ion of good faith at :??????
fcee h'eiemh 1'iiue.
TiiK PUBUO WINI" i ii: h *?i'K ni) BUI TO
PIMVK Tlir.ll! INNOT r'.VIT.?A l_____OM Of If*??
TAI MY Fort IlKNNKTr-WllO davis, MU_U1__
|IIV Tilla,:? it TO TIIK TRIUINf.)
Bt'FFAl.??, _l. Y., S pr. Utl.-In the ?.'isa? of Tli?
State aira triet (?cot ve I). Lead for MkeffJ nothing
inore oin na done m.til Judge ( iiiit??n tandan Mt
?le? Laien upon the iiioli'i'i of t?.e Iii-nii t-At'i.f.. ?. It
?giike oat tbe -peeiil plea meale i*.v Um defcndaai
imtnTtheetatnfe of limitation??, iii!.*? t'.. lodge
baaftoadaed to do n ti raeadaj efternsan, bag all
?peculation as la what that deetaion will
l?o Rfcu:?i to Ito r.c.iril'd as flic merest gnesg.
work, l?vMy lawyer kal I? ? own optaba
upon tin! (j.. s'.i?ii, but no one aei-m?, to lave
any inforiii.tfi.ni uti tlif Mtbject. If t?io Jadgt a 99*
??sion is in favOC <>f ?l? ?king out tue ???'< -tal p- ? Bl
der the statute of limitation??, llie ??a??* ?nil tin ti re
eenl at 0'iee to tlie (.'nuit of Operand T.nii.tur,
which will i>_ opened hen to?wnow amrnlog by
Judge Chi tles I ?a*iieIs, ?\ h.? .--'it? i< r?--! Hauy (.enet
onie?I an appeal is taken by the t\- fendant. 'I l,?- it
pli .bable, and if ?! is dsmewifl tu mm.mi fin I li? r -le?
la?*. nnlea_ the tr ii eaa nf? aa,and the appeal he
argtaed after ward ia eaae of oravietioo. Altfcongk
tlitM .iso romes iukIpi t lie pre ft t led < a.s s lief net'..
General Teni of the Bnperior Court, it i.? tbengitl
a deeteion from thal c mu eannot be ?htaiard b
leeethaa six __ontha, ano it ma? lake l-niger. II
Judge Clinton's deelaion is ig__.no. tin? __eHiVeta.il
appeal will cert linly la? taken hjr Um State.
What ??ill lie done in Hw BWantime with (!.?? ron
irpiraey ?ase against Menm Lord, Da? ?s, Bennett*,
Bowman, ami Barkley, is aat definitely known. It
iinndentood that whoa it don ????mo BptheywiQ
I? ? tiinl jointly, un the?ha?'? item indicted jo.ntiy,
althongh tins eonrn ?vin be e__4 led to b. am
than uno of tho dofnndoite .Mr. Davie m I Mr?
Barkley have both expreeeed ohjeetiooe to being
tried with tho ol It. ra. Mr. D.i?is ?\pi*- .s grcal
confidence in hie ability t<> prara Ins in::.... aee, or
rather, m he etatee it, tin* Inability of thi M t- b
prove hie gnttt. He nlelrae lo be anxious bl the
trial to oome on? when be abell be able io * tabll li
his innoeenee, ?.r. if gnilty, receive the proper pnaiah?
nient for hie guilt. At the MB? time, after bat ing
met bin several times, both 1*. fon aud sim .- the iri
dictmentwie found -gainst bim, I have bil .1 to
find liim in any other than I itrrvmi?, IBZk?i
liio-id, wlikli tho ili-euvsioii of the aabjei t hu ii*
wayo tacnioed. Hekni idmittcd mtrmthenm_ra.
?? boa un.1er the excitement of dieena loo, bl? anxiety
in repaid to tho matter, lcicnn: loth ->?..-u.i
? ! :. < I it i?i!l lure not onlv upon lum-elf. but also
? ? m
upon his family.
A prominent and toflnentiol citizen of n.iirilore
inark.il yeeterdby that, aei le (rom a few potttical
opponents, there is bo doubt thal Mr.Devi ?' ? I
well hen befon the cbargn of compUettyb tho
eanal triado wen broughl igilaet kim. He m ...?? ra?
gardedaai ?lir.??d and wceeaafnl lawyer, bnl no
one Bnppooed that he waa ever guilty of fraud, ilia
ii lal ions with the MOU?unity ?? ere .?.. li. :u (Bet, that
it aria enppoo-d that he eoald n.*t tfbrd t<* ?lu
anything criminally wrong? Hie position In t?..eiety
waa Int-claee, Um people grimrillj tren aiton?
i-lud ??li.-n they ?aw his __unecoapled ??th tin ?. of
the Canal Ring Now, then is no doubt thal im
im n-i iiaitils li.ive he? i committed it :!iis ?-ml of
the canal, ia well aa at other pla* es, a -I while it
eannot bo said that tim'people m ?? OOMrily It lievi
those men guilty la all cases ?ibero tin y bave I.? en
arraigned, at least those whan they have ti ii-*:? >i ia
thepii'-t. they en impatiently uiitirg far them to
prove theil' illli-u'elie??. If th".?" ( U'l di tbili ti V
eannot mt about ii too ?xoickly tor their o??n g i.
The fact that a mau bas been leeaoed "? eompl i Ity
LU .ho can?? liaii'le. i? -?iiiii-n-'ii bo make linn an - '.
j?-? t of general ,su??*?. ion and ?listiust, and the Bli to
has been defnodi >1 onl of su. 1.1 irgi mum by rum
of di-ilion. ?t contra? is and rtivatd-. thal then ??a
gem ral ilispusition to itand ah of moil the charge is
\? itliilinvn.
Tlie clian..-? againet Mr. Di.?is. eontinned the g a*
tleinau ?vitli whom I wie eoBvening, ban mil har!
him ?my worn than thej hiveharl Controller Hop?
kim, and perhaps not as badly. lint.kins re? :>">l
bia appointment at the inetan and by Um Lull i ice
ni Mr. Davis, and tli?-v eeem to have been warm
hienda ever rince. Mr. Davie eould proco ? whit
no one elm could obtain from the f. nr..!'. r. If a
bill wai not allowed, then ?vas ippuently one, rnd
only oin?, way ol' i emring its payment, and thal ?? ia
to go to ?Mr. Dai is. Tim fur met li.M su. 'i -i r. spo.i
.ibb.? po?ition ih.it any bingi?irity on hie pari ?.ia
looketl upon ???iii much j." *be ?li-f.iv-r.
The action of the Controller in r quiring wttlenk : t
in full npon a et it un day, ?li. tin r the "Barney had
been received or not from all the enanty fare innren,
failing to do which they wen ?un it< ned with meet
eadefaniten, wai not received erith generalfa*] r
ben. l_e timea wen "hard, end when the Treaennr
hail not ?received his money from the people, the
rigid enforcement ol the rale me felt to bl oppraa*
si?,>. Thethtuking clam of the < mmuaity an he*
ginning t> question, tram the denlopmente that
hive been mi de, whether Mr. Hop?au*! main .*' |e t
wee not to neun tho deposit., at Albany oi eil ti..?
state money a? early as poaeihle, in order thi t I.o
might hive ?' to lona t*> hi ? p- ?monal fi u it!j, or ti i
high rat.- of intercat*.
Mr. Davie, it ij indi mtaod, i? from da idi, bat hi
lias rooitlcl ind dono buainen hete for tho pnet20
year.?. His properly, it is st if?-?l. is all li?M m Ins
-.?if.'s Dine? II? still retaine poeeeeaioB of the oflk o
of Canal Anpraiaer, but dicllnee to stale whether bo
Intend ? reiigning or not.
Mr. it.-nnett ?s aim-is' _Jwaye nfarwd ia with ea?
pim .... lofeyropathy. "I have mon sympathy foi
Bennett than ferr all theethnowbe I."ive been in*
dieted" :? v?ry fr ipie-oly heard. His fktenda Indig?
nantly deny that be is \\*-.i'.? and lackil t-' in ?hf ?m1
m.-. <>r i*u?iTiite t-.t. (?n th" other hind, they
?ay that he le straightforward, ant ikara in
; a karga] i, and that b<? b.t? i-, ide
money. Ho ca;iio ben ihont ten j? it* aga
from the Barton peri "f thte Mate, and hie ?? mo
???me i large mooni ?.f work .?t ?anal dndging; ete.
An intima:?' friend of it's ?ti s l.?> i? miak worth ii
1. un 9100,000, bal ezplalne thal Ike dredging kanV
ncaa ia profitable, and that Ben *.?t i rerj eeononl?
eil. II. !i?e? in ?l l:.-:it i?lt Miall l:li-l. I;..i! e < li
N_a_rira-et_j which ia neitly hot plainly farniaked.
His frieadi kin ttdriaad kim aot to talk ? ' ral mat*
t. ra i> Utting to the Hind award, and he de? lined to
sly an? thing further thin wkal kll already .1'*
p trod in hie teaiimony, r>..ul which baa be n pub?
lialicd. Since hie indicttneni mid mlnii ? ? . to bail,
be ia giving hie atl ntionigaii t.? bae_m ioatekte?
Jadge Clinton ia n grandoon of George i I ti en iho
tir?t Qovornorof thoSteteof New-York, awl ? eon
of <;..v. DeWitt i linton, The Judge b.s been <?u
tin? bench dering tim peal l8 or '_?o pearn II ie gea
nally thought, that he is ever 70 yean old, and
h* tin? sup riri'iiTf I, bul he aaya r_oe,alf_-*ongkka
a Imita be il.iej not \. ni ?? iv-..
D. C. Welch, who waa la Canada, hie r fun d to
thifl city, ?.?ni ??li endoubtedlj be irraign i t .-nu i
raw, lognthia with Ur. k. :i? and Mr. Weheter, ka?
f.'ii? Jadge ("linton on ali iudietumul band against
then i at tno Inlenl iMn-.u-tnum in wal Im the
t' m;il Dep ti tineiit. Mr. Welch baa already | roi hit d
hiuibflf with i ail in anticipation 11 Ike ruie?t.
llli: r*l It IDK OP A CVVDIIN [S. .!.) MIN
Pim mm l.l'iui, iSc??t. 'Jil.?Tin? hotly ?,f Al?
ben M .ilkley of (Tinulin, N. J., iui?..ln?r frti'i? heme slnea
Tliuiiailsr, ivas fourni ti'.i ni^rnl"?! in ti*? Pi tanara
lilkii". Hie .li'n'iUMil WH? ?,,-li Lim??, u for maif jears
: ... . !. a i ?i.t..-. Uu.. ??Uli Uio CaOkloa UUd Akl.K.iJ IU1W

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