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Kaoi.b Thkaibk. ? Van.?iv.
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Oi.rmi, 'i iUMi.li. -Variety.
1'Al.k THBATBB "'I l-e Wld ,w Hunt," eta
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Vallsch's TmaxajL?**He*ae.a
A?.Si-M-tlT|i.V- II 41.1..? a : He.;
AaoOaalATii** Hall,?1:30? Lecture. t>r John T.or??
('n''iii ino Hall, tnotoro. J. w. (???;.
Coi..?? i e*?* ol' Kurla --
t'aii.i.i'i.i .n. ('iii-i'.i'ii. -Doilj I Ion rrnyrr Meeting.
( on li: II I'M . ?. - laSbOf Mia? Mead lag
Ynirs,. M, .?, r*??1*1 ia? A?-.?, ia 11 ???_? K'ectlon.
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Diviiu .Mi N.,11. i? Otk Peat '.'I ru.! 3d enlumiiB.
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Ki iiui-rii Hi,;? i- ?CIA I un, ~,'.?, and Ulli columns,
i is??! in IMA i,mr- \*\ column.
?mum ii tu UM 1*001 i.th cn uruii
Uki.r nk'i . i, i. B?j i ,i ,r 6th Minora.
H??Ti i ? :"/. /"/- ',' .bunn
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liP.tl. K-'ili I, e Ski i. r:i\ '.'/, I'nir Mb ni.ii'nn ;
Ooumrni 7tA Porno?T>\\ . Auction lu m 7<a
Puje Ml. eui,linn.
Ialk? bi Mctios?60 Patt d'h oouim?.
lATinea Baan - ?" , Pa - lal an lad. -i -.?.
IrrUATIOKI ?Nish i, ?I ?. i - :uh , <t i- 'id column:
FBMALM '.'"A lui, :.i, ?Hi. .".(?1, ii': ! |;:.i , oiuniii?.
Pl-i ClAI N-,-. li i -? f>fA I un.
Bil-itDini m a\)( Ii ni ni?au ? ~lh Prngt Stb OUg Olli
ara* m Baa, ?? t? tit Pate 8d and (uh col?tuna
1i:a. iii e '.'', I',';, 3d ? i IUIUB
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it ? 7.'/. I wyt lib cn.lunn.
)_T v i'i.:i-.'-N?r, Mm! Sni???"ii!,i-f?. SlOj.-rannuni.
EMI ". ?:i '. i. Y i Ki it sr. M.ii I Sub m '"ta, g_ per on.
11 ki y l iiii'.iw Mail Habei ribw ?. B2 per aunum.
Terms, ooah in odraaoo.
adtlrea*. Xr.v, ?"iiiiii'M*. Ni?**--York.
Frrto-,!' tattle In teternt 'Pur I liars?-- m nn^ of the
trains, koota, tr hniti-, in onie* ti it at te ''y eeli, a iii emi?
ta a tem- i',/ inform ntthiottteoof tht mrtmwttaaeee,
KI tait? n a k-eiti?ei?r.a(i laar*their ts es for ThbTbibum
Bl 1,83? Broadway, i ? ? ?..????. St n ave.
IXti^iTtM OaOilg Sri-bun-c?
FORViiiv,?Count a_?_h_-7-, BobeBM rawhodtoil
consular Mi|ii?!Ki?piu in Heno?*orina, Don
Carlo? had iiisiiected tim Carlia! lineo. ? ? Prince
Knpoleuii WM oapoalng M. B iher as eaodidato foi
the French I mom hi j la C-naoh?t, Tweuty-flve
tbuii.saiii' lusurgnnt Tutoomoih wen nattaihledal
Antiij.iit. Upwardoi ahundied paraoao were
hil.ed or wtMttded bj ?t railroad aMidaul to B
Do.mk-ii'.- rTraatrr Bayard of 1 -towarra apokea!
an anniNi i.? iiy l-ni:t;u,-t in Philadelphia, in reply to
the tonst, " ! in rcileral (rWtgrtt ?" = At Mil?
waukee n iu-kv te'erianliie taventuni Nins tried, ?nul
lti Maooof**? s fit ..me Nie:., M,-:; over one wire.
In Hi- I."td trial '-be defex te tt ited. Mr. Peek
ti coiiMii-reil as baring the find chant*?*, for t'te Koo?
la??ty s... ,-itfrsiiip. - (..n. Ward, r.-f -ree ral the
House Committee on Commerce, favor* ri-ciprocity
with Canada. -? lu the Kentucky Leaudature, ?
bill to uppt ipriute ff.90,000 f.u the Oentann?d WM
ni. t bi nu. '. i. imt to appropi . t anything no ii
t__Maty i? declared.
ftlT. ?vu ??i iiridtiK' _ I? -??? ? <m m ttia ItrrtnUlv!)
?lag anita denying; all chargea of corrupt collusion
ami other allegation* of tim complainte hare been
a-rved. ?-'onie well-informed politicians behcTe
ttuit tin-.. (l-i.'in n Nilli probably oonfirio Gan. Porter
a* Coiniii.? ,. ner of Pabilo Worka " P.CBoyd
a.Co. nt i!:i? eily, accuood in Chicago-of -
frauds, ?MMi tbeir lllnocem ( i: ii donUUldini I
t m. Itkexpected t_at thelettcre-raiMiTi f. r
mu Muta i'- <.'."-.-1 ii oalled bj Plj ruoutb Church and
klr?. Moult -ti NN ii! booen! out early thi* whek.
QaM, l18, 113*4, lKC?. Gold value of Hie I.-k:i1
tendi-r ilnMir at iii?, close, m1 -jo OOUte,
Tiie WrAiiiKR.-Tl.e Goveniii'i'ii? report p:
atoado and ruin.----? Ia thiecitj yaeterany tim Say
wa.s iiiili: -uni elotulv, with ruin m lim BftetnoOUJ
tlieriiiiuiii t i, M , 51 , M .
Tin? Iii-,..ni Mt. firm in tins city involved, nr
coidiiiK t-' i.stiiii.'M.v iriven at ('liu-a-"o, in unnic
crooketl NK?ii?ky ti -u?s:ietiiuis. offbia Ml explaini
t?oii wliiili attiibutes tlie atUt-',-. baa ili?.?ii_ for
r?vent,'!.. Tit*) dat-flg f^ran amply entitle the
trio la u suspension of pulilic opinion till the
full facts cm appear.
Amonir yt-Rterda.'s Rimions that tlie Bar.
T. W. Cli'.k contrilnitcH to the (li.seiis?ion on
readiiiK il-e Billie in tlie pulilic .?uhools. Mi.
Cltirk al-o triait? an allied sul.jei t?the Roman
Cntholie Church in Aiiit-iiea?with iii.ue liber?
ality than is uMiul in Trot? ?taut pulpits, and
UiK?*? that tlie -,'iuul WOtm done try that Church
nn.1 the inipi.iNc mut that htm t;iki-n place
within i* -tfa-Tfj to be ?tudi.-d and tppre
Dr. I.ionard BMtM lia? iipiiti succeeded m
makin?-; bid rr_a*a__i e-atua? <,f 1?-, t m.-?- to linn
logical ?t'ident9 of iiiU-it <t t?> the public OUt
tude. Iii?, revie.v .,1 the ?policy of the Coiiirie
gutional Church in diocipliuiug oflend.rs
touche? directly on mosto? tug k*-. ? .vine!)
are to In bnuiirht bejfota the Miituul Cotim-ii.
His aria'unient on the qitistinn irhather Majlect
by a chinch to di-ii line a nu tuber justiflea I
ano?ier BMwboi in itaying ?ink?.n or withdraw- !
%ssjg mim to eorer cattrelj one of tin- two
point? on which Mia..Mi.nil ni i?ks jodgmeitl '
Harri-sbnrp piesents the. r.t <? ???u ela. le of a :
LefT slat tura UKutiiiK NKiihuut t'l.'ac. iiiiijiaiiinii ?it ;
gf ft lobby. 'Iii',' ?-tl'iCiey of i' fir ?' liaiil i'
Constitiiti'iu in prevanting t_a enaitiiu al ?
?pecial l.i'vs, is thus clearly .?liown. Aliuo.-t ?
equally str.in^e is it to lad the Ingjriaton coni
pariUas* notes on eeyggsytgf, mid coiiijntiiiK' g| to
bow iiiikIi llu-y can bonegt-Jf Mtft oat of their
aalarics. liutt-l-kcep? is of coona do not re- \
joke; but io inany oiJcr dtizoni it st cuis ap
propiatc enor,,"!i that BOtOatbhlg of the l',,i
gality of a former jteriod f-toold be di play, d
ia the (Vi'Usuuial y.-iu.
In the i? port of 1'iof. Ordroii.n'x, S talc Com- i
?WOW i in LunacK.*'-.,-\eral d?bets ol' g :r
prfseiit !::.vs tor the tic.itineiit ?if tin? insrinv
are indicted. It is certainly a Mran-rc (,\.-r
iipht in t!?? MEEI that a min derer who is |
audei Rctit?-nct? of death ina?, ii hi? bOCOOJlOl
bi-ine ami then recovers Ihr lem.Kii, be ?,-t ''.
entirely at liberty by the operation t*f the law ?
Iteelf. Fuither Urajl | i m tfSggS also tobe
Oeoded to kiv*? prompt relief t-> ltmatu- eng. t
tieut* that are niHltreiu?d. Plofi Urdionutix !
likewise tiroes a MOtMtOO that has 1mm n alr.a.ly
BeJH?emoi in Tin: TUBI ni:, for pirttetag ?une
_ruard over the act? oi persons that Rho??
aymptoms of inaauity leading towaid suit ide
or muidor.
Since the French Government declared it .
would support no ?onapaiti.st candidates, the j
prnty ha* apparently moderated ite pietcn- i
Mona and ceavd to d?nturb the country with i
its clamor. M. Oilivier's address is concilia
' 'ory, nlthough he is so unjust a? to ascribe
the disasters ct tho Franco-German war
t<? the revolutionist-;. In Corsica, how ?
iver, there is a si?iriti'(l contest in
propres* lx'tween Prince Napoleon find
ex-Ministcr Konher, who represent* tho Bl?
Knipiiss Eugenie. Despite Ins faults, tho
l'unie, li.is better claim to poptil.t:- support
than llii- Minister, win. wau ia ji.nl rc-poiisi
hl? for th?? worst liluiidi-is ciiiiitiiitl'-d by
Napol.-on III.
If tin? Oovemnirnt is going to help UM Cct:
tennk- at ".li, it ought to do it promptly. To
thal extent the Philadelphia gentlemen, win?
an in Waghiagtofl Bighig the Cantemda]
appeal upon CoBgl-ggi have the whole country
ni their back. V. bethel Um Cover-meat
ooghl to expend bbj of Ita funds in such a
?n !t;i i? ,i pi'int about which, as Bfl ?district
(jin -si ion, there would l?e wide dill- ?enees of
opinion? lint if Kurll nu grtpropriatii n is either
unconstitutional or Inexpedient, Congrega his
been late in disooveriag it Ths previoai ap?
propriation- foi ths exhibiti mi io London,
I'm.?, mid Vienna, would c.u:>?i> a refusal BOB
to appropriate anything lor our own ex?
hibition, to 8'..ml in n very eui ?.ins tight
Than will bo little difficulty in Joining li-iado
on ?the Hampstead Reservoir rail ?againsl
Kingsley und Keaney began by the Tax-payers1
Association. The anavrer lins been served and
th.- den? ti? al all the main all<sgatioBi of ?the
complaint aro so broad thal only proof can
settle whether co'upl.iitit or BBgWSff is correct.
In the mean time the i ?it ??f Kingsley ?uni Keene"}
a rainal the City of Brooklyn f??r tmlaacee
claimed to be due ou this Reaervoir o ratead i?
digi to be. tri'ti. This oil^'lit to give the Tax
pajarg agr?ai advantage, since it m u-t develop
in advauc t!:o whole c:ise of the contract.>i ?.
Ii would not lie a bid idea if Mt. l'ais ni?, u
ihe representative of tho Attorney-General,
should ??!? Associated., in : '??- ax-p ij ei ?' tah n ?i?,
with Corporation Counsel !><? Win, ami ?then pot
forward all the facts collected by him for the
benefll of the ?city as defendant Then in ordei
io win i-i?ii* claim ?Kingsley and Keenej a mid
need tho nnan?no i.? verdict of twelve ?.n h! and
true inen, whereat as defendants in tim Tax?
payers* suit tiny c.'iiiiot lo?e their c;i-c if the*
induce onejnroi to bool theirway of thinking,
A visitor to oiic of oin Stateprisons r.i.nilv
noticed paveara] convicts lounging about -Bod
Baked why they wen ? ?t at work. "They've
"' .-tnii n,'' was the reply. This I,"!.* itory,
t< Id by our Alban; correapondani in a let! i
which wa print to-day?gives tha clew to all
the extravagance, migma-agement* snd dig*
order of our prison system, li Ui no1 long
since a convict io Fing Bing was del .led in
the manufacture and ?-...I.- of illicit whisky,
running his .still Inside tbe prison premises,
and selling the crooked prodad to bia fellow
prisoners al a dollar a bottle. In another 8tate
it his Just been discovered thal convicts
have Improved their houis of coulta?'Bl! ni in
coining cotinterfiii money. A murdei i?? Au
barn prison lad te tbe aatonishii g disclosere
thal alii:' -st every convicl waa allowed to carrj
a knife; aad we have Lot forgotten the ease
of tiie distinguished prisoner, recently gone
abroad, who was sent te the penitentiarj for
tin ft ?tinl allowed ?i private secretary t.? help
him take ears <>1 bil plunder. Cooaider these
- ii cm n lion with the fact thal
wardens, keepers, and other offlciali t.? whom
lliC . .,..t ,r iliu pilsOII? l-l ita,,
mined, ure known te have ?frequentlj
Conspired IO swindle tim Suite, and it is
do loBagef ti stattet of rarprise thal while the
convicta an? rapposed t?? In* engaged in re*
munerative 1 ?lim' i'.?- three State priaous n
tmn every year a deii.it of more than half a
n.iilioii of dollar-, mid thal the State eanaot
weil, its own quarries withoBl w lois, even
when the goat ol maintaining the convicl la?
borera is left oui "1 the cali ulai; ?a. Contract?
ors will not pay the Male a ta:r price pel
diem for prison hamls, inc.tuse ?t is impossible
te get out of them saythmg like a Jan (lav's
?work, ihe keepers have httie onntro] (>\?i
the inen, aid have exhausted their powei
when they liave indagad i gang to march
from the nils to the shop Wlthonl
?m opea outbreak. Industry is not one of the
virtuei of th* Sing >iux cnrricnlnm. Half the
mea therefore are earning a miserable pittance
(f thirty or l'< rty oentl ?i d.i.?aid going on
st i ike when they fei doss or tired?while ihe
i? ?t a-.a- supported in Idlen --.
The trouble at the bottom of thee ghuaei
of ooaree is the prostitution of the delicate and
ditfleull task ot prison management i" partisan
politics. That l?ad piaciiie, whi? h h.i? been
understood and denounced on all hand? foi
in.iiiy years, may ??-?haps In* reformed hy the
?pending amendment to the ."state Constitution.
Mat meanwhile the actual condition ol
the prisons demands attention, pad bob
thal the canal suits nie well ondei way ii ii
ban that the Inveetigatioua of the reformers
should be rigoroaslj prou uted. Ii"- extrev
Bgnnt east ol the presenl system ii ti.? least
ut Ita avila. Half a million would not be too
much to ?spend ob our convicts it it reformed
even a n speetable B?nority ol them j bat it ii
a preposterous price t<? pay fox tho maia*
tciiance ii' Bumerieg of orima. The average
prison i*> ; iw a factory of fraud, theft and ruf*
ti ii i ?n. ! he iiiui.i!e- le im there, In ti"' i tun <?
ol iii? ir idi lives, w !i:it( ver wickedness they (lui
not know whan they wait red. Tin y pre taughl
to di -pi-?- the law, to look opon its offleen as
hypocrites quite as guilty as themselves, t?>
--I'liii hole -t woik, to believe that aearly all
imn gettheh living hy swindling or open rob
bery, and that 'virtue eooaisti in not getti ig
eaaght? We eannot move too .won tot Um
renovation of these liokholea of iniquity
wl ich ire -?pi?adin..' moral malaria through ut
i!n (?immunity ; mid if Got? Tilden can j .n*- :
ceed in elie, tim; u une reform li? le be \ ill j
estalui !i a in vv and J.eih.ips his li tiii?-'?-ist i
(l.iiin to the gratitude in which bones! pi tph
?lu i h hold him.
r . ? l-l - ; /oar or five yean the stroggl i
twci n the court? of jnstiei end William II. I ireed
has no1 been toaaeertain the ownership of the
great fortune embezzled by the chiel ? ? ? the
King hut to determine iis posses-i.xi. 1 um
the day whin I'haihs O'lonoi ami Mi. Tilden
traeed tia stolea money throagh the baiib ac?
counts, and eo disclosed ihe wbole proieei of
tobbcty and the mannex <?f digtributing the
plunder down lo the List nnt, than lins otto
tically leen do denial ol the alaim of the city.
Ihe discoveries of O'Conor and Tildan laid
hair the detail.*? o? the conspiracy, and made
it all in pi ?in to us na if we had
overlooked the execution of the plot iii
the private ofliccs ol' the Tammany ddeftains,
and been prcm-nt st the scent, Mating! whit h
tiny held with locked doors in tin City Hail.
Not one of tho gang has had the face ta? plead
innocence since th.it memorable disdosui**.
Some have made a full confession. Some
h.ive lied. Tweed alone, liftinp np his front
of tri,?le bc_t-| has taeitl) admiited the full
chargi and deticd tim people to find their
reined v. In the whole h i ?tory of modern
criminal prosecution?, wo doubt whether a
similar instance can be found of a thii-f otTcr
ifgg M di-ronse tO the indi, tim tit, but inovin?
all the machinery of UM law to defend >JN**>
MtMO- of the Klolcn luopi'it/.
The nem action boga bj his attorneys 1 i?t
week transe? mir? the in-??b-nee of all his pre
vious devices, and is probably entii. !y with
out a i>ar;illel in the rit'onls of an.N n .?pi 11
al-le eutirt. It isa nuil Bgrt?BOt his |?r. ???? ? u t. n ?
to pai?rtli C li ' ii? fog failuie to reto vi r wluit bi
ha? -toit ti; airain ?t his accomplice?; who tinned
? Slate's cn id- nee to compel them to n ! ne Um
ninney of which he kcejis possession ; apriinst
the city antii nilli.s and the conn?. 1 for i hi?
pe .pie to togeny tlu ni lo prosecute t! on okk ii
Nvitnc.ssis; and in ell'ect iiK'ninst the ?litm ??,?
to prevent then in,m _f_*rtif_ringr. Brought in
the name of one of T .Need's botU-UB? n,
but by Tweed's conns.!, ib? leal ptvpOOO,
its finiuialiiit and ob InictiNc i huiaiti :, an M
plain tlial it is n ipi? ?lion whether any legal
oubterfnge will .give it a itandiog in twoit.
Tin- spectacle of au caeaped wmtumacioua
pri oui ii uuing'the law to ban, the ofBcen ol
justice is one upon which the b nell miic'.k
Cannot look With patience J and if this Rilit
should i\er cune to tii.il it would be little
ralee ?han a dia*_racc to American hock tv.
Whatever may become of ii, however, it
will be well io note thal the complaint mnkfM
a Beriea of admlerdoni te ?pectin?: the Bing
conapiracy which haye never before bien pal
loto word* i-i Tweed- counnel. It i-, alleged,
na the baaia of the action, thal Keyser? Oar*
Ney, Connolly, tngei-OU, and Watson en?
tend into a ion ?lii.u y to defraud the
l'ity and ci'uiii'.?- " by fabricating and
"procuring payment of pretended claim*
"againat the cit. and th?. comity?*1
ouch pretend? ti rlaima being " aomc
" tiru.? whollj falae and wmetimo* gro Hy
"and fraudulently exaggerated.111 Ko? m
thoM ?ne the I ;.:!; tai ! ion I in which Tweed
???n- the central Dgure, and ?ia the ronfeaaion*
and othei testimonj which ohou tint exiatenci
o; the conapiracj between thom nun alao
ahow til it Tweed mag the principal actor ia
it ami tin- i.. i-,.- i,f the lion'- .thara ol the
ii?, tin- acknowledgment, considering
ihc muree from which it cune-, moat be n
garded ??s Inaolence so itupendona that it
altin'?! rises to tin? Kilbirnie. I'? i hips from
Willi;"!! M. Tweed thia waa to be < \?"
Bul tin- .beeilt, honoi ible p?r'i in <?f the com
munitj will be ciiiiii? to Wuhnn bj what code
. ; etl i, ? Mr, Field j latifli ? his abare
in the prorecding. We haTa bhn
now ?nf ii-* in open oom I that t!,.
property in litigation nn i? ????' n fron
the city by a gang of conapinitora, whih
at the sanie time In- ia aiding the leader of liu
gang to prevent Iba city from .recovering thal
property, and for tiiis eerviee lie i? taking h -
pav ont of the rd Jen money, li a leading au m*
bi r of the Kew-Yoik bar can place biuioelf m
-.n.-h a .hocking poaition aa thio withonl li li .
CtUtOi the molah' ol the pi ,ilt?-.l Hi lui.-.
have f.iii-n to a depth which few of nara
peet. Hu- me t tu?! criminal i ? entitled to lili?
an! of conn-.. I in preaenting whaievei ean 1m
i.bi.d in bia defense, aron in Baring bim, ii
that can be done honeetly, from merited pon
i ?Im?! n' -, but thurn i* un principio or pro
Bional Privileg? which j: tifie?* ? law;.
be1| ii'??' a cuni"! ??i ti illili" lo ?it ii]| p< ?_ :,
of i .a .stolen rood*.
A p imphlei h ii bi i ? roi entlj ii mi ?! .from
the i,o un, n ii nt Printing Office, containing a
lett? lo the Poaimnatei fjeinral, written I -.
Georgi 8. .Banga, Superintendent ol R
Mail Service, it provideo a eerie* of val
-t?c? to ??liiiKK the ci.?t, revenue*, and com?
parative profil and lo ? ?>', i irrying tin differ
? ,it 11.1--I-S of n, iii mutti i. I beac eati
m,it. s aro preaumablj baaed upon re?
torno Im period* .previoui to the opera
boa >,i the pr> -. m pootage law reape.
third-claM mail packagea. Pending the di?
. i lion of a changa in the preeenl rate* ol
p istage on tins chuta of ti .til m itti r, t'..- p di
lie.nu-n ia timely and ?nil a??i.t in obtaining
i. ;. ,i im:i?.n ol the mt: resta involved. b*npi i
: ra also ollera hia own viewa upon
tin ??iiji.-t, and supporte them by argument*
? i m put fi ?m tin ?titi ?tit ?.
Government hat ? monopolj of carrying tlu
mails, and baa deprive?] ita citiiena oi lb< righi
to i,n-- bi!?iin?- ?,i 1 ?t- |i..?i.i!i- profita, Tlial
l'.ict alone puta the Govt-ruuieiit um!, i obliga?
tion tu agtrj the m lil ? al ? i undi i theil t -t
Mi Bang* Dientiono tome of the nae*
which the carriage ol the maila ahnuld rab
?. ive, and toot 1 td< i that r-t prim ir.?
i r. ice i?. to di-s? min:.le pri*. ita and ?
mi. l i 'ki n.. ? its hi i i.ikI.u ?. purpose, to promoti
trade and commerce, Tlial propouitiou mighl
not be bo eoail] defended an the luli^eqnent
one, that the bnainem ihould be conducted
with refui ?.. e to the gn ati ?t ?.-.I t<? Um
greaiu t number. The profit and I..-- are verj
dnequallj divided among tin different diiaoe*
of in.iii matter; Icttcis and pu til Midi yield
a profit '? ovi i $4,000,000 ? aowapa] era, mag?
azine?, kc? mut to rabacribera, are carried
at a b, ia ol nea ly 1(7.000,000, and
all othei matter, known ga "third claaa." n-a
kim of more than 11,000,000, The di?, i,
i ? in tb< rate bu the third ? lana, whii h ?.,
li l bj ( ongafi ia at it I : - ion, Thi_
', bul. ? (l i pamphleta lind trenah ni poli
bc itioi,? ; (_) nii-i ahil eircnlara? 3) bookal d
booh mannacript ; (4) a .great variety ol mi*
i ellan?. n? thinga, of which ?iiiiiiii . of mci
i h, uulis ? make the la.'..-- I >!? tinct diviaion.
Mi. llanga'a suggestion is to renton the old
:.i No?. 1 ?nut 'J of this tim it ilusa, rtini
le.i.e ?rli the real at the preeenl bigh ntl
Noa, 3 and l. he tliink?, ?ne, compared witl
othei n..iii inii'ei, of benefit to fow peoph
and of iiiiiioi liuiioit-iiice m the npr.ail
oi' intelligence. Ah thin n not rai.
evident in reaped to booko, bo make*
??.tiial aii-ii'iieiit about them. Ii
is briefly this: few bootu an rent b_t mail;
the local dealei \* .deprived of i profil on thone
thus si nt ; fdttmgeo i.i the ?iit-n of potttage ou
then) do lint- affect the price?, of such
booka] on'y book pui..i ben profit by
low pootago on booka) and the pub
li-lnrft "an- not primarily >_toverned b.N
"a derale to di?.-?inn..te iati llif-ene.-."
Of the porti.'ii nf' thiid-e! i-s matter NK?ii.-li Mr.
Bangi propoaeo to leave umbi the old high
rate, booki, ?.Vc, fon,, about two-little?. If kv?
a.?.nine Hutt the ??line Weight of liuiih null ? ,
books, ?ave, would be hi ?it nuil? r Itlgb rat. s ,,?
low Olio, UM MVing WOOld be iib..ni |l,500r*
UOOajiar; and in any case UmOOgOOtUwould
neaily clear the eipcn.se of then ??uri, ?.?<?.
I hat tiie pt. ?? nt ntfl OB thiid-cla?-? lu.ittcr in
unwise and exorbitant M far an *i hi nut pnb
lication.? ?ne OOtVOI SO? d. few will deny; but
the wi-he? of tim jiublic should be eoiisiilt.-l
before they are .again taxed a mfllioO a \.ii
for the privih-i*c ol' tng?biB d Ion i ?'? bj
mail bulbs, needs, rnttlcMi.ik?'.?, canary birds,
nud iiiiscelliineoiis m -rchandise ti general.
A young graduate of Vale BBS .?b?aii.ed BOWB*
, paper Batice daring the past lew days through
! OB fault of his own. but from the tact thal he
i has fallen luir to an annual income of 910,000,
I and when he ?hull have rea lud the age of
forty he is to have full possession of $.?,000,
000. No ?Ionia many a young fellow in the
College who has had tough work to pay for
his toitioB links at him willi envy, and w.n
| den why l';tto ia so une.pi.ii in her favors. If
I any of us out of the experience of middle age
?hould trj to convince the envious boy that
there wai another side to the ?story, thai pov?
erty had also ils advantages, he would iloiibt
leas reraind ae ef the ptoryoi the drowning
mau who saw Noah s tiling away triumphant
ii thi ark and comforted him -if wiih shout?
ing, *'( o ???i with y? ur o'.d tub; I'll have a
"boat Of my own!" Ile piclutcs the modern
Alad lin always steeped to the eyes in a
golden bath, enjoying the exquisite delight ol
Pimply being rich. Now the fact is, nothing
?lulls th?* sen??t of pleasure like poa
si (??ion. The woman of absoluta beauty
li nsaally kee vain than the village belle wit?
her one good feature; the lol who linds his
Dame in the papen for the iii- -t time can its I
the scraps about in his pocketbook, and gloati
omi them? vthilo the man whose r?putation is
WOlid-wide is only bored bv his BOtOl iel J. A
gnat wealth once possessed soon becomes uti
fait attOOtpUf a necessity, pulups, but BOt a
delightj the intoxication of mere ownership
could not, except in the mimi of a miser, last
in,my weeks. Aller (hal, the poor lad who
has been in mortal terror ?hat be could not
meet his quarterly bills, and who linds thal
his e.uniiigs cover them with a margin O? -VU
dollars of spending money, will have keener
actual pleaaare in that live than lu-a lucky
comrade in bli showers of gold) who by this
lim?-is thinking of the something he has not?
health, perhaps, love, public distinction, the
fli ml N lo is dead.
" Philosophy?*1 Baye the poor itndent " ii
" well enough ; bnt i should be willing to e_?
" change it t.?r tin- money.** end with the majoi ity
ni Americana he inns?-? the morbid craving foi
wealth, and harps ??ti the pleasure, power, and
position n commands. Now be has not the
: ..'"i. j ; be has i>> egg have otl er advantages.
Suiily the wises! plan itl?. face the taits ami
iveigh his .?? n food fortune against that of
; a limply rich man; to overstate oi understate
n. ?(h. t. and Cj disc .ver whether Fal.- be really
.??t u:i|?i*t to him M he thinks. li i? to lie
?remembered firel thal vast fortun?e can Icing
in only a certain percentage <>f personal com?
fort m luxury. An A-.t??r or Rothschild can
live m but one boaga, cat a certain iniount,
neal a prescribed ?Ires?, and nsaally the man
v m i ,i half a million ol capital Murounds h nu?- If
a nil pam 11 rh personal luxury as the man whose
ve,ni) income eqnals I '.?t i so rat. The great
mass of ,ico]os?d fortune ii asuall* Invested
in naya win.-h remove it bom the dall)
handling of ii? owner. It Hows in the great
? ni? m? of ti.ide; it is regarded by ?the poa*
i? p something apart from himself -a
i . in- earefnllj carried ead given over
lo his heirs. If be wort., it, like an Indian
Q : i ,- ?Mid necklaces, or W.lit al, a,!
like l'i i ii? t- i-i ? i h.i/v sowing p?at!s from hil
coat, u >v.mill seem io p?rtate io him person
allj pad t?? euler iniai Ins daily jileaeure.
Another certainty ig ih.it, bo matter what hie
raphal m.iv I??'- ''"? ?hniiiiids upon bim ?rill
inure than doubla Ihn interest. His million!
maj 1" ?tied up s.? as to yield but small h
tuii.s in ready money, but the publie will re
.pun- ol bim contribution! t<> city enterprises,
*<> charity <>r religion, commensnrate ?with the
fall amount, und denounce bim ai miserly ii
li? dees liol ],;iv it.
Potting all this diecomforl aside, it would be
folly t.? deny that nt"!i<-'. li power. The
ply mil maa eommaadi e ?t?rtara kind of
prompt defereoee from faahionahle society,
from hil busin tt colleagiiee, hrom his grocer
and his bootblack, which will mu he paid to
liby coat) bo matter wini culture <?i piety
is buttoned np la it. Our poor young fellow,
..i. would ii.? w.-li m hm!, into thi? def?
erence and Und ?whether it be the beat kimi or
'mt. It i? prompt, hut it it :i"i rincera. If
your millionaire is mean ??' ignorant <>r di
-, fashionable ??<>? i?*fy and grocer and
ii'oiiiliak know it at a glance nud meerai
Ihej how, li ia valgar homage paid by vulgar
ulindi! to a common thing. It is ooticeablc.
i.?o, tii.it it wholly disappears at Ott man's
?1? ith. N?? mu? ol' gnat neal t h has been ra
iin min iel for a yeal in the hi,lory ol' this
country uni ?-. like Girard, As?tor, oi Peabody,
he to.?!, m.'.in? to keep his m? neu> green by an
a? t ol I ii.era! ii v. The men B h.? h ive i h m red t!u'
de-titii? s of the country,? who hive molded its
; ...ai, who are (raid bow lo the hearts "t
the people ae finer And higher types ?>!' hu
iiianiiv than themselves, were ?t ia s tingle
instance man of great woulth, nor dal they
m ike titi- aei'iiiu dation "i money thi Ir leading
" But these,'' ? us the po ir lad, " g r-fg c\ccp
" tiona! i.i?i?. I have not the material in mi ta?
" mike an I'.uici.a Jeffi I WO, a Lincoln.'* II?
hue material to make at leasl an intelligent,
milustrk u ? lawyer, trailesmaa, '?r raechanie.
!n ant ..I these eases, with stead* work and
real ability i<? Improve the chancee opea to
every maa, be ought t?> eommand In a few
reara a yearly tac?me equal to the interest
??n a h,?mli un?: Invested fortune. He has
the < ..?ni.ni of knowing too that n?>
fall in Minks inn* a Black Pridav
??.ni i .ki- in? capil ii away- pad while he oom?
min?!? as much actual ipending monoy pi
though he h id la"'" Vested iii!'!' ! ?, lu it !. ,
lik. ly t?> Bad hi? ti mp r, . h irai '? r, or man?
ners impaired bj vulgar adulation or his own
arrogance. He doclaree ihn he wants thou?
sands lo irive PWB] to help tit.' poor, asi Innis,
etc. I?i?i s he give BWBJ hi? d.illai'H freely?
Doee be nae his influence te the attermoa! for
the ?""?i t If be does ht will be eure to know
that they an la the bandi of a Helper moro
able than himself, and that in that country to
which he is going nioner cannot BBteT, bat
character! temper, and charity are enduring
Boeeeeaiona. _________________
The eharitable world am ? ?..ii deal alarmed a
few days ago by tbs introduction of a bill al Albany ?
epealiag ti.?? nilling law, in so Isr as it applies to I
ms ?ity sod Brooklyn, arhicb broke sp thoChil* !
r. .'s Rarssvy on Rand t?'*? Matul, and a similar |
:, tiliitli.il m Kiln-. < utility. It ?tain, d iui
?a..s?iiiio that paybedy a quainted with the i ii
in. t? of tbe ease eooM hive seen willing to fsther
?m h p BMaaare, and as srs piad t?. h? ?ir now thal ?t
will be abandoned, rbe condition al the children
latheeaaameriae sm meeatly ixpoaad in there
port of du- n -.t?'! ? of lbs B1 n?-1 iitiiin ? A.1.1 Assa
? ii.:ma, and it ia enough In Mf tint ii ?Imwinl tin in
t?. be uioi'iil .ami physical pest homes, and a positiv!
disgracs te our civilization. Um aarsss ia shsrgs
? n trsqaently Igaaranl ami Innspahls, und
th .r tan?teats srs eonviel wobmb ti ths
? t\ ?; i-l ,??. The ehildrws are ?mm tim ii
'oft wit haul auv -1 s whatever. Obbm bave ta
ctirri'd in which nurbel and helper! havo ?ill got
drunk t.c -tlier. N<> proper ppSSaaNaae me taken t??
prevent tlii? ??ire-id of coiitagiouii ?li??'?????.?: infante?]
el ?thin? in mai. prnp?>rly w.wlied, and tilgra i? the
gneeml ne^lixctice with regard to nearly ad the
h.a.pit.ti pppHaaeSSb Tho re?ult i? that cliililr. n
beeag?I in f.?r tiie cure ni trilling ailment.?* ??fien c??n
Brast bethsesM i?Meas, whlsh idabls thsmfor
life. Anybody Who tries to have cliililrva Hatte
?ashplasm inll.-ir prc-amt conditioii, incurs a re
qwnsibilhvp a ii.? a we aro ?ure few IsgUateOfcif any,
v\o lid he w illilig la face.
The Mayor ?lid no mate than Justica*. in Ut recent
message, to th? remarkable chang! for tim In-tter
in the management of the Corporal i??u Cotin
WtFt olliie. I ?nier the old regime special coitii
nl was hired ,in adaliti'in to that which the
oii.ee provides) glO0?.O00 vee aaBcepciated for thi?
liipsusa. und teal binn fell ahoit of the
billi) for ii by $rj(),0(K?. Tho eily rushed into
litigation u?i'mut Imrairlng whether the suits eaald
l?e hiiti ? -?f .Hy (lefenilod. "All thiit," ?ays the
Ifajor, " ha?, now h. en changeai." The law baslMS!
of the city ia ?o mut li bsttlt BM?aged tram tirst to
last that tvvo-tl.irils of its seam tried during 1870
Ben won. Morn than don Ile the amount fM Fe*
eovsred and paid in the past than in tbs preesding
year far penalti?i on violations of M -taaneeei ami
ti? appropriations tor ths departanant fot 1876 arc
?ilioiit a tilth les? than fortis"."?. Tbisisavsry
l.!t a t.iiil lu. ord for tax-pa" STS,
Preparetisns mi to bl mai?iag tot tho establ.?b
iiieiit of n mu Naval Btatienat Pod Beyal, sad ths
purchase erf land, erection of repair shop?, wharves,
tv,?-., wiiiioui ti,i? snthoci?stioa of Coagnsa Tbs
Naval Conunittes of the Hoass arill do well te grvs
this m.?tier Buni '?iiaie attention, pad as tnist that
?t? i?? will he taken t?> Meertais whetheranybodi
has resent!* speculated i.. land ia thsneigbbe hood
<>f thal i'oit. A Washington dispstcb Infonai ni
that a number al vssssls havs besa srdsrsd bom
northern harben to Tort Beyal, awl la eaei .?i
emergency they shonld ps found freses np Pray
.-un? | w ha u ha? it Inca cii?toinary for ti.o barbon il
Nsw-York and Norfolk? fur Instance, te In Biosed In
\\ wileri
Be true 11 Is that we do no1 know half the arond ni
of oin own nu.y lill WS l'a?! of til?* i? in Iii?' ??I.!
ingi "f tim Intelligent I oreigm r! Hen is M. J.?n
tii i of l'riiiii-, f.r ?nstenos. Ho has published i
lu ok mi '? J.is 1 li ?i? i? -i m? Contemporains,1'a cal
tinn ami ancomplimentai i I.?-. snd be ? Ita - h id
ita: pie of the demoralization ol American societj
tbs ' ssi "l I loboolmastei who ni low s a k'i! f'?r mia
?polling a word to bs I.,.????'. !?> the boy aba iiuss?
lions In i. M. .1 I'in.-t :t lal? ail tina e< roll ii, 1
? luit?* ss Hin- as th.- itorjr) thal ia oonseqnence ol
tim punishment all ths k?i?*? hi ?- forgotten their
?ii ,?..?.?i',\. i luIs the boya have ?suda remarkabli
progrc -.
'I lu- c'.imi i ti IfcSSI ?. I', it PI ?I I '.-?'ti I ?1 their
a.iiainTs in Washington shoot tbs ?** baye te hine,"
is sheer denlagogiMn, which *ill lii-urnst eaue
iiHUia thorou : ii* than tbs n d toidi i? ahom n i?
mia in! .i io i :,!,. rbsmen abo went tin ?ugh the
war an- ii?.? gn .k' "i?s, ami w ill not ti auk ti,?- r. pi? -
Ive? lo ??i ti?.n for their aoisy and ill-timed
advocacy. ? i Vi ishington ? renaden, who calle?!
out this latest'disphiy of blatant i indan
j':? iib . ? unas sbl( bodied roystenn srhoi
a'.-!ltl.V a llljaa-.l ItOM Bfa ?ii' lil .'Hld I I.C S? ll'M'l 11 ?n-,
tiuii, risitsd the Whits House on Baturtli in,',:
and obtained a toa nords from the Pmideut ; i?ui
iii. Blaim . .infortunatat ly, wai m t ..t burne.
rile refai ii "f '.'1 ildi n te inn rft is in th
of i.ii?.,i.i ??.-? !..!.i i prill command almo I univar
?'ii appro- .ii. Tbs penalti swarded thi? prl
w i? min u:?ni?lv inade |ii its to bli ofl ans, .mil than
i? ? > ra a ..n s i-, itevt r m hy snj part <?i it ihonld bs
?ml i--I. It i? getting to bs ?ilim.-t asditBeull !"
pnuiah s bomioide In Nsw-York as to recova
gOOdU. 'vV!'. . l-l '.? ?? .1.lia' it a a all \ t. ti '.ii! le.t-?
Iel li." ? ?'I U ?' bfl 1I-"r.??Ula eve. lit,al.
Don has completed a series of illustration!
u! . . Ii-r ,?' I** A St Mai i'l'i."
Mis. Tolly Jerome, New-London's "oldest
i ?r.." I? :?? 11'ir? nal,'oui ' a, :?? ti st t miali!?.
The lion. l?i\id A. Well? will ?preside?atthe
;? i. i t' hihi':,'i meeting of tin? hswlns ?tui.n
l A? ?? at ii' -i n.
M.uk 1 wain his len so harassed hythe
" I, el ira nr in ci iv." vt Inch i-tji *r?! In 1 HU lillivt uivl
i I- ! u ,amK I mi ? ni, \ a kilt ' ? in ? i , ; ici? of titan
ii na ii ,1.... ming
t!. .: ti? i ... ? lilli n
Mr. Henry Irvine, the Loodoo arter, bag -'i '1
lili' i ii!iii?in-i? of taaa coane laa?> i run tot I ?I , lu- .11.-1
aril, lu il- ?fi ?!?'i .* lil? : ? I ?' li '?.??
Ill .1 '. I I '" dill .Lll?dl till tal
Prof. 8wiog was offered the editorship Bf
iii. Independent i*i ?reek, r*i ' ' ? ? '?.,--? IWSwm ...
ti foi uylng, kal tbougfa the terms wen
- ??: _ i- n . it? '. lilt t . ... vi? ? lilli a :, i.e. I ? ?in li i a.| t
Id 11. ? t .i.ink al h ' 11 Ung.
Preeidi ni Seelye has made g publie st.it? ment
Of tit! llll.lllii.il ? .'I,all?.all alf lila liC'.t female f. ? i !,-_-.? Ut
Mnrthnniptnn. Msss TB! Iraateei bar! ti. tat tootie
Cl- llia'llll'.H'la .It. a !'? ! I | I ?7, I US git t t?f ?! -*? | U
-,.,ali niai in. t-'?"?"' .'m. i i.t ..t .s rtluunptuii
a. .a i ii latilitllo.. .uni eut neul i v ? ii i?
la, lol liol ?I ! . .'? -
? ? .t . -a:.??? iii'-.i* productive it?iii-i .iiel i''.,.
1 || -... i,00 i.
Mr. (.'hail, s Dudley Wanui ppyi of the ?Ger
iii.tiil; ?? 11.l-l am ??;..-? fi.'.'.n, i..' il,ii? t..', .lu no;
I' I't l?t. Ill Hat a 1 I! t-, tai ?a all a- li. ?t ?1 ??'. I ! Ila 11 * . .f M 1,1
Mini'slimsdlsi.Bal las '.aunan wpnleltos foitioerlih
m ?- !? i n ta-1 ?ni. i ol?".Hit intu? i tu? d?a- a? knowledgi -i tan?
|? la mill li. a I allia 1 - It l.i? ii nulli- I ill t l-l all. I lilli I ?
f..! ii mon ti -ii?;.! I -
A; tin public la ? . -i' I dl.t.ni a.ti.it? ne lae I,, r
< ii.tiai.in- linn kiiivt.? iu lui) mott .la
fll-l?um "
?I.iiues Bland?ala-, the preeoeiooj little repr??
bala v. in. hag bsss i -'-i iimattng t tallai Bssi M st.
Aiiiaii-, roselvsdagraad ovatloawhea bs rss led hi!
...i . in Miir.n.i en i.ai. . a esrrsspondsal .?f The
Springfield Kepttbliean thoa '??riiii?? ii: "The ilreete
t a-ll- t -.ft li '.. .lilli li? M. a |. '.< llliat.'ltT 1 ,.l [a ? ? 111. Uttl?
!...a I I' .fill, H 'I I WH 'I li t I i ta ,,., , I'll Ut)
? I ,i li ir ni (HO hill -i-i., bill, I'll tia I li.' '
rl? .1 lillla't , i -?' li?t t at ill? rl. Lia...- ?ni'? ,
II ?pi Ililli."
.Mr. A Bronson Ale??tt read n paper in Boa
ton 1 I t I i r!, .,u " iVl.-fll al I'll! lit-." til Willa li Ile < "..1 lia
i- a'.! ? .?ii.. It t'aif it lila thal ?anil.I li ?ni U ..w n tu ?* i.a t of
Um .ipi', inti lapersnra sad lu sltssdsal ?v. ?, .uni rtss
ii, t u la I? f.a in?, ii.fl liait Ii tv li?! la a i ai,ilill.jti littit- If
tay better thaa that of tbs spa 'run??.i B Maths
.:!..? ni \ lee "u iii?-eoealsaanee, Impan lil i ?. in sai
..??i n-Un? Ufa Of y"ii"?' ne ii- In "n'.en ?um? i
.I.? ? practice of n "im: book? before ihrj ? . ? i? .:
I II ? Illa- li.ill I. .-f t'- al l.'.ll'Il. It WS? ii"! ?Mis ti
ung to r?- ni .til in u u i? put in lui n '??**, .?n i? ?
ti V. le (.ni .nil? lu lia iillu (teil. It ita? li te??.til' lo
lae lill,lilli.II ii llf |'l I , 'li li |? .1 I) t?. lalla' li |
ti. all t ? I, i ,. I' 'I. lit?. III r?-.| ?'?',11,' f ?' ill. ;,. , ,.f
tluja?' children, ?nii'iiil ila ?o byozamu?! ftud k
?' i .'Has li.? lauiont iiio?Uti yuuio mi, ut a* mucit..?
Whaite! Barlingame^ a yoaogei sou of ti e
lute Muii?itir Bsrllsgssit. irssrtprrtrd wreadsil kj uir
tit a.mill- SZplSSlM al iii im rliitveii, iiiui uft.-i'.?.nu- mi
li 11.10 ttl'l'l 'iel "U lill' ll?l Of Illili I .! I lap?! ta ?aa'r?
entirely el I.ni'oil?, SlthS?SgS It I? Hill th.tt In dldlSSdlVI
-. ii ;e Injin ie.? hy nu inai.ltul occiirruiix Sbsal t?if |UH
tune, li? lntiu li??! to ?all on Hie Mon I Ihsrtl] baten
the ?Bxploslsat Bswsvsr. hs wss msh?M sa assanssa lo
ii. nu.ai.i, \tieu tin? Sonssbs WBSdrirlagtoog fright st ;
? |..i-?iii,; tia n, m I t in tt tli? c.till i?'e 11, ?ti li an i u
111?-111. lill Vi l? I.titi Ii l'l lill-IU II 11? -nn.I O* I? a?- "a I' 1
traul*?eut. M??.minm' inn dyssmlt! exulouou bad o.
? m na, ?nu' thom i oui . im?.- tho .?.tun? ti.ni.in; hi! asm!
? .a in. p i?v ii?. i lut of ti.e .Mut?!, anil n,..auj{ bun .t?.i
.1 n i< i It ti. i 11 n l.t! v [-lai i .1 I mi Iii tin bil '/ Hu ?l.t mt II It?
v i un?, in i? non' out of dssgsr, slthuuich hu compute
r. a "ta i> u..) yet r quin mum i i ?nth!. Iii? mothi i nud
Ililli ?lll't ?1 II! til?! ( tiill Oil M.tl HI ti.lt It. Jflli lui.
Li . knovv',.1 ni. B, -\S hile the Ti ?nee ot Wales
an.! ii.? parti "ivifi-e out sa aplg'sHsliliig sip ditiouto?
?lav Loral! irrtagtea awl with saenlBaetb) ->? ?
i will n <it broken.
A dispatch (rom Washington indiettes that
rim ?iu.. ?..u it-rob i". v bs ?-?.?? t? ?1 ss ths kiosUiy o ta?
N ?it l< itali I la |.nialia-m i ?.iiva'iitiou next -iiiin mi Un? U
ii ii. [.?i ?thing to do.- I?U??go im.un.. IBop.)
What ?i liiinl-lie.il ii d man ?Mr. 151.line is!
Why. Mr i? vi novel did bia say hann I twined. 1 s
I- lia. ai'cil.xi I ill Iii.? -?nu l li Of li.1t ?HU' ii, iii? llie "IU'd if
in? nation' mi) liiviin-iii.iiiie injury.?[Kiehaioad tour
??.?.???li ?Delll.i
Gov. Hendriekeof indiana having saitl more,
Vf la n ? at. in ni n?. i li, tu nu., if In i pa .: A nini ,i ,iu it ?Hw
man, ?? ?lit ml u.. Hut ile-1 not ni Hu ouinliil.ite foi tin- IT? ul?
ai, li. t if iii-*i'irty i.roi?o?? to nvaiio tiio rugged linwi.
tit* i? t:,?, moe for tia (K~a. i:.'iii.--[?_k___U CotiiDiarcUl
We do not hesitate, after a careful penisal
nf its more tnportaut potato, to HOOkMUM i?ov. 1 .i.li-a'*
ni' ??l-l* s Ver y ?til" nil et 11 m? Il vi. ?lut " piper, aii.t on?
tUilt will Im lunn mel rttfiiui TOttttOt I?, BOtWOMI now ntiii
ilio m,-, K11.- of tile National Convention.?[Ki. luueiid
iv ii Ik (i', 'na
Mr. [___?__ will utter no otfreme words and
rio bo oxtraragaBi set, from wbieb Republican* goa miks
I'.irlv < ?|iititl. Ile i? m ,i.,I ti ly neii ?tuf-polMMl, ?nil atWg
;?? lok* take a ?:.iii ?ii.a.i'? View? _uil to net ?a, it? to
, (li pel th? r -; i i : ? ven of those wl?u ?laffer fioin lum.?
[I t M lli-nilil<U p.)
Mr, Bl iii:, almost instinctively strikes at th*
ivi.tk pola! in in .nun.r .,i it.. o|i|i.i?itryotty. A? a
|,ri.nun, nt e!,.i,min i, ol Ii. Kepiil.ia nu?. Le twOM lit?
... li...' a .riiceflllii, a'nl iKa.liui K'-a tilt' ililli?? i In li ni brill
00 liui ni Uli ii Ni?..I nut aowM ii. knoni'iii., ,1 bj D14
polities! iiliKi.nii ?I-. l!i..t ,-, l r.iii.-i i,|i: (ilep.)
In the Ohio l(ou?eof Bepi-eaentativrm y.ster
d i s n-?. i'?i.ii waa adopt??I u>._:u?t iuu tkIra ona.
1 ni? vide it i? ti.- -I *0l|?UaUl . ?UUM?Uaf 87 to Ia. I mt is
UotafOlt i?i .?-lan ,,r led: s. li>iiiieiil in till? huil?
ii|iiui i ' i-1. ii Sol m. .re than ob? In ever? buntine
ii.i in I.,'. : tin thii.J 1. i'iii.--f l-ilrilo b'.Mle (?leo.)
Mr. Blaine Dlnatnttea anew his provoking
i mp iiiIk ?oi r.iiiiiii.- |u?t ?ln?rt Of ?t.'iti ?iii.in li p. ('in ?y
-.. i ?- ?li- ni, tun nt of tit- jj? il. t ni to ?mik. I*o*
ii.Ui e of oiuwii in ?:...li.l out for i uriliuieil Bt-O*? )|itlon
in an j. I uf gen! ..ii -in iasty di Itrojl, ulterlj. Ile lu lal
value ol lil. ii ?! - -o vi oleuu i.ey. It la ?nat,?-,, tiniest km
, uni,ii-eiii-iiailile, lli.it ?n lu-lait s until ii? Mr. Ullina
im . ,i n,,. ?. *? til.?, .uni Um nano or it?(Uprtiiffli ??J Ke
pulilnr.iu (lud.) ___________________,^
Tlio To\v!\ I.pcri-b'tiire Mitti to-rtny, a-?l on?
?vi ek froui tom, ii,?tv vfo. l '-Km !>, ti.ill,at fur a I .? - ?>
.ilor. I l.o U-|.ii!.!i- . | , .i , ,i? Wlll yeoh thty at ln-.l ?otu?
.-u iiiiii" toKK. 1:1! tin Litter imit of tin? aw k inn Kanona
.ia,air huh nil claim lbs! tlicy ure ?it .- t.f maSBBU tJ.,,,^
. ?? 'n in s ptaos <?? n. iii lin dp ait ni, i.thsmsarsB-M>
?it. r llitrlnii l?.iil -, au.! oin. ia tl.ai 0*1 DlkWOOttlS OS
??<" l**el ?? In ,.v. It wUl r. ?.nie ,'it, i.itt>? ia un. c?u
1 11? tO I:-II,,: -I-.--.
( qnpressiiian Wheeler has flunie friend*, up
:. \. raoul m nu n m m ?talas, the it 'laud ?iciij,
.lil.l.i Igawrtag oil- ceriinr h. iifil.ir, *::-.? ?f |t?, -p,,,,!
,!:,! it, i.? to !?>? t. ;?? i. K- i.i law-York, Hu ii n. wi ii.ua
A. till. Mi r iiuKK ?ijij-i.tr? to !m ti,. f*t*OUfBaU> ?OB?" innl
nilla; ?-if Mr lil i.in- mil (?? n. K, late**. ti ho ure BOO
meet sronlBoatlj sasoei, sud t?tame et ahern we a**lj
moat?mu?b tapport, mooldaol |m..k. t,, te n . ?
?1 (IW .t. It, ii Kk.iiiel DOI t??J r?U_Bg? U Ml. WLtelci ?liuUi,
li? Hu- li.nilli," lu ill."
Minister \Vu->lil)iiriie'.i letter has ncrom.
Iiinl.eiltrieojiet fur vilueli it kvub I'Tnlial i> Nirl;t-n??I
? :? itOltOfl a. i: ? < 1. ?li ?. HBO li mer In, munta aOBOBOOtV
lot*. Of i omi-e n a. .1? wiio en-. - .iiiiii, ii it i ari.'ulljr
' ' ?? t lil : lilli lill, 11. Whll* li.? ??;-. n ,,h ,,..lc?e,(
ait n..luiuntim an tow, lttoaoUor*uht* teal Ikotoli i.o
?mt-j, ??lai n jui-iy ?-i?i>.?-siTi- ii |a I.nu. t!,- yet? i || \Wunn.
leas ennuin nt aSgroetog with ibis muara trott iii
l.'.,. /',.?:'/.- I,mo c-, ni n -.' < . ti on \gt ' t I? i.t li .i?l ir.ia.-r
I ni.it Im bo ild - ? . 1(, rsortbi ol Hid
?uii , ,. - ..f tin- people, in i- evout of id* >a??____iag
, . putrU. o, no.i. n i.i, .i."
'Hie colored dtizens of [own are in favor of
n tin r.i renn. ),.> ,,,i a < d.keii, i-u ol rMkyloMOoa
|.???-.!.!}?, SB? a.?..J.I..1 tin- r.i.l.iKiuii; I. -...,i,i BO : "WO
elli ?? th.it iii ?.iieiiat p itiiu i.uii, tin- oomaal |*rr**pr***a\j
soi.ml jil.'?li: lit, ?H'.., tu di ki:.;..,ii, B??Rlgtt-B llite_?
I'll V, illl'l IIIOI faull" -? l ki, ?of ?'H'ii.le,i, ?.Mill h I VC -II
,1,illili Inn IO UM 111 Ulta Ol tin- Amelle.Ill J,." ?nu-, ill.
HI li I ft kitl-.it ll.it)...ml I..-rill?". \N?
? bo I ? -i in oin iuetnorr ?? nsw* of (jen,
U ti. Munt, for lils .1. '.? ';?'" to I . a .
ii?.iiik in m-til,.' oui x.. t Justice tordI unii, IWassocUv?
Of I.lee, .oil,I , ,,1 e-,II,lill di '
t ,,". . ( li tin'.', i uilii Ki .1 J ni,li ?heil letter S[M-a_S
li I.I III It la. ??.J Jl : ii .if lal ? al?, MlMlc?
jinl \>' ilpper: ?? Pen >oal r? I ?talai no u..-ut fur rai ???
ei-iit.H lou. I did bo m,-n- thou miy rlgkt-thiuklag boo
?ii tut ?. 1*1 ! .it I iitn dooplj gr iii f.:l
ii.i. '. rf r. ii.-li lue of tin u, ?du??!
?. ti w ?.lint jud?ela) el.- I...?I? la
n,. iii?i,?e.....ii tadiiu:letna.its, osaaol te tal ? t
, -i-n? n- at tr iimi _?of laogoB?>
ian ?. .m. m iiiiii;. t ; that .'?.m.4
tot?ra back t ?? .- ?. .:?.,.- uo> i,r .. ? ?. ? i _. ?. a mai la.
? iiiij-f . a< ??.i.. -i ?Nu., ?in... ei?t.., i, t: ?? over OU ??? *
'? ??
TheN ii ::?' tillinia* in What rji ??irt.nent of
elite, in .se sin ?m'i.lu r uf BUT dipt* ?,-um**
,i;,i i;ili^4'. In- I.-i?t iteie.i'j.in lil ...' I!.'- lilli , iiinei
'..in POTO O'! ; i? BUT M;.'i:-'--i I ire, 11, ? Mon.
l')-:|ii 1? Ke r:: ;s, j li ?;i '? Di '1 Hint Hi.-..'I;. O* IBStOfel r.
?i,, i ami riana Tinten ot If orr load gire* tb. tooti Mr.
.., 0 iu O. t..'; OT, ! ?T.'i. Hi
tri pereeut Interest?and took a* i . r: n ?. bos
?t.i'iiiiii.ii.i un- i.-'i s sollt? lud ..i.?r Jewellty.
Ki fTptoil l IT. 107I- he n.??.ni..?I Jiuitio NViiiuien ?WfUOl
nu tiio BOOM rate? ?tul tool, ia plai?,-- two ili.iniun 1 riiif?.
. n Monui. i*"?. ?m odroaosd fUOOO Mm m bssm watt
Tie ;i'?,|K-. ? ii.iie i. .en r i'. ted a it tua
pawn ? -in ? i?.- . - '., ?i ;. iii. ni. Ile hm ?ironed le
ii irt for l n ;?> tlo mi, anti rtiit.-s iu oiapet?.
. i .te.
Col. llcClure was lam ttutgnhm of t'te mo*
.?a? tt tim i . .1 '< li ..l'l.!.,l'l-i.lt!'>;i OU li.any ?,;ki.t
.?..in in- WOO O b* ''-?;?? I" : d II? tod it? -?..'1110111?
pqouiretrj*tin tot ita, bul ???na Bajuna* ss?rmitoi*?waf*>
t...ii to lie IK.:i?.? !?.:? til?I* KOOOOI " I1j>-Cei.Ti-nnial sp
j.lulu l.u. u ?. : .Belied JlUU after tt* d*I nt? nu His
katuetty SUbaadlossaotoattrolj too* ttetthsssthat
It in.it lud tu.- Bonos :.. ..ii iiiific, n.ai til ;. iii.. : fur ?ti
Um itioa i ? ? at ? Um ? tty rtoll Is i? ii m?
i ? uteuulsl bi. kal b. ?. ra .t. bM i sosa t?it ii m.ar i??
avortwd, Mr Rai.-tall sud Mr. Biala* oro bordiossassl
fruin!? o', tike lad tim -s. 'ii'.?, ?a for au*
nest*, isa BO*t,lfno| sutlnir, solwusol m tie li.,une.
I lilli fernst that Mr Olslm Bill se. <-i t thoadrtooof si
? nest friands aod not iwratst lo prisi -? II t-aieh?
i.? ?i..|.-.-i. iii. - . tr I r*_arl flip Hire?* ti
uni? i . - - : ?
Hie new ispiiit of imli ?n ml) ne? in The Bow*
Untere 'ntni-t ?? liro-tlni it lo ?,j>tui?; of tLe la?r**ooroa*a
I,l-l.dei. v.llti ?i.e. : ,,- la:. ?,.t( t. It ?.ii,,: "Tt?CO
aro it v.?iii.i.- of ?. or* ..f ?uii.it.as in l Wogrem wotting I a?
Den.m r..u.. nu. r..nu. an.t it!, Bl nu e.jii.i BB_?**? of ? ?l
Kor? m K arion? lOStlOUl tt tim BOUUtt] . Hilo WfeBOB h.-itJ|
It0*0100 hugo*! > t?0 ad n ti, t i i ip. r .;.i,l.ir is
?Ot a* g...?.! :i? a fU .1 .-lie. 'i' I ; : -t 'i ? ?,./ ? ,?y ti, tnsHa
thoi ? -i"- pro*p*f ?ilotoglrs it nu hoaom*as?**a*y
sad a n_*d Ofndsr- ot n?:iu-" ?he antritt continuo**
?' If tin ??? 'neu kOTI tit ir ??..y lu tue Kia ? N,ll.m .1 Koa
-, "?-..- ur.^-l.t .i kn- | 1 MB?I i? ' Ud'.iiiuution at u!L
i.v, n in ?it, ii.i-...? ila* sod "i j- -i. oo a? a^ m i?, w?uid
.. - -i- ?. :, ? , ?n rK BgBB?Bl SUV ??' ft-Ui du-y can
? '., ' i I I BOO iii-ii UUISt m anula to m, ler?i?tM1 ti.?tit
: ,k arc not wtlllnx to oceept ian! itaadb] thaeai?ojal
a., kid.? of the nein... ?an. portj ita} inni i.? ii. r ears
ii K? n '? ? ... tag atora o. nu in ?ail
wi -.i-. .nt ? in Um wont en i.i.. ? ..f 'i.t- 4i?.i*k-'
Tin impression grows stronger every dny
t!i. t ?I. .m? .n,.t? to ?ffloigS tlie .1. SUB?ramm die Sa
ti ti.il it, pub .?e m lid: ? i K -ii a'r ? i.tiioi.H .--Kite? la
favor i?f looa) oaadidatN ??Lo hare MM* er bo haps "f
i.. ilia,- iniiuiii.tie. 1 aire i-uu;ii*/ tlaliii ti rui iiiov.-iueiiU I*
il:-i;ui-i'. I1,? allua,'- i'la n.-ii SSadS Uk-Iltl.nt tlie lock
i.na.- in.iti-e. nt lu thl* State,audit I* ngnldeanttool
li.die if tile I'd.Uti? il'lkiieafiUg Hist ?lia k rui-rit fuis
- , n It to Senj it- ?li? 'Li?,-e b.a? sl?o t?'?-n iiiails
against iii" Mortoo swremsat la lat?UH??sdwarn
; ...... sat t '..-i t n ins ot uut, m
tndienoj tie Jenrmel dodgoa thi potetlh Min?f Ifesl '*
? tan will :,e i. i.iiii-i. iti.-il, .r. ! it. t ti"t feel
........ i ii|,i.ii to hore a neeod i-r third ? *
a -i ..-? .i.,' : otoo, iii*' it ? ni ?mil, n nie tonto** of 'ii*
ConrenUon wl.rerb* nai ?"*?
?,. .-. m. - ?? " n :- ? a i i
? ? ? ? ' -
?II... fur n- li. .-..m.! it waaUl. .'.?jui
to* Mo tor liront fors BSOOUd clio.- , k**S*M
? then - " ' -
i iht
Vammei tia ? ?? ? ?
1 m- Al'miiN i .i respondent ol I /<? Utiea Hetmnt
ha* liri n ?oin. lint the Kepal 11 tan mer?.ben : __ I?*????*
i " -
?. and thal las ?, ,^??.,!,.?t., ',,f
I | ? ?b ltd r ? i 1 I ?'?
?uti, of .-li I. . d it Olfl.:- lil la th* *?'?'' I
,;. m tnl.y Miilill! " i- ?? M. B ??,???' ? ? -
brUlO* ?1.lav li. III? f. .?'.I !.. .Uni ?: I ? .. n ? wb* t ??( ??
Um parti ? with a Waste
:.,k tMlii ? ?> ?? - - '"? B|***hai ?Kia.' ?! . 1*1 ? r
t.u ? t i?!t. ?*?ra -? ' srol at?ara 11 I ?? - ii
II,all NI In eui' I? lu M bj ei m? IO B* IU?' -,, i..,-..- l-l Ci. ?W
lo toni ?.ii. li ii ?< lu? ?uii.iii.iry the io: ?. ??.,?:,'. I I ;':
??A ?ii. ml. r rr.-i.. toot ' .. '. .?> ?
just net Irod bj I In from B - ; *?*
?ia1 ii that Mi Wh. i noan -.? 1b yoyn ...nat tu?
ru; liol e?.m ? .'...-?. .f.i thal . it i?* t**
I ipulai Kop i i,, iii tbni-Kboui Hu - i " ?**__
i Ililli.I !..> llilerUllUl a li', Uti.) eil bj U - ' T
a , . . , ?.. ? CSU ril.t'r t.- ?. : itol ?1 ! ' ' ' ?Jr
t,i na-, ni friends aiming theut, anti tteuuto t ..l.aiioil
i? i ? a-.irl- ?! bj M BIM n ? tau li Kate l'f l" BOS-SO*
tl u __?.?___________?
nu i-? .IN-/: toons in rai LO-f) tel?E
Bl HAiu, .l.in. i?.?ln the tiial of t.to.da'e 1>
L.ii-i *ra*t-rdaj th* iMIawmgwtmsssmpsis ?vio'-'--*'
t . .i. basoi oiin. t-1 ?nu r, loan ? it i*>-u.,??--. ??'? **
ii nuit, s iwoi-i ?atos tang ti. ?ai.-y, j.??iu twm*
Sad 0* ' H 'Iiiiii''' IS of Ilu.T.il... H.IKHanaom.'fOr*0-'
I-I.ii.l. Bl*?aid 1) ('..le of M.uiroe (. uniy, ll.ar> S. J*f
ol IdWty, Mf-iulK-r? of A??eiut)ly : and I.. L. t^mtt ot ?-*
?aj.. ?-ai -?.-..?.I. al Tiinirnrnf Tr,iv. Honators. all totW
IAO BlB*l"llOl 15i?
in"ivllilju t.. the mu r?T du, relief or John IMnJ. *?
defeii?- trotea. A-Uom n?d oniU MoudV

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