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X01* XXXV.N? I0.8.V2.
ncrrnra debate ma a iieebtt.
gg. n: Al.NE < I" I WIT? MIL RAM.AI!, IN IAl:I.I ?MT XT
AKY I , .. I HL MAX!.- A tTtbt 'I ,,N *XO I ?*>
ISO irFIFK-ON ?BATH 1_-1 tkWtbJAU IV l.ut-l.S
in in bobah T" wat tbtn i
Weatttoertob, a a-Bjr.iaa. IO, .u70
In the mi C?manme, une Hooae Commit*
Kulte S??t A. rr.l,.'" I'-1'??'t,'",,""a!' a1"' *******
Beaablk ..i j? n:? n. lainneadtha Demacr?is by re
MttagaGaaaaal amaatay ?MU, ?soaweepiug m Ita
t.riii? that it di?l not cM-lu.h* .\.n .''l?'! :". Devia
fcMaaVtMpottof tethe beaelta it would eonfer.
It n-af i'ilHMil Rill 0?l lin.'ll II.1-1.\ I'J' tll<* Ha?I!-..
without the ca!l (.1 UM TOM bbi SWJW. T? -.1 B] the
?Hoaai. which ta? !?<? ? la ?Marina Ive moekt ?sad wt ?
aMfpUabed BOthia? tau eui ita ??ganliation, paoet*
t.. uaeovm tab ?im??t ?n? ?whetl H ?the lah ?Preaidt b1 "f
tin- i't.i.i.ii. un j ?dall '"? iiataaed tociUaenahip, or
-lu tli. r, o li? n ?'M 11 I'lh.r in.in in ti? Booth baa
b?.n f'iiyiM'ii. 00 ?il"i'f ?WI b? t-in?-'!'.! OUt ?"i ?*?
en ji!i(.ii. In a i>iiil:.mi? mary MOM, Mr. Randall
(i.a.t.- a ?mlataki in hi? management of tin
?mafOty HIL With ?met* cuu-idi ration than
?ft. n n?. .11?. ?ha ?shown ?to Dem?crata, when the]
?.,., 1:i ti;.. _ :,,,:,t\, li. offered ?to -Urida ?sa ?bool
vtthth othtt"aide i" di hui' : I'nt lu- ?ralneed ti? al
ldt\ Mr. r.l.iiui-1" lia"'1 a roto "ii In* ?amendment.
Urta minn ?-i-to-tly o blander, for, while Iii?' lati'i
etoo .1 probably have been al'l" 1" I' 1SL" ??atiii.il tot
It a lui-." !H'i.'"i tv nf tli?- ?<"?? "f Um Republicana,
tin? Hi'iiKni.it- I?, m? in tli< in : j ' ? 11 f > i.mid li.ive nar
ti a .-I it : ;i?.'I ".I"-!' I'l.m.v ?Republicans, who bad
Tl.ta-al tia. a, 1,1'U J f 1? ? l-'?!l I'??.!?. ?Mid t?> l'.|lll.
?Mwaaaasibing tnhan ?theil diaabilitiea removed t.?
g?. tut?, titi- l atad Btatm I "ii" nini lulu (lu- nat'i ol
all' fiance, w< wai ?_ave toted i??i the bill ?a Mi. ?San?
a|all introduced it A? it waa. ?nioo?ah ?Republicana
fated?sgalnrtitajawafu to defeat ii, ??ince it re
(?uni ?1 ? ?hra thinli rotoi n??! ?beeauaa tbi.? tren
vuUng to gnat amiMatjr, hot b. m the] w<
tii. ;ii. .1 ?that Mr. Plata**"'! watt mdnm m she 1?1 not
I?, i'li kf?l .?ti in that aaj : ai.?l tin D Mt. Blaine, bj
Ui'iMii? to roi ?.ii-aiilcr. .aptuia al i- ? ? 111 r ? > 1 ol ?the bill
fia.in Mr. li.'i-i'.iii. ami ?spaa* .I it ?no1 < ? n I >- ti. ?1. ?batt
b .1 auiondniciit.
Whaai Mr. Buine Minooneed that ho Intended to
iii Lill?? lin- ri-.'<'iii*iili-fatum. th. r. -.-.a? an eagei ah
of ?xi*it.i;iiy la tin- Heaeo. Mr.BandaU moTed
o".er tu tin. Bapoblieau aide, thal ?ha ?might be
ti. mr to th.- ?greal hail? i ti tin- oppoaitton, ?although
It vas ?hardly ?naeeaaarj f"i an. momba to leave bia
nat la order to hear, atoeo Mr. Blaine ?always ?senda
h..? rail ?? lata the reaao* -?t conn ra of ?the ("Laai>? r,
S'.?! make?, ii heard tin m al?.?i- ?Iba din and Ooiaa
that generally i'i? \. ii u|ii?ii the Boot*.
The Brat part al Mi lilaiiii.? ?speech ana a defenee
and eulogy of the ?Bepablican part.. f?.r. ii? ?splendid
Liagnani nil.. Inn.mt tin ?loath, and li'- recounted in
.??ni (reade the bietet] ?>f moMat] In Congram,
Cr? 'in tin* iii tr??' Im-1 ion nf tin- nit lull until t: t- prea
ent da.\. >?_"v. m u* ?...tv. peal *.? f ' f r v. air, the a?ralo
of parda.n lui? he?-!) widened, nntil only about 250
kow lamala la the whola Booth to whom amnesty
?taa act eeea granted. Tin? j.art nf bli ?spe?echwaa
lieti-iite t<? ?reepectfaUy,though itwaa plaii
that tha Demoerata, and aapeciaUy thom whoa po*
hu al diaabilitiea had ?beea ?ranoved, felt l?y ?no
?i.ans that th.y o?r ed? to the Republican part* as
null ti?? f-ii?-r th? y bata ?received ti the baada ol
th?* fluidoiai'iii Hut Um cUmai "f Mr. B
?pooch wa? when ha pas?. .1 ben the record of tbc
Repebllean party an amneet* to give bis na-im?^ f??r
a>eapting .i<'U; ?mm Dai ia bom the ?provisions ?.f ih<
LilL Tatt n.iiioi?ratta??df ?? ?aaall ?attenti m,.m?! t! a
int? r.?t in. ri-us? d an ha ?'. moanead that it waa no1
.m? Mr. li,i\:8 waa i'i. ?hi. i.t ??f i!? Confed*
ei.cy or beeanaa ??? aa aaamy ho was able lo do
n ere khan ? th? n f.?r the inJni v of the Gtoi ernment.
hut baeaam ba wai Hiit!'<u, wkaeiringly, willfully,
??i? kinll',," uf {he murd? r ami ?srima al A;..: ?
Vii v
llf the*! wrnt on to tear open ?and tay ban thai
o ? iMiinid aaaaad bv the late war, the murda ??f
Mr. Lfaseela ahme exceptad, which it baa taken
the ?laagaal t?. heal, ii?? ?sited tim horrible
ci ii.-lty of tho I?uko of Alva in t!, I.'
th?- mi.???a. re ?of m. Bart?olomevr, and ii..- terrible
t-nriuir? et th<' ?Qpaalah Inouiaition, an.i ?having
aaMtted that the treatment at ?the Union pi
?I Aadaaaaan?Ue aaopaaaed even theee ?hi ?hal
crn^!ty, h?? thari-i-.i tin? whola ?rasponaibilit] nf it
toum JtMbPtm ?Davli, The ?wdtomenl ? ?aoag the
Daaaecrata had by thlathne grown intenae. A black
ciou i aaaaad t?. have Battled ever ?the aida of tia
li ?am wini ii the] occupy, ead while ?many wi i? on
thrir feet, lanatag howat 11<? ? at. h eveiy word, and
ai ga-r wiw etreaglv depicted on t?he fax?ca ol
thvre was an evident di .-.position to hue; and Mr,
Kohhins of N\.!th l';ir..llna, in h tone <?f vniii? tji.it
allowed Kroat oiiK'tinn. ciilauned that it Ttu?"ai? lu*
taaaeaa slander."'
F..r maia v a da] IhoN ?_M not been MM li ii diaplaj
of bad hlood in the Hotino M duri!'*.- th? Litt? i [ ait
o? Mr. Ft :.iii.-'s ?iM-icii. The 8oathem Deaaoei
a goner.il thing aro not a'lnnrer?. of J?-ft". r?..n Dai i?,
Lut at! rilu i te many of tlo-ir v\<.r?t miafi.rtuin-s .lur
iiigtho wax t?? lu? mtawmaafaanent ; bat w] i u ha ia
att.-.t-ko 1 on the ti..or ti Caacreaa, a-, ha true today,
their sympathy f??r bim is aron?*.-.!, and th.-y ai?
r?ady to defend tiiiu und'T almost all t in inn-fan. ?-.
1m g.M?ii nut r <?f tli?? lions? waa(eetored, later in
Bat aftt-rm? .n, by ?ne of Mr. Cnx'n inhnitabli
s(.c<.h(s, in whtah he ?adertook t<> anawei M
B ?me, taatag t?i ruli ila many of the po nts Im ha I
made. Mr. Cox wa? followed hy Mr. Kelley, -aho,
by hi? liberal a minn in?, waa tin applaoae of tin
ll.-niiierats, ?ml tlu-u a'.ia.itly tamed Ida -; .- i li ? -i?
to put in a plea for tin? Gaatoaaial M l. abii
aoowdad out <>f ni ptaea tooday by the Amneaty _ill.
The Hou?e ndjotiriiod with the debate -?lui pending,
and it will paobahlj ha _niahed to-morrow. Nu.
Blaine will got a vaia "ii Iii? B-M?dmaat, and aftei
It hue been defeated, lim Amueety bill will pn
na iiiNum i? ?sang ?num?, a ?raw ?nri n ?mi
Ol.n? lilli?:?: fl AM Witty ii.Ii? lo CUUl iii
?nagrn a-vauraa?_ hill to bxlisvi raia
-"N."-." >V1.M? HI ill I LI Y.
|rsoa ma kluil?,i: OOBBBaiNUOnvroi'iiii: tam Bl 1
\VA-iiiM?ro.N, Jan. lu.?The lonihtiun ..f ?hal
lit t_o United Mat i-? Mipreine Co?rt is ?an h lli.it it
bon ceased U> be au organ for the adimi.ibtiiitimi at
riihUixi. Iii. re are at this time up* ard of ?900 ?taBM
on it? calendar, ^-t.'iiditig b:uk maily (j.e v..i:?.
To such ail extent is it behind in it*, bunine?? that H
bass'.me to bo regarded l?r petaoaa fan lliar ?* ith
?lb? fact? thal a can? may na well I | B?haad?On?ad ne to
try to bring it u;? for trial in that court. The Bam*
bor ?if cases ou the calendar is so peal that if the
tour? should sit every day, including -uinlays, and
(-?pose of a oaaeevery day, it Wtttei re<|u.ro maily
are? year? to di?iK??e of the old hindni???, t?i ?,iv
B??"?liiiigu( the currant aWMi during that time, win. h
Would be quit? solbclent to oocupy the time of the
OourL The question as to how the eoiirt rouhl be
ttJ.ved baa Wen oi.e of mu? h ii 1.1, ^c um
mi\y totlie jttdgea, but to the luwyers of the i-ountry
bavuig buainesa before thetn. A yi ar ago the limit
was moreesed to $3,lM>0, bo that no rase Involving a
amaller sura could be brought before that court. It
Waa theo supposed that such action would r. lieve
the bu?iniNM, but k-Oead, the eaaea have liicreatud
and the term of the oourt baa l>eeu lengtlieued. Hie
business ia all the United fita tea Couru is also
pna?y iacieaetng, except tu the District Courts,
w_?-re tbeae ia liiultod JuriaOlction. The nine United
?"tates Circuit Courte are very much overcrowded
end beldad.
la view of all the facta. and after consultation with
?saveial at the Judges of the Sapreme Court, Mr.
M**Cn.-r at Iowa tatsodaeed ia the House on Thua
?VfnbUI?W' A te aatorm Out JadloUry of She
I'nins) Strit? s, inliit li Bcetns to lie what i? rc.-uiieil to
settls tlie .litliculties. Tlie bill in gsjas-MSIrer-nir??
tin ? amount involved tu be. not li*?? than Bl.0,000,
mu, protides for au ii-jermr l'ntirt of Appeals in
oat?I ?'f fl|t nine .Judicial('in nits and rotif?-rs Cir?
cuit Couit isivrers on the |ii?tri> t Courts- ix-nuit
f?iir the l.iMiirr to tiurisfer to tiki latter nfter nett
Keptemb? r iiny ?aune un its calendar. The C< urt of
Appeal?i f.ir ?:u h ?,f the alim Clren '. Court Diat-ietri
i? to lie gcas|B?lad 'f til* Juotii e of the f-npr. m I
< ??m t ii??i|?'iie,l to th? ( in tut, tl.e (,'iicii.t J ltd***
tin ?i of, sad tin- ?cn.-:al lust i .i t Jratlgi I "I tin- Dia
trictt? coiniiiisiiig theCiicuit. Hie lui ptot i li I ?hu
rtpptasls ir i.v n taken t?) this ( mut ir.uu the ( in mt
nuil l?l?tlict Collits. Hiul that the .'. . i?i<in" upon
que ?turns of fait shall be fit ilaodi ?el-sira, and
shw "ii all questions Of law wln-r?- tli' -uni involved
la koa than $10,000. Th. agon ii ',r d?-. sion ,,f
iii. Ciurt, if apt?tany appeal, shall bs rum Had to
the (Hurt appealed tram tpbeei f nroetL
The lull lu.iN id? ? k . iy 1 nil the tmeeogggn nu
1 li inert f.u dirri iii|s' out the re fur, ami Ihs S/holi
in. asare appi .-?Is io iii.- pnblii s. a? ? a act Mini of it
111.?mi n v. Ko ixlil it nu ul 1 ml gig a ii- ant hoi i/.-.l. anil
tin- 1 Ape!in- of the Coutts NK ill be lil.'. K lim Ulai,
and it is though! it will ii lu ki- tin- Bai getan tm 111
ol halt it? 1,usine?? without any mitin t.. t lie ad?
ministration of justice, A similar bill, drawn ..ml
in-. -1 t. ii hi tin late Judge iii Hams inl8_?. ?rbilr
in- waa ia the Ses.at., KN.ts pa??. .I In that badji hal
t-M iiilifiliai.iii of the nn.ii ?mil the early adjournment
preTI litcd ItH consider.ilion 111 the Hourn-.
mi;, iii mi in as a 1 ashiha-, 1 ,,11 110 1 i:? RDI ?I i
ril'l UNI. \.,I. .?,'iil ?;\,KMI.|i- INN?) di" I.II.NKlll
.?i\ 1:: -??: i ii K8 1 vam niles1 y AOBBKO to.
I It V ni I '.l.Al'H lu MIK Ililli gg
Washington, Jan. IO.- Th? donbtl .1 qtwaHaa ol
th.- Pivsiilei 1.. pro ti n. ol the Senats la near arttli
>i>. nt. The iii ]. .italic.- of 1'iiN i'..g Hu- ? '?.- d. tiuil. I)
?11-1? m A of. aiil a pr. ledi ?it nu.ile for the future, is
of ii.tii.it? Ik linne 11 ii?! ?1 ii* -iii. thai! ile selection "I
any I'lltu iil.u mun f- r liie pi.ne lit the pi. seal Inn.'.
I Ik- nu. ?tmi caii.e np ni,'1111 in t lu->?iinte tn-ilut.
.nul (lie .11 Ii ni of thal l.o.li I,.ui? no ?hu 1,1 tli rt Mi.
Ferry will be retaiaed a- l-Ysaitlrnt pro teni., whil*
tbe principia la laid down ii.at the oftlas Is held al
th.- ple:i?uii it the .Senate. Mr. Morton, from tin
Privileg?- and Elections Committee, offttied toni
r.si.luii his. s. ??in-" f.uih, iirst. thal au election ol
Pre* ?':> nj pi" tetn.d. sa no1 expiro antila?*?? ?.???-.-i i?
? ho?- 11 ; M.ioii.1. tlu*t the ih-.ith of the Vue-1'icsi
.hnt dees nut Nitcitte ti.Bra of [Yarri
dent pro tem.; third, that the .Senate can
change its President pro toas, al pi. a?un-; am!.
faull t li. that Mi- Yelty, by Milne nf his p eil IttS
i-h 1 ti m, ig lif.NV !'n s u 'it pro ti iii. "f the Senat,.
Iii, tii.?? t a., n ?..luti. ;,:. nero passed rinauiintMisl]
The third waa sbonl I"-iuk v ted upo?, wbem Mr,
Tbnruian 1 iprcssi ?I bia optai n thal th< it- nk a? ??,,iru
donbt, and adriaed couBidc'ration. Mt. Btlmnnda
said as be als., thoagbl lb. re nk .1? sotu* doubt, and **
tim.- f"i r> Ih , lion v,. s lu 1 tv?.ii-., he NK ? ?ti hi linne In
ildjndl 11. gild I ? ni"! ion nk BS 1 m 1 n ??
1 he n< in mi expression in r 1 i >_: 111 an ona Pe? a'..is is
rli.it Mr. 1*11 \ ?rill no1 he (liatuihc!. lhere wa* al
one time g well ti Dm d and gppan ntl*" strong boti -
nient to elect Mi. Hamlin ?is the pi.-idui!" ?Iii.? r.
li.,- ??deal .uni most 11.ii. .?I Republicans said n
nu.iiltl bs an a, t 1 f p ? tie just c- to place linn BB< >?
in th.- \ ie. -I'ii *i.'.. 1 it's chair, 1 Bama?b sa ha had
bean sat aside In 180 ?. and ?m1 at dad by g .Southern
ReeonatTUCted Republican, and Ur. 8eward bj I
?hew Johnson, who had bet lui 1 al the i ontidenc* n -
posed in bim, What influences operate? to chair.
the purpose 1 I ? ?me Beaators is not knotro, bul Mi.
risiiilln now ?ni ma In bars dropped ont of pro i?
? urt a ??null,luit.
JUDGE I?i lil 1 1 s BUI CC88OB
KOMIK U un Of 1111 Mas Hit,, ?A ??.1 S 1 iii ? ni 1 l
Mil,NU.ill DHU It-NNIto fC (. Ililli-?,.-. I,..
iBl ICI Ki,KA) H In Ill? I . ?Ill >l 1
\\ N?lllNi.li,N, .lau. 111.?I l.ei l-le?l.le:il, ilft.l
nearly ? fear's reflection, has seul to the Kenat?
lin- naine ?it B Sit. . e?s..r laD Jodge Durvll of tin l?i?
Irict Court of LouisiaDB. The s.mut issooulj in
name, and if Duroll bad bim*elf choaen the judge,
tin-u- u bo doubt be would bars appointed !.. (.
Billing*, whee* Barns Is m??? before the Senate for I
?...iiiiiluittii.ii. [t is well known Cat Itillinga ia bat
anotbet nasse fot Dnrell ; thal h. participated In, if
be dil rot n-pin-, tin la'i.i's political and ofQ Lil
iniquities la (iew-i rleana. aad that be is moro dan
k> r nu than Ihs lute ibenmbent only b, tanta ht h .
1II..K- eoniaga hiu? ab?Itjr. It nn .is ho nk bo arate tue
?,.u?.1 ums midnighl order, and it waa ba wha stood
behiinl DaroU in all bis b. ?1 ... al? ?,t ju-ix-ul tarnen
Ile ?ai..? a-o tri.ii 1 .t? -I und foiiiul.itil of GtlV,
Kellogg in his m i|iii;i,?. ile Is h maa of
ability arad lair standing** a* g lawygg, Og 1 ?l the
nama al beinfl my sacaassful la biscaaeabefore
i ?ui eil, which in.iy be explained in one of ink o trays,
either I at be waa abler than bia opponents, or that
hs bad ?i bet i.i ni,.!, mtanding nniiIi the Judg -. Ih?
nomination ia likelj totioca*ioa some debate ia tin
?*. .ile, a k1 rg] Ile it is nut BO gBOd -is 1 liai ol laid. ,
ni? m?, h bettor than ?toni l hare bann thal ol
-bannon, one of Dnroll's United Btatea Commit
. nn ho opi lily declared 1. entlj that be bad
?ki., ? laid to h. lino the Ji!a? e.
ntl HOTBKagJIT I > (1 r lui M m j 8?OH no im,
g0_ DINK II. . .SI.Al Ki?-- ma III.st !|1IF. A Hi I.
! 1 r ol huh ikit'i m.?s ins i.vi n 1 1 u 1 maul.
far ?i ixoBATH so ni raiaoxi I
\\ 4-niNiiioN, J.m. HI.-Tim t'<?:? tr?>ll? r of tin
li ri-ii. y h.u? n ceiv d the resolut.of Mr. lim kin 1.
pi??eil hythe iii.us.; mi I hu,.? lal, ri (arding - ti 1 IB?
holders of National banka. Um reaolution fUircls
iii. Si 1 ieiary ut the Trotmary to fnrniabths li io*
? i,"!,;...I. liol of th* nain, a und Ic.-ldi ?ice? of nil
shareholders 1.1 Bad Bal banking associations, and
the number of kimon lit Id bj t-utli ??ii Iii?- ln-,1 Mun
?lay of .Inly Lea*. Hu? u,f, ru ?iinu| la r-ipnrotl lo be
lUed m the -.I) 1 .- of the ( onlr.ill. r of the I uri.-m J
by lav, but Mi. Knox kdkb that it will ie.|iiin- ?ii
I? nat S nu.lit h ti. -i.|.;.)e it f?t rnngllrgS Hie
.lj.it of Mr. Ituekii.r i? einhni. J i?- itggrasnl
?i-Miion of OaagNSi ?a ?II lu, oKiiMin w11 h
"ill B.!-!?) Of tilllir. i.ll plupiMtit?IS, ill ?Ililli th,.
National banks mil bs inure ur less mt. 1. st. ii, and
it is pnhiible that ?onie direeteti.it will hi- male
to abri ?i"e tin-?r powers and prolit.s. A rule of tin
Hoaasprt?ilbitaaaj nu-inii'-r trott vutnn" tur _ni
iiicasiiro in ahieh he i? jKiciuiianly li.Uu. ?ti ti.
These Ma saetas cd members ?be nie storkhohlass
?nul oflici-r*) of KB?0_?1 hank?, and a lint of ?ticb l?e
fotaths Bottas ??ill be of some in!. lest. It has
.?oinetiincB ocelli n-d bitheito, m the lliuiac, that the
votas of lueinlieis on bank leiihhil ion have be. li
?vithheli!, but now, for lbs fir?l tine, is to be given
BB official l)*l "f tin ?,. ?< kholdinof 2,000 Nut)0)ial
huhli? in till) I'liitid .-iluU'H.
?,'tBiiiN'.roN, .MiiiiUy, Jan. 10, 1870.
The cuireii.-y Quest um is out- that will not
!>tt imt off lum li luiiKcr, suit the lntrojii. liou of llu??e
uiipt?rti.iit billa lu Hi? lluuse to ,i_y i.y leititiiig I), rat*?
oruts to prorltle tor the ritjuiiuptlou of ?i?ecie psj inenl?,
un.t tiielr rsfcrenie tn roinmlitec, trill probabl*/ ?erie lo
bring the sutnect before Hie llou?* st du distant doy.
lim ten nf Mr. II..mu,n-? hill 1? given laeliiw. Ulher?
will resell lui. Tumi Bl lliruu?;h nthur ?juntt. Thu lui.
Is as f,..I"?? ? :
Sa ii rtioctrrl, de., TliHt fnuii the pail'Me ?if thl? hill
thu Beeret arj til the Tretuuiry ?IihU l?tala?I Um ire??
my, tot tiie ultimate 1? lieiuptlou in coin at par uf all
L'uit<_ Hlaie? u. te?, anil coln lest-rvr from all sourres In
excess uf the requirement* Ot the puhlic deht, until th?
coin ?u retained ?hall smuuul lo 80 per .?mt of the I nita ?1
hUiti? note? ouutaiitliiig.
!*i.i.. '?. 'Stint Iiiiiii ti.i. passsge of this act every Na?
ti, ?uni bunk ?hall t?<? i??|iiir.d to retain the coln Int. re?t,
payable to sin ii b.aik uri Its bonds deposit??.! ss security
Tor Its clreulatlou, to the amount of its legal reierre now
nqalred b/law 1 and luc-b mm In b4?lion t hore to as,
XytOfU'-t wltb manh legal r?-?erT??, ?i ?u -.ual 80 pea- oa?ut
?fit* o_?_&?on BUD ih-rtM-ler un r JUt?od by trety
National bunk si security for tin? re.letniitliiu In colu of
?urti circul.itli.il.
tbt :t Thal all set? anl patt? of s.-fs niskln? snv
other legal temli-r Mian MM ure In r. l.v r?'i?eiilni. each
n i?. ,U t,i i.iki i Hi et fi um tli.? ?lay when the ann'iini ?"? to
ha retainedm ?tli. Treaaurj sad bv ?Um National banka
r??i?ei tivelv equal ??id ?um of HO p?*r <*?-n' "f B li?- ii it
siaml ti..'I iiiti.l S',*?-? ?ml National hank oin- ?l.tl"ii; BOd
mi linn li of tlie .n l i ntitl. ii, "" An ni lo prov'.iii* for the
r?-f ?in p? ?..n uf specie pej mein?, " .-.p|?r.?\. il Jan 19,1878.
a? pim ni, ? for tin redemption in ruin of UnitedBtolea
notes froi.i tint Ont ?1ij of Januar-,, l-l**, ami at! otiier
ai I? "i parts of ait? iii coiitl.el bott tti'li. ure beielif re?
lu tiled.
U yama I 'N', M.?iida>,.l.m. 10, 1?70.
Mr. Holnmn nu 1 BOOM ? ti.er liein.u nu? ?re tWki M
have tatorfered to pteveal tu** ramevel of ?"J Maa
(Taloa en UetehokUag taaordteata positions Badartha
uiti. et ?ni iii?- iinii.u,.. n i. ?feared thal ?Sha e_atMBMBl
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part pnllti ..llv. ?.r. I'm, In In? ?percli M lav. np
peaieil tntlie r. eor.l to prove tliat u lal fer Wtm 1 BtBfC ? f
appoiiiiiiient? mad? bj the ollie, n. ?f ii..- praeenl ?ii? ?nae
?....lilian Lu ?m Mai.!,, in i au t' se ititiii -milln I "- ;
II..1.?'. ti.? lil?! I!. I'lldi. .'Ill II, .1-1', Hil?! I'a.ll.ll'll ?? ?'
n p.?it- to n i-1?.mian iii it tia\i! linn ?.ut over ti'"
country, aa slander rae truth ja thal valla m Hie la*'
louweaa putt ? ?. given to ?sum? Union soldii
? i i. 'apitulu nu ni? ti? ni io i o iii? lan? ?? ?1 the
?i.nie I? ii K w ; i pl..|.ih,i u? pit to tina Hull-?: OaOO Bl
appotatmenta wmjit all bow atada.
e lull mu.ulna i .1 in the lloii?e in iliiy by Mr. Woo." ni
N.ts \ .-i K to .. peal in pint tin It. ?nu pt ?.li ail of J ?O'
017,18" ?, ami pr. I Malo for a relui n i.. mm n lyments
? n ?.o,i. contraction, proposes io ut iiir,- ?mc OTQOflO?flOO
loin p. i i i lunn'-t ii.ii potaegetlaied,andreaaaii ut; ?u
L i r?. laurj... ?? ?Um laming of ?neal I ?? ;-"'.
iui!r? .n ii. n al ii., pn .ut legal lenden and National
li.mit ? inn in t. |l .li- ? | ...vi?.. ? ? '?I:.!.?.'?'! i
. uni?'.', i?. lie mau. up ol < ne ?? ?i. ni I -
e??iii revenue? ea li year, a t? i prvvid ugfot lliecin-*? i
pen.Illili. -, lill.I a..-., of oin: pel i? ill ??! Hie .lltel.-l am ll.e
la all. Iimt l.ft.l p. I I <? ,1 I. , , . M
small Ireaaury uotee, leam ' ..? -i i no for
lill li-Ulnpl a?n 'I ?I?. . e I iij, Ii . tv I .ii-" I ?? "t ??< . for
... u .-, i n?ii n ?a? lill pi. -i ut bill ..nu.' . .uni m Ul i? -ainp
i n ?...ni i .m i.. ? n a.. omi.ii, and eoutain? various
n, tt pim iM.aii, :,.. i ,r ttrttei i? tutai ina "t ii.? Boan? ?-?
At AawUag ?i ?Um ?Jetai ? mm.un i aa ?the U-raij of
t ongn Mt "n m"! ' of Mr. fc'dmnads ?i s ???- etta ?N-thot
the eu..nina.n p. ' : plactag ?Um baot of the lata
t in? t j ii-', i. i lu- , by Mi 'loin i? j,?m ? oi ?Slaclaaatl,
?sow Bear Um nu i aatraaea to the Beaate Chamber, is
Bopretae '?mt );... m. 'lin- committee agn?*?d to
vi?.i Auuapolii i n iii.- 1 ?tri lim . to vii t U Uarilt's
i. i.i-i.i. la,n ?>. 1'bi ? ?i uni.?m
lil U 1IUI ad. , I Ml L-l III ?' . "I I
. ? : ira ? i ? ? , ?i ? n ?..i -., , i.i.ii.l i?t billi?. II
mell I.t a? in mit ?teeni | so lo request tbe
I < lllllll.l? ? Oil A, |a|,?|d al,?!?- 'II. ti ? IL? 'I' !.. ?a.?' I I 'II
? ? I. ..-.a? , I teeiitive, all I .1 II?11. .... A
bill, the sum of ?.??,'"'" lot i.? pt ....... ul booka of ret?
a la i,a f lot lill .Id!-. ? ul UM , : ? I ' " ? I
! advocates ol ti..- Oaateaalal ?MU an kee hopeful
lo lui'lil Hain I m ?. I . .. !.. .n ..... ?.! ?i. i le ? t ii nu nt
? lui? ?i up ii? tin? ??? i? .u- on i,n Amnesty bill M ?
? It, .u.ii u,i lot -i i i. s Oat) ... .t Is poeipooed UM
Hi ali 1 ?1U Im -tin opp.?.-?I..ill to it in '. ? ?i A I., lu'
mil 'uti >?r lae un tah rs ?.? Um ii ?mi , bo
?UXlOIIS I' ??. ? 'la'* ? IO? IO.Hil I . 1 . . . I ' I '? I ? ' ! I S.I, I'll!
mau) ? ' ....ii. i,.i.i y i i s_< n iii aii
I . ,.... ?i, .lilli 11,1 li ...I .1
.. ?a
'.. r'l ?i ......... !.. . i?utan . ..i p.ai..i.??a ?ii a time
....I ti ii Ifl ?I la' 1?, .? I...I.? V? .lill.?. II. Ila '
111. HI llltM'l II? .,'? ll?l ?, .Hill V. !,. J '. ?II' I .-.Iill.il . ? ?.at I (li
i?i n <i>.a rd lu ever* ?im ? .a.m.
Mr. c- o?" r ?.i ?Tennessee aril] Baaeaaestn Um Senate
io nu ; ...n ii. ... v i uf ? . ?i i..i im Ai.iln w J'.'.in?iaii, m a
-?I...1 Ile will be li'.nivtoi i?.?.PM, Ml
tu i (iba so.r??f Mi J'i.ii ??ii?, and hy temo) othai
beiiaton ?? rsl ateaate, Murtoa,Bayard, M.ry,
.II, *1. Og} . V |t| ,., .,, . II?! Joll. I. Ml M* ' '?
i.? ? n t .-? ii.ii. : nu s lu n,? Bei i ? abo i
iii? I...,"m .? ?in. li! ni Ml .loi.li- :i, l.l Ml
..ii., vu. SlllO Vol ?I I?,I i!u| i ai ulm ni, ti ..n , i:: ?;??,i? ill
n.t iin.i a of i!.i . ? ? ? i . ?i Mi. i...j,.i..i ana I"? n i.
.-? Laie al tile tllu ul i .?: ...i, i .i, ; i..? io. . in I .1
lal? , li al.Mir, I.t U-.alil-l a . li . V.? lill?KI,
. | tt ,ll ni ii? ni i ml bj Mo? i l.l lill?m1, ?
?u g, H .o.?n il. ? . n?? i, * m, anti "i m n*
I li U Api'."l 1 ...Ilona I'mun. ill.V 1? B
J.lill l Cll IO li e . I II-.,'.? 1.Illllil ol ?I.? I'.,' . ?
solar i?.ii. and has a< li ?*~?i aotea te Um ?-?? ?
?-tato aad t" tas ii ? ? i...min.u? b i a Kernen >_bira,
. i..at li i . !. Bad Um mm ?.."? i ? of i.n ? on
III. .1 Ililli tall' III"! II .1.1 I I .?'Hin.it. ? >>,> 1. III?.?..li
iiinriilii-u'. I?? i?'iiu.<i<i Un |!itipnct_. i a,! lug
I be ss.so
SWIM el|?ili?Ui' ...li? . li? i.liili l lie ,?, ,. ani !.. .
Ill ,..ll Hill 111? U UOW *? I 111. pill.. J III la li IO . I . .. I I al'
., p. i 11... li ,,...?? i
ill j t ,1 .,. ? ...Ii ,. ... a .
lim .m' lin pu ?eui in? i., ii.
"I In 'li las m U -o?ni . i ii V .rilli Mil Introito? i d bj Hi li
?la.r H alliil?. II of Ii ?.ii? t .lil) i? ill alleluia.'.! tn 111.?
I 1 . ? I ... .! a I .,?| 1,1 '? |,| 1?71 Illili 1-T'J, lill 1 .
..- iii .1 ?-i a ?ubatltute foi thal i ' roto >?ie . tort 1 L. !..
Il.l.l ? I I a. .-? ??.I. ?Illll.lllllJig III?. IH'la ?'?loll! O* Uf
i ,,.i i . ;, nu i,-. ..i. - i" ? i per mila ol ImmkU ul i..?> it.?
l'a lile?.?. i.? I I ???" r-.iil lo i li 1 -
on? ra to I uilJ i..- ... id loi ii??- I uni ?,i mi alone.
'1 in- foi i mt im.- ? i ipi ?m nu ein? ?al ?t?. n-i.i 11?? i? mun ?ntete
t?. .t..y J.i'i.i ? .? B ? III?- ii.i.l l.anlilin ItuOpOt, foi lbs
i . tb In-ill? i of Ki nun ?i ; Join r liioisn, for t?be
!>,- I ,. ' lit li lill? -?? t , ?LU Jl'l.Il H I "I li ' . foi l.l'
I ii.i.i i?..-n . ? . lin.im il Unis I I? a ?
? Kaugei lui . ii I ti n n 1? ?,iii i ??! New-York.
1 II.? . i ??iiiiiil. i on ht iiiiiiita p;. i.U l?i ? .l'ai . ?
. i.my iii Um uni!. : of eii'pi") ?'u ?"i.'""?
- Itj vole, it ? ? ?l? ; i ?. i.? 1 '.'? ??!? ? lot eths
mlsriia of al ? . . ? ??t ? ommltlei a not fixed bj i.iv?. ? x
. i pt nu?m . umi. (leeson ?.kelton? and Milltn ti
i., ?gi a day,ami pal tboaa Iwoonlj t? ulaj t nuni
i., i ,ai t.,,' , oii.iii.it. ? - s bil a i-.it. i.e ? i.. or?
allowed el ik?i.,i. now i?- obliged lodowubou
uni ,ii otii? i ?.,-?. i .? ? a clerk v ni id required to
Borve ob i-- t? i i ? "?!.
i .??in inform?t! on eivod team n?. ?aragaa, tt i? foun i
"it.- ?nu - ' * ' ' " ?.:??? t"? i? un i Um ??iuJu'Ii
River, al?I ' '? ?*, ? an lu- n. >'? i ni ?I;, m.i ?? ? I
i ?it Ina i" Hie ai ii..- taliij -? i ? .? ?
.?. ,. um . . , ...... ... .i ?ml ? ?i api i l! ?? ?
ti; ?vi. _
V. \l I, ?SI III ?.I '.HU '*.
The hoetilitiea ?botween ?Um ?PMific M ? i I
-i.'.iii-iiip ."..Nip Bjr and tbe I iBiuaa Rallro-sd(.panj
. mi Hu talk of the mr. i-t. The Paaaasa ?Ka road,
,nt repi . nt? I bj 11 ti rf, V i k ihr? dt n? to ?
Hie IPjm ?I un Willi li i- I i to ?'?' hy ti m li I io.' .m opposition
"!. .Hill.?i it .ali p.a, M .III llel.Vi.lll.il I li!. I pi l?e, tt.tli
i ...nu.o.!. (?i.i,-..u to ?aaagoli lae Pactas Mal
i e?.pli tun it'ii t?> make arrangements witii i ?: p ??
nu?!. iu oi ?ii. i .. i.i Hi ,n it .iii...l-l inii rpriae unie?? tbe
Pan .m ii'.., I i lie I'.o ?li? Mall ??Hi?? i -
ii,a.t .levi MIO nula-, .u tin. i- days, bj Bal
I nula Kn .in li.i?!io,?I I hu i lilli.' line, tiny.I....i
lu- i oI,i, >i 'i .1 ti Ullin sll inolltma.
i i i- - ?sai ? ? - rerjr activo yeati rda ind i ?
??p. i.iior n.mu ii Keeley, who waa abort ot a fi ? bnudrNl
.?..ne., I.tln ii, innl L.i?1 Una, ?loin bOUgbt lu foi
i own T Mini: TO BE LEI
?ii i i : RSOXi ni i . Iiul., .Lui. 1(1.?l'lii- Sniitli
n'estera far ?Company of lido ?uj la.i* bad ? l
Willi the U.U.I.? III. ?"late I'l l?oll li.l.'ll wlil.n tv
Oompany boaaan Ibeleaaeeaol U a able bwtled eonvlcl
labor, ?iii? iii? ?i lush ? nu-<>f ui. tin. 11 opa ead grounds
f? r tli.-iiNiiuif.il nue of .m naring Failed topayovei
?r li.mm .lue ti.e ???at? , !n io roriLim e Wllk ill.,tlnl.
Ilia \V lil li.? li |(| a. ia . II, ii III. (..I, li al I, KIM I? I a .o.
VU ?UBS mnl li lui?- omi .ii (I min Mi m.
ii i i cn vriin: m?i is.
Pi li -Miifiii, N. II, Jin. it?. Wm. Flinn of It. r
vi k Mi . i ?i? been h, p.. tai ?-uiaiini! mi, ul ul ? i
t.? n ni 11 ii n :.i a i ii'i.? in 1.1? barbee.
run ali LPHU.Jan. io. The body rfan aaknowa
mem *..?? im.mi m ? i.a Delaware Klvai s.i Bsliinla] slgbl wi?.ii
li.ia rt.r.al i ni limn tai t? cr.
Bath, m?-., Jan. IO.--rbe ?ship Banta Clara >?f
1 ??'' l" *? ???''' ?.i?? re Lut) ? r.aa ? it ,.t 77 leu? ami .i-.iriili
W llm.lul 170 lol.?, va, l, ?air ul l,rl, t,, ,;.,)
rt!i< kui, .Lin i?. Tbejary la the cooa of llenry
Dsvi?. wbo waa on trial fur Iba m..i.r? ? .,( i tieri ? i?. vv i,t i o ,i
i??i i baakagMag ?v, l*va ?.uuiiii r?i ?i,?i i?. ? ?uuebsrg?d, -
1'l'IU COIJBOKMR, ('lill., .l.lll.ltl. ! I.e ?, M lo ?' lil?
lian nigbl a!? ii,, | iki ?I ,| |?,|? t .. v. I
I arl ni Hie \\ a.t I-i, i v,u?a ?uiilr.l anaj an., vrauil? wait.Una
l.t m ?a ii ?!?ii.iiiit,l.
Hi mihi?, I ?ni.. Jan. 10, J. II. Marlin & < <>.,
?i??! ?al. grocer? sin) ?a ,i,im,,', m, i.'h, . i, mai
I, ia i u.i-|i..|i.!.il. Iln r lia!? l.in-n ?ta ri-ii.riv.i et ?<,>","??" ? I
Im i a??? t? a! ?I n ?m
I'm uiikii.rtiK, Jan. lo.?Alliert ItaUer, a?"onvn t.
>?t?B?a fiu?i nmg ?lug 11 u.m u. .i?} ila n. ? n,, ?hemiius ?>r
li., .?-.uni. lit at?,, ? p,,?| ui.,1 Hain N, ? '??jil ?.,,1 ?^
an ting a live jrai'n ?nil? ne. .
m tim.11' i n. Maas? Jill. 10.-I he Strike!? M
l'.Ui klagten. N'.iitli A'l.iiii?. riuniiwl towuik Uni?) mi Irani
Ingtlialtb. bl reduction ia ibatr wug. ? wa? ssaaa in lb?
sui-i.l. wltln.ul UM Mulli.n ity al Ha? piupr.elui?, ?ml llial Hi?
llialUH WUIllll U? Urilla? b|| ?>:,?aiaai.
( ?nsw a, J nu. li?, tarraya ?m Ott I'miiit It iflway
I. ?vi-, It IS ii in'?it ?I??? ?I I. en ?a? (?r i (?lili Irlrii thal It U peet al'
th? i? e?iimi <?t tin im- mej be |i?wsnii i,, tune u? p?i mu uf ?
w.n.ii i.nii. i . 1 iiiiu in ni i inn unmet ?taatraciduring
i... pi .-i. l.l yama, ?? , ? "?. ?ni .?i m iii? uiu.nuu afci? n.i.i'i.L
Orr?? *, .i.i i. in. prof, iiuninian?, GoveraoMat
Imapi < tor ft lnMiianrr i <iiii|'?.i!e?, BSMSM Wi?t lha Aarlrul
lni?l I n.ut? . i- i . ?np mt el .t ?ki.iki, g. ??? . ti?? ? - .??> 4 : V?
inn- n .. in ?.ni!?..?, in.iiii.ti iii?, PsbIUv? uevsoaaMM a*
?um. Lllr A? -nun. ?? I null ?nr ???? ii.il.ln-. I I? Hie i ???parir
n.rut lim lue) laivcriuvl ileii,| ?uiiu.ia,?? ?n I au ?.la, ai. J lui
U ni ?upl/Uig lur Hie n .?hi?' m1 WetAW Wet arlu?*
On a wa, J.m. 10.?'lint i'ir.*ulaf:(?n and ?pe.-ie re
r?. n ?ii..?i ti ? t-tiiiii? i. ii?d toi.. ?, i.'.mt,7iw fas aims?
Ot i|i?-ii?t niel ihr alun Hil l.i| iltMl Ui li' hi id hy i?w I?
*U-, ?'i' I hi- a.ali, nu:.. ? ti ? t cii.lt raiil? ? I.? art. tra ii ii.i?
purl dining Wi? peat fear li 3.SOT. 1 ?jil iii.mi ? ?Ualii
I ?litas ?iff iiatu lke\ jam. id iu:t numlicr l,?i?1 mtralihat
mhtefe sadC?i>0 _-i t-s luWi.n?.
I).'?. BCUDDEBl I BUBCB 41*00*.
A siMr.p nrnu" OTgg tiik qvggtkOM Of itrivi:
SrSTATIn.N M TU *?J.)L".N'. ll.-l'U. MTDM ?:. 0,
?f. ?.T.iVK, AM) ? ?rilKK- rtViHl BKM'IMi MI li
<.M i ? - 1HKIR vu-..? h <|\ I IlKll.l 1?.
A in. eui.,' of : H*- iiiiiiibii? of the Central
t'onirr-?n tn.nal <liuii.li of l....okli n (ile Rgrr. lu. tomtr
d'!'?) . a? ii t;U i last ?Tiring In flin lil? irhetberei Bott-?
? ?linn li .lu,lilli io ei pt nu li.K ltiilii.il m Le nine?! lIU'il lit
tin Mat?b1 Council te bs its Vet te etmthtnrthnttnt ti
His Baa ?on. Jeka If. Pratt ytttam, ?.?uti (assirwiilBg
?..ia op. neil 1?} tiie Mdteg i?f s let., r ftagg Job? M.
Van (ott, ukking If tiie Chai??I would c<m
? tit to b?. lepwstated nt tim OsaacIL . air.
?'ni Oatt irole ti,nt I'll mimili (liUNli, repi,
-chic,. i,v ItSCOt?M-el. Hint Mi?. M?>!iU< n, IBgSeBSB?Ml ii?
Ulli. Bel f, li ul turre,al to 1 Hil S .NI Ut Hal (oin,, li to .ti 1*8(0
file llltllCUlllelI liulNleell till lil ; Watt til''.?' Ilil'l BB*f-Bd llpull
tin- ? lui!,-lu a alni liii 11.ale r, wie. ttouiil li? call' .1 t'l 1 011
?titii'u Hie I,,nindi coiuiltlliig of 2a elim. In? ..U.I lo
jiei-?m n,,i tagst?eath ! -!iiu<t)e? um! tli.it thej had
.11 ed " 1 i.tlai pi, ?mun,in ?luiuirie? of tim cuuiclu?
?nil mlni-ilcis to a-ieit.un Ntlieiiiei t d?-y ? Mud a, c|'l
Lit liiKit.it!. iii to 1?? represented lu tim (oim.il B_< 1! ,
letti n iiii-?iie tren seat ?Ml ?wiooiHiBilj ufn i the'
ren.i . ,,; ..... latter, Itevtd M. Iloni ssa*rod tiie lol
lou mia' :
/.. ? .'.,, ,f, Tli ,t in n ?pot?** to n Ilote of :in|il1l 1 lee. ii 1 ii
fia lil J...-I... : .k1. Vail < oil. ? ?i|., oui |. l?tOI Le ," ,?,? ?ted ?..
1 ? ' ?i: , ritt-r 1 hut i'ii? 1 bun It, niwii re. ? lg>. of ti
li-it. . ?nii--|.-e, Killi iiicc|it Un- mili lin lobe np;.
- mel lti lue j,.ii|iiik,,l Mutual ('.iniiell to lie called llJT
il.Kiii'..e. u .,11 1 one of tu ? liieinli. 1? tli.-leof.
i lie foi I Wing NI.I? ?llclcil.lH Uli lllliell.lilli III lo, Mr.
Si.ink :
0 i-.,int. This c'ur, !i goa been tainted topartti | '*
Ina Mutual Count trailed tu eoueliier ?uti. n-.? ??? ??
i . , uireh . ,-t Ntl.. 1,a,.mt c Moulton,
die... llallieiU Ii, alni p,t. (I,'II:I..IN III, -e Uko |>le,|,n?l
1 I he 1 t.... i.f'? nii..it!i <!iii,. !i in i!n.p|.'ne Mr? V..i.l .11
'r.,111 11-1.1? lal .t, u tllvL ona a? n awn ? lui lilla ... ni
ami -a.U. n .1 ?
il ii r a, lam in ?batiiBTag *o lea* from lb? ?.-n...? lad
li I lie . .um 1 ? li 1. ali. lilli li. 1 -. lil IO .k 11. ?1. ti?
ll, da 1 ? lui lu . la. in, wert) ti 1 I.-.1-.um fur til 1 kain! Bl
Wkereae, I hi roniideratio** ..f tese question? tepe
III, .1.1,1 u,, ..,:,.*1 v..,. .i tend? U?, m -
ita ... iuquiry Into ilie guilt or inuueetu-* of the
??f -..I . nuil u ia I..- .eet o? iii uf-1 ? ki lu.'ii Inn u
1.1 en ii. lu., i...- 1.1,1,. , i,,i years, sod bun lx-entbss.it]
J. . I ol Idalia, I. I .I . II, an?!, le lllk a-||-ll|i.!l III III.?
. ? . t , ri ??.t 1 1.1.1. h, .a ii In ti.e . ...n -,
ulai In.ki- |ii.k. .1 lu li thro? t.ir in-?,. Otile ; .uni
Whtrtat, u , .||.:,,.,!.? i..,- 1 ..ni, in, ,1 agitation ula
lll.lt!. 1 K1..I ?ilk. aal ?ill. I? |il alii e-.a alni ii.ai.k
1 lalii di in rsl lill)* ; .mil'
Womat, . u, ila pim. i|?a] ?jm ?t i n t., I ? , .Dsidered bj
a 'I ! 1 oil.. 1 I, t i,e|i 1 I 1 I ,11, i- 1,1 , .1, :t< :n Ill,- . um ?.' dill IK
.ii I la.,? til!. uni Mine and Lulu al 0|.|ia.-ltl.di ol
. dall, I,, all. ?I Hal lie .1. I .ali 1 11,, Id ?ii 1 I a,-eil li .1.1, ..il.il
!.. . Ik retire? m fin muUui ni .?i? lu? chun i : sud
... , ni! 1,aululim uf ?Id? t bur li I- BOW
?III li a- ti' iel. 1. i , \. . , .?inirlk lia,|i|iad lilla a I, J , ..li 1111
k ? . J ?. gitUtl di LU .? would In.
? inj .? ii li , a !'? |il. -a lll.ll.Vi a Ui.ilt la,.!' ,11 all, ,1
ni. rtat, We liebere thal foi tin?? kbobbs shs pt**
li n.. ..; ,..,-. un-h by Its repi ?> ninian ? lu such pi
I li . ' , . k lee t>- idle r -, I. li
.I grt-ut d tal sa .-? ,.f i bi lal in lal*
?? au, i..
' : li ? M . It .... t
full d< el '.. -ti.- In vi 1st lou i?, be represented lu laid
piajj used I uiinc.I
i ? util.m .v. re greeted with spg?_a*e?and a
worro duli te followed Um reading?I tin m.
?: k. ii. gc??Iel ?.ni tnat befors lbs ?tal
l",y uiou'.ii i :.i.i. ii i , ?luillar to Ibis ans
tod toen si I '?? (bli chunk? and tbejrbuddl*
I gell <r .u mu lo aeespl -in i.'? i li "ii
lobe n.I la the ( II '..,.1 Brain t* en pie
? I that harm would b ceptunce, but IbejL
:., .-i..i ... ?. n.'. u tteli gat* ?t I.,, bad tried to ?lo bia*
Uni t ami la, li., ul.le I, al ne, nu . ,1. Dil? na? it il.Il un
itan, i ? nor* ?! i!, real gravel] io.
sou Ait' Une.t ui Bral to c,ui|,l>
! in.., K...1. i nin?ii!. i,.I ii.at auytbing
Ui i ..: i bring dlsasaslon late ti..- ehurefa
: !.. ai....;, i, ii.u, gitet sarofullj ljr*it_rtTta st lb*
que? "ii. !??? !.-.1 ...laintod tool til* . I. indi a..,,,. I
., i i iiai,,,n. It wa*ali
i i i , ,, i Um i t., ga Into it became tiny feared bono,
i dg It nut bi n. n ?" ;d. i?-?, i
i, , e .< ia i.',. .i le? ' s n..i io rep
- m. reif lbs ?, uiiu - b1 >.f i .
-. I In. i,,. If ti,ul UM- ?o, u trould BBlj t
tas in> <-?.iry t?, f?. t lbs akanta t?.?-. ?i.? r, lacertotn
in N?-A?, gad fa,i ia ni ii iieiii to las Council,
la,ilk.ia.? Bl?g N .? ,K O : It li. lly.lt l '? tl.lt > ItKKtilllll
ne belli I l.'.i I" ga It all tinin to go in ?mil I?,lui?, iii.
proper fata] uf a Calegat* ?.i?'t mia witta .t ? i i ,. od
.: :, ?a.,.. BOOld l . al !h>- . t ni.-n a- sod -tua ! op for
it I it i., iboogbl eli.in. Tbeittleael this eauntinquired
It m r.. ... a. u giro iii.ii ii in lu n rc|iici"ti .1 to do -o bj
, ? ? ..I.e. lu H . i : i . . n ,:.n'.ed Ik - , i. . .Lui
lu-liii not n int to r-it into du? cuil.. t aad would to
I id to keep oat ..f II if p***tbte. taut hi pat Um nattci
<di lu. a BJ , .di of duly.
Mr. i' ?.? rai ? spreaj .i lb* aptoloi lhat tae taritatl-jn
ali mill to raj sied? Mr. Keeto* sonridcrod it bettet le
t, iii nuil pi?, n,ou i u Ctaurek ?? Bull] I ivtti -i Ib* i ittreh
Irrpn itlve* i? the Coaacll before deeiding
Kkii ii io iio. Mr ?'..ok iliiiiueii tii.it nothing bal hans
coto* frota accepting tie LnriUttlon. Mr.Creer)
?u? of a Motilar opinion. Mr. Kit, ?ki.o aros learauj
a nu mi..i i.r p|j na. .nt i? (?mun, spake saaltrail*".
lu fa. .d ..t m ?. |.lm ? tin imitation. II, ?a? lu f.tKor of
BetiUng lim i|u.?t,t?u KKint.ei Mr*. Moulton eeaki to
dropi?ed n,tiei.it n r.iii trial. IVtaatbar ?im was wroagas
right .m ethel pointe *be bad a rtgbl m te nn-i ?,. or*
bein? ej ? le i frooi l'i.t bm itta < hen h. I'..? sr-autbCbunta
, a Ul .al la ia if f!,,1,1 ?I- MB Ig SB, Lill V.ll)
u.t? 'mt t'..ti foiin.i oui long ago, ondit it nk.i? i rnhjecl
ut tria to ti", to n li uugbl t.. trial i fit*
?peake* had tolnngsd la E*l**raoatta C?tuek sad I t
-t...1,1.1 in lili- III.lil. I Ile ?all Ile K1 a ail to
elpl.a? all OptBlofl llu le. I'll lum Hi I'l.UP li ?ia,I no rtgbt
(,, la n liiiu or uni .nu out v, it;,mit ti ?al.
Mi Dament could aot sse boa the ehitfoh cstald net ..u
tin- tun queatloni |.,im, ?. <l leget-er. The int qn lion
' .nj ! ;. ia tuon iii.ii tic would U.K. r !??- u: farm b1
touching It, bet the aaeond qrseat??abj Itealf munt toa
. ,,iie toi Ihs Council to coii-nli i. Mr. si..ne ?.ml
ibu sas sot sa Inri tatton to an a ?.mir t-oum-ii. li un?
it < oil,iel I l.llll .1 ?I. I'll ill nilli) (',,,11. .I al ..-. II to f, .UM,I, d'
t*o ,|iieai.? lilli, li Shs hi"l Bgrosd tu ?ill,lull
to it 'i to a?' of ??.m i .<n taad a'-?, i sa mutually un?< > >t
u,...m -i ...i ?> i, ?t..? ..f tii.|ii,i i, ali p>.-. ??. ?i unit.-, had
I ? di kimi uni, lia If ?I: Ile.I '?> I'll Uuuitli ( 'lull eil ale! lialf
I.) .Mi?. Midiltoli. Uni I'll numi li I burch asl.nl ti.i?
llalli. at I..' I' ? I .? Ill li. .ULI IO! M ?. MOUltoa all BO,
mu? ?ii.i. n ii ?i, boi.i.ji? iia.ii te accepting lb* Larita
tina. The (..mail va* a ggsd fact, mil anani be i ? Id
trtotbar this ebnnb sent delegate* or not. if it nfu ed
It VOOld liol UN,,1.1 tilt? ? Ki llena lit Unit BBS
I t,, luke pit?e. if delegates tren aot ?na
I..e all it. iiieiit Ki.mill lie ?'ill uleutei, und lum,I, gould
n-k u in ttii? i im nil lein i ii to o? i eui en ni. .i iad asento
some wrong m.?*.'?? tot p. ia ?un-, tim ahol* question
? ? .il. il lu hi Hie. I v.ll...dil nee, ??illili Inquiring lu:? tile
trntbeft?*ebarassagabul Mi. Beeehes toandelegates
??? ? I l, ii.li Ml. lill, lal | lit) lilli }?' eoll-lilel tli.lt
Ml?. Moll l ?oil li 11? el, tell III T ?elf ti I k1 ll,il.> I I OUI I llu C Ililli .1,
sad >.tii.it? Bigfcl in ?lew tin pastarte to laaoei si,and
?till lie o! Iht .minion ti,:.t the el nu ,, I,.el had no i Igfal to
?illulimiilk ij, i I Mia Moulton.
II. nr> Kinki Icy ? al.', thal the 0*?Beti ?Adimily ? ?clietu?
uf Mr. lin i li. i ? en. ml. ? tu rain ?uni. .Mi K ..u loll
wiiiiitl K" II,tu the Comic I in,I to net al ile nulli Inn i,.
g*| ctei.? a,t. a n 1.1 ki: 'i? i" ulil foi .Mi?. n|i,al,,m m ettUW
io gmt ti.? gradgs of linn.:? i> M.uiioii sgat_?i Mi
liii rlit i. It nu? only au atti nipt tu taolSSSS up uiul ghfU
r. ? iieeta!.lilly to ?inntner StteBSpt to ?piiful di?
aeiiai ui tn I'll inuntil Clmr.li for V,o pUtpMB S<
iSStfO. liii* "s p.i?t,,r. Kinn, i? |). Moult. 11 lint
?uni is tilt? spsakss thal "Oed A'ui'giity
?mt tin- Sorti cou'aln't pi? ii nt Min (toss tata?BJ Mr.
le, li,el," ?.lill 'llll'ull"ie Xlltea Uutl teni ililli 1 .).U?
?la'o h?M lie KKOtil.l tuite Hem y Waul liee.liei'? fce-t fimn
uu.l.-r l.i.i.. ile l.iul besa ie.i.1) t.i li-Hil to IhsSS fa, ti'
st tint ti Lal, but Hoy dliiiit lisvu tin.ti to hSBS lum.
ri.vii.oulliiluii.ti nub fi.reeil into tin? t't uni ii, und It
?ass unie f..r eNiry niau tai ?lund up ?I ?u>, "I will
huve iiotl.liig lo ti.. ??iili till? fauiil) ipili, iel " Tiie cn
ml?! uf Mr. li? et lier were only trying to diawuiiltliu
flltli of tim irundsl, and t.. BSt-gS cat'? p:-.v.? of ti.o
eli nu ' e? ?!??? m1 u iii Ilia (-oiiurll.
A good di ul uf furtlitjr ti. Into follow.-.l. uni 'lmilly tiie
re?.iliitiuu? vier? put to ?. to sud esimsl lij ?iii tu 41. Au
ul.h-c1 lou living in?.!, to tin-in tliey were |>ut lu i?l?. ?kuiii
according lo a rule of tbc eluirch SSSJS? nig s twu-ihlrdi
rut? iu fitvor uf mi) reauluUuu in ?... i. ,?-..? a i i ? ,. .1
by a rute uf Pi lu Ali.
Thonins G. Blicuniian ni J(>->liii.i If. Y;in
Cutt, couii?ul for I'lyukoutlt Church and Mi?. Kinma OL
Moulton respecta eel/, held a run fere nee lout evening at
th? ieildana. ? t_ atti, et^-ttniin In Brooklyn. It was ex
pee tod thal tin? BMOttagweeM ?Masplota the proton
luarv BBIBagameut? for the Mutu ii Council, and that the
ln?t of iiivit.it i-li u re ?he? ?uni inn gabbk as well as the full
?tastet the letter.ml-ilve, wouhi then Ik? niiiite known.
Lut ??la lite hour ??ntl e\ eulu?: Mr. .-!.? a. mau ami judge
Vim I'ott both Hinte.i that nothing conclusive Lad been
re.iehe.l, Mr I Inarm,?n BBM that one of the iniiilHten?
who waa iiivit.-.i ?mi hut ililaaPyaccepted beda?mb
beeo i i.? 'i ill nti.l wa? now imiilile to ulla ii?1 the connell.
Till? asada boo saaiy the euliiag .?f aa..ti.er ? tetgyjMa to
take ?kia pl.n?.-.
Juill;?? Van ?COft ii'.?I Mr. fiheunnnti will hohl nnother
im ii.m? t?, ii pja aad it te t>? Moved ?Sha! the gaal settle?
ment win then in-te'ile. Ibeaahavebeea80 eharahea
lin ?nil la the connell anil 111 i Iel /, men who ate not in
aharga ?f any church.
A lAi'iiiv ok lin Id iiiiii'i.-i'i? liv TOM C-VAI OOM*
Mnn:i; How io ?8B1 Kio Of 1MB rtMbOJn
APPI!Al-IK?-llli; GOVK.lt-a'It's blAll MI-NT Ag ?"
mr TaieOBU- to tiii-Tnt-trwiM
Ai.n.iv?, \. v.. J.m. io.?Tin? ' igklativ? ?laveatl
?fating Conuuittoe of the Caaala will hold ?mm moro
>* meeting t ii i -, week, gad take th. ii List batch of tee??
limny. I heir ?report is BOW n? iii ly iiih.1" up. un.l 0 iii
i..- snbmittod t<> tin- Legialatnre within a short tiaic.
Th . ?.?ti Import ml ?e.n wie ol th? wpert will be th
embodiment m it of ;i bill ifl ?regard to the ?Board ei
Caual Appraiai is, ami peet ?ding ?lot iii.-1 ?toetiou "f ?
?Board of Audit, lhe, pceaaat ?Board of (?uni!
Appi.'i er?, whom tliis ?.ill wo-il.l legielnt.itol
o!iie, if it were paaaed apeedily eisough, are Thed
dene C. Davie and yivna W? ?Smith, ?1mm tonaa bj*
p?ire jan. 27, aad Charlee O. Myora, whoea tenu ?a
pttea Feb. 38, It M thought thal the ?Bepub?cane
muy adopt this M iho ?ln?ili bt in.ithod of gttttng lia
ol Mi. K.ivi?.
There will ;iN?> he ?itli-r flits. (KM Ml?BIglllg the
powemof the Canal Commiasioaera ??ver theil ?ni?*
?? ii i nu; ???, praetirally cnrtaiUngBoanewhattheholiti*
. il ?m vi I.,?-, of the ? :ii.:il lluiiril, ami Inereaeingtha
ie?po?i?iiiiiity ns well ?ui the prefogattveB "f Iba
L'ouimisaiotiera. Thora will be another net Al iola*
t um lo eoiitr.iets.
Tlii-1;?... i uni* is now angaged in B review of the
teetimony, in ti.aga .?f ?editor Thayer, wnlt reh
imu i?, lu- nth. ..ii notification tu the Benata ot tin
sii-.pi ii?loo of ! hat .?Hit ?r. li is not nppoacd lim!
tin re tv ill be auy paper approaching the dinamah na
of BMBsagea, Inasmuch h i i?o law merely requires
th.? Oovemoc to tr.iiniiiit a ?Motomeat of tho foot
a.ul of ??ii ina anna
ri.'HIAIII.li OOgr "SlIi'lN Ol' lill. .?".?I IMP.IKI "..NT
Of nu M.
du rauasBAra t<? ?tub ?kiiu bb.1
Ai iiAsv, N. V., Jan. lo.-1 ho leading( ummitt? -
of the ?Senate, aa Senatoi ?Bobertaon wUlanaou ra
them probably ?to-morrow, ara given below. Then
nay be one or t?.. ? hangi ? lu theil eompoaitieo, bal
none me libel) to occur ol' any importance, The]
folio wa i
/tunic, ?Senators ?arrla, McCarthy, Coleman, Bom
mon I, J.- ?
j min /.n./ ?Senators Robertson, Prince, Bogara, Cm?
pi lit??!. LI,?iilet , Ke. 'I (? i.i) . ??. li.li ill.,' I .
i anult tit lalor? Cole, bogen, UooUttlo, Ht. John,
?.uni-iiutt-Benators B. Ikn g, Wagner, Tobey, Brada |,
i .i..? .-, iiat,?r? iv? ?lim, Booth, Wagner, Baadrn.Tr
bei, .Le obs, i ??i!?.?.i.
i;,?uit anil la-ai ?i. ?eBators s i> r?, Bdkreg, Lamont.
t-tad 11 leant ?.?.mi.ir W liman.
li.i./i/d H ?i.it. ah l lllpi Lie' , \a nu net. ?'.llhlleli.
i . ,1,.,, ne mol Ai/, i ?ahuit- ,??:i.tl rS I'llUCC, lo,, mall,
Mimi ? . Li ibj . I. ?oulla.
rui.hr lltitlth ti, '..ii...' Emerson, Booth, ?Btxby.
6 ....iJiu^i-*!-? lia oi.< 'it...m?, Lui. ?i?ou, Hanl?
in? a. l.
Ho nu facture*- HcBBtOM Doo?lttle, L.ia.lil.?, lain.out,
. .1 ui uoud.
i /i/!?i. -i 11.11.11 Moore, 11"^-? '., lAwwobe.
I;.,', i? -.n Uoia U llmuu, l.ai.i.iltn . l.ivlaj-, Laultft,
. , ? ? . , -;. .1, lill.
? \. Bootb, ;?' I
I'lal a, i a? - . . ..ililli, 1.1-?I.-. I li ,.a liter,
llllal .?. Il!l..Irll i. ,
VnuritaUt und lUUgtoue Soeletiee Senaten McCarthy,
.it l .-ta.le
i..ii.i.i:.ni .- natural Ikreg, Emerson, ead Monto
hiten ii AtUtn ?? n.itoi? Vnt.l.r, S.n re, ami ?ehoou
? a ' ] ^
Al ?BABY, N V., Jan. I ?, liT.t.
flip rommlaaliwii'is lu ?rerleethe ?!iin!,? mil sa?mil
to-morrow to tko BeaaM toe dm ?tklrdof toa malta ?st
their Hoik, eompria?ig 1,500 secttoas. Tbk? rotaBM
a-.at.rth? i-titt.it--* 11 ? .il.'.ti.ni ti. Lie poWCn nail llnl'lli
tie? nf. oarte.Jedgee, attoiae) ? ?mi ? uiiaanHwa. stn r.iN,
oorm t,i. iiiih.iieiioii or tin-1 our! ??f Amieala bb 1th - ?
1 I, lin talions ol the tim, ? of eufon ina
remedies, um'tbe entire pruceodinm in ?i?it:i actioi
iioni m beginning to in- execntloo. 'iii?- two
? amil.lau? prouuiieully named f.?r tin? vi,'ami
mt e io, nun? Ion,, .'???ii bj i he appointment of JmLp.
', ? ? - JoblMOU ..?- i it- nu J idaie, a.. ? i-JinU'. Il,m , T.
imite? of N.-\t Vom, iiiiii aa Judge Platt Potter of i*..?. ?
n?. .??it.
it l? auderstoed riuit Beeator Meedla win follow up
Ma pru_vt movement Cm the repeal of the Qmylfaaa
? I. bj the in::? ?'.?ia li.f ll.e r0_?tltUtiOlial alneinlliielil,
outlined In i in- I i.r i i some days ago, which lasug
' lu Mi ..ii:m..ir*s foilbeoiulnn report as Bupertn?
i .-iah ; mi, and makes the fuuport of iho com
. al. i . on In -'.,1.'.
Mi. I'.-ai.i.iy ait .New fork bj? a petittoato prateatlB
the \- Uli.;,?. at tbe earlteat opportunity, for the n
m ti??- ?.?. ?> Nuns set, i bleb is slitnod with 5,00uuauiea?
.mil a li. ii I m tt iii, ,,,i,i ia ia I i.? ?.,.?1 tai be l'a. Lil! I,'.
'ii... Committee ou Crime ?.ii r.-port a!? b1 ii.?? tOth
n H?sbb _avtugchargs of tiiu report oaCbarlttoa
mu? i m ni ti. n. ?Mr. Campbell on Fob>?<?, ami Kr.Me>
l,..it..li on th. .Lui,i i,u i.
T:,a Quarantine InveatlaattogGoa??uittoewfll aseel U
m o i ion foi Boatoteace aa to their report.
III! Hi V s ! NI IN" SIM \!I M. IP?I ?I I" J! I?.V DISAt.i.. 1
ANI? Uti III. lilli IT I I.I? lill: M ,1 I.
Hi i Kai <i, Jan. lo.?lu tin- ?Lord?trialto-day,
Mr. I. tiiii.K ?ullintod up the eaae fm ins ?? ?pie, oou
SUmlngslI the moi ourir, mitl OloBtUg at .1 ?A la?i ?i I'?
ll ii 1 Al l??-|n'\ ?Lockwood tliiu pitn.ele.lt'. mihi up:..:
tin. people^ ooeapylag ?ne hour anl a half. The Jar)
ui re allowed t?. ret?n tot ?? tem Mina 11 la ? hangi of au
otu. cr. ai so minute.? t?? g o'clock Judge Dealelabegao
iii.? aharga to the juty, aad alosad al fcdB p.m. at the
requeataf Mr. OogBwell, the CUarl i.aoded t?? mad
andeonuoent upon mbm law preaoaitlooa w r'tt? ti out
h> h. H Inn llie Jin v re! ii e? I. Un? l'ou? t LiklUu, a lee? <
ui'.tii s ,,-,? ggg, ut whieh time ti.? ". reported a g_agree?
im-'.ii, and wara kicked np for UM Bight, Um Coartad?
loiiiuliiir to t? o'eloek to uii.rriiw Bornlug, Mr. Cs
pl'<-?i-iiti ?I a hill of e\i ?ptlnii? ntl nine points ii, tiM
juiIk?'? abaige. Dartag toa reasar?s >.f ?Mr. faehtg.
whee he retorted to Mr. Lerd>B fhadtjr, Mr, Lord wept,
Bad iluiiiiK lim ei.lire leiiiaiKs of Mr. I*" kweed, .iii?l the
in.iin pun .?f Um charge tt Jadga Pnaittr. his fan. waa
Bvertod o? loaatagea ?Ma emu-.
A<Bogg i iii: 1H.IAH hu. KV Tin: ?mew ?BOl n:.
TbIXTOV, N. J-, itetu 10.?Tti-day UM Di !:i
aaia ami Beaad Brook Ballread Pompanj rea a tia a et
tewmtme too gmt tiiu?. over the aowbetaga aaaemt?a
|i?-l.it..tie Liver uriir Val?lleyvLie. 11,e train caine in.in
Philadelphia, Ixwrlog with It a largs numborof dlatln
gmsb-rd railroad men. There ??.? great ivjotoing, with
Bring of cannon ami spceehaa, over the eveot. An.mt
mu. I. .??la were pr?sent. .An entertainment was given
on the tai? '1 hu io.nl 1? coln pie Hil ?ii the I'i n li? y h inna
sid? of the river, but lhere an 17 Billes to be oomph-ted
? u tin Noa Jri?. t ?ni??, a l?ii-?i totem ft men lit lo Ik?
nut at work, ?uni it l? thought tnu v?Lulu.? mill be ga_OOd
lu about s ii...ilui.
Sr. I>?ii8, ?Ian. 10.? The tllule-IUitioeratli-iH
ft ?pi ?lil .'.inpat.h from Pt. J?^? ph, M.?., whleh tObt Weti
atot,? nie t.rilife' Li .en I li. le lo flin BB applle ?tloll 111 court
fm the npputiitiiieni ot areoMvM f?r the Hanal hal aad
ft.Jot.eplilUllio.nl It I? iii-Hill. it lll.it the rumfi emu
mu--. l?*i voac warn onlM ?asaUi it? rnunluK azpenses
out o? all proportion willi tin- IMOlpte ; ?nal that cliHr???
of Omi .ma o?n u loriiipt niiiuaaeuieut are freely mails.
PoitTSMOtTH. N". H., Jan. 10.?Orders have
tx-rn malvad ?t the Na?} Yunl hi re to place the Un ted
Mulei. ?Lanier Mai mu MOOO?BMBMo ou WeiUies.li?).
Huston, Muna., Jan. IO.?Tlie Uuitod Stut-ea
Steamer VaO'lalU, lull liuiau? d at tbe Charlestown
>"avjr-Yard, w.-ni uitd ectmr.Ush-u this sitexuooo.
MA*?s Mi..*-.nNr. Off WOBBIBUMgW,
TIIK or Kit UAH. I Till? C.MiPIIl (MON IllL-B
iuti.s? hy iii ti <??, tram noa i_a_K?*-Ai.aaxaj.
cra - a enmotUAi to oombmb? timriaa.
A call wan .??si ii f?r ."i iihih.? MgUggj lagi
evening at Cooju-r l'igion, of ttio wtirklnirinen suit
NNollieli of ttii? .?'i, unde. llu- aiiapice? of t' ii: .cklay
ci?' ?atostatloa im i "ti., r i*na-S Ugfaaa n?e n ?etiag
m s? culled "for tin? |iuri>o??. of BBglBg upon outlaw
maker* tim .rear ?iii?mii t mee of promptly ?? loptlng inch
measure? us will revite our !ndu-tr1<s. in ird. r Huit em
ployiu nt iiiii.v b?- S?w_-Ml 1?' tag Iks t.u? M I hundred? ot
ttiiiussutts m cn'oi.iKl nil. i, <???.-? Iga talaje tad ' f the
(Jatea ?vu? tilled, luuiniv with w.n ttuuiiuoa, very
ttW NNoiiien lie.n;,' |,re.?ent William A. A. Coa
?ey, rum.lent of Hie Kx.-ciitive Co ann! tua
of flie TrailSS Union?, brictiy expia ned ,:,?
?it.J,, ta of Hi,? in. ?tiuif, sud the following oill. ,?r? warg
Steel ?I : Pu ?a!,i,t. I',:, r (...per; Vic-.'..-?id. d's, ,T"m.
\ \. m? |, Ifessaas l-' Tull?. Jolui Kciu.ed), J ,'.n T.
I.lliotf. I lloli/.r, I). Kynn. J,.?.-, li II.?? lu , J u-,,1, |?r>
stall, Ossrtgg Btalr, T, httatnaoon. Stem S-rata, Jm n.
Taylor, N. M. Run-lu i : Se. letnilis, (1. !*. Matta?, J. J.
1 unit. T J. B*tX( r. _ KMlliuum, Homy A Cole, T.
i n ion. ftototi c ra -, C Ossutn. Want,
i-mu? iii.ii.-i} aftertto eto. ittoaaf satosts ivw-r cooper
t?inassd Bim aseaarMag*, a? i?,- sd aunt to she
?I ? tki '-t Stead BS WtA tot elveii with loud und piolon,v,ed
spplan - Um a.'.'.ri ?? nk i? ?u pan a? fiiilo-i-?:
I-i i |. u > iii/r?,?: a ino-t iimfoiiu I aaxlatp for the
waitan of all who lire in t,.-. ?i k?bor impel.? aw te ?ay
i few words lo aid of jrour. in-te tbla evening. Iprr-deaj
toban i? ? i .i worklngTuan tbroagb a teng lite, wita al
111) ?K liri nil . ? e: I. -I eil i , t COIirSe of I ?Lill, lilli II -d to
elevate an I . it ?-i in.lagiln n, u of KKirliiiifc-ii.i n. i )i?vs
f. It .m ,??|..!?-i ii ?-, inpiitlir ?um those who, Itbtbetr lust
? tt,ria, Hu I life i |n t j etna. Btruagle, and tti u foi u bare
?uli??ieiiii lil. ire ton ile with you, my ft lerida, Bl g
coin ?e of . Tori? to Uni! o . a'ul i. m-.K | lin? i .ti!?? Unit
now ii-iiilei it,-.. dlgtealt im eran tbooa wtg?an willina
to work t., iimi ?ii, it, , and lapoort. In vi? _ of t'-e vmi
iiiioiiiit et un lue tuul, toni, Htute, ?ml n ?ti?, ntl de tit?,
'Iii! noa li U!_- I ! Ii a - :l uni! ?lidie oil tile In-, k uf lb?
? o u in. wi m.iv ki, ii n?ti iiiiiil earnestneae wbat must
we, va li it c: ti we,do to bs wtrrg I On* thing Uo rtalu-?
Mini llu- Batten'* ?!? lit? chu noter be pate bj ? ufoiemg
Id -,ii i larg, na** rfth* tmeiitsan pftople. If o ir
nail dial li nor 1? to be inii.iiliiliie.l In ?ii mon ?I p-ii nunl
,: i nation's debts. It. m mil) be a?-omplUb?*?foi the
appUc iron of kiiuKile.l?". . if..ii.?ni, uni lui.or te ull Hi?
i?. ul .-.ni n. ci .?.?.n > |iur -aae* of Lue
i n ? .u ? lin-- u-ing ti.eir talgtoet art* to tauygg
, he m nui ?Bil a* a at d- im j .nu All are trying to*?*
., > i-i ? mat. i, u m Um cheapest Market, and te ?eil
their marnitactured ...u lester lue ruosl tut ? sn tas i t>
lim-ii for tiisin ; m -I tin- ti i > sr.- tlotag id the use of ntl
to orto, botta fall? and foal, Unit tinman Ingenuity rets
len-. Ila- Intel '. au peopl* SBd (?on lunn nt ? Hiuiut
i.iiiai.u i, re nie miter Unit li Uutterlj tanpui?lbl* tag
u? ai u u.ili.n tti lint ant thing Cb? p Him f.u eiiuq
ii n ? t mi ma -t ii ? ii. i.. t nt the if inst ol learbag ens
.?n good raw Distar?ais nnused, sod our o?au bbsg
.in iiild.iel Our i.oVeilUllent ?1,oillil r.-ineiul.et Hutt It
i- lietel -.t.. io legislate la .... urdaneti witta iba advles .?I
men or nation* thal ton , direct Interest to nilatead oat]
? ! i eue u? lue urang?* anxiety t?. ??? ihllota u credit
.l.i ..u.), m oui.: u. inn. lose tblnga for whleb t_mre waa
.i,.i.ii in- -?I, ?.?i? toen lu.ol,. The 1.1-!? ?f , s. n?. f.?r
t;. adoption of S i?. I!. K ?ulvi-ine lo ?lu? . m;.|, i nient and
?no?!? i n;. ..t tin labunngelaasssas the senate) -a nth
;ey which i i? dried up their ?our*? ? of empl >? ment, mid
a? , f -i i .-.in.. u t., u i on ?u nil ng power na to hore row
rieiltliev.rvuieeli.tiiK.il products ..I ulm li mu i?,,|,!?
i.i... prodaceraaud the eblel eonionien sutof tim
, .,, li of 1 1. mi a?, a. Billi {li ii lie 111 lljl in tin- faf toile? a?
though the] wen. r?-i product lens.
Ihe uncertainty ol the future flnanetal point of tta
lie. i 11,1 ? lit llSB pal lill /e.i ei.rpidut iiiul p. H al, en .lit a
uni boa inn? brought on s ?toppaga in baying mid
? llln^ property, and de-preesed ratue* imti. t!i.-y
ire about ? m lu.If wilt in. y ?*,? n- tin..? n?jrs
ima, tino?n,.o; lim..in.i? of t_ea_aads of ?udue
-ii.u? people out of thoa* amptoyinenf? wnloli
u-tire capital,anpporttrd bj en dit. ?in ?loo? roi?*?sa.
I believe that this f*?ralyatag and rulnou? i oiny ii ii ,
ii.I I? hill'Illa til 1 .III ol (b4 tlluile l,lo|?rlK Ol lllt? lis?
ia ?I I?, U e .Ullo'llll o til. .ii?, in. ia of iiillitiiK of iii,liai? uj
? ...iii eff It to liiiIli.' af.tnn.iHKl.iKKl Of legal D'dels IO
a l .li nk ? ai ..al. lu? .rill, 1? eolitiuclli'll I'.lav III??
iroken np iii rarted Industriel of tin- country, nu
Aim li milli, u? ot KKoik.n.uii u unit woeae!u wen .1 jaiidr
una i u -upi on. Vou now aak our UoTernmeol toaara
? iir ?.io., n. i? '?.u .i i .n fioni ?ii desperation ot Urnter
n n T..1- ? m be .loiie i.?? th* adopt toa >>t a laanstsl
?i.iiu-y ?iBllloi to that mut li csiried Flinet- through a
.?.ii .i.? u?-.?p?rate and mors di??tien* Iban .ur ?., ?i
rent li. n I believe thal tnsti?-s eanaot bo ernaMiraV??,
not tile ?.t llellll IK, Pille of UiC ll.-ltlllllCUI.U1?H llc.-IToct?IhUV
.... in . . u u it .o ,1 retu-lndlngtbe li. sumptlon a tof inTa,
ind subeUlutlag a Cutt ii ey bill rdrallor t.. ii on. IBs
House ot (tap**e*ent*l1v?-a in?-??'.! in 1862, whleb und?
i eaaiiii i,..;,? a la gal tiiidir for afl .1 Um l
telita, and mad* llu m i ouTertib?* Into tue lalee ?t im-ir
.u?; bondi of in- i...ii ullin nt. 1 .nu ?. m In ? I thal ia in?n
a n m- .'.nu 11,. u ey ? '? -n 'f n 11.u..,.? i? idopt ?i whleb ??.?iii
pul an fli.it citen ??li ? ii? in, ney i nilli ?y uni ctc'iiatvi ly
nil,li l tin ? oil ml til tai 1.ana nilli,-lil, miall? ??lee Ir?
in.e ?m ali duties and debt?, employ mem for nil tue
?rorkl igt i.--, ? :.! ,i,-i.eil:y for I?I wl.ole c .uu:ry
Nilli lie 1 to ll.lllir.il al ?1 p. Mllall. Mt reaallll.
lin- Bggt?BBS n\ ?i ii vi iii.ii Mr. ( '".u.. r-? nillir, ?a wa? ro
aelvedwas v ,y enthu?oatie, Mr, CBraey r- ?! it tun
loin i.ia.u" >,. ....-'? mu? I?Bgl D K-.l i ncrittlng
ili.it tiu-y i tumi 'ui to pu-rut nt tin-nut ti,ir Uauder
I he?r*S8B 111, n I,i-,'!? it ! rl. I ?;,- ? i li. ref. rttag to Hie f 'at
bal lbs i'oiiiiiik lint a'..,Ui i <t ?'. iK.rt, an i sssst?SbJ
t lint it ??.mild da uki at mill poicity. 'lin? co -ilii only ua
rocotnipli?lied, lie .le. lau ,', l,K lircllklllg Up ll.e prtneiit
grgtSSS u. I'idiiat.i SrkteklS miuaa-'t it b> liulivui.i.ils ui.l i
. i-rp'-i.ttioii? foi t'n r on n pmit'e lut- r. ?tt mut nut for \
ttotatanste ?-f eu plot??, und t.y BMktag tin? (intern?
ment truly Ilcinoei.itie, Bil li*vc? to l>c ? lluultt. _ ?lu?. 'iy
m u.r |i opie baten baringaapbtadtagtares
V.i-.?ae. W ?.room follo.i?.- Mr. Tli.uupbou. He ?Sill
nilli u? otliei Uli.ig? :
loi iiiiny k ? -i? I ?nive fi li a eery tteeg lotenel in th?
? urr. iii k question heeauso ot Itererj tnportanl t>esrlng
upon the welfare ol :tli ela?*?** I bare, then torc, lie u
BvtiV. Ik dlSOIISSing tin- ?li J, c1, nu 1 mu nena lilli n?ked
i|Uc?tloniBonietliltig like iln-: Almt !,r. ti ?ia'.ii i?
ought :.. be ittatiu I bj t ..? :? form in t. ? m u geroci t
. t i lu-1 in n m ? i u it ? mi .ii,- ?-. Iran i-t- nt ? m . n. t My
iiiiKv.ci is something like the following: We kenlro to eir
i.ain tin lo?gest possible pntduettou ol ii-. al ooaurBt?BV
ii ?, ..ml nun re* me ad eouifoble distribution of ti. -?
product?; to th* em! ti.ut die rieh mar enh?. In pea?* a
, i i.i. than the j non puaseaa, wblM lb? peas li*??
.., _.- 1.1 lit!.di? li..ide tO theil ?e.lllt.l ?t" ? li I ?III.D'il
lileah to ton un 1.1,m? on toe cum boj gueotl a, I saul?]
i?nly enlarge bjmib the adranloge* ot uoue) iroiued *S
imp. i ? i.k t e s.t?, ni! (?oi. in.i, baring Its minni*
,. ,,. :,.lia t-XltCt o'? -onlain > ?aila tl.e n ? di of , oin
in i.....uiii? value Ixed bylulnteroh ugt-abillty,al
uild.i?' option, witta io.ki-iuuunt bends be*tt.tag ua
e iiir.inie rate ol Innwesl
Ai. ??, mile: 1 lu,i ni .s i? lliiven. Citin , wit.? tiie io xt
?i.i ob. r. "Tin i ? u? .ia,-'." to ssldaj " i got tbiough wita
li iii luui... r i:ie uiul Ki pun'.iiuii part e?. . Sd SB? ?lue*
lime di-. ..?ii.?i ni? km. in tin- ?ntciot ..f Um trsskta#
ruan irith??ut asking whetber tin man who reectred my
i,,!, kk t? a Democrat or a Republican [App iuaa.1 I
!,. I I . ? i I. ! !'. thll 'I! K J "II '."Hill it U . n -lir? ti?
ni.-i.ai.i..: ? ?mi. of .... of the partiel n. mi, m
?..na.,'/c the other, lastead >,t r?..u/ la
i,.,r |,.wir n? worklngmen nml doing j u.r
tv. > ? li <l 'I . ml ul o! li. Ill Nk.d klUgUK li ?le ni lil I? .-li 'i to
nit nil?n ti.eiu?. ik. ?. and Iel Taniiuanj and Anti tt?a.
until} i.ii?? rare ol themaelves. [Apiilaua*.| Yon ?HBS
;, t.ii),tain that you bave no1 the I - m?t tm|i,,'.
in. n: m f ?-an to hu] pott youl faimil.? TIM BM I -
?1. 11 ol lue I 1 i. ?all coi .|. I. li ?I of In ? In | . lir o?', li li.Ill I?.
it i? ?oui fui n.iiu.i why tlonl rouaoitel Why (tea's
you send your own moa m ina City Hall i s ia vt ;?.?
ki i I do ? n.u t i eurklngrnon who elect I htm want
ituitoii'i | Applause.) mu i m. u ir,)n tiie Borksksps
to Cougress auti lb* laeglslatuie Herealtei you IBMS
put your IsUiot when it ?ni Kk.uk ant >our -.un.mon,
an ii.-i i.i i: publican and Uetaoscatls go itteteai Nturk
nul tin it o\kii
Mi coi?..? read a tang M?taUnas t<> tin- tg?w?tagnssa
of tiie Halted Mute?," nindi lilt iu.lt?1 tho full.,wing
A statement of the part tiik.n by worklntmien in pre
?erring the Union; Ina ne* e-.ii.Mun? of polities and
linaine brought about b> lb* nar aaaiBig Itara* a Ben
n,, aaiu ? t k lue lu thi rum u< ;. of t n- i w ' > *ad a
ia. g? i ?tammr.i.it K.iiu.- in ike wages ot tabor Bad the
|,.ii i - ..f property and eom.ditle* earaaed bj tin larc?
lUt ii.i.-e ,n i.'h iiveinin ii! ???alie? ant ,de-Ill?. " it-it
w .une .,. 1.1 i.iii. ni began to ?tintrocl Its cr?*d it sya
? , .u.? uinl .u a lui-a-e nu rsann tram j. .?? te j -... io
i-.li a ilenl t al ? US UOt yet due. all oilier ii..ill?, private
, u.i lorpoi ile, i? . ? n t" ,? 'i , t a'-.,, and brought <>n a
! alia li, tin UllUlll a. lilTl I? Ol ti.l? lolllitrt.of 11 ,||. II WS
u, n feel the m ??, de/-lor*hl. t-ffect*." .V? u .ure for
ti. .,? en- , li?- i.l.in? itlggestsa curen,i ?bleb Will
best incl?nate to* exehange of ne produc lol luin.r;
iLni lil? t m nu. >' - ?upported by tl.e unlit of the
ti, ,,!e f, unti t i i I*" ?''?' P ?'*" '?'' nail.dial d. li: In- |.ut as
fal t? ?. ??? I, < nliu- li Hid:ItM Hie Alui-ilrun |??'ople, ami
Um ? uteri rise ami labor of lb* Batten to ki t.. meek
again : batta* rwtteaal debt to soa?rorted mto imniis
lia-, ubi* m > urn -.u j *..i beoring a lowes rate ot tataauet
iii, a,titi??? ni,i? idoptt-d, .lint Juni ? (.i?li.u.iii, Mi?.
B. Nit ia Hull, K. B. .'?I iler, and t'> ? ongTt??li nu ' r?i.tuier
ll.ai'ai n luui kia llu- lol owing ri?ollllloll? ?ila aito|i.e-i :
/.'(??(/rrif. Thal WO deiuau.V ir.'iu Hie pie?? ni la>-'?-it
ture lite puttssge of S lilli pro! nlllig tot tin SSI ?bl?g?B u|
of a LaBOt lim ?".in, ?uuiliti m eli iiaeter U? lb*** StoSB?
?Hlltl ill Ha li lal of IB? olia I .?Uutl?, thll? l'?l .ll.l lall illg
a liuican of rttitiletlt?, wlu.ae ililli it ?null lu at all times
to make m ??refnl iaqulry Into tto aoetel, ediieatl mL
liidiistri.il. and samten condition uf me worker*. i_UI* 1
nuil lurutkllted, tliiu,i..mull tut, .-.Li.c, sud unuuully pub
IU!i a full retint of Hie saino.
Uts'iirrii, That tLe working gsegls of Ni-w-Vurk ieg*>
dlatetk* old p.trtli ?. WBlab arc controlled I,) m,un.j..i
llil?, sud mue oppoSati tu tile le ?t llileieatl uud wellan- of
ti e pMgta? mon lU.it wtt il.eian? fiur-avlvi-s lu fat or of the
organization of au.* onity, I a,ed upnu the iniui-ipl.-i
of liberty, euuolity, sud Ju?Uie io lat>or? su.l ho it fur?
krtolotd. That all labor unlofii and ergantsaUoni
friendly to lslxir ore hereby rojucited to send s delega
t!.n ?f five persons to a meeting to I?, held in (?Uns ilsli.
ul Twenty fourth-it. snd Tutrd uve., ou TUurr/a?Uy
t vening. Jan. 13. to aid te forming a Central Ciamuitttc*
of the Labor Raforn? party.
Tn* ?<?- ung linn ?.k'gouiue- witta ihn* obeon bo
lmint Cooper.

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