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vol. v WV.N?- 10.S57.
?niK kin as? t ai. boxs won oo?gbess -YiairaoF
A ll'iMlSlvl lASll.liN Li vin. ?.vi L:lill ,??
BK BORD K?ia InOM lui? SESMO?.
fri:'.V Hil llll.l I All (?Hil 1-SI-oNI i * < "I Till TUIIUNII
W-SOIMTOX, Jan. Ift -The sraete ?-f aaothci :
wuk i?v tin- Bows ?n fnuii'^ dieesn_k>nof dead
Imms has eaaaad "ant IsssU-f Deo oaatk Ra pre*
K11", ali v.a lu rial:/? BBSS? Isftlblj I han betet? UM
ftksatfcfa? n a vviiiili M beginning to manifesi itaelf
throoghoat tin- ?canuto ?t 'I'?' toiiore ?t Congress to
t.ii ? practical steps lookingto tbe lelief of bo
in.III li*? I'l'Mllt (ll'?.!<?H>!L It IS III!?- t'lilt VV itillll
the p.?-*?t li a ilav.s Muni-of lin- (i.iiiiiii?'.? ? ? li imibe*
ptin ??uk ami an prepariag la report sosa? al lbs
aeeesast] bnsiness ??t < engross. ?Bat tbc Financial
Chu nut???-. those on Ways and Means, and Bank*
lag and Canea*j <" whieb ;li?? country looki foi
ag . j lu in al meas iles foi tbe restoration ?>f eonfl
isaee?ha*/< m yet given the mool unpottanl ?objecta
referred to them little or no attention? Thedlscua*
ukon sa A ml?'i.-x m v illt and Jefferson Daxis, subjects
tv!, i? li ii i.? believe1 tbe t ? mut i > has n>? ?desire ?lo ?re*
viv.-, win. h bas been anatained bj ?three w four of
the most piiniiiiK-iit nu nilici'Mif tia Way? .nul Men -
Ctiitiiiutte?-, In.* psevented unv Important worii bon
being done by it donna the past week.
The finan? ml saeaaawB already introdneed ?steel
?a-11 li lin!?' tavi.i in ?m th?)?? liiinl-itioi:? v advocates
sa beth stales ol the Bowe who bold the soaadssl
v.tivson tlies?? bmaottaat questions. JL prominent :
Eaetera D? m? m at, remarking yceterday on lome of
tia ?c, i'\iii, asa ?1 surprise al ?li?' i radi neasol thought
wii t h moat m ili'in li ivt exhibit? d. TubTbihi m 'a
i ritkiSBS "ii Mi. I'a.N nf's lull, I iiaia? I' u/im; it us ii
saii-andm. ass, hu asbl. ptrfrrtly jual Hw bill in*
ttodassdb] Mr.Chitteadmat New-York snrpsieed
bim. Mr. Cliiticnil- n'.? objeet In preparing it waa
daahUsss to abtaia au opportunity te make i tpt < ? h
sa the siii'jM', bat it seems Strangs thal s mau ff
Iii? atend?as and bnain? aa exp? ii. di e ?should ?be a i 1
lui?' to a loa Iii.? nain.' io be oonneeted with the in*
ii?.i?ui ?-ven nf a na astiii- t-.t Imperfect. Mr.
W'oad's bill be liinl not examined carefully, bul ?bom
aeaaaalreaalingol it n? did not believe 11 praeti*
Hr. Schleicher, in bia bill introduced la-t week,
the gentleman said, ignor?e Um fa?t, that foreign
i tries will not and cannot aUou any rapid seen*
i station of gold ni this eountry. As the legal
r issue is withdrawn end dostroyed, a.? pro
pi a d m Mr. Si blei? bar's I ill, it? place s asi be filled
either with National banknotes?? with gold and
silver. Hit sa the Nan mai bank Dotes would
whsa the United Btatee reached specie poymenta,
bare ta be redeemed ia gold and silv?er, aineetbal
?woaldbetha ?."ty medinmof redemption left, gold
a:ul hilva r ..oiilil in any emit be required in largi
ira to fill ?the place "f the greenbacks. 'I iii?
tvi.ulii require aa aoa omalati -n ?.f eoia In this coon?
tit wlii' h would disturb the gold market nt Europe.
Th.- Bank at l'un? ?. altl ougta it?-? papei Issues an* b1
par with gold, and it bas beea aceumulating coin
? i three yean ia esder to ol ?ta m a st?ockof gold on
tv al. li 1" n eli nie, lais not thus fal tiait'l to 1" gin the
redemption of its paper leat thal very aetahoaldao
ra..??' Un- l?! ia ?? of ? oin i:: ??tin i i oiiiiii Im a.? to make
tin att?-ini>? a faillir?.
Mr. S? bl? i< I ?i ti? leinN In? bul on UM ground that
it will :u tu ally . anse lc??s distttlbanoe in the K"1<1
iiiiiikctn of tia world area than the plan proposed
i.y .--( ? ictaty Bristow, li? ( ?ill? attention to tbe
f.u t that ?li.'iii?! lu? bill be passed then w aid be no
boarding of gold ?and bo ?accumulation of a ?larga
f]':antit>- <>f com cither in lbs Tn usury of the i
United Stat? I ? r slsewha re in this coiin?y. Hs I'? -
lu vi ? t? at ih? amount of ?(?Id v. ht h aoW pi---;
Ihrongh the Caatom-hoaae ?wanld be ?amply saaV
? ? ? if. |.plic.l in the n. iii!.i i which hs rt com*
n ii.d?, to briag as back te specie payments. The
aiiiiiuiit of ???in now in til'- posa? s-a'ii of tin- liiilid
?S?ati-s, ulai vv h.it WOald a? ciininlat?- before ti"' l?-t
of Kuti nil? r. 1876iWoald.be ?thinks, be anfficieul
to ?airv out !.i? plan of ti (Icnii.iioii for st least ten
amaths after it was began, Ths limpie passa o of
Li? hill, sad its rigaatare by Ott Praaideat, would,
If believes, rsuaa an Immediate appr?ciation in
\ahictif the entire ro?ame of outstanding legal
leaders, snd ?this appreciation would continue,
briiiKi'?K gold and legal-ta adi i aota s nearer and
n ai? I te the ??ia.?- v.ia.t . In this Way, vvithai a f? vv
iiionths ;ift?t the sara bess of ?greeabsa ks al the rate
o? Isa Bullions a month bad been begun, tbey would
bataam worth par with gold. Wheo the parchase
ef greenbacks is first begun, the gold paid oui foi
t! i-ni w.ata!, Mr. Bohlei? her admita, hu 1 ?? ked uj).
ami ?vtnil ! not 11 late the ? In ala!: in, l his would
a ten poraiy contractiam. Bal h?
thinks it would no1 in the least ??ff?* I ths ro?ame of
cannae) actually la circulation. Ths inst legal
leaden purchased, be bslieres, would bo diawa
froaS the hanl.H, ivhi IS they have :ka-iiiiiiil.it? ti
in great qaaalitiia Bal art mi".-i m ?ths
legal tend?is reach par with ?"id, ?he
expeeta the eoin lo make its appearance in th? ? r*
culatii.ii, h h !?- the a niii-.'it of legal tandera that
would be presented ?-va -ty ino nth tur redemption
would be fin lass Mum ten mi limns, His ?reaso i i?.i
t ? :-. thal the L.titiv" of self-interest,
wh b woakl prompt the exchange as long hs the
I h;h t iinii.t-v waadepre? ited, would baremoT-ed as
?aoa aa M beeaase eqtudly Taluable with gold] und
t'aie.ifter t s Iroahk. OTpoaso. and rink nttunding
the STfbangn. and the gn ater sonreniencc ?>f band
ling paper um ; ??, would ' ha ( !? the redemption va iy
eOhna) nally 1'i-ai IheaS foots it Will ?be men that
Mr. Schleich?, should bia Mil ?pasa, would no1 ex*
poet that tin- satin ra?ame of ths legal londoi notes
weald be witbdrawa ii three years uki a hal
baooTss that lha praeess s If ; ?extended otcj a
jxm?ikI of Its ti wru, si area a longer one.
"No naiiiae," h.aal Bat g1 ni '? man fiistquotsd,
" wili ?*s**teerf that appears te ?mrohrs s ipeedy eon*
traction, tif soaiss a*s eaaaotrsss-sespecie ?pay*
m-n te without i-ontr.u tien, but it munt bl s< .
and gradaal ss no1 le slatm baataem men. a strong
txhef," he ?.ii?!, " ?iicins to have gol ?paSSSSSioa Si
the iK?op?u that outra? ttoa simply ma ans that delit
ors will he obliged lo meet their obligations in ntur
icn J MM valuable than thattn which they it. re
niad?, and for thi? laassa say scheme which pro.
poacarapiii ?sentraetioa <?f IheTohuaeof the eui*
remy will eau?? ificiit distarhaati m bastaess.
w hat ia uinfct needed BOW," Le con! iiiii?al, " is coiiti
doiioe? aouicthiu? to stimulaU? baafaMSS. iiillatitui
iststhink that a?.litional issue? o? pajar BBOaey
would do this, but in this they arc gMatly mislakoa.
If ii.lla?oi; ewr v? oii!(| It.ive u< t? ti us a stimulant,
the tuna ban now passed."' Ihe gi-nth man eloood
the eoiivenialion hy aaying that, with sash diver
s'ity of opinion as lie found even ainong the advo
CaUsa of hard money in Cotiifieas, hs w as very fearful
that Little in the way of legislative ia lu-f for baal*
nesa men would be accomplishtid during the Bflsasat
WA.sniNQTON, Jan. 16.?The House Commit toe on
h'ule.? hits airre?ad to report an important amendment
to tue 120tb rule of tbs House, which limits the
eubiifts of legislation which way be included in the
?l'propriation billa. This mis is sa follows!
?J0 aiyropnatluB bill shall ba reportad In euch gcneral
ait)i"i>rl?t,iiu bill?, or be In order aa an anieiuluu-ut
Ctr?0' tot wir sxpendltura not previously autlionsed
i.iihfiw' IUl***a 'n otiiitlnuatkin of approptisllnDs for ?ui-h
C^g.T*?l?Ba4sSJtSSmsS are already in paegroBS, and
ZJJPepa?a for carr/ln? on the awtral ?Mart?
?fionu al tim Oovernaient.
By ait ou construction, ths last clause of this rule,
*?., "and for the contingencies for carrying on the
?r-Vfr.'il di firtriitiits (if thr- ....vcniiiH-nt, Iflghlatlon
f.ir aitiy iiirii'.'i-..' of taiiliiriis .if imlili.- of?nr. lins
gawa lu lil to li.' in order, wUk an.v ;iin? ndmont or
proi latan r? ?lu? 111? aalaai?i lias invariably barn ml. 'I
out ?if oi-d.-r. A notable ?notait?-? <?f Um Apira titra al
tin. rule occurnd :it the time the Kalury (?ral) a-? :irt
l-twaed, in 1873, thal noal Mpoaulat im ature h?-?
Inf been Ingrafted apon t it? LtgidatiTc Appropria
tion lull. I lu- ('(Hiiinitf.O} liol-, propo ft lu a?!ilk?* out
of tin- rale the elattsc which gmt bena tims coo
Kfni"'!, mid rabaUt_ta for it .-iii..|!ii r making any
I- *'at. in ot'l- r, ti:.' . St ( t of wliii h i.t t?. f ti? m li
tin. fszpaaaai <>f Um Gtreerntn. at. 'lins ain-.idiiicnf
waa voted for in ('omntitt..' by Messr?. Karr, Ban
??all, and ( ix. .Mr. Blain? did not vole foi ii?, and
'..u. Banka waa ntH **reacnt>. Um Ctrmmitteo trill,
if an opportunity prara nts it*" if, report thb, ann ml
moni to : iiiiiow.
The. Committee on Appropriations will probably
report tin Dipktnatic Mid Conaalai lull to Um
House on \\ i .Im ?iliiv i'?\t. The r> lim -finns mad*
in t'lix Iii II, winn i on 11.die. 1 m it li I li' < ?ti ina ti B, \i ill
lie in tl.i- iMighboThood o? J-300,000. Thenhtrie*
of f.dir Iii?! . lu?? I iitni'i an nu ?-ii.n? \\ ill be r< .In.. ?1
tram ?17,900 to $14,000 each, and corresponding
radm ti" ms "ill lu' made In tin* m Lui. s of minist? n?
t.? M'vi r.il otln t . ..nutt lee. 'I in- miasiona to the ii\<
Paeiflc Coasl States of South Ami rira Colombia,
Ecuador, J'iiu, Bolii ia, ai .1 Chill trill bo eonaoli
dated Into two, and the Minister to the Argenatine
Republic will alio be aocredited to Uruguay and
Paiktgnayi to which wo noa mia one irpttTaentativa
jointly, The Committee on Apprapriationa la rap*
nlly eollecting mat?nia] for the mora Importanl
bills, and hopea to report some of them itanaarl]
dale. The first greet ?ppruptiatioa hill t<> be
im?, li?-?! will probably Lo iii?? Legislative
lull, by trbiefa ahonl 118,000,000 wore appropriai! .1
last year. Following close apon tins, if, indeed, it
?lu.? nut precede It, will be the Fnrtillcations bill.
The remaining ones ?-'..I probably be reported u
i ipidly a* the Rouse i in n<-t upon tbi in. Bh mid tin
l'_'t?ih rule be amended to-morrow, ii. Mon?.' Con
uni.c .m Appropriation! will,after the morning
boor, more to go into Committee of the Whole ou
the Mi!.t m;. Academj ?appropriation bill. When
this ia disposed of, as ii probablj ran he to-morrow,
no othi i lu!? a ill remain upon the ealendai excopl
the Centennial bill, which ...n then boreaehedou
1 vu ?day.
1 in- f? i. ada of ii-. Centennial MU hari mad? a
veiy i im tnl canvass of i li?- Honsc, and aasotl thal
they are sirv of 1 Vi rotea in ii? favor. It tbej bate
mad. no mistak? ? in theil i snvasa ti e Lill ran prob
ai.'v be passed before lb* hour of sdjouromei
Tuesday. It in not believed that the Araneatj
willan*,- longer stand in tin wayo! this mea art,
rho 1 ?'iii? i itr? who were moat interest***! in ii tay
that tin- Republicana,having killed tin-Lill twice,
and the latter time bj means of strick, tbej tot m
rea on wbj the subject should be ret ivedat pn ent.
The responsibility foi it? failure lies wholly with tin
Ai im i inst rat n m party. 'I be 1?. ni"< mt* explain thal
bad it bo! been foi the deception of eertain mem
l? i-, the Lill w.mid have pass? ?I Friday. .Mr. I
a colored ni nil? i from MlisLaeippi, Mr. Stowell of
Virginia, ami Mi. \\ bite of Kel lu. hy, rotad t
the Lill on the understanding, if no1 with (he promis?
on Mr. BhU?sVa part, thal be wonhl bring the L.ll np
?gain on h mot lou to itr-eotudder. He dil tin-, hal
withdrew it .t fow minute* l.it. r, um-, taking the I ?
from tin* Boom altogetb. r.
(Tlil'IM V BEDElimON.
ii::, i of nu nan onw r obi ? i lavti '.
I.I I \! I M A 1 4! I IN!, "I I |\ II,I. li) ? I II I -
I-..It II I'l MCI ill?..
| I | ?!! III, !. ?. I I li, ,.!!!! I ?I i.V!.! N I ..I T'" I! 7 I, f HI *? I
\\ 4?IIIN".|..K, .1.111. li'..?I'llir Ii.iiuta ?fl
g1, I-li liar kS I.U'I f I li '. i, "8? i e 11 ? 1 I 11 I K, t li' i 1 ,-., - 1. 1 li.l l ?"
fail d off the past week, na a....uni nf iii" DepartBMnl '
order Imposing a c1 i ' |uartei of ona |**ar coat
for aaaorting paohagi - whk '? t ntl au rata m \ 81 lor ali
ii m i din pet pul ii!" .11 I" i'l ..."'!? r. ThaUgh Iii' '
I'L-ni itiuii? from the 8r*t have in..!.n.it? i the sending el !
i-i. ...,i,.i, k? no1 ?I. fi.f. "i fi f ' ki !..n:.-f* ni lb* expsass sf
tin- inn. .?unit ni. liri infill., nu .i. -im. m.u baa i?', ii
iiiaile, ln,t .ill I 'lil. ?1 Ht.iti m i Mu mi | umhIi it linn
been rette*?i d mil destroyed, wbetber fit foi rli
i.runt. II ink? .11,?I Iii,In ii.i ti? i: it ? l.k 11 ii.t1tnt.14;? mt
r daaratheexpeaaeof neauttiag, bj paeklagap
tin u dally or aeeklj n m ptei whateri r the i omtttli t b1
ti,., notes '? '.. be, ? ..i forward ng lb. m al Uovi rum al
axpeasa t<> the ireaaary, sad n elrlag bo* b les
wlihoat expense hy retu icxpi The annnal expense
u! iii.iiu',.1 u.ii.- lb. di ?ml ni..11 ii ia rii'i-? raa ap t.. al
tit. pat .?-i t .1 m u, wini ?i f.i.t detra Uia little fro m th.
...ipili.li Ililli', ii I.i :t !t 1? ii In ill Willi..i.t IBU : ' *
I... .na i.i i.nv li .. ii.1 .urn mt imtis, wheo pre
ri'iita^i in sanas no1 las* thaa 88, araexcbaagi ibl? foi
Dulled Btates solea, yet, if bo! defaced, thej ?
pn stated al lb* it." na* of til.-1. ilSet TbeUoveTnmenl
i ..a ti.it with the Expresa ' umpaay waa madala traaa
port ni the exp use of tin- Deprartn alonlyauebl
Btat. i-1, -i. ? f iii li <?< d inii u bare i.
1 am f..; . In i.i. it...u The me ming of their* at Depart
in. nt at?h ih sbaply thal the i .? s*urei i anno! nardi I
t.i axehaaga greenback* for ?itinr gn nbaeka, unless
i.i Bravkraaapei ...i agw raent?aod it the tpeaaeof the
aeader, aaleaa lha ante* ara nagi fut clrctilsUon, ia
which 888* in?- expeoaa* willis bone by lb* I?, partmenl
it tin-, u.iiira m.' seat sa.I. r tbaralaa frrtrttoani eai
1. n,.. mi; !.. ? al in any ena littra fur ex ?aage, In say
um.mu? lint lie iii.in 8?1 to (li Tmaanii ,aai Aaalateui
1 ?1 .Sund- ni Dep-ialtory,al thesxpenaeal the sender;
and whui only aaeh aa la unfit for circulation la a ? ad,
the Depart?Beat paya Um expresa chargea if tharratt
t.t : ? ? ?? 1? :ii eli I" the 11. ,i- 'in r.
?| lie main "i BetiItj i- thal ii i d' Inltl in baa beea i rea
iifiii..'i >ii-ti11.1:1 ot note0fl for elrealaUora, It betas* Wi
t-.Hu- )?it.'in lit Of tlM ,1.t r?. I : 1 i?ar. 1 N.ti. lum
arar, tutos rerj liberally on thal pomt ii. wUlaaap?nd
til?" nlili-r lill1,.!.Nilli.'?li.>lk,'<rt HHH.ii.li aa tin- ei.Ulllllt.il t.f
Um cona?ey raeelvad shall murant. Meaawhtle, lb*
; Inna tit tot t pt ot gre. ab h ka, la
Bxcbaaga for United 8tatea eorreaey, are making largi
i. tullian. I'll it satii t.' banl Bob i ft i redempilon, np n
u ?iiiii the Departan ? bound to poy all chargea
fur 1 -m,|,nil u mi and 11 UM Ung
Ti saan 1 el Von ima a*rtttaa a letter to a New-York
ne 1, l.er of ?'.il!r'riha on Ih* Mil.J.cl nf tin* m-w ? i-?l?-iii|?
tin11 ri-Kiii.itinii?. axplalf?lag ti?, rcaaoni tberafor. II*
says tti.it un?!? r tin? praetleaaf ia4aea*lagaUnotaaaaal
In lor tli.ii pin i??h<-, fully .'?() jM r 1 eui uf tln.?e lacatrad
wi-ic ii-iilly fit furiliiulatli.il. Miieli af tin- i inn 111 y un
?".?..ri and perteutaawheaStatlaaaed,aad Boas*waa
?tin in Hie m 1. in u packages la which it had beea
seat ?mt from lbs Ttoonnry. Te most?!* Um labor
ateoaatfagsll tills eorreaey?the 'it.uri statesthsi
sf all lasasj and gsasaataatbam nf lagal-taadat sote* un i
r ?k 1 ntiai earraaay thara ure sow b_ uiniN, sssapaaed al
t."> ii. nuiiiiiiiitiiins in 10sanea, each ?f ttiii.ii maal i.<
?' i'?irutrd, put up, aiid a<*< iir.ililv a. ioiiiif.?t fur It la
?anaaaaal staaxpact ha dapartraeal t.? piiyi-xjirr??
rli itsy s Ililli upon mulley ri-e.-lM-il ami r. tnnn ?I, Minn
1 liai wlueli ih 1.111:11,,I is i.i Inn lilli?- li any bell.ir 1 un
union than Hi ii NBjfffOt,
Wasiiini.ton, J.ui. 1(5.?I ho tt*xt of Um fir
7Ti.kii tiy vriiie'i UoSulUli Riant.? nilli light* BS tin-(,'lirlH
lian? ami ?ril.rrt liuihift. tut refurtiis li.is t>?-?-ii ifwiv?d
han? Iha8_?aa ?iir.? u iii.it Womensiutii bs impattlally
atlinliilsUtrid, and tliiit all pi-inoiii shall luve tin ii.ht
l?i hold liunli it proj'i-rty. Ile Stt?TI lu?*- ?j t-t.-iii of fen ml
lutxir lo lu- rt fin 111.-1. ? 1 li. ii in, Indiatna? ?hall It- coin
mlttrd. Th? Sultan siso onl??r? H f..; in-? iii 1 agra .1 tu tim
a-?riculttintl liirtiistrj" ami ?-oiuuntrr?- of tin? Idiiinn?. 1 he
flrtnau jiroceeds: "Krerjf rlas? of our ?nliject?, who
Hi ? unili-r our linperiiil pr.itcni.in, sr? In our eye? and lu
our sentirneDt* of JustU? on a l.vel of pt-rfuct ?-qiislity.
Therefore, w* ounflrm the jKiw.-r? rist.-.l tn the Patri?
archs and other spiritual le.i.ln ? for the uff.ilih b? hmgint
to their respective ooiuruunltli'S, ui w(?ll us for their, r
exercise of their rcllcious faith lu sonn dance with the
prlvllri'es and luiamulti?** anjul-ed by ?aid eoiuinuiii
tisa All matters relating to the authority of ?an! spirit?
ual lesders, aa well as to ihelr rciulrouieuts an ! the Mm
p. ti-iic. of t):."1r?p?'.'ial eulin. 1!?, ?hal' roiitilllir to be tri?
oiijf. t of ttiijK-ital pi.iti--Ti.in. wltldn the limits of the
riirbts and authority ?ranted to tin tn, and they will be
fin ins!.1 ii vilili ? tu 1 fin iii ty fur the estnhlishineut and
construction of tluli- chun lu?, sthools, and oUicr ua
tlonal buildings. Kr?-i y class of ?iiujCcts hat'tu_ alwat?
had free access to all grtvde* snd put.Ho offlcea, acoord
tag te their merit audiU-o**, ihn bullan contins* the ad
iii?k?I(.ii to tin as placa 11?> asa Musa laaaa raUeeta whose
iute^-i ity .11,?l eapadtf ?hall have I?, inn eogUUS?.
\Vi-ll|M,i..s ,1 li. Id. |07ft
Mil. I.AMAH WKONUI.Y lil pt.lil LU
Mr. I.am.'tr will probably ?all tli?' attention
of Hie B-sasa t?. swrrew to the mpi n jeal peMishsd la
recan? t(i a ?pt. ?'t in iii.idc in .Lu kssa Mi?* , ?m Hi' '1 l|
aller lil? t).itiiinati.?ii for the rnlicd ?Mat? .-eiiaiondiip ??>"
Hie lu-iniii lath i anna.. In Hitit i-|?e, I, le 1- ;? pur'. .1 lo
ii its ?,1'it 1i1.it Boothera BMaeeaM rat esmamad saj
teapot I In the N.irtli, un m 1 -mint uf the hall ed of ti,o?o
v. Im had tie-11 BBgagBal In the late n lu Mi..? ; that the
gaatt oftlie treat Mm,in r ?.ITi-i ? <l a 1 hain e fuf Illili, hold
lagaeMr. Bammn ilM a ilga pia-?- m the aatfea?s ht itt,
to lay apea Us mitin the ettre breach ot psaeei t'ait
w I,i e the '1 a ada of Ho' North were buril, neil willi gril I
and their peadons were ileeptas in sorrow, Mesearrei
t?) him that he inih*Ii! deliver a BMBSBgS of ?.rtiip.iHiy
ft .'in l'a loath, and Bl Hie Haine tune ist.il.ll-h li.-r in the
?(fi-i tien* of Hu- Nulli; Bad til it, when iiplnai'l'-'l Uf
his Mit. vv 11.1 inli. 1?, In h till: '* Yen. he Lau li?'1 It, hut it
a i* Hhe a Hghtulng-rod tooehtng the ?lacl ?a?amdto
?Still '?I those within." ?Ml LflSBM wW deny ih-il be i.'"-"
utterance to an.? -I'll ?-? i.tntn-tit?. Whit lie aid SSJ ".1".
thal'!. - ' Ml li.i'l dealt til ill V MOWB B <"> Hie
-(nilli ni ??hal lunn Boothera petiole bad mouldered ?
narrow spirit; hut when be Joined In the Lib? almov-e-.
ii.i m m l -7'.', alni sin :.lnd initii li- baud acroM tbe
'iiin.iti i h.i-ui i?, i'a-|. the |iit?pie of IbeSouth io his
ii.iii. they wenl out toward him .uni Mr. tamar be*
.lien le' expr?s? ' I be teat I men I of lb? Boothera
people lit In-eil ii:? mi lot? nee,i?l.Ml lit Ml. -a:.
death. Mi tamar iayi i ii.it Uie audlenci lo wbieli ha
-i?. ki Un -m uti?.f Mi -'iiiiin t'a bai ??-.
ant ?ppl.iutl. ?: I In? e? ntiiii? tit ? to wita li he (-aieuli.-r
inn ? .
tim: ?B1 ir OP inn SHIP OWHEHSi
.Tiiiiu's.l. I'? 11 ii of N( w-York, i? presa atingthe
?in I-, Of that i tv, hail u hen in.- li? '??' I Hu i- ali ? "In
??n -atuni i. eveningtof the parpaaa of?advoeatlns
Hu-a?l.?pi!.?n ot th. Wini itieiitlineiit. He i i'aii'1 ?In? ?1 of
iii? r\ ii i ii law. i" i .m ? It Imposes sa aaeroua tax upon
Hie ?n.iet? r ?ad o'.? ia i ? ...' ihtpS and MSBIia. hail HW it
? .1. tractive O? lin i. a-an H? ot ?hippiii : BBd -I cain- bip
ta ? alpana ?. ?uni lu . BUM of He ? al ii (1 .' lal I'tnloU- ? ??
illili Lou. thal a:i ?.mu tu Hu I.J in h ?nie inlim ni. He
? ..... .1 lln ?lilt lill.?li ??! the I ?illilllilt.? to tin? Li? I thal > "
latonera at n poaalMemas department of the
liov i i nine nt. a lid that the) Sheet I. the ti I i if an.??ni, I ??f
liirfii?, ?!..', I I lu Un in, m il mu tin til?n..?
therefor, lit latdtba! bj aabaprapevadaatatatrattotiof
ia m Maa Yortt, f? m me extorted, for who ii
n?. |i.?\i?i?n li in ale hy law. lill;.
li. ipi.! iit?.?n in. then end leam? ii l.y the ( , ;? ?
ni ?-intti in lln urea) diataaea betweea the
??f the ?'.iiii-?niiir iimi th? < iihii'in mai a li
York in ilit? it vii? aa i.uveiitelit foi ? MeiS at,?I
i irf TBiitili tn trajieart Ihrlr biiilnrti Th? i
- m -I? led afta ; lbs British law, bul Ih? fi - ?
I.-, led imiter II s re fal In earem of thoss . ? ?. i? ?I i??
? es1 Li I , a. Mi 1 i ti io tth . . iii .1 l!tn.?fi i ; a, : 'a a
i?, liiiiui ni ( mt.?iiih.mu rs rivilla.- .ii,tin ni in Hu
I -.., i.p.i i I iv. ! ?... ni i : the (..i i-i na ? ti-, h or?li-r thal
i.ilii ?-til- -.?t - ? in? i ? ni iv he ituicli lunn- io c> estille.
The Ship i.wiii?i? of N Viirh .l.-n? ii ? ?'ti- ii' i .
a in t'a /ii .....v..1 .?f ahlp inn-til? .ml -? ?
ii,? ii. hal ll,uri .in-? lu I..- ?'.lin? tit.ni.t ?v In tin r li"- < 'iin
inii.ewi'i scree to tbU alttioo k ikt au.a no pn
rl ' d .a a'li . a ulm ? i. f.a ii -
CUBIOSI m "i iti'LU .mum \ PR0TD ?
A portion of the Coauaittce ?m I rpenditurra
III tia I lea III? I? p.Ullin tit, lit? li.?I li.; Ml I
i nan in ?a, ? -id tin H? pari uti b1 fester-day, Bad atada
a shoal mil ? a Mr MeCartss, Chief of ti"- Prtattas
? VI'! I the 111 illili r "f ' -
i.ota were partleutarlj I.? ?u. ?i bits .. i they ?wars
f nail tu i?c rery rarsfaBj sad aeraratoly k? ??' U
i tim UummttU ?-. in i i .t a I *
' . ?! .lelil? ni Hu! t .em would Im. ,i ii, I .
linn in uf liver u ipi irier nf ? inillinu uf dulUr? \. a
the r.iii.in a s Wl
the hi-t cuni?.m.pt lied the ir.?!.?- ma
printed on every Bute, bead, m phi.- of f. i Monal cm
i mu, tu ne et imped bj
Of 1? . til"? HOI' lilli? ? O 1 II .1 '?? ?'
? tinn ? ? .lu tv- mott Ix lint 1
I? .lum- I.? h uni. BBd that Bal} -?.'oui?) 01 ?: ?,"".'
wa ? np; r??pi ? i'e.1 f??i Hutt i?ur. sar, nlni. i- Hu-i
i : . ? s
id?! - 1 . - . . .1 nilli I 11 la I? neil lu ? ? ? *
!?. ?I ji ir'in? ni lireui-, MM t:,ii ,\.
.". ? m? vit:- mimi? ut.- ij.?
Lum new in . ii. u .t'i m w.aiil...?- I,?ii Li,, , it ll|.< til
i .? ;... in h ...I. lui I. i-sue, If ml ?vu!, was I? | . i? ?I lo
lie lid.i I?. '1 ? Olli ? - ?
I ii.pi li n n ni tin Pi i ii 11 ne linn- m.
A ?Al i I'.!; mm: ?CUB th ? Mi' li ti .
Mr. li.mil.ill trill offer a resolution Um.row
tin lo ?a..a ( im .ne i ... ;.v;..a. 1.
tvven Ih? l':iil?d States mul hp.ila Bad <?' lu*!" f?'ii'i?*n
Got ? i 'mi' ni ? -.'ii.? s Cabs Of ?maras the
lu ?al. nt will .illari- lin ?li -? ti 'i-ai as tu ?; ?
pinje i tit ! i? in nie pul?! i- at th!? lune Bal II i* BBd? - !
i'iit bath ha ?m i Mi Plai arawlUlag '?? aead to ?Coe
? ? . -i.h - . on ', h I '
i it It la With theil ? ? ?? ?? ?I ? lb ti the ic-..?ii 11 ?i? ??ill le- ,
li i? n? i Improb Lie H .it Hu- I'.i ii> ii wi.i
? I? n li m i a ?i?. lal m? minite,s bint of
U ? .'? ?'?
e. in ii f? ?in Mr Ita ?lil issU a I Of I. I
i ...iitulUes la l?'i itatedi
u UBHINOTON voir-:.
Maaataoi i i -, 19 IS7
Tin i ?* .' t, uti' a u ? d ?several ?i a
i--.; i t.? nstnralli ill? n sad rl -i.i? uf ? ltd >nahlp, provld? -
ih.it a b? m v- . ? i" ? -.Isa]
Slates has heretofore, la good (Sith, sod with
sa in.in-i intention la eumpty wini theaatnralltatlon
ide and filed with mi? ?deputy eli kof teoort of
eeonl tin atai nu-ut and oath n-q.I '?? i .-? whether
- , n Rtsteui? i : ah di be stade ?ml a ?th t iki n
? . ?i eh i k or ? lin-w lu re. i1 e pe? a i
ile m,. .1, ii? in . ni au-1 -null Hu- rights and uri vii? ?? ?
eon of lb? ria'! ?I-Lip ?< finta i i i uni nf makins
? h h ,i iii inent. tn Hu i nae ? ?oa i ia If the ti tit mt di
ml ostb hsd been mule ?Mon therlerkol m.rt of
t ,.,; i m ??? n. the often ot ?weh . lerl . and .il II a
lets of aurn deii ty ??le k- -n the preml-tex mil of ti
?. ? . . ,-t no I i.i i a in ide ii? Hi. m a m ... ,i,i ,; | th <l
.nal i.;.Hi m. .I. The making of su b ?tulemt-nf and o.-itli
- ?. i. uti at,,I lil ?? - the ? ?iiii. v vii nu ?i.'i di i ?
ili-ik, shall I* taken mdeonald red In all ?eoarta indpro?
.., tin - ia i? i m 11 'm te t ? 'dei n a- tii.it i., a um ? wee um Is
m i.i faith.
?l'lif Set a.-t ?eui. elHvNIni. of thi-T'i ., my De] ti Tin at
baa hean for i ni time en-nged In an n?|ul i n tard?as
I,, ?a > au lit nf a fi iiulnli li' i nil? :i ? a! ii lu Hu I e.imii ?
shoal three .?? ira eat*. The ii.??,,?. tboutgOfl ?? '
nal the i m un -i m? ( - of the payment sre of ?
pltlttU? li ililli 11 ?? p. I ?eil 111'. Ol' ? I I ? !<! ! I
ed T -?i. ' n i: ti . an i i v.' li
k. .1 lot ' ne; ".I tia te ih ena .. im (, ,i ??_ Illili III?
ii i. \ '"' ? ? r -i.tri Has I ?
lionel of ? i i-i ? a: i? Ha i h m gre liu|.r?.i ? . I? mlxeil an in
? ?? . These two reiit'eia ii were hold li ullh-e when
. ?! ii.iii.in', ni p .-. na- t ... i- mud?*, and tin
in. ?! ?a' iln adj di de -? ? nu i.n | n n.i?t i'.. m 'i be
' 1.1? m Hu-11 -e ". al i unit, ni? be laid h fon Nie ?it uni
.Lu i title week, snd If I hey urn i? i? i i narejiorted Hu-io
w .11 he ?n ?? v i , uni".11.ml lad. lui' ii'?.
BO I il h iv? bl ? II IBM .limul the .nile . '.
i.-ei lilli .ippnliit. ?I to Hiiliiirlln.ite positions nillir the
titiicm of the Ream of Reprsseatatlraa, that i state.
oi?-nt p.? i? mai in I).kee pat Pltahugh, and pabll ????I
Lull.-,, a, i? beef latieeei Of the aew sppotnteea, h<
? n i 30 ?ierra i Is ?Um Dahm ana; aa i li la Ihe r?.?
I Serai i II . 1?. !i i't lukin the iiui'l 'I? lint an I al
the ir??!i el ni h nil ; B Phlon I n ? n iad 1 eolored won in
h.. i e I.?" h ipii.ilit tal m n in There I* no doubt that, is
: i -i? ? ..: i a/1,, i .h . ..,ii h ? niai nts are eon ? n d, al
murta ? insld^rallon at h mt has been shown for Union
veterana aa io Hie aaaaaelamknr tba Unorkeeper of the
Issl House. The Postmaster w tin House, who In?
i mini.n .iiivfi.i lev appointments to mske, baa prob.ibh
iriva it preft it-iu-e to bli Virginia ftir?ii?t.-. a latge pen < ni
Bgl uf fl I am ?nie?' nii-tli a,tie mihliem.
II Is ??iiil lo Bight In ?iiiiitiii.sion.il eui le?, Hint \? li? it
the st'.- ,,f Mtaaaaai ahatt be sailed mthe ?lissas ?M
ii.piiH. ii ?.it i vi 1.1. ni.?v, ip pi. a ni.it ive i., in hot thal
Btalewill introduit an ama ?tv bin. winn mi oppor
tOUltl ?.lil..- um ii.I In vute line. I!? .-i (be question
whether Jefferson Dsvls a all be ?aelndi I from II* pro
irlal n? It wsstbe laten oa of Repreaentativa Cox to
Introduce an amneet) hill afltordlng h similar Tate Ile
i im mu y ' piupu-i a it. I.U...-V v ss the W leaf Mea
?i m k muy m.i bo ? ilk d fin hi'i ? iimi re olnthma.
'tin -, , ?i t try of IlinTieii? uy will en I : i t ,,? It a |
tu-iuoirow, In BbsMsasS to Um n-miliitluii nf Mr I'.n ma "t
ohio, the reports ef a eaml sbb-bm h alaska aa i tin-fur
?. ii 'lade A.ii Oik' Hie pili.-rs will tie a, le;i ?it finn H? li.
11 ? ? ?. 11 ? i. who visited a ?smsll portion if this matnlaadj
??no fiuiii i.i.iut, n Vi ? -, ?i!'. A^itti.,11'1 oi ? from Moo a,
ni t;-i n' sent lust Hutu mer to Han "i mels -.?. In- -err? tal ?
r, to examina the b m ii?, or tin? eompanj a bo sara
li.? i. in nu I willi tut? ?iui i .niniait fur I iU.ii, tit ?e.ila.
li? pt. ?ei.l.illuns h.t mu been ina?lu lo the 1 rc-I.I.n g
that tho lswa of His Tutted Plate? ure obstnirt-ed lu
several of the pailshel lu Iiouttluuii, liUtrlct-Attonie*
li.-ckwith will be Instructed to hrlnit offenders to Iriul
nutter tim Enforcement art. The l'n-fhlent eiprin-ed
bli (letei min .?linn io prssarre pahllc older le lbs extent
of his Constitutional power. There are three companies
?if emull? au.liiuei.iiiip.iiiyiiMiif.ini!? iu Iva i?..ii,.i.
The a ?.inuiitte?s on Wara and Mcitna, at tbt-lr lui-ettng
on Tueailay, ?III hour It. D Jacka m of New-York lu let
ti? lu o lo revenue iii.ittera afT.MtlnK thal illy.
It I? reported lust ?peaker Kerr ban r SStfOd 1 Bfi Ma
pi .nu.? from Nor.beru lieinocrsls urging bim to Hop His
Au.Healy ilrliate
William E. Auitln, the newly appointed Third Auditor,
took tbs oath of offles yesterday, sod entered upou uti
rt\K ?m kin doiiai- <*, ara nona o_MAonto
K1 A It MliN I? MAM ! I ..At .li.Hi. K1 ?I -II ? IFI?
? Mit. M.lluiKiill. I IK' ! Y H) ?.?.tilth- HI I.
l".)NII'f.|.-M(NI?TK!l Si IIKM'K (I!.lil.KI) Willi
I 1:1111 RT?MB. I!.vim;, the TKAOBDUV, and
II!*- A? .MIAN I-,
[rs.-vt rm ki . 1 1 ?u . ..i:m*i ..stn ?.r > r mr thiiunk.i
I.??N-i?..v. .inn. (?. Barara Mina mattera are rraee
mon loiMning up In a menacing waj. The repart of
the sou din ton, to be an tented t. ti..- meeting of
the Cim pa iy to atorww, bra boan issoed. It hi by
no moana pleaaant reading- 1" r anybody. Ko! f. 1
Hie than in.i.!, i??, tri 0 an told tint of the ?1,000,?
(?nu tin 1 have paid, there remains lo them tbosum
of ?2,478 itwtovei 113,000 that h claim on mmm
( im.ino real ?-?tat?'. Not for Hu? la?t twoboanbof
directors, whoae acconnta ami general dninn an
challenged, and a hose food faith j? impugn? d. Soi
for the venden, who uri* alleged to have obtained
ttiat ?1,000.000 hi band, ami who an warned that
I'm will be .-.illili on t.. diagorge their plunder. No1
f. 1 iii. original directors, who are bold responsible
for tin- (?aiae statements of tin? proapectua? Am!
rill, i- one of these original directora, GAn. s. lien. I ,
waa al Um time l'i ited (Matee Minlafoi t.> Qreal Brit
an., the report of intended pro? dinars against him
(innot be ??lied ph saan! reading f. rthe rVmerican
?people, m bom bo ? ata al 'Li- b .uri.
M..1. .r L-? of this waa known before, but the
preaeul I'.1 m id non eonunit tb?*maelvea to a fti ah and
startling ilateroenta They have been endeavoring
(..a certain whether the American lu-.\?iiii? now
pending, nominally in behalf of tin' Ctraipany, have
L(in mt!.Lu ti"! [ quote tin- wordaol tin' report?
'' f,.i 1 lu- koa* ; ??'. parp?se of recovering the rooney
obtained from tbo I on pony for the mine, ot win ti n
they bava L.iii 10ililli, tad f.n tin- parp?se of ex?
hausting the funds of the Company; finn making
any ? i.'. n_ 1 for ret overing su. L mom y hnprac
tn.ii'l'.'' l'av goon !> tay thal tbeyara not by
any means c1 >i thal these **f0coedinga ara notthi
result of ?nil., arraogemeni between I'ark, Albert
i.i.nt. Mesara. Harlow, kfcFarland di <'.'-, und
Mi. Ali. u Turner. 'Iii..- all? ga tli t they
La*.! discovered evidence of thd ?-\?*t
?II? ?? ?.f eoufidentiul relations between tlicse
peraons, althouirh thej represent opposite and eon
llntniL' interest*. Mr. Albert I urn. r was the
I . ?ii noli, it"! for Hu- 1'.,um.1 Campany under the
li?i 1'i.iai.i, bul hal i dti charged with lieing con?
nected wi! h (irant M - ra. -Barlow, MeFarland d
Co. wen 1 m plu\ rd by thal Board sa the Company's
solicitor* m \: u 1 ii 1. but have hitlierto a ted,sayi
tL ? 1 ,- ''. :i? Park's pi '..i'-- ?-'I . .1 i?. On :!??
?tit. 1.1 1 .. i ?...u. i?. I '? opinion baa been taken, and
the opinion aent to Minara. Barlow 4 Co?aritharc
quest thal they a llfnrnish fuller particulars as to
the object indnatnn of tin pro? dings befon the
\ . in law courts. It sopean farther that
Mesan. Barloa A <'?>. bara written to say that the
Ameri. m com 1 require the Company to depoait an
?nlditi .uni sum of .?*.:.Duo .i? security 1 1 cost*.
They demand at the 11 linn that their owe ac?
ron it :?? .1 it.- rIu.11M b 1 adjusted : thal pi." l*ion be
made for Um future expenaea ."f tin- litigation, and
iii.ii tin- books, papers, uni teatimouj ?Li
: . lu- seul to tin in.
The director* do out communicate 1! > nature of
the te' m ni on ?iinh they b -?? their suspicions
thal Messrs, Barlow d Co. while repre?enting the
Company, are atoo a tina for Park, with whom the
( ..mp.i 11, 1? 1.11 rju (.'on war. I ane?methepohlica
:i. 11 of this statement ? ,11 be sufBcient to call out
m r\ ; d. u ua tn u 1 m d< ni ii im a Mesara. Barlow m ( '??..
whose ii p'it.iti,.;i as m honorable firm entitles
,- m the ii?iit-1 ??til L. i-.ttis
ti.ti.i.:. .1 ....1 . Bul the preaeul cbarge m
rolvea athen ?I-" iavolrea the director** who?*a
ployasl I;.ni..'.? ?v (u.: nr...I?.'? Mr. Albert Turner,
sod perhaps ot hera, I need batdlj point ont thal
if there L .un truth in It, Mr. Trenoi W, Park's
: ?.. I? ..f t, i.impli o\. 1 the expected sbaudon
i... 1 bj the Company of the auita againat him an
?. ill?* lent 1 j :i. 1 .nuil, d fur.
Aa to tin- mine itself the directora Iel! na thal it
lia? Hut li.-.li tvi.ll,. ,1 - 1 ? , 1 I >. < Ml', i, 1874,
and Mi? now in tin* lund? ot tin* Mir-.ii. auder
attachment of Mr. Park, who has obtained a* judg?
ment foi bis claim, and who, nnder that judgment,
i>> nu lug 21 ,11- ti inn 1, i, i- m ?1 !1 the mine, and who
li.1?. .1.1. ni' ninl'1 ?'i it judgment actually sold nil
the plant, Umln, rand ora on Iba dump thal Sa, all
ti u ite.l o?. sud lhere n malua, tin t. fon , 1 0
. BO ti ula, and ii" OTO.
Wli.it du-u i? the Company to dol I"? stock
hoblers'0 \y hopea rest on getting their money back
from Park, Albert Grant, Hcbenck, and the rest of
the gang who, n* rentiers, agenta, promoters, direc?
tora, "t othi rwtse, contribute I to the or gina! fraud.
To proaerute such claims, fund* must be bad, aud<
narilytbeycouldonlj L.*L.i?lL. a M*samenuioi sub
Bcriptions from tim stockholders themaelreaj many
of whom would probalily think they wara merelj
liuit.-.I tothroa ?''Ki l money after bad. But bera
Mr. Alexander MacDuugall, Um b wlj elected Chair?
man "f tin- Company, and ii? largest stockholder,
?I. ps in. In ni. ."idiini .- u lill an i 1111111.it ion Li ft) <
given, be noa off? t>. mulertaka at bia own per?
sonal tink all tim expenaeofthe legal remedie lie
?..?li.i?. li. ran only prot*eed, of eonna, in ii
Dame and i:. lx b .'1 of the Comp my itself. To ob<
1.1 m authonly for Ibis, a special meeting of Um
shareholders has been called under adviea of coun?
sel for Friday, Jan. 20, when a legally snfllclenl
resolution fill be proposed and reromnieuded
hy the dire ton. From the dste of its passage maj 1 ?
reckoned the conim. cemi t of hostiliti&tMu earnest,
Mr. HacDongall Is known in .London far ona 11 the
moat resolute of men. IL baa carried on a atruggle
i..i (reare foi the control of iliis company. Re Las
got it, and with it be baa ?foi tin* power for m Lu ii
Li- wanted control : the p ?wer to pin ned in his own
v, iv .ii- iii 1 i'i ? whom be holds responsible for the
swindle. Ila baa mono] and emu ige,and it is not
lik Iy he will stop, even thou L his progress should
I.-?ni lum over tin' proatrate IkmI?. <?f an American
Ni, ,: t.i. IL- lui m.f ii-Hif.it 1 d io tay
publicly in tLo newapapar ho owns tim
ti..- Ann 11. ?m Mini?! r waa bribed. ii?
m ill n..; I?.- likely f.? L. ?it 1! ? when? ailed ..?1 to prora
his charge. Indeed, it la no! so mn haquntion of
proof as of construction. Gen. 8 bench bas eon*
i ..i to reeeiving |BO,000, ander the form of a
loan, from Park bimeelf, a stranger to bimi a mau
vit' Hin g to sell to the English publie. De taltra
tin 000,000 c ..m Park, ?? itb 1 -??' ral guaraateeol 1 9
111 .- ni on tin- ?t?. 1 u it o? t.. pniilii?. ; beesaaaa a
tin.?' a and director, guardian "f tin- aharaboldera
1 ,: reata while bia pocket 1? Inn erith the mooey paid
linn by th.? man wboM intereata are hoatila t>. theirs.
Than may Lo man Innotmnl ruough to sea no harm
in ?an. li it tt.iii?:n-ti,iii between auch **i****tiir.. Then
m iv bo men si lin L? enough to exp?ala tim diffi reooa
L, IM... u 11,1? iranaai tion ami a bribe. Ha ra maj Lu
factayatto cane trat. I L?*in*ve thara ara? hut ran*
happily Mi- L us lum in u? <>f .1 iv fa. is tending to
Lia. ken, not to ?loar, tin? ilnir.vt.r of < Iran. Bl lum It.
'Hu' pros, culi.ma a?t.uii*l Sanp-ni, tlio ?ditor of
l'un, and __na,a v. liter in it, for the liL? 1 on Mr.
Irving; have been withdrawn. DaCanaa waafaMfaa?
oil.lu; tim only h.>[>.- f..r Samp-on ami Sims Wag to
apolegiaa ami ntrai t. 11.islag_o_athat twieaovar,
bj tli. ;r ooanaal u-.nl tram theil awi montlis, tiny
?air* r L ai?i'l from llio cr-rl.uii penalty win. li
awaited them. Mr. Heard, in behalf of Sims, deolatad
that hu withdraw unconditionally the sUt-dim-ut*
l.c had made : that he NgnMsd d. mghj the pain und
iirinovritico iL.'.v Lad ciiiMcd Mr. Irtin?, ami that to
rout.-id that um li words as ht temi trott ?LftiisiLlo
would be to add insult to injury. Mr. Moir, for Mr,
f-iitiipsou, ?poke, iu similar tonus, Lut ad.l.-.Khat Lu
client considered tbe artic!? a burU-t-ut? which
could not he taken seriously. On these dt-ch-rationa,
it was naked ti.at tue prosocutiou should be aban
(lnnid. Ball?I, Lewtay .Mr. TrvinK'? v< rv al ile und
india i??im cniiii-el. nan', no. He explain?'?! thal those
proeeedinp bad only I.s ooasnMBOsi afters perica
of B?ameHre art nie* had been endured ia aOaaseej
that (?itally Mr. Irving had placed himself in tV
hands of his Meads; and that now, having felt
it lo lie his ?Inly to bring tin? d-fciiilautn
it.to searii be could not ?t lids stags tatsspsss
betweea kheataad ?ths law. It was aeesssaiy that it
he settled wkethet a groes ami malii inns libel soald
ho printed and pahttahod for the purpose which
Sampson must evidently have had in vii vv, naun-lv,
te ?destroy the reputation of Mr. Irving. Ho Bia*
i o?' ii. tia refore, not withstanding the exptesshms el
n, it ollen (I-vv hii li he hld B-PPOSSd vvnnhi ho
offered* to waa plots tin? Base, Ths th fondant's
solicitor ??xi i-i ming mm surprise at thla, the ukil'is
tiaie r. malka d, vv iili poiot, that lu* hardly Sfl r hail
aerfaaiaal broaght befsce him who ?lui not. sagtest
regnll and lu? always laid him: "You regret it
lui mc you are fuutul out." So the cato
weat on, ami Mr. Dfoa Boaeioenll was
railed, hut hit ti stiinony, like Mr. Tm.h?'-.
iv.-nt imly to tho |).)iiif of his belief
that II waa Ifr. Irrlag and no1 aon ebody c1-?' wha m
the article stunk at. Thoa the defsadaaai watt
ssked whether they wished lo tay eaylt?ag betee
being oommitt?ed te trial ."-mis and Baaipeoa
both seised the opportunity to repeal '.he epidogles
tin it 11.?mml bad previously ottered^ Mr. Lewis
then s' ited (hat Mr. Irriog? baring beard from ths
Ups of tim defendants themselTes an sssaraaes al
tittil regret fur the conduct of who ti thev had hoOB
guilt), and thinking that, as they were sa tM t?? lal
of being ?committed, ho had aufflciently performed
hi- lim v io .-m ni v aaked that they lu? discharged.
in lina request, tim magistrate, sir Rah*
ert Carden, acceded, with the reamrh that he
thotiL'ht the pul.lu- deeply indebted t?> Mr.
Irving te bringing the ebarge forward. There was
mora credit? he sddcfl, das to Mr. Irvine for erith*
drawing from the proseention than to tin? defend
sutaf rill, ii apologies, and ho beliered Mr. Irving
would stand higher than ever witta the publie. Bo
ended one ?of tima rare caaes ?of libel. In which the
a? i used journal was vv hol: v in tin? WffOBg and tin?
object i?f Its attach wholly in the right. Mr. I.i
ii ia i le ?t a Mil! tari r i ase by refnaing in tiki Ins bee;
desiring thns, I suppose, t?> ezprem I.i- mnae of
theensgalarly wanton character <>( the lil? -1. and
.?f bis (li. nt's magnanimity, Tho seassssals
made on the (ase an? all in (mo tutu?. No
paper attempts a defense of the libel or the libelen.
It iiiiulit have been possible te Mr. bring to leave
il.c 111 n m it i ?-i ti, hut the n-solve be took broagbi bim
much ? redil la the ead, and many In irtjr ezpree
?ions of 13 mpathy end n 1 ird. a, w, -?.
THE run inri run REVIVAL.
IM) OP T III-" Ii! i,l I til Ml! !|vt|.-.|W(| Sl'HItl
VI I IIMi- HIS MMIl.lt Of I'll.-d?.- VV HO AT
1!M)!I> Ilia MU UN).S lllilir lit Mill I) IllOf
tiruou nu saoi 1 tBOOaaasroani w ???? in' ramen |
Mu??I?, ami -.mi,. -, revival ia Hi? ill, cot?, M far M
li li I'll n-lillli.' ?s ei'lieeriii'd. 'l'It?re M ill. however. Im-.
two special mi! nita lor clercyiii. 11 ?ml ?'lu ?ti:m lu,
san helal am Wi alneaalsy ami rbnmday, Jaa. 19 ?ead '.'<?,
lu; the parpase of rrjoietns ever tba worh aecomplishod
Ulai III l-l 1 >\ lilil?-* f?.i Im I ..ii: ii ii.mee !|| tile li..Ill-Ill s
after th? svaagellsts lease. Ad the ulniatem ia theettj
?1. .1 ? kdnltj abo have given theil eoaalaaeam sad aid
tn the m. ? nui,*? m tie <i.?i.ut sre 1 apei lad i?. pau Help it--.
Fba following tue the to| I for conttideration :
tv r.'n. n !ai IO a m 11 11 a. in "RvsncrlMle asevtees 1
IL.? (' mili . I l iu-iii "' li ? ia to I J in ' 11 . In (.intim t
I't n 1 1 11 ii lui.-? ?V! m m I p ai l'a? . ..iii nu.? . ay
i- :i p m is t p. m "Inquiry Meeting*
11.1 i i.ii,..ii ...11 ? .h.ai.lu. t.' 4 p.m. t.?.'.Ililli 'Till
lug <t 1"illi.''"iiur ?? ?uni Lay Worker?.' lo he t?.:i.iwi.l bj
um util inim noa practice] work. Mp. m in np in?
. -. 1 . i,.? nv vtr Nln.lv.
ThnrN'.,ii los. m tu 11 ?. ut? - iinw s' 1!: ths S ?i le tie
loniln? lr,l 11 Hi?- I.?i.i 11 Wir? I1, Hu. in Is ? i m. -" HowIn
hi|.?.? 11 ! ?ia! la ?;i.ile -?. :|iliii .' 1. ni. to I p. Bl I . >?
a- .1 . .... ii -v | t ii ? r um Hag, S Bl Bl. I?i 4 | . ii! " II"?? lo
... ; 11 u,.i ,?f ti..' ?. nu c, ?in a i. o. i?.' I |i in le Sp in " i air
\ ..ata- Mi ii iv hal mora ?.. ? i ni si
- . ' . IWSrs un It.i 1 al werk. H li In IS I
it, I lie iii-iatl | r au lanr mt? li e
inn Bg I... paul lurtolgat the mt? real lu tile revival
i; in in. n . ?u-Lint!) lameesiag. Ths asewda .ii the i a n
taaaarrleea an? U aaythtaai sraaBas baaa these osma
tiiHt m.?tu?j.-?. when pul.in- sassmMp waa at it? imvi.t
Ob Tlmr.-il.iy and I' nt.iy evenmiit niniust na i.iaiij |>eo
pla win? lunn d awaj m wem able te gala admlttamea,
Mi. Mundy lays Hun lu nil liU e\!.,?rii in i? Le 1, i. luvcr
- , ii n,< ? : iii?-.. it?? aseaMera Dm ra rival barn ihe
. atol he has yet heea laatrataeaa? in effecting.
it baa now matt ?l ? i lit wooka. Dartag ths ti.mi ami
fourtb weoka lhere ?vat sfalttagol tit the atteadaaee
?ini.ii.uy v..is me iftnalily hand, utal if the Work bad
taken in. it.?I lioM uputi tin? iili-lnu? fee li in.'? ?if the
I?. u|!i' Hu' milli? n.a s vvnii. I li.ive , .n: tin mal tu iIiihIiiIhIi.
( ai H.i nuti srj ih. y y .?ti in gas to un i. m ia amata ia
?nil te: ror, until tin? ?great hnlldhaj aa again laadegaata
lo bold toe throng of worshipers, lu this wa j t'a. asan*
ni-tin the revival, oin n questioned bj ?Christiana m
II i. li m dil '. t ?* ?.,;.?, li i? i l.i.ineil, i-nil, p.i Ti ',} ? h lu? iii
Mr. Thom SB MrlYoi?, i*?-('ietjiry of the lev Iv.ii Com
mineo, faralabes the Mlowlas eathaats of ths paad
tutiil of the atti ntl. ince iiptin Un? a rv i.-.-.?? mik o tim WOTfc
In t e ticpni church bosun :
I -..il.l.ll llVellll??. 2 ;, (X10
IO v. i?!.iv i \eui na lucetlnga. :?-'?' HO
fe. No in.i.n nu . Ilui?? ... -..I'O.iiiin
II Lilli reallmn
4M V .? uti; In ?i? et'-el in ?? ..?. -J I neil
?Iii Young I?.i"s meetings . . ., inimii
?li M ii .? ?ml \,..,ii. na all. ninia m .li,.* . Uu.llii
TMal _.v
Then bare bees beatties s Bumlierof neetluica foi
'.. ? -, orpurnuU and tm reformed men,liriu-flng the
tu'".ti up in snout >7'i,non; and if to Ibis se add the
inn i ii i.on ths ? i m i ?- lerrlecsof nest W/ednestl y
a: ?I linir-.tiy. WO Shall tiaVS nu .uu'ii i: ile of IHIO.OOO
p. ni?.? It la believed I al no or?u>r, religious or secu?
lar, t-vt-r B-tdi-esse-d a many persons In ia equal length
uf nine tir course, tilla Creal n?.'. n gate li.ia lie. ii it- nie
ti > li) i ia repeated attt-ndan e of thousand! of plenanieu
ami a ?ni,, n abo bare been ?drawn to tbs tueetinga bj tin
-mil-1? : i louai si tba I fakea them t?? tbelr churche?
every Hun-day, and af tbonaandi of ? ?? !i.-i ?? who
bave fount the m i vices ?o Interesting ia it tin?
bara gone many thaes. How many ilifforeul
pia-una nave beard lae evan-? I Is umina these
. ,i .'.i-i,?- can oal] lie conjectured 300,000 would per
I,a, a Ih ireosoosbh t-stlmate. Nut tbe elly aiune.hul
the whole impulous eotintrj far r>n milm sroand bufar*
iiiniit-.i iciiin.a to Hu? ki i-.it na m ? ut worshlpen Ons
n bl last week there were ."'.ikmi |.pit oreitent who
linn in as i x. m slum t? un i In rallri el The total es
i en?i ? ??. Hi? i vlval ire about 130,000, of wbleb up to
ni.ia? snout g21,?000bad Leen reeetred billie formof
voluntan lubscriutloua The evangelists intend t?>..
?a nu m Philadelphia lo toke the real la. ? io much m ? ?I
lint I the time ti?-.i f..r beginning ths neetiaga la tbe
Uippu Iron?a la Na w-To-rk.
I! i te i. Me . .1 m. m. Henry llcOllrei 1 lanebed
fn.at bia reta ?jrsstsidsj lbs bait. Smam i- Tanridge, ot 4(?-a
inn? baissa.
iniAuiiT Itiif.vKV'ATi'it, Del.. Jan. IB.?A tele
srspb i a: ? le wss UM in.in- sit? tin am from tot peint ot t .iii?
Iii ni..;., a ni Di in mott titmnkwotee.
1 s hiiiiti. Iw., .lan. in. ?in the see..ml ballot
\. ? I. nl.ii t is ?"!?' l"i -? linn?) ?lu??! lui .Mi Bsck, .0. Mr.
V i ... in-, li. Mr. Li e, 291 Ml. VV ?niau urtli, 1 I. A UouhlSd.
mm I.?ki a'liv, itali, .lau. l?;.?Tbs vote Ira
Willi li '..-? I ia.le ( Vlll V!,,ni,.,,,| V...A Hlltiimal tu a ?.-?it 111
Ila- I. rii.itil.il LeftsUtUrS has bsSS t ? ? ?h..m.i r .l mau lui ?
si nina?*
Tim Af>Ki i'mia, Jan. if!.-The Indians delegation
of i.iiuit ? ia tin n.i n, a, itriui'i in t? v.??i evesiss, sod art
qttarten ist tin Colouuad? and la Pierre bouses, ras portf
iiiiiniiirit i.v ti 'ititi.
Pom i asi.. Mt?., .lan. 1 ". The ?poll B In !>? n c? hi ?I
ii ai? le an..i v i i-mi Dew?aj, Wat M Tweed* a privets
i.? i 11 Lu a , ?. I ..i ??.i? i i,ii i n?! lo call on lae al? au, cr 1'vfsvlau,
I?nl l.e w uti nut f?.iiini.
Hu iiMoM), Va.. Jan. 1 ti.?A meeting of ex-Coa*
fednrstessrrs?ssd lui svsalag to ectobraie tiltia tini.i? "1
(???n it a. he, nu in?-i;> h ina!. Oov. Kemper ?111 i
?uni ? .ipi. J Humillen ( i.nuil) turn, ?sdlter tirkt Kerjotk in
I.U. ?m, will it Un i au niai.a i.
oin.it. Jm. Ub?Ths lion. P. Portia has ?ui
rtr? ?neil u ?t.l.illillinna letter to ttie lluiinl ot I ia '? ?>n l-he ?nil?
li .1 ot lln- e\li i,?Inn ni li legtl|ili.i? iiiiiiuiuiiliatlini to tito ?.Ulf
ni -t. i swreaea it? itivt? iii ? psrtlealsrsMI ths i<>?i ? A m any
valuable-Mi a und eai'Kiieii in ssaaaqsaam of shs abssaaoSI
ua .ma lui ?rlv^r.ipliii co.uuiiiiiicallou.
Mm.ni n. IW?, V Y.. Jan. 16.? (.'??(irire II. Du ker.
a M illili, town ii? n?i m y, li.m i.i'-n spi-tSnted ss (?niinilaiiionvr lo
im tu ino .iaiiciin to Kel II.? leslliiiouj of Charlea li. llt.rton,
the itbM-iiiiilliiB i na!i er el t!ie d.-fuuol WalUill Natluintl Hank,
lo be used ni ?linen anna brought by Hie tl-iKwituni to r??
in-.,! fur I otula left in th* liank, a ?. aiinlliit tn >t- ,noil.
Orr a wa* Jaa. 15.?it I? aadesatood that the Na?
tional II,.mi! i.i 1 iittlu ni lint t" nil? ?1 .Stat?-* Will be repli awi led
al tn?- itai-tiiig uf tlio l uu.liil.iu l.u.r.l of Trille by n tlepnt*
ii .n uf 10 iiieiiii-ir?. tbe n..I .wing m? niberaronantiiUos the
delugatluii: Junu P. Henry, Kmnliiu Kdnon, aial O. w. C
(Hark, New-York, J. V. li-nraey. PorUsud, Ueois* W. Bond.
llualuii ? .?(?ila? 1 l-.lguy, 1*..lillie p..ia, H. I; t-l.n ?ni. 1??1U
tuure, ti. T. ("nrringiDit, CiaduuaUi J. I), ii ey a, iH.trolt, ant
L. 11. lie? ni, Ckicseo. I
POPfillll.K?Till: Ntl I UK OK Ul I KirKKH?AM
KX PAI'.n: CaU'V? ir. IMI'I?K.IKAUIK- I"!,*, Mouin
f-tTISl'ACrKiX Willi Mil. tfflfffl ttrt HU DAT
The very ??arnost ami otit-.pol.pri ndilreaa
ma.to by Mr. *8esaa_r >>ti Priiag muht Miia__Mttat?i
papasi it Mataal Osara g, Vas r.-iati.ran "f On Stern and
llmliiiirton to I'l.viii.nitli ?*liiirih, to (lie Connell, ?nil to
iiim?. if. anil in raaaai to hi? taraaaoaeeaf t-eeneeaan
until.? by Mrs. Moulton, was much commented on i*a
Itio.ill.ati an.I linn .iii Satur Lu ami \. -?. r. 1 ;-..-,. Drs.
N*nrr? ainl IP.il.u.'ti.ii and Mi.V.m Oatt, winn called
upon ii;, luanna laaatteia, dselmad la sag an) thing
eataaenrag Um bnaalag an ot tim BigaflrMtora for *
M.ifuii OsorasQ, or ssaaamfrag lae atasaaBcata arada tp
Mr l(. i-.-lii-r.
?fltaaaaa Q Hin-arm-in ? ti re??",! gre it ratfaAwftlaa with
tin Friday Bight ?pcecli. Ile ??i.t it w.a? t! .- moi?! p?iwer
fui a?raaa (Le P1jr_?st?i pasta* hut amia Mare gai
ctiiiii'ii on tim ?nl.j.-ct nf flu. hi .until,1 sliu-e lu? Npi-cchof
Di aaaaaar, H7:?, safan Ina last Con^ri*-...?! louai (.'?nindi
saaamMa? Iba society ??.ia irsNgbtad otih the frank
anil forcible marner in wldcli Mr. Bccch?-r li id flu.111/
aaaarrts?Idaasetf upon iii- ulattens?f i in...iiiii Oharah
in Drs .?i'.iiris ami PagtUgtim.ragwttbtataoaatoWtiaq
v.iiii- apa* at ad of lbs aaane ka bal taken Tht ?aassa>
.trainit? of upplau.se and H.Miipatliy tv. I'? lu lic.ilm- ,>f
tim unfiiltirlin." loir sad ridiltili'ii. i of fu' i ,iiir . for the
paatar. Id SheanaaatfcaaaaMi
livery ru-ht nura! al lu: ii *agM to 88* BOW firele.,1 ".frs.
M. ultMifs pt lead) it axerttons for a mutual council have
'.?ria fri.in ia a, la alan te sad. ? c ?ti.t s .t ?v. m a asataal
???iiiiici!, but an ex yatte ci iincil. .mil to ?at SM willoh
would "?liiytiiu ne..'.?.ni n , mi, i before tire publicist
(in ;iiiu.-i i..i,- vi i.v i it.ii i. ?an 11-?it it iii,ni?! be u., eaaan
ii. ?i to got I1j iiioutii Church to tetas* io m cepl a mumal
couucIL hue mtac?leulatod the temper ,.f riimuuih
' uni. li, which is well ? in- il.-.t m I.i i- ul-...i,.?. Wiii*
a ti.w tu (..ir.!.." tit? li." sagst el Hie a linn li. Mis,
Moulton cn. ?...I ?iii ot her tetters m tim
ne.?t i tf, ti?i\" tenu?., ?iii.l many parts 0. tin) B
vu ii- post tivoli itn-ii.t m .- ?uni until t,, i? i ,.,! asfon *
stielet) m \.!ni ii w.e.ie ,.!.? as in..ni youan; _...s ** tmie
..re In Plymouth Church. I .e church lia* ti ?? >? it.?-lif
w it li va.ii .h-, s. ?,! -coiitiiii in tuts matu r. Mr. Van Oatt
u 1.1 outraged the?letreu<:y of the comniiu ?? ate tins'*
? un ?mi nu. n ?tun sala thrown In Um taotlol l*i>m<tuta
? li u i .ii bjr eachol the lett, ra, fshlth wera fra?mo fi c iii?
double purpose ot .in? ins, l'i.i mouth Church Into refaatag
a Miiii.at . nun..I, mai for acepilla? the pubtii ear ?al
the -.d', i. 1 newspapers alive to tli.- moral Ulta
inn baa delu"*ed the cunnii) tor the peal taro yaam
I m Ply mo u Ui Committee lui not ref nae io eater apea
if?i Mutual Coane!1 with 1> s. atom uni Budinjrton : issy
Instated ..ii ?.'.?.ni.' ou m .m., eu i.t. 'lue., ti., .ii-iii it o my
pial tolluu- min Kiisi of what would make a fall .iul
i'a|i;ii?iiie agei ej for a *. til? meat that l'i?.utli ( tinreh
?.i?.nu ?iiiin Ita eatlinaie of toes* mea It) entering a pre?
test lill-? tv.is ?le mill i.d 10018 ti? tin; * sat?
?n -iy ll.in by Hu? ia, lili,.-1 ? of Um < "muiltt.?*,
?lio?m tine or tin- Indignant 11,.!,.?i.ni.na
of cliillcli lui inln-i.? u. It Se**Bl* Un,mu Unit
Storr* au?l Hu'm.ton were likely te be iumi.i1, ?.mu?;
Lal l'Unimull llilll.il i-..lilli Ile ter eoII?ell( to pine na
.liai.? u.,.r,- t:.?dii t.i adjudicate -nevertheless, weald
have .i.-.-.'p. eil Di*, atorra a ii adlntton II Mr. VaaOoSt
had Ina?ted apon It. hut sttet oat nr-t proteal tiny
did not tiaro togo ob, audia Uia lees "< mi. retaaal io
decline a Mutual Council they did no1 ii?--:..- to go ?l.
Iii.) anal raeae of lb* lallun of lim Council may
i..- :i?e? iiieii i., rio- action of Dr. Bcuddert]
church, v lu. li in.ni, .1 (in: id .ii provai fun mu.?Iel
na u nil fur Hu' ?i u nu .uni Binnu? 'l tin- ministen
ii li.? m> r.- < again ?1 In li. .t.i.I II Hil the :iu t? ni u- _sown
it nuil! i p.....:.d.? be found thal t .?- tit) mi-mbera al tfea
churcitta were revoltiu?r, eg 1 ii the phil to .ie?!...r
Plymouth! .m. a. U.- ui 1 ina ?<? k m '.,?. ia line iiir
iirtiUst puii.isi.nl. \?. iiisi ?ur v. ?tt i ,.1 impropriety of
ii.ii in.' til, ?-!? r. \.ii mt g, ntlidii, u on the ? i m.? if, Imping
i bal i.,e m. u expression ul mu la k ..i c-uttdeue? m ifaer
alililll' lo j ?:_.' lui,,.ii .la: .1 WOOld i.lilac' I, cat
io uuieily devlin* ?to com* lu. Then vie ara?
pa*?- t? yu. v.ui ??.tt thal t.* j.n.test
and .n i ...i thereon be k, pt strictly private, ia order la
o.-mi.- ii.u-?'p. i s a**aia*i the ehsriw of st-ekina to tage?
eli..' |ll..la* oil Uli. iii, .Uni ti. e, ea e a bill. .? lilli i.tvor, if
it neu miali} tie, ..iiat ?,,_,.,., t Drs, Murra aud itu-ain.
ton. in.? Mi. \ an ? ? i. u-i.l t.? do. chtlmlug Um riga!
ta. make an) pat t >>t um bit?lues* public win a a* mu nt.
tit, -toti? ..sa utiini ltd mai be |.,.ue,i peal
u ..an e UpOB Mr. V.?u Colt, itinl iL.il ?..ur
Id Mt.<>!IS Mile iel, 1 i 11 ?lllat?-, lll'Il 8*818 III! III.BIO
t...iii ?i.e lu,ne ni.li Mr. li' ?'i bel ; that h* Counseled
111,11 M?. V .?I ' "ti Hi la.?' PrOt la.,..? I ld,i. ... , fly.
in i. li ? ?iiiial.. Alie: a.i Ulla to take 1>? Blom W4SHJ
i..,.?; amounted to lael in sit Ina .Mi. Va* . ..n. ihs < ?.Jn?
?i i ni Mr*. Mun... li, .i i?. ?ii ,u I..C t.,l.Ill.I. li lu..*i. *
li. le I.d nile!, ?i. .1 lU 'Is. MllUlUMl'S til?. Ml Val. I di
...iiiiiiuii.il>. Beca i.?-., un ...i- tem Baaioc > ead st
11..u 1 am neil 1 ua._ead,
We ullin.1 al ?1:..? io witbdraa .1 the f.)_r
eiiur.-iu? mi sar 1.st to vi. 1,ti Mi Vaa (.uti
unit a ???I. so ??a to latea* (atrasas span
uiu Mile. Ita p.ul? st. 11,.tilt; 111 good I.t.?11 Is fa, ue tlo
iia.u.... >l as a " ?...?.titi J, ti. e,' ...t. a : M.-.
Van Cull'* ?u...1.. 1 i.ii.t.M, ..ni en p??i - .- nut
1.tad. in ....oil 1.inn 1 im 1 1 san i . tar
t.,1...? iiiipiiip' r aiKiiit oin protest. I'la ?.i-i i.t 1 r Mai y
..?.: aU ti l?la.a.tlluli 1U W.. li 1. ., iii. 1> .11J ra.) - lu 111. lit?St :
"1 ?lo nail n..:i? j.,1,1 .11 la.u..i.i- a ?a.i aii-i 188888?
ii.d mia, i. i, i tin ie?s i ?Ul ga .m ottk um
,i yan iaaatt?N i Ihtafe Mr?. Mwilwm'* . :.*-_
to secepi a Mutual Oeeaetl ia-iu_t
effectuall) lie"?pal"**-*;as *s parat ,-.... i iuiukiSM
ii m i.? : t',.1 ii.. ,i m,j,.n.? t.i ".un,,!-. irehaa
Hiiiltn.ti ur.Btorra u <?. the sa..ie upiuiou. I'm kal
buslties* . i au ex ?uric i ullin o m it, da.k Ila li a. : i \ .-la,
aud iia.ii t.? i.itii. i...- unrepresented pat., uri ?..i ..?
i..um u mutual. Tins r.i iiiuiiiii i .i i li ?* not and ?lit
ii.,1 ii, i _iU?, l IO .\ill l.saill I-.,,:,nil t li. lie C.U.' ''. .tuii.'d.
.tt, i.t,aad will< ......i. i-i?? i, i sUoa*mi???I) madopua*
in. ia mo i. .ti i-:e,.,.-, v.. 1 ..t; usi oi churches ia
ni.uie out, but tike letter* san n?t nasa teat?
this pi ,li.i:i?> el,-? i..?.ir.i?i ?is i?r **
'.... :,i (..i. u ,? . .m.? : ae.l. ?teu.ir lt.fli i,,,v, l, i iniit
tii.ui in the i.i.ii? in anj i-.?. . iu_y
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i ..m, 1.1 .i-i'i?.. ui ii woolttcuor ?e... i. ?:. ii usi? deli*u,.?_0
lul I.ii' Ik.,t ni ia i ti .ii, a.al l.a.a itlle.l.l) t....-.?i ;l,..,?? ??J
b) tim tal? t.i pew* ?.-r i..e eomiun rear. butgteaMr
ii..m ".ii.in.v I* tit* uioi'.iiaupport aivaa Ur. lire.-.ci,and
. ..o represeuts l?o eoattdi ace .u lum.
?OM?t oa nu MO?M HI..IMNG raansaO?a ggtktg*
PgDowiOf am pggagAfog from Mt. Hinhei'a
. m Pridaj iiim!.t, ?i....u in., ratai sa lapartealg
k,iiic in ; ?ut, ii ?t ?vin a an now amasen t ta tun :
li i,.i? is a 11 said taat I had bean taauliat aud liittmata
.ii lue i.niin.? ?.. l)..^-....l?, but l, .ti allot ?t linn i ,?i
.iil-tl dill-.y Vii,.Uli, .lilli lll.il 1 !..kal liutll.nc.tl li.?
Ductoi'* ?ireUiuld lor taro year*, aad he did nut kasw
, ..i i.aii, ol ii. Well, for Uto** two year* Di >._rrs
W8* in I. il.d. m it la . ? lam .y, a:.ii lue BOOM * ?
rented. It baa been ? ni I bat lue mo*l si?eui Urtiers
I .m- been wrlttea l> me, aud t...?: i have o? ?. i mad* any
a,i,tn i, ...ni .i.? a 1. .Iii ?tun.-ii ni In. .ii.u .a . .u? ia.ni so
much tudu with this matu*, I Ibink I will read M It
waa Jual ?in r I le pub li itmn ?>! lb? Wtwdaull saanraaL
Nov. i, :>;?.'.
My DI il C k;: 1 laar fruin i!) fieri i.t .|....i :.? Ulai
ia, a. ?US ...! .i- ? I,- PUli ,i .lilli. ,n i..,,.-.i- e a..e,I jo
ill a i al ? ., i aa lu Uo.it?' t , i, a...l l mu it .u.i ii as is? -.1
?, ii i, i io yuu? yuu kuuw, .a ?-enrae, ihat you Ua.e uuiy lela.
t ,n..?e iii r .? ?... ,. ? i .... ? . ID ..r ui) ...... ort ... i: l , au s'?s
yuu inauy t?ay. i.-.-. ??? ....i.i., u. n. uioaaa,
'lie u- la that letter stoat a ?,i,jn't of win, li Itakaaw
u .linn_ i it ever ii"u.i.t*'l me i waste tell him, and
, ...ii is sill n*_i ; nut I um But waul anythina; ol him at
lal . I Ililli , Ulla! U I tilt! I. .1 l< 1 llalli, all'l i ?.eel liil.l
ii^hi ol ?u ?. q?. .it . v. ,i;? I was right
:,u.i r_uawaas? enilrelj proper letter, and iteaatela
m, t?,;.. a there u. u- aouic two or thru: cmim-ut ,. m o
l.nli v. in. Ctiled 10 l?a) Lull le?p? < U ami ... tilinte wt?I
i,,., .ui i lu ) ?...i. " Tola t? i.u i of tia . .i ..t
UO| U> lUlll U J al t at 1X1 ?,,. t.ll i'. li ill ti.t lUtlll li Ol' I
ii .Hue.' a, : ,ie. u.. t...ii advlee. I urver wrote a letter
,,:, ,.,.? snbje? t. um uiii i ?p.... to any person, not avea m?
?II ,...11.1?.t tO .11.) Ol', '.'..?a. ia. a X1 I la. 'II uf
! .'.,?.. mtl ia... ? ; ,'..:,.'. ..' 1 I). t.i(> li, .i ? i .'li ?i.i ill.i 0,
Mi. tulon, uiii iiii-ii- .illili.?, i u...m. ..n. i i nura
.?... in.-, u.ni i ,ii uni.m ... ..iii i would nui os a part) (u
du that ? Web i bi Iii .i.i wvtt?I..? _tj irtu u id ?i.uiai? m
ii waa : da* lo '.i.e *
i.t.i lhere ??...a ui.iti.ciy un the oilier ?l-l?-, mm tiny did
not waul it kept sik-ut, and lhere wass?vue - mid oui?
break ;... ..ii..., ....:. ull ei conlinuall) Km 'uy**JL
sr hil* i am li iwi aaj rltMiaal el Bj .".mi ?. i ??.?I
uqi uie truth wueuquestioued l ??I u?,; lu srsj "?.?y
lu ip ll.e i.Uu,.mi Ol '-.At ii.u. .( taiir.i't bul .'? ui.- I.!?-*
oua, and au 1 am tauuted in the newapapeia ?mu ??*?*. ,y
ilou't you carr) luur dioguotint tutg au. .nil' I B*va
l? . u ?,,a,i,.ii,l.'-.l---. ul ?? ???*-?' "?u, l?..l . o i air my it li?
ll, -o that i bava no1 "? < ?' tb? i|;" "'-?i ?ia" ?? lu ti ?? mue.
n.,,. Mr. Von Coll S.I.. s la respect te Ibis matu i > ??... ?
eil: " '.?e have an analomu ia uui clan eourU. .?e u.u.k
u gnat dual ot tike buy ot ihr Yl*iwa_"t. l-ifs*s?i-.**ha
ia) ?, " otu?a? Ur goes tor a gnat ui.??." i bart a id t
jui^ ui ila ti. li?me. 1 eta,.- .n '.. ,? u.iilsi it I ,000 i ?o
pla thal bait; ....u??u mc or tear?. 1 stead .a lus iuo?i
.i?.?.?i.....ii- isisi.itiu tu au> m.iu na aarta. 1 a,., n I 8
in. ?bau ul a i-.ai..? lli.il ? il. f ii Uli* u.c.. I m, !?? t co n . I?
ad with a sea that Is latenutted ta ue.ti. >>u. m*. i tot
aun,,?i um.u?-. i ant a asea thal baa bees trumpeted up
and ?lunn i.,o i..mi a? a.i .?.o aiouUi, whan lu Ire ..a
aboUtionlatwa* to be reproached. 1 lu... itoad,with
preludie** beat?m ,a up..n me, i?uua'i ?ml r-?u of all
i...., i.iy ?uiii. u? piiiniSiie?. my lecture norn
Ul.? pr.ii.t.l. in. faui.ly o ?laVi i.-a.i. n rtp. altd
lu the Bagara? I b.t?u oven si .ppai bitr.i.
n a li eil eiitn.lv, and ?toual lu tbe ?>r., Kiar?) of
piiii.iiit) ; auuior UM last live )?ai?. uiidei aiiaes.ure
naprecedrated, l tia.e u? a Lauied by tb.? acasta of tin}
si'wsuud tu. ft- pal anean, bunted thnaati tb? ?nail
cnuits. inn.iisi ti?, u??is|iai?ri? .ii.il have aet?tagajaara
?io but to make coii.iu ra r-awsta of Uu masiva* fur Maa
?lander, kiie.it applause.) Nuw, 1 pul the gai ?Uva W
BTf-TT hoacat niau: How eau a mau atauU under t-jb
ciicuuisutiioaII bel? that ?utity wreuti that Uxty?of
tuatbei.l IA pulu-a? J It is aaluiltted Uiat my serai ua
leave uotulii?; .-titiu.l n. ?,.triiu-liur. It ia eduiiitea taal
tbeyareaat (lie bread ul life tu huBilreds aud W. th**>
ami.I?, aud buw OBB a mau not supi?orted bj p??rty, not
siutuuited by soils, and ouly hy the UiuUMtud? tual ?*-??
itvuu iuuuuii Idui io.? ) tit. s, and, wita Uiat exoeptloa, ?a
world alutoat a???-?at uim-buw ia it Ue la M?VJM
lutdei- tina euorwou* i-reaai--? If li be nut taat ?Ja*- ia
with Ulm sod thal he I* rybt I

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