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At the First Reformed Church of Brooklyn,
m Plerrepont-bt, near Monroe-place, a aennon was de
ftvered laet evening by tbe pastor, tbe Kev. David Inglis,
D. D., on the triumph? of Christianity during the past
century. He ?poke In substance as follows :
It la In accordance with the will of Ood that men should
toniroeinorate great national events. It become? all to
tecognlrc the hatid of Ood in national history. It Is right
at the beginning of this year to look back upon the Initia?
led years lust closed. In nearly the whole of Europe.
100 years ago, absolute Imperialism held full sway.
The Protestants had lieen driven to the mountains. Civil
and religious li bei ty were none. Holland had absorbed
tome of the noblest blood and stoutest unisc-le In all
Xaiope. In England there wa? a spirit of wick?
edness or the blight of a cold formalism.
In this country lhere wiro 1,100 minister? of the OMfll
?Formal i-ni had fallen upon the churches. Edward? and
?tht-rs, WOfOwtWt, mot done for America what Wesley and
Whitefield hnd ?Vine for England. Now all orer Europe
Min it ?i measure of civil and religion? liberty. The
?eepi tism of the Pi.pp has vanished. Pnisstalsagre.it
Protestant empire, and Italy Is comparatively free. The
Word of ?iod is being spread in Spam. Missionary work
bas extended to China, to Jiipan, to India, to the islands
If Bat Bouth "?a, and great triumphs have been won In
the name of ? lu 1st. lu Aineiicu we have built chin t nts
tnd common schools, which an- our strength.
The lesson of this history Is that an open Bible I? the
?ni) s.-cunty mat guarantee for tti? stability of a free
tatton. I.ilu rty has mott crushed In Frunce because the
Protestflut* mero driven out and the MMe was closed.
?The pillar of a free nailon iniit-t be (?mi's Wind. The
Bible lia? t?e- n on ?choel airee the nation wa? founded.
If It Is taken out. pi.ne Is given to Papal power and
Papal (ttiiirnnnrv. 'liiert? ?ans! I?- common schools and
m edii? ?ii? I community If the ri?.'lit to .otu li t?? be glv? n
lo all ti.e eil?/? ii?. II not, tlio voters ure lelt Klbject to
political pi ?? ?ti mid demagogueo. Bul not simple kn?>wl
Edge ?rill control th?m aright Tbej nuut have the bonki
h.it will make then Coal-fearing ?nea. in this
lirlit the Bibb Is the lu-st btmk to mold ti:c
?i i ml h ?uni . i,..! acD is m :is to iitiike good ( iii/eiis.
I contains the highett and parent morality ?and never
liles tin- bl I'kiu-snif sm ; it i? grand und noble mil*
?ery siupiii l:v. It should not lie a school book, but it
Should have ?ii bollon 11 plaee lu Hie hi linois ; no par y
?hoiiM ii.ive the puw? r te put It out. The Bannan Cath
elie? wi.?ii to put It out. Tlit-v want le overturn the
whole tyetem ?t common school?. The Bible i* '"<'
ana??earj In pnhlln arhnnla fair wa tai allow them to lay
their h.unis iij "ii it. ?-o tar as the Catholic? ?a, a ?cet,
five tJniii the full?st liberty of conscience, B ;
athollci-m is a ?font (?f temporal ?power, Tin
Pope ?launs a right to tcniiol the rulert
of avery lam?. Bo (rae country baa been ah to autis ;.
the clitluis of Home to tupremar**. We a:? not to deal
with Borne .u tboatgk she were tu.'t ?political. A? cltlien?
Of this coUlitrv we must Ink? In e i i? et. J ii Ung tile titfc!
?tcp. Romanists make that ?rtra Ibe can ta ge ground ?Ironi
winch ihev shall crush our liberties. We need an open
KiUle in otu liona *, In our st n ml*. In our i huit lies. In
okiiig io the fut m- we uiust look for tie rifhtoousnes?
that exultetb a nation. _
GEN. rOllllH'-i H It HE.
Caralul iti<iii?ii? m in loial poHtfad ciielt'R in?
dicate that a iii.t].?rit> al the Jtmtid of Aliicriiien is in
favor of contti ming Mu.ior B'icltliain'e noinin .! .an of
Allan Camplieil fer OmbeOhbEbOt-r of Publiai Woiks,
although an undi ion rent of h??stl)lfy to his con?
firmation, confined to a few T.iiutnativ I Mermen.
Is disc? rtilble. It was reported mi Batnrl.iy tin'
the labore:** on the Fourth ?fWH baproveaei t
rcc?"1vcd only C1 M l? r d,iv, mid as Mr. ?',-rnpbe 1 wa?
the Knottier lu (Im f the opinion WaaexprCOMd l?v ttbtO
persons Unit lit- ?Maid favor t ho lowest market wagM for
labor in the ltepurtmeut of Public Work?. <?n the athel
hand, it was claimed by Mr. Campbcll'i ?upporters
about the I .ty li.iii that bo wus not Kapi
ior the pay of the labours eiu;\n.i ?? 1 on the
Fourth-a*ie. impto\? iiii-nt, being u-strli ted ti ila
?WOOtb discharge of his duties as an engineer.
Which did not include hiring laborers or 1l\
lug tin ir ci ti ?teiiiatii'ti. Mr. C?tm?'!.e |*| j
Vfi-ves sud aHliaHoM wire d"vu?scd. some ?contending
that In had ti? t II it ItfMong lleliiiM r it, uliiets a?,??i ! : :, ?_?
that te had hot u a ?Republican np t?> the last Pn-aid? at.ai
eeateat, when he enpitorted Horace Oriisley Mr i
licir? abaeaea aa baalBaia ouaneeted with the u
diit?*?l t o.u ? oiiip.tiiii i, ?>f which lu la tbe Preald?
I'll V? lltetl tlll.l |ie|?nllal el jil ' ? ?! all of t ia l! ti*? Ol tv lu! net
he would inn? ie if confirmed by the Itoaid of AMenuen
t* I i>uiiiiisaii'?i. r of Public W. ris.
it le doubtful if a i tuena ol the Tammany Aldentan
chu be seeun (1. I'Is well known that there were vint?
diB.i-.ii.il i.i i,pm. ti rnemmum tn.-n. in llieu mi < im.n t..
ili.?eii?e PMi John Porter's nomlnutlon,and it v.a* no1
nea?lbl? t?> aeenre unanimity art ?action. Mai or
Wickham Is supported by the party ?managen ?ti 1
a ?maturity ol the Tammany Aldermen, ead II
it- beli ved that the minority will Und it
?dvls.title to withdraw oppnaltion. It win ii-|?o.-ti d on
Mtawlaj that at souit in I.B ni?a'Cisoi is i tiiitirmi ti a?,
("niiiinissaiiii : ol Public \\niks, (.? n. i ?:/ John Porter
will be ?appointed ? hie! Engine? r of the Department ?and
thei'rtitoi. Aijtietiiiit at n talan of B7,S00 per annus, in
H,?? plat.?- mt the late Edward II. Itaiy.
noMi: Aim a l.ONO absfnck.
The suliject ot i'nntic?- Mulfoi(|'p lecture, at
Trend's Hall, at No. l.JdO Rrnadw.-iy, bott ( v. | m:, wa?
the "Return of the Cnli'omian." Diiilns his'J'? yean of
absence from his?latwe plncc, whiih he called DoaavUla,
whether l?i the mli'es of Nevada, sailing aidund Cap?
Horn, 01 watideilnp in other lan,lu, he fWlltailll/ alba I
leiie<l the hn??e of u llnal return to the place of hiilnith
At h.st his dreams, a;- far as the retara, wert reoUied
Ile went to his iiitther's bcnise. Ill? n-.ntli'-i c. ahl nut
i . i izo in tin- n.au of irl.i.?'i spo, with the
fnnaa? of care oat hia brow, the bright ri uu bog win?
lett h- r. ?mi! after fullj provlug bl? identity, fier expr?s
Sinn thoa eil tliat slie wan ills i|.|??.:iiU?tl III lier i I |n-it,i
ti??iis, ?nue he had alwajri writiin thal he waa on the
j'o.nt of m ik.ii^' u foi tune, a ml hail retni ned without one.
II.? olil j.lu vina I? S, w bo bad ?been li? iii v. wini boys, vv, re
n w staU au.I t. se; v.-a [atbera, It waa not until now
that he fully realised the great wangea thal Utaehad
wreagbl ha bita The lecturer tbea gave ?some rentin
laci-iite-s of his ?boyhood in til ii t iwn. anil tin ncomparing
i. ?.ti. '..e prt-eaat, showed how little his townsfolk lind
j r.?ii!? s*? ?I in mental qualltlei or social habits. Tiicj
liolaa nita thai a i aiito n?,?n vi ho returned wltl
for ui'f wa? (lellcn-iit in .iiieli't/'-nc". On the otherside,
Ibe i't|?i cn?" he had r??i ?? through, the new Ideas la?
batt ?aeaaared, and the m.?.n U?om be baal loi i ted In Ins
wandennga, i ?'I bia native pia? ?? no lungei bit booie
To bun :t hfni become a churent ;?i?l. and be again longi?d
foi the slernu? ant liniies. " llotii ," saul the lecturer,
" is uni a pl.ii? iit',1, laient on u>, .iiity. v. ?a rea ? r
?ipnre ex|M?ii( nee, f.irin Ideal and aifclafiirnt. ?graduallj
be<.s nies otu home."
THE OMI ?? Bl AL Kui KUI OF Jil.Y IN Mil
The Ga-imnn .Staging Bocietiei n*-?' nln.idy
ttk:!!-.- slcps to r? lebrato prcietlv the eouniig I'onilhof
July, and an- NaMl but In an eztenalve p'an, the details
??f wlii'h are Mag dilii.-? ntlv.rt-! i ;u -t (I and :??
Tin- plan t.??i:iii?i-.seM thr.'o f??stivali?a KTiinil (-?n? .1, !,?
be held In ti'iinti'i 'h (?anlc'i on lal] '_'. Whli I ocean on
BtaWthty ; a ton iiii|.'i,t prueeamoa aa Um neal n.iiit, i.ni a
gelierul ?eetiv:tl of SntlK lill?! ilaiieina at Join-?'? Wood uti
J.iiy 9. T:ie hutniai night eoaeert w10 Se wbollj wudet
X iv eure of I): li.imioitii : ?ii.mon s full n;. !.. .-ii a w ill
acooiupany a tin.ni? of aoarly ???s? releoa, and eminent
mil-lets vlU take part, B^ard raylov hat alrnadj writ
l?:ii a sou/, et. I a prize ul .-..(?i b ?s :? ? u uffered :
ever will write the moa! tuitable music lor it li is de
?Igaad io m.isi tin m >nster U eh s* t pras - talon une lu
wnrhthe whole people cm iak.? part, andinvli
have lu? n teftl :?? all lue militan i ntl ?'va org-ui callous
lu the etty, ?king th it ti.tv be repr? sent? d. Of all tins.
iiiiMie ?-ii: be t.ie prevailing leatnre, and c itlon.il ?ongs
Will be fan.' ittiil I'.av ii all ?along lite line ol inrin-li. li
Is i n;i?,t?-ii u,.a vv ii nu Cullen i..,) aui vvui open the ? a
?atti s v. iib au a?ll-?
Ii. F. IliCK, Sictl.iy f)f tin- Regatta I ?iin
mltKH? of tin IdWiii..-Aisnci.ilinii of Aiiiein an r. :., i-i ,.,
hasreccivwl the fniiutsing k Ita r Boot IheaMt Hi
N'i ?90 I'?' h ?t.. I/o*.nos, J???-, no 11
Dr ir "?ir i I n-i ?-?K ?I y??iii letter a week ago announe
Ing to me tin tm i thal 1 bad ?been ? l?ect? ?i umpire lol the
Unlvaraitj Regatta ul l"7ii bj the unanimous vote ol
the l'.owiug Aim.ii.iti? ??? '?t American ?College* I beg yon
to a??iiu tin. c.ni;te?- tliat l prix? ??.-.i !i
honor, and to thank them and yon moat beartllj lol the
?tiry kind ?ay m which it has beeu beatoweaf ami the
news of it ct?iivvid to me. I ?delayed replying In the
bi>i>e that I mlghl >poaalb|j tee my way to accepting the
post, bul tins m, I am sorij to s.iv, quite impo??:l?le H
would have Um a high l.nii. i ann kie.ii pleasure lo me
to bave acted. Hciu-vc mi? alwara, with all good wialiet
of the scaioii toyou and a_l merni?, i? o' the Aatocl lion
most truly yours. Thomas >lr? uks.
li Frank Kees.
Mr. Itt-oatbiuksthat thct-elaagnod prosiiect of an Inter
batlotral collegiate regatta, not\vlihsUni!liig Camliri Ige
and Trinity a ??legi s, m their i?eet?t Itin-t?, held ?ut no
explicit eui-oiuo^t tm nt. I
ruanui? of ki>waki> eddy.
Eiltvaral l.iliiy, tin- nct?ir, who alit-d nt Kinj;s
tOD, Weet Indie?, ?ni Ix-c. 10, was buried yesterday from
the Masonic Temple at huth-ave und Twenty-mini st.
with full inas-'Uic cereiiiouics. The casket containing
the remains wa? placid upou a bl? r on the
j'latfoiui of tLu (.lund Ix'dg'-iO'im. 'His platfuu.1
waa decorated with black aud white cloth, and
flowers were placed upon the collin and against
tho bier. At 2 o'clock the " lodge of sorrow" wa? finally
opened. The feature of the ceremony ??? ?is a march by a
acore of Templar?, ten In black and' Uu In white robe?,
each bearing a torch. Addresses were made eulogi?Uo
mt the virtue? of the deceased man, and lnatruotjve lu the
iatlM ef maa k> t?elr Oreaur and taeaakethaf. Al Ua
eonelu*Ion of the servirc, prayer was offered and the 88*
se m blane ili?|.r.iHl. a large, limul?, r of tims.- ptreaent
aca.iiipuiilrd the fun. ia) |.m> < ?-I ii to Wilton. Weslch.-?
t?i Coiiiiu, wau ra ti. reatain* were interred. Alarga
niimhei of Hit- asees?ed man-? prafe**lonal aaaocielI**,
and wuiiy prominent M aK>ii-,??!ii'i>ri ita ni at the. XtUipl**.
EMPLOYE??MAllINF. (fit l:T Jt lllMdCII?N.
Tlie libel Pint of William C. Do Hurt nirainf-t
Ilufu.? Hatch, for giO.OOO, whl. U ha? t?e?n tu fore the
publie Bl various tbSrtS din lui the BSH 1H months, bc
?Idesaftrnvving the miroii-titutionalit". of an important
!??(;;. lattlta act. l8 of inter, t-t to nil cor*.!..rations or per
sons who ever have tSSSSSSS to ni?i liar?,'? *iuplo.v?_. In
February, l??7-l, Hi* steamship Colon of tho I'a
elflo CaiinpHii*. 'a lins arrived at tills port with
Cajit. HudBen, now AsAJatant Supertnt? ndent of the
Company, a* commanding SBBIBBj and William C. De
Hart a? hist mate. Cant. Hudson r.-p? iti .1 to Mr. Hit. h.
Managing Hire? tor of the Company, that I>e Hart hud
bein lui lu hi? duty mid had In id intotli at.-d. Mr.
llstth ti?? i? lau Mi D.- Bali Thal hemiK-tit rieign. This
fiodiclliied todo, und .Mr. Ilateli consulted with the di
rectors about the mutter. K. (J. Rolston, I'lt-ideM of
the Farmers' I/>an und Tru-t OentgOgy, trho hud ?ccoin
ni.iidfd He Hart to His Tai Ho Mail (-oiiipanr, snd
throii.-Ii -sho?.' tiitiii? iioo tie hail t>t*. n mad.- Hist ii.ate
of tho Colon, eallfd st tho ofil-e, and
laaaasasi that Ma Mead ne Hart t?e iraads aaaaassBa-sai
(.tllu-r of the Henry I hann. ? y. 'Hie conn-notion thal
followed wa? tMe BBSS! of Un .,.111111 for libel. Mr. Hatch
said, " I (liiiil- that Is the nun lain alunit to Um liarire
for di unki tan OB." "Hint's faBp0SS?Ma,N NfHai Mr.
Rolston. Mr. Hfltch uimcd to the sci'i'etArv of Hie (oin
lain?, 11:(,ni.,reT.Jahasoa,gai askad lbs mtnte of the
mnu vi ho lia 1 !... n 1. pal ti d for di iinki inn "-.?. T!io Be?
TOtnry re.lu.1 that It was William C. Da H.nt of
the Colon, and n-niarli;?-?1 to Mr. Bal*!??1 that
there were rhririres on tile. ni::ilii8t bim Which,
if lie knew, he would not n?- for Mr. He Hint-?
bromo! ion. Ii. ii fi w ,1 li s Da II.tri WfrotS a letter to Hie
t inapsaj aal das tot a cobarittraa la lim ?ti-it ? tilt-1 ne
and deaylag the ehargaa He Ihea ?aaploriailO P . Buel
us (-OU..S. 1. who, m -?.iiii,. n a a th Mr. Rolston, called
:i n Mi Hatch and Rossel! Page, then President ?if Ih?
P 1. Ide Mall, ami imii!" Bl othl r i< .|in *( f>>r nu Irm-stici
Hou. Both promised to do ? bal th. y could in lb? .Blatter,
bal added iimt it vin.? annan ii le ?.-1 ? ? 1 ? 1 au nui itigatloti
In eases win ic t ne c iinin.iiiliii." offleer bsd 1i '? .1 Snell
?. i ion? . bai (-- ? agalnsl ?i suhoruln ita 'I b? snbjei 1 a tu
taken before ih< Board "t Director*, nul an investi??
lion rcfiiH.-.l. Mr. Buel then asked Mr. Uni? li thal a ei ;
ti tits te be given Mr. De Hail teluna forth Hutt he bad
i..a i. iii-, h.n--ed tor une in;.e!. mi and not fbr drunken
n.-i??. and the request wasgranted.
An ?non as the certificate waa reoelveJ, Mr. Bael, as
at torne/ for Mr. De liar!, begun an net mu against Mr.
li ich for libel, on the ground thal be bad Injured th<
character of bis client b.i telling Mi Rolston that be had
been 1nf11x1c.it?-I. Mr. Hatch'? rounat-I on aredanan
BW1 1 to tin- ('..m 1'In ut. in .1 n le ,1 oh 1 ..f privilege, sel
t.n?; forth thal t.' e 1.1lUgna- e wa? ii?e?l in 1 1?.??-1 ? ti? ?I foi m,
without publicity Ol miine ?uni m ?1 1. nil.., .'(.al ein
v. 11 ii:, di with a friend of Mr. De Hurt, Mi Johnson 11
tam .1 :o t ?-till in?if 1,1-1 .n ti?- gre mu? that be waa
cal. .ii n j.m 1 to give ,i conversation which took place la
he lloard of Directors ol thi Company ol sr bien he
was Berretary. Al the Bepteiuh 1 term ye wa*
?uatained in l?ia objection. Mi De 11.ni-? emin
li 1 . :,,>? Sled ti ti,. I., li : ii l> : :u. am! Ile in 11
r-r.r. term sustained Mr. Johnson, di? piu 1 ? mi' u
then moved that the cause be iransferred l?> the Marin?
.?.?a t Mt li itch's ' on:,-. I resisted th ? 1 tb. r. und
that the Statut? ander which I wa? ? ugh! lo have lb.
r iiid-ie wa? unconstitutional, ni atinad th?
a Cou t t.. m il?talo ponli "l of the cam 1 be n
nucatwasdisr nardi I ?ud I 1 e?** wa? transferred lo
um Marine Court, Mr, l>. 11 irt's couni . n,,k ,n
effort to bring it to trial al one. I'll, di ena? appealed
to t li?- Ueueral Term and ti. loth. Court ?' Ipi? .,
1 ? latter court di Ided in January, i?.">, thal Um
statute waa unconstitutional, tod Ibal ina
er.il ihonsaud eases which had he? n transfert d under ?t,
the M nine ( mill had iii Minnel. 11..11.
Mi i1-- H m was in- n .. n 1? ;,..! logo heforetb? Bn
'Hi. trial '?? . m I .-1 Mun . y :?? for. Judg.
I m ii-nei-, and .(.iiii n 1! im a portion f Ihre? days
A !? . t:.? plan US h-..! pi*, a. i. i i ol :i..
complaint, which thi widesi latlluth u .?? given,
jal?', Lawrence dismissed the actloa ea lb*
following grounds: Fire!, mat the otxaaton on ?luii.
ti... i.u,.';.: ge vu? used wss a pi! vi leg ed one.
ami the circumstances rebutted ibi presumption ol
maine; sit<>!.I. tli.it ii.- question ol mallee
iel nat f. 1 thi in . io dei :,i, . 1 hird,
that lo nuil..?., ?lamagea on Mr. Hatch for the na. of lan
guage uniter these t rcumatauc?-? would Is apre?*<-deni
w!,,, a m.um 1.?i?n ni the light* "f eorporattoii* snd ?II
|.i.?,.!:- v, ;,. i :i 11. 1 lab. 1 t.. ..n 1 eilen! in I
or m Un ?i ! 1 i??hold . f??m lb, that ti >? at m1? nee. i fa
from Bh ?tu : bud fiih .11 1 0 par! <>r *.ir Hatch,
. v in. 1 n 1 h. nun, ?t leinen. ? to? uti Mr. Da liar! bj pr?
renting the. larges fro.n .ming publie : and that to
han ii tain. .1 Mr De 11 iremos in. ? ?
would bare Involved a grave rl latlon of Mi ititih-?
diitv to I he traveling public aud lu ibePacIS Mall?
??tiajiiaiiij. cdmpany.
Tilt" lil, Viltl.l il.lilw.lV ? .Illl| III V li IH (lilli
pltrtad ilt line to ?iiilril l'i '.;, -!:?! 8B I'm ?il.it ti ill
!m ?-.t! 1 minina" forty (brunell trams dally mi li m ij I ' ,
tune l? about thill, niiiiu!.?. '1 In-1*...?: ( illln? -.till a. ml
malls to tin- VKHt.-ro appa* !':::! Ot tim etty I-.' IB?8
An excursion train will be run ot r the road fron
:*i 11 to the Central Park and retara this morning
..,,, rd '.?.' i" 1 be ann. ?< d lim? Ubi?
11..-1 \, undoo ti tin '?,11
I eave Batt, rj l.O?p n
Leare I :??? m st 1-0? p. ni
lai?m Warrei 1 1:11 p.n
1. ave 1 inn Un at his p m
1 ????. ?Canal st il B p ni
I eau- 11 ?linn -1 li? p, la
i ear? '?'? ? ?1 1 uti ?t ! .1 p. ra
1!>! aril !l?7, ?.II
I.? .-ile Ti t!, ii 1 id ?, n,
! eave " that... . , IO -. m
1 . ivs t..! ?t . 1 ? |. m
I ' ? , lib Bl I a'l . p III
save8 that.. 1 1
it-sl 'h'.
.' .?! -1 1?
L?ar? Weat I .'tint I ja ? 1, la . t II -t ?t.-tUn m
laate VV.?t . l-l ?I ?.li j, n, I...it, li. ?tonal 2:0.*? |i li
. ?i dib 1 ! '_'- |. n . ia ?..? i al al ?' . 0: |. , ,
lisavaWesi Jtlh-si li.40p m ? la-rare tranklln ?I
la.iie V. . st 4 1! ?: 1 ". -, |, 1 ; .. ? n
Ita?. West ..lilli si 'M p. in. I...1. I '. it ?I '.' 1 1 1 11.
Amt. alVv.ialilh k1 1 A'J p. In. An lae at Halt. I) ..SJftp.Br?
K! PORTED ATI i Mi*i m ABRE-T I o-l u: in 'v i \
A (ii*?p:it< !i Iio:n I'm tlainl, M.iii.c, st it? -? tIi;it
the poii. ?'h:ui re,. ivc.i arden ta arrest Fwtei Dewey,
Win. ti. Tweed's prii ii? ???,, ? n ?ras ti 01 -lit thai
be iiii. i,,n .1 tu i, i fi n, that port la lbs - ;. imi dp r.
inviriii. im'in-conid im! :?. | , i laqaiiie*ronda ia?t
araalng at Ihn ni?Tins ii Hinisii fsilsil lu eil it aaj taha
. n? to vihfie vi De* r waa at the atreaeat tloM
Nothing wa* I?er* kaotrn ?.'...nt the n port??I attempt lo
arrea! alai Mr. Dewej st U ra?ala? lils room* at th.
n ffi ..n ii..:i-e. and bis ii.ii'i-n.-f Is still lhere, f i? baa
in i i.e. nair r boto] however, silioi rbiliadaj last Ile
often ?"i? away wilboiil saying where hi lsg??!ngoi
it lan he it ill let ii n. b1 I ? lug l8 iv -..an! in, ? ni i. ? ,i| .,
time, h it ilways n t lins ' .? rooi It the P reCei
tral oilh.. no information bas t nu retaeived bIniuI Mi
l)> t. y, and the n uri of an atti mpl al ii
?arded u* well founded, as there Is no cbargo ag?tn?C
8TAI1I;I.\(? _____.. ( M *! I) I.Y .11 Aid i!-.-Y.
Aiiilno.?!* Radamante, ? colored noan, has been
liviiik.. tar ti..: |'ii-t tvto ii-.r? null a colui'! iMim.ui
aanad Jane JeSersaa. al Ka 219 ?Tiwsterat Upon
coming iiouii? j ? -tei?iair noca ha (oaad Phillp Bobe! ..:
s., l.'i 'i i.oiu?. i,n -? , another colored maa, la las tra??a
tilth tibe woiii.m Hu.inn, mt., ii aw n lai *? kalfe, aad
?ut? mi-:, ti to out the wotmu'a throat tloBei
sastataaee, when Radamante turned on him, ami m
tl?li il ?i .f-Vfie eui mi Bil li .'it band .m! ">!!'? oil hi
appertlp Bndsmant. agaiatn ned toward v... 'oma ,
ami struck at ti. r wnh the knife, eotting her en her right
band. Bbe trtod to eseape bv running dntrn atali , Iti
?nu.mt? inn-u,ii,.* lui andatrikln* al h. r rlifa thi knife,
cutting in r on the right t 1 ' fi li ind. Ile ?
m. ,i In lb? bull, and I ih Pre. im 1
Htation 1 n-.-. i... wound? .,, 1: bel and I he ? ninan
??ii, "'??..I, and Im*, v.t 1 : lia al l.iii.di holm- by theil
fin in!.?.
Till l (??*:?< Of 'lill- RABVI *i (,: I I .*,'.
The Miiliiiif,' of tita ilnvi't Queen ia tita
iriftii Chaaael ooatlauaa lo be 1 be sob 111..: di* ni Mon la
?hli-piiiK em le?. Th* Brit? 1 (on-ill at !h ? j>,,it li ,- ? 1
? i C.1..1 Jeanlngsoi the Adria.tie li relation la tin
ali. ?v,t-d 1 Oil .?uni. T M l.i'.t. i .1 na ? t i.;i ?? n ii ..?11 ,,is
colli-ion willi ?mi ress i. n. -.av.? t?..a im dit im,, a
slight collision with an unknown 1 t ,1.11111? thal
nu injury wini dime. 'I ii.- Co_Sol deprei lied lh<' willi
holding ?rf the rapar! af tb* socJdent, aad ?aid thal n
1. ? lit lu tit*?b '? I tha . , ?' n 1 be Vies daasal
1 t.iiiiim d tin- tiici oibi. i? of nu idruitle. and tram
min-d Hi?- result ni nie in.inn y io 1 it* ?ini im tiii-,11
lunn ii u n ot tin Board of ., , le. ( II l?an ill A Co..
1 III- oil !.. l18 of 1 ?' ' I" H I ' ?' ',' UM II. I ' '1 io Ml UM belli
that tian v.-?. 1 wa? souk bj iii Adriatic, whileR J
Hurt is, agent ol thi to kia B ai Un . ? rqnrtUj <ci u.n
ihatlaeAdriatit wa*no1 MleeaBaeol Utaleaa,
RCROLAR-I IN *. i 1 :* ? \ I ? \s __ I [OBI
Some tinif during Kii.liv mm lit bni*flan .gol
nit?? an un o?-clip i"i imu-e H.i.ioiiuiii.' iba alan al i-n-it
ritrs, at Braadway aad Thirty-third-*!, Tiny wini
tliroiiafli t?i the 7 art nml remove-l 11 \v> ?m1? | irriifin?/ h ad
taff- to tha collar of Mr. Pttts'i ?loie. By barlag holea la
;.,.. 1 Hing of Um i- ?.n t:,. 1 Biadc an apertun 1 ^ ?? r 1.?
lint f? ?? 1 Hin?, tbreugb which thej got Into the store,
fruin which they stole lacas aad glotrea rained at ?fi.joo.
Mriiii.i-., Ala*Jan. in.?-In Um Daited8tatai
Circuit Court on Frldm.v rlk,*ht laut Jmli-'e Wo?>d? ?Ifti'd I
dccri e faaa_ara* tiw ?tant tt stinton sn-i Lonmlt a? trim
teca an 1 18*01*0*8 of i he AB?MUM umi ( lia:ta:n>ii?-.i K.iil
rnad. ?lii-y sri-leci,iin. d to turn over Hirir ?ice.unit? on
tho 1st of fttftnry to the ne -t trust? I ?. the lion. H.ivid
A. It eil? of Coiineiti.Mland Robert !!. ("milli ami W.I),
Innin of Alil.mii 1. The flua! deine, covering all details
sad claim?, will be signed nert "M?fk. Tucslrii. Mr
nmOngaoet I>m Inn, who ha* c-oudiicfed th? case of the
first inoria-ag? boadholdcis, on Knday had service of
?um..nmt lu a HIhiI ?mt of J. C. Stanton, im-tituK-d lu the
City Court at Munn*..merv. The d imago* ara laid at
f 1(X),000 again?t 3iiair?<-. who la charged with hiivui?;
circu?alas?! in The Mobil* Htgultr his ?yss-h mad? in open
eonrt asalatt ?tautua.
8 A so.. IO1. Noon. 47 . dp m.. IS1 W1-ilrM, 38?.
llnrlir.iiiiiriii ; lb? ?III. IS . lowest 30 .
Aicisec40-*?-. Ksnve nay, Itl'.b, '2uS'
sMiaacrr o? axroaT mr "nua waua bbbbat at 1 r. M.
jax. 13, Ha?ti.
itiovrn '. niRaMtiMinn.
Indie? Dsrreea
Hcsn. '10 Vi* Mr an. 0 ?
>tax st li am..Jsn. ll..**0 iC.M Vax at fl s m., Jsn in. .60 0
.Min si4a.ui . Jsu. 10 ..'?fl 3 14 Min st VI p. ai? Jan. 1.1.... l'.'il
Kanes.'.''''i-i Hang?. . 4?- ii
hi masks. I arba?
Jan. li' llsln frtnii 0 s m. to 1 Ho s in , amount nf ? at -r. M
Insu:.' ? na? ?hil by the wunl dut um the it otk, l,'?M.t otilo?.
ITt*tm in ?ter Hotel?The lion. Join M. Henderson of
Pt. I^iul?. and the lion Jiiliu lllgtliiw. Sei-rrtsrv of State....
// tci Wrunimttk Tent, brnntt* wyland ?b1 wiri.aw Hebool
rtfOt Almut Hutt- ? i-.i (?tiv Andrew O. Carlia ?ml ? b1
W I. Reotl of I'eniisrlvaiiis, sntl NaU-siihl Thav cr nf Hosten.
... yetadme* iiutri Hans von ittiintr, ?i-Oeegnesaisa I). J.
Morrell ?if T.i. hin.l.i, sinl J. M. Wsli.tr ?if I In.? hs? ...
Clarenden Heul Mr? HeeU-MbMoaa Breoeert lim'-Them
dora Wachtel ?s' SttAetei it, tel-Jahn li. Ketchaas. ? ?in
n..??.?.nu of th? instil l nf < ni. nub la tftlropolitan Ilute
Henal.ir J sine? V Mai buck of WittiTlown, N. V_/Iin-Altif?i?m
Mulei-Li Oaf. Hoppln of Illunie Uland.
m:w ron city.
Tlio l;ir^-T pond alontcTlnral-aw., from Nin? ty
flf?i !.. < un hundir, th st?., Is fill? d with groups uf unviiy
sk ?tt rs e-.? i.i ?ifii-inooii.
Tlio (?illxrt Klovat??! Hiiiltvay Company pro
p.iscs to Dave its West Side division 111 I illili.I.h' Older to
i entrai Path by Au*, i. i*7i;.
William A. Gu?**t lui? ol?taiiia-?l & jodgMI nt
itcilnst Ihetitv '"?' BlflBl -Is, the aiununt of hi? assi-ss
iia-nt !??r ?the I'liml-aw- MWI r.
Ex-Charity Commieriona r Powell baa brought
suit to recover fal.'J 11 l?a. which lu-claims I? due to bim
aeaalari fr.im.luu.? ii, 1874, t? De? SI, 1878.
Dining last \v??k tha' i)?ili?'?> ma?!?? l,,r)17 ar?
rest?, iiml the Bureau! ?>f Vi tal Statistic? ?report the noa ur
renee of ,'tll.M ilr.il hs, 4110 lill Ihn, und lill ni.tl I i.lK'i.
Leonard Flivlikv lil??l DO Sal in day an ns
slgnini nt to la-on ti. Keilor for the btntllt of credit???.
John Kavaaagfa maaleaatmllax assigiiuiti.t to jahn ii
Tht tiiilof Nathan Rilli? iitstciii, iliarcoil t?. ?(li
the hundir of Sarah Ah lander, has be? n si 1 donn for
Jan, .'!. Tin? tn.(I of lliirroii?lis. the alh ge?l wifomur
derer, II apiniinlc?! foi .lan. 'J I.
Tilt' hotly ?>f Dr. Henry J. And? mon arrived
(.-.I H.itn: il.iy . anti now- lies in ?'ate at St, Gabriel'?
Church, On Thursday the fuaeral win laka place, con
? lint? ?I by Caldina) Net loaki ?
Deft? tha- \vat<i" mains Hiil'jtct the r< ??dents
of Waahingtou UlghU t?. mach im-onn im m?. Bereta
of the ?in a is .m ii.I. ii, ami at night a coating ?at I ? It
foi mt ii. in.illili-' travel iin-a!. ..i W? li ?f di- r it ca'.lo.
Kaily y?-stt-iday morning dann i J. Qibbena
ol No 246 I ,:?7iil etb 11. Is? im?- Involved In a .|iiarr-sl
w it h ?ima unknown perenna at Houston and Moll ita., In
tv I.i? h I .ihlifiis',1 Hose aas niall) lula li uti. Hit >i??.ti.ant
Although tJic i?'- ia the largo lake at Cow
ir.ti Park is ilraadi tri ag,th< ?Oammlaalom ra ?think beal
in ?vail It iik-t i befan allowing skaters to go upon IL II
in u ii'ni . ? a irawtj on?- iiu ii.'.is mai ?mai I ? -?? cm- ball
,,?? ii?? n n m row.
Tin- Kit? Baring Bene*?deni Aaaoclatiun laal
wet k pu -ii n a ?i h. nd me ?- ???? dal ol ?llrcr lo Ml
H - ira of No. 80 Broadway. f??r )?.? ruaragt ami bu?
ln in.* ? ? tig a u an fit-in dru?? n ' ??;. al '
l-l.nul. Aug. ti, I??;.?.
'llio Tammany flail General Committee ol
1875 la giving notice lo d?allaqueal oAee holden laaaj
lb? ii pai tv ass- s? m. nt-, in .?i.i. i that ' i ata ma)
?. d. ami n?.ii ? ??! laut year'ai . .111. ??
m. i lu |be |?:e-t i* vc?:
<mi Saturday ifternoon, al ? Broadway
?bool n g gallery, a rUh mata t t??"k , a ?ali
f ii.e Roma ?t".i n\ ? i? iks of ti i ii in
iiiriiu? a'mu pan y. i:.i?n min ii ed ten tbota, og band,
ii loo yarda, and Um former team won the ni
i'iiiuiiiissiiiiiii r.rliaidi of iii?- ?BoardofPolior
? li -.it ii 111 :*x S' mill- :n I m Ins .iii Ifl . OSCC
?iiiH l?tt, li I lil Vv . ' i,.- mil li.?, c1,, ;? li i.-. Mein t
mott, i lomo, .mil Bjielgbl, in oraei le gire them In
? !i..i|i.l^elin lil of tin- foli. lila.l-l that]
oumni -u I.
Ai old gentleman peering elong iJej it ?>n
? i-e: : ? gaarea lit) '? ?. I teca ss
flit ??f Slu-tll ' ? ?
boutlng i" ii??- girl, " ulre me what k I" " I woa'i,"
i ply ? "Uu ? n tha isl.li i ?ali .nal e.ti n )i i .. i n
li-, .li " A nd -he vv t tit.
The ?St. Jobn't (inilil statis thal In the ?nidal
nf li ? W lalli "s Win k It I? t (?Hip? 1 ? ?I lu .l.ip Nlxl it ?k f"!
meant io ga on. In ?addiflon la Ibe continuous
Upon its li?.?. huill?n ils of lush n|.i I . .?lams foi
i ? ?.-I ii,li I I lalle T ????? ile.?lillie I ?
ne ?I :?" ?i. ? lotbing, bianbi I . ?hot -, ?and amah ri lb f n
ep Mu in in-ill being tui neil oui of doon **> uh theil
- iittli '?n '.
Abool '"ti? graduates of Vaaaar College m?-t
.?u Saturday i.i"l four :??i a Vaaaai a .-, a e Alto
I'r.ifs I', i. ??."ii I, Bri ! ?. niid ? Soo]
cut. mi<I ' riel :..,., ..n?a. i a, ,g 11? ,,:,|, 11 nt
tin- ti.-vv ??. ^illll/.Ilt uni. Io In. I.i. ! Im ? \ ??- u
and t" inn.* .i i ? ?? i "i al >n t?iln?ll ?
?bit? Tbe Ud|.-a heartily entered Into the -,.f iba
a . I 'ti t*iv of tl.i in d? liv? I? li ll.eir V I? -. ? i.;? ?:. t
The I'usidoiif ?if id?- Blachwell'a Island
I , Coilipaaj i-l.ile? t.at 1.1 as i:.ii mini .in I ii.iiii.it.
of III?? I ?,lt I SI ill ? j a. pim ? I ? ni ? S, , Hal Ml I ! .
' ? r'11ic?l ?if III?- la I?- 1: i.i vt. u ( ",,in p m .
' ia pi i f? ? !:: g I. e plans lor Hu i I - p- -???!
I'hej ex peet IiiIi.im ';. lae ne? ( ?-a ii prrllliltlia i? ? ? ?.iii
piett-tl by ?early 8pi lag, al which time Un ai
laitii.i be begun aud puabed forward s>ni all po
?I?? ed.
Ai iii?? Apprrnlieea1 Library, at N?>. 472
1 ?jr, l.l.i.ka wa ic ib '.?,, n 'I OB lal ni ila y la?t.
The ?lally eiramlatlon of Ulla library has long averaged
mci BOO lillian.-i, ?tini. in i-ei-in.i-nili.ui of tbe tpprt
li.u? ?lid. n ny i - ii-.al : -, i s,a i , u i I. i i . B made lo
ni. dil Bil I in ii? we.-t and li.-I |?.ii?...-.ii!.. -
?at i In ini.it ?( . . s itUi n m fui all li mu
demand. I be library nu ..-?..!.- , .?,
iud la free to all working giris ?and ?boy?, ol siiuu ?
i,., i ? ? ? i us privileges.
Vi--?i?-i?l:iv morning,ai one ol the Roogevell
Ulrxct Fcrr)'-boaU waa nanni* i?? i slip, a ?six-footer al
1.-in..Uni Iti.lni i|? .n Ihi.iiiI. bul lui . a!, a ' il. ii lu ibllltT,
itni tunk a baili lust-?ni. Immediately then wna greal
..nun mi Hie boat, and ?the uu .inded with
" Man "?' i.'i.n a : " I tie i??? ii lia? t ?
I lu billi ? ill til tia! n eil ai i m ml, v? ..lal. ring ? bal !..
do. lu ti.? Ill? .Hit lilli- lue maa n.nl d.i.in, a| ..,
? ..a nu board li 1 boaU, and dil ipi. an ?I iu .? Hu
lin-.?., win r.? ha wrung ami dried nil clothes, and
Utut 1 fit ?I on his ivav
The ?dam <>i applieanta lot- Mlmiwdon i<> the
b:n this lnolitli n nun. 1 . 01 y sl\, und lint have I?.-, a
subj eted !<i nu iiiiiimi.ili> ii'?uiius examination, the
? n 1 .u.linn .iiiona '?" lag I* .\n 1 i> ,
arba 1,1? l'a.nun.m ni tin- lair Asm., i ab.u Committee tn
a, 1 is. ? mea m- u? ram the standard ol im Har. Kverell r
? , ali.l .lo'ili .- I. va aa ! d?i| ?,4, I ,,[
SalliVlay Was las. ?1 Up .ii mai c ... i. .n, i ,. ,,, ?,,.[ Un
.? : ?. ill .1.1:1: ...n, I? l|U|li ,1 . ., ,?, , - i, . , ,,,r
Ula ' : 1? 1 ol v. ri I!? li 1, ii? -i-lio Us. a 1 .ins. voit pursued III
SUCb 1 lil I li I It.1 Hi 1 li? foi illa ?1, -j ? al 1.
'Iiu residente <?l the \ lilli ami IXth As
?t mi ii) 1 uri 11. ita ??n- tigalaa a 11-1. ii-. n re^neatiug Lb?
I . Bl 'I > -I" :*' 'III ?in a pi all.j ?I !.. I lull ?.. r l?u ! 1., u_ .? In .1
mau I ? I "!t u plot fil.iati d li ivvi cn S v 11, .,! ,| i t. . nwitli
? ivi .?.ml l'eiijl.- I , alni ?.. n I .?.,!.
im i in- pin poon "f a public mai : > I I ? i . .
an- lu ii *? I I iv- . ha . Is-.-.u.i - n:.f the pi || liial thin
..u-iit.iii i. ami iba'in?- pu..in market, un i ,.i brick
buiidiiig, su, niiiinli ti in w.len thetis, li unsafe, un
in nilli ii utty lilla? ?I ana i? -.it. .1, .u,?i um,i i,?
us pi? s.-m u- . About i,.,(M signa i . :?.a,i?
lie. li set md.
Superintendent Walling ?reeeired ?m Batnrdaj
a letter from Mn i ?boauma? ?a. lb? v...: ... ?-, : ., ,,,,
c used iba d lae ali i al n.? nu a, aaklug tan' t?. i .
ii i late kuthand, which ama at tha Hfth Ar-eaat Hotel,
lie lorw.ii?? i i?> her. and Ineloelng lb? bogg tar ? beck foi
a I In Hu?s i nib u?b ni d tailed l?i te, ? !? !? Mt'N.:.i i"
I valllltll- Ii.e ?Olli... ill lae lll.li? Mt N a illa | ., fi,,l|?|
I ti t Waa Illa I I ?ii' III VV?! , li? UllUg, bUl '.II lae boil, li,
.-.III . I" Itlba I' ?"-, le II li? I ?"II- . ill? li a ? Ii i, i! ii,
? lunn ? n blasting. I ni? Hu- netei in i- took to the t'en
i e ? be 11 uni aud do Uiug uri ?? deUvcn I a
gentil m.>n designated m Um letti
Mis. Christina Malnehii who bad been inigglng
sime jan t, w.is ti ..iiviteii on s.iiiniiai aar?ealag aad
lain n io li r reililcm.?, in liol i is.nan. I,, I,, i |.i,.i,,,|,|
At I.'.' time of bei tl:-.ii?|s>,ir.inc<i she hint nvei +.,?iiiiii
pnii limn! h. r, ana it ?ns f? wed thal aoBM v loh nee bad
lui n committed. A ii i wand ring about aiu was Unalla
i . k? n in -i tatton litiusi, win-1'? ?ia- n tuai n? a i ?v, mk-iii
on .lan ia sin- waa laki-a to th.- examination ufllee ol
i.ii,.ine ii.sp tai, u h ra Di Bnrkt, city pbj iciun. Iden
i i? i aa ti.e m 1.x ?i,' winn.m. Tue 8-VJ0, howerer,
h ii .1 ?a p| ?( iii k1, ami Mi?. MallMkl Was nimble In ace. in ul
im ii? loss, but i ?nu Un niiii u wat lakt n from bac ?ii Um
police ?station, ?Um localitj of whMh sha tannol |.u out
The ilfixmitiir? ?)f tlic sii?|n iidcd I'lnjiK's
?arlagt Raak mat on IMnrieV evening in Oaraiimda
Hall, at Thinl ave. ?md l..?! ti ( ni>>m. Bx-iw?m Joliu
li Wh.tc, Ihclr Coiiniti-l, rc|Hirted thal lit hail been to Al?
bany sud conferred willi the Assistant Attorney.ijmcritl
ss lu the piopri! ty of traii-.Vn in;: Wie comt pro. ceding?
In n I I'mii to th hank from AlbillV lo New York. 1 lu
receiver, Mr. Pleach, had aeqnleared In the propoaed
Change, mal ii would proliably be tnn-l.-. Mr licin It
had ...s.? liglied to gili lill? tbposiUilH Hin d:iv ?,' noUcC of
any cale al tiio tacurltica al Um baink. it was reported
that ?lilt fllst dividend ul v.") |?e; (cut WO Id I?! paid
abolit Mun It I. lile books, it wak stab-.I. Showed all a|>
pareut dctli u ney ?of BStfiOb, but tau actual deCclciu-y
wgg anani fTBiWO.
There Li now on a-xliililtion tit the Ralesroomr?
of the Met Iden Hiitannla t'ompany, at So. bat) broad?
way, a fine work of art in the shape of a prize cup. It
wat manufactured by tfcs Uertdcu Company for Partit
and ihta.n, t? be tirasen ted by that journal at the pria
clj-?tl prize at the jrre^t bench ?how of dogs, to be held ?it
(!,ii Ago next i.e<_. Hie .up itself is 31 Inches in bight,
snd reet? BB?S I m irb!e _8M Tha lower |i;iit repre*- tit*?
the triinli of a. ree, at tin- f.Mil of winch a wood, ??cl? M
partly . mice-lied hy f.i na. fin ia, li ?nie of tin lue and
it ii point, Isa* "bit ii.?ne of a do., one, a pointer, mol
died fioiu lita alter amtebratwd weston <!"??'. Banger,
und Hu- other tin? tw li knife a Lai araek setter Count? s?.
lui the i.i.d', of the rup are fwo medallions, one of ulm h
lo filled by ?he pre? ii tu flou Inscription, utir! Hie other br
?in iiic?iv hu.' of ( ol. .Siiuiu.-I Cult'? noted old pointer
" Phil" The sid? ? araadoraed with kantlag im plein, nts,
and on the rover aie 1MB sir..use. It is valued at ?'.'>..).
TliO city is to be di*? ?del into small-pox
districts, with a eom|?eterit physician in thttgt of ?ach.
l>etcctive Znii.it lia* arr?**?t4*(i a ptt?atM
wlio.lt Is sfstrd, will be an Important witness on the
ti III of Rlll-fllHtem.
Skill lag fit nil tlio ihiikIh linn lx-pun in pood
earn, st, and crowd? of pleasure-s? ?Wer? throng the Ice at
it i i v point ?i In lu the ?port chu b?- i i J.>>> .1
Tlio .***?M*i? ty for tho Prevention of Cruelty
fn AiiIuibIh hn? opined rooms nt No. 109 J n aleunii ?1.
It employ? a lar^-e uuuiber of ?(?eciiil nilli ,-i?.
Lewin CatpaatM Of Cincinnati was idee tod
President of the, Natlonil l?ihkbiver?' Huton, at the
n-ccnt Convention, instead of Meredith Moore, as ]?r?-vi
ouslv ?uni..inn.-d.
JoM-iili Oliver W.1S ant?ted on Katiti day,
BBBlQad Will Inducing sailor? to i!e?crt from (io?ern
mci I vis el?, aial tin fl betimj lag tin in in d obtaining Hie
reward aiTatad tor .!. -,??. i. ?.
Tlie suit of bodoff M. lion Bgaiaot The
llrtefiklyn Faule, tul allein d iib l.vtiii di-i niituuied on
Sal uni.ii, t he .1. rend mr? ggteotag lo publish au uiKib.?;>
aud withdraw tin- obje. lionel?!?* ?t itement*.
Alixandcr Itrmvu of No. 771 I.tr-afcn-st.,, and
I.v in,in Traey, a Bl vent h Wind nilli m eefagad la B prias
tl-lit m .ir (?itiii! sie, nu siiturd.iv. Tracy waa declared
tin? vi mu. r. lli'o.iu via? ?incited, ?BO al?o 'lia,",-?
Mniy M?*(itiitini?*4 on Saturday recovered
*4.".<M> foi tin ION of her flltstiltid, who vin? killed BJ _M
falling of sa elevator through tim alleged negll**eaee of
In ubi, <?.,,,.?,iil ,V <o, oil di.lal?, al |Nina. 1 ? .all I 17
1 di mall st.
While Domini. 1? Conn?Hy, a .um.liman, wai
?ittemptliia" lo gi i hi? i.irrlii-'.if of flic c:ir Iraak st
n. -, latta Ti f. rd it. tin. vehicle wa* ovi itui iie'i, throw?
ing < "n n ii? upon in? bead, ii" di. ?1 ?.after tram th?
l'Ile, I? a.f ine lil . ill) li,
|fr, Leopold, leakling ai No. :?ll Adelphi
?t , aii.l doing boslai ?? ?ii .No. ?~o N.I--.IU ?i . Bern york,
?hot lum ?> if ?. ?n ii n about i p. m., nt ina residence,
with th, n *, Hin di ni .n.tie, hM ifi ii.- vin? not dead
r.t a lal. ho1 li la ! I Igbt, bul lu .1 pie. u mu? eolidil loll.
Win. <-. lit ? li??i?, City Clerk, on Satiii.lav
?..ton-m a : pcraoai "??im mie ii.fii .1
bl thl I-....'"! of Aid. nu. li In., ale mi 11. ?.ii;.
aiilai. is follows ) l'an Harlow, Wm. H rate, Joseph
v. vv,,,,|i,, ! David [indee-, a.I mi T Dodge, ..ml i .1
? uni Hope*.
Wm. II. I...'Is appealed before .In tia
??t.. se .m I lim,I iv wnh : .,t'i. yea Ma. i?' a sa 1 lu? I ?? ?
terribly braised Ile aabl bis soa H. el. j had Inflicted the
iii i i< iin iel i.i. n.. timpani. .1 the
i ". i.i..if..i bim,bal th" vonai bumi wai
iieel Iel . I.lill Hall,.11.
ii. ii ?fr Dander, abo trai diachariied from
ile Ila! lima lnnaj|i tsylaas bul thai day, i lain* I
be waa not ni rae taken thora laet Q
that bi i. o i Bl in when he went then*, and has onlj bad
-i. ?'? i, i ?.. ?! i.. " Ile charges tue siten??tula with
?i apina ""' ''"'din.I. r.
The i<\-nilen! physician ?it the House of tin
.Bat ;?!,> rd . larg. ? IBs HealthotBoeri witacoatrth
.nuil?' lo iln -id' ei - , .vi irough iii ii m*:.
... :.. i . ? mit?n >';? un isufn ? ? lu u a
?(ugh ini ,t. haul in. .li- ? ' laing i ??? !?? rai ?
t -iiiiil?- th. 'tin I ?li..
Nun- >. milli Milora, belonging to the
IWCd di !? ii ,? ? ? .le li. tia- e ,.,,l|ip|.lt!|, .1 lu the Hwtelllsb?
< ousul ': i.. pi tin ii i? 111 ti- at? .1 uni aad. ?-. I
lb. III. atud ? Ipi- -? Ila ... .a ? ?. II li tie !?
lu compel Hiern io i tv? fin ressel and thus foi
felt their pa over 0100 of which la due e ? .i >m of Ibeia
Charlea Ulrich attemiiietl to bang linn-li
fern tt.:ii|....i m the I if'h Pi-, 'not Man.m h.n.-. on
??.iiii..:. . .- down. Ile then attempt d !??
? ai' i li-l tb? ? ?- I ol bli .. n. n i( hi
und. icinna', i - ?Ung i?..?. i ..f lu? skull, failed
it- nu. and wa* put In trun Ile declared he ?el will k1
hu...- ,f.
JKK8ET ( li v.
W.l'i nu VVei m i vv.if? Kiiiinntutl in di f;iii!t of
charged ?iiii obtaining0100ander
f.ll?. |.|. I. II -, ri ..III .1 al li ?I.lill. I Of ll.de,. > H.
I in- .--1 ? 11. - l.\.< ulive Ci'iiiuiiti-. ol iii.' Voang
Nea'* ' m lal i in v - i ..mu bas made arras emenls to
in.1.1 me. Darn it O t ia.re, Honth Amboy, Mattawaa,
?, n. it.,, vv. - ?, n, (:? ,i li ,ii,., ki..l 1 _?ug branch, dm
in ; thl? month und I ? bru.ii ?.
eli.iii s Moore, Jesse Darcy, Thomaa flnghoa,
Wi'.'iiiii. ..".in. ...,,! .lo! n i .ni iii in. wera m ri ?tid oa
-,t'ii.i.i? in. ht. in eomp i,m "f Kowari in -?? i
-, ,ii i h? .1 lol emin ii ,i ion > harged with i
? ut. ai..I l. . tabli * a nii| i ? I!.f th.
a 'i ^m '.i el m. ii h mis 1.1.,, pay i. i,i ',,? ??.. ? ?
lu^tlic l!ii.l?.iii County Cunt OB S.it'i'.l ??
li...m.i? Uoodwta, con? if.??! ..f mauslauahter in killing
I.I, fa'ln I, ?t is. Bl.I l>? I '! :? K:i ipp, i.
i? there were ni It igst in* ?,-, ,n a -mi ,.-s connected with
Ila , lillie Hie I ii, l> I Moil , I la i. ., ...I. in Ile Li.pitha!
Um prieouei would lead a bellet ill? after bia term had
expired, and then seateaoad lum to two yaara la Slat*
I'.l Ulta
The ii <? < mp i? I?, big ?.'?nilli, ii.
The Green BtreH Orman-English Behool
.in n held their annual meelingoaPritlay mgbl
Jilba Hfblil I, .. If I WUS eil : I d ni. In. .ii. : a-e
attemlanc* at the school last yeal aasBVt,
(?n Su ,inl j .. ven in g .i.i m. ? Mo-ore attcmpl I
10 board a train of lbs Pennsylvania Railroad al the
Market-et >i pot, ni., n ha wa* thrown ? conaldarabl?
? i -tm,., and i... li i .i a taveraaealp ?. >nn I
(?n Uondaj l.i-t the employ?s of tin- ateel
,i itruch mil. i... mi' tie ,i waga* bad baan ri
.'in..! 20 per ? ni lue proprietors bara given notice
thai new un-n will be employed uulcu lbs strikers n
lill II lo III. II KO. I,
Baturdaji Mai Beatenee daj In Hie I
I .ali ti ? ol I ri ol 1,11 lit el P. a?;,dl? I ?I- eoll V li I n dis lu le
prlnctpallj tor minor oBbassm Rllsab Ut BtnlMt a?A Jaaaes
VV , ?I. I,III 11 na,.!) VU le HI li!. , , I lo III'pi-:?"II 1.1 nt fOI
11 vi rears? ieb, Uu foruiei lol ?ti ding ?I.OOOworth ol
u n .,.,.'-(. i?! .11.'a Murrell of liridgi ?t., in whoa*
i' hinl ?.i ,i ?.i i an!, aiir a. lal tel f..: i... n
i lal . ?.. i?.ra w. ir tin?..I from
gio to 040 each foi selling on I ibdUy.
m:\v .ir.!.-i.v.
Fbakklim. 'liifViiiit.tc.il-. Ililli are maning
,di . ...'ii half Hine, ami the * ,';i? of I he < mi.'.iv in h ?ive
.red wat IOj-m r< .u TIM llarrtaoa mila hare aal
u i u i nain* fat two ?eatha.
M..s i. i un. *f*BBUla?ob Brow.,gravara,whoaaapei I d
payment, ban imaged with tb<*lr creditors hy giving
: the full a m?.m i? it from nts te l8 amatas.
I'liii:-..-, Jautas Hi,.!, the Indicted 'l.ia Comm!
?i. iiii? arraigned In the I'?- sU Doun ti Ourton
-ali,.! it , i nan ? .1 ?Uli f ...? m : I'io U ..m t I .-,,. i, f.
i<,i Hie 1*1*01.Ion of I ?.tut Manufacture* o lufliii ucc
nun t.biroassesamenlaon Iii propel :? Iii i li i . :
no1 i-'iull t . mid vi.'? In ,.| in .*?'.don 1,ni |,,i- trial loila)
i . . in-n I a, ievh?cd br tbi tate.tul ?
i , .mi,, mt, .1 n.-?::< I.?',' ? 21, ol which --....i.-.o 47
.n ralI lo .ii?- city, ami 1147,101 ,'I i? ? treerd on
] ? I . ? I ?. I II li,. Ill lal- III. ?I n e ? I lalla If. li lil til, i .
I on ii i t? ii i,,. i i ? i mu f on r-ai || ,, , t i ? Brill ol 11
o. i a, M I- I WHS ail mi;; ed lo p.i 11, n oi.i.d to lilli li
ini.i,n? granted, ami ?an Inventor) Sled smunuliUM Io
.u i ", . . "ti ? I ..v.. : ., the et an i 11.1. la hold
Ival i eel inga lu I i e l*i ? ?i" < t Birreel tJctb?.i. _r
l,,.i.?i'..| ii' ? milt h Will..lill I..I I,?, ( I, . li in- la, I,,i
itali ol lue t.?? (-im m ol ras s, waa arraigned on .*. i
urila) on a charge ol uegb cling to k?*?p inn record* ol
ila Hoard, and ?f re? Iving money toInfluei.in tom*!
u ni.i va ful 11 ami dishonest!) ii. hi? nil?, i ti oa|taelly. Id
p|, .,.:. ,1 i ni i- ,1,1., lind ?ia? In lil in ?-,')*<?"' bau i.n mai
rill i.>'" 3 '" 'i-".?.
I.A-T OK va?.? Win Hurt, a HretMCd pn.i. bel al Hie
I iifii.ii, and i-.hil. i of rn I mia tasika. of Mai? k
.,, .attempted lo m.?. the track ?f the Delaware,
I ... , ?wanna lad w> ah ra Kal I road lu front .,i a i,.< nm..
tv , on li nl.it eve li, ii -, " li n bo WM lu- .1 ii li killed A
1 1,1, 1'a Jury un *i m da] night reu leied a renilel of
1 eideutal death, uni it.in tah d tha Company trass
iiti.i.i-.v Barara] aaaall hoya from gawark, whll*
? I u. 1 n th? .ei"? it tbla place, bare bi-en attacked
1, 1. iii buys, and i lib I of ihelr pocket-knives ? :
VU,f t ."ia 1 l . v ;..?? ? SS li I n.e ? na.in-. . ??rill al
t. : ipta .it li nad m in bdea nt i;i.-t wai k.
Wi?l Unlink! s .'n S .'.n .lav nu,min." (ben- rgaa a
1 n-1 ajatbcrini at mt. Mlehael'a Mo?aatory to wittteaa tin
ni. ..i riinfrrntis orders aprsa nortees of th.
l*assh?Bl*1 1 .?iii ia i..?..o|ic.ii,??m Boadacted laaeara*
10. lit
BoBOBBV, Beary _ra_traag of n aasaa at. to ??
York, waa arreeteal on Mai urda) night chai i I with pass
og eonnterfeil Bfty-eenl stamp* Nine! en dollars lu
fl. .11.lui. lit molie.l Slid f?..'l Which li? hud coll. del in t_
i hun.'t'for In? ?pun. 11.? eiirr. ney m.u found lu his i?oa
?. ?aiun. II? ?.as bald la 15.00(1 balL
la'N.i Im.wh Cn v.?Tho (li.iicuittf-, regard*
in,; the aaaaaaaaaal nails havlagbaca aa_aa?al, tho col?
lai t.f I.u- n BM tic??'un I BS PB ripM for (mir ?lui ? or
last week were glJStS Stn ai?'?ln-it only if 1-_'U k(j f,,r tin
(?oiiesp?iiii1ln.- I lum I ra? t jeir I lo rcord? of the poll e
show that daring 1873?>07arrasta were m nie Aim
mu i ii ion lui? hc-u ur_f:tm/itii to in? ; mi? n sa IBs .'iti/.. as'
I ?i,,.ii i'ur, li,- mau ol l(.iveii?vt o>il is the i * t ?_-.-* 1 ? 1 ? ni.
it embraces ui ? payan lu u.i tynm uwe et tim ally, and ii?
principal iddeel appears la mt to an.?rd agalnat special
legUlatloaal Al?an) which au?} aeragardauaa rt?"n1val
to Im- mil reel? of lue pi.,|?.i ty nit u i n.
Ni.vt r.iwj? - I lu. pieseiit ?. hool iccmtimd itlona in the
latani Rill District ix-mi- found Uu-loquate, then inn
iiioicmeiit rm ti.?- formation or a new district, the umiud
art line t? Im? limn lim rows Iii alt ? to I ruin'? MeadowB,
!,u in.' runiiiig aaM?rt** to Hie line of the I', nfolil estutc,
ti i m i south.-iiy to New Polnn.!, and theticc west, rly to
tin -t ullin'],..tut iii? loath End Refera Assoclstion
n n ini? 'Jim in. muera, and l? now (?ugnged in Ilia in
II ?!.-. itiou of public load iilnises.
Asionit ? John Codes, watchman on Flood Rock, off
th* foot o! rmten-st., wa* ?o?_antuily shot a ?aj ot lu o
agu C*4ra was lylmr on hi* back npon a nench with his
revolTcr by his side. The ?weapon w-is act identaUy
knocked off, and one of th?- chambers being exploded the
bullet passed up fhr?uii;li the Ix-nch and through bit left
ihiKh, Inflicting a terioaa wound.
HiNTivi-.Tov.-It at proposed to leMaMlefc the pro
is ! . i frelghl in i pmara*? line to Norwalk. Conn.
BASTION Tin? lariiot lie boat on the South fide le
owned by Belah a Smith and II. A. V. Post. 8be has a
cn fool ?ill. nid la expected to m ike th? trio across the
linst Bouta Hay to Tire latani in ten m in ti tea.
Jim tn t. -Janies M. Ookatf, ex Assemblyman from
Que.'us County, while driving In an open wagon along
Id uipatead plank road on Saturday, w.ia thrown out or
bia wagon and terereli bruiaed ...A bill for the division
of Que? ni ''??ntrv has been preparad by the nb-commll
lee appointed foi that nurpnae. and after consideration
t?i ?Um full Kxecutlvo t'oiuiultto?-. will be foi warded to
W'nni.H.ifrs.-It is stifed that the report that Joseph
li Page, ?the murderer of Joeophlac l ?mw-maiii, wa? for?
met Iv a re-di nt of this place i-? Incorrect. Thorn or
pin' ably amse fruin the similarity of the name of Joseph
A Page, formerly a reputable merchant and n. ?a* master
here, and uuw residing at Sheepshead Hay, 1 - 1.
nii'iiMONDu?The Bapervinon of Richm-on?!
County hiving finished the work of e-qualttation, til?
warranta will ha In the Innis of the tax collectors by
Jan C1, und the collection will hoiin ah-mt Feb. 1 ?
Ci on all Conner, Cm oner, ami recent li C1- i b ?to nie ?Bo t.1
of Bnpen isors, has bu ii ?lapniiitt d Di?| uiy ('.ninty Clerk
Fina ? 111 it The Board af Wtro Itoprcaeatatt**?! have
elected nilli eis for the menina m ?tr as foll-owa: Preal
di lit. II. C Iran.'; ; \ it? Pie?'?!? :it. \ ? i I : ? ?.v i) va?:
tit ' retar;., Bill lia? I ?mimili ; in a.iui'-r, 1'roderick Kolm
White Plains.?Tin- BoiMtlleon hate np
I roprialt.l ??M to .-iilange for proper veittilatiun of the
cni.rl inniii in ?UM < ?ninty b.iibl'ng.
BAH ( iirtTii:. -The s?ipcrvlsors have crmtcd the ai.
pl-i atmn of the m vu i ''i era to ismo $9.79H in bonds for
this it-pair and ImproYemeat of sundry roads.
U i?n iii -tri it 'I ho town officers have been author
i"?ii. tia supi-rvi-o"? t.t ii?iie bonil- to the ?mount of
-I 2,000 to bo elis ntl. d in improving the t ?million H
Tlip anana] meeting of the I.ii?- Baring I?-1
mv-.l-n! A i?, ?i ia Moa v.il! be ?bald ililli:?-' the pro- ni
week a! s.? 51 Wall at., when a report of Um won ti the
past vi ar vv ill be n a.I
The Tammany Hall Exeenttre Committee for
1874 or.-tui/eti on B?tard ar aflcraawm, etonttag John
Kelly ? h linn.m i Jaacph J 0*Damob? ?wdJacabtl
\.?t i ii.ihmi -i, Oeorge B Mottaa. Beary i?. ?ffcrrajr,
V. | li m, M |;,, i, | .,11 ii :n nu i M. I lum, *?? ?Ti,nn ?
in a i tin- m .v nil? lins I t? ? itlTi ?'< luinlfl ?? lake* the
place of the former ?Committee on Orgaultatic i.
The lii-f of :t geriee of lectmeg ?n the Plea?
bytertaa Memorial Charah, at MaOanai ira, ami
i :?-.!',i ?i it, h) the paatar, ?Um ?Bar. ?Dr. ?Charlea
9. Bobtaaon, win be deUirered to-morrow crening.
I?. .'?It,eel |a "I* lil Bl I tv Irk' ?Eld '"*?." -lll'l
tun- uiii 11 lllusti it? ?l ??-.nh pi ntograpl le va v
Dr. Robinson's fi qik nt arialta t?i Europe ?and h"< Ion
i? aident e lu Parla as | , tin of the Amei le in I li iff I have
. iiim valuable i.m it um on Ti.?- ?u ... In v. hu ii ?n
h is ?i b i o ti for Iii.? lectura -
The Rational Teropa ranee Society, hawing Ita
in-,t.binn i.t? ia tala city, ims Imnnd a rall Boa talatcr
! 11 mperanet < lonfan nee ?in Phitadelpbla on Jane
IT. " aa a llllng or ration to n mai i? r ?m rvlattoaaat ih
rene? reform, In lit a? I? ?.iii?. .nile, n.teller
tiwi, social, moral, and rellicioii* tapi :? to imiivi luai
.uni n.ii ?ni ii ii fi : ita progrosa and needs; and to Invite
i.ir deliberations cgpicsentatlvceol tb? cause of tem
Iterance from forel n i aintrt's." I ? k -;??'i li cte
pt ? ti ti tu confinar foi line? ?I n?-. ?iii I a ii nu,-li i : t
a. lui el III .a? nf illa Winnall'? IV .?>: mee D.I,
..r the s ni- .li i. p. ranee, and nf til ?? "?I I' mpl ira
wltli various pubUi bra lUf.i?'??. ii. . ??li be held sunni
taneoea?Ti ___^____^______
Bl BOLABfl I am? illl.i'.-v
M ?? Borah Mon I m "?'N'". Ill Weet Thirty-Ant?
?t (?apartad '? I Mtatday thal a ??? tteh valaedM
? ? mi f-,u in Boney bad beta Meian (ronahtrbaree?
.!..?. pli Tit rn.? ?.f N i 117 W. ?f 'I '* ? ni I '!? -I '? ' tted -MM
.? - .?? .. -i ?ifak thief.
I K Htargi ? a **-. .. i >'. ? ?i I ??? ii tinia ?i i?, ??ii? i ? ii
u ii iek w'n? -, ? ? ni.? g an?! J? welty valued at i-i ??
? I li rou eli ??r? I. ?<. ?f ?cm: I'.v- J ths
hall ti ?? i ??' No ;? i '?'? a ?.? '? ?' * i? a ? I I - lar?oh
.., a !?? '!.. -'??' i lohn I'aniplN ? ' er ti? i
11,, v were cutting ? n? ? la IM parala ni when i her wer
?war by lu ?-?? ? .i? in a atora ??n the tppoMM eda M Um
Al h t I S lil > ? V?,,: ,v " fi- Illili S|)|.|i>Srh-M -?amurl vi
V Itali foi N?> I.?)?') l.ii.ts IU- ave., who was pawt n. I
\V Air: "?I . I . ii I - - nt .'
iii BIB, and
k ?? M bl, ti I- HU i":''" IH1. I' 'i
I I'llm-ll .BCSt&J
lilt. I.t-.s'? T'U'i h Tablbti
An 1 I. i II? ?! 1?.. V pi ti lil .li ?Ir Ii 11 -i.
I.i **.on? in.'? < ' \i ti "?M \ W ti i R fur Ihe toilet
st.I Pitha A ... i.?-'!''i -un-1:'!!, for ? ol.vriie r Hay limn.
'I'll r ilc-li will lint linn black mid bine winn
I,it in in'- m v i. vi Pam Batatexoa ka tpphod.
I>ni ?.i. i-11 mj iii if the .aal?? of I Mi w'.-a '1'ai?i ?X
ug i.p,.iii.
Di? iv'- I' ? -i ! i ' -- Mi i?niNi ??' can now? lu li ii
l-l all di a,.' ttOCI ?. k '? r. :? i 1 n.
For t'??i ?.ii-, ROBB TiIBOA r. or Cuni I*, tis?? ;it
. ...... i v ii n i ni Kin-. 60 ? tatt and IL
I '.i ?;**.?-?. l?r mi tv--. 1 m;ii in ISO \ Ml 9, otc, enn al
s i ..a i . ! i< ? ?ne i i ia i.l :,ik. lir III? K, 2 Vi Broadway,
i . t. , . ia i . ill llntf.
" Al I, ni \ r (! i l-l : K9 It B?0t (J?n D."?Manv
ix ift.ti ni., i. -.i li-tl Paris within the last yesr baa struct
? of ber 1 ?w11 fr:? :? !? ??:? bet rsl
I ,,. |, .- 'l|ey I'll! I??l
how slim li l Be sreret lli-s In this Instas
,.( bil)lug i a i? .! ihaiiKi i, als pul liast<<l lbs in,
Pan .ian I ?i i?i ?'ii ' ? -a ? '?, - -i v- ir'imm ' a ? i.n?. .
ila tai? i?.|?iiii brillant and tasi as lona; beang seated with
t. ..1 di n.- - - known au ? i? li ?? Inn b1
m. i ia n s a a? m ?Mi tv ali iwaa those whe investi?! ti.nanda
III, - . I .til?! in It j.,!, lilli III til?' I nil ii --t.ili ? li
i ?a vs. No 17*8 ii?? idB ij. ?-I?: m ti bl -
VIT I I. I "- i-i h :. Simp-linn?! - ia ptbCt .
..??:?? i- ? . ? I rot !? la me I'UN PA INI
iGNEW. THOMAS K., the ?rent New-York
.1 .i,;', m. an li?., deal? i-, win li - ? ai 11 tall,
? -, I'm .- ?t g. i nat-miit?.
l Ml UK' \l. KSH.VY,
. 1 mniprisliia a n, ri? lof I* ?Maret ns delivered ?t
KAIIN'H Ml ?I I'M ??1- \N A in MY, .vi ii \.illK,
na lb? t. suae and a ure of I.a, A clear syuojwl?? si
.| I . Sith I I- !? la. ?' "I- H I l.l. SB Ililli
Nervous sud Physical Debility, la-tug Un reniait of '?Oy-ears
? w 11. Piicr, as cents \ ii ka antber, i?r
i I itlllN, niLieiti.il ri-mileine, ii I mt imbat., New-tork.
/ j?tADU? i KI) i.rsi; immii ciiii:-\n im
" t ii, | ., ia,- t ia. ,1 . I I. : lll'l I!, I ?nil l|J I 111 ? (tOld? ? I
Bbti .ii ill. *1 6?i i - ? v v. \ -I -, -.i i. vi. ? :?l Ii aa?
|| N. 8?? lu;-,. '.?7 Fultnii-f.- Wat? la -a.
II? j,.?.-it v. i.. ?in .a!,, tttertiag ?-.i.? i- tui.l tiAatorat?
?V ... All u li . . ?; .| IlllJ ..n ! ai ia ilail lilltUL-i.
I 1 ill Min ti -, ~ Hu'!' ofATIIH' BPE? IFI-re bu
I \ vi | i 1 I - mil ritAVKLKKH '.!. ?'|. lue .a? ?, Hon.*.
\ r:. iai.it. '?I. ?I . .:.--, UoiueopaUiu M?-?,i. lae- lu tinctures,
n?, mu .ai..ii-, II ' h ill - ai . IB, I' III :?. .Ml? li
Haxi i ? I li m i ii ill '? - '? -' -o ii Bl." Droadwaj
I ,,? I ., .. ,. ...? :..| t (?port i f i??
CJTKItrrUUI , liii;i.if?'!icr, and Dineiuioaol the
rl. ,!, ,- .t ina mi - ii? ? uni. Ill"*-- HT
A. i'ivii l? M. li lil i.?-. ?i -i?> ive i ula e liotira ii to A
'riu; ?-iA\ii,ri.\ ian: eui.-?. Paralyna, !>??
I t ? i Uti . ? |. I?, din,: on. I? III mu. .uni ?ill . I lei of tiela
. ; I i?; I- Iii
ju.ii/-1 Bq '. i ar. im ...
sur.M BBH i^t?-"?! %<m^t:.
Awsr'.-i Hie araad ?* o??td Keaialaf P tn if mt the ian
lean Institut? Roi -?..li Lagaay Uo?ai, of
"1?5"other SEWING-MACHINE in the
tvjll ana tTBT'T a. ?>r egad tem lu*n?|K?ct?i!t.
ii? MK i.ima li.*?*-. Ili-niiil-i-t it.
(?on. ia M I '. Ni iv t ung.
Secure your Valuables
acai.v-t piaa urn bobbbbb hy
ltl.N ll.MJ A llOX IB IHK
71 and 73 West "?lld-ol.. iMssnnl?? Temple Butiailng.)
nmniKsu'i'" iiiiri.voiif noM.s. i>iamom>?,
.le? , irv. I i. iiir.ii, sllv, r l'isle, Matnary. | rnnk?, ?t-c., Im au/
laaigtta of lime, in Tit* ?u?l n ugUr Pia? V?.ilta.
?ipen from 'i ?. m. lo al u. ni.
iXnCea rente! at n ?nu ^ HI io 9100 u year, tht neuter
n li I.?al tut Hie ker ami I stiii? se? etts te ti
I'verr fnclllty afliinled tor ibe ruutenlenre ead PrW
vacy ?al L.AUV i'ATHIINH.
KI.I.WOOD K. TIIOBNB. Preeldcat.
JOIIN P. B0DI1V11?, Seer ami Trvasnrer.
William a. vbazi?, iupt.
DT DU. I.M.HTIilll., NO. 21? F1FTH-ATB.
Among the list of ?liermte fl?nni?? wliirti affect the trumao
frame. Catarrli lu Hie one most preralent, moat offensive, moat
productive of discomfort, snd nio.?t liable to a variety of dan?
gerous sinl dlstfrSKliiag com,du-atluna.
Tiona lids are annually lia--1? n? 1 to s premature -mt ?re from
It? [it ruli ona t'lfeels, and no doubt thousands srr tins moinsnt
?lowir partaatlnK under it* fa'.ii Influence, ifrnorant of th??-auae
?of tlielrrte? Minne I n]t*i. It mut. In fact, the tle?triicfl?e Inila.
??m ? ?if mis dli?vr inn! Its alarming prevalence iliat nrst at
Malad Hie writ. ?r'sattt-PUnn and it Is willi pardonable pride
that lie hrr?. refers to Uto fa? t of hav 111,1 WatW the li rsl physl
d.i'i wini made tl>ls iii.i.in.-a tmu lal ni nl.v, ami originated a
system or treatment, cali:iil..t.-d tu 081.1.1 a taila al ami perm*.
meet oore.
Iiim le ?.?.- 11,mi the Head.
r.-vtsrrh msnlfcHts ItHelf bv adtaahOfgi fi um the head, vary,
nein ila nature lu di:Ti rent . a. t a nt even In tin? ?Hine lodi,
vidual M diiT. i? nt tin 1 It 1. y be a thin, color?? an, acrid
1I1111I, or a ?lalry, i-tar. li iii.. aaUMtam 0| ti' m rally, ho??ver. It
.t 1 Hi 1 k. am ni? m or inn? t r'u ?'? -at m:itt?r, ? itlier-rn-riilall
y i How tirof ?dun glemu Uni. ??? ? a?:- na.! y ? 1. ak.-dnr Hi iked
?*n! Mead, Ko 1 npliiiis and ort'('n?lv Is Hie dlsclisi'Ki? In msny
> at.t 11 Unit tin- pall? nt fi? I? .ia tin. Ifk iii? wh I - [mud was Id a
?lui? of ?corruption.
" lin? ?Iti?."'
Hack Of UM ills? I. lit.'.; p.i 1 Into Ile tluoat It
? ."?.ti as a ioair't, ??!-? ?1 p I ? in I?.-hit I .nid sboie tin? soft
palate, In the pas? i_- bet?? cn In? tlii-uat ami head, creatlBf a
eeMtaat ami iii -t km -'?'?'? ? dn t?> obtain relief by
" hawkin./," a ??Met?.-.-r'.ir 1 1 1 ?tit ? f fa'art li, anti a? emb.ir
r:iia!i,t ? . ?In m,- I'tii'eil :i? it 1? ?' ? len ? able tvo those srouud,
iftiii Ute phlegm li soten ?. ... te tiUA UM nest per* ?uni and
??lii.iiiMiivt e!T ? ia fall an iiiaiedga n aatM ?MmotMdmatlmm
? v.-i!|...ti.|. ?mi, iv iff.-iialve matter dep?Miila lts.il
n t'i? na? ii ? av ti. ? .1. tie ?'. M tty, Watt ? ni?m. whl.ll
h tarnt tom weam rimai m baaextaartaatolam iMpM
pl:i|f, "liMtriictini; l?r? .?taiitu I al pnaliii lug seikn.s ?!l?<?>iuforV
linn 1.m.lim?11 ia ia?.it.iiiv .' uii.-iaii.i'!, ?aIikIi ?u 1.me may
tettiruy he b? ny s'.riii Inn of t'.tr n.?se alni produce lis -tubs*,
tjnen*. flattening.
OITrnsive Ilrenth.
The breath Is always tain'nl an?! somet?ales la ??> nu lil 1.fly
?t-i ?:t> 11 I . rei ?1. r t 1. -n!T r . iii nv?cf ?ii '';? nit to hita
?. I? sa ?il! M f. ? otli.-ra, and 1.1?. ? at* ?j. . .inl'ili.? ly met ?It h lit
winch the Manch I? really iTvcrpoweriiiff, ati?l tuflicii ntly fetid
to 1.1 me atii.i'.pi an ??i a arMeaaom IBwatfmMB
.:?-i lui willi (atari ii iii.? . aila i-tiailv In au !n pure st mu?
P'n ra of h a ni 11 MUTOiiud <iK, an : inha.es apuisonous.ffluitt
with tv -y In. iii..
otu ria MSOOHVMlBb
In many esive? the uos? Is ?fopp- ?I ip -iaiiietlnie?i.uoiies:?3^
.n h ?li Hit-Hiller, Slid ?i!|el on lint ?I gl\ Ulf I H to S ?lia.
i?. ttxi,*omoeegeemtmpowewi
?.?nisi vina nt md pi'd'n.. ? f iv.-nu of sne?.?m?;. Again, a
I ?iii 1-1: ?? ??. \?v.? of f i'!-!.?? m . - 1:1p. neuoed
tlaive ami I? ' .1 ? ? I tat my ??*, ox p ;i manifests Ite- If In tie
f a e, fiirehe.i.l, temples . .It of tin? Iie.nl. soil?.
inn? t- of aime?.? re h I ..tra- i.-i thal M I? m'-laken l?tr M ia Kia.
TWO S.ll-a-? of am? ii Is tie a I.lily tlllluled it tame J li.at, sad
laute may t? ? mue stmilai '. .?!:? ? t- I.
i*. ?? v 1.1 ia beaky ??r ?if a >.. ali ?? m *? r. wbii- ?tft? atim-ae
lhere I? a couti? ?al heir-'-' -? Ulledb] asar? Misal
eoi.tii. evi it., ve .!? ! 1' -y .11..'.vu I .?i 11 I a.1.-,.!, m aulds'B.
1 I the Moe Of deed 1? an .onanlii aide and pnyprnalv? ae
lo suc.'-ft nie evi.t. a? e of tul? rcu1.tr ?hie.?!?., sinl uot afeW
t .i??n of Calal 1 li that hsve come 1.11.l?-r my noll, c Late bes?
ri'i?.it.livl as ? ?ladeotl li ?1'?y '??liar) urina?
,.rr etai.l pia. tiliou? ia.
II. nlnc-s and No1??'* In iii?- llr ?it.
( stsnh Is MM f "??' MOM Bl li'it .-?nara n'. ,\, atntao,
9t tr? ? ly any une ?ill'?:?? ? - i?e for any lengt^
?f t.mt? r?-'. !.? 1 1 - : .1 i? ?? am "f tin? beartag j ?wert
a ?iii a.'in. t'a ?kearingautTers m Int?aaiy b-f tfoll% arl ??!?
ia ,? m :ii" h?v ii as grows lad ittat t wttboat ii.?- .?pp. ?ran? ?ul
s-iy pre iitiintutj av ::i;.!.i:-i.?, UM ileafuia-s ?,Q.goeOhtp, ftaA.
tia a y U!?i:l al ii-*, 'ni bl aflat It I'st- Balma In the lie.nl ol
tump ? ??ia .'..allic d's ii,!'. 11 of:?u ?add niatvi lally to the SX.
ia .-..?? I ?
Dctcl-ipiiieiit of a onsumpliou.
As the di?ea?e f.i?.?rns Itv-if n;n?n 11s victim ?na sfter
a:, i.'a-r of ii?-vi:... ? -? 1 ive way. Tlie psilt n'ioi's ilesil
sml alriiinH . la 1 in^-ti .1. nu i' ! ? io p, ifnnn inri:!:i! at ?>'i> Bical
lalatr Tilt It the uanal ?facility, 1- ?!?:??? teed lu ,-p nu, and ina
1 "le ?1 MdroWl Pt *? .un* -!? ; -. :?i ? . ! slid
lit. p. rinaiii nt ?ni? ritrntct -..?iiiiialy (..ii-ati-m-tL
Tn? mut mis uieiubruno Ih-cih -1 in rbidly senittl re, sn1 tit
aplie of llio utmost i.<i'<- '.'. .! fi nu ?In alighted
m tl?at at laat ?-vi t, t , if 1 :?;d ujwin the naluif iii
tin bom "r lb' ' li '" ? iprodnctli of a co] i, ?md (.ives rise
M i-?! ?mi ?i?' ni'ini'i et the rsapinMayargaam Thusuto
IMtlnnt I? ai:!ij?. t to fr>.|!ii lit an?! 1? p< si>l c? l?ls. each one af?
,t. 11. iim^ tar .I'.?'?in '.?> .-lal!',-:! v :.. .. lu. peOna mi d ultackinaj
j \gtty ? exlciit of s n'ai ? li I ti) I r.-'.t? essor. Ii)t':smac?
tier the catari I: Bftoadl ftoai 01 _? n u? t)rt,-au nu ii I? (li ally
raaohea the iiiuka and proilacea CouauropUnu. It ?oulilla^
teed bo a !?lt aa Og m Im iai 'tv if every ona would 1 am sol
remember Hie leeson wl :, oxperienee teac'ieit ua da?lv tda7
It) MulK'-l lill. l'Uni iai WUHn Of L'A IA nail Li TO 1)10
Willi CoN.1l ill-lln.V.
An experience nf ov ? r ????"?y years, i?evote.1 oliler.y to the
?tii ! v ni 'I larool 2 dieu ot ? alan t, au?! a,ile?l by iCdMM d'?, ??r?
erica if the liloi* Important nat'ire, etial'l.-s li U| lillilll to
e.li 1 1 ra.lleal ami pi ita i;.,-i ! cit: 1 , i?i fio innat olstiiiatiicasoa.
In pmn: of l.la.i aa-tt-itain !:.':? It of lr?l.ii|.?ii:a!j of curco
? iiuii.t nt h .1 aroB-kaowi reaidaaMa el n.-w vetft bm
lie aten at lils olUi?-, "iv.' I/ ?i iva, .?.1.1T 'Ji.LLi SU
t'i:..?' l.iiura fn iii ?J L'a ?.
K'li I 111 1 : i i 01 11 i ? :: !'"N li Ms 1 wv,
SCROFULA OB Hi 1*1111-1 I'la*. IIEREOirAKY i
a ?i\ l Al?lO?S,
BB IT SI . i ED I . i It-I
laifljp-i or Stemoi-b. Wtla or Boneo, Fiesta sr Nerres,
t '?l.i.l P. 1N?i I Hi. s 1 li ?? A.Nil \ li lAil.Mi riTB
?BY 05
lili i UBAPB8T CSi) BE?i Ml DU 1KB tut? l-Ailltf
Dal r*. nu woBi iv
ONE ?'"' al NT H< ? rTI.K
w11.1. COBB M.'KK L'OBPLAIBT? ami rni:\"KNT
Iii inn AM? COXTA?HHM UIb?A?UI 1I*\>" "S?
lil s lui u i a. i i vi ?? 1 vl'tSI'ili I-')? Olli Lit SIED.
It IM-- .lit Ml li.i Al. t I"l l.MUM'H
ni, Miiii.il i.vi.vv.vit in ai.y uri.i r.r ia a i\
I DIllMNOTO IH UKI IH'N'-?l'Al.N. PtiOlk ?AllAiAVklt
( ai -i:, iLAili TO I Xl.-il'.
Ina 11 aast arben pain or Uaeomfm is eip-renewi, or It
?elir.l with Intliieu/S, Iphtlteits, hue 1 hroKt, MutiipS, Ils4
('iiiriif, lloataenesa, ?ill us ?Collo, liilaniinstioB of His Imw.
i-l?, -I'.iiiacti, limita. Mir. Knluers, or wtli I'ruup. gnitue,
hei.-t ail.i An'l? . I Witt ?.lila.^.A, It? *.'.*? It?, i K Doiorsusj
'liHil.'Si In-, i-atiarle. ar ?Uli I.uinbaro, li: i In l. .< Ps. ?,??#
itliemiiiiliatn, or with Di in ln?s, ( lioleta Morbos,or Pya-nlery,
in ?un li ina, Stalils. or I.lu Sea. or willi t>t>slii*. ( isa us, u(
hpaaiiiB, the siiiilifstioii ot UADWAVIt KF_tHY tiilA)iP
wai oura you tit u.s ?uni uf thrss complaints ia a taw bums.
nit. uifin mum pills,
psrfectly tssttilnns, sle^antlr eoatad, fur the curt of lil dif-bi
d.iaofth? Moma. h. I. ? r, lioneia Kidneys, Madder. Nef?
Tom DsHBses, Readacha, isui'lpstinn. ? ostl?sn?ss, icon??
lion l)TSp?paia lull" ' v-t Bil o.i? Ko I. UIa .a,?..... 1
UM It.weis, pile?, md a ! v. ??if riueiitaul Oistatsrual vu.??A
IS arl Billed 1? ?Heel B p? ulive cure.
file? 'li c?ela par box. K>ld by drtizatsts,
ML RAHWAY ?j ('.'.. 3*d \\ARKKNT-ST., S. T.
?alU ej-on WKUNESDAY A an., 16th lott, at Kurta't Qaliotpt
Twsuiy Uilrtl st. and Badiana aajiara.

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