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Vo1-XXXV.N? 10,864.
fATf. M'n-A'.I Y AM? dill It HAASS IN" ?WASBaTBO
luN-F ?)M :t,lM)H io lO.IMK) sill DB1VBB
?)! F INT.) MEXtOO Mt?NTlIi.Y 111 BOBS Til). t"< M"
?111 11 K.
mt tk: p.i.naiii to ma?maawa.1
Va-iiim??) , Jan. 24.-Tbe Uommittee to invre
tigitif tin-iii? (iran?.- bordes are Mmaitleriug the
|,i?P!i,:s ..f i..ni. milk 'li?- Prasidonl te proclaim
martial aa Ihiwagboat tbeetripel territory paral
h I ami iatmsdiateli eontifaoos te tbs border. It
ii..st boob Baa.?!,|t" ?thal t'.e Coaamittee will n to t
m. ml a bill no fiiat parp?se. Cass. L II. Mi Sal y.
??nuil twit r of iii?' Toxaa .-?m!?' Iroa ps. now on duty
on iii?' Ki ' Grenda bordar, CoLU. Lett?aad Jadfe
Iii Cn- ipi ? !'. <>i i ?.ipili Christi li?ise arrived In
Washington for tin purpose ..1 testifying before tlie
(??nt mi a ?mm-i?.!???? aap "I|U" 1,v ??" H?aai ?to invce
ttg.itc the allSfBd Mexican iiinl Imli.m oiitt;?..- -
tin .i.?iiti-'r.
( i.pt. M. Rall] reports ?"hal ?sinei ha weat <m dntj
?ililli; the frontier In April, 1873, in.m :i,?h>0 te
lai.iHM' eattk a naontb hare hean stob n Irma ? Itisens
of 'lt-s.is nut! driven mt?' Mexico. The United
Matra ?fon as, although nemrinallj mach larger, actu?
al y oonah?! onlr of ?boa! k.x rompaoieeoi cavairj
ami 130 eolored iafSntry. These ferne bsTeto
-,'t.a!?! u lim-1?, ".sse ?3,000 and 4,000 ?miles loug,
iiinl th:.?\ from Mi'' ? harm t? roi t! ?? ? niHitrt. .- - -
pssisll] ?liii.ii'i! i" ii??"!'pli?!' Cap! Mt Nails V
?Jonen, wbieb movewith mnehgreatea l.tpi.iny than
the United 8tatea troops have been able on ?mans
Bseastsaa te fases Iks ?Msxksn raiders to siva np
?tattle wbieb tin \ bad eoUeeted ai ti wera driving to
tin? r,\ t : lnit tliey lust-not been aoflkientfj riuinrr
owt t?) meat the Mexia ?au t ?bert the latta r sppa ?si in
toiipt-rior Diiiiiix-i?, ?r to aram the river and rescne
iii?- nt m k that bas bee? stolen and is sa nully In tin*
passsssisa of tbs thleva ??.
At a m <-t inK ?al Mr. s. Mt u lui". Mexieaa Border
Ooeasaittee this morning, ? sp!. MeMallr spent sa
Innir in Explaining ths aatars ?>t these satrsges ami
?assisting Basans f??r their prota rtion.
KB. sviinriKiliNi a ATTEMF1 IOCALL ron iVFo?M.t
TioN- an i x-payvasi'.:p. WUO ssam DISQBACED
-? i.-, ni: .?nil in nu: ntRASUBYl
(HY TH.i 8BAM I?) THF I! lit!?-! J
\VV?1I!NI.ION..1.111. J I. -Ml. Wllltllllll'lK'?ltteil?lt? (1
in the lion?*- to-day, l?nt failad. ta pass, andel s ana?
peamieu of the rnh?. a general resolution calling
aptm the flou rattly of the rressuiy for information
in r? Karil lo tin- mansgetix nt of funds da i i ved ti.uii
eaptared and ahandoncd propwrty. ?One important
gnoatioa im lu ?-?i m bia raaolalion related to the
pssssaasl ?>f the ?viadsa si ths Ireasarj Denart
ineiit bavingeharge?of tlu-to fund*. HcaBsertod bj
iiiipln ati.ni fli.it the h- ci?ii?1 otlucr of thin ilis mion la
Ma ?r William 1-V.stM-inteii, whey a? additional pay
ma.?!?-! m the m my in 1:BBS, ?a? piii.ty of embeszle
m?nt ?>f ptil.ii? fiiiul-, ami waadismiaaed in disgrac?
from die wt rv.ii-. 1 mm a report Bmds by the Com?
mut?e ou War Claims during the lirai stash? of the
bul Ooatgresay it ??Min? th it Mr. 1 eeeendvn made a
s.'t mt m i.?.' gam n! \t it h two other perenna lo fnrniah
them st Hu money from the public fonda n? h:s elurga
in enable them to make hjk? ulative wood contra L?
sv iii t..e lisivt riiiiit'?i, on the soudition that the*
ssiietn repay the amoont sa hraneil. with a bonna
sf 10perotm.%?sa Bfttnal aale Inpnrananee?af tins
arrangement Mr. Vt BDemlen'M ac< oinpii? oa pnn ! a- .1
n ?ij'iaiititi al wood in theDiatrietoi Colnmhiaand
t..?- adjoiuing oonutiea of Mais and ?vitii money be?
longing ?lo the United ?-if it-?. The ?[ni iiiati.iii isa.?
n m. i, s.?tn,, and the Qovemment lost through Mr.
PessasasafS amneealsmeat alma! (-90,000. Bobee
ipi? nt Is oin nt the m con jila i a petitioned Congreaa
te lemana rate hi a 1er bl - own loases In ? onueetiou
with the operatiss. and ths ?Committee ?n rep sting
on tint elaim aa? ?1 tin- following laagnass ? ' "v 'i!'"
i mbessk uteui (meaning Pessradan'al the (?'istm
ni- nt I' xt *'_*.( i.h? mi, and ?bal ?now nothiui t<? ? oapen
salt- fur til?n lo**?." It tins is UN BaiUB Fc-kciii;cii
onsv in the Treasarf Depart smart, bia retention ma
.-t cj amil hie in ni i inn ii n i ii n nt ni? spin a. h .
*BM, Jiwil.i'i PISS I'? Piil.Vi.M STRAS lili':- U
I,.IAS A3 1 I S.AKINli F?H ii ?SLAB IS "'' Mlul
? UANDI?*:.
[ni rat aneara to tuf. ?raneas i
WASBUftUTOIl, Jan. '.il.?The I'oiUn.iM.'r-'ii-rcii!
belli a conference with ths H..une Coanmlttee en
I?.?et-oilier?? and post toada Ihia morning, and di?
asaamdsspaciaU] ths aabjeet ?>f ?straw bidsandtbe
pnatagu ea third-clam matter. His plan to prevent
straw bids te sa fallows: Thal the Pawtinaeter-Orn
eral he authorize?!, in ra.se the lowest bidda r f;:ilh to
pesfatm the eeatrad awarded t" ?Mm, ?.> Iel it i?? any
one el** sslio will uki- it at the sa-iic rate; if BO BBS li
iterwui appears the ii?'xt lower bidder is tha n to bave
the opiKirtuiiity t?? take the eOBtract at the tau
nanii-il m lu? bid ; tint if he ?taila, then it la to be ?>f
f. rwl to ?he public at the Bama rat?-. These ntl? ringa
are t-oi'o.'itiinic with em li bid until i reaponsil le ??-..
traetat bSsaad todo the work. I be rnalinsale? Pen
ssalteld thsCsasiaittes tlmt be ism fas or of redncing
pesSsajsaa transient aewupapera and magasines to
one-half its BBBBSOtsatei l?n f..r tuon liai.di-i ?i -,t
thieagb Ihassalla be recommended the establish?
stat oi tsar grsilus. as b? distlagnishnd by the die
tance to svhich the nor? baud.t-e i? to be carried.
K..rthe fir?! grane, st hu h would liulinle all m? r
BhSBHBBS curried for short distances, he would lix
the rate at one-half cent an oui re ; f-.r tin-M-cond
?irada, atenacee* per ena? ; for the third ?grade?, at
a e.-nt and a ,i::lf |*n ounce, and foi the fourth grade,
whit b would im lude the long? tliht.i.i as, two oeata
per (?um e. The CoasBstllea baa aa yal tahas ne ae
lion upon the raeemmendatkm?
POSTATWS Tu TUB -i .sil ali?.
Hit nUOEABB IO rut lniui Bl i
WsaSIBOTOS; Jan. 'JI.-?a-n. Hnllmt ?alTJllnnia
tod > lutr-ducd a lull for ?heap transporta
tion winch e.intui .a many iiosi-1 faataies. It is nu
attempt t?> adopt some of the leadina features of the
Belgian Qswernaaaatal railway system to our insti?
tutions. Th? bill sentewplatea building a dimble
track freitrht railroad from Kew-Yorfc t<> Cbieego,
t'ooinii liiutrs, and SA, Loeia, The aevalt] Is in ths
financial plan, which ia to have liosa rnmctit gu?r?
ante? inUrisst at lUMMO per nuit-, f?r sshuh a
iiiiirtgai,?e is to be givemto th?* I':.,ted Mates. The
Uuittll BtBtSS le to own tilt- l:.?>iti'u.-i-, alni \g njetf to
giinrauN-i- inteicst SB 3,000 mill c of count nu tion
bonds, for which a mortgage is to l?e given
of the entire ??quipment. The balance of the
n)Di..'v, isiin.noa? a salle, ia to be miana! bj aanetiau
tnni barnda or stock ctrtili' .ites. Then are to be no
atotkholdere. Five ooitiiiii??e;ouers SIS SB bo ap
p?int?<l liy ihe (?Jovenimeiit, svho nre to have control
ui the at?Hk and boinia. Thi plan is to pay all ?tot k
eertifieatae within the Hfssf the banda, and to lease
the railroad at the end of thirty years abeolntcljr
tee, in tbe liamla o? the (?overnineut.
Na) mor?; iustkict net BONDS.
Carekh or BXIS?TSSaSCS BUM h?)niii I880EB
WsSBBSSBBBSj Jan. lia?Ths tanij^-r of iLe II nu un
in regard to th? affaira of the District of Columbia
waa strongly illuatrata-d to-day by ita B88BBJ on a
resolution iiitr?sltin?d by Mr. Rni-kiier, Chairman uf
tha Committee on Dietnct Aflairn, directing Com
nuaeiunerB to pay the February interest on S.tii?
nonda ont of funala already in their po-saeeaion, aii?1
atopping immediately the issue of any new 3.15.1
bouda. No member on either aid?* of the House
offored to defend the apparent extravagance, vhich
lia> rasait, ?! IB so trrca* an laflTOSSt of tlie liabilities
of tin; I'iHti.i t. J ?ie BpSStal Collin.ittcc of ISTSSU
K.itH n wlitci'i in ?lillie, 1874, ispsrlsd a lull ?tuthor
i/ini' tin issas of 2.63 banda, c?!issatsd theil stssaat
ut l..-ivve<ii ?18,000,000 rui.l 99,000,0001, and until
within u pees nmxeiv tanyoctni that it ?-mild ex
Bead 810.000,000, The ?BSOSS SSl only r<fti?<Ml ta
t tinki n spei iii. BpT/ropriatioa to ?pty the ?nterct on
i!n i-1?..!..I-, Muet til" Commiaalonen bsTS snffl lent
fimclt f.u th:it purpose, imt it ?ilio giAoi a proviso
to ti.? ?t-ointioii l! at tin Ibboc of tlie bondi Mill Ik*
ut one- suspended, Bad that nothing in tha r?solu
t)"ii should I??? M. construed si to recognise the
validity or legality of any of th. as beads already
cutmia: din?.' ?v It i?- ii bass nut boen irwin d in BSCSSd
ance with lu*.'-.
lins ?snail OS DHJUIBT ahuoai. in hip. BOOSM?
ClVII . H' Eil VI' T, PA( !H( Milt, TIXA-? l'A. IMC.
[m ii ti osara t?' rut. rstsi *?i |
Wabbtbotob, ?im. ii i.?'Iii?" Boase sit sa 0?<>t
today levers! ebon investigstiouB. Mr. Willard
took soother atep m tin- direetioa of Civil 8ei\ice
B foi m. bji sesariBi tin- pssssge of a nsalatisB, ii -
structing ib.* Committee basing tb.it salijeet lo
eharge, to inveetigate and report what neaaarea are
i.?n y to yeo*, .uti -oagn aunen lunn acting sim?
ply as agents to ptoi ?in ofiin' fur i onatitnents ?r
?supporters Mr. Willard t? reiy esrneet in In?
efforts to aneara i'i reform, but it is f( nr.'?! that the
Q, ii^< ?.'. ?11 lu- t'io ti'"' li engaged vv it!i other rohj ' ts
to accomplish tory i.i ..li m this direction doling the
in,-. nt session.
The Pacific Mail aranda! was brought np again bj
?i u n? .lut ion mt Killin , d by Mr. .Mm. ison and pSBsed
by ti,.- li ms,., (Detracting th. Clerk te lake from the
i Mea of t in- House bimI pla >? in the benda of the Com
; mittee on the Judiciary, the tcetimonj taken before
! lin-\\ a>> ami Means Committee ol but year. The
j n?!fi i.il oiiji'i t ist i Bseertsinif sny sction is necea
?-.in in th?' esaesof Mesara. King and s bumaker.
It ui not nndsssto a tli.it Mr. Morriaon'i reeolution
contemplates ?in;? farther Inquirj hi ragsnl to the
I nee of moaej In securing sn additional subsidr, bul
I simply to Bucertsin wbetbei it is the duty ol the
' House to take ?snj sction In the esses of th.-?-two
of its ?m ml ? ira Messrs. King ind Ucbumsker were
not in tin ir stat-?it tin- tims this resolntioi wgi
Mr. Iloli," iii's Tesss Pa-cifle reeolntion onghtto
poftpone action on CoL Seott'?* ?subsidy bul; ?and
Mr. Glover's special Committee ?vas authorized to
.1 ly to seek information in r? gard t?? the les! estate
po >1 that ?rill be Interesting.
Mr. (tanning's resolution in rrpi'rl t?i offlcerson
duty in Washii gta i is nnderatood to point lowsrd
i soir,?- spc ,-il ti i-i ?da ' f the Administration.
A si :.t IM1.N i if lill. MNi.i , ?ni y BAD MAX AU EM K1
(?I lill llt"-k.
:nr m BSSArS l" in?. ISISCKS I
\Va-iiin<;i'>v .lui. 24. I he Coounitlss to inves?
tigate tie ntl.me of tin? I i. ?ili!i.iii"r? Bsvisg uii'l
Trust Company, of wbich Mr. Douglas of Vir? : ?
I'll im i'i, I.- ii'iw fnlli at work, ind the del. lunn.i
linii sliu'.vii to r? ?n h tin* vciv lu vi i-I?, if (!?? ron
eera by him and ei ? i y memo, r of th?- < 'ommitti c is
cvi.l.iit v in it ,i 11 iii; In th- Adminisi ral u'li pt<-H?>i
Iltis city. I?, shos what may be expected, the
follouring ezsmple may be ^i-.. n : A debt
to the blink .".nd t< ? tn???l BOOB r?:il ???-!.it?
'va^l mealed bj psrcbaae i?f the property for li
bank bj Ita sctnary, (iii- property waa afterward
transferred bj pnvsts srrsngenient for s verj small
-uni m c gb snd persons] note? (I Um transferee,
tv),o wa? jit?, uni. i-i)v inc-l? u Mille. S ib?i?,|ll< lil I V,
the BSiae pr. pert.?/ i i ti inef-eired te a third person,
sell known aa s member of the Dietricl UI g, who
a r? ?di- had ft ?'?.titra, t of leSBS **t 11 i i tbe
(inven: n. tit for a besvy snnnsl rsatal for ti e
ssBBSa It is said that ?lulo the bank
baa received um i bis! ively nothing foi the debt in
(jue*!ion, the present bolder of the property, which
aaa ita security, baa received is ?rants s mun nearlj
?. .ih? :? ?it j'r? ..?ly t.? ( am el the n gina! del t t<. the
bank. It is generally soderstsod that in the eoam
of th?? pending investigation the relation of the
somewhat lamons, or Infamous, Sene<y?.Sandstone
i ( onipany ?ill be inquired Into, snd there I ? .i rumor
afloat ti at the stock book of the c ?ni..my h M
? i thin tin* last few das ? lu cn destroyed, to prat, nt
revela! ona believed to be damaging to su io 1 gb in
BO, tal and poUtl, a! [MH.itinn.
W sSSISeVOS, '?tun lay. .Lui. ti, 1870,
ii,?- eortiBcete of Mi Bast?a, rseeatlji elected lelas
l luted si.tie? Beasts iiy tin- Legtalatare al laeesstass, baa
been referred laths Committee ea Prirllegea and 1 ??
tiu-c Mr. I'.iici.iitck leim? f'uiu ?Sei aim Horteatbsl
ICl OB B III li'* t.lk. II i in tin Mt'd' ? t ?tt nit .?. ii'lii lu ? IB!
tlt.it when ilu natte] ?-i'l.uulit tu.i i.?t?. 1.?-mil be
seated bj a mi i ti ?f t'-.? rotei T ? Hcnati can
hardly ex uae ledi lor delaying a decision of this |iu
t., li BU] lOUKi :. lineo .i t u- Mu r nOBtp, Di mini ?- : ii ?nil
? b1 onlj ii....!i tin- riebt* ? tin ela! man ta, b it np n
u. state, wiii.ti is unli partially mp reen led iu tin
Aatateioentol the ssse-sst of tbe work (lune ob the
atr?ete aad ?ewers of Wa iiiui,'t"ii Snrlsg tbe paat yeer
in til? DistrictCBmsdsatssers,eustsised laslettsi iu\.
HSbad m i iiL 'Imu' ni t?, ?i.ti-, ia I . ?>, reet, um s it Iski??
m:?! account ,,n\y the amonal apent apea enatracti
a io, u i..?v?- ih .? i i i-..;? u ii in l i.-i aia i. l?u lag tbe
I iel ?t .. tbe nu ?imt -j? 'it " ? ?'.in icta r,,". ii /?? i dm
in ? !?!.\ i u?. i eera waa gZ,4??0,llU 28, ?ml ti..- mi.i i
i- ? j.i lui- .1 for ii .ii. . lill-, iml li?. Huled ni lue suma I'.i I
le contractors, mat ij-i .'h.Tj.i d7, making ,i UM I, lu
eluding the fl,7l?"M?7.1 HI sp ni i d rontracl r. ? ?i-< n-.i
daringtSa ?past y?aar, el 4. n..Ana ia.
Senates .-.li- i in in boa ivnumi it leiit-i tai ?i I'.i |?:i'i|'i ?n
fn? i.il ?n the ciiin Legislature um.?um lug iio- prefer, bi a
f, i Dor. Ray-re Sa the Beal Republican candidate foi iii
Preatdency, and autborlxing tbe ase of his same Is thal
.'?mu ?ti ii- ii? Itoei U? sa/lo whom the letter was
??niioh.il. oi t?? line any linn.cr |miiu illina in regard I"
It, as in- (kiaka thal i?e i??.i-..< an? n i? a matter ta? tot du
I? ?Ill li? 'I I'l t.n !?? I - li tu ? li II? li W.u. IV ! li li II H I! ??? I
, ? iretl :?? i ? at it lotta] for the Brat lime di
i.. ?, i -, b1 ??.-?--..in ?n ( ueaitot
Ti.ei..-,-. reporter ol i..e Saproaae Omrtof tin Halted
Suite? baa leeastlj bmmM aeeatiarl alihLittle.Brows
I ( ? of lu ?Maa fi'i tiu- I'm.!. ..t:.,u uf ti ?? n ?pasta?al ?that
tribun ?I ii ? i?!-.,mi? .ii i. ninl. i. .ur -?lui m amonal i??
about ifi.. iHni.i rear, a rewiluuuu ra introduced m
iii Henal? t?1 tv direciimi tlie UommlUeeeu IbeJu
ii ?i.u) lu ii m ?i late tin ? i i i.iiu ? uf ?ut-..* |u in:?
nilli ei a lix. ?1 tal ir> laataad ui the prxiBta un tu?, i iiblb .t
tu.n ..' ie|...||?.
I lu- vi ...1 tlefeut of Sciiatur Dal Is'? rc-olutiim (.. l.,y
bj it?? n fci can le the Committee, iFlaaseawlU prwhj
i.? tian-'er ibe invi a?t i tr.i t ? -ii ?vii. h ne geetree lethe
House, It ?l I either beenudneted by ina ii remmli
lee, m bj Um Handing Commut?e es Btpcadltnree ol
te 1 11 i-iilj I?. |iai tin? Bl
The friah locieiies an Bnktag exteaatre sseyantleas
fin tin- ii u I r.il.uii of .-t. Pat! i. I?'? I).?) .
./tar/.'-i/tilur ?.e^orl of DMfTSMlsael Jttn-tetltntit tee gmtOd
/'.ive J
ggti i i ok an i.xamin? noa hy iii if. omdbobai i
AND l),i. 0BAT?
[BT ?Bl ??hal? Ki tag THIIIUNB. |
AlHANV, Jail. I'l.-I'rof. Ol?lri)li."lUX, ttsta CoMI
miaasooee at I dinney, sad Dr. Gray of Iii? a, mada
un examination of Bl .'linn II, who waa rec? tilly cm
?itted t?> the l ti? ?t 11,Mini? Asylum, and ?lied their
ccrtitirate in the Coiinty Court of Oacid.t Csuatj . a
?lav or twu ?un .-, that BeSBBsU wa? not insane. 'I ?bis
will of cours?- secure HesBBsU'a isleess, Inastaneb a?
only the olde, of a.l.idi-e of the .-?uni?me l'oint it
senesaary t<? put atas eil?< t the dsssasa of these sa
expert*?. 1 )i/-ti i? I-Att?iri??-y I'll. l|>a, who in in the
city to-night, savs Iib is not in the lt-,.L-it surpii-??--ft at
this issue of the case. It was ta? have been fmesccu,
and be is, of coursi, entirely powerless in the mailer,
JoLu Bcannell's brother, Florence aSciuntll,
wai shut lu 1??70 in an affray lo Thomas Uuiiohue's
saloou, liut'cri-ti for a yetar, ami fltiaily died of his wound.
John Heanuell waa for a while under suspicion uf ba< lug
sliot L'.? brother accidentally, a suiplcioB only dispelled
hy tbe post mortem examination. Scanned pursued Ixm
uliuo for the murder of his brother, and after two j
utN-iupU la Kill Dont.Ima, succeeded Hie third tun.-. In
Notember, 1871, In a pool-room on Bl sad B BJ. flitue live
)ln.tV? ami Inflicting seteral wniunts, of tt hi. li tin- fV-t
svas prutniLly tie fatal one. He win tiled Hie iB?OWtng
January and IBs (left line was Insanity, mused tiv the
Saet? uf ? tirntlu r and his emu telatlt n? to that death.
Tim Jury disnt-rt-nl. fisting to the BBgBSemBBta ?'I
S iiiiaiii a. Beaeh, in* senior maneela and ta alBi i i ana ?.
lilt, n tila! sun? ?h ft ned uoitl Iii lu?ame lha u'.'hxt I'll'?
?mer In the T..111I1?. Ile -a.ii trlrxl for the ?meeBjd time laut
Nosen.tii r, hn.l the ?aine defense Belag Intel p>??c.|, tBS
Juiy fenn.I IiIiii nut gatty on the ?ponai ?'' iBBBBlty.
I'll?!, r the law of t li 1 ra Mate Jud^e Hain It, !>? fore I 1 "in
he v um triad, Mut I.ii.1 to the Plata A?>linn as '?* lug
Va iiiiniii a. Baaeh, ?MssmawS eeaw?l, BtaSSl ia?' ???sa?
ins t?> s re|?oiter of Tut Tkibi.'nk Unit he had lieard 'rom
Dr. tims -, the Bupeall teiuli'Ul nf I lit- Acs lum. iBal SB Ii?'!
Kls cn a cm tifli ate of Hcmmi II'? ?.nilly, uni .? Bl it t?. lu
Drill miami. Hie Slate Ciimuiluiioner lu Lunacy, aui he
had BaSaaatsad thal Dr.0rSrsaaas feed glvaaBta-eer*
USeatetotha auaeefbet. Them ueillBiatea Bad *?rrn
submitted ta Judjac Mnllia of IBe Baptvm ? Court, aud lu?
lu ?iiine.i stuuiti reeult m Breena i's release. The li tv in
milli e Hil pul 'lu e hart iii tin? wa, of a inan'it liberty.
The Hupi r ntcmleii! uf til?' Ass lum mu?t gire hi? ?'??rtitl
? ui ; tin? Btate ('.'inuiiwiciit-r ni Linnet iiiu-r examine
mu? |i. IK? on tim!, an I evan wBaa Both of Un ?e requin
menas were fultUhd, tfa y, wit ti the tania. 1. u-t lu bub
11.itl ?i t<. a Judge of the h iprema ?'euri for bia ui?i?:?-s ii,
before Ibe niau la reatoreS to liheit.s. He ii .! not
Hu.ililli 11 n? ? ? Mau v. bowever, lo appear before Jiuhre
Mull. 11. uiiit in 1 ?11.11. ii In? .-i|i|ir.s .1 uf Bcannell'a i?
would foll?n an a maltor of roana, ka to Scanne I's ai ?
Ulai il?.m.ty. be Kam lu luid liim?cif ?-. Ii SU? li tit Las mr
nu I.I-. pan io? ml s un Itlnl Hie pu ?. 11 i.m; of bia ni? utal
aiut? to a jin 1. Min Hit 1- It waa laaaalt) or overwrought
passion waa nut for kim ia my, bat for ?others, n.? urj
ti.ul 1 aaai ?I on thal matts? f? r one tim , ami u?.s ihr 'ii -t
iiiicm.?! am..h t.. 1. bad do? laled the ilia aae did L"t m ?
I'JLISt. ^____^^__^____
I'lKIM, Mull las . Jin SI. 1878
A Bonapsrtisl Bsaocistinn. styled the Con
aervstlve National CWaa?ttee, has burned a awaifeato
.im.o.nu mi; in it ' in y ts ni aappoil I' ( ? .I. ni Ma? Manoa
illili! H.e cipli.iu.ui of lus iel in in Issu. li.c.i still tin li
di m..ml U1.1i .m appeal to the people be amda f?u .1? 1.1
mining t'1'" future luna of gorernmeal 1er Ti anee.
(nu.lutt.1 Bad ether BepaM Icena, apprebenatve >?'? ??
bad eti' ti la the pruvtaeea 'f lha Ballia* la iBonlal 1
la ?alerting all lae Benatom hw Parla, ara ttreaaoaielj
m ri.in.- to bring iii'iui a t ampreanlae betw?een the vari
out? liipiil'.ii .1:1 l.icllolia.
It.MM in, Munday, .l.iii. 24, 1 878.
[he Pall Hull diarite'1 Paris lett, r Boya prubablj I B
nr nuce ii is o st li elapm balara IBe eoafaalarn now i. Iga
Inga* iii?ni>.it''i. and n.e raaatta of iBa eleetieoa tot
eaaatoriai ?i? ? gatea sr.? baewn,
M tin II), Mi.i.ilai, J li. 24, 1 B78.
A leeond ballot, whidi wsa required at
l; in ci'La, look r. jialenlay TBa ?? um : H
.I.ile st it lui: i-'a ,.iiiil ?? um! .ni. iar m.m Hu r. ton 1"
.-? li ? ? 1 di 1 faaHIBi. LopsB8eAyala,fti
I ii.lut iii., ami Sii-ul'i, a !. nui r mni.t. 1. H.ii... 1 It ni.? r.
t.. 11 l'as ia, ?uni ti.t? Seawah* SaaSoal, are ?a!? tod froaa
M..di ni.
Tin- Mlalatertal toarnsls BSthaata thal Ihe new Cortea
?.til ambraea ebon! 33 Sagaetlota, l8 Moderadoe, aud 3
lu-pubiieans. Tbc reamlaSerwUI be aapperterd "i iba
Uovei liment.
I.s 11 ii. .?t fu?r C.iN-elar liai been 1 leeted a li?p'!t !-.
the ? o? i-.? ka Uara I. na.
Sam iv ?Ma 11 ia?. J ia 24, 1*76
Ti'< Bpaatoh d ptomatie wpeeatatauem al lbs s .: as
marta bara v. ? : ? ?. ? i 1 > inform.-d IBa Oovurm ? ita thal
aft? t ? ?? '-.it "f iii' OBrBata,wbleb la ewp eta
iln.it linn-. BpalB 1 "I" s to lie en.i ?'.-1 t<. >| .11 the < u'.in
liiBBiieuUuaIbn igh m? pam-d re afeo . nu n'- Bofoi
piara?eoi ire aattotpated beaaaaa !:?? I
Btotea Baa ii cm ti, rapaSleled ii???* bim ??? aaaeilna
I ui... .1 Bl? l> si lu. h w??ul I 1? ail to Hie ' I?, tlnil of a mun
her of asara repraeaataitraa loOungrem
mi". pbbal 1 ni nunca aunsancE's quarrki
SMIII 1 UNI Vu', All IM,
Bl sun, Moe bur, too 24, 1 178.
Til?* Reichstag lo-dsy, bj a tata ?>i in t"
133, i.."- .1 i... * ? ?? ..ililli al to the 11- nu code, i iwvMlnx
!.?i in |iii!i flinn ni nfi.ll.iiR.il Bindiar t?. tua! at I?..
1 beena,
I'ln- Itiirl.taiizrtjrr, ta crdcr to 1 ?muterai t tin-' '
the t: am Lit |< 11 <t ('.unit Toll Anilin? bliest !> .ii)| biri OB
publie la lina'!.m-!, puBUaBm a m tuh of .?nui..: reports
mulle l.v 1 i i -in ? : < k t?t He- Bmper? in regard lotto
? ?milt. These papen ?togta to 1873,aadaovrrely crttl
rim Arnim ai a diplomat, dwelling <.u bia untrusi worth*
. bara? U 1 and Ida pi.un Bama to aulMidiaata 1 n.? lal dull ?
lo personal Interval The Kuper? 1? reminded al loa
ost 11 iii:k_ ;?. n, - .s !n n hu apiM.nit- .1 Arnim I : . ? 1 ! ?
to I'.ii ic nu at...nut of the luitii'it ant hist? or?
Oaa ?of 1 h?- reporta m tin- Baiperua Btotea that wb<
idea waa eatortalaed mt tranaferriag C?saal roa Arana to '
laiiiiiiui ,1 rigorona prut eel waa neeelved ft m thai ujuat
lu l.?< itu?e of hi? ti nilcncs ton:!
IBBITAI of coy j'?VKi.i.ti: hie ism l.,i-. 1 -
lli l-l K11 DI' hi ?' K-.
Havana, J.hi. "JO.??Qen. Jovellat arrieed
si?i?-ni.ii .111.1 sv.m weicai.mat 1.y u rael aammMaar
st neu in- appeared ea Um batanar- al IBa palace the
1 rt.wi ?betnd mu entBaalaettaaliy. Al Bight be ia
icisi?i a grand ? meade. Began it ml riaitod bim am
.o?1 th.- M? ami : 1. dun in? ti BsmBarBcd, ami after?ard
all? mit ti Hie h .. c, alan?! lu lui unifaii in ,.r Miiu?ter '.??
iii? .o.sii. Replying to tin? aatdremef the ?rorporatioo
ni Hasan. 1, Oi B Java -llarsaid tliat lha 11..H01. ti mt. gii:>
w ia. o t in at treal dante r in Hpala ax H? I'll'?.! Il?' h .?
piiiali-ln-.I a publie ad !ic?s wberelB be tom ?? I? - thal t. ?
ina. 111. ctii in ti 1 nilli un ni '? lU st. .1.. of .1. ? trio I Lui " I!.
exhorta the people to Bear IBe hard ne mt laaattea, ead
pi..mis? a retal in 11 lie els .1 1? 11 Me.
A liaiul of in iLitii!? s?-l Ure to tim catate Vmr de
('illili, in Hi. lu-Hu I of Murna, un Hu- ililli m-t. <m tlu?
lili lii-l .Hie .-j. m; h fun ?-.s m o in'i r?-d the innir-?eii! ?
al r.ili .lo??- iii I"- I..I>.IS ( atilU; .tint i'i-i'I mad Hieili.
The new Bia hop <>i lloras ? an lead ?Ita '?> s. Jon Ibu
He li al...ill 4?), .11.ti ia tOt) .ilf.i..le.
laislHS, SLui I ,j, .lull 24, 187S
Tht Moil- I une tamWrOtt, in it.-? Ksit'.t <?f t lu
grain mauheta tai Ihe peat w?aek, aasya
Hasans, .lui. '?A.?? Arrival.?? from Basto I???
miiiLii report IBattearlBIa oeeAtoe prevailed them flam
the lot to the ?-Iii of Janiiuiy. The l-'rcm li Liri. S an
dyke, Ihe Dom lilian maii-of war Mun?isot?, the Herman
brtgjuhaaa CBri aad the Narwaglaa iwlg A-ulea wen
t.il.i ly lost, ami atbea y.*a<.t s.,10 il.iti-ii a-i.iori or
IIsvana, .lan. lil.-AdfaBBS from M? xi<*?? to
the I.tin lint, ti ive tutu) ii-.ii.. ,1. inn jouin.iis wi-re
Mttl??seassasg thedarngssf i'??iiir>) Dtaa TSsysssarl
ti.at he is ntlUag aamash m ii-k-u a revoBMtea m aaSi r
to alam limo??' ? I .11 lue l'iiMi<l>'iiii H ia. tlr, hut he la With
out fund? lils iiinvi-iiieiit? ne 1 iovlt tv it? c1.
Four iiiimli. d ?t.l.ln-iM nave baa n o. ii to ri-enforce the
X11?" an Iiiki|i? on lu. loo Drainle.
A pyiu etaltrla in nor n-o? lilly fell ut -au (i.ilirlt-l
I'lnlai-. it ?1 link .in urilie<l litiil.tiiig Bead ?is a woman *
Jail, and ?I.-it;..yad ii. ?Une wonna w11? bad.y injun-d.
Bekmlda, Jan. 1?.?Thrnc hhock? of t?art!i
?unite mute ssparhmesd SU? men 1 el? at the Uland of HU
huma* oil the inoruing ni I in- 7lh omi.
London, Jan. 24.?The da-ningcnunt of th?;
teli-i-iupl.s still roiitiiu-e,. Coniuiercial ami utli. r dis
?jmtehealKlwasB i- laui L^Taruoul aud SMawhSN aie
g.i~\ . .ajrua. j
IBS tri.riinni to tub tbihibi I
Ai.nANy. Jan. i?i.? 'Die principal act of ?fhSBSW
Hoard of ( ouiiiiiisiomrs ol tin* (amil Fund, whicb
met the olln r ?lay, after UM BSSi BBSStiag of tin
C.itiiil ?Board, was to ord.r the mt hilra? al of cutial
money? from certain depositories winji? they had
lu i n planed through ths laflasass si noted BBsatbera
of the Kinif. Ths sum n mai ii i nu in the Tiny City
National It ink, of winch Fruin is S.'1 haver is a di?
rect?,r, a is about *"ii;.,HW), whi h was ordered ta be
withiliavvii in four ?"?ililli weekly draft*. The sum
linn lining n the r>. mk of Monroe, of which Jarvis
Lord in l'n .-?oh nt, and nindi was d. s ^nati-d by the
Canal ?BoSldaS B depositary of toll inoiievs in tin?
Bridal of tin? canal mi iteincnt of but year, wa? o.ily
113,000, but it was BSSSSthslSBS withdrawn. 1 he
PUK Bedingt were taken in fgot lit I ve BSsMSH for ob
I vimis raasoaa
Ths money deposited is ths Troy natik, whu li has
: now ;>ll been withdrawn, was pl.-i.-cd there at the r<
1 .jin st uf Ainlitor Thavcr, who u-'d it M his SBpitsl
; bl his wholesale busiaiiess ia the oertithates which
be waa to audit, and ?asUy obtaiaed as taensssis
the (!. pndl ti in-tiovcr lu- Bsedsd it. The aithdiawal
from ?lu v i? Lord's bank was of too small an aiii.u ni
lo be of any importance, except sa s declaration of
pin,i- pie. I ?he ?action of ih<> Canal Board last B| ring
assth? ?mbjectof much eomment at th?* tin,?*, ami
Controller Hopkins, who east his \"te in favor of
the meaanre, was sever ly ?* r i i i ised by some ?of the
?papers of his own psrty. ?Both bsnks will ?sesee to
i? i"'. ' ? ?? of ?!( ?> ?it f.'i- Btate fun la
nil Mil ni. gai I I INCBKAS "i ntEIOBTtSO OB THB I
llVIIKill,- lill, ti -| lil 11,1 i INA,.s TUB
Its, is i ms COM IM, Y i: A li-I. OIBCBBBAXBS
AH\:- - rtlAI 1MB Hi k K BOCB MOBB Bl UN
,s,|, ,1.
[rsoM i m m i.'i u; ? ?n"i! s|,,%!,, sr ,,r im rnisnss.]
Alban T, Jaa. 24.?The report of State l-.ii
c i u i : unit Surveyor Sweet for the ?ear parting Bept 30,
I875,transmitn I lathe laSgtslatars hyhM mreesssr,
Mi \- ni lim? ti, liii laoBMluter ittngflgURa In relation
to ?in tonnage Baiiretaeat?of the saaals, sbowlag bow
thersllroads ai.talripptag tinm,aad inreia
!.u i le tin-1 ipeodltan ?. peal Bad la rome, on the, aaaM
I lie t?.t ii ti.nu iga u,,,,, .-in, nt fur tin- Kiata fer tin ll'ti i?t;ii
yean begtaaias ?:t i 1880 aad , i dil - **,:?i 1874 is
shown ii? iii? (oliowing table tram the report!
-i ma mated ??ne edle.
Stat? o di i.... i i ; i
Ni ? V.l.. DU ,1 I ;i: r.ri.l Y I. .21 - ? ,1
1 I ? ... 'al . U I-, "" I
lil ?Male maali i ?,?? :, ??j.tj.)
The following shows the Bamaga novemaat f? * the
i, .i 1874)
Tai ? m ?tul li?c1 pa i um
\n I :
malt i ' 7. i.i. t u " i i
.I., idiliai I -'i .o." 1 I"
111. I .?i i ?? II
1,19?.Bl ?,S!M Liu
Tiie lunn ice of tlie . mala ? Bacal year of
l-Tt waa irrealer, aa i? ah ara bj the report, than the
aggregate to g,-?.' Um ral !??? >a t?u the .*.? .??? HMD I 81, '
i- i i..*... ii i i -i -? o. i. ii.I. lu?!?.-' tba sreragB of tha i
neds durin the IS irrara allud ?I la, tha reade aad ;
l'uni- wen '?. . ii op to 1868, tftei UUa year th . ?., la
. : , ii., ita .i*. i,i .n the bag I I Iren, tin
im. i.i,.i-i.f th mada raafa tBsaaaegi al is that of the
? ?? i - i ? tbeee 19 yean the total to inage awve
n. . : g railroads andraaala.waa43.131,103,010,
wn? it wa?.o...m i-1 i. iii Stride I i.ii,vi-, n the i ? ? ; ?
T ..? toe nagi? el lBe?raaali has deereased froai
- ereea of lae total teas ? ? i SO la 17 per eeat ha
I-, I lin- .nu ???ni uf the li din?.'?- III".i. 'lie nt . n tin
. .o,.: ? Bl 1874 aras bel rt Mace 1870, aad ?waa below
the ??-ii:.,? of t.. ? B '. u - : I.',? I ?, i i? ? i. .,.??! lu th?
: in 1874 lbs railroads reaebed their highest petal
.n tin amen let limit lonuags and the lowest la theh
iii.- Increaaa ia iii Brnfissti Bwveawstof the
e nuil-, i '-j i??t ? i nt. m ik e .i i ?nu showing i'si.ie the
? ? ? entrai sa I i.i le roads sad tbi - IO
per eral of I tba Bl it- r. a - t.t i n t ??? lin r
i i v Kil:\ KXn N i ?.
1 . ? Ti- !i lit u re? f..I tin ? Bagtfl < I I >??;?.!: IlltCIit fur I tip
fear ending r? ?it 30, 1875, wera; fut tba Bastera
I) . i-i.r.'i ??-.; ol, tot Ibe M dite li:n'i?ii."?.i '."'.o.
and ..u m. w.-tiin i>.i.?i??n. -f? i ..?.ii. 75, m all
-1 .'.MT'. -: ? The amount "f w..rii .1 ,?<? aa l. r the sap, r
nflht I.'.-ii... i Departme I wssssfoUows; Fur
ti..- I..?:. i, li.? .-?mi. ?rl:il, .7!? 7.1; !,?r Ibe Middle I).
vision, *?_')-'.-.?j it. for ths B'e lera Dtvialoa, 0279,
? ?? ? m sll, gull . K11 46 i be letal roM ..f i agiaet i
lag bas i? rn aboul 13.3 pei sent of tbe ?a?st ol Um murk
Um? Deducting 8-20,834 eipcaded aa the aanrejre Hat
theealargi aentofth. Phampiala Gsaal,tha hub prap
. ? !?. . i..ii.. aiii ? m tin- Baal i n i '.i ? ? ..u fa.i sanias rlag
rxprni s ? ri?.o|s Dedactlng tbia from t,.i vhata
mil?.nut, It leave?? #05,784. ?H 1" I per cental tin- w tint,?
Mist of work, aa the ?.?m properlj ehargaahta looa
(?iiik r it- expenses Ib 1870 the proportion was 8.3 pet
raati tit i-7t aad 1873,7 per cent ; in 1873,8.4per
?. ia . la 1874,7.8 per seat? sad, exclaiDng aarve/a, 7.13
per eeat rha lorrsasafat IBs i .i?i j.ur ia, therefore,
in.11,> o [n: t.m, in, lu,nu/ Barrera,ead asara tii.m.i.
excluding then The leDewtag tabla ahaws Hie total
mil.lum ni wn, ? ?lulu, ?im .iiK' iin ii-, al ] ? ?ti iB7S aad the
amount ol work remaining to be done es esletlsg eau
Amo'int remain.
.? ?? n ml ?I ne un.- U) li ii?.' ?.
I'll? a jo tOU "'? Sii>"-3 Bia 4 J
i .?mi Inn - HO. , ,.i ?J?! 100 .ii ., i
(?aw. gn 'i ?711 -:? ! i ?. .'?)
I I.i lim !?i '.Milli V.lHHI li.)
I ,!? Ill illi." .... i.il? OS ?
< ?l III'.I .cid '? !U < ? :i 2 i
!.. n? ??-e \ a .. t '?.I",- ..'i
i i . i a l .ii?. 1U. al lart 'J Too im?
I a ,1 a a, | l!, t.Kl ?11 lill I.t 43
i i.?.!.... i ..i? UM 10
ll!..l ?al lill?-! 7 '1 | .'I
I? lal ?'.Hi.'.?.U 40
The un ?un*, set 4owb f. .i um i h iinplain ('uni lu
elude, nspectirely, 8107,451 expeaded as the sabugo
i,i, m. ind iii Um meek laamlaiag la he deaa ea lae bb
iii.c.>t ide felloarnw tabta ?lmw? tin? amount
expendedoaUm KrioOaaal ander rztraordiaairrepalra
dnrlag the i ..-t fear,aad me amumit ramais ag i?. i>?
DBdrr cnnlraet
Pune ?Inrill* iut-1 ?. i I m lie
Written, lear Suaa
l i? ? u, DIvMob... I '?! ". ' ', i I-? ii ? (Ml
Hal-die imi ai.ui lim l-j ni lo , -o n0
Wa? lill li I, ??. Hil '..-' 1 '1 BJ '.'-. ?-'-' 1 I
Tatal ... ?7-i;. m i'J ?..s.i.i.r.- C1
The lolluwtag shows ths prleolpal Berna i sxpeadl?
i i , pea eutrai-t ? f.u-evtiit.iiiim.ti i repairs as the Erie
i .i is - ?! i. m t .. last tvt u J car? :
i n?i. isrs.
j..,!.],: nu- locks . BIM 1* * ?? s. ?u >(
lent.al ???., I .1'?:' 1" ll.SWi h
l.iiiiiivinn wail Im lillie? 19-'.71 4.! 231.'il 4
Ile? ia..n? .m.i i adera 1 ? WO d ii) ?"'l ti
liii|i.ii.un nlaat HulUli? 'I UM* II lil..Ti M
I.,til?. *i-'.i,'l 7 .0 I...... l'A ou
vu UK OS mr ( BAMBI ain ?i*? al.
las Blah BagiaeeraadBarveyee aaaosaeea tt?ut tiio
rev ml.m uf Li-?ni v, >?, inaiM!, pl.tiia, anil .?lim iii ? lal
tin iiil.o a., nu i I ,,f Hu-<'li.iiiii'l.nn I ' ?nal tit? bees com
plrted iin iii?: .in.?i?.u ?M thesarvej sxtesds flam the
linn .lull uf t.,, Lu,- unit cliauiiililu ('.in.i? to Kort
.Miller lui,',,- ?? I Island W '?' ' I mitta, ami Hu- ?ic,ml
ii v i-i?.n e"u i arl Mil er Bridge '?> MBMaBall, a dtatsses
of ?i o' .iii? r i'i.- astlmated seat al lbs salarasaaeal
of (in- li -l ti,vi? nu I? Ti K'T.iilil KI; of tile SBBBad
iii?ki,?i?. - i.jiii.i-!. BSi lalal.SB.SMB.400 ou. a ?eaoud
?lae v,.!? i in. walsh i",l?'Wi 1 mure n? ur:y tin- lim? uf tlio
? in l,asdbj wal .i im. i"?! of tin? sal sasossal wmiiti
ih rsilsasd aheal ItoiMMO Tue huu- Bngtaaeraafe
that wullc lu- ?I u? not '"' I di?ii?-?.-il to make any r? eutii
nun i.i Lu m i?. IBs poBeyef ssdertsBlsg Hie epsedy
k,,ii ,. -, n <af thla piaguaad worB, be weald asggsst thal
tie u ?ilaita? >' n?l. n?u b1 Hie <*.nuil instit ho Krt'.itlj
mut pi .miiiivii-.!? IW|SSTed bf Hie eii!itri.'iiiicut uf IhSBS
... li?,a?, w .Rat-< u ,t.??.nut of Uuiit.it willi,i ?nd laftB,
IL.- in .til?n ut uf lioai.? hSS lieletofore lu-?"!! Sttsadsd
tutti paal .tittil titty, ti,, ?# ssettsas do m>i sssBraes
m? .e Iliau five to sevcu miles of the eaual, ttii.l it ia
lieiiKied may bo enlarged at a cost not ?? indina
ULA? K lid' k K V ?1I .11.
Heveral rcromnioudatious of interest aie contaiued In
the report of li M. Iliiuki, It islduiit KiiKtueer, ami at'tln?
as 111 ?ullin I '.iirlueer lu pitaes of John D. Kay, r?*?lk'H.-.l,
i lil? A? "ii secnuut of '.Uc late " unpli*BSSasaSaS?" Mr.
II,mk? di fen li Hu Improvement at Hl.-t.-k Kock Harbor,
?ali? ra m much iraud ha? been ssmssttSsdi saaagSssss?
lng principle?, ana recommends It" completion. He sue
gests. tn (1lM>ii<BiiiK Hm work as It BOW stand-", the pae
BBgSSf a law to put a stop to the dMSBaSSS tit sewage
from Hie City o' Iliiflalo Into the canal, which the Ptate is
now rouiiiellodtodrcdi;? out at an mimi ii eo?t of ??'."> 000.
Mr. Hanks slinwi that the coiuplctitiu of the HIim k Rock
HarlKir wnik would save the Stale the ernenne of matu
tainlnit the Medina and (iene?co Uiver feed? I?, willed
could then he BBBmleBOd, as well an the dam? ?icr..)?i< tin
upper akaaaal of Immaraada Crash and M Baehostar.
The engineer reenmnn-nds the luimedi it?- a!>iind?uiu< nt
of the Qeaeeee Volley toeSer?
?S8TIMATU ron l*?7<>-7.
The report "f Charles A. Sweet, Division Knirlreer for
the Middle Division, and of II. M. Hanks, Resident Kn
gBmm of tim STeelara Ptvtohm, k'-'cs the Mtowtog-sssi'
amma for ripraMinim f??r the jem eadtasSept. m??.
V-ll, appro;.nations to meet BfMsB mist bo made hy the
prc-cnt Laglatatmei
nronin memi-os.
ram aal iralbbaaai. ria ida fTrn'i frrdnr . 8S.0OO
liamaail bulkhead. Butternut Creek feeder... :?. 00
Liiuillii.il. lklie .id, I Uti ?Km. Creek feeder . Sun?)
lunn it: .1 bulkhead, -I a lealelrs I r? i k ?feeder. 2,800
ProtKcUun to De Rayter reservoir 7.7 0
tit I .or? lo Chenanjro < a al i? - i-.nlr. .. 2" u >0
i r ?ii-( tim.- atone anson oswefr? KI ver .... S1.00U
.?-??ii ?I m st in 11...?, I aj ina, ii ...I .?"iicia BO.uaKI
!.. ??airu.n iiura at li'.-, t, ? i . . 2,000
Tarni.$ioo,J o
st i -: u ins i?itiv.
riisanlBg'tnwMe gal ? . fio.noo
1 sien.lui* inn! 1*1 sod |.i-i ... . -On.ooO
I r.a.in i>k Lu ib? ami Black Rock . I.ooo
( ni.sun. inn. britt*. ?. At. . 3??.0U0
Bo i in ni; ? m i ?i. ?I . 1.700
Dredging ? hu. !?a.?lii . lo IKS)
(,t niH.e n.tir f- i!t r n | urti . 13,01 0
Ho. beat? brklgei repa r-? 7oO
i:.i 11 k trunks between clylie .-uni i .-lim j ra..- io.? m ?
V.-rtusl walls east at Kuebeeter lu..>
l'?.i iiiiPuk Im lum al Km !)' ?IO . >\OOt)
Ins? rilli? .ici ihm,, beau? In bridgea. lo.aN)ai
? OUI] let 1U|{ lal.il.' l.lau mai,?. H.(N?0
Alua NY, Monday, Jan. B4, 187C.
?OnTharaday the-OsaraSttea will beal Pmf. Thee. ST,
Dwight of I'nliuiiliia mnagB Law School, lu opposition to
ile inn requiring ifiulaata iu law aahseaatopamtha
?ame I riihaiioii in Klll'ly M the otln r lusv l! nihill?. On
sst lim --ii. t of m- \ i ?til? tu.- Committee will boar Dor?
man i? i .ii.iii, lu i.tsiir t.f tin- lull io abullah Tamnanj.
ami also in last r ?>f til ii itor Bogen a It nimmt 1)111 in m
tatton to receivers, airead- niven In Tua TaUBBa. it is
Hint. I stood io icii-i to li..? 1.1 le It?.til.
The .-?en.ile Judiciary Committee will h? .trargunx nts
on Wedneaday In Hw eoaleeted aeaa (.iocsof Lahaheer
?iL-ai!u?t H. rant, .ml II;.. d |g llBat \"<vt<|. r, in ss hh h the
Siting Beaatom wtUraaw the prellaitnaiy question nut
tin cm.ti-Hi.nits are (stopped Iron ounteMing Hie nan
on the ground thal Incase the eleeled Brnatora wem
dei .iit.i lie i,-iiiie tha ooateotaata woald kars uuuaim
lo tilt) pla(. a.
hi BATS Ai iiANV. Jan. ?4. 1878
The Senate sssfBihlrd at TlIO ?>. m. The
following lui ? wem iatrudaeedi
Hy Mr hi. Jims 1'ios ulmi; that Hie Treasurer of
Newburgh shall rsl 12831e Alfred Qeodrteh, tar the
cam of ITaahtBgten'B ii- as laartma troaa i-? n. I, is75, to
.1 m i 1875, nie eeooad oeetton provtdee thal tin C m
.n ?.-nil- ii of Newburgh skull aaaaaUj tai??-the ?um
o. >.!))) lor the eau- of Hu II .(.I pill leis.
Bj Mr. Sfoooia?lilviua tbe right of war tar the per
poae >.f ? oiiHiiiii mur a alteh m ami ihrough tue Erle
Canal eon practically abandoned, from tbe L.ssn of
i/o. k iii lim, in Wayne (Jaunty, to Lynne ia IBa Bama
Tbe bill allowing Hie Hi: t?> Medical Boriety to ehange
Hie data foi tmtning its annatal bm etiag st<? ord? red to s
ti.Lil randiag Aabooraed.
On iiiiition ?>f Mr. (?AU.AHiii.it, t!ic f?rmate
biU rotativo to pooling mitlem ?".?i papem katbaCo-aaty
m Erb waa onltirrd lo a third roadlas
i Beana! report of tbe Ken Torit Infant A flam was
The tallon la ? f? Ila wa re introdui ed ?
i.i si iiKtiiii Authorising the Brooklyn Gonrams
Cuuucil io estaltllsb pub. h ballin It authorises -n ti
iM-nditur? of Pi5,ooo tot the porpuaa and tha keene ?ad
1. u I? !?? . I; i' BU ".lill!.
i.i Mr. Ualvim?Tepnatab passabrok? rt und ethem tor
ierre ting proprrtj belonging io athen II Bmhaetha
off. nee a nu? t< m? m. r.
i,i sir l-i-ii lito nilli io amend the art to prevent
frauds in tb< saia o' ii ki ;? on lUauiboate and etoam
? .ni ?
Hi Mr. |iiH?i!l: OmatlBg the righi of the United
SU ?'? a lion : nu.. :it i?, i? ?piu?' the 11 Ti.t ? f way to Im?
prove the Hartera River and -lui) ten Dil) vii C:i t !?
i.i n. (.lam ssnii?u To ni: ins BBCSBTARV
AC-qi II i in.
lur innunni to tub -rmni-MM
Si. I.cfi-, J ui. 84.?UM attitude of tin? Pnsiriwit
respectiug tha approaching trial ?.f Oen. Babeeek ia
limit rhtooil here, hy those most like], t?> sjn?ak :ul
rieedly, to be as follows ! Gen. Babeoch has basa
the ... i..!. mill friend of Gen. Grant? Loth
in military und civil life, fur upward of
lifte? n years. Ihe President's confidence in
linn ha.-? been anbonnded. Ob his ladietaaeal
lien. Ii.tlit ni It gave the l'i. .?nil ut an explanation of
the " M !|)h " ti h iriatii, st hi. li svas at least p'ruini
ble, ?Hid also explained tin- tin wring Of certain otln-i
sets and dot nments apea whb h the Grand .Jury had
felt m ?lucy in.nml to la??- an indictment, Gea.
Ila i co) L'm atatententa were aecrpted by the Presi?
dent ?u? sai lefaetoi ;., ?nul Im be I? s ? ?;. and atill eoo
tinnea to beli? re, la Gen. Baheorh'a Inn?* anea. All
of t is, i f io? i.-., m a pmoual matter between the
li.si.l.iit and bis Irsatc n ? n tar] ; bal as la
ttti.ii.er the 1 rcsi'.ei.t ?sill allow bia private
sy pathiea le Interf?ra stn h the Bonna of I?k.i1
jual l? i Hi ip iu: it'll, is hit li coin? rns tit st dole c< uii
try. Ii la lillies.-d bem thal lu-will. The pressen?.
t.ou, Bsamattor ??t emires^ raeelved in? giaataat
oin. ni aapport bom ?He Beeretsry ?f tin- Tmasary,
aud Um moral aapport from publie sentiment; hut
while it issaiiafied thal lha Piesaseat wOi use all
legitimate means i<> ssenre the soqnittal of (??ti.
Babeoeh, it doe? no4 spprehend that there will be
any ollii ntl a? t ?m lu.? part ?ni. ul.iU'd to liupule the
?tOBISS Wt justice
A HAY ?.1 AK'il Sll NI Sl'KI I.'? I.i fNi.lt. DUT! II.
Ultiiii ii I'll ><i :)f?M ov IBCHNIOAl <i ?ilm>?.
Sr. LO! i?, ?'.in. 24.??Although it tv.is (rcn
eral's iin.ti-r.loo I Um! the irr.iit.-i pari of tin-day ?uiild
be irisen up te iivii srgam mt, IBs sttendaam upon the
trial of William Mt Kee for alli?e?! toiupl.cliv with Hu
Bfhlaky Mian tar aurpaaaed the Beeaaaamdatleaa ?>f ah??
i .nut rtMiiu. Tin (aram ramataeSal tii. it- bstst ander
tin? guard at IM Depatj Mamhal Immsdlateli uptm
Ikeapealag?afthe?eanrtimage i leatai kum aeatlaaed
hu? aigiimiiil for Hu' iicfciiK?-, e ttug trott i gia ai Bamfcm
af aal kort lim. Barth Fagltak ami Aamriaaa, M BhawtSe
in. aaipetoacy <?f IBs ovtdanee of aeeaBapltai s st th h wm
mini!-iolior .ti ?1
I ni. 1 riwllit atl, for Hie proneeiitlou, followed .Imliir
Kriiin, n:ul said it st as an nlmunlity to bold th it Hie
Otoarlat Ihmshagasf thsssas ihs M a ?spIBs prssssd?
llr.-s, ex. Iil.le furtlmi testlliu'lty, t? II Hie Jury Hi at the
es1.1? nee thus fur l:itr(i)liic( ?I ama petjaied, ami ;UMtruc!
tin lu I he s i oiil.l tllitl no ti lilli t. 1 e r< al pom I at tssui , i.t
s.i.ti I? st iiether the pi..??'cuti.ui shall In- pi rniltted to in
tio.iiie. evidence to prove that Megraegave m? m ? lo
John Least DWIirtk, -I ?lie tillie A coln (lol of the glllg
fiiini, bat ?ni' <? dead, artth Inatruotloau n. i .it It to sirK..-,
.m I tit tt u .i s i n so th BUbaeqau Bl ly rei mied io Magrna
in ii h? tin! lint pa) i! lo Mt l\- 0. I In- ?lt!( n?e t ann lulu
is in. i.mpc'i uf leit.uioiit. st lilli? lui pion i iiliou claun
lo ti a coiiirai ?, sud Basel l the conspiracy ?vas g eoBl i
ii. d .n t fittii. 1?71 L 1h7"i, that eserythiug In regard to
Itakiaton laeompelenl leatiuonj.
Maioi l.tn n n l.a ..n turu Had hu ai<i!un nt fur I lu?
lu .n.. ill.ni, an I tt.ii toUowed b] J in Im- t 'Inter for the
tit fe: Be The l.ttl.r Blade a Itrvag ai Kinnell! ni Leila f of
his i heut. Ililli nouke With a great ?leal (ti Le in. Hill
some t-x.Ueuii.ni. ihe '.uki Wttl Kite Its d? ? sioa to
aterrew. _
n i.i (iUAi'inc wm
Ntw-fii.'i.iAss Jan. Si, TbsSoathera Btatoalas*
nilli A.y i? ( .n.vi ml..u ? .11 nut. ml. I? b. r? Man li 1.
th.DKN. Utah.Jaa.34.?The (entrai Pseiletrahi
Ful ..... i buuuil at Well? Hialiun. ?ini ?lil la?H t-um? In to.
Pnonomca, R. ?L.Jan.34.??Aalaereaaadamaemt
of linn I.'.ui rs is .? i uiining at Ix)it?.'.alr lia-.tiy. tml the metlina
?af the ?liikiai Bpeiattv?aa ?oi?h1 m v.Ktuuu?ly Mitti mil lo ko
to ?turk.
l?tw?ov, Jan. 14.?The d?'ii<l l?n.y of Sirah Oxley,
sn untiiiiii.ti mamu, v:i ream aBLwaemmM last indis lu
tin- rooms of Dr. B, ?? Useliilin. In la (?raiiKe ii. Ths iltrlor
vumiiiiAl w. any ou s iiiaiK?- of nislpist.Ui.?, ?ml liiltl ia
li..,ooo bait
Pom Jkbvi.s N. Y., Jan. 24.?John Havden, the
?Din wini wiifiiUllv wnnniliil while ?Hi muli <? burbury it
1 lind..c.iiIon Ult I n U) BlgBt, wai ;.?,..a au .1 lu a;, au? (r.|.l
a. in.--Ii y.ai?i age to nil) ll??n Nstlonal llsuk of Hill tl!la>?,
?i.tu in? tallar, Frank Martlu. cams s fly urar liisiug bis lils.
hie ooBBornoM in* ntr. ranon ia MM-HOBoafc
MTB PATMBBTI FOB imtions?iaim: voiuiKita
ano soaaaaiBS btoowraactuas ki vbalbm bv
I.ATK : kia!-: g MSO ITBBBO? an old OBfBBMBB
i: civiiy aivi.iini. i??it or-; i e.
,'fkovi rue KI-...I i.Aii OOSSBBPSaSSaS BSSIS ikiuiimb I
Ai.hany, .Inn. iii.?Hie (Sute Prisons have l?e?m
mvastigated betes now. More than twenty years
ano, m l-Cii, the corni pt ion ami inefficiency pervaii
ni? ull ilcpatt?llente of tlie Hog ?Sing I ria?ii, ami in
u Ibsbss dogmes! ?abara, wire so gri-sand paipa
bb? that an invt-tina* ion wa? order?*?!. iMSSSOSaS*
aBBBSBSSSMB WSBS upp?iiutt-d, Jolm ltra?ll?-y, Chairman,
Law, Mciieilict, jr., ami Aliram Vcinaiiv tv.m traiia
BSittsd their ic-xir!, a liulky volume of g tlioutuuid
pt i ti !?*? I pagt-e, to the I.c (?slat ure ?if the following year,
ItaWit*(J. Littlejohn being SpsBBSr? Hi?* principal
leid of tlu'ir in.,nu les was Sing Situr, where tho
U 'ml. n hail liuilt up or adopted n complu it. ?I sye
tctn of fniiul, ?uni involved the SfUfl of BBS pgtsBM
in Hiit-li ?titi riler that t!u* iiiVd-tiiiut..)!) wa? h.id
primarily witli a view to it-? financial c.iin.ttinn. lu
Aiiluirn Fn on ti ero BSeSSSd ina? li lett kg Illunie,
while of (linton tim C?immi.v>iiHit r.s vvi-ie not only
liol? ful, hut BStSSfl] laudatory. I*ii:g Su i ir. ?luring
tiic pecisd mi atigaanl, ih")0 to 1854,1 ttai Maha s
iiiucli n ore tgfm ?hie exhibit apparently than now.
The.lcli.it of 180,000 In 1800 WSS followcil by a
-ui|.|iis in 1 s.r, 1 <f !?-8,(i0(?, and in IBBSnt ?t* 1 SJBSS?
I Ii.eo wero two of the only tlire?*? years in tho last
third at B century in wlii. li Mug ?-ini; Pri-aui has not
Ik'cii a ch ygga up M the Slut?*, 'lin- lOa.t ou ?"?i!iK
Bing in Hu- la??t t.n ySSfl is $i;.lYi 1,771 B5,
Tbe dct.ula of these iiaiuls anti tile men who com
iiiitte?! tlicin bavs Issg <:< ?v????l to lie of Interest, hut
a lit u*i .st.Ui nient of miiiio of tuen principal methods
of p?-i iiRition nay lu- of nomo value now that an
uthcr investigation M impending. There is nothing
new in fraud under Hu-mihi. I he ?urne methods of
Masting that tessatly sajstsd sa the ssaalsssisBsl
a Ken? rat on ago, and the tUsVSB ?loulitl? -s ?xjiect
to MS i ben m o|? ratnui BSSBB at miine futur?-?lay.
Kum! ta 11 nat Igst his, thsa an Jstervsl rd nattanj,
th.*!i a relapas?tins ia tim order of most r< lonna.
larsstigatisaa ara for a aaja bal thieves are for all
tune. !s<) that it is not at all unlikely that tin- C'oin
ini-Hioiicrs or coinrnittoenien who uiulcrtako this
new investigation will make much tlie MBBS <?i?*i )V
eii? ? BS tim ?lil.
Tas Conasittoo of 1854 carefully assessed the
rec r Is of alleged parebaMS te tho mu- ut sing .sing
i'rihon and the '" ration hook." thus ascertaining
what na* paid fm and what was a. ttialli consumed.
Tni.s SISWlllBtiaa covered a psffisd of four y. ara and
developad Basas latesstfag fa? ts. Ths following
??\t Bssss asia shaws i STljBlB psaaas of aa f, esti
inatixl value. *-'2',.U',7; 108,007 pounds of com meal
anil lloai, ?-?ti natcd vjiltn-, $i:i,7L'2 ; 2.*i, 4-"???-; pounds
of Bah, ?-etitn.it?-.! value, .f 1,42-1 ; BJSSA baSBSBS of
p?.t,ii?Hv?, 13,4351 BBIBSSf of rations of bssi ami
psefc aaaeeoaste?te, 218,5571 asarhsf al rationa
of li ni r ?tmt meal BMBBSSaatsd for, .*>< H, ' 1. 11. Ths
eaeess ?f ths panhssss all. gul to bass bass ?n?s
bj ti?, prisoaia sbsssb of ths quantifie? svMsatlg
u-c I. aii'l of SltJSBfS wnicli the prison hail appar?
ently un authority te bay, Mas sstfassted by the
Csmsiittee st-870,100. This wu for thsssstaAsI
four years at this prison alone.
I Ita ni-*?, ??very w.u, inailo ei M StshSBBtS ??vstcm of
fraudaient raschen, TheOonsstttaefoaad tathsis
sarprisB "parchases sfths ause aaaatity of Isas
ami other anulo?? from two different linns on the .
??iuk" ??ay. the real pur. hute-s In ing made of a ?uiaff
firm. <?u invest in it um it was f .und that a man
baeisg desltagi trith th<* prion had tadsssdths
two hr? tin m eoatsssiag ths firm, Bash walnut the
knowledge of lbs other, at variousBbass, to maks
fuit billaagaissl ths i?ri?^.>n and receipt th.-iu, with
i ut having sohl tin- g ?(hL, or received the money, or
a \ partios ? f ? it lui. One of tins? bills vvua for
?T I.'-'-? i ; another te 8*1*771 another te 98871 others
tnrSOlB, 0370, |980, Ac, the t?>t?il amount of tho
aavea lain roes aura in iuk 82*077 B6. Thh sum
the Cummittsa ardered tbarged hack to tlie agent
mi the books of the Conti.diet. They ?lo not seem,
i.owi'vei, io bava hesa whollyfstttinaa It wua a
ilcvr e for partial fraud.
Fr.i.uls in the jut,c1,?io of supplies wi ra li feted
hy dtatrcpsscte i>?tw???ti shs isesri of parchassi
ami the beigh! Sfcsnsl Is 1-851, ?f Sim; Blag? ?^d
nore barlil? of Ilour were sharped te thnn tho
freight aceoaets sheared te have l?c?-i) lare?rad. In
tli?; folio wuk year there wasaHiuulax d..-,?! (-paney
of II BO bsrreis. Snqd<rioS of fraud in fhe fieiK'il
act niant itself was bIbo i'Xi lta-d, by the f.u ? tli.it the
follovviiiK year there "-aas a ?li-ci, pal.ey found of just
Um iip!.?oK.t<" Und?ftsight hetag esasged u|k)u mora
bai ni? of dour than Ml re all? k? ?1 to have bec ii pur
ch.is. d ; ?lui aim) by the fit? t that bslghl thaiK*^
iver.- geuen ly allow? ii an geoda at a ttaas ? h? g, ne
cording to tho bool?.!?), 'Amy baal not ysBheSB pur
io mis were piii('!..i.?id in Nrw-Yoik at narko!
Mice, brought to i-iiiti muk, tho vouch, i ti BBS real
purchase MSSteSSad, .ind BSSMhsf SSBsdtSted at an
iiicic.tet'?l Igara A nun.1st of BS8BS transactions
wi le based ).i detail, aiiditvaaa shown thal the
nefarious trat?c h?ul BSBBBBSd tSfgS pr??? onions.
Theia bso boes a system el awarua in tha pusoua
a? well j? on 'lu' catials. lu one ease, auder twa
Bsatraeta, ths Ststs isesirsi fmui thsseaaTSSSssB
only ."i""J(?,717 ."?I for labor, wl ?*n BBSBS OSS 8MB Mom
tlicm ^(.t:t,ni7 7"I. DuriiiK the BBSBS J>? rio I, tin c?ii
t.i.ictaiiK reeoveisd baal the-Slate m issBsass bM
lost? ^-J ,iMni, 1 ?r ali.'i:?''.! iion-t'Ci-forinaii?-?' of cut?
ir?? t. las Coaualttes -say <>f this SBsS|thatwll
would ni ?in aa thsagi a striiKKl'- ba-l SSbMsd BSSBBg
?.me of ths cunt nu ton? (tiiii oiinoi - tuse.- ? hsshsaat
uioHi deeply wraog tha Btsts." "Oariag thi t.n.?
tin?-, cm ti.i? tan ?an r. n ssvetisg th.*. Isrgssvsssal
i.u ii.iuMii'. s. iii.-y wen seaetaatly mfsaiag i-o \\n?
ii-ivi' thsfsil nuiniiei ti tin- snavteta Mipalatad by
then i outr.u te, Bad a Ihik?' BBBBBsM of thSSB tiny did
fuipi i.v th.'v paid hat a sjaarte ?ss a half ut the-sssp
trail price." This claim waa for iluinagea by lire,
and ths day had bssa ?ix.?l for mai. shas tata si
tin* Board of Issssatsts, Messrs. Clsrk ssd Ahk?1,
aK.iiiist toe protest ni ths Iiis|k? lor :u ?shstge, ' w ho
badesduaive legal jariadtatioa," a?..l el tin si ?t.'s
loiins.l, or.b'le?! th.- ;. fen?! ce of the BBSS?SSSlthS
lateen ?l.owitl tin* claim. The OeBSBSittnflsilsi
!.. diseover, sahsegasady, ?my astetasl pnsi of the
liability nf ths 8tsta Ths sfsai B?Bsasaasl au ap?
peal, out tin* satin Isapettors ?uterienyl and wui
?ii .1, il u -ni i.ii-Mon io to?- (Mdgnssati
Am thrr aiithsd rf rahbtag tho st.iv, whish is
altogsthrl IS8 easy ad probable to BS ovcrUmked
by an, in..'.Vic.it tig bo.lv, was that ?>t uiubTchaiK
iiig the .inioili t ? ? IsbSS pst* nned bv i?m\ it tai. A
inc.han!.-, who wi?s iu charge of (te-SSfSaSBBBS,
aloue ant Uns, bist fcsailtH. aadjsbasss ia las pnsou
?boj???, tSSt?sd th.it no l. teiicd no i,i?lill.'t|.?lis
wbstever from ths saral to sharp the Bsas oi thsss
cadiVi't? t<> the ?oi ti.m tauK, but ti:at tie did ??? bo?
eill??- l?e knew that they were working un contra? t.
U lu n tlie uiotith SBBVB d, the tim, -bi?)k wa? ??*nt to
tlie ;?k? nt's office iu order to be shSIgsd up, when
BM of the coiitractair?! ?truck a number of tho names
from tim book, su Unit their labor w.u not included
m the bill. ?Mr. Kirkpatm k, for many years con
iiett?xl with the Mate MsBSM na agent and iuspoitor,
and wb.Mte tllorU at reform SSSBSBaBttj appear
thseaghsat this tanaBagssasa, sought to have bsbbss
taken in lbs matter, hut the only result waa that
the kecpci wbo miwie tho compliunt waa trausfom.-d
to another part of the prison.
Vi hen iutcuiperate BSSSBSB were absent from their
posts, guards performed their duties and received
extra' pay, the vouchers stating that tlie extra duty
waa perform?*?! because of sickness, aud at the same
time the keepers receiv-ed their aalanea ia iull^ lu
Oma gtOh fenre?

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