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Bofrrn'a Tun its?..?1:30: "Alone." Elsnoid. 8:
"Miar of tie N?rtli" Mla.i K.ell.ijf'f.
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AiAiiKM ? up Music? Voting Women's A?*-<ni.ition Fair.
Cm, KK..I.N?. il.i,.i.-r?:i,.'ii. Brtstow.
Br. l'-.TKIt'? IlAI.I..?lie.? .ill "V. ?haril ? i;?li,Tia,jr.
?AMMAM Hall.--" ?i un.? : " Iii.i.M I.h.im.
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Dnsinces Xoiicco.
Ci!isT\r?o?;??'?? Haik I>vr. la t.io farorlte ?lv<
fa vnjt'iii* ?"-?!? Hpili il ; slwsyi rrlltMsi natuia., beaat?
?ul \? tin). ?.... mat iftuii. 88 ?leu nt.
Daily Tb*b****k. Mail ?^abaenbaaa. Sioi.er aaaaaa.
Br.M)-\\ i i Ki y TRI BUNK. Mail Sulwcnber,., ill i? i r?.
V'Eiciii.Y I i.iut'NK. MnilSiuiscri-M?rs, RifOie HlBM
Ierras, cnah m ntlvtr.ict*.
??ddiaaa invTauuaa Hew-T?*k.
Person- ???trtWt* to obtain luv. 1 nitiivK in ami of ike
train?, bout*, or hotel? in u hi'h it U timtally ?old, will con
lei a favor be informinu tibia o'hee of the dream- tanas.
Tp town artvertiaera pen l?iv?e tl't-lr favor? fur THF T
al 1,23s Br"_.r.?av. for. A at?'... or 808 W.SSM SL, mt. UAlt aw.
ThkHkmi-Wkiki.y Tkii.i'm: ??ill be n;??l? li.i? moc?los
at 8 o'clock, in a i app?ta lor aaalllag Pnee B acate
Ai1vcrM.?-t'iiii n s for tin. ?i-i-'-U'? Issue .if 'I'll' W'KKKI.Y
Ti-ibunk ni'Ht tie biitnl- .1 iu To-Dug. Plies OS pee !;n?-.
?Ce^'-S^rk flg?g i?xibxitU?
FoiiKKiN.?Seren Fr*ii?li **88B8la ?taciAjed in the
Icclatnl li?i!tcr.c??? lav.- lu-.ii 1??.-?t.-= French
finaiicti')'? tiiiil?Tt?K?k the . ?iiivi taiou ??f the Ki*.? ;?' 1; ,
?debt into 7 i*r cent stock. : - = Au?ilri:i threaten. !
to close thepoH of Kick (?k'ainst the Tink?.
Tlif? ttemt h Miiii.Ht?*r of tba Interiorlaaaed :???i.alai
to prefoi'U, n ?juiriiiK Naped for tlie? Ki-inihhc.
DoktKsTtc'.?The auilienco at Anna Di. kinsoi.'
dubut in liosto.i ffM the litr^iMjt the (?lohn Th- ut' i
ever c?nitam?-?l. ?? Booataijf lisl.'*? f?>r,ilill
letter on the Wini-lotv c;?8e is imb?slicd. ? 1)? m
Peditj h;i.*) ?aliod^in tin? rr.-??iiilciit. ??? Mi--?
?weet, the Cliii'iigo pcn.sioi) agent, testifies thai
?yen. ?Logai was not tsmrsrned in the le****iagoi
money ujion her. ? The ha!?.;? ??>ii>us la
behalf o! stoke? ii ?lonieil. ?? An tDYeatigatk-ti
of the *\.-?v-York and tin- Western ?Book CeO08.ua
was oid.-rcl l>y the Methodist ?UottfelO-M a
City am? .Sri?ri:ii.\x.?Tho Libara! l.'ei>ui.li? ap
National Cuinniitt-e. nut in this ?iiyand ?alle?! a
National Convention to meet taPUladelpUa on .Inly
20. _z=-_ The National Jiefortn Leagu?*, a new o
gatita.ati"ii Bxeladlag pfaaataaat politi.ian. ai-?i par
?tisans, und aiming at B.-curmg the bc.?t ?candidat??
and refoi in in govermii. nt, i.-sm-.l an iddiaaa to tin
people of the country. : = : John Hoaeh was.?_
amitii?! at Ki??at lenuth by the Navy-Yaid investi?
gating ('<nniiiitt.ee ?HiiueDiiii'.' (iov.riiiiii-iit e? ?n tract?.
:-Th?- EtrooUyi BsplA Trancit Coinimiiy was a!
lowed to ?-hange its roule, r __: An inveslipati'iii ? ?f
the causes ?if !he exiilosion ou J.-i.s.-y City 11 i?ur.i ?
waa begun. ?___: Aiiniv. rsarit* of the Nutioii.tl
Tciuperance S c.oty, the Union Theological 0880
iaary, and oMfceff oriraiiizations were held.
Oiil.1, ll*_<Si. UV??, 119% U.l.l value of th.- legal
tender dollar at tho close, h*?*'^ e. tils. .Sto. ]
higi.er on niodiTato business, elo.-,ing linu.
CONflit)..*??.? Tlie iii)|>i-a<'h)iii'.'it piocei-.lings \v, r ?
resiuned in tlie Senate ; Manager Kt,??t! ?mil .Itnii ?
Black adiltvsscd tin- Court. : In tlie House, th
Hawaiian Tr-aty bill pa_Md?*M inv??tigatioB l>,\
the Way? and Meaiis Comm't. 8 wa? or e.-.l ?if Hi
management of the New-York <'i:.stotii-li.,u_e.
TilK \Vr.A'i'iiKH.?Th.- (?.ivi rniiieiit rep rt pcodkta
light rains and ilmidy wealher. ^_::^ In this city
the day woo mliomely wana .ml laweriag, with an
^caaioiiHl light akawtf ; thcraa? aaelar, 7.", , ha , t;-. .
?p.tin'a deeieptt coinliti.n is in part CK
plaint-d tiy the ?ght to lehfkma liluity Im-?d'.
at ill 8i'iioit.?ly eontoated in bat Omgnm. 1?,
respect fur individual rigids, BpaJa la unl\
beginning where |M0gH-W?H natioiiH have
ended. ^
In Hiyti, Gen. Botaoad Canol, who lad
year owed Ida life to Um piot?-?ti?)ii of th<
a___aariaaa Uiaiateri luis beca r?-e?ive?l will,
great c?iidiality, ami i-, dowbtViai bj tl)i.-t tinii
in control of tho Coveiiiinent. M lio coiinlry
being in di.oidei', h?- will have an aidti.iis
task in rewtoring pnigpmtlj.
The paRMge of Um Hawaiian Treaty l'ill in
tiie House y?-.Htcr?hy waa ? *.iti??)?Me lo it?, i .
poueiiti. lU pa.s.sa>;ft was in.id, poaatbbj by th?;
absence of many ineiiil??i.H. The most ?iilen_-,
ing qiH'stio?! alnnit the ttcaly it wbetboi ??n
own people or a few planters in the Saiidwi.-li
Island?, will pr.'tit tAOB? i?V it? pi<>\ itdoDO] and
en that point there w room for a witlo ?differ
?aoce of opinion.
The National lteforin l.eaptie yc?tinlay laaaed
it? gddrcaa, Ugaed for Um atoas pa?t by <;??!?
tJeiiicn more eniin?-nt out ul tlian in j,,,!ii?.?.
Th? Lea-iie pnpMM to ca.?t itis ii?ll:.,-i?.e ||
favor of civil aeavka refotm and ?boueat ?dii
Ciula. In the l'residential ?contest itn sym?
pathies aro at present umlerstoml to l?o with
Charlea Frauc.L* Ailanu, thou?ih it u uot as yet
bound to any candidate.
The French financiera have umhrtaken a
eoloesal tusk in agreeing to convert the loaded
and floatiug debt of Fgypt into atom pat tatet
Stock, redeemable in (ill years. Iu the ? vent
of the traination being compl? te?l, tin- total
debt ? to be ^i.r>0,?)00,00?, requiring an all?
ouai payment for interest of $31,500,000.
The contractors aet out with fair prospect? of
auccoaa. The Khedive ha? aigned a decree
?aatabliahing a Board of Control, and intro
ducing the other reforma auggeated by Mr.
('av?\ the Ilritish Commissioner. Beside? this,
m?)n?!y it cheap, and there are pravo political
uud t1n.inci.il tngnagm ior uiaintainiug ?ie
Khedive1? credit.
Details of Mfe Sw<'??.'8 ex**,riences a'* Pension
Agent at ( hic.tgo ?how wliat might noturallv
In* 8ttiijios?*d, that ?he trallic in ottices is apt to
1? ?????licii wit)?dishonesty in?j/lice. IHakely, who
preceded Miss Bwaet. t_nat-fao-tarwhen aba
took the Olli?-?-, nuil she made the grave 1_at-Jw
of covering nj) hi., lrand and thus bacowfalg a
ourly to it. On. Bake* is also involv? d in
tin* same way, the eise Mug the inore sciions
he. wan Commissioner gf Pension* at the
time. The whole business will go upon record
.im another evidence of the rottenness '?- our
ol ?ial service; but the part taken by the
I'n -siiL tit in the final aot may BOOSewbat i?'
iliiimd tti hi.-* er? ?lit, which \va__ n?>t what the
liivfHgaloia aipaetad. ,
Mr. Clare'tce Kin'.- is nn nrcomplishcd gcolo
gist, a i-ovcriunt-iit ollicer of spot-OSS repute,
and a gentleman whose word is as good M
any man's 0:1th, the ?'?ittnliy over. Mr. L. I..
(hiit.itbn is tin* shitty attorney ?>f Mr.
liiiiiti' W. Park, who is an nnsernpu
Inns adventurer of disreputable iiiiteccdcnl.*".
who hi? been concern?-?! in sev? ral notorious
and gig-intic g wind leg, und wboee name can
oarer be diaaoeiatad from the triple inimny ?,!'
"Marlpoea,"1 "Emma Mine,*' and "Bostna,
'" N't w-Yoik and Montreal." Mr. Chittciulcn
hag been foolish enough to raise a
?jur-Hoii (if veracity wit Ii Mr. King OrOt the
l'm ? edinga before the Honee Cotnadttee on
Foreign Relations, V.r. King disposes of it in
i lit- biters prjntid in another column this
111?,tiling, and adda the needless cruelty of
having Mr. Go-nmitteemaa Hessin also phtnl
hiajudieid heel npon the proetrats eaicMi of
the tuiv'eiaeio'.is at.nrncy.
Secretary FasH. lettor to the Chut? d_f?
? ?i: London ratpecting the Window ?T
traditioa ease*, teta forth dearly the position
of our Oorernment simply to abide by the
providona of t?i<- treaty was nil that the
LTnitcd Slates cliiiined in Wlnalow'a rase.
The treaty does not proTide that eriat
inala tiren t?p ander it shall not ha
tried on any other -iffonac than the one which
( inaea th? ir extradition. Nor has it been cut?
1 either neu- or to England to ptaee any
Midi (cati'ietion upon the trial of th?. priaoaer.
All that there is to thai viesv of tin* subject it
all binding, is an understanding that the ex?
tradition thai! be in good Cnith f..r aotne
crime, and n?'t a in?-??- pretext t<> bruig back
?t criminal, Window, being a fugitive from
Justice, if returned to th.s country, could ba
tried for any crime. Finally? the United states
eannol eonaent that Great Britain should name
a eouraa i.f proeedure not agreed apon in the
u? tty. _
The bank Statement of Satin.lay requires j
1 iplanatioo, as it reflecta the operation
??f severd important changea. Then is lir.st,
the restoration ?>i the National state Bank to
ill-* lint, viliich adds reported averagi s of $6 |<;,
400 to loana, $9,600 to specie, $207,500 to
legal tendera, 1341.700 to deposits, ami $43,
500 to circulation. Deducting three [teats, the
s in the othi r banks sinee hist week
are an bacreaae of $4,252,000 In loans,"r-.Tl*?*,
200 in .sp?-eie, and$2,798,200 indepodta, and
a d?cr?t?t of ????Ml LOOO in legal tandera, and
$106,900 in circulation. These eoauiderabtc
changea raanlti bat? frota the ?sale of the Ai.i
bama bonds and the gold paid for tin m,
amounting to over $6.000,000] sixwnd, from
the diabursenient of $3,532,000 oa ?nteres!
aecount by the Government, the customs re?
ceipts during the weekhaving 1.. en only $1,774,
OOOj third, from the export of $2,701,583
ha specie during the week; fourth, from the
?oan ol three millions effected by the ?ity on
revenue boudai and other loins effected by
holders of the Alabama !..iti?ls, of which a large
part are -ti'l in the city, and finally, from the
torrendef of nearly $700,000 in circulation
by the banks. These changea in part balance
each other, so th.it a net gam of ?specie,
.mounting to $5,157,000, \s?>iild not have
been suipriaing, and it is probable that the av?
erage i. Boaaawhal lower in this respect ami
in depeeta than the actual position at the
elose of the week. On the other hand, the
decrease in legal t?!.?b:s arising from the sale
if cold has r.s yet Inen connteibalanced only
by payment of leas than $1,000,000 to Ala?
bama ?humants, and an increase of the legal
louder atore may 1l1.rc.ore be expected as the
remaining pay menta are made. For tins pr?t?
ent, however, the reserve is radoced below _.''??
per c.nt of deposits, and the legal-tender re?
serve t<? only 19 per cent. The poeition and
??gate clearings for the week ending ?May
1; compare thus With the statements of eorre
-p.ni?lini? weeks in former yearn
May. <",, T'.. Mm S 7',. MnvO, '7?. Mrtv 10. ??/it
I...?!,.- 147-1.015.6410 i-i ,?-'...-". *?--... ..?:;. ?i? ?? . :7 i,I.S.,I?IMI
I'.i.-in.i !?> iii.i mi ?? 37.;"0"i,.tiNi ?_'?' j'ii.'mi
!. !.. ilil.lsj, .ii.? .".<.? ) ,?00 .'. ..T'.it.iHin 4;,'.nt.i,i
? ....-, tii'i.iiiMl '.-J7.-7.- I'll 23?! .;... it ? 2 -_'.s|!?.|itii
. i.-;i. Ill, ..'a.-ii. i--'i,ls-,4l ?I -_'i?.'.._'.?.-.?'?? ?_? ,.'_',,.Hi'
. 4 7,1*71.80. 61 ,011,00. 47s,4,'.H,!?.it Cs_?*,a8_,410
'J he sanrender of dicnlation, as w?r have
- en, amounted t?. $106,000 fot the banks in
this city reporting at tin- and of April, and u>
in.illy $700,000 f??r the whole ?-oiii.liy. The
hii-t ?i.iieiiiint of the Controller of tins Cur?
rency shows the progress of the movement to
May i. the amount of bank notes retired and
?in ?ni?m! at that ?late sinie January 1!
being $2'.?, i-?ii,5s:;, the amount issued during
Mme period, ?"??l 1,308,855, and the netde
I crease $15,120,728, The amount <?f legal
tendr?a on depoail for retirement of dreulstion
..n the l-t was $28,083,201, of \sl?i.-h, how?
ever, $12,080,340 wen ?.a deposit when the
a -i uf is?."? ss.is passed. Pmally, the leejd
idera retired ander that act amount.-?! to
$11,472,124, t?o thai the real contraction, by
voluntary MirrendeTof circulai ion in obedience
to "the wants of trade,"1 has been $42,586,.
075, With this oiiicial Information at hand,
re may add about $700,000 for reported aur*
it i.dci of ciieiiiation sin.e the beginning ?<f
May, BftakiM about $43,286,000 in all, from
Jaanaiy II, 1st?, to ?lat?'.
For the banks, with bird-tender reserves
decidedly lower than is usual at this time of
tin* year, the main Qneetiot? is how lar and
!iow rapidly this movement wfll ??.?ntiinie. As
throwing aome Hght upon the amount of enr
reaey f??r which there is use, the eompariaon
<>r b;ink Clearing- is instructive, [gut week
the transactions were $06,000,000 less thitii
tbOSO of ths QtariTSponding week lust year, a
decline of 19 per cent ; but this is aoasawhal
in excess of the average thin far ggtOf
.1 iiinary 1, which has Im-cu about 11 per cent.
That there is a considerable shrinkage In the
niimuiit of bntiaeaa transacted appears also
from the decreaso of imports, custOOM re?
ceipts, and exporta both of domestic, produeta
and of specie. In Importa sim-e July 1, ]H7"?,
the decreaso has been about $100,000,000 j
in d?>iu<-*?tic exports, $41*060,000, and
j in exiHirt? of specie, $??,OO0.?<)?_?. The
1 prolonged ttagnation in the itock mar
i Let, and the downward tendency of
price?, operate to lea-ten the quan?
tity of currency needed. Domestic com
ni?-m*, thouKh not greatly iiit?-rriipt?Ml, in 11.111*
aet.ed nt a range of piice* ooiisiilerahly lower
tliau those of 1N75, and in very many aitiehs
low? r than those of lSi'.O. The giaal iron
baafaMM ia sinning up again, a large propor?
tion of UM mili? working double time, 1,010
out of a total of 2,359 of which The Iron aft
lias rec.-ived rapOfft*. Yet the piice? obtained
for pio.lii.ts are much below those ot last
yi-ar. All these facts point to one general
conclu-ion. T?kt ?l??y <>f tpemlatBrn ami bigh
prices is over ; business is coiilin?Mg itsclf to
legitimate channels nuil slowly nil.i.i?inig itseli'
to low, i ligures, ami the amount o? ciiirciicy
required in use is likely to ilcfiin.se rather
tlian to increase. Wiih this general cause,
another ?if much gri'ater potency with individ?
ual banks ?powerfully cooperates, namely, the
conthiied high piice of bomi-?, and tlie belief
that gold is likely to fall as atepa are ?takea
for the icstoration of speei?' payments. Heme
it may be expected that the hum. mler of cir?
culation will go on rapidly, und tho baakl ol
New-York, which hold tho main ami onlv eon
aideiable reeerre for the whole eouatu? ?ehoald
not bo aapcepared for an eaiergeocy
Our reailois well renieiuber the case of
Thomas A. Piper O? l?o-toii, \?ho is tow und. r
M nt? n??' of death for the murder of Mabel
Young i? tin' b? ? I fry of tlie chiin-h of which
be was Rextoii. 1'ipcr has ?ill along as.?,! teil
his iiinoeeiKC, ami I good ?deal of public _jjn**r
palhy has been awake,.e.l in his behalf? On
Sunday he aarpriaed his counsel, who was in
consultation with him concerning I in J tii.il,
by admitting the narder mil only of ?Mabel
Young bul of Bridget I.amliifin at Dorches
ter in L873, aad ?>t Mary Tyaer, a girl of the
loam in Bootoa, about two yean ago. We
h.ivo only the eoafoaaica of ?the minder of
tin- child in an authentic form at preoeal ; but
so gr? at baa been tin- Impicealon nade ?apon
Piper*a lawyer by this Btatemeal of hi? ?client
tliai tlie application for a new trial has beeo
formally abaadoned?
'J he ?'a M isa \ l i ? p> ?tall II <>n< . Piper ?.-ems
t.) have had no motivo for mauler, at l?a?t in
the inatanee <?f tho killing of the child? If so,
he killed inertly for the sake of killing, ami is
himself tho victim of a hiiniiciil.il mania which
he di 1 not ?house to eonliol. lint we at?- in?
clined to accept extenuations like tins with ao
little caution, partly becanaewe believe tl.ata
propenaHy to Marder Merely foe the love ?>f it
la of voy rare occurrence, nnleaa accompanied
by a well-marl.? ?I ?1 rang? lix nl .?' Hie intellect,
which iu I'lp? T** ease i- WOBtiug? 'I li it lie
may have had no motive which to the majority
of men would have been an adequate ODC we
are willing to admit) but. not that be acted
altogether without motive? He ?? ? great liar,
ami ha- been ?coining lab. booda ?v? r Mine be
was lock??! up. Men ?.f aoch ingrained falsity
ara api to lie ??n to the aad? Ufa ?eoaftaaioa is
Valuable? because it ia ?corroborated l.v ?iii-iiui
atancea. Otherwiee it might be said thai be
made it with a ? In) iter moHv?e?
At iiist t-laiici-, the l'a. t li.at a Manierai really
in love with kOliag fol lt-i own sake in y go
about maint.lining for yean a decent poaition,
is sufficiently appalling. We I? .1 that we might
al an\ I ill).' lie thrown into tin; company ?of such
a Moaatcr to our own gieal peril? aad thai <?ur
children ?n.? do longer -ale, aince Mabel Young
died ?i death si dreadful. But it requiree only
a bul?- r. flection in eonvin ??? aa ii:at the earn*
bi-r ?ii theee wild beaeta in human fono mus? be
limited, (ivili/itiou his reduced the homi?
cidal propeaaity i.? a minimum. Inataneea of
it. pare aad simple are by on nu-ans frequent.
If it Were ?otherwise the world w?oald Bad ??nt
?the fart to its Borrow aad ?dlamay.
Hardly any mm with the gallows in proepect
ia ever very candid? Dndcr ?tho influence ?>i
an o'fi uia-iei in | apprehenaion he i? eonetantiy
deviaiiig some expedient by which be May
escape. It is iCIilily lind Im him to 1ell the
whole truth? and be i-> ?especially wary la ??in
cealing th? r al motive of Ida ?'lini.-. Piper
probably killed the little girl for a ?raaaoa?
It may hava been bo more than the iMpulaa
of ancontrollable anger which stimulated ?the
?I?-.ally deed. But if we admit la ii? lull
form the troth <>f an abnorm 1 homicidal pro
pen-it , it by no liUM'is folloWJ tail ill" liiin
derer ia morally Irroepjiuibla, Piper .it ?this
V' ty tiiui- la anffering great!) from ramorae.
If be is now inilv penitent, it is foe an act
whi.h he must have bit waa criMiuaJ at the
time of iisrommbninn. All ?rrimeeomei ?>f in
anfficicnt self-restrainl ; and, if the whole truth
?oui.I be kpown-, ?v.- ahoultl probably find thai
Piper wits in a i.lire when he -,.? croefly t'Wgft
terad tito little girl?
The Bev. Dr. Newman, In hi-? circuit ??f Um
globe aa laapeetor ???' rimiralatta. diacovered
very few ?titiaa where this ?eooatry w,,s ao
?creditably rrpraaeatod aa it ?waa hy Mr.
I,minier (?raaain in I'lonnee. The ?I ty after
Mi. Qraham'a death la annoonaed by cablet the
endita and acfomplUhed Wirt .*-.i-.?'s, who
Beema to have bren providentially around and
?ready ?to respond to the ?'all of doty and ofhia
?oiintiy, la s.'lecteil by c.i n. Qraut to get some?
where in ?id.; of the vacancy aad by t.? (ill as
much of it as be ?'in. W ? regret to 808 that
sun., orthodox Republican organe are
?Ii?siti?'ietl with ?the President's prncipitote
selection, Four reara ago theee gentlemen
saw nothing to ?criticise in the constitution of
our diplomatic nervier, and Tur. Tainoaa was
denounced as malignant for ottering the aamc
regrets aad waraiaga which pabilo sentiment
ha? at length driven tbem to expresa. Tha
men ?whn el..:?-.! (on. (?ran! ia lsT-j do not
need to be reminded that Bnmner bad already
been removed from the ?Committee on foreign
Belationa ?aad Chuneron placed at its head to
gratify the wiabee <?f the Praatdent] that Mot?
ley had been removed and Blcklea sent to
Spain; that Cramer hid been dixplaying bia
coi respond? me at the dinner-tabl?ea of Copen
hagea; that Charlee Hale had been recalled
from ?Alexandria, an! tin- nephew of hi, un.-le
had been ?diaporting himself in Egypt before
the gaz?' ot netoniahed I bristendom?
Th? re is something ?farcical In tho manifoeta
lions of honor which the lata exploaiona have
excited? Then has been ao thunder than a
doadleea nky. No raceat diagrace has attached
t<? our civil, tlijiioin iu.-, <>r detective nervios
(for \vm mast eniiiiieiati1 the, list asan inlegral
part of our government il n lehinety) ahieh
was not paralleled in degTM ami ?i lalitv ?luring
the lirst tam of .?I'll, ttrnil's ?ulininisti Kion.
Babeoch had not beca indicted for burglary
I nor for conspirai?> to dofiaad the r? venue,
I but he had aeln.-v? .1 some wihl nna-,111
j ing aa Inspector of Public Works, and
! he had been to Santo Domingo. _..*]
' knap's thriving Ini-aiics in sutlt*iships ha.l
1 b.en parUaQj exposed in Tiik Tumi sf, and
i the French arms investigation had proved that
the Department IM full of all iinel. anii.ss.
' It wan n<*t known that I) ivenp.n t's sticky
? digits hiwl he-en ?irugt into the secret service
fund, but the Federal patronage had been
habitually and notoriously employed to <"?>n
trol State election-?. Shepheni liad not swollen
into bis olleusive pio-ioitions as the prime
Presidential favorite and counselor at Wiish
in-rion, but Murphy, an the President'-, bosom
companion, controlled the Kepublican machine
in ?New-York. Joy?e and M?-Donald had not
been convicted, but Iho "younf? niiin Lee-,"
the inessniato of Habcoek an?l Potter, and
holding positions lxith in the army nn?l in the
War Department, had intrenched himself so
securely beliind Ma i-hhsttea in this port that
in- i? pulsed sono Congressional Invtotigntlon
ami nnnle his own terms with the second.
Th? truth i.s that ufter Gen. (?rant di-covered,
BOtBO live or six years ngo, that lie enjoyed
being rrcshlent. and signified to his party that
he would i ledit them with one term M putt
pay tug set vh.bs rendered, und demanded smiic
more Presidency " on a??oiint," and after the
people agreed to lion?*r all his drafts upon th? ir
gratitude, we had only to look for Sikeses
where we had wen Cramers and Dutlers.
Tlere is little comfoit in raking over the
history of this anas very era, but it ought not
to be forgotten that the most tweeping con?
demnation of Gett. ??rant's second term i> pio
notinced by saying that it has proved in method
and result an exact reproduction of his Brat
term? Beverd favorite sons and stanch sup?
porters of " the party*" might lie named who
?mill be relieil opon as Presidenta to perp?tu?
?t?* this riot of larceny in our civil service,
ami to deepen the disgrace of our diplomacy
by stocking our consul.ties \sith another le
eiifoicciiicnt of low-bred incompetents.
An ?ingiy c'lic.spoiidfiit writes: "You are not
"li.ii- in competing tin- Qflberl Elevated Bali
M way achease with the Eaat Mver Bridge, The
"latter la an important Improvement for the
"brin lit of Mu' people of two barge cities.
"The other is an outrage on ?wry Sixtl;
"ave. piopeity-owiicr." This letter furnishes
a o? w iilu-tr.iiioii of what a wonderful
difference it makes whoos ?>x la sored?
Doobtlen tin-re ?ii?> peraons near either ter?
minus of the bridge who are firmly
consiiiced that rapid trandl through Bixth-sve.
i? a p.ilili'' neceadty, and that the bridge m s
swindle perpetrated in gross violai ion of their
spectd interest-- 'I'm Tntsi as, m the other
hind, holds that Im il h etitiTpt i is uto of the
higheat Importun?e to the development <>f the
city, and that they an* in the generd interest
of its eiii/Miis. While some individual intrr
eeta stay be iiijured, their completion will, we
are sin?, hem-tit the larger number,
T.?US tar we have beard tin s tti-tfuctorv ar
Itumcuta a-M.n-t these two works except those
of extravagance which characterized the first
managemept of the bridge, ami which were
long nuce c..rreet??l, largely, wa believe,
through Tin; Taiaoxa'a persi.tent efforts. The
city baa now voted to e\i?:ui farther aid, and
that action we heartily commend. The argu?
ments of spi-i-ial ami \et y limited shipping i 11?
tereata agdnst the bridge we are convinced are
very trivial. TboM advanced ?.-'.'.lust t!ie (iil
bert 1 h-v.it? ?1 I.'ailway a fesv iii'.'ht. BgO at a
meet ing of property-owners on Sixth- ive? were
nbolly nnworthy serious consideration, and
proceeded evidently tr<>in a few individuals I
whose particular ox? o muy be in dsnger, urged
?m by the Si\ih Avenue luirae-car company,
whoae apectd <>_ i? doubtleea in rerj serions
'J he principle involved in taking po.se.s'on
of iht? viiuoiis thoroagbfares for the bridge
nuil railway is ?t simple on?*. The hlgbwaya
???o ior the benefit <?f tin? whale, not a part.
The tax-payer at Harlem has precise!*, the
-.me right to paaaage through the thorough
fare tbat any red-lent along Sixth-are.
pogeeea s, und conaeqaently the company,
whether laying it surface track or building an
elevated road, duly legalised m the public
Interest, baa equd right of paaaage throngh it.
'I lie same hue and civ nosy raised .-i.'.iii.st the
Elevated rood wag heard whea the Sixth
Avenue horse-oar traeh was Idd, and will be
agdn when some quicker and better method
of locomotion Bupareodea Gilbert's plan. We
have no record <?f it, bul doubtless some
special Interest, like that which now opposes
t.io bridge, felt itself Irretrievably ruined
whea the Union Perry Company begun to
"obstruct the river" and "endanger thou
"anuda of lives*1 by running ii. anmeroua
boats at brief latervala directly asroaa that
]iiii?lic highway,
since the necessity of rapid transit i.
gtiieiitlly acknowledged, aomebodyfg os baa
to I??- gered foe the publie good, and it
happens that a very able and honorable
( ' i ? 1111111 - - : ? ? 11 of ritixens and engineers, mlected
by Oov. Dix, has decided that it is Si\lh
ave. which must suffi r. We say suffer, be
eanae thai is the favorite depreeatory aigh of
the (itopeits-osvncis, bul we have no idea that
tltey will stiller in the slightest degree. It is
pot-able that soasa branches of trade will have
to aeek new localities, but it la only such
specid interests that can anfbr, and these
need not if owners will recognise the inevi
t ib'e an! pr?paie for the change which will
follow. Bixth-ave. will be altered in charac?
ter, but it will change in the very direction
m which it la changing now. Beddeuc.*a
have been fast disappearing from it;
light manufactories and retail stoics arc
rapidly absorbiag H from one end to
the oilier; and these the railway will increase
irreatly to the benefit of property. It i? a
ih'iluctioii any man who Knows ?if the ?il.s's
?I.V. I pment i?i years past must draw from that
observation and experience, Wisdom will best
..how ii-t H in early oompn hension <?f the chsnge
which Will be \ roiir-ht. The Kbvat. ?1 I'.iih'.ay
is aneeeadty; the Company has all the money
it needs; a large amount of the iron work is
fiitisbed, and the rest under contract?, and with?
out unforeseen accident or obstruction it may
reasonably be expected the toad will in> fin?
ished within a year, The public meelings,
suits, ami injunctions which have been gotten
up are in the nature only of obstructions pro?
ceeding fioin the old monopoly on Bixth-ave,,
and cannot in the end do more than delay the
accomplishment of the work, of course, this
in il-ell would be a uiis.oiiiitic, but il ii nui
A large number ?>f gentlemen of this city,
in order to add to th?* attraetivenesa of New
York ?luring the Cent?*nt'ial Summer, have m
tereted themselves in getting up an exhibition
of the private nit treasures of our citi/tus.
They have suit | circular to the principal pos
sessorsof valuable pictures and other woilta of
Sit, Which has bun freely respomletl to, ami
we learn Unit a meeting is soon to bo called to
put the project m execution. The design is I
to procure UM buildings of the Academy of
Design and of the Metropolitan Art Museum
fur the purposes of the inhibition, and to
allow the proceeds which may arise from a
small charge for admission to go to the benelil
of tin-He. excellent institutions.
This plan strikes us ?is in every wuv com
mendable; if carried out it will greatly en
hnnce the pleasures of a visit to New-York
during the Rummer; it will enable both oui
residents ami our visitors to enjoy a treat in tin
way of masterpieces of modern art, that ha?
never been surpassed and that is not likely
soon to be renewe?! ; and it will aid esscntiallj
in the establishment ami progress of two ol
our most useful public organizations.
Wo have no doubt that our citizens whr
may be railed upon to assist in the further?
ance of this most pntimtio,-mil beneficent under*
taking will cheerfully lend their ai?l. We know
how many of them have been tormented by
applications of the kind, ami how naturally
th? y might be at first disposed to refuso th? ii
co?jxT tioii ; but the oiTiisiou now ii excep
[ tional ? it concerns our own and not distant
?itits- and it will be, wo aro assured, a bril?
liant success._
Among the dis?if)i?iii.-ihe?l vtaltan already ia Phila?
delphia, WO observe that a (rlass case of electrn' eels,
boot th? Beoegal aad tho Nil??, is aajoyiag tho boo*
p?alit.V of tha Egyptian Department. As to their
personal iippearance, they an? daoBTtbod as of ar.
.?live e.ilnr iilioiit the h?';i.l, iiti.l of a ?lull white a? to
th.? body sad tail. We Bappsia ?thai visitors will
have an opportunity ?>f graoyiag these electrical
i real n its, and of receiving eeveral k<?o<1 aholeeeoM
shot !.s. This will perhaps ttOtt a hitter stimulus
than the beat un.! wine about whiflfl the antIiorili?-?
have bean in so asaeh trouble f??r a week <?r two.
?The iniinieipal legi.ilati>rsof Philadelphia liecame
liberal _Mt Thursday, und v..!<>?l money for the Cen?
tennial with eooaidatable freedom. Five bandied
,i'l?iiti"i,al pniieeiiieii la serva host May 10 ta tha
1st of ?December Will cost |fl M a.lay each. Then
the Mayor is ta bava iSOiOOOi The CuylWieeury
is not, it seems, in a very clastic condition? and one
gentleman bisas the obaarvatioo thai the city
**iiiiglit draw warrants, hut, it coald BOt lnaiitifac
tur?) money.*' In spit,) ol tlie tightness, however,
g0O,000 waa plaeed at tha diapeeal at lio? Magree to
m, et " inri ?int.il e\|i,*iise.s," iiotwi thstaurliiig the
objection that the Uli aathoeiaad "aperpetaal bee
lunch without a cut with which to pay for it." On
tha evening of July t, ?1878t- it ?waa votad to expend
810,000 ia (?reworks.
?The fa. ?lilies for transit by Street and steam
ears ia Philadelphia .laiing the I.xhiliitini. ate said
t?, in- excellent 1 im rouis are wptoeonted aa raody
fir any .'inert*-my, and in B eooditiOO to transport
St lea?t 25,000 par boor. The Chestnut and
Walnut Btrwt li'iipany have 1?! miles of track,
and will r m 190 car?. The Fourth, Eighth, aad
f.irard Avenue a li ke number, capable of earrying
m.000persona ta the Kites dolly. The aapaeitiaa
??i the other lines will be ? nn.iiiy great?) not eountiag
thowag*maadetege roatoa Bowovor, the linar?-??
an- not, we regret i<> say, Eased upon tha philan*
thropie id?-.? <?f giving etety pssstmpet a ?s.-at. A
good ?le.d of _SMg_Bg on hy the sirai>a may he
a on ipateil.
? Iml-p.-nl. nee Hall ta-MOROW will he fairly
swathed ia bunting, of which not leas ?Uua 4,000
yaiil? ??ill be employed in deeorotbig ?thai veneiaUi
I'liiiie. About ?80 expert beads srebnsy inprepai?*
lug llie flam aad featoooa? wbieb will Inclnde not
n il. " tbe gorgeoua e c*n.n ot the Republic," but tin*
banner?, of all other nations, whQe ever all ??iil be
tbe large Hsgof tbeeolooial h mee The raspe? ted
? i la ???ol i?e ??.il ropreeeatad at all potnto ?sitting,
il| ing, and in a spread?onl state. ?Over ?the sntmaei
nl tbe main had ?? ill I?.? " a t. tuple of liberty*1 20 feel
high :ll,|l W bread, w th a lifo-eise figure of the god
deea ** peoadly anrveylng the multitud? beneath.'
Thees-wlll also be two large Ignma of CoMmarei
and A -rit nlliire in a reeliniag attitude.
We read with pleasure in ?bt report ot I>r. P?-p
[i i', Mi'ii.a! Director "f the Intarnatienal Bzpeai
ti.?!?, that pr?par?t i'iii?? have beoa made to laSUN iln
hi. In--t possible degree of beoltbfuln? m dari?ng tin
Exhibition aeaaoBa Circulan aanouaeiag ?thesaai
Illy eoli.llli'ili of I'liil l?lel|ili'a Ute ttOtS titile to tilt.?
to be isiin ?1. I in- beeil n of tha i "?ty at present i.? re
perted to be anaaaallj good? Within tha Exhibition
0 ron ?oda ?? rigid sanitary inapevtfoa ?fill beu-sin
tain? ?l, ?to that no cause of iafscboa will be altowed
to occur through neglect,
?It should I?-? observed that by act of the Pena*
*>\han:a AttS uhly ih?? 10th Of May is to In- deemed
a legal h ?Inlay. All notoa ? heel,?., and liilln falling
'lin. mi th.it .lay inn.-,! lie pud on tho'.ith or go !..
ptotaeta _
fndlgaoat eorreapeadaata writs aa from vertoua
qu-trters, complaining that while we ha?.? been
prompt to publish tba inaiiioatioaa agniaol Mr.
Illaaio and other I'lesi.leaiial candidato.*?, we
have iteadfastlj mfaaad t<> print th.ir letters
i rmtaining t be graveal chargea agatart Mr. I!ri-.t'??v.
"Ihis," they exehlilll, "irt imt fair pi i , ." < line for
all, theaa gentlemen mittat., the aitnatioa
Mere insii.tiat i"ii and iiuiiieii.lo are not
siitiieietit to warrant the publieotion of
-.tat. ni-iits effecting the ititeunty of a
public .??liier, whose Ugh esteem baa besa hoaorably
??un by faithf?il ami dangerous service. Bat whsa
svae any <>f our numerous eorreapondentaon this
??ulijeet ?shall he ahls to pro.luce any definite
and substantial chargea at all corrsspood*
Ing in ji.irti. niatity or importance to ?thorn
which have (Tom Ihm to tune been put forth agaiaat
Mr. lilau.c, and have been liy him go <!b-ctiia!iy tti?
poaad ot, wa shall asaka baata t<> publish them. We
shall, in fae!, take gMOl pleasure in ?loin*
so, hiiiri', bowevef plauaiblo ??r eflbctivc
th? v may seem, \?e feel Hiire that their publication
will aal) give t<> tha Bocrotary, whom ?-very whi_J_j
thief in tIt?- country hates, an iiiitnediati- o?-i asion
fur dragging hia aceoaantotba light,and proving
tlieiu to bo.standet ers. Il v. ill he an excellent opening
for the r???;i|.-filial campaign, if tho tuen who have
tie npekulking in tho dark, whleptiring lins againsl
iintit E%inc aad Briatow, eoa be fairly gibbeted in
tin? si^ht of all ini-n, befaos tho nomination?, ar??
A peculiarity of the ?Saturday night exploeton ?? as
thai ii interrupted in such s startling way s<> many
people who at the kaataat ?wwa toUag saodeol
ipieiii'ln-rs. Thin, at Hobokenin a ?saloon, a batir?
Teuton named Keller wa.? jnat aedatoly earryiag a
t_l.i . of lager to lue lipa when ?the ooucnasioa estas
and tiieheaker ?va, sl.iver.tl OB the fioOT. That this
foreign party th?oughl that the .-ml <?f tba worhl had
.?nine, ???? have OOdoubt. At any la'e, he lied I'm -,
the beer shop, and at a late bear aa Sunday he bad
not returned 1?? his i<\?n?ein e. Possibly he sraa liaok
i:;a,' f0( tho net aelary of 8 tempi-ranee BOOlotg?
Ex-How Li t?'hcr of Virginia has recover.?!
fr ?ii i: ? attach nt paralysis m fur that be n? able t.i weih
oat. lie is ni lii.? Iiiiiii?' hi l.exiin-toii.
The lion. Qodlove S. Orth, United States
MinletOf in Austria, ami tin.- Ihinililleau CMMtUatS for
iinviriiiii' nf Indiana, tinted bom Bwoga ??Uli In.?
i.nnily y. ?t? iil;?? m t.ie Btriua?bl|i Eg) pt,
Dr? .'. C. Ayer of LoweO, who lnut been
lately BUflbrlag tlnill all ll'.'.'.lliilllatloli ot lilimil on tl,r
br tin, has so far reenv.-re.l thai lie POSSed tbroogh tu?vn
yi Ht.nl.iy ?ni ni? ??a.iy .Su.it.i fur ??un l ?nul r.eri ulimi.
At the annual ineetinn of the Str.itfor?l-.?n
?\vuii Bhoheapeam cini?, Mr. Chartas Fowler,Chairmen
??r the m ? nur ? .i i A.snii'i.ti.in, gava BSOO Mwanl the
Mi'lUlirl.ll Uli I III lag, Wllllll, it U Ul.lllK'lll, ?? 111.Il," llalli, m
l? .lee.
Mr. Hen: Pel ley P?k?io writi-s to The Hotton
Journal lliat Mr. Henry A. Wttt is MM to Inn teO-aefSSMS
pi iiieipleH. When he whs Bshcd In WashfeBgtOB the olhtti'
ili.y it im winilti not iahe Mum.* r? froAlitnt-ula, be replied:
" I ?sii.llil llhe a glnte of jmiu milk, but 1 ein?,: wlo.-ky,
biain ?y, aii.l nun."
Virginia will contribute sonio iatoreattag his
larteal pwttrtta t<> ?Mm ?OSsaanotaL Mr. wuiium win
Ilniry ?Till m-uil a isirtrait of his giaiiilfather, l'utriik
ll.-nry, anil the tUstOrtSOl Ho.leiy will ?cud jiortralti?. of
Pueahootaa, Lafayetta t*??v. ivn-y, who saoseafiN J??hn
Hinltli, iiini ot liars. h_u>rt?a have hc??u luu.le to olatinii
frmii tin? Mtutii Library the portraits of ?i.iveruor and
i..uiy Bpotewa .i uni th?? panda vhleh Oornwollls gara
at Ins surren ter, luit iu? th.-i n in a i|iii'*itioii ot law Iu the
Bbsttar, u in ?I?.ni'tim if it will Baoaasia
Kx-(iov. Tulbot sont u ch?'ck for $25 and the
followIiik BOM to a temiKtriiUi'?? olilh In Lowell, Ma??.,
Iiwt ?Tieah ?" Il WM my InleiiUoii Ua bate a? touttetl gao
meeting of yonr 1 Inform Club before letting home, mat t
flud it will be liniMMStble, m? I leave so soon. I esiijgj
your ofllce Ibis afternoon with the view of ssliin ? mm.
liiiiMt tue inclosed check to Ui- club witb my _<.,, 3**
Ior lis ?tittce*?. 111..,!-nil will nan l i)T i'atlioti; ,"*?
nut- l.roiher lulls l?y the way do nut be <?i?o,ur__,,? L1.
lliniw around him aguiu the ?iilel'd of your u.4.?? _/_ ^-t1
eucoura.ro bim i).F kind svunli?, and in.mv, veryiinn?'
will be saved. On my return t .oui l.urope 11,?.? ?0 "?)
your club iiikI flud It in it fli?uiislnii? t,?,i.lpu, ?.,y_
men fruin being victims of tlieir own nein tu?, _U(. **?
destruction wlneb loilosvi the tiaiHc m lut-jiit^t ?
(hink?." *_nig
Mr. Gladstone has published the following
letter on the subject of the Koyul Titlet -ill; - p, WJ:
l-BBSSei ?orno little time buck tbut Her Vejusty U,,
bees l'lpiist-d tu siiicgest to two lute Prime Hlnh-tn th?
propasa! wlncb ban now been embodied i_ the k.,??i
Tit if. Hill. To tho beit of iny hatte!, I wa* u?t nann?. _,
oiit? of thi'in ; mid tor re.in.ms which seem to m- import,
mit, I thotigiit it bolter to Use no notice of au unuuin-?
ti alc.i report, svl.ich mi?*ht at ouio di?> swsy. 1'?ill,,^
lUtenuoiiliu-, however, b.-o t-ivou to tho mutter vttS
the last f?*w dnjre ; ??ml alt-tough I deem thitt t?. ___5_
o? tho ?i?i-.s a?a cannot in ihe anutlltrst ?tsars? ?a_3
U|-on the truth or uutiutu of any such SilegttS I
think It my duty to slate, so fur ?in I mu i_;?_slt c?u
?ci m il, tit;* t neither tais nor any linitlar iiiggeaiioa w_?
mentioned to mo by Her Majesty dm ,nb- the tnuo Wiiea I
had lue itoi.or lo bo in her ut'ivic??." '
Prof. James .J. Sylvester of London, **vhow?|
elected n.'ceuily l'rof??.??r of Mathematics lu the Join?
lidpi in? t.'tii-.-. i-.sity of i? iif;.n ?!??, Is expected to arrive
in the spolia, which tailed from Liverpool on th. 29 Ui of
April. Prof, avivo, tor was gnitoated at st. John'?
Otllttpt, ?CStthridgj*, In Kaglaad, and lor a brief pxtrioi
I?.. (.(?cii|?t?*tl a cluilr in the UnlV'Trtity of Virginia. Il?
sv us tiftersvunl a professor lu l n?vt r.-ity ? allege, l_jn!.,B
aii.l ni Usa Boyal Military Acad.iiuy at Woolwich. Fu,r'
gylreetc.'s -BvestlpraUoas has-?? been chiefly in inrtj
mal ?.?'initiiert, in sviiuli I o hits made many important ?ii?.
covoric?. In liiil lar received tin* l'osal Modal uf tu?
tit t:i. .-o? It;!)', .?lid Ii? hur. ?? t:il elected N-OS I i-itn>[? ?f
tli<: noval Societies of IJ-rtiti, Oo? Ungen, Milan, Ns??lt??,
<>i toe [muerta, ..?-nieim of tjt Pets-rsbuirg, or ti.<^ Aca-j.
itiiy <?f deleita 4 ol tito l-'i.mc?i institute, and o? thu P_iii>
to tiiic Society o? l'ai,?..
I-isi'ON*, May 8.?The Prince of Wales left
li.-rc to-day for SmgUUwi?
Wasiiingto**., May 8.?Tlio Presidential party
?MM leafing title f i-iunrrosv morning at l>..*> o'clock,
oy tht limited expie?., tor l'liiiadclji.i.-.
Botrov, ?May 8.?'l'ln* Her. Mr. Spiirj-t-eon of
Loud.m ban teal uloiter to th?' Letton Bartaa in ti-ki
cuj., deelming tit? ms nu?i. n to ii ?-tin.- in tVinuii, _.
Tin* two Cent? iinial lllfltS-ialoit are Canl
ileld anil Ciymer. ?h. y I.aso tateetSt i iu getttBfhahl
of the wi'oiik eii.l of the mule moro thai s tami auy o tuet
m< ii in History.
At last the inflation party of tais .State Lis
?atagSB. It IS pub.lulled ll) lii.l city, und i.t califd In?
r.ew liepublic. Now Mr. Jerry Mcf.uire cau get bit
speech? i pniljlthti In full.
The. L'tieu Herald has failed to learn the ?reat
li MM t:tii?.?t by tus Ailu?ili...tr?iliini?w bo li.....?i ?i.?l -t
SttVata or.iilii'rs-iii liisv. if Hie Herald hud hut ?ervcJ
BtsrseC tkUktg Witt*.halt tht mal it t_?irsin_ U-?_t?_
sity iiioiir I
Jud-,'0 Black must wonder, when he readt
th.? in ?iio.-.s mmuwutui upon hltii it. n man and a Dt-tttt-gj
Mine hi. sMt.alr.iwul as a l'i-csldetituil '.'uiiilidate, why
-i.il,,- .?1 ti..' 11 .til-iil; { ?illtiil'S ?lid li.it taillk to ?ay si
imii h white ht WSt m tin tied.
Ceagreoanaan Banuni la -ho anxious for that
Connecticut Seu.it. rial nomination that he is pmgettoi a?
tagmg tvttl wutuu Is tin* iwaatlt-attsb attMBptnglai
: lo i.i wltll sly wtakS laptylag that they may luIIicm
far aroag in thtii titira ..Ut? nil.
E-I-QOT, Palmer is spoken of aa a Pemo
crrttie i'i?- ill.-utt.il caiiili !.tte g| svell as a BtpeblMta
: .?ttsiiiility. Ii.t ?i'imis are bna_riiu him forwaiSssS
?iil?-t:tnt?' rm Jadgt l.iis's, ??nee tho litter ha? proved no
unp? i.lur uni'tiig fue Doi-iociats t?iat hu Is ..i.?, t.i a?ly
Olli i.f ||M lace. *l
The average Iieimblican editor is extremely
anilaiis to bi.ly olie ]?.i tail nf tiro ]??tst?that ) ?ill tt....-h
?(m?a.us.h record of tbe party's treatment of Sunnier,
'?ii-i 1, y, scl.urz. ?nul mt-ii of that school. IK* doesn't s.-e
a:iy iisi-in rsktag tliat up now. I'crhap. he is rixht ; at
til es a lit? hi., -e; -Iflveiit't. i? a ?_otxl ?i?-i th:.l hi- has ad
v.iiinii lar i-iijii^ii to be inhume.1 ot thai ?LUgraceiul
?-. i-..|.|.
Tiie Republieaa press aie unldnd enough to
'?ntu l?e the ('oiiirin.ll School iil?> ii.llii- ill to tut. (.'ou.titu
UM IB tht p.i.--.i'.r*_ of which ?o iinieli ? l-e ?a ?s .-a? riflced,
rht Roche-iler EugtUU HfS fhat "while it iseut-rair
leper, it SStttM uothin??; that Wtl not ?et'iid
b, fore." The Vtica Hmuld tagjl that " gome alleritloa
?lioiild !>?* mail" In the form of the aun miment," aud ;.it>
BSUattt Hi i>lir.u-eol<>Ky " neither compact uor w?'l
?,-tected." Tin* ba.t comfortliii. tiling that nas be.-n laid
illtti.lt t I? that it I'lU'Ut Jilnt MS Stell has i- het-li pat , 1
until n?*xf Wiiiter, i.in 'tund? as it cannot it?) It the people
until 1878. it sins re. ,,,,,?'.,.,- h publican ->?i>-:? ta .-.',
h i >*.v? ver, to it?y?.uin wilb^ut having goi:o an rtvoid ta
thig titi.*-?iii>u.
There is ta^k now of adjouriiin_r that National
(iiti-niiiii k t oust titton finut iinli.ttiumiIib on May l.'i to
I'hiia leiphi.t on Juls i. The pinpo?. d thtag't h ?aid to
lu-lu the lUitreftl of Jinli,'!.- Daftl?whstl MMdl hopo to
ii.tve him liolinn.itt d ?it St. I.olllrt ?ilid tli.ll .lilnis .'. .it
i'...!. !i Ipl.ia. That plan mi-.'ht SSSSt-Ush tht party on
tht SuSgm, but It would ?-?oft tho Kcpuhiic.ta candidate.
Tht report, howi ver, ha* a very tlihv app; aiatu*, i -?
cia?y an the ltrilaiieuists it not like the Jul-'c ?in; more
thaa the haut iiioti-t- PttsnttaltSet Tin Ni w-Il ifta
uraaa of tbe sofi noB?jitea, ?he Union, talla Mai a 'tttl
Ol lh. in. lley power," ?tu.l ?l Ic.dlliK So?tliti II juin al ic
warked r-eceatljf tl at Uli a. uiin.iti.u would opeiate on
the pal IV like a wut tli.siieii.lli.
?Mr. Watter-*on has been explaining fSttS
fully his it it-son? for pi'c.'erriiitc OUT, Ti tien tfetSS ill
"ihcr c.iii.li.late? for tho i ciuikt.iiIc nomiiatii"!. Us
-ay?, piTiui'iiHy, Tlltlcn i? not bit, flist choi.e, uorTbur
inun his Ki'Ciiiid. II?* has cluse pci-nual Btt-M-t tUt l?re*
f. iriiik' ?Uigt I?lak; strmiK reason, why he ?hoiiM be
ior id eSrtekt trtettaatarBapaiA Hut he is lu! tot
:ti,i'rol the three, simaiy 1? ciiiiso they art.- m?t asttiljhie
at 111 i.-. tune. (ai|M lii.ick i? uii.s-,i?.ported by fcim'Wii
Mate. Mr. Pay,ud bas not Riilflelent foilowiug in th?
i mili rttaliic St.ri a. and Mr. Iletnlrn ht i? SOI t lie H yre
ser I tive of the 1? ailiiitf ly.tcrttini'? svhic!. sv II enter tJ?S
e.iiit?-.st. aud is naiv tun of carrjnag iu-hsu-, vt-thtl
not i BOUgh le se ill ? hi? . Ii t-tloli.
Sonieboly who wants sltli' to ditoaraiB I.nrle
wnii,un Alien'? raanhss pswsst in thaaysaafthslii
l.outs Cuiveiitloa hat hi i". teliitii.' i rtoiy hiimit the way
tin whs oui. Ions tiy "alittie pcnutroyal '.??il." t'tui)
ss IHtai mi ha. BMtalaS w,*?k found the ealf iu hi, early
com, and he ?tarted in utter the lutind.-r. II?? "shewird"
at lt. hut the calf was a. ?uiiiiuved as a ???cele rt-Hiiiiip*
tiotii-t woird hats beta. Then he ?aid sstes-Mag ???>?
l.'i le, hut the ? ?tlf was a? e.tliu a. t'n.ie William A.i. a
tt t- tiie iit.it n'.in.* after the hwt election Tin n, ?ays ?h?
-lory, "ho nade a diiib for the brute, ssln , MSSSg Cat
this attack really MSBl l?ii-iii?'ss, ?tarted oil ?u u nui,
ssttha-Unit of d. fl.tiiee. ('In..i. upon la-'.a els i ?iiiie P?l?
elo William, now thoroii.'hly Waked tip. l'or a time it
MS a lively race, but 111 tiie end Ihe calf Won, und, tW
, iiisted ut.ll dis_ii.4ted, tint biitnau gusetlpt?? ihe hfite.,
.Hid, palliai?,' for liicalh, le.un-il up acatimt a f.?- i. !'.)'
fenct'-rail foi ?I'.pjiutt. A? loon ss breath returned, Un
sWUngaithW ? 'lie-eil hiui-ilf tn a small eoiored
sei vui.t ssho I ad Ik? n ?juietly enJo.viti?i tAti iport ftotii
! Irt outlook In the ?hade : ' I have Mtvei m the .uooiuiily
of t' e nation at tht peer of hoiii?" or tht gttstttl men tii..
century eve* produced, and none of Iboiu iu ... bate et r
tt on led nu* ??o much as that doilblo-blaukoil little I? uiiy
royal bull.' "
The Hi?. ?CLarl-S Francis Adams is as ia
d.a 11 ut totSiiiil the l'rtrtiil'.'iny an ever, tin said to a
Herald ron expon.tent recentl-. : "Lttf s'.nee I retired
.'roui n.-tis." pnliilp-i'ioii in polnici?, and wa_ nevera
striai ? part) "tan.' i y..vu aatai m a-omi r?itu with par
.11 I cniild, hut svhen our siew* diverged licit,
and nllowe.ltln m to ?to on thtir way, as I went mlu'.
Willi t-olitlciauM, as.?;i< It. I bavtt not nos, and never bad
?ri- tymSfUthyi n"i liavotiny ever hhosvu tho leant re.
\emti for nie. In my o-.vn -t?te the*/ ggwt no pr. f iiiu-ii',
even WhtB they had ttie .pportuiiity to >;i.ii?tit. I bt
lies ?i I ciUlld not In- elected a Slute constable even here.
I have tii'ViT Miu^'hl ?'Hue, imr have I coin ted those v, !,?i
could bellow it There is no tcuson why any ptrty, at
.in h, .h.uil.l Im'U to inn ii.>< a candidate. I lectn e finia
all so,-tit.us of the country letter* liullcitlve of peiSOSSl
conthletice ?ind e-te? in, il'id I bave esciy ii asoii to toll
riStt them truthful. Of course such cxprensioiii itrs
gtrattfj ind l? in.*, and I .-u leasoi- to unsttei tli.-in lu s
luopei- spint. lint a. ior the IVc.id, my, I ha?rt n_?i-cb
lag m thai .lii.ctioii. I*, i? ?i than Mint aUcs at thebe?t,
oml sshoever is l'resaletit uow must expert a di uieof s
liitii", s\ Uli a sus! atiiount of care and trotthlr." St_tt
bclti!< tht thud l'.esiili'iit fiom one family, be nad ui
grtal Statn to tigum as a "Sia-aam .**???
tacle;" ht-titl? be knew that the two l"?e?e
dents who bad beeu taken troin hi? fini.ilj*
found then term.? tht uio.t Sttttfrahlt year* of then llfe.
?peakiiig of the other inmlalati?, Mr. Album ?aid lie hsd
watchetl tiov. Tildeu for a loni* time and ragwnleS hi?
f.isi-ial.ly. If e.leeti'd he would make a itolit.e PnaldtSi
und svould be iii.lipeudclit of bud advis-us. He ha ! f-ith
Iu hi? hoiio?ty and iu his d.*lru ha OO light. Kx-I'?**'*
lajraaaaa he ragarSai as too lawtaatt-a in opinion t?
make a g?o?l President. (Jov. lit udrlcki bail Int.?
?ii.ii_ih ?ttiLide of Indiana, ami wa? not the man to
bring teilt out of the chaos ?Jrutit had caused. Ha
though! well of Mr. lllaiue. "who in lirons and liai a
h?a?lof bl.own," ami who, if elected, would toe tho ?**>
cesslty of diseretlon and soutid patrloUo policy. A? St
S. ii,uor tViiklnii, he would act too in nh iu coi.cert sv'..?
the " rln.a" Mr. Washburne Is " emlneuUy a man vi.lt
a lu-mi ou bit shoulders." As for OranU b? bad iiil.'l*
grat-Ml i'i.ti-thiua; bad been ?urrounded by people ?at

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