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V*?<"XXXVI.If* 10??)??7.
The Convention of the l>"in.?cr.ir-; of the Cn
State* organize?*! at St. Louis yesterday quietly,
held morning and afternoon sessions without
tin?, initiier than fairly to lay out it? work,
then adjourned until 11a. in. to-day, Henry V
terson was (hosen to be temporary Oh
man, and made a speech tliat was reu i
with some enthusiasm. The only other feature?
the morning session WETS a littlo Tilden victors
the first trial t? strength on the appointment
reading clerk, and an address by Mi.-?? Thabo (
tens in behalf of woman suffrage. There were
contesting iaitgatlntil. and this being nponted
the afternoon, tho Convention elutted G
McClernmid Pnsident, and listened to jpMBt
by bim and August ?elniont. After
afternoon ses?ion campaign .'pii-tlni. were made
i-nuil 1 W. Vo. l'.ices and 8. S. Cox. The situ?tiot
to candidates is un? hanged. Got. Tilden is (
ahead, and has .nade guiua _ tho Georgia, Illiu
North Carolin.., ami Ala' -ama delegations. At
neetingaof the I'laifonn Cotuuiitt-e strong h
money and nfin-.i I entinen! was developed, Ntu
??vi?y Mat* ha? submitted platform n solutions, ;
two whole platform* have been submitted beside.
?nr rT-::.EORiPH to tiii: tkirixf.I
St. Loris, June 27.?The arrangement, for t
diktnbu'ion of ticket? to the repres? ntativea of I
EM/tt we; o very imperfect. The seats ami Uk
provided forreportera wen not completed ami n
bend un?il late laut night, so M assignments coi
. hem.ule until tins morning. At nine oVlo.-k 1
SeCiTlaiy's o.i.co was opened. Loin, liefore tl
hour however a nofc consisting of t.iou..a!i<_*
newspaper men nn.l those who pretendo?! to l.e W4
' gathered about t'ic door in the narrow p.uisai,'??
the second floor of the exchange, .ub.ling a:n? ?ru?
ing each otii? v, it ek-Dg with panpiratioQ, and aim
lighting their way A? the door where the tick
WOB? given ei.it. Out of this -?truggling mass a 1
was lit.ally ii.riiii'tl like that which I?,?.?-,
the bra otn ? of a theater on the ni.
when a popular attraction api-^ars. only nn:
lintirer. Lvni afta this the distribution o? I
tickets w-'Tit ft..ward very sIo'a'v. Hundrc?!.i
those in liitc* WSSO ??^'.'.iitry editan who had made
application tot Hike',.; in adviince. and on re.icln
tho window and giving their names and thon
th-ir p:;s'ra, they found tliat no pr??vi?ii)ii had be
ininli- f? r liu'iii. Sindi people were not to be p;it
. .- t'y 1: .. ..r-i-..t! and threatened aii'l block- .1
the way. an venting eocnaaondearhl to who;a ph.
had been ;_.?.-,i'..'iie?l fro.a getting tin HD, This e.
t'.nued up to within half an huir ?.f the time fer t
Convention t?) l*t Galled to ..itl?-r. It was 'ii rnnr?.
?sontrastto ihc perfect amafaniBfe at Cindnna
There the mig--_Mrti were all tua.le two .'.ays 1
fi're the Convention ; the tu kits v.ei.? v, t?ly ?lofl e
Every the cv.-nitig ?befen, ami t'i? y wan diatriba!
without eOB-h-d-B or r?aofita. The arrangcmei;
for the pr.-s-i i.is.lt of the lall v. ??:< <??-..'Hi nt. b
mai:.'.' of 11 .1 to ??lau.. !_'..i ai! patifiTfiiTi 1
fore they receive! them.
The Corarentioa cama together al noon in Um pre
hall of Ifca Baaed <?f Trade. In-legated and visito
turr-taspooib-rits and ladies rio.vc.I in I iy three !?r'i
doors opeuing into the bail op;.?'site to t! t tag
-width is itsi-ll on the ?id? next to the etrrx?t. II
?Convention ltaalf oceapled air at ?. mi-< ii?!.- th
swept fuily ?rottnd tfce bait, its . ir-um. ranea Bei
iitg the door of eu'raricp on the .???le op; '?i?o to t!
tage, tat leering a larga irr?gala! nganat in F
. l.t?f t'i? bau and m ti?' ponan for tlM aceoinin
datum o? .?i?.:., on and alt ora atea Than on
h Ebbi in I -r.: ii. .ted amphitheater which ror-c i
tH.th on the right and Lett of the Convention at
filled the hili to its brim. More tliati h.:'f WES '
to the lofty ceiling ra:i a narrow gallery all aioui
the hall, j?:st Wbis enough for one r?.w ?if s'-als, ?
behiud theia for another row of pf-oplo f-tat?hi?
This was crowded all ?lay with an can? r inn-?
humanity. In treat if Ifca p'atform ran faitr lor
r.WS of seatb fiai <i,i resp.tu U-IUS, of ??-.il.aiil til?:
-tere nearly !?'00 busily plying their fanal!
CM from the platform ran nine aisle*., radiatil
through the a* a_H u? ular body of the ( onventioi
Tho d?corations of tue hall were sim??!e anil in n*
mirablo '.asl**. The glaring Ughl of tlie do.ib!e sei ;?
o? high windows was softened by deep red curtain
gracefully drap d. Along the narrow gall-ry wei
bog the e*?_'Utche?.ris of all the Stater?, alternate
with ahaama of win at, and 8uruiouiit?-d by golde
stars an 1 linked t ?gether by festoons of evei/nei
T.'.e stage, the reatling-desk, and the ornament;
...illeiy back of it were all of handsome black wa
nut. The latb BPM ????orne?! with flowers, and froi
tlie stage bu? k of it creeping vine? ?u?l si>r?a<liii
plants rose nearly the Light of the galbiy. Gn tiii
littlo gallerj' the band was huddled together. Soin
of the lu'isn ?ans. in easy _ ?regard of the arhirit
ti?!_l and nafa-I pNfttatlH. hung their arms or lag
over the sidos. On baafca?M ?>f the platform am
at a gi'.-ater higlit than th" stage iUelf is a iilatfnrin
eonstriu-t?-d for the occasion, which stretches aion
the whole length of the hull. On this were tn
( i?? el distinguished guests, set off by a thicket o
planta and of Howers,
Tho places of the States were imlicated by hand
some blue silk banners hangintr on gible?! Sp??St
each l>?i.ring the name of the Slate, with a nationa
eaale, and fring??i and tasseled with bullion. Th?
States seemed to have been distributed wit bou
rc-forenee to plan. The ??.iiirt<'sy that Cineinnitt
Have-ca<h State with a endidate having a place fa
the front rank?was la. king here. New-York, wit i
the most prominent candi.late of all, was station -,
behind Maine with no candidab' at all, on the righi
hand side of the main aisle dividing the hull. Oi
the other side of this aisle Kansas was placed, bein?,
in front, behind Kansas was Mi*-<H>riri, and lllinoi!
in the next aisle to the left. Mawachnsetta was ii
front and Pennsylvania, with the possible l!nkii?>wn
was in the very rear. In the next aisle Joel Parker'?
18 delegates were at the frout, and cominunded Ten?
nessee, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Oregon was rewarded
fur its recent triumphs with tirst plat?- in the next
aisle, with Vermont. South Carolina, Connect!?nt,
and North Carolina jumbled together behind. To
the right of themain aisle Arkansas headed a col?
umn, with Indiana in behind and Illinois behind her.
In the next aisle Kentucky, Louisiana, and Michi?
gan formed a line, with the mother of Presidents at
the end. little Nebraska commanded the next
aisle. Behiud her waa Helaware and Maryland,
Maine and Misaissippi. Then the two extremes of
the Linon were joined in New-Hampshire and Texaa.
When the great crowd had ceased to straggle in
the whole floor waa covered with a eoiopuct mass.
Every delegation waa full, every seat occupied.
The teat? at the side rose without a break in the sea
of faces. It waa a leaa impressive sathering than
that at Cincinnati by reason of it? a_-rarig?ment and
surrounding?. There were no such dutancea aa in
the huge Exposition building, no euch perspective.
Ton looked across the hall aud not down its length.
and the body teemed correspondingly near aud
familiar. The Convention met in the beat of the
day, thongh all daya and all hours seem equally hot
here, and there vaa a prodigious rustling of fana and
universal wilting of linen. The gathering was inae
euline, there waa acarfcely a baker, dozen of Win.
present, and thk??e w-ere hid?l??n away iti the lia
rows of ooal0 bt'luniiiiiK lo delikates. Tin? Cunv?
tion itself was a Ikotly of substantial mon; but
80888?4 ba said that it containod very many o? t
party leaders or many men of marked ability
national r? nut a lion. It was a white man's Convi
tion. BttowwM aB us700 delegates tinto was not
single? bl.tck fu??? to be soon. It 'v?:s a Conventi
loo of Iho reconstructed Demooraev. Tbo presen
of BOM-, mon aa Fttshqgh Lee of Virginia; (J,
PopaWaHnrol Alabama, who was a Confedera
Secretary of War; Col. Shorter of tin? BOOBO Mai
win? -?-as an OBti-wnr Congre;-man, c.ul has boon
P__IOOfOt-0 polities for 'JO years; fii'ti. ?lohn
.Morgan, also of Alabama ; PlerooW? B. Youig, t
dandy ez-Oea_g_MB-__-D ftoon Georgia?, ex-Ge
Smith of ihc same State, a;nl old t-x-Senatnr Clin
man of North Carolina, w.ts enough to ohov th
atiiaetty is n Democratic fur.
There *a**ata other men with inf ?Testing historic
There woie " linke" Gwin of C.tiifoniia. \vl 080 Bol
whit; head would well h?kOOOBO ?t real ami not n t
trttapectiveDiik?-; (luv. S.tuMuiry, who is bOM M t!
represent alive of his hereiliiary rival of the h< nao
I? .-yard; Senator Pnntum of CotUM -?'.out, who.??, i
vestment in a Senatorial seat is net yet Imtn?i-i
Gen. MoCleniand of Hiinni.? Bad Goet-VB K??iiit-i. 11
Gorman leader who foDawed Mr. Graeley ?ml >f ll
party in 1 *?72. In tho Indiana ?lele.-,turn tin f we
Ben atoo McDonald aad Daniel Voot-woo? Bpeak
KO-TW?8 missing. In the Ki titueky s?ction we
Henry Watt-cison anil W? C. P. Und'?inriil,'??;
Iniiisiaiia. K. H. Marr, who fought the light of tl
citizen? iu Louisiana against G??v. Keiiogg. M
BntC-?aa woo in the Miasoarl d?togoti-0 D-.fi
ftc:' Richard Frotbingbain of Maa?tthuoetta t.r
lVa'.il? liinl. Mr. Banner- .Lf<_ og Criood. Tl.?
were also .lames K. DootitUa, w'no WOB one of tl
Efepoblican Beoaton wl <? votad againol ixopooel
ment; Alexander MiNI.ell, one, of iho l:.u?l,
of tho hard money men o? the W< ?
liiti. 'i liorna?, Ewing, one of the abb'.-t of i!
___?itoaiatii] Mr. Clynier, who discovered Mr. Be
knap Bad nearly pal an e.'d to Clymer; II. '.V. Aike
ofBotttli ('".inlina, tho chief of Bootben glBBg n
??'eiialor \Vailm ?', will_ the invariable 58 delega?-, i
Lis pantabo'.is poehol] Kiaue.s Keni m, with i.
face frfagod -boa? witb _ih*ef lu-h-i l.ieni.-i.o?,
Dorsheio ?er, regarding the boobo with gigantk eon
aaaojia] Ahmoi s. Hewitt, who con t:;i?'.1 Mi
Silienek i"erni3Tiei:lly to private Ufo ? Jobn Kell J
DMoaoo over h?s una? ??natoined defeat; S. S. I m
Mayor Wickham, nml all tha well-kiiowB Uno t
New-Yorke. .
-UKO-U/o ?Boaircx.
loonolJ. Raadall of Po inaylvaaia was not ,-. tl
i 0-8-TOOtioo, but was r--p; 80 ?*' ?I by bia brotbei
1 Robert ! . Randall, a hearty support? r of Goo. Han
? e.K-k. Mi. Etandalf- -teen-O it owing !?? tbedea
lockioCoagroBOoa ti:;' App^riat-on billa, whicl
I as h** i ';:':' ?. i a i ghl ? i'i '? Lia a leoeofrom Waahinq
; t'?:i fea a week just at thia time to Imperil pnbli
interest.-?, 'i'lie De?iocratie iiieinl ??;??. \-, ith O-BMM
oneai-eord. i-iir'e tin* d-Bagfeaiaini beeaanoboacri
?i',:<. have urt-id !i ?:i BOttoloaTe. It will be ttmi i
botad thai Ht. Iforrill <?f lfai-Ma.4 bainaaoof tb
I ?Senate Committee on Approprlatk-ta, r? ;'i?-?-,i t
lean rVaahingtonfor the aame :-.i?'?i dnriaig th
Cincinnati CooTontkm.
? ?. ?
Wai ii MOa'sCAfTl ?' - e i n- v. t: nr i>: - ? i'i ii:
AM? '.tu. I'i.N.n? am: 18..??. i--? IbKMll t ?. "MN
irm i.
fan Ti:iJ:irt?,rn T?? rn?- taiBOBB ]
Si. Loi'?-, June 27. tion "i Hen*7 M
rVattereoQieditor o? //-. /? ii rillt Vt -Jo mal
to be tamporaiy Chairman of th? --i. \?.t
otn- uf the beat pledgee whieb ooald bo giren thai
the Ikeit.?ier-i'ie CotiV? itiotl ;;: . ;' , '?
trooa it? a'.iii.ita. iiaaalatib I . '.?? bloml?i
Sin? e t'no fii?iii-t-of til?*? 1.llura! moromeal Ul 1 *?"'_'
booboaf theBoartwae.all of whoaa bi '?? aomeani
dead. ha**a heea oppoeed to anytbing thai lo*
i ? t.._. ;.- ? in the pasty? Btoi - a the Ll locraii?
bootabegan to aasemble in St. L aia tbei
basal'uiiii'iiiii that whatever tbia Con em
there muet be no repetition "." tin Hi
Tha leaden of tbo moresa at in fat :?-.?? ..!??: n
whieb was doTelop ?! the .? ? i al i
Hiat delegate-? Bhowetl a d-apoaitioa bsrdljr eo
on tho i".m "i ? ?"? ? I ' ?? ' ta n I ? it**- U
fio-.'.?i (?'..Mi i!;.- D8-T--W-minded men wba ba?ri o
often bfoaght the party into di repnt?
?i? f-ai. Mr. Wattt?noa wai ?>:.- ol tbe fin
Booth*?ii l>?"i" ri'ii editora or politi il leaden t?
reeogniteta 1878 the oeeea it.a- ? ?' i ? .. ?
party. Cnl.ke tome otbera. 1?<? his ae*rai aiaea
tbooghl it t.. - ?aoary le apologixe for tbe : irl u
took in farwardingthe Uberal movement li: -?
lection to pre?i?l? dhtfing the pi? ?ii:i:n,.i v :?
injis ot tha d m vent i'?n was therefore indirativi ,! a
parpooe oa the port of sum?' of tbo repreaentat-ve
men in the IWiuoi rallo party to pnront if J'"??."!?"
any retro-rr;i?l?- u.??v? tin-iit.
My.WattB-OBBt'Oppeoehoa being loetalled ha th?
?haii t'i da v- ?i ni' k the -uin- ebord that vibrated Ln
the Ikein?"'ratio Convention at Ji.iliuu?>r.- fool \,.iis
airo. It. was l?i"ii?l aril liberal i'i it-? BB?I i.. and
__tbo_gh tho Coiiveiiti.in woo not in a very demon*
stiative moud, BOOM pOOB-gefl ?v? ?" I? ttAvt d 0 uh In
fhiisia.'itio- toando of applaaae. The pfominenre and
iiiiliiene?- of some of the yoonapT and i.? te- liberal
BOOOBhon <?f i Ii** In-iimm lat?'- part;- in this Convention
is one of tin'ino-.t hop?-ful -LgBOfoi li fil?ele. Qov.
TUdea'fl aoariaatiaB, ?f il io brought about, box?
poete 11" hiiiii, this element of ??*?*- party mora pram
itiently forwani and t<> plaea it in a *aore ?raopoeaible
p.isition than it has hewtofoTe held; and eltbougb
(jov. I'llih-n's riani?-?1??'"? i.ot insjiire that pop??H en*
thH8_?MB Which othert candidatOB ini-iht M-OOO, he
is no doubt the ?rttt choice of a tfiout maj??iily o? the
young inen in tho ?party.
Mr. \Vat!ersiui\s?pe?-? h v.as followed by a prayer.
Y\ hen lu then BO-BO urn ed that the COBVention was
ready toptoeeod "".ith Ito basiaooo, a reoolotion was
oderad ad-kp-iag the nloo <'f the leal Po-aotiatie
Conv?'?il?on until th;- OoMH-tttOB 00 Uxtint f-hould
?nake its report. The intr.?<!iietiori of thin u ?.iltition
faraiahed the ooeeo-oa for the lir-at aati-lllilen ?l?-m
onslr.itioti. lkewitt C. Liltlejohn of the N?-w-V?uk
?liT?'L'ttii'n, rh_ag in his pla?e, aakod if thooo ralea
liiclii'lod i hut whi? h re?|iiir??l the concurren? o of
two-thirds in SB-00 le ?-li?'? t a iniiniiiatioii. When
ll8fl1IB_.il?- by the Chaiiiiiau th;it they did, hi ex?
claimed " All ri_ht "' W ith Back M air of aatisf-B tion
that he took hi.? seat amid threat l.-uii-l.t.i ?tn?i ai.
pleaoe. The adoption of this rei-ohitioii was a vic?
tory for nohixly. G'ov. Tilden h trii ii?is have math- no
movement toward the repeal of tin? two-thirds rule,
and have as yet given iio evidence of an iutentioii to
do so.
A little skinni-h between tbe T-U-_| ami anti
Tildfii men 000nnod over tho order in whi? h the
routine l?ii?.iiie->s of the Convention should he eoii
dii< ted, hut the mutter was of no little loopOfftMOO
that no excitement could he aroused. It simply
shiiwwl the disposition of the anti-Tihlen men to
fight desperately for every inch of tho ground, and
se?k rather than avoid opportuniti?*? f'?r a contest.
Duiiiik the call of the roll of States f??r the noiiiiii:,
tiou of the iie-e-**_ry Committees, some slight dein
OOMitratiou vnm made in honor of the State of Penn
sylvauia, whi? h was loudly applamled hy the fttiti
I ildeii men, probably for ita decisiuu to ?ivo a
uuitedsupptirt to Gen. Ilitnrnok. Tho opponent* of
Gov. Tildeu's nomination have thus far been unablu
to c_fi?ct an y combination for his defeat; hut there
are great possibilitiea on the united vote of a great
Btate like Pennsylvania, and aa loug aa it romain?
eol id for Gen. Hancock the iiouLuutioa o? Mr. Tild?n
will be the more difficult.
The anti-Tilden men undertook to make a demon?
stration in favor of tbe appointment of ?. 0. Perhn
to be imdiug clerk of the Convention. Tbia gentle
* 1
man had ami in that capacity during six cons?
tive ?Democratic convatatana, nie Mandaaappi
th;:t in ??|iiti? of his ojijvo.? ition to t.'ov. TiMen's m
nation this well estahlimited pr?c?dent of the I),?
cratic party would bo fol!nwed at this tin!". '
first roll of th? day was called by the Se. retar.
the National Lvtnriiittce. Prince, wlmso voice fell
stiort of filling the nanean hall. This gave nom
the anti-Tihh n men of New-York n pretext for |
senting Mr. Penin's name, bnt the Ch airman of
Convention very pranptlj rnled the motions v,l
th. y in.nie M ?ut <>i Older. M?? h aiiiiisfiiK'nt ?
earned by a oahnqnoiil epyaanaaeal averyli
lmiii. wfcon vav ebcokc nfontfcaConvention da
like thiinder liom a i?!? nr sky. His xhahtSh? ? he
lie.inl in the i.itn.t. ?I , OSES? of the Couvent, an <?
plet.ly dab-OHabed tfce aillHIIUMlt in Mr. Pcir
favor, end was realljf quite a little vfetay taO
'I lid? li'? fi ientls.
rao?ta oot-gnm ox era-van mtituoe
The Convention proved it ??if man gallant fl
the National t'oitniiittiv. On Saturday tat, it a
be mm?ii'.ii"i,eil, Mrs. Minor an.I Plus-be Com
represen lii? i ves i,? t it-- National Woman's SiiH'ri
AeeeciatJon, nqneatod the Coanrutta to proi
thai tiiey sliiaiihl have, n heariiu ?>u the llt???l ?if
Convention, and ande an ergnaned in nppert
tin? reqm ?t. The Cenndtaa, after aaneiden
di-a? melon in eecni eeealaa? decided advenely. 1
agreed to aaeiga to the napneantatin women fi
m a..i in the galleries reserved for lulu--. '1 he
gneal was njmted la Ifca Convention to?dag. a
no objection having bean ande by any delega
Min Phoebe Cnz/ena v.i.-s escorted (<> ('
?nid warn applaon (ron every part of the hi
Mi-"? Conene eeened at nwe ?<? win tfct beart of I
Convention by her pleaaing nannm and and
bearing, ami although she was nutiblc tonn.ke h
nil heard at a gnat dietann trota the platform, I
spo " It wa? so -liorl ami :??> |Kii.itcd that im dein
?tratio-soi Impellenct en remade, Ai Ifceendof
?-.,?? ..!.?? .i-e. i to t! .?? Chairman of the Conveati
the memorial of the Woman's sv.tv_-.___-. An ? iatb
which, on the motion al G :i V< Clenand of 111.m
wa.-? retened i?, the * amnitae m !. aolutioni I
Ifc???: rnpectfnlconaldcretlon. Tbia probablyial
fini rceaaton en wh. ii any nonwn npmnating 1
Uuirnaal S _r it ? .'. ? ? i Ihm !.. I .? !.? .?.i
before a National Democratic Convention : i >?l |
menhen f thai ' mo tiation oro u id i
greatly eue iirageJ ;?.; tho r, apectful ennsidcrati
wbiehtheii repi - ntatlveereceivedto-day*
Tho fi iv. Tilden bad couipWe ? nti
of the ? i daring it ? :. : nlon to ?i
and the early boar at nbiebarecne v.." lakes
? - "II I ._. ill ! I ".Il - - I'- 11,1 111
Organization, Pu'?-, ai.?l Breolutiona to ?io tin
\M?rU ahon - ? ir itisp ?itii i to ptiah (
work.??' the ! ? a it!) the atmo I ;
-;.. pi. The i i the ballotii g ? in bo la gnu II
i trou g a' i ? ? d Oov. I ild_ii will i ??. If, t
fore, i he u ? ? - ?.. prtli liu riee ran be
? ' ? ? ? .
morniugi l< - ' ? ? - a 0 b? giv? u for la ran ?ii
'a >i - (OX.
NO pi ui ?.'??:. i rill 1 tMITTl PRLAVI
WITH : I - ? - ? "? ? I ?
... : i'.
Il.l .! ? ? ' .1 it T? T. r 11.11'.' n 1
?St. Lo f the Pla.foi
t . :? r ..t ? ..? i platform In tin lorepe
?;? ti.- aft ii " ? b -i ?' :??"..?..
a itbin ? ?, bat to th? pi
! i m in if. d? I I
..... ? ' . ... <l by tir- '
.! . ge lohn t. ' ?? " lil . -1 \ .
. f .* '. Ha] ? '? I. i?. -? i. ...
?-? i? i. ade '.'..' i
,....! ? .. m
then ''? ? i ? ? ? *?' I
Two entire ]
a-' : . . ?.. I '. I '
any i. ark? .1 ?ni. .? i?iou. U.-u. 1
< ?i:", elides
? . .
his p: . - ? . ii
two-thirds role. ?'? tliia tine it rani
The I ? .' .!..;! il ". ? ii be ilU|
i . hcii .m time f. i : .
i 1 even g.
The Tilden um i. _..?. e ?? o?aj i Ity in 1
as ill?", ?a;; . ... ?t.i ti; I .li.ttli a . f ?
of t . h be ag ????.
(!n J a;e ? '?! l'uh nf . I . roi on
their ? _i.nu 11. ? ..h ataad. ! ? ? . utc ? I
.i.? ?\ ..i 1 ? ... .... ?. ' ? . : .... .'. o '
i na . .:! t? n -tit.ii. prominent 'I ??den i
Committee mj they have no intention oi i
a .,?.,. ad f ?: th abaul itc re? al ??( the I.'?
.?.: inti'i. .?..', ..- d !'?? deny thai Angus!a
.?? le 1. ? declaration m bio openiug ?!".?? ??i ti.i
morning f??r roch a demand repi mi ?! the)
opini ue in any nay. Th? I ?? poeitive ex
pnnion in behalf of ?-.? i-- payments, bul p
?-.t i ill '._t .'-i-.-.' by denouncing the Rep?blica]
i. rtj roo dlj ? . M '" ??? ?? en ion ???
elovenyeeno peace, 'i i- i" will ai .. in ?_ c.vij
nrvice reform resolution, and ou< on the ?tarif
which i ?x;? ? it?! to go m f.it' toward ? tr?ade ;.
Ott rent Im . ' al Cincinnati went toward ;?i? .?. t?. a
if not farther. .!-?? reoolntkm oathei ?.
tion is :.!-.. expected t?> be man radical than thai
adopted at Cincinnati. It asenato be the genera
opinion that the demand ta an Investigation wil
nut '.. r? |."i:i ?I. im* that Cbiaeae ao igi .. on a :'i In
?deprecated, on tfce ground thai the Mongolian an
?nail a race and beb ig to an anprogreaelve civil!?
ntion. Jh?' ?Conuoittee remaeil its labon imm??
diat? ly ?it? r th. adjoin ..'iie'.t i!ii? i"., oing, and .\ill
probably beiaaei ? n ?? lai ? pai I <?i tlie niiii.t.
The pneenn of Oen. Bwing an tfce Committee
probably enau acmtatoi nmebitterncn over the
financia] plank, which is likely t.. be tnnali rnd to
tfce Convention ifthaeofl none] an an defeated
n the Committee] bal the hard-money men have a
s.li.l nri'.'iil v and anil. ipatC BO I ? I ions trotthle.
The afternoon melon em anintemting endnn
Important, The Conmitta muCrodentiala reported
that tli'-re w.-i.t n.? eontating delega tea, after a
tueiiioriiil rigned by Colnmbaa Alexaader aod
nu..th. i delegate eekiog ndmtaion to tbeConvi ution
from ihe Diattict <<f Columbia hml been nad,
del?gales were admitted from all the T? 11 Hones ami
the Distil.t of I'.iiiiiniaia, laut, ?r?hmt the right to
vote 1 he ( ??inuiirt? e on i't rmaiietit Organisation
presented il-? leporl, and Ifca atieuipt WM rene ?id
whi.h bad been nade eaveral lianabafondnring
th.-?lay, to ?.I.ne K. (?. lvn.ii si Haw York an the
bat of reading etcinteihn. nnt*irltfrt*tfir-Hng big ?i
f.at in the National Committee yesterday. It was
again utistn. .tsful.
The aniiouiiremeiit .,f (leu. .lohn A. M. Cb-rnarid,
who it a -.troiif. I ildeu man, as ?permanent President,
was received with a good deal ?,f en! Iiiisissm. I?hu
lal W. Vooihees anil Pit/.hti'.'h l.e? were appointed
on the commit tee to escort him to the chair. The
aiinoiiix'tin? nt ' f their names was cordially ap?
plauded. Ceu. IN.cClernaiid's 8p-*ei h did not excite
much enthusiasm. Its sentiments may have wen
striLinr. but tho Convention had no chame to tind
out what they wero. The speaker's voice. Bdgfcl
have proved itself e?-ux_l to the demands upon it if it
had not beeu for an idiotic brass baud outside
which kept marching around tho building aud
drowning the souuda inside. When the band had
been supprotr-aed, Uen. , McClemand aup
preased the audience with ' tho written reaidne
of hia remarks. Few heard what he ?aid,
and still fewer heeded it. The incident waa charac?
teristic of the day. There was at no time auch a
display of euthuaia-m m might be expected uf a
National Convention. It was generally iemarke?!
that auch a tame and spiritless oj?ening dav was
without precedent, nt least iu th? mcmo.ies of
kMBiy? in the hb-tory of the National Conventions of
the I>omocratic party.
The Committee on Resolutions not being ready to
re|H?rt. tho Convention adjourned nntil to-morrow
morning, after which it ?lir-Aolved itself ?n!o a huge
?000 nicetine, with the Tall Sycamore of the Wabash
mounted ou the platform.
TII.IiF.N r.\.--HAKF.\.
? the oprosinov as vi:t si'atti.kh?.
liir l-B-M-M__ to tub UIMMM-I
St. Lotus, June ?7.?-Since tho meeting of the
Convention to-lay th?'re has been a partial suspen
si-m of hoo?__?ao batweoa Ihad-flhoeal faction?
ftbout the delegation rooOBS and in !he hotel lobbi;"?.
Tlio contest has been ttati.-t.rivd fo th?- loot of the
hallitoO-f. A csn-ftil sntvey of tho !ie!?l, after the
B-Qoenuncnt of tho Conventionthio evening, fails
lad-BOloOO ?my import tut ohMOJOO iu the af'itiulc of
the ditVi-reiit ihh'gili i;i_. GOT? Tilden Imb h.eiieoii
atantly gaining in Btfeugtfe ?luring tho whole of Iho
?oiifo.Ht which has been racing fur nearly a week
pest, and ban WBtatnod no vimhh? losses by 0BB??I of
the defection of any of bis tlelegatea. Hia f kteoo at??
i ?till aa compact]*/ organmed and ao skillfully mar
B0__led ?it they ever have been. At the < looo of th?;
find ?lay ??f the Convention the? exp?en thooBserveB,
apparently a ith g?i.??l n aeoa, more Boaedeari of fio*
toiy than at any pcevieaB time. A few doyaofo
i|ie? entertain?! n?. dpaM of tho h'tnil r.otninatii?n of
i their candidate, bal they Baticipatod a kng ami
I hgrd-fought battle. At theeloooef the ?lay pooh r
i day *-?.n*i of the more Beagaiaea-Ooaf thaaa fee*
I titt'd Mm pri'lietii'u that Gee? TUdoB weato bo
| ?lOinii; .ted mitli" -lauinl i r third ballot. ThiOOVea*
? i'ig Mi a few in?" j r,?li? ting his uoiuinatiou on the
| ?ii-t ballot.
A BB-M-Ol nvxa-ii'i it ion of the. host 0MV_M that
can baoude UMtlghl don bo. load t<> the eeaclaoiea
thpt two-thinlaof'lie Conv??itioa will neord theii
v?it?-i? in favor of Gav. Tilden the _h_rf titan iii?- nil
iscait-d. Havenl of tbo Stata8 aad Beatnring dele*
gnt*-s in others will pmbahly ca*?t compliiuentary
vote, ou the ti:?* ballot, a:t?l these with such a? a ill
ba given to rival candidano will Osaka non than
??ac-;':ild of ill?: CoUVl nth ll.
i Tbe o; position t<> in-- -, ?iahm mnwoo to ho gaining
\ naatrcugth, if indeed it bee not actually loot BOtne
? ? t? ? since la-i evening. Ti?lea moa on elaiining
In '.v -? .-i tbe 11 v" ? of i'" orgie Inotead of tie t;
! which wen eoneedeil to then* loot aveuiog; :.ri?i r_!
, of ?In-li:?:io?-, delegation instead of 11, The stand?
ing i f tho N al h Cm iliua di !? __;. -1 i ? ? : t is nol eiactly j
'..Lu-., n. It boo been nop >??? ?l to bo eqnally divided !
a Gov. Tii?i' ?i oad Gen. Raneo? k ? but Beaa*
tnr If ii.? mi ? \;-i?? the opinion tbia evening
that Gov. Tilden will ecrtaiuly moein th_
i vota ??!' a decided i Joi -,- of i!??< dele*
! L'Tti.in. and thai h" can bave all or nearly
all of it should i '?" di ' ? -? -t. for hia noaiinatioa.
I Tbe ten vote? ol Alabama won ?vnppoaedj Urrd
, !?? bo divided eqnally between Hlilenaad Hancock.
? the dclegi lion i- si ??! I i -t ind sevea for
Il H ll?. I ?1 ? la. 1 .- \ !.' ? ? - I. -'.'.
??.o eai -?i ? ?-? oa du I port of tbi day
,'.,', :t: .1 ? .? into lie Dkg] -, I ? i.t ? on to n
' the nnit rale whicl . i. is -.?'.? rut -1 \
. ,. a.,. i ? ? . -? N ? :.. i '
mao?yeaira. Lateia thoevi liaaavoa ? laeanied
.. i -.- the Cha ...?.?..
. . ?i a unit, iii- minority, boa .<-r. gave
i ? . I ? , ? ? i ? ?? Conven?
tion ao- mi'.g
r Individ ! i rot? i I
? '!? I? . ; f ir a
I'i.-- Initial ??'.?? \ ? .
.11.? tUpp '??? ! i" I ???! I ? ?
i to On i. ? n i- ip] arently m
?. r i. .'? .1 : '? t ii '?? ?? t'i:, ?!.-.- - . ? ? '.i;?.ir?-d
; '?t.-. ..-..ti? ii in Gov. 1.1 i? b's I.
I 1, ? . ? ? -I
disciplined armies.
u- to findaoyci ndl
!? , ? - -????? i. , i . . ? .m : d|y f- ? tbe
?ting Q ?.
i i have beea
. ? '? i ? ? i; ?? > ? -io:kef o.i the
;, ? -..-. '. n ? |
, i?. thing more oncci ' I to eenvi otioe
take 24 bonra M i .- e, and the Tilden n B
feel thai it la an??if ? ':.to a liaq liab ? -?? ?
? uf ib? ii riaitni '-r livlty.
i I.. .- I .' - 8 ll III".i I,'???-- to t Ight
up ?ti a ? "? "? -? o? i he tin in ial pi .?. .-: ?,.,- pfat
?i?:,-. -. ?ii? li ?1- ?! '"'?. ',. u:? 1 ,!?!' n', e.-, Ieolnmaand
? i . ? iona, ??? hu
-, ? eii "1 Just befan lb b Hol ia
. i !i. > . duiiI tl ??' as the mat! rno? ?i imla
Gov. lid i. wiil b ??? ? ? ?' ? h .- ble n .-'?"ti ?' ??u 11 i'
iii t ballot, and the? gytre? that if hia frienibi wenM
alloa a - oft ?..? .? ? platform to be adopted be might
be nominated : bul if hard monei. i * i ; : istednpou
and a i i?! * t occni m ! ! ' < invention oa tin i urrvoey
qiK ?ii.,-, [ami '.'" ? i" I ? ?' it to le Inevltal 1 , the]
iii nb t: i . mil i? ia d un ? ; ??;
tbe voting begins, rhe South?
? ???i ?I- . ?: . '-'... ..." in?! i?ai ti?. in.
I'll*, at? ? i- -. [>U I ?led t j tbe ? ??'ill;-- ting
aaaortiona ?-. ? 11 bM i. aad they believe
that 100 of them i lypo ibly bo tnrned at the lad
Qioment, and when thi defe-t-Bn I leootkwkedfor
i . tbe Tilden men. Tbia ??? i'i latest geaB-plntho
auti-TUdt i. ? m.-?i. and ia n-n ?i f?u --.bat ii ia north.
I said Umt Mr, Littlejohn will lead aa attempt
t.i-ii)iiiio\v l". thi .inii-1 ilden m u, t? booaktbo
Bail rni ? in the Kew-Yorb ?I? legation by aa appeal
to tbe Convention. 'I!.i? Hinein oceoi?orm witb
the plans of MMaoof Um How"Yorh bob bobm days
ago. Tlayili d said that the] sboald make ao aacb
attempt, beceuM tbe oncedenl of tin? la*t half
dosen eempalg11 wob agaiual them, but sboul I iim
ii.ii tbemaaivei to protnta Bgointt Got. Tikloo.
iioiiiiit'itioii. Bach an Bttenpi would seem tobo
j f.?:. ordained to failun, bam tha fa?-t thai b n?i;ni?.-r
i of other ?1? l?gations ??!-s> bate Um anH rale, and will
i,--. ?' ti.i.i mov? ment, Kiwtnts thon are Peeneylva
lua, Virginia, Uiaa-Baippi, Kentucky aflsl nvoral
(?till IS.
sit.:.i HBO tit MM. QTMirtiTa ?MK. w a i i MOOV, miss
OOfgRNO, <?! --, M'l M-I'.SIM?, AM? Ai:..l'.-r lll.L
Mcsi im; muH H ami UUMHiriU-.
[(IXUKKAI. PKl.tl l?l-?l'tr? ill
Si. I.o( l?, .Itini' 27.?Tho Convi ii*?on ??H.'-?-ni
iiii.i m tin- barga ?n?! boaat-M bal "f it??- at i.??n? ? ? 'iiam
1,. i ,?f? sauaerWi aat__ i? looBsatod att_ oartaais ?>f
leave?, Ht.itf toa!? ??f Hrni?. ?tc. i'i??) -00-Mfl was very
aom a"?i ashry, b-Oobaab_g n ?tnrm. The lakgoin
eem promptly In tlteir B-BOBS,-?- H OJM IMP p. m.
tir'nit* tli_< uiivmtl. u waa c?llnl to order liy the linn.
AagBB-M Heln-ll. llnilltiiMii ol Hie Nutlniial l)i?ni?i,T_tlc
Ci-iiiiltt?'?'. A tnlllt..i> lia'iil WOt BSBO?I ?1 in lin? rear of
tha (li.iirumu'n ?le^a, ami tept the ut??.uj'.jly hBtflBOOtOi
by pUyuitT lively hIi
Mr. Heliell.lri railing the Co:, ren tion to order, iulmiltted
a few brief lemarkt. He tal'l that the need uf ?lie ilmrt
la ailmm-'! ?t:- ?? i? f?mi,, and lio B-B-BBBt that tha
iiliulnlttnitl.u most nut be left in tlio haiult of tlin.*
who have italn-d It, hut placed In ue.v and clean hauiLs.
1 lie unit Um* of iiiiiioi -i i no?,, he tatil, I.-? the cuneuey
It-iiii- He denied that the Iieinocracy ii the soft money
party, and pointed to the I.'?i.?l_tin ? and decltlnDS of the
e mi to -?iii'.a that the Iteijuhllcan part/ i? the paper
n-"ii?-J I'lu':-'. tlnce 11 m Uh.iit.l and haa perpetuated
it. lie riiur-i-'i the preacut UuiUneaa dt-pn ? ?luu on th.
acta of the K?.-|?iil.lu-_u party, and aald :
How la It to be remedied 1 The Demo-ratto party, wlth
Its Inter-eia, will aee that the remedy la applied of frugal
and economical governon-at and a dimlnatloa of t?v**
Hun. It eanuot tu- (vonffht about by forced ooutractlnm
[Applauae.J It ahuuldnot to by additlnual Inflation; but
we tab?*, the eouutry as It stands. fAppLao-?.] We are
ruileii iipoo to apply tbe reme?ly, anil one rem-ily whloh
eoinnieuda lueif to every imtieat mau and to evet.
Saa Fourth ftat.
RAcrsA, Tuesday, June 27,187?.
In Montenegro oa Sunday the anny >coni
im.n.ieiH and mnaaen of the _tata _eid aeentanee.
under the ptculik-ut y ut Prince NleLaoiaa.
la.iM.ta.., Tuesday, June 27,1876.
In tho House of Common? thi.-i afternoon
t?tr Bt.tK'ord Nortlicote denied Uiut Hrillsh ?hip* liad
landed m<>ncy, arms, and store? at Kleok fr,r the. Turke,
or Hint Kutgl.init wua supplying arm? or money to the
Stoke in Herzegovina, lie ?.?id England had Dot doue ao,
directly or Indirectly.
The Abend Cost, a ?cmi-offlciivl journal, says
I r an m s that a ?olllsion with Berrla 1? considered in?
evitable at Constantinople. Con?queiitly Ml.lhp.t
POOEmStSt nn project is n?*_rlei?t-*?l, tli? gravity of the
external situation commanding tho ?ove?uni<r_it's un.'.i
vitlt.'d attention.
TH-Mi Tuegdar, June 27, Iti*
The Political Correspondence ?mblMhrrj a ?iis
pntrh from MgBdiC, ?.tatin.* that the ?leparture of Ptinre
Ulannr the army 1? ttxe.I f.r Ike 30tli Insf. On the
sain? dny a warmanifeato ?vill he ?fined, and on July 1 a
stiiti; of siege will be procl_,liiicd tliroui<iioul t-ervia.
A telegram from Ceitinje announces that all tfuntene
KTiua between the ?._. ? of 17 and CO have been stnii
iuened to ami?. The Senate will shortly mkuiu? Cue
rein? of (.ovciunieut iu beliulf of Pnticc Mell?las, until
tie end of the war.
Paris, Tii<>a_?.a.T. June 27, 1870.
The Servian Committee In thin city In occupied la pur
t lii-.ii'. enM ami enrolling I olutit-i-r-..
T.'i'ninn nya the Hecata and Raeelaa Bannen have
been iu-otuird ibat war la iiii-iiicnc between Tu-, key
?ad *-? TftS, 1'iltn.e Milan bavins at.-nt an uitlniHtuin to
COaataatnegle width Turkey will not accept. A ti.it
petok i? tie; Journal (leg Ut-bals, from H. Iifrade, confirm?.
Ike nporl tkel St ivla'-i ultimatum bus been rejected by
the Torre, to: I tsait tkal Man Militn lian already gCM
to the army, .nid il.e couimeiiceuieiit of lies;liltlcs is In?
cov?T.iNTivr?n t., Itooa_j*iJ""9 *-7? t-7i.
The Turklfth troops tan t.'ie Servian frontier and the
ll.itiii.i in the D.intiln*. lniie r- -celled ur?l?-rs to be rea?Iy
laeeeuaennkeetmHn ?it t'..etirst elgeal, The aawa
Pagen here u.s.,t,rl thai th?- Port? km asp?* sued t'i i't incc
Slcl.ul-._l of Mot?n ni ?_! ? !?S ??liie.i-ctlull at hi* neutrality,
.mai pmateed to lenenkn Me etiadoel ?u Ike pneent
' '.-.-. ai'.ini K.'iuu facka eeamaaie tin. army on the
.-cr\ i.iii ttestAet.
[_oki .is, i.H lay. Joae_a7| 1-76.
In t!io IIou?<. of Connona th;? afternoon
Mr. Kill (Liberal, Worce.iter C.tyj n?<_t, d lit., i.-jveratnent
wkctker Degottetlona were la pro pen fer eanadlag tin*
Cxtradltioa Treaty wttk ta Halted Main endwkatkn
i ..manient WOOld be B_ktded Et ? ; curt unity dii-ini* the
?i?. " nt *t.'.-?ioii t.? dleena Ike pria. Ipta ata? um. edanal
?... loin' tin? meant estnilMn cacee. Urgtagtoi tfeetk* |
. ??'<?,' 'iniii? "II.. I -of Hi" I.??? he._ti"", la r.-ply, di-pr-ea.'."d
? . ? - ?ob i?, ike exitit.iiiiiii .pi? ?iui. ?it ike pneeattfaae,
wiiiiaai i. "?r..', !,..? alleged torcer, ??..?? mnani te?
da) . Ike ' we m "i.ti.a. for w!..< h h i a i* ecannined kavtag
expired. The OOTCI ?'iin.-iii tii.ule ? t.;.p" .i!a..:i !.. ?in r.'
. e. owing to tka pneent atan el t-e aataa-Mtannen
nal.. _
Lomo*, Ti"..:av, Jane 17, i-'. I
.':i International acnlllng mea for t.?e
: i n.?iii?. of ike Ta.?: i end 91(000 i Ota? ketnnn
Henry Parti? ?.? tongln ?>f Baglaa-. end im? ...ni
. -. . . o ?f Australia, tool plantkleafter?
?.. .'. m gn i.-ii.ii rada i i m Poney n Mart?
inen - ? ?rea by '?'? I '? ? imt i tad Ike
i ? -i etaUae el t..- ?-tart, aal s..<;ier la.-ia th,- lead f?r Ike
? ball un!?', itli'l. I'n.'.t' K.tt I--.-? I with him nul.
-, ?. !.i:-'i Kanimer-miltb Brldze ftmr
? lu -.t. tr?na thai poinl t.i Harne? timed a
mo ? del ? ?' ?? : ace, each alternately, .niuii? the .?1
\ -?nt.. a" a .1? >|x ??'? iti i?.. ? th? Auntralian
wntt by four length?. ?. beltinjr prt-riou? to the at-rt
7 ,,, i, i t.a i, and it?:) longer tait:.? lataroi ot
-a.!..?. _
(?i ah ,..',\, Ta. ..!-.-, .fine ?J7, I ??Til.
'Uto e<it!|'"t?ti(iii of th" i?;'' mea for'placi * in
... i. .m. f.?r An ita e ? i ..<?
? - !? n.ia>. imt the neenwn lekle
11.. i? :iuw .ni; .,r?' tin- neen va et? today :
MO .....!_. '.""?.?-;.!??. 1,i)00 r.-ir.!*.
? '? . *?? ?. ? til
M \ " ?? ?'??'. M
Whltelaw ... . ? - *?7 Et
I ?? ? 63 b*
. -. ."..? ti.? ti-!
Mitchell. !?? M M
i I ?!?> ?3 M
Km ..._ M .'??? '
pal?n .??_ 19 M
II i. . 70 M? 4(1
y -, i .?-, ?. ?<? .<?
Fraser .?,l ?;?? 4i>
l.i i.i :l.:.7 bs 4.'.
Wbytt. ?'? ???' l?
i?l::)..- t'n- ikoottagal tin-1,00 ? y wit ranm tbei?r'cre
wnaal?voraMe nd teterfend wltk tkeefbmel t-o
- ?i '.o uiake i?i tier ?' en
PAUS) .fun?' '21.?A Meeting of tlie Suez
?Canal ahankoMan '?.iti in thi. ?? 11 y to-gay aeeataand
??. i : ? ? t;. i -. i repcesentatlrea In tue Hoard of Adattnle
i:..i... i, including Mr. Btokea and Uvera Wilaoa.
Qi ?.?'.if, Jane 27-? At l?unj liuyou, s.it
ardajr, aboul 7 p, ;.:., iken wn a rlelnl hall ?to.-m, the
i'.it.i in beiac fTou* a quarter looneoaaei eaek. < .r.*nt
II |:n_. tv:e. ?it lie. in the .ii?p? w i I inn tin- fin un of B inlle.
London. Jane _7.?.1. B. Bowen (('?.ii-irv.i
tt.tt ?!...?? -i elected ?wember el l_-ttaent_tor l'em
larni.. ?iiiie, m piin-e if ib.- Iota -?1 loba H. I wnraieM.
Mi.? i.aiiii.i?-. a.n (Rudi. ? 1 in been retornad in Btr
ni.ii. lut m, to aueeeod Qearge Devon (Budk-ol),n iliand
I TulU'NT.i, June 27.?A I.oinlm telagtan to
The I'iobr Hit? the l..i, I i-?e te..in? nl it, -,. ?t \?, ' i ?. 1 _ I -. ? r
it.-fa.ra' in?- i ?.".il ami ?..?urt and i'liu?. Leopold end
PrinceChriatl&n (..-?la.?. The ?._!' en gave portrait? of
heraoll to tu?-. anadianaad the Indiana, toaetker.
L'.iNDox, Juno 27.?Tlie recent favoralile
?vi.tti.T I..? Improved tkepteapoenel t?.,? hop nepte
i.,.--i >r ?ne bon-grawiea dlatrlete,bat in parte ottkc
i.i.iiin i a Kent. -DM 'X, and ?v.u. ??er the plant iai?tiil
- evenly aflketod by vvtiuiu. Tun b?tan leeklegy ?f a
."?.ill '.lulill'e.
H un ax. N'. S., .Inn? 27.?Tlio dory Centen
ulni. fn.m <>ioii', ?-t.-i. Mitt,?., tor taoeaenwn.pal into
B-irlagtea, x. *?. Jam '_??. ???r tke parpen "f T*t**Tt*glTig
herirt'ii bail..nt, which .iii'?-et,-.l her couipancce. Benorta
iiml itiUKi. weoth?*r,bead wiuda. anddeuae togoo-rljall
tho Han ?luie leaviaa Uleaeeeior.
Titim'ie <?i sivi niMt ind NOKWBOIAN t,rvi/i:s's to
Tlll.111 NATIVE 1 IM).
A ?er? n;ul ?^ PTBt <-iveu last ?\ ?-iiiripr. in front
of Iba Hotel BniMwtek, m kennel Ike kww-M? Man
O-.'.ir, by i'l" Swe.liMli and XorwecUu Hutlette? of r.ii-at
eit>. Th? -l'i i nee airived Mmitlay aft? moon froui i'hll
a?l.lpi.ia, to whit h city ho return? to-.l;.y. The commit?
tee which hud luclnii'iro tho nriviia.lt>. wn ??? ?in;?.,-.-.I of
?i. Gabrielen, c. i>. gekafcarui Oeeage Pe
lemni tavtd WSMm, CM Beegree). and Loma
lliil.iii, ollle.e-.-H and tueniberi of the micletles Themi
cietieM Inn m view ttiinllar oh)eeia?the pnilectiou and
eeMetaan elgwedn and Rarwagnn who may be in
?eftnaj peeaalarily or etkeawlee, IkeKevwertanS^
ciety ha? itn men at Ke. -OO Third ave. It. president
It ti. tiabrteltteu, and It ha-) about 76 member?). It waa
iii-_tiiw.il about six years ?ko? Tlie 8?vetii?h
ledOly h-., room? on East Twenty-seeond-at.,
near Third avo. ThU la ono of tho olde?t of
the strictly national eggtarations, having been In ex
1-tt m-.' forty your*. David w.-iss has been lia Presldeut
for 17 years, until rec?.ntly, wheu the preaeut incumbent,
A. lloUtroiu, was ?looted to that ?.?!..?. Its uieuili? r4
nuiiitnr from UM to _!0O. In ail'lirii.)! to th?.ir akanto-le
aims, ttiese snotetles aro Inteuded to secure to their ?n.-in
ben -?a .141 rtl.'.l?. IllliUI, anil t Ik?- > ttlllll.il tllr? t)?S_lt, III, .ill .
of iiitiflii' in,.- to the .-.it etiish and Kurweajian re.ldeiiU
of tho city tlutir newlv arrived countryiucn.
At about lo;-!.', o'clock tho Mreuaiiers, oonilstlng of
meiubers of the two mn'leile* audof Company ?U of the
14th Kc_rlU)?ut of Brooklyn, cow oosod eullrely of H we? les
and Norwe_cuius, uudor command of ? 'ant. Hovle, arcivM
at the Hotel. The siu_rern were stationed iu Twenty
slxtb-st., as the apartments of the 1'rluce were on that
corner, on the second floor. There were four Swedish
and Norwegian songa rendered with prect.ton
throng-out and In part with excellent
effect. After the vocal mtuio, the regimental baud
played several aira, at tho close .?f wltlcb the rouug
I'i nie ?a. dreased as a midshipman In the ?Swedish Navy,
spiaear?*-! upon th? tmleouy and bowed ill reeuoose to tho
mguiaUtju nuri-ua ?g the uiinury and the uilaceUaucoua
applause of tbe multitud-?, wh?ch at this time numbered
nearly 1,000 poreont. No a.l?lre.i?e? w?*re ruade and the
c ?nipnnv ?luletlv wit'"dr?*w. The Prlnf*) w?_s accoinpa
nl??d by Conwil-aleior*?.! B >cra and by th?? President? of
the two sncl?nies, who, in behalf of their fo?ow-nietnbera.
?T.-.fii:e.'. Jam with a large and lM-aaiifii.ly-__T__iaea
flower ship which ?loo?l in hit r?-o??ptlo.n nom.
1er t*.le-Bj.mi to tub nt-VVaVI
Washington, June 27.?Mr. Ulaiue left thio
city on tbe 1:10 train on t'ue Halllnmr.? r.ud .otomao
road fcj-d.iy, for his home iu Angu?n?, 51**., iR-coiijpaiilcd
by hit eutlro family. He oeonpled the directors'oar, hi
wlileh n large and conifortabl*? bee liad b??on rlt?'ed. Mr.
MO?M will go Hie entire distance ?vitbout BO-WgBjSg cans
and It la hia intention not io ?top on the way, but to
make ?is close connect!??na a*} possible. Hta general
health has not rh.in.ed, and his eeudltlon causea great
anxiety on the pa-t of his frt?*'ids, who fear lliat a seri?
ous and prolonged illneae may not be averted. There
eeoras to be no trouble except in his physical
health aud a li--.it fever. Ills pulse is low
except during bis fever, and be 1?. * no appe?
tite. He Intends to piy no attention what?
ever to the Investigation of the Judlelary Comtr.lt
too, his health alone demau?llog complete and uoilis
?urhed rest. Mr. Krye tbla morning appeared before tho
Judiciary Committee and presented two iti.t''tiicuta, one
signed by Surgeon-General Barnes, and tU other by Mr.
Blaine's physician, b?>tb showing the ltnposi?lhlltty of hia
appearing in his pr?tent lnw stntc, or lo attend to any
business w batevor. Mr. Frye did nut a?*_ tbo Commut?e
to pottpouo the investg.ition, but bo do?*', not think it
would be fair or honorable treatmect t" e>:itiuue a ?.uasI
iri.il of the ex-Speaker while he ia on a B__ bed, unable
to euufront bis accusera. The 0__?MM?adU not deelde
what to do, but will coutider the ?.u.ttlon at tbo uext
regular meeting.
-feO-MBOoav, IMbb-Mp, laaa _7, i**?6.
The following members of Coognoi WfU have
..i Iieir? I., ;, ..?.-?I ,i| |. ?-, iitnieutt u> the Military Academy
at Wei-t Point f?jr 1377:
W-H-MB ?V. WiUhlre, Arkansas; Phdtp Cook, Georgia
II. K. Harris. Georgia; M. A. Cvi<ller, ?'?orgt.t; Thomae
W. Lb-iiiietf, Idaho; T, J. Henderson, l'...?-,??!-; g A Hurl
hut, Illico!.; II. C. Burkhard, UttOOfo; A. E. ?-tcvensun,
Iliiii.iis; J. O. Canno'i. Illinois; J. It. Eden. Illinois; M. a
Ken. inipniii: v. U-B-bn? tath-oai H. c. nunter, indi
ana; J. II. ilaker, lidian...; J. O. Tufts, Iowa; II. O?
Pratt, Iowa; jalan Wtlsoa, Iowa i W. A. PIuIUjm*. Kan
sasj J. it. ('"-iil.iii:. Ka asas: x. I- -Ta?es, Kentucky}
W. P. Frye, Mame; J. O. liuine, Maine; V. J. O'Brieu,
Maryland ? F.. J. ?lnkle, Maryiau?l; H. t*. iront, M.t-??a
olnisetu; rilarles P. Tlmmic-ou, Msitaehuaeltsi A. 8.
'.v,,llama, Mk-blgan; H. Waldron, U?eblgaa: w. B. WuV
Ilan?a, ML, bigiin; ?i. B. -?trait, Minnesota; H. 1).8. Money,
M?-?;.?ippl; E. H. Welle, Missouri; C H. Morgan. Mfa
?ii?iit; K. V.. _*-*ti M_MOOrti J. I?. nark, MlSSOBrll K.
Ifau?ilUm, New-Jet???/ ? a. w. Cutler, Wew-Joneyi A.A.
ll.ir:eat?lir_h, Ni -Jersey ; H. B. Mi-te.df, New-York J
<?\ M. li.-i-s.-. New-York; II. II. Ilafliiititu. New-York;
W. II. Bukt i. N -v-Y.-i:-:; A. M. V.t-i-i.-ll. North Carollna;
A. M. s .-.il? -, North < .?i.iiiiia ; William Kolibins, Noria
t'ainla,.?; M. Bayl r. Ohio,? LT. Keel, ?'bio; C. Foster.
Ohio; W. J. Southard, Obla: J. P.Cowaa, ???il??; !.. !>.'
total. Oblo; W. <?\-n??-ii?l. l'enti.ylvaii'a; \. II. huiith,
r.'iiiii?. Ivaiiiu; J. V. Wall?ce, I'.-'ia?, Iv.itiia ; J. M.
Tliiirii'.uivii, Tcuneasee; ll. Y. Riddle,Teuuesaeo; J. M.
l!ii_at, Tennessee; J. F. Bouse, Tenu? ??ee, R. y. Miilv
Taxas; Joba Haucuek, Texas; (ieorteW n?*:id?-e, Vet>
ii,m,t; ??.(' Walker, Iowa; J.T. Harria, Vtrgiiiia; i-D?
Cnwall, WU* on ?:.. ; t.-. E. lleoker, -itaataalpyi.
Some of t!if; lenctfllf D_M-t_t_k_i aro becom?
BBginU.a BltkO i"ii'li;:?i!i of the Appn-priatiiM bill.
al said t.i-i! i> ?uprlvnterunvri'ii.'itiou tu t an a_re?>
iiieut mutt n'rtalnly be hod* The faet that the thermom?
eter Moisi at N ih the BepmaaMtttnaf Chnwhmt ?luring
:!.c BeBSlOO Is B .ery nBot ?iti.il BIMOBBB-M to this 00ni:Iil?
????a. The latest basis i-f acoiu??r..tn?*e BOggntBi Is thai
n joint reaata-tM bbbo be poaooi pntM_ui UuM appro
prutilona thaII be u ? !? tor tbe uext f'iur or tire m"utbs
upon tin- .i.i?:. ?it rt:,- ar?propr1atl ti? fur tln> preaeat tlwal
.?ui ,?i.i|i ,i ?i.iiK.l.y to trie m??n?ha. siid that there
?hall he a r, eeas uf Cougyon until immediately after the
Vu lidentlal lii'ti.Ti.
me. M:\yi, l-OC-MH-Nt
Tlio iVsMi'iit will to-morrow uiipoint A. IL
Wy-.u.i'i, foiTii.-i?y ??f N- bmaka, XtanaoaB of the Lotted
- ? -, m alara at Mr. Mow, mMgaed? Mr- wyman baa
been Aaa! IiibI TienailB la this ?-.'y for seren? vara,
and pri ?'loua to thai wot Caabier ". the rreaaory. lie
i? an ?M Treasury oficial, la fully comneteat, and has a
aaiaa show renrooch. t-rhaps tii- best taat may be
said of ?.?in la ?bat ho i? ti-'t i pollticlaa.
\vash;\(.t(iN' KOTOS,
WAB-lBOlOa, TiK-sil.iy, Jane 27,1S70.
Tlie Pi ?i!-Onice U.'paiftuent |lnB BBt-88 taitonand
ttt.-r July 1, X*70, liti:ish India ind tii?? French c.ilonlra
in Am? n i. -EMee, AM:i, find Ocaulca tOOOSOOfOltOl
ti a, i ; peat .1 m aa Rsraed by the Titotf of Berne,
subject to an .iloiii >ual postal ehargB to civer the
expeaaosof sea trauaportanaa beroadtha limita <?f tho
gco**ral iinftal union. The rate of poat-kge. I.lettud
nul eiiilre'i?! lu the iTi'eil Btatee, STS dnilble the ratea
cbarged to other aoaral uutuu oi-imiri?'*.
Tue ll.itisoCotniuitt-0 on Commem t?? lav he.?rd an ai??
?niment from ? x-.?, iiat"i" J'?hn tifitt ?? I'c:i-.,y-Trnia, d??
0| log their right to o,iaiix*l Mr. QBBBBlt, Third Yi**_?
Pnotdeot Of ?M l-B-fesylvoato R.ilirii?1 C???nt>any, te
BMkB -uownits preaeat eontneta aad sp??.-tai cot??.?'
stona for earn nig freight Mr. Bcott also contended thai
Congre** had do ronstltnttonal p"wer to reonlota and
C tiui'l i .ii tr tails eliHiti-red bv the Htates. Rt-presanf-r
tivu Hopkins of Peunarlvaola spoke iu reply, aud tit?
Committee _4Jeane i '-ill Wridny.
The 8pool.il OBflBflBtttn Bgfotalai at the roiiue?t el
O.-orge M. .?.?lama, t'letk of the U?jU?e, to ?nvestiifat?- the
charge BgB??th_B pul'!l?hed in The Chicago Inter-Oceam
,ii May last, tO-BJk ttuSo a un mimons rep.>rt. They sa/
th? evtdaaM M ezptletl _n eoaelaals t al in m? ,n-f met
ha.? an?'p ?iinlary or other eoBsldenttn b. - n poli <?r
l.ro:ui?<?l by or ?ui behi'f of anv puny leeeivm.'an aj>
..nut from Mr. A'laiu?, Biner directly ot lU'l.rcotly,
t?>any ether peraea (or hta aoeoaat. The lomniittea
were discharged f i om any further consideration of the
leaatot HOBrfll of Maine ha.? ?ti.'.?rmed PresUlent Grant
?hit lie is not yet profOBOd to IbbbOb ahOttWB or not he
?.Tiiid ae?'ci?t Hi?? etSeo at oeetetury ?>f Un rreaear?, se
publie ?T'ii-iiliTife'Ti? ? iiiiiitii'.i" t" prerenl bit reaching u
(ieelsliui at the in. sent juui'tiire of nff.ili?.. but that he
expects lo.eo Lis way cieaily to a BBBMtOB-M williln a
few ?lays.
The amount of bsnk notes BBaOBBBOl arid assorted by
the MoMsaal E-iuk Ro.leeiiunj Agency during the pr?sent
geealyearia W^OOfiOOfiOO, of whieb ?r_.',<HM),?j?j_ are
BOteaof 1? inks wined are re?luciug their cliculalion, ot
are in voluntary lii-u.?latino.
?RRiv.ii. in ciiai:li:8tom ok Tiik bosion Lian?
CiiARi.iSTov, S. C, June 27.?The att'amer
?Tharleslon. from New-York, covered with bunting and
bearing a pme trie at her bo-, reached her dock here at
11 o'eloo_ this morning, bringing the lletton Light In*
fantry Bad the Old Guard of New-York. The whole
?valer front of the city waa decorated with flags and,
banners ?f weleome, ami ihe visitors were reoMved by a
committee of 100 leading citizens, and by the German
t*0__?TB, a Revolutionary corps, and the Washington
Eight Infantry. Col. Treubolm, Chairman of the Citi?
zen?' Cotimlifter?, welcomed the visitors on the whsrf.
Bad in ? brief speeeb Informed them that they would be
the guests of ttie olty diintig their stay. Tin y were ihen
esoortod t<> Maaaak Ball, where ihey were entertained
by tbe militar}?and afterwnrtl -oad-wtod to their quar?
tiers ut tbe Charleston Motel. Tonight fie formal recep?
tion of the vitiilng military from Massachusetts, New
York, Georgia, and the Carolinas took place at the Aiu<l
euiv tif Mafia The reeeiulon of the Northern compa?
nies was azecedtoffly ama*!, and the whule city wears a
?-1 i ??t r in antl.-lpjilou of the Centetiutal eoieanttM
t.Hui'-riow. The "Stars and tJirlpea" ar?1 eveiy where dla
plated. aud massive triumphal arches span the leadlug
thoiuughfarta. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
WtsiilNr.Tov, June 27.?Assistant Sui-oon Chaa.
J. Noursa iinWivil to the Naval Hospital at r'i?ls???. Ma?-.
Mi--, i u.c. i >i:i.:;i.. < ii. :.i- hit] from tlip latrayW tntl fc-r*nt?_
a laiavetif aiioem?] lor .Ix inoiitht, and on lit rxiuratinn, 1'ff.
-l, ls7?J, U.t leslgualion _c???iit?H! Mn-tn KotK-it o. Pt-tk,
I;'?m Hi?. Coast -iurvey. and ordered lo Hie umiti. .1 ? tioultlop
Bt .Marvs. 1 ?-,? ?t AstUlant I_uglue??r Tho* W, Hoc irom Uia
Naval Academy 3oth last., an 1 ?>!__?- on wal?ug oititra.
-_HiflMWO_L R. I.. June 27.?Taaag Mewar*.
wbo was drown. ?I In llis ?.???-It.mi Hirer Lui aigtit, waji aB80 el
J uilgi- James 8Uwari of Portar, Hi-.?ti_ini.
1'itoviiiBvcK, R. _ June 27.?A ten rears old son
of Henry t). Martin of Oliiryvill? fed fruti? a cherrv tree _-t
iiigiit, ami waa liupaltsloa a ylckol f-iica. Uia n*cu*t--y ia
HisoHAMTOe*, N. Y? June 27.?.T. A. Coleman o|
Mili-l ?1-. Ind., waa arTttted litro tin. ?ft.rrmon for tti?*m|,_
u?g to aiM-sslnaU Uia lWv. k_ A _Taa<_t, a liaiiUai revltaliaV
near tint city.
FiTcanttRO, Maan., Jnue 27.?Lightning struck la
?vririii Lilacot lu tint eltv tin. afU-rinsiu. Till lull of the Hull,
itone ( linn ti loir*? waa knot kt-.l off. the larga ball BW??BOJ
uii e i tu ui? root ot .-?.ui i _ru??-j 1888?oeoa

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