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Booth's !_??A___-^|ai___-epalae.-"
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TwKMT?-Tiiini? -?nifciir ui'kKi Holik -Kelly A Leon's
Wallach s Tulatir.?"Mighty Dollar.'
Ac-nr-T or DKSit?N.?Day time only : Cent en nial Loan
Oil?tone's ?? inDr**.- Concert.
hiKTiii.i'Ot i in H ??'M ni ABT.- I>.i> timo ouly: On
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J??ex to _\?Pfriiocmrni6.
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I'.rsiM ?s Notices Ha I'anr -l?r ee ..inn.
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lNSTKt (.Tii'N-C./i. Vaa'?MA, 3d, _tii und Olli i'oltitnn?.
Law ?ciio?'is?tara l'?ge?>th oolnian.
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Situations W'A?rntn? Mai?a?ad J**eea??Mfe column;
Females? 3d Paoe?5th and Ctb columns.
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To Whom It Mat Co*??-?m??3d Tage?1th column.
Duoinroa Notices.
CRIr.TADORO'8 HAIR DTK, for Kl ?"Ipcrb ?11.(1
msirinfireiii tints, stanats at Uie bosil of sll coinpeiiUirs. na?
ture can m_____ soibeiter. Depol, ?1 lohn ?t._
HOLMAS'S AOUE AN? LlVEU l"Al> Clin ?1 nil?
In ten days, sfier shaking for two years. WML 11. BIA1Mux,
wl-t U. ft. Clalllo A ?Jo. Ileyot, tt Joinaet,
Datlt TRiTirrtit, Mail Subscnlaen?. *10y>?*r nnniitn.
?kmi-Wkikly THinr.NE. Mail Si)'>*-(-nl?iTi?,$.l per au.
Wpkkly 1 MBCm. Mail Sub?ciiL).rs, 'j.'ncr auuuui.
Terms, ?..i?li in adr_nee.
Address. Tm? __l_U>tft New-York.
PemoiH unalle to obtain Thk Tri m nk in any of the
train*, boat -, or hottlt m irhUhit it usually told, ui" coa?
ler a faior by injorrmina thi? otfroe of the ?rctimt'.aneet.
ITp town StlvsrtlserscsB Icsre their fat-nrs for Tlir TBIBI vs
st l.iZ*. tln.?..ir.?ai-, cor. ?lst st?, or'308 W.'.'a? st.. r,,r. ?lb ave.
F'.kvKiN'.?T!ia Servians Lave repulsed repealed
ettauk.i (?t tlie liirkisli army. - ? r Tlu- war Baity
liavotwinedthaaaeandanej iu ___rria. -- = Lilian
eren the deal Eboc Uandieap? -= Baali ?mte?
circuliitc -iifit.!, erit?enl discount, in I.i-liDti, '
In Cub? -r'...>7".u.iu have b.-en anbeeiibod t.?r Un*
.-allouai lean.
l)iiMK.?i.c?Tli- lepnbHeai- "f New'-Tock hare
no,,iiiMied e\-<r?iv. E. L>. licrgau fur (mtiii.a.r,
__M__an 8. Boejaee te Lleni i_iint??Qe~exnor, and
Oeeraje l'. Da_talk te the Court efApewalej -he
platfi-m di a ian-? te ream?pthmu ami eiril aerriee
rttforni atrniiiily, t?ty? that aha i*-i,u?-ti.>:i ol taxaii',;:
in tLi.? Blata is o? Repnh-Ieaa origiii. leee-aaaenda
me Canal and Meen C? natitatioa?I amend.
iiienir?, ami t:i.i*.k? PreeMenl i.r.uir ; ,1 __ pnblk
aan n ? ??. The Lib?rala oi the Slate aaet at
Baaatega aadta*?pe<Ted_tha raireln aliene ol Bajee
und \\ heelet anal Lx-dov. Hergaa ; a bolt of TUdea
Liberal? to'ik jil.u e. ??? Tbe re.iiaiiis of the lato
Sneaker K?rr wen expected to arrive in New
Albany, liai., bal eviiiirig. *=_t_= A heavy battle
with Indiana la repeated. The st-ary la not trusted in
Washiuiftou. A large number o? iiien are inovini.' to
rei-nfoice the >"..'llowstoiie cuiiuiiind. -?? Tlio
aaaaaaaaaeea afpeiated to adjust the dUteaaaMa
betWMn ?-M tire branches of i he .M?:thodi.?t Li'isco] al
tbuich Lav?- iiiiulidhcd a<!<?-esM'8.
ClIY and BOWm__ff<->The noniination of ex-Ouv.
Morgan for the ?Joveriiorehip ex. itcil tniiih into ?t
aaaeng peUttriai ?, ami wao paneraUy raeaaTed i nil
s.atisfaotioii. -7- The enda of the first tra> 1er
rope of the Hrooklyti Bridge were joineil, makin-- an
endl??ss pepe for the ?eariDg of tho cables. ??
The New-Ja-raey and New-York Ka?road strike wat
eiul?Ml. tin? receiver niakm?, terms with the men.
'? A delegation, of 81 French workinmucn ar?
rived, to vii.it the Centennial Exhibition.
Four priaoncrs escaped from the jail at White _-_____?
three Inting afterward rvtcapturod. I-_ Gold,
110'?i, 110?'-j, 1 lO's. Gold value of lhe legal-U?nder
dollar at the oloao, ?K)2jo cente. Stocks active, and,
except for coal roads, higher, closing feverish.
Tua Wkathm-?Tnu _r_UW)JU_. local obserrn
tiona indicate pleasant weather. _?__ Inthimity
yesterday the day was cool but pleasant; thcr
uioiDoter, To3, fe?0, 0?)-."'
, '-v.
The union of the two ??rmit h______Ma of
Episcopal Metlindism in tint Unitod Slates,
wliich is fort^hudowed iu the uddress of tho
. Joint Board of Commissioners, is tht; crowning
religious event of tin Centi-uni-l year.
It is n?>w cl?iimu? that grain can be sent by
railroad from the West to Halifax, ami tin -lici?
to England, m?>re cheaply than by the ordi?
nary water rout? s. Should thi? Im* borna out.
the ateaiiiboat tratrii- ou the lakes Banal suffer
iurfher detiiiueut fioin railroud rivalry.
It is (li??ienlt to we why a close coula st i>
exi?c*ct?(l in Iluckiiigliaiii'-liire unless Liberal
piincipli m have been niiiilly gaiiiiii-?' pronnd j
among tin* rural vot?is who are to ele? t Mr.
Disraeli's siicce.?ser. For the 1*1> years during
which he his repri'senle?! that shire he hus I
Uau-Ily liitd a " walk over'' at each eh ction.
We feel bound to nay that the performance
of the Indi pend? ut Republican delegation at
Su rat-?g i did not conic up to tlie hi^h sound?
ing promise. Wo were assuied that a large
number of ?listinguuJn-d gentlemen, whom the
whole community trusts, had authorized the
use of their name? as ?1? lc-nt?-*, hut none of
them were pn .?eut, and Mm (?i;.elusion of the
whole bn__neai was Ittpt . ./.
Poaee appcari still distnnl in Sen-ifi. The
w ar ?party are dominaiit, ami >?'??rii subniission
to the Mai-Mi-?? Their course is, in a me?s
ure, Juatil.ed by^the gallant stand which Gen.
Tchcrnayeli" is niaking before Alexinat-, where
ho haa twice re|>ulaed the Turkish army of
60,000 men. The expected Russian voluu
tuera may arrive in time to -ssist iu che-vkiiig
the canKT of Turkish conquest.
The appeal in behalf of the East SiJe poor,
to which we gave wide ciitulatiou last Satur?
day, ia meeting with a generous re?anse.
When there is so much sham distress, and
when beggary has been reduced to sucha system
of plunder, Charity has to be as wise as a ser?
pent; but the tcoisee of extreme suffering de
ecritod in our coluiun ' were so urgent uud
pitiful that her heart was touched.
The Liberal -_*p_b_caris passed out of exist?
ence as an organizatioa, in tho most judicious
way. They declared for IIa.es and Wheeler,
Alciiiant?.'d the nomination of a man efpially
-^ly?oT-iypjjind f.. y? fe Morpa, |
Baked for a rcori-ftnization of tlio party ir
ciiy ami Kent tlii-ir Commitloe of Confe:
to take seats in tho Republican Convei
The new State Comuiittoo will probably
that recent occurrences emphasize tin? rei
for a rt"ir**?iii.zatiou in Una city, which
referred to them.
Tlie ends of the first traveler rope of
East Hi.<T Bridge have been spliced,
then is now a continuous lino between
BBMJhofBfB piers. Tlio next step in the
greet of tliis great work will involve an e
ordinary biii?#y ii?le. The ?eco-d tra
top? i? to be laahed at uiierfali to the
and then a workman is to be ?eut over
baggy to cut the fa?teninj*s. The on?_;ii
liave re.-tiv?'d a hundred applications for I
in tlio car. Is this an unwholesome era
fi?r notoriety OB the frenuiiie spirit of Amei
daiodevilry . _
The prisoners at the White Haitis jiil
den'ly enjoy all the home privileges of a 1
family, having keys to their cells and wal
iu and out at phusure. Tour of tlicin n
keeper on the stairs yesterday, knocked
tlown, tished out of his poche, tiro keys oi
prison doors, and quietly walked out.
thai the simili has had the trouble of n
tiiriilt: three of his guetta, he may be Incl
to cm tail some of the privil.?gee of the e.
lishment. If it would be discoin Icons t?t
convicts to take away their key?, he mi-'
least torn t-iit the tuiii'-ey who doesn't loci
the cells. ?-??.- -?
Col. Roll ii ?".. logeraoll earrjes ?with hit
the Maine stump all the lire, /.c of nn Uli
prairie. His spci t h at I.:\vi.?!on, from v.
we can only find room fot a few exttl
OOgbi to give the Republic.ins Hll.icient
nieiitum to carry them tbfOBgb the c.inv
There is le?s of the pietnreaone rhctmii
tlio West in it than there wa? in the fan
?speech which held the riiicitinati Conven
sjit-11-b.itiiul, but there is m its place I hfl
racy btUUOr which ojiens the heaits of a l
uhir ?nidi. nee. His portrait of a bachelor l'i
dent is M effective in its way as a cart?
He p?es bach to war times?that is a h
into which all Republican orators have fal
mid we M peel that the I)einoc,;U.s would
the saine if they dared?.md there i.? m
dull K?t. a.i in the ?opeeeh.
There is another rumor of a battle with
Sioux north of the Mack llillti, with lu?
lo??? ? o:i both side?-. The report was brou
to BtatkUng Doch ob th'* lUaeos-ri Bhref by
Indian, and is probably an idle tale. Noth
has been beard at Army ll<ad?i'iaitt is fi
Gen. Crook since his juin ?ion with (.?cn. Ti
in the Roeebtld Valley. !~o wary u warrioi
Sitting Unlit if be had ?hnen in conditioi
nipct the troops in the lici'l, w?i
have hailed his foi.e against one
the. other of tho dtriaiona before t
unit' -d. Th? se were the tatties which
adopted earlier in the BBBaoOi cheeking
? advance of ('en. ('took on the liea?hvater.?
ihe fiooel ii?l, and sul'seijuently hiring (!
! Cu?t?-r to ile-tru.tion on the 1.il lie Big llu
The ?kli.ii.'i'itiiuent of tactic-, which had pro?
so successful .?hows that Bitting Hull's fore?
i badlj .crippled and that he has adopted
Fabian policy of guerrilla Warfare? >h anv.li
li ? nfnic mi nts are moving raj'idly toward
_cll(i?\?tniie, and preparations are making
an ?"?.t.i.tli d raiBpaigB winch will probably 1
all Winter. _
It wax "too good to iw boped for." .'
Evan? is not nominated. Nevertln h*m
eandidacj did B? iiiiiiieii?c public si ri?e, n
the Republican party cannot be loo prate
that he did not peremptorily refuse the u?c
his ni.tin in connection with nn ot.ice whl
he did not want, und in a convention win
he had not made an affix, to m ? un- a ?in;
del?gate? The whole tone of th<- campaign
elevated by tho ?spirit which his candida
evoke!, and the nominations are vastly bet!
tlnwi tht.y could hiive beetl withoti' it. 'J
support of Mr. Kvarts mule the BBCCOBI
ex-('?iv. MsWgan po-.-tihlc, at,?l, in-i to t
choice of Mr. Erarte Ma-eelf, wa count th
of Go*.-. Morgan the best that eonld ha
been made. He in ft man long trained in t
public service, of uiiimpt-a?-liable leconl ui
unqucstioui-1 Lih-lity to the Ik -t element-, ?u
tendencies of the l'eptiblii an party. He h
been with it from its tiiith, han helped
achieve its ?.?lories, and has never been ideal
tied with it.? diaaaten or diagraeai He <b
command the support of all tho diaaatiaflk
elements, and will make a Ht in in?/ OBSTBI
We do not think he will draw so many doul.
ful fOten as Mr. I.vart-4 would have scenic
but we believe he can get eoOBgh to I
elected? ami to cany the S't.ttc (or Hiiyin an
Wheeler. The nominations for Lieut.-Goverm
ami Jud-'e ?>f the Court of Appeal. ?-?? m j"?I
dona, and calculated to atrangthaB the tkke
The jil.itf<nin is not a model, but plati' ?nn
i-aicly are. It is a comfort to find in ;
BOthing to which men who learned finir Ri
pul?licaiii?in in the (school of Bewaid and BtU.
? ner, of Chaat and G re? ley and Lincoln, ca
object. The resolution aboitl the Ptcsidcnt ma
bo allied a happy deliverance. It hau n?? non
?sens?' alsiut his BOOBeai in his civil uiliiiini.?tra
tion, but it expresses fitly enough the prolowin
reapeot and gratttnda which the whole count?,
uiidoubtt'Uy d??es feel for the illustrious ser
vice* ('en. Grant has rendered, which his lat?
conduct has not been able to obscure, nn?
which, in spite of the past eight jeais, inn.?
"secure his name an bnperiahable place ii
" hi?tory."
i ?Gov. ICergaa flealinad to nay anything laa
night on the subject <?f the convention, bu
authorized The Tu.uu ne to .innoiince that, ii
deference to the call of the party and hii
senne of p'iblic duty, he Would promptly BO
Mpt the lioininatuui.
The people pcoro a gteal victory againat th<
nifniopolieti. Tlio ctimjih-te eollapae of th?
jj-igantic C4snl combination, thoii^li'picdictiil
by un some we4*ks BflOi was Komewhat unex?
pected to many. Tho combination had so jt
centl.v oidereil an advanco in the ?nice of coal,
ami appenied to be bo Biiro of its ability"tit
maintain its monopoly, that many who de?
luded, piecis<:ly as tlio desperate operators de?
sired, and Mitad forward to buy a Winter*.
Bt?jck of coal, or to make contract?, for the fu?
ture before the next threatened a?lvunce
shonld take effect. In this way the operators
probably maiiai-od to gal lid of a little of
their BurpltiB coal at high prices; the rent they
will now hare, to nell ut bucIi prici-s ns the
censuiiiers may please to pay. The larga auc?
tion aalea already ordeied show that liiere Mill
Kooti be a gOOd opportunity, for the first time
in four yi, ir?, to le-i'ii m hat coal U leally
To (he lii?l, the hi,.liv. aj nn n of the cotnbi
natioii plajrod a bold ?Jraiiic. If they faii.il t(?
hapitaa the pnblk with the belief that they
could Loaiutaifl ind adrante nriaaaj as tiny
threatened, it wo? mainly because of the in?
formation so widely given by tho press. In?
telligent men, wcing that the load of debt
and unfortunate investments which some llicni
bers of the combination had accumulated was
too large for even tho richest corpoiations to
cany, and that tho consumption of nnthiacite
was r?te:iilily diminishing, refused to hi duped
any longer. Sensible stockholders began to
unload, rIIHH?HI operators, who had tacitly
or actively sustained the coinliiiiatioii. saw ihat
publia opinion had beeu so set against it
thai its (-?.Ilapso was merely a question
of time, and sent urgent waininirs to oiliccrs
on this side In separat?* from the ill-fated pool.
On Tuesday the collapse came. Tim reasons
given in the ollieial statement are little in Her
_____ pretexta, for it is known that had tli**
Lehigli Company made good it** excess of ton?
nage, there w;ts at least one other company
which could not have continued in the combi?
nation any longer without defying the expressed
mi ?lus of a large majority of the stock. A p<><>1
I of this !?ort is like a dam ; a hole in ary place
l?-;:? fatal M a ('?unplete ovei throw of the w hole
struct lire.
The real cause, of this collapse was the ?le
<?lint in the use of anthracite coal, or, more
properly, the refusal of the public to oonthrao
in all its indoatriea and neeeoaitiei at the
? mercy ol a sinirle monopoly. That this decline
has been enormous is well known, buta glance
I at Ihe reporta for I few years past shows that
! it was nearly SO per cent from 1**72 to lS7.r>.
The comliiiiation connmneed "regulating1'
? the price of coal in 1*7'-, haai tofai the end
of that year it was*' announced l?v authority
that the price would he fixed to suit the com
I bination at regular Monthly meeting-. The
?mount of coal traMPOftod by four of the
conHianics during the \eaia L872-S and 1*371-0
is thus reportad :
If?*, n. mj.i a,
riill.uli-li.liln iitul H.'ailiiic ... (,.:?'. . -:i 1,1 - ?. .10
l_-.-t.r_ v.i ? v . ... i r..'.'!i.; :?.'.? ;,'?ti
( ? -itini ui N<*>_ .li r.?.-v . :.. in;.:i|:? _-.i.o??.:?.ii
In i.iuaa-, L, BO? Win.!?;:n.... .>.?<>",. I?! ,'!.-i I'l,:!"?.*?
T..tal Kins.l?a,?.VJ,307 l;t,.'ll('..V(?7
Hen appanta a loss, on Ban <>i the rand.? of
.",?_*?;_,.". io ions, or twenty-eight pareen!, Bnl
it has been \eiy unei|iial on the dillercnt
roads, the I.nrkawanna having loot but lUper
eint of its tratlic, and the I.ehigh Valley but 21
peleen!, while the Central of Ncw-.Jer-.cy lost
'A'., ])er cent, nnd the Beading ?38 per east dur?
ing the ??lin?) period. I.oaa of bm?sena- Iom of
??arniiiKs, increase of dabha, bet liceii the rule
With theae companies, nnd those which h.tv?)
j been fortunate enough t i have a f-lrotig ca;ii
! tal began to |M rceivc that if the coiul'liiatioli
j held together it would in\olve all in g COB-MO
i bankruptcy. Kadi man for uim?clf is the rule
; hijciilicr, then-hue, and I he puMic will richly
1 ei.joy it? lerenge, Kew-Jeratry Central raffen
\MU?t it lii?t; in F?-l?iiiiiry if sold fpr 1 (?',?, nml
>? ?icidiiv for 53. Delnwara and I_c__;awanna
?"Id for L20*g in .lanuaiy j yc?t? r.luy it sold
fot B8. In Delaware aii'l EfudoOO the |0M has
not 1?en M great, though il Mill for -4-_(aild
the break in Banding? ?expected at Philadel?
phia, was not ??iioiis yesterday. But the war
ha? not yet lii-iiti, iiml wo shall see befon*
many dais which <?f the eOMpaniM r. ally has
the etrength to nat-io ttacU in eeeh\ oo-Dpet.
To ?uih cot in i i t i< ?ii the pnhlic ara* antitled.
The fonid nppnrl of ill?- price <>! eon! irai a
?.'ios? Mioiii*, which ongfal to bring upon thon
i-mi' i ne ?I in it the piiiii-liiinnt thi-v now w? m
likely to get. In a bfOUdu. ???w, th?' breaking
of this coinhniiitioii is another r-t? p, and a
long one, towuid Unit n-iuljustim nt of in?
du?! lies nnd a_ priera which nnal precede
resumption and real pro?;?my. The ?Unen
must learn to mine, ami ihe raffTOOda to cany
j coal lor what il is woilh in open maikit. It
loo much coal is produced for consuui'iion nt
preaanl prieca, there arc two natnial and Juni
rem?di?e to biimulato conanniption by lower
pi ins, or lo sutli-r thooa who cannot prodom
? h?-.-.ply to sfo|i opi-i;ii i.?ii-i. 'i in? attempt to
loch to?'? th'-r the boot and Iho WOfBl inii'i ?,
the pro-lierons ami the bankrupt RMt?S ends in
ili?a?l? i because it was an alt? nipt t?? _____ n
npon iln- public a grievous and inu.-t u:,,':?t
burden. _
I.ii ?ui.-?'!.iv. Poraheiaaer arada a good apeech
la'-t Satiiiilay evening at a ttett Meeting of
ihe Iloiiiell?viile Tilden and Hi ndrii?ha ( en?
trai Club. We do nit think-, howern', tluit
j ihe portrait which he dr?'W of liov. llaves WM
e\actly fair. It is I little to-o late to dtrlarc
, that genlliman to be a mere Nobody, who in
: public life has ?fine Nothing?in Congres.-,
Nothing?for three terms as Governor of Ohio,
Nothing?"his mild, quid life having lowed
"sweetly on like the slumbering Ml? am.-' It
?ei ins to us that all tin-1 is rather BON <lc
logatory to tin* people of Ohio than to QOT.
Hayea ; and it is a good lime here to ragged
not only t?i Li? ut.-'iov. DonhulUM r, but to the
oilier Democratic oiiilm?, that very little will
cune of the niost ??tuilied underriitiiig of (rov.
! lay? ?'s abilities. This game of depreciation
never has succeeded with the American jn'on??',
and it never will. As we ha\e already iiiti
tiiiiled, denial of GOT, IIa\ es's ?apadfy as a pul*
?M man is a ?1? nial of common sense nnd com?
mon powers of observation to one of tli?
Inrgeet coiii-tituciieies in the Union. Three
times the Ohio people have made Gov. Hayes
their Chief 'Magistrate? and all this time he
has done nothing! The charge, as Lient.??
GrOTi Jloisheimer will se<? upon I, llectiou, gOCO
too far, and r?futes itself.
Nor do we fain-y that GOT, Tihleii will win
much by his portrait M drawn in the I.hnNii
ant-Goreraor'aapeech. It is all very well u>
gio'.v enthusiastic alunit "honest old Sam
"Tilden," but we do not think that th* people
care much for that way of .?p?'*iking of a ?win.
It dots Mometimes happen that "too much
" familiarity breeds contempt."1 It is not im
portnnl for the voters to know that Go?. T?
ileu'.*? " face is niark?-d by seams and H_M.*
or that his " form is 9?m\fm?t n ,?nv j^ ,jiaf
there nerer was such a rough, rough, seamy
"old Sam " as Sammy T.?nor such " a rtal
"ugly citiaen." Hut the I?m-o of liov. Haye? is
as (Jod m.ule it, and the people will Inn illy
reject hi in on account of his pli-ysiognoniv.
They have a way of d?<iil?ng upon other
grounds. (Jen. Hani-on was denounced by tin..
Ih'inocrats as an ignornut old guzzler ol hard
caler?and ho was ?leeted. Gen. Pierce was
denounced by the Whigs lus a third rate c<?nn
try lawyer?and he was elected? (?<-n. Taylor
was denounced as ? MMI unable to write
gvammalwally or to b]m II correctly, as (ivn.
Jackson had been before him, and wo all know
what came of it. Gov. Hayes, tri??ted once
by his fellow citizens, has been ?iist?*?l again
nnd again. A man i:iut have merit, nnd that
of a respectable kind, thus to retain his hold
upon the public confidence. The Lirutetiaiit
(?iiviriinr WOnld hardly like to have it said ol
hiiiie-'lf Ihat the suifVages of his own gnat
Stale proved nothing at all to his credit.
We much question whether anything will be
accompli ?bed by claiming for (Jov. Tilden a
nioniij.oly of those epialitiea which in ike men
D.pul-r. t'pon I point iiko Uiat. Gov. Hayes
can easily afford to try conclusions with him.
Nor will many votes be sectiretl by the per?
petual repetition of Honest Sam Tibien?Old
Sum Tibien-" Heal ITj*.yM Sam Tilden, <?r by
dwelling upon his Si-ains and Lines. Wo
question whether the people are just now in a
humor for a campaign of phrases, and prOBBBl
issues an* too serious to bo docnled by a com?
parison of faces.
Mountaineers cut off from much in'crconrso
With the populous und busy plains aro not
iHiLilly remarkable for tho variety and ac?
curacy of their information, political or other
wise. \\'(? are not surprised, therefore, bo read
of a dweller upon Mount Monadnock, in EfeW
IIamp.?hire, who, not baring heard of the new
Bon.lllBt.-Bia. simply rcniaikcd that he sup?
posed that " (?rant was going to havo it agate."
There may have been a time when the (?en
oral himself was of the. same opinion, shared
in also by a few of his more aident and least
intelligent admirers. Tho Baths observation of
the.Monadnoek mountaineer t \pn-sses tersely the
indelinite sort of feeling entertained by some
that UM present incumbent has a sort of vested
tight in the I'lesiilency, ami should " have it
"again" ?f bS wauls it. The popular delusion
that tho ollii'o belonged to him, bc-rniiiiii-.'
When he was first elected, has lx-'ii kept up
With marvelous success by himself and hi?
body gaard of aalarlad supporters. At tin- and
of his foal term it was thought that opposition
to his res-lection had a touch of treason and
rebellion in it. It wa* then, we su.pect, that
the B0|ilNI crept into his own heal that he
onght "to have it again."
There la aoBBfilhiBg not a little su tgeetire in
that word "have." It reminds us of the
lialieii'htm of a title deed : " To ha ve aud to
'?hold to him, tho said U. G., hTs heirs ami
Maaaigna ion-ver;" and this idea Is not a,
lit I lo strengthened, we must say, by the man?
ner in which the l'resi.lent has u-ed the I'icm- j
d.-ncy and "the privlj.::.<?* and appurtenaiict s
"thin unto hlllltnglat ** This notion of a
personal, vested interest in t?ifl pffloe may
have bean felt by On. Jackson, but ho was
too ihrawd to ?<'t the people see it. He bettered
the matter immensely by attributing tin- fee
simple of the ollice to the party. QOB. r.rant
never cared a penny for his purty, and the
Bataral n anil followed that in time the party
did not can- a penny for him. A third term
WM a political scandal, but it is doubtful
whether ha could have secured it, thasjgh
there had been no precedents Bgateat it. He
could hardlv. under any eircu-Maines, have
" had it again."
It is an enrKMiafiag fact that no man ami
no paitv is "to hive it agate." '???v. [fayeaia
llr nominee, but he is not the candidate of
the 1.t|n.hliciin paity. Theirs was tin CMfBr?
ti?n, and theirs it was to pit him forward;
but it is BOW clear enough that ?Withoitt the
aid of tho?o who had loup de? lined to a? t
wirb them, his chance of an clectio? would be
small. No Admini?tniti??n like that wliich Ls
now slowly dying cm "havu it nguin." The
?Taahtegtoa men are Baking a pr?at show of
| support im? Hayes and Wheeler, but it i? for
their own sake and not for his. H they de
i.at hin by their BBwiaa methods they will
be s.iltie\vh;it coin' 1 went ; ii' be is eb i ted ill
' spitt* of thetii, what beaatifhl elahna they will
have, ami how they will uitist upon Unir rij;ht
to " h.ne it again ! "
Theic is no Iwttt-r lime tlnin tin* pre?? ?it f..r
a journey to riuhidclplna and u riait loom
grand Ceotennial Exhibition. The loag ardors
Of the i-?. ptiom.l SumiiD'i' aie over; the IB?
fi' thing ni hi? are now sure to sta} with us ;
th?- wood? are heavy with dark-green fnliagn.
m Bntonched by the utrA tlngcr-mark of Au
ttttnni .1 ml. even when the noon-day hours
BIB ti? ree, open-air lift, is a luxuiy in the
! shad?'. Iforooror, the Exhibition i-? complet??.
Ii lins leu -i ted nit its delayed eontribntlonn.
si ttled into an order which will not ha changed,
h.?ks its very Ist? and olb-rs its full? ?? t'haiices
of Inetractioa. The large elaaa who have not
yet enjoyad its wendete and breathed its bmI
l-.'.v co?inoiM.lita? atmosphere, should lo?e no
! farther time in araQteg Ihnaayiliea of the
prit Llaga--nay, of peifonuhlg the necessary
duly. ,Tho holidaya tat health may well be
| curtailed by thoaj who have means and hiiaiUt.
I the lull before the hop?d-for Fall revival of
j Irada ha employed hf men of business, and the
I Lnterra] between harreat and wheat plantJBg
l>e (Htod by the farmers. There are more op?
portunities now-for all class*.? than there? will
be a month later, and tho?.?- who tiro able to
avail tli4-ins.lv? s of them will lind their prolit
in doteg tvo at once.
tine of our invetetate American habits is to
poatpona areiythteg until the la.?t moment.
Baaaa handrada of thousands of ??ur tdtiseaa
) harafixed Oetohat as the tune of their visit
la Philadelphia, from a vacile idea that the
last days of the Kthibition will probably be
the best. To escape the sweltering heats of
July they By t<? the appaatU extreme of frost
and .tiling leaves. When they come to ride
around tin- granad in the apea? curs, in the
face of a nor'wester, orto sit shivering on tho
apea baleaniea of tire restaurants, they will
ronp for these days which are wann and
bright but not sabry, these Sninm?-r splendots
of louage and flowers, which have bean ro
atorad by tlm late raius. and the raalahad
luxmy of loitering ?f resting under the ?jh-u
sky. From present indications October will
biinu" iucetssnut crowds ami some discomfort
t?i those who wash to ?"tamine nil the inoro
notable objects. The number of visitors, thus
far, is not half of what stich an r.xhihitmn
slioubl have drawn, and if it bo doubled or
trebled from now until the end, it will still
not include Lkilf of those* in our MRU-try who
would del iva pt.n_aat.iit instruction from m
vi.-?it. ^_
The prudent t av/.ni who desires to take a complete
lareatflQ of tbe mental and moral nssets *t Prcsi
iaatial eaadhlataa wM soon hare w-pln fanWitlaa
for M? <l(?ini/in Hie ciise of Mr. Tilden. Mr. Hewitt
baaaliead} i"iv?*n tin: history of what rsn has dour.
Mr. Parke Qedwia has piwlktcd what lie woiihl do
if he e.onltl, and now I'liivnolot-y conies to tell ns
what he ctm.'l <1<> if lio would. To pick up all tin?
broken-down railroads of " the Wbuu* when pros?
trate in eathairaaaaaaat atwl bankruptcy, ntul to lift
thttir credit t-o Ugh thai their third-UMirtgiiKt.heada
stood above par, was a notable achu'voiiieiit. To
| pince th.- Un.nice*, of tin? country on a solid h;isis in
| three months and reduce tuition otic-tralf wuiild
certainly l?o auotbej*. It now apis-ars that Mr.
Tilden oimld win suciivis ua brilliant " m a coinuicr
??ittl lin?' of business" if ho clwse to ventur.? upon the
rslnrt. The person who intido the'torsiirraplitciil sur?
vey of his cranium wrote out a manifest, na it were,
of his i n tel bel un I and moral carifo, which is ?iven
ut hngj-h In the Penioeratit* papers, ami will altract
attention. beside? the information just fBOted it is
dtat? (I that Mr. Tibien *'ha? three matsrnal t-lettn nls
of mind mid character to one paternal." Wo aie
ttild further that "as a writ-rhis ?tatenienta havo
the Appearance of plaitsibility and truth," and to
tliMS.-iinwli.it (.ti it. Ii-. I c()iii|ihiiient is aidai the
i/r-nsral ?tatemetit that " hoiiih tuen cannot recite the
iil.iiucs-t trutlui *Ailhout sc?iiiing to be uiliaruioiiiuii?
und contradictory." We learn also that Mr? Tild?n
h;-plenty of pluck and a ?urplanage of caution;
that children and animalB consider him forgiving;
that he _ acute an,..?*- toward wick?*-?es?* and ob?
tuse angled toward weakn?*-sa; that be forma hin
opinion? lirst and hunts up his reasons for tbem af?
terward. It in interesting to know that Mr. Tilden
never expriT?si*??) himself on any subject until he has
tliorouxhly miistcicd it, and then he speaks or writes
with what may l?o styled a Wagnerian completeae-sn
and devotion to detail, M that, his MMMfM would
probably assume the form of a trilogy with a pre?
lude, and bo sent to Congre?? in sections on four
buc?;ed?ive days. _
It la high time tint the American people, should
pay a little teere atttrnttirn to the prouun? lation of
tin ir geoi/raphi. al naines. They will otherwise soon
be ou a pat wirb the English, and will have no right
to langt, ?it Ilob'a and Chumlfy .is vocal expreiwioi
of IlolbortiandChohiKindeley. A writer in ?i>pin
rotis Mai/itiine points eutrUliCM contractions which
result, siuinly from imlohnce or convenience of nt
t.r.mce; but the vic?;is of mnctI wider extent. Dr.
Holmes 'di ?i overiil, some years mm, Ihat Cincinnati
m almost invariably pronounced finiunnnttah ; and
ha ni.Klit have added that the citizens of our neigh
boring Centennial cajiitul i?,nerally say Pmmmatmhg.
In fact, all towns with names eU?-Bg he a aro liable
to have that letter BB-Mtened into i OB Aurory,
ivory, &c. lint a worn tendency? which It bal
?Breeding ovrr thi whole land, is to prive the Hat
laolaodef lli" InOOdMund Of a to a'.l our naturalized
Spanish nanii's. It is becoming altogether too com?
mon to hear people talk-ig oi Coletmpie, NemspAs,
or MunVjijna. Why not a-s well s-iy Alaba\ ma,
or call the euphonious Maine river, ,Sav?oT But in
tin? olilar Btatee the Ina, aannvoaa rowel sounds
-.??.?in to be ?' ureil agaiael the poaalMHty ofehaagei
pro'-ably because the I;,?lian uoiii'-nelatiire was lir?l
leerned orally? while the Apon?a, is anuondly read
bad?n hciag braid. Than la nothing huer in am
language than Ihe two brand a_e_adaef Ihe wwela ;
and it is to BO r?"-rr ttc?l Mat our Aim rican habit
aoea futthec than thai of theEagllah, in dropping
Mi. m. In Engtend the tee-fto is still ?i i lye Bounding
? ?.. inlile; while here it baa b. oim- green and la
sipiiI aa a Umstte, The only reeaon.for the ehanae
is thai "in :irn -.?.t n atada ? potato oui of t?*o erigt*
nal batuta. In I lew in ? i . ?? . a I le-TCIM Mie cr-li
aary araceae, and brandan -netted ?>f ila(t?*u. ? m the
NeW-Voli? Central ruad, the OOO-tttl tor iibv.il.? aii
?jDiincc.s one .-'iMorj a? : "' 'iy-'yt.''' and beia '??'?
apt to My " sii/U-T.it ii?.-.' Caere barj . v.-n h.a-n
known where a Deaaoi rat, in toe rara, -?utar?ta, dc
nouiieed by iiaine "The .-eui-e.ve WeeklyTry-buoe '"
Cannot the Mhoohaaatendo aaraething to doptb ?
benita 1 _
In ___g_____, the entrent of pOUUlai feeling Mta
slroriKly in the d.i?" li'.ti Of InMfTOntioB m the
Baaten dUBeultj. The reporta of Mr. Boring of
t!io Britlab Legetiea el I .netent?mplet and the oor
leopendenl of The London Newt who aeeoaapeaied
Mr. S.huyler, hare predui ? id eprofo?ad hnpraaaaani
and ihe defeat ol the pn?ea-t nf tin? l>?!liii ('niifer
enea by the Disraeli Ministry does nut BO ? to I"' so
cl.-uir n diplotn.iiic triumph aa at diet. The __*tioo
of Eaglaod baa very aatui illv ixen interpreted b.
Turkey aa a aaotal rapport? i?i be tmamhaw nted, if
aeed be, by a mal?nal ni)?-; and the?coufeaaed ig?
noraneeef the Goraentoeni In reg?rd to the honwa
la Bulgvia wean ahn? I theeepect of indiff?enei.
gowtthatitloenhghte ?? it will he ooo-peflod to
adopt anew poli? y, with .?- httio delay m so aiMe.
Ihe London Spa Utter 01 M iuiiiicd:ai.? diploUMtiC
Intetrantlon ti tho I opean Powere, heeded by
Pngiand.and aide: "If Lard Derby refueeetodo
this, ami imtwsSO, ftirtii?':, 1" Indi he will
iiHM?i!i-r the only Mr_M ?\.ii.-!i CM s , ir.? peace
eren for three yoare namrly, the emancipation .?t
the Northern prariaoM bam the _Paa__M---the tempo?
rary deatmel I ia ei >? ma m ii be et : < da, eml a itii
It Earapeaa war." Bui thia woald be giving np
the dipLomatie I lumpborei Rnaaia, Qeruiany, and
Aoatnal II? :.?.?. Und Derby'e beeita ? t_
IheM nrc more than two Houthe before eli tiori,
and th.-1:, i tlee_e- who are irorhing np th< i rijoinal
braira.??of the campaign have |t>1 alrag ?t far a?
perjury ii the ohargM a-*?iu*?t Qor, Tlldea. I?
bceuis rrc'iiT early ia the tar. vaee for each ?derelop
lu.nt. There ought to be eonie :ir,;-'e progri
ii.i tbeM crimes iii eider i?) keep up a euetaiiicd ond
cumul itive intereat uatil the end. r.r iry is w.11
on toward the talooiee, so thai then i.? daageref
e_hauattng the entire liai h tore the ariddh of Bop
tend?, r. Bat tli?*n i*-?; hup i ? boI .i pi? : areeqae eriaae,
and there are ?MU fina tihaianee for eceniral effecte.
?eeidee, Ihe field of inernnating interrogatory baen'l
yetbe?q (ouqh?ed. Tbia lea rerytempting region
an.l ?.ra. ti.iiHx.liiuiM?-'?.?. In the courac "f a month
in ??? It will be eoaeonahh t?. laMinina, "lettilrueof
is it not true thai ??**..I. T. wat Men et-Tyingnpini
of keroeene and a hoi of peitoc aaatrhoa in the
dir.-i-tiuii of Mr. hiiiith'? beiU 0U UM ?i til? ii.'i
vslicn thai ?.ti-m-riirc iv.w BCi identelly imirii.'.f" or,
"In it true or I? it not tin.? that S. J. T. puii'h?! il .
pound of Paria ri in a tea daya before the ludden
death ?>t hia gr iiidmother f"
- ? ?
Sanator Kaliniinds is ill and has gone l?>
OanaOa, h?.it from ?inte aaaaaailMee.
It is repotted that, while Alfred Tennyaon
ll a S|ilrttiinli?t, Mr?.'l'eiitiy?iiti I? not, gat ',","... ., .
lit'nt Lai of UM Bti'iii t ?t li.-i lii'iirili.
PWaideoi and Miulaine Ifnclfahoa were run
a?? iv Mitii Hie a.tii, r iiai, ami wcit aereO in m'pteatpi
uiiti uciiii- greeer, oho [aaaped at ttie aeraea' ,'i, ..u?.
The Sultan bee-ins to think of getting well,
ami,oooee?ng M util?-nil ii-piiit. ana ajB?plam apt?..ir?
tu b.? tant be i? ?? beeiimlng eonummlcetti e. a? in? ...? iu
U!? >,iuth."
The band-iuii ??f Hebrew roll ni the I'nit) il
stau'???tbc fi??'i.ui'i? uf Meeeawttttaa ea peretaaoet?
Ma beenaeeeaatedIm itrMeeea MeateUare a? a ii,?t?>
in.in, ?lui Is taa be ili-tilt utc?! un 111?: .??1 of Si'ptl-lulaar.
Orer the new Eari ??f Bencononeld gtt_ithc
tMaian papen peor Math wbM n__a lenwd "iii.tin i
iiiiiiin? t-i>iiiiiiiiii!?i:ici..?." 'n.?,-?- agree in ?'ateiv lanreeM
that l)i? |'??nu?)Ui>u U ?lie cruvu of lai? i-.iiti-i?_ml m
?lu Ire timi.
Heir rVagnet appear-? to bave enthuakotic
litei.iry ta?tc?. H? wat ?o .l?li?.'tit.il ?- tli :i lire nf
t?flii*a?.i?ii!iniii-r, lut? lv publiali?*?l hy un ?Tnaltab hvAj, that
lie Beat lier il lli'kef fin tlia? liayitutli l'ilIi.lUUla. ??Ui?t
4 s'uall ;i? n. lay any nu .ms,
Plod Siiniticr hitando to read a paper on
lin? cniniiieii-iiil crisis of lsiu, at the acnung in.a'tln? of
Me ***?>i-1h1 getenee -axKletloa. over vaeae dellberatleai
he will pteeUe. Darbt A. Well? i_ t.? dl r-MMitrae ob a ?ub
??-. i of mau-?- imini-diuu? Intereat, the Oaaes and Ou. of
tin I'h ?nil ll.u-il Tlinet?.
TIk* Dowager Lady I.ytton, the widow of the
novelist, and in In*r youth tlio ?MaaMMWadi MOWUag,
Oriental Montr, MIm V?aatar, in?*? pUHMfead i? rahnna
Of ?.lii.itina? With the BMMWtra wnlliii. ntiil title,
" Bbell* item ia?. - Bad? <?t rinn?." i'n-n-m ?in- dtoeoaeea
miiIi di-?ali?fiii'tloii Mhai -.In? cuiU tlio "?luckHvutitt?.
iich?" ci the ui.kIciii ??'l'vaiil.
Mr. KoIh'iI Browning? who _. not celehriited
for itttect luiniility, in hiB new volume, " Vac? lii_iott??,"
Bella i lie l?iltlatli reviewer? "<-?tiun"ymveep?," und ????ts
la return tale run aaaoug other? frail Thi s? tu rd ay Kt
riew: " He et-U?Bgea nil who pr?same to form anaea?
lin-rt- itu lilili'lK-inle?l |llil|.liieiit of hU liiK'tiii? 111 'llli/ilu'e
so llll|il-a)lnlii?l. M illil-e.irtou.ilili?, ainf ?o i-..?ii-M' liiiitlt
tviiind be ?lui?j?t ,iu uul of covi_rdii.x* uot to mm-.i- hia
The Kre.it Nelson's ciifirai'tor for common
?entxa baa in a arara inen wteaaaed. u i? now MMed
Unit he did not i.jily, "In honor I hav? won tl-ciu __d
In honor I will WON them" lo entrratl?? to rentor? at
the Battu ot ?Trafalgar Ua eoet eorered with thr-dcri.r?
tiuuii and oral, ra that attra?*te?l lha enenir'a litirksiijcn
Cap!. Hardi' hua reoortei hi? answer a? aoiaetliliii; inm-h
n h? ?.-iiiiiii.'iiiii! Binl |?oini>otig. Hd vra? uee?rlsh and aa_d
" ilila la nut a lime to talk of chamt?ix c-oaU."
Not a sinple flaw hue Ix'on fonml yet in Gov,
lliiye?'? record. That fact ui__i s m UrblHila.? car_i?iUi?*Q
doi'Uiiiciit all (?y lunlf? * ?
The moHt profound writer on the Indian
prolilrrni who ha? i el appeared 1? the Weateru ixllt-ir who
made this ?l'iitinifloii? ixinnnoni: "Tli. Oorerntnent haa
?tarada million ?lollar?-?_n?troke klllad m ludiau in
Gov. Ilondtii-lis la said to have drilled to
taktt Hie ?lump ?oon. II?? la exix>('ti*d to la? very clu.|ui-?ii
In ?liowluK Ii"?" apronilaotoreauuiolaahluderaiioetort?
ntinilitton. Ho will ulHai touch niton reform, bill will bra
?hy uf mir le?.renco to that uoublraoi?? aiid abrunl
anliaiul Ihe niiilc. w
tien l.iitli it has boon udvisod by his phjsi
clan not to secttpt stiy poll-tea! nomination this Pat*,
and he will foUow the ndvloe. The M?_*?4i4?htj-tetts Derot?
erats will hare to look elsewhere for s candidate f~t
Ll??utenant-OoYenior, but no amount of search will am
alile them to fliid a better min.
Tho venerable William Allen says there ii
only one thin?, which will in.'.tico him to take the stum,
for Tilden and ITenilrlrfta, and that la the appearance m
Senator Morton In Ohio dtirln~ the campalirn. By all
means let the Senator Klre our Uncle William [hum
tlou by an early appearance in the Utaie. Thcr* will lit
no mor?: dulliien* in the Ohio campaign after that.
Tho people want change, therefore they will
vnte for us, say Messrs. Til icn and Heudricka. Wo want
more change, say the Western Inflationists, therefore w?
will vot? for Tilden and ITendrlcka, and force mmPt U
iiive it to us. What we want, say the pe<?plt;, is both i
i-lianiro forthe better and better chans-e, theief.ut wi
will vote for Hares and Wheeler, who will give u? honest
lulo and honest money.
From ita origin the inflation pitrty ha? haafl
composed largely of wind. It* orators make the wimlir-..;
speeches and dilate facts and fl_tirea to the most ouots
ninuii projiortious. One of them mad. s apeet-? at Terri
Haute receiitl.v. which was 10 columna In lens--??. Whoa
he In ?an he had (i(?l auditors, but he produce?! so alar h?
Inga ciiiitractlun that only four miserable beiu?. In aid
hi- |M-rt,rutiuu, ,u?i one mi them waa a reporter.
The D?mocratie organs are sure that Gen.
Kilpatrirk's real or bof-us letUJ? to Gor. Hayes is a prool
that! he latter >?( nt Ionian Is corrupt. There is no .iron,
that Kilpiitrlok ever wrote it, or admitting that be dial,
th.it he ever urn. It. If he did write V. and did send it
its only si-nltJcanoo Is as an illustration of what " check
will lead a mun into. It would lie a nice principio to .-.
tabliab i?:a? tue re? elver of a letter, BS matt? r what iu
BBaraeter, is u? reaponsiido for ii as the sender.
Tho Hon. .?aniel W. Voorhees is frriuliii.ll
making lu m ?elf believe that he wrote the Ht. Lotus plat?
form. Hi- tiikiis a little more credit for It every time In
make? a ?perch. He was received by his fellow-citiz-tu
Bt Barn BbMts UM other nitritt und In the course of hit
r. mark? ?..ill : '? The tlniincial part of the 8t. Louis j?lit?
form means, and I certainly ottjHit to understand it,-mot
I ?iM-nt H hi.itrs of liat'l lalior helpins; to draft the rest'?
lutiotis, Unit when the biifiness interests warraut sp.x-1
re?iiiiipti..:i, then It ?hull be accomplished. kSbWOm
ilaiip?, as It ?'?i -, that when too bn.?iinss Inte i esta ot
th.- ?.mtl.' will enable us to recame. It adiocatcaa
reinal of tha pi't ?,-nt infamous ipecial (.-?gTs'stlonto fore
the day and hour ?iiiifiv to Iner. u=" the vnlue of Obmg
lion?. TtMi yesrs ?<<> 1 wrote w.lit tils hand of mino tit*
?.'atforni B? H.?' Imitat,.? Iit'ino'T'? y. In the St. Lotili
Co_rentt?7_J psaats bgtk tmpe^kmu t??it. W? ?tan?!
on Mil? qneetloa iMUWl ? saatiits?B* the St,Los-sOsw
reiitlon. Why should we not rcsnma arbea tbsbualnasi
Infer its of the country will ilion u-1 *? There is nothu i
ill lli'- speech Bboilt team nlBB by "ui*r? i-ciiuoiiilis
wl.l_n Tin?.' months, ti"-' reata, Bt t<:n yurs. Tint
whole ape.chfs simpij ?l*?Uli?sttuf a/hlebrreiyI?
Q tiouls'hnsb .-i t, .,?::?-r the past two veut?, in:..la
?..,1.1.'? by the Unpetua which U'?v. TH..?u s ?mrcailcr bo*
Jvt II ll.e can?.-. ? .- a- I
I'lc.'iiiy t?> tin- 'l.?-!j'P"intmont of the Demo
?eala.ef IHasle?tl. Taise ?Maaa-f Matt-asJi has ao
eoutoA th.- BspabUsssi aeMBBaalea iBcOsagsets Ibtka
lid Okie l?i?'.rlet. II?' made his tlrst si'eeeii In r.'Si"ni4#
t?> u m rt :,.. Is 'ii Monday eveulnc, ami in It thiM sjeke ib
rt f.itatliti of the ..ft l'.oi Y ? ?I ehar p that Uov. Have?
ha? not tli.; IStM of character or tiio ability to euabls
linn ?o enrry out the reform? he la pledged to uceotii
pli-h: '? Now, I Par? known Oov. Huye- from the t.ma
we ?i-re i, ith b"vs to.eili.r at tolJ. <e, ?nul the thug
which then attracted tuy attention t<? inm tir-t acd in?
duced nie to cultivate Ins trh.'iid.hip wa.? an exhibition,
und. r pceullar ? iictnintaii.-.M, of that very for? - t.f
chinii-ter which i- tn.w -i.-.'.i? -.1 Un : the ability to btar.d
tlj? in the face of the BStlS :?? ?-U'l".!*.? -a^ntiitt the wholO
of tin i-1-.itnl do and ?ay that which he b< ?h-vetl tubs
light. 11 i.4s?itl'Tli? boy i.? father to tho m in,' i.tid tliu
dlsti?Bttls_i_g trail ..r ciar i t?.r h is deve'.oju.'.l Bs If IB
hitn in my jiiiii:[:i?'ut. Tii. re Is no situation iu win. 1, bs
ha? STI r lie? n jil tie.) m life m ?thi' h he has not a. -,.:.:fes_|
aJaSBBll nobly. He 1.4 not a man without SSpsrsMi s ; ba
Basbsaa in radons ?situations of trust und honota
ii\ll ?u.'l ti.llltaiV life ; VBaeafea has been re,jt:n.tl ta
t..lo? serious mid (?rare rsspoeslbllltssst he lia-i n> rea
I? --ii found wiintin.. Q net, inotlest. und Ui:a-t>iiiuing, be
has never sailertskee t?. I low Ma own tnunuet, ?or ,sii|
m.. <i tu ?u .i r "f l?s OWB i:..tiii'i.iti?.n, bol bas wan
:..- - ?o.nul 1.1 i!ifni lu '..'- ili?. h;.r;'i- of his eii'lro.?lity,
rtllna loblsow- i- ra ? 'i ? ? ovlcttoria ',. wai
i, , i; res received ti-.- DomlDalto- ol t...- il?
iii C'oureutlon antler lbs Ikwi immilars ?? usi
; itf lu farol "f l -?: mute and i ?.?hifid>?ov.iT.inoati
,ti,..-, ,i? . eted t-raii?e tu? m-n w in? were earnest la
.'.i?.o of the p-u-. i i.-? .tit h were b-imu-ot-I Ib (Usi
? ..ut.--i?:, u ' .in ? 't I : tu t.. ne a ?it sud tau* npl* ? ?t*v
ttveol tl'.-it l'iii'i" -'??. No ! >i -i-ii coi i'? ni . - ' gfcr
instsne? In wb.cn bs ha? srasT U.-uti u itd -ud t..iu?! Is
any tiiti'' of tuai."
J???i.l':i HIBBBMi
The death ??f Joeeph lbi??.!! of the pi int inf
hon?, o? iiTi-?i u Brsthsrs of tins sMf aaaanai in a
sin.'il.ir tu.u..i--r in the W..it'- Mouulains on A"?.- 20.
i!.iv;'i.' be? :i tat - :?- y? an sAteSsd ?vtth a Hbbbbs rs?
?rsrt-fleJ ,".!r ?i-? a relb-f, Mr. Russell had be. n is
thahabit of ?ixtitii?' '.:? summer atnonu ilm in <u_
tii.i'iui.itn-. Ai, ,'he vi bletei c.iiitaiiilin- III.-* wife H.i.l htm.
?.:f, w._? a.ccii'iiii, '1,'unt WaaaJ-ftsa aa An?*, 'jo, tl
I wat overtaken by a violent storm of ".nul and hafl?
wiii.ti itiarin--1 both paaaettget? Baa.fcBeeaa> i'm.iu tas
', i'oii.'ii?i'-u Mr. Ba - II ibowe?! sinus of excitement .?:.dol
i tell-or, whisk war* sfawrtr aadaesl hrfaia h. sxpaaE
.Mr. Ku ?"H ?rs; t Battre ?>i AJbuny, wli. rein-1, i ?
(rada |_ ii.? c of Mr. v.m r.iuihity?. n, ihaa ?'-ta
Printer, Cmal_a m early iii.niliood t?. thi.? city he as
tab Is nil hiiii-.-ll in Ini-iii. -.? in a hun...l.. waT, l-.it iiftaS
10 t ?-in ?of as?idui.tia toil, found liini?clf jm?.??. .??. .1 of t
iismi-oiiie foiTnne. Mr. I. .??ell wax at tue tun? of liU
?.i.iilen .leiitl? iu his tCili year Hi? funeral vti'.l ukS
pises t ?o.?> at Ma tr.?..it-la.- in Weal Mfty-arsM^
after which In? .. m.uiii will be takcu to ?lb-li} foil?
' 41IKI11. _
L, I'. It?c!i;inl?(?n, who uns reported t?> luve
i-i en killed bt the Indian-> while on hi? way to tin Bl ni
IlilU,!!.!? vviif.tl B l":it?- letl. r to ?l lletiv.t ?'.I .-a
I'i.tli in?- all about that iuetii?riin.liitii botik ami tiiiphaa?t
in. the fart tllat ho Wits not.-,. a.j>. tl.
The l.n.'.lish eatalotrue ut the F.xliihition IhU
bei-n Ken. rally commended for it? coinpli t? in?.?. TkOtt
i.? .?ii'' oiiu?.?ion: the bittre rats In the BfalB l!uil.l:u|
tvii'i'h are aanposed t<> hive besa B-watfs4 with HI
Britlsb evhii.it?. Poaathlr they enaaa irutn Norwsrj
et nit nlly tint are not limn?-or.-.l ? und 0 ibtl ?I.y tit I
Would, ii mti".In? i-tl. in.?Ue the iuteriialional iloi: ?U?-a
otlll livelier.
dipt, l.iclianl King is killer of the Texal
cattle kin.?, lie has (?o.iKKl acres under feme iu-.ii
Ostpaa flu i-11. !? filien. In fOyiaa more, ati.l tnut bt?
aides 1 I?'.?MU? n, re? In Hie BBBBS ti.t.t. I .a- f Afril lis
sold loa sa nasa drs'-r ?_?>. nm? uni of tuorned ?aitie, tn4
to ir ike ?ore of delivery added S.ootl ??. iliedrwrsi an/
?till hail 50,000 ht.itl. Uside? ?J?.O.tO head of sheep auS*
thousand, of hoi ?en and inale?.
A flaea al beer with aomething besiiles a tly
iu It will ?In a deal of un.?, bief. (.''f.tie W. t'r..? ker, l?
ventor, mad the scqiisinttsiice of a pl.-asaut yoaoB pw
tl'lii.in ut a Host.di hotel threi' vvcekn BBBk They ?tailctl
forthe NaiiiU 'lej'Sit teaathari the day was very w,trui|
the tLan.-e at<iuaintiince stu-trtstcd liecr, and beer it wal
to the extent ?if on?? iflitss. The beer was driitr.eil snlj
the iuvelitor WBS ttiiuiit'b.ilcd. Vt n- n he entile t<> Bi*_?I J
ba waa dressed n* a aallrr. ami t?as eraasaae theuteeS
ou n b.tik bound for 1,1 veil!.ml Hi? balr had beeB
cropped, bki -maisohs simve?! off, hi? waten andcbasl
stolen,-Is wallei eintitl.-.l, ht? paient ?hoe-roller anpra?
pitsted, tits elollie.? hlHTOWBd 'The otlli'ora Ue.inl bl?
Storj and -eut linn t'it.k by an ocean Hli-niner, .ml I.s si
now at In? home in IU ?!a.?l, ile , cot-iiui. the >.o?l ot lb-4
Kliisa of Ih-. r.
Jtitl>?'e.'? have hern enritureil in Nt-w-Yoik is.
lafB happily 1,'oiie by. but not In the ire? -and-, a-? CBi
oiatUi title. Tlte wires have already bioii"ht tul.nits Bl
the ispuire of Judite Htone on a railroad tram, tea dayS
Baa?While he was on the way to llouldur to ojntii court
pnidputthe (.'olotado Central Uallro?i?|l_? ?'.:. "??,.,,? 0fi
receiver, au?! ii'.bO o. tli? prompt action of an ait.?<??-lats
Jttif.ee in MB-Bg bla seat on the beach ami brn trui?. tS
tiaunbi the plot of the local atoekbolders. the Denver ps>
pen have liit?-r?3sttug atones of Jud??' Hfoiu's a-lvcninraa
taken down from his own lips. Ills captors wore tweiity?
four iu nuiuber, were mouuted on jp.od horses, and vtorS
masks. The only rotitth hiiinllint( which he rea Ired ??**
when lie resisted their efforts to n-iuov,. inm iroiii tt?S
care. They told Inm they merely Intended to tclte hiinj
ride about the couutry until the term of tue . oint aasMjl
lapae. They put him hi a wagon, struck atnul te??siS
the foot lulls, followod It six mile?, und halted at an dd
ranch, where s Une rldlng-horse was waitin?; torbt*
Tha (fiittrtl was rotluoed to eight BMB, and after sisal
ride in the sadiUo they dtsmoiiuUtt for lunch, ic-. :*
tors gave him ti?ur? ami what tin? Ju.ine mil? " a fab si*
tide of whisky," and made theuim-ites (liiiie a?r.i-.?i''**
A few mile? further on he was left In clmi tri- of one ui--"?
niid two or thn*e hours after want a saan iu?;?- drora ui1?
and he rod? buck to Golden. Foi ? young Mate, <-??-*
outdo La lcudinti ruther a last life.
Interview irllh Hen. ?tjidit, in The OmpAu:
"Will the elder C. R Adams receivt B?
accept the Democratic nomlnatiou I"
"1 think eo, and that will e.tin-nlsh lilm. lie no?
only bu.1 no persousl following In our niut?*, but be (b??'f
not control bla owu vote. He voledlos bulfhrra out
mid came bitck In tha afternoon to ask iMra.Ual?''' t?? i?'*???
U oui of the ballot-box, -s he bad found his bali.'Mu j-'a
tirant I
was pAssed ?tommandlns; our ?. ? -
formaTlu aboxi? t?Ue Ailnma m*--? la ?iv-ai up. Bt Jt tt/

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