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?ra si -SFKT AM) ArntACnoNi?IHK MOTB-B AND
mb riairoas a tutu voar-sauur^s club? ak
Mwaaoei imib.ii laissaiossaBi iw ibs Tninrvr.)
(?KftN'V""" I.AKK. Seid. '22.?The tirwt lni
? r|rii'-- reel?.'.! Basa Biililagal Qteewweed Leka M
?j, 0; (Mariai a wild, aateaaarted awaatry, little
of hamaa betaga -Baeeaatey
lhn?ush which the railroad posses, tat SO nales hetera
-c,. IBM tba labs, toy* i seed Banndarisa taeaaeb a tost
in--?1-"11"""'' '"' treat.wMh towkufld
tnr? thr.."1"' by the nut no? VV? nock)?-, along t la- tottit
... ; ... ?ir.-built. Ootaatoward the
. I ,,; the lake Irani ('??ope., the end of the
mgsgotA ?" "? - ''? ' ' ' "? '"' ?'"'*' staemsi tn -i p
?,i?. ?lewlj aii'i earefBlly, through a wUdenw
?lump?. W_k h in a i'n | ?i.t S tool St two
ghat? th. water, A few yean ago, beton theMorria
( n??-lie?! the lake tor ? feeder, ihta pari of tbe toss
. ah? ted gaa
. el the watet n. Ire? ? were quickly
?ill.?i. Pbbsbm "'i- ??.-??e ?>f iie-oaiiion. the lake widens,
,.,1 iiisui each side by Miel' mount;.ilion?
?I..I. ?. ?-Bllj coy red with wood?, wtrteh are
r,,.w ?"st tagtantag ta pnl an aaatuM?si talen. At
^.??, |,'.,.? tin to.!:? iii.|M-:r on th" Iahe ?H?
i a ?i?ai I, to wn-B ta? ?tope at one point ia
_r.ini ta almost endless forest view, and i ere ?re one
cr two hala, mi i ?sin - the -tvtdtas Bne between Hew?
York and N? ?'? ?'? a*d :'"' bead of Ike take,
?towel h ai ??> Ike trees, twe M three nhHe-petated bo>
tri- appear, ahn aal Iks only aigus of etriltaattaB to be
^e.i The I ill? aid tic- ?nt "tl n- U'iy all view of the
beyond. Tk! tok? it?. | ? . mltoi i- ag
?ml p. rhap? two mil? ? ?id. , | l.'tccled by it. ?it_ ;
Bow th? wit.?i and torn raBy only SBghtly raffled by any
;, Bright lad Ba ?ay to n tkisngk Um rah? ? -
_t. n i,. : 'i? d"t n? am
?ip.-.u? to have i. nunewhal is ? ?
tie Mandaboi.t raiii.noi ioc.i i ???? and thi- tide of i'J or 1.'.
mile? thnu-h the wood?.m which way oi-lv it was BC
I a? been a fi.vnt'it? resort ol Borne city real*
d.tif-f"r s? ?a r-,i year?, the general Ignorance ?M
tn.?-rn n? nt.d the trouble of MM?tag U -Baking 1
Cl?-fy ??in? ?vlil.t sci.ef. 11:1- ve.'tr there BBS been more
He here, th? spaaing ol the -fontclait snd Lie
la?"- BaQrond bringing th Inks wBkta two noottr travel
..? s. ? -,,.. . a v? a> n. -. -'.,-, So u abed at AnTerenl
patata agen tko abates dnring t etosl B<wyaum Piuut
inciit at the bead ?>f the take B Ike Btandoa Bouse,
tn akarge tkB year <>t v.. v Wklteetane i On Tins
i? on n-iiu- land, taring directly do'.vii
akc, sha.U-il t?v B gtOT? of walnut and
rbc-tnut tree?, with walks e-picadin. out into
ya beyond Tkla henaa am been tall
_n? -.iiiniK r. manv in mi? un n resMtag herewith tketr
ftitiiiii.-. tkey ikeMBslne gotegta aad uhbib?bi liisn
taeir taW-MM in the ? it v daily, or tune or t tie tun.";
teriactkeweek AaaoagteoM bass- m Wkokave hoea
tin. ti.is -mini . r. at. Tin.??!":?? Mo??. W. A. Mv.-i-. I.
\? ,...t Jackson, Jokn Olleey. and Bra. Peter Olla ?. P
(, .?.lu, i. Bdwi nl .1. LOWM, U.C. Tank. ( . Dennis. HI
Mart, C A. Paitar, and ai>.\..adet Brandon of Bow
. a cf nuedelphta, Um Bot. Dr.
parinUy M Jn-ey city. UM ? '? ? v.u. Bradford <>f
Meli'ilair. BBd tin BeV. \ 11. ToUBgof Oteen- ill.?? N" J.
U ?? Brandon Hous.. a? i?om the lake, i i
the Wtadermere, ami whhta a terj ?keel I : weeare
tt,. Bhpbacen, Bradner, and ID/en B?tala
' :e a;.-! '},, i.i In I :
ml n. Bier the tower end 1?
i tafo. AT in?- a hean well tilled during
Plaktag, tomtlng, < Rtag, rowing, and bulking, ate the
Bktal of th. ?iit-il?."' ;
,,' p, .- ? ?nu greed Merec <?f amnaement,
him. BteS?Bbont, upon the arrr ?1 Bad
dci-.i'iire ai t. ft. An old hermr. to,.,
?bo la- m . !c of a bluff,
?on:-time? find? ' on? >l ?turbed try I hi enri*
..f Sumaaer visitors, A Land ol gypsies,encamped
?t tae Mile ' -f the lake. ?Il? g.: al y ten 1? M tell li
er nil ii ?? handiwork. Them baa been ra> ia. k of
ries daring Ike Bummer, tarexraeta
. ala.? upon the ?cruiulah ol the
Br.iin?'iii Bonae, towhl. h all the ? isit.u ? al tbe lake have
lavtted A tab i na. .. or c tup-ini . t it: ? bOUSC IS to
!?? h'.iill uih'U the hnl sale, in r( a.1? view from any pa?t
ef the lake, to be called tin Church of tin-Sti ai .-. r .
. :.<? held in it ever] Si aday, when ?ron .
t.. t?- coiaiin t. d tu ?i? minister ol snv denommsiion.
It ?n al ?1 any . un 'i or Buuday
ntion er camp meeting which ma? deeln to
a re.
In addition to the other attraction?, a apoi tsman'i
uicd. ??? hieb promt?.
C? hBBtlBI Bl a '..'? II .' ?.
: ?.t )(!(!.'(.? lltlli/'tlL' UM St"!" -
mdg. Bo a ?lab ic- been formed, having
BBSS* 1!? -
Co"i? i'. Ni? hoi?, Auditor A. I..
? id, Charlea 11
h> k. Leite: n| Forest and Sircam, and Th
ol Brooklvn,
Di i. P. I. fan eol i. it a. Hobart ..t i-..t
?.))'l J?. .b F Bandolpta, Preeldent ?'f the II
( ? I..pal?, .i .?.- .il-, i
wBbblack ba??. which bare In ?. ? ?t and multiplied
bt -, .- m be macht In bu _ p u to it 01
??e pound? ?u weight. Othci Sah, Biso, are t" be
fr 'in the ?bore? ar. ?aid to abound in
rame birds. Bo the member? ci the club, now
Snd nail? ?port lu rod
1 be : i??- nfford? a fin
ar Kultur, and ?msbm euterprt?in?r oarsman ataeadj ba?
? by the ??nt?i ?al? al the Brandon
il . . i art.:. -tun ? below ti ? h....-? Mr. Bi
h;.- built a i- tic?, ot
which . rarronndtng
. ????!.i? r..
?ii'iliiv, t.?... thai ?b< lake may become a regatta i
At least. It ba? been vmw. I criricatty by a < un
? i prouonni ? >l t<? be well lit;, d
Alben II. V.uiiiitn.. haiiTiiaii ol the Bcsattu
Committee of ti?. - ib, seUng apon thi?
verdlcl . d fur s regatta on Oct ?'. and 7. Ir
(li- I, yearly t .1', be bl Id
for pi in.? a? well worthy t?> i?' competed tor
?? those ofl.-r.-.l ?it the Barai
eared trig" and ?ix I lell? hav? already entered
1er the con I. ,n I paii "arel rai .
the list. Lockcta for the crews and Btsndsot colora for
nlng boat? are among the pri? a. Courtnt
!?. are also to row i
(?. ! II.
t half way BOWS the I:?'??-, in ar tl.c end Of the BOW
tin- - tiitaiinin, which ha- h en bulll by Ml Hi
Mr. I onj.i r. ?uni a fe?v ??(m r lib .r Nlw-York
?i i ?? ng (owns. Daring the pssi Bummer
? ?! poor, ?utterlnir children ! tim Newark and other
K' ? ;? . ':i here, 100
kurrn onutry air and healthful food, fora
..'.den bulldluir, ?? Ith ? ide
? Uni*tied. It will n complet?.!
U.?- aven?a? <?r n.-xr Bummei, when It Is hoped that mean?
a -uppil..: :.. . \i. a.) ?t? beuetl - t.. all the ne? dy
t-ndri n within it? tea h.
di !' ( \l'l. 1 OH.
a m ?!?:.-1.'- M-ii n. rttrnrsTiiiB srising av1(
00 M..V AITI'.A? ?KiSS CO.M11I.N..1? ? HAIilLS,,
ASH Mil IS,, ?111 I'K.I-l.K.
irsoa i?(.a IBIOBALI OBBBSnOMD-ai <?) Till. Tlitnt-VK.I
o-mviii.T. .Ma-.?.. S, ].t. 1.*-.?Aft.r _oingal]
th..t I t. .1 ? a.i 1,1 N- BZp "t. d o| on?' BBH?I Atuci lean .-it ]
?eti ?hois not BBewod te vote, to tke wa) >: atgktnee
BiK.it tin t. sblhtttan, I Unu.-.l n??*...t-ft?.m
Thi! nl.Tphla MM hot An u?t day, educar. .1 n, mi id,
??arit-d in body, and ???'at in pui ?i . to ?e. 1. --.mc ia 1
relri-at ??mi, i .liest and a! m? !e.?iiie. tl.in k ..-. i
all the nan 1.1? i hni a a i I en gel tai Iks aeeaa, hk.
the _mH in the Bong, -" I bct-aii to I?.! an mien -t in
tape c.?i ua i tied to apead a tan
* - it <??;. r?il!?\ a IB -"i tbe -.-.itii -
-BBlaeeuteond-t riertedeeldi than to go.
Sty ?I. me into a s.u.-? of squabble? with
Itiwirant pBOfto w lit. km.?? v.-ry? liltlc of the ire.>?_r..p!i.?
??tbth m ?orry to say. am I !:k? ail p....r:y lli
lonunl i?..:,;,. i;,, ? pre!, tub I thai the kl.o.v lei,-?' thej
ktckt-il ? hardly worth kaewtng. and I ?ooii
?fund tt.at ,,.,; m pit..--. < :iicniin_t my route ici t.. a
? -.niiiar in i :.i-. ? i i. ronknofl whet? 0
nil' i?i ? ' -., (i.tirviilc.'' "I ii'ink
p>a n, . . ?;, ?? ?? ,\,,. i ,1,,1't mena It.
way,latken aptoeool ihotnamsf* "Met tkatlkaow
el, tun i anal -. n, . -i.-mi:.-."
i. si baa tl _ iph ?- en ..i uea to -.-!")? in thett tdm k
,ri"'i" Biwat .1 my wa? until I
?snsis .my .n i.? t in Boston,and tketeoame
B,,<*? c htoal h -?-e. E not ?
Bruriml ail about (im. r\ ,,l-, but co .id buy a tin
?eket, far both ear and slant ride. At t n*etael I
"''?lio ,1. I ' ;,,| ..; ; sl.j.p ,1
Ba-.u.tabi. -, v?i? ,, | teand tka staga v? .ntiu*i t.. con?.?
SX'?mi the mu? i., (??in?,.i, . : . n n i, d
i ami., and it WBB 'put.' 1 i k i.\ In. In a ???. ? I. It
ktodafoCandaWnikng UwssmB Ike tans weeds ?i ??
?i*?* not. I was iba only BBBBeager. and i cute?? the
Ma waa a mmett enongBone, tarlsoantenndtkatlf 1
hnliili/.-d n.v -.11 In;.! i .?...?, i?.un.nal |H.v?er? the ?liiyer
?"??el hi? ii.,.sc? t? walk, ?o i i... tme diem and modi
tin-! upon H ?i:,p.. It ?a-?-, it lov.ly road tur tl,-. tn, and
Ib'ilaii lio.li.li, ,?(., ,,, ..,.,??. ?,, ?.| ?? ,?v ||,;,..n 1.?
N l.e'iti-;.!..<-.-? tor them. I air. |
toand ikm i Bead h??.- had aa f?ar?, for Bm Warns '" ?"
aafcaawaereaiMteaaOSBeOBd. Oeij aie?? aayekstera
ta| 1 ??I, ..n .,,.1 :u.u, ?-._. i?a,l, a,, BiataSl "f I? inn. ly
?sktagtaradriah I natat .,t ? tann boneo. aad asa
Biarcbed off ,o the lo. k ?i.. Aller an hour'?drive through
lhec??.l,??b",.a?i vciiiiiK. W| .tocr-el |.??, the dark
a?wk ol IU pine? into the village ol OaU_?ilic. Tbe
driver carried tbe mail into the Post Office, and I si
aide until It?aedlsttitiuted, and for a nice eonfld?
way of distributing a mail f would commend the (
ville system. Tbe postmaster runs the letters over
ing out the name of each recipient, and wi
up the exercise with "All told." After
there Is no occasion for neighbors to ?ri
over not knowing when you pet a 1
A few r???ls from tbe office 1 found the cot taire ubi
to M niv t?iii|Kirary home. A mile from the villa?
very plaaaaat and well-kept hotel, which is surroi
bj 'pine irr. ?v? I ami ova Hooks tin n;n n I a. Ta, hot
?teen reasonably full thl" ?-mima :. and the place te
i',?'ti story when I sa\ that the WM i.e
iflcryear. Itfetaah Beaton end lta aabwrban b
. iil.v Cambridge, was fully repieecuted, tat
farmheaena an being ?;? d t?? rlaltore. it ba
tloulile arriietioli-of ei IBtT" M ' -?? .-;?!??. .nul tin ?I
frenad it are eertalnly ?
ver with freeh water, ponda Ot tbeae float tbc i"
ni ?vh'te lili?-, and in ;h - . i tire fiie exqnl :ti
lare, pink water Hilen, Indi ?'. ?? Id flowere thrive
derfuiiy m i'ns temperet? and moist climal
tbe trailing erhataa, wbieh begma w:t'i tin
mton of flpnng, unt i ? nuner goee oet a
triomphal pruet .?-ion of ? Wi n l.
lower*,each emath is riefe m loral weelta. i
litst four yean eac "i ear moal aaeeeaafn] flower pan
Mi-- Christ me ?Chaplin oi . oatoB. bul well known I
fre?iucuters of the water- ?lor exhibitions In N
bas made < >-t? i v die hi i B ami r hum?'. Mere sin- u
Millies from lllltlll'l'. Hilf l'ai II ?.lltlllllt! lii'l."
slowing resulta ol bet iiii?or. Her work li wellki
to many ol your readers, bin li hem ae?
paintrngsin tu? next exhibition wnlcb,wfa
the li'.'-h III: ' 11':? ? ' ?. .' of I. fo
work, show also the ? Heel ?>f h?'i London teachln_ ol
Winter. Bhe returned Ui I igwithi
quite m??, i?r h: I .-' un il li.v our ill
i ne sea-bathing i- ol eonrae Ihc prlnetpal attrneti?
Bummer viaitora, and, except t? ? ;.ce?
ll would l?e haul f?t Inul a I.? it? lie II II. B I
who long for a deep Plunge, it I? iota? rood
In iront of the i:??tt 1,11 me ? onld .
?halle nui nearlj a quarter ol ? mile* Itbont getlin
to hla n? i iv Bui : ? ' on ? itb< :
tow .i v.i a u offen deep attractions. Blue Ashing li
?.i in? dail* entertalumenti f??? genii men and c
ladb s, aud they return tu n Hi ? ith ? ladt n ?
.'.iiir is n.t.si .1. .i.hiini... nil, aud we have ill
lived ?n tur i'.at- t.as Hummer. 1 >u> bot knoa
pu "m r sail in:.u trail Citul; troond I" II.?i
port, i siijip..-.. every one wb-? goes te the
sale knows h W to in ikl ?? a '
. li,. tat in \t Bummer loi h. Ural time I'll
v?)iiit the- :.i: : ;.?... to make t'u m. In the lirai n
tbi f itberli . of aea v. etl Is mi * il |u*l afi
stoim. when the . . ??? n the
their richest weeds. Uather Into a '?.i-> i youi ki
. :.:. ! .it tl . i'litl vv hell ? al .'t I ii" .?e . OU ?' U
them BWa* tor a tl.iv or two. ;:- th.y do not sp? i
keeping. Then Root them u?. timk ?vim. ot i
tinted paper. l'ake aa ? I a - ?
?111 I. ..? J . II Und ?'Il n< a' Ij an,
ui?i?ii ibe paper. Tree? around II aud enl out, ki
tng the ana* e as n? arlr as i ike .? d?
of ibeae leavea for a .i-. i ? ? i he ? ?
two scallop shell*, |>erforuUug the Bange in
-,? ?in ii .?v? i in i wi ?-n I hem and pu
bolee through th. in, soyou uiaj pa?* a narrow lliuon
silk e??ni thron a Then lie to tue cord a blue or-i
bow ??i m ! ???i. :. m i .??.u: n. Lu ' i tluislii I, and
nu; little souvenir of a aeaatdi vieil foi youi
friend, If my letter bud not airead* grown lo ?ui
length, 1 should like to teil .? i u aboiil ? piet I
- n. nud a \ i-;t ??" paid t.- i:.e Indian sel
in?- ii t al M ihp.e; also to t? II about tbe ? mil
berry bora which look like great ???l?
stopamvpeu. In conclusion I tmi??t snv bo i
' a I'lia.-aiilei place I" S|H?lld B fCW WC
than ? ?-iii ? ?i.e. Von i .m be gt ?? <? -
? I -,?- mi money or ?xpei it i
when I aay that the only extrava
.V OU lllto 1- posta?.'? st.il", - . :,. i:.i?v. -.
r-RuF. MAYKB I-TI'I us i . ? t i ?'iVf: BBOVfl
AI.Als-l Ills Mia Hull? M&*t Y V.M.I Alii 1. (
SKIiVt li.tNs ? i i r 1.1 D,
To the Baiter ??/ Ihr Tribune.
Bib: My ahorl oomtunnication t?? Tin Tim
? t? t. n.? a aeon ? f int?
valuable l. r? i -
in i in. Tiiittt m of l..-' Batai I ? ?!"?? ?i'.tl a leti
vv. Rachel, beaded, " Ri plj t.? P?? :
talon not Bn
ive to differ ti, a. i.t doctor In hia opinion tl
atoa ??as r,t ?
writ .n/s' my letter I wee aware thai a mlnut?
a s. ? niai i-'.e.st e\;-t between tbc kaetanl of Bringt
mine and tbe Instant tbe s";.:.ti
? ; i.nt l also knew thai onr ignore.o? i
muni ni tin- min?te Intei? ?i i
" .: ? ,? nial lona tl the nnkuoi
? ' :.r ? 'i .. .
. ? .!? i lor la ot tl ? opinion thai
way to?
i- lor obacr- raut uiffi nut i rk th? lnst?in
at- lllelll. T,
doctor, " !? ? h
there M a well-known pbyi enommon kn?i~
-?.nal equation,' abicii ollen i
?all "ell"" oi ill"?.till' D TillS l'i
oi ? ir m tli" method ' ?
: ..? similar ?? |
ill- :ii '.. hi i. ?'
fereul ? ino I 11
same pfe mum? mm.
- ' ? iir...!'.
him to a.? ".?nt I? r t te f? n t".ii of .. - i und i
lion '?? ui if t -'.lit- ?'. :
Uoboken, Bept. 30, ItCfl ___rai ?? M I
0-tfll ?;v vi ri RI m ?'.!;???? I I A, < I
7 n t h ? ? -I ? t t r '. t 1 I, > i
s in : At the ti ine i ?f the Haiku?. Point expl nio
? :? ?1 :. large, tli inly iii.lt .', li .1 -to:.. . a. ?I ?..In
npon it ut 2:40 to get a? ? uatomed to I
?atioaandto any local vibrations ?i ran thna alwa.i
bear a amaU waterfall at aomi dl an ). At ?_?:'.:; mh
ut.-- .'ni m i ond i 8 min it?
i ' ? ? . m tin?
.'.? -, I brat ion, pereeptibli
little like tin- dlatant bn ipon th
without the not ? thai :h
lerationj were aln si eonl nuoui aol In ..
_ n t.. amount t?> a mat ? ei lierai ? t.
. [aiUSl an? ? a ' ..- ot ima-.ii il ?
,,n:, ,,i,;i.lern the -? ii-at Inn es ? from the ?
from ?? in n m.. I? . ..if.i i . .a ,? ? ii-ci line,
-i? mili i. i Ik In ? ". A- ?
Vork .'it Pat unlay, t?? - i mj cfa bj lb? > .. i?
? ,t? ? ?, .,. n for an i
title _< .a> '. ' an Ui i?-' ? a lull
mi ..t ?i. ?. ??"-tie- by placlna hit eat m iibov? u ?
ipproacb or receding of u railway train foi man
i b< onnd la ven mai ai d ? i et tbe ron
til ml;.- ??.KM', ail l..\ " t: It , it one pi
ear upon oui ot the rails. Youi truly, Oui
MUtdlttown, ' onii.. .??? pi ..... .
Sipci lii-t year a Large section of thia famou
tl: v Rooda atore on the topfloui has i, _a given ovei .
the exhibition oi bounel?, eoatuum . opera eloi
ether wrape, 'in:- room la i lun
di aped a Ith m iroev colon d ?. re ai ?
i: .i - ?u.ill boudoir* lined with mitron for it.? eon
v. nu m i- ?.i ladles h:iv in m n t.-.i. 't
i-,..vi ?-.tl with a ntatatet *-r.? > carpet i;
hiii{. . il nu an elevated t da an the ?
en tilines. Among lie in i.< a auperb Humane bilk at
wood color in patten ? shaded oak leave? i ?
i ? ol tbi i- plntn
the i ire i inore aad ?? ?
med with wide thiek chenille irlugc. i??- i- the Mi j
' i.a ot Win tir- coat un ??? was ?
?Continental eoat nl blaeh heavy mottlotot ?-?i.?
a knife plaitlnga ??v? i laid '??? Itb i
I ? . OB In ?li I I at ii In. ?
cantina! silk were eorer ?l with Mack knife pluitini
: buttons n n u.t' ?i tbe loni
.nil pocket iiatis. There were many other magnlfl
K nt tli. -- - m fn ? . m? iiiil
In. the sup? rh Indian casbnii i" patt? rna, am? ol
aud wool i. ni..n.liions and fabrics, hatm wrapp ra ol
row blue, aud of violet were lined with whin si
. , n, t:?., diaiuouda, .uotlier tuorulug drcu wai
m.id. . ' with i loli i silk ?. ?nt, and
annul u ith the i .. oSot n? shell
ti liuuiiui :.ii?l ? I with violet.
? um t- and b
Ki ?I ,- via v caution Ij m A A mon
arranged toi Wiut? r, ihi IJ ounhire li ii Is
in I.ion ii, and ?n l'i...? tin In a?. ? ?. ill? loll)
o! In I- ale tin- to?.: .i i um i-o lammt with pointed crown,
te, tui i, and
i n. . ? paletots, aud other
? i .1. partiui m ; ; . lit mi",
. 1111(1 t al :??? liai M.k. lie ?I ?? ill? mi, n i
vi ?b chenille dmp frlugc, and wid p i in
I haul- unis',- in pu. ?? lioin the 11 ? . ta' - l
? h i?'-1 nl ?."..tHi'i. The Vail ??? ?>' i aabmere ?s
aban. .
! th? Royal
? luaili "i
m wbtte :""! -<:?ii?i and silk aud f ool i
! than i- i auge nom I ?" Ut e*_0. A in .
. i- !?? post :-ii in prl? .? - ? rbei
obmidered alth lM-autifnl pirlaiuls ol rosebuas
! wiueiimc .Hound the leg, and lu eel -ouqu.tt The? ciaue
..u. I, ilium-.', i.l.l?, I ink. .toil all la hioiiable
i. nri , " ? teelli nl ??"? kltij:? 'oi do ? nta
Ik de part roeul haai very Imaginable tin) and fabric,
i linn? ta.-sin,p,est tai'i.-ia :?? Ih? ?lately mogen-?ge, mot
i n?*??. ind Antwerp silks, nu faner I? r Orieuuil .?i...is
11>. ts .nul In li.n m..- M ? ail* ta
from i ?- Ui i. Min m a, and othei pla? ???? ? .-t take
eataedall reda,olive mea . i?im-, ami blacks m ara
.' .It .(.us anil metlaait.li.. Mi.? ltd i Hinsoll Axiiiin
? t r ia fashionable for balta, d-Plng-roouu and llbrarlea.
Woittiirfui bargnlnaare offered tc boosekeeperain in?
?ayol all manner of llneni for ev?i.v poaatbie nee, and
Uicre ia an extensivi. I i nl ol rbildreu'a, especially
boys', ui_?ie-upclotuiu_ mi.nutacluicd by tin- buu.e.
BSIMIII BBIBBIII stviks is taiii.k Wauk
To scrreapoBd with Mm two style? <>f t
present f..?hn.n of ?Ire??, the Medieval ami UM one!.
come the new Jewel? with color? and seLhi'.'? of ?tola!
fui U-auty, and In th? -e, M m die--. MMll I ttmgtntU
ti-nof a i? hot d ?.use of color; for with UM BU- tt
Dama??ai? ami dipt? freai Delhi ? lu'iHd be se.-n
pearls, the sapphire?, the nssraMa, and Ike ehonto
opals M ins i:? ?t. '?'n?' ?ettiiiL's ..f UMao asaba, taetad
Hm man aad tataaBse, sBbra iraat v. rtotj tasty
m totea? yiHow -oi.i ami the bnrtwtto, aanahBing
c"PIm-i- rci. groan, aad aBghtarred. I?sDomaere
?Volk, pi.s? i?.i; l.oin UM ri.-i-/"- e.i.r?, Bltlsl .
be itlfsl an haemal lian al ana no tal en i gru
??oik 01 another lie it atfVCt on gold, or gold o"
v.i, ami be tin? BMmawttoa la reliai ??r ata
Aaotket -t?Ic ni eetttag B ptoqal work, em datlngol
lot'iiicl of ?n,all pin? or tin? -Hid iii?.iiiiln
gnmndwnrh of another metal, aad Ike atoBo ae
v.'u. ?i i- produced by BUgtUVtag a -BSlgB upon I
?tli-t.no ..r a:l ?riiaiiieiit of lint al, II?Bg I
im Bed lien? wall) ?mall - a ni? "i M
othi :-lii.-lal niaekelic.l by ?lilpliur. and Hu n iu Itlg B
Sxtag rhe L-r.iiu? by bent The ebsstug, cktoeUi
pouncing and oaakoaatns ate tadeaeribn-lj graceful a
beautiful. Among Bsany s.ipi:b pendants, locket? a
i..'..?-. m anaaaatad en gold an Um bm issag
tor. A targe oval pondant haa ?tant taraf I ground si
( liiibbycupnl? an., graci fill nymp'i- In White, dis h
a costly Betting In y.'.low cold pu , ..I ? -ill Bad fa
large peer?a Another of BmUar ground baa ten vea a
pond lilies. I btae ennaaeled locket haaafraMlag
yellow ?.a,!,| in tbn ?r o|n-u ?voia ol !i ! li?. .. t Vlthlli
.naineei?. tl ringla awrenlk al So m la *.? t?>i
gold. A btaok .'iniii.-I pendan, h..- I i'...n. ?I pi'-ic.
work "i uiiii'Tic Itagm ; a Brilliant butterfly, made ot
variety et ?cm?, I? potoed Bfl B ?priv Of fl-Wer?
on the Mack ground, A aardoayx tatagtta
...u ?p-i: ?..i' m ?a..,. Basa aetttag to nkdto work
'id. an i aaothet obbbbb of tang oral
wltbdarh eopp? i gold, laso miad nlth aprara o? Soare
?ei With d an. ' ! I'.' . I" an-. ' HI i.T'l-, lui'i'l"
and Bpphlrea.
Coiiaiciie- nmi aarrtngB are -? itaaetyl
In i u qu? '?".k on y.ilow (.-..id.loihei : -. ?"i ? mm
. ?old, ii.-. on led w.tii odd .i.ipin.
In , laiii.-i of red, I too, aad a die. Prom em
..innccti' . La ? baaee a aanall enameled lan-skapi
drop. TTu ?" enHarctte-or .loi: ""liar? set eloBOlj I" 'I
ta;,.... Brncetota correspond In ti"- rolorta Ih? u
m ?: enai ?? I. Otto M elaap the artal la ?? rp? I '
iht.? : o ?.en m the p i? of Bardsii ipslus,
?in with head and lull eurv lin' oui?? ?id. Amith.
re ti.oi.i-, Intel n-.- v ;!h e i inilfull
..i?.,. :?'? broad b ?
r? snd ?mall dots In white enamel t pail Icoppc
. 1 l. .,- i ;? an cntwlticd BtMBl With I
..f y, lo? I Oto A tu i I.,.o ?? ol gold
??o?k holds a p. ?.di.nl .if large ala . >????: ahaj ?. oiienla
blutes 1 he bm k ui dm ?? ? pd ww
'? Bded fot Bl
? . oui -, n :
; ?? i...! ,?!l . .
pill .-. a p.ir ?' - sel with
.it-iti" ',' . ? Bfl < ?'. of | ' : ?
?t added with liny dtaaaonda
n. a aoughl f"i. and Ike
i.al ? pi ,..
v ... ,ii ,!| kn.il? of bwi !ry. from :
elalni i i" th.- ?an',' i t ring In !
i and a ??ret ram t? al sum? - Intern
i I e.iiici. ?h? n Jes
' :.? -i nil'.? of i1 . V -u;? i
the e. ? ? the? 1
i .-. ..f liiiin-??.. I.'? ?tran -
pi It e ot th ? ? - 1 1,000. V
? alk u I" ? ? ? nti un. i!, i : 't. Bl
?ettli ?" ?
: ?
I from ? i ? ..'a a.
ami -
.an ?
. . t 1 Ufol! II III? lui". 1? II :'. . a . .
II ' ?
round i : ?
ii ; ?
. >"i '. . I V I?.
. '
-, ill as all ?
? , ?
? I tobl I : . * ? ?. rv
? ' :
. |lj ? ..pv la . .
I be Ceo tout ...
?.. i.:.- !???? droo| Ibj i
\ I.Us ba t of IS .
1 . ? I
.-t ..r v..,t .ue lo pun
? mum ild, I :
furcia .i.n Upa and slia:|i < li in
I !
. ?i ltd ?
on.' ' i ' -, ..t Um bronsi ?latueil
! i ?>: < a . -, ij ,|, i .
- '
oi Biased im u. i.
1 a |..? e n r..i ..i i- ? In ri that t|
:.. u in?.- to i. -
- k , other sl
ration?, On In us, (c-uders, ami . ?.-n . .,i ?
fmmi d ia L. . I, ha?e
?.in ?.U( -; ? ? i -.? .. .i i ,..
i f: m the ? all, wltk m laslve i
.m de. orated with goats' b. ails and fauns.
: i .. - raueh ??! d? orailv? art i then a gn-utei Im
i ??? .m ni in m m ? .- brv.eeol the
t Me. ?I -".1 and ? 1?. t wan la. .
? 'i i Indian i mi -tapai ? ?. nniiin?
iicniiL with ?-durative pro?-??sea a ? Japaa
i -? i ;'.. i - "I i n . ti "Ll I el ovet -i1 HI vie
,. in. . \i mi n
tun "i ."Id. Adowei .. ? . i ? |j .,, .
Lu n.I ??pi ire ?ui '
The body i.|? i -..i :, deeornl d with ..
lib.? cs a ui ?mail vvuili - 11..-...-1 .. All ?>Vwl |
!..!. I bord? i ..; i. il ...i.. , ,,.,,,,? |,| ,.
iiin.i bord, im m niel:., ??.uk In
a , bees, birds,.... I fl.-ntei I . . i... i
i- in. i m. gold, "I mailed _rn m d,
' ' lap...
t... i? bun 'i.i... a pali al In
. "1 I .a tl ? ... ? .I in I. i -lei a II :n. ? n, - .:?., . palm leave?
in niello; th? groundwork Is d-trk, and ... ,..'? ?. iimig
? . I.e tlUeal piece el ?bit. ll
The 1; " ll . - I . ri , np. n '?m !. d t i a i . I. ., ,1. -
- U-'ii-. 1.111.i 'ail I. i pi.ili s ..I I he H;. -I - . l|te.oil in-,
lu . ? .u gi Id, ?;.' u i.e.i no a did i .: ?i.. -
a Bower, . i m? . b. ? -, ami bull, rill? V
e m..!.- in lutte tabs, aud
"?? .1 ui'i ?o-- m bu nuh. i
.""n- ?ne . vipi'.-i', iv ii.. ornted In
trusted ?ilVt I. 'The tlcwi ?I -ba,.. . ol till? -I? I? in- . i ll l|
I! ? I .d i i. I .. '
Mjuarc ?-. ,H. r, m i i . , ,,, , f
'? ,, ole ... |u Iff, I.V .1
B and !.. mill n
?il de ..I gold n on i in ? n .1
? ' . i nul in While and -li.eb .1 ??ill. hi iCk,
tl. Cll . a? a! Ilk. .1 ,.. II .,., ,
tlirtll "! !e (III c .' ?!,.. I. ..
' i' ' . .i" ?. i -. tens, ami |. .? ;. .1 ... .
. ?ueh conn - on till? B hit.
.el mu., m .i pmodhle loll. In v.
.?i white dead surfiu ? I . , ..
.i.?i.... . .: u ? - i., ar the sea ?.. ?? . -
Hies In
i :.. i. u lu id..?. . tbe .... ,
- ?
vi eii lui, m ?t.y ilc-?
i Uni d ' It! red veiv? i, ia m ide Iu ll ?ha|
i a ?il?'? r ?'' an, wiih enispreod ?
i o. en- lid. H..W. i raaua, .'rom lb. ileml.
. na. ? t.. till lai.a?' Bill , are i ? |||nd ".
? Buy pltun, und .1
! genuine niello, Svefuebes and a half In hiebt, eo?U -i -i
\ n i -a ,,t ihres pie?'.-?, m ..,,,!?., . ,,,,| ,
efte, t "f 11.? M' UK t"l lira?.?. Tut? I? III I..'? ?.ll in -li ape und
: decoration. I'm irai is of dead sold, wiih .lerlng ol
loto? bloSSOW?, lent?, and II.a..-.. .? uugmtteelil
Hbiiir.? ?ei in dead ?"hi. artfh Bllver and oxidised
il-cori.t.on-, I- white. The Ink-taml I? an oval 11 ..y.
A hell ot uiiiipie ahspe, with the statuette of Cupid
?harpealag an arrow tar the handle, and a tomdau.i.a
paper knit.) are iu a larire eaae of BMttted Hun
ir.rla.i woi-il, lined wl?h purple ?iittu. I *11. r,.-. ?-.
Damons, pint? s, sud tray? of din? lent ?Impir aie doue lu
niello and re?>outt?' dra_nns, Inlerlaced tatft fits, francs,
s|ibinx?'s, garland- at lot.is Macaome, palms, ami
auaatne, and tbc forma ??f all ar?- uni.pie and cloaelv
follow the oin nt..i order. The ityle bmoI albete-d II
tin- l'an,at ? in- wort in the Im rusi, lion ..tone im nil
iipiit another, plain m in relief.
in e.irp? ta tin- Indian Axnilnster is moai in demand for
tlbraiiea ami dlnlnir-rooam, after the ka-tinie deaigna.
'lta favorite colon .ne i live mi deep greengioundc:
tnrqnolae bine on mustard-seed grounds, ropl? il from old
Freni h ta| tatry borden, harmonbtlng wit it ti: ? frieze of
wail tap. r A pun tedian etipef ii?.ii:ii. all hand?
made, nai a i?in. i? en ground outUned with red. A
Persian carpel <?r tan-eolor gni ?ml i. rlnaelj covered with
dark red,Mue, and purple Ogureu. Peraian, and indeed
all m.? utai fubrii s, m n..-..[ (be place ot
European rn.*-. The patterns arc reli?is la n_ ? or more
colora, eocloselj tbe) ?'?[?ear blended; yellow li largely
need., and net? pait.ru? on a dark ground in rngi r r
itortiertt, stii.it?. windoa -, andothi i uai s hove Ian. ? ran
Rowers m attfl nngruretulnese. Then i- a van t\ of
bine and rreen lntera|ieraed wlifa ?mail medalllmia or
queer, sin! tollnjre. \ Kreuch.pieu, baa a beautiful
??pales.fut ground, like a painting on velvet, with here
aud there .x<inJs|t< apraj of delicately shaded and
tinted flowers On Ihe nearly grouud ol an Aul
carpel an three large eiuMeie ol D.iwersln tbe eentei
line, tin litn i-oi. n ,i border garlanded with gnu i"it
festoons Oi It ?Wem, '?.ant nul a- a lit -tu. A pi hi: malo, i
outer m...11 in is M'panitcd ii m tbe iuu i bordct bj .'
?arrow bn? <?f tnrqnolae blue, Bhudca nl rrl.uson
Axmtnater .?"? fashionebh for halla, with deep iparoon
ta : il. . . . n' '. lu? d ai, ai: v, it || o.iK ,-, | ,
Me are. 'i 9 in; ,v Co., florham and I o.d \. I.
Btewnrt 4t Co., will pit ?aeaccept thanks for information
n, red. _______________________
acMoaa tbat ra aALTUtoaa ibdohio aoao ia
?' KIM T" Ill ICH Miv voiik BY m?a BOOTH.
Tin- obi report thai tin Baltbuon aad <>!ii<>
Baitroad Compaaj . a wbmcUm with New
York bj war ??f the See lei ? \ C utral in- been re? ive?i
it Ikiiii.' km ">n that I'iuladi lp:i a ? i, i'.il.-'s ha,|
et?:,ll lle.lt.d to tl:. 1. I i? t . f the l:??t named .pall'.. It
wa? alec i.? ?! i ' tbat tbi prim Ipa] al i had
uiuiouiiteiii'. eon.?' from ti: Ba!thBorc and Ohio throagb
tinni pai'in?. lha Rew-ieraey ?Central reaches
I'lniad? ipi.i.i over the Bound Bran, aad Hortbern
rein.?'. IV.ii?a II tlllnail?, li. Uli?-" Of v. hieb i-un?.? '
rcetly with tbc Pbiladelph a, Wilmington and BelMamre
Railroad tbe northern outlet f??r the Beltimerc und
Oble aad one of the. ?y of t__a road
B-aklng uce of the Kew-Jeraey (Yntral i- Ihe want of
'?i'''? a? : t .?r ?? a. Philadelphia. Ihe pecar ngir
f th '?? i ' ntral rblcfa go t-i the ? ?nti n
i ?hioitioii .iictt.ui?:. n-. .i t.. th. track <?r ibePena
aylvahle Railroad ne ir Oermaotown, and >?xmae?|nently
??v. i i out f'?ui unies ?>f ine Peana-Irania i; iedL
hfeatleaaaa who i. ?promlnentli Identified with the
u.U. .port.itioii in:. ;. ta oi ti.is.it>. ead who re?
vi.-it d Philadelphia foi the purpoai nl biveattgattag the
?in? siii'ii ot aeonii. ?'.?.m between the Philadelphia, Wii
nuBgton ,tm| (Ultimi '?? and th.- Hi w Jene] < I Btl : I
i ?"??? ' at ibuxb report? thai there
was nothing impracticable In tbe way of each a oonaec
tinii, u ti. ? ii.-.i. a route, he mid, bad been surveyed
from a petal m tbe Philadelphia, Wilmington ,,? ,i
Hainan i , below rima I i| in.i, around tha
< ity to a pocM on the .'??uta m r. ?in-? .
van:.i Ralb ? ??!. b ..it ?. ?, unie? from Berk -t.
about IS Uhu s i.
aiMiii 1 l m ? , a the
the N ith? ' .
I'eUI . ' ' a ni, h
v. aa i.. ti.tii-.
i ' i uni k nl dim , i -
din-ell) ?? Ht m. i i. ?||
in. I. . -1 ?? ::V Ol a irai - p. a: . ..r the
1'.??.?.It . I?|l |t|
t i', mi-' Ivanla
? . ii iiiiii d Ih.: the
through n- ?a. - !.. the
III .olla . ,1 t| lit,I III. ' .'. the tl? li to
I of III s I Ol . I ?
aud n. ? u opinion of I
r. The S u t .. .u
i-. n- rama R I, ownnd n t
Tue t'biia
I lia limon .. - > i d wl i
tu it- main
lot t m vv sbiugl? , ??. . il...
"Il. ? ' till in
through line fmni i bi : . I
U'i Ipl . ' I ,|.t.
I ' Ulli' II
bey bad
. '
? .:. i
: ? i
? '.
i in
? ? . ?
: ?i i.? i .?.
: ?
nu. n.:. ! \ . > t.t IDE TV un t E.\ n.s
M il.
i, ? ??
I! IV i?it? |1 il ,!l ?, ' ili I e it ill
' f I
: i ?lue ih< ir goods ut ditto a ? t
V . .1 V ? ? i
? with
. - t? t an iid.t
? i ,. , . i ?. ?. ? ,
? tamln itmo.
*r*m The
\ | I !:,!?, | .,, | !" S'l.W-Yoll i II'*
? ? , i I 1 ? ' .o
mal pri?e i Mo
t I of great
i . i-nnial, while 1
I.in it? Ij ..:?- u;.ai"' l:<? a
...?./ V ', i
Tin \t 'V i- OKI l i.il'.' M ? will .1 i i !? ...i;?lilt '
form, i
tbxbiliili u t -
\ e.i|.lt ! :".lt|i ,t. (lie I.?:n.??liull ?- i? :?'t|
It I Hi 1 I.lilt M ot Ibis eil .
. uttl wit i ? , Ibe lou :..?..
Among " l.iii?l's" (,, i h? Kxhiliition, " I HI
11 .,. ? . ? ?? ?en, to .u
Ui ??.lam of ?bit Is really worm
un t| inutllle ??
a.i" iM.ilht it'll." li. ii-, ft b i..ii?! ? '
a?h i,' ute o? ' r ol n i " (fuldi i" ol bu> in
a ., "11C.1.
ol u.. v. V' t? York
| III I i II.I M fill | III - .11 il'lli.li?.?' (tUl'O? h?
th.- K\?.|l It t??!?, III a |. II till a !?.'.?.
i,i, ? i. ..i iltiin ?i ? i ?i".?, uve i .
r?l, nal it a ill ? is ?m .?
|,t ,,.. Ih. lian -\ -leal ill' all} and I"
s' .'"I IHM. .
/ ' . ...
'IHk Nkw i".K Tkihi'HI Kxtra, N?>- ?*"?.
ite ,.,
s. lpt1 m- i.'. able writ? rs ot ail dep irtmcni ol Ih I
t. m.'..i i.?|i.? i.and : .? :? ??' ?.
. mou and (.'?I-I lor lull i enl ".' 't
furnish? ?.? .ai.? . ;...!'?
1.1<i . iy ami a irks of .m Ihi
Li,in .. . to I be ?" -1 m Hi.?'! .?i '?
?lib pea ui.- au.l pi. ttt. Il ha- ali. ...I; hail
circulation. ______
H II MAI v a in.
II. II. M... v ?\ I'?.., r..i:ili.:illi--l. ii ii ? i Sixth
av?'., mal ?: I ? .: :
ij - ?ith n?..... i ?i ol all t:,. bin - el tl e
w, . Bide ih, . the bn : si The entire
ll i..i , meut Boor Ut
pi -.1 I? al.nm 11 i|U mit'? of (iniia and nth? I '
it. win. h i ndili i ia ? I ?"? ' Wich? u
ut? iiaila Ti ?? ib i.mi al B|k?b Um Brat M ??i lor t; e
i., ti. i display ??t if lui.i end . raluablc ? hlna, -
, .,. . .1. a I. bllil .11? ???"I M " !' v' "' " '''
glaea, m id? bj 9a. Bn -,.?.' ' "? ? ?' ? ? ''
.: ., inre, genuine H/edgi woe i. ???
|. , ,. >| ,- a :,. Im - h il atO? '??? im, m id? -'I '??"'.
m al Un liait.", auti. va-'- ol l.im??-?- ?? al ?'. "I ''.'"
? v\ d . i.i. it.... u i demi loi.,??!? ? la?
in tan I ""'? and
. I in, (Of I ! 'a ie.?l"li..i
, ai w.?!.,-,'.Ideaigaa. Dnge nmtahW Braa, b) Mln
,,, ,i,,i m un raun ??' bernia for
h. :i..l. -, Tb.i .u? II? ' ?""l ' i s.??Il,ni
i, ,a_ la .m , blue. ",l ? raou ?"?i? aUla ? i. lui
.a ! . n- I a
a l,tl ? , oil Ol ' . '' """?"? '"'
ni n.t .i .? - foi -. .ii.i.atlou A ' ""' "- l*rtJ
,1 ' : . a? : ,1 ?? ! "" ? '" '''"'
ut!:, , -Lan une. 'rUtt. ?ud 11-11 : Ihe-i- aie 111
i.niltal foi dlnil. the fnvortte WedgeWood .?
n pr. s. ut..! lu . iqu? '?? ?i -'-'? ? A sel n
.i . i: i, ,?,, il- u cl ?'? ?loi i- brilliant with
i bugs, mut. .'?? -. ' ' '? dlfferenl from
il,, ??lit. i ->. Tli.-. an lu < ... i-. a ??.?ne m "t. hy Cope
Ian?-. A beautiful set of mantel nruaiucut* consists ot a
rloek and twovaaeaoi Un-aden chlmi. extremely deli?
cate, white,and de???rated with ?arlaudaof tliitedflow?
ers and chubby eui'i.ls Th. re I- a su|?'rii l?r?-d ti rblua
t? a s.-t of m pie?. s in kepit ktruli blue on white, pro
in? i? ?.m itneiii.'i with _"'d. k uewatyleof dinnei - I
bn I.'?" pie ???? lu while Kruieli fhiii i, the kn*?b? on rai ?i
tlisii eovei rapreaeuUag ddf<icut vegetables antl fruit;
HB. A lar ire o? ?fer tureen In the ahspe of a eoneh
?heil rotasen a flat loted ahell having dalteatalr Itatad
n.?.- and opal color?. A Lltaogea fuient*ecntat-pteee
eotudata of.? huge i??wi of dull, mottled gray and brown.
Two very targe plteher vases et* tan?den have paint.-.1
mai m. vi.????, with pietureeof Beptune and other ??-..
gods: senmonst?rsanduympba ?uppoel th.- bate. Tot
floral decoration th. :e i Bfl SttdteM variety In m:i|"!lca.
v? edgewood. puwatata. gtai ?. and Umoaes r.t?. net, made
ill triiMiil?, Hits nf ?am. rs, ttOUKbS, copie? of Florentine
vase?, and?pcranes In calla lines- There are also tall
al? mu:'? <f nun risse ol Bkenteh green, decorated with
coat.? m ?u iu? ol the baron.? ol the SI Met nth century. A
new dieasmsktng tnul eoetame ?eparttnettl baa been
op ned n.? Mr. Maey, aad ?it ta the otaei depart-ientatn
m;.,.m i,. ktaUou?ry, hooka, _ri<_Alaga, Ac are IBOj
nu. Kisr.?The follow lag a .unit of Mr. Simili'? recent
a..|iii?:i ton? at B?MVel ami Bagdad a,up? ar? m a l.oi.don
BOpar of the .-.rn u:?t. b. ...ic Lie BOW! o! the archa olo
gtafa doalk had hi ? a meati ed :
Mr. <;._<? smith left Bngtand ta Ptbcnaty se hi?
third nrcturolori? .1 ml ?Ion i" the Eist, It being eon
Hdnntly hoped that renewed excavation? on tue old
Nlnevtta sites, near Mosul, on Um L'igrta, and the
? m?'.- ..-n.'iiid In other port? ol Hoaopotmnta, would
y leid .m abundas! harvest 01 valuable result?, tie went
otll lindel' the ?il?;,ni ? of tin- llil-ti ? ..! till' lilUmll
Museum, and ? tnls to? ant In? being i? leked by the '..?? ?
i rana nt. all tni.-'lit li-.vi- Le. a i \". . ?? ?t logo well With
him, in spite of bis having annoyed the Ottoman author!
in? by I svtng publiahed ?ome erittei?imi on Tui k ?n mis?
rule, ? m 1.11. -11:11 _r Ciiii?Lii.i|uoi.|e, liowi'?'. f, the ?!? la? ?
la tint within ?.lit.t. ?? i ii _; Hu- ttniian promised to our
I on a. I? ?mu ?<? too .-!,- o I> Ion be tc ! In? being tn sted In
i In ? .n" m.i ni.er a- I?:-. Kebllemnnn, who hid been com?
pela .1 t.. ?i? i up bl? plan of resuming thi? ?.a.his ex?
cavation? al m?-m ;i!,. Mr. Hiultb'a tinuao wa? reduced
lo ?nines' a dead letter, ?o that he ha? been reluct??illy
driven to relinquish bl? enterprise for tue pre. nt v.
eordtug to tbe latest tidinca reeelved .t the BrlU?h
Mu?. urn. com,un..I In a leitet m.m Mr. .-until 1?.
Or. Birch, bearlag date about the middle ol last
month, he had left Mosul, had reached Aleppo,
and waa asaktag for Bey rent He waa
t.. m ike a ?bort ??a.? it C] proa, with tbe view of exam
' he n i ? i?: ? \. a? a lion un an? lent -it? - In I
and,and is er p. tedtoarriv. In thi? eountrv at tbe be
t of next niotiih. Notwithstanding the frustration
ol ht? main purpoae, Mr. Siulth : a? Dot -"? i Ih ough too
md ' i.- a n third mi.I l ?.tern t av? Isf.u
nothing, Hi1...- Ib.-i.tcii on a nresh flndol Itamstblte
m-, i ii'ii?.n?, ??i wiu.-ii in- im? taken easts .
with .' 'mo m,n,- or I.?a hrokt u eiincl nrml
bought froni a II edad dealer, are now on their?.
?? . "i tbe ibitisii Mu-, um. it..- inscription? naiued
alter the city llamatb, on the lii?ii- Oroutes, are rerj
ran , and are of dibtIi u..p u ?.ie for the ancient bl?tory
ot the Kast. T .>?? an written In a hieroglyphic ?rerj
unlike thiNie ?i I : _ v : ? r. although In aomc ol ttu texts Mr.
d.l:...i Heath thinks be can recognl* tbe royal rlnn ot
Thotmcs 111. and other roit.ju'-iln? Pharaohs. Dr. Birch
?Hid otil?is Ll il.e I.o ilol b' thai till- -?.?1-" wrli
that ol :.. K ilia, by torn? Identll ed ? th Hie Hlttlt - il
tin Bible. The Egyptian inscription? prove that tbe
??? 'ii' v ? ?. -in .pi.i.m.-.i w ;, n i !.. at?.! writing, and that
their principal -.- it wa? tbi (Iront. - V.i. i he -
baa been found aa far westward as Cillela,
?? l?. re, again, the auch ui Kcograpb? - - peak ol i a
a- ' n tl. an I the other
true Kill? oi K>-tts. Mr. (?InOstone h..? identified
lb. i?.? t.-1?, i of vi? .; -.. : , u,? i,i mu ? i by Humer, with
hita ..i the Bgypthiu luacriptiou?, ?ottuuaaj ad
diilon toour few Kultau autograph? cannot (all M be
?ll e.
Three toousund Bornait t-ltiaens, repreHi-ntliig ever)
rank, profession, and trade, and ever) Inten-sl except
th. Vatl n . .?-- lubled nn Hunday evening, Sept.3,In
tii?' Apollo i| war?
j tai '? p:i" It? ed !.? the i '?n - P ?? .'.an b
tin . .. mm .a, -i.it ire l'l.i.-nli, ?upported un i Itbi r baud '?;>
u ipl nous by l i i
, . ? i i ? train i ??:??..:, e I .
I the 'u.-. i.n- a n read, rtiey cam< from all parts
ol Italy iitiai. Milan, \ i nn ??-, i:.?:,... Horcuoe,
? 'al 'in... i' i ...ei_'
? ..t public i"-.!' ? ' -
?i' ?i riptlou. Un? ven [tu ?, chauil? n of eomm? roe, pol?n
' ill i .u .i..-..i,a lodge?, ? ne b?
"anilnul and balll, ..et ..
of ? led l.a.i... -, I. iud
ret. 1 tbe .n.m?..m-. m?*nt >?', i i? '. _. m r in
.?.?n ui Hi.- huilduig, i" '?.'.m - lb ?
.? a i. r indie., ? ... fllied. i ne Bomau and
! u. l.a ,. ui a.i - ten- n pi ,.!? .!
? ? [with ? i
? Sicilian "..I a I..m
? n i \pi.. . ? ? ipectivc
? at the n 'iid triare adop i
n i a, ? .1 .1 , n a.i reaerve
.. l.-c lue n
Aim u_? other ?p. ? am ? : n.?e n.
: - !? . im- in .
tu...i r lulll.l. d Li' I uly ?
id ? ... In.iu Ibe |
< ?un ? ue round to the ?dal - m. a i
I a wrltteu i to th ? t the
? I WOUld be 111?. IL 1 11 ?li.
... . . ? .a -
.?111 In? Il.e il.lr oi lie > lave- I
- ol ii..' in- 1er
i i. imp -sim i i :!.?? ., man > i : III
- u .1 r :. de. ?an ? ih il t ic ? tvill? '? w? rid,
a ?? .a . I.- il. I, r
liilure, m a ?i.- iu
? ... d
I a K
A l?i RIPTIO!. ?I _| ' '? "? ? :/.--Hi
?I Alt dual? ...
s. i ?. .
ll? n i In.- old Ib'iii.u iniii- i:a i.? nI thtoUKil Li" !
!i ?a,- ;
? - - . . i
i t? I . i
t- i ...i irai i..to 1 m I?.-?. la I
. all.l el' II I ?ill- lUUlillUpl? . V!?
and NlM-U I II
I - . . -
i the Km ?I ?outh of the
t v ... . | - .
ia erasps ev?n coui
? ::
I : o lb?'
?;;..! ti UmhI? of !lu
lull, iu" >d ?bould? ' -i ' rm ui '...' ..n . i . >pit
- . t.? ?u bin '
. ? ?? ,,i is, . omli .- n in dl?i .?
n i . .
?,. I, ??. : .1 birds, ?.!' I lui -. w Uieli ib. v i \
: ?
.... - pliant,
..... a
with l ' :
I be I
ll. la I V . .
or ?I. u ill "?I :hly to b,
i ni ill ?am i- n"i ? ?' u. d, i* lb? in? -; -".Hi-(i.iia'. i .a
. .
A \: .v Pi v., i. is lv;. : r. A letter from
?!'.l II
. i,-.'? of the Kl ? ill c d the nil.
.-.-. pi l . s ., i ,,a,t . It
from vin- n' ' in the a-i ;?" u
! a III. I.I"'? PI 'UI I
i ! .
nhlj rapid In It? progrc*?, ?' ?'" '
m a fee ' n li I? luU-l.
. ?, -??'..I I -..i .. i!
it ? ? : ? I ?
m (hi lie . ' "' hood "i ? ni'' u " "' -? vel il hi
. ,? .' -.,,"! IU? .
lenl Ihus >'?? ' ' ? ? ! Ibl
r . d? m ,!,- nf i : "It i? i..?
, tour i c m. - -. m .'- -. "i (toi .????? . ; ?? i ?i.?
tin-t Hi. ? re neun .!
mu one liormi :. ?? ? '' ?red
,i ,. ,' uteri? c \.-i ? .!'?.."r. ?'..bl? wi.li
the . nrtiu u ..m he ?bortol hois -. und i.u
ilouU. |-? lo i ?! . ; . ol ..a I.? the ?I.ill.iU ?
y,.| y ?eiti-ce. 1 .u-l ;,.v diini,?'.''. Hoe. bnl tt.e
bin ?pre "I .ul. .... n .. -. Hin.'
i inoh m a p nut th?
n turn? d in.m Ab. ? il. ?!' ?: "i of Uw
tin in "
s?v ivi-.iis.; Match bbtwebb a'SIab ?ni? v
u. ?. .... ?."?1?
\v, i?u i ! u p. H. udou, " lor in. mi ;
V? |'||. . - .;. -I tie I t.. . '? .. I. I.I. I .111.1 i. line;.
i i i ". i- . a?, nn i the "-?? ai. ?ti . id . ?.i iu?
la ?m He do- a m?! liai i v fnrkei i well .n"W n I n. I.".
????mi.ici-. In. distance to be ?.mi:u ??a? hull a ml ?-. an I
na- o.,, wa? allowed hall a niluute st :t. \i .,
... , m ? d .a ?' the luki ia route
. i. w i... ?-.a ? ...??. ? la i,?
' ior that purpoa?. TbbIuk a direct eoiirsc, uud as ni
; ,,i n i.,.. i p.u i. ih m.m .i ... ma i d to cu?' r u...
,i, m,- hull iiiiiiiit ? allow, .i, ?? aleii time l.a?
pi red Parker dlv??d luto ?i" Baler, sud at uu.-e eoiu
nke, inukinic <n it? (Toi la un ti i
tui? -i Bdvaaiaav, aa tbi
. m. n a . ? d yaiil -.?.;.!.
I on by It? uia-i. r. \? u u .
,, t ,- .te ??.-? n. . I " ' a.: ? ... . !.
, Parker atrained ever) bi ye to catch bl?
, V"I ? We ?? .pi I I - I. -?, ia! I. ... II ||| .
:i ni ni" il. i. he ?. .1 .
mlly ?tiiinin-- by mom than 130yard? ;i
-'.,e lard,
rni.viisvi in Qbbxabt.??Serio-a il not
aim mi ... - "i i ? Iruui Lapp. He tuto ?d, tue peuple ul
- Ill tU " ,?| Ih.. eve of
,i ? , i,, Prim.. !""? ..i.t- own Wi'll on il." ( on
ipieror, lovt ib. tal gaaae as n i?- ?rere their lather,
? ,t ..m o? 1.1.. favorite 'u- having eaeaped from i lie
iik. Hi? Bereue lliu-iiue?? ha? stiietlj tor bidden
,.,, !, ,,i-,| .? i ..r i.i- loyal subjeetsto kUltt. Bttauwuile
? . i . . I . ; Wound? I ??'?. i Si L' i
. ?- .1 I ?lid ... 1' ? o? a d. '
v i?-:,?!? >h .i ?.-i... ia nulni'tl .auiiot be caught, miui
uoi in'hint, ami im U? luiaChk'l BU?fa i-tlie poUtlcul
Ion ?.r i. L!'- t? i n ,!?:. ?ppeal lo tin- Euiperur te
oui of the ?lue ou, fu "? Hie Aril. ?-. uf Confederation
the I'riiiee ha- the abMilnte right ol remilstiug the Intei
nal nllali? ol hi? .huiainoi.?. V? il u I?-'? l .'li P". II a? he
lullst uni ined.lle ; bill LUUl doUK ttlc I'" ill? ? ?"' may at
t?.iiuic aa much oonfiuton a? to bta "Ttanannreney"
?hall ?c-m |.L I'.'ssinl- the I.ipl?' D? Im.dibr? iii-.y
evolve a coinp.clel' In?', ta.oiy on Hie subject ol a?. .?I
?ell ?-overautent out u( l_o cucaui?t_n?_??a?^fail Mail
Qaa tie.
lit/H UNS-Mil. *fl__MM*4 ACTION AI-PUKD TO
To the Kditor of tke Tribune.
Slit : Jaalfa Sinnott, in Iiis Ion;, letter to Mr.
Ill vv Ut upon the "iihieet of (lev. Tilth ttV :ie ?in?' tax, de?
votes ouiy ? fi v. i;:,?'? ti? the batan??f the mtSSat which
baa Blwayi Maaaai to awaorpHa-aa " -Mataartaaa
It was very obvimu thai a rcaeonaVc ex,?1 ?niition ml.ht
be made of the small im ?lite returiie?! ,.n ?i.e ?ear- ItM
itl.d lstlil. Ittit the (allure to li.ali? mi.v lia uni fur ail the
ruaratfecraafter teemed hardlyaxpltcabui. Jauge _iu
b'itt gtapoaaa uf iMa ?in follow? :
In rt-HjH tt to Ibe aile-.iticn ihn* after i?'.. y? ar? of In
t.iiiie I: x Mr. 'tibien maiie m? rata a. bat left that
portion of bia baa whleh wna tw eieeaa ?.: tbc payment
for lu- m-, ??lint tiiade by eorporatioae, whom boadaaad
atoeka he bebt, to be aaaeaaed under fix lawny the eutt
iti .fi- ... the publie ?ifli.-er. tin- BBOWee M niuinle. The
ItAlUte _ave the tn\paver the opilen t.t lake that coiir-c,
nl anil h tntriihl? i? :.-ei? - f. !? I .. h.v :? -criipi-luiia
?lian should accept that option. Mr. iv i received no
fa . ?I ? liniii tilt (iiivetllli flit ufflCCIl a lid lUgbt leuie.
lit lid nothing but par all they imp. ? i on hlin. * * *
lb believed atthe tune, that malead ?if paying leaa, ho
often? r pa ?1 mute than would h.iv? been tue remit of a
fall and trouMeaome aeeouatlng. Re prel rred In that
way to be exempted from Ibe rti??rt?---;?*?-: Im id? tit to
attempt I u.' a ?- i-?-?-i ti?- statement of th? affaira lu a hub ho
un? iuii'1-c..t"?!, aud of tbe corporation! aud bnalncai m
u ni'ii ne wac an investor.
A I? rM<ili iiii,|,?;u:iliiteij with the law wui'ld flippnue,
ttom t_batatement, that a citizen hud ihr option ifi.cii
to linn b*f th?' Mtatilt?- either to maiie a | ?;i i, hlin-elf or
to have hi? Income estimated bj th? : ?-?? Mr, und that
Hi liihri in prefcrrm. the hitter BOUTBC,tSOtftSStS
what any law-abldlag citizen baa a right taSa. The
?tat ule, lii.w. ver, MJI nothing Bf ihe l?m i. ft declare? In
n?. i'i.e, pere.uptory termsI "That it nli.il! be the duty
??f ?di peraomcf brutal tmt,Sax, mawikn aad toaSm a
li?l and refiiip, in filth form and la inn r a- in.iy lie pre
acrlbedby thaiC-mmtaetoaorof Internal Ri renne, of tiM
iitiioiint of ii."ir incotni' gatac uni profit? i aforccali.*
Ni.t a word ?s ??liti of nay ??pu? n. Bal ?ii<" otbec lataa <??
i..n: ml- ? duty, it prwrMaa apcaalty f? i Ih iemt ?-?lit aaai
? v ? ,a, BBC .m., penca, _u.ini aa, m irni i ? shad n?g
li" I OT refuse t., m.iki? an 1 r?"itlei' fti.'li Mai or return,
araban reader a false ar trawlalaai ItM <t n turn, it
hIi,ill !??? the ?luiy of the iiHsenaor to in;'.! ?? stich liai, ac
eording to the liest informai inn h?- MB B-___B, ami
t<> add ?M i ?r eintiiin a? a pea dty la Ike aaae i it of iimy
? em led to Im? due Oil Mli'll ll?t III '1 ll-"- '.' willful
? orrefaaal to nMkaormadera Hat ??ricturn, aa?
l.i all e.,?.? of a talse or firtildllleiit I ? tin n, to ildtl 100
per centum 111 penalty.''- i-???* af IMA.
Tl.nl?. tl.ih ren?e betwe? n rhilaling tbe law by refus
im: to ii.a'.i a uliiin, anil by _______ t tel K aad li .?indiilcnl
return, wbb ta the amount af Ibe pun ibment. it wuuM
I a", .i -.- <>f latiKiiii-'?? for a luiin ?!? t- ? t. ?I m making
afiaudnleal tema,and pwnaahed therefer,ta Hay that
he ?imply ex? n-,? ?? i bia option between mak - ia" retara
ttl la" BHMUUl of h K ilit nine ..tin? iiii.i :,i?it:; ' -lid .1 re
Ill! II ? liiell 'lid lint siuivv ?-in !l illiioiliit-, ?triil th.'lt ill the
I i.|.l- of .til- i "" ??.li not f. ?? 'le ret"! Ve.! 71.: faVC - f l'util tilt)
GovernmentofBoera, and nought aoue. He did aethng
but pa) .'I tl.ev i'l.pit-e.I . n hin." 1V" lav. iin|t. mil a
???u ui.the tin/in, mu? if del eted In rlotatlug ttto
- iiisinti. it appear* Ibal ti TUaea,fef
?eren yi ira b .1 bli ;ip??l
iw aceaaa to think II pralacwartfej that he paid Ma
in" amount ot tbe Inec Impo d npi n him.
- eu.- of oui mlim.* r.? 11 i.?'v rv till " r? rupii
loua ?neu," who,rather than pay tbc tax iiaeoaedoa
whlaky aa prorbled by *thbi aaanc "in* rnal i: reana*
law, pre erred tin option of taktag "all Ibal lb? Qarura?
ment on!, r- 1 ? i!?l Impace BU th? m" if ??e:e, ti ,|. If Mr.
Tilden v., re fleet? ?! i'r? ?!?!-.it, ami .lui I'u Ml '?mi j!l
.'?UM Of ll.e Ulliteil ' ' - - ? 'lie law? a*
la did from 1 ?? 1 :?? 1 -, !. bow ? ould be 1 oaalbly reform
. '. ':?<? I There v?.'?I ?,?>' '? ? ?
OUI Of p 'I'll.- -ii_
?.-? -?. d exeuac ? 1? by Judge Blaaott for Mr. TDicaM
b of the la w la tbat tbe btw wi? ?:-. 1 nomc""
ly tm tj tawpct m Umcounl irtaeaM
?1.? allai- tbia objection to laws, vi :.m:ly
1 of tbe trouble of oMatntB .I inroicca of
tbe value of lm|iort<-d gooda, and ? men**
bard r couaider tbat a " good and bouartblc 1 ?acoa" for
vlolntlua tbc law bj raaahNC tat Iketrgi ttpay*
. even if tbej paj tbepcfialt] aitb agood fraaa
?-. hen dit". t< ?I.
Mr. Tildcu'aexplanation aound '? ?
iiiiiiiniii.'iii liga tbe call fbc the Union BMOttag
:. i i? s.- ni 11: t in ?va? t ,0 in , waatryiuf aratt
roiid rate in court, aad had no Hum to rend t! call. At
? . - 1 ? I 0 indaof a 1
? iron .n. np all ti.? 1. .- out
? many ol them all ? '? ti tlio
Union "li.l 1. ?t ?I? ? ' <? i:.e 111111
rlt lia n 1 ! ?.f ; be 1.,- i tbe 81. Lo . \';t?;. .1 tl
:i inte Bal t??"?I Oomp i- I . n
- an 't - :? s. iii.it Mr. i? '? 1 ? I m I
Binent off) 1 ?. .?? : bat it ia
ip 1. at that I in. ??..vermut :it
I If ?ltd tab 1 im mall I Ir. Tilden, --? :. u n ?to
Mr. UM n'a great forte is aceeunl -?:l?ta
II dm tbat In fi-'Wei be - | iiiiio
? ? fl.'it la
Ll?, when the country need? iei .-, AaUaraa
I man, be found It m " iroubl? - me " t<> u? ? p
t iccounl cf in- tBcoaM that bia "willful ra>
? 1 ?> ratber pnilae worthy tbaa
' ? - -aitVVII
I In iledin i ' Bl ?if :n?>
: .?:...it ..i the enorme 1 ?? hwroA*
?n - ?. htch ?? ' in i;- In on ?. that cu?
ra can hardly believe thai Ma vioia
1 law 'V.iM till.!elt to til ' ? ' ti.it ho
.o lud It - IBM to lu.ikt i:p ,'e ao
ei'iints. Lex
?yew rank, tapt 31,11.6.
GOT. riLllEira IV( OMi: 1 .x.
r 11 : : nrrii.s 1 or. I8tf_l i xi 1. vt ?r 1? a, - ICTORILT
? H?- ri vus win:?, m> im ?vu vv.'. ? ;:. 111.M.D.
To the ? ' 1 he Tribune.
8iiti The coorae of your paper !m- been ?a
'?'''. ' ? :., lift
1 ildent .. ? Bpaboi. ;:." .??.Hilary
roundaof vituperation aad oami mtlknov
1. lorry v- ruar
IWLO ?ill vol" : .a t ..\. I! a theon.J
p -, t.iiai charge you adi .v. :. g
..?u II " IBM BUM I? : a 1 111 tin)
1 > retreating form f lta .. ...... 1 mattet in
, ain:i -i Inch It. a: a e-.Hil'n ilion :
Vou know tbe Si I onaei wna nunle on Mr. rUden'a re
1-.,..'. it waa charged tbat beeauae be repcrlad
?? if ,f Bboul |13^RJ0, and j ? igmt
, -. . ??rpo
. ? : ?r 1.1 ? lurutn 1 t ?>? . y. Hut
? ? ii.:..:i ka.- ? . ' ..? that tin.?
. alrhoii.h paid lu two !? niaat leant
! t r lug the
? ? .-??. ?? m ? ?1. n ??a> geaomllp
felt, l foi u. ?..a? too weak
pi lie -.. ? tul;.? ui...'. \?: 1 11 unr. m..u- forcibly
1 ' '1 11 . ihe old ?-u. -ti. 11 ;o man? Blinda, What m
. - pul ?...m ??".ni m tins 00 mu', where
-laipie.? iisatloll I- '?: :>tii'?ii'.'lollow. d It? ,'a-teie.,. . I
: ? ? i-fin. pu.,..- of thiaeharge,
I I'ltlitpiit V 1.> to lie 11,
of .1 ni ni i, ' ? . . t., in.kit
il accepting tbe opt I.f having tha
amount,ol tun hiiiuue tmpuaed nponhlmhj tboaaaea
-, 1 . 1 tu '? <a- eure i? .; n. an,..nut
I at - fairly reiui a? 1 .rate per
1 . 1,1 tli , u ai- .la ...u?' Whleh Ihe UOVemill lit la IV JUStly
li d? - .'i matu-r. ?nil r m eUihw ?r comaaou
- .. ? i?....1 a' niakt - ?un itt.i
toi il : OT BOt, I I..1 ail. ll II Is Ml 1 Ml I
,-litla e id.. 1 ,| -ii
... -..I _ it?,
1.111 tn. tul I ?mm which In n.nt. ol t'.>." "?? .. 1.-. :.?. I
., m : in? nine ol 1 im t.v *-7,"i?J<), an . ,? ,,f
in -???... itKl p.? ?-:'. ? --ti.i.i?Ni. lu
- paid ol .. i. ip - .1 ,1 ,1 m i m
1, m,- ,11 ? i.iein. .Vlid -u ,,.i vvil 1 el .? '1 ir, M
when you couMid r, aa we arc bonnd ." .;--?? ?u?- m iim
1 den, that w iioruinii ? . . of 1
u.. ?u?. it? d in corporation! pa lug il n : . in bulk
Bt, t. H a . . Kill d
- tiieie auvtblnglnil.-? W lu? it
il'.?, ala " .- ill .... I, ??un d
a mal
.' 1 n? 1 iii- :.t, [
: 1 ?I I Id n :' ? a! '.i ? 0 till liOVei ..
?111 ': .,;. II .tl Ih. :.a I tliat i.t. Ii .
og looae? .?- .1 niai tel ol . e, ,? ith ; ,
: iu uud of vorlag wort! .itiageul
? .1 ". 111 a. . I a. . ? I
1 .-iiiuaie of tlnn real In I 1 ,
/1 i, , ,ui, %em. 11,1
?Y\^\\.i'\ <?r PBK80NAL rr<?r''!?TY.
1 aim... ". i-i??iii;? IYJ "in *.i\ rut: tWOS
AM01 ai in ? ??.n k?.?>v. nottoaa maa__a
11 s- ... fiOV. iii.kkn'-i tKOUMI 11?.
I . " ./, t?, ?1 Ihe Tribune.
Su;: I stipp?!-?' it will Im- POMmM that tlio
n.ii??;ii in.?n lopaj Bta?oaa wall aa Watlaaallaaaa
.m alike, l' Ibe obligation t? pay Vallooal laaaa ??-a
lucreaaed la Bay i -'" bj "'?? *'?r' ""? papal of
10i.ii.is-1... m.i.-?a.-"" irt?-y^iaaaiBd_-__Bat4
th. DbtlfBilBU f" ?ya| *?""'' ,v* 1" al? '''i"'11 **-__*_; "
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