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an tuntertca to m i ni? <?f h'k 11 ah moro
BY Till ?ll.?I i*i'\>llt- IN!.AN D IIHHU.VKI
?vl\ PAt IV1?lltANC AI-.? Nlt'lRAU
The (?tent l'owt rs are Striving to in.lu. ?? Turke
grnitt an annihile.* un!il the ?-ml of the \'?al. I
it. _ la-t expedient to it.**?, rve ?leiicc. anil ?8
lik.lv t?. be adapted 'Ih.* Bnasisii Emp-Brort de
for i??*.ic'* lin?? ??. n ??y? il? nu it. the dlssnssioni
l.iva.lin his Autiiinn r.'snl.nte in tin- (i iimi
Hi.' i:-ilui-me ?I hi> wife, -on, and l'lince Gort.
loti, Fighting km ham i.mod at Sahachar,
tvv,. i, tin* ?Servian um! Tut ks. Tue latter hart
PiiIhciI the Servians anil tiiteml marching .?" l'a:
chin. The S.tvk'.iis are, however, favimilhy
rain, and eoM which have m t in. vNr?
f ? . . general h-vy. France anil Gt
Britain Maintain a neutral attitudn
rit.iciv?, i:i*.\:\vi:n BBTWEKH i ill. M hvians .,
ti nn- raBATcm*. tbbi_atf.M-_o?a obmbi
lkvy i*:;?.i*"-i:i> in* OBRCK.
L, ?Mit.s, Friday, O.I- '.'t?. IS7
A .peri.'l dispatch from Vienna myti "Il iff
eraliy ronndered certain hen- thai tl.?* Csar I
i overborne la the Livadinu eonneila by the r
?:,?:.? of the Empress, th.* ( >aiov. it/'i. a
i . Gortcbakot; all of whom favor the Tiewi
tin National (of war) pail*-."
A i;- rlin i i.... u myt ?? "Tht representatives
ti,. mediatiu? Powers ai?* actively negotiating
an ..nun?!ne until Dee. 81. Itt .iciepl in"* i- eau
ereil probable, The reported alliance or nnd
?Unding between Russia ami Italy at am
from a trustw??it.v <*ii.i?tt i."
The report- !>y telefl in'i not already Irnnnnitl
1?. tin- United Btatt ? nay be nmnnnrised u folloi
A dispatch to Tin Time* tram Belgrade
va- niiuoM',1 hcie on Wedneadaj that 20,0
Ku _dan troops bad aline Iy > rossed tin* 1.
tiie bonndarjr between Moldavia and B
Tin* French, Italian, sad Austrian const
iveiit t?? Onova le ascertain wbetbei the run
na- true, hut a?, it bat not heetl conlil llicil t
minor in probably false. Iti.nl-?> ?rumored al B
grade that B?sala i- about to anhmit to tht Port
rix months' aim.-!:?>*. end the English propos?t!
a- an ultimatum."
A Beater fllapatnh tram Censtantinoplc m.
"Gen.Ignatiefl, tl ' ISnib nadar, ??'-Al t
day i-i? ??ni I- credential? t<> the Sultan. It
d thai negotiationi arc al.; to reop
letan?a the Perte and the Emb
I'n.v? r- ? :: ! . b M
KN..1 AM? M f 11; VI. Al MUtfl NI.
The Britiah Cabinet, al Ht sseeting yesterda
decided ?lion. f??r the preset
at lca-t, ami in tlii- policy they have the support.
: Phis remo. ? ? boni t!
coii.-ulc?.itioii of the chanees ol Ihe pena of Euro]
cue of th?'?i. in Wednesday's panic wi
MttsEaly reckoned upou t?. distnrbil ii? ?
tin* Dannbe, There is nothing in this mon
about 1," isala
Mrntions. The London Journals, editorially, seei
inrhiittl to sbnndon ali bone of the preservation i
; .mi Turkey. The Berii
,-, mi the contrary, ? opinio
that all the Powers of Europe, including Englaw
_r?* ? Inand responaible for Russia
ac*i * - *? of th. failure oi tin ir join
rfh : ind thai it i-t.
. the dict?tes t?! ?
knot. The Preuefa ?*.*il?**:- Sg_*"M that lie
is her best to maiutain peace, but will not tal
activci-.it: should the eriaisend la war.
m i.M mi m it -'M- nt win.
A fla - . coiilirni? the rep..:
of*?- ctionoftbe proposed six months
?ran- ? ptanee by the other fou
l'l.w.-r-. I !.. corn pondent think1? that (?crinan?
tlir.iw.? her Infla m ordei to for?
th<* otln r Powen t-? agi. e up m s whiel
??'. Bt - ? i n. *'.i* ? prospect o
?lllltl ?I
*??*r? r * ly to pnsi through Koumauis La undoubted
Ij 11 ration, bul pon lent ha
au;'- nation that the three army corps ol
1 ?ml <??I? --a are ander ord? n ol
tini'il iza t hi . and ih* ??
iic.'i : i - i. Jiut tln-re are indica
t. .-. n the .'th. i band thai the evi ntnallty, ...
whteh Uns preparation mu- ? ta au.de, ia not l?.?k<-<l
Ung. 'I i,* lore? which
1 in the
leid 100,000 men. A tpet ial dis?
patch fromferlinto Iht ftsMssnysi * I ? Itali.m
d- .
I I in ti. nnany.''
' 11 Nl c. . |, ,-- .?.a,, M
"** tioua fighting occurred near *
Iiu-' .. . id VV< | be Turk- .,
be il.It nil].'?d hy |||.
I ? I insidi r.ilile a
1 ' to be made in t oneert with opera
(t. th.* DriM, ?? - westht :
Irem tropical heal to heavy rais d cold.
- ih? .*- ,ti?M."
Vienna i?, Tht lMd? . ks ai
har have repulsed the I
?Kiv. Intend ? . ParateMn.**
CMMLi ?i'" ,??, was m..?
Sut li am ??i .i ii.t. to, e?,.,.,,!. rcial ein :
Maaiderablj . ... ...i ... ; the warliks aewi
Isroae, whii h Im*? had the ? ;.?? t to atrei
iMasnda ??f boblen ?! nrheat, H Ion ol
**hti . V. tv little bui
*a*1" 'I -l!:<?- the IlCWh Wa
Wch tuuall -.i!? ? aa have been effected running fro i
^?>'* " i above ?:? ?? ions , I
adiete geuerall. which
kti-*,;' ' ?h-? line t?> pay.
M1TMM l'Ain* lAMi ni.
.V. tie!, gl.l -Til.
Tic ?'"' n. il t., !.. bald i iy th.* Queen ?>?i Monda?; i
SCinni'i:., ,| t., , ,,. . at : further pio
^'"^ ?mint v- H] ti,, n be ordered. AI
tot'! ' l'.iii.ai ont was prorogued
?util October 30. 187?. On
?A will be extended probably until Februaiy next.
111:111-11 NAVAL l:HN*ri?l:i i.'.n M.
*"' .: Mia?., carrying 26guns* andre
>w?'(l tn be the swift? in tin* navy, bas
?msNered t.. n-?ntoree the British fleet at Beaihs
a m-MAs ai:-iv conn ?ii.t.ANi/iNi,.
^ ?'?niiation that liu-.-ia has ordered
_* Bebiliution of the c?./-^? -fnrmd which bas
??dquarter*. at Waraaw.
A Rtut-r t',i?p.,i? ;, turn Belgrads states thai the
*"? have captured BehU?eovM and tul*?*n the
?tlit? of fluedet-u.
?All MP.A.l'lll.- IN OMMBCB.
k ivnit? r telegram from Atlu-im announces that
-" M?nstrv liavc -uln.nl t? ?1 I.i tin (lianiher of
?"Wie? billa a.itln.ri/.iiiK a geUSSUl levy anil the
T[**to-?on Of tin fosees. A.l.litiona? taiati-m
?*:?- tin iKttluuetit uf the old debt ?*f Gic
CiuiiiAl. siaTi: nr At-FAiin?.
_*lhIsesttespondstol llu lime? naya:
WnV ?*-*"?',?''<- rtfiih..i ?il tin- long iiMi.iMtiic ?in- |,a?
-?nr. . '. rilCr v*"-u 'l'util.-v. no otlt.r I'ov, r l.avltiK
jii?ru_*bwi Turhty. I'm itraage _,.cord,cutir. Kurupe
r????-adf-n*B<l tl.?- 6,tl.,r, by wt.ict, din?-ulMoii In;- Ii.*. n
Bv?L v" !" l:"' "1""*' "f marut ?mi Montenegro.
SJisMi...l-',"' "'"*' l,ll"iU:Hr tn-mfonuaUiiua in l.lalury
tariTia? r".rkt-' ?*??" viitu-l!> at wot _l.i-iil.iu. ,r
iC!1""**' pruapeetol aoefa a conflict It will i.e.
_a*Ti_?'' "," M,rl.n. ?* ir 'I'nrk.-v throw, orerboarj tl,.
?"?aneo coUecUve proicetiou uf tin- Powers and ?pen?
tttOOt ne?ritl.Ttlons with RoSriS. In _? P ' '-'?";"
of Riissiii'? si.lic? tin.ire points I" w
Turkey will ea?lly resign her?. It. I?U W
the mediating Power* woohl "t?i'" ' '
?-??rinnt abandon berma Bnlgarlau previ
witimiit emnnilMiiiK soteid?'. T trklsb stateamdo im-i
?be may, In deallog only with Rnssla,?av? H ? '?
rrantlnatbe liberty of titeBns-lioni I!
la bound bv the Treatlea.il 1836, to wblch the free?
of the Bosphnru? I? bal the pow?
1 Europe i? driving Tortey Into m mtlatlo.?? ?ri o
' ??ill. rest eiieiny, and the Port? ma.? 'In nil? the treat
GOYK.KNMl.M INTIIK n;s ll'lt.'?'!? PBOVlXtCl
lil.ANL .Ml,'. rOBSlXa AM' Ml!. ItltK.Ill "V
LoNl'dN. (let. 7. -'1 11?' l'.'l?"V refusal to n?" "<<
the Mff-tkn- of the PoWOTB M-Stod ?I little I
pi i?i In ?re. ami hSS therefore somewhat ?il'dcd
ir.'-i.tal ?.?iH'.t of the Kast.-rti (|ii-?tion. Il ?eel
t.. bave besa geaeraUy sssniDed that Turkey ?
hardly m a position to rojee! srbal ?ras offered
by tbe eoaibiaed dlplomsey of Europe, and lad
thai sin- would almost gladly aaseiil to auyth
which should bring ber ont ol the ?lifflcultiea
which she was olaeed. Th.- negotiations, howe.
appear to bave somewhat the natureoi a trans
tion'in which one ?Ble demands ,inor.' Ill in il v
In- contrat to take, and tin- Other side ?>H
in the first ?instance less than u intends to yb
It may very well be, a? many BSSniBe, tiiat tin Pi
??n'y made the offer decided anon last Bnnday w
this view, tint it la, I think, now tolerably well
derstood that it will not grant even Lord Dert
" lil.t'tal s(lf-?-'iviiTiiii( m," still less Mr.Qladsb
and Lord Stratford ?le Bedclifie*? chain of eat?
onions stale?, without a straggle. Another elcim
bassppeared in a decided lorm, sod that is Auati
Thi? Powei ha? ever looked with a i.i u ml n ? <1 I
apon ?my tliiiic in il?.- ii.it in ? 'of .?-l.'.vo.iie indepei
j once ; sin- has now announced that ?he vv i? aol 11
j sent to the erection ??i any further aaton? at?
'I he terms in which the Constantinople Oovei
i m? ?it iinnl. it h annn'iiiceiiiiTit, however,
Of the "Sllh'.inie l'nrte." liny I
: Ignored altogether the dcinsnd for a
? i venta, Ibej .1" noi pi ? ?* s diet
f ?.ii ?if it, bul ?ni'iiiit Mine h. If ado? i proposi
: ot their own ..f. oar* im ni- i be ct.. ???!
! is ??f reform, bat the Turkish Govertun-snl i?
Bolieitoas of tbe welfare of its subjects that il won
? not deign to offer reform to the revolting provint
I alone, but to tin- whole Empire. "Complet? ?
- liberty' la again it.-i ??. - d. Christians si
llotdetno are to have equal ri __: i i ?-. aud litH-rti
national aenste or council o? l__0 member* Is to
farmed; in ihort, ths Ports Is going to govern
<|ii?t?' a Western fa ! mi. The sul?s??<|iient aati.
of the Powers is to a great exl titamstterol eo
lectnre. A good deal is asidol inp|i?>M
and ... Wo are ei _ sard
uference i ( thi Gn si I ??" i ?? M am? til
the -i. ? .?i.- ai. to-d
armistice of n nwutb's daratiou, wliicb pi
iii.'aii? a ?n?l'i ii?n>n o? lior-iiiit.? ?'-.i in. Winter. I i
: by ant n ? is i"
Ths .'?ir is slid in an i let tin a! Co
'1 In which ! ? iprt an d i
: ii." ? i'-.t gain ?in ngtb, bul rath t
It is hardly loo much to my that tbe iaaoe of M
Si-lniyli l's li .ok on the Km Ian csmpi
??tan hsa had a g.! di .1 to do with the alter?
tone of public opinion. The doings ol ?!?? 1."
in Central Asia .?i 1-7 : Leal I ill'-l i
. ul.? i.i Bulg u.. in 1H70, ? d t!.
? coining il in? h time bss h
v.t.v great extent to depreciate tbe belief in 1
criiy ..f Russian interf? -nee f"t lb? ?
Th? re is it ill, howe " : I Hi ml | i
is diplomat call
Of collisi- th.-'l; bl
?th Constantinople alone, ti i
be got um i ':t i,i ? ..v
weel ? and Mr. I'm ?tcr. Mr. F?rster bs
only just returned fr? I ? ?peechh
. - ? i v at ion
... i- ' i . 0IUB1
Bradforda He
-t ; ?.'
.11(1 ?'?l"ll 'l to ?. II.
.n i -i ont?
;? mises ff-m i : lie intimai
that B ?
fused tob? s part j to a patcbed-up peace. II?
the probability "f a sett! men! il I
de the in.in lights "f th six Powers to ae?
. m -. \?l i
t.. i nl.v does n ? ? i appear to ? nine within I lie ?? ?.|? of :
deal ol ti.,- ?. n*i,.. vt bit h has been I? ?
some of his political coll v. I. it
ii Lnipo. ?hie. Mr. Bi Hat
itnraUy ? f a n rj diff< i :.t tone. Mr. I
is credited with Ix?-ing the oi leul man on
i tern qu? ition, inasmuch -.? he ?-.till : I
> th? ..n:' ide ;.. h,- ...: .
reitanla it as
take on tli- hi pot In
, Mr. l;...!.t un
f it'.. : >r tin- preaeul than be
bad f"i the past. Ho Is nn ? -"i
? that tbe . ? - ? .Tient would
tobe altered, aud that, oomo what might, the
! .
"! Iihaei and |r? a . , , y.
Tbe docunn ni whii h Lord 11 ? .1 the
depul . waited upon Idin from the I'ity of
- ?1 h ? ' ?'I 111 .: v Kllii It '"i lln
" -'f tin- Bnlg irian iti.- bai been pub?
li-h.-d to-day. ??-?? fai u word? go, il La about all
? !.. I'l.
? -1 ..I the Premiei in July. " II
" wen |.i. ...in ?I to In a:
thai the criinea p? ipetraL d bj th? 1 irki b :
iks snd Circaasiaua had been of ths gravesl
characl r," aud they regret to find tbattbi eapprc
beusiom are confirmed to the tulle i ex h it, Ai
though tome ol the stories that havi been published
have been "proved toi? unfounded," there could
In- no doubt ih.it the conduct of the Vali ol Adri
anople m ordering the general arming oi tbe Mus ul
in,i n - " a .1 to the assemblage ol bauds of m nul. .. i...
and robbers, who, under tin preten.! ..ti],;,i,
ction, were gallty of crimes which Mr.
Baring instil describes a- the aiosl bcinou
itained the history of the present century.''
Lord I?' i!... i. minds Bis Hem | Elhotl of the " ?ual
indignation" with which tbe publication of state?
ment- it tin- atrocities baa l" en re? m v. ?I m Eng
and hi ('ms not doubt that a sitnHsj feeling prevails
throngboul Europe He also says: "The Porte can?
not afford in (?intend with tbe public opinion ol
othet c'liiiitn???, no, ean it soppajs thai ths ?."v. m
m. ut "f ??Teat r.iilaiti ot any of the SigllStOT] pOW
extol the Treaty of Paris can abo? Indifference to
the saffenngs of the Bulgarian peasantry ander this
outbreak ol vindictive eraelty." II. goes on t?. sav
that "no political oonaiderathma could jaatif y ths
toh rat i "ii of su. h acts, and o i, ? ol th. toreaMWt 0O1I
iliiions im tin- settlement el ths question? now
peadiagmaal i?- that ampia reparation shall beaf?
fui i i' 11 !.. the ?lili.-11 i* and tin. i fi,i m,- M-ciiiin guar
an iced." Sir l i? mv b directed, as Lord Darby told the
deputation, to obtain a paiatmal ao?ieaee _f ti?.
Baltatl 1?. ???lilil? tin it ,ite to Illlil 111 slili.Iaiiie Mr.
Ilium., is l'.'|Mii't, ?in.I to lneiitii.il h, i,.,,,,, the di?
ll, lal? srhaaa eeadaet Mr. itanuK has deaoiiuoed.
8)i' Henry I'.lliott i? also to ? ail for " reparation and
Jilhlnc," the iniiiie.liale rebuilding ol hoasss und
(?hnrciies, in??.?.?iN?rj' provision made for tin WatOTS
tion of ?llilllslrv, the l.lief of lli.me A ho have l.e.n
Iredaeed t<? i?>v:-rty, tin lestorattsa of the so women,
and thai " NtnkiiiK SS-SBBlsS should he mad?'?in tin
?pot "of tho-s-who hava sssuMvad at or taken part
in the atrocities. If only tin* Qovenunont had
treated the stattet thus from the beginning they
?rigbl have naved themselves a large ami S'rions
l?.-? ot popularity, an wall is spared themselves ;?
va?t amount -.f dUBculty m snrrylng on their neg?*
tiati.ms in the Ease. Though tardily expressed,
th.* views hive -.?ven Mat i -fu-I ion, ami The Daily
Newt itself acknowledges that Lard Derby's " rep?
resentations, remmiMfram*.-, anil demands are, in
tune ami in i!>-t.-in? e," such as it would tle-ir?- ami
exp.ct frnn an English Minister, nnd it "finds it a
sin? ere pleasure " t?. make tin- at hiiowledguient.
Meanwhile we-are atfll bearing of further atroci?
ties, A tl i.v or two ago Gen. Tcheroayclf himaelf
telegraphed lo The Doug Neaa that, on recaptni i - i
poait iou given np by the Tnrits. tin bodies ??f bet
vinn wouuded who bad been taken prisoners bad
been found "pinned to the earth hy I.go-stakes,
the hands stretched ont, the feel anil parts of the
body Inline.! ami abarred, the torn cut oil. the
?tomschn disemboweled, and the laces distorted by
the agony o the tort urea." We have heard al rari
OUS Mlin- slsO tin* tcrti-t with vvli.tli llie linl-isli
troopa are regarded bj the populations, ami this
week there have been mentioned cases solitary, it
i-tnie of the violation ..f women. A eontroversj
lifw sprung "i? tin- wick between two Engliah
clergymen s nd the Turkish Embassadoi in Loudon.
The Re i MalcolmMeColl,wbowaa ?traveling with
Canon l.ni.1 n, wrote t?> llu Timm Hint in tin emit-?
of Muir recent travel*" in li "-uni ih? v not ?m I y heard
I that l hi Tnrka had adopted the practice of impale*
1 ment, Imi thai from ?m board :i steamboat on the
Bave, .?n th* waj t?. B Igrade, th? *.
a number of stakes in tin* ground win. h
, bad l.'ci? pu' "i? tot 'h.* purpose, t.? >?!.? .?f
! which a hnmau body was a? tu illj 11-'? ned. A daj
! or tWO all? ! a h t t-r appeal, al ill /.'?. ? tint- floin II.
: Mn-irn?. ih.*Turkish Minister,at? ting that,"though
i the absurdity "f lbs stonr" wa- telf-ei id? nl n .1 rai
?h'lll.lli - nitl ,1.nt,*,I.I.- *? to tin- .'.I'll ? ?1 .
; an ? i pi! i ..i illusion of t!?<* writer,*" lie had
brins i' "'i I? ' the notli ?? of tht prop? i anthorit.. ind
d t.? ?xive a 11 a .-t 'm i aal and categori?
cal denial (?? i'n* a liole -i.?i>. In n plj. both I
l..?hi.i. snd V'. M. !', ll write a mon i in imal mtial
. whii h leaveal I
an). il.iiili! i ii the mim .?I the
Allusion i- n oi? t*? ??tl '-i ?I. niala
i.f the i .?I aii" Itiea, " aft? i Inqnirj b)
pt??|H r nul!.m .11" Edil Efl'elldi i* ; ? ? I . ? hi? h
ha VI ? I n. til. i '. -I t. "ta lio < .?imi all I. : i, I* I?-*- Ill I.? ill
. doobtk ?-1 ! faith
l?v M M?:-ni n', *.v i'l n*?t go f??i m?. I'. > ? i ?.
??iiiiii-li. however, In 73 iy. im
I m. dintel) above I
jnstiii ia another let!? M Muaurua,
.m In.I.??? with the foll?n . >h:
I ' ' ' -, \\ .
w ih I.. i have ? mint' ?I p i ?i fi? in ?-. '? ?
have i?:.?! Wt re it <>th? i i :
held ii ?
A />. HOI I ?'.' 1 /?' -' <>l 1>1 A- '
A PI'11 ' . HV AlIMM -, III WITT, 1 -? ? ?' IV.
I . , v v I llll . . ?
IN? . I I I II .
I ?! M? mit!' : i '? '
("I'll. I
I l.t'O. | I
M . . ? 11 I
..f ti?< ? lo
?.!?!. I. I I. | . .1 I' ? ? ?
* '
I i ? n ? ? . ?
Of tin r?*?i lit plo? I aina-l ' I ? * u? to
boil!.. I a. Olio
? ? . -
-H?.r'? m bj tin
Mr. ui
? nui. i*. to Mr. I
. Il.lt Jt.lllf
Hie I il l"l i,
I ? - * *
... n|.l.-r-. I I|l
or I m pi .- I, pr. f.
Un i - mil Mi II. r :!t i m,*
? i ? matter* of | I. Mr. I
li nl full *,-< . ?-. I" !i ? I.
f?.r In? in;.
in-.* ?.I ?a
. * . ? i Bul Ha !" ? ... m- ' . that
li i- ;? ' ? ?
I ban
III I III. in- ?!? ' '
' 1
i ? '
a tin
1 ? I I
I ..air!
I I I ? ' 1
i. ? i " . , ,,,, Brut aad I
it to | hi:," and,
yet 4 ;
<?f a lubber a * ar-urll ? ? ' ?? Northern Pa? Iflc
llalli ' . ? 'at ..' HI
? ? | In ..' .*? Ill II.- n
11 .
Ill i III I a ,|. , .
I .
III' llll ?III-? || - ..I, *- I
I." - ** IL M* ... . I- It.
linn.i !.-. M, ,,il i n 1 t. , ? ilt t.f i,
p..V.. I | . ' M a |
p. ?Ham tu rccnll til?n ' rriitn I ' li i
I?? i. i..i|i? ?! tint I in ? inii.ii n ?n? i? ?. v. 11 ?'
reinal ?. ."!?? m, n? ? ? ?m re? nl will, imi In lla?
lli -i?, i l him from a
? au, n .Ih ,,.. |n -.. |. a- a mil t
V Im ll.. V . ', a .... l| |
? i l n... i?, i :. . n . ?m too - a
i ..n- ?>i in. i ni. n. iniv,
I? tpp'i., ai i??-.'t ?. and Ind a n. i.,
?I?" 'Ml "I ? I , a . 00 ? "? '-I? I k'"?? i ?nl II'VV.ImI -
m?a?.' "
i ? " iai ,,f ? naaei l< nt, Int Maim ? ?i ..
?n ? ?.i?i? ? ? , ? at.r Ain .
? ii?- neal ?-i" ikcr, and aid ii- Inmilj
I!.? li III IiIh ? n
lie in. : n-. doubl.i il, n
I - -? 11 ? lui a Mil ,- Ml ? II -Jl'.iai:i |n I dlMU . ,
M Ill? I lie | Im? II . ,,, I
? i;.ii_n<i I.nn will? i.. i -.int- i-'-n.tl quarrel* i: v
I luv era of Vi aU-i loa n -j,..i,.
t li-it llie 11' I'll!? 1? .ill pat I v win- HO loin i I It ?? K p
nuit ?n iiliI, an . lb*, n bad n.*.-,, , .,,,,,
Si.llliil-k lll_.il It,..I ll,.' |(.-|.In.,|| | ,,,|, '. |,;?| .|
?livi r I ii.-- all. a,in.n Ii.ini I,nine In ?li.l.inf iiiIim.Ih m
COVertl.a i. lei.- lie In. 'lia- 'a-l |...i'.l t.I I.
Duma? i? iiluredj <>i .'?.-.- .1, raey, .vim. up akin
I'll II la. . -, II. .1 II III..I lia .; i,,,.
? i?.i? ?. ???' ?e i.mi n,? in reform, and that thai letorui
- ? 'I 'M a lli-l.HI a ,i|, ,,
Ibi i v "'t. 20. II.' ninth chaiii'tiotiahipcame
i??-!*--.i. i ..in.n m..! ii.n ii"i i oitibn, i i.,,.,i litre i.. .im,
i*...?. ?.?n n> tin-11.. 11 i"i?i- in a aeon ..i .. n, o.
Borr?n, <?. I, 80. ?The lu ik Husan A. Blsladell.
t'.?|.l. -a? v. ?, "I - tn-|.?.ii, M? li... n, ,
l.l. w mil ..- .'-V ?, ii in I MHO* ??n V li i-, I. 11 (,,i >,, i ,
I'n am i-. ". ( >? t. *_,o. Tin- evening in? "8?na
i.f It, v. tin : i. .inn -, Mit ??" al? ? i I? '?t all in Un ? an,, i,.,i i ,,| n,,.
?un -n i "t Corn ?alba i.> literal) ?-ui....... aad a ball ?i
l limn 11,,11.
i;, i.--. Ma *.. I let. 90. \ large meeting of Boe
l?iii _ni|i n-viii-i.-. i ?.?ii? art Ion n? ?:.. ? la i tai I la Ib? i te?
li.Mll-. I.ll? ? ... - Ih I 111.. !.. ... Il I? |.t.i|?..ill i., |. ,,,||?,,
tut; Im?!! Im ii?? al 11..11 I't'it
? ? ?? I i.AN. i- ?.. (? i. ?_?(..?A rough estimate of Mm
?ran? ... Mm,.. VK lui A ? ?i . ? a? tl.l ?ll
t.t.ai d.l.'H i?. Ih al.?_ i?, ai'.nnn ?in... .i.e.1, ?im., m. . |, .?in.
in ? nun, -nul it IIHI.Il II.la?- Hi l.lll?|ie_ll hull?, a. la.II Itanaa.ii
a*?- Ih ai. an ,?.-:.i? M Um S__ ii
t*t i n, t, (ii t. ?_?(?. Ih?* steamei I.. '-. Hand has
Ik.-ii ? i.i. nui n. in?? e-?i in Maun?* ami tu? i?, laraailn* (lu
lt.litti.lalM.il ?It till ?III .III l-ermili. na Ix.jl.l, III.
t ui.iiiia hat n m- nn I ut miiiili |>tii
I-'iK-iiiit m,. Mass., Ont? '?o. A convention <?f
l.ni.|i? am . , u. I .in? ? lull, wa? habt In-re tolla) I- ??? i i '/.- In
u .- M.-.n- a _*,_i? a.atii (iinii ni lalaa im ii,. i .
lin.* waTMOw ?it? ?'i'n to ??oui all pollut al au? ai
A CAltiM i mlkiim; hit LiVh- am. DtSCOMBS
VARIOUS l.i'lls OM ? ib iiill'v APPAIBS.
WsSHlxoroB, ??.i. _(?. The Cabinet was In sea?
sion two knars t..-day. A report wss received from
tin i felted Btstea Marshal la Booth CaroHas in ref
amice i" <he election (Bstarbaaees at Cainhov.
Other k ports tn th? Attorney-General about Ekmth
era rioleacs were siso presented, read, and die.
saassd. A number of routine natters ?ver. abo die
eassed. Becretary Caawron wa? t,,.t preeeut The
si.it?- and Interior Department? were repreeeuted by
Mesara. CadwaUadei and Qorimai reepectively.
?-IVK AHM?, ABO TABS UST8B i<> sLl.kl.M_
DBWOCa vi- ni ?? . in - i t ; i i ai Cl.I-t_.OY.
WAsmBOTox, ? let "-"?. \i: official report has i.n
received from EL M. Wallace, United si ites Mara?al
for Boath Carolina by Attorney-General Taft, in
reference to the fight al Caiaboy, It v. a? among
oi];! papers on ths condition ??f the Booth which
were k ad al Ibe Cabinet ns i tint to*day.
? BABUBrroS, B. i ., Oct. 17, IstiI.
Bon. A. TviT, Altmiiei/ miieiul, Vtnilii,i.,t.,n. I?. C.
i-m: I have d? ,.. ..i _;iviiii{ yoa a report ol lbs recent
uiifi.rtiiii.it.? political riot at a place mar tin- town of
cam in.v. in i!n?.-. laty, ntitii I e.aitii .-, t ;,,.???: Mata
nient ol l?tela. Itbeaeei lbs leglttiiiate resalta of tbe
iiii.aii'laiii.n policy m Mississippi plan adopted by toe
Democratic party In apt alng Ibelr eaupalgn lor tbe pur
pans "f i.'.i-.kti- down th? gopnbltcan m ij-.r.iy la this
s;.;te. The in-1 iieei,.,,' in tbe eottntj at which the
Deamerata pal ibeb "sbot-gnn" policy Into prsettee
took ptaas ever s month nan, n Cooper Blvar, mom 10
or lg mil.? from the net.(toe i?i?- riet TheRepuh
i....... bad (-..ii..! .i i-, .tn._ and IBs Democrats In
tberttj short? reda ?teai.land tool about l??? well?
sum at Uten ti. tin- meeting, t tn-v fanned Ibelr meo La
ll?,e ll> ill tin- -tain! an,I ,ie|,.led that they lb? nhl bave
ball il.<- lime lac ih. n ?p. .ii. i... ii. I:. i>ni.in-.n?did
I...I r. ll-h tin? kiial .,i ?? j.ful |...,ii,. il ,1i . i. .,..i,."
battis :...!.?-! wsa backed apwlth ISO Winchester n
? ?r _a? :. who : ios. bow c ase
. m. d toi " ? h loa "f tun " i
m aider tu nv.ni s eoUtatoa, whiiii waa Imminent al
each me. ? . s. ml? ?? rommll
th.., th. ir |.. .,?:, - ii... 11.1 ict rouie ai b? i te Ils
! ' , ,',4 ;,1 II.?' ? l.lt. Il ??! i.
Bg nui "f Un f " i :! al Ib. Demo?
fi ?ni the eltj L. ? v. i -. i.
< by toetr v! ci i?i??ii
l.f till il .1 il p.ll IV.
T h?- m. ? : ? . ii ? . ? -.
? ?hu wen present at (to Bi-sl meeting, al which
I'.l" .: ih in in.1 tn -;?<? ,1. I.lit
tn? in :?? : *.n h
ill .al UHU
bol gnna and fon Uni
.-la Ill-Ill.I
a,III. Bad H.'- I ? -' ' ? "I'.
l.f III. ^ I '
i thai
? i. ind
thai t.
ids. The i
? -1 m .m ... i
1. an I
v ? II ? ..k.-r?
' ? | el
i .- .r.I
I. ' . J '1
K a < ? ??-. .ir.ll. v. b0 '-' ' . ? LliTnil.ltl
t.?.ii frote tolsHtafi ??> i M? uml? ?
i lust.1
i e other
; I ?ecretlj
i in gana, I
?n . hi .?
laetl killed 111' i"l t'l He II l.l'l.la.l Will '
..n lb? in u -1 rata, ?? : ??
? , ? vt ? i* furred te
? . a
le me I
kill..!, nr liavi* died, '? hit.?
, hnl m.iie aeri.Hialy, II la II
known ho?? ui inv i ??
in?I ih. ir
i ? Mm
i i un n v.i M III) on 11.?- line I?1 .'
lia 1,1. H ,|
' 1. Uli
.m thi nli?bi i.f !
- I
?. ?,.','. i ? lere I
?I ... .,.-.,.. i
? .
Ulli 1.1
Ib? i a turtle i ?
Il .: v. n
hi:, V
l.i pARI ITRE OF ntOOl ? 1 "l: MHTH ' U'.O
Tlic ration? ih tarhiiients ol artill -i v nn
t., ?, ..n, i ,i !,n? arrtvi .t m i,, i
.i ,-. i. i. r?laj momia .,
I tra?a at ? : I
. . i: I :
I . lupM I .. i , , i. . I
-, v i ? m| y il ' . : ItarklB ? n I l" i ? I
M i - . I i ,, i ' ' ' '
i ? i ? UuiiLiL. i ..n I i<.n tenue;
. .a,,,.. ; Kurt Trim
I...II (Oil. PrillU '? ' ' al'.allt
.1.1 m, c I ??
? leant I ' S |ll '?! ul .1 ?1*1 U
( n a,.. ., K. I ,| ' ! It".Hoe I
|.!.ili,| I In ,i.i.I, . wel m .n./..I tiltil I ?'( iHlttlll
an.lei Hie .lime ' ll ' I Kin
.1 a!...Ill ?j a> lie II. Dill) ? Bt.llgll I'"TI hate
!. l.lt al La i.i! relit tall >n lo ?I "?< i-t..?.?-a :> .
. I ! l'oh V.! :,,-. II ?' ;
11.? ll III
li'K IIVKiMi, \ ,| , I 'el. 20. A dl l;i( ll'ill hi of
Dotted .-lu. ? troop? from Governor- Island, Mew?
Vork, iinii'Lc m.- 170, rom|.loi s hau ill?-nof Ibe 3d
\i.iiii. :. and n part oi il" i hi. a'"!
, i.mi.i im! -n bj < ..i. I. i. i Ivli ?' 'I nr* I"
,i,n, ..n the waj t,, ciiiiiii.ia, i?. C. Tlwj ?rere eom
a .n mi cf a (?-in ?? al Wllmlne*
ton, Del. Boon after their a rlvalanumbe .?f the Rich
i.I militar) called ea ' "I Uvln - m usa ssktd per
111, SlOl. I h? ll-e?l'-ll II .1
,? i ? ti in .1. m. i m , ?pre ?? ' iniil pi? ? ""' ??' the
,, ...|..m.i ni. Hevi ral . . i. ? ? i ot?
li m d al tbe l.\. i. mar ll?t< i ' " troop? ?till I ave
.' 7 o'elorh tu ni. .| iilm wlto ' '" ;1 nth ?
e..iii?i..iii.M win. h will pusal.Ihn! lUne.
!-I'l'i RIB! I mm n i I vl'i*.'? CASK
Aii'.\., N. Y.f Oct. ?I0." Judge Van Alatyn?
i?. .im n.?'.'..n taking ???-?! mim "n toa i ?bai sspreforred I
i .i. W, Batea *.rlnt? mi. si at toe Ken ? apl ot,
gbettag hi? ul!,. i.ll illllll?. L. W. lie-<-Il.lale ?lp
peered aa behalf of toe Stan aad Benrj Smith uml
Milthevv Hale |.? ?li I.,. D.l.lle. (ili'i.lt Ifdltl (I
toal in the < i. .-n.m al toe balktlsg lar Ih? Heebantca'
?m ?' Hu..i la 1874-1 . .1. v.. i: .inn .v. *?"!?- tt.i-e
!,, finio?!, mill it..1 i.t, i | il.,.:-.m I i.-e. iv. ,i ? ,iiiiiin...i .ti
m r i ..m :. t.. io ).. t e.-iii ..ti t,,,- i.. i su Batos ?re ? ni
psisnet a: ...ll times ..i toe bulbllu* Ills son was fre?
quently tbore. 11, t n . .-iv? .1 in cciii.c 105 81.
T kB am "ll'lt lall II -III AllgUSti I ? . I- '".I'lie. i
Jaine? Long, ll BUM. L ?llll'i! I" '-."I i lU? "li lie? blink
bUlbUllg a)l'1 .I'.l.L ..ll ialll I lie I...?l.i.lilllt. ill'
S.I lllnl? I ll ll i ilia li ul I i.e 1 (...in el *.ll . I.al.ill. I?cl
? mi i.i!.ei worknn n gave slmllai baUmonj ahout .. im.
il ?i u ihr i ,.ii.i,a .. u,,! also n ? i. thi II n u.
- il..n? bUlkUim ?mil the walei VOtkS, al. <>! Bbbu
ware psogreaatag at the Mm?*? timr?. They all test!fled
that in* wa? only there ormaalonally not more than two
or tlirec times a week.
l.'.Mn.S. I ?>.llV, Oct. '-<>, 187?.
A sp?cial dispatch bon Berlin to The I'uil
Mull Un-ellr MkJfSi "A initiant1.-of the ('hiimtn r of fon,
?aeree bave reported in lavar <.f OsHiisai'i sllfndliig
tin* Kreuch BzpoaltloB, ami rcoommcad that the (iovwn
luci.t grant a mbveation IM Mal pui p.???*."
I-an st;t! ?.-rivN._Krnl.iy. (1? t. 90, l-T'..
A (lerne lins liceii i.-iictl ordering nil civil
huu posaesstag ana? te deliver them to tht sutborltles
within tea dai *. Troops have nonaptod the rarh us forts
t?ti the Croatian.
i...M??N. Priday, o, t. ?.*.>. i-tii.
Three new snmnionaes have been issued
sgalaal " in." Blade,the Amerteas -p.ritual medlem, un i
Mmmeas, in- ssntal mi, r.?r fraudaient prett gee?
snainionses sit mad. returuabh to-morrow, when lbs
oiiginai rasa will sise be spagain.
Bt. .Imiin-, n. B., Oct. r.-.-Tlie gingk genii
r.?.. between Brayley snd Wallace Basa csbm off this
aiterna.i the Kcnnoeecsaais. The di-tsnce wa? two
miles and turn and the ?takes, 91*000, Braylsj t.?<?k the
lead nn?! iniii it until near the turning point, wbea Boss
i.ni_-at him ti ?i i a-? .1 lilm ..n.i made the tnru drat He
? V . I?. ..111,.- Ill*;,, li", ?i||, ,-;,.,. (,' ?Vf
lengths, i nn , .* tnluntoa, an?,-,-, u__,
un m l:-l'i..iN Mt.M vu m i gv vil,il? i in: DAIRY
MI N Ml I IINi. ..i i in; < IIMMISSIOH.
l'un \i-i 11 ? 111 a , o.f. 20.->TIte eeremony ol
iiiiv.nniit- n,,- \\ nn, ,?. ,. ,|, nn.mi..,int Was p.-i ,., i-te. ?1
ii.:-1 iiaiiin. ?.t, the Exhibition frronnda t?.v l?. D. Wood,
asraadaonol Dr. Wltberai.n. tin cxeretaeaeo
.?f prayer i>> tin i;, v Ueo. w, tfaagrove, ttoitlag <?r
bymi -, : i.i the rea Itev.Hi nrjr C. Met
: ol the ? i* ;' :>. erect the montrai a*
Bedb of Ni * i ? - - v .i liven -\ the oration.
Upon the clone of the ?i? a the aanaal review
? -t tin - Brigada was hi Id. The mill
rtvi ?! during
la lbs western part ol the groantla, diaperaed lo view the
wotidcreof th. Uxhl llbm \; 1 o'clock p. m tl
i.. i...I, nilii,I.i nn- :ii.i.at 1,800, reformed and UI
Hi New .It ? .?? portit o ??:
i. ? v ..!:.- ., ? Bedb snd M ijor-Gen.
s\,. i ? as '"? i '? ..'? : _ Iht -
through the smunda on tin river.
i .?? inn m i >. ? ; % u. ' u- \ ?? ? urn. n n.-.?..- a.i? ?l
tin- aftern??. Hall i: aal'.-- were n ids lay
tin- linn lim?, i'.aii.iiiv . ''.ui. Canada, apon
. i*
in.1 iniii?, ai.?I a p. i? i pi? i? ii? -i h* l'i'.f. i: N (turafurd
ii'U'e. Mans., ??n the pmt?n ?- n. tbi i
of mil, | p. ? ." I. i: ??:-.; ot S i-Yoik.
' in .I.iini.irv
... niiiiiiii'li ?*.
it Ion ful He* til' Bib? I
?lav- f.,| Ihi
a I t. !"
... Exhibition
1 llll IN fi
A tin* broke oui about hnlf-pssl 9 InnteTen
liu' In 11*1? ,ir of th? ?ti
.*.'.', - ..al i ?il -
* . ??:? li ?I
; t ;?? mil, ami it
*:.- ?i? i. ball m i,..m i i.vloua
?'Il ll.llllV
I . .. ' ? . t *
I .
* RT mut IN BBO 'Kl TV,
Tin bi m .* n,,. m m.hih'i t.. E. D.,
and i i found t<? i"* on bet al - a n
v ... n flame* were aoon
under control. Au esai ' the boaaeabowed
ilia th.- Are waa the v-.?.il ul au Inc ndlai
? :
? I
. n tl.e li.li'll l|o ?I.
. inpaay. Tbi I ire ... . ? . make
I.n nil. ?: . ttn.l?.
il. ?ni? p.m.n i -LTRKKD AT HOOItOl U
i'!., i : ?i ?nu ? i,.?n?? on .i.-iiin*.- i.un . ni
i e I Im Will, -'nltll
Mi Ki a!. . ? ??' M?a*- m n n
!. vt itn an a IJ
I? .ii.. i? m I 1.000.
a llll ll 111. ?
W ,- ii ... : IS, I . I If, O? 30, 1-71*..
-. il !.' t X Uli
1 i t.? call for i'l?!.
from an?*- m well hori ra, for borin : lata II
monntu nt to tii ?i? nth of l?*? fc? t. In
i i -i il., nt .it . .?' ? .. r
. npl.'tnl Ml :
. ..:i,.ni.?-i..ii *
* :.. wltiiHtand
! i .
: be n .'?!> : ? ? '-.lier,
. '--.,' .Miniate) l'iair. -In. arrived In ?!?? tin?
'! ? li.it the
war between tbeeobmlataand aeveral of the native tribes
I?, v.r. .-'ml lb ?f t*ie I liter ii.iv loi i'ie
| all OU!) !ll?-?l I'l?* III.?I.I
? Moil I tilia III to ll
i.,, p. na,, i? i'.i: 'i.e nt ha - Inform ilion tl
tl i be - *?? un bip I ? ?i ?ni Ne? York for
II - Im ami the I'.
1-1 ,u,! . lai lln ?_*! ?I to tin* *.'?t!i Inal
i i. v.nli m ill? im II .- m -II ,, l
-.. ill m?! itait iii'tn > w "ini k until '??
I. . . Im-.ll a I ol l .ta.v .
1 ill i.a I have I? I.I Un W*ar I'* ? ntiiii lit
i n v vi ill ii'iiie .?i.i!.'i i. ive Pott Ahrabam
ill 111 |.ill ?nil >?! lln I.? III ?
? - ii. M.?nii"ii. a real >?-* u? ajreut In tin- dtj. baa
I? ft here, leaving debt? estimated si (Tom (00,000 to
...i i n. i n /. n. Nat-os ii Bauk ? a-ic ?i one ol ins
, ,. ? iM'iiv nn -.'.?n-??, ?hieii. with n prevtoua
.??m. ...i.i ... n. m... - - i i??i ?m? iiiat .
?.ul.-? in .?: 11..- bi ni? li.i- ? ? .if Miit
-i i,im. mini- pu ni? a bavr Bled anuilai Milts,
aju.uullug I" ..!?. .11 -I.?a?.?.i a III.cal
GEN -n BOU Mi.\ ni, ixiwn TBI M1F80UBI
Bt, I'm i. Minn., "ei. 20.?A special t?. Tut
? ? 11,,, in,in Blsmarcl *????? lieu. Bturgls, with
elgbl . .nn alii.? of ci . ...i v . I in .-.- of in'mi'i.t. aim
Hoi. of nil? ?v. a in ??!? >??<- ??.m n i?? ?lay oa the teal .? i.i.
?>r tin* m i ..-nun. i.tn iiiii, with four companies,
m?,veil i?t>*.rii on tin* ?i-i ?-ni?-. Nehodj knows when
Hum m.- rolas? d'hilney ami otbera arrived from the
lia, ? ii, i. i ? i.v, .?i.i,. m_ ti? body of U dge, killed by
lllllla.l- Ill _| 1
M .nui i.n n, \A., <??!- 30.?In the Legisla
lure to-day, a bill WM ntrodueed t.luce theaambei
?.? i. hum of the Sopremo Court from Bfieen i?> two, ami
both of tin*?.* to i??- h? i?! m Moatpeller, before u??- fail
beuch, iii? : ? i? ??!*" n bill before the Senate reguclns
t.iniini i- ..I pul?-e.? fioin -?ven to lix. 1 in- I.ctl-I.ilili.
-V.1II i.avc i?, ?i,?i imi?:?-1 seal m. nth. Judgrs r
pout, iiiii. it. Wheeler, Koyee, ami Powers will be ro?
il i .,i m i- m.m,m, twi.i *? -i.i; m reral nui*
tii.mi. k are un utwued, siuoas theis Jiui_i- l'oianvl.
lumoii, Mi.iu ->?'??? kn\r?Bepreees?Sa
flitin ail tac ici'lln. lat-lein .?ml \( er t. l n fa-l 11 ? e- m??t
knie jsalonlsj t" peetael arraagsausUs for svaaBstag
ratea, rie ?*.it?.ii?? i i.?i Bzpraas, Um Bris snd .n.?hii
Hune, ths Bris sad Milwaukee, and the Dtamoad lines,
, ,ii,,; iiv.i lln* I.M'*. Mit hikinn ( eiiti.,1, I?, Hull ,,n,t
,v| . ...iiil.. . . nul i '..?nul ? inal?, ..?n- i i,ii.?oliil.iii'?l. to be
kin.tvi i.ei. ?iM? imi? ll.? I.... ami .Nn.il. .-liait l,n. J.W.
B.ultbof < an a. ?? ra appointed Oeacrel Maaager, with
liiMHltpiail. i ? ..I 1'tli.i!. ilia iliiiiiiitiln?:? til tiiuncl?
uiiin ? located ludUbruit eitles w_t vieil?!?.?! tm.
[nr IBUMBAVB to ths rxintiKB.I
COLUMBI.?, Oct. ?.O.?Tho following b the
official vol.- Ini Seietary of .tale: Milr.m Harnee (Rop.),
317^-d ; Win. Hell, jr , iDein), gl 1 410 ; K. H. Chapman
(i-i...), 1,790 ? (.?tai vote, t;;ii,o<;.., en Inereasssf 38,386
aver ths rateas UTO toe Governor, sai i ?3.'?.tt4_ over
(be vole f.n set letary m 1*74. \Vn?liuu.tnn W. Hovnton
(Rep.), b? aho.it '.'?Too mure majority for Supreme Court
Jtodga I lian l'.nrneat.
the roOflMS at O-SC-BBATt
[(?KMHll ITfiVS? M?I'A.< II.I
Civ. iNWTi, Oct. 20.-The Couiuicrcial pub
lishes (.(li. iai returns from Ohio riWWtag the following
mai'..itie?: m?;i<.n Barnee (Ren. ever arm. Bell, jr.
?D.-.n >. r..77-1 ; ..ver .11. 4,()(X>. | S ?'hapiiiaii, Tcmj>er
:iii.ee;:n.li.|;,re for He.Teti.ry of State, received 1,774,
vct.-n. \vw. Bejmtes (Bep.)resolved io,7??-i majority
Otm Win. !.. Pinch (Dem.) for Supreme Court Juil^e.
There is raaaoa to beHevc Hart the flaires
given m u?- Colsmhaa itepstrh are mbetantlaDy, if not
Sattl-?a, coi reel. KetlllliM fr.nri every Cciinty In tb?
State, altheegh eel revised in .very instance, gteo
nearly tos mbm resalta Than retorna feMal and ear
oftctel) ?five Iliirni-s H7,!?o7 vote?. Iai! .'Ill 097, snd
Chapman 1.771. They also lndir.ite | iiia).)rity of
between SUMO Bad BgOOOaeacs for Hovnton than for
Harne?. 'I he Il;;iires fi'itti Colniiil.il? compare a? follow?
tviih the vole for Secretary in 1974 and ?Juvernor la
1873 :
C_.n_..___?_-_Bfsl8Ta 1S7B. tS94a 1W?.
Milton It.in.-.- (Rep.).317,?- ..i '_"-..jo-l 297.817
?Win. Ilclljr. (bein.) 311,410.. _::>??.*.<ki 29'J.'_r73
E.P.Chapman (Pro.).... l.Tli'i 7,?I.V. -_.,.ri93
Total vote .631,OOn -li'.7.i_.. 602.683
I'l'liali!.. 6.446R K.'-O'-D. .>,.*?44B.
Majority . 4,617R 9,3870. ?..'J?la.
!:? publican rain over 74.. 14,034
Ke|.nnli.'i.ii L-iim ..v er '7.T.. l.ti'.itf
' iT. - ill l-eutlilicllt.
At the I>?'iii<i<-i-iiti?.- beadqoartan at tho
Everett Hoass yesterday Mr. Bewttt ?.?ht ?hm the pri?
va'.- ?ni vie . ie. eiv.'.l bj the Ilein... ::?t:?' Nstlnnsl C..ra
? were eneoaraglac, Tin- eaauaiUee wees working
on a ?mall Baaactal capitel, bat nan szsrttagsl their
: it:, ml i'.llii.-iic?. to jieife, t th.- party .n csnitatiiin,
andtosapply the eoaatrywtth tisrnpstgs mfonnation.
Re thought nnfstraesji wn tateadsd to?srard the Da-mo
(?it? (?v the K-pnlili.-.Tii A'liniiii-iratiiin m declaring
maitial law m H.mili ('anilina. In In- opinion it
i part of a nln-iiK? to fun tut trouble?
.!.nihle returns to !?<? made to
Congre? by Booth fhietlaa. ami one or
t-.a .?:..i ?outhern m ?t?-?. Tin- vt.mi.i leave Senator
K? rry ai liberty to throw ont the Dei.?? ?tie returns and
count the Bepnblican electon in Hi evpeeted, however,
that th Democratic m |oi1tj In the Borth would bo
li to frustrate the de un? of an Ldmlnlstra*
i urn which ?..i. doing all in n? I'o'.i.i to perpetuate itself,
rventoturnli aflleisls in minor positions out
ofoflta beeau?e they happened to i" Dem?crata This,
t t? ?le,. ,,tt, r giving them ofMce fot rompeteoey
?i civil service rule. He .: .1 aot want a ?mall
. -iiiiuld
declare beyond doubl er cavil the preference of the
cou u tr. for a ehange ??. lion and practical
refi un.
A large number of visitor.? called at theraosmof the
!'<??? on IT.in ?.L. V; . in,' them
??ere .-'.-'..v. Moi in. '"? H iiks, ? ? 'cv Royeu,
. . - Col. George Pi ;, ||y, < ? iiim.iii "f
Committee, M_Joi Pangbora of Mew*
\i mm Town ? -nl, one ol Ih? m-wly
inen, Tho committee is
preparing ft? the last tw. w.-eka
: riving ..I!? from <-smpan_n
is who are seeking .. new Seid of work. ?eC?e
vv.?i. toe comment? al Republican bea.hiuartera eaa>
ili :.. the action of President Oraat to
' ..il ?aw ?ti (j null Caluil'.iii.
At Newark laat aveniaff-X?Gov. Jaal l'arker
?.t bj the Bases O int. Damson?Hi
Club .ml e.c.rt.ii to th.? Opera House, whsi? a larga
audience h ni ssao-oMed le ratify toe nowitaattoa of Wm.
v i. kter,toe D?mocratie randldate for c??n_.r??? in
B.-wark. It was understood tbatOov. l'.-.rkrr would ro
ply tu i . -p.-i e.i deBvered here Lj- Mr. lilaitie, and
that fm i i'ut additional Importanea Is the im-etiiig.
m i.i. a t.rn-f a.l.lr.. ? mu? vvna followed by
i, t.: nivea bnef ?ketch ol tbe career of
'.??v. i ? it that be had nerer done uuytbtnc te
? Ibe innii for th.. hour. !!? eiitiai7.ed
the pre? ul Administration as tb? tie.-; corrupt ever
kii?iv?,n. but he ? ?nl toe Republican treatment of the
s .util it reason for? - th Lincoln'?
tbe ' "m-fry would long
bave recovered from tin- r. . ? . ..f war.
It is clearly unconstitutioaal to ?end troop? to ?*<>?ith
Carolina, tx-cuuxe then i? no li_?urt?M-_lo_i in existence
there, ?Isture has not be?'B eonvcoeiL Tue
tempt to earn - ? osa the
P? uusytvaiua snd B? a York, n ;t has not
done .-?i already, and even Ma? leliu eft? ?"111 d.-eeit
: ? .?r bloody haiinei :f they U.-?-1> on. The
. then pro??'??led vt:th a defense "I Gov. Tilden
. thi charge of disloyalty, which Las been BMds
v a ,-ti g was
, front ul tac Opera-house, and addresoss were
?i? liven r speakers.
At ?i meeting of tin. Ezbcutive Conitnittaaof
in.- ladet.-n.|. in Oreenbaeh party, last Wedaaeieg, i*
was decide?! to lasae a call t<> pn rs and bust
D, BS-Ing liii'lil to ?rive Un- pally tin-support
which! i merits and th? aeeesslttea of the i m. ?ilnnsud.
:-.. tins l?verai r? is.?ii? wbj ini.tues? men
?hould Join the (?ic.Tii.a? k per y sad mm? un the aim?
if? law?: The Independent
note? should he
if alt vsliu-s In this country, und they would
? ,in ul did i "l'h*' i' dit them !'v t.- u?tug
tb? m tut , natom d la ess*
n.. ditj i able L. ?? Ule fluctuation, prodru .1 bj i snaea mr
wl.leii neither our peuple nor Uovernm ul is tvpoaslbls.
i Mionaldte
-?at?-. It I' , pu i'?'*.' ?if
?i.-:!,..-- in . s..'. ?? ; -. I i" ??'.-. i ???.? I't'iiT-s. and
not look i?. paiiiicii.i ? i.u ?ii taid. It feels thai
tared ircu
m.iv. c . y, and It r tail :?? man
v, in I...IC. ? nit u? | m poses '.' use i.. .i. ,u.I al "tioe.
Mi: ..lkln'.-i SUPPORTERS.
At i meeting of the Coofei-eiice Coininitteo
,,f ti, ia :?. i, ratent Cttlseaa last erening ..i No. i?id
Hflh-avc, Mr, Ottendertor, tie cha?na m. sppelnted tfie
Ittt ?? t" ' "Hi- r ti'l) ll many
M Don lier, Jc'nii D. I imi -. i Uli .m V.
? :i:i".. ? . Chart? - H ?-?'.an. l ?? ... teil
!?. I ll'.c'.e.i! - ? IL K.
lia" kin ?. .l? ' .! i? ',. i; ? 5. ulta ? n
- from Antl Pamu ? oacama
'Linn, sud u??- Independent Kcpub
. lied.
Ni.',, .u ..-i -i N0MDtATI0_f&
The folio ?ni?' Bomiuat?oBS t?? the St?ito As?
si mbly o? M ?a teesty are n p rteil
/' ,' 'ie:
i m i <i ...n . ...SI.M in ban I?, roo ; ?u
?' I'-..!-.a . Il- .us- l?iti'-.r- L.- ei-nif.
\ : l .;.., ...i, it .id! I II
na r. l'as!.". Dci
i i ir...' ...i i ma? J H e. la ?:..? ni.
thi: CARS mil: ER ikiaI..
Tha trial ??r Pat-tek Can*, foi Um aiardat of
hl? v :fe. vv.i? e aiitiuu, ?1 in thi' Passate f.,mit Court, at
!'., .i.ii t. iinlav. l'atiick ?'.ni-, tl.e .1.1, ici.un. was
recalled, and gave an aseeml of Ms Ufa m t_ta?aaaa_p
stoee ins arrival from Ireland Ib 1829. Be amda along
statement about tha tit? to whleb in? ?if? bad boas sub
ji'cL ? ?n ?en.(??! iv in- Mated thai she westentwtlha
pitcher, and on her retara be dtleoovered that she wns
in,' , I it. i in.11,1. and (KIT led lier lo the I .-?I , IBS ?Iropp. ?1
oil till' le il Ils II sie Were ile.nl ill I III all! fur w.me
w it? r. end wii.-ii be renn Bed ah? v.... it? ad. He ?ent out
im a .to? tor, and when be came bo? ? in i..; ths tonca
full or peon c. ru?- defen?e n?te i, and the State offered
.limn v? Mull?a a? a a-ltueM In n-buttaL He tesadas
?.al lliii.vvii Wltnes? .lia e 1 ? I'l. .?? .! I..- : ?| BlWB ?
li., .ai'l.l?. in.? vslth hi? Wifa DT. i'.tll.'.iv (.?llHed
that epiiepli. in. ?lui sot can?.' ?eini-iineonx-ioiisiicva
own In this ease Tb? afternoon wsaee?
?inn. ii Li couusel in siitiiiiuuir up, iiii.l .I.i.i.? I'im.ii d<v
llvi '? .1 i.i- - Iiarge to the jut). rae Jurj retired at 3:19
Tbe Jury last night lirniii-'lit In a verdict ?f ir.nroer ia
th. ??...ml degree, the peuoRy for which la iii'pi'-ounieiil
i.i .u yeare. The pi.-a ..t tnoanltj a??s We\WeSa*h\*ty
<ISmn ANI? CASI'Al/Tila? HV TlA.VMVAYtt.
u .. ... .... t.... c.t:u number OT
BaVANNAB, fla, Oct. '-'<? ;''ir,'?Uv.llowls?se
lut.-iii.e.it.? l.c.U.v WM?lgM?l s.bitl>U.rt?. wer..
"S* ... ,, , "(i-\Vili*..i'i Mai.niev fell
l.t 1.I.IV..K.N, VU. Oc?* ?c^iJ?^ today, a*& mas
.(..in ti., s!....p Kaaei, lu Lak? ?-??anal' -?
',?'" .. .,,.. -.o ,ie.l? m k Hattgliltin wm
H,,s,,.s, M???*.. ??''? ?\ Jto.i.r.lsy. by a ii_rat*l_g
lull, iiiji.ri?) at UlshSS-t\
tatalh ai
ilia? nine
. ,* Man Os*. 9a-Mm. M. J. Pslgassste

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