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vol.. y XX VI.x?-11.000. _.--,-,-1-?
_m arrant to m Man uaaoa 01 moon
TitY?Tiir. nan ( i.kai. i?vsn:ii*n<>**' 0? 1
VIIISIt.N itrUIll *ltIK.--THK SE KI? 0? TBOC
In ii Lui-.' litter t?i TBI Ti-hunk, t?
-.rapliod yesterday eTCaiaf from Oota-l
Cox. Chamberlain fj-tju an account of I
(??militioii of iitr.iiis i.. South Carolina, a
I'xjiliiins his reason* for ralliii*. OB the Q.
CTnim-nt tor troops, His letter is a calm I
ch ar slut. m. nt of bit side of the ->ies?nt (*?
trovers* , and is the most -ratable contiil
titin y?t iiiade to the liistoiy of the recent o
GOV. niAMr.i i.;.,uvs tetter.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sut: The ?-(iii.iitmti of Boath Caraliaa t*t
ntttiKts Hi?1 nttciitii.ii of the country. 'I
mrarant laistifni met kam smeented, gueath
vi eonstitutional power :it!?l riifht, of .-x?-cuti
prti.letm- :it.?l'tlut> , <?f political discretion, ami. 1
happily. ..I' fin ti?:ui aad Ladh idaal Interest* To
nt .?nceclcar-sitihtcd and impartial aiiiotiK the ?
(lUiii.iits ami animosities which now envelop
j,;irti,.s !.. lins-S diftii u'.t. I sbonld cla
moro than Will 1?<* MMtM to nie if
wer.* t?. a-sseit my own entire exempli
tram distarbtaf btBatmcet. Tht taet th
1 am myself ? eaadidate will I?.*
(?..'.Mi t.. i!i.?erc?l;t in?- ::** ? -Wit-Mi 0. fad
the oth.T hand, tii ???.? ttht denounce my Beth
an.1 deny my -t a!? n:? n*- WOtdd seem to bei
in any fair estim?t?*, to tonal discredit. When
awrt ui>.?n my personal and ufflcial responsibilil
that .l.n.a-t:?' violen- e ? \i?'- beta of > i? h --_ - ?
and ttnxue m t<> be beyond the restraint*- of <?i?l
li.iiy civil and judicial -gen. i>s. Bad "Ihm \V.i<
Haiiipton !il?'ii 1m- personal ?responsibility dciti?
it, the cotintry iiiii?t l??.k to tin
acu-r und infonnattan of the
witaeoeeoaad to tbe evidence winch each pi
to inform lit jutl.ineiit. I d?> n<?I petaeive that tl
ex-MiMir?* t?> Lia* than in th:
of my ot>i>oncii's. sir James liaekintoi
"Official responsibility eompoaee the mind an
sobers the judgment.'' I eertaiuly feel tbe trnth ?
tlitTtin.uk, and 1 -.enture to think that 1 a'.n u:i?!>
i.*r boakls at tl.:- to ?I?? alvlhe tint
. *.ia. t .vithai: tbe impartiality I eaaeoaman
than any Othei man in 8oatb Carolina.
The rtati ment I now make Is called forth by th
?.--ifei.il efforts made i?y my opponents fa
B?timent of the conn! th?* ?an??* whlc
I have the lurtun?* t?i represent, and sgainsl th
I'r'-id'nt of the United States, who I
te tny call apon lii?i foi aid in rappre*
viol?ii??*. 1 be i* U bei ?.al only th
view? of my opponent?. 1 ?l?> not expect t?
part ?Mini i_i? ?tl.-? on ait_6i ride. Without dkmb
, if do. ?moat, ?Sepohlicans will ?n-*
action aad that of ?the President becani
rparty; while for a similai reason Dt
will (lenoiii.?'.* it. Fortunate!} then iaaconsidei
able reeerre force ci men not blinded >.r -pervert*?
ky mere ;? ,?. By inch m? n a .tat
me will 1?.- candidly considered,
men I especially addre.
The provision that "theUnited Stateashall pro
t. ? ? . * ? of this Union .?n application of tin
Legislature or ? .f the 1. .< ? ntivc [when tbe Legisla
lature ?anieit be eonvened) agains; domestic t?o
I?;??" is a part of the Constitution <>f Th. I
* tee, It waa intended t?. meet a f??i -
sity. It imposes a high duty opqii the ? ?
?BBMat, The only in?|iiir.v at present needful is
baa a ease oeeaiied here which warrants tb.
"f the power thaa eonferred and the <i
of a duly thus Imposed ' The answer depend* maiulj
Tht I'te.-i'i.M.i ??i tii.* United Btati t,
?pea my application conformably totbetermaol
? (institutional i?rovi?inii, has decided to grant
tl.? protectioQ demanded. It t.- . gestcil
that the I_e*t_s_atn_e aright have been convened In
1his.st.it?*. (.'? rtainly tl.it? - ?an l.ave n?
foundation except in the deain for delay, it doe.
i ?M tro to th.- _aarita ??t the ease. If a ease has non
ari-i-'i whleb ?oi*i wairanl the Legislature in call
lag for protection against domestic % i?.i.-n? ?-. tbei
tin* ?Legislature r??nl?l not be convened in tin
cute ?prot?t.ion befes? the domestic violeuce iron]?]
bars aeeompliahed He purpose. Besides this then
an- n.? fiiii.l? available u winch mo be made avalla*
l)l( within the IltXt 80 ilaVsf.il t))?- expenses m
Beparahh- team a session, however sholt, Of tin J.e.
TIIK l u i .?i DOM -!ic Vici r* <
As t?. th.-fa? t cf deeneetit violence in this Siate,
wh ?t km-! and measure <?f proof should he required.
It B well to notice thai Um Coastatntion does not
the kind or extent of domestic violence
wbieb will warrant either the Legislature <>i the Ex?
ecutive m spplyiag t??r protection, oe the United
Btatee ia granting it The Uaitod Btatee Revised
-bat pow? t?. the President "m
case of an insurr?? ?turn in any State
?gsiasl the Qovenuaeat thereof*1 to give
militari* aid oa apjiiuation of the Executive,
vbsatbs Legialature cannot be convened. What
'?.??rinay he th.-c.va. t legal ?eiaitioa ?f the term
" issaeetk riolem <? '" as seed n? the < ??, ititution, oi
"iiiMitr.cti,,., " ;,, ns,.,| i? fi?. ?.taint.-, H \m11 he
r<m<. ?i, ,i fag ill thai tl - - we contemplated
?r* such a? pi.-nei.t so formidable a i. aisaaaee or ., t .
?trnction to the itwhaip ?t the fanetions si the
Qsvsnmsat ??f tbe iTtaln.tbe iiafiaiisaisiil ?.i its laws
"id tbe piotcttitiii of it-? citizens, m t?> require
Heater fore?- than tin- ?GovsruBseal of the state poo*
??sses for that purpose. Neither 1?.\ th? Con
?tittition n??r the statutes in it made a
condition of tin-exercise of the power ia (?u.stioti,
that tbe ?lonn-hiie violente or ?n-nii? (turn sliall
li.m- overthrown the < ?mi I-? <>r a?tiially resisted
th?*ir offlcrs or prea__M_. J he occasions f??i ils __?.
?Cli_i-se, n, Ig ,,.-- ?? t lit- Official disci, ti.?n of the
Executives of the State and United Slat.*?. Thefa
official i?s].'ni-ii,iiity is the safegaard -game, its
***** 'Uns isth.t ?lociriii?. hud doMii by Chief
Jnstieo Tmiey || I.ntnr n^rt. Hord.n. Tl,
therefor.-no si^< ilie iiifallil)let?st bj win? h it tiny
-??known when the proper mom. nt or oe. asion has
*r' I ved.
Tho?,- who assort that such an occnBion does not
?owe-ist in Boath Ci olma d.-< lare tliat tli.-(i\il
Wooers ?ia\. not h.en iWtnmti in the ex?-? iilu.n of
?tie law?. lint doiiiestu vio.,*n?_a may aitgt and
?utterly paralw.c the arm of the civil autlionty vrith
wit actual physical resistance to any ahtnat of tho
ma. Insurrei tion may exist in complete proportions
_*_** ? hlow has been struck against anv
eiTil officer. To send a constalde or Sharif
w arrest a thousand armed and mounted
toin, assembled in violation of law aud
CTKaged in riotous ^cts and murders, is not
necessary to establish the fat. of the existence of
domestic, viol? nee or insurrection. To send a col
ered constable or a treacherous white sheriff with a
colored posse to arrest or disperse a thousand
brand, mounted, disciplined white men, organized
In military eompaaim and aetjag aaderthe <
in.-inilof inilitaiyi.iluei-. in lln- mid?' ?i avb
political campaign in this State, WOOM 1?' H ?
criminal folly, I now .proceed topraaeal a a
m.-ut of ?In- faets nil?n which the present call i
the IV? ?al.-nt f?.r ?ml in suppressing domestic
lene.' in this state has been ?nade. I ahall mah?
statement win. h ?Ices not K?t on oflk lb- inloi
tion iinvv in in.v possession.
Mii.iiAitY siHisdiii oi ran ama cl?bb.
Tint: As to the rifle ?-lull?. Tin-s? clulis ?in
gaiii/ations having every distmctive festure ol i
tiir.v eompaniea. The. exist, anisas disbanded a
my proelamatk.f the 7th last., of which II
no evidence, in every county In tbe State. I 1
the evidence of the existence <?f 218 rifle el
with th?' names of sonic or all <>f tbei? oflb
These chiba bave aa average member
Of HI? men. The evidence show?
tbe members of thiaforceof nearly 13.000 men
armed with not ksa than 8,000 improved bre?
loading rifles. My cetimste of the a bole nnmbi
in.ii enrolled in the rlfla ciaba and a.nned ?
effective weapons la nol Iaal thmi 10,000or 18,1
while the estimatea "f my Inftarmanta vary ?
20,000 to :fi?.<><><>. besides enuptny offlcers.
evidence shows that these dnba are organized I
j regiments. I have before BM at tin? moment ?in
I thentk printed copy of the general ordera ha
1 l.v the colonel of one Of these regiments, cim
' signed l.v the ailjiitant. in which Instroctions
gpecificslly given t?> the Uentenant^nhmel, ma
and eamunuiding officers ol eompsnice. The ?
dence point? also to tbe existence of genersl oflli
having control <?f other formstiona composed
regiments snd brigades. There is much evide
bom independent soute? ? anon ing thai fully l?',i
improved breeeh-loading riflea have been pincha
bj rifle ?'lui?? m tins State wit bin the last i
These organisstiona sre not only ootside th? l?
bnt they sre strictly prohibited by the 1
State, The evidence is overwhelming thai tb
clubs were fon.1 snd have been constantly used
tbe chief basis oi m of the 11
party. Daring the month "f tugusl I att? t d? ?I I
pnhhean meeting?, smong other?. In the counties
l..lg( ii. hi, Kewherry, Abbeville, Rarnwcll, a
Lane i?H r, al ea? h ol which ti" ? re presi
in namhere varying from 400 to 1.000,
In av ily m toed with pistols, snd were commanded
persons hesring the titles (>f militar] officers. Tl
marched snd naanenrerrd ss ordinary militari ro
They stl nd? d tbei i ? ?
?ill Instsn? ? s oi foi. ?- I theii
tion in Repnbli? ?n tn? ? tings h ? i
armed, orgauised bodies.
In their ?everal localtiestheseclnbsha
openly and ostensibly a? Democratic campaign?
;.i! w ??le in the Stati
ridden bj ilaj snd by nig]
? be !.'? publ icen ..? I ? - - .
members, uttering threat?, snd nol
ug them. Prior t" tbe rece?? ?n?t.it'i
tl I .V pi'
lam iti"H sad csll noon I
? u bo vv. re ni' ??'.... i!. ;..,,.
! I? nti.ii n a
? ' ? I.l ].ill.He;ill p.-II!?
had whipped ted hundreds, snd hail i m
\ idtially ill.. , Tbei bad f"i il
most part et mied punish in? ut
I the !? i!"i in-picl both In
? i! m tbe itln 'is of ih. law. '
? l almost the ?
of white tuen in their local i tl a, no ? fl
cicnt way of enfon ing tbe las
iblc or sherifl ??- itb a i nlon ?I p --?? won
law. If I were i" paaa through lb?
[ahonldncvei order, advise, oi ?"t-nnt tt
? ? i?.- made to ovi irome anch obstii
the law by any force then al my comma
won!.! ..? i."! I -? idle than cruel.
the State Government. Aconspirsej
be a i ot.frili tat n.n of two or more perwiUK to do m
lav. ful acts, oi t-. ?!'. ' iwfnl a? Is by uni
I i . on fed? ration todo unlav? fi
,srts by unlawful i ? It ruse to prop rtious an
exhibited itself in ways winch made alloidiuuf
civil agencies impotenl to cope with it. Il
by tlie commission of crimes ranging from thn
? ..il injury to murder, to deetroj lln freedom u
oritj "i lln- pi o pie in tin pu--- ul i lei tion, an
tan? to overthrow tbe lawful guvernmenl ol tb
Tin: BIOT ai i ii i STOB.
I '.?ne DOW to tin- tran-a ? tu.n which ?ski (l
a? " the Ellenton manas? re," sud a bi? li ?? n? the im
mediate eaase of my call upon tbel'i
militsry aid. The countr. la slread*. fum lia
the Hamburg massacre, which wsa si tin timen
n? occurrence, in July, declared by my opponent
here to be aporsdic snd unpremeditstcd in ?tschsi
a? id. Ellenton, th.- cent? ol tbe ?cene ul th
snd more . \t. nsive m is-a? t? . ?a ?itusted m tbesam<
county with Hamburg(Aiken),and aboni fOmili
distant. Tbe oonnties sdjoining Aiken cm tb? non I
and si tit h are Edgefleld sad HaruwelL Tbe i."
and massacre eontinu? .i from the l?tb t" Ibe !_ Itb o
? nili.r. The attan ? fully planned, al
11 ut ii tul reporta of its charsctei were so sncressfull*
luppresscd, and tbe terror inspired in ?ill the loca
era of tbe count, wassogreat, that 1 waa nnabl?
to obtain nn first official report through 1i" i lai ofll
tent from Colombia sntil tbe iSthofOctobei
l.v. n then the .report was very imperfect on occounl
of th?- f.ni thai the colored people abo were tb?
witnesses snd objects oi the violence were ahaenl
(loin their homes tbrongb f< ?.r. aud when
ae.a asible wen- in msny ini lane? - snwil
lit,.' to give Unir testimony autil furtbi t
protection eonld be gnaranteed t?. them.
An elaborate iovestigation has now been made,
ami tin- following statement La made op from tbe
written testimony of more than one hundred sworn
witnesses win. have been careful!) examined, li
will I..-seen that all the discrepancies between tbe
present statement snd that mads in my letter ol
<i(t. I to tbe ?Chairman oi the Democratic State Ex
ecu tire Committee simply add features ol deeper
borra to the sflair.
In the County <>f Aiken and the adjoining eonnti? ?
of Edgefleld ami Uarnwell the ?hit?- Democrats
began sa early as Iaal .July sj -i. mntically t.. Infoi m
the? olored Bepnblicsns thai tbe Democrats had re*
-?'Un? to carry tin- eomingelection, and thai the
( olor??I Republicana would have to vote w itb them.
laAagasI ;m<l the early pari of September these
threats took s more definite form. Tbe colored Ke
publicaas were told far and wide thai if the] did
not rote the DeaBoeratk tick? t th. v would be killed.
V| ireely a colored msoeannow I?<- found to whom
these threats were not personally made, Tin y were
ordered todtaeoatinne their polities] meetings, sad
?rangtold thai s L?t of all Utah leaden had been
ina.ii ?nit, and that 1 li. -?. Icul. is vvonlil I,.- killed,
.??ilveitoii, lions.'? Hrulge, ? liavis's .?-tore, Matlock'a
Church, un?l Union Bridge an pmata la the vicinity
?if l.llcnton. In this section is g large colored popu?
lation, ??'iistitiiting perhaps the. strongest Repab*
hean auction <?f Aiken < lonatj,
Hilling the We?- preceding the lCtll of Septeinlier
word was ?cut to the coior.il Bapablicans, by the
BBsaahegaof thawhita rule alaba, that tbe Bepub
ln ?in Club at Cliavis'? Stets would he broken up on
Saturday the Kith. The rille rlul.s in that K-ctioii,
contrary to their cUMt-oin, BBBaaahlsd on Friday
the 16th, instead of on Saturday, at Mat
lock's Church. The .{?-publican Clnh met on
the Kith according to tlu-ir custom, but owing to
the threats referred to only 2'A jM.raoiiH wer? jir?????nf.
On the 10th throughout the ?lay the rille ataba wer?
assembling at Matlock'w Church, five or six clubs
being present numbering not less than JOU men, a
part of the men being fron Augusta, Oa. A lit
before sunset of the 16th these elabs formed
military companies, aad marched upon ? run do?
to ch:i\.?'s Store, where the Republican el
was sappoaed t?? l?>- amambled. They log
only alunit id HepabUcana present? I
nil?1 club lea.l.-is demanded t<> see I
leader of the Bepuhliraa club. Columbas ?Soi
tree, the Chairman of tbe Republican club, bel
alisen!, Samuel 1 i.-ithy ?acted as spokesman. I
chief spokesman "f the rifle slabs then told t
colored members of tbe Republican club that th
must not meet again, " thai they would all I??* kill
oil'if they did.'' Seeing one colmad man with
shot-gun they to.'k it (rom bim, bal finding
worthless they retained his ammunition andga
I?:,? 1? the L'un. The colored men wen then inform
thai "there bad ?gol t.. ?be a light I
tw.-cn the \ilii!?-s and the blacks." and I
rifle ?liii.s then demanded that the eoloted m
present should step ont in line and " flght It <>u
This nil? t was naturally declined. I'm..11? a I
yellingsand threats of vengeance the rifle ele
marched oil, declaring they were ?going t<> k
i.!.i?l?i Hull.nul and Simon Coker A\\-x cil"l
members of tbe ?Legislature) thai night. Dur)
the night of the 10th several colored men at
killed il. till -i*. lioll.
i?i < <?'.is?; i iir m t ?
On the morning ?>f tbe 17th the rifle clubes
peared In large numbers at Rouse's Uriil
which ontheedgeof a swamp the rolnredpropl
men, women, and children, pauii stricken bj i
murders >.f the pr?t? i.?us night, hail gathered, Kha
9 o'clock on the morning ol the 17th |8un?l i
rill?* ?liilis fm in.?! a? m?? a lii-lil in ln?nt of Roust
Bridge, threw fini pickets, ami assumed the p?
tioti of a hn?tile army. Bel. moving forwai
they s? ?it a mesm-nger to the leading colon
m? n, a bo had no*. .??? .1. ,| tin ms. '
mu h as possible in the ?w.i np. I h
sciiLo-r railed for tbe leading ???'.I mi
and a-ked if they would compmn I robin
lneli I. plle.l lh.ll lln \ linl nil ?I'Mlli 11II? I dill II'
know what compromise meant. The i
?>i the ml ? ? Inlis il.? n m?iI thai the ? lul*s had a as
rani l??i the an. ? ander l'ope and thi
want? ? he colon dm. tv-l that l'o|
w.is n..! aith them, but Ibal il the iitle du
w arrant foi auj ?
I In i, ?u? -?ni .(.\. .?i the ml?* ? lulis tl?. -
? - ni five
1 ,?:i!", mi.. . I?mi|| p| ,.. , ami ? ?I 1 h it l...t
1 ?
w bite no :. ? ? n 1 ?n
v. :t\ backt
m 1
'. kille
m th.* bead ami X? I-?'? ;
di tu"
: 1 ,. k. aiel that 11.? pu?
1 - t.. kill till
tin.' theni (lilt ?if I
' '
? ?'I I? IM IMllll ??
Inn mi. I In 1 ,'
? ?! '.n t; -m I,*, a-. - Itridi ?
ami !
.Inn :
..ill oil
i .
11,. -, moved up ?
? ..|.,|i :
1 i.i :r \ it 1,- IM1
a In.lit l.*> 1:
? . |, - I
|.. icealde man, well 1
? .111 ??ni.i\.
-, 11111.g ? I h e r a i 11
and a rolored I I
?\ ,- ; . iwaitiui ' 1 from 1
lull III ?.I ?!? I l'i ?* ' !?' \ ?
Could t- legl ?i.ii Hie (
' ,:.it\. Tll( ', ill? clllh lien fore.'?! IlIlll
car. took him bn : ? l ami aft? t a In i>l
pai l.i shot 1; in 1
pass ii?'.!-"! tie train and ?il lln i rnlil?iii_f
??! ? '.I.li. . '? ?I
and n< si i;- I I
tia 1 fie cl 11 Im on tbi ..na dav, but th? uuuibei rs ?
not m t t.. I...-.I.
I 1 im i:?l 1. ilMl.
I it? m the ?la-, un Monda., the I -
of tin rill 1 : ah svitli
l? t : 11.- .1 in l.*..i ? - I M ?n.l.ix
night com pi? tel j -?n i..iii.i|i I ili? swamp in which
the .i?? ?I ? 1 ? "hu? ?i i" 1 mi ? 1. re hiding to the
numbei if about HO 01 !?i?, il.i line "f
pi? k< I? iiiin ?I M :lh hie. 1 li loadiii ? 1 ' I
tin* uiorni , ?! I ?'..I. ol i!i ? !? i?l< 1 -
"I 1 lie ni!? ? Inlis, .1 prominent ?-? bite man li -
tins ? leinit]. told his roiiiideutial rolol
il, M " the) li "l got the n:.*.*??: ? in a bum It ? 1 I:
and . i 1 liem mi rouiidt ?I, timl b) i >???! the)
m'? le ? 'I !" I Ml lln la I .I II., ni."
About s ,,', !,,. k il.in?. 1 , ..I tl,. ml, . lui,
orders to their force to ad vanee, ami tin ? hud art null j
advanced to within 14)0 yard ?>i I he spot when tin
colored people were h m l? II- ?I i" il i r m the swamp
awaiting th? ir doom, ounor two of them I
been actually shot bj the skirmishers, aben Capt.
Llovdof the Iftth United Ktatos lui inti ? spp. an ?l
on th? ul ? 1.una.m.I ..I I inti M Kl ?ii -
soldiers, riiegunsnl the ml? rluhs were leveled
at lu? cou, m. m?!, mi' hi tbe belief, as it., rifle clulis
iiifoi meil linn, that a black militia com
pany was ."i.??? i?? relieve tbe colored peo
pi'- in the sa amp. I >.i ills? ?>\ ei lug thai
tin*, wen United Htates troops, a messeiigei aas
dispatched t?? inquire "f Capt Lloyd ahal h? pi.?
pooedtodo. The oftcei responded that be had no
orders except t.? keep the peace, \ .imitation
il.? n t??ok place ?between the chief >.f the rifle ? lub
and Capt. Lloyd, in which il aas agreed that the
rifle clubs would disperse, Theronpun, under tbe
pi.?'. ? ii.?I th.? l nu? .1 ?States troops, the ???I.I
people 1 am?- out 1 nun their hiding place and clustered
around the soldient with expreesioua of gratitude nol
to I?? ties?M il? ?I.
mi ' 11 us i.isii-,;.,. pfftn rmuura.
The nil?; ?lui. nun did not affect t.iceal their
ehagriaat tbe intervention of the United States
troops, ami loudly and repeatedly declared in the
pr.seme of the troops thai they bad intended t.?
" kill th.* last one of th.- niggers." ih<* rifle elabs
now broke .amp ami apparently started homeward,
hut their trackseould i>< HoDawed ami dietlnguished
b] I lu* ho.lie-t of ile;i<| BSgrOM i I10111 tins chanced
to me? t or a hoiii 1 hey sut ? waded m huutiiif- down.
Ihe rill?- elabs which bad assembled ai Uonteft
Bridge f??r this final ?slaiii.hl. r were estimated
by the iirmy otiieiis pnassd t<> rsambst ?t hast
h(k? tuen, fully armed gad eqalpped lot war, ami <<>i
le? teil from the counties of K?!?? liihl, Atk.-n. ami
Marnwcll. BafON leavmi; Koiihc'-i ]11i? 1 -<*- the
lea<l?rH of th? rill?1 cIiiIih informed the colored peo?
ple that " tin-Yankees had naved them this time,
but the. would get them th. next time." At the
same time H,,. rjfl(. (.i?i,s Glared t\l;it "ti?.,
tended to (any the clccti. n ami ki',1 every '?"!
I?'-'I'uhii.iin win. would imt rota the Democ
ATI!'" Il Y ?'!' Tin: TlliltnlilsVI.
Tin- i.'stiinoni before um elearly ahowe theft
pretext heretofore issisriedbytl rifle el ' for!
assembling- the ssaanll of the two colored rob
upon Misa Barley, i fad which | Msigi sd in
former letter, slresdy referred i... sa the causeo
cam?n ?f ?he riot ?? atterly unfounded. 11>.?
clubs smembled m parsnsnes of a well-mat
plan, known ami published m Ih? three eoontie
"i-'ii down the Diggers" by infli? ting am h viol.
apontbetnand by meh deaaoiistrationa of for?
to cause tbe leaders to flee and the Baaaaofthe
lowers n. forego voting or vote the Demoa
I have now merely described in outline the dot
tic violence snd insurrection aa it was aetnally
reloped at Ellenton and within a radius of
miles therefrom. Hut in truth tin.? was only
! phase or linier of the vi?leme and Insurrection,
j virtually uv. i.i.i. ,,| the Counties "f Aiken
r. .i.iw. II, producing a reign of terror which
populated large sein,?h ol tl. Monties "f
colored niales. Investigation? i.?? \% m progress ?i
cate unmistakably ih.it the actual murders e
mitted exceed tin- estimatea heretofore formed
me i.? bj ihn-.- mosl familisr with the fa. t?. s?.
of i ?hired m. n .-u. still nn? ting In sddition to tl.
al..v known to hsvc be? n Ulli ?l
SOT i M ?in UN BI800. I LNMl . I.
I he?.m, tome of the leading evidences "f
dome?tic violence anil insurrection which were
occasionol mv call upon the Preaidenl for milii
aid. The facts presenl d an- clearly proved, ;
HlC I li," |||-' at . t, ,, |;,.,? ;,,,. | think, ?llst.li?. 'I
the ! i . amply warranting
I ??ill ami th.- I'n ?id? ill's n sporn.". To have done 1
j would bave been to abandon the chief function
gov. i:,.:e ,.;. ami to have permitted domestic v
lenee and itiaui n i lion i" si i omplisb ?es i
whi? b the ? of the United Mat. ? v
cd to ? mi ? ii. ctuali).
Tl.' f :? ?? ? pn H \: ?on,, v. hat vt i |elj
tion of the i l
? th. ? bo engaged In i
conspii by an Insuppoi table le
d? n of n- . ?.?:-, . I , er to this] sa -
that by tb? .,. ijority of f
. m. n nnd organ? "f pnblir opinion in tl
ule Hui
pnblii . been h'>ii<
aide sud ?ni id tb il .n n i I
Th.- mt? i,n. . ind Dei
: would t
I ? a l.v the ,}
i '? ... i ill. pai
. I'e ||l ? |1
I t ..i proof to il
? outr i
lUch as
f .1 a ?
? ? I
I have aoi.ght
"f tl
.1 fall -I '?' ? S, t* thC
- I
| ?till llllll
|| l| lli.it ??'. || a . olid i ? Il "
in .tit? n.. 1.1 ?ou and ilia
: . I? ? ?;. nl ??! tin 1'nit.d
I '. II - ? ?? I.AI1?,
' ' mlina.
til. SERAI. 11>':,' l'i \ NEWS.
Kl ci m [('AN i ON -: 111 ti . IN SPAIN.
? ? ? "i. !?:?:.
An i.tin il note h:- In i-ti |'iil'!i-li. il here ?le
. ? .i
! lie i. ?? - '
. law.
i. !?:?:.
vi. itch from San iv? the ????v
uled t.. m the ?Imh
. .. n. m. ut there, ?'el " i" ?!...? wn - II
, i . .i. - li 1. rum.I III it Unix ?
i.i.i.-, sin "i? u ? v?... ?? ' : -
A I'" ! mi IN ..AXCASHIRE.
i,,- nos, '???? In ?daj. ??. i -?'. i -.'?'?
'I I,,. n i-t, t . i.it?.n ?pinners nl N"ith nml
I , I, in I all. , lute II" t ..I llaOl I" ?I? I t.-l. nl.it
,t ?! the mauler? to i al. a g< u.-i-.i
l... ' ,n,i ... ih. t .. n- .!.i Hi. ''ti" nl tin- i. -..lull?.II
? ')?
Till RAILRtl '??'> 'I ?'..'?
|? M VV N'a? IS . I -. I l.'ll I" I'" I? 1"'W a?! '
Pill! till I I'lllA. Oct. 24. A ITHII?'! I? ??III. nt
: ,, .- i -,,,.. n sndi rtilll hu? i??-. ..m.- ?
Hi, ral.i ;"-' ***** ,!"
, , , . 10f c, the I'. .n-? li mi ? sn i ?
till. "-'(I'l."' ''"I' .??i
i ,:? i win? n lli. t bad i.. ? ?i m ii.n In '???.' '?
Lhiiai.h .pun ,i..i_.nii-t S? ? *i "? Keceuth a m-n
"..m i.nu.n m- ul Mi V ml. ii.i'i ?!?ii,.i Mr
l In.nia- ..tient! cet rail' llllll ?Ul t? a ?UrilUi (?? a? Ill
.1.1 Mi -, oil |<i ?id ? "!?'' I
twill Nil N .1,1. rl.lll "ii I' ' ?Ul?J? ' ' " I"'" ,'"'" :'l'l":
. ni ,1,,'n Hie out -. i Ibal m ni" r the ItMlllmore and
M,.,, t nr il., |'i an?,I?.uni i""l ??""Id .'Ici '? tl?ee?tali
' . .1 ..'!..,.. i i ..' '? lei "? ?? '
Hi,, pn,!.i -, it leim nt, ii made ill all. Involve? a e.
pi.-ie.I..?u ?u in- purl ..: K? a ?ort ? entrai and
? ummodore Vauderbllt.
a hi vvv \ki m-.', r. "in?>.
I'.'i.i MB! ?, Ohio? Oct. 24.?There bag been
sa..pp.:..-?.t lull la poll-teal affaira ?une Ih? late >?'<-.?
II.n. n.,: pgrtj hating p.it forti say great egorli
bul vviihii, thi past !? s daj ? th? re hate lieea i
ilgna ..i sctlvitv The greater |?irt!on of the arork,
however, i- .uni. .1 mi i-v I" d speaker? anil town emu
mill. ? an 'i I In I ..-iiioi -i il? Id ' \'""'.,A"''"
I?, !!,. frolll a mi He t-ill I" )? U ? l"IH'"ll"- ??
A .,?, lai n..m tt.ih.? large uumlier
?u li ly? - ami vvi,.guard? sen! i"1 "; " -'?-? '.x".*
tu ..in Uli a ,,, i . nein,.' I" '? iiildri ??-"' I?) ' ? '"'V J
li . ... n.i hei i ? ? ?? ii-i.d Impn islnn prevails that
iin Itepublloana will carrj Ohio In govombef It) svsi
I m. illi ?.i:\PH WAAL
Cm. \(.(>, ?id. 24.?The Atlantic and Pacific
Tarn ?i iph I.p mj __n add ?" have loeorod the eoatrol
of s telegraph Use ritendlag ft. H'IH alty througb
Aurora, Rod-ford, and l?verai other leading eitl ? ol
lliiiu.i?. These linea Save heretofore beim operated In
the Interest of tbe Weateru Uul.ui. lb? cuutriul umlei
Will, h II.c All.II,He BUd l?l'lll' -eelll c . " it I "I pin V 1,1. -t
fui Hu Immediate exteuaion "f the Unealo .Ma<li?oii, Wi?..
innI St. Haul. ____________
Ti:i.K<?iiAi'iii< nn
??mi AIM.1.P111 ., ?i.t. 24. The cash admissions to
the l-.thllillliin I?, ?my vn-ie. al 11" 11 irulm '''-. ?'???? I
Satabbah, <;.i., Oet. 34. The total number ofin*
terinelila It. .lay vsm. _. 11 li, of will'li live vnie Iliiin y.lliiw
f. v. I
Ottawa, Oet. 34.?Oov.-Oen. Duflferin congretu
l.'iti.i the in-i.pl. i.l ('.tumi.'. ...i the ?aUatMlory put I i ..??>? hart
iaU.ii la the ('.-m.-iii.ial i.iiul.lii"". When r. plying to an a<1
ilreM ft "in tin- < U I.V. a i in is.rat Inn.
Halifax N. s? Oet. 34. The sabjaet of making
lialifai the VMlllel |...|t ,.f , .ill fi.r H"' III'lH ?O ulll-rn IH llgllBtai
In-rr II l? iinili'iit.sHi 111*1 'le H.llll")' line nf sl.?i?iii n vt til
piuliatlils n.n S?lw??a laveiisj.il auU Halilai Uila Wlutei, cuni
lie 1.tila, (ID .Nit !'/?
00?. TO-DO. DEFINES Ills position.
MF. W(.ti.i) RBOAIO IT as Big MJTT it? vim Air.
claim mi i.*? raovmoxg oi no ooagirro
n'.iv. Tilden has written the bllowiag h tter ta tbe
lion. Al.ram S. Hewitt, Chairman of tlie National
Deasoeratk Ezeeative Committee)
Hi w-VoitK, Oct. _1, 1876.
To Ihr Hon. AnitAM 8. Ilrw i i r.
Bnt: I bave rece! ved yonr letter informing me that
Bepnblicans high in authority sre publicly repre?
senting thai "tin-South il,*ire, not without hope."
to obtain payment for 1osm?m ay tin- late war ami t<>
haw- *' pro*! i?i,,n made lor the label debt and f"i the
lo?.-. -, ,,f ,A,.x\. ?."
A? i he ,i,i\ mini ,,f tneh lesees and cl dins was not
de? i.nil importanl enoncti k> deserve the notioe ol
either convention si the time itwasbeld, yon al-<>
Mb me t.? tat?- my \ lews m regard t<> tin m recogni?
tion by the Oovenimi nt.
; um self to abide bj t!..* Issae m
main ap ?already, I have no hesitation t<> comply
a ilh mou :? .
Th?* Fourteenth Amendment ol the Constitution
exprese!) proi ides as foll?n ?:
ii"* validity of the public debt of tht United States
mull..n/.al li- (aw, including debts Incurred for ;? lyment
??f -h n??.? n? aii.i i?..ii 111 -. . r..i -. * -, Ice? in luppressinit* In
?un. .-ii.m m rebellion, shall not lie ?pi?tt..n. ?I. But
ueith? t iiie i tilt? ,i Kistes,.* an) State, -hall assume oi
pa> any debt or obligation Incurred In sld of Insurrec
lion ?>r i?*ii? li.rnnilm?! the united Btstes, or sny claim
im un- in?? ni -em.m, ? -,. .n,a, ,,i ,ii,v dave, but sll such
?|. us, obligations, ana claims shall be held Illegal snd
This amendment has been repeatedly spproved and
sgreedto \<\ ?eamcratu Btate conventions ?>t the
South. It was ananitaonal) adopt?.I ss a pan oC
the platfoi m of the ?D?mocratie National Convention
l.oui-, ?m the *j*?tli of .June, ami a ?? declared
by that platform t?> be "universally accepted as s
i.nal -? ni,m? nt ot theeontroveraieethat engenden d
?il il war.''
U) own position on this subject had lain pre
vionsly declared on many occasions, and part?cu?
la mj first annual m< age, on Jan. 5, 1875.
In that document I stated 'I.at th.* Southern
1" ople ?*. ? re " bound by the Thirteenth, fourteenth,
und Fifteenth Constitutional Amendments j that
they h.ol Joined ;.* national conventions in the
nomination of candidates and in the declaration of
principles and purpoaca which form aa aathentie ;???
11 pi.une of the moults of the war, embodied iu the
last three amendments to th?. organic law of tbe
Federal Union, and thai they bad by the suffrages
"f Sll tin I ..Mai -, at the !a?t lia! n mal el? I I
completed the proof that now they only *?'?? k to
-I t?? maintain the common
??f a *. rnal
nnion, nnder t.Id dag. with ' one Constitution
?r> ?I at the ? im.- time:
I lie ?| .. - - - - ? ' ,? i-i>
.. i
. n inn ???.! *a - [t mai rt the end
f.T.t.l .?I : - ; II,
' ! tile flltllll',
Mil D ttl.d sud in .. I
ins of
' -... inlim-lit a ill, s,i tat t? .!? !?<?; ...
??? .1, and enfivTced In
bt ?'??1
? ??? paid No claim for *
ripatioii of any slave a libe llowod. Ko claim for
tton lux will nol : <1. I
?l 11(3 dut) to veto every bill providing
? . . us, oi i-'i tbe refunding "t an)
much I
Jang, rial
i -.?n? a h" aide?! the rebellion, li tl
i la i m? .?f p i-..!i ? residing m t li?- .Southern States or
bavin? pro'ierty in tho* *? .* abo were or pre
il to be m who for the mike of siding claims
now i'ii lend t" h i-.e i.e. n |(i) ,i to (lie Government
.?i tin-l ilion. Such claims, even of loyal i" I
a le i'- th? *. an- i!"in a- tscaiiw .1 bj tin
??t lu. have been disowned b> the pabli? la
?mil ? ? condemn! I h> the adjudication*)
of th? Kupn me Court of l ! only
iiiel any status I?) force ?1 ipeclti. hgiidi.tion ot
t'oiign'ss. These claims have .! are
often ta th fraud. Thej are nearly alwaya
liquid in whole or in part by claim agi
ii la t?.r?, oi lobbyists, w Im have uo equity againsl tbe
tax pai.i-.oi* the public, I!?? \ should In all
be -?t ut un/.-? i -.? i'Ii j? al., i - ? are.
I ii? . ibuiiities to ui.ii \ nli!.il? which were indicted
b) tin i sre, i"i tin tnoal part, ii reparabh .
-.n..! 1.1 ill t" lit. i!?.- mill i "i
our youth who went to untimely grai ?
? : bcir relativi i
frieinla. Il ? iniiol reailju t. between Individuals,
tin- iiiiiili-n? m 1.1 atioii hitherto borne, or of debts
incurred to sustain Ihe (.'ovuruuient, which am yet
i.. be paid, li caiiuol api-ortiou anew among our
citizens tin ? ? i loss? ? im Ul? m to n :
ona m i utltiug m every variety >>f form
11.11 n n? measures for maintaining its own exlnl mce.
It bas im safe gem ral rule but i?> let !?? -gones ?be by
to turn from tbe dead p:i?t to a new and bet
i. -i |.|> mi. ..?: nl. on thai I ?a*-1?. to -assure p? ice, r?con?
cili?t i.snd fraternity between all sections, cl
ami races "i our people, to tbe end thut ill th?1
springs of our productive industries ma) be quick?
en.,I and a new proaperit) created in which the
evils of the past shall be forgotten. Very ?reapect
lully yours, "*ami im. J. i ni' v.
Ml:. IE I i Ut U OA 91 LAI.III.
i i i-nur IT (in. gRIIWfl HALL.
Iltin\ W.ii.l Beecher'a lecture ou "Wealth"
.iltiacl? ?I a lai,.e .mil. in e t.i ?lu, keiiiih- Btait la
lag, Mi- Bescher sad bet family, Tfcomaa ??. .hearmaa,
?ad a fea warm personal Meada of Mr. Beeeber oeea
i?,, m -. .n - in the? slier* ? There wasagroapol Brook
l> It |a-..'.!e ili tile I'.ll *'|IIet. ?Ill? Il USS elltlfelr gllod.
Mon Hi in half ??f Un* ?lie?. eUi-le Hint tii.? III?! Unes
i.,-.-.m thegallerj were oeenp?d. The audlen
|.? ar. ?i to i?<- m,nit ai? of church-going ?people. H I i
ten laees aere seen wbkh were notice.
m niton's lecture in tin man piece m tin
previous evening. Tbe prospectus of Tkt Ckrltttan
Union was actively dlstrlbuied la the pei ?... Wben
Mi. Beeeber appeared al the platform ?i"??i then was an
outburst of applsuse treat the teat? of the ?parquet.
M, i;., .n, i* -in.i.,- entirely attboel notes, and without
deeh, ind mndt himself tsmlllarlj al i.i" with the
platform snd bla audience. Then were no allusions to
the late ti-iul ami Its manifold troubles, nut those i li ?
were looking for inch fell comparattvel) recompensed
uln n lie tula'it iin-t ?l...|ii. :.t... nt Hit- fi -.Humility lit"
bumsn nature, and the lemptsttoas of ambition? praise,
lore,affection,and good fellowship (?? men who could
nol Ik?moved tii tin baser temptation ot money. "He
who was not vulnerable ou some point -a..? imi man, lint,
James itedpatfa of Boston Introduced Mr. Beecher with
the remark, " there la no acl of in.? life In which i tak?
?.?i? a.? i' pleasure than lutroduclncthisgood mau Henri
\\ ?'til la . . la ?." t < > tt hull the :ill< it.-iie?? loildl) I. .?Iniiilt tl.
Mr n?i? her applanded thegeneral desire t.? produce
wealth ?.ii moral ?rounds. Industry waa the teacher aoi
only of clvlllt) but also of morality. Property wss mal
ter Into which brain had been Infused. Propert) would
follow the line ..f elt lllsatlon : f??r, although riches might
n.it civilise, there was no civilisation without riches,
The tarier results of Industrj most Mandos troth, hoa
??Kiy, and rtiiein i. ??n iii<-?.- rented ?octet? audrellglon. The
pulpit tauch! tinl I'll.-'ltlu* ??.ill With illative*, lint thu
outside world trained men m habita of morallt) and
virtue, The onl) royal virtue thai tin* (huit h laaght
and train*-?! min ni ?ii? initleiice. .Men said all IMUUMSS
was mil <?f tin* almmlnatlons of deceit. Dm tuen suppose
Unit if iiiiite II. ? lli.ui IrutliH wen- totd In **?*.nil M. thut
Wall it. cotilil exist? Capital could enter every kingdom
in th?* woiiii saespt the Kingdom <?t Heaven.
Henee much of it wss desirable, ami that it i??
nu m.i to good sees, sash n? improving tin*
ndivldnal un.V ih>* household 'i?i?l the eouiuiuntty. A
uiitftu to nii.-.l Uitus of in/ ?* Lien tbe day uauie for
tiic payment nf huma, Aad yet hi BreaBlya men cover??,
up du -n- property t.. escape taxatton. Re was gi.n
ihings ?rere dig?rent In New-York. He especially urge?
arise benefactions and bequests forth? |ii-?-ni?.tioti of th?
public good, and Ilia? men like Peter Cooper ?to it li
their lifetime, sad sot he benevolent only when tue
could uo longer be ?eUlsh.
6BN. CEOOK heads off a yj;w WAR
?I'"l ILL) TAU. M UM CHU I <'F ALI. Uli: ?MI X?TWC
taik.i: (anus rAKM wini.it r hi:im; a ?hot.
inr rsirsnira so raa ramena.)
I.l-.l? (l.Ul'li A.-K.V. Y, 0. 1. 33, Via I'nKI I.AIiAMIp.
Oct. IM.?Aiiairs at llii.s agency roa? bed a ?-limai
yesterday. Aboatti? tiam tbe bata treaty eoaaaria
.?ion met In re, four weeks ago. the Indian? nmved
away from the agency, ?uni eaaaped on Chadroa
Cue!:, j."> miles eastward basa ii?in .point. Thap
m nt m aqnawa la draw rations, but lefaaed to aoaaa
m a body theaasalvss. When Qea, Crook arrived
here eight day? ago, WOfd was sent to these Indians
that BO more ntiOM would be ??sind to tin in until
they moved into tin- agency, In r? spouse to this,
Little Wound', band of mm bandied and eighty
lodges earns _aaadeaa_ped asar Crow Batte, (lo?.
to the agency. The Ogalalhu under Red Clood,
and Coajajolis under Bed I.caf, tiiii.ih? ?ing nearly
three bandred lodges, tefased to eaaaa in. nails ..f
hostile Sioux, leading toward their eaaasA ahow?sd
, that they were la activa lateroommnnieatioa ? ada
| th.- proximity of aottlamenta along the Worth l'lajte
! toada Omit attitude .!.?? ?.l.-iiy asonan?Bg It waa
ascertained beyond a doubt thai many srarriota had
already gone cut north to join tha hostils si..o\-,
eneoaraged thereto by reporta broaghl u by the
latter that buffalo were coming lu apse tha Powdes
. and Little Mlaaimri rivers In imaieass h. ni?. liera*
over, it ia certain thai these Indiana aoeeptei the
pi position of Beading a delegation to Indian
Territory t?> look for new boaawsmerely to tide affaira
"? .i un! il Spring, v, h. n they would all go on the war?
When Dr. Daniela aad Mr. Howard of the Com
ini?sj..ii arrived hers two wm ka ago totaks tha isla*
gati.iii o? Indians smith they found I'd Cloud'..
people ahead . Liking the ?intuitiv?- fur war. Qea.
('?.a k immediately oomprehended theaitaatioo,and
determined not to panait these people te aacape.
????n.Merritt'scommand, comprising all tha trooea
oi the late expedition, about 3.000 m n ?im mg, was
en? amp. ?I on ( heyenne liiv.-r, 50 aaih a north. Am
force was ordered to concentrate on Red Clood
Agency al once; bal tha saovementsof the Indiens
be- stne ??' threat? oing that affaira were pr?cipit?t? ?1
inni h sooner than expect? d.
I - sight al da! |_ (.? tl. Ma. k ? i/i.- w.u. ordered to
take all hi? a\ gilable fore ol :
i of the 4th aad two companies of tha
Sth Cavsliy, and march immi ipoa the In*
1 at Chad: ? I . i his lnovc
iin in - ted s Ith g'i'- ' . -I prasapt*
md it .i i a -. of day the ? amp "i ??'. ! i.
? talion, ami that
? l i load "? :- '- bj ?t'.ipr. tfaaek'a
battalion, Not a abot was fired. The troops dosed
__ completed th? cordon, and these two pestifer
ons tribes, with all their women, children, poaiea,
and arms, were captured. Ibe Indi ins were si anea
disarmed snd dismounted, and tbe whole
my i.-> Dow on n- way n? the agency nadet
( barge of Gen. Mackenzie. Tin- i? the tii?t move
..f a WOl It that ihonU have lic.'ti
' is! Spring. ' ?en, < !ruob .?' sn? ?? dei?osed !.'? ?1
' ' f of :'ll tbe fi
- ; ' ople bom
their og ncj ov.-r liero. __eantiiue b?
? i his young meu bere to aoalst la
?ting the poll>ey of the
?. meu! ?n ?i'.lining tl.. . A eon?
rriora from Little Wouud'a
Ott-cd rail'? beads will join ?Sen. Crook in his
? tign, -?' tb n ?n i.i-; a lim i
snd those outside i can uo longer ha
used i foi the bustil? as? igt??
liately D| ?recoil ? Ma? I.? n/._
_ i ipture, '? .. ? rook Informed tho
Connuissionershere thattbey could proceed with
their plan of getting a delegation of Indians to go to
Indian Territory, while he a ill pro ? ed si on? s with
th-wo!k ni a expeditionaaaiaM
the northern hostiles. It is lost two years ago to*
m?' these Indinas threatened t<> bumbmm
everybody at thosgeocy becaase it waa propoaed la
it tbe I ted State? Sag there, aad tb? j ire tha
ludiatu who parti? i pa ted In the Fettcrmsa sad
. tea. '??i:-:- tbe ::??? blow they hava
. v. ? te. ivci. and ?i i? not probable they will fet an
to murder aad plandei this frontier
_ _
<;i:\\ ? I.' OUT.
Wv-H-.v.ion. Oct. 24.?The following t??!??
gram fi.(lea. SberidSB ed thta sftenssa
?ii.t'.i :
?'mv.'i, '??' 24 Phe foiCvin.- Uspaash J i?t re
? mil ... a. i
? ami- i: ii'is-i'v ' t. 'j.i. s?.i r. it t_aramie. Wyomt-g,
Oct. l'l Bed (Toa.l'a and Red Leaf? banda were aae?
. i i.,?t i,..- it, il -..n,n tl, and tin ir
? bi? ni..i ni'..-. I have had dii.i
n thta matter, for the naaon that ?lane the hos?
tile? ,.?;?.n.. a. ?1 ?eatterlng itie?e Indian? have .?!-<>
I, locating their eanip* further front the agcucy,
. ilenl v rotumiiulcsting ?vnlt and receiving ihn
i ? . report cob
.! liabed without Ol . ?
?hot. Thank? are due t.. Col mrler whosa
p.-:?.?nal .Upen !.?i"i: th;. IU"V. i ellt WS.niliicte.i, and
t.. Major t.?,:?l..n. Still avalry, and I apt. Malik, iiii ? av
:- ?! the battalion?. I bad a aal
:.i:v council -'I'll Spotlcd Tall, and ? i *h.ic
In I? the only luiportuut leadei v.l.. baa had the aarvs
lu he our irt. ?d. au l h ive tlieref.(ml bint In cb irgc m
i lei of all. I!if line of toe hostile and the ? ? i
lilt ilupos. II?now i ii.iiiiv drawa,?ad ..cour
. - mili n ih?? fn t.t la future.
???.i. Mi nui male his ?com, developing several trail*
running into the ntency, and I? no? near here. I coald
niuaiid !.. Ki ' ici" p the lu
. t.- a?"ti! i.' i. av,-. Pol. Merritt's command will
he here (o-uiurrow, when I I ? ganiselbe new expo
tlition ai ' th Hat once. I feel ;.'...t tht? i* the
lir-t gleam "f da} light we have had m tht? In.
I' II -:.. i!.hiii, I.lent. -, u OaOO-L
Wasiiin.v, I . .1 v. Oet M, l?7l>.
The controversy i? laeraa?tog in iltterat as hen- aasaag
the Iieiii'ic at* "Ver the statement t ?:.(?' ruing the v tow
of the Syndicate on the fff? I si i D?mocratie rasesea
upiui tbe further aegotlatton ol the new loan. TTsasaiy
Olliclsls an' reluctant to f iln a'iV part IB the con
u.iv.r '.-, or t" furnish tnformattou for pnlillcaUon i
the in.iiii fact Im? got Into print without their knowledge
,t.?.-ut. ?tiil the question ha? now a*?umed
shape iii.ii it ma', compel ?mi.o authorised ituu ment on
tin-?ui.je. t. li tht? 1? made, tbo*e who have beeu swift
the ?tateinent Hist print -1 regarding the Blatter,
will im ve abundant room for eoreeetton.
i ny Cbaadler goes f? Kow-Yorh agals tins even?
ing to limit after political lett.'r? in ctuitiectii.ii ?vlth the
National Kepubllcim Committee, snd probably artll not
n inni until aft. r tits Ti.-.nl. at! ?i i lei turn.
The Be? rotary of the Treasury b-t^ dir. etsd the __s_ast>
Sat Treasurer a' Nciv-Ycrk to p.i> tin* Interest due on
the 1st of November, on i_.ti.l_.tft.-i ITedassday, Um BbUt
lii_?t.. without rebate.
?i mi tfCI Of CABB, TiiK wiii: M!ui)Kui:n.
Pattick Cur wag taken into tin- Pnaanig
COUnty ? '?'iirt. Ncssaik, N.J., ...?tcrdii} m.iiuing, and
-euteit.eil hy Judge l)i*.ou to -_'ll ven?' haial labor in
State IT.-??n for the murder of in? vvil.- In August la.?t.
Thissenteucocarries srtth It the afldtttaaal panai-Bref
Imprisonment until the costa ol suit are paid, Cars
st...ni unmoved while -eatenee waa proaounoeg und ?ran
raaaanded to prison.
Boston, ?>< t. 34.?Pox I?. BMredg?. a ?drag clerk
on ?.iieni ?t., lalselty, ?hotsad _.iii?-u baa* ?' rsB_a_?aay.
WOW I ?UK. ?M-??., ?hi. -l--,Cil'V^.,,cM.y?r.e.u'r
v.i.r. ..I age. employed *.? taig.1 ten ?r torth*."?*<<??*
KlH.rUni. 1.'? Club, WO? killed while untll-i*. a target tin. atlet
cassas ?^lffiSr-ss
0Mu??i ?JSSWaaai-Wa? v?*? I***********

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