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V0L?XXXVI.N* 11,101.
AS pBamnSB nr-.it to she thf. mrST min Ol
din??- iiviii 110,000 tramiM imcnti ra
00,000 ri-OI-LK-THK GUVKUNMU'S HI, I I'll .*,
I M lit' ?IA -TIC.
Y,.-..r,:,> wM Ohio any tt the Exhibition ? A
Qar. Baym held ? isoofttoa ti Iks Ohio Mate ?uild.
irift. Over MO.fXM-i viMt-.i? ?IN attract.*?! totbe
pound., which placea 0*00 day the third in rank
nuBtusmoBunot\oyu, Um att.mlanc* on N- w-York
day teAuBoaly ISfcOOft <?"?? Hajessaohe twit* to
MlMOfesplssadhoU a neoation for two hours.
Bi iift.ru.ii'i Mmwttmi the -???culi meeting of mer?
chants and boards of trade wlncli was in coinMinion
yeaktraay. m
0(?v. u-Ttrru m*i i ( ins-i\i;*(?-??iHi.v. to -?iiakf.
IMIlVIlM'V UV TH*** MAM??IHK (.? ?VI 1: **?? 'It
in Aiftii.v ? ni-1 '?i" "**?' r?i m.y Ai'i'i-AitAS? i:.
Pin,.Ai,11 nu.*.. Oct. -?'?.-< ahk ?lav ui ili<- Exhib?
tiiiii rank** as tin- tliii'l in l?"i'" "f ;iti.-iiilaii. ?. I p
t,, 1 ,.'? 1??? k ihe paid ;i.liiu?si"ii*- WOtt :ili??nt 112,000,
ami tin* lat' i count, imt obtainable at this writin-r.
j.i.ilial.'.v IH the total ill' to 140,000, Ihe *>i?*
tur.i-'iu?* Ohio Iniil'lmir. beautiful!.*. (le,,?t;ited with
llfl a:i?l Miriounded h.V all immense multi
t ,,,l,., WM tin- ?ont.r of attraction. At
-l::?u Qar, Hay? s a: ii\ ?-?!, accompanied by
('??n. Dawlejf, Mi- '?..-?horn. Mr. Welsh, ?uni other
jn,iiiii:ii nt .'tin? net the Exhibition, and by es Gov.
Noves, a iiuiiii? m ??f k'.iitli-ini-ii connected with the
Dtatti Coasiiiiiains ead i fnt members of the Gov?
ernor's ?t ?tl. The party piooeoded along Bebnont
a,,-, ,?i loot, the !'n*M Brigade Band and ? aqnad "f
jiolic. un -n j'oitiirali- a.l I" make a lane through the
?rouil. There iu no military eaeort, and nothing
whatever e< the naton of an ostentation! parade.
Anfred at the State Building Got, Haws, ?after s
few introductiona and ? moment's chat with ae
(ni.iiiiiiin? c?, la'.ii'i.ut up mi a balcony in honl "f
s in? h an uuiiieiis.- erowd had eosembled. The other
rioV ? ,.f the boon wen beleagan .1 by multitudes of
?IbmoI eqoal extent who eoold not get In si--l?t <?f
the balcony. Hot less than 60,000 aurronndod tin.
Aa the part} appeared there waa ? atorm of enthn?
risotie cheering. Gea. Hau ley made a abort speech
of welcome and Introduced the man all bad come to
Got. II i.m.s loohed In excellent health. He
trvidenti* possesses philosophy enoaafa not to let tin
lament sod anxiety of the csdtom affect him,
foi In- i? as serene and s?lf-poiaeil as In- was yean
rben writing law briefs In his office in Cincin?
He ipohe in ? cli sr, ringing voice, a? i i
nfcsriag occasionally to a penciled manuaoripi in
.ml :
Lam? s iwn Otrcrti wi n -. On - * f tl
in? nt In
Mr. (
?? r- ..I Mi-- 1' mi.-iI
..?.?I Board ol I inai.i .
i . ? ,-., m behalf of lln ? ' -
..,?1- nation ?>f tin ;
o: iL?- ?. nt??? nial Connu ? ? -
oa ?m
- : t.. t'n i.
?i.-lit ??f ??m N wiliini-lit ?n
-..-i na ?ill I \i . i I ?
- -.in ra of i
??ii-, ene and all, ?
hada thin. ? i:r ?>*-? n. tin . v.i,.. ar? tut? to join with ua in
tin.? i .nain, m ?ral I
oraa. If evei
tin Ii
' .U ii?.
?,.-iii?l i.\ none more hom-atlj than the people "f
I n independence wan declared, Otaloliadm
1 tt, >?-i. :, in l? .
debate in the Senate, deacribed i: an " a wild? : n? -. wnn-li
bad perpetuated it?? if from oeuturr i?> ?
aandaol square ml
Ion. It wm a ii? uli, untouchi d,
i Icrness." No p? i man
tlcmcni i-t clvill* : men I id yet ticai-n made anywhere
i thi limita of Ohio. And what la Ohio mi?_ I Wltti
Institutioiifl ? ?:,i Mi ?..??? I ?n Hi?- i>? in? .i'i? ? ?i? i-1 n-? .1 i.i tin
lathers, Ohio baa m>wn to *'?'? ol 3,000,000 I
..-? M.? population 111_,*.-1 i ii m thai which achieved
Independence. Bui it ia nol >, me. It ia uot tor na, to
tin- i?ii.-p?a It?,. the
htaton of Ohio, A ?iy Intereattnn and instruct!
(ll. ?- ..,i la. ??? topics lia- I?-- n il. M.i.-.l hy :.
pi.?1 - State, th? Hon. I I*. Manstti Id,
apllunce with an Invttatl.stemled hj the Cen?
tennial CXinimiasloii tn all the st.it.- ?.f ;i,i- t"iium.
We are hele t. lui as ?-iti/.-i,? oi the Mate "f
Ohio, upon the Invitation ol the Board of Centen?
nial Managera <?f ?mr Mate, to complete the (-..in
in?'iii(ii'i?;i\|. rxereiae* ,.n ,,m- p*rt contemplated Iu
aiiiini Invitation of the National Commission. H i?
? thai "iu in,m? ? arc In ? >:,?>. and
tn in- gratified t'nt <>ur tinea have fallen unto us In such
i . nd that ws have auch a .
t:,_.-. Ohio .-'.nil, honored by the seltvtlon ol
??in uf i,, i ctttseni a? i?ii. ? ?,?i (,.-iieini.it ti,?- L-n at ? nter
prise. We are glad to know thai ?en.Goahorn bssso
di?? barged the outlea ?>i in.? offli >? thai hin nann will for
eiiiiM- bonorabh remember? I, a ? ?? -i.?*.-?l .ih a n? with
tUi historie eelebratloa. We wish t?> congratol ?te
? ?|"< lally tl.e (it,./, n.? ..t Philadelphia and tu? people of
r? :.i.?vi\ i,in,*? oa the fortnaats waneol tins cnu
It ii- mainly their enteri'nae. Ontnea baa fallen the
a, and to them b?louga the llon'a abare ol Uk .
of its Mi,?-.
i Centennial Exhibition i? nnw unir ltx close. It
otbe fot-L-otti-ii. it ".ill i-ass Into history. It wiU
n the unie!? ,,f our eounirj men linked with n ool
lections ol the fathen whose worth il baa ao fitly com?
memorated We hope, nay, we confldenth believe, thai
the influence of this celebration will ?.i to extend aud
perpetuate the principles of om iry anceMoi .
and to _ri\e increased assurance t?? ail mankiud tii.it the
ii.wiiiiiii.il tirougbt forth on thla continent 100 yean
?_,'" is destined under Providence, loog to remain th?
if fret ?luiii and th?- ref'm? of tin- oppressed
The conrlusioii of the (?overnor'? ??>e?-eh was the
_g_Sl for ;? -v"Mictiil r?iie\v:,l of the entliiisiasii., the
Piist Bsigada band, ilationed near by, playing sev?
eral Rel? ( tioi.s. As th.iiis.uuls in the iiiultltilde were
?Babia to see (in.. Ha, ?s eh ally, he was escorted to
an adjoining balcony on the leeond it-ory, when bo
inoilesily acknowledged the eiithiiKiai-tie reception
* !'?i to hnn ?by politely bowing totbe people
below, After retiiiiiiiiiii.' on the halcony a few 1110
in? i.ts, dariagwhioh in- wan Nfeatedly cheered,
t: i. .\igum returned to fhs readint'-iooin, where
In r?*?.?m.i th? Ceatennial Commisoioners and the
lioaid of Finalice, the ineinher*? of the two
organizations Stems j?i? s? i.t? ?1 hy liirector-lien? tal
Gsshem 'Jin* Oofstaw wns sezt escorted to the
lartfe hall in tin- r. ar, us? d as ?i puhlii reception
r(K?in, wliere a i?a.v?:i_re way luid l,een res.rvd he
t-.vee-i the eisten ami western entrames, hi tea
minutes of twcKi- ?,', |,M-k the puhlic w? r?' admitted,
The Governor, attend. ?1 l.y biSStat, slat ion. ?1 hii:i
eclf near the en,ter of the hall, and as the visitors
BjMHi he cordially SSSSpsd the hand of em h, ,,\.r
IssUag no on?-, from tlie yostnges. t?, the oldest
The lirst 15 liiii.ute.s he shook liandu with o\a i ,,,,u
_hrnoiis. but af'er that it was found necessary to
admittito tliroi) its hsa rapidly and the rate waste
?lu..*?l fi-on, ;??? to _.'_.' |,er n limite. Ainotiu the ?iti
K'lis of Ohio n alt.-iiiliini-e well- e\-Sei?ator lien
WaaSi Coii?ti ?stiian esst f Aiass Tewasend, ex
('oiikTeRsinan K. (.'. l'arsons, and .Me??
T. Evart, Dr. ManhaO, and .Mayor
! ti Cleveland. W. K. RafMI of St.' Paul,
Minn., lormcily law partner of U.. Haws, was
also present. Ism uf:?i 2 e.? !?.? k, the Ist t bseSSB
in? apparent that to admit the. ( rov d Swatting cu?
tiano?, would eeeaay until aightf-il. Got.?Hayee
reluctantly yielded to suggcstiotiH of the State man
SRere to brin? the c? r? iiuiiii, s to a t lose. 11?- :i?iin
?sssaied Is the balseetf ?have in order t?> patify all
?wliohadnot siiceeecli-d in fltnlBf adW-Sdlt Me
was vociferouhly applaiid-d, and hrielly tddnswl
the multitude as follows:
?tT.WmjM am. iim.io.v-.mti.i .-: The eminent ami
thai it .m? i,.,;.? -"f.aml h.-pe you win understand
_iul iu h?. fth_ a^1',* \? t"?' Ju,,Kn.eut ?,f the Centen?
nial autnontK? and not any wcakucM of niv iu.ml or
ann that comiH-ls me to A-ny i,7yielf the ?.-?T. ? Of
aicctlng each one of you lace to face pk*IUl ?*
The anuonnccment of their diaappointment was
iscetved hv thouaands bolow in the bc?t of humor.
The Governor was sasls heartily cheered, tad as he
rctiic.l the CfOWd began ?lowly lO dNpeCSS. At
2 !.". <>'. I." k ?lie ???.vi unir, ;if-i"iiipr!!:i'-i! 1... I '
GeaersJ Qosbora, left the building sad took t ? ? - - cars
oaIbe M?:.m railway for Memorisl HsIlStation,
where be slighted and passed throng- toe main
During the reception in the largo hall belou Mrs.
il., ?s, a lady of chsrroing msnnei und msrksd in*
? '1 n iniiiii?- r "f cullers In sn npper
room, W" 1111 hot aero Mrs, Senator Sprague of
Rhode Island. Mrs. Got, Noyes "l Ohio, and other
ladies. Gov. Hayes intends to devote i fea day-? !..
? the Exhibition before returning '" I olumbus.
Meen -i o'clock, while mal ing a ? : of the build*
.uni pounds, un.1er the escort of Mr. Ooshorn
and several members ol ths statt, ?Gor. Hayes
arrived in Ihe . ?' inity ?>f the Municipal Building, :tt
which ih?.? eommereial exchanges <>f otliercities were
being entertained si loach by their Philadelphie
brel brea. At the <l??"r <>f the building the Governor
sad his companions hesitated, and were on
tin- point ?.f withdrawing, when, np ?n ths solicita?
tion of Msyor Stoke ly, tbev were Induced to enter.
<">v. Hayes wss presented to the company by Mr. B,
Harper Jeffries ol Philadelphia, and received with
hearty spplanse. The Governor responded in se*
knowled-gmenl of ths oordiaiity of his reception,
which he said he construed t<> have been tendered
not sa s compliment lo himself sa sn individual, bat
to the ofBos of the ?Chief Executive of the great
State of Ohio. Addressing Mayor Stokely, he nd?h*d
thai the pleasure "f meeting so many representative
menoi the business interests of tboi ?mntry wss sn
unexpected one, and that as be had been honored by
sn introduction, bis only purpose wss to p.i.i his re?
spects to the gentlemen present. The Governor's
brief remarks were interspersed B'itU roiimis of
cheers, which were renewed npon tlnir conclusion.
Msyor 8tokelj followed with .some pertinent re
msrks, snd the visitors in s itiorl time ?ithdron t"
continue then trip through the incloanre.
Got. Haye?was given a reception at the Cnion !
' '. House to-night. The building "as bril
linntly illmni: ..'e.l, :.::d ina'ii prominent pi-.m?
were present, including Got, Hartrnnft, ex?
Secretary Borie, Director-General Goadiorn,
Mayor Stoklcy, .\ ?...v. Soyn, Gen. Its ?
ley. Commodore Gol.htborough, Gen. Patterson,
E. 0. Knight, il"' H ?n. Leonard Myers, Jinl ?- ol
the Courts, Gen. SeUridge, and others, After the
ay "! handshaking, the Go? ? i nor, In i. ?ponsc
to calls, proei I. I loth fi ?.t ol the building and
adilii ?.?f?! the ?nui:, i:-." throug which hi? U> .1 n?>
|iroad-et. He was Introduced by John p, V'erree,
President <'f the Leagne, snd !? -.- d d a? f"l
lows! "I come here sa il"' representative
of ??hin. to ?nt? ml im i i i "ii wi.'.-it
? ? ( :il!. -1 the 01.Isj. I i- i ? m '" ??.
ihe hearty manner in which Philadelphia
? dcavori d toi I to tl i-nt. I ?hall
go back 1.
pliia and P?
and v. iti ?i 'i that d? M
if a Buckeye good. ' I (i
? in. wheie
l'|. to 7 "'? 1 ?'? Is !.i?i ?-v. ning :>.". tl
354 ca
at Philadelphia. I he I
lag this
from 1
<.f sn? hi
I'ini ami nu \. Oct. 26.?B?
eelebralioB nt the ? ihibltion 1
a ? ? . a
I ? i
I ? ,
i--. D of N? , the Trent? I
fron ( . ? ., Buffalo, St. I
. I,"..-. Ill 1 .li. li?
st ere ::?...i i l.-ii"
: ? i IclphlB Mil I
.-? . ?I' . ?s ) . I
\v .. ? -I
I at the 1
lie ? . ' ? . :
|l Ic. ?' .'?!? i - !
.1. I. N. Klar? ? '? ;,.i i i,.,-. ;? i .
m..n-, 'i Lie pal ;? then pi. led lo
Municipal Building, where a Inncb wa? ??
BOTCH 1 \<: THE A I i. I EOS.
! Il Ile?. M- IIIL CINIINMAI ? ..-.!M|.?I??N
N.i si?.Nil: Ll ? "1 .111",!.? K. IHB 1 l i"Ll?
Pl-.'.il ?I ol i.i ?. \l VI Kl It.
' , m. Ll.i.i lau ( "it i.i- i ..M.? m ,.| 11; i. : i : i m . |
l'un ah? i.piiiA. Oct. 23. The pitboi Ibe ystem
?if a-?, srds baa been puncheil out by the m i ion of i
rump of the Centennial Commission io seel ta
?ion, bo that little morethan i ptj and value?
less form is left, Thismsj -? em likes Irons
ment, bnt d is borne on! bj all the tacts tin ?
can get st. For six ?eeh s small fraction of tin
Commission, clothed with all the powers of the
whole body, baa been tinkering with the report ...
the j iilir? s m the interest of unsuccessful exhibitors,
sad with the aid of a newly constituted group of
Judges on Appeals i? preparing s supplement?r] I ?'
?.f nw;ud.*. Noa a l"("I ?h ?il ( ?m bo said in favor of
nuking some additional sward?. Among
of thousands oi srticles ll ?? prolmble that
some may have been ? verlooked, snd some palpable
errors maj bave been lua.lvcrtentlj comnutle?) by
the judge*. Rightly constituted, a board of appeal
judges would aeem to be s proper sdjund toasys
tein of dealing out bonon si i groat exhibition, l be
fault of the Commission is that In order to give the
reports ol th? jndgea the ssmc weight ?is ih. "f
the regulsr judges, snd to cover uptbeir own link? i -
lag with the i gulsr reports, they have ai one '. ! ?. \?.
broken up the whole carefully devised sad admira?
ble system ol signed reports, bearing the names snd
rost i i. w apon Ibe responsibility of the judges ranking
them. I he v. ty mest snd marrow of the system
aali.pt 11 fui i he Cent? nnisl wss tbsl Incsse of escb
sward the examining judge should mske s written re?
port st it i ni: th" tin III? "I the a' Ii' Ic f"t w lu. h ?l vv :n
ii commended; thai h?- should sffii his signstuit t'.
the report, snd tbst the otbei j 11 < I l.-? s of lbs ?.une
POOP should add t lull -? a? BpPTO. lag it. Sin a . Ssful
exhibitor! were to be furnished with copies of I i
reports, ? ith liberty to publish them. Ths reports,
signed in most esses by expei Is of i stsblish? d i? pu*
tatton, wen to be lbs real jni/-?, not the tromper]?
cupper medal.- and pSpDI diplomSS,
After the Commission begsn to change some "f
ih?? reports at the laBstance oi exhibitors, it was seen
that it would mit d" tn send out these doctorad doc*
assents, to be disavowed perhaps by the jndgea
whose names wen sfBxed? nor could the signa?
tures of ths regular group jadfM be placed to sup?
plementary awards which they had BS hand in
making ; ss it was determined to chsage the n bole
sy?tein. The rignstums are, there!OTO, H? he mi|'
presa ?i sa all the reports, and the swards sn lo go
nut siirm-d i>v Dim t"i General Gasbocn and s.-.t?.
tarv Caaipball iaataad ol by the Jndgea
If there is any Astease t?. be tn.ide of this a.?t< ni?h
lag alt? ration at the In -t .nnnt in the most im?
portant pail of the Exhibition work it oagM to he
made promi'tlv. As the niattr now stand), exhibit?
ors havi? a llghl to ?li'iioiincc as | band BfOB tit*, in
the suppression of the signed reports which tiny
were proiiii.sc?l froin the outset ami which ihe judg-s
WtUt instructed to make. W-SB it is added that
thi? action has besa taken in tUtt ti the Opposition
of Gen. Francis A. Walker, the chief of the Kur.au
of Award?, stnl of many of the bent men on the Com?
mission, it appeal, in even greater lived of a publio
The proper course to have taken, it would nenn,
would have been to carry out the original
programme, tasas Um tapeste <?f Ihs fui
just as they m.idei t li.- m, and comet
?ridis sod laniselone by supplementary
porta signed by the appeal lodges. The oei
adopted la the Commission ni? n t" the easpic
of I? ing ?ic ? ssible t-' '!.. Improper Inflnen? i ? wh
sn always al work at ? World's Fsir to secure
? .-. .? irda i be action "i the i I
mission bas general... been discreel snd mints
.. !. i? .noie t'ain ..nee proved ih.'t
work cannot mfely he intrusted t?> the meml
?v ti , i. main in Philadelphia s I ? ?? the body i' no
oall] in perpetual session. It Gen, Hswleyco
gel tl.' wbol? ? omn ission together this bad bo
; thai ii.t. i.. ? n imt-le ?.f tb? lystemof swsrdsmij
perhaps !?.? corn? teil ci en at this late hour.
What I liase said aboie does Did apply t" the (
rection of errors in the phraseology of tbe jadi
reports, or each slterstions a* sn ne?, ssai ?? lo mi
them correspond with ih" form prescribed byl
Commission in its Instructions to the judges. 'I
Volk i? being, is I believe, fait lifllll V done 1.
committee apon which sn Commissioners Lyi
and Ito!. I?r. In M'ino eases they have found
neccssarj to strike out extrsneona matter, but 1
substance of the swsrda i? not interfered wl
V.ry ?liif? rent i? the p? r!??itii.iti?-.- of the Commit
.?n .pprals. Tiny exereisc the power ofdoctori
th?-jn.lu" -' reports t '?uit | hem wives, und of maki
few BWBl*ds .ni I lull own re ?polisibi I It I . TWO
throe of their number baTS not the ability or ?
perieiic? t" mak.mpetenl judges al s wont
cuttl?--.?hoW. _ Y. V. s
i i: u i. in BI M Ml' OP OBI?. BUTLER.
|ai u 11..c m n n. iin raiBtrxi :
Washington, Oct. 26.- A large poster h
inen put up ni?, -n t town pin p. n' Ing to give the praeei
i in:? "t s mi i lia i ol w .r Democrat? and l? p
which '.' u. B .' . r '?i- suppoited foi I i ? I I
\ ? nim,I,, ,? ,,f ;||, \?,^ty
have i" .-t, ..ni Into (ten, Butler** district. No such me?
?an ..- i- i- ever i" Id, and the ? ituii
m,|.iv i. 'i :.. the p"-!' i wil
know!? I .. \ nunilx-r more ha ?? no! la-en In 11 ? ? - ? ?
i?t i? a ii"i. I
(.? ? -i? KI I ? 11 Mli'l'l I l'.'.l N.
I ni i ii i i.a ?tu i" i n?
Mu ? s, ?Oct. 26.?Gen. Sickles and tl
Hun. llorare Hfl I
' ' in- man) me? i?m-? "f the rsi
?'.II.!! ll! -I
ti" i -,: .m i-:n vei - 4 f veteran si
II lieir "Ll el
.. " i: I
INI?] W V ?.'I I I b'N?.
II!!. ' | v - I ' '? ! ' IN! I IN
ii. _M.l-RtI.ri. I nR ?...vi l:N..|
, I li R4I.1TV, 7, I .'I.i, til YI
? - -
The ?
? ?
' ?
i i i
? . i
it-, n. i-..-. i? .-.
.ii' I ? l-'l
? '
II. W. I
I '
. - ; I.
is??. i-..-. i?- ?.
I? a " L ' ' I
I. -
; . ?
Plural ? ? ? ?'
i: i .oiti ?
i ; .. i?-:.-.
i i -- ? .j
i. ... .t ..??? - ? 37.
i ?.- i'. i i.
Mi.Jo.itj . I?. I?l ll
l?"-n. I*-? i. ?SVA.
?I i. ?
Win M II - (K ?? ?"- ?! I'. ? .'.I I-- - 1
I ri.,1. IV I ?.''-?? 'I? '''' I
i. ; ?3.
l-llll.l I' - C"l ?' l' 1 a.' ? ' l'a
i?.7?i. |*M. i?*?.'.
?Bei ? -! ' . ? , I .,
l..... _?
? ? ?
I . "1 !? 1(1,-1 . ' Da
V-j ll.
l?s?li. I*s7l. 1*711.
?(- \ Hu.klrk 'l>- i ' -.lie- 1 . ?.-?? t --.:i...?
JOB I V. ?lUnlllll 111' .'"'..I |!l !'?'..! .. i _v,uoi
Will. A. i ? '?'',. l ? l -
i "I . ? ??.? | .,.: . .' ' I
I*. Ill .. ll ? v 1. ". I> I. i |.
6.4 B.
B| I I I'! Si l? i1?! l.l , H"?.
I?*7li. I ?I I. I?..'.'.
li - 'I'll., 1 - I ..- I |-'i la|
(?Itvi i it -.in'., i: i '.,'... ' ' iui.ii.v_! imm .
It? .i - HI. i ?'? I'd..7 !
Ill .'.it 11 I. . . .;/. , ,
I ..i.l. Jn.U'.t I).
'I a [I
I I ' e.K ?t | .., .n ( i
i?*: ?. xsi-i.
' -'li.ci.-l, In i, , 11
' e? (*? In. I (Kep.l ... ',?;?;
II W. W a ( d.I ".., . l .
Total rote .i:.::.n _
I' u . itj. i. .i i ii.
. ?i .
!?????. |s;_.
.Vlll'lt-I'l? N Mill ll" I lien. I . .' io - . ? l-'l
!.. v iii I . Mill? t I ll. |. , js- ...|
( ll irli ? II Kin.-I I (. | ' I . .I"
i.'iult"!.- .liai.oli; aw :i ,.,
I'lni" I. . 1,047 I'.
Mai?.rit.? t i :
? in i . i? il M .count i- n . i-'i i . ?. , i,, t..r.,i ...,,,. j | .,,
i-.-i- l'ai. p. :..!. ni t..:. . , in. in.i.m; | :,:,,.t ,,,i., p ? i,
\ .11 \l If.
The rote for Supreme Conrl Jadgm la gt rea below ]
each c..laii ?ii. , voted for t brou bout the State, n?.
n port ol m.- ?.i" n ici. w rote foe Jadgc ai ihn IVth Dis
i : i.? i? published :
m i,,i',, t juaga. is??. ///.? /.,.? laaa,
W. 1. Nn,la. I, t|..|. '.'l ?',.. ..: - i p. , ,?. ,|, , 21 I, .".1
?i m I'. 1 .!-..., .i: i .".'.. .'m n i Ni ... ..II.I..H )_o_
Um V. Parrot! n. i .'.'lan |. ivltl Mom n. i
Toi .i von l-i.i.oi ratal rot? I3_,4?.ti
Dem. l'Lu.i i.e.. 9,4631 Dem. pinraUtj. 4/111
//./ /?. tritt Judge. , iv", Mutetet Judge,
On \. ii'.-.ti. d? i ji i.r.rt ?.i L Worden <1>.) j 11 -77
Art I., c. V"ii? ii: i. ?.-(??, i'.i .1 I . gib:? , 11: . ?_. t ,.t
?I. I'. ?lain. - ". i i 1,019 lot?! vote ..i?.:cni
'"'?'I vote.l? . ? Dem plural!t]. . tJl
l)i m. i'l'i?illt..),28? I - H,, i,, :, a,p
Tin: wist viiKii.Ni i LBGOLATUXE XJBCOABt i i?
According i?> tl e latest retorna, the coos
I pi'-??"" "t ii" Waal viu'iiiiii p. gtalatara leasslaa aa*
changed. Um sew Legists tare, wl?ch msels next Jaa*
asry, win be D?mocratie by sxaetij the msm majority
187B. Ths sea Legislstan 1-.111 eleci s United
si ,i. ? s :,, t.,i i,, i tea . -l Hsatj n. Davis (Dem |, whose
lens expires la March, i?.7. The rsesaey nwasloard
i.i iin-'t. .ti. el Beast? altan T. espertas pisas.) ??."?
tilled lllNt SagnStSJ ?_.?.-?. Jiii-nli, tvln. npp,,nit..l ? .(?(.v.
Bsssael Piles (De_a_) Tfesasa sai eld LsgWatana uro
compared hslaa :
Sja Joint t-.ii- J.ilnt
?ne. iioiihs. iiitii.it. ate. li.m?.'. Ballot.
Demoente.19 4-' ?,? ... m p. gg
Bepablkaas.... 5 i?i it..., ?;> ?i? pi
I?tu. mal.14 n.'l 47.... It ?til 47
? Including 1 Independent 1 lutiudin? 4 Iiidenendt-uu.
t iiiiiiiiimg.? laSesassaaea
Tl)?' following nominations, to the New-Jersey
BUI?- A(M?ciul>ly are r?-i??>rt? .1 :
lu.triet. Nominee. MMBa
V111 Hi. Jlildaon.Alriaud.-r Jaro!.a.H.pul lic?n.
Int. Warren.William Caroentei Repal'Hcas.
IiL Warren.Slla? Vf. InWilt .Iieiiiaiii.t.
I Id Warren.Kllita Market- liepnl.llean.
11I<1. UuiUuii.vlaail. ? A. Kiiign.i....i_H;uiuint_.
st ?-?i-? ,,r im: r_uum in i ir 11 M'Miu cat raania
i*m:i ami in im: imimmsi KXCtTBO-h?kma
'"',* "I HU: (M|l\|?. mi; MAI'.ril II'MI-III
AVI ?*.- Il VII w I'.V ?;.,V. Til MOT,
The Ihiii.icr.it??- torebligfal proc-eddon last
eX'ldiiC. iiihI? r the nmiiMi.'1-liieiit at the Tililell and llen
?'' ht ' ? tttrel Qaaapaljta ( iuii.ua? ??u .*. -?'ni m naaabers
nud in tin- mter.x uaaatd m ibe etty, nltknuak the
reprasssttatioa fr..m ?aw-Janay mut Braoktra wasae-t
m. lassa h? bad bees ?apee tad. The Bight was tavoraUa
far a display ot the ?itni. e_.? ? t thai lbs air ?ras abara
aiid.-hiii ladtm iidoeof thebattaltoas,batteetea,eaaa
i>. mi. -.? i-?.?, ?.,, i, n, _, ;,,.,| ot i?, c sigantiatloas. which
were _,|.t ?? ill mi.'?luriii ; ihr m-, ... - ilv ?slow pfMSM of
ssttiag tin gruel aunt et tara In ?jaotit s, ?asi sosMwhat
lessened hy the itcprc-sifig uttnosphl ?-. I.ulv in lln:
ereatag erowda be in to rather in (Tnlou-sqaare,
M.i.ii? ?n sumir?, alona ntta-aee., sad ?n all pkmm
favctaMa tm ? ?ber the fanastJoa o?
Iba paastaa ad the proeeaatow, aad bel.S o'clock tb
waWaa tbt nasa wen rery l?tiro. Atase laonabta hour
the rluli- tie.-an t li.-i, m.-i?. ?, from nil pUtU <?f tlie city to?
ward lln . -t.tr.il point. The la-?.)? ?f all tin- *_'M .ti* i --
i?.u? i?-?i? u ni.,,., Itfib-are ai lb ? tool sptb It [tosittoas
latbestreetserc-sstaa .-.fro? ?Tatri riej|.a???? t<? Pear*
teeiitii ?i. At ii .,*. i... k tbe bead at the proeesatoasMved,
sad tbe clubs eampostag it fell in t?> their ptae. s in regu?
lar order aa aaari) ?is possible. Tbe foUswiag was tbeit
imliTnf inarcii :
Police: (..!iu.u.-? Band; escort t" Oraad Marshal;
i:.M ? in R il. While, ami rio ? of the IXiii t_*erubl- Dix
in. i ; i.i.unl M.n-i .?! : A-sj-tant ?.mini Murabais and
Aid i,
? ? ? i' ?. Conihrtlns of New-Jersey ftvlalon,
? -' ?"?? .1 lit < Mil?. I|,,:ii tin* l-l Akw .a,. - h, iiri? t
?Second lu?.?i.i ('om-h-tlng ??f Hi.lyn Dlvlalon,
(?*??..i'"?i i?i i luhx i.im \.?. mid) in trlel
Third i?:m?ii?ii ? lutta rrom III.I *.??.?:..?.!. in-i-n ?.
fourth ?lvbioi.i? il m IVth a,., n ni? Diatrtct
f'M.ll I'M I.I ,., ITllI, 11 , in Vlb A??, in'.i-, |)-t?|,|.
Stall I'll - ?Ion -t'l. i. Vltl v - mi? -n., t.
utb DlvUloa ci u.? in?u, viiiii, Anneinhlj l?i?
t-.. i
' ? " In ;?n.u (lui.sii.ia ?7IIth Aswmbl] DtKtrict.
Knilb Division ''lui?-fia.in IM!, ?.._, mi.i- Hlntiiet
T? ail Ml i il?Ui l'lui?? Inui, Ma A- , inllh l>.-ir:.M,
1 ev< nth Uivisli i, ' n .- from Xllth Usetuh
t i i? * .
Twelfth Dlvl ion Cl tin rrom Xtllth A
ti.? i
H Irteenth D ??? I tub "rom XlVtn Asseinli
? iit.a-i.-ii i?;- ?-,,,!, clubs fron \ . Ith A ? ml ? I? -
m. i
I Ifteentb I' - f oui Xltb ?.?-. ?mbl
in. ?
' ? nth I'ivi l?m cul.? fi. m XVili Ai - mbb I
I net.
r.om NVIIIili A?s inlilv
I' Mint.
i teenl D lioi I ihn I mn % \ I I \
N?*l ' I i XVIII'i ?
, . ? . ' ? .
U . ! ? r.iiu?i
i ? ? -. und i? ' ' m JCfXth \- ? nildj
1 from XXih v- ? mlily
n ?
? i * ....
"-I . third -f.. thi
I ? :
It II i . i- i up I
i foi lira of lb?
I.ut ti.
. ?
? ? ?
\- tli
lli.-nil.. I
? ami t the, i
i ? . ? ...
i. In
Filth A
Dill tllllll -foil?
not brilliant. A
?i ,,f tli? m ?t m'* It one
inotbi r, ? r prut? ?ted S '
? i ipprals and <? not
-.?. !?? ?? Ill
... ??
? ,an?- m?.t.- wl ? * bearers, and
IM tin ir lines with ? * ?
I any al tform itlon
pllae in t -u i;.. *
- lack "f the fervorand?!
i ? ?
?boutlng hosts and made brilliant byflrewori* . ami a.:
th. m. mu ? le. h. \'. h.?mployed In |irofnaloo, render ??
ton blight cu ni-- ?.i"* of the most I
?m rotechulcs wen
. i ? ith ut tbe eolumn,
. m tm-1. ,? . ?'??i *>? rj tea
* mar u ?>?.. ra lllundnatcd.
Nearly two hours were occupied by the p
panning .i i-i.? n |??? ut. but allowance mnal
the _in.ii stops, ? Weh ??-if ?>f ??. ? ?? bmal at cm
and f?.i Ibe lorn ul reals i? twi en the dl* tuions,
great breaks In t n line, while thej add? ?l totbe Imprei
si..n i.f ?i? length, mam i
ia? |i...... ,.m Tbe il:-s' part ??f tbo solomn, Including
: , lions, called ont : - u ihle i om
m. nt for m it null?.un- ? i ? m ?-. iniij, inn tbe
I ? .. held out I ? i port i ei the pria ( ilon
? ,, ,,,,t mm i i.'e.l i?. ? reral N ?*?*. Tort bodies which
,?;,,,?? not rery far behind, aud "f which unkempt
nu? ,t um gn at? r i? trt, oolj ? small
ii.,-i ..** th. m i?? sting ton Ih ? ?fter a retal politic il
..f tbia unsatisfactory make-up had passed,
lital.l? . I.?it
., ?eitv, t.Mik . ..n pi? n.IMirl m n.'* ilinplu. r?
ofi.i.v Til.l? n ?en- f|.-.|?n ul In Hi?- line, bul .I Of
iii.in v.. n?-m .i! an?I brntl) esecuted. P-M.f them
r.-i.i-. ?. iim.i nun in ti- ? ?"?? "f breaking ,. in.-, and Hi.
i. .ant.f ?? the King Breaker" waa rreqiieutl" u . ?i
?mHi in-i-..m.-, inn a :-i.-?i i.inuol tbe hi.nand
? n Igi ? ?bleb ai'i? ai"1 m tbe lln? contained merci) the
iiuiiii - ?,i Hi?- * ,i?l i".Iltii ? m* m . h"- u"'?'? *'- tbe
clul, i? ,n - i: . ?, .nt,. i~ . re f. i im ?t, and ih? -?? ?.f
,-,,,i,.,. ,.--?,,1 little Interest for the _|-ecfalot*_.
, _ of un. ?hi liaml ;? in m and bone
i nil.,., ?, with .-?..ni'. : - - ?-.n In ?. .i!? i iblrls, at
true ted rotii'lileriihle utteUtluli. A l?.<t?<l-..iit, l.\ 11__-. .1
_i,in, i., mine n,,- n un?- ..f .I?'.?? ? ??'I'M' i?. "???? -i con
h|,? n.,.,- ..i.;.. t. u i *' i net? -aii?".iini "Columbia" In
ai.|.i..iii?at.- co-itiime save animation <?> a [?rt of tin*
I.Ion Much lausbu i *a cau?e.l hj tbe ? ? i,ii..?f
Utweeu an num. u?? loal Imihh ???? ? frame,and ain-l?-?!
??the Hein... lain I...U." iiinl S lull?- hit ??f lMI.aK.il
?I..11.I1, with th.- label "the Itepubllcau loaf." 'IIi?*m/.*
.u il?- large loal was |H?_tldi lutended usa 1.b of
. iiiKiii ihe ion... ?1 ? .?i-i" tlti iof inn grj Ih nocrats
I?.? plsi ? and p. ret ..,,.,
?There wer?? few attempts at decoration along the line
of march, ihe prim I pa I ell rt? bolng made ..1 tb<
hallan 1 mii mai?.- and al Tstlim HIV Hall. Al tin- ...rim r
pi_xv h ill M..-V was illnmllulled hy -i roa ??f l
aud over tb? doorwaj was ibe monogram of 11.. .int..
At Tan m am Mall l.'n- l".ll.!m_ U a - ?I. ? ??: a l??l With tlUfCS,
aud two ralriuni llghta lllnmlnai.-d I'.mi ?. ? mii 1. ai
Twi ii'n th it. and rblnl ave. ru ? ? ot 1 1.-to lautenn
v.. 1, -.,.,? :,,|, .1 ov? 1 the ?.? '? " : 'I *' ''?'lai |*oiUta
slong tbe line the proct ilon ass recel ed wits naall
dixplaya of Breworks. ,
\t hall n ml I" o'clock the head <>f the column reached
th. 1. 1 m n il.,use. Here m ih?* open plaza .1 Maud .1 .
rated with tliiL'K and lanterns had <. crectid, Iront
which (Jo. hi.1. n reviewed the proco-slon. Among
othin nu tbe reviewing sund were Abraui 8. Ucwltt,
Maym \\n 1 bi.i.cii UcMahon, Aldi rm in l.?*- 1?, Com
mia.l.n ..mi, 1? II. 1 ol. I'elton.BUd Hurt?.11 V ll.iin
tbelast division had passed,uh_b was ataUehour,
th? crowd had boeoma ?.ilderabli lessened, although
main leun.liiid lOCatch a Klimi'??' "f <iov.lTlduli.i-.il..
reenieia.l the Kv.-r? It House.
At im- Demoeratle ?ieadijuarters it wsseatimated that
about .0.000 men BBd bo>s were In the pro,:??ii?u, ?f
whom aliout urn -thlr.l earrlcit lorihc.
The Aiiti-Tiiiiiinany DWKMnl% mm Cinnan
IiuleiM-tident ?rganuatnui, and tbe liuleiM-iideiit CMBSBS.
Assoelatiou will meet Uds moruliig at tbe A?tor Houae
for a fltinl r.:if?rpai?p. It !s reported that fliev will nom?
inate a full county ticket, with Controller Green for
DBwm in mahl?Tin; gaousa poet aaat rao
('< OPI'lt.
Martin Farquliar Tappsr, llie Enplisli pix-t,
l.e-t known peril.ips ii? tin- anttinrof " Proverbial Pililos
iipliv," WSS p|.-a?:iiit!y tironclit within lian?li-hakltiif
reach "f assay "f li? promn?al American MsaSs last
(Kitiiu- i.y the Hev. T. lieWi't Ti.iina.'c, nt IBs tatter's
n ..'l.-iiee, No. 1 Smith ( ?tf.ii .1 ?!., lii -<?.k I mi. The inter?
est of the event foe Mr. Tapper wss hlghteasi by ths
t;i. i I tint l:c share,l tn,. re( eplion with William Callen
I! ?an!.!ln .?ai.irof \i:n 11. ?in poets; Sad SI H rempli
meal to Mr. Tupper*a eosspsiadve yeath, for ins wsvy
gray hairs are lost ?iir'.it of m hi? sprlgfetlBssss, the m
I eraMe Peter Cooper was present with Mr. Bryant The
parlors weee eotafortably llled by I.??lie* so i geatfeawa,
j vt. ll knew n :n llt-n.iM. n ninl New-York pnl.llo life ati'l
, aoelety,saaongwhom were Mayor BeBroeder, ex-Mayor
i Ranter, th.- Hun. a. l!. ? 'hut?-ii.i.-n, Gen. sil..- I
j Judge Bellaon, Prof. Crltteadea, Prof. Eaton, i'r?.f. w. ?t,
; Dr. iiiitihin-.cn, aB. Barnes and family, a. ?'. Bsroes
: sadf.imi'v,p.w. GaUsudel and fsmlly, CoL tngersoU
and family, Dr. H. A. Tanker sad family. Mti.ir Arthur,
Judge Q, 0, Beyoolds, the Ber. Dr. DowUng, I ?.n.i?.
Hanns, the lion. V. I'. TslatSCI -, tl.e 11.m. Vf. Vf. UOOd?
rich, the Kei. l.r. S. Irena-u* Prime, H. M. Smith, l?
K'i..'.vle ..n.i tain!, -, Major It. I!. ?'orvv;:i rttn! fa'tiily, .1.
M. Spell man. Curran Dlnsmon, II. L Poete sad wife,
11?"-. la I'- stssll sad wife, ?;. P. Cogswell and wife, John
r Ts_m__ge i-lu? wlte, U. S. BtUeoeka sad aile, tin
Miases Uhit'i more, Count Cssstmlr, Count Mankowskl,
B ? n libs sad wife, P. BoBhaai and wife, and Pre*
flick linker Bad ?life.
Tin- invi hui.:,, cards mentioned the hems between
s an.i i :. Bad by its the got ?'s sad
?oui. 11, an i ? 'Hi et-.' formality vv?-i<- i?i order received
I Mr? i tin i.-.- and presented to Mr, Tapper,
Mr. Bryant and Pot? Mr. Tapper, who la very
read. In speech and eordlal towards sew-msde fi
i. n : \,.-.e, aith the united grcetinga of Mr. Brysat
Mr. c....p.T, ,,,,.i Mr. Tulai ? a illj ad '., .1
? ?:.il ceremony. When the hum of eoavei*
? had i. come s< '??? i ?I and ? ? rj ?id; leemed to
? a,-,.; ? pine -, Mr, T du ig? ! a '? t
? ? in-.-, m ni.- to receive the d ?
i ' i , ? ; .?.irait:! Parqoaki Tapper. Be
.?n to I?- well knownthroncb the
-i volunte? 'f hi* works sold in England snd
i .,ooo volume? - ild ,!. im.-ne i. i
?iiein the Pather if Imeriean Poetry, WIIBam Callen
Bryant rhanal p - sad the Bymaaofthe Morning
n boj li"-? I.
r Schroeiler In af?-??? p?-?-tui. ni r. mark ? Introdoeed
" . '.In. I n.i be !. id I. ic . of what
he should ?ay. sod expeel I to have the ideashetter
pro ?.'. ?! "v in? wortbler oolleaa-oe wBh whomhs was
? n ..t : -, . hospitality ol s host whom be
? ira "ii of America, f i
i ] i iuI
In m i '? ? tie bad .ved ?er? .r Im
ml ton
ion? "f
I. a a t,, l
! '? ' ? '. Up ami do?
n only far tin- eye? ..f ht? ? lie
i ???.??? ? try no?.
? ! ?
? ? ? ? i-t heard a foul word "i ui
, rite Ara? rie.m
i iiki-of the
, ?nine
. m? del... 1 ti."ti : in ?
I ?? wa? vei ?. thankful for
H ? nnrrj.
i, d , |. H - ut i I toi m. i,
M ? i. ?! the ?tory ol Burke, In P trii i
? commercial ti.eii.i'ei vi... ...t near him.
nie :
el?! man * uuld 11 ?? uid i {claim : " i
liiti.. !.. Mr Bi i ki " " "i I ?". 'nt
,.,.! : ' ? :.?'.. I ? is ditto t" Mr. Tuppei."
? till tl
:.i er
. h he
.' ? . " . . : ?? ()-ir
: ! Hi-, uni t., ? ??? I "Til ri
1 .ni . inn pial.1 th it it
. I ll.' lllll . 1,1 1 .1 . II ,. H . I . a
I . He had
riiik'?'I.i-- oniethlng to h'ui, ami wli u hard
mil in teur? i: llegan: "To him who in ibe love of
iiutur?." Mi, Hi '? snt then read
uillj applaud? d. .iii?-i.?aril tbe
? t al. ! . table ni till tl :.;:?. ! oin g? III .."i- )
I..iia.I itith fruits .I viand? and , ???? ted
wit!i ii,,v,t-rs, m tnd the
?nn,. . mil-i, and ein. raatlon.
/.'/ I \a?',/J l.\'e
K II!" I \?IUI I?.
v.; if" President "f the I sited ShtUe,
Prom >?:ii to year we have been nccustonied t<>
in our daily i tirsult? and ???! ?pai ta time to offer "?ir
thank? ?Alu Um ?i?? i ? blessings He ha?
v. n i.-.if. .1 o. -. prayer? toi seonttnnsnee
then "i. We bsvo a pqual i non t" I"- thank?
ful for Ills continued protcctloi.d or the many nu
i rial bleaelags HI? bo'ti.t ? has bestowed lu .nul u n m to
tin'??, fit.?is ??.?? 01 lied ITS ?s
peetal oeeaalon ui tpreaa or hearty thanks to Almighty
(..?I that bj ! ;- pro? Id?. ?"ir
( ...v. innii nt i ?int'.. -.I'-'i i century 'go ha? been enabled
t.. itiiii'i tit. pa: i.?.,,,',,1, . m ,,i! ring au asylum
In the peuple of everi race, ?eenrlns civil and reliiflou
liii.iiv to ail within it? bordri ?. on?! ti
iu.livnl.il alike Justice suit eoualltj bcfoie the i.? ? ?. It
i? mon-ovei repeclnllj "iir duty t" offer our humid?
I . it? i i,. lia- Pather <>f ?u Mcreii .* for a continuance of
Hi? ?in u.e fuvor loua aas i'.'ti.'ii and as indivl
H? reason ol all Hi. ???? ...... .- lions, I, 1 - - ?
0 run I, Preside n I ifth I Ited ?talcs, do recoiuin-nd to
? iple ..i the tiaieii state? to devote tbe thirtieth
i! i, ,,? n.iv. min-: next to tl - ?, : Ion of tl th ink?
ami pray? ? i" Almbrbtj (.".band, laying a.'.- ih? ir
?Luit ..v.'e ..'n.n.? un? a I act nisi ".-. iipal . ? ?. t.. . -. mil.
In their resia-rtive nlacra "f s?. -i -?mi. and observe such
ilav a? i ?lit.v "f thank?,,:-, mi: .in.l i. .!.
Iu \s i: i ???t whereof l bave hereunto <etm_ hand and
I'.tn.'-.l id. -, al ol tin L'nlted otates to I. ie
bi the! ?i.? of w i?hlngton tbU twentj ?ixth day of Octo?
ber. ia the ?car "f oui Lord cue thousand ei-I.i luindr?'d
snd ?.-vent] dx, and "i the independence of tlie Uuttcd
f America the one hundred and n it
r. B Oi '.m
B] ih. Pn ??.I? nt,
li wit ros F?sit, s. cretary of state.
I.i i ilk. u... k. Alls, 0-ct 2?;.?lis -sis. <;. <;.
iiiiiiL.mi, i?. M. Pox, aad P. BL Pslssar, th? I
Posts! Oommtsstonere, held a ssseUag ben to-day, sad
received Un view* ami suggesttoas sf smnhsaUssts
the neeesalty "f tin faat m ul ami Improved rout? ?t tern
iiii.ci.-ii thl? Slate, nn ndlug Hi" ?ipp.iiaiit.e!'' o_ mall
.u.it i" Her service on the Arkansas Blvet from
? i ?. After the sweUag thej Icftbj s
-?,, ? Utl train i"i -i. Louis.
IImip.iui.i. Ma*-., Oct. 2(1. ?James T. Bricketl
mas um ?n .-r aaS kiii??l by a tratghttrsm boss tin? p ..??
t.. .i...?
???in ..... N. V., ?'. i. SO, The s.ln,oner Odd I'.-I
l.itv, train I'.Tl llo'.-e, ?US InmbOT. WSBl SIBflfS ls?l night IIP
||, r I "It (II1I..?O.
Boston,Oct. 26. Darings qnsrnlstHsrerhill,
si,.? ,n i .a .,: n last, Jaeob ri.intT ttabb. a tad killed Leal?
Hi.in..11. l'Un!, ssa? .n
Protidkncs, !?'. L. Oct. 26.?Edward Ryan was
drowned In Warrt-n i , ly whUe attempting to board
u , ci?! v e-s.-i n. "Liai i ? nipiot aient.
>i Jobbsbobt, \t., Oet 26.?E.W. Rswkias,
ige ..f the proprietor? "f the St. Johoabory Oraalte t'om
,..: t in lly.'l ill ic n.i.in, WM klile.l tin. ait. ne? m !,?, ??
.i, m. ? talltua upon aim.
Cincinnati, Oct. 26.?Misa Anns ?-pear, .i-re '.'?i,
?i.iin--iit.-i "f ? i? Spear, ?t i. ?ai.-in ..f ('llfton. eotomittedaul.
ritit*ii> ?ii.-.tiiii?' in-'?.ii thnogbtha bsad and haan in bee
. i ....in t" .lay.
Portland, Ms., ? let 26.?Alexsader MePonaM of
ll ??li Lis. N. a, after vi?; : i n ir Mime fiieini.? i.ei, i..?.k tue boat
f.ar St. .I..I.H-H it!""ii i??" ?reek? ??!". Bin. ?? ?. Indi tune neiliin?.
I .,, !.. en Ie Bid ut lii!... 11?: hifl a latlge amonut u( luouey ill
hi!. paaaaashS
BOSTON, Oet. 2?*..?Frank A. Wo?,lev WM shot and
probablr fatally wooades yesterdty at ?nihoB. Vetmaat,ay
hi. i.iaiii.-i. Solon Wem. v. .t ten.i had ? xn-ie.1 between tit.-tn
foi some tune, aad it ttiitil'irniK nn ?tt??iniit to _He< la recuu.
i illatieii that Ihe ?IiikiHiik o.? urtiil.
WoBOBSraa, Mass., Oct. _.'<*>.?In the .-superior
Court to.lav Jam?U Heeil, alia. Jltn Ko?, alii.? IPirien, al as
EuslUhJItni hi? wife, Mary Heed, alia? Inil'lln l'olly. ttllita
Pallv ll"?., and Ellen (?rittln. ??-re ?Mb hciiI IS the lltmae uf
Corn? li"ii ["i .me y?iar lur BtMBlpUBf i?ot:ltet~picklUK.
IIai.h-'ax. Oct. 26. -The aebooaer Thistle arrived
here Ir.'in Fortune Hay, NewfuuiidUnit, reBort? that SB the
80tb liiat. tbe?ehoeaar Ann.SBoUa, peedaoa mSbb, drove into
Ibe bajan ber ?M-am anta. Tin? ?aaaal wa* proi.ably bound
Iron. Anti.iit.il>' !" Ii"*t??ii, and gut blowu off bar __iir__. All
Uatutl? nerv no duubl iuik
London, Thursday, Oct. 20, 1878.
Tlie correspondence of Ihr Sorth tierman Oatrtte
from Si. I'< teisluir*. denies the moro alarming re?
port?, Midi ,*ih tlinse of tin* concentration of larga
fer.-i? otftli" Turki-.li frontier and tint calrftig oat of
tin- reserve?!. Tut WtAout tOSt tli." anny is uot yet
on ? tvar foctinir. Paly SffsllSIlIlMHJ mexsures have
been taken so tluit in case ?if need a con?iderabla
anny could lie in readin? >s \\ itluuit ?1. lay.
A Heuler <li.?|?ateh fr??tii Ci.iistiintiii..?i!e Kay? It is b??
la v..I herr that an u n de rut a n dun' will lie reached on the
?liiestnui uf an aiini-Mee. ??< n. I?i-iialle(i*. the RiiMian
I.niiiassiii'.iii, win li?i\i.-?iii)tlier?ii*ivate audience with the
Stl'tatl en Saliirdur.
Ad* iees fi "in 1 tilis -ay the TurkNh rnnsul-Oencral and
hin w if.*, wlmse a.?H.i>siiiall<in at that phi?? was an
iKiuii?-?-?I yi-sti-iilay, were iniinl.-r.-'l by robbers. Kiim-la
i- making t caty effort to discover me pmpabttSmt ot iho
Kifthlitig coiifinit?S u round Alexltuitz ami l)ell_rnid
Bi umuos Tharasay, Ott, '->>, UM
Cien. X()v?is<l?itl' linn gakwi for r?-?Mifoi?e
ni' nt-? f??r the BerrtSB Anny of tie lliar, and Col. !$<-< ?.?-r
baa baas stdsred Ibais with fresh trosas
An i.itn-i ?! l> ? i ; i. 11 it stiites tluit tin- Tuik- OB Tuendftf
m.-cie a desperate tSktatpt tn biest Qst BevssslaCB
linea, bal as?s icpabsi atth great riaaabtsr.
Baoosa, Thnradsy, Oat ?-'?. i??7d.
Ibe Munfene-crins have cut MskbtSI I'.i.?h.i's ciiitiui
aleatloni with Trebtgaa and Invested Bteaiea Qnal
(li-ii h prevails in .Moiitim-k.ro notwithstanding ths
nilitarysu ?cesses, be? anaeof UM m tauaay ??f maintaining
a iu _?? aumbcr ??f refugees
Jmi l:S'Ai.l?iic BRCBnflBATIOVB,
Baaus, Tbaradsy, OgL PS, 1818,
A eeatrorersy has arises bet wees the QetssM and
. ?. ?n neafspapera in tan ronoatn at the lattcr'a
criticism? ?m the attltade of Oenaaair. The Bakmuat
/. a.m i to-day r.-|i!? lasts sa article Is the Ptttner Lloyd
s iy- " th.. attitude of the Bangari is press ealy tends to
'.?m ny's i*;iu;ioii.? tan i ??? eut tojmatity it-* am
Baossata, Tbaiadsy, Oet -.*?'. IBM.
Adricesr.ivi-.i hers Broas Viennarepceseat that the
Count Amirs , If lui -: .' Pureiga ABbira f??r the
whole Empire, and Beer Tissa, the Baagartaa ricmier,
aro greatly perplexed. Tbestadeats ?>f tbe rnivirmty
nt Pesth, who have is-.n forbiddca by the pottos to make
a contemplated torchlight d? monatratloa in boaer of the
rrurklth Consul,hare determined to (Usregatd the, p:o
?iiii.iio!?. K?i conflict, bowdbi r, i- apprebsaded.
tin: it'ii'MiMiv i.k?ii-mi i i:i: ( owokip.
im n mi: ?t. Thursday, ?? ft tt\ Ufra\
a ih rree ha? been puhli?lie 11 ere fin vokiu_c the R??u
i Chambers tn extraordinary ? NlSBSBtBtMsf
Nom in1.', next,
? .? -r --m.'m.i " :'. i-lay. o.r SB,T81S,
Tin* /'.' ? '? /?-,..? ? i ??: this ? .1} 1'iib
liabrstb? text of tbe speech dellrsreA h.v Osa, i |astt?_.
a , - .cnti.ils to
i -,- the? i .ru-,-!, nteo I ti.eiiif
i of tbe sit Itfa ni-h be ?lhl sol dls
-I'niil,?:.- i.. - --, m it by foi . - -nie subject?, ho
? i allies would be rttunoeS --> tint the
n thi cot lof i?:- labjeeta.
The ? - m -nain. Ha
hop? i * r? facilitating re
M ?:::. ,,; [hi:t:*n:* ma Tin: TfRKS.
I., gi ? ... lf~C..
The StandanTt dispatch from BagBBb SBfl
the ? a.:.; : fa iro of Demob ', . * ?k ..n
[ M - :'I* the ranipat.ra
f.?r th. ? tbe Winter commenced.
, ts Pit ;?._,".ie The
i I'l.-ia.-n?. is completely leoded. Dcrvisb
la thoroughly demoralixed Al] IbsOStt o
! \ aniana who joined the i u ih itsadard bars ra
- i nie arms mypttai
tin m by tho Turks. 1 * i?.*r
. mptorilj demanded to be ?Iiscbarged.
Tin: i:?i m ISIA ? PBI ??.i:\ii"*?.??.
Th? * - - - thai liaiiuainia haa
i . are-, arc iut<-n?led
rornoot Milan the ordinary autumnal prae
? . ?? .a. ?ia *?.-.???? armintlce, with a proapeetof pr?
loDgntbm by ?ubcoquenl arranfeuwnt if necessary, is
im-.*, ri ported to be ?ocur d.
M iiuMi?. i ala Oet _... i ?Tu.
AM the persona implicated in tin* r?-o?-nt con
1 !? fore ordinary tril.utials. Among
thi '!.. imentsdiscovered bj tbe Qs-rsnMMBl are d?v
Bed bj BulzZorilla, eonfer.lng public appoint
menta apon the lotendtd leaden sf tlu- magtgaauma,
redeemable after tin* ?u.s?.f tbSMSfSMaat
hare also besa fooad. All tba siflltsry san trrttnmt
?'. ?:>? - :i the h;;l:'-pay li?f.
I.'.M? ?N. riiiir-ilay, Ocf. 2C, ISPS.
At tin* \i uiiniik? t HoaghtoB iii?-?-tiiitr km
?lai the race for the Dultlagbam basdtrap resaltadla a
dead beat for tba first plat I ?? i ths Asbtrtasa _rss
ii aad the English 1 n Braadsida i..?.ily .Mm
den cams In third. Bine horses raa. Ihodesd bsstwai
aft. rward i un ?.it.imi was bj Baj Raal by half a 'eii^fh.
The betttagwaa B t.? loa Broadside. Ibe Dawhanl
Plate was woa by Chantant, with I'lin.'er hsmI and
BTincbelsea tinr.l. bevea horses raa.
Ottawa, <>.t. 26.?Advices trots Csbsbbsu
?ton? r Mi l.?-.?i! at (',*. |?i?-; HOI a:i.'i"iin. ? t!,?- arnviil of
io?i men of the Mounted Pol. Poras aad two ^un?.
rber will winter at t p i II I Fort, sadaabaB r f..r.*o
will l>e ?tat? ?ta-.i at Fort M i.? ?>?i. in clew of the ui?)\<??
m. nu of the American Sioux, v bug? number of ta
diana bare already congregated In the -.l.iuity of botii
Ratava, Oet. 586*?Another steuuer from
Bpala arrived to-daj with 1,000 tnspa
l.cM'cv. Oct. 26.?Th?rty-flv? nrloafl- of
oil, eonprisisg 1,36.1 turr?is, were ubipped from London
r.a.lai for Europe. This is the largci-t niuglc ahlpment
.-... i ma 1. irii.n ihi? i?,:iit.
I.mmimn, Oct. 26??Leonard Atiid.iin, tho
Belgian who ???. .??><*.l a f?*>? days riass fr..m a eompart
iii.?ut in a railway trala between Ostead aad Braatshb
?ft.-: Iiaviii-. murdered an niln ? i* in whose .*ii?tody he
was, being taken to BrnsM-la charged with robbery and
murder, h i? <-- en captured ??' LUI *. Frases.
HalifaZi Oet 26.?A tHgpatefc trsm the
Ma_-(Ial?*n IslSBda ie|i.iit.s that on the Kith Md 17th
iimt. the in.i\i? i gals kaows n ? yssrs*aaaga*psBfsBgsA
Cousidi rai?l? ? i ini.i _-?? was done oa shore, ami main- tt.-h
it!_: boat? were deatroyed. So areeks h.?w* been re?
ported. Tin- weather on ihe Ul inds continues sithL The
bei un* u-h. ; ?. al LabradkN - ?poor.
TOBOBTOi Oct. '-'ii.?A s;.i*?i;il ctlilc to The
' i Telegram, from London, !.._-... ?i. -???: "Tht
lharebotdera of the Grand Trunk BaBwaj bsMaiasoS
Log to-day. st which tbe relatk-aa with tlie On dWSgb
era were dUeumv-d _nd Mr. Childeni's sntmadren ?
answered. Mi ryler delivered an ml?- ??;?? en. and a*
siu.-d th meeting thai Ibe Boanl ol IM rectors
thoroughly rvcruluxL The repart \s.i? unauunonsly
adopt? !" __________________
1 1 I.K'iKAI'lIK N'l! I.?
IfOifTKKst. Oct. 26. The nhipmenl ?>f petroleum
bon mi? ; ? ?i la rapUlj :i-' ?
Pbovidi m< i:. 1?- !.. ' ?? a. *- ? bast
ball here t.. daj tba Bestuw ?i. f? stud n.. Hartterds by s tcora
?.i m i.? '..
II vi nix. v. s., Oct. 26.?Tbe \?ar steam.-r Zephyr
|. ,,.. to-morrow for Bermuda, aud Ihe dag-nbly Beilero|ibos
mi IliiirsiUy BOSS
I.mw: ti. Masa,Oet.26. Tty8tate8ai_day-sebosl
(*<.n\.mu nu t.?.'.. ,'..?..t tu ?.-?nui bare. Ths attsadssMe
has i?? '-n Un.-' i i. ah at ?...y gees,---.- a Misa.
Swann Ml, (?a., Oet. 36. I In- total ritrm Imt of in
t.iiiiin's t.? .lav was Lu.-?-, "ne ta s yeOow ttmeom no
?tr.illm from any ? aaas SCCamd. -No fn??t ha? ytt ?piMurct.
Sai i i-Aia, Utah, Oet 26 The Ifofiatersad He
c.iv.rat tin* Land Office ?t this i'l?"* w *?" '",l*-- ?.?.??Ku.led A_
fi..m duty l.y uni?: * from Waohliiiiton, l_*--u<i_tf the iu-.ei.tigv I
Hull .?( tin U' .. ttl. .' ??
Ottawa Oet 2rt.?it ia uii?l?*rHt#>o?l tliar tin? Hon. ^
A. B. ir*...it. r.' m?n?irtiig .linn t..r ..I the ?*?nvU CrMnU ?,?1 the
iiiix-kviiie ami <ni_>?> oatl-aya. haa ?. v.-r^ hi? asaaasosa
v^ l.-'i-a,'! .? ...riiti??..?, siidtfi?! Mr. Abbott, for niiay yers
tteseeeme wS ___________ iaalai wit reabebty munet bmi.
1?AITIMOKK Oct. 2(5.-1 In* l'nuli?*o race? were well
???iiiliHl UMl?y. Hi-" wlonrr. w?-re v. follow? One mile loe
?II ?in? *-"5? In?l'lratiou, l:4S? mile beat* f<;r IbSBSffSS
o nt ?AM* ?gili.al eight h-rtK-a. Ainbu.h. l+l_.J______*
bambea for ?il tge? **M. limeyo, ?ltSl tleaiAtc-um,
IKawlut?;, KlsA^Kiwo-l. I'lb.

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