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BBAJiO??Motaai w_!.i. kmjwn?tear or be
ENsL..vr..-iir.Nr-_coNt--ii>i:Ni.a is mano lkai _uu*
?Ni:?.i'.u-ii.nii.N BLOBS 0-OAB1-SD BT f-MK OF
l~oom a s__rr cona_-?r_;Hn.>rroy ?a. B__SHBB.|
Nmw-(>mi.k.??ib, Nov. _*>.?Wboii will a negro vote)
the Deumcrartir ticket t Thi_ han b-co__? a cm?attea
of national iiuiiortauce, for lip?n flie answer tint in
finally ksv-u to it iu thi? >?taU> <iui?e?Hla the ittsiie of
tbe __-._<h.-iiti-d election. The U*ipu->l_-_ua of
Louisiana ?ay that a colored man will uover vote
fur Deiiu>_r:.tic candiiLii-i iml_?__ lus u> forced l<? ?lo
it through Iss-T-CkeSBf ssBBitsad, whipped, deprived
of ompl-ymciit. orab_.-tt?duiso_--oth_r way.aiMt they
therefor, jump to tli<- conelii-uoii lhat CaSS of this
kind nni-t Lave beeu pr-w-ni.v. h??never they hear of a
Black Rinii who baa voted atcaiust them. And it is
true t?at from the time of their cuira nchi>tem??iit
tlm colored t??t>oj>le have ?tood almost like a ?tono
wall in eppeeitlea t?> the Peatu?iatij. Besa Um Ku
Klnx oiiti;ik-c? between ltft? SB? 1^71 failed to
make them da-t.it tbe party with which they had
been _d__li_?-d from the fir?. : they BSBS-bM thnm
from voting, but they did not bring th.mover to
the other nit le. Tbt.r? ha?, then-on', liecn ?orno
reason in the Republican ssseit-ia that tin- colored
vote, when not illeirally h?-Maoae* waa a kuowti
quantity tbo disappearance of which, in any eleet loa
vaa,tesaj Iks Isasta cireaaiatanee which needed
Now tli Democrat* axsert that they have earned
this State by tiic aid of iie?-.r_ vute? ?u?l th
hare gamed ihe-ui by fair anil boiioraMo mciitu. If
they bav <? ilone no, then they are ontitltvl to the full
benefit >>f their victory, if the moanS they have
employed li..ve been illegal, Iban th.-y ought not to
diiiv?! any benefit from a majority thus obtaiaed :
they d__--Y?- defeat. The Louikiana Batantaf
Board is lo determiiH- by what meau. a political re\
olution was brought about in certain psstsSBS-f
this State, SB- this Is why I ?ay that it ha? m
a matter of national importance t?> determine under
what cireiiiMtant-i'? a negro will vote the Demo?
cratic tit h.t.
in the first place, the ?ic-rroes, like all Iguoraul
people, almost invariably follow tin ir lead)
man, tspe.i;;l'y oi tin ?r own r.?c, who 000
their coiitii'.eii.e, can ?.'ciu'rally control tin in with
very little eltbvt. The reas a tor this is patent. Tin?
average plautatioo ncpn? can neither read nor wntt?,
ami ha.-?. therefore, se mobb si haru-tg anything
beyond what conic? aa??r hi? Immediate, Limited
observation, excel?' whal he is told by other?. Their
dependence mi their leaden fee sftviea
their |ml lieal dnti(*? bt-c-ii.ii>'.*, th??rci? i?
From them they teara he wtwai UaB/oafhl to ?
from tin? ?i alone wi'.i ihey i. ? < i\?? their ticker?.
It M true that I ho negro?'? an? ittt.;
Republican party a? the party of freedom, !?.;:
aahle from the fact last it eras through that party
that Hi?", ?nii emancipated and eufranchiaed, they
generally k?_i?,-w notion;'ot its principies. They are
more attached to Gen. Grant than they are t:? the
BepaMican putty. "We know nil alioiit HaSBS
Grant." ?aid a colored man to im- in North Oarolina
four jvars ?uro; "he's the man who freed BSBad
Rave, us a ri a ht to vole, bul iisf??r ihis Massa (.rcc
ley and Massa Stunner, about whoss you t? I!. w<
know mithin.-: of them?i" v. r I?? nr i of then ? ?
aud we e\',?ci t they mint lie IV m ?
of the white to]
This c .pin-it faith of the BaOjSBeO?_ theirs
?iK_-?U a meant.of captnring theoolare- vote s l.?? b
I have been Mirpriaed thai the DsBMCSBtl ?i, I n I
long .-go iv-ort to. In the North, when if ??d'siretl
|S ohtam ihe wi]?porl of a distinct dsSB of ^H'.pl. for
B certain ni'"?s>ire. M B <'? ??' 1'.'. tatl'ISStblg ?Ot BM) I
intluetitiiil iiii'U of that sisea in ?-? behalf, ?rail T have
often woiiii' r?.?l tliat tin- D< moi rat? ftid aol Bksks an
??Hin; of the kaderj "t ih?
colored-.e.iple. I it th. y did it in 1 ur?
iana t'ui year, and I bave SB su. I 1 OBIB ??
Otic ?.ti-- a n-tnber of Ms k ssea who s-^, thai they
?stiiuiped tli.ir res'.iedive parish?i f"i Tlldeo m.?l
N'ia.h ? .?'. ?r.'ll ell.let, II!. 1 ?a
that tin- !,..iuhei.- of l the Dee
ticket. 1 ?hin't kuow how ih?- aBrrieeB-l UweeaMB
l ; I have heard thai th.-v were I
Demo I I d'.n't bobera that
tbi re can he anv ?ioaht that BSBBB BBgTO 1
th<- Demoeratic ticket were seeai-d in this ivav.
_To nogro caa eTer he l-dnoed to vote the Deseo?
the l?'. will I??- followed by his i
'?????irie'it. The peoei _
<?i this tmox a:.i??n(r 11;
party an i' aieaaa advBataga in th.
. \? .lit !i ?t
??I Ihe time, befor. Ibi
o? the ? ":''
of the cTT..r!s
people t" previ m It ; 1 i laetmenl ??
to then ch il or poKtteal rtghta *^-a? Htreri?/
."ri:'"r rae a. r theee i
;t to heedoaa r. -.is fboal. :
with the ? -f their ".?'. n. lersl
they wonld he reduced to thoii
condition. Htft tar this It
.s.ati i fts i"i know? bat Idohaea thai in
?on?.?? .?;'?.?". Southern Hi ?it?-? the l.olil wlneli the Be?
? ?n parly form-ny had <>n the ?u tri
been greatly weakened by a law years* experieaee
in the minority. !
t | BOW, an?: I
made in thi
hita i?. Lghl
I do not kt.'ow how f.ir ihe fear of re.?alavi inent
or disiranchiacn.??ut ha- Ih-?-ii removed lnun the
miiuls of the ? .'lon'd neoplt* ot l.oiu-iaiia. 1 should
not think that the condition? for c-tabliahing poiil
leal confidence between the two ttttM
been very favorahle. While pasee BBI BOW BB B
? ral paare hi many <?f the Sonthern
s, aud pohttcal B-B-dera ?.re no toaaac kaoa a,
ass a si-fle pear hss | eve. in which the
oountry ha? m.i heea ?hocked bp the reaorl of sueae
rial as ?-old-Mooden aaesaaBaa?oa la Leakdaaa? li
makoe noilillere.icc Vt-hethor politic? has l?.tn at I'm
bottom oi these event-, .?r not, thoy certainly must
prewnt a f?eliiiK of ?on hi lene?? and Kaf.-ty from
r-printiini: up ln?t w?ta?ii the twoiaee?. If it ha.? I ik? n
root in ??pile of these oi'eiiiien.'e?, ai:d if the frilit
nz<" of it has been that a ft cat number of the n??
hii.re fTeoly voted the Dein??? rat ie It-bat, that
iac: can he fully sh'iwn hofloee the h'e'niniiii-' !
Another ?iilhioia-e which ?tt first hOBBd the ci'd
Oltsd i?eoi?lo to lite Bepahtteaa party w-s
tin- praaataa, an rpwheee Hafte t<? thees in the eeaa
tiy district?, that if they s.oo<l by the National Ad-'
minietralion a division of pioperty ?hoi,id uke
place, and every man of them ?should re?-,
Ifa*?t 40 acre- of land ami a mule. The BSSBMS
cIuiik to tho hope thu? held out t?? th? m for many
years in ?pite of rep? ?ted disappointment, hut I
presume that even the most ignorant of tla-ui have
by this time about come to the conclusion that the
division will never he made, and that the only way
in which they can acquire property i.? to work for it
and earn it. Now if, following up this disappoint?
ment, the white planter? ?hoiild tbreateu to deprive
tbe colored people of employnmnt if they
did not vote the DemtxTutic ticket, a
great political revolution might be Booountod
for. Even intelligeut laborer? in tho
North, in theso hard time?, will pasefaUp vote
against their convictions rattier than l??-,e the privi?
lege of earning bread for their famili?-?. I lu aid a
Kepiililif_.ii maBuiactnrer lu Now-Tork StP-to a ?lay
or two Ixtforo the last election boant, iu the preoeuce
of a number of hie friend?, that he bad given mUss
to those be employed, and they were numnrotu,
that any one of them who voted for Til-en would
ioae hia place, and be said that Ha.rea wonld get tbe
vote of every man in hi? twlabhehroent. I believe
that Lsemoci-B-ii in many i-eUueea reeerted to tho
a___e kind of intimidation, and if it -ncceoda In tho
North, with men who are i-ti-H-gt^ Bad who know
what the riirht of n;i(Traue means, would
ftir_f m\\tA it should _B00eed among Ignoran
groes in Louisiana f I buvo no evidence thai
intimidation waa resorted to, but 1 have he,
hie tod. z. -
thin QB r.riiKAi.- BOLBBOOlfS PBOM
Jl'IMiK VAN Viinsr's D?CflBOB.
Tho suit of Bidl-. and atiban against
anil ?>tlifcr-t ?a. brought to ?eitle .?ueidinn? arising
the will of Epliralni FTolhrook. Th?- plaintiff? ?re t
BBWSaae and trustee? nnder that will; the iWciulan
the tuccafor? of Ills widow, of Pamtiel R. lMt?, Kp
?SBeaaar- nent of kin and heir?, hl? widow'? n<
Ida Baft heirs, and all who untl??r the wiils claim i
fa-ieat in th?? os.,vt?t*, boina; soiof thirty or forty char
instil in urns, Ittwiilo? the, Hoard ut ??BBBSlBB am
?riiool tniKieuR of all the vr_r?l? of the city. Overt?
uve lawy. r? u-t?i>. nrc?l on tue trial. Ju?brc Va? '
Who heard I! .???lit, h?? ??itUn un o.iilnun eoveiill
ftiolscap i> nits. The amount in suit was. wlw-n Bpl
Beu??.?.?kiiii'ii. ?ihoui 1-MhOM-?aBapaarafMI fcwaal
i? BewaaoatffO-iBMi Mr. HoflaoaBoledtfl IBB
Wife in 1-71. Tie outline Of his Will ??ties: Afte
tain SpBSlBe Wanes, which have boBB |?aid. ht? l'?
ent?t? to m? aeeeeeese le traes? le pap mm Bweaae ?
remainder to his wife ?lurinir ii?'r life, glvtBg them ?i
to ?ell Ms i-eul est?t, iltiriu? hi? wile's life or wtthin
years BBBW. His wlf?? win* to have Uie m~00M to ill?
of ?t-_?< ?,000 of the capita! of h'?-; estuie, .?jtmIII. bb
?lono tills, but in a way which rais?-?! .?.?i?lI'mnal
as ha. .le.itii in. aaea te mmj I
$loO,(KK? BBBBllfl BQrtBBS BBSlil.ilile iBBtlBltlBnBi
what, was mit wat, to be ?liviileil In I?. .en live of ill?
-iitntioii. ;'i: .S'?iini'1 B. I?.'tts, .?Hell tal.niC"
Ju.Ijj-e Van Vorstdli?!???? ? ?list of the O?Ot?tut I
the wife's win. IBe-Baatai k Iobbb?i
tain ?l!<i?"sillon of the |MjfOOSf UBjBtBl !i'-r lm-?l
BBB-I llBBi lier to ?le?| .i?. of, uni th.- Court liohl?
Uni; ??s B i?r".??'i' i!'.'!,ii?i,..)ii. Tin f.ii,?slii.us .n l-l.iii ii
II;- BaaSBBafS will are many. Th? Hint
devino to the ex'i'Uii?!? a valid trust en.it e. on
i Jaftja Pea Pass. h.?i i? i? am,ne _m uro
a>aapeeertlM nut? ???,?1 lacease he the widow see.
ai'ifciit leasBsel IhesaaBi sad Bwseee>aad \A totm
aetatelatBepr-partp. Tks a 1 at ?' gt ?ettee wee?.Whw
. ..te iibibIbsIii bb_ had Iba ajtesaten any tmt
ni.ii.?:? lile v. Ill I .Iml.." Van PoTsI liol.ls lli;il
?stete tenalnated with the trot? ??f Ott wUtaw, i?ui
omwmt at oato tut -aaaaaeearal ?rai eo?tinned for 1
paareeflas Set Aeae-,aai wat rBMftlae that tBaa
third quantum was whetlier. under the will. tBa ?
1 ?? r ...? -I . - le III tile i.illld.? ot the I'X.s'.il
and When 11 het'UJi.! ?', anil J.nl<e V;,ti V?i 1 U;.V? t
a? the will ?liiocts ?ii'siihitely a Baleaf*tha real .?t-i..'.
property neoan ?as to all i-artaol Ma ai
? \.ei'i ?ii? ta ilw f. ???? ii aoBvenii
tor's .le?tt?.
Tbe in.? ?. 1.' ? mi" u). on th l'i?|U
,i?'s, ,01.1 th, , , ' ,
it ion for it.?- hnprovi mi ni o? the Condition id
i| .? -lif.-ltle :? .
tl.e C' iieiitl ..'et of is is, tat ? s . ? i..l
'...it mat :ii. :. -.. t? im 1I1.1 for d? '
.????i B-B?ar ih? act IBew Pad ;
... BBBtl 1 1 I'h'Ai I? ?Il I" - - . '
aaBta Un iieiiiiH -Masaaaarp, the I
(.u ii-.it in -?????!?av. ?'ni Iba b w-Sath Sabbath Ti
Saunt y, all organized undor the s.i_n" ac-. 3
act fni-i?l> .I test.llol V, ||i, 1 -.ves Wl( ? >?t I'll
BM-B t?BB $10.0-0 Bf la??Bit I".my ico' >
v,. ?il tun ? loi ?ih o! the !? ?; ?t.?- . - ? ehaiitl
. 11 \'. 1 t tu II
rhantable ln?tltntl??na IneorporatMl Buder
Iba ainount ?eil t?i tmotrn fo?r eb_riUi 1, It?
sixth of the iv. iiln.ii'. . -1 ?le loll
i-, one '? urtli
...\t __a? iiiilu.i' ? Borh i'i.i ?-..
v.- laiu, wi.ii .1 ?u
? I. li?-titu'?.?ii for th- 11? if alii li.iini?. ?i.i.i
? ri.i ihiT can : ., and th ?t 1
? ?
t.ii? lii
lo lake ba_ i- en
i.!-! tat
wltidii the le.u the '
? -. t".e qin ?it"ii h? re t ?
take at .?lt. T
ih? .. worth
with f: I'llOUnl
to this Instltu
?ball 1.
eii|i'??'. fot t!.
?ill'., alii. 1?. ' ?-I. Ill :
' .1
, . ,
>"?.????ll M. II I'l.
tll.it 111
III ..
for 1
to.? t lilal ?f*i?Ii"t??li-.i. '? .lo n.?| ?
lit?- M
ih ;
1 ?,? 1
lue t ril'oiy ?i'l''?'.l loti
I ? .
.1 depaitUII ;' .1? ill
? itber |?iri* ?>i I
the \a f< '? ?!? .iih b ?' :.--? to tbe rosl
tbe Ii ...
..! 1 ;?' i.i ??. Hull . ?
?.i box! ??i kta.
.1 bobs in eonnsel v W/H ? B? n
?u -1 J'.^.? K. I'?-. ?? 1 fui
tbebciraof _t;nuu.l '?' K ; Alitvitt ft Wild for tb
ll.ni. . ; ! "' I ,,1, -1 ,?.- U i-.-V lor tu
??rjiinill At.ylUln ? ]'.. !.. I ? :i h?r tu II . !>i ?,f ?ami I ?till,
Atv/lBia; An?"!n M .in>! ...ni \i- i. a.UbIHvbo to
iioii?i'i???l.'sexacaton aadbelrsatlaw; .-. K. A 1.1
tVn.liIiuunii.it!,- : the Ii... u.V. 111? lit .1! tl.
I-- . ; HSUlilt??!. ? D ..?ni ??', I..1 ?.?il?, u
Bolt for toe Trae I B. l<_re for b-__ of Oaab
l?inl ; A.B. l??.-tt for Um iru-i.,s of in? Uoiotao
s? T.???.!?? .1. W. ?'. 1a v? i-iii; .?? foi Hi.- \ ni''ieai. Sanila?
.' I 1. ; t ?? v for the AasMle I
Bac4etj; Daaiel Lord, Jr., for It? Mali Orntuui Aaylunj
and alii?ut 10 other ? i.iiu??! lor Be .11] SO mini t imiiUli:
aa?i?alatloBi _________________
Tks poriion of Castle Guardan latalp baraei
dov.'ii. BBS ?.In 1T1 lu ? i'it I'?'? a i? ? I in ill, a?, a., leoe. ii|
laaftapaaBBBlaaavas Bspal f??r la_aaajiaaaB At paaaai
gen? from u. Italy betas tta Aral ttrapaaai
Tbe Interior paaaBB?I iilmo.-l lin- IBM BSBBaBBBBM ?is l>r?
Vlou? to the fll?, <'\i'.ot tleil ;>,. .?il,,., _ u,, ooi-.-er I.
.1. T-ioncv.' ?lo-iin ?tfl"i ? BBBM lui,., aie
, Hie ventiliUli.il lut? heoll lull. I; iui|iriiveil. The tel? ftOgt
lllid I XCIlallK?! Ottleis 0. ellj?\ III?- h.l.'ll?' |i?.s?|).il!? .
tofotc, r.i.d tin- emhratnire? of Ihe old forl are dasei will
f?UnM wtaiaera bMSaedaf baea weaara bavi
??' li Ina?!?', une _B lii" BBBl and la. other ?in tin- we*l
hide. Tin ?? ?tie ml, n.l.il lor 11-e in i':i..e ol .1? ? ith'lit, hii I
??M? t?? ? n.aiiie tBa iiiitiiih'raiit-i to r. mo ih? railroad u? ii. i
Ollhtl'H WH?OUI l?:???-.|lli; hevoiej tor. |i|... , i.,-|-, ,,f In,.
Ur|H?.. Til? in??.I. ?i EBBOBBMBte ;t|,, ,u,| e.Mojiiolr u?. .'. i.
lull Hi? SMWDlBMSlstMB ?I al..|.??rt' foi Hi, ???n'il, i|
nnitiher of oiiuiIki.aiiI? whieh arrir?? iw this ?eaaaa of th
year. Tuo Con???skflMn will |?u*ii forward th? >t??rk
rein lililiii. to l)i ilnlii' at ithoiil ilehl.?', ill ojil.-r l.? bop?-?
.... .u, ru".???? in the niiiiiher of armai? wales
they think vsaU lafca plaea Ib ? aaa ??f a E_ropcan war.
Tlie 1'rt sidoiit of tin? iN.nifii.il Part i!;:iik
?Bid ycttle,i'lhl.V lllUt DO CUHIOIlllLO.se. taulllil I?: taa.nl, wllh
iciii-, ih?' fla-fanlttns peplas teller, bal thai a?the prsa at
ctiudiiiuii of (iu? B?traftttlaa Ti. atf pteeaaieSl lha baab
oftleer? froDl r>r?x?eedlti|r ?if-nln?t Kill? riiaslBBllJ. tlifj
bad ?lr?i?ited that p*rt of the can.? and l.-il i-aum .1 him i?.
Ik- ?lit-il enfler tue Iiiilt-li h.'.vs t?,r ?I? ht. Kill? wt Otoi
in i?t. John in the same wuv ??, a??v otBar fraadnleat
debtor. Tbi hank had run .-?-'t- tin i ilent to
be obtalueU lu IBa BrtlMta Prurlaoaa. and bad everj
eaaaaaSaaaltBee that the BMaap ?toien wouiu i>e ot>
1*1 aed thron*h the regular jiroei ??? ol law.
? reiiowucd d?'r,_j inan lately DtaaiaBad
rather a imin ?tu-uiini Iruiu ihe text, -- i'Uou art _MK'>ed
lu the liai inoe ami found wantiiin." After tbe <noria_rr>tp?
Uni. huai liMU'taal ahuii! au hour. 8B0M bufan u? ?et vte.iry
and went out j other? ?voiui tnTiu?vo_, gicatly to the an
no>?ac? of th?: iiiiuiate.r. Ali'ither porsoUia?irit'd, WOmti ?
uiKiu 11m v?r*ou ?u?i?pt?.l iu hi? ?ciaiiun uud ?aid, " Toat'?
r_ ht, K-titiciiieu ; u_ f*?i a? you ai u w_tske4 pas? out,"
ITS I.M>lBS AS PIirsi'.NTED BY SCrfATOll .?I*!*?
ML'Cil MATIKR AC4*-_ll.'I-____- MCT BOIH1MO
1.1KKI.Y TO _B-B-0__-?-l CtlBGItl.-'S
The Joint Cnnu'rcssidiiul Silver Ca____daatOB,
which ha? it-essn bol-iug musdouM at Um. Ht, Jmmo* Uotel
BlliiB lllipl 11.feBS completed it? wia??: tn this city, and
. Washington, when* ri-stlmnnv win >.<? taken .*nr
?ti.* tie- minim,? six weeks, fl.n-.tor J SB. IOf V-viola slid
last evening tbat tto tomml**!*? hoped. l?y BB?-BB] tho
ekaage, to -.???' ante, couvenkciiy tin- taatlB-OBj al many
j.i.i'iiiu?*nt men, who would bo Ukeiy, at this season, to
Stall STl ?liii'.gton. Tho ctiiiimis-Hion had not i_gisl_d tho
IHStlllUS?. ShnSlTj In, aiul there were no BBBB-tl Bl bo
imide lino'Vii. Tli'* imiBIBl-BlOB fe-d B. vb*w the* oldatn
liu-nf npintoT*? and fart? derived frnin the erpi rt.-nt-o
nie! s'il.Iv of financier* und tner-eh.-mt? snd of men pos
sessine a practtrivl kno*?ie?I?re of puidlc affairs. To that
??ml B great BBBBS BBTBBB-BBi '?_?l ln-eu ?*?*il out, nuil
genUonieu of Una city, Ho-toii. Philadelphia, l iiicig..,
?ud other large cil.es hid cither uppc.i.i>*d Ix-fore tho
commission in por-on er BBB-B? BlltlU answer to BBS
.(U'stionsim-l'tded In gM tnvltatl'-n. S.-ti.it.ir Jones lu?
ll, red that Ma wiirl; In K-S?*?T_I- ?n-s very ?nti?f_rtory,
liai t'ioimiit. itevi rlheli u\ that not lunch hsd been
hrotmlit forward that wv new in either fae? or theory.
In lit? opinion? the \ c w of the ltnli\id.i_l BBBB*
bor? of the commission had not b?s n essentially
? hanged by the m<|ulry thti? far. Tlie nun
who had given testimony repn ?enteil the titmo?t dl
\r:..4iy of opinion. It was ci.-ar that Iheio VSM OS wcil
thought '-ut ?yst.'iti* of ''nance having uny ..v-rwhelm
lag ,-u-eiigth aiii-'iig ifea m-?? "f the Boaattj ni large ot el
_se_"pat?ial awiaaii ol the eeaatry. tkere aera bbm la
ni i-y se.il'.ii who, v. ?Ih more or II s? , n\ i, lion. _B*S>_SJ?sg
the gold na-.s. ?'? KM th'iil.h* metallic ?} ?tern, or a BysBBB
of g.,1,1 iiandaiil aad Banal diary oarm anna, <.r Ha
gi-.elih.icli system. ffest, BBB Bth-f men who ht
tlmt nioiioy-hoiii'l !>?? hsscd i.n nnl estate. A? a rule,
tin* men whn hud corno liefere th? commission hml opin?
ions t.. give, In rare in?! mo ? founded on well-disisst?J
nmi.tily l.i_K.d ou gane ? n -s.iiily
Btltstr sii'miir 1 i-rlM"'|-'f" *" linatice. There app
Btfeeagn itsi nisiilse,sl aaaaa
oil ban.I ;,. ig!.: tii.in ilitplay of learning a.i.l hi...v.l. .!..*
oltfee i \|.eii. a. e,,: !.;,:i.i',s aad ihe fact, at th Base ?.r
nu.,. . |.taoeaMafe. aa erlgtaal attheeae or policy
for atl.-iir.iiig re iimpi;rm 'I m
lin.-t l:.-l lie . . . I
pr. led tl at i. \ ..ill be ImpusNible,
i m., itane? s. ?.. resume -;... ?. |. . i... nl i.. ;
Rov. I'l.ien wsa im ... a(.???ii before Um
? U?IU? In Ills position indue Ihe din
i . ? .if i i'.iiii.,i.iie. i be - , ? t of
the ?.?.. -, of lb? ' Ihn? fa-,
in.-n done he ?seiia:?.? .1.??????, c<,u_ie??ioan Wi
lard .? ? ?
m -i.? tiple
l'of-v of >C__mu**1 snd I'n.'. Btrwaa ot Usi-TB-rd
ii. pe . lit, In i?:. in all
R and
lit ... ..".ii. 'I R (? -, e.e BBMIfl
, hook ?'! ?oue l,.tis'
*-t ich of the I from i* < ;
f.*. m. ?-.-nstor Jone? luirai ibsl t'n ronteitU. If
. ' .
e. no] !..
?i..ti .!? .ii* tn?- ?? ".mm ?a.'i rl.it lOgSft i- to
... sttorutttad ?m at b f.?i? Jan. i->. l_7_
?|. n day? Mill ?ti ..?? a g
to th. < ? ? ?1rs rabot "*f fr-pa ri;.:? the rr\
...,.'.... i : ,
lie.n -, n ... .t i ? ? -
Ihe cu
II l.i
.1 M III.. ?!, Il"
?lid no' taint the r-im.' ?onid mal in Uso
i-i-i .-.-inn...- aud i;, i?.- i .,;..uvi ?.
_B IMI .-.? II..N GB-JITBa .*?!? .? ?Bl i.i.-i MUi is
In ?In* t ... ni t. 1 I'.i.iii !.? tli?- rnil
I '
. :.
lion ..a i'.-!i:p!-ini( nl I In- ?
it "l ts
tal BBStsr tMS Ist is... >:..- ruht ?M g .
? in .n Toa] i
Kl.?i i>!
? .
... ,.. . . .,,,| . ,-. ., ,:; i
?1.,. ., Ht. . I < . I .
oil IflOllllll I
.i .j. in, sad
: ;'. . > | nut-lit ol |*n ... ..... ?? ., . i
. ' '
' '
' ' l ?
? |
w i
H Ii-*.
: . tl .1
Ih. ;.i. i- .ii..|. -r
] HE ' _ME 01 B00TI1
BDWIB iKi.iiu'.- ?l ?I I.- m\i. i.n S..I I.
r s -1 i . i ? > i i.
In lin* suit brooghl le i.i.-in Booth iiu.iiiist
?i i?., i. I i daw r... an sm ...? tfesntsr si iilxtl
n\c aad rwsnti Uk
In ('..i.iinoi. ri. a-. , i, hm ,i.i ufe .i sd
ret | i" atr. iin-..-. Tat ii i : mi. n
i." . ? . aln Bdj set torta full* la I_ia i
B It.in Ho.eh |n ii !?::-.?.1 the Dfopcrtj m .,
ob II a if ater, ?bleb hi i ,? i? |,,,
i.ri.t'.if, who -ifti" red II '?? .i!., psisoni.
und ii'itftiii Booth aare i tsoieangrulngthatoautoj'
?lice, ?ill Ihey t et . .! ,,|.; \ a', |.? ;,,,i
I am ui ibli ts * ?* how ths Infesnettos aafead __ahs
granted. I'm. plainUfl n ...I!, binldtiis and
' l'< '?' ' ' : " i ,',i r_r
that blllldnig, iifiil. r thai name, i r. pal .1 on us i pi i. e
l.f pObhe I..!,e.scllieilt. IlllWilg linn ..?,. i .,,,?( |l?. v ;,,,..
..f Ibe f. n.. s b* thai reputall ?u, hi ha
and leased tliom under t???- Bsne ?hieb be 1 ...t given
Hi. III. .-..i tieic Is l.i. iloill-t fro,i, IP, UMUIUer ill
le |.i, :,,.-.?, an ih ?cul, -,1 in il, ?, ,_,?. , ; .,,
IllHIlll lil't Oil. of Ho IndlKWRIMlt? III the le I , \.,, , , lie
piitll ,' II (Mll.t'lOIl ?Mllell " ill,I.tl,', I |,e ,1, r" il.nl
.:.-.,ni " il as a pi .re ol pul?Iil i.lll.eell i , ! '|,h ,i, 1, |,,|
re <lre....ite,l Io all the?' ,??? ,,f | I,,.,,,,
It ?..i..- to i.?-, B tin- mili. n> irblsS Un ? plaint.Il n_ .
rinii'l eil In. j.j i m .
'i i- to !.<? i. ?i.; mil I tl.-r Me re N bo ath mi.? on
in.- |M!I III Hm .Ictci'diilit- to ..i.e...i 1 lie hut thai I IS]
'.-. v ? an.: UI...I.._.-:.-, ol Lbls Ii....i.-i. VVbat, mi?
ll - the i-iieiiin .Ina es, n.,? , tin? .. ? ;
i ' , tli : ' Indi, ate to tin BabHsl Nothing more, I linn
... , litan ii.it this iliiit.i was In,:?i bl ihr .il'ain'ult ;
inii in.s i? th. tbaster which In iiivmcd npou its con
slr.ielii.il " IU.1I?. ? 111 ,11. I,* Htel U,. |,|_. c of ?n |,||M.| n, m
which has bs-oius kawva ui Ute pu,nu nudv. Us?t ?ame
? * It ss-Uis to me that the plaintiff ?>?- his s?.*U hini
afflvj-.i <o; ihimc t.. the ii:> __er, and thai m -, ?tsuim - and
their ?iiiies?.ir? have lint rlgiu I., call Um? building
?'* 1 bi atei," , . .i he h.is gives in It.
Tli.* iiiution im' an inj is lion unit bs denied w Itb #l?j
BJOBI 01 IHK IIBBBIB- ?ui. BBVJ .\i?t;i.iit|_nj pi in.
lu ill?' 15.?iiiil ol Aliliiiii? ?i y? ?ienlay tlie f??l
lo? ing luciil luipinvi ineiil? were aulhoiu.-d : .'lagging
.He\. ni)-i..iii-.it., in twssa Arenas a sad ths i-.i?, Blrsr
-"??'' at* Bt., i.n.?. ; Bahtaig Oaa fena
del (1 aad tiiiril s!., tear I ...; r>... ni|,,,ire(i
aad -Ui<* uth-.t., ftovi r.ni.th to tareanVare.. aad
Klng?brldgi. road, froiu Motirm--?>???. to ihe Soutbein
Koulerard. Psrmlwinn v.i? giren ta tho American Uts
trtet Mataapfe ? a_rgaaBj io? ?bm s-_aa__aa_l iiiuiniiuite.i
eliieti iu fn?ut o? linar oilice? In various pur!? ol tho
A eommunieatiou wiu? received from the Counsel to
tint I'orixi! Minn lu reply to a resolution of the board r*>
g him to draft a memorial to the I^-gislaturo for
flic passage of an act to unthoil/*.'* I'd- construction of a
ratai l^iaaitaat, laOoalag 1* the oonciading
part of the coin munies! ?on :
It It very ile?ir?l?l?? thst the general ?cherne for oli
Utaiug au s4n.iti-._--l ?u?>y)y ol water sbould be setUcd
unan before any application Is mad? to the LeaWatnre.
Tte rxpeiKa. ?f tin? pca-eul ar?UOtlil't was, IU I b
IM??.?>IO,(KXlt ?0_ altuoil-U the prnpo?_U new aijin ?lint
iiist not be a work of no (treat tufVK'Bitii'le, ? .t In vntwot
the'irr? at differenco of ???uniuii as 10 the h??! plan to be
adopte?!, a*i_ H ? foot thai i".neh now Bfncduol
mat???! t? eott f-?i.iJ()ii,Oi?>. th?- ?iiie-V.ton ?? to t lie plan to
he a?!.?|?-<*?! ami to he ??rovidtxl lo* by a i BCl of tin l.eg
i-l.itni- is on* of vital iruportnur-, ..ii?. wblcb Bfitul he
fuHv co!i-n?l?re?i and itealdod before sneh '?id car. be pre?
pared, i-1? ?m th.- nature of the eaae It la not to bi mp
Beasdehai the qbbb?el fo saa OaraBvaMawwBlaaaw?m
to pois? op??? these i>ii.??tt?n?. ?.ml einlHHlv hi ? Indi? i.'.'i tl
vjewsni a i?ii lof th? bbbbb?arattoa of the l?fi afolara.
pANT, at rnnaraam poi.vr, rotr?*-? dkad?
orvT.uiv tttOft iriw.
l'atriclI Tuff, tin? night watdoaaa at tlio
ir'-ia-'lit d? ;> "t ef the Loag l.-laml K_ilro._l, on Fciry-st.,
lllllt.l's J'oliit, WSS foaad deal Jeslelilay mill lilllK Ill
the frt'l-ht ? tin-.', a pistol ??hot liaviiiK pelletraleil hi?
hear! XBabodj wes ?UssoaatcSI sheet 7 o'clock bjreae
of ih?' fiii,'!it rl.-rlt-, David Carrer. It was In a kne. hug
p..-! I h n, the h? .??1 rSBttag I u a eh.itr. ?lots of hi. Mid were
npon the floor, and on tin? ha?'k mid BfoBTBa ?>f IBS ''""!
?aafoeeali hio?><i war ?'.?<> sastap fr.un hi? left en?.
Word wit? ?t otiee m-iit lo tl?) nlatiun-houn?, and officers
were detail.?- to the place. Dr. iH'id.r examined iho
body, and fountl tin? wotiiul junt over tho heurt. A
aaasaft bull wu/? iouud In tue uop*_- lip. The lunik* of a
i.; Nal i>aii aere alas bead la tho aooftwert. of th.. lene
?e?..las "?'o ti i in. ?o-urt.' eaera theeeBBlakapt. im
belleveft that Taft* altar I k?s -?et,la arder te eeeeh?i
p.nn, h.td r.ii.-i -I ?,,.,isi'ir from (he floor iitnl haii? ?1 i.:i
tbo chalr, in the. position th;it he was found.
(in .??uiiilay evenlnir ?,l?..iit 11 oYloi-k Tuft wa? seen by
f itli.'i r t'.iiTi.ll in i?,?iini,?.ny with I'.-imU liyer, a v. all h
iii..n aaiatopad bb IBaftaek. Bad MfoBaal Worn?, the dr.,. r
.iftii.iiiaiiu.ii. u, an aanaBwai !>>? sha raBraaaT.eaaa?
pan,?-, al tii it titii.? they wen Is Btraaarftp- ii.?t?-i,
???.ii'the tort). ai d aere m MeaiMy teaveieatteav. ai
I ki ??'?'oi'li 111 ? \ v,.ie Hien ?it tile -.me |.l.u e ; nf t hi I
Hsm Bperaad BUsI were ?faarrettBff. Waa* t"i?i Bpea
tli.it he WSa I"" '.Id .i ni;?n for h!:u to llrlit, at whl.-li Taft
took off SB . nal and ?aid, " i sa. eel t<.?> ?i<i." Th? sa s
nna?y 1? . ?nu?'.(?'le-, ?uni ih \t v.iti Un h: ?t si en of th-in
until praterdai Boratnc? Ofltoar itlne, ?tattoead at the
?er:y, s.u.- the bob ? t!i>' Long !-?? "1 * i'.v BoO 1 '?? ?
tweeall sad i ofrAoct jreetar?ay -aoratBg. At that
??} were dl? u ?Id? polltli -? t\
? o borne. -i' ' ?real bee! te
ih? fan i .. . _u the url^bbi
? 'I.
n?i. ? tal '", ;.i ?i. ,i . h i, ?t
was noli. >d Uta! be waa iioi dr.?...-? I lu ?es work] t
lie all,) nul .j.e.ala lo liny OM ol 111?' tlt.ilh of
I '?? ?, ? ..-. 1 - ? , .1.? *'?' III It,
tte inf nu? :?',??
; ? ? ' ? - . i i.
i. . ...' ie '! lb It, . : I ii>er
. :
t-???i .h.-iei.e ?aere blm??U np i" ?'apt. Wood aad
?I ..-- lie.l thul
\ toi -.-It'
i?, -ni. lie an?: i-. lying wnh a pistol ,?hltl; was
lying upon i ? r ?1 for
it ?it m i-e, when it r ibed lo
a*for n.io.ii.r. cut Ti*K *.ii?i ?? u... .i..i.i leave ma." u.
?.a u ?or. ..., I..? i for 'u, and ?Ii
C XI? 11 !. I I ' ? ' ? .
. ;.?|.||?Ve?l tu Ihe ill ... , .. 1 ;.iii! avithla
?. ; It?er . : OBBU
at th,' I fl
..lime eourii.ii, aad ni.ide m? rapty.
ou, and i" '
..... i ;?. : ... . m, .?-,.? 'i ,', I ei
? ..eil obi ?f?lid ? ? ?
uu 1
? ol ?.;
?A.n.; ..i ti.
m mi '.uni 7 ?. m.
?IIIWKS'llVIMi < ilM.'I
? S a ni M I ' OB Ml? ' V ?SI) Hf
SVTBU is.?il u i luxe.
Tlic n?;ir apfiroac- af Thaakapiviaf Day
ill:? trow ?? law m
. w. \ ;'? iitr i not itlrn ? . ? >?t of
- ii?. ?? *? B-BBl "f Ih?- In
III? It l
.n?i I.!.- .1isu|'-hi II'
laaa keen If (W'Bled tbeUi bbbbI i
roe i . ' ?. i
-. no: limn. r.
- ? Ian? h ?'?-Ii
i . .
.i..- .i ..i in.- ? ? ni i??? am I
? ? .1 .!.?> It?. ?i
..i i
? h-i-hI
I . , -
a ii. 11 lei
Me ir f? ' i
? ?
l.'N.AI. ? .
a ... si
The trial Chart
? . ?Hei
ttnionj . tasa and i
!.. ? ? \ i. .i .; eil \
Hu.) Ind.-i .?ii i ?...i?:??.,, for ft..- I.? ??? ?'.: oi t,
- .1 bonds im BBBBrttg for a
losa, and .uiotner coupauj ii otbaf beada,
ri.-: u i .i...t tu.? beoda
were forged?, Rabdaa laffl .nul aaaU
u?,t in- fou ii4 foe a ion lime. Beeently tbo nrl onerwaa
.: '.?ei i : '??? ?l ?u i! i il. Bo far a? Ihe defence can
I?.- in le i it ?i ?i u, i?.- luatiou It will o?- a o? 1....I
thai lei? i- i - ' i- i: .i-e n. li.e ' i ii,.
lat? :. of lb? b m.?t h.? I..
i - is tbe man. UaUtou. bad n f"ii
i ,...i?i .m i i. ' o in?, i.ui tata ni in i? oloae il
. wblle liil? m'.u I? ihm. i i1 liei iciiu
ii i.i- lowei lip so ." lo
, ? . ni aad '? ? ? ? ? ?? ball i
I !.. II'
erton?, wbo bad ?een hhu in ? ? lerldanand
:. nil in London ?it Balaton, and iindm
?iii'iiii i i..m?. .h- n -i ?-lie. ?bob Um man i ttl ml I ?
l_e prisoner loobi '? thrnmr,?s t hi hadhada
M?l toils " i.lie?*, in?I bad d n 1,. r-c..li.ri?l I t'i, lull he h.nil
no ?l'?lot ? ? lus iiiii.iiiy ?oh il? towart
Slierldali whom be had previ?.u-l.i loel .ml ?..
lu? i ?ih? Ih Hllli Ml. _
Willi.mi M. I weed passed tin- dap ?jnielly in
hit I'o.iin at l.iiiii.w Biaaet ?I ell pealarftsp? la IBs ssara?
las til ph| i'i,m. ? - ?'"loner S.'h in ner, callea ou him.
lu.pury bolapmadaelhlea lu rasen) te klapBt_eat,Or,
. i ,,i| 11,.il Twee.l 'vas ?iill'-rnii' fi .?ru itialn-t? s in
Ifo in -t atase,bot thai h?- had eBadted ii ?iui?lia:
pc:iri"l .liirini Tivi'1'l'.i ?ta. ..n BUB-BwaH. l-hied. B?ft
?i.! Ih.it ha ?'unid ?lu-? ,; lt mpUU. IftliO
B oot anaaSei in Ma -tel stru.-?? b B always Baal,
BltBeapI Mi? palienl't I''" nuiy !??> ?u?t.tlnt'd for a lime.
Dertapt?i ?a| Baase Paaap und OBsrt s i:. Ds?I_b?sbs
.?f TweeiV? notulNiiien, called ou the prlrtoucr ; ond ht?
brother, Kiohard Tweed, IBpaftaBI with hi? s.ui Wuliun
m. twees, jr, paasei _ paal pee?ae <?f Bheftsp with h?_i,
MOM?Bag saSU Ihejall ci-t-d at iu?:io p. u.
? -??
In tlie rtiiit of William U. Hunt a?.M?n.?t
.1. \V. m B and aiinllie;, Palpi Van Hruut, In OSBs?
unm I'.. '? nu, ha? graated the plaintiff part
of the ntmi aehad for. PI .uitlff ??ny.'. h?' win Induced hy
Mr. WeTiek to pay Sii.-MM? to (to luU? purlneiia.ilp with
him i.? atrS-g HpasssaB?aas BBu hi.? ?t.??k was ?>?>riii
pITirTV-S when it was o..'.y wiutli ah.uit it-ti,i?M), ?nd
afierwuil Mi. VA'enok liiuu?-??d (?fOriru W. Dualap to buy
In a f.iinth lor HJM A? i*Ki-ii*l l>uul?p pliilutitf ooly
H-?? ?I ?listo,.11 loll Of tUH fl.al 111? lal.lp i. 11.1 oil ?u 1 Ollll.lli/,
but ii_ain.s;t "tVi-tu k ha al tlio* tli*t he. ws.i defrsud? ?I mid
M-l a pi'i-oicii jiiilitliiiiit. Mr. Weuck ?leiilcs the fi nul.
.Inde.- Van Hruut think? In his de-elsloo that. Wen.-k ro
Ksr.l.-U plaintiff a? " ??irantter and took hiui Lu," .mil
tii.it plaintiff baa ahowa a ?tot- ?-??nof fntu.l to which
th.? rala "f etrent e+t-lew doe* not applr. but that lie
must bring ? itiitct_nt mtioij to reoovef from Weuck on
thai 0VUBd. In till.* BBttae be can only decree a dlssolii
II n of i'-rttierihli? i?n?l ace uuntini;, wblcb l_o doe?, with
cost- ?K?iust Wentk.
On failure'?, niK'ir*?d eA~o I stand,
And cant a u_u_ru_i__ e>o
To Luulsiuua's troubl?.d laad,
\Vbore aU ta> ebaucee Uo, s. .. T.
In the case of tbe United Statt*? against
?jo,?.'..) ( Igars cl-iumd l?y Juooby A Co.. it is shown that
the firm used a c-atien label on their Imice? of olgart st_v
Harto tin* Coveiimieiit laseU TU?. Government clalmed
fha! the label was an imitation of that us-<1 by the Reve
? D.-psrtmeut. aud recovered a virdlct In the United
Mates iiisiri't Ooorl TheeaoowaaBegasa*feetore Jndsa
Johnson, in the Circuit Court, oil a wilt of error, the
claimants contending that the camion label wa? not lii
tended to protect the imbue biU only tho K-r-venue D.?
part_-Out. Uoeiaiou reserved, Koaer M. Saermaa, An
nlstant United states District-Attorney, for the ?Jororn
ment; 8. Hptngnni for f he claimant?.
In Un* a??*, of Idwiird UUI against Co Deotor Arthur to
recover so sliogod exoosa ot duty, the jury iu it?? United
States Circuit Court, by direction of Jiidgo Wallace, ren
.l.i-cd n tvnllct for th?* plninflif for *-.*?f> 13 principal In
gold, .??ml fit?'.' M interest 111 SSnsnST.
In the United States lit.u-iet Court, bofore Judge
Blatcbford ye itenlay, tin* ).ir. in the esee of tbe United
istatis? agalnsl MoscBcowits A Bussell,obnitrod ?.\it,i pfiiR
Ing weiirmg uppanl of th? valu?? of _,0(X> fruuos through
the ctist.un-hoii.se at an inidurvaluutiou, raansrefl a ver?
dict for the defendant l
In the div??rc?? ?suit of Tlinnia? FT. Harrlinir
nga'.nct Jane _L Harding, the fsets of which hare b*een
r?*ported in Tun TsimrNB, Judge Curt??, In Huiicrlor
('..un, fsaaaal XstBB, has ?lUniisscil the eomiUaiut.
lu Um Miit, ot -S?t*i?heii H. Akleii againnt
Sclali ChamUorl-iu to rooover *?'_(?..00() for eommi?slou?
ob bonds, which tas ii-e-u aeOJoaJ "> __? fana *<- ai
resily, ? bill of psxtl-nlars was tiled yesterdn. with tho
C'.,1111 ly Clerk.
Tile suit of David OfBB-i :i-.';iii)?t \V?in?l, one
of tin- BBitS m WhJoB ex-Judge Fowler his ci?.irg.il Fer?
nando Wood win e__M*_BBg money from him for hi- SB*
p Intment to ths poslUon of ?Cwpor.?tl??u Aiiorney, lias
Th?? motion in thi1 jiroecedin^ lirouprht by
l?nf'i.s Hatch aa! oilier? in the Supreme Court, Cham
b. re, io eeaapel aajBaai ii. VBaaaeahB, a? vice?_*__?___?_
of the Lake IfeSTC ____B__d ?'ouilMiny. ?'.el th?. Fanners'
ls>_ii ami Trust ('.nip .n,-, which hat cliargii of iU?t'?ck
!.vs. to i.ii.liiei' those 1..- ! ? for 01 .tii.i.atio?, has U -ell
Hill'.nrrieil to Frl.Uy. I?ec 1.
A motion to eoiittime un injunction sjf?*--*l
tl.e defendant tn the suit of WoMs BgBBBB. the OtOBt
| ftiiitliHi-ii HadvM.v Coiifiiny wa? argued yesterday In the
?upniueCourt< hambrrs, liefore Judg?? Le.wrenos. The
..rile. BtatallBla that tin* defendants made au
..ant with uns Hans to e11 930,000.000 of tfeatr
, snd no? .*. '. ?Itbout compensation, f? brea?
\ that up by aun__ttnc tin ir mnrtg-ige. Tbe 'i fen
. incho lie p__n Ins fallcu through and Lien
i uni. ou tbe sale of ; hi -.? bonds .
el? are m--, ?nrthtsss. and th-.' Haas, with
i.i'i addresses, Is baril i.? ii.nl ut a tfesr. .Felge L?wrenee
J_sjgB Vim ?iiimt, in ('??liinioii Fit-il*?, S|n .?itl
. n h? tessons si length for bUdetdsbxatn
? 11 i ?. i -
nt ?m us on the QBeetloa srtataat or not ths plain
tiff"? imiri-i..,"e ' it', j. |f, Tiylor tv:ts va'PI. Tavl-ir ?Bi
s -ni,o.m I living in laxas, liersis
i( r do Irsd s lu u nags >?, i tri eu u. i?' ,
. the pliiintltf and Tiyl.'r rode
ii\( r to the indi "i T? n Itory, where s ?mitrirMc?* ssfSBBSBB?
was i? : ?ormi-il. bul - l mu"-.
rnnl ss. ? bbt -? mpafbii
Wllll tlie plaltllili. bill lie lull?! look 8
.oxau In?,?bub 1.? iut*_ars_-__U'o
?? : tii i| ..ii :.gr. .ui' at ly v.
.f ..ii.., to In-.muh Ini.t.at,.: mi t wife, c-taslltut.
_ let! : 'il lin r .e-l. 1 a\ U>r anil ?In- 11
l ?If? v.aiti stio inaine'I tli'' di?! 'UiIhii:,
-n 11...? i . Iotas ob hfe__
CBtmxBAX Nor. "a.
A; the Tombs Police Conrl rceterday the onler
of .?us- Tteni the ?.' it
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i-, eii , ? I bi ao kin
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;. rrupil .u? ol
At th** Harleni rNrJtee Cosni yes?BM\_ay, Walter
? ?p? l l.lll. Ilel
?l. 'I'l
i ? find ?!' ?
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.Ijv.Is. Ins .? ? ? Isghsss t"i B
?VI Ibe Wiis'iingtnn P o ?? Pi I t ? ..ui ?. mtorday
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? li.i!.|. iiI.ikI' BtBS I. ml l"?eltili
i -il ?..!? fr in
?-..!' - . for inaL
' ' - tuer. 11.** I'tf?..?i te.-ielicr who
nt. ?."Jin.
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111!; t ut 1.1 i-F Al'l'l'.'.l '.
ls*7. i lie ;
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'?) A. J.
II ,
. .ui fur
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ri-?? Uei.iti.ll w.l
'7. 1 '.?' -.;?..' o,. Cnltrt of
I ?
W I .t s ._
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; Hi? i ?v .m ??hi ?
as, ?n.l
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?/ tnl Ii?
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..i.- u...i?, tn .? ? ^ is sersr
. .', a t...- ..?? - -.?i r it. |
r \?w
M MB] '! r. Bl .1 -'.!'.?' -'
: I'elll.
? ' , e . i ., , ! e I"?, |ei|. '? '
sin. i, 11? ? BS Stil I ...si -)' ?i,
' ' .III
, i,,r win? ii he ti i.i been at Canil.
t Jon In h ??! .
?it. .,.:. .?. 11, conrl luKtmcted the Jnrj Bist it I
|j hint ly tlie tail Hi.i,- I..I..11 !?? m. leniTcry. the
to this
lii.itiii .'em ?i I,?? J.i.i. -ui ? i? ...i.vao .i. t.-, ..o; reoiBrktag
.. ili:.;,es of iletoStlllg II.e ... V -j .. .. il Itv
Ml lllBt'C? I'll .
N.?.. ,?i and i?- mu ,? ii-'t.
? i N itlolial .in! ..f ! -.:.-. Ills ilgt
ihe Clrrull (*s*srl far Kentneki Is Hhss
i ihm?- tin ,-iui hold thai Um r?s_rle__-i in i'e bill of lodlug of
' i
? i..: !.. , ? ? in.r |.i_?,il?u.-gt< or dele ,u,i:ui! ? money
pBckag ' by r.:e. .'.?.-. not pruMcl Hie company
iiralit-i liaMhtj where Bn * ol thi n g
Itgencooti .. Irntoi instr sm?salsor agent?, snd, i_
Uni Hi.; m. i? : -i|.. aaiblofor low - ises i.v
lii, .? in?.-I i.i th? n 'i II ?. ue? ?.' n
pi..).si Uy It In ti?. usMpurta?os ol Um ii.ui._ge a..?. iaii
, It i.-:i;.i,ii. transportinar the memimger of th?
i tpress L.titsuir :ao th? esprsss n .?tier m los eii.tc?., is Bss
if the exptsss company, employed snd paid by n . ths
.l'i.- s. i v i ? ??? ..t tbe sisisssssis|m?ii ?
.nix-tit nisi? th? sssrsss sassBSS} ??i.t apon so ?n?
el,e. If ,.111* one l< Io I?- .ft".'I. ?'. le OWlSSlOM ni
pe? .. it? eni|, iiyc.i t.. its Bparttoaia. ???rv:.: -. it i_....t bs Ui?.n,e
?n.. i ui Um i-!iipi..yiiie..i!. Bersrssdj Justice Btroag ds
liT.ri..! t'e opinion.
-... i... ??in* ?gt. Ihe lulled stale? i app.al irvui the
i .n k of ?latin?, rbla was an ai'tlon tn weorei for tin- lonjuf
? t. '*il wliil? in ?liueriiit.eiit ?*?r\ I.e. the elaBs ?i.ing ih?t It
in: t bean impr? ?__, it 1? held, thai wii?ti \,r the im. ?
en Inn m iv hive ticen v. lil.-h ?ttiHi.l.sl Hi? ?rlirti'Ml nnirr of the
?esMci liit-i Un? service, ths lrsa?a-*tloa ilrtr'-'tely ?mied bs a
?-outraitof aft-lghluisnl i pou the i.-nu.? su.tui b> th.
nut IJtiiiil .ntmster , and IIinIb? cliarferer? uf Ih?. v?*???! tmilei
nii.-li S loulnnl t-e ( nit.-I SlStSS -le mil ll_lie io llirelaini
;iat fur Its lnss, nuil, of eeorss, could no! he to the Insurance
?'??ntpstil. s ?fhlcli were ?.?hrogatiil to hu right?, AlflruuHl
Justice 1 :. kl ?i.-hv.-r.-.l tin- .i|.ti.i..!i.
' -,rt ot-tl and New Haven Rsitrnad
Oiiiiimui . en.a i.i ths iir.ult ?.ici!, tor ths Distnet ol (Jan.
i.eiif.iiii. In ihlscsss ihe court holds thai the expr???inn
? pro?!nt it??sl in i-?iti?_riii linu " within thu meaning ol th? l*J-.d
_., n.m ol t'.m Internal Uei i pu? m i dot*? not ?itihrao? i-aniing?
.,kp.*ii.l.-l in r?*|?alr? f .r ?, eiilmrthe properly itj. tn it? normal
(i.ii.'iiiii'. but ha? referen?*, tn |.?,r cmatrni nun? BlkUngtS
ib.-p? uiinit-iii m?a nl Hi,. i_plijl, snrt w hon lhe?e are made
t. t.-.ki. the plsirof prior ?trtictums It Include? only the In.
i reared value of tli? uev. nvei tlie ihiI when m Hood leiMtlr Af
?irme,!. Jiutlce Hra.tlry de'tvurcd th? opinion.
** M Htephen Tsfn, pMnrntln ?rtw, agt. Ttie Ft??.1
man's snvpig? and Ti'B?i ('iniip?iiv? In ?rior l?i Ihe .?apteinu
Court ut thsli.stii.-i of ColsiubU-Mr. Juattce Swsruo de
liver??! llie oplinnn of the Court. ,'iliiritiliiK l!m;,i.tguient(i(
ail'.l BiliSTIiif . ?nu t tu Una ouiiM) with evil?.
No. '?'? "m- M. v,:,.t.?,!it,. ,.| ?I., ?i.peUjnt?, agt. Ths
1'iltwt f?t?t?*? ; spt-eal from th? Court nt ?'la in?.?Mr. Josttes
Hull.nl il.llM.r.o in? opiulroii of Ilia I siuit, a It. i m Lli_r Uto lutlg
ntriit ot th.- said Court of Claim? In thi? ?an? .
No. II (Ji'iiitisii - y.x p?rte. John K?>nd?raoB> pntittonsri
No. t'J pirisiBBl) i t Uiiiw, uito a. K._r?i-iii-c_,p?titKiU0r.?
i.ir.sl tin oiiIbIoii of the ?'ourt,
Setijtng Ci? |.i'tlil.4i mr ?tab??? corpn? In thea? eaasea.
.N... ".... i | jmuIo tillo It kuri>(<iud.rk, (letlliuonr, appol
-. 73? I.? part? John II. n.teisnn, p. rttlo?er, anpt-U
laid in .miss???! ?lthcn?U. No, 417-John L. iMvlr?, pl.'ilu
a_f hi error, ant, A. altdall el Sl.i So. 4Sfi- P. Hiiianaibaaer,
nia .nnf in error, _*_ A. .lideU ot aL; No, _0H?J?_ar|.Uliis
liai?? Aair?, wue, Ac. pialBUB in ?rror, act. la. hem ot Julia
BBaell, u.c?o???t? Ni. tii'.'a-JoB.i'kln? Hals Ame?. wl__.4e_
plaliiUlT iu on-or, agt. Ute hrlrspt John Slldoit, deceased? ts
etroi- t? tho aupremtJ itosrt of the state of Louisiana -Mr.
Chief Ju?lloo Widte deliren?! ih? opinion of the conrl afllmi
lag U-e lodgnisau ?- ss_t soprBBu. Omit la Ut-?. ?boos, w 1th
Ro. 19I-H. H Fasterlint? Hal., alalntlfl. In error, _r? ths
BisO* of loath ?J-ro-aa tu re!. ?J. K. Lssnuemm. la -i*ror to ths
bu a an Court of tin? Mist? of i-oiith Caroliua- Mr. Chit?/ Jui
ti n. ' Valt?ilrln .ce. th? oplelon of th? i.onrt, ?fflnalBB the
ju 'riueiit of said ?uiir ins Court m this C-uau, with ousts.
No. 77 (ut UuiruUe. 't'wui, 1-7It) -XUomss .?boru*? ut si., SB
pellant?, ?<jt. Um United Sutes.-Mr. C_i_f._osti.ji?, Wait? t?
IKoeed the opinion or the curt, dcni-in? ? inoilon for in ot??
?in the clerk, ?lire. Whk him to Issue the mandate in it.? ?_._.?
No. {.ill-John II. Miirlin. t.lainlllf In error a*.. The "--??
I._.Ipi ?loni.may.-Mr. riilti Jn?:ii?e, Wait? deliveredtH
oitiiiion nf tbe.-uai. ?l.-rivinir th.- moUos toiltsmiM this<-*>_?
?iO. 7(i?">?A. Y Sim??',? 111 Valle, plaintiff in error, Ryt. CliarS
C II.ilI-Senetft.-The liiotimi to ilUnil?? this raus? WM u_T
milted by Mr. BSwar?! Jaain la ?apport of the same ano k>
Mr. V. P. DurHBtanS Sir. ?'. W. Iloriu-r In o?iiM,?ition tluwaZ
No. Wit?Charlea K. WiHwall eta!, pi Uu tiff, in ?mir ask
Oeorge W. Campbell ct al.-A motion to .llauili? tMar!a?j_?
was itubiuittf.- by Mr. L. t'njudfout. in suyuort oi ?utseiaZ
ami by Mi. lohn II. Thompson In opposition tburalu. ^^
So. 73i? BhukWI Koste et al., la* >r-i?oer?, appallut? in.
The (entrai n?lrre-n?l foineaoy of Iowa et al_Mr. H. 11. -"
util uuL?-uUU?-i ? uuitlou to a_i vaj.ee U?? eau??.-. The laotien u>
vacate the ??pernodnn? and to dl?ml?-i th?? appeal in tlic ahoy?
eau?? ?H arjta?*! bv Mr. K. ??. A start* lu ?upfortot ?_?
an? by Mr. N. A. <N?wdfvy la uppo?lluo thereto. ^^
Adjourned until to-morrow.
DECWION8-Xor. 27.
Supreme Court? ( hambtrt?Ur Jungo Law-Siace_
Pel.r nutf. Smith i William.* ajt MeCotub; ?'owler ?i.
Wood: <:..itlin/t itart. Ilnrria; ??teen s*?., ??niintnrh?_t .13
-s|miililiitit ?ill. M 1*1 ?m. i?miiOil HkarWian ?hL RIum?ct,__
Mod"ii ?ranted, ih-vn ?u?r. Th?-> I*_nll M? It Co. -l-tr'analum
reouirod. ?m? auii. Uriiiit.?i? ci-h? as ??uti.-at. WojtityjM
Kruhwi'iu. .i:ul tin- People, Ac, ut The Mason MiuuifactSr.
In? Co.?Mi-nytriui'taui? for eoaii?e! -.Litter of ? tu.pp-IL-fe.
per; ?I refere? continued and oi-.i. r -rani?- la uc.nr.iani??
with tbe prever o? ?ho pt4itl?uei. Th.? Imp-net*?' an?! Tiadrf?'
Natioa.il l-iiaka?- Kuhn. Ju?il_t> l-arrett luiviaf ?Itiu..! Ik*
motion which the plaintiff new asks leave to renew. It.? ?jaX.
cutio? attuald b? iua?le to kin?, an?l th*? iuot.ua will MaBg
out for that inn pi????.. Jam.sou ?gt. Plckert.??be .ii,?l?;nte
vaeatii th? order of .irrvet i? denied with t>?als.
( ..ii.lt.? r -tut. Joi.? ?.?The alli.lavlt ii?rw ?ubmit'ed -neun? to b*
?aflkdent and th? memorandum ,.?ik?*1 for 1* ?ranted. Banasv
am. ii?hcr?There must b? a reference in this ? :i??>' u.t er.ij"i
fiir hv Ih? recelr?T. Pur?le? mar air.".?' n|Kin a infer*.; If tier
csu-totuiis? 1 wld ?i?p>?i_it oi - II? uiiri? kau!? igt. Uradrlcb
?on. Report of rsferee l.*oontinuid a'wl pn'irmtnt of .l:.?ree
?M.'itt-ii t<> ?.ht? iiUi-tti?-, wi.b ciuixly of . lulu. M at tat et
u. .?.'-? ? u. lupiiit confirmed ?.?ni unie (ranteddli-acttag
mir In acumaote wltb th?. r.tfrree'* report. Val ter of Hi
mil.- WImi uutie.riiy is ilu-n? tor ni.tW?tiK an aUowaace to to?
??tectt.1 tiu.ir.lMn for hi* i? r*k-n. In ihi? ranel Th? ?wrier ?re
?, hi?? for ihe p4.w11._1t of the reierct's fee* and ether ??bur?.
i.i- ut,?. Hoppe a.t. Moppn.?The m-tlmi mint be denied
miller the aotinTit 1 of the i-a*u of M?t< r ?i<t. Ml.1er, 7 lime?
::.i,. its. p. 908. It U denied, without leaf? to th?
liliiiuiiif t.? apply for aa vi.lttr to show csnsc why
? u .. .?? lion should _i"t twue ii|???n tho jadgtaeaS
T'ankln a?r? JT ??11.-nd.?The geCCt? ?sr !?? ajaeni?ed m ?14 to
?'orr?'ctlr<1?'?t.rn??>? the pri'iflMto? ou the puteis pi'.rat'UM-l. i ?W?
no u .1.? .11 lof CT.intinir the other ?tiienilmeiii*. Maltar of tk?
.-';ln|ie|ini?jii Bri-K?'.?The bill of COO?I 111 th..? < _.*? U 1-tx.d St
the uuioinit rei.orti-il hv the r. f.-r.... No oble? tl? n? to a?ld re?
port h.ivi.'u,- I.e. 11 pi.*.!.teil to the e..i,rt. i'.:il 1 luirr a__
s.h.r.i.r M1-tin?) for the appoiiitio i.i of , ?. ? -iver i? dem??- -
?nil leav?, i."".".?.. torea? w un further *ibiiavit?. No eoeta
Williamson ?>?_. i'-.9h.?Tho caee of ?ianllncr ant. Tyler, t
Uli?--, o.-. 1 u? ?i by in? i..'t?iv.'r's counsel ?astobied, hi? post?
t.-.ii .1.ni tl. 1 ?port of 1 lit- referee la ionhrm?.l. M.itr.r of
llatbersuMU.- I aie ?< t ur?'!?arc_<~i amnthni ot Udaebara. t-r
t?> iioiil that ?h.-act of 1-71 !? tinconditlouaL M.uioraii'l'.iu.
H?iiu.r ?ifl. Ill Mist, p. .Moi1'.|?rriiote.l .???.I It?-.hit??* 1???kino
the s|? , . u ( ,. ,11 1 ' U?>iail?*t f?..r f IM? I. I e. s. .-,?i>iii,r 11. \-\_.
Murr.? ?et. Porter.?AlUioiijrh i-oi'li?el have nuil? nt.i.-.iiy
???i u.st hm 'ir.owitiiroi.nrii.il ter, ?t. s?., t ?Bowaaea? i total La
Ihr ?i^KTi^iale lin? par ceul ou th.-?m..mut niOBt_JBed III lb?
I ?lo not see how f ran ("Tim the ?urn? re?,ni?l??
" o.i?. lee, too, lame ihio. t>. tu.1 If altor al !i_i??r?ta_ii.
? rar the p-iri ? * on Vrl?!-iv. Dec, 1 ; i.ieiooran.'iim.
h rick? I ??d. The Am. i1e?n -???Ir rod?'?nipunv. -Me'iiot-Bdnst
toreoBBoeL ileluuKi. Ulkiiutiiml ?iuo. -Motion ?l.'ni. il. with
1 ra further ?flM-t. ?t* It defendant ?hall I-?- m ?A.
?-???si ; _?sioraadBin. liu?h?'* am. i^ htm? ?two auti'
Wutlou to refer il-i.iiil, with costs i aemomndum.
i.i. HI"!.-,-ih" I'lot.-n for leave 10 flie suppl.-mental answer
U arante?! on condition ; i-ieiitt?i-u..!iim. Ii. ...sii.i att?. New
cl ? ; ? ? iiii.-d ant ' ... u- true i
? ?1.111. Il.e ?it. Koe.-I thiak that a ?-oo_as.il ft*? ?t
??260,01-1 aliallowaoos for alimony. Ac, pent?DC th" i.-ier
i-"i e ef f.'-o, woo:.! ???? r.'.i.-in?hle ; ii,.Tior;itidiim.
?we?H i\Ttn?p.YSatw? \>ri Veres. ii?n-. fut etor. At,
and ?ilbi M ?1ft. BetU, ,-. ,,::, ?. ..., , ??,i .ther?.. Jn,i
for plali'l.B, will coii-tnuol ?_d ditiiltmtlo'i unleitxl : opinion.
Superior Court?tptmui Term? Hv Cliief-ludim
< ?irti*. Iteyer el ?I. ivrl. Keiler. -Ju?lc:.:i".i f?r nl.utiti" as t?
one h If th? premise?, with cost? ? ir. r. **? '.im. ll?nlin?f
? I . 1 I-.I.Uii. ?I'oniplniiit '1i??nii'ted BP-M the meiiu. aaith
piiii.in. M? isi'? u Ii:?;; .u". Van Winkle el ?1.?Motion
to rrmihi'i" the ti?liin?-t on rrnnt'd : m??m.?l inalnn?.
Br luil'te -por ???.e l.?u--. r if. Hiht.ard, M?>ii.?ii 1
?Uli *10 'f*i\g
Nuth?ni?'l v.. Mi?il?lr roeetTBr. iSprlac ??t. 1.??tv- -' >-.le??_
oil >ii. ei I ?'alei.il ir (or ? 1 ? >:?! Prlilsy ?"' I
? inn ?! . r ?I. ?lr'ter eanee'i'ie .Td. r of th?'"inh??f Vntfii.Uir
oearralIn? detiiiirr??r, ?_. Hortoo a?t Meers ?'t 1.- iiejiu?
.rceii, .uni jiiii/uK'iit of foTisfloaoreandaaleer.
Mlll.-i :.i.t. FeriVtl .-1 lli._ ?oitiiii.on? mid
'. I'latt nrt, iimok? et at- rtrdere.1 on ?eneral 1 ?lss>
?tar. Ailou a?t. Ailm..?Or.l. r ?i i??u4u^ em ..? ? 1
Dole et ?1 ??I lie- \'?v-ii't-k ..'??.i v.?.'h?.i>!?e Baak ? w?lafe
?t .?? 1,-t. Bigler? Ogato agi Waa?j J?rk.s.?a ?eX '??
Kell '...ti;! i-e-? nil' .', Ac. -orders graatea,
PI?a-?Spn-hit Term !'?? Jndse Warn P.ntnt.
lii^'th ?ft. Jarrett el ?I.? ' ppli. Mio? mine.
Ka?lh, ,ti'.. ??pi. isalouiv-i. -'.?te
>' ??' tK.?..ut. WtRhrnmi .' ?Tttstwl.
?. .an ? "ore
. lift. IM.'. .Il
tiff. I?- ??t U?r??Kxtraallowi led, K.n
? ?err-r? of
Kari-?il ant. Ullbatla?Tb!? i.rtlrri? ?erred tiut -.
. ?i imeu.lmeiil or II b ..?1 ?
?tier of I???an -I-leekaree irrint.-l
? ? of thb? txi
-.' s ! . i r
..us?? a?t. Stooe, *i'.?Motto? .!.??.!. ii: i.?,?. .....??r.. f
u?; hu cloai..
? ?
Ina?most beBaualeUup. Koa? egt 1.:?? Keeer .- Mut?*) i.iie
? h? eutored ?: Pens. Me?keol ?_v
UtrkhO-!.- '-'a.>e coa
?lo Met!, u* dei.nit I.o?a? n'o.ni ni". r?ni|dtell.-_M
?? k
?Cl IM.
vi ?K. liny ttt. McKcuiiy. . u?*?l
-.-?'.y Ju.'i./e Vim Bf ?
,r Ctwi fleataaia Tl.r Joatl?*? M?-Adaa_?
? '
r?-?l ?o
" ?
S-.II1?' ( r.
ii ' <1.
ant, i ?-??
; . ' .
? ? a i i . ? ? Ii
I T. T
? I.
ItimtlU ?Kt. ' pin 1 11?. A
Udell; llah sat? ' - ? l-slw
i : v I u??? ? eUoopt?. 1 "?tn':iani 4i(t. Dra^c?o?n.? ltehi'-tn?g
"A'.!..>'!> \ If luis Pu.
1 l_B?aa->talWB?BCB, 3.
120 .Mntteref?'?liiuiW? Ina
IKl t hi. ree'r. ?? Sea
17.V lii-iiw-n a-rt. Unir. ?.
17?..H I! !jj
18] .lie not* Mfc H-u-a^ms.
194. ?.1 rin.tn-.Vui. l:-.u? a^t.
l^i'? Matter ol 1
. Ki-e.
or. Ac.
M ;'? 1 My? ? ?. ?tr.
'.?tl? Wolff :?."
-, ? . Kiltregg? a#?. Ii r.?_i.
_.-.'. Bnrr i.-?i
?4M Mattanr of .-.Qi-vcaUM?
e:it..The \ ..ton- w
Co. a-tt, l?.'e.'lieT.
2X1 Jem,?', aet, Ilorrow?.
81TCIAI Tl'.lU-?VAB VnltST. J.
123 ?? iDlalna
?? ill.-; ol A'llMirn.
unhihl ?Kt- <'amp
110 .Deaa sat Board of A*
SI S-? '
91 .lii'i- "i -'i o! 1LM _?-.
??.1 ..Mi Kein airt.itreca, .?0.
ltsr .1 you t-l. sd-.i'.
10- Alhilfhtact.Voorhles.
101 .K'hl.r '.i^-L llottt-n
140?Vfni'tn l?lme ??or. Inat.
-i. -..
150 .H'ihhHrilABt.tSwetM. Jr.
163 . -utphell act. ?iver.
16?..Hn??snth?1 .tRt. DesMU.
157.. Hohlaatiilaift.xweol- jr.
15'J..McKo?i?' ug- ?ii-cu
MM. II.' "t ?L mi. Bobanv
ii. ? . -I .?L
fl.?0..rhi. tal. a?t. Ho?? .er.
71-..La??i?'h?.ii4nu:-ir Mor.
?'"Uipany a*rt. ! he
<<?j<i?au tete, t'oatiii?
-fl.Blalchford a?t. Kl.ld.
_gl..a_?loragt, T?a K ugs
<"oui!ty Msnutactnr
iiut Co.
4-tii. Mil ?r ?nd ano. eft
Mill im ? t ?i.
4-0..Mer?au ?*il. U_rt? ri
460.. Davttlten et ai. ?rfV AI?
aare ?t al
40- Von lin?, ?ce., urt B_
kiut > 1 ai
487..The Mutual Ufe I???
Co. a??. Towasead.
4t-?8..Th.- First 0 S f. _sd
i> Co. ?ft. Abstsr
47?..Htew.ut airt fflew??
_50..FowTei- *nl. Mclirl?..ch
et ai.
gao..ruai Nat uuu.i.n?
.1 ?1 M I.. A?-t*n-llltOn
art. Uandmaa.
-t-7..Mo..b-ck sgl Amend et
F.'i..Mitiuaclit ?fU Btauf
: mo.
86fl Reillyi-xt Dillon et al.
i I '?.. l'"??r*t ait. CtOaiier. etnL
?Jli.Ihr M?\-or, Ae., a?!.
?? o.l.iiau et al.
50?..slevin *??t. l'oltixik.
447 Kinne/ ant. Coh-n.
nocen-i?Abt u??AimuT, J.
C?-eon-N?_&14..C?n-i?tooetal.?gl. V??rdotak
.No day ralea?! ir.
I'abt iTi.-DottoarB. J.
057. Drlaooll. A-. ???? ??
4711. The Miniem lUok ?gt?
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