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fB__B7tirnoM ? m ?mai. is _______
(KM ? 11.1: V.
!__. ?noimiiieii. to the memory ??. II
?il, is Hi
la eos of tac flnnst portions nl the cc-mi... Il
np.iiit??' *?'!ini!iit of Losas, hui, which ___ betwe?
l_nie_ii..,.t. sod kylvs . shoot a qoartsr at
1 thS m.il*i . ? : '.nice. Kr-.i..
lire i. Bon. 'l
JTeiv-*? ? seen, ti'i'i the city ??croud X'v
s_sie MM re ti??* OlB-ksod BeearasooB
Hiiydam nota, Not far away, to tin- aa
BBBBBBB nt. TfcS (?in -
?tetLT??'.-. '. entirely BUt-BO. The
whli k
malos, last ril ? d ?wtii his
i.iuh ami ______
Abo.: momii.- ? ?it there is a ( ii'.le of g
two l< ...d 2. f. et In d-Uni
Itselt 1. f'ft klgku 'lie pcde-.il, of :,
plains? ? ?i.s et Ki.iiiiic ..' Iwithab? ?our?c'tsi
tobtet will? tue Inscription : " Horace Ureeley, bon
H, 1811; ?Jed Nov. ?_'.?, 1*?7_. Poaadei
Took upon the.
let of bmu-ft, ..it WM,? h *! ?,
It his' frai il
Upon tie him i? ,i i
1831." I fon il,, i ,\,,
? '
scroll. Ih? btouac hast, (onrfeoi
Oil lie - still VH?I.I. Kll'l .
until She day of the formal ceremonies. .
place ?m Dee. 4.
THE lUNTli.'S I'OINT IK ?Mil II'I'..
ANlKi l-'l l v ! ? "l DBKB-8 i:*, : .':, WHO CAUSED
Thor?* haro l??*?"i BO flll-b-t ?1? vili>;iiin ?i
the 'h
lltmter's l'oint o" ?i resal?
the dent!: of l'atn I I
?Sit?? has ?in rendered kliaself to the police, ami
tew* I dene In a : rui'V bet
liiin*"if und iuft, but claims tool .
munis in cii.-tody at thS A n.i.a PoUei Bl
lute iiini!, of iput I . taliie utijit n .
liad twine expel 1? lue ..s S leSOl poiilii ; ,n, ;:.,tl has
Several minor positions ,,f tin a at tille
a^o, und la. _d thepost-k
Qra-Jagsod Eegulotlns Btraets. Hi aaeotooetk
I ouncillliiiil, ami lia? ?il?,, b, eu m the eiu,.i,.\ nit ni o
l'idtetl States Cu.stoii. 1 .?- . A in -i 17 u,t
SgO he v, as dOCk ?t:i. 1
Long Island lhulreuti Company at Hunter's 1'
Be w.i? m.i Inclined to talk much j est, id..y, sad sei
lulmrim?undersnppr.-i at'*
Slid le I' ! 1' -n ? ' . ?? ?; lO I '. no leore until
_nque?l. in1!, la saswri loa qu-ta-ioti,
II,M l I 1 *,,.tll Til , I l.i i Uli
tuen relations dunnj? their ?a-quslutan
ilienuly. lie l.'c.lit.! i
i.istoi, nut ,i.i<led 11 a: ilnee three buikfts had been .o
t must is-thai two bsrrols bad been ?
Hume. tnne. making only one report. W
?ti T.ilt m :
tray. When tie I.n.', 1- in. I:.- Went ll
to consult in? -a He, ihlnklug it Ix
imtil he was in custody.
K.\?i is i,?t eoiiii'iiit to a cell, bul ren
rtlHt<Ml> ol two ollllCIi, III the ISIgS ICI.. I
.t. W.M.ii? il. ells until lor um
The ?iiij-ii-t will lie h??ld thin evening in tin Juni
rooms a( t?a it; Pert. : . Banter's l'oint, col
1>?\ lui -..? he thinks it will bo hard to pr.
SM*l illelit.ll ShOOtiOK, ii
Worth.! information in.it ttihai Byi
iioi ..ti..i l'ait, in.: tus. I i
loan V. i'... i huh ? ... ii.i- twos
>.,u?; that on mu* occasion, tut thej >..
. i i ii Fui , .. ? Ithont
kinKkeil him down ?no
letup? r ?ras alw.ij - i
Bent tiiis morning le I Peon., aber.
I . . . ? - ?le.
THANKSfUVIN?;-\VF.i:K KN I _____ \1\ ?! IV i
P. T Hiuiiiiin's ?loiible s!ii?\v ecmtintiea
llr tw at?'* _____ le SB, ... M i ? ? i.'. : I |
fontiiiti. ilniii. so until Jan. ?. when it i- Mr. B
lut? ut,.,i in take bis company to 1 ?pLCosi
I ? of Bttent-on in '.. ?
platform beside him. suffers ninth '.
assi weather, ??nd ut Brassai is the
t.iii of U severe COM. Tilt* B______M is k
warm bv two k_n_B fees ol .
Hosaari ol op? t at .;* ? ? :
of the iiii-tiHi?'ric hare bees removed from thi
. .-s ,ui.'. pbii ed in op. ?i : eos, m which
to Utter BsYroahtsjB.
tion, uot shuwn to the BOAtlS, 1a "kshlod tie
Alon_ tin: Twenty-sevcliMi-st. v.all of the II ;
Bud ..mi.-liieaUi the m
the r,: . hoi " s su I the di,
th' : The hS-BeS, very tan:
jit exhlMted la pobHc si
Ft^h, the hart.' BOOthM l-s la U .
the i-BgflB-ster, Mr. Whlttokcr, for o trick ho-se. ill
Will ho fine inrf.inn ?i.. . . .-.-, taki
tlaee at 10. z, aod 8 o'clock. Thlsevei
i-banii'ioii m i
knpremucy. Insprevlou trial of skill the J
?s . ? il.
Ton.. P
BZtrs ?...?linee pcrii.iui.il.. e ?Ml ThUTS-BJ". I
Bgsc*s Intention ?n.l i : ietj p
____ssjoes as at sny theater in the city.
i ai the theater both at mal di e h
tif I - f the
m-t. the comical Dutch -
_.,..:'.. | . Hob liait, TOBJ I
.unwell'?, exhibition drew a lnr.-e !.
the M-Kti e I craph la ?1 ? \. nlng, the B| ?
tllnstration in Ine Orient, in which the i
I sots or art and wondei In Eg? pi, Tnrkej i
lue, and the klhai
i i... in-Ill Pai i. . : . treated, and th
: irv of the Lout more be b
lirH-"!.. I, Ir h .it ii
r,. te., ' m ' el l'iii ial ] ? ?-i? ?cuti d i
li-t'o*. and Interior of I
biiut?u-s, irronitd?, >?: ? In Ib? i *. ?
BXtru I, -: ,*.,tl i?io?i in
whtek sill
Bad I ? by \Vi:i. il, H.h -,,,
? on, at, 1 Au?
dole." ^
?. niititis ?liaiil.i!?!?- ;is?t'i iiinoiis tue mal
lag extensive preparation- io ?? it-brate in a tititog ma
i iB. A_B8_a those which km. in
Lull Uli llllolied __ .Ml m li.i .
Worthy of the assisiaiic* of the sbb__b__bT__ i
Uiaoagci.? of tin Asteocia.il,ii foi the Bs___LI ai Colon
Orphan? desire to proi er. _ .
theasyiuiu at Oiii-Uiiudie.; uii'l-lnrly-lln: :;-?!. .o.ii lin'.l
sie.with a k?-ii. - IvlBg dinner. Bad invii
th.??.- w i o arc able to g: BBOC tti
e_lo:ed oipliuns in Is st-iuin. then .' ? intribl
lions m fo.sl or i. : t.. Mi?. I..imuiii. Ni
7 I. i*' I ?'.lrfeentli-if., to Hi
Bve., or In the aayluiu.
?ion will 1h- ,':?. I B ?
hny gifts. ? hither of ;.
fmi, or , c.inini?. Th. i
. s on th, roll foT i lief, I
t : .1 t:.. re is n,, be ;? i ? thi m until t.. sb eoiiir
.us a!?? received. La-I ..-.. this ,,-s,?-.,i;,..., :,--ist?
! this \, i- iliey i \jn it to '1
.11 (?'.',ti- ;.*:?!,- i:i."\ be ?-? ut t.. Il.ii:
1. .i
? ? I'nloll opened I
It ? '. u nit Ci.-I
; ml Khiii lh-?i. The book
?;. i, . i, Im
OS tl ? lioivii and appn eiated tin
want e_\ f. It, Mori ,1a!
an-rriiiiiri .1. and alnu an licna-ed uuinl??*r of
Sinl ' I !.. ,,
??- ' - .Klane?
\*..?l.?t..t> Di.-li..na y, and ..
!.. ok.4 and paiM?m may be m-, t n, i,b<* Worn i
Teuijsr.iiii? i ii...:?. N... 711 s-,.mi, _\c. Donations s
leotiev shouid i.c ?nidi, ?-ed to the treasurer, Urs. C. E
Latniier. No. 1?>*_ West Korty-el-fhta-st
The n. msg rsof the Net* York Infant Asylum nppea
lotbe public on behalf of tin- sub)eotsof their
confidente th:?* it will
jsspsase as la fss-ssr yssrs, All Moads ol itn lusbtn
Uv? hi\* e-jiue.sily laviled in be present st tb< dUferea
il.'li.i? on __MM__S__V-Bg l'a).and BO WltDOM f04 llitin
selves the proofs ol iu Is iictl?. tit influence. 1 Ue nine ol
the re?*??pii.'ii of vinti.rs on Tt__0__tftVlug Will U* Iron
Ossn to _ p. m. < ot,tiil>iii|i ii? may In- s nt lo No. 'ii
? I tilth ?m*, nntl Six-'v
tnti nt., nr lo 11 branch. Flushing. 4 ?its .,1
. be addnsi'd to Mr*. L. M. ifu:?-,
akotiiek _>___-_>ehB*_B--_a_r*>V-_-a-__ai in attbj?i?
_J_Qg Ml ? ? Hl-llMoNV ALKEAHY TAKK.V.
The long-pendiug -suit of the Emma M__a_Bg
Company sgainst Treuor W. I'ark sod others, WMek Oaa
Wgun nearly two yean? ago by Hie Kuglish ?'oekholder*
to reoover the sum of |i&,00O,?7OG, alle_<-d to have been
trandnlently obtained bf the defendants bv lulsrepre
aeutlDx the value of the mine, was again postponed yes?
terday in the United Mates Circuit Court, tmuag to ttic
?besase la N-W-Orieaas of JC. W. ?.oogtoton of plainUtl '?
counsel. The dsfendsnts opposed any further postpone
o-cot ?a the ground tost their intexests were ?utfenug
Of the delay, but Judre Wallace floally directed that the
ease be set down pmmptortly for trial two weeks from
OixUy. e><rersl wttaessss from UtsB, CaMforoto, Me
V^, ^____*ta__,?4_? *-i?1-?-1-, laatiandsaos, sadao
tssii-h ___-__tsr wtt? be sssssmiea ?1th Mr. Btou-rhUm
in the trial ol _us cat?, lieu. Rolixti ?. _.heu._, ?_.?____
t'-tcr to England, waa In attendance ns a witness y
day. A lK?te pul lion ol the test?noiiv has ??
ooramlaakmei?-, audit wa* stated thai the reading .
u. poaltioaa for tb? p__lntnT alona would ? rupy the
of the court for two T,.'.ks. The trial will prububl?
tiBUo foraesi-ral
THE Dlt-FUTKl) ________ H ATI. WAY 801
Olli AIM I? IN TSV.i guns.
?'. Iivincs (?f tbe Fill? -, ?nii Picciiiet
order ?1 y. a force .in Igi I
i"u on Mo?i'i.?.v _IghtaI?attkeCkriatopbei
TenthStre. Bath id Caewmuay tmoatAotagiAXwm
lltil-rt. Ulli.
NO alt? ri>l?t v.., ' ii : ?lav to com
I be I.i t
? n tin preeedli . ? >? ning i?,s the laberara i
, ,f tii. ii?ii,?..iiiy.
Tbc reatatanea te the laying of tbe track toefca
?n tbe lagert?. .""t. nt
? ?ii liiiitiiit'i Oeaapaay agatael
Twenty-third ) and tin- < hi
i;..ili..al . oi ipaii) .in?!
? ? ? i l'.'i ry Ral i my. Blmon 81
the ol tlutllh
? v pane injunction from Judg? Speir.
'i ne other sin' is broader in i? ? pui pu
ti?' -?"i' attorney In Ir, i
i lui l sign? ui" pom] half ?>f t ???' ?
: ..?I the
a! Company,
Twent- third Street Railroad Company, ai??i the Cbr
|tbor mal Tenth Street Railroad Company. The?
I'ianit M'ta (?nt hi length the ch irtei ? ol ine \
pain?'?- and tin- i'i s on ter sviii 'h tie v ii.'KI their pr?
' ??? tlie III?'. ? ' I .iltoail <
puny of the route n.
' "f Hi" Lewi ol 1*7:;. and Ibe third ?eetkm ol
tftl il'l
Tii. !? ? , ; but tlie ?'ii||i|'!in;.i
ll. I'li-i.tnt..Ulal. in?! Uni.,?. ??. -? ?! II? Hie title of
act. An amendment oi I?,., n,i , cure that del
tu o ii is claimed thai ii Is nncon Htutional, aa being
attempt toe vi titutinnnl umeudmenls stl
"? Lo ant hoi
. ;. i,"i buill uudei the foi u >l ? I .. ? ? i
franchise no. o lor? ? ren ? ?;.
. ?i,??u?. i
i ?nii : lo R] , ?s v. ns il I,
, lent, n -iii.n,i, the defendant eiiinp.iii? s. ?
? i"r-, und .
? her pu" eeding with the -
, La ?\ nii?'? :?'.|.. : ? - '?,. plalUUI ni .
nt Ibis injunction.
? ? \i.l li?! D INSANITY.
Tin* gtatemeats mads bj Ott -Heads o? M
w. v i,.'? a- in in regard te her oommltinenl to the
aun ?n ;;:.. ??.. ? U_ ?- ind bar? i- d te an m
donen of Ch
.i i ,i re ordered repon tu bei le by Wai
" .nal Dr. : ? i Ington i I (-oepttal,
of tbe Tua D - H i, on? ol tbe ?Pu lee t
Di Pu ?"Us ot Bla? kwell'a Island Tl
?riM ??? -?'m la to-ii..v. Tbe frtendi of Mis. Olea
; that ??' h ?! '.i ?'? ? s o
. i.e. imu bad !?? en led t" cruel tn
. ?
?' al.
mlngtou, -,
? lift? r bei
would i" i renei ?1 di
-. a case of ?'?
hi . righl ml i : ? ,but .??'
. ,,, ?e-i ..i
' foUUd C II- : '
id been made to ibe foot dnring lb? nit
' ?
I.Mill !.? .
bnallj ; u i" ci -, i
Clip li;.
and pul :
l. 'i in- o... ?
-. which b
I. blie sa.,- i ?
sviih her!
Insane j?? mona,
nay and n:..'ie bui
( in?' pie-eii!?' ?i im I.? i nil?, tin- I ? ?? ??: tl?,' irir-i- ami ., ? i
Alter ti
? ???r .M>-\ u-iai i nt i'i. L-ciiiiii Tbeat
?aid yeaterday thai bla atleropl le break ?
ti, ll II' i
No tlekel.? ss. ra .? ''?' ?it ?
m ? they bad resort?
. tion. Even If g
' bad 10 .1
upon custom
I ? R
ir bran, b t .' Nea i '
? i, and oui of it ii." real ,?? I
f ? ii ,t"i
, ?i? ?i m . ecu i
i ? .
j !
be 'I. .? I S. ,!li :,? ,
bj ,? . Ill ? 'ii/ u?. li
.?i ii, ..i tii.- Hi os k lad '
:. I, ,i|i,l i'? ? ?
111- I ?il. \. s . ?
Thi Noi ' \'?, employed dm In
tii.' I 'um??-! m an oxean! . >? ? ?i i?, N ,i
a hi:?' ill tl.
into b| un unknown I schooner,
bar ?-utanter, anaeneetag bee le i
1 ?? bul to l>? in" a-!i? I? on - U'ti I ,
1 ? : : ? tl. A l'iL'-l, ?
ind took otr her I ? S ? ? ?
, rd bound, having recently been sold tu go South. N
appareut duu ?mi.
i in- sebo ?n? -, .1. ll. Lo? i> ? " 'I, t, ? lie fo
New-York, W?teh Uatteraa, i?
got ?? ?" pleeea.
i ,? KuoonerSkylarb, whioh according t.? ri
POT! M'as h "
The bark T.
ailnii i, l? i' Into St. 1 ei??-, N'
mar-Man nussa to h m ?vin vos m
i ?u MOK, a \ i? I.i i?.?i i m .
T;ii?i!ii,'itiy Hall was w.ll lillitl List cvi ?iiu/
by thus" si !:.? lia?! |8tb< r?'?t t??
ni. nuil !? .: .:.:.... lit I
.sein Mim-ee lia'y an I Cyrlllt lu?,n. Dal]
tonn ?i te cual
?i __edvanl
.. '11.? loi1? ? ..i. ;
? u. u, 19, ?_, 1
Al, 1,
.???ai U? K Lai s o, ". I. " -, I . ? . l -, 19, 1
4'.', i?, '-', _.l, ??, 1 1. 1, ". o, ?? 4 il , ?o. , . ., h liM
i?.?'i?.! i-'.iui ? of u,? evening,and Um laat ?
gam. of the tournament, wus coiit? ?i? ?i u. teaeptt l>i?n
ami A. 1?. l?udoiphi . i'j? to III?' lOtb ______ the pl.is
araa Inferior oa b?iiii-.;?i. D iaagata took th?
elle 1 lll.illil?
n .'i..??-i tin.n iiii.iiii i K??- lain?, along |hi
i ?n < ml ui:?! tbe right in.a.l lost? i
corner, where i v. hell be had mud?
1__ point?. 11? | ,,t m senti?
Hut i ' Un next ?hot, eloatng the taalai
V. .1 il 1 J.'. 1 -1 l?.it lltal'l
brought tbe balls toi i er and this tin? held then until
i.? i ?.n'?? i'i_. On
iv|.et. i thai bla ave rage would is very high. (J
i.,.': fa-ilun r ii, ? I.
ou the 18th lnulnga acor__??W0 m Rudolphe'? 7tl.
I ' i lllllo? Hilf I? II
j.-_i'll 1?! s u I. 1.0. 1,0. I.,., Hi-, il. ii, |. 0, 30.
. ? ?. . ?
a. r. in i??m i i u, . _u, u, o, u, o, n, i?, i,o, u, a. i, i
i Ti?, ss. rag.. ,
i ? .player, tu-.i fur the
?Him? pr'/e. s ir . ?ioorire hlofnon. ,ln?.i']i? Ilion lied ?. P
Rudolphe Albert Oaruler tabee the loutb prize. Tnr
u ' (iii'?th tai, tiiini ?nii Delaney'a rainal win
on a I.ii h t.1..- tournament gumi
ptayed. waaawar4-d te Joaeph l>iou. his general aver?
UK? tK-.n?; the bule st. 'I he inilov ?ng is tin- r.'Miil of tlie
t "in laiueiit : gtueaon, Joaeph Dkm aud Kudolpii'
,',.'ii I nuil I,-.-I 'J aui.e?; l.,tii,1er ha* WOB ?1 uml
I.,.'-;; CyrtH? lfi.iii. memriee D.UyaadJacob Hhaeifer
bave? mea Won _ ami lost l -iiinis 'laiiiiinms Hal!
being engaged bu other purMwea forabe remahidei 01
reek,tbe Ura an oat labe Hayal off until neit
week?probably on Tuesday nighL
He had jm. wedded ? Utils anpel uith a
musical vole*-, uiiioiil blue eses, aicl a brovs on uhnu
i had set it* s??al. i hey made their lufiUl tour lo
V tile-, where th. y went from palace ttj palace; watched
the pt_rou_ *hoeling round tbe to?era or ?t. Mark's, ex
plored the myaierioua canals In their gondola. Aa they
are letiirniug homeward at night the young hu-baiul,
w liai?,?: fall heurt la oveiflo-iug with eitiotlou, ui?;
" Well, my love, what haa Impr-K-ed you most of all tout
we have seen In this wonderful city V' The young wife
1 timluly caast down her eye*. " You remember the cafe
on the Ptaaetta 1" " Tea, my angel." " Well,at the third
table from the door on the lett there waa a duct Ol an
.Wi-il with gtma t luv. o? aiuuuUtliel"
1)1,1 iN'S '* B.'ITT.VNV I'EAbAMs" ? 1)1 LA. Ill
"VAsTTU AM> VIllCII. '*?AM.-TON'S ".-I'.
gaO*" AS!? " nil'. IK All "?VAN MI Kills, JIA
? 11 \ i i:, J. __K_____j .mi i.li.u?lull's ** *,
Ad!*, (?I UM."
Mr. Ji>liiisi?>n's pict tires will nearly fill
I?/? e\hi!.!ll:i!i looms of tile National Academy of
??o 11., i-,,, i list asSBB-Oi Th.-v are not yet all hi
tun u.i.n the doors an? aft. asd this moniin.?,
imlilie Bill lind that it collection of <(*ilil exeeile
ami eoO-SlBh-g very neatly ?it many mnnl'. -
the pkaaa ol the b-tataahlag anil valuable kaajkaf
ha-, i- I.celi enjo?. BBJ tOt IS_OBBS> lliroiiiih.
The BSOStal character o? the collection is narr?t
anci di.tii , ami hti r.n v, rather than whal, ainoii/,' urti
1? known as "artistic." 1_MMM ?ire, lor BBS nn.-t |.
common sense pi.-lures, e:i-il>* iimler.-to nl, the _*_?_
men of Much technienl skill und honestly striving
sliiov tic-ir ?sill, well aware that iliia-lniitlon
BBOSJ I- ih.-ir si,,.i|.- BB-B-tBBi 0*4 II m? are. nlso, t
the i>n!.lle for which they \vi.r_ I? BBBBk ? ifl
illthesliidv of t?*.-hlllea! c\i el lern"?1, ill imitai mil c g rlis
th?- point of deoepttoo, in potbos itftpirlog Asei n'ly si
it., and in (he events of hi?i.n y ..r of cune
life, Ih.nilt Is in ?maKlmi'ion or li.?td'iii:-. Thi i- BO. 0
of ooarse, t.. __*paro_B IheeeflejetlBB. ii is Bald t" 1st
I ! the reel explains wfcjr one atetan in
i un,, i - "Mova *?iii|i"-h.,s alwave aBBaed out at a\
in the coii'i tint!, aad bas always keoa rather o dfcrhi
b_gelrasestthaa .? ateasars tethsos aiai kavakoea
'.,f \i?itim- the L?al!'iy In Ht OWWOtS km
?' itavi- pea ?????'? Mi. Jshosssa*. aaUatyr" M__as*ej
seen the ? .-lav,? Shi|it.Mh.it do jmi make ?ml
ill" llo.i liialiv Une s these t|H. -Ii.in? have l.eelt ask
and ho? ma.y times il ha, lu en m . ?..,:?? to ilemiii* th
in oid.i- to _.t a Steal liiii'i"-?-!.f file plein
* itOf ii'ii?' i-..l:.tc it :,? BT-Oet as po
l..ok at || l.v n?,?lf, and nut allow ultattU t.. study ii
other pli lui. ? in the i dot-, Bol of ai
...,,,. pl?tora krre wooM it be o? Baal t
Bthtuplilnm 1balliBtotUtttt laterlera wMt Me assj
imr; no other ntt? iii|.ts to look BOOO BOBOfS with otl
r\ r? thnn tho?c of I msnorwoi
ThS ".-live H,i|i" ( \ee|ited. Ile 11, Mr. ,|,.hiist..n's c
!? rtion ! ?ul.il ly BV? ti '?'? . :n"l
v.hiins i tin- coll? i lot ? it-member
save seen In this oonatry. .*.:?'? ni may
maile vltbonl mil.-. ..i nin ii. ttheporeht.f tl.Rs
a_tp " i t even aa oeoaaka
, tin-1 ni h ct.. l's put it.. m ii ?!? orderly, B-odcta
,l |.urd?-i?
It IB, I'll tie -the. ':?!..I. .1 tH...>' of the _t
tnaku t
f-STadstdsa of in? us Barshoss ?
i.f ii,,? ? tin? Bsearl
fOt the Mi tro, .'.?It .11 Mil. Hill Hie i?i < c-m.la < olleel.t
' i! I:.id tel It
ao.Kaowlug n ?thing sbool thi i _U
he trUStl
- ,-.. lbs '
* - ITS -Bip
. | ? , ,
\ | ? . | ' ? ? [t . I, . .
!. and. v
l.i;:i - ,n the 1 .?i" I ? "m "
o? .i? |.. . . . i...o in besas I
? a. it an
o,, rita I
I Mr. Jell
to I hi
BO- th'
to I'
dull WbO llll.ls.il It W.I Si
. '
. 1
IS I tl.lt h
the 1.
n an
i.in.? pennants, however,
..I (1
I .11, I!
of III. ]>|i '
: i in- ii uipk ?
ii.: ? i? gnup oi sfltsts ?ii.i ...ii,-? true
? i ,. I ??.' : ...nt ..:
uinl erltl ' ? .'. m .
, e
then- I.' !??'! t> o. ni.., ..i | ,
?. .
I ? I :,|.l)e,
I'lllc , . .S |||,.
? ?..ni I bat - i. ? n i.. ii. i > i,<>.i n ii m
? ., e|.,!,|. ?,-? f,,r \, ?,
of llluatratlona, k_ul been publlsl I In s n idabh ibapi
ami p. loi ?1 , .limns
jo. terni col ?
II ? ?? I o
I it?i ll.ii'?' ? ! il" it- He I - :," i,,, ?? |
the i '?," ni"
"') lu ? ? .?It .i.iiii? i. .lui niai pas
!.. ? n |.i.. !n. sd m . ci ?
i,i sosas ?'ii m -i.i'-1 with 1 ? isoaa n
, ? ? lui., bj \i,,ii n,,.?| r.
In- li I'- i' !m a i-ci
muir, ciel . : jn, line I,
i.iiiii on hi. own around, I.m ?
? ! . i thai
I.c ... .
I.?? till,,IIS
i. BBB . BnoB hi tonn 1 s, ntilnent id. Hi t.
?mii In- knew in Mb BOttVS >. ? IBOO, lOOOgl
dirk? II. his miele ont of I
|l ..l |? ?? ..III illcnl. ; I,i|| || won III
'., is err i' V? B*l M I" HO BOB-bai
It- this, lie kOOO - l:i.>A In Ham e .nul sim?.
Ha i-. " \ i' ml* Crossla the 11> \,"is tin
sketehb] i.!i,ei:e i?i i:n p,i\, for klslafgspktors m na
It lllll-tl'.lt. *S the
the Eighth Canto or lioate*. loferoo, wheieti
? ' th? I' .-" ?? I? Of II,C UUtt ,,!,,* \ ,|
|_ ici ilie Bt] ?.., bCsrsb In the hu?t of
1- Ilie BBOtfS I'f the Utgf-j
und tin- hmieii. ' gallea oers ao," tfesj ...."mili.
.-weit air ; BOW In* WS ? nlhii Inn- In th.- BBB k mire." A?
the two i'oel.s-.iif i..um,.n mi., . m ||n, Swift kork, S
rises fraot. too asa? ksfsrs tkooi ami had?. _taot?,
who ris 01,'iii/cs hiiu us a itO__ Kim ? uline, i lUpoe ^i
?I I | ill, ,,!:?! 'I hen
tie- iin_i> BfUftt BOtS mil Imlh BOOaS lo eliuoliei
lido the l>...,t, Vfaro-i thrn-ts h;in .,ff, BBjiOg, "Away tin i,
BBBSOg Hi? i.ih.r do.s f And then at pal his aims almin
's in i k, aie! |.i??i il hl? : .;, ?? ||idl?i:nlil
??olil! lllis,e,l Ii?. she III..! hole th,..! In i,,,irv,.I<
Unit W:t. an kirOgOOl )? ?l ? ?'in e. ?i.! ____. I? li.nn t..
ornauit-nt tin- n,-n...iy ol liim." And DsOtS I
" Mast, !', 1 ihOOld he g\SA lOBM hl'n ttpOOd III ?his lei
In-fur?- M i|inl ih?- Ink.." And a UtttS afu-r this ho saw
?M iiiii.'iIv ?? fU BIBkS BOSk a it l,di:,? of him that cm-ii l^^
hi? .Mole he.said h. |,i :u.?c 1 and I i,,,ni , ,1 (,,?1 i,n it. All in,
rej*-iUerled, MTo Plllppo Arg atir Thi wrathfall'-H
entilie s|niil turinil in hi? i.i_i ami t..i, himself ?ith hi?
te, til. This Is the BBOOS iBOl DslO--__B BBS B>D_N. tl, BOd
BVaa In this small skdih. we i un lui Mal of the
?rrandenr and ein-r-y of the ?rent picture ?if the l.ux-m
hiiiir?. Il i, with' ut do,ild tu,- ii.n ,ts rplor?, of the artist.
The "Bpalatrii'i? Vision of the Bloody llutiti," No. .Mi,
by Wusaiu_ton AlNnm, kajBBBI r with ihe p?irtraU ol
Allston tiy himself. No. 14(?, liave been ou exhibition at
l'-il?dcli?lii_, ami have already Urn di-scrilx-it and
duteusscd in these columns. We Khali alwa> * lehret thai
AlUtoii so fai mistook hlapowi-rs as to attempt a clan*
of ?ulijcct? utterly beyond his powers, and beyond the
powers of almost any artist who ever lived. Blake was
resliy the only Ktiropean who ha?! shown a -rennlne
puwer to deal with the sui?ematural terrible.
It ?oily needs to study his " Illustrations to th?1 Book of
Job " to he oon vlneod of this, and to turn from Blake to
AUstoals to turn from the exhibition of splendid power
lo the display uf vapid tamene.*. Hut of Alston's thra?
or tour Important sub|ects of this nature, " Tho lielshat
-_..'- Feast," tho "li-lslug o? Luiaiiis," au?l the
" Hpalatro," the "Spalutro" is undoubtedly the most
ad?quat?* In conception and tlie most complete
In ereeution, and as there _? no use blinking
the fit that AUcton believed in his own ability t.? Heat
such gubiect-, it is well to have the poster t?i tc.-t tliat
ability. The " Portrait " 1? a work that, wit' am-ttno
b -- than with the genera! |uitille, in.i?t gt*N a H lung lm
I?,, i?,i. i.ftd? i inter's real cominaio! osa r tin gl
element of his urt. He must cert?tel] ?ould ]?aint, and he
most certainty could make a picture. If sve did not know it
fioin li's nilii i netto??If svi: might never have suspected
it from th?? "??'i' 'airo"?we should knosv it beyond the
p,, s,i,i!i!> of in?' .ttioii from thi.? youthful mtttt r|?i. ? '??
i , "Tarqu?n atnl Liter? tin," by W. v.?ti .lieris, is a
of lin'.l.Uise skill, and svill m t vc tin useful pur
' giving people who think imitation the object of
painting a siipiemo standard by which to Judge, the
s-.varni of nrti?t?, chiefly Kreuch, who arc waiting their
time and our? lu showing ns how near tba shallow may
t?e brought te rh? ?utietnnee. W. von-Shcrla wn* the ion
of a paintermucii matt dlattegal bed, and he :
had a s??n who mude hltntclf very comfort aille by
ill?' copies he iii.n'.e of the WOl'IlS ol 111? father and
jriaiuif itinr. i in? notta of ti'i? grandfather, Praaa,on
lokoned MMNlg the ch? , : tin Dtttek
school, and bring prices that BUa_ef to this ?ugh repute.
Thi; present pleturc by William von Mlerts la one of bla
capllal warfta, and svill wi'll repay I cari if?I -tinlv.
ll . -, n? !? s. i', " Illustrations of the Jobslade," three
pi. tun n out of a sein-i llliiMrnling u (?encan peni
which Seaerll i a the career of a student, bring back "tlie
dass that are no more." wlun the " Dusseldorf tiallery"
was the artiste gid.?n ml d '.'.? period and the olio . hi? f
art^-enter of our city, it waa indeed a most enjoyable
"ii, and gava a great Unpctua to our ednc
?ME Mattere. Another pietuo m tbta exhibition, J.
lie. krr'.? "The !:? apcr'.i RriTtTn Iti'tiK," Vo?70,W1?_??
<?f the m?'-t p'ipiil ir pi? tnri't ev.r c .hilnt.-d in tills
countr,, an t tl.: I tact to tho-' \s.':.it again in ili<- light
of today in iv -erve ??s some measure of .he progress
sse have in.nl'.'. II ?H n< U~ I '? "JOfc \0t " wtll
hardly Mia tbe nesv ggaaM?aa Iniigh nn It liiinle
the old oil'- lam ti, but tin N i? buiimr il? Mkl a M i for all
till. U as ?'re stilling to lake it M it H, anil I, ?t in-i ,t
iiIHin an liauio'i rate demand. Uerman biuoor ll a s its
il.'l.ctl?' pioilui t ; ii you vun li 100 h i r? I al lue llosvi r in?'
,n nn -i ?? ? ?' .?i ipi ? .i . V, e fan . I
?eatlaMat ?gill atoad the revengei brought about bj tbe
. Ig ol linn betfe : than III
on- fun.
Charles I."?il? Mull. .'N " I;.'! (',:l ..; ?' i Vl-tlius
<?T till' Ibl-'ii <?I T". nn" 1" a pt-twe a h0_0 absorbing In?
? i tbe general paMb aeeaaaneeat ko aa?m k> nn
end. It (list rset tils Iniig-C'UitlllUad < -0'?III to- I lit?
simplicity s'.iiti svbii li It (I.'ii!-. With I?' 9? f"i
-??ii"e, almost ei'iiip'n ' ??i immiii.m.,' s,,, ,,ii.|
selisiilioliaii-in. \S i , l?n ?ai port, -? ' B0 gO ?' I ?I to ll?'
uiiiiiu'i in in?- (i,?ii,'e of sin h mbjecta.
oii.-lit t" t?. ?. iboa ?"111? I a D
in uni in i lie artiat, or ? hol i? ss?,i .?. n BMreaaaiy dealt?
to i'l.i.i i ' li.? tl. ?
latent la t. ? - - pub ?-. Bal In tb? i H lleol
U 'i t.?. ?ii'i' ? t .;? if be bom ?
MM i-"".l st . :?? i. tOWt >?? I "li r?" I. and .-1 a 11 ?*?- -
i? ii parate
, are yet all
III Kb- \a llll l'fe ?t m I lu ci! I a uni li. i.i?, 1 ne
f. null l of I In ill . m] of
??f tlie
n? (nan the Ii??< 1
.lie ?f n.? pintar?.
Tin " V J Bgl ??i : IgtOOl
? .; . i i,,ni p|< lures, " ' lildhood," " Yo itk
?? Maiiii' ',.l." .? I " ' lid -
In ; . ? ? i it itli a g, i, ?? mi, li
opportu ?
ui < ? lanol be <b
i ..it 1. ? sa;.? m.: .ell 'I
of linn in )
1,1- ?iv. I.
n, had
ha painted, and ti: ?
i n \sliy
i i other artiat
? ? i
? ihm? u,
li the i' .
'. ': I
c ipi toi
new u.. ________________________
AM! l n i '. i.. 00k ?Eliii AL SOt ?i.i ).
I ? .
The Amt i i. m ' which
. ,
"' ? l.'lll Its
D i- ?
i Lane, 1
Lindau, I. tl lyei I H. (
?' ' "t V 1' liai.??? II' ... ;S. Ilmil.lirl ami li .
I i four
?till ft
*,,i ti? ? i. ,n ?? i>: tin ?,
Iba ' iei k'l i??.'iii. il.?? i ,ne iba i
pi i ita p.? I" I.in. il
librar] of i hi tup?ete
and s .na iiii>- ti ' ?. 11 .?n . ?i., din iu i... ? .
. i, the volnm I
nop rooma, ? out dn ng a One collection .?t ebarti aa ?
m ,|. ? ? ,:i? . ' . ? . ii t and m
i ?-1 an ?? ?i.. l'm ? ?? ? 11 hi ?.n?
ll?.- - HH in tlM I'lilni'. A larg.'front room on tin
iii.p"i goor, called tha oouneilroom, eonlaln* all Ibe
: nil mm] I'i
action , publiehed annually, end tbe bulletin, puhliahed
n.:, ? ? . iMenti dot "!? ?I lo
s .n tooi jai' i i.n.- m si bleb inu ?? i.
plu i thi is . lodli al i rai m ?!
???? inn?'.nii.ilii'ii with tl.'
; ll I ?
fui nil ii ? - ?i i, pointu
tr by thi naof peraona
s ? i . , , i i liii, ,1 ii ;
n" .i. otieof th X i ? i'i
i illcj M ?? ?a ?, made ,i itti.ii l i?p? ? eh of hi li'.'in?',
lam and eneumaging
, h t In j bud in, t. in expi
, r, i of in ? fol ra thai t-?? Ir Prutld-Ut,
i hie i .i ,. - prev? ? ted hj m rtoui lllue_?
i,,,i m 11. n.? l'n 'n- .ob i.i"? s? n. -I i .?il m Hi, m had hoped
It svas noi ui'? '?inch to "iv thai had H u 't lie? ti
for Judge 1> (Is Hi?.? iS'..i!?l n.it liuve I.e. n I
bli il ,i H L.itinl) of Hi" in
I'd- ? l>.?K had tel.' n in ; n, | nt
l?e cu?al ml (nil,'.!' ?n ..inch he bad in,,?! I.? ?, uye il lu
. n i honorable u a lou, lui ? utod
ill?? Rev. Dr. l tell? ?..s. m in? 111.?.I?? an mill,? we.
A un ?t in?-- i?f i-iaiii merchants and transporta?
? n waa '?M yeoterdaj ittseftodaee
Kxi innige, lo ?'oii-l'li'i- ;t plan for a icilin lloii in Ibe nibs
of ti'??.':-?', mid .'Steint Ine ?nuil'? of tin? n>t rates lor
tossing an far a? Hlxl.v tl.iid-st., m the latst and Norlh
it limit It l'ui'ilet.i--t. ; _'>ovn that
iHiuit sih'i i.il bargain! bud to be made, A grmu elevator
having been rrccl.d ut the fool ??f Si?,!?- tliir,l??t, tin
lira m m.-ichaut? demand thai regular rate? shall bo
? stiitiliKln-'l up t<? that point. T.icv uIm? ,ti iiiatnl "
Im.Hi storage and ? l.sator rat??? have b.'.ii reiliPed, the
? ralis -hall be redmed In lUe pp.poi ti,.n, and
from the fact ilmi there la iiiu.h oompetitlon among t!?.
ten boo taino it is thought ibera will t>. no ul^ociiuti
Ulllullg Ha Hi l" .n i ? ?h I'? i.ie I' l ,i, . Ol i,p, ,|. 'in i,,,vv.
boatmen aaki d tur tine to conaldnr the an?oet rmiy, au?l
il v.a* '?Kr??ed l?> ailjoiiru until Moiid.tv, liec. 11. It Is
claimed ?bat toe tow-boatmen base already given the
transportation mea the advantage ol reduced rules, but
thai i i? merchant! base boon obliged to p?y the full
tot?at towage, i'ti tow boatmeo are oppoeedtothii
and pr?|io_e to give the merchants the advantage of any
W lien a min jumped into a Cium-ave. car
yerleidav, and n.?iiy iii.she.d a p_a_0_gor*b foot, the
vlcltin cried out : '? You aro n bland? rln? tgnnrainiis, and
1 know HI" ???lam, am 11" "Yea, you arel" "Will
vou be kind enough," continued the big man, as ho took
his sent, ?? to tell me whrtjier your opinion Is based ou
the rttuiim o? lt?T? ot 1874f?[D?truit Fr_<j Fret?.
Tho c..f?c of Nithan P, Kice asrtunst Anna B.
hice was vest? rday determined by a de? ice in Suprime
Court, Chnnibers, by Judge LawnaoO, in favor of the
ti!:?lu:i!f. The case weal b, fore a r? fercc, and tho de?
fendant fiaillni. to appear, the report was In favor of the
piniiititr, :m?i on that ?report the decree entered
un was made. Townaeudd Weed appeared tot plaintiff;
M. 11. Chedaey for defendant
A suit el William Sloan against .Jay Gould
and olliers ssiih tried sest?i.i.iY boiuie ?____M _>.uohue
williout ujiiiy in S-Tpreiiie t..?irt. Circuit. Tin. plaiiitiff
fiiriii..hei| taruttt totba value at $1,177 79 toa hotel al
Laag Brand, mid tafeara beta owned by the gom
,i mo] Boothem Railroad Oocapaay. now I nail teat. The
Belaimi that h" furnmhed this on th.? orders of
Mr. Gould, svh'i Had taken the property in his name. I'm?
defense Is thai Mr. Gould acted merely aa trnateeol the
ruilr. I irpeti, and ??
juin.- n '.po.is. .de than any other offloerof the company.
?lodge Donahue re ei red il ? de?
An appU-stfon ivas tnaili' yesterday to Juilgu
? ein .-npie.ii ? Qiart.CHioailt-T-i for the ooafiraa>
tien of tl.r reji'.tt of the ? : ,'id for
the hiiililili-- of a brul-c nuil iipp.ua? he.? a? 1ttt tlni
Bar?mi Btrer,near High Bridge. Tbe appHcolk?awai
Oppoeed On behalf of MOM ut the p. i?)? i tv-ii',, in i I
a-..".s.il mi the '. matul that the brt'lge svn.i III advaiiC?' of
ine I'd ?Is ?,f me locality, that tue area of amu-esnieut
I, Jerome Park being one ol the piece ol
Ij which would be moat benefited by the bridge,
and Hut the roftomia to?era .Juni allowed too much for
the property laLiu. Judge _ntrreuce rcaerved fell ?b
. The -nit icB-DS-ti-B Coogwuat-Oa Bath bnd
BeknrCboilM to pooomt Umm to ralnotnti Abtnfenni
liaekiill.a!. v lu? h M ?t?:i ved out a t'Tin in tjiilt?' i'rlsun.
i?i pt,.-...., n of a p"ss in th? ir synagogue was tiled
vest? i day be i or? ? Judge Van I.riiuf, in ('omiauil I'le .
Special Term. <m the plotn-MTi behaU it i? iM?alod tbat
he baa a veated right In Um pew, anil has i ???>?? been
ready to pay the tenl of t be pea On the part of the
! ?m,?'t that they have nc er refused
to allots 'uni to ssoi.-inp in Hi?- aynogogae, but t?i
unwilling te reeelv? st<?:, n money, and without the re?
ception oi the ii ut by ?h? m !.. ? rl?lu iu th. poa 11
JinUe Van Hi unt ii-ei s???
In the saH of I.m.is i). Baeber agalns. t?i??
N'i sv-.'?irk, H ni Northern l: i:li??.i?l (..??npau?
.?nil otic i ,ii?, :-i?; rame Court, ou lue rep rtof .-'a .:
!?-?? i dm i'?. h i l'.'ii i decree forth'-' plaintiff There
?s? !?? t . nain?' ; one "f th. .
regular?/ Incorpuratc'l, built nearly six Ml
and v ? ' s\ ith the Boutki i ?? W ?
tor Badrood Company, retain?ia the oM rann'. Tut
1 ul of the old company and ad?,
in,,iic. r. ? it. iiniii?-.? leisainis he obtained three pidg?
in? nu, h. ai, lu? ..<'?? i, und took
m? in obtained i?.i another peraon i??r aboul gmffiW.
v.?m. and that the n I lieu on the ptep
, , ;.. . ii. old oi ? i,01(i -u.
(UPTIN ?I. vom
M !??? Vorkville Polios Uoarl reaterday, ?Mrs.
i trial al
m :
. ;..' .m? svif?', svi'i'i yi ? ertlay
' ?i:::l
,i i in. a?, tor ?.i i -.
i_i. i?v, i to p ir
I. ?i ..... , a ha?t
., ? and ?.??? -
i.? i II G ill r, t!u> teacher of French who
was m
Sail!, In
lin ? 01
? f obru > lie
'? i Ha kett, in
i in i.n i ???ii oi Mr. Tliomas
iitted m
.i h ii
I ?">T.
OF ?API ! __1
- I - ( ,, nt of Ap
' ,'l M St ?s
? lo?on to ?.'?vaneo on
. lilil?? I '.. \S?H?|
I I.? . in op| l
s.. ?any.?
' ,
? nur for
i 'i ?ihy K. Neville
' nt fur
' ' *"n:
' I
new mai granted, oaata to ekt?e
lies? it
fno'l in ? ?nuil?? ?-. -i, to it.
' .ait of
s - I with coal? Van W? i an ? I.l.l
_ii _gt. Il"?!.t; llnebling
i ?? ?rcii'V,
irk for
i Vnn.
>? ii. p . khaui lui appellant;
!'!? ?a Hi?? curt ml ,,iii?i.?l.
Zttth, to M??n
Chomba By Judge I a-\ r?-tice.?
In tit? ' ?>". 11 ;
, No. ..,
.'i ?
. .
I ; l'ell?ll?'ii?li H.t. The I'm
,.'i?wl.tli.l a_t.
: .
' ".?? -tar PI. .-ii .? ? . .'?
'? ?!. Iluliil ja- .. l'n ?
? '
receiver, P? ?p I? .Ac., .i.:t. I'lil'i.l.? : i,le?w
: ,.
li, .. : . ten. The mi ' I ? ? n
:.. ; le Walt.tr ol
? llff:?_i. Watklu? Ueforn approv.
?i hat ? i. f ir? me the i?r?l??r
? .in? s; i. Van Hly? S. i. ? ,
:? r- ,'?." In .. t i?. ??.
? 'l and Inilgmi lof
l?i th? e I ?ill I.'.?!' ciiiiii.. 1 ,a?t
i.ii ting ilii.t niilttr vrltlionl
? ? r from the attiila'. ii
a ?a., i, ?i?.. i? ?1 bj ?1 f.nilt or after ,.|
Mwrimt Court Cluwebtrr?'Bj .in tue McAiluu.
, i ii.?,, i
i ? ' h ,.? Il|..,l i. si,,,,,,,,
" I Ii? 1 ll.ili I ., .'...ni .1.1? , ,
I ? . ruin ?el. Hetli. ?i|,|. CempLtliil rtis
. Moltoa i" v... a.- irn.
?? ?1 ni ' - In :a? "ii..! illsliMla a si?. . . i >
|?i???<l ?ii'iilii? to the ritia?- Hell ii-i it...., |,,,.
in .un ?i. k?hler u ., ? ,
?ill ??.'.. hi'imtii.i. .
ss .ut? ag?. i'i.iiii/.. i.. i,.* ?k? i,m.
In ii,'?. I ''?.it jl!. ii
. -I. 11.? ?v /???
? ???.." I.' .'?.it:? m.!, r?nner;
, ??-a n-t lin-, lt?-im uiMitr a.l. buliwaril ttt?llgmu .' '
K< 'cii.r igt. ??.'ir.il . Hli? In,. ,i
, np.ii.?ui'tlria anutuxl. Vie?eat ?*a bUmU.-Al
ij? iiinci.t ur?li red,
??Al iOWAE? Tins Day.
senssas <"' r! ?4a__aM_?->?i_,aaB___, j.
' ?".i I- tut ir.
i ?. i
I - -
Mattel ?
III I? lliple Uith.
.Mniii i of ford.
.Matt? i ?if ttet.inued D.
? I?. ??I 11.Us 1,'ltll?,
Haiti i ??I Auchniun .
Mutter of Coll.
I.iui Je.?.?man.
Mall? I ?if lib I
Mall 1 uf -III l_a_ny.
?si a?, t.? i-.?. fcH-aae.
M?p t r .?f ht. Mark'?
t ,?iii? h.
.Maltet of r? gulailng
I _.__-_
M.iit r of Aliitrtiu.
Mailer nf Nttw-Yoik
Mail, i ?if St. John.
Mallei nt ...tillac.
Mall, i "f F??ip .e.
M.a'.Ur .?f Mi,m born.
Matter of ihiillirr.
Matter of <;??(!rty.
Nailer of MiHalTon.
M at lor of 11? i.nii'oii.
Mailer of WalUea.
M_i 1er of Hnilitf.
Mailer of ll.'it
M ?itttT of ?Seaman.
.Mallei ol Hut?lity.
Matter of I'liii.'ati.
Minier of riireliirtl.
Matter of WaiiKln-r.
Matter ol ll?Ulr.
Uutur of Santiago
Mailer of ltaiii'.iHilin?.
-latter o? lw_j>k___,
'? itterol li.'.inouu
?Jill Matter ol
'-'11 ..Mullet .,;' HoH..lUiL
SI'-..Matter i?r lloue.
31?.Matter of m vu?,
-'. Mattel ? t .
-. ,'..i, all? l ni .s,,, ??eu.
-IS Malier, f Wood.
?Ut,?..Matter al I'o i.?t?t. a.
'I'M -tall, i of I IU_i
'.'-'1 Mat!, ruf (irMOO
'-.-Mallei ?I A,Una?.
? ( a :
H .Webb agi Fry.
S? Daniel? tti?L i In? t'ouu
II? in.?! in? i i,
77..Mailer ot Ablhoru
Hit . Ilifwai.tr an I ( ole.
iu. I ?In'IHM a_t. uaiap
ii? It. _c.
?0. .Dom airt. Th? noar.i of
',111 . Me k one nut. nrMtn,a%0.
Iihi i fern a_thu_cr.
1.'.-?..S|i.-iber ??_ .surlier.
'.?'. Itiun?an ??I. I ?.n.l??o.
Is and U. Ina. i o.
119..lia?.-? igtCvaUaental
l.<-t..s_iu___i. m?b__
l-0..MoKone_gt. Or?*?-.
In-J .Matter of Hnclair, *\C
?IV.'. Kinn a_t. Hun.
K40.. W u.ffu ._t.NU_nburg?_r.
_?;o . Ki-u-tt _g_?uUierUml,
'-7S..To_da-t. Ptsrine
383..BuleU ml, FrtxU-g.
Bp_na_ TSBM?Vax Vorst. J.
71...The lawtoii Granular
M'.Tir.ic Co. _K?. Tlio
( ie??aii Hteauiei Coal?
ing Co.
96..Blal??_furd a_t, Khld,
a?l..VeUlera?rtTTie Kinjcs
Couiiiy Mauufactur
ii.:: Co.
350..Fowler S4Tt. Mehrhsch
3.0. .Th-1First Nat, nolldin?r
AMociatiou ant. Bauif
?*M7..Mi?s!i_.h sgt. Amend et
?1-.-H..M i nut-lit Hirt. hiAot
?uni ano.
3(141..R.,n-, i-Lt Iiilloiietal.
4111.. Km n sel Count
......Tin? Mayor, Ac, _?_
Qoodmsa et aL
BOO..fl_ina ri_*t. po?sek.
447..K,ii!iej :?_!. ( ..lien.
403.Miller ?nul ?mu. sut.
... mal.
4.",I. Willen sjTt.Xartlii etsl
4."?.?..M?>r?sa ant. ___,_
i.ri?an ??n. Martis ok
uddaoDact Alfar. ?
46*2.. Von Hein, Ac, set. BL
kllS et si. ^ ?**
4(J7..Tho Mutual JAtr In?
CO. SKI. TllWlis. ?,?
468.The First Kst.
Co. aid. All.l,r,l._
_7-._at*wart agL Clowe*?
473..The Harieiu Bank __?
uiuan. ..?*., a?t WslL
607. -The National vin
Hank an. I??i, ?.;
.i 0 Kliiii-y sgt. Ii3?j.u_n4
611 .Mi Nully set M_et_|.
wui et ai
612..(iriw?lerel si. a#t l*ow.
era at si.
''7 i Al "??(__
?*-?.. A lieu aitt. Clowe? u ai.
? im 11r?Part ii.?iu_h_it. J.
Caaoou?No. .Ii..Carriontuu utal. agi. Ward et aL
So ii.ij salsa lar.
Tart III.- Povohuk, J.
1 ?''.7 ..'nie RSBBn Locomotive 1735 Henderson sgt. Whits
find M,iehiti? Work? ??? ?1
a_t. Thu Ht. ia?uI\ 1649*3.IlKlki-}-af,?t.Thv_i_rsr
frnn Mountain H. It. Ac
It. c>. I 23G1..Tin*? In.?h.im.Niit.Bank
1610%.Kobbesgt, Pi-ice . .'Uriel!, Ac.
'3??i..Irvni|{ :iKt. The Mayor, &*?7**.Veiiiillri agt. TU
.te. Ninth Nat. Bank.
1B18..0SBS. s?t. The Mayor, ! ISS...The Pwiple. Ac, ?th*.
.'..'. Bowna ?ml. ?/Brlcn.
k "i.t. Phillips. ? .' .1
I I -it .Utbbsagt. Ilnht.'.ru.
,i*iil aim. a._
16I7..__Ulel ajzf. Ml
Ui8.-Loiivhran.lr.. aijt.Mat.
th.ws et al.
' Ickoraon :nrt. Iindler.
108...jeiuiiMjii tgi. Conner,
1 :('_!>..Oat-en airt. crawf.,r_.
in." ? t'ai ii, da?. ,-ij-t. Thayer.
liv^.-fn-k an.I ttiio.i4S*t.:-.dii4.
in.rv, jr., and inn,
le0_..Ci:l'ei:.ier :c;t. Cull, n
l;?**:? Bliaeflta net. Ol
1741 _ . Faiths, ssjt Ham
7 1 ? .Wann a_t, Ashley.
857 " . ant The
Ms] or.
S161..Douovan ?i;t. Coi ,-._i/.ki aft. Boffstsfet
flITlBBlB ri(i|IBI fIBMBII Tk__.-___.wi.i_ sad is. ?
18'_3.. Steward .._?. l*b?i Phe.
Ill? Fit. Ii |
307"i..Wi_il ?in' aiio. sgt. Can?
ner, ?Se.
_T< i '..ni', act. Junes.
411) AtcC.iiil. ,t*t.
W l-tor Muiair? Co.
81..Meyer mih'. ana aft.
2-07-. Johnson, Ac, sgt. Cas.
' -i-rt. Rois.
2*_77 Ijel iinatcr.tiiilani,. art.
,. ,?. i: ii e__
23U5... Petit?.
1>- m CO. ai{' :
k act The Pli.-iilx
II Mn.,1." sut. H
.i/., ? - ?
l-..l*iiii|>ii>- a-??.. The Krte
? SRt M.illo.
17 r? i.iniv at?t li'inn.
.it r'alrt
21 Tvu? ut. Marsh.
23 M.iKiiin a'.?t DinssMrs
'_i..l'onvirt ?if?.'. Hellicht. | 8. 1}__ ag_ Mares.'
.in. J.-Nn bay Calendar.
Bautet f____-p.V__i liki.sr, ..
2.1. K'.ipi-r a?t. l'laatze. ? 3f>...-igt.-.
Gem i hackktt. BecorOsr -J-tncs
I-'oley, Abraham (i'Aiif.'i.a, Thom.is Maxwell. J
J..!ll! II. Hele
I'hoiii.-n llumn, .1
i.ei?i?. -William Pin t, Jo .n il Mountiinl, J.i:.
. ..m.:.1, ri'i.tnv .i_c,_ rritiit
land. (Bisa llofftiiaii, JohnC KickeL Janes Mecae, feLulnss
.i -.mil and h:ill.|-y; Wiiliiini M-Keiizit!, Allnrt :
ciili?-l M l.e.'.i:.. Al nt Pearson Jons Dwyer, *
Mahan, DartdJohnaonand ny? Ueor_s_L
li.iuliei. nine . Daniel Pole}, petit lare, m i
lin. II.?Mi i iiR.Ki.AM,, J . Han? tcoiittnuedl,
. .i -Il.VMS.J. -?
MIMAItllK Al,MANA?". ?
sotinvi. Tu:: 'loin ssts.. I'l
ni i? ?*. iras ruis imv-a. a .
saniic Honk.. _ _j Uov'a ?aland n :?? ItsUO.
ni'.l? WATKB ?Ills I? ?Y l*. h
llu?)_... -._:? ? ? ..v? Iskssa _?_# I ll.li <_, F.rry.. 8-18
Sil I l'l'i SU 1 v 7ELLIGENCR.
? I.I I
. iriui.i,, _4.\.rpool via ?.a? ?-ast-ws,
Mi?i;i,ii.i,, MiDit?iiuiery, cii.-.t.-r. Ki rnan.lma via l'grt K..*al,
C. 11. M
:n?*s. Che??,???man. Navnnnjih. o?o. Y_n_e.
? isblp Majrflower, 1 > - ? ll_u_.
M._iuiitii|i / ?, no-,.. t .'. _l.r.__,
>n uusbii? Neptune, i.uirv, Bis*toti, II. >'. Uubocs.
hbi|? ? ii> ol Moutcaat, iiuiij. u, i . -. DaBBaar.
., Had (Br.i, Me?nard. LivtriKiol, ?j. jictithsK
Hark Ban Maxoraidck (Aunt.i i . .*k i.rooKra
. A < il.
lin - s?.", I'.r men. Hermstin K. ?p ?t ?."o.
li.n _ I.iX.i I.N. ..,. I i.lill.w 11, It'll hm. ' .
I n ,,i,..s s. t-'.iJt i.Nor.i, l'-_icH__t, i,i\ci|-?,i, ilenksa
i ...
, i ...i.,. Lars
i... L .... v,. i? a.tr*
Hart Flora (Nor.), svauor, j^irdeaux, liockiaann. (?er'mlsB
I olfTlll? (Br ?. K|e'il?u>n Klltvi?. llivrt ,? Hlnekmi.
is? Itr. (lull ?s m, t.. , ivivts
Hear. Mi.m inm OrsJcwstsr,<__l',eston, I*u|ip.ra B>%tt_l
?s.-iii. Bi-u Uo.t ilir.i. lira-, *->:. uVrye _
?s. itr. I ti. i-a la?! I'.r.). Iionutree, Belize, tlond., Loaycr.ft A
c ?.
.-,. ,?.r. 1 initi. I., (iro.iirv. Thomitik?. Rn<it.>ti. C_sa i ?la*
>_ ., J.i . H ,:.'..
ii I--?
inirmck. PlmauelpbU^ alia mu-se. sail
A I ...
*. ? r lin ' ?
Park -, .??asuall days, ?,t!t old rail tray
s, wt:?-. nn__r.
I ? _. P. E. !.. 10
i ltal.i, Latir?
s. i ? (?en. W Vc!, rs, .:. Ai,itt ? .. with mass.
Belli . V B-.
- noiie.
? Port Jeff rson). Uaylis. T^riflts
'.il d.i. ?
.< piuf.
m m Wbt_nan, '? 11 _iy_
? :, Bssi-, Jack-oiiYUlc 10 ilsr*,a_? lea?
> i vini. Br.-water, < harlcston 8 dura wltli _??0
??.... i..r M. John. K. B.*. .?-mail, Ncw-IUvs?, Is
. , tnr.ia M. sawyer (ot Jomwport), Drt?i?o, 8t. Joaa a.
1... 1 : .
liefen (1. ] . jr.
:?,,, h tii |int itora
..!.. 1.
Hark Bine Bird (Br.). Mitclieaer, '. .in Uvir?':, ni:!?*-*?
? . , lo !i?
CltJ _8| n a. in.
Nov. -J.'i, UL 41. loti-, al? 1U. bai? H-HS '"-i-*
? .
s... 20, off I ,:. il. ?..c. !.ri:.?J. II Kcnuedv, fio?i ChadBS.
i..a am t-sa*>ksra,
(**i"i7, Not 2?.??rtie An?irianl_irkOtfl?? Mltio, ?'ir*. _i?*
?nil. (reiu ll.il n .? *e . ; l -'(., loi l.iiin. _MSO__t?*d at ses BSO
:-i. ii,.,.--! ?ni" ?n.sl sad landed OSrO
rtiBBiOM poirn?,
LA-SB, Nov. as.- Tl. -?lat. ?. no si,-aiiislii|, siato of Pi-na
i Voi_ Nuv, . ?, f,.i i,t:i*?.jn, _r
hiil?.,.I. N.?. 2?-?The ?tren? ,n stesineia
? '
ti.rk Nov. IH .*nr this i?,rt, atrvol of
i inr.
St' ,111 ll
. a.el ,, .. i., i.ai-nsi Uie 0___TS al ? o'4-liM.k llaa _iul_?
-I"' I?.Ills.
Pciiri.ANP M .'ir?, .-la-ard Wsira
>l?,,l.ll'.l. 1 iali.O.lla.
.,,.1 KOTAI I t BST.n, Af .-. e !. su-llil-hll' 11 :..UvulA
1 n ?e . _Uas i sein. L. A. lliiuiuiUl. .lit. m- t?**a
. , K. Va., A utes
I i n. i., to. i.e. .i).. .1 , In Ik c. i>. l'ackaid, au.. ?._ Ba__B
l.>,.i iil'.i.i'.. A.n. '.- -Arrived steamxhip l-,i ir- olw.l!?
bark \:.,..,. _a... seht.
' ,, , . \V. II ... le, faii-erlv. New-York. < itan-.l, h.'-rl?? ?_*
.-,...-. Kts? n. tor Cutk . i.eti.iHtila, Kvers, for lin'iuiML
Nov. '_.-?.?Aim i ??, si,,i
1- I. is. l.ivenitHil via ll:i..f:i\ . Junta!..
1 |ti it.i, Hint klcv, C.'.ail. i. n . 1..-.
It, iieir:,.. Rohra. vlrslnU. lUiia
.1 uA ( t. , ,
11'.>!>> ll<Mt?lt.
VSa.ifn, t._;i_... : Aiu.i. ??. HasBill t._ak,;,. ;_umm hiv??*
l ,i , , ?., -, !___*-?
i1. ikiiui.ru. I leiwa. Isr Ba>
.ei. -,... niilen.fui
?i. .tin?.,.,. , tad rat <?? ? ?
i .--y.- . '? j ?c. Pi fill /'..'
?teamtoate ano -.ailroa.9
_ st, ,,?:,!,. .?!, le.n. r.erll. North 11.ver, foot '.: I^5___S
IlAll.Y (Hi nil.!- i t.. 111.. for AIiJ.?iny?Uil_-|S^
[Si 1 i'i ami \\..-:. :: :i\i, ?.!. thn l'.ui'.i|i4?aii plan.
N. H ?____?
1 ,ive Rsw-Tsrfe httui foot of D-Bkrsssss sndti,"'M1*w
"vin r 10. f. 1 and the *A .< W?1-*^
' ' ? ' ? 1
b-.l!_ll, itC. w__,.,,)urt?
1 p, m. t,.r Wssb-Sftsa sud the Kontf.. r?i2L.__l.
?savannah, Plorlda, ?mi Ne? " ..near? fr?as r"
YoT\i t.. Ualtlnior-ainl Wiishlntton, BtSk-lS Cli?SS??*-*___
f. r Chl'-ai". LlnrinnaU, Loolavtlla Bt. Losht, 0*. ? ???***"
slM|ier BalUmora toN??w-nrisa_a ,_ n?n^i.
? u ui t'..'..? (or \-\'.??i.ti,),?:oii. II.f ?south an.'. V? .'?*?? ru"_H?4;
sksssts Iroin Now York 10 llsltlnior? stal \*.ssfi!n?tos,a?^
...tleits for ?'lin-.itfO, ?'in?___au. ,?uUU''__4aa
'., the south ami s. ' ?"_a__a
\Vi-.,i.letton ?ah iralnsfoi LyncUburs. >'lonUa Ssw-iai_
anit th?? mi?itli. __ ,____. ?ill
troc ll.ro.itf'i tlrkrfu, vle?_n ?all at C-onilMliir- fmC^.wA
ami L__- hioatw.il'. Neiv-York ; aud ai Tic.ei ?J-**^
OiCorUaaili ?_..! 1?. -br..s e- ?t?.: sud t*-uiiol, Ji"t?4*> Litl?
Aak lor UokcU via BatUuiorc and Olilo lls-lr-sO._
BRITIOEPOUT, ntirt all pointa on HaiBWgJ
aadNauaituekiUilioi-Ja Karsai. ?tasisaT aas^jX
PO Ki-i?4rss ?.st?arlne-slisat 11 oda. ?, and Bfi&tmv**-~
lowsr Uiaa by aov oui**- mais- ^imiu^cMitSonm*^
1876. h-sve New-York frota Pier 8 North iUvsr. tost,m ?-*"
_Mr-s_! -,^ ?si
Il a. ss. lor PhiladslpWs, Lose Bnach. Tosa Blvsr. --
ViM-'laint. ___,?,. ?_a
4 p. n. for l'hUa.l_lp_l_, l?af Brsaj^'SisM Blj**.
Iowa, and Tuckertou. WJ*. ._< _D*_i. OM- _UO*-r

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