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? ?*?
?AS- IiETAINKl? M-liM.Y t.MIX HK1?. ?I___RHM
OUI 1) UK ll'IND.
The (''.?l?iiii-ssioiier: ?if ( .litlific.-? ami Coiic
tlon l>C',-Hn an i ? n of ?he moot >>f Mrs,
and l, Uon waa baaed opoo the
etateni-Ti'? itiat have 1m.ii published within the past
week. 'ii'l i;!'
treated ta BaDorna HaafMali und ?ta_arwae_, tttamA oi
B_un_ mind, was taken to the Lunatic Asyti'in on lit?
Weil'* !<?..m? 1, and oontlneil there form- v i ? lis. The
etau-iueut? m ontlag ??f Ma oMeata aai pfeyatalaaawbo
had a;.. ? Mi M the
comu?. ?lend by them in sec!-.-! ?
. of Ihoca.-' Irom I
that Mm. ill? a-oii was found In the sir?- :? ??u I'
Incof O-t ,!1 last.
Dr. PU?row, the An?bal?aee Bargeo?, otatei thai ha
tima? Mra. Oleaaoa at the Metoai Mr-el ?Pa?ea station,
where she had been assl hdliyan officer of th# Broad?
way squad. ?be had ep?Maod her ankle, and waa evi
deutly HiifTeiiU- from doiiiculi i. Hhe an-vr? i? I ail ?nies
IM?B _ttke, saying tbst she was Mw (ilenson of No.
442 1 -ti oflSeer was sent to
t__t nuirlier, and ?he Icriud that M had
boarded Mai-re. bur ' pt~~tO~0,
S?d hint nut r'ivi-n li?r n?'.. ?i.l.ii? s- u tak. u
to Mtovae Hu-pitai. Jos? ,.,'i Pog_rty, r?ptala of i ?be
nv'ht ?..iilch ai t!io hospital, stated that h? ?i-.'-l Miv.
al m -M a D I '
pet some particular* In i -?>;?! to her hi :??i? He?
?nswei? i?'???? Incoherent. Later she heeaaM M
tint! toa nur- s. ni for him to assist in ptoetog Mis
Qtoaaaa in _ itaataM-Jaeh-l ?ad Madtag hat down la toe
bed. Dr. Symington, on?' ot the bOOM pi ] 111 I 111 - of Bel
levin?:? fed that he treated Mis Qleaaoa'a
apruin.'.l a_Me m: I BBC brie
Bilde of Jf ?f-c-ii-.n: for hl i .< 'iiertill. Hi
etralRht-Jacket and other physical restraint applied aa
rjeeessir.? Dl Da?. B ?????. PtJaon,
and i?. bal u? ?n i -
Mea they found that Mra. 01 .? oa waa Insane, and de?
tailed at t.e length tbe re?a aa for thta opinion. ?She
Wha aent to toe Lunatic taylun ble, that
oibe ?dghl bare the ben? Hi ol
the ?lisaji. ??? Is?* ame clii??ii'i- and nunTable, It
Oise?.'. ? I !'?. n all in
?Mato of a tonal ??.iium, and that her brother.!
l?ut'il in - . lum nl Ih?' i It.
Broke?, Men
hi-n,-'n:> ta that f i. ;v William :
Jsiry ? It
Ettgaautttytout? M ,: aa her
admis.t<m, and 11 consisted of a pockotbook cont
?2 68, II eb || itul II pair of .":? :ip <?,?
WardenO'Kourkeoorrobovat-Uthe st?niis ?'?. the other
official I by the
K. I. Pare?me, M. D., Medical Bup?
Lunatic A ?> lum on
Kov. 4. She waa i
a room !??? lier??-!' m the poi tlon of the hall r? mote frotn
that occupied by patients who me ex?
alta?< ti? i i'!'.?-,, m h<
all u>.
and m? ntal shock. I nulned,
? ??ai a ?fall from ? Her
memory waafoimd to been atlv Imp ?lred, ? ?? ?? ni'.r In m
g?r?i !? i not. emeu
ehe had tl?leil fid?
eoulil ?.
of an iiitiniiite i?. qua?itani ?-. whom shi ?? i i-?i
anthertaj or her tall, \? i- aHuated. Bha n??, ?
i i.uiu'ui'i ol the un! m which she .
'?.-. i,,.r h ? .
the lum-' -a? s. oati I. 6 ?? could In?! i
?abo called at the aeyluui to
than tins ?l.-it-t l o? un un-' i" With .1 .. mi . o W
tin al?.?.., t>> think. l?i 1
deuce of :? ?Uli.? ?.
portaient. Letter? were Immediately written
Jack, t i>. bo tided, and lo
P'llis.'.; , >?t:;, \i i :?'? I?? 111.'
aaaherequired, but aa she was quid aud ?-i., Like tie
it, :.?: - , ti-.?!.?!? i in v to ?motil? r I
alter her all
haaeiin. t<>.
her enl
a 1'itti? ??? i a i
\ ? a 111 I? . ?I
roeliliilili tl'
that the p tient struckaer nlito, but ai tin- time sue did
i this pattern ?! was
i ;nu\ i?l to an
I If. !'
In had made an investigation, and thai he waa u
Ojtuiion th.u Milan- sriuni- mistake bad
failure of the memory In aome rtartienlars, she v
Insane, and miirht tic taken eare of lyr her n "vis ,,t Ibi Ir
il.--.? quite :
! UUI ?ti.'U ?? '
would atmte tbat ber ment
paire?! tiiat itb? could uol tell whet - were,
un?! furthermore .
that h- bad aafd that he was '"t r-esr-ini-lble for her re
c I'ti'iioi that the authorttlea at Bellerne n
! _ her to the aaylum. When
t'lilll?' tu I llli'V. Mis. (..,
euren uon.-'ly objected un tin _ronud Oiot toe ?
t<? iniike t!.? exertion. A? ?the daj i at, the
iluctm iM'^t-ii her to i ?? ???? more
favoinlii.'. Ai. Mis. i d mu wcll-paretbe tune,
howc?. ???. te come agaiu, i ?
had bettor go toen, whlch lo do.
Urs. dl? us,,?i h.nt I?? ur or 11.e 11.?
friend.? ? ; i
ikiuR active ih ?-- t" h
there I '.?Ut.
A ? ? ? ITIDN Kl IHK ttgW K. ")Ms op nu.
eaooB-i-UO-t boi a ? ?> ?
M.?: Hi M!.?'l.l?l Y. 1). llOl.-K A.N1? .Hl llu.N.
A Bacons- ret* ption \tm riven UM e-,
by tb
at Ho. Il Meta Twent] nlnth-at Maaj proattnenl __*__?
ban M i-?? i.ui, aa I
t - ami u'i'iitii h uci ii? iui it.i
bi ?-i? (Dl ? '??.-tuai,
t?ut a eai-fBll*?l :
Il .un',.;.!! r. 4. Horek of Burila npoa i??o reoc i i? ?ii-my
to Um ta. ?After reeountt?a the ?\i>?
i : ' ? ii bad i" "i
tut i- turn of ti.? hlerl and the lii eevery Mal H?
nut enough of ha] tnmeree in the
A i?t the vast krpeadltnre of an
"??i. itnt it had been detettely pitn
a.i tin anezpli r? ?t i
ti? he foin d the an \m i? te i tnj ?Jii?
yet unih ?ni' ??. I:
Oc 1'okc'1 fur fr.mi Arctic ? ?.??.oti?;
hahitr ? re b?coinir.'.' i
-t h?icre.-t. Rince it waa a debatable q
whether the? wen ? . viii/iin
the more ;. - -,??,lio ha I i!e_< in- r,.t?-'i mnh r
i ?i oondltiona ? blob
.?i?l.-?i tiicin, or whether tii.ii- phyMeta and ?Mtpaho*
l? d pee__arltl .-. The
?rita) m wooM thus (H- of
t ? \a!uc. Tin gtt aa
Entptagtheglaetal i?eri<'?i ; the onpaatoi ?
ered lu M r??'ks Ian i.?. ? ,,f great
riii??o.t ?nee tn gaatagp, gtatag rrM-eee that
Mere 1?.?l rrtated in ?the past a highh ?i? v.-!.?|?.d
and luxuriant lap?aMaa? In all the bNBehea
oi theaeitui? of pkgMaae-,1,nuh Ma aaai tin ?Pala aaia
toe most d. ?--?ill", heoauaa of Hi?' tntesae oa?r?iy .?t
natur.''? t? I,lint, 1
adge of the ?! ?atar '?vim?,a tLe
Polar _r? is >vas ? - ? iai,'l ii.w iitr
the cUiiiaUe and atmospheric condition?of tl
atleoU?-by it. l_?yiiiK aside _il l.t. ? - i.-u
titic algaMeajwa?, the _aajta ttoatoa te edtaptota toe
gaagrapblial ?kaowtodgael Ma .sub aaaM beaaaS?
eittit incenuve to enter ui>on this unknown ?rogloa And
??hi . ?uiued hj the tailureeol m? past,
BotrHtber -itli in? iiuprotid __tho?i f?u tern ittto to
Wi-U4Tal)OD??, II need not l*u thuua-lit juipt?-?,u). to ... ?c.
Mate ibe-v aolitude?
1 li>? lion. Manuel M. Peralta, Minuter ]?v?i,i, q| 0f
?Coata KU ?, read a short paper upon tl?e project.-<i rnnal
i ItTI'tnus id Darte.. He ?oiid that .?' all the
iiubiic aad ! rhratoaaa. rtoktogi Bade toward Me oeeaaa
"pllihua ii' ut Itila -reitt ?t?' rorise. the on. s wblehthe
ocieaufte world h?d eontartac-d aa the moat i?u*aplete,
the i, ; wore
?tooeemade b- nier of tn?? United ?9Mte? Uovernment
?h?i Va'a-hin.tot: ( r er c,refill ei.n?t:i??t.i: on,
had Con,< ;. ' on that the .Sun: ,?-ii.,i, loule
W_s the i_"?t p v>h|, ?j,ia determination
?be i?rojc?T i-,\ tr?ni the sphere trf s?.,-,-,i
lation un i ?jdaeed In that of prartienl
m great public wora of thi?? kind on-ht i?> P? n"i?.'
this _ ??
an?! ni-- mid the other maritime Powi
diauos.ii ?.? i. ? ??-. /e Mi.'m utr.iliii o; th.-liit.-r-i eeanle '
__in_l. OtaatUM the ???iiitrn? most Interested in this
lit ulrality nidia tbeVeuetul suc?'?;?h of th. eiiicrpiiiae I
Were the Hiates of Costa Rlea snd rTlearaKua, through
Witt-Ma* terri torna toe mute would pa ?s, ami the
dovernmeuta of these two repuidlua b?d alway?
ahown their aniiety ?to pioiuote a Work of mu h
?eeopilced !ni)?ort_ii<-e to the ?soflimerce of ?be worid.
The Beptiblic o( Cottu hi? a, ?-tieiidini? alona tu? bolder
a_ to?; coutemv_-l_tlc_iu-, wouldm-igul_ei_? ueutiiallty,
and would esu-nd thai pnyllear?. to any territei v Ivl?x
wntoln the stivej-p.ty of the repu idle necfvassrV to Ite
mee or pi-oteetten. Any e_terprlae which ob?nin-d tin
?aappert of the aui-lMve 1 .mil, ami of Miearaxua would
ho ?ooepted aad wpported by ?Coata l?ea, for toe toter?
est? of the United States and the aspiration? of this
nt were those of civilization aud pi.greeslvi
A C??l'KT Ol' l.V-'tTI:V CO.VMINKI? A.1 I Illl BR
VfB .navv-tari?.
Tin? Naval f ou?t ?if Inquiry, wliicli \v*i
vetiif?! al the navy yard mi Tasadsg-B BXSSBtaM
ebsrgeso-SU Isvsl 0_s_s_r_aBtori
v. .mi Haut and It. \V. Bfa ?:,-, in connection -ith t.1
inov.il of the I'M!.idc!ph*?i .V ivy-Yard ,-itid sale of i
?. ?net ?gata rsstaeday jasnlng In the g
house, at the south gate entrance of the yard, a'ljt
m. ?I.ottly afu-rvvard to meet n??.i?n an IMisg.
court is SS-BgSSSd ?'f OsSBBBSdSSS ?, II. inope:, (
t It l-lllts. rtilsf FsglsmsB Alexander it?
ntblsa, I'.i.vnii : i ll. M. Deaslsoa, sad B
? ??i?.? - -S. ii. p.. it and If, i.. m atsnya. ?
wen? made daring the last ssaslos <>f Oon1
gsVS] luve- !' ' Ul ' Committee in !:
the l'h?adelpiila Si\ c Yard. The commit????? re]x
varisasejassHsneMsnetsrs seaasetiBs wttt gatb?
HsXsy, tbe contractor, particularly relattn ? t?t tin
mr>\ al of tbe navy y ml to I.? a.tie Island, and that '
olbcei i o? tin* yard, and ?bos?- asSBBM t.-.l with tlie
M ruction baSSSn at ?ho MflBB ot the removal, .h s, rv?
.', tci.stire. sai tlttii tominci should l>? I
?-.-milled into )>y ?. pro?s?i',y uivanizcd c?
? ' f the eksrges seatast Mr..- tie to that he wai
eontrolling InOu-nee In obtaining a ooatxae. tat alt
for the pt_-Bb__f WOrfe on the ('nnilieban.-, then b
retiiiilt at ____B_Mp__a \ni>i,_ ,.ll:.r 1.n|.l.r-i v.er.
?ears BanOgnan who offered to comply with th.- s|
li.-atioiis and do th" work for >-Ji'.ii?m>. The Basem
biilil'.'? le. His offer vas to ds i! I
:.i ??! ;
M Hanse? m, n. I ot Burean, In accept
i ? an.?.. i U..- ai,.mut to ft-l_',?sSI. ami ?i.i
to ii.t a ..,.-: to St? , ,e. 1?, be reworked, ihe old loan
on th,- ?? -i :? ?;? il from
monitors, i naWsr this Be~eea
: plnmblmtmat? rial, one rsl
lone' i
- I 1. - ? 7
' .1 aimed the
. ,i an., and .: I? .,?.s. ,i .-- ,a|, .;. , .
t ?
id it is tlion-hl
si imlsstlas sill b. un n ... sup
, ,1N(. 1 I SI, I *lV. *i|s-|.f. |
At tin* meeting of tli?* Commissioners of i
.: on wsa ii-c'?"
tram J , w. M We >b,aad Philip i
-i'.*.!, reproaentlng the New-York Council of PoUtl
Refoi tn, recomni : ??' anch poi
? !.. the ,.|tv | . in not BOW in I
nor tritely to be needed hi the retare tor public parse)
? i!i.? rtty os bi 17 '?
lOU SISSl o? tin m Situ 'el in III.1 lower part ol tilo ?it,
ed in l -,'" si 0610,8-0; 21 Iota si
13 plots of lam?. lea-,, i tor tetina of SO snd 09
nominal rent to charitable aod ndbrions institutions, *i
prop- n-,- raised
,1; .i..ck property ?. -i-.imsi.ih
. M60.111- i
?l.lollill ol Isadl 01 t,el}\l..i. I.
? ..'Jilelll- ail 11,is i,!..,'-'! I.
for the last ti-,.- years mine Ibsa OtOO.0
sftsr ?ie.in. Iba reata das ;.
markets, llie i .
bnsini -4
is-. ?Ive
!.. III. loi? tl ill.
>w i illdinga ui
les- than rit'.otsi per annum,
KKKniis to m , i k nu, aanaai oi ??? i%t__ui
Borne time ago Charies A. Bnydet of Nt
875 ?orth 1 I
Mitel. 1. nt Wsl ' " ?'? '
Itatsd ?hat he ha.i be* B ?s
haowaas tbe ' ? ?t -.ain.?." He badaaswets
asaasal for ;? t rta? r, and in reap
basa ui\ had losar, os f s b ... ?
- ?
were dsly n be sud, b.
th st..!.- aad i. und : b? I No i ei ?
the ?m 11 \V!i..:i, !:?
? as in ., .1 open an . th
Baspi.'tur-swarstonadto be Hilad srlth ?
the other proi'cri > had bees removed. Mi
, :. i.i,i . !?. ; bal .... h su,
ntliy any one found tIk-n i lent WaUini
; .11 bin: that im tie fraud
. !? ?
? ?
!.. re bi the l'o.I o!. .
ran) baa nul i ?
i. wer?
from Hnataon had
?HI i>, . . ?a palill- M. .ye- .t S..
ade-st., sl.ii. <? ietii Inqu :
of No. II
i ? tectii.
. .
.Ml. p
way. h n? ..I iln
?lar t.
tiio-e seen hi *i : ... ?1er in PIii_mIi ? ?
i. ?
?. ?
the ..
?on, on going '?? oadwaj t,,
\ Del? :?!? ?
? Bi I 1 a. I'l II ? \\. ?I '
!? ? , o*. ,,., nt 11:30 m.,
ME. Iii v.. -:?;;' CLATOES.
The inaiiu-i i ?<i ilu l.y iiiinle a ili
tt ?in i.e it war on in tail s... cnialoi?, and In SOS WOtt
forth bis views as follows:
, mail t-i-i- n-turii? I
on !..
( ouaiili ration to
, double ftoi:, tbe I ici that ihi ] woald
?,. m. Hu- bow i i?.,ii. i. Th i ublic
ive th>- ?mm ??;? : Is t- refuse, und. ?
_L ta Im.. ?'! .1: '. Is ..'
which I.Mciini tickets an i? i ??? ? bsre agreed tu chai <?
but _."> eel! .- . e.(l_l,( ,1 iCllUe 111,
ami lads nays thaw Well, ?iuoyoiilou
'. ,|. ? i.i? the tli ::. lime. '111
ticket ortie.- s, iii Bard 1,104 Mmadwav are under
im- aii ans??*?oi i, aad U IS-pubiif ? ,1, bal i?- n?,,.
. up. At all I '?!? !??? thai r
, , Call i ?. , ,-.-. |.|.
- - - i.?l.. in
nil? v?... ,?
ml tu. '. imvi told uil i .-!!? km ? uid that
an be had. ?> f-?r as possmii buy ?..nrt'i I
the otliee of tin? th"..t. r, ami I ? ?TS Will .i
ii, annoy you. _
_______ a. ill ,*? i. : AMI) . ..ltl'tilii mis i "" v-li WHIT*.
NKV IN ? (is -I I I I.IIHS Will! Illl BIAVOtt.
.laiii? ? 8, ThayeTj tin- Muyi.t'- nominee for
? ,.i.ii,i,a i, aad William ?... wati !? In, ( ,.i
poraUoa, aslled on Ksyoi wlskhasi y< -tsrslaj sftarassa,
ami -en i ii_ .'...u \s,tl, liii.-i (m
an hour. It ??-as .. 1 ,,u>i r ?till he'd
the nomma?,ou ntiiii i ,, i ut th'1 1 urn.
polit eiaiis were BI SSSSSBeBl M SV-S lieloto tlhtlohtl
.ou i?? Control 1er Qreea'i mssssssK Ibais
were very few visitors M the citv (le;.,irtniints, atol tli.
talk auionjc city ?.itietals \?as esagnsS ainiost eiitir?*ly to
une,lions of roiitii aud current events o? no
uollticai importune.-.
MOitK l___HH OB TiiK hi.iivvi.;;? iaii.i<u..D.
Tbe Elevated RaOnosI Conpairj f-netirdajr
.., t_i,i,, by sTB?Rh ii all s
run ?a liiUrvals of fl-?lit mhintSB afti i 0*40 k ?
nmnficr of trulns dally will be lmreas??! to'.'Ol. Th
running time bei ween Fifty-muta -i. and the Haiti ry
will be 2(. minutes. __l_*iit sew cars bave been put on the
road. maklBK 3? in all, rapabln of seating 50 BSSnBBjB?.
omc\t. Tli* proiielliuit foiee eousisU of 11 Aas>Bl] I I
glues hi present., but twa more are daily ?_-peote?l from
Ihinklrk, and ?win? to tbslr soi having arrived is time
there i?-n? mneh Inconvenience yesterday Tbe tr
are not r in any earlier or later than formerly, tbe
leertog nlmuf 6 a. m. and the la?t at 7 p. m. at each
of the route. The Sunday time table remains unalte
in. ?i- afl-Mtaaal .acini.'?* fur raati ?MaaaM have i
found iiec.ss.iry in ordi r to meet the wants or tin
Tin' ttr.t train paaaed over the raw
?Inn?'-.'.i 1-71. when ten trips were made dally, and
number oi p.?-?? n.-? ? - did not exceed 300, At prei
numlnr ?u pi ? n rcr? .muy ?- ?
li. w. u ?? .,? u?. ti? -i?. - -iteii l-iit of the road staled I
theim n:a?ed facililleaapt
uni m re?i, il ; i- i ?. a 1.1 bi i rowdsat ttte -!
. I , I'm, utl I mill ! ! H-' r I 11 i 11
bi ??ti ??II.? r ?iniiirn .
t ..in? fri m itiir?i i\ .??. be ? ?id. the pomp
was ei
m ol the i? i '
? -. . .'., were all rompu f??'
could be finished In ten daya. ? a of the r
renth ?:. -a* Bm tan eoaMaera-.
The New-York lily Miflaifl- ??- 1 'met ?
Met], one M Me toadtaf afgaataattaaa ?t ?Ma kmd m
country, tat ra.io.l the tiftieth year of its hlstf
Tbe so. lety ha?expended in ml?? oin'ij operation? In
city m, m i-i.-., ??t ?M'ii.is-i p.-r year ?r the whole i?cr
??! ii? ? w-:? in-.'. I'll,- i.M-ntK? Ml lue list 1.1 years I
he. u B?aril tOOjOOO pel .leal. BO?, M u.hllilou thcit-l'
, p-irjhotlaa M 0UMMMO waa expended la ba
,, <?t hllsll
?.. i; ii in .ny aax?lar. ?Maltona? Allome torO?M
\? ?rkari Baa haaa ipaaed, and bmbi athei naefal tgtmt
toft I"'u S'I ill op.Tilinll. iM.e of llu ii.o-d BM
of in,- city ?s thai !,r?i\\ii i-( .i-inel ?linjiel,
N'?' 13. PoM.ry, while the C'ty Mmsi.ni and the Y??i
..? istnin As?-??? i.iti.iu l.alioi In uiu.-uii for the V
MlOof toe-afort?nate men -ho, friend!?-*?? uu?l boi
uwt* ai?. aeattaa?My in.ffltaa .?""Hi Hi? atr?ete. ?Dai
they?..'. .i."?h i m t were aid? dta rartoaa was ? by mat
?,," tins ni . -, I : and. with I ?' i latlon? li
more adenuate means, this number eeoM >???; lly be mu
?piled. _
: i ?Chapel, at 8e< ond it and BMnnd
: Ion i? ?th TJ- coran inlcant . i",
-, in...i ?u M?? children and jrouu_ ?pe-vle.
in. othei .? much nood i? beiiij* acooroplisUed,
which there a 'ii In full ?>? n In the ior
? ,i r?f Hi?'
tonni tl ?u?! if : ri.-1 rated 01 I '?
\.? me i'i, ? ?-., 'ft a-i ' bm i rio i ? ??? ill h
?: in t. m. a.i lanotboi ip. m.
IiAN?.. 1~ 01 '" ?I IS ti;a\ I.I
The BeboOMC ?I. W. Scull, ( ;?i?1. Haley. I'm
. , K1.II-.-.1. .luhli?, -ill? a iuad of Hour aim me
? ? . ?? ? . I- and Boat
0. an iliikiiun u prop, i!? l. Hippo* i to b0 un Me? lia
n ?.?..ii ?tarward, ?
lllll'll III II??' 111,'MI" s. I,,,- . i.-.t I ?,i, ,o Ihc lulu.' In
and polled for the Long Ielaad ahora, laadteg M Her?
Mil" in the morning The ? Ifted oa Ma b
;,:?,,i |,.r,f i !.. ?? ?si <?i In. - I u ? , .'. ami laome of I
canto drifted labore, Ba?a M IM reato?ata M Hart
ville I??il? ?I oui alt?M ? f U 'in ?Uli meal tiefu
?Ma mini a oi tu?- i ii >i i>ii" hud -oiii' to Du viiia*
Wnnkera fi.'iu .n .? Tort tro n.?- engaged tatlwi
t? n.i't i?? ?.'ii the reaael off. M< autirae tbe r? aident? clai
thi u on -f the ? ?
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.?:,' uny l
, i,.i -i, ?i ?ii li .?.,?.m I 1.1 n
i" -?
up .,: nl_y '-' ??" eelioonet Agni
CHILDK-V- 4ID mJtlEtt,
Th? 24tlt iiiiiiu '1 iii'.ii'i.' "f tin- Children'
? Amt
: ?
I - Ch . !? s I
i , . ?' .
ri |?.; ... ? ft rj. Hun
lahtog condition, it ye?
? ?
? Up
? ?: -si o '1 ,'i
?' !n
.??li lax ?i ioiiuIh-i '?
?i? riiiui? < nii.li. II < ? III, 11'I
l',l III? III, ta..
?DoUght-l Hain h? . -, i in .-nit .
JM ?11.. ''I ?I'I,'? '
beeoBM nilhue-I with ? d ?? i ? -?? to werM,aadi
.. his lu,n, foi t'.ii poj ,
i 11 i ?. i,
> i Btightoo, Matea Island,on Prtdaj i??*i.-ml ief
, ? I p III. t?i| Hum city. 11?.It
. inuiuy ut tin? 'nue. ?BaacheM i? u Mi BI
i ?'1, Mil.
? III II piml.-.l ??li III?
. ?
? ,. , . red on rap. H?
.I .. IM ?.?.?!,.?
II '
i- ,
? ;.;\ , :i I.oil? ? I .
look ...?.
t.!--. i . ? 10B l.
A'iiitli? i in!? t toi Ott i.i.'.i.i J mi.:. ?Bail
. ' I ?u lin- M ?... ii?,? I?.- ,.,? , , ,, ,.,
| ? in- ? ? ln;.|. ' ? i
i I ?.??' .?_??
: ill?- ?.i.iii'l .,?1, i i
? ? ',il .(.!
' . ,
?" "I ??'Il I' loll? ? " U.I ?nil r.?llii?;' ?lin k. Ii \t i!i I?,.
\ ?.???
. ,1. : ? I.
? ' .
and ( i ' ' .
i i lERAL (?I Ml - li --n. ii I'M.mi.p..
1. - ? ? ;.i. ? . ? r da ' . i .'i.ii.hier
"t fir
? i ?,f a. ML
?i Ho _l, ut tin- ?.a of '.:?;
?er d
'?'"?'' flockln , . Maee
Ute! ilaii. ? at tin ,., , ?,, i v
?u Hurl .? m ,, ?
' | '?'?- tr Lv? ? ol tVt'ilerly, ami the i;. ? >.,,.iie?
? ?? 1 lh ??' i?. i
1*1 i ? r? ad Un h- tu 111 in ?. i .,, .- ..r
ai? ti al t..o .
A l'"t.i< i M tl i n ti..;i.n with nui _gj ~~ft
TboMhi Mooahaa, gg_ 13, i. i liu_ g| v,,,
I' id '.- n ? : ; mi? ,i,|. til \
tatod Mai ahowI thn ... , M walklni
liliollah K'lltl'ti I III! ' | ; .? m .
Um i'o.v t ..u, iwBiaa 1'fi''
nu,- t?, iii.ii lit ? t. Maaabaa lea-watratad
with toaoMeer, who had eauahl blui ,.,i ..,,,,
Uolan ?till ;.? , i ? ,'ij ,,| aim
i> dan . ?i .ii.'it i>,'
_?n to i, an.i eotitiaued outil be had aev-rel>
injured ubau ? u? d I ll)u ,(
Ml li'li. ??I.? ru in, , nui
idaial '.. o...'? ..till,..,!, _..i (,,!,,,, i,ol_u
TBE si.w minim; __n>STOCK i..\cmv
'1 in- Am? Hem Mining Board, Mrlach occapies
lh,' | ?!? ?ato .- al N.? M m am! I'i - liHi _,
ol 11,1'.. an, .??!'. i m.ai? aV ''?? . I.? ' I a i .?e??! i n.- ?. ? -;,,.,_-,, at
vthi'h a Baa . ?.-istlii.?i u au I b] law? ?er.- adopted
1 ' *" ?' ,! '" "':'h'- Ai,? ii. -n -|_ta_
Maafe -X-hea-re," ami ?Ma eonailiuthia -rmjnimo
Hint m ? I.. ? ttaagi Mall deal In all atlalng, \ ? ? .,? ,.,?i
lilis?, -lian?'.? lilt ?c. mitles avia,?h may I?. Iipprui od bi th?
( oa n? n. ?Bm rut? ot aaaaB-_taa Baaaaaa
il m ?1 M 1--iiih of one i*r c nt. A lif. ii>.,?i??i,, ? ,,|-n f, >
the i??? in-, i-. -.-.m?a! t" :/i_t ??t m,' n, , \.n^ -,',? j, |,V.
change ha? Ixeu m nu,.-? ?i. ihr ? uni her of ??ata ?ba?
been iiiiiiii-i !?? i.^>. ine price of ??? at? ?beingplaced ?i
??.-??ii? lip, ti?:,l"i ,..?'i..i?. i ?-. .', ri ll it ui ttbei 1? HtluiUid
tae iiic Mill In- el,000. Ihc Kxebang? now ii_? *?45
uitii.uera. _
An embryo Mliticiau, tt~uom)~ foiir Mnggl
? tldilia un 'll.ua]??., a?.- v . ?. i. .* ? t hj .4 plii..ati.iu a
?. , '.? t?,? |.r? ??-, , r.I f ,? i lu?. i m rl a ; i uat
Ue ?*a "a pietty o*\ boy." Tu.? little fellow tarn
tin- man oi pin ue and ?iouil> ?i_id : "111 ilou'i 'aut v du
Vl , hi 'ant 1' kini'.v who. 'I. . tid Hi.I." The doctor _am
It up, and the boy ?till live?.
__________ 111 ni i.i im < man ics n<
SVM'i, A I I - Illl \ ! KtN'S Of M W-1 til.K
??man i- in nil * -.i nt,
Thi? news cu?n t*tiii:i.? t':i* Siuitlieni BOBl]
t..,, , ..-.? I tbe |
i,Mi ? ,,. itemi ni
no cr.iv.il- .,-' M '"I in an.I BDOel Pl__ttSg !'
i . : arssapar ?? ?
hs-obittiiii it.i bj paasaagsra IbaaasaaL lea ?
i.rs ?.n? up bnllsUai ?tier their regalar
Uinoi ie incuts, an 1 on.? or two i;
BBBSSty biiH'i.s ,1:-].! iied by tue more
?an cm :.i?! treat fe
,\ lbs luineipai hot.-ls Ibera - to Ind
, ,i?,. :? m th, ,i,? ? . thai sews of in? <-v
natiitc had u eu i. ? i red m regard t" tin- poUUeal
thin In South Carol'nu, and If tfsrfl war d. en fc-'t
tbs ssbySel II was sot dssBoaatrstive. Only tba
ninnber of .-nests mid MBBBgBn were in the corrl.l.tri
readiiui-t-o '.ii of th l'?l, gveBSM Hi "I. at'lirti'i?
svsadngiSrsd tbeir eonversatioH sbssrl political m;
??as not at all bested. \ reportar esllsd Sl the I
Laagas Otab in too staalagi sal soaU tod ? sm i
proiiiiti. ul
Ib-.-iirdm-.' Ibe psSBSal eoadH_OS in I >u?h Carolin:
i ?,,:-,i.,, b h- sllag i rdaj ti,.
nceepted the ?t ..ten . n! s s ?,! Not t h by I he .', ?so,
P , icon -da da sssrgin tor hnp
li.|,tl..j. li ...is.,..11 knows th..i I k .? .'..rresjH.'i.
h ,.l bees sending reporta blgblj colored In hn or ? ?
I?. m ocra' i '* pal tv t h roil-'ion t th. Pri Sida atlal eaito.
U ta iio ?- M ?" <?' " t H itso ,i " : .'? rd Is -
lina, SS sa:.I (he only thill- tla-y t-,.itl-l do at
indislbss sf ?he ten days wss ?.. ?. Mourn. If the)
attempted t.. bold ovt ?:, uutb m Itsn awdd sl saes
?ici n del,red ineg-i, sad anything tbsy arlgbt
done wtrnlflhi ? beenitsnooneedss ?*sa?*lbar ii isd
tietr.'tcd 1\ the I! ? h?, i." With the ex? ption of a
Mean kneed peiSOBS ivho 'in- afraid of ilijuiin_
n, --. ami who -.fie wlUtag i?, d" ajmosl an]r
th in pi ?run. an ? ilislurbain .-to ai i a ai'aili h. i-.v.-n
N.>: 111 sad
provi d i". ... I .f ih ? .'"nth CaroUs
It,,.!,I .oid of QSV, 'h u ??' ll lili, ?4 they I'.-l
lie had been i li . led l.i the bSSM sl
it.i..- i.\ fi oui and tatlmtdstton th? Demo i.
i? en auie i.. t igtnrs spsrtloaof the BontbcrnState
uwt li" :? - ' : '., i. ..?
, i,,..... er In iy. Is th< mil ?'. i "f thou I
nVpnbllcsni be ' Hsvedtbsrs asi iodos I
? le.tiou .f ti,,* i. pabth .n ttekei ?a Boat- can.!
a t. BOd Ih- J bed li" dollbl that ?
Raves nona! ' r ? sog irst? d P. Idi ni ..f Us D_
??tat?-? m ?? hsreb.
illl. I in Lili i \!. BIDS OF THE M .1 Hi:.
A Tiiii'.i Msrepoi
of tin? - Qevoruiaeni
1 ? ?: tlie -o
co ',i... i Ibera i up a t!
une It S_N .. the s
m?.),! i,, he i-, '? i?. ? i.
. a...ai. e rature, i
Mi-al i ?
i,??.,!. i i- tbe Bsm<
political n. -.-.s from ' m I no
. ? ale lor
?Imple ? ? si a its
siuf t..r ti'"!?- HUM a lie? i:lh.
I he for ?
u,,i>. il. , the ]
: ' ?
, ..a and ? -
? :? pitar
: I 1 -77. in, U
: .
been no I ng. rbla >> :?:nibal
: then* ?a
- ? . ' -
. ?,? .? I ?? s. politic
! .." I . I! :
lo I
i,i-* loan ??. ild be i itlj ? :u
th.- 'ib of M it. Asi
.!.,t.. as ' ?
Will ?.. : I
I i its s d
ilia!,.I f.,1 V i .
f i ? ? I \ ]
P..I. g.
' d by
:aa an
... n (
? , , al.
,1 t?,lui,lloti.
old r
iS o?. .
lor . . ...lid h
-l\. A batik pn ? ,
? u ill ?, ?... t, wei n,-,!
. in sbsi ...
a, coin,: ol tba ll i ?
'!.,,..,, . .notry
las i. !.. .i. U ni
I, ;, ,1,1 l.i le. lUtU .
area? bI i ?. Itemes nuts will i??
ttt?o slsgnsst _
i.;;\i?)( !'\i i' BXPB1 MONI <>K OPTNIOV.
Ai t,?- Everett Hoaeei where ;? ihadow pi
lie III ni", I.ill. .N,ki..__. t oh.uni ee silo lu,.(l. 111 uli'l
abuat tbs paitan. M srss statsd M ba im- prsvsl?ag
HO, in till lliell- 111.Il Uli -e|,",ll4 II.,111,1?- Mol.in 't -.ill. II.OU
till StalS "1 Bg-Jl .ii?-.::?..
lion wss sxgrssssd toi w*sde Uamptoa'a ssatssj mi H
.ii ...? " had . iiaihsr i ss>
t.ei " tied Ul till!
uni und. r ti,, i o,, i.;., ..m. ... al pmmlneal
DasBscraSs la tbssa*e* wsrs vlaHsd sad :i ssi ior toots
. upon the Btsta "f
Yll.W? Of WILLIAM 11. WK K.U WI.
Mayor H'lekbam aspraaasd bbassU si tollews: "if
the ssarss ss_ aa <i bj I .en. (,rsn. to perpstaats thi? .\>i
MiliiiJill.. .1 (???* |Miint ol tbe ii (Voll.! is nplield by tin?
.?n ssasda tOou thi?isaetaatsl tees \?m seetao
end oi tin? it? public, ,.uii tbe psssribr w?w_laslsBasa
- ?i v inlliwuco ul tin- polls, llovr far IbSSS who
base lbs pasi lab issla m uta ssnaarj at hc.in, ho_ for
..mt tin out tot ? n.' a, ; ml h? i.n l all B .... a.e in
? ? m ih. |.i..-o, iit> of ti,,- esnat-Vi vlllb? *.-,iiiiii_
to i.? n. it would s,, .n m
tin o -it tba ttans had scrtved ?__ n tbsre ihoald be nans
pabl . iptSSBtan Si m-niiuicnt, .-itlHir in nppr.i-.al or
? a I, "1 lie BS-TSI pill Ol. .1."
AiiKA.M t, iii.vinr.s onMKML
absea. ?**? BowlM subi h.- bad as views to eipreK.. h,.
cell.I 11"! tell ?bal lile li,Hlt Q| (, ,, 1,;,/l ,,| ,. ? ill4. ,,f _ir??lr4
m .-?.nil ObroUas nsaM he, sar ssald sayos
, . u.:?!it I? ironhlooi- there mi-hf not. If soiucbo !y
?h. ill.I -I. Iln1 .-.micbody a*l .e tOOt probably there tsdght
bear...... if any BBS wi hod to know slit tlirr or n I I.e
hail i.iiie_ri>d paaaw, he could ?ay must positively, Ye?.
He hail wntteu to Wade llamplou thai above all thitias
peace ?*aa vital; unit, ft tu rally speakiiiK, the whole
l?i ino.-railo paxiy bad thrown lu inilu.uee for peace. No
inc. liai? had Im*, ii licl.l, y?c.epl in Ohio, mi,I no ?tbers
?tnild ha luid l... gassttos mu..t lui aettlod lu tho
?Bartsand uuder tlie (JouaUtutluu. If tbe couru uuder
th.? ( .ou.-iilluiion hud tu?: right to eetlle tbs niuitcr, then
t'ielr decisions mum he laqMBBBi. The i>eople would *ee
tiiatjusti.e iuin dune, fur really It waa no longer a qoao
tim of party?ft waa a matter which interested men aa
citliens. If atiy one a*?!:ed ?? hether American citizen?
would .submit to bayonet rulo, or to ecidrulftatlon
in any form, he ?old. No. Tins country waa
to b*> u'ovi ineil hv th? people, nad certainly aRhlna;
??l-ted to. Did anv one suppose 'hat
, -in?' hv it?.? DaMai Mataa troops with ?Ma
?,f Vew-Torh awaM Ba tetatatodl Hal by
_ B ' ? ?' '. ' -'v ,mv iri.re than iny utlier
wbatmtghi happen ir justice aad luw .should i.?
till"". 'I aside. It? tne revoluti >nnry time.? of Charles the
I'.'st. no o'ie.e'il'1 have told \f hut would happet' next.
'lh?' ttoM "t aU.itis in Ninth ('??rnllna w:i?t exactly parul
i.-i to ii;?- slat?- of Mttataa toLawtataaa iui-?7?, aad-Mi
Ti:t_r>- had condemned the federal action then? ?Va
i?,i< roiihl doubt Mai Wa.le llainpton Wim eli_te<l. Why
lid il-, Retarnlag Board throw out the votes from three
coin,tie.? in winch the iii__?>? it?.r.. were Democratic I He
Wondered they Bad mot thrown 0?ta Republican county
or twejwM t" keep up apftana??? a? Rut whaa CoagMat
met he I: nl no iaaM i BM the earnest men of the kepuh
liciui part]? wn.ii.i ,!-., i>? f..!ii(i toba deiMM-Md Ifeta
jiis?e.? should be ?lone, and that the Constitution should
be pria
opimox op W1--I-M 0. whitni.y.
W. OL fflEMj. Counsel to tlfe Corporation, ?aid
he ui'.iii retoai the fui? t? tat Mad the constitution
BMM at OawtA Qhm??a provided thur Ma U
lure sli.iiil.l b? the jt'.'l^'i- ?if the ?? el? ?'tien r? titins" of If?
tu? min Ml thai the pa?M?a who appealed upon the face
ol lh,'returns ?is elected learuiiiK that the rtr.-tt.? caa
, ? oateaiptoted at?rptng toe j ower thaa ?-oi.fi rwd
!?\ tin? ('??ns?iiiti?,,. n.'oii th" ?Lagt-atura, bnagM ?the
? it t....??? ml,. ? ??at, ami !t was Man a'ljiu!_' d that ttle
t?11_?a appea Mataeaol the tetaran a?
to (?rtlflid hy the Ciiiiva- ??-?; MM i??
\iolaiion of the mutt 1?''"?' M -M ?ttAt Co?
Hl?iitluii, tad In BOBtcupt of the uniar
of lin? ?-?ni .', thev tiirew out i.-liaui
(??'Ulli?-.., s.? as t.? ?aafea th?- Lewct HoaaeBep?b_eaa?
?Mai tharaapea Ma Irai ?es took
; . , I ? id ad ml re?
traed to m i. H"
? i d (Hatea i-tlng a
plain nanrpatlon of poweh) and that ??? ? Uerwhat the
mil in? ? '?ii-eoi i.? ii'inv of the United Matea. The
? tutlon had :
.?. ,,i ? oui-, in ?a??- at in taaameMoa ?<? ?niel toi
nment un?! never u'mui the eaO of - the Ooreraot
, ?except whea tbe LagMtaf?raeoald not be convened,
The Idea thai Mr* Prealdent waa a sort of chief of poll? ?
i'a.i. ?l Btob , ?r from ai.?
Itational taw thta Ba ad II did
,..,i reeelre thi dennaclatton It deaerr? I. if the ana?/
I.? sf ,?.. ,,,?1. i^ ,,,,' f_ .[
be thought
:!?? lefl of ooostltntl
Mi;? \MI.V A. Uli.' [&
??..ii a. wiiiis ?.(?ii- -i imam the titaatloa
flngly rra-.c aad beeomtag nior?- eompU
tajr, a ccii.'nio!! ?h"' m.'iniy to PederM iiit>r
II - ?, ?"? ,,i t.i perpetrate ta IST_ the
ad if the Ann ricau
1 . I', ? ..: ? i,.- i
l;ii_? I t?i pul i:i- M ?;? m. . ?ad M 1-.OV
pnaaa araap M Ma ? < etorjr, n
? "f the pro
?guaranteeing a republican ?tana of ?saranuaea^ to
Oil hisowil ?
i?. dm ? rat a u in ?:
??,? .?t. ?till Ma riitiilt of an
?ad vatot ta t ? i. U ?
,?i Iowa beyond thM i" .
led t??
. Ail tin
.?? t ?i?/,?'.
d ol conducting li
I believe II
.,-. ?t. ' !..' ?fol
'. Willi
', ?? m\r
I ota, und Ma
. _,"
? t i'i ! i'S-s OPINION
?t He - '.'I that II . - ??
,i .' lea tl
?Maca Bad '"-en i
I. had
. Mia ihc tree*
: r that purp.
? : ? i.!* ?bad Ionnd
; |
in a : ! ?t i it t th?- people t.? ?Ma
right, aad aa Ulnatn Ingtta the?rdiijr
? ' im. that ? ? i were ever n i
I'.-lt? n com U'l'il : . m the
? BISHOP- '? D.W&
Th? :
. ?. of ('hark
M i ''?"'i--ve. ami I !ii, a ?mi,
? limply in i
in . led with the Cot Un ?'. A
ne pr.s. tit ; ?.ill in his
hui ?( all?, a ? r? Ita
?? n.: 1. <. I
a <? ?ii- ?I I?' il,.pllt -d, lili'
a lilil? I I under aoe nameoi
. m !?'? ta ba -
? ? r?. m;, taon '.,-.'-.? there.
' < i.tl !? si?.?!.
trade ?.r mllltor. tliaplav of
?.n i in .?:?? i..? nu lot" ?Mata waa at the aantaeraary el
1. i \| mil i?. In which rel"lii i:i u (inv. I
? ? t. i ?i.11?. ii?- ' art i-.i
?- ? in "'?-ir
1 have ii-'.cr
?i? n.i ..:' Meat and Know nothing about them
ren nndou todlj a i.her ?>f political ?iciw or
. ?neb us e\i?t In ev
? 'ii.'s,, wen ma !?? ut' bm
n t'.?'\ often Bad -???
iiutn!" r. it i? tfu. tii ?i ,. negro'? III ? . if be
? i) m,?? rat, froaiBepabttooa aearaaa. i hara
het.nl the Lu ut my se!i i.i lh?? ?tr.-ts at ni.l.l .- .i?m
?i ! arjlag out, ' Kui bnal i- ? : t Mal'
- .u i.oint,?n ami Haaahatg, _,?
ararrhedj knewe? BM Ifeay bagaa la aaafe laataaee
Ma pi ? is nf law. Bad
in-, i"?-? . ?tetad m laiv-.ihi.ii'i |
BMM in? ili.atui tunee w.nild tO/TO talHB place. Th.? white?
aiep.'V.ti-wttltagto aekaowtadga ?a rigfeM M ?Mi
it to huid "!ll?-e, liilf they insist upon
?md decency of liehavlor of ofl U law
flou pii'c.'ilinc the laat one, the c?.u- ? t, lor
which tfea wkltoBaaa wuthad,hadapaa it tin? aaflM d
a m .r?i lor l.i, uten uit-i.o.-ei-iior, which, altfeOBgh
It doe ? n-' *?i-.?v.' that .lu ra?<* Ma??g lut dl.-'l out. ?'?'(?
tiin.?.. ? ? t) orgaaiaaMaaa no
Uten led tl.ainpaicn lueetin?'.. In iin/e number?!,
lull 1 do uol hcliote they c.trriL'it i. in?, ^?l Ml ao .iitliu.
d.i'ioii waaeMaatodhp aafetagaahav of nuuiiier?,?uuii
llnaj havi- lak? li pl.u e, blU 1 I.? liiVu it WM only iu Ihl?
W.t? that It did h lupell. 1 have piks-scil tueir meet i~~t
myself and have ?ecu their un:ulK?re, but I never saw
th tn arintitl. A* to i?uy nuce*-*fui intimidation of the
Magra vote, U m my upmiou that litt* ii?-_i ??. _ \ ?>t.-.l ? __ i_i
ami ..fteii,' repeatin?-, prub.tlily-, to the extent ot 5,00?J Ol?
li, IHM? votes, thraagheta Ma ?-tato"
nil-: Mo/.vur chu.
There U ko li?il?? known n!?oiit ohaiuI?er
iiii;-i?.ii tamal file art which hu.? uttulied a very rll?0
?I? yelnptieiit, one to which all the ?rreai muatera have
tin in ?l tin ir alieiiiioii, ami to whose .stores ihey have
gromttf added, that any enterar?o iu..k!'i?' to Ma tttttro.
Ihm of a taato for it de??-rveH hearty support and eticoar
.?i?-*m??nt. 1'he Mozart ?i'lul? I? Juttl one of th???e enier
pn-cs, and there In all the more pleivutre for tul? ros
sun in ivelng ahht to ehmnlele a -i?b_tautial an?*ee?>i for M.
At the Club'? concert on Tueaduy nixnt tue lovely
Mi-art Octette for wind Instrument? wa? ?iivt?n, wltb the
l??*ethoveu trio fur vloim, viola ami violoncello, and the
Hummel Septette. Th* auyin-r of tbe club baa decidedly
Impi'ived sincu Its. MM concert. There is ?till uupa
r.'iit all th? perfection in toe Mnarate laatruoKut ?
wbleb wa? oomtpicooaa at ita flrM eoaeert, but
much haa been trained tn poiDt of ?MWHl
I jihiying. The member? ?eera much more at home with
their work and with each other, and their playing u
much smoother than on the occasion of their first id.
In addition to the concerted music, Misa Ilcanc nvs
excellent isaderiagB of ?oujrs by Rubinstein and Sena,
bert, and the "AiU-el's hcrenude," by Biaga, wi?i Tie?
loiica-llo obbligato by Mr. R' ineccliis.
MME, __MHFO_r_ s <ON'CKKls.
A whole cveiiiiiK <?t lW?e.h<?ven's innsio, ??tjj
not hin*. f??r tho orchestra, wight, under soai? cirena*.
st .MSB, piovo a littb tedieiu to a iiiisci-llani-uusa_dL
ence, but tbe programma last night was so well arra&Mg
ami so eapttslly rendered that there was no room at ul*
for any thiw* like ennui or re'tlen-n?**?, bal fvory one was
kep'. inierested and charmed from hcid'aning to end. T_?
chief nuuiDcn? of the programme, which was devoted ec*
clusivcl'- to V>i Btbsvsal mn-ie, wcr<? the ?.-coud of tba
l luce donatas lor piano and violin Kroupavl under Opm
:to, tl.c "Moonlight ?Sonata," and tho Sonata Opus 31
No. '_.
We bave had plenty of opporlnnltles of )ad*tlng of
Mme. Lsaipors abilities us an iuterpretar of altnoet
every ?clio-l of piano-in?*lc, from lineh and Hcarlatti ie
l.ia.l, with the Biagla exception of Ikttboveu. l_-t
l?.bt, however, as hail tbe chance _|yc? U(t> an(j _,
were nut disappointed. One eonnotjadge tbi t*a*rform
anca*? of a nian and a woman by precisely ihr same
.t_i_id_rd. Themis of nocerwtly sows inherent (jualltr
in the nature of each that will (five a different color
to their respective rsadsrtngs ..i tue Mme
works, and ?vre can hardly expeet the assoea
Uoua of the oue to taliv tin 1 ih-Iv with those
of tba? other. The first thinir that struck on? m
Viiu l'Ulow'n piiiynKs' w?.? ?:.s wonderful luu?llectui?!ity?
bSWSS preeminently a man of brain?, far less'often a
man of IseU-g? The \ary opposite is the osst with Bast,
.11. Onegnt tesis tbe semimeut and enthushwn
o. Ii. r playinj.?, ,'ifi rward tbe form of h.-r conception as
Itself. -N"; now. vet-, tiiat she 114 any more dsdsfcnt
in int. lltcttni1 irra-p than Von Billow in sintiment, bt|
that wbalIs P-tbapstbs sifcin_?est point in a?tv?*b I? the
ssakssl in tla* oihcr. Fot* this very reason, adda?! perbaps*!
1.1 llie wom.miy ileilcaa -y ;Ii' d tint?n? sflof MtSe. Esslpef
tin* ps sag- ? of lbs music in which Dr. von BBlow _trs_k
11- as iii?: least stroiiK (notably lunch of tbe rapid, <_?|j.
eatsssaaaasssstsdtaeonefroaa her ?.-.itii more power
than au. otnei.-. Her playiui: was full ot fea-linv, lad
pure, wholesome aentlment, generally very correatHa
deed there were surprisingly few slips?and her ta-eb?
nitpie of eoarae what It h*i ir t?r?
fectlon. If there were ?i"t r? -1 Mi-?:?i? ?rrasp audnaa
.'?'?nt which ! n___
shapely, symmetrical rendering of a work as a whole,
Bough ?ood features there to m_?.e ,??*_*
m st fo.'-'.-i th* lack of them,
tftSB .Norton BSBg two Songs of F "Vit?
-." ?ml "Million." M? .s eerUiuly the mat
promising deb?tante trsbav? bad lately.
Yeaierdaj afterooos, ?>n the oecaeioa of ih.
!, mal lor Mr. Theodore Tiiomas's Second Symphony
artstSietawsj Hail, tin programmecoaprtsadUl
. h. rso snd Pins - b_s__sa
the fstsptsl to the " C?tt? rdiiiiiinenine'* (j|:,. i;i?t part of
??The It'.n ; of thi N .en's Fourth
-ynitib'tiiy. lbs ehb-f :'??;?!iirf- of Intel - f eosns
tbe Wanner music, which in entirely new, not only
on account of the |__pnrtanc_ of .the music Itself,
? n.?.' Mme. Kudersd -tit has returned to
:iie Ttfgr tot iltc sake of Brsattag hsts t_- ydtt ot Uruua
liil.lt*. There has been no q.:.-.iloa a_ to tla. raus _od
pOWSSS 01 linn ! nly as an artl.-t, but i here has been _,i_s
rear f>-li fse Um tmpresaiuti that time aud hard work
mlgM -liohly
say ti,..t any B| BBSS. BSloaa ? ?.' Iblfl BStart VBN d_SM___|
promptly and romplaHety. Every quality was u
that ;' tbe part. e*ia?-tln-. a? it,.-.. ,,, | tat
_ liai
11 i.ei? ninslc piesenreil 'or *
' loo. ni.l admirably
j- _4l_ii_ir
Lust erasing Mr. and Mi?. Carl I^-iiiiriijei*
1 programme a , torn
?..i. Ernst,
?or the -.iolin nid plano, Mr. 1
p?a iwttbgn ie aot resssrkably b_gsj
bat Ms aaesattsa Is cleaa sad bis plsylag in barm..tue*
. tasa 11 waa heard Ih?. in bis i>i,<lciinf
t??a-.-aran M--lodies" and the finale froa
b?a 11 hsiaaar aWj*
. !.. i .-.i._iji^' ?.'ni line pi___
.i- con pe*.:m? nts. As a whole the toncert wss 1 ?.tc.iI
illeci ??. and Mr. an.i Mrs
..lui. that tba .. ?< ?i i i aria ?lui?
: Aiiieti. an r?putation enioyad
by tl : _j
Tin lim in i_ th?* Acadexaj o? Music Lut
?*?.". t: ? .tarea
?evlil. b i : -.- I ] . J -ell for
tbs t .vc. ..ft!. . Loin*. _ or?
ibe House"
overtai nslMsnliarfsWai el ico
rijitii from the third act of t.iY-n.ri?, and Meyerhe?r*s
?ToT-ct'.li.ht March," No. .1. Mn.? Mia
li'tirst, , i?t ***! no ' Brisi 1? a"tl Ferranti ? .u_, _n4
M mo. < an. o- : -lay .-d. Tin- aud.
etee I .red. an.! froin the fis?
'. tba namb? - - n 1. ni nssrg
.... toeojo) what u;i4 ?. t is-',.re them.
"Crabbad Ame?* by Mr. Hi Mn-forrl, m
inn.m ceda the i L
"s . ' al IiiHitli
.. . I l. ami will lu? t ??en ..il M ?'??< ft
C?o* -)??,???!?',? ,if "Baba,'1 ut N'i'ilo'4 (?aiJofl,
I mouth of Its 1 o. r, and ll at.ll remnira n
a.,11.el..-, . . tl\e.
Sir. Botbern ie in N .. -, at tbs Vari
I . on i/.*c. _,al
!:,, ti,-i.-n (;i<.b. Theater.
-. Lmriu" Pomeroy win
- '. Asaff
.,'14, '?,/.". loitiuinti, and / atntne.
Mr. Da_j ?imo'lnces t'*it he will defer tht
ion of "The ?<*
I'ntf. CromweD's exeellei I .'?..*. ??f gti i?i<**
u , ionic 1 nipus
" .1 tu? -'? o ''.* all >,.. .
Mr. Banvord i= pr__b?ng on his prepoj-.tiond
for openlns hla new Uro r.,.i?. Tin ?-...,.i'i
.lus. mu-?ad will witiii be 1:1 im n ,.i, with ircsb
Mr. liai.. ? continu?e tu *,??e;i_e lit?
.u iiiiily ad.i- nr*vi ?. Insh 1: 0 .told
? m ?mi im :t- attractive 1 bai ?
ira, Jarretl & Palmer wall It,)*;,? ?>ut
I,- il-,'' le XI .Vf..It tai !.!_,,', ;it lio,,:.
- ?' tal tbe li.,.i, a InrSr
. il.!..
Mr. Hell? r/s Burprisiiig iiml itt4igbtfol t_bi
- 1 f maule tu.?y 1?1 1
wberai ti?a-v have peaived
, ,,.11, tu 1. ? .1,1 r-itu?iiishe?! leal,. mtot
uXoouto. Pook \ DonneUjare encouraged bi
l,,,,l of " Uni i-" SOW OUI :
Col. Sum baa organized still another Not
: . 1 iM**
ipeciMty.snd .ftt-draina '. tifhlVM
. il j-u_ui_i1U__ ol mu?a- u,..., ... . -mu? ii,."rr, IB
Mr. I'liuii un ?It ami "Tin- Bheugkrann* srt
?o altrsctive al ??V . ? .i.-.t?
aeewre seals are rrsssell? it
s i>- revival bas becu immediately and bed?
Extra day perfonnnnces will be ?.?iviii oa
1 ; .?! .
?i... t*,, .?.-,? 1?, ri'e Ftfti *,' Is-f-i
Kelly a Loon's. Kiblo'a ? . ,?u_-._er
Mr. Conp ?s BtarTtng a novel ilsh ?it l~?
the ii.,.-; ? ",:__*
? .,, the .-!? v, I? h is iiinii-i
llllag s star sagsgssr-SB
.mu .?n. 1 svaalag
" I'll? Two Oritbans" will be acted at rbe
Liiitii? **.|U.iie Theater, on mi.u i.iv ni.li.s. iluruix ?*?
: f _l - . . . In Is. ** M?. Mu?. ,u" *.\ul_S
ai fi-il six Tina's 11 wi?('h-:i!,.| ilia* in f 11 -. ; I ?- .!.?? l'uni ta<
1.1 ??_! a sti mi on tli ? -.?. 1 v k ul ^tr.-n-.-tii of til?1 MSMa
Messrs. Kelly ?V Leon lind cavitintifd f??"1*
? i, ; 1, n n j * ? ??
111 . Iiiedley 11 I aud
alternations of eomle colloquy with seat.
i,?i, make up me eui(Mi?_i_i_-?__t_i then- OiM-i.t Uouss "
, .-, Ihlld-Bt.
There i.s always sikmI to Ik1 enjoyed at th?
little theater of in.? s.m Kr.-?i*'i* ?> -iiii<>"f*
M mars, linch. l-_<-tvU*, and WatalMilil api'Ciu* "}ff*
???if..!iimncc. and thus Insure 1 te preaMnce of ?iiinu*?:
:., broad farce, cornu.1 ch.ir_cu*ri_ation, au? sbi
ballads UKllig.
The nuuierim* and str?>ng e??tnpsny at <*_{_,
1 \\ arllau, at ?on, 1
by toUuuaimiiUllioma. The -"lUm.???! Hrorbt-r?, ?"??J"
( oiirtriKBt, (?us Mi,liaros, Tj?sv Pastor and ??l?"*??!?
u May aitraiiiN-s mot p.*, aud liicir partorm-SSei sas?
wiih uiaiki-il i.ivor. ,
Mr. J. VT. Bnitoue, the ;i?'t?>r. foruierb' J*
????th'? Theater, Im lorry of the r_rk. died w **?* "__
Nnv. '1*. Mr. MrutiMsa waa aa kun__i___-, S BSB
Ha?. -*-. a_r. Urutoas wsa aa klugii-ai
?aa aa ^uyrommmmm, ~ ?
actm, ?listluct In 1I10 foim of bia work, eteer >B{?_?
iwt?>r, u-anuci, ?u nie loiui or aia wawa. ".'" .~^sm*
pr***l'?u, ?[*< in ?U'liotement of ebarscter, eltnror "?J
lascl |l<?r(J^ and taaritsat by a ecrusls dry dradjatarjra
made nun infrea-ablc in U10 scauc. ???> **?'?<_cil__*-*T__
tlcaily _->^l ?sa the Inu-heeper in " Rt? Vaa Wt-?e, sasai
th? _.oi.U inrysuu la " Crscitt-a"

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