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voi? YXXVT.N?- 11,131.
0 L/,.vi_ra BOM-I at THK OOUTU Carolina
The Republican and the Democratic Houses
both met in the Repr?sent?t i ves CEgmwbtw at
Coluuih'?*. S. ('., yesterday. Itoth Speakers
pr-_j-liii?r* The day wan spent in orderly debate.
One of Gen. Ruper's tBBoott announced to the
-aen)0<.ratic Speaker that the Edgctield Deniu
crntii would not be a?lmitt"d 011 Friday. Mr.
Gordon and Wade Hampton Rent a protest to
(Jen. Ruge1, saying the members would not
leave until removed by soldiers..
The East Haton Rouge returns in Louisiana
?-ri-re revised so as to throw out 1,136 Demo?
cratic vote?. An address by pastors and bnsi
neM taeu of New-Orleans has been issued in
the Democratic interest. The voto of New
Orl-ana is objected to by the Republicans. In
Florida the war of affidavits aa to Alachtia
continues, aud is more complicated than ever.
[BY mtgJtaU?gW TO THE TltllirVK.l
Washington, Nov. 110.?There is in one respect a
remarkable ?Hieren-'O _at-N-_ the i?r."_.?iit positions
of th?? two purl i???. The Democrats have a reeng
Bised leader. The Keptiblicans have none. N?> st? p
is taken by Democrats in any part of the Union
likely to affect the interests of their national organ?
ization without consultation with Gov. l?den. He
took command of the party immediately t?Att his
nomination at St. Louis, and his hold apea it __m
the election has been moro firm than befere. From
all parts of the country his partisans make piliri ?in
ttgos to N'cw-York to hail hiin as ?lietator and ask for
his or?l?rs. His instructions are ol?cy?-?l wttliont
question. Few of his adherents even venture to
offer suggestions. The politicians who come and go
at Mr, '-'?Idea's house in (?ratnerey I'ark arc like
?ii?-de-camp bringing news and conveying
eotumands. It is believed that Gov. Tildan
directs every movo tint promises to have
any be.iring en the result, from looking up the ease
of a disqualified ch'ctor h Oregon to making a bold
stroke for the whole electoral vote of South Caro?
On the other hand the Republicans have no leader.
Got. HayessimnnonI no conn, ils of politicians. The
prominent men of the pait.v. knowing his irtlexiblc
purrxtse to maiiitain a tlignitied reserve while wait
ing for the decision of the Electoral Colleges, do not
trouble him with their visits. In no way do? s he
appear to desire to laflueaee the laitioti of his paity.
Ho holds hmiseif aloof ironi the game as though lie
were a disinter? stod sp.'ctator. ihe Repab?ean
polioy, if shaped at all l?y anything axcept circt.iu
?jtances and public opinion, lash-pod from Wushing
toi!. But it would be haul to name any one man
here, or even any Iva men, whoH ?licttiin could
be considered authoiitative. Premd? nt Grant
may he said to be ggoficio the party liiiacf, but he
appears to act from his convictions of his duty
M Chief Mu-?strate, and not with mm h
regard to the we_t_N ti the Republican effganiaa
?en, as t'<?r example m the Boath Carolina cnuplicv
ti?.~_ In a desperate eonteal for mtrntaamtey Hke tbe
one now wag!;ig,th4 Dealme rat s auputt lobe .??ronger
/or having an ablo and dictatorial leader; but the
Bsanblieaus, being made el ?lifh-iciit stiitt aii'.l ;ilways
p!i)s??i-ii!i!_ better wkea tiny have Ubertj al indi
vidual judgment and action, apptar lobe standing
together in the present emergency with as unbroken
s front as their a?lverKarie8.
The Republican members of the Honie, now lure
appear diep?Md ta ghre the vote ot their patty for
i>'>t aker to Gen. (jarfield. Now that Mi. Blaine ?oet
to the Senate. Garlieli] la generally looked upon as
the most iulliiential man on the minority side of the
House. If the Republicans should unite in giving
bim th;* complimentary nomination for Speaker,
snch action would be a virtual rcogintion of him as
_M_r leader. Bariaai mistakes bare beens_adebv
Gen. Garlield in his public career, but many eonaider
him in culture, intellectual power, and legislative
experience, i_t having few equals in Congress. Ihe
leadership of the minority dtuitig the approaching
wssion is a p)siti'.!i of inportaaoe. The
Republicans will have to stni'-'glo ?iK-inst a
fierce majority coneentiating all its energios ta the
one end of grasping .the pt_M t? Ott PtOtASmutJ.
Last Winter, by brilliant Strategy and a series of
impetuous attacks, the minority 0?Meed0_ in prc
venting their adveis.-tri?a from _:iining many advati
tapes, and before the M-doa ondod in midsuirruer
tb.y had inilii ted upon them a number of mortify?
ing defeats. The odds will l>e mon- heavilv __a_D8t
th?? minority this session, because, the DeOBOCnits
willtinq'iestionably display greater t-olidarity, and
willseek to < arry all their points by the weight of
their heavy majority, impolled by the ordern of Ihe
caucus and aided bv ruling- from th? chair. The
EepublicaiiB, then-fore, will need an able leader.
DANGKlt UK A Slltlofs i: .llAl:R.V???-Mr\T INI I M
Cono it! s mi i.i? in un, _______ < iiamhki..
(BV _?UM_____ TO THE ?KIHI SK i
W-MDM_TON, Nov. :40.?Ii? tho ?p.'dilations i ur
reut as to the action of Congress when the votes im
Prcsiilent are open?.! and counted, it has been gen?
erally taken for grantod that the two Houses
Will un ot in the hall of the Uous<? of Repta?
Mtntative.- This has Heel the custom for many
years, solely on account of tho compar?t i v?J.v fun.ill
?i/.e i,f the Senate Chamber. Tin? custom will in all
probability bo doparted from on this occasion. The
I-i'sul.p.t '?f the .Senate. whoOS duty it is to occupy
the chair and open the eeitirii at.-s, will no doubt
call the meeting in the Senate Chamber.
Should the convention be held m th? House a very
severe embarrassment might arise. The House will
bo certain, unless the Democratic policy is ?hanged,
to insist upon the exist? MS ot the XXIId Joint Rale,
?-hicli mjuir?'- the two bodies to separate vvIkik v? r
a State is objected to. An soon as such an object mu
is made the Speaker of the H?>u.?>e vv ill invite the
?Senate to withdraw. The Senate, holding ?thai?le
to be abrogated, will refuse, and will thus be pla? <?1
in tbe onpleasaut predicament of persisting in r?
luaiuing after being shown the door, lor the Hou-?
the only alternative wouh? be ta eject the ?Senate by
lore? or to leave itself and take standing room in tho
rotunda of the old hull. If the meeting beheld in
the ?Senat? Chamber, the House can go off ji it
choose--, or rather the Denuieratic majority only
t-M?, sud the count can BPMMd without further dis
torhsuco. The St-nitte wonid be upon its own
Pound, and there would be no danger of an alterca?
Collmbia.S. C, Nov. ..O.?The Democratic House
took peaceable possession of the State legislative
ot\) at their regular hour of convening, at 11 a. m.
?Hlay, and pro?-c, ,lrd to work under their organi/a
tion. The Republican House cnterexl the hall at 12
o'clock, their resrular hour of meeting. Both Speak
?? took tho ?Und, Mr. Wallace, Democrat, being
w the chair, and Mr. Mackey, ltepublican. being at
?he Clerk's desk. The Republican members Hamil?
ton and Meyers denounced the action of the Kepub
bc-a House ae illegal and unco-rtitutional. Every
?**?? ?'?? paaoeable, and good temper prevailed;
but a lively debate took plana. No p?
is allowed in the ball except nieml
Tlie situation was little ?ahoofsd at 2 p. tn. (
bunior ma ?still manifested on both inks* F
elli.it.s wore being i:ia?le t<? conipromi.s?*, wl
it was hope?!, mi-elit result _at_-fW_1_r1l* .
About 'A p. m. (?en. B?get .cut bin staff Otatt
the Speak?-_**_ sland. and informed Demon
Bpeaket WaUaes that ?it i_ s*eleeh la ssssiow
Democratic ineniberH tttut Krigcfield wtitild no
pertiiitted em tbe floor of tho House. I'-ton tin
ceil't of that onler the following letter was iu
diately sent to Geu. BofOT :
OH I'MiiiA, fl. CL, Nov. 30, 1?'
(len. T. II. Boon, commandiny V. S. troop? in I
Deak sir: We haveJust heard through Mnjor Mi
nis nf your . t:?fTyour order c.>inmitnii\it.*d to Win.
lace. Speaker of the House (.f l'epresentativcs, thu
VI o'clock tn -morrow Hie un miters- ?Irrt from Mfi
would not lie allowed upon Ilie floor of tut House,
?in that we are surprised at BBS- ?hi ?trdrr, after tli?
planations und pledges inaile by you to eiicli BM of I
to une very mild lnnguagc. When Hi?* outrage of Tuei
last was committed t?y the placing of annul seiitinr
the door of the House of Kcjin scntativcs, arks dec
upon the admission of nn minus to their wats, and v
the provisions of _M Constitution Bad the decision ol
Supreme Court v ere Drought to your iittentioti, you
titictly and warmly asserted again and again iln?! :
order? were misunderstood j tIi.'it ynii did not inten
have sentinels at the last of the hall, and that you
not, and did not intend to, assume to
eld? upon the legality of any Staat i
or upon his right to ?liter DM hall. You were 1
ft minded hy us that your guard ft MS ived instruct
from one Dennis, a citizen and pai t.san of (iov. CI:
hcrlam, to admit parties upon Me 00*1 BBSS-. MM
One Jones, and liad, through armed forces, excluder
lit ?uioerat.s f: nui tin-hall until the llipulillean OrgSS
tion was completed. You _SS_t__ Us again that f
ware not your orders, und WtTS IsM bf ns Dial, not?
Handing the l?*i pa tr:iti. ri of this m \pii??,sil,le s!i:
upon our free insiltutiotis and the rights of tin-pee
the evils BSOM slill lie TOOtOtAut willioul violetici
tilnoilshed hy a simple v, it adrawiil of \oiir tuard f
tin* Easts of the hall; and that a nujoiity of tl
fcaUSS all questions m i.ceoiil.in.?.. wttb law und
Usage of lcgislati\e t'odl.-s You statt (I that u.t f.,
?sit- * ; : U. l.t ut the do.ir. anil that unan r no ? in nnistai
would you interfi r;-except tliere BbSOM occur a sei i
8_atar___MM at the psaeo. You aBnrae? pout uatttm
tion to ( \t ?reise no Mipi n Isoiy e, uliol wli.ii.v.r ?
tin- body or liotlies claiming to lie the IIoiim- ol lie
si-iitufivi s. All this occurred ycslcrday.
I ! K ? ! t. in a later int'-i \ lew wilh Senator ??onl
you ?cade the same BSBB___M_S< alul tin* nioii.ilig. "
I.nth BOS-SB were nsseinliled iu the hall, you BBSS
tien. 11 Ulli)? ton thai in.t h 1 mi ( ?!!*( iliii.-laiii en would ;
interfere, excepl to kern III?1 pea. c
whiit saw saaJastlj Bsessai? eat saino?'bsual at
Issuance of m.eh M SI h I Bl the OBI tiisl sent bf V
Tier? is no breach of (li. peace alul no pr..-pect of
distil! kincc. Veil hiid it ollicially bn.ii.l.t to ft
km. I It ik'i lli.it ill.solute good humor pre\ai!s iu t
hall. We i atiiK.t it ?rain liiiiu t \picssi!iL' the appn-li
sinn that the fact that a number of leading K.pui.lie.
tg issue with tbslegality <?i toe proceeding!
the Kcpill'ln in. lloii-i lias ch-inged your \i.\-.s a?
your'inn of dut). It i- BtOptt that ?i: shuilhl say,
BOBOlash-B. Ikal WS raUsi upon >.ur honoras au
MMJ >..i'.r chara. t( I* us a BBS?tat Is tuaii.t:
jour pledged position of noii-inier\i iitloii. The l?et
c aile un tub.-is fioui I-.tlui tit ol and Lain t li-arc ?oitit
to tin ir Stats S] tic Jndgiiii tit of He Mipicme Court
.-, ahit \\e hats ii.lviscd Ho m to i.tiiain in ll
hall until rein.?\cd bf your tin?,;.s, that tl..
t .t.? n.atle in tin-? Cent, in.iiil year of Am. rir.n It.t
pi ti.leii.i', ?.? lielhi-r we have a go\ 1 ?rtiinciit if i.iw as ft
strued by conns, or B ??? ntt .-?ii/cd despot ?i.i wbi
only law is foii'e. Let the Ann ?nan p? oj >|_ !.. IniM I
ipSetaclB of a lii.u'iitlier (li ueral sf Ihe aim? ISStSd
(be aide of (?ov. Cbainl-erUiu in a rasui in the hin
Il'illse, aild I Ml,III. his Oilil IS to B l( _l ISf !'? .
full.? UHselllbli-d in ore nt tiM Original 1 ..?i ti > ti < ..11111,.
wealtl.-ot thia Union, l'lspctt fully muii -,
.1 B. !..il;[...N-,
D uns n kutroo,
A. < . Has!., i i .
Th??se three (.eiitleuien bad lui D in cniili-rcii
with (?en. Bogat yesti-r.liiy and tu-il.*i\.
?on um : - in uaaioa ai 9 r, h. aeons
POMA Tn Till l'l'.l.-IIilM - mi: lUMiKi.M
1.1.It ?it.
ihy nuboaira in m iu_sjm.|
Cnl.t'MIIlA, S. (.'.. Nov. ?iO-'.t p. 111. -At!? p. t
both 11'.uses are in s.-muii. A Bepublici
and a Ib iimi rat an- on the loot :
the same time, IBlag t_M ?ir wil
bombast. Neitln r ?Speaker is able to k??piu.l'
I-ioth bata appealed it? (?en. iCiit'ir, iuit he wi
not inti-rf?n? exoeal t? keep lbs petu
J'liere is les.-? exeiti un lit oitlsuli1 tlia
at any ixriml since the contest I?il? m. li is und?
stood that Geau Bagti lias ssked tbe Pnaldenl i
?b-eide whether the House, ,-m organiaed bf Bpeak?
ataekey, is a. legally-organised body? If it i--, 1
will eiifuice his (?rdeis and eject the Latireni an
K?h'i held ?h li-*_nli"ii BS iiiirutlcn Inf..re tli
Ik,ui lixed ?m to ion an to ft inli? joii
Assembly to count the tote, fur (in\ernor and I.iei
te,nuit (i.ivct'i'ir. The Democrats adssil thai iln
make a gteoi uttot in nut taking theii seats on Tnei
day, l?*a\ inii out the azelodsd di-leiratiuiis. To-day
e\elits prove tha! tll'-.v wuilltl have (-.iplunil itnui
Bep-iblican totes to bate gitan them tbe apeakei
ship and the etganisation. 1 !n-y (unid have n
pain-d tha errat to-day il they had been willinic I
cut loose fr.iin the violtiit Bdgafield shotgiin polic]
SOT AlaOaa THK mad: UITKIK ill I III!'. 111.I?
Tt.IlM. Vdll. M ?Ml I' A l.AIIII.llIM. ?tl K?,(IIH
BtfU mi:s in Md.'M?h.
|HV III ?...l:\lll I'. IM Tltint'SI .1
\V.\si[|\(,K,N. Nov. 30. lb' I?'tiiiii i.?.lie ??lot it
Booth Carolina h.ul f..r its purpose to steal the ele.
toral roto. Um dataili in reported to Republican
here. It ?8 htaled that tlieie WOOld ptobobl]
hoto been no opposition to tbe Deinocrati takini
[ios.-??*ssioii of til? Government Ol the State, |
tin y had any rinht tu iluso, if il bad not been dit
cuveicd that, in ?lisrc_aid uf the result uflheelec
linn, uf the laws, ?nid ul their own pledged honor
they pl'upobetl to fits eel lili? ates tu tin- Tildan ? hi*
tul-. lu his? utri I (|in ?t ful the mie in:- in*.? \ ule, it ap?
pears ihat Got. 1 ililen fonnd Booth Carolins ? mon
promisini? li? hl than I.uuisianaur Plfltida, while pre
-Soiling tit acquiesce in the resal? then, and eon.
Ceding the success uf the Hayes electors, hisa_etiti
have planned ? buhl mow feast. Ihe] firsl Bonghl it
capture the Supreme C'uurt and in-xl the I.
ture. Hod this l'art _| tl??1 scheine succeeded, (I,,
liest step arai tu have been to older the bo,-ml to grn
back of the letiiriis, reject initain l.t-piibllcaii pre
(UK ts, and couiit in Ihe Tildeii eb-cturs. 'I he bn.ird
atole a mar. li on the court ami adjmirtiad Sloe (lie,
aftatr r.-fusiiiK <? rtilit lites to the lleitio? ralic tuein
bers from the bulltltij'.iil eoonties at Edgefleld and
Laura-llH. Hod thoaS aSSSabS-S received their ( t I lili
oatis, the Dsasaotatk gaaaa woold have been played
out to a Huceessfui noorlasion Um Legialatnn
would have iiirttallnl all the D.-tiiocratic euiiilidalea
for State, oftit its, and then would hOtOOOOlsd the
_g_rtaj_M-_i ma?le a now board, and with the help uf
Wad?* Huinpt<in would have speedily coinliiisshuietl
tbe Tilden el?-? tor?.
Finding lliut they were going to m??et with an ob
Btacle in the refusal of Ott. Chamberlain nml the
officers of the old House to l_e0ff__M the members
from tbe two counties who had no ?ertilicatea, the
Deiiiuirats determnit'l to make a show nf force, and
summon?d the rille clubs from all pints of the Mate
and ewn frum (ienrgia, to MM-sMt in Columbia.
Nearly 10,000 men rallied in response to the sum?
mon?. They displayed no aim-?, but it is known
that'their weapons ?MO within tui minute?' walk
of the State House. Nothing except the prompt
action of the United States troops Masked
the game. Had the 1'rcHident decl?.cd
j to susto-. Got. Cha-ubeil?-. aud the law
ful I/oe.sl,.turo, the wholo question
the succession would have boon .settled before
end i f this week. Gov. Tilden would hive ad
tin M-\ en yutes ?if South Carolina to his si ore,
his partisans in Congress would have protni
ehaaged tlnir tune and denied the ri-lit of eil
Hoaae >.f Ceaftaai t<> _?> behind the returns.
To-day's news from Colttinbia is apt Consul?
hapartaai bj ?________?_! the Administration. '
movement of the UeinocnitH in ?BbMb| into
State House in advance of the RepobUcans
avail nothing. If the claiimiiits of seals who h
no fcrtiti? "itesof election should be found in the
to-morrow, and should refuse to leave, they will
HE Dl.? I.?Kl.S IIIAT Till-. NIAIK tullir DID :
ist in- I'tivvr.t:?no:?, i dims POP the M
To the Editor of Th? Tribune.
Slit : V?m ?lo _rave injustice to the Supremo Cc
of South Carolina in your editorial of the ?1Mb i
The ?imstion a* to the poWOM and duties of
?Board of Btate Caaveaaeni arises ander the Ooaet
tioti and laws of the State, and is therefore clou
?It-terminable by its Supremo Court. '1
a.iv ??iit-st ion was made before this Ro
?if Ci.nv;isRtrs in November, 1*71, involv
tli"ii the seating of a Senator and eight
members of the Goneral Assembly ft
the Couniv of Ch irie.stoii who ran apea th?' ticl
adverse t?i that upon which QoT? * baBiberlain 1
elected. .Iii.Il'c Mackoy arini.-d tlio Bjaoittoa OB
(.?round that the board OOOld not e\? r? -ise tin? judi?
fiinctim of paasingaehind a return regalar upon
fill e, but liiust il?. Iule t lie elect ion accol'ililll! to I
returns, ?iii?l the board sustained his position s
ioeaed eertifl? ates to the said <Jai?Mata
'l'lie B?prenso Coart exereieed jurisdiction o"?
this very board iiiii|ii?-st imu-il m t lu- It:ti m\\ t-11 -lilti?
well election ease in is7i?. The Baprcaae Cea
therefore, lms not asarpid power as you alle
liiinll, to whom von i..iju-iiy sampan ChJ
.Illstice Moses, ivas ? oiiilellllie I nil tile V ? TV ~t~~
thai we .?oniieiiii the aetioa of Jadgje Moud, aabm
lbat beinga _ni ?d States Circull ?ludir?, and I
issue ?a?, ni? ari?n sobly under the < oiistituti
and laws of the State be bad no jurisdiction In i
prem?ese. The Supreme Coart of the United 8ts
bas repeat? ?lly de? idod thai the interpn tation of t
statute ni a State l?y its ciuirt of leal i. ?m t binde
the federal courte. Tins boa id is tit?- ereatan soli
of a statute .mil not of the Const itul loll. If, tit?'
for.-, the BapnaM Court eaaaoi deeide up
the etatBteo of a ?State and eaatrol the aetioa ol
board ?treated there, noeithnacan baveaaj tain
for BTOBg at it?li:iiiiN. I 0 d? nv the poWOTOf t
Snpreme < ??ort of a Btate to construe tbeetal
law and eaforee Ita judgment, ist.? bring abeoli
illl lllllV.
'In in.ike Judge ?Bond's Intelferenee appear i leai
an-anai'tai'le, 1 state the fui thai be baa
Eran the Jail the ammben "t tn. board after th
bad declared on oath thai the*/ bad discharged i
their d,m tioiiM ,iiid hud ;i?l|"iiim?! uni dit. lien
it eaiitiot lie alleged in justification oi JndgeBoi
that be interposed to piotect them Indieebargs
reactions affecting l*residential electora, I be boa
baring airead) ii loci iflost.es to the ek*ctore.
Colombia,S. C, Not.80, 1876, J. It. Gomkw.
\Vi"ii\',i i\, \ iv. ..ii. Ufflcial information w
rece!ved by the fresideal Ibis evening ooncernii
all i:??- p.'litie.il o? curren? ? -, at Columbia, s. <'., i?
day. A confer? in ? in regard la them wae held i
the Km cut'vo man ion to-night between the Pm
dent, \tt- , ii. \ t..il T.ift. ??? -. 1.1 h -, ? .m. i on,.-n
h.ri. All uno were presental lb? ???
,1 I'll I?!? s, |\e i|| li, ? M I,i its |, -lilt, l'Ut ll
kin.w ii thai Gen. 8h< i I* bom !? !?? raphi
confidential instmctlons to < i with regal
to the conreo to be pursued m the pi' -? -1 ? t eine
gency. Inquiry in tbe official quartan shove ind
cated bil? t ?.. ?? ? rtain tbe purport u( th. -. inatru?
, and any fnriher statemenl regarding ttx
?l.'ltlT. in-' ' l"I til ! ? >'? I?.- lil.l.ly l.>',jr. til.'..I.
L0?IBI l N.I.
slMIIIMs |-|;| I'AlllMI II?. Il??III DIT 1 ?,\ lli'Ss
im in Um 'ills , mim ni ni s's m Aim: i v i.?
I lli'.i: l?i UK i?V I 111 ?Mi .
lai raums ira ra tut ratai m 1
Ni -,v ? nu , v\?, Nor. 30. The Republican Visitin
Committee from the North la vitad by the Pi
lo risit Louisiana and witness ti;, eoontingof th
vol.-will return home ?,?iiv aezl wee_,earryin
with tin ii rery full and complete information of th
?-,? ?? ?m the ?Republican side "t the eoutrorersj
?bout a week ago tbe warb was carefully divide?!
? ..< h i-, ntleman ?taking all of tbe affidavits froai on
m twii.it the build.i/. I ?parishes and devotingbini
|| .i - , ii-lul lil'U of it. lu lin? Waj all tin' e> I
il. ??,! linn -ni t" the condition >.i things in es I
pari b ba l?ecn . lassifii d, and .i cari ful nuni
it prepared. I *<>r instance. Gen. (?_rfield has msdi
binh? f entiralj ?familiar with tbe coat "f Weal Fell
. ].,i, i Pari ii, und M?, liai*- un h that of East Bat?
All of tin e suiiiiniiics h; iv-" boon placed intl.?
handi of >'?. i.i im She i man, wli.?, with the aasistanc.
.,1 other members ol the ?t-mmi-t?*, will prepare i
report to be transmitted to tbe President This ro
port will !>.- ?signed by all the ?gentlemen who cam?
In i?- ut President Grant's invitation, and will In
a.-i onpauied by tbe ital in reg ird to eaet
p?11 di aln.uly referred to, and by . opiei of all offi
davits, onethooaand in number, from ?an examina
tum nt which they were prepared, I! is ?believed
that Ci?"-nient Grant will traaaadl the whole U
t ong ' ?-i'Ii a special utessuge. lu tliis era. the
Kepuidi.un m?e of the controversy wiH be placed
I, i? n the coiintiy in ?ill its details early thai
Wini er.
'I In Democratic vi ItlngCommittee wlH not leave
New -i iii. ans without ?giving the countr] their views
on tbe ease. As soon aa the d.s(?i tbe Retnrniug
Hoard .ire.clos.d ii|?oii ilniii sad s?-?r< t si-s-ious b??
gin, probably to-Ba_*_Tow, the Dea_oaratie Commit?
toe contemplate laaaingaa -ddrees setting forth the
viite ot the Btate a i the*/ h iv.- found it to be, elaha*
lug that Tilden has honestly earried the state and
tb.it it wiii be Impossible tu tonnt him oat aa any
plausible pretext. Thia will probably ba signed bj
all the m.'mil. is of the Northern D-mo-tati? Cam
mil IC ? ill N'eW -' III? III.,.
The I ?? m." rate bave compiled all tbe returns
opeaed by the BetaniBg Hoard and paUh?i the
result tins :if 1 i-iTi?inti. There are M tin? untested
parisina, and In tb.'s.? Rayai bas ? raajo-ity of 7,097
and Paehatd u,h_:i. in 's? contested parishes, la?
cluding <Ml. :in-.on all of which the board ha?fat to
posa, luit excluding about edoaeo polls from whlob
the sup. i". i-i.t's arbitrarily and Ulegally neglected t?.
malt? nt m ns, Tilde i? I majority of the vote actually
>#ist is 18,907, and liiat of Niclmlls ?19*6-7. The
ligures ill seven parishes, live 1 i.'inoi I a! ic and two
I Bepablieaa, hav?? not been aim.?un? od ay tin- board,
although th?- returns from them all have been OpOBeda
Thesi Ig?teS are substantially the ones published l?y
the Democratic CmuniIttOO two wooks ..go.
I. I- w.
V(?n: OF nkw-oui.kans OBJECTED TO.
NAIt KAI.I-AIIHN AM) Ollllllt ll,lt|-?itT Alii 1 IKS I'A
VDtttMi nit. m M.?CHATS-TWO UOVtB ak?i
MKM IS TIIK. ItKllTlMMi UoAltt).
Nkw-Ori.kans, Nov. :i0.?The Hi tiirniiiK Hoard
met to-?lay at 10::10 a. m., ull the memluTH beinit
present. There sppe_i-_ lor tl_? _t publuan?
.Mes?ni. Parker, Sherman, Clarke, Hale, and _?_?
field; for the DenuH-rats, Messrs. I'slmer, Trumbiili,
Smith, and Julian. The minute*? hav in?? been read
a?? fifth I'm?.
Cam CAQM ppxjg?BOMAVBtM sMiiii'9 itmi
Lonpo.v, Nov. 10.?What last Mr. Lowo meai
saying that " Tory, H we all know, means a lhi<
Webst.r tells us that Tory Is "said to In" an 1
WOtd ?leiinting _ rubber "or'' a savage. Even
I.owe might I'ei ognize Home (lifl'eretiee betwee
disputed atjOMlagJ' fur a doubtful wonl and a I
versally ace. jilcl fait. And what havcwelai
?loin? in America to rouse Mr. Lowe's wrath T
wants to know what is meant by ? " Loco Fuco.'
a "Haiti Hunier,'' "with the heap it _______ V
which politicians ?ire pelted in America." If
l.uwe desires tn abuse us, he might lake the Inn
to ascertain some of the names in actual pulit
use, and nut go back to lite last gi-neratinn lor I
which are extinct. " Tarty nomenclature there,'
adds in his amia! le w:iv, " seems tnennsist of mil
which are invented with no sort of meaning, am
vulgar and ibsoid as possible." He is nut m
better contented with the term which has*?
planted Tory here. " CSMOfTOtttl " is a m
which always puts him in mind of a. pastry cm
shop. "Liberal," huwever, he __________ a sa
factury and ? _n_____tt title.
The newspapers eaaSS aadst his ban, also,
bad to " ?Tutost" again -t them in his recent si??*,
ut Bristol, and cutu|il.iins that th?*y BOtSC a????
what ?i man says an being what he means, Tli
" 1 lie m?wgpap. is, of eoiir-e, are infallible, and,
ing -infallible, Midi ?food gifts cannot be left und?
bushel. They are thus hound to BXareiat that inl
lil'ility, aad they ai BOOStaotlf in the habit of p
pbesying. VVbea these ptopheeiesdo nut come brae
'..ill-* tlu-y get iiitn gr. at ditliciili i.-s.'' This
m . lite is directed ?gains? Its' turn t,tmi tin* bSm
of i In Hut- (-(insiste?! in pointing mit that I.?
Hem ??instil Ill's tpeoi h at I he I ?uihlliall tH not to
i n 11 i pic ( i d ;is the spe, ?eh o i any otbst BUM wuulil
Interpreted : " thai then is :i sort of ir. masonry I
tweea hin and the people of England ? hosaoyi
what he pleases, and they shall believe as little
the] phase. It is only foreiinnTs w ho can la* t
Mitedhj what ho .-a\.s."' I'm TwMt ttpO ins that t
is an aeenrate description of the rets tions between!
people of Bnghuid and Mr.Disraeli. I__niaelia
to lliiuk it i- ; but v. In ti luis any foreigner said -i
i hing su seven? oi the people of England! Howe
su? h a people lllhsslll it F How can tin y, with lb
Miioiis tiitaei aii'l solid eharacter, eodnreto
governed bj ? man whom their leading otaele Irei
sa a iuoiiiit.il,i?.!. t iu!. t "lo? opens his lips .d
m..m.?nt v leu the p.?;i. e ,,f Eorops perhapadepen
unwli.it In mi., and when EnrofM li :i- t ? ? lu- t ?
that what he saya either is ajera nonsense oi is I
linoeref No doubt, if this be tin eaae, it is imp?
taut Europe abonld know it, thai others besides V.
glisbtnen ihonld understand "the Btrange refri
tion of his pei-.iiialitv, which alten thoeoloraai
m..tlitii ? the relations of everything hi
thai we habitnallf tranalate his loose Ikrwti
? lita i s into the dialect of Botnmoa lif.-." " l
eomments thai hate been Blade opon il
,-ulils ?i. /,;?,? , "its real meaning is beginning
lu? mu!, ts'tiul ifi. mi. nlv a weeh'a intertal."
.i -. but im a minie it lias slsrmed the ?'oi titn-i
ptotohed a warlihe harangue Itom the Csar. e
ponrsged tbe Tnrhs to oppose the < 'onferencc \? hit
the lit I'.-.Mis had agreed npoo, and eamsiderah
iaeteasedthe prohahilitieeat arm s war which,
it (no i -, a nl be 'i.' m liai] to the root1 .1 b? lief
the Turks, whleh l"i i I'" iconafi? Id ha
fomented, thai in snj i -utosl between Turkey oi
... ' Hid w .11 top. >rl I'm!.. ;, b] ?
I cannai make ..?.t wbf Mr. Lowe, who is dofa
his l.i-t in !.. ..I. the force of Lord H bcoobucU
nu-, lu. m ms ootborst, bon M in- qnsm ling with h
Btrougeel ail? with tbe Journal which truly .lam
tu have enlightened Europe as to the meaning Et
gland In i i If puis upon tin* words of 1er Pria
Mini t. t. N't Mr. Low,- mil /','?. Than toguthe
im -r all the ?lucid?tiuna of h-wtilo or fricndlj critic
? an ahull;, t.p.t'i theetil wrought,or wbollj stei
tbe etil threatened, by thajoggUoi talk at tl
Guildhall. .
With reference to Mr. Gladstone's expected pal
nade in Harper's, i\ may be interesting to recuil
,! .: || ?? i ol hi-,, mail.? s, |,,,ur a"., a? 1807, respccl
III?' !'!? BtatC.t Sl the N'".. I 'lie ll.'ll..,!!. I ill I
.bile - .u l?.i\ : ? bad aiade Ihe Booth an luden? aden
na1;..*!. Mr. (.1 idst'iiie wrote:
i,. ? i i took too tn!.,
upon nn.iii lu .\pie-, 11._ su, ii an opinion, v.-t tbe mi
tlva v. ,, nail bad M\ ? -\ !ii ill.I. -",;.? Un ? u In r
ih. | ii.?i i.m : i? iu,,? Seen, ?rit? retha-i ar?nos ?lib Ih
\,ii..i.? ,\iii. rn in ri'oplo. I pi.?!>.ii.l?, like main l.ar.j
|m .,'! , I nut ?nderst nid ?i, ? n -i.e.? mid woi kind or tli?
\iii.-i-t- .m l'nioii. I bad imliiiinl i ..!?-. icninm-i.?, If ei
i ..t..?oiisii, .m ,,piti...ii n,.n twenty m Iwentj roar mil
?,..i,s ,,f ih< .s..i!ii Hniiid i. ? happier, and woaid b
?'loii.ei (of ?Mil .t ? -iiiii.,.. tlt.i! ta... would bold to
gelber) nithoul tin ~_uibtbna ?lib It, andalaoluaitbt
na>i_ri II non ii n? in i n.. in in? ip itloii liuaii i .
-.?in 1.1.?.i un,, m tbsn in in "f Un
I ui "i, wlneli had let al thai dal' (AUCUSt, 1-oJl bajel
.i.il to nie ?
the wboln I.....I ni il,,- Ntirtb al the command of tba
? iiolilui.? in'i-i.-i- n( iii.1? nh \. lar an reirardi
Un? i-ti. rial oi s. p.n.ne ml. i. ?t of -llgl ui'l In tbo in i't.i
I, differing Irom iimiiy other?, had alway? contended t liai
?t tras ii -t nu oui int. reel that lbs .u?_o ibould be i>.?pi
. nine.
I in original tl elaratioa had been aiade when Mr,
(ila?ls,*..ii.- u.!-. ( ham .li"t nl tin* I !m In i|.n r, BOllei
I'll Pslrnerstoo, Oet, 7, 1802, ? fortnight aad non
after Presidaal Line?la had issued iln proelaniatiofl
w lin h announced lus intention tu emancipate the
slatea. The proclamation mu-i bate been reeeited
in England there was then do Atlantic cable onlj
a day or two before Mr. Gladstone -pok_._o.hal
liii ? was un,l.isiood tobe Mr. Gladstone's way of
Wei? inning that great pi 00li-S "I flccilolil. Bhottlf
afnr, being sallad upon a. s Bombet af Manebeater
coitnii ihippen tu explain lbs meaning of lus
(leclaiation, Mr. Qladatone ri-pli'd il (pi?te I'ruin
"Annals of < lui ? Tin.e," BMOOd edition, page 683)
that his word- at Neuca-tle were mi inure tli in the
i-\|in-,.io!i m i .'h. r pointed tonna of an opinion
which In* had lung BgO stated in public, that tin
effort of tin* Northern States to sabjogato the
Southern BOOS was hopeless by reason of tLo n
riat?noe of the latter.
.I.iiirnalis-n i_beghU-__f to repay part of the debt
i rarylarge one M owes to the bar, it iseoov
innii i-nuu.'h for a htaWfl I to have his own profession
for the other, bol ws hen- to-day, tot perhapatht
lirst tin,,-, ,,t | BUM Who has WOO ?list?m tion on t lia?
newspaper press quitting H lot legal practice, Mr.
A. M. Bnllitaa, \i. P. fat Loath, edltot and proprie?
tor of fis Su'm', the Dublin otgaa of the " Na?
tional" party in Ireland, _mresigned his eo___ection,
Wfaieh has lasted .1 years, \?ith that j uinial, ami is
eoodag to London tu juin the BogUsa bar. Mi. Bol
livan's act is all the inure BOticeabk boeOOBS BO M
already a man of mail? both in journalism and poli?
tics. His paper ??as anil in a |m?w.i* in lielaml, as
tin? (iowrti?i. nt took the troiihl* to prote in 1868
hs prosecuting Mr. Sullivan lot sedition, and send?
ing him fur fniir months tn Kit l.nioiid Jail. At the
l.i-t general election iu 1*1 bniary, 1874, lie Mood
for Loiith, ami defeated L ?d Cartingford, then the
Kight Hon. chichi st?-r Fort cm ?n?, President of the
Hoard nf Trade, with a seat in the ( abinef, ?m
event Whish tilled the WusgOWith SOOBtBIUariuO,
and s* ttiied to many well-nieaniiig persnns an imme
?liate [tlobiglie to UM oolllill'- nf llllt !-('Illisf. Klltcr
ing l'arliaiuent as a Home Kulei and hearing itn full
odium, pcrsunal and jiulititul, whicli weigh? upon
patriots of that school, Mr. Sullivan iu no long timo
imule himself liked, and lin.ill.N wun his way to the
very front rank uf _M tri-l iminliets, and nf yuttng
members in general. He can gp?*ak, he can keep Ins
taun'HT, and he run advocate an unpopular cause in
a manner ?o eloquent urnl conciliatory as to secure a
hearing whenever he riae?. I don't know why he
abandons jou_u_li___, but his departure is a lot?
which every Journalist who values his profession and
desires to see it grow in streiiKth must ?TCgM
Mr. itoldwtii Smith and wifo have just arrived in
Enplaml. I heard of tli.tn in Oxford last week.
They have not yet, I think, reached Lowlon. Mr.
Goldwin Smith's return on a visit will renew the re
tret so widely felt at the time of his departure, that
ho -houhl have resolved (o abandon his natural
career 111 his own country. I have not hoard that
hohas any intention of k?v?iik up his resilience in
Canada, hut should that be the case, he would he
heartily welcomed back to Kngland. True, he hud
made himself political enemies here by his courage
and ability in pol?ticaI discussion. Kvery _____?
Ktous and able man ?loo.? that. The fact that he
had, must have been a strong arimiiient with him
for staving in Kiigland. Hut he oei'Upied a peculiar
I'i'sitiiin; distiii-iiishc'l alike in academic ami polit?
ical life, and in literature, what he ?lid and endured
tor us?for the MBM of the Union in the ilays of tho
I-bellion?ou_ht to have endeared him forever to
Americans ; did so endear htm, I am sure, though
rumors at one time lloated acrrtsa the ocean that
some over-patriotic souls were thin-skinned enough
to resent tho criticisms he a?ldrcs.se?l to us while
Professor in Cornell University. I don't recollect
what tlu-y were, and 1 ?lou't care. They were proba?
bly just, but just or unjust 1 am roady to bear any?
thing for a man who bore so niiu'h for us, and arhoos
fiii'tidship was proved at a time when it cost a man
much to prora liiti:?elf our friend. And whatever
may have been the animosity he provoked, the spirit
of toleration and good faith between political oppo?
nents is stioni.' BBOBgh hero to make l-.is old S?OBliai
join in the rejoicing over his return, whether it he
temporary or permaiu-nt. Nobody likes to MO the
sum of intellectual ability in the country ?mnuiii-lieil.
l'rof. Huxley, I am sorry to say, has not yet quite
recovered finiii the illness C'titracte'l OB hu? voyage
home ; an illness due to a severe chill taken OB deck
which produced some internal disorder. He keeps
:.i work, hat does not look nearly aowoQaa he did
in New-York. I do not know whether I may be l?r
niittoil to allude to the -ordial terms m whieb be
speaks aj Abb fina, und of the anremitting atten-*
fern ami kindneoi shown bin while there, both by
penoaal ?Meads sad by everybody whom he met.
Aasarriaga is anen?g__. and will ihmtlji be oele
brated in ?Vial lahiol 111 Abbey, between Mr... lata,
eldest daughter of Mr. Motley, late American Min
1 -tei at tin- < ??m 1 .?f st. Jamea, aad sir William Har?
em t. If. P, fur Oxford. Mr. Motley and family
ban ret anted to town for the Winter, after ?making
a number of v i-.it s in tin North. Mr. Motley's health.
?alreadj restored to ? gnal extent, shows rigaaof
-nil ?further Improveaseat, Mr. Hughes is once
inore in l.'.iidon, after a Summer sp-n| in the coun?
try for the benefit of his health, which, as Am. rieaa1
will be glad to hear, bo deeJane te be en?aoty la?
st.??!'?!. Mr. J. H. 0.111?? ml arrived in London ob
?Saturday from the tour through Italy and other
puls which he has been making simo be quitted
Bayreath ami Ben Wagner. Ha aaila Dee. 5 from
BoutbamptoB for New-York. g. w. s.
i.'.v RICH i:?:-i 11.11 D iiv 90^10 ri.riiAi.irY and
1??. r_'i> M ? '"in iv--vN iv.'iiK.vsK Of OTBa 83,000
IM un: v.'ii- mm?: I8-T
Tln? rota of Mass;tilmsoU.s for (?ovrnior, as
lii'cl.ir.-.l by tin-sei'ti-turv ?if Si.it?', is-ivi-n In loiv. The
total voto lids )e.ir whs '_.??>,< ?o-l, ?livide?! u.-t follows I
-lex. 11. Ules (Bsp.), I37.665* Chortco Freest? 1da?
(lii'iii.). l'i.i.s-,.1; ,),?liii ;. p. ?Wit il'ri?., I..1I1. K.-f. a-i?l
w ii'ii.im suirr.i-. 1, i'.:,-7i; seatterlaa. lift; ?-to '? piu
r.ibty, mo.-i.i ? lue?'., m ij.r.tv, i?,i:n. IBs letal rota
? r, ? 173,185, dhrided se follows 1 Al?\ ii,
B Bep I, -!..;.;'.!; En. Qastea (Deoj.), 78*888- ?lohn
I. ?Bakes (I':??). '.i.l'Jt; ?I?.ul's I i itu-is Adam, (lud),
1,487 ? Wendell Phillips (i?i!?. Bet), ?u<;, bibIIiiiIbsj.
878? Kill'- piaraBty, BpMM. IBs taaraam la the Be*
pu'.ii..m v??t<- sin. 1 las. year Is OAJOmO; the Dssaoeratls
roto 1? 27,090 larges than the DssaoMalh sadAAaa_1
rote et last v. mh -, Ihs Prohibition and i?ttM?r Betona
rets !? i. ?-" bj ?_?.-: i 1 rot?11 the seetterlag rots Is
161 ?retes km than in 1878. The total law ass la the
rote el the Btate Baos 1878 Is 83,719, or saly aboai
2,900 1, s. Hi,m nan hall Ihs Mite?.: thai year. The la
en i-e ou r tin- int.- tor PresMsal in 1878 1-1 ?il.otiT;
?Ihs 1er roaos ores the Prestdeat?U rote ol 1888 B
?-IS76.-.-IS. 3.
1: 11. 1'.n. pro. /.'?i?. !<?-'-. Pro.
1 _d_n ?Baker ? ii.ik.-r.
:'..-.-l s,,..1 1.,, . 1, isa ,. ,-, ???
Hi r! ?hire ?, -,'.'? ?.647 ill . ? 7-J
I'.n.i.'l ?? ?7.1 .'?.I'm l.i.ls. i;.,-,i?i) (,.i,!j ooi
1 i:?s is . im i.-'ii I
1 .. ? ,1? Tl l.'.'.'s.i a.843.. 11.1 is 10,7213 1,1 ?7
l-'iiiiiklii. ?.7IHI '?,00 ' 216 i, "
?1 niii.ii. n . ,i7'.i ... ? ? . ? ;..; s ?;.679 -.-i 1
II?' IIM III I . .-. 131 '1,'JU ' '
M itl.tl. s. - .. -_,_'- ls.s'.n j ,, 1 .--? 14,00- ?.tu
Nautili ?et... ? ? ? ltd I 16 ? at.ll M 1
Norfolk.. ' -1 ? ? *.<? 19 -i '."'?'' 7l?fl
l'iti ?.?util. 7.-7'.' 4.1-ti 1,039.. I."".' :..". 71S
. '-'I..70 '.!.?.. .0 |,0__ . 14.391 ).?. '7" 1." - 7
vv.,i..,.;. 1.. ?10,618 14,106 1,-tot.. 18,61 J 12,-78 1.3'Jl
T. lui. 137.0- . 0,124
Pluralltj .. , . ? . 6,306 .
IS7? ' - ni.
1-7'. Chart ' ? Ail uns - lint.. 1. ?-. iv, .1 1,407 vote? ;
Wendell .'h,ill,1- I... ?..), 316 . a-.iiti-iiii-:, -Hi;.
The other - it?' ofleers (all BnpuhUcaasl wen
elected by the following 111 Online-. : I.ii'iit. -ii..?-. lloratli)
i?. Knia,iit, -j .:: ? ? Secretary Beary B. ?Plena -ji,t:j-_ ;
1.1 In ill , '.Tlilii oil. ?-('?,'JO.; ; Alldlt.il .Illiills Li
1 ,'le, '-'.'.,??17; \tt.?i-iiiT-?,i -lierai < "li.it li ?s K. Train,
85,171. The v.. publleaas? lei led LOCoagn mbmb, a gum
of I, anil the I >ei.:?i ruts I. Tile total lote for 0-BfT_M
1111 11 was _.'?.-?. 1 1 I, tin 1.? ?nililnaiis ?bating a plurality of
33,018 and ? ni.ijoi.i.v nt BOvi-O?
ri:..! KXDIX08 i> mi' tNV ?Ti.tMi <i_ thi: siah k
us- 1 ill. 1 ? s 1 ' \ mm. OBOCXIM.
1.in. vDii.i'iiiA, Nov. ?<>.?Tlie <?? nnionios
atteu??ig the aareUlag of the bwbbbu hi symbolising
??i 1gtoua liberty, erected ea tho Oenteaalal Oronaat
iiy the ii.i'ieiv order fcaowa u Ihs LO.B_alB-tth,
i..??i. place shortly slter aaoa today. ai beagh
Ike weather aas eoUI tad btasterlag sa snmahlegs,
iiiiiiiiii-i im,- iiiioiit 1,800 pass?es, eeaspoetd Bialaly of
Philadelphia atesshers of iii?? orOsr with repco
lentatlres from iii?? ?ii-trict ledgai si BaNteen
and N.-ii V.?ik, un?!liier.? of tlio Celiteiii,,ai
inaiiiu:?m? m. headed i>y Ihoasai Ooohaaa,
of tin- Bo_I t of Finan? i- ?int ll'ii. Haw l?-y of tlie i.nii
llil-sl. Il Well' pie ? III. At 13 O'clock ill' lllellllii I,-? of tin?
order sad invited guests asssasUed al theOeaten___l
D?pota! thePeaasyl.-Bls Ballread,aadal ?iait-pa-t vi
iiiaie]:.?i to tin- siti'oi the m..iiiiiiiiTit,wii?n tin oxen Ib ?
wen- iiiiiii. ??lately hegUBa
After music ie. Ute bead a prayer was offered by ttie
itev. OeorgaJaeoha IhePraoMeatof Ihs Philadelphia
District Grand Lodge doltrored aa addreai ol srelco
" the -tar Bpaaglad limner" (OUowedhj ihs Mad, aad
then tin? aiti-i, Mr. M, I.?/??lalei of I'liifUmati, f??iiiin'.ly
? '??,! the m?mtmia nt i?, th- ChaUtmaa ?'f tas ont? n
Hi il I'olllllllttee of til. Or.liT. At till? I -one! Ilsloll of M r.
K/ci id's iiidiesN tin? eersrlag of the ilalaary was
liiied. Jlr. A. I* BsagH of New-Yurk, I'lialrniaii
of U?e Ceiitetn_aI Ciiiiiinilti'i! of the Oldi r,
formally a. N ??.ted the work of llie artist, mid
lu sa ortsadod ipeeeh preesated tti" nam to the
rrCSldSBl of the oiiler. Mr. M. Bt-Bg-l ol Ni? -York,
Becretary of the Order, la the ohooaotot theResMsat,
inn iiy reopoadod ea behalf <>f tins
goB?B?ea, toiapli?Bating tho ?cuiptor sa in? aweoas,
und eiiiiif-i/.mb iii?? _real prh?tple syasbettasd in the
sssrh?1 before aha, that ..f rallgtnas litiertv. Ur.0oot>
ma>i 1 ?Lais of New-York, Preshteal of the Kosher Bhel
liai/?l. followed in sinne reuutil_| of like tilliT, -ll'i'h
wert ?eil reselreda The eserslees otsrs sea?
oludcd 1 y ?m mliii.-? ddlrered by the Hon. Horatio Gates
Joins nt l'liili.ilelpha, after whicli the members of the
Philadelphia Urana Lodge ami tin-ii lavlted cuesispre*
SOeAsd m B limly to J Hita.-.'? Hill ami sulnsi ?|M. lit 1 \ ?at
Iowa to a fulliiliou at a hotel lu the victui'.y of tho
ground. __________________
Pnii.vi?; 1 riitv, Nov. 90.??The home for ?aged and
lii.ti-cnt msmDSfSsi th? Oreerot ?Jtltl t't'llo-.*;? wa? i!?-.tic?it?l
t<? tuy.
OKA?a. Nor. 30.?Last night wiw tin? ..?(.lest of
Hi ?. ici'ii. the tlii'niiniiii-'T ri-i.iciln?; ?IlKlitly b?'li)?r ?ero.
Ktnorta from tue We*I ?how that uxticaiely coi?l wt_iiher pri?.
Kiy Wkst, Flu., Nov. Ml l-B-Tage to the amount
of til.OOO h?? tie? 11 ?Iri-Iiveil .in the ?teRiurr l.lty of Hot?toil,
fnim Now York toe (??lTe?*.?n, ?lie h?vlu_ _?>.? ??hor?, ?nd
?H'J.'ii . ua Ui? ?hii? Aliuur?, vtUtili nut uiW Utl? poll In i_*
?.? ?
Loxdon. Thursday, Not. 30, 2878.
The Times* Vicuna di-iiatch says an imperial
ukase fur the luoltllizatton of tbe Oucasian mrwf has
been Issued. Tbe forces thus ?et In niotlui will be con
centrr,t( d aliout Ackalyakh and Erivan, under the name
of activo corps on tbe Tureo-Caueaslau iroutler. Its
nominal strength is 80,000 foot, 3,000 horse, and 250
Iln Allegemeine Zeitung of Cologne publishes s sum?
mary of u Kusutan draught of a constitution for Bul?
garia. '1 his constitution would make Unitaria almost an
liiil..]M?n.le!it province, and tbe IScrlin corrcspondeot of
./o limes remarks tbat it? acceptance by Turkey is ex?
ceedingly Improbable.
The French plenipotentiaries MM. de Tti_r_olng and da
Chandordy have arrived at Constantinople.
Tbe Russian Telegraphic Agency reports that tha
Marquis of Balisbury at Vienna, as at Berilo, showed s
conciliatory disposition, which was reciprocate?-. Aa
understanding seems to be established on two points?
viz., tbe absolute necessity of obtaining decisive carnee??
sious from the Forte and of their being assured by subs
stantlal fiuaraiitecs.
The I'.stb correspondent of The Daily S'etes telegraphs:
" I hear from Bucharest that all hopes of peace liavo
been relinquished there. Trade is at a standstill, and
failures are numerous."
The Financier (London) says orden ire known to be in
baud for tbe transmission of furthi r huge amount* of
gold to Germany and America.
An order has been received at the Portsmouth Dock?
yard for the discharge of 50?) laborers. A reduction of
the working force In the yard Is not uiiusual at this lime
of the year, but that the Government is able to make it
ii.tv. implies that the. necessity for the recently reported
activity in naval i>rep:irations is abating.
Heut.r's Ht. Petersburg all.asatoh sa va according to au?
thentic statements the Russian Government bus repeat?
edly pointed out to Mass Milan {hat it cannot further
the plans of the Pauslavintic agitato-s for the establish?
ment of | Servi.in kingdom, lint if Servia wishes to
mafic toed her Just claims under ?usnan protection,
that protection would be at her disposal. M. Martno
v.ch is the hearer of Milan's assurance tbat fccrvta will
submit to Russia's views.
The Otmttmptrwrp Uevieie publishes H article written
bf Mir. Glad.-tniie, In which tin? hope is expressed tbat
the conference about to meet _t Constantinople will con?
sider the ______! of the Hellenes. Mr. Ghidatono adduces
Itstl ii. s lo ?how how false Is the Iniprcstdon that tbe .
11. lie:.. , an making no BtagSBSB Ho shows that Lord
Falmerstoii and Earl Russell inteinled to redress the
th pha aide restriction of OrSSb terriioiy by giving Thes
Bal' BadX?pirafl to Greece, leaving them under the nom
iiro !'o\eit:riit> of the F.rte. He thinks the Christian?
in Turkey would prefer English to Russian aid, and m
conclu ?ion mgaa England, instead of pursuing a policy
of tin', a?s, p tirade, and selflshuess, to secure tbe affee
tioiis of l.OOO.OOO of people by gi\ iiijf a Mille friendly
can al this Juncture to the interests of the Helleuic prov
Ixnrooo, Itstapa D-t. L187??
The Fai is correspondent of The Standard asserts that
th.. Heopsdaref IsnooaaH sassso-oita bbi European
Powers topnssrts his neutrality, and, receiving no re?
ply, a t risk is in.minSOt T-ftSSb envoys have arrived
at Hin! an -st to IBS??SO ?M aiiiutliiieiit of the conven?
tion between Russia and Itotiinania.
BSLO-AB-, Thursday, Nov. 30,1876.
Ucn. labsrnajeaTaai earn to Vienna.
BMM-Bta, Ttinisdav, Nov. 30.1970.
Es Went announces th.it (?.n. HsaSBOg-l ??111 go to
B?sala sb baarat ..f lbs teptf of the Emperor William to
tin* BOtSgrage letter recently s.-nt lnai bf the Ciar.
rilK (iKl.t-K MIMSIIiY IMA?.*..
ATlir.ss, Iban_ q . Nov. 30,1976.
Tue niiuisterl.il crisis has tm u Stl rt. I for the present,
Premier ? ouinoiitidouros having decided to await the
d.-bate, m tin- Cbasibsr.
PABSSj Ti.iirs.hiy, Nov. 30, 1H7..
Tlic coniiiiitti1?1 on tli?1 lull ra_____g to
military asosit. at me bartal sf the sanoban of the
. of Boost have decid-d to n pert against makiug
BBJ ' oinproiulsc.
LOBBOO, Thursday. Nov. Hi?, 1870.
Renter's telegram froln Fans saisit is expected that
t!n F.i ii.ii Com niuifiit Hill provnliug for fum-ral escorts
Will lie withdrawn, und a in.ui-l* ii.'I erWa on the ques
tiou is liieicii'i'- n.? longer spot-bended.
Vi EM ah l i s. Tliiitsday, Nov. .10, 1876.
During debate iu the Chaiiib-.r of Deputies to-ilaj on
i tli* Fublie Worship cs,?mates the proposal of the com?
mut?e t.. Mip|.:ess grants for scholarships lu seiuluarlca
was !.e_-.iti\eii- au ibs other reductions reessssBSBEBsl
l.? tbe ( ..n.nuit?e wer? screed to, sodevery increaseas>
ii.uii.l.tl by tin* ?overniii?tat was defeated.
l.iiM.'tS', F.h!. iv, U.c. 1, ls70.
Rcuti i'.s tc!._iMin from lVsth OmAOO that tho
uaagarlaa Minister _t tin? _itertet lei I trad t<? member*
of tin? Uberal patty-raassraag Uni lbs h m-anaii Mtn
ist iv adhered to tbe itlpalationi made ia-t May m regard
tn the bank .p.e-iion and they would B ret make auy
concessions, v Pestta special to /a.? Sataduvd say??.
iuintsierU-1 crisis ut Vicuna .-. .?ins uo?v iuc\ it_i,ie.
V(iKiii!\MA, Japm, Thursday, Nov. 30. Iffffl
There has Ix'eti a great tin? in Hi?; City of
Yi do. It was on.-of tl.e BBBSl UsstlU-UlS WttSb BOS
tiiki n p\at ? in m ui) years. The foienju settlement was
partially destroyed.
Mumm, I inns.hi-., Nov. :i(>, 1878.
A Motion has DOM submitted i:i th? Senate
tin- object of which Is to bring about a full discussion of
the present state of Cuba, and the best BSBM of pa'-;fy
lag the colony.
I.onixiv, N'ov. _<?. ? Silver is (iiioic'i to-dat
!(t .".,") 1'Clice per olli.ee
LobDOVi Nov. 'AD.?J. P. Foster, metal mer?
chant of liii-inin.haiu, has failed. His liabilities arc cs'.l
iiiiiletl at ?r IT...? in?.
l'.iiiM.i ten, N'uv. 'AD.?Col. J. A. MacDonald,
captain "f He- -eottt-h rifle testa Which recently Vl?lte.l
the Finie.1 S;atcs, has ln-.il appoint"'! 8ol__Kor?Q_BSral
tot Mot and.
L??M?(.v, Hot. 30.?It i? 8tat??al that the
Ti. tautf has undertaken to continue the prosecution of
Dr. Made tue medium. The case will probably be tried
laissai it].
PANAMA? Nor. 17.?The continued ruins and
the " norther" at ..?.pinwall batt BBttSd to overflo.v
th.* raili 11 d track fo.- several miles. Tin1 l.o-f tmln 1,0
cross the istnmtis was on the 10th lust. The fniln which
leaves today does aal expect to sotbroufB. Thepa?
seugers, baggage, aad malls are to be tiaus.'erred at
Mtudee to cars from the Aspinwull Fide.
The F. v. George D.-.wson, tvlioge death is
anuounceU from London, was a native of that city. Ha
OSS graduated at the L'niver-ity of (?lasj-ow, and Joir.e^
the ministry of the BflgtM Cbui*ch. Ho became raftjwr
of .Mount Zioii Chapel. Fiiniingliam. iu 1?,-14, but bavin?;
disagreed with a portion of the congregation, he ?Itb
drew in is 17, and ofttclatcd in ? *:cw church ereeled for
him by sultscnptiou. Mr. Daw son deemed an earnest
desl?e tot truth and a life of Ob. ': ce to ?iottaud charity
to man ;he great tests of a CtuixtiX* sulrlt. He attained
popularity as a lecturer._
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 30.?Ex-Gov. O. D.
?li-MtMO died in this city last night at the age of 81.
Pokt Ontario, If. Y., Nov. SO.-Clinrles D.
?tagaOB, formerly editor ot Moore's ilurai Kew-Yorker,
died here today after two year?* sicknes.. Hew usa
good ciUzcn and a talented wrfter.
Pi'KiNGriELD, Mass., Nov. 30.?An incen?
diary fire al Li?field early this msrntiif destroyed too,
stores aud a tt-KMuent block. Los?. |18,500 ? iiuaranoa,

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