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Vo1 XXXVI.N* 11,132.
?EN. Rl'illllt IM MKS IN.KIlKKKKva. I? hk.Mih IIA1IC
MW-,.i,I | ??,?..
The rival organiza lions of tbc HoBB. Oi
Columbia, B. C.| were ?-till in hcss:oii in the
?MM __B___h__ last evciiiii<_. lidvin?. t?-?t?'<l
i ?_____*! ? ii'biian??' for 86 boms. An
_gree_Be_rl to ?k1.??>iu.i until the bbbm hon. on
Saliii?l.t\ '.?ii? __f?e-i by tlic t?\?> Spcakci-, ? mi
ilitioiiod on i;. u. _tflfe_ not iuti-rU-riii11. GrBD.
Boxer refmeed to be ? ps_rtj to any agreemenl
Of tliiscliiiiact?!', !Ui?l iiotbini: WBI ?i?'? .>iii|Ji*-li< ?1
toward n _4)ob-?b_-?_-i? Ib LoaJaiana, the
apea stasio-ii of t li?* Betaraiag Beard ended.
It \siis admitted by both parties thai tK?' -State
?siuibl bo K-tuiiH'd fcr Haves. The visiting
P__Boenli i-? i'<l an addreai to the country
ebtiming the -State for Tiid.n by 5,200 ma?
joiity oo the face <?f the ratania. A ram<_r
that a bod bad brokea out in the Betorning
Beard p_OT___ed in Now-Orieaai lael Bight,
but ______ not i ' traced t?? a ifonnnaiiiki origin.
Uli Mil n\l Y M.?.M. A M?. II I 1?' I A li?. "i ?
i.niii nun? im nt (tws-juin ai.i.klmkm h?
mu?a. s. c. Da*?*. 1.?The _rtaat_on li nn
0_asOBS_ l?dtli iKidies h;?\c (.?-?.-iijucd tl|.- 1 lonse ol
-? .ittitivi-s iiuii sin.??* 12 o'clock yesterday.
Kninerous propositions for s compromise Imvc basa
railed nothing. The Uaited States
:.-?fei...l. Tbe ??einoiTnlii* rc]ire
.u'l 1.1.clit-lii ami I.atireiis win* htill in
I . ?iiiL?. and tin? De-BOCfBM wars
ul. claiming tint th?* Daited Btaaca satbori?
i of tbe Sii|.tiiiii;
logaa sfitemsnl was signed by
the two Speakers to adjourn the respective Houses
?Bmnh ?" __eal to-eMtrew st 12 m., witb
House aneban-fedj the igm nienl
to take effect iii'.:ii''liat?'ly. iti"'.i?lt*?l ?.?ti. Riij-'T
.. l.'i! :? r, however, refused on the
ground thai he ainsi ?bej orders i! he reeeiYi - tbem
lio:u V I in Id iisi | v. ill um, th<
iiljittini. Several Republican members
l tin u intention of abandoning the
jami i'.v lit i...1, i iiv.i:. ( ham?' in Aix roa
-is ? roa, \-,i. :m -i m i i ob KAi i>.
[si i.. i iuAi u i" ras ran i
Washington, Dee, 1. ? It is suggesl .1 here to?
aif .: i .oath Carolins Imbroglio may resal?
in a. ? -? kick will give Hampton the d"\ -
. Ip, make ?Chamberlain United States 8
sii'l o ' ?rs nndisl irl ?.. I: ?
i . t. ??! no farther eoncern about
. l'ii-?v think n eaunot
now I
?i the part
of th?? Administration in the treatment of
nli Carolina question. Gen. Roger's action
...'! the statements made by ?i"? members
of tbe Cabinet last aigbt, led to tha belief that the
sg members of the Legislature would be
.1 a- noon i?.-i!:.y. Tbe fac? that
main leads to ;? varietj al conjectures.
1 that then ? incut in th? Cabinet,
f planation generally advanced is that t
t tbe carpet,
RO 1MI ?li 1 KIN. 1' '.MIMIAIl: \M ill llll IH'I -I
a TBoa - m i mi m oi u ?-hay's ruA-iaao
\Va?ii \ i ? ??it?. l.-Tlii'i?1 was a full meeting
of th?* Cabinet to-day, snd tin- seaskio eoatinued
The prim ipal questions dis
. . . . to i-ven!.- now i? ? m i ii.?? at the capital
<i 9oath Carolina, sad \\<*ic based onatalegram
?ras Unlay reealved from Gen. Bai
wait h 'lu* foUowing is sa extrae! :
? 1.11 Mm?., s. c. Dee. i. 1-76.
tm. W. 1". Hiii.KMa*. ./? the SintUiry u) War. WauAtsnattm,
i hare eai-fally aastataed trooi mteifueaes with the
ol tbc Booss frmii lin- :iiat, Oath
the I ? : lit/1-iltld my own liellef fin t!,i
. refot it.i the otto n sB s_ ..i the pi
troops IB till r . tmt nt.t :n tin? ii,,,ii.s ,,:
l,ly tif cither (if tin- Houses, nn ttu? ?luv nl iii.elitie. It
? tbati far ? ttaM, aoMteira wen- placed ? ?
?f the boat (?I SBtrance ti. the Mali Of
-.... under the following ein
A i*nos ut the '(nur ?if the House, and win? claimed ??u
examine tha oertMeates of tin?-?? elalmiag to
??1 .in? to the:: !" tie ?nil, lut B bO,
bad ni legal eatborit. lot bo doing, applied to
sad ol .he troops, plaesd Is Um
I ill,..'i of th? .ii'?e, ula
and that lie was being pressed apon and eoald
rfona bit duty. The ^uMi? i - wets placed sa
I Informed sf tbe i Ircum
I ordered the soldiers wtthdrawa, as 1 liad pre?
? ? .-. ? baa ban i. that I should eos.
?? ?n iiuii to t e? ?i,.--. : v.ttum of the pease,sad
?? mc t?i Inopiag tin* doota
of th,? roo:. og of the Houses, sa tbe rooms
I* I... ?mu n. i ?. . ..r ,i
i i. ihc 11\ !i efBoets of the
i be nu i.'i' . ? ? ! ? krai by
pn -im s, sa -?'ait il ; bal
e ander ( I the ?' 11!. of I
Ctllll! ? Tllus. t. I.l ..1 ?;,
Commanding Department
After the adjournment of the Cab ?? t metti-gto
' ...s iiunie oi the several-Bombers in order to
H ni the deliberation, uni tb? y <!??
finical to u .ike any eammunieatiou wbatevoi opea
tin* Milijeet. it i- known, however, thai additional
iiistrua--,i?..;is of an Important ebaraeter have beca
?eut to (;? u. Bagi '?
Till. CM V QVBBIIOM Wlllt All. I'AHlll- II.
OK HAVUs | MAJlilill V.
|l SUMS ?! ?l l" MS iHiiu N? I
l__w?f______u*a i?t?-. l. -1 '?u? jiiiiiin Manonaofths
i I Board eloaed to-day, ami 'i?o nsall of
'i,! iii !ii? lihuiih w ill ba awaited with ana
bag .y thasi oi both partiaa. Ho ?ttic ia New
OrleanssBsaM te have -haa?sd hi- opinion laths
tost tvao wi-t-k? m regard to what the tapar? <>f ths
b_Bj-d will be, BepubUeaos and Deiaocrati -tike
the retara ?>? Bayes uml Packard, the only
?i? ticin-? ths Hi/,e ??f th?1 iiiajoiiii?H. sinl which
ball he iiji'tad m (mili t?? bring about this
B? |inl?!ica.is think the STBBOBlTS ail utiiiii
smpli to ? \chiiU? ?iitii'.st avary pell la tii<*
wBdeaed parishast i?-"<l .sans In _ib_rs; but,
pr?,l?u!ilc that tints,- m tha? large
sf thorn aari-hea where United Itatao troops
? ?i, .?nid abets the eatorad fsjepls roted
th? Bepmbbcaa ticket in tin? grsateel aamlx i
lx ssaatad ou the groaad that the eleetioa at liiona
P"o._* Mie in home dagBM tn ??-. Twit will U iiion*
' ?: II iv. - ami l'iMk;ii.l than the kjc?Iio'i
' iot<- of tl,;.-?* fti*tparishneettegothn..iliirn
1 IB theo have aa__a majority _b eaah. Dobm
rea ?hea this is doaa TBdsa and
swill be ahead, and thai ta gat rid of the
bs-_Brit| ahey .viii theo have the pan. ia '
fcflOBfl BjBjg l??1 thBOWB out. It would he hard to
muA a ncieon iu this city oi wliier piui-* who would ]
imt lu? astonish?- if the Boat- i?li<>_]<l oflkiallj
return lililiti or Nir!i"!ls.
ItKlTI?! Il A -s ~~g~ TO II III |s|| mi 1.1 M<?i>:\II<
i v i(?r.\ri:, BUT CA-UK-l OKI it ?. imivii
I'.vn D OORomOL
|nv ;i i.Kiiitvi-ii io nu: inUUB?.1
_-W*0_-t-_-, Dae. i. Fi. -I'li-nt Grant's Kortb<<
ern-taunittee express tr~r~\ that ilu- statesteal
win? h ?they will make to tin ?Preaideot, Bad through
lutii t ? flu- ? ?i n,try, will be baaed atonal exclusively
cm ex parte ?affidavits aud depo-rt?ons. They say
tl'i't tlii'.v iuviti'.l 11? m.?mis t?, furuisli tlum a . <.|>v
..I Hi. ir ?ldriitni'iitary c\ ?deoee, promising tu jm 1 ?!t-?)?
M with that " i'ii-li tbe?. lia?-?-? gathered fnun Repub
lii'.-iu .stiiiri-,.,; hut the itiv-i:;,t:iiii VMis.l?. Iiui'.l. The
trnth is, the Domoorats bare Md known what sort
o? arideoee to introduce until they hare
?.???ti tliiit ?submitted by the ?RepabUeans; ?and
their time was then so limited tbal it was topo ?i
iil" to furnia- ax tin copi?e to any ana, Thoat thai
went to the Returning Board were <>f enures inae
? ??? li'i.'.ati.l eren if they had n<.t been the Bepnbliean
Committee eonld not ha??, bad them copied, auch is
tlie ?iiasH of them. Mm ii of the Republican ?vidence
will not be copied nntil after tlio Visiting Commit?
tee retorns North. Thn address ?if the Northern
li'-iinx'iritic Committee referred to In dispatches
List night will probably reach the eouutry throngb
the Issocisted Preaathiaerening, althoogb it maj
be withheld nntil to?-niorrow for wan? ?>l sume ?t?.
ti-ti? ?? wliK h are to be ?embodied m it.
Among tbe ex parte afBdavita taken l.y tbe Re?
publicana, one of ?the u."st intareating ta thai <?f
iiiiijaiiiiii M??i-.iti, ((?MtiiT of East ?Baton ?Songe
?Pariah. Il*- attachai to Ins depoailton copies <?f offl
eial retnrna made l.y the coroner's Jurii s summoned
by him from April 11 (<? some time In September,
1876?. The number of eases ?thus iiivestigated by
htowaall, Victims were hanged or rim*, .-nul In
moat eases by unknown ?persons. In September
Morgan eweara that be raceiTed through the poet
. letter oi which the following ta a copy :
Vr. Baa MoaoAn, OsroMsr .* Tan will please bear in
inn ?i tbal youi absence Is required in tke county, and i
fortbei Inform ?fu timt t; you ?u?- es ighl i in r? in nnj
more j "iir late sball be i ? came le bold you
Inqoe?if ove?, Town, traly,
( un ira or in o_i srona
After laeeivini this paper, Morgan held nomore
Inqucaia. Eugene Hale, who has? i.ined carefully
all tlie Republican testimonj n latir? to Earl Baton
Rouge, lui.s hail compiled a li-i ol ninetoi n murders
tratad there within about a year. /. i.. w.
AI'I'I HVII..N Of 111? 111 I'i 111 H A\s r..|; lilt I?!Mu
C-ATIC 1 \ 11 > i m un. Bl .i v -NO Bl I . BAL.
? 'it!.i ?.?.-. Dec 1.?Th? Returning ?Board bad
tin- usual attendance to-day ezcepl that the ?Repub?
lican Committee were absent. T?.. boxea -i i '
Baton K'iu_'' Parish were opened, abowingfor tbe
T.\i? telecl-is 137, and for the Hayes electors 19.
1 fi- busin? iMc tod to-day, and the board
'I I?, iiiliii-? ing coi re
spondonce took placeon Thursday and Fridaj be?
tween-ertaiu Detiocratic ?nd Republican comuiit
teea ?nowin i!ii ity watching thecanvasaof tin
rote ?it tins State '. ihe Returning ?Board :
Ni ar. m babs, 1.1.. Sot. 30,1-7??.
r ? ?.:? BnI : i? i- -??ii i? ai ??? ?? to eoin ii" ? eate to I be
Presid? ut ??';.-' i ol Ihe i- n mony nl ? II
under 1 Ike Board of Returning OlBcer*
. .?iiiui?-!' u? is. bul web ,i no means lor obtalulnng
? m i., i ? *t ol ii.-iu ?
if you ? ??I s? eure us
, ??I with i'i' i "? tram
nut them with copies ol deposltioni Uken w.? IbeRepnb
ii?-r?ii c:iiiiiiii;it? ? : bo that, II printed h- reaft. r, the who ?
!?"?iy ?if t ? - - f i ? i " ? i ? > "i,?.\ b* i,..u mil i "iisuli-r.-.t t. ? _.- ? 1 !..
Tin n i? no <l"ii! t ti.-.'i a i? qnesl bj ft*. tA the aratlemi n
? tke depositions ?. y with
oar wish for copies of them. Very Ke -ct'tfullj yours,
juii.N :-ii:.i.?as, Chairman.
to the Hin?. Ji.lui M. Palmer, 'huiiiin.ii.
? I a I ?111 __?_, I'lUiH-, III ?:?. 1. 1S7 |,
Ihr linn, .inns Bui an ???? titan i \ ar note of yee
'? !,| ,', '?, ?all 'I III!- Ill?'l I.,:
before the gentlemen witk whom i s?t as ?dated, and
tke] Instrool n t?> answer thai tk??? .t ? ? ?? ?r
?mvi'iiis thiit all tin- fact relating t" tin
I'ri. i?: i sh m h i;-i iwn t" tke r? opli ol it
United States, buttbal yom soteoontalnsno ?assurance
that tke i vid. :i-<- eoltoeted fcere will i><- ?laid before the
??iiiiiitty. They further instrnel am to-day thai sltl.i*h
apon thiii md ottn r ?>??.i- lb
>iu?n. ui .?iiiiitiiuiiii'.'ii.'iiu i?? ;?.u ni?- i.-lui si-ut-itiv.v uf
the Pres-denl and tl ? '"?< "
? a th, i?. opli of i inlslana :?t ;
: Html eleetoi - '?i gladly unite and eo
operate with j ou sad >> - au i
ng for publication sii?-:i i? tutu?. i'i"t. -?: ?. petitions,
??\|i i?iii?iis, and erldenee taken by all parties wltk Bay
other papers which mai be Deeesaarj to a lull Bad?
standing of all tke questions tbal relate t<> ?the election
i.f l'n --i-tt'ii t in i. -i-? tur- i'i tin- - ate. ii- Hew ol yom
?um ?m.I ?h? Importaoec i f a ?proper nnderst?ud
tng >'i ??n Hi?' ta? i? i.? the n nun ?, we rpnsl i son m oui
?regrets thai yon declined the eoSperatlve action t?ri>
?? ?s? ,i i.y ?ih.ii tim beginning, Varj n -i"--- fall?.
Juii.s ML i'.ii ?;i u.
a ?i Atom i ?t m?. iiii.iN ii i iv i. THOUSAND TWO
llfM'l'IJ) ( I.AIMl !? I > I IM 11?A ll.'N AMD WI..1M.
OM li'.ui BIDES, n vr Alu
V v. m:. 1 IMS, I' ?-. I, 1876.
1 o the ]>eo}de of the Indra Sintis:
(in Din ?tinsiil bore, ?1 casting abonl f..r ap
proacbea i<> the offl? lain who control the eli ?tions in
thi?? State, we discovered tlmi tbey wen ail of one
j.i)liiu;il party; thai the UoTerna- bad ?ip
?><iint??l none but Republican ruperviaon ol
tiona, and thai the returning oiBeeri consti?
tuting the ?State Board wow <>i th khho
political school. i"(i'i?'i'?'i'il iiy tin su hiauspiciou?
suiToundings our thoughts and hopea?? -returned
?toward the eminent gentlemen who baTebeeaBe
lected by the ?Preeidenl to be presen! and see that
tin- Ii.'iinl ?if ('?in ..?s-, is made a fair count of tbe
rotes ;. tually ou?t, and on 11 ??- l ltd of Norembet ????
inrited ?theee ?gentlemen t.. meet ami eonfer with us,
Tliir? eoSperation was declined, but we neverthe
n to In li.ve tlr ' , tl?'" '-Dr
reapondenec maj be attributed tl? in~itation to ui
oaths 18th ultimo, by the Reta ling ?Board,tout
,'? td and be preaani al its meetings as spectatora.
and witneaaee <?f Its proeee__n?ga Through this
?"iiiii'sv ami tii" m i.;??- ?>f ??? eompetent steno
grapber we became i?.s- ?-..l ?if all essentia?] faets
.li \? iiirn-il on the fin-.* of tin- official papera. Wi
bare been (urniahedwith a eertifiedeopy of the
duplicate - tat?mente <>f rotea, made bj the Commis
s.niu'ih of Election ;ii each piad ??f rotang in tbe
Btate, iiiul trota t beae statauwuts it appears thai the
1 il?!?'u ill? Un received tbe following rotes :
MiT.iur.y. -3,712 | DeBhUM. -3,6-7
W'u I lift? ... -.: --ii -.-.:.. .83,842
Bt Martin , - l.rJ7e ; < ale?. . H3,..7_
I'd?'!).' .B8.52V | t'r.is?. 83,652
And the Bayes electon raeei?/ed the following
rotes, t" wit :
Kellogg.77,1?_ I Mark?.75,131
Bares.77, i..? i? -?. .75,870
,ii,s.-|iii.7i.*?~:i ? Brewetei.7 i
BU? Won. .71.-11 ? -iHYiuii.V..,.r?'.i7
Tlio ivsult uf tii?- rote l<>r I'r.si.l. imal .-I?. ?ton as
disclosed on the taoaai the rstnras opened by ths
il..- R. iiiiiiniK ?Board m "nr sreseneei
.ok Tin. Tii.Dl.s BLBOTOBS : )??n nu. ~A~gt in.t.?i.?.
UcKnen._2.22_ Kellugg.77..r_:i
Wlekllfl. . in h . 7'
*?t Mutin.12,126 Josepb. 7_.fi?!
M.ii k*. ,
i .75.157
.li'ilii'iii. 75,360
i?. Blanc.
8i-:irv. ?-.'.-I :
l rOM.s-J,H)1)
In most ? ;_-<?- Ott t ?t u ? nis oponed by tii?- Rstnrning
Board ?'?irn'SDiiiuii'd withtbaoartiaodosfisa <?f ilu.?
Ht:it*iii?'tits ?if 00____-_MNBS <?l I.li' lion furiii ?li.-.l
ii?. Ihl in."! mat.nil -__HWBM BNBB Iroiti tlio
iailiiio of liio biipui viooi. ol EmoI Butou iiougo,
I sngipaboa, ?> id Orl?ans to forward the atatements
oi rotes fron ui! rotiag plaeoa in their reapeetlvs
i... i Ishea,
In 30 auit of the .'I*? States in t!?* l'nion IheSS
flrrnres would t>a? eonelusive, ?nul no sao would
claim fini! Tilden ?uni Beadriehs wen* not entitled
to the electoral vote of tin. state; imt hiLoahaana
a tribanal has been set up which ?>n faillitff oc?
casions li?'i ovetthrawa tin* will of the people aa
expn .oils, and for which the aOWBf it
now elaimed it it s ___e__ttoa to ebaag. the
? nltof the popular tote of the reeent election.
In view, however, of the retaran, aad the law and
taeta which should control tbe Returning lt( ?ml, w it h
whit h WC have iiiiitle ou i.-cives familiar, WS liavt; BS
beritatiofl in asying that the result shown by the
votai artaalIj en*', eaano. bs rhsrigiril without a
palpable abase of the letter and _**__U of the law
governing the I v" ? -111 r 11111 _r Bo ml and ? manifest |.ei
varsBoae. tha facts baton it. brragularities bore
lieetl eiiiiilnit!, tl i it BOOM i M?-1 ;iti( ?es liy olfict SB ( "11
drtcting?lectionsaad ia aiahing returns bat they
m aiionf aa iiiin-li oo one aide m thaotherj andas
to intimidation and rioleaeo ot other iBegal ecti
preventing .1 free and Csii ?le? Boa, there is evidenee
on both rides, bol not of laeha eharaetei m to
? tbe general result it? moot iastaneeethe
at (s m' \iillene.- proceeded from mere lawlessm --. as
m the ease of lia ary and Elisa {-Inhston, sad had no
conn? tioii uii!i politics.
it t- s -iL'iiiin? .nt fa t thai m the parishes win n
it is alleged that voters were kept from tbe polls
by m t i m dati >u tbe total vote of such parishes s ss
as large as al an] time heretofore, and la the whole
-Stateis 1,500aboveaay vote heretofore rast. Aa
bonesi sad tail canvass of tbe returns, even ander
Um Louisiana lav., eanm?( rnateriaflj reduce Til
den's Mi.ij't.i. as -i,?,? i,,,,, ii?. f.,.,. ,,f th,. retazna.
.I'HIN If. I'M MB-, (?I.i. H. SMIIII,
Li ?>!?*.*? i i*i Mm ix, <;i u. w, .iii.ia\,
W.M. BlOBBB, ]|. 1|. \\ a,
i;i I'l'i.ii I? M ? Mi-i m I'ihn Ol in : ( OlaOBBO MBBT?
i-.i M \ i m im, K.B0B1 ".
|ni u uMiu ?i u. rus nui
Bl w-Oai i a?.-, Dee. L?There is i n h t?ilk shoot
tin? ?ii;, to-night in regard to a fend in the-??turn*
Ina Board, aad rumora are afloat that thi twi ?I
orad members are likely to disagree s Ith W t U
Anderson on tbe final decision. It is certain thai
s'Hue prominent colored men in New I rlea
dissatisfied witb the manaar in srhicb Caxeuave and ,
Kenner have bean treated. When anj uueet.ons
bave arisen, Gov, Wells and Gen. Anderson have
?ilmo-t invariably announced the decision sf the
board without consulting the ? olored members, and
In vei | I .. t? a mat I rs been formal]' rah
niiiia-tl to vote. 1 hi- treatmeol of tbe colored mem?
bers bss caused some ha**d feeling. Another rcpoii
is thai a large um ..f money h-i- been offered to
nn it.i.ei ? .,i .in? board to coaul in the Democrats,
imt t'iis report eannol be traced to a responsible
THE ? /.. A 1.1: A ? sill .! ??os.
I IM. i!" - ,\\ \ -| i:- VViiKIHV (Il M II' I ! I
( OB I" -?' int. . ORBl PTION IV I 'it i-UJI -,
.i is ni IN0K1 ? ? TO Aim i. Il un
in ? i.
Inv ti . i OS -.i n i" 1?I
v. iiKOToa, Dec, 1. John A. Kasson of lova.
. the i?, ntii'iiii ii invited by the Presiden! to
,, it SB lleeotllll III Lo
to- y. Hi ?fives a t h ar account "i it,? c n
I'.lll'S ill
o the? h;it.*u ter of Un- Returning Boa.d In Florida,
.. East on si I .
" Tie board iu any 8tat(
Union, ccrtaiul) noneinauj ?SouthernState,more
entitled to oubli.fidence than that in ilorida,
Mt. If? Liu, tit- i:- public?
chairman '.I the board, -was born in If.
-, Florida, is an sttorni j. sod h.-is
litor of tin* ii'lesi newspaper iu Florida. He
! ion man, bul ?liiiud into ;J- -federate
-i i \ l e, lit'in which In? v,;is ? | ,,.,) ?. ? ? !.|.i ?
real for disability. He then gladly went within tbe
Union I - I'iie'l himself with the Union cause,
l h i oi.ii dli i-tit ner.il. Dr.Cowgill.biaDplawarean.
ii? iaapbyi ciau, aud held s medical commission
in ih?- Union army. He i.- s gentleman In i barai tor
?.ml manucrs, upright, and coiiscientiamta. Mr,
(',.. Li , Alt,.: m ?y Gen? ral, i- a tboto Igfa I ?? ....
eral und ? Virginian. The latter two gentlemen
came to Elorida about the ? los?- of the war. Both i
m ited on the board, and the |
only charge made against an. member is that Mr. I
Cockc,wbowM sppointed m n Republican by the I
Governor, should retain o is place in tbe Governor's
i.iliii.ii after quarreling with his s ?ocistes and
ging hi poli!?:,. Tbe attempt to creati prrju
dice in the North sgaloa. thi- board u wholly un
justitiod. Ii proceeds solely from the disposition
.-soiti h tu en luir?, ni ate every -Southern man who allies
himself with the Republican cause. Whatovei ro
-nltilii ?....trd may arrive al '.-.?il bs sustained bj
precedent and principle, and the publie may have
? otire ' onfidence in Its justni
Mr. K.-i-suii gives a rery hopeful rh -,, ..f the ma*
i ,,ni of Florida. Upon ;
M Ilorida is a well-governed State. I; Hn
,-, fully managed, and all fair-minded men
then? admit the honesty and integrit* of c,o\.
.-ii ?nus aadoi hi-.'?iiiiiiii-ii.-itioii. Many parts of
' _tai idilj Improving, and all Intel i ? at
Bien of both partiel f. ? l the necessitj oi preserving
ad government of tbe oouutrj snd of encour?
aging iintiiiirraiioti and the growing prosperity oi ihc*
Outside oi ?i ft s in*a*sponsible pi roons Mr. K i?? n
beard very little oi tbe violent talh so eommon ia
, rtain -acart ri Mort h. Upon thissubject he ?
" Tln-i'i? ..u?.? ft ??? Democratli pol ' ' lorida
who threaten violence, bul the solid men of both
parties have no dispositiou to resort to any violent
measures ; in fact, as fares I eould lean with re?
gard to i iblic opinion througbool Louisiana and
Florida, tbe slmosl nnivers . sentiment Is that if _??>
trouble or violence shall come from tbe political
situation it mast be begun in tbe North end West,
and not in the Booth. Sont In ?in is suffered enough
from ?ar, ami prefer that inch su_r_*.ng,_f say
there is to be, shaB ba tried in th<* Barth. Oatside
of New-Orli sas tbe Boutharn Detnocrats seem raoce
niia-if-ta il m the control oi their State Government
ih.m m tin1 ? lection of Mr. Tilden "
Mi. K.i -?.u has '??. n absent from Louisiana mbdo
da. ?. ?mt be was ? verj can faloh erver while th ire.
id- spoke a- follows about the situai aa then aad o?
till |:,e ? li.li- OUt? "111"? :
?? Louisiana, you a ill renn mber, hasbeenjformany
years notorious ?is the b? ne of electron excitem? at,
troubles, .-n?i fraada Maoy .Mats age tha whole
.ountrj beard of tbe Plaqaemiaea treads, whoa Mr.
Blidell was a candidate tot the United States B??ate,
?inn ?m Whip aadDemoorats aaeh ehaitared
a itoamet and -'iii several handred repeatcn to
vota- ai BB-Mtoas pee, un?- along tin* rivet baas,
a hen? ti.ey opeaed palla for that parp?se. Ken will
racoUeel the Nativa Amerieaa _w_rderoaa alecttoa
u,,!s in N?iwOrleaae; In fact, ?it h regard te sloetiea
fraada th_ histnrj "f laoaialaao _nrpaa.ra thai <?i
the City <?f Ban *.ork. Ih? state has aevuf
___abliabe_ a wpatatiae inr good ooassiaa?
ill (lea lions, r.iiisei|iie.itly tile |tulillf BUgfal !" '?a?
?lou to torn ajadgnssnl apoa Loaisiaaa la sdvaaos
of autheiititaied ?*\ nit mi?. Hmt bs this ban ?lectio?
there lia.s ??ecu rail loin- intiinulatioii ?.ml outia_c to
pieielit the l.e|>iil?luan vota? floin Imiii*? vimt, the!?'
is no (jucstioii. I o w hat a xta-nt thin h?_s afl'ictfd tho
?seaB is S i|iic-l ion ?a 111 a h 1*1411 < 1111 v be settled iu the
B*BJ |iiovuled liy th?* law of I______BBO. Tha* only
legal tribunal f?i ?leierminina it it? the Returning
*??? nsveath !'?_?.
t-_-_-_TJ__i COMrurATION.?..
ii..v .?!-? in?-, aannn m is-is m y? mm n_una w??
I'vuisii un: ?All.
I-isii.)., Fruluv. Dsa 1.1 ?V"_.
A ?i??-?i?il ?U.spal*?li from Koine to '?he Tim ft
fr???: "??ii?mr Melegart, It.ilum Miin-tir ut Nrclgs At
fuiis. ?lut,Bg his itiii'i vi.-vt ?vith tin'M;ir.|iii??if BsUshavy
Bsedrery Msudly laagaasjn Be ?,mi liai] vas?tstrsa11 ;
of tin? Bsspsraosa ?'f Bagtaad sttbe Uoufsranee, aadex*
arasai ii.. ?. sM <i epta-ea agsaasl sa) tan Iga sssupatlaa
m lurkish tarrlt-ry."
A Special ilisp.-itrh irum Merlin ke ?he limit says: " Ar;
ardor, whi-b is in preparation,far aslUagaul nil Ras
shut Badet .'.o years <>f sgs Is regarded as proof tii it tt;<?
Oarer-neat is presarlag lor .?i eeutfageaetea, aad has
AsprsSSSd th?- M l'. ti-rsiiiir_ lluurso."
The Rasslaa s uii-.iiii?_al Iblegrapbls ?Agency aseases
c.il. Kriii.i.iu,the English mllitaiy ?attache, who aeeoas
psaied tbe Turkish army, of basing BBtad a? military
. -t Abdul Kerbs Pasha.
A telegram tram tbe Admiralty bas sees reeeived at
rnrtsaioaib. erdertag Ihsl lbs eotlces Issnedyesl
ii.rtiu iliaeharge af 000 uorhSMS be withdrawn, pond
inK tartbi i BoBstdi raUoa.
Arm i?, l-'rll iy, Dee 1. 1878?
The ?Vtalstry havlag soli sh' Jned a tnajoiit? <? ?tas
in the i ii..u, . -i i,ii a i.?n imposing tresb ta_a?oa tu so?s?
atele ii"- military preparation? 4 the i-iiiuitrv, aa
aauaesd t?> ?day in tin- Chamber ot DepuU* ?? thai 11?*? v ?had
resigned, i mir ?sueeeesors bare mot ft t bas n seared.
pr, ri raasai so, Friday, Dee, i. I87s\
Th? 0rand Daks Ni? bol?a departed t?Is afternoon for
tin- ,i' my.
Ill .-UAH! ?r, Triil iv, Dit. 1, 1 YJO.
Tub flsiniBiBSBl. lu tbe Chamber ol Deputies Unlay,
i ?.? ?i '? r an i ?xtrsordln u? _raal tot tin- maintenance ol
a nun ? Htm? ?i armj until tbe end of the present year?
Vi lasAii 11 ?-. ii "i.?y. Dee. i, 1-76
Tlu'K? was i mg a debate in tin? ?Senate to-day
on th?- ?Mil im flu- cessation "f jad?ela! procei
?i _-.i 11 t psrttctpstors In th* Com?. M.ui-i i ?DufauM
said tin-1; .?i niuu-nt had aeeepted the hill in ?i rnodlQ? 1
furin ?ml hi'ii'lviicii'il its passagOi baI the bUlWSS
fi-.llnt bf ? V.lt?' ol lud lo liill.
PABJS, Friday, In?. 1, I?-??..
I mee tii t of delegates from tin ihree groups "i the
I.'-tt m tin-??in,it? and Chamber ol Deputies wa bald to?
day, a n s,?- i..;.t??l declaring that, un . m
? i ??: m Dufaare,a-M-idenl of the Counell,had
form with tbe wisbes of th? Republican ms
.i-Titi, tberefon ?beb requested to resign, Tbe meeting
eisoftbi optntoa that it ?as necesMary to retain the
n?..- Is, with the ezeeptlon of nbstltuttng
i vi. DafSare? n U aol tbougbl thai tin?
i?i"? Ition will be ?u ??? |.t?'.i bj President MacMaboa.
Tiif r..oro.??;.!? i ?i : it ai i: ON I UBA.
M ii-. n?. -i-tay, ?Dee. i. 1870.
Th?' . ?n mbmitted m the Senate with the
ob|ect of bringing aboal ?i inn l.i ?? iissiui: ??t thepreseal
? . ui.a, ..mi n.. i?is? ??..i,- of pacifying thai
.emanate? from Karaite! Concha, formerly Gap
tats '" .,' i-.? "f Cuba.
ARCTIC ?:\i'l 0RER8 \e\ABBA RED.
i ..s,,..v , rlday, i? m. I, 1876.
An /_berdeen newsiNiper states thai r ? ? ? - cap?
talaol t'u wbslei Jas Mayan,? Peterbead, recently en
ootmtered an Esquimau s bo Informed aba thai ?* Irlbe nt
i.-.|iiin . . fir to tbe sort h ward of Cum b
Gul', many years _?o massacred l . . ?, 1er, second iu
i?l live other
.-? i : ? | refuted to surreudcr their guns and
The Franklin Expedition consisted of tlie
ihlpa Brebnsaad rerror, wbicb ?rere manned I?) .
. n?....l'uni,i ; '.i .;_? n?-; -,.. ? ; lu
I Iron Bheerness, May 19,1845, and wen N
awhalei lo Baffin Bay, Julj 26, 1845, 11.? fate
i .-i. ? - ?a ? t?d by thr . rpedl
"!? ? a ? , ? II ?!, ??? ?
in died ' !? .iu!\ 11. i- 17, ?m i Ui
m? n. ? nme "t a bom Icug --?ii viv?ed him, i"-i Isbed uuu by
i?ii? I'i tl.ii: Jo_nil ] ???ilii
I.IIM.I.-.- . 1 ,nl.ii. I). ?. 1. i TO
A i?i??'?'i;il dispatch ?fron ?Santander, in tbe
n??iti of Spate, to ihr i in Mat! i.,.?n. ?y a: ?? \ ?.cut
n elsa??a ?rag?igln thiselty,seat the relias, m
,ii ?item d.
Santander is mi m arm of the Bay of Biscay.
Tu?-1? , ..iiiiui _?.',! i. m. it la hulli partly apea
: muid and pu iiy ,.i'?>n tin ilopi - "t the aetgbbor
big bills,
Sw I'i: ? ni i ?' ?>, Dec l. A Victoria, V.l.,
- iiiat tiiiy rounds of ammunition lian
been i ?ned to the mllllla ta sntlripatloaol al
raid, aad I rr< loss are being prepared at tbe look-yards
i?> ?. i?. : ': i m. i-. On' Bbsurdtt. "f this i-'i nl_n sears Is
erineed i?.. tbetact thai Its lanom itnenl ben basas
. i?i . iu. ni r.'"'? tb pit) i>it?.s.
Ml;. liVMi.l.I, HI I II.V _D TO Bl Ills l il?.Hi-, l'il?
.-i i am i: Hi- ni'iM ?V- is i;i',.vitii in ?iii.M
IM. ill!. lllll"l'.VI V"li-, IN ?I .i.i.I ?s?A|'
While In mocratk leader* deny that Mr.
Tilden baa expressed any ?1? ?. led pri u renos i.i r? ?sard to
the Bpeakerablp of tbe Hoost ol Kepreseatatlves, thoos
w in? enjoy the Goteraor. oon Id? ncc i.i s marked degree
pbatU In Un ii "M?- il inn pa .-. 8, Cox, ami
ii.-.i il?i Hut I..I.U Mr. ili..iit or Mr. Moi
so mach a* Mr, li.ui'laii. They belli re that
Mr. Randall is tbe eomtng man, and thai tbs
House v.iii i??- fully orgaala I with ?ir. RniHfill as
Hpt-ak?r on Wedneadaj next, tbs day sel apart ?for lbs
yol i:.? I.l'it.iral College in the various li
"Investigating emamltiees t" overaaal Ihe Bonth?ra
? us will at mi'r bo appointed, and no time will be
:?. itlemaa last evenlag,who is Mgh mtbe
iceof Uov i'i i.i? n." In trying to Impeaeb ?President
.,1,11,1, - oi tin. ?i- h,m nrgedi r??i t ; ? ? - simple
n ? too thai i." i'i'- tii al !? ne '?"in ir, In lb?
?Tace of a Republican 8cnat? Th? ? la worbte be dens
nf in a: -i-i and in?.re n.illate urgeney, sad tins
time,al I* ist,th* DeaMiera?c ii?"??'j o? Kepreseatatlves
will make ?so mistakes."
Upon being asked ahal were the Qoremor'a views in
regard to th? i.ting of tbe electoral rote, tbe tasse
gi m lei n. ?n stated tbal Mr. TUden never believed
thai tin < ?iii-'.itiittiui eoaforred spaa a ttagte
?member of tin. ?Senate?for after all the .? ? ng
Vi???? it? ?i l? ut of ihr L'nit.-.i Btateswaa tbm sad aa
the extraordinary power of deckling s I*re*iden
ti.ii i-h < tii.n; .?n thai t????m Mr. Tildea, it wa ."n. d,
was m ???' ? red -auii leading i: ?pul leaa ?
w .-r?- i m r-".nl to that efcet, and wbe would n?>t fur
?iia?' denounce the?' own record. Thej were on
i .-a ?mi ni support .?i lbs th.-.'iy t'i.it < '.'ii_ii?s counts tbe
'nl i mill? thrill in nail a iii.iiiiu-r a. tin- iwu
?.t. n?- ..?ni.i not see u_y they should set
j.uiii.i m i iu- m.ittrr win n s rats bad to in
tab* ?. is the im ?:? ?i? ut? aera sD sgslasl ?uri?
joint seUoa, iiie t?u Hauses bavlag ut
_n tisses setad n? ?separate sad dis?net
i? .ii. - iu regard t<> an> gUajstioa BS^etlag the
?..t.- uf ?m) nagle h.at?'. Bhould than be as agree
an nt in t?vii ti the !??.) Houses, ibsa lbs saam sedea
vK.uhi foll?n? a* mi say other qm -tum ; eoafi r> mat ?-??m
nJttess wsahl hi sppsaatad sad then asttsawsuM sss>
trol tin- ill-fUii'ii uf the two Iliuis. ?. (if i-iiiirs.' in ug li
mi STsal IBs ssslsst sslght ssattaut sutil Msrshdi but
i?,ii Hun, with ?ui ?i Mr. cashing- reasaalag, there
waa aat the least ebaaes Ibal Orsntwauld bald aves,
N? tritiniis?, tks BsaaBry sugM i?. bs prepared Ms an>
thiii?; lu this ?timi?, and, lie a?l?lrtl sl_iiili. alitly, if tin
people oaly kaew hew dssperataIbeas n? pawsi un t..
ri-tiilu iiiitii.l nt the liu\i iiiiiif-nt. lln-y wuulil h. SStoa
As lepsif ?isiacii tin* f-rttssaaa t.? nyaatfy what in?
n?.,?m h?, tbs 't si? latiuii of ihi.se iu pansa n.' vas lu
f.ii in. ?I that . a nl? mi- wh? in ih.??e?sii)n of <?uv. Tildi-n'?
Man?s that lbs DaMsd in?as mail? had bssnaaflspsred
with ?lin?- tbe day of eltrttoi). Upon a?kniR furtlur
and dl.tiucl partu-ulai? In rSgsrd t<> ihi? cliame, It wa?
?d.li.l that tin- tain-M-rlng bad ii"t h.i-ii <l.>n.' in tin; N. w
.iirUnilirr, that povtmaster James was entirety Una
lea?, and that tlie entin- matter would Ik.? laid lusiure U?e
Atiii-n? ?in |M-ti|ile at the a 'proiiii.iti- lime.
Tii? evuveraaUou -.curruig to affair? lu Waabiiigtou,
one of tin* ftOSlmtSB present s.iid : " ?Va? arc ?Htlsflcil. am!
Ilietlovcrnor Is HHsfisd, -MM UM troops have Ik1?1!! OOOSS
tera*al in \Vusliiii_tiiti, first, laOVStSWSOBBgtSS ; SSSOai,
to tniiUi* use of tliem at the appropriate tuna , when _M
le?,st pSSSthM pr?t, tice e.iii !i ? f..?tait im- it, is forci In.? thS
i ti ? n_.-Tit-.at um at I luye?, even ?li.mil tin- mailer he SOU
Ulule! I.le.l hv ("oiiirre??." B< Bddedl "Y"? iniisf. hi.?
iii.tleeil that the inillfarv lsl(ifWISM-l in O-taaBB-B.8. 01,
m p.trallel with ths action of tin? arm.1.'in Louisiana in
1h74, ?ml tin* hitinition ii. Wsshlsi !..n wtll ers lea
(?rant the same pretence to hi t u :tli til?, troops SB BS BBS
t.'ontj in coitiiiiiii.i. it is la the aatata sf ihsatsii loaat
itiiii.it any Otaat oassast wattaatll ths et vil aathsri?
II. s have exhausted all atlempts to liruiif order out uf
?haos, hut in the BaSBS of 'IBS . I ? ill f'?rc
italllajreveats like all ambitions nun, ba will ;i??
soldi? i?s in tas rateada at theCBpltol ?.r.ai take psssssstoa,
eauitiiiiinii)- u-iiii? the motte'Let m bavs peses.1 Eta is
keeptagthaai stass-C Alstenes from the Capte
i.iit im. win soon fiel a srsteal '" Bssrel tesa ____?_."
an a ?i 11 a v Of 99,800,000 BBIBOIBO BBT?BBI at
suction or ?im.v Q296.-0O dbtaiu ob laca
M nans?! SOLO?VitalUKB s.M.i1-.
PaiLAOiiLPBi-i Dee, I.??Probably the largeot
asto of property ever held la a sfa-gW 4ay took pint.* to
day on the CBBteaalal Qrouads, wham the 24 ha-dlags
betoagteg to the Beard of Plasaea ?""i ? asssa a-assam
"f rat] ?ii~ dimei??loas belong_i| to indli Idsals air trass
wereesposedatpabBaanettoa. The totalessl vatasaf
the prop tjrofl red for sale was estuuated la rsnad Bg>
mes at r-.'"'?.'i".'. ?nul tin .u tii.-r. ii.'iit ? reslli I li 'in
the .m- were 0298,1.0, Msehtesty Datt, BsrthmltanJ
Util, ?nul Meiiioii.il Hull, not betag in the list of properties
owned byth? Plaaaee Board, wsra aot Ineladsd la Uta
lis?, nn? gui imii toot place m Judges' n.iii, afeara, aot?
wit-s__adiagthaburaiagof thegsa leteef th ____-__
llera sad othoi iei k es lo keep ".arm. the i" ople pmsi si
s'iit' r.ii ttiacii piraoaal illsrswalisI from the severseotd
Besa of the day. -bowl 400 penosa werapt sint. Witii
the exception of tbeWoasaa's PavBton, whlshwa
inaiiy offered, bal withdrawn lubee-qu-utly la esasa
,,f tin- won hi movement for its reteatioa ss s
?n. ?, trial, sad tbe Vienna bakery, wbleh was siso with?
drawn, all of the buildings s, i dowa tor M?ewetS-la
posed of.
The sal? be-vsa with tee Mum Balldlag, la whleh the
ins pipes, elevator, and other persoaal ptopstty aats
r, orvedtrofls tit ?ste,while th.1 ehaaoeliere were tn
ciinii l. riie inii'iiin. cost ahoiii 11,600,000. Tha Bal]
bids for it won oaa ..f BrnTOfiOO by B. J. Dobbtes sad
oneof !t-*j.',?i.(i?iii bj Jobo & Morton, esq., who smda IBs
ha? i.n behsll ol the Permanent Exhibition Co upaay. it
was knocked dowa to Itr. Mortoa .?m-al ths general ;*i?
plansc ol th? a 1.
i'h. two ii.iiit rai saaexes, wbicb cost together over
119,000, were next offered, a tha pririlega to ths
Brat boyer of taking one or both. Thi suc?es ful bidder
was Mr. Um. Km.* ol Philadelphia, aa oil meii bant, to
whoa imt h tbe bnildtaga were kaoeked down, Um largi i
m,i t ie sasallet at 1400.
lin earriage buUdlag was thea pat up. it east skate
I the tenus of aale nqaire its remova ??_**
th.* i-t ..f Apr.i. ii:. ii bid i isas "i |1,000,and
from iiiis .tart tbe bidding run ap rapta.. Is 14,100, mt
which sum lt?went to sir. Jas, . mlj.
I?,,!,?iin- , q,
Photographie Hill, whleh is t.. be removed by Msrek l,
BBdfoi the.itruetlonotwhicb between e_2,000aad
00 . ? \ ? ..;, i, waa the next on tha
i ser to a question aa to who would bear Um
ease of gre bel ween the tini ? of pan base sad rsmoval ol
:in> m tie boiidinga, Mr. \SeNii replied, " I |
have to assume that i. i." i:.* building >>_* thea dis
Mu-, ,i,,: ;ii |i,0O0 to dr. Croua of __ utiiig, Peaa.
I , . ? ?
off re i rot -.:,, t ,?? '?. t bid of fetr. EL J. Dob
? ppi.ut ii for s i in.? to have aasecond, but :, i ill]
i |3,030, and st this sum waa knoeki I down to A. P.
Ullyes .-.? - to, builders, of Philadelphia.
Judges Hall, which coal 980,0-0,*. M sold _or g 1.B00
in John B Morton, esq., tor the tnternstionsl Exhibition
1 ay. The gas Hitan ? of the bo ding to
an Botltnstc by Mr. Welsh duriuglin bidding,
$1,500. '1'lie bulldlug will pi !
I poaltton, the parebasers havtog autU May 1 to !
makeanj uecas-sryarmngemeats. ?
offered wsa then i.?? ode i with and dlapos? .1 '?i at tea
rates and i" the purchii lers naaaed as follows :
Tin Muli, d Department BaUdlng tor t_00, to Henry
n *? i ,i ,,r ? ?., .i,,.' % .i ,;,. r In real i -i..!.?.
Tha1 I??,. ?, tin? :.t ..i Publie Comfort Building, which
2,0*00, iiii-^i,m?o, to janii i sad John Banter of
liie *?ii.ie aad Leather Building, Mattel 130,780, was
? I, DO? ,1 Bl f..r **;..non t.. I'.. .1. Hollinas.
ii.- t Bteaalal Uuard Keaervi Building,assasll ttsaae
? feet, whleh eos! fBOO, sold tot -
I , il llliliefllltll.se, OOSting ??! ?"?,:>'.?(?, KOlll for
?M.l ? *,. l: .1. I?.in?.
Ths c.it'ii?? heller house, costing 920,078, a ?
ItlgS.l'J- OUbiS ',' .'t .?1 ma?, nt', . _43,_50 I'll'? -
.i pounds ot Iron, waa sold forgl, 100 to Jot ??lab,
for ei l lier 1?'.. n m,, ?i n i I'ark ,.r the l'i ?akllt? '.? ?.tute.
Ill,Pel Mull e SO. II Snd 111.11 .'.ule -!,?.;> ?, ding 139,700,
wen sold for *?_:,_??... to Ptaah if. Ward rblladslphlik
BoOst Haass Ba 4, eostias 024,-00, wn sold tot
11,400 in John Bhedrteh ? son?, Philadelphia.
I'll?' eav,- m i 11 aiiil Itollci house No. :>, oostfag ?12,000,
wi re sold f..r : 1,879 to Lewis Usa bolea, Phi idi Iphla.
Boiler llom Bo. 8,oosting 13431, am asid for 1300 to
A n, in v. >\ stsoa, PhUadelphbv
'i he Music Pavilion brought *. loo.
ThsWagoa -aaes wsa ?"hi i"i |830 lo Bamael A.
Blmi ?. rressarei Peaaayh uilaBalt II ? aetui lug Com
hgtrteultural Mali boilet seam ?mis i lit. rBBMto it. J.
The sanei to SorUealMtal Bsll - ? ? told toi 1800 to
John R
-grtealtatsl Hall, eoverlag 10 sena sad
eu7_,ooo, waa bid IM si ans Ub at a Uvel] i
\ i ii-. .it sad Dobbins, tl.,-, ? el ol th? brief rlvsfery
being to i?i? r ? ?i -a- the price some 1,000, it waxtl
feuoeki u 'l iv.n to i:. .1 Dobbins for ?13.100.
Tbe l'.'?,!.?.tl Building, wbiota oo?t $10,000, was
old fot -i.-..?? !?? i...!. 11 ..m,?us.
Tbe Butter and Clieeae Building, whleb eost aboul
115,000, tirougbl 11,100. The o?.n. r propow s to take it
t., \-i,,ir> Purs, S .1.
The ( cut?-tiuiai National Ban , with stationary eoun
I.I-. vuulu,?kc, Included, *.-.!, ii iiel B7,000, went for
SIKH), and will be tsken to( I . N. J.
ii. Orand American Rantac ant, *_; i i *. I., feet in
Sl/.e, V. ill.lt ...si OVei .??>,?..?.'", Ud '.s Uli tl, .it ei.llllin,' *,.,
in. st.a.ineiii ot the .m. t-uneer tbi srcbitt ? t bad offt : l
to Uike down, remove, (aud recrec? foi leas than B7,oou,
aold li 11,100 in '?? i Baker of Bostoo, and will be
taki?u to itldge Hill Furiu, Wi l.eailey, M.i--.
( ook'i " woi Id s liekei 03.ee, with boost over 18,000,
sol.i for *6_0.
ih. ? i. ??'?:.e Stove Works went to J. CBhawof Bew*
York for >;>-?'>. The purebaser Intends to remove tee
building t.. bis farm .it Bom ?' Bra .;?. \. ).
The Averti I Chemical Pant Company 's Pavillon sold
for ?-.,.'.o.
I lie /;.,?/ m ;>a\lii Adrir'tcr Iciihlin. went for ?,1 ('?().
Bo well' l'a i il i?n ?old foi to'IO
Tin- I'tni -? Ivaula Educ ilion tl Hall, a ?ting 112,000,
?w-iii for run?? tn Jam - a. Bradley, and is to ..t lukeu to
anbury Park.
i ie Hritlab poll ... ' ? rent t"i poso.
I in? Hi u i-li worl ?. cu'- li. tul u trtcri for 0430,
n,e iu. h.sii ( ..ti , , oatiug r i.i.-Hi. f,.. -
I of tbeelgnti ?>a vil lout ufl it ? 10,
leee, tin n maindei not t,, i?c diapmed .?t.
The Japaueae dwelling aud MI.?-ionrt itiita Bm
aol in the am Hum er*s list, wen put bul a
ot i in .n haiiirh' iieei. giren to purchssi rs, nel?ii r
wer? bid upon,
At tea i ....se of th,?-.ti,? |t .... ,s Hum,.i;....,?. Out another
sale would aoun be held ol all _,i.?. rcneea, sad asov?
able propel tj to i??* n moi ,-.i ir m i be grasada
&ORICULTI km '.'??:ks ii gif] i?
Comen Hi.i i-rs, i,t? Dec. L?The Bfrictd
tarai work* I _*ew_n barnsd early this SBOtnlni i
i-,i ,0001 Ibsbisbos. -ti-?.'-*????
ri:<ivit?i;\( i: UOBB l-io.-ooo.
ri.dVii.KNCK., B. I., J'??-. l.--A tin* tkiaafter?
iiiKiu on Panda -si. hi-ie destroyed three hsaass i Ota,
140,000 ? lasara bob, S__,?00. The losers are Alfred
.Mim i, Oeorge Brasra, a. n Prastoi, ?uni i ml. i; Keep.
.-1'KISGFIELD, MllHH., Dl??'. 1.?A I'll?'ilt \V;u*\
M - , ,., i-'ri y i il Un- uta-, in mi v.-mill of Haiiii-I (?. (VMins.
it ptapsttywastesaiatisagSB^-OO.whtsi eovets tin
AT EN(iLKW()(?l>, N. J.
A fin1 broke out in a. ?table in uaajV \\<M?al,
N. J-, pasttOEte uiorniiig and sjnciid rapidly. Etrgiiicn
were priMMircd from Hi_?'keu-_<*k uud Jerwy City, but
the Maate..? tarai toot ?tore, und otea tsassasal hon-.H
sen (lcstru).?I, ..ml i.ist eveamg the 1rs ??h anil
buruiug lu two oual .urda, owufasmiiig 1,000 tons of ooul.
two opposaa bbp?buoam view
?turn ?ovTKMrt.vn D- ?*? t~jOttt~~t~ api-iai. r<
OI..VM/II? A? riO.V , til?).. t>v II
m ii r\ rtOB Of mi: MbTT.
To Ihr Bdittr tt ra? liilniiic.
Suc Itseeam t<? bm that ens rlsw al thepresei
political complication, wLich I beliavs t?) bl In i?i I
tarasnnmbsrat oh senawnsse satyintsBu
.-.:,< r i ? thai ?if honest v and fairdasllag, in
Inn! ton small recognition in the preaa Abbsb
thinking m* i wheat vision umim beyond tin* litt
to-day of a campaign and the ,s.ar<*ely longer ti
un un i w of an sdminiatration, aud whoae bmob?n
tii.'i't of the -Bportaaes of events i. n?
limited ?" the present sad Immediate n-a?*
of ??anses, luit runs ?in to their largi
eonaoquenees In history, thtreiss mask pnisnn?I
feeling, 1 i>. Hove, than lias ><" fo-.. ?I expression i
tin? Btteraacea at the presa Thay?s aal view i
now as.it all a question which candidates ought t
nave been shots- or whisli party sssjM to ttrt
heen meeessful All ili.it bels-p t?i IhopuBi 1
wss made the snbjcet <.f exhaustivo argmneti
in a long and vigoroas raatpafgni ?mis debated, i
not with r slain t as. ?-it leant wilh un- copi?n.new
and tin n ?reference of the whole ?matter was ha?l t
the people "f all the stat?-?. Oi si or01 lbs sahsi
It has been -it-? ni.-.t. Thal naos tha has bssBi ?el
ih?l. v ii? you or 1 ?r anybody el?
thinks an fo the merits ?>! parties o
< mi ?la*?-? is now of litfl?? ? ..!.???' ii'ti. c an.
?if no pom ble pertinence, After bs verdir
i.? rendered, argnuMoi is vaste of w?.r<l What w
ar?- getting ut now, or mild Im-?r? ft .... it. i.s no
the proeuressent el a stal aenl ef ???? ? >r?l
Baee with what we conceive ought t? bol i fa<-t
li.ii the disc 'very of fhc ; el ual fut ?i ?1 the BSB.
straightforward rtatsasenl af reaul _ .' vthlnj
else, BUJ ?l.-v iati.il) fronI S il ri ? t and liUOer ir;.i>>?<
.?? i? a. ii the . .ni abeotute truth al the bal >m ?f al
tin? rei m us. is -imply Ote quibbling and >? . tfovr?i;i|
ol partisanship; and, considering the BaagnMadi
not onlv >.i the interests prtmontly in ..'v-.d, hut o:
the oonseqoenees flowing out .?f the transaction
is, I make bold lo lay, ?i Mgh et m Bgninfll
ii.is gad against al1 fros fovannasnli
an olfense against law and }_?tice, a tUotnietlr. _
n?.1 fatal blow ai man- ' ilief in bis own sapasttj
f..i seli-governpent. If ?toe institutions and pop*
I; r ?overtinii'iit ule in.t ;) d?tUBiOB Bad ?? snare; if w<
'm ?believe in the rule of tbe majority, and believe ai
v?-e profess that its anota ara short lived and that
m trust to its sltimats boaeatr ?m.l wfadaas,
we have but one thing to do aft-er an tlectkm, and
that is t?> see to it tbal we bei a ? i boneal i sens! and
true return. We eannol afford ?to ?Meaatohi sea>
??'.?itiii^, to appear even to be indifferent, to any
i out -i? ??f |?r"i-?i:?iie which shall nave the least eolat
of suspicion (-i fraudulei t intont hi s iuatt?-r ol
auch importance. Theraean be u?) juggting ti re?
turns, no trickery >?i chicaner) or iharp practice
by el. ition boards in tbe matter of ?l"????i
ing ?i iDvernmeni .'i forty millions of
people, win?'< will nol do iniiiii.'?' dainape
to till- since of tlii-l !?> |?? ritlielitlll ?gOVS-U.
Dient, ?nd -f any of oa thinhws sun eonsent to
party t any a ost, or I - bs bs*
different whili tb transi Lions are in progress with?
out i - tors in 1 in .ti. iu ?ii; d liiiiii.ni
ity?for it is tii.it. and no b -- a s ore n aking a mis
ld than tb i! "i I Im meu who -i....'l
by and saw the government endangered without
lifting hand to help, or living H the flrst word el
?sympathy or aapport _ttba worst Hmyonlyosn>
tentador wen indifferent to Lhe breaking asunder
of the Federal I* ion by vi?leme: we shall be fold?
ing our hau*] b* oroaehmenta of political
corruption and rot thai sooner or later must make
popular goviiruinent a stench, and Ott taaat ot
?i -ru'.v a lyword and a hissing among the v.m
' it .11 -i.
I do not believe this tobe, aa one of your BepubU?
can fit -"i i?? ?rum i baa expressed it, aterely theaattlo?
un m of a dispute between two sisases of betting
men. That seems to me like belittling theco_t__>
.ii -v with the purpose of making any unfair advaa?
tage that in ty be taken appear "f small -onaeqaanss?
Nor do I consider ii ?? mere question of candidates <>r
?parties. It ?goes deeper thau polities i It touches ths
rery foundstions of publie i-orality, and um tlie
el* ?it relations with that condition ol privats and
individual morals which mahe soetety pure and
wholesome and Impart ? rigoroua vitality to thu
state. It brings the Sepublicanpart] of theooan
try, tin- party <>f moral binas, wkoafl boaa)
hi?i been of its rirtns in sdministra
ti"n not len than of Its ?ralos In ??..r, taaat ? f??<o
with tbe crowning temptation of u? whole career;
the temptation ?to perpetuate its own power liv tho
perpetration of a .grant wrong. Let me be atterly
frank upon this ubiect. Ido ?sotthink ths Danm?
? Tntii ? ;? ut.? li? i...at the s.mie tempatiou, and falling
before II a? 1 am certain i; would, could do an.v ?thing
?like th.- injury, or administer anything liU.? tho
shock to the faith nwa boa in Mb self-governing
capen ?;, a iii. h would be efteeted by the ytelding of
?Republicans. Foi it*i-* from ?the record of the party
and not from anypartiBaa bias thai tbe eoovictiea
?springs that nothing bettet could be expected ?front
?thai sour? e. Bat I would have toanuu_ thai ?lie
Republican organization, tiotwithstamHin,' its tem
I ?.?r; n y aberrations and local wavi riu? frotn th.-stand.
Bids of a high political D-orant.. ha-s aot only ?iHrayi
condemned tlie eorrupl ?practices sad criminal
methodsof its opponent-, bnl bM claimed for Haekf,
and eompcllcd i i .?I ths slab?, purer
patriotis i, superior virtue, and a higher charaetar,
A great many af um who voted for Haye? ami
Whet h r dit] we lia I faith in tlio honesty
. . wall a? th" intelligence of tl .? Republican nia-.??'?,
a.?I were repelled ?from any. . .?titi?i? ...- in the
opposition by tbe facts af its.i _istorj. ?Knowing
tho weak aud wicked spots m he Republican Una,
the rascalities and B-ngovenuneaI oi as-called
Republicsns at tho South, and tbs eoffupt aad aa>
? practices which, andera looae administration,
bad liiiin ti.i ;i tnit i:i?.?ti o-kial hi?, ?ve still put
our tins! la the ho stintentiona i ths Basases d
the parti who seomed to be i?i earaesl in working
?mi reform : si .1 upon t!.. si n ugtb of ?the profond >na
of the platform, aad the still i ?ore sal tfaetory a1 ? r*
of the ' andIda! -, we aa itnined the part and
voted ;' I t? the I 0 niry.
But what is to besoms "f oui oonfideues and our
tru-t win ii ?WS -''? the party 1 i v.l.i. I? >?e ~o~i our
f.uth itself 'ikiii_ the position wUah Mr. Qroalsgr
call -la ?receii rahip of stolen k"",u. and calmly
sitting down to ths snJoyas? it af ths bate ai a
crime it -?) latelydenouncadf Itwna Bpsi tho
strength af its rirtassn ?banes of saeh pr?cticos
that WS ?fBVoM "itr siippott. It w ,s bOSBJ-H the
?Dem?crata bad bean as often ?fuiltj .?f than tliat we
itliln hi ir.uii that party our eoiiii,!? ?,<a-. BatVOWg
been i tn.it. <! f Shall w.'??n, ilini.that hutli p..rti?w
aie alike dishonest; that neither ran betruat?ed?
that mir BO??SB-TOBB SSSTUSd ami BB coriuniiug
that no politi? al leader or statesman em Im? found m
either part? who ?ill protest attaiimt and condeuin
thewiekedaaaB by which Ins party is tlio ?uimrf
It thin be the situation ami tl.et?o the leaden? aud
rtatessaen prodneed and fos?erod i>y p?palat govsBB-i
?Wat, vv hat lion?? is th? re for _M lupi'blii I l'o-mlar
ele? tionsare a ?fans am) foSS mftage B >l?aiu ?bou
the piaetue ?)i fraud in liiiiit.*?! only by it? opptrtu.
unies, and the eohil uf the li-tiuli.s indi? al'-.S nut tha
-?tat?? ?1 tho vote? but the political complexion o? tha
Am I wi ?ii,y in eoimidering the attitude of the R*.
puhln ?in party low;n?l the crime which in the oum
loii ol many Iboiightt'ul infinit?is of the parly l? cou
tciiiplatvd in t__) matter as lhe featur. in it ol tho

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