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V01 XXXVI.N?-11,133.
Louisiana <_?__._____._ run iiaykh.
The election in Louisiana 1ms at 1er
gone to tlie >a_BYM_er_, An announcemen
the reault ia not expected before to-mori
but the State ia again stated to
?tfprtainly for Hayes. The attempt of
' Tilden men ill Florida to break the Rej
lican majority has not succeeded. In Iaii
aua it is rumored that not only will
elector? and State officer*, be Rcjuiblii
but the whole delegation to Congress. TI
is a symptom of weakening on the part of
Republican House in South Carolina. .
member? have prone over to tho Democr
House. Both House? still remain at
Capitol. An attempt is Mag made in So
Carolina and Nebraska to prevent
Republican electors from meeting and voti
Tho movement has developed unexpec
weight. The telegraphic correspondent1?'
The Tririxe to-day reviews the situation
each of the three contested Southern Statei
?.? ??
|_T TELEGRAPH TO THE ______?_ |
Nkw-Orlkaxs, Dec. il.?The Returning Bo
closed it* doors with yesterday's __?_?_. Then
news which may be expcct?*d from it will be the
iiounceiuent cf the vole of the State, probably
Tuesday morning. Counsel on both sides inipro'
tho last opporlunity yesterday to file a great masi
testimony, to which the board will be obliged
give a very hasty consialtT.ition. As the cano 1
now been fully made up, a review of a few of
most striking points brought out and ?established
the boards of investigation will lie timely, and v
be a valuable aid to a proper understanding of I
.erdict when it is n ndcred.
iiraf.? No controversy exists touching the corra?
nes-of the returns of the election. Atneailyev?
ftirt'ier eleeiion iu this Stale the election olticcrs
returning boards liave been accused of "doctorm
the figures ol some of t lie returns. This was true
1871, test in MM ?MMM tlu? year a supervisor' swi
before Mr. Hoar of the Congressional Coiniuiit
that the returns shown him, and which were ei
TSftsail by the board, w( re changeai after leiving 1
banals. Nothing of the kind has oceurreal tliis ye;
Everybody agrees that the electiou cnnniissione
returned tlie voto at each precinct exact
as it was east, and that, with two
three exceptions, the supcrvi?*or of ea
parish also reported the voti? ?correctly,
alltlmse case? where tho supervisors arbitrarily at
illegally neglected to report the vole from eotia
prc< incts on account of a'.leired fraud or irr? -.iilarit
t board after some hesitation, to t,e Mire, ?ilh
ord fed the <_____??4M_M with tin* eritrina! returns
beproaluea*d or sent f.?r duplicates d? pusitad wi
clerks of the p;irish courts. There is therefore i
pretense thiit the li|_uros have in any ca*-.? I?ea
tamperetl with. The Usures that are canvassed a
_n<i_e_ti? nally th<* _______ ones,
But while this is true, some things hav? In <
done, either by members of the board or its cli-rk
which were clearly illegal and indefensible, at
noue the less ?*> liecause they have not afle-cteal tl
figures of the actual ???turns. For instance, no ot
bus any right to open leiiins fioin any parish aft
they have been filed with tlie clerk of the Rt-lur
inn Board until they are opened by the board i ? ?-,?
at the regular mceting to he counted. There is ;
abundance of indisputable evidente that tlie returi
ftoui several pari bot MMM ?so opened, ntid tluit aft<
pajxTS haal hci-n ?liM-ited iti the packages, tha
were agaiu s.-alitl up an?! laid before the hoard ;
original pat kai.es uttioi by the Mijiei visors. All tl
particulars of tlie De S.?to Parish ??a-sc, which was oi
of this kind, have hasti puhlisiied ; but tbei
were several others, on?, of the most notahl.! Im-?i*.
that of Ouachita, lo wnich attention was talle
duriti? ycsteida.v's meeting of tlie Imard. In th
case the record matla* by the clerk of tho boar
tho wed that tlie returns from Ouachita ?MMM receive
Nov. 'il. When the papers contained in the pet kau
were handed over to the Democratic committa-e ft
examination they found among them the followin-j
Hi ?Oltl.? *.NS, Nov. 'S3, lw7t(.
Ur. Abkll. Secretary of the Iteturninu Hoard?Dv.a
Bin: I_C_om4 plaaM final alli.l.ivit ol KUia Plok-tol
*?ln,?li ?va. r , ivfil to. lata: tu tila; with my ri-tunii
Pleas? ?a v that it was lu, utlit lu with Um Nt?lM M
ti-i.o(i. v?*7 respectfully, M. U___PT.
Grady was supervisor of the parish. As this lett?
was sealed up in the same package with the ratunn
it proves two things?fimt, that the returns wei
fileal with the secretary of the Returning Board prin
to the date when ho ma le the n?, utAot iin lr__ce.pt
?awl secondly, that they wen? oi?ena?d by liitu am
?-??alasd up a^ain. As this was illegal and di.? '?iin -1
the board owes it to its'-lf and the country c i M .
explain or punish it?, secretary. At?. I) I
?eouipiling all the returns, and if he ?ill tampa-i- wit I
official pup? rs in this way in any case, ho i? nut 111 i?
hold his rcsixiiisible position.
Second: There is no ntiestion in regard to the lc
g-lity of the vote .utually ttot and returi?(?al.
?o not nieiin hy this that men who haal a right ti
vote were nut prevented fnitn tloing so, or tiiat koiui
MM. not forced to vote %fAf* their wislies or (iin
?ictions. but 1 do mean that except at one poll H
New-Oilear? ?here is no preit in..- ou either siah* tha
there was illegal voting, ra*i?a*ating, or any of th?
ordinary election frauds* or, it such accusation h;u
been made, there has baH'ii no attempt to prove it
This fact simplifies th?' controversy here very greatly
A? far as any evidence has be? n adduced, nun win
voted, with the exception noted, all had the right tt
Third: The ehction was a temaikably quiet one,
At no r?*-ccnt election in thi- or any other State have
there been so few disturbances on election day. The
intimidation and violence, what there ?as of it, oc?
curred prior to the 7th of November. In all the
treat mass of testimamy which has been introduced,
I remember very few case? of all?geai intimi'* :?ion
?rinUrfafreiice with the polls on election day. In
Ouachita picket? were thrown out on the roads lead
?uig into Monroe, to prevent negroe? going into t ??at
town to Tote, and oue ??constable was bulldozed oa
I"? way to the polling place with a ballot box. In
?ou*? of the other parishes the men stood at the polls
?nd u_ad_ lists of the uo^toos who voted the Repub
Wa ticket Tbe Democrats ?say it waa to prevent
**0 from voting again elsewhere, but the Rcpub
*-*??_? claim it waa to frighten them with the pros?
it of futur. punishment. This was all. Theevi
MBo* of violence of many kriials during the months
-Weeding th? election is very voluminous, but there
frvery hule touching election day.
Fourth : Under the election law of this State, the
* turning Board has not to decide how Louisiana
actually voted, for there ia no question that Tilden
**& ? majority of about b.OOO, but whether there
**? a full and free ?lection in every p?_ris!i. If there
*??. then the State must be returned for Tilden. If
?T**** wm not, then the entire voto in every precinct
*-M_e the election was not free and fair must be
totowu out Mid not amounted, and the result in the
??????Inder of the State must be returned. The daty
* the Returning Board ia not to find how the State
y^f? ?>ut how that portion of it voted where the
?**mi was fair, full and free.
*VjA : The Republic?.,? ?poet this State will be
Wien to Haye? and 1'uvk.ard, because they thiuk
that wlien the precincts in which flic election was
not, free have been r.-j ?cie.l, tli" majority fur T? I?It n
?ml Nicholls will disappear with them, z. i? vv.
|l'.Y TF.I.KtiltAI'll I?) TIIK TR1HI'\K.|
Nkw-Oimkass, Dm. .'?.-The Htr??tH arc full of
rumors to M__l in regard to what tin? Rotoilllllf.
llnaril li ii --. eniicludcd to <lo. The Dt'inoci.its _M it
Unit tli'-y mort trust worthy information that the
votes nf Fast ami West l-'i'liciana, Fast HaNui Bongo,
?.uacliit... Moreli?uis<\ Union, (.'laibotirnc, li'iclilaiid,
an.t Wiuu parishes will In? thrown out. 'Mils would
?l??t l'a-ckurd and the Hayes electors, who rcc? ive?l
the highest votes. Oth-N think that the vote in
several of these paiiuhes will 1hi counted and Hint
the vote of New-Orleans will 1>?> attacked, in onlcr
to defeat Mr. Gibson ns Represent it?vc in Coturrcs:I
in tlia Hd District. It is wlii?~wred about in Rcpub
lican circles to-night that a solid BepnbHeu dele?
gation to ('?ingress will In? returned, and tliis having
come to the ears of tue Democrats, has Ih-cii a new
cause of excitenlent.
The Democratic committee from the North will
not return until the result is announced, and then
tlmy will probably issue an o?droM denouncing the
work of tlie Returning Hoard if it docs not return
Tilden and Nichols. They will prohahlv take Hie
?ground that no OEM ha.-? been mail?? ?nit by the Re?
publicans which, under tin? election law of thin
State, gives tho Returning Hoard authority to inves?
tigate a ?ingle allegation of intiiniilatiou. Tiny
will say that, by an interpretation of law by Mr.
Hoar of the Coiigrcssion;i1 ('nmtuittee, a11 protests
bv supervisors must bo made at the time the returns
are uiade out, and must be forward? .1 by mail ; that
this has not boon done, and that when a supervisor
comes to New-Orleans bringing his return*? with
him and k?eps them for IM?kM, and finally puts in ??
prnb'st bgga? on ..liiila? its nnule licre, in ttttO ttOtt
nearly a month after the ele? lion, su. h protest gives
the Kcturniiig Hoard no autliority to investigate the
election in tin? p;_ isli thus protested against.
An interview- wiiich the Ibnim-ratu- riait!ng eonH
mitte ha?l with Gov. KoUoggo ?lav or twa attat
their arrival, in which he t.?!? t tiieui that Ikon wem
only live parishes in which hulldn/.ing <? .urnd is
now ri'i-allid to inind by those who were present ;
but if the entire vote of the five pnnslns naiued ih
thro?vii mit it will not give tin- St it.? to Have - ?ml
Packard. These are all Demo, in; n ? muiin-iit, on
the situation u;;d are g.v.-n to show their feeling
licit? to-iiight.
Th-re li"i l'ii'?i tuii'h ciinji'cfur.' as to what lie
Tilden ?1. .;,,'- in this St;ite will do. it is repmted
to-night that they will MM?Tt th.-ir c? -rtinVat? s *...ui
Gov. M( Kiicry claiiiiing legally t" hold the position,
ntid that they will meet and rait their vote for
GOV. l'AI.MKI: AND ?Uli: Its Ml? 1.1 I'..Ill i 1?
IliY TKI.K-KAM 1?> 1 UK tllll.l .NK.I
Nrw-OiiLEANs. Dec. II.--Injustice h:is lieen ?ion.
tu ??.me of tho D?mocratie visiting eonunittM li.uu
tin- North in special dispatches, describing tin
mom .luring Kliza l'inkston's examination. Tbnm
were iiot Kent by aiitli?.r.zeil correspond? nts ol the
Journals wnich printed Ihem, but v er.- ??ruten m
the New-Orleans t'listoui-liou?..', ?nil for\Mir.l.'.l for
the purj- OM of producing ?m ell', it in the North, ? be
report ______ Tumiora of W?_wtd? ornooormot,
Gov. rainier never said a word about the need of
Gen. Sheridan's lui-senii' lure, ?nul Mr. Smith did
tiot MO?M tlie lo.'al Dcinocrahrl ommittM of d.< < p.
tioii. These stories were not heard of in New-Or?
leans until telcgiaphi ?1 bat k from the North.
MoltI I?0___rn AND i?I-ll' TI??...- -TIIK CI.I?KS <??>_.
New-Ori.ean??, Dee. 8.? The H< turiiing
Hoard met at 11 a. ?k fOOttttuy, all Hie ineti.l?, i
pie-elit. The Demncr.itie <'olil'iiltlie reu* in llie loom,
lint fur the Kepubllrati? there n n.-.-ir? .1 ?m.\ S? iiiil??r
Si?? riii.iii. A mrgt ?iiiutillty ?u wii.li n e\ i.l m.'of ? ?t
ne-ses In contested cases was (lied by tlie I>? niocriitlc
anil Kepiitiliran conns?-!. Tlie Iieinui -ralle ei.iui-.'l OhtO
?ntereil a jnott'sl m n-gard to the in.iiiii? -r In ?a lneli the
mwamtttaat tut tata treat?-?! m tin- apattagaltaata.
turns; also ?in nl?)ccti?'ii a?.-,iliist reciinn? mi} jmitest?
except tliose aei'otiipaiiynig Supervisors' n turns
in the manner and ?oiui provnli-il for by i.w.
(ol. Z.ii-lutil.', of t.'ie Ilcuio.-riitie iaa?inisil, Culled t!ie nt
tcutiun of the tKiard to tin- toII?Wt_StM_i: Wli.ntl.?
retiini? frtiui Ouui-liit.'i l'uiis'i watt .?p. in .1 l.y Hie iiour I
it was announced l?y tin- se. rcl.iry tin?! tin? li.nl ?MM
received on the '24th, Ihe day In-fore Un i v.? n- o|?a'i.i?l
W hen tliev were tuiiied ovet to the Democratic counsel
for ins'K'ction Hiere ivas found In the scaled piukiiare,
said to have been r<i'?\..l on the -JUh, tin-following
litt? i :
Mw (Mil.Kiss. !__. Nov. 'l.i.
C S. Aio.t.l., esii., S'ecretari/ ttefumin? Hnmd.
SIC. : llll-losi-al pi. 11?.- flint ?i!ll?l:i\ .1 of l.li/l l'IIlk?t.'11,
wtiicli I n ceiv? "i too hilf to Hie With HIV reliiri s I
si ? ti.at it I? lirinich! in with ot.ni iiill-lai it- nil ?I witli
my nttui'iis. Kt-spcclfuUy, M. J. (?iiaov,
Supervisor of ( in.iclillii.
Col. '/.m baric stated that two ttstOt WOtW S-taMlaMd,
find, that the stateiiiciiI of the s? rn-tiry that the fwgt is
were on:? lib d M the 'Jlth was untiue. MmMI tl?. let?
ter loiitid in t',. s.il.-.i pa? Kin;.-slioiv, ?1 tli.it the n-ttii ins
had U-en til. ?1 with the s. <wt tary b? fore th I ltd, and it
shows, second, that as this letter and the ?till.Ia.it of
i:,i7.?k PtnkMM were fouu?l In thi- si.ile.l |>i?ck:?L'e,
the secretary ot the hoard had ?vmiplii d Wtot
the request of the siipervisor, mid tli.tl lie liai
? > in- 1 lie- pa?-lt;i_e. and p.it lino it ?M alllilavlt, and, liy
mistake, tlie b-tt i of the supervisor thoo,
The matter .m r< icrr?-l to the NMMMHH o? tlie
Judge Dibble fllcl a Igggt amount of tv.?tiinoiiy In be
haii of _M BopnbUoM p.? i .
Tin- l?ox o? a poll In the |?.nis!i of IhnftpOhOO? t\t vote I
of which had tajen omit tel in the ?u-N-rvi*.or's returns,
which hatl heel? sent for M ap|.llc.-ition of the Detn??
eiatle counsel, was urouiibt In and opcni-il. The slat?
nient of Vi)l<*; Ac, were taken out, received by the
Mori and ordered to 1? compiled. The vote stood: Tll
d u ?-It i tor?, M ; Hayes ?bet?.rs, 12.
The bond then .uljoillii'il sul.jei t to the call of the
l'l.sidint. The clerks wi nt to ~~t% MMf??M the re
turn? of Ihe election. Tin- electoral vote, Ol hast, will
In- pioinulatat? -d on Tuis.lny. Tin- Hi ?iiililiciiu vi_it:?ii.
cemmlttoe departed for MOM this afternoon.
Tim di moi R?tic aita(K on urOEUG-E t'Ot'N
To IHK ________-U_D_B-l "TIIK TKL'TIl"?A MA
TAU.AHAKKK, Fla., Dec. :?.-Satur?iay was 000?
pied in receiving charges and allidavit? from both
side?against tho M-tOOtod counties and n plies^nd
counter iitlidavit?. The D.-nKK-rats proiluc??l as a
wuiiess W. H. Belton, the magistrat? who took tlie
ailidavit of Floyd Dukes, the Democralic colon-d
Iiisr??e<;t?)r at Archer l're? inct. in wlii? h he IWOM that
his former ailidavit cliargiug fraud _?0n tbe Repub?
licans was fais?-, and pro? ured from him by in t i in i
dation. Mr. Helton, it hwiii?, was -Bpootoi by tlie
Deuiocrats to corroborate Dukes's stateinent mi the
stand that lie did not sitrii or swear t.. the afihla
?ifc iuHtead of doing this, Mr. 11. Iton stat.-d
to the board that Dukes did sign the ailidavit ;
. that it was previously read over to him ami that he
swore to it. In other words, Botan swore cb-arly,
distinctly, and explicitly in ??pp.-sitiiiii to the D.iiio
erats who called him. The final i.*sitlt of the hear?
ing of the Archer l'recini t ?MM h i*> umfPt M reason?
able doubt that tho return is correct, and that the
whole D?mocratie attiuk on this couiily is MOO- on
the testimony of false and perjured witne..se?, ad?
mitted by the Democrats to have lied in one or the
other of tho contradictory ?tflidavits.
The other high-sounding charg?'S against tin? R?
publknn ooontie. disappear upon the slightest iu
ve-i Ig ilion. They too gotten up tomtiy toteSt
For iiiHtancc, tliey charge illegal rottag __ MM I?
citiit in tin- County of Leoo. They prove who vot
at tin opening of tin? poll and who ?if its cluse, Th
then produce copies of the poll list, showing id?
110 naines before (he name of the fall vot-r and
after the name l:,st voted, anal claiming the 1
votes us illegal. They build upon the vot<- _ form
able charge of ba!la?t-bo\ stultitig. Their win
faillit- tumo!.-?, however, ii|i,,ii it being shown tl:
th.- it...- -In .?Is of the poll list have been '?*-:
iati?.*e:l ami two et three MhacejIMUt she. is phi?
befoie the lirs! slice!, ?mil one Other sheet pli'e
after the last sin et.
Their case in (he County of Jefferson, ?hen th
talk of BOO Illegal Mltail is (|nite as f_M_*f, <;
Whiteliehl swears that the 1 ?einocia?c ('iniiinltl
inade | census of tin? county, and thai ::1 out li
hundred names of colored p ?oph? who \ ote<l were n
on the Democratic teiisii-, anil ha in not uc(|uaiiit<
with thrtn. I his is unit ? likely, but a colorc.l mai
right to vote does not depend on his being on ti
Democratic census, or being known to Mr. Win
field. The Democrats al-o g.i\e notiri1 that tin
-hnulit prove that Mr. I liiiii|ihn?J% the Repnltlic:
candidate for elector, M llarlior-Ma.stcr of tl
''nited States, and therefore ineligible. They M
save themselves tin? trouble, for although he on
was such officer, he resigned before the election.
The returns from the only remaining county, tl
far off Kingdom of Dad?, have ou?e, and have In*?
opened. Hayes ft'.?(? :ves 'inn- and Tildan five, addii
four to the Republican majority of -HI OB the face I
the returns. As the cas.- now stamls I may sa
withont nndertaking to pradi-l the action of tl
board, that In my JndgnMBl the II ijrm mnfartl
?boold be increased by tin? proof odirregolai Me
illegalities, and intentional Democratic frauds? I
the extent of from 701? to 1,000 Miles.
A writer signing herself "Trnlh" in Tiif. Tumi's
of tin- 281 b complains of my di-patches as illogici
and partisan in complaining that the return- fun
the Democratic connlies are kept hack, when T?
I Kl'III ia*/_ the p" ?! -o Hi ?Ml are controlled by the I.
piiblica-iis ami also tin* election inachinciy in (i
eoiintns. In r.-ply I will say that M returns hav
bei'ti delayed ??fier being deposited in tiie pot
in I ib it the Republicana do not control tl
a-?et i,on machinery In Um 27or38 Dem?crata eoni
ne r,*-ult of the election in the 10 or 11 Ifa
pnldican ((unities, exea pt Dado, ?mis known Itemed
ate'.v after elt-eii in, ami cotihl not b, altered. Th
Detlio: r.ltie ( utilities, 0 it II few a*\eep( ioi.S, Were 1
llie hall?', o( D.llioeralie ollieels. Olid the ft
tiiins wen? thine w.t-l.s in coming in, : n
I ?hav? liltle aloillil Unit Hit* maintains u. r
ini-r- i-eil i ft.-i election, boconee it i?? knpoasihl
for h'epU'.lic.ltis to go safely to the nililil i. - !?> ("?
the proof '._ the precinct rotes. Fortunate!, tht
. DOM ' Vlt'llv ho'. III. It lb In lllele.i-e t il 11
Dotwithafaudiug Um ?doHMuda ?f the Northern U
ocrats thai tin Republicana ihonld inform then
?and the] mom beaten ?aven on the i.e.- <>f then
i R preeentlng the Republican-taiiooul Cots
mittee ben, I bare boon anaiona t?> penenre aa
t hen'?(? e\ nit nee of exact li the liotn-l vi.-. \u . \,i
D rai preeinei m evirv ?county, be lie vi eg i
Would .i*>.? II.i\a - o..-r l.OOO majority i?i I
I ll! I'll !? .- li.l ? to ?it..t ill. 1 H boni the ?siw.
ol lin i li,', I "t ?le?, v. in ', may initie iiftel the ( ?. i
donee ol fraod i? obliterated.
The boar i hat decided to receive no new charge
after ?*.itni laj. Rebutting evidence will, bowevei
be allowed on Monday, and trie com probably no
disposa d O? until Tuesday. \\ . K. ( llAMiI.llll.
why manvtci: wi.M DEMOCRATIC?.
itiri ni n i\? -ii-.-i.-ii. i m t i.i \s.niii ni m
Il IHN t. I I.I I.h t.K I I I . ll.'.N III II..I. VI
IM i n,inn.il v.
TaixaH- -m. Fl ?.. Dee. 8, Featerd ? ? . ? ?san
siiineil In ill ? -lehiili ii inl loilii. 11.f !??-11 tie ,li I?
the board, thai beina Um laM do
Rach aide filed -p. eiiii a* in is of contmd in Mvere
counties and made replication to chargea in ?
other t oll.itl. ...
Thett waa only one newer aotable poinl t ?i
It concerned ?theeonnty ??i Manatee Tbecbirb o
tina ?county, who is by law the registering ullii-er
i. util a week or so before the election, lb?
Governor accepted hu resignation, to tekeadecJ al
oint*, 'l ne ?un nt?, was thm left without a clerk,
Botne of the oitiiena attoMpted ?to re giater with tin
deputy clerk. ?He declined to take their nona . \
new clerk waa ?appointed b*. tefct-raph, but, tot
rea-otis Mated differently by each Mde, In* iiiii
n i qualify before iiae election was over.
Th?* election was hehl, bo we ?ret, the regMtrj
li?( a?f last year being used nuil each
voter tal.ing tin? usiiiii registry oath before ? juntii.
of the ?peace,who otRciated in ?look "t tin* clerk,
ill?* Republicana asked that the county be thrown
out, as tlii- elect ion was irregnlar, and .?. their roten
In the county, not belie*, m g thai the election would
be luiii w ii limit ?i clerk, did not go to tin? puliste
vote. The D?mocrate Mdtentbatil bo counted, m
these vot?is exlliltlsted their resources in Iryiln. lu
vota* lawfully, and recited that hundreds of uiiei?
were ke?.i from voting, as only tiit.se on the registry
list ? ol foiiin r years h 11 K ugh! to rote.
The i ?. mi?, rit n* inanagi-is lai-cl | point as to the
eligibility of Mr. Humphrey!, a Republican caudi
date for electee, who wat appointed ihipping maati I
at ('ensac?la sumo time ago, ilk! held thai ??flVce
when tin? election came oil. The argumente el the
two conta slants will be laid before tlie boanl on
Monday, and adoci-ioe will pooboMy be ranehed mi
Tai i.uiASsi.K, Fia., Dec. il. -A letter lUM '?? en re?
ceived hen- Inuii a iiuuilur of Ilia- .\oitherii Demo-,
rratie Coininitlee, now al Ncv, -( Ml.ans, Mating I hat
iin- Set ti iniy of the National Republican Committee
has (lism^i'hed to l.oin-iaiia, Bouth Carolina, ami
Florida, asking that the words " In piinaiiauce of
the laws of the United Bteteo" be ineerted m tho
electoral certiiieiites. The Dceaeerntahnre mUIUm
attctition of their rauiunittees throughout the
coiintiy to tin.? iioiiit, ami suggi-,1 the ?ji*-?*i t i?ui ami
in addition the wetAe "and also lnpnrnnnneeo_
the laws of the Mate."
HOU] H CAR( > I.I S A.
IW(? I'K'iMIMl.M MIMIllltS I.K.'.N 11 lilt: It I \ h - AM?
GO ?111 111 (HI Rl AI.Al.N INVdhKI? HY l?K.M
('..l.tMiiiA, Dae. !!.-Two of the most |.n?mineiit
Republican Memhen (oolond), aamely, Myers and
Hamilton of lie.inf..11, ale-ctt'il M:n k-y't sido of
tho bou-e yesterday al.ernooii al 1 1st, and wen?
sworn in by tin? D'-moiralic Speaker Wallace. ' H ti?
ers were expected ta? follow their example. Iloth
Houmoremained Inocmien. The Ponatc adionnMd
during the day until Motnl.iy- At night the Repub?
licans seat?-(l four more memo-en from Ahheville
Coiinly, without hearing peoteoM or contests, and
while tin* Demo ?ralla1 members WON in the hall
holding i ertifieates of eliiiioii from tne BooH M
Canvasser).. No military or eoustubnloiy maih- their
imjnnmnec at the Siat( RfoaM yesterday, anal tho
crisis has passed until Monday.
A motion was made (' itittg the day in the Supra tne
Court in ?behalf ?d Wallace, the Bpaakerof the ?Demo.
cnilic House, for a ii:aiida,niis on Mackey, the
Speak? r of tin* K-ttuhlicall House, to rou.pel hllll to
dellTi r the returns for (.ovcrnor, now in his jx?- NO?
sion, to Wallace as tho legal Speaker of lin-h gal
Hou?*1. A motion for quo warranto am the II ws
elactor, ?'il? alsa? male. Both casas nre to l?e heard
on Monday. Mackey in the House last evening tohl
Wal'aee that he intends to remove tin* ?UfC-Old
nieu v.itii Stale constable?. Wallaea- said tin- 11 Mi I
was the only coiotervator of its own oralar, and COUld
Mee i 'nu Pan?.
BE? ELECTEE IE O-VCM ai.Musi \v iniorr eux
n:.sr?vu;. ,.<,._ gu only oitd.? r.\ i - hie man
?'I?' lilltl.l?.
[i?r rntnoo-rn m mo num _n.|
Wahixi ?*?, Doe. :t.- -Snmnel J. Etna-all of
IVuns? Iviinia is the Deinocrati.- iiounnM for Speaker
"' (l 1 H" ' -". and will Im? elect.-! to-morrow Vjr 0
Strict par:, roto, His nOMlnntton M Saturday
night?, o_hc lad wH_ K-r?er? u nfhrt m h s ??eut m
On th.it of his Iii-mis, Moulted from bis fllmiM lu
li'i-.'t the cmeri_enc?cs that IIUIV grow .?it of t!.e dis?
puted l'r-si.l, nti.il election, anil in.m a preval? it
belief ili.it Got, Tilden preferred him to au Other
candidates. It cannot b.< saiil thai Mr. Tilden
ojN'iily cotitii.Hcd the caucus. Indeed thero is
M doubt that he made a show of imp, r
tiality, and professed to ??nil of the three OT four
prominent, candidate.? that, he hid no intention
of interfering, but his i nil in nee __ 1? It in the eou
fi'i-i lues and combinations on Saiunlay which
brougfit about the result. The pretended raiiilulacv
of Mr. Moiris'in was a pie? -e of tint - -t- 11 11 . :!?!,? t.i
the gi.'?it N.w-Vork iMilitician. Mr. Morrison ral?
lied a stroiu contingent of Wist.rn members;
ko hop! tii.ni iioin Joining Mr. Bojrler'a
. ttuidard, and iniinheil tli.ui over in a
body to Mr. Randall's camp, without even
claiming from fl.iiu a no-iplimontnij vole.
Mr. Saylcr, thus desert?-?! by thost' wbOM sii|i|?ii1 he
tli'.iiL-lii he hud a light to ? laiin, did not even stand
u'" -I" '. i.m pmoonlod Mr. Cox with tho remninder
of his odh-NOt- and withdrew i'rnui the leid. A
single ballot s.ttbd the a I! air, Mr. Randall having
7."? voles and Mr. Cox C'A. Mr. Co\'s stieiit"!i rame
chlefll fro n Ohio and from the South : Mr. Run.tail's
from the Bool and Wist, with perhoM a deoen
?-.mlhern votes. All tin I'l-iiu-;, lv.ini.'iii-- MBpOTtod
ex.. pi Mr Shenkley. llr.RnnnEliciraldnnd-nht-dljr
'hav ? oiiiiu.'i.'i .?-d a l:'i_.r vote hail lie tie. .i -d it.
Th.? r-.iii-l whs ?i s|,i?it|,-s,s and ?o,ill-nature.1 ??n
all .-?._? ili..t iteonld ? ireeij i?.- call.-?! a fleht. In
tin longnageoi an active Demoerntie politician, it
"ilidn'i iiinoiiiit to .i? -? ?. ii.lile i rit.iiiiag-'."
Aft. r i lu- n uit wot annonneed, Mr Iiownar. who
w.-is in tin choir, -i-ni Meaarr?. s i?, 1er and Him kbnrn
bun-in the m w Bpeakei ft .n? the room of
tin- Appropriations ?Committee. Mr. Run la.i na
?tv...inly eh'. tel when In? entered, and, going up t?i
the ch'l I?'- di ?la, sp?,h.? as follow s :
?.Tim-i M m? i s: Ilium?, joii f,?:- the '.?l'Ii marl of
ri.lii'i.. will ti .lour action nil lentes. I shall endesvor
barge tin' ?inn. s of tbe position wliteli yon ?u>
- n nn ?a l'li Mil? iit v. |,:?.|, ? ti;i_ t.n- null'. .?I on I
no ?ii in ? s m an theii prlvili ?i ?! ? .. uta uin_ . II the
Ol I ? II' II? V. 1 I. ill. I? ll !? ,'?1.11 I III I . ?
, li.iaii.- alwuy ? m ? n-?t lie p. it. ?
uinI pi- ?p. rllj ol lie ? i..int. ).
?Mr. I.';, i.'!.. : I ?Smteutered the Houe lo 1 *"?.(. ti Ott
In glimm-. "I UM WXYIJiih CO-fTMO, and h.is
11i.'it.ii.iou-iv i-?'-? rince, eonsl mtly ?growing
m n tin, m i i ?. i ? i, i part) ? .... ..ii. ? aid in the r? -
opponent Elia reeord, oith
. ? _< ? [itioii ol In? v??t?- l?r t lu- I', ?? I? !'.?\ lull, is
row h? r> open to aeren rriticiam. ?Noneol the man*/
pi und ? l that tloiiri?li"l durii
en?*eeeding the war found in bim aaupporter. Hi?
attitude in poiitii hat I of a strong
party man, on! bata ti I Ott e-m?
ol 1872, v h?" he g ??? Mr. (?i, > i? , a
belonged to ih? lih.-r;.1 and
l l' ? I'.'in?.? in ?'. .Hid has cous
st.i.il.v ll-?-.I in- ilillu. nee to .-null (. 1.1 ? ! lb. I? ?? i ? !>??:'
?si, ?, :..!? ? . . ?' ,i hart cropped on! ben nndth?re
during tin pi-i iw" ?. reo ire. He l.. li.-v-s
ti .,; good p 'lain -b'.'ibl
tin- t.is-.ilts of tlo v.:.r.
I . ..- ago Mr, ?Ban-all
, i, but tv., . !?. r? ?! I?, Y... ?\. ?r ..it? | a ' |i ?
I I, re ul! w_? ?I? ti r
? i of tho Bontbern
. with t? s i si pported Mr.
ont of i doubt, Cor h-s
co?eistenl pi ?? .-.?m h? i n i..?:d doling and
?.ti. r the W.I.. Mi. Randall . ? giren the
? -11 - ? i i ? ? : ? i ? -1 ? I > "f the ('?iinn.nt-? "-i -ppropnationa,
lie adopted and enforood on the HouMOpol
i down tin ,ippt"| .i.ii.oiis by n ?or! of
; ? in, ? lin h ??? i- s.,L?ly i!?
i.-i the p -i
. .?.I ap] i"V il "i li- own patty. Pew politii Iom an
:, u? Mcoeiono? He ru nn early supporter of <?-.-?.
Tilden for the Presidency. M..,.t!is before the si.
I ..?m- iciivi nt mi. ni.'i. in an interview with a Tata?
l- ? orn -poll.b lit. In- I ml du?'. II the pl.t. of .li'i
ji.ti_.ti ih.ii WMoflerward adopted, tl chief I
. t wbiefa was u ?an.I id.it? ami .. , mi Horn, thai . .".Id
. irrj the three Denjocra?r bard-monej/ E?stern
,??i.it?s, Kew-York, v.? .'. i?.-;.-, and Counecticut,
mud "i'. i" them oonrlj the ratira ?Sooth.
Mr. Unndall raprooenta th?- only Democrotie dio?
tri.-i m I'! ii -i.'.phi?. It Im along '?h.- I'. Inwnre,
bal?n Cheetnut- -t.. and Ima a gnpnl itkra toatn
tl toflbi lower warda oi Kew-York. For a lone
linn? the I.', ?mill., ?in ..;.:.,.. 1 ? of til?- ill.? politic.?
I, i'.. mad..ii ? ii'iiiist him. His ma?
jority is laige ciioiii'li t.. ... ? him again.I OH) ?
tul ?nttoekofrom hit opp? entt? while his InflnonM
- m ins own pnrt] I m i il ?iothiorenominntion
1 oc? ins t-veiv two.? ?lis I'. .1 liriu'l' of ?-??ill.??-. I ? ? -
? deed, Um n Menu t" I w prob ibilit. oi i.i
I paisf ont of Coogrem m ?long m bo lireo, unhMO bj
? hi- 00 :. ehuii ?'.
Mr.Riuiili.il is IH } ?us old ; in p? rOM boioof
? meiliiiui bi-ht, Otontlj built, with broad ihoold-ro,
?n.d in appe.'.r.iii.??? ..r, onaideimble phyaicnl stnngtb.
. He has Ida. k In. ii ;.i .1 . .? ? ?, _ ni.issi.,' hei.l set upon
j a short neck.ai.d I tl ...Int.-, intelligent e.uitili-;ian. <-.
j He wears mi bear.;, is ihetCt Blghtod, and .?f late
jrenn lias MM in the habit of using glass.? when
, r-i'lmg. In ?my l'onipany his tutt and m:u.i.ci
' wonld ??in-.' him to bo ?noticed m ?? ?man <.f
1 evident wiii-'ht .nul ?lup.'itaiio-. lb? ennmH
.be said to be | populi'l totgtbtt "I the
lions.-. lie is too p.,siti?c and ?imi.-'-i I for
thai. Those who .lij'.y his MM-fl-l tiici. '?!iip
know. Iiow.ver, that the bins.|ue, :.tia. kiim inaiiner
whiehehan. U riam him la pnblk lifoeorera ? warm
am! generous n? nie, an?! tiii i? |oal I" ??' a man
of Kindly disposition and of s'i.ng ..tt.i'huieiils.
lb- lives with in, ?tamil, in ii puin! and ?lun-t way In
a small tlir? < ?t>i y !u? 1U I M CooHol Hill, a boOM in
no wuy diotingniabed ?m a a ?Mon ot 'wo ef otben
that line the stiv, t uiioil which II -t.i'i.l?. 1 he h"U-,.'
belongs to him. He speinN t, ? h i-nr?' t?ttt
at iioine, ami is eld.en to bo Men i i the DMlidM of
h??, is or in th" plies when Donfreoomen ore
fond of ?'oiigregatinir. Washingloii society has no
chin ins for him, and he would be looked upon M ?
v.rv rare bird il he should appc??r in the . nniil al a
fashionable, rce.-ption. Ifl tin ir mlootlon of Mr.
Randall the D.-uio'i.it.s l:?ive noiloiibl put the best
man tiny has.- in the chair, bul t? K-N-U not -0 Mr
prisiim it many who ttfttt bMott bo p.u li.-.ii I"
yond the lii.iit-tof fairness should bo iiis;i|ipointed
before the session ends.
AM) Mil. ItAM'VI.U
b.'.NM.AI. I'lilSS nl-l'tlllll
\VAsiii\(.r?>N', D.-c. ll.-Af'er tl..-:i<lj..uri:m.nf of
the i.iu.uH, Mr. Randall ree.ivid the eongratula
tions of the members. Mr. Cov was not prenent at
tie . .uieiiM, being in the room of tin- Committee on
Ranking and ('iiri.'iicy, of which he is chairman.
When the result of the ballot vv,..- announce?!, how?
ever, lie was i-eut for, and on <-nt? r.ng the hall was
welcomed by 1 In- member?, who rose in a body to re?
ceive him. Mr. Cox imiiuiiiaiely congratulated Mr.
Ramlall in n must fru-i dly manner. Mr. Randall
coidially rectprocitid Mr. (ox's greeting, ami
said: "Whenever in tlie futile I can be of
nse to you m an_> possible way, I shall
be very glad to 1m> ??." Mr. Cox replied : " Mv pub
Ik eOMH U nearly emicl, but 1 must serve my
people faithfully to the nul of my service nevertlie
? loss. 1 feel _i aUfiil for your kmd expresaious, and
shall be most happy if 1 e?m be of any I
you in the performance of yetii? rirdniu-t and t
Bible diitiet." There was an expres-iion "1
during the caucus concerning the political sit
of affairs in Louisiana, South Carolina, and 1
It was tie fl-tieril ?ll'i'C'-tt I at tha! coin,
should be appointed t' visit these Suites in of
??.iin lacts ?attending the eleeteral rob
eoomding to this anderetendfai r i reeolntfon \
Introduced In the ?louse on Monday for that p.
lli'lsi- IN VI SIIiiATINi; (liMMI ITKKS? I!. I't III
* a 11 \i*? rtr :?: ((iMim; skwsfai'kk?mi:.
TOOft I l.l.lTilli.W. ? VL,
hit rntaeuaru ro ihr tribc-im
\Vasiiin*(?i?,\, Dee. 'A.?Mi?' Democratic M
hi t ail.us wi-.iy ?concluded not to ?rimlTenpo
political policy just at presa-nf. Tiny piii'I'M
termini d to wait until they got a need view (
| ate U In. h bars their prOgrem o the goal of ful
meten ..f the Qo*re ament h. f. re taking a loop
ami t ill do nothing until the l'rc.sid'-iii's un- -
laid before them, and th.* verdict of the F.le?
College? is ?announced. Then, if >flOT, Hayes ft
odd vote, they intend to tOOt ? omtiiil lees to th
puted States imm.-a!,,-itely to take testimony U
yiew of Manufacturing public opinion to
tain any course it may bo dct.-rn
to take in Mr. lildeii's tetOK . Tho informal
miItee agreed upon by the Democratic MM
pi? ?i.iie resolutions and ar.*:i?:p* for the coiniiii
to go to Hie ?Southern *-tat wiil probably nol
s I ?he resolutions to ?M ?Ioe.-iO until al'ier '
in - .-, unit --. the result of the electoral votes i
Ihn c Southern States can lie determined before
time Mr. Hewitt, Mr. 'li! lei's immediate r
st iit.it i vi*, o ill !? * nade tha man at one of the
mit ta a -, and Mr. Lamm 'POM W, of another. J
Abbot! b taking i.i aettre pert in eooforeneo
the Democrats ii ?irranging ' _i n 1er.
i In-l'epiibhea i representa iv sv Il hold a ca
t.-'.i..itow iii'ii'iiing, when it mI ! i determine
whom the honor of th" I'e.nil? u rote for
>l't akership shall lin givi'ti, Th t hoi.?! will ?i
ably ha Mr. Qaifleld. Both M . Hanks anil
Ka--??u would like to r'avive l.is a aiinplltllfllt,
Mr. Oarfleld appears to be the favorite. The
publican* will al-o probobl] ooneider thepropi
of euggeeting to the Speaket the ?anmed Bop
toot t<? h?* member, of the committee, ?to be sen
the t!ii'f doubtful Btnl
Airang.iiients for the puMi atioo of a D -moer
organ in thia eity are completed, and the I
i.i t will appcor to-morrow, with the title of Tot I
tHtuBoael I tito. Montgomery Blair is the o
e.liter. Tne money for the enterprise tree ra
pertlj I i.' and partly in N'e.v-Vork, if is said,
among the pow? rful itochholdnro le W. W. Cocom
'iin poperwiU be a modinm olio four pago dailj
Ail tin* Demo rete whoha toexprumod Uiemael
mi Mi" subj.?i t maintain Aw right of the H
e cauae, the rote otan*, stale, licet oft!
the claim on the pretended exietenco of
'_?_'.1 Joint Kuh*, but the Sen.it..i ?a who commit
tin m?, he- laei si -1...1 ;.i the ?theory that tin- ml
abrogated, ?are obliged t.? taki refuge in ?precedei
which they aeeert are sniih ient without the ?rule.
itor If orten intonde to >re*ri~e ?to-morrow
c.tu-ti ilion al .-itti.ii.it ,.'nt changing the naanet
t 1>?. ii l President and Vn -1" ?(?-.idciit, ? I.i, h ?n
modified oomewbot, He v. ill aleo Introduce al
ravul.it nur the counting of tin electoral \..' -, v.!.
he hopes Hie Senate will pass ?mal send to th? (.0
in time to give the latter ?body u ?opportunity
m.?i. n a 11 -, before the tot ooA Wedneedny In F
rii.ii y.
Among the neolntione to be presented by
Deiiiot rai.? to-morrow v. ill '?' one culling on
I !? lid nl f'T It? formation H to tin-n?.a?
induct tl him to order troops to this ciiv.
it lei id Hi.it the l'lisiihiit in bis uie-r.ng.. v
reeoiiini nil a Coiistitulioiial ?iiiii-tnliiien! pie i
Mlll'rag.? Ill the Statcsln President ial elect:..lis nu.
th.. ?control of Congrece, tha states retaining <
?ordinate powi r la determining the final mult, 'i
t apitdl (alls on the Utilise to !nimetiial.'!\ iiiiis a
Preaident Grant, andurgM aonyofleere to enge
h _:ii ( oiitiscl toadvi-e thelil what 000100 to p'irs
t., i.i'i-ii,*?? rebellion egninM their conntitntiot
?tuperiore Intheerenl thai the Electoral College i
turne ?. Il..'. I I ?> tel, and the 1't?
i.'inots to n aug?rate ?aim.
v, (- iiv.i.a, i?...?. :i. l_7_.
port "f th.? Miiitiuv i '??m m i - ?un apon Um Wot
for Ile- i ni |i: i,m tin til nt tin- ?-i tut 11 l'a -s of the 1
Blvei baa been moda M tu? Moreteo of w.n, i d ?
a?luila-H n? In..
We liee'n in,t only an enlargement of Metion, bnl
, , i. in In- i s?,;it .il tu t .
ol tin- |ettle_, Hi. ?;? -. lally, and we ar ? ol tl
opinion tbat tliU enlargement ?al ?ectlain ittbi
ami consolidation throughout by the application i
ii?,r. i ii? underlain i al ?i?.* am) a reoeainahl
, III' i. nil lie III die Ilia- cm i It mil of tllC -..??:?
.hi.I .11 mt.:.e |.?i ?, in.?lit?, tlie ?uiliteili:;te ?t nil full i m
?ollalutlou of in.* i-iue? ibaillld be iu-t ? li.-r ri quired in
e\l?e, t .1. a.? they Will ??> I'tlllUe to MMI
:.., nine lune, " bote liy tin? slll'siilein?
ol the linttotn apoa -hl' it i!i'?v r*s( and dy tin- compre?
Slilll of tlie III ittle.s-i-s l.f V. llllll t'let ale I ?I??. IV C(.t?
DO .1: leal tills -.'Mli'iii.-::! ant! n,i.-nli.l:ttl.,ii ?boOlal b
lia-tci.etl. a? ll.:-.)il.-l I" en 1 ?"a: 1 K (I. liy tin- ap?-li. ?lie.
to time, ??" ti'iit they tous i>c In coi
dltlotl lu n ti IV? Hielt lina! Cuis i a-, -nnil, ?it '..?as! a., II.
expected full depth at water in tee obanuel baa be?
nltl.-iiisl. '1 ia- present v.i.i!., at t..e li. ail of tin* P IM ar
n,?,-.;. ,.t .? t.-iit.iti\.t :,n.l temporary > u.ir.i.-t. i?, anda
their proper pro?p?w_lo__i are determined ?lu
piaca-d tiy ?UMtantiid and permanent ?truott
eel Ipli t. il beton tin1 llinil l'?: In ?nts i:e lu.iile.
en iin|,iii> m tu th.- neooenM of Jay OOA MeColloel
g ( ?i. ?nil ill,'??'?\einnn n!, It is as,?, it.iiu? il tli.it tliel
ace nmts, .11 tin- financial agenta ?u I-Ui.l'in of the N'nvt
I ?. ,,., luieiil. have lieeu -, ;t, .1 n i!ii? Tiv.i.-uy ?uni paU
in fu.I. S.?, i.t.ii*. lt.ili.--a.ri MJ ?? tin t tli.lr bada hl. .In. ?-.
im the navy account when they tram Into Ininitl. iliu
under Kiiiilish law, OU the t.iiiiki upt.'V of ?oiiic of tliiMi
p.liions in uns country, wmfully ?ecored, and iiad beei
(.ladi'.illv l?.(i.l, until last.-iinriii r It t'.as udiiet It
?yH.'.O.iHM?, whlcli has si it?, lu tu paid, and tic Obole 111
.lehn iliie-s ili.scli,ii?e.tl. So mat mees were ever made tt
?1:,. honst >,f lap ?',,.'<.? .?, CO., and that heu-., iievel
owed Um UoTurnmi at i n the awry ?ceounm
Tin: statt it.t ut m ?nanilened M modal ?epatebM from
this cil;, -..une -luvm in'.?, teat i ll.pul'lican It,inker ol
in,i.,na oil? bad -trained tee eampalaa menta el hie
part] in Indiana to Ml?. Ti.den, t nii< out upon furile'i? In
vektination to be untrue, it wot made apea oawllenl
aullen ii). hm i be pel s. m ?.?, n.. m ido tue charge aiu now
. ..n\ n. .??i ci.d iin?>? wen m em r.
QOr. Tll.D E.\ S 11 TUB S TO ALBA A Y.
HIS AIMtlVAf. ANN'lif.VCKI? l??ll XO-MOMOU mi?;
MTAIK a OMlidl I.KK*tllll-.Mlt. ttsOAB AM' IHK
?Ill 11 l.Ki.H '? III M IHK TRtl I'NR.l
Ai.ii.w'Y, Dt1?1. :i.?(ii)V. Til-leu will return
?.ci,? mi Tie ?day n ,t, to n?tin.in until lie tlniiilies hi?
ditics M (i.tvirnot liy feriunllj wclcomuij? ?Lun-MBeh1
111?.m M the sine.--1. n. Ile hua uri'lVed u t IK) deferillill
?Itiiitl Jit us to the ?1)1 iillltnielit )f a State Cclitrollcr. It
1? known, lio-cw., .at Mr. P P. olcil*., who \vii_ tcu
di rod tlie noiiiiiiatiiiii, has i?(i.-ltively aniiouiic'd his Um
Inclination M Kc???pt it. tut if ?-till re in .mis an lntcnal
ad ?thoiit ten (lays liefofe (iiiitiollcr Koblnauu's report, U
fiill.iictl, so that tilcle in un l.le?->in_ lice*.I of MlUMMdt?
ute agpctetuMm.
d,,ni,-,. H. Sloan of (t-wci?o wt* lioie on Satura ?y, and
?luted 'hut while lie would be very proud If hi? friend?
elected lilin Si.ciiUer, lia; should make uo canva-n fur tlie
place ix.l \. oiild uo POMMM-If ?a i-k liny one'? YOU?.
______o____r___a notes.
Me\ i .m i Kit, Vf., Dee. A.?G,?v. Fiiirlianks's con
.lt'i.i Hi.? eveningI? oeiinhlercil crlUaail.
licsTdV, Dec.:!.- The Eoot-bnD match which waa
yesterday |.lay.??l by Ui? UarvarU ?nd Val. froabinun, wia
won liy ma former.
lUitiiisiii BO. renn., Dflc ::.?A watchman on the
I'eaimylvanU luilroaal, nania-,1 JeremLsh Bntok?, wa?k??l.d
her? early tin? Diurolug by a iiaaceu^er u_ln.
Nantiikkt, Ma_i., lire. : . ? I lie sahooner Mary
I_.iii.-_. of Huc-kieport, Hlruck on luck?1! much Mlioal at u?on
fmsOutbap, where ?be He? biUjisL ?he mas ?baoaluued, _od
nothing i?knowii ol tho crew.
BaiSToN, Der. 3.? Tho Hcliooner Cherub of South
Auaba.y, for Uamlloer, Me., with a tare?) of clay, man ?truck
by ? heary aqnall laut night north of lllghlrnJ Light. Hum
UaHaime uunnauagcahle au.U was ?aandouasl : to. caylam __d
cx?w ware tairai : Ute ?.booiiar ynthmblf ?auk.
I -11AI r. A Vf.?ssii 111 M ITS MAN TIII'OVV TUB rtJt.
o: iii?: f~__~~~_
In tho ilisi?ii-si')n conct-rninit the result of the
PreO-dentinl M?teotM has been siii?_e,te?l that the
elertion might be tlirown into the House of Itepre
Hiit.i?ivis by ?he vote of one of tho Republican
eiooieen, who s.muM cast liis ballot for Dristow or
MMM ?itln-r person, instead a. f?r Hayes, thus cans
in?* n lie between Hayes and Tilden in tlie elt**c
tornl vte. The Nation of this week contained
an artillo tOEEOMuMt that an elector who
ironld not thus ?aright relieve tho eouutry from
srrioiis iviN, and mil/ht count on the approval of
many tliinkiiiaT und iiitluentiiil min of botli parties.
In a i.-iiiiviTsatiori with a Trm.nk reporter on 8at
unlay, Oen. Hieklea referred to this suirgestion in
tlie tallowing ?vor? Is, -*hich were uttereil in answer
to a question concerning his opinion of the possi?
bility of Got, Hayes losing the election by reason
of the disqualification of some ono Republican
eleetor :
" I do not seo much ground for apprehension on
that score. Tin? laws of the several States seein to
pr?vido aileimato remedies for these contingencies,
and W?CM farther legislation is necessary such
action seems to 00 promptly taken, as in tho ?case of
Rhode Island ami Vermont. The gr ut.-r danger, in
my opinion, i-? in the possibility thai some elector
may b" fouinl who, for ono reason or another, may
be isriuodtd ??) giro o vote for Tilden, in violation
of tli?? trust repooad in him by the people of his
Stare, I haoid la-st Bight, from a source entitled to
the utmost, i?'s|,i'i't, that such an elector might
I?.- found in Maswtchiuetts. Heretofore such
apprehensions have been eon?ned to the ?supposition
that BOOM ..?I.nid elector in South Carolina,
l.ouisi.ii?,!,'or Florida might yield to weighty argil
nn nt-, I-it, DO our imagined that Ma.-?.>?hi_tett_
WOOId be hot rayed. My informant traced a curious
mint?m between ??_mreooat articles in The Nation
ana a weD-knowa -kntplool that paper in the old
Bog Stnl ', an?l lie lntitnat<-?l to BM that we must he
pr?paie.i to aee a. ?lietlagniahed eonrert to its vi?ws
among the most eminent and honored names ou tho
Kepublicm electoral ticket of Vla_?_ieh__ette. In
d? i-d it _ ?in i'.n??r??ssivi* l-csponsihility resting ujs.n
?'.?nil and every one of tin* ISOdOOOE? chosen for
Haycstl.it, behotia in his hands the power to say
who shall rule this country for t!iI next four ycr?.
Suppoae boom wino*growoc an the BUao had the
?pOWOI and the nullt to nain?! the suc.? r
to tin? Emperor William, or some ..ilk-weaver
n Lorono om11 dopooa bf hi'?* ?inglo bal?
lot tin? ?present Government in ttttttt and
r.ca'il ?he \ip.n.ic ?lyna.-iy to tho throne,
or make (.ambit?. P_0-kb at of the French
Republie ? In our present political situation just
thi? |. iv.i?, belong) to enefc and vrmty one of tho 185
eleetoneli tmedfar Hayes. Aehnnga of onoploom
tho Demoerntie party in pownr, ami with it the
patronago of our GoTN-OBont and ?the direetion of
Us policy for the next four years. The whole coun?
try has the dee peat interest in the honorable fu'.till
lii.n! of tin- oblignthma oeeeptod by tbe I'n sid? -ntial
aloet?ra, and th?n ib oir ipnlO-jT for rimoatiag btoe
th- nell-authenticated tumor mentioned to me last
night. It may i. ?te oxnmp*o, that the
eleelor to whom I refer vvoiiiil s:ly : ? liiere is no
Inn compelling me, and I havn ?i.a?!?- in expn'.ssed,
pledge to cast my vote for a particular candi?late.
1 be i? ?; in i!; it ao Blector is bound to v?it?? with his
party H an "tVs'ioot Of t?O recent system of
coir. .?'liions and party discipline. Wh?B the Con
ititul ,'iu'il, anil te sumo time aft?:r it?
adoption, tho rri-M.l.-ntiil . 1 ??? | is w.-r. bat to voto
lorthe m.m of tin ir choice, ami hu occasion haa
ariaeo waw'ta ?wight thnnteetoraag, 'when it seems
proper t>> bbs la r.-tut-? to ;!.. aorly pBnettoa and c_st
my vote according to the dietal o ?f my owg judc
ment,irreapectireof thewishea of th. party with
which] I ???? ?'?? inidentifled.' Bneheonaid?rations,
or othem equally honorable i.uJ potrtoth, howorat
n liai.'.' ?i -coiiid alo.ie indu.-nee Ott gentleman
nonm 11?? me.''
Th<? views of Tot BwEta inregnrdm this matter
were pi ien! d nt oonoidorahlo langth init.sis.su..of
la-t mi eh, and in m foUowai
In the MM of i lie present cl'-ction, the Issue pi seed be
hentbontamban of the Beetoral OaUegwH. tfcrangt o
MI?SU . "C.?i:..m?.n ot ciri'.?iii-i ?Uy ?lifferent
l?Biie fii.in tint w lib 11 tliey wer )?8le0to_ to.leal with. They
,uc nut, m nu? appenta prob?Me?, la ?petit vbaflMoeno
?.mil..Lit?-or anotlier s?mil l?e l'r?M.lcyc, but ?lielhfr ?il
tiic.laiul.tsauitilir.'.iossibilltieeof ,i ?S| '?'?-?I ?-le-lion ?hall
i?, precipitated M thu country. J'iii? point, m esse the
.-,. c.i.il v??i,'s of .- > :th C'ar?ilii..i, Hm'Ma, ami I.oiiisn?M
a.cc.i ' toi'iii'V. Il.iy.s, everv iiullvidii.-il<SMOf tho 166
?proper!) eboeoo BepobUean doctors bas, ??i ?le Oeelia for
hiiim-if. n?- cannot era?n tiu? laaan ; t? tattt without re
serve m tils IihihI?.
It i- a'-to ?i vei?- simple i s ic, and une whieh at this
I une tore eannol ba b au?I t?o fon- n'y booM t?i th?
munis of all co"l and relied in.,' in? -a. It is simply tills:
in the Lite election no candidate ?111 in fact secure?
? r?>,?? i. legit?mate, indisputable majority ?'f ttw elect..ral
rote, lu tin? ? 81 ii?-s. ,.i I? i . the n - ?It woe no tainted
with fraud, manipulation, and chlcauerj tLat. muter any
ordinary circumstances, their '..?t?-. would hy common
content b.? thrown out :us tendinjr slmpbr m ?/Mato the
tinal ? mu i. It ?,. happens, however, thai up??ii th?- vote?
oi tiiose ?-t.it.-, ti:u,re,siiit m t.:,? Electoral?Collegesmay
n- m,nil? to turn? Accordingly, tu.- electora of tfOean?
. -I "i-.-iia, r? presentin/r m pan the votos of a quarter of *
million of freemen, an? call? <i upou i<? net In unison with
ii- electors of Louisiana, who represent only tbe politi
i -., .iiiH-ihitit-M ol two ii.v.io's und two white men who
happen to constitute s part?a m und long- incc discredited
l?i'turuin r Board, if this is not ? political outrage, it?
? .?u.?! n? bard to say what is. Sun i>, under anj aUenm
st.im-i-- except those whlofa ' it woold unlrer
. s resented m such. If Got. TlkUai tho?M ttuully
!.. .1. . I-.I tinollalli til ' Votes of M] one of Iluso Iftiiies.
be and III ? tup] oi era <-.ui st least claim th.it li.-1, miren
tilo-,, rot? s limply becauM it was ImpuMtbla to w.thhnitl
them rt"iii him. Thof were extorted from h t ttyt iiaaata.
(m the other hand, the choice of Oot. ii r? ??? by the sninl
votes of those s-.u<-?i could not, under the notorious ?i.
cutustsncei <.i ?the ease, but place him in the ?Pretfata?ttal
,i way wuloh he ?and ais iiarty ?oulil liuu it Uiul
to explain anil barder yol t?> defend.
'lins n?- iiiK so?and under any clrcunstanca except Just
those which uow exist no human i?eui< ?<ml?l dispute it.
no iii:i!t-r imw tnu ?sleotoral to:.-? of the dlapmei
.-tat? n ni.i.i ii?- cu-t?this bel?g so, there is hut one ?ny
out ??t thedileiumn. U ta n? ? ? s.-.u v to look M thing? ?
;?? -ill '.licui liy tiicir rlgttt n tliics. A fa...us
I., elect m".?' n"i it! treated as an t lection ; an s
t.iii.i?"?l b? ii.m?! must be rejected as no result at alt, No
mai 1er ? hat Is ?ionc or attemptc ? 'o boda?s la Lo?is!??a
or l-'i'iri't.i, nothing can take tt out of the purer of ang
tiim'.e member ef any one of t/tc lCe;,itb!ii;tne!ect-irai ollegre
to rut the knot of fatal ck-eumttaiuxt which the watp f"?~
sions o} mli i ? -?teil men arr to ra?nd!^ tightening about us.
A disputed election is Imminent; he can convert it luto
a failure t.. i lei t. The fit -t i? chaos ; the Intl m Uw. We
ii,?ii.it ?n-Mtste to i?y and In Mying it we Bpenh s?l?
f ,r ;rho would i.t this rmergency th'it
ttttrt the m iijtniil ?iidrptiidciirg ot liif ?Met mnjht sa/eif
count on th? - ?, .?"?;?( oj u tost number nt the most thinking
and in/tin ?i '?i; .Heribert of either ?nn ly. It uroilltl by lAen?
be accounted as a blessed dcliceraiict Iran a dreaded
publie calumny.
but now ?let us ?o a step further. I?et us suppose thai
in oertnlu couttn?*(_m les, which now uccop) tii? uiim!? ?,f
?tit, the i '!.-. .-..me one Repu ? lean elector is ou Un- ?.ti
Ol the co.ni'ig ii util ill M St, not for ?jov. Mayes and Mr.
V? lie.-lei-, but, ??: instance, for lit. liil-UiW au.l (Jov.
Jewell; what w??uld auch n roto ?wanni it won hi mean
?imply that tliu ? olleg ?* bail moot more, s?has repeatedly
bappr?ed before,__l d to elect, aud that the constitu?
tional course p 'Viucd iu such co_lin?;?'n<.'ii _
must l>e taken. Iho election uf a President
ami Vic?-l'ie?i.lent wuuld devolve U|)on t-OUKiess.
Fioiu imwi the three MndhtatM who received ta?
ll number of electoral votes?in tbe ca.se supposed,
Xiliii n, Hayea, a.?d Uristow?the House of Kcpr?*
seiitaiit es, voting by SUi. s, woulu elect a PrealdenL In
tin present ca.se the choit-a would umtoulite.lly tall?n
il.??, i il.Inn. Un tbe othi-r h?ititl, me lueiuberaof th?
?Senate, votln? luilividual.^, would prtjt-ev? to elect ne
Vteo-Pres?lent one of the two tandktates who, m the
aleetoral coUegea, reeelred the hiKhmtt uumLerof votes
for Hint ot.ee. ' i'lio th..ien ?voutd lie bet weeu Messrs.
Whi_.-b-r and Hcudtitlts, uui. would iiuquusllonably tall
to the former. Xhrohgha constltuHonal pr'x-ess a fair
comprim??*.' would have b**e.i fori-.l on winn-rlliig poi?
llci-n* aud secured to au ea*ft.r eouutry.
Tho iK)slti.)u of aflairs is one ? hiob has not occurred
before?which Is not lUely to occur ?gain. Yetituuj
exist, and, exlsunir. I* must devoirs its a-ieat res|Minsi
bility It will then tie lor eaoh one of the Republican
ele-Uirs to decide for hmi?eir wUeth.e.iu the iaee ot
izreat au'l ui_Tor?3se-U eoutlu-iencies, he tnunt utterly ab
neinit?) his reasoning tacuiiks, aud exist only ss a oolit
lciil uiiichtue wholly devoid ot all ???Mpou-ibilliy for the
couseouences of his nota. It will then be for each to de?
ride for himself whether, under a change of t?oaditioun
laipei'iluig vast human tutereats, he may placo the coua?
try higher m Ida BB???B?BO lh_u an oigtuwmwEk

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