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AdAII IiIS?.Pl*()lMI l>.
AH the effort? of Railway Mail Superintend?
ent Vail lo ic'ich au midi r-.andiu? with tue Penn?*. Iva
nia Coronany, by which tho public would receive the ben?
efits of an M ly fast mail service, bave tuns far proved
unavailing, the company ?ti!l rct'iiirlng the matt? r for
the ?.ivc.il'iil "fast mall "train, leaving at 4:35 a. m., tobe
In Jersey City an tn.ur and a half b"fore the departure of
the train. Ye-terday mnrniim. In accordance ?NI the
plan agreed upon, the order of the railroad company
was put to tot practical test. The bulk of the mail mat?
ter for th< 4.:i.'> train was sent over to Jersey Ott! by the
3 o'clock boat, a* required by the company. A supplc
meutal mall, wblch was received too late for the 3
o'clock boat, was made up and ?-eut over at 4 o". lock.
On reaching the side track where the postal car was
Statidinir when the earlier mail was delivered, the car
was not to be seen. Tho Posi-Oiflce offiri rs laad* a
vigorous search among the labyrinth of tracks for the
missing car. Their effort? were unsuccessful, and their
request?, for information to the railroad men, from etWOt
master to Irak? boy, were met with protestations ?if total
Ignorance of the exist? nee ol such a thing as a postal
ear. \Vhi,e the Post-Office nun Wtm wadinc knee-th-ep
iu tue diiited snow anil ttflfalrlllif over the icy tracks in
search of tl.e " fa:?t mail," tot Exptt M Oompaaj '-> wugou,
which left New-York ou tlic -1:15 boat, was driven up to
the side track, It? contents win iitun;. I'd util ? t..wed
away iu the cars in wait in?, and alie " f i-t mail " Haiti,
without tot lift mflM-toad of until matt i, VMUVU
on the road to Philadelphia before the mea In charge of
the mail leaned tu..t it had pea The supplemental
" fast ni.ii" was driven back to tie Peet?0-toe and seat
out at a i.itcr hour. Where th* postal ear ?u lu hiding
for the boar and a half Is a mystery, the?olnUOBof
which Ik Iiiii onlv i > the relbroM ?tea.
laaaawertoa telegram nnuoonciag hi-; l-atroottoa?
limn th.- in.ut ?up. r m- 'ii.i. ir . n Monday night, Post
luuslcl .1 , pat? li tli'lil r. W..|
Coft .Is?'' sun, sn)?erlnti:ii'l' fit ..f the New -Jers. y I livislon
vt tl.e i'i iiii.-i Iviinia Ma?roadCompany,atating that be
hod no iidvicc of auy Change n. the hoar lor ii:i delivery
of the m.?ili< at Jersey City. The nostmastci would lie
obliged to conform to\h? hour, '?-itou. m. Any nndi ar
riviiin ut .1. t B) Ql v ?i. i '. . t i me would have to jr?. by
tini7:J..>.. ?. tram. Nofurta r communication l'rom tii*'
railroad Official? annoui inge In thi
arrangement was received u a fat?-hour lu.?f uigut, al?
though Mr. Vail was hourly . xpei'tiui: a inndltleatloii of
the order tr? un i he gi nei il offloors *f the Peunsi hauia
Company. _
APOltK.S.s 11Y 11 I :>' :.li' D_ l'KYSTI?'.;.
At the 72(1 anniversary met . ttgoi the New
York RMorteal ?octity last ewataib Wllllsm Callea
Bryant pre ?niel, ?iii.l Fredei de Peyater, Prest
the Society, delivered the eddreaa Ik?
with an atti ntive audience. Mr. de l'ev; let ehoa lor his
theme the " i;eprcsfiiia'i\e Mea el tho English I
tiun," who trnve honor ?ad distinction to themgoof
William in. Atttteome renarinob the Inflneuco ol in
dividual inen of genius in history, Mr, dfl Peystei passed
t<? a review ot his " Rentes; .r-.li\e .Men." tat
most Imp. ?riant rields of inquir. " the spheres ??! Human
energy and power which s?-. i\ the deettalei .>f man
kind, to i.e found lu m. ??.?.livsics, in aatnral phi
losophy, tn liternlti".' and \v .-try, in theology, in ?tatee
manshlp, and in arms." l?: T"?i.i Look? be found the
torcm??t in?iii of the ?period in Intellects
Iu Sir Isaac Newton lie found no lea? reu.nvn. ?I ?n iilus
Intel* of the department of natural phUm ?
view?.: Ilac ?verle? ind 11
snccici.ii: .. n. iiiiiiti.?. I'n, bird sell i?.'ti was Dean
Swift, asti.e ?.-real repn -. ntutlve of the literal*)' power of
the time, his iutliii' ?Iltlcal satirist never bav
inn bean i'<|iiiiled bv ?u\ write? i:i the English 1 l
_>rydeii, iu Mr. de P? . rii w, a fourth rea
mau, represented the poet? ol the period, Jui i? wat
done t.? his ?1. anu?s an 1 nowi r* of expruoloti ind tin
force of Ins ?ttinka?. which Words
worth ?.o i -in-11-?>.iiiul w.i? ?".? n ?et Inspiring h i i -i
dlattngnlshed successors It English verse. In ?tilling
fl.-et was -1 mini the raiaeei nt iii\? ('Inn. ii reform "I the
tim*;it.? state* niausmn ?rat exhibited In Sir
Temple; audaot least of theillustrioushat, It? military
genius 1n Marlnoroagb, \.in??? brilliant i ireer w,ii
trued nt Mime leinrtli. V.'jh a brief r?snnit? ol thi stnk
im; point-in the career of U ?ii.iiu III. himscl!, Mr. dc
I'e.vM'-t ? Hiutied hi*address, noticing particular!) tho
Obllifatit.'i- ot ? ur own c .ii.?*'v t.< b d fore
tho-ahl 'ii tin liberal B-faeaeaa which he ael al * ork In
tiie Alii? lK.iu colonies.
?Dip tii.il of Daniel S. hrninpf of Xo. 206
avenue 1., t;..' ?ct'ontl of tie- 30 Uiiik ?l)-llll?
with sel.'ni-' miik ihtit du' a?! read the ?tandi I pre
acrlbed by the Hoard of Healthy was nOOtlftli i ftaUT
any bei ?n- Judee Botherltmd :n the court ?>f General
,-easltiUn. (halles Frost of Nu. IM Mtidi oii-i. |i?i .??li-il
guilty ??uMondiy and WM t::. 1 -'?". !.. M
Behmmpf yesterday John l!. Vhlte, M. U., aai
sanitary iri;>e<*tor, t?--tiiiid '.hat on Au?. Id? 1879,
he visited the milk depot ot ft..- drfendani
and test ?1 th? ?Blut which h il n ?ras seDlmr.
Bess loi'i'd that it d)d not adhere t?. tm -ide ?f I
as it sh,mid mid appeared U) im v * a *\n :
15 per cent let* than ti??' ?taadard b tie
JBourd nt Health. Oath) 'I'ti'?
Stiltl-.! tl?..' tu WH- . ?il -Il 111 i : I? '
ether solution of . peahince by the aaeofthe
lftctonieier. mid declinej t?> test a WhltlSB fl lid In u h??t
tl<^, ai the rnqneat ol tue d. -udant'scoanael, anless it
was pronounced to be n ilk. Thi ?utonn i?r usetl b? th??
Hoard <>r Health was shown I?? b* a b] Ii inieter,
esp'cii .. mdnated lor tesUnf m:ik. Bpeeimcns of
ordiimi *.* i :!K piireiia?id In the neighborhood, pure
cre?iin. ?'?'I ?kiiiim.il liiilk ? re exhibit?
by Proi. Chandler, asslsteil b; , imln Hilliman,
Parker, nul Waller, in t
and by j'ror. thftetttt tm the defendant. The fluids
were poured h-te _!?*? evliadara Hie ordinary milk
had a femperatare of 67 Fahrenheit, and th? '" lometet
luarkei', v.''. or 18perernt Alter
th? U-i 'i" n.iure wti?. rcttn.?< I to r>'* . th* ft
rend at "? The akimmed mil . at a temperante? of56 .
?hawed a ?peelfle ?rravlty ol ill ; cream, at 07-, had a
apeelllc uravlty of ?_. . The f?mr latrtometors wei
in the skimmed milk and rere found b
ape? i i ??'? ..* 11 rj, lii;-. ii- ;:: . ....MM. Prof. Doremus
tii en )t.-,'. . ! a hMtoniei.i', winch was placd la the
?kimui.il milk and retdsU-red 115 . When placed In the
eyilnder containing eream, tb<
mm, red l*?J. I'll.) four liiel?iieurs uii-d t.\ 1.?
Of iicaila n i?tefil :..?;..: ,'eiy l'i?, 47 , l~i , li? ?M.? ti
placed Iu the cream. The case is to be continued this
The f?eiieml fitntflll :iji(iit?i of the trunk
lines met at the Windsor Hotel yaati idaj laeanyoat
such portt.'U.. of the recent tgtttOtt**) as were ?el?i nil
lo thfin. The New-York Central, lie, l'uni
sylvama, lialllniorc and Ohio, Lake Shore, und
?ad, (ul n m bus, Cit., lundi and Indianapolis
railrono-. were I Tie ?representatives
of the <n ?n?t Trunk Ball way .?ere detahaed by th* snow
atom aad did not arrive tn time?, l?verai topic? of im?
port mre were discussed, but no action w.is taken, ft i?
posslhi* tii- r.ii?l;)us may continue for ?everal day?.
Among 11 ? question* to be deoid. ?l an Ihow in regard t?>
disim.'t.: -niiiK freight for export from that designed for
home consumption, and in r. gxtd to the roatraela now m
Ion.*, maty o? which, it is stiiied, run uutil Bprlog.
Mrs. IJertba Schneiili r ul Xo. 38 Ea-t t\?inih
st., who t? aeeaaai by Mr?. Kusebia l*lt?g*i_lrt of tteat
lug 84,(>00 worth of her diamond?, was broaght bttmt
Justice Hlxby for furtli.t ? x?'.iiiinitioii v e?t-nlay at the
Wa-hlntrtoii llace Police Court. Kllen Dillon, tti? -n
?ant irirl. tc?ut!ed that Mrs. Fitzgerald offcr.-d li?
to ?tat?- that she bail M Hi? jewel box containing
S-,ooo worth of aropertj i>. ti?- i ol Mrs.
?Schneider. Mts. PlUgei-ild was erosa-examlned and
?fated that aha liad known < ??!. st. Martin for many
?ears, whereas the latter state* that hamrl berfortbe
ist time on Thineeiitli?:?:.. PhlladtipLla, last July.
Ii?i.ice. t?.-r young son,swore to seelna Mrs. Br.huelder
iaklnc the l?>x of jewels and carryfnir 'hem down
Thc.i.iiltf' a.t.lourned the fiinli. r Ik?i?iik outil Thiu
A n re. ei\? ?1 f . to ?Mil? FlMini-?'ii i n Mon
d?v staliUii Ihsl Mrs. Kltz.cinhl WOS fortnerl'. tie wile of
Col. ltii'-u -I. Lee. a lawyer o? that city. Prom blmshe
procured a divorce hd?1 married Fitsg-rald. ?i <lr>.?< c:?-rk
at tb**Ctt.i and County Hospital. Lee died last J.iiv, and
bis friends were not aware that be had any in-in
bl? Ufe.
? ?
luchan. Meares, at Hixtli-ave. and Nine
teeuth-st., hiuaan extensive stock of real lace goods of
aew and elegant designs. Barbes, fichus, lace and silk
toilet sets combined, consist? n*; of four pieces, sre. sold
a* low a* from i$3 to 81?' 50. Somcthmg entlirly new is
the point appll'iue and tthpo Ma? aoUaiatle. in the
cloak depaitm? nt are to be found all styles ot cloaks aud
dolmans, In lighter black good?of MesrcV? own make.
Area??y in.??!, bontict-sllk smt can be had here at *l(ij,
and biaek 1-i-iN-aded dinner or carriage drc?-. iin;iorle?d,
at#17.'>. Mem ??s **\U liirstn all styles; dressing-gowns.
niuitltM-, in all tlie new shsdes; handsome ctuiiroiden*)
liiitirti hai'dk.rchicfs in eie/aiit fancy boxes. Un.it at?
tention ha? been paid to set nting a fine stock of hose.
The comraitt?ee of the Hoard of Ahlennen
appointed to Investigate the charge? of Hubert Cu-htng
agataet Com mission er Henry 11. Porter of official mis?
conduct In the t rectiou of the Third District Court-house,
will meet probably on Tlmrsdar. Mr. Porter sold to a
Tkibi'nk reiMirter yesterday that there was no truth in
the statements of Mr. Cushmz. Mr. Cushlug had been
employed on the building as a modeler of stone at a eon
tract pnce ol ?lD.ooO for hu uork. lie had pieecnted
a bill of im.ooo for extra work, which tho Commis?
sion.rs would not allow.
Dr. I>. T. Brown, physician of the Bloomin^dnle Asy?
lum, contriwllets the assertion of Mr. Cushing in his
ahmivo? agslnat Commlsaioner Porter, that Messrs Vaux
aad withers, t?Ue well-known architects, bave oeeu luaau*
at time*, and that one of tin m was oonflned for a short
period in Bloomlngdale Asylum. He says that from per
aonal aoiuainUnce heiacor.lident that neither of them
could have been Insane within the last 20 years without
bis knowledge. He adds that several rears ago Mr.
Vaux had attack? o? fever mad ague, and, a? hi* family j
were absent, he accepted an In t itiitlofi to make hi? '
v.itliDr. Brown for n time. Tl .? might have can?
wrong impression concerning sir. Vaux'? m- ? tl I
The second ___J*_ Bale ol JtkgWWBtm proo*.?
Ft each jewelry from the Centennial Exhibition
place yrM.-rd iv at Cfeleka__B| IIul', and lite pi a. a?
a? low as on the procrtlin^ day. Ou Mondai two 1
Arita vase? three feet hiirh, with a liase at Japanese
wood, richly carved and Mila.id with g"ld, broiiglit
while two Tokio vases from the Tycoon'? palace
knocked down for silo. Ye-terdiiy the ml. (.-iir
prim-?pally of watches antl jewelry. A line gold w
valued at Ci..-) was ?old ItwfM. aad another, w
?.?-"Mi, brought only fTS. The ??ie will tit continued
^'he sale of the .lait-i'ics? coll?e!ion which ha? 1
OB exhibition nt Leavltt'a Clinton Hull *-alc?inom?
bre, in yesterday. The va?c-, bowk, plat?, and
MamN of iKircel'aln ?nul cloisonne cnatn? I sold at pt
ran irfir fi-om 960 to t.18. A Japaneae bed-api ad, rl
embroidered u|niu brown silk, sold for 180, ah]
Chinese robe ol foxakln lined with crimson ???i?' bro*
MS HO, Half of the c.i?eetioti was dls.h-.scd of, and
sale will fea concluded to-l l] .
Kranich &? Bach aie niamifactin"?itr at tl
two establishment?, In Twenty-third ntul Tvventv-sl
eta, 18 plnno? each week, turned out with the car
workniaitship for which their iiistrurn. nt? arc favon
known. Thi? firm lw-trin business about DJ years
with a ?mull capital. B'tth member? of the tlnu
(o : m an?, who wan formerly foremen iu otic r maim
tories, and brought into their own business a thoroi
practical knowledge of the work. At (ii
made one instrument In two week?. They have tl
reel-in valuable patenta. TbelranraflCt^, patented In l*
is ?aid by musician?, to prod... ??? a reinal paid- clear, ti
nnd ?ympiitheile tone. 1 'heir upright action rack mi
tbe action more solid, and th- ir new " perpetual " sor
Inn-board, by it? ?truc-turo and operation, preserve?
lone ol the i'lstruiiieni. ami ean in- adjuated from tit?
time to tiecoiiiplish the same resal? aa a anw aound
board. The Arm ralla attention to tho fnet that lta
?elitniK nts received ?nie of the Him priiea at
nial, and tbe woeompaoylna diploma sped?e? theirawi
powerlul, and clastic tone
HI.?it -, ??ION IN THK ( iiNlilil??leiXAI. OOMMII'i?8
K1VK IN UlXiAltl? TO l>t*MAM>!.-.(. THK 1
I'Vn HI S Of 1'ltOMINI NT llI-MOCItA1?
No pvogNM WiiA nude yesterday in tin* w*
of the ( oncrcsional ('?tuiiiitlt? ?? appoUill d I? |UT( -? .
the (ii.iio'.i in Row-York, Brooklyn, Jeraej City, i
Philadelphia, although a meetlac wna fecldat li a*??
. in ttie i?t. Ni. holas lintel. All the lili-iiilifl.? writ? pi
t ni _ B. ( ox. ehatrmau, a. v. k?cc, and \. M. Wadd
Ueinoeriii?; 4'. I). Mae l>..u_.iil aad (?. Wiley .i.-ii.?. I
pnlille ins?and also St-riD-atit-ut-Arm? Tl.OK .
two aaabtanta Mr, MaeD agnn "i?
thai a anbpee_ be laaoed lo the " Preatdeat, ??r ?>nu-? r?
chiugcof the Watten Daiea atHi the ittaaMeua*. i
i di.- i'eiiyrapL Oompanfa itopn ?
ail telegram? relating to the late ele
,i :.', ?Abran*-h\ lie?tn, D.Matrona,jr
Wood', John Kelly, John Mnrrteeey, Bmltb M
aud W. I). I', lion." Mr. Cox ?aid thai i. uld not eat
tain I iie. resol ill ion in Ils pi-es. nt afeape M tfea 00??lit!
-,,., empowered to inquln M '." t'.ie t lOoa
New-York, i'.i'ooklyn, Jersey ( it.v, and Philadelphia. I
? to know if it wa? propoaed to act
Ote iurcsilgiiilou. Mr. MaeD)aigail n pu .i tit... the) ?
not roeogatn nary party la the committee, bfeaei
MaaDooKnll and Weils arfraed thai the i
pa.?? ,i. it.? in-.gin.d sin..:-, aa it had I eon nnrl
inaiiv of the ?li.spMlt-Ut -, bad be? D ?in! In . ?
dublona wnya, and l tuda in thi? ell
City, Brooklyn, and Uartlord.
Wlahto off i in eviilt-acc, ii. i i-.ve to tb
gr,.in.? foreign to the auhject, i. ,. ? i?u!.l lea
it to tin telegraph autuoritlea ?elect mi
telegrui u tt n lated to thli ;r Inqilr
.ml Mr. Will-. I ,: la thi d Ui ou tbe pa
d the commit! < to dlt.it every ooji iloul
Mr. Coa laid he woald not vote for anj reaolntJi
which would glv? the committee thi privlli . ol ova
hauling i?r.v _,. dlapat? . an?! i
Inaiated thai tin- n-.dniiou ahould call i
patcl.c- relating lo tntudt h nl regbiirai on and hallo''!.
Mr. I c i? t aid that the resolut on a| |
toe limited It? power? to the examluaticm of matt
latine to fraudulent rotlug or t--_i t it on.
dell ilicn offered ? aub titi te foi .
Which wa.? adopte?*. .'?!?-- - Uox, v- tell, aud Ble
voting In i1?1' ??tin i? ? ? -i ? i ? .. I and "
tin m _.itiv?. The BUbl 1 tli al t
limiting the call for i ?: ? _. 11 n to those in regard i
?? irai; u'. nt !?..?? I to frauduli
Till?. Mr. Well, eliilliie ;.
ihr .-viim.ii.iiio .
Mr. MacDonjrall aflei thai he ?houl
aubpi i.. .. . . .
and C.B. : ..... No. '2 <J llroadway. Mr. Ottan-ou
fcJiaiiiiiiaie.u I? int-ml-tl lo ?how thai It baa IM
iiic.n i.st . piiilien ni.? lu |i..iii!iittiui ? i thi lara
vei ..: 'it ;. i,t eli ? tn.il. Mr. w, :i? lui
t .-? n ideratit a ?? Mr, Wad I
.,!) ! ...i.n Mr. .>!.!? a III" loi loa
mi:11, amble : " Wli a,
? telecrain ?ent and rccelvi i b\ tbrara t
Hew.li. l/.tiilc' li I liando I? I ?
.lo, -, .;. j.., Ami i ol. IT. T. II
ton Will n.
the cltieaol New-.oil., Jeraey City,and Uiookljri
fore | .nulled," i.e.
LUUtUBOOD ?)K Mit. I'll.MllllV'? Alt ' i
WHAT Hf. THI.M.S UK I'.ils?. - I >
Ino.M A li). .t"l.Mi ? '...IU ?I'"SI.I *-l 01 im 'I
Albany, Dec. 19.?It is now pretty ??
timi I ..ui? d. Pilebary, it preatal Supen it a I* .it of tl*
Ali.au.? t.'oiiiily l'eiiilt ii?aii , will I
p lllltn.l 1.1 OI Mlpt-rillit ae .1 of BtutC Pi
Ko'.'in-tii iinde-.r the new ooaatltntlonal emendnieni
Botaa wanks ape the nan U ? d? thai he waa i
far the lUtr.'t mail ill tii. .state for t.'?? place m fui ne hl
then knew. Binan then the Governor 1 rpre ?
hin tl -slie to lioliilliat. him. The rilliit.i MUM to Cap?
Pilabury'a cara, aad he atatcd penlllrely Ihn? be wouli
not ace?pl unlenie !?(? e-.tlllil let-tlu the niniily otlltr, ?le
iiiHiti ? ?? -ai-.-li ilirtuipli tin Uwa be la of optaioa thai b?
can hold in.to. A? a tin ni'ii r of the taToatlgnttaa Dom
inipjslon lie hi? held Stat" IHK1, count;. Offlocaal Ifei
time, and tin ie ale other -imil.ir pi ta'-iii :,ts. Tntp
nt; ins to lie liltle ilo'tiit thai tin- I
Mah I'rison.s i? to devolve for the nc-tt Ira JTBan apUt
Capt. rilsaiiry.
Last week the county liupodor? of Alltanv liiade _M .
report upon the I'.-utt, ;ti.n , h re, ?bowing thai alth all
act nal expend? ture of (?93,000, the rounty bail t'-t-.-ivi-t! n
profit or>;i7,(K?() durtng :\u- >. ar. with an nvernge of i)7i
pn?oii. i ?t in the lYni.t i.i. a i y itll tin ve i. .Mi. I'd ?im rv
and I,:? lather hit?-.- on. ...ici- the other k.-pi lupei rialon
ol the r?a? .u lor 'ii) year?. His nominal! m win prohabl*
In- .Ili.Oilg lllf llr?! ollit ial IlllH of (Im-, IC.iImii.-oh. Copt.
I'll-lni; v hii.t? t?.-?!-?.v Um! Il? .-eret of the ;.|tt?;terily nj
the _ii.aiiv Penitentiary w i thai It had been li
with discipline aud without poliUea. lie had men tbeiv
n? oiiii -i? Hi the prill', who had beeu ?fitJi bun for i)U
veal?, ?tut !.. had never known or oa
The true method of managing a priaon t
?tnel (li.scipiine, full jm-i Inr-niiiicc of work In Wat kl'i:?
boun. to ijive full ic-t and coniforl to tin prisoner off hi -
woi kin.'hour?, a:ai to ?eenre bonnnt f*o?|)erati n
?.??tiiiiaie... Thia aannot he dona aa tbe Btal
now - m.m iT-ii hecaiip ? fit li Inspector baaatenui
tl.pi-Tul? m on inn party. Kverv , r an old mapectoi
drop? nui itiul n lew one (eimcs iu. A? Il.'nl on- |. ? .
hi? end Hpproaohiua be li,_ia? to tit iik It ta tune to t.?K.
Care of lilin-rlf. Hohe lets dlsctplil ?? go, while paraUi II?
a inore lucrativo oiiject. At the aad of two yeara the
8taU; r? isoii? ?)tii_tit to tie anppotn ti without tax, aud
inopt prohnhly at n profit to the 81 t?. Bocauae ot this
ran lii'-k of iii-rapiiii.' people will iot make a contrae!
With plisoll alllle titles W... 1. 11 1 i tlillt tiler ? i.
n it i iiom;h discipline to ?eeur. the woi:, fur ahleh ibej
pay. .stunt imtiiuf.ii tuia-,_ ia* thai t i.-v i onnl not have
i ir work doaa at a prlaea if they aavethemtla ajen
tor notlilUp-.
MILI IM KY AND KANC'Y ('(?til?. AM? l'.M'Ki: I
i.isiiMi.NTs i)A\iA(,i:i) flMMHW,
A liii' l)i?k*' out about 7 a. m. yiratfirdaj ou
the p.-coiul floor of the three-tor.?? hriek i?:ii!i!inir at No.
US (':?Ull-?t., occupied h.V Ml?sklli'l ,V ( oiu n, deal(_l I'l
mlllint-i.v rood?. The tlie -.prcad with gtvni iaplilitv,
and in a few moment? the whole b_D4__* wu? lu II un- .
AlthoiipTh a ?ei'tind alariu w.u? souniletl. the cold temporil
tutv ?nil slippery coudltion of the ?trectn threw much ___
tli'iilty In the way of tli?. tin-m.?n, and iu a ntu.rt time tin
flic hud apron*, to the __tytth_hi_; bntldlnga, which were
lieai ly eleslrot eel lie-fore 1 lu (Uni.s v.ai, (jot Ululer con?
trol. At one- lime It ?aamei a? If the weole l.le.rk wouhl h.
In flames, and Ki'eat credit i? ptTat the firemen for their
effort? iu iiptrictliia the area of tbe fire. _ttnu?ktml A
Cohen sustain? lo.sson tln-lr sliw-k attWJtOO. Tlieflr?t floor
of the building i? oeeopled by O. T. _c K. Broara, deal
era iu wail paperaad window wbade?. Their eotln ?toek.
vain-1 nt fjttAJOO, wee eoasaatei. It waa faily Inanred
in i be ?oitjiir? ami Kaale maijianlea Tue tttt? timu
was occupied hy Adolph Baaaanr. dealer In la??aa, who
?nstiin? a ?1?Uiii?-o on hi? ?lock of ??J.iKiO. The utile wa?
occupied by i'.inunuel Whit?.w.-by, dealer in millinery
aooda. Hla loaa waa tU,000. Bawaaaol huawd. The
tbuIMinc, which Wh? entirely consumed, was owned u\
liriuk ?V Ku??ell, who ?UHtaln a lo-? of ^I.IMK). The
flume? extended to the u?I)oiuin_: luiiiduiif, oeeaptadh.
Charle? Ko_vr? A Co., dealer? in f?n?-y ?-???nui ?ml hair.
Their etaeh wu?dumaecd bv fire and water to the extent
at i._ii,(?(?ii They were in?uro?l for f-1'2.SIH) In the follow
itiff eompiinles: riiiniihoii, I.ifatctte, Wllllaiiisliur'.'li
City, We?tcbe?ter, Ore.nwlcb, People'?, Ou*rdi_n, Hurt
ford, Nortlieru, (Hohe, I'btenlx, and (.uecn?. The
house, which was a three-attiry brick l.uileiinir, waa dam
a/ed s:i.(KN). Henry Ko?.er?, tbe owner, bad it Insured
for ?-?.(MIO. The flr?t floor of .No. .'4111 was oceuplfwl by
the New-York and Boston Dispatch Express Company.
Tut- lo?a amounted to $500. The ?eoond and third floor?
were occupied by II. W. iiyer A, Co., dealer? In fancy
good?, who ?uatalned a lias of |?.r>.000. The bulldinx wa?
owned by liriuk A Buuell, who auatulned a damage of
eeltaalea, always intcre-tin? and at this s?"-.hon In
.ii.e.ial deauad._
i iiiiiinrvTiDN's nt PA-BBB _r ran noi'.?i.-i?r
BATI MV iit.t.u*. I'ltl SI ST'TIOV Of rn*.
8TAIIIS UK WIN 1 ill:? H* AS!" .U>>.!-'.
SENATE....-A A?iiiNt?T.iy, Dee. 10, l?7fl.
The ('unit laiii bef?te the Berate u cotii
.iiiiiii.Mtiou from the Sc iela\\ of State, !?????llltlllgt?
?i-t <-f ??a.?" pi '. ?n- not ?'iM/.i :i- of th" United
?..im hc?ii i aaaalar .??in ? - ami t ? .? heat ?alar!
luring Hi.- ii-ci! jraar ending JtmeSO, 1878. Ordered to
he printed and lie on the It
Mr. CAMKiioN (Hep., r-nii.i mered la ?take nptli?
resolution snbmltted by him jresterday. ?providing rm- hu
ndjoarnment of the two honses from Irrlday, Dec -'- to
\V.'din "da? . Jan ?1, hill obj<*ct'ou wa. :?i ; k and lie With?
?Ir.-vv the motion,
TheCIlAIK laid before the S.-in.te the U'lUliLhed bU*l
a***, being the reaoiatlon or Mr. Mitchell Instructing the
Committee on i'nwl. get and E ectiont i? Imjuin ?
ulm?n! o? a ecu.un Pi ridcnll-1 elector tnOregaa
lU I" ace of Watt?.
On mot.on Of Mr. l'f)ITWI.i.l.'K?'l>. Maasd the reso
Itttlon rm laid aside forlhe pi*e* ?I that ' ie formal pre?
sentation of the -tallies ol Rauii-el Adams nnd John
Wlnthrop. contribu?. ?I by Haas i husetU to Ihe Nation?
tat?an Ilall at the Capital, might lu made. Mr. HOI i
. then sent to tbe clerk'* desk and had read tlie
of the commis-ion select.?I by til.? M i.? ich i-.ll-.
Kiilhiult esto have the statue? m "'' . II" ?? otteal length
nfthi lire and character ot i. men.el.i by the
' ommonweotth of Maauehoartft ns ?nm-t worthy ol the
lustrlousrmrapno* assembling ?u the old
ball ??ft! ? [louse ot It pri i ol itlve*. lie rovl Bill
history <>f Massachusetts, and dwell nartlcuUrly on the
?i ivl.esoi John Wlnthrop, tter ?rat Governor.
Mr. n\.v ;:, ii;, p.. Mass ) -?'?o. '?* i raid to the life,
,?.,,,?,',. i sud - i?l. ' * of Bann? l Art im? and lb? proud
u tit part taken b> him In n.-piling the Aiuci ?an K? IT?
Mr. incal?.*? (Rep., Kan.) ?ubmltti I a con.urn nt
reaoiatlon nceeptmg the slain." in the name of the
Culled Htute*. mil retnrning t no thank? ol Congress hi
i'.e.-tat' .?i Massachusetts, lie spoke of the ?many end?
n,nt ,. a Massachusetts could ciniin i? bei
ml said those un?. inneiiKil ihe political ennvh
Wlnthrop and Ada*?? ?rara logical and am?tate
i he reeotattea wasn'i :'ii n"'i-.' 'agreed ta.
'?.ii ?lTOIK l'i' - 1 "'' CttOtttM,
The Senate theoreeamed the eonaM m at too un
?lnlthid lui-ine-?, iM-itnr the re?.iliiilou of Kr. Mitchell
m r.--.:',! to t i?- jpo,lint' lent of (???? i :.;il?.ll
-doctor In ?Oregon. Mr. Ml icin u. qwtmt i team torn?ate]
. f l.ov. (?rover re?, nlly publish, d to th .tie' i,,at a
larg.T number of vmi-rs than MBSUtOted Witt?'.? to not
and out ot his ?..in- and i ai t. that ;.
Lafayette, Mr. Mitchell argued
[be I'ouiit. of "intii l i ill. wh re Lafaj ? tie
, ?.,, in <i 1171 roti " ? *? ' ? ?' "! "?; onllini
tuusl have gone In and i . ... i ? i
would have a majority o ;
,,.. in V .? . I ' > ??'? ? ?1'atel
?,?,t iirobablc th ii
?i l si vol
in., people of t'?. ?
. lectori
Mr. MOKTOS fa ? ' '
.1. i.i >joi ?? >
. .in Ohio iMr. I
trying I
f (.rover i
.??.it. It..- Hoi
1er. If any one bail d eretlou und? lb? laws ??. th.
Hequotcd -. 'i"1
Uii > m
ii ? t. .-i from i in-..' umi >?t of M
from ?Uno ?i? . i iiti.it
???an gol i rn: ?
. ?' did nol i
no? to*.
ID IllS ' opilllOU Un i.o? !:?.?. .lid blS dill'.
...m -.?Hi and
; n in and trust imder the (lovernmeai r-t t i
Ho? ,i.nid II ii ? .it te it V. ?tt
when Ihe Constitution .-t the l nlt.d
not tie elected I If the (?overon hu.I err(ifled lim
. ; TM tot life
?? . .. ! ..I till' V I
. iregon umsi bave ka ??* n of hi* I
i e for I
? tl ;i neil l.\ i ?
le. It bad h , .? i ?.
? ' ii.i. :
? i th.
? apierne ? '? ?m t <?: .. < ?i,..
. adjourned.
ll'.i .-i: OF KEi'Hl - i. TA ,'l\ i -.
Mr. Reili v (Dem., Penn.), ! Ill irj
i ouuailh ". n initU ?l u Mil ?.f lb?
?..ti Re?.ig Mil lary It? . Iti
i.rr.'.l |o t it Commit?? . of lb? ??
?' (loin.. N. V ). from tl
' :
!.!? tit '
the '27
the :i I <?t Jnnu
Mr. V. 11.-" ?.. (It. ?
Mr. '..11 lid
. i
I ? I Hu I'M. .
I 'c t?i.\' ms qoi ded and i!:>- Mala
, III.), a nemhi ?
I that ti i
ii?-,- would !??;? ? ' ? :i n. ?i . ? . prit.lie
ed to nii.-iii n?. n take tue nsual
.?nil thai oouimltt? ? .m
hie i
Mr. - fNOLI PON i U . I be i ommtlte.
a i I? ,
Appropriation hill M ids th
i. the t. !? sip
I by la
i ummltt-ti of th,
Ibe chair, on Ihe
i urtinc ition bill, i mi,.? t< ? i Ue pro
i." n .i?, i irvatlon, and ol roitltl?
*'.i !:i A' in aim mim ?
proprlattng ?Sloo.-uou f..r tbe b gi.n. il afortil
on i,rti'.e?l.?n Island I ? I Ul>p?>l : sit It,
>? ' !'.! 'I I ." Ite . ie?, I. bill on a Polin ol ottler
in.ni.- bj '.l!. Hi i?. 1.',:. (I?, in.. I, n j .ti, .Hi,i mil,,. D
Th'- eomn "t I th? I
t?o i .- iin-i, at 3o'i ? ? '
??iIi ? .?i ?Ie-1 "i.i? m .. ...?, .. mes pi,.,? m?
Dthi-in and A laut ?, to Is ,
giving tbe v.i . ? ?? tit? * tat ? ?
mor?ais ol i tro ??? lu i ? minent ? ?
Ml ll'i*. >: ? , , mail, the | r . .it itmn -l'.-? eh
It was of considerable leugtb, and Hi i i .?? uf it be
.??I. Wir n j-on look ii, .?n ?h ? .. ntbrop
? i ' :?.! on.-i ? m: ot ih.it little compon.
Hi-Linen -?i.?, abaudoued irealth, roufort, rank, lo
f Kind ,,i,!? snd . In in.
? e Htatet lii\ ? dl ?phi ? .1 In the mo i
o i. nil tin? .? were all t.'i !,-i| m tbe >,? r er nor ol Hi?
It? ta tu ? I'luinouiM altll. I lie ipn I .?.t? v? hi'h ?111 ht. I III.
Roundhead ri..?.i th? Cavalier, the ?Partten froni th.
high . hur? hinan, are not \> t ?I ii?i. Until ilu ?i
? - -II dim r m n. n ? ? the sen. a lion t.?
which John Wlnthrop belonged sndof theC?iiumouwi ?dUi
of which be was the ehlel lounder, lint the conenrrem
Jndamenl of all lovers ol America now accept? tin pstl
bleb h?i- i?. ?n eloquently expressed by in dli
tingnlsbed blograptier and desoeodntif, muh- sceorn
In thai ? kali : " \ p real exam pli ol
private virtue and publie usi-fulnnas; 01 oiotleraliuu m
. in action ; ..f stei u self denial and
jtn?palring self-devotion ?of ehil i | n, (Jod und
Implicit faith In tbu i ,-|. loft tirUl united wltn rt
? a colony across th ? oa in, anil
wisdom ?'iioiikIi im- building ?ip a .-tui?- m Un al
.lerne?.?." Nr .l.i'V ? lil.th.iim itiiilel
..t ihr most mod
rested patriotism and ?>r i.licsn genius smi
1er that anj au?-..: eouulry has pnnii.e.-.i." .1 ,
f. rs??n 1.iir ?I . ? 1? I; ?iiiiii?,,!, ;" ae
.:? 11 ued "In- v??i? iriilf n iti.iit man" patrl0k llenrj
writes fron William bm -. ?tk a Vlrgmt* v.*. ahuul 1?.
from? 1er ConsiltuUou,'"Would to Uod imi aad your
Samuel Adams were brre." A dalesman, he ***** wltl
out personal ambition; a politician be was wuiiout a
ilu lu-une: ni iiuutblnsou did not or when II
pronounced him the .'i??i mou m America ?headr*
?miepeiideni'.?. hamual Adama eumato have bei n
amaawithout ?1 -.iii-ii permiuul de?In*. Vim ?
La him the slightest evideiio ofi thatao
commonlv besei the path ??r mon in oublie tito. The l?.?.
of fame,?helove?d money, tho lov? >?? pb isure, the lovt
of ? a?.., tie i.i.ve ..r power, tbe love ol oihie. wen alike
without Influence on that hca tin which thcloreof lib
1 it? bin ind wu:i a perpetual ?1 i:n?'.
other ?aeeehH met? 1.ladi bj Mr. WAttltKN (Dem..
, who recognised the 1 sine *? h tuet In the coJouUi*
..: Mil?eknsetu aad Virginia, und i-.> ii Uiai bamuel
Allan,s and I I ? tnii Jill 1-, B well Pi full In.Kl, and
by Mr. liAllUl.l.ii (Itep., Ohm), who chai neu ru? .1 the
??latins of dlsttugulshed iii.ii in the Capitol as the
American l'an tin on; as a thiui bouse of Congr? ?s ? boae
nu ml??m i.?ei?cii their cn-iii ntial.-, from the bands 1 f
in?-re-olut ion ?us tol.iptiil, uud Ihe llnii,e, .-* t 4 : lo
O'clock, leljolll neil.
"You voted for Tfldeaf owried i Hoh
tonl.iii, addressing it He? ioiker. '? vwil, yes, all tb?
fillers in our club vot??l for h:m,'' 1. "died P.fib A\ ??nue.
" Well, what kiii.l of a man is he, nny wuf I" asked lto>
ton. " Well," said P. A., wiping a ?1 ? <???. of tliist from his
ev? ?.'hits, " I don't know much about Mm. OMfellai
said the other nudit that Tilden HlgM do for I'ri-sldi-nt,
bin he tihottliln't waul lo have hlra own Afty-one pereeal
of the stork o! a cor|>or.itlon of whu h he and Ids frleiids
held the other roily nine per cent I don't think It la
oompliuieuiory?do youI"?IBottou JouruoL
In tin* clise of th?* T.imiin Silver Mining
??fiiiiny :i_"itn?t Tramas Vf. v-ttk ?u-d .?tin's, lii the
Cnlted ?-t.ttt - Ciretiil Com!. Mr. i'oiillo-s it n v'.iv con
omdetl tha re.idlltsr of the 8].ainllia'loii "' Ottfl JTO?U 0.
Stanley. He I'len n d tin ?vitleii-c of Leigh Pemrie-r
ton, tnemlter of I'm :i tment. Mr. l'eniherton lesfllled
that he wa? induced lo Im-coiii| a et.r,?, tor t.v Col. Stint,
and rcce-lve-el _"".on with Which to pc.y tot Ids shares.
Mr Faaahaetaa had ia.ulw_ th? ?tntuteny dedntnttoa
from Mr. 1'arW BUdet enti vcrifyiii!. tho prospecta?.
w.iti Parfcwna ahaalle ?ail tar Aamloa fee asked to
bave it returned e.r dealrovf-d. olalnalngthal all tlie ?tate
ii,m,- in the proapeetna hat! been found to i> ? eorraafc
Th" evidence ?>/ Percy Doyle, a directoro?f the ciwn?
pear, mem ti. a rand. Be had anl I for hi? ?kann? knew
notii.li/ about mining,and leal a lance mm of money
hi iin failure of ti"- company. Th?? examination of
. (liui''i?oii. ?haltman nf the bourf*. elae takenhy
?fini, i-j-ion m i.? lulo:., wna nual road. Ha Irai iie?ini o
tli ini: e ahoul tbe end of Oetoher, 1-71. CoL Start arrotc
h'm to lui ..in?- a director, aaylng that Gen. St-ebenclt wa?
to i?. in fi... bow i and .1 ij Oool . Mi fWlloch A Co. wer
Id nt'tl.tl with theeomnaayla Inanetal matter?.
Re -.?it? Introduce?! ?ubaeqacntlj to Park and Stewart al
Har?n (.ram'? oflk-e, where tbe proapeetna wa? dieeui*e< d
?mi! aamplea of ore wem shown, ll?* paid far so ib i ?
of i in? ?t.n _, : ini M tr-c ?harre wen? after* ard put tri
ln?rr..!it IT. -,?.-.? told by CoL 8tnii thai free
were to i??? flit n to all th? il aetora. Mr. Wli'v-wi? waa
?opposed to be ?a expert, and hi? infographie (Uapatcben
frolll lln- Illine .Vela V- IV !.l Vl'M lite.
Mr. Chltt nden then read ? ret-ortof n ?ImrehnMetn'
nu etlhg nrcaldi ,| mi r lii ?lr. Anderson, which led ta a
?In?.'.I?-' .'i b - n . eoutl -el, nt tfie i olit uisioii
of w!i ch the court adjoin nel until this nursing,
( ivi. tfOTKft,
.Iuili.c Vati Vont? in Sii'iiiiito Court, Bpedal
Ti'itu, baa decided th?? anaa at I me? aaalnal
Tbomaa O'Oara and othero, -which ?a? itrouirlit by ilu?
thi . i!" el ..; id? win.
The (iitlt'i II..i Is tin? 'vil! I,, tt - .o -1.
Tlir- proceedInjra raneernhig the dispttted
election oftruetceaof 'he Pan < Iff Oro**. Aa
lay before Jnitite Davl?, m dunreme Court.
(li,loiter?, and be referred lha wtiole matter to Wm. C.
Trapbagen lo taUi ewMme? aud report it with his
In llic Mili! of I'liilo T. -Ifllkn. receiver of
tue 1', tie iil.i?? li.-'itin-e Cinio my, !t:.-,ii'i?t Alfred I!
w llmott, Judge i- ilgwkk, In e**i|-arierCourt, Ma T rm.
a renll * to tbe i t.
ni,fi33 '.':!. llic i see; flot i rd In the Brat .li?
st nice at th?- c. -i -ral Term.
Judge V.'.u liii'it, in Cotiiinon Pleat, 8peda1
Term, ha? denk -i a motion la n fer the ?nit or __m?mm C.
? - * ! : || ? I r ?
balanee of d
drawn out on ?3 cheek?. rheae plaintiff rtenie
Van ?.inn i nl - ilion ol fact for the
In I I !.-;ii,'!iui Simon affaioat Jnd
'? n Common
I'll ;??-, Mn'i-i ?! T rm. the defendant chargea hi?eonnael,
I.IL'' -I. I
lludod v. itfa OpJMI IP i? -
n In full, the defendant refused him *
nt in
, \ -? . lenient?
I.? ..i- .1. Gran! applied to Jodge l)...i yea
t? i ?l..y afternoon for writ? of eertlorari ta the Poll
III I? ?. i? ?
I ?.,,,,.... I K.J.
? , .i .
? I : ' I ? i \ t t : ? i i. ? t. I
-, - ni? ?' - ?!. Ill
now tin other?npplj lo I?
lu tli? anil d Uortia : lana
U la to ?li-, ... .. ma:
? n piala * ?'?
,; . ? ? ? him Uli '
e. In u. Alt
In r. i K ? ? . i
|. * It e??w
ai tin? beglnntag "f t'.eir -ix j
in.?. -
Ali. *.\. 1 ? ''? '. ?? ! ?Hou iili? i.-. l?i( ll
. 111.
? loll ?_ fol f
litar , i_a?r_i
It. ?-.nui. i
l. ' ... M nor.
, i:, i:..
', .f-t m re
.?i edjourncd.
Ill I f-l')V-> !>:.. . I'l.
Hapronu I'onrf? t'hambrrt It, .hnl.ro Datria,?
... ? ,1.1 , .1 ,\!?l .LIT . .'?I? ,1,1 .. ll ,
?t ll IB tl.
,. . -? Iiut i . Id .'? r lie
'i>. '-in!
: .-iniaii agi. f. ? I
? ., ,,i , -.-?-. ?a n. h . m !? ii in in.?
..?ti? oi tiitii appeal
, , l i .- If lui
\: ill , . , ,l.,:il ,
1.1 r ., i . - ...'.!. i. . mine Ihr
.,l I? I? ? it. i! ?iUllli . t.,..,.( II '?
Mai irr of i lall ?
il,.- ii 't.- ? ... ii--- ? i '.lieft, w I.ihedi t fin i am
ll ? . : ?? ?I. id h .e'. -?.... .at it it ,?. -??
. nl Ui iht : .' -n.. ..n tin- Uloi
? ?
l . , t ? n ?-. ? ?
i -i I irk ..n .oil
In lab. -
l.iltn : , .1. .? i'l .il.te.l. I hi
( nlliueii Uli liai? u-:l \. riuau. tloNuU lii-Uled, -miIi
DI ui ? ? It if,-:.
?al. i ? ?: i . <! a? iillli iiie-.l h\
.it t\ ilha'ttp .ikI. lella.n.. Paper? ,li?'.
; .?a u,i :_ci. -,i.v. tt-i ,
.t.. unten
. . Una
, i -a ,, ? .- I'm ? .t. Pepper, No-- ! i
I mi ? ir, III Kin! ?? , t ti. . era ?
? .ii.i ?at. . alt til?n liillou ,._i
il.i_ia? 11, ?motive ,?n,i
? i Im ilev : ( an a.i. it .11 . .'.i?, i agt. Im?
un a.i.
|... :*
luynor. uranted.
KJ llirlgt !!? dt I'- l.t'lll ., i |
opinion, e -.iein,in a.-t. llainlilo'i Mi.Uou (mUlteel ? I
ran?., apt .-? *? ii?? ? r. '...!..-? ? i i, n doiioit? ?
i,, on m I'll? MUKMl l.ile litpiiiaiie, t ,.. a?t
OU l.l 11
uv Jnii?a Doaaline.?*r_aherg ?ki. Planbara?.Deoree ?I
ellvi.it .- r' a.-ili-.I.
.?,. In! /..,/,!.
..,- |.?| , r?. tut Un. .n,.liaa do
ui to have h.i ?nb_iltlMl I" itic. WalUc? itnd an...
a .1. I It" Alie rie?lt l.iltell I'll ?I OX I ?HI ??MI? the I
. ,?,!_- V .til \'..l It. ?1
I I I.n
pi, a. iitiii oi -.?ni determine?. and jaugaMntw?crad u ,..i.t
Si,/,. rim Court **'/>( -'? ' l'un Bv Judge -?.itvlfi'ttl.
?Hanttfiff art. llantli ..rel.iet Bnrkeact. Ki.i.-r
l,li;i.li,ii . t-ll.t..,l is , liil.il Hall.",m tgt, Itiilten.
I'l,i,'ill;: ?, i on | -i '.. i :? ?.
?.etllnl. field .'ill- Men/. ??liUii;? I a i 'elfin ??
tiiiii.ai. i'.? Mt ii,.i...nt_n uiia.e Dank ,i?i. Hu.-, in . ot al.?
.ii.i an l ai ih - ...I. Pemil i...
|i. Ravel I '? '?c III? |.,|i .ii-ii!.. t fltoiirkt ?gt, lit Lr;
ii_ili:ii agi. Vii.lvi.it >' a. II." ?initiai I.i, I
p.m> a_i. li.ivi . el al.. 1..-...I.I . '. Wiltle. -..i.leip ?t-.tiittil.
t-.\ i in. ?carieinii agt. Deraejr, Tf irtlia itmlai.
with rio
ii? Ji.d-ti "?an Vor?t.?In Iba aiatter of tlie petitioa of
Petition granted and refemaca la \viiii_ui ?Tataaa.
t ommnn Plata ?StmttX tvim?Wv .IikI_.? Van
H???a. .-itieii'i ? -?-.-i. M. ii tagt, liiert i l'ow.-ll
<.. i ??? (.'.tillan late In?iii:iu?i?
-.-. m,m raiitluiu? f.,i t.. i
\'.tn "
?on R?t. The reitet! mate? life
? .,?-aauii *' Nation? Bank.?
?.?? ..?ilidoiu ?.lh cl?-fk. 'I I"? I !? vriitti \?'..r>t H?vliir? It.ink
airi. I In? ' t il ?ii?-i? ?'?notai, lion with etork. Tbe l'e??|.!e
,'uuii.? ?)ulvr ?.?tiieel. M alder agt. M? til j??c. ( 'am> ?cl
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Marine Court ? Chambers ? Hv Jti?fice -?innott.??
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I Hanna .n ,?tt. m.-iliiiaii. M-linn |.?..|M?n tlelault Ki?ii>?'i on
p_.>m? lit ni ?lu ni I* lo plkintnl ? ?lioiuey, caunv to be put
un <U* calendar a* I'mi III. lor D.-i.e, l-., . lUnllug ?_i
llrliltlll?. Hole? tatll* ?illlatlieil. ? ?II.? _gt. Se__i r. Sliiliiin
for new trial ilci.lcd. LmlUm agt. VUtlu. lujuat tinu will Ix
Hv Chief Jilitlce Hhea?Wejod ?ift. 0?te?. - Mol bill forjttelg
meut on answer 1? ileiilnl wiiaom oo-.i?, III,. no t tnbliin? ?
t'aiiM? unlou Cii.truel?' of l?*rt I., tltlrd Mon.)?, in January ?
ma, tu nntititiiiif. I'tlager agt. Neville-Motion ?runtoel oil
|_?>unlll ol flOtawU. DoliU.n? ??i. -...i?.,a Huile:, tulieu
a?-t? hiiiiiiioun ; tabea ?a'? I.uca?.?Moiion tloiileel. Hli..ritr ?_l.
Town?eii?l. Onhr ?l.riied. Shay agi. Bady??". a. m
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WondnifT-Tiulrment for plulntitT. #-41 49 ?nrt Interest and
.'. set i ten! ailowsnce. r.iii-h ?i?'l. Bichri4cli.-in.lii -?K.L
Ly Justice .-;, ?I'l.l.m. HeyilaiSer ant M??;i?Uw. l*lU.lingS
signed. Mulligan sgt. Conner. ? Order ?lgne?L
ItfPBM CiitttT?ciiamiivrs-Davis. r.J.
22. .Waril ii?-i. f.irrli>st.>p.
47.1 ?'ic ufe
lu?. Co. agt. Hay ?.
53..0nklcyagt Men tain.
81.. Bryan agt The 1-oil
Bell Co
83...E 111 tig ha asen agt
!.. ask.
-11 The ..Unstable
Chair Co. agt Mirk.
H7..CainplH-llhCl. O'Neill.
02 Hall agt Ditton.
luj..iir.-i.iisn act Tbe leu?
dan . .1 Ml. U. lUS.
Il? .trad-rldl! sgt. ButiT.
1!8.. Prentice ?lit. The I't.lu
i it rol? i'ii Co.
IIV.. il.i.e.i ag? i <.Iluis,
l.o Pratt agt. r'?.\.
12:i. S:?;lih agt. Malconison,
l'.'l..K??it..-i ru-t. (?laser.
130 .Bryan sgt. Tie I'aoll
li. li Co.
1*0..TIM I*erf. BtMft Pay
CO. Bit. Bt ers.
133..Patrick agt Pan
i j ' n Lanocy? ?? *t.-rn*.
17(J..Dtt7.iau Sgt Mmislisrli.
173..Hotsky*gt I'r.mkel.
174..Bate* agt. ?mil- (10
182..Bull agt Bel.leii.
200..Archer ugt. McDonald.
?JOJ...Brau.lt agi. Oechster.
2l....llai.i?n,'t. Th? Toi. WS
bash. Ac. It. it. Co.
l"17.."iV'll?on 8i.t O'Kfsjfe.
22'.' Jnrii.iii sgt Crosby.
MO. .Tbe Perm htsrch Co.
ugt. Wm.
_:il. I.antier agt. Ancrell.
3 ra .ooberaft ? ob r.
2:14..Bruce*Ct Mervln.
2,,iU..l.iiilliigtiinsgt. t-lsusen.
'.:;i7..I)risler nut. Vnuix.
? Dinier agt. Tho May?
or, ie.
72P. Nsvlor, Ac., et al
Wili-rd Ac.
M0..BlraCb agt. Trainer ?*t
i:-'.i Hr?iwn,Ac, sgt. Devlin
et 'il.
l'fl..l'i_lil,mnl, AC, agt.
kill. At,
850.. Fowler strt? Melubsch
.- ?l.
800 r.eiiivairt. Dillons! sL
23A. Ali? n Sgt. D?"?-v.
?w.tiiiir.-t :.l. Strt. Th?)
V. V. ?. n. nuil 11. It.
H. IL O*.
10.' Or? re? sgt Kirie et si.
1.7.. K..un i .i l l iiln-ll.
il n? - lintaal Ut? lus. I
i ?? igt. Smith et al.
608..TI y.-r ajrt Urteil et
B*...Ortt-fer< t sL agt. fat).
ers et ni.
?m? in-pan L?Mo?vm J.
'_?;?,-..!. s.iii?.iHHil sut. urv.s. -J, J.. t lu* ivriornt-d Itlnck
?il? .T,?<- i-r 'i '. m. Ae,ot\ i*. Co, strt Phillips,
tii" im. i.f lmil-nu .? and si
i?? ?m.ici, jr.,it at , I9'.i:i .Pitts awl ano. agt On
?2039 !'.-.t..'i:iKi.Hri niisii.ifr. I .1. r.tonft.
O?'i.-'Tu Canadian I la n u of :.hl!..I,i?L', ?t al. agt. The
III liiimett a?t. Zicharlss
un?! ?no.
534 . Nicull u-'i. Hcrlmser.
:.ll .Bembelmer s? al. agt.
Willis,) il.
bb'.l Innes Sgt .tunes.
.r.i.'.i..r.u?:."-i sgt Bnsteed.
;,'...", Koibmok st al. ?ft
it-It .f si.
i)96..Tbe P..?pi.-, .*<-.. -*t.
I heS. Chloli tit. I <>.
fiin .Mallo-agt. \ am erbtH
HO?...*?. A. Wood? Machine
i. leuu. r.
UTl.St. MlllL .tc. ?Kt. Mf
. t li.
(il?.. Ai Moi ?au
Situ SD?i.
617.Steinbrecher Sgt Buyer
et il.
?38 Schiffer agt D-its.
C? n ?'".? '? ?ft Uli
3211..C.Let. ri.?-*! i"T.
i ?.:iii.iii a-t. Khiir.
2 ?I.. .Wall i.i, ' ?.,
lilil? mu? au >.
2001 .Carroll igt ????.:?-.
. ? ' r ? i Ka!)!.
o. .-?_!. Nor
??t1 ? t at
2l7?..McKei.uee ligt MUKr.
1 .I.:,|.ii,-ii. ?;.'t. Clark.
111I..WIISIJ1-OH ?-t a', agt.
aie! ?no.
31D7..The Bau. nf t'i" Ohio
Valley nf Wheeling,
w. v
2485 i
Hi .. litten.
id Avenas It. K.
? -. illeaberg.
i ? ? i i r ? -.
neo Dalrtva?t Dada* IftMfl ? ivaaagfc. At* agt.
t.-.isii.dl re, *.??
. , ?. Cladtnet ?ii .:?;?.?ausslg
700. I> flrool sgt t-mniis
ami t ?? :'..'."-' I
lu. Isnliut-l 1398..The f. 0. sprint; l!M
? r, ,'.-e.
? ?- | '
? sno. sgt. 'i " 1er agt liov y.Ac.
r, i*.
-?;. T ?
. :0. a**.
82?ij Wliltt?ker I
:'.' m Wells agt. Conn r, ?t-r.
m?) sno, sat.
Bristol ":?'. sno
7|.|.._, |; ?,? i-,|. -,._.t. I .iwtni).
1130 Itotebkita -^t. KeUy
l'ttir i
I I ' Works
agi. I_i t'.t ?.
Ko 1) . . ala-flar.
.N.? Day Cak
i m ?t man "?sai i. B??amete 1.
... M. ? 31V .\\ bondMtaa igl ISd
: ? i ?j
i 1.1.
in. in.
17;; K
\ i ...r.
?-. ?
I ? . agt.
I ravl?.
M..- . r
1?! I..
i ullmsn.
l'Aai II -Mi? i:;.??*(. J.
c Ir.ta Part I. will b? tried
Iu I'.l.'l II.
- I *
M ??!
el aJ.
et .?I.
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el si.
M -n:t.-.
i .
? 11 ?r-r.
(henni t. un !?? ? t'i.
? ??! II.
.'..tm ??.t. ? nui'.n
?' ?'? .. II
? Si .
; r>i?v.
So ;'.i\ ? i a.i ir.
-"i i i . J.
: -. Day calca lar.
... .? ,
? .
: >ll Inc.
Ill . .
I - '.*? ?
rm i n ' nt'. nie
;..?. t.?.
Si. Bgl Zelss
?* 1
i nt i ?. art F u lev.
? ninny.
?. ? i
? 1 .( .iti.i.i i-1. w?
?i... College I'., I. I.
'I a.
iff. War i
"7 ? i.t sgt. Parkers!
. agi M?r
.h.iiits' De?, Traus
:~, ii -.. . tal
I! _' ?n ? ? ' si Sgt. I'.'lii nu.
l?' il i\. li.itlii?'., -;t!t?sico'ii'i, :.i v... 686
Broadway, an llledurlth benatl ul ?iwyslnmni .?f thdr
srtl tie rleetrtvpl.twara A flii" rs i el that ware,
m mili.n.-.mf I'loi.-tv ?? attractedadnlratloa al the Qm
icM'iai BxhlMtloa. I".-" geaeral naMa? ,,r ( "' iroup
reprr*. ntal ttttt t*e*At '<? .ivii
??? by ...iiii.i?tiM. n? ?'.'iiiliiii.il m in.' nfteenl
n tee n til i i ? it .mallei pli ces,
.i. lei.-ln i??, el, , sbow * most I? 1'iarka.?:
nun ?if ??!>'-ii??? work. Their tea and coffee sets la lb?
cm,ti' t^uet I Ani.e h - Ul BTC tlOllsb ?I ll|> to ?.til tin
i-h. RS :'!-'
Maboga of bistlake design, with drawer? ami
, llsbl? In, an filled
with knives and sjioons of ?ill '. it, dmner,
t. ?i, ai ml bincj pie Imlves and ladl
;.? mai? h. I '
and ?aitiii- foi tea, f.? r ??!,..?. ate, f>.r brenefnst ."!'..?.
?uni fu: afi, i- .iitiui-i- ei h.?, ??ie m n-l graceful
andan ??r tbe satin Anisa outside, vtlth gold lluiuc l'or
? ? - a-? of Roman
?lui'ie?. .'i-.l. oasslvi mea of Egyptinn design Card
-. Olatl ??!! :
and boiiquet holders are of Innumerable i ilgns. Toilet
bottles and powdi bog are supported m \
Inkatauds b?v* peuraeks stt.i tied
in ,,.,i ni ?h -!!^i?s. I' ir children ara small ?n-? - ? ?
Iu i napkin ring, fork, knife, and spoon, all - \
? ?. ihown withoap? ?n dladli
engrarad _______________________
iii,-i i -stNt, THI M w ><)!)i:.
'1'ln !' ; \ -uci:itii?n inet 1. I ?\ Tdng to tli-i
I'uss tin* new oode prepared bj afr. Threop, to go tato
eflfecl aexl Ma/. At a prevloaa meettng th? g?ueralpnr
i??.n ..f the new c. il. was approvod, aad last night tbe
on w is ?i. to aaendmeats, i i a-sonlntlon
t-.ok no (lie ainenilliii'iits on (?ose. 1 by It* OWa eouiuu'i. c.
*< number of these hail been accepted br Mr. Throop In
mi amendatory act prepared bj liim, ind ? ire rise i?. i, >
erelj verbal were aecepUd or lt?eeted
altbuui ?? .?.-.?h ..:- Ion. Uutonom or two ?refuting
to thi prtvll.lofntrorneys ind tbe r1'.-. r ,
In provisional remedies, tin re ?raajBroloaaad dis? u-.iim
?un? ?i doctal.ia wm defer:.?1. ?After p..?-lug ?n th.
_r. .?ter number ol the oommttt? t'aanieudn inta
joiiiiiiiieiif t.? Jan. :> a i - ordered, lo consider i be it
ami mino ..l? . ml the. a.n iidi.ieiits to In- *,?ro|ios<'il then.
ctutiamifl ?toon Of v.. p. ni rrov a co.
i I'. I >?i ? ?.n i ? ... have Just issued " lu Um Dhvs ol
Our Yout'i," a I oluiu ' of si TMoii.? which wer?- prenhed
MM the students Of Marll.i.io ('..lleue bv tl.e lie v. Dr,
1 airai ; ,i ma und ciilirifid etllilon ?f Dr. O*WM*T0
paaalM iNsik, " Mlle Minu?s in One Life's Joiiiuey,"
aad " Hermous" by th* Kev. ... It. .../.i. v ??! l^mdou.
i.i.-y publish als,, u mue volume ??t poems entitled,
:iii iliit.stmted gift-book called MT_e
Il.did?i -," wiileh I? pietty and chrup. Tmlay thev W?I
l^uu " The Uate* of tbe ??ist." by ilie ?lev. Dr. Potter of
' m?n ?i, ,?\ Ulg all MXHMUll of bin Winter lu ?gJ !?'.
rSTKBBOHS1 m:.V I'L'llI.ICATtoN...
T. II. Pelorson At ilrotbers, rhihi.h I|.hln, call attention
i li..! nf new mid .itlr.iclivc luihlli'iitlous, Just
r.Mily ; iiiiioiig tottt, "I.liMitsl" aud " Self-llalsed,"
b> Mrs. E. D, K. N. Sont h worth ; n new au.l gelt? ?
UllUtrated edition of " Iteiiutlfill Mnow," it di'sir.i'ile
preseatatlea rotan*i "the temrat at London,' ?Mi
iiti.il> KH) uiustriitloiis, and a eomplets edition of Haas
Hi. itiu.inn's " Builsds." Other Illustrated volume?aro
" Ttie Wtinderlng ,l??w " and the " Count of Monte
Cristo." They publish further novels, poems, and mis
A Minium in Barbudue* recently wa? c.ohimI
thus: " .11 > ol?st inn iniu hicdrcn, I Uinl it im more use t?
tuent li to you dau It Is for u grasshopper to wear kite,
irte? tur?."
FnOM ?EfiMTDA?In steamship Co il ni n, bec. 1<?_?-__,
Html. Mr. Todd. /. Coup, W. Peacock. Mr?. 0:iiim't>araT_,
Cuoimlng? Mua t. rowler. Cjpt : , r'?u
Dr. d. !'. Hantle, Iir. If. W'ul?. .' ,nt 1" " p.art-, m. Atw?a_*
c. A. ))_ Vvoif, il. II. Balley. 1'. Van *4ctis?_._, ?Ir?. C. And?,
son and daughter, .1. llu. , -. T. W. Sotuiau. i . IoIiommlT
O. Morgan, A. Ftinger, J. llairi-s. ' ?
Mon nsos. 7.-20 ' nun ?ers. 4:1411 i Moon ?et?.. _._?
null WAii ;. nu. l'A?"-* a
??anrlv Hook..10:11 I ?lov? :*lan.' I l-.'il I Hell ?. Ferrr.. __?
un.n wAii a nu? Dit-r. n.
Sandy nook...11:05 I Oov'? ._____, Il:?-*, I lieh 0. Ferry.. i_n
Steamship VaderlanC (lit !g.), Itaudle, I'hlladelplila, dec,, ey.
steamship Ilutarla (3r.), Moulaud. Llve-.rn.ml, Ohariai <_,
Ht. ari-a?lp King Arthur (Br.). trowel!, New-Haven, Chta,
I. vvrip'.t .t (...
st?vui.?hip Hnntavilie, W-'lutera, Femanelln? via Port RovaL
I*. I!. Mall..tv .
Steamship Herman Li*nn??ton, Mullory, Savannah, _f_?.
rav. '. i-rel? _: Of.
Bteeoahl.Olauoua, neame. Boston. H. F. Oiinock.
ist. aiii?lii|i Wyaiiott?-. Coach, UichuioDii, City point and .V?r.
folk, oh! Dominion Hteamahit
Steam-hip Fault?, Howe, iHilladeipid.-?, J*?. n?n?l.
??lili, Fawn, i lut. lam!. Liverpool, Tho*. liunUani'? .**.'??._??
? Co.
?: ip iToteu?, Onult. Uataria, Java, for onlt ra, Jame? a
Ward t Co.
Bark Mano Folo (Ocr.i. .s.haefiar, Brom.-", Hermann Koon
A (...
Bark Alma (Oer.l, Tobias, Bremen, Funch. Edre A Co.
Bark J. F. Whitney (?r.l. 8picoi, London, J. F. Wldtacv a
t'.ark lilne Bird (Ur.), Mt.hencr, Cork or Falmuath forer.
den, o, w. Bi-rt.iux.
steamship steinmann tltf'.g.), L'there, Antwerp Nov. _J>
v.lli iintp... ?ud pa??, to Fun? h, Kelye .?.-Co.
? .-hip Citv of llotietoii, Kiel i -too Iiec. 10
v Weal Hin, vtitn uni.?-, ana i?ii?.?. toi'tias. H. Malt.ry
A to."
steam, hin ('.'?nun., (?r.i, l_-iIehcoHt, BCRUnila Dan 11, with
in I??- anil lia??, to A. K. Outerbridae.
. i.ain?)ii|i Hatteraa, M a. let i, flortotk. with mil??. __,i ._n_
t>??thi i?iiiiiiii,!i nt?amablnQa
sinn limmtTlfihn ttirr '. Iflntea Hr.iuemJl day?. with empty
Ship Ann? Pcratur n.f Port-mouth, If. IT.). Proel >r, fror?
.win, ii ..iivi-ei Kith, an.i auction? i al Sandy ILuoi
tot t.ta.m, waa lowtKlP? ibe cliy a. m. l'Jt.V
roaaioi* i-oam,
UHO__. T>?/c. 19.?The Nation?. Line ?t?-am?hir> Frain-e
lroui New-York Oov. S, a.iivml oil la?) Luard at A
. a tern ?>n.
v.u..vs. l?.o. 111.?The Amorlctut Lin? ?teaninhio Lord
C i'.t, < *i?t- l r_'lli*rt, lroui l'hilaili-iiiiiiaDoc. 7. to.- Liverpool,
to-day. The t'nii.i.il Line su-amsblp All.
i? u 11 oui B?.?n>ii Dec. 9. tor Ll? ?ri>oe(. arrived livre al 8
.. olooM i ?ii" il ? iiting.
tow, Dae. 1!).?The State Line steamship State of Me.
I i-i :.r.?, ?, front N'ew-Vork. Dec. 7, ainvi-d hire al tf
.-.?.. L... 19.?Tne ?teamatuti colnmbu?, troiu New. '
i ? n he,? ye-tcr lay mo?mug.
i.. --?*.. Deo. !'.).-si ll.il lCtfi !?:-(. Weacr, Maid of Or!, an?,
Carl, Allia, V ll|il. -it-wcrt,; IT'll ill?!.. '.I.ice, V, u. \, ikhI.
t ni, ; H li Inet. Anatr tita I .aun. ?bun .
i.ell, ?-ou.or.nii. en- lalle-r for i-.
.1, I rii? alulKUI. The I?? ? *-.'lo'noii, whieh pullnto
l't nt la a a In a it in:?-., tl condition, |. -it lea In r n . a r_ to.
riv .; i,.Ui ',lt., Al.ce <;_nip'tfll , lili tu?t., (_.i.
. itli r loat or J. ti ? ...'-.I e.-tii-ck l-i.n! ; 17th
ItiHI., ll.il i I I ? .. MiiiilelM?'!.'. liolieiu). Flora t ..nil.
in H..-I , .Norn? Ha-, .Mi? li ? na 1, ...-I. ? i ii,ic?t,
IS t Ai:.n ml. .?. ellioiir..?'. .?ie-ioiii. Kurie?,
.oui ni .,
B(?*eTON Dec 19?Arrive?!. I.ark Evetjra, Ktiowle?. from
N nia o. Irma N w-Ym-Vt
i'liiL.tt'Ki.i'uiA. i?.-c. 19?Arr.vt.i, !,_ik (?ulgepptt V?cdL
i-- . iran? Ula?gow. cleftred, tehr. J. Andere
. or oik.
H ? .Dec. 19.?-Mrtveei ?team?hli?j Cltv of
Dallaa, ilu.e?,from .\? w-Yor** ?u' ?, l.-ti ,*or Fernaueiuia;
r. iron bra
DtgAMTl It?.
i g Lim
tond to Halifax, N"
-. ,ii
?ti ie- I.'nut-. The ?. i.r It. ... o! .:.tl i.ir . .ton
L wit i Iron oi? ? a a!?
? .1 ?ll rl , f nr.n , ,, : . |i , ;l. i?;
, ? ,,. i,., o: Porti .... . llavaii... a. .1 lo
lail?n, Hole, ni e ..lies?. la?aLi:.K ami ? -Hi. i ?? ??n ,..
il.ellil. .:?
nan i ?..--. i ... i'..-ioTi, ?a? lo.Tuil lot t taia part by iba -pu
'! .. OB the Till m-t. im Bela t?Mik piloi oil the ?oui . jut?,
anil beim.' ?lion of ?ail? ?nit pr v iloua, tl e in i
-, I
vli ???>;? , - i
.. .? tl ? n o..?:, - ,: remad%Uil lot
li, I r.e 1 ?. ...m 11 Icon 111,? 8Jiiie.?l, . lid wen. in ?. a v>.tlt
?i Hi- 1 in. 111*1 , t_P0ki -
., ii m (li?i.i.,,i,'i. i?. c. im ._. Bar
? ? i I pi . ?..? aa.l
.* 11 a. i.i. or the l?th, u;_ii. ant la.ru-4 uihK >_U?_a
..o, |?>rf.
/./- Lalist tihtp temt -tie Fifth luije.t
Ni.w-York, Tu.--.lay, Ty<H>. l'.i. IP7W.
Tiie toDewfcag ??all*? took place at tin* Ex?
chi.n?rc t'aie.?:-?
B) tf. A.J. Lynch *.<}.?_
.-? ??'i, ...t. Man-l
It, W ?, lH-IVM_.fl lira, ll Slit! llllheitatlp.
U; ____J0? Jacob v.-W? . ...*19.t(ja
' .- /-.. ii. Lottern .
1 four ?tory hl I i mi?., with lot, ? ? of At?.
nut? A. -? it ? ?'! ?! -i -i, l"l *-'ii -.'-7., , TJ ".. :.illot.\.. f.l.DOO
., |
? ,(!? lot, n ?of Fast
17lli It, 1 11 ?? ol tvvuuo I. at*
i.??r. r7,?M
1 lot?, w ? ol Walton-av i. Hi" fi n o* Jame* ?t, Morrij
?uia.cacU JaxlHi..,, lltotiuuiT Martin. ?60a
- *>
ol PICIAL B-OORD Of UUL 1>T.VXK riJ.v.V.?*! EUd.
raw-Tona en i
Mh-ava, wa, zfi.ioftsot .-*iti. ?t.40zIrragnlari Ahel
M t'oiiLliii am! wife- to J VViii?!
? i- ?, 120 tt ? oi ?r. i nut
Ht.K.-iiilale. ... Notulaal
A-\h It, ? ?, 183.1 d e of Mh-av. .
K?lk lo s i(.i?i Mill?- ? . v.itnirnl
. ir n of 0*0 J
o tl ?Ifc to\\ A 1)11.1 '
i. tixbO. 11?_ ; Wni
I, I.,., v? ?i I wife lo :: --'. . .
? oft n of Baal 11 a k tfro?
? ?, Km ft eof 7t'i ..v . -.0? UN, -, . ?(., '?I !llro
?ad linah.uid o S ll ['? Kr.a . l.t.OOQ
.--:.', Patiick
Mteel-. ?lid Wit? tO CJ'II. 11.'.'jO
to >"
5?h-ave, , ? t :, l'att*r?0D.
na a lli!?l tu . .'.,-J4l
[Q-1_l] J. V. ? . y B igUMT.
OFF!? i vi i:, .oui? OV -O-TO-OM.
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