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V0L XXXVI.N?* 11,148.
Tbc House yesterday passed an extreme res?
olution, aa-mming absolute power over all tel
^p-ains. During the debate, Mr. Hewitt
, (barged that bis campaign letter? were opened
in the New-York Pont-Office. Tbe chargo cre?
ated a sensation. Mr. Platt (Rep.) offered a
resolution tor an investigation, but objection
was made and tbe matter went over. Repub?
licans in Washington think the House Coin
mittee in Louisiana is wasting its time. Mr.
Bogy defended Gov. Grover in the Senate yes?
terday. _ m
Wash i nut? iv, Dec. 1?0.?The House, following the
precedent ?ft by itself at the last session, ho? taken
the most extieme ground possible in regard to the
telegraphic controversy. It has declared by a large
majority that an investigating committee can issne
Its snhjiena upon every telegraph operator in the
country, directing him to bring before it
the entire files of his office, aud that
the House must enforce such demand. Three dis?
tinct propositions were presented by the Judiciary
Committee this morning. Mr. Lynde, representing
the majority of the committee, contesting entirely
of Democratic members, submitted a resolution
which maintained the right of Congress, whenever
any material issue is involved, to enforce the pro?
duction of telegrams without any such description
being furnished na most necessarily be made tho
basis of their production in a court of justice.
Mr. Html, for himself aud the Republican mem?
bers of the committee, substantially denied this
right to Congress; and while he maintained the
power to call for any telegrams bearing on the sub?
ject under investigation, be would require at the
same time that a basis somewhat similar to thai I ? -
quired in tbe courts should be laid ; in other
words, the telegrams which the committee
desired in his opiuion must bo identified
by some description or convenient particu?
larity. His resolution did not require that
the exact contents of the telegram or even its sub?
stance should be given iu the subpeua, nor that its
particular dato should ho stated, but simply that
the names of one or both of the persons between
whom the dispatches passed should tie furnished,
the general subject of them named, or some other
description given which would enable the person on
whom the subpena duot* ttcum was served to identify
The Knott resolution .which received the support
of no other member of the committee, went still
further than either of these, and declared iu so
many words that ?telegraphic communication is
entitled to uo more privilege than any statement
made orally ; that in short the telegraph company
can have and can protect no secrets, but is compelled
to deliver up the entire files of its offices upon the
first demand of an investigating committee, whether
that committee describes the dispatches which
it needs or not. The most notable speech of
the day was that made by Mr. Huid in support of
his proposition. This gentleman at the last session
of Congress distinguished himself as a lawyer of un?
usual ability and clearness of perception, and his
remarks to-day in defense of the constitutional right
of the citi_en to be protected m his person, papers,
and effects against unreasonable search, was as rtbla
as any of his effort? on previous occasions. The
House adopted the Knott resolution by an almost
strictly party vote.
It is to bo hoped that President Orton will still re?
fuse to p.llow his employes to produce dispatches not
so described as to make their identification possible,
in order that a judicial decision iu regard to the
power of the House to throw out its drag-net over
the file? of telegraph offices, and gather in private,
dispatches by tho wholesale, may be given.
Some remarks made by Gen. Garfie.ld, who took
the ground that a telegraphic dispatch was as
sacred as a letter sent through the mail?, called
forth from Mr. Hewitt a most startling accusation
against the New-York 1'ostrOffice. He said that he
holds the same position on that point that Gen.
Garfield does, but that even letters passiug through
the New-York Post-Office ure opened and
examined before they are received by him.
In regard to the dispatches which as chairman
of the Democratic Committee he had sent over the
telegraph lines, he wished to say that he had no ob?
jection whatever to their production before any com?
mittee, and that he had already informed President
Orton of the Western Union Company that he was
at liberty to produce any and all dispatches which
he had sent during the campaign. Mr. Hewitt's
serious accusation against tbe New-York 1'ost
Offlee created a great sensation in the
House ; and Mr. Phttt immediately offered a
resolution providing for a committee of
members of the House to make an investigation of
the charge. This was objected to by Mr. Luttreli,
tm\ at it could only be received by unanimous cou?
sent was not brought liefore the House. Mr. Hewitt
privately explains that his attention was tir*-t called
to the matter by an anonymons letter written to
him by a jH-rmui who said he was a clerk in the Utt*
York I'oBt-Oltice, and who told him that his letter*?
were all opened by the use of sieam and examined
before he received them. Subsequently he no?
ticed that the flaps of a majority of the let?
ters which he received from that office were
wrinkled, as though they had been opened,
*hlle those received through other post-offices were
almost invariably smooth. He had shown these lei?
tet? to g tiu'iilier of experts, who gave it as their
opinion that the letters had been opened and r<
""?W. He had never called the attention of an v of
the Post-Ofliee officials to this fact because he had
?opposed it would he utterly useless to do -u.
Postmaster-*?cuera 1 Tyner, who occupied n seat on
the floor when Mr. Hewitt made his speech, said to
tin?? who s|>oke with him on the subject thai he
?ever tud received any intimation that Mr. Hewitt's
letters ha?! b ?a tampered witli, and that tbe iw? n
?stion now made surprised bin very greatly. If Mr.
Hewitt inspected any such interference with his
"?respond, n,-,., be said it was his duty te report it
hi tlie department. Any such report would httee
?fceivcd immediate attention. The departmerni
*e? the means of aseet Utiuing within 4h
konm whether letters are opem-d in an.
F"tieiilar po-t-oftie?- or not. A public accusation
?ike that ina,le by Mr. Hewitt this afternoon, Mr.
Tfnsr said, would put the guilty persona on tkeil
(nurt, if any such there were, and intke the detec?
tion nl the ? rime more dim. ult. It is his purpose,
?owever, to request Mr. Hewitt^to give him all the
?8*1* on which he ha*?*?? bis suspicion, and to make
?thorough investigation o? it. It is not understood
-*?t Mr. Hewitt -uspects P.wtmaster Jsmes of hav
2* siiy knowledge whatever of this matter. That
????er ha-tl of th?' euiire New-York
delegation, without respect to party, and Mr. Hew
<li hiti.M'li, in ?i |,i ,h speech which he made last ???
~?n. spoke in very high terms of I'ostiiia?ter James,
**'<?*piizing hin efficiency and uprightness in the
MM of bis oflioe.
(BY TKLaOaAPH TO TH? TUI|-r***_|
Wamhkotom, Dec. 20.?Neither bouse has
tot. appolcted tu committee ou ?the disputed Presidential
?"??t-on, attboog- tt Is now nearly a week since r?solu
wtm Mthcrtxl -g t torn wsr? passed lo both bouses. The
Sonate i* waiting; for the House, holding that as that
body originated the proposition It should be the first to
create its branch of the quasi Joint rommlttec ; bnt the
Democrats In tbe House are holding* back to have tbe
Senate show Its band first. They want to see what kind
of men will be selected to represent the Senate. If Re?
publican partisans are ohosen thoy will probably send
Democratic partisans from tbo House to meet them.
There is, however, uo probability that any except fair?
tiilnde?l men will be select-ed by tho Senate. It will be
inanitestly improper to put men upon the oommittee
who are opposed to the object for which It wa? created,
namely, the discovery If possible of some method of
action in relation to th-* counting of the vote* upon
which both houses can a?**???.. The delay in creating the
committee? lllaatratea w.?il the ntiiru.l?? of tha parties on
the whole ?|iiestl?n ot the Pre?ltlencv. Each hesitate? to
takeany ?leciaivc step, and pr-fieraeti nates day sfter day
in the hope that the opposing party wiU ?develop its
Washington, Doc. 20.?Apparently for want
of something else to do, the Senate is wasting a greet
deal of time over the Oregon matter. It Is pretty well
understood that the Democrat? do not intend to ?ft? mpt
to profit by Gov. Grover's trick, but the topic affords an
opportunity for discussing the whole subject o? the dis?
puted Presidential election, which a number of Senators
urt? taking advantage of.
Nobody has yet been found with partisanship MMOfft
to make him so obtuse to the glaring poiit1f.il immorality
of Gov. Grover's actiou as openly to defend it, except
Mr. Bogy of Missouri. Ho began, like his eeimmamta,
with apologies for the motives of the mau, and lin. at
last, after making nearly a dozen spe?eches, worked him?
self Into tho belief that Gov. <'rover's behavior was en?
tirely Justifiable. The Missouri Senntor hits done the
-most of tho Democratic talking ou the ?juesUoii, but nil
that he has said has not been as effective iis was the two
minutes' speech of Gen. Burosido to-day. The General
said that the action of Gov. Grever in handing tli. mm.
tlflcatos of the Republican electors lo ('roniti, bis politi?
cal frie?d and their political enemy, and In malting M
protest when ('ronin refused to dt liver to them their cer?
tificates, was enough to convince hlni thai Hi over was
not an upright, honest man. He believed that Grover's
name would be a synonym for trickster in the t?tate
politics of the country.
In the course of the debate to-day Senator lia ton de
dared that under no circumstances would either of the
Senators from his State claim the election of Tilden npon
the vote of CVonln. In nference to the counting of tin?
electoral votes, Mr. Eaton put forth the novel idea that
the President, of the Pen., te Is not of necessity the presid?
ing officer of the Joint Convention, and that the conven?
tion may choose sodicInhIv clue to occupy the cbulr. If
this is the Democratic plan, It will Is? found very difficult
of execution. Another of Mr. Baton'! tlieerics was that
the President of the Senate has no more power t?> count
the vote than one of the ptafta,
Mr. r-lnrniati, talking nominally on the Oregon nwnlu
tl.in to-day, made a ape*M- on the Louisiana Maa ami M
the general result of tbe election. In the . rana of it he
said that if It is clear that Got. Have? ha? no* a minor?
ity of the lec.il vote?, God fttrliitl that ho ?lioultl accept
the office. He believed. however, that as the ?-a*..- n.?w
Stood, the* vote? o? frit.utli ( art,Una, Florida, ..n.l _oniM
?nit are upon the ssiue footing of law aud honesty ma the
returns from New-York and Ohio.
(BT IMHIIII TO mi Miliii ?-?.
Washington, Dit. 20.?The lepal term of
the Court of Commissioner* of Alabama Claim? will ex?
pire by lliultatlou on the '.itM inst., and iu awunls will
lie ready for publication to-morrow, M all ca?e? which,
under the exisllng law, couie under the JuristMcthui of
the court nave been disposed of. It Is not expected that
Contrress will provide for any extension of theattela.
term of the court. Of the gross sum of *1 :?..'>(kui.hi
awarded to the Unltwl States by the ?icucva irilmnal
about one-half will remain nf ter the payment of olljitdg
ments ; sud as tbe premium on the gold In which the
award was paid and the uc?uiiinlat?-d inter?'*! have nmre
than covered the ex|?enaesof the court, marly ptfiOOjOOO
will remain to Ik? di?p?>*t-d of bjr i oiigrc?_. ?tom ral iikmI? m
Of dlS|Hmillg of tlil> llil.lie. 11'.'..' tll'.'ll ?Ugg?'nt?*d. Slid 1,1,1?
foi the put i?o.?" ar? n??w pemil mr in Cemaremt, nie
prosjM'ct thiit otic of then) will be pui-M d tl.ln M?kM ll
not now good.
BI8 COMMITTKK. WASTIVt* 111*-.!?* T1MB?No I Hi Vi; TO
Washington, Dec. 20.?Tlir reporta of the
proceedings of the two commit tec* who are Invi'Stigat
Ing the Louisiana election are rca.l with great Interest by
everybody In Washington. The testimony ta lieu by the
House Conna?t tec has thu? far had very little Iteming
upon the ?|uestlous at It-sue, with the excepliou of n? tit
in.uni on the He turning Hoard for Its paper? and an ex?
planation of the ground on which it based its action.
The tendency of the Democratic wltncfikes ha? fett
ruther to shake conlldcnce In the validity of i lie vote
actually return???! for tli?; Democrats than other??a-, ,
For instance, no polls were thrown out in Orleans I*arl?!i,
and yet Mr. Morrison'? lo.umlliee has examined several
colored Democratic witnesses to prove that there wa* In?
timidai Ion there. The only result of this testimony. If
the point was established, would l?e to show that had tin?
matter l?een brought properly l.e-feire the Ilcturuiug
Board the polls where this IntiiuhLitloii c_???.-i| ought to
have been rejected In the count. This would have de?
prived the Democrats of a part of their majority. The
Democratic committee p.? cm? to forget that under the
peculiar election laiwof Ljiiislana intimidation, n>> mat
1er who Is guilty of It, invalidate-? tbe ?dertlou at t ti poll
where it occurs. If It is the object of Mr. Morrison'* com?
mittee simply to show that there was intimida?
tion on both side?, and that It -?;>- atent?
against Democrats as well a? Republican?,
he may succeed In doing It, but It Is difficult to see what
is to be _..iu??d by IL The Democrals have been very
strenuous that the Iteturtilng Hoard should take cog?
nizance of no complaints at intimidation, except such u?
were brought t.< its attention strictly in accordani-i*. with
the provisions of the ?llth section of the Election law,
ttiat Is by an affidavit of a supervisor or couimlpj.loiier
of election. But uo such ca-e of the Intimidation of a
Democratic voler m ?\. i reported by any election offi?
cer as far ss is remeiul? reel. As the supervisors wore- ail
Keptilil.iai.i? atth txrtitleat??* cnuld hardly have been
aapeeeat from lliem, but at every .?.11 In the t-tnt?
tin? law i-eqnlrod that there should be at
least one Democratic commissioner, and it wan hi* duty
t.. h i.e n-nortetl the Intimidation of hi? party NMOOlatM
if any existed. There Is now, therefore, in? xe.iy for the
Ix-iiKicroti? te? gam anything by proving ih.tl the I'cpiilili
cans Intimidated Deiinx rutie in grimi?, au'J it would seem
a* though the Hou.-c committee was wasllng it? luiie.
Tlie only in-. < Mik-ation of the laiiiiMiiiiii I ant: that can
do anv .'('od I? one thai u? dir? ?th aim?-'! ai tin- point of
cunt riivei-sy between the two parti? s, an?! ihn is ibe
Question whether the Betonilng Board acted honestly
or frauditleiitlv lu Itscanva?? of the v?ite?. To tin? point
ll;,- .*?. iiale r.iiiiiiiittee KC4MIIS to ix direct in? IU l?4 Ulrica.
The dotai? of ib?- battre in tbeeetTuI aeaetone. -ben t?c
returns from the coiiU'-ud pifaincu ?ere deoided apon,
Olliiht to ?>?? l'ioiiglll lo Hie ll(?!'t, and tin (Md.n.-e on
v l.i'l. each ????e raata made public-, as in Houlh ?aroliiiu
Hud Florltln. No committee until it In*?** Ibis evidence
(an pa?s an IntellUeul Juil'.iiuenl on the work o? tin
KcturnlngBoard, l'uni thai evi.l. m-e Is produced, the
l.tardl??entitle<ll?vall tneprinciiiesof law aud Jiihllce
ton pi-osumi.tioii In iU favor. ??iot?odv bus u nglit to
nresillM that the board ha? i om.nltled a fraud uiilll it Is
j.loved, and to claim the .**tati' in.reservedly toi luden Is
?ii.-?i a preniuuptlou. _
It wti* Ht*it*)d iu tb?* Wat-i-KlP- diKpiitcliiH
y? sterda.v thai Mr. K. Jackson, formerly A*??Ht??lit Dls
tiut-Attoriiey under E. Dclafleld Huiiui, was an applf
csnt for the po?lti(*n ot District Attoniev to tie vacated
in a short time by Mr. bliss. Mr. J. C. Jackson, the am
?on whom It was intendiMl t?) name, was foimeriy Ass.s
taut Dt*.tr<i;t-Attorney under Edwards Pierrei-ont Gen.
.t? ...til L. Woodford Is not u candidate for the office ol
Diptrlct-Attoroey to l__M*W?l Mr. Bits?. His presence
here ou Tuesday on professional business gave rise to
?in rumor that he was to be Mr. Bliss'?? su<*ee?uior. He
has, howevei, no aspiration* lu Huit direction.
WA8H11-?TUN. Wedu?_?Uy, D*c. 20,1876.
The Houee 0MM_MM on Paelflc Rallrosda today re
eonsKlered the vote by which they heretofore autborited
Ui-a- ohalrmmi to report foi passage tbe Senate bill ex
tftndlng the Um? for the completion of the Northern
PaotHc Railroad, this action being taken wita a view to
eoneide-rin? eartaln amendioeai* for tbe protection of
anwart-- end preemption settlers, Ac. "he ^stonir"
mainly tyceupieilin dt-Kuesing n new ?mimutlu?- wb cu
?*^to-*lay informallv ?n i ?:.? irt ; ? I hv the friends ? f the
t^a?iPiwitic BallroatL It provides 'hat tito Boutbern
Pacific Company of California shall be allowed t
700 miles of the Western portion of the Tran-eoni
line under the provisions of t lie original Atkins in
Ing the through line au open higbw-iy for tli>* (
ment and people and all other railroad eomnanl
re??*rvlng to ('?ingress the right to recul?t** tlie (
for freight and pnsaengv-rs. XMa concession Is
Stood to lie satisfactory to the California inten ut
commit ice adjourned till to-morrow without n? I
the matter.
The majority of the IT on se CoTnmitt*?e on tbe Jn
decided to-day tliat special investigating com?
have tbe rieht to send for t?l?graphie dlspatche?
In tbe opinion of a committee such dispatches art
ttal to the purposes of the inquiry, or in other
that anv committee's demands for telegrams. Ac
b?: compiled with, under ponalty of being held I
tempt of the II?>iire. This was In ?abstain*?? the i>
Uki'ii l.v ;,ii I.,mil-, rliiiirmim of the sulwoinmll
whom the subject was referred for report. M?*s"i8
and McCrary, the other members ot tli? eomnilt
ported that In tbclr opinion the telegrams call
should be spccitlctilly described. In this view the
susihinyl liy Mi-Murs, linar and F rye ; but Mr. L
proposition was adopted by a vote of 5 against
affirmative voies being cust by Messrs. Knot!. II
Ashe, 1.Mule, and CaulfUld. Messrs. Lord aud Lav
were absent.
TheHuporvlslng Architect of the Treasury, In 1
nnal report..)UKt printed, renews the rocomturnda
hi? pniHHHi thut new buildings for Ctistom-bou
Assay offices be %rected In New-York City. He en*
tbe accoiiiiiii.ihiiiiiiis contained In th?' pr?sent 0
house at that place aro entirely mad? ?mate ; und i
pairs and alteration* BMOasaff t?> provide tcmpnri
dimes for in?. Iraiiaantlan ol the Increasing liusln?
constunt and u source of continual rxi*en*c. Tot* p
As.? ay OJU-e is entirely until fur the purpose for wl
is used, and I he building is unsafe.
A di.-ipiiicli from WaiMagtMl }'? "*t?rday a
MM mat ing taut Abrain H. lie? lit, In Un* course (
debite ou tbe refusal of the Western Union Tele;
Ciitiipatiy in submit its files of messages to un lu
gating committee, had charged that his private li
hwl been CfSMi lu the New-York I'ost-Oill.e, c
c nslilersble mattet tit among tbe ofllrlals In tills
I'ostiiiiiFtcr J lines ?aid to u Triiiim: reporter tl
cntild nul believe ttial Mr Hewitt li.nl mail? ?
ehargc; lie was coutldeut Uiat Mr. HewittV i_ii-i:a
the ex? itetneiit of Ht debate hatl nut
correctly reported. Mr. Hewitt had never
auy tteteWtoH to him or even hinted
his mull.? h ol been tampereil with, anil there c.ui.l
foundation for such a tiuarg?'. Th" I'cst-Otllce bit.-.
ha?l been cniiilucicd on strict boatoMS principle*
jiiii-tiBim In.i? IM allowed lu any of the ?l.'!?..i lun ii11
tlie pnliti. -'if Un' lin -li WH MI uniiir.-ed int??. Th
tcra passing through the office went tin-a -h tot h
ut thirty .i.-'.ricr.?, working ltd* by hi?! > In MM I
where mi;, jierM.n touching ? letti I w.i? n; full \ cv
score of other?', and It was an mmttU
for a leltsr to Ik- t?ni|ier.'d with in |>rlv.ite. M ninny
tin- ehi-i k- ?in.I ?rfit-g.ini'hi adopted. Mi. ti?i>h r, rn
lliietidi ll! i.f the City Dclivei*., uinl Mr. Vi'.i' ;.ili, >
Hni^riiii??*?.:? i ?:. iiniiioiiiu-. I tot ehar*-*, a* tar as i
olllce was concerned, absurd and antrue. Mr. J,
i ?im sfiii tie- iiiiiniFt iiuxi? ty for.?.|"?.;.? mV?stlga
und at <?ui?' ?ii the follownig i li-giutii i?> Mr. Mewl
lite ?Inu. A.A. Ui.wni, Huutc of kcprcsentutitc?. It
inylon, Ji. t '.:
I ?mi iiiforintd that you ebargt on tin* ft or of OoMI
that your letton paMfcaa throng- ihi* mttv? are .-r I
i. ?, n '..jh-in ii li 'tin- i etching v "in li.nnI ?. l)n m ?i| to
t_iit it is ol ha- bceu actually or probaWj dome m
(.ril.i'l If so, pteaoe mppleiueul jour cuargr* wii
motion for iiiniieiiiate investigation, a.? I pruBoeacc ?
an accusation utterly aadabsolutely raise.
1 I.. J ?Mi f. I'o?ti.iS':ti
The first Intimation that an attack oa tin I'??mi
llepaitiuetit was luleiidcd by the Dtmmt '?- m ? lu- |
cnl GoMgNMi c.iu.e out lu un Interview ou the g? n
|mi!iiji.iI outlook with A geiitlcm.ui known to lie lut
Tilden'? toull'tciiec, which w.ut inililis!.. ?I ii. Till I
im: m? Der. i. Ee?errUg i? ihe acta et ted
official?, tin g?'iil!:-:n.iii t. fett. ?I lo lh" <1cm;i
lli.U of tin- ?.Hice h?.l?l? IF. Tlie re??oi 1er s?
him ?il.? he iiieiuil bv the Ausp-H.i ?>f tl
tu ??..wer. He MM Inf.raieit lliat evldr
was in poMS-sioa of Got. TU-M'i fin in'.- ih.it Um I'i?
Hint. * malls had barn tampered with Fine.' ihs .1-,
?.. Upon uniting for further ami dmiut?! i
titular.? In n-g..id to tills rli-rg?*, ll waa wide.I ih.it "
Uunperl.ulDOt Im ru ?lone in ttii >... Vurk nil
thai Pi ?tiiuiFii-r Jam?-.. was inliely hiauieh ??. :i . i i
tin. salir? ui.im r t on] ? le Uni before lha An et lean .
pleut th?' appropriate in..." Inbaequ Bt Inquir?.
tin* Demoeratu managet i hen
?Bi iniuiiit i, aM iskmg <?> ? ?i- Ion t?< speak m Ihr buril
tenus Ol e.iL.ni? Ud-tloti ni lin- liialing.lii. lit ol Mir Ml
York olllce. _
LiTTi.r. H'i'K, Ail... ?Dec, 20.?'Hie fic.'iii
fin?? In thl- city have eaiisiMl lutim-e in lu n.?ut. 'I
City Council resumed its scfMou toiilchi, which ?.w 1
iilghl liitcrr.mlod by Hie alarm. The official., will Wh
tut'S-urr.? for tin- lnTW*r |.rot?'t Hou <?f property. A n
lin- n i? iiiiiIiif WM ordtrei; tonight, uni a larg? fou.
w.ttchmeti eiii|iloyei| bv p.-o?.crt) ?iwin-nt will guard
bllFlli??? (?rirtl m of tu. city. Il 1? iM-liivc 1 liv 'iiiliv, a
charged by Ihe l'.rriiing SUir of Ihl.? tl it. , tl? .1 f*e\ in!
rtoaaad Ihterea have imnd.-d laasthst f.?r parp-ae*
(.'?mil? r. ninl thr.t vli'ilam <? eomaalttera ihonM li ? re
i/? d. l)url?ig tbe tire m t.-.ti night aa ansa? eau ful ? :t
v.,1? m.ni?- to Ini'ti the l.il.k bin. k ovrtied li? Ms.i.r J.?
0. Fletcher,al the eorasr at M,?:n moi Pon
lanillas u bale al eattaa Mhiok h,i?i been provkiualj n
?mod ?lib keros?-ne oil.
lin* m-ni unce oil tin- l.rii|M'lt-, d, ?tr.ived If l?(lH,?;i
The total loss Is saUautea at $1M,000. in .,
tire within tin- pul we. k iigi'rig.ite ?-:,.i0,()i)(j. T
origin of the hres Is shrouded in mmtery.
OlilTl AUY.
nuvcia a. uBoonr
Francis A. Liggett, tin will-known rc.-t,u
rant nnd I??>1. ! kie*M*r, tfad hIx.ii: 2 ..'.inkl. tent
luiiriilug, all? i'M-veial wn-ks of Mel-MSa II" Mas no
In I? Hi in .Norfolk Ft., ImI.-.c.-h llr?.oiue ninl (? rn.inl-.-1
When II yours of age he wu? ewplt-iiMl tu HiifhcI
oy-Fter ntnl tht*} **WM M Hi'verj and lirntnl Ft. In l-l
under the Hi in ii.tine or 1'errlF A Uniirtl, a n ,l.,:inii
was opt lied at No. :>'2 ('hall,am St. In I BM the liu-nii
v.f moved to the preasMt 'lie ut .?,?. 49 Chathaai.
Thas, tor Sil vean Mr, legmedi bad traasarted bis boelne
in the f.nue I.lock. Mr. rartla, his flint purfiii-r, died I
iHiii.iiml h Hii.nt lime nfierwjrtl Alfml Sloriii.?, wi
tnkeii into Hi" lirm, th." name of which wan cliaiiged I
I.eggi 11 A; Hitirms. Many taptaT-OMBM and additlot
have ticen .n.iile, mid IlliF iinijierly \g BOW regatdeU I
valuable. Mr. LmMMI leaven a widow, but no cbildrc:
III 'Nil Y W. tll.KKN.
rienry W. Orcen, who lied on Tlturntlay n
Trenton. M. J.. was bora fa ISOi, He wim gtu.ln.'? '? 'I I
l'un? "ion l <?lh gc in lhjti, and In IK'.',*) wim admltt'-il t
the bar. He was meut I ?r ?f th" I^criFlainre in l-l'.
sud also tiHik part in the Constliutloual ('oiiventii.n I
1W44. He ?M (Tilef-Jumh-e from l?9-6 to 184*0, and i
lMdl was appointed Chawaellor. la lb?t position bi m
tainetl ?lisln?? tion, hi? o|.Iiiioiif being ,-terv win ie Leute.
wilb r('Fi>eet? _________________^
Alhani, I'd. 1'.?.?In the report of an in
tervlew with Mr. Smyth of tin- IM-MmMt Hipuiiunni
jnihllsbed In Tun T-iiiim: of I>?c. Kl. m maceitra?"J
in j.t in. which, in Justice to Mr. hmyth and his fn ?1.
ccf-oi, Mi. CiiiiiiinHu,-buuhl lie colr.iii-d at on??-. Mr
Mn\ lb did not Fay that no exauiiiiatloiiH ..f lit. In- ir?ri .
companies bad been mado during Mr. ChapaMia'a term
On tlie coiiiriiry, at least ,'k) such exstnin.ttiou.*. wer?
mude, Mr. M] th hiuim If hf I>e|iiity ?oiiilii.liiig MNH
of tbetu. What wa- InUnd.iil liy the statement w.if i bal
the two coiitnaiilcH then under ?live-ligiitloli had not l'e?i?
examine?) bv Mr. (')iapmuii, lu-, ininga \?-ry eoiiMervativ?
gent!eiii;iii, ?uni having 'till eniillileiin in tlie fwo: n State
nieiithiit li?e?i coiiipaiiii ?, M HU hoin Ft uiati iniwlit bave
llllil, ?I'nl III?' lellol of lilt- i|li?'Flliill .?? de ? i?! |.m ?illdelll
was saeta as tel ml Mr, tayth i<> bsUevs thai the two
earnpnlsa ?ere ratamd t?. ratber than lha lasnranon
eoii.i>auici?g?-?ieia'.l>. None? developmecta ban boea
lii.Mi. kli'iv.n tegarillug the iti-iitii'it e filil????.
K.HiixviLi.K, Tenu., Dae, SO. ?-lfaaafa. Alli-ou ?v
McClurg's ?au-liotis?* wsf burned UiIf ue.rii'ii.'. Hint IleaTflC
11. .iinitli, s i<niiiiiii(iit ?a. it-is, ?itF killed by it Ulliug wall.
Hh**Vr*\*% 1'ciill., Den. '?0.??Slicriir .Mrtllliiilg of
Tumi m < "iiiity, Miff , wiu ?rn ?l. ?I al Jai k??ni, M Iff , s nay or
IM?, Kline tur ilif iniiKler ut s mau nain?.-?! Ilarvty ol I.??,.??nil.
at An-tin, Ml??., a?-v?in?l wrrkaago.
Mai.ikax, Dm, '_().?A sehiMitier lmlen with tish
iirmk i?i !!?? I Innin dip hlinalaat tlie enti-iic?-to 11 ?ill!? \
imi:..?r .?n Muadaj aiabi tea wa?! laaUeaa. a? r ?.wm r, Mr.
BitktT tt Jt.l.liire. ami a ?an uhiiifo ttoottf, were tlinwueil.
MUMI'Ml-. T? mi.. ?Daa. '-0. -.loliM N. A H. 1 . Dick
niFoii wet?- ?rreateo here nwtentay on a rnjiiuitiuii from tb"
?ii.y.iui.r ol Mm?*.-Ii_s?iI"?mi s < lia? g?- o? ?ilii.iliiliig motiFj
anUtr IuIfc pr?-t? iif-?. Atl?rtIi?Mr failure here tuny hail re
movn? to Arkauaaa UMf?
Wiimi r.-iKit, Maas., Dec. 20.?The first serious
accident ?hW b _aa ever tak'n place an the H.ifioo, IJaiT?
aud ..?riliirr ilsrlroad w ' nrted aOoot a mile in.nt. ?.1 Ib.
filiic*ion?uUun early Uil? alWruoan. whet,>a paa?.iigrr iraln
ran Inlo a mu?-US10, ?-?nupklely (InnolUliiiig U-tl. enS'ne?.
on- r?av^..?.r, ?me On?gt-rj;*'"* lhr*' ir1,1?" utn'' ?"'' "ul!>;
So-rtng three |M*r*-.na. The m&am ?**^J^Tw_C?
troi.i Uie <?ngtnt?, ai.S all ^capeJ Injury except Mr. W lllej,
ikuTtse ve.1 Injurie? which ?111 l-n-ha-ily provf ratal Tt..,
B-aatMi r?. aiKS-t 20 In number, were all more <?r leas tituisetl.
iliarlea o. Umb, a acwin? nuebme agt-ui, biul ku head
crusUed tu Hut be died.
The Democratic House at Columbia, R. C, has
asked Hampton to demand that taxe? bo pai?l to
him. i'oiiirri'. ?mim I.'.nii.y relatea some important
farts in regard to intimidation in ?South Carolina.
Th? Virginia Legislature has piiRsed resolutions con
ileiiiiiing l'cleral interference at Columbia. The
invefltii.atitig' committees at New-Orlt-aus arcliolli
taking ti'stimoiiy no-_?. The House? ('.nimiiitee hits
eeut some of their ?mtt to the Red Kner parishes.
Nk.w-Oui.kans, Doc. 20.?At to-ilny'n st'He-ion
of tho wmtM i it.iuiittco George A. llranstorple, colored,
testified that he votod the Democratic ticket and was
afterward knocked down and beaten, then arrested and
aent to the parish prison for 10 day? because he vote .11 hi?
D?mocratie ticket.
Charle?, OMMtfl of th - cMuming Watte testlfl->d
that all the members of the board l>ch,n_??d to the K.
ptililleaii party; thero was a recommendation to Mi the
vacancy, lint the In.aid could mat .i.'r.v; Mr. Kennedy
wss plop.?.al. Wttnr*.??* refuse?! lo answer wlieilici- or
not he favored the el?*ci!?.u of Kennedy asa member of
lb? bositl. He r.li.leet th- grnr-ial mode uf proc?dure of
tie ______ in counting the vote?, but slated no!_!n_ new.
Vth? n naked wh??thcr be inteutled to bring for the iusoee
tion of tin? BO?Mm? th. original returns of super?
viso n, hesaitl he had not brought thepgp n? he could not
bring them without the consent of the board; h- w?nild
consult w Uli the otlnr iii"inl).rs of tho boar ,, and If they
ron-i-iited ho would bring the return? ; he didn't know
whether the Tilth ;i or the II:,. c . electors had a inri|o.!ty
of the votes cast according to the supervisor*? ' st.iti
menta? b.. navel heard any of Ike uicuiImts s_v
who bad a iri...it.r.iy : ih-v threw out two p.u-?lue and
sevcrnl poll? In otlier parUhea; lie think* the rote
throWBOut aggregated ?-ever.il tfeoiU uni, Oil
bow man. , it?i.,ii.,-. I QO0 g? .,.(H,i. ?fr. G_UM4_ove
???ve testimony siii?i.ir lo that of U a. Anderson lasl
i' -ot r.e.itllng Hie ti.reo i|ue-iioii-.t poll, in Ifew
Orlaans rmuli ami mus? otlnr iniitter.? a.? to ta:-actioa
m ll, ?uiril.
c.n. Am! non,4M being recnl'c!, fended a ilalinnuiil
t-a fie eiiiittiiiit? e. ? i.itii - it wav? tti? (iiiL-lnal ?tiitemerit
Firmed by nil tint members of tbeRetorntn. Hoard, ifeow?
lug UM Tote tcrr PresiOcatial electors In tbe Btuta. The
?tat'-ii.e'll i-eilit.llli'. I the aggregate v.?te?, lut tit. ,'OU ',-.
pa-1.'n... tit-it. Anderson saw be ordered the clerk to
inik.la euMptete Statement of tbfl \oi?: i,-. .ll
to b.? m<?< I before the llecretary ol Bute, but did not
know wli.-tliei lliat was tlotie. " As we irut thiougn a
parish." he priid, " v>. M.-.tt n to the clerk marked * com?
piled/ to i??- i-mi,, hat. |y entered ? a Ibe Its. ; when polls
?m- rejected Uiey _-ei_ ? ? ked 'rejected ' and sent to
t.lHCllh. Wf tolllll U,il lll.ih, it I'llllipiefe !l.?t Of IllC
ct.- le. perlabe* m ilou to promnlgata It accord
mu t?> law, Imi '.r-i' it .1 ; i Iu do it
afterwHiti; i ?*a, abeenl ?ben Um three parletas ?arc
being coiiiplel>-.l bj t!n Ifiii I; lb?; t !? ! . in Mil ItrT ItMl
tina nt tin' Vol.-, It'iit .in. out tile? p tils rejei-te?.l ; t.ie
board r?-. i?. il the ? _t|iii im?, in to,- statement banded
to the iti.i,'. iii ? ii ,a- t rhknl tbal ta ti.tir-? a:.ti
l( t. r- li.iu In . n i lis . i ?aa explained by ?,en.
Aii.l. i-non, p-iyins thai ?(.in- .?t the -.11,-lie? lii.tl !?, . Q
IIIISpllM'il b.V Hie cicr_, I t.l be i|i?| ii.i r.-lli-liii.tr .el,
will in?-? tbe iui?i m.- ..tail!..I. ?ad im?! t!.c 11-rk bad
.1 It .1 l!' ?
I boat U . ? ni allied Slid t.?tifl? tl
as fu!!.??.? : *? I am .??, \ ?-,?.r- uf age aril n p!.alter, lui' ,..i' I
lx???ii u ne n hiiiii ; ??.usa Confederate soldier do lagtb?
-.?..?r ; .lu -...,: ;.- in nil ? :;.-. urn ,r .| n,
l.iiu-i- .? ultonl tl0O,00O? It i .in?- a K pul.!l.?in
in i*-,ii; ?a based mir raeaoni for throwing
?.at |ptii? nu ??.nit ?...? eoMsidarad Maod and
sufficient svldenre; we took up contented pa
after ?? e' ,,ei?- ibruugh with uri.'..nti ?i?--, onee, nod gave
opportunity mall to tube I.un.my; mauuelu
st.br? i ? ??? I the tine for taking le? moiiy; we
(lilt tin- i -ill.I- I' llt.?l! Ol E .?I le 1.1 1.1 I.
it- ii 11 .?...?i . imi ? fui t,- bad no t?melo
u.!?.n . i" -- - ??? '??? l'|.iii_ut troiil ll.- - , and
tillt?, In losir.c tin- til, i i
of their Iri- ? He.i ov n fault; tl.cy h ul uo
t? be 111 !>:. !
BCMATQB ii'iMiMin WArtri i" -.i im. i'ii "i -l?
Ni.w-oui i .\-, Dec. 20.?Tbe Senat? Com
mil tea mat M 11 '?'?'? ?'? _. ? stalani-l ?it ti.?- n *
jocted m ' I? '. , at at what poll? r??j?*cled. Was
.?t from th ? i; tii..iiii.- Board, B-iaator McD
lii.o'.c a liinloti Unit .1 ? H i ?le to lilt
I'.eiu.'iiiif l.'ir.l f.'i all pMtaaM nud atll tavll? sccorn
p.t.i\ in? III' .-.?.??.?.:?'at. ?I -'.it-"li?-lit? of mpeft i?'tis: ?I-u
fur tit? rrtui-ti? ?.f tv t?-?-.>-..I ?. im r. ?if aaeh poll in t aeb
? iiri-li *??'i.it?>r Howe, ah iHM, ?ml he Maid
mt 1'ii.br fsr.'l wfeM I' ;>>"' ')? pro!?"?t? anil iull.1 ... i-?.
sriikb lorMt t t hi baal ??' tbe letleuol tbe Returning
lt<?.ad. taiiii'l cm In Ibis n ?. -.le- ?ii'fi. u?i'.???. i ?
n in..'pio'.o??'?! tor ?lea Ute aetlonol Mcbocrdln an
,,,,,? u.. , , -.., 'i i-1, iM ?id ii ?tpv? not
tlie pioVlUCe Ol I'e ? ai.tiilll?'' K? ?Iclern.llic all? tli lt.;
,., ,.,,,,,1?... * u .. i only the lacla. The ?pu.tiuii i
.. red ."? 1-e n? i" i ti <.
i on) i?In Jain??, i colored ukm, United h-.u?.-s Deputy
M,ii.:..t \.ii.? WM -I?"' ?'? ?? i.i'tyol u.i.t? u,.-n uni!,
, arrjiiig a i.illo.-'"? totbepoUe, fiv hM testlmunj lo
day It waa sui.ii.ii- to tust given bafof. th- Returning
|-p,'.,r.l .ii.l piinii-le 1 in tic- p l?r? ,i.l m -. ai'or -tier
uiim's nporl. James also testified tbal lost prevH
tli? ?leitet, the colored -.'?? iitmithetwtjntrj
into th.- town ? f Monroe aimed l'i i rder t.? prtrtecl tlieiu
. .u ti;, w.f. ; ttt.it a .m -n'a-, oi ?'nil? bad t?- .n dla
, ... d lu tue town br tlir Uulted Matea tri?.|??
II invite, in-:; ;?.?.-i n-i? i.* la-n.? in-I-OI11I--1 yestei
o i> tn it l.usa l'liuetoii. tin' colored woman wlm l?'?II
ti. .1 in f..re in. i'.t ?:. ?it un? r. >ard after Ik-Iu_ curried there
mi ,i ntt r, hadbeeuseen running un M? ?t'-f? ol iii
( tis'.im bo'iPi?, In- foli .twinii ?'?-rtillejio wae Hi? tl lull?:.
, -. i ..n i,.. Kepil .:i. .?.i-:
* .- -jo.
?roeortlh tbal lbs ah. '- d condition ol Kllsa I'luk*.
?Ming at No. '.' ..' 11: uni ?t , ?tin a ?'? l> a an* li''? I' mi?' ll"*
,1.1 ....it I ,i.| Ml i...?H-n I lite .-mi iiut.-e f iiirl. Ws tit-IK ve
th* mi .?o.ietli.i? ?in -?l'i Is) r an :a. il to ,i.-r If?!.I tbal
It mii i a ? ,i..ii? rompltcation
r. ? ?;?? '.iui.ii.-i" un.'.?a. ? ;. ii. ??"?; ?*??? "??
A. \V . ?**Mi III, ?II. -'.
iMi.ti.iAvr r.\ii.iN(K at inn i \ i:mm. m:-sio\.
At tlie evening sia-?loli of the t-eiiate ?'ointnitt -, ('.nu
Willi. MM icol'' I"') al Hie I 'o -t War.l. Oil.iehlU I'aiiill,
t? _!ltl..l tnat ?he wa-e ?kipped ?evir.ly by D.-tliociiltl,
build../., lath.? ?aine night thai Marie? 1? lotus's hod?,
wus broiigut In und l'iukstmi war? klliet!; si.e
suit the mu ?ho du? "'?" .? whlpnmg
were lit iiioeiii!?; hail MOT lli'lu ri.illii.' a.
?ay .tini night; Umee men lietunged i> BUI
Keobold's i.ipauy; bo waa on th.. road when Ibej
whipped me... " iaW,"OlTobei b , bul do? t lei her
?Kill. 1 :*' be gav? .1...*- some pi;l?-r, which he ?t.ill i
int.. .in inutltli; (no. J'lilllil'? i'lllltlrol.le'l me; I asketl
hihi bot to *mp n?? ; Dr. Kennedy Mid." Ulve herb ;'
i,.. i? luwa? no .-; liter Ihoj ware ma 2C0 Ufbes,
be ?.?"l. "it???, ihai's eiioii?,ii; apea ii". able to
lake ?bal mm a?i*i '" ";?'"???'? '*',lll'^ *T"**'
lived near me? I hi-anl him ?.-ruutliig wi.. n tbe? w!ii|i|s-ii
him; .Marion ItUode* *Ml?U*d and bkl RM I.l-b) lb?
nli-lit It?' ?a* Knl d ; lie suit, In- ??.a going to 111" ?wi-iup;
th. ? brougbi blm heek and tied blm t ? a borae a tall ; be
waagroanlng; tbe moon ?ai ibluiag andleould aej
him piM'ui?. ; my mi?.mi.l ?as In a co v Bow neu- bj, .m
bectuueunl nest day, and tin n )>-"' ??> Uouroeand
w.-.iie.luiil I I iiii.i-;' fli.'.v hunted for linn tbr. e .lai ?
sod nip iii- afterh? li ti ; tue blacks Iu m> neirhborliood
p.r id : in,': .,n?, bul w. re afraid lo v,il<- I li?
lt, k.-t o nail e III- Ufllio.-.l.? Were ?nil.. 11
sod around ina polls; the white* bunted Im JIM
Thomaasonand others; Keobold *ald, aa we ?ere golug
to tbe ii.-i-ubiif.iii in.-? m-,-, fi.it In wonld cripple ?vei>
male child in the ratrUb II ibej did pot. earry tbe palish ;
Abran William*, my father-ln-Uw. Uvlng iiear me, was
whip, ed aid lM-:itcil tin? ?'Hue BlftM I mat ??lipis'i!; I
?a? n.iii BeZi Morning lyln*? '? l'i- l?'l all nlcody:
the men who -ship,.?*?! m'' ?""', *'"?-'' '*?'""<'d
i?v ii-.iPbiind iMi.-.i.e be would not go to
tin ii club.
Oaltbbtos, Tox., De?. 20.-T!ic Boom
lab i '.ti.iiiiittceiiii i.oin?i:iiia Aifairs. aaaahtlog of?oa
gr.Hsitii ii M. ?ni.-, l).iuf...ii, ii.il H"'i - ? arrim? Imm tin
noun.- <u rout.- tot ib. ampm Bed Hiver fadahc?.
luej ?ni i? aiiv nt named to? days.
WHAl A MAN sivh who KMOWB COMMMnil?
i:ai.sk>-4 niuiMi BT.
iritoMTiii- aia.i IAK BBMH-MBaWI or tkk thiium |
WabhimoioVi Dee. _(>.?CoagiwM_M lurim-v
of itouth farolllia, who l*> prolis1'!} the best ?rdtlcat? d and
must toit?t tv ill iv ?? of Ule I'tloi.tl I? |.|t-P4-!itall\t ? tint
have ??mu- up fioiii Hie Seiulb ?luce r??c?Mi*tructiim, de
feuds the riKiitfuines.? of the action of the 11?.aid of ( an
vassersot that --t?te- In tliiov,iii_ out the returns from
u,t to.iiitt.? of Idt? Held and Iaureiis. He sava that It
will stand any amnuut of Investigation. The proof i -
ample, he asserts, thst ?Jnugians iwmtt? the **avannah
Itivei !a great number? and voted at various polls, going
from one to the other upon horsebsck. Wholc
ftat repeating was also done, he alleges, by the w hit??
citizens in many counties, and especially In Kdgefb Id.
I-urens. Abbeville, and Alken; the uumlier of votes
Ihruan lu the n-J ?? ted ceuiiili?, in tapmptttmt **lth the
ien_i?. taken by the Elate aulboriiies m loT?, la uroof
positive of enormous frauds, and the changing of heavy
Republican majorities into overwhelming Democratic
majorities is prima facie evidence on which side the
frauds were committed.
Mr. Hulney says that the plan of Hampton's campaign,
as taught the white leaders by emissaries from Missis?
sippi, was to begin by massacres in strong negro
counties, to Intimidate the colored voters thoroughly. Be
thinks that the Hamburg massacre anil the wholesale
hunting and murder of colored men In Alken and B.arn
wcll counties were a part of the programme, and thst It
would have been carried out to a much greater extent
had it not been for the courage and dccls'on of United
RalM District-Attorney Corbett, who proceeded immedi?
ately after tho Ellenton affair to make atrcstsof prom?
inent citizens. Afterward the Democratic method was
to patml in? country with bodies of mounted men,
armed with sabers, revolvers, nnd carbines, lu order
to overawe and Intimidate the Republicans. Another
and equally effectue part of tbe scheme was for the
white Hunt own? i. to notify their colored tenants th.it
they must I, ave tbolr homes Immediately if they ?lid not
vole the Democratic ttcki-t. The poor colored men,
h am. nothing in the world except the cabins 'Icy
lived in, and tbctr little crops not y.-.t ready to gather,
Wat? in very many cas.w thus forced to vote for i party
w hlch liny abnnrrcd. Mr. Kinney t?-lls me ln-t:inci- t.r a
man whom m- knew, who vole I the D?mocratie ticket
? Uh fears iu his eyes, and said afterward that In* lioii.rlit
tin- little piece of laud of a white m in, ni ule H.00 pay?
ment upon ?t, ? that, hin ttof) was la pusoi-sslon of mo
same tiers,iq, and that he had been threaten.?d ?>ltii the
[MS of all be h.nl in cas i he acied with tue BepBbtteana
He had no monev to go to law-, and knew that be would
bave no redress? ease the threat was carried out. Mr.
Maine? bettevea thai the difficulty at Columbia will soon
be peaceably tattled. Tue Otate tarnt?, he i* tota, will
stand by Ch.uni). r?ala, au 1 Hampton ?rill not be able to
exercise any of the ?powera of gtfverumonl Be thinks
that the parpase ol wads Hampton and the D-moerniic
Reeders IIom tli?' House ht to hoid nu and ln:*!,e a -hi.w
of mantas tot Oovarament until after the -un o? March,
?hen, u tilden s.u>ui i gel ?Um PnaatM?**, lha*/ would
bo Nitre oi hin support iu overturning Mo law i ul auiin .??
ties. _
COLUMBIA, 8. C, Dec. '20.?Tlio Sonate to?
lla; die, ?led by a nlriet parly vot<* to adjourn with the
Kepiiblicun House tht? die on ll.e -J-_tl iiiFt. Their tax
und appropriation hills passed a second reading In the
. The Uix levy agirrc.iit?- 117,000,080, cxclti-ivc
of local ta.\tM, anil Is et'iial to |3g010l00d> K*.-.dirions
Ml ro passed by the Democratic House to-day instructing
1 'laiuptoii to l-siie a proclaniation, calling u'win th"
?Viii/.e'is ta pay laSMS- person? as be may d?sign?t?- SO
per i -lit ?>f the State and ?-oitnty tax fort?n* !??-'
\ear, and tbe persons p:i}iug such In* ahull imr.i
cerlitkatcs receivable tor taxes hereafter.
Richmond, Dec. 20.?In tlie Senate to-day
IhMllW J?iiin.son's resolution i condemning Fedi ral in
teifi-reuc?? in the affairs of South Carolina, and cxprt ?f
iii | Virginia's sympathy for the people of that State,
?ere farther rtlSOllWd. mid an amendment was Inserted
mth Caroltataaa to continue in their rorbeai?
anee, ???,?? after which the resolutions were adopted by s
vote oi .?1 to 1, the negative votes being cust by Repub?
licans. ____________________
lint -I. I'OMMl'T'.K SCATiKtUN?!.
TaI.i.aha-skk, Fia., Dec. 20.?The House
principal comuillt.se lelt to-night for I.Imi Oak, where it
Mill ha tuet hjT Willie sis from Jasper Precinct in Hnm
liton C?iuuty. It will go iher.ee to .I.iiutoiivli:?', where
the Duval and Alachaa witnesses are awaiting them.
The lii\e?ilgatljn will ha closetl there. It Is probable
that the limit npirt ? 111 be tatet by the 1st t?f January.
t,? siib-cninniltfee will pro?'- ed to Jack.?:on County and
eaa?M thai ?-iihuty.
In?..- :a'i Ci)?nn:'te?- still holds secret scsslous, and
spent the day in cxuiutniiig witnesses from KoMIM, Man
alee, und Jacks..n. The Supreme i ?mit >il?t not remiel a
?a to-uigUu h..i ailioun. <i till 10o'clock to-oorrow,
when the fflei i??.. It t miteO for. The Senate Uamulttee
called aa the Secretary nf mat? to-.iay tor a tabalatad
. i.iieiii.-ut of the vote f..r Presidential electora ?>n the
tai i -of the l-etlli C-, whlcli v.itrt fii.lll.'u il, llililing ui.
ll ?. ? -, '.'t.:?7<) ; Tilden, 24,313. This in? lades tin retara
No. 1 fi.iui IlaUi-r 1 oiiniy, wliii '.i Wat, by tin? uuauiinous
action <>f the hoard, ie?. .'?'d, and the other return sub
lUtnted, wbl. h givi -?1:1.1. n a ma'ir.ty cf 119.
noray WEATHER ai sea.
BOARO and DitoWNin.
A press dispute- ye.-t. nlty ?uinotinceil Uiat
the steamer city of lirisiol, Capt. Killsou, which, h-ft
lirai pool IH ?-. *l for Philadelphia, had put back to
Qn , nstiiwn. MM h? '? bWt fDTCMMUM ami bowsprit :.:i?l
ail attached ?lirln-a norlh-v.est gale. At noon on th ?
11 tli iu.st. the ht-eoml ??111.-it and four seniueti
wa inil evetboord e.uil drowned, Further partii ul.u ?
o? III!? Mishap 1MB also lee? Hid by tel i-Tapli fOStor
?lay. The City of Hiisto!, C.ipt. Cillson, sailed iron Ut
OrpoOl OM the Util at '?'. In tot sltcrnoon, Slid called next
?!ay at i;;t". iistiv. n. Du.'ing the gN-lM put of the
voj, in,??' rough weatlnir win evperl? need. The deck was
? ally ?wept by heiyy seas, aud the de, 1? su lot mi
t ere siuve in. Several of the boats wen d niaffcd sod
?oiiii* hails were lost, on the 11th, whe.i the ? ie incr had
ii en ei-.-ht da .? out, tot seeo-d otooet, who was noted
lor bio gallantry sad efficiency, was washed ove
and drowned. F.ctr of tho erewaleo rafibn I th i .?
fate. Tbe pu K?fers ara to be 1 anaferr-d to the
Minois of the Aiui-ricail line, wnlcb Is to leave Qjeeus
town to-day. Ibo c?t\ ol Bristol, former!) tl i
S.010 tooa borden, and waa bnllt ??t Oreenock, ?Scotlaud, i
?.tie iniiiii,-? to th? Inman line, but has tor some ti?.?
u<u chanelad i>> the Amerleaii line.
THE RHE1.VS TKMl'Ksil'ors Vov.\<;K.
The North Oiiuimm Llojrd itw*mi-fcip ?SbciM,
Capt. H. C. l-'i-aii kc, wi;tcll aliivesl at this i""it Vister
d,i>, ufler a vnya-i* of l.'xlays froui Houtiiainpl.ui, i n
eoiinleieil the iiios' OOMIIMMOMI had weather of wl?.?h t'n*
ollletl's had an} e\'n*ncuec. The Hliein 1? ft 1??ciii.:i OB
Satin.!?.*-. D.M. '?', util on her voyage tLrniigh the N.-rth i
Sea and tin- I.li-'li >!l Channel fell stilne of ih eftctS ?>f
t:..- ?.-.'. .it triil.-1?* Dee.'.'?l, which did SO-MH- damage
all uloti,; UM Mi,: i'-h OOaSta After the usual di-kiy of :>,;
hours at Southampton, she sailed from thai port on
T'U"s lav uftei noon. Dee.ft. V?-ry luii.-ii MM and bead
winds were ?-nciiunl? -?'?1 from to? s?.ut B| 1 the ship fpto
l_ !, aus longer than usual In getting out of the (.'hannel.
On l'rnlay nioniiii;:, the Slh. a fresh gi'le set In from th?
?south. The wind sunn veered to the westward, uml
from that time until yesterday ux-ml.ig the vessel bai
II.-d with an uUnoNt uninterrupted saeeoooloa ol westerly
indes ?uni vlnli'Ilt bcml h?'Sh. One or I he pOUMMMtl on
that l'i id.iv wiis tossed olean over tho breakfasl table,
from one nde of tbe saloon to the other, bat foitaostely
was not injureil. On the 13th, ?: mo:?' severe ?tenu than
?un thai i? ni yet been tell spam: up and so m rose t?> a
genuine hurricane. Tin- -hip was have to all nlaht. On
Siituribi), the 10th, la* ?.lib ?-i- were aille lo get ;t,i ob
sei ration f?ir tin? Hist Mm?* in 10 days. Another westerly
nie waa encountered oo Buadajraad ?till another on
Cut ?day. N'.rvlliisiandll). the terrible weatner and the
ttimost unexampled rielenee of tii tea, tbe l?belo.
thankl to cat? ful and admit han.ll.ni.-, ..i-;.,innl no
damace of saj s.,rt, hau no aeetdeata la report, and kcjit
i..-r saluons .uni oaUBJ cnt.relj dry.
raunt* secewmrvt. Bsmnaam at wauacsI
lly invitai ?mi "f J. Lerntet Walliick a number
of gellll? men witnessed nt Wallack's i . , | \?.i?Td?iy
ufieiiiooii luiiher SXpott-MatS by Dion lloiicicault with
Ins itiei'ini'ii-liol" seemry. There were prevent Presi?
dent I'erley aud Commissioners Klag und Hatch of the
Fire Department. Suix'riiitcnilent Attains of the Depart?
ment of Iluiltliiigs, (leu. Minier, un?! a numb? i of getitle
uieti eonni cte?l v. Ith theateis, amtiiig them J. II. Mc
Vlcker. A. M. Palmer, Jmee?h H. looker, and M. MM.
Mi? b and Wambold. A large jiiece of esnvn* had been
pri-pared, und, in Un- presente of the spectators, a.let of
gas K. vend f. et long was tlin ? ?ted upon it tnroii^l? a blow
piji?- iui;-ile. Tin't anvil? not only did not ignite, but for
a .nn?ul.r?ilili lime no effect whatever was oroduccd, ex?
cept that it bwaiM M.iutiwhut hi??-!? witi, tlie smoke
At lenstb the tnatorial having I e<-?>nie thoroughly
charred, Mr. Boueloeult punched a hole tbrougb it with
tbe gas no/.'.le. but tbe e?lg?s did not kludlc- iu tbe least
d?- .-n .-. au Indication Hint the ??ilutlon hail entirely per?
meated the lextur?. Similar experiments were made with
roiK-s ami wood washed with tlie i-iiluin.u, hut they
co'.ihl not lie made lo imite. The 11 une directed nmm
Uiem WH.s tlioui-'hl to lie UN) time* more powcrtul tbun
uuy flame which could possibly come iu contait w ith any
sl.ii."' sciiiery. The Ftre Colliliilsslotieti, present ?-x
presved their perfect ?atlsfselion with the tliomughuess
and succ?s.? of the test, and thought that Mi-mry thus
pi< ? ?tied would render ooufla^ralioua wiluin Uieauraiiu
AUSTRIA**?. MOM l'i.K.
8t. I'ktf.ksiidbo, Wednesday, Dec. 20.197?.
Nothinsr it* known here about a prolongation
o/ the armistice.
Lo?DOM, Wednesday, Dec. 20,187*1.
A Reuter dispatch from Constantinople says : " (?real
liritain's reply to the Russian proposal regarding the oc?
cupation of Bulgaria by neutral i.-tio..s bas not yet basa
received here. It Is umlerstood, however, that Saluer
land baa declined, and It is bcliev?*d that Belgium will
also declino to act."
The Berlin correspondent of The Time?, in a letter to
that paper, quotes a rep?irted saying of Count von
Moltke at a military gathering as follows: "Russia, in
making war against Turkey, embarks lu a greet and
difficult cuterpnsc. Should such a war break out, li
would probably be laborious und Irksome to the soldier,
and without any decided result fur tbe commander-1_
The Times to-day, tu a leading editorial article on the
conference, says :
Vie have? jet to see whether Belglnra will ronsen'to
uiiibu lake _o delicate? task (the. occunation of Humarla? ;
but lu lue in re teat that the I'uwer* ?rill allow such a
ca.nie to bo laid beiore tin? conference we Hud a
striking lliu.?tr..tiou ol the distance ;o ?fetch the frleuds
as well aa the en mies of Turkey have beren driven by
lot.. of streata. * * * If ihe Maniue? of Salisbury
pilniiilil be iiiHiii'.eled to tell the Porto that it would for?
felt tho ?apport of England by uucuiiiproiiiising resist?
aiie-f, t..; in:.v (?r.iuei . i_,?r would, w? betfervs.SM the
necessity of submu??on and the lost d.tuger of war
?vould pans away.
? Vi?nn i, Wednesday, Dm 20,1876.
The Political Correapondenee say* : " While tbo Austrian
n,o,i.lor Muros was nas.-ing thu fortress nt Belgrade
ftttmtmfi ?trates ininkct shot, were firod from the fort
i i-sain it me v. vtel. Tue Austrian Consul-General, Prince
Wlcde, who was on board, Immediately ordered ihe
Mart p to tATaam and take position before Belgrado.
The Maro? took position, aud as a gun in her turret waa
?????in. I i,.?l?-d a shell ?ic-iiieiitiilly exploded, seriously
v.ouudlng one cuslgu aud four sailors, and slightly
?voniiduig seven oUiers. The sentries from the forts
again tlieil their muskets, supposing that the monitor
was dring on the fort. I'rlnce Milan sent Minister
It tall u* tu the Austrian Consul with upo?o/ies, and ln
it.riniag him Unit the commander of the fort had been
lii.i.'iKADE, Wednesday, Dec. 20,1876?
The Ministry have reslgiied In cnnscijucuce of the mi*.
uiiik-iiiiairiiing ?hieb arose yesterday between the s?m
tru.-.i of tin fort, an.: an Austrian inoiiitor.
I.oMKi.*., Thursday, De*. 21,1876.
The Vienna correspondent of The Tintes flays a semi
oil!? I ii t"!("-iatn from St. Petersburg auuouucee that the
toil, i MMS will meet on Dec. 'id. Oju of its first tasks
will be to secure the proloiK.it ion of the armistice. The
reports that __Mh prolongation hud ulreudy been agreed
upon am uiiirue, but both Russia sud Turk y have beeu
sounded ou the subject, aud neither waa fouud to object.
London, Wednesday, Dec. 20.1876.
Tin* folio will ij appeared in lite tatnmtfmfWAW arti
. Id |..??lenliiy : "S-veiiit circular.? liuve come into
our ?and? dealing with the proposal tv l?eme for
iiin.il .iiuiiitiiig the two Atlantic table companies.
They indicate that the proposal meet* witu consid?
erable opn?)sitiuii, us well it muy, .nul MM state
im-.it.. t like n from one of tliein may b. niteiesli.ig to
I )ii"ci Cable hliiireiioldeis. In ft\ \u? titam extra? *ts
'? ?Intuid be saul that the oppoeitiou will re _ut:-to
be very vigoro nu ami well ofg?Bii..! indeed .fit ?a
to eattf the day against tli?? eoatnllen ? tho
'Globe Tin:*!' Company, who, ..?-ri.ig Uspjtt H and
??tig power over a con ?ii'eiM'i'.c .iiiK.iii of tho
Direct Cable Pimitjm?] '.? eeytu . > u pmet?. 1_ ?icfy
any lo ttt, rainliliiig attea.pl l.) lieat ill?', i.
" The ivcc.pls u, me Ml? t-. Company lre-ti. - if sages,
?-..Millil? at the rate e.f the la.-t three DUMl ? t uld ST
t-n.i? ?i leeel ?lSTj?OO per aaaaai. v.. ei ?tamttt
uian:i._eniiiit aiitl tile iciile? pirni to Co', l ii"' ind Olh
?rvlM f?>r .?i?rc"il ?sire*? anil III. I ( the Far?
aday ul Bftkfu do not, u Ike ggl iamtt, >-xcced
?CW.000 per .urna. After del iv?u . t.,<?00for the
tntelest on the (l.-'Tnli'if?, t'.f: ? o. ? ... .,?? lit the flVS
t'lll in. : . a n -i un. n?. t oi . ,i 'I, piillitl?. Ut
to place to pec rent ol tin un-oiii ltd .? ruii'l, oud
to pay a dli ?th n l ?t the late at 9 i i ?a al [?? I aaaaM to
t,. ihankeMecBi The WrestCM?paajrla ttttatWSptt
tttt Ol tile whole tinl'ie ot te ' I'.thollgh it*
capital I? lint .'o '.t r ? nt ft?' the a--- regate capital of the
two eompar.lo*?. Il la tatf, ti.? r. ti re. f" MS [..at at tho
preaenl tarif ? reeaUi ai-e
both absotatelj sad ..nil;, un ?!?.? -y Mael ? ?ti ..?ft?;ryto
tl.e Ii?.-et i.'outpany. lu '.he ptuepeetos which was
???3'.ird ou the ?oraatatMel tfe< t n ipe an ?.?tnniteoi
. 17,950 v, i? i the k ?uit
: i ?.ti, iiati u duo
partly te the eflMeot Biewecnrml ?>f ihe eeMH?f*
partly M tfee raperlerilgr at eat cable, aad iua gnrut
le the .???n-;..iny by the
publie in e ni .i,ii. ne- of Its ltd. ?m au-ut iKi-itlon and
the i?e lient ?hieh the p?faUe _m Attir?t tram the redu?*
tt.-ll Of !...'!"?
?? Mr. [?? ni?-: aya tbal thesfeareholdi ??? tte Direct
??..in? i.;i. li..??-- ti. ...m.a :,,i ..i. Theouly
...i : rare, has heea tfeal th?; c*i>io
bm on - .. ? mi ins heea bcahen emlilea\fawetf
iaod .ifclyattlie
bottom of Uk! ?i-.id.i. i.p- a ?bole leasotib .??i- u **:.sum? I
l.ii t ?-.. .ti. i It ? ? mpt
a m.i le i" Meale?e?i'.i.it a ;.u ?in i-..i-,ni,.> u__i
been itetlopeil at Salltax, bol i ifeoohl urn ? -1 aaae hesi
i.tt. .i -, ? -v n? - i .'.nt....e v. .. . ,i our cable
I BtBMa and Wiui.'i- of 1 ?. . . -. ? to eoiiipo
tltkn.-* _
VltfeBAlLUat. ' .ir.epii.ly, lle-e. '?O, 1876.
'I ii.? I iiiii;.?i;'l Coo-iiUed of the Senat?
;_-.'?. il ttt a je.-i-t ?..I io rel?rtert iu the Budget
? ??iii?; Hfip iids of the clergy
, ,.i: l.ips lu seminiitten. these It-'ina
.ii-, i.L i ?? t 111 ? ?? n "it Iiy the Chamber of I)i puties,
Tbe i.tr.i.i.i" ? . ? ? .. m r, have ace. pte.-l t!ie ?u?ipresslon
of two other grants of smaller amon?is for reii_.?oi_s
. re will move the apt-olutment by tho
Senate uf ? ?? _..:iou io eonter ?ith tbe Financial
Comul.ltct Ol i!, i >? pluies en UM leiUU.-it? (1 i?oiut_.
London, Dec ??.?Charles Bttywt WWt b**ea
siirii'il-'.ered .in-: leavex to-nignt tor MM Tinted cit?tes.
LoM)4)N, DM? -0.?Tilt- Aililiitif willeilil to?
morrow with .?-'^?O.tlOO tu sis-ele for .Ne-v-Y??r>_.
Paki**, 1 )?('. 20.?The report tli.it Miuiater
Waphbiirue had modeaii sit?lo?-? t?? Ihe r MM h t.oven>
uieut loi- tfee ai" "' of c??pt. Anirye i ?*? ?n? d.
Roxdoi i, N. Y., Dec. 20.?The thermometer
whs Ulm- iegeaee tielow zero thi* MataMg. and ice Is rap
iti;, forniiiip' here. Kepurts from ag tlie i iv.-r ?ay the ice
I? H.attoiiarv and first Increasing. Icemen are gelling
icatiy lor Uk* i.orve?t.
XlPMi'if?. Teint.. Dec. 20.?Kiliiiumls Peltigre? A
t-, Ai.i. , ? ii.i.o-cetiiUis, have ?o?p? nUeel. Tbeir lisbtilUse
m. m.?n?,?a.
I...ri?, vu ik, Kv., IaVc. 20-A dispatch ?aya a
r?>ii?itler*l>'t pirt-iton <*>l Hi elo?? ot Maya l.tvu *aatmiuoa
t..di.t 11. I.?? ??i?lH,utei'J.0O4l. prlncp-lT nnlni?t.r??fl
Ile.sT. ?. I'. ? '-??).-The little ?laughter of Fr^. O.
M-.tre if it,, if??!??'? l'?P?l-?lffl?-? WS* biimMl W de*** M
r-Mii.i. r?. .tie l??t nVs-.tt. Her ?1res* ?r*OKht Uf m an ope?. PM
rii??-.tlS(il(iN HI.. l>?rc. 20.?*). IfUpfj,. on?' of the
I Ji.??b, ,t Jlid ?I ' ' ?*? '" l'ntnl l:Uu"'*- W" Cl,;*f, ?**
lEWSTefiS- Km ..n.i.lip-cr.r.uior ta . .???lUeot W i_a
1 Hiiin-iini) Cotiu., Dec. 20.-A m???'tin?i o?f ?M
wih-Lrsiil'' the * ?mu.-cii.-ut Wsetora iuilrusd ?ll ***
??. '? Ar.p..,Uti..utvs* pe-ipi-iuliui? the-m?r????i?M
iTarntlteammi S(tC SSkfealfiaMa man ot totn-aaniaauoa.
/.u??t ,iT..riiv.\ P I L Dec. 20.-Thesteamer
ll-udt-y the ???viAtlineui l? aa utW Utiaro. TUe nira-r
UaU uu Board Ai yoaooug to.

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