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XLIVth CONGRESS?2d Session
uotsc?MR. Hewitt's Pit:v.*.Tr. lwttkks orratai*
?"lltnos" TKIMMTOltY-^OBKUON MATTi-K- ??
BBVATI W.'.-sim ?ir.iN. Dec. 20. 1970.
Tbe Cm aim i.**i before the SeiiatP a com
nuinte?it*on frotn the ?V'-i-lary of Wnr, Inclosing tbe r?v
' port of Mijor O. M. CoinsVw-, Corps of Engineers, ?bow?
ing Un eoiidilloii nf tin- wnirfe o? Improving the Boath
Pass of tbe Mluhwlppl Bivcr. Ordered to be printed
and H* M Die ta
on imiHiiD of Mr. HITCHCOCK (Re,)?.. Neb.? th- v.*to
by wideh u> cstablub the Territory of l'cuibina, and to
provide a ir_?porarv aorornment therefor; was ordered
to n 1*111! ifailu? au<l passcrt on tbe siii of Atnrust last,
wa* leoeastde ? ?J, and the bill twuii bet?re tlu) .Sen .te.
Mr. H\Mi.Tlf IR- p., Me.) submitted an amendment con
tin.tuii; m lareo ibH present Uw* of tbe TeiTltory of D.v
kola, out of a portion ut whloli t-?o ue w Terrl orjr it to be
orr. united, unnl they sha?: tie changed by tho Legislatura
ol the a*?* Teiriuirj.
After ?s?nii- deban?, ?lurinjc which, It waa earner*tod that
the new Territory hi* cal led Huron, Algonquin, or Ogal
lails. Mr. B110V siibnillted ? motion ti) change tun
name of tbe Territory from I'embi'aa it? Huron. A creed to.
The bill was t.u-u road a third time and ??uawi-L
Mr. WISDOM (Rep., Minn.) called up the house bill
tnaktnir an appropnilnm To' Ibe payment of invalid and
?taer peii?ioiiA of tbe Lulled flato? for tlie lixcal year
?niins .tun? a?), 1 ?J7H, r,-r??rti'<t front the Committee on
Appropriations yesterday without amendaient. Mr.
Wind?.??) explained that the bill confirmed exactly to ttm
eeuaiat?? submitted by tbe depart meut It appropri?
ated ?jil.iRXJ.&OU h-ss than the bill of law year on acoount
of t_e dociaUMC in the u*t inner of pensioners.
Mr. DAVIS ( Dem., W. Va ) submitted an amendment re
quniH-r Die < oiuiniKMitiiM r of Pensiona to hereafter state
in his annual repon tue total amount paid for additional
pensions, ami also the annual reduction?! In pensious.
1 be ?inieiuliiieiito of Mr. Davis was then ugrued tu, and
the bill waa pained,
Thofttinatetheutvsume.it Ibe consideration of the un
Biiisiiivi liiisii?.?^, lieiii? ?he I? ?.?luimil of Mr. Mitchell
aMtb?-iis)n? an invest iiratlon as to toe uppolntmeut ot
CTouin Pi-*?d?lenttal clt*cior iu Oregon.
Mr. BOGY (Dem., Mo.) re*umed his argument from
the iioint Whi :?? he suspended yesterday. He oontendod
that tlM? action of drover wan forir?td upon hiui. When
tbo Tim I baoaOM known to Gliiver that Watt? held a Oov
ei nmeut utile?, It was m* Iu ii)? (Glover's) power to ?rive
lib? a c?sf Ufleat* of eWx-liou. Ho (Mr. Bo^y) retrvettxl
thai tbia c*?w bad lx?cii pi-euiainrcly (ltK'i'led in tli*
h?'-.?!?**. Tue Coin Hill te?, on Priv ilei,*?*? nnd _AarUo_S of
t/.is t?o4ly bad rot to be a most important committee. No
nan could put Ids foot into tbe Senate until be ha?!
passed Ihe ordeal of that committee, and ,01110 men had
tie?*n put In the Senate v?ho should bitye not Ik-< u put fn.
.Mr. M lit TIK1.L said if tbo ltelurning Bnard In orej?on
ciiuiii earry eat it? pitrpooa it would ho eipmi to l">,ooo,
000 ot frame.
Mr. MOlUON (Kcp-, Ind.) said retm-plUK boanls were
not a mw uranium. They were um old us tbe Constitu?
tion of toe Uattod Stales, Tlie decision of tin- iftumin?
boards in some Mutes by th?: laws of tbe biaio weiu
uuwi? final, in (iii'iiiin tun Governor bad no discretion
ory power, no Judicial [.ower. Me tad no power i?.<- i-ni 1
oui ?* tamadmamt vote. In I/omsUna tue Uciuruiin:
B?. ?r?l had broad indicia! power, it may have ??de u
wioiiK decision ; n?< would net diseaoa thut queattea
now ; bat the Governor of Oregon cxerciaed powers not
fivau Wim by (?he laws ol the f-uue.
Mr. KA ioN ID? 1.:., Conn.) rele? rod to the argument of
tho Senator from Oregon (Mr. Mitchell), and said that
Senator dared the Democratic Senators on this floor 10
speak their views U|M>n this su-Jtx-t. Tlie Democrats on
?Uns floor win in?? to he dared by anybody.
-Mr. MITCHU1X iu.piitnl if Hi" su: 1 tor fr..in Cou
nectlcnt woultl duro, in Justice to himself as a Bsnator,
in Junt ico to bin reputation as a lawyw, say that.('mitin
was elected Pre-bieulial lilts-tor, ?ml taut tu?-Governor
of Ona-'ou waa ri^ht in Issolnx a cerch?ate to bun.
Mr. P'.AToN ?nilif the Senator (Mr. Mue ell) would
wait ?util he Muicir.ileii bi? ui'inmi? in lu? would see there
woi?'i be no injceosity toi the .ju.-stiou. Kisumiiii:, Mr.
F ?ton s;?l J he would nat etuiiit 11 rote vvhie.? he be??eved
to U* M IWM to elect the man who had triinupunntlv been
?looted l'i< fldoM by tb? Amerii an pcupl ?. He nrs?n?Hl
tiiat BMMff -allot vital for WaUs was no
more than a blauk piece of paper, and
tht? Governor of Oregon takimr that view
oi Un- ('sise su? bis way i 'cur to (rive Mr. Crouiu the c 1
-Uieata,as wren watt pvaa f???- Cronm was ?? piopei
)? .?il vote. By s strict c,.n>iruction of the law of On 1*011
tbe cermicnte ed election )t> Cronin w?s liirht an?! proper,
although be (Mr. Katoti) thniubt Die Goveruo*- should
have certified to the election of two men, ami ouiy iwii
riiii-?. Be (Mr fJitoii) WOUld m.I vole to jilac" in t.'m
J*res1deiit1al ehuir tlie t-nnritit-ite of the Democrntlc party
upyu lue vote ot the elut-u.r m Oreiron. Ti?o politle.l
Mti.ina.'h of the .Senator from Oret*un (Mr, Mitchell)
ooeaaed t?. is- rtloorderod mmm bj a rori am .11 matter, bnt
It could stand the pirlic. ol South Oaro in a, Isun-iana,
nud i'l.'.rlili. The l'rcMden; ol the United States had
been quoted ai say lug be wvfdd dsliTer orer tin offl eto
Haj'i*. if lie siuiuld Ik* tleclar? d to be eleeuil. 'The Broai
di-nt bad nothing to do with it.
Mr. B-U-KMAN (lt-i?., Oiik.i MM ?ie was not ii tonnetl
that the Biiiuiiinn hoard hu?i returned Mr. Loiii'U'?
(?'.????t? ?i 1?. ine l.fuipiatKie fi-etti Ile Sorti Bniwi. IB
t'muirlit the iri-ntleiiian lea-?d l?.*,f??r?-. ho? -aiue to I lie Stile?.
lie then referred to mit l .v rs ..r Intimidation in De
?boto Baiish, u_'1, rcsaiuiu,;, -ai i til ?? the will of the p ??>
pie of Orepm aad beeu lairiy expressed in favoi ol
Bay??, elect 1. ?:, aud Le wao t-iitltl? d tu Uii\* vot-.s from
that .-??alt .
Mr. BOGY (Dem., Mo.)~App!y the rime rule to
Mi. hHKKMAN said be was perfect!v willing tu apply
th'- hobo role to Florida?, lut, Cbooe tblugi were goverued
*M t?><- Uws of the is?iP'. Orc|C?iu had lier laws aad
1 . . ?
1'euiiiiiK dlocaoolon, th?- Senate at -1 o'clock went into
Executive session, and when IhedOOtawSta r. Ofl n? ?l,
Mr. Wood (Dem., N. Y.), lisitii; to u per?
son, il explanation, referred lo j'Ar Watliin?j!<m liepubliran
as havi:i>r puhlU!icd kilos aud culumuiou.s eharfea
aKaiii-t ?urn, tho most of which, he said, )efi rrod to hnsi
ue-s tr.'uisaetiotis which t??>k place SO yea?s aeo, .?ml
wir? h w (a then refuted, and retrs<-tcd hvih.?'
Th.?s. MaaosatMao oMdoh wore taoaght to bare orourrcti
Sinti- lh??l 111,11? 1..ol l>*-eii pr.?ve?l cipially fa's??? and ??Itli
oai fonu.iHiion. He sent t . tbe Kerf's de?k and had read
H l.'lter from Mi. Bpeflbrd, tin I.?'nal .11 ni 1
coiitxalicliu/ one of the suit. in. ota .uainst Mr. Wood,
itn.t iiit'iii??! 1?.- lha. il?'- r iiituor vvo? A. L. bull-ulo. bill?
ot The Jtttt-Imrtt Tree Lance.
TBE iKisii a 1 ) 1 >;
The f-PKMCnil stated that he lia.l information that
tbeic. a us 11 tath m kB in the city v.i,o was the b ?u ? ." to
?pie ?>.''.lu? 1 ouiili'v of a coiuinuiiicatioii from the
ln?h naden, oonuratulattuf! the Joaerleaa people la tin?
tiielr Oratenal il ?
Mr. HODMAN (Dem.. Tnil.) thcrvitpnn rosn .?ii?!
unanimous ? ou-eut to offer a raooluUoa, rooltlag that
Mi.J. O'Cii.oi Powor, M l'. i.'i'? ?'..n depntod
le ol ei--l'a?.* l States theeonffratula
tiens of the Irish nation OB il.e centciiar.. ol Amcricati
ii.ih ,>t 1..?111 . his mi.-.-!.?'i lo
mmitici* on Forclen Affairs, with instruct
report whs nld be taken In tht ?
Mr. Tovs.N.-l.Mi (Kip., .n V.) siikve-i.'i t.? Mr. Hoi
ni,tu tl.?- u?. i " people " instead of " ?
Mr. liOi.M .M Ion th .t tee lei m
?*nation " was no. inappiupilato^ and lie hojped l i.?t tbe
?bj" ?ti 1)1 ? null! not l? !?? '? 11 '?
Mr. rOWSSKXD -I do not tn.ject. I am in favor of tbe
It sah-.! ion a* aU) ;ale.
Mr. HoLMAS?There Is a sense In whaeh tic term
" nation " is properly applied i<> the Irish pi..??e.
Mr. BANKING (lnni.. onin). Cbtdrown of the Military
f*otnni1ttce, reported i? v the bill vetood by
th? Prsatd-Bt, rootectug Q-pi He. S, Hy?-r latte settee
list of tbe army.
The uixsiiou was put: Shall the House pass th?* bill
notwithstanding the President's v. tot It w?u decided
Iu Mm )i< K'-tiVe- Yeas, 1 ; N'li.v.?. 1!)7.
Tli: Louisiana nUMJMAM.
Mr. LYNDK (1). in., * is.), from the Judiciary ('?Tiimit
te*\ '.nade a repoit on th>* ?ubje-t of requiriiii.? the pio
dnetlon of teleirvnttis before committees of tho II??'.
The report states that Hie communication of Mr. HofTt
aau on that subject failed to Inform the House of the
liu-.ue or uauus of ibe ihstsou or perMUis who rofiaod to
j,n lin? e papers or tekyrr-aao, or the clreumstannea.:.r
which (he refusal had been heard. It H-iM-s 0:1 :
Tlu-Huum: bus the power to eouiM-1 the production of
boons. |.?pi rs, ?ind telegrams iii?:teii;il to tin iiivt-siit:a
tloli lielore the coiiui.ittee, aud nnv wi'inss who rottUOS
to produce mich papers or telegrama when required,
aboulil !?? bruufbt to ihe bar of tlie House to BUSWer,
Mr. ill 1(1) iDeui., Oui??), .1 uietubcrof the couiuiittce,
OfTer? 1 ?m nliliti.iii.il r?solution.
Mr. KNOTT (Dem., A'y.i, cba'rmnn of the Jn.h i.n
?ColuwilU*?', oftered ae A?suLbUiuic for the rcpoi I, nud for
Mr. Hur.l'H resolution a re.s.?liilloii thut there is tioii?iiiK'
In law reinlerinii a coiuniuiiicatlou tranantttod by tele
gmnhunv tuo-?- oiivUei'ftd iban a communication made
?rniiy ?it in uny oilntr iii.'i.-iiki whatever ; that this House
La power, through ?in^unisua, ander tne hand .. n 1 .?a:
?f It? Si* liter, to rciinre uny person lo appear before
anv oointuit't* to wlil?!i tt bus irlvcn authority -.n . -am
lue wil?.i-Msiv. iil-'.I to send for paTOOBa ami |.ai>ei-s, ami
Tertni-with bun such IkkiKh or papers, wheth? 1 the tui?
lier? he tekiarapfe leaaaaeo or other, for the laopaeMouof
? .iiiiuiiltie ; and that any prrson on ?rbotn such s?il>
jK-ua shall have i.n-u served who ?bull dloober llu -...in
?hall bo bituiehi to the bur of the 11 ?> ue, on the rejM.rtof
Oh*, fiiru by lb? com 111 ittue, to answer lor a contempt.
Ml l.\ SDL Bjove.l Urn prcvioua quc?,llon, und it was
Sc? oiidt-d.
l?iitt?-,<?Hons were made br Messrs. HOAK (Mass.),
C VKHLLD (Old?.>. and OOMOKB (Mich.), lo lot all tu.
leoola?s-ia be printed and theii ouuaideratlon made a
aix-Hal onler for to-morrow, but ?ueli surK.stx.ui w.-n
jot i-tniiplii-il with, and Mr. LY.N'DK prot^edinl to at>*>-?>
in siippsirt of the 11 port of the ?-?.mu.itl. ? .
Mr. GAKFTELD (Ue|x. Oltiol t?Ul that if the House
atbrinc'l ilie doctrine tuirirested by Mr. Knott, namely,
that there is no difference tx*twe??t) telegraphic com
i,.ii.i:e tt iuus or oral '???luni.ii.icslioiis. it would omy need
?noHti-r sinihar ? te*? to swallow the last poaolMo proteo
U011 S lilt U IU? Aim . 11 ?ill Jil-ople and S*Calll*'. 111. iuiasloli
?ii ' tmtpoMot all in? u tmvaoa. Brer-f day haadradsof
1? 1 i'!i?u I the iu'.-t ...lered affairs of
ptivaut fife t.. its eonfldence.
Mr. HEWITT .l).'iii..N. V.) -iibse/ibedto the doetime
laid down by Mr. Garfil Id as to tbe protemion which the
law threw? around the i?tM,?U4tko ; but the law threw no
tin .'i piot'vtin 1 around telegraphic conunuulcatioua He
ht.il reason to believe, However, that the law should ?ivo
tfcal trutcotioii, nmd nr wonid be triad to see it ?rive.11 lie
1.?. 1 K'""?l reusoti to thluk alsti that the jiroteetion which
tlie taw ?Hv urea to el titeos astociinmuiiKaluitis throa.ii
Un; iHiHi-oihca wne more ot a delusion ibau wus franrally
lUPpOOOd. I>tiriu|t tbe hisl month hla uttoulioti h.ul been
eaib-d to .11? tarn letterspaasmc throinth tin- New-York
P??st-OffliM*. and aeeordiiijf to bis Ik>sI JuilKmcut and Hut
of esnuru. tliey were fre?j_oiiUy it not ireuei uil.v opened
in tut* ln.st-oflicc, aud M-closed by the use of mucila/e,
the etc?m used belus apparent on the envelope. He bud
of court* no means of provins* tbe fact, but he was reivly
"to submit hi? lett.-rs t?> the Jutt.ment of erjierta. If there
i?l been proUv tiou ^iveu to Udeifraphic, coiinniinl
catlon. Ho rtolsttoa had heea lultlatod by a
distiniruished K?-*paMleso frooo Massarhosetu In
the famous impeachment trial of Prealdent John?
son (Mr. Butler). It had also buen violated by
?he Go-suit*-* of luv*_tla-a_on whlcb went ?to Hie ?talc
?ef MtettaslpM- Ue wtsbed to say an tbia oc?vi-1oii tbat
there was no purpose on the Democratic aide to pre tout
the telejrranh from being opened freely on both sides,
en.! he tiiankcd?oevcutli.tt there was lucumuiunieatlon
iK-.ii-iiii. lus inline thai"fee was mil vvillhiK, a.nd t.-tmltl not
be '.lad to have pulili.iii-d. and be feixl it)t*?*?t,v nnthor lz???l
the P?-Kientof lb?- W?r??f<?r_ Unto?. T?!le?_r_ph Company
te? ??rti.i'itKi ? v, ry lele?an**u t?~i__ng his stritature. _Ap
plauaeou tire De?ni r ?phi sal.-.J
The <lirpooR?iun ha. at?, i Urn d. th* que?ti??n ***?? flnet
take n on Mr. iliird'? r*s>olut*_>n, whh? wo* njeeU.?!?
Yea?. PI; Nays. 122.
The question -ah? then tak'-n on the aafestttate offered
1? Mr. Kimit, a***i u ana mdoytod by a n-atug roUr?ltt
Mr. PLATT (Hep., N. V.) then naked unnniinou? con?
sent t?, oil i a rMolutien for au loonlry into iheehurge
niatie anlnsl the New-York Poat-O-Bee, but objectiva
was made bv Mr. l/.ill.eii ?>f Cattfiriii i.
Mr. CMlTXS_-)iCM (Uct... N. Y.; _??*<- ban? to intro?
duce mid luvt? referred to tin? Banking Commutes n t? ll
for fntidinr. )e._a!-.etid?*r tlote-s. lint nKte.tlon was mud?
Iiy Mr. HOI.MAN of Indiana. The hill nroTides that ttie
{..-?rotary ot t_e Treasury he anHt?>ri)-_d Ui withdraw, us
soon n3 the isece?s._v preparations oan be uitde, the
leifnl-und. r notes of the United Bfnt?-* wh<?i?-e*r -pre
M'ut? tl by Uui holders l_e**??..f, und ik.-ui? Uinr??f?>r, dollar |
for dollar, lace value-, coupou or it__!bUrcd boud* of tli*
United :-t.?i??s. in ttt* spirit ot the nrt*rli>f.I Ix*<ral-tendcr
mat, provided thnt Vb<* i?nni? __tt_._risert !>y lbi?< act shall
be parable In gold at I he **xpirHil??u ot 4?) year*? from the
drat eajr al tamnaxy, 1*477, _*.id beat intcrc? at tli? rare
of four _>cr ceutuiu _?cr an.nun, payable quarti-rly in
The confer?'!?* report on th?' bill to provhle for the
aspeases?! InreatlgntlM eoMMtttaM ?m made by Mr.
H ?OUI AN (Dem.. Ind.), dl-tcus ?d, and ..irreed to.
The HoutM* then, at 1:10 o'clock, evdjonrnod.
Wasiiincton, Y>t*. 20.?Th?> President Rent
tie following nominan..us to the Senate to-day :
Fir*. Uss*. EJwartl ?>. (.odfrev to l?s Captain, and Heeond
Isoat. iohu W. Wllimtton to be ?lrst Ucutenaul "tli Cavalry.
IMfaiaifsri fufen Cra-rffrn!, at Onrtib . N. Y.: Tloht. trt?.
deTT, jr., at A.lcutewu, Penn : P. II. Ciwip n'-rr, at ?tonthhriilre,
Mhil; I.nttiei H. Pint*, *l Namrsinck, ?"??an.; John A. VTWlle
?sors, t Smeptei Qssrlneat?, t? C.? *im K. J. Itrlanfl, st
Boafesater, lad.; Jonst'iiui H. BeMtaM, al l'ainesv.lle, Ohio.
The suit of tbe Oetitml DltMM_WI Krii'ro til Com?
pany Axait at theTwootv-tUird stroot Railroad Company, tho
Christoplierand Tenir? street Itiiiinnil Ootapoay, ami Hi*
BKtHiker Sliw t suit J/ultou Kerrj KiiProiul cnnipsny to pre?
vent tho ?r*linritopher iit^rl 'tenth *-tre?-t IViilrosil Company
froui layiupr s track in 1-Viirtee.iil. ?t. nn.ler tto- charter of tho
Bieeos? _? fiUee* Couipauy, loosed by tlie bill, r i;.'iii;i.ui.r to tint
Twenty-third Ptreet Corrrpanv, and by theTw^-ntv-tlilrd Street
t'etiit? ?'tv to Ma OMatSfBMT Htrtvt Coinjinnr ciine y.?sterdsy
before .!n?.l_e t-xtiit.-ed iu Ki_i>?_-l.>r Couri. Hpaelal Term, una
nu.tittii to continue a tomporarv lujuurtiou aawlnst sac'u icyin-t
The arii iriteiu irss BirhiHs*ii*ai.r tie ssmn sa prmsntrd In tli*
sailsa!r-.e|v re;Hiite,l, aii?i is nul tornol'l ? I S'.rn-n siitiih
itiiti Iti.?i-..li II. f iomIi- i??.-?v ir f-.i r'.m pUniti-T; l>. __ Ilrif-tit
sud Joiui M. .->er,liii.?r fur tit?? elef.mUiets.
In tima Kiiiiiiik Min?r suit ftmterdaj time exam*
Inatio?. in I,un.Ion. o' tleorgs And ih?.u. eliiiirniari of tho
board of (liititor?, \fa? read. A letter from Col. Napier
r-turt _>va.? pal in ?'.idem e, liut ?li-??-l>sf.) no new fail?.
In hip cross-exanilni-iton, . Ir. Ande.-?i?:i itataa '!i?t he
did not f'Tin til? ????iiilon of the value of the m-rie fitfi
Pirk'p atateeseat alone, but from Prof. Sillimait's ropoit
and the oceouul of sales seul lo Eiigla-.itl.
In the sui' of Peratilt ai?'?iii??f J.and, brotirlit !?>
fir.-veiit ? rourt-msrtisl MMckaM en, |?!?uu!iif In Ho- '.'?
?sat. Judgett?ady lustusswrert t ? in.-.i i-tino.
In n preM-aiedinif fat ? nimrlauni?. b.v Rilen II.
D(ju!?ltid?y, l.erao a?_.iiit??l l't.ntn.ll. r (ir.-e-n. .lohn IC?-lly was
yenlerrtiiy ?ril??tttiil?<! n < elel. >n!.?iil. Ills llrst ?ippenrsuor a?
Oontroiler in llie rotirts.
.lutlg-.i lliitrell hat grunted t'.ie petition e.f RehaOM
L. Mill?, to v?lioai s |xaii?ry f??r .?Mi.????:? on t'n- lrt* ?if lier Isle ;
iumi.pii-1 i?ti?"-, mMSarwas Mtha peaMadlngi in ?lad n
tit?- s.-t tiriiv I.iff in- iraaes ami Annuity Coiupaay ou behalf
of herself ara! all ?liml-rly dtaatad.
.J.?w?!?hiue Van Houien brought | s-iit tigiinst
James II. Travis in tin? Hi,?, nor Oewt, ?fetob ?M e?<lle?l for
Iclal yoter.liiy before .liulpe Hedg?tfk, Tin- ?nit >..** I?r
?'ainler. tin-t-liarif ? baMg t...l tlie talsadaal I.-t?r *?> ?"*' a of
the |il?iatuT a? ^ ?-.?in ii.'it l.r-.i-M tit?. lit.- ilrffetldanl did nol
?pl.t nr. .lutl-.'?- ??'??? ?!_?> it,, ti ?11? it a vsrriict for tlie plaintiff,
!e.iu_[ the jury I" rte.-??1t? let? ut-ici. <li?ai:?s.e l-,.-> v>.atl
?HOW. Tlie Jury a,varrtt-i tie plaint l.T irT.oi ? li
In a suit of tho M'-rihaert?' Tinnk ?>f Ca?ad ? asaiBS.
William ?T. Itsnettai.il Ds_MaM I.lv.iu'stt.ti. trir.1 In .
Court, IpaSB? Term, JnitRO Van VMM ha* H-*? hlvel for Ui??
plainer.. Mr. Banett |ih?dg??il c**rtam Ixtntl? l??|i>uj;ui? n? l.if
ilit'.-etttii, bat plf.i.? I v..Ill I.on. loti, t.li.intltr tor ? 1- an of
I.ivr L'?tt?i.. i . In ? ?'. Ml, My * tvn!.?*r.| tin
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the losa.
In the Huit of Edward H. Emewon end itbera
S??lu*t Ileii)arii'.n Weed riml uirijiirn!?. W lilt, ?ic... )., tr. _ ,
hsesea Jnliri'Vsa lliunt, in OSMBMI I*!? a?. Trial T. nu. the?
Jury fttiinil s venilrt for t!i? ?lef.-tnla? I. it..- ? nt m ? ? I t
i.ou-foi il.i 10 0 taads iiy We ?. .n? '. i net '? I ha ?
r. .? iniiv ij ?t -, Ion in it c mi t s ?? ?? h- r' ? .
tjinr* of the ?i.^tniit.- il*i. hroel paid off the note ??i?r, MOO In
i <:? t ? f ?r lie i ?m n-.ii- . nitehenrk Mali*
lo-?In!, arel afiervrartl radaas? .In? MW n?ie b] a*varal pa?
uictil?. i'.e ??'.aimi.l? claim. ?1 thst ttie ? ' ; pa)
new li'.t?- VOCS niinlv ?n nxi li._ii.t- at paper t? i ?;? i
Hid.).ok, ?til'i;:. liter SP,.!e tumi II,. Wfiul ,-..1,-. whl
nol t an tu tii'-ii i ?i?*.?mI?>il Wskemaa A I ailing a*.
i.n pis IL ? m.; i f"i It.' ii.i.ints.
In a suit by 'I in?.i?.i- J. Rail ?ml armtb r aftain I
S M ringle J ? ?
Join Hit- ?let. itiUnl.? fr.rn lal.iint r???(i t. .. en ptaia* for priai
luje BMSSO inort^a-.el to them iiiitir two inert ?s^r* |oc
I aud - .'"'
? al th.. tr ,i-.e ti ..: fe- tit-f-ndieit? -.? i ? -tin ?-. t! t.t p| nt
purl o! lie-trti-.-eti tu Ce- th-f-mbeit? w n inowed Ui i?? i i
from ti?. pistes sucb l tag b
y..n.l le? 1 i.i n -? .
?if.rtis-1?"* aaarious or ; ? . nm-.-ii ;.,-.,
lli.il lacs, I is tie!, n 1 i.it - -i ilia* Inn ._:*?? D
. u I ai : I . -, iit.ttl-.t :-.- n ?: :. c I
oilier ?oiiMiiera.i.tii?. rfeaceul
\me tn.ii of Um i(ii.?.'i ?.!' .I.i'* .li I. Qi
larda) '?' fea
Min-, l'lalnl : . ' fit-in
on? ?until ptei.t- Hijo .r?. w * it ii siaii had Inb
,i f l . check li
mjiiI I??, led :]'. aiiti i'r:., i-ller it.Kin-. trsck nil tli* '
f..iv.a! iii-tt t.. , I
!"iu:.i?il ? i? ? Ihe ? lit .iiii-tiiit? - ? ?
tti- i lann i' the i :?-i>.ii-.-.it tisvina no part M tbe am ?. ra*
f ,00 paid ws* lor ..ein it,' Ihe l..|.->i ? uot n-,,,: n. .1. lb? Jury
see io aria tin
&;>]>.t tic.! toe |?. la..'.
T!|(?f?!lll ?'I M'lltli-i J. Hod ' MidiielJ.
Il.n.e v.ip tit.-il ? ?<-te Piny Itefiir.? Ja?lrs BS i?t. u. M
Court, it t?. ? f'?r Hi? t-it. l-.s-ir. o.' a n.
? ? . ffeS il'-f. nil.iiil to tie , i .
ras thai tbt '? me am nanti ? .? it pr*
; In-Riieetnl ol Hie 1 .?in. I * r. i - ptaoi ti.u thai a
n-l.l i -t.tlt '....?it-r _i>1 the loa-i ?>?r'Ii li-tpiirtart i.lt>1 .?ill, ? -l
I.mi for getttaa il, and that M.ll.r iiinl I'ei Ilium ttmrgai hlni
( , ? ill t-l.iiint .1 I
Mr. ii.iiiin.i-i ??u.i.ieti Mi. .Mui-i staled tiiat t..- '. ??
tOdOWll , ? ? . I '-i BCtlOtl. \- In ?. Il* u a. i i
lut kl -i,.i .-f
i ,t.\, t il?l I)??. il?-Ie l, . foi . . in...nil. t'n
t!l.owi?itltl be $70 ? ai?.i Ho iii?linr.?- .-it..-, lie n.iil t ride to
on iii loin,* or .?ii ? of property l m i \. .>
pel ct-itt on the arno'i-it nt Mike, as .. lawM-i liu-l a |*ra>e
It)*:>UUSil>ll ty III p,.??hli_ 111.' 1,1 le ?'lit If 1. nl not HtHie.l III?
t> ill.-il?-I.-ii.laut ?? a pen i-i?t ?,:.-. hot only un u lniii;i
sum. lie? li.ul .le!)?? i it (?. lit.- id f.-niln-ii cheek* for Ihn wlnil?.
?pii./.i'iM). *iei bail i.kiviii baekaehesh Im lue lit?, aaas A
n pac i to Mr. ?loifin.iii. Th* couit fuaud fur
the pbdiitiil _
Washim?i >n. li ?. 90.?Ka. 131- BwadetaLaci
m ? a, , iii.tr te us Mummbc c-.-irt of TaiMaasee. la this
. ? Un i o -trt t hm c ;l tli :il I a Irnjt-tlii,; lit ot urni :.t
|p-(wt-(-li tlit- Kt.ii._ili,- n-.i.-m i_ las ?ear w.-u? re.(in>v>-.| >, v :|j-?
actual 0l??S*lin_ ,f 1:,, .11: ' a?, autl that tin? 11 iii ?? ? .,, n lli.l i .-?
Hasioii oc. .irr.'.t ?*..-*.? s .nmtloii to he ' :
from the MOSls l??-f??r.? UMS Tfes eiror noxif-'l la Ml* nil
lise, u ml i i. t .m ri ml, il ttial it Mint i. t|.i ?ii. n ..i I.,., it, i,. , i,
ciil.nl l.y Iii?! ("oiirl. Hin! th.,1 lite iiistriicil-iii shoold hi
that in? liirercuxiip?? was la? lui niit-l otto? ilm ilat.t 11 Ms
Pi. -, :? n.'.? i r icijiii .t. i dcclaria| tho war at su end d Ui*
It iTltoi . e.t?l o,' I 'i>- -??i-..-! Ipil!, 'l'a-. ..t.. I npon t i? .-arrl
clem y ?rf a pr -lee' ?if itiiinin-rrlal p:ti,?-r n? aft. ?renl tit I
?lition ?if war. hul'iiillied on Ihe printed lire (*. 11. J. Id ,i,|
lor el ii'.tiffp in erre.ri It. ti. Mtwriea for (Wen tam.
.No. Uj -Atianlic ?inl latine it...lio..,!. .i.i|,_4iy and tin; i'a
iliit I-_ilio.il r.,ui|..i.iy a^'i. Hopi.in-. rhls wss UiogsrnUh
ment of tin p a! 'Iff? in ri.tr in a ?a.! a .sins* tbe HI. l>s?
? and Kin ?! i.ailrojt! ( ?.iiupiin? ; anil lie- <.ii'-.?tlo.i ;., _
?l.-t> riiilne i l? wlteUi? r ihe oo ni bole? t -.'.'il i- . il r ?a ?
? ir.MI.Pl t'l.-m ?Irliuiit ?nit, l,t?- t-.l.i.,n h -mu ll, a |_ <,,?| , ,,|
lli?t I nitl Jntliitot . I iniiin't tM r.-o.lei.->l imc.?inat a ir..?
?Hint ?!?-ii ii? linn ? : - ilm ?? Wlthoi.t ?Uli. I in i ??> ip a??? tli
i.n tti? r tiui-Kiltin wasMac l'te a*j?JeiK?e ?./ tfe* banv?e ttasi ??
leApou?ll..e UI Hi? Ii-p?ui toi tin? mil jn.itlly t?ita luu ln_*ll?l J
I'. .Vsht.1 for i l.ni..irt!, i.i t noi , .-. II \V:i.-.:i lor ?lei n?u..t.
" ?. 117 (?n, iii.ii radaa' KlastyeiaeKsrr.4sol iVhlsky
Sgt. Th" I'nll'tl ?tl_'e?i ; an. i-.il fr-t.i. ths ' in n.t ( o.,ri
uf Texts, -Till? ?it? _ eiini'.. .liii,i?, . ,
vhl?ky for havMg lr??:'i re'tn-.Teel |.? a plasm -n
looiiel^l ?an le?a-..- In t.?i Judfiiienl ??r lUu bit mal ,.?.??.! ???
tax, and fur b?-iug fraudttleatly aa.l i:i.<:a>iv n-r.-vl .? d
br.iintf,:. It I? her.? .-.>nieii?l. ,1 thai the i-i-? ? illnr? in ?
tin t-.i-ifliin-e wer* m. i-aiu.i-m ,i ?mu i twiMit) tin., a. ,i
III ( Ut?- K-?.?!? ,t?i? a.|_._; laat lb?ia>lA p.
tin? t.-ni-i-oi mtlori ami Otetuta that ?...iM ?ulij-.i ;l?> ? ,i.?|?
to forf.'iluru ami nil ? lavtMli. li . ? a,.-.-, in.
tbeconrl neu In a-lm ttlri? in p\|.| i.i .? 11,.- cnlrr. I?. ?I. titti
, cancel.??!' -ti ..' J M. l?.|i'i?.lit:ii?f?r'spjM?lUii|n;
.\?pi,,iaiil *ili,tini-| i,.-ii.iiil K. I'.. S:ui i, :..t t,?v,-,i.i,, ,;
Nu. !*il- ' Ity of Win-ma a-rt. Cn?-.irjr i it;i;.ial from I'l.-c-r
oui? Cc.iirt for lit? li Hlitt-t of MiuiiKPOia. I'lup wa* an solluii
on bout!? L_?n?-.l i,v Un, v.iy In .u.l of Hi? ,mipt.: tut on of ihe
Kt. 1-Hlll Uilll ' ? .IV . ....... ,1, V . Mi,,,- ,,, ,?,|,.,.
?piently pur?>ita??ert Iiy IIk> Miiwailk??? ait! i-??, l'aul Ka'lw.y
ll?psny. I .'it .!? fei?*e ?as liiat tlie hon.la i.iue un?.
Into tie- Iti-ial- , ttapany, ** tle?,,:ci -?-..: .,r t(i ?
lallt a. wiiiio'il a full e?Mii pitan??? ?Uli th?. toriu? of lit., cos?
tra, t l.y ?hlch tlie c.iy srnwal i?. sofeartlM IhsheaS
Co.'l-t ?n?l iiin-ii t'n i :l!.i lyoflho Item-I-, iirrc.l
that the fact*do nol Ju?ilfy lb<< de..-?i?m, im.iI tii.ii i.i.- eaawi
Wa* ?llhoi.t Juilptlk liou Is etna.? nl lite ? itucimhlo ol tin- n?r
ll.i. Thor). WllM.ii for lip??cll*..l? ; H.H. Blgeloa ItT a;
THK f-orrrr ok appeaia
Al.rnNY, Dei. 'JO.-Tlic full iwintr i*? Mm ?li v cil
etvlarof the ?'onrt of Ap'teal* tor Thuralav, Df?t. *2I, 1878.
N?a. H3, Uli?. IU, 1 I.?, II... I HI, 117. mu? ItO.
Iu the Coon ??! '.,.??a!?, W??lu.??.lii\, L... iO. 18."??
No. |IM>?Conrkllf? *pVf. Tnj-hir?H_"t.r.iltt?...
.Su. 1 !(?-( i?ik a?l. ( lar?. ?,iii,iiniux
No. 111?(Irreae act? riioiiia?.? ?tioiniitod.
No. 28 -stew.irt art. neslc. Areor<l i?y >Tanrt? Kentsn for
*1..-ll..nt ; K. K. Andrew* for re_iPH.tic.it_
No. Uni ItolH-ii-oii hj;i. AtlanUi .Miitiial lii?nr.iiii * Ca
Arifiie?! byMarnu?. Hand for spp^taiit; Jne. I?.. Psrtton? for
1'rut'JauiaUou wa* uuule sud ?* couri scljunruetl.
DECIHION? 1)11? . 80.
Suprema Court? Chambers?liv Juris- baria.?
Biirliuif asL (.?ri?an ?sviufjt Hank.?Motion tit unvi with tV)
coats of opposing ss?uu. Urtfliii act? luynor -Motion araatod
for f.r?it Friday of Jauunry, lOTT. Unacott Agi. McCan_.-Mo
tinn KT.mle.I : nis's Kiimliie ?v?nit,an?wet tt? be reserve?! ami
is? i. [<?t>r for tb* ftm tut?* of servie? of aaswer. Zaolraa*
I'.re', ? 1 *ve liefen?inn* Is nal ahon?o lo bava a pin ?of bustnesa
In lltet?:t t.f New Yor'dwilhbi Die m?auiii?or tli?'(?orte: ont?-"
rscni.it withontcaota. Ward ae?. ?lirio..?Mof^n deni'-.l.
Hj Ju.ljte liemnhni?.?A ?tor ?k*. Mcl.'lave -M<i*.??i .ranted
ou r\i ment ?f fin *? ? s, to bo umL? In cauac ? cauat to ?o on
c.-V-niiltw te be tr**<l when r,-acbixl.
I'.t Jiiiiiri? Brady_Arnbi-rafi, I'liilaiMpbla Sna. Blue Rtnne
iV?._prin_4-w iseiics'ir. sir wtTli Uni* 34 iu term.
ft-Ifltl Term?Be lint.? Barrett.?I", itt. Ac, s.L Peg-raw
a?iil ol hers. -The mnl'.oii. as :i,?j,e..i s fioiii tin- last seilten | .11
Mr. O ?wall's sflbltvlt. IS made upon to? specific around that
the amended a met wa-lnt^r!.-*-?-! tor tbo ?i.rjv-aw*. of loprtr.
Ins Hi* .n rmvlmit Ilatt?if t*i? ln-i^Uif atTlsl at ?be pr? ?mt
DocmLh.i tenu. Thltcannot veil be. u.? the dcfuuilaul i'lalt
vas 11? ?in a position (without repaid to the sm?-nde<1 sn-tver)
to iii?li?ii|?>a striai st this term. Thai tiad been, alnodj do
eltleil ar!?* ?* tbe anrvicii uf Um ?ueuo.sl aiisw?r, ia.r ue.d
tl.? .1? ???1?.Inn lniiff tbe . Jaouirr trm. if he has
1???-ii tlil.L'efit Iu M-rviaM ?a answer l? the innen ?led
com-'.aim. Tht? bitter *\t SOT* tl Duo. 1 >. sud ttiua tln-rd
wbhh'i.iI' u-at H n ? to mil InanaSKwer vid notice for Jann
?tt. At all er 'tie 1 ?iMiiiot ?ay t'.nt Un-v \* no iWmbt that ibe
|.1??i!i'il' wa? liilerp *v.l tor na?l Islth aud use the aiere pur
ts.se of .le'ay, anil ih? court slculd b- prettr clear about that
li. Vi? striking au autln? pb?airiK ?ill. Motion ?anted m lib
a I', 1 eeela to abUti the event. lilowu. As'., aa!. l*e?liu ax al.?
I s?. 111, Tr;m??n toehaar*. the opinion ?lell-jenitelr formed la
th.????*?? Itrown a?t. W ??". iln.1 there Is n?,tiltil*'!? Iks i>lr_ii
Ings iieceealtalinK s trl.il bv Jury. That betnc ao.
It Is proper t?. ailopt tli? a.i arot'on Bud* by Jnstl.e
UlXhr at the tin* of Ids opinion, a. lulu or lha ?.ill ???
Tor Itara lo dlaeenfl* ne befere me. IT Is a proper
ran- tor t.'ie oioti-tau ot tbl? _l??-r?itloii. f-ir 1 1I111I on exsinlnnic
Ulr ll.nrr P).if tin fiel.ili l -I-llll is sol ll|, Blul Ids', the r?'l>lT
was anne?*?v???ry, But farther If ? .?.nut? r claim exl?l?sl
htw. ib.- authority ni J "?lice llradr*? opinion. 7 Abb., M.S.
39, and rivww there rltet, leave to dis.-onttune stimild b?
irraiilc-. m tlie ft fonilaiiU tissoaoqiib-od an iixtt: of whli tl
they woiil.l txi U?|irtve?l by a ilhtuntlniisnce, Th? mntl??n
i?u?t b? rrsnted.
My .lueljn Van Vorat.?Mart ?Kt. MoatMOOMT* ?t si.; Mer?
chant*' Bank nf CM lulasgi- it irrett and lyso. -Jii?U,m.*uta for
pliijuil?; uplulMii". _
."AI.KNDABS?Tuts Oat.
timtlll ('Ol ST -CM.1, MURKS-DAVIS. I*. J.
IflS Mutter ?if 1 lurk.
OtO.Aktmm art. McDonald.
l*Ol..,iali' ruf Oliver.
2o?i.. Walter. Ac.,?ft. Wat
I? 1.
309. Pair ad. Iiwnh.
211 .opnenhelmer sgt Von
.1'.' Tli- thirl Ave. Par.
itauk ?Kt. Tin* Kw
t>ir<* l.snaitl ?
216..H.v'iiM.t.Thc T..I., Wa
b?ab, Ac. n. R. ('<>?
? a.?iiz ???(. i-.iiuuol.
'J.'.l I'.a-e nal. Melt In.
;'::.". 'lHr?srt- Wll.ler-.iiB_
?_.r.r . 1 buy*? ?irt. W.11W?.
212..Con-rt ?int. llennrber
ai7..'WlUon a-t, fTKordt.
8_. Jortian ?r-t"ro*>br.
2,;o. n.H iv rla hturch Co.
?Kb Vox.
231 .1 .amu r ax- AnselL
111 Cohersrt. Cob-r.
f:\e, l4i?liii)rt.?eaKt. sisunnn.
a;lS..<i'i'..i...er?(?t-Tlii. Muy
or, *e.
7'J..r?ir.hieI sst. Csrar
liell. ,Vc
7:(..Jue .?'u a?i MeOlnB.
A4 HnvliT-rt. Anilerw.n.
th.. Bertialioor agt. Kelly,
9R..TI1* Msror, Ac. agV
I a* I. uth Nat. U'k.
00..Tin Heard of B
act"* a+rt. The l?eles.
in.n'M llank.
l*Sl..Hiieih- r act Sjieriier.
TU), nun ,?k*. Van Name.
ll.-...U;:!iie\ :i*t. Marner.
11 ; ,W1 n- art Win ??
IM .lMirlek ML Cairiek.
ll.l Uariivy ugl. V.MTU1 y.
H? MeU m. art ii.mi.i.
14W Th? Novelty Irr.u W*_s
M| 1 ntaKt. Iloriitua.
i. .' rali ...''ir.
|AJ l liter?f l*?'r?l
2:il Mali? r ?it MiCrrwkon.
782 M ?tt' rol nrmterlc?.
M '1er of llaw|4<ia.
.? ., -I ?1. 1 uf Kon).
j.l- M..;( r ? f Panllson.
.:e.i Mu'.i? r of M1U?.
i?-t. .vursl." .?'?? 'I ? "? ?' 'f I-- l'.'TSS?
1C3. The Km crant In. Sar. Ml. M te' f i'eilsriem
?Bank ?it. liol.liiian. M. v. ?*Vi 1 n.
I1I8 .BiirliAiiau ???- MeMnl- 1 24 !..Mat* r .rf M.? i*k(_l.
I,.? '.-1:1 sii.r ..f Rm-erlrh.
ITS iMUI.vact ITunkel. il' ttetUstot Kalr. Iilld.
17rt ilsrsi.l mrt. t'niiMn. I S4A..MaUM-ef Oete.
ia0...iieii?!.? u-Tbo V.T. '-' < -'"i 1 "t Ii- .
.1 tt. Linio aiu ('em. 17 ..M ill-rid \\ ?ssla.
I,, MS Malier of linffy.
ieo..Koi'iiart whit?. I -.m..vi? u,, .,f m, i
WS W\lm? ?at*, in-iinelt. I 9M Man? ?' Martin.
_,1SI Hr?k a-: ' Hi Mullet ..I llyme.
??rWUL TtU-BahSKIT. I.
Case on N*i. IH Ho-ir.liuan ?rt Tie I .*?? ?-here ami M. H.
ii.cini.i.i <... Mo Day l"al? a_or.
d?. rii-i'Aii L?ueaoaca, f.
6^ _. Wsllae??aiiil ano. a--t. VI7> McKSMMS Oft. M lib r.
I n.- Amer. Um HMO ll'" Ti''?:?'? .1 in.*?
Thread Do, I' '??? ''"? '-'? Kt*cra
2"s.i -.??i.-ait?! sat nn.?. 1933 ll't? lad aau. ..,'l? Oa
liM5'u Hi' '"r? -i:.*ui. te, et Orrdtmh.
V- .r? ??f !^.uisi.u4 :*o\ le.-.i .1 ?I set. The
agi. Itr-n?ler, Jr. **, Me
21>'tf> |>#'lo-si;l.lti,-:e,ii,:,*r ! 1 1. ??...in?? t. ?!ft. Hark?.
Miij. r?e Cawadi-B i*...-??. -.r 1111 t*/atlw_M m al. as'..
1 oni.ui-r??! ?su Mil I Smdemeitme.
l.-ii- raa.1. | U07 - The lia 1? <?! :l?> Ot I
l213..C''?nn?t, ,vc, act? Tbo 1 ?f Wheeling
I . >V \ A. acl I'.' . 1 s.
2011 Rcsimaa ??-_ King. I ?i.tj-.r
2ol5..WaUaec, ?.... ugi. Eb
20SI r*wi ? ? ? ?? I Uf ?rt- Tho
,4'x h us?a .Minu? U.V.. '.
17^J-?llni. ? ?! ul. .1,1. Nor-I
viiiiiii?!. I ? Oa-esata tasWaahan.
l'A r tf.-I.vWT.r.vre, J.
14 '4 K.s'.hr an*. ? ML |
?MO. ll esl?e.
.?.??t. lauuiK
? May. sad sn_>
?,?, ,\, , -si- Ii.e ilayur.
?730 I !v.u??;u lb. M -?r. ....
? 2 in si . 1 al klBL in u.
aro. ?(? . The
vi., *;, .'... -t 11 ?hi y. An.
KTt. The j .1.1? 1 ?V TO, . ... >K1. Itn?
? -, (.
l|ll . ??. >l lyor, '? ?'. 1 ' '?? ? ? ' ?' r, Ar.
li ? ii ?? nml ?no. n.J. 1 .
- : ?.l?,iun. hui*?
8i0 . w. :?i?_?-r asi
l'Akl III llSS-M
Mil MsMaaa .-!??? Mi rthoal^ V.\.
li.ii.i i ?I u in as. (Allon- ack sck Veit
U.-l. el al
1741 ?1 1 si In-e aitt. Haul- 1
No !? ?
ISO Barr?t > IIS '?' ?.'-. ???t
417 . . naaa 12?I si un>> i:rnud*t.
I ,, i...?11 s?i. l:_ I . if I: It. ' ??
4tl.'> Van i'.atlli .?st BO? 1 . 1
. in?. II IS la ' an Wo
41.. M
. ... , utfL ilc ? -?:
\ . K..r. H' 0 -Major,
Pii.l 11-' i 1 ? 011\. 1
Caaes sent in bv I? I ail 1. w.ll I?
f. :
?ihm v Pin-? i'i..i ?rv Ti um rA? Itott 1.1.
1?. 1.. 1 1 1 ?I a . Wl
11 Dlsbof
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ll.fAI. Tl tt ' I I
4'.?n ', on . .fil?
io 1.. ?
-"- ? ??. N. and '??" 1 ?).
f!7l ' . ' ? r at? l^-tr.
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77.. lei ?.??*.! -.. aat !.. !?'?
l'e.)? .lo. 1,1,1..t- ?e,
??, act. Um*
D .7 kuplKi: Iu ''in 1 u. 1. 1-.7 .'??
dwar. .
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^17..- . ' ci,
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?nth. I 1 lull liana u _: 1 lab s n.
i0.'7..->;,.lm m sat. Bou li. 1
PAI.1 III. .: " II OS, .1.
m ? 1 . ?? i?-. i.??, ni,, i,?. ??tar.
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Job. I. ml, Mrs ' i.n tina line, P. iljibons Kn-I -, 11.. i\
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Sleauiabip i'uns?-) (Hr.). Bain ?"r, I ondaa, V. W. i. Hurat
stnamslnp in ?ni;.- W il? m ti?.n. W Mtite-tl, Halifax N 9..
and st. Jahn-. S !.. Ct rk A *vata*_.
stnaueihlp 'ii> of Vura CruA, De-_i:u. Havana, F. Alex?
andre A Son.
nlnaualiip ) erlt (Kr.', (ha_>ry, HaUIax. N. **., lit-rh-ra A
?neanishlp Rlrhniond, Ketler, TforToflt, (Tty Point and Rich,
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?tcauiatiip ?lull sucs u, croAtli, Cboileston, J. W. u unlaid
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ala.j. Wbite.
Mark Cam?*, (.'??tins, Cadli. Spain, Br'tt, Ron A (o.
Hark K?*1uile?r, Decker, 1Jeonwlown. Dim, ll.Trowl)rld(X8 S
I ?ark Rnn-ddnr (Nor.). MollMn, ClirJetloMun-. Norway, for
orders. Renham A Roye?*n. T*.
Pnm Vaoosla (ItaL), Praelt, Ork fur order?, Reuham ?ft
Bomiaii. , _ _
Bark Arrrvean (Nor.), Atsgmnra. Brenn*-, fiitn-h, K.lv.? A Cov
Hark AiaaJ a (Anat-I, (Tiuelii, Ttnc-te, Sliicovleh * I'o.
Brig (Jew, Piare?. tiriflj-otown. Bar, Pauiel Trowbrltge A
Hit? Hern (Br.t. Davidson. Port of Spain. C. W. Bertanr,
Sehr. Uenty J. Mar, Blackuiao, Key Weal, i'Uk. Overton A
Kclir. J. <i. Drew. Frenek, Jack-ymvllJ?, Van Brunt * Rro.
Hetir. l.'.rett? Hah, Ha bino, Rrtili-eiown. Bar., for orders,
la ?/ura.'l .? Oa.
Bcnr. J. (.'. Kvant, Ilrawster, New Orleans, If. 11. Rrlpliam.
ttcbr. Bouetia, Clark. ML John, N. B.. I'. 1. Novias A don.
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flinamsMik HlM-ta (o>r.i, rrinka, Rrmnrn Dec. ?, vta-O-tb
ampusa Mil, with ?mIbh. and pass, to Oelriehs A oa,
Hteavmahtp i'-ironticlet, ralreJeth, Fernandli.? Poo. IS, and
1'uil Hove Hill?. ?lUi tuilse. sud lia?*, tot . II. ilallorv it Co
?tceiuahip Chump-m. I/ik???!, (;harlt??tou Dec. I?, with
mdsc and pa?? to i. w. Unlnurd a 0e?
Steamship Isaac Well, Lawrence, Richmond, (tty l'oint, and
Nnrt?? k ? t'i mdao. **t 1 ?nm to OM Pendnlon Bt?-mahlt? Oo.
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Rark rt?-uui (ItaLi, Wailatr?. Ipawioh IH ?lavs, In llalli-*.
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seilles .".',' iliiv?. with iniKut
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simar ami malavnes.
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Bee B. 1st ?SIft, km-. ?0 47. bark RJ-rk.n (Not.), from
Liverpool f?r l'hlla?l?l|*_? 4t days ?rat.
Pee. ?-. lat. -.' I Si. lone.-I 33. bark I.leotensii? ilir.), tren
Mm aira l'or New-Vark. S4 day? ont.
U? ???. li, ug IlaUeiaa, lin* Iludo? Aun, froai p??nierara for
N?->* H.IVOIi.
if. i*. l?t. 33. long. 71 SO. bri* Oiaellen iNur), from Wll?
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T.mtrroou Pee. **o. -The MaflOMl Mn?- atearushlp Tbe
Queen. l'.r.iK-, fiom N W-Vork l> .. in, for this poit, arri.. cd
off t-aatnet at 1" o'rl.iek ihla -nornine.
.-v>imanT)u:i. I'. i: '?'O.? Tho North Cern?an Lloyds Litte
st? ? ?hin America, Pe f,lm"n, irom New-York Pe?'. It), for
Br-iaen, arrived hero to-day.
Dpaaoa. Pc?-. Ml Ottfe? lTtli Inst. F.iin?clyd_u, Dio Kill,
l lui- Sonnai-; lSiti lint., John IJ inv.m. rrtpt. Seo-lllo;
Nile, ('not -,?>w, onih ; Speed. Nomen l?th inat , NenJons
Pc ii'iio?, (i?ul.?aL tli? la;tor fur N.*w-i trleant ; A. MivCallum,
Ken? Uie latter lor larorpool Vn-ir. (lortutrd ; UOlfi lust,
Koutf (uil. .'apt. Usuaen. Arrtvixl'.'7lh nit.. Merci ??.. Oapt
(?i i.a, l'ith luat, Alice Uradaiiaw, l?thliist., Iwr I'ouuvitr,
Ailoau. Marsaretiia. Hardi, th? l.tter.t Falinouth, Kkiold
n.aen. Xitiy ?lrKi-e ; Jnth lust., Itmimta. Josephine, rat.t?
Smith, Ha >i', .inc. Wesifotd, Kve I.. U-nard, th? latKr at
I'orlUnd -, ?ar in A. Pndtnsn. and P.cnsdor.
Ui.MlaSTIf I'tinis.
BAi.iiMoes. P?-c. 20.?Arrit?l, ?i'?ius?bii> Hea Oull. tocfc
v.?, si n .?n ? 't.u. lisloii ? brio? Oa? i?. Aim, III?,. W. II. Lattft,
n..' , Ai m ? i.i.iir. vr.vrilai, I'. It. i:lc_ro?l, sUiamtUip Johut
Itui'k? _. Han? il. for Buauiii.
Boatos n??-. -n. ?Hallad, la k w. BLT-arsd ta.
H?Kiiii?.s M'>VK<>r, Va, l'.-o 20-Arl-ratt, b.irk Talisman,
(nun lUn, it'l onlt-rs ? bus Kram, from l.itrpajl, btxinil 'i
itichmnuil. I'a.ae.1 in fur Balfliuore. ba ks _Meaer, Iront
i.i?,u< huit : U* ?liarle 1i?um l.o:up- ? hrur Hiidley, tn>m l'ay
ajn .u 1'. ..?se I oui, nia .\nn ? luiiakaoi, foi l'uriu Itld".
. i.i;i ll.?i?i. -. !.. P a. 10 -Arrivnl. steamslilp Mout
Mte*ry,A met M v?? Y-ik.
|-hii.ai.si.I'HI.i. I??::. l?l. -Aunad, stmiuabip? iatopard. Al
boita-n, tr??." S.-a lliiiinrl; l'erki ninn, IM.e..?, lr.m l'.i.slni.
?'?ear.-... al. .no lil|i? I?. iin-i Irani-. H:?rvr?, fur UveriKail ;
Hciotili?. !-na?< v, ??i .Ne ?t II. illui \lwliia_M, Ituip-ra. lor
i ? k . . barias *hit.i'??. liara ., 1er i'iiiujuu-i- ,
- mi., r. ?w, l?r il ?twi : Ail ano-, fuir, lur Klol, muni.
Dai.AW \ . iiiiKtkWtiKii. Ivi. -.u?Ait uni yistioniay. bel*
ri ?. -, ri,,.i i. ,n?i?i i. ai 11 ?eil I...U.V bark Marcwal
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t?. t ., Ar.btiu. trvu, Uuoiiii. i?i ?>..i?r<. ?tot? faa?l? II ana I
man . It..?., >i - I'ort fit f?e arcs liai ?'. II. K. l.ey. frmu
Keruahinta luf li.la.ti Ipl.a }>.. ., li-urs? M. Han. ard ami
tf.igtteB.rd ISM Hi -Ma An ll ?, frrrn (rnnira ; liaelll
but,, n ?. , ll.ill. im oui is !irlx -i-a.? ii -in 1.? i?| .? i.
Ill al-.iinsl-ii. I IIMhtBa*. ^alltsl. Oar>? HnSA.l U
(,'siupiKl. antl ?-iss.
IiM??i-.. l?ec. '.'O-Tlie rltis'i bark W llbelmlne, Opt.
v., .a. ruiu IMotMS*> Btw. M, loi il.?.linn.i., baa put into
i ui l.tttttt Shu. Arw? trr fifth P.njr.\
l\ tonavv., b.-tareii .A'.u and *o_ hours 9:80
n. n. tn 2.?'** i?. rn. I ' " i ai?'-' "f Ici uns *?* e iss-trv-si. ,|
IMERICAN KJNDI.l'i.Al.i I.N.-ii.i' iTt'i
f\ year ?ill l-e?rtn MoNP/.V. Ov\. 2, st 41 K.sal ?WaiU
All the tT'K-hel h!???? ?ila'ite.t to Am? ncsti w:in?S
An iiilil.ly IM.W ^t of "' o sail hcafidfi.l, ir
,?> mu? i.ianulacuiti.l uni, tus Hilts Coo. S_b?.tua aud
Isl.a.n ? tap) In i.
Many I'ltaaanr m wet? h\ tartans -ar:? oi ibe roumiy ar?
alnva.it u
ara a ? I - ry itii-rii?s>n,
il loi Hi? Aiaertt-BU kni?l.l.?? i:i e. e\- la .. ?
- !>at1y._
\j . i . :ii.
IHM i I'. HOY*? from 7 to
II MM!- l'VITOV- ?'?-.?.ir:*.! S-Im??! will
, I ? DAY. HafM DA, ?I I.IB- liriivlwsy.
IH_ VAN \v.\i;i-:m:n ol 13 Kn-i .'ottv
_ mull..i. .n r..e..u !..r 1IOAHPI.Nd and I'W
\I IfS. l.nl.l.UIS .,,..1 Ms? ?VM.KK? - Km
.? I ??? , ? ili.ul. 1 Is Ma?lla...? a>. \
(ui I
Ml--- M? |)'?NA|.|>
, i - ? - .-, :?". tv '?? . '.M> M'AI VAX '
???i 'll.
? '.i- 1er lei? ar neu?!
LrXIVEItolT? l.r..ii.ii..ir S. Ii.e.l. **??.. 1 U iii
-...,? .1
-, . ? - . . ..
-, i I -? 11 ... i rtneipela,
VHniiiliii : *-eliii?i| foi _*i lliivs. 0. Witillipip
,,rt ? n ?v.r. W . .?? i.i'a'.-r ? .?nuiv. >> ?,.
\HOMKIjIKK r.??:inlinif m'Imm.I I'ir^.>
. - . I? I..?.. \ ?I . II. -rn | ? I. .1.1 ! T-.S. I'. t> .'.o.
\ i li;-lCI.A*?- PRIVATE I \MII.V ?miM
.V Hil.P-Kft, awl ST "
t ROYS' i; '\';i'i\i. WHiiOl ,
/l Mr. H ? ? ??'. ?i??*'I i??trelil
.I nil 1? i-l-i-BlS I '. ? i ji i ?
? ; , I I,at. i.a>? . I ??, ?
n ,
' infer
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. ? . .- | tl ull . ..
? tutvr* '
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A . . I * ' ? I ' N I '.
.- .i ? i i i 11 i liai d i i i ,?.."??...
UKOOKi ll II - "KMlNAItl
I 9 Tl?. mil I ? ar i.t Una l?aMvilnr sali.s.I
lai t.nui. I...?. s -.nil .. un??? . i .i., . au ha
?. in hi.. Ill ?
?'.I M;. I..- i; ?A ll-.l. PrlncpaL
I \v W COLLEOl BDtl n.\-i i:\?\ ["OKI
1 / vi i. I. * ? I -7 ? |MT
?in.. :? i. i.?? in. ?.?en iu i i.?-ii..... Latin, lirai .
ilrswlbs. tiii.iimp. Imrp li s?.iii?.'.i I eit.ioi tu <?|u.sas|H?ciu.t..
it l!< no . K. '. i-A I i..:mi.\" A. ."1 I'm ? I
CX>BT i;i?\v.\i.i) ins i rn IK, S. y.
tf ItA'il?? III I.I 'HU TO ?178 A VI \lt. ._U
.n i i .. n. '? n ? pr. ??ar?. ior ? ?llrve, n?r i in-am-? ?, or for
?? '. ?mica may 0.)
chtweii. Ailini-siii.'ual any ilui" pinpoi liimall)
JOtK V. ,x l.Nti. I). II.
t 'ol.DI'.N IIII.I.Si'.\|IN.\l;V I.iii-r Imites
II It ,? ...ill r.iini. Arl.tr-iw Ml>- I.Mli.V '.I.I.SIIV.
I I0MK SCHOOL! Weatrille, ('..in.. Un ln.\i
I I iron?? toll, l.i'iintJ inlii.n.ii.
f.,1?. n< Itev.j I.. Willar.l. V.'i Iville, .??l.ii .leel \V. Ht.le,
M I... l'i >a.|?l in? huaatvac. N.\ I r.?f. W. U II . KIl. I'lln.
IRVING INSTITUT!.. Tarrrtown, N. Y.?N.
I niilllaiT: tetWteas fmir resilient lnst,-,i lie- .'.-, tsxilil
l',K|..,pls. flT.-.Ula at III?.MA- -JUKI" l'l I
Broadway, nradttnas iUMa??Sac*A howk PnnelpaU.
INSTUUCTiON ?n BIlbOKLY.*?.?Profeeeor
I, \v. Kl-.H i. 1. i ' . lir.'.klvii, km.**u n?
strui i?.i of French anal ': rnian, h. to Inform lha pnbut
.t liai . sv.ll! !.?? Iinensl III Im.Ui of !..
foi I niii ? and ,? '.i. m n, Jan. 8 ; dayaaoil ?t.;. in:?, li.ar
as 'a . ? blag stpe.iai . ?re e.v.n ... .
. ir?.? tin ma '? . i.t. !? . t:?- I -??? ?? ?I !? ? <t pop
I.:, i ?. Ill-rii, ?tl i, fi !?? iH-ea ?,-n.eit. 1 ??: n?s nii.il? rat?.
IACKMIN Vil I.I I Ai: \ 1\S| | IT IH, T.inv
*t l???u St. Y. A.ltliaar? Hi i. I'. J. J.li h??N. I':ii?ri|?.ii
KEAKaAKOK st'Mooi. lu\l R0Y8,
Hiueiiilioa. M. V.
si iio.il nop? us Hep t. It. Vox full liilormstl ? address
ritK.IM.ltll I.' I H.I.MP.-MIN rilnetpAl.
\\\. PLEASANT INsrih.-i'iiv:iti* etaawi
ATI f.i t?.-,? Anilin '. m tas i-:-' ???.iM?i.iI.(?.r.a-.h,A.M.,rrln.
. ii. .u (..rv.ii'N'ii i a DIMM sad l.rrri.u cikLx,
.... I ..111' I'o,i nil. .? I'...\ I-...
pEEKSKILl, (N. Y.) MII.H'ACV acadkmv.
X t_r i,:. ni. r. aitfrrsa Iba rniaipai?, i ..l. ? ll ahi.i > J.
?A HI?.HT. A. U.. fiottl- III I?.N tl.li. A. tl.
DOCKLAND Cc-Ucw, Nvacl?, N, Y. Both
It ,.i i.ir Mo ixtiiis. \v. ii. fiaeiflttir. ?
M_ mm IpaL
PI KM, N.a. k mi llmlsoi Be?Mfai Utiuition. Mls.?J.
K. J.ill.N-'iN, laic I'lln. In.I ".YetU foil. ??-.-, I .ml v PnncIliaL
i.e. V\ KINKI.l. mid Al.lli.KT Wl.I.i.??. I'rtmhiaU.
V?T. CLEMENT" H \l U lllic.iit rity, Md.
I ? \n ..el i sial'ltahe 1 II Ich x.h.s.l, a.Ill s.-lniol ?if I stU-laa'i.l
of Meta m ?? m i ne f..... .. i .?., e,. in. si'KM l,it, H-ad Maat-r.
tJT. l'Ail.'* SCH(K)L, Ii?-wisl...n>', Weet
kl i ?,rs?ir t'o.. N.V. A small hi.ine st load for chlblieii.
Terma nnali rat ?. Address ?.tin? ipala, ll v. tnnl vir?. It. Bolton.
\\?*i;si KM1) IN.Siiri.'TK.-r.-iii.ily kHkm.I
T I t?.r joutf Ullea. Mr* 8 L.CA?V. I'nucipal, .No?
lliit, n.!'? .nn n. ml lar ci'-.-Jilsr.
v " .\AlO -A t.oai.wbcnl wbere each tmi. 1 rrcelte
fnl ln?ti".l Ol in Kntiiab, trench, mual... anil art : s(M.-ia! ml
vsn'B; ?? for p n.lla In drawn s ?sod petuilss^ Adtlnaa MIm
m. Bi-AUIMUIY, ntarlnal.
\r0UNG MEN piivntily Fitted foi ?'t-tluKe.
(*ouihtl?Hied alodsniia intnrwil.
_F. lli)F**MAMlt. etoctthrldr?, Mast.
fcjrwaiio? isMa. mt-lii_**i, liealiar, Chmuan auoa.
MKMJAMIM M Aau M. I*aa Ma. ??*. Vouk'ia .t. Y.
I *r\J si tpiKrupal Aca.ioui? Address
?Uar. W. U. HKILLY, UadilonfltM, N /
Country. .
-",_<__. Nyack, N. T. No extras. Hand foe Clroalar
T. H. f?cbnoI snfi rtonef- nlRKCTOKT TRJOS tolntendmg
school pat runs. Also school circulars.
ritlNtTPALi? and KAMILXKS supplied with TEACHERS.
TKACIlls* Its supplied with POSITIONS.
T. CflTEaWORTII PINCKNET. Do_?_U*c BWldlng. N. Y.
Dancuia, QUaftrmict.
REMOVED TO No. ?81 n*mi-A\*_.
Por particulars ?-**?d for a Cirralar.
ALL wanting TEACHERS, School*, or Pupils.
Dsllylntrtprruetion*. nexdoapartu-nttlc*. Established 1*-I37.
"AMKK. Kill ( A l l. t< A I, UNION," 787 Bnia-twsy, N. Y.
ii mill em penances TKACIIEB of Kii/_IU1i. Scl^rw-ss, "Maths
malles, sud l ...tin. Uettire* s mlu.iiion in pui.lle er private
at hoed, Malary uwdwi'slc.. Audi?-* Ueix *_).. halo. N. Y._
X_ BONU-8T., lut r?? I urea auperiur Tutor* from le.iellnn
Am -ii. an sad l*nnt|t.'sn Collejrtn. Parents iteslnnc best
preparation tur their childrou ?iioultl t-xsmiuc our ret uni*.
fitltUMi mi Hlifh Hi Intnl. will receive sppll?-:itli>n*f?r the
po-.itlt.il of Heat! M ust? r of lb? HusUiii Latin sc?iool ? salary
?4,0e*ej. en vlll.l ? !.. 11. INT, (lian man. Ilostou. Doc. I?.
?A Kni'scstaenis nisile f.ir'I'i achers. No charge to*chi?>l? sud
faniili**. ANNA KA.NOAI.I. Dllilll? MsiiSp-er.
KM. LOUISA B. CULVER. Tea.ht-r of
I'atnUos tUvndsoapo, flowers, Ac) studio. No. 8 Asso?
ciation itiiiiiituir. Keiiertiiccs i Mr. L>. iltmtiugiuu, Mr. Win.
lli.il. Mr, ,1a th?? M i
?Al US. FrflTCHELL supplie? school? and fiiini
ifl N.-s wrtlxm'. charge with competent TKACHKRS for
s!I educational hrsiKtti.? l*.,-f?-i >to'ctiuUusrnolioolttstiMl f_nilUu_.
Teachers' linn-?. (17 Vt'oat 33tb ?e. will a- hour a, l'_ till 4.
??lusrn. I?ck numhi-r? ?mutlltaL akxa IU?dsu. Diriil.
m?ACflEB9 AGENCY, l,707_(Yh*i?-??_i^Bt~
I Philadelphia.?Ootnt.nt tt-_cl_ci_ .uisle awl fcin^Jej for
every !in?ii<*p*i of Instnn lion.
JBusinrse Cliancco.
?ttilnr kimp-I lob business and publishing weekly pap?-Is
lulesrlor of this sUl*.
Address, prlncl|>al? only. K. WILHON.
Box b.'.OS, New-York.
The ninleriti?ei. offer? lor sale the old snrt well .?-stati'lstied
sit?ale st No*. It*. to, ssd Ti HoaUi Third-*l., Haitisbur?.
I'.-nu. It I* one of tin. l.-.ia>.-.-*t ?nil moet complete ?MlsblHle
lumiu m Itio .?.Ule. belag built and tiUod up lr??ui cellar to
rueit tor Ut* expie?* (.urpoae fur which it is now luod. Its
?lock ot Adams, (Jurdou, and ?J.iitrcil & Uain-uck RMBsea, aoS
linpiaiveil machinery, type, txw.k binder?' an?l stereotype tools
I? ciiro-iarativelir new ami vert c? .nplelt?, und ev? ryli.lng I* Is
NadtasM M da a ?tie traaie. Tea bettanng, wait ft Hi'.seieit.
ett abont three venrs aso. is of brick, has atrunt*_.- of .'.
feet on Thu-d-st. by 70 feet on 3U<__t>. rry-sve., Is six
?tor.?-* luzh, with bae-euienl sud uiielerstveiid vsalts for
ti?, y a pistes, Ac. It Is admirably H'hted
frttlll .til Up llitir ?id:?., .1 ll I? i\eeeil|ll|.|v ?llollli. MlW'H.lia.
? ml 'iit-j.rtpii. Tim Mala M_Uaa *a-* ?'one M it? late owner
tor twelve yean i au da* tho coo ira? t l* now about t?> be r??i.-t
st tire ?n it saaaoaeftke LaglslaMre, a r.?n opu.?rtii;? ty i
li?-..- urep-itied (or a permanent *nl i.r.-'iuitl.- umuic?*. iu
???.i t n. *? I ton with th* pi. nt inn ?" l tut tti'.?roii ^ iradn alreaeiy es.
tsl-lish.il, everjrthlui. !>t 1 ii -_r ni n SdMSSS fe>r tlolr.it su itiiineiiss
To ?llonipt a lain iUi!???crlptlon ?tf ?ne h an e .ti n?lre ?wfslp,
li : en at would be iiii?ail?ii?cl.?r). anil s* it is ?ixi.ctt .ln.it
?.no -in?,n.v tlitiik uf purchasing would i.ot dosa
?i boni ? pcraooal uispeetloo. a . i.ii.l .n?.ii.tnon 1? l.erelt?
- conteiiipls* PC an (l.t ? ?i-.ieiit, ?ho will
ll llldiu_ l.y the irai..iK'-i.
?.il? will Ik? I-? ivi.l by th? uiitlei-H.p u-d lor the entlra
.t, Kitii or wiiuo'ut Hie isal rslaaa D?jscrlpUva
c*uUoKueaf:innahedi'fiap|iil>'aiieiii. At r.-?.'
KIi.? IN I.AltK Adii.ltil.tr. r.
lia r. -I. u t/h ui i itl.'jtir;, t i
'i*o ImportersI?? wcVi-*_tabii*_e*i __uae,
I who Intend* ti.l i -, of J.\ I'AN t:.?i: ?n.d t III.
- :? >?>I>-, Turklpll Hinl IVrmiW! Itite?, Ar.. Ac,, ?I ? ln.e.
ml? und ret? I, ile__rt?? t ..in ?i???. .-im- wtth _>ipottae? in th?*?
II... -, v. IHi .? ReW lo "Iii.t a la.' tli, ir ?.t ??1? oa t -?it? _iii'i.-i:t or
)M,n t ??ii tuviiirni, ot eCkerwl s^asaiej H ???? of
.. i-i, ,i..-? ?ml _Hii|,t. m , arilf sn_:_il vil. Aetdr ss 1st.:, Bin
i !? ii? ?. It. I._
i-. \
l-l*!:l.l*?t|l Mi M ? IN
(,,.?| ir,?lilp ispur.-.l. A.ciri ??, i-iim- ;..il? ?.nlv,
\. v.. v York.
rA.N li:i>?A i'AlMNi.U wim capital
u ?
to ?. II Ui* sooils m Nev. ?i"..i k. A.iilns?. pn i? i.i.i's in tv,
M.VJOB Has ..-?J, B|Wtii_wlls, Him.
|>R0P08.VLS POR m!. POR I877-78.
A ornea ot un 11 .n. ??..t -t uoajo, i
\\ kSHI.Mi IU*?, ?>. ? 4. l?.7tl S
MK-I.KIi PHOIfiHAL-? ?111 he rrselve.1 at tbl? olSoe u: ;i|
, tho IKCONU l)A*i ??. JA.N I ?
toi ? ipnli i i.; . i -,:i . -.-t.. n i
i,,.,, .i i ,? im-?i i|.i .it -, oil iu?
Chi t i. . io Un- ??i -el.
fit., : i.n ? r. ,:!? ? i. - bad.
ntler In c 1.,. o i 4. plb Bl .n i?. I? U.' iliioi.?.- ic.iir.l . I?, th ?
i ouipsJ ! - \ ill -, >i . t .. New.
Iii?t.c :.,i si .-??>. '. I l'i -.'?? t t?.ii
Lb .1(1 . p; LM . l_Ullie. IP?) lii?p?vtor.-tl 1'ttr.sl,
.n. aud the I i. li'.ln-n?.- 1 .
,_. J. li Mil
i ii ?:. r I ? -
\1.K OP THE BU1LD?XQ9 erected bv tin*
inn .i :
\\ AMIIV.l lit, ll. I ., No, I," . \ . .. : ' , |. ;
.Vet mbOt ?: '. ?,7l?. 4
??V.AI .. Till I-..-AI..- an '. I. * -, ,: \ 1. 1 i ,r .'.'.- ? ,
all.I I?.\ .ll of l!,e |i?ll?...llli: ll'ln ll l-J'.t I llllfil
1:1 c? n . i-non with lim lateraatioaal
li. of Belt ont and
I- mnt
t 11., i ??ii -, n? , rt.i urusei toit Mel sad glasM ?lile.? ? lu
? -1..i..i n i\.
? ?, :??Ht\ !e?i n-. t ; rui ? i i I . ? .-; ited by
. tree,
.o.. ? r c ? iu.iiii i i ulruad
tisck?. Iln ulnn?. It ?i- n'P ,r-i(ii?. t-r 11 ?? In i., re n?l?, nrei to lia
i., traarj i. i-, ...i- panslMa. snitabiu
I ? i... ,i.? t.i:i bet
r.-. .iM.t ai* So ! 733 ]? Mint . \Ysshrnrt?n. U.C., until 3
p. ?n. Jauuar}' 15. l?77. when liny will b, ??i?-in t! sinl awar?l
I lit ?pitnl Ptiil Pip. north of ultoye. lise In .. f?ef, ?tt.l
addition, s 14 lee*, i.to ?inn... h,.h ? t_i|__cit>-. ?_? -
11. i tie . -, ?i.i, room?, i.i.i hi n.
i i . I'o t,e -p.! I | - .a n'ter
le .m.?-?, l, 1877, as peaatble. .suit.it>.?? tot laiui ..?eiuu?
PropOSaL will he le, ? .. .1, p- .1?'-. .-, until .'? p _B., -l.il.i. ?I 1 ?.
t.i.i I i- -. ? i??? kceossponled i?y a eertldad cheek for io
|.? r . a III of l!,e Uli. 1M. lit ??1 I. Illl- t In a li to !??? li l'.-ili-il to Hit,
?i?ivt riitc.iiil III c?*?e l!n? Iti.lilir hhi.-ittl in .?t?i-i m refuse M
?-ttitipl. N t n -|.i it Im-?' by full lv?il,t.l,l ?iltilli HvethtY. Slier
notice ot a. t. ! ui,.. ot h:? I,,.I. sad n? wurkot r?*M?>val to he
b?-i mi iiHl.l (nil psvrnent I? ins.ie. The <?e?\ el .liii.-ut i i .
I lie ri^ill lo it ji . I .ill 1,1 lp in tl tie.-tu 'ti rai.Pia. uey.
i, -it, i te tin ' ?-?. mment Itulli'.
1 -, t?o led il|?t|| flppli'-.illt'll to this i-lHi?, t:r to I.i? et.
Ill.M.'i Ml ,' 11 H-. l.l?.A., St Hie MUMg iiself: tu
i. rard U> the Hospital Bittrdlnf, of Asstsiant -4urr_????n J. J.
WitoliW Altl", Arin >l.',ii *?(?..it... \V t-'i;ie:i??u. It ??.
All lilt?? to I*.' 1 .?lor? d ou eliveh'p?. ' Hid !.?r eiovei nuieiit
BulU'.liis, li,ti-;ii.-ir',i al Kxhibltl u, 1870.' or fur " Hospital
Hti.i.t.i.i?," up iln.n.. mi??- it,-, ami to b>- aridressMl to " Ctil. 8.
?*. i.Wui.ii, 1 ttslrr-aa n?,.,iti b. 8. Kaee-uv* < muinmit.
O, i ."' ?? ? . i. . i "i.n,
Brerel 11.'it i-ol. ?. tk A., rtahrraea ot iitard.
l?o CUijoin it Ulan Concern
IJ Th?-un.ti i ip-el. ti-ilil r t-entlv Artiury of one of th?
le it'ies life tii?lt|-j?lllS- inl'ijisiile?. ?- ,. tiislei' all C*l
rulailoiip I'Uiliiir to Life I inuiranve, mid furnish Inforiuaiieu
n i' i .i n..'.,.-. t fi . ai t ii.itci- ( all nr sddr.** l'i,', snd I(17
llM?iis:iy, li, V., sseead tlooi-fn?_,
8. M. HKlKIK-4.
?aif? on Ariiion
A. MUKtrii, Am-iem.-?r.
BY BANOtift Co.. 8156 Brxak?wwf, nonr Boud
?t. .?ties nf II.?.?' ? Work.? of Art. .?n- Ae
l-'KIDAY .?iitl BATTTBDAT,M -?:Sn p. m.
BLKOAM uni 11.1.1 si p. \ tki? lt?>??k^. Pn?>to|fr?|,h
. Mandai tl v\ oiks in tie i? ral I.n? lature. ciii'niren'a
l?i??l.?, ei.-.
6ieam?oat0 anu Ui.itioa?c.
Leevo New-York tumi foot of De . , oitiaudt
.?;?. :
Hit*) ?t. m. for Wa*hla*tae suti Hie Wat?, iiititiuonti
?*harlrMinantiiliei?.>iii!i. i -?? *. > a._u l'u-lircjuslre??? Ncw-Ye.rk
t? lljllliiatrc liit.l S\.i.i.iii|{lou. luaklua close ?-.?iniici tltsi for
?lli.lniiiltl. M. I^lil?, I.nil.Mlli-, Ax.
1 p. iu. ...r VI luJiliiatos set Ihe Wer.? sod lor Klchlm.tiel.
via t.'iiil?>us\.l,.>, I'uilii.iin, .,;< n.im .New- lui?, to tuilliuiirti
snd Wapiiliirtou. innkluc tdomi ?'oniierttou ft r 4'Mca_.-t ?In.
?luua'.l. i^.u??\ille, r?l. I/Kii?, lliUhuiKh. ?te.
.. dally lor .VsshiBttoii, two ?Stiuih ?n,l .v.??u rsUoaaa'a
sle.?H r?fioin Mew-lark is r.iiltlnioreaiid w iShlh ten, in__in?
cl?>_. ***i nur Unas u* t'liic.wci. tlBcnnatl. UmiIm-III?. mi
lllUbonh, th* ??..nth iiiitl r-oiitli Ue?ip i ?un.. !* at
V. nsldnmon with tr?ln?for Lytirhtiura, Klorrtla, New-orl.-ana.
ami Ihe ,?_?illi.
1 i>r thtoiigli tii-kt'tM, please call at COMMayM O nice?, S If.
M Brosd**ar, NeW-York ; ?tt?l st IV.el nilli es, loo.
o. t ui_ukIi_u_i1 li? i-Ii-i.-*-? ?,*.. si.d Lmmmh, Jorttejr mt?.
A8K i ...i; i I i, ii - x'tv
iiKDUtJl- 1> IrAKK.
kl??a-l ?U_._o*r? las,? ..<?_? ?H, North Uiver, foot of Jay-St.
St t.SO n. BL
tickets fer i??le st sil ?rtitelfisl ttek??t edorew. KUtemomi
?eciifcd al ottvaa ui V* ?raUoll l-Xpie?? ( u_.i_u_r sud at JtU
Frelrtt ?ihr. Hteaatiers leave Pier M, Nortii River, toot t.
farfc-alatM. ai 4 p. as. ?Mlghta vlastUar liaeukeaat WaMt
'_ W. s'il K1N8, U. V Agt. D. S ?ABC0CK, Tro?l
ftcamboatc an? llailroa?s.
BKIlMlEPOftT, and all pointa out?ousat_2
anil Msv^atack Hallnwla. Fare, SI. h learner Ilk irCS
POI'.T I?sous catftartne-aUp at 11:80a. in., and BrnlftetMrtM
V> -At.I.RMTVjtV.N LIMf.-F.rry SUtlona in Neir?i'
foot of Liberty-st., snJ foot ot Clarkson-at., up tona. Fr__S
btatlon. foot Of Llberty-st? ^rm
Commouciua Oct. 2. 1378?Leave New-York, loot at ia_
orty-aL, as follows: ^*
6:40 a m. Mail. TaaiN for Rasuro, ficlvid-ro, -.?si.
llath. Anniwmm. Mmiob 4'Ouirk. Tamaneini. W?Ke*uM?_
b-xantnu. Carbond-le, *c:<?uucci* at Juucu__ ?u_ n l
A W.11. it. ^ **
7l."> a. m.-Pbr set*??rrO'w and FJemtmrton.
8:15 a :n *los-lN_ mi-nasa, ?silt (?v.??tit Rnndsys) *?
H:i.-h .vnl-e manch, ?- ?-tun. Allentown. Hurrlsbtirc, 't_2
tho West. Connect* at t-.aston (or Manch Chunk. Tuna,?
Towaniia. MrtlktabaiT? ac*aat-a, Pt.v-.nu, WfiKamsis.ivi?
*l:iil) p. iu.?10xrutas fur Fleming too, Kaaluu. ajiciuowZ
Manch Chun-, aillr-sowre. KeranUm, Tnma?|na, MabM?
City, Haj_?iuhi, lM-diac, Odamhia. Lancaster, Kpt*-*"*?
Pottsriiie. H-rrtsburir, me. ^
?ist n. m.-For llurb Hrtrt*_ iTamlt Xaatan. BslvtiiaM
Allcutoivn. and .Maucli CbuiiK ; councils at J one tita W_2
Bel.. I*ck. and We?*. Math-nos. ""
?4:80 p. w.?For rtomeri-llle and I'lei 'gtaa.
6:1 i p. m.?lew Ho nn Brook.
?6:30 p KL?Kviuiia? SArM-SH, daily, ?Jar Maston. Balvkbm.
AI!, mown. Manch Chunk. WI Ik es-an*. Towaiela, R*a_W
Hamsbnr?, and t m *'? a*. ^^"
-8 30 p. to.?Fur Faaton.
Kuats wave *.~t ?if r,iark_a_..at.. un (awn, at 6*4, T?s
?05, 10:0j. 11:.;.'. a. us.. 1J.50, 1:50. 3:20, 4:J0, 5 'Us, 6.11
T'iti. ryjm, 10:05. 11 bii o. tn.
Connect"?? la ma?'? by Clarkaan-sL Ferry at Jersey Ctty
with nil trains marked ". ... , __,
For tra?na tu local point* tee tlmr-tabla at *t afloat.
Tun-Table of Nov. 16.187?! Tra?an Mare Nta-lark turn
font at 1,1-etTy-tt.. Nmtti Blver. at W:15, 11:45 a ta, 4:la\
6:13 0- ns.
From toot of ClarkaontL at 11:35 s. m.
St.'irea toan.l (rotu fceyiairt connect at Matawan suuaa
witnsli tra?na.
Leave New-York, fwotof iJUarty-sC, alC.t-, 7:15. u.l& a.?.
l.'b?, .1. 030 p. in.
l*avo foot ui Clarkson st. at Oil\ 7 ?So, 8.0.1 a m, 12 .?a,
1:20, .'?-'? '?. m
Leave Philadelphia from station North Pennavlvania Ball.
mad. Tbire and Her?a-ai?-, at 7:JO. 9:30 a.m. 1:30. S.iO.i,
5:30 p. m.
Fuuiuaii Prawinx Boom Cara aro attached I? Hits 7:4b and
9:16 a. m. tra?na from I-ew-Yar-, ana to tra?na leaving Tu.rd
and Herts ?is. at f. and S:f**n. in.
.sit trains cimnret at Iren.on Justctim tt end from Trenton.
lefve Tr? nlon lor Naw York at .V45, 8:15. iOaO ?. vs., 2:10,
.1.46,6.46,7:20?. ta.
J__H. g BALPWIN. Uea.Faas. Ateau_
_ WINTXB AHl.ANHKMKNT of Trains In effect D?.
i'"'nl?ir, 1*47S:
V a. m.-ciuidnnau and chi(*a<ro Puy Kxpreaa. Piawlag.
Boom Coaches u, Buffalo and Haspensl^n Briif.e.
10 4 > a. ui.-Kxprcm) Mail for HiUTalo vi ith -?leepinif Cotobtt
7 p. m?(Dally) Pacific Kspreaa Air the Weak HleealOf
Cum htm tlrouKh to It's In-sUsr, UnffaJUi. Majiara Falla, Clocia.
nstl sn.1 CLica?*o without chaiis;?-; also Putei Dlmua cart M
Tralin teave ("'hamhers ?trcet Pi pet, N. V., for
Nenark, (1:45, ktd, pl:46 a. ni., 3:1 ?, 51?. and S:15 T?. W
ami i J D.iilulfht, Saturday niKbtauiily. e.inJaj?, '.*: I j a. n.
Bit)p. tn.
Hnib?rfnrl Park and I'sasile. 6, 7-45. 10 a. ta.. 12ao?n.
1:45, 3:16,1 JO, 5. f!, GUM), 8 p. ia., 12 ml.l!_i;UL Hu-._v> ., g,
H Mi. 10 a. in., l:46.U:30p. rn.. sad 12 niMnUbt.
l'_l-r_u_, ti (1:45, 7:45. 8.HO, lo, 10AJ a. n.. 12 noca,
1:45. :il5, 3.15, 4.3(), 5, fctS, 8, 0:1a. 6:30, 7, R p. in., and ll
iniitniahl. bundaya, 0, U.M. Vie, 10 a. n_, 1.46. UUO, 7 p. tn,
arid i.' i ? 11. ; 11 v i ? t.
SuDini, 6, ?:45, H>4* a. St., ?: .0, 4:30, 6, ?, 7 p. ni., IJ
tniiini'rht. Knudaya, ll, n.M. 10 a. m., 14-, ti-.'Ui 7 p. m., sut
12 inalnlcht.
Cor-wali, 2 a.m. 3:30. 4-30 p. m. enodaya, 880 a. ta.
Warwick, 10:t? a. in.. 4:30 p. m.
NcwlMirah, ?, 10:4? s. ?., 3:30, 4:30 p.m. ??nielara, 8:30
a. m.
Klneaton, 9 a. m., S:'K) n. m. Sunday?, 8 30 a. m.
(lichen, ll. 7.-4 5. ?. 10:45 a, tn_ S:90, AJO, 7 p. ni. SaaOaya
0, s? a?), In ?. 111., Ii:3l>? 7 p. 111.
MMdletown, 7:4... S, iDlft a. ro.. 4:30. 7 p. m. SnMays. s-jfj,
10 a. m., 7 p. Gi. The 'J a. in. auiT l.M) ?_ oi. trains ?sSMect
With New-York and itumitu Ml.tUud Hair.i.i.l at Mam st?
Fort JerrU, ?, 10:45 a as-, 4:3u, 7 p. m. Hua.Uya. s TO. 19
a. ii? . an i 7 p. in.
N<tic -Triants laavlnsT diftrntx-raat. on eren or half Itotnt
leave'! ... :il;. ti.i; in litu-i-ti ?ut?alesearllertban abovettaw?
train leaving f-ambera-at. <>u gturti-r hotiia le.wv Ts.Bty.
third st. Deny ninuU-a earlier. i.?,ata leave Twenty UiirSet.
at b:l". ami In 4 > p. na_ omuunctlna with trains leaving L_ua
bers-st, at 10 p. in. an I 1'.' midslitbt.
11. ..?-is 1er p.-.?sa<e and for Apartments In Prawinir-rcsa
ant HIeeptnf CooeSes can in- obtained, and ordtrt for tht
cbeeklUftanrt t'aaalerol liastrae*? may lie l"ft st fli'-Oiaptay'a
Offlcco. Naa, 23j, ml. 5'.''.' 1.1111 '.157 lii-ta?)w-y ? Nu 's ' (Hin at,
Brook'vn. and st the Company's Depots.
Bxprea rrains from tbe wtst trrirs in New iorkst7?l4
?. US., '2:lQAud7:'oop.us.
Trains l.a?e fur in? n v.i-.s!. ?1 ??:. r Plermunt, and Nyiek,
7, ?15 a. m.. 1, i. 4, ll^, bit?. 0:M, 7..?; p. iu., an.I Haliirday
ul'-liU onlv at ?1 3D p. ra Btmdaya, I) a. ui ???.i e> :y p. m.
Naniiet. Kpriai; V'aiiev uni Maaaer, 7, ? 45 a n., 4<v p. m.
J :. ?. R. ABUul'T. i?ul I __s r Aacui. New-Yerk.
I i A BliA STORM BNT OF l'A--- KNU KB I'.". ? I SO Aprtl i?,
187b.?la ave iOfoOS I?s>t of Cortl.iu.lt an?! P?i?hn?-s?-a-sta., at
7 a.m., for _s?iua, Butbk-. ??,..;:... ?u. 5??.,< n ?:btni?_,
Haaletoa. Beaver Meadow, uaudoan, Ml
C.rmel, ??shaiu.ikic. WtlkesbaiTe, i if.-I.?, Vm?i n-, l.ladra, Ac.
connecting v\nh tni.ns t>?r I ?. ? ., A ? ..iu. 1'.-cb.'sler, Bat
falo. Niarrara Falls. au4 tin West.
1 p. i.i., tor liaaton, Iftlhlffkrai Allentown, II tucb chiiak,
li.ixii-ii'ii. Miii.naiiy i uv. ahenanitoali,"ft .sioo.
?c, Baking cs*t? rniiuei ttons for Head-)/. PotisvJle, att
4 p. ui., for F.sston, Betlib-hem, Allentown. aad Mtatk
ChutiU, at.'pplt.g al ilJI aUlioliS.
U.30p. r.i, Ninht r:i|ir?--.<, dally, f'?r Eaatoi?. Pa tMekeic, AV
leiitown, Msii?-hi liiini.. MflW?Mm, i'it?i.ii -.vr.- Khnln*.
Aiibnni, i:?h m- i,r, iinfi.in, Maata l ?Us, a?il tht
Weal. I'nlliiian's sleaatng machet attached.
BOUT. 11. 8AVME, hupt, and KnuT.
Otsnertl Fast? rn mi.?.?-,. ?ni--oi Chun h and ???rtbititlt ala
_CHAS. il. HfMMI'HTn. t|WI
?JKWeHAVEN, HARTt?RD, Ac, F.in-i, Iff.
\ ?(? ..e,. i ?leave Feek-abn tor New-Uav.n at 3 and 11 p.il,
i-i?i.:iis-!ii..: wltli il"- noir i.ul._
11 l.IVL*. i! VII !'.<>.v:> ?immerain? Doe. 11, 1<|
Uin-iifih tra?as ? .ii I? are Ur-nd ? , a*mi i .
7.1."? a. *.? . \v. -i. i i ,?i ,1 Northern ?:\?r-., *? ?Ui drawing.
Moot ?a ata Ke '?? -i- r
8:3(1 a. ?. ., .-?|s<:*: Cblca?p> and at L?)u:s F-on-aa, artk
?'it-.. Ing :is.*ii car?:o Rochester and Bntlalo; also, I Tirons- Cir
to >:. l/.iiis
I 1 ii' :?. i. . Ni Hie n ai. 1 Wuslem ExpretS.
Ali ?any. Tr?.?, siel vs. .|?*rn Kvi^saa
arn.? at initia'?., ;. U> a. m.
5 n ? n. m.. Lxpi-.'?.-. artt- ->,?].-. ,~ears brWataitowaSM
(ai.ai -It* i _ 'ia. 1 Ls.-. i.r MOBt ?il via Flattaiiari;h.
:3o t> i.... i? :.?? l..|i ? dally, ?lib al* t'li.ns-riis Mr
I-.?.? lie- er .Snu^ra ' taP;
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M? ?ill ?ll vll SI. A '.
?lisip. im., lixptvss, a 1th sleejdnr-ears l?tr Albsay. ?ti
M :iv Trains as n r lorol Tra?' TnMes Ticket* f.?r ssieat
?.ii.*at. and at W, su-olt l.\ir I
. roadway. Ne.-YaO?
and IM WatlUiiKliSi st.. Hronklrn.
?'. li. Ml.l-.KKi.. Uene; J I'.ias.ustir A<tBfc_
VOIW .'.K. N LU". YOKii A \U NEW 11 A,
VIHIOS.- W rrr- r Ar-.m-eieeTit. t.m m an* U? ? '", 187ft
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tram ? on l'.irt,-.?? (Kind at.
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I . _sf?>rN?ow.UavtnleaTcat 7:1?. ia?-c ni. 8?5 i'CiX OA?
H'c i.\ 11 ,-.. :n. <f.\.), l-? N. (Acc-ni, 1 n l'.J
? i..-alKi.). DiKv.i, li ill..), 11 .?p.?.
Kn! Viltfh .Nor? ?ilk. 71 . - "a. '.< " ?. 11 a. in , 1'.' i.i. 1 (ti\
'.'?"ii, ::. ! in. B 13, :l"'. '?'?. .'. li). ??el 1 l:fS p. ?
foul. 7 10, ?i.iij. '.?.???. 10:11) a. ni., lito., I.--.., i, o. ..-. 1:4*
I: HI.
H...-.on ::\|?r. ?, via rspnnirneU. st ?006 iiud 11 a.m.. w sad
. no Man- i.l.t ui i ami 10 p. i.i. Bostoi., via Air
: aad 11 ..'? i>. m.: i'ie MO a. in.. 1. 3, '.'. and 1?
S. rt. t>t'*i?iii'K at Man?' :?l. .\?nv. ait, and S:Mau?l 11 a.?.
. :'. and If) p. in ai Hi-tdyeimrt. I'heWliOa. in. CO
?itlt (rabia ?a sn? rw I.mi- Mu-leu tor l':ovid ?nte and tb?
I'tm-j. \ :."'< , .o sithrook. The 1 p. iu. coni.eeta attk
Norwich, sn.1 the fi?Omdi i?. a.
?Mia Ki m Haven and Northampton U. R. at Nets-Haven, aad
Ih? s'''."? a. m. an?! 1 p. rn.'? i insta
nid . i?. .a. trains ?-iiaiiect with Coun. l?vir H. H. ai s,?rlB*.
Held, and t i?. m. toi Montreal, Tin- ?oo a. in. -lal .: p.H.
roi'iiict ?Uli N:?-.al ?rk ami tl..i?s.u.>nic 1!. Ra. a IV "'?:''|s*i
Tlie 8:i).> a. c... ii.! 1, 4(ii, and '< p.m. w.tb Paii!.?.ivaa4
N.irwalk. Soith Norwulk, toil the KtOO a. iu., 1 au?l 441
p. in. ?-? 111? Ne v-C-niuiu K B. al .stainii.nl.
.-?nniU.? Hosten Mini'i'iaiiis at i p. in. via Spriutrticld: at IS
p. tn. ? ia Pi '.?vid- not.
Uratvlu .r.s?in C-M on Pa.v Kipreea, andhleepnigC'sltIS
Right Kxpreot I
Ink? la ,.i?i la. pnrctuiai-l at Tlkel Oflloe of ('osiptaytl
Oraud ('?utrui Iiepot, oral olllcosoi .\. V. ri...?-r.i '?e-ttA
Hrissdwav. New York, and Nn. 4 i-oii-.ts .. Il n ? ?K h r. who ?111
ais.? i he a inniii.tre .raai i?'sl<l?nca toUratlaatiou.
A ? : Ki;A l I'm; .s k Li XI : A H I) U MITBD sTATKf? MAIL
BOTJTK. Trains Mare New-Yuik, via peab.mast aud C?TV
laadtstieet FMTtotaa ti.lluHa? ?
: ?nr-Sl tor ll:niL?huis. l'tit-li-rcl:. the West tad SwilB.
with I'mlman I'i?aee Cnm atlaehei!. R Hi) a. tn , (i snit8.30 f.
m, daly.
)?'?" WiUlamsi ?.rt. I.oek l!.iven, Corrv ami Erie at 8:301**?.
eonniH-tliiK at 4"?rrv for Titnavllle, ivti..|. ?? n centre, aad me
tn. lie ?.?n . i- i wlllMntspart ?m tmrti ll.tuii.s.Joasi. ?
For r.iiltimetv, Wa . th. Sontb, "L mil dWatS
lnrt u Enpreen' of I'ullaian Failnr Cai?s ?laily, ei-ept MMMfi
0.3()a. ni.; anlve at tVaahBifrtou 1:10p.m. i.*;uUrat_-4?
a. m., I, S, aid 9 i.. te n?l n ii. ir. __
. .? f. r l'liUadi-pliia, 7 _?. s;(.i. -:l" ,? KJ LliaiMd),
in in .?m., 1. 1. r.. f.. 7. ItSO, Dp m an.I 1'.' ni-h'. Sn^ilay,
k.;M) a. in., b, b, 7, t-.M, anJ ? p. ai. Kmlaisti and antjood oiaae
7 a, m.
AeoomiiKHtstlou for Tmnioti, 7 a. ?., 9 ami 4 10 p. m.
If'or Newark at it. Dili. T, 74?), ?, H. 10, 11 a.m., 12BUI??
5:^0. 8, ;t :? ?. 1, 4: in. 1 SO. I 50. ?>, .*. 90, 5 10. ? 1<>, <i -", **??-)?
~:m. sou, 10, li?;?) p. a-, aad 1 ' ulah- susday. 6:10.tew,
7, Mini SIOp. in. , .
Foi I ? lt,.ibetn. ll:.**), 7, 7:40,8,9. 10,11 a. in, It "?-.'???
.13 ,4. lit), 4:30, ? .o ft ". ? - ?,::***i'
7:8?, r-.it, in. nato p. in., nuil Vi ni?iit. taadsy.5.-??a-****
aa?i S:iop. m , . ?_. -
lor lull,v? .IV, 6;3l). 7. 7:40, h. 10, 11 a. ns., 19 SL. 1. 2. 1:30, 3,
:? ::.., i. i lo. i..: . ;:.".o. 5 90, i-.to, - ?"? ??
n. ia. and i. might, tumttty, ? ?o. il S.. ami 7 B iu. .
Fm Won-bildMi, r.nii Ar-anor, and -<mtb a m boy, O:30taa
10 a. m.. "ii'M*. 4:M). ami 6:Jo p. in. ._ ..,?.__
For Ne? llrnnatnok, 7,8. awl 11 a. m., 9, 3, 4 10, 6:.0,6:m
7 p. ai., and 19 ulrht. Huinlay, 7 p an.
f i l-ji-l vi,il,i,?n?-, 11 a. m.. .; -ml 5: JO p. m.
For Klini.?t??H ?nid fl.ssv mil, n-40a. m. ami 4:10 p.m.
For l'I.i?.. (?II. 7 S 40. aa.l H): SO a. 11^ 1, 9. 4 1?'. tad . f??
Illa, 10:3"a. m., 1. .'. tnil 1 in n ni.
For PI .IlInsiHiruaiHl Hell l.t.-rr, 10 KO a. ia., 9 p. ta.
l'or ri nungtnu, H)..lOa. m. a??l 'i u. tn.
|-,?i Men ' ? and ?sunn-raet llrauch. Il a. lu an?! ?' P- '* _* __,
koe I ivolou, Borileato?n. llurtlngloii,ami oaeiasn, , ~?^
l??::iii:i. m., 1, '!, t, and 7 ei.
hor Fre l'iel. 7:i?l a m., -, 4 10 p, M.
her f iin?|:?;. ?le ?nal'.pian, 7 a'a. ai., 2 p m. ^.
Knr UUhtatnwn, Pciebcrtoo, smlCanid? n. ?m Pen- Ainiw l
?i M) p. m., mm tin Moitmonllt JiincUoi?, 4:10p. IU. ?
In. Ill, ;n?|..\?.i an?! f. lui aili.a. 0:80 8. Ui? vit li.?-*^
boy, and 7:30-. ni., via Monimnilli .Inin ll??i j
Ti ama arrive: From 1 iltaharsh, ftU. ?aud 10 30 a. ts-. aw
lO.i'p m., ?tally; 10:10 s m. tnd (bim p m . <0__*r7r
Monday. i-nmi\Vaa!,li)glnnsiiil ?altimme. b. *'. '.*:?*? ?^J
4 le. 5 10, all.1 ' lll:--'tl p. l, 0, PAO S. at ?*?_]?
Phlla.'cli.fiU, C0f>. l'i'-'D. 8:?o, 0 >D. P'.l?. 118? ?rito?
4 10, VIII, iV.O, r1:IO, 10.10. and 10 Uli. m.; ??aliitnv, bV?,*?>
?:S0.?:50. ILolia. ai. SiO. lol*t,and 10:*aip.ia. M?
Tieki-4 unicea. 6i*i ami .?44 ili.,silway. No. 1 Attrt w?^j
au.l foot of lX-aLr.?isr a ami i ??i!? n ?tt .-!-, -Nl>, . Vl?w?
BTvmklyn; Nna. 1!4, IIS, nn.l 11*< Hn?la.?u -t.. 11I"i:"krLtai?,
iHit, Jersey (-111*. Fnilgi-atit Ticket (>i-?v, N<v ? *Uii%*'7jL_Z
I). M. BOYP. )r., (l.utral l'as-K'ii '?-i At~"
Fa.lSK TU?__K?.\. Uenrlal Ma-a-ST. _?
PHlLAOKLFlilA via LONG BRA*?1 ?*!
th.. M.\VJKIt_LY SOUT-L-MM ?<->"'"^'?st U
lower than by any ether ronle. ixwuneiicliig N"f^^gfc
1I47?, leawe Now-Vark fi-? Fiar S ??*_s Ulvar, lu?* es
%* a. a- ?br PkitaSolpitit, Long ktttnr*, Tom? ???* ,"
Vluelan?!. _ . -_._ ?????*. Wat?
4 p. m. tor P-l-MMphla, Um? ?^-^?Jil]^^Sar**
Iowa, aad i?-o?actou. W. a. bNMU**. M*9- m??

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