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v?i XXXVI.N?-11,162.
_,;,?V. ?lU'.VK.R IHIIilH 110 Bill I 111 MONKY
('ongn ss was occupied aliiuist exclusively
mmakOmatS with political matters. In lioth Innis?1?
th?* ti?ni t-?1 d< maud tin* iiri>?liicti<ui of t?le
p-iius waa ilisiiiss'tl. The Senate was nearly
unanim?'??* in railing for the Oregon tlispat- tics.
In the House, 1'roc tor Knott, to the. surprise of
evcrybotly, move?! I nfeniue of the matter ?>f
?the I.??ui.-iana ?lispatehes t<* tibe .T?i?li?'i??r.v Cotii
niltte?'. (???v. G rover and Mr. Mai tin of NYw
Yink testilleil yesterday as to tlie Oregon
elei'ti??" ; liVpuWicans BOW believe $25,(100 or
10 was si nt t?? Oregon from New-York. Mayor
Wickliam'a privat? s-ecretary has been sub
pemu-d to testify. Various other subjects of
political thouglit at Washington are discussed
in Tin: Tkiiuvk's dispatches to-day. Th??
time of the Northern Pacific Railroad is to be
cxt<ii<i?<i eight jam
isiiN?. rn?'frKi?iN??S in both bkanciiks.
W v-iitv?'.TON. Jan. 5.?It is a fortunate thing that
got question of the power of Congress to retjuiro the
production of private telrerams as ?vidence ha? no
innrer any party hearing, and can now me ?liscussid
upon its merits. In the House a Democratic com?
mittee dc.-ires to exercise tins power, anil in the Seil?
st?1 a K? publican committee Mska it, and ??ach hopes
t?? piin a political advantage by its us?-. An instruc?
tive and entirely non-partisan discussion of the sub?
ject took place in the Senate tn-iiay <>n Mr. Morton's
rc-oliiiioti to compel the Oregon talegtBB?- e**OS900M
to pr??<. ice i-?rtain messages relating to the trans?
mission ??f money from New-York, which it is sus
jKTtid was BBBtl to pay the "expenses" of the
(iiovcr-Cronin electoral lraud.
The view ?xpn-ssed l?y Senators Sherman, Bayard,
Co:.k'niir. twid other? wa-s that the power ta ?StSBpal
the diaaleaars <?i tel? graaihle BBtiaafoaiuBBa should
be exercised by the S?nate with great care and
iiri.l? r the re.strictio s that would be observe?! by a
court et justice. Mr. Conkling was disp.ised to the
opinion that telegrams should lie guarded as care?
fully as Utters. II?- laid that the result of such act*?
a- bad Iiiiibiit?IHisl andar color of Congressional
aiiticniy in theseizur?- of dispatches would be that
the telegraph companies vvouhl soon W compel???!
bv their patrons to protect them by destroying all
Mr. Morton said that in the absence of a law ?m
the subject the right to re<|iiire the production ol
dispute lu o as evidence undoubtedly exists and that
tin?? is as clear a case as can i-vcr arise. He thought,
however, that Csngrea onaM to pass a gi-m-ral law
relating U> the .vt'iuy of telegraphic couimui.ka
Mr. liiRalls compared a telegram t?' n postal card,
and cuiilil s?-e no analogy bstwsea it and a m-h!?-?I
letter. If a ???stninst? r should MC on a postal card
evidence of the commission of a ? rii.i?, he certainly
would not be restrained fr? m iniorining the ??Hirers
?if justice ?u gistafl t'-stiiiiiiny in ? court by the laws
concerning the inviolability ?if th?" mails.
The debate brought out the faet that some States
have law s prohibiting employes of telegrai?hic com
j.a.iie.- fi (?m disclosing the c?uitcTit.s of messages. In
Oivgoii it is a willful disclosure that is prohibited.
In l'ciinsylvania the pr??liibitioii is absolute, but it
has Ixreii luid by the courts that the rei'uireincnt of
? ? ri-cy must give way to the ends of justice, and
that operators may l??- compelled to testify ?1? to tin
(?intents of messages. It turned out when the
Stiiate caui'-to vote that the discussion hud little
direct relatiou to the resolution, for there were only
time ?ratal m the negative; namely, those of
Mtsam. Itanium, Iturnside, ami I'aton. The roll call
dis. loaed the al tenet} ??f a quorum, however, so there
will have to be another vote on Monday.
Th?- House proceeded with much greater caution
to-day when Mr. ?lames, the New-Orleans telegraph
iu.i.?ag?-i, was brou.'lit before its bar than, when his
refusai to produce dispatches supposed to be in his
puss? ?--???n waslirst rt'i?oit?d. Mr. llamea presented
sloi.i'und ably-prepared protest, setting forth the
facts _ad the Ian alfecting the case as understood
by 'us counsel, and it wa? read at the Clerks desk.
Praetor Knott then oif'-ml a resolution directing
that ??'1 th*? papan connect? (1 with tho case Ix? re?
ft rr? ?1 to the Committee on the Judiciary, with in
rtrui tions to examine them and report at an early
day. This action evidently took the Republicans by
?BffrJee. as it was HppoaBd froin the headstrong
manner in which the lietiio?-rats took hold of this
tul.jia t before the holidays that they would show
little dispoMtion to giv?' the matter careful consider?
ation row, hut would commit Mr. Harnet at once to
the en -tody of the St-rgeaiit-at-Arms, and order the
immediate, arrest of his superior officers in the
Warten Uaina Company. The HTJdnit drift of
public opinion in regard to the act ion of tlie lions?
baa B-sJottbtedljr had a salutary efleet upon the lead?
er? of tii,it body, and convinced them of the wibdom
of iiuikiiii; hasta slow ly in this matter.
HMiaiaiNa whom;, atrr in c(?mmiti>k mu-si
|ni- m ana ?ib ra tih; ?aiauaa.|
WasantOTOX, Jan. .r>.?Tho Committee on Triv
MfH Bud Illeetioiis in its investigation ?af tlie ?Or.
ig'?n ? ase bears a good deal ??f icseiiiblance to a iurt
tii-i-V .1 ?urt. Senator Morton ha? a judi? ial apjM ?ir
laeth and Mr. Mit? h.ll takes the part <jf pros
?cutititf attorney and exaiiiines the witmssi-s,
iBBBtSf K? man might be called the defendant's
attorney, an?! Mr. K? Uy, sitting at Mr. Kernan's
tllxiw and orcasionallv whispi'rinR a question in Ins
?*r, would Is? taken for the defendant.
?There i-, obv iously something bad in this Oregon
Maat*, Ihe committi* has already struck a
ttrt'UK -<?? rit.and the nervousness of the Democrats,
?Ml ?a-pe? ?ally of Senator Kelly and G??v. (Jrover,
??Id? to the k'tneial belief that it will lead to an im
portant discovery. 1he theory of the Or?goti Ke
pul-lu.ii.s here is that ^."?,000 or $:>0,000 was
rtifcHij m Ncw-Yurk tn? carry out the scheine of siVal
W the electoral vote; that Gov. Tilden's intim?t?
?Vlvisirs procured the funds and transinitted tlmn
? h banking-house in SaleinJ that SenaUir Kelly
'lieii on his way Kast was turned back by ?lis
Patch?* fr.iin \ew-York to overs?*? the c??nstnnma
t'"'i of th? job, and that the money was shared by
tli?; men immediately comermd hi the afluir,
"lii'tln-r this (lii-ory is founded ?ui faet will prob
*bly be developed in a few days. There is no
mor?; ulk of counting Cronin's vote, and the
?a-Si obje? t in ?-xposiiik* tho whole disrep?
utable tran action would lie t<? bring merited
^'prol.tium upon the men engaged in it and upon
the party in whov interest it was periietrat?-d, and
w"'** representatives in C??ngress have not yet
?bowu sufficient m-nse of honor to denounce it.
J'?v. (jrover appeals deter.iiin?-?! to lay siege to
ti'?- Senate, to force it, if possible, t<> admit the jiob
??biiity of hiN having acted from honorable motives.
T(Mlay he took Senator 'I huriuan's va?'aiit desk, anil,
<R* a young gentlnuan who apis-ared to ho his
Pnvat? ?^retary at his side to help furnish amuiu
?'?ion, he opcii.d lire with Senator Kelly as his
*f*> ?rtillery. Mr. Kelly atteiiiptcd to answer
M'?ab,r H'riKht's attack of yisterday, and claimed
?**t i*ov. QggajgtfO decisiim that Watt? was ineli
PbU waa ?ot a judicial but a p.?litiral act, whu h as
t-bief Executive he had a right to p?irform.
Mr. Harrison, private, secretary of Mayor Wickhatn
^h?w-York. and form, rl v holding tlie BMnie poai
?i tmdar rrcaidout Davis of the Coulcd? lacy, v,u*
BiihpotiiM'd hy Senator Morton's committee to-n
as ? witness in tho Oregon cane. Mr. I
-san cunm to Washington this m
bag with Mr. Martin of the firm
j Martin &. Hunyoti, bankers anil brokers at Ko.
| ?Aall-st. Mr. Martin was examined to-dsg in ret
to the drawing of u check by his house for fB,
in favor of Ladd ? Hush of Saleni. OtUfM.
Harrison ?bowed considerable, anxiety not to i
company with Martin, ami Mowed him to
Capitol, where he introduced him to the S rue.
It aras subs?quent ly learned fron Mr. Martin t
be first met Harrisou in tho train at Newark.
bad never been a? ?luaintctl with him before,
Harrison iiitrodut cd himself ami o lb red tOBOCi
paaj him about Washington, as Maitla frasaot
miliar with the city. During their journey the r
vernation turned on Martin's testimony, and Ha
Son attemnU'd to impress upon him n? forci
as possible the duty of swearing only to
personal huowledge, and not to anv of
? ?miiuon reporta m regard to the money seul
Oregon which wore in circulation about the ot
o? his linn. This attempt of Harrison to com h M
tin in regard to his testimony aroused hLs sui
cioiis, and when the fact became known t?) inemli
of the commit BBS it was at once dctciinined to pi
Harrison himself oa the witness stand. Ho v
probably be exainine<l to-morrow.
WiUHUBIIltnt, Jan. 5.?The testimony of G
Grovti of Oregoa was taken to-day by the Sen
Committee on Privileges and Elections. It was i
Important. He related the circumstances of the p
um to him against commissioning Watt.? as an el
t??r, and the hearing of argument on the matter, j
as it has been told many times alreaily. He tl
told, in reply Is questions, of receiving a threc-pt
letter from Judge Iloatllcy of Cincinnati, whom
knows by reputation only; Judge Hna.llcy gavt
legal opinion in reference to Watts, but did not I
that he WBStoldtO Writs the Wit-tSSS. OoT.O rovers:
that he did not act under the laws of Oregon, 1
those of the. Halted ?State?; there is a contlict I
tween the two, and he thought he ought to fol It
the latter, which requires that the 8ecretary
State shall issue the Certificate! to (let-tors. He t
titied that he hail had no correspondence with pro
incut gentlemen in New-York, but received a te
gram from ex-Senator (?win, in which he stat
that eminent legal gentlemen of New-York were
tho opinion that Postmaster Watts was ineligib
The witness ulsu received a telegram from N
Hewitt, Chairman of the Democratic National Col
mittee, in which he cited several legal dS-issO
beaiing OU the MM of Watts, and another fr<
Mant?n Marble, calling his attention to the case
'I'll?- committee held a special session at IfcilO p. i
to examine Augustus P. It. Martin of the firm
Martin ?_ Kimyoii, >t?>i k-broker.? at No. 11 Wali-s
New-York. In response to Questions by Senat
Mitchell he testified that it appears from astah
the firm's check-book that a check was drawn I
them OB the Bank 0. North America Dec. tl, H7
for 18,000, payable to Ladd & Busk of lalei
Oregon; the stub was in the baudwriting of G. I
Hughes, tlicir bookkeeper; tritoess knew nothii
about the check except from his paitmr ami tl
bookkeeper J the latter had told him 1 hat the clici
was returned the same day un.isetl.
Senator Kt man objet ted to any further question
?is the witness had testified he hail no BOfMB
knowledge, and M the other persons named could I
summoned to appear.
Senator Mitchell then elicited from the tritOS
that he WBMaccompanied to Washington by Hurt.
Harrison of New-Yoik, to whoin he was introduce
yesterday by his partner, Mr. Kiinyon, who told hi
Harrison was going to Washington, and woul
" give him advice ?uni help him along with his bus
lies-..'' They came over on the train together. Tl
only advice given him by Harrison was to t?"-iify I
nothing more than he knew, or in other words 1
give no hearsay testimony. He did not think 1
needed such advice. [Laughter.]
fllV IKI.I.l.l?AI'll Tl? TIIK Tiailt NI..]
Washington, Jan. 5.?The delay in report
mi; tin- TextM anil I'aeitlc Hallway lull from the HoUl
eomuiitte Is due to two cames. The li ist i* tlie neecssit
of carefully revisiug ?orne imitions of the MU, gtUUll
out uf the ?llvi.sloii of the road between tWOeoinpntiie
TkaMUts?i io he so roe-ustrueted thai the failure i
one company to comply with III provision? shall UOtll
ierren with or stabarrass the at?or in the uteeeeutioa ?
its work ; and this r?vision reiiulre? cartful coii?i(l.cr?
tion. The second BBBMat tta desire of the HuuttBSto
party to bo punrttttsl lo salid the Boat-era i'acitl
road directly west from t*an QargOBlB Pans, an
to make it? Hau DtagQ connection at any BStS
it may hereafter ?clect? Mr. Laruar, chainnan of th
t tiiniiiittcc, is opposed to this on the grouinl that if th
Huutherri Pacific Company is not required to begtol it
san Diogollnc at or near han OeSgBUlS l'as?, it may cor
timie the road to the Piulflc coast, Baking some Oth*
point the main western terminus to the dt-tt iineiit uf BBI
Die-o, which would then he uuly on a hraiich line.
The House Committee on Pacific Railroad? has agree?
tort port favorably the Heuate bill to extend the Unie fu
the construction and cuinpl tion af the Nurihern Pacttli
Kailroad. with an ainciiilinent pro? lilil?, that the cum
pany shall before the 1th of July. 1*7?, at its own ex
pense,tanss Io 1staailejisl and loealed Itseattrenoe
and ?Uiill 111'1 a map of it wltli the Secretary of the Int.
rior, in order that all land? nut included in Dit ?aunt tt
this road may at tuat tiiut- h* throivn open Io set nal set
Ueraunder the Prataptloa and BeaatsssM law?. Thi
lull extends the time fur completing th* road right year?
The extension is granted on the expies? eonditlon am
iindeistiiiidihg that where preemption and hoiiicsteai
claims were imtlaUil or private entries and locatioin
were allowed upon the laml? eiuhrac.d in the grant t?
the company prior to the receipt of srdSCI for the with
drawal of tin in at the reupcctive district laud olliee?, tin
titles may he iK-ifcctett, and tlie company ?hall rcccivi
iiiilemnily then for, a? now provided by law. The exten
Blon of time granted by the bill doe? not apply to tin
brauch line ot the road from Lakl Pend d'Oreille across
the Cascade Mountain? to PogSt Hound ami Washington
Territory. The Nortncrn Pacific Company 1? also re
quired to Ule with the ."-ccnlary of the Int. rior within ?ix
months from the date of the passage of the act Its ns.?ent
to und ?tcceptiitiee of the piovision? of th?' act. The lillj
will probably lie I Offert-d to the House next week.
lKitKNT opinions Off COOMs-BsU-llCM.
inv iB-Bou-ra to iiiK ratBOBB.i
Wapihnoton, Jan. ?r>.--A licpuhlictin ?Soiih
tor of consideraoie prominence Is said By hi? Meads to
have reacheil the ouicliislon that it ueald bl good policy
lor tho Jlepubliean parly to yield to the clamor and
threats of the ln-iuoerals ami BSt-Btt ihein to place (iov.
Tilden m the Whit? House. His theory i? reported to he
that it would be impossible fur OUT. 1'ildcn to make a
successful administration ; that he would cither ho
obliged to offend the North or disappoint tlieHouth;
that he would lie likely to take the latter hut n of the
dilemma, and that the result would tin a break In the
IleiiioeiaUe ranks In that section ; und finally that the
luevltable conseilueiice of his aci'ession to power would
be to strengthen the lb -publican party and give it an
easy victory in the ?State ciectiulis two years hem c and
la the Presidential contest of 18861 '1 his scum like r??
duit inOhe whole Issue of the dlHpute.l eleitlon down to
a meie question of political expedient,, hut probably the
tv-niilor holdiUK -BSBI views woul I not admit that he is
likely to bo MgSUeed bv tbem in his aetlon on the
pclidlUK guestioiis a* to the powers of the two house? of
( o. grew? in Manning the eh ?total vole, ?till it would lie
only natural that the desire to see a certain n-?ull at?
tained would had him to upprove the mean? for it.- ac
It Is not bellevfMl that the Renutor referred to find? any
support for bis theory among hi? patty associates In
?liuer house. The opinion entertained by all other Ite
puBUo-M woo Uati expressed theuiselves on this sub
J< et t? that however bad Oov. Til'leti's administration
tnlirlit m\ tlie D?mocratie party woulil be altlo to hold
poiRc-shm of the (iovcrnment beyond the four year?? of
It? duration ; tliat the whole policy of tlie party would
1m? to hold the Hoiitbcrn ? lilies lu a ?olid bmly ; to i. '?..|i?ti
the Itlaek vote practically, mid t<? add to the solid South
two or three Northern Stute? carried !>>? irlgantio fraud?.
It. is hehl Hint the unscrupulous means resorted to l?y
tlM Di'inoi racy to carrv eleetio'is would he ? inplovcd ta
a BrestCff UltSBl and with vastly greater fncllltlrs thau
ever before, and that in the ??mi, niter suffering a long
Iteriml ?.f misrule ?mil a latnentnli!'' reaction from the re?
sal?* of the war, the party could only !>?? shaken o? l?y au
iiutliiitst of se.II.?nul p'rejiiillee and excitement that
should imito the North against the Boiitb. The most
el? nilicadcd IP-publicans look to see the K< ituhlicun
party greatly strengtheiied by the wise uilinitdHlriitloii
which they expect rinni ?luv. Ulives ; luit in the event
ofliuv. Tihl.-n's lii?tiit-iir?ti,.n, white th.? party might not
losi' gi'i.iiml in most of the Nurtiierii rtint.-s, thev f?-.-l oor
tiiin that ItS allies In the Hmitli would Ite jtriKtlrally
lilotlKl out aaSB element IB list ??mil pslttll?*, and that
the old slave BtatSS wotil?! ftirm the impenetrable Mnce
?l.'inaii phalanx of tne renctlonnry D.-mocr.iey.
[ill TKI.KOItiril TO THE TRIP.I Sir.)
Washington, Jan. 5.?The Tciin?'K.s?,e Legis?
lature elects two .Senators next weak. It is unib-iStahl
here that cx-(Jov. Isham Q. Harris will have no opposi?
tion for the long ttna. Senator Key Is a candidate lor IBs
elcction for the short term, and has a number of com?
petitor?, (senator Cooper, whose place (lov. Harris is
assured of. Is not a candidate. He was chosen In lw7<> a.?
a compromise candidate by a combination of the Demo?
crats opposed to Andrew Johnson with a dozen Kcpub
li.'aii -. and tils selection for these clement.? to fuse apon
aros? from tho fact that he was able to draw OK two
votes fron? Johnson's forces, which gave him a bare ma?
jority of one. Mr. Cooper bus not rtuttngulhed himself
In the P?nate. His fiiend-? .ittrlbufe hi? failure to take a
Botleeable part In the proceod'iigs of the body to the
?erase d?mette afflictions which have Mica upon Mat
?since he took his si at death has deprived him of hi? wife
and four of his live children.
Washington, Jan. 5.?During the m'ont in?
vestigation by the Police Hoard of the Distilet into
charges that the police anthoritles had connived attaa
operations of gamblers, one of the witnesses, named
Clugctt, said that he had ?ecu resident Grant betting
on horse ra. <?
The testimony has excited considerable comment, and
i? met vvlib great Indignation hy numbers of the l'resl
dent's peinomil friends and by regular attendant? at
such amusement?. It Is jsisltlvely declared that the
President ha? not visited a horse race for several year?,
except in company with members of his family, and then
for amusement only, ami he took no part nor lot in tho
belting, as tlie witness asserted he had. As
part of the history of the investigation
of the charges against tho police authorities
a letter from Caiinscller Win. A. ?.'??oh Hppc.irs in The
Saturnal Hc/iubliean of this city, saying that he (Mr.
Cook) docs not Intend to submit tamely to the publica?
tion of " libels" in that paper. Mr. Cook, w ho held a
hading position In the Hiibe.ck trial, app? ??red before
the Hoard as counsel for the Chief <>! Police. Ke.'ar.llag
the tertre <>f artteteeta ihe iirpiibtintn he ?ay?: "in
the further piosceiinoii of the In.jiiii.t b? fore liie Hoard
oi 1'oli e, I propose to fiimls.i evidence of
the motive? whiih have iippiircntly prodaerd
the attack on Mayor Riehards and the aspersions on tnv
chain? 1er. Nor shall 1 eiiiitlne my expoaare of j our act.?
^ni parpoaes to the pending lavvathnttkiB. V"u aad
vom a?mnit. s shall have fall oppoi'tui.ltv 10 respond to
accusations before Congress ami in the mu.'is. The
publie shall In- liia.tr ,u i]ll,i_itt ?1 wilil tho liase
efforts employed by yen ai.d opheis coii-iitining a v lie
ci?ns|iiracy fo prostitute and use Major Kii-hards
and ineiiiiti rs ot the detective lores i.? <i. ?troy or impair
a Cougn ?siunal laveatlgatltta? aad to injure the Usa. W.
c. Whtthorne. Other manors eipiai.y tIlaho?aorabte aad
Befarioas shall be uncovered. Th* aaaoaa? ? -meal of my
parpoae is not Islanded in the bust i.? proteel gaaioleri
Or any violalol'r. of the law, lull to ilitluclice VoU ill ?HIV
respect. With m Mfor?_earaaee Bat eeaaad to bo a
virtue." I have uo favors to ask or accept.
TBB BOW ???NMKKiiiN?? riii sinner.
| FROM A KtOl't.Alt ? ??l(Ki:SI'(?SliirST OF TIIK Tllint"F.. I
Washington, Jan. 'J.?An important move
ment i- on font looking to the lediicimti of the nominal
amount of the Mate ?lebts of Virginia, North Carolina,
and Tennessee, by scaling them ilovvn and fiuidim.' them
in new bonds. The two States 111st named have been In
defBalt for several years, and manifest m? disposition to
f n.Illl their obligations. TeaaeSMC puni her lut? rest
until last January. The bomlhoiilers, thinking ttint half
a loaf la hotter than ao bread, ?u. wining ta tarreada
their claims ami take bonds of a much b-s-. (MS value if
the executives and legislatures of those ?States will, on
their part, undertake to put their tlliaueeson such a basis
as to Insure the creditors of tin- punctual payment of
interest on the r? iliiced d?lit. Virginia owe? about fl.?,
ooo.ooo, and insists liar W, st Virginia Is bound to
shoulder isl.r>,?iiK),?Kt(l of It as her fair than?,
bill the lutter Plaie la not willing to do
this. North Carolina's debt aggregates about -r_o,0O0,<Shi.
Ti-iiiiessee owes about .*-! ,o(M?.?K>o. The bonds air
chicfli held m Ncw-Yurk. and th owners have ri'ipiesP'd
a i omiiiitlee of enilli? lit banki is -v ho are not themselves
interested in tin in to emliavor to secure a reo!gani/.a
tion of (lie debtis upon no equilable basis. Messrs. (bo
(in-, J. D. Veriuilye, and 11. H. (Sherman of New-York ;
U. H. flllBHajI "f Philadelphia, and Knoch Pratt of Haiti
more, all ??lib ers of large liitliking lli?tilUtioiis, constitute
the ? ?iiiiiniitee win? have limit rlak, n this mi?i.trtnut work.
At their I? ?pleut Col. J. K. Peyton uf New Jersey, W ho
ore.ml.', d tin bankers' movement at the Centennial K.
hibition, has gone trloiith to coiifir vv iih the governors
und lln.inci.il boards of Virginia ami North C.imlina first,
and probably of Tfiint'SHo later, if the plan meet? with
success In those Htate?. Many promlmut public mm
liavi- writt?-n letters in favor of the pnject; among theui
Thin low BTead, Peler Cooper, und W. C. Hryaut uf New
Yoi k, and John Welsh of I'liiladelphla.
The Htutes 111 ?piestloti will, It is )lo|te?), meet tlie offers
of the creditors in a fuir and liberal tptrtt, and cordially
cooperate in dev?talas plans for restoring their shattered
creilit. As the offer to com? oiind their debts comes
from the Itoiidlinldert?, an airaiiciiiunl for tue purpose
on llu- part of the govertiin. tils of the ?Mates would not
?,ivi?i strongly of repudiation und BOSld be ctlVeteil
without dtaaoaar. It Is elalned that It la la>|?oasli?le for
(hem to collect tax? ? enoiigli to live up to the ?r'ler of
tin ii huaticial obligations, mid it i? evideiiiiv their later
sat, at well a- their tliltv. to do as imii-li as thev can in
thar ?lin? tion. Espeelally should they tesli to reasove
th. si on of being in default. It Is :i sriioin drawl ... k to
tin- development of t.ulr it-.-oiines, lurni i i m iiiiur.il ion,
which all th?! '??oiiilii-i n Stales strongly d? sire, iniiiiijlly
slums ciiiiimiimticN which are llviim m a <?..million of
tin ?SBiit: buiiiti upi? v und making no eltorts to pay their
debts.) _
Wasiun??ton ndti'.s.
W ??MiNtiT'is, l-'rulay, Jan. T?, 1N77.
Hcprcsentiillve V. Woml lo-duy made a re|Mirt Ir.'iu the
Coiiimitte?' onWajs ?mil Means on tho bill to facilitate
the recovery of diitie? overpaid by import?is, concluding
us follow?:
In order to secure a prompt collection of th?' revenu?',
the Ffd'-ral laws prohibit tue Interference of the Judicial
powers with lie- iiv-i'ssim ut ?mil ? ? ?II. ill? m of anv amount
the Kxiciitive liitln is. Tue cltlicn a.list tlist pay and
I boa sue to get it back, if tin- court taya I tie t xuciion was
llle.ul. The customs olti?a rs ?if eootse t \i?ct. In case of
?b.ubt, the highest rate for their own proteettoa. etth?
when the arllcb- is novel or the law n? a-, sltboB|(- In all
State tax lawn the ciu/.in Ims Hie beuefft of the doubt
when the law making power bus tpokea ainbiguonslt ;
but the ?lOVel liiiient owes it to Illl ,.<?: t?l s to made III.
n m, dos opi'ii to tin in clear, unmistakable, and speedy,
which Ihe bill propon - to do.
About three weeks ago the Postmaster OSBSTBl ?1? cidisl
to dlscolitllilie the J>o-t olliee lit ? ir.nutlu, Miss., on ?le
roiiiit of the l?a?l tri'utment to the pi.stina.-t? r by peison?,
in that Iieigllliori;(Mid. '1 here sceiueil I?? be an organized
effort <?f assault ii|m?ii the ??ova-i iiinclit ollhaals. tSincc then
argent uitpeuin have baas Maas loe the uiaiis, a?
cailiipauieil by dcluratiuiis that the safety of Hie i?'-l
muster .-hoiild be secured, und limier tin se ciicuinslaair.'?,
it was to day decided IS tee'nUlillsh the poai-otti.'c, which
ha? been done.
There la nothing wtiatever political, us many have
siippoued, In the I.it'- removals ?al onlnaliee, lhey being
made uiercl.t hi? a matter of bui?liies?. There are now
its?600to 000barrel?? ol guii|tow?ler at the Hi. l.o.ils
Ilia, a/Uie.
i>(/r /. p../ut lirvort of Cunirrenionat Proetettingt,ltt Third
??out. I
('ilAKi.KsniN, S. ('..Jan. .ri.?Tin- town of Dur
linglou mi? IIred simultaneously lu three places at 1
o'clock this morning. The office of The liarlington
Southerner and uuol?t-r luilldtng were ?1, -lio?, ,1, but the
exertion? of the jM'opb' sailed tlie town. This make? the
fourth ?ito-uipi U> bum Daxliugluu aluce Ihe Movcuibcr
coLCMncs? LAMM AiTF.M>A\cR ExrF.cn*.
IBT T*-.I.E.iRArit TO THF. Tltllll NK.I
Coumbcj, 0., ?Jan. Ti.?The, arrangenie
are nearly completed for . at? rtuitiiti? tho dcle-atc?
the IienitxTntic Mass Convention, to be held on Moni
next. There ?eetiiH to bo a general belief that the m
Ing will he nulte lnrfo. Special trains will Ix-gln to an
on Sunday nicht. There Is a dl?po?itlon mi tho part
citizi-its to iimore pollUcsami to do evervthlni/ possl
toward i titertainiu? tin; crowd who may lie iiiial.lc to
euro rooms at tho hotels. Coniinittooa have. MM
pointed to meet the delicate? at tho depot, and at a
escort them to tho private resiliences where arraii
mein.? hat I been made to BMISIIS them. The City Hal
I In?; elaborately decorated with lag- and evergree
with piiiutlngs or Tilden and Hendrlcks on either ?I
The Col n m lui.? iuid Toledo Hail mail will bring tho d?
gates Iroiii Toledo and interuiriliato points. Thl? will
the llrst through ffSMSBgSr tuiln over tho road. 1
City Council ot Toledo have been Invited to accompli
the delegate?.
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. f>.?Gov. Hfl
drlcks? BB*MBSS to the legislature, was delivered t
morning. It relate? to State affairs, with the. MB] I
eeption that a rcforencn Is iinido to tho presence
Unltid KIiiU'h troop? in South Carolina, saying:
The loailltBtlSBSl and independent authority of Kti
court? and lcgl?laturc? is eiidaui'i r.?l If not now ?u
polled 'ty a patriotic and liberty-loving scntiiiicnt
strong among the people that party and partisans dl
not defy it. During the four yarn of my inluiiriiHi
tion our Mate hn? not been wholly free from domes
trundle?. Tim public i? ut',, lut? ou mure than nur ue?
shin liei-ii tin eatii,itl. Btrinig bod tee of turn, moved
.?oitie real or MMM-Md wrong, have threatened U) a???
BBd vindicate ri; au wholly llulr|,einteilt of the remed?
anil pro, i-t?Bugs provided hv law. In no Instaure li
the aiitliont? and pu.w-r at the t'nitod Htat?? lieen :
rotadagainst taeai,buttnsfery Isetsaea MretMpi
pie presene?l the publie peaec, sud niamtained t
aiithoiity uf tin- staU- and the Hiipreiuney of her lav
Ape?rtele eareiul of their own in.?titutiun?, and
capable of preserving rhetn, and of maintaining IMofl
?Illiitional rlgkla anil prerogatives of Unir own Sta
Government, casual Iki ind_8i-nt when ottar Baal
are threateiietl with overthrow, or the destruction
right? and pnvilcges without which no free Btato ci
exist. ,
?CONILK.il NO TL'-TIMilNY !'.||n|;i: THE CO
Nkw-Ohikans, La., Jan. 5.?The Deinocnit
legislature adopted an address to (he people of I/iUl
lana reviewing the recent MBTSM und election, tl
aelion of the Iteturtilng Hoard, tho event? of Jan. 1, tl
banicaile at the State Htni.-e, etc.
Oov. KaQagg lias nuiniiiat? d Alfred Shaw fur Judge
the new Superior (nil Court. Messrs. MflhsUs ai
Packard will ' inaugurale! 0U Momlav by their respe
tlve following., Co h (?overiior will, doubtless, BMSM
to organize a St; OllTIIBBMBt
'Ihe Senate 11 attfpt examined three colorotl men I
regard to l he el ion in Morehoii-e I'iirish, all of who
testified that, a urge number of culon-d men voted tl
lleiiioeratio ticket B% the last election BBd there wa? i
Seiiatoi .*-. i u I -1 m r y read affidavits of Capt. Theohal
ami .l.iiiies (?. LogM dein lag BUM I'ihkstoti's and Coi
Williams'? charge? that they to,tk part m the murder ?
l-B-Btea .m-l William?, ami lliat both coiihl pro.ea
alibi : also that tiny dcclim d to BBBI siiiiiiiiuiise.s to te
tify unie?? it UBS guaranteed that they would not be ai
rest tl, as wa-dune In tho case of Lyon? ami Phillip
when In re to testify before the Kcturuihg liuartl. Tli
committee iba lined to order their d?positions taken u
Baked fur bv Mr. Saiilsliiiry.
The Senate Siili-Couiinittee heard the testimony t
Lieut. Qeotge Aeii, Sd Iliiantiy, ill relatlou to the ?-let
linn In Easl Itatnii Hun?;,, whiise ?eui-ral totniioiiy WI
to the i ffeci that it was luir and peaceable. Major .he
I: uwskl ot Baton Kouge substaatlatad tin testimony i
Dr.Dapre. Heiald be was a member of the "Twt
Ninety-Light," but hint never met w it ti it since the elei
lit,n - I nought he could ii* t permisslun to tell all alitait, i!
Vitjer BaeeoB*. l.'ttIi Infantrr, teetided Mtotbeooi
stitntitiii of the t'lilnn Kight? Club ; Haul the oath Imiiiii*
the members m secrecy and to obey ordere ; the rook
lion lu regard to killing artera third invitation to loll
was M a ?ep?tate piece of paper and without tinte ; lia
tun,eu it osei tu the en 11 llllthtilltle?.
Arm.idee Del.tiulire teatlfl d in broken English to th
organisation of mil -doaers or regulators in K ist Kchelan
for tho purffeaeel BrereBttog steaUaai M ami other
hud subscribed to inn those bbbBb* to arm tbemeeirre
Ooi l-'rank PowerswM ealef Commander. Daring th
cm??-!-xamilintinii wilue?s bSMBJI vt ry milch excited.
Befota tae House Commut?e, J. B. Uarris of l'oiu
Coup?e I'.irisii itytitlt'il ue hail aeeiiuipatiietl Packard nit
Last liat?n Koi.ki- and Last and West Feliciana am
louutl the eolt.red Kepiililit alls lelt they cuuld not vul
their ticket with ?afety in their country, aad that Ht
piililiean speaker,? Hiero WOTI leered at and Insulted
hut wen- well treaied in Klchland Parlai
The witness thought the natural Kepiihlit an iiiajniity n
the State is ln.iiiiii, ami that no eonsitleiaiile nniiiliei- o
? a,Im, ?I mi u Mit? tl the DeUMS -raltc tieket ut tll<lt'uwi
choice. (?. It. lioi-haiii, a ifHidiiit of Natehitoc-ce im
di?tiiet-aitoiney there, tesliiril that darum tue cam
Balsa he visiu-d Oaac-ita aad found a raiga afierro
there. He found colored people afraid to attend Beputj
liean BMetlagl and j.iiniiiir l)eiit..erntic clul.s lor ?atety.
Tin- Hoaae >iiii-('t>miuitt??- board wreralwitaeeeeaS
I'elelilli C tO I.I Vill-slnll 1'ill i?li.
B. n. Loekpert, tin? Uepublieaa candidate for ?herifl
stated III it BO WBS fairly defeat?'?!, and that the electlol
was fair and peaceable. George Wklte, eolared, said hi
In,it.se was burned bocease he was accused of stealing
hou?; that he never said It wa? luirneil beCBBBS lie wa? ?
l:< puldleaii, and if aihilavits to that effect was helore Ihi
KctuiiiiiiK Board they wire b_M
Con'MBiA, S. C, Jan. 5,-Qao. lluinptoi
?aid to-day, In reference to Jutl?e Mat key's interviev
with (iov. Hajcs, that Mackcy was not authorized tt
?BOB- for him or the Deinocracv of South Carolina. Hi
believes that 'iinh n wa? fairlv eleeted, ami the Beoptl
desiro a peat etui, eoiistitutiuii.il solution ot the ijUestluu
HOW TiiLY cot'sr Tin: von: in ohio.
COU Milts, Ohio, Jail. 5.?Both Houses ol
the (ieneral Assembly met in iomt ine-vciiHon thi? after
noon to witness the eeUBttag of the vote which was casi
for Msrstarff of State at the OeM-M ele. tion. Lieut.
(?ov. -Sung, Prestdeat af las feuasse, Igsaed IM return!
ami aliii.iiineid the r? suit as follows: Kor Millo.) il.irnes
317.850; for William Belli311,2-0: forE.8. Chapman
l,H(j:i. .Mr. Harnes was declared duly elected.
San Fuancisio, Jan. ?.?A dispatcli from
Holt-til, OlOgaa. ?ay? that Mr. Hush of tin- BMBtBg tlnn ol
Cnthl ?V; Hush has been siiinliiuiieil to Wast.ill-ton. Mr.
Hush wasat the Mate House about noou OB the day ol
Ihe MUUtiag of the eleetnral Vole, and the Hepilblleaill
?BJ that Ihe Deiiiot rats were BWStttag his ariiial there
wilh great anxiety, and asserted ut the time that lift was
Oar. Tilden'? tlishursiiig agent, mid that the profftUBMM
cairied mit then was not assured till his airhal ut the
Htate House. __________________
The Controller.? monthly statement jus't is?
sued tdiows that the total amouut of warrant? draws
payul.le from taxation In Dceemher was Om\%h%Jowa 77;
th" total for lh7(i ?M *:i..,'."-7,(isl IK? ; tho total paj
in. nts Irom the IBM ' "f bond? were In December $.'il'.),
?;I7 .'I. and in the entire year *M,4'.I7,430 04. The graud
total of payuieiil? B] warrants in Det.nilier wii?*,S,l?ll,
689 ol. sad m the waolft year *>7J,'J7i>,,"?fl H'J on .'.(1,(100
wana-it?. The city debt, lea.? the sllikimr fund, was
11 l(i,77:t,7J4 08 at the i ml of 1878t and ?rll'.l.su.'UO 3'J
at the end of 1-7?. The cash lu tho city tr<iU?ur>on
Dee. My 1878, wa?*rl<i!U71 M. tit.H ks and houd-i were
??sin | m l *- T i ; for the billowing purposes:
Fur public w.trk? ?tn-t sasa-BBS BBd hi)
lu.iv.'ineiit?, ?tul tor Cretoa water works ________?_
(??( l?-l4i?ilt-?l .?. fa,0.i7,.l.?B 74
p_rsocks*_?i ?ni-?. \';:''\T. !"!
KlirillV pillkn lllipinll'llll'llt?. j*?. '? ?5_J ?J
Kur .Mii^u.iis.il Art sml .Nst.nal History.... D>n,<?? 00
ffsrTBlrd Disirnti otiri-li.is?!'. 1!;V' ,"'
Kar New < ?unity ('?inri lion??*. ?*,\?SO J
K.iruiil elsrsMsadJaSesssaB- . ?" ? '
Kur New \ ?irk sun llrouklyn Itni1|??. 7H1.40O 00
K..r re.l.-ui|illi.ii of ?hurt Imml? 8?Md f>T
t Linn. iii.l |ii,Ii-iiii ai - . J,t_ll,j-_ uo
F..r Kuiniii??? tmpronsmsBl (rereaas ?,.?._, nn
i.is sssrlsl) . J-8,000 oo
Por redi Tutti tan debt ef saaeied tetrnsty ?___, ,,
It-reaae Bssrta, Bpses?I . 16.1.71H iw
For sil.llUun-1 tue rlt.-tiiiK iM-tlia ireveauo _______
huill?n SWS-Sll . 20, ?10 Ot)
Kur rls?m? pulil by sticcisl lsw? (revenue ______
lHit.,1?. ?,,.-?._i). 0.;tr.".'rt
Kur seaersj sneasss ?if etty ?uiernmriit -.*
111 ?.liai lH'lal-1.-? .?1.70.1.(MS) (HI
Total. S33,M9S,075 ill
Albany, Jan. ?r?.?The unuual report of tint
Imp? ?tor? of Bute Frisons will Bo lucaouted to the Lt_~
Itlnftire next week. In speaking of th?> large deficiency
thlt year, they say that nearly one-half of it was created
during the first three months, and before tho present
board obtained full control of the prison?. It was fnr
ther due to the fa? t that the Inspector? are p?iwer!e?a In
many Instances to rtdiico exis'tises by cutting down
salaries, etc., they l?elng fixed bv law. The salarie? for
the past year amounted to B235^MM 00. The hard
times, they ?ay. have tllli-d the pi is?,us to nmr?? than
their capacity, and at th.? present time there ar?- in the
various prisons ii.i'.im? prisoners, and bul 0.103 cells to
kepthem In, and these cells are only three feet wide
and seven lcet long.
LOBSOB, Friday, Jan. 5, 1877.
A (lisp?trh from Constantinople says the
Austrian Havs here MS heoouilng more and more to?
censed against the RaN-BM in consequence of tho pro?
ject of Ocn. Ignaticit', the Russian I'lenlitotentiary, of
annexing old Birvia to one of tho provinces Into which
Hulgaria, according to Husslau proposals, Is to be divided.
New? has (sen received oonllrmatory of the deep indig?
nation of tho (?reeks at the, proposal? of the Conference,
Which tend to subordinate toe (?reeks to the Bulgarians,
and sacrifice the Turkish-lireck population to the Slavs.
Tho hope la unanimous that Midhat Pasha, the (iraud
Vizier, will be ablo to carry out tho t?-forms single
This afternoon's Pall Stall dazette says It has reason to
believe that the modification s of the BarBpOSB proposals,
win? h a J'tfflM special dispatch from Vienna this morn?
ing reports were adopted al a confidential ineetliicof
the Kiiropenn I'leuipoteiitiaries on TllfiedBJ la-st, wen?
not mentioned at the sitting of the OOBfersusa yesterday.
The change? referred t?i ooBslstsd In the propositions for
an inleriisliniial ami for? Igu _i'ii<larmcric being some?
what modified, while those for ?Jxlng the hoiindaries "f
two separate governorships In Hulgaria, and allowing the
Turks onlv to oeeapy certain ?arris?os were dropped. It
Was decided ?lso to refer 111?- (|UCStlon of HiirrenderillK
Little Zv.oiaiik to ?Servia to :u nitration. Miiinr ?Itera?
tion? were likewise made.
HuciiAKKsr, l'rld iv, .Inn. 5, 1877.
The Roumanian Senate ha? adopted a resolution de?
claring that the, rights of Koumaiila shall remain intact,
and calling upon the Government to maintain them lu a
manner worthy of the ?State.
Ix?Ni>i?y, Friday. Jan. 5, 1877.
The Federal Council of Germany luis nada
an importaut constitutional concession io Al-a.c l^.r
ra'ne, having agreed to a prop?is?il that tneasure? pa?se?l
hy ths Provincial Hoard of Represent.itivcs, if approved
by the Federal Council, shall hecomo law without the
previous approval ?to cognizance of the German Parlia?
ment. _
MAIiltli?, Friday, Jan. 5. 1877.
The Extradition Treaty between .Spain anil
the IJattod istia?'? has been signed. It applies io ull
criminal .?n u* - except those ot a political nature.
Madhip, Jan. 5.?The Cortes has lieon pro?
rogued. No date is assigned for its reassembly.
1'auis, Jan. 5.?At a Cabinet council t??-?lay
Minister Simon hihi.?an ed the dismissal or transfer of
twelve Prsfeeta.
London, Jan. 5.?The English Minister at
Teheran telegraphs that ill coliseinience of an appr?
lien.led scarcity, exportation of grain from Iltishire au?l
the Persian (itilf is prohibited.
London, Jan. T?.?A dispatch to The Pall
Stall tiazettr from Rt-rliu say? F.iuperor William has
issued a special order forbidding (?crinan otliccrs on the
active list from entt tin?/ the BsaslaB army.
HIT ,rl."?(?,0(H) BaSTOBBttt.
?Bepottl \v?'re la circulation last week that
Coles Morris, a well known lawyer of this city, residing
at No. (11 fifthBTS. and BMBCtetoi in legal business with
Oliver P. ?J. Hillings and Michael II. Car.lozo at N??. M
William-Ht , had been a defaulter in his trusts. It is now
stateil on the best authority that he has misap?
propriated at least ?flJO.i'00. Mr. Morrlt Is a
bachelor, and some months ago -went to Chicago
on business conni'cted with the law firm In which
Betas partner. Ou his return to this city about the
nil.Idle of Iiectinber he acted so strangely that it was
tMBtod necessary to call in a physician, at his friends
and family w? re under the Impression that his mind was
affected. Dr. Say re, the physieiau win? alien.led him,
decided that Mr. Morris was laboring under m?-iitald<
rangement. Messrs. Billings and Carduzo pshhSBed a
latter ,st;iting that at furas their information extended
Mr. Morris's affairs were in a perfectly sound condition ;
that the interests of any of the clients of their llrm were
not at all Jeopardized ; that the rumors concerning any
betrayal of trust upon the part of Mr. Morris so
far as they knew were false; that they ware, certainly
taba SB to the affairs ?f the tir ni, and if there was any
ground for the rumors they related eutlrely to family
On careful investigation of the case It I ? found that the
rumors In regard to Morris are true, and that he has ad
Btltted the fact that he has appropriated ?i large sum of
lnoiii-v from the estate of John II. Coles, of which he was
the sole trustee; also that his supposed mental aberra?
tion was only a subterfuge to enable linn ?is far us it was
posible to settle tho matter. Tin? facts of the case so
far as can he ascertained arc at present the??':
The three brothers, Coles Morris, Andrew C. Morris,
and Benjamin C. Morns, were heirs of the Coles estate,
and tru-te s for the other heirs, Mrs. K. C. Holtius und
Hobelt Webb, a minor. Benjamin Morris died in 1860
?nul Andrew C. Morris died In lb7:i, leaving Coles Morris
tin? sole trustee. Mr. Morris, since tho death of his two
brothers, lias had the entire and exclusive charge of the
revenues of the estate, which Is large, consisting of much
valuable real estate in this city and in Jersey City, esti
iniit.il t?t to woitll between H<X>,000 and ftOO.lSiO.
The members of the family are desirous of avoid?
ing publicity, but It Is stated by a gentleman
thoroughly conversant with the condition of the estate
that a very large amount of money has becu taken, and
tliat the II.?liins catate will loose heavily, but that Mr.
Morris Is mulling a settlement of the matter so far as It
Is in his power to <1<? so. He has transferred the lious?? at
No. 04 Fifth ave. and other real estate to Mrs. K. C. Hol
Im-i. ltlsbelievedth.lt the ultimate loss to tut? estate
will 1m? about ?l.-,<?,?mm?, although the amount misappro?
priated by Mr Morris In the whole time of his trustee?
ship is asserted to have been much larger, one estimate
placing it at nearly half a million dollars. The property
restored ?iti.l the real estate made over it is understood
will make up the ?tlffcrence.
It is not known in what way Mr. Morris has lost so
large a sum of money. It. has never been supposed that
he was uildl? ted to t>p??ciilutlonsof any kind ; he lived in
a very ?'.pensive way, but not in a manner to excite? any
suspicion that he was living beyond his means, as nl?
extensivo legal practice was believed to bring In a huge
income. It is und. rstnod that ev? ry endeavor Is beiiig
BBBte to effect a settlement without having recourse to
legal proeietlings ..it the part ??f the heirs who have
itirff.Tfit from his breach of trust, ami It Is probable thut
th?- affair will be ?eljust'd without resort to the courts.
rliliDi'Fottn, Me., Jan. '>.?A ntieciul agent is now
lift, nit I'HtlK.Ulug the ?...-ii ?.Hi. ?' affairs.
Nashvii.i.k, Tenu., Jan B.--A pulilic meeting of
rli./.. i.s ? ill ne btbt her.-mi Saturday next lo lake actiuu uu
tin- ?bath of i ommodorc V.iinlo I.III.
QUfcJtaCt .Ian. 5.?Mr. Sevvell lias totojnaassj from
Torineiiiliie that the VYliib-r navigatl.m Htcaiiier N??rth?rii
i.Ik'Ii? i?,-??? ti.-.i Oestsetoaa ta puasuge, uiu?i imaking through
?M in ?? feet ui um kii.-i?.
Mos'l'KKAi., Jan. f?.?Tins ?venini? Louis (Jiiinette
met Frank Unity, us ??hi acpialnuuiic. in the nii?set and .01*
, i,.ii:., ,1 two Mi,.is arm a revolver at nun, mttlclliig a ai-vero
wiiiiml. < tul:., i !.? ilicii t .nKiiiiit.il ?u.. ni.- hy taking oxalic
n. nl. it ia suppose?! (hat Jealousy waa the cause.
T??it??NT??, Jan. i>.?At tin annual meeting of the
Airii? i.itui.il and Arta A?*?? lutmu to-day, a rcau uiliui viaa
pj..ie.i icipi. ?mur the ? n?t. riiu.eiii to have tin? .'t.in ami aceda
r?,l'?s't.'?l at Hie I'l'iiK-iiui.t Hi.it.,iiKl.lt exainlii.?! toltfedls
tnltutloii t.ir ?,, ?t n.', In order i?, uvuid i In? Introduction uf any
Insect iie-ts.
San Francisco, Cal.. Jan. ?V ?A pigeon match
Im-iwii'Ii Bogatdas ami Dr, W. V. Carver waa hiiot yeaU'nlay,
lu 1 nil?, hiiirlmh ruht?, SO ) ,inl? The match reaultsd ui
Huganhi? kriliiiK W ami ?'arver ''6. A natch at .?? blrtla,
l-i.tin. i-in!? i ..h... 21 jiurtb?, r.milleil Hoganliia, is . carv.-r,
11? Hit pair? were alKit al ninlii Prall le t'luti ml,.?, is ) aitla,
?S ."MUilc? iiu.anlua, S, v arver, 7.
Cleveland, Jan. 5.?A kiitou! dispatch to
T'Ai? leader give? the following :
The Coroner's Jury resumed the examlnstlon of wit
ncsse? at 1 p. in. to day.
J. I'. Manning testified : Resides at Ashtitiula ; Is
manager of thotelcgr.iph ??(lice in the Like rllion- Rail?
road office there ; ha? the inc.in? of knowing of all ines?
sag,*? Mostrad at that depot while there : wa? at the de?
pot, al the time of the accident; remained ut hi? |? i-t
from that time until Mimilav morning at about I o'clock ;
no record I? kept In his office of dispatch?-? IBB. by any
rnilruad tilllcial along the line uf the road to any officer
here; had knowledge of a 1 sucli communications sent
during that nigtit; no message was received by an offi?
cial here concerning the application of water to the tire ;
no messages relating to the fire were received l.yh:tn,
telegraphed to Mr. Crouch, Kii'H-rintcndi nt of the Krle
division, thai tho firemen were on the ground ; ha? no
knowlclge whatever of any order being received to let
the wreck burn ; has no know ledge of agener.il order, un?
derstanding or desir;- existing between the ofll.-ers of
the corporation to lit a wreck burn in case of tire where
live? have been lost.
Mr. Charles !.. Hcovlllc testified: Resides In Ashfabula;
Bl engineer of the steamer Neptune; went t.? the depot
wheu the lire occurred with the engine which was then
lu a condition for use; beard som ? one ?ay that water
was nut needed, but help; many person? Bated him why
he did not throw water on the tire, ami he answered that
ho bad orders to return with tits engine; said they told
tiIus that bodies were burning, and he said: " If that Is
the case I will ?et my englue ;" did ho, ami then blew tho
whistle for hose, hut no hose came; he theti went to
view the wreck and In search of hone; SMB. find no
hose; looked down un the wri'ck and ?aw bodies burning,
and ?aid, " My Cod, why don't they throw water down
there 1" then returned to can: lar Mi engine; he could
have thrown wate.' then If ho hud hose; had no control
over the hose.
A. W. Simons testified: Reside? in Ashtabula; Is night
ticket agent at the Lake Shore depot ; knows nothing of
an> onler being re?*?-!?cd that night by Mr. Ureas' con?
cerning throwing water on the lire ; had never told any?
one that such order had Ix-cn received.
Henry Apt limp testified : Resales In A?h tabula; Is
emploi, eiI by the Lake Shore Kuilroad anil the We.?tern
I'nlun Telegraph Company Jointly ; beard the crash of
the falling bridge and BBSsUBBl to tue wreck ; elm.tied
into a sleeping-car ..ml helped one man out, who was al?
unit unconscious ; IB-BBS ttiat was tho only pi-ssi-nger
left In that car; went ?uto the next car and found no
one; then went In search of the day coaches, which weie
generally more nearly filled than the ?le?'it?r?; on? no
knowledge of any order from any railroad officials that
water was nui. wanted on the lire; think? Mr. Strong ?lid
all m 1 he power of mortal to save tho wouutled victims
of the wreck.
Cincinnati, Jan. 5.?A ilispuU'li to The Com
mercad trust t'oit Wai ne say? Mrs. Col. Morton of New?*
Yoik.ioiinerly Mis? Hruusof Fort Wayne, and only lutely
IlialTleil, 1* Mtppeeed to he one of the Ashtalitll.i \letims,
Sh? left New-York at that time to visit relatives at i'ort
\Va\ lie, ami ha? not been heard of sime.
__n_S0__i Jan. o.?The following are tlie atMi
tlouai name? of persons now iiiiu? u tu have u.-. i. lost in
tin: wreck:
Mary lastlB. Omaha.
ICI le n Ans? In, ?nnalia.
1er. A. \V. IlopUlns, Hartford I'mir Corner?, Vt.
Get?. II. BpooUBTi I'cti'i'sliaiii, Mass.
Win. Wilsuu, Huston, Mass.
Cleveland, .Tan. 5.?The body of Or. G. F.
ilubbard, of Folk, tetra, wa? to-day identified at the
Ashtabula freight house, where it has been lying- since
tat unlay. A shawl strap ami two shirt? w.-n-found
several days since w hieli were known to In long In I>r.
HiililtaiU. A brother came uu to-day and fuliy ni? htitUid
the body. _
WAY OfffftC-AIJ AM) Illl-l MAYO? Off ASH I AHI'I.A
B. li. Lyons of No. .18 West Fort.v-iiintli
?t., who received lujuries in the Asiitabu'a ?tsBBBBT Iron,
which he Is .?till sulleiing. made a statement In Buffalo
which contain? some .?tattling assertion?. Ye?tcnlay
Mr. Lyons repcfticd these assertions toa Tumi.'.??-m
poi-it-r. They bear chi.'lly u;i?.n the action o( the railroad
ami lire department authorities in refusing or neglect?
ing to employ the means at hand fur extinguishing th?
fi?mes. He sahl that within a few minutes after the dis?
aster one ste.iin tire engine and two hand engine* were
at the spot, ami there w.i? abundant e of water at hand.
Furthermore, halt way up the bank was an cuglue
hoimc, with uu engine used to pump water from the
river into the ruilrtyid company's tanks. In this en?
gine house were 5oo feet of hose, ami altogether about
3,000 feet of hoie were ne.ir enough at hand to be availa?
ble m extinguishing the lire. Hut no attempt wa? made
to bring these appliances into use. Mr. Lyous said that
it was the ?.pinion of IhonO with whom he conversed that
not more than six persons would have been burned to
death, and that not a singlo body would have been
biiru?t?l beyond recognition if water had been thrown on
the fir.-. With regard to the authority which prevented
the ii*-?- of the englues and lmse, Mr. Lyons said in.it he
bad what seemed to hlui ample evidencv that the rail?
road officials were responsible. He himself beard after
th?1 disaster that a dispatch n.t<i becu recel?til from rail?
road heaili|iiarters ordering; that no water should ho
thrown upon the wreck, " to the effect that all should
sink into oblivion." Mr. Lyous ?juoted this In the
?.fining of a fireman, who at once sahl, "those
are the very words of a dispatch received by
Suis'rintendeiit Strotig," ami the assertion was after?
ward corroborale?l by other firemen, who gave llmir
ii.tm-s ami addresses to Mr. Lyons. Mr. Lyons re?
marked that it was an awful thought that the
railroad olllcials would deliberately i Ian mil to save life,
for the pecuniary advantage of tue road, ty/l yet otio
could uul help reiueuibeiii.g that the Luke Shore. Com?
pany would nut get Insurance money for cars ?mashed,
while tiny would gut it If ears were burned, uud that,
furthermore, by the Ohio Suite law, they were requited
to pay *f.'?,OO0 d.unag?'S for deaths cuitied by their fault,
while damages for tnjurii s caused were likely to range
considerably higher, at thr discretion of a jury. Mr.
Lyons ?.mi tuat it wa? at least rest ala thatiifease who
airivetl at the scene of the tli?a?t?-i- the same .-v. hing
urged that water should he thrown upon the 'mining
cai?, and that .Mr. Strong and Mayor lleptunii ol Asiita
hiila, who was u civil engineer In ti.e cm, loy ul Ih ? ro.ul,
objected, t'ctubihg To allow ti.e fire i ne n to liiulie BBS of
tlieir engine?. Mi- Lyons bought It siiigiil.u tn.?' the
Chief of the lire Department did nut overrule llieso
directions, lie had BlUSrfl supi-iscd that tire ?I. pait
BBMIlSpossessed.IBSSSI ol lire, tue authority to act
upon th- li own ?liscretiou.
Again, there hail Imm-ii a gross misstatcmcni of the nuiii
Iter ,'! passengers ou the train. Conductor Heim ?ifftl
.?li. illy Beforo the aci'hlent that tin re were loo pensas
on the li am. After the disaster he placed tue iitimti. r
ctiu?hlci'iihiy lower, wiule in tint there were many ?era
than 100 on beard, from the 1'uiatiue all Hare tafeas
mu ulive ; from the Yokohama one man was tukiuout;
from the City ol IliilT.ilu none vatS Isfel u out ut sll ; tniru
the Oss?'o uil were taken out alive ; from the first day
coikU two men wire exti n at? ?1 alive, ami from tue
Ultimi day cuai'li Mr. Lions did nut know If auy wcro
saved; treta the iBM>?lag-ear a considerable aaatbei
were taken out ulive. All those r< scued and able to dl?
i'uu the matter spent some little lime m comparing onto?
mid estimating (he number Hi pissmfTIs ea latiB SSI 1
Mr. Lyons said this had men ?lone caieiully and the re?
sult had mil been exaggerated In the ?llgutcsl degree.
Ihev ?iii-.c the total ?'-'(J pas*? ng. is on boaul at Ibe
i.me ol th? tli -.ij.'ci, not c.uni mg . o or M children.
Cincinnati, Jan. "i.?Tho Toledo i \|ui-h on
the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad ran off
the track Bear Hamilton, Ohio, this noon The tram was
badly wrecked, but uo one was seriously lujuieiL
l'tiiLADiCLi'iiiA, Jan. 5.?Iii the United SUitea
Circuit Court to-duy, m the matter of the distribution of
tho funds In the baud? of the ('?-nUniuul Lloard of
Finance, which Is to he argued to morrow, the r?tate of
New-Jersey, by Secretary of But* H. C. Kelsey, Died a
i? tu 1..U setttns; forth that she wa? the holder of 10,000
?hart-sot Centenuial stock, aud asking lesve to bead.
nutted a? a ili-feinlatit lu the pending proersisliug ; also,
the answer ot the State was Bled by the Attorney? ha*.
eral, which says that the distribution of the fund ?liould
b. first applied in the payment of the capital ?lock, and
that auy ?urpliis Uieacafter should then be paid to in?

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