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v??-xxxvi.n* 11.19a.
The Electoral Comnti?_*io?n reported to the
Joint .?invention of C'on?jm*s-t? on Satiuita..,
th.it Floriila ahould be counted for Have? and
\Y heeler. A protest wa? presentid by the
JVmncratf". The two house? separated, and
the lower house, without enjrapin)? in the two
hours' debate allowed by law, to?>k a reeetw
until Monday. An intention on the part of
IVituMiats to filibuster in feared, but the
PeiiHHTi'is d?>ny it. There will be two hours'
debate to-d;iv, and the count will pnn'oed. A
bard fight will be made over l_ouiniauu by the
1>1 HUH I il ts.
p/RoM THK RKurt-AB TOR*B?*?ONn*''***T OF THK TRIRrXK. |
Wa?iiINUtoN, Feb. 11 ?The joint ui?*etiug ?>f Con
jma-y? ?t?r.! iv f??r continuing the counting of the
electoral votes wa* even les.? info>r?>sting than tlint of
thr 1st ?'i February. Th?' supposition that no delays
?would etsext, hat that the lapwl?I bwiMM would
br taken up imint .liately after the expiration ??f the
r ? ? v? at 10 ?>'ilook yt?!-t?-r?lay. :?ttruct?<l to the Ca->
itol a eoiisiiieraMe iiiiiuImt of spectators?v. ho iihout
half filli-d the galli-rica?autl the riitii*e corps ??f
"VYashingtiin corresponden t?? and journalist?. The
chair? M the I?>-publuMm side were about half filled
when t .:?? S|?, :?kiT ealii"I the House to order and an?
il,?tuned iliiit the hour f.?r resuming Mm had
?rr'vnl. luit on the Deinix ratio side the desks wore
mogOty empty. In aeeorthuice with an understaiul
ing gntved ti h.v the Democratic leodcn last even?
ing, m farther mem oi-?i?*rc?l?iintii 11:."?.*>. Um
tw?? bean which int<rvenc<l Wan. primipnlly .putt
vy the ntnbgn ol tin* House .au?l the few others
?lio wen* admitted to the tloor in discussing the <!?
cini'Mi arrived at by the Electoral ComtniKs.on but
treating, The Democrats as a ?body looked bebet
8!i?l tfaappcintOd? and in convers?t ion they did not
?tiii.pt to conceal their conviction that
UM pro?peot for iiiiiiii'iii.itiiig Gov. Tilden
_. President of the l'iiite<l States was less
i..voia.'le than it had beeu at any time since the
7tll of Novel,ilier.
T.ie tt>iiver!?aiii?n which took place between D??m
onaiii K?-?'if?eiitatives and ot.'ieis on the floor yet?
t?i'l:iy v, a? 01 a liiL'lily iiit!'ie.?tiii*-iliiiiiiotir. The
few wiio were eppnaed to tin* ('oiniiioiiii.se bill an?!
?who \ o(. il against it wero exultant that th? ir
prophecy that the measure was simply a trap into
which tin? Democratic party was drawn by tie nn
ikiilfiil leaders, luid Ix-en so soon verified. Th?"??>
null will hereafter MM*) with the '?reatest vein
Uitiui their right t?? ?In-t?te the policy of the l>?>iii<v
cr;itif party, ami will'never MOM to iMiuit to the
evident.*? of th?ir superior judgment in their votes
agin st this EU'<'t?iral lull. Many of those who
originally supported Ihe bill ?md urged its passage
uji'ii their loss willing parly associai?'? axpreM
gr?*at disappointment at the results of it* oper?
an.?ii. One of the lti.-st conservative Deino
critts in the House remarked that his party
"Oighl bar, Iwsooua what the etfoct of the
bill would be. " We thottght," he said,
"ili.it ?ve were writing one of the most
beautiful pagM in American history, and one to
which nur children woultl in future time.-, refer with
pi al?*; hut if it turns on! that all decisions iu this
triiiiiiiai i'reof a path?an charaotei, and that even
o:. ijiiestii.ii.? ?pit rital tin- Republicana all vote on
??:.? ?i ie _iui the Dem?crata on Um other, we may
L.i*< greal re;is?'? to regret having adopted the
i ? ?u at all. and rar experience nay simply be
fnniftil ta a waning to our poaterity iu all time to
i-t'iii?*. 1 i-.iir iliat we have to learn the unpalatah?e
h??.m that there can be no impartial tribunal m this
country t<> which political questions can be sub?
mitted, and that iu luldition to this, public confi?
dence in and reaped foi the Supreme Court itself
?ill be greatly ahoken. For mvelf I sh??ul?l have
pl.t. nod .i.ui'ii?! any otTier settlemeut of tho con?
troversy than one wi.'uh involves an expenaeliki
t'.i?; liit ?t was beOanaC i believed ill the hone -ty
a:.d btati"?mili.ship of the men who would compost)
the C"iiim:?.*ioti Iliat 1 Mppottod it."
Anothq 1>? in??? rat remarked thai while he did not
give np all hope thai tlie ?Couinlaakni would take
such RToiii'd in the cases yet to be submitted to it as
would enable it to determine the eontroTeny m ae
cu'liiiic?* with riL'lu and justice, he was coiiviineil
thai il the policy ttm-s far panned was continued
Gov. Uajr? would be declared President in spite of
?r? m eonahh ration o? jnatiee and right. Ha waa an
criginal *sdvoeate of the Compromise bill, and he
mpp(>il?-d it because h;: belieYed that when the proof
of in? fi.tiitl? and . onspiraciea by which the rotei <?i
I,?? ?-in.., ami i l'iri.iii tfen gitm to Hayea were
laid i??:??r<- Iheae mon ihef would not oulv take
i - ranee of theni but decide them in aeeordance
with la? ami equity. But if th? Conuniaaion will
ii.'t i mmider any <>l iiies?- matters, and is determined
ban] event to return Got. Hare? as ?-1? ? t?*?l, the
1? moerata here no naouoe but to anbndt, ?.ml to
appeal to th? goodeenee ami love of justice of the
li'.uiiiyat large. That he believed would sustain
tin m. and ii. the end aaonze the triumph of justice.
Variuu? i iiii.oi? were ciirr?!i1 upon the loor befort
ti-?- reaapMnbluig ??1 the Hooaa in regard to the
future policy ..f the J)( moerntie party, and aomoof
tli.* niM.iih were of a very sensation:?] diameter.
I -? them vv,i-, une thOt the llemocrai? bad
determiued to break uji the CmPBiianlon. an?! i<?
prerentthc submission to it of any other qneationa
gnuriag eat el the eounting of the vote, Th?:
it aanet in ? bk h it ?-?is, s,.i?l this ?would Ih? done waa
by iii.liicii.g Justice. Cliflbfd and Field toiesign.
O'h i?i??'it ineiitioiied David Dudley Eiehl as the
pfune iii.ivt.! m thi> sciieme. No proof that any
tiunif el tin- ku.d waecontemplated could be found,
indlha abaudity ol it was shown by ? reference
?*? I Elector?! in.i, which conf?ra upon the
T' iuiU| J:.?']ct!, the right and the duty
t" nil any vacanefea wlo?h may oe<-tir
h t.iiir branch of the Conuniaaion. If Justices Clif?
ford ?itki Field ?iioniii resign, the remaining three
Justic?*ufth. BapreuM ConrtwooM andoubtedly
?unediatelj* elect Jnatkea Bwayne and Hunt, ami
*--?*' * "intiii??i<iii woniii proceed with iu work. The
onlv result w.miii i,,- th.tt the hem?,-liit? would looe
t??.. reptuMjitatirea o? the Cniiniaaion. and the Be
IMbHcaua would gain two. It is not beliered that
?uythuig?if the kind vas aroiirualj erateaaplated by
* 'i'l'ati,,! Deimicrat. but tha r?port avidently
or ?i'iat? ?i with sime hotbandod men who bare
H*__yt been willing aver _neo?Oongreaa met toon?
if'?--' i:? a! ...?! Hiiv rcvuliititiiiaiy scheme that ha.s
''?in? uraaaeaihUng et the Honaa at 19 ??'?lock,
fci-aiar Randall preaantod tha aotiee aigned by
Matice ("litioid thai thoOonadaatoahod agreed m
?WMdtotb? i ioinla eoaa, and bad transmitted it?
?!'?' i?'ii, iu aoeotrdauoc ?with the m t, to the J'ioiilent
-?Hi? ."viiate. Mr. E.n.l.- at on??? moved that the
?-'l?rk of th?- HmiM i)t. laolianiiid u? iiifonii the t*m?
OU- i li?t ? pApjt met ting would lie held at 1 o'clock.
bit, Male Bleed the point ??1 order that M Olialpantl
n?eat ?.aspioper, hut that it Wat BOaoaaaiy for t!i?>
two iiounee t.? aaaaaaaaUa at eneebi |atnt aiuaton,
ai.?l in,,,-, ,.,i wj,|, ti,^ (ouiit. 'I he iKiint of order w;w
overriih.1, ?[,<] ?i, ;uii? iidnuul offered by Mr. Mule
tbat the Mouse mfonii the Henate that it was th-n
?reaily lo receive il, wasalno defeated.
An awkward inteiregiuim oceuired in tbe Renate
?*?? ?anwhile, ai-ieiii** from the failure of tlie B-MM
?nctly to comply with the mimi? m-tii* of the ?lec
korml lew. At 12 oHsbeeh the iSeiiate ?eut tbe Hoime
?notice thai it wu ready to pr??c?--d with the count.
?'?emUtot 1 ciry rui-wl that no busiii?-?? could irn
transacted, so everybody waited for a reip-r
frotn Bht other wing. It did not come n
20 minutes afw 12, and then if
a notification that the House would
roiwlv at 1. Mr. Ferry held'thnt no motion f
recess could he entertained, and the Senators wli
away the tiim? in reading or debating until the
point?-*?! hour. Thon Sergeant-at-Arms French n
nhali'd tho donhli- lino, and marching at its h
with hi* assistant*, amone them being the ven. r;
Capt. Bassett carrying the two mahogany be
containing the-retiiriiH. he I?hI the Senatorial ]
cession to the Hhiihc.
The Senat*? ent??red the hall of the Hoii?e precie
at 1 o'clock. The joint session W_BcaIled toOfi
and Pr?sident Kerry handed to the Secretary
the S.'iiate the report of the Commission, which ?
read, llavitl Dudley Field then presented the i
test, signed hj more than tin? requi-?it<? ntimbei
Senators ?aid K?*present.-itiv*'H. This was siuipl
formal j?ap?'r giving the grounds of protest,
containing no new point?. No other protest he
offered the Senat?? withdrew, and when order t
restored in the Mouse, Mr. Lynde at one, mo?
a recess nntil 10 o'clock on M
Any. Mr. Hale wtB immediately on
feet with a point of order. He e.lain
that no recess could be taken under the law, 1
that the consideration of the protest must at "i
take place. Thin question was discussed for ?m
than an hour, the Republicans who sit-oke irenera
supporting Mr. Halt's jMisilion und the Democr
opposing it. At lenirth Mr. Hoar called attention
the language of the hill, and gave it a* his npini
that one recess was certainly in order. Bpeal
Kandall immediately overruled Mr. Male's point, a
a recess was theTl ordered by a strictly party vote.
After the Senators trot back to their chamber, t
objections were read. A few minutes of silence t
sued, nobtxly taking the lloor to occupy any par!
the two hours allowed by the law for debate. T
President was about to put the question on BOatB
ing the objections, when il was suggested that t
proper fotm WM to lote on sustaining the ileeisi
of the Commission. Then Mr. Stevenson unmask
a Bahama for delay, which other Democrats appeal
unwilling at litst to be openly responsible for. ' 1
moved ? recess until Mondai morning, on the Hi
pretense of wanting the report of the Coinmi'-si
printed; and when the motion, after some desiilfo
talk, got along to B Yea and Nay vote, all the Dan
cratic Senators supporttd it. Even Mr. l'.ayard we
on record as appearing to want to defeat the order
working of his own law. Of course all the Repab
cans voted In the negative. A number of ptopoi
lions in different form ?. continuing or overruling tl
Comuiissiun's decision, wen* offered. They we
only so many various ways of declaring tl
will of the Senate, hut t luir originad)
were persistent BOeh for his own fon
Finally the resolution offend by Mr. Slierin.i
WM adopted. It ?let hired thai the decision of tl
Electora] Commission stands as th<* judgment of tl
Senate, the objection.1", to the contrary notwithstaiK
ing. On this the Yeas were 44 and the Nays _."i?
party vote. Another tedious waiting spell folio we
this \ ote, and finally at about 3 o'clock wonli aiaclh;
the House had taken a recess until Monday. Thei
was then nothing for the Senat?* to do except k
liictantly to follow suit, and a recess was ?item
ingly Toted ?em. con. until Monday at ldo'ilock.
'Ihe discussion on the Florida eaee will begin i
the House at 10 o'clock lo-morrow, when si
ipeecheo will be nudo ob each aide. Five of thai
who will siK-alv for thfl Democrats are Spring??]
Field, Knott, Tucker, and Thompson.
DB-TOCBATI wish lo BSAMIKI "lili: r.\PFR9?
[lIV TKI.ro?Alll TO TEE TRIM'S*".."I
Washington, Feb. 11.?(;,n. (iar?ield, in Ml pi I
speech opposing the pOMBge of the Compromise bill
used the following language! "From a carefii
reading of its provisions it appears entirely poaaibl
toE the two houses and the Commiaaion to preven
the declaration of any result whatever. lt?UBM mini I
ing that then* aie 38 States, and that in each cus.
tbc President of the Bannte Banal call for objections
and that upon each objection Ihe two bonaOB mofl
separate, and thai the debute may proceed foc twi
bonil ui?on each obj' ?lion, and that the Mouse mai
take a recess for one day on each of then
objections, a failure to reach B result la altogethi
possible. Bllppose the case of florida is reacheil
and one paity funis iisell disappointed in the Jndf
ment of the Tribunal, and is so determined not to b,
pleased with the result that it peefetl to prevent tin
completion of the count. Mow can such an at temp
be BtOYOnted under the provisions of this bill t'
Many Republicana bare aipmaeeil the fear thai tin
crisis ilmn predicted by (?'en. Garfield had airead)
arrived, and that the Dem?crata are diapOBcd t.
throw so many obotacieB in the ?ay as to prevent ai
aiinoiincement of the result of the election befort
the lth of March.
The D?mocratie leaders Indignantly disclaim any
such intention. They say that the adjournment Ol
yestcidav was insisted npon for good a*id -uflicient
renaonp. < im* is i in desire io obtain the evidence
in the cu1??! of Chaflee, an alcetoc m Illinois, alleged
?t.? !?<? Ineligible, and to aeeure hi- presence In Wash?
ington for the purpoae of teal if .m g in reg.it ?I to tbia
matter. If the count bad proceeded yesterday, tbc
papers in that cist- and ChaffeC- testimony not hav?
ing been secured, there would he no good ground
on which to base an objection to counting his vol.*.
Next th.* neeeMty <>i givingtbe decision of tbeElec?
toral ?Coauniesion that careful consi.i. ration which
itsimpnrianc?* in the Presidential controversy m?rita.
Dem?crata aay their hist oficial knowledge of the
grounds on which this division was baaed waathc
communication signed hj the aigbl commissioners
read during tbe soasiouol yeaterday. That oommuni?
cation laid down some Tory important principles,
bo important that they an-of vital conaaqoence in
the consideration of further questions that Will be
Bubmitted to the Commiaaion. It was therefore not
only proper but neoeaaary that they should bare
sufficient time to consider tliosi* principles, ami to
arrange for theb intelligent discussion. For tbia
puipose, they Bay, Ihe provision Wits made in the
bill for a single adjournment when.ver any question
van raised between the twobooeeeof Congruas.
A third reason is that tbecounael whoaretomahe
arguments m support of the protest to be filed
against counting the votes of I.oiiihiaiiu dc-ire a
little additional time in which to arrange thiaeaae
for propel presentation to tbe Commission. Tbe
Deniocr.its say that the Louioianaease iatbeasoat
Important of any which will in* submitted to the
high tribunal. Tbej oi course made ? contest
against tbe rote of Florida, .as they will do against
Wat I.?'c volt in Oregon; hill these two MOBB wcl.
noToi intended by then lo-be anything more than
(lefius?*s foi their lliinks, as Ihey BXpacted to make
the groat lieht on Louisiana alone. If there had
been in. question aboul tin* vole of Louisiana hav?
ing gone bonnstlj ami leuellj f"i Haye* on.* of
tin* Di inoi vatic leaders remarked lo-nigbt, they
would nut have lais.-tl questions m regard to l'loinl.i
and ?Oregon. I'm these masons and these only, tbej
-ay, (hat they demainied the adjournment "t yester
?l.i.. Tin* Bua-gaatMU timt this Ifstllcatua any dis?
position on their part t?? delay psueeediagi or to
throw obstacles la the smy of a s?.dj Bsttlssasal
of the contiovcisy they declare to Ik? iiuwui ruiit?-d
and unjust.
Many rumors on this subject have BOOB afloat in
Washington ye?t? iday and to-day. Among thsOS
es?, on?* that QOT. Tilden had seul a ?sssags I?) this
city advising Ins party friends iii tin* House to fill
Imsi? i iii older iopicvetitaliii.il aiiiiouiu ciiienl of
the result uf the Presidential election. Hi. umsl in?
tim?t?.- fin ii?l- hen- deny thai they ban- re. eivi-.l m
heard ol un>* such uicsMtge, und udd that Vuy do j
ntit believe that any such communication has
sent. Oov. Tilden, they say, is not giving a?l
of this kind la his party friends ami support?'
WashingNiu, and if he did send such a couimni
tion it would lie disreganled. The Demoe
party, they assert, has committed its case to
Klcrtural Commission. They lielieve that the
?isiou thus far imule by the Commission is not
tain? .1 by the Constitution, the laws, justice, or i
mon aanaa. Hut no matter what it? ehuiactcr
Im>. the Democratic party is hoitnil loaiudeli
They will present the Louisiana case will
tiuii h coiitiileiite and argue if as rarefulli
though no adverse decision had airemly 1
minie, anil the?; will depend u|s>n the honesty
t spa? it v of the members of that Coiiimifsioii f?"
fair and legal adjndi'iili ?> of the questions
niittetl. Tiny do dot lielieve that tha principle!
reaily lanl down will be sustain?1?! by pop
opinion or hy the Commission it?elf in the Louisi
The Democratic, view of the recent deci-hm of
Commission may lui siiiiiiik-iI up in a few wo
That Tribunal, the leaders say. has refused t?
ecive any evidiiue whatever impeaching the autl
itjr of (iov. ,*-tearns's certificate. That eertili?
contains in itself no ovill?me that it is based on
report of any returning hoard or that any ret i
ing board hail anything whaN'Ver to do with <
vassing the. vi.le. That part of th?'derision in wl
reference is made to the rejxirt of a returning hi.
was put in, they say, in or? 1er 1?? save the case of (
gon. which is the only one in which any refer?'
whatever is made to boards of State canvasser*.
Use the words of a loading Democrat hunnvor??!
to-day : "The logic of this deoisioiij is that while
man ?an he deprived of his property M per.-.?
rights, under the laws of thi.? country, so long as
can trai-e his property or show that hi*, peno
rights have been invadid, the rights of the Sta
are not to b?> protected in any such way ; if a n
atealt my watch and it passes through th?' hait'l
a hundred different peraona ami I Hod it at last i
identify it. 1 eau mover my property ; but if
vote tif a State is stolen, no mailer boW convit:c
the proof that MAAS) he adduced, thai proof is not
be lonked at and that vot?> is not to lie r?>stoi??l i
der ?my circ'imstanees, provide?! the Governor 1
cortilied to the fraudulent certificate.**
The Republican ?re of oouim pleoaed with the
tion of the Commission, ami think that they hi
already WOO tha battle for Oov. Hayes. VVilli;
M. Evarta and other leading Republican doiiim?I ?
reported Unnlghl to boresaid that the Florida?t
in point '?f law was mu? h stronger against the I
publ.oaiis than the Louisiana ?;???? possibly can I
ami that under the opinion given by the eight tui?
liers of the tribunal, which they hold to be 0
n-it in law and based upon the facts,
would be impossible to go behind the retni
of Louisiana even to inquire as to t
etigibilit v of an elector. The exact |K>sifion
Justice Bradley is reported on good authority to i
that no ?piestion can be raised :is to the eligibility
electors unless in the certific?te of the electoral vr
itself. There is soaaetbing on which to base the pi
suti'ptivo evidctU'c that the eligibility should lie
mat tel'of in?|uiiy;ino'. her woids, the Electoral Colh*
is the judge of the qualification! of ils own memhei
anil it? decisions mu?t be eonaidered M linal, unie
it raises th?'?ju? :.on tor the authority which eotin
the vote to decide. Thor?' is nothing ol the kinil
the Louisiana case. The lawyer? say that tl
returns from that Mate are more completa in for
and more exactly in accordance with the langnoi
of th?? S:at?'Staline than the returns of almoal ai
other s? .?'.!?>, and that apon tha law principle ahead
decided, the Tribunal will be bound t" order tl
Louisiana votes counted for Mayes and Whe let* Tl
saving clause in the f*iiniiniMlon*Bdeiiialim atf tl
florida cas?* iu regard to the GoYernor*s certifies)
being base?! on tin-action of tlie Returnini Ko.'iri
will oudoubtedly prevent the eouutLig ol Croniu
vote iu Oregon. _
?im.y faii: To t?n.'r a si in; Tin: Wat th
ri.ni'i.r. ?xrKMiKi?.
|r,_-SKH?l. I'UF.-S IilSI-ATCH.l
*> Washini?on, Feb. 11.? The. President tn-ni_.h
in the coins?' ot conveisi.iion, said it appeared t
him at Aral that the Danocmta of the House, b
abruptly taking! room yMtexdny, intended to ?>i
stunt UM counting pi the electoral vote. He ba
been Informed, bowerer, thai many pram
iiunt Dem?crata had disavowal any int.-utio
to engage in mere dilatory prooeedingaj tlm
to-moii'o.v they would take action in th
Florida eaee,and that their delay wm merely fo
the purpoM of carefully ??xaininini: all the popen I
they appeared this moi aing in print. The Presiden
hays be is glad to hear this, a.? Bot hing COU h<> gaine?
by restating the regalar order of bnaineaa. ii
?peaking of the Intention of Dem?crata to maki
an objection to counting the ?rote o? Illinois an a<*
count of the alleged ineligibility of Elector ChaflM
be said be doce not bm bow the vote of the State cm
be rejected on that account, ami if the objection i
made to Mr. Chafiee oui?, tin- Dem?crata eau derir?
no benefit bom it. He Ihinka it i? only fair that i
a ?State ha? voteil 1'oreither Hayes or Tilden th?
full vote of such State shall be counted a
cording to its political Complexion. Although lu
hojMs thai Haves and Wheeler will b<- declared
e!? it'll, he feels sniili-W 'hat Ullt'i-rt ilitl M t?> the re
Sill! becatuw he cannot foreaee what will be ?done it
the cam of Louisiana. It will be recollected thai
four yean ago after Ids canvnaa for reelection tin
I wo Houses re.loll eil 11.?I locnuil the electoral V??!
ol that Stale. Should Louisiana's roto possibly be
excluded now, Hayes ?mil \\ heeler will in thai ? as.
be defeated and Tilden and Hendrieki not elected,
the ?latter bot having receired a majority of the r?tet
?1 all electors appointed, and then-fore th?-ehe; ion
of a President will be thrown Into the HoUM <?i
Hcpr? seiitativt s, leoring the Senate, to electa Vice
l'l'isillellt. lie this as it may, the l*ie.?iilenl II
Mtiafled th? re will be DO disluibai ce of the peace.
ne- io h partie? have committed Ihe deter in i nation ?f
disputed pointa to the tribunal constitute?! lor that
|nr tMtWPPmTX to TiiK TitiRt:_ir..l
Washimjion, Feb. 11. Oeorge D. Chaflbe. the
Illinois elector who is allege^ to have been illegible,
arrive?! tier?- to-day, He will probably he examiued
by Mr. Knott'acommittee to morrow morning. Um
papen received from Illinois show that be wm ap?
pointed United states Couimi-oioner March 12,
1868, and that be hm aorer reaigned t?? t!u? dato
A i ei ntit at?* si?iieil by Judge Treat, the Circu?
Judge, shows lia e la.'ts. 'I he l?i pllhilt "ans a-sclt
that Mr. t'hiitl? ?? has mu acted m United Btatee
('?iiniiii-sioiiei- tor a longtime; but the Denioctnta
reply that it mokea m? diferenM whethM ba has
acted or not, m be continnea to hohl the ofltoe uni .1
be lenders hi? resit-nation nod it io accepted. An
objection will be made to counting hi? rote when
the retorna from Illinois are ?pound to-morrow, and
the matter will bediecnaeed for two honra inaepo*
rat?- M--?i?itis of the two bonere. It is not learned
to-night whether ?or not any adjournment will taka
plOM before a linal vole i? had on tins ?in. -i ?on.
Tin: Pit??( i.i'i>l\?;s in eONOBEfiS.
I HI ?KNAII IN si sv|,,s-.
\V \?iiim: n?*?,', Feb. 11.? The r?>o?'sft hnvinj.
tatpttWt Ml 1?? o'cit.i k \i-.|?rtl:.\ Di.inill.K. ib.- Ht-i.ait n
?niluc?! its ne?? ei? at II.at I."Hi ,
1 '\ s "ii.iinis total la. ?': I, .m il?.ill.in uf Mr. limit
Weil (Hi I?., ."??.ut?.) i? ?'.ill ni ihe s.'.i it.- MM iinli-rcl, niitl
?t !i': I.'? ?>'t t'iei. i_7 Si lia toi b liittl uu_u .-?ni !.. Unir
I'lii-n ?si'iiale tii? tl. ut lOi.'M) ti'cliH!?, took ? ret a _? until
Vio'eUnk. l'|?oii ?r*ii_>?i'iiil?liii_,- fit iio.iu, nei.ilv all the
s, ii?ti.i.. ?.i re |iiisian. unil union?.' Ill?' |u,>unn< nt p*uoo*
Pee Pinb !'???.
?Till** I.IsMlssKI) NAVAL CADET?81TK O)
Canada is displeasrd bee-iuse the IT
States tloes not appoint ? fishery commiss
to assess damages ufar tlie Wasliiii
trciity ; there arc no damages however t?
IN-, Postina-tct-lienenil Tyner testified |
Watts'seligibilify,,,, Satiinlay. Got,Stealn.
tjlied ?is to the Florida election. Mi. Mnlh
n clerk of tin Returning Heard, swore ihn
saw Littl( fiel,1 making ciasurcs in Lmii*
election ret?nns. ?Senator Saig-'iit has repi
against resioring the naval cadet dismissed
hazing. Discussion as to the new lib
building turns on whether an extension ?
be huilt to the Capitol, or a Hff built
put up.
REciPBocin in Fisn,
far BBtaoBArn to tur T?tn*.rr.E.)
WASHiNtit.iN-, F.b. 11.-The Canadian Oov
ment seems airain to Is. couiplainin-Uiat I lie I'n
Sutes has not appoint.-d tin- Coimniaalonef pmv
for in the Treaty of Washington to ass. ?s the d
ages due by this country to that of the I'nmii
for Ihe use of its in-.?hore fisheries. Similar |
plaints ?iii* inatle a little more than a J
ago, but when the facts as shown by ofli
ligures were published nothing further
heard of the preposterous claim put f(
by the Canadian press that the I'nit.d St?
ought to pay $10,000,000 a year for tin- li?l
privileges it? citizens enjoy. The agitation at t
time bad for its obfeet the Inettesaent of the Uni
State* HeOBte to ratify the Reciprocity treaty, <'n
dina statesmen basing Intimated that if this*
done the claim for fishery ilaiiia.es would
drooped. Its looks as though its object was
same now. The truth is'thai Canada has uo j
claim against tiio United btetss under the Treaty
Washington. The privileges act ?mied our eit?sens
that agrsemsst have not materially increased
product of America IshahSi uor diniinishcd t
of lbs Dominion,
In the lyeal ?car ending June 110. 1871, before
treaty went Into operation, tin- product of Amera
lisheries, exclusive of the whale lishery, sold
111,482,410,and for the year ending .June 80, I?
its value was only if 11 VIT."?,-."?'-'. In no y
since tho treaty was negotiated, mil
it has been the last, have the Ann
can fisheries b-en M valuable as during lh'i
On tin other band, Ihe fishery boaim m began to i
prove in Canada immediately alter the treaty wi
mto force, in i?>7<? Canadian flsbermsn sold ih
eateb for only ?*???>,.-?77,:(!>?_', while In 1*74 it bronj
tin-in -f 1 1,681,886, The same conclusion is r?*a?*li
if wc compare tbe trade in fish between this count
an.l Canada before the treaty with that afterwai
in 1870 we imported from tin? Domini?n 01,10
4()7 worth of fish, and exported to t
provinces .*t';l7,7i!t worth. In 1875 we ii
ported 92,167,613 ami exported f'J?.l!
worth. In other woids, the Canadians are not on
Batching mete lish since the Treaty of Wasbingb
was negotiated than before, hut areseliin?? more
lbs UnitedStatea, while our laheruma bare bm
satelnng less and selling less in Canada. The s
plaii.itioi! it this is thai Canadian lahermen ne
haw* a ferae ? irki l (ef their li.sh iii the United Statt
while forineii-, our Government Imposed a duty i
foreign li-di. This ties UiniUet is v.ort'j twice i
much to Canada aa the In abete fisheries of Xet
foiiniliand are to ths United States, so that tl
United Btatss ought in eojdtj to pay nothing to tl
Dominion for its privileges, end it therefore maki
iioditli'leiicc whether the commissionWPttmeets <
not. _
Washington, Feh 11. ?Senator Bargen!
from las COmmtttceoo Vaval Affairs, tawfcem buk
fen-til the petittea ef J?'- pa P.. ,ti. ?t.. ta be nstoced I
the Kaval Academy, from widc? bs WBi ?smlSBSd l>
sentence uf coiirt-miitlal, lias made B report. He rt-rin
tii.it Hm 9*tltloaaf was s mcimimr sf tbs H ivaUBbssl, wa
trictl by court-martial aa.i tlnjy < ouviiteil of the cliarg
of Iia/.lng, und, In BetaidaaSS with the law, val -sei
tiiiied tu lie expelled-, tho praeee?lagi ami ladings <
111?: court weie appi'uvi-d, .uni tu.* SBUteUM B?S been ?in
ried mi? i il?*, i Mr. gargBUt Iban lacttM the law Bfatas
basing win. ii pcovt-eafartfeagtasaissalef a c.nt.-t am
that he "BSJBll tlS fSTBTBT ISJltigtMll to rcappoltiiiucnt.'
He ll)i it sa)*:
The niiitt.r of liarine has Seen a serious injury t?
schools .littl ii.ili gea u bet-ever praetleed, ?ouf preval??*?
to Kile.) an exteal ?ii He* >.'*iil Academy that Itw?
.1.*..nuil necessary t.i pass tl.e act (pn-icd. and toban
its provisions so strong tbal the young umb wbowere
ami in lie* future inlgbt be, destguut-d for Uie honor u
111 .( lli-lilu mil. Wtmlil i?e del? II ?" l ?'i.'il Vinlatilii.' a Isb
?i. ti (i .1 for tin ii* own ??unit ?m l m ternary for tbe main
tenant* el ordei ?m I discipline. When young men p
tiieii i va'tiiti mum und enter Ibe academy It tot Intend?
tbal Hi-*? should strictly uompiy with all Its rales ?nul
i, ?.iluiMii-, and al all tlmee eBow a proper reverent*
and regard tor tbe laws uin.li aovernil Unless tlu-s,
i,n* h and i?.iriii.iti..iis are raforaed acconllaa to their let?
ter and spill t. tbe slii.leiil, iml. :nl "I Ixutu lu m lit"!
will be ne -apaeti sled tor tbe great duties Badreapuaat
blliti? soi all? ? lite.
.s? aatet Bargen! quotes from tbe reports sf the Bnerdi
of Visit?.is ni l-TJ .uni 1-74. to show tiltil * expressions ol
tundnninatlnn "f basing, ami to* them aaattanMi
II may I..* ? ml llir act of feUBg Baal ??as lie? n very
flagrant \i> billon ol law, bul baving delegated tbal la
qu117toacwurt.lt will not do la l?veme tbc Judgment
\ ben tbe proe? ?dings are regular. Tbese ?.en: approved
in tin* siip'-i i-i',? mieiit. and it t"? re man aoj mitigating
ein i.?n-i?ni. i they were .loubudlj brought to bis at
i?.mi,in m Ht.h unie .iii.i tull? iiiit-.i.i.r..ii. *i.. graut tbe
re It, I ni.t.- tl for WOtlM be, III Hie opinion itftllt' ?olll
rulttec, injurious lo Ibe discipline "f Ibe Kaval
?rW-bool. Ii)>* act of l?-7?i mlgM a? well be
i.-;....... I as for Congress to favorably entertain i.*.pi'..t
ottbla Knut, iii ?ml eoiiiiiii :, ludu?-trious babil?, continued
application m s. n'l, are a few ol tbe requisites th.it
(t'liKi- a rnlaabli man and eft* leul mtl >*i*. aud u i<? bopod
tbese dualities will neve? is* auderralued i>.? Coa*
K-vBHioual action or inflaeuiM la tbe luauagiuicut of Ibe
N.tvai Academy, or tbe education of tboai whoai i.'"..?i
fortune it uiuj i?* to bava tbelr namas on lbs DM <>f
students si tbal honored Institution.
ti.??coiuiuiiii ? Bsktobe rUaabargBd (magfarther can
Bltlciatii'ii ol MM uie.uiori.tl.
ii:K.s?is(i NKiissriY roa asma accummooatioks
. ? i'Kori'-i.i) iMiN-i'.N Of nn- CAS-iTW.nl imi
im; miii.i.iM arm st'ooaara? fo? a in
[ritou m?. iii.oci.AK coBBBsroBnmn orrai raiatma.1
Wa-him?i"s. tab. 11.?Then is now a
-KW i ?)1 ? ":iN ;' ,;"" '" ,'""1 ''.xi-? s lii?t sinn? lilil??; .in.-,it
lo be ?lone at once toward provbliag enbKned aectommo
tiit.i'as for tiie library al Congruas. Tbe pus. m quar
t. raol tue library are wimin Inadequate, rifty-iiie
ii.oii-.iii.i v..it.in* ? are witbvul stelf-tuatn, aad tbs
gouaal additives t.. ?lu- imnmase mam of books amount
top between 15,000 sad ls\000 rmrunea, it lbs rival
pl..iie f.? a at ? building da not dafeal aaeb atber, M in
|,i.,ii;ti.li* tli?i au i.ppi-.ipr?.?.'ii ?w:i M M ule Ibis ii.ssiiiB
rttbei f..t ?i ?i Pauli? i-iiiii'-e .ir fur aa nteaslon lo tbe
Cap?tol. Tbe Library Osmaittles has tairodu-ed ,i tastl
ptevbltng loe exteudlag me aaatma traul ni
,,... rentrai pniii.ui of lbs Capital :.?<> tost,
a,ni fur silUslag all lbs mem mua sr-mimd n.r
in, i. n i. o?. Tbm la banalst Kdmnmbrli larartta pinj.ii.
lie ibiiii.? thai i'n* < aettoleas Ibuabt snida lymmetrii si
mu? patfssi, aad tbal tb?* ui.ini*. mral lafsriatityef tin*
?i.i ? .-m i ni .?nui. aaa Be ?bslty rmeteehmO. Tims Bar,
lin-i* v.-r. im an iiite.t lia? Basa Beaud t-> aormt a ?(????t-iii
Im tin -lying out tins puni ? in? Botaos aal Sfwfl tin* t? .'.I;
of tit.* ittni.itnt-- gaaalat Murnii. ? aaanaoa af lbs ? bb>
mu??, ?h riiiiiu* liiiiMiug?, mststs timt u aewHbraty
-.lioiild lie er.clcd ami tint it |bSUM stiitnl up..i'i,
gaaUMl liiiiiiisli.itcly easl sf ISO llast ? ii;.|(o!
1'irW He has p.it in a trill for SSUdSUNMUg
mu? pmefeaalna tin* land, nan ssvstei wia ?ti?.;?
ii.g bansest and begtnuing a bandenme and ram mo
dioii? ???litlce. otli.r ??? ti?tom faior Jml-ti-n
BguamM ib. iiirntii.il, arguing tbal n Ibaltbrarj site go
out of the I'aplt.i! ii aagbl t" !" place.! on an ni ?il silt,
tuiivriiK lit :<i I'n* nail.iiK" pil'?." In tin* i il.? lu* (J.iv
. ?iuii.t.i.1 u .*, i,i in.* ?ipiaiu, und lb?re u, VaeMl , ??
upon Jt fora structure Ur??o enough to provide for the
growth of the llbiarv for octituri? s to roine- Tliln locar
tti?n m favored by Mr. HpofTbrd, the librarian, but lie will
ba nior?? ttian s;?tl?iled with any provision' Congre?? may
liiuke that will setane ptWpU eme tor his beloved ?tKxikR.
Last aeaatea then was a g,-nenii ?itH|K>?ition to Hoioot the
public r< set vutlon at the foot of Capitol 11111. occupied
in part by the Betank ?lardon, as the site; hut the r. -
rent ezeerattoM for tbe Maral Monument clow bv have
?howa taut th?- granad ?s so tboraugbly sponity and
water-soak.'tl that it aMotda no secure fnilii?latl<?ii' Ha
n.'W lull! ling instead of un extension of th?? C.ipltol is
Inally deerard on, there aeema to ti?' a mit rai agreeaMnl
that the ??iitlnc style slmultl tie adopted, M pyAumng
reitet to the monotony of elaaaie One! architecture pre?
vailing iu the existing public buildliiiot.
TKsriM'iW AOCt mi i Alia nY m sknat? com
tVnOU THF. HKiilLAit roKKI'.a|.iM?KNT 00 TCI tMAOVMO I
Washington, Feb. 11.?The lOBfc iiiurniit
tent InvcntlKatlni ut the Mississippi election conducted
hi the l?ante Oemtafttae on irtvflegM ?uni bmwtnAaaa,
wiiifii ha.i i.e,n petagenalt winter,bMMaaMMBtada
ins.?? of testimony that shows how the Deiiiocriit? man
ai.-ed to overcnm? s Republican majority of ;'0,<XM) an?!
carry the Hlalc by a majority for their candidate* :iliin>?t
a? heavy. Th ne metlusls may lie classed under tune
he.el?., as follows:
First - --Intimidation. This was confined to a few counties
where the iukio vote wan the heaviest. The State liad
hUM n _ii>ri?ii_hly bulldozed In Js75 that it waa net
necessary to apply the antidote for Republicanism in a
Rouerai way. It was .hotiirlit best by the D? in
ocratio l"a?l::t*s, so it would appear, to select a half dozen
of the black counties and prevent the Kepubli? an* from
hotdtag Meettagi ta IbaaaMdatag anything ta nrln
their sliafti.reil etgaO?attoi. There waa, however, a
spielet of ell'tetivc liitiiiililalion practiced throiiKhout
the Slate by the. military organization?, composed cx
cliinlvt ly of IJeiiiociiif.s, which were formed in every
c?iiinty. Rifle chilis, cavalry agU-dmU-, ami aitillery
coiiiji.inii s aren m numerous a? if a war ha<i actually
broken out. The aegMM understood perfectly that this
show of anead HanewM tataudedMoanannMtotMMB.
Beeoad? Hndertag BepubUeaaa from nglaterteg and
votltiii. Tbla whs done in a variety oi iiiK?-ni.uis ways,
One was to demand that the colored voters abettM
BMWCt tin. ?lions not requited by the law as to the town
sinp, range? ?and aacttaa of land ?ay litad upan, and ta
refus, them legtetratMO ou their failure t<? make correct
npliea. Oa election day tha vldtaa wen allowed to voie
Int. and then tbe rating of tha Maekawaabtoderedoa
all sorts of pretexts, so ?as to leave a laiifo manlier wwt
liu? In lin?' ?hen the polla closed. In some localities
after tin? while vote-? were In, the Inspectors pretended to
dlseiivi i- in ii ii _'iil:iiily In the pOU-bOOln, am!, elosiinf
the p..Us, WOttt to til.? county seat to have it ?rectified,
and ?lid not return until Beany sunset.
Third -Bettot-boi ?tut'linr. If the testimony Is to be
believed, then wen cover bucIi obolceale and ont
lai?eo'.is frauds on the ballot perpetrated In New-York
<'i'> ?a the w.n?t tlaysof Tumi: HIV Hile UWN prac?
ticed nil over *?lis.?i*?ippl. The '?>?. tnocrtnta controlled tbi
election iiiai'lilneiy at every poil, and the?- opened tlie
boxea, took out ami ?it ?tio.K'd the Republican tickets and
r.'plac.'il tbem wltb Deuoenwlc Ucketa tnthout tee
M ?,'liii .?t compunction. This was done in so many places
that tbe con. iu?,on is almost irresistible that ? system
?waa contrived by tue Mate Committee ?vid instructions
giren t??the local Deinocratlemanagen.
Tbe Dem?crata ban nude s. ?un-iv any at tempt to re?
fute tin-iioiiiiiiani evidence of tbeac fhittanlenl practice*
liivi II lieliii?-Ihe coiliniittee. Tl'i'V have liml a Jt w w ?I
neaaea woo hive sworn that so far as they knew the r-g
?li a' ?1,11 an,i eli c! Ion in tllfir localities were Conducted
with fantie.ss. lb? Repnbllean"allegation* are direct ami
apecillc,and tin Deiuocrata put uotiuug .n.i... i t..?.,.
but u lew general denial.).
hie 1:1.11 mi) Of watts's kK'SIuxaito.v?<;ov.
iRiMH m tu ii*.?what a cuan of tuk
UKllHNIXii lliltlill SAW AND DRANK.
WasRIKOTOX, Fob. 11.?l'<)stiii;ist'>r-G<?ii?-ml
Tjmer teattfled y??t?ttdoy baton Proctor Knotfacommit*
lie ta ?regard to the taellgHrfHty of Wat:,., the Ongoa
elector. Bo prodneed, from tha Hies of the Depart
niciit, ?allpapen bearing Ipontbe netgantton ol Watta,
wldebahow thai the i?irt?-r nataned in? position of Tut
mast?! by telegraph on -Nov. lit, ?ml that a telegraphic
acceptance wu s?'nt by th? Pc itmaator-Qenerel on Nov.
14. Watte'i -Aiitt? n nalgaatton t<? bpeetal Aneol under
?rood waa not l.fcivtiiat tbe department ontU Pee. 0.
Tor reeorda of the departoMM ??how that Henry w. Hill
was appointed m tTattafcaueoeeaorlto-? 23 j that Hill's
band **;?- forwarded to hbn on Dec 11, and was returned
approved 011 .Ian. 3, 1??T7, on wlil.Ii day tils commission
was sent to him. It also is showu that the special avilit
took charge Of the post-otllce at Lafayette on Nov. 14,
receipted for all QoramiMM property, ami removed tue
oiiice to another bull.tin-'.
Tiie eeunatttod next examined J. M. McOrcvv, glxth
Aiidilor, who stated that pay was allowed Walts, as
postmaster, to am!including Nov. 14.
?in?,, ?i, ,ti >,? of i'i.in.11 ma raealled. B? wad naked
why he, a? Governor of ?? state, telegraphed t<> th? Preet*
dent a party BMaeege,aaktag that prominent BepubU*
can? be seilt down to Florida. He said that It was tie
cau?o he knew the I'n ?idenl had sent prominent men to
other States. BOWM Baked if he did not know Mint
Plane, one of the electora whom he appointed to a -sai?
iiiiif, ?a? a eon victeii feiou, ami admitted that Plena
had been <?? BTtCtod of adkclng a bribe to a member of
the LagUb|tMO>
In the aftanOM the coni'iiittee t|ticstione?l John F.
Miilheriii, a ?1er!: of the Ketur.iiii_. Hoard. II.-testified
that he had.n <>:. < lor. Walla and I.'ltli'll.'l.l conversing
privately and in a low toM dorias the canvass of tin
v..t.', and that once, after a tonranattoa <?f this sort he
MO l.ittleiit-l't take fioui his desk a paper and take it to
aataadingdeak andgetttagaaeraa it, make s?im?' eraanna.
On Dee. 4, Utttefleld t??id the ?rltamthnl behadixed
ih. pariah of <7ernon, hut ha ?ii?l in?! say which way or in
what MIHMf he had Hied it. Mti?ieriti also Rallied that
clerks had made nlhda\ il? In the o?ku of ihe Beturutag
lio.tid,algnlng to them any name.? tbej happened to
think of. The wttMM said he matle cliaii'.'is in one rc
iiiin hhnaelf : what he dldWM toequllaetbe votes for
etectera, glrtag tbe om who received the lowed vote the
nan m the ooe who rewired tbe blgheai Ibewitnen
mid, however, ta wimmitted no torgerj <?n any pacer ie
latlngto the election. Th?: following colloquy then took
pi im :
i,?. ilavey?'ii not boon tlrinkiin; to-day 1 A. Early this
i?. Aw jron not Intoxicated now. A. No. sir.
u. wiierc ?...i you diitiki A. Down .?i the National
i?. With whom I A. f don't knnirtbrlr nnmra.
ii. Did vou lake a drink toter thaatbatl A. At about
...kl tilti.
t>. Notbinc -in?-?' Iheiit A. No, sir.
ij. Wini dm you ?Irink at '__ o'clock I
A. a idaaa af
wall r.
Q. What did you ?lrinb this morning 1 A. A gtan of
ale. u su?-? ??i elder, a toddy, mid a ?earatoll; ami 1 alao
took a i iiiiile of cigara. [Loud UiuthtCT?]
The committee at 5^0 o^etoek p. m. ad_ounad until 0
o*eleeh Ifondai murniug.
Wasi?i.\(;t?)\ NOTIO?.
\l ?SillM.Tt.S, PI ti. 11. I?T7.
rilarle?? A. Kldii.K'e, ev-uieiubei' fiom Wlaeooata, was
baton tha Ban! Brtate Pool ?Oommlttoe, Mr. Otover of
>!i-.'iiiri cliaiiman, yesterday. Be Mettled that t.'ie
membi i? ai tiw potd orero Plrree X. B. \oaag, ax-mem?
ber from ln'iii.r.u ; t\ 4 oiiiiiiis.-ii.il' i of lu.ii.m Alt.oi?
Parker, Beeii?tarr Bclknap. J.r? i ooke kVu., W, 9. llun
tnigdim ami tii'is. if. Kiibi'iiiu and LaUa acted aa irna
It e? i,nl> , aa,I had no p? ,-uiitiiry li.t.-nsi m tti.- matter
natll ti!.-.. I?? i atoe outgone* tor th?> purpoM <?f n*ahl*ig :?
r -tlleiiie.lit VMtll Jai C.ioke .V CO., WUO-had l_olie ml.?
liaiikiuj.t.-y. Mi. i'.l'ltiUi. ? ;l?i. s'ai? "I 11.a! no loi'tub? i < f
the i'?i??l wu amare where the |?roi?ert.v Iu wblcb be as a
?,. ,i bel wi 11.? ?is., was mi. r.-r?' i-.i area located, lie atoa
sut.-, landdittoti to m? aliove, ibal he ?? i? attornej fur
a iiiii?'.i o? ontneton nndei tke Board ol Publk
H'oiks, bul declined t> i-i-.c their ii.itues, lnaamucii a?
tbla, le iii.iii'.iai'. .1. \?,t? in? private i?:i?inc>., ,i.? ,,u ati??r
Dr. Ralph Wui-t', tin- phjraMaa attending Mr. Itephena,
hMtamed the tollirwinji ballotta: "Alexander li s:e
pal..? has sall.ictl 'nul an attack of ptli?tiititiia, to.
i.wet*. i.\ a. ?it? bronchi tla. He is rapldtp tmpnrtag
Tills slat, lian? is a:.i. It l.i alia) I'.e mi \i? 1? til In.- tl it- ml?,
? ,.,!?? ill?? i alt it )?? it-of In.? etiiitiltltiii." * Mr. l-ltepbeua
ci?i?i;?ii i? tl his ,,.,ii: ?.at Urtlay. His condition ia so
aim h improved iiiat, tor tbe ?r-t time since his present
iiitu s? iiru-i.ii, h?- ac?non bsdgi ? bimai li to im betn r.
Ill I ne lloil-t ol I. p.,?. BtollVi-a >e*t. i-.l ty I lie lull for
the rebel of the ' usof-l.. hito .le.n-.'uli.iiriil thaile.
Wilkea ?.a*- paaaedb Th. tm tanenhj t?> tha
hull,I, Ap| Iipllali'iii l?iil W.ie M'i'it ? lielll let! in. Mr.
\ all, u ii,itt..tii?', ?I ., Mil to .till ii. ti.. . ?!..!,!.?l.i.i.oil ?f
i A. -up lei?-.-i:i|?li etii?itiii>n|e..l t ?u Is ?tu At!i'-:li.i ant
Lain,?? , . ii : ihe "?.al. le. .ala.rl.tr. to tht? Mil!:.,i\
At.i<*"lii.v Ap|i!iip|-|.-itlon bill W? ?? Hone.?a.'illicit in.
Dr. Pop? rciMirt? that .*?.. 1.1 .i> Hen ?T* < ? u.l,ti??u ii.ts
iiiipi-iiii ?I ?-.? . nit ul> Mitiiln tin- last *J?i noiirs. Ihe pre
limiMn ?Mi !?!?'ins ai,- laut !i relieved, and the lever al
in.'-t rune, na alceMonietlr, lake? uitnrlehmrnl tn*iy,
.?ti I tin in.li. all..ns ot in-, r?-c.ivciy arc piotnlsiii^.
KreOtiick DoUglaM ha? !c?iuuc?l as a BMMhM ol the
I'obee li'taiU tif I tmiml-siiiiiei? 1'rcsidenl ?liant le
tpyutpd bis riwi.tii.itioii lu oi-tlci tliut Iu* lulrfa- con,ply
v.'ilil?.' btW which .??pures tue appolutluvul ni one
un a.i.K'1 ol I lie tio.uu fiom -Ooi^elowu.
IU.I.OKAI.K, Haturday, F'ib. 10. 1HT7.
Minister Kit-Hie? and the Turkish delegate,
Pert?*ff litt, titit. in throe conf?rence? have entirely
a?irif<l on the f?n-mal points of the Turkish bases of
I?e.me, vu.: Salutln? tbe Turkish tug. Hi? conservation ol
Servian fortresses, ami the previ iitinii uf armed Lands
croKHlng the frontier. Pert?*tf K?Yiall has asked tno
Porte for limit ucilim? on other pon.tsi When the pro
iimiiuirles ure settled. M. Klsties will pi oceed to (XM*
stabtiuople to negotiate defliilllvely terms of peace.
BawataBA\*xmmEE*mj, Feb. 10. 1H77.
Le Nord, the Russian BeXEEt m this city, miyi : ? If Ko
ro|?e renounces its rl/bt of action under the treaty of
lts56, Ktisslu wiH he Jusiitled In a?,-??ln aSsutnlug the atv
tittule she held l.-fnie thai treaty, wblcii will thus b*
BSBM a dead Idler."
London. Monday, Keb. 12, 1877.
A sp???*i;il ?lispatdi to The ISUimltinl I rom Alex?
audrlit itiKiounces tii?i tbe Eg) pit in lio*-ps have egutu
been gatsaSai asat Massowah.
London, Monday, 9thk VI. 1917,
A dispatch to The Tintet fioni Calcutta re?
port? tiint a guuyewdsr sxptsslsa ha? sssattsd at Ad
hcmaiied, by *h ? ?? .." j.? i*.-....., mere killed and l.uOO
UMBOB.-bb. Il, 1H77.
Reutrt's tchj-nuii from Madrid says it is re?
psttsi en gBsi authority that tbe Ba?-<|ue deputations
have BTCgSSSi and tlie (?ovciiiincut has aecept,-?! a pUn
fur a S? ttlelliflit which will remove the p: -. :,i dlflli itltn-?
with the l!,i-tpie Provinces by a compromise. Ini?t?*?td
of furnishing asMleta by esussrlptisn, eoah prortMpm is
to liiuliittiiu u Ituttallon of riiluiit? it?. wlrch is too?
placed andar the enters et tho Uovoruasoal taaaassa
Miir. ?lltd ??? un,unie.il ?ill.I ?idliill.lt tl.itive lllltllBOHIJ I?- . S?
serrad t?, the B-Ogue Piwiad ?. Tbe hum-u?- Jautas ora
willing to accept ibis agrsamaat, and tue Qerstaiesnl
will sabuui it to the Cortes.
B??>WN'svii.i.K, Feb. 10.~(,?:ii lUgwl Blanco,
whom I'r.sl.liut Diaz appointed military commander of
the frontier, Im? arrived at Matamoros, and entered on
hi.-? duties.* The tomMJB of the city hu?! Ix-en raised, and
oilier ofici?is sop?la ted liy Iliaz are cw:i i-.lii|/authority.
Ativit-tH fnm Vera Crus to tas8ta state tbal UaavDma
was expected to return to tue capital bhoiuy. lue
country wee galet.
Panama, Feb. 2.?BfCCjthtaf is i'iiot on the
north uud smith coast*. The news ftniu l'eiu coutume?
f.ivoriible.?. A delay bail occurred In carrying out the new
lawpasssf brOsagrssB, mash gave Mr. Bsaty Mrggp
control of the Cerro de Pa*-i o iniue?, SU iiicmiit of the
QovatnsM nt ?A ishitin to iBByssa ssth-u ssntMsns which
Mr. HeiggSSSaM not accept, but it was exja-clcd that
tlie dir?lciilty would be overcome and the work proceed?*?!
with at .1:. early day.
The gsnatnl tone of the latest advices from the entire
Beach is peaceful and sassuragtag, lbs home ..i..i
foreign iiiat'tiiis of all the repultlics, from the Isthmus to
(tpe iTorn, ?ire for anee uim>is( saliaCai'lacy. Iu
Nicaragua tue prom is full of articles eAtotilag the merits
of tue NlearagtUMi . anal scheme. Anew project, pio
posed by Mr. Hlaacbet, is BMBttoue I, which tilders souk -
what from tile I.'ill mute, and the estimated cost of
v. In.li is plue, tl ?it tilioul 938,000,000.
Tuen* is uo Improvement whatever In thenewaftssj
Costa 111.a. Politically Button wein to lie ditilj ?row
Ina from bad to ?urat, ami the country contint*-s lu a
very unsettled condition, w.ih aiotai waal ol pubUe con
ildeliee. Tin: rotf C ? I'np Is c(.lilil?*?' 111 ?Oil Will lie it tair
average. Ballroad matters eanttnne ma msstaaaats*
factory condltlou. Tin- merebaota of Limou ana tIsllssl
tbe capital in order U posai Us to get a siittlsmsal wUh
the Government for amounts tint* on railroad aceeuut.
Alter min h U.iuMe, they suce.-eilid 1!? settling uuii-t -if
their claims by r.-cciving tr-a_i ??t 0, lo, CLawdll
mouths. To turn these Into eaah tu* y bave multo lose
very l.e.ivily.
Telegraphic, instructions have b<*. n r.dived by Ad
nnral Murray, from Washington, to remaiajrlta the ii.k
slil|t I'eiisa. ma ?it l'auuina iluiinii tin* prcs.ni unsett.nl
slat?- ni political again m tais country, ras ama-at-arar
I'en-at'iiia, Uiualin, aid I)iiriiik' are ni ?mit, and also tua
merchant si* .?;... is lalflg, iionduias, UollBM, auU U .i>
i bester. _
San Francisco, Feb. 10.?The Tokio ha? ar?
rived with advice? from iiou? Kmii.', Jan. 1(1, and -li.i,..
ti.ti. Ian. 17. gopmla al ?Utotanem Sega aaa the Igan ?h
Mini-ter and tin* ('liin?*se F'ireian OI!U<* are eurreut at
I'eklcii. The C?iiiil??; object to tie* employment of
Chinamen in tin; Spanish colonies. In Jaj.?'t there BBS
i?.. n general letreeshment, owing to the reduction m
taxatioi). A tire in Vnlioliania has iSBtfOfag th" Ktiiriist}
estul'lishiiieiit of Love,Crawford ?_ Co , and ijie American
bonjeel KsUy aOa. Less aboutftPO/NOb fngy amaasi.
The animal ladaatrial BapaaWaa will apea at Kioto,
IbTCh 15, and continue tlnee uicii'.tis. 1'eslal BgBBStM
havo been established by Japan iu all the northern part
of China.
A serious diplomatic complication, which It? expe?.ed
to lean la Impartant remits, bas arisen from tho recent
questions of occupation of land and residence by
forrdfnen la the ports of Japan not opened by treaty.
The present situation s bows that the United ht?r. ?
authorities are In an attitude apparently hostile Ui the
Japanese Interests, but 1t is believed bj Americans thst
the ultimate development w?:i de bsob strata tha purpsss
ol th?* Liiiteit states r??piesentatives to ancourase the
p-n. i.-.?i\f designs of Japan. At present mueb toellas
bx maiitf?-.-t?*il ou all lidejsaud tittxn is great dUteultg In
roeonelUng tha vsrioua eonlKtlag claims.
London, F?*l?. 11.-Tho Petther Uoyt, an*
teiinci ? that Von iBThhtlj has tailed to form auew
Hun-.til.tli Ministry.
Havana, Feb. 10.?Gen. Jovili.ir hua issiwtl
aiiecicc porisnlng pttssnera simply ansa* ?stantaia for
po!lllc;il tilfeiises ill the Isle 0/ I'.ns ami that part of
Cuba lying wool el tin- Trocha.
l.oNUON, Feb. 10.?Forty Yarmouth and
LoUIStoft IshlBg TOBBSlS. bavin,' gOO Btea ainl lio>> on
ho iid, BIS mi.?.??in?.'. Tin- OOVStpn?? nt hiu? (iispatched
t?Ao ve-seis in search of them,
Ottawa, F?*l?. 10.?Ci?rri'spoii?h-inv relatitij?
to the delay an tha pat tot the Untied States in a?*un<
iitnii tin* pnivisinits uf the WsshlUf-tea Tieaty has been
pt'ioii-iiie.l. It contains a Ti**ot-o*ia reawx-tstr-H***?, under
tl.tie t-l Nov. 2 l, 1870, embodied m a inimit? ol Ihe F:**.y
Council of Cdiiitdii, am?itat ibe eonducl of tin* Datum
.^t.iii ?-. I'lte liiiunle ??Uvises that H-r .?lare.-lv's linveii?
nictll lie reipie ?t?"l 1" cali tue attention ?it the (?<i\. i n
nn nt of the united Mat?30 to tbe delays thst haie ar;>.*n
i.? fin- failureof that Uevetnamul *." eo?pernle in tn?
omulsalien ol a coiiiiiii?siiiii, anil to awre tboOoveru
ment of tbc United btotes t-> promptly fulfill Ihatatasj
ot ihe ounl articles of the Treaty "i waantagtan.
AS' K\T> Ol' si U-Ml.trs.
San Fkani i<(o, Feb. 1(?.?Tin* Oriental andl
Oeetdental 8t? emahtp Oampany im tih 0, t?. ?lay. to entry
the Cult. 1 BtatM lie.ils lor the m i ,t t |Hi>t,tgN, on tin lr
BtaaamtB between r-au FninefN-o and Volioltaiii.? and
BaagKsng ChpCGea. II. Ilradbury, Vn sideut of ?ne
(.'.mip.iiiy, was ?n.-ti ucted to addiei s au official - .iiniiniiii
? aili.i; I" the fUt-tamater-Oeueral to that effect. Tbia
action will save tiie Qovernmenl the gAOO^KWsubsidy
ii, ti ii.foi. paid fur this serrlee, and recaer? tbe lae**ct
?.??itriiiii.ii??-?- of an? axpeadlture from n.?- public tieu*
ury lor this puip.i.-c uiin.ccns?iy.
Salt I.aki; City, F? b, 11.?Tbe t-xit-jitions
Inhaa Is the lallagMil ths-OOuttlnthstrtnl of juin. u.
baa, M)?* all?*-? .1 Moiinliiln Meailow murderer, and to hia
si titi nt*?*. have lieeu ovt-riu,-d bj tin ,Su,.|eine (.'oitlt of
the Territory, and the-tacoad Diatrtel Ciuiri **n? aaiarag
tutiv mother day for Use's eaecashm. Ii leprsbeUs
t.i.t .m ,ipi? a. will ton lahaa t.iiin i. u11? ?t suit sbupmma
i ..-.?it.
i kim: .? AM) ( asilALTIl-Mn fgUOIAM,
Kkknk. N. It . IVli. 11 .-The K.v. K. .1. Carpent**
? ?i iwaasej sas Uiruwa tnm B?islt-aB ?.-slerSaj af-tsmaara
ho?1 illcl ? ?ni ?Her ft ..in tin Ittjiir.is, lie r?sii\ ?<l,
ClNCINNAil. It'll. 11.- -Rphralm Holland li?m l.tM?u
inl.t m tit?- mmtet -ji.iski i>..u tu .?.???.t? *>,.,i?-, ,,i on?*
llii|>l.i lU.I III tl audit!??:,t volliiK III til** 1'iliUri -h-cilOU.
I'll isltiiKiii. lViin.. Feb. 11.- burin- a quarrel
ii-iiiii.n altataesa, i..-( ?*.-. i> tii^ii.-? un? ??nomo ?.?unrv
btotliris, in Kt?islM.ruii|{li, nrai lins tity, liourg? Ui-ot? e re
\i.li lit and slii'l i In? 11rs ill III? liti-nsl, lull ;. mu? * ?nuu- wLilS
I, ? .lli-.l ti Ii.? lUalli in a slnirt Uim-, 'I'le liattit'lile tbe ?utN
ti uii. i ni Unit**. II t? Hie ?ntlioritle?.
Ciiifti.u, Feb. 11.?Alami IS*90 o'clock on Friday
uiiclil Uiv Istll.-r.il Ike Italy .Xrw eeiAUUabtnoel explnUetL
il' H.n.i-Hi',.' thoHr-MSSt] ? in usiui. ut Ho- ONlliUUf la wliicB
il Ma? ?im.it??! runtiua a ii.nl. i au?i injnnna tour c> ,?;,..e
in. ?..:? -m.?* ??-.:. ui lli>. li.ss i? not sotjr k?a*,y. I mum
Uli?. Initiera Stil? *K?la?Ml alai brunos.

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