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On March 9,1877, Wit) bn pahtashed a cevr ivrctlv Illus?
trated revi.a n t..luios. Uieratara, Muste, Art, sad n?e
lUTAiu?, eiiliileil Till. AKKKli'AN. lTicc, 111 ci.tits lilllcc, 860
Brusdway, N. V. _
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Metallic Hiniiil (ases anil Can'vets tire BiSSfl in ail sizes, from
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Paily TnrnONR, Mai! abaentwra, eloper annnir..
hUas-WBBKLT TniBlNR. Mail Sule.cn!,cts. ||H per an.
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Tmk. Wei ki y Tninom nil! be. re.nlv this morning
at 8 o'clock, in wrappers for mailinc. Frica 5 cants,
t'p t?wn ?(|??ri!?ern can in??/? th?lr fSTOT* fur Tlltl Tkiscks
?11.33d liroAdv..,;. i ir llst-sC or SOS W 9.: rl ? i eor.ftthsva
THE Sl.lYS ?ms M0EN1N9.
FoRvic.v.? Tlic resignation of the Tissa Ifloistrw
in Hnngmj im* been witndrnwn, It is stiid
tlmt tits Kosaian army is to l>c dentobUisod ns soon
us penes La reestablished between Turkey and
Si via ?nul Montenegro. = : The. British whaling
Kteimer Spitsbergen luis been lost. - Pence is
to he com lmieil 1 irmally bet v. ecu Turkey ?mil Ban b
DuMF.stic.?The Smith Carolina case ivas BTgned
before the Electoral Comniiaatoo yesterday by Mr.
Lawrence for the Republicans und Messrs. Hunl,
Cocbmne, Blair, and Black for the Democrats) the
Btats vm de tided tot Hayes and Wneeler by 8 to 7.
== A reci'iition will be i:iven to Qot. Hares m
Columbus to-day ; lie will start for Washington on
OOXOBMB.?In the Senate the House resolutions
in honor of the late Speaker Ken wen- pa as nil after
appiouiiatc remarks; tits Joint resolution anther
izing the President t<> aeeept the statneof Liberty,
was passed ; the report of the Joint committee on
Chinese immigration was received and ordered
printed; d?bats on the hill amending the Pacifie
Kailroed acts was pastnoned until December next.
In the House the Mindrv Civil Appropriation bill
w as donated, and some amendments wore agreed to ;
Mr. Field's bill in reference to the Presidency was
pissed ami sein to Ihr Senate, by which it was re?
ferred to t lie c uitiiiittee on Privileges and Elections.
ClTY AND m in i;it\N.?Cornelius ,]. Vainleibilt,
Mrs. Allen, ami Min. J.a Hau contest the Vandei hilt
will. The bearing wax pos; poned to Mardi 13,
. W. M. L ? mari! w?i.s appointed a referee to In?
vestigate the North Ami rica Life Insomne Com.
j'any. A Jnryto try JnaephCoburn was ob?
tained. Police Conunlssioner Smith claimed
that lillin? Little 11(11 Qate would imt injure DC ilth
or MTigation, Geld, lm-s, 104*4, imv
Qold value of ihn leiral-temler dollar at the close,
9Mlocents. BtoekaaetiTs and flnctnating,eloslng
litisi'tthsl after a sharp advance,
Tans Wisii?iu. Tur Tiiihink's local obsenra
tioiis indicate partly cloudy and clear weatiu r. Thar
uioiiii'ter yesteiilav, :i7 , :!?? ,36 .
Bpmkni Rfin^all went down the seile yes
terday into positive bad behnvior. The next
Hoosc (uir-'ht U> ''?v*' il Bpoaker who has lens
of thermometer ahoiit him. Mr, Randall
N cms to have ?i column of lneiciiiy m tin
plate of ;i 1i.ii khone.
It is hanil.v cieilitii.il' to the managen of
the Philadelphia Exhibition that the Canadian
exhibitors have not jrnt rooelTod their medals.
it iiqurri il imniiaiativi ly lena time to conatrnet
the great boilding'thnn baa been taken to ?lis
tlllnite tlie iiiinier.ite iiilinh.r of fOfOigB tnetlals
awarded, _
Mr. Hplman'a eexmotnj overreached itsilf
jeeterday, at it has often doni before. To bit
iiitinliiiaU' i'ii?sioii for paring j'^t one more
abaviag from an appropriation! be owes his
failure renterdajr to paaa the Sundry Civil bill,
which may now put iis in danger of n new
KCs-inn of Conflpeae. it is often a laudable
thing to 11> to nve lea tfaooaaad dolbtra, bul
tin if an- Unies win n it .imotints to downright
Mi. Flecke*? loll, Intavdneed in Hie Assern
lilv veaterday, proposes to f i x the New-York
Central ami Bade?n Hiver Lfaflroed m one spot
long enough l<i compel it to pay it? peiKonal.
ta??? by (hi hiring it, fot that purpo.se, a resi?
dent of New?York. Now isn'l it about lime
tliut Mr. Marvin's baiuile-?? itoolutiou unking
for information on tin'? subject was call et
?uni passed? If Mr. Marvin himself dOM
bring it up promptly, unpleasant, infill
.about hin will Ik- in order.
Wholesale aniiil'Miimtion of life insur
Companies will BC hencetorth impossible, il
Senate lull to check the practice becom
law. Tub promptness with which it has I
passed to a tlnnl reading indicate? that
legislator! are well advised on the mil?
Win n thai door <?f escape in closed, the
insurance investie,itions ()f which we heat
mucha few weeks ftgo, will again DC ill ol
?Meanwhile our courts are filled with the c
pi.lints of policy holden whose prop, it.
bean transferred and they say squaaderei
the amalgamation process, without their <
sent. _
Enrope will relapse Into tranquillity rIh
Um news be confirmed that Rnaaia has reaol
to demobilize her army as soon as peat
Concluded lie! ween Tin key anil the al
princes of Montenegro and Servia. Unless
Czar were Intent upon peace at any price,
oonld not afford to mulo tin great tosh a/1
has been accomplished in taking nearly 200V
men from their homes ami organizing ?
Into a vast aimy. The sincerity Of the lins.
decision will soon be tested practically, pi
being virtually concluded between the l'<
und Prince Milan.
Judge Black overdid the thing yosten
A good deal can be pardoned to ?i humo
in a bad temper, luit on this occasion he ?
tainly exhausted his privileges. His har?n
before the Electoral Commission could
have been In worse taste or in su
mm: lets, if it hid been proiioi.n
! before a backwoods jury Instead
a dignified ami important tribunal. It was
argument, but bluster and tirade, in which
eise on which In- was presumed to be speak
only received Incidental mention, and both
the mannei ami the matter of it he seems
have exerted bis Ingenuity to show as mi
discourtesy ti? the Tribunal as possible. T
will certainly go on record as the poorest
all his iokes. _
What baa become of the bill defining i
powers and duties of the Superintendent
Public Works? It was passed by the Asseml
wit h but one dissenting vote mon- thai
fortnight ago, being pushed through under!
previous question in order thai tin- Sen;
might act n i m >n it promptly, and the Supei
tendent be appointed in time to make proi
preparation for the inauguration of the n
system. I?ut the bill has not yet been report
by the (anal Committee of the Senate, ai
we are credibly informed, has not even bi
considered. It is useless to till the memb.
of this Committee how important the prom
passage of this bill is. They are fully inform
on thai subject. Perhaps they ?ye not aafu
aware th it their delay?for it is a del?-., m
withstanding the fact that there has been a i
days' recesa gives rise to the suspicion ti
the bill is held bark by some one to please 1
swarm ol politicians and placemen who wa
to postpone it? passage as long as possib
Every man on the canal, from the Commissio
<rs down, whose bold on his office is tint?
i i ned by tids bill, has had ?i direct interest
fighting against its passage, and, it may casi
be believed, hast not been slow to see it. 1
more tune should be lost. We hope to ha
from the Committee a report or an explanatio
or both?and that pretty quick.
Then are mon- signa than one at Was:
Ington that there ia a disposition on ti
part of a large number of Democrats to deli
the. electoral count. The passage by tl
, House of Mi. Field's bill for a cew clectioi
by riding rough-shod over the rules, i. on
and the pr?par?t ion to revive the exploded ol
jection to tie- vote of Sollace in Vermont
another; perhaps the singular spectacle of tl
Democratic members of the Commission tall
Ing against time is another. There are moi
of them, and as if to show tint word ha
been passed along the line, the Democrats ?
the Pennsylvania Legislature have adopted a
infamous resolution calling on their party i
Congress to exhaust all legal means t-> pre
vent, the Inauguration of Qov. Hayes. Wit
men of this stamp any appeal t-i conscience i
waated ; ?in appeal to their fears 111,1
not be. Let these men understand, there
fore, that, in precipitating the business inter
esta of the country into the suspense of a net
election, they would only Insure their OW
overwhelming defeat. The business men woult
know just where to put t!m responsibility, am
they would seal with their volts their eon
demnation of a party which refused to abid
by an arbitration of its own organization am
adoption. Let business men all over la
country make their voice beard in Washuigtoi
lit one-, and in tones BO distinct that even ?
filibustering Democral cannot fail to hear it
They are stirring themselves already. Phila
delphia and Indianapolis spoke yesterday
New-York spoke in 1861. Shall it not speal
now ? __________^_
Can. C.ov. Hayes " pluck from this nettll
"danger the flowei safetyf His best fortnm
and his a/orat is t ial In- will attain th? Presi?
dency by a majority so small that everybod]
who voled for him can claim to have turned
the scale. It has been the habit of President.?
and the CUStOUl of ji.ttics tu levv.iid Midi
claims in tin- distribution of patronage, Hut
we hope ?nul strongly trust that in .Mr. Hayes
we are t<? have a President who will refuse in
tn-at his election as a personal favor, tobe
repaid from the public parse.
The scramble of office-seekers has become
tin- most disgusting ami demoralizing feature
of free government. As soon as a candidate
is known to have been elected, the urging of
"claims'1 begins. Mr. Jones wants a collector?
ship, not beeanae he ia trustworthy, but be
COUSe lu- helped to "brin;: out" the new
(?President by Starting him in a political career
' yeara ago. Mr. Smith wants a port-office, not
because ho is tit, br.t because he was " the
" Ir t to mention the name of the I'm -ident ill
"connection svnii that office." Mr. Brown
?rants ? place, not because be can serve the
country therein, but because he "earned the
"delegation from Alaska" for the anccessfnl
candidate h convention. Mr. Black baa
" claims,'' because he helped to carry an import?
ant State in the canvass. Mr. Green has
" claims," because, having been chosen all
elector for the State of Maine or Cali?
fornia, be did not client the people who 11 n-st.-il
him, but actually voted as they expected.
Superior fitness for public sers ice in the de?
sired place is not counted M a claim at all.
Pail M-i vices, to the country are rarely men?
tioned. Even poet mi vices to a party pale
their ineffectual tires before personal services
to the candidate. The President is insulted by
tin- presumption that lui mean? to use the
most solemn trust which the people can confer
ns a peisonal perquisite, to be parceled out for
I the reward of nttsouul wmkei. The dtagngMi
is that this degrading estimate of the President
has not always proved unfounded ; that men
bave gained the highest station who used pub
Iic office fot the payaient of private debta,
Mr. Hayan is mil that mi at man. In ihepnst
he lias used otlico iw a trust lur the benefit Of
j the peuple, hihI not lis a purse, from which to
! pay off personal imici 11:11 ies. Wn have gnat
I failli tant lie will deal with the Presidency as
I a sacred trust. His calm and wise etonluct,
UtlOUgkooi a struggle never etpialed in this
coiintiv, hue won the highi I praise from foes
as well as fiom liiemls, and it would bo a
shuck to millions who ?rustid him if he should
not treat as degrading and insulting the
"claims" which are already made on the
ground of peisonal sei vice to himself. Wo
have faith that the men do not know him
who me demanding, on such pretexts, places
for which tin y are not lit.
One fact will help Mi. Hayes wonderfully.
Everybody who voted lor him muy claim to
have tinned the scale in this close contest.
Lull one of the 18S electors "made Hayes
" President," fot he might have sold out.
Each Stale was [reportant, for the loss of
one would have hem I he loss of all, and
every active man who has done much in any
donbtfnl State can claim that he "made Hayes
M President." lively member of lite Senate
-nul of the House who his aided in the
long struggle; every attorney who has ap?
peared before the Commission ; every member of
c.'nvassiiig hiianls in doultt ltd States ; every
supervisor of election or other active politi?
cian ; nay. every Individual voter in Florida,
where there was not a vote to spate, has on
this degrading theory a> strong a "claim" to
any office as the ablest and purest statesman.
Now the offices will not go round. All the
place? in the country will not suffice to pay
the men who directly "made Hayes President."
As fin- the men who "brought him out," or
who " litst mentioned his name," or who tut net!
the scale in the close Ohio fi-ht in 1 875,
which brought the Presidency within reach, or
v, ho placed him in nomination or changed
their delegations tor him in the Cincinnati
Convention, they muai take hack seats.until
50,000moreofficeacan be created for their re?
wind. At last the practice of parties, and of some
recent Presidenta, is made contemptible by a
palpable nduetio ml abwrdmm. Thousands' of
mere tools of party, thousands of ignorant
roten in Florida, may each claim tint he
"made Mr. Haves President* more directly
than Mi. Evarta or any other statesman in
the land. Il tiie Presidency i.s a perquisite
ami not a trust, if officea are to he given in
reward for personal aid to the candidate, 'he
lasauroni of the party ?an eatablish bigber
"chums'' than the ablest statesmen, and
Cabinet place? must he filled by lelection from
returning hoards.
It is well that the spoils system has become
ridiculous M well as ml.11.is. The people of
the United States made Gov. Hayes President
. In;, expect from him, not attention to per?
sonal h. Ipers or hit mis, hut fidelity to the
welfare of the people. Because they behove
j him capable of that fidelity, they have trusted
I him. Ami we have strong faith that they will
not he disappointed in their trust. Politicians
may "claim" as much as they like, ?un? ma?
chine partisans may rave, hut Mr. Hayes will
/ Use the trust of the people for the good of the
The Board of Education has a difficult task
on ham! in bringing down it- expensea to
meet the deficiency ol $30,000 in the appro?
priations for llic current year, and we an- not
surprised that the scheine of the committee
which has had the matter in charge provokes
an animated debate. President Wood is no
doubt right in his position, gallantly taken and
.stoutly maintained, thai the salaries of teachers
ought not to he reduced. Most of ihe in?
structor in oui- public schools are ridiculously
underpaid already, ami none of them have any
inducement to remain in the service of the
hoard one day after they have discovered
?a modest means of suhsisii nee elsewhere.
Theirs is a hard and precarious life, and it
baa no pris?e. A school teacher is then fore a
pel.sun whose place the statesmen of tin- City
Hall always feel at liberty to snatch when
they can for the. benefit of some humble fol?
lower. Most of the instructors are paid run
uderubly less than policemen, and twenty
years' faithful service will not give the lust
ami most fortunate ot them the salary of 1
clever clerk. A- a matter of course the high?
est talent is diii't'ii away from our public
schools to tin- work of private tu.1 ion, or to
other pursuits m life. Hut if we wish to raise
the standard of public education, we mua!
make teaching an attractive career.
Ueutleroen who arge that the pri?es of labor,
: food, clothing,rent, &C, are falling, ami that
? the salaries of teachers ought to come down
in proportion, argue from false promises. Un?
skilled labor for m lay years has been much
too high, and has risen with a rapidity out of
all keeping with other thin,-.. It is now Und?
ing its proper level; education, training, ex?
perience, and special aptitudes, although thej
command no higher prut absolutely than
I they did before, are acquiring a relative value
much more conformable to reason. Two or
! three yean ago unskilled mechanic! earned -o
much more than the average teacher thai it al
; most seemed like blasting a boy's prospecta
to take him away from da) labor and send
him to school. We are now approaching a
j more rational Older Of society, and ihe value
of educations! work la beginning faintly to be
appreciated. Pray let us take no step back?
We make this appeal partly for the sake of
the teachers, hut more for the sake of the
schools. If our children are to be proper?)
educated we must have the services of the
most highly qualified instructors, and if are
wish to get and keep such instructors we mus!
pay them a fair salary. Starving the teaehei
is starving the acholar,
int: \ win 1; nur m 1.1. cask.
It appeals, notwithstanding the contrary as?
surances given to reporten by Mi. William II.
Vantliiliilt, thai the will ot the httc I'uiiitiiii
ihoe Vanderbilt is to he seriously contested
by the heirs-at-law. The will was propounded
at the Surrogate's Office yesterday, ami ap?
pearances were intend in behalt of Cornelius
.1. Vandervilt, Kihelimla V. Allen, Maty A.
I.a Pan, Maiia L. (.'lark, and Catharine
Pa Pitte. There hi a great arraj of counsel,
viz.: Ethan Allen, Jeremiah Black, Beott
Lord, James Matthews, Sutherland Teaney,
Chaiinccy M. Depcw, and Mr. David Dudley
Field. Each of those proctors appears lor a
single client, except Mr. David, Dudley Field,
?who is probably retained lot the whole dis
satisiied family. The case was put over parti)
on account of national matters. It was stated
that Mr. David Dudley Field would be engaged
in Washington, and in puhlic business, unlit
the Mh of March, a day of gieat Importance
both to the ciuiitiy and to Mr. David Dudlcs
Field. It was also stated that every moment [
Of the time of Mr. David Dudley Field would
I-.- fully employed up to that, day, the intima?
tion to the Surrogate befog that after tfiat
day Mr. I ?avid Dudley Field would have
nothing in particular of a public kind to oc?
cupy his attention, to that he could then jjiv?
his whole mind to the Vnnderlult will case.
Hut it wan evident that h?- could not .i,i- Ida
whole mind or any parr of it to* law matters
until the- present political complications were
abated. In order, therefore, to make all easy
tor Mr. David Dudley Field, tho case wan post?
poned to the Pith proximo.
A remark which fell from Mr. Matthews
strikes one an very BBtgOStiTtl He said that
" he did not, like the su (.'.rest ion of peremptory
" proeceilinirs." Considering the aiagnitude of
the interest? At- stake, the number of lawyers
ene-nis'ed in the case, and the probability that
Mr. David Dudley Field may at any moment
Iw called out of court to nave the |J.public, it
is hardly likely that the case will be soon con?
cluded. Two of the late Mr. Vanderbilt's
daughters, Mrs. Thorn and Mrs. Torraiice, de?
cline to have anything to do frith the busi?
ness. The conte tanta believe that they have
H strong ease They hope to prove that the
Commodore was kept in a sort of isolation
from the rest of the family, while under the
Influence of the sop to whom the great hulk
of the property was left They will claim
that tho influence exerted over the old
Bsentieman perverted his mind. In showing the
character of this influence und the transactions
iimler it, then will be a wonderful display of
Vonderbili affairs, and the circumstances under
which the property was aequired are likely to
be overhauled. Consequently the trial is ex?
pected to furnish at least a very large dish of
gossip for newspaper readers, of course the
claimants believe, us most claimants do, that
they are the victims of injustice. The plead?
ings will soon show whether there are really
two sides to tin- question.
Wo notice with regret the failure in the
State Senate of Mr. F.mei?oil's bill to author?
ise the election of wo.uen to school offices.
It provided that any woman of twenty-one
years and upward poesessing the qunlificationa
prescribed tor men should be eligible to any
office under the general or special school laws
of this State, subject to the same conditions ami
requirements that are prescribed as to men.
We were not surprised that the bill was Intro?
duced by iiii.uiiiiiiu.s consent. It the question
winch used to terminate Parliamentary in?
quiries were applied to the provisions of this
bill?" If not, why not f?a reply would be
difficult Tur. TniBUVa has always favored
such appointments and employment for women,
and luis never yet met with any sound argu?
ments on the oilier side of the question.
A school, properly conducted, Is in many
respects a prolongation of a model home. Both
in its system of rewards and punishments and
in ils main object?education?it is on elaborate
extension of what is or should be undertaken
in every family. In tin-family this woik mainly
devolves apon women. Especially Is that the
??ase in this country, when-the men aie gener?
ally too busy in providing tm the material
w;ints of their families to give much attention
in growing mind or moral-.. The Indolent poet
of the seasons boa characterised teaching the
young as a "delightful task;" but at best it
is a very arduous ?me. in performing it the
teacher becomes a learner, ami has to acquire
patience, and exercise mother wit and ?lit.
unused in-fore. The result i* that good
American mothers become .-killed educators?
generally without being aware of the fact ;
and they transmit their skid ami teach their art,
half unconsciously, to their daughters, on the
other hand, their husbands ami sous on the farm,
in the work-hop, in the counting-room, forget
mostly what they have leai aid at school ex
rept that which is needed for business pnr
DOSt ;. and add very little to tin- self-training
thai would tit them for educating the young.
Taking the average, straight through any one
of our older communities, and especially in
the smaller towns and villages, it will be
Found that the women ore very much better
qualified than tho nun for teaching children
and controlling a school.
It would be easy to prove from the same
premises that women are equally well quali?
fied tor the higher offices of education. Hut
plentiful facts make argument needless. It is.
notorious that the school boards, having the
appointment of teachers, an- usually composed
of men inferior in intellect ami knowledge to
the teachers themselves. The rural school
board has long furnished a lively theme
for satirists; and justly SO, since there
is nothing more ridiculous than ignorance
when if sita in judgment on wisdom. There
can be no question whatever that the quality of
our school boards would be greatly unproved
by the addition to them ol a lew sensible
women. There is a further benefit which
might accrue. At present the em se of our
school system is that it. is entangled with
party politics. As yet, happily, WOlllt n
,-ne ' ot actively engaged in political
contesta, Thej aie likely to regard nearly ail
questions from a non-political point of view.
i Mir school boards and the official direction of
mir school system might certainly be improved
by substituting as far as possible persons who
are not interested in politics?whether men or
women?tor the scheming politicians who now
exercise so much Injurious control. ,
Mr. Josiah Reepes of West Chester P.nn., <ha
ciiMM-H iu thin week's issue ot i m. Wi.Khi.v Tbibumb
a topic of ?mich practical importance to all tanners
ami l:iiiil-(iwn?rs, whatever the extent "i their do?
main. Probably then is not in the whole range of
agricultural knowledge a subject upon which the
average. taraMrshonld know mee ?mil does know leas
than tiiis very uni? ?if the ornamental planting of
tress .tnilanhiulilii-ry. Mr. tir.-i ley set the fan. n of
tin- country a worthy example in this respi et, ami in
lu department <>1 tin- Imeajvveinenl ami mauuaetnenl
of his li.tiae-le.iil .it t'li?.|i?iaqii I did lit- i-\ jt.-i i il more
all. iiti.in than tin- disposing <>f the natural and arli
hciiil growth of trees and shrubbery so ss toseenn
the bis-best resalta, useful ami onuvmental, at the
least eust. Mr. Hoppes ifives htformation aad sag.
L'est ums w Im li an v fanner may readily reduce
to practice, and which adopted ami followed for a
taw rears will change tin- outlook of ins estate from
i ari les. mid neglected confu Ion to i.nler ami
beauty. Tin: W i.i ki y also Dentelas contributions
from will know 11 sp?cialiste, Profs, Arnold, Law
and Caldwell,and Mr. Bool Foster of Iowa,each u
recognised authority in his ri? I<i o? laber.
If U hixteeli weeks Vstef ili?.V ,s?.,.f QoV. HaVCS
waa asaetea1 Pieatdeat, and daring all the tamnlto
oosaadtryiag uncertainty that ass ensued babas
Der? Basa profusa m?euatioasot eamfort to nia
opponents. On MomLy. Peppletoo tried toeirjoy s
liisiriiniie te has in th.- House ..v. r a recent speech
of Mr. Hayes, bat the laagh wan a very j-liiiMiy
iiiuiitorf.it. Qov. Hayes has lint a few mure days
left, ami if ha want* ?satisfy Dem.n rath- yearnings
in- must begraaow. it baton late to bay a dictionary
or'to write Delphic letters BBOUI his hank arcinif,
or to send iniy nephews at lawyers in TTsahlagtoa tu
keep thiaga broiling, Hut if In- has any bowels of
comaaaaiea in? will bavent sseae plan of dlsntajriag
au ManconuBon anxiety." Any little exhibition of
this sort would now l>? appreciated by the hung
aysd Democracy,_
Mr. r'.li/ur Wright? the eminent erpert In life
seranea, writes to The Rasase Tran*rrij>t that "
i ?rreat forte of the New-Jersey Mutual was ivi
It BlffhagS also had the faculty of bribing Otl
pet pic to he." Ill 1*7-1, Mr. Wright, with Mr. 1
Mil Intel nf N'evv-Jersey, was comiiiissioiicil to mil
a complete examination <?f the business of tas ss
Deny, This rettneed its snrplos from .f'joo.ii
shunted, to leas than 99,000, To Mr, vTrigMrs gn
I astonishment, the Secretary nf State of .Vw-.l.-r
sssmned that the report inspecting the surplus s
ravorabts to the eompany. The Mutual ki ?o an i
vcrtising n surplus of BMSa than 1*900,000, ?o
nothing had happened. Ths bssI y?r it bad a si
ptnaof $900,823, and one rear lasse of +:!*!">.7v
Now it is found deficient for inure than the latl
sum. Of MMM Mr. Wright takes this excellent i
portunity of recomioending Ins family hank plan.
_m _
fieorge T. Downing recently spoke in NY'
pert, K. !.. mi the life, Bbsraetsr, sod public services
lus frieint, tit?- istc < ?hartes Banner.
John Parnell (eolored) recently raeogniaed li
sun us ;i Baptist export?e la Frei Ideace, K. I. Both va
formerly alares,an l bad no' met fur ?M yens.
CoL Robert Iha^raoU was to have defend?
BulllTaa at Ms second, trni m Cbieego for saardar. b
teoture engagements pi evented him frosa dotas so.
liaron de Moh?n bail ami Count Kohaulx <
iieiiiirii n?, imtii Belgians, reosntly fbogkt a duel
Prance. The Baron was seriously wounded tn thesrin
\\ Innever a clever Ncw-Kiijilanil woman hi
llOtlllliK Slss to ilti she witches the Ilusi?n "Wonil
Club" wir Ii n poner on ?orne profound suliject. W
Ellzabetb Stuart Phs 11*- hasjast aone im?.
Four of the eight superintendent?! whom tl
I'mioit Ptatcs Itsrsl ?eadeasy has sad ttnea it wt
founded In 1845 -tin ?arrive. Tasse are Admiral Pa
ter mu! Keiii-Aiiiiilisl? Btriblmg, Worden, sod Bodaers.
Mrs. Hayes's pnrehaas of a gown or two i
("Im l'iiiall luis aroused the wrath of The Cirtirie
./uurnal, which icproachfully say-: "Of comae Hayi
BM tas in keep his pledge about living with ' republic*
simplicity." "
lbiloz of the Heine den Deur Momies was b
a short lime inaniiKci' of the Comedie Fran?aise. He w;
hihi il.e, repri.?icheil for Rftktng an actor play the Un
after las rather*! MasraL Betas hMsnnsnslf replie
" Why, I uave linn n p.irt in s tragedy.
Mr. Stilhtian, who wiw last year correspom
Ctit of Ihr l.un Inn limit in Herzegovina, declare? tie
wur lietwei'ti Russia and Turkey la inevitable. With I
the /ni'.i win m tin- world, the Osar, he ?ay?, sann
Withdrew. Mr. Htiiliuaii for tSSBS liiointis past has r
?..Lu m the Isle of Wight
Soiiiehody ill BoetOfl said to John Weil
lately. " Do ron think that the inteillircnce of Fission
insulted bythis BToodj and BsnkeycatorprtotV "No
raaponded Mr. Weiss,M(or I don't think the totalit?rem
of Boston has boon addressed.'* '?nw appears to bu tl
in. rage radical opinion of the cvaina list?' work.
Gen. Hawley, President of the late Cent?n
nial ?'nininisaioii, is to be Hie Orator, l'rof. Bovesen, tn
story-writer, is to he the Pest, and ex Senator Cole ,
California Is to t?e the presiding officer at the aimiii
i un ven 11 hi if the Psi Upsilon, one of the leading Oreel
. n. . locil ti.s. tu he held Ma/ 8 nil I 10, With tu,- i h.ij
ter ?it Wesleyan University, suddletown. Cena.
Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson's name is in th
list or rontribntora to fas VorM IsmHmm, and ?et eppi
site tu it i? luc mlc " I)immioUiey." Tni? juxtaposiim
sei ?as tn Indicate that ha la going book to the raeoos?doi
ution of th?mes which delighted imu in cailie.- day.
whin tin- " Tran ?enden taliste" were a people sei spart
m,d w ben i ei 'uns admired their heart* distrust of rani
un.1 th. n :i i < t it 11.1 ?- ot doteotlUS hei m all tue million va
i n in is of her everlasting wardrobe.
It is gravelj noted concerning the late Ad
rulral tides that he once dined with QneSB \ielori.t
one Sommer, a few years sajo, he happened ta ha pesant]
fiii, tale of Wight ami Bottsed UtS royal standard floatuii
ironi the tower i.r OshOtM IIOUBS He at onco sailed ii|
a little nearer tm- shore, thereby geiting his shlj
aground, ami tainted the fjneon. She toon motoaTai
luvttstlon to tin admiral to diue witu her, and that fc-ai
lain, iiili'ordid not refase.
Mr. George Bancroft has occupied a seat on
the Boor of Congress during every joint session of tin
two hniiac?. A historian could have no better upper
ttiinty to trat her material. Ills ?imwy head la aeon
apteoona landmark Biuomr ti.? veilow desks and las
grizzled, Bed, and bald heedi of the stafesasea that he b
mentall) taking not" of. rwosecri larli ? aid him, writ in?
at his dictation, searebins musty booki and pspei ?. sud
ni. pa1 in* in nie; tor the |ir ss. Mr. Riinoroft entertaini
often. His hospitality consists chitllj m dinnerparties,
win i. the wines are the ohoaMSt and the oonvorMtlon
te..-r i rofouad,
Ju-t before President Lincoln's assassination
bs received man] Isttars threatening such au event
one day while Mr. Marthe \ Wilson was painting bit
portrait ami Mr, Beward atoad behind htsehalr, Mr. r.in
coin opened a noto and said, ** llore Is another of them
letters," which he read to both his sedltors, after aomi
which be pointed to a pigeon hole and saht: "In that
I la. e 1 have tiled B0 jiibt such things SS (hc.se. I know I
?m in dauser; tun i su not galng to worry over throats
like these:" and then he resumed his asusl animation
nml tbo quirt, Interested artist went on with his work.
in two weeks from that date the President iiac...?.?^
Sinai, il.
Oxford is preparing to elect a new Professor
of Poetry in place of sur PtaBOia Doyle, whose torpid
course ot commun place has nearly reached its term.
M. || of the students would like to have Matthew Ar?
nold, tint thev feir to nominate him because he has
written a hok about the prophecies sad Paul. Either
Mr. .1. Addis.in Bymonda or Mr. Pater will probuhly be
chosen, they being highly culturel pa/uu*. and not
sa lugta bttoroated iu religions matters to writs abool
tiuiii. They ?rill teoture about the i.nek stai;?', ami all
thai; but Matthew Arnold reallj t ikes tin- rellaton of bla
countrj to heart, and wlaliesto reform It still, it's pci
baps si vv.-ii pi it sir. Arinilti should uol try to lecture at
Oxford : brilliant as be Is With hi? pen, it is rare that ths
?on ol all of.iloi I- so Helpless v, hell he Kots on Ills IcifS.
one day to Charlotte Cnshman came ?in af?
fected I ol v who said, with Ihe cv Ii lent desire to cvlilbit
berverj ?apsrBclailaarnlngi "My dear Mlo?C'iisl.iuuu,
do yoil lead l?nelsi.n !" "No," replied Ihe famous Hel?
lo.-? bluntly, s thootths kart ait.nipt to appsarwass.
?? I - 'I possible yii 1 do not admire KSBOnoa I" With a lOOh
of utter astotllsliinetlt. "Quite pos-tble." Mt.?.i Ciun
ii an ?aid no more at ths montent, bet after ?little .she
i.n.o in n fortb .ut.i a beautiful and ill amatii ri citation.
Il.r tin,?lied rendition of several of Kiuersoo's moat
biilliaiit upotbegms was simplj maamifloeut, ending
with, " be v ..m .on, di not Imitate?evorj areal mau is
iihujuc," ilsiui^ ihe wer sa if they were In r own, and
littered only as Charlotte Cuahman could utter them
ttor purpose ?as obvious. The lady bad not reoomiied
a single line of bei " .avoiii. ,,in,.or." ?? wnv, I Ihouichi
voii ni.i nui t..ni ?m. ion,"said.one. "Kordeli but 1
nave nu ?,. d tnrotujh ulat."
l'livatc Dalzell ha? the floor. Writing of
(?ov. Haves he says i "lie i? large, robust, sod musoa>
lar ; quick, bul not nervous of movement sad speech.
His voio. la a deep, strong, musical baas. His eye* are
largi. i-iic . ami kindly ot espressioa. lie wears i.i? landy
lieaxl tail ami i aii fully Iniiniie.l, and Inie and there In
It v on notice a gray hair, us you also do In his full suit of
i losely-cut brown hair. Ilia f..in. is full but not mi pil?
lent ; hi? teeth am white ?? Ivosy, ami his festawea atroag
and well defined, Hia life baa bees m pare ami ie
proeehlem that all good men and women respect Mm,
He uev.r ssed tobases uor ntoxtoailaj llgnom lie
nevar ssed ptetana language, f t> .n oandid.ope?, atTabls,
an I h is aos creta; uottilugto explain, DotbtUH to n tine.
Hi? o .muter is a Im ve i)iii hiiou, even slier six blllei po?
litical campaigns m oa'io."
Mis> LUhtl Ashwofth und her sister, sjiys Mr.
Ciitiwav, an BlOOM ot John ami J.n oh Bright) unit they
uni iitiiv possess v.uth and beauty, but aid pnshshlj the
largesi Iswrtial proprietresses fa Britain. Tasas sirenas.
siam?s, eoiiiiillii d wltli their ctlltuie and ahtltt] SS spcik
ors. hsriT glTcn them gresl Inlnenes on the sseotton of
w ..m ni's right i, a nansa to whtoh thef hsrs cons, crated
their wealth ami the antanstssm, net to speat of the
fssotnatloos of youag utdles m se Jua| emerging from
llielr teeiia. Ulouile, blooinlni:, and pSS-lares.pie, the
slaters Stood saliiiit on the platform w It li a bsfkgtoiind of
Immense estalas lu i -'er kehhad ene,and ttettkeea
lina side the channel liehlnd theot ST. IBS romance of
their position was further klghtoaed >bj aganerally be?
haved report that tbej had olaspedlefl banda, and with
the right uplifted solemnly rowrd never to marry until
i m- l..st legal dtsabiltg ol woman was removed bi I', r
liainelll. 1 his I huhu now disappe.un, lor lilas LUUM U
i ugaged i" he ui mied.
Ciiicf-Jiisiict' Waita has been sitting to Miss
N'liuiie i;. on for a portrait bust dart-as a sharoh fait m
Washington. Uta teens s? deeoribed lu tin? faahma :
'? Miss Viiinie's roiiud baby face was frmued m curl.t and
Bowtugringlets, ami a little Mouse apron, blghnorketl
and Ioiik'-sIi oved, Covered hi r to the ver> BSgSf Iips.
BshtW Hie blonss' showed the skirt of a bio? n calico
.In .. and in tins )xs ulmily almiile attire the artist d>d
her trerk. The Chief Justice, aei'iiniii.inied by Airs.
Senator Psnasrwy, who was in tasesstntnasi Mia. Har?
den, Wees teaSsi In the little alodio, und Miss Co nu
bewail to put the mud on the wooden flame. 8non It
grWS min ?h.ox un.1er her tlnK.i-. and the shape of tho
ton li. id ami features was SB8B w tou^'it out. It was B>
torostiag to Watoh her as ahe puiicliiil lus nos,, bats
?tepe, piui hed out his cali, tub ?ti dowu his check, and
taMmf a gager-point ?if mud from lit? ?re?, |JkM
spaa aiaper.-i'iiiive ri- litios. ,-ti? at.tnl, d.-1. v ,?,r f.
of Jades Watte wsa kept In the plissante?: of nn^
?li.n? by Hie ai tisl'a lively *a li. . nuil rapl?! prour? -.. >?
iMr. .fo.upiiu Millei has burst like a Banasaanaj
Rf.tr aerwui Hi? horizon of Waniiliiicton, ?nd BBSlaBBa
wrlt.-r Hum pu-tleally uu-nt lon-i lilm i " II? waa an Ir.t?*?
h i. ti.-r ?safag tin: reaehaj af baa leSaraa, sad >.? ? 4
tin?) iipiMirtiiiiiiy fur aaaaytag in? agpeaaswee. n . >,
fit)?? bear bref a ri?'hi> seMes hue, in? it^ani tawar,aaf
lit? eye? brightly blue In ?onset Unlit JBeeaB* i? a -?a.
feet pasteas thetaB>srOoi eeeM aaagefe el lepteeeaan;
On? who mi' lilm st.in lilil? as a hill near iBSBa BSai%SBB
at ?unset, looking- out over the f-salsB wave? ?.f ahl
Paetaa,esMthai tan rMsa ssaM Betes beso*hesdhesi
memory. The lion loch WSfS loinrer then, tl.i- beauty of
tii.-i fa..- fresher ni.d yntin/er. ami Bal IsUfS ahewa :n ?14
perfection by Baa atetan asas e-wtwne he won- beenn tie
i.-ft lin- Bierrsa aad ii"- aas M reserve tin- s?nala p.inven.
ti.ei.il sinn t, beeped apon him. In In? appearance t.'.sr?
is a?thlagef the tea n<Mit??n<i r.-?i ?hut teal "Tiatiossl
ro|H,rui bava indited bfan with, A beU-eiewees* f,.|?
h.it, iNKitaiy cloak. silviT-l.. .n!. .1 tue, .nul LngK ?,.].
taue fllitni..ii 1 atocia ami rin?; are the only Dotii a
fi-.if if a ?if In , dr. .a."
I'Aitis, Peb. '?7.?A letter from Ad?|i,)fl
I'atti la iiulill.lied bets .teclantip that lile ||BlSl?l SlBSi
the fiijnru ah. ut Her eloping with the tenor :..co.lr.i am
wholly luaccuiate'.
The Literary Bsnjejnj is now a ci-nb-r af (rr.at
A Southern obituary notice of Mr. Tilden:
I>|. .1 froiii a want of ?TarSraoBBis Uaaaar,
Messrs. Field and PeltOffi will return to this
city in S special ear wi!h tt l.liu- jjUaa roof.
Mr. Field has done 110 a\aagMMal indging after
specimen iiiii|uill?:? for ?ovrral day?. U there u? wura
?11 HI? to si ....,< I
The influence of the Hon. Samuel J. Tildei
forini-rl?- a iMBSSeratk pehtielas of some prominence,
?ei-uis to have falls " pstend o-it."
CongpeaBIBBB <';ur of Indiana was not braaghi
up by fund. Be miases no upp?.i-iututy Of tretll..^ ,.j ?
whseb at his ilisKiiiiitl? d party frit-nd?.
The iin-ti who made war upon the I'ninn in
*ui nave,.resti red 11* i" aea m '". lea BeoBhera Dasaaa.
racy will pteeee Be?ssal ili>- Ui.iuks of a iinitisd iit-ople.
History repeats Itself. The trustwortliygeaile?
inan from Balnsascs whoa? brilliant exploit* Mesa
seettsa with Mr. Uaeeuva Joaraej t<> B'ssaiestaa 1?
year? aa;o caused a ripple of are?easaai SVS? the 1 ..u.tr/
baa again appeared apea tas -..ne. raer? i* bewera*
ao??eiiuiiK niolily al>..ui m? .i.,,.,-.. ?1 a?ota te i?,,.,-?
tram? anil assassinat?- the Prrslileal ??!.-.-t
The theolo-i.-.d training af soasa roaguas
meu iiniHi have be. n sadly aegfoeted. Wbeaever tas
Chaplain of tue Usaos of gaprBBBBlBUlM p?a??, lb?
beeadlBg Baaaiag walka Sews lo Uie treat red ??an ha?
(ha re varead eeatheaes a? th..uirh he eeeteanagga]
pointa inr in? pe?,'.-.- ' f aaaweiiof ta.- aigaaaaa. 1 -
lag was uiou?tiiiy tue lieiifiiitoi ?fr ?fa-rn-iig*? Biadaj.
BottOOl Uil^s.
Mr. D. I>. Field will ?irrive home after his
Ooagreeeisael aerear ts stash tba sanas oesilltleo fast
ex-?ov. Weiler of California found him-ulf BftsrhevBaJ
ti. eu ?Mpwieeaee. .s Mead met sha as Bas naaaaaas
and nululled If i.c had lo.?l miah. '? l.o?t BverythlSg,
Hn," ?aid Mi. Weiler, ?? an :rielas bet e?y lataatatlsa,"
" governor," replied the til..id, ?' you travel Wltil ir??
Lt.i^a.'a. th..11 any man 1 av< r baa a."
Deinocratic ojiinious of Mr. Tilden fire now
hi order. Hen is one :i'oiii Tht H< tton tlrraldt Waab.
iniftoii dlBseteaeai "Jehe ?? vviut.ii,..?., Daw
fiom the PnegaseapeiB (ST. s.? di.in.-t, mga thai tUdaa
i-t a Hand, and lie ?. ,K do BOtBleg to SUOW BSl >i t -'i?-'.r
t.. K'.'t ?uto the \? int. Besen. Bessys ?sasele bad baaed
In the whole Ttlden fata?y, aed ha doeaa'l Use bad l 1
in anv ?"?I?.'' Tee Beat aaatleaaaa win plsaas atap tae
aura. Oee si ? Ubm.
The Cincihiinti l?iquirer probably speaka by
th.- . ml ill the fotteWlBg editorial pa, ,i-'i;t|ih : " It 11
due Mr. Tilden to ?ay that lie never pmenaallj iiailf.utli
m the PaetocalOoaaeaaaaes. BeeUd not emouiaceita
ereettea, as baa besa alleged. Ba wealed M?sasela
rest v.nh the Huns.-of Bopreoeatallres ba a eaaasai witii
the Senate, but it wa? not iiei-o.niii,- ?ti him t?.. la -
tnuioir. Mr. luden hu? bseO SWhattsd by u... -t
friend? and ' ad? isel?.' " " Not bi-i'.inilliir 111 111 ill to eleis
tlellt-i-r" will . \. Me a broSU ?min ...v.-i |.,. eoUBBT.
Tht. Ettfttirtr has r?r?.iiU'ii bow it eburavt.lisad Ma
i'lldeir? mtrtgeea for the awanaaaUea 1 isl saauaar.
The next nuniber of 77ir Sortit Am<iic<tn
lltttcw will contain ju aiti-it- on the " ?feetstal Oes>
mis-ion and lia Boarlaga** hj az-aeaaear Beakalaw of
l'eiiiis.? ivaiiia. fea f/Huitiri/ihiii 11,111-4 fttvea a Bssaasty
of it? ehlel potete a? fetlowai "Aiiur iliscaaatiig at
?eagUl tile defe. i, III {lie o?. , ?olal SI ?t.'ill. he .1.1 ? ... BSM
Boaoadaaeata to Um (?>o*Ututl?m witfeevlewtelaofld
!.twin.' ?.'..:>..-ts: A it.t;.ular v.ite |.l.ni, aiini ar to tua*
prepoeed at the Beeei ef Bepreeeetattrea by Mr. m tUhj
a statuioiy r?>t,iiluti.in of BOStteStS ui'?n eleeloral re?
tain.; ab-oliite prohibition af third Presiiletitia! h
Bxad tetsM ?if bm rlea tot stell sdha is, tht b r. in..v.ii far
i i us.- only, aad the eielaaleaef tb>- Beeats fleet pei
tii-i|iaiion in removal? ; and a re irrauireuieut ot < ion
aional t'Tim sad iraaiirn?. su that an old Ooegnba tbal
not ?it after a new one ha? been .-l.-eted."
The ajentleaaen who srajoat now essttngai in
an earnest leaVeTOf t>. Insert tiieir nose-. Into a ii.t.k 'if
th.. door ?o m to noaaeaea u> a ppleg waiid the BMke-ap
of OeV. Haves'. I'al.inet. lnay as well r.-st trmn tin ir
labor... Some ot tile liov.-iuoi'? best fiii-ud?) and tint*?
WBa pressed hi? Iiollllll..tln.i With tea t.'1'eaU-sf rtgoi
aesnowhabr* that they sn sU st.?-1 in th.- Baattse. Ihi
editor of The Clerelmid l.rwter wnt.-s from Wioluiiutoa
to that peperMMIawa. "it l- si sanaanss Is try to
soi i-lllate as to who will lie iiieinlii-rs of tin- Hew I'.iliin-t,
I'm u i. peril i-tly plain that Mr. Hayes hnnse.f dm? iiol
know wheel he wii, appelet. it la quite ehaar, bewi rsa
that M., gratta i* abeeel the satearsel abalea ?.t -s-ii-f
toy of Blata, ami that ItJBgeeeraUj aoeeaeel teal OSbaj
owiim'toit? iiavmc th.- presB?asey, lee Cne-r iBsaas.
ship, sad ensBapreeae Judge, the Oeueral ami U
ai:t (..-iH-iai of i In- Ariuv, wiU no? be represeeted m in?
i .I'.iu.t, t;,i.- Prealileni elei-t more at ttberlf
to s.itistv Iho .iiitsiile coufllctlUS iliter--s!s."
Hound 2^?When time Brig called, and Hewitt
toed tin- .1 iaf.lt, Sc HI In I S little ?t i..: y ; and alfbuuitB
bishottarj holdcirbadsponaedswsv th.. stsrel from be
< .ink, he was imlty about the BBgglSS, SBd sliowqj !l)al
he was -sniTriiii: frmii the Weitster,.m panlahroeat w-.u-ti
li.nl ?t.-.-u ?uli.: us!' Bed to him in the His; .o.uil H-t*r
Bulled tolaebief aa be mlrsaoed hrees btaeereer. Tu?
representative af Irna aad sine begaa It frrrr tat fl.-.i:
iiii;, and s.iot out a Loelslsea love bap f..r HM TiioihijI'I
brain cam i. r. Btuiha Taaki ? m stly st ipp< .1 hau. rA
get fat win, a ii.iavy tu faeeeai kft-haedsree :iiu asta
rtealnr*! sossls. (Hhaeteoes on Paaeall Ratt.wtth n?
tafeera.) Thee eetea bbbm esaUees aparrtac aeS
t.-iinK, L>eiiii>crary'?i suorer mea-.while awelBagBBtS
wer otaletj saul ii looked ,i^ big as i eoeei teBBBna
iiii.nl.? Hew-Terh leraesd btaeaasaaeetta etth ? ea>
taaap rib rnaetor, whee the Pllgrha geiheta aseeaad
troeiPtitllpdrnahendaitddaslrlaeded t ?. l-wwease)
of ilv. ? |i mob on ai...m'a o atton trap, and lb* I
mat.mi faeUiry dn/pned to sreea ts a v. r> taasej ?na
iieiiiiua:i/od oondittee.
ihere is little BbOsunJng ?it tho South over
Mr. ni.?en's Salea! Fba | Befe retesa ts neal iii*ir
tsi laoalB ia all m sarfcelotb sa I sab a fba Wm iheBae
I ?atas : i it ate the bbbIIii eta of a lars-e iiorti.ni of tas
S..ill Item lii-oplo vvlifti It says: - If o-ie-: ?If of the ???.'f
nous in realties te nea'ssewdepertefe'ef ttwaieae>
n..m leedera he bree, UM Betetest' iheatoata, aad tiioe
m l.niii- ana i.si.i-i-ia?y.m...? tooths theirdk l
with the cwaeolsHon thel they bevs sel i"?t all la io*"?t
the ri'.sideiit; that tin f nii.'lit h ive ?.-oie In: ta? r auJ
rand wetea Iteaeeaseel lataeobeats that ael of their
IMilltliiii failure tiny tuny leap ?n.it.-iia! sin ? ?
any sswHoa st* pnartpla se thalr part i ' *
and m n'y alliiudi- and high Isesd ciis.tv.i'.i?bi ?
the Boalhera peepls la tho iiv.ua: ataUBjehe at lM
last few inoii-.liit have coiitiiiaiid.-d the ir?i?e?rt
sad aiiiiiiatiitu of tin- uatiou. It i? ??>' -? w
Kims.iid lli.it the N'titli.rii l>.-iii...a..'.* L -v? o*
acted with ?'alienas ?ml full jastiea teward nasasenw
'ih, y have ""i ?ton.- when taey had apf?wtaatti ?*-*?
tti.v t.ii.ht bava .loin' to leiprwve the couihtk* ei BW
S,mili,in Stales, alii .?ell Mr. I'lid u W C.I ?''''1.,|1
the pressure ol tin- N,.n:i. in Deniocrsey t" P "?' " '
sen .m ien.ni rather aharpty u?wanl -oint- eoutaers
llil. rest?."
Mr. II. V. Hedtiild, the coricsji'imicnt "f
The < iaashaaefl OeetBterefef, rtsaaraatae Leeaassabaal
se tee aaeat aerptexieg one whtah Preeleesl Bayas*'
Bave lo meet, lu a t. lui lo Ina p iper he .lates ?lut M
believes eau be tlte ou'.;, p- I niaiii-lit ajliitioil of ISS **
tiuiity tas thst Mete, Be ..?,.-? i beesOei .Beseaeeri
i,-,-...riii'i-Ni.-lii.llsaii.l i lei Hi.mass. Ti.e Pa ?."?"'''
eriiimnt will lie uti. ilv w.ui hlSSSj SI - l!'
?m,i aaatila t" sustain iieetl ball a enai fi?m the ,'"':"*
bous-. II will Im- p..?mi les. t..eut.oee htw or BBSMSSBl
rc?ieet. What seed sad Is la bs SBeieB?sdBabedagaaas>
imii.iiiiv of the tu..um; iu that BBSh I IBSTS STI **?
ami eeaaga sees bet b Bases, '?m u eneas Is bm ?->*' ?"*
main tlmis- la to rt-atore i'.i. >? and a n-?ivcl for la?. *
it is ret] plain tii.it ihe l'aciard UiVniiiii-ul (????. *"*
will fan in tases serta alara Pe bs ?u?e., usa resagabsB*
ot Nleholla means IBS BBd Sf tho Kepubllcan SSrBJ ?
tti.it ?tala a* si Brasset constituted, bal N bad bsieaeei
lu iM-aee tu in to end In blood, aa it Bill If th.-re ai'-"
Iher alt. Bipt to fa-ten It upon the people of that Sut*
Afl.l th.V ille ion? line.I that II has In ,.-uht taeill t"*"
rent? of bankrupt, y. und with th-ir di t. no " ?'loi "?
luve no inore of it. nut rallier militai? cvi-iuim-"'.'? .
too laie lo spin lli.e ta. ...les alunit lli?)ii?;lit ?i. Wl,17*et.
the main i. Ihey have It tu tUcir power to forco a uu-^

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