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~V?L XXXVI.N* 11.214.
MimK.._0,'l>uhlTK'N BY BLAINK, <X)NK1.I??0.
President Hayes sen! t?) the Senate yesterday
jhe following nomination? : Mr. Kvarts, Secre?
tary of Statte ; Senator Sherman, Secretary of
the Treasury ; George W. MeCrary, Secretary
of .Y:ir; H. M. Thompson, Secretary of the
Navy; Carl Schurz, Seer? ta ry of the Interior;
p. M. Key, Postniantet -General ; ami Gen.
I)e\eiit>. \ttoriiej-Gem t;il, Mlg the Mine
Sflintr* as twice announced m Tin: TUMIHB,
Objection van nia?le to Mr. Evarts by Mr.
Blaine, and to Mr. Srhiu by Mr. Conkling.
Others objected to Mr. Key. law nominations
were all laid on the table. t<> he referred t-> ?-?.tii
nntte?*. when the commit tee**? are appointed. It
|g thoUK'lit they will all be coniinned. The Peni
oci.ttic Senator? held a tuiieus, and there was
talk of making the guarantee of non-inteivoli?
tion in il?* South a condition of con?ruiing the
TA'.iSiiiM'ToN. March 7.?One or two import in t
train?!? r- tmga.inaile in 1'it.sitl? ut Hayes's Cabinet ?his j
?iiruiiu* befara loading the noasinatioiis to tbe Ben*
ate. Ju ipf' Devons of Masoaehoeetta, who had boon
e?leetotl either for the War or the Navy D?part?
aient, pr.-ferrei? Ihe I ?? ?>ii) I ?aent of Justice; an! as
Iffj.MeCrary was willing to tsceenitks Wni Ofiice,
It awieaneloded to ssaks J'uin.- Detona Attorney
Ornerai. This ehasujS left only tho Navy Depart -
nii'iii BOO til? il. ?m?! a? Mr. ThoospSOO of Indiana
bad ilnatlv been selected lot some punition in the
f nl.inrt, that ph.ee naturally and necessarily fell to
Tl:e MMTal tone of comment on the Cabinet leads
to ihe belief that the transfers made this niorr.iui:,
a? a whole, strengthen rather than otherwise the
L, w Admit?-trat i?.n. Judire Devetis may not tie n
better Inwyoi th.m Mr. Mct'rary. but he is a more
brilliant one, and in the BSanagcnient of cases before
tin InnresM Court Will have an opportunity Io dis?
play leluiowledflei talents. Mr. Mi Cr.iry al.-u. by
balsssjsrrviec m Oongnas and by his thcirongh
?U*ut? le.life of l?gislation in general, will be able to
Berfsre. the duties of Secretary of War
?tistsdorily t<> the coejniry and to the
ar.ny. The transfer of Mr. M.Crarv is
(??,?[.1 !,nv :il-t> |0 leading politicians from the
lactic io!-!. UMSO (?eiitli-tneli ?l.?l hope that soine
lt**fe*eatativ( oi then eeetioe of theeoamtry snighl
b? plared a ths Cabinet, but when they found this
|e !., bnpossible they pteferred that some other
nin-i than Mi. MeCrary ?hnnhl be at the head of the
I), part;.a-nt of .Justice. Their ?OQPOaittoa to hlfi
Was iil.t t? a pet-tinal nature, but glOW out of s MM
irport which, as ? seesahorof the Jndiclary Con>
Bftseof the ll nose, lie ssadaot signed some year?)
?go teaching the notoriousMeQarrahancoat? Tho
tt present itives of the Pacifte ooast wets afraid thai
if tin du, u.,,,*? ni thai report sho.il.l ho accepted,
emedonhtmighl he Ihrona onBanyasiningLand
tit!.-.? v.e.; ut ti,.* Boehy Monniaina, and theynro
ferreil that SOBSS man who was not committed to
em li ?Im trims slmiild become the chief law officer
of ihe (ioveriiliietlt.
Ths Exe. atlve session of the Senate th-saftet. ton
toutiuned loss thai half an hour. The President's
Calm:? t nominations were opened and "read and by
?general anderstnnding, which teemm to bare bocn
?ashed in advance by tbe Bepnhlican Benae-ws.
tln> were hud opon tho table, to he referred io tbe
i|,|trti|iri itt ciuiiinitu-es when appointed. Thiaeooxos
m a very nnnsnal ?me. It has heretofore been ens
teenry for the Senate to oonflrui the new Cabinet
?it'miii referenee t?> oonunitteea, .and usually on the
lay of its nomination ; and aaiiki frnm ibi? practice
as no recent oecasioo has it ever oeeuirsd that the
Sit?ate ha? refused or foiled to confina at ooeo the
ssaiination of one of its own member-, for an official
poMtio'i. This practice has been rd universal *,!?ai it
hu.- become ahnoal ad binding a? the rales of tie
l??ate, and it is observed simply as a
i.i.itt.r of aonrtosy to the Bonator so honored.
Tin* tln-oiy on wMeh this custom is baaed
Ixthut a'i> Iran who is Ittod Ut OOCnny a s? at in the
.-? im!?*, aud with whom other BeaotOM have thns
been associated, M also litted far any position to
which tbe President may appoint him, and that the
Senate duos not need the Investigation <>f a oommit*
t<. to enable it to act nnderstandiagty on the nomi
i of one of ita own memhera to office. Ihe ref?
erence of Senator Snei?nan's name to-day cannot,
honorer, be eonsideired M<disooorteons to him, Had
kat aaniliislimi been sent in alone, it would nn
deobtedlj have been 80081 upon at once; hut hit
iii.ii.i.li: t. confirmation to-day, while action on the
welnth'T of tbe Cabinel ?> pootponed, eonld only
11 ' snatrued invidiously to the others.
The committee? of the Senate will probably be
?n:io,i;ii ,,i and ???????ted toaaorrow. The Cabinet
noatiaatioae will then bs referred to them, and U is
hardly probable that they will Im reported hack to
'?? nah before Friday. At the sane time it is
i".- Ible thai m Executive n-e-.Mi.ti to-niorrow the
several romadtt-t-es may roporl favorably on thess
soioinationa ?? it loin holdint formal in?-?-tinirs.
This is ?.fun done in cabes where no opposition to
n?...matin n i, made,
Mii'hi.i the pent-up dissatisfaction among Repnb
nesna \?it!? the Cabinel ags?ointnients has bnnd < \
I?it-4-K?i, sii,,,. |)?. annouiKciiieiiis. Ihe two ap
paiatiasotamoot eriticieed are those of Ifr. Schon
sndl?r.Key, The gronnds of dissstlsfantion wuli
t'-' hiitu.-r have already been referred to in db>
pslfhee to Tm TnrnoKn. Noluxly eoeoploins thai
?1 "? tin S, l,n,7. is not an able and an honest man ;
but tbere h much dooM expressed as to ins oxeen
tl*'- ale.iity, an.) no little disSOlisfstlir.il it the PfOS
pott of having hie radical ideas of eivil service re
h*S pu: ni'.., pi,i, me lu one of the great depail
?Onttal lhe(..iieriim?lit.
In?- ??i?|...v.ii,,:, tu Mr. Key i* not jM-rsfinal bol
pontkaL A i.?r?. proportion of the Bepnbliean
1 ?- ?(? uuwilliug thai any Dt-motiat Khali
wt? i p| ?..,,. m, j, m?nmi lii?nanos nndet President
1 'M-Tiiaiatritiiin so8 Cabined position givei,
????On. i hey ?ay that the Democrats of th.
u rattelviug this appointment in tbe
?i?m u, ?hieb it is inati,*, ?ill ?t ?mee repudiate Mr.
K,v is a ttaian t?> in? party, an?! refnae t.?
Iivf hin. thsii i.tnfid, ana. Thsy asa? rt thai
"> bas boea the espenenee of the liepubiican
?w?jr la ?-ten ,?MHii?*e in which ? tsoiuli,-m Deaao
' m beea advanced; and while they have no
J on to Preniilenl Uayee's lii?-crai poliey toward
11 hsnth,ths) .nueve mat the Death snghl to be
with that policy byiteell Thej believe
lb OOgtd 18 8hOW its Kitislaetion by ^i'.-rig
* Aiiiii'iii'.tmii,,,, lu, siippiiii, rallier lliau by OX?
^'?''Uaii.. Shore in the sehOSS l.etore they hOVO
["wu ?'?i?!? Mli.iii f-i meet 1'iesident Hat. s 001 the
raj |.la!f,trm he has Uid down. Some ?oniheit
' ""-'i.t-'. i nu las uln apiKiinUuent of Mr. Key on
P**MB- Rroonohj and ?ay that it will
* v?*> hiiii,i,??ti-,j, t,, tjlbIIJ u# i^ eULfad to
t' '?w a rebel p-matoi, whelk aal orssia -fapnhliioii.
'i<*?riii,Ke i,? sppoinfmonta nnisrthi aonteal ot the
?PSnsMOt. They would pn-.for, if they must have
' WVC.,!,f?,i,.,?lt,. i?, t.?,,. ,.Hbi!?-t( th?t he ?hoiild
??vi !*?-<t, g.w-nj, iKieiticii with which fh?*r?*v.?i4
?age eoaaeeted; but a? a rale tiny do not
mt in eanforriag upon th? aawasisa <>t ths p?u tj,
l"*y cail tiiein, KUeiiKih wi,i? h Ih.y will eorliuiily
?* to defeat the party in tbe next campaiRii.
mtmTmmTl "**'* "**'"* *? bavc hil,i mmn tTmh]e
?ho ?elcctioii ?jf bi? Mw-Kn?land li? prcaonut i??? |
in iho Cabine! ihm? tiny ollier. He offered the !*-ec
retaryship of aast Navy |o Mr. H.ile, not only ?
cause the Kepr.-sentative from Miiinc ha* through
his service 00 ihe Committee on Approp, iaticti* DO
cciii. fiimiliiir with the iiiaiiiiKt'iiient of naval ?ilia i ru,
but also beeanse it was supposed that hin Bssnoint
nient would li?, pleasing both to Mr. liia.ne anil bOO?
ntury Chandler. Mr. Hale d?-oliiie?l for personal
reasons and tvcomincndcd that Mr. Fry? la? ap?
pointed in li: ? place. I'rcriiilent liny cm m-etus to
have -.?i|.??.,?.'ii that the appointment reverted to
biuii-elf when not accepted by the -len-ain Uiwlioin
he ?illerod it ; and it is not Ik lieved that Mr. Frye's
appoint ment wan at any time very BBlllSaalj ?-?m
t?*miilnte?l. Had it iioeu probable a m rung opji.ri.i
tion to it would have boon nianif?'?!?-d from a some?
what unexpected quart.-r. It may bo remembered
that two yean? ano Mr. Fry?: visited MoaSsV
??hiist-tfa and made several ssasjaohoa in favor
of lieu. Butler's isjBscUoo to OosiajnaB,
The auti-liuti?*r BsfSililltiaiiS of Massachusetts
who have lict-n represented bore by BOTl ral litiliien
li.'.l ireiiilcuieii have noi iorgotieu this, and tmbj 00
j 1 l(fl|t(i Mr. Kryi-'-?| ap|?oiiiiment 00 this account.
Hod I'resident Hayes BOOB lit 10 whet Mr. flrya lot
any Cabinet pot-iiion he would iinilniilacdly have
made a very tfliciciit and valuable public ollicer.
Although a stiong i?;irti*:i;i he is r.-maikal'lv eiiet
gctic in evcrythitig he under!altea, and his executive
uliility is iiii<iii"??ti(iii> tl.
The delay in the coiitin.ialion of President Huyes.
Cabinet is not beli.-v.-d to easianansr. lit final sneept
anee, The oldest politician in Washington ?loes not
reinciiib?'!' an instance in which a Cabinet nomina?
tion hut? h.-cn rejected, and althuugli sonn- of tiat
BopaUiean Senators an- displeased with the selec?
tion which Pr?sident Haye* hot mad -, ii isdonbtfnl
if they even will vote ag'iiust their cnniirmatioii.
The Dssaoerots will probably take do snot in toe
controversy ; but it is intimated this ?.veiling on
very high authority that the D.-iiiucratic BSSMton
will not allow ?my of President rJojea/aCobiool to he
tlefeat?-?! shoiihl lite 00880000 urise for them to make
their inllueiicc f.lt.
Mr. Key received the following to-ni-rlit from
Nashville: "I tender my sincere .?<>n<:iaini;i!i.iii-.
Don't fail to accept. II. F. Ch?a i ham."'
This is the coniui.ituler of the famous Ciiiaiham
Division in .l.li:...i<.!,'.? army.
[liKNKu.ii. roosa i.isivr. ?i.|
Was?im?io.n, March 7.?Whoo the oominationa
of ihc m vv Cabinet sdficera wen- delivered to the
Senate ,-it 2i30 p. m. to-d.-iy by Mr. Rodeen, private
aecrtatary ?if the rn-siii.-nt. the greatest auavistjr was
maaifestsd by nil the Senstora i?> laora the naines of
the ornuyh-toes. Tlie list having lx-i n deliv? -r- d by
ths ilf.i.iki ijier to the \ 'ice rroidr.it, a DOtobi : O?
t!, ? ?Senoton eagerly rashed forward to examine it,
and in a very few roiootCS the new Cabinet vviia the
OOmmoii talk throughout the chamber.
When the doors w.-ic closed lot the Kn.een.tive 880
ftiini thon was quite a lively 10000 iu the Senat?]
chamlter. Under the rule of the Senats n sin?.'!'
objection to the pivscnt c.n ;'.'li*l ;?t inn of BQJT DOObI
Dation refera it to the apprtmriate eoronaittee,ond
when tbt very ?ir.-t 000, that of Air. Evaita to bo
Secretary of St;ite, wa.? -inn.?une d, Mr. Biotas
moved iis reference to the Coiiimittce on Foreign
Relations. Tinn there ?roa on ?tarnest di-cns-ion
in which some of th.? Republicans< ihibited mncti in?
dignation ai mmbs (.1 the nominations. Finally it
aeerned to be generally a? qaiesced 1b that oil must
be referred and that none of iliem should be cocv
Brroed to-?lay. Mr. Conkling demanded th?* refer?
ence of the nomination of Mi. Bohon t" the Finance
O.nii-iitt?M), anil quite B number of Senator* de
manded the roferoacc of Mr. Key's nomination. In
fact, then woo moro or less objection to every one
of tin in, ami there is every probability of oo excited
debate over the appointments when they come be>
tare the Senate again. There wet* perhapa tenor
a ilo7.en Senators who made obje.-tioim to one or
another of the nominations, an 1 a ntunbef of them
spoke at the asme instonl ?>f nine.
After the aii.i'.uniment, the l-ciiioenitic Senators
met in catn-iis sind fully dnteussed the policy to Ik
punned by them ?m the Cabinet nominations.
From the ?.-.'mrul tenor of the debate, it is believed
the Southern Deuiocrstic Benstora will ose th? ir
pow? r in the Executive seariona of the Benote to in
duce the Administration to refuse any recognition
of i'iickurd in I.?nii?i.i'.ia or ol Chamberlain in South
Carolina. Ii is asid by them that if thej c?ui be as
Buredthat the Adminiatration will stand firmly on
Hi?- policy of non-intervention in the Bafalra of those
Mat? s, thev will sup,..?it it by voting to esstfirm
these nominations, and not otherwise. Tbeymsin
t-iin that to accomplish this through the divislona in
the BepabUeoa rank-, will be to win th<- victors tot
which they have s" long contended. No formal
action was taken by the csocoa,
Ihi- mi'iiination?ore freelydtoeossod to-nighl by
all parties. 'J ban ar?- few cxprossiooi of enthasios
lii sppcoTsl el the entire Cabinet, ih?- dissotisficd
K.-piililieans are more ??pen in tle-ir eontleninalion of
it than i!ie Detnoerots, Many ol the f.-r:ner em
phaticslly complsifl that the leedora of the party
who supported (Jot. Hayes (oribe Presidency were
urn consulted In the at lection of the members, while
others any their States are not likely to receive on
equal share of patruiiacc, hairing no Cabinet officers.
The Ilemoeratsare congratulating tbemaclvi 1 in the
belief that the Repablieoiu already abowaigna .?f
division which they will not beaitate to promote.
Apart from such d?clarations there an not a few
persons who rejoioe that there is likely to be ;; 1 re?
ident who will act in many respects iodepcndent y
of party, esp? ciaily a? 1-SgOrda the Boatb and !h,
civil s'-rvice of the coiiiiiry.
A telegram woo received lure to-oigbt from ^?'?.
Richard VV. Tbnmntton ol Indioas aoeepting the bb?
pointineiit of Becratsry of the Navy.
Till". Fill I sTI-.l' IS pi;r>ii.i... I HSYBSfa ?.(it'TIIIlIN
PUI.I4V?Till: MX! TO 8SXD A ?.(iM'.i,'--l.l*.
aoOTfj iii;a!?i:i> iiy Mil. win r.i.r.it.
lessi 1 vi rasas warATcn.1
Wabhivotok, Ifsreh 7.?Well-iuformed Mends of
tin I'nsid. ut asBcr! thai the nomiootioo ol Seoator
Key to the Cabinet is the imiial sn-ji m tin- develop?
ment of s policy which sechs to disarm Southern dis?
trust and promote peace in rti?> 1 asctioa on Ihe basis
ni j,:.!!? ? anil pro!? ?lion to all. Though Mr. Kej
led a Conf.-d.-i.iie i.-^'ii.n lit liiiiiin?' tin late war and
w?s ihe 1> i.i.icrali? Booatof Bppoiuted to lili An?
drew Juhiir-Dii's Viiiiine- , In- was Hit firs) ai tin- lots
seaeiou of Ctnigrese tomakeaapeechfromthc I >? ? ..
untie side looking to Soutbern pa? ?lif-atiou through
emu iliaiioli Of anil IMsSperation ?vit!: ihe LueotuinfJ
Iu pulilii an A.imini-iratinn. lha! the l'r. sid-tit and
i... woui.i be able to I1..1 i.,.'Hi/- ?..?? 111..1I. -.ullieieiit iv
? leur te lit?- latter by tbe seotintent? 01 1 |>i .v ?it.- let?
ter ?idirisseii by Mr. Kej to b personal ii i? ml oo the
li'lh id Febinai V la.?!, 111 vv hicli in- BBtd :
I urn lVH?ly tods -ill I c:?n If r.s?.?ie .-.?liiiil.-n. e Bad
?.'...... e,,l, 1:,'||a ... 1 , .::. pOUpll Ol II??' BOO?*? lili? C.lil
.nil bed a. !?-. u hearty frstcrnis-itlo.i ?il tbe seotli.as,
J..r v.l !<? ; 1 ii.ivc htli.'i.-.l. II, Wit Bout rehuir.iu- .! m.
the sH'-rttl. ? of Bay pei.?i.i.n; or ?>oll ties I inJejuii?cniv.,
...ii fin? I U. :ii in.v 11. ibis '.?? be n-.f -I f.>; 1 .1 s- ?'-.? '-f !'???
Bouth, lu ...ni best Imtguieul jron an si lii..-::.?
to n?e It. II I ?er. 1.1 I.e. ..un- M menu... ill ..n
Hrlniii.'.Kliiiti.iii I eliiiiild nut !.. ?I Bl I. !?.-. 1 y to
iiime Buyasril In up;?..?.?uni t.. ils i'iei;.; potier, IsBI
rliu.ii.l foci lieiiuJ t?. "Uili.il up .tli'l ji.i. n -?.. : it in liie
?...iiiso? .?ie p..-, I, : .?.dl! Hu um. aiTlv?-4t wbon I
?;.mill li- I betUlllJ -t"?l' ?.it? i-lili 1 , 1 rliu.i.il re?)eti. As
in ill 1 rs are in IL? South 1 ?? usai 1 be more asefui Ui oui
11 ,.1 le in ;ii, linl.-p. ?.i'ii! position. Bot. I . 11? I ii-l'i sie!
believe, the Ai'niinlsirBliwi will ?!? v. lop ?1 hroad i?n 1
liberal policy toward ihe peono "f t??. Bents, l trould
in ii lu-iiii??' i<> in- <>t)?.>r.it' u.v- fbrtnnes tua - if ???itli It.
'Juin ieiKl vva-- i.ti'i iM-iii.'e .'vu. liiivi ?. wni tunad
it entirely in accord with Oil ?>?*. B m-ntiiiient?. Il.-nce
the formal t.-n let ol 00 0|BBoiatOsnnl to Ux, Key,
sftOi 00 IoIMIIbW bclwisn t-BSON u.U. I. men vv ni. ?
osla'dished the identity of Iheir n-ap?oivc views on
the Sfiiilhelli ??ti?-->ll.Mi.
As a t-eic-miiin-. tin- rp-si-biit was resnlittely de?
termined to tender an olive biuucb to tue ?sonlli by
tait inn into his Cabinet some ono Intellnzent Sou
ern DetiHM-iat who ha?l tsoghl on the Coofedei
eide, hut who is now thotwnghly true to the 1'ni
To fiiis end he was dfatpoood to take (?.n. Jooaph
,1'ili? -inn as a rcpre,*, iit.ativc S nil In rn man, hot !
Key wan found less objectionable to Repuhlira
and was linally ohoai n. The nlgnltOBBOS <>f ths
pointment is in its notitv? to the South that the n
Administration ha? no purpose which cannot
freely disclosed to and discussed with an honora
representative of th-.-ir own section, and who i?
Ml sympathy with the buat slsOOSBta in tho Sou
crn opposition parly.
This, it is claimed, clear? the way for what is
follow. Vice ?President Whsolat*, who is te l>e
cipher in the QuiOTIIIIIOMl. will be invited to parti
paie in the Administration os freely oaif he was
member of tin* Cabinet. It is hoped ti.at after 1
Senate adjourn?? he n ill bend a commission to b?> ?
pointed by the l'rcKident t-o visit the booth, 08
f?llt study the situation in 1 ?uui.siatia and Sol
Carolina, aud saoertaln U|miii what honorable ter
all boobies there can be acceptably placated by Bh
action, witii such sup|Nirt and cooperation a., t
President can rightfully extoixl. Iha ltToah.00
friends say that if this policy fails it will bet
fault of the Smitlierii pOOpk tliemsidve?, and will
so ii-u.utled. Thev say, also, that if it succeed-!
will brook down the colorMnc in polities by detoi
ing the old Whigs and Donnons Deosoeiata and ?
ganiaing them into a strong Administration parly
whites, to whom the Ida? ks will naturally ndhs
The above is given as the gsnoral plan, the iota
of which most depend apon tho MonHs ?<f eared
Cabinet cutisultation and liberal IntHOhOOga
-riewawith patriotic andelea*f*-heeded men win
character and position entitle them to be hear?].
Ke.tih-rs of Tin, Titiiirvi* have already bo
mad?* acquainted with the leading tocttentsta ihe ils
of the new cuiiiiet odtoers, Tcstordaj 's j-,?per and Mi
day's contained sketches ?.f all of them. Mr. Key
comparatively an unknown man In the Nt.iili. .nitl,
lie is a Kuiitlicrn IViin-crut, ami was appointed Io the |
Bitten of ri:si!if:..ter-??eneral la furtherance of Preside
lia.- i'i policy toward the Bouth, a awn es tended it
line o? hie life nil! i>e Inlonellaa He is s salive
Tennessee; w.is um u in Oreen? Obnaty? the cum
win-r?* Andrew Jnhiisiiii look ui> inn reeldeoee afl?r lea
lr.p North ('arolmii, and wltt-r,- he lived for over fot
years, A Mondsbip sprang up between these bms
early lit". They both voted bnteiher tn polillos in Be
Tennessee,bnl the nor divided them la smtlmentssi
Internate, whoa Hr.Johaoea was Prestdeiil he pi
donod his (?(.nic'leriitc fri'*n<l, anil when Senator Joli
801) ?lied Col. Key was upimii.tcil to llll the vn-Miicy th
osnsedln Ihe United States senate, The life of tho ei
man was better known le his country i en than tl
oilier'*, but for personal ltiU-iciity SOd OOnsab-tttio
?mu i? u weald seem t<> be snips! i<> m-.i??* a dlstmetloa.
Mr. K. ;. wai bon M Jan. ti, 1S.7, his father h- in|
minister <>f the (-?.sim-i, who brought ap Ms son in ti
fear o? Qod. Tau irais after his liirth the f;.;?iiij- i
amend to Monroe Connty, and DnrM eaaeariy put
work on a farm. The father wu? poor and he remain?
at tbe plow aatO he waa SL He had rateycd fewpri
ilcftea lor aciiuiriii": un e?iuciiUoii, inn .ti teat age r
solved tti ttu-dy l.i-.v after completing bla |*reUsMaai7 ??
ucaiioi). Kx years of study foand Mm a gradaate
Biwaeoee College, in Monroe Oonnty, ii" then tang?
si!.; aad m U* scan* hours read ?Macheteas**-! ? lonune
tari, s and Chttty'S l'lemlincs. lie was ailluittt-,1 I
prartle . sad Ma few years tool a front rani among ii
Mwyersoi East Tennessee, Andrew Johnson? 16yesi
hit? sein,?-, was then m OongNSS, Key had bees b
warm rapporter ta State pol?tica, though he aevertoi
active part in them. Be removed to Cltattanoogs i
1853, the year Mr.J-ohaaoa tea? lit -t eboara Ooreraat.
tin* state? ill? whole time wa? iriv. n to his Marines
und he constantly (stood mon ami mon of t!
i s:,,m of the tn .i people, DC baa Mways besa s Dom
erst Mr. Johaoou was Siso 00)0 until I.iUs in 180
Theo tin* two friend? divided on the le awol the ws
Thi-y hud both sapported Brrelnnrtdge f??i- Pvesldaal
lui, ? i? n ?in* t.? t --. i-.ii im! |iiise-t ,it mm Bsettonheeaa
apparent, Mr. Johnson took positive ground si o i
them, ami in nesrlj every ?lty ?f Tenne ?see waa bui-uc
nit?i.'.t. Tbe Bttta,byaetof Leglehtture,had n-ieede?
Mr. Key ?.??s easong those who were eppoaed te It, hi
yielded to tin- aettonoftbe sonstltntod aatharltlesaa
Joined the Bonthere army ??s itenteuant*?solotsol or th
83d Teaneaaee Infantry and served threngbom the war,
Tin- fall of tbe Confi ?teraey band him aamog tbe i? i i?
Ines of Worth I iroliaa, without amney, ? iporaU '1 frei
hi.** family, and nnhaowtng what the policy of. tbe Go?
?-r:.m. nl would be?--whether be mate be tried and em
eated for incason, <>i- vhetbor be eonM practice *.??i it Utti
lav, im;*!a be left to lin- Btate of Tonaesssa, Be has ?l.
??t ill i-., i \..* ilet-r ntoa in iti'.-f days as ?treat brjron
in taure. J.llit* initiiy an ex-Confcd-r.ite oflfeer, ho fel
that bal for his family lu- could bave wished hlsosol
amono tbe dead. His old friend Andrew Johnson wa
lian i'11-t-ulfiit of tin- United "t?i.-H. Tbe aattea tea
listening to his rlagiag attereaees ahoal hnei-tog Iraltei
ami Dialling trci on odious. Tbeae nenia ha i ao wt
c. me 4,,,?!i.| in tn,- tan of C.t!. Ke-,-, ?i Mii?iier.-r in Hi
woods of < ?'..lina. Bat be rrmemnered the frlendshl
which five years c-f war had ob?enrcd and found a n***.
lmi?- in the thought thai it wnt not wholly exttufnish?
so ?i ? wrote Andrew Johnson a letter, not In I CteonaUo
of bla " tretMoa," bot depleting hi> misery un h ?? ti nl
lui ?n n andseehtag advlec aad instruction. Bepectoll'
din be w:..n i?, know If be tier,- to be banged for bl
treason; and, if so, when; and if th.- c.-r-1.? my waa i
tilt-..' plat c in Hie Ml u til ( Ult.liaa pitu- WOOd?, -So n.tlil,i|
area aollelied -, mcrelj the question sahed; ?That shall
do i The military poal on Item turn trip from v,... biogtoi
branahl ? r.-i>i) ; i? ooatelaed a line pardo
fot COL Key? BO has said t.iat his Jo;
at the re? tot oi it ?a*, aahonuded? Homeward be wes
II' t! to I:,I family, lie took dOWO MS bOOfca, ?lusty \.,!l
five years'?il ase, sad praetteed la? enes inore, via
war was n thing of tin* peel to bin. One who know* inn
well baaaaM the political principles of bu life may hi
embodied la Ihe following worte: M We staked all am
lost all; tbeeonteoversy baa inen ?ettied by tbe blgbm
tribe?a! known to man; there ii bul one Qevcrntneii
ami i,in lia?:,...... thai is .an (io\, i?,;,,, i i and onrflas,'
i.ii-n,. s. ,,!.,- ii.,.1 ceiled Mm teWashiagnmi IMtberbi
w,i?; with i-i- >.it?*, i't. siii, ni Johnson beard be wai
tin r. ?.mi t-eiit Mm ami Mi... Key i.u mt uai.nii l?, ii,i,e i
the White Bonee. They were i?<>tii raeelved with greet
eordlality, and Andren Johnson ami Got, Key renwluet
Warm liieie's ,ni ?ifleiwa.ii. N't-iiliera iin.ii, .: . ??*
into Teaneaaee eon eompose one-hull of the wblti
popnlathm ??' CTrntianoogs Wttb them COL Key oa
Joys S lliaiki-d coi.tiilcnt-e Hlltl b) tli?;t?il is niiir1,
adtulred. Although .? Pfasocial thrauokoul bis Ufe
many Nortbern it paMteana, whoa be bas been a candi
(iat'-4f?i ? See, bai e voted lor bla*, Brash t? Ihe satoalah
nieiii ??.' native Id publican?, l'ois -.vu- m, eaae lu 18711
mill in 1872, Miicii be ran for fhaaor-llor and fur Con
? .-. Col. K?*y is not a politician uoi an iMatei Hoto
"BeM as Air from it." mid one who know, htm, " ? say
man I ev?*r knew." He nasa l'ie.->|,lent nil aleetor is
1858, but, tilth that exception, heM no oillee until
eh ted Chancellor, Be baa in-? r hollered m Mwyet
poliUclaua : a in an, in- cia'in... abouid i.e i.in* ot tin other,
aud not try to it?* imHi. In 1888 fcaaaaeM wanted a
aea CunaUtntten. lie was arm i -? aammberof the
coiiM-nli,.!, I.? ! t nine It. lull J>? I'si-t? ?it it-kiii. t? a- nil -.* -
sa:.. ... gel n-, ? aoaeonl ta aet, la thatepaveatiod ...
.mi. ... .'.41 t. ,r? .,?ft i,-, , tarera ?ehool?, ,m,i o -r . tiftl
inony; ii? ?tiiiiiicaii? d ti nut ,.n imue ii ?toes not bollera
111, m .ti? .- Will ever, us ?' l.?i i , ?i coin,,I .-:. lull, li in I: ?
world, inn is willing ihm ihoy ihould bnveanonoee
toaity to <i" nie baal thoj aaa,
Wbenhe ran for COagiem to is7_' he was oef mied, is
Ihe ssioniabmrnt si ????ij.u?*. Be had bM kos rod lbs
Bossumtlsu,endfsH Me dafeal ths morehoenly. ii.?
iiisiriei was iK-.ii erutie by iyOOfl majar.t.*. moedteary
tune-, but to that year ii)*? Pannsasaa Dem?ieraej were
un i h d la ?-.ni It: In nome Voting pleeOS? out? iicini
Ingl) l)e;i,i,er.tttc, the poi . WOm mil .?jn-iiHt :?l. An hOW
Johnson was running lor Owigmssmnmel i..r?-e, and
: tini? n? o ah ..nn. ? o.' discord totsrsd ti. iswty? Mr.
joii.itxii? afterward went hi the astute ml iHrif tborr
I Mr. Key, wao wst. Mill ChaneeUuC, waa rp.inlate?! by
i l?o?. l'nrt'T t.. ll,. UM tot H"i until a new nil ,|i,>n ,:?,iilil
b, held. Inn- tote el-non by tin leshdaiaie ben
,-. , -.,-.] the ?.111 -?itHH.rt ni every me,i,L?.*r from K.??t
?|, .m?????!?, iiieitniiiu- in HaoabhasMM a>,<t io it.-m.??.-,.,t-.
<?r m. lou _,fii,ma-, be tes meed ihe voi??? of ib. ?-?! ix-.uit
l?B|-iiftrllr?B*fmnl lu IsuasueraU a man itnm?rniic)d
. iteioi'iiai wa* ateatad, ?he MeaxhosOt Amenants, i?
? 1).?,.?rail? i'?! ,r. tiai.l of him )?*.?I. niai :
. K- i....,*>., n .?it ?ta,,- i, n ? iH'tnucrat.
? Aa a ama oi ability aad thorough baneeei m? .,;.??..,i,i
i,?. ut i> .. pHKl indi? aii.t.i, andaos ?inch will tn? tiki :.
te name extremista bewli ?mie evi*rv nun wi?o ???*..
the p. .'?..ft il.t ol oui eoiuif. j uiiial i-j.iii, ?i tul? ludunv
l.Ol. 41 ,41 W ll gOl'?.
am. iii.-im. a?ain OPTtsSOa it?a bi'knk in
Mr. Hliiiitt- Bgaia in.i'le ? tpoeefa in opp
tion t?) tin* new Southern policy y?-st?-r.
and prodnec?! a t??stajnaa froin Gov. ('Ii.iinl
lain ?--iiiiiilainiiii; that Stiinlcv Matthews, :
Mr. Bvorta bad written letters aoying t
('liaiiilii-ilain outr-fit to witlidruw for tin- go?
tlie t'oiintry. Tin- tidei?ran? erootod a BOnoat.
The ?*;is?'s of Senat.irs-cleet Ktdtogg, Corl
and trover were referred to ?-?mmiitteos.
Iilaiiu-'.s resolution tluit follogg be ?worn ?n
?)ii4'4? Brag (Icici,t4il. Th? foreign Biolatorsi
valions ilt-li-Katioii-i ?-allcil on the Preoid
y?'st4i(lav. Tin- l'n-sideiit has detiTiitiiied n|
no plaitf yet as to th?? South. The witlnlra?
of POjekord is proffered, however, and i
c:i8?4-il in to-day's dis'-ati-Iics.
un- CASi*. ? Kl i ititKH tu A tXMtQOTTBB? ni.Al
AliAINST THE M.W Policy?CHAMIiritI.il
[o? H-.I.KU!-un to ros raiBOBB i
WaauiNOTos, March 7.-Ti..- debate on the
mission of Mr. Ksllogg to-day opened wi.h a bd
BsaoHaspsech from Mr. Boyard, who, for the fi
time in his lif.-, hail nn upiHirtutiity to lecture Pn
dent Cr.mt on the errors of his Admini.lrat;.
Th.-c-r-l'ri-.id.-nt came in on the arm of Mr. Co.
Hog -'??11 af.'.r Mr. Bayoid began tulkiin;, and taki
.1 chair I.e.idefihc Ncvv-Vorlv Benoior li-l.d vv
iin.r.-st m.in Boot ihc rloso of tho Bosuch. Hoi
peored 111 asesllent huinor, ami as he slnxik han
with a dozen BsnattaTB who 808O8 up one uf
another to ?Teet him, his face woro a im
geaoine ami pjnja} smile than it ?p.i d
dariag his occupancy of the White HOOOS, I
l.ay.ird bsd th.- |OOd ?0880 mit to travel oat Ok* I
line ?if his artiiiu. nt to athipt it to bsBOOCXpeel
listctifT. Hi.? :.?i 11 -h oyut largely a cry ever t
l>i-uiocr:iiie mill, spilled by the Electoral Comm
man, and woa twiee mterrapted by Mr. Blsine, w
Insisted thai he was mi-repusi titiiiir the p . :!inn
S?-!iator Kdiimml? on tiie ('uiiiiiiissi.in. As far
Ki-noiri-'s ease was oooearoed, Mr. Boyard mai
tiiined that the dt f ision of Ih.- ?'(Immission ?is to 1
electoral rote o? latwntiaaadid not exelade (topo
In an?, from iovrsfigating Kellt??gg-s claim,- in t
??a-..uf tiic s?oetora th.- Conimissiea bold that
wssioeompeten! for Congress to go behind th.- r
turns, hut no one claimed that the Senate could n
Inquire to any length into tho election oad qasli
cit,mi i?r it-: members.
In closing M?*. Bayard ?.'ave otterana ? to aoms re
potrioUc sentiments, lie said that if there woa to I
0 rivalry between parties la tin? sstohlishtaent i
ju-iii-e..in seenring *rood prveraasoataood in a reco
oilistiiiB 01' all sections of the country, In- wished
he count, d in. and he should glory in the stiff.---?
either party. Tin ton of this portion of hisspeei
v. eminently patriotic and alilismaiiUlui.
Sir. Bloinotben again blew his trampet inonpiwiiU
to tile DOW .'?diitiiii-ill'iltioll in tones, if OOytlilu
more dolaot than that he g:\w forth yeatcrda
He left 00 ?-.oui to doubt that he oieana towai
opeo war agaiosl tin- policy of pscifyiBg the Bout
li he stood al m - In- -. -id in- woald never twost-nt 1
tin-lolssudonui! :ii of th?- anllant menattbeHonl
win. have east their lot with the JtopubUcafl pert;
Referring to what be aoid yeaterday about ramo
of negotiations and arrangements, he asid 'ie tin
Information thai the) were no! anfonnd??d. Ko tin
r. ?id the folios in*j telegram Erom Oov. Ctuunberl-ii
to i). T. ?.'i.ioiii, il?.-- boootoirv-t?Jt*ct from Sooth Cam
Una 1
c."i ?rBu.B. c, Marrh ?'.. ts77.
The Man, D. T. Gobbis : I It.:., jusi hast m l?m,( intr
vie-, v? :.'! Hi ?1.1 il, v. :... liria?:- i I!. 1- In a." fr.it.1 .- ,i?ile
Mat. In ws ami M;-. Et ni?. Tie' p?rporl ..f l?r. M.illL. .. -
1.1er is thai i oiurl 1 t.. yield li] rlfiUts for the ?mod ?
I the country. This is cwbarrasatus* li .?'">! earlorani ?-,
BUCh i.e.I.Hi IS d -.r. i| 1 ?...Hit t.. 1.1111A ll .illtli-t, nil ci;
1 ?.:n ii,.. . 11 . ;,,: ,...?? if, and i eanuol :? --.?.?i so? 1 r
Bpuusibillty. rieii-c iiujuirc ami :?i. ?v.i,-)!i un-1.. ni.-'ii
1). It. < IIAVI,.. ?.I VIS.
The Rssbell r.f.rr.-d to M Chiiinnati of the l-.-'t
oerotic State Committee, Mr. Bloine sold be wnote
t.ilvii'iw whereaotlt-ority came from for Mr. Ever!
m- Mr. .Matthews to say thai tin- pobltc k.li?
quired Mr. ChambcrlsJn or onv other nuui who tea
hoaestij elected to step down ood retire. Ileshool
stand by them hiiu.-'-ll, he said ; be cared not v.ii.i
positions others occupied ; so long aaheoeenpted
aso! on tins Ho ir be would always on every occasioi
I her.- ood elsewber?) stand apfor the Union men <>
the Boato, and when be negieeted to do so be hope
his ttnigue v-..?ul.l cleave to the roof ?>f bis roouth.
Th ? pr. dm tion of the telegram wae uatuptTita
for which th<- fricada o? tin- oes policy were do
prc'iiii. ?'. 'Ih- -v -ait in c mV rsstioo, ?fter tho de
bai?- ended, that ooless Gov. Chamberlain tel
graphed to Mr. Corbia to make if public, it wa ?
hr-a. h <.f <?"..d li ..(?>? oo his port 10 ?xivoitteMi
Bl line, and on a.-f of qoostioo ?-d- p?roprietj for Mr
Bbtine to ma-ke us ? of i? ?i^ be ?lid.
Mr. Morton Binde a short speech after Mr. Blai 11
bod li-ii.-licl. and upheld the Icirality of the l'a.k;ir?
Government and t!? ri?rhl of Kel!.<?:?: to admiaai<in.
? vote wss taken on Mr. Bayard's aabstitate t
Mr. Blii.ii ?':- resolut'.on, which referred Mr. K.-li.^-.'
er. .it mm!. to th" CoBimittee oo rriviliirc? bih
Kkctwoa when appoiuted. The aobstitote was
adopled by Teas 35, Nays 29. All the Democrat?
voted Iu the snlrmative, snd with them Jmhre I'nv i
ni llliuai. snd sis Republican??, asmely: Mesnrs,
Booth, Cwnkling, BuruaUe, Chriatisncy, .lone-, ami
Uorrill. Ali.-r the aonowocemeot ol the result M
IforrUl ezplslm d rh il be believed Kellot.'.- entitled
loth, ?eat, b?it, inssmuch as tbereportof !b< com?
mitt? e on Loui lana 1 ?Taini had not irel been 1? 1 I '???
fore the 8eustc he thoushtii better to lutvoth?
ease invrstigsl si. He should rote ala? to refer Mr,
Grover'a cretlentisla to the committee. Messi .
Boroside and I'ln-;.-; inney g*ve the same r. n one foi
tin ir v. i.-s. On the poHssg?- ol the rcaoiatbin tu
amended the vote waa43to21.
Jo ?a-tin vol. w,ts annoiiu'--1 Ihe private ace
retaryof rr.-sid.-:.t Hayes made bis find appr-uranc?
m tin- ,-eiiat.- with apaekag ol ?urea Urge white
envelop" ? rantnining the non'.Uuitior.a of the mem?
bers ol ii.?- oew I'nl'iiii t. There wsa su immedint?
motion to go hito esceutive ?< ?ion, which Mr. Boy
aid tried successfullv ?it iir?; to stay .kmgenoonhto
un Morgnno? ?Ubotuo sworn in; bnl Mr. Speu er
tbreateued to read a pile td printed slips which bu
?aid W88 O speceil, wie 1, iijhm -v.-i ., 1.1. I.,' V.'iic i??.'. !
to take up th.- 1 v.-.iitive bnsiucas si once. The
Booth Carolina eases were speedily disnpeed ??1
1? tu.->.iiii'e to-iii.v ?fter the ?v>>u- refcrriog Kol
loga Us the esenmitte -. Mr. I'aur- -.? though! il aae
1.K-. t.. make :itiv ?irogarl? for Mr. ( '<>i t.in, sod ni"? .-.1
blmsell ihn! In? ereil-nt?ils 1'i.i in... .,t air. Hut!.-!',
I,i.?. itsn] -ni.o, should be s lit to the commitfee.
In.- vote in K-il igg'a ease ama m no way a test of
the sii'-m-ti. of the hactioo ftdlowing Mr. Blaiue's
; ,.!. The wind- body of the Kepnblieans favor
!. _'.:'- :l(l!.ii--lo!l o'l the t'l-o'.., tililt when ?III 0D>
pli ant for a sent ?.r.-'ii? angular ?sertifteste, bimI
i,.i contralnnt app 11 ?. I" ahould h bwoto Iu "?1 the
prii is fa? i'* tin?-, and Hist ii the vilidity of his eh-e
tioii Is (|iie?t:.'iied the lnv?-*stigstion ?tastmld be aubse
.|ii'.iii t.. lu- .tali!ii??!..ii. ? ?,ii-i le of tli-* tntrpet-lisg
BOOOtOta ili.-ic d aSJ itol -teem to bo much beortj Bp
pr.1v.1l of Mi. ill.nn.?'- ? "iir-". Many BlBwesa ;:i.'.i
iel*9oa in- -I? :. spansjsd to any uoury ti.nt invnivsa
an al.atiii..;..n.:.t of < Ii?.ii?Im 1 lam Bad POekoi I: bat
t!i-y BOJ tii.it Mi. llliiine has exlnhiled too mu. h
MSBBrneaaiu Basvgino osasatboasw AdminM?irntt<*n
',,?.. . - fi hull I iff, ire it hits i|..li. .. si?i?l.. iittiei-||
nci in r.-Mrd to I.BtaJsioM at ?ktjth Csrolioo.
Hi? pi rf.iiinai.te, they thiiifv, ii;is BBS iii'ich the ..ir
of an iiticiujit to Booh O asBjjrrol with the Pie?,d..1!.
The pronounced friend? of the new poliei oAtribotS
Mr. Hi.nie -? illlltuiie, in?1, to hi? i?.?a???..i.ut.1.. ?.I 111
not getting hi? friend Mr. Frye into th.-Cal
and second, to his belief thai the pacification p
is not praeticiihle at ?1 will nof he popwlof a
North. They helieve that lie has ret'-cted oi
ll 111 al toll and ntn?le np his mind thai his best eh
for sueceedin-jr President Hayes lies in the ?lire.
of keeping sectional preludi?os alive. Aeeordlt
their explanation, his ide.i is that Pre..den! II
will malta* o total failure in his atteuipt to huil
a white liepitlilicau party in the South ; tha
Administration will in the ?-miboONOOalmost m
popular ,?*t thai of Andrew Johnson wosi and
tlie RepuMleaoa of tin? North will rally with
thnaiaam atoemd t!?e leader who has kept --1???;?? 1 ?
th.- old faith. It waa Mr. Blaina who totead
tiiriit in 1876away from such Ma?osas civil m
reform and finance over tn the --outhcrn ?pie.si
ami he seem ? determined to k? p the old issue i
and make if serve fur the eeJBpalgn of 1HH0.
The Vittora of Mr. Erarte and Stanley Matil
referred to in the dispatch from Chamber!
although th.-ir ?-ont. tits are very iuiperfcily km
are the snbjeet of mneb discussion and some m
criticism. The President boa disehdmod all km
edge or "responsibility for these letters, and
assared Republicans thai he ?lid no* aothorixe el
of them. The dlspoteh which Mr. BluilM i
Contained no information as to the character of
Even's totter, and <ii?l not ssoert thai eithei
them was written af tIf*? instance of the I'n'-i !
Molli were probably pereonol letton expressing
personal opinions of their writers, and they v
proh.iiiiy written before Mr. Erarte had reeeJ
any invitaiioii to ac?! pt a plate in President Hay
Cabinet. _
A ?Qrti'T l.im.r. ai-ikmi-t TO BK SWOOS IN HEM
081 IIY MI!. IIAMI.IV--HROVEIt III-* I lir.Al H.
WAMitvuToN, March 7.?fir .ver of Ore.*
sleeted to enoceed Beootoc Kelly, seemed to th
to-day that while the storm was nging OTOT
Buothorn policy <>f the new Adniiniati atton he oo
slit. int.t his seit nnobserved between the tlmn
elopOj As soon as the usual prayer bad been ?aid
tlie chaplain to-day and the j-niruai had been n
he cone forward nn tho arm of Mr. Wallace to
sworn in. Lens than a denen Republicoa Senat
tien- in their seats, and oobody gave any att? nl
to ?M proeecdin?* except Mr. Ilamlit!. Thai s
a tm- looked up bom bis writing snd objected on I
8roiind that [Senator Mitchell, who bad some pup
bearins on the case,was not in hi piece, "A
Senator I itrunol thai .Mr. fjrroror shall be sworn i
Baid Mr. Wallace in emphatic tones. " As a Sons
i insist that he shnll not," said Mr. Ilaudin in s
more emphatic tones. Tbe Question eonld not
then considered be-CO-OSS tlie Ln.r.siana COOS v
pending, and Mr. Qrovcrhadto retreat.
.'M'. 08 T,ii: SOLt*TtOK8 PROT06KI) as TO LOVISIAI
r.ii iiAP.i-'s \\i,iiI'::a\va;.?Mit. iiavi.s ROT o
him en to plaxo.
[nv raucas ?ei? to rm nim tn.]
Vv'a itiMii'.N, .''larch 7.?A Bepttbliean Congre
man of great prominence, who is in the confuten
?>t President Hayes, compares tho Lonisiano sin
?im !.. s wall sinroimdin,'s triangnlai space, in t
center of which tho Administration i?? bodgod
On une side tbe wall represents the legal title a
it jur. right of Packard to th?.- Qorernorship ai
hi ' le-'t rminotien to maintain himself in office I
another able stands the united will of the raid
cfaumsof tbe people oi ths State, who are ?.Il i
solved not toree ?guise Packard's authority, Ont
third side is tin: Democratic House of Represent
lives, determined that the army shall n
be employed to coereo the obe?iiencs of the poo]
who have given in i ? ; ? ? : r allogiancc 'o t H- rival (jo
ermaent of Kichoills, Now UwQnostion i?, how c?
'. [ministration !,r.*:*.'i? through ami release its?
from these eneompaasing walls of diffi?:ultyf ?
' .: u in* fimnd on tbe side of the popular ?ipp
Kition to Packard is Lonminan. No porMiasion n
indi km the whites of that State to obey Pockai
Por four yean ths Kollogg Qoreruui? ut has Ix
-n- tained by thesjrmyi ami ai no Uiue daring tl.
period c:?ii-'.?l ii hove survived ?-. sinatedavil tl
troops had heeii withdrawn. If Pat Lard la toi
recognised by the c?aseos whose recognition is erne
Mai to the e\?*r> ?se of the functions of lot al ffovnr
meut, ?l will only bel.aus-' in- iaeeustantly nph?
by tue bayoneta of the Federsl soldiers, lourd
to break dowo tbe wall on this side of th?. triaug
that on the third side moat find be demolished, an
i he D?mocratie oi>po?ition to tha fortlier emplo;
1.1.-nt of ti-.Hijio must he ov-arcome. Tins is svideiii i
1 in* inly way ont of the difficulty lie? th-tefor.- o
the aid ? ?>! Packard and bte Government. Here thr.
intthoii- sngssMd thotswelves. Pint, Packard m?gl
himself refrain ft-? >m further assertion of h
authority aa Qovornor. 'this he might do becuiu
convinced that bo roold m-t maintain him-telf will
. nt r.*d. ral aid. snd because, d *>irt.its if - , ,-.i-.-...- ?*.
pesco of bis State, aud <>! reli? t ing the Pc* i?
his most serions pmbarrnsamciit. In doing i It
would not need !?> relinquish i.is claim to ;. tii
lawful and rightful Got mor. J!'* wonld only i? ti.i
from pressing tlml claim. If I? should toko tin
our ?? be wnoM at onos become o le of the strenge?
midmost popular mon In notional politics. Thm
is, however, only too mneb re ??-.-i for fearin**; lii -
bebas not the sagacity to do ilii?, espuciallj siuc
the ilomoiistration of Mr. Blainc in the s.-: at *.
feeondlg: "i\." Praaidenl i m wifclj aad coneist
. ?illy tak*. ?i poaiti u admiUiug that Packard is th
I .-:l Ctovecuor of Louisiana, with ii title, a
,-?.:..i as ??is owu to the Pu- : ti-:,--.*.-, yet declaim
ii,.: eonai lerarions of public p >li ?y and r apeet to
tlie principie of local Bclf-gorernm-mt etirope] ;h
Etecntive to refrain from military Interf?rence h
lin- affairs of auy Btete, anless hi co-uplianoe with i
?:..i lastruciiou oi the Constitution. Hs bos i
right to a--nun* that all ?Uite satb ritj resting o>
tin popular will -.-.iii MUtain itself. 1 'he -ii.irl woult
be cut v. iy fiutekly after such ndecisioii. PsekanPi
fjlovernmenl wonld vsnish with next tnorning'i
dew. The solution, wonhl be Instant and effectual
but il ????' lid ii toll as the gafarlo State Oovernmeui
a usurpation having no .estii;.* of legal i ight.
Thirdly: Beutle? the policy ?>1 good sense and tin
policy of Inviting force by non-intervention, there ?;
?tnoiJit r \?, hieb might b ? csllc-rt tl?- policy "i u
titrn. Iniiiii m.-.- might he brought to be ?r to httluci
?i portion of i':.* Packard LctjUlature to go overt?
Niciiolls, so as to give bis Legwtatnroaii unqnoiv
tinned tin..rum. Then la t.u exercise of i: ? i,
doubted power the 1.?tgialotiire ooohl und., the v.i.il,
of thePackanl botly ami eonttrm Niohalls in bit
. ?aims. I in ? pi.m savor o? bargainiug too much tc
be relia!sed hj high-minded men. ii it should '?>
purnued, bow? v. r. ill? tin 11 i ??? ?Trail?! n.-ii'..-, I,.
s'il'."-sied m,r approved by ths Administration?
Onlj with Ihe r. sail would M hnve t?> deoL
Tin- frwndsof the new rteathern policy ho* thai
.of these three oountes moa* he ad pled io-i
teuse th* Adminietrati tn froua Ite present uutenabl?
??au.?ti.m. Hatten cannot go on as they ere, be? i i-.
im* 11 o,, |, -, t nu,ni ?n- u?,-.i nui, ii longer lhau t ! i? end
,,i tin- naval year t?> uphold Packard, it the Preeidenl
wished to so-employ them, Oa Uml isaus i lie I >???!?
oernta coa hold together, and theii leaden Wonhl
like nothing better tiian lu the itopublic-m? to make
tii?' fititif. It tin? l.ottis;;iii;i question hi settled i. i ;.
tin- n. it Rouse .n.?-t?, i? Is o*, lloved thai the Beiinlt
Kennsean orgnuis? theHonaai hol if toa oll nulii-y
nt i,n.. in tin Bouth )? ten.???ed they wonld "t
have iiie sm.ilie,.t chanos, it i? argued, of gsttui|
cunt roi u, il.
Au < no neons hum ss to th.? shereotec ol ths Preai*
dent's nOutbcm i?<>!it*y si-?* as already Io be preva?
lent, SSpM tall., amolle ? lain,* clac.? ol lath? -d Bo?
pohlhsns l'n-ideiit Hayan, it may no .inthoti
Ucc 1'inu Pag?.
IMPORTANT RTATrME.YT BY ?.KN. lli\ti!i:n'? PBT!4?
? ii'At. si'i-itKi AitY?hi: um I.AK?-? i hat r.iMSiA
IX)M??)t?. Wednet-tlav. March 7, 1877.
A !?rn"oial ?lir-pitti-Ii from II? rlin to The Pall
MttBOamtaaatfti "(ien. Innatn-n* Himu-rimut tils stay
iipr? im?, in Bsavsrsattso ottt ?iipioinatiat!?, boM out
atrosgsopsaat spaoeasMssatasViBBfSssI inttinifcd th?
wultasjaeaa of Ru-sla to distinn aa soon a.? a r?iei?na of
escape lift? BOSS found nut of the pBSBSUl dil'-mtn?.
in? BSOssipsI assessOry, Mnsa Taes^sasaT, ha? m privst?
cenvcrHiiiii.ii ?tnicil war to lie la. viiai.le, and that the
oltjcetof 111? chief's mission is tu eh; un for llHSMa au?
thority Irosa the Powers t<> uil'-i vi.iic in Tin!:.-y. " Itiis
slii," SOTS Prince Trert'-li-tT, "la ?.till SSntnBBOBg her
preparations tat wr-.r." The tli-.ucr o? war will bs
i ii-ciniiMTllieil Hti'l looil|z?d. Part? hive 8880 allotted
to the States stirrotiti.liuif T.:rk-\v who are BS Join ih the
t!,?!:' a ? the :i IP's of l'assla.
The PllaCS ?s reporte1 to h.'.vc ttflSStl BBSS the BBsapsool
of a tcrtn of gross to be granted Is the 1'i.rtc is whollr
Inadiiii8.-li.le. T'ie position of MSB CaOtataOBS in Turkey
la teO prccarioua fur BflBSlO to trust th-iii to BBS mercy
of the Forte, even for a ihtirt Iliac. There 1? a gradual
din oititi.ni in prsnajssi in T?rkei-, Isat Bpssssessasl wait
for that. I'.?.?-.- vvltli aaSVOl OBS iulcii.l.-.l tos..tl?>fy
Au?,ri.i. TSOgtSVOI in Turkey BSftlU SB88)SOW BSSataaal
pi-ivil.-g. s, Ba no revoluti >n in the BiasntSBtBBB of the
M.iie, leu they ii.ii?i Hti'l will not BS ?I- ii led i? f-'irity for
their \vtvi | .in.! families. Th.- Pi Otee Bald : " It 1? luipos
?iiiie to BBderstsad the aBspietss assBsrtatasd in KukIaikI.
B ?.-?.i h its h!i ui.i'.iic I is>r nu - u h.i uf sarrslsg sa too
??ir iu Asia. She has mafic ?.ore ..f tlic -uj.??? -i t of QfOBSO
.nid llotunaiila; 0lSS68 vv dl u.-?tst bj eigaOJaOBS] freab
iiiHiirrce.tt.iiia, and Itoutuaiitai? bjuud to take \, irt openly
with Rus-ia."
Tlie Journal dr. S!. Prtertburg, aJlBSBOg to the reports
lu the foreign BtSBB collect iilu?r RaSBBS's pulley, p.iiii.u
larly flic ruiner that BSHBBS, reaieinheriiiii the failure tt
the l'un?. 11 no-, will d.-uvv back, ?tiya: "Such a course 1?
Imposslbl .?1- iir- c. lifi-r.-iicc was not aaalotsao af too
Kasten queatton. The Powers t.iii.s enitearor to obtain
tl -? .- 1 ii:;i,:e, ? tur the ..In li. r:.I!.iii ui the . .million of
ih. ?'?in-.ti.ui suBjeeuof the l'on.-, mi th,- Bsors ?t- af
Which tll.y .-(?.-?eeil. til. -li- views null' .111. ?.lia I'-'.-i.r.llilK
ike inoatis of oMnium. t! m- The tli-i oujeol ol Russia
Is to preV'elil the COIilitlU.line 11.' tile pn-cut Utlde? Mill
p.?lut. ni .situation, ?nut tin-is hnperatlvoty Beesasory?1*
The Qotat .?ill? the altctiiioti of IOS l'.U'le IS tlie futuia
l,fill Of llll?lllll ill ill V Cut').-, BBS] ?H.lilts ll'.lt lllilt il.tllnlieh
it.? 1 -noi.; fansrsl mobilization it is ?till aa laaoasrtaol
r.MiiAM? oWDssTP th Tin: roMPiioMlSK.
Tin- EngUsb pr. sa is nearly aa tnlassas in dteseaBjovol
o' the projet t vvl?cti i? li 'licv-'.l to b.: the BBSBI uf ??cu.
l?'i,'.i!i.ii ? !iii--?on. The prsrstOOg sent uncut Bl that it
vvuiiii. be uawi.-e to B?arebass lbs tsesssMuooatoosf tass
Baesiao array by a practical ?turreu-P r of toa Treaty of
Psrla snd toe eeneesBtcn ts Raasia of a future rlgM to
.-?;?".!.-ll ?t protectorate over T,|l..e_v '? l'oropBBS BSVStO*
eea, Bros if Torksy were able 10 work out aattstnsSsry
raforaas, B?sala, <>r Basassu aseti t?*---, sstilil sol gres bar
BC i.ppo.'-.unt) todo no.
lient, i'h teli ^".?,111 fi-T.ni Cnn?t:ititi"o|>l ? -ii- that in tho
(Beset ti.e tteps o?aea tota Ines ins E-orte loflasdrfy tiej
attitude which it assumed ?it UbbCoosi reai a Iks Ottossso
lioviii'iniient iliuily iiiai.it.iln-. it.? ?!> !? iiiihi ifi..n tu BBSBO
no ca., ??Inn which will directly or i;:'.r-etly Interfere
vnth its uttcfrtry o- badepi a '..n,- *, ant Barry1 sot of Mb
Bws'seeortJ laroer reforaas tar*aoajbast! tks eutji.ro than
i'?> powm .1.1:1 o-..ill far arrtsla previne .??. it is
antboritattvely BaVtol that tb" Porta mW ootasaraaB.
'.lu?a war r. tii.'i' itiati aatnast Is ?'.'i Indofluite psssasaaa?
tlOU "f th?.' prca? '.il st- - ;mii -i?.
LosnMW, Thin-i'li y, March P, 1S77.
The Ttnuvfi BetUo illepatnb says tM a. lasatttefjf l? ?ent
loe llect replies to tos bomsuoi circular, SttksorO thai
ability pacific attsalen Is ascowpitni t br?te n appear
: nee ..I ? 'llleiMM BCtiClBS ?? til" 11 I ?> i I I ,i .lilll.d?, Ill.re i?
1... i!.,,..,: lii?t lin-i>iisp.'i-ts of 1? 1 ? .. ? .'ill ?irru?!;.;. .. nl
ire its? ally in- reastag?
Th? ?inntaroTt Parla eonespond! al **)* be lo us-u .1
Hint "i'i:-!v,-v pas t- ? 1 wartasi ? . ii'.-ii .1 dsclsrtnf tant
Uttfldii bas boon lB4llrectIy aurtttg s iraiptlB ' Torki-y-,
..nd is now Iflfttanttosj m nur.. t?"ii In P?enla, Uso.
I. "...i.?. ..', wine at ll.ilili, lee. iv'-'d no 880*0880*000808
fiiian rum?' Uisanareb Bags to ??ir.
Tht'HUtnAartTt IV th araBsasI says teal Russia Is in
*! i-.-iiii! : .0 Oettinja against pes?e. TUe Prince ef atento?
Dcajrs baa written to Prince Milan ao<~nsiBg atas ??f
-,' ?! ?tins tin ei.iivciitiou with HMteaegre bj mnMstat o
ii pesco,
I;f-SIA\ P.'l li'Y I ! ' IN'FD.
Vii.-.sv, vv. .in Klar, Marefc 7,1??77.
- 1'i'itirrl CoflltpOUdtnm o? this city BSttOaSkeO 0
....-!. ?'??te. -'.in.-1 stating t.'.' toe Cbsseefler ef
..i ? i: ?.; in-. Prisse Oortsch-.1;.!', h..< ir. trm-i.-.l Casvst
-. ? .-i-, ilojf, r-ii Basetan BTInlster to (??-.i*. Brtaatn, to
i [trttuib ?i-.i.iii. t to reply to tbe R asenta rirrulor
i ? ,i i of January hast Oasutl BeaouraloC ta sJaaOl?
, ' i, :? inatrueted to espials Ba ?.'. rtews as Bat
low? ; Either of tketoweia, sad .-:>> ??ill- liii/iaud, is
... u ,i ?: 'iio ir'-.ttvof 1*?.'0 Bl bt?i !'? .r, notwdth nOBf?
il l,| tue Pome's ...leciinn o? tlie i!. ei.i in? uf tint coiilci
ii'.., r Bassin will re-fir-i th?- l'uitc'? rsapsO?orlrsd
from tbe treaty at ansnOe?. in the ti.st ossa Bansta
? :,ilu til ! the POWBTS BMBst SSSiBSSntte to bl llitf BOSSBl tb I
i'>>ii ?'.''.in;.'et.-acceptassesftosrseetsatsasIstteertgt?
ii ' f ? i!? !n which tbejr were ado| tad at the preliminary
;. .,' i. ?m - ai ?'. ii-tatitiiLiple, .ni?! llnis every means bs
:.il ri,il BasSaS BJ BVSadlOg warlike c.iuplic.itioti?. If,
f -??? '.?v ? r, the Bi^'iiitaiy Powers still lOtaotO Inactive,
P?llala will coastdnr that they r. ii.ini.ee tasOStlOg upon
*.:?? ,.! Ug tiesa >>f Turkey and ?lino TSCfetsk rlK'tita. llo ?:;i
v. ill a. .".iiilliii?ly declare the treaty of Paris null and
?old aa Hei tiiix herself, au.t rsaervc is aersetf the rJgkl
nt iii.tep.'-.iiii ni iieti.iu. Similar nisli ilctioii-, have I,.. n
. .it i , IBS Ku.vsi.iii BaaaOeaaiOSrs BS Vicuna, Berlin,
Par: -, .iii.l Koine.
Loal os, Mai? ii 7.?The \v?-aili?*r at 1:110 this
often.i araaeobL ?"now asdBssBBfSliaBgBkBaBnsaa.
tfOMB, Miin-li 7'?A DOtsSsStorv f?.r tin* uuiui
?i i '....i f new Cuitiiiiiils BSSl li'Si.. \t- .- O '.?? bc-l.l on ISO
l?JtB In ..
Lo ?t.'N, Man-li 7.?'Tlie Finanritr BOJI it was
nun id >? ?i-nliiy tii.it ;t larav |io tnttasl ?BOIOfatBgBf
rutinera ?rere In diBleulUes. The UaMHUessf tbe tlrm
un s 'i'i '?? ?c ??u ."??i!),o??o.
I!.t8..r ?x, N. :'-., ^lart-h 7.?Tb*) Chamber ?if
t o.iiui ne i?i-<l.iv ?id'ipic.t ?? pelt un lu th.- I)..in::.ton
.,'...!.?, ?i praylag ii'.it th. subasBj be ssesBOassi to
i in-let ?nu,..il) t,.. .nu r.-. fioii. K;i. i.in.i In tin? port, sn.l
poiiitiii? .?ut tlie nicniiviiii ne ?iinii wi.ulii nsult :.)
ih?- i v.ei -, ii i\ n.e ? il t - - ?i ppert calling here,
BS '"''Il us I ?hi lusa ill trail. Ultli tile West, lutlits?.
San F?aN4.'IS4'o, Cal., March 7.?J. T. H? ?uls,
Bsen-tory ?t the ? iii'muia kaOek sonfsossga? bai?* ?iti
?edii.le'l, t tkniK the t'.Miks and papsrs of the Hx.li itiif?
and st.? Kl IStaS v.due of ?fl7.is>;l, vvlileb were (le|?OMt<'l
i.j hi. -i.i ? ra as seenrity for t-onns > fT*? <-;--.i trsai tin- ran?! ?
uf i In- 1 . ,. ingt?, Collusion of sum. ..in, r oflic? rs ol tb?
bu.iru i? saspeeted.
ST. LODIS, .'vl.il?'h 7.? I'll ? i. ilKlilS lll.uic B-SJga.
tei.iav .i > .e ...?iit.it ?asasals loi srisstsfJssagaBSSal
ill IBS ?? :..'1IH- ?111(1 elialtef e.l??-. li.el .li-u BBTSBSSV tli.'l,
v.eie ?: i.liptly ilciiieit t. I . . I ?. ii Is BSaSSSStO, v?ill
end I ... B ..?i ??? , .- '.?.inte iv fur m-v? i.il
mnulha pom ,."i?,.ii tlie muth? Uua ihiii?-s, and lim
. . ,.,< .'i . .. .ri. i- v.u. .^ ? , .....i |o vu in l u aOBMS
v;t , i i.it.iei ofiposltlwn,
? Uni. N. \.. Moreh 7. Ar"-r a loMSMN
.', ,i !' ? MVH! <???.' ????'..We ... ... ,.v. i tu ,ii, ?, juin . ,1
>. , ? i < < v er auvl T?rsala? > < ?un. p. m.- ... W ?.' aouttt
ll.ltui .;ill.?u.
Nk -< > 11 ?*.-, Miin'n 7.?A eontraet whs ?????..l
n... P. T. Itciuiii-..-?.! . aiei Inl.ai liailt v?u' ?
1 lal. i .,it,,, i ,nu U) Pi o ..littillng and ioBili.it,
' "I i. ?iiiiiui.tli .liawiiiK?.
! IIJtlH C..I.I, M.iili 7, I'.il:.. oii.li H.-H-?, l.u
?- - "i i:.- vi. m . ..i u, ir lil?i 11 ?m ar
? , i ....| it. i i.-ai i,' ' t . < ."iiHauiutau Ha-f.
r> i ,'..'.' ? .. i lisa from l,i? l.jio,. a.
I'.-.v i Hah , ! i., Morofa 7. D. \. Wssssroos lot
ll..,U>. . V ...:v? !.. . ., val.llli; UM Bl! >?!.. ...H ..I ?llttl ? ?! (
i ><?.... ??? . tin? .1? U BS .'.? III?? He . ..?
?"?i" ..? .....i ?.i, i Hili klUcO im ko VM aataMla>a too CSuit?
tl.l...- -,
SI-I...N-.1 !:?.,.!., ; !.. Match 7.--TL. ..???? ,?-,-?i..ot
-l":"- I. 'I ??.'?-. ' ' n i ????! Ai!... I KlBlU?, CktrtV-St IMS
I'k'H. II'U .- 11.?:, HI tile?, t..iri-.?1 wUil tliM.t.vv.1?
?hint...' .ut:,, i! u ,1 ?.',,,? Hi?l|.tt 4-,nui iu?j\ uiitlri ?
IM...?- | ...... . I?..? i.Ui.ll.i ?| ?.. ,;i ,1K.) ij. MtSS lat?
Cill. .??.u, ViU.eli 7. i in ?,.iiri h annual iw-?i?ii.ii ..f
ll.e Niitl.i'.i.il lluliel ai.it l.?g .\?. u iatl.il. l..-??ll ?trte BS-tSJ/?
C. y !?? ?t.-., m. la hait ut It.. i .i,i. l"iu,lii.?Kltli?iiSt. ua.
I l.v..i?tl tl?- ?<?;< i.i.ilug a.lilr??-, t>. .'b.i.i I ice Pi.atiwtlil I' li.
M l.l !. i S ?a 'i.l.. rean.ni.l?-! li. ilu; ?til?r.ittwi P*f?*?.?i.'ut
j ?JiiOv.ti aVaVSSSS Uie ji.i.u?. a....?? ??

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