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????XXXVI.!??? 11,224.
utile oouaqoMmm,
Washington. Mar? h 10.?The probability o:
?itra session of Congress will awaken renew?
Vre>t in the question of tho organization of
House of Ki |T'mntativos. Many reports are n
*> to the purpose on tue part of Clerk Adams
Disking UP t'1" r,,u as to f,or"rc f?r T "? Deantn
lar^r majority than they are fairly entitled to.
?iete?M p. statements as to this fact, Mr. Ad
?jjd this evening:
" 1 have not hail any dispo.sit ion to make a i
t?Tvahout ?ie organization of the new Hooae, I
?m'frequently 'iinuv il at the various NfOthj I
what I have s.iid M the subject. The truth is I 1
never pretended at any timo to make t<> any Q
statement of what the majority would be. 1 1
no roll male up whieb I am biding away in soin
fret piare ni r?rfuatng to show to people. C
t',.- nine I have not had in my possession oftici
thef.K ts neMBpsry i'"r niakinii up the roll. S
time ago Bdward lleFkMMM and I sat down am
f IMsHj ?renl , .< r iho distlicts. We agreed air
bhntetl stated afi.Tward m public that thel?.
?rats could not h?T< ? majority of less than :;, c
if the licpuhlh an? got all the districts about \vl
there was any question. This WM a BON ta
chai:?" of individual opinion at a time when tl
were nearly SO certif?calos yet to COUM in. It
?MM np?-]! fa' hi which any one familiar with
j, ? alt of the (lection could have obtained as wel
we. Since .hat time I have s, en DOthing to cha
|M judgment then arrived at. Some of tho eer
estos are not in yet. A few aie m the courts in I
g:tti'>n, and it is not settled which candidat?
1MB cases hM the prima facie evidence to
? tille him to be put upon the roll. In l'lor
1 ana, and South Carolina there are dual carl
< [n these laai caeca I hare not ?Ten eon
fred the fiuhject as to what my duty will be.
?as stories abonl my putting name-; on or lent
them oil'the :.>il arbitrarily ara ridiculous.
?avenara clearly defined by law, and when
tliere is ? legal certificate I am compelled to put
?elderof it on the rolL" Mr. Adams aaidfnrt
I ? ? .<? i ;. irta t!iat he is party to a oombinatioi
make Mr. Foatct speaker ami hlmarlf (1
tro equally untrue and abeaxd. Ha \
not willing to sav what he belie
t!ie !' majority will be in c
aDtbeunsettled eaaea,where certificates have
been issued, should be decided in favor of the c
tkhUeeof that party. Neither was be willing
lay what his action would be in reference to i
South Carolina and Louiaiana certificates if tbe c<
; tea should be settled byexecuti
ietion preTioua to the meeting of Congreaa. ?
Adams appeared to be quite confident thai i
l> ? ta would organize tbe next House, and 1
m v:< ws to \> - as to the chan< e of the ai ?>?.?
eai didatec foi the Speak? rahip,
It may be remarked on the aubj et of the
ganization that tbe opinion in influential Repnblii
eiltles is, that it will uol be a matter ol any imp?
ame whether tho nominal D?mocratie majoi
opon the roll is three or a do/en. If any break
that majority occura, it is believed thai it a
1" sufficiently formidable to embrace votea enon
to hold the balance of power between the i
partie--, and to cffei t the organization should il co
bine ? ith the Kepu i>< ins.
i . 'i tSB to the rm -!!?: \r :
DOTH 1 ' :' l ??I '111 M>W OONI IDE.NT.
f i: Y II 1.1. ; :; All? I > Tilt: TI.IHINK..I
Washington, March 1!?.?A delegatb n renreaei
i ? ? e Chamberlain Uuvcrnment in South Caroli
called upon the President to-day and talked to bl
foi ail i Our and a half. It a as composed of Senat
l'.itii r- n, Senat.'] el ct ('? rbin, Collecter Wort hin
ton, Mayor Cunningham, and Sheriff Boweu
i rlcal a, Gen. Wiuamith, CoL Lowe, and .V
Waterman. I he principal spokeaman wa Collect
Worthingt on, who argued thai Gov. Chamberla
waa legally ehieted, and insisted that I
recognition by tbe President is eaaenti
to ; d exiatence of the Republic!
i ;:. in the South. The speech-making was fi
queutly interrupted by tbe President to ask qui
liona as to the facts concerning the Legislature at
Judicial proceodinvs growing out of the contet
ion the delegation filed a v. ritt?
? tement containing the history of t!ie question
detail from a Repnblii an poinl of view. Tbe Pro
dent appeared greatly iutereeted in tbe subject, bi
gave the delegation no aasurapce of what bis conn
wonld he. At the ckwe of the interview he aai
that he would give the matter a full inreatigutio]
(in this slighl enconragemcut the delegation can
away with glowing anticipations of tho apead
i i lition of Got. Chamberlain.
i . Hampton party) represented principally b
Gen. M. ('. butler, Judge Mai key, and ex-Chn
I ;, who watch every movement of theiroppi
aenti : ai that the only action the Preai
i will take will be to order tbe iroopetoceas
gn..:'' i I State House and withdraw totbei
barracks. They in it that if this waa done a aolo
Non od the whole imbroglio will be reached b;
j pens?e. Qot. Chamberlain's friends sa;
I protection ol tbe military should here
i ad be will continue to occupy tbe Eiecutivi
eeaee until ejected by force. No idea appeari tob
Mtertained by them, however, that ha can maintaii
hhneelf. lie has not taken any atcpe to organisai
I tod.fend his claims to the office and enforce
bis Minority. H's whole reliance is apon tin
X Atonal GoTernment. The Chamberlain delegatioi
dal not in?o. ? ; .<? President that they appr?hende?
?i ha troops oaaaed to interfere in tin
siUirs of tie State; but the evil consequences whiel
dwelt uik>ii ?,t lelliill, ?. |i' :i!l ???>!?.]n im il HI tilt
-??on and speedy extinction of the i.v.
P ' h party. They aeeuredtbe President thai
n"t a ahurie precinct or county convention eonkl
Maaft, i he i>. : : in Booth Carolina if 11. tnpton a/at
? "? /-I as Gorernor. They Mire at agr?ai ?bal
01 I' im ? re the President thai it was all a
' pie with th m and not of office, a
eJateejeat that ipp ? s rather absurd in riew of the
: that a majority ol tbe delegation aie office
re, and of the further fact that tinte aie
f ly a aoore of nroaainent white Republicana in
tbe Btata who art not holding Federal or State
??eat, or in &ome way getting a living out of poli?
Batll the eonteodbM partsM are unfortunate in the
etataaaatatiTea who are sent to plend their eanaes
Ixf.iru the Tresident. Several of Gov. Chamher
hwi'? aaYportera belang to the class who brought
odiuni gaoa i)),. Bepsiblienn party m South Carolina
1 ti ' ir partieipation m aecjaoMMoee in the whose
*?'?? I'hui'jeniig which followe I reconstiuciioii. Ol
y**; HamatanrnaJ?V bjOaa. M.c. Rathar, wboeom
ttand< i the white inoh whi<h pafpetratod the
?toi'ious Hamhurg?Maaaere laai Boaaaner. There is
'isoex-Oov. >i ,,tt. a eaipethai.'gi r whoaa adminis
trution wa? dn-taiguishtMl only lor taw coemption
?aatl Mfiadli4 all branches o? the Btoto Govern.
m -nt.
'I b banevad that the South Carolina question
*dl be tdken uji in Cabinet aaaasbag ta ananaaj or
iriday. Tbi ditliciilty in the .\a.v of obtaining a
? ' aj Si;,;,'j,idi< lal authority lies ? the fact
?biit the Baaanaae Court is evenly divided. The
tbiff Jubilee ?sde;,(l,l.iii.l one of the Associate, Jus
j'** ,h ,('i Haiiipton and th<* other for Cham bei lain.
? ant two Ixvislatores could be induced to unite,
??* VaMajaj on tbe beueb could be filled anda
*>Wml established which would be recognized by
?ash partios a? competent to decide tbe quarreL
Tbk method of settlement inny yet l>e fnun?l feasi?
ble. It would nlievt Mm PNaJdaal of Um atteagajty
of deckling whether Chamberlain irrHlftlTl il
DSCORFISMBD aitointmknts.
[by tbramhupb to mmmi
Washington, Itaieh 19.?Tha failure of the
Senate to confirm sereral appoiataseata atada by the
l'r- sitl-nt doiiag the sp<-euil setsio-i, docs not BOOBS*
aufly ]>r< vent Um aaraoaa raoaivmgtboaa appoint
incuts from aaaaauaf the dattes of tho ofaoea for
whieb they won aaaigaated, provided tha ProaMeaf
daataca tbeaa to do ^<>. The teaare of oflka aet
paaeed la 1*'>7 provides that, " Dattagany noeaaof
tbaSeaatetba President u aatboriaad in lnsdis
crciion toaaapaad any civil offieer appoiated by and
with tha adriea and eooaaatof the Boaate, exeept
Jadgaaof Umeoortaof tha (Jolted Btataa. aatil tha
end of the. aext aeaaioB of the Senate and to
deeigaata some aaitable person subject to be
removed in his discretion by the deaigaatioa of
another to perform the duties of aaeh suspended
otticer m the mean time. The l'r-?ideal shall,
within :t0 days after tho commencement of each
session of the Senate, except for anv office which, in
his opinion, ought not to ho tilled, nominate persons
to till all vacan-m s in ottos which exist at the meet?
ing of the Boaate, whether temporarily Oiled or not.
and also la the placa of all offleatB aaopeadad ; and
iftbeSenate, daring such session, shall refuse to
advise and consent to an appointment in the place of
aayeaapeaded ofBeer, then, and not otherwise, the
1'ivsidt nt shall nominate another peiBOO as HOB
as practicable t<i the same session of the
Beaate for the office." All poataiaatorB, Daitod
Btatee nmrshals, and other bonded asneen are held
-:Mc for all United States property ill
their poaaeaaioB aodfor ihe proper diacharge of the
dun s of their office until tin ir BBCOeaaori are qnali?
fled. In the cases in whieh the Senate failed to acl
ui?>n tbe nominations at its Into aeaaioB the old offl?
eera coBtluae to perform their duties just as tboagfa
their terms had not expired and tho President had
nominated no persona in their places, it is there?
fore in his power, ander the Toaaro of Office act,
to make new appnintnu tits in his discretion,
and, as the Senate refused to confirm no
one, be may appoint the same persons wboae
ii:.:n( a he sent tot lie Senate and wliieli were laid
aside without actioB. The most Important oftheaa
eaaea were those of Mr. Pott?, nominated to i>e Poat
master at Petersburg, Va* and Mr. Waldron to be
I'nitod Statea llarahal for the Western Dtatriet of
Tennessee. Both of tiieso nominations went over on
aeoonal td an objection by a Senator, whieh was
nndonbtedly made because the candidates were
Dem?crata. Tbia does not, however, prevent the
President from immediately appointing sud com?
missioning them, and if he does sotbeymaj ax r
cise the duties of the offices until tbe close of the
next session of the Senate, or aatil their aacccaaors
are qualified.
MB. M vlt'II Mi's ni.w DCTIR8?OOrjTBBBB P08T
raor.'hkSQs row.
loetntBAt PBBsa Disparen.]
Washington, March 19.?Find Assistant
Postmsster-Genersl Tyner was to bave taken chant ?1
din nfttoe ;<. day, bat his commU iloii did not arrive at ? i?? -
ii. artmenl until late tail afternoon, and be deferred tbe
assumption of bis new duties until to-morrow. Mr. J. WT,
Marshall.the pit-sent tneumhentof tbat office, bs
? 't odi m ol tbe rail? ??;? mall m n ice,
with beadqnartera hi Washtngti i. Tiiedntl i of that
i will lie macb mor* consenlal to Mr. Marshall,
sad the compensation considerably larger. Bis salary
sa First AssistantPostmaster-General ??s ?3,500,
::<- a snpertntendent of tbe ratln ay inall service bli laLiry
Ik 82,300, with $5 per diem, wblcb makes bli total eoi :
penaation 84,325. The appointment of Mr. y,
<!i m not afloat Mr. Y.ul, superintendent <>f t te railway
sen Ice, since t lie law provides for two sapi rluteu lents,
although for some months past there bas been onl) one,
I' tmaster-Oem ml Key, In,reply to a letter of Senator
Merrlnioo, asking for Information In relation to tbi dis?
tribution of patronage in tbo South, saj -:
I w)U endeavor to exnlaln Ibe situation s s eli rlyand
brlcflj When a vacancy exist In auy ofnVe
connecte?! ? ol? i is department In tin I out! ?-. a States,
lut ferenci ?111 l>e glveu :?? h Repuldlcan. ?II otlier thin.?
beiu ei|ual. Rut should It he i.?.-..- i:.', to find a Re
puhlican who will be satlsfaciorj lo a large majority of
lb?; ]>eople whose busiuesa ..? dire;;tly affech - rtbi ip
pulntmrnt, or in ea.f acontes! for the oolite, then I
shall not liesltate to nt< \< aside and id ?? t h p n in ? 1.1,
m myJudgment, will t-'i\" satisfaction to tbe l>usine?a
;-i tin ooinmutilty. While I ?hail always he
glad ii ? .-- ii Hdvice of S>>nators and Represent?
I touching inattei.- ol thl? I ind, yet 1
shall not consider uiysel as In sut way hound to act upon
ii '.I. esln i? todo the greatest i:.I to the grcutcsl
nuiul>?r, and to this end I ?liaiI always he glad to have
youi co??perat on. I \> rj aiuch rrgrel tbat l d d not sw
you, ind shall be gl id to do so at any tisse.
T ins after.n i rederick Dongl iss qualified a* Dnlted
-? i Marshal for the District of Columbia, ind t.
si rgeofthe office. A large Bomber of applicants for
office ander tha aew marshal were in at tem?anos before
be qualified; bat Mr. DonglaM promptly latimated thai
be was not lu favor of removing any good neu (nun their
present postil?os, ami woold soake no changes wltboot
careful const teratlo?. The raeaaey aaaead by the matf>
nation of Col. Phillips, who for 28 years baa been ehlej
deputy marshal, va.- to-day AUed by the appointment ol
!.. p. Williams, who lot away roars bas bean assistant
clerk of tbe Supreme Conn of tbe District. Thti ><!< etwa
is irencrally refpudod with very great approbation by
tbe bar aad the pabUe at large, aad by it Mr. Douglass
bai dtaanaed the principal if not the only obtectlon
un i saalnst but aiipotntnteut, namely, that the host
uess duties of the office were n?>t likely to be performed
salisfuctorily under Ins man.nene nt. Ex-Marshal
Sharp, aii'i turnio? over hi^ office lo Mr. D?nala**,
. d ai major and paTniastcr in tbe United States
Army, and \. ?i to-morrow enter upon bis duties as depot
put master iu tin-. < Ity,
Tin- report thai Pr if. L?ngsten I? to be appointed Com
ml loner of Agriculture bias called forth cousidcralde
opiHisition. Farmers In various parts ol ttieoouutrj at*
sending In protests. Senator Morton said to-day hi tli i
not thai!? Prof. L?ngsten woahl receive the appoiui
IIH lit.
Beeietary Sherman said t'> lay he should make no
otllclal i li.iii-t s lu ins department until after the l it of
next month. A number ol commissions In Ibe customs
?111-1 Internal revenue departments expire ioon. Iu
0111ns ?ho vacancies tbus caused careful inqnin \. ill in
iii.i<i' lulo tl"- cbaractoi aud ability ut all ia,..u.l.ii. .
Wasiiim.ios. Monday, Mana m, j?-77.
Tha following Maternent, showing the ex?
port of the principa] articles ol Britisk and Dish produce
asid manntactnres from tbe tinted Klngdoss lo tac
Dnlted States during the two months ended Fob, 28,
1877, eompared with the eorreapondlng period el isTti,
iia.i been faraJabi >i by tbe < aJnf of the iiuieuu of statis
ti*s :
J.in. and Feb. Jan.SBd Peb.
C s modttUi. i*-t<?. 1^77.
Alkali.ewi. 1:?.',7'.r> 1 ;......17
Apparel aud slops, g. 8.818 a.lio
Beeraudsle, M. 23,31t 14.0S0
Cotiper, wrought, ewl. ,_ ..'"!? mmM i'-s
Cotton piac? s.Is. ysms. 17,47,.ton 12 !X>'j,:?ik?
Kartlien and chlaa ware, ?. ks.^77 7i a-7
Uaberdssfacrr,t. 2,,3i}'.' f'~" '
Uai I war? sndeutiery.g. /?.M<>1 *'???-? ??*
Iron Pig, toas . ?''":* <??.:;
Bar, A- , taws. * j -J.ii
lisilMian, nlUlii'ls. ums. M 4<;o
II. ..|.h. itii-.-ld. aii.lhiiller|>'te*. t iih. .U.I i'.-<
Tin Bis:??. Kli? . l.i.i'l 14,.'>77
t it or wrought, tons. .sir ffil
OM, forremsnutartore, tons . I.??01 UM
hi. i-i mtwronght, tons. I.'-1'- ?08
ijM?. W?.'.Pdled, sheet, ???., toas. -"i 1 ??
I.?I..H. in..-.-jf.K?oa. yaul?. 28,60.1,800 20.076.MI0
Maehue .v. f . <',.--} J',",i';'7
fui ? i vri iIiuk '.r iiriiiliii?, ?. 1,821 1 .??????
r?,?i- nltiir kln.lt. ? . .i-e52 ,V4I*
Hall, m 1. ...,tl whit?, ?'.. a4.H0a 26.279
bllkt.ni.l siitiu, ortiailstuffs, ? . B,8<1? 11H,?
iiit.h.ii?. s. .1 '?"??' , -,':1,J
oiiiei srttelss <.f silk only. ?. H.iuj 11.&J7
Aiui-w of ?ilk, sud othrr lost, r??
as y . Bag? 6,71s
ai?. *.*.
S|, rua, g . '??''' *''1'
Kmiit.?.ry. ana othor paisir, ?. ?'-J* ??.,,k..(1
Ti?. miwfouKi.t. * . ,l,!''r'; ,','-',;!'
W....I, sIiim.|. ao'l laiiiK B. .l3-*t? ' ; '..'
??loins, eoating. ?t?.. ?. ??????*f .,'?,;?'';
Won.U-1 stufla. sU woo), ?. *}>? ?>?* *.'?";?
Woolesrpetsa?-.. ?. 6C.8..8 ?8.4H.1
Fiediniik Doiitrl.iss, th? new Unit? ?1 Stat??
Martini for the DlKtrict of t'oliliiilu.'i, tiled hit bond,
sjgaoi bj?<bjaBasbaa ?stoamaoraasl Qoaraa iiin.jr., this
nioruiug. t?M?k the oath of otllce, aud ussuiued the dune?
Of bis positlou. He has appointed L- k". Wajiaui?, for
le my years easpsoyad hi tbe asnea af the Ctarb o
Court, ?a ins deputy. Tiie ?election seem? to i?- ragi
generally as an exceedinglygaad ane with ajeawi
the bar and others n ho nave hid business nttlu-c
olli. e. Mr. Widiiiiis, by Ich pohtaaBSS and the efli
perlai aiaaee of ble duties-, Me because a gsm ml f.?v
He sei ved In the ami?' ihiriiu: tlm late war a- a me
of an [adiaaa reghaant and settled latkeDtstr
1 S?5, s,n"c \, nil III i ? hi' be* emit in ual'\' n ?Idl ?!
inn- of the flrsi nets of the new Marshal on taking p?
afoa of bis ?floe w i to m intre if tin bailiffs ?ere n
iinints. On h ma reformed that tbeywei ?.)?>? re
tina the) should be, ?ad reqoeeted ins deputy ta
iuio the matter this afUiraooe.
arm oomraucr aoadtst oohaht.
Assistant Secretary Cotlfint, refilling (<>
antragaaw accusations against hin;, which have
print? d within the Inst day or tWOt siniplv sais tir?
are perjariast far which he lateada to hoM the aul
respooathlela the court? of the district. Mr. ("on
coime lion with the bond IntorOSl o|ierations wi
made to tbe Secretary to-morrow, although its eh.
1er baa net bean tlseioeed, It la believed that it cut
azeoerateathe assistant Ikumtary and all other pt
nent < aidais in the Treasury Pepattasant There m
lo M no knSgBf anv doubt that the whole niovetiie
tbe resulto! a rouspb..( v to eel Mr. <lonanl and i
rouble officers out of the Treasury l> p untan -ut, ai
now sceau probable thai it will utterly fail.
Tlie Preatdenl told boom Wisconsin ejeotle?
who aaned apea ahn to4ay in behalf ot Senator B<
who is ;i candidat* fur the vacant place on the Supi
Court Bench, thai he should not till thai vaeaiic
present He said that ble tissa la too much eerapte
the noashhu alien of great aatlenal asattare to eu
ahnte give thai thought u> the snhjset wMahwfl
aeeeeaary m the Mleetfoa of a Justice of the gape
dull t and to examine carefully the <|iialilic.il!uns of
reapctllies naadtdatra. one thing he eould say.
thai aras thai the n d knee of tbe sueeeastul eandii
would be an lin|Mirt?nl element la tbe decision. B< at
Howe's friends then suggested that lift e?mes front
same geographical dltbloo with ex-Jastiee Davis.
WASamOTOX, Monday, March 10. 1ST
The Attorney-l?encrai, to whom was referred the i)
tion of ii.o authorltj of the Becrauu f of War to m
< apenditun s en aeeounl ol the etatateuaaee al iM ai
111 the iii'-ciiee of a specific appropriation, has Cnmp'i
his inustiiiit'iiii. He ? III submit hl? report hi the P
id. at to-morrow. Tbe precis* nature of the repul?
DO) be U KM i ' I.. Mi-il, tboogh il IK luullit; lined I It It fl
sinduiu* the vii w taken by tbe ?Secretor/ol War ;
<.. n. Bherman, to ih- < ffei t i: at tin re is ao authority
(hi which thercan expend money for the pej ??:
army, and that there exist* * doubl uto the p..v.ii
expe .1 men for subsistence est epl to a liulted i si
The Post-Office Departasent gives aotteethatap
Basils will be dJspatebed m fallows ? Thar? arl art)
in cadi butanes from Ni w-York, for Jamaica and Ha,
hy the steamer Clarlbel, on the 23d in I.; for Venera
direct, by tbe link .lane Adeline, on the 21st., ami
nel./.ii M '?hall Reynolds ou the 24th lust.; for
Kiibaiua Islande, by tho steamer ?on. Barnes, on
21*1 last
Im the case of Mary '?? Olrcec against ex-fieeator fita
Cameron for breech of promise, In whleb $5o,ooo di
?!,i s are c!:iinii d, the defendant has tue.) hi? plea s ?
. " And BOD eemi s tbe def< no.mi, and I ? |i
i,.e declara lou Bled iu.iii?st hin luth shotee?ilil
Case, Mj? that le- li'Vi-l ptOI n> d .Is slll (-'. .!."
OWK S i\ ?IHK KlI.l.iMi ADMIllili. 1U1 I
PLEA m' si-t.l -I-l! l \s|; is i;;,. in-, le TU? PR
? ?M o's sroRT.
IrnOM \s m . \s|..s \i i'.ii:ui s|., ,m,| st .il' lin. lldlll s
Poi onKEETSiE, N. V., March LO.?lite trial
Stephen Cooper for tue muni, r "f ins s m iras begun
the Circuit Conn in this eity tuts morning, Justice,
sepb F. Barnard presiding. <>n tbe bench also were i
tils', is i as ' and Wlnsns. Tbe del
crime bate alrciidj been publl bed. Alter tbe Jury u
(worn hi, tbe opening address for tbe peopli n
by Dixtrict-Atloru > Wm. B. Woodtn, and al Its close t
court tool a r.!- si until _ p. in.
Aftertl . evcralwltnesseawere sailed who f
nol answer to .heir asmes.
Henrj White testified to knowing tbe prii
ed not more than a quarter of a mile from aim
Dover; tbi Ural be knew ol tbe son b ilng shot was win
ih, prisoner came down the road sad said to him, '
shot thai young fellow up there; go up and see to hfa
and I'm going down to gire myself up;" vrltaeas sal
"Von badal oaghl to have ?hot blm, had yoa 1" pr
"lier replied, " My life is SS sweet as any one's," ai
passed on; wttnraeweat up i?> the s,',it wie re the m
la.\ ; the sin | iid, , Biting his hand o i bll stomach, " \>
now;" v. ii'- said "Maybe not;" the sou agula sai
" V' -, die now;" tbe ?round seemed to be
tin- ?i it groin, ami the blood was rann lu fdowu the pall
tl boydlcd In aboul s half sa boar; before he db
t i father got back ? the boy irai taken into thehom
bj ihe mother ad witness, and tbe boj sskedtoseeb
father ; tbe mother told tbe father, "He i< dying, an
wants to see you;" the father repll d, "Let him dii
I Wish be was dead liov. ;" the Imy badu'l a BOUB
mind, but on common snblccts be knee what h. wi
talking about; ten dfyi before tbe oeeurrenee wltnei
was witii ti.? prl oner, and the son overtook them
afterward the same daywitness beard prisoner say I
ins wife, "it be comes back to tbe house again I wl
shoot him ;" that day the prisoner and bis son had
quarrel) and the young Cooper hit ins father, ?asi-g hi
lip bleed ; wi.-1 re!, ned In a'nil her tone when the tw
had trouble, and the old Bum's cms were blackened b
bu son; beard of the time the son whipped hto grant1
father and was seal to tbe Penitentiary ; aerar knai
of the prisoner fighting; nerer w.,*. sailed agly
tbe day the sou oTcrtook witness and bii fntherth
father toll tin' SOB to go bad erbe Would boot him
"Boot, ebfaald ihe buy, when he and the old ami
clinched, and witness bad to p.ut them; the old mat
mit in witness, " Hi a, gire me a knife ; l will rip him ?'
the boy replied, " Bip, ehP*and be, loo, reached for i
knife; witness had beard tbe boy threaten to ?trikebl
mother knock her down ; law him one day with a caw
m hi*band -two years ago; said be wonlj hammer bit
father; the canewaa bard wood, tour feel h>iir' ; tin
father - emed !?> !?? si ?ay? afraid "f the sou.
The tiisi ru m -s called for tbe deten* was ihe prisoner
Hte.plien Cooper. He testified : Am 02 years of age ; re
. I- at Oorer, and have lite.I there since I was 9 yean
old; this boj was 23 years obi last June; be liwdatiii'
STandf t lier's, a nilb? off: two \?'i> sao bul Bprlna l
win; before HqnlreToiupkim., and romplained against
him for] Ichiugintome with a cam-; the boy was well
built, and strong? r than I ; alter tin- ui;1i before ?be 'us
tice, tin- boy vas uboni to be enmmitted to jail when wit
ne?*agreed Dial if the hoy would tweai bet?re Tompkim
be would ten ..'n i k ep away from me, be would it t bini
go; Iheboj keptawo) n.r ? while after that, tint later on
whipped bis grandfather; some three rears before bs
bad trouble with him while chopping wood In tbe woods
dunm; which ?? Vomit- Hteve " ralw d an .n to bini ami be
htultoU) furliUUfc; witiu>?a nUtU-d otiier ??,-,.< whoa
tie sen had attacked hua; in- seensedto have aaau
ii]ia;iiy sgainsl bira after breara? ont ni the Vi nlti ntiary
lui.ois, he said wituese badu'l helped to gel blm out,
when In fact witn*** waa doing all hi could to that end :
tbettundai before be was shol be in ick wi tue??; had
also struck hi? wife snd motiu i ; tl. ? uitti r i- 8S years ol
age; Miy i.. i.ie ami iiu.,iii, in ret here; lie uoked In
bis in i .1 !??-:'- lac ? ami the san! ! he didn't ?top ?be would
knock hi? pipe out of ins month; then be hi bei and
lenke her im- , sud witness wem oui and gol help to pul
loin oui ef doors; the Sunday before be was chut
he Kae ki il bl* mother sen ol the ebalr and
wine- interfered when the boy clinched blm:
on the fatal fMomiay wliue s was uulng a ladder out of
an apple tree whin tbe boj approached; witness told
bini togoaway; tbe boy replied ihal in would stamp
hi* liter out: witness went m tin bouse, and tbe boy
followed and clinched aim and threw blm on toe floor,
ami the two women were steading orer blm; Anally ta
gol up ami hid in the cellar, ami pretty MOB the women
told i.nn tin- imy had gone; tins was 11 a. n .; witness
tie n came out ; he gel 'ii? gun, talnking to ko eoon bum
in/ Hi,il iil.'hl ; tbe gun had 0 en In,el. I S0UM loin , and
be Ihiiiii'lil he WOUld tire it off, and hi.I KMBe Iiniili e iln
inii it, but liu.iiiy gel it ott tmi loaded n aajaM with
pigeoushot; was then sitting down in the door; the
ga ewaj was about 19 feel nom the doorsUl, and on
eilliei Mile of the gateway a ?tonn Wall;
su " N iung Btete," eombsg eursiog au'i swear.
in*.', be ?mild stamp wihaese's old pniiiich out:
at til" salin-tune he pulled , if hi'cniit ; witness wain I
mm imt in come In; tbe bot replied, "I'll stamp your
old liver out; PU split your brains out." and then made
fur witness with ? piece of thill two feel long; witness
told Ulm If lie did'nine he. wnuld ,h"n| bun ; lie I.' pi
oomrag, waea witoeas, thinking la sears bun, fired ?U
one harr. !, Bol al tii-t int. ad?as to hit hlin, ami the boy
feii, ami witness gate hlauelf up; wrtue i thought the
bo] Bieaul t" kiii im.i was afraid of his life ; Umaght
sure it ta straek him with that stick II would kid him;
the boy seemed ui be v? ij mueh earaged ; Us? boj sprung
on ih."dn,ii-sii p right iu (real ot the gun an it w >?? Ired:
witness had seen the boj strike in* mother a number of
limes: al ene tun? he mi* Hie hoy tiar in ally all of her
ahitues >.ir.
t niiiisi I fur deten-?- eallcd WttaeaBM to prove the pen
era! good character and p< aeaful disposition ol the pris
ouer ami the \lnleiit tempi i of [be son. ll**rc the
d f. n-t '? red. a.ni tbe pros? entino called Dsalel Deaats,
who testified that the prisoner's repumtioa was that ?1
aejuarrelaosaa ami agly maa, Heahea Dannnt t.--.ifi- ?1
thai ti., prisoner was quarrolsosae and bad bseanaata
ehlef-maker fir 30 tears. Witness*a* knocked do\.u
Ifi nr no years age with a boa hj the prl oaer. sutfarjM
what hi d.d It for. I'hlH cm?, d all (lie evidence in the
case, aud ihe cual. an\)uuiucd uuld | a. m. to-morrow.
ffaOlTUBk DBBATB OB Tin: stiri.Y nu t.?ritoTEC
81081 ov f.mi'i.(?yi-:ks?a C8N8CB TO ffBACBS M
lur tBLBOBAra to Tita T81 BW8.1
Ai.iiAw, atarea l;i.?Tlio Aasembly upon re
aatamblbsg te-adghl oeatlaaed its an munition af the
Supply hill. A few unimportant sciions OWlffWCneX
ssslned.e?rmg ta long und pomttoaa ipniuibm i>y Mr.
Bptaataj win. N datai tha p aaaga af several petty appro*
prlattoaa, Oatofall pattaaaa altb tins anata el Base, ba?
ton ui?jiiuiiiiii;;, tin- BBpabtleaaaaf tbe a.--, nblr.aeop.ts
a ti. sperats intotaan ot tin- Dem?crata, paaeed a r?sela
ttoa luiniiiiL- tpeeebee in eoeaasittee of tbe whole on unis
at special arden t<> Iva minute*, a reeolatioa was
passed a week ami put ling down the s une limits whilo
in eeaaasttaat of the whole under geaeral orders, so
that tho orators or tag aaamabty hi (atare ?HI
he less BBoly to delay work. Mr, Laagbeta
iiitrodiie.d ? hill ?nt it i? d "Aaaol f..r the farther pro
taetloa eCaaala employes m IbeCUyei Bew-York." it
provides that M Btapaily now exempt by law shall he
ex. mpt from levy or sale under un ?IQOOjII? toned upon
n Judgment obtained in any t.nirt in sTew-Tork ferOST
Vices done by uny male employ?, when such amount .loes
not exceed the sum .?i gao, ilaataatra af eaata. if thejadf
ment is return. .1 un>at,-iled the employer is tobe Babia
la arrest sa I Impstoonmeni m the Bebten' prison fur ten
days. Iu order lo prevent (mad iu the sale of conuner
eiai tertuliara, Mr. Alverd preaeated a hill aksktag it un?
lawful t.. m ii say f. rtinaet aabaa the bagcontaining ?t
shall he marl...I wi:hthe nam. of the maiiuf. eturer, the
ptaas of manufacture, aud ?h<; poiOnnlBgOl of
soluble ph. spinne a. id, BWOlabla phosphoric a? -Id, pot?
ash, soluble mtroana or the equivalent, aasaaaala, and
in oluhle BitrogeO or the etpiivaleut ammonia, wblefa
?lieh f. rtitta i'coataia* Mi. Raggtoa latredaoad ;i m.I
i rovidlag th it when n iball appear i? n ?cart Hiat a suit
for il .i baa im-i n broagbt for antitoton paiposos, apoa
tbe spptteatioo of the defeadaat, n m iy gnat an ardor
s;.t.\ in- all proceedings ea the part ?<( plaintiff, unlit the
puintiflfllos security for the peymeal of tha nota and
ni ;... -..,., ui? that ma) he im uiied b] lile ?lefeiidalit.
Mr. I ghe pre?alad a hill in the Assembly regal itiag
the ?in.iiity aad supply of ras tbroaghent thentats It
regatan oompaalea te faroish gaa width, throaab a
barner aoaaamtag an rabie feel perbear,aaall ban .:
hnalaatlag power eejaal le 18 aptim caadles, each eoa.
saastng 139 gratu pt r boor, the agat of 8,200 oneh
standard eaodk ? boning one boar to be considered 1,000
cable feet ol ?.- ?s. laeaos tbe gas hiaatel Utetpulity
died no pay eoa be collected tur It, and the eoiupauy U
bible to a p. iialty of 8100, to 80 fc'iven ta tha Informer,
Met n ai. t at h required tebearaaMrk bn?leattngIts
ea aeity ami tho date of it? test. No depostl
shall bo demaafled fr. ? eoaaaasen af ove;
8a in advance f,.r um tir-r wt i k, and after that tbe pri?e
of gas foi ibe first week shall be the sum suthorls^dto
i>. itiiietied In advance .mi interest at lb* rate ol 7 i? r
crut tier annum <>n al ?! posits. The Board of Aldermen
and Ti ? given p ?wi i to gl ml licenses
lo establish gas n rks, I \ plpes,tfcc. In eitles of over
100,000 inhabitants tbe price shall be at tbe maximum
ml o; >?_? (..i i o id til?n ? i,,(, ?;, eitles of between
40.000 aud ?OO.OINI inhabitants tbe prire sh 11 be 8a 25,
:..nl .n eltti - sud \ : lag - r>l rrom 5,000 to 10.000 Inhabi?
tants the price shall b? eJ 75. li. itualler places it shall
i.. 83.
la t!i" s nate, Mr. Oerard's bill to protect Immigrants
from being poisoned bi ibemUlsytng or cbeurcalstt .-.1
ii nuil atiog ships was p.is? d to ?i third reading. The
i. I makes it the.y ?1 tbe Health Officer oi bi* assist?
ants, uuuer a penult j lor Deglect, to earefully remove
:r. in a vi -'i all of tbe p. bumuus liquids us? i in luuiiga
t.. Beuator Tobey'? bill pniriillng mat s fire or
marine Insurance company, i ? v a \ ote of two thirds of
Its board ol director?, and upon a written notice to all
lui toekholders, and wlib the written consent of a
innjority In anuiuni ol iti - I old rs, i aj ti duce the |
number of its direetori to not lees than 13, was]
to a tnlrd reading.
Mr. Wagatafl Introduced a bill In relation to (he im?
provement o| lh< Crotou aqueduct InlbeCit] ol Non
\mU. It empowers the Coi.trollei ?if t-;,-;t city to issue
boo Is (not ?o <-x cod Iu stnouul 870,OOOj t<> u ... :? r tue
lands and materials wuicb have been pnrchased bj the
l). | artuieul ol Public lYorits t r the iruproveun nt of me
i rotou u.pn duct. Mr. Veddi i introdu? etl e lull to amend
the law la riation i.? criminal cases, provkllnc thai in
i rlmlnaJ trials and eiamln i loos Is ...;v trial n busbaud
or \.. i uaj be , umiui ?! ? a a Itu - m - ball ..: or
.......n-; ibe other; but upo-i uu trial or examination siiall
auusbend < r wile u?: compelled to testify against lae.
o!n. r.
A message was received from the Assembly statins;
that n bad disagreed to tbe Senate amendments to tbe
Apuropriatiou bill, and asking toi a committee ol
coufen-nee. Mesara. Harris, Moore, and Hammond
wen appointe d sa? b eommli i. a.
? ??
IN8?RAHCE INV1>TK;A1?<?ns.
OfffflCPJM Of I ni. c.MIAMI :s TO it;: KXAMIXBB
('All. ol' Till: < ' ? VI MI 111 v..
Albamt, March 19.?Too oralexaniioationof
theobVersol the in.- Insurance compacte* who refused
to report tbeealsries and other compensation they had
ret ehe.i in the t-oMiiMint i of tie Leghdalnm will be be
gaa to aterro? morning .:' B o'clock, at No. i is state at.,
by the Insaraaee Cwamlttea of tbe Rome, of
which Mr. J- <?- Graham is chairman. it
la reported ben that away of tha oflJeara of
tie lite hnrnranrc companies have been suddenly
called away from boamoa boalneea reqalriag their ab
trace aatil ?itt--r tin- adjonrameat af tbe Legislature.
son.f usa eoanad aad friends af the companies begin
i., aaaaamsa, and the mvestlgattoa at ibis tta ? has moro
tue look of a iiniv'er etuitriversy tha'i airee and open
Bspaaanof tha met* sooght after by the raaalatloa of
the Ueaee. aasoag the ata?era aaaaaoaad aro
?ho- of the liipiitiilo Ufa, Muiual Life,
New-York Lite, M. liopolilan Life, and Ulohe
Ufa, s.? of then have sigahVd their
willlagaeM to attead,whOa athera have refaced aad
h.t\i- seel ccsmael n n pn ml them, others egale ban
M ?it written re?..iit? of t!. I liai ? - r ? t ivetl hy tlieiii, bal
omitted the partleahui af other aUowaaen takaaby
teimi. Oneatbe unmllgatlnab? begaatt to ska parp?se
Of the Insuralie.- Ciliiuiilt.-e of the llmi-e to divi' down
deerdy Into the practteec of the raapeetin eom
nanies. it i? caccrtained t?? be a fact thai no .<?
i,,n u on tile iu the Insurance Department of
i,,,- imrtlcuiars ot the Ute mvestlgation ol tbe North
America Life lusurauce Company, foi whieb a leeelrer
?a- appointed las) week. An spidtcation to-daj bj a
iiiomiicr of the House to the usursiice I) pnrtmcul
dev.iopnl thi? strange fact it I* claimeil tiiat
the whole proceeding ol making tbe Investigation was
Illegal ami void, because of the neglocttu notify tbe
u , ?holders. The Superintendent ol tbe lusurauce
Department says the risks of tbe North America will I ???
reinsured in tb? company oflcriag lhaaaoct tavorable
t.-,,,,.. providing II Is sound,
Ki-? uator Pierson, recelret of the North America, Is
non m New-York uakiug an Investigation Into its con?
dition with a view to secunna its reins traue -.
Asacmblyman Pish is studiously investigating all the
fat is m reUtioe to the practice of amaigumated Ufe
Insurance eomimnles, and will undoubtedly be beard
from on the floor of the Uouoe, prvOaMj on Wednesday
ucxt. ^^^^^^^_
ootnrra ai n kbbo oBatoaan.
Aliiasv, Manli 10.?Th? following is the
im ige unseated h Hm Aasembly tato evening by the
Qoveraor tbmngh uis privates ?retary :
biAii; M ItBw-Yoaa, Ex? i rivs casasaa, l
AUUfiV, Man h 18, 1-77. J
eonBkrtwith the eonstiintional pnvhdoa ctied. Lis
clame il thai Unie ..it- sqUlU ? III tavor of the luell, who
wan tb ds/btctoelerkadurius: the litigation, sad thai it
Will be a hardship for them tolos? tin u pi>. If H.u
_ _ . A_ . I. ... I. i- .1. .1, t !.. I '. .1. ^1 ., !lll..(. ... . I
11 ? i " ? il...'.-.. i y ?--. ?. -^ ... ....... -. p *w ? -? >????
were trio-, the aaswci to il i? thai tbe Constitution mai., i
no piovi-ion to. sack bani?hii>?. Ii does,not, however,
api? ar to be Hue Ui the .?.lout clame J iln--e men
kurv iioin m.- b slunlag t'iat r.i.-ir mie to to. sanea
V>a- .11 in. ?I, ?""I du inn . s iy day of tlulr service Un y
... .. Hast Uiej we.? -i;-?' an tuiaiiTiueut and ?ers
liable la be defeated, as all other partie* are who nre en?
gaged m Utlgatton. Itay were ander no obligation ti
accept tbe appointments norte bold the scneesfora
day. They muht have resigned at any trate. Thev
ebose voluntarily to accept IbeafRcea; to take the risk
of litigation in which their choice involved them. Ii n
t.inch for them now to ask thai I bey shall lie relievd
from the n-!. tbe; took, and thai the ofti ?hall be treat d
n? mi insurer of ilmir suceeM In th* llrb stloB and be com?
pelled to pay their losses. It would be contrary to estab?
lished principies of law and agaluet publie policy.
It would imiii-h a ?..el pice dent ami encour ige as rpa
lion otoffiee and future litl ?lion. There are othei pro?
'. i-inlis of the Constitution '.? ill' a seem to be illll iUgtsd ill
spirit l! not in hit T by this hi1!. & ettofl '.?, Ario Is I.. Is
a* follows: "The assent of two-tblrda of the members
elected to each branch ol the Legt*! nur-' shall be requi?
site to every hill spproptmtmg tbe public inouevs or
property tor local or private purposes." This bill was
pas? d by a majority and not by two-thirds of the mem?
bers In e.uh nous?'. It Is said in answer to this object Um
that the tenu " publie Ilioiievs " s'n.uld be cni.sti i.cil to
mean moaeys in the state treasury, liiere la nothing lu
the Const n ut um whleb Indlcat? itBal the meaning of the
lerm Should be thus limited, and cell dii!.V no reason can
lie given for holding thai the money* In the city treasury
me not in every respet i a* mucb publie mom ys as those
In tbe st:.;, ?n i . \. bV etion ?4 of Article ill. is : "The
legislature shall not. nor shall the Common Council
of any city, uor any Hoard of Buper
visnr?, pntul auy extra conipeiisatioii to any
public officer, sertauf, agent, or contractor." it Is not
claimed that this section applies specifically to the pro?
visions of the hill under ecualderatton, but It does illus?
trate the spirit of tue fundamental law and tbe sedulous
sere with which ii guards tas public moneys, isitn of
Slate and cities, Irom appropriation to persons to whom
there hi no legal liability. It will be an evil example if,
al a time when erery possible effort i? demanded to
ralee the load of local taxation, the City of New-York is
forced m pav double adanes for one service. Thefitato
cannot afford to be unjust to the people In their aggre?
gate auy more than In their individual capacity.
L. HentxeoB.
Mr. Alvord said that BWlag to the absence of the ges>
tieinaii having the bill la charge, and ahm that ef the
chairman of tin: Judiciary Committee, lie would move to
lay the sseaeaa* mi the table for the present. Agreed to.
Loaoox, M sxday, March 10, 1877.
A special dbTpateb trau Rome to The Ihnm
Bayait is stated ibat the Fop- has dictated personally
a imie wi.ich tin- Nii'iiiis will praaeai la the rarloni
(iovi ruinent?, represeiitliu the oondltloB to which His
Holmes*win be leduced if tho Cleiicul Abuses bill ia
paased. _
Loboov. Monday, March 10, 1877.
On and after the ~'9tli ?list, the Inniaii line
of ?steamers will earry the British mails for New-York.
From thai date ttoir v?atela will be dispatched from
Literpool ea Thursday sa ! fpamnstawn on Friday.
I.uM.iiv, Monday, March 1?, 1<-77.
Tho latest advice* bom Cape Town announce
that the VoUunraad of theTraasTaal Rapablie be v ap
proted theterau of paaae with the Chief Becocanl.
President Burgers, In hi* speech opening the session of
tue Voiii-iaad, advocatedunion wltaOraal Britain.
THE L'nivkrshy boat race.
i. ivioN, Monday, Marcii 10,1877.
Betting; on tin- Dniwer ity boni nee ia sixto
four ami ?even to lour m fator o' Oxford today.
Loboob, Monday, March 19,1877.
To-day's ilagntt gaye: ''AgrienitiitaJ prna>
pins retmUn about the earns. Ihe ^v? ?t?>.j t oient on the
whole looks well, eepeefadly on high lands. The weather
fer Bpi in-' sowing 's fatorable, and there Is every chance
n tbi ' operations being conducted under auspices as
fair as those of the aui.ii.ui."
VgnsAUXaa, Monday, March 10, 1-77.
The Extreme Left have resolved to again In?
troduce a motion for amnesty for iiio Communists.
The French papera received by the laut mail
comment generally on the n mil of the Presidential elec
Uoa in the United States. /.<? Patrie makes tbe subject
the text fOfalOBg complaint lli.it tile I'tnted HtatCBdOCS
tint have a aystem of free trade, and save ? "Tbeelec
t.on of Tilden wouM have ni i b tin' signal for thai liberal
and distinguished reformj if Mr. Hayes wishes thai his
?Item may be fort?nate for hi* country ami for
Europe, be will give himself the honoc of Inaugu?
rating a r?gime which but D?mocratie rival proas.
and." I't trance rejoices that a peaceable solutloo
w;i* reached m tbe united states, and appUes the bjsson
to Prance. It says: "An hour will come when France
also will have to nominate a snrocssor to the present
Prealdent of the Republic through the agency of the
Keiiatora ami Representative*! tust nay we doubt nul
liiere wiU lie order al Ptiriaaaal New-York, at Versailles
a-ai Washington." /.<' Temp? eat* of Mr. Haye* : " Per?
haps under his Presldenej the D?mocratie part] will be
able to niuke its influeucc fell as siiiily a* if it bad ex?
erted it under tbe man of its choice, and pel Imp* with
more advantage to the country." le Moniteur bt-licrci
that Mr. Hayes " cannot be tery promut of hi- tic iry,
h.i\ lug triumpbe t onlt by one tote." In /.' Joui nal f< i
Pebait, M. de Mi.bln.iii, who was at ill ? Pbiladcl] I i .
bibllion, s iys Ihe result " was a true fiat ol itrengtb, or,
if one wish?.* it, a feat of b*gerdemaiu, and from an art
point of view one cannot kei p from admiring tbe Incom?
parable ability and the contempt of all tulgar scruple*
v. it ii which it wa- aci iiin?i!i-ii".l." Mr. ll.i)cs, however,
he ca:l* " un honest and moderate m in."
tvumta MVKiY inri ro a aurutOAO nucg.
The usually quiet, village between Kinga
brtdge ami Bpupteu Duyi li baa '?><?> a in the greatest com
motion and excitement since Suml.iv, Whan the body of
saunknewa awn waa found dead on the track m the
Hudson River Bailroad. Ihaaaarksoa hbthodj plalnlj
showed that he bad ael been ran aver by a traia, and
the cause of his death then became a matter of Investi
Kiitiotiand dismission Ofooarfhduek al thaTbtrty-fifth
Preelactaaw the man sitting on ?w bridge, near where
the limly was found, iiboiit half an hour previous to t i
denth. il" was Bedagaomoereekenaadaeeoeied the
otiici r as be paased, Inquiring for the residences if James
(iiirtlnii lieiitiett and Ciarles u'Cnimr. During the day be
visibd several place* in tile u lighbOfhood and asked RM
water. The Inst place lie flatted wa? the BOUM of Henry
Luido, win re be again asked for water, ami antera l Inte
a conversation about the eld laadatarksla the v.
Ha atetad that he was born in tho up|k-r part of tul*
State, and that lie bad relation* living iu tbe city, but
thought ha was act welcome la than1 house. Us di. n ri
eomplain of belog hungry and food was not afeen I to
llllll, because it was thought lie illicit be Insulted, fur
hie dress and general appearance were very reaped ble.
He waa perfectly sota? and appeared rational. Aft r
talking about IB mininos he hit Ihe hnilse, askiug w ?: . .
w a- l lie In st way to *et to New-York. Arterleuvtus
i.-iii in'. hn.is. taws s.. n nn the edge of a high rock
cutting through winch the railroad trois :.ro
laid. It U sapposed tliat lio was il inondent,
through want or work, and leaped fi nn then
The traces of bis teet ahowed that lie Stopped at I
eral puces along the edge ol the cutting, as if no measure
tlie distance with ms eye,and seleel a most sultnble
pl.ee to Illlike the leap. It W a* a'sii lllscn . eled ! h;il |,e
nut down on the edge of a little ledge of thi rock, ? ere
the ilislauce to tin- track is OH feet, took off htSshoc*
ami threw them down, probably, it is stated, to see how
king they would take to tall.
I e body was tOtOU In the M'irgUe yesterd.lV. It in
that of a man about SO years old. lie had lost one eye,
bad thick, Mack hair spriukbd srith gruj sud a I
iron-gray beard. lUa elotbiag waa w< I worn but com
torte?le, and consisted of a hbtck eaaslmeri overcoat.
blue coat, black vest ami treason, On bin
heavy buckskin nalttees.
A.UGC8TA, ??a., Mar. Ii l??.?William OTiiirn
was waylaid and murdered by a negro llamadftdward
Wills, iK-ir lin. kin.id, in BarkS County. Tlie ne'io
ahnest hfan ou tin- head with aa me, kllhng ahn instant?
ly. He then took O'Hilcli's SUOdB und SadiJad tliein
aaaang the migtaaa in ant rh laity. The hady nwafanaal
luirieil in tlie wnods. Wells wa? arrdRed on siiitiday aud
placed In tlie Wnyiieslioroinrh Jail. Colored eiti/.-iis as?
sist, it the naseata in eapturiug the munterer. Threats
ot lynching an- made i>> imtu srhitee sad bUeka.
o'H; ten w a- a citiaen of Augu-i i.
Wabhixotom, March 19.?The Saw Department
Ihl? Ilinriillilf 1ft tivetl mi'innslii'ii of He'air,\.i. nl tie I l .t.-il
statt**learners Klcnnoad *i?i Prottcol tbeHoath ttlsalli
Hlatlnlii.l Muiitrvi.le.i tin- Vlliol I.-briimy : all ,m 1 .11
bnJiil. I.a-iit. liiiiiuimiiltr lib bant P. limy U nr.t.-i .-.| loth*
Ailam?. al Niilfnlk, Va* as SXeCaUv? oBht. I'li.iplnln W in.
H Bteasrt Is ordered to tas rscsittag this Wsiia.ii. *: Hos
ton l.i. lit Chartas II. He, ?m, II i, il. la, I.f.l litan Ihe AiUiiih
?ia! uraiiKii it?vt ni abeseea bar ses rsat. All tin- atoaluir*
?i p.at K'.yai. ihs Imaiur eicepted, tat* been srdered lu
lire, us! to Mtv?nuith. The obi?-? i M ibis Is ?sxhau linn ini.
nun-ni banastas valsa, tatssecasraiated uuriu? lbs )**.
two yean, it i*itiou*bt timi if Ihs tassels an silowed tors
main m tr>-*h water for lw<> or three uioutl.B tris tin i,. :,,.,..
They will le?v* It? ala Uiuc, wjuvujoU b> Ui* Called t>uu>
tiik BDLTAN p;:i:-i.m at tup. opi'.niv<i <?i PABUA*
Mivr-Tiir. TOffJU m:i:\i:i? iv ii?s-,i v-i.akuK
?naDM on tut. Asiatic kkoniiik?a rkvoi.t
KK.MiKi) at 00X81 urnaofftB?
i oBRAwrnmrtBi htaaday, BTarab if?. i?T7.
Tlie Turkish I'uilintueiit met to-div and w.ia
opened by tin: Ball ill in person. Tue Mini .t?-rs, the chief
civil, inilil.ii-y, aad n liglous dignitaries, ?n.d the foreign
obargas srnflbliwa i accpi ikon of Oecamny aad atonta,
who w.-re represented by dragoman?, werf m ?'-nt. The
fini atoaratary of the su.tan read tbeapaack from the
thread a eaaaaanakto aaaabat of laaaeera and Dapm
ties were in af tendance. The Deputier will fake their
seats to-tiioriow. ?if the JO Senat OH tli.ro aiefiwho
an not Mussulmans.
LOBBOB. Monday, March 1!?, 1S77.
In the House of Lords tins aft' union Lsfd Derby, in
reply to a t|.i lion by L.irl (iiauville, said before com
ing Into the ?mine lie was vi-lt'-d by OOWBl hV-liouvaloff.
the Russian Btomeaaader, wkobnagkl pnpontoeCvart
ous alterations of the protocol, which he (Lagd Dei by)
was not prepare-! to ?tve an opinion about, as they had
not jet been seen by his colleagues.
Vast aBBBBS in asm.
A Renter telegram, dated Teheran. March 19, says;
Advice! from Bflanaa to I lie fith ins;, show that th?
aathartttoa there were displaying mue'i activity in pren
arattoaamt thaaaattoajcBcp ofjwar batwna Ramlaanal
and I'm Ley. Tin re CM an iuce.-sant mov. lielit of troop?
toward tha BBaatoa frontier. The reserves of th.? Fourth
Army Co; p? had been eall.-d out for serv.ee. The regu
tonaambend MgOOO, exclusive of lB^aWaaaatoaadal
Baton?, The fortress of Kars was strongly garrisoned.
Arlaban, a few mile-, north of Kars, was loi 1 by IflygOfl
troops. Turkish forces were roni'ciitr.itiug to re 1st any
Itis ?au advance en Erivan. Tho second line of defenso
at Bagbantoe WM Itwngty fortified. Ike number of Ko?
slan troops on the fr.uitler was estimated at IIO.IHK).
It. enforcements arrive daily for the Turiil-h force* from
A K-iiti r telecrrun from Ziznsays a six pours' <>!>.-( lnnta
light took place between tl.e Turks ,ri 1 lio.Miiaus on
Saturday, betwen Bcaanatan aad Dreegeto? iioth
iktoa sutt ti .1 heavily. The Turk.-, retirad Ian litan
A special dispatch from Bern? to fas nmot saya the
i; - dans appear to regard the protocol aca vahanbla
ootiraaio? obtained by Raaste. The '. .'<?* express.?
the high sal nttofhettea at the Aagto Basatoa aattlaassafc
A special dispatch from st. Poliiobuig t<> Pac Dashj
.v.'te* ((Uotes Tbc Satos as dedarlag that peeee maynaw
be considerad c? ?rtela, a* Kagtand baa spp ?! r '. ,], | hied
to algo a protocol containing tha principle of coerci??.
The correspondent says the objectai eoam to to asaba
the people believe nnmiahni?tamdaihpliiniiflgThB?fT
andaddai ata.
Certainly the antrchy aowezletlng in TurVe'.*wVl soon
force Knul uni 'u ei.ai e her policy, Russia only has ti>
?rait, and the imiwsslbi it;, of eb-tatatag froiu Interven
tion In Turkey will soon lie manifest even to Lordi B .
consncld and Derby. Unless tbe Powers can bring the
Poite to its senses ail tbe diplomatie tleiioii? in the world
will not prevent war.
The MantlntUr Oisanftoa bn a special dtopateh from
CoBstaatlnopto,dated March 17, wkteh eontaiaa the BeV
Popular felling against Mahmoud Damai li
. ground. Thirty(*>?ftaswirearr t?>don ruecday.
Ibe ^l 111. -r ? ;? ot Polin hit been dtoaiis? I bei hum be
WUS in-oil!, i.-ntlv vv:itehful. A large nod-, of Soft i- Went
Lo the p lace on w dnesdaj to demand too relean of
their comrades. Threat*-inn?? n ? i in aids aro
nur, uud th< people within Um Pulan are becoaa>
in?- anxious.
\v.w:l.!ki: MOVBMBBTg IB BOOBTA.
A apeclal dispatch from Belgrade to lias ?tws says:
Orden bave bo ;i given t-. pit pare i?rot ;-;? m foi l.ooo
horses at 8 rajevo vvbtcb ire coming, with ammunition.
The Bosnians am r; thai i!;. Austnans bave 100 cannon
at i roil, and h \e |i?-ei..-,ieil pontoon?: i r ii.--.iil. the
Save." rin ofBclal Journal at -;-- evo' i rts further
conflicts ?? i;ii uis u rents in the K ?? ire Mountains, an I
that considerable activity Is observnblo ou tbe pert af
th i Ish trooi m tbe H i .?i and In in i fi i
Ljubibratlch, the ller7.eg.ivlnlan leader, has arrived at
1 :?? - rvlaii War Department bas decided to
retain the remainina volunteer battailous Iu active ser?
vice, but will gram furlough? aud dischaiRi'* fr.?>-l.i. The
P'l-iiini Rayahs aro noxiously expecting ibe occup il u i
ot the i rovlnce by foreign troupe, whtoli v.o.ild terminate
a state ..t unbearable anarc ly.
Mr. Art..ur J. Evaaa, a well-knowB nwapoper corns
ipondent, who visited Uto kasurge?! districts toot year,
w itn to Tac Ttoser from BaganUml be has |aot visitad
tbe Boentoa Insurgents Be states thai they iiiim'?-r
9JBO0 well-armed men, and hold excellent positions.
Them to no brigandage, but war atotuYvitM. The toast*
(.?cuts ?ire native Bo mi ma. ri i? re are no foreign < ntaaa*
ries among them. The reign of terror eontioaeo in the
country districts of Bosnia and * >ld Bh via.
Muni: MI'ssiim \\ OUTBAORB,
The Ptomr pnMtohos a letter from its Pwm eornsaoanV
eat, winch matates the following:
i>*f!; tali s ot Mussulman violence and raptas continua
to reach na from manj provinces, ' peclaiiy Bulgaria?
Macedonia, aud Albaiiln, win re public seem ty, i Ither on
?be highway or in iaoLtted bouses <>r small bamtote,
altogether ut an end. rbooe win? are wllttag to
give Turkey one or tbm yean to mature reforms may
see what elements an at work for future improvement
t it lu r in the Uovernim nl or among the i.pie. Not one
/apti.li has been dismissed the service; no tithes
guther has been stopped In bis earner of unlawful ex?
action, and no step Is made toward the ei uhdsbiuent of
nubl c security m the admlnstnttoo of taxe-? and rcjaal
('.H. P.Mv'i'.ti's htTUTABT BCHBMB,
racafBaxvtercT'sCoBstaaUaopta totter
The scheme submitted by CoL Valentine Baker for
tbe loiiu itlon of 80,000g?muarroer.e hi i giaid one if hs
be permittetl to earn il oat, bul I have little ho^.-1 .at
tbe men Iu power wills ve him the reouislte ?upiairt. The
political -i.ii.itIon is unimproved. The tiovernment to
iinite powerless to allay popular excitement against
Monteiiegn aud Buasm. In the interior of the empire
the Government la so lamentably wnk thai it cannot re?
press the cv.i or protect the g.I. Though Oea. Igna
tiefflsuo longer here his policy t* being carried .mi by
: agen c precisely aa If he were here to direct tiu-.u.
i in i u'.i Mail Ba?ara UasManattaapla totter aty :
The statements about the Baltaa's health an fabrica
t!oi^. lie isingoodbealth. h ads a quid orderij pre, taaaa
great Interest In publie aflatan, and dorn what he can m
Improve the condition >>f Uto country. Ilcbmoad
i> a. id is the pri ?eut danger at the Palace, and Abraham
i i is here to !?> i?. him and to carry on bis old schemes
lor Egypt uud Bus la. Bal there Is a strong party ?galas!
Abraham Pasha, which will also endeavor t.- restrain
Mahn ludDauiad'a Influence, and amy posslblj over
thru .v it altogether.
Nkw-<)km:an-, .March 11).?Attorney (itncral
Ogdca has tiled in ti.. Pnti Dtotrtot Coat? a p ti toa f'.r
a ?rit .il t.: . um m sgalacl 8. ?. Pat sard,. ! ilattBf toll?
(?oveiTlor.G. 1!. Jul.as.iii.elaiiniiigfo bcBnp tint, luleiit of
i:iue. tion, and oth.-rs rcasdtBg iu tha m. Loatto Betel
Dg kUOWa as t!f gbStS House. Tin: petttfcm 0008
forth llttt llio-e pcisutu are imiawiii'ly in paOSaoSSsn >>f
s lid building, ?lud, in the name of the ?sute, a.-ks laattkg
present oeeopanta be dis?xw ??-. t uicrefrovj aad tha
; . i lu lilts?the i illeeis of the Nl.TloIl ??oV.ril
meut?be givei possession. Tbe court I :.? uot i.-i beea
.. n to take action la Iba premian, but It to likely
?u. K action will he invoked very soon.
Hautkoiid, Conn., Ilarajh 1'.?.?Oot, Hnl?
hardte-daj ntead tbe eOigivtacaMasben al Ike i^gis
laluic a BkitoaflB of 'J."> cent-, each way on the ground lhat
It to ta violation af lanaaaatttattaaal provision against
I he Legtolstnra lacnaatag its own pay. lie also ratead
the now registry law, on the gnaad Uml uto msjatae?
in.-at that au cleotor shall ?> ?uulc au i Um Uh an iw v. :., u
. in i to aaothei ?own is ?in aaooustli itioual .nter
tei. :. i v- ;n to? tranchteCi
Tin-; ick in Tin: B?DBOV.
Put ciiKi.r.p.MF., N. Y., March 19. ? Dis
patekeo fruiii the upper B?MBoa ?ay that uto toa is fana
fn.ia St.ickport northward. At Cxsukie aaapto sre
en dag the river on foot. There la a heavy bakajersfl
batwna CatakOI and Badaaa, aad al all potato south of
Klilll'b. ck large tlel's of new ice have funned. Hie
was Uu dtgi.es ubovi- /? ro hCN this
? i . v ii.ii 19.?A aynjal '??!??.. m from
Ijiintoiit.. ;/,. Metessysi ?? Mr. Hiekson.Qeaeral ktaaacstaf
tkeUmudTnnk lisiuay, ??iI.kI lui Auiiaua .u the hsUvia
on si..i.ir.iay.''
punAUKi.riiiA, Marea i.?.?Baauaa] Caray bail.
Ute (US der of tl.e ?at'i lo t I'.-tin.i Na'i.iiijl H.i ' k I I
ciiiivl.-Ksl of theOmbeASlSBMUl ol the tuii.tt ?f tJiAt UI?tllUlion
ami .?iiK-iii?! lo leu j na' uuiii1?ouiui-ut.
il .^l..S, BtatOBlO.- I lie cuit brought l>v tlie Ooffa
??ruinent agslnst J ?dan, Marsh ,t r .. {. r in ?l1?-g. .1 nuder
I vaUiuti.iti of g.wKls Iihh 1. en ?,-ttlo.l liv ?un . nient Jndgiinnt
Ium Oo.-n < nlerc.1 be til.OiiUtT IB tMSUBI Of 880,000Cad coal?,
the lalle, bel?g Isxtnl ul ?'. .ti ...
BaLTIMOBB, Mi!., Mareli l!?.-Kugine No. 4:11, ono
of Vu? (rovv. rfnl BOgnu used on t'o- BsBtaSsm ?ml Ohio Itatl
I nMMl. eiidudnt ?i Koycar, W?st Virgiala. ?.iniUav lustaut.r
! kiluiiR \u?iin so.err, lbs nnuuau, ?u?i . t^uag ?usiai^
| o*ur?? WsrU. ths ?i^auissr

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