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ft the Editor of The Tribune.
Sir : There seems not to be quite a clear urn!
jtajiding among Deople in America as to the cam
txte*it. and prttbable dur?ti?_n of the famine in
dis. nor of the amoont of suffering and ?tarvat
irhich i- entaiK nor ot the measure*?>f relief, gig
be jet insufficient, which the Government of In,
__v adopt m g for the relief of the miflcrer? ; am
plain statement of the case by one who has Is
though oti?' fum?n?* in India, and w ho ha*? assisi
in inaugurating and carrying out the same measn
?f relief uow employed, mav prove of intercut
many who would be glad to understand the mat
The rainfall m Southern India is confined to t
?rs?oii**- The " south-west monsoon" as it is cull
?jrhicb set* in from across tho Sea of Arabia duri
the months of May and June, brings the b-ssi-r rai
which, continuing a month more or l?*se, partia
fill the water courses and reservoirs. Tli a y I
nioiiten the high ground, when- irrigation cannot
nis_le use of. BB that the fann?Ts can bt-giu to pi.
their lands for the Autumn sowing. Oc?-asioi
?bowers fall in July and August. But the _r?
monsoon come? iu October. The wiu?I, snddt-t
?hanging from sonth-w?*st to uorth-i-ast, swe.
down, bringing the heavily chargtHl rain-clouds, a
for moie tlianamonthit rains a good part of flu tn
night and ?lay. This is India's hope, India's rich
Filling all the water asa__B__- tilling all the mvri..
of imcrvoirs throughout the country which st?
the water f?ir months of irriiration. it renders pee
ble ludia'? marvelous fruitage of graiu which _M
her teeming millions alive.
At once, tee, on the ??lining on of this mon. ?k
the millions of acres of opinada which cannot
cultivated by irrigation are sown with millet, ra
pulse, cum. and the host of minor c?-i. als n?ad
the Etta-Wee. Bmt the most of their food grains ?i
raise?! by irrigatmn. Successive Governments a
private parties through ?l.lHH? years have M
structeal uiiiuiiiilti nd reservoirs, or tanks, as tb
are universally called in India. From a ?iiii.it- li;
t?>p I have counted 157 of these tanks in sigl
The larger number belong to the (-oveniment, ant
ccrtaia wail r tax is paid by ?-a? h ryot or cultiv?t
to (,()vcni:ii?-tit fair tin- supply. The rivers
Southern India have many of them heea dainni,
1-y tb.- ttovi-niiiicut ; one of them a it!i a d.un thr
BB?sa la'ii!-*. at a cost of 94,000^000, and tlie xtxtbt
which had for centuries lowed into the sea in
b?-eii w,i>te?l, arc now turiu-d over hundreds
minan- unie? of what had beea arid platea, .11,tl thi
bevebeea eaateerted into iraniens of plenty. <.i
th. Ilitnlo?) 1 >1 ? ? 11 t y ef watet aad the rieben, en
will 1?'raised everywhere. Without water he c;
do nothing.
Let non the monsoon tail te come and alii!o?t ii
Bicdia?t !y Ih- dinst ?li. rie.*s iei.-i.? evervwhen- a;
r nhe.? nearly all chis.?!?. Th?! thousands w ho li.-i
grain, well knowing that it will lie maay moiitl
1 * 'n- more can lie raised, hold on to what th?
bave with an iron grip. Many bury it in tl
ground to ceoeeal it from the millions who ha.
none. Many deal is tlni- secretly hoard up lar
Mores, hoping to tret fro'ii four to ten tim?-? the pri?
befseeihe lanriee i? ever. Coaeeqdeatlp the pri.
will iiniiie.liately be edvaaeed in double anil lull
W bal it had Leen.
Tuis could Ix-tter Ih- borne, but a larg-- pmporti.
?if tin- laiaoriiiL' clnsaes aie thrown eat<_C evplo*
in. al at on. e. Then i> BO r.un to moisten the lend
tteanaol be plowed' tbeebaanels ef ?n ?_-.it am ai
diy: grow ii. erofS wither; no weeding ?it mil
i tt:ng 1- t,. be .'loue; ni harvest labor is ?muted
v.li.it Bsenc] these la is aeeded for food; buildii*
eeeses; oaipratem ami niaeoae an- thrown oof ?
a ! ?ynent; old *.l"thini raosl be worn; the mi
oi h .ii'1-lo.'iiis all through the country ami
: be dietreesed multitud?
aa_ -?? ? 1 industry, nsore or I? 'IS
tl.ou-.. i-i- 01 the well-to-do will in soase erey pal
tlu.ii.r1' without ertnal suffering, hoi the million
w n- - and to moctth speedily soeenmb.
: two have feile
pool at liny aad Jam . 1 -7- .
1 e. Tbelnni plowed. The carl;
iriigatmti crepe eoeld no. e planted. Tbe price 0
feedntonee advanced, bal nth actual distreei pn
vailed. The ejee of all were turned beert
for the October end November raine. None came ;?
tbe famine districts. Tbe heavens were braaeu
?s.a.ri-liing ir?,'.ut no rain clouds. I
',k within them, l->r it wee evident thai
1 1? at hand.
Ued the .n ?mall, tl ay
1 ? >pted I ?'.???:- .? il I.y pri. ;. ?,
; "? ebandanee of gram in the surrm-mlim
trald bevel? ., ? - ? * u.il to prevent tret
I ? ., Me. Bel it is nef ? a!. Inthelladra
: - the famine reacbee ovi r s ?
?0.0. .- ?? _ ' (ilHI.OtK
?i people, while in the Beasbay Presidency
lee over nom S0,( 10 m -nil??, eithi
LO, . 1,000 t-- 12,000,000, :
eqna -fourths ti that population of th.
I'nii'.1 Stat. ?. And in the surrounding districts
while th? n i? aa actual famine there i? gi? .
1 ?aato pr. wii* their helping their neighbors
l'iil-i:! : ,ai-i. this slat?-of alia 1.? is no! to be ol
? Two uionsoon? have al. a -a? I
Oar fleet ray ai In?*** is in the early May and Jnm
mm-<_.n. Bat eveaarhea that aa.are i? ??ill ao.
at eaea ?top the distress air even the acual st..i ra
t The unplaiwetl tiehls, now like sand beans, 01
faiths el".v legions, like ?iiiarries of stone, Ulll.it h(
d l>-, tha rain, and ?.lowed and sowed, and
the grain must have tun?* to grow. The starved
1 . the few there will be left, will s? aro-I.v ?uii.cc
to Blew one-fourth of 1 ha acreage. The lebeten "..
tie FamineBebcl weckst dependent on daily ?-arn
ii.e- for daily food, will, many af them, continue on
those work.? and neglect to jdt?w and sow. The crop
Will he SS K-dl.igly light at liest. No. Til?' 1-e-t
judge, say thai xwktk fotuto six months of si.n. _
lion is yet liefore the people, (?oil send rebel !
I aaaaa uow to sjie.ik of what this famine nn-ans.
It means actual starvation and death to many
thousanilN, if not millions, of the people. If means
the deeunation of households. It ui?ans sickness
and decrepitude for life to many survivors. It
nieana the loss of property and poverty for life to
others. It mean? th?* taking away of Is-ast.? of labor
healths tanner, and future untilh-d and fruit less
1 and con_M.--.ueut continued scarcity in many a
loca. ity.
I'll- it ia in it? present aspects that people have
Oiore to aa. I>*t me take a rapid glance at th<- BOB*.
d ti >n of affairs .??-day. I will go to tho pts_ in
Madras, wh:ch nacht s out nearly a quarter of a ini'e
across the surf of the ?i|ien roadstead. Lying at
nahet near the pier are nuire than a score of vessels,
bnigB and native, unloading bags of rice, import?.!
by G..vi-rtiiiieut aud by pnvate jiarties for the lam?
ine regions. AH along the sandy In-ach for a mile
are hi;;j_? of rice-bags, piletl sometimes 15 t?i 20 feet
hi^h. Ih?j U-ach ia lined with ___?___________?
wren-hes, who bave come in from hundreds
of villages near and far for the chan?** of
olit.iui?jg the little rice which scatters out of the
hole? and rents of the poorly made bags. Here and
tli?H one hae a coarse sieve and shovels up the sand
snd sifts it lor eraiiis uf rice as for grains of gold.
There are aome half-? lad mothers with their hollow
cheeked, sunken-eyed babea or young children sit
tinit at-riia of their left hip, the mother throwing
her leit arm around tbe child to keep it iu place,
wi.ile with the right she gathers the few kernels of
rice?her only hope of susUmauce. I walk up the
Esplanade and through the native town. Begging
fruui ?l.?or to door of the more wealthy people, or
crouching by the aide of the street in their squalid
f-__i_uiL.g, I s.e hundreds ef others who have
flocked m fr<iui the districts in hopes of saving their
lives. 1 approach the hospital lloste of thoae
affected by every disease brought on by starvation
ate oeggiug for admiseion. There ia a poor fellow
tottering in ao weak that he has just stumbled and
-allen-oii the gate-sill and knocked out all his front
h-e-i.. Well, he will not want them long. I take
the railroa?l to Bombay ; pas-sin* through the C
dapah district, containing .3,000,000 people, I
the direst distress. Knrn?)?>l is no lutter, ami BBM
raging. Bellary is ?till worse; within a milt
tliis station it is reporto?l that 1(K) bodies of tl
who have died by the wuy of starvation and cho
are poisoning the atmosphere for the living.
Sholapore, in the Bombay Presidency, 25 are
ported as dying in ? day, while in that distt
200,000 people, wo arc told, have 1? ft their \ ilL.
to wun.ler in sear? h of foo?l, under the ?1?1u.m..ii |
the famine is circiiiiiscrilied. and that nbunda
ctnild t?e had elscwh?r?-. But the *'else***,h? re" t
cannot tind.
I travel south from Madras toward Madura. ?*!
satin- sseolaek bbbs?i my eve.?.. Evscywhsss
cattle, the wealth of the llimltio hii-bandluan.
mit available for food, ati they retard t h?-m BH
?the poor starve! tattle?are -ivanderiiii. BjaBSB
search of soiiiethiug meen that tiny tan pick tos
the gnawing?, of hutu'tr. while above tliein
tl.iinir the vultures. It is their harvest ti'iic
they well know that daily BSSBS ?if th.-in mii-t il
and die. The owners .it eat' It- are freely oti* mm
tA*t them away to any one who can tind tin tu fu
I travel west tlirouifli the Arcot ?li.-tri.-t. th.* BBS
of the famine region. In spite of the bstsasaasSh
<>f the tiovemmciit officials in relieving' dtsSSBSS
far as psS-M* humlr-iN an* ?lying ?lady af star
tion and disease superinduced thereby. Even ji
sssBjBsasatbs railroad? cannot but see sbandi
??viileiiee of the ?lire distress, while, as yon leave i
line of rail, wh.-n-riee OBB SB easily he import
it becomes worse and w?irse.
There is another singular evidence of the Bevor
of the lamine. It is this : flsag IBithnfilW SB I
highway ami ?n the country Till spa. ssasDy sal
"l>acoitces" in India, are heetiaiin-j f.art'ullv en
mon, anil when tin? i>eri?*1r.tl'.r.s are am *-!? il t!
?'ft.-n |i',eail iruiltv st. as to 1?- BSBtSSM ? d to the irrt
"Central Jail," for there they an-sure ?if two yei
of nonti fiMid and comfortable ?piarters, and skill
me?lie,il sssandssm if I hk. To bs bbtb they have
work, but that they would irladly do anywhere :
their f.KHl. There are several nf this, great cent
jails in tapMsSTBS I'i'esiili in >, w here those irtii!
of grave crni.es ami iriven loiin BOBtOBOeS BIS BM
and they are BplsSM?dl? iMBBaged institutiniis. 1 "..
are capable of aeioininoilatini; frtnu 1,900 to 2,0
convicts each, and tiny are all BOW 01 I n-rowd?
It weit- Mss to aadernSs tbe dread reality.
wer?- bard to ovs-_raW the picture at the distn
pud dread that is n-siing on the p oplc in BBS lam;
di-tii< ts.
How do the OflTBIBBIBBl meet tins V IsaSWI
liobly. Nearly fifteen yenrsttt resitlei-i-e in India ?n
study <>f the peuple and the GovesBBUBBBt have 1
BH to ?-ntertaiti B vt ry hizh rc-?|?ect for UM Itrili
rule in India as at pr?s, nt exercised. Hsvtag be.
in the thick of one pseeediBg sod atore eircm
scribed famine, and watched and my-.-lt sided tl
GovenuBoat offleeia in their eflbrts to relieve dl
tn-ss, and havinir carefully stiul:?-?l from 8 ?itth- ?li
tance their conduct in others. I feel bound to t*01
of them ;n term- of hiirln-st praise. At ones on tl
breaking sal of sean -it v or t'aniine in say distrii
the Governmeni put themselves is telegraphic cos
limn ieat ion with the i ??i-t magistrate of tbe di *r?-i?'
a ni if i in prospect bs ol grave diitress, a Bsember ?
the (.tiveiiiiir s ('iii,ii.il ot of the Board of Kcvein
ami as a ???iTiiiii -slum r to the province, ana?
with full ?uittiniitv to inaagarate anj accessary r
lief works. For, ?i- I bavc indicated, if the Mm
?ooa fails and so biii.-.- famine, a large proportk
of the laboring classe? ??i<- throara ont . t' emplo?
ment. The Governmeni rightlj rega??s it betl r(
give t'.ie people emplovmei I pay and in
Iurt fund I'm- then; to buy. than to rapport tin ?n I
illlfll' tt.
Works, tlun, of pui'lio sdvaatage, bur of m
enough pressing importsoee to be undertaken otbei
re at < ? i"?t and? r s sy in eveiy fciniiix
.n if. ality. Koadi .. -'. and bnUi
le"? reservoirs and tanks si ot?*d; oldoni
?ut-if]'.-in il ?tntl enlarged; pa laredng
eacheit) and village; dcw markets, jail
bons? ? are ?.''?? ??'?: nea streets nrc laid onl an
I d in cities, or old onei vridened and improve?]
'.nii : atone bridges are bnill loeni
ploy atona mations; snd ?.il tl litare
lu,?n- - ? the live-, o
tbe people. At the sain? time, lb -??t im
largely of : ? ber grain ?..:*? it i ? domi
ooa from? : ,i-!t- eonntry, and send? rap
ply tra a i fan ; : \g lot ?.lit;,. lit
relief works, "i"!;"l rampa'' ?;r" estab
' :.: i \ .1 i . t. ?? I : the at' ?1, th.
? ' _^ . tboss ii!?
1n v^l*. and .-li vomi? children, wheri
',.::? .i \m eal treat
! ? i?. ? ;?i>:r tbooaand person
are > ften foand i" ?i -. I ? such ban
just been formed in the North Arcot l?;?trict: om
at Areot auder tbe medical sap of Dr. H. M
s? udder, jr., of tbe American Arcot Missiou ; ?.
?t \. . ? ?m medical rap? n ision of ! 'i
J.i'in deadlier of the sam. mission, and Dr. Fob, th?
doctor af the English regiment ; 'hi .*. And ?it-!, i
th? - ? the lii"*: >!??:?.' si er the latter *.?a
?llover 1.200 wen admit ??? ml*? th ? camp
i- a ?ngle -i-1 imen. When tbe " I?, liel
-, " ?nVellor. wei 1,200 people cam?
rk tbe tint day, and 3,000 the leeond, ahow
ing the arillin neu? of the people tovrork, if onlj
they i an gi I foo : ? ??? ? doing, A id il li sol oaoon.
or many a poor person to fall fainting sthii
work un the find day??or be In i bad nothing to sal
for ti.'.v- b? foro coming in.
In Chittoor, North Arcot, over 2,000 people ap?
plied for work th? '.r-t two days. In Cnddapah dis?
trict abont 50,000 people are engas ?? iherehef
work*. In Kurnooi 150,000 aad la Bellarr 900,00 I
an rapported on the reUef works sad in the relief
. A n.??i ?overnmenl report shows thai
940,000p? ngagedon the relief wstftsia
Madras snd 250,000 la Bombay?oi r 1,000,000
people working for Oovenmenl for iln*ir lood, sad
blj si iii.niy ui-'i--' are fed iathe relief eamps
sad Bonp-hoose. grs Th? Qovoramenl
?aj that tli'-v expeet the famine to ?nor?..- yei
m .o until Atiri! at li as!, before tin-re will be| ?i ?<>
i,. .;. a!!, viatiim. ami th-v .?.t itraining every
cni rtry to increase tin ir reUef.
Bat Bueraetk aadearasst sad liberal as the Qov>
eritineiit an-, it ;?* siini* lie ?or them to n
Hevs all th?- distil*?it is .-o widespread. Every
mail brings bows of hosts of oar lieved localities.
Aa Asserieaa Daptisl iiiissirniBiy. 300 niles muth of
Ifadrss, saasai ?m T? logs people, writes that manv
of tin ir 10,000 aal i w < ?uncu!- ass sa tin* -rsssssf
starvation. BaSBSOf thSBBCaa gel but "three meals
?a week,'' livinir on Isavassad roots aad bsniss? ?.*?..'.,
the ret of the t?BO. Aiiotli'T American niissioiiarv.
LOOB?lssssaSb-west <.i Madras, sasaag ths Tumil
people, on a visit in his villages, reported many only
petting "one meal every Btbac ?niy.'' sad that
througli his ViUaaBS all the paopk w.-r. on the vergs
of starvation?that tln-y w?ic " hiititrry all the
tiiii?*.*' Wiiil.* from ths SfS t. m the boiili-r of the
Cunare*??' country, I have ne.vsof many ___Bg4sad
on their way to a relief camp at S BB?SBBBB BtSttoa
And ho from far and near comes ticws of unrein? ed
I am rejoic?'?- to see that the American Missionary
Societies who have missions in the distressed locali?
ties are proposing to lassivs ami forwanl donations
to re '..eve thi? distress to their Hakstsasriss fordia
tnbution. This is a noble plan. The mis-nmary is
??oiitini.ally moving .-liiiong the psspla. K\?-ry ?l"l
lar that goes through his hands will lie wisily sjient,
and it costs only from three to tvs cents a day to
feed SSSfe person and save him from starvation.
Few people in America know what a famine is. God
grant th? y never may ! Jacob ( n a m nun ais.
hticburgh, ?V. Y., March 19. 1877.
R\T!ir.R CoNTKADKToRT.?A medical ro
t?*iiii-.irarv, win? I.u- baaa giving tlie tsir ?ex a iesimn no
Baal a. remark.- tliat " H<-?1 ?iicka are simply ?ny-ini m
ensfeessi Iseaai saiyaaBg i-'llei? aux mus to puaaeaa
them slitniiil seek the.u ?* lien ttie ro??- gi I l Heirs?out
of ?loon?." This Is title enough, ?loultl leas; hui there la
something to be staid on the other slue. How dt? s our
u.uillusl frlBBil soleta airsy the fsct t__t ro?**? su?p m
their be?ls all day 1?[Judy.
A man who, from his youth upward, had
Ix-teu leadluir a most irregular life suddenly einle?l his
bachelor career by marrying a wlUnw worth _ 10,000.
?? Don't itiiairtiie," said he to tim- of hi? fri.-utls, " that I
mi simply marrying for uiouev. If ?he had had only
?.o.iMH), I should have ttiarnetl her Just the same."?
i'iut i a Wuok.
OMmiOM to ir?tim: nu.n:iI.Kit ami ba
To tht Editor of The Tribune.
Sir : The Belgian systrni of towing is
hlggtft humbug mi r.-i i nl. und will totally knl tlu?
lu nal If Its friend, succeed in getting it adnptci
know, ?*nui several years rxocrieuce, that train-to?
in a faillir?'. I have Is-cn In the canal-boat bushiest
:?0 v. :ii? mi the Kne ami lllinni? mu? Michigan i-ai
during ten of which yen? I have owned and run st
i.nii! .H.itis. lhi-refon-I Itiio-R win rent I-; .-.ikon thia
ponant ?|ii.?stiofi. I know it is a ui.itta r nf vil ?I Im
tanca-to millions ?.' j_uplc SalSl?S of New-Vork 81
who are very anxious about the welfare of the
. "an:: I.
In th.- first place thi' nclgiiin system Is advertise
having heen thoroughly tested, lint it Baa tint bata t??
on short level? und ?ininiiir links. The test wan ii
BB loi g 1?'? >-!s Wlici?' tin re WHS tiothlllif to delav. 1
is ekSVS tlie deccpll- u lie*. And even the ieSStfSSB
n .'i etired wkeafkej BS-tastahs Is buttant t leak
n f-1: ? ?rt leve!, nriiong !' . _?. Ihe boatuii-n
t. v, tl.ilii.i Ivcs ekSSpSS than the lowest pi;, e tin
?.?mm ? iHitiniiy peepses la si arg??, aai mak,- i* ttss I
BB BB SlSSagS Ikiengk IkS cm..!, and iiM.id iliehur
?n.. i i.iiiiie which Btteafl tii.in tnwiiiv' ssseag le
Ikees men pri-) .???:?) SlBtl and stop a *:a?n of Im
with -.10?) Im.? ii? mi- ?mu.Id B wagon. The horse I
i? ti am .! ii.to tin- leek tnrkut full headway uud Is SS
?t.'l led ?. ith a Mg line taaieli to the -__.ts on the 1.x
if ike Ht i. mm tea beets este is g<> Mea lock in
wa' tin lr Wtinle low Wntl'd pile litlit oil to the lock I
possibljf tiny would ?ink SM anotln-r. Therefore li
: y te slop the tow-linat fareiioii.-h ana;, fnun
loi k to let the beats lose their bcatiway. Rut ll in a gi
deul . a.-ii r to sti.rt than to step a train si limits. Th
pcopli- have l.irrcly i-xagp r.l? .1 bee (piici* they i
lock D tiiw .if Louts.
Aunt In r very important itein which ha? not bees )
lish? ?I is that the Ba!_ un system will innnor-oltze
laiak?. Not hin L' en ti _-o up on the side where l.oat.?
going down. (oi;s?-(pieiitly it will RQB-H. as ninth au
?Mitt r to MpptT Iks eaaal us it would .? iin tin psapal
sad beeps systsas aewla use on ikenUaoleaadllk
gas <. nal, Miiicti im.? ?up?-l-M-tii tl bases beats sltseets
a i..i. any. grain and I um in i ?a. cheap Iks railroad- e :
inn. ii ii, una pa. ? a i ne null i.ill at thai, lin? ..?.-?
baa nun m .is.? eight Ma i, and m a genuine imp?o
ment In canal mi? ?cutinn. When a person takes n
i-oli.?iiler:illiiu the fact tbat lilt- Iltidst.ii KiM-r tOW-OU
li- l-I lui', e Ii'i.iii ;:<> t.- I'd rai.iii-lx.al? lo In ike ll l..a.
able iu..tn on a river with niitl.iii-- to delay tbem, b
can tbe) expeetto inok-1 ihe eabfc loa boat pa) nl
taiwiiik'finili live to ten boell IB I l.e canal wii fa t. ??
tiling n ii.i- tin.' i i;,. cai'ie iiiw-i.o.,1 i? inn exprea
fm- towing. i l.e propeller wbi.'b pushes tie bm
can i - 7.1 ms) Ini.-'iei? nl ? neat. ;,ii,l I o u.-tii' is u ,-:. ',
locking tin- propel lei .... .t ta t>'. locking the ... Uttti
is.,it. The propeller and barge ?ill carry 15,000Busts
of ?tient trolii Uiilt'.alo tu .-cw-Va.rk I'll)' in .???-. ell "I i.
\t bic-li i- ii.i- day? quicker linn a? eraae borae-twal i..j
T:.e pru|M_Uer and nun..-1.? run bj one crea , and can i .
..I...1 ;...!? m- '?iin lock*il iin-y an ready, Th. c...
ll go, . Iticll bold lile two ho;.is as one t-iilin In. it, I
Inatani ly attached or detached.
I t ii i u s somewhat of cell !? c n;i a circular siatinir f u
Bgun -.-.?'?.. c.nci .inn.'the propeller and barn . al* i
I'..-in. ii.. band about to i_ perpetrated on tbe ?
L'anal with tbal foolisb cable ?yMeui; an?l uum I ..
ti usl in 1'ia.vnli m e .inI Till. .Ni.w . 00% 1 in:
tlni n..- In - ;...i...?..ii.t: tbe prop? Her aud Inn
i: ? i-, i?? t anal . La* Pi .
t luengo, Merck -7, 1877.
ft i i ?a of mi: i'i an in i.ominB?ttg i i...?ii;ii.i]
To Ihe Editor <> / ihe Tribune.
.-n;: It is a marvel to one who haa ?rl
erased Ub Bissestpetfeel Werktag or Ike aBderaroei
. . I. I-: I.ol'd ?i tbal . I bOS I'll lit ?clell'lile liil-Il ill .t.
York abonld doclaj. It Impracticable. Wetetkey boas
In tbat declaration I If ao, ht is a reflaeflaaea tkeir?
: n l!.:it tin y have not g!v_fl the I. -n-i
in a i . i? ..in ; c .ai. .?numn. olh. rwi?. it i? i:.?rv?lili
. .... rd and l-im- ? Dblidtj te ? pr..:
.. n ..u.on iii.ii practical observers know lo be foolli
aad uii?.'iii..i. ii..- L .nd. u ?\?;.ui i? aa orderly ai
eoniplete tL.it one answers el Us rxbrteae. wee
i-lj believe that tkonsands srs imiuiy ix-imrtrau
d so rapidly end quietly, aaobeervaal le Ike en
nary street trsvi ? r. One kaa only lo itep down a atal
? ,. ..i i,..i,i i-?:, ?nil iu a tew bi hates Ind blBMeU :
.??io..: f .n >iati'ii. three sstlea a?sap. l'mm tbe late
truias depart even Bvs aaioutea, eoaneettae wuh ?
rlouaanri ? roads st tba h nrba, and, tkooek rannlx
r;itia: ,aeddenta are of rare ecenrrence, sad besel
c..i..?i_ih '.?a leperhMliy ol this overea) elevated or on
railway lyeten. tie eollUiotu with vrhlclea, i
i. ?, hi i , i. i ? :..-! u -. Bo del?.? ? al rroastnea, ii" -
lion trom any can e to which ? ?ui fa? t or eh rated ron
wonld i ' liable. I
. .
l-ltt l,..s Ulli
the - ' 'i ui
p..m . but ill ultiman iv
?i i.iui. Ui -.... '..... .u... ..... i '
\ as inmi.!. lie.-.lile uud ? ll,'i ; ? . .
i? the coal a ?ei i 11 r Inte
In tin ? I m 1 .1 I ...11 M. nl III? - '
,i ..?1er In SI
? Id an uudi i.
f'. in Thtrt.. fonrtb ?i. t" the I . ? - .
The lion. Baulord E. Cbnn-b, i oniiuitteeol lb
I-...;-!..: Aid. m.i n ... Febriiai I . "tha
i"'iii.i transit would save an - uoo.ixmi to tb
i! " in '.-? li,-. then, con
: , . - ? in : '.- e- : .
aUlch wuuld not exceed tht inui . ??? - f. pu
ii. ul.irlj u u i- i ,, . . ? ; -? rta, tlmi " an;
uf tbe proposed Unes, If liu ; would return larjro revi
n,..??." wi ?. ' ? . .
not :l.?o ?Id In thi coi -i? ici ion ol au under.
road I I can see s ? reason save that It mil Interter
v. un th? i. !e, -.- rn < ? rt: in ?? railnsvI nionouoll. ? " thai
in th?- i.in.'i; ' 11.1.. .I-.iii !, rTaakiu, "* have tb
- \ tbe tl ln.i-, ..fi n?t u tb?* i aud B ule, ant
?lav? the l/... latu e t?. Rrtud axea ft*r ibea
i. i ful ih peopli." There la I.til doub
tbat, had its pretended in? ml? at an early ?la.?
material aid lo some coui|>any airead) ... i../. .1. am
p.'.. ?. - 'i.i. the ii'-. m??: ? ?? and power, m ? . - -n -. to e*m
sini.i .m nnderground road, rapid transit -??.? ?:i?t now b_
ou fttit uortimgit, and I would ?i.-?...?. lot
!'i..,ci, \ uWiu r.? who so , i ? ...
I .A.ieii project thai ir ibej would atoo? subscribe
mi y ?nu?t? hui nur: the amount they expect to be dam
? its ?.-onstructlon toward tb? capital of that cum
.'<???? linn, i ?.-!'? -;r-i? _.l.iti s? ? i,,. n. :ii'.'.; n ali/.u;
>iie.???--, i' woiii.I .in .i.tii -. lusore the Immediate i.i
n u ' c went and speedy completion thereof : and m s bob
.?ai,.., in ?Behideous skeleton that iu pto??.ci bannti
tin ni I...I.I, ,..> ....ii ..- ver laid, and in din
n-. ? ..ui..-pal. ?t i.) its con. ii-.icin.ii entirely removed.
iii?;'. ft, 111 a,.ring?, SI. !.. Man h -1. 1-77. A. li. L.
To tht Editor of Tht Trtbun*.
Bnt: There an bumj braDchea <?f iadnatij
that bees s. M-r.-ij on i in- i.eaiiii.if lan.-a- tmtatnmt in
. aad im etinii ? should in tpared la reaseeetkeei
ni.iunou. (-(Jiiilitioii.. or at least to liciten tkSflS. I_
l'l'ai.cc this flMttSS has bBBB ?leenn-.l .?i:l!i. i ,.-?y nu;...: i
BBtte occupy the attention el the Qoi ? rn:ii? at ; and in
telllgent ini-li are en? unrated to glVS s|n-ci,j1 ?.:.-. ia atloll
to un?;?-11 : Uf ni occupations, wttk a \ .evv to riiiiDVe or
iliiuili:?litli?.r uubealllifuiiie.?.?. liar,- it lia.? received little
tloa?U'lUe, 1 may say. in ci.tiipi:i?on willi what It
iieids. i d?. not pro'ios?. Base to _-o iiiiiiu im?. ktUBk, Bad
t.. cue i few in-taitc. s only. In the manufacture of
ch. tun ;il?. men are often eaps_s4 lo very noxious ? ttiuvi;?
??if tell wit bout -half iM-iii.'in tue least a-mi: ?? o? ll BSB-fMl
bv i M?M, PkstsgBBpkses suffer gtsatly in health frem
Ike (eases "f eeBeatse ; Iks seatfcsaad saltea si etbi i ?j
runiiiiis to the nervous s? ?teiu. It bas lie-u showu in
your coluimiH that ?ainus HiitTcr lu'icli from Tin- es
tr--uiel.\ l.i.d venlilali.iu of for. iiislles, taking lnv. I
auii averaeloft, .i i- nairnid. only IS fears of 11 f ?
- _Bi-f?, enalaiewra, the Buken and a?adiera of lr a,
-utT.T tram ezeeadve heat. Operativ? - la (a. i - *uk rr
fi.mi iicfiiin.- ventilation aflea from tu. ?tii.ivia of
sun.'?ran.', s u-.-d i:i man if.i?-ti:re?.
Boiaeeinplo sranw] i? buwe-aindedeBoncktoreaMdy
u.c.. \ ii- ...I i.eeoi.iiii.' awart ol them, bal l t. ar ih il la
moat caaes tbe reform uu-.tt be eoaspalaory. lti?t.-ry
Miiiaik.ii.il- la bow many caaes vboleaale erll maybe
traced to waal al rseUlattoa. tot a leas nine it w..*
tbonahi tbat aeeraala el tke Jas b oh vas sa be rita.
coiicoiuit.itii of pfcaepkoma Bietek nfsslBS Now it is. I
be, leva-, ;tlui,i-l if imt ? ; u. I ?- KM ml of bj .lil.llniy
ebaoflne r.'u air. Pees air and plenty of hubt are the m
dlapenaable needs ef tke bes-sa system. Peter Hender?
son, in our of his book., on garileniui;, SPSeke ef tke le
iii.uk l.iu health eiiio?,ed by gardeners. Tup life ..fa
si.iini ?. iiii-l i.e an exeepiloaally bealtBy one if ba slept
in nur?- air. Eiwiaas who Ii.u. had un appartnnlt) of
okaervtaf kaowa iii.it sallosa as eeteasan dm bealtby
looklne aien. Ever] ewployer skonld fed that br ?
moraiiv boiin.i tesse thai thess wfceai be earnleye an
n?.t deteriorated ahhst pkystaelly m morally ?-.hiU iu hw
M i M- ? m L.
Philadelphia, March 10, 1-77.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sik: Surely th?: timos ar?- s,ul enough with?
out harrowing our fea -linns by foundiii-, a ca-ui. tcry in the
heurt uf the city. Vet this bu? ba-en doue. Iu tbat
euts-ry uud gay s|tot, _fad_ton-?--_ai.-, a tomb has tacen
1, tilunk, square, u?_)y. On Its f_s-e, In true rustic
(t., le, is euilaedde.1 a paue of elaass. carefully protecting
a colored rluirt or advertun-mi-ii. of somo klud. Hur
iiioiiiiiin. tbe tomb, however, Is, slu_nlarly enough, a
work of art?u baud and torch of broiise. Vet tbe
tomb and hand do not seem to like companionship ; the
latter ??. tust?, wish to break from its ?cpulchral moor
iiiint. and mouut bigber-uiuch higher. Tha- baud is iin*
wurk of ..m- country, the p.ileBtal of another, i-iimci It
to ?ay thai, allhoUKU Auiciica cauild naif Have prodm-asd
the hand, no other country could have produced tbe
i*-.!, ?tal. Let Ibe hideous tblug be reiiiuvisl. anil tn IU
?la?., ?lace a column ui broui* or Iron, ot simple and
passfal patteni. and tall eami_B to allow the band to
hold its i.inli m au. .n il nui tu grovel opon i be gmaad.
L. i us nui Im Ute lan-.hiuc-stoek of the world, c. i. A
Are - lurk. Munit J7 1 ^77.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sin: In Tm. Tkiim nk of the 20th inst. I
fir.?I amone "letters fr??m the People" one In sdfld
"Oatbollea Honm-iiu- a Protestant," win *h illustrates in
a forcible manner the titiie-w.uii ?iiiotalion, "A llllle
learnln.' is adSBSBBBBI tlnmr." Tin* wiit. r?win. st-rtia
himself "Observer"?"can.nit but rejoice at the bsaas
?tone by ?<? many Roman Cn?ioPc* to ?t Protestant -??.lut"
paasabag It IBtnak).aad gaaa so to tivi ashortMa
tory of this same saint, ?? who prob.ili'y iiev?*r heard of
tin* Charos o? Hunte.,in-! was u ample nlssionsigsf
the Imtt Jt-IM tBSaa." BOW, t'l lies-ill with tae hls
torlcal IBSBI ami il.tt. .. AaSacsaB*a Illsmrv ?>f Km-'laad
lays! ** This e.-it ibValed mi?i-'iiarv waa bum In the
iitiit.'i-wctat, m part el Branee." SfntlnBril Oh
?errer**stales. Perhani hsm m Brit;an* ?? n- .om
m net I ',:- i ibora m 433 A.D.. ami 01 u : ? IT.." nul
!?? i. ABrtureun alae f'.it.-s that lor the - ?< x.
ciitiit! - In I ?ml made great progn - lu i lera
lurt* and ?nt, a;,.! Km forth man. : ued
men himI iii.^-lunarli. innii the immnnfeHre
which Bad been establish i. s. sin* must
have fnlloMeil tin* eiiKli.in*, ,,f ilie ?"?linn ul I: tue, . it
st that time was (tocether with the \v. ?i.-ru or Onsak
Cbnrrta) tbe recoemzed bend nf the riirMliiu v..ui?t,
then betacthea B? diaVnat st-rls o Cbriatiai i, bul all
Wim believed in Cbrisl it in?: termed Chr. f.ans The
cinir.-ti of Borne tin n was. no ili.iii.tvcr? differentia
Biaa-f ivspects IroDi the Cfenrchof Bonn nt the prrsBBB
day, m : tin- blunder of calllun si. l*.?rtT-k ? I'n
will lie set n a* n mi- when mm reiiii-iiiiii-rs tbst the t.-rm
Protestant nrlainsted m tin* Hm.- ur n?, Befonuatl . la
1 -'i about 1.000 years after the death o? .-*;.!? bal
Flaally, however -tr-ii-l? Patriot Bdgbl bave piuiesBsd
aa*uiu-i tbe ? liureii of Etmme, be asasl be a Bouniu ? ?Em?
ue ?...ut. ?? a samt (aecuidtag to Webster) is a pers a
B ini ..- C1HIUII./.I .[ or lia. i tl ll|?oti UM i alaiocile cl -.tillfa
liv an ttttl.i.i ?n t of tl- Pope. Very reepectl
ISBf Lddij, .**. . 1., Man h l'A. 1-77. il. M. B.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
SiH: Ths ?-oiniiuitiieiitiiin in last Saturday1?
Isi-ue, by "An Ami nean Mother" of I'xpcri-iient Mills,
I' nu., elicit ?1 a fervtiit "Amni," I iluuiit n.;, from
evil*, y.iiiii_-:iian r- a.l. r of yu'ir BapST. If thus.- t.f us
pangBBBBwhs ssa ataad?st, as rat, at ths tarbat the
reads, exasriatag^a daBhaatda oass ta* mi a its more
lu.-t such clieeiiinr ?mil wi-e remarks as tlio-*- aliove
im--.!. Un* beg?Hdag of the twentielb eeatai. wsaM see
fewer smalBsaalsd bbm, w_sssad? saS asta oal betas
their yi ?irs v.- IB m arlv run. As a i-l.i-?, we ?ire mutually
hopeful, traattag aa BaptaaBMSaa peaseatfei the uf
the fnfun* it hhi t-t Im we -i.*.,,; | :,. i-. nor iced.ere we i
were ' i'ri.v ?tartcii, at hints of tlu euiu.irv bet?n ?' over- :
er..*ai*.. -.'.'? i?. there Is no room forus.?*e|
?*. **???? bettet or worse, iBVotntitartly ; and If.
?i ' *. . ; ???? in sever m Basions to labor (and in bo w?w
? ilia 1 be be iten hack ont of exist? nre at if
??'?wen minuter-. Than m all siiieetit? we . in ?'that
? ? ? ? ? ?? ehemeol immunity Ui a failure, und il m?t
be better 11 tbis woodrona e_r.li of onni r ;.. .1 . .. i
i oili.t so uninhabited. Hfelesa rlod.
Hum., -i? muH:, n. ? ..i tte.-jMiiitit-ney don't last larevsr.
?' irst i f nu.*?..* hrt-ai aatare*! nonasten, one ?hit
from ber Bowery n . i -. m stance at b< r mount 'it..
? i .-? i -;. ?iK tl p ,.i . . lit! we ?in- lip ?salo fill 1 8 ?cad
lu sB ?????- -?a-il.- t:?.,t her anas are iii?r eaoachtoaaa*
iirui n- every one. We are eonibnc-?thonaaads, ywt?
Itiniili.*i's ol i?,un-.i*nt- if mi; ihiiincb we ?n.- .-,. lui
with ?? Nu ri um," ? ei n :t ? i. l*. t tt ? | tl. v..* sn full of ,
lb ?uni mil of hope; ?v.- love life, ami love the
? i . ml >ur hearts are big with joy Our on'y charter
to exist Is the breath wbteh Uod Almighty gaveua, but
? - pot? m v fruin its tramer, ?ml none ma? snaBI
? HilU only. ?IM.-AMi-iNVI.Mr.
.\, "in!:, JT. J., March'-'I*.. 1 -77.
To t h e P d ? io r o t the Tribune.
Bat: Thanks fur Tan?ai bnessatfaaf liave
? .i -.;..-. ?"ni iii :.:, instttatiasBb
l railway rorporatioas. Wbile the aalatfBS I
. ?.n b, a'i! got l m. a. have ahraak ta tali the aa*
bs BBBertagpablls
. ask a radoetl n Io tbuaa prodigtooa ineoinesof
in-nr:i!iei presidents, i cretartes, Bgeats, Ac. 1 -iciaaj
, ?? i. . ..m* aad Fail nt tin* i. bob
I, II., p, 120, w h eh only Beedi these
??..n of the "iii ' .tile ???.'1 fall " of
ince rompaaieSi a ipita af their 'irst
eta BiCB and H beat sbiBty." Jaat lead, Bark, i ?ru,
aad ata ardly 'lu'''>t this ?
h Rotnao (in??.liane' i tiiassij were
i ui
t?..i .itiu .*. aad by the mi\ ? :? Ion or new eninliiuien - m?l
ut the i'i". nil
. tni
. d * irj, (insurant 11 ife.
\ i .t|iiaiu ? m tie Mjra, " When 1..I?1.I. m ?I?, a note
of." i'..i..*i r Boiusa
1 ilii-aij, .V. TH Manh 30, 1-77.
To the Editor o I The T r i '< une.
Su:: I Botke by yoar paper ??i to>day that
t i. ?? tl i ? in-ill aiict* BBUter, ?il't'-r->'."*?
fair way of ?-.I'll ?m* i;. Iflrml) believe, as
tl i tuai i ' *t .ei "f the poUey-tudders, thai t!.iiii.-rs of
tin ci , ii i fi '.' iiiy
? ? ? ara morally if bo| poo Ible, Bad
ted '?'. i ? At toi Bey-Oeaeral ?
UsBed that he win Bad, by tbe ree nls
i- oo wbleb to
hose i ?nit. la rearard to tbe 4*100,000 now on '? ?
i. i ?I lie lilt i.e. l.*il|r.-ll t.. . .- III. IM-y
II t'.t* ?- lie*, -ll.'i.e't - d WI BS
? ?: ..'? iii.:\.?*'< counsel to set it wlthlni
do, i.i. n fan ?veil t.. ?i,*, ,?? i
uf the i-ttiir ?tri-??. -in lib ?- nl receiving any |K>i :
thai i .. 'i- them. Beal ). loo, ?t i .n;!i
...:? eked ??? "ii'.ic.i " '?i ? '-smI
up tiiti ?ettl? ?'?? -n. at least, i think. Puu? i-iun-i-ta,
f., Ml I. 27, 1-7".
To the Editor ol rrte Tii'ittae
- . : The project suggested in your issue of
the Jttii foe a abort? **> Bern read thaa aowexteta,
?i, n ...'?i n.* bad f.- Bal ?mure nr an? oilier Bastera ?tort
m tbe United States, la af ntsIvalM labrtagtns bast
lo tbe BKtropoBa aad tat .?11 time man log ta her the
?t.: ui portaai euiytag tratie la aad traaa tarn Qnal Weak
.-n. n a road should be la tbe baa t< i : boaoal eorporatass
who woald sot ?-".t.r tin atoeb aad only Issue a *iuf
, uf bonds to mull? aad ei|Blp the road. Suoha
woald become the ro?d ol the country, aad 91
l er ?tait on abares could behadwltb more ees? . i m .???r
*. j.t r ci ui from Hie n? I'liiiriiciieil and
shameful I * debt-hmded Bew-Tarh Ceatral. Kurv In
hal.it.?..' of tl.- St.t* who owns .t lut ur acre t.f laud
si., n..I .1 . ni.- part, ami tor th.s pnrimae bonds of tl?.
?fj". EM, m SI 00 should be Issued ? .iuis, Innteadofths
in * :.: t- plorable state of eouuaan ., tbe em ntr t..mid
bave . .-> tt.-r pruoperity tliaa it baa heretofore known.
.\r.<- Ink, Mar a 21, 1-77. -POBBSarBi
To the ,'. 1 i i o e 0/ The Tribune.
Si ii : b jour Paria corre?! ?out lent ( -Vr-?'iic*
Daaaaay? I an nlml or a ilrilii-ait. I or is he only a li.ai-t*
jiiKerl I none.- thsss taamng sShas faaaj BaaSsaesi ?u
his letter on Victor BagVIl "LsfBBd of the Aiit*s :"
*l.\i;\ 'tin. tiie hlliiiuu liiltid 1Mb BhMlC BBSS Inaccessi?
ble ici'ii-:" " In i e.'-rth then- is bal BBS BBS-?but
une n.?n:: 'Lu Leitemle d?-s Bietrles'?Victor HogaT
ilso says, **Sofbr little children to e?nue is
: Victor Qugo baa ereatod tbe Btneteentb Llteiasy
( , ,.:i r- ,- "the wot Id la fed by his Ideaa;" ?-.. ..niei
,.., .: *,. u i r. in Olympus to reatallti .ui
.. .? (iod fur Diana's nympos : ao Victor Huro Baa*
from hi-- lui-'lit.- lu tna'*.!* a lniii.|iiet "f nlvl-with
ii.l- of .?.l ?or.?Orpheus, Hobnuon, An ?t?.i>t. tites,
ia.,., tus, Virgtl. Dante, P-trarca, Bousard. ^?iuse
?? Victor Bogo I? Modern Wis
th?m." \ii :: BUM WYMBm\
Btomklgn,.?. l., Manh -<*>. UT7.
Btnrora KEwspireM n iRABBtsBUMk
y ? the Bettor of PBS Tribune.
Sm: OB? ?lav last w?-ek, while passl_g
Hi .. igh lia. i .?'nil-. l'eau., a frit-ud who saw nie shoot
tu ..ir- .. -l.'.'-i m at the price of ten ceuts rushed up aad
Hpolleil ISO ?n?-??iliati.i.? by bSS4SSg me tile paper. s.iviU|{:
" f henght Ibts bs Tart far Sti eetua. This Bewas-ssat
?: . ?.-i'i,.' is the saca are here you can't bap
idailj tar tata thaa lea eeala. As _.niu as tbe
t the] '?? ?? i'i'my st the cut?." I bad nb
?i-rv?*- ? i i ?? .Hin ?t. la toe newspaper trad? In ii.u-rls
mi!.- ?ur st vcr.il m.?mil? past Ii I*? my hami to mi) all
- when I trawl, but Harris bora las
p .te,* ?* i. re l .n mt nuv mun- thai) one for tue P .umiii*
ai .r. ??.:. Oao does Botbha to bs nviiuditd out of even
a ?..fl .. au. S. B. B.
lialltM-ire, Md., March -?i. 1-.7.
To tAs Ed 11 ?r of TAe Tribune.
Sih: In the inter? st ?d the BBSJasi, tiinper
tiutl pn.tin* Iwt.iil.l UUc to ask if there ts m. way to lire
.ml tii I -t r.et ear company, the tenniliiis of WBSSS line la
?i the turner of Auii-st. and Broadway, from .IriTin?
their hors, s into the passlnii crowd and across the side?
walk, st??Pi?ni?f there und turnlu?? their teams. Iri^hten
lui* women ??ml ? hlltlreli, aud eonipellin? them to rush
oui ni mi. dmmamt lutu want ma) ih* s worse, aanoag the
iiiahnm n tm? ou Hruatl*-)-. Ladu-s are thim abuse?!,
men ,.n .?.i.i-. til ?inilaiiiiravati'd, ant! ev.ri itoti.-. ?i.iasiied
wboebaaeea to l?e p.?-?iuK. and yet so aatteat ssaSBbV
?en.? thai no une utiern a word of protest. Will you
kitiith notice tins m behali of the iuiiny who are en
dauatnsl, d?laye?!, auti spattered. When atn-et i ur
Inun.Oil is are su oOlli?init to the ptsiple it were uuklud
ol Un- people to . nc>iiir__u rapid transit atfuiuat tin* luUsr
est <>r ?licit company. Lto?KB.
.?of i? irk, March 26, 1-77.
Te tht Editor of Tht Tribune.
Sib : I'rof. John Secly Hart went to the New
JeiM. ) .liai. Nurmal school In ?HH2?not. however, SB
Principal, us i - mat? d lu to-day's Tuui'XB, but as head
uf iht Mo?!?- !?? wuituit ut- After une ya_r la Uus poaiUuB
1"- ' Prim pal. Perhaps the most Important
I?-'* mm Prof. llartcvt-riH copied wss Ike Profeaaorthlp
S?1 ind of ihe I.-', .?it I.uiL-iiinre and Lrterat-Hra
m I n -nu ('..ll'-m*. wblefa I..- aeci i.t.-il m 1 -7J Ids
? 'ir, an) of t?ie l.i?l-n.iiii"'l post
alb 1 t.. m 'I if- 1 l.l ;l ? I - . ! itti.ir ? note, ?a. I ln-g the
ffrlv :.?_.- of mei ,n .mi... it. I am reara,
.? \i,t De \. iTr Mii.i.ek.
Cmti liirrr. V. ; ., M rcli BJ, IBTT.
fe the l.ditor of Thr Tribune.
SI ?i : I'!..i??* lo ?il'inv in?' to say a word or
tWi , ;o labor. Tin ladles ?Mid _?? fitie'tiell of C< ?it?*
Of .*. ?J ; -!.,,?-. ) rSBM-Bb I* tliat -Ahile tl.c Ck-BSSS
and ii. .:'..-. are work int for lew --ugc?. tBe ii*i?h an:
coir . i out from one soui-honae t?> another for food, ?km
Itt,; knien ? irk for low wages thon so from
aaa !eor tu nnotber begelng. And agala: While tin?
(lilt ? a. d the in _ro. ? ?ire working for low wag? a, tke
I , i,nt :.timing down brown tone bon__'_
and I think If 1? I... : ? -1 In tier to WOrS 1er low
wa: , .i ha- l,a*.i_-i;;_ i.-_ <n ? to l.iin?-|N..f.. and
ban ? ? n I iin ikui_: mm peopie's lions??, ?u. taey did :u
tha s. s. T.
jVri---i.u-,., Kerch M, tf77.
Te He Editmr of ihe Tribune.
Sin: Vim arc evidently not favorably in?
cline I tow.,id li; ? pi'.-J- .t .'f traii?fi-iriiik' iin- I,--i_isl-if?i.e
tiiN.-- York. BTho la, beside tke Politician 1 Be_anling
the t ? .in act! n of ibe <-tannon ? oancll. thU inqnl j .s
?p., nent ou. Have tne city luthorittei the right to
diai_-?e m the arcan oeciiple?! by tha Parbaforanj id er
t.ii.j..- ; m t to wbieb they have been dcdlcated and
Mtahicutuej ???? inc. ti.-ai.y acquired I
An,- lor!;. Maren ?_?. Is77. I.M.IIHKI-.
??nu: CASE Of Tin: POTL"
To the Fdi tur nf ihe ?ribnitr.
Sn;: I thank von with nil my li?-iirt foryo.ir
calilo:. .1 on '* I ha- < i-e of the Pike?." Kv.-ry h. man in
the i, i.i In under obi a nous io you for the toue of your
pup? i. \ urn - uc'-i I;-. t.
fork. Peno., M.:, li .?. 1877.
?OBOEBIKGOM A Hist.?(S. H. Tin-Trisli car
1.x,,- lui.?an I..V-..--I tram ..rn .-1, ll- _ ;-.,..,.. li.-,
for a ??-i-ii.iw u within ifte town boundaries.) Inquisitive
ton* _??!?: Il r .lis _ tb? reduction of fare anit yon ?*__*
iii ? i, i !.. il ... .?i,t. mi th- occasion): K. <!<>.>_. hu:i 1.
ii i ]?? -i.. . ui . i. r to un-, i only iliuiv.
mm._ i i ti.-- n tu- itn' me les? nu- a aklllln', :.n?l the
nul i a tui ...- more to dkrtnk tkeir health.-[i .nay
i -Ilk _
Pi'. M in-.'- '?. to ttmmtht? ciniilti. Ml eli .10.? I
Mr. am. Mr . ??????men, . ...line? da lli.-m.-n inn' ton. A. !?' i
1-aiiiiei ?. J. ' o" i '.'tu 1 i ?? '-. I ? . - ? -
11. A. .1 loti? ? . .'... ?-.. -t. r.r. J .? ? i. , . . . \ ?? :. I. i . ,
? um, . . . - ?? i-. ? ? .ni..- tac . . ., v- Il
Amir - - -? : A.-riU .? .I.kiii I'.iai? 11 - II i.n ,
Ban., . . . t i a .- I.... -Ue. lii__-*.-il, J. Boy ?too, U. T. i
y liait
n .i.., BB Ai.-: ..sac
saetnai i? ... B.W UAmottam. o-A'l
i t. \ i- a nu- i il ?. m
-.aim. Jim,... ? ... Do? ? Band Ml liallO. Ports..U_*B
?? ? :.. nu.? nui r. h
tmott li",... .. iu.i.:i/:lll He,! ii. t-i-rrv. 11-.5 ,
I'd III Off >. KW.Yi'Kk.H-BCB 30.
( l.l AIll l>
Bteai'is'ii;i Adriatic i.'ir... Perry, Liverpool via (_ue.-n_town,
K. J. ? ?
stern.. p . I -;. (Dutch), t'heval.er. Rotterdam, Hu?.. Kutirh
Kne. ) n
aammstiip Cltj ot 'tn-i.-r (Br.), TlbBttla Uvaspoal via
(_i:.-a-, ? .1 '..l'l...
si..it -.f Austin, Bl mu.., fferaaadlaa rla Pan
Bayai. ? II Mil -?? Co.
_t. i. :..,-. ,'i:t>i-i, Philaalelphla.Ja? II.ml.
-i. ton, In I., A. Abbott
Bbtl'M? *".o In?, l.l ?n.in M.l -it. J'.ui:, N.B.,
O. Al: ?'? ' "
Mil-,' ' ' ?' I ' ?: ? Bettle, I...II.I.HI. Uuow A l'air-.. -?.
i. :...i... .n. -..-w. u. i.i- tt
| n i . ?- :.. in.. ..i, sii'riiiu, tor ?iiiii-m.
i- |. ? Al ii.
liai- M.i__i.- Elliot! (Br.) Waters. Valpaiai-. . ci.
l.l. iuuia-1.
Bark .'.In .i -M.nlre It.il.'. \'i riliiui, I'.n.ti.l. Enc. F. D.:i.
i-i 11 _ ?.i.:-, iii, uafi , at i'nl.'. Hark, Blmpaon, Clapp
a* l II.
i frltue i..- Bou Br.) If ont-, 8t John, ?f. __> D. B. Do
Wni: .--? ' ,.
ii.i- Havre, i'r,-ti. ?mi a i ?>
?: . . i ' ?.I.i. iOM.it.,, Port., Uit.'.'iiiev. r
I .
D.vl Hat -. .-i.rtl..:i I. .l.a.-. n? il ,nr. r .'.-. ?>.
Babi ' u i i....! f c. m. .\::. n. it..?i.j..i it .,?,....
kale WeuttarortU, li.it.. Uavaaa, JiiUi-r.-i Uougb*
-.lr Ailc.n-u - ?i-, Olln. Ht. Mu_'.itiii .. W. L, O. We?M>__
?ii. ? i mn . . uraovllto, --t. ..'..iin.., \. p., p. _ .vr.
vlu? .\ -
UOt *?. Jen ell, .J.r.-.-il. I.n I _ -t..i?. V J. Jr.
?n ?-. ?'o.
.-. . ? h a, I'erry. Baltimore, Wm. Cballoncr*,
B? ??! t til.J -lu:i?')ii, *?*. J'.iili.-N. JI.. W. I.. Mini
. I? i.i r, Neiaon, .N.;-?;iu. N. 1'., B. J. Wei.!,, i;;
A i n.
Borgt Potomac, so en. -'. Pbilattelpbla, Jan. Hand.
8t??o:, ililp i r, f-niiiinn .;.ir.;i 14. wttB
______ .-? ii- \t'..l ..lui-: Mi..li l.).ii'. ,:i _.',, i.n,.
Hi.: ... ...,,-.mi bound i:.. ?_?.
; ! . . 1? t? j...?. .1 a rl't-a. ., ??. .iin.-ii.l. n : I
lui. Pi ? t, loll ' . li iiiii'ir r i ' 11. ?...i, i,i - .
MBH ' ''-'? '??-.? i a -mi,- l. ne - . ? . ?i
!>..'.i.e. . : il I", .-ill. .*,? -
In-jie. , IU] Lit, ll 8?. '? :,. '.:. VA, |
Bmw ... . ? ? ? i . - .. . .j "... and ll
?l. ell. -, l - M -f..
BSmiu.Ii?-. 'i : ..n t lv. Reed, New-Orleaa?, Kaicli -.?.
? la ' : r ,i i.
-?t... ?'l?l.i i.-.[h.:i, ???tli 111.1.4?.. anil
p___?. ii"
i-o-a \ ?ii. ?? Hal t. Boatun, with ?dae.aaS
pjam?. tn -I- ?,-. .'.: HI -:ii'i.!..l.t ?'.
Bbii. - -*.ou .--i?. 3, I?;.- ?f Wl-rbt i'ii'i, !
?Till ti.- ? m?! ?? in i i.U. el. till III
Ha . . -I, tt? :.: ::i.?a ( lu?an I. i .une a middle pua. !
i..-- "? 'i : -' ' - ? '.i ll.?m i i?, -..??i. baavj \. ;
l.l. . - . 1 Ml I ? .
>- ?i? f ... m :.?f. . i:--iti?. Batavia July 11. s.i
Aut. i -- ? ir; , c a ' " '? -'*. .nul I' ?-i" ? ? . i '. ? . 1. . -.. , ,
-u ?r ??? r a* J I. iii'i .Kulan l-.j .. i
imp? v ? ? _?-... .??: rin-i..|...?-,; i-.-',. ?_?, m
i..... :;; ? ?...,:?? ni-.i.:,i i , u.? to ttarnmila. aa fivm '
ti.-n.' ,ii. i'l i- b., in,i. .:?_ ?.- , a I
i,.,.? ? i,.... -.- i- .?'. Ii.u. .-oarah.i.? .1 for ...neu.ii, . n , I
Feb. '--. ???? .IB, i"!:- 'I ii >* ?. .?poke _tdp llopa ??..ia
Varo 'i...., 101 V. . . Liverpool 10 ?I-.y?. with in.'..-.
toiji.iiT ?,.-..-. ?., i-iiie.i. :. \. an?. Wm ? day? iu me
l 111,lil ; e.,|l.< ;i -.?.ll.. i i. I a- -ii. i, il liai 'ill,- ? HUtill : In IU.
i. ??i? ?n urn. ..:ni -u il., ?.un '?v-- tla ..... ad A. ami N. W,
.? .lus. ?? i..:. :. and - >' , r in. - ,. i . j.i, .,-,. ;,, ...i..,.,(
_i.|. W? lew oi ?.,... nanti; Man-u IB, la - ...,'p ir,..-i
aUS . ? ' . -"? 1-11- -?>? l-..; '-'ll... 1'..?.. 't ;i.i A.I.,.
trnm bar?, nui ii- for N or.York.
l-.tti. a ni?, une, ?; . ?. --t.-na l. ilaya, vvitli .--n.ar to order,
m_m1 w ... "??. i*.i .?..n. Hat in- n b ?aya norm oi
H.ni. .i?, i-i .. V ??'? uii'l N. W, u-:i!i ..
Bai ? , - - ? i -if i-i; i.it.it i. \. s . i:., 'i . London
l-"t-l?. -. In ' tal .l.i.ii- s V. . hi-vcil ,t C.i. Ain.'mie.l ?u
or_v>-??? ml I , i .
Br? ?.-.t ?,...- loi --v .i.e.v, ?'. i'..', Mu-orali, Havana l.",
<lay_, ? lin ?ii_-.il' lo 11.1 ue.?.lit.-11 ,V I i.. V. ??-I tn I-i lain ,t
I.aa ii-'-ii io iu...? mu?a n." liait, rn.?. wii,, \. i.
lout at -I ?pal -
Brl_ A.n .a loi L.ineiii..i\i. N. b.i.*l;?i.;ii?7er. A,|i:.niiil.i 13
d?ja, with ._.. i.e. n lises I Lanmaj a hem? ??
Barton, ?. itaoa s ? u.
Bahr, vv m ii..|i.!?i?. Me.i..',.m-. Baracoa 19 ?taya, with Indi
to W.,.. h. ii.ij.. ,v ' .? . :? li. J 'A.-..I,. ?|; ,v i
Mm lo da? - uuita?t 11 alterna, arltu .N.aa.i .*,, ... t.,., ., and
rain uiul tu?-,
Bark i..-!/.. f. ?min/...; h i,..- .\).ir.'ii 30 tor Bagua, arith loaa
ol bow?;,i ii. bai :ii^* i-ei-ii in n. u, ...un irltS .?n mu non .. .
ste_ni?ii!;s .?.r.i:.. r.,r .-.:-.:_. rj ; ciiv at Ausi.n, for ffarnan
d?na, -m-s Heetamit -t. . u ?t. .,-.-.-, .s. r... Baana . :,.r
IMM) '?: i -a i.n a-1, i -.r ??.i.!;....?, .: ii.,- i. ,-..
hart .. ?-. or Plymouth; Uaa.Ue.ioi i- me.
rara Joaa l?. Bueno, torn?. Jafo? ti. i'.'i.h.ij. foi Bruiuwick,
t.a_,; i .i.e.m. i-r-. . - ?anll ?, r-r na?na? Fio..tier,
tm - . - ,i- i- ..:> ... lot r.rniiswii-k, (Ja., tie.en, loi- !
Haltitooi- -
i-,AlI.i:i) BT WAT o?- I.DM. ISLAM) S?ll .|l
liai . i.i.i.i ". tor ??:. jui.ii. .*t. lt.. - .,i- ... y. y, Donald, l
ti. P. W an mu n, Fatcou, ..a.i n.i.iii, : -r oloiicce.cr We.,,, ,
Wimi .ml l-iaai :. Lit nli .-. tot Fa.l Utwr.
Vil.NU- .?.U..I.I, ln-ol. N W.; c.-at.
) "?..Il . lluN.
y, .-i.-.-i"wN, Mrnrii ..n-iii- ?i..mi.?';ip Montana tha? !
B-ll?st n .n?- v it?rala) 'm ... ' -i : ., toi .- t . . ?
A ?lu.mi Lr.>, in>l ?a. i 'ii.u l lui.', >.ii
? KMii:-ii. i-i.-.i
I'- i. i\'., si.<'.. -1 i i n .'?). UrtVM, Hte?i:ii..!iipCity of :
Hall, ?. H i. - .'?).., ffla. ??aii.-il. au-a?uaul
' Oi Bai .1-, ?llilc, A. V. -...l?.
Puii.AO_ i nu -Urcti ,>o.?Arttve.1, rrtam-tilpa Tindlcainr .
Bag.' ? Fail tu val Ma.? Sower, Uaviilaua, New \..i_. v..
1U._.,. I.n li.ir ?. v? .??:.!.! .-?..i.. ? .-.ii...|. iteiunauipa Aim ,
tin.. Klchuiila, New 1 ..? k ; J B. -Si.liter, \v.. ?i. Ha t?nxot \
uitik i i.n, Maaaoue, nrlaiM. E k
ffou'i..-.? .M ..?. liai? I AX?Ari.vi.l, h.irW Kali-, from '
I..v. ? aiufx, ,
F. ?..Mi. .ti..i.it 30.?? ,t!"il, ..oh, hirlct Aila Orsp mot '?
i .1 ?: B i d i:ei ? .-n- .i. Ktruut.
lui v?..-!. M..I-... -, -,'ii?. . ii.ii.i,:... Hill, for .
I'.-.j. ,....... vu v-:. ? . ,. raide, ?.oodward, iroui
l.-iil .
U* ? _. Mai , ?.? Miiv.'l. .t?an.?lii;i ?-iii.il.er_'. I i ?
?wc. in-.... :. - el. a 0o_ .i.n.. Loud i. d. .
? ?m .i...-. t.i ?in-ii, ...-i-'ii,i Mel .-ii.i.-i. 'laylor I
.?>i|. iiI'i.'b I...it.-, \t.... . i,, j;j v.a Nortada ? Au
teloi ' Hut ?t J.t-?'.
U- ?n v Mari '-r ? 1. ?teatn..lap H.irn.l.iin,-, Wortb,
PlllU.I' ?i'l.J , ?>? -.1 l.taU.ill..?. -\ 1.... ->u..l. .
Bi'.-i'i?., March '!" . - > . -i. fr-n.'i
Baaio 1? iiiin^n. ?in? a arrive i hem i>...
?)f tin- ? ai .- -.' : !:? -?
at n.'h ua. h_u basra Mvad a_a la__cd at eautu u
ve it i . - .
MiVKMI.M's I.K m . ???, ?i t-AM?lliI''.
Qt : i ...?, city
of in. ..iimijil. li'iiiu Uveruwl U arc ii 20, nt. Iiere ?o..iav I V
New \' ._.
,tor Lutrtt Ship Arirt nee Fifth i'ttgeA
^M.\v-K^(.I.^M) UOT?jU-Lodgtega. .?>.-.;
I _? m\ bn aymtimuum oaly ; wowy, Sfld
BB. < nrii.-r !-.?,?*? rj u : Bai ?
t?imer Uceorte.
AIKKN, ?.. C?Bist cliiu.ite __ tlie Lnitail
roa invalids.
Owi.l l....il't at BW?araU price? .au Ueoliuuard *jv aal.lreaalo?
ff.ti Boa ',:,. a -en,a C.
Li.vn >.;;..._
IN PURSUANCE of nn OliDKil of the (?urt
, (. .|jj!ii.,il riel? fnr the Illy aad ? ?mutr nf .New Vnlk.
: I? H Kill. BY V.l\ V.S tt.all tlie pa-r.min au.l ci.sl
Mars tiavlii? 1l.1r.na a-aln-l hi.I I'll All. I' Vf. -11. v.
Inttiy .mili? Mi-a?. sa m tie iity ami ?.'utility ?f Net? V.irk.
Uui'lUet art-n-'iiiira-al lo pi.-ariit tlixlr s_M rljuinn. wil.i I..,,
VOlliiiel? lln r> fm duly rerlBad, U) tlie nub .entier, aaalKUoe ot
tm ..?.', I Iphalel w ?ur_il<.ti, al Ina pi* a of r__n_SCtl_e
buniii'-"?. No. I.U liroatUa), ilnoiu 17. m the ? uv >,
York, ui i.r ?tefnre D..I Ulli ilay of June, ls77-Haled New
T?w?, -Uicii 17, IBTt.
W. T. UIK-l-tAl.L. Allnia. > lor Aa-lgiit--. MhlT Uwl*.
Clothing. Sit.
well -.,?.. ri.-.l -t... It "f m. is. !s.v? ?Dtl c'tll.lre.i's ? I"?h??S
ilia? liiit-in. ><n. Apply at me ?tore? :>A muI BS 4t??t,
"" ' ??"??"""*? 'ir""W'-|,,',r.?,N,,. g I'UI.KY
5tcam?oiit9 an? Bailroa?o.
?_ i. ?*.: ..i,* ?t.ti.i.rs DBBW sad ST. JOHB bweaPBS
ll. B. it*. --Mi? ?.-.Uil.iv.it f> p in., c.?nu..*clfli?t si Albany
with rallwsy train? North swl wort.
H t* MAM), ??en*l f'sss. A-reiit.^
BRIDGEPORT, sad al! |M>inU on Hoosatooio
ami Nsimii'urk Kallruads. far?. ?1. W-aro-r Itltll.i.K.
I'.iHT leave? ?a Hi an tie . ip at 1 '. Jo a. m.. ainl llrtt)-report el
lip in_
Lesv? Nsw*Y**rit from tool ot Vembrotu*:* and ?ortlauil?.
S HI a. m. for Wsathiiijiloo ?in! ths Weat Hlrhmon-t.
Cbsn? it.>n and lbs Sooth I'ullinan Parlor car*? from Vw Y'.tk
to I; .'t.more ami Wsahlaaton. luskin* cuv-m- ? ?mnntlon for
l'.i;-iiai<ti. Cincinnati. s?t. I^.mtv Louisville, 1 *. i i i St
1 p. si. lor \v_?hinst<ii?, sod lor Itirlunont ?it t! IBs -..ifti,
\*? i.oiiioii?v ?i?. I'uiln.anear?) from New-York to Baltiiuote
anil W.iilt'ii-'i.ni
0 p. m. itai:y tor Washington, lb* -^outti ami W.?t Pullman'?
-.'. sot rs ?rom New York ui Hsltiiuor?* sud WaaBButsa, mik.m
class cimii??'l"ins for Chirac?), Cincinnati. LeoiatrtUa, ^t
i* u:-. i-iiiH .mash. tiie Boats anil seats Wast CssBMStssS
w UMiiintfUtn with train? for Lynchlnr**;. Klurtla Nawatrleans,
mi.' t"e s.niih.
i*"i'till "?;M U*"'-!*1'** pimise rail st ?tiinr-in?*"? office?. Hi
ami ;..i- pieaSwa-r,Wsw-Ysrh; aad at heart osksa,IsaS
O? ?.'orllsudl slid Uesdrt'Sv? sis. Bad l"*'>ot, ln?ry I'liy.
_ HAI.TIJiuKh AND itlllD I'.AI I.KOAI)._
KIK--T THIP. THfBHDAY, M.?r. h 2?, ami ramlartg
then hKit. front Plar!4B, M. K-. daily, t-ti opt -ittrltv. ?i ?l y m.
CF.\ I BAL RAILROAD t ? F SI ; W -J K ! ?sE Y^
terry etsUaaaia .New York, foot of i_ii?rty at ami t'<ot
of ? ai'ksatn at., upt.iwii.
t uiiinn i., ti-,-Jan. 1, 1 *?77? Train? BBSS New* York, foot tt
LlBervr-st. as BSlowsi
? . o j. m. lor Klein.nerton. Kanton. Belviden*. Msii<*B
Ch.iiilt. Tsman ta, m ilkesBsrre, Kimus. Oc
ban . l'aiit.nui?. Hash-ton, lt.-a.lniK. Pott?!?i.e. IIarr.*l?tirg.
4 p. ci 1. t . ....t h, lieiiiileu-, .tiei t jij.sin.i ia.
.*. 0 p. m., daily K.'i- l'.aaata.u. Ali<*tilai*-?u, ?n?! llatrt.tittrc.
H u e. -. "t i.i.1.111.
i. ?vefmit ut (JUrkaon-st. si i:i.y 7 s, BIS, BUL lo. 11
11 : ,. ,., ? ?-, S I".. 1:1 "?? *? i -. 7 i .. 11 I., p. m.
Bttr tr.-i.ii? to loeal point? au?.- tun??.table ut BtBBSaa
SUNDAY I ? ..IN-' *l..-i??e ... ut la.,, il, at. .. -.? M ? m..
8:3o. 13p. m. :'" RooaSBruos ami intensalisispotasaaa?
.?11 ."' p. m. it.i Baatou, Beadlair, ami llarrishorc.
Train? leiivn I .r ; or li Auibo", Km Biu.lt, I.?n* ?r?: '.
'i* .?11 m.. _,*., from ?"?'l 11 liai 11 M. BU, li-14 s m,
4 ; ,, g 1 j u. an. f fii 1 .. r.-fn n.. Il 1 , , w,.
11 Ha.
H?.1 M) lue.. K IHifTE.
FOR TK?..s .. ?*, a*.' I'M i 1 -\ Hi-.LPntA.
I.saTe .\.*w*Yor?, to?,*, of ,.. ,. ty ?.!., > ? t , .? ,i.,ii miA Pt-lls
dslllila ai 7 ..11. n ?u. ? ; _ -, ..3,, .,;-,*.. 5. AI, VI lO
y. m., aiitl t t (M, ,,. ,.,. .,,, |* ,. i
?.?av.- leol 01 Clsrkson-at. ai 7'5, 8 1?. ?: *5. 11:1 j a. m.
!-.;.,. .1 ..*>. 1 1 |5 o. ai.
U'.ive l'hnsaisiphia i>?/?i tuain-n Nortl l'ennaTIvanis H?ut
roui, Titiril sud Berkss 1.. st 7.JU. - M, ?.?in, l.UDs.ia
1:3a A U. 5 AO. 111:0 P- m
!.. .iv, 1 r*-.-it .11 f'.r N ??? *. uT? al 1:30, ??lj, h:?)5. a-.l?), ?:.%*
a. ..13 11. 2:10, 4.1*'. I*.l)j p. m.
Huniuan I>r:.?inr H.snu ? ai s aie stia? _*?! 10 th* SeSS a m,
an 1 30 n. m. ii?um. ? ?i -?? ? ?
nirl.t trsins from 1,flit New torn mm PliiU.U?lt .la.
*? Ni'.\\' lUAlNa 1 '*.*?' N?s Vork,fe?ti :. y ? 1
Philadt Iphia, 1 ?-. ni tu I 1*.. rkl ?ta, al B .1 a. n... 3 ??>, Il p, in.
litu.t? f..r*.itl- ai f .**t of I..' 'l'y st.. r.Hit of ciarkw.D >U.
Ni.k. .' .S ^n.l .il 1,1 .?.:?* ?. a? tin? prin. iea? hot-ela. all *itti...*a
"f IBs l'.ile llanwiv In '?? ? ^ or* **n..I l.r ?< i. ?, an-' il No 4
?oiiiiHf.. BreuklTD. M'irc -r* c.e. k.-.l fruoi rraBtsaes Ut
tit.'ti. II. P.BALOWJB. ten l'as?, A.eul.
Ij V?'..S'la. i AHHAN'ii'.Ml.NT 'F TRAINS, !D ?fiel
M.. . IS71
;* a. m_? laeinnal uni ChieaBO Day Ftpr-'ss. Lns?mj.
Boon 1 uschrs 1 ? BuffSln and ? .. ieastua I
10 13 a. m.?ExpisM Ua.l fer UuOslo ?ith M.epliig (oschi?a
an.t. ,1. :.
7 p. m.? 'D".Hvi Par.te E?ipre-t? for ths West Slee?M t<
1 .1. tas f r inirii to Kucluster, liutri'->, >?.i?i.tr i Fa la, ' lacia
pan sod Chics-go wltboat sBaaao; sise Hotel-Ba?as carato
* "uv^. hamhers strMl tt.rst. .**.'. Y., for
BuwarK, S:4S -..t. lui.", I ..t..t. ? . 3 1 '.. S:1S sml'ili
p. m., i'iil 13 ni.iln.h'lit halnri?ay ui.liU only. Mun.laya, I li
s. m.. U i'-0 P m
!? i . :*iiiil Ptrk sr.d P.va.s.ii*. n. 7 lj. 10 *- m., 13
: . 3:4/1.4 30, .'. ? p. m . TJ mi Inigfet saa
tl.ti ?. ii.|s ..o. lo v. n... . i t, '.in p. m., sad 13 i.ii-l.i.Ktit.
. oo, o, 1 l? - ?,". lo. Ml.". I .: - a. m.. 13 aooa. I l'>,
3. 3 i y a i.-t. i au, s,.. i . s, >;? ; -, f. ta, i. 1 p. m., and -1
nuitinsiii. Buodajra t, txto, u 15, lu a. ai, l 15, ????m, 7 p. m.,
ami 12 ail Inlsbt.
su.tttin. S, T IS, lOstfl a. m, 3 IS, ', ?*,. 7 p. m., 13 l>
nicht "????i.lay*. 0, s30, 10 a. m., 1 U, CAO. , y. m., and a*J
t '.u uwall, 9 a. m., ? 30, 1:30p. m. OemsunjO, 8:30 a. m
B .r-Mck. l.?:4.-. i. m., l.iop. m.
Bowtmrgb, 9. l0-.iSa.aL, '?.ad. 4 top. m. SiunUytv 3.10
Kingston 3:30p in Siint'.ava. s .ai a. m.
(Mi.i.rii. >',. ' i.. ?. 10 I ' .t.. <?i. 1:43, litt, 7 p. m. - n
liai-. 8. M 30, 10 a m . i SO, 7 p. m.
Midtlleii??ii, '? ! t. :i. ?n li .t..... .) 16, l:S0, 7 p. m. r?'in.!-" i, ??
8:30, lu a. in.. 7 p, m Tin t a. m. tud 4 ??' l*. ni IraMM fui
Beul -??Hi N-iiv York anil imweirii Miilaiitt r..iiliiiii ?it :
1 ort J..TV1-?. i?. ID.Ij a. m., 1 3n. 7 p.m. SaaSara, S ?
a. si., au 17 ?i. n
SuTS.??aua ;?sv:i?* Chamlj.rsit. on emn or naif hours
Ip ru. leav.* Iweat? Hunl-sL Bliet n uniiiit?-? r.-inier
tliao SBOV0 0mm; Iran.. Us?rlM ' liamlieraaL 00 tjuiiier
bouts leavs i weniy-tl. r.1 s?, lia rty i.in lise ..?':*??- '..a
Iosts I ?-!;'?? tiiiiii at i: 8 lian.: l ? l> p ni., ri.iiii?*! iin^wita
tralca leavi ?g t lianil.ei**? ?t. al 10 p. m. aint 1- uiitti:i*.'lit.
Tiekou '"r Possess ami for Apanine..,;? r, Hrawturon?
Bad .-??.?n.iii*.' i "?e les .-.?t? i.- eMalasd aaS arden for ms
?liiacki;:- I * ft a: the. M . t
, ? -. *;.,..-J...?, loi. S2B ?ni''. 957 Broadway? KaSUaostoi,
Brovkiin. and st tiie Conpaay's Depota _ .
Bxpresa ir?. ns from ths w-at arrive m N?w Hrk at . ?i
a n .. - lOaul 7:68 i>* m.
Tratos lsavs for K&aiewotida CUmtse. Pleraaoot, sad ?fyseB;
7, tt i:> a. nt., 1. ?i. I. ? I ,, .'? :;?'. 8 30, 7 ..In p. in., sod - Itui .if
Bights only ai .1:1'p. m BiumU) a B a. a? ?um t?.::?) ph..
?anil.*-., -?iiriiik: Vsil i-l an ? Mi i?-v. 7, *.i 1.'. a ni , ? 1 . p. a.
j.N*' g.ABBOTT.Osa'lI'sssrAitrat.Baa )'"r--.
1S77.?Leave tlspnts fool of 1 ortlaiull sod IX ibrsoa ?-its, a:
?i ,,n p, m . >'.*...t ???'??ireaa, lisllr. f'tr Kaslou. l:.*tl.:.*n.*iii Al.
kutswn, Maui-n ('Bunk, Wi.ki loo, fans ).:ti>-?,
ll^:lc.-?. Aii'.nm. Boehiwtsr. Hnlf^i", Ni.**tf:tr.? lails. -mt lU?
W em. Puliiuaii'a iltt'ii'it.' eoacli. a attached.
lit.it-1, a. HA Y UK, eap't aad h.:t?*'.
Gtneral taaier-j on.?*, ci ner of CBorcB sail CurUssaii *-s.
I ?lis. Il ll .'l.\l!.M,->. Agella.
V[:\V-ii.WK\. HARTFORD, it?., Pare, ..-:.
.v -? BMMTS leave Peek-slip dally suadays sxeegt? .r
>. ? li.tv.-nat 3..'.?; i p. m., ceil cilof wita raad.
ll HIVKH HAft.l.ii.*, H-t otiimcn.* na Ixe. 3S. Ki.
tl.r'':i.!i traioa will l< si e a md i entrai Dnp 'i :
7 I5 a. :-i . \. SSI "i t:nl N'erihera Kx na?, w.lh .lr.iw'..if
re- :n i a. io ( v.:.:,.:. ??in.
-...t .t. t... Hpeeisi CBteafo ami BS Louis Exorvas, ?.tu
drawing r.i.im car? to Hochaster sud Lu?ato; al?u, laraagb I ^r
lo Mt ?.inns.
li tNia.m. Borthoraand Wsstsra n-inre??.
...?op. in.. Kpseltl Albany, ir->v, an 1 W-.ttt-.ni rxrf-'i?!
inr." ?ll iiUlfalo, 7 10 .1. in.
i ... \? ?n iioaptas-eara tor Wstartoira iui
Can.ii.il.?.:n.?. .?..-.?. tor ..i"ni ?-.il v.a Plsttsburfb.
-: ;.i p ?? PseiBo Bspi te lisily, ?? U: alsopiBK-cars faff
Bonirsii-r. Nniuaia Falla, BuS-lu Cleveland, Indianapolis,
.?tul Lent..*. i?;. . aii... fur t tucacu, via it ah 1. B ami M. c.
Ballruads, sad io ktuotrral via St. AlUaaa
il.?si p.m.. Bipfoaa. T?i:h ikspiaa-eara lor Albany, and
Way Trains aansr Loesl Tim' Tai.i. s Ticket* lar aalsaS
363,'ici, sml 113 Brood war, and at iv'csteoti Bxprrsa ?.'?.'a
Oir.tt'8. No. 7 i'ark piaci, 7m5 and :>X'i l?i'i>.nii<?ay. No-vYurk,
and o.J Vi ?shlnKlun .... BriMiklyu.
ft ii. M-.KKKii. r.tene.-ai PaaaiagoT ?aaaa?
I li.tt N'KW Jttl-I.V BOl UiKHN HAII.IC AH Kirs
l.nrci il.au h>- an? oilier rouW. t onnii. n.in*i NOVSSlBor I-,
187a li.i?-? NawYork train Mer s Nortli Blvsr, t- i ? of H-to
1st t..
?1 a. m for Philadslplilv. lamg Branch, 1\na? H.v.r. and
4 p. m. for I'hiladripiiia, Lutia Brsoch. Tosas Kr -t. w .r*.
lowa. aa? Taofcsrtaa, W S.8NKD?CN. uso. Baasass.
1 ? r TRI SB I.INK
AMi rMTI-.li BTATBS Mili, H'ilTP;
Trums Isavs N>\. \.n?, rlo I"-?tirosaea sad < ort! ?n-tl
Btm -s ;*'t r it->. as folios >
llarrisiMirit Pittsburth. the West sad Sootli.wlth
' ... Palace ca?a a-.l-?c.i"?, -*.,') x m.. B BBd N:30 *ii
Pur WiUuMBSpSrt, Lock Haven. Carry ami Kin. at ?> ' ? ;t *n_
e.?nn?ctin? st ? orry lor I Huavillc. P i olrum c du .. ? ?
-u.. For vvi lanisport and Um k ?? - * i .,
For usltliuors. Wsshlustuo, ? itB, "Limited wsah.
:? Express o? Pallniaa Parlor ?*ars daily, en ii
at l)::,n a. i: . arrive Washl-atoB 4 10 p.m. Ilk-liar al - l?l
a in.. 1. '. ami '.) u in. ?sind.'v K sod 9 p. ?H.
Klin-.*.? for Phlladslpits, 7:30, - .;u. S40 l9:30 I
10:30 s. m- 1, I. 5. S, 7. 8:30. 9 p. n ud 13 nicht. - ,r
8:30 ^* nt, ?'>, >', 7. H 30, an 1 :> y ri Li.naraul au.! aecou.l c.aaa.
7 p. in
At ' * BlPodatloB fol 1 r^n*'tii, 7 a. m., *J ami lin p. ni.
Por trains to Nowsrk. Klisalieth, Rshwi . Pi n.-.-i,.,:, Tn-n
fnt', lvr.li A'tilMiv. Fleiniii/:.,!! ll. t\ i.tun-, ami oil?, r *??m?
get ,.??i? * h-.itiiit?at a'l ticket -.m* .*a
!i.?i:.? arriva Prom 11 labm *i. ?? *_? ? *anl ln::n a n... a*nt
l - ? t- n u... daOr i in ?. ,i. aad n '..? p. at, ?taiiy. r * .*,
vi - DR on sud lialtiiuore ?; .:n, 1*1*60 ? m .
a in 1 10, aiei 10:30 p. ?. Monday, " ?t?, D.*ii a m Brass
Philadelphia, 6:05, 6 -'". '*. '". W:60, 10 10, ?1 .,'? .?. tti.. ?_ a,
?. . ? i d ?' -" y. in. -cut!.i. >,'
? So ' . ' .,.. r. vi. lo o. mm| ;,> :n ?, .u
-, . , i ? -? .
ami fool ? ? . i Nu. 4 in
? No?. 114. ll?. ami 11? umso ?t. Hotsik. *??.
poi.Jt r-ev t n\. Krotsrsut Tlckot OUI it? - .. ? ...
FRANK THOB! *. I'M'.;,
i.. *i. r ,: Mai..?*;* r. Hen. ral Pass? : -
K'?:.?' ll Will !\'i_- .?m ? ?..!i??li!i;.':tt \. ??]
^1 11 **. ' .. ':?
*? v.. Bald will and .:..???. t ..I'm-lt, from 1'* *t
:.. v .:.. .?a.lv, ut ; \, ui.,t tu
i;i* Dt* < t i) KAKK.
BbMBBl al*-u.- ra lr ... PlarSB Nun:i .;.-.tr, fj t .f J ?r ?t_
at "i p. it:
Tirkrt? f..r t?alo St Bit principal It- t-t oilier., s ?... ,
?Mart i ?i o?d.:?? of vi.iia.in Bxpreaa i .....nauy ?.i i
Prtl?hl onlv. Steaumrs leav* i*1.*r .
? * . .ice, ai 4. .lu y m. Pmgkto r\% ?itlur line takea
i W Kir.KINa.?) Y Art P. 6 ItAB?-...
1 via
PI -*???-VI V INIA RAM IV? \p
let?., ti ' '
Foartssn Thronh Trat*?? ?* n mrmg SsiWl t: re? r> . . .
PhUaa-Bblils. i?.... ???an
Ponr Track?. Hie m.
1.i-i*t.tii ? m .;!,, tluie^if .... ' '?
luiprwuilr.iii-.il.??.. \-,a v..r). ... ,
I.lll.ll -.1. t^-tt? ? .11* M ? - *
*30. H:4 ? ? i l.i,.,|.,-.t.. 10:3o ?. m 1 I
B p. m., sad 13 midbiffhi. Monday. ?? .10 a. m ,
P l> m. '
tuturnloa trslaaIsbto Piaadelphli
xi,,; 11 :?. m. 1 ,i.,i'_,l Kxttrea?, 1 .-i^ ;i m
7:36 p. m.. and 13 atidal?hl orS'hu, ,
s. m., ? -? luiJirTslit. ' ?
1 IC-/.-11 im.-'-N 53H am! '.Hi Brost) war. No. 1 \rt|?r 1 ? ,.
Sit.I f.. t nt li-?l?r. ?.-.ea ami I ?n
Hl-tkl.l. ; SOS. Ill, 11.1 ?n.! IlH Hh ,,*,,. 7
Dspid. J?-rs?y City, i i m e \.;'V _.?'"'
pi.?-* H M. 11..-, 11. r .la-*-ri..:-.r 4.^,7'
rii.i.NK rsouaoa usasni?_?_;,r *w'k-rtato?

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