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i\l PI I l'if 'il_::' Li' ^* <:y;v-' ? ,v^^ Cil/iL 1 " * L'p< &?
"" Y-M-XXXVI.If*ll?3&
?tMf? -t- stuMirs n ins nui an AMUKOE
G,?v. t'ii;iiii.K'i'!aiH luM proposed to the Pwa?
flint til?' ?IHI?illlfllH of n eOE_-___OE to ?1?*
pi?l?' win? !? QovsrEO. of Smith Carolina, with
?m ?ilt Tiiaiiv?' proposition for tin- ??nii
mhmEBB Ut <l?iM?l?' who Wer?' l?**.'?i'? **"
?.hrtrd to the I.?>risl;itiir?', tin- Legislature Uiea
ft? tli il:ir?' who is Oovcinoi. Tin-?? ?{HOpoed
limis -mi- not in aoponlam-t- with lh?- Pre?
(hiit'*- poli?}', wlii?li r?)i)ti*ini)hit?s an ?irran.?_????
m? nt by Ih* Governors themselves. It is -ni
noutic? ?1 eeeordingij t liai noa?-ti?>n will be lakes
?m tli?- pb_M presented? it Is siso stated that
the I'ltsithnt has decided t?> remow the
mops hosi th?' Boat- Carolina st-it?- House on
Tii?*wlav- giving tin* t.??v?*inor-til.-t a chance
to p-t ^BkA to Columbia. The Louisiana Com
mi-vitiii are preparing to go South on Tncs?Viv.
It is now ?inniniii'iil that there III SMiel
ti-iifi ?nit-nt Of taOkt hind M to Louisiana in
i\i>t< ti'?-, to ?kick Mr. sh? riiuin is s party.
Major r<iu-?< declares tliai it ii perfectly huii
jiahh to all fon? ?Til??!.
CHAS I Of t:um: aim il Tit in.
[Ui fBLKOBAOTI Ti) i iir. rima-m*:. I
? -ni m. hin. Aj.iil '.?Tli?* follow iiitr i*? ?i ?-i.j.v <.f
th.. propositions submitted to th> l'n -i.it ut by Oov.
Cbaiiil?. rl;iiii. Senator Patterson, i ? >\ D. L Cortan,
? ? vacant ? at iii the Unit? .1 *
(rom s., ?iili (anilina on Friday hi-t. a dupli*
ssteef wl.i. I? was furnished to (iov. Hampton on
are a? tuated now,
: to
- tu Uwful KovetDiuenl lo t M=? t
and lilil?. T? that i*i"i
i * * '
$r.,. ta thua to be r. acl .-t :
\ ? n?* return? ni election mr Governor and
? .** lili all the pap? ra . on
i ? ?
; -.mi retama
?Hill, lilil? III
a im] oi.iii. . *.iy be
i .,1 declare t? i It of tu. t
lino t.f meioi i nt
.ni Un
. to II
, ? pi upon
?tm t-tit-h t'tlif ? \. i. wo,
un n,'. * obtain teial loig to laid
, . .?'.I .m.t Iir?
: . \. li tt in . -
0 ll'"l?-t t f
.'I I., -ii'ii,,,t.
I for I i ol un*
i un?
i ... -linn
i ? . ?
? lute to?- ?nuil
i .?? tin*
! lh? >*?
of till
m! ?m*;
... tu i
1 ? **
1 ".I
l! iab lieved that the
? iv. Hampton v. ii! not
:. It ?rill Li ik?. i - - d that the
i ?? nt 6 .''iiiii t. d bj lin* South '.
: .. .
? i ; - to -. L-.ii tbe latter 81
i..:.. .*?? uuthorit ioi or to per
;.;.'? ,-,y ;?,',. lilt* SOU11
; . ! l?itnlit*:!.lin ?tul his ?iit'inl
tiluted antl ?
? and determine in their stei d
? .t, . Kuch .? ii- .un ?Mtiilil !.. in
? ???-.. ...... I* -? . ' - ;
? I :?*. doubtful if H could have an.
; I the fi '.;.* I ' publi
t mich a]
.??ti -n l:ti?"' ,;.at there
" polii'V o? lin A'!
,'. . .... ribeo
in two worda, namely, uon-iutei i pud tin
? to be confined t>*
|i * Halm-lit. Its fundamental] i.!??i is
.! State? ibi 1! -?:-.! ? all
I?oua without the auistaiice of the
? ' ?. i, ?nid isliii?' a coniprotuiae
tnberbtinpropoaeaiuiicbt not beaa
t lo ?',.' people ?it tbe country ?i- mon
irj iuterpoaition, il ia still a meddliua in
th'- loca] ?n. . .i tin States a'bich inezeeedingly
..Ii! -,
objeel of tbe Preaident in ioviting tbe rival
1 iWa 1 ii;'t?tii waa not to induce them to
nibinil o : im, to tin- Admiuiatration, or
i . nf the Ailini'iistrat
i tray ??nil'l not be
. U they could settle the controveray
i ' ? !.. ?I\ "ill j.lst -'II b ?in int. li' i
? op '-??'!, and to ?.?n?- i1
i '? nuinatiui il??: military int. rv< ntion How cxi i
i It \? ?- not to invent new methods of mterpo
? i'f last week wi n ?????
' J bt ra is, tbevefore, no probabilii
I propoaitiona will be favorably en*
' rthePn ideut*, his Cabinet, or b>
' i. .
'"'? ?? ; nd another letter
whiel ? .. - -n', bal whi. !i a.
' qocsl of ti.- ?.un r be .*. Ithbo] 1- from pnblicv
1 ? ?t. The litt.! coven 11 i
? * , r, and contains an elaborate review ol
tin* Sonth Carolina situation. It also contains a
: j-a- to the Preiddent'a Boat! i ra policy. The
?t n mai k?i'ly al.!?* document, and
? . i oth tmtbetic and aeven .
H 01 I1U i AKOUMAN8.
'' !N*'- ? i I. : .'.-IINAIH.N it) UI HA..1I10N
OOVI I'Mll!.
WASHiNijTov, April 1- An Interview with
Ir il.i-i]', ' In alt .im i -,i the li ??utli
??Estol i i,i,i.. 1 | .i.,tiitti ] ],.. AfterpM
.???I':!.- itopliment to Ikemanboodand n.t? ?.-iity o?
1 '* ( II .ttltiii
? 1 " 0? : - ? be U ?.. j ti..
*' Ihtlr t .,; iiaini'it'ii reeelTSd over
' **' ?t lia- votes caat, nmi >?
Ul4i ** .tl Uovernor. iIk.v claim n bu
?????EH-idi-dmiL r favor by II courut and tboy would
*B*rl> '? '? ? ? II l)J tl.. ?H?t ?it.llaruiiil 111? Last life. I
*?* U' * ? li ?.-. N .-ni ??* i ?'i ?ii in and 1nfl -xinle
jeaomt:.'! :,*. txi-i*. iMMUfb.iut i.iy h.*.|i..u. h la lo
l:" ' ' "'I'" .l'n us,,i, i, ?Hit?) muM be Hit to l?e
* kind m freiizj ttmi |?o *t***4 tin
P?'"I'le it- |'a,-,, *,, r.,-A ,, lltl? ,?.,.., V|11.;|,L. ;,kl. .
m *,i.wi ?,, ??,]? ?n., ??,,,.?,,!,,,,, iiampfm'aMaat
..??*. .' '????? "'"'" "?'"' ?"?<l ''?'?'I "l*1'1' <>" WlMlH'
K?iv(,i n? ; mt.,1 *-;,, (> ?M,?i,i |ia, i,.?i buaiuess on
2r.?.",:" " "?'*"N...\i* i..'i-ii hard fortneSouth mass
m*t***><- ?-rijt-i.f.i ,?? in mood, and the end i.n?lii have
PSaaaacaiii ih?. stMmpaace t.l tin- Republic. In. ?/ ?ill
_'h"-. ,'l""k---'*' audit li*ok?a? if >uitl? Carollaa
aa Hi*,*.!,,,, wt.nlti it,o."
v'ii.,_!'liy. u> ?* QU'-nHon wliut the rcMilt would tie If
LVtla i.', V* '""??'"i?-'! Mim im* reoomitloa eu*
?Mt^o. J LU..-, htiribiop ?aid: " I iau oulj 8?.? ;ik for uiy
Ibe result whether lln-n-iton is |.,v. fnl'v eunttodOt
Ihr people teHn-vr- It. It. i? the harden ?I tlnir tlioti
night and day. it i? a terrible ontlm. ,asin wiiln
rae lar*ce majority would nt flr-r f..m tlnir ant
?lllli-ll ?l.-apiiir iltnl rcfll-e to !),IV n cetll of ??i\. N<
would im? at n in . Ml?, Ami ft be did pa -? -? .m m
bare to )?? giron hin and kepi for lnm i>v tronps."
rartberoahe says: "Ianla Repawleaa.erer*.
ol m?', mu? n Carolinian,every Inch nf im , aad i t
want to aea the State paee Int-? tbe hands r t ho li.
raey? bat I doa't want to aee It -,-<i to the devil rttl
in reply to the aoestlon, !? H .inj.toti beoomi iQove]
won.?! pear?ifollow I beeaid: "Yea, Sir: it would, i
nii'ioi'i.tc.lly,and v.itii thai peer? ?ronld ??'?me ;
liT-itection m nil peuple alike, and property won
"in c nceiiinc t liininccii ill v.ilne bj _.". |'i i cent."
MR. U*..:-. DECIDES l Pox a.N i:\a<i ah.in Ot
STATE nm s - ?t dur .nu,, ?n hi -.hay.
Wa-simni?-on, April l.-Aftci llii-f.-il.i. -t ::
tag yestctttsy Um l'itsni.nt ?ifiiiiiti'iy decide.
order tbe removal ?if Um U lited Mutes troops f
Um South Carolina State Hfl i -.-. Tin wn ....
jits will im i-.timi ou Taesdaj m \t. In iiiiivi'
tioii \iiili n Mend on thi. .siil.j.ct lie is ri|)i?rtc
have Kiii.i tliiit, Judging from Uw dSactuai
wliicli have taken place _o the Cabinet on
?abject, it is certain lint whea a vote
fntni.irljr tabea tbe decision will b<- in fa
of an iniii'i d?ate t? rmlaatkn of tlio militan o. es
in- "t tbe State Huaee; ami that while be
?:- decided to settle th?- who!.- Blattet
ordering the treopa i.i be removed, be had n<> do
-. dl be Immediately ratifled by
itionaladvisers. It .snow believed thai
? or the remoTal of the troops is postponed ai
Tuesday, i i ordei thai the rival QoTemois n
in the meant inn- return t<> tbe Mate. (;
Hai ptdn i- andentood to have raques
i_?.. in? change in tbe *?atut quo shall take *tl
dariiu iiis absence; and it was undoubtedly
?: tbe President that whatevermighl bedel
mined apon, the Governors should bave an oppof
nit j to return to Columbia and And everytbwi
exactly the same condition aa when they left it
\ lahiagtou at his request.
The only ni< tbe Cabinet wboee appro
of this decisi?n ie ai alldonbtfnl are said to be]
M cCrary and Mr. Bhcrinau. They ate ant aad
stood to have i pposi d ?t. hoi it seems they have t
:.? ap tin-11 minds. I be other fire membe
Messrs.] f littrr, Devenu, Key, and Thompe?
have indicated their intention of voUngfbrthe
i on oi ? ? '.. -?tient . iitii.i:
Simili Carolina case, and instala Wade Hampton
Governor. Any controversy thai may bereafl
I ari will be settled legally aud peaceably thron
unlikely, how? ver, ti I
(.'han Lterlain w?l serioasl.i coateal the cane, and
i.' . e expected tli V ?-? 11 impton .- ill v?
The <!? ... goat It ( arolina
foaadod upon an alto 11 si. from 1!.
rlj ??:-' ill?' i."H
ken in tin ,11 i
? quo in Loui.iana ?ill be pret-eivitl on
the comn ...
it ? |V< I?-'
? i.l!-' I i '.'II .
npiui . ?? ' ? -.' ? I. Hay? hi
? ?. n-].n i?liu_ \..?
I ". i ,i M!. ! _XA < ? IMMIS8H ?'.'.
\ -.:-?-' i ii OH i :?-:?' -. ? i ??
MINI \M , HOI r mi:*.!.
IBT .i.i.i .i:\i-ii ro i he tin:'. \ I
I !. i !
until 'I newlny moriiiii
H Ij go I'.-, the way o? <!1
i . - ? ?:?.'..
while iu >
i lb . - . . w !
m iii il ? pr< |?arai ion. J?
? e :?- j 11 ; .? iiuplete, J he metiilic
on, while mil ? to remain
\. ..-. >, i ? .t ?. n da; s, ? iii i
goveriuxl bj tin du Ivea which baveititl
tad n iii make in> andne I m
in aiTiviug at their conclusions. Whatevei tin y ?i
t i.i. n;i'.:i to re oiumeud will n ',. it ii said, be in t<
public antil after tiny retara fromNew-Orleai
ami pre ? . tbe President.
linistratioii and certai
mcmbi. - ' ? - n*>^^? here appear to b
lievi . ... i. nt time is allowed the diflicnlti?
ail the Pn
.?. al m r< .?'-.? d from the resp ,i . . v< u <
..-: iug .m . i-.. lin"! ?i?., . Ii' ilii i?".
!i:i?)|? -n. a delay, a.mse.I li\ o desire ol ?le i i
il bis Cabirel to bring ab ml !..?
i!i" ? onflicting f it I .?- i- n
possibly make there? I "f the Legisla tm
" i. ? . il.ur nit than i- now i . The l?? lief
. i'.-;i il.-it o?a i*i -i tin i olore
in? ntbci .-i the Packard L Mature - ?> ing tl
drift ol tbu ? , .-.ill ... : it, and thai i :.? ii numb,
will beaogreat t- ?-. : ;? i the Nicholls Legtslutm
an nndiapal d quorum, with which a reorgauizal lo
may be effei teu if it -hall in- d< tined net essary.
If this sbonld be accomplished without tbe inl i
vention oi thi Commission Ihe roadt<itbi
nient of tbe remaining questions would bemad
much simpler, and the PreaidtBt's polir., of non-it
tervention in Htata tuTaini would be toad easier t
cany into pra_ tu-?-.|
iVii'Vl Min.il BCftJ-B SAYS IBO?1 IT?TRUMS OF 111
Al.li'lMI \i H il I.
[liY lia.Ki.HAi II TO ?HB TRilil -P.]
Washixotoh, April l. A telegram fromNew-Oi
leans report? bb Interview with Major Parke, ii
which the hitter ii i prooeated as sayiag that lb
m-1 agreement touching Louisiana affairs, wh
? ' .tWormley'a Hotel, in this city, laa
February, where he appear d sa tbe re] n tentativi
Nicholls government, lias not yet been pub
liahed. He has a copy o? that paper, bntdoesno
feel at liberty t<> make its oonteote known. 1 ?
original parties thereto are bouad not to divalgi
tlnir .??m- ledge of its purport, ezcepl Inth.?to
iii?- \ iolatiofl of faith on the pan o? th? e making ti..
n)edge, a anless the eonsent of all concerned la 11 ii
-obtained. Major Burke thinks it would be fai bet?
ter to publish (he whole story : tbei
. ..... mente have been given to thi
public. He thinks, mon over, that if would tend I?
relieve all parties from any odium wha b nu I '
toanyoi them. He asserts bjosI positively tliai
when the facts are all knowB ootli an at .-ill dishon?
orable to aay one who _____ aayth-ag ta do with
these agreements srill appear.
The provisions of tbe yel secrel sgreementto
whii li s-ti.iaiy slia-rinan Is a party, Majar Burke
Hays are digaifled aad do not la tbe slijitest maaaei
infriii." ?i "ii t'"' right? ''f any one. He thlnl
motte who have airead] pabllsbed state-Beats have
ioss so ander tbeimpreation thai tl"- proTi-donsof
!?.i_ ,ii-i aii'l -till seeitst ai." un nt bave '>??< n
violafctl. Mr. Ellis sad J"lm Voting !
??believes supposed that th? g it refsrredta
Htipiiiato; iii.it th?- tino!'- should h?- withdrawn
from the vicinity ?-f Loaisiana Btats House on
\\t. .,, last, aad that the Eailarc lo procura the
,,,. wry order bj t i..it Usas eoavinoed tbamthal
i, released innnaio furthersecracy. <?n
tli. other haiitl Major Barke asserts thai tberehss
,..i . ' tbs .slik'ii:??-! intini.'iii'tii of a viol.iiioii of
sbspledgee. He sapsetud Hurt tiny waahi have
lia-r , ' allied ol.t lief of?- t tl IM titile; btA lie :i__elts
thai even yel nobodj lum ptovad fslss la in
pleili^es. . .
?e will prepare s complete stateraen! of Ins
kaowk-lgi Of the entire ? ase. ?lint v bell HI Ins opiu
ioii it .?ul In proper to do m>, *aiII give h to tin
pu die _
Atlanta, (Ja-, March 31.?(iat. Brown ot
?flBBSSSSS lu un iutervu-w v. itli ii r? |ini(ci of ?he OonOkr
tuAvh ?utu? liial he ?lid BBS. accciit a pomtiuu ou lu.
eoanntaaaaa tu UmWana sntll nmraday ni?;iit. aad lhaa
?'my after bequem ao?ettatlona aad the atEsai ?ni** lea ?.f
leadlas D isaaetata in WssMactee aad Eew-Orteaae. Bs
hopes th? eoWHBiaafcai titiiv be alile lo tart?irtl Tin*
Ti -lilil??'s pnliry uf Ji n ?lit .ilimi, hat ll<- ?-im oi-<!
no feasible plaa fur dotas is mow? Be thtsha the w ?v
t,i ' be found cl srwboi itie coiuinlaalon reaches Ltmlal
ina nul laheala the nutation. Ile will lu n Uly ee
operate m doma what Hi-- President .it*?!r?*? in tin? later*
. m "i ?.-.?..ini.-, mi- the rightful govi restent.
WaseuxotoXi April i.?Tkt Sxwdaa lltniUl,
tin- ?>!.!. ?t aad BSSSl i ill'! mini I?riiiiu*r.itlt- J'tinti tl in
Wsahiagtea, asahas the fsUowtag sensible sdttertal ra
iii.til;- tii-l.iv nn I!," |irt*si*i,i |ttiliilt-:il fit nation :
st,i n?* t if mir tt it t tiit'iir-tt lea aaeaa -,, ti n'; it aoaontlal le
ih. ?.. lMi.ii'i.' nf tin- D?mocratie party to aaatetaia la
tact the aoikl Mouth. To our miad im waa eaa in* aaon
I?< mtctpoa. I'niil Hit- t-nltir line la atooliabed, ?nul whites
as well ss blaeha divida apon political qaesUons In the
Booth without reference in color, sa tin* *.? hltea aoa doal
tii" North,the action ?if political partiea will nut be
healthy nor conducive to tbe well-being ol the country.
Sectional ur race ilivlilona in pol?tica an- abnormal, ?uni
.?ir? true patriot wUl rejoice to aee them aboUabed. Th
Detsiocratlc patty is wow in .? aaalorlty, bat It sanaol
keep mi n? holding frantically un tu raniahing lasaea, by
il.liilntr "Tn:.iiiist di' evcrlaattng elementa at time and
ehaiiK?;, or by r dating the order ef nature. It muat wt
? i if. a i-, pni . nttna the tasaos ol the pre?
.n:.' ? i ..I ?. \ i .-? i.-<?-??-?I by bourhonlsm.
If h wuiiiii ?ui\ .int* it it i uni liiuk forward, not bask.
Mr!ioi,!.s ESDI ?IN? ; BXPBE8EE
New-ObleaeSi April l.?It is claimedby Ott
frit-nil-? nf tin- glehsOS gSVSSMBSat that ttn-r-ttlui-tiniis
??iiiftfii li.v tin' Vichaba Legtslataro ? IBs qrstesisf sa
sssssBsataad eoUsetfoa ef the revenu?-, and lathejadt
iiai,legislative, paraeMal, and municipal Bipasses in
the State exceeds f900,000 ?" r ?itiinnn. Many gatabat
aoaM lawa bat a been aitnnUaed, and aatlataetory arrange
nn nt- ?tt.* m -Ins p. rfi ?-i- -i tur tin- payment of the.Inly
litiii. -i tm the Biate debt. Ihe collection ?if tuxt-s m tiic
First District) S? a Orli .m-, exet ??'! *ri IfivOOO to data.
G EA i: RAL EO R EH i S S R \YS.
lu t m k. April l. ie77.
The Pope received 1,000 pilgrims on Sator
dey aad di llvered ?i apei cfa In Preoeh
The Con Un eVIsolim ?art 1 "lu vrtawef the agitation
which un* cathollea sniiaar t?. deetre t?t ralee, Bignot
M.!.raii, Mimsti-r i?t Foreign A Mrs, bas aathertsed tin
Italian representatives abroad to ?-'???'. ?f asked, lbs antat
reaaaurlng explaaatiou ss to Ihs Oovarasseat's Bna la*
tentlon to rospeet and maarti reapeel lot the Papal ?.?uur
sateas uw."
L?anos, April 1, IS7T
The revenue returns for tin- financial year
ended Saturday eho-h thai the letal reveaae waa ?78.*
?? ' ?3,036 in i\ is- of the Badge! ? - -1 ? -
n ste sad (-1,433,3. ; .?1 ex? *s ef iiu* rsvesaa of Hw psa*
\ as* ear.
1:11 bau, Saturday, March 31, 1-77.
The Governor bos Issued a proclamation
that the Government will n ?cet tbe right? of I
...tl i* 1 on m< ?. 1 1 _ Ibi lui.ata to re??ala tranquil.
It alao announces that the proi Indal Jam a- -.?.,1 ahoi My
?t.- fiiniiiii.il 1 I in. ?111 [irovmcialmagistratesaad arrang?
the 1 -latiu-j tiiiiit u
THE 1 i.'l.N* li Ul D ?ET REPORT.
l ?? ? Saturday, Burcb '-'A, 1-77.
A dispatch i? i m i'i.uis from Paris states
? Dud ? t ' , though i i'." i es luai. Ij
? i. , art on tin- Publie War
i M. ' ai? n.m!, on ?n ' ou I
it ?-m. lin* i*..itiiuiii. i- air. ?. ?-.
? ?I 1' ','lll't.
Paxai i reh 22.?The latest advices from
. >;. li.nr.tii-, ilia, M tr?*h 111, are
.' t-:t .-f. It IS BOW s i" !
lu two ... ml ?-* i in* .-L rgy arc
. nil 'li-i' ?rate than over atace Biabo t Bermo
p *i but month. Tin
i ? dltloaa aermen in lbs
Mi in.; , : ol i .i .itv on the Zsth ol Pi bra
iry, whleh i l th? >i ?a ol Bepnaeatative?. of the
tngieaa to ] iniiun ef eenaare.
i be rar I mor? *i?.tl Dior? the character .if a
i .Diet. Abattit i-"-!? place near Manlialea,
?a tin* State of Canea, on Mareh id, which reealtcd la ?
.',,.'.. IM I lilt,I'll' tm. , -. All tlllli'1,,1 ll:-?...it'll
ifi'i'.i the M. Id na) - the lia I at . n boure. ii .k
ill,..??? n. .... ??'.? -ii t m* center of (leu. rrn)illo'?
. und ' : ol :." t n .i,y limn* than doubl? tin-tr
number trongly enl enchi-d. nie enemy waa dmlodgeid
and Completel] routed. Tbe losses wars hsary on both
ii ?. -.
; ?!.<>?*. March 31.?Tin report that the
Baukol Kraue? baa advanced -it o..-..-??.? mo to Um Bue
.i. u ? iveru ?. U ?tei i.sl.
i.t.siitiv. March SI.?Westoa and O'Leary.
. * * ... ' | noon in walk -i\ daj.
ft,i .' t.iKH) a aide intn? ?tgrualtural Hall m laltngton.
Loh'i'??*-, A?iii? 1.?Tbe ship-builders in the
iron ahip worfca iii Btockton-ou-T-aea to the aiuaberof
I .oho I :, ? t aua . tlicii il md :, : an ad
ranee t -in:.i.
S\N I'Klti :-- .i. M.in-li ?il.? A lu--ni ?lis
I'.tt.it uyi Gen. Marl cal baa been nominate?! for Got*
eruor tt Sonora Sen fi i I atertorot Mexleota
tuifavorablt u> Diaz. The "?! latlaa eaatoau olBcera
liavi ?.il be n removed and almilar action is expected M
(Juayama*. Notice baa been given that the next If esl
can C'ongi ?will he aake?l to araut a new i llwaytrun
- * ora to ' i *-. I i? i ni- ?Um? to in
tit nit inn it -i ni Mi >..t ;?i - .i 11 i 11 lie l loi -Nt ?-\t-iK.
i B tm 11. Bl i il 01 * N INI I .Mull! I l IBS ai
?IIIM.i i II I .
PoUGltEl i i'-i; . .n. V., April 1.?A fii??" at
?il eailj reaterdaj morning deatroyed fhoataa
(tilt - n m nt'iit-iii it-*, whleh wan Mcnptod by ihres
famlliea. Margaret, wtte o! Patee Basas, age 40 reara,
burned to *i ath.aawere ??isn in rebildr? u?Ftod,
age 11 year*; Arthur Heary*, ass :i. rears] Margaret,
. .I..I ;i >??.,i-. Tm* i...il.i f v., ra
found in ?i heap m the sellar, another ehitd, lissls
Bin na, sgi i - real -*." mped ttott tin* top window, ?t dis
1 ' md, bat ??1- IH'I il ill; i-lntisly
.Mi-. Hun'?.;?-.-. ?i.ii*. in tin- tiaii cataatropbe,
???ni the i ? eaee ol mind lo threw i (satber i?d
out "f tin top window ami drop bet one
year-old child, Eddy, mi it. ami ftntn.
ii.i* ?*. ... ? * :? tl without Mrhma tajary, Snantt
l..!iis.iii! i. "?. boat i,um, and ins wlfs ii.iiitii)
It.I- Hi i,,.',*' K' i.tllt' .111,1 111 r
rii .t . liiitii. n . i n tin.i a narro a encape. The lijored
le ve?a ? ?i' ni ii .ii tbe i,-i!t is nt Iir. Baker and
. *.\. ?.'it t^.ki berg? 'i tbe oodiea,
an.I a Jtll ) ?*? ; ' ? i . m* i in.iiiif n? Mm.
: ., ?M berfnur rlilldren. Ihe Coroner then peat
I tbe il ,n I .:? , '?." '.'.li "f Api I . All Hi. f.,i t?
??n 'li ig v, is Uix-d by uu
T'Vt? LABUE 1 i.ll.s IV IVIiIAn.v.
Indianapolis, April I.?A speeial ?lispatt-h
to lh* Jautrnai from Xenta, in.... aayi a good pardeo uf
r? \'.i- burned tbia aiornlag,ladadlag Cean'a
Botels Mid 1 owe' Ball. Tbe leas ?rill probablj
i?*.nn *- ..?nil. iiu-* ?* ?i know a iii.-iii..?n*.? ni .rT.iHtti.
Anotherdispateb le //" Journal an lounasa ihe haraiag
of the btuiaeaa portion ol Emlucnc , tforgan County,
In*!. ? .I.*n. ^40,000 tO O&jntg).
san Fbamcisco, April l.?A Chieo dirpatrh
tmyol. ."?!* - aln, a men crol ibe < u.... ?i ..: .*.,.
iii,*ii*t,,. the aiauner la whleh the aflsirssf
tin* tttiii;, 11 won r.itiiiiii i-?!, whleh ?tt-rn-s ?\?th previ
onslj publlabcd alai ? il i?t tue deliberate plana wbicS
?I . ? g tOe d i ,.i :i". "1 .m*i., i . . .tutl Hi.*
i;,i , | ni in.-, ?-.?tu vaiiut aad ? . in? -??. Among thoaa
v. it.an ,i .- * wen |i ? i' t ?I to lia ronnctl ?is tit Mb*
jt-.'if ,,i it. li tutti ? n ff-i.iis waa the Ben. John U.u
'?, n,, md! i le - l?o : i ? ..t th md n imleul Ock? t
tiutiiif i ni* ?i-i <? .nil' " ? ?? ?'bo was Inimical In the order
OH ,ti i*.tint i>. f* |ti.'t nt*, t t.ni.ilittii nil Ula liiiu-n ill lit.
VU'llll t^ ni l '..Il O._
Ai.I'.as-i, U. V., April 1.?(it.v. l?.l.iiisoii li;w
algned the nil! relallv?- to ih<* huj?. iiiit<*iitl?*oi nf I'ubln
?a ..i i s. i n'it r tin? Mil (w.ii' h a lha sas passed Sftel tin
?iiiM-i'iitti h.ui ratead Ihs tii_?t ouu) tat* peasls aaaSi
in,, tutl and m iiiHj-til It.v nilii'iHl? onw in t.tli. ? , .m.i Uie
ttupuiuimeut oi a iiipennUnUenl cau Uj isftsssti
A TOW OP Tin; IMVAI. iir.\i.._r.\i.*TF.l.
a ?.lui'iuc nonma <n rara -n i i-v bwr,
M*AI?T*.N A?'('?iMMtiHAIIiiNS? iAXKS? HIT, l'i
I-Alt KIT! I Mi.
|n:oM a si iff (i?iiiu*si'ovni:sr or- tiik tRIBPBS
<<?! i mu?a. s. ('.. March :t<'.-Th,re i.i litUe t?
s* n hero le tokeaiag tin- srlstsans ?>f a eaatrov
\?hieli :itis,,rlis the attention of President and (
net m .Va.sliiii-.toii, and attracts Ihe intere.t t,f
\\hi)lecoiinti\. Thi? town is in a-tat.- of Ian:
<_*_?< t.iiicy. and in not at all eoutl.ative. In
mil.I -.(.riii-, air than is no Davor of viol.-it t i!k
whisky such as usually accompanies a political <
lint in the South, hut only a perfume of pinks
periwinkles. The warmth and tragones of a No
em Ma?/ are already here. Jim ample, he.lir.-i'i B1
Karden s which make the charm of the piare, are
with (lowers, the elms anil harklitrry trees hon
int' the wide sin-ets are mheil in the deli, ate fi
POSO of opening leaf-htuls, and the B-BgaoUaS s?
to have pat a fresh coat of shiniinr varnish on tl
lad year's haves, as though prtpating for the i
Waiting ta the talk m manner of the people c
tratliets the peaceful ezpresaioa of nature, l
Bppeai to BBgaid the contest fair their State Gov.
nient as Biased in all except its formal ending, I
t?? look forward bopefally to the dawn of a new t
Tbe long business street stretching from the un
ished State House Straight away fur a mile into
open country shows few stgBS of animation. A t
anil interuiitteiit rill of pila-str'ans Hows eloeg
.sidewalks. At long intervals a carriage is se
Now and then a yellow visBSJUd "clay eater" ?Iri
through with a scrawny eow or steer, bsrneeaed
raga and ropes to a earl thai earries two or th
sruisful of wood, which he will harter f.ir the ju
of s fe-.v drinks of whisky. At the street corners i
groups of negroes Idly sunning themselves. 'I
?torea an Blasest empty of customers, for bnsinea
at s st.nul still, awaiting the setUeiaeat o? i
political i?:iesi?on. People profess to have no doR
of the issue, but they want the stimalasofafli
decision to set tlielll ?it Work. I Util told that till
ie much suffering from extreme poverty lure sate
!io!h whites ami blacks on account of the utter pr
tiation of trade, and because, too, of tbe stoppsge
i be s? i cam of lavish expenditure which tbe dissnh
earpet-baggi is aad negro officer, poured lato Ute 1
of the eoainiunity fnuu the lountain of thsBtJ
This morning ] took ? tooh ?it what is left of t
rival State Governments now that their chiefs ;
absent Ib Washington. First to the State Horn
Not a thin^ had been changed in itsontward i
I? aranee ainee I last saw it live yen, ago, ex<
that the palmetto tree of paiated iron bad l* ia i
mo ved from the rear to tbe front of the baildii
Tbe grounds were -still strewn with colnmnsai
cornice stoaes and blocks of rough granite, lyli
lit-rc these wero left when the war i
ig -.. bal ws. designed to t?- i
public eiliiic in Us Booth. 'Hi rude temp
t at ? roof bad sol been replaced, aad within i
brick walls were still unplastered. Of the millio
i h-, tbe negro government, oot s dollar cod
be spar i toward finishing tbe CapitaL .last on
aide i be door was a bard of *? agranl cos s bivouac
in-, in a shady eorner, and lewnlnn again
tin- doarpoata sio.nI three or four aapr
nur neifroes?m. mbersof b s nail constabulai
force maintained by Cbamb? rlain far the parp?se
niakitiir . oui?--how of aut - ?lily. At t__t exu.-n .1
of 1 lie huit- ball which runs from end to ?-ml of tl
bnibllug I saw what has beea for ncaih t!ii'
n.1.mils the only obstsele to an immediate set tl
im nt of the South (Jaroliusqueetion?a fewstacl
of anas and s blue-ooated soldier walking i" sa
irn. This sentinel paciug liis beat before the dot
m tlie Go. 1 moi'- room represents the vast power i
the United States Government exerted tapote?
Chamberlain and his associates ai ilaal bei
ejected from their offices by legal proaess <>l ii
State ??>nuts. I'roiu their offices-,did Isayl l'roi
their oui?.-rooins would be theeorrect statemen
for not one of the a exercises say official function!
All executive powers have passed into the beads 1
the Hampton governmenl by tbe force <>f the pop?
lar wiU and of judicial dec-sions. It is the more,
pretensa and sham of government which exists i
tbe State House, and it Is kept op only ia tbe hop
Ibal the Presidenl will nphald Chamberlai
give i 11111 tbe army i<> eaforc. ins authority.
Passing tli- .sentinel, who offered non ilstsnce,
eiit'i. .1 the aiite-rooiii in im- Governor's office. I
was connected with a barrack. A score of soldiei
filled tbe place, souM sleeping in blanket, pre*
uin.ii tbe tin u-, lome glut} lug ca?ds ui.tbe tablet
ami otlu-r.? smoking, reading, or chatting, la on
corner of the Large spart.nt s small lucl ? re ws
i> irtitioned off and devoted to the civil power in th
shape of s colored messenger, who took my ca dii
to Lieut.-(?..v. (.l.-avi-, and shortly after escorte?
me ?mo the presence of that dignitary. Gleavesi
sn intelligent mulatto, with much ol ti-estal
of la:,1111 is of tin- old* rut' of South Carolini
]i! inters, BOON Bf whose blood must run ii
his Tains. He was m.-rely boldlng pos
ot the room in the absent.f 1-is chief. His con
rersathm threw no new lighl ou the situation. Ii
reply to a questiau as ta tbe feeling of tbe colore?
people al theprospeet of Hampton getting andm
poted control Rs said thai they wen a good dea
alaran il, and 1. .mil lhat their eonditioii uoi.nl ht
?Aor.se than it was ia slavery. This was lln- latlM
tort Of talk 1 bad heard for years from politician;
Intarasted in prolonging the rule of the negra 1
_arpet-bagger__ Ii tbe blaeka really feel any sael
alarm it is in-? aaseth? rare deceived >ydemagogues
1 do ii?.t believe tbe lab liigeal Beg., or ? ri n tb<
massaf tbe field hands, have any tv i thai they will
los.-any rights under Hampton's Buiainistrat-an aa
l.ss it is the right to hold offices for wbh h tbej have
no btaesB.
Exploring tli.- gloomy passages on ths ground
floor of the State House, where all the Stab offices
aia- loaateil, I luiial noil.'- of the officials in BXCepI
tin- I'oiiiioll. r-i..ii.ral. Mi. Dunn. His Office is
reached through the outer rooms, m on.-ni which
three or foui anay oaken in BBlform were naohlBg
and in 1 lie other two oineials who belooged in sonn
eiber office in tbe building ware ptayingagaias 4
euchre, Evideatly nobody eonaected with the
( iiaiiilierhun (.ovaTiiiiici.t hail BoytbiBg ta doex**
c. ?.i to kdi tiiiie m ',..-li i. be eauld while *-? kiting to
th.- rerdicl fro s tVasUn (ton. Mr. Dean Isa North?
ern mai, who has beretafofo belonged to lh_
eonservaUvs or "linn, .t" wing <>f it-1 Be
pubn. ?n party. Us ii.f.ndni Gov. Cham
heiliiin's a.laiijii.-.llalioii l??_da.-- ; praised l'i?'
iharaii r ot ths la-t r?gulai Legislature,
wliebcutdewB expeoeee and eschewed steeling;
|] il.al tin re -tull??! he HO !.. I'tii.ll? an ?'.ili.'t ill
.*-..:|i Carolins If Hamptosiwers raeoguiv-d; and
-,i.li na:i..nal |...lilies, .aid tliat t?a Hepubli
? an BBIt) caa never cany another I'r. . i.ieutia! elec
ii'.ii if n gives apits bald sa ihi_ Blase aad Loa.
Isiana- 11?- a. kaswledgsd lbs ? rflss. asgra gavera
maul ami waatad to ass (he ??dor lins biok<-u daara ;
Irnt hs thsaght the way t.? k?sakitdowatafarths
A'iliiiliisllali'.li It. uphold the N.ilthern Ke;uil.li.an ?
Until their OppORBRlS divide. He had no filth in
l'i.- ii.eni tiat--'s iir.'jeet for baildiag Bf I BOW
part] ht tha South. Tbaboaaaf gsll lag fall ssalral
..i ths Naiii.nal (?..uTiiaieiil would, he BBBBrtsd, k.-?-p
the loath .*??'litl until anolher I'n'..uUaitial election.
haMiiunV ?>.. h ' s.
Ls**r_Bg UM Maie House ami slroilin. down the
bioa?l, Bunny, lonesome mam street, 1 was directed
to the mm oiul loss of a small two-story lui. k build
iug for the otllaas of tbe Hampton Government. On
tin- h.w.r last was a bank. Moiintiu? a nairow
WtKMlt-n slant a-i 1 came tu a landing uu which two
doors Emoted, A printed sign ef while card-board
nailed on tha i>:nii Is tt aaa lead, " Ueateuant-t lev?
? rii'T, Ciiiitrii!!"i-(.'<*iit-rn!. AttMB^f Osasrsll" SBd
aa ths other a Bks iaexpeosive tablsl had thia ia?
Ki-ri|.tioii, at once iiiMtni.f ; v<* nn?l hospitalit? Is all
Mim aright bs sssh-Eg the bead <>f lbs State,
"(?ovi-riinr-Walk in." This ?ltx.r led into a
- rf of aiife-rnnin. IBni-bsd wKb a fSB
f. i:\-t-ent ebaira aad a rade tabla on which atood s
bocket of water sad s tin dipper, Deyoad was ?
smaller room with a table at which ? elcsh wss
Writing, a store counter, supporting a OSSB ?if pigeon
li"!- s, and a dilapidated plush-line?! sofa, saggiellTS
of a boarding-boaee sai t i<>n. Btill farther ob wss s
smaller rnii'ii. -it it* fix bjraiaela otto, where tbe
Ooveraovworks. An Baaatated pine taUs^adeah
matle by |H-niti-ntiary ?-oiivu-t". and four N flvs
rhairs, WOtt H.-t tint lit. WsUsSBd ll'ior ill all ill' Ot
roome were bora, aad rissy ioohedUke tbe quarters
of gone poor eoaatry lawyer waiting for practice.
The whole stock <?f t'mnituro would not tote? ?",-?"?
at ?meturn.
In the adjoining ofllee, occiipiitl jointly by t!ie
thnttt nflrials whnao tillus were on the sign,S like
Spartan aimplicfty reigned. T<> save money until be
should be fu11 v established, Oov. Rsapton has only
eomssiasioned aech of the otteials as ha eaaaot get
along without, aad be is running tho Government
with the utmost eOOttOiy. The (.'nul roller-! leneral,
Mr. Hagood, told ma thai the whole Btate Govern*
?sot only employe ooe clerk, who served tbe differ
cut ollii*t-i-s hy turn. "When We get liehin.l with
our hook.-? we go nut ?n.?l recruit BOOM
votanteera to help us,'' he added. A iimllcsiiss
who was writing at ?i table 00 the other sido of tho
room said that he had been drafted int ) ssrvtee te
lix uji the returns of the insaraaee eompautes.
M litre," said Mr. Hagood, pointing to tho pignon
boles of tbe cheap deeh at wbieh he ?at, "is the
whole Cratroller-GeneraPs ottee." T<> show thai
the bosiness of the office was actually earrie ! on by
him, aad not by his rival in the three laxarioosly
furnished rooms id tbe Btate lions?-, he showed me
his aeconnta of ssoaey received sad paid oat, in
elbdingtbe rt<'?*iptn of tbe superintendente of ths
st;ite charitable and penal Institutions.
The Hampton Legislature, not having s qaoram In
tbe Senate, passed no tax hill, hut adopted s reaolu
tion requesting the people to pay to each i" rsons ss
kbs Governor might sppoint s sum equal to one*
fouri h nf their last year's taxes, and promiafaig thai
such payments sbonld be credited them when the
regalar tai levy wss made. Oov. Hampton though!
he would not need so much money, aud asked by
proclamation for only 10 per cent of last
tax. The people respouded almost with nuammity.
Borne 'litl not pay, but they were tow In number,
a:itl their r. fusa] to comply was compensated toi '?.*
Others paying more than tin ir quota,
thai Hampton got la all rather m ne
than on'-lentil of the total tax <>f 1876.
Up to tbe 2d of this mouth he had obtained (rom
tht'i voluntary payments $120,141. He hue nom
abal?nceos hand of nearly?jUiO.OOO,aft? ; .
all demands except count ' oftl ere'salari?e and the
siiii.i.lfiiit.l. il?. Legielatu e cost only 912,000. Ko
publican Legislatures 1 ibout $200,01 i
Dually t All Un Judges ol bn State courte except
have drawn their satenes bom him. Bvcn Jmlpre
U'right of the Supreme Court, who now refiwca tu
recognise hi* Qoverument,drew upon Controller
<?.?..i?il Hagood, who ?it- .*.- Treaanrer, lor a
m.gilt's salary. The draft with tbe Judge- i
tute was si os n me to-day.
The Cliaiiihi-'-lain QoverBBMBt hn?-, not eotteeted ?i
dollar of taxi ?. Its Leg! 1 iture paswd ?i lax bill, bnt
Injunctions iront the courts ?topped its eufor -
iK.it. l*ho officials are, to quote the words ol ons
of them, " living on faith." t lamberls
tors did not have'to go away eutfrel, i t'ptyl nded,
however, for Corbin paid tt cm ?r-,*-?? a ?. whea
they elected him to !"?? Senate. II?; cashed some
sort ol warrants to that amount tor all tbe men w bo
voted tor him. It Is alleged he used money for this
pnrpoae which belonged to tbe State as royalty due
from a phosphate iiiii..n.' company of which hela
This afternoon I called on Judge Willard,tbc ????ul
of the State judiciary, non that the Chief Ju .
place is vacant. II?- lives in a flne old-tasbioned
In.??-i* in tin- midst of a little earthly paradise of
verdure and bloom. He is a conservative Republi?
can, and stands by Hampton. "Why \*.,is it," 1
asked, " thai the Democrats, after git iui* Chamber?
lain in their convention a vote that nearly nomi?
nated liiui, afterward saaailed him w itfa soch bitter*
n , 1 ' "lift-an-!* i In -, believed he bad drifted back
from his reform position into tbe aims ni nis old
corrupt associates," r.-|ilii.i tbe Jadge. "The.
lttt.k?*?l upon bim as a ren? ?'h'. Then in bis ? r I
matiou about tbe Hamburg affair In- wounded their
aelf-rcspcct?a thing which no Southern man tor
Tbe Jadge went on to aa j that there waa not aa
much bitterness in tbe canvass aa was repn icnted.
The rifle-club t? rrorisni n ??s started before Hampton
was nominated, by tbe fire-eating element of tbe
Democracy, to prevent tbe acceptance of Chamber
lain and lone their own party into adopting the
- ,s,i|i]i? plan of esmpaign. Hsmpton put down
; or? -i business, reproved the reckless aad dee
men flfong bi inpporters, ano even thn it?
em i m w ?thdraw from the ticl el if ih< v committed
mirages. He promised to protect tbe rights ol
: 11, an i ile? Inred in favor ol pe ic? and good govcrn
ruent i* "i- only ?saue, kttei that, -.''1 the Jndgp,
the campaign was as pc refill as pobtical contests
d illy aw in tlii-? excitabi? 'tat? ?
I asked who ho thought w ? altably entitled to
the oil ' .? ol im*.? ni"!', all 1<-l- ,i *.* estions a tide. That
;.. -?it,I ltwnllltl.il?* ilil'i ?? ?ih' o liinl oil!, lui HUM
?!, re was ab much fraudulent Yo'ing on both eitlen.
'In, election laws were framed ?? facilit?t? fraud,
. ad talc? n ?ni-, i ? .-ivf?* of tbem. He
denied ih>- iti ??i of iht* uftcu-m de aaaerl. thai
tin ? ?? a legitimate Republican lajorit) of 30,000
t i. , majority twoyi ira ago
w.i- only about 10.000, he -aid. 1'ntil last Fall no
election aim ?i recojiatruclion bad brought out the
full vote, bccatiBo nianj did not care to vote the
compromise tickets pur up in tli? forlorn hope of
i* itmatlie mdicnl It?publican nominees; noi bad
?ii ? diligent ? ?i" ta been made la fore lo draw oll i in*
i,,*- nu . i. tl in carpet-bag Commandern, lie
1,1-ii- vt-ti that nearly 10,000blacks had voted I i
H.itii'Hi n. _ B. I -
s*? HAi-i-)-. V. Y., April I.?James J. Beiden was
m ?>f i:i? sjiiiti*. auii chcasage luiiiojtinu
- . Loris ./I 1.?The annual directory est!
i . li-uiif th? citjt at OOl.iSe. li.?* ti.-.tiii*. t. io
i ?, ? re ul) T.s'.ki.
Chi? i??". ''A-, April 1. -Joseph P. < Urkson, the
, t hi ? ??i..* l?ni'T w?.i> ?t.. *.? iNrabol ),iiu?. ir ou
'iitiiiMlay . .. booaola Evai ?>m.iy.
It-.* n imiiA, \j>i il I.?P. T. YYiltbank .\ Co.,
?., ,.-, i-ii-i* inlay, 'ii'ir trouble ma?
i.tiM.t I lh? a. In ol i''1"' '? ? ' '? ?sSl 'M.1, -it? it.
1' -ihn, M: ?.. April I.?During ?m al:, r* atiou hi
??ii'1?'. i*"ii. i?- i-. "ii '-. .* ? ? ; Ourl?e ?*, ttablanl aua
?...it.?, Mai.l...i?r. M.iit !.. ??.*. v,?js ?r,. ..;
iNV, N. Y., April 1. m 12 o'clock laat night
.* H. Hu?-i.*! "I l't.io-li... t ;? i- t"ii.|'l.:.il in lia*, f.-.y
i, ,. ,i .,i miiklug lin MMMcatfv? boon **itin.ut real o?
PhoviDRNcs. K. I., Api il L?The eoroaer'a lar) la
th. ..?i.e.>f l-ii?iji liiirt.i-, *.Mi,-.? ???.??.ni In ?'an. h UmiteUmm.
; . . .a tu. Kll.l.y laat, luvt i iliiiiUU'tl n atatoBMBl
H?ll ilaiiflifHt.r ?C-1.-.I II ?? Il "
il lui ix, April 1.-Fresbets la Annspelia, Kiaga
?o Qu ? *.i ' '?? 101 is . .i?i.in- iiituli na-,,'?'.). >i'\ti,l
biiiUt-t? .uni liuai ijtiiti.tiit.i. .a lnKit ??t-r? tuiri.*.i ?????. Al
!._,.!..m the il1.'?mi s '-1 tii,*.. 4?.iy, autl l?o meu ?bo
vtim nasa wasklae Mis iu.il ears-iwwBM.
I'hiiauh i'hia, r-.in., April 1.?The Ph?adelakia,
WiiiaiiigtaB mi-1 i.-?iiiiiiiiii* Haunted ba.-. agraad imarry tit?
i,ii. a malli li,m nils riiy ihroagh to C!i-/?ter nul WlimlMrtoa,
l*iSllll)Wrtfr BBO??le? I..?M114; nifH ?i?m.i'aiii?? Unit 1,., uiitlia-i
?1.-il be m in i" thorns poluta aacafl (or tiMir.buiinu iin.it?.
flvsact sk. N. v.. April L?Jalia Davis aiQawega
attttttiii. tt miit-i.il- y 1 aucda? b) laaipiag lato tea saaaL Atu-r
ni. ??.tl pluagad m ibechaBgie bt-r iitiu.i, aad hatee a aeod
mritiibii-i, ??! uiii out for 1 tt... 1. aad ?aaa raaraed. aaaiaie
? ..?il ?.??t uipleil to roiiiiiiit 111111111: mUier tlniu cuu
liu.ir B lili* ol B-BBM
WagBIX-OTOB, April 1. COBUSodSM John OWBBt
ii*? lu*, n ?i:, i',';.. I'.'iitiii-tiii the Na%"v*Vard ?t I'ortxiiitiiiili,
N. II., lu ill-Hi-til ?'apt l*'.ail 1.. i-lit.li. ??!?.? bun t... n ,ltti. : ..1
In,in the ii.mtiiiautl ol limt yuto, aSS ?urut-i'iU U? wuiuuuc iiu
aui> j* uapuuu ot ib? j-it-,
THF. raOTOCOL sli.NF.I) AT I.m.MioN
mi*, mi imint to BB M BMITTRB i I IMI POR1
TM iimaiy "i r?::i- . nut*\i t.t Aitin.'.ATc
V.l. I'M KM.. Dg I la.I in:; Mill. OB tlTIIili.
I_.M'?il, A, l.l I. HT
I?eul? i'n ili-p.it?'li from SI. I'ct? i-Imi-g *a
"At il.a.lo hstsUlgaSHM in'lu bSB?SR 'I"- prott.
v.!..i'li WSS -i.::icl .ia S.ititnlay ifteni'i'iti, wlil lu? nul
dlssety BOtM <l M the Nate. (Sea. I_aa_-e_r arrived
? -veutas aad -bus --Met. hadan ata
l*i : i ??ort. chitkoiT. The n.-v.-npapcrs cutiiineiitinB:
his liil-simi iipiesi tbe in IM that the prssssel will o
f\i anatas peace u farts v?- urries sad UM n lanas-, vu
tiey maori usii.itii.tfui."
The Tunrit, In a ic-lilin-? article, ?_>?_:
wr |eaon <x i.nt .-.?? IRrksy in IBs __Mfegreon4> 1
bind all ti.t-c fair arrsBgemeata of the I'm*, is mm
ill i "?'.(> on what Hie Porte will door ill 1i bo to do, n
?' ?li?-rinaiiieiit is promised in a-neef a Raw ol
linea wblebmaj t...i easily be tiiM:l..i. <?n t
contrary, tin- dominant reclina in Constantinople i. . i
?*i or il'ilaice. in tl.e praaeal tempero! the two g
ors un- .ajrg-?tl<>n of negotiation, for it ?-mnition il
..riiiiiin nt to It ? ciiTi.tl on Ity a Turkl-h deiaate at
i arg does uni appear proatleiug. it umy
said that the aneeeaa or tiiilnre of this n.?- aMoastSJ
It.iciflcall.>n inn.., 00 ilcclile?! nt OMMtaBtlaOpt* T
liriii.ii ?iii.eriiin.iit ?s, in the tilrosmstanna, hulyias
Red la seeding out Mr. Layari. Th?* lurks sis fill
s lmot.lt; ngmaet Baasta, aad the dUati-aal <>f Ku__n
seemiaa abettors mai be even lema isaaaaaMa tlian tbr
ii, lulhaago. .Many (iiterpn t Raaala'a oveftares SS am
of pntUlaaimlty sud wcakaeea. Mr. Lajrari has i
ex;., nu.?.f iii'.- Turks, sad perhaps Iberc i~ ao li icl\
man to whom they would more readily Matea. To In
?...i the otherembasssdors we niu_t look io impress i
toe v n te the c\|-i .i;.m >? ..r dolna nothing a hie.i _aaj
repn sealed as aullifj lag ibe protocol.
?he Unit? lia- a special ali-iuich from Vienna wlili
savs the /' li'.icitl t orri..?londeiict ptitili.-ln _ tue folio.? n
ililvl.rs from K: t inin If:
Ql n. ?'. ? *i. || t l?ts Inen n-'intmiteil SOBBBBBBO-W of tl
fon i ?. ?.Ti" which li'iiii tin- tli'Mt line, t ..lie.-iitiatli
ton ird thi t-"ii'.i. r is ..ci. r.'.l to be completo b) tbe St
m April, la general,those eommaa?Uiig iln aria. "
: i.tailing ta. iii.iii. preparation* for ever] eveutaaltl
Thai la the m xi tow mays tun (g\umwxattaaatt
in J.i-.y m tiitia r '" an.nu
v .t.. il i; i, n, Ooverurneut about fusrts
Ing li ?pa. It sec?is, however, thai if tl
? h.- i;..umain.ni frontier ther latead I
pltalltyol tbe Roumaulana aa little aspo
sitili iii, ,ni? ?..I to bring with Mew aroo-leub u
hiuiii te?? ??i ?i, i-,,iiiiii. u.lie u lane pi-rtloaof thaanaj
la preparation for tbe . ..intii.t tnv ol ibclr cventfi
?ii.it ?nt?. Bulgaria, M. IvauoR, Piealdeut of the liu
? -i ? .. ha. i??-t. nahe ? to m n '? i th. Buaela
ti i- i ? i'.;-.- .i lans wl ' ? i'l -ve
n- iii- i t :! .iii-iiiiH trat Ion of thai soauti i ? .be list eoi
, i .- i. ... .
i?. at |.ii. .i in ih ? i v. at o" lais-i.ia . .i. ..-?? ?.I KB
\ ?: neral movement of Russian troops Is ot
:>? in consequence oi the orders for c>nc\iur_
?in Timttfioott ipoadenl rssssrks aa the faregslai
that"It in- im. n tm- esss repeatedly tha- just at tu
at ? lien thlags ate asenm|rti a pearetal aaaas
warlike news comes trata satas g-Bftan [his, m MM
extant, U s| I able i-v the dtC ream of data, a iws fron
a. .f belsii s ttw dsj i sUsi Mum tiis i
i. .?. -. ?? i i iii?- appeeraaos ~i'ie hi side "i pean tal sai
warlike latelligeuoe, reearriog as ii bob dosa toe tin
lime, does sat gala look U__ ?? tori ? ?* eslasl
... -, in larters toe IBs latan
-.ill .rnit. the c.liiliiill.i. il.v, n. ... ..
. militar*** aathorith s la, al i i - . i ?. :
PABts, A: i.l !. IS77.
I ?' - "the signing ol the protocol vhtn Ay
(Un i. -, ??: .... u. i. i ? rt i: BMSawtllsoei
? ,i. Am ag the a.iii.?iiis io ths esa
Ith Montenegro U liai.. '.? opposition tc
the '. ??"i'l of bptsj i."
I l>. si.\ MIMII I.l., Ai! 11 1, 1-77.
ih . I'have another BUetsMw ?ub
? ,;\ : 1' ,-:?.! ia til" cnill-e i'f lln- Wee!,. 1 !?? ? i\ H I he
'.i a nail a.? i-i.m ..ml eaasstunk
. ata i ..?;:. .1
DIFL0MA11C <-"'*> 1 BPPX :: IN LOVUOW,
I.?>.(i.iS, ,Nfo il;.\, Aaitl 2, 1^77.
Ibal ill ? *? :.n ugalag tl ?i"
there].Btativesef tm? lui ISiwarssi lbs
,1 ?Ullre ill I.-iii. Ml, i"i 111 ?oil li. .1-1, ti- .a-lriin
la.il', ,-a.l.i, Count VOO M'tiis'.er, ti. I I 1
i|. 1 ?; .?. ri ?-., ibrea, the Itallaa Bmboss? ..'. ..ml Ooaal
\. n s? I'Hiiv .i"ii', u..- B aalaa Bmbaaaaal r, ha. a eoah r
eace ?rlth the IfarqulaiV ili.v.ain, th t- ehFrnhs?
. 1 ibassy. Cut Mam?is .' Usissaat
left LoBdoB lor l'an-."
;/. ?'?/?'., 9 telegram from St. l'-'-i ar_ ssya ia
1,1 . ?r ia. ...,i,ni.'..I ti.. l'i-ii?.'"l ;-' l views i-?iia
prevail there, aad ?.-...r i? e-ti-M 'i in?vitable.
The St Petersborg Vodemxottl deolari t.-it ;no
protocol i; tbe ssiriimtBg of dk ?? looeaaml.
Ku.--.,1 tiiiii.m iii.-a in n*.;. - 1- ? ced thai _hs
??ul not have to arm again, w.n may nal i"' im
lllett, ...-, hilt it M lllCVitallle. 1 .? -
of .the protocol does I uet :? i> i c or war. Bawsvst
.; i| 10 1. i> Be there are attaatloaa ti ahlehtrat
Woald bo aeeesssiy. The Journal d<- si. f^aVrseaeRssys
tin toai m the dsbati ? la the rartdi h Parltssa at toaass
little hope of s peaeefal Usas.
The Vienna aw-reepoadem ?>f las j-eailawl repot-S
that, seeonllBg ta advices from St I'- ei _s_Ri ?Bssla
i..,, onlered her -Qaadrsna la the Medltemassa and
\ lean Maten to retara la tas Ballte.
gf.4rKHS.0_. Of Tin: siA.i: ?.m? m * :.v\-i'.r.f.\s
WICK, n. r.
.n;:\\-I5i:i KSWICK, N.J., April l.-Tlu- Bt-tt
Bank "f Rew-Brcaawiek) N.J., aleaod i ? dootoal i?>
p.m. >c.-'ei.l.iy. 'lln re had im n ruiiii.is .?: it im
11, ?: it?i- som? tui.e, .in?! depeartsn had beea wtthdraa lag
tii.ii-n.... . ....!.. rortbepsst fe-.v ?lays. HsvertiMlssi
Hie n.".?s >.f lln 8ti_|)?'ti-ion wr... 11 ?-itr|iii t?. 1ho.e11.it
t -.y i?.nm it? ?1 with Un pesMoa, .1 I en StSd h-iiiio
eonstci isUoB aad a grsal 4esl s. gaastp i ? baaksag
tend from rue paa-ssf l**7;i, ami In l-T'. :H.~t it ?it? <l a?
sattagalasi tha Woodworth Csrpei Oowpaaytsraaarlp
glfioojooo. tu'. IvuowaaadMr. Brooke sran thsessa>
s-i im the carpet ?s_nf-mr**rii*-isb-I tin- ksssh was t!o
leaieii. A temporary saaafcBsloB was tbe resal?, hat RM
haakagalo resassed ha4shss,aad has st : stodaleag
tul Hie preeeal ____toa__y. tnm PrsaMeat, Mr. Absabasi
V.iorlic'-s, ia fu-. - to In- sen, ami V. other olli? i.tl . .11a
erthei Invtalbleor hopelessly retteeat, Mr Bartmeess.
11,.-1 '.mnt > 1 ul 11. im ,attempCri it. tl.. neu ? ia..- nnlr-iwo.it
m.m.f ta.-o im'.? 'iiini.siiii tl 1 - - nth bank,hot
wii in, ' lie declines to ?tal tael amount
lu |iohm ? .?i n of the iiisiittition, beiael i ? ?? ledges thai it
,-M -i-.-.l . _.*.,<_Hl. Olli til the lili., lab ill |r. 1 III .. the |.||l|.
Heat Ion ol any thing eoacerataa wn.. i. riaheatohs
considere?! as a temporary Iroable. Ih state? that ths
bank baa money aa depoatl in Bew-York loanaatoaat
? 1 t.. enable it i<? 1- same busim ss oo Roaday, hut
In ., 1 n,- tu Im- atone in that opinion.
It ,s understood thai o\_ m^' i>> tbe dullm ? ?.f the times
notes luivo been ren?*wed Instead ol bel?g paid in full,
aualth. bBalueas men ?.f the city appt ir to have little
faith in the bank's in are prosperity.
The following .s the quarterly statement of the beak
renal i?'l to lac Secretary of Man. on the 2d day el
Jai.ii.iry, 1-, . .
nr.s.?: ? is.
'.'I ,i.t.tally ?a pusM-n. iuu of anil Hi.
my of tbe bank. _-r.,-t t7 ?4
I,.i:jI lenatel . :i?',7 -_ o
li?n- notes ?! ami chef kit on i>t>iar l.anka aw' etUm
t - . ?V.ii'.lH
Balance doe from Kstioa-l Paru Bank i.-o.iU
M? l_.ni ?? Juc tr.other hank. a. ?1 aaupanb s. i, .nt: ?..-,
!'. .?1 i -t il- i eut end full t alllall.,n Ol . Il, non.)
XlitcH.ll.il I?.?Is il ..mini, il allai bajin?ut.
...... \i?-Hr. *. 7.." 'T it
'..tiii.rt. n 20 lo
I iiil-s! M.ii.s ai il other Imiii.U. l,'i.r,t*i n?)
*i It ll_j:. I7,li"'s|
Beadssastsssftgagss. i"- i i
I)i.c ?.- |s._it?.r?. . . . i
li ,.- t....!.. r nain._ anal cuiupauia?. _"a.7i. ! I
...1. ' :
?Mpital stock m'j-enb.il anal ?.tually panl in . .' .I
Th<- quarterly ilatesssal **lncb la uo?t. das ?_ui Ue
SBiltfWslj I linked for.
lAIUI-l; ut* llii: ?STATE HANK OF BAB-UW?M
E-RRUlSBi'RU. l'eiiu., April 1.?At a meeting
of the lio.irtl.if l>lrccta?r_ of the suite Hank ..f tin? city
on Nitii.iiay, It was resol vetl that the l-.tiik ut a ne ko
illtO il.J.ll.l?tl|l>ll. It WUM llUo les.'it.'.l lli.ll 111 ll.|ll, l.i
tioli shall lu' m.nie In tbe followllii( Ui.nnia'1 : 1 n? cmi.il.r
sii.ill iiiiini ilhitely pay ?_0 per eeat ol all eb-BBS SSBRBSl
ibe lt_uk SS Ihe. uiuture, and shall pay tn.? '.tuUin? of
SBli claim* a? aoou am the bunk c.in realize .uiHcicnt
money loi that pu-poa? from its .1.--. i ..
lu a ciriiilar _tgBS_| l?y tbe I'lest.Icut uu?l Caatluer,
ISSBSd y?*ster?lav, llnv nay this at tiou hat? (ki-o in
iln. -.1 li) the ilnprotit all!? in -._ uf the ll.lllkliv t ?il ?i nena.
1 in- depositors -?ml other, aas. however, .issiu.-?i ih?it tn?
asna-t?a ?ira nui:'le to . it ?fy all rlsluiH. The amtci? aud
liabilities as set forth 111 the circular are .0? mlh.? . ;
NtalaMMta. .S"-t?*_,_?.ft 4.
Tutal liablllllM . 11,:, 4,1 4-J
a-?.! .???. 1 lialililtia_i. S40.S.1I, ,0
The da.?uo of U10 lank *_U bo kept open _u:.u. ii.u.
ucss Uoura,

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