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V0LtXXXVI.Ll* 1I.2--?).
__u__?_c_S?-?*^^''',fc^A*-^'' ?-^-> ..'i'?.-__n! .-"v
s rOKMAI. DliISi'iN 1t> ?llIDK.R TIIK Tl.tXll*
emnyoBmmk ink? OAMF --fACTARP?i i.ih.isi.a
HKOll'lN?. 01 V.
It was fi-iiiiully apr?*?'?l l?v th?* Proal
sud Cahitmt y?st.>rday, that tin* troops sli
be removed from the Cohunliia State II?
(iov. Il;i!ii]>lon upon receiving t!n> news <*;
ujuiii ?M President ami thanked liini, r?'t
inf: ihe ]'li (l-re that equal rigfcte shall bo
W;v(('. i? B?Uth Carolina. The troops will
Is? removed until altout Fiiday, .o a_
pjve the tWO (iovernois a chanco
return to Columbia. Th** news of tin? I
decision .v.is n reived in South Carolina *
tlic liiiii*. of caninm and oth?f rojoici
(;,iv. rhainbcil.iin ?lined with Mr. Hayes
tenlay. Hi? letter to th? President in j
lislirii by Thk Tkiiune below. Tho ?
foyttt m to ?bt Louisiana ?vise is that thrr
the nu ni'MTS of Packard's Legislature 1:
jjoni* over to NichoUa. It is thought the I
tbiaiia complication will now he easily s?ilt
IBT l__t_MS-_n. TO m TRIIUNI .]
\V .siiim.ioN', April -..?Tlic Cabinat bj' for
vote to-day directed the Secretary of War to prc|
an order for the withdrawal of Uto United 81
troops us mi duty in the Stete House at Coin m
B.C Ths order will bear date as of t?i-day, bu
?late hour tins afternoon the formal BtXptt bod
Inn ??r tw 11 ii j? and submitted to the President
In. approval. Tm actual vote in th.' Cabinet
nol ut 1" i .i dis. ?".ed, thoogh it is uiid'-rst.i.?]
have been substantially unanimous, if not ciiti:
so. The troops will not be actually tran-fern
tlic:r l.iiiiai ks until aflci- the relurn ol l.ovs. ( h
bcrlaiu :.iid llatni'ton t.? Smith Carniina. I lie dl
Is allowed in accordance with the wishes of b
gentlemen, (?..v. Hampton paid his resp<
to the l'ii B-deot t'.iis afternoon, bade him good
aii.1 left for the South at ome. Got.Chamber?
llaSS at the White House tins evening, and 1
j.r.iha!'!;, l?:i\e to-iii?>rrow.
Th?- President has been very favorably Imprec
by Ins r. pealed interviews both with Got. Chaml
liia iin-l with GOT. Haii.i'ton ; and he thinks ths
t ? two political parties In lbs Booth were ander
esotro] m' .-i:ch inc.: as they ave, the Bonthern pr
11 woold ix* ii'.mcIi simplifli il.
The Administration does not anticipate any tr
ble from ?a' r? :ii"\:il of IroOpS fr 'in tlic S.'ate Hoi
at Columbia. The president and the Csbinel i
d'T-taud lieifcctly that there aie extr.ni?- men
both partieein Sooth Carolina who may bewilll
that disturbances should take place, believiug
th.y .in that political adrantege could be
thereby. But they do not auti :lp ?t?? any trouble
ki:i 1 (rom thai class of men In either party w
ate governed by Hampton aud Chamberlain s
their friends. If any truoble does ari..? m Sm;
Carcdina it will be cansed by rceklcan nun In.
party ??i the other, encouraged v irhap. by extrei
partisans in the North.
I ?,. Pi. sklent and Cabinet are also understood
b,- ?if opinion that if nothing occurs within i
next sixty or ninety days to prevent it, aft'airs
lh < H"'.'!-: i will have settled down and bii.ii.i
o? all kinds will hare so far returned to il acci
tomed grooves that no farther trouble ueenl be ?
pected in that Btote any more than in ?.
North Carolina. They also believi that by tho tii
the next eleeticn occurs in the State inch chant
m i'l have taken pi k s in the political sssociati n,s
tho two races that s recurreuce of a controvei
similar to thai through which south Caroli
Just pass.-d will be almost i-: possible.
Kit H EH hum.- iini.i: wn.i. a? vim r.sci:?cits
l.j.1:1 .IN DINES WITH MI I'll::-ID! >.. UAH
ToN 1 UfliBBfl THS .K<.
[asnas il rases i : ?-ati-h.i
Washington, Apiil 2.?The ordei to v.itln.i.
tee troops from the State House to the barracl
?bant half a mile distant from it, will not be ei
sated until toward the elose of this week, i
1 'r? -1. -.--.. t so informed Qov. Chamberlain t. ?-i. * _r ?
i in accopia.:? e with the request of tho latt?
v. .. having some private business to transa.-; bei
willo I rea h Columbia until t-ridayoc Saturda
Got. Hampton has also received Lui , aationtot]
asme i
Gov. Chamberlain said to-night that the militis i
i nibiaarenot in an efficient condition,haTi
been running do.ro during the past six years. Ti
friends of Hampton are well armed and organise?
He therefore does not apprehend any conflict b
tween the two political parties, ss the weakor mm
five way to the stronger; and the resolt will bel
l-avc omparatively little of a Republican party i
B ' i-ilina. ?
Tlii. evening Got. < lhamberlain dined with Pr?s
?lim and Sirs. Hayes and other members of M
family, There wen- siso presentSeeietary 8cbura
Gen. and Mis. Bherman, and Mr. Rogers, thePresi
dent'- ,.i iv.-iic teen tary.
H ' - : 'lor. Hampton was Informed this afternoo
th it an order would be issued for ihe roinoval of th
trtMij.?, fii.rn the Stale House, he expressed lnnisel
auch gratified, i-ut said ii was no more than he e_
p ' led bon the principles annoom ed in the Inaog
sral address of the President. 11?- was aomewbs
-Steiested to know whether the order was to taki
tesaedistc effect, as ho wished to be present in Co
lumiiia when it was executed. H_wev?-r. as a pre
?Mttenary measure, be would at once telegraph t<
friends InCakimbis bisearnesl wish that there shook
I"- m?outward demonstrations, .?-neh as might disturl
th? 1'iilihc lieue,., and lie was satisfied thai hisadvin
would be ti speeted. He saitl that on the withdraw
?loi the troops from the state Howe, he would di
'li?t a guard of two unarmed men he -. ?,l
these to gaardit from imwopes Inlmsiosi. and h?
fhsasjhl soeb tone would be soflkdent for the par
|?e. He f,!t satisfied that there would be no di
-Thence whatever,and that tbepeopletbroag__oat
the Btete would lake courat.?? in the effort to repair
their dialteeed industries. He called this aftcrnooii
to taks Icare ol the President and thank inm for the
Withdrawal of the troops, repeating the sssoraiiees
given in his recent h tt. r that all should share aliko
hi lbs protection of ths law, and not doubting his
ability to preserve ths peaee. He does not appro
hen?! that Qo?, Chaniherlain will t;ike any nction
With regara to the custody of the State House.
?NJIIl -?ASM AM'iMi .?.(HIIIKKN 11|" Ml X SUIS ? si )! I II
WasaoWTO?, April 2.?The efl'ect of the I'iebi
aeiitB oider fair the removal of troops upim tin
poliiieiaiiM of the two partie. 10|m-lulling Sniilh
tarnliiia in t?as__agteil is a v?-iy inlensliii'. study.
'I lie li-iiiHci.tt?, wllO ?I Week Ullo Were exeecdlliiily
dhspsadsat, and wen rea?ly to dS_MM_MS the I'i. m
dent and every ?me 0011 nee ted with the Admiiii.-tra
tion for treachery and had faith liecause he did not
set lit in inde.t-nt haste to put an inum-diut?' ?top to
the military occupation ?if aSouthern state Houses,
are nuw in the bent of .pu ns. 1 hey are now reaily
to go further than at any previous time in their
fem-ral appro . al of the President'? Southern policy,
and are more profuse than ever in their promisee to
give it their hearty .upport. Already a majority of
them aeem to have forgotten their aimer aud disap?
pointment arising ixom tho temporary delay, and j
President Hayes's|>f.|?iilnr*t.vnini>ni. tliisrla-stif ]
ti.i.ms is apparently irrealer than nt Bay Other 1
fin??' hit inau-iiratioii. 'Hu. v,.ry sann- DMM '
li'ss tlia-i tin ?lays alto H poattil ely a? ? rtetl I
11m President had allowed tbe one golden op
tiinityof hie to pasa, bow in tbeii ehtttoa net
have f.?r?a(t?'titli:il tii,*.\ eve; .li.itl.ieil th.- Preside
Tli- satisfaction of (li,. Stintliein Ih-nii? rtils is m
than otlst't ity tin? Indignation and dieappolutni
?if tbo S??iitlit-ni Republican-) ami Huir Vilh
sympathisers. It is Boeleos t.. repeal tin- bard thl
which these HMO have Wen sayiiiir yt-Meidnv ;
to-day about President Dajrea and hie Ada
istratitin. They atfect never to have belie
until within tho last, 48 hours that it
n paf( of the President's policy to desert, ?is tiny <
it. Ills only fri.-ntlH in the Smith, and to turn tli
overt.? Um mercy of their Democratic adrenal
They predict that the Republican party as an
?tanizatitin in the Cotton States will ?lisappear, i
that tbe effect of thio alleged treachery will b
Kreat niMiii the li'ejmliliean v..!.-t.f the Ninth t
( ?hm will give a Democratic majority ?if more tl
10,000 next Fall. They no further ami predwt tl
otherataaeh Republican ?states wiil lollnw its i
One of the most prominent of the South Carol
Pi-publicans remarked ye-tenlay that the fatal n
take of President. Hayes's Southern policy h
expect anything from the conservative element
the BepohMcaa party. The arbola history of tl
party, he said, has been an Bnbrokcn series of v
tories ander the lead of the radicale and of defa
umlcrtho lead of tli? BOHBH vat ?ves. Tin* radie
in his ??pinion aro the only inen who will do I
neeeeeaiy work of organisation, eitbet in th?- Net
or the South. Tim; new policy of tho Preside'
he belierea, will ali?n?t?' boni tibe Adminietratl
all tlit? radical elenicnt ; and wltilc, it may sect
the more anthnataotie support of the ecnaerratir
that support will be limited in its offset si
ply by tbe unmbei of votes which it ena
" Dut." he continued, "the BepabHeaa party ?ltd i
need to change ?ts policy in order t<? secure ?in- si
im, i nf ooneerratire men. 1 In- nniveraa] experien
of tbe party hae been that while tin* eoneerratii
may not have fully approved tin- policy nl tbe put
at ?any time, they hare invariably voted i;s tick.
ThiB was tbe caw ia 1872, and again in 1870, wb
the bloody shirt, slandered as tiiat garment h
been, saved 1 In- election lo the R>-publicans.*'
Tbeae mme Boutbern radicale are also predieti
a terrible state of affairs in South Carolina foc t
m*.\t year. They most positively ?is*tit that n
a single Northern Republican will dare to rema
in the State; and that the Mgro, in spi
?>i \?a?h> Hampton's most solemn pledges, w
be subjected to the moot grinding oppression,
support of tbis ibeory they point to tbe acts paos.
by the Legislature ol Boutb Carolina ten years sa
dnring tbe admiiiistratioavl Qot. Oit. Theyd
! claro that tbo same men, with tbe principles ai
! pa-iion-, wlu) poseed those laws and undertook
: pu ?!n m Into execution will now be in power.
It may be said, however, that bo prominent ici
iii if tin- Administration anticipates anything i
tbi kind. Got. Hampton's visit to Washington h
done much to strengthen tbe confidence of leadii
Administration Republicans in the honesty oi h
purpose and ins abilitj to fulfill lii.s promisee.
|bi rsuwBAPB m rna ram m_|
Wabhikotom, April'-'.?The following is th? t *
of Gov. Chamberlain's letter to the Proaident, i
torrad to in I.i.-t night's di : ifc hen :
WaSHlXOrOM) 1>. C., March 111, 1 -77
To Hit Excellency Ike lYteUtent?Bib: I have been i:
vito<1 by Mr. Evart* to lay before yon my ?news ul tl
tobt expected to fallow the Withdrawal <.f tl
L'ntl ?IS it? i-, i now stationed In the Statt House t
. ' * : with Ma ii statement t*t my rea wi
i m,, let m it proper i>? moke. A brief pn
tatemen! nf the circumstances nn del whk
i,.'-, forces were statloni.d at the State Home
vice In responding to the request In October In 187
i mudo ?m .'l?'fi ,l call inn'ii the President for tli
aid of the United States In sopprcssimrdoraei tie vlo'euc
in response the Pn aideni ordi i
'.!?? number of troops to various pointa wl'Ll
lie ?.- late, id -?i ?"?ii ins' tlnni m stielt manner as ?
llkc-1) not only to suppress tbe aetnal bxlatlue violeur
and Insurrection, bol to prevent similar outbreak?
other localities. Tbe eausoi and objects of the ?rtolaiie
h iv, referred to win* purely polltleaL An effort ba
.,i thai time made by tbe Democratic pari', i i -,
cure political control of the State bythe dsco! physics
foroe and \ loi? nee. A lam namber ?>f arm? i militar;
liantes bad been ?- ilsed and nude off '-it?'' f.
Ihla work in violation of th? laws of the Stal . Toovei
come the actual open -rtoleoee Inangnrated bj tbea
irisations and bold them inebec- pending tbe ele?
tit n, nuil th?:- in wenre ? fall i rpi??- ion ol ihewlllo
the people at the election m November, waa tbe Bole'ol
j it of my cali ii?>ii?i tbe President snd of b's setlou ?i
Under theee elrenmstaneea Hi? eleetlon tunk plooe
Unfortunately the election ??iil nol elooe tbe poUIIra
stnuigte, bat ratherIntenstBed it. About the ?fttbo
Novembei last, on the eve of the assembling of the Stab
Leglsl iture, i de? nu ii it my duty to rail apon Ihe Pre?
den lo aaalat me ia protecting the State Capitol agalnel
Ihn violence of tbe orgamsattono already referred t", h
order to !'< nnit Ihe Legislature lu aaoemble and organic?
Itself peacefully, fare , ?se to this call the Pre Ideal
gave nnltis which resulted In stationing s small militai,
force In the State House. Dus force was shortly aft?
redneed to one eompeay, numbering from 12 to20men
The tingle ohjeel m ptacmg this foroe In the State Uouar
as wi il ??s the suie nae winch they sent d, war. in anean
tin '-i.it.* Government snd lit?' Legislature sgalusl atta? li
and nv- rthren by tho unlawful arganlisttoae aireadf
The effort le orgaatsethe House of Beprescntetl-rea
resulted m the organisation of i wo boasi -, oae ?if which
romslncirt hi the fltatn Hrntti ami. in conjunction with
the Senate, fi>: met? til" U**-'l-la!iir.*. wlillc the in lar
OoOUp?od a ball nt tiotiii (li-tatiee fitnii Hie State Mu a-.-.
The complote Legielatare tints organised ai tin. Mate
Bouse, in ans eourseof procedure, osarassed tho vote?
inl finvel'llii: .'.lid I/eulcn.m -linveiiior. dceiitlili.' Uie to
bave i?-? h cii.ie.i BgreeaMy to the provisions oi the
State('oii.itiliitittii. l-'roui that time until now the pres
eiiee oi the UnitedStateetroopeal the .state House has
h suited in protecting the Legislature while it remained
m m -snu). and the valions .stau? ofloers associated with
me in ! lie ?Iii".Mil lit Of tlteir olHi-lill rights Bud Ilietlis
i liai |S nf 111. Ir t.lli.iiil tlnties. In the mean time m.i pre?
sat eompetUes fur Ihe ?ftb-e of Oovernor bad procee led
under a declaration of bis ?let UOB Bade by tbe House of
Representatives,m ptHlttcal -initiation with himself, to
ar.-iitiie tbe sebee ?>f Ooreenee nndtoexereieeltafuno
llsne. Owtogto eanseenot requiring pressai statement,
uo settlement ol the ctnitlieunir claims to the tdtet of
Qoveraorwao saads dnring the term at year Immediate
?m iteet -?air: tin.! thus ufi?*r your accession to tin* 1'it-i
dency tin-c'.nthct remained unsettled, and the Umted
Stal. s lotees Bl the Slate BOOBS wen* tlnli ?uni arc BOW
dltflnrgt*g the luiictiotis or duly which I ha?c illicitly
1 rum what has now been St.tt? tl it follows tli tit In my
Jinlla-melil tin I mied Stabs furies at the Stale HOUM
are there .ii pnrsnanee end eseenlliwi el ?? eoaat-ttattoual
tlmy m practice of the Ooreenssenl of the United Stab s
la it.*. i'tiii.itittitl'.ii.il relation-? to tin- State of limit a Caro?
lina. Tii'-y ??re then loc ti??* ?jteteetton ef lbs siat. ?;*>%
ei-iitneiil of wlii.h I am tin- lie.nl aitalliSt (loiin -In- vlo
lenee and llitaUireetloli lint Il?W ll.i-UTI altl I'll! lieul in t In . K
only liy ihe pit seme of tiie Estes IB*?red to. In tbe
li.eunllaictlieill.-liiile re-|N*. Inn-' Hie 0?_OS of ??t.vein i
rontiimesiitid no iiviiiiiu.lc |M?wcror mod.- of settling it
BBS beca fOOad. Under tii.se <?iieiiinitai.fe.-t my Oppo*
?oamdeetraanA demand me wtth?mwalef ths (Jattod
Htatenftiree from tin-Stale linns?? ; ??nl I am invil adtB
?.tali my odji-?tions U) ?ucb a?itlon on the part ot your
My flinl titi|ect1on Is thai tin- Withdrawal "f tlti-e focess
tram the -**i-?t.- Heeaa would ta u ottbira-anl at lbs sap.
port and sM sgnlasl leoseeHs vlelsnsa by IheOo-en
ment of the United Blatts, lo wln.li lin* ItataandthS
HUtc Oovernineiit wlilcli I repr?-s?-iil Is entitli ?I uini-r
the Coiistituti.iu and laws of the Unitetl Htale-. II.
cluiin here m ade ?lo?'s not, In SB) Juilituient. invnlve an J
aascrUon of aclalui to tiu: ^rinam nt |S?M i. t ?mil aid J
ofllicfiiiteilst.it.'. lu iii.liol.lini. a Suite (..?venim.nl.
n_ee__seeef tes pressai eoodltloa of _g__ts Is thed__.
put--.! mi,, i,, ibeefles ?.t QoTemer. lworhralgoran_
?'ii sis .m Mateadla, tor tee posse th s nf the sxsi stirs
ollii" and Its prop, i-tv in SOtar tliiif they Mil.?
possess the* proper ?RsmUttes for saerelsjag the of?
ten, if tes OoTscasseat e_ lbs Ualtei Stateseaaaol
propel ?y. under tin- pris, nl*, eli-i'imistiiiici's, ilcMli.iln al
Which ..f the two Contending State _o..-mine-its Ulhe
?:iv. fi.i one, tin nonas si the Hate Baas ? are net In any
prop? i tenae setlag i.? tes dteperagemeal of taerlgMs
of either of the two eouteodlng deinmatsj bat, ?a the
c.'iilrny, the.? ?in- holding Ihe risal p .rih-.-In mi ntti
tii'ie in wiii.h each eaa tatghoy lis pcooer leoMdle* aad
(?..I; m prop-r settlement of it* claims. If, on tl.th-r
hand, u i., within th.. power um! aiiity >.f the tl ? mi nimmt
of the United States to itststmlns es a political _a_ t ami
gassttoa whleh sf two rival Mats sorerasssats
is the lawful one, and to coiillne Its prude-al
con.lu, t to Mich ii ileleriiiin-ition, then ?it Whale Ut
moment sash a Istssadasttsa ihall hs reached
and nnnoaiieeii all probable BeesssttP for the Sill Bel
im' - see of iirineii lotet m ..r tea Dalfc ?i Mates la farther
?attaintea goreiaaeual tims de-iuni to ih- tes lawful
fuverosaeot o? the .-[;.;. ?Uleea-e. If further nccc-sii.v
for tin- aal of ths (-oveiiiniciit nf the United Slates shall
arise, such aid will he (leiiiamlcl sad extended Of de.
niiil un.1er well known pro\ lstntt.s of the OmstttUttoa of
tin? Catted Matea
Mr ti? \t ol?|iction to the withdrawal of the I'niteil
Matee taroeattxwuIhe BlmU Heues i* that saeh with?
drawal ?it the present time psBdtag the decisi.iii of the
ipi'slt.ili of the \aliillty n.'oiie or tin- other of the t??*0
gsremsseats wfllbeapfaettealdeelslsa miaros of say
opponent. By IMS I mean teat toy opponent Is St this
moment fulls prepared la point al physical strength lo
STSfthrow tin* psrsraa_eat whiefe I rrpreeeat Whp
Is this I The muso is honoroMc to the poliiical
party which I represent. Tiny are law Bidding Tin ? ?ire
patient under tin? itilliclioii of snsa Thc.v afOSlOW to
resort lo vtoleaee eren la defenseef their rights. They
have trusted that a ihe,-at eegaid for law, a ihunt
rcepecl f<?r rights eonferred hyteeOorermaentefthe
Dottedgtates ueuM reelrals tin ir epotesoora frsas tea
viohuei- which has now overtaken them. They now
knew that they eaa expect Iron their polltleal enemies
neither Jnstlee nor nwrey. They hare relied with aa*
?haken faith upon the prateettaa ol the Halted Malta.
if. therefore, the United states ferees now statloaed
nt the Stale Hones shan be withdraws teey will
regard 'hut set aader tes snensastaaees now
exUtlOS Hi? leaving Ihetn expo?e.I to the | OWN iiinl Veli
geanee ??t the armed 11 ;?-_;. t ? military onraalsatlona which
cover thestafe ami eonatitate ?in-political aiaehlnen ol
the D?mocratie party. They ail! regar? teal set?I
speak now mil', of the fail-at a deslsrattOH I'.v IhS
United states that no farther protection eaa be hoped
for except inch es they bold In their own haada i i
cannot slone malntal i tes saegasl son test,
l certainly eaaaol advise further resietaaca.
'Jh.it whleh would hs .in Imperative dniv aader
?tiller cireiiiii. ian.'is svnilld Inf.me SMdaOM lioss'.
if i: in Mtdiarepl] iii.it aaehnae of tea United -
(oreeala merely giving s poUttca. adrantage to one of
the two eon i "in 11; - .n i i. In the saaertion "f ita claim,
I answer thai In my rlea ll la rather the pre?, rrotlon i"
each party of i lelr ?i-'n; toa chant eiu the itrugjdelf it
um -i go ..n or ii the gort ami ni a Uk ? f repreaeat is the
lawful government .-? _,-...11- : douit tic violence In occoid
tiit? e a ni. ihe Constitution.
My opuoneuU demand lh withdrawal of the United
? ?it ? from tut slat? llooa . It will I.r service,
in Judging what renal) will follow la compliance with
this demand, to ask why the demand is in.nl''. I aappo I
neithercourteay oorcharity will warrant Ihe _ug*c*Uon
that It iir?-e- from .i / - il..::. regard or <* u -tit tional
liuiltatioiia on t..e par? o. m.-. .'. ??> o - On the other
I the demand la plainly made f".- purooaes of polit?
ical ii'isiin::..-i-, in the pre i sv.at isiiiisa.i
.< It baa been n ?tedtsal It lo to enable iny
otto ? m-1 i is legal n m. ii. ? In |bc pi'.iiii-' -.
I - lili "i -nt :,n sv,, r to ?:i.. to is/ ih.it no inn II r.i nee, a"
??n. Sind non extetatot le peaceful and complete enforce
i.; if all legal remedies?none whatever. Brery legal
light and remedy whleh belonga to my opponent under
any ??irciii'isl.iiici - is \. ilu::i li.s u,.ItTUCtod reach to?
day, and has beau on al da.-. Thia fact point* at ouee
t.. the conclu ?-?..n, that .n demanding ?the withdrawal ol
the Mop. from the State llouae myopi.entdneenol
desire tborebj toaecurehla ownrtabta b} la ? il means
orpeaeetulageu loi, nut to :"'?? me end mj aaaoclal ?
.ui'ieonalitnenl "? our rights byunlaWfttl mea I
. a_-i i.e. ? . if refi n nee be made to the
i-hi- of iho-e a bo ?h m.? ml i lu- w itbdrawal ol Ihe troops.
tiiiit in.'' -..k o-.iy to secure their rights by lawfal
means, 1 reapcctfnlly snswer that I am familiar vsiiii
ancli profeaaloua. They hare been made srith endk i
licratlou daring a campaign ol unprecedented length,
.in i: ??! irom opening to eloae by etrery degree and form
ol i .i... s bit. i-- .
Toon Dot familiar with the eondirloa of Bouth ?'aro
lin.i. tin- Matemente I have now made may _<?> mexlrav1
>? int. I reter for eniiiii.until.n oi all i have elated lo t t<<
tc-tiiuiiiiy taken bj the Congraaaional committee? dur
lag the past Winter; sud I sfHrm that bj i
with the facia eompela bm to aay that this
teatlmony falle ahort of the truth. The Republicana ol
Bouth ('ai.il nt bare carried ou a ttrugjala up In the
preaeul moment lor the preaenratlon of Ihetr rlgbta
Tbelr hopehaa beea thai they might eoatteue t.. Use
under a freegoTerum at. The withdrawal ol thetroope
from the Blah Hoaee will ??. ?. the struggle' will elees
it.."e il in a i,ni: ? i.n.jni'itv o? the pe nil?' of the Mais
m th?: aaerMoe ol their right - la i ii eomplote incorai el
violence andnrandas agenta iu reaching polltleal re
To re?tale the resal?s which will follow tee withdrawal ;
m ihe troops from the State Hooac Isay? iir-i, ii will re
more the protection abaolhtely neeeaaary to nnshlo the
Republleana to ssaerl and enforce their dala le the Got
cinitieiit ??I the Biete ; eeeond. It will enable the Dem??
crata t.. remore all ? geetlre oppoaliloa to the lib i.m1 mill
Itary forcea ander the control of my opponent; third, It
will place all the agencie* for maintalnlns the preoeat
lawful OoTemmeut ol the Stale talks practical pi
.-ion of the Dem?crata through Ibe admlaalon tt will re?
gain; fourth, it will lead loth, qnleh nonaammallna nl
SpoUtleal oulrare ngalttat Whleh I liase felt, and now
te. l It lo he my solemn dot] toatraggte sad protest _o
longssthefsinteat bopeol ineeemcaa be seen. Wry
r. ipoetfuily, your obedient serrent,
l). II. t'ii..Mi:j:iii.Ai.\.
ClIAlil I STUN, S. <'.. April'-'.?Ihe BOWS of lilt- d.
teiiiiiiiation of tin- Cabinet to withdraw the troops
from tin- state Hooee in Colombia eaoees no*
bounded Joy hen. Telegrams'from various points
in the interior ol the state say the news is leeeired
with Impromptu meetings, saintes of cannon, and
oilier demonstrations of popular rejoicing.
JIIK OO-l-flSSION ni s r\i. i nil- mokmno?THEIB
WtiHK KADB I MSB M TIIK sunn c.MtoiXMk
in ( isios.
[SI 11 I r.'.I!.I'll TO THE Tllllil NK 1
Wa-iiim.ion-, April 2.- The Louisiana Commia
donwilJ siart for tin- South to-morrow morning.
The letter of i iisi in. tii ms or suggestions which tbey
ss ill take to govern tiieiii in the performance ??f their
duties while in New-Orleans was not completed al
the time ths Cabinet adjoaroed to-day. but will
probably be furnished to the members before their
dep?rtele- li Isdonbtfal if ?i eopf ol it svi!l l?e fur
nisbed to the press al present. The onlyobjeet in
publishing n would be to sJto the i?iiiilin_Bis<t lo
formation sstotbs President's purpose In appoint?
ing tin- Commiasion and In regardjto the datmo it is
expected t?> perfoc a. Tin- information bas sirendj
b. en iiiii?art?-il in other ssass.
It is uiiavad that the adjustment of tho Booth
Carolins dispots i?s remorini thetroope bom ths
Colnmbis state House ?rill have the eBeet of making
the solii!:o:i of iii? problem In Louisiana simpler
than it Would hase been a ssi-k OTtWO I -'(>. Si.iilli.,ni
I{. ?uilili aus mOStbj this lim?-!.av.a l?-com<- 0OS>
viii'.ii that ths Preeident's peliey smaus nothing
mote nor les? than noo-interfereoeei an?i that any
atlju.Iiiieiil of Soul lot ll dllli' illll?-? nice ling ssilii In.-?
approval will i??- teondsd on lliat basis. If tiov.
I.i. kai j and liis friflO ill imdersiHiid thin ihorouglily
tli.-s niity I?' svilliiiK (" ai i i"le to a r? .T'.a'iizatioii of
tin- Lsfariatan aa sa esjaitehls lanl basis, ?rhlla
bee una l'_a_.
Ci.iiti Of Ai:ttiii:iriu\?ggW-TOBg tir.Ai.Tii okh
cri*.?un*. iMMiitAiinN oomnamoK?taxation-.
[BT TKt.1 ??It 11*11 TO Till". TltlllCNK.I
Albany, A pi il L\?The Senate ?nul AmmMj
ti'th held lang and ratin-r eatatereettag leoslons lo*
tiii-'itt. Mr stein sailed up Is tin- Assembly his iiiii mak?
ing It tbe duty of tbe Chamber ol Comaaeree ta support
tbe ?flirt of Arbitration instead of the Btate, as nt pcss>
sat lie srgaed laal lbs eenrt did not rendes s saflehmt
retarn in ssrrleos ta etttasns for what the state ex
ponded anon it Kr. Cowdta in reply arg?id that the
eenrt ?ii?i do timi?io work for tin- Mate, au?l
that If the lull passed it would practically do
Mi-h.v th.- usait. Tlin lull was finally psagraSOOd,
Mr. Brick moved that Mr. Oowdta's clshmata Md raga*
latlng tii! l'iittaiitiiie serrles and Ammmu?aj t|,,. dalles
snd powers of the Health Ofloec <>f the port of Mew.
Y.nk be n ?-.immiiti d to tho Cotumitto on
Ossassecee aad Vavbmtton. Bo saiti that
tho tiill p?ittlcally abolished tho (Juaraiiflne
Otaasalsalonora, and that they desired ta ?tat.-tii.-ir ob?
jection.- to tho lull beooartag a law. Mr. Cewdla ami Mr.
Wfl-li ?t-i-tetl the recotnmitlal of the bill; they STgned
that the I'uaraiitiiie foniuiUsioners had had ample op
portaaltyto be heard. The amMoa to rseommttwae
carrlt.I, ?il?boiitfli with Instruct inns to the enintiiittee,
to repeal en Friday eight The bin, which ha? tho
npjiroval of the ?"iambi* r Of ?.'oiiimi-ree.woiilil ?-titlrely M>
ii.uil'1 the (?uarantiiio SOrvtOO. Duriag the s Ksinti Mr.
Hasted ssered that Mr. Cbwdhrs bin forthemodUca*
Usa of tin* tax mi banks ta mude a special arder for Wed*
sesdaynoxt] but the motion *was rejected, tbe country
men bemevidently thlaldag thai saythtagtarelatloato
banks mu-t In* a OOBOIBBhI ??tt:ick on the fmaa .*.
la the Sonate, *>ir. Bamraoa'B bill la relation to taxa?
tion was ordered to a third readrag. This hill amends
Section 1 or 1. tie I. of Chapter VA ol tin Revised Statutes
so SS lo ri ad as ful O WS!
Ail 1 -unis uni all p rsOBSl Sal its within this Stale,
whether owned by Individuals or by corporation?, and
hum;- ?tul mort raicee, notes i r other securities, ? in rever
executed, payable, or alluated, owned by e taeldent of
this ,-iuie ami not taxed In any other state, shall be
liable to taxation anhleet to tin- exemptions hereinafter
ipeelfled, und ex epting aben they are expressly ex*
rmptcd by statute --i this - * le.
?heaettotacor.*it" Ihe Qreeawood Lake -ports*
m. n*? Clnb wa ? caileil u;i, ami Mr. Btxby mov? d to itrike
oat the section authorising lbs eorporatloo to aoqnlrc
real e-i..te in III* State of New-Jei *.?*.. Ailopltl. Oil
m ii m of Mr, Prince, ih?' prvvleloa iskfag it
th? daty or the .-he.iir to degatlsa the
ki e; t* v ?v\ deputy iberifi w.i4 stricken out. The
a making it s misdemeanor for inyp ivn to
aii'i- Us dog in be ,ii or apea the property unless by
perm! tlonoftbi ceri *r.itton wa? stricken out, aa well
ss Section 10. that the htwi of the Btate r latli t to flab
lai ? be applte ?bio i 11 lie tei ritory
own. lor.i by the corporation. On uiu m of
Mr. ?..i.-iaif, tho vote by which iho section relating to
* - * ? onsl It-red, ami the
qui s ; a ? ? ?., tii.- original molli ?? ti trik-n
It on is lost and Iba bill ?ras ordered to a third
A t 'in.'it'i'i'e t'i.ui waa received l?y fin* Renate from tho
in.at. i, ret a ? ia i tt'et i or
the de? - hin -m lie*
na, -iii a of bead i, ? i* .. "i I ulao tli action of tt i. .
tature laal year In appropriating money foi i..
f the board, snd its rccoi -, ?.?:.,
t?. "n to the hoard to call I f
<'oui re i to tl condition "i eml rauU n
. ? ' ?- a- < ourt, und to a?
1??|?.hen in. A '*ill m ticcwrdan ?? there'
July last, ?mil i. : * reno : ?! Favorit?
en. '??, i nt* ; ?um,?i t-*e .m Comiuen ,.i ?ii ? :i , ,,i i; ??;,.
ith ; ? ? ? ? ii I ' " ,n
ras nn ched lu lime to be pul . il pas
sag? . The
it, ' '.? i ,;i ? .'"??, :
r-. Of tl , ' ...-.- -.,,1. in the ho-pllal,
?til * . 1 I ' i .r- i i . lilt' '.?- ? ill i ..* :, a, i ?.?
? ?:. Tli ?t... **iit ii'1-..ii . of a I,,-u ? ta h-* pro?
vided fi>r in the institutions du .. tbe taten'- c r ia
CMtlIll'.ltl i . : ti i-. "t. 1 a. ? t !.te II..- COSl ot
. _ ".'i : lu ". ?! i .-f . Ill - .,..i..i i i , nu .:, ? ,n-, || et*.,
I ..i.iK),), and a-- Bttch
a,*?"ii a.? may be ?..ti au?! proper.
POOL s:.I.i IV. -MB ?' *NAI.-?l>K\l"i ' ; a 111- .ii'i'.i-I
iius t.i tii; t?M\.i.i -? mi !..
ft.i i si t.i.it ?in t*i rus mm m.i
Ai.i:\vv, Ap ?I 2.?The Pool Belling bill will
irdera In the ?
? ne member baa -nili i-'t
.u tomovel U it ii.- eoasMen-i la the
i '.. i* ; .
The canal are in a bad way,n? tbe reenlt of the re|ee>
. ?* ? ?.?:,. U ta ..i ?;. m Mi i a
for Superintendent of Pubti? Works. Itnowan ns likely
that no one will bt appointed i" thai "tli. this
??nv. !;??!?. ?i-o-t, it Is stated on ver] good authorl A
in-1 *;> that In* ?t.1,1 .:.*-,? min. ? nit tomab uuothcr nom!
uatl *n nuul January, 1878. Ilia reasons forth ? i ???. it
Is si d ire that there would be danger, If s su
tendent were appointed at this late day( thai tbe
m.m -.el., ti,i ? mid manage the ?m?ala Inefficiently,
and then bi b a.,.- dis? t lit npoathc new syat? m "i man
a,'iii_- the canal *. It !i Ids, it Is i * rted, thai II would be
a iini'-ii ?-.i .r ?ml ??'. to appoint a snperluteudcnl
in .lam? t? i i. it, b . tuse m thai eaas Iheofficer would
have three montha lawUek t? select eapable aobord
?i, ..t. and thoroughlj Inspect the canals before entering
u]M?ii bU ?i 1.1.in. ml on.
A e nn a ti the Bepeblleen members .>f the Assembly
baa I.nail tu m t ta-marrow night, ii Is gen?
erally bellei ?dthal li Is for the purpose of determining
u'.eii tie policy in be pawned in setiag spoa
tin* omi,ibas 'u.u, ?md tin? other s tute t?iis respecting
the Government of Mew-York, with a view of Meurlag
nnltedaction ui.them. Tho leading ssemben tuen
Ni a York, m eoauaentlng npoo tins caucus, said thai if"
there was s i attemi I ? ids to nuke the Kew-T?
r... i ii th.* Beaate partleaa -Masares, thai would also en?
deavor to obtain party support la th-ir opposition
to tin* paasage ol the hills. Tberwlll donbtloei take
this course, whatever tbe Republican caucus may'In.
?mil lodging lt.-tli ntii,ti ol the D lim:: ?'ii' -. ii.itin
from country district? in the s nito on the Omnibus bill,
win ti ai pealed to by the l'uuininy (Senators, tin ?
Will l , . . a ie . ' i -u ?i at from lue eoiin
n i i [fpoa every ?weekly return
fi.nii Mew-York the ft aanj in. nib. i- show
tu ?ina* hiiHtlltt) to Ute Omnibm hill. They proft a* to he
nal in. .1 with tie \Voiit!:ii charter, but In tbo On
bill i; oi ib clare they su- nothing but an attempl to gain
?i i ni,-.m advantage. Their chief oompminknow is that
ii. i* Police i: a too neat pow? r, ?ml that the
Mayor Is given too little. Several ol them are of tho
opinion thai the Mayor ought ta have tbe
power of summa lly removing for cause itw
I.iol .1 p.,; ?m, . : *. t:.. \ are also oi.sed to Spring
election?, ?>n tbo ground that It would bring an uunec ?
sary expense upon the city. The money saved by cut?
ting down Ibe number ol commissioners "i depnrtun nl ?
tie-, declarawoahl !>?? si?*nt in paying tat tm* .-imiio'
TlioiiiaH Btalcb, who <li?-?l neently al Ma W?
residence in Philadelphia, waa bota at Leesborg, Lon?
don County, v.l.. Jtily 23, IWL Be was gradaatcd
at t'.'ii.initia College, studied Ian with Mr. Cambre long,
lod was admitted to the Phlladelphta bar. of wbleh be
waa afterward for several rears a leading member. He
served two terme la the < ly Conseils, sbawtag great
minai courage ia the iliaekargeof hisdatles. Prior to
Ihe outbreak ol th? civil war Mr/Belch wenttoBurope
with his family, aad devoted several rears to travel.
U was tl..- iirsi to propose aOnart of [ateraattonal Ar*
Ihm tut.o. i? .u,iin*.- which he addressed a letter to Ths
iniia m; m i-.... artille abroad be et,lut, I materials
lot-ins ... nil,, "Lea Fran?ais en Am?rique,**' which had
Occupied bis a :. ultuli 20 ?ell-. Laal Seplellllit-r .?Ir.
Dalchn ul a paper m Ihm.?- of a double standard in
i-4iiua.se n ; -i.- ihe .-m nil mi* nee Associ?t ion at Saratoga.
Tl ..ii. read an essay on ? Pre? Coinage and a Belf
A dusting lUtio " b ior<- a similar organiailion In Phihv
i Mr. Ualch waa a profound studeatsud].
a u markable uk ww y. He was fond m i - arch,
: ?. earl i m the acquirement of knowledj on
hui'j. cts v.hull Interested hiss.
Frederick J. Oraee, telegrapher aad j??ur
n.in.-1..in.i ,.-t i.i.i.? of iirittieni.il eeneamptbm. ?'?ir.
?.Lit i- wa- a |i|i'tiecr te|e*ilii|'her, ?ni for inali.v yean
maaam i of ths Broad ??>'- esnee tandee DalmooJoo'sJ of
ti.t \\i-t?-ru l'..i..n i. ieei...,lt Company, i or l?verai
j t ai ? h. tas '?? ? u editor O? tkt Journal of the ?eluji ttm,
IfioDi i lows. N. v., Ainil 2.?Edmund B.
Mu?a}, i... nuil. ot lait-, s wood cm.ti setwr ana brother
ot ni roasi-sssmsa imhrosii H Murray, died at Oestaa
OU Bal m .1 .v. lie a as li'i ?.art. of aifr.
Nt.w-Hut SMVii k, N. J.. April 2.?Tli?? State
Of Ne\. .I.i-ey Ott r ? i,Dix? oll deposil In Ihe Mlate liunk,
whn-h snepsadsi sa tatardai, ami tin Osaaty of Mtddta
s?-x ha?tfl?l,n?N)iiii ib|Kisit. Application ws? ni.ule to
the Chauccllor ou t?aturtluj ?or the appointuieut of a re
reiver, and the writ was ?crvc.l till? morning. It ia re
tui-iiai.i ? tomorrow at 11 o'clock.
the aaroar of a oommanoM auvuaa to tiir
Thomas a. scorr.
R.vf.TtMoitr., April 2.?In regard to the meet
lag of the pre-id. nis af ths tranh railroad Ham whleh i.
sani to haws taken piase in Bew-Teeh en Batarday in
reference te frelghl ratos Beat sad West, tes following Is
famished la this city for puhUcatloa :
In order to correct tin) liiiM-hit. vou_ effect., of firiss
BtatSSSSatS Whleh have hsea made a. to the combination
of tin-Kno, New-York (Yntral, and I'entiss Isauia rail?
road ssmpaatss in apnssWoa to tes Baltimore sad OMs
Coapsay, ths following dispatch from PrssMsal 81 stl Is
pahllshsd :
l'llll viiEt.I'lllA, April 2, ItTT.
To John W. (?AKi?KTT. President, Uulhiitorr ; I notice
ta some of the papera a ata temen I to the effect lliat the
Us.. Vw-York lines und the Pennsylvania Koad had aa?
lend Into a coiuliiiiatloll on Sut urdas, oU'insis?' and do
itu.sive, aajalnat your road, all of which you has.? the
ii.st of raaaana t??r kuosvini; Is, of eourae. withoutaay
foiiiiil.ilion whaterer. Thomas A. Boon. I'ri ?iili-iit.
I'lisid.-nt (iarretl state., that all the sUSgaltSM Si had
faith ?ualiist the HsltlSSalS sad Ohio Baltread Company
ar- eipially witln.ut fouinlalion, and that this company
aaaeleeriydeaaasMtratolhattti action hau ihreogheoti
under tin- SgSSSBMal of Deieinber, li'-eii Just and proper.
The lialtiuiiire and Ohio Company ha.. In? n, and eon
trues to In , not only witling hut earnestly d -irons to
advenes rate.? to a remunerative itsirtsrt. and to
amaga ful fnlntntn all tsrHft apea perfectly just and
eiplit ihle piincipli's, hiicIi list will. Without dOBht. meet
with seaeral approval, it is aadmrstood that Mr. Oar?
rett left far Be w-York thia areateg.
In regard to the report that at tin- eoof?r
eaeeoa B?tante, between If.B.VaadaiNil,H.J.Jowttl
?.i.d Thomas a. .-I'ott.an ago ?-uii-iiit ??us reached thai the
three roaJ. represen led would eombtoe sgifirr* ih. Bellt
more sad Ohio Ballroad la regard to freight ratea Mr.
J.-\-.:ll IS'?! ye -terday that Die cotifiTcni't' IU Itlfortlilll
and no d? Unite k -nit wm reaehe_L A Tkiiiim: reporter
attempted lo m.ke Inquirieaol W. Ii. Vauderbill in r.
gurd m Hi?' m iit.-r, 1.m Mr. Vaaderblll reiuaed t?. he."
n.m. 11 -..i.i. bowerer, thai there waa aotblus ai w. II
1? probable taat other meeting ssni he held to dlaeuas
Ihe que .Uou.
Cbicaoo, III., April 2.?The Chicago and
Alton Batiros l .t... kbolders to- lay elecfe ii the tollowlag
directors: r. B. Btsekstoac, John D. Drake, D.1
James. John P. Slater, John A. Stewart. Oeergs Btront,
Join: ( :..-s>r, L <:-u. i Blaell -i" tt, :iu 1 Joli'i J. Mil lull.
The directora aobscqarul ? toUoarlngodieera i
l'ii id. ni.T. B. Hi.t.me, Secretary and Treasurer,
\v. M, Larrabee. ofltaaa oi branch roads were
I'iiii.kDELPHIA, April 2.?From the eoudi
tion ?a: affairs ii-auai, ii i., es i i.-nt that there wnl he no
trouble between ihe Beading Ballroad Company and
their engineer!. Anofl-cer ?>i the eompany stated this
morning that eaeh man was asked during last week
,'ould remain with the company or adbete
to the ii:...... ?'Ii-.on; and OUl o? 500 t li-licer. ill (hi ciu
ployol tho company, then aere only sbont adosen who
'.' l iltoqull i.ai.k. 'lia- moroing ail banda wer on
ib< . i -i_.it- i aa u i.d, stiiu-1 fact Is aa asauraac? to the
officers of the eompany that ths __on wi% keep faith.
Papers bearing ruforenci m the beneficial life luaiirautse
I'i'j e.:. tti.-.j. .......i :n ia.- .ii. a1 u- oi tiiinr.il '??
Woo ...,; ?.I.I A I| .1,., ,o SVioell tlic si.ru.ili'.n -.
of all en .meera Intending i? admira lo iho qoinpauj will
be a.iiu.vL-il.
At tin; annual meeting of tha stockholders
oii:.i Panama Ballroad Company, la this mty, yester
day. the old board ef directors waa reneeted, witb the
exception ii rbomaa Clyde ol Philadelphia, Joseph Og*
denof tbU city bel?g eleote tin his place. About I
?hares were represented. The meeting of thedlrectora
will bo held at noon to-day. when s semt-aimnal state
meat of the oporaUona and foi lition of the eompany
will be i I'.'.seincd. The following was givon ont-.egter
ipaia of ttila slatci lent, --. bleb la fot i lie - la
iiicntb? i uding March 13, an I wblok ?ho*? tue net sera
" ? about i'i, per .-. at :
l: .? . (. ...r Nei.-Vur. t,?.-,,j ss.gig ,881
.. ..ljitso. i/tndou. . ill
I... 1. .-o.l tllf iilll'illl.? ?ill i ..lia. I'll.tlleoll.-t.... I.I, ..'
: ? .i .fsiii.uu.s
Int. i ..tIo.i.o HI
,'-nt,.:..i in! . ?v i- .l.iiiiii.. I-.:,.,cull
Operan ... ?yeuses. 161,000? M 1,000
.. I .?'.:,.,,'jfA
Ci.r.vi'i.\M), Ohio, April 2.?More thou onc
hall of the busineaa portion .-.' HonroeviUi .Ohio, waa de?
stroyed laat iii.hi by Bo , ss!;,:: originated In a i? ock ol
old wooden buitalaga on th? north si.i ..f Mon.oe m.,
fi.riiKiis called "Titila-..s?." The lamm wem -nail.
Stopped bj I'i?' tilll.'I.S an,v..I ol :?:..tin III- ill/ille- fri,:u
ii. ?..tue and N ors, alii. The total lo-s approximates
975,000, a.mut one-half of which Is con red by Insurance.
The foUowtugisa partial ii-i >'i Hieluauraneeeomps
In-.i.lse.l: tue Franklin ol Philadelphia the Pire A
tion ol Philadelphia, the Niagara of New-York, the
l'i.ii'.'.x oi Hi m... Is u. l he ? lei i: -a u-A m. Ticau of Bow-York,
th.. i n -... .1..._ i u ..Liny i>: > - lb Am ri a, PUlladelpbiu;
Hie < 1.11(11 f ol ll.Sloll, tiie 1. e..lli:in_ ..T I'ellll- .
the Bicblond Mutual) and the Baos Mutual.
Poi <iiii_i.i.i'-iK, N. V? April ?J.?A special?
ilispaicii i..//" ? i.'tiite from It u.t-m ek saya that Hie fu?
neral of Peter Bnme'a svife ?uni torn ehildmn, ?ia rletlma
of the ii:n'i.in? disaster, at tin- Catholic ehareh to-day.
was ero wiled. The tatest faets punt --. i i i suspicion to
two men ehowcre seenln tht rtdnlty of the Br j.? the
! - abo ilieil the build i :
IN* BAHWAY, B. .1.
The manufactory known as ths Etanway Woolen
Mis, Pet. r s. glassy, it'vi'na, was totally daalnred by
In st 1 p. m. yesterday, ths lam sn SMehtasry ami stock
waa SI .') 0 "a h'lii'hnr, 9>o- 00i both sra laaared. Charlso
CaMtna-r, the ?-ngiueer, while attempting to blow ofl Hi I im,
st.is -i-ii'ia-o leaned i.< ni?- ?nunmu? tan). rocSreia
. ,i to unit camrht la the Irylagroem.
CHIOAOOi April ilr?The f;illiii? of rain ami
t:. melt a. "t snow eaaaod by the warm arsalher or ih.
p.,si r s? ilaya has bad th. cBbet of Boodlag the south
wesi m portion of the stty. The lewera ami drains
coiil.ln.it carry off the Water ssllh Miftii n nt rapidity,
?m i it ?.aa risen in some essca lo the list stories sad
driven people from their h xtaea. ehllglng them to mska
their way ia rafta lmprorlacd from floating timber aad
sidewalks. The damage t?i property Is rery anal in thai
section ol the oily west ol weeteru-are. end south "f
Han is.,!i-t. and "tai out int.. the country. The water
i,, ,-,i. d m ? ? ? ii'-i ii".>n -..in.?.. ii.it, nu i n ssi.i take . ??.. ral
daya to entirely abate lt. Befar se beard nom no lis. ?
ban been lost
? ?i
PHILADBLPniA, April 2. ? At tlic annual
ini'ilili .'ol the Hliiekliolilel-of lile Ainel.i in Ste.iii..sliip
Company to-day, Bearj u. Welah was reWeeted ps? I
.; m. The i'-t proBta from tha ooeratiuna of the eom*
j.-ns during the year 1876 ?ere .1 n.'.u l.
EUUBA, N. V.. tViiiil 2.?ii. Smith Caiman,
one of the loan commis, loin m ol tln.s ciuily, han de
i-aiiipeil. IciVilii? .some .--ii.oiH) ot I he Hind i 1.1 111.-ted to
him anaecoaated .'an*. He stated to a letter to his wHs
thai be had gene to Aastialls ssiia no lateatkio of ever
CBIgB ABO ('A-l'AI.l li;s-HY Ti:i.K(.l'.Airi.
r,i.-i..N. April2. Hiram Oreeowas fatally shot
in N.inh >ii.tni. 'ion. i .'im., wi I-inlay Bight, by N.itl.iiu.. I
i iiiuil", ssii.tf-.- Ii.iiis ? '.:? ii ?as bi. akini? lulo.
IfiDDL? Tii.v-., N. v., April 2.?Samuel Warren,ms
:? . t braai au m aa th? Erle RaUway, was tni-tnti to
.Lai ii it si ,.i wa :, ..n Saturday iii_iit a in,a- coopimg eats, itu
1. uses ?i ? il. anil t v. ta i ..li.li. n lesiillti.; lu W.iisulek.
LbBABOB. I'ciiii., April _.?? Jo ( pIi T. Miller, re
?jVIids tu .n ~e!i leih t-t.iaa n, aras bead tt it in ths ? ?**:* taat
hi? Inline I...I..S. lie bad f ?HI in Iji . i n,,. Mloa "ii l?-i?vii.i{
linliia-, tt lit. Ii I - BlUaiBg, .and ll I? I .-II.V...I hi- ? uH nilll-l.-ri-l.
Il- ?.us s ?i;i.i..ii..i,t anisen, uml ?t odo lime saa v.al a? n.unty
i'.ii -i.--vt U.K. renn., April Ii.?In the County Court
totiii.s N. 11 Dooghert* and Juim Campbell,CoreowpHctijla
tin 1 inc.:.m linn.hi lit A ilileljl.-l.l in 1 -Hi, _,ic , nteni e.i lo
wilinuv .-"iiiiti' lucia in the filil?-n.i_ry (or Use and ulne
).era i?-? euvehr. James laaghlsa. turnea Lehmaa. and
M.e.'ia-i - nl.-aii, (.,r p?'t:t-l|.an.f?j In the liu?kill n.uni. r?t
l__'.isi<iiilc \?.tr ???. ??, i ni. n. <.l to ?Ix yeai? solitary ioi.llu?5
iiiuiii. All Un lui,un. r? i .i. J.I (.ol-*aiii wtiti uicuibt-r? ol ths
M-.ll> _i?|,iiirv ' it.i..u Liu.
WAR RILL AiTi.'i:i[i:\nr.p.
DISTItfSr IKf.T AT 1'AltlS AN!? I'.l'.lti.IN ? I HF ItrSfllAe!
rki H HKi.i i?;-iti.-* r?iii-4-iA iu'adv to ti:kaT
poi DisAii.MAMKM?momtomo-o tnu. sr.ao
i/iNPov. Meada?, April -, i?77.
Sperial ?lispaf,hrs ?yo'm 15ti lin to The Post
ntnl l)u,I,/ WttOt and from I'.tti.i to The At.iiulurd repre?
sent puliilc fceliliK In those [iliiet*. as not men . n'd la
hopefulaees by Ms signature ei the protocol.
A I Bedel d:;.|i:itt li froui Vienna to The Tlcijraph has
the fulltiwlnii: "The I'riuceof Motiteiie.-ro IMS refused
to eniiimaiiil the Hasaiati ln-tirt(. nts, a!l?r>*_lii|*r thst con?
sideration for Allst r'u SblfcfSd hU ?loins so."
Il.iit. i's dispati-h from Constantinople says it Is statod
that ti.e Moataaagrtas win be settsft ii n tth tue oc?-, ?on
of a portion of tho Nicsics District. 'Hi-; Tar-ish
Caliinet met to-slay to cotisiiler the chati-'c lu the
situation result in?; from the nfStag of tie- piviocol. No
llnal iletei tiilnatiiiti was arrived at In regal d to semllu*
delegates to fit. Petersbasgt for the mbbsb that th?
l'art?: awaits official SOBBtOSBSS Sf toS pnitoeol.
K.iifi ?'s I'atli ti IsgiaBB reports that tho representa
this nf the Powers In gtvtag the I*.?rto notitl *.??i.?n of
Ihe signing of toe protocol wM urge Tnrfcny te seai as
soon M possible a ?U-lcKat?: to St. 1'oiersburg h) nr-iotisto
for d?na: maillent.
Mr. Lej artl Is expected tn London on the 7th Inst., and
will probably re n h ?-oiinlaiitinoplo on tin: lath.
A special dispatch from Berlin to The Times ?a j * : " Tho
attitude of the Uis.-lan press durlag the last eventful
fortnight m-y lie-aitl lo taVO taOB illain trieally opi?o
site tu that of the Oon rtitni-nt. The inore pacific t!:e
policy of PrtaeeOettehakoff the more ta?leees trot the
language at the St. lVtcriburi*; ami Momow Journals.
Hi in the eo'ititrv patH-rs?under strict censorship?wen?
?Hawed to take itait In the martial movement, the object
ot this concentrated literary attack apparently Ix-uig to
repu .-.eut BassiB- new prepestttens as an ultimatum and
their BOSSfftance by Lmi-Iaud as a concession to Slav iu- '
lereeta. Only a ten sd-reneed l?emela htmed ??u e_c.*i>
tiou to the rule, snd, ?lepi-ecallngatiy settli in -nt short of
thedielatagBattea of Turkey, rejected half "10 cotices.
sisas suppeeed t?> have taea leeaanded <?f MagB_ae_
Thoagh tin* Kus-iin public were at tlr.it but v.ry sssdSS?
aft !> Interested in tho Kastern Qitestl-iii, the Serbs of
exclttag articleeaad snergetts diplomatie eotsednstng
tin: surreal yen tave i ? i them to exp tel a very dnhhseal
rasall tram ihe one attained. Heneo we tare the Stillung
?poetado that while snttVTarfctsh sathaaiasm was al?
ways reetrioted to a few town?, nad evea there saagsen*
ted quit kly, tbe dlsappotataieal felt it t le preeenl tci-mi
nation of the diplomatic campaign is serious ami n
i e-i- in many.
The Pi is con-eepoixlent of The Times, -Brittas nadee
tl ,t of Saturday, aays : ?? i have rcc ?ved Infonsatton
oouccrtilugtheamugementewhich nave inen madefsf
;.. protocoL Immediately after the readinge|
: -.i, ?i'ni before Its -i--a l?tre. it was arranged
prot?t serbal should be drawn up Aa a ? liter "f
uni iiii? proem tstrbal It the mie possible means ot* ea*
taiiiiiiKtiie written evidence of Ituaela's declarations
witboul the appearance of dlatruat. ih*- procet
rm'irt! will contain, when drawn, an exact report of iho
ti*. -i. iti, nui which t u,int Mhouvalod will make, ead
? i ....??.ms win consequently form ndocanMut
containing tin- conditional, but well deBaed,engage?
nn nts -r It i -si t i*, i nr.e to disarmament/*1
; times In a leading article saysi "Now that tue
protocol a is been st.it ti wo m a fairly credit oar Gor?
? , ? with oouaiderable diplomatic siicot ?* <);r
ment has abandoned a volut ol form t" Russia.
hut, on the other hand, Russia is really to declare thai
she will cousent to demobilize her forces and to receive
y from tbe Porte for the nurposoof considering
u nt on both sides If Curaej lOoald makepeace
with Montoncgroand luowhcraoU dtspoaad t>> dlahaad
.. al-o In UlteSl all en.'.-l ?U-il to ret
ii; work of reform. Were Ru-sla really aniloue
lor war some weeks or months tance abe would not i?o
i iij an.in.iii, ia ths protocol, iue ralao
? a - .'it lit ? u. *i.,,,ni of Buaslaher*
- '* iueru is g.1 t.* i-i,i tu believe, bow-aver, that
lly anxious to secare a dignidad .ay.if re
liiu a position of tern h i danger nod perplexity.
v.e i,. ?*. no! pa) much ait. m : ?ii t?> rumors thai Mr war?
?repur.tious bavo recently booa grow.ng moro
dedal ? han over. Such report? may bave .... u spread
to.-., nn; diplomatie cuds, .ml, uvcuii sceurate, tii.-y
may re.- nore than priMisUluiUS against aeOOO*
.-?ia*.* which Itu .i v.. . d -l i ?iy a\oi?L"
tifleati ?!* for peaceiul hopes, the , hues n. ta?ase
... . . - . eu ni m ? Pit i leal uf the
M ,*i>. * avouta Beuovoient ti?elety, wno admitted
thai SI . .; I, I .jni-_< t except s ?
the ?..-'.-niii;.. iin timer ?consider-i the admission in*.
portant that luoCz-tr . oulil ?e supported hi lbs muss
.. . .**... * -o.. . *, u ,, * should nii.'i.l
... Bob ?',? SOI . -> a m aa- a-.-1..1II.I'; ?l ?il'o
. -no. na, I ?;:, pow?*rto do .m.?ti.:ng m
particular, "it id uot sut prising, ** ii ?nil-, "that the
i ,t,t..i a ted tilt olll'lal e? ;.?s. ? .*,i..tultl ll.ti. n troiu Vt ?ir
i ..?t i. ie.tii> means uuti the sxteat to
?.a. ?i o mill -i'- i. t nn* ?j.ivcrtiineat will do ap
pl, *.i?i*': ,. o ih Liu.? u.i.i ?.u. ? i ..i. la so far ne
u , ,, i.i .?,.... m.*...; bare ix-cti an
?mu-t?./jni calaiuli) to the whole ot ttarope."
br. l'i.n.i..-i:i BO, .>l.?i.i?.iy, Apttl -, 1-77.
The Ootos regards the alanstara sf the pratoeol as a
I ?:*i??ia'.? right to preeeed to stsaeaiee of
. ? ild the Porte aot fulltll tbe conditions un 1er
Kussla considera II poeslhlo to wlUairaw h.-r
.mi tbe -uriush trontler,
la . a \ui.-i, Mu? lay, April ?-'. 1-77.
-..,' agitation tai tag appeared ia i si gm ?.. sf ihe
vilayet ot the Daaube, Badyk Pasha has addseseod ?
vi ry peremptot) circular to tbe .ia\..,.: - eujotalag
tin-iu to ;? eveutau) ?.-,.. i.- : <> 11 ?sitii the ?;?...-. un?.
OBBAT i;\< ii; mi-.m at ui.ui.in?iii-? v.iiiiiuuwal
m.)I?ihi;di<? LBAVB Off aiisi.n? r.
Lobimm, Tuesday, April :i, 1-77.
Tkt Potft .[i?i-ial iHspatfh fron Berlinaajai
"Prince lllsmarvk has leaderad his 1 rfgnattaB
Of the Imp nal t'halifei.i'l'*-hip. Th" mtelll
oeoasloBS Imssenss excitement The 1
for Ilia ?jtcp are not pooltlvaly l>i
1 recent a___renee between Frtace Btaanre
(?en. von Btos ih, tic in-.ni of the Admirait) > ?? tall. -
to have pro-raked It. The Crown Mues has ead?
to ladaee Bismarck to withdrew his resiga ilion.
l'.iiiperot* bas .h elm ti to ?u t* pi it. sakaawlodatag ai ?a.
Bann- tin.?- in the ino>t gmeloas term-? l'ritn e !?i-:? an .. .
vt*. it services, and the country's ne* d lor their nuilin ?
ame. ii.* Dinperor ii.is, however, ?ranted Busman*'. ..
*. e i, '- UaTOof aitseliee, of wi.it ?I the l'l .in t will shortly
a\ ni himself to n erutt ins health.-*
The followlas It toe fail text of a gentes telegram from
Berlia toresha lowing the above 1 " Prinee Btsasaaal win
shortly .put Berlin ana prolonged leave ot ?tasete* a
step v. ?aeh he has loo 1 been sontemplatlag It has not
_\.i beat delaltely deddad who will reprceeat ht? tow?
iu>( bis aii.im*e, .nit ?t la 1 ?maid?nal prohnhln that Ten
Balow ?-.m toko charge of ths Mtalstrj sf FoselgaA-MM
ami Qampboaesa o? toS Interior."
LoMBOE, Mon l.iy, ApsN '.'. 1S77.
A (litiiiite ?mil positive coiitniilictiDii in ?ivea
to tie . ;,.,: I uf .1 i.tiitiaUli It? the MoUt Ccui? IUIIIH.1.
LOWWB, M"i.'i.r.', April ., 1077,
The Pooft St. Petenbug lettn itjai "I'lie
eaudemaatloa of the youthful IsBseastratosaasCsaetoa
Ka? m Cathedral has l??-eu followetl by a suit BgBlBSl lr?0
pusous of both Bexee for secret brotl ? thee I, the ciuu
?ati'in of treaseaaMs wrldaga, ami preparatory step?
for a ooaiiBuniatie rcvolothm. Inveetlaaitssn by a
?postal commute? nt toeSoaaBBj vkaah steatoagBsal
si n-atloii, pcwVS that a wt li-or??aiil-etl niai? exlSSag
iiia-e.i on the pria itplea of tbe [uternsilonaf-Hoctai Dam
tieliU?. An all ll;?lauro .it the StCnlgoaBO? altieiied to
tie trial, Prince Qortebakog,despite bUtdbuvBtaand
laborions duties, baa already uppctcl twlee ia eonit lo
wat'.i th case."
LOMxiN. Monday, April '_', 1>-T7.
A .-?>? ? ??il ?lisiKiU'li boat C.il?'utt;i to The Timet
Bays the latest advices laSpSOtfBg the famine lo tho
Maiiia? i'?, -nieiii y leiioitaii lacrease el 7^)00 ssapleyed
on the Qovemm-mt relief vs.iriv?,and _..,i>?m....* ? ?? num
h*-r of tnitse charitably rslleved,
Kl.? Jambiboi Apiil 'j.?'ih?' nporti al tho
pti ?al.at e .1 ye.l.tW f.vef ll"lt) alt) BUtbOffttallfS | i'"ii
tr;i.littc<!. The city Is freo ftoiu any trac, if fkjg cpl
tli mlc, ami has lint for many ?can part 9 i 8 I BBSh a
good seatfary coudltloti at till*. -, ?urn.
HAU?Tol'i) MTOffCIFAL Kl.laiiiiN.
Ha?tkoku, Conn., April 2.?Tho Dt-iinurats
to-day elected their randnlatca for t'iiy Clerk, Auditor,
and Mar?.!i.?l, by su av?ra?.) majority of TOO. Th?
lioanl of A ii.*i m. n la a tn*. The Republicans bave a
majority of four in the Council, _l\i ?? tie in a iimi.Tlty
OH 1'iiiit bal.ot, sud the eholceol Ctly Attoiut?, Ylomm
tuliug AUu.ii ),aud City ?urveyut.

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