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V0L XXXV1?.IN?- 11.247.
aaajTiaWl KM'WV is timo in 1875?MB. HAYKS
UMinB I ' <;IVK 1118 POUCV A TRIAI..
ff ^iiiMiio-;, April 1 r?.?In tlio course of convcr
aatiniiyeesetday. President Haves said that lie lucl
n,,,,.:-. . nui rosjmrAina Ms Sonthera policy. Th<>
nnin v had, tower? r. been tareabadowed ?:i oral and
?nttes ?ttertiH ,
Tin- i'.?<?? ??I? nt adverted tr> t?o Koberaatorb?
ssajendgahi OU* hi 1875, which recalled i.i ln
ajaetisa ovef OoTi All? ii. when the people of
SV| St.i!?' had a full knowledge of his
arttl ?Tin-ill >* <?u national questions, including
sJaeaajM those whl h rotated to tin? South. The
opening speech of a guhcrnatotial candidate, is
fciiirall.'. considered to be thi ley-note of the cam?
paign, and II such a spei???1? at Marion, M rally an
th. :U-t of .July of that ji;ir, lie fully
?ml distinctly expressed his opinions. This
aaeceh m aabuahed at leagth in all the
K,mblk .m newspapers aud in many others.
In that speech, ?ifti r ???mirraliilatiiiK nil fi llow-citi
iru- m the oeatpti te trinuiph over those who sought
It destroy the 1'nioti and t' I grand results of (ho
wur, he alluded to the coming together airain of
BJsvtbim ami Southern DM n in a spirit of harmony
sssi friendship, includimr those who had
foiL'ht ?galaat one ?mother: and as a proai
iuent feature m tins evidence of Rood feel
iiiu' he on 1 hat oecasioa each* of the kindly manner
in \\hi< h Viee-1' ? aident Wilson was received on his
lU| t<> Mm South. He said that in this era of fooi
feeling and reconciliation their were Mill astaoni
who talked of ?ay in ts and who sought to revive
the jirejudi <' of '''?' past : this was iniich lo ho re?
grette 1, Iml tliiT.' wa.s eooagk l<> liil every heart
with gi at it tide, tli" Ine.ise Im in? no longer divided
and all the Inhabitants having ? lair start in the
nee for Ufa In I his and in all his other speeches he
f-;tiii<-?l ly condemned the reeaSBshsf of the old UsU'-s
between tin- Ninth and the South, assuring his bear*
i r- that I he time bud co.ne for completa reconcilia?
I in President in further conversation referred to
the fa? t thai the National hVpttbUcaa Convention
?hlch notninaled linn im the I'lesiilency passed a
reeolatioti eecredlj pledging the Bepnblieaa party to
piuiect every citi* u o? the United states in all his
civil and politice] rights? and <' ehuina that the
}?< riii:i:i>Til pai itic;u ion of (he Soul), ihould be
affected by removing all canece of disc in!. The spirit
of this resolution v..is in perfect accord with his
awa views previously expreeBed,and he repeated tin m
|a hie letter ef acceptance of the nomination, and
inot< fully elaborated tliem in hi?inaugural 8 I
, ?teutlj maintaining the policy of recoucilia
tion and i' el i -I-"- ? ?vernm nit. When he i
?aaa the '?mi. s of ilu Iretddi icy be intended that
Ibispslicj ?boaldnotbc on" of eeatiuient merely,
bat oi .e tuai ulministration.
He spoke wi ?? when he Mid: "Mj be?
lnt i? thai tins conrsi tende to give good fro el .
imnt to the So nth ; il tend? to at cure peace between
the v. en the races or parties oJ tue
.?.ni it tend* to secure tie tight* iiitereata,
and mi'??: > "f the i ulon d i ? ople ; ih< p lore I am in
favor of the policy. I do not know whether 1 ?ha 11
hin i ? ? ??! in ' irrviiiK it nut, Dcauw I hi re are Noi th?
ere aud Southern men who in various waya may
poasildj thwart me, bul of one thing I ?i
namely, I t..i k it ? dutj totrj andcarrj out the
policj, and i am going to do it."
1:1.l.l'i IIOS? lit .i IN i n IKTBBIOR DRPAITTMBNT
I ! i y Tin.i il ,ni to Tui n.:::i vi'!
WaaniMfiTox, Apiil 15.?1
ef the il;.' .1 fon F tbt I iterl i l> parttm
already began. Iwenty employee ol the Pension
Ionian were dJflchai lay. A lew other
?hnks bad pnvioual; been diMnissod in other '.u
leaaaof the department Further reductions will
ju iii.ii.!. b
vtill continue uni il the force is brought down!
a standard i i to make the expenses of the depai
come u Itbiu the appropi iat
A good deal of ? ccitemenl has been caused, not
< among the clerks who have hern discharged,
hat aiimir' those who remai over, by the methods
Vv whieh ' ils have hen made, h rai
BMsseralh understood that the principles of civil i
\ne reform woald be applied in all caeca where
i - d icharg d. ;us well as in making
?ppointmenti and i romotiona, at >l 11 wi - suppos !
that those baan lompetent woald Ik- first ?elected in
reducing the clerical force. It hi now ?'ported !>y
the fii'.;.!- ',' aome oi these wLo Were informed
yesterda) thai t': Ir s rvic i would hereafter be
di.-jM used with, and of those previously discharged
ipeuded, thai ih enTcieucy of the .;'?:., bae
apparcntlj been taken very little Into the account.
b i ak ngtin i lections ford:-mi isal, it it laid thai
in ? bare ??muig political backing, or who
h \e mtin-nti.il friends in the bureau which has
employed them, have is alums! all cases been re?
tained ; and ?t is asserted by those interested, that
the se!' i ' us have >>? i n made with very lii i le n lei
cnie to the efficiency either of ilmsi n
taiaed oi of those discharged. On some form, i
aeceatoaa, when reductions of force were
aeeeesarj ia other departments, the record of each
eserh in each division wai made out, and the <??s
tniss.ds took place solely among those who stood
last on the Uat. It is a-s. tted h> BOIUC of the cl( li.s
recently discharged in the Interior Department that
in? each eoenpaiative record baa been made out
then-, and that it is susceptible of prool that many
o? tin clerk- retained aie far u m efficient than some
of these discharged.
If anything of tin- kind has occurred, it baa been
wholly without the knowledge ol Secretary Bchnrz,
as it has i? ?m neceaaaiy for hua to intrust the defy
of ledaeing the loree wholly lo the offleen of the
errerai barcena Beoretary Behara will tad it rery
afBcnlt to pat hie theories of civil service reform
tally lato prae?ce it the mattef at left entirely to
lillteau offieetS. While DO lxdilii.il llillue.'ici! may
!?? used with him, and while lie may desire to try
all clerks Impartially, and to retain those who an
BBeeteffieteat.il is impossible thai the politician?
?hall not make then inlluern e felt with Mihordinate
bbbV ?al? in the laveval baroaaa and in many casen
?ave their panic.dar fin mis from dhanbaaL
The two penaaaeat momboii el the Hoard of
Apiiealu -Messrs. Warren and Hartlctt?which the
lactetarj aaa appointed are men who ?rehesocetly
and earnestly in favor of tlionuigli reform in the
??ivii Barvtce, ai d will m doubt a?t with ?triettav
P"*jM*y ha att eaaea referred to them. la order to
aasaretheaneeccBot the new Ideea governing tbe
atvilaarvieebi the iipeitmieit, and to silence all
jus! criticmo on the hcU of ?ny ?f ,,s officials in
(onncctio, will, Obi reduelen, of the lone, it has
been nggestf d that all alerka who are discharged
abaU have thej.riviiegeof goaag bafare tins Board
of ApixaN and ?ubjiutt.lig ihtir ta?e? to it for final
ft m possible thai the Breitetary eiready aeataav
lates ailov.mg such an appeal, hat the ehwhswho
ave already been dismissed have thus far receivi d
Be aetice that each a privilege will Ijc accorded to
wain am? m h iA.
Washington, April 15.?At the hifiialaf
el the priwui diltlcultie* between ICuiki? ami TBrkSJ
tbere wa? ? general opliuou among many of our uruiy
Sincer? Bhat the trouliles would create "a maikit for
srihrnuc* ?upiille?, ?rus, and other implements of war
tare, and that the Lintel Mat. s w.ud lie enabled to dis?
pose of the v.?t auioiiut of uiiHcrvieeahl? good? of that
Character now ?tored lu our arsenals aud fortification? ;
lot a careful examination of the ?uhject by prominent
?ttcer? o? Un Ordnance Department leads to the belief j
that there will lie ho demand upon our country for the
fSMd?, for tin? tiMoi tii.it PrtlBirl. Gssjmm
and 1'ianeo have vas? iptantities of condemn
MM for sale, ami therefore neither ot the OSalOnrtll
nations would fluil it net cs?ury to make purchases i
MktSMSSftM Atlantic when they can oht.iln ?dmil
CooiIr M ?Mb MM home, unless CM prCM it compl'i
tlons fduiuld us?unie muh ?MUM tlint th>- Powers tin
ti.,ii,-<i would decline t<> SJsbwm of thai* ooudeuiaefl an
nnd ?uipp?. ? to? itlicr icutv. nml then then BdgM M
EMMud for our?. MM* tM FrancoI'm MM WW, M
France and Germany luivebt-n ?an MM! ntul replaeli
I the ?mus us? d l>y tliein in that war with those if mo
unprowd patterns, and ron-eipioiitly liavc many I
MM! for ?ale.
It has MM tieen ascertained MM Turkey 1.? nineli MM
supplied wltli arm? than wan at MM Mprnaul. s'
hftTMg received over aiM.tmii stand of MM from I'm'
denrc, 15. I., within the past two years, under a contra
for MMyOOO I'ealMcty guns, a MHimMlwrtlllg ritl ? Mall
to the Martim-Hcnry rift used in Fnclind. Thine ritl
aro still beiag uianufuctuiv?! fur and delivered to tl
Torluah Gonnimeni, Mvwal ofllows of which ha
!?(?? ii in Mil country for some month!) pa?! inspi Cting H
arms and supcrinti Siding their manufacture. II
Taris aso bare contraen with rsrieaa tirm*
tliis country for 200.000,000 rounds of metal
SSXtrtdgM and for a lurte nuiiilier of cartrid:
lUMS. wliicu .ne now being: made ut liridgeport ami Ne '
Baren, Conn., ind other ptacea, Thai Gorerniueni
hIho well supplied with hreich-loadtn',' steel |QM tor tie
service, audit la not probable that there ?ill lie ai
groat ileinaiid loi anus of obsolete DOttOnU UjMiTi lilis i
aiiv oilier coimtry. RuaaM hua also received a gi ?
supply of itrins from tins eouiitrv, lu l>u
?nonce of contracta win? smith & Wesson, Ool
?ud oilnr manufacturers. ThOM contract? wei
for revolvers, a MUM numucr o! which MM
boon delivered. Tie (t.ivernui ni ha.i for aaia aboi
400.000ot nu? n'\v Bprtugfleld muxttodoadlng rifle, at
? large Baaaberol repaired breeoh-loodera, beside* or
nanee and ordnance sunplics of everv description le
fio'ii the but civil war. The rifle? could beeonrerti
into ?uve? h-loadi r-, Ion it h is been found cheaper I
nu!?* new odn outrifhl than ur?uiidcr;.ii.e id ehuuge tl
old Olli 8.
WAUmoTOM, April 15, 1-77.
The Ordnance Department lias bom year t
year urteil upon OmSTSM tM mces-ity of making snfl
eie:,t appruprtatlOM for the. lnaiiufa'liire of improve
UMB.MM tO jierini! the grsdnsl accumulation of thci
in atOTC tor ?MM in OOM of M eaiei^eiuy. DaiMg til
tan yean pmoafltnj toe lata war an ?renme of i?'J.m.i??!
par annuin was appropri?t d for the manufacture ?
sucii ai ms, im; far a?rerai roan past the spprdpriatiu
for that purpose haa been 1100,000 o 1150,000. it ;
! estim?t d that there will not i>e more tli in B,000 at ma>
appruved pattMM oa hand at the end oi the preaei
fear, and ihoaM t..e Btati s draw apon Iba Sfatlonal Got
era ?i< ni for tue full gaol i? to which tb< ? are entitle
the limited atoch of hnprored arm? held i"
would be exhausted. The act of April 23, : i ?
permanent anuoal appropriation? ot ?200,000 for ?ni
laaf and equipping the militia oi iheUnlU : State?, aa
it , argued that ii that sata tnaecnaarj at that tin*
when the population did not exeeod 8,000,000, al i a
?,000 ?hould be appropriated now, the p pulatti
having ln?i ascd ueurljrflvo-fold. Uudei tbeacl aamoi
thestat? ot New-Yort IsannnaJly crcditfd with$10,701
of the9200,000; but if the appropriation anouM
l| t0 I ,000 00 ?. M ?veo uini ud I, -
i!i the ol - ne< : I
lug to their iMipnJation. Phe ? rl ul ? n? no-?
. maiiufa lurid - the Bpriugtl -<l hrccch-ioadliij
ud II ?ar^ui M t the? ?mi* ?botild hi niauufac
lured lu ipi.niiLi.es pu fit ?den I Ul rend r ?i mill
uulutlon of tueui In ?tore a certittntr. That a b-.'tl i
oi m inau tin i uuiy aouie ilaj he invented ii
i."i .i' .ili lui pi ohahle, and i"X|x
. i thai Li unit . ' m run a ill i.u ??? th<
m. ."![?'?. li'ii until sneu a uue, aultuble foi I ha mill
i.i. levvlcc, busbecu perfected aud approved, ares? tv?
Ut 1- .1 He? essit> ?
OBJEl 'Puns TO FLEET l'VVM \.-l'l.i:TOLFEEE.
There i^ considerable commenl uuiong nieni*
benofthepaj rorpaofthi navy at !??< reccu .-<)??? :i"ii
of rnymaster James E. Tolfree a hi fleet paymaster ol
.?a tle^ t, in place of luapeetoi l?'? ?;< r, de
. . I, Fleet pay musters, a? well i Oect cngineen aud
Bei t s .i t< ous, r ? li-.i! .! ? I !?'" , r m
mini, ? i . i.M (. li - than th cautuln ol a i tip, and it Ii
clali cd that a Beet nayn u w onld ba either a paj
director, who ranks aa captain, at a par Inspector, whu
ranks aa commander, A paymaster rat
commander only, it is s.ii.i that s preaaurawill be
brought ?oie?; upon secretary Thompson on I
' to Washington till* w< k to bare tha orders t Paj
maater Tolfree revoked, and a pay bupc-etoi or i ijr ? 1,
h cl.:,t. red to the Europi an fleet In hi? plao . l'a]
inastel Tolfree entered the srvie in l ???;.', and It li
i ihal th? n ore manj utUocrs lu tin p'i\ corpi
x ? been lougvi In the service aud should therefore
r, < <i vc tho choice of iMioltions. Mr. Toi.reo 1? .i very ef
la :. i: ? ?!'? . r aud :.i a.;li the il< ;?
h nee tuere is r prohubiliti fti.it there will n? i llvi
i m his behalf, a? be Bit many frii :nis to aid him.
The Sundry Civil Appropriation bill in??,!
at the last e uonof ? mzre conteiua a clauai ippro
priatlugf<V?."i,O00for conttunlngthe survej ol i.??
slppi Rlvi ? :i:i?l it? tributarles, wiiii u \ lew of detei min
::?. the proper metbodol reeluiming from orerfloa Hie
alluvial lands ol the Mississippi delta, aud the eblef of
t . Engineer i irp? baa directed ' .??n. i omai ?? i.. the o.ii
i charge of the work, to expend tbia monej for sur
\ yswlthavlca to the construction ol levees, p I u
in j in conformity with the report of the commission,
consisting <>f Gen. Warren, Qen. Abbott, and t'ipt.
Ben] inrdof the Engineer Corps, aad Jaekaon ERickcl?
and Faul O, Herbert, Civil Engineer. These surreys an
essential to determine the exact location, dimensions,
?t of the I re -. Their eatlmal >\ cosl la f30 ?.000,
Tiny will deteriuiiie all matter? relating to the river
iieils, such as higbt ol the hauku, the Iliad's were raving
in is taking piaci or otherwise, and tne past huitory ol
?uch changes as 1ar aa it oaa be made out. Level unes
win ne run rltli the gn atesl rue, .~o as to ili termine the
?toi.r lue water surface and ol Uie laud, and t?.<? eh -
vit.on of all high water aiarha,
The Legislative, Judicial, and Execative Ap?
propriation bid forth enaulng fiaeal yeai authorlaea the
Bo? retaryol War after the 1st of July u:-xt todi iail<-. rtaln
enlisted men for olerieal duty In tha Burgeon Oeneral'i
j ?iflice, the Ordnance Borean, and office at tha Chief ol
i Enginecn, bat they an to be paid onl <>f tMapproprhv
j t ion fut the support of the aragr, aad thenfon cannot
: i>e . asploj ' <? una>b tue Army Appioiuoiiion bill lapasaod
pi loi to that time, in the Oitliuiuce oiii (? CQlieted nun
are already employed under lb? exialing law, and bo
new ones will b< taken la; bat SO will ??? enlisted for
clerical dntj In the Bargeon-OaBcral'i office, and 80 tot
the Engineer's oittce, should tu?' bill be passed In lime.
1 best men del dit d aa clerks re? Ive a coinfs osatlon of
about SI,000per aonum. They have to enll i '.<?:?.-. ? uued
1, Just as soldi' ra do, ami most alao pass a rcguislte
examination aa to their UtMM tor olerieal ?. ark.
Buitreen-General Barnes of. the Army Iil.s
ja m is-iicd an slshoisls report of Assistant BnrgeosrOt a
ei . i.. ofsn a. oiiH up?iii the diflerenl ntodei oftrana
porttaiff atek and wounded saea la locsJItle? Inaeoeaaihle
to ?heeled vehielea. n emkedlea tin experience of
many y san and rarkma oanpMsjns, and eapeclaHj th?;
ir*r?r'l" u? |"'<l Mimiinr iffstnsl tha Bloaa Imltsaa,
The ?vpoit is deroted to the transportation ol biek aud
woaaded by pack animais, and is aaudsomaly illustrated
with en's ol the various litten used upon the Western
frontier, m well m iimse uacd by England, France, ?ml
other c luatnea,
F<?r lit?- pupotsj ul bnogtaf sil vit coin Into
MMSfMMSnlMS in the circulullou of the couirry tiiau
MffSSSSnt? and M S Step Inward spei ie payiuciil-, the
hi i i clary of the Tr? aStUT has SSCldsd to SMpeild for tin
pirst ut the ??suoof one ?loiiar not?? in sums o\er Un
dollars, tie wnl also, in retiring le^al U nilers umler tin
BCS Of 1875, s? h ft not?'? of the suialli-r o. noiiiui.Uioiis
wh. nur it i? piu? ticublc. In the payim nt o? ull drafts
ujiou the TriSMWrr where ehaSJN is 'l, sired, all r.i.iie
under uve dollars will he paid in SllTM tMMSd <d U
VWvr- _^_
Wasi?in?,iii.s. April 15, W7.
A NttiT wiittvn m (it'iiiian ?aw m? ivimI l?y
the I latMSSlSI OlSJSfSl fM*t id.?y from a p.is.,11 living lit
the Etoreath Wanlof HSS -York l'it>, who WrttM thai In
wants an offlce worth flfMMM per year, uu.l promise- IS
glra fll^OO yearij MtassfsJsrR tMFrsataTsM nUtgrfs
lorn the orti.e. lie MSBJ*4a that if there la any doui.t of
hlsfultiHiUK MtS promise, the tl/tOOSM 'm' dedilel.d
und | i.iMMi p,r annum paid him. !!<? hop, s tor an ? ally
answer befen all the I? Si BMt^SMSM aie t,ik<n BP, The
h lU-r, HllhoUKh 111' lost tl to t M I'onlmastcr-Ooll, ,?l. a|>
p? ar? to i,e addnasedts the ?JsusjtsU, sad is of ssans
Hie In ak of a lunatic.
MsjM Hell, the newly appointed Asuiiilaut Secretar.? St
the inteilor, has received from the Hon. F. li. French,
Bcooud Auditor of the Treasury, aud one hundred aud
fifteen clerks of the Hecoud Auditor'? otilo?', a haudsouu ly
e.ugroMtetl letter in which, a* Iiih BSMSMsl friends and
former ussucialc? In tuat olh,i, they waiuily uougralu
late Mm apea ble eppotataseat, sad asyi "Wewltneea
in roarpromol onspracttcsl recognition of true merit,
sad desire through ton to oantrstulste the Hoe
tar; ol the Intel tor apon bsTtng ?eeured lor Bee ofJes el
AssistantSecretary the ienrleesol a gentleman whose
??a- h ut <iiiti-.ii ; ra ?! acknowledged ibtlttyemlaentlv
I qaalirybfaa tor the satisfactory discharge o? Haardanai
The lareatltelliwi easts t?> the ivaaanryOeeattssaat
into the aQeged baadaleal traasaotteosta the cell .non
of uiiciiiiiiH.i h.1.1,?t im L'liii.d sinir. lonih bases?
salted teas tar rn proving ao (rand. The U. n. Commis
?loner, who baa made a tuorou rb Inqn i s on the ?ubjt ct,
with the assistai.ol the Solicitor ol tie- Treasery.re
ports taaltbe Oeverntnent will lose nothing,and that
the Implicated Treasnry oil Inli ippear to be vlnrtli I I
Tin fact however remains thai aome money was baprop
eriy pal I out of tin Treasnry.
II. an M. Williams of New-York ha? been vindliHted
frmn tiie Chargea of shtatatag uiiet.iinieil Interest ascaey
troin the Trsaeary aa fraadaleal poaew et attorney.
DnttedStatesUunnuestoaerJ. B, Johasoaef tins eitv.
aided by the Solicitor or toe Treasury, ha? ipenta i
n... weeks in the Investtgntl.and in- rendered a oeel
?too i ronera ting Mr. WUll ima Iron all bisase,
TBC National AfMililii.V nt Silence will meet at the
Smithsonian institution in his city mi IBeetayaext
Oaeof tasprtaetpal tahjects of dbitasaten wfll betas
metl o.h fora more perfect preeseatlaa or eeteataleaa>
pior.ii loo and research.
The President has pardoned Che* F.. Peace, sssjVleted
in the Criminal Court of this DtstrM In Ajirll laef ef
fergery, aad creteneed to oae reer la the Albany Peat
ti Dtiary. Tins is tue trat pardoa of the PreeM tat.
Urs. BaOeeh, wife of u. ii. Balk? i?, aha is known hi
connu tasa with the e?7?000 Treasary rsheery, ?as
an.g tasas lecoatly discharged froa the Patent
Olli' e.
Nun tun reeytste and one labore! were discharged
from the l'eusi,.n OtaSt M Mal mil.iv.
Every ?prillg then- ?uv cvinisivr forest
tti. ? mi Lang Island, mure at I? - deanbiiIIvc In then- re?
sults. The aeensBoJatlona of dried leaves aadaadi rbrneh
ni nor the Sanees and m the thickets ?tre ready food for
Die sames, watch are lueautl? ? fanaed aj tee freak
winds tats e fury wales esa oalyhe eh eked with great
tl.iii. uitv by the aaited sad saraest efbtisoi the restdeate
ef endangered towns. The ires mostdlasealt t.nlrol
are those la the ptae woods. Tue pine aeedaaa sad eon. *
Ireqaeatly aeeansalste to the depth ol several buhes,
aad not only born gereelybat also retatu the Ire for
a long lisse, Boawttmce theee Ires are censed
by sparks in,m looosaotlvesi bol asare fr??
tai atly i ? v the earetei bo uing ol the brash on lesred
lands. There has already i.i number ol thea ? Un i this
season, aad anee are siiii barnlng, but tha desiractlon
of property thea tor baa been ? i lees than In some
previous years. The asosl Bertoai ire esa bees I
for several days m the pint m.lelnth rlelnltj of Deer
I Park, between the Loas ' lend and Sonthera Kallread
h ni. north and south, and the villages ol Babylon and
blip east sad west. The .d drives cloada
of dense black amoks wuthward. and theroariui at tin
?i..-,. - .? at? beard for a i<". distance. The timber in
this part of i i -; is abouti tf-growa, and the
; la mostly inhabited b, rbareo I burners On Fi
dut there wai ,-.-..? fire between South Oyster
i. and i. ... ??.. lit lint oi tbt ?-?
?,. . roa I, end in t . ra ?ri -. ilu i ?. UiuUt .
? ; | . i..i i inn thi? Iltng?. The fnrti
Lii mi,' m hood t t<
mill .-?i.... .iv-.i m cbet the progress ol the
? fere iuu ii il ? doue.
Ai CUMB1 M.VN'.. M11-lo-- s--.:,,INK>.
Clmbkkland, .Md., April 15.?A fire jri 1er?
daj morning destroyed Butler's furniture facto*} sad D.
j. (Jolcinan'a carpenter bop and mah factory. Mi.ii.it
0,000. i .m- lo i sustained bj Mr. Coletnan
I] ao insurance. Bntk-r'a furniture faetorj was
lug i . n,i.. i . .. Um, v.l. and
, . eol N lllc, Tcuif, ?-.-,..o.' each; Citisen?'ol
.\, -.. .<? m ... ?. ?? ! Royal Cm in ? ?nada, . Unu
fiieturi i.?' ol -v ..-.ii rs.-y? < ? ;- - ?? Kit tin ud
l'i:r Association, SI Il lit N.ii llaVcn, CoUII.,
.--1, 14? I Of i Jel M'). ?1- H .
t'lttatuii .. '' ?? ? - n ? . . in l.ut!...o Ut .ii.,
... ...... i
fill! B l'Ii.!>.
i OBTLAND, Mc.| April 15.?TIlC I ?nil Mo'in : ;tia
1, i! .Lu . -. ... ... II . \...- I .. :: .1 on WcdUl -.i.v
- lO.UlHl ; In o.1.1. ?? . 97,000,
Milford, Del., April 15.?The American
,. ? large itorj acre was dea'ni
Ore ye?terday mornintr. The loss | ? Imated si
.-:til.nni. ; . ,-. -ill.
Little Hoes, Ark., April 15,?Between 12
and i o'clock yesterdaj morning the s good?
bouse ol < the A l>ow, lulhts city,was d imaged bj or aud
water to Uu nm ....n ot <'?<<.<? ? '?' I ? nu-d.
BiaiKE OM 1 I.: 1:1 \t I -i. l..lit.'\:> SO ISCOX
VERIKNl l i \i .::?.'.. D ' VI.T.
Puilauelpiiia, April 15.?The order foi ?
?irikeoi the Brother).I ol LoeomoUve Bngincera on
the Philadi Ipbia an ' Beading KaBro id -.\a- pronulgatt 'i
yesterday, and sent into ?geel si mkbibrht As t ,.?
- on the iiniin ii*..- came la before 12 o'clock, the ea
- aeers were notified oi the aetloa ol the Brotherhood,
and all left their engines, im tat Oersaantown b
all the Brotberbood engineers left during the pa? wt >k
re two, sad their places were filled from day to us
thai as froable baa been experienced 01 .- antici?
pated ou that p..i inn. of the i.L rbe n
in i- for the -.nue strictly forbids abandon
lug engines bt ore arriving .-it Uieur Jixtlntilon.
il., ittrtkfl baa uol vet Interfered with the rnuuiug ..i
train? un the l? idingKslhoad: Kuimuu isadiiiitlay,
u-el I. >?. trola .11. i an on Lh ... line. How tbt
mill nir.it the main road to-tnoi on eanntit bee.
tuiii!. Tue company, however, bave no fear, m
tin tnvc hands read j for all lb? trains, i <>-<! t\, <t< ?'
e.,i. i oui ine various division i of tue Brotherhood met
and ii neuste i tli . :.i it. ci i. I in l \ ?, tin
ay a-si--m n to pat ii-i lahiriesol the men who
have i nit gone oat.
1 !i mem here of the Brotherhood of Locomo?
ti\i i. ..m e.-i in iii.s city mi i o i Baturday evening ai
lb rooms of Division No. 105, to protest agalasttbere
e. i.i ur.lt i- oi t?.. PhBadelphla a ii Reading Uadruad
Cumi.-.. seeklnf i" emnpel Its employe? tolaavetae
Broiherbood. A.'?? !?? > eugluecr wers> pn-eut from
the Delaware, lawkawanna and We?tt i, Erie, s. a
Yurk Central, Ne a \<>tn and New-liuven. Philadelphia
am B i. i ? nil I, Harluin, and the Long
raads. rbe meeting wi iverj euUiualastic, Resolu?
tion were u'toptid pledging the aupisirt ol lue Brother?
hood, v. in. n ii,?, it i? claimed, 15,000 member?, for Um
im u lureatened with dhnussaL
1'ui t.iiKi.kpmi:, N. V., Apri] l,j._ .Mi,.s('. Har?
ri-, n ..i Vsssai CoUege reporta the dkwever] o? the
\ :. n it eosMt ?a the const' dation Pt ?
l.nu.i. Rocx, Ark., April 15. G. LMarkley, ene
of tie principal? iu Un nsma nein ums duel near Uu? city.
w.i.-..m I SMI sad costs bj June, m.' m-, m.
Baltimore, April 15.??oorgeO. Savage basbma
anesnd, ebsrgsd wltn furgiuK tli? aam? "'?..?.!. ?boawafcrr,
Ii -1 in! UMUISgSrOl AuUlli-. I.\Ii|.b-. I iilnii.iiii m tins ill,, |.?
b.e ..In. kS.
tTLAMTA, t.a., April l". On B?tard ?? Joaenh
, s private id company J at Mcl'bvr?ou Us. iscks, ?not
i,.m- ,: tbrougl) tbi i-\e, iilllu hlun If. rbe t ase ol las
m. sas wt lutrt isol liai uuallj m Arksases.
Philadelphia, April i"i. Jtdiu Arkwright, a
rsns, nabh d i ist hi ;i i n-, .i ha
M itiieij, a boy, alao ol in.- ere? .n n.n ibip. Tb, aaali ot
? i irkwrtg?l la ibougbl lu bt i.i... in rt d.
M m pli; i" Ut .h i" >
Bt. Louis, April 15.?Edgar If. Moore, the roana
mas wbo abet and killed Mabrlltau, ? b?Urt girl, ,i
aon t'...i i.j.n- abcat it yeoi igu ?m ?rbn vsu.iTicb<dot
murder In ibe brst degree, lu .... . . j<
t>t in? i Hin.iui Ueurt to i>. bsnged .... i riday, June l.
Philapklphu, April 15.?Andrew Oriei was al A
?ii. I iiorldlj wounded in ml. diy UmU) iii gumi raylur.
i otmgwa?deliberate aad . ,i,ii.i.n,e I. t.n.i uao t?b
laiaed s |4?tal from Tsykir, t ueeiiag bim to-ds]
aast tl l"i It, sad :.|>'iii i.i . .!...?? it, iiin.,i-..,:?:. \j ni.,1. |.i
n? m eassady.
Cbicaoo, April 15.?The rbsegai factory of John
a. Meyer, sa ii" aurtta ?ida, ?,i. m i/., .i i 'atanlay. IIUi u ai
tiii.tiK ?.i^ Lein, ??.i" in iie tac ion 11.1- proa ..- m .i
I.i un. o n mi o( |?,oou. i !.,? en. h m .,.,.i an rt.n
.i ? n.i iba factor) ??r? aiao n. >.t lo nail m nusllcr
aassasis, i;.' aceessn waived aa exiualuaUua.
< ia.vii.AMi, timo. April 15.?Aboal S e*eloehoa
PtMsj evealagoaa in.i.i. at Uaaeva, Ubis, abol and kiUed
bis WliS Sad fiillllintttii Min'.'le. I'.illi-I .illil Ins ?II. la -un.i
?ii,. ti i. ,i day "i two ago awl ^ ?Mthuu. Veslaruai aha n
tininsi in 1.1-1 bel h iiiiK .inn min i aittfiss beloagiag is bar,
and, wall "?n- .?.i iHKfcmcUn trunk, Potter ?bot bar is im
|i..I ?M tl ail, ami llien pl.n , e.l. ti Ui lui Lilt risitn li.'l
?li.it iniim^it.
At iii.iSA, I'cnn., April 15.?Aboat Dosa peatiadej
Win itnikin?. ? iiinei, lean tluaudalr ?appoaad i" bs?e,
h . h ins.il.i-n<.m iitiiik, ,i| 1I...H lieu Hougb Umrtaai u. tin
?in 11, .iiiil. witiit.nt provoeaUoa, alabbad nun loin nines in
Un Hi.'ie .inn Me i mthslegwlths pocket-knife? bolhes ras
,i.ii. u.' ?ti'el uia ii?t?ii nf mea, wlm rtsrtsd to run, and
on "i im in, J te Krupp, led ?wl ??? sU.tii.i il uulit ?n Hie
?Inn ai Ii by Unikum. ll.tlk.ii-. ?us He n ?Muck in UM le .el,
II., ni,.? fini lUluifC l'l? ?I?"!1 i br w?? alao -.lint laiir, ?lui tu?
Uli nui esa brtiktu. Uli injurie? ?u .?usiUi-rtsi ??un.
Bj*faaju ami rt tfOtl v pi:i ?FABIVO SCTtThXT FOB TOI
ORRAI roNn.tcT.
Tin- ontbreak t?f hostilities between Bossis and
Tut key is deemed inevitable throsnjbosit Kurnpe.
Austria will probably lnakt> n, last eflmt to
avert war, hut it is not likely that sbs will
Hiiceeeil. Tbs etisis has bean hastened by tin;
Forte's d?lia::! reply In tlie pioloeol, ami the
stateinetii of tin- Turkish PmhsMMlof to Lord Derby
that the l'nrte wotiltl not semi an envoy to Bt. IV
tnsbuig, tn wlinli Lord Derby replied that bsecmld
lint MS what forth-r step-. England could take tu
avert war, wbieh appeared inerltable. The ('/.aris
to arrive at tin- besdqnartsrsof the invad? if tony
to-morrow. The Tnrkisii eoMtnander is ahm ex
ptiietl ai Bhutnla, a stronfboldof great strat?gie
iinpiii Inn e.
HU h au iiiitowiN'd A RRUM3R OVRR TRR DAKURR
ffom m TBi rtr.i.ii.
Lomion, Saturday, April il, 1S77.
A St. PetershoiK telegram says that "waris
MSJSrded m Offlci il ein I.s as liievilahle, Put I'.u ^siati uiil
ltury ine.tsiiL'es t!.t la mate an immediate op-nii.;: of
the camp, iil'ii. li la believed tlial Au-liia will awka
an effort at paeit|e,itioii,?.iiut in nocas is not thought prob?
A Vi. nun dispatch to The Hawaayathat"althonrh
stspsMttsna for hostilities han been made by i irkej
and Buntem ,-ro, than ?s Bsdestnse ettherstdi topre
ti tue BMttsra, T:n- etiiitiiet with the Xiridltes la a
fresh tlilliculty for the TCffkS. Now thai IMSll
Asm tt matters little thai Derrisk Pasha i- iransfern I
to Salon In and thai au Beata Moneda him. The
sjaarrel with the kflriditea is owing to their refusal to
tarai ti te. 'i i. i i.it,a eut far the war against Monte
DmIum on the Stoek Bzcfeaaga today waagreatr* de
Messed TbS ileel'iie Mm K'Ueial, alul in lie CMS Ol
? dlrertlj affected Jty the Eastern complli lions was
j quits unportaat Tarktah sad Rasstsa seenrittM ban
I raasbed the lowest point toaehed since the outbreak: ol
Ihl il -.:? I. . ?au, ... 1 s..'.. UUsU.iu were 1 pel cent l..'.',r
Oil t. e 11.1 \ .
i ? >. Flsnns \-s />,.? PrsatM ? t m I i the Bl un?
seal Compauy has rcceired Information thai the Turki
bars eommeueed throwing a bridge over tha Danube si
A dupateb from c tii-ij ? t" The Timm ia] ? " the risln *
of the Mu '? itnr-s t:..- attltud ? ol the '.i".;.
< . ? . population, 'fii- Aral resal? of ?>
.?i "f hu itilii lea a M Dtenegra i ould ,
?. from its base of supplie?
at Scutari, compelling lie city to Ml reader, a.id bj
mi ?o eonni < lion .'. Ufa the Ml
eo up i the i ?'? ?: - to exten I their Um of defense
lions ?? Ir I. The Turks ban only MMO
iveforo here, wbleb musl bequadrnplcd to hold
. i.i.. road between th n ,
i.l ?? ..!."
IBs IK ,i' dl?] b say?: "R
optai.oi. '..:?!. fbat i;u la v>;ll ever be soi ...
'?? II? -U1V ol III
I (k-nriauy seciua to mauy impossible. K ither
Isttt .. hftir ITlnrn lllsmarrk'srrswiiiiptluu
ofuffl >?. ho? i..i ia can '.m bare a Arm reliance on
that neutrality. Un the other hand no om auppos il ..
i ? ? the middle ortba
cttdof Maj I hose in whose bunds are for tbla mom
lea of in. ii'.. ' .i-and Prince Blsmank
In order to occupy the Dan
i e!i- Bnseia : 'i^i reckon ??>'?' Ci tusny, The way te
. : . >ugk Bcrllu. l ii ? it ?
? ti n ?- ii. t l: ? irbi ik.i out tlie r.'.-.il! inii-i i ? thee?
' ten-ion of tbo Itu i .n umpire to the D nube, Ibi :??.
? pherua, the i tun Mountains, ami il.o Euphrates, aud
Ol ?I ,' UO.O00 DM tl Ol tor
ii.itioi.. ? ..a ? ,< noel.. or Lu;? European
? ' onsummatlun I"
A ii' ? . . ''ii Constantinople stub -
Abdul Ktrim,th? :?? '..-. UcueraliMsuno, hM ab I
Bhuml i to assnmo command ol Um Ai bj of the Danuls .
i i.i i. . ? . i n 'Affaires baa not yet received orders
lo ipiu t on -tin' Luop.'r.
Bni -'.ul,Saturday,April M, 1*77.
l.r \- ? '. . . ilng [mbliaboa ateh [rain fromj. a
? ' .mi," that ih- Kngl n tiovernmeut is of tbo opin?
ion thai under the present elnnmstanccs any further
step for the uialnti nanee of peac usui
Vu s-.A. Saturday, April 11, 1-77.
? Political Corrt?j mdtHet publl besa telegram fnun
Bt. I'eit ? sbnrg mj m \ thai uodt cl Son hu.-.\ el hssn taken
:.i in< littingsof the Ministerial Committee. Prince
Uortenakoflwill sottfj i. i'ii aluttoMtstheFos
ei next ?reek.
T.i. relations b tween the Porte and Montea?
brol uoff. The Ruseles Cooaul-Oencral, M. Joum,loti
. : i > lth lust i i.;: ma for lbs Monte?
nt -.i.i Government. Prince Tchcrkossy, who la men?
tion i -in futon arpoalaitor of Bulgaria, lean? Bt.
i'.c: i urg lo-inoi roa tor l.iM loiieu. Ti tala dm Mtiflt d
j lb tM Porte of bet claim? to Bagdad, fha P? tat
i <rrt$poi nua further ata tea that tbecelaatiUa poasl
blllt,.i? qui ilion entering another diplomatie p ?
in,:.i ii...: military ai tion t>> Bnssla ii aol expected.
PAfUSfB tunlay, April !?,1-,"T.
The FoauVar (semi iffieial) declares thai It is the in
? . i: ?in of France to remain neutral.
NO lion 1.1 pi a' .. ai t i.ssrw iiNMi'i.i:.
I.'iMinx, Aiiril l'j, 1-77.
A Beater dispatch fron Coutaatlnople to-day aaya a
i.. .n\aiiii arrired to-day, to take the member? ol
tin- Bussian Fmrasrj tot Nfa ssa tha moment Ute) receh>?
orden to quit Cosataarinsple, The Farts bellevM that
ti.. nipt,ne elUbe delayed until Rassis asseommuni
"iier Intentlo - lo las Poweni i-it uo bope of a
i cfnl settlement Is ntertalaed. Russian mtdeetaln
Tarks] ante aplac? I under the protection of ths G.-r
iii .:. i m . . .Untinople >viii in^ declared iu :,
m.ne of ak .: .. me ii itclj arte, the raptare.
F UU . Api il 1 ?" ? Ni...
Ii i.?..i'l that tie .-fL.ii of ths Bnaslan KmbMi; i
been ordered to bmra Constantinople tsMBorrow. A
c ;rani :.'? i-- tl i I annouucea thai tha Buaalsn Consul
: Seul, mi . l'ai B I HI i -? I Si llaM- l'ect ived ord'M to le
, nt. Ths ji-iirmii it? I>i-/.at-, aaya "the Basatsa il ta
i.. ;!i' Ai? unk and Paeitu ka n besa ssdend t.? tone, n
..it- m the Mi dlternn au." Mr. Laysrd, ths aewly
unpointed British ffmlratni? baa left for Brindial,
when he will embark un a special steamer In ordet to
i... i. ' .lautluopli u dcklj.
TRI CZAB i:\il.i 111' AT rill! BKAOQUAKTtOt?.
Boi iiaki.sI', April 1'?, 1-77.
The Gnu is expected ts srrivc si KlMbeneff os Tata
flay. Tbs Onad Dak Vich?la? holds s great reriea of
the Army ol the Prnth to d.o
Rona, April IS, IS77.
It M Mid that m vtf.v of complications B?sala ha. pro?
pon. ,: p. Hie Vatican MSSttH lonb'-t.iistllig tiillii. nc.?*.
I.lux-Il lui LARES HUI '? RRRT li MOW 00R>
LOHIXIS, ?? liIli.i. April II, 1 77.
Tin- Tarkntl note iu i Ij i? Count Schou
ratoC? d.el.u.il II at tin- - ?ning of the piol.eol m
coached la atn aa laagusfe. <>n lbs anaatow U: question
tha Cutml said "If !???.. . sith Moamaagra bt eow laded
aud the Porte accepts the adrice of Europe sad -
Its Ifn '?*? ... eplaeeItsfanMoa a psaet footinc^aad
Mrloni'j to sadertake ths r?f?rant mentlsaed iu lbs
pl'.LO.ol, ii l H .. i,d lu -t. l'etelsli ir*.' S sl'f'-i.ti MTO] l?l
li. SI "t fti-.in.iaii,e.ii, to SBh u H.I Ms] sly the l I
?oaldahmoa uapari eoaaasrt. Ifmssassna ahaUar M
tho.t win. ii in?, tained Balgarta with staol take phte ,
Ihla wcattd aeeeaasrttj pat a atea. M tha Messens st Sa
U|ol,illzatl"U. ' lue lue point? ill ?hlM otatUuclit aro
an- .nul i \.- an as :.i||o??s:
lu repu to the deefa ration of Mis B? a lew \ ths Bas?
siun 1. i,:l. .i.-., ol.ii, tOC -ePiim. l'ol'e. "il r-?I P . l'.'t "s
i?, tht ,.;. .i ? Iv ., . nie loliowiug th?( taxation :
l. ? opting toward Muutcaearo Me ?suas nu" "f opa
tlue' ??m n brought ?boat the paglnVaUos oi Serrm,
th. i Hui .i..... Porte ?iMintaaeoualj inlurmed the Frinv?
twoasoutnaagotiiai li ?rrmM span w agtorj ja aune
ai au und? : lam?n,K a Uli bUB I ven al U.e pritv of cer?
ta n sai i ill. i.s. t oiisKieriiig Montenegro m an Integral
part o* ?.n....t..a pinion, nu Farta MspoeMaissHifl
aattonafUM lue of denasrhaUwa asma se. und adrua
lagtato .M....I. n su., nd n kameeforward dependa en
tiiei> apon u.e modurst? NSMsats ahask Usa r<>.u- hopM
Will pnvall al ? tti.np' wlntiiti tlili altall in.iy Imj cou
?lilt led an Pi i.iii.ii. ?!.
'?. lue iMbsrial t...veuillent i? piepaied to apply nil
tile plollllstll lelorllIH. bUI tll?*C leloIlIlH, III C'ilfi Utility
Wim lue iLiM'lanit niai provisions of our Cou.tliutiuu,
muni.n h ;ve a ipectsl or exclusive ehernster, and It i? In
Ihla apirit that the Imperial Qovenuneot, Is it? lull and
t utile liberty, will oonttnae to apply its instructions.
3. The Imperial Oovenuneal l? ready to repises It?
anales mi ? pet.font as so.ni a? ii ibsJl aee lb? H
Government take measures to the meat end. The anna
un nis .n Tarkej have aaexcluslveli defensiveebaracter,
aad the relation? of friendship ana es sena win. a aalte
the two empires Inspire the hopa, thai the st. Petersburg
Cabinel wnil not alone in Europe persist in the Ides th ? '
the i iirisiinii population? la Turkey aro exposed to aneh
,|iiui{i>r?_?i,,iii llu if ,,\vn 1.1 iv. I ll mi-lit tllllt If is II' ' es- l>.\
to ream Isle sgalnal a neighboring aud iriiit.li> State
all 1 e m i aa of invasion and destruction.
4. huh ?card to the disturbances winch ntighl break
out m lurvej and stop the demohiUsation of the Ruar?an
army, tin- importai ttovernmenl wblch re;.els the dis?
respectful terma le watch that alee baa lawn expressed,
lieli.'Vi s Unit Bort |m- is convine,-.I that tie disturbunct s
\N hielt have tn.itlileil the peSM of the provinces were due
; in foreign Instigation; thai the Imperial Government
I eoiiiii md he held responsible for them, and that conse
i quentiy the Russian Government would noi be justiOed
' m tasking the demobilisation of its analea dependent
! apon auch contingencies. ;?
5. Concerning the dispatch of a sj.lal eavay 11 m.
i Petersburg to treat on the question or disannamont, tue
Imperial Government, whleh would have no reason to
i. ose an act of courtesy reciprocally required bj diplo?
matie usages, perceive? ao connection between tins net
oi international eourtesy and a disarmament which there
was m? plausible motive for delaying and which might bi?
en i i.-1 into easel by a ungie t?l?graphie order.
in communicating tin- preceding d?claration? to the
aignatory Cabinets, the Sublime Porte begs the latter to
take cognisance the.ft to anpreeiatt the spirit which
has dictated them, and to 1m- guod eaoagh to attach
thi reto th.- Importance to which they are entitled in the
in teat Mate of things, tin- danger of which eai not be
i" ?eat ueatlt Insisted upon by the Imperial Government,
and for -.-. bich n formait] ii otln h all !?' apousibiliti.
i ii ? following is the eeaetudtag aad iuv?t imphaihi -? -e
ll'in :
Maintaining with other friendly Metes relstioas regn
hiii-.i bj liiternatioaal law endtreatl ?-. Cnrkey eauuot
'??f ? i r .a agents or representatives chargea to pro?
tect the inter ?taut tin n- compatriot? to have snymls
ilon of otlieial ?upervlsion. the imperial Government,
i In fact, Is iwt aware n?w it aaa have deiwrved s,>iiiot
'< lusi le .m I en llizutton as to see itself phi? d in a bumil
:.'.u slthoui example In the world. The treaty
of Pan ? gave an explicit sanction to the principle of non?
intervention. Thii treaty! which binds together the
p0Wt ' :l V||.i |i .ri n Ip?ted HI it ns V ''il IIS I Ulhey, Chile!
n n. ::,.-.t lit a protocol in whleh Turkey has had
no .?lie, anil if Tuil.ev appeals lo the slipu
I.mon. un- i'ii'.itv of Paria it is not that thai ti ii
In? created in ber favor say nislit- wbieb ?be woo d nol
pu-.-. -- itl.It, but rather ibrtbopurp
atteutiun to the grave reason? whleh, iu tb? wtorestsof
tin- r- in ml i?-,o. . ?; Europe, Induced the i uwera twenty
; i to place the rw ogntta n ol lin- i iviolabllttt i t
i ? ,.' to sovereignty ander the guai ????
of a nollcctive promise.
With re. .nil l.i tin- CUMUM will !i, in i ?-?? ol llotl-i IXCCU
tlonoftl promised re.i . ? uuhl ?eek t" confer upon
tlio Power? tue rlgui ol recurring to ulterior uieaauie?,
Imperial Goverumenl pore It i therein a fri '<
attack npou Its di.tuty and lis rights. ?? measure ol In
tleprti ? || ?. merit of
melt) ,i.iI a source ol grave t uuiplh atiou? both In
the ??'? III ....'! - lie ful
.v-'n. . ?:, ari ? -i "... Oovi rument
in 11 tit i.. mi ?atiou to
in ..ii.i ol of ii ii-eii :,t and r> t ii il ir,
I ? i out ? m- ?!. ..- dei ittutc n .i ! ' ipt !. an I
roust out ittij ?lau if all o I '?.- ? 1
i '. .1 :.i'-i .-,- .: HUtl l.i. ', ,1
hit,Oil? of ,:.!?. Hal.
uilingforberexUtiir.ee. Htroug lu the ,(indict of
nd ting ii.i, ?ne dt :. riulut t to I
what ha.dec ded - II boul I.--, i t again?), I ?. :.
?olvt 'I to retain in the '-s... Itl the pi ? -.. I iP ???
tiut -l for her. In thla: i
. .i i ;..- ? '...,-. : i ig.ii
eral pilnt !;'!??- ,.i puhh rh'hl
Elimp ;i;i ,;el Willl'll |>Il ... ?-.!,? '?, ,. , ?', . ,
. ? io pi do ?I ' ?
i . i.i
. ? . , Cabinet?
* hieb fin- bit? a right to cot , I tow. mi her
by til
m r- :.:... und
:...'( .
tUitgi i - by ?'. hielt the .-? n . ' Is il L i
repli wblcb , ho I ?.. iven lot ill :....-. ui
larntli u ol tbc 1 ' K u ma fui
in. i' uvera wilb uiilahle el u ml ? foi i. Ing
? i i i ,ir..;... will ii -t ?
i 'n persist tig | ug ne m the ?iloiiian I m
pin -m-, ni c? ol n.iiu .nid .mu.u to which It Will it.?t
0 .n.ei.t.
IM1' '?.IAM n:- !" it n PROM LORD DRRBT.
I '.Vt.'.v, April In, 1-77.
Lord Derb) icis.? nl the followingdlapatch, dated April
12, to the British ( kffalrea at Constantinople :
hut: The Turkl?b Kmbaa?mlor called l lay and luffa
copy ol the circular ou tue ?ubj? t i>:' the i rotoeol. lex
t-d m ret to Musut u? l'a ilia : I the ? i
Porte had Uikrn. I thought it mm in I i i n
. i. n ol a ?tep \\ bleb bul I. ? i
? . i . i ? n.- aft? r full consult ration an i
: Maid, however, u lid not -? <? a
,'hetiu r iii- '.'' ii.- wtuild -.n .1 an en
. or u i to In on the n le ?? i uitunl
liuui'ut. .Mn.ni'i- i", i -im itatcd .i rurkej \mis
me prt . .. lop) .::>' IUI ? lie t n.ie, and e\
; i m.- m.,m. n thai matten ooald not be
lutlsfaetorlij uulea? the Powers ?houkl
'?? .nt to aunul the protocoL 1 replied thai
Ihm the tli vei i t ween the views of the two Go vern?
al i" it mit ? further din
im des?, ami i it Id i i uuld n if see * i u further ?tepe Ku?
rland count tase to avert war. which appeared inevita
?. . Mu .' Past ? . n ? ? red that tl ! ?; I.: ?
: Ii? . Il? ,i ; tu i! l.i. ? .!? i nol
desire war, but tuey would prefer it to the ?acrUlceof
? i 11 imli-pciidenco which appeared to be Involved in
.?n ?ct .in. - ol tbt protoeoL
i/.s'-i a, - durday, April 14, 1-77.
The Atlantic Cable officiala announce that
the ?billing tariff? for ordin?r] new messages and tin
dxpeuflj ii'e for deferred business will be continued,
notwithstanding the advance to the three ihullug rate
\suicu tal i ? place ataj L
II w \.\v, April II.?A decreensabeeniasned
ordering the dally sale ol gold entering the tret wry at a
premium again?! paper money hi be dailj ilxc-; by a
eommlttec nominated by the Government. Contribu?
tion? from tho?e part? ol the Island where almost no
paper is circulating will henceforth ?>c payable In puper.
'il,,, decree i? expected lo produce a better circulation
-s:,.|iti-i. button of gold over che Island, and prevent
?n.et u.'.?mus i>; papt r. t;,,,,t la rapidly declining.
WlNMI'l ?. Apiil L? ? A Spei i.ll llDIll Kill?
er:..in sa . s ?i public meeting waa held at which a hitter
wssread front i;, w. Bewell la reference to the aavlga
tliui of the Badsoa Bay. It stated that vessels on the
?ame principie, I il larger than the Northern Light,
irlucb -.t-- .- ? . ante .,- Ice lu fb <iull of Bt.
Lawrence iluaug tho pu?l Winter,) >uld ntn from Liver?
pool to York roe tor j from tbt 1st of June In tli. 1 t if
S'ovemtier. Theme ting ,?.--'? i a lesolutlou to petition
ii. ? Dominion Oovei nment 'o ord ir a inrvt j ol the rone
i-n Luke Winnipeg and Hud? a Uaj and I I
vessels to report on the n . iga on ol tbt - ?. der?.
II\i.ir.vx, [April 15.?The Hon. sta.it .
Brown, Prut acial Treasurer, dbsd to-day. He had basa
.m , ,i. ' ..' the I oaiieii fee at pears.
\\ i mi',.,;, Aiiiil 15.?Advieea from GinilJ
stnt.i ;'e' the nsaU-pox has entirely disappeared froia
and Isl unis of Lake Wiuaipsg.
Ottam \, Ont., April Li.?Tad OfkUU (huette
to d ? "iii da i ???nt letter from the Prince of Wales.
1. . ,.'i-i. ? itiat - i n i ?..u.1.1 will occupy at the
Exhibition, aud Incloaea ,i copy of the ri?es and
II iMTUKAL, April 14.?Al a meeting of the In?
? urai.ee Kaxhaaare to-day, the eoaasel repressntlag tin
lasnranee eomnanlea advan >i then, in ?lew of the recent
judgment In favor of the eoiupouies. to discard at once
?lamps? I call on thi <k>/ernmenl t" refund
some -,Tn,"-.iti airead. pa ! bj tin i la v.
Booton, ipril 15.?Jame? H. Favor waa held
?,, in.i.ii.i bonds j iterday charged with enasing away
M i m K. Rarrington. Wei aae Is exciting greal Interest,
aa It i-?' leved ill llarrington is dead. Ofhcel .ih
making even eaori to l-saru her fate.
LOBS OF i : 11 : ^ui' BLACK BAOL&
San i-'ka'.' i-t ", April 16.?The bark Paloma,
from Tahiti, brings news of the total smsc* i mViears
,,o Bisel Bagie, from Puget Seand for Callao,
..i-1. " i i. i-i. m [?bind i .ipt. Hugues aud the
eras were rescued and taken to ru.ui.
in..I:\itih Nun -.
<':?.< :s\mi, April i.i. I 'apt. Phil, Alud?ate, m bile
on tils WSy t" tin- I.all' UUUilSUepol lust ? -temiiK, V..U. nt,
?.mil. .i ni.il tubbed ot asar!) ?.i.s.hi.
Omaba, N ?, April ii. Oraashoppers nave began
tu n,. ?. m.n ippeawes m i..ii viciuit) aurmg aw warm
?. .ii,,, : .a tin e ?al ft ?>* iU>s.
Ai BAJtT, N. V.. April 10.?IL llyi'einaii, a todSsMO
nisi i.i thin i it;,. ?Im ??oi Injiut-tl liy tltc- AsbUbuU illmi-,ii,
bu aniel I mi Krnluv ami Ah I teslenlay.
llAi.itax, April ir?.?Tbotnaa I). Kiagaa of New
Ymk tun Ih.-ii li.-u- niakiug inipiiru-? lelativs sa I. s Im
brotber, and left today for Wstfare, when the luvtauigatim
will be r.-?i.iii''l on Mnmlay.
Omaha, Nth.. April IB.?The grathug on tln-tii>t
tin aasM satsaaiss of um Omaha and Bsnahltoaa Vallej
Itailrnsd >>a? bsea let hji.I bagas. IU? r.iau hit? to n? i om
plated m I'.n m t'tiy, Hut le? i uniity, by July I.
Xi:w-OiiiKA.Ns, April 15.?Yesttnlay was tin
fniitili day of Un->|.ilii? Meeting of Ui? Louwlaiia Jockey
Club, lint bardie lian<l.t?p for all sge? was won by Port
I onaard Ih*- asUWg rm- )?> Kilburn, tin* tlilr.t race In War
Jig, and tbt: lumia ratai- Uaudksp, uiU? beats? by Tbt .N'ipper.
a\ RXTRAC1 FROM ? M'KKCII OP MR. Bl v :. i l tl
inr isiaoaiiR to tub nuw sa.1
W?.''iMiinv, April Uk?Ths iiisl iiul.ln iIbsJmR?
tiott thai an opposition ?< really organised m R/assV
ington to nsake wm su the AdMtnlatrotinn appsasa
in a large pOSlSC With Wbieh this city was placarded
yeaterday. Tbs anmber af thees Beaten -.:i?l la liava
beefl placed on the fanssVwsJla at ^aaUflgtssj is
2,000, A cony was all ? Mat la each tnember ai tlm
( 'ahi net ami to pnuii! non t|IiVpuM ?imps iin.ll:. r< i ties.
It is understood la be tlie perneas el those
who have MUSSd tie placards d> SS |u inted to have
tip m u'.nerall.v dbftribub tl and pealed in the hading
cities. tfaougbout the eoimtry. It inda SMS that
somebody has money to ?[mid fur the purpose of
making war on the- PreSMaUMTR policy. WaMRS
money it is the authors do not have the manliness
to say openly, As pert of the gsasipof the town is
t!it> rt'jMirt that this is only the first of Rlofsg MthSJ
Of Minilur BOM by which it will lu> followed. Tlie
placard s printed in large advertising type.juul
road*, as follows:
\\'i! t um It BTARTRj
Fin. 1. 1K77.
Now fortlies,. |m>..?- people of Louisiana, if the Fed?
eral power now undertakes to thwart, to aproes this
scheme of energetio law to preserve society from de?
struction, and leans these nnbeirieniled, anedu?
rated, simple black people to the fate from which
the State strove hard to save tln-in, I say that
you will have BUMS them by that action
tho victims of your Constitution, for your
Constitution give them the Militaire, anil
they are to be slaughtered for baring th?
mifi found In their bands, I mv that you bums thcai
the sacrifices to the triumph of tbeGovernmenl erst
the rebellion. 1 say that such aelf-auaiteinenl "f tlm
powers oi the Oorernment is beyond acure. It
teaches the asd lesson that the American peopto
m tint, attempt to make good the iargeneaa of
its promise, and work out the glorj of us proud
manifesto of freedom and equality lieforo the law
il ?If thwarted by the exhibition of violence in
the turbulent population, and forced with it.s own
to t null the methods of law by wbieh thu
StL'ie has sought, alas! bow vain, to cuih ami re?
ih ?--? tir^ inenauce snd this miscblel lo itsboueg
sud iu peace,
v 0OXI i ::v viivi- i.:..;?-iaiiki: To RR rORMRR) AND
[o? n.i.i.i.?Ai'ii t<) Tin: nuRoni |
Ni;v,-(>ii.i:a\s, April 10.?The I.oui-i.iii.i S0tttgs>
W practical!? settletl, ?nit may tike two or
.'im e days mon to arrange all the detail, and bring
the plan into full operation. The project wbatRn>
tial igreed apon already ptoeteds from tho
Nicboll? parti rather than from the ConimuutoR.
and in ths mum telegnphed to Ths Tbirvrr .??
week ago. The delay in ito adoption bocesatonsal
by n dilllculty in barMonifdng all the nembeta af
l!u L'omminion, The baebj oi tbeacbeaMof leer?
ganizal m is ;i Legislatun to ?bich mall be ad*
I all luetnbers a it li pruna facia 11 urns to seats
according to ths parish returns, throwing i dds tho
action oi the Heturni&g Board a- unconstitutional
and void. The Legislatun thus ri ctlflt .1 is to ii?et;C
in Odd i' Hows' Hall, and go on with businns as a
mi ition of the Nichous Legislatun . TlisotRtJ?
rally the question as to who fat the legal Downer
willbestiU opon; bul M the new Legialatun will
hare a majority of eonserratires, 111 i -i Is of bo prac?
tical importance. Gor. NicboHswill be reeegniasal
.'t once.
This programme ?rae agreed apon at a claucas of
? ' insei v.itive iii'iniiers yesterday. As the aaa>
cus was called onsbori notice and was not a full
one, it wm thought bnl to boblanotbei to-Bsorrow,
The only op :i point between the Commission snd
coruH rvetire* is a- lo the statut of the ten com sTtrp
tire membsfs Mated on coutMts and the two ex?
polled for nturning to the Packard nonas, Tho
coaaerratirea say to-night that the two dessctsN
will he received again. The Commiaaion claim that
M to contested seats the roJs <>f prima f?rls title
should bestrl tl] spplied, snd the ten Bepobtkans
admitted. Pundiugthe Mutest the eoaeuiraHTSR
?'.-?re thai both sets of t lain1 iiit.s should atand aasig
to await a t!' i Istou by t be committee. 1 hey are not
strenuous on this pi Int, howersg. Tin- tea eoueetv?
memben affeeted ban sgreed to meats their
.s.-ai:: and lake the Position of oontestauau
The Nichoiis LegislutRra will tonnerrou? burs
a n solution giriug effect to the prognasRM
of settlement, snd will als:i pees resolutions
covering ths following points: Confidence in ami
support of President lleves; ? guarantee to accept
tin: Thirteenth, Fourteenth, snd Fifteenth AaseaaV
mente to the Constitution | the faltest protection of
the colored p- now in ail the rights aud privileges of
poison Liml property ; eqnal educational advantages;
amnesty for past political offenses, nttutt pause
and order may prevail, and I union ,if ?ill iu re?
storing the material prosperil f ol the s t?te.
T?iis project for tetttetueut ib s" completely a
triumph for th? Nicboib) party that U sanely
breaks the fall of Qor, Packard. I? is not expected
that be will accept it with good graos, it' al all; bug
the Commission .lie a.s.sUl'-tl that Ils soon as It IS
promalgated ;i break will occur in ths PrsrurrI
Legislature so large as to leave him as shadow of
hope to Maintain himself. Hie Commhuaou will
reoonunend the srithdrnwal of the tmops from tho
State House, ami the bud restige of the PaekatsJ
Oorernment will disappear witboui violence or
excitement, Tha consolidated LegtalatuM will
elect u conasrratire nenntet and lasAruet him to
support the policy of the Adminiatratton, aale.su the
Republicans foes with tho la-st ditchen to elect a
Bourbon Democrat.
tIM T.
Nbw*0rj je v.s, April 15.?Qen. McMillan,
Judge l..-oi:'id. Bad .luce M fSSUT otlur pioiiiiiielit
Repnhllcaus were In eosMltsttea with ths CMMaMf?SR
several muss yesterda] In the toteres! sf Oor. PaeJustdL
Theae gentl?un s won a? aredbj the Commission ta the
most solemn manner that BS pfBpMtttofl rtUMevet Iih?
basa BMM to ell In r part ', and,flirtheniioi -, 11.a I tin C0U>
mission i, ive not Bgftsd upon a pi.in. (.eu. McMillan
and iiis aMSetSAM STgSd upon the t SBMMMBSU t! t BSOt !>
?It] of M i Lilly tie .sioii liy the PnSSSSWS, evt rv lut-: est
of Hi?- Stale and the RBSBtS t'euiautliiig It. If Xiehollni?
to be (?overnor, they SV sire to know the fUSt at SMU ; If
Packard it? to be nesfndssd, art it be ?suo,tRey MMtWtta>
. ut ti.'iay. flrn atrMlltsn said b>Mght teal eoasUanee
in tin ulliinate MSSSM 't MS Xieli'. , t ,..?.. ? -liaient
?... n,eil to be smngtheni-I He cited the Improvement
in siat?. bonds, Re., m raal lining to is rtew.
l.a-t Bight the ? olnliii-.slon Were III e\. , i;:ivc c-sion.
A few ti.ivs ago Oeorgs Waahlngtou ( '??? d)ofOou>
cord la, and to-day atesara, lirooks (colored) ol Bt. Nary
alii R.. n n of J. If. is.in, ad loiurion/ Board member?,
left I o Packard IIoumc and t??)U s?;u- In tncNlcbolls
lloii.e, maklBg .".7 lietui-uiug litard Bjember* m tlio
latter house.
gRAU Itr.llKK?A RRFURAt To RR SRRT In ihm.
( (ii.i Mi.iA, s, (., April 15.?Got. RaaRBbni
addnaasd a asss to the Chamberlain aaVkssi nsMrday
liipi.-s in;,' tlatu to turn over their BMCM H their ?uc
I'cesors, subject to the decision of the Sup:em. lourt
when the Court should lie tilled liy the akURMR of a
thief Justice, which will be immediately after the eon
v cuing of the Lf^lxlalure ou lile '.'tih in?'. 1 hi? step
?. an MkSU ?>> a? In enable the llampUiu (.iovcruuieut
to obtain the records and iutoriiiallou neces?
sary Im tho proper aduitnmtratiott of ?iTair?.
li is r.port?.! from trust worthy authority that the au?
?tajBSS of 1RS reply of the ?tale uttlial? to Uov Mau,pt,.u'?
BSesaai VUlke lheaiw?ertiou that they hold thclrutBcc* tiy
the d. duration of thu State cuuvassers from the face of all
tm??lection return?; that they were commissioned by
QOT. Chauiborialii whllo his tule wm BBSMBMUdl that
their con tenta ut? have taken the raarft to the Supreme
?olllt;tliat I...V Mauii'i.-u 1...1 no iikhi'u .11.11. ipate
iu> bjigUURH of that court, or lu any wu? to puss upoa
in. 11 title, aud that this act lop. Is a violation of Lia
pledge? to leave disputed >pi. .stWVii? Ui logal settlruent.
t'01 Hiebe leaaou? th. > will devluie to give up their

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