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Vo1 -XXXVII.N? 11.248.
?aaj M,t?--- fjf M- 11. ?I ! s F(il;t>IIAl>;?WlIl?r.\< K
ai;i> bAUIN aitk.u.s to hayek?rkboluiions "i
The psH C? a<l.iu-tuii'tit in !s"<w-Oi leans lins
|SSSJ ?Uli. lili, il M ?IS tt> I?K?V??lf fol' M-jltilljr
n,,,?! ??f tin ?'oiiK'stinir H?'i?!iltlic;ii)s. Tli<?
((..miui-sio" IfNI t?> ?t unanimously. It will
proba M.v be announce?! t??-?lay. The Nlcbolll
Senat?- 1 ??t ? fBBSSed if dilutions in commendation
of l'i't'-i.tt nt Mayes and sfsasjitihig eojwaj rigtita
nul l'tliiiitit'ii in Ibi -Slato an?l an observance
of ill?' rtiii-litnlii'ii:il :tiiicii(liii?'iits. The BOBISC
trill pftfl tlnin tn-iliiy. (iov. l'ackartl Bjafal
apjH'?ls t<i tlic Pit Mtli-nt, by letter, for a deci
?joii ?avoial'U' to him.
Nr\v-OitiKA\s, April If?.?The project ?>f atljust
nicnt im securing a twattolidBtod I?fajislstnw was
iti(?tlili?tl It.v ihe cniN'i vative haileis Ulis afternoon
io a? to pain for it UM full WEfOrt 9? the Cotumis
?jttti. All iiifinlw-rs i-liowii to have bstaa skstsdby
tin- BsstaTtlists* ratants ara t?? Bstssatod, Lnelndlng
all except tin?-?' ??f the ten ltcptiblicans'thrown otit
ou tiantsata i?y lbs Ktchsila bonne, Thf-s?- three trerc
rctuniitl frost tin- St-vi-siiti Ward of New-Orleans l?y
BOaSfsjsj manifest frauds on Uta part of the super?
visor. Thi pisa as thns amciuhil WSS ?nloptctl l?v ?i
taut-its of tin- < ?m-? i \ at ?M-? to-night, ami will In?
put iuto tlio aliara- of resolutions, and pa.-scd in open
Bcssiou to-morrow.
It is expeetc?! that the Commission will transmit
the plan to Iks I*:n kar?l UisJbIbIiIIII at once, but
whether with their olluial approval and recoui
iiieiitlatitiii for acceptance is not yet del?-rmim-d.
The l'ackan! psft] BSJ to-n?L'hl that tln-v will rt-iect
it and return it to the CnmuiiaMon Avith a coiintet
jniijMi-itiiiii t?' the effect that all the lnt-mltcrs from
tin- live l?u!lilt>7.ed pari-ahes lie exelutlt'tl ami pal in
the jxi.sitiiii of tiiiitt-stiiiLT for seats. Should tin
t'oiniiii.-vsitui ?let ule to oiler the conservative piOBO*
sition as .m i.i! inial um. liiere is little itoulit that tut
l'a. kaitl Legislature will fall to pieces in a daym
two, ,and all lbs nuinliers ?-ntiiletl to seats in tin
ti)iistili?i;itetl hotly initier the terms of the atljiist
iiicnt will ipesditj timl their way there.
If ?; iv. l'ai!,?ml stubbornly refantat to aeeetle to
tin- m heme oi adjaataaeiit, and can i l* ? I ? l his i.t gjala
turc together, tbe Coanaiasaton will pmliaMy retnrn
at ont t to WaabiuffwB aod report the fasti i" t ?
l'n-???-ui, act tiiiijianieil l>> no re niniiieiitlation.
Tin | eannol bstm, ii is i>< Iterad, to recommend the
withdrawal ??f tbe Ironps as a Isai resort to eft', cl ?t
unit-went, i wo atemben being fesrfnl of going t n
it . ...1 t a I -.-1 g 'i. I'i- - .'?it tu throw overboard
the Bepnblit an party of l...ii-.s,aua. Tbc radicalism
o? tbene two Couiuiiaaionen appears tt> have debt] i d
bringing matters to a point f"t nearly i week.
?O LATES i?? rt'iii- m IHK riti.-ii?.M ? i if .til'- i.'
|i.lM.li ?i : i. M DUtfATl n.l
WssmxoTOM, Aptil i<?. The Presiden! has re
Si iV' ?i only one oommnuit atio i Itoua tbe Louisiana
( ?iiii.ivsitiiii-i-, .m I ?ii.tt w;t> ni Toured ,y last) g i
in. .u .f t-.'inn nt i eprogresa ui irs up to thai
; .1 ?n.-ti ni 11...., which
Men- promptly forwarded. i*hc original inatrnc
1 i ni n- not taodified, but t ? rtain p?
i of ?him, in tugut i to s iii h thi
Commission desired furtbei InfofliiaTlon, were
merely explained. The President baa no in-,
timation aa i?? when iii- ? immiaaion will re?
tnrn to Waal i imtcn, though the opiuion iaexpi.I
thai they may complete th.-.r bnainesa aosatore
t m n bare by Saturday or Itondajr next. There la no
doubl thai ih troops will be withdrawn front New
?. -.-. Intim?t? friends of tbe lT--iiic.it asy thai
it is nn; i" i?e expected tii.tt he will pursue io
Louisiana a course different from thai in tin
ta-e of Bontb Carolina. It ?a, however, an sprn
I .it-.?n>.i when n will I?-in >t to act; therefore no
ll.i.. |a li\ ' fof the is-ltanee of all onicl for the
withdrawal of the troops. Ii is the desire of the
J'n ii. .n mat tin- Conuaiasiofa shall hate the fullest
efsportuntty for the completion of tbeii work, snd
ht li i- in..., m auggestssa aa u> lbs patio?] uf their
?JESOLCTION8 OF TUS MCiloll.- sKNA'i K? ? 01 ( \
IK N, lK'HH.Ilt?N. AHP I'li'-li .ItMl A.
Niav-Oi 11 a v-, April l*i.?Tbe Nicbolla 8cnate to?
la] pasa? .1 ili? foiltiwintr joint sraamble and raaoln
asOB, win. h are ? part of the plan ol atlju>t:i:ent :
ivhrrt<ts, Tb people of tin Itate sf laiolatana, after
?i-ai- ol ?ittiiii- ami ini.-ruii-, have with aoprenu tatlB
ji-imii -.. in lie wise il. ti-i iniiiuii'-ii ol i'rt-ui? nt Hat t-s,
as expressed iu his ituuuui.tl umi alrieady liapiilly ex<
eutedl - ? irollna, to restore the lotad sulf-aovera
meut "f tin > '.uni i n stat.-, aad peaee aad jirosiK'iii.t to
tin- whole eounin by a retara to . rigid following ol iiu
tti-c principie? oi eonstltudonsJ government ; therefoie,
Eessfsesf.Bj ti.? Senate aad House of Itopieaeatatlrea,
lu tu n. ?al A.--i uii'iy convened?
ftral ; That we tordially ludors? the policy of the
Ti.-.! at a? enunciated la fata Inaugural, and we pledge
ear heart] ? ..iiiMiatn.ii, aid, and ?upi?ort to IBS Kxeeu
titc thereof.
Set.mi : in t tin- ?-xecatinti of Hie ?aid itoliry in Hie
Statt ol Lou -, na ?? li prove the aunrea or laestimabie
im--n,it? to in i people, vt ill lut up tiit-ii burdened
?I'int?, heal i,.c i- wounded prosperity, renew tin ?
ttit.-t.tl fteiii-. bring happineas to their houies, and k'vo
t<? ilic whole people, wrthoiil tUsttnetion ol nice or color,
a future of i.i..,,t a? a?, w?ii moral a^ mat rial.
Third . i Sat, aa as earnest of eureadeavor. we hereby
ttct. ire i. .a a is mu? will be the purpose of tue Qovern
Btvui .1 me -:.:tt -of I.i.tii.-iinia, retina ? nt? ?l by Pra all
1. .\:.-noli- a- Hi l.xci titlte lieit'l, lilst, tu accept lit good
lait? the riiirteentb, Fourteenth, aud Pifteenth Amend
in. m? t.i i ., t iii.hiiiuii.iii of tin-l niu-il Mat. ? in tetter
sad .n -?nut ; second, tie- ?mion-em. m of the law rigidly
aad iiiipuiiiaii? u? the end thai violcaeeand erime ?hall
he suppressed and prouiptl) punished and Unit peaee
aad order prevail, and that Ui?- bumbles! laborei i?|s?n
tu. toll ..i |?uii?iaaa. ihiinwigliiwil every parish hi the
Baal?, al ever) t*Jh?T, suaii r?s-eivt- tii? full aad tqnai
i ia.ii ui' tin luvt? ui person, property, and
poUUcal tights .ml privileges? third, to toe pt*>
i ...ttin klutllj relation b tweea white aad colored
citizi n.? ut i,,, Mute upon u iianis oi JusUee aud mutual
it.und' nee ; fourth, the education of ail classes ol tin
people Uni?; Fsseaual to the press?, ration of tree m-tnu
bssjB,wedo declare our solemn purpose to maintain u
a>Mtm of public schools by unequal and tiniforin taxa
ti"ii iii> n property as prorated Is the ConatJtutiou of
tin .-i.i . ?ml ?lu, h ?ii.ih ?cciiri the etlin-atio? id tiit
ii.i.li. a i.i white t.iiii mil.iid eltiaeu with equal ad
vaatasea; Brtb.desl oasol healing Ihe dlsseniltiaa thai
hat?, tlisinrit. .i ,,ie .-i.ttt fin years past, and anxious thai
the cm/, n? ui ail polttleal pani'? ma.? le free from
fet'lisii anxieties of poliln al Ktriie autl )"in hands ill
h" <- ? estorlng tia- prosperity of J-"iiisi(iia, the
liicboLltOoveruuienl wll tUaouunU-nancc any attempted
1 tutlou frmu any t)uurl?i if imlnidual? fur past
p..iHic?i eouduou '
/"u"1-' - G reroor be reqiteated to forward a
copyol m- . ..-tiiutioiiaiotue 1'it-...nn ui the L'mtcd
IXQCIaTA Win? IS ?jtiVKUNuit.
Maw-OautAJts, Apiii i?, iK77 " ' J
ft President Hatbb, n'uehtugion, ti, v.
in tn -n. : it i? BvMant thai tas t owBanatan ?ant hati
hy yon, ia?4rneted asaoag otbet i-alata ta aaeara a n
niov?! of m-;.n-:.? to an acloiowiedgtucni of one Oor
erniueiit, aim ta:,.n?; in iiiat, io aceompllsh the reeognl
tii.ii oi a single LtttisJatnn as a aVposuocy of the repre?
se latite ?.i ? Oft IBB l?t 'pie o? Louisiana, ttill ?a., tu
efleet i-itiier of these i.-puii?.
ihe ln-fcl proiiositioii can be attalued ante By the
Shandonrneal of one oi oiuer o? the ciaimitul? t'n the
fjabtsnatsitsi c ...ir.
The aecoinl proposition ?ivolvlng unification of the
two boules, each iiowtiaimintft.? be it- Leclnlat ure of ti.?
Bl?te of i?u hlaim, Is j use . ,.?? me. pian suugesled
bv tbe CoiiiiuibHku?that 1?A iinmbeis of tbe
Louer lioioae ami Hi BtBBBlM I a of the t*< nate, wbust
election ig not dis, iitetl, ?la. d be brought together
111 Ola- l.tMlt, alld tb?t til. ?elielai A-nt uiliiv thil* BOUStt
luit .1 ?bo..hi p??? upon tb< nu., .lu-a?; ..n of theeoaU-st
ll.K men,Is I-, ?lid tbu? rcori:uIilz-'ll ?Uoiiitl coiupose tin
C- ? i ? tl i ? U-? in tin- en 'Itllnate tiruueboa of ?ut i flilin 'it. 1 UI?
?asaceeptiililt to the it? publleau?, but is said io have
been reyeett d by the Ueuioerah?. Thi? plau was under
llood to emauato from tin- I'.cM.ieiit, and to em body
lU ldtas of what ?a? ju?t aud ettUiUlile.
lue Republicana bave lutlicaU-d a w??ium-? to
kced? to a reorgannuiilon of the I.egifcl?luie ou tbl?
Ml? Hi deference to Ihr President'? wiolie?, even IhoUifh
S so doit,?; Uicy should m^c undoubted legal i igats. it
toareotnned tli.u fmin the President's .'Midpoint an
other l?gislative settlement would work iiiiu-t.ee in uni
??i outer of the contending parttss. sail II is not believci
?bat tbe Administration wnuui huik ilun Injustice. Tb?
Ki-i'iih n .m? wen- ?tilling tt, Hiiiimii iberlotraaof ihe
Mate Government t., ?i h ?.-??.latnre Hins ronetttatod.
it l? ilt-Liii.v Indicated that Qen. Btchol'i and ui*iid
bereuU have rejected taw iwoposttion, maian beesn i
of their tix.-d belief In the tint ii of the statements re
DeaU-dljr made that the Konter-?luttiniwa aajtweateat '
en-iiluitllv in suint- wi.y tti civ.- the giiviriinieiit i.f tin
-i it. tu th.- Democracy. If thtsbcllof ?rt re remov? ti fron
HuirI'limiK. pcroapa tbei wonkl ii"t !'<? m tieti.-mt aad
v. mild aeoepi the edlna'tnent von oler. The reported
)uiri't?-e of the Administration to carry out the auggeiv
nun- of Messrs Poster sad M ittbcws.br tbe wttbdrawal
?if the I Blted States troops, Isa st?ui(i?ng menace to tin
I'- publicans in tbtsBtste, sad eaeoantaeatbc Democraer
to emulate the srrogaal polier ol Uea. Hampton In Boats
t llliliutt.
I liitve received lit? reply It? mv letter t?f the Mil in?t.
reriuesting thnt the Instruction? of the Commission
shiiuiti 1m' su um- n.Ied and rnlsrsed as to easble theui in
Inquire snd report whli-h t?f tue contending rovernment?
Is i. cully entitled it? reeagnltion, whether a legal Hu
preme Court exista sad wao compuse it, sad whether
or l.ot there is an Stases insur.-i-t turn awTaiast
the lawful (?overiimcut. I therefore most respectfully
n pen that n quest, in view ?if tbe n (action by mv ?luiiti
cal opponents "f the reasonable p4-oposltlon above re?
ift ire 11,, made i?y the lT-.nileiit tiir..n?rb tbeCommlsslmi.
ltuir i;x -t lienty e.itmol fitil to l?, ret ive that, in Uni? ex
presaitog n,.? wUliniptoaa t?, ??limit ,,,? eluims to n
ttiiniLis-iiin appointed without solicitation ?n my part,
or with..nt either myself or imv of mv iricnds having
any tales m its aeleettoB, It, ut least, manifests eon
tl lence in the Justice ?>f my claims. Under the
pr?sent instruction?, the Cooasaiaston 1? eharged with
the lUveHllgiitloii Of matter? not essential. Wny should
Instructions lie withheld w liit-li would enahle them '?> rt
i?or! Bpua nia'tor? eaaeattol to the ascertainment at the
legality of one or the atusar GtoveraBseats taalmtag rerog
BtBoa trots the PrrsJtlcnt, une of which uiimt
be cnlitl.il thereto initier tile provision? of the
t'onf.nut ion of tha stwattnri Ha Ctwaatsstaa Urna
far iu us relations to the LtopebUesa party In? only
suggested methods whleh directly lend t?i an Bbandon
meut of tbe contest, brreapeetive of riiiht or Jnetlw. I
I apectfull*/ Hllhlllit tlnil Hie tiUCHlmi,?, ?u Isssm in
Lortlstana eonnol be disposed m in- mere expedients.
Tiie cbiin.s of imlivi nuns to oiiiee re ol liltl- conae
qnense win n yelghed bcbIbsI the rights and liberte - of
a majority of tbo people. If a law tul government in
Louislaua eon be overthrown by domestic violence with
the consent of a federal Government ortgl?allj called
Into existence for the enpre-B pipent, BBB4MBS
Others Ol preventing such oeeliri-eliee?. What Mate ill I lie
Union may not hereafter Im- subject to a similar revaln
lion t Are Ame; lean |n Ople Willing to see till? pr?c?dent
eslalilished 1
harm siiy reqnesttag yom hamitfUsts action on the
facts pu i?? ut? il. l have the honor i" i?-, rerj res? etfally,
your ?.lit ?it-lit st-l". ail!, h. M. l'.U KAI??i. tjoveili.u.
MBIXTEObItIOBS ol III! i?k.Mikt:\( Y Will N BB H
oll.s is BBfOOOBUUtO?YBB lwu i:i.i:)ii::?!.?
THi ut IOBSS ant? lluros.:*.
iFit'iM a st?.i--k?-(>i:ui:-iiinii?:nt of the tuiimnkI
Ni w-<?i:i.kan.s. April io.?One of tbe ?ims? eo
COWagiBg features in tbe situation In re is the strong
probabllitj that tbeNkhoUs partj ?ill net Isold to?
gether a fortnight after tbe Packard concern sees i"
piett-s. The sij^tis of diojategrstion among the s"
called i oilsi rvativt ? an- prominent and numiataka
bto, the diBereucea tliat have long existed between
i lie ideas ?uni pat poses el Ihe two elementa com
prising that party promising to develop Into sa
actual breach as soon aa lb?- outside preastue that
comes from the presence of troops npkolding Pack?
srd is taken "ii. As lea?] as there la a common
enemy to fight tbey hold tttgetber, hot their com
paniouahip is not of a fratemaL nature. In 1873
tiie division fu'-?! nn inn ?I cm tilt- question ol su?>
porting llt.i.-.t i- Oreeley. The opponcuts of tbe
movement, which then leavened the i"st part of
the Democracy with .i little common sense, were
[rreroncilsbles and Last Ditchers, ami its
supporters called themselves Conservatives oi Lib?
rial Democrats. Grant'? second term with itspro
ition of the bayonet policy sud lie-Hogg's ob
uoxioua rule in Louisiana can: i 'I t11 -?? <i ITerenct s in
ppearfrom flu- field of actual politics, but Ihej
were too deeply seated to die "tit, snd t!
?i i: : nil m ?t 11? mt waiting for i lie pro ipect of release
from the hated carpet-bag domination i<> ripen
et r?an: y. 1 lind inen ff great prominence in
the KicbullH party plainly avowing their Iah
it? BBstain Un- Kations! Administration as soon aa
tbe principles of tin- 1'reaident'n inaugural sie pul
into force, and franklj uufoltling plana for organis?
ing s strong party throughout tbi State thai .sl??:!!
I?, lut iss the color line.
1 In- principles "f tin new party, they say, will be
a cordial support at Ii i?.ii- n: Haye in his Southern
policy,a full recognition of the civil ami political
'dill' blacks, a fraternization with t', Ri
publicans of the North, ami the advocacy, conjoinllj
with them, of measures for developing tin- indus?
tries and commerce of ths cosmtry. Tbesc gentle?
men belong chiefly to tin- yonngrr cbaa "I poli?
ticians, and they were nearly all gallant Li'ltiitis in
tin- Confederate army. rMagnlarly enough, the
r? cklesa \ oung f' lion ? in tin- baekn ount i -. par ? !.
win? have formed the rifle clubs and tin- bodies of
bulldozing regulstors are as a clasa devoted
adh?rents to the kadera who sn advo
catlng liii?? ti'-?- ilepaituie?a fact full of
in oaragemeni for tbe colored population,
who bare suffered so much from tbe political con?
flicto of recent years. Tin- new parly may not call
itself Republican, bol it will 1><- in complete accord
with the Republicanism of Piesldenl Hayes and Iii:
i aiiiiitt. Its leaders will be drawn from the most
liberal, enterprising, and practical men of tin- cities
ami towns, the large plantosa in the coantiy par?
ishes, and the intelligent property-holding colored
meii tlirotigiiout tin- st.iti-. In national affairs it
will atlvot-ate ainotlerate tariff, specie DBJ ni'-iil-, ami
a liberal policy lor the derclopmenl of business m
torests, ami it will ask from the Northern Republi?
cans (ioverniiietit aid t'? repair tin- torees of the
lUssaWsippi, io keep opea a da j? channel from Nnv-i ?r
It-Lins to the ses?. Bad to finish ins Itontbern Pacifii
Hailroatl. In State matters it will oppi.se ?ill proposi?
tions designed to hamper tin- colored mau in his
exereitte of the right of suffrage, and ail tin- schemes,
of whtoh Uten are many, to make Lhu on tin- plan?
tations tin- serf of the utadhokler. It will favor
large sppropriatttaas for education, u fair division ol
school money between tin- aebools for whites and
Micks, economy in State ami parish gorernment,
and liberal ?-oipoi-atiini laWI to BlVJOBiaJSJ tbe in?
vestment of Northern capital.
I am aware that to many people in the {forth who
liave looked at the problem ?>f Bowthera society only
lnun the outsiile, the formation of SBcfa a party will
seem a visionary pioject, anil ili.-ywill OS slow tu
believe that it is really eniitt-inplati-d l?\
inlliieiitial men. Such evidences have be B
Blaesd before nit, however, that I clhi
not doubt the geiiuineiiess of tin- BtOTCmont
If 1 hail pieeoiiceived opinions inclining DM to be
Bars in the pt rjK tnat inn of a solid Dssaocratii
Stiutli tlnv would be inn sd to iriv a WSJ hof.tin
BSSanmaCSBC? many Loiiisianians of high ?haraiTei
and proiiiiiienee in public allairs who avow their
intoation t?? form an nfgsnliatioa socfa as I hare
litsciilietl. Hut I have always had faith m the
early divisuui of tin-S.uit liein whites intotwo par?
lieshitm my e>ptrieine in the South duriiiK the
(iiuipai^ii of 1H72. The rc?lcrlion of tirant p.mt
jMiiied for four ;rSSttB that essential prelude to BBC?
li .linn and roeom illation, hut it eaiiuot be mm h
longer delayed.
In rooted antagonism Io the views of tlnse en
li^.'ilt-ncd and br.iad-mimlid BaSB are the real Deino
t rats ol ths Slat?', Io whom tbe cjiithtl of "J.a-T
liilchers'' is still appln <l. 'J'ht-v are Steeped in Uoiii
boi,i-iii ; they abhor BegYO Hutlrage, affBBM the edu?
cation of the blacks, ami would like to tie them
down to the laml by a labor systi-m lil?<- Hie villan
BgS which prevailed in Kiirt'i?- in the Muidle Aires.
As an exaiuj.li- ol the kind of labor laws !li?> woiilu
I?:ws if they were in BtWt r, 1 may cite the BjsaBBattsSB
of ?. Ouachita plant? r whom I nut recently, lb
wuiited a law to make any persou hiring a BJgfS lia?
ble to be auerl for damages by his last employer, un?
ie??, the ncKroprtiiliicctl a written sersaissioa froin
that employer to leave his service liefore the current
planting season was over. The Northern allllialion
of tln-Hii irreconeilableH are naturally with BBS ultra
Dcnunracy, ami with that element tln-y will f??riii a
homogeneous national anti-progressive party. A
thud party seems to lie a necessity of the situation.
It will l?e made up in it? rank and lile ontirel.T of lie
groes, hut will probably retain s few of tho old cai -
pet-hair h aasatS, Its powst fur mischief ? ill bs lim
itetl. bsrsytBM it will not he able to ma.-s all the
blaehl inside it? orgau?/ation, as the ohl Kt-piiblican
party, ted l?y r.ickard, BSS done heretofore.
_ i:. v. ?.
im: mi i.i i \ i:v FORCE.
Ils IXIKNT AM? I.i?CAI|il.\?ir.l.l.IMi- OS? TIIK
??<?.\-ni\ inn action is pACKAitit'" CAPTTOU
iPKO.ti \ BtATf t (?ititi:-ii?M?i m Of int. tu.iu sa.l
Hiw-< ?;.i.i an-, April II?? A garrisoned city is a
novel .spectacle bl this c?mntry in tinn s of peace,
and the important military factor in the probhin of
Louisiana politics is worth notice on it? own ac?
count, atnl ?m ihiubly mtereatiag froat tJts part H is
playintr, unwillingly it would si em, in prolonging
ihe existing contiover-y. 1 turn aside gladly from
the council? of politicians, full of intrigue anil ileehi
liiatiini, and of Bettab desire? BaBfaaasi l?y patiiotic
fliouthiin.'s, to take a liMik at the men lu iiiiiforin
wlin Set without talking, antl who have for year?
in.'iintaiiieil here a civil government of a sort by a
show of cold slcel. The gailaasa of tbe city nni
fist? in all of about two regiments of infantry?
parts of three regiments, m fac??the Kith except
one company, m-arly half of the 3d, and soine com
1? mit - of lite 18th. Only tlire.it 'ompanit sol thisforee
are at the barracks belonging to the (.ovi-mim nt.
TbSM li.'inaeks are Ii\o or six miles out of town,
ami hefore tnxips could he brought from them than
would be time, in the quick-touch-and-go way that
such thinfj. are done here, to complete u revolution.
Four points in the heart of the city are occupied as
temporary irnnrtotav?tbe Cantont-boatas, st. Iaary*a
Hall, the Mechanics' Institute, and the aid < >i leans
Hotel. Al the Cm.toni-lini.sc, a huge soinlier granite
structure lh.it cnvi-is a block of ir,tullid, the whole
of the mm? upper atortea are tornad into a banaafc.
I'mhr tii?> roof are lbs saaaa inorns, kit- bras, and
slee|?inif moins of nine eonipanies, and on the DOOg
below are the business oflitvs of the stall and the
giianl-Kio!!'-. Tbe place iwarrna with blue eoatotl
men. All ihe daily formalitiesol gainson Lie ex?
cept dress parade ire con? through Indoors, ami the
merchants aiuL.-hip i sptsina who oome totranaacl
business in tbe inagiiilii ? :it ? - liininetl hall that con?
tains the ('usloin-hoiiM- office? hear the music of I
military band overhead, tl"' ibarp ordera ?>f asr
ijcanta drilling lecrnite, and the trampal tbe relie!
guard going i h<- round ol the long corridors.
There are no pantile? or ? 11 ili?. in the ?trcH . be
CaUl i- the !e.:sl inoveliient of ill" soldiers excites Ibfl
people, and it ia thewiae purpose ol Gen.Anfurto
give tbe military occupation as little protnineuoe ?i
poBsible, Tbe march of a aingle company through
tbe ?tract -, although it may only 1?- going toa com
rade's funeral, excites npprabenttbn of a change of
ordera Irani W : luugtou ami a more active inter?
ference in Packard's In half. The commiaaioned
offlcera lire si hotels and boaroUng-bonsea, and are
Seldom s . ,i in ?mitoitii.
Ih-- troop? thai sre directly backing ap the Pack?
ard f?o ti nient occupy <!"? old Orb-ails- Hotel, on
Cbsrtrea-st, m Ihe rear ol the State Honst*, h Isa
quaint atructure, entered andera loa archwav thai
givea access to s aqusre roort. The balcouiee thai
?n., ct from every ?ton sreund the court, tbepeeu
liar red mastic on the walla, tlie font? of tbi
and tbe ?tail way are ob et idcntl; Kpanisb inapp
anee as lithe building ha I inmcbow gat Itself
ir.iii-i'oi ti ?! scrnaa the Atlantic from some provl it i.!
t ity oi the l'i nii.-.ii... V pa. I.i ol mull teeis OT ol
tonsured priests in shove! bata would be more in
keeping with the aurroumlinga ol tlie-court than the
groupe ol blue Infantrymen thai rngagt there in
polishing their equipments i ? In lazily amoking
pipes. I forget how many companies the
lio left ? ? sne ol cards to -how me tb
plu e said were quartered here, bul I in
more than iii?.-.- ur tour. They ir ill ol I
The particular peint ol Interest b tb? "hole
ii:-: in ?wall"??m aperture made In a very tall
gray wall, abutting In ? very imall back
yard in the rear oi iii" building. My guide
Id na through this bole and past a sentinel
who guarded it. and we came luto a narrow, blind
alley, like a deep cbaam in the lofty wall t?l ', ,i
ooiiip.i-.-iii, buildings, A lev. steps along thla alley
brought ns to a ten doorthal (ravo access to s dis
mal cellar-like pansage, from which a flight f dirty
wooden atepa led to an upper ball, a little 1 ?dark
and damp. The stairs look- tl i icketj, bul tbe ollieer
said they had been tented, and would bear a Ble ol
men inarching two abreast. Borne empty rooms
opening from the corridor were strewn with lime
-the um han habits ?d Paoknid'a negro
guarda having threatened a pestilence, mj
guide asid. The upper Btairwav bronghl
us out in a ball adjoining the ?lately
rotuuda with its tawdry decoration?, when' ult?
ra, .i .ni Senate nu ? is. I he readt r ?a ill iiudi
from tliia dcacriirtion the aigiuricance of a with?
drawal ol the ii'i.ii's from the Orleans Hotel. Tlie
guarded m erel passage leading from the hotel i" Il e
Mate House makes n easy n? bring the force ol
soldiers in tbe former to Packard'? support ?u three
minutes1 time. For the pui pose ol aiding Packard's
parti-colored militia in repelling an attack tbe
a?idiera are s* effective where they are posted ;
though tiny wire ?iii.n it t, tl in ihe State House
itself. _ >.. \. ?,.
ah?ivaI. Ar ?irr. a?im y Of i im: KOBTBEBM m>
lli I. ? BBOUODl in' l'.Y -I'll iii. i Al I.?? li e v
utMxa an boots roa Ran clouo aobbi V.
mr T?.i.ci,!?\i-ii to nn. ratst \f..|
Bvoi ri i? Tau. Ali k< v, N.?!?., April Hi.?foot* i
daysaerniag the boatilc Northern Indians bnmgbl
down by ^]??itt< tl Tail ?ere encamped about four
miles lroin ilus affstaey. (tootled Tail bitnsell snd
principal chief? went ont to ?aast ami eeeort them
in. They tame in night of Camp .Shendanabout
It? ??Mock, ami immediately ?tortod on
full charge, pacing the ??..-.t, liriug tbst>
gun? into the ait, and circling around
?"-putted TsJFa t ni alnpiuent aboVti tilt! ?xi^t.
i'lns savage biilute Was ?, .?ponded lu by the turning
out oi the entire tillage to meet tin ii- northern
lucen?, boon a long blank line tat ponant came in
tight, drawing tbs lodges ami bringing the in.iiaii
families and paraphernalia. This .vas headed
by Bpottcd Tail antl the principal noithcm
Indian chiefs, who rode through the pi.st
chanting a mag ?>i peaee. They baited
in front oi loi. Mills*! quartera, wbetnCtens, Crook
and Maeksnite are. stopping, and ?here was lying
the guidon of Company I. Tib Cavalry, taptuicd by
Capi M.IIm at the ba.tic.of Mim Balle in Septem?
ber bstt Iront these Baase Indiana, Here tbey baited,
and tin- principal chief, liaiucl i ?m-w'lio-tom-lii?lln
t ?omis, astarsaasd Oso. Crook, laying that bawna
?lone making war on the while?,; that his h. art \\,4,
good, and In token of aab?mtesioa ho bid his gun
tin the ground ?a the g'ill-nil's f.-.-t. In this, party
wen- aten Bantiin Nos,-, ?ho eotaanaanded tbs Indians
in tin- .Sinn Untie light, and other chiefs. In all
tha?s wars about 1*000 Beraons ami 1,000 ptaiies.
Tbsy went into tamp near tin? agent y, a.nl ImSBftdi
att-lv L-BSjaa turning otcr then arm? ?mil pootosto
>poiieii l'ail, who waa tl. pui./.ed by Qua. Croak nn
reeei\e them for him.
The naathsf coining in had been considerably over
estimai ?-d; hut the ttafpetlen and aaafeadea of 1,000
18 a Kr?*at blow-to those ?Iill remaining out. A
council will be held with all tin- Indians ban to?
morrow, after which Gen. Crook will go to Kid
Cloud Agency to instrivn the surrender of Cheyenne?
now on iheii \tay into that agency. There are uow
7,(KKI ltitliau? al hoot ted Tail, anil about 5,<MiO
at Red Cloud. They are much opposed to removal
to the Mis-oiiri Kivei, and, while the pnneiii suc
?cf*-ful ell..its at pa. iii'atmn continue, it would
seem uulortuuate t?> attempt it.
A souaitleralile force of Indiana ha? been organized
at each BfSBSy a? HHM tul police to ansi-a in agent y
l?nViTiiineiit. 'Asfa-I as Noil hern lud?an- cine in,
tiieyare disarmed by thi? for?M MM the ariiw aru
turned ovel Ui the uiilitaiy authoiiliue. I
EUBOPl ritOi oi'Ni.i.Y MOVED.
It hi IwjHeTsd at 8t. Petsrsburg that notbiag
in,is he done to avert war. Lord DafhyBpokeil
haine ton?' in the House of Lords yestenlay. An
i- i r. itly eoiiciTiietl. und feels that she may 1 e t
pelletl toorellpy Hosnia. The l.iissian ||, .?; m t
a/atan has Badys4iaerdYedordera to sail for
Meiliteiraii. .111, as was reported, (?n att-r t! n
foi Anit-ri. ?in grain is expcrtctl in the ,\ ?
AtiUNsr Tl hkev?i.tiitr? DBBBY KXTIjUBB
O.lllt I li| THK ri:oM?fi?I.?Al sii;i.\ IIKSITI
'lu MOIIII.IZK Hilt AliMV.
LoMiiiN. Mniidiy, Apill 1C. 1ST
In the Houso of Louis this afternoon i
(I'iiiiiille ciiiici-ed IBS l.tiieiiiineiir? |i..liey loin 1
the Ea-tcru question, lie said tin? protocol was ue
tho rame n? the m-rlin ii,ei?,,,raii,l,iiii. \Vn> ,lii i,.i
Government accept tlmlt The uintetl notion nf Km
at that BSBS ?BBght have prevente,! war. N.-ilh.-r Hit
liur Tuikcy had then tusen an Irretraceable |n>-it
lie attacked the MlBSBSl'S l-oasts BhSOl raisllii*
aland'? pssttaBB ?iluoad, which BtVB ahtgtJOt lie m :?. i
SpaS, Bad ho iitlvocaiiilii Kuropean en. ert tor the
tor troveruineiit of lui key.
?tori Darby, tsatytog to Bari Qraatlne, rtaitestod
SigBlag of the profocnl. He rein?, ,1 I,, ore-em tin- I
draft?, of tiio protocol, because Count Sclioiuanll
Jt* ted to tanSr pulil.cation. Count laMBSBTBllSf OS ' \l
tioii.-d vhstass Rasaas was psspsiBil liiilliaisill
stoad atsaea, ami saM : " That depends on T?rke] '? .
tude." Bagtaasl leslarsd that sha stgacrt altb tbal
it it. If that object were not trained the tlocuini'lil slid
?St SB tuade to M-rve uiinll:. r purpti-e. Itil'Iiii.iI
U'lupteil ?bbIbMbb bstwsea ahaaan und Tarkay,I
?alii u mie PowSC i-etu? -il mediation, it mutt, red
v.nut fiiiiu wan ciio.eii. if KtiKiaml had BOt i-:i"l
protocol ail r,sajMMMlbBlty toi arar would bave b
thrown spas hi r. lie said he i"-:, -.. .1 the ii"'; ? ? we
,.... aits him that Batter txIstiBgelreaa. tanesa .1
?si not to f-o ail., thtag eoaeeralag the tature.
l'un?, Monday, April 16, I -7
t,. reaips ?i.i - tbe question ol uolMllsatlon Isstll
BBipi i:s- in Aiit-t; ii.
Vil BS i. Moiiil.ty. Api il li-,. 1 -7
'iii,- l'ulttieai ( errtenot <hne* bas :i telegram from
r L. tmrg -.;.itiiti? ?iiu the rtlnlianBlIti t..no ab.ra
iiLi.'i... :, i ib lasted
I.'iMciv, lu -dav, April ?7, 187
ih: ??.'.. ' /,-"".,- dlspatcli from Ylenna -??. ? ;t i- ruin.?
thai the Porte ibowe aa Inclination to offer volunta!
io ? ,i. ;,, a,, ?.;,, eertslB diatrieu la Senegot
i i.i. l. .'i m. n ' a the strategical important ??; i
lll.lt in.
i' ntts tan nu: D 's\i.\\"-i.
The ."??'?'?. -. (tot '? i . ssys the reports ol
peadlngB.Ill; ?tionol tbe Anstro-ltungarlsnsrtnr
,' I BS, I ii' I .hi I. !:!::? . ? BOB in \il-l:i.ili t- : rlti
nomber 110,U02, who i ".-t their entertainers 300V
; ? r ',??... i . - i-r -u ?! r. ::
thu m , :. a istrla might ? ?,-,
', i-ros ihe i,'. i ?. ,:, .,n armed f" et :->. ??
il. . le, i: ".i. \\ i ? I . .. i' lUnt >.-. li'Lil.V i
received orden tu make everj preparation at tbe fr
i. , i.i-si.ciiii..,. ?utr,
it U : POSSIBLE M I -v. HS I MB. i ? IBIS" AM? "I
?HI ii.I i -.?: Ain .t? nf! TBI8I KB.
Wasbimgi ,.\?i.il 16.?Secretary Evorts,
attiluiteof Kit
i ? ? i ' ii.it. . boa .ii tbe po '?.f ifl ui *
extremely uri tit .'. : . there I yet Sope tat peat
KaUous, under the mosl n Iting circumstances, wb
1 rough I O' confnmi tbe borrors, coat, and 'riousncai
L i tl --.? \ bctber Ibero :s i
-.?...t m:: i lit tai alamlty. Tbe
plot at. n pn - otatlvt - i ' the i i led -i ?tea al :
eoBtts of Europe keep this Qovernmenl conatantly i
rteed oi the attltod .vn-i \1 ?rs entertained bj :!.? Po
en to ? !:i'-:i tti- ;. are accredited, and tb agb I
i- ? ? ?.;-,.- in v. bl T lie- I ail I . 'in- : :i
pollttrslly, tbe progre -.Ut i closely watched.
. As t tulnenl statesman, ?Iii loi lut, snd i ttbor, for ?or,
j e., . an i n-. e\ of !... I nit. T Bl it? s to one of tbe an
imp ri nt - Enro?e, sad for a?rerai years
resident of ibis - ol the Eastern qticstton bo
latine Europe to-day. Be said thai bta aympathli
bo I: irtily enlisted In fsror of the expulsion of tl
Ttnrka from Europe tbal he can ti.ir,i;> trust bimaeli I
the ???-.-- Ion of an Impartial opinion. ITc saidtbat bot
,. i ,.,... i .. .. to ittou i ntlrelj antsgoui
i ??-.., i on i ? poluta o 11 ? it be ca
hardly aee bow cither ran s Ithdraa from the conteol ; i
fur:,si.-? t.'i iii?' iiui'e-iilin.'coufllctIsconcern?
Belt bei is In condition to nndertake the itru<gle; tii
Bta -'.m army I? tb Brlenl la many oi the preparation ? i
e i '.??mu?s prosecution of active lin-i.ln i - : iii?- T* irkls
Qovernment Is In i state of pecuniary distress which I
beyond remedy. B?sala ben If.he - ltd, Is ooi .;> :ii
u'/i-i :'. -ti rin eoBditlon to atand weh a drain apon be
financial eaonrces. Ue tnlaka thai u U still possible t<
avoid a ?rarwhen these eonsitleratlona come falrlj beter
tin- atteatlon ol Ha- ?,o\< rnint-nt-.
He ?..;?' further: "If the straggle begias,aolwith
standing the present declaration <>f a purpose to tas?n
tain u itiiit neat rail tj Oennany and Aastiia will i?<
i.peiicd tu Interpose s."n'.i R issla In berosTenalvi
operatloaa Bwve beyood the r^thaadtskeapoaltloi
?pon ?in sn'.i ..i Mtiiii.t-.iLi. thai eadangerlng the montl
oi ti?- itaiiiiiie. At mi'- tuas H"- n.in.ii of this greal
artery of trade wsa bt :?i by R?sala, bal BabseqneBtly la
11!" leildjilsllllelll of l'lillll'l.i -il ? it M.is llsi-llnl to tilt
in, . -i, ti<,in,iii..n. in order that .r Blicht be less liable to
Un? exercise el ???? lurtedictlon which would be
bostlla to (be Powi lutere ted in ns ojien
itlon. .-lio'.ild i:,, sis lutorferc In tbe direction ol
lim t-i.iii.isi? .| hu,?.e:.in.--, the attempt to eitablish
iicr aiiilii'nti upon tut bunks of the liO?pUorun .;:'.'.
recanted as Jeopard aog the Interests not only ol thu
nations named hut also ol the BrttLb Empire. Tue ue
I nie. n led Hi?- C'iif'isii iiipiii'-ii.t-i-Li contri lUneMn
terest lu tbo Hues I ami! gives them a Ju?lltU-att?ui foi anj
eu -.-tiie-, m.t-.- decide to ?Lilie f". the'protection "f
Brill ?i ?i.t'i'-?- m Turkisb dominions. Kraue? and
all'have little laten it In tbe conflict, bat in cas?
n,,. otnei nations become mvolved tboy niaj Hud it
Doeeasar to participate to d>?;? ud their own suto
Ihe ur Ueuian reierrcd to tuiuks thai the u
Bcutluie "i tbi dlr-loniatsof Burope makes no opposi?
tion to bin territorial acquisition In the direction ol
lata, bi us! In tb? Eunipt ?n portion "f Hi" 1
dominio i:\?.ll I?- -i't- ii'l- -l ??>' ta?- r ii i serious
quei. ?le nays that perhaps further conquests In Isla
wUlarou ?-iii? i. ? - - : i. : : -. ol the ilriiifli Uovernmcut, in
vi.-w.f i.i. fact thut the Itusslaa advancea in the dlree
Itouol Ind ???'-e !?"" 't !:-' ?""i of the Ulm? lyaaon
tot north, wbll? tbo British Empire In Indu abut? upon
n .,-? on the? i.' UiSl the other u itloni
of Enro?e bave no lnten t la the straggle, sad aill am
pin m ?p..i- m it. _ _
THU Alils .-IS! It? 111 s-iA AND lllilvl.V i?N <>!!>
Tin- Impression in some quarters that in
?h i oi th? pre? Bl dina ?rfiea i-1 set ? -? - Is sad
, , , i. i,,, m, sBpfay nf u ?as, aiomnal?
.mu, Ac. i..iv.- inen m:,.it- rseeatly aitb ?bau m lbs
United Mates, appear? basa ssajsUrka ?watts res
u-r.-.iiy by u Tanacas rcji?>ri?-i i<> sa w 11
mil fo.iii.'atii.i . All lia' cuiiliiiei? w:ih .itler
oi Hi?--.- Powers are a least at ira renta4 atsadlay.
They ?ue i,.Liiiettiii i m mu? the abata, sad tow part c
ulairtciiid l?e ?uiiiitl lbro4i?ch tha sgsaelfs Ifl lb
lu i teas n?. years burgs sslpsaeats bare i>- sa ?nade, Imt
un tl .ui.-s tau u- i.'.it n by tha agents bete.
Mr. An.ml, a.eiil of l:. l;einlli(.-liiu ?V Suis, at No. Jsl
Baasdwoy, atstod thai ss *?** s?is?ttrs that ao oes loa
tl nt BSd l.eeil eiit-iei tots In elt.iei POWCt witlilli IhS
last Un- >. ara. Da ?i"i Issssahl ?peak aith twaaVh bos,
ft.r th. tliai had uu Bgeal loii-t.iniiy iu Europe, .nul lu
iiould cci i.t nly lie adiiHt'il of any new c.uitr.n-t Mr.
1 '..id ut ihe Hi iniiiK'ton utile?-liad onli recently reliirnetl
fi in M, l-.-l. isiniiK. iiii'l lie it.i? aasiut-d tli.il tlu-re WBS
no pinii.ti Hit] uf u") order from Kutxia at pu- nt
It?Tiitiii;toii ?V r?oiia luid uo contract entier with BaaSlS ..r
IhS IT'.videtice Tool rompatiy of Provldelire. R. I.,
aesas a css^rasl artth tue Turkish taasaraasaaB for the.
?ui'ply nf .Too.iMHi l'eali.Hlv >fm">. IkSSS ??re lueerli
lt..uiiiiu rtaVa, ?iuiilar to IhS Martini-Henry rlfl-a. BSSd in
?.ii,.-iaiid. 'lui. coiuiiany BBS SB) ap-no.i iu tin? oily fr< lit
Will. I' Hill ?It tail? ran BS -Tallied. Inlt it i? understood
that fiiiiu-'.To.iNNi to BOO,0O0 o Uu-??- Brass h.m- already
BOSSI dein.i.-d. 1 lie t outra? I w,i?uii??le ?oui.thilU over
live year, a?", and abipuieul. are iiia.le an tifien aa p?ja
At tht ?nine time whes ttii* contra? t wai BBSOS 0!u>
was takcu hi Hie Vt'iuehctusr Metallic CartrlJgu Com
pan v of .New Haven, ('?nn. .for the ?upplv of .r,iK),?y>n,f?i>i)
e.iiiii,i-e-, ,,f win,b pit.;.ai?:-. 200,000,000 are yet to be
aBlppeU, Tin ??? aie mil- lor u-e in tl.e Pe itMiiIy lilil?-,
In ilillfae!n:i tl lit the l'.i.viileliee ? '..tllptltiy.
i a Smith ? wesson Manufacturtna Company of
Spring*? il, M ?a., baa mpplled the Ruaatan UoveraaaeBl
ui'.ii more than ?00.O0O revolver? m ive years? The
arm furnished ?s knn* n ?* tin- " Russian " r<?volver, and
is almost similar t.. tbe weapon osed In tins country dur
Ingtha dvll nar. Tue tir-t shipment of "<>.????> t\ as uia.it
about four reara ago. aad the order im* been repeated
frnu time to time, though Ibere baa never been ht. eou
trael for a largi r nntuber. M. \v. Robinson, tin agent m !
tliis city, atatcd that the works were now mull?a* upon
full tilll'-, hilt he -tas net aware that miV additional
'?? ?ii?act ii ni bren entered Into. Tin- company, lie ?aid.
to fiitnisbcii the TnrklsU Ooveratn at with abonl
itA.OOO revolver? soins time ago. Titeas were of Ho. 11
. anil luaib to Use tac tal tll'l.'i ? of tlie Win. he.?
lei l' ai; any. Tlie i'\ti nsive oilier to lb- Win. In' III
Company accounted for the larca porelu.se ofeopiier
made some lune .-tiro, the contrast ealUng for copper
?'.? .1- ?m,?lar o? tin.-.' u-etl in ti.e United Stales service
in preference to those of ?uun other nanafacturora
wnfeh net made m bra??.
-Nt? tilil.lli. ltl'.tnVKl? Kelt ITS RsTTDaTBl TO IHK
Ml I>I 1 I ItltANKAN ? BTJSStA'S NAVAI. Hilt? K.
No ordern bars y?-t bean receivetl in relation
tOtllC inn.elllellts of the It'ls-UIl II? et lll'A till ItlC At_
laniic B8tM of i lie t nu- u States, it nnaalala of r->?n- m ?-I
?mis, the ifTTthrss. autssM, Bagatyr, and Urayaser, tito
three llr.-t are now aiiclioretl lu tl.? North River, atnl tie
latter I? at Philadelphia. It was inggaatal that, in antic.
Ijialinii uf war hetw.-en BaatBS an.1 Turkey, tho fleet
Wiiu'id be unbred t.> liie M.-ibtei lalit-an Sea, but till?
some ?I the ollii its tin-ins'-!-, tv, m natl a- ? '. .tiviil-f ;. taial
ll.itli.-jco, ti.ink iuiprobable, links? BaSglaad, l'nuicc,
-ml Austria ibonM take an lettvs part, a?
tho fleet ha? only lately been oitlentl BSN
from tho Mediterranean. The ? BBBSfS Bay Unit
ton nar/ would not probably aa called tots active air
\b t- in case tin- war in Manned t?? Rn.-sia and Tnrkey, as
most of the fl.'litmg would be fJoBS on land, BBd all of
tae available fonts would tie Seeded lor laiul sel M. e,
whereas if IBs nary were to be kept near Iba leeuffol the
action, it v. o nal n t]u.re tbe ve isla tobt placed on a wai
tooting. T.. lean them weakly manned would make
them an ei ii prey t> Ihe enemy, oonae-iuently tbe
vessel? are safer from eapture by being ?it snebor In a
neutral port than the] otherwise would be. Tit iv?*s? ?
on the American const. Including those on the Pat Ac,
are wooden sin;.?, and i? <?t consldi r?'d efficient lighting
i .? ?el?, e rcepi m the use of torpedo? t.
The Rev. father B] rrlug, pastor of the Russian Church
In thi? dry and chaplain of the R tsslan I. tnitlon, ?tated
to a TuiBL'vn reporter r?*stertlay thai be Had been told
ii> il.c nibi-.-rs uf the fleet that no ordera for the depan
ureoi the fleet to the MedtierraDean bad been received
from the Russian Government, and that they were sur
ni tl at m.'?.i.. the i legrani h tbemorulug papers,
when asked ?;.ii the sen ral feelingamon Ru??lana
was with r* anl to a war, Father RJcrring said ihatac
conllug to tue hiieis i ?? r-. reived irotn i.'?. ? in.I in
il hui ;, in nibi r lourcea tlie opin d tbul
v..n '? , , - !: -,?.,? tbougbl i!'.- all ibt . n
Isea ol the hirkUli Government for reform were fu
tllej ihn the Turkisb autbuntle? would noi carry oui
I ; .-.?i ii'ini?, ma-in ne b a- !!.'? granting ol equal rights to
1'iuisiiaii.? was coiiic.ii'.i ti inoapirli >l the Koran, it
.;.-.. .i thai Turl ?-.? wi al i i lake nu conct Ions,
"ti a 11 It v is evident that the <?nly all ?native was arar.
'?We tb? no) know," --il Father RJ n ug "ho,w tar
I -. I?Justified lu eouiitiaif upon '!' Interference ol
otbi" r..??' i -, i.. 11 .chu lu ni. u m altitude it t? bell v< 1
thai ?ht mein :. i i ? liupo . to - ij *b U
i. ... ?en by German istria in caae
of war. in An-- ?a a i.i- .-.'? numb rol the Boiiei
tbe Croats, rtlavic Uungnriau?, and tuany othpr ?
; .i. ul] fuvor t'anslavisu.I look to Russia ?is
l He- ii .' r? ind Austrlj ? nultl certatulj have
t.. count upon the risk of at ? feel?
if win -ieiu'ti break uui
? a i' , :. i. ? ? e.-.i oi i of u, ..in p. 'in Ue- la
?.i Kn .im I and oil iiarkett? i.,i n aurally
? uuutry
uf ?i.i;..,. ?.lai' to whiiMi i; n.-...- could I ??- for tl ?e ?up
?l. net the revenue of tldi ? mutrj u? .
1 i '.- ! ti _-. I.? iii'-r- a- ,1. IHertl war, how
it.,. Urn - u.11 ?? ".i requin ii lai ? : .< i ol it
tut < ' ell? apui -- o? Utbor and I
I . ilon.
? I Conatantii
ichllll . ? : t Captain Alexl ?t, and
Dr. 1 ;. I leave the clt?
.; i m, audexji . i !" rettttn on Prl
? lal t all a III be inatli un Prei dent Hayes,
? :?? ,:| tin n n !,i:n the compliment. ? I i
I . ..' Ill " 111 ||l . ? V. I.l.e
KoiU .,,-, : ? ' ? . Il . : . [Hirl ,. ? ?e ' ;? mI 'ni'.e
pud other? ?till bIbo tuil Mount Vero i.lington
ilf-nt .. und "? in ? plaei-s "! Intt n -:.
i - .i ;, ,,. .-uai'-i.t n.e no -. In u ?? lec 1 - :
war i -e- dlNtribtiti <i >?? f?>Uu ? - : I
. i a i'.-,', r iii Ht at, ?'hit ?
l? tbe . tb? woi Id," h i an ai inor IS
i . ? f n CiO roni l'ii'l n. i- uni d wlt? Un?
id i> i Mi in 1.1
? , n. -. ::?i-l ? U -? :-. l?acK
:-.-i ?i .-?.i -. ? ft?'?, U large paii'ili-?? aeei ?teaiuera, ?gun
.,..-..-, -j ?? |. | , ilar
UoticlatU, and - i-.- :. ?-i ,r vi ?? '-. t.i.;i.ui be??a la. ??
gun vessels, 7 pniiJle-whti I ?tt imt-ia, 2 sma
I 12 ? ? It au ?ports. Aral B<-a - rt ?-?!-?
pa ?? ,ir s.: ?-. an H"ei I ; fun ? -, i coi .en-. !
4 !,,.|.f. -i.. Is,--.-. ' iruilbaal?, 2 Ic i;;.-;???l'l -. Mid li,
- .. ttcditerraut an m ut, i oa tu the IM "I
i fru?ate aud :: mrvcttos. Resides these Ihtsre
are .'::?'i. !.'!,-. i. - carryiiifl tbi i turn i eteb, t?
I ironeltul lia I - i Iront lad filg.ue?of t?
i ret? eiiob, :i Irouclad giiuboat? ?u i-.' t?rrela each,
I .?,.ii.?,i to thi United Utah s mouitor L) ?
1 i ironclad c irvettc. 01 I i i ein alar iron? lad?,
1 tb? *. i 100 feet In dl.eB r, and 'be
Admiral Po|. 120 feel m diameter. In?? nominal
i,.,,..,. m?v> er '?! thi .... ...?? li'.. ', l?O ami
B40, ?i ??,' a novelt) In ?rmi-claa war vt-sael?, aud
in,- -le n, ',i :? of tie A iiniial 1'??. utTI tween Nicolai il
.in i SebURtopol devt loi?-d favoiabl? reaulta. One lia f of
bur . i troue ?lirai'-d ii?'"n ta'o ?crew
piopi". ?--. which ?weep down couslderablj i c
low the keel, tbe remainder being applied
t,, four .mailer propelUira limite?! u? the
-, .. -, draft '?? ?vater, l!i i'"i ?> luchea. With full
???." ,i of t atnea and all lier ?crews al worksite ?ttalned
,,',..:?. :..,. m an ?iieed over several continuous hours ol
I? knot?, with an occasional ipeodfoi '. rter period? ol
'.i:-.. ai..i m one instance 10 knot?, ru.t entiit ?ttitauc?
i ? en -"iii-i"|...? and Klcvh.h*aT byaea aud ver, lu
i udlng certain drlaya and Hioppagi'? for expertmental
. ;. ni a m. Ill -?i fi ol - ..i. >f>. In a
., : -,,? trial "t speed with iln Novgorod, II ass
indthatwl boalj her two principal screw? and on -
half of bei i-ugines and bollara al work su? ua-.?iiic to
Ki iji ahead. ___^__?______?
Londox, Monday, April 16, 1877.
The Direct Cable Company tuinotuieea that
after May 1 press messages will be 25 cents, gold, per
word. Me??-'!?-a - 'o i?. .?.m when the? iblea ara tmooeu
pied will be i"t ??arded at half thai rate.
PaSIB, Monday. Apni 16, l^VT.
'ihe I'n'i >n atliinis thai Cardinal Ledocbow
.... ixtradltton waa reaU] tlcmsaded by Germany Bad
i.i '-?I by i lie Hallan tiovt-riiua-ut, but tbeFopegava
bin ..-jlu u al the Vatican.
I \?'\na, April 16.?Intelligence received
into i>"u.',.i.o to the ?itli m-t., reporta iU.it Presi?
dent Baes, ro Ida aesaaga to Congress, Bald Bayttasd
. .t the ti.aiy by giving asaUtanee to the revolar
. on all the Horta-Weateru frontier. Ue wanted
i greta t-' Indicate abat eottrse ibenld i?- adopted.
i .. ? war with Hsytlare entertained. The Haytlaa
.. , l? much oppoa .1 Io Bacz'a admini?tratlon,
, -, ' eudeavor to inuex into D u .u." ?"
ireign power. Adsu. from Uayti to March30
sa-, e von tbi g la quiet, aad no tears "f war ?aith
u.ami.' are eutertamed there. The? ifteecrop
u i,n;-i.'.l. The next crop commencing la Bep
i ...? to I? very large
CovoorDi April 16.?The troranioff lad
Council to-day ??mated tas vote i"i i . I ?aatltutional
aa ei.iliii. n-, all of wincii are carried s.,te tbs fret?to
sinke out the word Protestani from the bill of rights ?and
tue twelfth?pi-,?mintlug removal irvm ofllee tor political
tan-e-, ibt??eventU?abolishing be religious tesl aa a
(|i ia li lit ai.for oiiicc, Aas adopted by U votes over the
it mutt d i ??"?'
CiMiNSAii, April 111.?A Hi?) at A-lilainl,
Ohio, on Saturday Bight, di attoyed tbs ladea bloek ai
lotntax Miiii r? iiott-i. Tb. tin-1- ingpoaud to bate in aa
of in'-eii.ii.ii ? ". : In, i ad a number of trampa have b i a
arrested on luspiclon. tmoug tbe lossaa are: Beer A
Co., tI-.oimi. insursnee, M.000; li. i\ Vautllburg,
SlO.OOO, ii-iiiiMii"!; J. Crau, 68,(100, ni-iii;iin s, *4,000 ;
W. lint!, i.in.11. 60,000, uninsured; Mr. Willi?,a5,(MJ0,
Insured,63,<M)0; Win. Miller,6*J,0OO, iinm-ui. d; W *K.
I'.i.l/, ?i.">.."?i.O, in-.nain e. rl.."nMi; J. i? Dorluitd, .t-l.oou;
rnotaaa J. Urladle, 65,0001 W. L. Bdwards, ^:i,?anj.
It mal aspaeied tlmt William T. Qua*? ?JJoj
Tlioriie, .lobn i?.ily, and W. H. l'arao?i?, niiua OaaiM
liakei.tbt- BsrSBSp-at. gaiublers, would lie tried tu tlie
?Hiirt of Oelierul hi-it?loii? .ve?lenlay, tint the cu?? of
Cyras O. ?lark waa not Hu.-Ih-.i uiuii too lute to begin a
n." ? mal. i in- gambler? wlUaeeordlngty be triad to-day
at lln Bpealagof tbS court. A?Hisiant liistrh t-Attm n.-y
Herring ?aitl tie ?h-uibl pre?? tbs prosecutiou of tin? cjb'i
William Mu? i.ii. proprietor of a aambliug hou?e at
No. 1,863 !'?: ?..??! u- . .'ii- I.ten Inilietitl by ?l,,. Urttlid
Jurv. lie gave bail in Sl.uoo ?um- l>i?trict-Attorney ?
i.in.?- yextt-rtlay. The complainant In the case 1? a
uiau u.uue.1 McKcou who lost *l,?xJ0 m a faro game.
(IIITH ( ?iMI'I.IA VK Wllll TIIK AT I? ?If NI-.Y-i11 B?
KliAi.'- i?:"MAM?s- ? BOMB OOBBBi n.i> wnii ihe
IntoiiTiii. nii'.i i ?.n ? ?nun -i-iiMiiNT or iiik TRinrsr..]
Aiiiwv, April Iu.?Among BBS arrivals in this
city to-ni?*iit was John D. Town^-iul, for the past
ata nteaths Tweed's counsel. When questioned
aliout tl.o object el li's vi-it, Mr.'lo.Mis. tul sf.itetl
that be had esnawtasahaait farther propositions hi
regard to his release tress Mr. iv-ni totas Attor
iit y-i?iLi-ral. Mr. Yownscn.l, while <!?< lining to
?,ri\e tin- details if tlu-se propositions, matle Home
ii toresting itsteaienta in regard toTwcasFa stssasst
attitude toward ths ?Stats authorities, lie aatd that
Tweed totoaded tofalflU the promises atsals in the
letii.-iiKalile letter ?id.li. sued by Iiini to Mr. O'1'..iior
iu l ?? tleashet last? .tassel was aewwiUiasjBSSgs>
render :.11 his property, ami make a complete con?
ic-- in of his connection with Kiiiir matters, to
peih'-r with those who were associai ?1 with him
in rtofraadiog tbe Btate? Mr. Townsetui bIss stated
thai Tweed fait Besanratai completely riass his
former t innpsntone, Bases his sTsabUa began, bbssj
of tboss v.hiiiii he lookei apaa SB bat friends
in his slays of prosperity hail held tht-.u-'iv. ? aloof
from bim, and sosas ?nul bsesass the most roelfert m
of those who denounced him. Tweed ashed nothing
?uriiit-r ironi lin'ii, aiul would m-ogui/.e no furtln-r
claim upon hisa Cot silence. Mr. Tesraasasl sai.I
that if the Atti'!iii-y-(?"it-ral accepted Tweed sa a
witnsaaifor thepeople, the forun-r would liml iho
latter as faithfnl to the pnaastatttoa ai the man
hentotton bad be -n to his sssBeiatss i.i i ri?as, Mr.
Townssnd farther * ;,| thai Mi'. Tweed hi bow aa
old man, snd lie Lus boras ? bsurdea of rneatal ami
physical nnniahnteal which others with erpssl toja?
tice should bare shan ?1, snd ap tothlstiflae as ataja?
menta could ladites bita to bteah the ?il?-::.-.- s hi< ii
from the first he has maintain? d. Tweed, Mr.
Townsendsaid, owes nothing to his foruu-r asso?
ciates; .-mil, -nue the attorney-Gen? ral di rnanda aa
absoiate snrrander and fall ronftsarioii aa ths i>n.?is
apon which he will ronaider bis spplii il irate?***?
lease, he will make tiie one ?mil gire ihe other to
tbe lu?! ?Mi at n quired.
I ill' TBIB17M 's rBBOBYOP TBB BEsJOBS nu, I. T.
/?'.-.- T '15.
Ii ini.LTlit Interest our resalara \>< riaspa as a
livre mailer of idle ???..riosll | Io read IBM BtOTJ B 111? Il Mr.
Jennings, our toasen riiiiifiposalsat. sends us of bis
qui ?t oi ex-Mayor Ha : in I andan, anil nf the interview
which he bald with bun ??tore. Bal II is so
plainly Mr. Jennlnn'i own roavtetion tiiit Mr.
Hail ii'it to i-:ii_..'int a broken am! disheartened raaa,aad
that li'i.i? I'nrtliei proliillKof the <*n?e woold in aBoctof
do ' ? -, 111, iaexeli?;.:''-.- cm Itvn-it In llitn ? ??:1 ' . Iitlt to
bis family snd friends, and iu this eonvtctl a wt sooor?
dlalli .. ;'i wlib i intent, tha, ?re | to 11
tin -:. -i,-, t. so i,,i sa We al.lit i ? ?i ?I, p...?-. a' I. a t fur
tbe i.at, Into oblivion. It tun; not In improper,
however, to say that tin t?a *cl.-it?-d V rter who
ii..; 'i T iii, Vrctoti i -u Uvi'i pool, n cognla il air. u til,
followed Iiini un io London, and tra Led bits io
the i,".i -i i. ? u ? . . i . guided
Mr. Jennings to tbe spot, a i that the agenl lenes aras
tl it tl if Sir. flali ?ras marked (1., ?ndtt wss
i . - illful n-.- of this I tel with t!i. ni v.?.t who "i" n d
uornf tbe bou?* luii Mr. Jenuings came totas
k ittwb -i ? thai Mi. Hal .- I? ?? n me of
??(.... ' .t." Mr. Hall bad evidently rontemplsted ths
.. took !??:? i , a- bta Bote paper
i iiu'iei/iaiu o? tbt Initials A. O. t.. -'I i? m?
ncnt," v?!iie? Mr. Jeuulnsn. - ? t ?. : i ? there I- no
t'lrin-1 in1 u-rylutbc iffiilr than this, tbui bt Is utterly
I..T: u und ilepn ed und could not stand the revival of
all the iti.'?'ii:i-!ii -? which be ?as wu ?i niable Ib the
- .-, , i y tu.,I. lie said I.- should have gone ' .ad if In- had
notcomi oler lien-. I bopeyou will hi .-,t,-ii ,| in N?.w
.. ,.? ' w, leave tbi i ?rds to tii.d
i.i, n certain echo In every gen i i aad ttorasS
heart _?_?_______?____
iii? i?.m.i. nui. PASSBD it? a iiiiiii? i.i:aium; is
ma bkbatb?bbmbbba <?.-' tu .?ssmihy
riT:..,:i"?F t lOBTEMFT? MB.MOBBI8 T- I - BB>
MBKT BlIX I'ASsi i? in Tin-; aSSBMBLY,
InOM Till- SB it I : i ?BBI -ruShi;-. i "? nil. IB1B0SB.I
Albabt, April L6.?The BeBiate. aftet daJly
?ii? witb the Pool bill potoedby the assasably a stoaSh,
leretlltfor ten minutes to-night, and actictsd it
to a third reading, Beastor aayrs esUed up the
lall, and asid tbal Ba abject wss wed known,
and tiiLit be eos klcred II his sat} te "r.a-- .i in-fore
,:.i -iiiaii fu .?"!.-id- ration. Beaator Morrissey saM ha
pn ?I'tned iiiat the "I'j.-ct of ths bill wss to praVeas sat?
tin;' on elections. Bach a law had asea r< eaoaaaaaaaal hy
the (iov.-r.-ior in his ?i,i -.-aee; tint if this WCTS tha BSB>
poseoi lia bill It did ii"! acciiiiipliali It, lie. tin n ft.ro,
offered an Bmendmeal whaeh lie ?aid weald in lude
not alone pool-selllnr, i>ut all f.niu- of i'ttt:u?/ un
rlcctlons. Senator soyta said that s i??-i was
Bet I- r-'Li'.-it BTSS a matt?r of li-nor b.-twe, n
the men analdng it. las ssaaaalaaeat, in i,i- aesasea,
araa oaeless, sad if aldul tha Mil awaU have to
Hi, liuck to the Asseiiihly and niU'tit BS k,l I-d. Senator
Btarboek -aid thatShoMB had Basftwtth wtia attention
in He .-?tatc, an.I WSS KtTii'rally BBWfOVOd iu the form it
left the A-?' tni,l.v. Tim bill mlifbt l>e lerlounly dam ined
if amended. Beaator Merrtsssy repiteti thai ?mu he
offered i,ir- atw ndssaal ha had sssiety aasaal to make
the proposed law better and with no mientiuii to kill it
He tlict' vltlidn-w his prott'. red ani.-n lin-ut. H?.-iiLitor
Bixby Miir of tie 0 plBBBl that tin- penalty nas !o?i i-eicro
aad moie i thai selssas sreseri?BBStaa>
pii-oiinieiit be .?truck out. ihe motion was rsjeetsSTaaal
?,. bill was then ordered to a third msdlssr
li.e Aasembly debated for ?in hour whether or not
it Muni,! purge oi their contempt ?.nut- lotty bmsb
i.?. who were itorlsird to be in ooateflapt of
Assembly for absence wiiiimii ?save on
i iid,n lust. Speaker Bleue deserts??! the asU of
ihe iioiise i n Friday, owing to there not besag a
quorum, and directed tiie el?rfe to sussbmb the aarss>
lier? iu contempt before tin hsr at the Hottet?, Mr. Hus
iid at onee moved that all farther procettllnaa atptlBsS
tin d.'re'lct members i?- anandoaed, a in*, that luey be tle
i Inn ti pu wed o t tin u- e.iiitt in, it. Mr. 1-.- cli ?In? m<neilaa
an amendment thai Mr. Hnatsd'i atnei dnii al be Udd uo
,n i u table. Mr. K. clealne'a ameodm ni w ?* rejected hy
? vote of 17 to 50. Mr. Husted'i motion waa tbi uodi pied
by uiimit un- .?n mu: inajoiuy. Several ofthe m minr? m
? ilug iii- li votes Hani Unit they retnard'd i; ai un
iuattbattue members ?ho remoiBcd in Albooy, ami
: | ;, -i i to be late at the Assembly, ibouki reot-tve the
rebu e of tbo Speaker, shlbj others ?hn lefl the city
? .1 ?ill public ccu.siii'. Senator Mornasey's lull
?.r,, lding for tbe payment ,f aasrsaments In Bi Voik
for iiu.'iiiieiiii'iiis, in ttiree Iaataliments, tue Uasa sa>
U-Uilingovei three tear-, vas sssa ?,
i .is rumored in state lifgailstaTS toalghl that
?.li Mi;." tin d H l?oV. KolilliSOII ll n| ?aid tl, a triclllllli.lt.
he mu,u ?I veto b bad a, porn.nimmt Mil; and, n agot-l
one i. ,.n ii"t ? :.-.-. -d. he ?in iillil ?llllllin.il .m i\ i.i B< i
nt th? I.' liisl.iiun; for the purpurn: attpoaalug a tuiiahia
n:i:i<iHT os i.ivi: ROCE.
Chicago, April it?. ? Tlu- p-mnil inigiit
asenta oi the trunk due- la-del lasd sa ? aassi for rail s
aa lin- atsek assaraaa Csssasjs ami Bew-Ytwh, 4.? eaaSs
.m ii. ga .in.i M eeats on other steea. with a dirt', n a ?of
t.... i . ;.ls in taVOr of I'.iiLadeii Ida and tin. cetii.iu
lavoioi lluliniiole. Bales Io other points BBcBBIIgrSl
lli.""Mi\i;iuv, III., April 16.?Tin- Hon. Tliomas
j. liiiiui?-, Dsssaetas, waatoiuy assessf Mswss "i BBS cuy.
Lut I.-.MI M?, April 16.?In a same of hear hall
will. I? wit? played hm to dsj, the Innhmlhislnsi ths imii?iu
ai".i.? t iuh by a ICOtS Sf 4 tw k,
TBKBTOB, N. .)., April Iti. -I In? l?r t kmak.-n?,
aUiiit an i in iiutiiii'T, art? mi a ?ink? l".U> j)(4iiisi a re luo
iinii ?u -j.'i jier nut ou tin ir vaaaa
Poriawii in, lViui., Apnl 16.?Jack Kt ?ue. a
Molly BL.iiiiir?-, ?asiiii? atoratag s.-iiteiiie.i toamaannaiani
tiie iiiiirtl.-r ul I'. W. S. l^niK'l.'ii ?I A .tleiin-ul iu 1 (M'J
i TBBBTOB, N. 5.. April lll.-'l'lm April t.-nu t?f th?
t'mteii states District t'oan wUlha apassal St-aaorrow, Tus
recent e.tciiKlve loUI't-iy ?I Nc-tark la to be himi^lii b. (ore
Ihe t.rjUil Jury.
Nt.wOklkans, April ir?.-To-<luv sraj tin tiftli of
tin? ].iiiii?i.u-a Ji? kaj ' litt? rai-.-a. Ths mm sod a ipiarti-rdssh
W.l? Mini li) Jilt k lUl'lt ; tin- ?ecillll. It! llllie ), *1 o.d-, l?y
Amu ll.i?y ; ths thuil by Belle Hartley.
Phkviuknck, It. !.. April 16.?M. J. lie?-?', fore?
man of thepalteiB ?in.n of Hi?, (or).?a Kiigin? A'orka. .Ii.-U
t?. i l.i y !i.m an uver?ln?e "! ui"i ,iliu??, vtln? I,, II I. ?. ??-. T, ?>?a
put ni' h) a iirui(i;Ui fur nu ? ;..-.
I'llll tOKIl-lllA, April 111.?Tin? strike, of the Head
Inn ll.iiiio.nl i-iiKlii<i-r? ,.'?itimie?. IT,i le i* Util, ?i no rhauss
III lite ?it,mil,,11 Bt1.?r 1 lie ?inker? .l;.|.e.ir ,-..|:l,tlt-|il that
lin-i . ?ii k'.iln 'lie'i I'.'iiit, ?Lille na Hie uiiier liae.il Hie nftn ,-rs
of ih? - i-t'iti|iaii?' ??tl lli.tt Ihey ran Kit ail Uie uivit th?> mail.
Traiui hsv? otea ?:.?..n> deia>?al l*>?lsy.

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