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COU-TTS, r->i.n u s. and the WAR,
?mmeasvbs m ?hb ?kmma bsbb **_b?tmoi <".k
bi p?.'.? siv-iii? i v?"*??? ?? isMl* ABOUI -h?SA?1
1?A?!IA-HI 1 ! I II?H l!\??.
?f?t, y IB1 i i ??? ' * ? OOBBI -i?.v>i ?r ?n? nu* rBtBt*BB.|
i. ,m, -v. May :<? Ibe ????Met ??f ?thaja***. m n.-ss
*_,,i . ,n il.?- Sauna M_ae ?use i? nsBMdvd lu t?* bsssm
, pro? i thai Englishmen have nothing to ex?
past fron the United Btetea ?natte, Thal tkej hats
afftsa ??',!- " '? tittz asid it the reply i;*-..?! t<? be
might be i ? r
rii,?t. the Federal MibaesM wan beyond snap?'ion.
Kui whal is in 1h? rsai.l bow f Her?- Is a District
l'.il.? !e?l Males, ?Alfil J!l?il?*c ,i??l jii'.y
I | i.,lr.-?s to Ike vi? I mm of <?n." ?.f the
i ??-r practieed The vietiara an
\ ?. the
and i' f i-< ? to be
I Ml Ma< ?'oil's', il, ?li. lim:; ni i?f tin- Emma
, .n?-. is that in? de
i it? t? a *.?i?li'.<|iiva,l feo?jig t'.i.it than ?is
?,, i,? ?. m t.?im cinii:.', lor the wrongs al
n?- is ??ion-, iii? feeling is
: - in:'. : this ?Iti ision only ?ti.? Jim? it, and
indeed, ia ?English diatr*?d. of the s?l
?? itisfic. in America, thai It la feil by
0Ui ; I wae talking ? in? daya ago with
nan wko knows and likn America i1" waU
_.? ai. ... hei?-. It s?,!-. ?befen ?the Euuiia
?, ? -. ?I been beard of. *?;??<l he, " I ?si'i ?pul this
, Bappoa a*.*. Stewart had kit the balk ?.f hie
fartenr te Engliak legatees. l'<> yoabelieve tbey
wealdkave bad any rhanoe wkatevei <?f getting
theirinon?? latheAaB**rieoaosarte 1 Ii ?a ?me <>!
?o i i ha ?
? ?nul BgaiUkt Spain?iii? most rotten ts?<?
i i ; - - ?c in Itonfj ' :
?old Hi tin- -. It nil.'ht '.??? ?sola n while
? on i! is !"<> ?at?
mk with Turkey and (.pain In cor?
rupt . i in cas?rtela England lias?- lately ?gone
i : ; ?i In e-onrtemiiing commercial im
i . : ? i ? : - s . ,, i [?ramways Corn
I'I ll, !? ? , ? ?
?i loulj u?; s?.?k again in Bagnall agt. Carlfron <&
i ?.?I blows ?it the
? h the s.-i.li. * ol an A
juii . can spplanda ? ?. Ar.
Al an l irl.s !.. lias?-!!i<-es ?I ilisinn iion o! ;:?
.???.:?- re all '-''.it
l '?.' :.L* *
We an all rwlmiring Hob -fallan! ex?
I .1,1..
and. A
? alwayi wel
may admire it, ?son il???u:-ii Il??i.;?rt
) . ? ?1 iiii ti:??ie li: liio? "...nie run:.inn ?lui ?ii_r
? At th? s? ir. \s? !?
. wit?? band lea Iii?. ship so ??,??1 ?bouId
pen -??? ill. It is not the Bret tune the
I ?tiCfd. 1: ! 'I'?
ll ! . U.
; the < ? .nil s ??? Iiicli he scrv.
i - ?ales iss.i ?u ? which
tie a little i.? judge of t?bc actual eoudil
tin . ,:,ii?. The Tnrki b ??m. sud navy, h? tells
n pas fur n ..- -, .?u
?ami, !?c??!l s that, "? it. i 0
II? would !
?-? v**r_
?. d ?
tiling. But moat
t ' How
- -i. -.-; perl ?.'
S b\ No doubt. But li.'sv loui
i the I ?. bat the
t had been lightentd and tbeayetem of ???licet
iaf them improved f And If tl
. . J II' k.sll Slll.j T I tl? k-!.|'i'?'! I ill?'
iy and navy, Inns aman it thai
?.'?-?. 'V :?!'?
?t pay and <?n ?hort ration?.T The won!
, . of 1 ??i!. .- about
l . :
? only thing in T?rke) that la
I Is have
al the eollapue
? ?!?-. pay nobody, and ssill r.
1 tic fiii?ni'-?, t.? ?be ?spent partly in
and partly In Pal
? ?
:. ?i? than tbej ?i about th? I
em i|iios?.?!!; bul I may nientwu Mr.Coortnoy'-t
on "Our Esatern Policy*1 in The Forimightln
for Ma. It is a ans. < ireful and powerful state
it i? ?i''!?. Pol ?' re
? onrage for a rising ?politician rind mem
? s;iy in print und? i !?'? on o
at Lord li ? c!i ?ii the Guild
? ;..... t s.a.- : it'eit. 1.? i v lu the
I .?ion, and an i.!i?iii,!> unpar
-t;, of England
i vim?- |k lioili? ?il lia.s ?i pa| et <?:?
" I' a Cat rin.iii.s " l?v Mr. 1 ??-r "* ?? -11
Tattle, whi teat will liii'l Ihe-sghtfal am]
Mr. Tnttle la si in ?ournalisl
in Berlin, who !
G irtnaaa, ssnii
i r< adahle Kni
? t ?ben that Mr. Caleb (
only I m blieb a critical stady of tl,? I ichborne
? r reference, no doubt, to tin? ex?
it the trial bj bM d
< ockhnra. V??u most know
my ti .?'it in ?the
S li true, I f. ?u ? ?sill lu? rea e the in itabilit?,
' eut judge. H<- hss never ceased to con
? ? ':.'??! i. Counsel aak**d,
? ? . . . ; ? ta r? ek, s? bethei
. imi!il com - ' ? t!?'.!i
: ?s caluun I B .hsxaa
. mly thai In- conld conceive a b an
iy much disturbed by them. He added
. bi? !i
1 ?? ?n.! of aland? ? .ii ? In? ii
: ?! !<? smile
i ital injury." Bo,
ing s*. ill bave mercy <>ii hi?
! the 1 :
? i?.
., no very me?
t? I, V
"i A i of Parliament. He is Dot to be
Hr. Be \.,v title of 1
J ' ?I ?-.' for I
, !, m?.?It a .: tin?
the Beuch, ton of
1 ? f ag
?? n? have
. with
It ,?
1 taken. To
1 '
. K,". Ali
? !.. ? ? .m
.... p?--.
bman s-, h?, i a? bei n ?? !
i pen? ! optni. o i f
epeopk ? lop if.
? ??f ?i talk
liah geucnl aad a friend, who said to
? 0? i.eial, it yoa ??lt.;i:|.!?.l to !?ul
ili-ii.'iiiiu" .mu weald kave a nvelattea ia
Madrid." ?? w.u. then," an th. reply, " I ikaold
J**" it?...,!,! be done, sat,
?A?;?s???k-lig,?Ujn?ttL(jJ,),?<..llg,lli|1J{ |U jtfMjbun?, n t
w ill only l?c ?lone when publie opinion !i:ta already
n.tidi bum -I ?t ; w Inch will not in* Jas! yet. 1 har?
B__tab__-iaht,aa4 the noil borribls part o4 it
BBS the B4 ell ciijuyiiient uf tin- "Waplo ?ii evt ?y . _BSS
la pars cruel tr, IttsajiassioB, gad the ?tara ] .?
sinn dhows Itself on the nrtitllrtttrrl Mrpsos which
strew a Spanish battkHeM.
Interest in tin* war brings a harrsBt ft? the ni wb
papers. Their circulation Jumps ap al one. Yht
BetaanrOj, which, spite <>f its polities is really an i v
???ll, nt newspaper, pub!tabes an Boeoontant- cer
tiih ate showing ?i daily swnp fur last week of
171, ?o,? i ? ?nes printed. Thai M praheblj an la
i ..t..IHK?orthereorart_s aeaal circaiatlon.
" im ic loin ' Brassa bu uriltnl loi honra b ith, ii
'. tin eu.foliaire BOU i.t (10.000 in Ms
?. Tin re ianew room fur ths atari (?i. et ol
sympathy. John Bull's parse is s long one, and lin*
? i ot At:u i u i'i beggars Booms to ir.
than dimlul th. o. w. s.
Mil I!|t- Will . i' MIN BO?BTO TO .*u.\ I UN ASH
win. no so Mr.iiiui -tub in A.'h von MUST
MTIDB i i:.?i i.,,.n m m-ni...?m,.tk DBBT ami
Ilie"M \ ?T ?it COBBI -i ''-m N ' ??I rill. raiBUBB.|
If? ?-!?,?".: ..*,. Al.-... May ti. "FIapp> i? ths land
Ihalaas no history,''says tbe prorertt. Alabais It
no! making history now arid ought therefore to bo
Bappy. S:ive lei tl.tt li? ul tiincH. inore .evenly It'll
in En- Cotton States tiinii in other Bgiiealtaral
Ina people ??-.' er. tying life a well rus
snybodv, and got along m mu i, a poaoeful ??h! an?
ofent-ful way that tirare is little concerning tbem
that calls specially i?>r ne?? paper diseossion. The
tworsoesan living m botter se orl than at sur
time since the wat, Ute white '.nee has pit ths
appi r band m tas govommenl and means to !?? i p It,
and tbe bavingno bops *'i srrer regai
tin- supremaey and toeing Ibal tl.? y an snbjei i.-tl to
nu -..it ?.i oppression, bave '?.ie, as a els _, r-ai is
i.tii;." i gsrd the proaent eondition *'f ?titan? as
natural and p nnaaent. In everything outside of
politics iii ? rights ol tin' blaeki are h well pro?
tected ss those oi tin* whitea. A negro can
sue a white maa ia the i mrts ??? 'h |ust at goods
prospect of getting Justice sa lie would hare were
In- ;.. prosecute .me of bis own color. In caae of per?
sonal abase of a negro by a white man, tira negro,
?tulii- ?(?i .e p ?tv. i likely to have the sympathy
oftheeoart. 'Iii- school fond is apportioned be?
tween the two races with rie; i impartiality. The
ting to sboul ._.i(?.?t(it? a year, it
ili?i i n- ii I to the ci.tie?, ?uni is ?n!?!,-'11" i he pro?
of the poll tax, ting (100,000 more,
rhen m each con mi' the Superintendent ol Common
Schools divides the fond among the township .
specif iugto -t table furnished him by
the State Buperinlmident, Just how muehtoaceni
i shall be disbursed for colored sehools and for white
i re normal _< i,-?,|? f,,r the education
'?',,i'um aud Hui '
porte'' i-.? :' ?i one f'T a bite '? ii
ce. The colored people have th" further ad
nol, tinit sastained bj -?
i ? at Talledegs : thai siso
grado i, E, the matter ol a,'.
tbe way oi the colored race. A negro's money is
bite man's, and ii he wan?? to
buy It not tii'' slightest tronbli?.
: with little
leads belonging to colored men, ami in the
? i In re anil there tu lu- f.,tuai in
tl.?- ownership of small plantations,
:? lit ally lie tic-'. ! "I th' '?' hit'
man in politics, bul practically he is not. Iii-? \ <>t?
t mints (ui a- ir.in I; a?; a \? bit? P?1 ' " n ? if it ?lue? toil
go to rc?*titbli_li negro rule, Suite or locsl. When
it would e'.' ?? t a return <>? t
iobm way ??t making it poarerloss, snd they ? 111 con?
trive i" 'I ' ? '.-fil, chapt. r. 'I'i ?
nor ir ' ' ?\ :l! ol the -a bit?
. r i united force. A?
to a division of the white rote, lam convinced tbal
ting control oi affair*-. Th? bin? k
vote must divido first In Angus! next there will be
:n Alabama for county officers, [lie
blacks and their white slli? i ?-rill have the offit
a few counties, bul they ??ill loae them, no matter
what their majorities may I.e. Nothing leas than s
i .ut ?.i. . out of ?il! t. muants of ? '
call. .': lie v, \'\ -.-.':? I . t' -? -.'. h.te ;- ople.
Boa will tb? bore the ne
inning un into the buudreda I
Tins qncstio I ? _*d of a pi ?mini nt Con
live Demo I i i o large intl
butnow un? oi active p litics. He replied that a
variety of methods would be resorted to tucli ?ih
indirect bribery, threa! ?1 il from employ?
ment, the ai :t ?i ol negro leaders on charges of theft,
and if all else failed, ami the rotes in tbe
i majority to the ta *ro candidates, then ?i
, ould be made by the elect
_? utleman, speaking with much great. I :
in ?s than i- -t".. ry amon Son! bel n poli!
condemned these means of destroying tbe effeel ol
the black vote, bat haul th;?t the etui of securing
troloi State and local government t?> the
intelligent white element wss so viral to tin
i... of the community thai n would be attained
hereafter by whatevei methods were neoeesa*** to
accomplish it. I have no doubt that be is correct.
Negro government, even with a tolerably Ian
mixture of nal ?ves ? lite men In
is an int.ih rabie ? ril. Politii : i?i? a* tl ' (forth may
abandon at once all calculations based upon
in the South. They \? .11 n< i ei I
see the blacks ?m top again in Southern j,
bites have found on! boa to control the negro
vote without Kii-KInx masquerades or bulldozing
cruelties, Bad without i pen violation oi federal !'*,
? ?.' wonld b_ fouls not to bcI
ob then kno s ledge.
The one "i.| nest ion in Southern politics is ihi? :
When the black vol c .-,-? to menace goodgov*
"t.v.ill the whites divide into two parties f
topic to-day Got. Ronsl m haul;
? posil ion to a-- '.
logotb? i question!will arise upon which the ahitos
will li lintel, and tbe stringency which
i.?,-,? l.ii da them 'n being relax? I
th? ? ?".'il naturally form two partiea Hor
?? ! ?'?lliliot ; ;? . . i
depends upon the course ??i the colored p
I hen ?i.i I ,
let the t'lini'-'h'.? of politics aloue. Maoyofl
. and many iEu'i \ ote
?it ??11. A! soon as lb? .?l..i-.- become convince.!
thai iii ic ? ' ? ':
theh ? ? s divlsi n sinon
I ? the (
,i,l they ?? .rating into two
: ? ludu
lily, and tried i"
? oing well. ( ?"
mules, cattle, In-i.-, fai tu i ...
furniture, and lived 1 be must
? . - * picked up s pre
. ai,?. i., i.? log by doii g odd
,\,u.. Man 1 obtain? ii
I,,,,,, ti.,- Go* 'to- ? i'"' ??' *\1 ?h uns sffairs IstiV i
. : The Bia1
i ?nteres! It ? ' '?*' ?'?li,!- Man.
lei rt, hm
?tb the
obligations - : f taxation is 75
...1 to
70cent.. Il ,- ab? ?:' tlie te* bj tbe lb ?
? ut wb?,, ; in power, bal ?E
lio i-,tete?! ?tl III,- ,' I.l tbO g -al ?itliiik
age m the ?? ihn i f pr*
to tin* people. E . . . bM betm latw
?i., briagexp? dm
,?t,wn to a*- io'.> :i figure ?i- p ra?ble, and as there
?ill he H" Legl la! ?le ti'_>|itln! liioi.ey Iltilll B y?
in,ini aax, November, the Governor bao as apporta
inly at e\|KTitiii'!itllig m lin- lin?'lion "f ?ci "'"V
t?. .'it-gnu! _? extent m tbe statute! will allow. Boast
iraSslglllllMI c.iii.c iiitu IL.?- Mali; lubl year- cbietly ,
j <?f ?sum!! fat it ta ii nu the IS ba i ??iortb.Wess?
, a'.?i Ibeta an ?idicat ? - "f a rorask largeria??a
? this rear, rhe in
the Northern p-rtioii of tli ?State, where the eoil is
adapt ?i n? general farming. L?ad o!<?i<!, ready
f..r the plow, can he bought m largeoramall U??eta
.-it s.ry loss- pins slid on ??'in* eredit,endi;nmi
granta, without the means to punbna nn ?n
f.isoi.iMe telina. In flie irn-it inn ?-r.il li.-ll of tin*
?-p.?? there begins to be m in set!i its-, an I then an
taxant ,. __t_a*_*d af <kapital ?thai a ill
? develop the Iran it?.iih? ?m a large aeale. Gav.
Houston's pictun of the eoaditios sf Alabans is s
bright . : Mm gonezal
I'u-.ii.'s, liepreaaiou affecting the whole eoautrv.
At opinion cm !? among ma ij ?Bepubli mist ?the
North that tho " white man's government-*? " i tab?
li bed in ?le> {tenth ar? ho-itile f?> the ?free school -i
tem pal In "p.r.ttioii bj the Republicans, oratl tat
toi ? ranch of it n pro vhln f tir the equal "MhM*Bt1ot?
"i the blacks, I am i ont laeed Ikal this ta sa errar?
It eertainlyie th fur m this Btete toea-esrned.
There ?la I |.I deal at apposition tefnenl.la,
but it don nal nrraossd from tbs intelligent and ln
:!in utial elasM , audit hssuol a-wted the policy af
the ?State <.ram it-. Intonsl m odaeatioa M
usare general and the i**ho-is are moi' mnaeroaa
ami ln-ttcr ratataiiied limn tbeywenundei ?theoo
iTill.i! Kadiea] sdministration, Tho nlraol tandis
?ijip?; tiidii il with scrupulous ezaetnn foi the liene
Bl i I Ike two nn??. I; ?tntght to he increased by
local taxation, bul tin eountin dnrlne to tel ? u
steps in t It i?. <liii??ii.?n. In the eitin ?md
?larga towns unmicipal setion pran-idn ?funds
i'.r maiutaiaiug graded sehaala fat abo-l
eight mouths in tla?- year. Ta abow bow
fairly the ralond people arc tentad la then plana,
I ssii! refer i?. Beb?a and Mtrntgotnery, in eaeh of
ss?.nii il;? two men an about wrnally divided in
liiiiul.'-i -. Iu s.-li?m there wen enrolled, at .bedate
of the last report, 41S white pnpUa and 110 colored
m?-. In M mlgouierythe averaca attenilaiice was
36-1 in the white nl.1?. and 378 In the eolored
?ohnoi-. ri.,'? a vieil to the ratend reh<Dola in
Scl??i I cm certify to tl;?-ir exnllenl i-oudittaa. la
the aouBtrythe white orhoom .cnenTdlysupe?
rior, owing to the 'I i1?? n'!.. every where cxpei ieiieed
m procuring a.1 teat bets ?"i the eolored children.
The stupid and ?absurd prejudio Bgaias! white men
...... omen I aching the iiegran Bill ?traotinun, ?nui
ti,i-i.e. are offen obligaI to employ colored men
who have themnlvn scarcelj mastered the ru.li
ii.i ?n ? ?>: . in. it ion. I ? Pt "i'.
oa a rule, onl ? Uireo or four months in tl?.- year.
P. S . ?.
? I ?,?- ||, i: ?! . flKC .'I A VI Alt.
K... ni ? i, i.-. .May 16.?The graduating exer
. laea ?f the ? lai of '77 of the i: . - ti r 11.?
|| ? '?', ?? ?I : ii I ?II till l'Tl-t ll.l|iti-'
? - ?ii:. ?i baa
. vor ii-on ?-??' ?. ted nn the Instltntl m. Al
???mil?' Eastern, Wi tern, and Southern -i..;??-. Bearly
?i: u? mi ? r.? ..f thi ?:.?-.? wen i
Uro ?n
I'lilSe!.?!!? ?! ??I ,1.1? ill?-, ? lilio.
. irtoui tin? - dming the i n u * , and thei ?
have be? eted s Ith ;t more than -?" bm n < I
?! !li ?
ll - 22 in? n.
'i in <"oi!,!?:?m ?-.. fthlayi
ll lid' r.-i. ami in ?
i i t? : ?i c? were ",' I on S
', Till a ? '
I mi ni 11 I by the I
! 11? ? ?
i an il ' l '
? ?n p.ii' i i-n.t and the H
, 11
P. 8. U n ?n, loi'? i
oildr? -
? i -i i? evening ?! -
pet h? lien?? I
? fi im ; lie i ?
m n? .,? ;_.?. m ol
i. I !? ?-i- t? 'in n.-.-? ?t an- ?. ? til ..It.
.N. It | .,! i, ?lilil?.
? 1.1,...:?.. i
:? Ul Ij
!. Rob? rt Mitchell M.u
:,. l o hi m the I i ? ?, II ?i i si .-?n. .*.? ?
V? !.. I 111
? i |. i -Adelberi .?.-??? r ? ot
I ? i
.d?? m . i.
"d ' j . ?p?'.?. ?Imi .-o. in I : ?V'l? '?"i ' N
1er Con Lake; 1!
: | ' '
? . t' u inch it? i. <>-i! .
; ... i ?i. ??
,! ! , ? I I i ? :
: -i. ITiionlel, ' i. I' nn.;
'!?.,"?! i. ? a lieu
I li-nry M u- ; Ai clu
baldl'l : ? ? - '
A Ini. ' made plan?
?m lb . ?i ?r?- ?iii-? .
: ,.?? : -
ni .Mio;i!-:iii. ?n? m v, ? ? - ?-, in mdiana,
: ? . i ? ?i. .n -I ?.-.- in '?; ?in.
is ill pi
i'i. lie ?. ?! in?! ? d h??
? ?I !? ?I .11? ill in? itl ol T? -It lanielil
I.SI ?c...-, ,'il'i 11- i il'' p. I I:: .10 !'! ..??..-??! ll) ??|e late I ?:
?: ?t in R .1. .?. Buck hin I. Pi
i . i. u?|
.n n. ? ?I. bul d i- ?uup ?-?? ! Dial . ??? l?r
.'.!!? ? ?Hill ?Sill lie ill i'd ?! .1 tUOetiUg Of th? li'iUril of
:?? u m i ....
JI'BIOB ixiiiiti il.iv-THK s\T...!ii <?::r> OBATIOBS?
PBI s? hi tS ? i HIS SAOS CH ?i'i"P.
Ithaca, N. V., May 17.?Junior Exhibition
..-alii liceii ce!, ?ral. ?t. ami ??nil 1 .:?? u?iia! il -a tfal
rcault. Junten are loud lo pram ol II? ?. ? ?...ai
. II .1 wi re a fallui -, it ?..? ael
due i" !? h "i ' a rgj on I The lit? i n | |kortion
of tit" , wai ai followa : I?. \v. ?
iin- ? ii?,.-?-! ??!".? ., . d ;?? ... c. Wakeky
e of K-n!? m Moil?? n Po?
etry;" Wataon Weed delivered mt oration oa "Q eek
? i ' ? ?. ? , ss.
P I'ii Ion on "Three Qrcai
in ?.ii? -o ?n ill-!.? i ;"
-c?n III
,.?' .; - ;.., '.
i a ll? ill-til t.?
II '
i . ' - mi- the r? malader of tee
8 ? ' ?. I ?ti.-:
'i lie I? ?. I" P. Um P i, of New
' '
Ii., 1 ?
, : i
' ? 'in ?Si
i ? rt
?. i ?.. I !.
I?- ill
n Palls
, "
Ideal m
. . ' - . .
? n - ?
me i i ? ' ? ? i
' ? ?i i: \i !..
II. ?i". 1 ' ; -. in ?in ?tlli.l is if lili ?,
T-r in An.
. ilia! .-.u- i . ? ,|| P.
? d -?-,?
. ?. ? ?
1'iK.ei i
!? ' ' 111.. ?I! I II
. ? ? ? er wa? ?til
itloil 11 i-k.-.l
in?, iir, . . i,? i?.- not?.
a .
HI I'I.ANS ASH H'KI'OSF.S .Vl,<>\<'.
its aims BO i w?ai nu*." MO. m, BS?-tacas
uta a nuoNB i -'?i? a ooi htixo-boi n
nOrtlBBS mu rit? Hi i: I V ill v. All 11-1- B
ABB i \ i i !?! n.
To the Welter t'f Thr Tri,une.
Sut : In the experience of ?toara permra, wl
like the writer, have fells?od IbeexklMtl ?
tlotl 11 A-,.|, ,,;,-,,; |i .._., f,.r .jn -u-.-.m,,
im.-a sarao -i i "i ,i m .? i,'. a is .',.-.i 1st ? ml t,, will
iiiiii-i, i ,?. i,-..,'.,. awalti 'i ii-it ui ths pri ? si ? sa a
'- pabllc ii... . ; ? ? ?. i I r ?
was to he u exeeptloaa! exhlMttoa. Bet, perhaps,
' a If] OBI . ? '"' BBS IB ".lei-'i t!u- ui I oti T ?v:?
elinti-V. giving I'lic- to tie-.?, atul the met ? ?e\.i
i'i ??" " . nee. staoa, with ?li raapeol h
BBaeratloo sf arUsts t.i .t i. ??.- .
um? f.,1 salts . |. ? ,. .
fr.?ii ? a,? .inn. on sBsUet we heard I
m. n fru?.i Parti ami Mnnl.-li. Tlij? ?,- r tv-y WON
ISWI r. Bad a ntSSOC ran tri ,! I tosas tit m v,
MTBStlBg vati.l: .. -.,.??? liitlli..nt frrnf"? on ,.!,! -I , ... .
a f. ? apeotea not (Bead an.? t n, say af tie
i ..i ilogaa
Tills It tb! I !'. ?ee.'iiil yearly Exhib? loa Ot
SettSetay, nn.i rtalalj It wat aal BareaeoaaMe to b.
tieit -?t c-?(.i "f its half e.-.ii'ii-y of sod t- n. a mm? ?,
of BBBOTS r*| .run.? tuan!.. -o?l B__g_M SO ISO Oil by
InstUuUtra. Vet ll Bad "??? oara ot I lent,even t., the m
bopofal ot rie laity, thai few ol ths srtisti ?u h sai w?
? Ufe. Moil ol them were m ire II
satin, tvolc m...- . or like ileeptag rol? moos, than 1.1
f,,r llvtag ii:,-. tame et then rastboi the o ?
tl ? 'i'i saos in in Werktag i,y soBSliterafele Uoaps
? ul ? ni.i.iii i.iio.in out, .m,i ,.:iu -i ? Boon reei
weal aa sawkiag in n leisurely fut ol wsj Hows
?in" one would tend ont a?.it tbe critic ta fei ?'? [it
of angry Bra running down the eohtnm <>* a i
inn for iii" raset pan ttr-rj bei ?.--.--?! tu attract
or to ii.iii up tbs laadsc i|te. There ?,-, i,,, i,, _?, Bloo
yewag la-aii- sad yoang hands; t_M later Si
t_o Academy, *.?i:?? ths F*ththtt_iiB ol the *'al
? '..lot s.., ????. for the pr?s, al y< tr, had rua le It plain tt
i!:i- sea life, ?f ll wort tu c sus si all, mnsi t -
out- ide.
H' i r- M,I II I.l v lil-.< I.l/I |>.
T!ie hopes IBflS in- I Ofllj in |..n t fulfil]
Host of the promis*- .'im.' nun bare appeared, ??
their worit git ? to the Exhibition aearlj all tin rala
has forthat port ? t of in go ?II? thai tal - nn a live I
Mia Art, ThlsiSBott.I'll im., to the nertl
tin new nu n as to the failure ?if tin* more I"
Biaoog He- .o id i.
.r i?. it '.???i i" -en ral i. I t.i lleve, tbal i
the m th tures in the pi ere tl
work ol ana who exhibit In the Academy tur ti,,- fit
tiiti". Totals statement,Mr. Wyatl Baton Is th oi
Important exception, lien Mlohlsmarh Usi ??
a very decided one, by a serious and interesting i,:, si
iq u the i. - uu
Bhlrlaw,. diun Weir, I. r, N i M j I, C_
\ " , and M r"bl
slmostall anknown t-' "ten York before ihl
?en. Mr, ".!,-. u,i,i had I bellevi ?i imall picture
i,, it y i in i bis " 177"i " ">ii . .
1 ..- t ?:,:. - rilal Bxb
and both Hum L ian?I Mr. Porter wen alsoumos
tri baton to the Pblladrlphia Art Gallery, but, aa
have ? ?al. all u_ tit Is an
our Ni Voi i ? ira. in ca?tico of Uio ? imon?
lot Art In Am ? with lively :
Mi ?: .'?u of all tl r.kuovi a, u
the f?t .. : ., . to .
I ' ' -, ?|ie II- ?'. ||
ershave beei ?-? ibly ! I Cm
tullir?, and the quality ol ; -,. ?, rork mot) ,, ; n i
? li ?.'?n. i
un ? tblngt i"
Italnd u.
privai ?gives -'"" lev: I
' Ion ? lia?,- be? n ?' r - ua.-lit not l
lu | , - 1 . -. ' '.|?
f.-lt ,,l t ,'. t. Os
il, n? Ul lea.
i li.l?t 'if .-?? - le*. .1
il tu mi l", . ? ! on, sod - '.
small t' " I - - ? ' - ?? ? -" .""
sad also s! I ir. I belie*,
all thai in- i. \? il i? lu liai
shown al| turu |wo havi I
I spoiled ston? ruttci
m jiiciy,. ;ii it ?u .u tn, it was not :.u lei
i ruin.?i - in m : . ? -. i to tin i. - a ? '."., tbal a p ? ? ?
Mr, .\. '. as to be tin r -. :
,,;;, ,1 ? u , ,: : ? I. el been ei
? ? ? ? ?:: Co nmltte
to send his work, snd he hoi complied. ISatwl I
? .... ..... ?; : au, tel ?va? not t., I,
found, and <m Inquiry II rai le__ned It had boeun
c ?tel. It wasl i i-. t.,
piece was a Y. u- Bui ao. the reason gli uwa*,-h,
there was no room 1 M inwltib . tti ?
i.i ,i, :? in the r-. u ? . i b the *'. ulplon
Boom, ? ? i 't. t.Os lens's s?tete I
u i'li room to spat I to
; tu. is ao appl -, ?.. ?
of trill
?lein) to aci "?-t. Mr. O'D
in-- ..f Mr. I. ? ' ?? ir. on.' of Un- n uittet
had room found for ll outside the Sculpture Boom, ml
- bo room found !"
Mr \. Hall?, asi How I
Uni? i u . ! tu ij u i we In ? ? ? n ' kn ... ledge, bu
our concern with the matter Is s purely selfish one ; w,
ml) of the wrong done to is members o
ii.imunity. Wo go to la? .eadeuij to we sad eojoi
whatlsbetas done bj the young moo of promit
he o;.' ' -treet, In the clubs
we are told they are to hat torn thlngih the Academy:
and then we Und thai tome small Jealousy or sill)
whimsy, am rl powei has deprived
pleasars to s reu ?i we h ul s rki?!.
a ?ni Nu tft! -I r--.li ?:: v TB! \ i D
Mr. Maynard' i as? Is more absurd, Mr. M
roBB| srtlsl who has b< en si i tnttn rp, aud
-?n!. ll lg Kl , l? fill two p
Ittoo, ?. r.'f ...in-, and ?? iTTti,"
this latter a soldier of our Bevolattonary time, rhe
??I77?i' wasaeeept? I and hang m a good place in the
Booth Boom. His Portrait of Mr. Evartt ??a.? rejected
n ci.im- a uiemberol the Banging Coma?tt? - did aol
ciin.?iilei- it ?i good l.i- a. -? : Ir i? ,.. ble th il
Mr. Brarts, though in- must nan- allowed the picture to
be teat, did aol I taself thtoh tr a ,.i lit 11 -. bot.
une,- seal la, bo neiabi t _i ths Baagtag Cosamltt?
n ii_iitiniij.it iii.it it- .?nit ut n ? m ; ,u ,. Their
business is 11 i- ptctun - tb ) are n I
opoat- ikesld i on a quesUoa ol like or nol Ukel Be?
ll i. -, if :iu? 1lera m i c ...n e allowed to enter tato |udg
meat, where shaU oae stop! Why, if s likeness to tbe
.i.i,i, . ? the so-cs .t-?i Portrait of Mr.
r Qodwh l Why admit tbe so-ealled Portrait of Mr.
Wall Whitman 1 WhJ sdmll ? : Portrait ol
force, each of them itaBdiag for somethlog rltat tn the
mtty, An I | .- . t.. n.- ti.il ths! '
m ?s.u. h in t' r Barnes in I.ht d are
sdmitli ? the. are good port! 'I""1'
knowing ia? , ?? k;1 ?w bun the
v,..rk t:?. ? bav? don? . pi n in i?.
ti.it it! ? '? ''??
M,-. i, we waated to see Mr. M : "r -1"'
Beeretai. nol is ? - i portrait, bul be? ??
of pal __Bg,_ad lite
?? i77ii" Ii Bot ps ? ?????-' krUtlc: il li
,. mm mpUM e and eonvenUonal if ws i? id b
!.I tot ,?,.!...??- ted I
,i ti.. ilk? .
,-t aUaded to ??e gel
|. .ai,., u ? nor p - i ?' i-taNj
UM ::: .- lailul.llal'l) b ul.
It would be ?
?lu- ll.m.'i
; . . lag Mr. I'um aeck'
Dudley Wi
?high up Is '
,t. hew? rei wlIUi . dr. r _? -
liardlj ? (Uii " ?' ? - - ' of s i
?., in_- it. however uas
ol Mr. ' hari. i I Id is.Bs 1 mi hi. b
?? hile in? i
Ui. .i.e | " ?;, ....': .-il it i?
put c< lance. Mr. Ji lian Weir's
? Btud "i sn Old! I Ishung
mat re il
'r.-tn it, i t! '
? ia the W? tl i:.i foi ?
i most iiu.'.'ti.itit v-urk Ishaagwhon oopletan
livertohe bua_c oad when i have m rala ea
! e, U e I UlptlU*
ti,,.r, . about a ttfoetn itatm
tii.it ikows laost ! the i su
of t!.BUB ' ? . Ilj BO -. ?cllt.tl.il* lea-,,a to
be gives for eaefa treataseal e_ sescpted wucfc. Vooas
..r those -, ii|.ii i- ii. it bob! i a-1 bars prsiern -l to hat.
in, work n ;? et* i la havlai H pal ? he? .t la
Mr. Wyatl I km, Mr. Low, Mr. Dbibb_h_. sal
Mr. Waul an- tin- only BBSS -SBBBg _M BOW
uicii -Im bar! bnu tuli l_-_-_d by the
?on ml?M ? . If ?re Sad faul: with ?he ti
Hum of UM ii?n r-, it i? !or ?mi- BWB a.ikc?, not for
noto ei Um ?ri'-t. Mea who ibew ti.?- aMUlyel
Jiih.m \%.-(.-. ?f MV. Witt, ?>r Ml M?ht, of *i I
Mr. A. Ganden, ?an aal tu be kart by 11?
im: BABOIBO ?".?sisiiiTk K.
I am i "? lot? aduig le i""- lal ? the reetlvn of ?
?I ' I n I 1 ? ?Ilipoil.? I of. All I ? ., I?. !: i
?hew* a wnog asateel rated. The BaingtegCO?bbI
engte always t<> rtmnsan tbatttB
pablle, n?! tor a party, aad Iba piii.it. i? aM all <?f
i?.:?!. 11.. ?ii? r m? t i:?? i th ?i
?dat a I.;-?'. ?.:-[:? tly ':: ..,11? pgg\
Of the ! nidi, i? mlciostcl ?n m lia? Ihcy ?n? ,', m.-.
every artist ss!,??- i.? aeer-ptod hn
m m i. ?mi?! Bren i? atwaya ? i
her of p. ? i?;? ?. in, an raen lut?,? t? ?l
r-Mtag s-. :.:ti tba yeaag mam pre ?Mag teas
ft ? In - -Aha' ?the ?a!. I- men an- ?,.,!?_?. Tii.-r?- i? nail?
i" "'t lo i ? ??? point? ?li? betv ??? n the In :
the ?-ms. ?.;? n
' i-.n-r? all th, aasn if Mr. Deveaai
bad no! bon snuaaarlj biBrtedeal of Mgkt, That
i? >?..iiiK (alaad by giving pnmlauantep
tho??? nf Mr. Thoaau Bl ka, of Mr. HaaS-igten, of 1
fllr.l ' ? .i, and <?f Mr. Alexamh r Ismrte.
i " i. ? i!? m ?? i,?teii!iitiii'i?is forward Ii ?? put then
thep lory, AnnraBlse thai putt neb piel
line ami !,?. i i.-liii-.M of Iniv. m ?l?, Mi!;?t au. Witt I
' .I'M? BBd Ulllier Ulf U? lilil?!. (?itlsUlCUOU
advei watti ?? a iinfltana lot the moth?
II i? lunch io lu- s?i?!i?.| that hii.-Ii .
? mid be ibarplj * Ml with, ???
n '!'.??? ?... . a.!i'i!!:i-!oio,| ??> tl \
iiiariiini brengbtltte rabmteatoa. AauBbwofyn
pletanswen ***weeted by t!?? An?era;
?Iheywoni.tlj w?*a?ea, aad oaaett the a?
save, ii.'i.i -ii..-, in- -?in 11 na .?.i ?tor bl ? .i?t.?n ?? teal
di i .'i locan ... bai the ?>:?? ?i takonout
worn ?i," ?-.' it, pi In a body, and op a? d ?
"f their on u in room? _cn. i?n?l? '..,.,-mil theai. 'l 'io m
year tie ??? artists WOK told that it ?they svonl?! ?mi In
? ? ? 10 tin- Ai ail??.y they STOB?I BO ft?I
treated, aad tba Acadearj kepi it? word. Ptetai
bj lbs ? ..n.. him?!?, ?get ?i ?good ?is the tejeet
the year u ? .?.-. wen knag on the ?Une and
St n-ni'-i'ii. ;..,?. ? | ?i? \, ,,r, lln- A, .?!,-ni .
kaaatranglcd tbe opposition,paraoea ;i almllarovai?
:? i i. .s-?????? outright, -uiiiiiiuiie otben,and i?> mtin
Mill aiaktmr adn?-aton t" the wall? a m re mockery
mu n p 'i ' met, foi example, bad nn
better bave h pt bis Algerian atadyat boras thaa
: ? ? t It to I - i:? iihttlon. The wa* la
l.i?ne here sa much aa ?a ? It la icoatempttble piece, a
?'n-ni n-1,n-,:?? i. in ion? the pebltc ia that Bttit?
ti.ji:?; and wholly and tai i
m '?? | ?: II ftediug n put baa r.
?r how far from luattbemea ore meted o
to the i ? m m? n rprbing t" ten I
.???an? m Inn? tic :n?. I\.-, an-a.? a l-odi- very ?n
? for 11.? promlneo.rhb h they eonaMer b
'?????II - '.Sen lo mi! ?:?!. I -. ?-? BUgry are Un? !i .
tin- townknowi bow, they paaaed a ret
council-table (u '.sas ?the umsiutradlctodatory] thai
fntun ;. m!,-, m trot t?> ?
ret of line. -
pr.dnii? i.?: \?. i?. ho.viy? r.'.-t lly ?at tbia ...li'i, it v
?peodUj reacludod. k it????!.!?.? ? .. nether i
? ?. u ?tin, i?i .i'i iii.;. p. ? ?, ion, "... . : ...- ilef un
In tl:?- a? ,?.!? ,,i? a the eve <?? ?
?? ;? ... re JiK> i? to n. i
?:? mu ?an?. *iti ? reply ?
U WOtlld It t be ni" Of than sill"?.? ? mi I!
??no ?i tin ? Ami. ?n ti -th, '"?iin ?I
Il -a? une off il s? ? ? f? md ? h tl m
not : nor Mr. S law, aor Mi
Wi ?r. n??:? Mr. Porter,Boi Mr. t.?-.v, nor Mr. Bill? I waa tl
,i::i!i thoui,-b< Bu? U f rr the place bul Mr. :??i,,i,
Dtdal i ? a- i , the ?
? '..??? ??"?:. ? It, il :i?d'..,|?. ?ii?, :
. ?? . ?.-. .... ad toll ? eh . ?
? ii1 Ini.ly ! The ?1.1 p?os, i
?aya thai
n : il?- ?: ? ..;?*i nt t- .?" sir?'!;-- ?mon * .?
t nn of tbe m? u s?!?i iin lo [?(???? i al ti
A. .?! ' '.? re ti- nothing IB.
?!?? c:. empl !?i the 11 in a. Se
? ? ? ICUill ??? .am ? 1 la
??' '
: Ur. J lobi "n. ??li. Loop, M
U, || ?I IT ..?.?! ?'
I oMDiitt? ? ?.i have ?..."i pla? Br ;.? rat? I
a lie nils with the ran
.i .?? u n.?:. ii ? .-, ti,
ttra. ?? ?i. m ? t
to Mr. 1 -I- : i'i "i .?:...' m m . tl ntie
than i ? ???'? : ?i t .?? ? . .?uiil n?! li isc it i
the pramtnonl place thai bat
Itr. Hick?'? preciou? picture? ibould nol ben be
, : Aad Mr. : ? - '- Pot U'C iptlve " - -nil u?
lia?. ? i i? - ar - ?
I ; ,,n .. bol diIJ ?ail "i'.? the ?. ?
,.?! what.? i? ?s tii n would be !
lili! It WOO) ! n?l I ? I ?T 1 ?
Ci;. . . - if it sse: -n ? '
,.- ? her out of tb ll
?r the ? nd that al - - with the rii
tldo to rinng: i f a rac.
?f patatera, ??i:?l wo ihall lois?- wme art
?hin eouatr. by ?and by. S ? ? \? .
bat i? happening,and twin ?t ?:,. ?ic-dei?l
? o it, and s?, I?on,? It, ami ?ir? , ! dill , t) WttVC ?
life ??. ?mm- :?, ?m tin Ian mW
? ..m?, into thin ?. Mi? no..-, i.? not made by tbem
i -.i ;,? a f, ?'. well meantes bnl ui t ??? ry .lligenl m. ?n
i? i-, who, - bave b ;ir;? I
-.? ?fki ll? .: I.!'.M ? ep I??
tide io.. i? agate and in.
imi ??a- ? i,.?i?y n? ii are Un y s?im n
.?-. md really rai. tu ?oui eil?, n la bj il* ???";.
Ing <?f tin ?r policy, which I? half ? i? ? n ? ?: f i n ?-. half re?e
llimary, tha? ro little i' dorn? bj the UwtitattoB t?
o?iii. ate the pabbe m Art or t?> lB?tenM II in the nbje? t
The Aeadcmj buy? o p:?tiiii?, bos no lectu
?rootaa i?, m> i ihibl?on (the i. I ?u ?.??- mu ?su
ciiterprtae <>f the Academy'? propoaliig), to abort <rn?
in iii way of eduntlng ord?
the pablle but bj boldlns Ita o_-*year.i .xfalMtton. Nu
-i.om - ha- tin- :..?! ???int. n ol debt i.?u lifted from IU
?den, bj tin- pui'ii?' intern) la aa BxbitilUon lu
which their <>ss n ?membeta play a vary ?Uulgrt?<-*?d ?part,
than ihej oelebrate tiu bappy event, aotbj buying a
pictnre for their gallery, or a -*tatae, or b* ?
lienfl.? oiilim lii.?'-:?!i?e il? f. hilf li.V lui. ill- teUM
^?o.mI ?lniiier ??ml rnaklag Br. Dnipit _n aeademl i ia.
Alll loll IBT*a BAKI ?-"i CI in? All I?.
Botelag M doae bj Ike preaeitt rulem ol U
t? -?neoungB laint,bul enry ihm- i? done to dla
u. i In u" ti: ?t pbu -
Ita wanl of anj vital Intcreel Ib Art f?i Artl take,
did so- all the luillii- III? Il ?r? a.? !" Lamp, tot IT-!! Tel ion.
t.j , and > ' It, it in t then, ??l?:i th? ?
,,,;u,. . !.?I l!l? .1 i ?li.lll-, ??J ?he
ih.n.in1? ?.i??', by the poaltive boaUlll
they are In at? d. 111
it tin m in ??ine '..??? that the* <l" Bol paint their
own pn-tiir?'-. an i that ahn they <t" tkey .?n lew? abat
,?,., Berti !T,-i ban to Um nMle ?nil?:? m ?.? of their
iii.i-l. t -' -I mU? ?. N" !
a chargt mid -- i?. ?red to i
s.,,;?, um iii.?? sslni bring It are in tbe dilemma thai
., n-i adratl i'? n? ? It In ord
??iii? to betas th? ??in? ?. Did It never occur to these
tu i,ni.-.i m?n ;. ?i m ? ovci lid M] ?'?? b chance
,. ]. ? . bul no ?i? are ?MI Un ii
?n? Lead mrklogoa i
OUt K ??'-,-?? ?-r, Il
. ?cut for the ml? "f p ?
? . ? beat p ? lures, bnl -?? I r? i u mer
? l! gel the ?
?u lin
i!?- rounder? of the ia?tltution,
ami then u"ss p
torea that rrould <?? it la
i ?n ?1 aim]
lutod in -a i "I faith, and wei ?
: hey ?knew bow to be, i not In
thoae day? ha??- r.-li-ln?! the tlcketins every ,
V. Ufa It I'?'!' ' ' '."? . 'he II?.'111!, .of ! '
.m this m-!.'io ?? too often ??.n- ?.?m* the
n m iin j.-.,;!? i? and the
tare ??'ii a c
?m? m .. pu- i -
aoeb thin n done In tbe I
. h pr??
? ?. ?i -- abo? a fatal de? le?atea.
I ,, iltlou? ?f gi : ?t ?sit!i?ilt tin if ?
ilwaya In dan -er ??r i? -
ai?l m ?? In their ??? in.r. and ol yletdlns
m?:? aad.n f" ti-?- teraptetioB i? i?- ?pepa?a?. Inateed
?,f ?ladlag m ear Icssamj .. ksj*aat ?f refago ?gatas!
iin t?dag int? ?u a u? i?-? nal.? api i i laArl
tlaatetedga ph*tSm by tba aanej -kej ?brteg, aad to
?,. ? . ttsaeeerdteg t?> tin- tooemn ihej rotlap- i?
;. Baeaateya "f tbM wattd, ??in. think
?? fSS-T Im-.TIl? " gaoS to e.tt," ami Ilia! Ar! ?ii-hl to tic
I cucouratut uti Uu* More of lie fvtiUi K? ullagtoBB BBS
the fui" ttny !?? ?r btlsBpswToi manufacture,?tu-,t_ad
Mgapaaalwarii sgilaii tie ? wigiaf tMBkiag
???ul in.iltrt...ii.,_r, mi far ns BBS Mi Ni PWWOT, a hl gier
lg, lln \. .eleriiv Illl4 cune il, ar to
ihaklag heads with tbe sbopfeeeplag ?inrit if t-arttate.
? mptedte? ichaagB It.? tl.it'ii?'fe.'?i c'-uuiliig
in.i- a -'""I.
Tbe opoalag day ?>f UM heedeeay i** n et r< anwy <>* Mm
haine km,i hm UM opeolng day "f the dn i
adlBDSm Aid, Jristit-in tli.'H?; tl,e t.ml- my I? every
cr nti'l loader lu.?Hui-, ?lt..I to |j< ttle'lSU
even taut" sad tome tempestuous, m lo sur picture
op. 'n - i tb. t'copiai. :- ever t" i n-t ? sud
i", tun ?c u-. ? th.i? shall ?
i ? . thai i
d. v.i noiBlei like Mr. Dnveaerk, tuen of neoennot nk,
Mi. Loa ?nil .lu.i..n B'elr, would bnv? ;
tan iint-.," "Medltatioas,** and "Old Krenrh
Women," if Hiera bad be?n no Bal?n or Academy t??
? .n t-. I Por, of what use arc they outside of tli?
? * Who would buy them 1 Why should say owe
i,a-, t.'icitit The] - ir.er, t?, intrreatlag and
i l . \? ho Ilia?le tt.i I'I, ?11, l lu tin I
. till! Of little ,l:.v |< lll|,.
mtslde World \? ?' H.- tu t" r I,. -
.. ild n ? look? -I it a? sil) , f ilium. ??,,u,
._? ?iiiieit is luttd open oar artista i>. t?,< ?,,m1?iu
' .-.114.
j. i: 11 -1 -" WOMB vu NUIM,
I tin n?t -li'.ik tiuw of Hie lica.l I.m inn,?, the
?e iluu?:e?. Ul? tlltaii'iolntntent?. tin- trrti -. ,-u . -nomo
? .n. :e,i. aflea real- tkeraeaaasi es, lbs Xefte
ol which a pleatUal crop i?. non and iprla**s up **it*i
reearrtaB BxMbUloa. i ?un iBIrikN .- on. ? ?,. the
eBect of these Eshlblttoas apou the work ol Ik
?1 -., :.ir:i?l i an nee, thin elf,, t is BtaBSSt .livra), ln
i,it:,,iir.. I bailar! the tendency will be more and more
for the . arm -t, IhoaebtfBI artists le ks ipsw y fiara IBs
i.\:: iii'iuii, t?, tiitiiont ??tiler ways of lettlag ti.eir werk
be ?. ' a.
The difficulty i.? that the ,rti?t'- weSS ont-i be ?con ,v
I lie pllhllt ?It tiot fur tl.e pulilli-'d BOBS, "l I.II.lv f.u ft,?-,
BltiSt'S B lie. " SI vont .Utile ill the lli.'ht of tli?- pnlila*
." mid MlekebiBgeloj ami ?ir, .-?? lbs fail - t
public criticism i? allowed to poor api n aa srUstrs ??..ri.,
bis work ten he deteriorate. lint, how t., ?_<?.?,,
this end 1 in oi.i Haras, la ittiy, aa artist's wwk was
????liltv:, in, -, ni el SB the ciuic'ii ?? ill-, ,,r the WsUsOl
the town hall, or on fountain or fe?ide In the publie
I tis lam.?inl yean Ike i-nopie bavo
nkiac ?i ??i.iti.- ? . uf it,,?,
Ar uu C u pel; fo a? -ii? roar hundred years the " l? ??
?Id " Of Mlcln lai.L-i-!-. Stood i:, tin-u|"-'. itr ,,f ll>.
--,11 t ui l- 'im-? i...-. Aulne?! are oulv two examp
il.i.? puiiln i. . .?.,- manya* fa
.- the pictnrea mil -tain? - of tb? world latos
? -u i al "all i i- ?, ? lore tin?-. -iiii-nu tit,?.
u i? true, 'ait out. of tin it- i. . ! ftc
I - ' i i, i , ??, .
ir a? in.- pi 'lures thai have been
i1 .a i list yeai Into .?!.? i
th. re tiiey inu.1 bin, in
utit'i" ..ml .!ait:: .tn.- ?ii\'a:.o?:'...?,. I: uinH I'- une of
?in- rat .-?t tbinici thai bapp. ri foi an artist to
i : i not it Uu i'i-?-? i i
il u.,, uf til ? ,,1, ..,!,. ,Tl
:' at I can m.
it -? mi t have yearl) sg '.? slats :
It l.lltlee oil A,If,:- tdone n.u I I ? ?thirl
it Is. 1". : - v. u tn rowers oeartj two th.i
? :... u -a'l.t mi over were
r .. ?'. Nu three nu ii are tau tl to tin : ?
:i" . a ! WO i llOtlt ? il plcton - No I -1' " DU
n bundre i pletun h i ? tin.
Tin-cui.nt to be a '!'?/? n lian. l.partlj that
ticulaud meutsl labor ami be divided,and as
? ' : -.,.,.: .... . :,. i -, .1
? ' . .1 -lu ? .*.' from I I'i
i". .a air itistcertain styles uf pulattuK,oi
? II ' le e- Ill ;rt. . i .
A'ftr-1 ark, I..., LA, 1 -
v.v : ?? ??, ? i? BOOB ru m* m*' u i it?.
Lerdo de T?fada, tbe fugitive I"rpsidcBt <
_ex,oo, Bas !.. <-a itaj lug at the a
. ill this 1 Ity. He ? "in ... BM
f. >it it'1 Hi-"* ot tbe iiut'-i, where raesl ol m? t me i? -pent
? il.., .1 ti l!_. ai ? .lie.
ICb "f hit 1 i :.l-' to '.'. ?1. ll
1 .-?!.. .'
their !.. is to all
.m Interpreter. Mr I .'lain
and ris. t in the mo ? en 10 sad 11 o*. I?
? ,l apon Mr. Lerdo roe. ally fur
?!:? pui ? .km*
. power m M< ? ????'. and I ? v
. im American filib i Ibrow
,,' Mexico, n '
. idor m front ol in? rn >m
i r., ,l
?ii.-a the rlaltwaa?
'. tin m to M President
* d. Mr. Lardo then loft the reportar
i Bt*_ti.... ?il that
ii.t-i.cii. mid and written a anl an ipi ati a by .Mr.
Lerdo t." the I
ii raid
Presiden! !?? ?'1" had read the report t
would ii"t interfere with Uu
ol Me rico anlest II ad t?io
[thai in1 WM to cede to A -i
- a paj tic al had aol it I anda
'!.- c .il,I uni .nier :nf.. I ent, for
" tlcan ?' .-i'i t
i ..tii.i'i ..t tb. 11 fui.. e powerful nation ??iticU
i a near neighbor. 1 a
-.,. re to t ure-tttut' 'l tbal Lei to i oui i nol i
? ? ? the , it'.',:> i| thai _??'??' r
i Mexicans alum-. The rumor that bewascoa*
r rring with abaadel filibusters lu Washington and(__?
.' i ui i.;, the ? ': ?t ho
? r in either plaee. " .Mt '.Lord..." ?n'imi, ,| the
i, ?? oonfidentty believes th ,: h ? a
Mazwo as Us i'i.-ul'nt." When askedboa loagatkaa
would probably elapse befo ? tbe reply wss
.-.:?? - . II ?:: 111..- ittOB. " It IS
uni) a uiattei of Unie," ?., d he,"ami ll .- u I u ces. iry
n to have _? *ieri i itattoned In fon I - 4
l?i ?..i-.- troop? to do it. Ifi \|- ? ?? '? ? . .. k lijr
1...? ?1 ,.;?:. . ?. i,. 1 i.:,..'.-. m ! -.? that tin prcM-nl wlinlnls
1 un?-- ?!! -t 1? t?i.m., i snd unlawful It waa only tue
..liter lia?- ll.?.I I?, i* Was iitu i.||?l.l:itl. tlalll III
? ? .,,?',...:! I
: ?,, 1 ? 11 ,-.? . f 1: ' . pro
? laimlus m set of < .uin ?
" 1 In's Inn iitiiui? aro
to Wall BU?ll bit trie la! m a ti-1 00 .?ul K. 1 - ill ultl, --, ", ii?) ill-S
.*!. vu u WorkiUg Hi hi? Hit- :- : lilil?
which time be trill bcalnct? return to Ids Ba.
iIvo country with a sufh.ii I f followers Ist ae?
- | Ijjlll to tl -.'- Ill- piali- lie
with liU people, and bets poslUvc thai the) ?. ii. i .-> out
?i,i mm i?. return."
??Mi I...?!.? ooimidcra his risil t" this country," Mi.
I_,iblo eoneludeJ, "a very pleuMiut tn?J Mu
id touch to .'-lit.ii.- aud bue been studying the
' ,.r uiiiu) ..f the Am neau In r
lishthemiuM xleoou bit rtrUirn. He kaol.ti
I- altiii?a!.'. ilnpi?.I with the ? i. and
? . i.-i.;. u .if womi n
I ?.. i m dt In th? i: let H\.-t
I iiecn vuited and much useful inforiuutlon luis
iii. t- il. Ile lia, ...- ? iu i" rtcd tin - - .'i n .u ? of
i-atil t.ai.-t ' ? ? ? Ba?
t?) ?i. no uew features m the mam. -r ol working m me?.
t- -|.< .t? i,, in i ., - t Us I tic- nal ?? i
,, il, do? ? aol think thai euou h tin I
fui Hit .-il m a i-.ni of doctors and la\\>? i - !.. re, and claims
? ... I Mi LIJXI a-'' t ir Mlp< li'tl lO
i this oountry."
Mr. Lerdo look* upon the p. i cabl ' ta,
I-.. ?!.-,: ., i ulltll i ? ..- - Hill I tag
. It?.rent ph isea of the ? ? ? lion he n ad
?. un uu'cii it er la
>l . , ' .... I.ill -eitle.: inch M
. ibal >u it i
oentb itlon
i ?IK DELAWABB vM? HI l>.-"N -I'll' DIfiiil
liu- ?nu nl Hi ?,rv It. Aiultt? ?. tin.
D?las re and
daj m ? ' :? i. .1 .,: i
Brown appi iriug for Un p
laid t a: ii ' '? ;
? .
.t?k- -I an adjooi am- nt.
' '
.? ? .
: '
? I
? -
Mi ' ? an ? xir-.i i -f
?in .ml ii.' . i|Uil ibis it?.lei
. IS I .?
? oil.
A BVFFLA-Tfl t ai \!. \M.'i:K
An old iiMii. ? i ?'.'? trade, i I
: . ? i
" l'._.ll : ? i
for I \'K,ut tv.,.
-.1, m : - ? . ... . . ,
- . . . :., -, let In ?
: i,ii?iiv? rk. ? sated en the eh u
ataaull ind battery. ..t. I - st. use vos
- ?-i? i.,ii -i ai - i t.. ko .'.t It
tii/itiice. YeatM l. , .nui 1UC..-UI- ? ,
taken to secure the rearrest oi button, pendi?, s ,;, u-r
uiinaUou - -?? al death.
Wife (who _UM In e.une .in amaU in paiati i -
** What do you tblok ot liita iketrh, dearr ll i
** Well, tas ill's?? nig ?f it Involved su kraaoh of the mm
i.ml coiiiiiiituilini nl. for it i? i.ii. ' tin- liki in ..-of ?a. (Un g
thai '? ot I..- .4.11 above ot tu the earth beneath, or la
IBs watess andel iu? __.i-u.'"

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