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feral ft. ; N?>. ;><'?? \\ c?! Tw? nl | I
tigbth-ave.; n?. ??'??? Tbird-ave., ? Forty
leventh-st.; No, ?J.'iHo 1 ?,.n ? .,? <-. IHarlora.l
1'mi Ann phi? No. 1 1 '? >?nili >i?.tl,-i,t.
\. ABBlNUTliN N ?. 1 'i??? l'-?t.
I ..?si? ?, No. 13 l'ail M ill. ***. W.
1'api- So. H Kite ?i? Is Ohi ' ntin.
Advartinmeuta and lubacriptio ?
pnhhaher's tu?, and ?ingle conin ol l;?ir !.
may ?l?*iii ? 1.btaiued at ail lue a
Jfci?'??i? rk Paila Sribs?
BATI UI'AV, MAY 19, 1877.
WITH SIT1*J.K..1I..\T.
TBK A til s ?His MORNING.
FoiiriON.?President Mrs Mahon ha
0ta IVenoh Legislature for on? month;
In- Cabinet baa been officially ?uiiiuinviil
axoitemeal ? ontinu? ? il 1'..; ?. i, :
has?- captured oatworka ??t Ardal?:ui, in Ai
.?.-K .? . .: tin ?" Ut ?ni ? lis >? '
DOMISTIC Tke N".s .oik ?Senat? -, s?. ! M:
Wood?i'a Apportionment bill, lb? Harlem :
Ground lull and ii'?- Teal B ?oh
My pan id Ike Texl Book bill, tli
Commiasion's si?nendment, and ?si
asan . veto of ? ?*? inn sppropri ;
bill. --=-? Tli? i; .vernos vetoed l
?- I ...
making a ?public aaiiouuceiaeul ???
Cuy am? B?BtTBBAB.?Exacting
Hgenea, ? ? ? i ? ?.?. meo, aad favotiti moi ?
weigln-iN s? i.- shown befan '?:?
OemminioB. - I went* ?.nr jmoi
si'l.Ticil fog the Sweeuj trial I
niurd. r?-i ?i Maximilian li- i
__=_- Abu-1 Kiin nl, tin deisulti
Water Begk ? i, .? i? eg lil oklj n.
-*? ? Gold. H>7, 1H7, 1 "? -... ?.- ?
legal-ii-mlc? dolls?!r ??i the el ???
gem-rally inartive, bat bigbar, <?!? - n?, irn "?dar.
Tin Wbathbb.?Tbibubs )???-.1 ?,?
di'Tiie -om? s? intt cooler weather, withai
of nil????? l?. Tin dim ?in.'t. -l yo.-l?
80? ; at midnight, 7*? .
Mr. Bpinola ?saya the Chart**i Coinmi
stiit'iiiliniTits ssiil ilisliuiH his. linn, l'his cou?
lnas thd '?.?'?lilil? Buspiotoii iii.it Mr. Sj
is a vagrant.
Gov. Robinson h.-.n made a ?.?-??.d impre?
sa tlie State ?by Ids Supply l?i!l ??tn. II?
n.'.?.In ?!??? p. n tint Impression byoo
gr.i.?lulls, .hi.I Kitding ?to i'? 8?
adjournment ?i nomination foi
of Public Works.
G??v. II,?mi.t,?n Ii.tk iipule a lir- i1- ol
the Si.utli ('?ii.'lii?i l.i (-?isiiiiii.
?I'lsiico ?>f tin- Mi| i.-iiic ?Court, In i
Judge \NiM;ii.i, has botm eloctod m
th? It? |iti!ili?.iiis coming to bi
the Kline linio, ?' ss.i? oi:|,d??l .?-'?.i'.
sli.'iil?l ji.iy nit? r? ht on its debts. ? .
tuoiiis'li loi "p? day,
Simili*?, lbs ex-slave, !..i? pri ?] ;?: il n
crisis apon AU ?rnt s ?i .??::? ral I lei i .
in?,' in Waahingion aa an ap* I
SB?M Li* san laj iii- hands i r il Mr.
Devcrss kis. ? Urn u of?kt,
bI.iis?- liiin foi l?i:.s im.? Bimms of ; il
?gfrVS hilll (?lie, Ml. l'liilii;..
t!,(> anas only bmm-s ao. It - i to .
dili-iiimu wnii om- born, anil t
Two lulls <?f Importan? i
Isasta ????(? ..!.iy, that ? .
Grniiinl Job?, and Mi
any ebaagc <?i s taxt-booh inl _*.*
f.?i lis?- o i- :nt? i it? adoption,
?sals to tin- luit! i measure
din?-?! in 1..I.I in tl.? day I?, tii
tlie lull BOW got - lo i!n '..?s. ,!,,n.
Haying fulfilled his ilmai Is appoint an
uitiu-ioi.s. i ?..lis. Cabinet in ?casi ; I
tn? <? Bssun
Lan iii.'i.i?! ? thi French l?.. .
Dioiilli. This am tl
uiiMiiiiii?;!? ss in ? imi, bj til? popula ". l!, It
pi?k4lu? log frtaal sgritatioy in /
ii'-|.iil?li?'.iii presa atronglj denouu?c4
d? nt'? ?oui?.. in trying t?, ..... .,. ,.
l'ailiniiiPiit, MacMakon muy ?.inl Ci,i ,
t-ik'ii t. atop ?Umding to disast??** and i ..
DaqaesUonubly yesterd
Ol tins "tic.ilc.l ???Hi'.'' Tin- Hcoiil ()| t|,(.
tli?nn?.meter ?it !?(i m the ?shade in?
di.iim!?- ftgarea foi tbe weltering b?
evciyb.nl> ltlt. Altboogbtbe vsn.d wsspartlj
il,, w? -t. ii br? ; li! Bot-lin* ?>r Um <*<??*?
log effect w Iii? li uauallj characterise! ? bre-ne
ih.it quarter. Tue sky ?u time? looked
iteuing, and t?tere settued to be a pruepecl
. shower; pel aps the disnppointmenl in
; : .'. u in the g? n' ral di? onti nl
the weather. Elaewhi re we give et.ni
; i.* thai Mu. 1?!, 17. ?i!i?l 18, 1**77,
li ?.i i.? i If ?t m or 10 ii'iiii ii;?'
-onding day! In Ihe past Uve years.
? iiii.i tbe man?
ne ?i'Ciit ?il Mr. (lins W. Fi."l?l, who ;i
' :? tiriency, backed l?y associ?t?? like Pel? r
i snd -forrii R. Jcirap. We assume thai
?i rigorous attack upon tit?- fou re
:.. - ii' the way ??i completing the
lit ,.:, .',,-1.,-; -?i.l.* nl ilte city. Tin' Weal Snl?
culs proved a success. If completed
?I side, III? If ?.in lie n?> (i.'iiln (?! it-*
.. .Mr. I'ii I?! has !':<?
1 til tu carry it through :
..,,!,-1, ?? ! , ?;.?-,:il ?m uncomfort
ii.-w in making! trip which oughl t<>
? ml leisurely Bocnniplislupd in twenty
liv hope be may.
A let! i:i anothei ? "!? mi from ? 11 iff i ?i -
ndenl draws ?i striking picture of the
? ni tli i ie ?!?> ? in Alabama, who are
? ?I si the schools and the courts, snd
? .-.??',' bi re '-?il nl ilte polls. Even
ID to be in i>" ? .lii-r.i of \ i.'?i-'i' c,
?u. diverted <>r Bullincd ;. 1 *<>
by .?II tli?* arts in which a race <>i
?i intelligence i* profteieut. On some
.?iti'.it" Hiii is in be regretted ; on others,
il i? Bot. But it t ! greal satisfac- !
'?? ?.now that the black man i ett a I ih
? i iil.lic tchools. Ut.-i ., time li?'
!i m to rot", snd bow t?> ????? thai
counted, and it will be worth both
lid i Diluting,
Ellis full? devcl ?ped his theory of ?!??
fi um' in the Third Avenue Bank eaae yester*
j day. m did nol cloie up Ihe bank on tli" !??
port in March, hi cause In- I
:.- be nble to merge several banks togrtii r
m tbe Gem rai Sa.
!.. . ti." n pending m th Legislature, i
when be found thai lie could no! do this. Dun
... & ? n. failed, ?in?! In* ?li?! not
n ?'? r fear "f a panic, Tin- Urs. step in
the pi ongh Mi. Ellis -? 1 ?? 1 nol n i
I !??'-. more than two month!, for the
adjourned May 22, l->7.>, and
I?iri.-.: -11 'in.?ii \ ?'... i tie l Jnl* 26. Then
Mi. Elli* riil nothing for more than two months
died n ill reeks in ir,- !? itimony.
And then ?nul this Mr. Ellis ?..;??. rery care
nothing .l?'tt.ii, jii-t is In- was
il i'i conceal ?t in Ida annual re?
lus It item the u nstw s of the
li iuk n ; iially iromp? 11? '1 biin to close it.
: ."i/, is ;ui ingenious one, 1 >11? en
? '? i.?t.- hora in the 1 hiril
Avenu? .iii ill tin other bank! lu? ve reason to '
il th? re had been a Snpei intendenl in
who ditln. always i-ike Iwo uiontiu to ,
l! the Democrats o? the Assembly sn
ii the I', mocrat! of nny bodj too a Idom '
re ? '. ? ?'? ii1 ike u, **': i ?loi W mdin'i \t,
..i bill, which has jusl pa ted tl
I.,- the aid of five ??mo ratic .''?-.
?-.ml give Oov. Robinson m opi*oi*iunitj to
hi ?t fairer !"i;l than usually ? ?
, ,i lit m appoitio m nt, ai ?1 -<? rail that,
??i ?! i)W? i! the oil ' r flay, the
A??' mblj ll'-i- I .ii a y of them,
. i.? it. Uj dem intl I mn !i, tin
I ' moernts \\ i'<! probablj lose th-i i on? _ion
I, null ? ' :.i\. Kobii
to thi.ii relio! with ? call f< r an extra
r?oii, they "will f? - - ?
iiti.i trould result from an ii i ? ?I i? pn -
ion in N? B Y.' h aud Brooklyn, and
iii'!', ' -r tan! b- arinj. on the
on o! th? ?u?'.: l.niti .1 Rtati ? Senator.
: ., partisan, bu! Mi,
?m has rc_llj unproved on tbe arerngc
; Tilt, i!ii?l l?t- given tin Democn j n much
:t tlie 1>: ni-'-i rats would bave
'?i- ii I? of the ' bamlter, if tht
? " If 1 ! ?n'l mal c
-i of their o_>p ?rtunity, tbey will
aiititiii r instanci oi thoii tradi.l ?ui I ..?11}.
It wat the Asa
;:t iri.'si importan! of the
I - ?-ii (In
sann day thai the ( I tin ? hnni
bill. It m r?"il ?i? i ha] pj reminder ol
the fi -' w-Yoil- Citj i? now foi the
rond to self-pov? i ?i
i,i. m. d painful cxpei?en?
muent by onteith re. The - i ond ol tl ?*?
amcndmtinta \sill B?rely pass ?:l?<>, and the
of ilii irreal work may I??* consid?
ered ;?- accompli -lu d Bnt, in t ei: rejo
over t ?i? good fortune, thi tax-payers and
should no! forget ' hal there is ?i
?ii ..I \. t in ?lo. The opp ?il ?ou i ? > th?
to PTOW unie Iii?!'-!- B! the
their acl I '?!" tioi Inert
voted for them (hi- ?
bal n was proper l1? allow them to
i?,, (., ihe uexl Legislatun ?"i more thorough
: intion, who m i. I? fount] nexl year \
? tin ;n. Tl !?
a!!. ("? the real doty of the year, l_..i? effort
be made, r*ttli*?i Ihi ?ugh ? me ; i
rough the Ilefu il ?ou
already in ? to secure the election ol
? ' bl? men pled fed to
iien! I he nexl Legi> I
I, thi ?mi ?d?nent, go to the pcopl?.
v, b? it bt no! i" be much doubl of
? ton fate. The people <i! the villages are nol
|?] i ly to p fuse tn the i_.e;it cities the
they already ? njoy, and
t-it.es, loaded down with debt and
? with tax-eaten, will make u bqld
foi in ' (Intl.
//',' tin'. I I N'./.'N li Hi.
: nor bas reto? ?I t!,?' ? Imnil at bill, |
aud tl 1 bor t?f the t* laion li m goi
ri i . ?t rea on which Gov. I?'
son ru_ij_ni foi bi! action ?. ?i bad one. H?
thai were there bo other argument!
bill thi-. single one would Im- auf
Ni -\-York ?lity i? nol fairly rep?
resented m iii?- Legislature ; while tli.it body
h !"'? t" apportion to the eity the num?
ber? tnd Ai m mblymen to ?\ hieb '
i- entitled, it It.is no right.
?awi it gulating our municipal
I if ?1 nol true, Unquertionablj
!" pass ths Apportionment
l.tll i*i m oordanee with the infu : Uoui uf the
? was ?i )-i?-?it outrage: bul because
. are has committed one a nui)., it is
ii"t therefore required to commit anothei by
declining !<> legUlatc on city matters. II the
.i good mm .it ought to in- approved,
though lio* metr?poli! may havs l?<?-it
Lnadi quab Ij n pn tented In the two houiH -
\iiti<!i passed it. It? diae_n_ng Um detail! t'.
mote r-cn-'itli- tlmii in Laying down
I general priaciplea, H.r pointa oui '
? v. ? il cm ion, iii?t:iiii?*.s in wliiil? th?* l'ill i?
Kclf-i*oiit!';nli?l<iiy, ???nu*? iini?ly oli-cnti', Bad at
I?.,-st ?if doubtful coii,-tiliiliiinalil.v ; B_d li?'
makes it dear thai o_r chancea of ever getting
a sensible ehaltet trota tlit* rustic tinken w-o
usually nndertake t<? mead our local goren
lin li! I'm us BIB r-litll il:?l* ill.
And th_! bring! ih !<? Um ?trongcsl oe%tyr*ytitm
nut only i" Uii! charter l>nt to Buy other iu
stiiiiii.nl framed nude, ?riinihur cii-umstB-tesa.
Gov. !.?>??in-.?in i? ai pain! i?? tliow, by mi
analyr? ui Um vote, tbal agr?ai majority ?'f M
the representative? of the dty distriet! vieil
again!, it ; it w i- tin1 production ??! eountr)
m? m,n is ttlui had im interests m tin* Btetrop
olis ?mil no knowledge uf it-- wants. " li is
"perfeeUy elm,-hei-fore,*1 i?yi b?. "that
" :! ? bill, whether good or Inn!, La foret il opon
"the people ol the city against theii will by
14tbe representatives oi Uie interior, wesl '".
" '?..I northern parts of the Btate, who know
? i,, i?? nffaiia. II' local *-? lf-governm? .'t
" i- untie tliiin ?m empty name, such legisla
" ,;.hould not 1"." Tin' obvions fallacy in
?i i- reasoning im in 111_- assumption thai the
? tuanymcnibcrareallyrepre-s.nl the wishes
m the ? ill/en?, especial.. Um I ? pnj i'
<,f tli?" districts v. | ... !i -ru?! them tu Al?
ie, ,? ; ?lull ilt'ln?' ll i? Uli?.lie tO inter frOIII In?'
v.?ic t?i,u t,,.- charier ii approv? d would 1?<
forced upon on unwilling people. Bui 111 * -
Governor i- quite ti 'lit in -?i? ne: thai ? ?>
I - - . ?atice '. id tbe pi incij le ol local
ov< 11".m nt. ( 'lu, it i ? are made aud un
iu.i'Ii' in this State by ou? polii ic-il puny quite
as much a, bj the other, nol for Um beuefll
cities to wl Ich they apply, bul for the
proli! i.i the part] in power. Nie Itepnblicana
-i.i> in I**:?? mid n it the ci.' ,.. William
M.Tweed, Bome ?>l them probablj for cash,
?i in,ii ?cal equival nt, 'Nie ? hiini
lius Chart, : v. i> p.- . .| parti] by the
i ? lu.; i -i |j i \ i ,?? t,, i
; . . -, , ?t paily ".v mi -'.<? to be
, bou! intending an i 'I
it 11, ? i.. : ' . . ? ' - ha
; , for p ?li il , -'? ?'- "'? ': ?
for :",."' other
'I hi', I ? !?, ;'i ' ,'iniil gOVI , !'li" ? ?t
**?. ?s i.-, ?i chantre in tit?- Coin.! I
'.? ?H CI III], ' III?' i
,?!'"::??. Cotintrj ling us t
i! The * ?"? i rn< i
the pre? - ' i\ in... ?
was begun, twenty j ? ??. "ovei _,\;>i?t>
- ? ?
"or n '
??pr?cipit?t.!'? |i n - . . . :i
" t j . i - - _ ? - " diriiil?
" , ,i, ..,?.'! .- - in.n ?t: fault. ? ?m
" bighca court lu ? held one branch ol New
'* Yo t .tv law utterly h
" m con ' rnctioii."1 .v t il n id? i I li
form "I I a lative i.? runny, w. hil - Lin , ?1
tiini t.' thi il ? ha ?mi ?i- f.l lift) poi c? nt,
tin municip il ?it 'c ii - i - ?! sis hundred
nl ! All '..-i'!' -I ui?(?:i ns by Im? k roiin
t! v members ?>.ho >? i;. no ? I a? -
and ca? ?? ii": ?ring s ??.'i b? i m ? '??' "-.
with tin ??'? bidi us ah ardil me ! New-York
i, - . : , i i
1 SOTHEB >'? ' / h OF IT IR.
Thi . 11 I . - i i i icnt?.
it?' bomb it dm ??? nl in
ii,e '?' ?( for .liirl t, I - - ? m ?tb? -
I. '1 V ..1 !.. l.i,
? || be -u Idei ly surpi d wh?
uutbe die news ol a real '?> il im a!
lust. Bui ,i Bion i an ?nl N
li. hi- of " ?-I, in COI
Ihei there, plaiui
. tardim - ol th? Hum an move
i.. still ] ? on
of Armenia and fredi tin ' ? . ? ? ? '. - - inoun
! :ill toril Ul ? : lit ..... :i!il
have soaki il tin low Wall i? ' : in
the V- ii.. i mai di? - (-1 the i '..
ha.?? nol given plsce to th. ?
mer dust Yet the | real Northern
muv ? downward and piles ilsell up along the
I?iiiiiiltf. Its hi " nnd almost tin
? ' un. i -i ..." theii m. tal dopi?vi .1 'I ur
of her 1 ' gunho it** : fr?
? i thi i:< -?Is ut the Knssian roi | nn
to. 'In " -? :\. , w bile cm 'eal ?
i:;;r tin isk. The pansage ol
vril] in*! li ? i"i m ? i .it. I) attei
l? ,,iu i be madi in force, to accompli
. :??l for t't it reason it \? ill prolmblj
! ?? i ?i -. ded bj - tveral feints. The ??
: hal it ??til take place - ? > 111 > *.. h n
lu-t" - ? u Sil ?.tria and Nil ? poli bul th?
v ?I] i,: kepi nn 1 il tin- i.i?! iniiiiii nt.
In A I he l?'u -??.tu ad ?? anee ii ft h Im i ii
delayed. Th? i ?i hi . more
lion \\ ??li it, ? am stttl al Bal uni, and
in 'u have been an a? I ion at A
i he untnre of which ??: from
1 be i t-i ??! ??-- I b? mti ha ? II
lierhnps i'?" -?I " m??> liiit beyond it ; and (!.:?
lei' ?*, ing, af! i taking r> - id m ut Im.'
to Dyndin (50 miles further, on the rood to
I i.i am,) ii"?? bi urns t" I?.' hov? i in** m tl
"i M ikh! .i I ' -ii i, force, in tin
Con ?tiering the - - o!
nn im :-'?'?. al su? !i i si h on, thi i
fuir i agfa ii d? t - nol
1 i"t the cani| rign. The
Turki 'i resist anee, as we have assorted from
'ii. I r. will lu
?i i!Is mi tin t isterti
- ' ' : o u ;..;, -
lit t It p|(l
i ?he is tin.'.' hei
upon i nrl -?'It n, and
of the
ravil lie host
tih : I each other, w?
. .
The nexl pha ? on.
THE J I ? |
Ii I'n aitli nt II ' - ' t !? disapi
? hagiined u, ?.
corned t-, New-York by the ?'.? cernen who
!...'il scats in i ,' h. .
- -; ' he li !,??.
iliged d? '
i , n. He ? hould have known b* i,, i
? ti" '? " ?-?" -'. ,? |,,
In,M with i? . nl t<. tbe ' elections.
He I ' warning ol M ,,,, ,.,
?n. m !,?- ?
i? .I ii:? i
t I -.It
? ? m,'.? thai it'ilu
enti l Dt im ' i."- In the i .
more '? "i? - ' b< iii-i !\ i ? Ui ??i i., ??: -,i ,,
to i:.n e by argument and a
. it in call im tiie Pre idenl oi in*i ii?-1. to
theii boil ? ?. m ? \ ? .
with liu! ?.'lin and maj? - ??
0* 'ci ?stic ?il lli. in B! .i el i -. : ..ul,}
m,i n iij.ni.e the nHirper. rhey fell ii to
l,<- n tlui.v t., m ithbold ?"' ; il !? ?| ail ... from
?i I'i.. Mi":i whom th..? bold tu lu... been
slectnd by fraud. They eould not conscion
tiousl] take |,nt in ?u,. i moi ti ition in honoi
??I - n ii a in m. They sal ,.,
(???tu??s und fidjiH-ni-y ns tln*y rinsstl ti*
tiinililcrs or copjicii'd on Un- SSS. M;iny
ilnin lafassd wrtm t<? ?*?? bits Um i-red t<? s
Ii 11,, |i,isk, ?nul bugs DS-obsn ?of ?tbem ?as
?ranuncring ?>ti l?l.ickwcll's ?Island stayed oati
i.sl.uid, ?nul ss.uilil not so mu? li ?is MMBS l<? tl
t-it y dariag 11 ? ? - l'H.sidini's visu,
1 tic nuit i v?.?? ol lliea?' psttioia ??iliPnt lie in
pega. ?1. I hsj setsfJ ?frota ii liiis'li asnas ?
doty, It sins puiiifiil, of ?-?uns?', to tlie ?PlfS
?lent. Il must li:iv?* li?-?ii. Boi ItaB-tkOOM Inn
??(iii.sid(i?'?l what ?i slunk th.- fine .-?tilings <
these ?_:< iitleiii? ii havs received in Ute electk
of a I'i <- i ?li-n I bj fraud, ?nut >l.Id DO? I?..s
..\]ii.t.d lo lu- ucleoiiiml 1?.\ Aid. i un n SB
Coiiin ili;n n ?nul that Clssa ??I -id? ?nun. I
ss.is ?.ut ?d deference i?k tiie foelinga ??I man
of ?IbsSS thai s|.??i,il iiisil.ilion-i ss? n- not _]
It mint to iliiiii to meet tii?' I'n-?.I?'id- ul ?m
of tli?- iuis.it?1 n.??plions riven him. It wa
tbougbl t?> be pradsal m?t t<? ?iron??' tba it
ili.iiuiioii ?d ?ms ??! lln-.ir ??f tin* sbls ??ll
tora sill.? bsrs ao rigo-ros-dy k?-;ii up tbe mor?
ion?- of lln* ?Tiiiiiiiiiniiy in their newspapers. I?
inviting them m un.in person wboss prw
. . was -<? offen ivc We <l" n??t ??oli
! ?.Id -.s?!p.thy from t!u" Presiden! un
?I? r these ?trying ?eiresmatances ; sad ye
we feel tli?! ?h.' able and conscientious p?
, i ,?.o ; ii ?,,,??-?? untiring efforts tbia .?"
n; i ?, -, .. broughl ?ilioiii ?m- dese? ring <?
s.i. ti..-ii p, dse. Ii ?Munnt be said <>l ?ill ?'
?tht: m?though ss?; ?regret ta obaerve thai it ha
been intimated <?i aomi?tbsl Ibey would im
i ?i drawing-ro. i? tbey slieuld see ???i?
Seventl of the lendi re in this noble movemen
n, ! ?ii years frequented drawing-rooms am
, n,-inl ?positions. Ii' tiny ?tuve ?given n?
nl i? ? i. is .mis i? ? n?.- they pu- ?on
vine? ?I tit ia :.I profil ?Il Otbei :> ISO
I'intioni. ?; -I :? il i, i ? t heir duty t ? tone n|
Llie m ?--? -, I?. ?Iii-? ii i .a 11 -? i- iluy li,ist- ?ion.
Ai im Presiden! li tyes, nv hardi] i-not
? in- can d > to d lids of t'n
?i repre ? iited ?..s tii?--.. re
.. ? , ? \ nil?. !?? do i t evci
i. the lecognition oi - s '.', ..? Alder
n,'-u mid '?n i ilemocratic :
?i?-1? ? .1 not < xi"-.'! s. i:c,.|?-t urn
the ful lire he ? bdt* Nev be c illi i
? ? | ? i ? . very ordinary con
. lace p opie ???? i"? ???"? ei rob bul oi
an election, _
PRl ???:?, \ i _ PAST, Flu's! , r, l ? f) TO BE,
The American |ieoplc i-? one ol the be i na?
tn..! i:i the "???; ;,,i, anil in uotl
i ' I'..-: ?n Llie Liml ivuj i?.
?I treats i: ex-1 .-.-:.lent?. \s bile in office, it
mil ? . . ? ? I ? ?. , lifts no)
. . -t lime of it. If Im is th( c3 ni sure oi
? O? i'i- IT | lli'll
'lo- ful] i I .? lii.-.i-'
I ?. i :. bo I ?li? in
. bul s\ i. ,: be is nuce out of it, il la
I? ? li* II. ' ? . , Tullid
' ?d liiiii. Gi*n. G mil has within ?i
few - ! le ??: -'n Tue ?f ,i p.-o
.? ?i ami '? ? - ?
. Ili ? ? | ? often :
hi i u arc renn
i. m I s ; .. ?.,?? [ved i ijoi .?r
the world.
? ? .! ,, ? . ? , ..i ... [|?m |?,,.;
?? filled ? ! il ,n
tlM 'ii.ip. It iti ?.??:! thai the
' i . h a f ting
.'i r: * . re? ?' t-.-. '? . ?. , . liii:.;,
? hieb s. lli In .1. ? al
', - - i ?' t- ? ? m?, ..." I
i '? d . ii ' un ,
poinl ? lich i-i ? .diuiui ration .????'?'?i
- old !? 'i? l'ai n ? will return miili
i] [| the u ij d Ai ?? loi -
~jve ?chief enn i I ?
sud i?. fi'ids*.! what it i.-? '.i.ni.i a-,..n .
m< "?!? i ?
't ii?. s i- it of i lie Presiden! lo the North has
' i3 .i?, -. , and i eopect
- i?.| him ba i to Wash
?mi? of !.i.? p] ice, in.liiitoly eucour
? ?
si ? ??is u;.,,.. .. ?j t?, sa*. t!i it the I
!';? ;?' ul li ? b come 1.* i?, the more thor
: | hi li?. i" ."? liked. W
In- p.? doubl .?.'',. ?
? ? ! no i tl .iii inju . the p.?:i
of ?his political opp
n u? l?u ??.-. that ii? i ? ?,i iki i all I
even, and 1 i he becomes ..?
dent ;iil the world a ill be his fi
A I resilient is in do ?dangei of i? in ; il? ? id .'. ;
an ex-Pr? - it must bavi ii m il
'" have no I ? i. !? left . it .? tb< gi-ni.li -
man who wants to ?be l*r< ?i I? ; t, and v. .'*..? -?pa?
nol .. . .i nominal ion ei cept !??? ? i nd
lont'somi . . <-i, who is
, like political tl
? a III.II! in?!,.... - l,, r?( i mi |,|
ii.?I i.? be voted for .i li;
; I . he s? ili soon be do loi ul for
the pl.tce, ??ml very likely h? ...|| uol Is men?
tioned for any other pliwe. It sumid !??- in
live if s?.- rould have n li ?' i>f .-11 the men
i? n d ?"?!..?I i?.i Ihe 1
I half ???..; ...t men! ? .? d md
uol ..i .-? .,?.. . '..hile the m< i<- l-nigh
? ?. i'he moral is that tbe I :- of ?i
I? n in -.,- age -lu? ild I? ?.,, inl in - is
nothing of theii predilts lions, t not be
? . to - ?' practical purpoa
"I :i
.i, sst.icli would have been ?r
eqnnl toan olectioo, bj being poshed preuia
_ _
??? ? : : i I \SD /'/?? II /' If '?' RP08B,
1 " i ore need . thropy??_n
i?- of ssh.it cm be
.; the method <d doing it. In the
should decide bow fai th? al? ?>f iutoxicunts
i, '? ?i ii ?n. s ire to lie sold,
who n.-- to !"? ' ..? r?n
tliii-i.. ?!, ,ii
?'.'.? ; ? I thai n??!? ?I- ill ink
? I, and therefo i Id be
i result oi
this uncouiproni -1 :?, ,,?!!?,
who pi nd ever]
. can i- .>. II?' itofore the inb i of
? have been in tl a bands of total
? in.il, ?unI too . '<o is? I ???nits,
??r, in Hi?- inct.'si m,.d, i ition,
' : :' | to labor ?o? tin' iiiiiiK'.iti,ui
I hi -??? n?i du the I'i? \ .-nt ?.?n of Trimr-,
which 'i.? i .si i?? u , ,| j,, thfg )ltv
j of Hi. Howard Crosby,
iloit it .'.in im fin? ?sup ?trcssion
? I I tli?- .nl.?, T-in.iit
"i H" to iipiii. The ?sil which
' ? ?I i? ?i <*i.s int. one ; ili?* method
which h s,, -, ted i- ?early
i ;'i- up < in? f which lln* Dalas ful
?rita m ?boles ?uni ?.unc?s doss in tin?
? Ineal alsMe. Onsmay asi tins withont
nn impiii..ti.?i, ol OTSrioofcing Hie ?viU likely
from the a da ander eitmnmstsnoes >?f
' ? t? ?.????til.iiily. l!ut flu?
lliii_,r in a low, duly ftthf*
r*lui|i until i ground Of in a Mini! alley ia ono
thing] ili.it of silling ilie khi ii" thing, ?it le.t,t
in n:iim-, in a eoinpiii.itivilv respectable, well
| ordered public bouM is quite another thing,
Tlie over-earnest temperance atan tsja* with
?ohm In-ill, lit.i li?" lim -*?'?< in? diff i'-iiti-; hot,
foi .til hi! iihiniii? .-?, there?!a great difference
I he aale of liquon in i!ii? city \s regulated
bi law. Then xt ben bo theory, save apon
tlie part of u sin.ill minority, thai i?<|u?>ik
should not !>?? sold al ?iii. Wlt.it is understood
by ilie word Prohibition La hew <?ni of the
question. It follow! thai the Lawi provided in
in li.ill of regulation ihould be aa rigidly ?n
forced eis po lihle ; and f-<? thii work, in part,
we understand thai the neu society will apply
itself. Nobody who thinks total abstinence
?nul prohibition the best is prevented from
working according to lus own light; bul Um
new movement ?nli-!s a ila? ?if aorken b o
have heretofore been refused participation in
the cause of public sobriety. It prooo
bring t<> justioe thoaa who violate the Laws.
li new legislation shall be needed it will have
something to sag ol Its character. Altogether,
we ??" ?? no reason v, hy iii?* society should not
accomplish ?. gre ?; .?"?'i ??t good.
There are till two taore weeks of Um exhibition
nl the National icadotnj uf Design; and the attond?
?ttt.e i.?su inucri larger than thai ei fermer years
that ths amount Beetled i" pay off Us
I !i""il.?.-ini| ?liill.ir?. (it ??eltt rein: Ding, ?it'.r tlie
treat reduction ttaulUng trots Um proceeds ??f
the Loan Exhibition, bas basa already r__ei**e3.
The Aesdenty is now ?rboUy aninctunbeted, fur Um
Ural time in many y. an, it net, lad. ad, In it? wbols
ourse uf existence. The ? stingnishnu nt of lu ?l?-l.t
addsal least $2,500 aanuallj to Its means | bat _?
?nil greater increase may be expected fron Um
awakened int?r?t! of the pul,lie in the developmeat
nf Ami m -in An. No previous exhibition bas shown
?'nn variad psrfonaaaee, inch evidanoe of earnest
eudearor, as tin? present,and bom !iis besa as
heartily patronised, li the artists will sdjui
reeiproeal grievances calmly, and la a- eonciliatotj?
Hpirit, and unite ?n the determination tu earn larger
! by loftier effort, they will lasare both their
..?-?tint tii.it of our native Art, At the
lau. I meeting, in fact, tbey properly begsn
rk by restoring the free classes, aud establish?
? profea ? -1 -- " ? ? j ? of anatomy. The que lions
?h'-'li iiHvo arisen coiiei t m:u Um comparative
;?"t Academiciaas and other exhibitors mast
. .1 I.-, the Academy itself | but it? atemben
. mind that, tbe higher standard they
: be greater is their obligation to exercise im
? UK lice. Erery lover ol art wiU sincerely re
-> bear of the academy, prasperity. Ii bas
r ache*tl thai point when II maj bob shape its _a
niedia! fatitr , bat not without forbearance^ liber
id unity ui aim.
ridan telegraphs i<? know if Indiaas who
u -lit stealing shall be treated in tbe same way
( aucaasiaas. Does he want ?
tin m i i the Lei inlstn*.' T
Mr. C. C. Harris, Chief Justice and Chan
. . Il, lan - ? .m . m lui n ?ii?e i.uni. il?:
Mi-. Jefferson, the young daughter of the
, .-?! ??i .1 in to H ? ? I SIjeoB, t lie ll"?. If
Mr. ?lui ? t ? m resisl gold and ail
. ,i offer f .-?_. and ex
ii i.-, r - ; ,i ieri land, Chicago, sad
. . ?
t ... Ilen?riclc! lets lost, say! a correspond?
rai oi ? -c -.tin?, in .i V?, -ti i ti irniil iiiine,
. ?. ander tbs aeeeaattj of MBdIag onto food
? ?'I Carp? .ii?t has ?it last broken
c.. th. an
. |. ?i;i;.i.-i . ?!. 'lin Iir-i btlJItllBga II ce?t
.?n.?. McCrary, Gen. Sherman, and other
?' -.. i,.,??,
Mr. W. 1?. it .tiitli ?n ?i
? -, and
.... f wild, u . i| ? ?
Cup! A. ?. Lee, late Private Secretary to Um
: . '
ae. H Ha ?n tils dit "f
in:.? al Frankfort
"! tin.
?i piquanl repoi i to the eff? d thai
illy read Mr. A. __
I traita ol ?*b n.t ol wbto! blthei lo he
Prof. \ \. Agnsshs will be the umpire for
t col
. . : rowed it 9. ? I
,i: .in . !.,- Il.ii ,.-.r,l ? _ . Y ," v. :?: ,1 .'. .i.-? " tin
? ? . -:,;. ; i '. - f? ? I n III id Of B BOB'
?-, . n "
?I. M the oomposei of the new opera,
?? i. ? Km in i, m- ?.' ?. about ?1 ? ' ' i exceed
? -.ii--i .itn! -.
I, ?uni
H ,i plantai di
, ? ...
M. Hyacinthe Loyson t?. living reiy quietly
.il !'.II '
> Il '. ?? '.I 'I l.el
s. Oku, J. Okadn, and 8. Hasegowa, the
? tran lias In Uns.-. -> i.
- >U| i| ? ? : .-f Une
? ?'. Mr.
in i,,.: i a matter oft
rliit i-,)i,? .i,- Madison ?.. llollister ??!' Idaho
lion ?>f l-ni.li.i n.. ?i 11?; II..U.I-ni IlOUie. .link, ii
ad ?-t- for i ; .. ? .i
- i ?- . i: rl.i-ii ??, ni t.,
- -
!:i 1-71. .iliniil ?
Dr. Howard C ? ?by, s ing in f?e Ckrittiaa
? York ? n.?
. foot-exitu
: Jervia sad walk
. v .ti m ii, l m,-, ?.ci,- counties, truer? ths
I from Port Jen
uni IIiiii,m ..i. ,r i ..
' -. I hy Hie bits
: : r cl. makSS, tintl
- '? . rata. _x| l . ,
? .uni h m>
ll_g ?uni M
II,. I 11.1 -.1 -
- iiio?h ne, si.,ici} .u nicht m
,11 1. Il 1,4
? . lu !U4
j.urncv a ? KBI .i- ?., 1! ...? i n. althler ni.m."
Mr. I?. D. Home aay! in hii b?w book that
bsoaeskasB sa aid ladj whs before d?alas lavanabl**
se it' .i i.' i ?<-if .i ?i small tabla sad eeauneBesd to Up it.
rin. table waa luppoasd t" itaad aa representative foe
tie- .(..nt ol bar dores and but band, Wbea tin- tipping
waa fairtj itartsd, hatorro atories bagas "Dear
- i,,. |. il li.i, I,, ,1..? I" Tlie l.lhle aoald axe
.ui.e.ill.e linilii'li.4 '? 111,ink .mu. ill .11 (Cille?. I
tiitni_iii I might, for I fell ?1 i?tr..ii_ ?!? lira t?' bare lab for
Ultimi " Al lltu.-s tlie I. ?I.M WS! In ll.e t.. ?.t.-.e.
itnti cune something in?? tin following; "Ah, l
tii.uciit 4,,, CharlesI t f*-?t oaeot ny ehUlseotalug oa,
?uni ti-ii is bad tea me whsa i bars atyshUla" "i
ii-MT," layi Mi. Borne, ?? knew sa mal --i ?? t bare tbs
lilt l.cl -??? II ?? -',. 1
it? luaiun , \: UU of tier lift ; ind
I ll ..i t.. 1 -.... it \?llli gtrOl c.iillli.ll III iiltetu,
ein im ? Int Unit tl, ' dear Cbarlea * ol tbe la
, :,,. ,;>.., i, in.1 .11 ?loua mu?.-ni o axeruoa
and m excited in ata."
Veggis, tit?- favorite barber of the Vtceroy
.1' 1 _. ?.t. i? dead it 1?ss -?nul nf this un,'" t uu i" 1 ?. n
litre le.it Im " II.ni til?! 1.? il lye," ?ml tin ni, ti lie leiirneil
III III .ll Ilie 111. liter ?Ul It Jo,.?, till- .<?!.?. .|,?e.i 1? Of tllU
restitution wan not slwayt plsasaah Oas staralagss
hs waa leavtas the tiearsgal shaashsn laataB oaU? i sbi
tolntii: HBtSf on tin? landtag of the at.ilr*." \ fts
Mopped, aad IBs ord_B was ao! rave i uu tbeV_***__?
hail ?.one out for hi? naiuil aMag IHStaSta SU-.
p..n.?irv-ry -aenM-f for is?.. **as*-a.aaST?-|Mla4Bi
?uhmits A! the end or unit time*, hi?rever th-Vi
, , - * i? ? roy
nBI to linn ??m- mor ?un., "You *?_*? K? rlirtit ti.,,,,? f
the future, after you Iikv* llld-iie?! y.mr w,,rk." s^*
htoamtartaag.lhamr, ?n?. beatas anta?asta
ti? nena "?' tala i?ii_. ?ud wr-ary ? ?.n ,,,.,?,i. ?,,_
t'-li s.,ii."?.i.l l?,??|l. ?'?|'|?. f.,,?, ,, j wm ,,,{??,?_.__
lain,,- Evil Bye. To prove Un? i ?r? ?i.,,,_?.,'^?
ss.d.'. la,.? .,?,,.,,mi -?rfietiy, i,,,,, j ',"'??
t.iim.n.1- wer? rn_.,t. Yon Imwlteheil . ' '* '""
even one of m.? inende? wh<? lia? eo?,?; .
i.,..liio?.l,.?l. If?,i||ov.rii,w, m, |
'" >"" ? ? ' ? ? in a:.l.i|i|.il?. ||, ?s ,. ,.,1,1 ,, _
".-Il'-r of lin- I iinoila c. |.|>. i K-i,d? ? midi
'"?' "' ?rea*,that thladial :....m warr.or ml_rbtin_?
geography. ' ?
Mr. Fiiul.rii'k Lelg-ftoB, titt ?S?Bg-hk-l
It'.'PhIi nrli?t. i. ?t n,an ?,f, harniliit. inanm-r In ?,,nT
ta to ?iiwiiya tataresMag, ?itn ?brUta-wt; "-Th?,?
?I? lii.'lit.'nl of i i,iii|,,?inn.ti?. tin- m?.?f genial ?fi ..'. lDa
lli?. fin... ?t ?f IrleaOS. fmt a t?r.'1 | -ilmAjoa,
[_Hs*Btn lu.? ii.'.cr an imWind wo.?! ??,.| fari,?,?,..
i rtet-tagaal ra-gto-teeited aad oBaaiflaa ?!-s?t!?i,. A,
??s !?,' i..i,| n, gjgnt sou on lin- il? ?
tii.it allv? ?
..m?!.- Um .?,'! i.!?,?:, t?, ,i Mi
il i,,? i? n,),;,, i.
te Saapsiai <-..--. Um band ?vMto br-tan i? _?,
sviTiaPii; iba ? i,i-i-i.i s- ?f ni.? ran Bra aad laatiuj.
ahont fi?c snattta?saMtoStoksaSj M aBtol B ? -t.???--?
?dngltagof -ul in?? awntani ? . ,,,,
-lal a,l .:,? ft
I" in Bl iiiii'.oin.-li! of tin- ??, ?| '?m,, *
?On ?ill tabjueta he talk? with
o; ? at. .. ilv? i ?Iin-' and letlu? ?I ? .
Ion ?r il? d, ira? wbico I? ?oi ,,',,?.
'.In- li|c|_ii ? a? ?onion .-i.!? ul ?
??:' ?' i?. One ' .m ., , ,B
t'rnukfoi-t, ?in.I|, ? ?r, ... p p, , ,i , , ,>r .?j
?loi III I'.nllic, luisa I..-.-I, |||. ,,?. I?!,! , ,!:,;,,:,| a, ,,f ?llra
in. li a.? Ar? .-? ,,i 1!, . ,,,?1 I., |? ,i H,. . ,
' lian?''- ' ? . - III tfl? * . ] ,r.
i." t? ""i ' i. , ion, ?t: ! m?-,i n. i..?.,.,;.
' '- everywhere, ??lln,,at ?Beniltriiitf r? va?! am.
km ?a,i ige; btit mor.- ilmn t ,., l(V
?coin pi nilied lui_,-ii'-t,-tmi i.mi irwith in? ? ,,
Of ?.. Ill?,?, 1- ? ? II, :,? , I f
which have n?i .... n dllnti-d n> rr-m?iatl-__ II? >??
iii??-..?an too.
?OTTAWA, On!., M.iy 1-..- |..,?ly Diittiiin will
ret?an to tos?n t,, m?.no?., from m ?: in al, aa t Loti Dj_,
feria next Liu ?u?, from p.
Tli?* Andy Johnson eoaipai isoa baa i>? ss gti ?-n
Dp i a l? j? . M |. li.
OM by on?' tin- roses faite. Tbe p?,??.?. ,,,),
mil no Ionen met n tempe <>f aeafcaasftad ?late?!??
hull.? ?II in? ?I of ?oi? ?.
(..?v. Cbsmberishi iadorses tin* I'"-i.l.nt'a
m poin -., ,nni ihi.-i la a aort at i ? *?? t. ? ? n ekl ?
nt? ?ii? ??id not | r?.| homy.
The .heated political tens ??N?-\s-.??i?. ? .* t
?nt h a atari at the f_lai ? ? un?
i? ?.?-iiti? italeaneB of that < ?u?i. .?';??. t ..:;ii !.?._ ?a
:in n w'.,,!, i tournai a moni? a? ad ol time.
So the I.'? 1'iiiili??m party lsa*i ???.ul sftet ?ill.
Tii ? ?..in.. I? '.mtleegitorwBe WindIthS ?
rt:iy? it ll.-l? id!? Iiecn ?' .?i." !?-?l. lot . Meo
will ?dothebnaloenfus u Thi? laagrat? ful .
Massachusetts i? delirioas with .???y over tho
?i.ljiiiiriuiii nt uiil? leag I'.u liiia.fiii : and
oss 11 cxiTnplaiy I.i-i'I-latiir? lia.i pa??'-?J llie l|:,nl :
:.? '?inn-ill, if .i weald ?i? y ? ?/.?? ???.tut Aitiauf
f. : "???ll
i'i'!i_ri?---siii;in Blackburn of Kentucky an
tl-.lllioos 1:110?. if it? ?I ( .,lelil? itc foi 8| ' "t- r lt.- ?? . ni
favor "f m.i ?ag Mr. ii,l?n Pim?tent t>s BUbaatortog,
an?! tlila i. ? ?i'i mm to be hia chief qualifl athm for tta
, n. The ii.ui.? :? of Lia tli * immlnnt
Mr. Ynengiing aaya thai as woaU give
?.'J? l.O. HI il h?- liil'ln'! |>!:iye?l lie*. III "in nar
e.unis al. ,-i'ii ??Viral hta1i-?l:ii-Ii ?soilM i-,-.i? a .-?.m1 .'.. _
If they hitiln't I?.?ii ??sinilloil ml?? in i??|n radI (la tta
M'.. Vl . ala? all ?? lliell i? ll.lllT' t?.
Tas Iowa sfj-sll is mbsiding. It ia ?ulmit
!?"i n??? t,y tin- anti-Haye? Rep ibllcani thai i ?> ?tiaaiat
Will he lll.l'to III Illl- Slate ??''!lS?!lti?!l lo 'I -.1. 1'ilM- llf
f In- l'r. ??i!, id's pottey, Tin- BBltoBI D I
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um* of th? ?iiiit.s <?f th?' new Beat-era pt**_--7
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prista her letter ta in Otertia teem: "J ' ?"*J
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