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Ml? AMI? ?ID?"' ? I ?."?', ?lut'."
I ?. v ?
??..ii-. -v ng."A*c.
?nu m. i. ? ?
Jn. ?M? ]
iv .. v .. . - nine.
N., ,. : ; i, 1,--? ,.:n ' ., ?
Jtt?ei lo -lop?uiicmcma.
Aneaaa ?a
Pi?...'? S Ml 711
)'...!.. a- ?? .. ? nina
?. ?: M - . ' ? . (?IP i -..mina
Bl'SIMtft? "..,!!. , -
J.? M M". . . . ? -1.
Ina u?) - ,, ? ;?h Ci lUlun.
Uki ? ? uinua.
! v i . ? no,
I II ? ??. : a |
f( . ?I I I I ' "I' I
Housi - ? ' itntnn.
Ipil ?K? l??. ! . i'a'.l.
i ?.". ,.i ,.? -? ? ai?.
?? .. ?
M ?UP? K AM? ?i -, l i Via-. ?,i- .'.',,??' 1 .'Min
X II-?-..- ' , Mi.'l.
HP-, ' '. I ??
' '?'11)111!
Mi sic il ti?. una.
.V ! s Pi pi I, . - nun.
1.1 -1 > -
? ......
, tl M V I" ?P ?.
SlU'll N
t l'a! ai ,
S. . ? v. . - . , | ,(.;. *m?i ullll 6th
.in??.:.. (I
. Cm "' - - .
ia ? I
T.? .. n ? . m
inrei -Nchkcc.
l'.l ??\: - - ! 1" ? 's,. !\ ! '?-.. M . v |. ?
t?. Mr.
p a
i',, i ??'.
to give I
? ...
l'Ail Y h.!'.'.' -i. V?..-.'. .?.-... -.'l?,,'.-s. **?]>. -..
s. a.-..\\ KFKI.T Tllll
? : - ' . , . Ml!...
lelius a,. ,;c.
Peteeme i
O-?-?* . 'a..:'..
fi s '.,' MO?.
t -. - ?
?11.'?88 l i
'1 HU? - i. 7. 1877.
lu:: n/ ?? //.-/s morni:
?Bon ?? ' ' ?
Tt?" In an li f the
boeooM ???
ha?? li.-.-n eonfencd on ?'i.?n!, .1 MaeMahon and
Coiint Lan?- b. \ , us ai tbe
ii- .1 "l tl..- n. ? (ire, . ! h,
t* ii.-_?r,:,? lia? e -
1 ' ? : i Mille ! m
ioefau) .1 va. aal eat Judge K. R. ( !orp nter.
- ^> a? n, (Pu.
BnUer-g letter. ?. bei
i'i'-. ii? destroy? ?I lift ami pro
Vom ? en cap
tared. i. _i ilobure m? >.
Bad orgai llieCa
ri lai upon appointing a ' . i foi the
K:? et 1 ?
be pootpoo
CtTl ? r ? p, ?,.r H.
S'.a.-,-n> va.;. . improtuised fo
fpnn the J im. - M. -
Arthur api.'I the oonh
?11? ?..?al. ? .'.rai |,iiiii?i.p.,-iit aaa.? dis
88 ? . ?'v the Board ?f Education, | ?
eial (_? nod of the 1 I opeu? A.
- "t~- Member? ??i i'i. !': . Beta Kappa Society dis
<ii?"1 !? nnotiiig culture. <;,.|,|,
1068g, lor,;,. !-.. . - . ; pal-tender
?i' U p ?i ? ... v. ?i,,i and
hnyli? r. c , ,.,i.
'I intWi ? 11 p. 1.'. : local olnscrvotiona indi
cai" early rain, followed ?>.? coo! and clearing
We;,fhcr 0d , I V . ?
tcnkiv, ')?' , ti'.' . n? .
Pertoxf tearing tumi fur the ? Sum?
mer travelers, can Im,, Tin |'m?i Ipumn;
voitied t-, m . postpaid, '? / .-. 1 ...a- month, the
address being changed as often at desired.
Mr. Gontding of the Wrectory an ' the Board
of Ltlii? ?ni,?n is mimicking the wuyaoi greater
iii*n, find bega ?i vindication. Tins is a eaae
of K'n'P'ii* p..?l, and Un* board ought to be
Five anieideg in two days atak? an nnnanal
and gkMMBj ahoeriag. It is worthy of note,
perhapo. that |hree of tbe five ea i -
of pt'tuiiiarv troubles which led t?> bard drink?
ing. Tin* eheap phrase abont "??n epidemic
"of biiit-iilt-*' trida fair t" luv, ?i i.i.i, reality,
From the on' ? | [a lia? shown no dit
ptisitii.ii t,. Klo. ivji.lc il?- Sue. Canal. 9
wisely eooeentnted bei strength where it will
do most good, and refrained from vexations
a<ts whieb ("iil.l not affect or promote inate
nally tin- general n-.sii!t ?,r the war. I
therefore, of being the object of British sns
pinon, Bveeia is eatitled to the respeel ,,l civ*
i!iz?(l Battons foi the Ubeealitf .she baa bo far
Rumors of coming war ?ire again current in
England, baaed iip.in the assumption that
Kns?i,t win be Completel] succe?Hful, v.
l?os?ihle for the alarmista to act logically, the?
?Bight ni i ?. .ni in Util expectation tin
promise of pennanenl peace. 11
innch England may dread Rus. ? remaey
in Ike I'M? tit, the will i,,.i link !,? i?
liojiti? -? .. 'I'd,, more .?< Dsil I? portion ?>!
hot people are conten? to leave ;<> pi
the burdensome task ?.: .? p lling
of I. ,,t Hindost?n.
A deplorabl? ; ngland, by
v?hn h L'??!? p. opb v?, n- plunged inn. ti,.
and inoi, than __0 livee were .'? . i. ? :. rmsthe
bun that nil structon ? of the
kin?! have limits oi strain which cannot be ex?
ec. ,li ?!?... ,. er. Th? bridge
doiil.t!'?, - . ?a, l? f.,1 ,,|,.M
but when . ; ed on ii i h? load
v?;u too great to: a uarron \??...I- ?i structure
?0 feet e .. ?| a? iUymi i .
npport ov. i ..a r feel de? p. Ii
will be fort ite n th.- Umi oi life does not
eip? ed i1?, (-.?uiiiat?-.
Th?. I a ?' ?nth of navi?
gation bow a losa ol fifty per en ol
upo-i th?- tolls !"i the sanie month ol bul
That tin? is "' partially due t., the rednc
tiofi ol toUl ? tba heavy falling off
in tonnage, .i? ' i,? the ti-.Mii? ?
anhenltted l>s ?ndito, Schuyk-i to il,?- Canal
Bnaid yeeterday. The predictiofl of the ad* '
v. catea ?.1 fnrthei led? tiont -.1 tolla last year,
as well as llii-, w.te th:?' the ndoettOfl woiihl j
atu-julat?' trade ami re?ult in ttn Incroa ? "1 .
revenue. The failure ?>f their predictions ?4
not n?".i??.?iiiv an Brannten! lor g return t??
higher toil-, bol the steady decline ??f the canal
?t s mus! bring about loon i or 1 n? t some
change in the methods pre gibed r>.v the ?on?
Btitution for the payaienl ??f innre-. ?? u the
canal ? I * " ? t and ?lie extlngnishmeBt <?. the
tltid itself, Bmal] ?i? tue ?I,in is?about <i?i
millions, without allowing for two millioui m
.1 il??' -?ii'ln.s revenui i have
??'.'.? ?:? 111 :?. paj the il !"iv-t. bib< Ii
I? - to idd anything ??? 111.? sinking fund.
Everj real it seems leaa 11L ? ? ? >- thai ti? canals
can pay their own debts, and the people of
? ? ? .1? ? M- n In ti.? r they v, ill pay
tit? ?n :.n the privilege "f having tin canaL
I*. ? ?: B. '-*???' ?i\ baa i i_dk ited Mi n puta
hon -? ?'-i"? ' ot .,11 the memb i of
tl ?>' ' ?'. nnutnj Ring. When the
? in 1871 he showed bo IrepidatioB
ounoily and braved do risks li'?" IM ?!.
He knea \ iv well thai the truth urns! eonie
out, i"!' be -: ma to have preserved too much
,;. himself i?> be unduly al
ii'.o n it, while n,' knew too well the char?
acter of the leaser members of the conspiracy
udgid too shrewdly their prolmble course
ni iction toimagim thai h? could itaynthome
He v ? ut al road quietly, and livod
ntleman in Paris while be uego
i'i i. : wMili th< ; losecntion for :i i ttle
n?.'i.i of I' and :i- be watched from
and ? ortable exile tbe tnbnla
of Tweed, tbe tr?ala and adventures,
to Im followed ni last by ?m flight of
ii ill, the min and disgrace of so
i. ':'. -i hi other old ?t."inten, he must
|M>u tii" igncity
!til him oui <>! ''t'.Mt compauy in I
?..; on. Aud now I?- comes back, not like the
. , i,: Ivei turara, .". ? upplianl for
mercy, but with bia head high in ah and
od ch ? ..i the
The onus of the perec? : ?] oseil
to J.;'\, i.? .. n ?', ?i i" him is pla? ???? upon bis
r; it ia tli < -tote of J ; - ? pen;
which pays the clnim ;?? the city, and the
,i . i.. in : the -( ttlemenl declares thai
?? involve no Caoroprom! ? "*.i the
? . . .. del'ei dan! and no 11
? fore Petei ?'>. Sw? <?"?
? ?I rehabilitation, and iu mak
nil the honora of war.
i ?i , ii- issue of tbe case ??ill be
? I. Rut we do not know apon
he ? ourse "i' tbe proseeul i??n
was ' ? ??* cannot jndge of 111 * - evi?
. ?n, or '?In- char recover
.- '.\ t soil it law whil
ii and kept all Ih il ho ?
? to! i?. eh. 'I '"? ?uci
i.>?? of ii:" people iii d?
? : ! the - r chief? ol the Rin I
? we bad a rigb! to !o '. '??
easy vi i i, bos case trora
liic lii-i was more ?i lai 11 il than :
of th? otb? A i ii may be al i
we -ii 'li h? ve n? reckon this as oue ?>i their
liK'.-i prod ical aclii i ? nts.
Mr. Benj win I'- Butler seems unable to fol?
low his own advice or io take lo- owa prt
uni. In lu? n cent 1? ttcr '?> " Mj I ?<
? i theremai kable analoi.
? -, ? he saci iii"'- "i I- nie ?nul tbe rt i
i itkiii from 111??? otlice of Uni S1 - M ni -
sil.il, .111 ItpOll Pi i.!" '* !:??( H'
my im?, i - than I. aac ?li.l win n
*? he lay npon ?lie nltaT und? r the
*? 1 nif? ol l.i? .?M' ? Abraham." Ii b -
a ut .Ms lee though 1'itlsin ?Ii?! ?li?
? i ii. and '* kick and squirm " nothv, ith
?.-. But 1 he I- in i containing it i ontain? d
? ? tl e loose ?i it- in- nt- ai i i
charges involving tl?? reputatioD of the Hon.
i Wayne MncVoagh in: political and pei onal
?. ; i: j. t?, m liit-li tIi.it gentleman t! ?ughl
! proper?though to s public which knew Butlei
und Iii- habits i! wn n< t nee? * . give a
Im, i and*po t'i ii ,1, ?nul. Mr. MacV? igb1 ?flense
toward Untier lay in i.i? having acted t ? i ?? > 11
the Commission appointed by the Presirl? ? I
1?, i;,V('-!i_i'I" ih;- ,i ?ii .? of I lie ii\.tl L'.-vi ln
mentc in Louisiana and effect a settlemeid
ictory to the p :.,?!? <>i the State, and in
having diivlwrged thai dutj successfully wit!?
great wisdom and discretion. The result was
no! pleasing t?> Mr, Butl? r, and be con?
eutly t??"k i?? abusing tbe Commis-don
?nul i ' i ?ring upon its ti? M. tin- coi nipl
practices and crooked methods without which he
believes ii impossible to accomplish any object
in politics. Being himself unable to conceive
bow any purpose good or ill can be ? il cted in
politics I. legitimate and boues! methods, lie
i-!: safe in charging that tl?" Commission had
n ?rted i" bribery, which offeiwe be claimed
re i!;?' anthorit* ol a Washington ruinoi
:._? upon Mr. M?t<-\'< tgh,
The ?pen-.tiion beii made and th
ition distinct and explicit?though ouly
common ruiuoi was alleged aa the autlio
Mr. MacV( i public denial in an open
letter. It was ven '"'?' *nd busin?
communicating the facl thai Mr. Butler*?
statements were liase aud cowardli faWhootle,
??ml that Butler knew them to be bo. If laen
t-ii"?- oi two in tbe lettei made Mr.
Butler's ears tingle, b? bad ? nly himself t?>
ih.nil? toi it. A gentleman whose charactci
had never M<;i im].;bed woidd hard!
to choose smooth words and courteous pi
in refuting the malicion? ol :i Idack
guard m.forions i,.i Dutruthftiliieaa and un
cleann? - Mr, M i \ t agh did i otl ing mon
than was demanded by tbe occasion, but be
did it so cleverlj that his .? ??. nLni was lefl .i
well, nndi r tl? -, ii Mr. Bnl -
1er ? op! I bav? i iii- own ad*
: i I'n!,m, "not to kick and squirm an]
:" lay upon il,.
i under tl i of hla fathei Abra
" l.,iii?." Bu! lin- trial was i?m? much for him.
'i i?? laugh waa - ? d? ? id til ? ag dual him gg
the nel result of the lalsired piece oi satin
to " My l>? .n Lnl.iii." ?m u hieb l??
l,.?p? (I to have tbe laugh with him, thai be
quite unhappy, So, I - taken -ml?
. time foi tin pn p :i,,i?. ,,| his amaer
nal letters had almost pi?-, ?I on!
of tli?- public mind, be bat appeared m priai
.: with ?i long and elab?rate communica
in reply.
Mr. Butler1! habit? are ?<> well known thai
? n bardl) need be -??M tlint tbe Intervening
time Im- been diligently occupied in over
Dg Mr. Mi > v- ? agh'a personal history and
antecedentg tot i. teriah from which to pre?
pare an answer. Tbe dlseoveriea thus made
are tbrowB ii't" tli?' lettei in Mr. Bntler'a
usual manner. I pon d?????: examipation
we lad tlit'iii to be, Brat, thai it Mr.
MacVeagfa served m tin war, Mi. Butlei ?1?>. ?
aot remember the Dumber of hie regiaieaiti
m ???ml, that, as Chairman of tin- Republican
Blata Loiinniit? ?? ??I Pennsylvania, he havited
.Mi. lMiii-i i*? L'i?lu- gpaaehea la tli?' Btateaftai
the latter hail bccii chaif? tl with " itfltllf
'" sp,?on?," ?*;?)?.; third, that "it i.i rumored"
!h;il he expects a diplomatic appoinlini-nt ; and
fonrtb, that he marri?-?! in!?? a wealthy family,
and,as Oen, Butler is bound to believe, "for
" money." These are the R<t?enmnlatio-i of
Mr. Butler*, 'i. n ?tisis, and ol' them thai ?nu?
la-i,Y politician makee the largeal and langeai
possible ase. Mr, MaeVeagh la t?> ? !?? coagrat?
nlated opon having a record bon which
his assailant coold gather ?'? lit'!.' ma?
terial for ? mad-tbrowing controversy.
The letter la long and tedious and of
?. m-., ?n!! ,,f pettifoggery ?nul l.k.k
rdiam. It waa Intended to impresa the pub?
lic with an Idea of the irriten*. Memartnees.*1
1; ..n!.. uicceeds in disclosing bow den*ply be
wasstong by Mr. MacVeaah's letter and it? i?
eeptioB by the publie. It would bave beea
ever ao much better for Mr. Butler "no. i<?
, ?in?! ?'|iiirni ?my inoic than Isaac did."
lint be 1? aros do rly, n at all. Learns bo
?'???Is that I.?' did !i"l Stop to think thai Mr.
MaeVeagb might he disposed to write a ?'.".nil
lettei !? ". i'< b a :. n lt. ?Hai it is printed
elsewhere. Gen. Bullci waited a week to
accumulate ,t blow) Mi. MarVe-gfa strikee
back the moment b? is struck, ?and _noc_s
the breatfa ?>ut of Butler-?, body. Mr. Ilac
Veagb bas bad the lasl word, sod is likelj to
1 m. |', rbaps (his time <? n. Butler will
: know thai be bas been thru th? d.
OS ..//-; has . be.
The Ppring rise ol the Dann be, <?? i isioned
by ihi- mi Itine of mow on the long ranges of
t!:-- .\?m? and ? au i'.'m.i' -, i? subsiding. H i
has a t'"i?'e "!' 32 l.tXKl men, ? on? entr?t? ?I .".t
?nil points on the northern ''?ink, ??. .? G iluta
i" Y. ilafat, three <?i t!i' m ?o the Turk?
ish ttrougboldn of Rustchuk, Kikopolis, ?uni
Va'i'l'lii. ; ?un? ?'ir, no attempl is made t.> cross
the river, 'i 'he politicians, as -?,-!i ?:.? the pub?
lic, m Europe, appear to be growing impntienl
of ill.- suspense, "ml th.- cable i? ?ip.miii.iii-: to
i u . ; ', tl.1 of contradictor} i rtmors.
'!'!?. health of the Ru ?; in ermv i*? bad, we are
' told : thi i? is ment "? the ti tops i? in am irsj
' i!,,- i;?:i,al Duke Nicholas does nol a-.*,,?' vsitli
' hi ! ,-! Stall , ?n 'i. finally, H is ria expects
Ucll ill \l ':..!'.I ?PS SS il! P-.:l,|.i !
i ppt bei a . .I lion? ,,!' peace.
it th? m ?? time, it turna out thai the
i:.: . ;.';?;."-< '., I \ Igg? I it? 'i tbell ?__?
- in A ?i m in lip- hope of m ' id
: , -..i . mon t< tit ?? loi m " The
.-?, ;; ,;, !;.\ <? ?? , i I i 111) -!.l?'!< ?,?
? : lui?, ron -i. m ?un! snow
cov? red I to i th? ir
? advance will be slow, end their communica?
tions will i ?-ni i it micertain ?o Itmg as Kan
and I! ?'?un hold o ; linsl them. Ii nwy be
,i moil '. vet, oi ? . n two month?, liefore i!i?'
I. - ?on of Armenia i -. wnr? d. M? anwhih?,
?g tbe gi :' -i"'' n ?w m Rotun n ;a to sil
quietly in i -. ?:."' lei fe\er do
oi of ba flf this s?, re tbe ?< lual
of ] e-tl ird ol tin- force would
- : . L*d. As '?'! tbi financial difficulty,
|y more i?. fl hl ??'.Mi ?'? --it s.ill,
? p-?hing more demoializi ig '?< au
? . 1 tier.
i _. Al? indi i' 1!. irrived ai
Ploi? -' . a few bom ' i
:<<? baa probahr* airead.?. In
?! ' imps bel.n Buch treat and
? ig Im . main arm] ? f
od we n ? be rare that tho
attempl will be made to cwsi tbe river jnst
i? an ordinaril* favornlile
tices. A- i ?? Tul !. h
huh amount to but 2 ,'?''' in? n,
for the Rn lui luk ! o, "?
. thi e, ?i ?:
points. '1 be ! lib r are bj thi I mc c??i tainly
!? ti, effect a passage, p . : -i , ? ? v are
.1 il tO folio? Dp til? lO'i i-altii! Sv i?!| t!?.
lier: ? ? |-, lo ?.'-'-p a i-!:.i;,.,i ! i)|u Ii '"i
tid comninuicutions. The ?>" leasion
of one stronir point m ill enable them ?<> opoi .!??
in the rear "I all the others. In rj.it? of the
ll? ftu'ti .? o. . a! I. ition Of 'II'' 'I 111 :
t th? ?. and
1 ' I h cluince to fight trill s.,.
soon be ?den ! to I hem.
AI ?' NA F I- 7 H r ? .
Secretary Thompsou ban aouie inland pr?-j;i
diecs, and i. does d??' ?ein to be altogether
i ed ss itli the r? ? en cruise of the United
- man-of-wni Vui t United >
man-of-war usuall? run tgi ind somewhere,
m hauls up for repairs, "' is driven hj . ?
of -s :? ii her into h ?i'!:, re?? 'i?? irt? i ?>f I be
from tbe ou? for wbi? ii the
... -??!-. I;.: the V.l. .?? sail? '1 I rom
Africa for Norfolk, and m Norfolk harbor
dropped an bor a few d
and yel the.Secretar] ? unhappy, jusl bt?*causc
sbe mi ?? i'i-' '! her armameul in Capetown
?in p : i! ? of a ? t
the Atlantic. I* doe* nol Bppe u that tbe
armameul la !"?.' oi in dang? r, nd it i- ,
ou on il - s-,,i, horn , a? -i,,,, ??, ?**ht, ou
- ; ! in?-toed Dutch hi ig, uni fully
? d. Bui tbe Beeret rj holds, with
: -?ti ol'-ipiacv, thai it i? imp nubil to
?pu;?' the !:i.!i.?t efficiency i?i bis brunch of
th. nicas his sti un? i , ai a i ul?,
cai ry then
Couiuiautlei Whitehead agre? in general
vs itli the Sei n tafy, and admits that on
several occasions during tbe bite war it
s?,, ? fonnd thai an armani? ul wm i v, ry
pan .i i hip- ". But i
protests th it the Y intic l? id b sen recentl.
repaired and was therefore u . -.-, m ?h-,, ntM]
thai if be bad not lei tal on the coast
oi Africa i??' won! I l? ?s. ipclled to
heai > -.mm, w hen i!i<- fii ?i ?ti;l : : . .
struck his craft, lu ordei to keep bei from
und? i tin ?ii.Mu. Comin ind? r
Whitehead fort position '.. | ?
that the . antic's sh< athing s .,? M .,,,_
i.i? l, and ev n s .'.?..!)? knows thai a wrin
.. d ?!,. athing i? an Infallible sign of
a oi m.? ami approaching d , man
of-war, The bewildered refore
?.?ni? a commission"" I
' hich is t VPl V till?- _? !, |l. ?i
I.. n'l i- ? a -mi v. ,, .1 -ii,., the i!, ? i ;.iii ut the
Electoral Tribunal. It Bpp? tirs from the r? cords
: "i tbe Department that Mr. Roboson's experts
have been cruising around in the wake of the
Vantic for ?ix ?t eight years , ?.
?m.I ,'ivpi^ her i .'""il old turvej whenever
..t her ?it anehoi anj where, and be
OBI " ?.'.:.!; tt<! Ii? i. ,! ;,, i,, ijja
surveyed thai ihe la evidentlj suffering fw it
bob .
The dispatches nay th it "in naval circles^
there Is considerable comment mi the ^.11 ? t i ?
lnr commander, her surveyors, ?uni h'i re?
pairers, which is quite natural. The mwiflc
nature of thia eommeat is eoneealed Iron
tin- (iiiiifal pnlilii, l?nt it " niiil?t-rn very
little difterenee t<? tbe pubUc or t??
Mi. Tbompaon. 'Ihe s???fr?taiy*% duty is
pretty clear. He wants '<> keep on rarveying
until be i?*' is acqnaintod sand i,,, umtj, h,.
svill find u vciv ns-iiili I?, lui.- h.- gets through
Ining S.cK tapv, i?, know vvhttln i In? \,-??|?
.we btauvh cii(_.u?'li to cany aiuli beav) u\?
ferial se giiiii BBd machinery witbonl breaking
in two, and whether their conini.itidcrf? can l?o
trusted t<) pasa judgment on their seaworthi?
of com??', Mis. Lydia Sherman, who lately
escape?! ln?m ihe ?'(?in? ? 'ieiit BtBtS Prison, is
??alle?! a Liier? ziit Borgia ??r a Brim illn r? in
tin- new -paper?. If -h?- poisoned three hua?
bandg ami aavea chfldren, aa aha is said t*?
hive ?Ittm-, him is ?*? -Mainly eBtitl?d to a place
ia lha aalaloftiMi of eminent elim?nala of her
,-nit. Mis. Sin rinSB, eotivieti ?I ol MM "I the ??
many otli-:im.s was in the pi i sop for life; ?mil
-he ?xlliliiteil thi ?e a piof.llliil (!!!, ;i'i";. II, I
tii-t i?soiii,tt graa t?? assume the character <?f
a t'ontii un il invalid, and this par! the baa
played aritk aatoniahing -Kill. Katnrallj a lair
woman, -he becaaag aa dark aa aa Indian. It
is bow dlacovered thai si,,- bad sac rated in ber
eel! yellow anyone, srith wRich s'?e stained ber
rounteoance. In bomm way the contrived to
have ficpieiit tainting lit-, win n she dp! ,
;?? if aboMt to die. She contrived to make ?t
little money i?y the aaanufactura and -a!?' of
fancy articles, and thig iba was verj hnprop
erlj all?_wed to retain by ''" ?Matron, from
whom, it is -aid, -In- glso si?.]?' -?.',??. siie ob?
tained ?nid .-"' reted a white muslin d
which, '????i>re escaplag,she substituted f?.i the
prison costume of linsey-woolsey.
Tie ease m Mrs. Bbermaa i- only another ?1
lustratiou <?!' ? lu* proclivity of certain minds to
crime, brand, and deception, which are prac?
ticed ini'il they become second Baton. Al
: tii-?t we a;?- ini'liiMii i.? regard them a- rery
I far fio'ii wanting in intellectual efficiency. In
m. iv ennnlng and shrewdness, in tlie faculty of
inn nioussimuuttioi ,u:.?l In those facilitie*?wbi<_h
aconmpony an after lackoi rons?entiouaness,
! ti;c depraved charnctei often ia bj no means
j wanting. Bui the experience of mankind*i
thai ilti- apparent strength i- weakness Itself.
| How can ii !?? oth? ?. ?iu? ?? the clevort -'
crim?nala are offene i found in p?nal durance t
the Italian proverb .declares thai " thei ? i ??
"more foxes' tlian asses1 skins coming i<> the
'* niiitlicl." I! honesty be the h sl policy, it i?
the bes! phi! sophicall] aa well as morally.
There .-?ems to In a point beyond which the
?iiaipe-i wroug-doei canuol y?_ without d tec
non ?uni |.ii;ii-iinniti, a- if there was some
mysterious tan oi right and wrong, Forking
according to a method as j >( noclas ?lied, and
in ih ? long i an, often iu the '. ?r! i an, a
ing it ? on i ? ?ol .i ;i. , rom i i.i? i ?
in- acuh -i a ron ?-?:?
:i foil. |?i ? ..Hi.ill ,i M i- -?n,. ' ? ni*
?., . i i! Ktei it.. p?"\"- a fl tal ' IllBI -
Mi i. Sherman, .; '?? i lo ig and p ? i
prep iration, contrived t., ge! i i from lb?
prison, being soiuewhnl favored by M negli
. ?n-, of the Matron who had chai pre i i her. Bui
- -, .- :it all the world I ? I ?n u , ??th
soin.? friends to help her an i with ome money
m bei pocket, al leaves lartfi rd onlj to
arrested ?:: Providence,aud retuinetl to hei old
quarters. So, too, though ?die ? enough
:,, poison three husbands and - a children,
she was no! ?ha? p ? i ough ti ? led ion.
Kbe a t? "'iii :?'it. ?1, ?in- is confronted -:il!, by
he Immutable law of right. She is wily for
othing, b id partlj succt?(??!- ? ?*i.> to fail iguo
minionslv al It it. Then is mi ach eheal in
the world as a i?rimi?i M. on n cunning.
i ' 11 :.?????'.. res i i s i :. ? ?
banks thai to ruin, II ?as ' - ?nt
mi?. Till ii ?a I - ; , till
Q " ,: . til , ..??-, ' ?
(?Iltlill. i; ? ! ,.?. ??: ,. '.
were onlj thr? c tat ing bis city, and n me
nicut to till l of tl li
-.i | . -if t!;i- l,:? in, - !.. !..
were foi iii.'i! iu the iH-ginniii r, aurl I
it He's* ?, to ?-' IB) "??> : ' ?u? ?? nt
? u,?.?'.m. [n undeis
tin " .??",.? "
kuOW II I" '" ' 'l 'I ' ? !?. Ill ll la " .*'. u. ii. I"
" I'.-iii !.. i?n Fish." ? ?
...?c ?a? always a featu.f this ??auk1
and m tl?" ?tart i: rroid .i" -a! .in ?.
?Met a year, two clerk? ?<?: ? hired at $ 00 uei
annum sod one sl -,">!?? ? afterward
?m -.. ri-;.ir., was dlow?*d k salai ?: $1,1100; the
nl bei git "n gratuit,>u !.. Sot till 21
kftei ii - I?" idstiou ?ii'i : In- ''.nil. .- - .: a ., .
H M.l. ?li " fl il n ' i ?, I ill n! d .-?.
\ ?letiiiiini. ? were not author! ?? ?1 till n
I after starting; tl?i were for ?? glaaa sign iuthe
whitlow and for two ?luiii,- to bold docnnieuts.
Lightceu \> ara el p ed before I be ban tied
to build, and then it expended Bboul -l,- ?.non .m ?
boose sod loti Its lurplm wss ?i that time 7 per
rent. Prom facts hi-" these i? is ?..?.? to see tbe
cause of the bank's prospei ity, si 1 n ?I ;
ran hanllj l"- ?aid to In i ?? Is en t? run io
I -"?7, which ?it " m daj - ?I: u nut if 10 riiere
? I? ?? ?>ii to be learnt ?! :', tin this? i?>ci ience that
lAViugs hanks, founded more recently and on
! "I iUl ipl? . IlT.il' . o!l I l .?il'. Util .?.
11"- *?'.?:. i> ...i the Previ utitm ol ( , i.n?. of
Dr. Howard Crosbj is President. U now fall
i/?.I. It proposes to'limiliisb tlie nmnb i
iu I . .nu: : m? ludir? ? i is to !????
? , . ??II | i-d tob
i : ?, : bas I
Sl, til ? ? BlllOlllll \\ ill ' ||y re
! min Tut bam, at No. MS Ilcekman-sL,
i- the I r? isnrer ?>t . he ? - t,,.,..,
rth various tartlini '.? ; . anil one
in p.nti un that there are ??.?'???i licensed and
1,500 a ' d I'lu? tes m the eitj ftu I
ors. li i- ??"t ih" ?nteutiou "t tbe
Diet ?ei" ? nil ?In ii-,,,.-, lable and
hotels : but il s ilF-seek to sup possi
lil . tin- loss .'i i n i?? places n In i?? ??
maddening liquors are told "to lie druuk on the
? ???." M .sill also seek to impress upon the
Poli? e Board the pre, - ng net ol
ruin and be? i ilmpa. It ia thought that dm effort
maj re all In tuppn - ?? 1,50 ? II .
? : ami 1,500 Q " n. I hotl ? . ..!
iinfamj Hie nisusgi i ? think thai i It? m
- "i sl I- ,i-i Tu p. r ? ? m ?n
?!? r, in?! ;?"? ? ?I '?? us. We paj :?? the cost
? ?i ii: Poli? e. ol D?part lot I
' orrci P>..:,n! ,.i ||, alt
| 1.7 1'?. I?.".. :lt"l ? '...'? -'I,. : '' :
.for retii.-.h m- tl.,. mils prodii? ?.I by ?n
t.tup? t.i'.i?.-. t".t reckoning privai ind the
money ?v.??'..! m ?uteinperste di i king. 1
.. i- Ink I. in I"' i ? ? ??? 000, I..- ?
s'.lin h tell ih" whoh Btoi.. ?un? i? ought Bot i?, be
told m sum.
A : ?:!?? m?re Iimill kt ??? with th i:
of betting stracsson tl "hool iki
- "ll ?t to I
time tbe quiet atteined by the Imnisbment of tbe
p ?ob fron Jenas? Psrt
cut? ,?? 1.1 persona s bo aevei attended ?l bei. and
who arara in.t Ilk? !j t., do bo .?? long ??? tbe gsmblera
Iu lil pit,., .??lull.
Ti??- bes past systen* on railways ia I
-aid to bava been adopted t.. a ,1- ploral I? and ruin?
ons BxteMt, tieketa f,r aotbing being expected by
politician.?, fin? ?eut i'iv.s, i i,i.., man, | u
y.T-, the Governor, the I.i th.?, mi Oovi rnor, Btetn.
hsrs at Congress, Federal oMrera of prominei ? .,
Hit"?!, " l>\ es'.l vlinilv Whfl .'All lie "1 illis ?i rviee,
titlier liotl. ?it "il "11-1! .ne?!, ,,. rSllWB] BM ?iHT?.."
Newssepega ara als?, frsslj farol bed, and lost ss
Mgtataly gagged Reaalt: ths railways ara bank?
i.ijit.oi aba Baiaaaeag i?i naam oi Km f-tiirthuig (
?a.i"li arc practiced upon those avho do pay. Thoro
ai-. si?_.-,*, be was at, <>f roaaraa. The ath?e ?lav bus ui
(lie jiuHres (if Una Siipreine Court, applied lor a pass
over tin? Vermont Valley road?a moot Indeeent
thing for a '?nitre to ?In. He WB8 informel that
tin.re waa one railway?bi VerBsoat w_teh "didn't
pi ..pos.? in bey up the Bapteam Court with fioe
:? -? " A |.I beginnlngl
V.x GtOT. Svvann of Marvland and t!i" Hon.
Oeoi ' h i'eii,ii,t,,,, ,,f ithii, have attivodatMewyosl
tor !!"? ?? .?141.11. *
.Mr. Sidney Linier, who has lteen .-st:iyiiijr in
ti,.-? .h'.', i,,r tii?. benefll ol BM BtoltB, Sat I.? ?rod.
IP is c..i)iiii_r to Neu fork tO Work in IBS sa,)} ? ?il lit.-ra
Ifaude Richardson, tin- only daughter of the
lots a. i?. Bichardaoo, ami a brlabt-mtod"? youog
'.a..p.an Of c.al, li. 'Peil ill?'!)' of c,iii.si||ii?)ti?>!i At ? ??ll?
orad.? -t ?! IP L?H.
The widowed Mis. Pickens, wboat it la tu?
motwd Oor. Wad? Bamptaa M olmattomarry, I
?i-i t.; mi. ? .i waa ones _Ma Lo?laFattenHolcaioh,a
???;? ?uni. belle
Gov. Preocotfa fellnw townamon, without
.??.?i,,,,!.m "i party, an B-aktas Btraosoaicol? ?
linn ?i i", ?a Boa BO In? r, ?nit, to SM BOOM in l.pp lu'. B.
It . ' .e.'VV . v . !il!l_\
Oov. Bine Jeans IVIlHams h-ajtut appeared
-.a if li ,-i. -a* . -ft.-. ' at a-1 I ml imp i loj r ?I Mi.-. -'? ? ml tlioii
?..-?? itched Im.i a? in-liinint it..- m". iBoaB
l' ! ?lui Pell '?> ?IIS n all.
1 in!. Swing, m last Sunday's si-nnon, ro
fei-ri-d to the nient p:.. ..v ?.-ri m Saaianhlj sortie "tins
I ""il- of ..flea' 'II. P.?. to WOlB OBOOt m lia .r !in "."aMctl
: ( i.m. -?? ;..,...-i ? ..mi to make aa t? bore that auefe a m..ii<
C il Zerrahn, Indefatigable eondnctor, ?baa
r. ..la.-'i ir ?m the ladle? ?.i the ?in.ru? ,.r ti?. Band :
Bad llaailu s.? n ,*v | m| ,,f , .,:. ?tul- Mal -'.. -s. bat?
tiTos. the reliefs opoi th? toan Mag n.< heads of distin*
?.'III ?lied ' ?el.'ip" I -
Ex-Secretary fJhandler eompUna that i eon
. , , . of la? boat ortae mat down the hi-oata
. Mini,min val,?, carried bM bo?_eboldeffet ?from
i tin- i! till Pi las le-ulill.-.- Ill In ?reit. Ttl" ral I m. A i "?II
!,??w coiuldi ring Mr. C_ ??uiiei '? ?imami ?, i wtB
feel am.
The late Charlotte Han-is of Boston has
to Harvard o bequest ol $2,000 forth? Observa*
? ,ooo i., the p.m i<ins toatitol o and m -1 iba
' al'.r ,,!!,?;
.. I,-.iv.? oil Mi '*. -?i "f in r ?--tai?-1.1 the M .- -t'?B|i
Gen. T. M. Logan of Richmond svill deliver
? - the ?orvlvora of Hoo?!' i
,v.-t ?.i i .??-in i ?-''p. ru ?n the OoofMerate army
i- in ?i ?liver it ; be ?d Iros? befan ?
th Hampton I. .-nui, ol whicfa cowmand b I
mi inber.
Victor Alvergnat, the French professoi who
died "t li??iM"iiii.i',:i ?n Hartford, waa wont to
i ?a pi i'?;, i? ?li in earnest, that inohe?reaftei ol
? i is aa he 1 m we si oold all
???iv ,, : ?. .. ?.. .p. ?? And jroti "Oh, lea
. ?Pat ?V .,1 lie ill. i ? .
, ii, v. m a- ,.:,". ine '..-t ;l,ir,, . av ni ne |,|, -, , V, ,| "
Verdi has been | .< ? -.?? i ? .-.1 with a leaders
? nil a? ?ui,. a ?u gold and ivory, by the mem ?era of
? t- .v bo . v>. il ! bia " if. an '*ju" at the i
I . i.r.v a in silver and a '
i a, -? ut.-, i o, ??.m .m ? ,?>? pa ?hot of mnslc-lovlng
* the " Ruine Albuni," by
!.. V II 'I a UI ? M"!'.' Ill '
. ' - .
This is the Southern rievt <?i Judge Bradley,
a b m i." ?? . ?p r ci "ia W .. aa ?? ?i i " A thin,
' .
d the i"" kand ?houlih
a over bit eni i lean?
? ? .| .o-, i,.,i ,!,.-1 -, nrtiti i?
? ? is one of Andrew Johnson's, bul :?t. km?.- in the
i in tin- thai?_i .m : licht?log ->f the
r the I
? ? er iii-?-|. ; a ?! li. ..???'. a, -. . : ' and
ttVC Ml Or niOVI n.
. a the ? ...iiiM.iii m a dala oo
.., ?
The Pope, when ! ? received American pil
? ? la-r... ?,l the .Vnieri
. ?-, t | |l bad BO? "Pip' ? a. 1. lint
... Its youth, it bad aequlred atrengtb
tbe ' lay ol >?tropean na
ors of j ??in In pollona aa ia ateo, aad
. i?l remind them of two be bod ootiecd to Mseni?
; .: lUil ?it inali I la tl
ami li," i i i, . a :? ... B?? B? B. ? n.-v p| lit? .1
:is leirl h |. thei ? ..ai- ?
I, bul tin y m
- . all 'lin-: m,va tii,- in ,,t loenter pa. I
. ei lar?)
l.v , I .
Pr?f. Tyndall Ipis marked vsith ?t loving and
I ' . i . , . Ml t'.C
il':,.il valait: lie BOW ociil
i.i ?. | tiny broas plate tells thai thla ample armchair
i u, b, 'i the ] ' ' ? netlaed a i?y of
.;.>'. Tarada., la.av
? | ?.f armclioii - tat fot working la
a n. li ..i? i : i ma ??.: upi i ? i i . -i'.-mi.i:i\ an.
??o:-,f.-i-:iiii.- high ?gpol, also 1 isuredby Prof, TyudalL
In an ' M Carlj le, ;?:. ? uted
, b l| ui " :?
'? tro ..lptne our by !)?'? boa
. .:..-? .?? - i rom irked,
??..', ; ?i. id mi- ?? tl, ;,
la this h,t ? m. -m Do? an I Faraday
,,... r?|.??l the?
.?in! m h it. . i " .?i borne " Ml"lee. 1
duriu ? in.
Gov. Chamberlain's wife is quoted bj i
:-, ' /-?/-. ,. rlter - . ing : " ' Dei ?a boa bad all
- ? ,ami im,, - -i, m boevei dreamed
of I ,. :. . IP his li.nl QUl a eliiiu.u ... [M '.!, i! Life.
n. h Is suing to live lor ido an<1 tbe ehUdren.and moke
*..im Hui...- remunerative out of his professlim.'
tl _ > - Ju Ian, H"?u. ?'.?d PBllip tbe ili-.-i
? -it cand '"?.i :,-;? . ? s? '.
tbe little fel Iowa marching arma abnntea
av.? - ;, Id their all i-tion for? eh otbei ras m
nal ?.-.. i?'ii!. Jnllan would ?ateb Hugh a
? nun m waken bim. The name ?levoUoi
I ' ' v,- ' ' , ad bi? '.."M . : !.. Muli r, a
? . M 11. M
m? !i ?' ' bldn ' . totxtsl la berown boa e
bold, Mr?. <!? iml'i'ilalti i.? ' lev la a.an, ami n.ii-' P.
' . av mi Bot toothlnc rotea
' inf. i. .: in i vi ta
.- bloue : ,.i in? Iplea "? lustice, probi
I;,,?,"!.' "
Philadelphia, .Tin.?- 6.?The exhibitors of
i a. ill t, nder a farewell i? ,-?-?i.
. I'.-iii , P, tttt, ? alef Of the
i . ' lient, Who V -,.,, ?' ou an
? l .a, in Pu!, p.- lor II a ben? 81 o!
I tie reei pti<r*i ?vail take place it the log-oobln in t
? Util
Gen. ?'..i!!'i limps forward ?it last with li?
i iip-'i hot, bul n i- onlj ? p ?
Tin .'? i?- a i'i- i's load und un inimous ? il!
'i lell, ,,!,'
- -ii.-- wo] m?,'iii." ? uns! l'un.
\s p..; do? s all thi ', ". : Mr. II? ndncks's
.i ne mean I Indiana a<
i. .?la.
I haps Hi. Randall mighl be persuaded to
? i. m,. tbe Pu ?' .. Ti,.,!
valuable aa bM ana,? ,u, tl ?
l'.f Tie ltllNlld> .
The Democrats are painfully anxious t<> get
? from ?i?, i r. ?nt. at to ??> u. Qartlcld.
: il an if
ItIS kl t the let'.i s.1,1, !i
an i rodu. el Pira r hare,
The spectacle of the people managing their
??van politics and pa) Ins far I ; own b um? : -
Il hl] !"le
the maebine won't be nu a
?. nt Pei ?not; bul thi ei ? " ? ol .?' ttlns tl
ami luiliiii votei lo the i. will be i? laeued
?tpei.i /Uabama baa retired to the Black
It. . vv ?:. i?? ?? 111 ?. ml? out through III? I:
?rail, in- think, n? reaiajaias Ida aeol la the
>? n.... P ?au??. l,< un t.'iiu-ir receivesthoconsideration
dim him a a Southern Bopablican. Ho eooaot take i tre
m Hi.- .?pin? atad ??e.'.? propertj olthoat recaaaltioa ; Be
! in. i,-, ii i ne Bouth, and feoraa foi pri? i
UI, tua :.?.ti. Sli ?, . Il . ; Il i lu- '!;??
: in % ..ni e.ii, , r va inen Hie . niMitrv aa ill taank i n?
Oov. Young of Ohio -?ays be will not accept
a lciiiiKiiii.iln.li P. ' an??- lie citnm.t a? vc 08 11"- .,,a:i of ?
,l,"i??.ii?;ir II? BOafoBhUMM ',!? I.arli ?a.din BOO?
I-. eiu,|,.lelll 11*1.1 tile Pli-anfenl'? I ei e> aail'lu*
sothwlaatteaII) -Mloraad n? ttm st,a,o rooreoiiea, aad B
tore that tl.leettoo saiii he a aosatlooof Meorathar
than ju anlple?, lim '? ,'h p uii?-? B_T0a tOaslBOllsll' SB
IBsaUvorgoostloa. lie Mgrei "i- t-o aaslsa?isetga i
there will l?e none of the old ?line Issues. The les?!!?,
aggnSf hot h parties wi??dy aa-ree on the nereaitt-of r?
nooetistag tin ou? ?tiv,-r gallar, 'the EaOar of nt
dadd', ?.' UM m'.U V "f nur in,,u.tnl.* t.?.,. Inflation b
papel li.'.i.iv, and : ii >SC ? it. .,:?, i, ) ?, ?,.,
kaow. politically di id.or, if nol extinct, they are piel
In?; flit) nim ot the, rag ii,?i?>, and ?isin^ ,u, wind an
Lx-l'oii-T, --man Sheldon, who was ?i Repu h
he.tii ,:?i "MSB in l.,.nl.?i;iii;?, In t <?? ,?.-? ?ini?;?-!?- indur?euiea
,if the I're-iilenf? pi?:??- tSWSffi ft. it gMSM. He ?ar
Puk.mi v.,Hin haw n gsired n,? cm nut tsspsrl of s_
??'??"> t? M lint.mi ill* p.,a tint? III"! I, it Hic Prenaient'
ciursi. WM nui "aille. lt.- ud.ls . ?? \V? l...? p, ,,.,
. . '?iiittldeiiee, lim.? tii!i-taii?e ft "peut : .1:111 .--?,
befare, and, se tar sa I aas see, better prta ciioatelUi
lil.erty, pr.iperty, and ,!' i?.:ii n.lifs I 1.,! ? "IlitBl
In I??- .1 /??? .1 iniii, and that he .sill taillitui. iMesTSal
In 'v perfora i.?? gata ? use m peOttea, witt
ail iiie BttuBSlsg r?" i" ? i? Magi
et M -ttelllsenea sud I gnaalsasa
without regard I.?tor I believes are h?S b.
?'? ; "n !" '??se a i?. pul.: 1 m arty ?i? h will ?In li.-n-.ru
tlie iiation and earn Hie Bute tl>aa n Packard Usai baaa
?iiatalned. Tha policy of |>_citlcatloii i? t?.,t H mi.ht
ve i?,???n ad? p,. ?t 11.1.,;? Tuna li ? ? ten?* in -. s
>f tbe war forever, Tbe way to has- it forsottes B
In , , :i?.- In,Ida,g ii un ,,?, Ute lila ? "
rii.it letter of Mr. Tildea'a proaslgiag to
grSBl ? ? if In, mu- . I?. : i| I 1
-*.i 1. n' '. ? la tM -'iii "f Bm Bewthtra Bosrbos. a
k'eiil?l ?pint ni 'it s ?nit t?ktt Hie In?tnt ??/? nt if if,..nt?
?Uesrttls, ;ni'' fin.? grewta: "a Ib? gaga brfcaa His
I'll -lllell'lul fleet!, Ill ?i?v Tli.lt 1, w , a.: -, m,) |,ul,?|?h_ai
u, I -,..? ..,.,,,!,,,,.. ?ill ,,s,.r H,? 1 ?. .,,| - , ... t li.al, fg
elected, lin vvtiuld tttt Lesnr BBF BoSlbCfB I ..nifurpsy.
m. u: f..r prepertj arstre-eg ?r Iskaa bj rht Pbssb
arssy,erthrosgh strssBialBBtiaagrei . th? n.ir;
!.""id Oaogreaa direel IBs pay?tes! ?>f asj nal
? lallt!, I.e, .1? I' . . a|. m, SS.d 1 ?m. Tha
: a ? 1 ?hut at
? ara ' ?r the 'Cu . i creas.' si?u .?n't
? ' i' ?1. m tor ih ? -. ?f. 1 iia
!.'' lOBlB ."l-a.e 1. t I? ,!,,,,' .,,:) fovora tr.>m
I ?mi?, .n .1 i?:..m?.-. .11,, .,,,.?, :, 1 ?.,.,.. .v.,?.? ,,;., r. ,,,|K.h,
l?i 111 : ? ll "1 gl-snl i -
;- ' t' m ? key ?t tbe N ? ...i !.. .-?nut
?...u... tel ju.-i 1,.-."
A diattngaiahed American, ?Mm baa beai in
i-:iiri?i. tor twe rests, sad was i ,? |.,,. ?, Brpsh
IMsb ' u dtulBg IBs wsr, writes aa follswB Is
Ihe Snrtlmt?tU g. 1 -.,;, .- ?? Il e a~lllil : -?. .,?.)f
11 m? mita m. ev.ii'iy. u Basely has? i? tatd
un, .m?* de - n- >t uni; a? the i." ??-...t. r routes es, sa
?v,11 bave all Bm.n ad? ata with hlai, asd n?w.i? asas
:? mi?! ? ? 1111*1 h i.'K ? t I: i:,, i ? ?,!,,.n
thst h-- h .. p? - p"t ?i ' ?
Happy thought I He will be airosg bj that Us?, if lus
not let the nsrj peopti i the i??i ?? ? ?'?.int
?B i' ''"-'?g,
1 ' ? :
?al all
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