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*y*S V ? W r<
V" \\\\ !!.N?- 11,326.
A GREAT viei.?::. r ? :?? r;r,: ?\v iDBRl
| l;l?-ll\ l'l 1 HUM! M HOU 1H OV 111 I '. \ : ?
li i- en it',r:ui? 1 that T'.i ??an? li.?v.
alud ? '"' '?": i'iii'.'ii' .iii'in i
vadera ?
un,! "iii?: aided rreatli by the !'? ?i ra? an I.e.
v nich sec until
I hell knoa lodge of the ra
'. ? 1 . e ||
? CUpttUVd Nik ?tttt'l
li. !>,-. ih , and are ,1
In \n leu ,
: h'.???m m.un srinies are still at Kara
'/.., ? ' h.
TUL !. - I !!! I> I1Y 1 111 l.i --I ?N ? -
w ? ,\i i, Bl nu: rCRBS.
I'.t. n vi.t ?r. M.,11 l.,y. .In i 18, \-;
Tl R aterday oernpled the bights ??
kopolis. The 'I'm',?? t<>- la] I ???
ami the Ruattiana oocnpied Nik? ;?
SIX lll"i ?in ' PRISON] BS i 'l'l
laOXDoa, hi oui it j. .i .i.?. '.'!. 187
orrespondenl ??t Tirnova, who profs
loi ? bean an ay?B-witness .>. ?i portion of
- if, ? m h t! Rnsi ins snrronn
|i ? - :m,l eat off Ute ret* it of the narrii
I .!.-..!! nf ?;.(?tni men ?uni i<> x
. : i ?l. ?-.I t., tin? Rnasiana, who also t
[?! Min?is? ll??.s.?a:i and A?l.,..' 1 r,i-!i?Ba,*,i'ii:i,:ii.i
,.i .?mi.
mi. iiAiKtw i x ? t i ? Bl int tin t l'm : '? ??'?
, v ,,01 , O an.. TUB 1U I i. Mil in i i '.I 'N
Till ?
I^.m?,n. M.'iel.i.-.. Jo j 16, 1ST
A t. lei.-i.iiii frota 8t? Petaraburg aajra: "Itiao
ri.'ill?. anuouncad thai tin?ml\um?>-.?.?'i ml <?f the H
lian * - 'i i'"- Balk u ? on the ei i n ng of t
m?t. ?ni..?ut firing a shot. Gen.Gon ko, on I
afternoon of the 14th inat?, eorpriaed 3?? Ti rkiah?
dina, who fled t-oward the village ol Kanari, T
j. . a iii.-t one killed and five wound?*..
i- lifteen inilee uorthwrsl ??1 Jeui f?aghra, at t
? -?i? ult rti.tl uufrt queu
. ararditss Pass,
A Re n from Shuiula. dated
in colutuu ia mai
. ut l>.'iiiir-K:ii'ii." 'i'!:,- i .m hard
, i. porte?! al ?'.?!
i the latter a Re? '? > I? '? ram, dated ( ?
i. uaian b?
i git id?
: i. Till
, ted to oppose their a
? ,.f tl? ra
f,,i - udt'ul ?,f
writing ir>iiii Kaaaulik, u? ithei . mon
i defile, sa lat? - inly 1
\ uinplt the latest i
i r.i-i
,,., the olh
, !|e li".
? ? ?,,.?' , parti
i i
, e\,?| \ hk,
111 ll"t lie :i?l
' i
' -n- i.I its H I'.'l?-' S, bill
\y i'i-ii
i .? !,.-,
. ? ? 1 n 111
Adrian??pie ,
i '?1 with ?i
1 bartll) , , ? ,i
il;le I I thai com in
t : lutled Raoul Pasha, wh
! to !: i'?e I to lit'.
, nil win .:?
li. , I by native guides. 11 Bui
1 - ?'- In elevated plateaus, inhabit??
. who bay,
h'-l.l the*' nat
B 11 - ihe only people who kn
: nl w Imare competeul t" poin
. ;i v. hieb 11
? hiebt, ..vli -
rly un
known t?i the i to any one elae but them
''ieii follower?, thro? '. whi? ?i the) coul?
in,.-.in: liu ?iiti?. 'l'lie-t
: with the RmwiaiiB.
foree hat] it?.--,
I -. 1 LII..N ,,; 1!:|. |.\ : I.LLi.l r.
"i I irnova, dated Jnlj 12. baa the fol?
n?? ,,ii the - ?i'j-, ?
. ,i m y few tro ?pa an in
1 it i i a young n,?m fi.?m Helena,
- Summer, who ame here r? -
?rroa II
? ? - ..ti iln
?aIih ii point I u
the railway, ?? .t> rea? lied. Gen. <? irke hue koih
t ,?'1 m that direction to-day with cavalry and
ilga ,-i legion."
i n:. , mi li:l <>i arsTcni k i ssbnti ii .
i "It would
? : -??iil: it ill.? main body ?if tin- .limy uboillti
..- !,, i ,-- i ? Balkan* until Rn itchuk it
- ? leaat t" Ih Witl
m and the railw?) to Varna in thcii
hand?, the invaden ture t" .1" muet
which it would l?e worae than rath to attempt
i ? Oi i? it ?i \ suswer t?> ill?--?- calculationi
tli.tr the i bave already peiit-tratotl
Btry. ?im telegraphic intelligence
i lYra contains th? - ? report that a bod)
ol L ive crossed the Balkan?
? ? ,? th.- rsilwa) station b
??li sad Adhanople; bnt such an szpedition
1 ? : tin pUI Je.-, "t :!-??? i
1 pra? tu;,I ihm, nit < ? of otMsins the Bal
anta) withdraa as quickly aa
1 ? '?m..'. It will in- in ?..? i I.? to measure the
' - ?- ' power??1 tin- Raatiana until they bare
Rust? link ami fought s fTOSl bstllc fol
I ? "t the Lins tu Varna."
? I?!! MI-LI I'LL-! ll:
, dispatch ?int ?! t., ?ny s .?? : "0
I the aeenc uf action distiuctlj
* ite tt legram announ? ??ii' tint i In
? .?; cross? i ti?. Balkana, and that their ad
t ird was between AdrisBopls and Jamboli
" ' ? atns declare that ttnly a few scouts
' ! '.).? ?> v.. n? ? -H-iix tii \,.|i back.
? latab . i mil? .-ite? that tbe Turka an playing
I "I II .1 -t L' nil,,Il ?11,il ????.???'i?, ritti,.|l
*" '? il.at il.t > tried in Armenia earlj in June, I m n
? !'j> ? i ??i.? tu liml mu-Ai.eii,. i itwas saaaible
! ? Great Britaia to intarrens byy representing
1 aera Blasters at ths Rnphratea
V* ? t"ut. t?, imiiii. 'j,!,. n efforts mm areprebs
nly dir.:< u<i tiaiti] t,, i.iiKl.ii,'! iikI Anstria, the Basa?
* ' thisiaatataaa being that the read ta Ponatan
?i'.'.|.)i? itBB tin- hi-iinl? <d ?In? hiitvi.tji?. h is oar?
?kiiii tiiHt m, fur.. of KiitMiana ?vl?<|U?.te tur Barloas
atierittiiiiii, haa irci/-*!-?! the Jiitik.-viiH. It is ???jually
?sanaiB thai the . uike v.<ml?i mit sat tsnsajra**?. bbsbs
lliriiii?!, i/ 11,,-y ,ii,i pot want the unprtxrision cicatnl
?li?t tin| ar? m a ?ritital .??uditiou?
A diiptiiub iioin C pits tan Uiiupla ?dated to-daj
? " yi .vallable troops srs babif dlspatcb
tu Adi isnople,
11 . hnn b ! Bol farlsn have been bren 'lit be
They will be tried bj :? military tribunal lor hi
The fu-i -etschtnenl of Baleimaa Pssba. araaw
:?? Sot on Thursd.i
//,, /? i . ' i dispatchssjrs: "?''
tl?. laan i n.loads ol larki old .o, won
; and < bildren ire road from Bakiiuma a
? ( toman l?.i.' ir to Biinnils. II -nible taasaat rss Im
, committed bj tbe rtuxsisni and Bulgarians
111".v.i, Grsbova and II'..: .. "
\ /,,,. . dit !'? i fro n Bhumla nays: " Prom :
directions, fugitive? in large nnmben are coming
v, ?,,, : ajee i:i : in Ins ilistriris ui eupi
by tl Ku -. iii" inoal horrible cruelties sre p.
petral 'l up , the Moh-uimednn population hj t
i. ,i k.? ?nul Bulgarians Mohammedan childr
,,.,l ni,!, m, alsughteied, and women violai
?Hid can i- 'l ?ni "
riic Rtusisna liiiv.' sstahliahed :i militan tribus
ni Sel. i t?i try ItUBBulmaua si i used ... complicitj
tlie Bulgarisn massacres, snd srs .".,.1111111; m,
. ted on Bulgarian testimony.
The groat es 1 panic ? xi-t-x among the Mohammedi
. ?? ' population, s\ Im ;ire Seeing us f;i?t us tbey cs
1 p i.. Bstuntsi m. engagemenl ..i any Importan
hu I been fought.
Ih" Buasian advance Is on the banks of the l.'iv
II.use patrols bsve been pnabed forward i?. with
three boura <>f Rasgrad and Vettova railway -1
ti,>:i?. Railway communication! between Rasgn
.?nul 1 ernavoda have bora ?"ii. Cosaacka are swan
ing :ill nvr tbe country <'.?-t <>i Tersenik.
A telegram from CouBtautinople oouflrnu tin- r
p ,m il.it the Kuasiana (who number fifteen, not eigl
teen, battalions have crosa ?111 ? * - mountains thront
the Tivardit-ksPSBs, TbiapaM ? 1- sunposed
be a feint to withdraw tbe lui k- from tin- Scbipk
j l':i?s.
The news of the crossing of the Balkans hss .v
I il'Mily caused gres 1 excitemenl in Constantinople.
A telegram from that city saya the Turkish oewi
papera urge tbe inhabitants t<> form a volunte?
. as the enemy is m their gatea. Fortiflcatio
m being carrie? <.i". ?li great activity in the Turl
ish quarter, [here is s general impression thai tl
foreign power? \\ ill ?utervene.
An Adrianople telegram, while denying that tli
Is'ii- ??.m.? have occupied Kskisaghra m Ka-.ml:?
?,iv- tbey :ire waiting for raiuforeementa before a?
v inn-Hi'.; further. 8? me akirtniahes have occurred.
(tenter's St. Petersburg diapatchasys a Int.
tingcnl ?.f the l.ussian army is marching on tfa
Two rurkisb monitora have deatroyed the lui,It;
tova ('ie mouitoi was subsequently suuk h;
im u, il ,1 ?,
ll.e Porte officially declares thai tbe Russian
have burn? <1 :iii\< inhabitants of J sis, near Tirnova
?vim bad tal 1
1 in: .RMEX1 w CAMPAIGN.
l.v IIS 111 VM IXO.
l,..Ni..,N, Mom] is, July 16, 1 977.
A corresponden! :it l..n - t? l< graphs under date 0
July 12 as follows: "Mukbtai Pasha, with the mail
?ir ir.. is in s et ron 2 ?n 1
? miles south 'I U pltitcl1
'?.mi tbs liege, I hav? \ sited theii
liatferies, which are constructed with much sli il
? - the ac? m .i- v .>! the 1111 kiafa Ore
niks have 1 v? rj Une force here now ; the met
, \e..|l..;i! spirits and verj coulident. I doubt
tin- p...??ii.i!i!,v of Russia ga
this y? :. .t .!? ta ?be ha rerj al i
mi..1, ?? ueuts m Akalti ih and I ?Hi -, Turki b
nlilv iI.i.m'i ; in, r.ie Russians, despiti
their strength, havesiiHtai.1 ?i heavy reverse."
\ correspondeul with the Rusaiaii urmj 1.
from Zaim [eight miles northeasl of Kan], Jill* 1 , :
"To-morrow back tome distance to?
nn aanitarj considerations.1
? with 1 ii-- l>':i tsinui tel?
July 1..', us follows : "Kit hteen t:.
bave i"' n fil 1 .1* Kai-. The expense li
abl? -, Three Russian officers and IWO
1 ?! in th? bal ' : ??-. I in ni? ge gunt
tlowly rol -.
?I- an? '? bj slukhtar Pasha. Hit
? noves three ver-- it 1 11 he dir? 1 1 ion
?if Alexandropol. !,'. inforcemenl - are pxp ted."
Ql BHAl .-; v -u 1 iv i i iv-. lUCASIA.
1,1 1.1 is. Monday, Julj 16, 1-77.
A I'liiri'sjuiiiili ut writing fr un Tiflis, July i
the \ ii. Im ii'i-, ( ireaxsians and I -, - are in
kill? il many thousand Rus
Only the in..i 1!" part "I tlie mount iliis, with
mi importan! road fnmi Vladi K i lilis, is
it i II faithful n.-"! i" ie- relie I on.
ras 1 n m 01 hav v/n>.
Bt. l't 1. ii-i.i i.e. Monday, July 1 * ;. 1877.
An official dispatch from the srmy of the Caucasua
announce* that the Kussian garrison ai Bayazitl
consisted, .m Jane 18, "I f-mr staff officers, ?.'.;
and 1,587men, <>f theae, two si.ill officer?
aud 1 1 l nu ii were killed, and seven oflIcon aud
:{"?'.? m. n wounded during ?In- aiege. The remainder
ss, m m n h weakened by privations, ami ? ill require
great care before tbey uu recover, The garrison
lived on horae-floab t.issaul tbe end <?f the si? . .
A I? u ii. 1 1 CLAIM B. 1 111. 1 1 SB -.
< .is-i sMi-.i.ii 1. Monday, Jut* 16, 1877.
Ismail Pasha telegraphs from Bayazid Saturday,
as follows: " (?n Tuesday twelve battalions of Rus
svored to relieve Bayasid, We deflated
them and drove them to Kai Boulak v\ii!i the i?.-? <>i
(KM) killed,a quantity of provisions, t went > i..,.
wagons, snd thi ii <? ti 11 ?? ainbulaw e train,"
Ismail Pasha bai n qu? sted tupplii ? from I
rum, tbe reaourot .1 the district ..l Bayazid be?ifl
A telegram fr. Erzerum saya: "Provisions
1 ?-m,m Pii-l,r. corps l, it hero yesterday.
\i 'm -uia i* ruined by the ravages of war, Famine
.? expected in tbs ttistiict <>i Blasbakerd, Kara
Kalisss ami Bayazid."
An iil?in 1 ?it the Turkish N.n.v has ?li?
revered thai Um bjosI effective ss.,?? te beat "ii ...
, m m \ '- l"i p. 1 "ill un lloiK'i.i'i I- In BSC t"l|?
di . 1 acei?sl them. 1 m- Ruwl m- been ata .iss m ,,t this
. plan o* Huir em nue- up,,n sttempttns i<> ?? ttroj 1
i, monitor it itli m 1 Bear where tin Alnta
?les? into the Danube, it was ahile their
. ,.- ii.e Danube, sad si tbe monitor
bad been esadag them Btaeh aanoysnee bj bob
ttantlj thelling theli batteiiet ind ?t troylng t in n
- s.;,? get. .1 1 .arj i" drive rt>?a> iiu
ii.i. active Biouster leal in< *sboaM lailol In?ulu-lj
? i damage 1 1 lettroj Ins lbs etdj
across tbe river, A correspondent ol Tht Loados tent
describes the eos. Lowed 'iii Resala?t built
torn toi i" 'i?, boats, and theli erewt pel the beata In .un
bosh behind as Wand When the monitor ?tame otean?
111K aii bj out, Hi? torpedo boats (a?shed upon hi r. To 1 '"
?uipii?. i.r 1 ii?- Rossis as, the Turkish aaUart sihiblU-d
nuil, ui 1i1.1t eonfuslon a hi? k aaualty ebareet. rlaea u.? n
upnii the sudden sppearanee of en _t - L Bvl
ili-iiii.v the] lui'i a ti.nii'ii mui 1 uni ?"iiiiiiniiiii-i. Thestes
quickly prepared I?a ramal lot aottee, aad then
ri4.fi-mi.-ii bet vsnil ? bravery ami ?un? tin?t v..m
tue admiration of the RimM??ae Her eotumat .1. r
im ik-uii in? iii-t? u?? n*- tiiruMtiiiK "in frote the maaltor tat
pod?te on the seda ai long apeta, that thnetoelag tin
bsata v? itti the da?gi r at belag blows lato the ah Irel ;
attheaaast bunt opeat?g a tema? Set an I?ton with
siinill BfflM ami a luiiiinii, u?< . lie nn.r, ,,y,i in.,
neuveit?! ins i111.it in u rar) ??mini meaner, mui vsnh
?ucii ?I11 ni its tiiin, ?uii tli? t?u|M,i,??? protecting t .<?
uioniuir, tti?) idikKiiiii i,.,.iu utnt waahls la approach u< at
niious'i 1?. ii i" discbaiso to. ir terpadooa He bsaldea
Utixl to run Hi?' I'.'.iU ?SB u, and in .11 Is 1.111 ,,-e,|, ? ni ,1"
Hi? ?u 11-?- isiniast' ut U.lx lilaKiiili? ui (late?Ba ? n? a?.nil
sppareiil- Xus uwaiu?.??vu 01 lui muuii?i ?iw ui -u
. i
M - ' I
In tin? above map tin? scene of hostilities in f i..?.i.rii.,mii,,.. .-ii.-n.iin_-? fromTeaernsritda I ?Tall-fiia.
Baropeao furke. la i'ie-eiit, .1, iviiiieiiiii, it i ? ?. i ? i ? tt. , la the ?i rlorof ITeatern i:n|...-;n-i.i. the ?Bttssbn roroes
foiloa lutelll^tlyti? proferta of tas Etaaalsa army Is I ^^^n^T^T^ s":,";ir'l^"il;;'
l ,?ii,,tit ?_?? mile* nf rtuatchuk ; otnera are at [Mint* ?lire? ily
Bulaarta, and the march aoathwsrd toward tita "fursish
capital. Tin- Ruaatana ?re saw aa far ?< ta mi
in i',,- Turki h ude ?tt the Danube M Nlkop
,,,?. -i ey bkewtae Bold the peninsula on the
?. nil? nf Wlknpolla, while another?Irtachiueni baaeroaaetl
the Balkaa, tad wsa last heard ..f itJenl Bsgkrs |ms
mt|.) win?!.. n i,.,,.?truck iba rsJIway betwaea Jastboll
n ' IdrUnople.
t?,i,,?,in tin Ruaalaaa thought bin to ta mi Engllabtmui ;
a tall maa, with a bmgbl.lebaa d. Be atood on the
?leek ..f iii" in "ti m. .i uta in? ii.i ni- ni i..- 11.1. Beta, riving
in-.trtlei? in tin? i.i. ?t manner. Tin? eomBtandera ft
the torpedo-boat* etmttnued their attempta to tteatroy
i in? n,,, mili i for over ?an bour, flitting rouna the monitoi
and ?'1111-1,11111 v seeking to get at bar, but without auc .?-?
The mooitoi i ta equally active m trying te run them
down ; avoiding a eollitlon bj quick movement?, to
i i i. i \. 11 : < ?. 11 _-. tnriiiiK, ?uni ploughing fin- wilier lato
I".m .,- ?bl ,,-i: -n, ,1 "i u.l.-.l In r I in.. BUtagoUtatt? a
lion ?Hacked i rat \t one time a lorp? tt" boul
f."in,i it*? Il h twe? n t!, n,," Ito? and the
lie? m..m'. ? begun backing down apon
I , e In..it ? ll!l the I til ?it .f el ll-hlll-' n ,?
the bank, Jim! I tbl* montent the engineer "i the
l.i n ne h w i? wi.uiiiled. There ??? i- tome di i ij Id -
I:..- - iiviiii.?-. ??-:, I,- beritrrentcarried uu id ?:'
.miinn i- t" ni ikeea< ,| ? ? app irentl.t Imi ???loir.
? ? um nut mi,, tin ali.tllii? ?? at? i nt.I
?Ht, uni ai i be ? n,, muH ,-i! ti,, , ? .
w re 11?!? i ?i a?'.?,i iln- monitor, bul ?
Ut'uniii ,?i , ?ti ei h-,l apran i. and bad
' ?j- revolver, i! ing al the <?? i??,-,i! rajnalu ol tin
?k "tl li - ?.a! ati I 1", ? ? 'I.
nth i "' li ? bj i bullet. I. it?:.
h .?.m i, r. i In- ir i.i .n. . -,, m . i,, bave I?.-' n k 11.-, i or
? foi I, auilil. : ' ,?n ib? di ? .-..
i ? ? motil ? ? I itely from the." uu
i..,- i; ? ,- oo I j foui ..i Bve wounded men,
\ Ml.'. i : m ? RIS i IM] vi vi luv.
Tin Montenegrins bravely and with rac?es*
I tb? ? ??? eutlj in?, aded by
i it many wi i,- Mi. ?r ,i, id, and
,.?,? t,t Hi,- worn? n of tin? land. The
, ; . bile at
n? battle ?,:i i b< front ? :. i
II -1,1.:i, in the lu. ? . DO In??
mother and two *ial<?ra b - k fortb their grief
en to, and at laat the
la m e. who - ? '?,. ?.ni a -
t.. them ?iMi a i? qui il that tt
tli.ii? lameutattoua. Ibey did ? ?
early in tbeday tat toa t
? r ?! the o I
the wu n n g Ibeir
?nl?l t? ?
.it? ,i-,t?. ,if -,, .oa ; ??n
?Ai?e, Indeed, noi being permlttrd by euatam I ?
? ni m thb *bow of feeling, and tbe men eon.
tittering n undignified to take any otber ' i a t.?
coiupauj dm the bodj on the retntti to tl?? bou*e.
Then? ??.a? Botuetbtug in tbe lament whlen
int. n-tin?,' fn.iii a certain point sf rlew. it
? ? teul itory, tbrt f? t rei -'-. ?i
. ; ate I in I ?-! ilatlou* . ruou
Dg bom?.ei-i i -, n
tli n dm f to continue tb*
\? lieu 11, from place I.
, ,., I? a Inn in t in- ? ?
lull the I lltl
|i-n\ eUM'lll li, t :,? ? I I
en ,i,, ,,. i. nu.?., tbe , . m ?? m, mi I ij , n n?. in h.i I'?
ll,?-n... __________
NOT in 111.i.r ORD.
i i ONI IBM ATI?? .?! fit i Vi-.i - li : ??. ,i?- i o\ i I t:\ILI?,
\\ i-inv.i i ? ?, July hi. Pi it ate letl ira rec ? I
from officer? on duty on the M ??? . , b inlc . accord
with the official dupat? ,,?,,! |.?.-t night to
have-beenreceived at the War I? partaient. They
?ne to Hie ?n -1 tli.it lim M ti ? i Gen. I'i'". um
has, m obedience i?? ordera from den. Dias,
revoked I, u ; i tlii' the M
forcea ?tat.,,:,,?, 1 on the I,'." Qrande shall <?..
operate with Qen. Ord'a troopa when it??*
!.. : i ? i cross into Mexico in pursuit of robbers.
The text ?>i theordei ol the M lican Minis
t. r of Wai i?. 11. \ i ' h i- b??? i foi ral ti I bj M
i team la In Ih ited bj lite folloa ?
?;, te i Bl ,l- War i?. oai tm? nl ba* laan? ?l an oi
, i,. 1 -i n,- . .i ;: in-? H .1 i.,.? ,,, ?rh I'll I bi n -
,i i
nu nle uu. natlouul ti-rrttorj.with I.' j ctol i".
1.1 " - 1" u : n li ll let. I-, tO ' ? I'"'
Un m inn n i over in. i"..i 11 ? -'? ? , iroui
nl it? ?. itiz? n ' ? ?. n,i.m ,.t Mi -
Bl ,". ?? ibillgloD, I ," |?: I, l?'l .. . HUM li," .
,i- .'.anil ,,I tl i? off? :i?i- lha! ll mile!, - loWurdl OUT collll
try, anaureaI i i U ,,m.i b) telograpb ti,.,
. I, .- i, ,.,'., il I I, ml ?, ?\ l'I.i.i.il ,.i,i- Ii ,,|n !!i. Ann in ;.'
?...M i IllllClit. I ?? l'.e-i,i. n! H.i::k- ill ,1 in.? I.f tbl
rouutry will no -,--;.: except ?lib n t.nil -..inn
id tin-,? ml " ii i, m n? i, i.i m? unit it ?n, iii n.,i be la
tu for?a n?
1 ??, .-n ? : it ?n, ?a n ,i tin- 11. ? ..
lllle I II.i ! n II i I. . a ?l n I ? \ . II .1 nil III ' ' . of ciVilit.'d
tuda i ??:,,,.?.', .a i, ,, .? i
tiolia, 10il ? II till i :n Lie ?.i l'l ' "in, nain le I 111 ? r a- tbl
.. ?I M m,-., ,-uni a .ill,,* i, foreign fore? to
eulei i . ??, ?ritbout i be , p ?, di ol ibe
- nl 1 l.e I Ui.lD, Bnd 111' ell ? - I I.il in. . ml (,n , e
Ml.ill ...111.? In i-Mi i? ? ,,. U "I Jill . ?. 11. i Inn, .1? III.II
in. --. n in n. ? urd? r of tbe I ? . I it? ? Wot l> i?ari
m. i.i. ,\.,ii ?? ni n |.. i ?? i., i. torce, ,-i.i.niii i... invtudoo
talc ol ,<.-.
In m, i.n.ii, tin? extrema meaauia IhePTt-ald?
ll.nl III ?. ,. V. ill"?,- e,,n- ,!> . ri , M,- ? ?II en,
? ??? !?? !, I ?? ?!? (CU ?? ", I .,'? Iii .iluDIII - :
I li li I'l.e. -ne em. - ,., i !,, Ii i ublli Ik ? ?
III.II lie ?."III! j . ,,f | ||C Ml
ii n .i,, ? pi i..? .It i.i i ..n in wbleb b< i i ? ?i ? .
tban tbe buml allon of au oflenaa .?..,. h would rt-dure
Mexico to Iba ??.bttou of a barbaron? isuuulry, and !"
J.niil Iln- i-,,:i,.n i:,.ni ,il 11.11 in., louai ?all. lb* L' ?
? I, ui tloea n??l ..?i?. twwevrr, :n,i the aullad. a?auu??-?l
i .,? i?? pub ,,? m froul " t, ,e.|,-1 >
big UPOU in?. It I I 11 "I.?. , III. I .ii.iii?. llii? I n.il inn il L.i?. ne
. ."in"? i .? .ii - i be i .
II ,i ;,,.,i n n. . iniiden n .1- tbe ? ?? n i- ,?t lb? i ifli utal
I ?-'III "I. i ?? ? ,1 , ;, i i| In ,i, UM '?l'l.? I" ii" ?'t
tie n i ?' BUM v. lien an,., .i.,., ne :ii- ,u ,- nu il I Hail ? t.. in.i,?e
il . -,, i .iii 1
I ,ii..i, ii i.., i ?-," > ton.m? tiJ to you tbe taltbfal
ami t in i I .Mi.,ii' ,,i ?t i - i . . i,, i on?
n in., .. i lo you bt order ol Ibt I'i ,-..!? m ; ...i. uatloual
ii,,i,,,i i? i!:? :. in i a!, i, -i, ,i, 11,, i i bu * ,1, * to expect ol
> ..iii |,.,,i n,, ??n, t., .., I uiili the ,<i nil. m .- m m.ii, n.I bt
ti,,? -? i em ? vi? -t ,,?i, in i m? i to avoid unj 11 u ? ",' e??a
ti,, i ini? , i-,, ? n.- i" . acting, bouever, allb
.ine i ut-i t?\, and i? 11? n.:.?. .? i. h force lb? iu?uli ibat it i*
ll. ill. ?"II. 1,1 III 111 ll.lt ?m M XI II, Ll III. 1.1 ?...-'. :l "t in-1
t'i.i"M." _
l I I I ORAPil N
> s Kb a ici si '. J'ili l?i. "Several merchauta in
tin? . Ill ?a in. ll i\e h,,?lll. -, i r l.i n. m? ?* 11 n ?I, l , ", , in? .He
,:.?! I ll.- .Hi! I "I li..' it. i t. ai , ..[
ttioiillug inn ? > i -1 !.. in ?...?I. .i.i.. an i.mini) In i ? I
Han luis?t?.... .lull i'i. I. 8an Bonaventura dia
|,,r. n ni I , .1 i,, in -I..I ? I ha I t... n ,,..n... I?.r i-.-i r,.i. ,,,?,, n
l?,il|,linr M...,,,,.,.,,. ?li .i. ? n,i ,,l 1.1 n.,,.11? a ,1, 1,1,. ,,| ,'i?
t. . I I In , i|, i, .1 , ul in, a, II ,? ,.l..,,ll .. 'H I,.?I I, l? |? I 'la', .
t im iwAii, ii?,lii?> I'i. V dak ?ni m d iii?- m -
!.. r- Of the ? n nu1" r ill . Ill 'i- I. r .r.l n ?.,.-,, a ' a
I: ,,ll,,i, M tb? ?I'.'iin t ??eii.-l,l Ulli? 1 111? innin:.il.'. ?ml
??, . . 1,.. I m I M? B * ? "Ile I. III ? nf Llil-llif? mm nf Im- ? III
i-, m.in . ii.iiii',. i nf i -,,n n, roa I ; "? . i"-m i'r??..?.,i.-,l <?u IM
| tl., n ,n Hi, . li > m,, r in,- in..,,, I'i,-I n m I -, I -i'", .i.l.li,--? ?:
i u?ui?i uiuuj, ?un in. iunii.iiui, ui uio.ii.,??uuu BBaaaaaata.
na. < ..w: i:?r? lu pi v n. i barobs <>r cobbuttiob.
('??it Mitis, Ohio, July If?.?Th.' Hun. Gheorge
I?, ciui'ei aeatphstteally denies the troth of iii?- aflIda
vr i,r Thomas J. Jones, the rontraetor. Mr. Oonverae
? ,:''t in- MS was a miller, ntul thai
in- eegaaed in the baameaa with Onllek; that
n waa the business of his own cholee ami assu_iri thai
tin re was aothlng s\rong m bis .lein-' s,.. The Maternent
rosde bjr Jones that Converse demsnded ii,,- tettlernenl
ut the fjaliefe .'. <". ?t.m.i. and made ii a eoneition ..f liis
tuppoti of the the Mil is denied m tin- broad?
est Language lie ?as, be rated f..r it.?- Jones
i '.u i si is occasion vsii.-ii it ?-?. m ii--',.'.' t.'i" Legtala
t?.i sad lie waa prt-aent He rlalmi tint Ji.isub
i.: i portion of hla work, and he andaratood he owed to
sub-contractors m.iris the entire amonnl ..t the
"'. which wat appropriated, Bad one "f
, tin- datiea of the I?'gtolature waa t" - >? thai those
outrai tort received the r pay, and this Inemded the
,! Oulk'k A Co. Tim he ! nui!.? ..s... 11. ht .nul in-1.
n- ?eshisstati at b layii ' sol ebarsi l? r
i." at ii <ii mi r? ? ;in. ricked aad mal i ? stt? -1 i. t foi
i ? omplishment ,.f politii I en la
"If ;? m s purpose to toon it l s excitement of the
i? ..s, -. t,, ?i r,. ui;? matter hrifj
iii\ Hltl .:? I" I !'? ii' , !? ! tu 11 ?
, Dcmocracj o? Oblo, sad i? :.mpaaled by ?m
' affldavll by .Mi. Gulleh glvins re.- foe
mal Ins I ? -,,:i of Convi i ???
i" , ami mi" ,-i,-,|. li appe ,, thai !!?? tippon? ut? id
?'IIS- . . im-,-,- s, - - ? , - .
u I th? m m circu? ir fill UI, .nul h:i\e
-pl'.l'l tlll'lll IlKlll'll M-l "Sel I ? , , It I?
I'l'p,,- b ? mu, i ? ,-n... ? .... i
?. ? - ? iddi :.is been i
? i .m . uu Dial n ? fi leint? are ?ii.u uu il
neeiiit in in- vi-ry I'VldetU , au b
tul , ? i-, m., .i .. not : . i,ne i- - ? e to deny and
i ?., is lui.,u- i e- Convention
i ..... i
v,/..: uie defeat of C ns, i s ix-fon the Couveutlou.
THE ?i.i/; /\ ihAHo.
I I RSI II ? BRI I "::. I. s I - M Mit II
ini, rosa v:i'.
San Fbaxoisco, July 16.?Qen. Howard re
portt mit on ih.- t.(m iii-i. the troops pursued the In
?in m.i, i - for K 'm ,, I, eplng up the Are on their
root ?? bom >?? ere ??? >u idi L w a. Bui .m died
A dispatch from Bo s-: rhre? eompeniesof
the tat (J, s. Cavalry, rornti.,1. ,i by ?'"I. Banford
i. .mil,r .it Indian Volley ysater i", v
m? u r .u the ??,, ,|,.ms. command .1 by Major I
i.. m. t., i tin
... " ? i, i dittoti. M.i ?
Lieut. Kii'-v. nf the ? t ne romp iuy,go I i I ... .
thiee in,i,an?. ,if me i;..?]< .m.i shoshone ti
1 h r... i.,-.ui , ' i. These also haves me f?.:
, ward t" rendesvoaa m the Indian Valley, Cot.,.
. le,I I,V ? ' li>l. Itel -
i ? -I ,n i i.i. n - a ,i 1 ami Pitcher,arrived be.o Batur?
:i MTiunemucca. li.u.rs B - bow mounted,
, ,,ie,l 111 ?'.ill!. li . I , .. ! I I
. ii .i.i n ,ii i ni 1 vv..? i.i. .i.i.t r?i i, nine enlUlcd
? ? i ? pd to arrive toon, 11, - ? ai t to ?e
n, l?i e,i ", three , i u-1 rom pan I ? ut lui inirj, Tl?t
, t..i. i- und? i i Un-en of six roroi>snle?,
?' i. .n v inul li'.e ,,! Infantry. Si ce hit arrival here,
? ol, ?,:.???n mi ? i???? , imreiu n n., m m -.ui
un ? u ilion* i fiiinv troops foi w urd. Had
n. .-n InHUed m i.uie i ii I? foro would bave been In
rl.I "i Hoi u um River, a ben Joseph sud bin
ti ,.nl . ?"?-? i i,i tlie tooth s il.-, vv u. m mi this tide i?f the
i Itivi-i Jooepb t. .... I i ,.i- .i,i \ .in .- of Col. ?ile. II'?
i. sslilell lie Kill! '? s .? .i Iva II il-' tu.lu tin- Sollt II,
,i- i i . ? ?u i i probability, saved Weiser and Payetl
i d? iL
ii..ii pr?tent appeal an-et t1.,- Indlant In Southern
li i., ?i are uow omet and adverse i" going upon the eai>
path, _
-i -i I.n's'Ion' OP TBS BANK '1 ST, LOUIS AM? lilt:
M iii I 'I ?T, i - u is savIXu's ?,??.? i ?. in iN,
Si. I.i.i i?, M..., .Inly 16.?The Bank of 8t
Louis has closed Its doors Jacob i. Merrill, the Pre.?
?li-nt, ?.i, ? the depot ora a ? paid In itm? i
i,,,i be confounded with the hath Bid Bank "i St.
Louis, ssii.ei, Is regarded at > verj i?much Institution.
i . ?, ii i.;-, rs about t rtuiatl -.is m, ? Instltu?
tl. ? it i. i.-...,i is thei bare not been verified
Nuiii. St. Loots Baring? Assoeiatlon elosed Ita
u hall peal h n o'? loeh
Dient i - ??. : n. n n ade bj the ? IH? 11 ?> or d rectors,
i i?ited ou sood sntborit) that all the large bankt
have declared tbeh j i-. }..?-.- to pa) m more time certifl
Il ?,t m i- - . ;. lot iillilsil ,1 m nl "I
.1, Hi, . I- . ie.ll Is .... .1
rite ?t.i u-n ; lu - i? nut.?? nlgbt't il I -n.11 eh.s tiut the
U t, i, ss i- i ?ulveii In a run I liai dal pi ,,\, ? i util
take, li wat i b? Lu? i? Uurkel Hu? i tm ill
, ,i , in In iii,- western part ol tbe , us. i :,, Lucas U m?
m -irom . sud it- bu me-- ,.,.,i ? ce Ib?
iii-.it ii-i m ih, n n,,. ?? ted fi il be failure ol
. .nal Banh ol Uk SUU ol M-wourL
lili, i'l g i. ? 01 N i V RAXR
Si. Loi i-. July 16.?A special ?li>i>;tt?li from
na. Mo., to The Olobt in munit taya: .vi s meet
Ins ot the stoekbolders ol is? Pike County Ban! V
the Directors reported the letal liabilities ol tkebaal i!
*l 1...i ?'in. :i ml I,., ii- I s ,:i.f I lie .-a-et? .it nl'i'ii I s-T,'i" ..
A Blatetneal waa smda that depositors would reeetvc
or dollar. If tlnw wat irrsnted Tbe capital ol the
a r|.,i?..nn with llvo pel ceBl paid in. lue mojoi
US "f III, ?."? Kit.. ?!? It, Hut In l
, .; ,..,,; the bauk't lud? bt<-.-- wdl t?M?u I
I- ,ui .(vu-. N. V.. July 16.- A fearful
im n.ui.,. .i'. ?> i,p.i ,ii't ? i ii ballst? mes ulargi aa bees'
rept over Montague lowuaMPi sUaess Co., 1 J.
m-m u utiles r i,uu this place, this alt? meg-, BalhtlBgawe-i
uuroof? a, n? ra w? !?? uprooted aad mrepa and r? gelation
. m|.i. i.-iv destroyed Tbs atoim lasted asarij aa
UOUr, ?I"!!,-' liH.it itill.l.ik'? m ll.Htseetl.il Hie ?Ii.llll.
u in n ss i. ?.... it t tine., ii.i.i ? ?i ir, tirm i? i he toara from
,?. v,, -i, ...el s sal m .i SoetBaatti n> dlreetloe.
l'un, vi'i i I'liiA July lt?. ><?r? t.u.v l.v.ut?
n,. i attornsj ?" as ral Havens an iv??.i al iii?- I netmeataI
Hotel un? iitiiriiiiiiu. dmad with OaL Torna] tins tveehui
aad trete watted epoe bj teveral promts aal gaatlBBBM
afthtsatt] Thsj ?* in start st StBU a u?. ismerroi n
a tup through lbs essl ragtsaaj ssassspsalsi sj c?>i. lbs
: n. v. Mi K, nu, CI itef Bastea-i ?i I?weat <>f tin Phllajel
i in i aed MesdiM Rai.rosd < ump?ni. and probaWt Pros
ideal ii,a..u, in whsee pel vats ser thssasatswa ?m u?
' ui...,i-.
BBYKBAIi |ti?iivi,i'i?tiri> MOBBA?STS AatOIfO ri
I.I I -I? V.llll. IMIULM- IB Lit lit ? '.l-LI I'.
Tin: till lit it, <;lvi:i:u. UTBBAT?BB A'
sen nil BBPB1 Si m li? A invimN BtHTOB I
li v. i.i: is ?.
[' i "M t in i.i ,,i i tu (??,i:i:k-iii\iii ?r ?it r;r
I.ii"?i?'i\, July 1, "en. Qranl bknsell win? bb
by tins lime rank a? an BXpeti in mh Ii Blatters pi
nouncea b_ dinner with Mr.John Rnssell Young
?In Siiv-Yoii- lliiniii. al theGrosrenorHotel onFi
?lay. t m? of iln? iini?t cni'ivititie among tin? mat
(tirenhim In London. It has been asid thai Qe
Grant cherished no irreal affection tor journalists
jiiiniiali-t-. yet th" exceptional featnra "i M
Vonns/adinner waa iln? tact that m-ost of the p.
wen Journalists, Perhaps it ia only American Joo
nallatawhom Oen. Grant does not like. Nearly ?,
the newspaper men presen! ?m Fridsy w-ere? n;i
m ally enough, Englishmen, Yon will hardly ii'
tin i nsmes mentioned in any English papel
i !.. ,? is the Mil which English Jonrnaliam deligh
to throw around tbe indiridnals who make it iln
profession, I bone no great harta .-?ill bs .lime it
iff, aeorner of tbe reil, ami gira van a tiitnpst? i
??m n? o f tin? m.? n who lull? i?> fovern Gresl Bntai
I cimlil i <>t begin with a nans lesB known at ton
worthy; of being known than that of Thomas Ws
ker, some time editor of Ike Dwlfy Netre. Possib]
be is better known inAmeries than beta. If fan
depended mi s.?lii| t?rrico dona, bis buns onghl t.? 1
a wide mi" m America, He it was who put th:
[?.wilful j.iiirnal <.ur silc in 1861, ami kept
there throngfa the long period ol dissater an
iliaconrsgement which ??aw slssosl every "tl"
London pajwr atesdily ? I ? ? f ? nding tin? eanea of 1?'. h
linn, lin? ?i? t Mr. Walker ?lui against Lnfiueuc?
which u,, n 1.1 bars overborne tbe judgment of bum
men -a ga i n-1 even ths remonstrance! of theownei
of ihr Unity, Newe, s bo f> ared peril t" their proper!
fi<?m the poliej it supported. We eanM sfford '" f??
get a man who risked and endnred bo much tof a
Gen. Grant did not forget it, I sm ?thai to Bay, bs
a Inn Mr. W'alk.r waa pri sentad to him. greeted hi?
?.???th a warmth In? doea not always diaplay. F?
similar ressons soinething of the General'
iiMial reserve disappeared when Im shoo
I,amis with Mr. Frank Hill, th.? pi.??,iit c
itor of th.- tame paper, win? bsa kepi i
tun? ti. it? ..hi traditiona ??f friendship wit
America, I have had t,. mention Mr. Fi ' H
now ami then "tue ;t- the SOtborof that Volom
"i "Political Portraits'1 which is one of the moa
brilliant of modern contributions to pol I
ture, iii- ia tbe no less brilliant and solid paper 1
thela-t Fortuighttu on the Duc de Broglie. Not fa
off aal Mr. Robinson, I he manager of the tame papei
to whose enei ? ami genius for newa rotbei
min h of its recent commercial anccesa ia due, < rtbs
contributors t.? this great journal were present : Mi
Fraser Rae, a hoyou know m Ameri? a as snexcelleu
writer, and who has pnbliabed books ? : t ?. r !.. - ? .!.
paitmnt- ; Mr. Pigofit, once a leader-writer, not
t el.-,,| "t Playa !!l the I .' '! ? I ( ' 1 I.I !' : I '. 1 I 11 ll' ? ' ' ?
Mi. I.mi, who does its Parliamentary au
every night, who wrote the ?.ais "Underth
Clock" sen,?? for Ihr lio,l,i (London), sud who i
m...i tin-editor of a weekly paper lei up as a riva
t" that, ami kt?,,\\ n as Ma\ fair?s re? f readable t nl
1., tion "i ' hat. ?:mI "f things better than chat
! h, htm, waa represented by Mr. MacDonald, it
bnainess manager for twents ?.?? u . and net
agi t a'?" lines t!.- death "t Mr. Mo'
1 " ?,i\ that a man ha? In lit loch a p -itnm a- tie
on tin- luadiugj? ni nal ". tin? world foraucb a Lengtl
of time is eulogy euough not that I mean to o? up
myself with eulogy ?making on bun or auybodj eist
His colleague, Mr, tstrbbing, i? a ?/oiuigei man
whose work lies in the editoi al wing of th.? pnpei
if M much ? ? eking tt? pen. Lit
tbe profound mjratery wbich envelopes thewbol
of that p.;' "i" establishment; Later in tl:?
evening came Mr. Macdonell, i / aca leader-writei
known in newspaper ctrclea for tbe Snish and ac
curacj "t In? work. Oppoaite Mr. Frank Bill,tb<
editor of > in Daily Newt, tat Mr. Frederick Green
wood, the editor of The Poll IfoilUozotte, oppose?
in almost every sense and on an almost every quea
tion of public policy. Of Mr. Greena.I, too, I bavi
rather lately been writing with as much fi.lorn a:
1 ought, or limn? : sud ol him. I", it may la
that In? .?'l'ts-.s in iiiak:ri-r //" lull Mol
Gazette what it is, is .?ne of ths conapicn
mis tuts in modern focrnalism. Mr, Trail! ol
t., same paper is s man o? letters, a student of oth?
er in,?ratlin?.? beside English, wboae recent article
on Paul l.ouis Courier I hope every American Jour?
nalist read, h. Uailt Telegraph i? presentiu tBe
persono! Mr. Hula,its most versatile ami popular
correspondent, and the writer ol its aocial and many
other article?. Mr. Edward Dicej ?.. i? onoe, and
perliapaatill is, a oontribo or to thai Journal, bat la
?.ditor in his own right .?l* Tht Obtener, tbe one
Sunthiy paper which ranks by its ability ami enter?
prise witb tbe dailies of London, an old paper t"
wbich Mr. Dicej has brought fresh power and talent
enough to give it of late gears a more important po
siiiini than it over bad before, lie. t,'... ia k ioa i
in America by bis own seivluee, and by the fact of
having married one ol ths most beautiful ?nul se
compluhed of American women. Mr. Edmund
Jfatea you know, also novelist and "ourntliat, aoa
editor ol The tforli, wbich waa the first and is atill
the most widely circulated, ami ??m? of the moat
readable of what l luv.- taken the lih.it> to ?all
Boulevard w? eklies.
My catalogue is slresdy a long one, bul f 'lire ?a?.
I have omitted tome names, ami 1.?i at anj rate
Include three American j?onrhalists win? were
present! Mr. tConway, of whom we an? all proud;
Mr. \\ i!ham Winter, rom graceful dramatis criti?.
.?uni Mr. Chamberlain, th? p-romising bob of the
veteran writer who was bo I ? ? ? i ?_? Mr, Ore? ey's j
Btnial friend and political opponent. Among gUMta
w bO '1" BOt helm:?.' t" the pi"!' Ilion Wi le the Mitil?
ii .,i tin- United States, snd aexl to bim M. m
lignoi Capel, a il.uk-fai: .1 man ,\Innu, beluga boru
Puntan, I lei down as having ths (?see of a Jesuit
(which 1 behave he Is), but a genial snd cultivated
man, renowned m laondon aaaeapital talker. Mr.
Roacoe Coukling attracts general st tent ion, hispei
sonal gifta and bearing beiag at hi i? '..n
?ii an English as in an Aim-il.-.iti a??.-itil,lv. Next
Gen. Graut, who sita on Mi Young/a right, came Bb
Joa ,'h l'a> i?'- a" Anglo I ml i at, "t t?i-nlv-tv,,i i. :us
exp nonce, wha showed perliaps equal courage in
the Immortal di f? use of Lucknow snd in forbid?ling
the i'i in?,?.ui Wales t.? lo to Madras. rTewastbc
Priuce'a physician. I n?<? th.? word "forbidding,"
i.nt what hspperted was this ! The Prinoe was sMat!
eager to go; then was cholera, ami it wa? not pro?
?lent In? ?hmihl ?-'"; there was tin? eertainty that h -
presence would attract an immenae crowd, smidat
which th.- ravagea of dlaease could not bat bo aw?
ful. When the Prince pi ned the p.,mi Dr. Fajrer
replied: " Yom Boyal Highness will of aonrss ?l" sa
mu ilk.? ; I.nt if you go to'Madras, I shall take the
first ateanaer to England." Tbe Pri. did not i?'"
to Madras, The (/nein wrote |?r. Fairer an anto
graph letter of thaiika, and be is te-daj Bb Joseph
l'ait, t, k ?.>.!.. ami K.i.'.S. siso, of win, h hit
t,i title be ia perhapa moel proud. A aquare-faeed
mm h. i?, between whose ami Gen. Iii.nit thus
?ire points el read?/ sympathy, and talk goes freelj
mi. <?en. it nl.?.in sits :?t the other i-ml of th?' BB*
pat table ; Mi. Macmillaa,ths eminent publisbsr, ami
bUpartner, Mr. Cniki Mr. Normaa Loekyar, th??
m;H"|Iicc , h tk ami n.?tr<illoni?l ; Mr. I'llk?.?!.?!!, M.
P.? Mr. Paya, Mr. I>n\is, Mr. ?I. K. (ii:mt arc all
there; ?nil that man with tin? clear cut fa?*.?,
whom ton muht pick out as tin? tlcsci-mlaiit
ot a tl?,r.eii Karl?, Inii who has ?lout? his lighting in
l?-ison inst,'.nl "f tin"in,'h hi? BMSSBSBB, and ?acars
an cinptv aleeva, is Gen. Faircliilil, our Consul tu
l.iiciooul, and au cxtxlicut Couaul be ia. lli.se.
vil wOl agres, ate ths matarfaai si??good soatpea}
? ".?I i..l!<, and Oen. (?rant's pleasere in th?' aa?
tertainmefil given him need surjit i -?? nobody, 1
tni.'fit add a good desl si.? tbs? f, and
,'i'eiii' the .1? corationa <?. tbs rooms, and all tbal ? sa>
tribated to tbe perfection of tas festival. I rimai!
even like t.. repoti bobm <?f lbs talk, w? l- thai s ara
missible liberty t" lake. Hit sas nut draw tkt
line son? a here ; ? .,..?,,,,: ?, jpeadaat lias
00? .i H?H Si -' finies.
Ai I Ins?' mentioned Mr. Lney, I stay da worst
tbaa ??iinti- wbal be taja ahaal <;? s.Gra ,t at thi?
very d in. r :
? ''u iii-i i ? ? ?? ... a be i
II' h - .i -: ? ? .u, i-i
t-, that If hi? I ? ...,?..,1
lie CO I ' ' -I.l-ll I.II SS Illl hi- I i".|,|, II, .-. . . To
:i man ,,:, ,,,-.,,? ,,f m ,,pi?
esittn.to be Introduced, this is anus.,,., le sift, st
'l ??? - , s is ',s Uii Hie i:i,|.;i.--e -, II ,'. li |t f, f
? tbe fien? i.i would have up : ..ml
ron tilted to blm his views on eurrenl lopu-*, particularly
ftbei liai ??!? i <u the i .??? Prennlenl Job?
?,,.i. \i worst, ih - el bead |it i?
n?>( i."m i. i.m ?uiinr? : and si."i is .ut Ii.iu ni t
iii.it f, li ov? r SI lion wh? n the bat? i waa o er,
.m.i ii.i appallm* silence of Apporanttox Court llotue M
Lee advanced with head ereel and sword hi .1 hilt oat
With respect to that eonfid of tcaHtaoaj gfetwjl
Gen. Grant's reception al Windsor Castle, I beard
t?. day i !.? ?li piece of testimony. Tbla wttm -- .iv
sens that ths Qaesn did unset Gea. snd Mrs. (?rant
on their arrivaL I coafaaa I dont ass In.? thai ?-vi
?l. nee can to disputed, tbongb 1 am net at hi?, n-, ti
-?. rom whom It cornea, li i- addsd "'i ths sssss
Big- authority that the Queen was mm-li pleaat-d
witb her gaeata, and highly enjoyed thoii ? ??i :. I
quote tin? the more readily because II i- trun a gear?
ter in which idle atoriw to tbe contrary have l??-.-n
rather eagerly circulated. ?,. w. ,s.
AN OB ANON tl A ,;/7.t/..
l-tl . i m ::vr. i'i:?i< i>-i??\ r\ .im.i ? ?..;. vmii.R
I'li. .vrm.vs IAEI N 11?? un: v; iiiu.ii, - -a
vu \.
MO-TKBAL, J ni v 16.?The fatten] of ThO-MW
Lett ?i.iei.ett. ssiiii i.surd?red la?4 ' uro?ar.t?eB
place to-?lay, ami passed ??If without ,li-'.:i i, m. i ?
Intim kmtwai amoilingnf th? Bl I * ? iety
wbei itrssolnttouswere adoptedeensurtng tb< >i ?,.r,
I ectlng the membera to attend tac funeral \t n
.i. m. s-t .1.111,1.? -t uu crowded ssith people? bel no
rowdies ? ?? ?. ? .;.- Crewda turrounded Oraeg San,
endeavoring to see Haekett'a remains, which bad bssa
rlewt .i bj upss r,i ,,i .t,..in??? peiipie -;:.ee Batardsi At
-,,:s nluatc i ? aad ? troop of e;?s ?dry
s ere , nlered oui in mala?Un ..i _m . 11
men . .,ii!:::ii .i t., arriva from Ottawa, Kingston aad
other place?; the number who ?tme '? n- ? stlmat?e at.
vt four in., ttraeta were - wded.
The funeral uroceesioa formed snd began to
more, ,\ u tacbmeul of Bottes led sai a
band f , tho < man h. 'i bs
Orange Tona Britons,Montreal ? irii.ii..:-. fee Ma?
ti. al Ot - artillery, aadei CoL M k ,
Montreal Engineera, under O D . , !,
, !
riie silver corn b md "f the VI t"i ? '?
,.;,.. de !" - 1, un. n -i
- ' t'lut
i ?i .:.? .boat tl
, alag
... i ,? rush, ss .th ci,' - of uiiir
i'i't ,if ths
poil u ???'iii to , i,| \V:ili"l
? marched t" quick atas dosm the -?...?? I.i
i - ' i rm waa
, ,11 SS Illl Illl . ? I ?? I .1 It
? im ni t im -?, i
-.ni m'- hiui!.. ? i m le the I , to rush.
, ? , ... ... ample) I I I |
After the dlntuhenee un 8t, .i u ? .
' Btll tin- peO| : I \ii
? r
ie in the pro? e--u,!i ,.r fro .,
ilon for :i iii,,ii. nt, bul ( ' 9h 11 n
ton't buttery cam? on Um asne, and nothing f rtlierhap
,. ine ?.im,, in the eburcb ? ? ed by
Canoe Baldarla, De ? "f Moetieal, Iba _ev, loems
l'iuiiiii i. ni, .un! .u, ? : , i : s .neu. ii umentf
?ire. Aller !!,'? ?el S le, III. l.ttV'
fon.I in i- i " ' ed? 'I up lrul?n ive, tu
?iberbrook-tt, sndeuttnlyoatol thsslty. Th? mPltarj
me bivouacked alona the read lo the cemetery.
At the -' >'.e ! - i:. s i.A Doadl t. Chap da ?t ths
Orange Rorlety, delivered istlrrtug tddreaa, H
e'.u ! ,| bit '-I' :!:.li - '
R?volutions of tli Ornnt ! id ? - ?? .--.-1 -m,-, ,u, 'it SS
,|., i.m- that lien? ? I u? u >. ill ? .
th? li r._-,.- . i ne what ??...v? t'.u- a ??
: .1. || : , ,'. bl IOS -"'im? UBI - ; '.u' "'Veil
-i.iiiii-' in pr, :i rab?? i.i ati ? .... ? under
I ,e e,n imsl uu ? ?. Mil l _ :i - We l"Se !'??:? ? !
ss ill, m DJ ss ... have pi? i e.l I, i tl.etn
im? s.,11 isii i?. iiirnl m ih?- film' Ihsva
In ;, ,-,i the - ue .I,-? iiM -.ii i of Ibe post, sn<l
uel I I. ?! th.- tplrll of 'I I'l.m.is |,. rt
i,uu the irrave when sse have laid him. With
gravei* lot the occurrences of tbe I i-t few du i
,. ,,i,. iUk ss:, . ?i will m . ? ii? .,
. tuai m il ill to ci ? ' i is , i. .. : v uni, r
?t.iiul tbe un..', ol i '? .i.m,.- -i,,.ui,- tor iipi.il i.win?.
i, ,. oui -..is i,, n. il aud die foi i. ?? tl >rlo_t ? >.u
?iiiuii n if-, . '?? In u .i. lain ? .i-- "I
?l|. lie II |U ' Ipl -!",-? ,.i ;i. II
our h lii-iiiiui s me wlseln time ih.n -m? mey bs s
ul.Ileuoue: bul if tin suiclil-l|.eyofpi.liants
.n,- part) aud no prote? Uoii I" au??lbei ,? .illl lu pievalL
lei n... rest ip ,n tue bi - i i it
ci.ne lu ignore n,- valu? ?? i t.> r. i..- I;.u,..,- ,:p u re?
- . . U.V.
Tin- pi.H ?? Mob retara cd oats ht.eh ? ire-tag aedai
and arrived al Oraags Hall at 7:20 o'clock wltheats
tint?t uni.lent. Tin- militar; I.ghl ap Mi ? mai.
Crowd? of i.pi" in?!.!> sheeted the pro? . >
,-t. Ja.." I -I 00 u- :
liasiu 1--UI.I, .ni I) clMsae were sttachad this svea
lag while wanting ,i.,?n Biearj n\ bj a dreaksa?w.a
who fired three times si Lemai umlili"! ths rsBBB__?g
obambers of hit revolver al Deehasae?bel atlaasSS?sB
:ii,,,.. , - mt wat .irt? ?teil.
Tboeonnti Oransei.is U remiUa latowaallalght
i, in. ttniK ay the Montreal h I i
a? tin- point Ht. Charles Contlnsi ot ?.f ?u iu_? men wets
mi tue w.iv t" ?Mil liiuiM-.s m tlie v,i--ii>rt,
.?iiiuiri ? tbey were met at Wellington luiit.i
i,y an bBBMnas i li.w.i uf the spposlfa party, wh4
acted m a ui.n.1,1:,?' iiiiiiiur In;! ili.I nut Btf??I
? e'll -illl'- yilU'lln Wllil UggOd ?. SSI,.it
ths Orangemen eaam aleas sad a erowdol rufll uu atad?
m ,n. .nil-lit tpoe them with revolv? . n ?au
ten one ss m -mu .tus?, n, 11 tu- ? i.i 11 ?n ik i ue blm 1b t ?? bead
.ni mother m ths seek. He was takes t,> tae hospital
? I '" U*A?-'I, l'Ut II" .'IT"?'? SAi IV lll.lile.
I 1.1- ll.pl, si ,iu t.ie I'.l'l? l.f M.li Uett WOS .?.'11*11111 .' I'>
day, but there waa no et ' i '?? Ineulpata as|
.farther than the Ideutlfloatlen of the mvotvet a- se
lonslnn n. ths deceased.
The followiaa letter wet r'?'.!?."1. v:.i?iei
Oreat, of iiu-1 ?raass >..? i. tj :
?mi.: I li iv. reason to Inform ?uu that the '-va ter a?
tbe i.u.ei,i? fui iii mW..i?- will be pu?. i..,i t. ,tis I
e..uill net n -t m peace till I bed Iniormcd you of
I .ise dime m s 11,, i s. It was a t>li?t ?iverhesr?! yes
i. pi ,s ii ?i .1, m l; ipilate ? . .. v; . K?Heve ms
lu ne s mir?, IliliV , A P?n ?!' > I.."
S CATHO-K i M'l im n..n.
ai >t. Patrick's Church restentay,prayws f"r Mi?
Kaowa were o??rod at the High Mass, and m raSemast
to ths rtotoua eoedael of the mui, at ?
.pu in-., tha Iat i.?i,i?r Le slain ms A slawieamiBa
II, ?in.I in- ?nppi'si-it ihe < "[i.-ie?.'?tliiii >irs iiatii,.. s ci
peeled s leu remarks rom him relative to the tad. r? u.?
? a i !.. IL deplored mo?t heart 11/tls deets at s
j,,,,.i i i tie s?.,? ?m,, thai thej . d. p , nd
it with him. II? ttated uT a crime bad been cammltted
ihes i. pud ated it, bul he boi* ,1 there ?>-?- uo i rime, ami
be . s '.I n, i- ss.,,i.,l ah.,ss BboW III.il
been Impmleuce un M ? part ,.f the "tu-, mui a blind f iry
,-.. ne : I,, a r.'.ii "i imaiduarj offence, a bleb has oaiitad
? m, pert n? i?. ?' > . < ?- ssi.i, n the] had acvet in
i.n.l ,| ?in t.lui baud, he Mated he wished to
i.g before tueur notice vsimt bs believed u, ih- the
,?.ui?,. "t uu- trage?j il- eoeM tracetl Bg i?. u l"u_?
exmi ".' principle ii doea net .late hem uun ot ?.__s
v ii- I'welllli of July, hill fiiun (Le iiiuiiu'iit lit
Protestant pi? ?a i?><>k a ttaad of aggrssstea t .words Uit
? .itliu.i.?< .uiii'h. Tin ie w?c?rcel) s ?Jay nui soinethlafl
in ?uu In tlir la?ile? uf tlie i'l "ti-nta ti t pivot
In Wound tbe t?-?-l.iu? of Cutholio* In the ?I,apt
of Bleeder, ta?sr er unatepr-wamttoa ; ?>' Bu-hsdpsf1
Ua.it, f"i mo tliltis- l*rote*taiil, oinl ? hsevy i-oloriu?; ul
surthias unfavoraMa U> C'oiuulira. Tiik tptttt of tht
|'i,,t,-1 uii pn-M iI>m? it* work of uititebirf in a tlu? i ul
, r?, ? tuai way. It foetote o spirit of bltterne??. of ani.i^r*
,,iii-in sad even batead. wUiub soda st i_?t in bleed*bac
l a? embers inn? tu?- "??'??? i?'ss ?siubiiiUUhk. itod It re?
ou?t, il hut s ?park of Are to t?n?Ite Ui?m. It wot ?ntu
aii) tire Protestant pesai winot, tm??i th?/?jo_s ???t?
?mui it tlie naitmaat sraae * aid d??*i with catuJue? iq
ru ???-..? ,.!Jii.uio.n??-> wool?! in ver SudCa-iolksu M

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