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Vo'' -XXXVII.N* 11,387.
v ..'. /
re -*^^^_^_SS?2-W
nticn Foru cesto.
A BU881 v\ \ it TORI KXFOBTED.
! VI.KAN CvMrvli.N'.
Aecordlag to tits Baratas ?.Hi.ial reptara, (ion.
GoiirV..'- f"ie?s BSTS defeated tlie Turku BSSJt- ?'f
tli.? I'.alkaiiR, ?iTitl an? moving on Ka.sanlik,
i? in tl.e par of tin* Ottoman fores
in , in.iinlilig tlie K?.i|>ka l'as?. Tlie .- ,1't'ile of
>ik.'lK.?.i? ,'in.l tlie t-niieiiil. r ?if 8,000 'lull.?
i.vo BilBllliaa lire fully confirmed. 'I'lio
i i ..iv ally is being dis?ributad widely
ii. I'-iilg. na. It balds BSflMOM fr.e.ii T_
i - we?; ..f Busschuk t<? 40 Bules inland,
f.n n.g tl.o Tlllkish fiiieiinwt jv.sition OB tin- 1,'ivtr
1. .in. 'I'll, Russians BreiOPOlted toliave marched
? '. MUstlia, winch they intend to Mo. kade
uitli I'.irt of i!n? f.-n.s in tlie ]>oluudj:i.
Tiir wati in BTJlaO?BU.
i.N vi.-iTii si niM'i.'i.n in,.; ?am? MSB avaii
Aiu.i. roa caoasutQ imb balkum ras bub
bams within rwSXTfl MltiS Off 1? sum K.
laUBtMn?, .'iiesdav. Jui.v 17,1877.
I.', carding tli?' SSISBJ prist SB the nossinc t?f tlie
(tslks-s, :? sotnaspoadesU with the Baastati army
. tod iirnova <>: tli" L3th inst.,
(i? n. tiolitko's adTantB bad gone BvaTWaid 4S
In,urs i?rev inii-ly. Col, Judobain's Circassian
< v. rs leadiag ill?? ooa-SBB- Bo bad ?r.?
tl.e tracks through tlie |i_sseh of i be ll. lena Bslkaas
that GOB, t?,,;.i ,,"'? minimi of infantry as well as
the cavalry lOStfJBed I heir wagon transport and OOaV
?/eyodtbeb i prov mi osa <'n pat k??-orsso,
? i ?nut ko seed BUTS BO fear of the 'lurks
breaking in up >u the lina ol hi? communication? for
Le ha? cut himself sdrift?
Tin: BUSBUS okitciai. BKt-OBT.
l-HrooB, Tm ? lay, Jal* ?7. i ct.
The i'ollnvv?tu' l-lhe Ifussian nflinal account of
Qm i r...-ii/.'..f tin- |{ ilk.na? :
BOTA, Mi.ml.y, .T.iiy It, 1S77.
"(..n. Couiko with SB ...lv.iiieet! guar 1 of iival
rv . itifaiitiv and ailillerv has Oil-Bail t!i? llalkans.
OiiJuiv 11, h? eurpriasd un.i defeated s Turkish
s lieh guardad lbs outlet ol tiie psss Boas
tin- village of Kbaul? ?i.
"(?en. (jourkoia bow mar? lung apon Raasalikin
,.i of tiie eii.'tuy, who occupies tiie fortified
1 'i' ill''. 'I ?VO i-'lliijiann I ?I < ?'.. Ilt
., nli in i lie* talefraju. Itotwooa
l pis e an?! Noniga.ia and ."?iiveno.
lay an t-ngsfetnent was tottghl noar Uto
\ . ?? Oras aie. BoS-woa a Coaaaek astro aad
, btuents of ?'..i-h-l',.!/ .ni-.-, sad Ctreas
, supported by luikish infaalry, tue snemv
? until the arrival of dlU*rooUS ninl
; aiiiiiii.v sen! hy ?.? m. Qoarko, On i-- r
< ??_ th.- spproaeh of these reinforce meute the
'Jinks tli d. '1 ii?- llig, m Vi ral tiS'HJSTsj
B quantity of ai ins were i a ;it u i eil."
'linsraiduf Gen Gourito, aad his stubborn ooa?
te?t with th.- links, is only the ptoehsls of
i pisa of rampsifu, A Bears letter i
from Obirtaik, a ptacs on the Li_iiw.iv between
I sud Uustchuk, says ih.it after blockading the '
fortreeacs of the quadrilateral, io?,oi?o s
i ;
, exi lusive of ???./.
Briny m the ll . t : i s .lion of ?
nothing to ?hui...-. Bucharest is the area!
i depot, a . .. - ?>f in.-al t?. w h i b
t es uf i i?.r iii? relief <>i the B< ..
j ,i 'am i.e wars ;i mers b-j-alelle
will ba the kutennodiate and Tiruovs the
As regards Us Annv, j
a rapid sdaaaat as Baaarho?t doss nor Been !
i '? ? ? ?:s. a'ry iHrtatoni forming the '
. : ay, extend _roa a point on the
J r, 12 miles west ?>f Kastebuk, to 40 atiles In
lam,, faciug i!,? Turkish toressosl posttion oa the
i?i.-? Lota. BsbsII laouB-Mtisaaosaato pushed ??.r
W/d-, hut Ihi u.-A-nf th nl; visions has hSflB Station
an im a!> nit a ttask,
?? . y rorniiiuiiicfition on the Adrisaopk lino
La.? . d for every_h_g except-roorsv
Tin au.:<;ii> BOSBIAB ritri-niKS.
i erueltioa la Bulgai b?ua denied by the
t pendent of The 1'nily Aetr-? wtfh Use Kus-ian
f birteuik. It is noteworthy. howeT??*, thai
iTanos guarda sad Cottsaolts thai
ban i,? ? d m,id. ?. Hosttysi "I may mea?
t ? ?O Turkish families of Ttrnors re
i dailoi the genera] sxodus. and are ItTiasj un
harmeii un.i? i ti.? ..(>?? :ai BgaSaetiou o? iho J..
military aataestMea r-iK-aking an a pssfecUy mi
t n man who would have no i?e?itntion of in-ar
timonytotbs uoalrsiy. wars the otattrary
true, sad v. i,o ha.? ha/1 sstoepUaaal oppsttaatlba for
ohsirva-ion, i do not beUsTS that la Bu'gitria t?ntate
i. is ingloiastanooof porsoaal maltmatisont
of a 'iurkiflli civilian at the bands of B-tvaaa
1 rui ...r?espondeata at Slrornla, however, eon?
cur in stating that they jiersonally wttneaood the re
eulihoi tin- Russian utt.uks oa Umrtnanasd Tiiiki.-h
l>o].ahi!i,.iis in the ajiaps of wounded, old nun,
v . i'tii!,u.U. Borngoss saj that the Haasisn
lioopsattaekad wagoa traiusaooiag loBbtuala snd
: red the people rn?lisrurminstfilT They tired
on sniiie partiss arhh artillery.
IHK BtSTOTS POHTOOS ni!ii?r?r. intact.
It i? ii:., i.?lly announced at Constaatiaoplei that
I potted alta, k by Tuikibh BBOaitOfS on tho
BlBtovi :? untrue.
'i i.e 'links have ?vacnnted and the BaSSlaBS
u pied Uedjidio and MaUtgales in lbs Iiohnidja.
THE (-UrTTJ-ATIOB Al MKol'iil.tfi.
Iius-i.in otlis dal dispatches claim that the
Kikopulia ganiMiu, cons.sling of two PSshSS and
6,000 reaulat?, has bb?laadasod?
MKi.i'ni.is ai ir.K 1MB sit:i:hm>kr.
I'M oa. w. l?ataalaj. Tnlj 18,1^77
A Time? satrsspsadssd tslssa*apks from Tur
Iia-Mar?'Uielli, July lti: "1 have vinited the
two Btonil u5 ca?.lined from tho Turks. They
can ptobablf bo made rt'.ul> for action
Without mich delay. I have also Been tlie
Turkish jirisiimrs, who we.ro tnaaaggrtod to the Ron
tiaii'.sii side of the Danube ta-dtt**, The prisoners
are all regulars, the BBsU-BaBOtsks and Cn.'cassiaim
having lelt SOBBS tii.ie ago. On the hifats c< iiiriiaud
; - *poliS, eitijitv caitiidg.-? ases lying in iv. iv
direction tell of a dsspssaSS Ktni/.'gl(?. Thou.sai.dtI
of nlh?, bayonets, and accoutcrtuents aro fsJsd
along the Nad to thr* town whero a tram of 300
Wounded M. -sii ins await removal into iinjirovi?i d
-".-1'it.ils. 'iho Turki- hunieii their stores and the
puiicib&l buildinga of the lovvu luut uighi before
A Bucharest telegiam, ??-lit vest? r.lav, savn: " Tte
?iay tiie OoBMfhl of BbBBB KltSiSMt aie said to have
' Lsfli l'alauka, a?lvaiicing towaid \V,d.lin."
1 rom tho Dsktradaa-i the I?uesiaiia aro reported to
have matched aouth of ?Sllnstna, which will bo
bl'ii-kudfl, thereby cutting tb? quadrilateral in two,
and lully protecting Ituanian communication!:1 011
_-eD_uube." _
Londo?, Wednesday, July lft, 1877.
A Vienna telegram says that at Constant i nonle tlie
Boftuh )iuv? lieinandf-d that the standarxl of the
?aNphaa be ralnod foi a holy war ; but the I'ahice
has ?lei idi-d to postpone this extreme step till the
kassiun* are ueaxer Adrianoplo,
i?NUOB, Tuesday, July 17,1(577.
Prince Karageorgevitcu, prstonder to th? BorV-Mi
ahrone, has entered tlie Mouteaegrio Annjr. His
eRtn had hitherto beeu deottued for fear of o_eiid
l--f Prixie? l__?_i, au ailiaaoe with wbota was desiritd
bj Montenegro, Their soeaptanee Is non bo isidered
?? ?urn sitn that no ooSperation of S; in li iii lbs erar
Is <?\p-i t? d.
it ih now ?ii'fiiiiteiy ?leeiiii ii tlini tiio Banmanlaa
Army will ?u?t nSsaSM lli<? ot!eii?i\ <\ lint Brill Ota-BBS
11??-il to t o\ ?*r - tie ib?? line of tli?- I ?ami I ?o.
The Rassiaa TelafrapUe Agency sabHshes m ?jan
t?i:tl denial of flu? report s of RnBB-H atrocities.
AIMTBIi sill.I, CAI Tl??is.
i,,?i?,s. vTeaaeeaar July i?, i??7.
Tlie Vii-ntta eomapoadeal of ihe litar* deniee
that tiio pas???4?:i? of tin Balkans wfl! ssaks
sny dtaTerenee in ihn attitude of Austria, which
loyally promised und Intends to maintain nan
ti.il.ty, unless tho war appr taches toa asar
bat f i t>iii i.i s, or anlias Russia at tu?? Baal
settlement should depart from the grognunnie which
sin? lu.? sananaoad. |<??u. LevaeheHi tbs ? Bar's -\?ij i
t.int-tteueia!, Las arrived in Vienna troto Bucharest.
Tlit- paito i(?al 10?S ot li.-tiliiie.? in B<algaria
ited m th. iii?.!??? mao. ?iii, u niiutvs toe eeunirj
Beats at KlkepoUs aad Bastebak ae far ??i the leathers i
?. epes ,,f tos u.iikan Moaataton Ins Rasstaas now bob.
t:?,1 ?'.f i; al?ai .,u -.'i?- et the Dsaube, 'i an Nikopolti :,,
Blatova, tad havi leateavalrj to aithia twelve ndleeel |
kuttebah, Qen. Oonrfeoli forree, tvim-ii weesod tin
Balkaiis, are reported to be marching mi KaaanUh (aee
?api, Mill, li i? m tin? ic.ir o? Un? Turkish. foroSBj hrlf*ftg
tli?- tjhipka PSSU
l'A---!,- IN 1111. ll.iLI-.AN.
I' i-- DOW liiitiwii lint the Russians liavc fol
? ' i..,--.,,, i ill,- I,a,?an. l.Mii e,i-,.,In ,nl
;, -, ..ii? , ..?i.i,j t.. in Dranoia aoulI -
e.i-i t,? a Ltile village Bailed I tardif sa, from twelve to
? ?i .1- :,, Baghra, The
WH...I tor/ traveraed i-, however, li
i by that ?>t Un? nelghhurtog pssssa Bftoi
, ,'. a toe road sea ida the .-? i, ? ?
'. L um ii - iua.mil st??ei \y to the
...,' tli
? ?: i,,, i. laanlt ?. i bit,.?- IS dial ,? I 1* ...
,. i be ?n?- ?m i? dag bent I
i.i i??> of ant Ire ??. ?."?! tbe village turr?n edad
orchard* and roes partean On the third i"..,i- .n.,i.
i .n,. ;?. from <? i nan L.i/.ii i i.i Kasan to fJlivns are I ??? ?
old inti , wuleb of late have bees ag?Is per
? , ..ii. 11 K - 111 it (It ep flu? lo ?a, a tul
i;n j L ?rron 11? ft in t u?? rot >. -,
a pa i? ,,:? :,. ,1 i! iii, altj
,.i,,,.i ,.n ,.,, i,,.. ,-,,,,,ii exp.-ii. a ,- ii, loretog hie waj
?i. i ,i_i., bat received tnu name of toe Iron ??at?-.
Tin.? narros -". nay, bow? ter, in- avoided my tohlag ..
,ml , ir? ,?i!.i,,? p.itli ulii,?j ?eel-, treat Ka-.tn I..
BellmnoorBllvao. Bare thedeeesel ti,?ui tin? highest
p..:nt ol th.- nnrentaln.- i?? 011 veo, a:: I ',., see citlitriu
Kai in i,j DobruU, lus ihi-rngli h diatra i ?.< r> rtllen m ?u
Itaeharaea r Iron IBe barrea tiop.-? mi tti? nerta, Fruit
trees, rosesjard? -. "adlvarstfy thesoeae; aad
v. bile BMW m?i? Lcbon the B?lgaraib no,,?.??, toe ?outan:: u
are gr?es vrltb li r orient Togt talion
'in,- pnae tron Bhnmta toTJa-B-ivab and Dobrol t la,
?o lar at? natural ?Iule ,i.l n- Bit BOUOiaBB-. <?,,-.ly p::n.
tleeatoaefai u? X?nMhavah. Ikonen te DohreU, how
??irr, tu?- route ums through a Barrea jt.'i.s?, herder? il mi
either side by ?, ?< p reeks latriaskmeatt ?ti.?'? have
beea uni.tiinte.i uiii.a, ir shstinsinlj defended,woald
rendar tas passsgs uf an tavadlsg torce slang it an en
treuiciy ptaeartontenteranee. IVam Debr-D agau the
mod deK??-n?i? Bleeall thiuugit a iou_- aad defensible
datai to Deh Ksmtjlk.
Tha pues ?ioin Keotadjl i?v Pravadi, feen-rt to Aldos?, la
halved iK-jir ti??? Bmell Iowa <?t Prnvadl by a ridge ot i
roi-L, whtoh sflbisanatarsl tsttliosttaa. Tula ob.?ta?:i<? \
iua\, however, alao bt? avoided by toOewtog a path
through ti? Kiik-iiei.iiu Peas, or"pass<?f testy for i?."
MMiti'.od because the i?..i?i ooniinuaiiy<'io??e. mni re
orassss a ssssll strsasi wuuu lews threogh the pees, or
by tektag tin; J<nii?oi read. J : o : it them latter matee
nulle ?sala Bu s high! (roa from wood ami eever, ;?ii?i
?* i it-h eonoBQuentry leads Iteelf to detaeeive nnanga?
Bseato, 'i hsss ware tin- passss token i>> Dtsbiush la tiiu
nsnipslgB of 1839,
The defense, mliii? The Full Unit Oatette,ot tt leagth?
??n?? t iiiiiunta',11 tlialti, through wliieh Dei., art? tt vital
pa??,?, i , like i?,,? defense of a lang une of river un
whteh tin? re aie m ? irai point- of posBSg?. roooflaed (o
ti.? u difficult umi. rtaktog -, lut H i.- pointed out by a
writes m n I ? '-nu?m BUttary paper, that If the Baseof the
re force i? i.< ni roneentrated nt some eohvenienl
mat e. nt ful pi,ml, witli e?,i| - of .,!,?, rva'1,,11 unit pu I I ,1
ii,i?ai.i nil., ti.? I'lOi.iiiaui?, n iHigbt. if capable of nut
neuvriUKIn the Seid, to be able UiuUI with the ereateM
- -i].,,11 tin? in a. Ik of outumni deliouebtng frutn the
defllee, arid that, i berelare,, if???< ? i llj .,- i BgaaBehumla
,u. i Varna, ox even uali ?un- o? tur?.- fotti eatet r, ma m ?
In the liitn Ik of tb? Turks, tlit iiaaaageof tb? Balkans ???ill
b? 1 (.'llllcal aSaUpl WC l"i tin Km??,an? to Ulnli-UaUe.
Till. Ul'SSI |1 VAM.I'AKD.
Tlit? BMBlaa nilvanii'-pi.inl OOBBBd tlit?
I>H!iul>fl in Itoiiti? win ti liny , -apiui. ,1 Maleinn, Im, af|, r
WStd ?err tr.iii?p M t?-tl ti the 'i'iul?.-|i rfda "f tlie il\,i in
barpsa These Borgt i aate ptwh 11? ii it the bMs i >>- hage
waadsa lalwarha, haOt up to tin iit-ht of aman, with
leophataa -braag i tosas, i hssa balwarfta weald wart ?,ti
a ballit. out hardly *? ?i,i-n. Oea. iMnmermaaa, es*s>
Bisaitsr ??f on?? of iia Bb i Isa eorpa ??? the Dobcndto,boob
after lint Ituib.aii v,iu_*uir,i riil.re.l Man ?an, went eVSt
u? it?, aeststaaee witi? -'.?km? more Botdtm. a? h,.,,n a? ike
lnhltliltaiils law IhS I" IWll) .nil?n b.u gel eoiiunr, Ihr
hew?on oaiiu Peas stales, tin y toraaed lato a psaaamisB
and came dOWB t<> 11??' ^lulle with boaasrs, boly plut BIOS
t?ikeii iitiin tlit sharehas, snd varions ether reUgloasssB
LaiiiH. They v. i.? i??' by toree priests nmi bbbm
otuer cintrch dtgastorhM ui full saasaasal robee,
who unt toe Uuittiaii troaps shantssf a hymn.
Qeaaral Bsss?ss_aan uiok uft his -o???i ?nu klsssd tin?
little woodeti aia ihai ?a? ptessatod to hlss, ?a bile v. ith
a hunch of grasa u i???* th'y sjaaahsd *i?y amoaui of
holy water over hlii head, anil lu fa? tain, not dreiuhod
him. liarh of those who followed were lieatml w it li ?tin
?aine < oplou? thoier-tialii, ?nda? thu day ?as hoi ami all
wen-in a i?-i i it'ie parsplrstfoo, theordasl am i>y no n/.m
an unpleasant one Tue people thea uroeted tbe iroepe
with loud liunuii*, and iiiiicimvI iftrr tli.-in, iii'imfi-MInc
u,.- most sstravsgsattoy, eeyecuiiy tin- ooy*, who??? ?i*
iii?iit ?ai* a* unbouii'letl in ii was troohloaome. Revea? ,
toeleea,mar>ltoel tomethingthat w?i _n,t.?ipi? a out
It all, lui? ux-eptiiui of the Coiiqin-ror* tijr tlie OOUOJOOtnO.
of tlie invadrr* by IhS in vi,!<.,,, i.a-i a prolouuU polltteal
Mifuiflcaiie? won t, itio X_wdptolee, if toeta ?t,r?> my
pieaaat, weald am ii?,no ?arii i?. |.,iu.lnr. 'ia?.?? peepto
mateado! loi-lnc ugot the jtnasltni nn rn*ini*i and
roinpicioii.-".?! in? _,.t?iia.,.l ?,pi?it ?.-?'ir-., I.u.,, ,1 tin ,11 v. ?lu
ili:,i?.'iil and iMtifi^ lion ai taulr deliverer* frutn a da
gittliug -? d Uli i bit- n?H,d. ?,??
Nik?'i><>lifl, Vilii? !i thu BmB-I-U Intvt? t*?ipturt-tl,
la a town uf twenty thouiMud h-hahttaala, leaaded i?)
Tr^Jau, -O tullo* uorthwetl of fintova lud M from Kn?t
chub. Riur Uil? place m f?u_ht thu SSSBBBBBSi hattle
Of MkupulU, Bopteiulier Wb\ 13l>?i, wlnn IL'tyatld Il,l..r
lm defeated the Cbrlitlan Anny under hitvntiiiiiiul, Ku,k
uf Hungary. Like HitUiva, Nlkoi?<>ll? ii BtSBSSSd un (?au
?teep hill?, and i ?ohm- -tie? mi aueiutit eaattt-i. It has Ite
?ide a few iDobqiiei, better that? Un urdlnary run uf
such bulldtnui In provlnilitl towus, and iuiimi ?iin.il
trade of its ovu. 1'hu furtiflcalluiu ouiihIi! uf iniiulir
nuoo, witli teveUiteuUa?U tuaii?w? p.uav. ??, nuimuuiittd
t.? ?i deep ?iieii, n mi;, ,1 :,s n ,t i,? liions. Os Hm sai o?
?i ie i;,.n i n un ni i. . ? i,., n. altera Um Alma im ?se lato
tu.- Danube,
(/ B A /. B. 11 r< > n S TOE X B WS.
OsSTBOI His a m ?ist vu si? i BMStTBI I?.
I...M....N, Tasad i?, Jal* it, 1177?
Tin? RtMMOof I'oniiiuiiis lust inglit, l?y a vote
?if 158 ta ISS, Basses] a bbbSB b Is tas < ? ?t IhoS these?
< enl BppotBtBMSl ,'t I lie < i in i roller nf tlie ?Slat onei V < ?f
tlie, is en,, nl.iti it l<j ilinii;,i-li Hie, liiltuetieo ami u-?-|ul
Hess nf tlie Sein ! t uinmill . ? ut Hi,? Mouse, an'I MBSSSB>
u_e the zeal of tile .111, i_!a of tin? piitiliu ?1--|, r Un- nls.
i_e vole is ii.t. re?,iB r. .'-s ? ii'ilrell. r PtaStl was ap
petatod ?in?, tiy hv K.ri n- aeoasdsld, ut ?Isa trisad ..f
ill? family. 'I i?.- ai'iwntilin? nt emitr . vines tlie recom?
mit,- it ion of the Seiest < laaaaalttea af t ta?- Beaaa of < om
inon?, that the < obi ral 1er of I Im Sialnni' r? ? ?111 ?? should
ii.ive a techa ' nl sequalataaee erltti the -nil' i i,f >?"' ef
ii e. Mr. ri,.-.'!! lit.-? m. fulfllj this renilUieu,hartag
li, '-n previously eme lor eel at tlie War (?tMee.
ihr rtsiaa.sniBaaaBtlsa;sa ths af/sir. saya edit?rially:
" Tlie le-n I -. nl i is' 11,?.n '? VOl?' CSaSSl I.'' ?e| in i?. Tlie
Mioi-lr.v vs ill i.nv ,?!'?<? re! n _'li' i leiinnlill mil to tie s i
in le uinie i _r. .'ni i, iiieirai.paiiitiiie?iiH. Ai Mr Disraeli
mino I lian cru i flee ! m id tli i. it vs al ? prOUd i -n.irai-t-ria- :
il, nf ?-salua ;?? ??.?.<. ? ; a use sb*i il uf ii a ase Ib shiefa its
loi ??.,? rast. Lord BeaeousSelil ail r id ta the vats a
Barulas thai is sasini or tiie n?ce aaeet not oedi.?ic
SSi-tr-lBIhrSMptimatitnal Batreaag ."
li'iri.K-Ml.iii'lIMi at WmBLEDOV.
i,'iM.i.N, laesiay, jni.v 1?, 1^77.
Af Wimbledon to-day, ih?' r^irtatHsB EttneM
wsa pu --mi 1 by Cef. <Isswakl to theinikeof CBatati i.:?,
team senting Un .*?..iifitial BUS AsMiieiati'in. Tue Unite
?'id Lei ,1 OaraarvBB isearaed lhaaka 1*1 i va te Jsbbsbbm
of thS Iflth Lau.-sliire (l.lrirpoo,), won the (?ttei n's
I'ri/.c, tooting 7?', the liii:li< ?t puastbls being 106, tiring
seven aunt? eaoli m BOO, MM aa I 1,000 y.irl-.
] lie ? .1 mi ilia n ?In-l ' ,,,i- lo Beat?I?d, in, . .11- bSSU won
liv Palas Si the Uist Lanark, who acllieved tl.e in .?.t ><??_
i ral Bggl?gals score.
M?.?? ..w, Tii-d. ,1 Iv 17. 1077.
Dt. St r?->!i -1 >t-r._r*- sentence of banishment from
tile l'.nssiai? doiniinoii? j- | il mat tat .Ite.l. Ile U 0.
tataed mm Itag the ?u rival from m Petar abargof papers
are ?eeesssry to determine tBa ataeuat ?ri et It
vs hull be nm?i p.,y.
MOaTTRB-tL, Julj 17.?Tin tt-_etS after itlid
ni-iii aere si i M ? rted. The fsraasetneB
? iii .saug unions played "Boyas Wate ," "< roppiea
Law Down, " sad other pat i.v tunes, ml i ?duLicnd is ?.t.i'-r
i.-iiiiin-tia". r- "i raturains frasa the faasral yaasai?ay.
The hearse aaed was the same vsin'-h esBveyid
thereatwlai al Qothord to the ?? re Cut t ri I
Penu?a yestet Isj ?i??.??-! the Mayor sa?! Polies I ?>?_
mille,, a pap -i plaited BB t.y Col. I;, ?,-,. Tins B?earaeat
nf [rial aaiari divided late f-mr see
t???us. with one persea SsalsusteS aa ahtef af ...<?_
i ' m? t<? thaw Um! then trass rssular
itlsn is v ?i i "?, the IStk o' Jal).
Wiiiutii Elliott el Leaexville, vs ?.,. aas abet at Wt Utag?
!,,ii I , ? . . be? in a pieear.oi.H ?'..IiiJuioii todas.
ill enteras at the right aide of th< ?pioe betew tl.??
shoulder, aad Bas bs4 been ? Ira ?aplalal ara
laid la ths Polie Oaurt this sfteraooti galaal three rot,
.s i..,, attached a aiao about 121 ? schlaal -labt
1 Dwyer wasre muiti I'ur trial t? lay, eb ira? ?I
?ritb atteias?ag ts shasl m ira Lemay and Dot
s '.'iii.. Dis only plea Is druuhena
Ottawa,* July 17.?At a bum I 0 agetera
It wa n ?' ,11 Whs went
to btoatraal a grand reeeptlon. \ peseesstoa will i
i'nrine- al Oraiige Hall, at S >'< - kt< '?, iod march ts
Q ti i'ii'i vv bar .On I i Peei leas,
sd rosses s ,i be leUvered after whleb the 400 will ba
a .,..-1--.i loOraagi ilalL Several as? attise will take sart
in u,,- SiinoiuSi..iinn.
Sas f .vs. i? i?, .Inly 16.?Captain Kisser,ol
the brig is. ?niia, a : o :.t-?iiti> ,,ii -,? : breas Um Mar- '
lalands sad Tahiti, says that tidal a
May i<> aa Bottait ITS ll al all,bul at rTsltshlTs. j
sas ef the Marqasses graaat aad la the Bayol T.n.oba.-.
thx water iino an,! teil ail day, i im ?fr?stest rlss besag :
'on'.en Isel o? C?ptala Hsit- plsaisHsu ?m the
ether aide of the lalaad, the ltda rase v. un c r. -_ i toras, j
(Weepisa awsjr hanses sad u i > roe stare- I
ser? a,i -vM?Bf<i .iv?-> .mo ti..- luBsbitsuU k.h.- j
p I I , li - Iwi t-e.r live - lin in?.-1 le.n.u k_mo I
leature sf tas pheasaseasa in, that slUiougb ? i * ro nan ,
_. i ,, on ram lu ni" islalid i i i-ii. > e.u ?. . fall ul i . .
? ? inn-.! Jual in? <-4un; las iM.ii >?.i?>-, aad st ii
of too I'oiuiu.i .-...;.,.*;. i ; Bad bei.lulu? beavilj lot
isv.ive days, t'-,- A-...J- in.i -1 mi e 1 arm, ass.,.uaawaj
IiiIiIjib and lining imsMdaralili ou?ei damage.
Nl A -< ll.l I VS -, .llllv 17.? lil'll, N? 8a a-fl-MaO,
who went te the City si Hezles i??-, i Dg dupalehsa froai {
,-i saatsry Evsrts, retained is dsj i?) Uvaatseaet iioiu ?
\'ir,i?iii'. Oea Beaass taperta thai the esa?try i? '
?jiii.i; ?uss DUui.suthsrlty i- rooainiltiid Uu-stgheaS
nie to i.iii.iie, sad -?- beUeusa that Menee now hast?a
bast flavarasssai shs has had for tweaty yaara in an
in,, i rlas I'l.-.-ideBi ilia/, sspeaasad ?? dssira tu do srery
11, m ir |,o.-.-ltj,?. to uMwtt ia breakiug up tin l...? ?,-smi_?* ou
the Rit! ?.iiuiiie. Qeaerafl in,., i-aru? ?Ui Uuied kits i
???.m rum? ni vv,.iii_ oe raesgaissd by t?e Palled Statua
al au BBSaf <?*y- ______________
l'.NIl OB -!IK r.T'N' <iN IHK Bd l'?fl?l ItVN'KS ?
Ht Vtol'.KIi fal -rilSSIuN ol IHK IIR..MI.N BAU?.
St. Looiga July 17??This morning bosiuess
stthehsaas speaalwlta tuigbler ptastpeets, sad ?n n
o'eloi ?? BOtatag of "[?eilBl BOtO liai Oei'il.'Te I. V- I ? f.??
people, not Sa?ra tii?n balfodoaen al ? y ana timo.
liase bees at tiie t-,in 111 Nanmi.il BUS I'lov I '.nt "a. in?.'-?
lJ.inUs, ores.'!iliigeliie?s, '? iieli BSVC l.-ea pront pi .'? paid.
'1 lie run ?eeins to BUTS Btupped and il is BotM ,1 inc. I ?? ill
tu-m. lui lass esaItemeat er la-ouate. Bdll teaaael i?
IrnowB what s day wID bring torta. Tasoftl en ?>f tua
Norm Ht. l^.iila Savings Beat u?-,-i. iii l i I I ??? M ?" t?o
Bank aseaed the HahUIltea rally ?i n,., sad mat theas
can lie preii.r e.i-lly risli/.-.i. ill' dupe ,,? amount to
0000,000 'Ili'-ii.mu will ko mio injii.iin'ii.ii. ItMaaM
unit i.-i'?, Uetdelhseh A Co ef Oseisssti had a ouasld
ein me BUM in thi n.mk wlien it ri?. isd. As staled y eater
(lav, Mr. Merrill. l're?lit,-nt of Hi. It ink ul Bt, Lsala, ? iv
tli. I.nlik vv ill |.sy its depositen every dollar. The |UI
rent dopiTSltS -inn nil to a,.nil ?/'.'.?i.i.i.i, nul the lime
depssltsto tamjOOO, with assetssaeea umo ?niii. i. in to
pay ail. rhebaaS bads barga Baseuat Bt Bew?Verl ax
iliani?* vshnli it . ml,I mil ,1i-l. Of, li.it .1 I Nl?I i.ase
pallad thiwsgk had not tin Has m m. UwM .??.,? m-? k.uik
il, m I m' ?t?'-7,o?ii?o[ it? aleailuga
Later in the ila> a;.,,in.:iiti,v well BUthSUtlsatsd r. |mr!e
emi', from tin eztrsaie Boat?era psrt nf the ? i;-.
that the Hreilieni BsaS Bsd elua.il t? ,,,,,i?. No |nllie'n
Ulli i an I.e _lsen i.t Im? BTttlBg. T,,i- in., on ?! ? \? ii U>WS
b.?nka rosy he regarded as stopped, rae euforeetuaoi ,,f
m., i,nii> ii.i.s -' iiutifv,. rule yesiordaj rsganling lUas
e.-ititn .ii. i ?, i m? to bava i ff, et ,i i ita n suit, aad ??- i b?
Miiall eutreiit BOSoeBM ?B BUV?IB- bSBBS WelC ln,,?tl>
drawa set, the; exettssBeal bsa about ?.,,-!,-', .mil
buain. o* i? Bjaagrsaatag ?gata ?B ,iv r?gulai shawnelSi
KlVNlN?; HACij? at ru -IB8UBOB.
PinSBUBOfl, I'?., July 17. ?The runnirif*
taset?igefthelraaatyJeekey CSab spaasd Udaafter
BOOS Bl l'rienitshl]i Far'-. The atteint,m?SB whs l.irs-e, the
weather favoiahle, and the tl?Sb in tine send Hon.
Tiie iir-1 rasa ?at a oue-iuiie iasfc 1er all agea; 0100 la
first and ?-'> ..ee,.md haSSB 'I lure WaBBSBVeS enlins,
as follows: ??util, Pi SUS tUUIg, M.iHi-s rninruse, Mwla
A, .link Hirksway, l'ai riot and I).ii?y Mnlei. At lie
it nit, the hetSBS foi away well lofSta-V. At the (jii-rter
Patriot tO'K the lead and in.tliii-iin d it, minina' lo Stub,
, Hni-1 Miller second. Ja.k llark.i way lUinl. Taiaa. lilT'a
BeeawdiaSS, for l'ittel.iii?li clip, for all ace?; '-?4 miles;
etitnmee, 1*15 p. p. ; |00OSSBl8d| *.'?!) to Mcond, ami t'J..
to t.'nr.i beaaa, Two ii.ir??? atarted- involve sad s_thai a
She Isltti i*"1? ths Mad sad kept u to? a aalla aad s*h dt,
Vas?i lavotee peaa tdhia.i bou. i Ma . i i .'?.?
lue tUliU BBS ? liiliille I.n e, o:,, sin! ? all m.us?, OV IT
six hui-dl"? ; (JBoO 'O fli-sl, STiU I.? secomt, t-'_ > to tlnnt
bone. The feilowlug .?i atartsd: l^ulpepper, i..i.
Mun'lio, Bay ttU? .?n,i r.irt tesaaid. At LUc atari Bill
Mm,'lay r.?4i lo tlie I oar. wlnl* Ui? ot lier? k pt SUMS U*
//etlier uii'1 in.ule IBS elosi?st Mini BMSt BSeMaUg r.i? ?? ul
?imlav. Al ti.e fioiilii niii.ll?- tha hot*, a WSSBBtdB !>y
side, and leaped the h.ir.11- legathat t-Mulac dews the
lion.e elr.-K'h Port l.-onard ?raiiie.t Inn lead ami calue
la Ui ?t, wlUi Colpi-pour aactiDil. Time, at;fiU.
A ?OffM. KA11.KOAU KNTBRPitlHt..
BritKNKcTAin', N. Y., July 17.?A i?arty of
f. Ill,, .In nil flu?I llo.la.Il, 111, lll'llllU 1 ?111 ?J...1 Illl'U, I'llSl
iiese in? n and esultiUista. anil also oltlelisls ot the _lie
siiil the lieluware S HiidsiHi Roads, were here to-d ?y
iuoklriK the gfaaad ???er with a view to utaktiig a ntilru.nl
cuuii? i lion BBtWOad I..,? ?Ity ff?id I.???....., via Hie liuoava?.'
laBBSL i'lio ?/atvy mill no to buraulou lo-iilorrow.
ko ROU-ilOBl To BB Mali: ai I. ttiKii-K-iioiKKPt
BfDtl lit?!.?S Till Itt Pl'l.llli M. L11.MIK1NH (lit
THKIlt uprtcH,
In rnuMBVBH t.? nai iBsatnra.1
"."N A?'il\?,ii?\, July 17.?Tbs i(ii.??iion recetitlv
ra?H.?l by mesaban ?,i tbs Nati,,,,al Bepublk sa C-eea
' -it?????, lanebasgshaapaitaaotaa <>i bas Pisart?nt's
laie Civil Sri ut? ortl.r to ttmir BBSS*?, WSS ?i i>?. uiv??-'l
at uiucli loiiKtli m the (Jai.iiict BBSSSiag hi -?lay. It
bbbbbi tiiat tbs opinion Beewieasly rapstead as ha? lag
Baaaayvaa by lbs l-^r-aamnadi tin.t M venid n??t be
Beessasry for ammbats ,?f Nun OsneaBUAss
to cotiiiil.?r tli.it oi'lir SB SppljJBg to llnir
?????'?*, ??neo ihry tioiil.i barra m? pol?tica]
?lutins t<? perform ?lurinii Um u. st thre<< yrar??, ?m
mV.-n m in-? tit?t imacasstoa ia tbs BBBtlsr. A further
Bad 'u-. M careful coit-.ii.It-i.it ion ?if (lie BBUjss? l,a?
i-oiiviii.tad iiio Pr?sidant, and tbs BMasbetsai n?<?
< ititiiiet that it la beat te asaks na e-sspstoa te tbs
i ui?', ?iiul t ?penally lomakeiioHii.il important SB
et ?lion, it would M'iin as bad basa antetaslasd upon
fioi'i tbs Bteteasanl eontained ?u Assistent Beeratary
Mil ,'iiiiicl?'.? letter to l'o-tunatCI Till.-y. Any OthSf
saune, it i?? fearad, would bs widely Btiaundersteod
by tin? people, sad eaass diassthrfsfitinn i
sflbiiiholders to srhesa tbs mie ?.-.?is BMds
t?? apply, No formal v?.(?i nn-ii Ul?.u in
the Cabinet to-ilay on this Mil?j,ct, luit
a bosbbIbIb anAerstandiag ass srrivad at that bbmu.
bars of tin? Kstional BepuUieaa I tiwrftt-ri win?
bold Federal obbobb erill bs required at m very dis?
tant day to aboses which they will nltaauhn- Tlie
BMmbssa of tin? Republican Committee who liav?? i
railed tirs ipieition at.? PostSBSBtet Fiiley ti St.
I.oui-?, A. It. Cornell of Now-York, ami ?sstetottt
Becratary M? (?utnit k. u wa? reported In Waahing*
t"ii severa] ?lays age that Mr. Cornell bad toadi ap
hi? iii,:ul to nwba sa iasas with tbs Adminietratioa
m regard i?> this srdsg, and t?> rafeas t?i i?-.-.iofti ? ituer
of bis poMtions, tini? hieing tl i Pn s?sot tersaaove
linn ti .?in lu.? piacc m tiio t ii?toin lions,?. It is not
known win tiicr h? htill conl?input.?* any BBSb
aclion in 11 ? ? t.
MEXICO MORE l.'i:.\><>VU,l.!*.
DIAZ I'l ! ih,. A , . KI I.tN i , I ?B i'? i ill. I M , 1 |i
si-A n ig a i ??-?ii i? i aarrw-BM ono ano .un
V1M> IMP.lillMII.L.
???i \..n?i. lui v? MSTAfOK i
Wa-him.iun, July 17. It ?in In? stated on !
uiejn. Itt? liai? t-..Ill, i,, I ,,,,u,,,i ,i ? , , , .,-, ill iin.n '
lia? iriatli- no BHldigratiofl ..' t ,, _, , ?. -,? ,i..t ? u, I :,.n-,
'? ? .? puni,?,,? , ?, BOt hive any" i i ,,-i ,. n- fat
BlOdifytog tii>-lit lie. II CiliHnl, r.l A<tVi0CS icrrlie.l it
theBtotoDepartment io.li> hrvni II letei I - hM
?ii aenrlyaweeh niter tons a ? I dm iiiii?_i.?i?*i
repocta by a ? i btu - |si ? r ii ni i -t. r
ii.ui <?.i l ?i tot at.? n.t..n m the Uevc i ?? IMasto
toS iuva-,?,ti of An., n mil ', a f. ,,f
Dtas'e ?,'iii.e,n. in im Mil ?.' a bed] of Larde'?
adh?rente, aad la replj bad reertved from the
l>i ?./. ?o,? eremeai tonta verj i , ?
1 ,,,?>, ,i linlt!e.l thai 111- ie t iv.i? an : jl, ,ii. in ui ,.1 Inici
na .al Law ; it.-oa.i?,,?, of um, .- that II iheald !'??
pu? n,,m laveatlgated, and sa*ared Mbi, lee Ik*
. ?i. o.i ? ,,.,.. .Jill Bl, 'nal i.,? , oui, n i.i?. all du*
u.. ii-i-, ,u aeoMtiMi? o sito Un ?reqturetueai ? ><'? toi? ma
liona, I..IW It I? L,, Il'f lie ,-V.it. a. .1 ,? . ,. i? 1/ ? , ,, .-I II -
n.. i,i |? :,- i,,- 1 ?i il i t,i,ana. i n .m- mal III or?l, i n?<iii
Ueiice, -.m baring suato the Brat luvaetua, BUniator
leema?rietbnitbere waannniveraalna tptpot
eutbnrstwfia lutnatltm ?.,, b ?? a. Ord'sUutru? Uwes wen
leaned, toe hwag rartoualy soast sed se coetomy?ettog
? i,,?i iiu-i-i i sane?atton, or a Bmvtaaeat rs Bbvsi ..i
Lento, sad M all aves ia bostlls lavastos "t Mrxiean
... ^ i fen lays ot regedle-, tac.etp.ofed
.tui .nal aew? .ri.iu tbe ? sited .-i ,t o, and toe ,??. ? leatlon
..f \.l . I Uiel.l oil III i ! ..? Me ?leall
joui?ala.a* noli os toe Dina Government, to adopt a
innre ir? le?ale late. OlMOftka pro'.iri ,! j iir?ali?,
:i. gel i,'?'i theexcitement, seed the mUewtag
..?u,, rfn.it bovel argument: "TBey i?'ii ualbnl Mexlea it
antpaepniadtot wnr, batwe inswei tben i? ens thing
i.'., alee >.?"?. ? waa pcopsted i"i. aad Mai i? ?pease.'1
i m- Inn at Stop -?i. ihm from ??.?n. Ord lead to the belief
thai m? iietu.ii tealait ?**i_i. sad r any rlrrnisiatoni bs, be
Itkelj i.iiM'iii' bei?seo the troop? <>f iieslee and the
Utdted Bialea aa aeeeaat ot toe healer n i?. Fhc Mea*
? i., Indiana ? be bnva beeo aSeelma hart ?? and ratilt la
leooaHy die net eamelhe hue Qraaito ea lb
taJin any ?lien? in tiio MBgaharhOOd of ?.*a. Triviio'i
troops, an,l n tin; letter iu<i i,.?, u disposed in later?
(em with toe program ??? the ?m ricen troops while Is
i n? |,maun m these in liana it weald hato orna wholly
nul ,,--t,l,?, foi u,ui lo uave ilnun t.,?. li I- n.itiliy ,?i',,,i, ,1
h. i n,- prop.,- in tfaahiagtoBtWhe an..-t latorasc leo ta?
MiMeet. that there will be any seeaaien to pernee reh
i, r?ii .m iiii-v.i o, eiiiier Lui,?n? oretaora.nortee the
i..?,,, i .1 nil.- ?u i he m-1 gt b wheed "t httuueaa Btlihan ibt?
I reeaatter* tutee m tvtreful t., ai,i?l ?a
M< dcaa teaups il :" Seej>, if Boaaibl , toyoad t?,u tea? B
,,: .. BUM ? a,i .-,iliJt<-l-?.
Lu,-, n ?- ,,..n. Brawns title confirm tho report? im
\-.,,.,? 1 , re, e l VI ?, ih.H. la", -, tX?dO it |Hi-.'H' Ug I i'l nil ill, a. k
u ?win (?onie ol lie- .Noithr u ?tut?-.? tf MeXtoe. Un tue Uiu
o? Juli u'- ta ?een .fioul torti *i?,,?? ..n,-?, Brewesville,
,i u., ?*._-t.i<t u :',' ?, ?? be a"' laid o Save bad iida aiibi
n i.< in.??, re nm i.-i, ?ion? toe sao? ?maree, tost foraeveml
. a, i,,?.? ol m, i ants beau ?.?eu trevelmn up i_e
...nun,, end it waa presumed th.tt Uiej ??-,, ?-. n? tu
,, ,-, i 1.? "It'll". ""I l>a! ??" Sad a camp au uiu ,v lie i u on
Ulla BtdeOf tin: L? J ?Jlalili??.|
OFFICIAL (?(?ssn?.
All-'iI.-.TllLM???III. 001 N?1.I. in.I 'IRK IHK TKKATY
oumnasioM- a >. rauxin ill.
i....ii.mi i'.e?.? i? -ii.it. a.i
W-JBUTOTONi July 17.?... A. Carinan of
gew Jeteay has beea sppitotod Caief<Clstk ?f tos Do
partineiit of Agrtenltnn is placeo! Prederioh Nv?tt.?,.fr.,
-,,.,..' tin- Lite Oommlastoner, sad lo day satored snea
tii ? iiiMciiai'.c of hit dnilea J? B? Dedge, BtsttstlclsB of
Iks DspartsBsal <>f Agnsaltaia, will hau? tomorrow
tnoriniiK'or the irklie ."?uipimr nprtogi to sttsad Iks
OettOB L'olivctitloll Whnli Bill ill, el Hole to-lnoi ?oW.
Nv. ii. Trasssttof Boath OsraUaa left BTuablogioa to
,iay for lio.?,on, to eeueuU a i th "i? BoUeogoe, Bichald II.
Juna, Jr., Uit'ftO i;? iiileun n haVlBg lit!.!'? sppotlltod coiiii
tfH 11,1 tin? ?iovi-uimeal baton tha Otfimlon grovlded
?.u bj ikaTreetj nfWaablagtsa toaettrmlmrfitonritiiat
of .?-.?np, n.-i loll win. n aagBl .o he pant i,.V In?- ?,,,i,ln
m, nt of toe unitediSntos m Iks PrWeh OavetaaBoal tot
eel inlll (l?ii<?!>' pllVUegBa Tin- l?iiuliil-?|i>ll Will limel it
Halifat, n . .??, ou m- ai??,ut the 37to Ina*, it i.? astospated
iu.ii a ,..,-? auiouui ?,i losuai,.,? will be latea
Cap?. J"?' -|?'i ll,.,l ? I'nn- : . a P ?'?'i U lit ?i.'ilnaU 1 LI
tea ?n North C .r.,.iaa, will aeoord a? i i pre ?eut Indica
t,,,,,?, be apiioiiiL il Umaui i?? Bremen, tie u itrounlj
,?,,i,iinein.eil ny i a.lluj. uillZ.-na ol luai btaui lag?TdleeS
ill | il, Il .?III .nillolis.
1 i.. Ir, ?nient Urn? SPPBOBlSd Unit V in II,nil to lift?-.,I
I,.,- ,,, ,,: Lii.iii.i K i nus fut t;,?- u .ui e!gM LNstiiel
-, v ?,. .. ii,?.), i ?s Hu??,11* retained hi toe Presi
dent m?uuliector at toteraai Beveaas f??r iue rinnu-tD
In.? i lei ol New York.
bolivitor-Gea? Phillipe, who Is ike-ting kttorney-Oeuernl
luritia tii? aUeem ? ?,: Jml.e Devenu, am toh? n iud lenlj
i. i ,.i m.ht, and too?as tunewam oeuei t??.t,?y was
miuiiio m ha at hat Dapsitmsal at JastisB?
XilK ?UllM'Kiri'HiN.t i?' rag IdhAM.
\N i-iii?..,!.?>. lu ?.lai.July 17, 1H77.
Tho / ?iH'ii? ?sri anuncrlpttoni t<? tha anaj l
pereaal lona, m ?? i? etod u> nt? Ireaaery DspartomnI ut
toeetomof haataamhears tni? BnafBaea.sssaaated to
165,5113,900. ."?.tty adiltoB OOUnitt ?..nn of the banda
???i. ? ?ohl liy m?' i>> ini?.-alr. n?e leinauilei wer* tub
iwliitines isootved Bl me traatary anil -?ni? Iveasarlss m
Algbreal parta of tue aeaanrr. tka BBtaartottoaa it>
r, Ived ht aSasass "f the i?? partmsat ?i ens or two petals
bave not yet been reported, Sal it ia not siutptieed Utnl
Iknj m,i inaki Urnaggregameseesd aUty-du or nm?,
m unila hill Btt-tSSB.
BrANisit fOmAOE
The Tr?ii-?iir> l).?;i.irtiii?*iit is infoiiinitl by
tlir in ..irtuieiit "t Slat? tliat tot li?iv. riine ul of -|m?Iii
kM saegtai since January 1, lgla\ lb" UsSBBBBI ??*
lern in Ihe a?l!iii?-Miir.?iii.'ait ??f the merohsnt v?????!? of
ikassoa_Ery.ua- i* ?anus t.,*,i,,in in? >?-???? uof th?
l'nlte.1 euie. wiii.-a are BS-BSastired upon lint ajratetn
luto Spilillh Pol lat in?l Ht? Foi I* uf ?Juha ? Hit,ml *?i
ii.eaiaiiriu, nt. ,-??,a-pll:is the toiiuii.e nipreiiuil in the
, rriil ate uf r? .?,?:rv uf Ainericsn tfttil?, ai tu tonna??,
proviileil a ?niliar ouurlcev is BB-todsi t?? Spini*h ves
v- ??i. Parts ed ska i une,t mue? i-,.?i.,-,.,i. uri_totai
ami other, are ac.-ortlilulv ,li,. ?i, ,| to i?i?, ilia i.-..?i.-i*
ul Bpiiuib vi?Mil lu uurporu ai ia.Ii,-aii.i? luulr UuiuaKu
under BpenUli law, with the a?lilliloi? of the amount ot
deduction, tf any. nndnr the Bpaaleb law. n,.i aiitiitiri/ort
by toe adtuiasureuivul law at Uta United Btalo*.
I??natlv tbe groan tonnait"? may ??*" tseertotaed from toe
' ? ??? ? -1. f. m -mil taws the teasel ?i;i in> exempt frem
mill?, ?OUli en, : t.
\V\S1HM, |ti\ \?i| i ?J.
Watenuooom, i i id ?. r-atp IT 1PIT
Tlie I'roiil.tctit ha-, I.? i,?l m nrlr ?let irhine ? In? counlT
"f N'S.'iir.i fr?.in t n? I'lilr mit? I? t ?mil It?
i m 1? .in, t ,,f New Voit,.til,nu?; it le tbe rweutj ?
Utsti et of that Stole.
'li i? Pi ? -eiern it gga mue h*-? bo inumtloa of vtaltlag
the fir.-.-li ill lar Wliilt- BnipBUf BprtngB, !"it I
bry eeei nt th.? let ? I ? lid Polet, Tin
i.L. i, i t ii- i?,,ai? convenues whieh waa ta ii.eie tlie Ut
Id | ?r: uf IBB u.uitli.
it. ii gasaaa ?;_, laten the pelles Oasn1 m thi* <? itr '??
'la? on u chart,'?: "f ?? lullti.- a |??>.'?.l BBtN M ?'"'?I L to ??
B8 eelltna him an uBmlUgaled and aepriaelpled ' ?
wa* ,, mm Aged, mat tit<- S? ?t i.".i lbs
nerd, bul bkaeuuniel areaed thai toara la ae Ina pnalah
i, ?r in.- ..it,-n,... hoUrctaion waa rendtiod today.
'Ih<? Dapsrtsasnt sf sgrlcaltnre report* ih.?i the Im
prnveiu.'ii * In cntioii ?in,, ihe .Lin?, repoit it Ji:?i NN
per cut., langlBg in lie? ?:a!... 11 uni n,, I :,, in- In A t kin?-*?
to Six In N'Tth an,I BOUtB Latin? .I IB ? lu? h
fin,i,i .u.,i ne.i,i i,v planta, ?. promu u
ii? un,?! lapai iinpitiven i ? i oadei ,'a?orlngaane,
INtl ,1.1 IM RI ' ,MMi KD4I10IU AH |,i htlAKIKt,
lili lili It Y, AM? III i.i I tli IN?. IS, It, A I |,?SS.
! II V T? I.K,?It til? Tu run mini M I
WasiiinlT'iN, .liiy 17- I In-He.-.nl r>p"rt ?>f Hin
C?ete? Boass Ceatn-haean.sl arhtoh Jaba .in. is
Chairman, is bo. IAm lanl one. TlBBm -npensaM
pohltB are tnatetl nf in tins report. Knit is that ?if
b teorgsalasttSB ot she ipstow ot ssJarnak In atdet
Ut ssake the pay ot aaeh ssaesrs aa perform similar
duties tl??' aauue, lit. ,.t Ineongruil m la ?ul ary were
diccoveteJ hy the ?Dmesaissiou. theegh tin? pseessnl
Ailin initiation in th" LuMoiii i lotiM? it.it ?ri y litt,.-,
it at all, n?spou??l??.? im tin in. The i?;i!.in?i? til eiii
ptoy?sei theCaeteaaHenas ??r.? eel land i>y law,
?mil it has beea customary for former Collectors
and BarTsyurs to grade lbs nlartea in IfcsireAosg
inore m a? rordanoe with tli?- pwsiainel ol tl??"ir sss*
pioyes tli.ui with tiio eharaetct "f the nark t<> bs
I'CI I'orille.l. F.IVOI Itea of the \?llllltlist Lit loll of t II"
u ilenss at sny givra hune hite in
m my leetences received BMsfe hagbsi *?il?i
II?-. than other*, less fortunate, performing
the ?ame gtades of duties. tue
House Commission proposs sa srrangement
of tin? different elsasea "i elertcalaad other dety,
??,', en , it a? tbe] sre .?it taped m tin? "Departuienta
at \n sehingten, inskingseveral grades <?t alerta srtth
a I'lV-l ? ? II .. a'l ?
1 In- ?ei OUd " ? '?n 'I -H'lall 'Il "f t'- I l-'tl il
that wbenevei .? Uuetom>rJonM brokei :-?! t? ? -?'.
m lu .Mag m attempting to bribe saj i uploy/ot
tin? t ii-to.1,-11'i-. ,, i,,, Barths ptiip"?i?i?t'ii.'lui
III ; a,III lo h |. !e I III- llllt.V HI l-i I e ? i LUI?
oil,,n ,?f bus! i? ??? nnIii, Ii I in- In,?..- t limy have with
tin? Cuetoat-House, am i? bienesshall not thereafter,
u.,! r any ctrcumstancee, be admitted to the i n?
I .i i gulatioa, If adopted, la intended I
i abuse ol ? i ! :i-. complaint ?.is
iiiiirle :? in.: ISUtS S?d Otfc* ? i'i i:?? . L ttflSOnf
hef? re t be l ointai* ion.
i he third re. oi lamudatlon is that ??t atetad toter?
nal.n ?t Ion linietratioB
of tlie Custom-Hones shall be made bj sd
. ted. ill i-?-, in .?i.i r t.? pi<- ? na (rom
i'i own,??: u; i, a m I to ?I,?? "V r any reforms thnt ought
t.. im adopted.
i i ommieaion ??-ill bereafter rep el on tin? bn?
iKit mi sin.j-?. t ?,f appr.iLe.u uta, and on other .:.at
tcrsnotiu? Inded m the two reporte alrendj auds
\ |>I il- -.us M rtf.tNl.i ltd IIN'ii.
Wa-iiini?'Iiin, .Luv 17.?iii?- Question ?>f rn
.1.? , ?I " .? i , . IM IM Ne .V-Yli ? ?
ii at tin- I alii let III'-. I ..
tu,-n-,,n ?a? tata.tu. u apesara tool toe eongattae re
eomamodattoaa el the Riebsrd Oraol Whit?
end in?- ?' ii ' " -i:.? . ?'. ? ..,,.? i
itane tbe subject w ir lasi untie ?'. Lie viali
.ui,I ,i,-,?.?,,f , ol.e,?,or Arthur ?ere re? i i'",l to ?tml n
waa ?le. ..u. ?i i.?. ? iur-veyo? ??.?trun come uu uuil kiv<?
Ml iUc_ ou UM ? i?.?- ? '?
Ulli CAlil \t.l h\i i EEIOM.
p.?i t-viLLL, i'.i., July 17.? ru?; exenrsion
party, aeeeieliag of atoases. Everts. Ueveaey ternej aad
Keim, alter riatitog Bethlehem, Reedieg -?nt cthei
pla, i??, iimvcil noie at six u'ulock toll evening. At oient
n', lech a reooptme, at whlsh saury paeaatoeet
' people?, wen pie*- ui aaatoold 1b aba halldiag sf Tut ihnen
? Journni. Bewell flakes weloeeaedtoa parti aa behalf of
luu peop.o ?if PettevlUe, Mr. KvnfSa r.-,erri;i?r in hi*
tem?rsete toe AdmtotoiraUoa of Preetdent ii*..-,,?, ..?m
tiielr t-lloris wen? n La- iLrretlun nl r ?Hiring liarwiony
sad pesco thmaebeul too Uniea. Qeu. Dev*?sand Otd.
Poraey aleo eddraaeed toe aaeeatolana, IBs party will
leave iu tue in,,iwing i" vint tksBBtoesand stfcss i.a
ill?'ut pointa ut niter,;?:.
Svn Fran? i?. t?, July 17.?lu tin? suit of
It?,mum ?o obtain uoaaeeeto , of Niar. [aland,. Be taking oi
teatiasony hegse befom too?Ooartof C mmlsatoeera tn
,:.iy ui lieu.,:.?, u.itti HeeIdle uinl tin: UevensBBUi
i theli till ? throagh Vletnt Gsatra Be
Bppears to have aoid toa Uad tnios, once toBryaatui
1 ? i 7. ? ?m .Ir.-.i.it it t?. t i?,p. i the Hain, ?ear, ?ml Cooppr
Ui I;, ,i,i: u lu ri'?. Proof of laie to Bryant la defectiva
bul Bou? ?!. ex?mela to pravo it hy oral teatunoBy, Fho
atuei ?a-.? by Lastro *.!? to J- i?. Krtiol? ami Byer
Simons m ii?, \% ..?> tobt i? Waa. asgtawall and
Olb I?, who ???..I t?. tun ?iolei naii'iil. A.I thcar
ti eds are on record, except thai <>! t?.\. AI mdo le
L'aitro, lu.- latter, aitauaxQ be admits ataaina tin
,1 ,,!,?) I; i.ilil.a.il ia ,;.--.1 to I..-n.? M "Il re oui,
OtolUM lie i,|.ll,l il - p.",,,.,,, ami -..va lie
u .i toon ?" -m ci"? eedtonB t.. gnu possession. Bonidln,
w lie I. ,,, ,i,,..-.. "I .'!,??. ?ut i, rxiti.uii? .,..? I a, i, i re t4> ui In*;
?u,i before bj a ttatom ;ui tant ble (atoer a? m baeh gem
In In iti ami Uli Bot kuoa !"l lain i yema a, In >..i,i , ?ial
?I ,,,,:el .ill h en .ieellp.e.1 f,,|? ,1 i,.i \ .1-I ,ll?_, 11? a
cante tue war, and after it liters were oertiMa political
,i,-.ii, ,iii,-, ??,,,.,., prevented t...-iu ii?u? tak.u?; nuyic
tom m this mal tor. _
Kl.i (tl'.NI IN 1 UK 1 INI,,?' I L'iKI).
The regular BMeting of tlie Central Am?m??.?.
Uob ??i lion-,?..,,i,i, ra aaa held last BlglU al Be, ISO i tad
POnrtkeU, tSee. Bigel presiding, a ?-Mfffntt reported
lknl tne gatilah ip? a,?.tii?>' tax??fayen wore alreedj (Orm
iiik sasoclstlena f"r toe ptateetlan of tm-ir property.
? lea? Mgi i srgsd a satos betweea ut pa>. ra tb >ug tout
taeelty, esby thai bmsbs siens toej eoald aceompliah
their parpoma and beep th u pr,,|?, it?, trota nun. .?tu
address a as then adopted snsnli.i.lj au,? ordered le
ii .?,?hi. u,,,1 aunun.' ell proitfl l>-tiwm i a. I ao BdUiam
d?clar?e lirnt .t rutol aupcrviaioa "f i ii?,i,- expenses,
and of toe totee is necessary, and tn.it a mure rational
Bttdjaatdlstrtou Uwol laxathm la desirable, m,.i , ,.
upon -n propert>tiwaer? sad tospeyen t? Beato m
esta 'lishlim a powerful organtastloa Cortos aceompi-to
meut o? ined : BUdS, _
t'oiNTKi.KKiii?K tKi:rsrri),
UaL'UMouk, July 17.?A in.iii nn?io i?mn?? tin?
num.: ..i j ,,,ii ,i, u..,,?? ?a,?? snaaSsd todag ?i tueakaiga
i,r pa seing aoaak iftit half sad 'iu?ti-t?r-,iu.iar B?BOaat sad
m detsali ?'i ptWOtoall was saflaasaned to a?an tii? a. ian
, Mm tirainl Jury of the l'mt.lct Court m BagtSflSBSe.
.Mm.? than '_,?,) pire,-, of count.i f?it cul lu halvci BS?I
gnarton wsaa taand to hat poti?e??iou niia.i- tho airent.
He arrived hers tun-, araratog en a Meamec doaa Pfclto
?i,-lini,? aad it is sosp eted thai au w?? auployed by a
gnag "I uouuujiluiuti? la Unit oily, to "*Uoio" tnu cotiu
Sas FiLv.sci.-sLa?, July 17.?At livit gpnadag^i
B?same of tos muh inveettgatlee Iks kethaeni al a anm
b? rof einpiiiye,?* wa* taken renantuiK the u|Mr-ralloiii oi
the Mint. Hutf ? int. n<l nt LejrMlBgl mail,? a BtotSSSSei
to the aamat teat tks ehaegee egstaet hau ware iruuipsd
-i'? _,
T_Lh(,UAi'ii ^ol^?.'i.
NhW-dKi.BABK, July 17.?Tli? cargo ??f the sliip
i, ,? M a ,,, -.. ? in? .. ?tli rtrxaintly ?citUtrHl _t Hie pint?*, m
Bondad l?,,!iy t?r uiiilerwituui.
ritnvin-Mit, K. L July 17. -The incomplete Nar
riitmi'ti il.iui wm?.ii1 it ta,? ?Kitit lui? m ?in for an
iiv.-r ilia i,,. ,ui,',, an, .-a wiii.-ti nn,nut :?? C-! j l.-a ,"7. fut
pnipcrty U to bt ?"u ta-.uon-o? uoilor i.,ori^*_?.
Si. JonUSaUnr, Vt., July 17.-r.ie last rail ou the
Vrnnuul 1 ?1?I*iiiii of tt,.? i'l.ri'i. ?1 nut iiKiii-n*bnr( Itnimad
wa? 111,i l.itay, oonii?l?uii( t_? ounutMlii'iM ?lia t?? Wa*l ?ud
Ut* ? matin.
Cincinnati, O., July 17.?Fifty tlious-nj doliera
lu mag wer? i>iid ?vor to the Secretirv of ta XiLuLll llu
tui-t. a, -uM-n-iy ??f Un? ritv, ni ir, ?'itli.io* ?rit i -m Wuuumi ul
Ui* lite i imiut P. UaMiiuuiu ul uuseiv.
I It .!' H.<*"K t!?F.
A rt-iiir BBrsJBSB nit ikbS
? - isr.? -?r wii | ? u ni
i'v rm 11. .i.iv it. L.f.' :i?i i
vi, ? r
< .... i . I Mattnews al Waal
-. al U mtt hue. 'oaf tl.e ? . . ? r
it M trtln? n. *M
'??.,.?. ami hait 'li
lloae Win? weis* Willi,if 111 W.ek "It llir r ., i , ?
llliea weie ( ? ? ,
Sllppr.??- ' ,. ? ? V| K. ? i
I i- I . i i s
? ? Bith re. lUrtty aad aa ? I
"I ri IS twos .' r ...... , ,-. ,i ?
. ' I I . V
I r
ai lim?. ( .n. t'amsuei i* .in I
" In ? s ? M - ? i i ?
While quiet preval?a?! oa
.1 ii . t ?' .
I'.i'ilkiier. with 7". mn of IBS
Infaiitfy linants, .rilved aith |,>a?l??1
ein,nSja "f .'lie ">f tin? Weatwsrd leo.'. I ? 1.4
vv li n u had Iwen deliilne.l h? itia sir k, - ,
men on l.osiil ,,t ti" Irin, attempted ',, n u it on Ita
way Meat, theStriSensad thaw tT?B '
Company's yaMa, 4??? in n im,, -r, an. e I
oonuelv ale* weapon, alll aa III lalnwua ,,, lloalait
llicy mailed Upon It S_k| rut Ike SBap ' ? a?.
? ,,i. la ilka r i-a.leil i pon l,,' m ts ?sspst?a, ? ' ?! onh-nd
them ti,i> k. Hut t. ?e oiders wrie met ,
snd Ihr. ala. Tbs <o!one| tuen I . i
MSSMt tU" soldiers t" flrw on them If i I ' | liasis
in,i!.-iy -i - -? -, ? bad sas s sea '? I ? ins
mouth when a fnsi ...I? >' ?intli ini.s ?al ?I eaed ?>n the
?<i|i||,|? I'V the l Inters ?III-,if' e a I
by s pistol ?hut, and the eo_iii_sii?llna util
alely rave Usa SOS-f '<> B?I men to Mi? i ?
a? tins like "eleiaua,?li,??e<l orJi ? , ? i
tlinie.l, and une of the rl.l.ia BBS BSBbT] w., nudas?,
'ilh'-t- in- ?nppoed to Ik? a oillnled. a? ?. si...I a ere
Sei n t., he ?atried oft the Kr""'"1 !
IhbIriageaasedessasM af thearUdsal ??? '?? ? :
severa I i
it.irs h ni i. ided sad atoad Bl ?,n?
repuse i 1 i,,.? resS>t*d
inn ? ',
t apse la - ? vt, ttSSBsasj to rse Be??MO?
Bevsaaysi Fae rt?t*re rental >ied Srai ?n i ?'? <? m net,
|i, a ? ,. e ,f i he in., 'a ? '
,n in,i u.wi, ? aa alld wltb sstitenseat al ths
l'iel " ?? I. Ill 1 III" ?
, ,i
?ticltie? aen ' - ? a
i I to depart. A a . fl.e*
i. n it.i.: inf.n iu. 'I i . ? ? ? r
v m. a '? iii> i -a". ?
uaasrastl _i? i?~ t? -tan. ?1,1 ni*-u tasrt ? ? i
ii-J, auil *itli ?Ira .? , i?-s o s. i? , . ,|
,1 i .n III?)
I - ,
? . :, . ! i i
tin n l ? ? ? . I
, r
i h.,i? uta i of the ?
? salua ? '
1 ? , s
loi tl ?! ?V .'.I III ?ir i meo , is I ' 4
n irk .i .
I'll.S I? i-llpi
i , . ,ia matt ii-il y broa
w ,a ;:. a
a. i? - ? y
>.. tioii ef the p -?
. ' i -
- is /
,1111.1?. Bt Is the vi. ,,'?,?; I
Bl He ? llen?iv,i M? SBI ? ?
ami 111? raid? BlSti I I
. ?
ii .ule reslsrday, -, ?-?!- ' :
al. i ue-.- |i. int i. .v., le:.' it tralaa 1st I?all
tea ?t ?v. ?o ! probe
at MarUuab?rg. i . -? ? - ?' '?? Bu tirs?
un n and iiraketaea N num.'' t -, - r
empiiivea, ts Ihr, have tassa part ib II I i
llir. r tu? r.i.il BBS al.i too ft'etie u. i'i. . ?
;h tnassaat or toahaassa, say i.itna 01 itii? number
IL? liii.-nn-u ami hr.ii. ?jos iu llalUaaore, a,i.,i al M ?
hu?a* ui.l?, are BBSPSWd in In? sink?.
Tun irujuuH pnwr.
niK Tit'.tmi ?.xii-.v.- v? raa a_n s? wnr__.
i.?.*, ? nuSLtvlB i?) ?ii?>?'r im,? vti-s.
IIai.iim.iiik, July 17?10 P. M.S.? fiitt'ier
v , . n <- saa BaaasBsdas ta? UhIiiskhs sud < ?_ ?> k..a.i iu
'?e city or vic.utty tOUigUl. Mine? 7 O'e... ll li.e Moniit
i are -ora-shops, I'ainJen Malioii, l aui 1. i ami li v-r
r ., .Inn, linns aud 1?Mil?lit I'o,ni, lias a ean a
l'clfei-i ijn.i-t ami ?rlrr pi, sali at a.I p
sajaada of poll??'ars aa duty at ei? i, p,a,<- a.i p.-- n
m r tuiliii lia.e an iv- d ami de parlad ?u l.iie'. ami lines
fniKlit trains luve ale?, left ; hilt It Is Bet ettpectOd tl.al
Hie latter wi,l BBSS MSs-llBShaSW, No BattfeSS d 111. ulty
seems to Im appr?hende?! hen- at present,
A! MartlBabarg iho ?tr kera. nniiii'.-ilua shout one
hund?? d men, mill llave absolute control ,n.l r.
all,.'-/any tr.-'f ut tiains lo iiinve.hu! |i i?a. ii.er '.rains
aie not Stopped. 1'inn Mai tllialnr?- the slrika n is
i xi? mlu,1 V,. nl to Un? etlug; ou tn? iiniin ali-iii, aud
i.-., ,ni tas Part?a mira' braneB, BaaahaSBBg a
total of tlvn Iniinlie.l ini-u. Al VYhrellu*, about
twenty bands str.ek. At ??ration ? loU-ues *.?_
BMaaspSsd, bul ? i? prounitly clieeke.t ',? in?
civil authorities. At Keyaer tbe m w niei. wen
foie.it from ilia trams by the strikers, who threat?
en?,! to ?iioot any ,>u?i ali?monos* lo un.v, ma
tram, Al Martiiisbui ,-, seventy trains, consisting
of about l,'-00 fr i-ht eaiS lo.ni, 1 un,I i-inply,
tWB tiiii'ls tKi.md li?-t ami ei,a-tini<t bsSSBf vv,?t,
an; heiil by tue alrik?-i.?.. ltetweeu .'itsi and '?.o | :
ratita wars ea tbs Bselward neasd tralaa v , -
i,,:, 4 tie in have basa tatned into bhs stBafe-yasaa or
,l paetS-SBi Many of lha cm are lUdSB with
t?ov. Matthews of West Vir.iiila Is BSSJ u i.ia/tou
with 'lie M?stiles? ( 'ii..r?l. initn'. rtaaT sllty meiu
A CREW IIIMAIU.KI) f! V -I< k'S I ??.
N'.?KKi.i iv, \'.;i, July 17.?Tlio sclitMiner Vel?
ma, fr.Caps llaytien. wii i MgWWOdi BBf S?-a^ rk, sr
rived in H.iiiipton IIoimIs y.-sterday with all hat da ?leb
wilh iiiU-rmittent fever. Sna nioveil iij. in the .piaraa
line station ami Will piix.?rd lo bar port Of it. ?tIllation
wlnii Ui? crew rooover. Meitii-aii SasisUiZK e, a. a
su.l tlie necessary stores hav? In? u tatalBBBd h> r. l'he
hi IK 1?.mn I.e ?a feli 111 wii h tlie Veiuia dtMMMj l'"' voyage
BBd *-ia Mgnaled to fora er? vt, but Ilia r?ptala of IUS
former veaael w.ia onable to fmiitali Um aiistataaeo
seeded. Derlas* the last haaderd and twenty m
ron -1 r1 V i ? i k ?.ft Caps lle.ir?, oBly .me un.i, ,,ii tb<
was ahle to do dut/. I_c Vnaiiiu pll-.ts fun.. ?
n. e t.. ariag lha reasal iruui iht i ay?? to iuct.urai.uus
BUSJ1UBU HRftkL ?onvkmk.v
Kk iim-.mi, Va., July 17.? The isaaBsshaal re
oeive.l from i3oiiturru titles to lha call for .? OBSV
v.ntioii to bo UeU al Koitreaa Moi.ro?-, July '.'"iih.ia
the lnliT.sl of Southern n.ttl facililla?, l.nlnate i.'i.l
larsre dehgauons will att.-ud fniui all Important i mes ta
tin? Hoiitti. Tbars will be two hit dred to two hundred
an.I fl'tv delegate., ?.nl ll is iinder*.tood that tho l'ie?l
ilenl ,,ud BMMBBsn Ot nit (alieial wiU ??.? |n . a.-,, t. in?
K .ilii..?0 Aaaocialiuu baa ottareU fi?x) _rau?4?,t lal.ou IB
the di'leautea.
CR1MKS ash i'A?l?l.!il4 UV Tl.:.t. harn
(ii i im. Uni., July 17.?A fatiisr sud two auus
wsre .nffiM-ste- iu a w, II near Uraytoa u? ??y _jr fuui air.
Ncw?Obi.bans, Ishaj July 17. ? Mortimer i'_rr, ex
Speaker of U>n laiaisiana t.aaialaiar?. was arreaieal w Hay,
sliaiw?-l wlUi -bl_lui-a aiousy a_u?i (s?M jarU-ua?*,
Mi.Min.il Julv 17. Misa Charon ui Htxilielsga
was yeaUnlsy b'irned so Severely hv bar i-loih.tis iaiei,,ng ara
from an SOBMlou ul eosi oil. w_a whtua saa was i i'ui-< U?a
111,., I lia i >lw ?Uaal -Ml inaj'i -
lilt n_.>-u\ Va, July 17.? CoL Julian llsmsoa, a
?Inba. <?i lusj??cu>r Bl U?a Stioeko? waret?aisa, was acme ta'lr
kl lad Un? moi mug li/ Ui? illaol?a-a* ol a inau.:. alnlc sstas
i_a alUaws?ia Uasdl?osuiwUhia BMBbb?I Baalyiu?.

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