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" ! .. has been applied to l<7 order of tlic " Lotds
?,et? n'rrs^^r payment of tLe sum of fJU 25.
SESBtotoOl?t? im 5 for the five clays be was
!SaaaaaaT?BfMl ???"'? ?' hn WW ??
?trrta ?t-d in ' f nar(JC am, a.k f),r
Jae.al Mr,?f,uo maintains Unit it is excessive, Inas
Itartiiulsr?. B ? , f ? f|1?,, V? iberias, acc.r.l
murkB-to He "'s baratasen breakfaai on one
lug to kis i*iis(< inquires whether there
t ?T aharaa toe attendance. 7/-. ''?" ?to?
I? M*,^. ? Jtirlcflllv : " NO official answer appears to
C^flr ltd 1-sst.r ? '> . innulrlea on tbeee
SLa-T if ?i"ti...-, ?uval ittliers'vvlll OoweU tn
??ot . . f h"CHS...I.1..1 in future to refrain ft**??**
takr iiuic.i >' me? may tluil on an island, uniras hi
fi." ij .h par?? tS 'p..) 1 ! toano ni IMtotog M a*
V*Colone1 T. B. Tliorpo. who was nlbided to a
few days ?e? as an old contributor to uan^iMaga:?''.
;M.,,.l..e-,,ec.n.pto<;r,,,r,il Zacliary Taylor to to*
Mexican eaoipahrn. Before the nomination of . -vtor
for the Presidency Colonel Thorpe whs active In UN
Southwest in orirtoabis data.* H the oft!, c. ami wrote
aaaanmaMBMtoMBBgalsMahaa stoat ins Clef. Saaeaa
other lncldenU wblch he rmltellishcd war* the refusal of
Oeneral lavier to surrender at the demand of BBBto
Anna JBM bUOBM the ?tattle of liiiena Vista, and the
lafaMjBaj of liraxton knnga/i battery into etoM action
durttiK th.- BBM cont' M. iBBee two luci.Irnts. ?is related
py Thorpe, found Illustration In aH,iiiBiiner of liinhly eot
?rcdrbeap lithographs, which met with iminiuse sale.
Colonel Tintinas L. Crlttetelen, 'l.iylor's aii/r, who tar?
ried the reply to Hauta AniiiV Ot m-ind, was renaraai Bled
ta s?ly MSB suit, as stiff as If lie had swallowed one of
theru" rnnirnds than M MB la the army, Informing a
?ten Slid yellow Mexican (i. lierai with one tog thai
"Uouer^i Tafias never Barrendera." It was fborpe'a
thlndi"-'1''"' or the leu. nd of th. Old Guard wblch " ale?
but ****** BBi???artera" tn the otter illustration
Tartar aaa rejMNaeated a.? siitiiiK very coolly on
hu ker? amid a terrible fire ti. the Mexicans,
arho entiii iv ?iirroiiinieii Captain Braaa'a battery ot
yellow I in? and bright, new nun-eo.ite.l artilleryioeii.
?toeafaoea aadevidently never been tiinn.il by M.-xi
rsnsuiioi ?i.ili'li.y Mexleen aartk or their own gaa
Earter. Tu?- tafead of the picture, supposed to he
Baie*spoheebyQeaeralTarier, was, "A little more
giaai 1 aptiiln Braga." what Taylor ? i i ? l aay mi thai
, Ion was more forcible and profaai than it tta?
? Hut the two stories were not unimportant fac?
tors i u toe campaign of 1848.
A kOfMM m Roston dealing hugely in woollen
foods hit- it.cn soofleli elicited l'A fabrics pioU-sslim to
be all*.m . mid found to contain a large admixture of
cotton, th it It now submits nil ?pcciueiis, before f ir
cbaslng. m B .hi-uilcal test, by which the woul and the
cotton, it itio tatter bo Bceaaat,ara separat.at, aad the
fraud iiiinle cvidt lit. It il diilleillt to discover the cheat
bi ordlnari toapeettoa. The cotton and wool are Mixed
Bad earoM together before bel?g spun Into rara. In
th:> v..i\, the most exp-riciiceU buyer may be il. i ? 'l
Harkis and lVngotty niiived iu l?alliinore
last Satui.lav by slcmner troin Ym ktown.snd openc.l pro?
posals on the wharf for naaaaortoUoa laaaaaa *Matotor*a
bouse, a lolly waarsasM BBBared them thai than
need of tortog a ha.-k niei araaOtog aaeaey aa style, aad
Tolunteei.d to take tbeui around hi bis own BOO! lut
honest vehicle. Bo they get into his wagon mid were
tlrlveu iii-t to the Court linn-.. where a mania-'.- Ii
cense whs paweaaeja, hu.i Btoi toaekeayaaaaftneldeai ?-.
Vhere tin y were sj.eedlly imlteil. The aMBJBBsM tin B MM
tbeui that they paakt to have a lui.lt.l tour In Unii.l
11:11 Turk, and ?lieu they asst-nleil the horse wa? tniiciieil
with wiii.i and rein and the aeddlna Jonrnei beaaa Bo
iiieai?il were the rural loTOra will then master-o?-ccre
iinmi^a iieit before they ictinmil to the ateamei tiny
Invite.i him i ? 'loiuc tlov.n M the kcn'.ry and stay a
e?tcll iu the Summer."
April Tool's Day has its compensations. A
gSD? of jeitiiB sports stood areiiinl a lamp-post in W.il
init-st.. Philadelphia, last Monday, and itrinin<1 at one
liiiiitlit i when en innocent viuiiil' man, With it hiue Bfclrl
and a torn Imt-band, BBOOfed te pick up a lean an.I ?eli
woru pe, ki lluok from the side? .ilk. As soon as he kai
It well In lialid the loafers roaretl. yelled, and called linn
"toofrt.sh." Hut the .vouok mail, nowise disconc. rte.l.
opened the iHicketlKMik, took out two teu-dollar bills, uud
then Barakas towatel the aaaard and attoehtag his thumb
to the nue of hi? aaai executed a well-known ?isrt> of lr
reinilar fr.cuiasomy.A pli'ful netiilenmn in Jack
Boarllte, I.... sent by expr?s* !?? a iu. tropolltan joamal
i?t hu aajlta louuK ajitoator eneaaed in a ainall box. Toe
Btorsry geutlemaa, after allowing the scaly pel to dis?
port Itself ob the exchsnge-tahta aad In a wash-bowl,
BBBl It to an aouanum, Mild it for 50 cents, and gare the
money to Mr. bergh
The poetic Viceroy, whom the author of
?* Lothn'.r " si nt to India to daaala the eyes of the aa
lives with p?t;pttuti and eaaaraMaas, is not dtoaaaedtai
Wtsaaage so democratic an toatttottaa ?? free BBeeeh.
At the etoM of bi? NOBBl laaMaaB, IsBM l.ytton said : " I
am uuwlliinx toliuui]ter the draThaloa of honc?t thongkt ;
but l raeeaaMa iu tue paaaaajl circumstuuc-? of
this coiritrv, and In the present condition of
the iHipuiatloni eommitt'.d tu our ahaflM, the
clear and nbvtau* duty of . h. oktal the BSMfSBjattoa
of sfilMioe. iiiiil jireventltiif ?L'in.:aiit, foiiii'h iiinl irre
BiKiuslh e )?-rsoiis irom BMSdaaaly OBlllBllSa the t.nl.le
edifice which still generousb shelters even Its vile <l<
trneUir? That edifice kaa been slowly reared by the an>
tnus of iirtijii statesmanship ul llxlr ; the a. blevemcnts
of Unti?h valor." The exiilaiiaiion is lhat the editora of
native iiii?M-rs have taken no nalna to conceal their eon
tempt for Ho-foreiKu p.nity m toe Boasa Government
The whole matter of fees nnd allowances
tnadc or Hied in the BaSaagaB 's infice is likely to have
a tbormiith overhaulinR, ati.l r.ot a hit too soon. The
Way lu ahMh cit?tes are wasted and heirs llnpi.vi;n.?ln .1
by the < in i tumis fees allowea to couiise], Is simply a .iis
grace to Jurisprudence. There are atortM told of tin-??
abuses wiii.-h would be Meoaaarrabla if they were not
Wellaiitlieritieated. In one ca?e, In wbicli a man left
an estate ?if $300.000, fifteen year? ago. the azeeator*
hsrcnevi-r l?e*)ii able to iret an BSUBBBltog out of the Sir
*M*B*ara Caaarl, while faut] lawyara have had te
allowanii? out of the estate. ? une of the ?rant BhaaM
pf the Bagttah Court of Chaaeaty, before it a
formed, bbbbj to have baeoaaa establUhed 1?re. Tin-re
are Jariiilyce estates In this cetintry utterly Bfcaecbsdby
Utliratii.u The lawyers ?;et the oy.-ters and the h. Ira
jtet the shells. The conte?! eeesaa arfai n there I* Botataa
left to in-paid M eonaaeL The ahuaa probably la not
ngreeaiiie to resoei talil? members of the le;:ai pn>
fessl.ui. it iiai r.-aehed its prcoenl proportions almoat
%-lthout their knowing it. All that la needed toi its
reform la a little moral eoarage.
A loinaiitie eBOSOCMl til the war is related liv
acorrespuudeiit of The Dnitu Von. DaMafl UM r.ei in
maasaci.s at larlova, ju?t In fan the occupation of that
ateeahy the ktonatoa r?galai treepa, all toa BBaaabera or
a very wealthy fau.tiy raaadtag thara, ?rae?*] ane gtrl
named thrmt i ne, w.-ro killed. The gM BMBMNMsl toes
cape, but wns taken by a link, kg whom she wh?
brought t.. OlIBgeB. She ?as gaillj taken to an
Asiatic M?age opposite ths loarjCwk i?-a BalgarMB
Brrtoato theaaaae hou^e laeagatoaal har aa a eenntry
woman, t'l.iiii being aaBMltoBea, Ctirlatlue teld her
Btorv and ?aid that the Tutk wa? keeping 1. r l>> I
and that he em trying to persuade her to become a lei
?erf to Islam and to marry hi* brother, with a view to
?eaaaetheaanaefty other father. The particulars of
this disgraceful uffulr cume Ui the ears of the Saatrlaa
Consul, who Immediately sent his diagouiau, and aakuSj
that the ?.ul should lie aivcn up. The Governor replied
that he eoaM uot tlo so at aaaa, and asked the dragotnan
to wait than for a few days. The Uovenn r taally
hroivut forward tho girl, who was now dress.eJ n thl
Tutkiah eoatBBM, slthoiirh she prevloiisly hud Worn the
nulgarian. Iu reply to hi? micetiens the IBM IBM thai
ans arkshrd of kaa own free win to aeeaasa ? Mnaaabaaa,
and that It was not In conaequeure of threats oi In
lacements held on I by bei Turkish captor that she h ?)
eease to this eoaelnston. It wna maulfest that th dee
israti?ii '.. it been draaged Irmii the BSMTgirl by CJC1
If President Hayes can eoaefliato Belthei Ute
Bouth nor I'omrress, what will h? do?'? lake to do
woodsf-iKiugston ire. aaaa (Bap.)
There ran tie, on the OYMUBkM HH imblisoed.
but one eei.clusioii-ih.it the H ihf.tx award aaa hot ? itli
to tde. aud should hohonc?!ltr paid. - lilnrper's Weekly
|i,i ;i| '
JL^' .f,u/,,ier ototOBheats of Bocrotnij Bher
n; tu tu tue Hume Committee on ili.tiking and Cnrrency
e^aa,?Vuit.tbe?.<:?ul,tl'Jr ""rt ,n? ^.-r.-taiy i? entirely
a -m '!',"n',s ability to carry out the provision?of the
?V.ii "k.'i >"U when the ,i")* ?rrtT?*-iBoatoa Jour
nn c , >V<?m TAa /?,ria/^,ri/ ,.??.,?,
ttats'Li exf,VbrStw?ni??n,KVl ?" ,,,<- wlat?oBi
of promoting the welfare .If the ???
parly, wuhoiit refer.in a to the Preaid'u". Tbis ? ??
Bible. It is utterly lni|KMu.ible to inuluuin intii.iHi* ,.'
lations with him. If he will not permit It. and it. ni ,|
iiereasiiry to keen up peri-etual war. Tha aMtoteaaraa
aoulil OBly I < neftt the Ill-linn lacy, and do no good. fC?
Kcpublicau party, In our Judgment, will lie uii u1(,
atrunger, to sund alone, conailoii? that its prlnolptaa
and p. let i.re tntruiti d to lia own keeping, and are to
m sustained by lu own action.
from Th* Kti'atk Ailvtrtitrr.
Civil Service refonn is not lathe woik. The
Man a ho passes tbe bast examination muy be the moat
worthless in the class. The be-1 accountant may be the
Most tricky peculator, 'lhe best pMiouu may be the
fsost ikiif ul forger, and the honest? ?Uof the lot may lie a
?oed-for-iinthlnji at the denk or in the genere I work. The
?rueinan i? to oxaot a s?vera responsibility from the
appointing power, and not to truusferit to a jurv of five
exaainiuK grauaies, with no end of aub-exaiuincrs np
aslMed by them, making a new cxyense hut noiklu? no
/Vow? Tht i Uta kipuhttean.
lhc weak attitude assumed by the PichI
aant m curryiuji out hiaaoutbsjn poiiey ispreparma tho
?haV11u M **!*4.*'1?' k> "Wd the (lyverumtnt over to
wXtaikocrscy,MBuou?n4fiprepki?d IflJ thj tut Uio .
rebellion.- There may lie no Intent on the port ot the
President to do this, but bis Adtuinistrntlon has Huit
tendency. Ills fears of the D?mocratie House, and his
mistaken Idea of the sincerity am) patriotism ol the
t-uitiu in leaders whom he lias taken into his confi?
dence, leads him to put Into oftlee nnd j.lay into the
hands of the most dangerous men in ihe Nailon. Our
only hope of salvation Met In Ibe probability that the
American people will distinclly discern the dilft of
events. Riff riifly in tiuie to save the .Nation front the
threateued calamity.
9hm The Jfaa-Fsrl nssalng i-nst
Senator Edmunde ?h reported to have
bsndled tin- members of tbe Washington riiilrnad lobby
very routiiiy yesterday. Hodoubt they deserve all tas
si.iirn tilings v. loci, beasMabeai thesa; batas Bandeas
BBSerttOfl which should not pSSS uiinntic-d "I
bave seen 50 cents a line paid for edit..rials.
That Is a small price now. Tbe tutes- arc
bisher bow, bol an shall tind oat ay taoairjr waal the
exact price Is if Congress will direct an IBYeaUgatton.''
It is to lie hopid tli.it the Investigation will bt ordered
forthwith. Let Mi. Bdntandt flr?t take the stand and
live tho asases of tho editors who received 60 oauUi ?
line ; and then let full testimony 00 taken eOBeerntng
the higher rates and the persons who prnfll bytben.
The Vermont BesatOf has noi lieen v.n basyof late.
Here is a chance 1er active work In which all respecta
ble journalists will heartily eaeoaiagO bnu.
IW'i/i ?he Ac?.???Yt.tle A'n-i.ni'/ ApfSSs.
If it were tbe Ural day of April instead of
the third, the publie would appreciate the Joke of snm
luouiiia- the Controller in-fore a committee of Ibe As
setnbly to niiike oath that he bm not bribed Fish. 1 no
fellow who conceived thesbiilllant idea was prooablv
fsalcd two days behind time.
from Th? Htm-York Commercial AdttWttmr.
If our neigbbore of The Exprtu gre deter?
mined to destroy The World end its accomplishededitor,
the only way to do ii is to furnish tbe public wilt a i"-i
ter paper than Ihr World. The ?eneral puolic have little
or n.forest in tbe life and youthful Indiscretions of a
Ioiiniaiist. The public win read a lire paper no matter
wbo edits It, and will anstam John Keliv as Controller
despite the assBultaof ihr World.it Mr. Kelly continue*
to administer hisoftice in the interest of tbe tasrssjate.
I,.in Th? Cincinnati r.nqnirtr.
Mr. Tilden was outrageously betrayed by tbe
money power. Be whs deceived by tbeiu and kept in
Ignorance ot tbe stats of sffali? at Wasbington during
the sitting of tbe eloetoral tribunal. Mr. Tilden should
oast his lot wllb tbe people of tbe Boothand west, nnd
take ground against the ?rriii'iitor money power of toe
Bast. Hlsfrlends nvay wan: to ?/indicate him ; there -
f., he should leave til* present treacherous surround
tugs am num.unce ins nympntbles with the agricultural
nml muuiif.KtiiiniK Interests of tbe ceuntry. 'llica-uir
between8smand Tom is now Impaaashlo. Not even a
steel bridge of tbe Hill pattern eon bridge it. Tbe ex?
penses ol in. Inte campaign werslnrj-e snd the geueml
sblpbad. Tim Heltnont letter did its work.. It restored
Heudriehsto hi- people. It has dawned afpon the In
diana brain that Eastern goal are not worthy. In,liana
or OBlO will Hu-,in- the nexl Presidential nomination on
Ibe Democrat!! ticket. Hendricka alll bo presented bj
Indiana, ahile ouio will <>fiVr Henry it. Payne and Allen
(.. Thuruiaii. The contest for the nomination will be
spirited, aa luccca* is assured. The nomination by the
next Democratic National Convention means tin occu
panej of tbe White House and, with good nea?Ttor,Ba
iiudisturlx d Presidential -alary.
(?als ot 1,400 in ivvi.M v-inuia; roWBa?THI
saBOlSsaSTOBB l:l I'll IH AN.
IBI IBlBOB*III loiiii iiaiUM.I
NBwroBT, B. I.. April 3.?-The reelection of Gorer
norChaile.sCoiiiii- Van Eandt,Bepubliean, by ? large
majority, gires general satisfaction, particularly in
tins city, where both the leading i lodidstes reoide.
The lbinocratic candidate, Isaac Law nine
j (tho son of tho Hon. YV. It. Lawrence),
? retired at an early hour. Gorernoc Van Zatnlf
I received the returns MiiTounded by hundreds of hi
I friends, and at a late hour to-night Was honored by
j a ?erenaile. Hie majority far exceeded his oxpecte
: tsOns, or the predictions oi his most sangBitte
Governor Van Eandt'l majority m t went v-three
towns lieanl from this eveiuiiL-is 1,615. 1 ist year
his nuvjorit.v in the State was }". 1.
The Legislature will be Republican.
PitoviiuM i. I>\ I.. April 3.?Betnrna from all the
towns in tbe state gire OoTcrnoe Van Zandt 'Hep.'
3,906 majority, Bgainat loi last year. Tbe rote thit
year is eetnpared below with tbe vou- in 1--77:
C.C. Van Zandt (II.4
p.j .n.n?
Isaac Lawrence (D.j 7,199
Win. Poster, jr.. ,,i. ) 588
>i?t:criu?r. Ml
Total vote. 18,827
Rep. plurality.
Rep. majority. y..So?.i
O.e. Van Zandt (it.
.1. n. Bsroaby < i>. ?.. 11,783
>'.in. Poster, Jr, i<<) 77
scattering. 111
Tuinl vote.I'M..?'.
Bep. plurality. 679
K. o. majority.M
The fallimrofl in t!ie Ifi-p-tliliean vote Is 1,337,
und iti the Democratic, 4,588.
The Lci*is!nturc is very largely BepubMean, M
usual | tbe Prohibitory strength i- probably eorne
what diminishod
The following is the vote of the chief towns :
Be]. Ib m. On '-n.
Toten?. Van Zandt Lawrence. Foster.
Providence..,. J. ins ?g MO
Pawloekel_ 780 473 i
Woonsockel . 7-!i iiT 1 00
Lincoln. Mg sa
Johnston. .'<!1 '-'"'- ill
liuirillville. 249 838
Bristol. ... 350 129
Warren. v-'t .".'7 _
Newport. 8ij totl _
?KallitiRi.ffof 1,400.
Chicago, April 3.?In tbe nldennanic nml
town election* yesterday, the total vol? ap|ipiximati d
as follows! BsaabUeaa, 18,0001 l.ei.nit, IBsOOOi
indi pendent fbottiae RapabBcaai and Democrats),
(J.?HI0; Coaiuianlst, ?i.'jo.i; and Battosal, l.'.'oo.
Bom Kepuiiiicin. six DeasooraUe, t^o Uses
ooratte i d National, two Iadeisradeat, nnd
one Comaonlsl aldermen were elected. In .-?outti
Town tin- Republicana elected the collector, supervisor
and town olerk, sad tbs lji.nocr.tts and Natmuala tbe
:it-e??.;r. In V'st TowB the DeuoeraU elected their
entire ticket. In (Tortn Town Ihe Kepnhllcana elected
tbe collector and assessor, and lbs Democrats tin- ?api r
vloor and lowi. ell i k.
('iN(TNs.\n, Obio, Ajiril 3.?Pull rt'tiinis
elect one RopabUeoB es the cJty ticket The m> boards
will stand : Conacllmea,20 ItVpublicant, 'Ji Deraeerebi;
aJdOs-BsOa, 13Republicans, l- Democrats.
im Mil w\t kit: II l.tTIOV.
aflXWAtTKBB, Ajiril ?I.? The entire lb tno
er.-itic city ticket Is carried by nia)..titles Of 800 to 000.
TheRepebUcaaohate gstaed largely in ?ldeiatoe and
Supervisors. Jahn Bhteb (Doei.| was sleeted Mayor i>v
a majority of gaj vetea JlStOS h. Willie vins i .ii led
Controller, <?. C. Trnmpff. Treasurer, nnd i>. if. Johnaon,
attorney. s?i,< Hones) Money Lauguf claim* that U has
a occid'd majority un tit? Bnanclai iasue.
Th? canvass ol the voto at the town ?lec?
tions nt Qjnooas Ooaaty *as not etttelndsd in sotas
liistuncco aatil abeatd o'oleek ysotentar Bsoralag. aii
I thomoabersof the old Board of Conaty ffaporrlson
, were candldalci for refloction. Las) yesr ibera ass
only one Repnbllesn member oal "f torea ; Ihla ?r.ir
there will be tares, la two towns tbe old member*
have been defeated by Kepnblican*. These are Newtown
i and Hemptteau?Robert Burroughs, in ihe former, by
i JohnE. van Moalrand, nominated i>v tin- Boformera;
and Ebenesei Kalinin in the Utter, by Charle? il
C'ii-meuts, BepuMlean und Prohibition. Mr. liurroucb*
! iiim been a mem bei ol lbs Board seven yeara, Bad Mr.
I Kelltiin three yean. Oeorae li. Hunter, ibe former
ii mocratlc ?nembei froni Lona Islaud < ity. elected on
the -Noide'' ticket, last ?cr, is defeated by John
; < sven, nominated ob the "Oraham " Uemoei atte Hi i<et,
? and approved by the Republicans. The constitution
oi the Mew Hoard oi Baperrbiors is as follow* :
Plnshfas?EdwiMi a. i.aw Iiestatea I. ii. Bfatetathag
Mill C. In III. lie III. i.Sn oppoaltlOD.)
Oyster i'.ai Oso 8 Dawabtg, ! Nswrnaa?Jobs a. Van .\..
Iniii. i No opposition. ) I r ? ii : i ? I. Kaa,
Rorta Henpaitead Joini M. | I/on*- isisml ' ity-Joim Oil
Clark, Hep. I rea, Bam.
Bemustead- C. 11. Ciiimiita,
lii-iuys DoberouM U reglected Mayor of LoagUbind
City over afobn Qalnn, tbs "Mobb?" candidate, by 52(1
nia|oi:ty. MoirisV majority over i K-riian, lor C'ltv Treaa
uri-r, Is 140. vie ?.idle mis 181 id urn luv for Police Justice,
j Kudolph and Parselts (present Incumbents) being his on
] p..iient?. Pelabsnty'a mstority over Cbspmau Tor Civil
Justice is 75S?. i lu-Aidei inen elect are? lost Ward?
? iti.iieii McXiiiiy, "Orabamttc;" neoond sisme* Hteron
soa, "Orahamita;" Third?Michael Donnelly, "i,i.
liaintte;" Koui Hi?Cornelius it. ed. '-Orahamlte," and
| Ropublican ; Kilih-John J. Mitchell, ?? Noolclte."
OaWrt MiY.
The Cottou Lxcliango lowtrcd its flagg to
half-mast, yesterday, baaBaai et the death et U B.
Chesbrough. Mr. Cnasaaangh was Afiy-ulne years of
s?s, and irav.s a wife and one child. Ho was taken
sick tn liceeniber last, and ?imo that Utas lu
.'??. V?1 b,;tu -,b,e l0 ?ttend to hi?, buslhfis?,
i. i? * ?'..ttoii buyer, at Bo. IM Penil-at. He
, BOO ?sen in husmeas In this citv for iwciity-flvo
^^?l?"?, *,**n<1 w?*'-st.eined by all who kBO? him. Ho
died at b s home |? l.i;??,i(t.th, >. J., u?t Juesdiiv. of pnon
mouta. "?'was a promiwut tnember of tho Kp scepal
Church at Uir.aUaV Be was very well knosn I? the
Cotton Exobsvage, havma been in the Board of Meaaseri
and be was chu.nnnu of the Claasitlcalioii Committee a
BB1 timo of hi* death.
Jane Bonner, wife of ltolnrt Ronuer, tbe
wcll-ltnown pubUsbtr, died lu thi? city Tuesday evening in
tbe forty-ninth year of borage. Mrs. BeaBaB has htea
an Invalid for a long time, but ber death wa* touiewbat
sudden, baeteued. it It Bald, bv be* grief at the death
ubuul tbj'fc HrsaBJ ago, o? (ti /ouflfeut cUtughftf,
? ? ?*>?
ax laiBBBOIlBO DOCUMBBT ? >:: the rTH.iz.inos
A report aaj the ami lands of the West, by Major
Tow.11, vas laid before ('<uii<ress yesterday. The
topatn Qtotnaaod in this paper are MM irrigation of
tin-firminir liuids; the preservation of tin- forests
lrom fire, which Major Powell s:i\s is more de-truc
tive to then tlinii the d. munis of liuinan industry :
ami the atoe ami proper way of ?topoaiBg *t the pai -
tarage tonda. The repori is toBg,tmt Bfoodab
atracl ofitobeal testarea.? preaeated aalnw.
plains iraTBO?I BBW IYBTI m as TO ikhhia
11.IN, 1 IM Hilf, ETC, M H'l O.
11: v iKi.i.'.iiMlt tu nil. IB1BUBB.I
Wi-.iiin.iI.is, April 8.?Tnefl was sent to C'on
iri.-s?, to-.l.iy, a v.rv valualile report prepared BJ
Major .1. W. l'ovvell.of the I'nited States (iemrraplii
cal and Geological Survey of the l.ockv Mountitm
region, ob the MLands of the arid region of the
United Btatoa?"
After tl. lininir npmximat ly Hie bOBndsrhM of
those regioaa of our toniterj that ire aapplied with
ahandaal rain fall, the anb-hnaBid, where the rain?
fall tarrean twenty to tweatv-eighf laehaa a year,
and Hie arid reliions, where the ram-fell is less than
twenty inches, Major Powell BBjn that the
arid or irreal li'ocky Mountain regiOfl of theUoitod
States einhraee-. somelhitu: RKaTS than foOT-tenths
of the whole eoantry, excladiag Alaska. In ?ill
this region igrieaJtore is only poaMbta by IrrlgB
tion. ami the irrii-alile tr?ete, even, tire few sad fsi
ltctvveeti. In iliscils.-inir the land? of the ill *1 1"
?i.tii.i.i., Major Powell divides the territory
in <lii?stioii int.. tl. irreal classe.??the ?irmaMe
landsaloag the Bordara ot lbs stream?, the force!
lands of the mountain.?, and the pestarage 1.1ml?
hot ween.
nuuoAYioa ash its run bb.
Of the adraatagaa of IrrigaMoo, and tin- eondl
fions mi-essary to ?I? success. Maim I'owcll iiivii
Then are twa eeaahtaaatla**| that BMka trrtgaMea at
ti.etiM- to the agrtoaltaraltat. Grapa toa* ealtirafc 0 ara
nui aabjeet ta the Ttetaattadaa of ra?ala I The taraaer
fear? no droughts. The laaaaaiiMy from droagBl aad
atona randera agrtealtaral operations raaek Bote arria d
iii.m m lagtoaeaf greater h.khty. Agala, tin- aatora
ctri.e down in.in ti?e iiioaniiiin? inni platean* freUthted
arltb lertOlalag aaatortola derived Cr?ai the decay ln|
regetatlon aad aolla el Ine trppei regions, ahlchare
spread by the Bowing water aver the eulUvated laada.
it i- probable thai the beneflta derln d froai this ?can ??
alone will Is full coupenaatloa fot the real of tin- pro
??mal? atreaaaa ein be taken . ami dtatrihated bj
Individual enterprise, bul .ueralire labor, ??!
Itated capital, must be employed In taking mit the larger
streams. Tbe diversion ol a la rae stream from lia chan?
nel tuto a eyetem of canals demands .. large uailay ol
labor and material, ro ropaj tm-, ail tac eaters ea
taken oal meal be used, siei large traeu el
I.out tbm b, eonie dependent upon a ilnsic ca? t
Il is manifest that a fnnni depending Upon
his own Li-, eaunot undertake tins t.i-k. la
a ci ?if extent i Jo- aaall itreanu :.rt- airead)
employed, and bal a coaaparatlvi it ?mall portion ol tin
une,i.i,- lands can i., thus redes-med lleaee lb.
future development of irrliratlon must rouie from the uw
of the larger "trenn..' ? ? Before moo >? o ? ill
Ine ?mail.-: ?Ire un* ibroogboBl th. entire reatan ?ni im
on upieii in ?<i ? in?- ih< 1.111-1-, mi. I tin h ,ill future drvel
npnif nt will depend on the condition* above ilrarrthed.
lu I'liiii l'en il .i . 11 -i.llvi labor undrl eccl uastleal
organisation baa been very aw east ul Oniatd. of I'tab.
there ar. but two inetaut-ca when :t has been tried, nul
at (.re.!.-,, in the si.it.- ol Colorado, tola - - - ? ? i?, has
been eminently ?u ?? essful. ? ? ?
Ultimi the arid reaten ireal deposits >.f rold, allrer.
iron, coal aud maoj t : i ire found, and toe
rapid levelonment of tl. mlutna industriel will de
inand, par! paeau, a rapid development of agriculture.
Ihn? a. I th. I ni'.- th.: I ei.u be n i .i. :. d Will be required ,
for agricultural product imceasan to aupplj ine loi il
market created bj tin minea. Foi this pun,
?alen ol the uon-gro . i will be ?lured,
that they m.iv be lift m the growing sen
mu?. There are two B?el.I- ol storing Ike
v\??te waters. Reservoirs muj I?- runelrarted
near the sources of in. itreams, and th. waters beld In
tin- 111 > i.. i valleys, or Iba water ma) be ran from the
canals ni,, ponds wltbln or .oil.i.-nt to tu di?t riel
waere Irnaatfoa I* prai tin d. l his tattri met nod will be
employed Brat. It Is already employed t<> eomc rxtcni
when local Interest? demand II aad favorable oppor?
tunities are afforded. ? ?
It eennol be \> ??i ileOulti it -'.it' I to wh.it. xt. nt
Ration i .m in Increased bj tie storage ol watel i i
lam fill i- ranch areater In Ibe mountain than in tb<
rallei diatrieU. Muchol tbeprecli it at h m m the mot?n
tain district* i ill? aasaow. Ttat irreal enow-baa
the reservoirs wbieh bold ibe waten lor Its
?rrowlna Mi.. Then the streams are at tl ? M
?,oil go ni. after th.. aaowa bare been un led
lo tin- Midaummei aaa, Ueaee Ihry supply,
iiiirma: fu irrigating time, muck more waiei
tti.m dnrlna Ibe remainder of tbe year. Dnrini the I all
odw tii tin itreamaare smalL In late Hurlng and
earij Hummer they are veri large A day'a How ut n
lino.i time is areater than a mouth's low at tea w.o.r
time..i in- Inereaae by pttoraae w.:i eventu
i.i Important, and it would be wtae to anticipate the
tine when it tt ill be needed bi i ? ?-? i rla| dti ? i.,i prim i
pal reservoirs aad target posta*.
Paasiag to tbe consideration ol the timbei lands,
Major Powell cootinneai
Thranghont tin artdregtoa llaahM M vaim. I? foond
in ?.| ?m tin- bisher platen
mount,on-. Tbeee timber n - ? bounded abort
betas bj Itaeawktabare wn Irregalar, due lo taeal
conditinii?. ahora tbe appei Iraa aa Umber .tmh.
..tun rigor of the ellasate, aad below no Umber
grawa becaaaa M arkiity. Bath tha apper aad
lower Uaea deaaead in naniag froM aoutk
in aetth. That ta, Uto Umber dtairtala are t
found at a lower altttade In the ?arthera portioa ol the |
artd region than m in.- aoatbera. I to ton ?ta are chtaflv
of lillie, ?pi m e Hint III, I Hit tin- plins, are nf tin- p: .In IpBl
ralas. Below tbeee Umber regioaa oa thelowei slopes
ot mountains, on the m. -.? and bin?, loa scattered
f?rrate are often found, composed inaialyof ?!
pirn? aad cedars. Tbeee stunted forests bare aomi
?licht valuefor fuel anderen for fenclna. but th. '
of principal ralue ?on in.m i m Uta limber regional
above dea. nin-.l.
Primarily tbe growth of Umber depend- on <:?
condition?, humidity and tetnperaturt ? bare the t. m
I ? r ? i.is in?-h. i. i.o.ni.I?t.? muat liesm ileriaad wli re
Ibe temiiei.iiiiie ta lower, bumtdify uaj i? ie<? i
t >\.i,illume? restnet tbe foresta to the biiihlanda, aa
above itati d. Of tbe two faet?n lurolred lu the gro? th
of finiier. tmit ..i tin- iii-ai,.. nf b iu,i,im ni el Uta iiiat
Uopurtancc. Tha nee,,.- (,' lemnernture i-.it ? t- tu
problem comparatlvel] llUta, and foi moat nf ine peu
i?.?i a ol 'in? do. uaalon, may in- Begh rti d I ..r eon v. u
lent? all three upper n ?loua a hi :?? condition id U Bi|s i
ature ami iiiitnnfit v are favorable t<> the >>?? th ot Urn
la i, may be called ibe limber ?.-Kinns.
.Nui ,,!i these blgh la mis are alike covered with fori its
The timber restons an- only In pari n,,,,.,,r itandlne
II m bur. ilns limilation is caused by Ore. Throuiboul
the Umber reatona ol all tka arid land? Hres annuull)
deatroy larger <u ?mailer diatrn-ls of Umber, now
hen-, non there; ami ihi? destruction i? on *
so vast iii.it tin amount taken ii,mi the lands foi m
.instila! purpose* link? by eomeartaon Into laalsmlfl
canee. The eauae of tin? BTeal ee?trurUou i? worthy
of car. fnl BMeatloa. Th* sondlUom under wbirn
Ibeae Brea ins.- an climatic. Whet ibe r.on?
fall Is great ami enroma dronxbl* me Infre?
quent, foreata groa witboai muck luterrniition
tiniii fire?, but between thai degree of bnmldit]
Bacaaaarj Iw their proteetloa and tin.t icaaller degree
uecci .ot to ?in?til, all lauda are wept bare by Ore to
an extent whieb aieadlh lucreaaea from tha atore hu
mtdtothe more arid dtatrtcts, until alia?! sil forests
an destroyed, though tbe bamldlty is ?tin suffleieui r.u
?.?i,..ih if mu?,unity lion, tin-, were set lire.I. The
aittounl of m.an iinfiiial rainfall i.e. ---.it lo
the growth of f<ue-t?, it protected from lire,
h probably about ibe aame a? th.- amouui
i e-i ? ni for Bgrtealtnial growth, with lrrtgatwn;al
aay rate i' i? Boawwhere from go to ?\ Incbea. Ail
timber growth below tinit amunal i? ol a .huai tM -n
stuuted a? to be ol Unie ralue, and the growlb i? so
slow i hai \. In ti mue i in. Umber kaa been taken fron the
I'liiuf ? the tune neceeaarj im ? nee for. it growlb U nu
great that bo pracUeal purpoai la subai m d.
The eviilii.ee thai the Ki>?th ol Umber, II protoetod
from Urea, miKht be eiteinli .1 to the llinll- her. ?riv. n, l?
ainiiiilaiii. n i? a matter of experience thai pleated
forests thus prole, t.-.l, will tlinl.- UiroUgBOUt the
plain.. re?rii>ii aad far we tward ea tbe great pialni ii.
tin; iiioiitiiam reglop. ll may In- In ipn ntl) obeel n d Hi..*
too il tree? Km* low down on the mountain ?tais i and
III file higher \ alley? Wlleleur lneill i-llelllllst -ll .e. - 1'ln
te, t ttifiii limn area, aa in the caaeof rocky lands thai
glva Insiililcti ul finiiuiK to tliu gram and shrubs
m aback fins generally spread. Tbesw
Baaea must not be confounded wiU tboee
pi.ii in? o/ forest Unit grow oa all alluvial conea where
livera leave mountain eaflouaand enter valleyboi ptalua.
Here the si reams, eloggrd by the matei 1*1? wa il it lrom
the adjacent mountain* by iiorma,an to queatly t?rm d
from tbelr eouraea and dlvMtad into maaychanaek raa
11.10; iii.i.i tin- ?mrai.. Tbnaa aabterrancaas watering
Is ell .-? led, fnl in able In the gTOWtfa Ol II. e? as tin 11 Io.iIk
penetrate m hiiihiieni .lej.tii. i-.ii.iii> tin? watering is
i.loop tm agi leiiitiiu -, ?n that foreata grow ea laaea
that -annul lie mini ited altBOBt lril,:all m.
I>'Ile is tin- iinii.e.l .ate eaitse of the link of timber OB
Hie pralin ?, the eastern portion of the greal plain?, and
oil Hume pni'tl His of the iii-l'l.ii.il ot the ?.M i'^.on;
inn Brea .mtaiii their deatruetlve force through climatic
Conditions, M that, due. ill ami roBOtolj . el,male .I. -
tennisea the growth of uii foresta. Witaia tin
region where pratrtae, ttrove* und fprots up
peu;-, the local ill .trlbutloii of tliub.r Krowin
m chietly dependent upon dratoaga and aou,
a aabjeel Wasch aeed imi be ken d-scriissii.
Only a small porttoa oi the Barky Meantato regtea la
protected bj I lunatic conditlom. from the Ijivatiou of
tires, and n'uiflliieucy of forcit? fei n.e coiuiiii dependa
ni'n the control Winch Can be obiiitne. I over finit lic?
it nit ve uncut.
A ?anca st UM BMM>Of I'tnli will SShlhit Uta citent
. ad 'i niiii'iitliiii of the fon-si i>?'tvh tLrou^liniit Ibat
leiinoiy, aud alio show what pospon? of It nfe In fa-, t
eeoupted by standing ilpjbcr. ? ? * in the teniturv
represented On the inap the Umber regtoa h.li?
nu ni'-a Of l?,30o suusre nil le?, that Is, H per
nut 'leloiisfs to the flmber re.'lon. The n?urrul
aren of ?t?ndln? tlmi-er isiabent 10,000 ?q .Sr.t ml?, of
\'?t> ptii cent ot Urn <utliu ares. Im. iin-aol mii?uk
tiuiberls al.oui 1,500 'luare milt ?, or 3.11 p.?r cenr ol
tho urea embraced ou the m..p. t? many portions of the
aria .regtoa lUeie pert cnuitMjire Bach smaller, 'i'ul*
ll truc of bbUtlicm Uali/nrnil. 9cviaa. Bouiker ?iilzonk
Bad Idaho. In other replons tho percentage* are larger.
Utah Kives ai,i,.it a fair average.
in general It may Ih- stated that th? timber retflons are
fully adequate to ti.e growth of all the forests which the
industrial Intl rests of the country will require. If they
can in- protected from desolation by ore. No limitation
ol tin-use of thi lorests BOOd be made. The amount
which tis eitl/.eiis af tho country will rcipilre ?a ill bear
Put a small proportion to tbo amount which the
tires will aaSBTOy, and If the tires an- pre
vi -tiled, the renewal iiy auniuti irowthwiil more than
replace that taken by man. ihe pioKctlon of the
forests tif the ?mue arid reeion of thoUslled BtatOS i
reduced to one ?In^le proMeiu : Can tnear forests lie
faved flom lile I 1 lie Winter has witnessed two ill. -II
Colorado, each of which destroyed atore timber than
an thai asad by the Citizens of that state trota its
settlement to tbe preaentdsy: ami at least tasas in
t'lah, each of wuicb has destru? cd nvre tlniiier
I hau that tatou By t|?. people of the Tern
tory Btsea ils occupation. Similar tires have BOOB
witnessed by other member* of tin surveying corps.
Brer] * bore throasboat tbs Boeky Mountain ?ealoa ?as
explorer sway from the beaten paths of civlusatlon
Bteett with gn at an-.is ot dead foreOtS, pin-s with naked
.on.-and eiiaried Ituiil.-, atti stilly to the former pres?
ence of this in e.it destroyer. The yoaacer f..rests are
everywhere lie.-ict w uh fallen Umber, ittOSttBg to the
rigor ol las laatsa, aad ia aaasoas ot groat droaaht tho
mountaineer sus the heavens tilled with clouds, of
In ihe main lace flu s an -i :'.iv Indlin?. Driven
from the low lands by ?idvancintr civilization, they r?>
-..it to the bisher restons nnuitheysre forced book by
I lie deep snow* of Winter Want, causeil by Ihe re
stllctul area to whlcli they call resort for food", the de?
sl?e for Inxunes is which they were ttmaon in their
primitive condition, sndespoclaUj the desire (Orpersoaal
adornment, together with a supply of mon- ctt'cctivo
instruments for bunting and trapping, have in late
years, dating tbo rapid settlement ot this country since
tin discover] "i gold and tbs building >>r railroads,
greatly stimulated tbe pursuit of animals for their furs,
tin Besllb snd currency of the oarage. Ontbatrbeat
itiii e\i nr-mus i hey n -lemaln ally -et llr>- to the loreatS
for ti..- parp?se ..t drft mg too gante. This is ? t,.<-t well
known to all mountaineers. only the white hunters of
the raidon properly understand why these Brea sreset,
It betni tuiusll* attributed to a wsaton desire on the
part ,.t Hi. ludia tu t.. destroy that which it of value to
tee w hue man. The tires then ese be eery greatly eat
laUod by the removal of the lirifaot
?'ASIC?AI.I: I.VMis.
There still remain to bedBNMtated tbe pa-taia;,
tends which lie between the tbnbet region and the
irrigable binds. Of these Major Powell aeyi :
i bare its sei t on conditions Baste wbloh these paatur
tgl Inr,N OSS t.Btphryeg worthy of (?"iisl.leraflon.
ThS ?rrasa ,. mm scanty that tbO herds
man ti,.:-f have a laiv'n urea for the support of
his stock. In general, a quarter s. .ti,.n of laud
alone Is Of BO value to hiai. The BSStUrBgU It alt'ords 1-.
entirely load, q ia',- to Ibe waul- of a held that the BOM
c-? n.an ii. id- for hi- support. Four sipiare mile, may lie
OOBSbteod as the minimum amount necessary for a pa ?
Inrags tena, nui a still greater amount is ue
eessary for the largar pert of the iaaas. That
i-, patatal ?M fine-, to I.f any practical
value, mn-t lie of at least g,M0 acres, it ml in inaiiv dis?
trict-, niel must he much Larger, l'or the determination
of the proper unit for psatnraga farms, the writer baa
conferred with man) persons living In tbo Rocky Moun
II In region who bava bad ? tperienee. i i im own oba i rs
liens la-re bees extensive, and, toi in my years,
trhili rautductins tarreys ami nu?ttog loas jowr
Be* i'i.'.ei.ii tin- und rii.-ii.ii, tbi? question has
in iu oppermosl m bis bum. He leers that tins
estimate ?nil disappoint many nf I.i- Weatern t:?. ad?,
who wilt think hi baa pbsced the mtelmnre too low ; bat
,--. e iklnt the ninel thorough examination of the rob
|i it possible, In- bellen ? the a.ml i ? be -.?til n nt for
tn.- beat past m sge laads, c-|s nalh web as.adjacent
to the minor ?tn am* ol loa geni ral drainage, an.i a hen
tin -e bave bet n taken by seta il m ttlers, the ->/ ? ot the
pastarais farms ma) be increased n exp.-ri.iice peores
i .u dl laiOB lines f..r paslnragB farms are not
practicable. >l ,nv B 1 ? i.... ta which ran- bal a slier! dts
11 m - alii all Helen i w it. i for s number of pas?
turare faim-, bol If Iba lands are surveyed m regular
tracts, aa at] oi township?, all the watoi uif
hclrut foi a number of past?rale farms rasj fall entirely
w ti in one ill? i-ion. It Ihe land- are Ill-is s:u? i-Ved. only
Ibe divisions having water will be taken, snd tbe tanner
obtalului title to *ueb a dh -ion or farm,could practt
. iiii ... i up? all tin-...lint it ..'i ?.o en i by owning tbe water
-..,:. to its u ?-. Fortbureane divisional sarrert
?hould ron'orni to Ibe topography, and ?>.- so mads M to
give the greatest unmber ol water-fronts. ? ?
i.. .- lands wiU maintain luit a acaaty popu?
lation, i:.- n.a m nal necessarily bs widely
-. attend, from MM f.u t tnat the farm unit
nu i i,e lane. l hat tbe Inhabitant? ..f Ibase
I ban lbs beneBta af tbs lucsl
TsTSIl U I- ll- of I'll III/. III. ill, lia Schools. , lUr.ll.S,
, ?, . tod the beuefll*of cooperation In tac construction
ul mads, bridles, and other local tmpi ivemcnt*. it la
Hal thai Ibe n -uten.es ?hould la grouped to tbe
^r [cat possible extent. Tbi* ma) be prsetlcaliy an.i
? t,-, making ii. pasturage I ti mi conform t i topo?
graphic featun - m suen m uinei as t" glee Ike gn stesl
I. I) 11- .1111,1,e| Of Wall r flllllta.
i h. L-: at arc i? over w huh ?loci mnsl roam to oblate
i ?.m ol* the. practicability ol feac
Ing the lands li will not pay tn fen? tbe past?rale
, I, i ?,- m mai.? , aaea lac laads mnsl i., up., a
ov In I.I- i"amliii; m i ?miiiiin. lor |.r men. coper.i
tu. pasturase is neceaaar?. or communal regulation?
forth. .... iip.u,. v of tbe ground and for Ibedlvisloo ol
Ibe increase nf tbe - B communal fk"
I. ,i. , ,. . !-, ,,. en ,1. i ,...! in ii:atiy pirl-or the , oiinlry.
lui iiMI '- .-I.,',I -I: H
Major Powell tion giTM a brief review of the laiul
?y-stem of tbe United Stetes, ebowing that it ie net
adapted to eacewrane tho lettlentent of Isnds in tbo
and regions He continuel :
C?rtala bapartaai (acta miettes ht t'"' peel ai igt
f.innsiiiai be edTsatagooasI) reato ted. Tbs farm sail
I Bot bs loas t o m J,-''! ??rea xni naotarags
farm* BOOd small bsdlol "f IrrtgOhll land. Thi
? It? I'll,n of theOS lamia slioii'd tie Controlled
by toeognphki Mataras to giro water fronts.
IP aid. In es oil the p.l-tlll .1 .-.- In.la -hould B?
?rasped. I'll?* pastaraga farma caaaol be fenced;
taoj most be ocenpted tn cematoB. Tae botnestesd and
preemption meiicida are Inadegaata to meet thi ?
dll Ion*. A general las thoald bo caacted to provide for
the orsaaliattoa ol psataraga district* In which
tin- residents should bars the rlihl to make
ibeli ..wn reiulsttona f?r tbi division of Ibe
lands, the ma .r wat.r foi Irritation and for
arateting Bat st... k an.i r..r tbe pasturase >.f the
i.m ? ? m rotura in oi " Bul each dn |sf?>n, oi
past?rale farm of tbe district, should be owned by nn
individual, that I? tbi-selsnd- could tm settled and Im?
proved bj Ihe colon* plan h- iter than by an? mi,ei?
lt Should Uol I"- .I.l-looil that Ibe coton y - .; ti ni ,M,
iilunaonl) t,. ?ocb person* a* m?rrate from the Bast In a
body. A number of prraona aln-adi In this repon could
., n mi/e. Iu fact, very large bodies ol thee* tends
would U.-; ikiii I,? people who are already Hi t in- i.ti
II., and who hale herds with Which lli.-y muy,
a.it seeking water and grass, bni making m>
permanent realdenee* and no ralasMa ImpraVe
iii. ma. Bach a plan would giva immediate relief t.
all th.-s. people. Thi? district or oolony lystein
Is md iiiiiinil In Uns oouatry. It is essentially
i .,.. ul all the n.ulugdistrict organlzutlou* ..f un
U. -i In,1er It th- local ruh- an.l re aiatioii-for the
illusion of mil.In,: .an Is. th.- BM of watei. limber, etc.
are mansard better than tber could possibly be nndei
-??e.ille ?I itilti - of Ihe I'nili d Hlal.-a. The uss..el it,.,|i
i.i ? nulo,, i ,.f people proven?s ?infle Individuals
from bavluic nudue control of aataral privileges, and
teenreaanr<|0llable divlaioaol mineral lands,snd all
il.i- Is r.ciii.t tu olaalicnct to atatute? of tbe United
-i .o tpruvldini gent ral regutillons. Customs are form
inn nml n _u',.111,.a- an belUS uiado, by i .uiiiion pouaent,
awoiig ta.- i.eopii In -.une IHstrlcts alrasd). bul the??
provide no ineaiis for the aconlratneal of titles of laud.
.n,. incl?n?.-1- fc.i.-ii ni m. i m pi ove.nt oi ihe oouatry,
and no !. ;. I security to paatursaje rights.
If, then, the Irriiable Isnds eaa betakan II mu m
m: ? o. -nit purcbasera, and las colony ?y?tem I*
pl n id. d f.u -,...or ni, n who null to I.prate In i
luiluatry ; If tbe timber lands aro opened to liai -
b ,, im'., m -I th,- pa larngr and? offered to settlement
under a colony j |,m like that Indicated ibovr, a
laud syatoni woald \>- pratldcd for tbo arid
i don adapted to the wauls of all petwoaa
ile-ullla- lo li, come actual Settler* thereon. ThoOS
anda of Men who liow own held-, ami live a MHS ?
nomadic life, tbouaaada of persona wn.? bob roam from
m..uni.on Mm- io mountain muss pruapi i ting '?''' lold,
ill ver, and other mineral*, thousand* of raen who re?
?an to ih.it ...linn v aad return dimppointed, from tbo
fact that the) in practically debarred from itn- nubile
lands, and ilion-an ts of peraon? In Un- Eoatarn Btatc?
?viiiiout empioim. m, or discontented with the rewanla
nf labor, would si.Uly find hontes In the kick Rock]
Moaataia rogioa.
gawopefs/or(a* fast34 iin'tr*.
WAAtrrffOTOB, April 1.1 a. in.?'Ihe haroni
et.r i? loweit from tho Ohio Valley to thefoatb Atlantic
?-lates; a ?tonn of BOBSldarabWl Oaotgy Ri central oa tho
(o.iht; thspnesarela Is geaaral below- th.- mean, bat
toriatagta the I7eat Qalf Btstea Rata baeseneiaU)
rallen ta lbs aoathera state.. The teatperatere hat
fallen sltghtl) ui thedilf and J-'-iitli Atlantic 8tStea?
. '-? v, bete ii i a- i.miiiiiid aeari] ttolloaary. Wcsterir
winds prevail In IheOull .-Ua'.e-: van. tble Iu the South
Atlantic and MldddlaBUtosi ^\t< ibsrs thoj in north
for Newr.Bnetaad paniy cloudy weather, followed bj
tecreaslog eloudluea?, possibly ?In sreaa, variable
win,i-, Diosily trom n s noiiiici-i, f.iiiinK bsvroatetsc and
?tstlonsty t' inperatnro.
Per tbe Middle Atl intle Stetes, cloudy, rainy weather,
variable wind*, mostly from tbe uorthweol ami failini
barometer, snd In theUpfw [askss stationary or lower
'riOfl?StMoriiliii;. Natht IbAbJ
1 '.' | 4 I ? 7 s 1(101119 1 ? 3 4 ft 6 7 s pimir?'InchoJ
TuiiirNK ?irici?, April t, la. m.?A decline of atr
pres-ure took place yesterday, and was folow.dh,
txnrXy wether durtiiK the nlubt. Tbo teaipi-rature
varied Utile from that of the previous day. The mois?
ture of the air I? nut In exeass.
For thin cilv und vi?luity,lncren?lugcloiidlne?.*nuiy le
fipected to-oar, vUn s i mbabiiity uf rata er sisea.
Tu-iiioirWLi Ulv?'.y to booot?e graUiull^' olcaioi aud
The New-York Aiiiimil Conference of the Metho?
dist Episcopal Church began its session yesterday,
in this city, ami listened to ieports from various
districts, ami tho semi-centennial ncrinon. The
Newark Conf. r-n. e, meeting in Newark, aaljourned,
after the announcement of MM appoint mente.
BBOrBBIBOOf mi" Plum y-i:ii;htfl asm'ai. skssion.
The oiirhty-eiirhth session of the New-York
Conference of the Methodist KpUcopnl Church convened
yesterday meaatog In St. Luke'? Church, Ili-Imp An*
drew* presiding. There were present IN members'
The 1?i v. Dr. A. M. Uslmni, v.iio had nearly complete l
the fiftieth year of hi? active ?ers ice iu the ministry,
was selected to preach the semi-centennial acrnion before
the next Conference.
Report* were then received from tho presiding aldeZI
or UM various district?. The Bat. I?r. M. 1>V. I'rawford,
of the New-York District, report.'?! that the debts of the
churches In hi? district were leas than the encumbrances
of lust year. The Morrtsanr.i < hiireh was in embarra --<-'l
etreaaaotoaeee, as were elan Ban olhas ohsitihaa to taa
district, but the report that MofhoSlat ahanehea
of the count'y were on the deelBM wia rato*.
Efforts li.nl inen made In several places to introduce
BitoaitatM serviees, but they had signally failed. The
li.v Dr. Drtoe Bull, of Ponahkoepato, also renorted a
i gratifying reduction m the ehureh debts of bis Olstriot
! 1 he Itev. Dr. (?oo.lni in, pi. si,lent uf th, Methodist Bpls
? copal Colored orphan Home, ol Louisiana, ?aid that the
I Institution was m irn-.it need of aaalwanee, aad that s
troupe of colon il Ungen were now in-rc who would t;ivc
conceit? m the . Iiureli for the benefit of tile Iioltl".
At the afternoon leaaioa tha Ber. Dr. Paal It. Brown,
of Tai-i-vtowii, who hu? completed hi? tlft: th year ol ac?
tive servier, preached the ?em.-centennial .sermon. I!??
prefaced it b) a lively account of ttn- .?illy ,l..v? of hi?
mlatatry?tha tr?ala of ttte old-time elreaft preacher In
threading Ins way through the forests, fording BUkaowa
streams, and preaching in log churches wbere tbe iwel
lows came m under tbe eaves, Iu 1038 ne was censored
by tbe Conference for attending en aatl-aiarery meetina,
' as aera also the Bar. Dra. Ploy and free. Pire
\ reara airo be was eratified to base that old
decialon rereraed by a reto of tos full Coe>
feretiee. The ministry had been saveil by the possession
j of men who bad the three reqatattei tor a good
I Metbodlal minister?a good keart, common aenae aad
1 genuine rellajtoa. some meato thta world had no more
> heart than u hyena, and mil ininli more coiumoii
it use. Uceaslitaally one of these slipped tote toe
i eimreh, ami then It waa a aaaa of death in the pat.
I lie then gare his sei mon ou " Th? Tine (.ion of the
! Church." wblch be defined aa i?"t eonataUng In fine
I eiiurciie?, enstiv musie, iiinh-saini im! preachers, bat in
. ibe manifested prsaeaee of Ood. Tin- iraa UM only
thin? which would attia.-t people to Ibe cburob who de
I ilreo to Bee from the wrathpo oome. Fat better was it
| to worship in a log but when dwelt the grace aod spirit
', of <?od than in BolomoB'i lempta, where thai spirit ami
i be Conferences will be held on Thursday, Friday, Bat
| ur.tay Hint Monday, from 9 a in. to noon. Tbe pro
gramme ol lb. exerciaea (or to-day, other than the reg
I ular session, i? us IwUows: 3 p. in., anniversary ol the
i Minutera1 Mutual Assistance Society, wlih addresses bj
i th.- i;. r. Drs. I.. II. Klag sad a m. Oaborn; 7:45 p. ra.,
i mlasionary sermon In Free Tabernaeta, Ihhrty-fourthat.,
bj tin- Bar. Dr. J. M. Klag.
I he Newark Metbodial ?piacopal Conferonei
- i it? -...?.in? yeaterday,al Newark. The report
ot tbeMatteUeal aeeretary waa a? follows: Member
ship, probation? tin? tear, ??SB; la-t year, l.?o;i ; full
laeinhara. 85,100; local pcaaebera, 1381 fliathe. IBS]
bapUama, ebtldrea, 1,743] adults, 1,973; church
property, probable value, .???.,,l'.ii,."-'io ; aeereaaa, s-n-n,
035; churches, 'j?7, .binase, i; aaraoaagee, irj;
Btobabta v.lia.-. 0380*400, decrease. $37,900 ? suuday
aeboota, 328, lacream, 4; eStoera aad toaehaaa
."..in?; aebotora of all aaee, :;?'?.:t-">, laereaae, 984
John Krantz, Jr., of the Jersey City District, aad B. OL
Dulcher, ot the rfUlBbfltk iMstriet. were admitted fu UM
?mtatatry, Compllmnatsry raaolallona were adopted to
Bishop Mmpeoa, to memhera of st. Paare Charek aaa]
Cltl/.etl? of N>-?arll generally. The Bishop, in main.g
the atoatag aa?lrea*, aaolared be had .tone kla Mal to
make the appetotflaeata aattataetory. lie appealed tu
tha ehniein -, even ihoagh bo4 mil dVd,to receive Madly
their preaekeraU they want than ebarelwa toproapac
ami their children to he converted. His remark:? were
received with maeh approbeUoa. Ehe Blabop thea aa
u.nme...i tin toUowlag appointmaaw,aad toa Coal
adjooraed :
MWAUK ntaTBicT.?-Blrbsrd Veaherae. Presuma KMcr.
it ii-- r Nireet. J. n. i- il Franklin
C. Iniew. Cllotoa Sir-ff. 11. W. ?Huit h ;
I ni--ti >tr..t. ll ii. Collins; Cintra CbiireB, B K.i
1.-.. I eighth Av. nue. W.B WlggjHl fini ?, A I", '?'.ul: St.
. v I. Ill i.. il C. Melee . Iitn'.-v. J. f. i.'.'..i:;
aai . ' ? ?? ' It; KoeerlUa, J I. 0. M g?*! ?t. Jutta'?.
??> i ,. Bat... t htn et, J. Krai I
-ti t. i V w. Uiattenberaer ; Htrawbrttlga, P. R. list.?;
t .i.ii-i-i btreei auu ll?ust<Hi street, B, U Uan tuen, Baal
Newark Memorial Cbnreh, B I*. laicey. Irvingtoa, W.
R. Kielet BaldleTllle, le raaker. Orang?, Hrst i'hurch,
; j n. K " ry, l>. W.Bsrtlne. Houth orange t ".
I j..iin?t..ii. M.un.-?ia.il. m basaapbed. Hprtagleld, W. if.
u Kami ill, M I . Kill?, u Nea fi .-.il i i.-, J h.
Howard, ii.iskiiii il'.\ J. W. Dally. Bernsntarille. J. R,
AiUui? Pleasaol Pbunaandi balttam, to be auppliad
bans, 0 it. Barnes Marrtatowa, I van Rsosbo
On .Meiiilli.iin. J. P. Me .ni v. ri.?i'...W ami IVMi-:-,
J. Tbnma.b Village, Ne?-vernoo ano Hibernls, tobe '
?upplled. DeuvUle and Rockaway Valler, J. L. Hares. Par- j
-ii.i..in\ and Wblppany, E. F m- ..r Clinton and Pino Brook,
.n \ ...;/nu. Verona, H. J Harter, Muntclalr, J, K. llnrr.
Iti.Mxnii.-.-l. W. - II, il-UiiiI. Watuaalna I. Y. Bnrgp?* Kelle.
m i.-, piral > Mir. ti. .1 le Kogersi as, Panl'a, lo besapplled.
Aiiinuten. Jnini. rawford.
.ini-t? im IIISTBK i. W. rnnisiin, PrraldtasElder. Jer
? .\ iitn-i, B Hareourt; Ml. Paul's, U i', i :? ?.-i-en .
???II. I.. II. l'HIIII. Ile,lillle. ,|. M ?llltf.lllil TV ; 1 -film \. ,f
it Poulksi Lafayrite, K. si Burri \v. -tt i.n.r, j. Corvinsi
Wsrrrly, ' H Htochtou: Janes Church. P. Lutnmis, pet
aadea. M. W. Bebout? \v.?i Hala Avenu". J. ll. Brodyj !??<
luunlpaw. !?? be ?uppitedi 1 11.. 1 ?-?, Arrnne ,n .1
IVeei View Arenae, a. M. Palmer; Bayoane nml
Bergen l*oint, - lacobus Uoboken?Pirat Church,
J I. Uni. mit : I'm- I jlo un. !.-. l>. II. P. Itaii.tnl|.li.
Un. ?en-... ?. Pint Church, ?. P. Hammond; Sabbury, K, tt.
! ...iiiini. Areola, k? > Jemlaon. Paaaale nml Kutl
t i o ?. .1 K. Hm.ui. Pateraon, i m?-. Street, a. Crata i
I" . ? -'O ? '. I ? "l-.M.H et -ll-i et. J. A. Mllllli.e; 1,1,1, e,.l.
ii lion. ? PaletaiiB Arrnaeand Worteudyke, a H. Winans
-r ri.-lin?? .uni li.- Notch, <?. wii{?'ln, ?r. lattl? Palis
. J, P. Balle* Wlili.liall, |o be inpnlieiL lli^iiitini A. I,. VVil.
| mm Praiiklin ?ml Brookdale, A. H. li.-'ilis. Bloom ngton and
! .Mull-si.-, S. W. Cole .-im kiii'in.. etc., J H. Boberteou. New
' l'|.-|inl, ?le. II. 1>. Il|?l he. ( .(iif??ll niel ?.il:,"
Klrer, VV H. MeBnde. u ?i-v Obapet, etc, I-: I.
Smith. M. n-1. i-:e., M. i. Warner Spring Valley, -
P A. Mit?>i|l Hill-..il. .m t Hiddletown, J- H liin'i- !
bail Uarerairaw, l?. II. [?wrle. sve?t Hareratraw, etc., i
w. il. B l'uru ". Htonj Point, etc..J. p. fork liooktand
Lake, n. W. *i... m ir. Brack sud Piennoat, IL Chinent, '
New-Ctly, etc., PaUaaile aitd r..,.?..in lo be supplied. 11plu? l
nml Bualewood i \^ Barabatl aad A. B, ?Saw. Bonos
wilemnl Boralaarlew, to In Mpplled.
i ii/.niiii Dierai. r.?H.H. A udl, Prraldlnn Elder. RUs.
abelli, ?.. J.nie -. n. .?.??-i i m. \i : ; Pall * sti ? I, '? \ insaoi
Park .Inn. 'i,. . i . Linie, r..-- lie, I'.. . imn her. ( raw lord,
to be auppllod. W.-.tn. |.|. T. II. ?enlili. Kcotcll Plata*, m be
supplied, liahwar, First Church. O. Wlnaor; second Chnreb,
J w.Mrrsa Linden, to be Mipplle>l. Betuchiu sad v>i-..
iinrii. ll. M. Himpaon. P.'toil bridge, j. j. Morris,
Perth* ai.v. W. ??. Oalloway. Piali.s.'i.t, W. Day,
11..nml Brook, W. I. Boawell, DunelliU, .' H, \\ ,...,n ni..
Mount lloreb. C s Wampaugh HomerrlBe and Kaceton, P,
i ii. iiiikIii. Millstone, to be ?up tl Bergranti e, etc., P.
Ill ..m.. Bins-wood .-t.-, j i .. ,-,,- ,,. i t:.
u.U.inn. Iteiullagion. etc., A B Hurts. Mount />.to be sup
nie i Meen une vi?l?*> A. \ in lleusen. Hl?b Mri.tn ele.,J.Tul
dale, i .?..-.Mile. j. a. Klncabury. ?ew.iieruiauiown, it.-,
H. 1). Decker, Cokesburv, ele., ?. K. Iiuollttle Cllmoa. M.
0 Bead. Asburr. etc., P D. Ha? Dnakertown, D llalleson,
1 liii'll. ele., J. M. ?nl. l.iii.-il? n? ?i, etc., lo lie ?U|
I n m ht ..?n. etc , ,i. il it n - i iMHUsbury, i . w. ll.
Ilntli. -1:11.11 l-iii?l. ?it. Paul's, .1. Ii. Tar bin Bethel, C.
I'Urk. Jl ' -, J. ll. Han. uci r w.Irow, C P, Hull :
hi. John's, M |i, Jems, tsbui i. H. Pauli ? ..i ne,ja.
nuil, suiuuii-rileld, s. ll. U|tdyka ? Trinity, a, Parsons ?
KlDRali \. .1. l tndrew : M iriuel il.it tmr, to lie auppUed.
M.? i -v Dis Util i. .I.W. I --.i/?i-r.ilil, l'i.-l.iin^ l.ln.r. New.
i n. n. Waiter? Andorn. >? M.iiei ? etaonope, etc.,W .,
.N.I? m : I 1.1 n.[ti l' It v, I. P, I'nl.l, .1,.till ?'?lilillfL', In lie -nji
piled i Boekaway, I'. C. Mar han ? Mouiil Uo|ie r. Kalltnge;
. i IrstChurch, J. H, Morton; ?-.-. o.i.i < horch, W 1. ...li ?
pun Dram, eic, O. r JacksoB; Walnut Orore.etc.; E. H.
C.tnkllns. Bnciasuuna etc., r. it Loodoa. I.landers and
Drakeaiown, O. V. lpg*r. Hacketutown, A, n rutile
\ n una .uni Jane chapel, O. W. Horion. BattartUa, ate?, P.
ii. Um km.m. Uxford, E. N.iiitsin. .-Mitiim.-ulei.i, etc., lob*
aupplleiL Mount Bethel, etc., T r.CanleM. Aintirs.iii.eie.,
w. -tmit. Port l'oldeu, etc., tu be supplied. Washington,
J. .1. Bead. Broadway, etc., J. W. Hartpiner. lUleiilore,
H. Jobas. Harmony, to be sii|-pili-l. Pbltllpabnrg, Kir?t
. Ininli. It, ll. Locswood; Wesley Chapd. \v'. !.. Blakealaa,
..i. ? iisliinta-e, to beaunplied. Hope, .1 < t. W'lnn.i. Mount
Herman, < >, Von illve. Colurabb?. etc., B Tbomaa,
ItaUieabarg, v. K Waller. Beanstown, li IJU, ?"itiiwaier.
J. li Malblaa. Wallpaek, et. . Vf. w. VoorheU. llainnavibe.
etc. Blreruin, Mld.lleHnilthrtelrt, tobe supplied? Mllford, \v,
McCain, inn Jem?, j r.Crane Hparrowbush. etc., *. It.
Harria. Barry rille, Poreatbui -, 11 ikl .ml, > lore and Carpenters
Point, lo be moulted. Dllivdle, B. w. L'opetand. Centre?
\nie, etc. j. v. Barrett We I rown. ate , J. a. uiltertdge,
Veruou, ?ii . ll. I?, li.iin'.-- Decsertown, J. N, Iv-,?.
L'olevtlle, lliiiiiliiua; snd UeMtown, tone lupptled. Birch
vil.-, i.i?. Praaaa Lafayette^ \v'. ii. Kaggerty. tspaits,
Kinn h Mese ham._
litiu. rOB M.vi.i i:.\sa\( k BBPOBI 1MB LOBO
im; ns iiiiiKP. coABoas?oraaa oppsctAiaTo
m: pBoaai I'lKu.
LOBQ BBAXCB, April 'J.?The exiiiiiiiiiitinii
o' poll.-.. BtagtohraM B. i. Pltoher, akarged with aaal
fi aaaaea la Bflee, waa onaltomsl hefnre the i. ass Braaeb
Iloai'tl of t'.iiiiiutsai.im is to- lav. The full bonrd, cotnpils
toges-Oaitostoi Marphy, Mayor Joseph h. cooper aad
M-s-rs. Wollev, Lewis, I'MtteiMin. Mierniati ami ( ham
bertoto, aara aoriy M Btohr aaaM, ami the aawsMasttBga
wem iipened by Public Prosecutor LBBBtogi WBI BBBMJ
? ileiiii.n.I on ifSglatTSto Pitcher for his otlleiul books.
niuksa'a f?at**1 ahtoatod, MM the board voted that they
should be produced.
Prosecutor Limiting WBI called by Mr. Hayes* counsel,
Mr. Allen, and said that lie had matte several applica?
tions to Justice Pitcher to make a report of bu official
business, but he had ucver doua so. Ha wus
conlldent that I'ltcher withheld from him a*
.??tute Prosecutor a list of wltuusses aud evidence
In numerous criminal matters, also that he visltod
Kariitiuiia-h the all-?od " llre-buir," In Joli, aud Imparted
to hliu evidence only kuown by hnu (Ptteh?i) u'id tbe
Theodore West, a police offlcer, testified that ha wn?.
ures?iit In the Police Court when complaints were nud.e
to Justice rucher agiiiost tha Saw-York banco
men. Pitcher told the complainants that the?
were Juat as guilty as the gatnhlun-.. and
If they insisted on making th? complaint
he would s? ml them to Jail unless tbcv gave heavy
1,1,11.1s. This scared the complainants, and tin y refused
to make affidavit?.
Jacob Hittlta, Editar of The Long Iiraneh Sew?, testi?
fied that Pitcher handed him a letter for pnhllc'tUitn,
refuting the charge that Samuel Hall was guilty of tirina
i.i- r.-l let:.-,.. Tint letter was puollshtd. Pit. her made
an emphatic denial 'bathe ever wrote this letter, and
tbia evidi nee created consternation in Pitcher'? camp.
A. Q. Lane, Justice of the peace, t.-stilted that several
complaints were made to Justice Pitcher against Mr?
Iandr.r, for keeping a bouse of lll-fsme. Justice Lano
hail also Heeii applied to for a warrant to close the bouse,
but the complainants would not make auy allidavits. lit
the fltoss STBWilnstlOBi Mr. Allen, for the State, de?
manded why the ?vidence that such a bouse had beca
complained of was not reported to the State*! Attorney.
Deputy-t.'olleotor Van llyke was ut this poiut called
for the Stale, hut Mr. Huey raised ohjectious to bis be
llig sworn. "Ho Is au olticlal," tic said, "that I will
attend to us soon as this ca?e Is fltiished."
Tbc principal witness sup|>ortlng Mr. Hoey? ctutrgn
was John Matthews, a colored waiter employed at tno
w est Bad Botel test summer. The altaste was arrested
test Bummer, and was ooanaed HI jail for several week?,
when Magistrate Pitcher came to him and said it ho
could get -Mut! hail bo would release him
and noiliflig further would be done In
the matter. Matthews gave Pitcher tbu $100.
and started tor bts Winter home at Waahragtoa. No in
dtetment ??;,* found against Matthew*, and in aapaanbef
beoaaat oa to Long UnaoA ami a-k.-d nanear tor tu*,
money. Pitcher said lie would send it to lian as soon
as he re. cived it from the Court Matthew*
had written several letton to Pitcher demanding
bis money, but never received it. Plebor's counsel said
the money had been sent to .Matthews'* lawyer, but It
leaked out in the BrOSBOXSmlBBItOS that the money
was sent only when the fraud was exposed In the
puhlic prints last wi ek.
Other testimony of little Importance wai Iben oil-Ted,
when the prosecution rested and a recess was takes.
The court assembled ??alu at 4 p. m., and Mr. Nevins
on. mil "for t!ie defence, uial.lu** a geneial deiihil. Mag?
i-tiate Pitcher thea took tin-stand In nls own behalf.
and the counsel lor the State found bim a pretty diltl
cuit witness H'- explained away or denied ull tue evi?
dence ogatast bun.
( ommissionei.- Pattoraon, [amis, Bswtaga and several
other Wltncaaes testified to Pitehei's etturts to prevent,
K.i-. ?iiiaiuhlii ?ng hailed.
Pitcher* counsel iicro rested, and Pro*ecntor
laUmiBg hrlelly Hlimtiied up /or the State. Mr.
Nevins took uii nearly un hour In closing up for
tin- defence. Mr. Alb-n. Mr. Hns/'S counsel, then
eloaeil, saving a stronger cuse could not lie made out.
I..mix Branch Was inflated hy had official?, and it v..?
tune for a reform. Magistrats Pitcher ought to
removed; hut the next in lino of appoint me nls.
Justice Lane, wusof the asme stamp, sod suoukt vacate
bis official nest The ceso oi Matthew*, sad that of Hail
theslleged Lm ?adtary, ought to com let Pitcher, if uoth
loa el ???
Mr. Allen closed at 8 p. w., when the board moved to
go into executive] itesiia* to acres snaveetast. At I
p. m., Mai or Joseph II. Cooper announced tltut a vt-nUot
aaa raso bod. It is a-follow? :
H/.'/Yiii, In the Judgment of this board there has ticen
-ulln I, ill evidi-iice snow u in the eliaiges made against
Edward I. lai. In-r, Polios Jasttoo, to )u.-tiiy ins re*
moral from cHBce ; therefore be H
?.iMt.lrr.l. That ihe said l.ilwatd I. Pitcher be and I?
hereby removed ir. m the oflice of Folleo Jasttaa, ami
ti.al tin? District Otorfc he direet.il to serve upon ?aid
Edward I. 1*1 r a her a certified copy uf the resolution.
The ob?rent os widen the? OommlsstaBori found
Pitcher guilty, were the flail taeeadlnrj case, tin- Mas.
tbews ease, sad t.i" Bra. Laadry esso. Magistrats
Pitcher, who BBS present iU court all day, was absent
win u the decision oi tae Commissioner.-, was given.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Silt: I liave been <lm.rtt-<l by tb? Prcsiileiit
Of the State of Paiiatna in tin? Unit-d ?-!:.c?s of Coloin?
ilia, south Antorica, to apply to the wolltaowe liberal?
ity and philanthropy of tb?) people of the United
.States of Amerli a, OS behalt "f tin-anttVrcrs by the tiro
which occurred at Panama tlie 8th of Match ult. Ae
eordtag to the reports I hare received by the last mail,
man.? families ate Homeless and absolutely destitute-,
needing everything tor their daily life mid ?apport, anal
tin? at a time ween , In-means of the local government
ami of private individual Interests for their reUri
..te m ai I. ,?,. isted, I take, coiiseijiietitly, tin-lliH-rty
of addressing tin obarttable people of thess Btatea,
throogh your oolunina, asking toota to eontribats uny
a, !,.. di ?.,-, d to, tort hat pin pi - . Me?-.*.
Munos A Eapriella, No. 81 Ltberty-st., and Mr. M. (ama
cho Kohl.tii, No. .". i Ptee-St., have kindly ngie. g to i.
eelvs sad forward to Panama the contributions taut
may he ?eilt to them. Voius n.-apect'iilly,
Consulate V. 8. of tsafssibfs, WtwYtrk, April U, 18. 8.
LATEal Mill' SEWS.
ABBfyXD.A mil. 3.
ntismsblj na.tji (Br.), nrjuna, Parts Cabsist starch 18,
I...-.,.., : , .Mt.i. -.. Ti.i.ma.s '.'.iii, and >t. Johns, P. B.,27th,
with mass, sad boss. tac U. at Ostatatsasj vessel to a. e.
l.IVKKI'.at.. April 3 -The Ann r ,- in LlBS atSBSsahl| Iliill
tpt. B?rgest, tor Philadelphia via i*uevu?tuwa, ?ailed
hence to-day.
[?or other Shin VstM tee Thirl Paje.',
Tbc sale of Sarsapariilo? 1st bl.', an ! liver medicine? fa
almost entirely aura ra sled b) th* Introd u tion oi Dr. Ill n e's
>.eu Medical Ulactivery, ???.kU far ?ui-yasae? in sttcscy
i!., ??-.: tons medicines. ?
CBaUORBalD?BaUCEB- OB April '-'. lMT-s. the ltev. i. VVhr*.
t.ai siinili. l>. D.,of Bt-tbcdaa Church, Philadelphia, nfflcial
ing. Jaan? Barret Crai**head, ?f Mount Atim?.,Campbell ce,
\ .... !.. Muy lie a I, daughter uf tin- late ilou. Wi.li.tm lioal
n.ik.-r. t-sip. .'t Philadelphie No cards.
I...ii\H.-.-WAMim-itN-r?esilav, April 2, 1878 thy the
ftev. Ill it. ii. Booth, Wta'hrop U. laOoaUssno BsattewssB
hurn?, both uf Una tily. Bo ?M?as,
AU Sollte? af MamiKjr? BMOl hi indorui witfi fuit
name an', addrtit. __________
Uli D.
n.vYi.i'.Y-Al hrewst*s-s,B. v.Apr:; ?otoajhtharsnasraan,
Neriiiiia 11. ll.iyiev, eldest son o? In ?. 11. ai.,1 ?.lu Mayley,
ased I yi ?ira. n m,.nih- and U At] -.
Funeral rkuiedey at - a,
Itarttotdand New Uaven paper* pleaasesay.
BOM NI II In I'm I :ii SB Tne-.l.iv SVBBtag line, Trlfo of
Bobarl Bonner, In the I9tfi year ??. ?er ;??.-.
lt. la i iv. s und f ri.-mis aro Invitad m attend ib* fnasrslosrrlose
at the l'if l h A -.. na. I'i. -'.,-.:. r..in Caur. a ( U.v. Dr. Kall'aL
corner h-*t., ooiri ? ti mornmit. al lo o'clock. Inacuird
BScew Hi the wisln- of ti..- lUKeaaod. tnemls an- kindly :a
m estad t,i retrata msi isndlni tiowi-rs.
HitiMi-At Psrmsr Vtllsge. \. v.. aprd l, the Bit.TTTfltsat
VV. Hi uj.1i. PaSIW nt.lln? Kefuruicil Church, i.i-neva, ."\. V,
sued S4 y.-ars.
I'ir.. i...-,-i va .-. ii t?;e Reformed Church, Farmer VlLaai', oa
I ... .lay, AfrUA, at 1J o'clock.
in mis ttMseai Varaes. Wsstebsstsr Cowaty, B. T, on
Wednesday, Aprti 3, Bra. Martha Bartts, widow oi th.: lata
-. .m; .a H irtla, id the 70th rasi "f h.-r aai-.
Keiativesaitii friend* arela vitad to attend the tuerai from the
i.-.i,|,.iiee u| ber son. Theodor* W. Burila, on M-.i\i., n.-.ir
1 ??-,:. Bom i \ em ii". OB I inlay, OCi IMC, at I p. m.
rrata leaves 1*4 it, j- rj n.;,,i ?*.
? ii.vi.MKits -oi. Wenaeadsy. April a. Lsttto, wif,< of j. v.
CbalBHwaaad itanifiiteruf Dr. u.V. la-1,.|,. ..f Woreeatsr,
Praver? at the boaeaof h.-i and?, J. Adama Biahop, S3 U -t
' ".,-.. Vork.Fi |aj ich s no. Ai i.i ?, at 9-io a. tu.
'i.i i,-:i,,m- win be taken tj Worcsster i"t mteraust.
Montreal \> .?,.-r? pfaaws eepy.
MAitris-on rnesdaymoratag, Aprils. Faaay itaa-.m, wife
ol V.'llb.iQi It M irliu, :i!-.,!,! mjthb i of t..,- Lai Hum? llacou,
eT lie. 'lester.
i fhonit* tre la '. the funeral fM-.u
No. To Wi-' a tb-st.,oa Thurelar sfternooosi 2 o'clock.
It is raeuastsd .'.ut as tin? i ra b* - :.'.
MOBBISUB?Ob the N mst., Janie* Morrisnu, lu the ODtt?
leal "I atS a?".
B?lativM ami friend* .?t lbs f tmiiv are respectfully Lavttsd to
attend tn ?? . itrumhialste realdeace, 7j Tin
a?.-, , i ram > la*. Anili 1. at 'J |, in. KogOWl
stun Kit?April 11B78, Onrns'.ts aSbatia, aaaat tasBjaaaf
.?; AiMtuatai and L l'ira J Otooi r.
Belativi a ?nil I -.-, i rfi ly innteS to it;, ml ttis fa
in-iai larvtoss from the r?sidence >.f bel pan -.-?. .?.?>. ,"t
.Mou lie. :i.i av... .1. ins] City Ualghta, onihunday, Apui I,
at I..'.;..? a 'i'
w'.ii.n-'-i m v\ ediies.iiiy, April :t. Aima Headitsks,ysaaasal
? lai..- :, : oi At in-.- ii. and AaroB W ..in. }r.,ta la* twyast or
llel ta -.
Funeral ??ill taW.- place tr..;n th.? resnli nee of her tiarenr... No,
i Baal .'? ta a . Killay. ta. ...n Inal , at lus. m. Ii i-i?r
tuaUiiy rc^.n -ted that n" lowan be si at,
Special Notices.
Allrei! -"iteet'*
i-t hi-;
Four oh ?n. -a?n'?:,
Tbo ataiul.ii'ii winoiu M aw-York (.'ity t>u ebaivh coiamu?
ntna. hii?intui.i and eapMially pceacrlhad fot bane* an,: in-r?
.una i.i ill in-ii-nealili an l iml people. It I* i.arn.less, yet
mi. un nrnaiiiia HI..I sit.-ii--::i. nu, r. Sinlil br dni| ? .
Principal ofice aud aalesroont, 31 Wan u st., >
?lair's Pills. Knuh.-n tstaedyfteOobiami aBtssnaataas.
Bo? St PUla, SI ?'a n> m .ii II 1'I.AMKNi BON, 3aVI WU,
llaiu-at.. N. V. sold _ _
rr~ Court ol Arbitration.
EttSnllshM by Act ?f th? I eui.latun?.
iii m. KJtocn u IAN? Hi;it, Arbitrator.
BeaitSB* "I Uns co-art are held daily at the Ko.iait of tha
Cbawbei <>i Cummarca Mo. 08 WIUIsmet~ and at tas oataa at
ihr Arbltrati i. N... ."-'a Broadway, for the hoaruisand prompt
settlement of l'inlinveisn-s, dlapnte*. and uiaiti.ls ofduTers,
e-ice arisaix among mercbaula, sblpaustar*. aua others
wttiii'i 'in- lunadlcUoBof tli* r<>rt of Bow-Yen.
Ctir ?i.-n llr./fii t/i Hum Cuiirt are fiinflntd to no r'llv?, Bat th?
g? i ml i " '?'"?' ?'" I '"'ii/ (AWr etiiitrcnrtUi fo it ft t mitUwumi
i.i..ni. foraa? (or the ?abmiaatea of eauaea sad othet info: .aa
tii.am.it le-oiit.iined gratis, on a;'pilciiih/u to thu cleik ai th*
roomaol tin- Chant ? r.
iion't itub OaTtbo ahnassna
uf tin? teeth ?it ii gritty preparations. Tb? taatb ara toa vat
u.ihh- lu lie ti lied a .th. U I an L'en.1, viia ilia-1 have f.,??e nni?S
or "kiiih" ronreell through life, cae SOKODOBT, whiit?
contain* no grit ttsisoasas theniuuiiinnl ntsllsa* tin sol
. i- lioni, _
Nervous Kx'iHilsliiui. A nie.lic .1 MSOg OOBmriSUIJ J ?
of lecture? dallvarad at K.ii.n'? Ituaeuaiol Analoaiy, Ne?v
York, on Un cauaa and core ol prstnatun declina, ahowtaetas
diaputably n,.w i..-t health may Bartapuaed, uffui-itioa ? char
?ynopaUol th Impedimenta lomsrrltis ana to* treatoeat uf
Darvoossnd phyalcsl dablllty, hi-ing tin-n suit ..f BOysars'oXs
p.Mii-uie. B] m.,!!, ?... ,eorroBcr. orposUgastsiapa. Addteaa
Heoretsrr, K all.Vs. m la.-uw, 688 iir.jnuwHT, New.York.
Hoat (iiiieo Settee.-- rn? lorwgn mmi? lor th* ??**, e?> n?T
HAILHUAV, April ?. lsTs, will cl.s,? at tin? ofllc? 011
TUK8DAY, z'. 'J p. m., for Knroi?*, br steauisiiiD {laho,
via laiirt-iutown nil W KIl.N KHHA Y. al i n la. for France
direct, !>y st-'iui.iuu ( auada, via lla?is. ami at ' p. in. for
I.an,i, , I') ?ti ain-inp Ahysa.nia, vu Uiieen?to?vu : on
THURSDAY, at 4 a iu., f>r Ii.lauJ ultsei by et??ra*:ntt
' .It "i 111 ussel.a, via (4i.eet,'.iwu itcit'ifpocdeuc? lot Ureat
fill tat n and ihe Continent to b? loM-ar^uti by this.,. ... .?
IllllSt Is. . i.i ...11, ?l.l.-i-ea?.-.!- . ?U,l at 1 .' Ul. tal I. Ii' on", UV
sl.-ainsiilli Frtala, via rivniiaiiu. CbafbsgtS aua Haiiiliur/:
ou ?a l i lt?> v\ si i a. m . tor Cio-ilc, by ateabi-iup (..cr
manic, via Qassasetea ii?iirsi?ou,lsu?? for fJotstaay asi
Boonaad In be fin waxU>V. I.? tbia aueaaior tuusl be stn-i i;..if
j,i,i'e.-ir.i ; ?nil at 1 ???> a. u., fur s ?lauJ curoct, br saaaas
sino Mvssna, visQbpaewj aud at U:8b a. a. wBatase,
by sleuniibiuOeuvrai V.'.-ni.-j. via ?> eiCianiiitoii and Ureaitu.
'i i e ai-ains:ii, i Ida.: ,, An? -?'.ua and Usrm.nT ,io not i,-,,
upul? tor patinai-?. i??usi, and Morttur. TU? malls tor
UhjM and Ifinifit-ij, Jamaloa, i?4r? Kcw York Apr.i 4. In*
nulls lor N'aessu. H. P., leave S'ssr-Yerk April 0. 'lb" umlja
(01 (be West lii.-U?, vta i,f. 1 h,-.Bita, a}su Porto Rico ?nd
y6uf?ae?? direo?, l?u-.> KeW York ABiil a lb? uiaii?iii
Aoitwll?. ?a. .Weet-iiii ?Yau^isc., Atril i.r Tft* fcsJUfot
Coins itii TtpsuTtav? eau FelbvMru Ap-t 18
rv?*CHIoa?es>T.rk, tfarohii; MC*** ^tM?^

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