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?? vvvill \o. || ?g J
T, "? \ ."V/a ??????-- --7 _
The H ?ne of i;.,,.---. ntatiM- devoted tbe
: to an ?citiflg deba
,he e'ecttoa fd * >'
?hieldi *raa defeated, and General I
the - '" t,H
lac iitineiii.it brudneaa waa Ute
|?bat4) ?? tlie lUUroad ijuc lion, in lhccoui.se
f), ,|. | , aharp rwreooal diacutwio i
I and Mr. Thurinan.
i:,-;it Ins made
on on tbe Get*
0,.t? m-. Mi- Hewitt
?' ,? a p?an, by which the scaaions of Con
W,H h- shortened. A contribution t?> the
-,ie between General Sherman
wd Colonel Worthin rvenindiapa
!.. 1 ' m
I | ir. DOOKl
i 1,1!,
. , g ci i '-..I WITH
i i i uo: '-:?
ii., fiii,,,ni i i ? iiir. raiBt ??; .1
U r, \eill-. To ' '
:, ?utenotiuAanddnr
..... Una an exciting one.
iU;;;, . thinking tl.ey had an opportunity
;, political advantage over the?
: to ?how them up I
to the loyal v ?pic - the
Ml forward UeuotaJ Jam? Shield?, tbe hero.
idthatofthc I
candidate, and attempted I? force
,,?. | nnon tbe record as
rring a ( ? ,?; ? it? Major-General to
The plan? for thla perfora
pnoared by Oanonl I?. P. Butler, who
the tii -t tun ?arlngtbe pieaeni Congn
plaoeoflentorot thoHouae,to which heao often
inocnta wi
truth, In cVe*e quarU day they were not
laiici threedayBof eou
m\[. earned their point byakilful parlia
loyalty t..
hi?party Un anquestioucdm illy to
i!,. I a;,m during the war, ami il the Kepub
had a majority in the House ?le y n rer would have
thooghtoi nominating him forth? place. While,
toen fon, all that vm said in In- '
Hull, i- ?nd ..tin r Bi ; who follow?! I.is
tad an h.i.-. - ' dly ?aid, its ohj el was
i -
tl.an toprovidi 0 Ida with an ?
the country to-daj : "Wi waul yon to
i ii.it it i i only ?
waieh tin 13
.- .-Il.li
?,i. i it action wli
pahtteaaa weald ? nt ??
jn ? ? ? In tl'eir ?
fjoaa -, s" ie ' bj the Dem
caaes provided for, than the >
god anally, thai the Honn toi
n n aeration propon ?!
i - u Ids on tin' i m. I liai of the Inny,
with Ins full rank of Brigadier-General, and with
i i!..
i the debat?
?UK* '
i catting i- i
porta an referred to. The day was on
t-noit /nr :;
a ill probably be found that '
aattl - . great or la
rral Bhtoldf I \Y. 1,. ;,|
was ? , .four.
?a It turns ont this evening that the retired
1st la y%ih u. .,t the House voted
i.. u. ral Bhii l.!-. is one on which,
?'alii ' :!.??;, exist, he cunnol he placed.
Hie ?tegular unir, -!, and
- tie- law
that itia cert :?? to fail in the es nab ,
Ml;. \\\.\\ ii r- ii AN.
B i ,(>s.
. mi. OLD Ral i .
.in Mil ;.. ui H i i mi: 1 it 11
Washikoi .v. \i.i ? I 8. -Mr. AbraraS. Howltl
P<'rf, ?'? ilntion to facilitate tbe transaction
afbaainen In tl ?I.
to m to the ?I ?tuarj n im the old hall of
,:' pi to the Rotunda erect a or* ?
Bear the nata ;.. that hall, and
- ..f benenn on each aide at I
this mailer ball he would have all tfa
? ?<? transacted. The .
ttion, the reading <?, n< w?pap< i-.
doing of anything else
stately, be v.uiilil have enforci d rigidly, and In
. forbid the t. iding ol written gpcei he?
? <? presen! hall ol Kep
reamutive- he would l<
ms, when large ?tidier
lito), (ir \\)lol,o\e.
Hettapropeaea that menben be allowed, dor
to occupy ?eat? on the
H.. Bean ii beiag transacted, or t.. remain in the
?t bail, where they could i... ive U.
*tllil" llera, read newspaper?, oi occupy
tn nine in any way they mif Whenevei
adnisiouut ?,!?. h.,,?>.- la called for, he would have
ch m the large ball, for the porp
i ' theii places in Ihe ?malli
plan Mi. Hewiti ?
teaq .., ,lt>
It w?uhl I. Ili(. oW
, o1 K,'i'" eould be fitted up
at an expeun not exceeding $3,000, and
f the plan don not work ntkfaetorUy it can
????'?"??d. *btiv,othernembenof the
lli.iisieon-.aiitlveonipi,,?,,,,, Uto uiereaaing di or?
der and inatteution of Renn . . ,
I difficulty m the prompt u?ru^Hoo. i
I ulen some plan is a.ult 'Vu,.
?ti. ni, vu will continue t.. ,,?,,... / !
in length and the Work of ouch sesaion will be p,,
anil i- -s mu? i . torily. Mr. Hewitt'?.
tata, wan?!? be has i inlaiuod t.. many i,t the mein.
'....- mi t x.itli general approval, and a desire
nui. nt shall 1/.' tn al (luring the next
?eauiou ot Congres* La-, U-t-n re|ieatc(llj exprt
. KB1 I i?::r,\iMMi:NT.
XO PBAI li ci! IBBl Ot LABrTUCfl Mat 01 i
lav taiaoaaf ro m laxa*
Wav; April ft?The Home Cotwahnt on
ditiiie.i in the |*#at ?nice Hepartiiieiit ha?
discovered no proof, of fraud 04 nr.gulaiit.y thus
mmita tovntigationa. Mr. WUiiatns, of Ala!'
chairman ..f the eouuuittee, ?a.v? that the sub-toiu
?lttee ha? called upon alt the chiefs in the depart
???ht for a full ?tatemen! of their duties and the
2?dations governing their system of doing the
T?liL^ V',0'* *,poctlve ?fflce?- Tb* comiojtt.e
wiu probably recommend tho reorgauizatiou of the j
department on ? more economical plan, bul il not
likely in report maladmini itratiou.
luv n LCOBA1 n m IB! mint *??-l
Washi o? ?s, Ipr?lS. Tbe Senate ?pon? another
day in the debate upen tbe Pacific Railroad* Sink
. il Bill withoui ii m bina .1 role,
(un Blaine and Thurman bad a abara P *?
? v. Mr. Ulaine earnt atly urged the
i; i..?.tinii of hia auiendineul to tbe Thorman bill.
which, if adopted, would virtually estop L'oi
. , h Buauclal l< ?? ?illu-' ""'
Union Pacific and Central Pacifie Railroad?, ahonld
they meet tbe money demands oi tit" Tbarman bill.
Senator Thnnuan opposed tills ;iii<1 Insisted thai
lodi prive Congress of thepowei t ?alter or amend
tbe acta in regard to tbe Pat ?flc Railroada ?
dangerous principle, and be would rather see no
. lion ? batever.
Mr. Blaiue accrued Mr. Tbnrman of Inconaii I
and asserted that be had held four different opin
iu tbe subject daring the last seven rears. He
naively i.i di bates lu ll
which Senator Tbnrman t <??>k ?in active part, and
remarked that be had appear? d thirty-one tin
'111!* reference annoyed Senator Thnrroan very
much, aa on Priday, i'i ??' colloquy with Senator
Blaiue, he had said i bal he ?li-1 bo| rememls i having
mod anything alionl ?t. He showed also thai many
of tbe speeches included i" Senator Blaine's
cnutnoration were mere interjections in the midal of
the debate, consisting of only a few words, or two
m three liueseach. Hie reading of these caused mnch
amusement. Mr. Tburnian iuaistetl thai he had been
eutirel) constatent, and tht n^nt it ?.is tx Death
11,1 dignity of the Senator from Maim' t" go
"mowing through /At Globe" t" fasten sunpoaed
inconsistencies upon another i m-tcad of discussing
, ? bill npon Us merit?. Be taid thai he
.,.1 ;n tin' morning pap i I nator
Maine inteoded to ?calp lo?
uai m he f li bis head li seemed in be
uud outside? and !?'?
ted that what little hair be
?? i, ild remain a long while befort
it was taken by auy such little plana sa Iheae. He
.1 Si nator lllaiiie of d ??" ,1"*
I ,., tin Houae oi Representatives during
187U, and be intimated thai be might uol be well
enough t<> vote upon this oc asi n,
itor Blaiue, in ? ply, eallt '1 attention f" Ihe
that Mr. Thurman bad read to tht H Date only
. ? 11 bei and iut< r j? t liou i merlv
Ihe que? ion, and bad nol ? all
, teiition f<> tbe loug oi I ?id,
prove? ti:.if tl ? doI only made
eches on thai occasion, hnl was on the
iluriug ili.- whole diacuasioii, Senator U
i to Senator I liurman'* refen m ?? to the
?up, iii.it In B
iplai ?? I thai mi Priday laal b<
inforiiit \ Mr. I huiiiian oi hia luteul n
lay, aud he <~h? >; i i I I
: Mr. I
n.i p.i ii. i ' i
in 1-.
ll ll.nl
. ? :
I N V Jl OI'I - \ .
Washington, April S.?Mr. Kirby, tl I
. i :it, \. li'-i- trad? in i
a small bnsi
o pr< \ ? i.r an illo
??? trade m stamp ?! envelopt a b*
i tin ni mad liai no
the) came from thi
tn be i. -
1 1 that Mr. Kirby
I ril. I,., i. m a bit h
n the i ml
I anv
i.iV.'li W l.|. i
rcral email o
1.1 I. 111 I'll l l|\ I lu,- ll : . . i I . . , . ,,| | jl,.
ilt'partineiit tin-. i .-.111 id. m
to Mr. Kirby, sonn
BewiiiK-macliim-s, oi other article?. I i -
-. n oi igiiiall) printed on
til" ? ir.i In, ? Mlu,'. h .iii . i t. Iiim
I, I. .^
I.? i-t? ?l thai be ii.nl ? ??' profil oi I his .
h r incas and in Ihe tratlii m ihn i
only wa) to atop - uch op< ral
I, Il un this ?'hieb baa lu?a recoiumetidcd
i > p irtmeut.
.it HOB I BEI ll i i - ?HAI lili i:l II bl
( \ . IA1STAIS <
ist raXBGBA? n m nu raiai hb.]
Washinoton, April 8
?in, has written a repl) to the irticle published in
c on tin- inline nl tin l.'i |.iiMi
i an ii.iii v. I In- replj :. i ? m i it ti-.'i '
que.it, anil in it he mainlaina that the Republican
li i? in it to-day all theconstitm ui elt m< ills of
j.i.litn.il strength that it ever li.nl, und thai it con
tin c.rolling i'.ii i. ni lin -.n on il the
_. 'lilil? ?'i it ?liit iug tin ?
ami able,
'I Hi. \V(ii,"lll!M.lii.\ CON! i; -\ i R8Y.
i m 1-, UNFAVORABLE 10 rag \--\ilt\i Of un?
ikal I Hl RMAX KV AB Bl ? OR? .
|BT ii i i .i:- i n TO TU
\\ isiHNOTON, Ipi il -? 'I he i ontrovi i
in m :.il Sherman antl Colonel iWortbiugton, In rt -
gard to which th? Gleueral published a letter a few
ila.ss .'iK'?. M daily growing inure and inore interest
ing. A portiou ni Un- report of JikI - v..,
1 Hull on this case, dated November 19,
is'i'j, baa Just been published. The remainder ol
?m report, which reflect? very severely on Colonel
WortUington'a conduct, has now been found at the
War 1'. partment, aud will he prinlt ?I in Ih National
Union in iniiiiiiw morniug. in this (Jeueral Holt
A careful examination of tbe volumluous reeord has
n. fl 'I me tn.it tb? i . ol oulj |u Un d In
i Colonel Wortblufftuu drunk ob as ninny ?lays u*
lUcy have enumerated, and to Ou il, , I, bill
that tin- n-tia.inr, v...nl.i have warranted Hie i si
..t Ibe im.in a to nth? . d a ... (m several in . .
bis Intox lea tluu was -n a as lo render bliu a pitiable
I? alike lo Um soldlera aud ? ill* ns abo
' '?! '?' i i >ki i and il. im..n. lie
efooted aud la bla ablrt aud panta uiaklug.
mi the Stb of Auguat, a uiaiullm speech ,ii bis owu
quarter?, to a erowu collected abonl lilni forthepur
ol inn aud contemptuous Jeat my; auUuutbi
?it Jin v be exhibited himself ridiu?. In tbe proeence of the
troops with auotber druakt a man mounti 'i lieblnd hin.
rltlug and circulation of Hit libeloua dlarj of tbe
Teuuesec? Lxpedltlon were lusubordluati auUieprebeii
slble. llr seems to bave been prompted te till? itep by a
spirit nt Impatient Jealousy ol m? suprrior oil
which assumed a mosl acnmonlous aud ?
in a i.nliiii- ? -niivi nation addreased to citizens aud
others, be "declared tbal he bad graduated biahtr
loan either Halleck oi Sberman; thai be v>a? in
tin- evKMBoa to ?apport Um sentence, nu imiy tl,.(.?
tlon Is the l?g?l oui) to the power of Mslur-Otiunil HinV
mau tu app tut the couri-uuartlal.
The legal exception referred to in the Unit sen
tenca of Ga?era] Holt's report waa thai General
Hherrnan,having ordered the rstrart-martlal, eoold
n..t net a.s twanentor, aad thai the conrt
raartial waa, therefore, not legally enneti
tiiiei. it appean ban reeorda in the x>. u
DepartnMnt.andfromentrln mad? In tbe I.h?tai n
bj Judge Holt btmnU, that the Preaidenl did eaer
, be the p..wer eonfernd upon him by tbe i*iii Sec?
tion of the Act of July 17, and did disantos Colone
rVortbington from tbe service. Tbe order
of diamissal has no! been round, l?"'
the faei that auch an order waa
Leaned i.i repeatedly referred to by General HoM
in the document? already mentioned. Sub
soqneutly an order ot tbe Adjutant-General'
of tbe War Department waa lasued, eettinn I
tbe finding ol tbe court martial and honorably
I discharging Colone] Wurthington, Hie di*
I to date from 1803. It therefore appean thai
i Preaidenl Lincoln had exercised the power con
i. i iv<I u],.ui him i,y Jaw, and had diatuiased Colonel
W . il h i nut on, I lie Win I h a:. Hi i ni it. il'nu.-:, I ? : thai
tact, issued au order honorably diechai in? him ?
luit this l..-? order was ill? g il. ami ? ould oulj
1 , i u ISSUI il bj 11. : - I'le. l(i 111 ti i III -? li.
IN < HIM ,\ UN llll. lil >l (iN-Iltll II V .
1 IINMI'.M Kill PHIVATI I ? ii i;> HO.
|..i.M i. w eel I ? lilSPa l. II. |
V. \ uim;i,i\, April 8. \ de im.m from the
: v Department, the Qettyabnrg
claim? baajnstbeen rendered. These claims,
leeu in number, filed in ihe Autumn ol 1871
fut the an .mil i. nt of camping ami parad? ground?
and braidings used for ho p?tala m tin- Summer ol
I8U I, u, u the ii. Id ut tlic Battle of (Jettj .Im g.
One of the claims isfot tl..- u eof campiua ground?
??a lio- I ni.hi Army ?n : before the battle. Ai
I foi III. ll .- ot I,ml.II'.:' -. OCCOpil .1 III ? bj Mm
le?ales na a hospital tor Ihcir wounded, ami '
the m it das by tbe lm.m troop? Im the same pur
All ol th..m wen i i i irpoan
i v, ith tl.e great batth . 1 h. Languagi
b'a .1. cisi?n is:
I thli
, ! . il u . .... ;::.v ,-i
*- \ .! m d
ii. any territory, am ib i or not, m
u,lin,i ? ,,p. rath ..-- i.
forum ?
tais, a II liahlltt.t tu m ike . >n lor
111. i, :u . ? um tlo .
1.1 ?,| ibe prop
loll lo flllh .
and Ibi
. I call Im1 : ?
:. and i
'.in IT- pap, l I!.
M 11 n?: CAP? ;
A'- i
'I'll. . i. [ti i front 1 ?: - K .. . lin An tie
: .
III \t: ' 'i ?
moruinc ? i ,
, ?
, ; , m ?ou m -
loconti Franklin
ltd ? " .h i
Colonel Polk, late '> i ol tlic 11
WllAi mi. liol -i. \\ u i i \i.i i r m \ i
I i . ? IM*?? nt Mi. A;l.u.-. i h.m m.m et il.
la lid
\\ ?SHIN .1"
! '
, !.. I . |. . .
I. I ; ::. l|
i , ||
unanlii inis vote, to
. h . lion i ,i of III. i .
I ..nil.Ill, .? oil Pull
?I -.
////. I'OOHHoi sa /-/s im i u.
NIK h.a..i' DEATH il im I i M.V i
1 ill. 11: IP IM WHICH ill. ..I ill I. \ n II UN A ) l.l '
I M ..II I.
\\\ i u, N, \., A|u il 8. I be building ol the ?
-i. n,,, u < oi.iiiN l'oml,i,n-i, abb ii mm burin d on I
? , I, and I w?.
high. Nearly all Ibe aludos ? Land
nlghl nat< bmau.?I out tl
i ni, boo i |j i....
did ii..l go out.
An in an., epileptic f. M.Ilarllle named I
d III a Cell oil lia l,i I floOl , ., ( III,- to bit
bed with a match, probably obtained fromafi ? i i
?I the partldona wen of pilch pine ?nd burned
? -,f Ford ion-, .i i m nth
only after tbi building was ailed with blinding
An in mu ti , '.. la i had i o id in . lui, ,-, ,, ,, Q| ,| | ,,i-| -
an.I ?le II,u.,. burst OUI and i i, along the pai,.
and up tin stove pipe h,,:.- luto tbi second ?tory. Ford
eould not be sei ? on account ol tbe flamea it. ha I
forced his head i. tween tbi t. ? Ind.wd
m, ,!,i, to pull It book, wu crying foi help. Tbeflamn
ponred out ot tbe window around bla head and bi prt
Tbenppet ?torj ?as oeeupled b) twent] tin-women
and child 11 n, mid Ihe louei ?toi ? in eighteen men I In'
majorttj wen Idiotic, crippled, or very hv .i Fire ob
the Hi -t t1?ir and |e|i on the -i end WI le destroyed.
Ai the hi-t iiiiini, RU Carrlngton, tbe keep r,rash i
out of lin-inaia i.iiii.liiu-?nil au employ? eadkaoeki t
In the door at tbo fool of tbe staircase leading from tbe
aeeoudstory, Bight or ten women were found piled op
al tl.e toot of tl . an,I a , !.,,1.1 ,.l null. . .
..iiioke rolled down. The ?.m were pulled out, aoo
Carrlagloa tartod up stairs, bul wa driven hack by th?
?moka In flv? minutes from tbi lime ol ihe alarm, tbe
pauiiers i. .t coming out, and In half mi hour the rool
I. ii in. rite lint floor door, leadiug from Ihe men's de
pariment, was uever locked, aud no oui lu tbi building
?as locki ?I up except i ord
On Huadyy the blackened rama toa of Uve i
token from the raina, and to-day aboal ooe-third ot the
d?bita was dug over aad more remains found. Alto?
gether the remains would about till an oi.liii.uy oi/.d cof?
ia. Vbg?, u m? ami ?halla were euQrely burned ..ir, and
in most > ?en uiily a very ?mall portion of the body could
he fo.ll.it
No Mam ? Is attached to any one, hut the. couuty Is so
vcrcly censured for providing such a maiiti.ip. Baton
the tire, there were 111? pOUpen i?t the house.
1 lie I oioii,,! liiipniieilcd n jury this afternoon, and be?
gan tsklng t. ?tlinoiiy. A verdict will not i.e n ached
until to-morrow.
Edward liuiUou, ltfty-slx years old, a paralytic, of
tireeuwoud, wbo crawled out of the building wllh his
clothes iu flames, died at 1 o'clock to-day.
LBSS mai:- un <,i?\-i> DDBS NICROLAS BIS
?OBI i? ro n M US i vi: BrAMBOCL 1 Mil Till:
H. m l U>8 WITHUBAW.
In the debate mi tbe address lo tbe QoeeB,
which began in ?in1 House of Commons
terdaTf aiii-inomi, Lsord Beaconsfield said Eng?
land wooid have regarded tbe articles ?i Ban
Stefano as " suggestions," if a Congress had
i?? n In Id. Id -ait! the Cougresa "could not
take place" after llusaia'a refusai t<> conform
(m her prevkmi engagements and to tbe Treaty
ol Parla, i.uni Derby made a pacific
spcteltj in which be asked why England
--li"ti!il rush ii.;.i a ?ni I war. The
Murqaf? of Salisburj said the Govern?
ment's preparations were preenntiouary, nol
warlike? The discussion showed that the Gov
t'liiim m lacks iuiuiediate provocation to de?
clare w.u. l.; mil Duke Su-bolns bas inti?
mated !?> ih. ?It m tli.it h.' rn.nui withdraw
bis iiihi|i- while liic English t?ecl i^ Ui t!.<
nl Marmora.
IP! Mi' ? ? I UK 1 [JUKI ?:! < A! 1 ! AI..
IHK HI -MV- DEIKIIUIM'D '-"i i'i l.t.Wi: JCS1
1 I i.
I . riNOFLK, (fondai. tprfl -. i 8" 3.
d, the Hi ?i : dor, has re< eivi 'I
;? report from Bit b ? d Rt i d . Ibe Britii 'n
Consul at I'uatcbtik, rlain : tiou from
?ii- Russian Oovi ruinen I i... the on
i i i roopa ?n eut< ring the Con?
sulate there and ;
Ithalaudiug tii.u the inn;-!i Sag
'?'?? building at tin' inn.-. [Mr. Iteadu lia
L'omiaen ii '.. ? m foi tbe United
? ,
1 in- i.'ii--i. in ca - the oppo ;?
i. li.i i in ?i proji
. .
I in I Duke Niel
v. Iii-ii the Russian I m uate tbe |
! !.. i tin- hue ..i .t. m .n .ii ion.
. Duke, m rt p
11 ,li. S, I ,,| M;u.|. ,
I ml.i li new ?pap i red to tea
\ i ?Ml ICAL 1 Pu I. I i ROPE.
un in |.i i i .i. ( i i ki l i in i;
Cut'BSI fil RM v- l'Ai': i - '?
' i -, i -;-.
i ! ? ?li l?ate v.1... !i in m to-nighl un the
ted i-i il. t i
... nl i .ill UBM|UI -t:..i
i III Ml
? : , -
? '
i thai
i :
i . , ,. i i. , i | ?T.t i - ill'.
i r i.m. n sad
in il. l.i.i.i, : ' mi- .n.ii im ... iii.ii ?
I . . . !.. i 1.1 I . I, 1.
. .11 , I \. Il ll till! I
I ' ' I lin
in. a . i irt lui
I'l. I . r Al'STRIA,
'III-- i
.i id .n II ??' ui lo i -a to
i ..ill .ll?i ll. , of .ill \ll
?i trains an-1 avert d bj
tua bave lu -t oet upled
i i. . k - '. Ilia! Ku --?un
troop. ..i. . rlu| from Uuli ai la lui i Ron
n. Roil ui ...iii. i. . amp iratlvel)
again, the llovcrninenl bavin suo isfullj used
. i. m-, net t" -'?' un tin i'i'-ti"nu un m
i, about iiu- i'i" ? i '. ainsi tb
i .i, ?., . i.i -i I......I. i from I? irtmuud,
i re i ported.
non s oi i settlf-mrm r
m i'i 11 ii-i.i i ??. Uonday, April 8, 1878.
i in- i thai n :- i,lili.., i .i i., deny
Ibat R?sala threatened to oppoac diacusalon of tbt B - j
irablaa qui 11 w by tii" Congress, Ta? ?gtnm also I
-?.ii. tint i'.. rii.ii.n t. ; i'f im latest news eacon
?in belief ol the poaalbintj of a resumption of tbe Cos
-n -1. onoasJ.
I - Peterabarg lelegraa denlea the report tkal
i'i.i.-. OoriscbakoaT la aboul to resiga.
ENGLAND'S I ? ?li? ?? DI8( I USED,
i 0RS1 H t l> A' li DBHBTi
L?anos, Monday, April B, 1878.
In Ihn llmiM- nl Lords, this atti union, tlio
Cari i'f Hi ,n ..ii-Ih I'l. nil"! a I. Ii.'-iii.l "I tin- Uovsra
iii ?iit'i, past i.iiln \, i'ntli i/.'il Hi- I n it.v uf -.in Siriaiui,
btaWtag rinirliliilnliH bllnllal to lli.i-r rulit.illii'd ill Lord
?iii-|iiii>-b ili-|ialrli. AltliniiKli evi'lV arllrl? of the
u-aiy aas a AsrbstJoa frosa Um Twatlss ol IBM sad
i-Ti,ho wuiiiii mu nil tassa Miiiiitiiitii, beeasas had
In-V linn urn-Hi. .ut at UM tWlKTi-s* M England
li'iiml, tin y ml^ht have been regarded as wiggeatlotis.
lie showed that MM BSSSBBBRa) ?i Hcartur.ili? wat not u
:rll1liii{ lorul mtercit. I-?"l 1'ulinrist"" hud strongly
usisted upon Its cession to Roumuula as Involving
ihe iiiiii-pt-itdi'iit navigation of tho liuaulic. Tbe Lou
rroaa could not tase placo after Russia's refusal to OSS
Win to her previous LUgugitutuu aud to tbe Treaty of
t'arls. Hi polutcd out vailoiw ways lu which the exist
bgattaatfeala tan rilled the Brlttah Bnpln.
rbeRgypttoaa onn tbnateaed connnthnptai there
WM eonaequontly m roana way the Pantana aatahl
inot iiiaich to the Sin i. (anal. II. oui,I not conceive
why Ragtaod ?atoald i>,: BaaraaedwhoB all tbo otan
fu... ra wi rearauag. The Brlttah Eorptra ataat not only
be enjoyed but nuuntalaed.
land OraavUlacrlUelnd the detaila of the Govern
iiiciic-, past policy, bat declared he would not eenntl
hlasself or ht? friend? on the ran ont qaaaattoa, bat tan
tbeOovernm nl o ?luir own responsibility, Upon ?
ol u.. situation be drew oonelualons
I , , ?n a.'e.
i ,.i.i Derbj di t li.! th ,t oalllmt oal the n
, ox prit elpalcanse .-f hi Ith hti i ita
eolb .
lock, where neither aide would ? tot tar of u
i m of dignity. Ho for on I pren matten at
il,la moment und Increase groundless notation. H?
denledtbe existence of an i |a?tlfylng the
... the i. rvea. fbi oBly i onct Ivable motive
fin i.,,.-1. ot which, however, he would no! ?ecus? tbi
... take a?h ... war ta Im*
i m the i ouutry. Even ? u \ a n
: . all lie ... h, i rl en to i!..l.,i
Why, under these i reu instances -im.ii.l i
i?-, in . .:;. ii '.-. i -it in--,. -i I He
,ol:,,,: ucea inigai toi ? ..d Into a
. . .: ... ? refor.
l.i:.'.. liai ?idthe imallucssof the Inereaai .": the
?rail did no! Justify I.
Tl ( I ..I I Ol I an. .
i i utered tbe I would
do -o 'i i..i her Band upon th - ?? l.
.tool Argyll avowed hi? beUel thai tue roua
g led to a conclusion un.eh wait concealed
(torn Pm li.'iin i.t.
rilK In IGN Mil. \!:\ UOPi - POU PI \. ! .
, na.p.. ( on
. lie did not . onciur in the Id -a thai I
....nm :.' in the Turkish
pi,.,Im ' ' on-i.i.itiiioi : ' Ucati t
ample security for good government iii.,,.ii destroying
i... authority of tbe Fort tuaient'* prepan
li, li, w, le pr. caul
bud grouudi that war would be avoid,!, r
i.ever, war should arise, he hoped patriotism would
i Urou (h it.
tilt D III. i IN I III '
.ul.I IB? Sir Mall- ' . pl.l
Ibanktng the t? n . a fur her
out o' Ihe i - not i:;
tcode i to alarui the country by loading i to b ll<
al national peril
,, a HS !'? Hill :
. iy.
looted !>) tbi
d aud'a \ low.
i ,iid u. re .!?
i u.: _.miai i:m.,,., m -, tin a., m, ii was
Ibe du ? i vi lain.Ill to I
, am...11 o d.
, tl
i| pi. ui ni il ford a hetti i oppo
tuaiiy. i - .
... uhi
l.al ll
. isH li.i.i \; i,
. . Apul B, 1878.
i i i un.- i.ii'n Berlin and
', I'll.all
:.. ictcd 1
. . . r aa H lu?
\ m fi l
10,1 00
. u sin
lili MEihohlAl ( W.Vi A/./
Al II"'. el III!. N'BW-YORK BOD1 "N rill r. MlTii
I ! 11 ? M V, - V ? . K '.
Ii - inn SDAKY I im:.
At the beginning ..I yesterday's session of
thi S up ii t'onfen nee, tbe an
or tbe next Confer
i. u hv which
. from the law Im o? por
i th lady vi Iti i - In tbe
i - . , i
(h. u '
: outlook as
:. that
. ih ii promt
liai nu
... .
i : tho use of mil
w me .. ' laid on Ilu <
lion lo tin . II .1.1 use tin ir
indid u
i alun,. Ilntelieij to
I .. r the
I. II. I l trom, A. L.i
...a. .1 |.|i
I . i. A.
William il.il huddled in the midst uf their
.m. m w-T<>Rg i \-i Bony.
la ii. '- . i it Conference, yesterday, tbe Rev,
lu Hill reported b?r the New-Haven IHstriot. About
? .i i ! |,i,,f, -- ,l. i,u, rat ,u during lh<
mall salurh i, und
i I. uiukiuson had suffered ?,!-. il
,,, I,,. I, mpeian.. ?olK. II.,
bad u i .r.. d on \ not . aough lo i
ami wagon whii
io i hie .m..ai ins circuit. Hi' Rev. W. A
k for u tup i uum a ,, j n h
., was taken i lit ol \v. I:. .
.., di \ .u i;. I.an. and Ucorgu \\. Allen.
11, a in. nou I ,1. adopt, u by (he
IUI uiiulsii ra ?' a im . tlu ; lu lbit
that the Hue of dtvtslou between tbe N.-v, Vorknndthe
: i-M ..?lei. ne. a be blotted on
i i Uildei Miggcsted that u committee of ttvi
nuoiutc l io oonfi : with
i u . i m i ii, ?? from tbe Sew-Yurk t'oiifereiuts on this
Di ii i that tin di. Lsion of Neu -York
Into two Conferences by Third-uvo. waa prejudicial to
ih, lulercsia uf Methodism In this city, He ?.p.....
t mad i had thought
.,,,, that it should I
able m-, issiou tin <.wlug committee was sp
p, luted:
un 1.1 Curry, J. I.. Glider, <?. W. Wood
i mi. .1. M. Duckley, J. 11. Mcrwin; l...u,i.n i...
Hi.. ,.Samuel Booth, U, i?. llallock, Jaim . il. Taft,
...d Oliver il"y I.
UERHAN Mil Hi.MM API'..IN l.Mi M i
I'ui (?iiKi i i-n , ipril 8.?Following ace tbe
appi i in I ne- nt s lu New Volk and Brooklj n chu. ches, nu.Id
h) the Bastera Qeruian Methodist Episcopal Coafi
which olosed us allouai session hi ra to-do) :
tit* fork Pito.?Beeood Street Chnreb, J. W. Fnund ;
u Street, Jacob Kolb; Ht. Paul's Mission, W. H.
K.iil'i, iMie-l.un.lic.l and llilv sixth Street, kl hu sup?
plied ; Purl Mi- . I I Beidell.
tlun. U ?el.oll .-IK. ., C. .1.1.1 ? Larimer Hie 1. i,
> . Vates Place, P. Haeudlger; Jerunlem, to bu
supplied. __?__M__?_??_
PATI B801I ? HARTER i.l.i.. Ilo.V.
Tbe chatter election took place in thia city
yesterday. Than won assay ipUt Debt is. At midalgbl
the indications were lli.it Winters, Uepuiilii ill, an.I
Croutar, Deatoerat, inn raaatag an aa lade
pendent, wen eleetod Tax OommlMlonor?, ami
that Ihe Hoard of Ai.l-i inen would lUod cl?,hl Rl ouhli
c.inn io eight Domoorato, the aaan nlaaayaar. The
Faaaalc County Board of Freeholders will probablj ...
the .-am. as i,.-i m.u, ten Reoubllean?aadnveoDemo
crats. i he OlfJ School Hoard 1? struugly Republican,
Trenton, N. J., April 8.?The nnnmiiml
elections took plmo to-day. Than was u small voto
l no Douioerulto Mayor, U. It. Uoitlue. Is eli cted, and
tbo Bepuhlioaus wilt retain control of the Council by a
email majority. Tbe vote ou the balnuoe of the city
ticket Is close, aud the result will not be ascutatued un?
til nun uing.
orranra ,\ sorbs oortbrrhmi por sale?a crscr
I'iM'Mitii'iN m-' IMS i,l;.ii'siii SSS BfR-ORTg,
'Hit* rumors ailoat for tht- last row wests to
lb?i fli-i-t. fi-.-t, that a ii'Oiiarilliitiuu between Ttnuiloru
Tlltna ?im! hm v.ifi -had bees brongM about; and, aec
OB i, that Mrs. Tiltoii bad ma -h- a coufeesion
j lUiplieattSg tin- Liv. liiiny Waul liiiilirr in tho
? hitherto ehaqaMl and triad. sssauMd a asasea he$
,..? ;.. Meid iv m th'- saatm?? . i al that a
? ipyoftbei mfeasloa had bsaa procured and woatd ho
publlahed tbia aaorntac- IRR Taraosa sariy yecterday
I tiiiiii a tTBStWM. ? ., rtttafl
liilo- inatii a t.. tin- foUOWlag ?Rsst :
"i bavi positive kaawtedg? thai i aevspaperof tl.ia
? i and baa pan! for sa ;.'!? gi d i-mife?
I Kion nf Mih. Tiltnu. I don't kiif.v that ti,.
Leu:!.'.it. or ri alts lu ..?>. l ii.'i in it, however, d.le 10
von that you ?bswld know Um faete. ' ?''
irriter la a persea sai kaagsr maneeted with Taw.
TBIB?MB, hut of WBOM vi.uiiy and good luiiii Tub
i i n i KB 1.1- no iva-, n id dottbt.
Vi-iy hi- n afti r tin- receipt of thisi ci'iiitnunlr.ition, a
gentleman, wbo fer a loagtiiM was- ?elated
?Ailii Mr. I'illnll la tin.'tlt.iivliinol /A- Brsawlga ' ni"?,
Inquired of tbe City Rdltof what Tata Taiaoaa would
pay for a copy of Mre. H -i.m, .ml v. h? told
tbtttTheTbupkbhad tbeassanaet sf Mrs. TMfmaes
self that no ?neb daewmenl was la txlsteaee, ?ad sssas
quently Tbb Taansa did not laic tapuiel
let .
Later mbITbb Tanaowstearaed thaSaa alles?d???>
. bad ben offcied far sslft.aad Ban saa sf the iH?iiy
papera liai drawn a ans?t f?-r $?'?,< ?a? tob? saM on aa$Rf>
4 it ; genutae efearaetsr.
AURoogb Mtkafed fro.a previous inf.u million from
Mrs. Tllten in peraoa that all saeb rassasa sraaaasssB*
! Bully faLai, u rapaste? was seat, tad siaala$. to
[ Mi-. Tiltoii dir.'.!, witii a letter wbl h, White -tilting
? ?..I tl.i-ir hiniri'i , t gy for
c so d?licat? a subjeet apea in r atMsittaa. The
? iiilnro of tho ruiiiiirn and tin- protialilltty that a
-?mi would in- pniiiixhi-1 la soase?! the
! tnorains papers, ?. m eonsbtered nfacteut exease flee
itreduetioaof hm nassTiy ?abirrt, ?itos m the
and unhappy lad] \. in. Sai besa Um sole
victim of ihaaa rassors.
Taa TBiacas reportes sailed at the lady's rcatdsM?,
. . i' iiioMn-r. Min. M.. -'. -, . n win,in
Idea, at aaeariy bosurbMt evening, ta ssaertaRi
deflnltely tin' truth or faUity sf Um reported ?aafajaatoa,
porter v. an bmI al Um parlar in or by Mrs, M< i m,
: thai besad a tetter tor Mrs. Tlltaa
j which required aa laaaediate saswer. Bha walked ?nt<?
a lug-room wbere Urs.TUtoa va? Uttbag, sad
[ Mid :
?? Elizabeth, here i? the report?? was was ban Ust
.?tu ?t letter for you, to watet ha wants aa
Mi-, rtlton Immediately aros?! sad ?aid, \\itu much
?? i will i a t. k mi ibia lubjt
She thon laid Um letter anopeaed aa tb? r-ntrc-miiie,
aud left the room. Tim reporter then requested Mrs.
Morse toopen ?t, which abe did, aud,al bar rcojMat it
? i and iiv a ?-nit.' railed
i ? ' : hoi -'? then said :
- m ?m', if ti. i it ion
- i .n.. i rnlt
.i $tf to
.nit it. anil I . UttBfj
? ? ?.i\ ,.-. i have ?" .n n n. ' Tin odor? is
? Liaelj .... I do not
I mo know tluvt be b
, -
mu?.' Iielng that ! ,i\ nl
a lai ?'t' m t" thi
.1 im than I
? t
m . \rii ilre ? it l of gob
iti ment pnbliabed on Saturday
unit Mr*. Tilton waa In New Jera i with her husband,!
11 iii.it l told In r thai ^1m must
Iront porch and stow ti
??til'' toundauon Un rewa
? 'n some tin'. n. i uir\t r
. an nlil Kcntli man wiio . t
lervant, is 1th me a
and i. .nl to her Ihe puldls i ild ta In i,
pointing to Mre. Till. wbo ?it b) ibe window, 'Yon
-. .? . . ?lton i- m ' i with
isbnnd,' and aa tbe girl ... ?.? d to Lo
my announcement, I add d,
i New-Jersei with her husband. ?.
(rum hi t?'U reported, nor baa - en op
.- I withMr. Tilton, as far as I kuowor bav<
rilti ?i !.a- ue ? t been In this boas? m
. nor bas .? on the stu??: er
in the i.i Ighlhn ho d, a ? far as
H :
I .i . uf cull
'I ali\ ?...
| l ..al.I.?lull- | . mid
. ll.''
tered her protest agaiust the custom af
private dwellings to pry mti.inee
ttc troubles, aud thcu to publish I hem tu tbe woi I, I
nli.? lui .hi lliit tbi ?r -; ? \ i nl
am li in. ni le luti usions, ?b> added :
.?n-. :..t. \ i mi iluv?. n liy
. '. iiiiiiutil.', di M i.i
? far a- la
.?f ibe house aud Ibe n Irhbors'
. .n lug x.itii the aunoim
wan ''ui.iiiiii.'iiilv init nut mi ivagauil) famiahed."
. , duriug Mrs. Morse'a c. -ktla!
letter t" Urs. niton, who read It and returned by bun
tho lollowlng cuiphailcdeuiul : "Mi i i ? in iiealn
?tin or an?
il ij a. r, iud anj i aft ?
1 iroui berlaa ia?'k ?"i?' i
.1 CUXFEBEX* i: ll' ? i ?.i i upnoy.
. .-Ill i'M '. s IV SEW-YO?R In (UNI LU
WITH llVI'lSi. SANKKBS A Mli.lINi; I ? ? liE
111 I 1> TO-DAY?AS l-i , IMITAI
The Hon. John Sbennan, Secretan of the Tress*
ury, and Assistant Secretar] Cbarli P. Com
both m tin- >it\ at pr?sent Mr. -I i rn an is
confer with banker? and financial men relativ? to
the course to ??<- adopted m lui.
a resumption m lytuents ou Jaaiuu*) 1,
ls7?t. Mr. Slniniaii -ml la.-i evening thai be W8S
here on oflicial busim --. i"i! it woubluol be proper
to sive a detail of bia plans at preseut. v- sosa
as anything was settled tbe public would '
vised full} m regard to the matter.
Mr. Consul arrived from r.nglaiul Kuuda*
'.iiiiiiiiii? accompanied by lus assistai
Coon and Uigelow. Mr. ( ? - ueea
at the bead of tin' United SI ?? - t.
ment Financial Bureau in London liu i itaorgani*
zation. As tbe Bureau has been closed, bt returns
with hi? assiiitaafa, to re?nme work al VVsshi
Aoonf ...ni- between Mr. Shermau .u.?i Um rea
ii -riitatni's ui some of the leading bunkaaaal bank?
ing bouses nl tlif city will be held to-day. it i.- nut
expected, however, thai any conclusion ?ill ss
hm. in .1 at lln- til-it Uieetiug, ami tilt | will
prububly remaiu m the < itj lor several .
Tin intiui;, Ma--., April 8.?A l<;iK u.i-tlis
Bovered In Um Aabboraham Dam, on Baaday i..-t,
.uni SBM tl.at tin.o M BMM?. uina-ii
beca tell by people m Um rteteltr, thai a
commission made an i-xamtuata a ol the imk to-day.
11..- water im hfiin; lowered a- raptdl? as lawsibie,
and the dam win be watched night and .lay uulil it Is
pronuuueod safe. i'hi> dam, wbich in 300 feel loug ,u.i|
.it 100 acres of water, gave waj oa May
8, i - n?, caualug Immeuaedamage. It la probable that
th.' entire structure will bave M b? o\> rbaulei.
HvLiKoni'. Ii'iin , April B.?Si Mon, i lie liiiliard
lilsyer, ws? ndtMd of ? raluabl? champion baJgt aao
property in tala city to-ulght.
t in.-i'i;u. I'rnii., April bV?Late Mato l?. iniMiiia
'u. o, i' Uoilard. ?in recently fled from tac < . -t.. t % ot
ai .t Ann? .it llarriabarg, ii ? ai m ..i i?
MOMTRBAL, April h. At a SMMtiBJ ?>t Ihc .'ii- lit.na
nf im,i. ai? -v Bet irlly, grocers ol lins ciiy, ibcu*
?et? tuatrucled toacll the li.iUuir ot Iba ?I?. I
Nkwiu un, N. Y.. April 8.?Tsa stallion Voung
M'iiiui. I, sight yeara old, with a record i.f-.-';. was -.>lil ?t a,
kjIi-iin.i.ii ? iiiuriKJK?-. lo ilay, to William B. Iiniii',1.1 llila
Uly fui #.',JH0.
RBLRNA. Mon., April b.-A large gold brick WM
i-ni iiij.i\, from the prouuerof the Peuohacol Mloc, valued
iivii i?O.nOO. The bmk wait uiailr fnnu i.,o loas ol
thi- aeM ol its prouucnou ?aa M.noa.
Porrsvii.LE. Tenu., AurilH.?An explosion of auU
phur Wok place lu the Keystone Mtucn, ncsr Aaht.iml, this
atiwruiKiu. Thomiu liiiiue.r was ui?t.iutl> killm, am. lUiry
Bniiimtikoari'ioualy bui-iicdlluit hiaiii-ovi'i-y i? ?SBhBB
Vinkyaho Uavem. Mass., April S.?The hark
l.itiln Mi-rry, Caplam Kcazer, from New-Tark, ol ainl fur
1'iirtuuil, ladcUiued here by tho crew rt luting lo ilo ilnti.
The Captain hanreipjeatrd.ftie aervtiea of a reveuui: cutter,
bul there has been uoue bars for sevcrsl dar?

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